How does the Leader title work?

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How does the Leader title work?

Postby ZAKRYA » Thu Nov 24, 2022 6:40 am

recently, I noticed that we issues the title of the head of state is always mentioned as simply "leader", by chance the title of the head of state of a nation is always defined by nationstates as "leader" or the player can define the title of his head of state any way you want?

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Dawn Denac
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Postby Dawn Denac » Thu Nov 24, 2022 6:56 am

As Luna says here, you'll receive an issue to change your leader's name at a certain population threshold.
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Imperial Fiji
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Postby Imperial Fiji » Thu Nov 24, 2022 6:58 am

It’s so that it can be kept simple, you don’t want to call the players leader a king if their a president, you don’t want to call them a her if their a him, stuff like that.
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