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Postby Liecthenbourg » Sun May 08, 2022 5:11 pm


Foreign Aid Increase Approved By Senate.
The Première Chambre of the Gaullican Senate has approved an increase of Gaullica's foreign aid budget; bringing Gaullica closer to a 0.7% target by 2026.
Porthos Auger
May 8th, 2022|Verlois, Gaullica

Foreign Minister Lambert (Independent),
has long advocated for a "fundamental change" in the way
Foreign Aid is structured.

Verlois, Gaullica - The Gaullican Senate confirmed today an increase of the foreign aid budget from its standing 0.42% of GDP to an incrementally increased 0.7% by the year of 2026. This fulfils a campaign promise put forward by Monique Degar-Abdulrashid at the Presidential Election of 2020, as well as a proposal put forward by Les Verts at the 2019 snap senatorial election.

The legislation seeks to bring Gaullica in line with Community of Nations recommendations for foreign aid spending from the 'Global North'. It comes at a time of increasing pressure from numerous nations around the globe on the issue of 'colonial reparations', with debates spurring across the Arucian into Asteria Inferior.

Gaullica was steadfastly opposed to the notion of reparations when the subject was brought up in relation to a Narapanese bill that would formally request the Gaullican government for reparations. The reparations would be requested in regards to the treatment of native persons in the early colonial period of the island, which many islanders believe to be a genocide.

However, in spite of the denial, government spokespeople repeatedly confirmed that 'foreign aid reform' was on the way.

Foreign Minister Lambert told Le Monde that she had "long advocated for sensible and sustainable foreign aid reform".

The contents of the bill include:
  • Requiring Gaullica's foreign aid budget to reach 0.7% by 2026 at the latest.
  • A restructuring of the priorities for foreign aid, evaluating the needs of countries based on metrics published by both Gaullican authorities and CN bodies.
  • A special provision indicating the utilisation of the aid budget to assist developing nations in lessening their reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Moving away from a loan-based approach to foreign aid and renegotiating with countries their debt, as well as lowering interest rates.
  • An emergency provision and funding for environmental and humanitarian disasters, including emergency shipments of produce and goods to the nation of Mabifia in response to its continuing famines.

The bill past despite some defections from the ruling Social Democratic Party, with the coalition government successfully passing their bill 321 - 307, with three abstentions. Opposition to the bill came from a multifaceted approach: the PRCP and CG argued that the 0.7% commitment was 'economically unfeasible', with Coraline Barreau arguing that "the president is trying to cater to everyone at once with money that simply doesn't exist". Other groups, such as the UCT decried a "restructuring" as leaving several "key partners in the dust".

The SGIO criticised the bill for "not removing loans in their entirety" and criticised the government for a "enforcing a culture of dependence on countries that were colonially exploited". International onlookers have also criticised the bill for perceived notions of 'Gaullocentrism', indicating that many of the provisions that still keep Gaullica's foreign aid concentrated in the hands of countries with historic ties to it as "a failure of foreign policy".

The government however has applauded the effort in the Senate, in spite of the narrow margin of victory from the vote. Premier Turzyna expressed "great disappointment from those in our own party who seek to see Gaullica not reach international accepted 'agreeable' targets" and expressed that any defection of the governmental whip would be met with "just consequence".

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Image 48,114 comments

  • Bahia Online: The Magadi Region - Tiwura's Forgotten War. [ 36,238 ]
  • The Continental: Will Paretia make or break Vallette's candidacy for EC President?[ 15,509 ]
  • Aucurian social democrats make history in 'double general election', securing presidency and retaining premiership. [ 25,136 ]
  • Etrurian government announces plan to block pornography websites. [ 11,951 ]
  • Paretian Social Democrat leader Falcão announces she will step down. [ 43,684 ]
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Postby Union of Akoren » Fri May 13, 2022 3:48 pm


The Second Banner Army has begun its “Still Waters Exercises” on Lake Zindarud. Approximately 5,500 soldiers, together with over 30 helicopters, 10 aircraft, 30 vessels and several drones are taking part. The aim of the exercises to “enhance interbranch coordination, operability and improve the speed of deployment in a defensive and offensive manner.”

According to a statement released by the Public Relations Department of the 2nd Banner Army, the exercises will “serve to further test the interservice coordination capabilities in three distinct realms; land, sea and air. This test of coordination will be conducted via two distinct phases, a defensive in which participating units will enact the defence of the Union’s shores on Lake Zindarud from an assault second party. The second phase will test the deployment of forces via the Lake in an offensive manner, specifically a rapid intervention scenario.”

“It is our aim and objective to enhance interbranch coordination, operability and improve the speed of deployment in a defensive and offensive manner. As well as improve interservice communications and planning abilities for the protection of the Union’s interests on Lake Zindarud” it said further.
Soldiers of the 2nd Banner Army aboard a landing craft.

“Lake Zindarud is a vital area of interest for the Union, as well as an integral element of defence planning. The Second Banner Army, together with the wider Revolutionary Armed Forces will continue to do what is necessary to prepare for any eventuality on the Lake and in relation to its basin nations.

“We remain the first line of defence against potential threats and the long-running danger posed by expansionist socialism and instability within basin nations” it said.

Images and videos shared by the public in Vashmazin and Al-Zarrod showed heavy activity on the lake involving ships, jet aircraft and helicopters.

The Union Ministry of National Defence released footage of an on-shore anti-ship missile battery living firing two missiles at a disused trawler 30 miles off the coast near Vashmazin. The two missiles struck the target, sending it to the bottom.

The Ministry also released camera footage from a drone of two airstrikes by Air Force attack planes on two fixed targets with bombs and air launched missiles.

The 2nd Banner Army and the wider Zindarud region has received a marked increase in defence investments in recent years. This included the construction and launch of two Tondbad-class corvettes in 2018 and 2020 respectively and the expansion of the Coastal Defence Command’s footprint on the Zindarud shore.

With ethnic clashes over water resources in Hacyinia, a basin country and the long-term but dormant threat from socialist Dezevau, the securing of the frontiers on Lake Zindarud remains a national priority.

“Still Waters” will go some way in enhancing the Union’s abilities to exert its influence and protect its interests on the Lake.

More news

  • Heavy fighting reported west of Tsabara's Al-Qasr as Adunis launches offensive
  • Champania adopts new constitution
  • Further clashes between ethnic groups over water in Hacyinia
  • "Mega Nuclear Power Plant" given go-ahead in Sadah
  • Work on broadband expansion halted in Ninavah due to discovery of long-lost Second Heavenly Dominion outpost

Eftekar is the official newspaper of the Zorasani Irfanic Revolutionary Army. We provide news on the good work of our armed forces and their serving of the Union, revolution and all Zorasani people. We give thanks to our revolutionary armed forces, the vanguard and guardian of the National Renovationist way of life we all enjoy and aspire to.

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Postby Saul Volcano » Fri May 13, 2022 5:39 pm


Candidates for the leadership of the Social Democrats
After leader Esmeralda Falcão announced she will be stepping down and an election will be held, these are the top names in the race for the position of SD leader
Roberta Candida (@robertacandida) | 13 May 2022 | Precea


Paretia: After the announcement by Esmeralda Falcão that she will be leaving her position as leading and having an election for a successor, these are the top names within the race:
Talia Caselles
Currently the Regional Premier of Tosutonia as well as the leader of the Tosuton section of the Social Democrats. A year ago she was unknown within the politics of Paretia as a whole, and an unheard of name for the candidacy of Falcão's successor. Now however she is the favorite amongst the party for the position, and is considered a rising star in Paretian politics.

She has been Regional Premier of Tosutonia as well as leader of the Tosuton SD since 2020, she is now currently the sole Social Democrat Regional Premier, as the three other constituent kingdoms have a Patron League government. She became known in fall of last year after the LP government passed the "Women's Cultural Reform Law" which banned most abortion cases and shut down many clinics, she passed a bill in Tosutonia to curb the law's effects on the contituent kingdom. This went to the Paretian High Court, and saw her side win, giving the LP their first big loss.

She announced she will run for the position, she is exceptionally popular amongst the Tosuton members of the party. Her recent success has given her a massive boost in the race. She has stated that she will change much of the party as leader, with the goal of "ridding the LP's oppression and saving Paretia from the far-right".

Carolina Belo
Currently one of the two Deputy Leaders of the party, a position she has held since 2013. From 2011 to 2019 she served in the Euclean Parliament as the leader of the Paretian Social Democrats. She is also currently the head of the party's Euclean Community affairs wing. Some consider her to be a the party's leading member for it's EC-Paretia relations platform.

She is a veteran member of the Social Democrats, having been a member since the 1990s, she also has been a close friend of the party's founder and former Premier Julío Pires. Pro-Eucleanism is a central part of the party's founding platform and Carolina Belo has stated that the party should continue it's pro-EC stance, despite the rise of Eucloscepticism in Paretia.

She announced she will be running for the position of leader after the announcement from Falcão. Her and Falcão have worked together for over a decade. Belo stated that she will like "to move some things around in the party, we are in a position to win the next election, we are sure of it."

Paulo Bracamonte
The other Deputy Leader of the Social Democrats, he is considered to be Falcão's closest ally in the race. He and Falcão have worked together as leaders of the party's Labour wing since the early 2000s, and both have known each other for quite some time. Currently he continues the role of leading the party's Labour platform.

He will likely continue Falcão's changes during her time as leadership, and maybe push the party towards a labour-heavy focused platform in the future if made leader. As of right now Bracamonte has stated his candidacy for leadership and has received an endorsement from Esmeralda Falcão.

Yesterday he stated "I will lead the party with a message that will win our next election, I will focus on our position of social democracy and bring the party closer to the Paretian worker."

Martín Nevarez
A member of the House of Congress from Esmeira. He also served as Foreign Minister of Paretia from 2010 to 2011 under Premier Felipe Pascoal, he is a leading member of the party. He has been supportive of having a closer relationship with the EC, and pushing Paretia way from Etruria. He has also had been somewhat supporting of a lesser role of Paretia in the Tsabaran Civil War.

He has stated that the Patron League has greatly corroded the country's relationship with the EC that was established by the Social Democrat victory in 1990. He has stated that he will try and make changes and create a platform similar to that of Pires in the 1990 election, but also focus on newer issues at hand in Paretia.

Nevarez has gotten some support in the party, he also has made the position that the Social Democrats must work closer with the centre in the opposition against the LP-led government.

Rosita Sosa Reis
The minority leader of the House of the Assembly representing Luzela since 2016. In recent months she has become known as the biggest critic of Esmeralda Falcão and the party's current leadership. She has stated that Falcão is responsible for the party's current drought and even has stated that she should have stepped down years ago.

After the 2021 elections she stated that the party should be more cautious of the polarization in Paretia's politics, stating that it is dangerous for democracy within Paretia. After the elections she has greatly criticized the Socialist Unity alliance formed with the Paretian Section of the Workers' International, Greens, and others. She stated that this alliance with the far-left will alienate the centre and is pushing Paretia even further from the EC, which she says is "exactly what the Patron League wants".

She has stated that if made leader she will reach out with the centrist Democratic Voters Movement in forming a new opposition against the Patron League.

Other notable candidates
Carmen De Leon - Assemblywoman
João Cardoso - Assemblyman
Antònia Dalmases - Former Congresswoman
Yasmin Mendonça-Lloyd - Luzelese Assembly minority leader
Jacinto Fuga - Congressman

© MOMENTO 2020

In Other News:
  • COIUS - Zorasan holds military exercise in Lake Zindarud
  • PARETIA - LP plans new law enforcement bill
  • ASTERIAS - Colonial genocide controversy spreads
  • OPINION - Paretia should answer for it's own colonial past
  • PARETIA - Luzelese Assembly to vote on own abortion bill




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Postby Norcandy » Sat May 14, 2022 7:15 am


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Postby Etruria2 » Sun May 15, 2022 3:19 am

Camille Chamoun - 16 Nisan AM 5782 / Shanbeh: 30. Farvardin 2343 / 19 April 2022

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Etruria accuses Zorasan of using Dandan Azdar for exchange of rebel oil and gas for weaponry and ammunition

Images provided by the EDF and NIS. Top: Trucks believed to be carrying illicit barrels of oil at the
Beit Ashraf border crossing
Bottom: Trucks believed to be carrying arms and supplies at the As-Sadāqa border crossing.

Povelia, Etruria - Etruria’s military has claimed Zorasan is using the disputed territory known as the Dandan-ye Azdar as a “place of significant re-armament and training for separatist elements” in Tsabara. In a press conference, the head of the Etrurian Defence Force, General Vito Alberto Tauriello said, “across three locations within the Dandan-ye Azdar we are seeing exchanges; Zorasan purchase separatist oil and gas and hands them ammunition, weaponry and even heavy weaponry.” The EDF produced drone footage and still images of these “exchange sites.”

At a press conference in Povelia, the Etrurian military revealed the extent of Zorasani support for the separatists in Tsabara, who are fighting the government for independence as the United Irfanic Republic of Hamada. Zorasani support for the separatists has long been suspected, but this event marked the first time its extent and breadth was understood. The Etrurian Defence Force entered the conflict alongside Estmere in 2021, providing air support, training, weaponry and intelligence.

The conference was led by Gen. Tauriello, the Chief of the Defence Staff said, “over the past several months, Etruria together with our allies in Estmere and Tsabara have been observing and documenting the logistical, financial and military support provided by Zorasan to the separatist forces in Tsabara’s east. What we found was a systematic exchange of oil and gas illicitly produced sold to Zorasan in exchange for supplies of weaponry, ammunition, consumer goods, medicines and even heavy systems such as artillery, anti-tank weaponry, anti-aircraft weaponry and unmanned aerial vehicles.”

“This level of support has proven decisive in extending the lifespan of the separatist forces, as well as being responsible for loss of life. The downing of the Estmerish fighter jet last year, we believe, was due to the deployment of a Zorasani-provided surface-to-air missile system. The loss of six drones operated by Etruria has also been accredited to systems provided by Zorasan.

“I cannot quantify government losses in Tsabara to systems provided by Zorasan, due to the immense numbers of systems provided. We were able, via drone and human intelligence identify the supply of unguided and guided anti-tank missiles, mines, explosives and spare parts for armoured vehicles in use by separatist forces. These supplies especially have had a profound effect on ground operations and enabled the separatist’s so-called Irfanic Liberation and Resistance to inflict losses on government forces and is prolonging the civil war, suffering and death” he said.

“Due to rebels occupying half of Tsabara’s on-shore oil and gas facilities, the extraction process has continued, but due to the conflict, their produce is illegitimate. Therefore, it is our opinion that their products are purchased by Zorasan – payment being the above supplies and money, only for the imported petrochemicals to be sold on domestically. We cannot confirm however whether this purchasing is done by the Zorasani state or private merchants at the behest of the state” he explained.

Gen. Tauriello was joined by Petar Kukic, the Director-General of the National Intelligence Service, who said, “during our investigations in collaboration with Estmere’s Special Information Bureau we were able to identify at least 18 Zorasani army officers embedded with the separatist’s Irfanic Liberation and Resistance. These officers are commanding ILR units or at minimum, advising ILR commanders. SIB was able to identify a further 19 officers operating at the brigade level.

“Our joint efforts were also able to confirm that Zorasan has been facilitating since 2020, the transport of volunteers from across the Irfanic World into Tsabara. We estimate that between 20,000 and 35,000 fighters from at least five countries have been facilitated into Tsabara via Zorasan” he said.

The head of Etruria’s foreign spy agency even said, “for several months together with SIB we were able to intercept phone calls and discussions between volunteers and their families at home, revealing they had received some basic training in the Ninevah Union Republic, hosted by the General Intelligence Service – Zorasan’s military intelligence agency. They were then organised into battalion sized groups and transported into southern Tsabara, usually under the cover of darkness or inside trucks or lorries marked with humanitarian logos.”

Gen. Tauriello also revealed pictures of large complexes being built across the Dandan Azdar. He said, “we have collated both drone and satellite images of various structures being constructed across the Dandan Azdar, notably including what we and SIB identified as fuel tanks and warehouses. It is our shared belief that Zorasan is constructing a network of supply depots for what purpose we do not know” he said.

“Zorasan has also committed to expanding and modernising the road network within the territory and has completed its political processes for the annexation of the strip into the Irvadistan Union Republic. It is the position of Etruria that Zorasan’s seizure of the Dandan Azdar and the military activity we have found there, poses a significant threat to Tsabara, its sovereignty and territorial integrity” he said.

The construction of fuel tanks and warehouses has spooked several analysts, who believe could serve as forward supply bases for a possible intervention in Tsabara.

Zorasan last last year, seized the Dandan-ye Azdar, a 20km deep strip of territory that runs along the entire border with Tsabara. It has long been disputed between the two countries, with Tsabara seizing the strip during the final weeks of the Second Rahelian War off the former United Rahelian People’s Republic, which was annexed into Zorasan in 1980, leading to Zorasan claiming the territory as its own. It is home to an estimated 35,000 people but is geographically one of the most defensible positions in Coius, with rocky outcroppings, crevices, and canyons.

The reveal of Zorasan’s activities together with evidence collected by Etruria’s NIS and Estmere’s SIB will surely embarrass Zahedan but is unlikely to provoke a change of policy.

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tsabaranpizzacontainshummus · 1 hour ago
Zahedan by Christmas?

8,761 up · 5,186 down

caldia_has_disappeared · 1 hour ago
Where's King Kenneth?

43,195 up · 45,826 down

trollunderthebridge · 1 hour ago
Adunis will lose this war like it lost this year's Euclovision - fact

5,541 up · 867 down

  • Central Bank of Tsabara announces capital controls (10,654)
  • Operation Eternal Spring: FAF seize total control of northeastern sector (21,777)
  • Operation Eternal Spring: MoD confirms heavy losses in the south-eastern sector (45,996)
  • Air strikes on Sidi Amar destroys ammo factory (18,420)
  • Analysis: Is Operation Eternal Spring slowed by ethnic-exclusive units? (4,132)

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Postby Etruria2 » Sun May 15, 2022 11:45 am


Alessandro Guariglia and Rosa Lucibello at the ARE event confirming Gianna as Etruria's contestant

ARE has received over 1,500 complaints due to comments made by Alessandro Giovanni Guariglia and Rosa Lucibello, the hosts of ARE’s Vespasian-language coverage. ARE has said that it will “investigate claims made by viewers” but did not confirm what if any action would be taken.

During last night’s coverage of Euclovision’s Grand Final, ARE’s Alessandro Giovanni Guariglia and Rosa Lucibello – having replaced Ugo Sparro and Vittoria Luciani last year made several comments prior to and during Nico Lumineux’s act. The Estmerish singer is openly gay and his song, Sweet Talker is a well-received and popular song that is also openly LBGT. When the hosts in Alikianos announced he was up next, Gauriglia said from the commentary box, “brace yourselves viewers, seriously, brace yourselves.” When he emerged on stage in dress and tights as part of his act, Lucibello said, “Oh, well had to happen at least once tonight right?” to which Guariglia replied, “Welcome to Euclovision 2022. Can always rely on the north no? They always put out the worrying acts.” When the song came to an end, Lucibello said, “nice voice, interesting lyrics”, Guariglia replied to her saying, “The in-house audience liked it.”

After Calida’s act, LULA sang, another openly gay singer, Guariglia said, “well kudos to Caldia, a more restrained act compared to Estmere’s” Lucibello for her part laughed and said, “Must be the sea air, tempers the eccentricities.” However, both commentators restrained themselves from making remarks about Lula who sang in Luzalese and Ghaillish.

The comments provoked outrage on social media, with many users denouncing the comments as homophobic. One user said, “the only night of the year where I tune into ARE and they’ve turned Euclovision into a poisonous sh**fest.” Another posted on Chirpr, “wtf is wrong with ARE’s commentators? Homophobia or what?” Another posted, “I know ARE has gone to the nuthouse because of the government, but could they have not left us Euclovision?”

The two commentators also made remarks about Azmara’s Alenna Birk, with Guariglia saying, “well I think that one speaks for itself” to Lucibello’s “speaks a bit too much I’d dare say.” Lucibello said about Alsland’s ‘Min resolúsje’, “Right…” to Guariglia’s reply of “yes, well, not sure what to say about that one.”

Over 1,500 viewers issued complaints to ARE directly over the commentary, one of the highest numbers of complaints made within 24 hours.

The public broadcaster issued a statement this morning saying, “ARE is committed to good standards and ethics among its staff. We recognise the complaints and issues raised by viewers of last night’s Grand Final of Euclovision. We will investigate the claims.”

However, the broadcaster’s lack of apology or promise of action being taken further poured fuel on the dumpster fire caused by the comments.

Both Guariglia and Lucibello were appointed by ARE to replace the veteran hosts replaced Ugo Sparro and Vittoria Luciani last year after the latter two resigned from ARE over its “direction of purpose and management.” The two newcomers were brought on by ARE from LeoneTV, a Veratian regional broadcaster known for its bias toward the Tribune Movement.

Ironically, Lumineux’s Sweet Talker was ranked in the top three by a number of Tribune politicians. Servilia Mobilia, the Minister for Agriculture and Environment chirpred, “1 – Paretia, 2 – Galopolania 3 – Estmere, I like that sweet talker ;) #Euclovision2022.” Marco Minetti, a Tribune State Councillor chirpred, “Sweet Talker is one catchy, tune good voice too, but I am for all Gianna this year.” Even Deputy President Vittoria Vasari (one of the more reliable commentators on Euclovision among the Tribunes) posted, “Sweet Talker and A Mesa are too catchy, Estmere and Caldia did good this year. The same cannot be said for Alsland, hideous.”

Neither Guariglia or Lucibello could be reached for comment.

Top stories

  • Analysis: Nothing confirms ARE's fall as last night's commentary
  • EDF and NIS accuse Zorasan of significant involvement in Tsabara's civil war
  • Dinara and Chiastre state governments step up war of words over tax
  • Will Paretia's SDP find a leader capable of taking on the Patrons?
  • Gaullica boosts Foreign Aid in bid to protect Bahian influence

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Postby West Kirkon » Sun May 15, 2022 2:10 pm


ANALYSIS| Former General Secretary of Lavana sentenced to 1960 years of house arrest
Former General Secretary Khudu Narinamoa is sentenced to 1960 years, following sentencing by Lavanan judge on numerous charges
2022-05-15T 18:20:30Z
Khudu Narinamoa during his trial.

Former General Secretary of the Lavanan Section of the Workers International Khudu Narinamoa was sentenced today by the Pers 4th General Court to 1960 years of house arrest, for numerous charges, including some which can carry the penalty of Death by shooting squad, but they were reduced to house arrest.

Narinamoa was found guilty for 10 charges of treason, 55 charges of fraud, 33 charges of corruption, and 1 charge of Anti-revolutionary activities. He was charged with Anti-revolutionary activities which is a loosely defined charge in Lavanan law, leading to him serving a 200 year sentence alone on house arrest. The rest of the charges too maintained the astronomical sentencing, with Narinamoa serving 555 years for fraud alone. The final amount of 1960 years is undoubtedly politically motivated as it represents the year of the Lavanan Revolution. Narinamoa who could had easily had the death penalty under the counts of treason, will be allowed to spend his sentence in the comfort of his home, although he is not allowed to maintain property or cash amounts over ດ100,000 (€10,989) that is not the physical property.

Narinamoa however will relinquish all other property, and monetary assets which the Lavanan judiciary estimates to be worth up to ດ600.6 million (€66 million). His family is expected to suffer up to 100 million Euclos in seized property and assets for their role in the coup. Narinamoa however will most likely live the rest of his days in his estimated ດ31.85 million (€3.5 million) beachside mansion northeast of Khe Luang.

Narinmoa is just the latest former Government and party executive to be charged this week. Just on Friday alone, 33 people were charged combining up to 121 years in sentencing. Narinamoas Premier appointment Suhk Bagabiada was charged on Monday with up to 300 years of house arrest, and 10 months in prison. The seizing of property and assets has been ongoing since the successful end of the coup, with the Ministry of the Interior stating that up to ດ10 million (€1.098 million) had been seized at the end of March, with the Minister stating that upwards of 100 million Dunans (€10.99 million) had been seized by May 10. The Lavanan government stated that money gained from corruption and fraud charges will be returned to the Lavanan public as a one time tax refund during the last week of August and first week of September (coincidentally Lavanas first democratic election is expected to take place September 5th) with a rough estimate of about 1,000 Dunans (€109) to be returned to each household. Although the Minister assured that these numbers were bound to increase.

With close to 10,000 individuals remaining to be sentenced, out of the original 60,000 arrested in Lavana since March, the Judiciary is bound to remain busy for the coming months. Narinamoa may still be able to appeal the decision up to 3 times, but the possibility of the death penalty being used at any level of appeal, Narinamoa is most likely to leave the decision unappealed.

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Postby Slirnija » Sun May 15, 2022 4:19 pm


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Postby Union of Akoren » Mon May 16, 2022 5:44 am

Kurt Volker - 16 May 2022

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Zorasan denies involvement in Tsabaran Civil War

File photo: Spokesman Voria Hesso slammed Etruria for lies.
The Zorasani government last night denounced the “propagandistic exhibition of lies, deceit and slander”, referring to a detailed press conference held by Etruria’s military and intelligence service in which it was claimed Zorasan supplies Tsabara’s rebels with weaponry, volunteer fighters and even commands its units.

At press conference, the spokesman for the Central Committee of State, the ultimate decision making body in the country, said, “ever since the Eucleans orchestrated the coup that brought about this illegitimate and criminal regime in Adunis, they have spread lies, propaganda and deceits about the Union.

“Unfortunately this was continued with that propagandistic exhibition of lies, deceit and slander in Povelia. We do not supply the rebels with anything, there are no officers there and we do not facilitate the transfer of fighters. We facilitate the hosting of refugees, which is more than what can be said for Etruria, who’s racism and hatred for non-white Eucleans is world famous” he said.

The spokesman continued saying, “it is becoming clear that the Euclean governments who bomb Tsabarans in support of the criminal regime in Adunis are now seeking to distract the world from the military failures of the regime by affording Zorasan some role, this is as transparent as their lies.”

“Their lies will fail, truth is ever victorious over the liar and the deceiver. Truth will protect us from their plots” he said.

Tensions between the so-called E3 (Estmere, Etruria and Gaullica) and Zorasan have continued to simmer, with Zorasan condemning the E3’s providing of weapons, air support and intelligence to Adunis. Gaullican and Etrurian warships have also provided fire support with cruise missiles. However, this heavy Euclean presence has raised the risk of miscalculation or an accident, there have been over 20 incidents of Zorasani warplanes buzzing Etrurian and Gaullican warships operating on Tsabara’s southern coast since 2021.

Last month Zorasan revoked its recognition of the Tsabaran government as the legitimate representative of the Tsabaran people.

The Tsabaran civil war erupted in 2020 after the Rahelian majority provinces of the east seceded from the federation in response to the coup that overthrew Premier Yahya Aboud and brought to power Nazim Al-Qutayni.
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Postby Etruria2 » Mon May 16, 2022 10:41 am

[align=center]President Francesco Carcaterra taking selfie pictures with soldiers in Novalia.

President Francesco Carcaterra has called for sanctions on Zorasan during a visit to a military base this morning. He told reporters, “if it were not for Zorasan, the war in Tsabara would be over and all the consequences, such as the fuel crisis, refugees would go away. It’s about time we in Euclea said enough and sanction them for what they have done and continue to do.” His words are likely to further strain relations between Etruria and Zorasan.

The President made the comments during a visit to a military base in southern Etruria. There he met with soldiers and officers, many of whom trained Tsabaran soldiers last year as part of Etruria’s support for the Tsabaran government in its fight against separatist rebels.

He said alongside defence minister Gen. Vito Tauriello, “there is a fact in Tsabara’s civil war and that is Zorasan’s involvement has prolonged the war and worsened the war.”

“I have no doubts that Zorasan’s removal from the situation would have resulted in a unified Tsabara and an end to the war by now. Adunis and it’s forces have the ability to crush the separatists, but Zorasan has equalised the playing field” he said further.

“if it were not for Zorasan, the war in Tsabara would be over and all the consequences, such as the fuel crisis, refugees would go away. It’s about time we in Euclea said enough and sanction them for what they have done and continue to do” he said.

Journalists asked if Etruria would consider sanctioning Zorasan unilaterally, to which the President replied, “this is something that I think would work best in conjunction with others. Etruria and the EC could inflict damage, i doubt what effect Etruria alone could have.”

Last week the Etrurian Defence Force and the National Intelligence Service released the findings of a six month operation together with Estmere’s Special Information Bureau, which revealed Zorasan’s purchasing of rebel oil and gas in exchange for arms, ammo and heavy weaponry. The joint operation also revealed that Zorasani army officers are embedded with separatist units and that the country has facilitated the travel and training of up to 30,000 volunteers from across the Irfanic World. The EDF and NIS blamed Zorasan for prolonging the civil war and supplying weapons that have inflicted heavy losses on government forces in Tsabara.

Last night, Zorasan denied any involvement in the civil war and slammed the EDF-NIS press conference as an “exhibition of lies and deceit.”

Of the so-called E3 (Euclean Three), Estmere, Etruria and Gaullica, it is Etruria that sees the most tense relationship with Zorasan. Etrurian Navy vessels have been buzzed by Zorasani warplanes a number of times off Tsabara’s southern coastline, while Zorasani officials have focused criticism of Etruria on racism and hostility toward refugees.

The president’s call for sanctions will likely strain relations even further, and likely result in a counter threat by Zorasan. This is also the first time that a Euclean leader has called for sanctions on Zorasan since the civil war began two years ago.

Several weeks ago, Deputy First Minister Sadavir Hatami described Etruria as the “most repugnant of Euclea’s powers” saying, “this is a new-functionalist government that is in Tsabara for the wrong reasons. It bombs innocents then shuts the door violently on the very same people. It is trapping its victims so it can kill more.”

Zorasan has already sanctioned Etruria, applying sanctions on Cavalieri SpA, the country’s largest defence contractor. It also sanctioned arms companies in Gaullica, Estmere and Werania for supplying Adunis with weaponry and ammunition.

The Tribune government denounced the move as a provocation but due to the mostly symbolic nature of its effects, did not respond in kind.

Since early 2021, 15 Etrurian warplanes have provided air support for government forces in the conflict. They join two navy destroyers and a frigate in providing direct fire support for operations as well as strikes on key infrastructure held by the separatists. Around 150 Etrurian soldiers are also in Tsabara providing training to Tsabara’s Federal Army.

Top stories

  • Lavana sentences former leader Narinamoa to 1,960 years of house arrest
  • EDF and NIS accuse Zorasan of significant involvement in Tsabara's civil war
  • SD Mayor of Solaria under fire over rising petty crime
  • Sotirian People's Force denies claims its running out of money
  • Gaullica boosts Foreign Aid in bid to protect Bahian influence

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Foreign Minister Shahzad condemns Etruria's "grotesque diplomacy"
Union Minister for Foreign Affairs Faraz Shahzad has slammed Etruria for calling on Euclean countries to sanction Zorasan
POLITICS by Abdullah al-Mosawi
16 May 2022 | 26. Ordibehesht 2343

Foreign Minister Faraz Shahzad denounced the Etrurian President's words.
The Union Minister for Foreign Affairs Faraz Shahzad has condemned Etruria for what he called “grotesque diplomacy that serves no purpose other than to provoke and destabilise the Solarian.” His words follow a call by the neo-functionalist president of Etruria, for Euclea to sanction the Union for its “supposed” involvement in the Tsabaran Civil War.

At a press conference, the Foreign Minister condemned Etruria saying, “ever since the war of annihilation began in Tsabara, Etruria has been at the forefront of fuelling the conflict. They together with Estmere are perhaps the guiltiest besides the illegitimate regime in Adunis, in the death and misery unleashed. Etruria being led by neo-functionalists, who have imperialistic designs on the Solarian Sea like their forebears has much to answer for, a great deal more than the Union, which has done more to find a negotiated solution than either nation.”

“The call by the far-right nationalist president of Etruria for Euclean sanctions against Zorasan for activities that are not even rooted in truth or reality is a form of grotesque diplomacy that serves no purpose other than to provoke and destabilise the Solarian” he said further.

The Foreign Minister warned, “we repeatedly stated that Euclea’s behaviour and attitude towards the Union will dictate our calculus regarding the situation in Tsabara. Sanctions upon the Union for no legitimate cause or reason will certainly lead to a change in that calculus.”

President Francesco Carcaterra salaciously said today, “there is a fact in Tsabara’s civil war and that is Zorasan’s involvement has prolonged the war and worsened the war.”

“I have no doubts that Zorasan’s removal from the situation would have resulted in a unified Tsabara and an end to the war by now. Adunis and it’s forces have the ability to crush the separatists, but Zorasan has equalised the playing field” he said further.

“if it were not for Zorasan, the war in Tsabara would be over and all the consequences, such as the fuel crisis, refugees would go away. It’s about time we in Euclea said enough and sanction them for what they have done and continue to do” he claimed erroneously.

Yesterday, the heads of the Etrurian Defence Force and National Intelligence Service claimed they had proof of the Union’s involvement in the Tsabaran Civil War. Several still images and satellite images were produced to substantiate their lies. Last night, Voria Hesso, the Spokesman for the Central Committee of State denied any involvement and slammed the press event as a “exhibition of lies and deceit.”

Foreign Minister Shahzad mentioned the event saying, “this is also a country that takes photographs of parked trucks, perhaps even in Etruria, takes pictures of warehouses from space and says this is proof. I could do this on my smartphone and say its proof of Etruria’s readying for an invasion of Juznavia, but we do not because we know better than to engage in outright lies and propaganda.”

The Central Committee of State issued a short statement online saying, “the provocations by the Etrurian President deeply disturb the Zorasani government. These provocations come from nowhere and find no justification. The Union-Government would remind the Euclean powers that the Union possesses means to retaliate economically and in other spaces. We are prepared to retaliate, we call on Verlois, Morwall and Westbrucken to reign in Povelia before the situation worsens.”

The Union has already issued sanctions against the Euclean powers, slapping sanctions on the largest defence contractors of Estmere, Etruria, Gaullica and Werania for their role in the supplying of the Adunis criminal regime.

Analysis: Etruria should be wary of what it asks for

Despite appearances, the so-called Euclean coalition operating in Tsabara is not without fissures or issues. Most Euclean countries look upon Etruria as a danger to their liberal and hyper-individualistic ways of life and governance. Etruria’s descent into racist and sectarian dictatorship has been criticised by its supposed allies. Etruria is isolated and alone in Eastern Euclea, relying solely upon Paretia, also led by a racist-sectarian far-right government for friendship and support. However, Paretia is limited due to its membership of the Euclean Community.

Repeatedly in the Gulf of Parishar, Etrurian warships, straying close to the Union’s territorial waters have been buzzed or warned off by aircraft of the Revolutionary Air Force. It is likely that the Union’s navy will increase activity in the Gulf in wake of Carcaterra’s provocative words. Etruria’s vessels in the Gulf are isolated and vulnerable, having been used to striking innocent men, women and children from the seas, they would be ignorant of the national power mere miles away.

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  • GDP growth for 2022 revised up to 12.6% mostly due to energy prices

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Mariya Nazarivna - 16 May 2022

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Minister-President and Minister of Economy exchange comments on Reparations


Comments were exchanged earlier today when the Minister-President answered a question from Leftist newspaper ​​Workers Agenda. The Minister-President uncharacteristically answered in a “rude” manner to the question calling it “dumb and childish”, the entire exchange lasted less than a minute, and would not had reached headlines had for the question been asked by Minister of Economy Rayisa Bohdanivna, leader of the Workers Party.

Bohdanivna was asked on May 16th regarding her thoughts on the recent colonial reparations issue in neighboring Île d'Émeraude, at a press conference on the opening of an avocado packaging plant in Kisharsk. Although the issue has been in the headlines for months, and has been a common question for government ministers throughout this period, the response has mostly been a lack of interest or opinion on the matter. Bohdanivna however stated the following:

“The question of reparations is one we must see through modern lenses. If seen through modern lenses I’d think no one would oppose it don’t you think?”

With Bohdanivna returning the press conference to the avocado facility. The issue was not brought up in the remaining 7 minute press conference, where other government members spoke of the facility.

Within two hours of that press conference, Minister-President Omelyan Pavlov who himself was attending the opening of a repaved road in Catherinsk. Was asked the following question by a member of Workers Agenda.

“Sir, do you think that reparations if seen through modern lenses can be opposed?”

To which Pavlov responded with:

“Thats a dumb and childish question”

He quickly returned the press conference as well to the topic at hand, answering questions for another 3 minutes before retiring.

A side by side recording of both events can be easily accessed in the following Chipr, exclusively from the Free Press official account.


Pavlov, unaware of the origin of the question was asked in the evening following a meeting with the Ardesian Minister of Economy, in a press conference whether he knew the origin of the question, to which he did not respond. Within an hour of the press conference, the office of the Minister-President and the Ministry of Economy clarified the comments of their respective heads. With Government spokesperson Bereza Zieliński clarifying that the Minister-President was referring to the journalist’s overall question as dumb and childish, following Pavlov’s request earlier at the press conference that questions remained on the governments infrastructure agenda. The Ministry of Economy clarified that Bohdanivna, was unprepared for the question and answered “without essence or interest”. They also stated that Bohdanivna who has been suffering from the flu, and was wearing a mask during the event could not be properly understood leading to a misunderstanding of her words.

The issue of reparations Vinalia has mostly centered on members of the Conservative, Workers , Green, and Indigenous Parties. Although initially started by members of the Indigenous party, Conservative members and supporters stated that Chistovodia should be held responsible and liable for damages incurred during the “Colonization and subjugation” of Vinalia during its time as part of Chistovodia, as a federal state between 1865 and 1885. Worker party members have been more controversial in their raising of concerns with Soravian authorities, with Mayor of New Vologorod stating that Gaullican crimes were miniscule when compared to Soravian atrocities, despite expert opinion. Members of the Green and Indigenous parties have stated that Vinalia exists in a Neo-Colonial state to Soravia, and that its former colonizer owed the country over 450 years of reparations, with the amount growing each day.

Officially the government holds no interest in the matter, as any attempt will surely anger a key economic partner, with as much prospect of success as is the case in the Emerald Isle. The issue could also allow former indigenous groups affected by the actions of the Second Republic of Vinalia, and successfully sue the state for reparations as the Unified Republic is the legal successor of the Second Republic. Although the issue has surprisingly polled well with young Worker voters in Urban regions, overall 18% of voters in the North support the measure, while only 11% do in the South, with opposition almost evenly split at 21% for the North and 24% for the south, although 26% of voters were unsure or unaware of the issue, according to a poll by The Public Insider.

Regardless the issue, which surely stands at the periphery of a worldwide energy crisis and increase in inflation which have taken center stage. It comes at a time when the government has struggled to deal with the rise in prices of imported goods, and a struggling export economy as foreign markets become less profitable.

Image Comments [ 39,516 ] | Image E-mail
Бп United Media 2022

Image 11,526 comments
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This weeks state elections will seal the fate of Otto von Hösslin
Facing an imminent leadership election the premier cannot afford to oversee NKP losses this week.
Karolin Steinhäuser(@karolstein)
17 May 2022 | Westbrücken, Werania

Premier Otto von Hösslin and Cislanian Minister-President Bartholomäus Stobrawa
Photo courtesy of AV photos.

With bundesländer elections in Cislania, Wolfsfled, Prizen, Elbenweis, Kolreuth and Charlotte Island approaching the government is in full panic mode. The NKP's brand is in tatters, weighed down by several scandals hitting the premier and unable to counteract the dynamism of the opposition Euclean Werania who have maintained a consistent polling lead since the start of the Hosokawa scandal in March. Ministerial resignations, censures by the Bundestag and weak media performances have compounded the problem meaning the usual sleepy bundesländer elections have acquired a much greater importance than usual.

Bundesländer elections rarely have a decisive effect on the political trajectory of a premier. In many of the bundesländer unique dynamics - distinct political cultures, local personalities - can mean it is difficult to extract conclusions about the popularity of the federal government. Places like Bonnlitz-Ostbrucken, Roetenberg or Wittislich have long been dominated by a single political force making it difficult to draw conclusions from them.

A notable exception to this rule is Cislania, the largest of the bundesländer. Due to its size Cislania has an outsized role in Weranian political life. Importantly Cislania unlike other bundesländer is not the fiefdom of a single party or political tradition, with its demographic makeup being much more reflective of the nation as a whole then other bundesländer containing both sprawling urban metropolises and vast expanses of idyllic countryside. In 2018 the Cislanian election was thought to seal the fate of premier Josef Felder after the SRPO - the governing party of the province - lost in a landslide to the NKP led by the charismatic Bartholomaus Stobrawa.

Stobrawa's victory is important to note as he is considered one of the key supporters of the right-wing populist politics of von Hösslin. If Stobrawa suffers in this weeks election then not only would the governing party lose the country's most important state, but also an ally.

That said, the pugilistic Cislanian premier has been quick to distance himself from the embattled von Hösslin. "Unacceptable" was his response to the Hosokawa allegations back in March and since then the bad blood between the premier and the Cislanian leader has intensified. According to reports both Stobrawa and Wolfsfled premier Rupert von Essen have stated that if the NKP does badly in the state elections they'll withdraw support for the premier ahead of the NKP presidential election in June.

Of the six bundesländer heading into elections three are governed by the NKP and one by the NKP affiliate in Charlotte Island. According to polling von Essen's NKP-DA coalition in Wolfsfled is projected to be easily re-elected. For Cislania's Stobrawa the contest looks much tougher - his minority government relies on conditional support from the Aldman People's Party and the Democratic Alternative, but its entirely possible that he could find himself without a governing majority if voters do not come out for the NKP like they did four years ago.

The outlook is terrible for the premier of Prizen, Karin Weisskirchen, who leads a minority government after the creation of Euclean Werania last year. Polls show the EO leading in the state and it could very easily lead to the NKP to be evicted from power. Last year NKP politicians hoped to win Elbenweis but the governing centre-left government may yet win re-election albeit swapping out the Green premier Valentina Rösch with an EO politician. Kolreuth is set to re-elect Bouthaina Ghalzaleh as mayor.

In Charlotte Island the governing United Party is unpopular due to rising fuel costs, although whether the left-wing Reform Alliance or centrist Democrats can displace them is uncertain.

Karolin Steinhäuser is a staff writer.
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Mayor accused of conflict of interest in awareness funding
SHARE: Image Image Image Image
Kristy Gardener (@KristyGardener)
May 20, 2022 (1:10pm)

Pietersburg mayor Stefan Liebenberg (Credit: Andrew Nicholl)

PIETERSBURG, KANAÄN - Pietersburg Mayor Stefan Liebenberg has been accused by the National People's Party of giving more than 360,000 shillings in funding from the mayor's office to an advertising campaign on the recent dengue fever outbreak run jointly by the Pietersburg City Council and the Kanaän Provincial Health Board, with an explosive session of the City Assembly seeing several members forced to leave the Assembly chamber.

The accusations were revealed in a chirp posted late last night by the leader of the opposition in the Assembly, Annelise van der Walt. In the chirp, van der Walt said that sources had informed her that a substantial amount of funding from the mayor's office had gone to an advertising campaign for the dengue fever outbreak, with the money being part of a sum of nearly 17 million shillings paid to H&K Consultants, a consultancy firm where one of the managing partners, Pieter Heyns, is a close personal friend of Liebenberg. Van der Walt alleged that this represented a significant conflict of interest and that the mayor was providing monetary benefits for friends and associates, with the chirp closing with the claim that Liebenberg had abused the power of his office.

Deputy leader of the opposition, Kevin Meyer, then revealed the sum of money provided by the mayor's office during a session of the City Assembly held this morning, with Meyer stating that a total of 387,981 shillings had been provided by the mayor's office for the advertising campaign. He said that the funding was approved with the "full knowledge" of which company had been contracted to provide the consultation and ideas for the advertisements.
"It is very clear that the mayor knew who had been contracted and approved the funding as a part of that contract," he said. "It is a clear conflict of interest and, as my colleague has said previously, an abuse of office."

Liebenberg, who attended the session of the City Assembly, denied that it was either a conflict of interest or an abuse of office. He said that as he did not own the company nor have any stake in it, it was not a conflict of interest. He also stated that it was not an abuse of office, as he had approved the funding as part of the wider contract tender negotiated with both the provincial health board and provincial government, which also provided funding for the contract.
"This was all above board and all standard procedure," he said. "What certain members are inferring did not happen, nor could not have happened, as we have robust anti-corruption policies and mechanisms within this council and within this province."

Liebenberg also said that he was not present during the tender process because of the perception of a conflict of interest, nor informed H&K Consultants to the tender opportunity being presented. He also stated that this was primarily a provincial health initiative and as such, was largely conducted with authorities above his own.
"As Mayor, I could not have influenced the decision for the KPHB to hire H&K Consultants for the contract," he said. "This process was conducted both above the office of Mayor and outside of the purview of the entire municipal and district authorities." He did concede that the tender process had been shorter than normal and said this was due to the urgency of the situation.
"We wanted to have a campaign up and running for both the province and Pietersburg on the basis that there was a sharp increase in reported cases," he said. "As such, the process took less time to conduct because we did not have the time to spare."

H&K Consultants, the firm at the centre of the allegations, issued a statement saying that the company had been informed about the contract by the provincial health board and had applied for the contract through official channels. They said that they had previously applied for and won contract work from the provincial health board previously. In addition, they confirmed that Liebenberg had not involved himself in the tender process.

A similar statement was provided by the Kanaän Provincial Health Board who said that they had previously worked with H&K Consultants on other contracts in the past and had approved the firm for work on the advertising campaign due to a "high degree of satisfaction" with the quality of the end result. They also said that the campaign had funding from all three levels of government who provided a third of the funding each, with central government also providing funding for the campaign. The KPHB stated that it had not received any suggestions from the mayor's office in regard to hiring H&K Consultants for the campaign or from Liebenberg himself.

The allegations come just days after Annelise van der Walt was herself subject of an announcement of an investigation by the National Election Commission regarding the failure to declare half a million shillings in election donations during the local government elections in 2020. The NEC said in a statement that this had not been reported to it until the beginning of this month, and had taken two weeks before an formal investigation had begun. Van der Walt did not attend this morning's City Assembly session and the NVP confirmed that van der Walt was cooperating with authorities.

A spokesperson for the mayor's office said that Liebenberg had been "exonerated of any wrongdoing" and that the allegations made against him were a "desperate distraction" from political opponents.
"It's clear that there's no basis to these allegations and that the Mayor is not in any way involved in any political wrongdoing."

  • Satavian Prime Minister announces snap election
  • State elections begin in Werania
  • DAP gains in latest political poll
  • Mahaika earthquake causes minor damage
  • Budget 2022: Government to spend big on rural health, education
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SD reveal plan for "Rebuilding Etrurian Democracy" in Stazzona
Party leader Chiara Mastromarino says, "We are the last line of defence for Etrurian democracy, but we are the vanguard of democratic renewal and the salvation of our Republic from the hands of a nationalist foe that warps religion and turns us against one another."
NOTIZIE by Aurelia Bossi
22 May, 2022

The State Council of the Federation passed the reforms 200-90.

In her first major speech of the year, SD leader Chiara Mastromarino revealed her party’s plan to “Rebuild Etrurian Democracy.” The plan puts forwards reforms to the executive, legislative and judicial branches aimed at de-centralising power, increasing accountability and in her words, “fostering of democracy of consensus, respect and legality over aggression, bullishness and control.”

Mastromarino gave her speech to SD members and supporters in Stazzona, where the SD has stepped up pressure against the Citizens’ led state administration in recent weeks. Stazzona however, was also the seat of the United Committee for Democracy, the pro-democracy movement that negotiated the end of the military regime in 1984, a fact that she drew heavily upon in her speech.

She said, “in this historic city, one of Etruria’s greatest seats of democracy and liberty, our predecessors from all parties and walks of political life sat together and fought hard against a regime that denied all that we held dear. Together, social democrat, socialist, sotirian democrat and conservative held firm and returned to us our democracy. Today it is only right that we present our plan for the reconstruction of our democracy, the rebuilding of Etrurian democracy from this esteemed place, but today, our democracy faces its greatest challenge since the military coup sixty years ago.”

“Just like then, those in power today restrict and undermine our freedoms and liberties in name of national greatness, security and stability. The generals then and the Tribunes now justify their authoritarianism against a variety of enemies, most of whom are mere creations of their minds” she said, “they undermine our freedoms and liberties in belief that this will unleash a wave of morality that will further burnish our nation with good providence, this never happened before, it will surely not happen again” she said further.

“But unlike before, when we were held down by the jackboot and machine gun, we can break free today. We can muster and mobilise our power as citizens through the ballot and end the threat. This plan is for what must be done the day after the Tribunes are removed from office, the plan to rebuild and protect our democracy so never again will those with lofty but dark ideas be able to degrade what is most cherished in this country – its freedom” she said to loud applause.

“Our plan constitutes the bedrock of our agenda for the next federal election. It will be the cornerstone of our legislative efforts and aims should the Etrurian people grant us their trust and faith to do what must be done to save our democratic way of life.

“First, a raft of constitutional amendments will be presented to the Etrurian people through a referendum. These amendments will include, the abolition of the current Office of the President of the Federation, it will be replaced by two distinct offices; the President of the Federation as a ceremonial head of state and a Premier of the Federation, who will serve as head of government and rely upon our parliamentary system as the Presidency does today. The President of the Federation will be elected by the State Council and will be charged with preserving and protecting the constitution, they will have the sole authority to dissolve the Senate, approve or reject cabinet appointments and will hold the office for a single term of ten years.

“Secondly, these reforms will also promote the rollback of all electoral reforms since 2016, including the abolition of first-past-the-post single member constituencies and the return of proportional representation to all areas of Etruria. This will also include the establishment of a new truly independent Federal Electoral Commission to replace the current, as well as a raft of new electoral laws designed to prohibit absurdities and efforts at polling stations to disrupt free and fair elections. We will propose also the return of overseas votes so that our families and friends abroad can have their say once again. Laws designed to observe and police political donations will also be included in the package, notably, we will seek to cap the money all parties are permitted to operate and use during elections.

“Thirdly, we will rollback the successive reforms aimed at hindering our nation’s judicial independence. Further laws will be implemented to further consolidate independence and the separation of powers. We will seek to ease the case review of the Constitutional Court, mandate automatic publishing of all Court rulings and link the adherence to rulings with parliamentary mechanisms punishing any government that fails or refuses to adhere to rulings. Accountability is pivotal in a liberal democracy and that shall be our aim and virtue” she said.

“And lastly we will seek to introduce mandatory voting and mandatory voter registration, this will ensure that our elections are protected from efforts to disenfranchise or interdict citizens’ ability to vote and establish a mutual and shared care for our institutions and constitutional order” she said.

On the next federal election, likely to be held in 2026 she said, “we have four years to prepare, to listen and to adapt, but our mission remains unchanged. We are the last line of defence for Etrurian democracy, but we are the vanguard of democratic renewal and the salvation of our Republic from the hands of a nationalist foe that warps religion and turns us against one another. Too much is at stake to become distracted, focus is what see us through to victory, focus is what will save our country from Carcaterra and his gang of demagogues. We are ready and we will win” she said to a standing ovation.
The speech comes as the SD has undergone a period of “internal reflection”, though not without some heated debate. The focusing of the SD on saving democracy from Tribune backsliding was a prominent feature of the 2021 federal election, where the SD seized over 100 seats and propelled itself into becoming the party of opposition.

However, some in the SD are doubtful that this message will carry sufficient weight to draw in working class voters from the Tribunes. A number of SD figures want a focus on economic issues, which saw the best breakthrough to voters, including those who backed the Tribunes in 2018. But as one SD figure told us under condition of anonymity said, “the problem with the economic focus is that the Tribunes adapt too quickly, and frankly, they sometimes come across as more left-wing than us. The tax reform has blasted our economic edge to pieces, so Mastromarino is right.”

The speech today may well also serve as an effort to further draw voters over from the Citizens’ Alliance and the Sotirian People’s Force. By presenting the SD as the only party with a plan for dealing with six years’ worth of backsliding, it is hoped that Etrurians concerned by the ongoing crisis and those who tire of the division would unite solely behind the party.

The speech was well received by SD delegates and the audience. According to a latest opinion polling Mastromario enjoys a popularity rating of 45%, up by six points from last December. This compares to a 53% popularity rating for Francesco Carcaterra.

Other News
  • Il Messaggero Aventino and others banned from Palazzo Orsini
  • Government embarrassed as only Paretia backs Etruria's call for sanctions on Zorasan
  • BREAKING 3 workers at Cavalieri SpA arrested for espionage
  • Special: What happened to the investigation into the ARE Archive break-in?
  • Claims grow government strong-armed fertiliser producers into lowering price
  • Talks between Finance Ministry and States over funding "progressing well"

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SARTOUX.It was called the ‘Impossible Journey’ for most of the 18th and 19th centuries; few thought the feat could ever truly be accomplished. After almost a dozen failed expeditions to summit the peak of the highest mountain in the Azure Coast – and more than two dozen fatalities in the process – skepticism over the ability for humans to survive, let alone climb Mount Azéma in northwest Baudhuin Shire ran rampant, even amidst the great treks accomplished during the Azurenne Era of Heroic Exploration. With the summiting of Paradis in June 1863 and Mount Tonnerre in April 1869, the conquering of Azéma was thought to be the ‘final challenge’ left for the explorers whom schoolchildren all over the country idolized. It was thought to be a fool's errand, certain to end in the death or disappearance of the climbers who dared venture there.

And then, in May 1872, the impossible happened. An expedition sent to survey new routes up the Bescontin Cwm for a planned 1873 Expedition up the mountain achieved the unexpected when two veteran climbers, Augustin Laviolette and Marc Servan-Schreiber defied all expectations and managed to surmount the gargantuan peak on this date 150 years ago. The decision to assault the summit, made only after the duo had reached the 6,200 meter mark on the mountain, was one of the great gambits of the age, and it made both Laviolette and Servan-Schreiber national heroes in the eyes of their countrymen, triggering a newfound popularity in the sport of mountaineering that has persisted in the Azure Coast.

To celebrate the anniversary of the summiting, Télévision d'État went into its archives to acquire the original press wire sent from Lieuron to the press room at Le Gazette Revue de Caille-Sartoux in 1872, when the Azure Coast was still a colonial dependency of the Gaullican Empire. Reprinted in its original format, the news wire announced to Azurennes and the world at large the magnificent accomplishment of reaching what Laviolette would later recall to be "the peak of our dreams, a magnificent, desolate place where only the angels dared trot hitherto."




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Deputy President Laezza warns of "very serious consequences for Dinara and Chiastre" over tax reform
The usually calm Deputy President flashed signs of anger at the press conference.

Deputy President and Finance Minister Leandro Laezza has warned of “very serious consequences for Chiastre and Dinara” after their prefects walked out of talks between the states and central government over the redistribution of federal funds. Both state governments have vowed to resist the federalisation of two taxes.

At a press conference held after the end of talks today, the Deputy President was stern in his words, “today we saw significant progress in talks between the states and the central government over the distribution of funds to recompensate the states for the loss of two tax revenue streams. That certainly was the case after the Prefects and teams of Dinara and Chiastre walked out.”

“But I will say this to San Alessandro and Carcoforo, do not be foolish. There will be very serious consequences for Chiastre and Dinara if these states actively undermine the legal taxation system of the Republic. I say this as Deputy President as Finance Minister, just as any other member of the federal government will say. Very serious consequences for those states” he said.

When asked what consequences there could be, the Deputy President said, “we have multiple tools at our disposal. Frankly, the refusal to abide by the federal government, by the law, together with the continued raising of illegal taxes is not only as I say illegal within the law, but also theft of the citizen. I leave legal matters to the Justice Ministry, but financially, we could easily strip federal funding from all projects in those states. By not adhering they are violating the law, so I also would offer them the reality that they could receive no funding from the federal government at all, then they can tell their citizens why the hospitals aren’t running.”

When confronted by Orrizonte24’s Luciana Mareno who asked, “are you honestly threatening to shut down funding for hospitals and schools?” The Deputy President appeared irritated and shot back, “no, they are threatening it. They are threatening to reject federal law, that is a step into constitutional crisis. Do not take responsibility away from them because of your bias.”

According to government memos, the official proposal to Etruria’s states is that the Federal Government will reimburse funds to the states in figures aligning with their tax receipts from this year. The funds will increase or decrease in accordance to average national wage growth, this would guarantee a fair distribution by population and reflect the overall economic situation in Etruria. Accordingly, however, several states are keen for a provision where increased funds would be provided in the event of fiscal emergencies or investment planning. The Federal Government replied at the talks that is open to such a provision and may also establish an annual summit where states would competitively pursue extra federal funding to guarantee job creation, sustainable growth, and sustainable wage growth for employees. Calls by Carvagna and Peravia for funds to be determined and managed by an independent body was rejected by the government as inappropriate. Though the government indicated openness for an independent body to determine the total sum of money to distributed.

However, anger lingers in Carvagna and Peravia who see the passing of the Law last month as a fait accompli and told Deputy President Laezza to his face that the talks should have been held first.

There is apprehension among the states governed by the Tribune Movement. Veratia’s Giuliano Aurelio Vinci; one of President Francesco Carcaterra’s closest allies at the state level, is reportedly keen to ensure “equity in distribution”, though he has been accused by the northern states of wanting to guarantee Veratia receiving more than expected. Palestrina’s Pietro Andrea Ercolani another prominent Tribune used the talks to disparage the federalisation of taxes as a power grab saying, “I am not entirely sure what this federalisation element of the law really succeeds in doing, other than handing the centre more power. For what end?” Though according to sources he offered no fierce opposition to the proposals, though Tribune sources indicate that he may side with Vinci in wanting more funds for his state owing to Palestrina’s industrial focus.

The two wildcards according to government sources are Novalia and Carinthia, Etruria’s two breadbaskets. The situation with Novalia is aided by the sheer chaos engulfing Dubovica as the Farmers and Workers Union-led government remains locked in civil war over the rising fortunes of the SD. Carinthia, led by the Tribunes’ longest serving Prefect, Janez Hribar suggested a redistribution of the funds on a poverty-focused approach. He said, “there is certainly a case here that the states with the highest level of poverty be the biggest recipients of funds, if we intend to tackle such things as promised.” Carinthia has the highest number of Etrurians living at or below the poverty line and his calls have been published by pro-Tribune newspapers in his home state to much applause, Hribar’s call may well foster splits within the party at large, as several Tribune lawmakers called on the government to be more “creative in distribution of funds, than just balance out by population.”

Talks are set to continue for several days before the points raised are discussed by the Federal Cabinet.

The Tax Reform Law passed last month as of April 2023, merge all federal taxes on individuals into a single progressive rate that declines per child born to married couples. It also federalised the state-raised wealth and property taxes in aim of lessening the tax burden and simplifying the national tax code.

Other news
  • Government bans a number of outlets and newspapers from the Palazzo Orsini
  • SD reveals plan for "rebuilding democracy" and weakening government
  • 3 employees at Cavalieri SpA arrested for espionage
  • Anaylsis: Estmere's government gripped by nihilism as war on traditional values continues
  • Couple win €21.4 million rollover on LotteriaNazionale
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Kurt Volker - 23 May 2022

Home · Kesselbourg · The Continent · The World · Policy · Opinion · Features · Newsletters · Continental Pro

Zorasan’s economy booms due to rising energy prices

File photo: Zorasan has seen a major windfall from energy prices
Zorasan’s economy is expected to grow by 11.80% this year, up from the earlier estimate of 6.2%, the 5.6-point increase is credited with surging global energy prices. The global benchmark for crude oil reached €120 a barrel, significantly boosting revenues for Zorasan.

This morning, the Global Institute for Fiscal Affairs released a revised economic estimation for Zorasan, raising its annual GDP growth rate from 6.2% to 11.80%, the highest rate in Zorasan since 2009. GIFA stated, “we have revised upward, the annualised GDP growth rate for Zorasan, this is driven near exclusively by increased revenues from the export of both crude and refined petrochemicals. This marked increase in revenues is naturally derived from increased global energy costs that will pose significant threats to developed and developing economies alike.” The institute however caveated its revised rate for Zorasan saying, “the rise in costs has been detected domestically, and will likely place pressure upon Zorasani private business and consumers.”

GIFA further wrote, “for our 2023 estimate, we believe GDP growth could range from 12% to 10.80%, this is dependent upon the global energy price. Despite being the world’s largest producer of petrochemicals, higher costs in energy will affect Zorasan just the same as other exporter countries. The biggest risk to Zorasani economic stability will be inflation, which has historically undermined economic growth.”

The Zorasani government for its part has acknowledged the emerging global energy crisis, caused by wars in Tsabara and Yemet, as well as tensions between Nise and Sohar. However, the Zorasani government, which owns its petrochemical industry has repeatedly refused to increase production. However, divergences are appearing among senior politicians and executives of Zorgen, the state-owned oil company and the largest in the world by valuation. Zorgen executives are reportedly pushing for an increase, ostensibly to seize market share off Tsabara. They have also begun to receive backing from select Zorasani political figures.

However, Ahmad Husseini of the Madinat-based Quantics Analyis doubts this will happen, “the primary customer base for Tsabara has long been Euclea, relying upon undersea pipelines across the Solarian and Aurean Straits to Paretia. There is little in the way of pipeline infrastructure connecting Zorasan and Euclea, who’s own primary customer base has been the Coian economies.

“There is both a political and physical dimension to this idea of increased export to Euclea. Physically speaking there likely isn’t enough tanker capacity to replace Tsabara’s pipelines. Politically speaking, tensions between the EC plus Etruria are skyrocketing, there is likely more a desire to inflict economic pain on Euclea than an overriding desire to secure market share” he explained.

A spokesman for the Union Ministry for the Petrochemical Industry replied to our request of comment saying, “at this moment in time, there is no plan for increased production in either oil or gas. However, the Union Ministry and government at large remain conscious of the situation and evaluate our position regularly.”

According to some estimates Zorasan earned €245 billion in oil and gas receipts since January 1, an increase of over 30% on the previous year. There are consistent reports, though unverified that orders have been issued for the stockpiling of certain petrochemical products, while last week, a leaked government memo indicated that the leadership were considering the opening of the Union Development Fund, the largest of the three sovereign wealth funds for use in subsidising energy bills for those below the poverty line and strategic industries. The government dismissed the memo as “erroneously produced” and denied these reports, which would have likely spooked international markets.

The Zorasani government is to begin its annual Revolutionary Command Congress in several days, where a possible change in policy on oil production may follow.

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43rd Revolutionary Command Congress begins in Izidhar Al-Mina
National Renovation Front's most important event will determine policy, strategy and the composition of the Union Government for the next five years
POLITICS by Abdullah al-Mosawi
23 May 2022 | 3 Khordad 2343

This year's RCC is being held at the Nazim Al-Harazi Party Building in Izidhar al-Mina.
The 43rd Revolutionary Command Congress of the National Renovation Front has begun in the Riyadhi capital of Izidhar Al-Mina. Delegates of the Front drawn from all Union Republics will meet to review government records, set policy and strategies and either reconfirm or replace members of the Central Committee of State, Union Ministries and State Commissions.

The Command Congress is being held at the Nazeem Al-Harazi Party Building just outside the city. The Riyadhi Union Republic administration announced its plan to host the Command Congress there after Pardaran hosted the last RCC and the Extraordinary RCC last autumn and summer respectively. Next year, Ninevah will host the RCC.

First Minister of Riyadha Hamdan Al-Dhaheri greeted the members of the Central Committee led by State President Rahim Ali Haftar at the Abdullah al-Atassi International Airport and escorted them personally to the event location. Over the previous three days, a total of 250 delegates from the Union Republics selected by their Central Committees arrived, enabling them to greet the Central Committee of State with a standing ovation as per tradition.

The Riyadhi First Minister, joining his fellow Riyadhis in wearing traditional dress of the peninsula gave the commencement speech.

“Welcome comrades and my companions of the Sattarist journey to eternal victory, today I officially welcome you to Izidhar al-Mina, the jewel of the Gulf and the symbol of Zorasan’s rise of destitution to global power. I also welcome here today so that we may begin the good works of government and honour our Union Fathers, the Martyrs of the Revolution, the Martyrs of the Union and the Defenders of our Ettehad” he said to applause.
First Minister of the Riyadhi Union Republic Hamdan Al-Dhaheri gave the commencement speech

“As our State President has so eloquently stated before, our nation and our Sattarist revolution finds itself in a world of ever greater tensions and rivalry. The road of Peykar Javid winds and turns and before us is an age of confrontation. So it falls us to now to lay the foundations of our march onward through policy, strategy and reform and may God’s good hand of providence fall upon our shoulders in the decisions we are about to make” he said.

The commencement address was followed by preliminary statements on the events of the past year by each Union Minister and State Commissioner. This continued for two hours.

Following this segment, First Minister Gafur Qahor issued his preliminary statement on internal party affairs, including a lengthy segment on the ongoing anti-corrupt practices crackdown. He reassured the Command Congress, “our efforts in conjunction with the State Commission for Societal Defence, the Party Office for Internal Discipline and Standards, the Union Ministry for State Intelligence and Security, the Union Ministry for Justice, the Union Ministry for Internal Affairs and the General Intelligence Service continues unabated. Our coordinated efforts have struck at the black heart of corruption, greed and self-service at all levels of government and the party.

“We will continue to strike at this foe no matter where it is found until such time that our party and the foundation stones of our state are reinforced and cleansed” he said further.

Just over 2,000 party members and civil servants have been expelled and arrested for a variety of corrupt practices and crimes against the “moral integrity of the state.” Just last week, the Deputy First Minister of Khazestan was arrested for bribery and nepotism, indicating a possible move against those in senior office.

Tomorrow, the Command Congress will receive in-depth reports from each Union Ministry on their records since last year, the day after will be followed by the State Commissions and Party Departments. On Wednesday, the Command Congress will debate a raft of policy proposals formulated by the Secretariat of the Central Authority, the Secretariat of the State Presidency and the Strategic Policy Planning Department.

Prior to the Command Congress, a number of policy essays were produced by the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister. A strategic review produced by the Supreme Council of the Revolutionary Armed Forces will also be presented on Wednesday, detailing the current political-military situation in the immediate region and the world at large. The Command Congress will debate the content of the essays as well as individual proposals before voting a “Strategic Policy Pathway” for the next five years (this is due the new leadership being elected last November).

On Thursday, the Command Congress will review the records of Union Ministers, State Commissioners and Central Committee members. In the late afternoon, the Command Congress will vote on either renewing or terminating their terms in office and then electing successors in the late evening.

On Friday, the Command Congress will partake in prayer led by the Supreme Custodian of the Faith at Izidhar al-Mina’s Nahyan Rashid Grand Mazar. This was will be followed by a final address by the State President in his “State of the Union” speech, which will explain the agreed policies and strategies of the Command Congress to the Union’s 210 million citizens.

Several influential delegates from the Union Republics have indicated that a “significant policy realignment will take place” this year. Many within the delegation are keen to align the general plan for governance with the proposals of the Central Authority which itself has proven more cognisant of the age of confrontation the world is entering.

We will bring you updates as the Command Congress progresses.

43rd Command Congress Begins
  • What is the agenda?
  • How are the delegates selected?
  • Senior Delegates indicate major policy change
  • Could the Central Committee members change?
  • RCC delegates and government members to attend "major" Khordad Rebellion anniversary event

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668 party members and civil servants sentenced to Habsedar for corruption
The Anti-corrupt Practices and Self-Service Operation has expelled and arrested over 2,000 civil servants and party members
POLITICS by Abdullah al-Mosawi
24 May 2022 | 4 Khordad 2343

Almost 670 people have been sentenced to ten years hard-labour for their corruption.
Almost 670 party members and civil servants have been sentenced to the Habsedar for up to ten years of hard labour. These sentences form the first tranche of cases against the almost 2,000 officials purged from the party for corrupt practices and undermining the moral integrity of the state. Chief Justice of the Union, Mahmoud Gholfandiar described the ongoing anti-corruption offensive as “paramount for the preservation of stability, efficiency and the rule of law.”

The ongoing “anti-corrupt practices and self-service operation” began last November following the election of the current Central Authority, which itself followed the removal of State President Vahid Isfandiar and demotion of First Minister Farzad Akbari for corrupt practices in office. The operation is being conducted by a multitude of state bodies including the State Commission for Societal Defence, the Party Office for Internal Discipline and Standards, the Union Ministry for State Intelligence and Security, the Union Ministry for Justice, the Union Ministry for Internal Affairs and the General Intelligence Service.

Due to the number of members detained and charged with corruption, the Chief Justice of the Union issued an order mandating group trials of between 10-15 suspects a time. The Chief Justice also mandated that all those sentenced would receive Grade 3 Status upon release, the harshest citizen classification possible. None of the 2,000 will be able to hold party membership or occupations of responsibility again.

Yesterday, 55 suspects were found guilty by the Central Court of Zahedan for corrupt practices including bribery, falsifying reports, misinformation in reports, nepotism, and patronage. All 55 were sentenced to 10-years hard labour within the Habsedar system.

Last week, the Deputy First Minister of Khazestan was arrested for bribery, nepotism and undermining the moral integrity of the state. Murad Ali Rashid is also accused of facilitating prominent positions for his two sons, receiving bribes from businesspeople, and partaking in illicit sexual activities. Due to his rank, he is likely to face a harsher sentence.

Ali Rashid is unlikely to be the only senior figure to be expelled and sentenced, as the operation moves to the Union Republic level.

The operation aims to crackdown on bribery, nepotism, patronage, embezzlement, and kickbacks that have become “endemic to the party-state system” according to the Secretariat of the State Presidency. The operation received the full backing of the Central Committee of State and the Supreme Council of the Revolutionary Armed Forces. The Inter-Services Office for Discipline, the military’s internal police unit has also begun targeting officers and soldiers engaged in corrupt practices.

Last month, State President Rahim Ali Haftar described corruption as the “miasma of greed, that emerges in the souls of the weak. The most revolutionary, committed, and loyal servants of our Union and ideals are immune.”

When the operation was launched, the Central Committee issued a party edict denouncing corrupt officers saying, “the Union and its success is dependent upon the leadership and governance of the Front, as such, the Front requires only the most committed builders of National Renovationism. Members do not enter office or places of responsibility for self-enrichment, we do so to build our Union.”

The issue of corruption is likely to feature prominently at this year’s Revolutionary Command Congress which began yesterday in Izidhar al-Mina. Several RCC delegates have produced proposals for amending party rules to combat corruption and self-service. Calls have already been made for a more strident vetting procedure for party members and tougher inspections by the Party Commission for Internal Discipline.

Other headlines
  • Day Two of the Revolutionary Command Congress begins
  • Akhid foils Chanwanese terror plot
  • "Conservationist" protesters detained in Ravanistan for disrupting economic activity
  • Over 350,000 refugees arrive in Zorasan from central Tsabara
  • State President Rahim Ali Haftar to host Yemet's President Uxbale Asad

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SHARE: Image Image Image Image
Husain el-Allam (@HUSAINALLAM )
24TH MAY 2022 05:39| MADINAT, NISE

Mufeed al-Nazar shown attending a conference in Rizealand
Photo courtesy of Ameera el-Hussain

MADINAT - Prime Minister Mufeed al-Nazar has finally announced new elections to be held within the month following several months of protests and calls from both sides for snap elections.

The rapidly deteriorating situation within Nise has caused alarm for many fearing a civil war or worse. Originally sparked by comments made by al-Nazar it has blossomed into a much different form of protests, with many of the National Solidarty Front having altered much of the protests originally meaning having shifted them from that of the comments and criticizing al-Nazar to criticizing Nise’s policy on supporting “Euclean colonizers.”

This has drawn strong ire from the rest of the country and most notably the Party of Nise labeling them as Zorasani and Soharan puppets. Appeals have been made for al-Nazar to finally send in the police to break up the protests but not such moves have been made.

With the onset of the election within a month preliminary polls coming out have shown that the National Solidarity Front will secure a slight majority in Parliament with the Party of Nise shrinking to its lowest ever since the existence of the party, most notably however is the gains of the traditionally small parties showing a trend to abandon from the big two that have been prominent the last twenty years.
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Government forces inch closer to Al Qasr but slowed by heavy fighting in Deir Sayan
Fears mounting that Tsabara's Operation Eternal Spring is stalling and suffering heavy losses as urban fighting takes toll

25 May 2022 · Written by: John Barham

Tsabaran National Guard troops moving through western Deir Sayan.

The Tsabaran Federal Army backed by the National Guard have seized control of Bani Haiyyan and three more villages to its east, while they advanced closer to central Deir Sayan, the final town before Al-Qasr to the east. The Tsabaran government has denied claims the operation is stalling due to heavy ILR resistance.

Last night, images circulated of Tsabaran government soldiers hoisting the national flag over the souk of Masaoudiyeh, a small town 8km east of Bani Haiyyan, confirming the latter’s capture and the government’s advance toward Al-Qasr. Fighting in Bani Haiyyan took place over the course of three weeks and has resulted in the near destruction of the town. The Ministry of Defence claimed it had secured Bani Haiyyan three days ago and that forces were engaged in “mopping up efforts of ILR stragglers.” The loss of Bani Haiyyan leaves the larger town of Deir Sayan as the only major urban area under ILR control west of Al-Qasr.

The battle for Bani Haiyyan according to sources in the Tsabaran military has been described as “one of the bloodiest and toughest fights.” Unconfirmed reports drawn from sources in the military and MoD claim that up to 1,100 government troops were killed in the fighting, alongside an estimated 3,500 ILR fighters, though neither figure can be independently verified.

The fall of Bani Haiyyan has also left between 900 and 1,300 ILR fighters trapped and surrounded on Hill 331. The 350ft high hill has been pounded by artillery and airstrikes for the past five days, though intermittent mortar and rocket launches from the hill have struck federal forces in recent days indicating a degree of supply supporting the holdouts. The continued fire from the hill, which could interdict federal logistics and supply lines as the front moves eastward will likely force the diverting of forces to seize the hill.

Federal Forces will likely now dispatch much of their force to Deir Sayan, where resistance has all but slowed the government advance to a snail’s pace. Over the past 48 hours, federal forces there have reportedly advanced 1km closer to the city centre. Earlier reports that the cement factory had been captured was denied by the MoD, itself following reports of a successful localised ILR counter-attack.

One federal source told us under condition of anonymity, “this is brutal, my regiment has lost 50 guys, killed, and wounded. We take one building and at night they [ILR] come and kick us out, next morning we’re back again. I don’t know many of us have been killed.” Indications from the battle there reveal a significant ILR presence and a well-prepared defence.

This morning, the Tsabaran Ministry of Defence was forced to confirm the death of Colonel Moshe Dudai, he was the commanding officer of the 39th Infantry Regiment. He was reportedly killed by ILR mortar fire in western Deir Sayan.

The city of Dier Sayan, home to 18,000 people before the war and the last major town before Al-Qasr has been turned into a fortress by the Irfanic Liberation and Resistance according to the Tsabaran military. Such is the resistance that local sources and ours within the military revealed an incident in which an advance convoy of government vehicles was ambushed by ILR fighters, destroying three tanks and six other armoured vehicles, at least 32 soldiers were killed, though this has been denied by the government in Adunis.
Current situation in the Al-Qasr area. Red denotes government held territory, white ILR. Orange circle, areas of heavy

According to the MoD, federal forces have seized approximately 23% of the city, though it admitted in a late-night press release this figure is “fluid due to the nature of combat in the city.”
The fighting in the city has proven disastrous for the remaining civilian population, according to the separatist authorities, approximately 6,000 civilians remain in the city and are suffering from “lack of electricity, water, food and medicine.” The separatists accused the government of targeting hospitals after the Deir Sayan Municipal Hospital was struck by two explosions. The Independent Group for Human Rights, an observer of the conflict claimed yesterday that up to 800 civilians have been killed in Deir Sayan but caveated, “this just confirmed civilian deaths, we estimate that the true number may be as high as 2,000.”

The heavy fighting has also begun to effect the Etrurian, Estmerish and Gaullican air contingents in the country. The Etrurian Military Mission to Tsabara (Missione Militare Etruriana a Zabara; MMEZ) sparked concern after its request for “emergency resupply” was leaked to the press in the country. On Orrizonte24, an Etrurian news outlet, Captain General Massimo Altieri told the news show, “we are operating to the absolute limit, we’re struggling to provide the necessary support because the fighting in the east is so severe.”

Several military analysts have also issued warnings to the E3 urging them to increase their air presence citing the attrition rate suffered by the Tsabaran Air Force. Two days ago, a reported shootdown of a Mirage 2000 bomber by the ILR was confirmed, this is the tenth such loss since the war began in 2020.

The fighting in the city has proven disastrous for the remaining civilian population, according to the separatist authorities, approximately 6,000 civilians remain in the city and are suffering from “lack of electricity, water, food and medicine.” The separatists accused the government of targeting hospitals after the Deir Sayan Municipal Hospital was struck by two explosions. The Independent Group for Human Rights, an observer of the conflict claimed yesterday that up to 800 civilians have been killed in Deir Sayan but caveated, “this just confirmed civilian deaths, we estimate that the true number may be as high as 2,000.”

The ongoing government offensive has seen success elsewhere, this morning Tsabaran government media broadcast images of humanitarian groups and the Red Cross Society of Tsabara delivering aid to the Wardiyeh area to the northeast of Bedjene province, which was captured entirely last week.

The Tsabaran Minister for Humanitarian Affairs, Abdulkarim Ali told TTVN, “we have been swift in delivering the food, water and power to Wardiyeh and its surrounding towns and villages. A large number of civilians here are in dire need and we will work as fast as humanly possible to restore infrastructure to this area. We have also begun documenting the various abuses committed by the separatists. But our top priority is restoring running water and electricity to the area.”

Over 300 ILR fighters surrendered in the Wardiyeh area last week, marking the largest capture of fighters to date.

However, in the southeast, toward Trifaoui province, fighting remains heavy and numerous reports are circulating that government forces have suffered “catastrophic” losses from a brigade-level ambush and attempted encirclement conducted by the ILR. Several MoD sources claim the 15th Armoured Brigade has been rendered combat ineffective, though this has been denied by other government sources.

The only success in the southeast area has been the capture of Kherbeh, a small farming town north of Qatlabah.

A number of airstrikes have been reported in the area, though no major gains have been reported on this front.

Analysis: Is the operation stalling?

Operation Eternal Spring was promoted by the Tsabaran government as a “turning point” and would deliver the expulsion of the ILR from Bedjene province entirely, securing the strategically vital region. However, the pace of advance has been markedly slow and repeated reports of heavy losses to the government’s “best units” have only increased in number.

Only the northeast objective of clearing Wardiyeh and its surrounding region has been met and the operation is over a month old. Wardiyeh was geographically tenuous for the ILR from the beginning and appears to have been poorly defended. The assault toward Al-Qasr in the west, and Qatlabah in the southeast has been hotly contested and it easy to appreciate the resilience of the ILR who have no air force and limited abilities to contest the near constant air assault by the government and Euclean 3.

The growing reports of a brigade-level ambush and attempted encirclement of the 15th Armoured will spark serious concern in Adunis as well as the capitals of its Euclean allies. As will reports that the 15th Armoured Brigade is now combat ineffective, this will fuel fierce criticisms within the Tsabaran military and government over what some are calling “fantastical overestimations of the situation.” That the government has seized only one town in the southeast since 19 April further cements concerns that the operation is stalling. Together with the slow progress in Deir Sayan will only compound the sense that intelligence on the ILR’s capabilities have been underestimated since the decisive government victory at Bayadha last year.

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The International Conflict Monitor is a think tank based in Morwall, that is dedicated to breaking conflict stories, events and providing unique analysis. The ICM hopes to utilise its wide network of sources to establish a greater understanding of human conflict, to then use that knowledge to assist policymakers in conflict resolution.
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FLAMISH ELECTION 2022 • Saturday, updated 15:21

"Agema Effect" sweeps Flamia as SAP remain largest party with increased vote

Nicolaas Geijs

The SAP are to remain the largest party in the Assembly of Flamia with its best result in sixteen years, following Friday's regional election.

With more than 99% of votes counted in the country's largest region, the centre-left party led by the incumbent Governor Corinne Agema has won 31 of the regional legislature's 98 seats on 27.3% of the vote. This represents an increase of two seats from the 29 won in the 2018 election. The party's vote share increased marginally, with losses in urban centres countered by increased support in suburban and rural areas of Flamia.

The result represents a now-rare instance of the senior coalition party increasing their vote whilst in government, and one of the best results for the SAP in any Hennish election in recent years. The success of the SAP has been attributed to the personal popularity of party leader and Governor Corinne Agema, dubbed by national media as the "Agema Effect". In exit polls conducted by HNO, Mediacentre and Flamia's regional F1 network, Agema was deemed by voters to be the most 'effective' and 'sincere' party leader.

Speaking at the SAP's election night party in Aarle, Agema said that voters in the region had 'placed their trust in the SAP to deliver strong and progressive governance', and that her team would immediately get to work to build on the foundations of the previous administration, whilst taking action on issues of primary healthcare, housing and climate. Agema also declared that she would seek to form a new administration as swiftly as possible, and would begin talking to other parties in the coming week.

The NVP finished in second place, also increasing their share of the seats and of the vote. The centre-right party won 22 seats, a bump up of three from the last election, taking 20.2% of the popular vote. The result was met with broad contentment by NVP sources, who had expected an SAP win for weeks and who had merely been hoping for a general upswing in support. Azad Heynar, the regional party leader, signalled that he would be open to forming a 'federalesque' grand coalition with the SAP, but that any decision was for 'the party to make, and not solely mine'.

It was also a successful showing for the Greens, who finished in third place in the popular vote for the first time in a Flamish election, winning twelve seats with 10.8% of the vote. They finished narrowly ahead of the VDP, who matched them with twelve seats. For that party, it was a disaster. The secondary coalition partners lost seven seats, with the internal blame game already underway. Regional leader Annemijn van den Bos announced her resignation, with pressure also mounting on the already-embattled federal leader Eva Kaestel.

The Patriot's March breathed a sigh of relief, as their position as the main populist-right party remains intact. Though losing five seats to finish on seven, the March finished ahead of Heart of Flamia, the local name for Pieter Veer's Heart of Hennehouwe, who won six seats.

Meanwhile, it was a total wipeout for the Agrarian Farmers, who fell under Flamia's three-per cent electoral threshold to lose all of their four seats. The bloc's participation in the broadly centre-left progressive government and a general downward trend in support nationwide appear to be factors in the party's turmoil. The result will most certainly focus the minds of the ABP and the VSD, who also came short of the threshold, on proposals for a merger of the two parties. The combined vote of the two would've yielded six seats, had they run on a united list.

Elsewhere, the Left won four seats, down one, whilst the Party for the Petois gained a seat for the first time in twenty years, taking the remaining four seats on offer.

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