Wounded Hearts [Closed/ATTN: Mystria]

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Wounded Hearts [Closed/ATTN: Mystria]

Postby Dyste » Fri May 13, 2022 6:50 pm

(OoC: Co-written with Rohane Alista)

Ice Haven, Wilderness of Silverdale

In a remote cabin in the most remote areas of the southernmost nation in Mystria, unbeknownst to everyone but a select few, an event that would change history would occur. And it seemed like almost the whims of the gods, or rather, just one of them.

Glacia Invernos had used this cabin as a little retreat in the past, and figured it would be a good fit for what she had planned. The blue-haired, pale skinned elf sat patiently while waiting for her guest to get ready.

Her guest was moving across the floor, a piece of chalk in hand, sketching symbols as he went. His green-blonde hair bobbed on occasion as he looked back and forth between the markings and a small book in his left hand, occasionally making small changes. In surprisingly little time, a circle of runes surrounded the bed Glacia would be laying on, several other lines and arrays of runes stretching out from that central one. Vlad stood after adding one last array on the floor, looking at the walls. “Alright. We need to ward this place, but otherwise,” he muttered to himself before calling out. “Glacia, I’m almost done! If you need to do anything else, now is the time.”

“Oh!” Glacia floated over to Vlad, “That was quicker than I expected, but I guess after Alvis you’ve gotten some more practice,” she giggled. “I don’t have anything else I need to do, I’ve been waiting for this for some time.”

“Yeah, well,” the man sighed, giving her a strained smile. “I’ve gotten more practice with rune inscription lately. I’ve begun to work on a way to bind them to myself in a way I can release without having to be stabbed by things. Wards have got to go up, you can put in a few if you want, just don’t overlap… who knows what would happen with that?”

“I think avoiding being stabbed is preferable when it isn’t necessary,” Glacia winked, “But sure, I’ll see about a few myself,” she said as she summoned her spellbook to help out. “Good thing you taught me a bit about this beforehand, huh?”

“It’s just good to know a little, just in case,” Vlad nodded. “You’re pretty bright, anyways, I figured you’d pick it up pretty quick. Glacia… are you sure about this? You know this is a pretty big deal, right?”

Glacia sighed, she knew he would try to talk to her out of this, “Vlad… I have made up my mind on this. I didn’t decide to go through with this on a whim, y’know; I thought about it quite a lot, actually. You know me well enough by now to know I wouldn’t ask to do this if I wasn’t committed to it, right?”

“I know you well enough that if I refused to help you’d grow even more stubborn and try it yourself,” he shook his head. “I’m not totally opposed, I just… it’s a big change, and it takes a lot. I just want to make sure you really understand what you’re getting into, alright?”

“Of course I do, Vlad,” Glacia gave a soft smile. “I saw what happened with Alv when you did it with him, and after a few days he was back to normal… no, better than normal, I haven’t seen him that happy in a long time! And, y’know… maybe I’d like to be a part of that too with both of you.”

Vlad sighed, placing a ward and pointing to the bed. “Right, you’re determined… it’s alright, we’ll do this. It’s not like I want you feeling left out or anything anyways. So come on, up and onto the bed. At least you get to be comfy for it, kinda.”

Glacia sat on the bed, looking a bit excited about this, “Gotcha, Vlad!” She seemed almost giddy about the process, in spite of what needed to be done.

Vlad stepped carefully over the lines of runes and handed Glacia a small bronze dagger; it gave off the feeling of something that shouldn’t be picked up idly, the carved dragon on the handle seeming to move slightly as Vlad held it out to her, the rubies in the pommel almost looking like they glowed in the light. “This is the most important step. When I tell you to… you need to stab yourself, right in the heart. It absolutely has to be you, and it absolutely needs to be dead center in the heart. Got it?”

Glacia took a deep breath about it, then slowly nodded, “I understand…” she had been terrified about it when she heard about it the first time, but the more she understood the ritual, she got the point of it. “I’ll be ready for it, Vlad.”

“Good,” Vlad nodded, heading back to a circle which he sat in. “I’ve set up a nature draining array; we’re likely to kill a few trees, but it will make sure we don’t end up defenseless. I’ve also automated your portion of the drain, so you should be able to just relax. I’ll contribute my own magic to reinforce it and help make sure it shapes you as a dragon correctly. You are in dragon elf form, right? I can’t tell a difference.”

Glacia knew Nelvana would be upset a bit about the trees, but planned to help her fix up some of the damages afterwards. “Oh, right, I suppose you can’t,” Glacia giggled; her divine powers did allow her to manifest as any type of elf she wanted to, and while she was born primarily an arctic elf, she had dragon elf ancestry that she was able to tap into for this. However, she looked like her normal self. “But don’t worry, I wouldn’t screw up something that important, I’m currently a dragon elf.”

“Good. It worked for Alvis, so it should hopefully work for you,” Vlad nodded. “The soul is a slippery thing, I only really get some of the more esoteric bits, unfortunately. Alright… alright, we’re ready. Last chance, Glacia.”

“I meant what I said,” Glacia frowned; there was no longer a sign of Skathi’s influence in her eyes nowadays, this was all her choice, her decision. One that most wouldn’t understand at first, but she knew, deeply, was something she needed to do. “I am going through with this, Vlad.”

He held up his hands as he shook his head. “Hey, people get cold feet on the precipice sometimes,” he justified. “Ok, we’re going to start slow, but this thing will absolutely start drawing power at an insane rate if you don’t at least try and control the flow. I’ll help, of course,” he informed her, placing his hands inside two small circles on the floor in front of him. “And… here we go…”

Glacia took in a deep breath, relaxing herself and focusing her own magical energy. This wasn’t the first ritual they had done together, so she had already gotten a sense of his practices and what to do during them, albeit none were on the scale of this one. Considering how personal Vlad had considered this one - he requested that they not bring others for this - she understood how much this meant to him.

Vlad focused his energy into the two circles, and they began to light up, the magic swiftly flowing down and activating the circles around Glacia’s bed. “Alright, it should be working now, how does it feel? It looks good so far, so if it doesn’t hurt I’ll turn it up a little.”

“Oh, I’m feeling fine,” Glacia lightly smiled, not being bothered by it at all. “You can turn it up, I can manage it!”

The man nodded, steadily pushing more energy in, the light increasing in brightness, the flow of his magic increasing more rapidly. “Glacia, how is it going? I’m starting to get a bit of a cascade, are you still fine?”

Glacia could feel the magical effects a bit harder now, but it was nothing she couldn’t handle, “Keep going, I’m fine, Vlad! Don’t worry!”

He nodded again, moving his right hand out of the circle to activate a different circle, before returning to his former position. The nature draining arrays activated with a low whine, as Vlad poured more magic in, his eyes suddenly going wide as he felt the ritual pulling more than he was willing to get it, far too fast, the floor under his own circle starting to crack. “Fuck.”

“W-what is wrong,” Glacia looked worried, “Um… this… didn’t happen with Alvis, did it…”

“Glacia, watch your magic consumption,” Vlad said, digging his fingers into the floor. “It’s drawing too much from me, I’m not going to be able to control the flow anymore in just a moment. You need to brace yourself!” He warned, watching cracks spread across the floor, think snaking ones. “Forget about Alvis, think about you and I, right here and now! This moment needs all your focus!”

Glacia snapped to attention, “R-right!” She focused herself, as her magical energy had been wavering a bit with this; did she do something wrong here? No, not the time to doubt this, she needed to get it under control! She concentrated as hard as she could, but there still seemed to be something off about this.

Vlad quickly glanced over the runes, seeing something with the innermost circle under her bed that caused him to groan. “Fucking gods damn this,” he launched into a stream of expletives, doubling down on how much magic he poured into the ritual, while also increasing the power on the draining arrays as much as he could. “We need more, Glacia! Moderate your flow, I’ll handle this, it’s rejecting your soul!”

Glacia winced, before doing as he said; she was certain that her strategy would’ve worked, but maybe she really couldn’t replicate a soul such as that? Regardless, she followed Vlad’s instructions to the letter, trying to keep things under control as best she could.

It had been slow, hard to notice at first, but it was becoming obvious that the amount of mana in the room was getting dangerous; even as some of the arrays tried to drain it into the rituals, the magical energy in the air whipped like a strong wind, crackling against the wards, pulling at the floor and the people inside, but in spite of it all, Vlad appeared totally focused on the ritual itself. He continued to try to use his magic to keep the ritual from collapsing, using his influence to find and strengthen the parts of Glacia most currently identifiable as a dragon, when he had an idea. “Glacia! Tell me what a dragon IS to you! What does a dragon do? What defines one?”

“A-a dragon…” Glacia was now visibly sweating, trying to told it together, “Is a mighty being, one that can be a great protector or a great destroyer! They like treasure and caves, and have great powers of physical and magical might! But most of all… a dragon is what you are, Vlad!”

“Focus on that thought, then!” Vlad told her, closing his eyes to hide from her that they were starting to turn red. “If a dragon is me, then think about that! It isn’t perfect but it’s helping me find… more… pieces!” he grunted, his muscles starting to twitch on their own.

Glacia concentrated on the thought about Vlad; even more than Alvis, Vlad is what she thought of when it came to being a dragon, really… and what she needed to focus on. Everything she had learned from him over this past time, all the experiences, they all came to mind for her now. That was what a dragon was. And what she wanted to be, too. And if that didn’t work, she didn’t know what would.

Vlad let out a deep breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding. It wasn’t a lot, but Glacia’s thoughts and desires had made the pieces of her that were like a dragon, or wanted to be like a dragon, or could be made like a dragon with little effort easier to find, to bind together with the ritual, to use as a base. Vlad opened his eyes, fully red now, looking like they were swimming in fire as he looked through the mana choking the room to Glacia. “Now,” he commanded, his voice low, but cutting through the chaos with ease.

Glacia’s hand carrying the knife did not shake nor quiver, as she lifted the dagger, and with one swift, decisive blow, stabbed herself straight in the heart. The warrior goddess had the right precision, and she was no stranger to attacking the weak points of someone, it was her speciality. But she never expected to use such skills on herself, “GAHHHH…” she tried her best to withstand the pain, but nobody, not even a goddess, could remain stoic at a time like this as the blood trickled down.

“I know it hurts! You have to stay focused! Think about being a dragon, what that would mean to you! What will you do?” Vlad strained against the ritual, once again threatening to collapse as Glacia’s focus wavered with the stab. “I know your consciousness is fading! Fight it!” He continued, removing his left hand from its circle and grabbing something out; a light blue stone, the color of a barely freezing creek, and he tossed it towards her with startling accuracy. “Think about it and hold that damned stone!”

Glacia caught it with her right hand, her left still holding onto the dagger as she held it, “A-a dragon… I would…” she coughed, the blood flowing from her, “I would… be… like…” the stone glowed in her hands, “Y-you…”

The light from the stone quickly became blinding, but Vlad stared through it anyways; he couldn’t see her, but he felt like he needed to try, to keep his focus fully on Glacia, seeing her through a ritual that had gone horribly wrong. “Remove the dagger! Glacia, don’t faint on me! Keep thinking about what you’ll become, who you’re going to be! Damnit, why is it still draining so much from her?” He asked himself.

Glacia was barely able to concentrate anymore, but nevertheless, she removed the dagger, “Vlad… it’s… I will become…” she barely seemed to be able to say it, but in her mind, she still knew it, clear as day, it didn’t waver even now.

It was enough to give Vlad hope, and he knew what to do; this time, he could help save someone whose danger was his own fault. He took a deep breath, leaving his circle, making his way to Glacia, moving slowly but steadily against the magic-fuelled winds, until he reached her on the bed, and he put his hands on top of her right, where the stone was. “Don’t worry, Glacia. It’ll be ok. I’ve got you, I promise,” he said, exhaling as he let his magic go wild, flowing unrestrained directly into her and the ritual itself.

Glacia seemed barely able to open her eyes or speak, but knowing Vlad was there still made her able to focus enough as the energy flowered in her, the only thing she had left was the thoughts of why she chose to do all this. Would that be enough? Or did she prove inadequate again? As she was losing consciousness from the pain and the energy flow, that thought pervaded her mind. “V-vlad…”

Vlad groaned, able to feel himself growing weaker, as the magic flowed out of him, but he could feel the end, too; he didn’t know quite exactly how it worked, but Glacia’s very nature was changing rapidly, and she was past the moment where her life hung in the balance in moments as his magic continued to flow. Now it was to make sure she would still be herself, not some twisted or weakened version, and then that she would be healthy, and then that she would be strong; all of it guided by their now intermingled magic. He wasn’t sure if mixing their magic so directly would have a permanent effect on Glacia, but he hoped if it did, it would at least be a positive one, as he slumped over. “We’re… almost done… good job…”

Glacia seemed to almost be acting on autopilot now, as she seemed quite drained from the experience, the blood still seeping, “What… is… left…” she barely got the words out from the strain.

“From you…” Vlad steadied his breathing, picking himself up again. “Not much. How do you feel? In your head, I mean. Still you? Anything different?”

“I…” she held her head, “Think I… feel like me… but… a lil’ hungry… for raw meat… also head is feeling heavy…”

“That sounds exactly like what I expected after Alvis,” Vlad chuckled softly. “Rest, sleep. You earned it. And we are never doing something like this again.”

“Heehee…” Glacia coughed, “Think I’ll… take a nap…” she collapsed suddenly on the bed, still bleeding from the wound as she slipped into unconsciousness.

“I’m surprised the bleeding didn’t stop yet,” Vlad groaned, standing with great effort, leaving the room and coming back with a first aid kit. “... I wish Narris was here for this part,” he muttered, looking away as much as possible as he patched up the dagger wound, lifting Glacia after. “This bed won’t do. Come on, let’s put you somewhere a little less broken,” he said to her sleeping form as he carried her to a different room.

Glacia seemed to be snoring a bit, as she had enough strength to cuddle up with him in his arms; maybe it was just instinctual, or part of her domains, but whatever the reason, that seemed to remain intact from the ritual.

He tucked her into a small bed he had prepared for himself in another room, disentangling himself from her as he patted her on the head. “What do I do now? I kind of don’t want to call the others until you’re awake,” he sighed, sitting in a chair near the bed. “Well, maybe I’ll just… keep an eye… on you,” he told Glacia’s sleeping form as his eyes slid shut, and he slowly slumped to the side.
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Postby Rohane Alista » Fri May 13, 2022 6:52 pm

Written with Dyste

Vlad stood from the chair. His sleep had been brief and rough after the ritual, and he had since been up most of the day, checking on Glacia, making sure she stayed hydrated, but it had been almost a full day and she wasn't showing any sign of stirring when he walked out of the cabin. He pulled out the cell phone Narris had gotten for him, hitting a few buttons and waiting for it to be picked up. Before the person on the other side could say anything, he spoke. "Alvis. Come to the cabin, please. ASAP."

“... got it.” Was the only thing that was said before the other line went silent. Mere moments later, Vlad was joined in the cabin by a figure in a red robe with dragon patterns; taking off the hood, it was clearly Alvis, but not as he first met Vlad a few years ago; his originally fully brown hair was now tinged with red, his red eyes shone like flames, and his skin was a bit darker than before. Opening up his robes, two scars could be seen across his chest; a smaller one across his heart around where Glacia’s stab would’ve been, and a larger one fully crossing it, seemingly a wound from a powerful weapon. “Vlad… what is going on?”

"Faster than expected," Vlad nodded to the other man, leading him into the cabin. "The ritual is done. I gave Glacia multiple tries to back out, but she insisted," Vlad said, leading Alvis to the door right outside her room. "She was as stubborn as expected… she isn't waking up. I've been keeping her hydrated and cared for, but I'm exhausted. I drained damn near all of my magical power to keep the ritual on track. I don't know what to tell the others, either…"

Alvis’s eyes widened, “She… she actually…” he let out a growl, “I thought she was kidding when she said that she wanted to do the ritual… it’s one thing for me, I already had a strong dragon soul, but her…” Alvis punched the side of the wall, taking a chunk out with his strength, “Vlad… why didn’t you say no? I… just knew it was a bad idea, but she… yeah, she’s super stubborn alright,” he sighed. “Do you… think she’ll recover, Vlad?”

"I… want to believe so," the elder of the two replied, leaning against the wall with a sigh of his own. "But no, I can't swear it will happen. You're right… I should have refused, but… it's too late for that now. Feel free to be upset at me, but first we need to figure out what to do about it. I need your help for that."

Alvis at first was ready to punch Vlad right in the face for this, as he felt the anger within him over endangering Glacia like that… but no, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. After everything that happened, he knew better than that; Vlad had been such a help to both him and Glacia over these years, even with the rocky start, and it was because of him that he was like this now, no longer feeling a burden. “Well, for starters, we need to decide on who we can trust to know. We can’t keep this a secret from everyone, and eventually people will find out either way, but if we can control who finds out first, at least we’ll be prepared for what comes next.”

"We can't hide it from Narris," Vlad frowned. "She… knows about this place. I expect she'll arrive here shortly on her own if I'm not home. Which I won't be, obviously. So… Yuki and Shield, right? They might try to kill me but I feel like I deserve it at the moment anyways."

“I don’t think Shieldy has it in her to want you dead,” Alvis shook his head; while neither of them learned as much as the two elves - he supposed the two dragons now - did, they still had spent time getting to know the elder dragon more. “She would be distraught about what happened, sure, but I’m certain that she will want to protect her sister above anything else; Glacia will be really vulnerable now, after all. Yuki… I could see her getting much angrier at you, but I think she’ll be helpful to have, especially given with Glacia out of the picture, someone needs to run the Warrior Trinity’s operations, and I sure don’t think we want to give that responsibility to Flora.”

Vlad's face was answer enough to that idea. "I hadn't even considered the faithful… sorry, Alvis, but we can't tell them, at least not yet."

“Oh… right,” Alvis himself was still just a demigod compared to his wife; he felt on the verge of a breakthrough after everything he had been through, but there was still something missing. “I… admittedly don’t understand how it fully works, but if Glacia is unable to wake up, I have a feeling that would limit her ability to grant spells and the like; people will notice something’s up soon enough. It’s the likes of Lyclyn, Fridea, Arthurus, and Cherche I’d be the most worried about finding out… oh, and Sariel, too. She is Glacia’s head angel and divine herald, if anyone will have a sense about her status, it’s her. … maybe Shield or Yuki will know how to handle that.”

Vlad groaned, lowering his head to his hands. “I definitely don’t want that. It would be best if she woke up soon, but I feel like it’s not likely to happen… ok, who else should we consider? Glacia has… plenty of children and other assorted lovers, right?”

“... yes,” Alvis sighed, “She is… a very beloved figure, after all. Fortunately none of them should have a direct sense of her whereabouts like Sariel would; I think some would at least try and find her, but we can hopefully deal with that with the others’ help. And the children are all young still and shouldn’t-” the red dragon stopped for a moment, and groaned. “Oh no… Vlad, please tell me you’ve set up divination wards here.”

“Of course I have?” Vlad half-answered, half-asked. “It wouldn’t do for someone to steal the ritual by spying on me, or her. They probably aren’t infallible, but they’re pretty sturdy, I think, and I included a little one that will tell me if anyone brute forces their way through them. Why? You think one of her kids or lovers will try and divine this place?”

“I know they will,” Alvis was worried. “... did Glacia tell you at all about her two eldest daughters?”

“Uh… a bit, I think. One of them had a ridiculous name, don’t tell her I said that,” Vlad snorted. “Bubble? Bobble?... Bubba?”

“Bubble is correct,” Alvis shook his head; was it any more ridiculous than Shield was, come to think about it? “Well, she’s a powerful psychic, possibly one of the strongest in the nation. If those divination spells don’t hold up, she’ll definitely see through them. And then there’s Talva…”

“Psychic? Like… an air-powered monk?” Vlad asked. “And what about Talva? Is she also ‘psychic’?”

“Um, I don’t really get the full abilities of it, but I think she uses magic in a different way to a normal mage, like it’s all in the mind? … I don’t get it that well, Yuki might know more… but Talva… no, she’s a cleric, and a powerful one… but more importantly…” Alvis realized that Vlad didn’t actually know, did he? “... she’s actually one of the queens of Silverdale. As in, she’s one of this land’s rulers.”

“Huh. Since Glacia is her mother, I’m assuming not an evil queen,” Vlad replied. “... wait, does that mean she could order me executed if Glacia doesn’t wake up?”

“Oh, nonono,” Alvis said, “Talva is as kind-hearted as Glacia is, if not moreso; she goes around the nation to heal the sick and injured, makes cookies and pies for others, and gives gifts around the holidays. She is a gentle soul who is beloved by the people, and I don’t think she’d have it in her to bring harm to others like that. That said… I think even she would be upset if you caused her mother serious harm, intentional or not.”

“I’m upset about it too, you know,” Vlad groaned again. “Is Glacia in regular contact with them? Would a couple of weeks of silence raise alarms? If not we can just not tell them, that seems better for everyone if one of them is some kind of mind mage.”

“Oh, well,” Alvis considered this, “Well, it’s possible that maybe we could say she’s on a mission for the Warrior Trinity to fight against evil? I… don’t know how effective that will be, but it could at least give us some time before people really start to notice. When we were searching for you, I heard that there was a period her spells didn’t reach her followers properly, so we could maybe claim that it is… not us directly saying this, mind you, more getting someone like Yuki to share this… if she’s willing to help, that is…”

“That… sounds good to me, yes,” Vlad nodded. “A journey to defeat evil in another plane or something. If it’s happened once before, it’s not totally unbelievable. This means we’ll need to convince Yuki not to just tell everyone the truth, doesn’t it?” He sighed. “How much time do you think that could buy us? A few weeks at least? Maybe until winter starts?”

“I would hope so,” Alvis said, “But I think at the very least Sariel does need to learn at some point, she is too linked to Glacia not to notice it. But Yuki and Shield can probably handle that better than us. That said… yes, that seems likely. And… it can’t last that long, could it? How long did you have to recover when you did the ritual for yourself?”

"I don't know," Vlad answered honestly. "Alvis, I was in a cave all alone for the entire time. I told Aiko I was going on a quest to find… something, I don't recall what. But I don't think it was more than a few weeks… I had time to actually obtain the item and return without raising any suspicions as far as I know."

“Ah, I see…” Alvis sighed, “Vlad… I don’t understand exactly why Glacia wanted to do this, but one thing is clear to me; she trusted you, enough to put her life on the line. And after everything you’ve done for both of us, I do too. I still am a much lesser dragon than you are, but I want to do everything I can to help both her and you.”

"A lesser dragon, but a better man, perhaps," Vlad gave Alvis a smile. "I really do appreciate it, Alvis. And I promise you, whatever happens, I will do my best for Glacia. With your help, we'll get this figured out and her back to redeeming fuck ups like me soon enough," he laughed a little at the last line; a self depreciating joke.

“She really did dedicate a lot of her time on that, so I don’t want to put it to waste,” Alvis joked, trying to hide his worry, “And even if I haven’t reached a fraction of your or Glacia’s skill, I am still good at protecting my family if it comes to that. Rest assured, I will do everything in my power to keep Glacia safe.”

"I have no doubts, Alvis," Vlad patted him on the back. "You're most likely one of the best fighters in the entire nation, if not the world. Don't forget I have three thousand years of practice on you. Most opponents can't claim that."

“Yeah, fair enough,” Alvis’s confidence rose a bit, “I’ll stay here as long as it takes… I mean, after we get ahold of the others, but still… I’m not leaving her side, Vlad.”

"And who said I was?" Vlad replied. "This is my mess, I'll be here until it's fixed or it becomes dangerous to her. I will be counting on you, though. I'm not in my best state either."

“Well, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that,” Alvis said, “I don’t think I would be able to look at Narris again if something happened to you… or Glacia, for that matter. Just… try to take it easy for now, Vlad. Let me be good for something this once.”

"You're good for something almost always, Alvis," Vlad said. "I rely on you more than you realize… but you're right, I need sleep badly. Do what you need, and when I get up let me know if anything has changed. It might be… awhile, I have a lot of magic to regenerate," Vlad finished, pushing himself off the wall with a yawn.

“Just no sleeping as a dragon this time,” Alvis joked, “That’d give away our position for sure… but sleep well. I’ll get ahold of the others in the meantime.”

"I'm not a child, Alvis, I don't turn into a dragon just because I closed my eyes!" Vlad rolled his eyes as he closed the door of another room behind him, leaving Alvis alone in a silent house.

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Postby Dyste » Fri May 13, 2022 6:53 pm

Glacia had been walking down a road for who knows how long; she tried to look around, but everything around her was blurry, as if out of focus. She had tried to fly, but she didn’t seem to be able to; maybe she needed to use a spell? Checking herself, she realized something; where was her spellbook? Did she forget it at home? No… she didn’t have one right now, did she? She did have a rapier, but it had a silver sheen, not black like her usual one. Come to think of it, what was she wearing? It appeared to be a light blue chainmail over padding. She hadn’t seen this in a long time… where was she? When was she?

As she considered it, the place in front of her went into focus; it was a city… oh, of course! Snowy Light, the capital. But it looked different from when she was last here… or wait… no, that wasn’t quite it, was it? This was the first time she had been here. It was nearly two centuries ago, when she had left her hometown of Icicle Shore to see the big city and hopefully become a knight like she had always wanted. Excited, she picked up the pace and rushed towards her destination; the Seasonal Palace.

It took her surprisingly little time to make it there, as the area around her faded away and she found herself in a courtyard. She could see some knights training… well, ‘see’ wasn’t quite right, their forms were hazy, and she couldn’t make out any of their faces. She was about to move towards one when a voice called out to her, “Glacia Invernos, I presume?” Turning around, who she saw gave her a shock; clear as day, a cream-coloured pony with a mane of chestnut brown hair, wearing a knight’s uniform, looking at her sternly. “... I repeat. Are you Glacia Invernos, from Icicle Shore?”

Glacia gulped and nodded to her, “Y-yes! That’s me!” She couldn’t believe it; it was Sword Dancer, one of the big-shot Royal Knights of Silverdale! On her first day, she had met one of the greatest knights in the nation! And she was talking to her, an elf from the outer edges of the nation!

“Hm,” Sword Dancer seemed to be looking through some notes. “Says here you’re the daughter of Ledas Invernos, the mayor of Icicle Shore, and the scion of the wealthy Invernos family. So basically, you’re a rich kid who thought you could buy your way into the knights, is that it?”

“N-no,” Glacia shook her head, “I have always wanted to be a knight, ever since I was little! I was pretty sick as a kid, but Dad always got me books about great heroines to read, and Mom used to be a village defender before the injury, so I wanted to protect people too!”

“Is that so,” Sword Dancer frowned. “And yet, while your knowledge scores were quite high, you scored the absolute worst out of everyone in the physical exams. Do you really think you’re knight material? You could easily work in the Royal Library, or maybe records… hm, with a figure like that, maybe you could even be part of the queen’s royal harem.”

Glacia winced, “No! I want to become a knight! I will show people I can do it! Please, Ser Sword Dancer, give me a chance!”

Sword Dancer paused for a moment, “You know, other knights were offered their choice of squires, and nobody picked you. Why would they? But for me…” she brandished a pair of blades, and jumped at her, “I’ll show you just how weak you really are!”

Glacia gasped, as she reflexively parried the blows; while quite physically weak, her dexterity was on point as she blocked the knight’s blows, “W-why are you doing this!? You were never this mean to me… were you?”

“How do you even remember?” Sword Dancer’s face turned to anger as she swung wildly, pushing Glacia back into the hallway, “This was so long ago, wasn’t it!? And you, you failed me, didn’t you! I took you in as my squire, and how did you repay me?” She flipped over her hair, as her right eye was scarred over from a grave injury.

“... no…” Glacia gasped. “It was my fault… if I had been able to react in time, I would’ve been able to stop that from happening… I just… I just wasn’t…”

“... strong enough?” Sword Dancer looked away for a moment, and as she turned back, an eyepatch was over her injured eye. “That demon attacked me, made me lose my sight in that eye, and ruined my career as a knight forever. All because you failed to get into the right position. And it’s because you were too weak. And you always have been.” She said coldly.

“I know… I know…” Glacia looked at her arms as she fell to her knees, she never really had much physical strength, did she? She always knew that, and hated it so much, everyone around her was stronger, better than she was.

“So that’s why you did it, huh?” Sword Dancer loomed over her with contempt. “You wanted to be stronger. That’s why you went through with the ritual? Because dragons are strong?” She moved in for a final blow…

… only for Glacia to react with a precise stab at the knight when her guard was down, “... no, that’s not it at all. There was a time I was upset at how physically weak I was, but that’s in the past. I realized that I could instead use what I did have to focus on what I was good at, right? Using precision and swift blows, striking at weak points and the like… and it was you that taught me that, right? I didn’t need to let my weakness define me. So no, that’s not why I did it.”

Sword Dancer yelped in pain from Glacia’s counterattack and reeled back, hitting against a pillar. “Heh… I guess you do still remember something I taught you, then… good to see I didn’t become obsolete to you, Glacia…”

Glacia gasped as she rushed forward, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you! … but why would I ever feel that way about you, Ser Sword Dancer? You were my first teacher, the one who taught me to use a sword…”

The pony knight brushed her off; it seemed she wasn’t wounded, “Well, I suppose I did matter to you if you’re seeing me now… but then again, I guess you know what’s going on already, don’t you?”

Glacia frowned, thinking about it. “Well… this has to be a dream of some sort, isn’t it? … right, I did that ritual with Vlad…” she felt over her heart, but she didn’t feel a scar or anything particularly off there; right, the her from here wouldn’t have done it yet. “So… does that mean I’m actually a dragon now?”

“Beats me, I’m a knight, not some expert on rituals,” Sword Dancer shrugged. “I just knew that my favourite squire needed to hear a bit more from me. And, well… to just put your mind at ease about something that’s bothering you. I was still a famous knight for about two decades after that incident, but…” she raised her head to look at Glacia directly, as wrinkles formed under her eyes, and some of her hair was turning gray, “I… just got older. It happens to most of us, Glacia. Made me slower and not able to keep up as much. By that point you had surpassed me anyways…” she coughed.

“It really isn’t fair…” Glacia gave her a hug. “Feels like I only really overtook you because of age, huh? But… sorry for blaming myself there. I… suppose I shouldn’t, really…”

“Glacia, you know you’re too hard on yourself,” Sword Dancer gave a soft smile, “You’ve always had a kind heart and empathized with others; it’s how you ended up meeting this Vlad fellow you are learning from now, isn’t it? … but you need to also give some of that to yourself too. That’s… my last advice to you as your teacher, Glacia,” she sat down on the ground, most of her hair had turned gray by now.

“I… I just wish I could talk to you more,” Glacia seemed on the verge of tears, “There’s just so much I want to tell you, but I never will be able to…”

“Don’t be sad, Glacia,” Sword Dancer’s breathing seemed to get a bit harder, “I had a good, full life, with no regrets. I… am glad I met you, my squire. You made my life better, and now you’re doing that for others…” she pointed towards a door in the palace, her hoof quivering “I’m not the only one who wanted to speak with you. And even if… you’ve outgrown my sword skills… I hope that… you never forgot…”

“... the lessons you taught me? I never have, and never will.” Glacia gave a bow to her original mentor as she fought away her tears, turning away and walking towards the door. This wasn’t the right time for that, was it? No, she still had much else left to face… and maybe one of them would have the answer she was looking for.
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Postby Rohane Alista » Fri May 13, 2022 6:56 pm

Written with Dyste

Vlad sighed to himself, laying in the bed and not sleeping. He really was so exhausted he had expected to fall asleep right away, but his mind was racing as he asked himself the same question in different forms, over and over. Why? Why had Glacia wanted this so badly? Why had he agreed to it? When had he even got to the point that he would be willing to do such a thing?... Well, the last one was something he could actually figure out, and maybe it would help him with the rest, he thought, as he tried to remember how his relationship with Glacia had gotten to this point…

It had been about a year into his time in the Trinity’s realm, when he was resting after a training session with Alvis, when Glacia approached him with a camera and a smile. He remembered raising an eyebrow at her, his hands resting on the pommel of his sword.

“Glacia, what do you want with that?” He’d asked her. He recalled being suspicious of the thing; it seemed silly, now, but he hadn’t enjoyed the idea of exposing himself too much in those early days.

“Oh, don’t worry Vlad, it’s just a quick thing for today,” Glacia giggled, setting up the camera on the stand, “Hello everyone!” She waved to the camera as it turned on, “It’s your Goddess of Affection here with a special guest! As you know, I’ve been working on improving my skills to become a better warrior and such, and you might be wondering how I’m learning things. Well, I have a new friend that’s been helping me,” she had the camera turn to Vlad, “C’mon, introduce yourself!”

"I thought I said I didn't want to do this stuff, Glacia," the blonde-and-green haired man sighed, standing and picking up his sword. "Well, I can already tell you won't be satisfied until I do… Hello. My name is Vladimir, but most everyone calls me Vlad."

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone call you Vladimir, to be fair,” Glacia winked, “Vlad here is from a faraway land, and he knows about a whole lot of things I didn’t know about! He’s been nice enough to teach me and Alv, too. So, why don’t you tell them about yourself, or maybe you’d like to show them something cool you know?”

"Uh… I'm a dragon?" Vlad scratched his head. "I don't know what kinds of things people here like to know or see… I guess I'm really lucky, usually. I don't know, Glacia, what do you think I should show them anyways? I don't think they want to see my collection of scars…"

“Well, you’re a really good mage and swordfighter, and you know a lot of things,” Glacia giggled, “So maybe share something like that with them! If you need someone to assist you for something, I can help.”

"Oh, why not. I haven't done a lesson with you today anyways. Why not a little spar? I assume you've been practicing?" Vlad asked, tossing his sword between his hands.

“Of course, Vlad!” Glacia summoned her sword into her hand. “Let’s give ‘em a good show!”

Vlad gripped his longsword in his right hand firmly, taking a defensive stance. "This is your show, Glacia, show them what you can do. You might as well go for the kill from the start…"

“Alrighty, if you insist!” Glacia’s sword gave off a black aura as it gained several abilities; Vlad was aware that these included a dragonbane effect and a frosty aura. “Don’t try this at home!” She said as she disappeared, warping back and forth around Vlad in order to strike at him from multiple angles; she knew his abilities enough that she was comfortable he’d be able to avoid much of it.

Vlad did indeed dodge most of it, bending and swaying out of the way, throwing in the occasional deflection or parry, but he also got hit once or twice, the second one definitely not on purpose from his frown. "You got faster again," he told Glacia. "I don't know how you keep doing that."

“It’s because of you, silly dragon,” Glacia smiled. “You really pushed me to try harder, and that I still have a lot to learn! Now, c’mon, why not end off the demonstration with something cool from you?” She got ready herself for it.

"Well, if you insist…" he replied with a smirk, tossing the sword aside, charging in bare handedly as his right arm turned into a dragon's claw. He added a gout of flame from his maw, and a midair rune with his left hand, punching his burning right arm through the circle, causing a giant, magical copy of the claw to slam down on Glacia. It certainly looked impressive, the flames and the golden scales glinting and glowing in a way that said 'power'. "How's that for flash?"

Of course, a move so obviously telegraphed like this would be easy enough to dodge, but Glacia actually chose not to for the sake of the show, as she got herself deliberately hit! Afterwards, though, she stood up, looking hardly worse for wear, “Wasn’t that cool?! That was incredible, Vlad! See, I told you he was great!” Pointing the camera at Vlad, she smiled, “Got any last words for our viewers?”

"Don't steal from a dragon," Vlad said. "And, uh. Brush your teeth? Make sure to exercise at least thirty minutes a day?... um… Gods, I don't know, Glacia, I'm exhausted. Diana seems like she's sick, I haven't slept in what feels like a month."

“Okay then,” Glacia waved to the camera, “Until next time, followers, have a great day, see you next time!” She giggled as the camera turned off. “... see that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

"I think the bad part is when your rabid fan base starts asking who the hell this new guy thinks he is," Vlad snorted. "... why do you do this, anyways? It's not like you lack for funding or anything."

“Oh, it’s not about money at all, I don’t actually profit from doing this,” Glacia said, folding her arms and looking a little more serious than usual. “... do you actually want to know why? It’s… one of the ways I remain connected to people.”

"Connected?" Vlad raised an eyebrow. "Like, getting your message out there?"

“That’s part of it, yes,” Glacia said, “If people do learn a bit about the faith and what we represent, it’s definitely good for us, and I’m happy there are people who agree with us. At the same time, even if they don’t always, I hope they can at least get some enjoyment out of what we make for them, it if helps someone out, or makes someone who’s had a rough day happy, I’m glad it helped them. But also… well, Vlad… I do want to make sure I don’t become detached, out of touch with people. And while there’s only so much I can do personally, these can reach anybody who wants to, to see what we’re like, understanding us a little better.”

"Hmm, I see…" Vlad nodded. "Good. That's exactly how I think you should be," he said, sitting down again. "Runs contrary to my usual experience, but all the more reason I hope you don't forget that part of it."

Glacia sat down next to him, “Vlad, I don’t really get what a goddess is really ‘supposed’ to be like, it’s not like I suddenly found out when it happened. All I can really do is try and figure that out for myself, and, well, I like people. I don’t like the idea of never being around others anymore, both people I’ve known for a long time and new people I can get to know.” she looked at Vlad with a smile at that point, before continuing, “So why should I be a distant figure never interacting directly with others anymore? That’s… just not who I am, nor who I want to be.”

"And it shouldn't be," Vlad replied. "Glacia, I've been to hundreds of worlds, and in the vast majority of them, the gods are something distant, different, and commanding. So don't worry about what you're supposed to be. Worry about what you want to be, and then do that with all your might. Excuse my language, but fuck what a god should be; more than half of them barely know what they're doing anyways. At least you're honest."

“... thanks, Vlad,” Glacia nodded, “I… did need to hear that, really. I’ll keep on being me. And thanks for teaching me, too; I know it can be a handful at times, but I really have learned a lot so far.”

"It gives me an excuse to leave what Narris has taken to calling my cave," Vlad laughed softly. "... you seem to enjoy it, so I don't mind. Don't expect me to go easy after you put me on camera though!"

“Sure thing Vlad… I guess I should start calling you Master or something like that now?” She giggled. “I guess I could get used to that!”

"Well… so could I," Vlad laughed, much louder this time. "I haven't had a proper student since… oh, I don't know, a long time. Alright, I wonder if I can get you used to using a weapon like Foresight, just in case…"

“Oooh, well, I’ve mostly been trained in using rapiers, but I suppose I should learn some other sword types, so long as they aren’t super-heavy,” Glacia said. “Why don’t we try it out… Master?”

Vlad smiled as he stood. "Alright. Grab that longsword I tossed, I'll show you the different grips first…"

Vlad startled in the bed, rubbing his eyes. Almost asleep, almost strong enough… it was always an almost. But when thinking about how hard Glacia worked, with him, around him, totally separate… how could he let himself settle for 'almost'?

Maybe that was why he did it, he thought. He didn't want to disappoint her, after she had worked so hard. No more 'almost'.

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Postby Glaristant » Tue May 17, 2022 7:09 pm

Cowritten with Dyste, RA, and Legokiller

After Vlad had gotten a chance to rest, Alvis set up for the arrival of the others; they had still been cautious on who exactly to invite, to the point even Flora wasn’t asked to come. Not to mention, this cabin was a bit of a secret location; it had been a retreat Glacia used in the past, which he could count the number of people who had been here on one hand… guess that was no longer the case after this, but this was too important to keep it a secret from them. So long as other people didn’t find out where they were… he set up the summoning circle for them to arrive.

The first to arrive from the summons was the white armored human girl called Shield who gave a small smile at Alvis. “Alvis! I came here as quickly as possible.”

Second came next was Yuki, who seemed to be eased up at the group. “So, is there anything important I need to be aware of? Unless you want to play a small game in the woods.” She winked

The third to arrive was Narris, who seemed rather concerned as she approached the group. She gave Shieldy and Yuki a slight nod, her mood improving once she saw Alvis. "Sorry I be late ye three, but I had to set Diana and Araya down for a nap. Glaci knows it take quite a bit to get them to bed. So, is everything alright or did my husband get himself into trouble yet again?” Narris joked as she eyed the three..

“Well… erm,” Alvis was almost afraid to mention this, but they needed to know. “... Glacia was doing a magic ritual under Vlad’s supervision, and… well, she’s…” Alvis sighed as he took them into the next room, where Glacia was sleeping on the bed, with Vlad nearby.

“Magic ritual?” Yuki raised an eyebrow. “Hold on a moment. I doubt we’re summoned for a simple Sleeping Beauty reenactment. You should’ve solved that by now with a kiss.”

“Um Yuki, I believe this is far more important than a sleep spell.” Shield pointed out. “Alvis, is there something we need to know? Is Glacia okay?” She looked concerned at her sister as she was peacefully asleep.

"Ritual….What…sort of ritual did he perform, Alvis? Knowing him, I doubt it was something simple or without consequence.." Narris inquired, a look of alarm spreading across her face. She looked over Glacia and then to Vlad, "What are you not telling us?"

There was a beat of silence, Vlad not responding as he stared at Glacia, until he pulled out a small dagger and placed it on the nightstand besides him, the blade still having dried blood on it. Narris, at least, would recognize this; she had seen it years ago, when being shown memories of Vlad's past, when he used this self same dagger to stab himself in the chest and become a true dragon.

"Vladimir, please tell me you did not perform that ritual for her…" Narris said, her eyes narrowing as she looked towards the dagger, before glaring up to her husband.

Alvis looked rather pained, “... I think… she saw how well it worked for me… and she asked. None of us expected it to turn out like this…”

“Excuse me?” Yuki's eyes sharpened as she stared right at the two dragons. “What ritual? Explain. Now.

"I don't know the full mechanics of it, but essentially what my husband did was turn Glacia into a full dragon. The ritual is very dangerous, potentially even lethal on even the strongest individuals." Narris said, sighing as she continued to glare at Vlad, "Isn't that right Vladimir?"

"... yes," Vlad eventually replied softly. "It has amazing payoffs, but it isn't safe…"

“What?!” Shield gasped. “W-Why did my sister want to become a dragon?! Doesn’t she have a spell for that already? This is…. Why?”

It’s not the same,” Alvis said. “That spell… it doesn’t really turn you into one, not truly. Not on the inside…”

"It isn't even close," Vlad stressed. "It makes you look like a dragon, almost. It gives you something vaguely like a dragon's abilities. It doesn't give you the mind, the pride, it doesn't make you a dragon."

“The power.” Yuki snapped. “That is absolute bullshit. You did this for power and by doing so used a dangerous spell that’d land you straight to prison if it killed someone. On my best friend in fact. You know how many mad mages are in the Ice Cube that did a similar stunt?”

“Yuki,” Alvis said, “I already did the ritual, two years ago. And I only had some pains for a few days. I… don’t think anyone expected Glacia’s to go this way, but… Shield, you’re the medic here, can you please do a check on your sister to see how she is? She seems to be sleeping peacefully, but… well, you’d know better than us.”

"It was still beyond reckless for you to do, especially given you had no idea how it would affect her. Just because it didn't affect you as badly doesn't mean the same would hold true for her, Alvis." Narris remarked, growling as she looked back to Vlad, "And you….I expected you to know better given the ritual nearly killed you. I am beyond disappointed in you two."

Shield found herself completely at a loss as she approached her sister and placed her hands to check on her sister. “Please don’t fight amongst yourselves!” Shield cried out. “Glacia’s stable. Yet I can sense that she’s undergoing a transformation into a dragon, but it’d take time. About a few weeks at best or two months to recover. As an elven goddess, I imagine her elven biology is the main cause that slowed down the change. Although there is some magic in there. She does need to stay put here as the cabin is a hospital ward, and remain hydrated.”

Shield then frowned. “I know she loved to become a dragon elf on our missions in the First Order and the gift from Brasa made it temporary… But pride? Look, I know Glacia is being too hard on herself in recent years, but… I don’t think that’s the reason why she’d make such a request. Sounds too unbelievable.”

"I don't know," Vlad muttered. "She was very insistent about it…"

“Just…” Alvis tried to get everyone to calm down, “Look, Glacia will be fine, right? We can ask her about this when she gets up, but for now, we gotta make sure she’s kept safe until then, right?”

Yuki crossed her arms as she looked at Glacia with both anger, shock, and horror. “Glacia should’ve taken no for an answer for once.” She said, “Look… I have a lot of questions about this ritual. I know Nelvana would be upset to discover much of the nearby flora withered away… But I’ll say this now Alvis: don’t do this ritual to Emilia as well. As for her… Great… What are we going to do with Glacia once she wakes up.”

“I don’t plan to,” Alvis said with regards to Emilia. “But let’s try to support her when she wakes up, okay? That said… look, I know that there’s loads of people who’d be willing to help, like Rosario and Stacey, but… I’m worried if we inform more people that it’ll draw too much attention to this place, for someone who might have ill intent on her. And… well, I also don’t want them to blame Vlad for this. That isn’t fair to him, he is doing his best to keep her safe, and so will I.”

"They be options yes, but you're likely going to see word get out if we bring them here. Better to have her caretaker be someone who be close to both Glacia and Vlad, that way we can minimize the fallout. Could have it be Aoife or Frieda if we be looking such a person" Narris remarked, giving a massive sigh as looked towards Glacia, "Speaking of her close relations, ye do know Kyara and Nelvana likely aren't going to be happy when they find out. Odds are at least one of them will be gunning for yer hide, Vlad."

"Mmm," he grunted, finally looking away from Glacia and to the group as a whole. His eyes had large bags under them, and the bloodshot nature indicated that he was in dire need of more rest. "It's my fault, after all, but I can't let them just… have me."

“I don’t intend on that,” Alvis said. “Look, I can look out for these two at least, and if there’s a problem, Shieldy should be our best bet to help us. Yuki, we’ll need you to manage stuff about the Warrior Trinity and explain to Sariel about what’s going on, and Narris, if there’s anyone in your connections that you feel could help, you can do so, but please let’s try to keep this circle tight? If what Shieldy found out is correct, all Glacia will need is some rest for a while, to let the changes happen. … can I count on all of you to help? Please… Glacia’s helped us all out so much… let’s help her out now.”

“Look I’ll beat up anyone who tries to harm you Vlad, and Glacia.” Yuki said. “It’s… Look I am just both angered that Glacia pulled this off and.. Look I understand what kind of ritual you did, but I have to ask in private what else you placed into her.”

“I…I just want Glacia safe alright? There is plenty of evil that’d pounce on the chance once they hear about what happened.”Shield said. “That being said… I… I just…. I need to…” She began to weep.

"She will survive," Vlad said softly. "I… she's past the point where death threatens. I made absolutely sure of that, I promise."

"I hope you're right, love…as if not there's going to be hell to pay. Still, if anyone can be trusted to carry out the ritual successfully, it be you." Narris said, her expression softening as she rested a hand on Vlad's shoulder. Nodding at Alvis, she spoke "I can think of a few that might be able to lend us a hand with taking care of her. Once…once we're done here, I'll see about contacting them."

"I'm right," the elder dragon asserted, pausing for a moment. "... I poured almost all of my magic into the ritual, and gave her my Miracles for the next month, or more."

“Almost all your magic? Why so?” Yuki finally asked.

“Because she was consuming her own at a rate that would have… well, it would have been bad," Vlad informed them. "So I gave her dragon magic… and every divine favor I've banked up. She won't die."

“... and I am thankful for that, Vlad,” Alvis replied. “I already owe you a lot, but now there’s another one. I intend to repay this by protecting this place. It’ll be winter in a few weeks, so we should be careful.”

“W-Why thanks…” Yuki then looked at Vlad and then turned away. “Unbelievable Glacia… Once she wakes up, I’ll want straight answers from her.”

“I shall be present as well, Alvis.” Shield nodded. “I just hope there is… I’m not sure if there is a good reason for my sister. I just wish this isn’t an attempt to become stronger when I told her plenty of times she is a capable heroine.”

"Count me in as well. Wouldn't do for me to run out on her before she wakes. No matter how long it takes" Narris nodded, resting a hand on Vlad's shoulder. She gave her husband a slight smile "I still.. Honestly, I am just glad ye took the precautions ye did, love. Could have been a whole lot worse had ye not intervened when ye did."

"All I can do is hope my own mistakes don't ruin something good, again," Vlad replied softly.

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Postby Legokiller » Wed May 25, 2022 3:07 pm

OOC: Collab with Dyste and Rohane Alista

Seasonal Palace,

In the walls of the royal palace of Silverdale, Talva had been working all day; winter would be arriving shortly, and the giant goatwoman had lots of preparations to do. Making sure the presents would be ready for Winter’s Warmth, taking on some of Avala’s duties, setting out a course for her tours… but this time, she had felt more stressed than usual. For once there were no wars happening, but normally she would’ve heard from her mother by this point. And yet, no sign of her in the palace at all for the past few weeks… what could’ve happened?

The elven-like woman named Bubble strolled down the hallways towards Talva’s chamber. She's completed a few works in regards to her mother’s needs for the faith. Alongside a new psi-training with Stacey done. However, her mind began to drift away as the fog and blizzards of her vision became unbearable once again. Bubble was concerned about it as only figures and shadows can be seen of her family, and then vanished. As such she stepped forth to meet her sister in her chamber.

“Sister?” Bubble opened the door without any usage of her hands. Only by a wave of her hand to use a magic aura to do so. “May I speak with you at this moment?”

Talva’s own concentration of her work was waning, as she had been distracted by her own thoughts, only to snap back to attention when her sister’s voice caught her attention, “OH! … of course, sister; you are always welcome to speak with me.”

“Why of course.” Bubble approached Talva and took a good glance at her. “You seemed troubled as of late. Is there anything wrong?”

“O-oh…” Talva pressed her hand to her head; was it that obvious? “It’s just… with everything happening and all, Snow and I have been rather busy, and normally Mom comes to help out and lift our spirits, and yet… I haven’t seen her in weeks, Bubble. Not even one of her avatars has been around the palace. What about you, have you seen her?”

“I haven’t.” Bubble looked uneasy as she came over to offer an embrace. “I… I have visited her home in the Springs, but she wasn’t present there… Nor answered my calls and prayers. It’s as if she vanished in the blizzard, and left with no trace.”

“That is… troubling,” Talva gave Bubble a hug, “I thought at first she might be on a mission to fight some evil, but even then, you should’ve gotten some answer from your prayers to her. I asked the local cleric in her temple in Snowy Light, but she hasn’t heard anything either. I’m worried, sister. Is mom in trouble, do you think?”

Bubble held her sister tight. “It’s possible that she disappeared. I… I cannot explain why and it scares me. It’s a shroud that I struggle to piece together, and forms twisted to be elsewhere. I hope to find a clue on where she last left or what word was given before our mother left.”

“Hm,” Talva had to consider this, “Perhaps if we had any sort of hint, it might be able to uncover more about what happened. I imagine you already got visions, yes? Can you describe any of them to me?”

Bubble closed her eyes and then nodded. “I witnessed a blizzard in the snow. As shadows appeared and adventures forth. Only to be consumed by the wilds and chills. Yet I recall one shadow, Glacia, who entered and collapsed. A few moments another figure… Was it Alvis? No, Emilia? They were draconic and roared but it wasn’t the roar from their tongue. It sang of ice.”

“A dragon, you say?” Talva thought, “And not Alvis or Emilia… I know others are around her, like her envoy Narris, or that dragon that’s been living at the springs… Vladimir, I think his name was? But it might not be any of them… hm, do you think Mom was attacked by this figure?”

“There isn’t such evidence to go by… But there might be a new entity or threat to our family.” Bubble shivered. “We should try to find Alvis or this outsider named Vladimir to see if they know what occurred.”

“Right…” Talva held her head, “I… I don’t know who would do such a thing to Mom, but if this is the case, then… we might need a bit of help. I don’t think this is a job for the knights, sis; if they could harm Mom we’ll need some more… specialized help.”

“Specialized aid?” Bubble gave a skeptical look. “What do you insist on, sister?”

“Some of our allies from the First Order, perhaps,” Talva said. “I know Rosario would easily come to Mom’s aid, and Kyara… well, she would do anything for her. I can also call upon some of my own followers in the Frost Giants here… and considering it is nearly winter, if they are wishing to harm more people…” the queen formed a small orb of ice, “I won’t let them harm my people or my family, Bubble.”

“This is far too drastic to call upon the aid of many without understanding what we face yet.” Bubble spoke up. “It’d be a waste of energy for everyone if the threat is non-existent, or there isn't clear evidence of an entity. Let us do further investigation by ourselves and discover where our mom’s location is at.”

“... right,” Talva said with a frown, looking a bit frustrated. “If we can at least figure it out that, then maybe we can go see her and find out what happened…” she was trying to breathe deeply. “... who would ever want to harm Mom, sister? Why would anyone wish to do such a thing, after everything she’s done for this nation?”

“There are many assumptions I may point towards and blame, but the visions can give me so much to work with.” Bubble then gazed at Talva. “I know the frustration, but you’ve to bear with me and be calm.”

“I…” Talva let out a sigh, “... sorry, sis. I just… it’s been harder for me as of late. Between all the conflicts that have happened over the past few years, all the issues about rebuilding, skirmishes, and now this… it’s a lot to bear. I can’t lose Mom, too…”

Bubble held Talva’s hand. “Look, I am here for you sister. Much has changed, but we won’t lose our mother. I swear by it.”

Talva took her sister’s hand, “I… thank you, sister. I shall try my best… we will find her, and if there is a threat to our family, I’ll put a stop to it. Let’s figure this out together.”

“Why of course.” Bubble smiled. “Let’s reach out to Alvis and Shield first. The two most definitely would be able to answer our calls first.”

“Right… Talva smiled, “As a matter of fact, my head knight happens to be a pretty devout follower of Alvis, so he should be able to get into contact with him. And Auntie Shield is bound to know what is going on.”

“Indeed. That being said…” Bubble then sighed a little. “Let me see if I can interrupt Alvis’ game on the phone.” She then picked up her phone from a special pocket, and tried to call the man.

“Oh right, I keep on thinking that’s an option,” Talva sighed, “I kind of missed a lot of things when I was away in isolation…”

In spite of Bubble’s attempts, it appeared that wherever Alvis was, the reception was terrible; this was especially odd since the phones they used were designed to be used even on demiplanes.

Bubble tried to call Shield, but appeared to have the same response. “This is odd… Did he go off into the wilderness?” She shook her head. “Then we better ask Corrinym to ask him then. I know it’s… a misuse of… no wait. Silly me.” She blushed. “Isn’t he one of your lovers?”

“Ahem,” Talva blushed, “Y-yes… he’s Koza’s and Soey’s dad, after all. I wanted to keep him close by and all that… I think that’s part of why he follows Alvis, in fact.”

Bubble blushed up. “I guess… he’s quite lovable….” She shook her head. “Ugh, that is too embarrassing to say… L-Let’s just ask him to do so alright.”

Talva chuckled as she stood up, “He should be nearby; he really doesn’t like to stay too far away when I’m working, after all…”

In surprisingly few moments, an elven man entered the room, wearing a heavy breastplate which was emblazoned with a snowflake with a heart in the middle of it quite flashily, the symbol reflecting the light and catching the eye. He bowed, one hand on the scimitar at his side as he found Talva and her sister in the room. “Milady,” he said, straightening up. “I received your summons. Is there something I can do for you?”

Talva gave Cori a hug, “Ah, I am glad to see you well… ahem. “Well, Bubble and I were trying to get in contact with Alvis; Mom’s been missing for a few weeks and we don’t know where she is, but he might know.”

Cori returned the hug, relaxing somewhat. “Did you try calling him? I know sometimes you forget about the phone, Talva…”

Bubble reached out to hug Cori as well. “I am the more tech savvy here.” Bubble winked. “However, I believe that Alvis went into a dead zone within the Wilderness. As you can imagine, the wilderness covers many states, so it is difficult to pinpoint. I was hoping that you could try to reach out to Alvis by a prayer. I know it is a… selfish request, but we do need to find our mother, and he is the closest to her.”

“Um, I can try,” Cori replied, returning Bubble’s hug as well. “It’s not like he usually responds directly, you know?”

“That is all we can ask,” Talva said, “Even if it doesn’t fully work, if it reaches him, Bubble can use her psychic powers to pinpoint where in the Wilderness she is, right?”

“Why of course. This may be a simple task. If not, then a more difficult one.” Bubble said. The usual ‘maybes’ but as a psychic woman, she had to deal with cryptic to talismans and wards that made life harder.

“Well, alright,” Cori shrugged. “Just uh, now? Well… not like there’s nothing to pray to him about,” the man shot an exasperated look to Talva. “Koza stole both Soey AND Ali’s toys earlier.”

Talva groaned, “She is causing trouble again? Why can’t she just behave already… I refuse to believe either Bubble or I was such a troublemaker… maybe Melony was, granted,” she shook her head. “At least try to. Even if he doesn’t respond, at least the route should tell us something.”

“Right, whatever that means,” Cori shrugged, moving to sit down. “Uh, I don’t usually pray in my armor, sorry,” he paused, fumbling around with his armor for a few minutes and removing it, revealing a red tunic. “Right, well, here I go?” Cori sat, closing his eyes and taking a meditation pose, not saying anything.

As Cori prayed, Bubble could get the sense of the exact location Alvis was in, a cottage in the southern Wilderness, on the outskirts of a forest, as he could be seen helping out an unconscious Glacia, a scarred man with blond and green hair sitting next to the bed, a look of guilt on his face as he sat there. While Alvis seemed to stop for a moment as he heard the prayer, he shook his head, “Let’s hope she recovers before winter,” the red dragon said. “I still can’t believe she went through with that…”

Bubble’s forehead opened up a third eye that was milk-white with many circles with dots on it as she examined the situation. She gasped as she realized what happened. “I can see now! There is no danger at all. M-Mother is alive but… unconscious, and she is located in a cottage within the southern Wilderness. There is Alvis and a blond and green haired man there.” She then paused. “But what happened… I suppose we must arrive there and the truth will be revealed.”

“M-mother is alive…” Talva said… “Oh, that must be Vlad with them… but why didn’t they just tell us… I… can’t…” she frowned. “... I think there might be dangers around, then. Cori, I need your help. If there ends up being something that is threatening Mom’s life, we’ll need to protect them. I will contact my giant followers, and we can see if we can get any extra assistance here.”

Cori stood, picking up his armor and putting it back on slowly. “Of course, Talva, you know I’d do just about anything for you. Let’s not assume the worst before we even talk to anyone though, alright?”

“Talva.” Bubble spoken up. “Let’s slow down for a moment. I doubt they’ve been worried about bears and local fauna. They’d be able to handle it themselves. There isn’t a need to raise a group to a cottage.”

Talva’s red eyes seemed to glow a little, “Bubble, it’s our mom. And even if she is indeed fine, like you presume she is, the fact remains that they tried to hide this from us! I… I don’t know what they did, but… but…” she grabbed her head, “I… have to be alone for a bit. Excuse me…” she created a portal, “Cori, follow my instructions, and I shall contact my giants. I’ll find our Mom, Bubble, you can count on it!” She said as she walked through, closing it off.

“Talva!” Bubble cried out as she left. “Are…” She then turned to Cori. “Please, understand I intend to find our mother. However, there is something wrong. One I feel… might be far darker.”

Cori ran his right hand through his hair, frowning. “Bubble, I… you know I can’t refuse a direct order, right? Not if… I need to be able to be here for my children, and… fuck. I’ll gather a couple people, maybe, and head out, I’m sure she went right for them… can you send me their location, please? I can get her to see reason, I’m sure of it.”

“Why of course.” Bubble then shook her head. She quickly repeated the location she discovered. “I am worried that this will go too far.”

“I… I know,” Cori shook his head. “But Talva is a lovely person. She’s just anxious, it’ll be fine. Just give me a chance, alright? Trust me, I’ll make sure she doesn’t go too far.”

“The eye reveals much Cori…” Bubble then frowned. “But I’ll give you a chance.”

“Reassuring,” Cori snarked lightly. “Talva would never hurt me, so I’ll put myself in the way if it comes to it, alright?”

“Right.” Bubble nodded. “Now… I need to read a few books on how to care for the children at their current age.”

“The kids will be ok, Mishera is here too,” Cori smiled softly and sighed. “Gods, I hope Koza doesn’t cause too many problems while I’m away… I’m going to go say goodbye to them before I leave. Have a good day, Bubble, and some faith, we’ll work this out.”

“I hope so. Now farewell.” Bubble bowed as she strolled out of the room. All to keep a form of a state of calm. Of course she was highly worried about the near future.
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Written with Silverdale

Cori sighed, standing outside the wing containing his children's rooms. He found himself not wanting to cross the threshold and see them; that single action would confirm he was, for the first time in a long time, leaving his children, something he hated to do. The feeling was only aggravated by the little voice in the back of his head, the one he had never been able to quiet, that told him all the bad things that would happen to him, and them, how he was a bad father, how his children would grow to resent him just like his parents did. But it needed to happen, he knew, as he stepped across the imagined barrier. Talva needed him, as her knight, as her lover, and as he chose to believe at least, her best friend in the world.

“Heheh.” In an instant, the maid ninja appeared right next to Cori! As if she appeared from midair to arrive. “So, here to see lil Alistria honey?” Mishera winked.

"You bet, Mishy," Cori said, giving her a peck on the cheek then frowning. "And Koza and Soey. I need to go away, and I'm not sure when I'll be back. Work stuff."

“I thought it’d never be your turn for a solo mission outside the palace.” Mishera gave a playful wink. At least until she became more serious in tone. “But hmm… Is there something that bothers you Cori? It does sound rather like a long year mission or a difficult task.”

"I hope beyond hope it turns out to be something easy, but Talva is starting to act a bit… erratic," Cori explained. "I think she's just worried about her mom, but she left to go to the giants and commanded me to do as she says. Commanded, no room for argument or dissension. She's never done that before."

“Commanded? Damn, that is surreal. I guess since my poor cousin ceased her streams without any warning, I thought she took a top secret mission. I guess that’s entirely wrong but… Is lady Talva worried that her mother is endangered and needs to bring big muscles for the task?” Mishera asked.

"I don't really get some of the details, something about her and Alvis and some guy named Vladimir in her cabin? Apparently they haven't told anyone where she is," Cori sighed, shaking his head. "It's Glacia, not that I don't worry, but if anyone is going to be fine no matter what, it would be her."

“The cabin? You know darling, I heard that peculiar cabin was the place where she and Nelvana retreated to different periods of time. So of course it is rather a secret place. Of course I happened to gain access, albeit more accidental at first, on one recon mission and the next when Nelvana invited me for a surprise party with Glacia.” Mishera explained. “If anything, the cabin is a secret that is on purpose for love. Now why she and her lovers spent so long making us worry… Hmm I do wonder… Ahem, do you have any details on that?”

"Not a clue," Cori shrugged. "Bubble and Talva seemed to know more, but Talva already left. I don't think it's good, though, or else why that reaction?... it's tempting to ask you to take me there, but… would the kids be alright? Ali's never been without both her parents before."

“It won’t be a century right?” Mishera asked. “A few weeks she'll be fine. But this mission, it won’t be relevantly lengthy right?” She asked.

"I don't know. I only hope it's a quick wellness check and then back home, that'd be maybe a few weeks? Maximum?" Cori shook his head. "I'm sure it'll be fine. Talva listens to me."

“Do be careful Cori. Sometimes when a master gets erratic they hate a no for an answer.” Mishera warned. “That being said… let’s visit the childos and see what they’re up too.”

"Let's. I want to let them know daddy will be back as soon as he can," Cori nodded. "And, Mishy, I want you to know I'll be back as soon as I can too, and in just as good of health as I am now," he played lightly with a small golden band on his left ring finger. "It wouldn't do for your husband to let you down, after all."

“Well, I trust you on that part. If not, I’ll go out and find you.” Mishera winked. That and a way to give naughty masters a good kick as well.

Cori laughed softly, taking her hand as he walked towards the children's playroom. "Your belief always lifts the spirits. They're playing, I assume?... I hope Koza isn't bullying anyone."

Inside the playroom, the two can see Koza in the middle of reading another children's book, while Soey was building a whole set of a toy brick house. The two seemed to get along, this time, around the hour of day!

"Oh good," Cori sighed softly. "Mishy, where is Ali? Can you bring her here?"

“Dad!” Soey rose up as Mishy chuckled and went out to look for Ali in her favorite hiding spot. The goat boy raised his arms up and beckoned to be picked up.

"Soey, you've been building again eh?" Cori grinned, leaning down and picking up the boy. "What're you making this time?"

“A ninja house!” Soey replied. “Almost done with it!”

“Oh there you there!” Mishera went ahead to pick up Ali from her hidy place: under a box.

"Nice idea, Soey. Ali, why were you under there?" Cori sighed, shifting Soey to one arm and patting him on the head.

"Koza said ninjas gotta not be seen…" Ali said softly, clinging to her mom. "Told me to hide in the box…"

“Sissy Ali did well.” Koza smiled as she lowered her book about kobolds. “Hooray!”

“Well, that is one lesson to learn about stealth. Now there is more about being sneaky! Just make sure the box isn’t too obvious.” Mishera said.

"... Koza, why did you actually tell your sister to get into a box?" Cori gave her a stern look, setting Soey down as he placed his hands on his hips. "Don't lie to me."

“Eck!” Koza's eyes widened. “T-That’s what sneakbold will do… right?” Koza held up a simple ninja kobold book. “Alistri would be good at it!”

Cori sighed, picking up Koza this time. "Alright, I believe you. You have to be nice to your siblings, Koza, but let Mishy handle ninja training, ok? They look up to you, you know, I know you can set a great example for them."

“R-really? I mean… Look, I wanna be a ninja too. Just let Alistra share her toys with me.” Koza said.

“Oh? Maybe a lesson or too.” Mishy chuckled.

"Aw, I was wanting to teach you magic soon, but oh well," Cori fake pouted before laughing. "I'll tell Ali to share too."

“I want to learn magic too!” Koza whined. “I haven’t forgotten.”

"Then how about this? When daddy is back from his trip, he'll teach all of you some magic?" Cori smiled at the three children. "Maybe something basic to start, but if you like it, we can keep going until you're super strong!"

“Cool!” Soey then patted Cori. “You won’t be long gone? Right?”

"Daddy isn't sure, Soey," Cori picked him up again in one arm. "But I'll make it as fast as I can. After all, I'll miss you all while I'm gone!"

Alistria reached out from Mishera's arms. "Why does daddy gotta go?"

Cori shot a look to Mishera, unsure what to say to the kids.

“Daddy has a big important mission he has to deal with alone. A super secret ninja mission!”

“But dad isn't a ninja. He’s a knight.” Koza pointed out.

“That’s the secret! A ninja mission for a knight only. A knight ninja.” Mishera said.

"Daddy is a ninja too?" Ali asked, confused. "But he wears big, heavy armor…"

"Special training, Ali," Cori replied, lifting Koza to sit on his shoulders as he took the other girl. "That's also why daddy can cast spells through his sword!"

“Wow… I want to learn that too!” Koza chuckled.

“You’ll make your brain explode from that.” Soey teased.

“H-Hey! I can learn anything I want.” Koza pouted.

"Yes you can, Koza," Cori smiled. "Any of you can. You're all very bright. But let's decide what to learn when daddy is back, ok? I want to help teach you!"

Ali nodded, grabbing ahold of Cori. "Well I'm gonna start learning ninja stuff and maid stuff while you're gone, right momma?"

“Righto! Now let’s learn a few important stepping stones okay dear?” Mishera offered a hand to pick up Ali.

Cori handed Ali back over, setting Koza and Soey down as well as he looked at them. "I want you all to be on your best behavior while I'm gone, ok? I want to come home and be really proud of all of you."

“Yes dad!” Soey nodded.

“I’ll do my best this time daddy!” Koza spoke up.

"Yes daddy," Ali said, nodding as well.

Cori stood straight with a smile, waving to them as he left the room, his face settling into a frown as he quickly walked out of the palace.
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Collab with Dyste

Grand Balcony, Auroran Palace

As night fell on the realm of Dal Riata, the massive silver palace of Kyara glimmered in the light of the Auroras above. Shimmering ribbons of blues, reds, and green lights danced around it's spires as the soft ring of chimes filled the air, a signal to Kyara's servants that the goddess had returned. The white armor clad form of the tanager goddess appeared on the balcony of her private quarters, a haggard expression on her face as she collapsed into a plush armchair. She rang a small silver handbell set on a table next to it, causing a pale skinned psychopomp go with flowing grey hair to appear. "Welcome home, your majesty. Everything has been attended to by Lady Felice in your absence milady, barring a guest who is claiming she has an urgent matter she needs to discuss with you. Shall I fetch her for you?" the psychopomp inquired as she watched her goddess sigh. Kyara sighed, giving the celestial a reluctant nod as she muttered "Fine….please bring our guest to me, Roisin. Let us hope this is nothing serious…"

The psychopomp disappeared in a flash of white light, all the while Kyara looked out towards the horizon of her realm. She could see the glittering spires of Cohlane in the distance, their brilliant lights brightening the night sky as the Auroras shone above them. "Honestly….can I not just get a night off where I am not being badgered by petitioner…" Kyara groaned as the psychopomp reappeared with her visitor in tow. She gestured her guest towards Kyara, all the while Kyara turned to greet her.

Talva gave a slight bow to Kyara, her face looked more neutral compared to its usual soft smile, “Greetings, Lady Kyara. I trust you have been well?”

"Ah, Lady Talva….It's been a while." Kyara said, a small smile forming on her muzzle as she greeted Talva., "I have been well for the most part, barring being a tad overloaded with work. What can I do for you?"

Talva looked around, as if to see how many people were listening in. “Well… I must ask you, when was the last time you spoke with Mom?”

"It was about three weeks ago when I was on vacation with her and little Elysia. I had been planning on heading there this weekend to visit her …." Kyara said, raising an eyebrow at Talva's odd behavior. She dismissed the psychopomp, before leading Talva into her private chambers where they could speak in private. "Talva….what happened to Glacia….or rather what did she do this time that merits you acting so peculiar…."

“So you don’t know about it…” Talva’s expression turned to a frown, “Kyara, Glacia is currently bedridden from an injury as a result of a ritual done with that dragon she knows.”

"What….what sort of ritual did she perform that would result in such an injury? How severe are her wounds from it?" Kyara inquired, her smile shifting to a frown, all the while Talva could feel the temperature of the room drop several degrees.

“I… do not know what the ritual was about,” Talva said, the temperature change not bothering her, “But what I do know is that she has been unable to do anything since the ritual happened, almost exactly three weeks ago, in fact.”

"I….I…see. This…is most unwelcome news, Talva. Have you heard what her prognosis is or if she will end up recovering?" Kyara inquired, seemingly distressed as she slumped into a nearby chair.

“My sister thinks she will recover in time,” Talva said, “But who knows what the ritual did to her? What if when she wakes up, she is not herself anymore, Kyara? What if Mom changed because of what that dragon did?”

"If it did this…..knocking out a mid level deity for who knows how long…Well who can honestly say? It's entirely possible she may be entirely changed thanks to that gods damned dragon." Kyara said in an almost growl.

“I… know where they are, Kyara,” Talva said. “I plan to go there with some of my frost giants and a few followers to confront him. I… I want to know why he did that, why he would hurt her after all she’s done for him. I need to know, Kyara, for Mom’s sake.”

"Talva….I will be coming with you, as this dragon needs to answer for what he has done to my wife. I don't care what it takes, but we will find out why in Brasa's name he would betray her in such a manner. Especially given all she has done for him…” Kyara remarked coldly as her eyes narrowed.

“Thank you…” Talva sighed in relief, she was glad at least someone was willing to go with her in order to get to the bottom of this. “I have a few more stops to make, then we shall make our way to the Wilderness. The Winter season is about to start, and my powers will be at their peak then.”

"You are welcome, Talva. Honestly, if we can get that bastard wyrm for what he did to Glacia, then I can at least ease some of my regrets for not being there to stop him." Kyara said as she rose from her chair, her look of anger replaced by one of resolution. She snapped her fingers as her armor formed around her body, all the while two swords appeared on her hip. One seemed to pulse with a cold energy, small shards of ice whirling around the hilt whereas the other hummed with a faint ethereal light. "Alright, I should have everything needed for us to contend with this dragon. Just let me know if there is anything you need before we depart…." Kyara remarked, resting her hands on her hips.ead.

“I… think that will be all, Kyara,” Talva said, looking eager to leave, “I have some more preparation to do, but… I promise you this. I will not stop until I learn why this all happened. I owe it to Mom, and to everyone that believed in her.”

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Postby Malgrave » Fri Jun 10, 2022 5:23 pm

OOC: co-written with Dyste

Pakosc, Malgrave

After meeting with Kyara, Talva had made a few stops along the way, but there was one person in particular she felt she needed to speak to; she had only been to Malgrave a few times, always on official business, but today was a more personal matter for her; thankfully she had been informed where her old adventuring companion lived…

Like many of her fellow Malgraveans Rosario lived in a rather standard apartment block, although, those more familiar with local architecture would recognise a few changes to the apartments of old, the most notable being an increase in ceiling height to accommodate foreign guests and the wider use of greenery and more breathable materials.

Rosario's apartment itself was located on the 10th floor, a short elevator ride dropping Talva off on the correct floor where she would be greeted with a view of Pakosc itself, a series of parks and apartment buildings giving way to the industrial heartland of the country with the snow covered Minawara mountain range visible in the distance.

Talva let out a deep breath; she had the ring in order to resize herself for this, most buildings were too small for her new normal height. Looking over, she would’ve likely enjoyed the view more were it not for the circumstances of her visit, as she walked up to Rosario’s apartment door, knocking lightly on it.

A few seconds passed before the door opened, at first cautiously but then quite rapidly when the small neko at the door recognised who had knocked,

“Talva? I didn’t know that you were in Malgrave,” Rosario said, an element of genuine surprise in her voice before she ushered Talva into her apartment

Talva would find herself in Rosario’s living room, a homely area seemingly centered around a few Dornalian and Malgravean entertainment systems, although, it was hard to tell if these systems were for use of Rosario or Stacey

“If I had known you were in Malgrave I would have prepared something for you,” Rosario said signaling for Talva to sit on a rather plush armchair, “I’ve just been out of the loop recently as I am focusing on building a family with Stacey.”

“Right…” Talva sighed as she sat down, “I suppose you have been busy as of recently with all of that. I suppose it’s been a while since you’ve seen Mom then?”

Rosario frowned for a few seconds before she took a seat herself, “I suppose it has been a while since I saw in person, now that you mention it I feel quite bad that I haven’t been able to keep contact with some close friends like Glacia but the process of starting a family is quite time consuming,” the neko said, “Why do you ask? Is something the matter?”

Talva’s lip quivered a bit, “Oh… right, you wouldn’t know, then… well, at the very least I presume you were aware that she was harboring an ancient dragon within her realm? I think he made an appearance in some of her streams.”

“Vladimir? I remember him from a few streams, although, personally I think it was rather foolish for Glacia to accept such a figure into her personal realm,” Rosario said shaking her head, “I suppose I am slightly paranoid after working for the intelligence community but in my experience these situations tend to blow up in your face or result in a knife in the back,” the neko added with another frown, “Why so you ask?”

“Well,” Talva gulped, “It appears that Vladimir managed to convince Mom to do a dangerous ritual with him, and she ended up getting injured; she’s been bedridden for weeks thanks to that,” her eye twitched, “And Alvis and the others… they didn’t even tell us!”

“Ritual? What kind of ritual could leave Glacia in such an awful condition? Who was even present when this was carried out? I can’t imagine that they’d be so foolish as to conduct it on their own,” Rosario said, the neko now eccentrically pacing, “...and why would Alvis attempt to cover it up? If someone hurt Stacey and then lied about it I would rip them to shreds, a lesson some of our foes during the winter war learned the hard way,”

“... I do not know what the ritual is about,” Talva frowned, “And as far as I know, only Vladimir was there, but Alvis certainly knew at some point. And why is covering it up, I also do not know. But I intend to find out, Rosario. I know where they are located, and I will get the truth from them, even if I have to force it out of them.”

Rosario stopped pacing as if she had walked into a brick wall, “You mean to tell me that this Vladimir conducted an unknown ritual on Glacia without anyone else present? I can’t think of anything more stupid or dangerous,” the neko said, “How did you find out this information? Did Alvis finally see sense and contact you?”

“I… asked my sister to help,” Talva held her head, “She figured out, with some help from Cori, about where they were, and what had happened. They tried to protect it with spells, but it’s a cabin in the Wilderness some distance away from Mom’s old hometown. As for why they would… I have no clue… Mom has been giving too much trust to this dragon… after all she did for him…” Talva looked up, her eyes glowing slightly, “Rosario, I must go and see for myself. I can’t… I can’t let this stand, she’s my mom…”

“Let’s just hope that this outsider hasn’t abused your mother’s kindness to harm her then,” Rosario said, shuddering at the possibility, the neko’s demeanor changing when she noticed how upset Talva was getting, “Talva? Just take a few soothing breaths,” she said holding onto Talva’s hands, “I’ve worked in a Special Operations Section for quite a while now and took part in numerous raids and heists across my career, so I will so my best to help you get into Glacia’s realm, although, I feel myself filling with a desire to rip that dragon’s throat out so perhaps I should just focus on reaching Glacia and making sure that she is alright while you go teach that outsider a lesson.”

“Not in the realm,” Talva shook her head, “In the Wilderness of Silverdale,” her eyes turned a shade of black, “Have to… have to stop him… Rosario… help Mom…” she stood up, forming a gate, “Can’t stay…” she moved towards it, “Please… help…”

Rosario’s eyes widened at the appearance of the portal, “Talva, believe me when I say that I want to do everything in my power and more to help your mother but I don’t think going off like this will achieve the best results for her as we’ll certainly need more people before going off to Silverdale, I think the social solidarity officer may be slightly annoyed if I start allowing people to open portals in my home.”

Talva grit her teeth, the goatwoman looking far more angry than the Malgravean had ever seen her, “Don’t care… have to go now… before too late…” she caused a small blizzard around her as she stepped through, closing it off before the catfolk could try talking her out of it.

“...I’ll just send you the cleaning bill then or perhaps I should just send the social solidarity office your new address,” Rosario said after Talva had left, a frustrated hiss-like noise leaving her mouth before she pulled out her MalTec Ascension interface and made a few motions to contact Alvis, as while she had new thoughts on his intelligence she knew that he didn’t deserve to deal with a fully enraged Talva without some notice

Rosario’s interface seemed to be unable to contact Alvis; whether the Wilderness had poor reception, something else was blocking the signal, or Alvis was choosing not to answer, it was clear that simply calling him up was out of the question.

“...the downsides of making yourself unreachable,” Rosario said to herself, the neko going to her room to grab a few things and change into more appropriate attire before casting a teleport spell to speak with Alvis personally.
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(Co-written with Legokiller)

After meeting with Sword Dancer, Glacia was walking through the Seasonal Palace; she remembered these halls quite fondly, as she had spent a century of her life serving as a knight here. But she had remembered something; she had also wished to expand her magical abilities. Looking at her side, she saw the blue and purple tome on her side, the royal coat of arms plastered on its front; it was a spellbook granted to mages in service to the royal family. Hers was a gift directly from Queen Aurora, who had recommended her to study under the Court Mage; why she deserved such an honor, she didn’t know, but she intended to do her best. Opening the doors in the palace, she took a deep breath as she entered the mage’s tower…

The Tower of Frost can be seen from the outside as a small dome tower encased in ice in winter, but pour water to form a small stream in summer from its fountains. Inside, past the misty doorway was a whole labyrinth of opulent rooms seemingly fade in and out from a circular room where rain, trees, flowers, and water flow. There was a series of doors, to entire water passage ways to connect whole demiplanes, to gateways from Aqua’s mansion, the Astral Plane, Plane of Water, to fiendish realms. There were others alongside the latter, but it was restricted and sealed off from easy access. A little bell rang and ripple through the water as the elf entered and a sparkling light came from the left.

The demon white goat could be seen in the current of the water as she easily bursted out of the miniature sea and landed on the ground. Aqua herself was an Elemental Master of water, and easily was able to blend the element and its icy form at will. Yet as she looked upon Glacia with her sapphire eyes, she smiled in glee. “Ah! You’ve arrived as expected, Ser Invernos. It is our wonderful hour of this day.” She smiled.

Glacia had been a little nervous to meet Aqua; she had heard she was once a terrifying demoness who nearly conquered the land, before Queen Aurora managed to convince her of the error of her ways. And yet, she seemed… actually quite nice? “O-oh, it is a quite nice day, is it? So I’m to become your new apprentice, Her Majesty said… I dunno why, but if you’ll have me, I’d be grateful…”

“Then be at ease, Ser Invernos. I’ll take you under my wing and see where you can grow.” Aqua smiled. “If Aurora sent you to myself, Aqua, then surely she sees quite the potential within you.””

Glacia nodded, trying to set her heart at ease, as she bowed to the Court Mage, “In that case, I will learn what I can from you. I am hoping to learn magic alongside my swordplay from Ser Sword Dancer in order to better defend Her Majesty and Silverdale.”

“Magic alongside swordplay? How…” Aqua’s expression began to distort from the usual curiosity and wonder. As it warped to disdain. “Simplistic. But there may be a way to learn true magic.”

“R-really?” Glacia was confused about Aqua’s sudden change in demeanor; throughout knowing her, she never once was this way to her… but maybe that’s only what she thought; did Aqua really have a problem with her decisions? “What sort of way, Master Aqua?”
“Swords are fickle and easy to rust away from exposure to water. Yet with magic: you’d be able to defend our queen in many ways from the shield, transformation, and more.” Aqua said.

“I… I see…” Glacia considered this, “But why wouldn’t I be able to learn both the arts of the blade and magic, Master? Surely with a balanced approach, I can more easily adapt to any situation.”

“Why yes, but the arts of magic make up for a lack of physical strength.” Aqua coldly stated. “You’d push yourself hard, but with learning and creation, you don’t need to worry.”

Glacia winced a bit, “So, you’re saying I’d be better off giving up on my path to being a royal knight and instead focus all my efforts into spellcasting instead?”

“Yes, and you’d become a wonderful defense caster in the land itself.” Aqua said.

Glacia had to consider this; she would likely have done well in this path, wouldn’t she? She was still sorely aware of her physical weakness, but she was a fast learner, and likely would’ve become the right hand of Aqua if she had chosen to do so, serving together under the queen. But… she didn’t, she had chosen instead the path of the knight. She had previously been okay with this decision, but… was it actually the right one? Not to mention… perhaps if she had done so, she might’ve helped raise Bubble and Talva after all, instead of leaving that to… she shook her head, “... I’m sorry, Master, but I can’t do that. I intend on being a Royal Knight, using magic alongside my blade.”

Aqua narrowed her eyes as she began to consider the possibility at first, and then examined Glacia’s form. “You cannot? Your elven grace shall be graceful, but how far would you demand to become stronger? What means would you take it?”

“I… i mean, I fully intend on learning from you, Master. But if what you’re asking is if I would go to drastic measures to increase my powers… I would never want to do it if it meant harming others, or destroying myself in the process.” Glacia said.

Aqua eyes flared up as she finally cracked open. “Then why undergo the ritual? You’ve reached a grand height and a principle of both elven magical knights, elvenkind, and the divine.” She sharply said. “Isn’t that enough? A spell would’ve done the same: but dragonhood? Have you lost your mind? You could’ve risked everything to end up as the next Calamity.”

Glacia stood back, frightened of Aqua; was this what she used to be like, back during this time? “It’s not… it’s not like that! Of course I know that it was dangerous, but… I didn’t do it for the powers. I have much safer ways to expand my abilities than a ritual like that. But… you know that already, don’t you Master? You taught me to always move forward, and to choose my own path in life.”

Aqua snorted at first. “Why of course I do… You’ve made many decisions in your life to become quite extraordinary. More so than what I may become as a demon lord.” She then became silent. “Yet for myself: I wish to avoid such power as it darkens my mind. But I must ask again: why become a dragon? If not for power, then what else?”

“It is…” Glacia thought about it. “I don’t know yet, Master. I will have to consider this. But…” she offered Aqua a hug, “... I am sorry about not becoming your full-time apprentice. I know how much you enjoyed teaching me, and I did really value our time together.”

Aqua pouted for a moment. Seemingly uncharastically cold and sharp as she turned away. However she shivered for a moment as it ‘broke’, and the goat demon finally reached out to embrace Glacia. “Please… Don’t lose yourself and find the happiness you seek.” She hugged Glacia. “I know you’d be a good mage, but you already became a great mage fighter.”

“Of course, and… I would like to perhaps start learning some more in the future, now that I know I have more room to grow. … if you even want to see me again after… well,” Glacia sighed, “Bubble and Talva…”

“Bubble and Talva… We could see them together, my apprentice.” Aqua patted Glacia on the head.

“Of… of course,” Glacia said with a smile, before groaning, “Oh, geez, I’ll have to explain this to them at some point, I hope they don’t overreact to their mom’s silly actions.” She shook her head, “But yes, when I’m done here… I will go and see you, Master. I think I’ve spent too much time avoiding you out of shame, wouldn’t you say?”

“Oh? Wait… I am being spooky once again?” Aqua gasped. “Or I am being overly harsh again?”

“No, no…” Glacia shook her head, “I was just too worried you’d be upset at me over everything that… I’ve been avoiding you ever since the Civil War. Silly, right? Being so afraid of someone who did so much for me.”

“Oh I see… I might be worried that you’d be afraid that… hypothetically I’d wonder how you stood by and hid away? Is that right?” Aqua asked.

“I… I guess,” Glacia sighed, “I’ve had a lot of regrets, Master, about a lot of things. But I don’t regret choosing to learn magic with you; you opened my eye to a new way of thinking. So… let’s meet up later, okay? Provided I live through all of this.”

“Why of course. You’d find contacting me to be relevantly simple. Simply send an email, phone, or a sending spell.” Aqua said.

“I… suppose it’s silly I never tried to,” Glacia giggled. “But sure thing!” Unlike with Sword Dancer, Aqua was still alive and well, so there was no real reason she couldn’t, right? “Hm, I suppose I better get going soon to the next person. Any more advice before I go, Master?”

“Always memorize one little spell that may save your life! Afterall: it may come in handy one day.” Aqua said.

“Um, okay,” Glacia wasn’t sure exactly which one Aqua actually meant, but she did appreciate it nonetheless, as she saw a doorway out nearby. “I’ll be going now, Master; I suppose this is all in my head anyways, but I’ll see you soon, I promise!” She waved to her as she made her way to the door, and the next person…
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(Co-written with Rohane Alista, Legokiller, and Glaristant)

About a month into the recovery of Glacia, winter had come to the land of Silverdale; the Wilderness was known to be dangerous at this time of year. And yet, even by normal standards, the winds seemed harsh as they blew around the cottage.

Alvis looked over the window, “Geez, a blizzard already? Seems a bit early into the season for one… sorry about that, Vlad, I know the cold weather isn’t exactly your favourite.”

“Not my favorite is an understatement,” Vlad frowned as he looked outside. “The cold makes me tired, and then weaker. If I wasn’t already committed to staying in here… well, I’d be trapped in here anyways, it seems.”

“Right,” Alvis said, “I think it’d be best for us to just stay in as much as possible. Shieldy and the others can come in if there’s a-”

As Alvis was talking, the nearby area shook, as if something heavy hit the ground nearby, a wolf’s howl being heard as the cracking of trees could be heard.

“Um… that sounds bad,” Alvis winced. “I don’t think we’re alone anymore here.”

“You don’t think this has something to do with the blizzard?” Vlad asked, walking over to where his sword was resting against the wall and picking it up. “Some kind of spell, maybe?”

“I… don’t know for certain,” Alvis said, “But if this is what I’m thinking, we’ve got a very big problem on our hands. There’s only a few people in Silverdale who could use a power such as this…”

“Details, Alvis,” Vlad replied, having secured his sword and putting on his light armor. “No matter what, some kind of mess is happening, so tell me what I need to know to fix it.”

“Well, one person who could cause this is Avala, our Goddess of Winter, but I highly doubt she’d involve herself in such a matter,” Alvis frowned, “But there’s her High Priestess, who can borrow her powers and effectively act in such a way… who just so happens to be Talva.”

“Talva… oh, right, you mentioned her once, didn’t you? Glacia’s… daughter, fuck,” Vlad frowned deeper with his curse. “Alvis, tell me what you can about Talva. How to talk to her, who her allies are, who she might have brought… just in case.”

“Well, normally, Talva’s the sweetest person you’d ever meet,” Alvis just seemed even more concerned, “Soft-spoken, heals people, bakes treats and gives gifts… she also happens to be the patron of the local frost giants, and has knights at her command. Hm, who else… well, if she thought her mother was in danger, she might’ve gotten together some of the heroes from the Winter War to aid her, and might’ve summoned some creatures… who knows what else. Normally she’d be pretty reasonable to just explain stuff to, but… damn, I dunno Vlad, this isn’t like her.”

“So it might not even be her, then,” Vlad groaned, heading towards the front door. “Alvis, you stay here. I’ll deal with it if it is or isn’t her. What does she look like, so I know?”

“I’ll protect this cottage with my life,” Alvis said, “But please be careful… she looks like a fluffy white goatwoman, tends to wear white and blue, can either be around your height or fifteen feet tall.”

“That’s a fairly stark difference, Alvis,” Vlad rolled his eyes, muttering something under his breath as he moved his hands in a pattern, causing a shimmering red orb to appear around him. “Don’t die, Alvis. Your life is worth more than my mistakes.”

“The same to you, Vlad,” Alvis said, “I could never look Narris or Glacia in the face again if I was able to help you but didn’t. If it comes to it, flee; I can call upon more help if it’s needed.”

“No promises,” Vlad replied under his breath, opening the door, and immediately getting blasted by snow. He shivered slightly, trudging out and shutting the cabin back up behind him, squinting against the glare of the snow. His spell was pulling overtime, it seemed, just managing to keep most of the snow from collecting on him.

After taking a few more steps outside, it was clear that the gold dragon was not alone; an icy figure towered over him, humanoid in shape but with no facial features of any sort. A white wolf the size of a bear stepped out, growling as its eyes tracked Vlad, and in the distance, a shot from a bow was fairly heard as it fired upon him, the arrows twice the size of any that would come from a human weapon.

The arrows were accurate, an impressive shot in the conditions present, excepting that they badly missed anyways, the man twisting away, his sword practically flying out of its sheath as he drew it. “It’s going to be a fight, then,” he muttered, more to himself than his enemies as he sized up the wolf and the strange figure in front of him. “Who are you meant to be, anyways?”

It seemed that whatever it was, it didn’t seem to be in the mood for talking, but another voice was heard in the distance where the arrows were coming from, “Vulka, keep him at bay, Uwarl and the others are coming! Our Lady needn’t deal with this herself…” the wolf circled around trying to flank Vlad with the figure and lunged as the creature rushed towards the dragon to slam him with its arms!

Vlad sighed, making a quick motion with his left hand as chains of fire burst from nowhere, wrapping around the faceless figure and bringing it to its knees, trapping it in place as the man twisted to face the wolf. He paused a half second, assessing his enemy, before leaping up, wings sprouting from his back and giving him extra momentum as flipped right over the creature, using the pommel of his sword to deal a sharp blow to its head.

The elemental’s body shattered in several spots as it faded from view, seemingly a summoned creature, as several arrows were being fired; from this point, Vlad could see a giant blue-skinned woman firing from a massive bow, surprisingly swift for her size. However, that wasn’t the biggest problem, for the icy winds around the dragon intensified as they were pushing him down. The ground shook more as a giant man with a long beard wearing hide armor rushed forward with an icy glaive, hitting the area around as parts of the icy ground split apart with his massive strength.

The shattered ground worked against the glaive-wielding giant, though, providing Vlad a better place to land and relaunch himself at this new opponent. The dragon was still in humanoid form as he used his wings to push against the wind, a few slashes with his sword intended to disable the closest threat as he prepared a spell, then launched a stream of fire towards the bow woman. "You really don't want to fight me!" Vlad warned them. "This would be better resolved by talking!"

What is there to talk about?” A voice rumbled in the distance, the winds picking up again; Vlad could feel that his protection was being pushed to its limits as the temperature dropped further, “After everything my mom did for you, why did you do that to her!?” Vlad could see in the distance a figure about as large as the giants, but shaped differently as she seemed to be surrounded by a blizzard, her glowing red eyes being the only thing Vlad could make out.

In the meantime, the bow-wielding giant’s cover was broken by the stream of fire, forcing her to go into the open to fire more shots, the glaive-wielder roaring as he withstood the pain as he charged. In the distance, it seemed a dozen more frost giants were not too far behind.

Vlad grit his teeth; it was already obvious neither words nor swords were going to be enough here, and while he had nothing against these warriors, protecting himself and the cabin were the priorities. "I'm sorry, young ones," he said as his fiery shield began to fail and he turned.

The charging giant was probably not prepared for what was about to happen to him as a massive, heavily scarred golden scaled tail slammed into him, sweeping right through the space he had occupied just moments ago. A huge roar sounded, loud enough to be clearly audible even through the winds of the blizzard, and a fountain of blackfire appeared from the maw of the colossal golden dragon that now stood where once had been Vlad. The fire cut across the ground, and even the blizzard couldn't seem to put it out as a barrier formed against the advancing enemies, who now found themselves outsized significantly. "Leave this place! There is no need to throw your lives away here!"

The glaive-wielding giant was flung back as he slammed into a tree, knocking himself out cold. “UWARL!” Talva yelled, as a healing wind seemed to surround the giant, getting him back up. “I won’t let any of you die! Keep fighting-”

As she said so, a figure jumped from the trees and kicked one of the giants square in the face, knocking them to the ground. A pink-haired catfolk chuckled as she stood above the fallen giant, “Hey, Vlad! Next time couldja tell me if there’s gonna be a problem next time, I would’ve helped! Don’t worry, you’re getting some backup soon, I called in a few favours!” She jumped away when one tried to attack her, causing her to counter with an uppercut to the jaw, “You aren’t alone here!”

"Flora, this is my problem," Vlad replied, unable to suppress a small shiver as his protection against the cold failed completely. "There is no reason for you to risk yourself," he added, seeming to cast a spell as a series of runes appeared in the air.

“Hey now, don’t think like that,” Flora pouted as she flip kicked another giant, “We gotta stick together when times are tough, right? Narris thinks so at least, she asked me if I could help out, and I got some others coming in, so don’t overexert yourself too much, and just hold on, help’s on the way!”

Talva growled, “I have my own allies to help me, as well, cat!” She poured on more cold winds in Vlad’s direction, his massive size being a liability as it made him an easier target.

Vlad roared as the wind battered him, finishing his spell and unleashing a gout of flames that got mixed up in the blizzard, turning it into a strange mix of cold and hot, but they couldn't win out against the constant cold, quickly dying out. Still, the dragon wasn't giving up that easily, arduously moving forward towards the red eyed goat-creature clearly causing all of this. "This isn't going to help," he roared to no one and everyone at the same time.

As Vlad moved forward, a smaller golden form slammed into him from the side, unnoticed in the storm, backing away just as soon as it had come and landing near Talva. Another golden dragon, though much smaller than Vlad, set down with a shiver. "Talva! What in the hells is this? I thought we were looking for your mom?"

The blizzard surrounding Talva dissipated for a moment, as Vlad could more clearly see the goatwoman; she was clutching her face in pain, the red eyes flickering, “I… I… Mom… he hurt Mom… why…”

"I did only as she requested," Vlad defended himself. "I am just as upset as you, but she has the best care! This fighting only brings more risk to your mother, Talva!"

“Ah…” tears were going down Talva’s face, “I could’ve helped… I could’ve stopped it… I… I…” she opened her eyes, the red having vanished as her eyes turned fully black, “I must stop you! Cori, defend your queen!” She said as the air around Vlad practically exploded, only with bursts of cold instead of heat, shards of ice hitting the dragon’s hide.

Vlad roared, stumbling backwards towards the cabin as he strained his wings and took off, trying to circle above the blizzard but finding the winds kept pushing even him back down. The explosions of ice seemed to follow him, each dealing increasingly obvious damage as he began to bleed, the drops of blood erupting into fire as they splattered on the ground. The massive dragon grimaced, pressing through the winds in a quick pass, letting his blood fall onto Talva's warriors and her.

Cori recognized the coming danger, at least, grabbing Talva and hauling her out of the way of Vlad's path with all his strength, setting her back down and looking between the two. "Talva… I want it known I highly disagree with this… but for you, anything," he said, launching himself into the air, slamming into Vlad again, attempting to rake him with claws coated in blue electricity, but not finding much purchase at first.

Talva seemed to be in control enough to at least attempt healing magic on her giant followers, “Are you all okay!? Cori, be careful…”

“Hey, c’mon, no fair,” Flora complained, the giants she had knocked out before getting back up. “C’mon, Champ, you gotta hurry…”

Vlad knocked Cori away with a smack from a forelimb, but the smaller dragon came right back in, this time managing to land on top of his foe, using his claws to deliver his shocks straight to Vlad's wings even as an explosion of ice from every direction surrounded them. Vlad let out another roar, plowing into the ground and covered in snow, bleeding openly as he tried to dislodge the smaller dragon clinging onto his back, using his tail to keep the giants at bay as best he could.


While the fight was building in Silverdale's Wilderness, the Divine Springs were surprisingly empty, except for the young. One of those young was Keiko Vladdottr Fleischer, recently turned adult kitsune, and her table with Harrow Cards spread out on it. She twitched her nose as she looked at her brown furred companion, then over to the young kit sitting on her left leg. "Now, both of you pay attention. Most of this stuff is total bumpkus, but Harrow Cards… I can really tell the future, a little bit! Kotone, Ivy, anything you'd like to ask the cards?"

"Hrm….a few things, provided you don't mind, sis…" Ivy’s ears twitched, all the while she pondered what to ask."Alright, why don't you tell me what's in store for Dad and Mom? Ooh and maybe our little group here?"

"Uh, sure, I can do that," Keiko replied, focusing her magic on the cards, which began to glow, then suddenly faded, but her magic didn't. Her left hand shot to her head as her eyes started glowing Icy blue.

"I see fury, and ice…"


Talva’s focus was straight on Vlad as Cori was keeping him at bay, as she moved the nearby snow into a pair of giant pillars of ice, firing them straight at the dragon as if they were siege weapons striking at a castle wall.

They caught her foe clean in his side, a roar that shook the earth emanating from his maw as he reeled, stumbling to his side. Cori was knocked clear, just avoiding any damage as he took back to the skies, but Vlad wasn't so lucky this time. One spear had failed to pierce his side, but one had gone straight through his right hind leg.

“Vlad!” Flora cried out, being too overwhelmed by the number of frost giants to come to his aid.

Youuuuuu…” Talva’s normally soft-spoken voice had turned into a guttural growl.


Keiko's eyes continued to shine as she began to pant. "So much anger! Vladimir cannot stand…" she gasped out, her eyes fading as she slumped over the table and turned to Ivrea. "Ivy, the Wilderness, Dad is…"

“Big Sis?!” Kotone said, the little foxkin looking worried. “Ivy, is something wrong? Mom’s been real sad lately…”

Keiko looked between Kotone and Ivrea, crying a little as she answered. "I don't know why, Kotone, but someone is hurting dad… I mean, Vlad. Flora is there, too, but… he's losing."

"What?! Who is hurting him, Keiko? What do they look like?!" Ivy asked, her voice dripping with concern as she shot up.

"I don't know," Keiko panted. "A demon, I think, of ice or snow. Large, white furred… Ivy, that was now! You need to help him, please!" The kitsune exclaimed, her eyes turning themselves icy blue again as her voice changed in quality. "The rage is demonic, but the creature…"

"No….it can't be…" Ivi muttered, summoning her spell book to her hand as she began to flip through the pages. The kitsune goddess muttered a few words as a massive gate opened behind her. As she stepped through the gate, she gave one last look back to her sisters and spoke, "Do not worry….I will make sure Dad makes it home safe and sound…"


Talva forced the snow around Vlad to form icicles below him, attempting to pierce him from underneath, “FALL, DRAGON!

The icicles erupted up from the ground, impaling the massive dragon's feet. He didn't roar, this time it was more of a deep whimper as he used his wings to just barely lift himself off of them, hurling himself to the side of the dangerous patch as he transformed back into a humanoid form in a flash of light.

Vlad rolled across the snow as he landed, catching himself against a dead tree. His attempts at lifting himself proved futile, the shaking getting worse as his right knee and hands bled, and his magic started to fail. "Can't… can't concentrate… too cold…"

As Vlad fell to his knees, he could hear the sound of light foot falls coming from behind him. Soon a familiar pair of arms were wrapped around him as a female spoke in a worried tone, "Thank heavens I arrived in time…..Hrm…looks like you're a little worse for wear, but either mom or I should be able to fix you up." Ivrea cast a few healing spells on her father, her concern fading as she looked to Talva, seeming replaced by confusion. "Talva, what in the Abyss is wrong with you?! Your demon blood hasn't taken control of you, has it?" Ivrea inquired.

“Gah…” Talva’s eyes flickered, “I… no more… I can’t…” before becoming solid black, “I will end you all!” as she took the remaining ice pillar than missed Vlad before and broke it into shards, raining down on the pair.

Vlad groaned as the healing took effect, almost immediately followed by the shards of ice, and reacted with speed that seemed unlikely for one so badly hurt, spinning and shoving Ivrea. He followed with half a step, wings spreading from his back as he covered her from above as best he could. The icy shards tore through the thinner membrane on his wings in a few places, stabbing him in the back in others, and he winced as he inspected the young woman he was protecting. "Ivrea… go, it's not your fight."

"I am not abandoning you to be defeated by her, Dad. Besides, you're in no shape to take her on alone….especially not with how vulnerable to cold you are." Ivrea said coldly as her body grew hotter, slowly but surely becoming ensconced in flame. She summoned several orbs of blue flame in a circle around her, glowing more brightly by the second before they launched towards Talva. "Talva….I don't know what manner of madness has overcome you, but this is your last warning. Back off or face the consequences…."

Talva took the blows from the fireballs without even bothering to dodge them, as she gritted her teeth and her snowy fur seemed to melt; however, the damage seemed to heal quicker than Ivrea was able to damage her, “You think I am alone here!? You are mistaken! KYARA!

The soft ringing of bells could be heard behind Ivrea and Vlad, all the while the two were surrounded by a dome of ethereal light. Ivrea roared in pain as she was struck in the back by a blast of molten metal, the strike dazing her. She struggled to lift her head as she heard metallic footfalls approaching her father. She just barely managed to look up in time to see a figure in white armor slashing a wicked looking scythe across her father's back. Again and again she struck, the sound of her blade carving into Vlad's flesh filling the air. The figure kicked the now humanoid Vlad in the stomach, sending him rolling several feet as she spat, "I see putting my wife at death's door and nearly robbing my children of their mother wasn't enough for you, hrm? You also had to corrupt my cohort too….Right?"

Vlad groaned, lifting himself to his knees, but he had no eyes for the person attacking him as he shouted and tried to pull himself over to Ivrea. “Ivy! Ivy! Talk to me!”

"I would focus more on your own fate and not that of Ivrea. She is fine, apart from being stunned. You on the other hand…..are in for a world of hurt." the attacker said, grasping Vlad's throat tightly as she held him before her face. The dragon could see a white haired draconic being whose golden eyes burned like fire as they glared at him. She held a lethal looking falchion in her left hand that emanated a faint white glow, humming with divine energy as she moved to slash at his torso.

As Kyara moved to attack, she felt several powerful blows on her own torso, as they seemed to bypass every defense she attempted, forcing her to drop Vlad. As the dragon fell to the ground, a blanket red as flame fell on him, warm enough to melt the snow nearby.

“Now, now, my niece,” a voice said from behind Kyara as a black-scaled draconid holding a silver gem stood, “Attacking someone like this so rashly, and also your other aunt? I am disappointed in you.”

“Hey, Champ!” Flora smiled as she saw her help arrive. “Took you long enough!”

“Oh, my dear, I had to grab a few things beforehand, like that heated blanket,” the draconid grinned, “And a few allies. But you know how things go, you always arrive just in time, GHAHAHA!”

“WHO DARES TRESPASS THIS FOREST!” A regale voice boomed across the forest. As it rang, the trees began to shake! As if commanded to march. In a matter of mere moments, out of the forest clearing were waves of animated trees and ents, followed by a few elven-like fey and a forest dragon. In the lead of the army was a mighty moose ridden by a green haired elf.

“My my…. My dear! Sorry, Talva, but I cannot allow this madness to freeze away my cottage and with everyone inside.” Nelvana stuck up her tongue.

In a breeze of snowflakes came a sailor warrior who appeared right next to Ivrea. “And someone is VERY naughty to harm my DAUGHTER.” Brasa stared right at Kyara. “Sorry Kyara and Talva, but you’re going to get spanked!”

Seeing the new arrivals, Cori set down again next to Talva. “Talva, what do you need me to do? I have no love lost for Brasa, but this is getting too far out of hand.”

“Gah… why…” Talva felt her control slipping, “Stop… stop…” as she saw frost giants clashing with ents and fey, forcing them back, “No more…” she fired a massive blast of frost the draconid’s way.

“Oh no you do not!” the draconid held up a golden shield, blocking the blast, “The Shield of Seasons is no mere trinket, Maiden of Winter! Now, Nelvana, may you heal our poor friend here? I have a little proposal in mind in order to end this conflict for the time being…”

"Why are you defending him, Aunt Tynah? Given what he did to Glacia, he deserves at least some form of punishment…." Kyara said as she struggled to her feet, shaking off the daze Tynah's attack had left her in. "Brasa….Take Ivrea and get out of here. This is between us and that wretched cur there. It does not concern you." Kyara said, falling onto a defensive stance.

Ivrea for her part groaned, looking up to her mother as the world spun around her. "M-mom….what are you and sis doing here?...." she croaked out as her head throbbed

“At ease, sweet tail.” Brasa picked up Ivrea as she searched for a nearby safe zone. “Look, I'm going to find a nice place before I settle things down here.”

The gallop of a moose came over as Nelvana jumped over. “Arise my fellow dragon, and Ivrea. Allow the flow of the earth to restore your wounds!” Nelvana approached the dragon first and laid her hand to perform a blast of life energy. One that was green hues from her palm that quickly surged across the draconic body to restore any wounds. Nelvana seemed to let out a cool smile as she quickly went over to Ivrea to do the same thing.

Vlad shuddered under the blanket, slowly getting back to his feet and flexing his now healed limbs. He ignored everything else to make his way quickly to Ivrea and Brasa, resting a hand on the younger one’s cheek as his eyes flashed red, but quickly faded back to blue. "I'm sorry, Ivrea. You should never have been part of this," he muttered, turning towards Kyara and Talva. "I had no intention of killing anyone today. I still don't, but only if you leave now. No one hurts my family."

“Ahem, on that note,” Tynah cleared her throat, “That is why I am here today. Vladimir, correct? I am Tynah Blackfang, Queen of Dyste; Ivrea happens to be my little sister. I am here today to offer you asylum in my homeland, until this is settled. Unlike some people,” she looked in Kyara’s direction, “I do not think that we should be so rash in handing out judgment before figuring out the whole story. You shall be under my protection there as a guest. I recommend, Lady Talva, that you take a moment to consider what you are doing before you do something you will regret the next day. Ivy, please, listen to your eldest sister and withdraw to safety. And Kyara… we will talk about this later.”

“Alright Ivy…. I can make a quick snow fort nearby to make sure you’re alright.” Brasa said. “And Vlad, I’ll make this swift. Just don’t become a dragon popsicle alright?”

"I never intended to die," Vlad replied briefly, his hand creeping to his sword.

"Dad….don't….It will make things worse." Ivrea pleaded, shaking her head as she looked at Vlad. She gave a quick nod to her mother, "Sounds…good..mama."

"Seems today is your lucky day, wyrmling. Just realize that this is not over." Kyara spat as she sheathed her sword, glaring at Vlad before shooting her aunt and Brasa a contemptuous look. A silver rift opened beside her, with her glaring at the two before she stepped through the rift.

Vlad grit his teeth, removing his hand from the area of his sword. "As you wish, Ivy. Tynah, I will meet you in your land… I must say goodbye first," he explained, moving to grasp Ivrea and looking at Brasa. "I suppose you deserve to come too… if it's best for Ivrea."

Corrinym looked between the group, Kyara's rift, and Talva, shifting back to elven form. "My queen, what are your orders?"

“Ah…” Talva had seemed to be frozen in place for the last moment; all the past conflicts, the pain, the suffering, she was feeling it all within her mind, “No more… NO MORE!” She summoned a blizzard and fired a burst of ice at the group.

Tynah blocked this again with her shield, standing in front of Vlad, Brasa and Ivrea, “Argh… please, leave now, all of you! I shall hold this back as long as I can…”

"To the death it is," Corrinym muttered, moving around the sides of Talva's blast, drawing a scimitar already crackling with electricity as he closed on Tynah. He had made it maybe half way when the blizzard increased in power, starting to drag him to the side against his will. "Talva! It's too much!" He shouted, but whether she could even hear him soon became moot as the blasts of ice grew larger, more erratic, and the wind picked him off his feet.

The knight's eyes went wide as he fumbled for his dragonstone, the cold gem slipping through his fingers as a huge burst of ice slammed into him, then more and more. The snow in the air made it harder to see, but for those who could view through it, the man was a ragdoll, at the mercy of the bursts of ice and the wind as they continued to grow larger and more powerful, his scimitar swept away and landing at Talva's feet, buried in the snow.

“C-CORI!” Talva’s eyes faded back to the reddish glow as she rushed forward, the blizzard ending as she picked up the elven man’s battered body, “I… I didn’t mean to… no… NO!” With a blizzard rushing past, the goatwoman and the elf disappeared, the weather returning to normal.

“... geez, that was a close one,” Flora scratched her head. “Erm, what now, Tynah?”

“... We are done here, Flora,” the princess said in the aftermath. “We should return back to Dyste to await our new guest.”

“Oh dear…” Nelvana frowned. “The instability. The shaken voice. Her eyes… I’ve faced this a long time ago and others like Talva.”

“Hm?” Brasa’s ears twitched. “What do you mean by that exactly?”

“While everyone here may be aware of Aqua being a sweet goat, she was never like it in the past. A true born demon with a wrath of destruction and everyone in her way to be destroyed. However, she was hurt and harmed from both her past as a young one and her actions. Even when she transferred into a good goat it wasn’t easy given her hunger for destruction. That inner ‘beast’ passed down to her children. Some went on to be fiery brands and evil, while others were normal. However it is always there, and given how Talva is very close to Aqua, that demonic side likely festered as instinct and rage…” Nelvana then pondered for a moment. “Which… I think Talva needs our help. Otherwise, she might lose herself to her inner beast.”

"It's the Madness, then," Vlad muttered. "I doubt any of us are capable of helping her, except by putting her to rest. The Madness doesn't work like that for dragons, it won't for demons, I'm certain. Her closest loved ones might have a chance. Not us."

“No!” Nelvana snapped. “That is complete nonsense. Talva requires our help. This is not madness, but a woman in pain and needs help. One to understand and how to mend it. Must I remind you all right now that she is both a queen and a goddess. A murder like this will send the killer to a far greater punishment.”

“Vladimir is right on one point, Nelvana,” Tynah said, “It is those closest to her that are the ones that can help her now. When Glacia recovers I am certain she would be able to, but in the meantime, I suggest you allow those that know her best to handle this, like Snow and… provided he survived that, Corinnym…”

"As long as she leaves my family alone," Vlad glanced to Ivrea again. "Then I do not care to fight her. You just need to understand," he looked now at Nelvana, sorrow in his eyes. "I've tried everything to cure the Madness once it comes on. Whether by grief, or overuse of one's abilities, once a soul surrenders themselves to it fully, they cannot be saved," he trailed off before humming. "I don’t think she's that far gone; she stopped herself when that man died… almost died… at her hands. But you, or I, or anyone but her closest and most beloved people will only make it worse."

“I shall contact Snow soon enough.” Nelvana said. “Now, I must see my dear Glacia and assess what occurred as well. I don’t believe this ‘Madness’ is irreversible, but I do wish for Silverdale to not suffer and be hurt by a heart torn queen as well. It’s… rather difficult to see how everything snowballed to this level.”

“Right.” Brasa nodded as she used her ice magic to conjure up a fancy igloo. “Okay…Look let me get Ivrea home at this time.”

“Oh yeah,” Flora’s ears twitched, “Some of the giants got close to the cottage, but I saw this big red dragon fend ‘em off, so it should be safe.”

“In that case, Flora and I shall take our leave too,” Tynah bowed her head.

“Oh! Tynah, please let Tyroth know his daughter is safe as well.” Brasa said.

“Oh, I shall,” Tynah grinned. “I wish we could have met under less dire circumstances after all I have heard about you, Vladimir, but I shall see you soon.” she said as she and Flora headed off.

"Right… home, young lady," Vlad said to Ivrea, then looked at Brasa and sighed. "And you, I suppose. Skathi won't mind, I'm sure," he added, grabbing them both by the shoulder and stepping them out of the material plane.
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Written with Dyste

Corrinym Wyrmheart was still asleep in the bed inside the cabin, a location inside of Talva and Avala’s shared realm. While many of his wounds had already been attended by magic, it seemed some were still left, slower to heal or more resistant for whatever reason. He breathed deeply in the bed, well covered by blankets, his armor removed and laying in a corner, battered and discolored even despite the enchantments on it, only his head and right arm outside his coverings, bandages just visible on his shoulder.

By the bedside, Talva sat, tending to his wounds as best she could; any sort of rage or other feelings of the sort seemed to have subsided at this point, her eyes having returned to normal. The last hour before they arrived was such a blur to her, but she knew that this was her fault, and she would make it right by him, if he could ever forgive her.

There was a brief stirring as Cori groaned, then gasped and shot into an upright position, his right arm flying to his left side. His eyes snapped open and he groaned, clearly pained as he collapsed back onto the bed, his arm seeming to move of its own accord back to its previous position as he softly whined. After a few moments, he looked at Talva, confusion evident in his eyes. “Where… are we?”

Talva gasped, her mouth quivering a bit as Cori woke up. “Oh… this is the Winter Paradise, the shared divine realm of Avala and I. … how are you feeling, Cori?”

“Hurts,” Cori replied, his eyes closing again as he grit his teeth. “All over. What… happened? We were in the Wilderness, fighting that dragon, right?... did he get me?”

“U-um…” tears were welling up in Talva’s eyes, “A lot of that is a blur to me, but I think… I was the one to injure you. I am so, so sorry, Cori… I don’t know what came over me…”

“I don’t really remember,” the dragon elf man replied, slowly moving his right hand and lightly poking himself in the side, giving a hiss and leaving it alone. “Broken rib. I just… there was total chaos as more and more people came in, the blizzard got worse, I was on fire, and then I was so, so cold… Sorry, Talva, but I just don’t know. I don’t see why you would have hurt me, though.”

Talva wanted that to be true, she truly did; the thought of hurting someone close to her was something she hoped she wouldn’t even be capable of, but… she had memories of doing just that. “I… don’t know if it was an accident or anything, but I know that I did it. That whole time, I just felt as if I wasn’t in control of anything… do you recall how I was acting at the time?”

There was quiet for a few minutes, only the sound of slightly strained breathing from Cori. Talva would have been forgiven for thinking he had fallen back asleep by the time he answered. “Violent. Destructive… and hateful. But even then, you were healing the giants as far as I could tell, keeping your allies safe and healthy…”

Talva’s eyes widened as she gasped, “I… I was…” she shuddered, “No… nonono… I thought I was able to overcome all of this. I spent eighty years in isolation to prevent that from ever happening… why is it happening now…?”

Corrinym cracked one eye open, turning it to Talva. “Talva, love, what are you talking about? Are you alright?” He pushed himself up on his right elbow, hissing as he adjusted, bringing his legs up as well. “Do you need me to do something for you? Should… should I go get Snow?”

“I-i…” Talva held herself, shaking, “I… I don’t know, Cori…” the goatwoman’s eyes darted around, “... did I ever really explain to you why I did that? Why I left Silverdale during the Civil War and shut myself in the Ice Caverns of Corneria?”

"Uh, no," Cori said, drawing a sharp breath as he swung his legs over the edge of the bed, his hand clasping on his right side. "I just assumed it was the same as my thing about druids. PTSD, according to that therapist."

“Oh, well… I don’t think it’s quite that, but… whenever I get too stressed, my head becomes clouded with darker thoughts… more violent ones, urges to dominate, to destroy. I… think it is due to my demonic heritage. I had to leave Silverdale because all the strife in the Civil War had made me nearly lose myself to it, and I worked on trying to suppress it in solitude. And I had thought it worked, too, but… all these wars in recent years and now this… maybe I was simply delaying the inevitable.”

"So that's what the red eyes and sudden commands were?" Cori clarified, his feet now on the ground as he prepared to stand. "You've never given me a direct command before, Talva, you know. That did worry me. And you're saying… you lost yourself and hurt me?"

Talva looked away from Cori, offering only a weak “... yes,” in response.

Cori sighed, running his left hand through his short white hair. "Well, I'm alive, so that's good. Does Mishy know about this?"

“... who knows with her,” Talva let out a forced laugh, “She seems to know everything that goes on regardless of anything.”

Talva's response was a brief glare before Cori looked away. "Then, as your knight captain, I'm stepping in to use my authority for once, too. You are not to attempt to deal with Mishera until I get a chance to talk to her. This is for both of your safeties, because Talva, she's going to be far angrier about this than I am."

“Yeah, I know…” Talva gulped. “I don’t even want to think about talking to her about this right now, I’m already worried I made several people angry at me already without that… do you remember what happened to that dragon?”

"Not a clue," Cori shrugged. "I would say he probably died, but that was the largest, toughest dragon I've certainly ever seen. I would guess comparable in size to Garyx, but you would know better."

“Hm, certainly hard to say,” Talva thought, “But somehow I doubt he perished there. That said, I feel like I need to recuse myself from any altercations with him for the time being… I don’t want to become… like that again, Cori.” her voice wavered a bit, “I’ve tried so hard to never act like that… I want to be better than that. I need to be.”

"You do," Cori agreed. "Listen, Talva… I'm not going to let this ruin my family. I've already lost one, I refuse to lose another, but even I have to have limits. I think you should recuse yourself from the entire ordeal. Let me handle it; you know I'm pretty smart, actually, I can figure out what really happened, and bring justice where it's needed. I just… I can't let you hurt innocent people, Talva, not as your knight, not as maybe your oldest friend… not as someone who loves you. You're better than that, and I…"

Talva stood up and gave Cori a hug, kissing him on the cheek, “Cori… you are the father of my first two children, my knight, and… hopefully soon, my consort. I will entrust this duty to you, but… please be safe. As much as I want to find out what happened to Mom and what Vladimir did to her, I won’t accept doing it at the cost of losing you.”

Cori nodded, giving the queen a small smile as he stood with a hiss, hand still on his right side. "He seemed amenable to talking early on, maybe he still will be. I have no intention of taking a suicidal fight, Talva, too many people rely on me. I could use some painkillers, though."

“O-oh, of course!” Talva used a healing spell that seemed to dull the pain from Cori’s body, “Try and take it easy for the next while, even with all my powers some healing has to come naturally from your body.”

"Oh that's better," Cori groaned, starting to stretch and then thinking better of it. "You know what, not gonna risk it. Hey, Talva," the man said, turning to look at her. "I love you. I mean it. I'm not exactly happy you put me in this condition, but I believe that it was an accident. When this is done, we'll work on how to make it better, together, alright? New ways of controlling it or what have you. If you want, it can be just our secret."

“I… love you too, Cori,” Talva sniffled, “But, well, we’ll see how this works; whether it can be controlled or not, at least I have someone to help me through it, right?”

"Of course, love," the dragon elf smiled as he picked up his armor, inspecting it and discarding it. "I definitely will, any way I can. Just promise me, for now, to stay here and get some R&R, ok? If I had it my way, no one would bother you, but only you can enforce that. And, uh, if Mishera somehow finds her way here… you know how to contact me."

“Yes, I know…” Talva sighed, “I will attempt some meditation, and consult with Lady Avala on the matter if I can. Just… stay safe out there, alright?”

"Oh, darn, I guess I can't just go hunt the biggest dragon ever for sport then," Cori snarked, clearing his throat and looking embarrassed. "Er, sorry. Yes, I'll stay out of any fights I can avoid at least until this rib is healed. I promise."

“Please do so,” Talva gave a soft smile, “I just apologize I did not make an apple pie for this. Next time, I promise.”

"Talva, honey, you owe me more than just an apple pie," Cori joked. "It's a good first step, though! Just be ready for me to milk this rib for everything it's worth when I save the day!"

“Just what have I gotten myself into…” Talva sighed.

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OOC: Collab with Dyste

Winter Paradise

Over the course of the month, Queen Snow found herself troubled by the change of her family. First was the disappearance of great friends and Glacia. Yet she was too occupied by the state, dull studies, and appearances of forgettable affairs. That was until a little bird came to her ears from her mother on what occurred. What dreadful event passed as of late. The alicorn quickly canceled her schedule for the event and put aside everything to fulfill a true duty as queen to each with the spiritual side of Silverdale, and figure out what happened to her poor wife. The rest can be postponed. This cannot be ignored.

A snowy gate opened as the queen entered the realm of the Winter Paradise to seek out where Talva lied.

In the land of winter, Snow was able to journey to her and Talva’s favourite mountain cave, the one they often relaxed in together when coming to this land; the tundra would’ve been a lot to deal with for most people, but for beings of ice and snow like them, it was indeed a veritable paradise.

Within the caverns, Snow found her wife meditating, her expression in a grimace as she tried her best to keep her composure, but it was clear Talva’s mind was not in focus.

“Talva?” Snow spoke up. “May I have a word with you?”

Talva’s eyes opened, glowing red, “Oh… Snow, my darling… sorry I’ve been away, I didn’t want anyone to see me like this…”

“I’ve been gravely worried about you…” Snow looked at her eyes and the rest of her body. “Please, tell me what happened as of late.”

Talva’s lip quivered, “Snow… I was looking into Mom’s disappearance, and I found out she was injured in a ritual and is recovering. … normally I’d have wanted to go and see her so I could help out, but… something happened. I… I don’t know why, but all the feelings I had as of lately… they overflowed until I couldn’t handle it anymore. I… overreacted, Snow.”

“What?” Snow gasped. “If I understand this right, you overreacted from the discovery of what happened to Glacia?”

“Y-yes…” Talva gulped, “I don’t know what came over me…” tears formed in her eyes, “... no, I do know, and that’s what scares me, Snow. I’ve tried so hard to make my… other half not be what defined me, but… it happened, and I almost killed someone as a result.”

“Your… other self? Almost killed? Talva…” Snow approached the goat tiefling and sat down next to her. “Look I am afraid right now… Ever since we lost word on what happened with Glacia, you’ve been silent on your activities until now… and your other side… you think everything we went through is too much to bear?”

“I… I don’t know!” Talva held her head, “I… I left Silverdale during the Civil War because I felt I couldn’t handle it, that I might lose myself. I thought I had this after I came back! We fought in the Winter War, we went to Hell itself, we handled those issues in the Dragon States and Rohane Alista as the queens… did it all just… build up over time? Oh no…”

“Bubbled up and boiled over…. This is quite horrific….” Snow paused for a moment. As to ponder on how to handle this problem. “Look Talva, I know this is a grave dilemma, but I know we can handle this together.”

Talva gave her wife an embrace, “... thank you, Snow. I… I know it’s not what you deserve out of me; I promised you that I would be supportive and help you as queen, but here you are, worrying about my problems…”

Snow returned the hug. “You know that I have to return the favor, and be supportive as well… I kept many secrets from my beloved before I revealed it as I thought the worst fate would come from it.”

Talva blinked, “... are you talking about the likes of Frozen Heart, and what happened to your mother?”

“Yes… It’s been some time ago, but it’s been resolved since we confronted it.” Snow said.

“And it’s thanks to Mom and the others,” Talva sighed. “So now I need to do the same, don’t I? Let others help me… Snow, you know I don’t want to be like this. I have tried to live my life in a way so I would heal others, not hurt them…”

“Well, in the company of our friends and trusted people, yes… I must admit… I did be careful on when to give such a revelation towards people I cared for… But I know there is Corinnym, alongside Glacia, the people with our adventures, Aqua, and more.” Snow said.

“Right,” Talva gave a small smile, “I’ll try my best to let them help… I’m just worried about Mom, too. I know she’s had a rough time recently herself, with the issues with Skathi and nearly losing Niviea, so I wanted to make sure she’s okay, as well.”

“Same as well… I worried that Glacia was overwhelmed from everything that happened, and well… I’m not sure what she did in such a ritual.” Snow said.

“I don’t know either,” Talva shook her head, “I heard that her friend Vladimir was involved, so I… attacked him…” she held her head, frowning, “I don’t remember everything, but it seems he left for Dyste. Cori is looking for him, and I promised that I wouldn’t pursue this myself… and I think he’s right, Snow.”
“... I see.” Snow paused for a moment. She wasn’t sure about Vladimir the dragon and him being around with her friends. His branch of fate was… sporadic if downright ridiculous on how many paths that’d led to his demise with others. Only a form of defiance seemed to keep it away from such tragedies. “Talva, I think we need to handle your other side before we seek out the others.”

“I agree, my dear,” Talva said, “That’s why I’ve been here, meditating.”

“I… I must admit but from what I witnessed.. meditation cannot suppress it anymore. We’d have to find a new way to either halt it or find a way to allow it to flow without any destruction.” Snow said.

“You think so?” Talva sighed, she knew Snow was right; after several days, she had seen no improvement in this. “... do you have any ideas on what we can try? I don’t want that to lose control again.”

“Hmm… Let’s see if a divination spell would provide us with the right direction…” Snow said.

“Oh… okay…” Talva didn’t like to completely rely on such things as much as Snow did, but did admit that perhaps it would be useful here.

Snow went into one part of the cavern and set up a series of numerous small trinkets of diamonds, silver coins, berries, and other valuables. . Alongside, set a few incense in a pot to light up the room. All to channel the name of the spirit of Avala and Talva in this world, and see if the chants would reveal a potential answer for Talva.

Snow could see a vision of Talva staring at a dragon with silvery scales with a light blue tinge she did not recognize, who seemed ready to lunge at her, and then a scene of Talva in the realm of the demons, black lines over her body as she faced off against a demon.

Dragon’s awakening shall set her free,
Brimstone and hellfire awaits in the fiery sea,
Embrace oneself and let them see,
Both sides of her she must be!

“Both sides of her must be?” Snow looked puzzled at the vision and what she saw. “Unless… Talva… I believe that you cannot continue to hide your other side, but find a way to embrace it and be happy for yourself. Although, I did see you face a silvery blue dragon, and another of you within a demonic realm.”

“A silvery-blue dragon…” Talva was unsure of what that could be, could it be related to Vlad? But he was gold, not silver nor blue. And the demonic realm, perhaps this was tied to her time there in the past. “... but you think I should… embrace it? How can I? It only wants destruction, to dominate others. It’s everything I’ve tried not to be!”
“Yes, but… given we both ran away… I doubt it helped us. After I showed myself as what I transformed into, I was accepted by my peers. Of course… This is a risk, but if you allow yourself to open up and see, then perhaps you can be truly happy. I’ll be with your other side as well.” Snow said.

“I… I can try, then,” Talva said. “It’s not like I even know how to let it out, but… perhaps if I try to stop suppressing it, it will come out on its own?”

“Possibly…” Snow was a little hesitant about that comment. “Although let’s try to not be rash about it.”

“Right…” Talva stood up, “In that case… can we rest for a bit? I can bake you some peach pie. Let’s take this slowly.”

“Yes.” Snow then smiled. “Oh, perhaps I can serve you a few treats of my own.”

“I would like that,” Talva smiled as she took her wife’s side, “I do enjoy that…”
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Postby Malgrave » Thu Jun 23, 2022 4:34 pm

ooc: written with dyste and lego

As the fighting raged on in the Wilderness, attention was mostly drawn away from the cottage itself, as two people arrived, separately but with the same goal in mind: to see Glacia…

The elven-like woman found herself deeply troubled. Frustrated and stressed out. For the violence that occurred elsewhere in the forest by the lack of discipline and care of her sister. Yet for all of this nonsense, Bubble wanted direct answers from her family and saw the state of Glacia herself. So, she made her way to reach the cottage and meet with whoever is there.

Rosario shivered as she found herself in a climate far colder compared to her homeland, the neko muttering to herself as she looked towards the cottage that supposedly contained Glacia and the mystery of her apparent poor health, a look of determination on her face as she started to make her way towards her destination.

As Bubble and Rosario each made their way to the cottage, a roaring sound could be heard, as a frost giant could be seen battling against a large red dragon, the dragon shooting a blast of fire at the giant to force it back, “Get away from here! None of you may approach!” As the two made it closer, they could both see a ring of fire surrounding the cottage, as the dragon noticed the pair, “You… why are you here!?”

“I have come to see my mother Alvis.” Bubble shouted. “To understand and learn why this terrible event occurred.”

“Alvis?” Rosario shouted, quite confused by the reception she was receiving from someone she had fought next to during the winter war, “Why do you think I am here? I heard that Glacia has been injured so I came to lend assistance to a dear friend, so just let us in and we can start to help her.”

The dragon’s face softened a bit as it reverted to an elven form, Alvis standing in front of them between them and the cottage, “So I take it you’re not part of… whatever all that is, then? … dammit, I was hoping we could avoid visitors out here while she recovered… how much do you know?”

Rosario sighed as she glanced at the ongoing fight in the background, “I am definitely not a part of that ongoing madness. Talva even destroyed part of my apartment in her rush to leave to this place so I assume she isn’t in the greatest mindset right now,” the neko said before turning her attention to Alvis again, “All I was told is that Glacia was injured while undergoing some new type of ritual and hasn’t woken since? It honestly sounds incredibly reckless that she’d undergo such a process with only one person supervising and I am...disappointed that someone like myself wasn’t consulted but what matters now is ensuring that Glacia is ok.”

Bubble let out an irate breath as she turned to look at Alvis. “My sister…. For starters, when Talva and I found that Glacia’s presence was no longer in the palace, we used every method to reach her. Only when I used my physic abilities with Cori’s aid to locate you, I found that Glaca was unconscious in this cottage and well… Talva became far too emotional and…. This happened.”

Alvis let out a deep sigh hearing the pair, “I should’ve known… we didn’t tell too many people specifically because we didn’t want to cause people to panic, or to cause too much mayhem here, but… no, you deserve to know at least a little of what's going on.” Opening his cloak, he pointed to a scar on his chest, “About two years ago, Vlad and I underwent a ritual that effectively turned me into a full-fledged dragon; I was already a dragon elf, so it was actually a pretty simple thing, I just had to take a few days to recover and I’m… mostly the same anyways,” Alvis’s hair seemed a bit more red and his eyes seemed to have a fire behind them, but for the most part he did appear to look similar to how he used to in this at least. “Glacia seemed to want to do it as well, so she asked Vlad about it. He resisted at first, but they decided to go through with it, without telling anyone else. I… have no idea why Glacia wanted this, to be honest, but we thought she’d only be out for a few days, not like a month. And now… it really is Talva, huh? I hoped it wasn’t, but it seems my hunch was right there…”

“That….” Bubble seemed to be silent for a moment, before she reached a quick conclusion. “Was absolutely foolish.” She snapped her finger. “By not allowing a single note to her family for a whole month, you already caused people who loved her to worry and panic. Now my sister might’ve loosen herself to a darker aspect of herself. Thankfully she didn’t send the army instead of giants…. But dragonhood? Glacia already obtained apotheosis and the arcane power to do so… It doesn’t make any sense to pursue such a path. It’s the antithesis of her nature.”

“By refusing to share this information with Glacia’s friends and family you’ve created even more fear and panic,” Rosario said sighing in disappointment as she thought upon the situation a little further, “You were already a dragon elf so I imagine the transformation into a fully-fledged dragon was less dangerous even if it was foolish to conduct without proper precautions but for Glacia? In simple terms the transformation for someone like that is far more extensive and that is without considering her circumstances, now, I have a few reasons why she’d go through such a process but I would like to hear an explanation in her own words but for now I would just like to see Glacia, so perhaps you should disengage with the fire now?”

“I take full responsibility for that, Bubble,” Alvis looked pained. “I talked with Shield, Yuki, and Narris about it and we had decided that it was too much of a risk to her safety but… you’re right, Talva should’ve been made aware of this. We were… just worried that people would take it out on Vlad. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea of him, he’s been a big help to both me and Glacia these past few years-”

A stray beam of ice shot in the direction of the cabin, and Alvis held up a large sword with a black aura, which seemed to dissipate the blast. “... a little gift from him. But… hm, Rosario, before I do so… I am curious what your reasons for why she did this are? I’m still trying to figure it out myself…”

“It’s still a work in progress but I imagine it has something to do with Glacia’s desire to be able to protect and help people, as you remember what lengths she has gone to aid people through combat, diplomacy and even her own religion plus with Skathi gone I think she has less restraint and more chaos? I can’t imagine her doing something so reckless during our earlier adventures together,” Rosario said, the neko instinctively raising her own defensive barrier before giving a brief thankful nod to Alvis, “...and I don’t know much about this Vladimir but beyond a deep apology I expect him to implement some serious changes about the way he conducts himself and his ancestral energy use to prevent a repeat situation.”

“I see the evidence of what Vladimir provided… but I am concerned that the alternation of Glacia’s biology and mental state might be detrimental. Of course you appear to be mostly intact Alvis.””

“Honestly, Glacia’s been in a pretty bad spot ever since Skathi was taken out of her head,” Alvis admitted, “Or really before, since having two souls was messing with her. That plus the whole Niviea incident… she tries to put on a happy face, but even she’s got pain within she doesn’t like others seeing.” Looking behind, he lowered the flames so they could go inside, “Vlad actually helped her, you know? He understood that and helped her recover a bit, too…”

A thought went into Alvis’s head at this point. Was it possible that those two…? Was that really part of it? They could be so dense… shaking it off for now, he said, “That might be part of it, Rosario, but perhaps you’d like to see her now, you two? I can tell you a little more about her as we wait for her to wake up…”

“I was quite cautious around Glacia when I learned of her situation with Skathi, as for a Malgravean the concept of the ancestral energy of two people being stuck in one body was quite strange,” Rosario replied, “Looking back it isn’t surprising that the ordeal was quite damaging and I regret not taking her to see someone in my homeland earlier as they certainly could have looked at the impact of it’s presence and subsequent removal but it’s too late to look at past regrets now,” the neko added visibly saddened by recent revelations, “Of course. Hopefully by looking at Glacia I can start to understand what is happening to her,”

“Or my sister and I weren’t by Glacia’s side for long to truly understand… What kind of person am I to even believe in her when I cannot aid my own mother.” Bubble spoke in disgust. “But please show us where Glacia is, Alvis.”

“... please don’t blame yourselves,” Alvis looked sympathetic as they entered. “I think enough undeserved blame is going around today. We need understanding and cooperation, not blame… but anyways…”

He took them into the cozy cottage, where Glacia was fast asleep in the bed. If it wasn’t for the scar around where her heart would be, she would look completely like her normal self. “Please don’t try to move or jostle her,” Alvis stressed, “She is resting well, but we don’t want to stress her out now.”

Rosario couldn’t contain her shock upon seeing Glacia, a small gasp leaving her mouth before she briefly covered it up with her hand, “I can’t imagine the desperation that would drive someone to accept such a violent procedure, no offense Alvis,” Rosario said as she looked at the scar, “Just what medicine or ancestral energy has she been targeted with exactly?” she added

“M-mother?” Bubble slowly approached the elf. “I… I… Her reaction to what Talva did… I know she is merciful to even the darkest of beings… Although, you think she’d still be happy once she woke up from her slumber Alvis? It’s a possible outcome but not certain.”

“I would hope so, Bubble,” Alvis said, “And both Vlad and Shieldy have been treating her, Rosario, but with a few checks, maybe you can tell something about her… hm, while we are doing this, do you want to know about how Glacia even met Skathi? I don’t think she’s ever told you…”

“I’ve read a few of her stories and autobiography online… Mother found Skathi in the battlefield right?” Bubble said.

Rosario nodded in response, the neko focusing her efforts on what she could gleam from Glacia’s injury using a mixture of her own ancestral abilities and medical knowledge taken from her adventuring experience and business in the intelligence service, “I remember her speaking about her history with Skathi but it would be good to know how this all started.”

“Right, then,” Alvis looked apologetic to Glacia, he knew she didn’t like him talking about this, but they had a right to know, “Well, it all started when the two of us were Royal Knights of Silverdale serving Queen Aurora. We, alongside Yuki and Emilia, were sent to investigate a monster attack…”
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Postby Dyste » Thu Jun 23, 2022 4:37 pm

After leaving Aqua’s tower, Glacia found herself in a wartorn field, ruins and old pieces of weapons and armor scattered around. What was this all caused by? It was raining, and Glacia could see her reflection in a puddle; her outfit was a bit more sophisticated, a dress being added on top of the armor. This must’ve been several decades later from her original training, she thought; she was a proper magus by this point. But what happened here again? Why was this one so important again?

As she was thinking, a red dragon flew over her in the sky. Grasping her sword’s hilt, she realized something; Mercurius was on the floor, broken in half. What could’ve done that? No matter, she still had… it dawned on her. She had tried to block this out of her memory, but it was this day, wasn’t it? The day that sent her on the course for the rest of her life.

She saw the red dragon swoop down near her and spew a blast of fire. She tried to dodge out of the way, but then she realized; no, it wasn’t her that it was aiming for. The fire instead slammed into another dragon, a linnorm. “Glacia, be careful!” The dragon shouted. “Emilia and I will attack from the skies, take Yuki and fight from the ground!”

On the other side of the linnorm was a smaller gold dragon also attacking the Linnorm, though she was struggling against it, “Alvis, I can’t get through its scales! It’s too tough!”

Meanwhile a blue-furred foxkin carrying an icy scythe dashed past Glacia, striking at it, “Go down, you wretch! … Ser Glacia, please, hurry!”

“B-but, my sword…” Glacia looked at her beloved blade, snapped in half by the linnorm’s claws, “I can’t…”

“Then try finding something else!” Alvis shouted from the skies, pouncing on the linnorm and biting into its hide.

Glacia looked around desperately for something, anything, to use to help them. Looking around, she saw a rapier of a similar make of her own, but black instead of silver. It looked like it had been here a long time, but at the same time, it didn’t seem worn or rusted at all. If it was a different situation, maybe she would’ve thought about it some more, maybe realized what she was getting herself into, but in the heat of battle, quick decisions were necessary. Even as she internally already knew what was about to happen, she still felt her body lunging for the blade, picking it up… and suddenly, time seemed to come to a crawl.

“... who… who is this?” A voice said. “So… it’s you… I knew you’d come and see me.”

“Wha…?” Glacia had heard that first part in her head over and over again throughout the years, but that second part… that wasn’t right, was it? “What’s going on? … Skathi, this isn’t right, is it?”

Before her, a knight in silver armor appeared, with white hair and golden eyes; he had a beauty and grace to himself that seemed otherworldly, as if he was an angel taking a mortal form. His form seemed to flicker in and out of focus. “”So, you are the one who picked up my sword… Glacia Invernos. A fairly average royal knight and magic user, blessed with two of the finest teachers this land had to offer. Tell me, why do you of all people deserve to be the one to use this sword?”

“Huh…?” Glacia tried to stand up but she couldn’t; her body simply wouldn’t respond to her commands. “I can’t… I can’t move…”

“... that did not answer my question.” Skathi’s expression hardened. “You are aware of who I am, right? I am one of the most illustrious Royal Knights of Silverdalean history, and this is what I’ve been reduced to. And yet, you, a mediocre knight, managed to achieve so much fame over your life. People have called you a heroine, consider you an ideal for any Silverdalean to strive for. You even gained the title of goddess of all things, in spite of having no latent divinity at all. People praise you and live by your way of life. But all I see here… is a fraud.”

“F-fraud?!” Glacia struggled to stand, but her body still refused to listen. Skathi raised his hand, and like a puppet on strings, hers raised too. “Skathi… please…” tears welling up, “I… I need to help them…”

“Oh, they’ll probably be fine without you,” Skathi grimaced. “After all, they’re all better fighters than you are. You just coasted off people with more talent and skill than you all your life, and yet it’s always you that received admiration from the people. And not to mention what you did to me… Glacia, you stole my life from me. Everything I achieved, you took; my sword, my abilities, my accomplishments… you even used the fact of my own connection to the divine to cheat your way into gaining a path yourself. What does that really say about the so-called ‘Savior of Silverdale’, hm? You are truly the worst kind of person, you know that?”

“I… I know…” Glacia had even resigned herself to feeling that way. Deep down, she knew it… she wasn’t anywhere near as good or capable as people thought she was. And now, through her own actions, she was going to end up hurting everyone close to her. She didn’t deserve them… she gave up trying to control her body, giving Skathi full control of her actions. “Just… help them. Please, Skathi…”

“Oh, don’t worry, I will,” Skathi’s face showed nothing but contempt for the elf, “Unlike someone I know, I understand how to actually use what I have to its best effect. Even someone of your meager talents I can use for something like this.” Skathi, using Glacia’s body, moved swiftly as time resumed, striking at the heart of the linnorm with a precise strike powered by the blade’s magic, felling it.

“Wow!” The golden dragon landed and turned into a blond elven woman with long twintails, while the red dragon became a handsome elf with reddish-brown hair. “That was amazing! Glacia, how did you-”

“... Glacia?” the arctic elf’s grey eyes turned gold, as she struck wildly in Emilia’s direction, forcing Alvis to defend her. “No… not Glacia…”

“S-ser Glacia!” Yuki gasped, rushing to defend it before ‘Glacia’ knocked the kitsune flat on her back.

“St-stop that!” Glacia’s voice sounded within her, “Skathi, those are my friends! I… I can’t let you harm them!”

“Oh, so you are still here,” Skathi’s voice said within as the body fought against the other three knights, “I am surprised about that. Good thing your sword skills are still lacking enough for me to not be able to kill them. But you now have a new mentor, don’t you? That dragon… ah, I get it. That’s why you did that…”

“Wh-what do you mean!?” Glacia saw herself fleeing from the other three knights, into the forests.

“What do you think I mean,” Skathi’s voice said as Glacia found herself at a small spring. Looking at herself, she saw Skathi’s reflection looking back at her, as it spoke, “I mean that stupid ritual. You nearly killed yourself over some desire to be a dragon, is that it? You wanted to feel like you were worth something, being more special, right? Pathetic…”

Glacia had resigned herself to this, but something that Skathi said seemed to bring her back to focus, as she felt herself trembling, and she yelled out, in her own body, “NO! Skathi, it’s not that, it wasn’t really! I didn’t do the ritual just because of something like that! I have always strived to be better, to try and maybe be worth all the praise I get, but doing a dangerous ritual like that!? Even I’m not that desperate for it, Skathi. You know me better than that, don’t you?”

Skathi’s reflection faded as Glacia’s returned, and she felt like she was in control of herself again. She dropped to her knees as she wiped away the tears, “Eheh… I guess I really am still a screwup, aren’t I?”

“Oh, most definitely,” a voice came from behind her; Skathi now seemed more in proper focus, and seemed less ethereal and more like a physical presence. Glacia knew that this didn’t actually happen in real life, she didn’t see Skathi like this until fairly recently, but… right, this was still in her dreams. “But so am I, I suppose… I really had no right to do that, to make you lash out at your fellow knights, and to take control of you like that. I had been stuck like that for who knows how long, and all the anger and frustration just… came out when you picked up that sword. I am really sorry about that… I don’t remember if I ever said that to you, but I am.”

Glacia sat on the ground with a sigh, “Doesn’t mean what I did wasn’t reckless, of course. Both back then and now… and I don’t care what happens to me as much as what happens to the others… Shieldy, Yuki, Alvis… Vlad, too.”

“Heh, already he means a lot to you, huh?” Skathi smirked as he sat down as well, “But Glacia, can you knock off this whole ‘I don’t deserve it’ thing at least a little? Clearly you’ve done some things right over your whole life, otherwise you wouldn’t be where you are. Have a little confidence in yourself for once! I wouldn’t have bothered with you any more than I had to if I didn’t think you were worthwhile, and I think the same’s for Vlad. He wouldn’t have agreed to the ritual if he didn’t care, after all.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Glacia sighed, “It’s just that I always see these talented and gifted people all around me and yet I’m the great heroine? ‘Savior of Silverdale’ is such a silly title, lots of people played their part, Skathi.”

“Eh, it’s just a title, nothing to get so worked up about,” Skathi said. “I know I’m not part of you anymore, but I still have something to remind you of; Vlad didn’t actually have any sense of the person you were before meeting you, and yet he still offered to teach you. Maybe that’s part of why you are more at ease around him than most; you know he is seeing the real you and not an ideal of what you are.”

“Heh, perhaps,” Glacia stood up, offering Skathi a hand, “I know we had our differences and conflicts together, Skathi, but you still taught me a lot, and in the end, I think I still would’ve rather grabbed this sword rather than avoiding it.”

Skathi accepted it, “Well, I will say this; without you, I couldn’t have regained my life, and be reunited with my family. So I will always be grateful for that, Glacia. But, I suppose now you need to meet with the next person. I think you’ve put it off long enough, she needs to speak with you. Sword Dancer, Aqua, me… you wouldn’t have met any of us if it wasn’t for her, after all,” he gestured to the forest, a little log cabin a distance away. “... don’t keep Her Majesty waiting.”

Glacia gulped; she knew this one was coming. What would she have to say to her? But she needed to keep moving forward, to find an answer…
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Postby Legokiller » Fri Jun 24, 2022 6:09 pm

OOC: Collab with RA, Dyste, and Glaristant

The three stepped into the Divine Springs, and Vlad turned to Ivrea and Brasa. He frowned as he looked at the two, and now that they were out of the middle of the fight, it was clear for all of Nelvana’s efforts, his wounds weren’t healing fully, bleeding cuts and bruises visible where his clothing was torn. He grimaced as he looked between the two women again. “You two… Ugh. Ivy, why don’t you talk with your mom. I doubt she wants me around anyways, and I need to go handle some personal issues,” he said, turning and walking off before they could reply.

He headed up and out of the center of the thankfully empty divine realm, towards a two story wooden cabin-style house away from the main bustle. It didn’t take him long to get there; despite looking far away, it seemed like it was only a few feet as he walked, stopping in front of the door to take a deep breath. He pushed it open quietly, making his way inside almost reluctantly.

Vlad didn't get too far into the house before he felt a pair of arms embrace him, all the while a familiar body pressed against his. "Thank heavens you're alright, Vlad. I was beginning to worry that I had lost you…." Narris choked out, tears streaming down her face.

“Nari, my bondmate,” Vlad sighed as he felt Narris’ strong arms wrap around him from behind, and though he couldn’t see it, he could hear fear. “I… how much do you know, my love?”

"Well, I do know that someone has been hunting you, love. Keiko had come to me with a vision showing you at death's door, freezing and being strangled by some dragon knight …" Narris said, her voice dripping with fear.

“Well, I wasn’t strangled,” Vlad replied with a forced laugh. “I… I’m alright,” he told Narris, resting his hands on top of hers.

"Vladimir…..please my love, don't lie to me.." Narris said, pressing her hand against some of the wounds on his back.

The man hissed as his wife’s palm pressed against a particularly nasty slash, one that was clearly destined to become another scar on his back. “Narris… I’m not ok,” he admitted, taking another deep breath. “It was Talva, and some group of giants, and someone I think must have been her knight. I think she called him Cori? And then a woman named Kyara… but I’ll be ok. I wasn’t going to die.”

"Little Kyara did this…..You have to be kidding me." Narris muttered as she led Vlad into their bedroom, all the while casting a healing spell on the wound, "I don't believe you, love. Between the wounds and the fact that you had two deities hunting you, that's far from okay."

Vlad hissed, the wounds slowly closing, but proving stubborn the whole time, many still remaining. “Narris, it was fine,” he insisted, “I wasn’t all alone, either… honestly, I’m more concerned about Ivy, the one named Kyara did something to her, and now… ugh. Now Brasa is here, by the way.”
“Vlad…I’ve known you long enough to know when you’re purposefully downplaying the severity of an incident. So please, do not do as such with me….especially not when I can tell by your wounds. That being said….” Narris pulled Vlad into a tight embrace, resting his head upon her chest. She whispered into his ear, her voice sounding somewhat more relieved, “I am glad that you made it home safely. When Ivi took off, I had been worried that the worst had happened….”

“She shouldn’t have come,” Vlad frowned, returning the embrace with one of his own, squeezing his eyes shut. “Narris, when I saw her go down… I didn’t know what to do. I was… I was paralyzed… Everything felt just like… like I was going to lose another child, and be able to do nothing about it.”

“She was rash for doing it, but she couldn’t bear to see you harmed let alone killed by someone. That said, you were lucky it was Kyara who dealt the blow as otherwise….Ivi likely would have been killed.” Narris said, grimacing as she watched her husband, “You’re not going to lose another child, love….especially not if I have anything to say about it. And you shouldn’t be blaming yourself, as there was nothing you could do under the circumstances. Besides, knowing you….you would have fought tooth and nail to protect her even if it had cost you everything.”

Vlad shuddered, his grip on Narris tightening. “Narris… if Ivrea had died there… if she had died there, I don’t think any of us would have been coming back,” he admitted, looking away from his wife. “It would have cost more than just me everything… and that’s part of why I have to leave.”

“I know. That’s why…WHAT?!” Narris gasped, her golden eyes turning red as she processed her husband’s words. Her grip on him tightened in turn as she held him closer, her voice dripping with a hint of anger as she spoke,”Vladimir you cannot be seriously considering taking leave of us at this time. I need you here, as does Glacia….Between her needing you to help her when she awakes and us having a wyrmling on the way, this is the worst possible time for you to take off….”

“Narris, you’re hurting me,” he cautioned her, unable to suppress a pained grunt. “I know, ok? I know, but people almost died! They’re not likely to stop, and where do I stay? In the cabin, where a single wrong move will kill Glacia, which would be my fault? Here, where we can’t keep them out, and put our children at risk?... I received an offer of shelter from the queen of Dyste.”

“We could always retreat to Anfang or Brasa’s realm….That way we could remain together while we wait for our child to be born. Plus Aoife would be around to keep an eye on Glacia, as well as Catherine…..” Narris said, looking at Vlad pleadingly as she spoke.

"You know as well as I that we can't move Glacia, or the children for that matter," Vlad frowned. "I… you're being reasonable, I know, but I'm afraid of the consequences of being around friends or family, Narris."

“Vlad…you can’t just expect me to let you hide out alone in Dyste….And what of our kids…” Narris choked out, a stream of tears beginning to roll down her cheeks.

"I… they'll be safer away from me," Vlad grimaced, his own tears starting to form. "I… Damnit all, Narris, I don't want to go! I'm sorry, alright? I keep… I keep doing things and they always blow up in my face! And I know it's worse for everyone else, but I just… I'm trying my best…" He finished speaking, his voice weak as he looked at the floor. "This was… this was why I knew I wasn't good enough for you."

“Bullshit….” Narris said, kissing him as she pulled him onto a nearby couch. She guided his hands to her stomach, breaking the kiss as she spoke, “You are[/] more than good enough for me, love. Between giving me a purpose and a family, you have more than proven your worth. Look….if this is what you feel you need to do for Glacia and the children’s sake, then so be it. But… not think I am not coming with you to Dyste. At the very least….at the very least I can do that much.”

“I… I would prefer you stay, but… I know better by now. This is an argument I’m fated to lose, as Keiko would put it,” Vlad replied, resting his hand against Narris’ stomach, warmer than usual but otherwise not yet showing. “No matter what, you will be safe. I don’t have any intention of tracking down those who hurt me, but if they come for you… well, they wouldn’t dare try it, right? Not somewhere the ruler themselves has promised protection…”

“Damn right it’s one you’re going to lose!” Narris giggled as she felt a surge of warmth coursing through her. She gave her husband a smile, “Let me put it this way, love. If someone laid a finger on me, they would be having to deal with a litany of angry dragons, deities, knights, and more. That’s saying nothing of the fact that I can still kick some ass even like this….”

kicking ass, Narris, we’ve talked about this,” Vlad frowned. “They would have to deal with the angriest dragon of all, of that at least you’re right. But… I don’t know what to do about the kids, then… they can’t come to Dyste.”

“Well….We could always see if Ornke or Aoife are up to taking care of them while we are away. Alternatively….and hear me out here, we could see if Brasa can watch the kids….” Narris offered.

Vlad’s frown turned into a grimace, then he sighed, nodding slowly. “Brasa is… already here anyways…”

“Oh…dear….Well I suppose we had to deal with her at some point….” Narris said, grimacing in turn., “Hopefully, she’ll accept…”

"I hope so too," Vlad took a deep breath, settling his expression. "Come on, then, let's go ask," he said, taking Narris' hand and walking with her, exiting their home and heading back to where he had left Ivrea and Brasa. He couldn't quite stop the jitters in his stomach, but he refused to let it show, plastering a fake smile on his face.

The two could hear Ivrea groaning as they entered the room, catching a glimpse of the young goddess pouting at her mother, “Come on, mom….It was just a minor injury….Nothing to go and get all worried about…” Ivrea said, her tails waving behind her as she looked back to Brasa.

“Minor? Ivrea, you almost died from that fight.” Brasa pointed out. “And that’s when I stepped into the fray. That means you’ve to stay and come home with me to recover. Not to mention a few new lessons as a ninja is needed as well.”

“Ugh, but I’m happy here….Be it working on my magic with Yuki or getting to spend time with Glacia….I’ve learned a fair amount here. Sorry, but going back home will just undo the progress I've made here….” Ivrea pouted, looking at her mother pleadingly.

"And we need her here," Vlad interjected, his smile slipping. "Seriously, we do. And… maybe you too, Brasa."

“Maybe?” Brasa raised an eyebrow. “And why do you need Ivrea? From what I saw, she’s been away from her actual family for too long and my lovely friends aren’t in the best condition.”

"We are her-" Vlad started to retort, catching himself with a deep breath. "With the situation as it is, I'm leaving, for the safety of my family and friends… and Narris has decided to come with me," he glanced over to his wife. "But right now we have no one who can look after our kids. They… they see Ivy as their elder sister, and she's become a really respectable woman. I'm very proud of her, and am hoping… she could watch them."

“Yeah….Keiko and the other kids there have really grown attached to me, mom….and I’d hate to leave em behind, just to return back home. Huh….really?” Ivrea said, raising an eyebrow at Vlad’s remark, “I suppose i could help, but are you sure I’m the best person to do so? Particularly given I don’t have much experience there….”

Brasa sighed and shook her head. “There will be no child abandonment here for one. I can help care for Keiko and the children with Ivrea at hand. That being said: Ivy is still going to come with me back home as she needs to spend the time there.”

"That… that's her decision," Vlad sighed, gritting his teeth. "She's an adult, and whatever she decides I will… accept. It's not Keiko who really needs your attention, it's Diana, and her younger siblings… but especially Diana…"

“Diana is….Let’s just say that she is going to need ye to keep a close eye on her, Bracel. Suffice to say she be quite the handful.” Narris sighed, shaking her head as she gave Brasa a look of sympathy, “With regards to Ivy, perhaps ye should leave it to her, Brasa? I mean, she is old enough to make her own decisions now….”

“She is old enough, I agree. I know Ivrea can say and enact what she wants to do freely, and I am happy enough she developed in such a way. However, after what happened with the heist sometime ago, the years apart, and the fight with Talva… Ivrea needs to be with her family. Her real one with Tyroth, Constance, myself, and her other siblings.” Brasa stated. “Look, I understand both of you care for her dearly, but I need to spend the time as well with Ivrea and see that Ivrea can improve greatly on her talents. Alongside the time to bond with her.”

"... if that's what you both want," Vlad replied, sliding defeated and exhausted. "I wouldn't ever want to be in the way of her happiness. Come on, Narris… let's go say goodbye…"

“Can you listen to me for once, please? Have you ever thought that maybe I’m happier here, mama? I mean surely the work I’ve done here and what I’ve learned, as well as how attached the kids are to me should count for something…” Ivrea said, seemingly on the verge of tears.

“I understand you found a form of happiness here, but your family would be happy to see you as well… I mean I just hate all the lost time we had when you’re younger, and it’s quite precious.” Brasa said.

"Look," Vlad interjected, a little hope leading back into his voice. "Why don't you stick around, and watch how Ivrea is here, before you make any concrete decisions? When you see how much the kids love her, and she loves them back, I think you'll understand where she's coming from. Not that… well, I'm sympathetic to the lost time. But just… I know I'm not the best at being a parent, but I do love Ivy like my own, alright? So at least see why she likes it here?"

“I’ve been into the Divine Springs many times. However without the Trinity… it’s quite not the same.” Brasa frowned. “It’s gloomy and overall disheartening as of late. But… Look I’d want to see as well, and perhaps invite others to come. I'm worried that this current state is something to avoid for the time being.”

"I don't know about that," Vlad glanced to Narris. "I worry people will take it out on our children… my children."

“Admittedly, we’re not really in a position to argue with you given the current state of things. With both of us being gone, our children will be under increased threat…….” Narris sighed, giving her husband a pained look before she turned back to Brasa, “As much as I hate to admit it, perhaps it is best if we allow you to watch over Ivy and the rest of our children for the time being. Who knows, perhaps you might even see how much Ivi has come to mean to us and the rest of our family…..”

"We would be very grateful," Vlad added. "Would you like to meet them? We need to say goodbye anyways."

“Well then, I’d love to see them.” Brasa made a small smile. “I know this is hard, but I want the best for Ivrea. Hopefully we can all see this occur.”

"Hopefully," Vlad sighed, leading everyone back to the Fleischer family cabin, opening the door only to get immediately ambushed by a white-tailed kitsune with a hug. "Keiko, please," he hissed.

"Dad! I thought you were gonna die! The… I saw the visions, like you know, and you were getting battered and then strangled," the young adult mumbled into his chest, hugging him tight. "And Ivy! It's not her fault, I asked!"

Narris giggled as she saw her daughter, moving to hug both her and Vlad, “You’re not in trouble, Keiko and neither is Ivi. You two did what you thought was right in the situation, something which should be commended. Though, next time…I do advise you speak to me about it before you ask Ivi to do something like that."

"There wasn't any time," Keiko released her dad as she looked at the floor, wiping her eyes. "I can usually tell when something is like, right now or way later, and that was right now," she added, looking up and starting to frown when she saw Brasa. "Why is she here?"

“Heheh, well I love to crash into this realm from time to time.” Brasa winked. “Anyway... Oh you must be the foxy girl Keiko!”

"That's my name," the girl replied, her five tails thrashing slightly. "Just so you know, Ivy is my sister, and I'm not gonna let her go!"

“Oh she’s not going anywhere silly.” Brasa replied. “Besides, you got a new babysitter here.”

"But I'm eighteen," Keiko whined, looking to Vlad and Narris with horror. "I don't need a babysitter!"

"And what about your younger siblings, hmm?" Vlad asked, raising an eyebrow. "Are you intending to take care of all four of them alone?"

“I heard Diana is quite the handful. Perhaps a few extra hands can work out well.” Brasa said.

“Mom and I could use your help, Keiko! Especially with little sis Dia!” Ivrea joked

“Especially with Diana,” Vlad groaned as, right on queue, the sound of small feet running could be heard. Around the corner came a small girl, dragging a multi-colored dragon plushy on the floor behind her, barreling straight past Keiko and even Vlad to grab Narris’ leg. “... I guess even my dragon daughter prefers her mom.”

“Oh you know they love you, dear….It’s just there’s always a special bond between mothers and their children.” Narris said, giving a light laugh as she took Diana in her arms, “That being said, I would appreciate it if you would be able to lend your sister a hand in helping care for the rest of your siblings, Keiko. It…would me quite a bit to your father and I while we are away.”

“I was gonna anyways, mom,” Keiko said, her tails calming down as she watched Narris pick up Diana. “They’ll need big sis Keiko, won’t they?” she added, patting Diana on the head and getting a small laugh in return, as Diana clung to Narris, tilting her head at the one person here she didn't recognize, then held out her plushy to Brasa. "Dwagon!"

“By Glacia…..” Narris gasped, a small smile forming on her face as she looked towards Brasa, “Well, seems you got Di to say her first word, Mari. And yes, Di….she’s a dragon, a very sweet one at that.”

“Aww.” Brasa smiled as she approached Diana and nodded. “The Dwagon is quite mighty indeed lil Diana.”

"I'm glad I didn't miss that, at least, even if they came awfully late," Vlad muttered, catching Diana's plushy as she dropped it and handing it to Brasa. "She wanted you to have it, I'm pretty sure. She likes you; she only gives the lil dragon to a very few people."

Brasa picked up the dragon and gave it a good snuggle. “Aww… Why thank you Diana.” She smiled. She then offered it back to Diana. “Here, the dwagon will need to protect its lil princess here.”

Diana took back the plushy, holding it up and exclaiming “Dwagon!” once again. The little girl was soon clambering up Narris to sit on her shoulders, placing the plushy on her head like a little crown. “Mama!”

“Such a good little dragon princess, aren’t ya Di?” Narris joked, patting her daughter’s head as her lips formed into a grin, “Maybe she’ll even be a dragon queen like you someday, eh Mari?”

"My bondmate," Vlad said, patting Diana as well, "I would rather not think about all the things that would need to happen for that. Us becoming royalty, again for me, and… well, beyond that."

The Marron side of Brasa spoke up with a sigh, “That’ll be the day… look, Nari, regardless of anything, I’ll make sure the kids are taken care of until you can get back, okay? Glacia won’t be recovering forever, she’s bound to wake up any day now. In the meantime, well, you can trust Tynah to give you a place to stay. Just keep safe ‘til then.”

“We will, on that you have my promise. And….for what it’s worth, I appreciate you doing this Mari…er Brasa.” Narris said as she embraced the goddess for a few moments, breaking it as she looked back to Vlad, “Guess we best get moving….”

"We should," Vlad sighed, picking up Diana and hugging her, before handing her to Brasa and giving Keiko and Ivrea hugs as well. "Be good, take care of your sisters and brother. Make sure they take their naps, keep Diana out of the equipment room, and don't forget Araya likes the chapter books, not the picture books when you're putting him to bed."

"Gods, dad, I know," Keiko rolled her eyes, but kept the hug going just a little longer. "Don't be gone too long though, alright? It's been too quiet anyways…"

“They’ll be in safe hands! I’ll keep the pesky doves at bay, and make sure the kiddos are safe.” Brasa said. In the near distance, a portal opened for a certain pink hair mage brasan who appear alongside the goldieloche angel.

“We’ll make sure they’re good little angels while they’re away, Dad and mom! Er…Narris.” Ivrea said giving the two dragons a smile. At the sight of the pink haired Brasan, Ivrea’s eyes lit up as she moved to embrace her. The kitsune’s tails wrapped around the mage as Ivrea pulled her into a tight embrace, “Ah! Little sis, I didn’t think you would be joining us! Now all we need is Dad and it will be a family reunion.”

“I’ll hold you to it, you all. Oh and Ivi, do make sure you and Keiko continue your lessons as well. Just because we’re going away for a time doesn’t mean you can slack off.” Narris said, giving each of her children a hug.

“Aah there’s my darling little fox!” Constance went up to embrace Ivrea. “Sorry for the slow down, but I came over to see if there are a few tomes in the library. Oh, and I have a little gift for you as well.” She then passed over a small ‘Kitsune' magical chef book. Complete with a few spells!’

"Ivy, Keiko, you know the rules on my library, right?" Vlad asked, frowning.

“Aww….thanks, sis. I’ve been dying to try out a few new recipes and spells.” Ivrea giggled as she looked back at Vlad. Her smile faded, all the while giving a nod in turn, “Yes, dad. The advanced sections are off limits to us and visitors, unless we seek permission from you first. Also…we’re not to touch any of the artifacts….:

"Good girl," Vlad smiled at the brown haired kitsune. "Your mom and I have to go, but we'll be back soon enough. You know how to contact us if something urgent comes up… and I mean it. If there's an emergency, you're all my top priority."

“Sounds great!” Constance then thought for a moment and turned to Ivrea. “So, you think this handsome dragon man can hold his own against Tyroth?”

"I think Dad is more than capable of besting Tyroth, sis. Let me put it this way, Tyroth might as well be a hatchling compared to him." Ivrea giggled

“Pff! I know our dad Tyroth bested a number of Bahamut’s dragon champions. So a great wyrm would get humbled by him.” Constance said.

"That's what you think, weirdo," Keiko chimed in. "Dad is like, thousands of years old and the best dragon, he'd beat… almost… anyone!"

"Let me put it this way, sis….Our father may have bested several of Bahamut's champions, but Dad here has gone toe to toe with gods and won. That's saying nothing of the countless demon lords and great wyrms he has bested." Ivrea said, smirking.

“Okay, you three,” Brasa rolled her eyes, “You can talk about how much your dads are awesome later. Please say your goodbyes to your parents, they have to get going now. Don’t worry, it’ll only be for a few days, hopefully.”

“Oh sure mother.” Constance then waved at Vlad. “Cya! I hope your vacation is quite well spent! I know there are a few locations: like my mother’s dragon father’s den. Also the whole shrine to Solis, and the one island with the cute orcs!”

"... right," Vlad sighed, looking worried as he took Narris' hand. "I have my worries about this, but we need to go, love."

"Aye, let's go love." Narris said, taking Vlad's hand as she let out a sigh.

Vlad nodded, waving goodbye to his elder children as he wrapped Narris up in a hug and whispered to her. “I need time to think, so I’d like to fly there, but I’ll start us somewhere safer than before,” he informed her, taking a half-step and leaving behind their home and family.
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Postby Rohane Alista » Fri Jun 24, 2022 6:11 pm

Written with Dyste

Vlad stretched his wings, glancing over at his wife as he pushed himself away from Silverdale as rapidly as he could, yet again; for him, this was a frustrating and tragic event. He wasn’t sure if Glacia would even pull through, and he had barely spent any time at all with his family before leaving. He was already worried about the children, but he hoped beyond hope that at least Diana wouldn’t cry when she realized they were going to be gone again…

”Diana, be a good girl, please,” Vlad muttered, rubbing at a tired eye, following the two year old as she toddled her way towards the front door, where someone had knocked, with a crayon in hand. “I swear to Naga, Narris leaves for two weeks and Diana turns into a little demon. This had better be important,” he sighed, catching Diana up with one arm as he opened the door.

At the doorway was Glacia, the four-year old twins Lumia and Chera following close by their mother, “Hiya, Vlad! And hiya, Diana!” She said as she waved cheerfully at the toddler. “How have you been holding up?”

Vlad rubbed his eyes again with his free hand. He looked worn, sighing as he stepped aside to let Glacia in. “Did we have a playdate scheduled? Sorry, I must’ve forgotten,” he said, holding Diana as she dropped the crayon and reached out both hands for Glacia. “Seems like she’s happy to see you, at least.”

“Awww, hi!” Glacia gave Diana a hug, patting her on the head as well. “Who’s a cute lil’wyrmling? … yeah, Alvis is away, too, something about helping out Thelia with a production or something or other, I dunno the details, but… I figured that the girls can at least see each other. Plus, well, it seems you might need a little break yourself.”

“I’m sure Diana will enjoy it,” Vlad smiled slightly, setting the mentioned toddler on the ground, where she immediately headed off in the other direction. “And there she goes again… she still barely speaks, but she’s so full of energy. I’m getting a tad worried about it, honestly.”

“Well,” Glacia let herself in, the twins going to see Diana, “I have been looking into more about this sort of thing, and I do know that some kids develop at different rates. Chera is already quite bright for her age, and Lumia’s already been showing a lot of early promise at her mock swordplay. That said I would like for her to stop trying to spar with her cousin Silver… a little too young for real training yet. That said… just be patient, she’ll get there. And if nothing else, Diana already seems to be affectionate at least.”

“She takes after her mother there,” Vlad confirmed, closing the door behind them and following the children. “She loves people, always wants to be with someone. I’m glad Chera and Lumia are doing well,” he sighed, running a hand through his hair, leading Glacia into a mess of a living room. He groaned, seeing Diana’s toys scattered across the floor as the two year old went digging through a pile. “I just cleaned this all up an hour ago…”

“Geez,” Glacia looked over the place. “I’d help you out, but I suck at cleaning, or cooking. Flocon and Neige deal with that sort of thing. Heh… for a mother goddess I suppose I kind of am not that great at a lot of things moms do…”

“Considering how well your daughters are doing, I think you’re probably fine,” Vlad pointed out, deciding to let Diana do whatever it was she was planning on as she grabbed a toy sword and a dragon plushie out of her pile, holding the sword out to Lumia. “If anyone in this room is a bad parent, it’s probably me. I’ve been so busy with Diana I’ve barely spoken to Keiko recently… I should check on her tonight.”

Lumia took the sword, going into a battle stance with it, “Yeah, Keiko could use some attention… maybe I’ll look after Diana a bit to let you do that…” Glacia sighed. “Besides, I have no room to complain about your parenting after what I did when I was younger…”

“When you were younger?” Vlad asked, watching as Diana held up the Dragon plushy, making some kind of small roar and acting like she was breathing fire. “You’re still pretty young, aren’t you?”

“Well, I am a little less than 300 now, and this was when I was around… 130-ish? I was barely an adult, I know, but I ended up in an affair with a high-ranking noble, and ended up having two children with them. And because of my youth and the potential scandal…” Glacia’s expression sunk, “... I… was convinced to let their house raise them without me. I know, it was terrible of me, I should’ve insisted more that I be allowed to raise my daughters!”

“Hmm,” Vlad watched as Diana went back to digging in the pile, finding a little toy wand and giving it to Chera. “Well, yes, actually, I agree. You should have fought harder for your children. Do you know how they are now?”

Chera waved the wand and chanted a few magic words, bonking Lumia lightly on the head and making her sister pout. “I know, I know I should’ve… but I actually met up with them a few years ago for the first time in a while. Bubble and Talva… don’t ask about the first name, I didn’t choose it… they’ve both grown into fine women, and I’ve been happy to have them in my life again… but it’s also made me realize that I never, ever wish to do that again. I don’t care what the situation is, I want to be there for my children from now on.”

"Then I think you've already learned your lesson from that," Vlad said, watching as Diana bonked Lumia in the side with the plushy's leg. "I guess, don't be too hard on yourself now, though. You're doing a great job with them," he waved generally in the direction of the playing kids. "And you'll make it up to their sisters, won't you?"

“Oh, well, thanks,” Glacia smiled, feeling a bit relieved, before shouting out suddenly “Chera, no roughhousing with your sister!” the darker-blue haired girl pouted a little but nodded with a quiet “Yes, mama…” before turning back to Vlad. “I met my two eldest daughters only a little while before ascending, actually, and I think it influenced me to make motherhood a part of who I am now. At some point I should introduce you to them, they’ve both turned out really well in spite of me. But for now, I’ll help out here; Diana could use a lil’extra attention, it seems.”

"Oh she's behaving well at the moment," Vlad sighed, just as Diana got bored of the plush and started trying to climb on Chera. "Hey! Diana, no, come on, people aren't for climbing! Why do you always do this?" He groaned, standing up to grab his daughter.

“H-hey, be careful there!” Glacia gasped as she helped, “Chera’s a little on the frail side, Diana, don’t be too hard on her…”

As Vlad grabbed his youngest daughter, his eldest stopped by the doorway. "Hey dad, I'm going shopping… oh, hi Glacia. Has anyone ever told you you'd be a pretty cool dragon?" The kitsune girl laughed before walking away with a wave.

“H-huh?” Glacia was about to say something when she noticed Chera crying, “There, there, mama’s got you…”

Vlad blinked, a few tears escaping his eyes. He didn't need to worry about Diana; she might be a bit simple, but she was a good girl. He made a plan to apologize to Chera and Lumia when he was able to return, hopefully sooner than later.

He did wonder if he needed to speak to Keiko, though. Maybe he hadn’t been quite the dad he hoped to her…

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Postby Malgrave » Sat Jul 02, 2022 3:09 pm

written with Dyste

After Alvis took Bubble and Rosario inside the cabin, they were soon joined by another figure; the red dragon at first seemed apprehensive, before realizing he knew who it was. “Oh… Nelvana…”

Nelvana approached the cabin and was shocked by the desolation done by the ritual. “Did a necromancer pass by while I was away?” She asked. “Yet… the wounds appeared far too fresh than a long period of decay…” She looked at Alvis. “Sir Alvis. It’s a pleasure to see you once again.”

“I… am glad you’re here,” Alvis said, looking around, “I suppose you arrived to all that fighting that happened outside… you’re not hurt, are you?”

“Oh don't worry about me. I am perfectly healthy.” Nelvana then gazed over to the door of the cottage. “However, I do wish to see Glacia.”

“... right, you have as much right to see her as anyone,” Alvis allowed her to enter, “Um, is Vlad okay? He went to see what was going on and asked me to stay to protect this place…”

“I’ve tended to his wounds and Tynah offered shelter in Dyste for the time being…” Nelvana then let out an exasperated breath. “It’s quite strange that the country I created is too dangerous… it’s quite wild to see how far gone these events spiraled down. Now um… let’s see if our dearie is okay.”

“Vlad had to leave!?” Alvis growled, “Argh… so it really was Talva, wasn’t it… great,” he let out a sigh, “Now, normally that wouldn’t be the case, you know that, right? She’s usually such a sweetheart, possibly even more than Glacia herself. But please, come in,” he took the warden of nature inside, where Glacia was resting on the bed with the others sitting by her.

“Had to leave? No, I doubt he was exiled by Talva. There was no court procedure…” Nelvana halted as she looked at the state of Glacia and turned back to Alvis. “W-What happened to our beautiful elven cuddles?”

“Do you remember that ritual that I did with Vlad a few years ago?” Alvis said nervously. “The one that turns one into a dragon? Seems Glacia wanted to do it too, and before I even knew about it, she went ahead with it, and now… well, she’s recovering, but she’s been bedridden for the past month.”

“She underwent the ritual?!” Nelvana gasped in horror. “Wasn’t it too dangerous? This is quite ludicrous for one who is supposed to represent the best of elvenkind.”

“I agree with you there,” Alvis sighed, “But I only found out after it was done… if only she had talked to me beforehand about this… but Rosario here’s trying to theorize why she did this.”

“Rosario’s here?” Nelvana asked.

Rosario bowed in typical fashion after making her presence known to the new arrival to the cottage.

“It appears that Glacia has become quite impulsive and chaotic, as I very much doubt that she would have gone ahead with such a senseless proposal when we were traveling together during our campaigns,” Rosario said, “...usually I would say that it is a pleasure to meet you but since we are meeting due to such unfortunate circumstances it feels wrong to say it,” the neko murmured, “At the moment I am thinking of using my ancestral abilities to get a glimpse into her mind so I can get a real insight into the reasons she underwent this procedure.”

“I’ve no doubt that Glacia would’ve halted her tracks if she desired to undergo such a dramatic transformation back in your campaigns.” Nelvana said. “But dreamwalk? Are you certain this would help Rosario?”

“I wouldn’t suggest it if I wasn’t certain that it would help Glacia,” Rosario told Nelvana, “Malgraveans are quite adept at what you refer to as dreamwalking due to our own connection to the Ancestors so I am quite confident, so I would quite like to start.” the neko added turning to Alvis as if to ask for permission to start

Alvis seemed unsure about this, but it was better than any idea he had about it, “... please do so, Rosario. Shieldy is coming over soon, so she and Nelvana can do a checkup on Glacia, and Bubble’s trying to have a vision of the future, so please do what you can. If you’re in danger or anything, please don’t hesitate to return; I wouldn’t want to risk your safety over this.”

Rosario bowed in gratitude before moving closer to Glacia, the small neko muttering something to herself in Malgravean Ancient before gently touching her friends forehead, a clear look of concentration taking over the nekos face as she worked to focus her own mind to get a glimpse into what Glacia was going through.


Rosario could see a town that looked rather familiar; it was Whiteout Station, the base of the First Order that she first met Glacia in, which had been heavily damaged in the Winter War. Here, however, it looked as if it was fully intact, their homes lined up on the streets. She could see the home that Glacia, Alvis and Princess Snow lived in during their time there, the doorway opened slightly.

Rosario couldn’t help but smile as she looked upon Whiteout Station, the location that marked the start of her adventuring career and her friendship with Glacia and many others over the years, the neko taking her time to admire her surroundings before walking forward and cautiously opening the door.

When entering the house, the living room table was filled with food, including Glacia’s favourite of fish and chips. Flocon the elven maid peeked in, “Oh, Rosario! I didn’t know you were coming today. I was just making a lil’meal for Master!”

“I decided to make a little surprise visit to check up on Glacia,” Rosario said after bowing in greeting, a small part of the nekos attention slightly taken away by the sight of fish and chips, a dish that was both popular in Silverdale and Malgrave, “How has she been lately? I haven’t been able to visit as often as I would like,” the neko asked probing to check the response of this version of Flocon.

“Oh, well,” Flocon looked a little sad, “Master’s been really sad recently, y’know? A lot of things have been getting her down, and I’ve been trying to help her out. I mean, you can’t hide from your pain forever, right?”

“I suppose you're right, Flocon,” Rosario said with a frown, the neko having some recent experience of peoples painful past catching up with them, “Do you know where Glacia is now? I was wondering if I could lend some assistance to your efforts to help her out.”

“Where Master is?” A voice said from Rosario’s side; it was Flocon’s sister Neige, having blue hair instead of her sister’s pink but otherwise looking most identical to her sister. “Well, she’s everywhere here, and nowhere. Do you think you can help her?”

“Everywhere?” Rosario said, a few pieces of her current situation clicking into place as she turned to face Neige, “I think I can help Glacia but for that I could use your help, as I wish to know what you think is troubling Glacia at the moment.”

“Troubling my sister!?” Shield appeared where Flocon used to be; the maid was nowhere to be found, and when Rosario looked away, Neige was gone as well. “But my sister doesn’t have troubles, does she? She’s the heroine of Silverdale, who everyone wants to be! So many people look up to her, like me! Surely someone like that doesn’t have problems, do they?”

Rosario paused for a bit before responding, an attempt to get used to the changing environment that was Glacia’s mind, “Everyone has problems, Shieldy. Glacia’s strength and her heroism is the reason that people aspire to be like her, however, it does mean that Glacia has a lot of pressure placed upon her to live up to those ideals,” the neko said, “It doesn’t matter how strong you are if you attempt to solve everything on your own. I thought Glacia had realized that during our adventures together but perhaps she is fearful of loss? It would explain why she hasn’t called upon us during some of her recent tribulations but surely it is our choice to put ourselves at risk? It’s our decision to fight by her side and taking that away just leads to further problems for Glacia and those she seeks to help.”

An exasperated sigh came from the table as Yuki sat there, trying some of the food, “Yeah, Glacia’s way too bothered by how people view her. You’d think someone as loving and affectionate as she is would try and give some of that to herself? She screws up a few times and she goes into such a bad state; that’s why I’m trying to help her. It’s a bit harsh, but she needs to face these truths head-on, you know? Relying on others to help you instead of trying to handle the burden by yourself.”

“Sometimes you can fail even after making all the right choices and other times you can just be in the wrong without knowing,” Rosario said, the neko having some own personal regrets over her own history with the SIS, “If I refused to consider assistance from others I don’t even think I would be alive, as I am quite the capable engineer and mage but I am quite the terrible swimmer and I not the sneakiest of kittens, however, I can call upon quite a few people that can fill these gaps quite nicely. Why can’t Glacia do the same? What led her to believe that she has to do everything on her own?”

“Well, if you ask me,” a voice Rosario didn’t recognize directly, but the tone sounded similarly to when Skathi had taken over Glacia in the past, spoke up, as a knightly figure leaned against the wall, “I think it’s precisely because of all the praise and such that made her think she needs to be the best she can. It makes every time she fails hurt her that much more; you can trust me, I was in her head for years. Then again, we both are now, aren’t we? And, well, I think you might’ve guessed by now, but I’m not exactly Skathi, or Shield or Yuki or any of them. Do you have any idea who I actually am, then?”

“You were able to create quite a decent representation of Glacia’s friends and family so that leads me to believe that I am speaking to Glacia at the moment, even if I am speaking to just an aspect of the elf I know,” Rosario replied, “It’s probably why you selected this location to be our meeting point, a reminder of simpler times?”

“You are a clever one, I see,” ‘Skathi’ smirked, “I’m part of Glacia’s subconscious, the part connected to her memories and connections. I’ve been taking her on a little trip down memory lane in order to make her understand what brought her to this point, so perhaps she will come out of this better. She’s been repressing or otherwise withholding parts of herself she doesn’t like, but they helped make her who she is. And maybe at the end of it, she can admit a few things about herself that she’s been withholding from everyone, most of all herself.”

“I thought as much when I saw Glacia, her wounds were grave but I can’t imagine they would of prevented her regain consciousness, ” Rosario said with a sigh, a small frown appearing as she contemplated what this meant, “Would it be possible to speak to the Glacia I know or even send her something to aid her on her mission?”

“She needs to handle the trials I gave her by herself,” ‘Skathi’ admitted, “But if you truly wish to help her, there are a few things you can do. For one thing, the physical changes to her body, well… I think they will hurt, so help the others make sure she gets through them well. Secondly, when she does eventually wake up… please still be her friend. The fact that there are people who care about her has helped her get through all of her issues in the past, as much as she’s tried to handle them on her own. Lastly… hm. If you’d like to tell me anything you wish to say to encourage her to get through all this, I’ll try to pass it on. I am part of her, after all.”
“I’ll make sure that Glacia gets the help she needs to make this transformation as painless as possible,” Rosario said, the neko reminding herself to pass on the message to those tasked with healing the physical damage, “...and I may be slightly disappointed at Glacia for going through all this alone but I will always be her friend and that won’t change, so sadly she is stuck with this eccentric neko for quite a while,” the neko added pausing for a few moments as she thought about the message to send to Glacia, “Just tell her that a small neko is patiently waiting for a hug from their favourite cuddle elf and is behind them all the way.”

“Alright, then, I’ll tell Master!” ‘Flocon’ reappeared, giving a bow, “I’ll try and let her know! She’s gonna be meeting with Her Majesty soon, so I’ll try and include that. In the meantime, I’ve gotta get ready. You know the way out, right?”

“I’ll let you prepare for that meeting then,” Rosario said with a bow, the neko making her way towards the exit, “...for what its worth may the ancestors watch over your recovery in here, Glacia.” the neko said, the neko giving a little twist on a traditional saying before she made her way out the building.

As Rosario left the building, the area around her started to fade away, as she was brought back to the waking world…


“Rosario?” Alvis asked, noticing the Malgravean shift in her chair, “Are you okay?”

“I am in perfect health,” Rosario replied, “...but Glacia will need the assistance of healers if she is going to move through this transition, so please make sure that Shieldy is aware of that so she can reduce the pain that Glacia will go through.”

“Right, she’ll be arriving soon,” Alvis said, “We’ll make sure she handles this well. In my case I needed a few days to recover from the ordeal, but I don’t know if it’ll be the same for her. Just… thanks for being here, it does mean a lot.” he had to admit. “... sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”

“It’s all just a bridge over an old river to copy a Dornalian saying, as we all make mistakes from time to time,” Rosario said with a shrug, “Just make sure to remember that relying on others for support doesn’t make you weak, okay?” the neko said before quickly adding, “...oh I was able to get a message to Glacia as well, so hopefully it will help this recovery process that she seems to be going through.”

“Hey, I understand getting help is needed sometimes,” Alvis said, “I just hope she learns that too… anyways, try to get a bit of rest, okay? Nelvana and Shieldy can handle the checkup, then we can discuss what to do next.”

“I told Glacia that we are here waiting for her to recover so hopefully that will cement that message home,” Rosario said, “...and didn’t you hear? Malgraveans don’t need as much sleep as others,” the neko added stifling a yawn, “...maybe just a small nap would do good...just for a few minutes though.”

Alvis would be able to spot Rosario slowly falling asleep, the neko clearly quite exhausted from her trip through Glacia’s mind despite her own protestations and attempts to stave off her own trip to dreamland.
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Postby Dyste » Sat Jul 02, 2022 8:27 pm

(OoC: Co-written with Legokiller)

When Glacia arrived at the cabin, she suddenly felt several sharp pains, causing her to double over. Looking over, she could see she had several bruises and cuts on her, and wounds only freshly healed from magic; whatever happened, she knew she had just come from a battle. But this wasn’t from that linnorm, nor was it a result of Skathi, was it? This cottage… she knew it quite well. It was the very same one she was resting in right now in reality. After that ritual… but she was still in a dream, right? Then what day was this? She couldn’t tell right away, but… wait, Skathi said that she would be here? In that case…

“Please my dear knight, rest.” A familiar voice spoke up. One that was soft but regale, as the mare’s hooves approached. “The battle between the pack of ice drakes left you greatly harmed, but both Emilia and Miko were able to rescue you from it.” Aurora sighed as she looked in pain as she handed over a hot cup of green tea to Glacia.

Glacia groaned as she pulled herself up to a chair, taking a sip of the green tea. “T-thanks, Your Majesty… ugh, so careless of me to be hurt by that,” she sighed. “The attacks have gotten worse as of recent. I hope it’s not a sign of bad things to come..”

Aurora patted Glacia on the head. “Don’t be silly my darling. We’ll have to become a bit of bait for the pack of drakes. But you’ve come here safe and sound.”

Glacia sighed in relief, “Thanks, Your Majesty. But what else can we do about all this? If we cannot end the ice monster attacks, there are far more places at risk than just the Wilderness.”

“Then it is clear that I must address it head on.” Aurora frowned. “A journey into the South Pole to find the source of the ice monsters and seal it. It’d be difficult…”

Suddenly a feeling struck Glacia, harder than any of the bruises or cuts did. It was this moment, wasn’t it? “Are you sure about this, Your Majesty?” Glacia said. “I could gather some knights to investigate it…”

“No need to trouble yourself. I have done the selection of the knights able to accompany me for this task. I do have a quest for you personally to stay at the palace as you’re unworthy to be a part of the trek in the cold desert.” Aurora said.

“Un-unworthy?” Glacia gasped, standing up, before she felt a sharp pain in her back; a wound seemed to have opened up, “P-please, Your Majesty… I must accompany you on this mission… it’s too dangerous…”

“You must rest Glacia. It’d be too dangerous for you to traverse the Antarctic when your wounds haven’t healed.” Aurora patted Glacia. “It’ll be alright.” Her face then became distorted. “Not alright.”

“N-no…” Glacia tried to move up, but every time she tried to resist, she felt only more pain; she wasn’t this badly hurt that day, was she? “B-but if something happened to you, I could never live with myself! I’m sworn to protect you…”

“Why of course you are my sworn protector, but in this state, you cannot protect anyone.” Aurora coldly stated. As her eyes were now like daggers and her ears raised up to listen on the approach of a blizzard outside the cabin. The echo of a roaring dragon was nearby.

“Guh!” Glacia looked around, “Wh-what is that!? Oh no, they didn’t come here, did they…”

“They have.” Aurora said as she made her way to the door. “Don’t overextend yourself.” The alicorn said all as a great, colossal, white dragon landed right in front of the doorway.

“GAH!” Glacia gasped, this dragon…! … and yet, she felt a bit differently about it this time, as if she had a compulsion to defend her territory. Was this the effects of the ritual setting in, or… she shook her head, “Your Majesty, please, be careful! I… I can’t lose you!”

The alicorn opened the door as she prepared her magic to face the great dragon! It was surely to repeat the past as the white dragon raised its head to unleash a devastating ice breath that’d freeze the monarch!

“NO!” Glacia screamed as she stood up among the immense pain, trying her best to fight through it, Aurora was her queen, and she wouldn’t let Garyx take Aurora from her! She lunged forward through the strain, trying to make it to her…

Aurora flew up to blast the dragon’s head with a rainbow ray as the beast breathed down its cold wrath! The two blasts collided and struggled to meet its match. Yet the breath passed over the beam and began to turn the alicorn into ice! Only a dent of magic burnt the dragon’s head.

Glacia felt herself fly up, holding her rapier; her wounds had fully opened up, but she didn’t care. She couldn’t fail her queen again, she had to save her! “YOUUUUU…” she felt an immense anger and rage coming from her as she attempted to strike the dragon with her blade!

As a split second, Glacia’s arm morphs from her frail limb into a massive arm with her blade enlarged and sharp as a great daggered claw! The White Dragon shrieked as the blade pierced its scalies, and caused it to collapse! As the blizzard lesson, Glacia seemed to become less like herself, but something else! A draconic woman with massive wings. All the while Aurora’s encased icy prison began to melt.

“Guhhhh…” Glacia felt her head throbbing as she approached Aurora. She noticed her body was covered in shiny light bluish-silver scales, not the purely silver ones she normally had when she used magic for this. “My queen… Aurora… are you… okay?”

Aurora broke out of the icy prison and rose up her wings! “Ah… G-aryx? Oh no…. Glacia is that you? W-What happened? D-Did you… Did s-saved me?”

“I… I did…” Glacia said, still feeling the immense pain, but managing to withstand it more, “... but of course I did, right? It took me so long, but I did end up saving you in the end, didn’t I? … not like this, of course, but… I promised to save you no matter what it took…”

“You have, but what happened to the elven woman I know and love?” Aurora looked as if she was in pain.

“Wh-what?” Glacia felt a pain in her chest, around where she was stabbed; she noticed a scar there around her heart. “... It’s still me, isn’t it? I’m… still…” she still felt her head throbbing, “Gah… Aurora… you know… it’s me… right?” she was beginning to feel uncertain of that.

“W-why did you changed? Did Garyx or some other fiend transform you into such a being?” Aurora asked.

“N-no, nothing like that!” Glacia held up her hand, the other holding her head as she emitted a low growl, “I… did a little ritual… with a friend of mine. Guess this is… at least part of the result? B-but I’m still me, I know it!”

“Truly? A little ritual to become a mighty dragon? Wasn’t your teacher in the way of the sword, and the finest archmage I had in my court was enough? You’ve hone yourself with a blade, and earn admiration as yourself, and I inspired to be one like an elf. But you turn what made you and elvenkind to a dragon since you only saw the faults and inadequacies. You reach the principle of an elven goddess, but that wasn’t enough?! You slew a dragon deity and demonic lord with your compassion. Yet a dragon that you open up shows hate and territorial instinct. Wisdom of a dragon is something that can be honed, but can be done without a transformation.” Aurora said.

“N-no… that’s not it, Aurora…” Glacia said, standing up tall; the headache cleared as she could actually think clear for once. “I didn’t do this because I hate what I am, and what I’ve accomplished. After all, I don’t have to throw away what I am…” she calmed her mind, as the scales and features receded, and she reverted to her original self. “I am still me.” she said with conviction. “Thanks to what I am, I can be both an elf and a dragon. After all… you managed to become an alicorn and an elf yourself, right… Nelvana?” she smiled, “You did it in part to try and become part of my world, to understand how my people are and open a new part of your life. Perhaps… I’m doing the same?”

Aurora poofed as Nelvana the elf popped up. “Well… I had a little blessing from mother nature to change forms! That being said: your dragon lover might’ve made a whole Blake error! Still, I am happy to be apart as an elfie lover, but I won’t forget who I was most of my life. Please Glacia, don’t forget where you come from, and be an elf and dragon that people love and worship.”

“E-erm, no, we’re not like that,” Glacia said, “He’s my mentor! But… well, you’re right, Nelvana. I don’t intend on discarding who I was… am, just to embrace a whole new way. If you can do it, I can.” She reached over to give Nelvana a hug. “But… I still am sorry I wasn’t with you then, and that it took so long to save you… it had haunted me for decades…”

“I apologize for… well this whole tragedy has occurred! I mean it was a disaster on my side, so the burden is something I must share as well. Now let’s not get worked up on that.” Nelvana gave Glacia a hug. “Remember that you’ve responsibilities as a goddess! Something quite large, and you’ve people who depend on you. Alongside our family and friends of course. After all, a small neko is patiently waiting for a hug from their favourite cuddle elf and is behind them all the way.”

“Of course! I know how many people care about me, after all; if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have these memories. Seems Rosy thinks so too…” she didn’t know how that got in there, but she appreciated the sentiment. “And… I think if I can do that, I must be almost done with all of this…” Glacia looked out into the woods. “... I think perhaps I need to talk to him about it. Once I’m done, I’ll go back to my own duties… as both an elven goddess and a dragon, you’ll see.”

“I won’t lie, but that road isn’t easy! Well, as in trying to tell the folks that you’re a dragon too. A lot of dragon deities around might not be happy campers!” Nelvana said. “That said… This is him… You think he’d be good for your family too?”

“Um…” Glacia was taken off-guard by that remark. “I’ve accepted him in my realm, and while it took a while, he’s grown fond of it and the people there. He’s been a great help for both me and Alvis, and… well, you’ve seen him before! He can sometimes be a bit moody, but he’s quite fun, too, when he’s in a good mood. I enjoy having him around, Nelvana, and, well, people who I can just be fully like my normal self around are really rare! No need to act like a heroine or goddess or anything like that.”

“I guess you’ve the taste for moody dragons in their own favor.” Nelvana teased. “But good luck out there Glacia! Oh, and try to hang out with me more o-kay?”

“You know I always try to!” Glacia giggled, giving the elven druid one last hug, “I’ll see you when I wake up!” … if she ever woke up, she thought as she left the cottage area, needing to confront one last person before she could…
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Postby Glaristant » Sat Jul 02, 2022 8:36 pm

Vlad watched the ground pass underneath him, much of this country still largely the same as when he last made this exact same flight five years ago. By now his emotions had settled, not exactly in a positive way, but into a sense of minor dread and listlessness. It was still better, he supposed, than the last time he had visited the cave he was rapidly nearing, when he had been terrified, angry, and exhausted all at once.

The great wyrm heard the mighty flapping of wings around him as a roar pierced the air around him, all the while he could see a golden form emerging beside him. "You really do need to lighten up, love. We may be in exile, but at least we are getting to have some fun together? Not only that but you get to do one of your favorite things with me. You couldn't ask for a better day," Narris said, flapping her wings as she tried to keep pace with her husband.

Vlad slowed himself down, letting Narris catch him; he hadn’t realized he was starting to leave her behind. “I worry about the kids, my love,” he answered, shaking his massive head lightly. “And everything else. You know I’m that type. If you weren’t here… if you weren’t here, I would probably be driving myself mad with worry about you too.”

"I know, love…..Gods know I worry about them too, but you have to remember that they are in good hands. Between Brasa and Ivrea, they should be fine….." Narris said, slowing down as she caught up with Vlad.

The mountain came into view on the horizon, Vlad slowing further as he prepared to shift into his humanoid form, though the spire of rock still approached rapidly until he pulled up, lowering himself carefully so as not to break the small cliff he was using to land on as he shifted. He waited for Narris to join him with a hand shielding his eyes from the sun.

Narris descended rapidly, landing next to her husband with a heavy thud. She soon joined him in her elven form, a slight smile forming on her lips as she joined him, "Mhmm….it's good to be back. Heh, remember when we stopped over here when we were on the way back from our honeymoon…."

"I don't know if flying by and me pointing out the mountain counts as stopping over, love," Vlad replied with a small smile. "Welcome to the actual cave for the first time. It's, uh… it's not like that cave in Izumi. No floors or enchanted kitchen…"

"We can make do…..Besides, we could do to rough it for a bit…." Narris joked.

"I was enjoying having an actual house to live in," Vlad took her hand and led her into the cave as he sighed. It was much the same as it had been five years ago; it seemed nothing was using it as a lair even now. "Well, I, uh. Welcome to the most romantic place in Mystria, the cave where I started to go totally… mad.,"

"We will be back there with the kids soon enough. Until then…. let's just try to make the best of it…" Narris said with a sigh, allowing her husband to lead her into the cave. She admittedly was surprised nothing had taken up residence there, particularly given the local fauna. 'Heh….we could always try to spruce it up a bit….make it actually romantic…" Narris joked.

"Yeah, we can add… a floor that's not made of sand and rocks," Vlad snorted, kicking a rock out of the way. "Once again, you deserve better than this."

"Vlad….I love you, but gods are you dense at times." Narris said, shaking her head as cleared away another rock. "Even if it's a run down shack or cave, I am happy so long as I am with you."

“I know I’m a bit dense, thanks,” Vlad grumbled, using simple magic to begin cleaning away more of the debris strewn about. “Gods, the way we fell in love taught me that. You wouldn’t believe me, but I didn’t used to be that way.”

"I am rather curious…..What did you used to be like, love?"

“Back when I was young, it was me who made all the first moves with Aiko,” he snorted, but he was smiling softly. “Back then I was bold, and a real leader type. I was head of the royal guards in Sauville!... until we found out the princess was a fake and such, but that happens, I suppose.”

"Heh….you must have been quite the charming wyrm then, particularly if you swept a catch like Aiko off her feet. Honestly, ye almost sound like ye were rather like Diega in that regard." Narris joked giving Vlad a playful smile as she walked deeper into the cave, "You know….I think you still have side of you about….ye just need a little push to reawaken it."

“What do you mean by that?” Vlad raised an eyebrow, slowly following her.

"Oh… maybe get you all riled up like I did when we first met….Have you take the lead on an adventure or two, then see if that will kickstart things…." Narris jokedd

“You’re insatiable,” Vlad replied with a roll of his eyes. “I should’ve known you meant that part of it, Narris, you’ve always liked it that way. Well, probably for the best, this latest fuckup is too colossal to think you meant I should take a leadership position.”

"Not quite what I meant, Goldie." Narris said rolling her eyes, all the while pinching Vlad's ears. "To be fair….It wasn't your fault, love …particularly not with Glacia more or less badgering ye non stop. Plus I think ye be underestimating what ye be capable of once yet get out of yer own head."

“I’m capable of quite a lot,” Vlad lightly tugged her hands off his ears. “And don’t pinch those, please and thank you, you’re well aware it’s not comfortable,” he added, poking her in the stomach lightly. “It’s been a long, long time since I was a leader of people, and the last time…” Vlad shuddered, trailing off and looking lost in his own memories.

"It may have been, yes…..but I still believe ye can be one again provided you let go of that past failure. I mean, surely what ye have created with our family and our friends is evidence enough of that…." Narris said, placing a hand on Vlad's shoulder

Vlad shook his head as the two approached the back of the cave, the sunlight barely reaching here. “It’s not even worth considering until and unless Glacia pulls through, Narris. But… thanks for the vote of confidence. It does mean everything to me, really, to know you still have faith in me even after all these mistakes.”

"Fair enough, I suppose." Narris said, giving a sigh as she kicked a rock out of the way. "Love one of us to….otherwise…well you'd end up back in the place you were before we met. That plus, I have seen no reason to doubt you….even when you have made mistakes."

"Hey, no matter what happens, I'm not abandoning you or our family," the man insisted, wrapping Narris in a hug. "I mean it, even if we have to go to another world entirely, we'll do it together."

"Good…And neither will I, love. Sorry, but you're stuck with me." Narris joked as she returned the hug, pulling Vlad’s head against her chest, "As long as we're together….that is all that matters."

“No matter what happens, you’re my bondmate, Narris, and I’ll always come back to you,” Vlad promised, eyes closed. “There’s no such thing as being stuck with you, only as being lucky enough to have you in my life.”

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Postby Rohane Alista » Sat Jul 02, 2022 8:41 pm

Written with Dyste

Vlad sat on the edge of the small cliff, his legs hanging off as he watched the stars twinkle. Narris was asleep, though he felt pretty bad about having her sleeping in a dingy little cave. Yet, he found himself unable to focus on that, because as he stood and walked to the back of the cave, he remembered the first time he met Glacia, right in this spot, and then the first time he properly opened up about something to her…

It was pretty late into the evening; Diana and Araya had already been put to bed, and Keiko was staying the night with Yuki while Narris was going to bed early for a bit, leaving Vlad alone, sitting on the porch overlooking the realm, a table with a glass and a large red bottle his only company as he seemed to stare past the things in front of his eyes, before softly speaking. "Hi, Glacia. Sorry I didn't get down for today's lesson, Diana and Araya were being a handful."

Glacia floated over, sitting down in a chair nearby, “Oh, it’s alright, Vlad; Alvis got in a bit of a mood today so I needed to help him sort it out. I think he’s still getting used to being a full dragon; physically he’s fine now but he’s been sorting out a few feelings, not to mention more children on the way… so it’s fine, we probably would have been unable to show up anyways.”

"Well, that's fine then," Vlad said, still staring out at the horizon. "If he needs help, tell him to come to me. I probably know what he's going through a bit. How're you, though?"

“Me?” Glacia blinked. “Um, well, I can’t really complain I guess? The kids have been doing well, and Alv’s been good to me in spite of the changes. A little disappointed I couldn’t practice with you today, but otherwise, I can’t really say I’m having any problems.”

"I'll try to be sure to be there tomorrow," Vlad said, sipping from his glass. "Narris is getting pretty far along again, so I've got to pick up the slack. Can't let her overwork herself while she's pregnant, you know?"

“Y-yeah,” Glacia felt her own stomach for a bit, “It’s good to make sure she’s okay during that; Alvis always makes sure whenever one of his children is coming along to be protective, and I’d imagine now he’ll be even moreso. It’s just good to look out for them, regardless of how strong your wife may be. But… I do appreciate your lessons a lot, you know that, right? You helped me get through a point where I was worried I didn’t have any room to grow left, and there’s still more I can learn.”

"Well I don't know how much I really did," Vlad replied with a small smile. "You're the one with all that potential… and honestly, it's partly for me. The stronger you are, the more help you'll be if I ever can't get something done."

“Really?” Glacia seemed surprised, “I mean, so many of these techniques are things I’ve never known about before, and I try my best to keep up; you’ve also shown a lot of skill during the few times you learn something from me, after all. But I can’t really see a situation where I’d be able to help if it’s too much for you…”

"Hmph. You know, even I'm not so great at some things," Vlad replied with a slight smile. "... you did see some memories based around my past, right? When you were… finding me."

“O-oh, yes,” Glacia said; she had not really talked about it with Vlad before, since she knew that most of them were very painful memories for him. “I saw a time when someone attacked you when you were with… your children.”

Vlad drank from his glass again, waiting a minute before responding. "That's actually what I was thinking about, anyways. We're about to have our third child. I had three children last time one was nearly abducted, too…"

“So it happened more than once?” Glacia shuddered a bit; seeing Vlad’s children in peril during that memory set off some instincts in her that caused her to panic and worry about them, not to mention Skathi being still with her then. “... sorry I have to ask, but… what happened?”

"There were a few, most idiotic or self foiling," Vlad replied. "Being related to royalty and blessed by a goddess have that effect. There was one, though… the assailants ambushed me, took me down in a single hit. Weapons that were effective on dragons and cold magic both. I never had a chance."

“What, really!?” Glacia seemed outright shocked; even when she used such attacks on Vlad they couldn’t take him out that easily. “... right, but you were a lot younger and less experienced then… I guess even for you that’d be too much to deal with.”

"Everyone in this place but the children would've defeated me one on one back then, I think," Vlad replied. "But Mt. Aegir made it clear to me, a coordinated team who wanted to could definitely kill me… I don't want to die, of course, but I'm actually more worried about my kids, Glacia. Just like that, my greatest failure. I couldn't protect my own daughter, and just in case…"

Glacia winced a bit, she actually had felt bad about that incident, even if she knew things would’ve gone even worse if they weren’t there at all. “Vlad… you know you aren’t alone anymore, right? Not just with your kids and Narris, but also Alvis, Flora, Shieldy, Yuki… and well, me too, for what that’s worth. We can help you with anything; of course we’ll make sure your kids are safe no matter what, but I don’t want anything to happen to you either, Vlad. Your kids need you, and Narris as well… and, well, I’d miss having you around too.”

"That's what I'm saying though, Glacia," Vlad snorted. "I'm counting on you for exactly that. I… I can't forget how useless I was when the most important things were on the line, so… training you, partly I'm doing it to make sure someone I trust is there to cover my failures."

“Heh…” Glacia gave a soft smile, “It’s not like I’ve never failed myself, I wasn’t able to protect my queen when she needed me the most… but… you really trust me like that, Vlad? I’m still nowhere near your skill, but if you really think I can help, I will try my best. It’s the least I can do for you for all you’ve done for me.”

"You don't realize how much of a weight off my shoulders that is," Vlad said, finishing his glass and finally looking at Glacia herself. "This might be a surprise, given how antisocial I was at first, but I trust you."

Glacia seemed like she was about to cry, “... that does mean a lot to me, y’know? I… was convinced you actually hated me for a while, like I was forcing the idea about you living here with all of us against your will. It only really seemed like when you started to teach Alv and I that you seemed to actually like spending time with us here. And I know you never would’ve done that ritual with him if you two didn’t connect over that. But… thanks for believing in me like that, Vlad.”

Vlad winced, sighing as he set down his glass. “I never hated you, at least when I was in my right mind,” he replied, putting his hands together in his lap as he looked right at her. “I wasn’t sure, about a lot of things, and… I’m a person with a lot of trauma, Glacia. I’m not so good at letting people into my life, even those who force their way in anyways,” he glanced towards the house behind him as he smiled a little. “So I’m sorry, about making you think I hated you. And you’re welcome, but you don’t need to thank me for believing in you. I’m just making a judgment off of what I’ve actually seen, and that’s someone who won’t let any harm come to my family, even if I can’t stop it all by myself.”

“I… well,” Glacia sighed, “I think it’s my fault for thinking you’d hate me, really. I’ve always doubted and second-guessed what I’ve done over my life; somehow I managed to luck out and receive a lot of praise and fame in spite of a lot of people being as or more worthy than me, so in a way, it’s kind of refreshing, having someone around who had no preconceived notion of all that. And if that’s what you ended up with after all the time putting up with this silly elf, well, I’ll be happy to return the favor to you. In spite of everything, Vlad, I am really glad you decided to stick with all of us through this. I’ll try to make sure I’ll live up to your trust.”

“I feel like we’ll need to do something about the self-confidence,” Vlad muttered, half to himself. “I already know you will, Glacia, and for it’s worth, I think there was less luck and more personal determination involved in your rise than you realize. It wasn’t luck that finally got me to trust you, believe me.”

“Oh…” Glacia considered that, and gave a warmer smile back, “... when it comes from you… I dunno why, but I feel I can believe that, more than if I tried to tell myself it… thanks, really. And if nothing else, luck certainly did play a part in you meeting all of us, at least. I’ll consider myself lucky for that opportunity.”

“They’ve always said I’m the luckiest son of a bitch in the world,” Vlad smirked. “Maybe we should go visit a casino as a group, you can see exactly why…”

Vlad leaned back against a cave wall, eyes closed. He didn’t feel lucky at the moment, but he figured it would work out in his favor, somehow. It usually did…

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Postby Legokiller » Sun Jul 03, 2022 6:36 pm

OOC: Collab with Dyste and Rohane Alista

In the warm sanctuary of the cottage from the sharp cold of winter, Bubble went to a secluded room. There was something amidst and the fate of her mother remained unclear. Sure, Alvis suffered little change, but Glacia might face a far greater change that worried her. Alongside her dear sister who struggles at this very moment. What the future holds is uncertain. What possibilities are out there. Lastly: what is this whole transformation that Glacia wanted and risked everything to accomplish?

To try and find some answers: Bubble set up a series of candles and a chalk circle to help meditate and concentrate on the paths of the future. Bubble let out a calm expression as she hoped that this future might be bright. Or worse off for everyone. With one breath, she sat down and closed her eyes to seek out the flow of the future itself.


A village covered in flames appeared before Bubble; the townsfolk were running scared for their lives. As with many of her visions, not everything was in focus, but even with that, there was still no missing the large figures above the village…

The most immediately eye catching was a large golden dragon, or something similar to one, circling overhead, but beside that beast were two smaller silver forms, still large in their own right. One of these smaller forms was barely in the vision at first, then suddenly roared past, ice spilling from its maw onto the village below.

A roaring sound from the other silver dragon was heard above, booming above the screams of the townsfolk, “Flee, if you value your lives!” The icy breath hit one of the flaming buildings, as a shadowy figure walked out from inside of it, “There, sister!” she cried out to the largest dragon, “We must stop it!

"I have it, sister," the largest of the three responded, the flames shining menacingly off of the golden scales as the dragon landed, moving forward with deliberate fury. "You are a fool, and all the more for targeting mine," the dragon roared, letting out a blast of fire towards the figure.

The figure, obscured from Bubble’s view, was caught in the blast of the dragon’s fire; it appeared to be a bit tougher than expected, as it fired a blast of lightning back at the dragon.

Meanwhile some of the townspeople were caught under some rubble as the silver dragon that spoke earlier landed by them, narrowing her eyes, “You cannot move… more frail than I thought…” she grabbed the rubble above them, “GRAHHHH… I won’t accept this…

The third silver dragon, the one that has been doing overhead passes, descended, adding an icy blast at the figure the golden one was fighting, even as the largest dragon recoiled slightly from the lightning. "Sister, let's handle the enemy! Only one of us is strong enough for that!"

But…” it was hard to make out the second dragon’s face, but they seemed to be worried, “... okay, I’ll let her handle this… please hang on a little longer!” She pressed them on the head with her claws as a healing light moved to them, jumping into the fray. “Please be careful, father told us we can’t stay like this for too long!

The being they were fighting summoned black tendrils from the ground in order to try and ensnare the dragons within.

"Sisters, be careful of that magic," The golden dragon commanded, moving to the rubble and lifting it in a single grunt and heave with her claws. "Go! My citizenry will not be left here alone!"

The other silver dragon backed away from the tentacles, hitting them with her breath again, starting to pant. "I don't know that I can stay like this much longer," she announced, her eyes seeming for the barest of moments to change color from blue to red and back, maybe just the reflection of the fire. "What even is that stuff?"

S-sis!” the second dragon vanished, in its place was a humanoid figure with light blue hair, wearing a dancer’s outfit, “Please, calm your mind,” she said as she touched the dragon’s head with a glowing light. “We can beat them without resorting to that, right?”

The other dragon vanished as well, a humanoid figure much the same as the other in its place, except the addition of black horns on her head, and an outfit seemingly more for sneaking than dancing. "Didn't mean to," she apologized. "Now come on, let's beat that guy up before the princess returns to take the credit!"

“R-right!” The dancer replied, “I’ll distract them and you can do your thing!” She stepped forward, “You wish to ruin these people’s lives to serve your own ends? We can’t let that happen!” She moved with a gracefulness that Bubble found familiar as she danced around the tendrils, the figure trying to blast her with fire as she moved, “Please hurry, I can’t do this forever!”

"Don't you worry, sis, I'm on it!" The other figure grinned, two daggers appearing in her hands as she moved forward, not as graceful as the first, but still nearly dancing her way through the tendrils until she reached the figure, one then the other dagger finding their marks once, twice, and a third time. "Big sister was right about one thing, you're a fool!"

The figure was cut down by the dagger-wielder, as the tendrils faded, “Good job, sis!” The dancer exclaimed. Behind them, however, another figure, this one more clearly a humanoid in dark robes, was summoning a fireball in order to launch it at the pair…

"I think not!" A roar sounded out overhead, the large golden dragon landing between the two and the spell, facing down the humanoid in the robes. "Good job, my sisters, now go! I shall handle this, the civilians are gone!"

“B-but…” the dancer gasped, “I don’t want you to be hurt…”

“C’mon,” a male voice said, a tall goatman walking up behind them, carrying a greatsword, “You know her, she’ll take ‘em down. You all try and put out the flames, just like your mom taught you.”

"Oh, so you finally showed up," the dagger-wielding girl said, rolling her shoulder. "Come on, sis, one more run over the town might be enough?" She said, turning back into a dragon. "Bet I put out more than you!"

Oh, you are on now!” the other silver dragon transformed back, taking flight together as they did a steady stream of frost, making the flames recede.

“Not bad,” the goatman took out a microphone, “Now, far from it from me to steal the princess’s thunder here, but lemme just give you a helping hand,” he yelled out words in a language Bubble didn’t understand as the golden dragon was covered in a reddish aura. The hooded figure stepped back a bit, before launching a barrage of ice shards at them!

The golden dragon roared, magic swirling as she grew even larger, the fireball seeming ineffective against her hide. "I will enjoy this!" she exclaimed, making a powerful slash with her claws, tearing through the street and rubble.

The figure went flying back from the dragon’s might, barely able to get back on their feet as they tried one last desperate attack on them, trying to envelop the area around the dragon with an icestorm.

“Please, you really think that’ll work?” the goatman scoffed. “Seems you really don’t know who you’re dealing with…”

"You dare?" The dragon roared, the icestorm starting to settle in as she pushed with her wings, hurling forward and grabbing the mage in a claw, throwing them through a half collapsed wall. "I am not going to be felled by such weak ice! You are a fool and a cretin!" She punctuated this with a blast of fire into the collapsing building, soon put out by a blast of ice from one of the two silver dragons.

The mage could not handle the dragon’s strength and flame, and perished under the assault. “Not bad, princess,” the goatman chuckled. “That’s the last of ‘em; I finished off one, another was an idiot and fell in the rubble, and the others teleported away when they saw how things were going.”

The dancer turned back into a humanoid and sighed in relief, “I’m just glad the villagers are alright…”

The dancer was soon joined by the rogue, who bumped their shoulders together. "With us on the scene? It was always gonna be fine!"

The golden dragon turned, finally shifting to a humanoid form, and though it was hard to tell in the vision, it was clear she towered over her sisters, about as tall as the goatman. "We have done well. Mother and Father will be proud."

“Heh, seems they taught you well,” the goatman shrugged, “But I know Grandma wouldn’t have sent you out here if she didn’t think you could handle it.”

“I’m glad she thinks so,” the dancer said, “I wouldn’t want to bring shame to our family…”

"Oh please," the rogue rolled her eyes. "You couldn't possibly cause as many problems as Big Sis here. Dad's gonna be so annoyed you destroyed another building," she added with a snicker, looking at the tallest of the girls.

"It was in the course of action! It- it was fine!" Came the swift protest. "Father will understand!"

“Buildings can be repaired, but lives are irreplaceable,” the dancer remarked, healing the minor wounds of the tallest girl, “And we can help out if they need it!”

“Heh, always the do-gooders I see,” the goatman sat down, “Mom’s also like that to a fault, so I can see the resemblance there at least.”

"Hmph. What good is a future queen of she doesn't care for her subjects?" The tall girl replied as her wounds disappeared, giving her sister a nod. "Thank you. No time to rest, we must continue on. One of these cretins escaped, who knows what may come?"

“Right!” The dancer turned back into a silver dragon, “Just like mom taught us, we’ll make sure they can hurt no-one ever again!” she said as she took flight.

"Jeez sis, we could just fly normally," the rogue replied, removing her coat as wings formed on her back. "Come on, you know I'm too tired for all that. Can't we go home now? The others can handle this."

“If you feel like it,” the goatman snorted, “But you know the princess here; she won’t stop until it’s done.”

"You are correct," the tall girl nodded. "Now come on, show me where this teleporter was. Perhaps we can find a clue. And yes, sister, that means you, too," she added, grabbing the rogue by the collar to a small grumble.

“You got it, Your Highness,” he stood up with a sigh, “Guess you got more from Grandma than I did…”

As they departed, continuing the mission, the vision became more cloudy, until nothing else could be seen…


Alvis knew better than to interrupt Bubble when she was having one of her visions, as he hung around the doorway to wait for her to finish.

Bubble slowly opened her eyes. She was far more confused about the future, and its meaning. It was far more of a new generation… Yet far irrelevant from what she sought to learn at all. Oh one of those paths. She let out a sigh as she felt nothing was achieved from this search. “Oh… Alvis you’re there… Why have you come?”

“Oh, sorry, Bubble,” Alvis backed off a little, “Erm, the others have just finished the physical examination of your mother so I was going to get you, but I suppose you were looking into something?”

“I attempted to search what the future held for us all once Glacia’s transformation was complete. However, I fear that I dived far deep into the stream itself with another fate of others.” Bubble said.

“Really?” Alvis folded his arms, “Unless they are actually connected… but no matter. Shieldy and Nelvana want to tell us what they found out.”

“A glimpse of young dragons in a sense… Although I doubt you wish to hear such tales.” Bubble said. “Now let us see them at once.”

“Right this way,” Alvis led Bubble into the room Glacia was resting in, the green-haired elven woman and the purple-haired angelic woman on her sides, “So then, what did you find out?”

Nelvana gave a grimace. A lack of any joy, but grave concern as she looked at Alvis. “The transformation of our lovely elf… it has made her far more draconic in anatomy. An increased heart size, increase of muscle mass, slit pupil in the eyes. All weaved together by foreign magic to create an optimal form of a dragoness. At least in the elven guise… At least until wings show up.”

She then shook her head. “I am…. I am worried that one of my examples or teachings must have led her to this point.”

“You shouldn’t blame yourself, Nelvana. It can’t be your fault.” Shield said.

“It is my responsibility.” Nelvana said. “The likely reason is that given what I do, she might’ve decided that becoming a dragon is a way to become far closer to the one she loves.”

Alvis patted Nelvana on the back, “If anyone should be held responsible, it’s me; I should’ve tried to warn her more about the effects of this. But based on how I dealt with it, this means she’s passed the hardest part of all this; most of the physical changes had taken place, she just needs a few more days to recover, I think.”

“That is likely, yes.” Nelvana then shook her head. “Although I do worry that she’d come to regret this decision. She isn’t like myself where I can become a pony once again.”

“No no… That doesn’t sound right.” Shield spoke up. “When Glacia made this decision, to the whole divinity, she didn’t backtrack soon afterwards. She continued forward until it was no longer possible to do so.”

“And besides, based on what she is,” Alvis considered, “Even with all of this, she might still be able to manifest as an elf when she wants? It was something she could do before this, at least… I guess we won’t know until this is finished. I… just hope we can recognize her after all this.”

“It should be possible, yes.” Nelvana nodded. “Although she never did undergo the traditional dragon elf teaches, or upbringing of dragons. The latter sometimes do possess a tribe where a dragon lord commands them like Princess Ember. Although that’s a more loose state. I do worry there’d be another change in her mind.”

“Hm?” Alvis frowned, “What do you mean, Nelvana? You mean if she won’t act the way she used to?”

“A subtle behavior shift at best with her usual personality. Then again it is possible the draconic side expressed one of her behaviors far greater and became aggressive, and lacked a need for company.” Nelvana said.

“If it means anything,” Alvis pointed out, “I have noticed that ever since I did it, I have felt all my emotions more strongly than before; anger, joy, sadness… so it’s possible it might be the same for her. But at the very least, I’ve never had a desire to push away those close to me, and I can’t see someone like Glacia ever being like that.”

“That’s true… Although the changes would impact her greatly.” Nelvana said.

“I have to ask: can we just reverse this metamorphosis?” Shield asked. “Sure, Glacia is alive, but what if our sister doesn’t want to be a dragon anymore after all of this?”

“I… really don’t know, Shield,” Alvis said. “Vlad might know the answer, but we can’t exactly ask him right now, can we? All we can really do now is wait until she wakes up…” he patted the two on the shoulder, “I know both of you would do anything for her, but still, thanks for being here with us.”

Shield smiled slightly. “Why thanks Alvis… Look, I love her dearly, and this is the least I can do as her sister.”

“Oh no worries.” Nelvana then sighed. “I guess after this, I need to visit Snow if she’s successful with Talva.”

“I supposed we’d find out once Glacia awakes, and we meet my sister once again.” Bubble said. “Let’s hope Talva hasn’t brought the government into this fiasco as it is…””

“I don’t think Snow would let her do it anyways,” Alvis said, “She’s not an absolute monarch after all, in the state of mind she was in she wouldn’t have even been able to make a case there for doing that. Hopefully she’s recovered by the time Glacia wakes up, otherwise we might need her help there.”

“Then we’d have to wait and see…” Bubble replied.
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(OoC: Collab with Rohane Alista)

Cori watched out the window as the airship came to settle in Auram; he had been frowning softly at the greenery of Dyste as it passed underneath, not really looking at it. It had been a few days since he had left Talva’s divine realm, needing to get some paperwork in order, some replacement gear, and then the trip itself, where he had elected to take a slower but more comfortable airship over the fastest ones. He hadn’t really wanted to leave her or Silverdale, but he knew staying was a poor option, he himself was unhappy with her and likely wouldn’t have been able to hide it all that long if they had stayed together, and what she needed wasn’t him, it was Snow. So he had left, using the mission as an excuse.

The airship docked, Cori wincing as it jostled him against the railing lightly, but soon enough he was on the ground with a small suitcase. He wore no armor, and his only weaponry was a thin rapier; even his dragonstone and spellbook were gone, only the usual red shirt and black pants left. Still, he headed out of the landing area, intending to find further transport to Valitora for what he was already pretty sure was going to be a most unproductive attempt at delivering an arrest warrant, hoping beyond hope to not encounter anyone who recognized him.

Unfortunately for Cori, someone did indeed recognize him, as a woman with blond hair with pink highlights seemed to be watching him. This alone Cori might’ve dismissed, but as she was looking in the other direction, two hornlike tusks could be seen even from looking at her back. It was a person the dragon elf had not seen in a long time… if it even was her.

Cori frowned, weighing his options, and decided to walk the other way down the street, but he kept his eye on her as subtly as he could. He intentionally moved through the crowd, ducking into an alleyway after a decent distance as he waited to see if she had followed him; if this was who he thought it was, he definitely hadn’t lost her, and she definitely wasn’t going to let him slip away that easy.

If the woman noticed Cori, she made no signs of showing it, as she made her way to a food vendor by the arena entrance. While she was still too far away to make out her face, and the noise of the locals too much to hear what she was saying, one thing Cori could make out; she was buying a large quantity of food, buying three of their largest sandwiches.

Cori sighed; this was definitely, absolutely, for sure Saya. He leaned back against the wall as he watched her, his face betraying his conflicted state of mind. On the one hand, he was here on a mission and should be doing that, and avoiding Saya was quite likely to make it easier. On the other, she was still as beautiful as he remembered, and something in his heart was urgently telling him he absolutely had to speak to her. And, on yet another imaginary hand, he was reminded that they hadn’t actually seen each other in years at this point, and their communication had dried up over that period too, and he was married, not that Mishera was likely to mind; she didn’t seem the least bit phased by him being Talva’s lover, after all, and he intended to marry Talva if ever it was possible, no matter how upset with her he was at the moment. In the end, he froze, unable to decide how to handle this situation when it was real and not a dream.

As Cori thought it over, the pig beastling walked the other direction, allowing him to get a better look at her face; it was undoubtedly Saya Goldenheart, the Dystan he had met about seven years ago at this point. She seemed not to notice him as she went into a nearby alleyway, tapping on a panel against a wall, opening up to let her in.

Cori stood straight, heading for the alley. He knew this was foolish, not the right move; he had a mission! But right now, did it really matter if he was an hour later or not? He had no real faith that Tynah would respect his warrant anyways, and he needed an answer on this more than he wanted to risk angering one of the greatest warriors in the history of the DSA, and maybe Mystria as a whole. He moved as quickly as he could, but hampered by his injury and the crowd as he was, he was quickly losing sight of Saya.

Fortunately for Cori, it didn’t actually appear that Saya seemed to have gone far from the spot she had entered the fake wall from; as the bustling crowd ended as he moved from alley to alley, he came across the fake wall. In the past, Saya had shown him a trick with these; find the spot that sounds different when you tap it, and that’s usually the way forward. Opening it up, he would find himself in a darkened corridor, as a voice spoke up in the distance, “It’s been a while, hasn’t it, Cori?”

“And yet we still play the same old games,” Cori replied, leaving his suitcase behind as he walked forward carefully. “At least… was it before the Winter War? I think it was, right?” He asked, stopping before he went too far; one never could be sure about these kinds of hallways, and right now the darkness suited him just fine.

“Yeah, I guess so, huh?” Saya’s voice replied. “I heard there was someone coming from Silverdale on behalf of Queen Talva, but nobody told me it’d be… well, you. And here I was, eager to send them through my hall of traps, but… ugh, damn it…”

“Oh, I can still go through if you’d like,” Cori offered. “No one else she sent would have followed you like I did anyways, Saya, I would have ordered them not to, though I’m surprised you wouldn’t expect Talva to send her knight captain. Why so keen on the hall of traps anyways?”

“I dunno, maybe she’d send Mishy or someone else,” Saya’s voice got a bit closer, “But… it isn’t fair, is it? I mean, I heard you got wounded recently, and, well… I don’t know what you think of me, but I’m hardly one for kicking someone when they’re down. I want to follow my orders, but that just seems cruel.”

“Oh, I only almost died,” Cori was unable to mask the bitterness in humor quite so well as he usually would. “You know, Saya, I don’t know what I think about you, either. I don’t begrudge you for wanting to follow your orders, though.”

A lever could be heard flipping, as a long sigh followed, “Come on, let’s just talk for a bit.” After the end of a hallway, Saya herself sat in a chair, wearing an outfit Cori would find familiar; it was the same one she bought during a date of theirs when they were helping Talva out in Corneria. “... hey, Cori.”

“... hello, Saya,” Cori said, sitting in another open chair with a grimace. “You kept that outfit, then. It still looks just as good as… gods, seven years ago?”

“Well, it’s been useful for missions when I need to be… eye-catching,” she winked, “I suppose it still works, huh? … and I couldn’t bear to get rid of it. I know what happened… shortly after that, but it’s still a day I won’t forget.”

“I’ll certainly never forget it,” Cori replied, not even making an attempt to hide the bitterness in his tone now. “You and Talva were the highlights of that day, anyways. But, if you couldn’t bear to be rid of it… Saya, do you still… do you still care? About me, about us?”

“Of course I still care,” Saya grumbled, “I can’t believe I met my first boyfriend in the middle of a mission, but… that was never supposed to be part of it, you know? But… heh, you had quite a bit of charm, obviously… you’re married to Mishy, and Talva’s more or less your wife too… I figured that you had mostly forgotten about me.”

“You know that’s silly,” Cori sighed, leaning forward. “Until… well, until the Winter War went down, and then we just stopped talking, I was seriously planning on… anyways, that’s in the past. We can’t change what happened, can we, so. I always thought I did something wrong, Saya, that you finally saw me like my parents do, or something. That’s why I decided to just… leave you alone.”

“... dammit, for two supposed geniuses, we can be pretty dumb,” Saya put her hands on her face, “During the war, I was adventuring with my own party in Silverdale, as part of my training to become the next leader of the clan… but I just never could bring myself to go see you. I just figured after what happened, you’d want nothing to do with me…”

“We could have just talked about it, Saya!” Cori replied, groaning and grabbing his side as he let out a slow breath. “I was trying to talk to you, y’know, about a lot of stuff. We didn’t need to wait this long to have this stupid conversation where we both realize we’re stupid… or, at least, too caught up in ourselves. That was the real issue, wasn’t it? Too caught up in ourselves.”

“Right, you had your duties and I had mine,” Saya looked concerned, “... you know, there’s no way that you can really go ahead with this mission of yours in that state, huh? And if you did, I would kinda have to try and stop you. So how about instead of dealing with that, let’s just take this opportunity to sort things out? Doesn’t seem you could really beat me right now anyways.”

“Well, you might notice my lack of armor,” Cori waved a hand at his rather nice and definitely not protective shirt, “and I think the wounds are obvious, though if you know that means Mishy knows… that’s a disaster waiting to happen,” he sighed before continuing. “You would destroy me, obviously. I don’t even have my own sword, my spellbook, or my dragonstone. All lost. I wonder if you’ve got my intentions wrong, anyways, I only planned to deliver an arrest warrant, I don’t want to fight anyone.”

“I see…” Saya gestured to the table next to her, one of the sandwiches she had bought was sitting there, “I know it’s not exactly the fanciest meal we’ve had together, but frankly I think you might enjoy a little change from the castle chefs or your bake-happy queen.” She naturally was eating the other two. “Even still, we can delay that warrant’s delivery for a bit, right? At least until you’ve gotten more of a chance to rest up…”

“It might even be for the best,” Cori nodded, grabbing the sandwich and eating it much slower than Saya was hers. “I suppose you’ll need to keep this little diversion a secret too, right? Your mission is to beat me up, I assume, not to eat with me.”

“Hey, be glad it wasn’t Riko who got this mission,” Saya smiled, “She would’ve just tried to make up some stupid story about being a fearsome dragonslayer or something. But still… Cori, I don’t know… what sort of thing we are now, but I don’t intend on abandoning my clan, and you can’t, and shouldn’t, leave Talva’s service. You mean a lot to her, too.”

“I have zero intention of leaving my post,” Cori said emphatically. “Even if it wasn’t the job I had dreamed of having since I was in school, even if I didn’t love Talva, and I do, I still wouldn’t leave it… because that job is how I stay connected to my children. You should see them, Saya, Ali would love you… but you can’t leave your clan, and I can’t in good conscience ask you to. That doesn’t mean there’s no solutions here, you said we’re both geniuses in our own rights, so we… I want to see if what we used to have can be brought back, Saya. This is stupid, but… you’ve always been my first love, my one who got away.”

“... heh,” Saya shook her head, “Dammit, we really are hopeless, aren’t we? All because my mother wanted me to be the next clan leader… ugh. Look, believe or not, my position does give me a few perks; Mishy is allowed to serve the queens for a reason, you know? I can go to Silverdale whenever I wish to. I just… didn’t, because… well, I was scared. It’s stupid, I know, I should know better than that, but… I couldn’t take it if I saw you and you just… didn’t want to have anything to do with me.”

“It is stupid,” Cori snorted. “But it’s not like I’m blameless. When Tynah had her coronation, I was in Dyste. I deliberately made no effort to see if I could find you, because… what if you wanted nothing to do with me?” He laughed mirthlessly. “I would say you don’t have to follow your mom’s dreams for you, I’m sure there’s at least one other up and comer with the promise for it, but… it seems like something you want to do, right?”

“I do plan to make the clan something to be proud of,” Saya smirked, “But yeah, I suppose it was really silly in the end of us? … we might be a bit more alike than either of us would like, I guess. Now, c’mon, why don’t you take a bit of time to rest? I know you want to help Talva, but this doesn’t help her or you, going out like this.”

“I really shouldn’t,” Cori shook his head this time, but fell silent and didn’t move. “It might honestly be best for her, too, to have some more time without me to… figure things out. I’m pretty fuckin’ bad at relationships, it turns out. If I agree to taking the time to rest, Saya, will you stay? We can talk, reconnect, maybe figure out if there’s anything we can do… I mean, I have ideas, but I’m sure there’s other things in the way.”

“I mean, technically I’m fulfilling my duties in just doing that,” Saya shrugged, “I’m keeping you from delivering that warrant, aren’t I? So why not just take some time to sort this all out, huh… yeah, that sounds nice. Doing something we want to do for once instead of what people want from us.”

“Just don’t expect too much activity from me,” Cori shrugged. “I didn’t tell Talva, but the rib is definitely broken. And I do need to deliver that warrant eventually, you realize, I hope. I’m willing to let it go for… a little while, but I can’t put my connection with my children at risk. You know damn well how important that is to me, even with the time apart.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know all about that; I told you, I have informants everywhere,” Saya slouched on her chair, “Kind of a bother, really, dealing with it all. But either way, just let ‘em have a bit of time here to rest, while you get a bit yourself now. Hey, if you’re lucky you might finally get to see my hometown?”

“Oh, I bet your mother would love that,” Cori laughed softly. “‘Hey honey, who are you bringing to our village?’ ‘Oh, just the guy I was told to stop no matter what, and also my kind of ex-boyfriend’.”

“Might force her to take a vacation to recover from that headache,” Saya let out a louder laugh. “Makes me want to do it more!”

“Well, why not, as long as you promise to protect me, gallant ninja,” Cori’s own laughter grew with Saya’s, until he took a deep breath and gave her a sad smile. “I missed you. Don’t get me wrong, I have no regrets about my relationships with Mishera and Talva, but I missed you a whole lot.”

“It’s not like I’ve had nobody else in my life since then,” Saya sighed, “But I missed you too. That’s why… well, I’m giving us a chance to maybe make up for lost time, even if it’s just for a short while?”

“If this… if this goes well, Saya, I want you to promise me we’ll find a way to make it work. I don’t want to do all of this again, remember how we were and are, and then have to give it all back up again,” Cori spoke softly, looking right at her, food forgotten. “I’m certain we can find something, but I need to know you’ll be invested too.”

“You know me; when I get involved in something, I see it through to the end,” Saya stood up, offering Cori a hand. “Now, c’mon, these tunnels lead to a path to our village, you can rest up there. … please. I don’t want to see you in this much pain anymore…”

“Is it that obvious?” Cori asked, taking her hand and standing up with a small wince. “I thought I was hiding it better than that. … let’s go. This might be for the best, anyways.”
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Postby Dyste » Tue Jul 05, 2022 8:17 pm

Queen’s Private Meeting Hall, Castle Dyste

After the incident in the Silverdalean Wilderness, Queen Tynah was busy with a few matters to help make sure her guests were not disturbed. About three days had passed since they had arrived, and she figured that was long enough to wait before requesting her guests’ presence at her castle. She had told her retainers to allow him free access when he arrived, as she waited for him.

She didn't have to wait long until there was the loud sound of large wings flapping and the thud of a very large creature landing, though thankfully not on the castle itself or in the front entrance, but a side entrance with a large clear area. The dragon sitting there stretched his wings, awaiting his host, not yet shifting to a form more amenable to the inside of the castle.

Tynah walked out, admiring the mighty dragon; she had only gotten to see it briefly in the fight, having only seen it from afar as she was arriving there. It was quite the sight to behold for her; she had seen several true dragons in her lifetime, but Vlad might’ve been the largest she had seen. “Welcome to Castle Dyste, Vladimir,” she said with a smile, “I trust you have been well so far during your stay in my country?”

"You have a certain cave that I believe I am now the owner of," Vlad replied, craning his neck down to Tynah. "If you're here to tell me to leave, I would warn you that we'll rather upset Narris, but we'll still go."

“Perish the thought!” Tynah looked incredulous, “I invited you to stay here, and I would be a poor host if I reneged on my hospitality! No, I simply wished to meet you properly; I have heard much about you from Flora, and I have wanted a chance to invite you over.”

A large blue eye fixed on her for a moment, and then the dragon was replaced by a man in a blue button-up shirt and white shorts, scars obvious on his legs and arms, though he did indeed still have a sword strapped at his side. "Well, that's good. Uh, excuse the look, I let Narris tell me what's fashionable…"

“Ah, well, I am hardly a fashion expert myself, Petra is the one in the family that is more knowledgeable about that sort of thing. My own expertise is on combat and adventuring, as it were,” Tynah offered him to come inside, “Flora tells me that you happen to be quite experienced in both yourself.”

"Oh, a tad," Vlad snorted. "Petra… that name sounds familiar. It must be a different person, though, unless you have a human sister," he added with a small laugh, entering through the door into the castle proper.

“Technically she is my sister-in-law, married to my brother Rolven,” Tynah clarified, “But we just consider ourselves full sisters.” Tynah smiled as she sat down, “Ah, it is sadly becoming more rare that I get a chance for those during these times, but I try to keep in practice… hm. I hope this is not presumptuous of me, but would you care to spar for a short moment? It is rare for me to meet someone new as skilled as you are.”

"Ah, then I suppose it must just be the same one Narris is friends with," Vlad nodded to himself, casting an eye over Tynah. "I was not exactly impressive when you came to save me, was I? Sure, I'll spar, maybe I can salvage my pride."

“Excellent!” Tynah seemed almost giddy with excitement, as she opened up a training room, practice weapons lining the walls. Vlad could tell all of these had an enchantment on them that made them avoid causing any serious damage to the opponent. “Pick whichever you like, and we can begin,” for her own part, Tynah seemed to be grabbing a few weapons off the walls, including a spear and an axe.

Vlad walked through, picking up a longsword and frowning, then putting it back. He did the same with several rapiers, a shortsword, a falchion, and finally another longsword before he sighed. "Do you have a forge in the castle?"

“Um, we do,” Tynah said, looking over. “Is something the matter?”

"Oh, none of these swords are… well, they're not quite right," Vlad grabbed two longswords off the wall, holding up one then the other. "This one is a little too heavy in the point, and this one has too much weight in the pommel. It means they can't be used flexibly enough. Now, of course, you could point me to a rapier, but those are too flexible and floaty for my style."

Tynah blinked, “Hm, few people could tell the differences in such craftsmanship. I admit, the training weapons are usually not our best work; I usually use some of the lesser weapons from my collection for that purpose. But that is a fair assumption; I would hate to achieve victory over you simply because I did not carry the style you are most proficient with. In that case, I presume you can suggesting to forge one yourself to use?”

"I am," Vlad nodded. "I admit it takes time, but with the right magic you'll barely even notice. I will have to figure out this enchantment though, it's very unique! I've never seen it so skilfully included in weapons."

“Ah, that is Dystan ingenuity at work!” Tynah grinned, “My old retainer, Melux, came up with it so that I would not cause too much damage when sparring! I admit my own abilities with the arcane are fairly limited in comparison… but anyways,” the queen took Vlad into another room, where an immaculately kept forge with an adamantine anvil and hammer were kept, “As it happens, I do my own weapon maintenance, and sometimes make something new as a hobby; it certainly helped when adventuring, though I am no master smith myself.”

"You have the equipment for it," Vlad nodded, testing the hammer. "Well weighted! Good. Let me just take a look at what ores you've got on hand," he muttered, setting the tools back down.

Surely enough, Tynah had a mix of a few ores, including regular and cold iron, mythril, elysian bronze and adamantine at her disposal. “Use what you see fit,” the queen said, “Consider this a little gift from your host during your stay here.”

"I think you've given me enough gifts… but you know," Vlad picked out a piece of mythril, then another of Adamantine. "I've always wanted to do an experiment like this, anyways, so this is the perfect chance," he grinned, lighting the forge with a thin stream of fire from his own mouth. "There we go, nothing as hot as dragonfire. Now I'm going to use some magic to speed this up, but it does mean you won't get to watch the full process. Sorry if that's rude."

“Ah, it is fine,” Tynah said, “But I do request that at some point in the future you show me the full process. I have been hoping to improve my own form, and clearly you know this well. You can always find new things to learn, after all, no matter how skilled you may be.”

"Something I'm regularly reminded of," Vlad mumbled as he cast a spell of some kind. To Tynah, it seemed as if he was instantly in position, creating an alloy of the two metals he had chosen, both fully liquid already, when he looked back at her with a small smile. "Timestop is a great spell for this kind of thing," he chuckled, and then a moment later she saw him, now shirtless and sweating, hammering a piece of thin metal with a frown, muttering to himself. "Needs a little more… something. Maybe some magic…"

“Hm?” Tynah blinked, “Ah, that was impressive! Sadly the arcane arts are not in my field of expertise as I said… I have never gotten a proper grasp of it. Is there anything you need?”

"From you? Hmm. Actually, yes, toss me a small bit of… so you have aluminum?" Vlad asked, surveying the metal. "Just a real small bit. I'm very close on this alloy…"

“Ah, yes!” Tynah reached into a cabinet nearby to take some out, “Here, will this do?”

"Yes," Vlad nodded as he examined the metal. "Alright, this is totally gonna work. And if it doesn't, I'm going to need a new face. But it'll be fine!" He chuckled, and suddenly he was over the forge again, grinning and holding a small orb of metal that he tossed to Tynah; it was warm still but clearly had had time to cool. "Say hello to an all new alloy! I dunno what to make it yet, though."

“Oooh!” Tynah admired the work, “This is quite an interesting alloy! Perhaps one day you can teach me the composition? Ahem, but I digress; you wished to make a sword with this?”

"Well, that's for you," Vlad said, picking up the hammer. "I had a bit extra, so I thought you might like a piece. You're right, of course, it's sword time. Give me a few…" He softly said, spinning the hammer.

He reappeared, once again hammering a piece of metal, this time clearly a sword, with an even bigger grin. "We've got success! Not my very best work ever, but this will do really well. Don't worry, I've left some room to put that enchantment on it too. Also some fun surprises!"

“Excellent!” Tynah waved him back into the training room, “So let us begin when you are ready.” She held out an axe in one hand and a spear in the other. “I am looking forward to this even more!”

"Right, right," Vlad said, pulling back on his shirt and setting the sword on his hip aside, running his hands over the sword he had just created, watching it shine as he took a few practice stabs and slashes. "Ok, I think it's good. I didn't set that enchantment permanently, seemed like a big waste of so much effort, but it won't kill you. Are you ready?"

“Very well!” Tynah went into a defensive stance, “I am ready to see just what you are capable of, Vladimir!”

"Oh, you want me to attack first?" Vlad shrugged, then smirked. "Are you sure that's a good idea? Who knows what kinda tricks I've got?"

“By all means,” Tynah said, “You are the guest here, allow me to be a magnanimous host, GHAHAHA!”

"Well, you asked for it," Vlad shook his head, extending his hand as several flaming chains burst out of the ground and tried to restrict Tynah! "Who said this was a duel? You want a spar, I'll give you one!"

“Oh my!” Rather than being annoyed, Tynah seemed to only be happier with this! Breathing a burst of ice onto her axe, she swiped it to break the chains as they tried to ensnare the queen, “Such ingenuity, but not enough to stop me!” She kicked against the wall to propel herself forward, moving at a surprisingly fast speed for a person her size as she closed the gap. “Seems someone is a fan of surprises; so am I!” She held a crossbow in her tail, able to fire bolts in Vlad’s direction as she closed in!

"Oh, interesting," Vlad said, deflecting several bolts with his sword, taking an odd pose with his empty hand raised in front of him, hand towards the ground, his sword behind him and pointed flat across his chest, his left foot resting on just the toes. "Then let's see what else you've got, but be warned, I'm used to being outsized," he told Tynah, swaying out of the way off a few more bolts as he suddenly lashed forward as she came into reach. "And I never lose to such opponents!"

“I suppose you are,” Tynah admitted, her spear charged with electric energy as she thrusted, a bolt of lightning firing from it, “But what if I was not?” She tapped a charm around her neck as her body morphed into a human form with brown hair, wearing the same black-and-gold cloak she normally did resized as she was able to duck out of the way of the strike that was now too high to hit her, before turning back, clashing her weapons against his sword. “Always use every tool at your disposal, right?”

"Oh, that's a cute trick," Vlad laughed. "It's like fighting myself!" He gleefully exclaimed as he watched her slowly push past his guard. "But you should know I was never a 'stand and parry' type," he added, spinning away, his sword suddenly lighting up with rainbow colors as he struck out at her. "If we're using every trick, have you ever been Prismatically smacked?"

“I cannot say I have been-” Tynah said as she was hit by the sword, being knocked back, feeling the effects of multiple elements, “Hrm, certainly a new experience,” she dropped her two weapons, only to reach into the sash she carried for more, pulling out the badges as weapons formed in her hands, “Hm, no, not that, that is no good for a spar,” she tossed a few away, Vlad could’ve sworn one was a minigun briefly seen, but they seemed to be formed back into badges, “Ah, here we go!” She pulled out an oversized club seemingly made for giants, “Batter up!” She yelled as she swung it!

"I am NOT a baseball," Vlad complained, using his sword to take the hit as Tynah drove him backwards, lifting him off his feet briefly. "Ok, fine, I get it, playtime is over. Time to show you my absolute best, right?"

“Oh, of course!” Tynah chuckled, “I always do, but I recommend you be careful where you stand!” She lifted up her hand as one of the badges she had discarded exploded!

The explosion briefly concealed Vlad, but this was playing right into his hands; he burst through the smoke and dust with the sword in front of him, moving faster than before, small flames licking at his cheeks. "I've been training with gods the last several years, Tynah. Don't blame me when you can't keep up," he warned her, practically flying by with a quick strike from his sword, landing against the opposite wall.

“... who do you think my most frequent sparring partner is, Vladimir?” Tynah seemed to merely be watching for now, only making attempts to dodge rather than fight back for the moment, appearing to be studying the moves. “I think you might be surprised.”

"Let me rephrase: I have been mentoring Glacia and Alvis for the last several years, Tynah," Vlad replied, watching Tynah's dodges with a critical eye. "You're very skilled, true, but I intend to win. My pride wouldn't take it if I let you beat me!" He added with a smirk, letting out a stream of fire around Tynah to attempt to corral her.

Tynah for a moment reached to the Gem of Bahamut, but shook her head, she didn’t want to rely on that when she didn’t need to. Instead, she pulled out a warhammer covered in a frosty aura, slamming around the flames to lessen them, “Ah, Glacia… she is the greatest swordfighter I have ever had the pleasure to fight alongside, and the only one I have acknowledged as better than I in that field, but perhaps I will need to add another to the list if you manage to defeat me!”

"Oh? Well, that's impressive perhaps," Vlad chuckled, his own sword seeming to catch on fire. "Tell me, is it a long list of people who you consider better than you with any weapon types at all?"

“Actually very few, in fact,” Tynah pulled out a golden axe and swiped at Vlad to keep him moving, the hammer’s swings lessening the flames enough for her to step out. “Glacia with swords, Emperor Jacobi with bows, and my father with flails are really the three that stand out so far for me, but I have mastered enough weapon types to accept that sometimes there might be one better than I. It only means I need to work to be better, that I still have room to improve myself!”

"Good," Vlad nodded. "I specialize in swords, but I still am always looking for new ways to improve. It's a good attitude," he said, dashing forward into her face and dipping and diving, making quick but precise slashes, testing her guard.

Tynah at first seemed to be susceptible to the attacks, but after the first few, she seemed to catch onto the rhythm and appeared to be able to guard far better, “A quick one, are you?” She mused, “Certainly works well,” she said as the next time Vlad went in, she struck back with her axe, hoping her superior strength and reach could make up some of the difference in speed.

Vlad smirked, stepping onto the axe, then jumping off and behind his opponent. "Very fast, very lucky," he laughed, striking at Tynah's back!

“GAH!” Tynah managed to at least avoid him hitting her wings, but she couldn’t dodge that attack, though Vlad would find a mace flung in his direction from her tail, “Oof, that is a good one…”

Vlad ducked backwards, not entirely able to avoid taking a light blow to the arm. "Right back at you! Clever trick, the tail thing. I should figure out how to do that!"

“If you have the appendage, why not use it, I saw?” Tynah grinned. “Regardless, I think I have seen what I need to, but I know well enough to see that you wish to finish this spar with a win. So then, why not show me just what else you have up your sleeve?”

"I could just turn into a dragon but it seems unfair," Vlad snorted. "This should be fair game though," he grinned, suddenly erupting into flame, his body seemingly replaced entirely with fire as he suddenly appeared right in Tynah's face. "Feel free to yield!" Vlad shouted, his sword flashing as he struck at her many times, seeming to get faster and faster with each attack as the heat of the flames built.

Tynah seemed to hold on for far longer than Vlad expected, enough for her to finally use the Gem of Bahamut to make one last strike to knock him back even with the flames, but she seemed too worn to continue, “... fine, I yield,” she gasped for air, before bowing her head, “I thank you for the excellent demonstration of your prowess, as well as giving me a better idea of the type of person you are. No wonder Glacia looks up to you so much.”

The flames boiled away, Vlad standing there with a smile as he gripped the sword, giving it a swing or two and then tossing it at Tynah’s feet. “I don’t know about that bit with Glacia, but here. You fought well, and in a good spirit, so take the sword as a thank you. You might find it’s surprisingly nimble for a longsword!”

“Oh! Thank you,” Tynah gave the sword a few swings, “I see, indeed it is well-crafted. Regardless, I will say that I am glad I came to your aid, Vladimir; it is a rare treat for me to spar with someone of your caliber. Perhaps when things settle down we can do it again, but for the time being, are you perhaps hungry? I know a good place to eat around here that I am certain you will love!”

“Oh, sure. Is it overly fancy? I’m not exactly dressed for a black tie dinner,” Vlad replied, shaking his head. “And just so you know, I still feel I owe you. I’ll find a way to repay you properly when this is all over.”

“We can discuss that in the future, then,” Tynah patted him on the back, “For now, I just want you to enjoy your time in Dyste, so you may want to visit again when things go back to normal. And do not worry, it is a personal favourite of mine, no fanciness here, just good burgers!”

“You are… shockingly kind,” Vlad replied, grabbing his original sword and fixing it to his hip again. “Alright, alright. Let’s go get some food, then. To-go, preferably, so I can bring some back for Narris!”
Dyste: A nation of large, long-lived, magic-using dragon-people (Draconids) ruled by a legendary adventurer. Realism? What's that?
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Postby Rohane Alista » Tue Jul 05, 2022 8:21 pm

Written with Dyste

Vlad stood in the mouth of the cave, watching the sun rise, rolling a small package in his right hand. He glanced at it, a small jalapeño stuffed beef wellington from some place called Mr. MooCow's. He opened it, smelling the pepper as he took a bite, and couldn't help but chuckle to himself…

"Come on, you wanted to know," Vlad said, a laugh in his voice even as he watched the pot instead of the person he was talking to. "I know it smells strong! I toned it down, just for you."

“A-are you sure, Vlad?” Glacia stood behind him, looking nervous, “You know I’m a lil’ sensitive to this sorta thing…”

"Well, I actually don't know how sensitive you are, exactly," he said, picking up a bottle of spices, considering them, and putting them back down. "That's why I've been cautious! Still, it's not exactly ice cream, is it?"

“If it was ice cream, I’d be all over it!” Glacia giggled, “Alvis meanwhile gets a headache if he eats it too fast; a lil’bit of brain freeze, I bet.”

"Tell him to start up a fire breath, just a little baby one, it'll warm up his blood," Vlad said, reaching to his left and grabbing some beef which he slid into the pot. "I mean, we can get spicy ice cream, but you wanted to try something I really like, didn't you?"

“Yup!” Glacia nodded, “I wanna experience what you enjoy too; I’ve shown you plenty of things I like, so it’s only fair I get to see something you like.”

"You're very brave," Vlad chuckled, tasting the stew. "Mmm. Not spicy enough for me. Want a try?"

“Oh, sure!” Glacia floated forward, taking a little sip of the stew… she stood still for a few moments before her eyes widened, and she let out a burst of fire from her mouth, “YEOW! HOTHOTHOT!” She waved her arms and panicked, “OWOWOW, WATER!”

"Glacia?" Vlad dropped the ladle, grabbing her a bottle of milk from the fridge and handing it to her. "Better than water. Are you…" he stopped, looking away and pressing his hand against his mouth as he barely suppressed laughter.

Glacia gulped down the milk recklessly, spilling some on her as she chugged it down, before gasping, letting out a little flame as her eyes spinned, “Ohhhhh… geez, I think that was even spicier than that meal with Alvis all those years ago… how do you dragons handle that much…”

Vlad let go, holding onto the counter with both hands as he laughed, leaning over and pressing his forehead against the cool tiles. He didn't seem able to stop, gasping for breath between bouts of laughter, waving a hand at Glacia. "The… the little… the fire! Gods!"

“C’mon, it’s not funny,” Glacia grumbled, before she had balanced herself, trying to stifle a giggle, “... okay, I admit it, maybe it was…”

"It wasn't funny, it was hilarious," Vlad added, chuckling again as he caught his breath. "OK! OK, I underestimated my own spice tolerance, I guess. Oh, gods, your face…"

Glacia couldn’t help but giggle herself, “... you know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you laugh that hard before. Geez, I must’ve looked really silly if I managed that… but I liked seeing that, too.”

"You looked very silly, almost as silly as… well, almost as silly as Aiko used to when she tried my cooking," Vlad explained. "I didn't mean to laugh at you like that, but it was so funny! I promise I won't do it again. Unless you make an even funnier face, then all bets are off."

“... no, I don’t mind at all, really!” Glacia replied, “I… enjoyed that, seeing you having a good time and all. I want you to enjoy your time here, after all; it’s why we invited you here… huh, Aiko also had that?”

"Oh, yeah, she did," Vlad smiled, moving back to the pot and stirring it. "You and her have a lot of similarities. A lot of differences, too, of course, but that face you made reminded me of her. In a good way!"

“Heh, I am glad about that at least,” Glacia winked, though it seemed the shock from the spice seemed to make it a little off, “... so in what other ways are we alike? Sorry, a lil’elfy curiosity here…”

"Oh, it's not an issue. I've made peace with all of that, mostly," Vlad replied. He smiled, a small one, but the second most genuine Glacia would have ever seen him have, only after his wedding day with Narris. "Well… the both of you are amazingly patient people. The kind who don't let life defeat them, but you're also both the kind who never think you're good enough, I think. Aiko, she was always trying to be a better princess, a better cleric, a better healer, a better mother and wife. She always believed there was more she needed to be doing… but she did so much. And she was, is, so gentle and loving. Full of mercy and forgiveness, there were very few things that could be done that would make you unforgivable to her. And, of course, you both make time to humor a grumpy, sad dragon!"

“And maybe we both humored said dragon because we saw something in him that made it worthwhile to do so,” Glacia said with a softer smile, “When you’re happy, the joy is outright infectious, when you are dedicated to something, you give it your all, and when you feel at home, you just seem to make everything more welcoming. Makes everything we’ve done to this point seem worth it, y’know?”

"I…" the man blushed softly, focusing on the pot. "You don't have to go that far! I already like it here, I plan to stick around… that's the first time I've admitted it, I think, but it's true. This is the third place, in my entire life, I've felt like I was at home, and it's partly down to you. And everyone else! But you're the one who reminds me of her the most."

“Everyone’s done their part; Narris, Alvis, Shieldy, Yuki… but if I helped even a little bit, I’m grateful for the results,” she walked over and, after resisting the temptation for years at this point, finally gave Vlad a hug, “I’m happy to have you in our lives, Vlad.”

"Oh," Vlad softly exclaimed, setting down the ladle and returning the hug with one arm. "You know what, I'm glad too. So thanks, for seeing the good in me and letting me into your home. I just hope I continue to make you glad."

“Okiedokies, so you know what else makes me glad?” Glacia asked. “Ice cream! I’m gonna see if we have any to go with the spicy food you made! Perhaps with a little help, I’ll even be able to have a little more of it…”

“Is this revenge, Glacia?” Vlad chuckled, letting her go. “I made you make a funny face with hot stuff, so now you’re trying the same with something cold, aren’t you?”

“Mmmmmaybe,” Glacia giggled, “Or I wanna see if you will start breathing an icy breath if you eat it too fast! I swear I’ve seen Alvis do it before…” she said as she floated off in the direction of her home to acquire it. “Don’t go hiding in your caves before I get back!”

“Maybe I should go hiding in my caves before she comes back,” Vlad muttered to himself, staring at the pot. “... nah, it can’t be that cold. It’ll be fine, Vlad, come on.”

Vladimir stopped chewing, mid bite, swallowing and staring at the slowly rising sun, his hand falling to his side. “Fuck,” he whispered to himself, walking towards the edge of the cliff. “I’ll have to apologize to Tynah for wasting all her efforts, and Narris for putting myself in danger, but I guess I really do need to go back,” he spoke to himself more, his tone rising as he turned and shouted back into the cave, dropping the food now as he slapped both his cheeks. “Damn all of it, I have to go back! When she wakes up… I need to be there! I’m sorry, Narris, but I have to go!” He exclaimed, jumping off the cliff, a dragon soon flying off into the horizon, southwards, towards Silverdale.



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