Wormwood-E Export Anti-Ship missile (FT)

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Wormwood-E Export Anti-Ship missile (FT)

Postby Allanea » Tue May 10, 2022 11:34 pm

Wormwood-E Ship-To-Ship Missile
Art by Wbyrd2022

Length: 4,000 mm
Diameter: 350 mm
Mass: 1,000 kilograms
Warhead: 450 kg
Payload (variants): Octocellulose / HEAP.
Acceleration (Linear in void): 10,000 G
Delta-V: 120 seconds
Guidance: Inertial reference + Active radar + Image comparison / Aetherometric) (Wormwood A)
Price: $5 million / $7 million (Wormwood A)
DPR: $5 billion (all variants included)
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Background: The Free Kingdom Stellar Navy has long sought a design for a standard anti-ship missile that could be exported to allies and partners as a standard shipboard armament, to be used on starships, orbital and ground installations, and patrol craft, to engage enemy spacecraft and fixed installation.

After a substantial level of research, it was decided to make the Wormwood missile available for export. To do so, substantial changes were made from the domestic-use Wormwood, creating the Wormwood-E (Export) by reducing acceleration and downgrading certain aspects of the guidance and terminal approach package. The result is a missile that is still formidable, but which can be exported without creating diplomatic and national defense issues.

The essential principle of the design is a stored combined gravity/plasma propulsion drive and a warhead that is approximately 450 kilograms in weight. Two types of warheads are available - an octocellulose warhead, ideal for use on ground installations and thin-skinned targets, and a focused plasma warhead HEAP warhead, capable of penetrating thick layers of metal armor.

Flight profile: The missile can be launched in a variety of flight profiles. In a long-range engagement, or in an engagement where large amounts of enemy electronic warfare assets are present, it can be launched using inertial guidance, with its active radar/image comparison seeker warhead only activating in the terminal approach. In a shorter-range engagement the radar / image comparison seeker can be active throughout flight.

Moreover, the system may be programmed to use its gravitic drive to decelerate on terminal approach, if confronting an shield system known to be vulnerable to weapons traveling below a certain velocity.

Atmospheric Flight: The Wormwood-EA is capable of atmospheric approach, however when used in atmosphere it decelerates to a high-subsonic speed to avoid destruction of its cowling.

Wormwood-EA: Wormwood-EA makes use of an aetherometric seeker to seek out active thaumaturgical/psionic sources, including but not limited to, psychic beacons, ongoing magical rituals or spellcasting events (though not spellcasters or psionicists themselves unless active), the psychic nodes of psychic-based species, and other similar entities.

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