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A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby South Americanastan » Sat May 07, 2022 10:24 pm


STADIUM: Halifax Uniplex

A large stadium that is able to host games of Baseball, Football (Both American and Non-American), Open-Air Hockey, and many other sports on its large field. Beware of the dirt infield on the western sideline of the field between the 30 yard lines. Capacity of 44,000 via temporary on-field seating.


HEAD COACH: Jack Wall, Age 63

An infamously "old-school" coach, Jack Wall has been coaching for longer than most players have been alive. He has made a habit of deliberately shunning analytics and making decisions based on his own analysis, for better or worse. His defenses are almost always a pain in an offense's ass and his offenses are downright confusing to even some of the smartest pundits. But hey, if it ain't broke...

OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR: Patrick Winston, Age 31

A disciple of Wall, Pat Winston is effectively a carbon copy of his mentor, but younger and more willing to mix in modern concepts. This results in a balanced blend of a tough running game and electric passing attack, earning him success as the Head Coach of the Windhoek Bushwhackers in the South Americanastan Football League, and hopefully in the World Bowl.


Greg Micheals is an ex-Linebacker and a major advocate of a rough playstyle that frequently treads the line between what is legal and what is not. His defenses are tough, even if extremely vulnerable to the deep ball and RPOs. A controversial selection to the national team after being suspended by the SAFL due to a scandal regarding his encouraging of his players to "Make sure their stars go out and stay out of the game", he seeks to prove his rehabilitation with the World Bowl.


Craig, son of Jack, is one of the SAFL's most energetic coordinators, and is a favorite among his players. Often identified by the sheer energy and excitement he displays on the sidelines, he is consistently a fan and player favorite. His playcalling is not to be doubted either, often making shrewd risks and heisting possessions and points from his opponents.






Jimmy Echavaria, Age 24
183 Lbs|5'10"|#10|THROWS LEFT
An undersized lefty with a small hand size, Jimmy Echavaria has made his living slipping through sacks and being a deadeye under 20 yards. A perfect scheme fit for the Wall-Winston offense.

Will Hart, Age 34
203 Lbs|6'2"|#4|THROWS RIGHT

Mick Hassel, Age 21
194 Lbs|6'0"|#9|THROWS RIGHT


Sean "Lightning" Forrester, Age 27
198 Lbs|6'1"|#22
The team's resident speed and receiving back, Sean Forrester exploits holes in defenses and does it well. Flashy, fast, but not much else.

Hakeem "Thunder" Okonkwo, Age 25
219 Lbs|6'4"|#33
A Nigerian-born power back who prefers to go through rather than around, Hakeem Okonkwo is the team's third down back and favorite on the goal line.

Wally Kells, Age 22
204 Lbs|6'2"|#28

Garrett Marson, Age 29
192 Lbs|5'11"|#31


Holly "Jumbo" Warrick, Age 28
239 Lbs|6'6"|#46
The lovable big guy of the team, Jumbo Warrick is a fan favorite and a surprisingly athletic fullback. Lays down blocks and catches the occasional pass, but that's enough for him.


Tanner Wesco, Age 23
181 Lbs|5'10"|#98
An undersized wide receiver, Wesco's speed and sure hands make him one of Jimmy Echavaria's favorite targets. Does both kick and punt returns.

Mike Holt, Age 30
198 Lbs|6'3"|#82
The Ying to Wesco's Yang, Holt is an infamously dirty player and specializes in catching in traffic.

Jan Halmion, Age 27
193 Lbs|6'1"|#76
A jack of all trades, who can do nearly anything asked of him.

A.T. White, Age 34
208 Lbs|6'4"|#79
A grizzled veteran, who, despite diminishing physical skills, often uses his experience and intelligence to beat defenses and mentor the other receivers.

Tom Malhop, Age 19
199 Lbs|6'0"|#81
A star college wide receiver, Malhop was selected due to his raw talent and potential. Unfortunately, he lacks experience and football IQ, which can often lead to rookie mistakes. He's here to learn, and not much else.

Harry Parcell
183 Lbs|6'1"|#85

Wallo Mills
191 Lbs|6'3"|#88


Quinn Larson
204 Lbs|6'2"|#67
A muscular, athletic, dual-purpose tight end. A reliable safety valve for Echavaria and bombastic run blocker.

Warren Harlov
192 Lbs|6'0"|#62
A smaller, more agile, and (As he'll have you believe) better looking Quinn Larson.

Ian Grantile
198 Lbs|5'11"|#66

Randy Werron
209 Lbs|6'1"|#68


J.C Denton, Age 27
219 Lbs|6'4"|#78|LEFT TACKLE
Would be a Right Tackle on any other team, but swapped sides due to blindside being on right. Quick and powerful run blocker. Really likes the Deus Ex games.

Pat Orlen, Age 32
223 Lbs|6'3"|#61|LEFT GUARD
Big and strong, good pass and run blocker.

Gary Plack, Age 23
207 Lbs|6'5"|#52|CENTER
An agile and explosive Center, great at getting up the field and hitting the second level.

Zak Plack, Age 23
212 Lbs|6'1"|#53|RIGHT GUARD
Identical twin of Gary Plack, with a similar playstyle and skillset. Also the team's long snapper.

Ron Irleaman, Age 27
221 Lbs|6'2"|#59|RIGHT TACKLE
A quick, agile, and dirty right tackle with long arms. Knows how to get away with almost any penalty in the rulebook.

Earl Wehrman, Age 25
215 Lbs|6'3"|#64|INSIDE O-LINE

Amon Haskell, Age 31
224 Lbs|6'2"|#72|INSIDE O-LINE

Percy Wallen, Age 21
227 Lbs|6'5"|#73|TACKLE

Rand Brown, Age 26
223 Lbs|6'3"|#57|TACKLE



Bill Wisniewski, Age 23
209 Lbs|6'2|#79|DEFENSIVE END
A first-generation Polish immigrant, Wisniewski is the Bear's most formidable pass rusher, a perfect blend of agility and strength, if a bit lacking in the "understands English" department, which is liable to cause miscommunications.

Owen Franklin, Age 32
228 Lbs|6'3"|#92|DEFENSIVE TACKLE
A big run stopping defensive tackle, Owen Franklin doesn't do much more than clog gaps.

Thomas Killian, Age 28
214 Lbs|6'2|#94|DEFENSIVE TACKLE
A somewhat smaller run stopping defensive tackle, who can also pass rush if need be.

Walter Olzmauer
203 Lbs|6'3|#69|DEFENSIVE END
A fast and agile defensive end, Olzmauer specializes in beating blockers around the outside.

Earl Micheals, Age 25
207 Lbs|6'1|#97|DEFENSIVE END

Jack Cranston, Age 30
203 Lbs|6'4|#78|DEFENSIVE END

Lance Ulstom, Age 22
221 Lbs|6'2|#89|DEFENSIVE TACKLE

Yanne Eckers. Age 25
218 Lbs|6'3|#87|DEFENSIVE TACKLE


Thom "Hammer" Sommelsson, Age 26
A hard hitting linebacker who isn't afraid to take a couple hits so he can dish out his own. Fan favorite and subject of the popular chant "Bring down the hammer!"

Pete Warrick, Age 23
Warrick is the leader of the South Americanastanian defense, with a booming voice and great football mind. A true student of the game.

Red Matrikan, Age 21
197 Lbs|5'11"|#49|OUTSIDE LINEBACKER
Undersized and outshined by Sommelsson and Warrick, Matrikan is small, quick, and agile contrast to the rest of the defense. It can feel like he's everywhere on the field at once due to his ability to cover ground.

Earl Olsen, Age 35

Matt Camel, Age 29

Jack Mastel, Age 23
191 Lbs|6'1"|#99|MIDDLE LINEBACKER


Ahmad Trianon, Age 24
194 Lbs|6'3"|#24|CORNERBACK
A tough cornerback who's not afraid to rough up receivers and plow into them as soon as the ball hits their hands.

Mack Johnson, Age 27
187 Lbs|6'2"|#29|CORNERBACK
A seasoned ballhawk and lockdown corner. Can put a receiver on an island, though questions about durability linger due to his size.

Erik Nicholson, Age 29
197 Lbs|6'1"|#37|STRONG SAFETY
A big strong safety who isn't afraid to come up and play the run. Has room to improve in the technique department.

Pat "Poker" Larson, Age 25
191 Lbs|6'3"|#39|FREE SAFETY
A smart and agile free safety. Great at bluffing and tricking quarterbacks, messing with reads and earning him the nickname "Poker".

Daniel Harris, Age 20
197 Lbs|6'0"|#21|CORNERBACK

Wally Jackson, Age 25
192 Lbs|6'1"|#25|CORNERBACK

Randy Karr, Age 28
193 Lbs|5'11"|#29|CORNERBACK

Trey Yannson, Age 26
187 Lbs|6'1"|#27|CORNERBACK

Earl Garrinham, Age 31
199 Lbs|6'0"|#34|STRONG SAFETY

Johannes Rasmussen, Age 27
189 Lbs|5'10"|#36|FREE SAFETY



Allan Shepherd, Age 36
176 Lbs|6'0"|#7
Big legged kicker that struggles with accuracy.


Robert Malone, Age 33
182 Lbs|6'2"|#1
Strong-legged and accurate punter.


Bob Mickelson, Age 29
197 Lbs|6'4"|#54

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Nothing that lasts for more than a game
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: Only for one game
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: No
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Postby United Adaikes » Sun May 08, 2022 1:10 am

The Federal Republic of the United Adaikes
National Gridiron Football Team

Coaching Staff:
Position			Name			Sex	Age	Remarks		Team
Head Coach Anita Stanton F 38 Gridiron Football Federation of the United Adaikes
Offensive Coordinator Pris Allison F 45 QB Coach Silverleaf University
Defensive Coordinator Kourtney Crisp F 43 DL Coach River Valley University
Assoc Defensive Coordinator Moira Hunnicutt F 58 University of Evergreen
Special Teams Coordinator Aleah Savage F 39 TE Coach Panorama University
RB Coach Fletcher Spurling M 44 Silverleaf University
CB Coach Daley Goddard M 43 Squiston Jets*
OL Coach Huxley Palmer M 32 Silverleaf University
WR Coach Garnet Bronson F 40 Spring Hill University
OLB Coach Conrado Woods M 36 Silverleaf University
ILB Coach Lucia Haward F 43 Steskia Raiders*
Strength and Conditioning Leonard Drake M 40 Golden Oak University
*Domestic Team

Offense: Starters in bold and has ^ in their names
Nr	Name			Position	Sex	Age	Last Played In
1 Michele Vasquez^ Wide receiver F 23 Linraunds Cowboys*
2 Austin Garner^ Quarterback M 22 Silverleaf University
3 Stephani Lynn^ Wide receiver F 23 Towmes Rams*
4 Irvine Royle^ Running back M 23 Wrarnerbadshot Gridiron*
5 Tracy Noel Wide receiver M 21 Silverleaf University
6 Roland Hamm Quarterback M 23 New Roenage Thurhopers*
7 Dakota Benton Quarterback M 23 Steskia Raiders*
8 Shaye Feliciano Running back M 22 Panorama University
9 Andre Oliver Running back M 19 Greenlands University
10 Elvis John^ Wide receiver M 19 Panorama University
11 Barrett Sweet Wide receiver M 27 Bridlo Falcons*
12 Kimberley Rosario Wide receiver F 23 Silyatown Saints*
13 Forrest Easom Wide receiver M 23 Endjor Bills*
14 Luciano Christopherson Wide receiver M 23 Endshe Panthers*
15 Zenia Whittemore Wide receiver F 26 Telscog Hawks*
16 Isaiah Rigby^ Place Kicker M 20 Silverleaf University
17 Drummond Outerridge Wide receiver M 20 River Valley University
18 Perpetua Vipond Wide receiver F 20 University of Ravenwood
19 Joisse Horne^ Tight end F 22 Silverleaf University
20 Flora Elder Place Kicker F 21 Greenlands University
21 Loreto Hudson Running back M 19 Silverleaf University
22 Gladys Garey Punter F 18 River Valley University
23 Adriana Beasley Tight end F 19 River Valley University
24 Constant Rana Tight end M 21 River Valley University
25 Raegan Herriot Tight end F 20 River Valley University
26 Placid Stacks Tight end M 35 Nememslow Lions*
27 Catharine Rounds^ Long snapper F 18 River Valley University
28 Pascual Power^ Punter M 26 Telscog Hawks*
50 Jenelle Leach Long snapper M 19 Silverleaf University
51 Bruce Walsh Offensive line M 23 East Fairdesshields Ravens*
52 Mar Kersey^ Offensive line F 19 Greenlands University
53 Ileana Gibson Offensive line F 24 Endshe Panthers*
60 Jinny Nielson^ Offensive line F 23 Wrarnerbadshot Titans*
61 Carran Rivas^ Offensive line M 19 University of Ravenwood
62 Lanford Bellamy Offensive line M 23 Endshe Panthers*
63 Arthur Wootton Offensive line M 21 University of Ravenwood
64 Camron Nieves Offensive line M 20 Panorama University
65 Americo Thornton Offensive line M 22 Panorama University
70 Sabrina Matthews^ Offensive line F 23 Silyatown Saints*
71 Paz Deadman^ Offensive line F 23 Linraunds Cowboys*
72 Michayla Rose Offensive line F 20 River Valley University
73 Coral Post Offensive line F 23 Wrarnerbadshot Gridiron*
74 Esme Derrickson Offensive line M 20 University of Ravenwood
75 Lydia Boothman Offensive line F 23 Bridgeside Cardinals*
*Domestic Team

Defense: Starters in bold and has ^ in their names
Nr	Name			Position	Sex	Age	Last Played In
1 Wilkie Ray Safety M 20 Silverleaf University
2 Feliciano Milburn^ Safety M 20 River Valley University
3 Kemp Flores^ Safety M 18 River Valley University
4 Juan Francisco Mortimer^Linebacker M 23 North Shil Jaguars*
5 Kike Blanco^ Cornerback M 23 Gasple Browns*
6 Rhett Norris^ Cornerback M 23 Radyu Vikings*
7 Nieves Masterson^ Linebacker F 18 Panorama University
8 Gabriella Scrivener Linebacker F 23 Stonenchordon Steelers*
9 Balduino Shelby^ Linebacker M 21 River Valley University
10 Arden Dickson^ Linebacker M 20 Panorama University
11 Danielle Midgley^ Defensive line F 20 Spring Hill University
12 Marco Leach^ Defensive line M 18 River Valley University
13 Scot Goddard Defensive line M 19 River Valley University
14 Zechariah Mora Defensive line M 23 West Lucha Bucks*
15 Cameron Bloodworth Defensive line M 20 Panorama University
16 Katriona Barnes Defensive line F 18 River Valley University
17 Winston Parkinson Defensive line M 18 University of Evergreen
18 Bonnie Coburn Defensive line F 20 Silverleaf University
19 Cearra Nowell Linebacker F 27 Endshe Panthers*
20 Salome Chancellor Linebacker F 18 Greenlands University
21 Korey Eliot Linebacker M 22 River Valley University
22 Eartha Cantu Linebacker F 19 Spring Hill University
23 Sydney Jarvis Linebacker F 22 Panorama University
24 Lorenzo Traylor Linebacker M 19 Panorama University
25 Walton Dabney Linebacker M 22 University of Evergreen
26 Treasure Brand Linebacker F 27 Silyatown Saints*
27 Maura Hayes Linebacker F 23 Fastdar Bears*
28 Dustin Leonard Safety M 21 Panorama University
29 Adan Sharman Safety M 20 Panorama University
30 Presley Scrivens Cornerback F 21 Panorama University
31 Anthony Harlan Cornerback M 18 River Valley University
32 Alannis Ibbot Safety F 22 River Valley University
33 Gabino Donalds Safety M 18 River Valley University
34 Dolores Simms Cornerback F 20 Panorama University
35 Jasmyn Sniders Cornerback F 19 River Valley University
44 Anaya Castilla^ Defensive line F 23 Pricepud Dolphins*
47 Esmee Haight Defensive line F 23 Red Forthdor Patriots*
*Domestic Team


Home Stadium:
Scorpions Stadium
57, 000 seating capacity
Upper Sportstown, Steskia, Thraproy, United Adaikes

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: TG me first
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Suspend my players: TG me first
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: TG me first
Style Mod: -2.9
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Postby Saint Kanye » Sun May 08, 2022 8:16 am


The 44th edition of the World Bowl will be unlike any other that the St. Kanye Surge had previously participated in. Two hosts, four teams per group, and three meetings against each of the three other teams in the group. Aside from the usual home and away series, there will be a third game held on neutral ground, which in the Yeezies' case, will be somewhere in Ranoria, one of the two aforementioned host countries. The draw saw them in Group H alongside a familiar, a not so familiar, and a somewhat familiar foe - to find out who they are, read on.

The other host country made their debut in World Bowl 41. The Elephants won their very first game, against the Surge of all teams, but the turntables turned later in the group stages, with the latter getting back at the former. No longer the plucky upstarts, SNL are now known as the twelfth best side in international gridiron, but even as our boys in purple and lime sit in sixth, they're still very wary of the possibility of an upset.

The 27th-ranked Quebecois have a very rich sporting history, but they have never faced St. Kanye except in basketball. If those old clashes in the IBC are anything to go by, expect a lot of noise during all three of their games, what with the two participating countries having such passionate and dedicated (if rowdy) fans.

Every tournament has its enigmatic newcomers, the ones in which the Surge must prepare for just about anything and everything. Will they be facing an air raid team or a ground attack one? Offensive powerhouses or defensive stalwarts? It's like a mystery loot box, except in gridiron team form.

The Surge players themselves were asked which of the teams in the other groups are the ones to watch out for as the tournament goes on. All of the usual big names are there, but also a couple of surprise picks in the mix.

"Not only are they the world's #1, they're also two-time defending champs, and neither win's a fluke. If they keep playing like they did during those two tournaments, they'd be huge threats to make it a threepeat. The goal for everyone else will be to try and stop them. Especially us, since they knocked us out of their way during both title runs." - Noah Sherman, running back

"These guys climbed up eight spots in the world rankings [from #12 to #4]. Eight! They're scary in the college game, which makes for scary additions to their pro team during every World Bowl. We're 3-0 against them, but that only makes them hungrier and hungrier for revenge." - Patrick Moore, wide receiver

"Swept us last season, and climbed ten spots [#13 to #3]. That Jake Griffin dude was like the perfect rival to our very own R.J. Linetti. Now if only their kicking game was more consistent." - Oliver Law, strong safety

"How's a list like this complete without our rivals? It's especially infuriating because they like their results ugly. Like, who cares if every match finishes three-nil? To them it's fine, as long as they're the three." - Greg Malloy, tight end/punt returner

"The way they keep downplaying themselves in the news kinda acts like a sort of reverse jinx. Whenever they say how much they suck, they end up destroying their next opponents." - Robby Edison, nose tackle

"They try hard, but fall short during the past few Bowls. I feel like one of these years they'd go off. Might be this one, but we'll see." - Isaak Clearwater, gunner

"They've got a long World Bowl history. Skipped a few editions, apparently to build up talent. Now they're back, with a roster full of stars from their domestic league. Would be interesting to see if all the wait has paid off." - Mitch Grant, right tackle

The schedule for the Surge has also been released, including uniforms to be worn each week (subject to change at any time, though):

| MD | Opponent | Rank | Uniform | Score | Record | Place |
| 1 | State of Imperial Russia | UR | Purple/Purple | | | |
| 2 | Quebec and Shingoryeo | 27 | Purple/Black | | | |
| 3 | @South Newlandia | 12 | White/Purple | | | |
| | BREAK | | | | | |
| 4 | @State of Imperial Russia | UR | White/White | | | |
| 5 | @Quebec and Shingoryeo | 27 | White/Purple | | | |
| 6 | South Newlandia | 12 | Purple/Purple | | | |
| | BREAK | | | | | |
| 7 | State of Imperial Russia (N) | UR | Purple/Black | | | |
| 8 | Quebec and Shingoryeo (N) | 27 | Purple/Purple | | | |
| 9 | South Newlandia (N) | 12 | White/White | | | |
Gale Force Racing (NSSCRA Main Tier)
18 Jeremiah Brooke (S9 Champ) | 27 Stacie Houston (S7 Champ, S12 Runner-up) | 46 Thea Alvarez (S10 Runner-up)

Skip Stiller Speedworks with Max Gannon (NSSCRA Second Tier)
20 Daryl Calhoun (S11 Champ, S10 Runner-up) | 22 Pyotr Lavrentiev | 30 Lexi Patterson

IBC 20, 22, 23, 24 (Basketball)
NSCAA 11 (College Basketball)
IC7 II (7ball)
Arena Bowl VI (Arena Gridiron)
NSSCRA 9 (Stock Car Racing)

World Bowl 42 (Gridiron)
NSSCRA 10, 12

IBC 19

A to the O, baby

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Postby Delaclava » Sun May 08, 2022 1:14 pm Football

Wright still motivated despite standstill
Star QB, Phoenixes core not going anywhere soon

Being one of the best only works for so long. Making semifinals like clockwork, rising to second in the world, it's good enough until you realize it's not what you came for, and what you came for may just be too far out of reach.

But in a pre-tournament press conference in Quinniville, Delaclava Phoenixes quarterback Taurus Wright insists neither he nor anyone else has reached their breaking point.

"We're just getting started," Wright affirmed. "We're objectively one of the best teams in the world. In our minds too, we're the best team in the world, we just haven't let everyone know yet. That's what we're setting out to do. No way are we finished."

The Phoenixes have assembled quite the record in the past three tournaments, scoring multiple victories over Banija, Sarzonia, and Drawkland while also defeating the likes of Newmanistan, Saint Kanye, and Allamunnic States. In World Bowl 43, on the road back home, Delaclava put together a group stage record of 10-0 and assembled an overall winning streak of 16 streak, extending back to an Atlantian Oceania title. But their tournaments have come to an end at the penultimate stage three times in a row - losing 10-3 to Drawkland, 23-16 to Ranoria, and 37-10 to Ranoria again.

Pundits may have pointed to the lead of longtime wide receiver and captain Kevin Alés, who chose to call it quits after that fateful drubbing at the hands of Ranoria in Catherina. But Wright pointed out that it was a much different situation for Alés, who is several years older than the rest of the Phoenixes core.

"When you get to his age and level of experience, you know you can't last forever. I know Kevin was looking for his moment to call it a career... He said it best, you don't get to write a perfect ending. Win or lose, finishing in front of his home crowd was as good as it gets. For the rest of us, we're still years away from thinking about those things."

"I know myself personally, I've given way too much already, I'm getting as much mileage and as many opportunities as I can."

Wright, 30, takes the helm as QB1 for the third World Bowl, and it's been a bumpy road to get here. A skilled but unheralded Lansing State alumnus, Wright worked his way to domestic stardom with the Catherina Crushers, then emerged from a quarterback and coaching controversy in World Bowl 41 to lead the Phoenixes to what was then a surprising and fortuitous third-place finish, earning an All-Star selection for himself. But Wright struggled with the added pressure and attention at World Bowl 42, and caused quite a stir with issues of substance abuse and impaired driving, at one point threatening his eligibility to make the trip to Buffalostan. World Bowl 43 was a redemption story for the signal caller and the Phoenixes looked more dominant than ever with Wright's newfound sobriety and motivation, yet the end result on the bracket was no better.

His teammates have noted that Wright is committed to his new attitude and focus. "He's dialed in," said center and Crushers teammate Alex McFadden. "We all are. We're all on the same page. We're ready to kick ass in the group stage and get back to mixing it up with the rest of the world's best."

And coach Frank Newman indicated that Wright has embraced his new captaincy, replacing Alés. "You always want your quarterback to be a natural leader, and he's grown so much the past few years. It was an easy choice. And he's taken it upon himself to bring the younger guys into the Phoenixes culture."

And, believe it or not, Wright says, winning isn't the only reason to step on the field. It's the love of a brutal yet beautiful game that has given him everything.

"There's still joy for us when we step out on the field," Wright explained. "That's why none of us are even close to calling it quits or passing the torch. We've had some losses that have hurt bad, but we're not numb or apathetic to it. We still believe we're in the right place we need to be. We still want to step on the field and roll the dice, and get the satisfaction of giving it our best. It really is a game we're playing, after all."

Wright lamented the reduced opportunities to play in front of the Delaclav fans; already the final stage will be elsewhere - in South Newlandia or Ranoria - but an altered format means the Phoenixes will only play three games at home. But as Wright pointed out, "Without getting too far ahead of ourselves... it would be pretty sweet to go play in Ranoria and get one back over them."

Delaclava opens with one of those three home games at Sullivan Stadium in Quinniville, facing tenth-ranked Sarzonia. It's a welcome return to Sullivan Stadium, which hosted all of Delaclava's home games for four consecutive World Bowls before the Delaclav Gridiron Association chose to select other venues in World Bowl 43. Orton City will host unranked Venmere at Lake Boston Field, while Valhalla will host newcomer Kyhun at White Wilderness.
2x WORLD BOWL CHAMPIONS (13 & 15) ~~ Current World #1 in American Football
Champions of World Team Tennis Championship 2 and 3, World Cup of Masters III, Atlantian Oceania Bowl 5
2nd: World Bowl 11, International Basketball Championship 31, World Junior Hockey Championships 16 and 17, AO Hockey Championship 7, AO Basketball Championship 5, World Lacrosse Championship 16, AO Baseball Series 3
3rd: World Bowl 41, 42, 43, and 44; International Basketball Championship 35, World Cup of Hockey 16, AO Basketball Championship 6 and 7, Di Bradini Cup 15
4th: Baptism of Fire 34

Hosts of World Cup 55, Cup of Harmony 44 and 46, Baptism of Fire 72; World Bowl 11, 15, 39, and 43; IBC 7 and 31; AOCAF 31; WJHC 16; etc.
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Postby Ranoria » Sun May 08, 2022 5:54 pm


Welcome To Ranoria:
Krauts Prepare For Campaign To Defend Home Turf And Retain Their Throne

The Krauts warming up before one of the team's joint practices with Banija's Serpent Eagles

Most athletes are arrogant. Many coaches are just as bad. We all know that. And if we made millions of dollars per year to do something we actually like, we'd probably be a little on the arrogant side, too.

It's on prime display in the NSCF - with top schools from Kohnhead, Banija, and Ranoria in particular having a strong tendency to go at each other's throats through the media. But we're not exempt from it at this level, and where these players may be held in check on their domestic teams, its harder for a coaching staff to wrangle in quotes from players who they get to mentor once every two years... and those coaches don't seem too worried about doing that.

Throw that in with a team that has two world championships in World Bowls 42 and 43, well, that's a recipe for a team that thinks they're the class of the world. Reports from the team's training camp have been positive - the Krauts have been as dialed in as ever. Head coach Raul Nieler makes sure of that at least, with a coaching staff consisting of a nice mix of old-school approach and innovative minds with the same goal in mind.

It's a difficult balance, though, between keeping the weight of impossible-to-exceed expectations from becoming to heavy and checking the egos of these elite players. Perhaps the prime example during the brief training camp was the position battle at defensive end.

The Krauts brought in 2029 RFL defensive rookie of the year Albatross Vergol and true rookies Gideon Kearse and Abram Fairbanks to compete with the standing starters. Those two, of course, were none other than Angelo Gordon and Zach Skinner. Between the two, they've been to seven Ranorian Football League championship games and won four, with the same number of combined defensive player of the year awards. Gordon in particular has been instrumental in both of the team's championship playoff runs as a terror off the edge.

That said, Skinner is 33 years old, past his prime. Gordon suffered a broken neck during domestic play three seasons ago now and hasn't been the same. Vergol is a monster, and Fairbanks and Kearse are each arguably generational-type talents. For players with the resume of Gordon or Skinner, it was a blow to their pride to be knocked down a peg, while for those youngsters, the heights they achieved in their collegiate careers are only more noise to add to the buzz surrounding them.

If they don't produce immediately, there will be questions. Veterans in the locker room have questioned the decision, but ultimately no one on this team things that - mistake or no - it'll be enough to derail them. Remember how we mentioned athletes are arrogant? Well, RSSN picked a few of the best quotes we got out of these players.

Quotes from HC Raul Nieler [left] CB Darnell Sleight [top right] and SS Judas Wolfson [bottom right]

'Kay, maybe the last one wasn't arrogant so much as it was worrisome. Wolfson's always been a heavy hitter, some would say dirty, with his late hit on Taurus Wright at the tail end of the World Bowl 43 semifinal coming to mind.

Speaking of, word has it the Phoenixes are still the best shot at ending our streak of World Bowl victories. It would be ironic - should both teams go all the way - if the Phoenixes were able to knock off the Krauts in Ranoria City the way we beat them in Royster two years ago now. But there are other threats, there always are. Saint Kanye's Surge and the Banija Serpent Eagles have the firepower to win a shootout against anyone, and they will not go quietly into the night. Chromatika's Iron Legion is led, of course, by none other than Sarai Gwenderyn, who recently won the RFL championship. Drawkland looks poised for a bounceback after moving on from a long-despised head coach in Averfel.

But of course, what we really want to know is whether or not the Krauts and Dragonflies will finally square off.

They're the best two teams in the World Bowl's recent history without a doubt. One of the greatest defenses in history against our Garrett-led attack. If there's a heavyweight bout everyone wants to see in the knockouts, that's the one. Nothing is guaranteed in this sport and both teams could hypotchetically be eliminated before they get to that long-awaited duel, but with a reduced field and their ending up in the same bracket, this is the biggest opportunity we've gotten to see it play out.

We'll have the popcorn ready.
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Postby Banija » Mon May 09, 2022 10:19 am

ABSM Breaking: It's official- GFLB pursues long-rumored radical 8 city expansion; to move to 24 teams by the start of next season


BUSUKUMA, NATIONAL CAPITOL REGION- There have been rumors that the Gridiron Football League of Banija has been looking into expansion for quite some time. With the explosive success, both on and off the field, of the Shango-Fogoa Premier League, there have been rumors that the GFLB felt that they were quite under-monetized as a league. That, at 16 teams, they were too small, there weren't enough teams, there simply wasn't enough inventory for large-scale monetization of this gridiron league. The S-FPL, and their success, has shown Banija's top gridiron league the possibilities. "We've seen the success of Loyola-Istria and Northern Moravica in the NSCF, of course." The Commissioner said. "But that didn't necessarily mean that success was repeatable on a professional sporting level."

But indeed, it is. Banijan sports are in an interesting place. You could make a decent argument that Banija is one of the most hit places in the world, in terms of sports globalization. And with it- one of the greatest beneficiaries. "People thought it was radical when the Shango-Fogoa Premier League was formed." Said one business analyst. Let's get into it, then- for those non-association football fans, what is the S-FPL? Of course, Banija has operated its own soccer pyramid for years, and when the Busoga Islands declared independence after the Banijan-Equestrian War(of World Cup 80), the six professional Busoga Islander teams stayed within the pyramid. It was a pyramid where everybody was happy. Simply two tiers- 20 teams in the top tier, and four, 12 team regional leagues, jointly operating the second tier. As is common in soccer, there was promotion and relegation. It worked for everybody, Banija's clubs were slowly making the climb to international relevance.

And then, of course, came unification. When FFFF President and Faroleran President-For-Life Alex Terán, as well as RBSA Executive Chairman Robel Ezera, walked out together on a stage in Busukuma and shared this announcement to the world, it was stunning. It was, as some might say, titanic. Is that giving them too much credit? Maybe. But it radically changed how club soccer worked in this country, forever. We added a level to the pyramid. We grew into Farfadillis, and with that unification, the league expanded exponentially. While the BSL was decently popular, the S-FPL is now a global force. Competes for the best players, and it is at the heart of the success of quite a few Banija clubs, particularly Kitara AA- who have even won the IFCF Champions League.

What does all that have to do with gridiron? Expansion, Expansion, Expansion. "IN gridiron, 16 teams are too small for the modern era." The Commissioner has said. And many things have changed over the years. WE've been at 16 teams since Banija's population was 86 million- now, it is 133 million and growing. More young people in this country, and the GFLB wants to ensure that they become fans of gridiron. But it goes beyond that. We talked about globalization, yes? It is all about ensuring dominance. The GFLB believes that they can, like the S-FPL, be a league with global relevance. "We've got a fantastic infrastructure for a consistently elite standard of gridiron in this country. But we are not in a position to show it off. Only 8 games a week? Far too few. We expand, we are in more Banijan cities, and by having more foreign players, we have global relevance."

The largest league in the world, right now, is the RFL. And it makes sense. They've won the last two World Bowls. Banija has yet to win one, and our national team is seen as faltering. But the GFLB sees itself as an equal to the RFL, and believes it can surpass their eternal gridiron rivals in every which way. "The GFLB is absolutely capable of surpassing the RFL as the best reservoir of talent in all of professional football." The Commissioner said. "Even look in nearby countries. Not only is there a massive reservoir of talent here at home, we are capable of going out to other countries and bringing that talent here. Places like Chromatika, Valanora, Kohnhead, Siovanija & Teusland, even Quebec and Cassadaigua, etc... Those are all places where the GFLB is going to be ready to compete for talent."

They're going to have to- when was the last time a sports league you know expanded by 8 teams at once? We'll see if the GFLB can pull off so much expansion at once.

The ultimate question, of course, is where will those teams go? Here is the List of Current GFLB Teams. What are our expansion options?

Domestic Expansion Options
Second Team in Jinja City, Hangaza. Population of 3,319,000
Second Team in Herzegovina City, Moravica. Population of 2,934,000
Bwubanza, Bunyoro. Population of 1,272,830
Isipongo, Buganda. Population of 798,000
Hawabark, Buganda. Population of 786,000
Taramazna, Moravica. Population of 439,492
Mamari, Kitara. Population of 472,101
Igulu, Hangaza. Population of 732,302
Mukeruzi, Ankoke. Population of 657,220
Kosactus, Moravica. Population of 654,020
Kabakono, Kitara. Population of 597,202
Luguyala, Aksum. Population of 498,929
Busemlu, Buganda. Population of 482,029
Corizova, Moravica. Population of 447,000

A big list of places, am I right? But all of these are possibilities. The only shoe-in, of course, would have to be Bwubanza. Banija's only city with over a million people that does not have a gridiron team. And then, of course, there is Mukeruzi. Commonly known as the largest city in the country without a pro soccer team, they are an easy target for a league to pick off that doesn't have any competition with Banija's other massive sport. But everywhere else? There's drawbacks. The harsh truth about expansion is this- if there were 8 perfect candidates, these cities would probably already have teams. Alas, they do not. We gave a list of 14 cities, and they can only pick a maximum of 8.

Of course, two of those cities already have teams. Jinja City and Herzegovina City certainly have the populace to support a second team each. But will they do so? Those teams that are already there, for obvious reasons, will fight like hell for exclusivity rights within their own cities. But Banija's two largest cities, Istria and Busukuma, already each have two teams, and they are doing just fine. It's hard to pick favorites out of this list. But that's the fun, isn't it- leave the argument for your city in the comments!

International Expansion Options
St. Jakob, Teusland.
Raynor City, Valanora- Metro population of 2.5 million
Mar Sara, Valanora- Metro population of 1.25 million
Lakiska, Busoga Islands- Metro population of 950,000
Farfadillis- LOL

We talked a whole lot about globalization, didn't we? So look for international expansion. We've got one team abroad, technically- the always hapful Dukuma Dragons. They're in the Busoga Islands. Of course, they were in the league back when Busoga was part of Banija, so does it really count? By treaty obligation, yes, but you know how it is. Not exactly going far. So we've thrown on some international cities. The GFLB isn't looking to add a TON of travel, of course- they're always going to keep things regional.

But let's see. St. Jakob. They've been playing an international game or two there for years. That'd be the most seemless transition. The league is popular there, there are Siovanijan players in this league, and there's a Banijan population in Siovanija & Teusland's largest city. Plus, of course, it'd enjoy the strongest support from the Olympic Committee of Banija. From gridiron at the Olympiad, to various GFLB and NSCF contests played there, Banijan gridiron has heavily invested into the market- and these corps always want to realize those investments. The GFLB would seem to want to capitalize on that monetarily themselves, rather than having all of that realized by a local S&T league, right?

And then, looking at our neighbors. Valanora is a rich, massive, populous empire- where gridiron's popularity is so and so. But they've got a pair of major NSCF programs, each of whom have won a NSCF championship. There are only three countries where both schools have won a NSCF championships, and Banija and Valanora are two of them(Cosumar being the third). The sport certainly has enough popularity to stand on its own legs. The GFLB was apparently looking into holding some international series games in Raynor City. But to dive straight in? It'd be bold, but now would be the time. "Valanora is a sporting market that Banijan sports executives have longed to get a foothold in." Said a business analyst at NMU. "This is the sport to do so- while the Elven Premiership obviously has the popularity in soccer, the GFLB is confident that they can be the number one gridiron league in Valanora, and really tap that market." Of course, there are more logisitcal challenges that would have to be overcome. Sporting economics works far differently there, and laws and culture, but GFLB executives dismissed that, saying that any sort of difference could be easily worked out. As one analyst put it, a team in Valanora would be "too much of a dream come true to have it not happen."

Are there any other out there possibilities? Sure. Maybe Lakiska, although there isn't much desire among the GFLB to have a second team in the Busoga Islands. Farfadillis? Unlikely. Baker Park? Milchama? Anywhere else in AO? Unlikely, but hey- you know this league will at least look into anywhere where they can see those dollar signs flashing.

[align=center]World Bowl XLIV Preview: Three Things we learned from Banija's 24-0 Shutout victory in pre-tournament scrimmage

RANORIA CITY, RANORIA- It's always hard to gauge things from a pre-tournament scrimmage. Starters are obviously playing limited amount of snaps, and coaches are trying out all sorts of different things. With all of those disclaimers behind us, however, it's time to feel happy about the Serpent Eagles. We smashed the Krauts! Obviously, in a game that didn't count. But 24-0 is 24-0, even in a scrimmage. What did we learn about the Serpent Eagles, and what can we glean from this game that will give us hints about how the World Bowl will go?

#1 Thomas Hall is out here with some serious intensity

A shutout to start things off? Not bad. Even if didn't count, even if against mostly backups, by backups, for most of the contest- a solid start for Hall as he takes over play-calling duties. "I've always wanted a nasty defense, and I Think this is going to be one of our nastiest defenses yet." Thomas Hall told reporters. The shutout was caused by Hall bringing in all sorts of pressure. Rarely would he rush four, oftentimes bringing 5 or 6 to get to the QB in passing situations. His DBs were playing man-to-man mostly, and at least in this contest, they could easily handle the Ranorian WRs. And even in a preseason game, you could see his intensity on the sideline. Did you see him run 5 yards on the field to chest bump Makang Secka, after Secka had a diving pass breakup on a third down in the fourth quarter? That's the kind of dude players want to play for.

#2 Look out for these young WRs- they are looking to climb the depth chart

Banija's had a top pair of WRs for a long time, with Chinweuba Jelan and Lamin Kah. But WRs, like any other position in this sport, will show age, and that is especially true when it comes to competing at the national team level. They can lose a step. They've taken a few hits. Catching balls in traffic is harder. While, because this was a scrimmage, the backups were featured, Kalu Alazar and Lafi Senghore both had prominent games. Alazar caught a fade route on fourth and goal for a touchdown(imagine kicking a field goal on 4th and goal in a preseason game LOL), and Lafi Senghore took a bubble screen 35 yards to the house himself. Expect Chineze to be spreading the wealth himself throughout the tournament, as he tries to keep all of his WRs happy and fed.

#3 Expect Offensive Creativity

It's rare that you'll have coaches actually show you anything useful in a preseason game. They don't want to give their opponents extra film, they don't want players to get hurt, etc... But Kopo Bogadi is coming out here with all sorts of confidence. He ran a couple of trick plays in this one- a double reverse, as well as a flea flicker, that both went off for huge gains. IT shows you one thing- that this national team is not going to settle. "Look, I know this- we aren't going to reach our peak in this tournament with a bunch of field goals." Kopo Bagadi told reporters. "I want to do whatever we can to get those big chunk yardage plays, so that we can score those touchdowns." It was a fun watch.

Ultimately, like we said- the game doesn't count. But what better way to build confidence than to beat on the two-time defending champs, right before the tourney starts? The Serpent Eagles are certainly ready for their trip to Bongo Johnson to open World Bowl XLIV.
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Postby Drawkland » Mon May 09, 2022 12:21 pm


World Bowl XLIV Group Stage Preview
It's Time to Pay The Piper

A cycle ago, I had very mixed feelings. I sat in my hotel room in Catherina, getting ready for an alcohol binge so heavy that the air in my room would register on a breathalyzer. The Grid Corps had just been obliterated in the World Bowl XLIII championship, with Ranoria getting their second title in back-to-back fashion. The new blood who'd been gunning for a title for almost a decade had finally cemented their place as a budding dynasty, and they did it against one of the biggest names in the sport to boot.

I popped open the first few of many drinks that night, pondering what would happen to this Corps team next cycle. We were going to drop to #8 in the rankings, likely losing Pot 1 status in World Bowl XLIV, and possibly dealing a death blow to our championship outlook for years to come. Worst of all, Quentin Averfel had just bumbled his way into another final appearance. Given how lazy loyal DISC is, I thought for sure this run would be enough to convince them to let Averfel keep his job. After all, the same had happened after the ill-fated World Bowl XLI run. Once again, we'd be subjected to another cycle of terrible has-been coaching ruining the chances of a genuinely talented team.

Then my phone buzzed. My vision was already swimming, and I had to blink a few times to read the words on my bright phone screen. What I read was so astounding I almost couldn't believe it. I checked the labels of the drinks I'd already downed. I didn't know a lot about Delaclavan brands, do they fill their beer with hallucinogens? Do they use different units of measurement that caused me to drink twice as much alcohol than I expected? This wasn't the case. I looked at my phone again, clicked on the article, read through it in its entirety. By God, DISC actually did it.

Quentin Averfel was fired. He would be removed from his position as Grid Corps head coach as soon as their plane touched down in Drawkland.

All of a sudden, my binge drinking of depression had become binge drinking in jubilation. I think that's around the point that I left my hotel room to celebrate in the streets of Catherina, running into a lot of happy Ranorian fans along the way. I drank more, I partied, I barhopped, I lost my wallet, I drank even more, and I woke up in some Delaclavan police station with a misdemeanor. None of that mattered to me then, though. The loss to Ranoria had given me a gift that was almost better than a title. Finally, that fraud Averfel was gone. No matter what, next cycle would be better.

Coaching Changes

In Drawkland's seventeenth World Bowl appearance, we'll be trotting out a coaching staff that is almost entirely new. The only holdover on the coaching staff is the defensive coordinator, Mathis Southers, along with a couple of his position coaches. Apparently when DISC decided to clean house, they wanted to keep at least a couple guys on staff for continuity. Southers led the Grid Corps defense to a very impressive playoff performance (excluding the final), so he managed to scrape by with his job intact. For the rest, though, they were hitting the curb and probably heading back to the domestic circuit to catch a few more years of million-dollar contracts before retiring.

The first new hire DISC announced was manager Vincent Lovell. For our national team, the manager is essentially like the GM of a domestic franchise, with a slightly altered role. Lovell will be managing the roster, assigning contracts, and working with the coaching staff to ensure the team operates at its best. Previous manager Sam Willis was more of a pawn of Quentin Averfel, and his role was minimal. Besides the huge retirement wave following World Bowl XLI, Willis almost never touched the Grid Corps roster, mostly at Averfel's behest. Lovell seems to be more willing to poke around and send off/call up players with more frequency. This is evident in a few of the roster changes already, but I'll touch on those later.

Vincent Lovell's first job was the most important. He, along with DISC's help, had to find the new head coach for the Grid Corps. One that represented Drawkian ideals and strategy, one that knew how to get out of the way and let his players show their talent, but could buckle down and call the right plays when the time came. After a couple months of searching and debating, Lovell personally announced his choice. DISC hired Glenn Romano to be the new HC. Romano is a younger coach on the scene, but his aggressive but strategically acceptable tactics had led the previously mediocre Raikennax Stallions to a pair of titles in the GLD.

Once Romano was on the job, he and Lovell worked together to fill out the rest of the coaching staff. George Connell, a collegiate offensive coordinator at Drawk Corps U, was given the nod to be the Grid Corps' OC. Mark Rollins, the special teams coach for the Stallions, would follow his head coach to the national team as well. The rest of the positions were filled out, and it was time to address the roster.

Roster Modifications

At QB, the choice was easy. Dustin Beck is getting old, but he's still one of the best in the game and had been one of the few consistently bright spots on the Corps offense for the past many cycles. The backup positions are rarely used, so Lovell and Romano indicated they'd be willing to let a new QB on the roster every cycle or two. In this case, Tino Sutton would be taken off the roster and replaced by another solid pocket passer, Caspian Casson. Of course, fan favorite Sadeg State alum Nick Parks would remain in the third-string spot, despite the fact that he's mediocre at the pro level and mostly a fanservice selection.

Running back would once again be headed by the seemingly ageless Jack Hoy. The guy seems to defy physics, both in his play on the field and how he simply refuses to regress in talent. Most people expected him to retire by now. Instead, he went on social media to guarantee he'd have the best running back performance in this World Bowl campaign. Matt Adams remains his backup, but the scouts claiming he'd be the next Hoy are starting to look a little foolish. He's good, but he has a lot of ground to cover if he's going to follow in Jack's footsteps. At third string we have a hyped up rookie in Mike Banks. His senior season at Cavsar was sensational, even though the Gladiators fell short of the title. Again, more of a fanservice pick, but he should be more than capable of the workload a third-string NT back behind Jack Hoy will be saddled with (almost nothing).

The receiving core probably featured the biggest shakeup. Preston Sawyer actually quit the national team following the loss to Ranoria, so Jackie Morris and Abram Navis slid up in the depth chart. Lovell and Romano selected Kenneth Hewitt to fill the gap, a tall and sure-handed deep threat who will certainly be a boon for Beck to throw to for chunk yardage. Quinn Conrad, the veteran tight end, will stay first in the lineup, but now he'll have to contend with the Cavsar alumni rookie Jonathan Kimbrough, who's already taken the GLD by storm. Kimbrough has said in an interview that he plans to be the Grid Corps starting TE very soon. With Conrad likely to retire soon, his veteran influence should hopefully make Kimbrough an even better player, while the experience in the second-string NT spot should set the table for Kimbrough to be truly elite in a cycle or two.

Defensively, the secondary hasn't changed at all, while the linebacking core only received one change (Harvey Donovan retired, young defensive star Dayton Pender has taken his place). The defensive line got a solid shakeup, though. Tex Rowan was added to the tackle depth chart, though he could also take snaps at ILB. His strength is stopping the run, so he should be invaluable in such a situation. Mike Mikari and Jordan Sander were both disappointing on the Corps last cycle, so they didn't receive invitations to return. Instead, we've got Chris Finley and another recent Cavsar grad in Duke Dawson to sit behind Evan Wimbley and Leo Cross for this campaign.

The only change on special teams is Dale Hampton losing his spot due to ankle injuries making him unable to play on the NT. Tristan Clacher, renowned as the biggest leg in Drawkland, has taken his place. He'll only serve as the kickoff specialist, punter when we need to really flip the field, or in case of injury. And of course, Ozzy Otten has gotten better in the domestic circuit, and his place as dedicated return man should be safe for a few more cycles.

Ultimately, there wasn't a whole lot of turnover, but just enough to keep the lineup fresh. New talent being given more chances to develop and show their skills could be the difference that puts Drawkland in a better position this cycle.

Group Stage Preview

Now that we've discussed the changes to the team itself, let's talk about our campaign to come. This World Bowl is going to be interesting, to say the least. We're running the 8x4 format which looks visually similar to every single World Cup ever, but with a little wrinkle. Since gridiron seasons need a little more time to develop than soccer, the schedule isn't a single round-robin, but a triple round-robin. We'll play each team home and away, and then face them a third time on neutral host ground. We'll be playing in Ranoria, thanks to where we landed in the draw.

The group draw was pretty kind to us. With the World Bowl fields being smaller lately, if you're a Pot 1 team, your chances of running into another big contender are low. We got extremely lucky in this department, not only barely sneaking into the top pot, but also in getting pretty weak opposition in pots two and three. While Delaclava has to face Sarzonia thrice, Saint Kanye takes on South Newlandia, Chromatika clashes with Kohnhead, and Abanhfleft gets stuck with Banija, our group is relatively easy.

Our second-place team is the 24th ranked StrayaRoos, who have never made the playoffs before. Behind them, ranked 38, are Kriegiersien (the second-lowest ranked team to appear in this bowl). We got one unranked team as well, but rather than a no-show squad with no identity, we have Gyatso-Kai. The "Boarqupines" are new to the World Bowl, but they had a good enough showing in the AO Bowl tournament that their governing body decided to send them here. Ironically, this seems to be the toughest draw of our group - at face value they seem to be the strongest unranked team to enter this World Bowl.

Although we are ranked 8th and thus not expected to make an impactful playoff run, this group draw is huge for us. Our group stage last cycle was horrendous, absolutely horrible. Even as the top team, we went 5-5 and almost missed the playoffs if we hadn't swept Kohnhead. This group stage could easily run 9-0 and put us on the inside track for bouncing back against our previous failures. However, with the coaching staff redux, and the horrible performance of last cycle by a pretty similar roster, it's also possible that we barely scrape by.

God willing, we won't have to worry about missing the playoffs, but at this point Drawkland is a nation that expects our Grid Corps to achieve great things. Unlike the shitass Base Corps, making the playoffs is an expectation on the gridiron. In my opinion, a quarterfinal appearance is the litmus test for this newish group. Cruise through this group with minimal embarrassment, avoid shitting the bed in the first round and collect a playoff win, and then we'll see how this team really is. Anything less is a failure, and anything better is gravy.

One thing's for sure. With Ranoria and Delaclava searching for their third title, Saint Kanye, TJUN-ia, Chromatika, and Banija all reasonably able to gain their first, and those bastard Ko-orenites somehow chasing down Allamunnic States, this is going to be a cutthroat cycle. So many teams on the cusp of greatness, surrounded by a small sea of mediocrity. This Bowl is going to get good in the playoffs, and I just hope that the Grid Corps can keep up.

Fully prepared to lose a bunch of games and cry myself to sleep every night, though. corpsguy725 out
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Postby South Newlandia » Mon May 09, 2022 12:38 pm

Day one cutoff for Groups A-D; time to kick this thing off!

Group A
South Americanastan 34–20 Anthor
Lisander 28–41 Ranoria

P Group A              Pld   W  L   PF  PA  PD    Win % 
1 South Americanastan 1 1 0 34 20 +14 1.000
2 Ranoria 1 1 0 41 28 +13 1.000
3 Lisander 1 0 1 28 41 −13 0.000
4 Anthor 1 0 1 20 34 −14 0.000

Group B
Rocky Canada 16–27 TJUN-ia
HUElavia 38–14 Theofficialjapan

P Group B              Pld   W  L   PF  PA  PD    Win % 
1 HUElavia 1 1 0 38 14 +24 1.000
2 TJUN-ia 1 1 0 27 16 +11 1.000
3 Rocky Canada 1 0 1 16 27 −11 0.000
4 Theofficialjapan 1 0 1 14 38 −24 0.000

Group C
Drawkland 49–17 Kriegiersien
Gyatso-kai 40–27 StrayaRoos

P Group C              Pld   W  L   PF  PA  PD    Win % 
1 Drawkland 1 1 0 49 17 +32 1.000
2 Gyatso-kai 1 1 0 40 27 +13 1.000
3 StrayaRoos 1 0 1 27 40 −13 0.000
4 Kriegiersien 1 0 1 17 49 −32 0.000

Group D
Greater Cebu 6–23 Ko-oren
New Gesem 40–0 Bendicon

P Group D              Pld   W  L   PF  PA  PD    Win % 
1 New Gesem 1 1 0 40 0 +40 1.000
2 Ko-oren 1 1 0 23 6 +17 1.000
3 Greater Cebu 1 0 1 6 23 −17 0.000
4 Bendicon 1 0 1 0 40 −40 0.000
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Rocky Canada National American Football Team

Postby Rocky Canada » Mon May 09, 2022 2:07 pm

Rocky Canada National American Football Team

Head Coach - Eugene Farrell, 46
Offensive Coach - Damien Adam, 57
Defensive Coach - Timo Lodewijk, 54


32 Sydney Garrett
82 Sullivan Williams

72 Zachary Steph
05 Stef Cleo
67 Geert van Buuren

78 Lukkas Andersen
49 Karl Bailey

64 Barry Greene
42 Theo LaVoie
96 Greg Tyson
70 Timmy Jacobs
83 David Konnor

09 Ed Casey
99 Xzavier Fisher
28 Leroy Sylvester

69 Bennett Nicholas
00 Toby Zander

42 Walter Floyd
65 David Willie

10 David Sanders
85 Paul Winfield

11 Bill Sheldon
12 Darren Fisher

95 John Sheldon
56 Nick Casey


23 Zach Sheldon
45 Chris Matthews

68 Mario Kane
98 Jack Hall
87 Patrick Hedman
76 Victor Karlson

13 Sergei Fedorov
35 Karl Hoffmann

63 Hans Schulz
37 Pieter Weber

81 Maxim Schulz
94 Dmitry Ivanovo
38 Daan Petrov

93 Levi Visser
29 Aleksandr Popov

50 Adrian De Groot
62 Matija De Vries
79 Noah Adams
34 Martin Scott

57 James Murray
86 Jayden Hoffmann

97 Matthias Miller
60 Artyom Petrov

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: No
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Kohnhead » Mon May 09, 2022 4:11 pm

Kohnhead presents the KNGT (Kohnhead National Gridiron Team) for the World Bowl XLI

Full Nation Name: The Galactic Empire of Kohnhead
Short Nation Name: Kohnhead
Trigramme: KHD
Team Nickname: The Brains
Colors: Red, White, and Blue
Record: 23-26
Appearance Number: 6
Best Result: Quarterfinals (World Bowl XLII)
Ranking: 13th

Team Info: It took four attempts for Kohnhead to finally make it past the Group Stage with Eric Dietrich at the helm for the first time. Longtime starter Jackson Watford went down early and the young Byron Joseph came in and made an immediate difference leading us all the way to the quarterfinals. Last year saw a bit of regression with a 5-5 Group Stage as we once again failed to make it past the Group Stage but the Brains still have lots of confidence as Dietrich heads into the third year of his five year contract to coach us.

Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Eric Dietrich, 46 years old (Ranoria)
The college football world was thrown into chaos three seasons ago when Eric Deitrich supposedly the heir apparent to head coach of the Richardson University team and leader of for what was a long time one of the best defenses in college football was fired after a horrible season. Kohnhead City putting up 51 points on a hapless Richardson defense was the final straw and Dietrich was unceremoniously released following that week 7 game. However this is a man with a long history of success who many expected to find a job quickly in the college world as a defensive coordinator for another school or maybe even a head coach for a lower level program. Instead Dietrich received no offers until the Kohnhead National Gridiron Team came calling offering him a massive five year deal to take over from Walker Sparks as our Head Coach with a large say in the roster and playcalling duties on the defensive side. All he did in his first WB at the helm was take us to the playoffs for the first time in our nation's history and then upset Squidroidia in the Round of 16. As mentioned previously, last year we struggled a bit ending with a 5-5 record but many believe that Dietrich is the perfect man to take Kohnhead and put us in the elite tier of World Bowl teams and out of the mediocrity that we are currently stuck in.

Offensive Coordinator: Richie Bell, 61 years old
Richie Bell was the running backs coach at Kohnhead City University for their first two seasons in the NSCF where he helped turn Herman Whitworth into a superstar and has helped develop Chromatik Rowena Hastroff. It was an unexpected move when the team hired him to become the offensive coordinator with many claiming that this meant we would be focusing on the running game. No, Bell's biggeset strength is his versatility as he can scheme up a run heavy offense but he can also work with the quarterbacks and work on their passing skills. Given Deitrich's skills fall on the defensive side of things Bell will have an even more important job as he will be calling the plays offensively and will be top of the line in that regard.

Defensive Coordinator: Tim Shaw, 40 years old (Ranoria)
Tim Shaw was the Defensive Backs Coach at Richardson three seasons ago and while he was not let go like our new Head Coach he followed Dietrich to Kohnhead with an opportunity to become our defensive coordinator. Shaw is an up and coming coach and while it is a risk Kohnhead is banking on his chemistry with Dietrich as a big reason for defensive improvement.

Special Teams Coordinator: Tim Murphy, 54 years old
Murphy is the special teams coordinator, and kicking has always been a strength for the team. Special teams coverage is sometimes lacking but Murphy has improved the coverage immensely. The team is also good at returns and returners will constantly get near the 30 yard line on kickoff returns. Murphy was the only coordinator to return to the team following World Bowl XLI.

QBs Coach: Lindsey Walters, 41 years old
RBs Coach: Bart Jurytion, 50 years old
WRs Coach: Martha McTurner, 53 years old
TEs Coach: Marie Arthur, 67 years old
OL Coach: Jordan Detter, 59 years old

DL Coach: Margaret Harris, 63 years old
LB Coach: Thomas Harrington, 43 years old
DB Coach: Michael Reeds, 44 years old

Offensive Starters
(C) QB #1 Byron Joseph, 24 years old (Highport Hawks - Ranoria)
After a neck injury to the inconsistent Jackson Watford forced Byron Joseph into the action everything changed as Joseph was on fire before eventually cooling off although he still managed to lead us to the quarters. At only 24 years with a multitude of experience in big games whether it be playoff games in the RFL, playoff games in the World Bowl, or playoff games in the NSCF Joseph appears destined to have an amazing career. In Ranoria we've seen him go from a quarterback dependent on his legs to one who still is as dangerous as ever on the ground but has the arm talent up there although nowhere near the level of quarterbacks with elite arm strength. Joseph continues to prove he can do it under the brightlest lights having led the Highport Hawks to a championship in the RFL and is widely regarded as one of the top quarterbacks in Ranoria.

RB: #24 Herman Whitworth, 22 years old (Highport Hawks - Ranoria)
While Georgette Butler was the starter for Kohnhead's first two World Bowls, she was relegated to the bench for the third one as Kaitlan Deacon took take over as our starter. However following another dominant season at Kohnhead City University, Herman Whitworth was named the starting running back at the World Bowl and had his former RB Coach Richie Shaw calling the plays offensively. Whitworth is a bowling ball who you cannot hope to tackle but needs to improve in the pass catching game if he really wants to be a special player. His pass protection skills are already there and his biggest question mark has got to be his extensive injury history combined with his physical style of play which could limit him throughout the World Bowl. Whitworth joined Joseph in Highport and in their first season together all they did was go out and win the championship but he's coming off a season where he wasn't 100% with a hamstring injury which is a more than worrying sign for an injury prone running back.

WR: #17 Marco Polisson, 25 years old
Polisson is very young but has already proven he can be The Brains number one wide receiver. Polisson has the physical tools you look for in a WR 1 as he has an ability to go and get jump balls but also has a lot of speed and great RAC ability. Watford and Polisson have a good connection so it will be interesting to see what happens if Watford does not keep his starting spot. Polisson has a massive ego and wants the ball, something that they will have to work on. He's young and can be the premier receiver on the team for a long time and is a classic boundary receiver who can also be a target in the end zone.

WR: #6 William Carey, 22 years old (Ranoria City Falcons - Ranoria)
Carey was the #1 receiver for a very talented Swisston City receiving corps and offense as a whole. Carey possesses speed and can be a deep threat although he is by no means a burner. His best talents come with his route running but he is a perimeter receiver despite his small frame at 6' 0 and 174 pounds. Many still question his weight but Carey says he will dismiss those concerns and that it has yet to ever effect him. Carey was an instant upgrade at receiver over Albie Terry who will once again be on the bench. Carey was the first pick in the second round of a stacked 2029 RFL Draft Class and just two seasons into his career he also won a Championship and was a key part in the process.

WR: #15 Ezekial Edwards, 24 years old
Ezekial Edwards excelled in his two seasons in the NSCF for Kohnhead City operating out of the slot and now gets a chance to start for the National Team given our lack of skill at the position. Edwards missed World Bowl XLI after electing for offseason surgery in preparation for the NSCF season otherwise he might have been starting then. Edwards has chemistry with Byron Joseph and his biggest strength is his consistency with catching and almost always getting separation when running his routes. He's not the most explosive with the ball in his hands but when you need that first down he will come up with it.

TE: #86 Zachary Lewis, 21 years old (Senior Northern Moravica University)
With his collegiate career now over, tight end Zachary Lewis joins the Brains at a much needed position taking over for the now retired Billy James. Lewis was a monster in his four years at NMU as part of the initial group of Kohnheadian recruits who went abroad and now are all on the World Bowl team. Lewis will rack up targets and is yet another target for Byron Joseph in this explosive Kohnheadian offense. He has decided that he would like to continue his journey professionally in Banija and it will be interesting to see how that ends up.

LT: #75 Peyton Whiteley, 24 years old
Peyton Whitely was the anchor of a good Kohnhead City protection a few seasons ago and now take over on either QB's blindside. She was the third blindside tackle in three years however hopefully the musical chairs appear to have stopped with Whitely who is a beast now and for the future. She has the right size and strength but Danielle Raynor is still there on the bench if she struggles with the weight of expectations placed on her. Whitely should be a staple for years to come of the offensive line.

LG: #73 Mildred Plumbing, 29 years old
Plumbing has been known as someone who was good at run blocking but struggled when it came to pass protection. She used to be a tackle but due to her size and struggles in pass protection she was moved inside where she has done a lot better and sort of hidden her weakness. Jordan Detter and Worthing have worked tirelessly to make her into a very good guard and I expect her to take the next step forward especially when Plumbing retires.

C: #62 Jonathon Jodan, 76 years old
Jodan is undersized for a center yet he has enough strength to hold his own in pass protection and is pretty good in run blocking. Jodan's biggest strength is his knowledge of the game and he is able to read what the defense is doing pre-snap and communicate it with the guy under center as well as the rest of the offensive line. He has a very good personality and is loved in the locker room by literally everyone.

RG: #79 Micheal Carter, 32 years old
Carter is the weak spot on the O-Line as he struggles in both pass protection and run blocking, has poor speed and athletiscsim, a low football IQ, poor technique, but the one bright spot is his size and strength. Unfortunately size and strength can only get you so far and he is known to give up pressures way too easily. He needs to be replaced sooner rather than later but as of right now there is no one capable enough to replace him.

(C) RT: #65 Bethany Crooks, 25 years old
Crooks was the tackle a couple of years ago at Kohnhead City before they were part of the NSCF and was completely dominant. This will be her sixth straight World Bowl starting despite her age. The plan at one point was to kick her over to the left side but she has stated she prefers the right side and does not want to undergo a transition. Despite being somewhat of a weak spot in World Bowl 39 she has developed into a complete strength and is a beast. The team has so much faith and trust in Crooks that they have even named her a captain despite her age because she has been starting for so long and has all the leadership traits and capabilities you look for.

Defensive Starters
RE: #98 Robert Lawrence, 21 years old (Senior Kohnhead City University)
Lawrence was a bit underrated coming out of High School and while KCU scooped him up, the expectations weren't that high. Lawrence however absolutely dominated during his collegiate year starting in his sophmore year when he first teamed up with Devin River. His position in this scheme is a bit different from what he played in college but Lawrence should have no problems.

DT: #97 Albie Snow, 22 years old
A former four year starter at KCU, Albie Snow has finally earned his spot as the starter over Firth and will add a lot to this team as the run-stuffer nose tackle who when asked to can also rush the passer. Snow will probably be heavily rotated along with the entirety of the defensive line but he is indeed the starter.

LE: #92 Josef Travis, 26 years old
After a good senior season for Kohnhead City University, Josef Travis took over as the left end and eased some of the pressure off of Espinosa who draws lots of double teams. Travis will also look to generate more pressure from this left end position than before although some think he'd be better suited at the EDGE position in place of Spears. It's possible that at World Bowl 44 he takes over in that position which would allow his pure pass rushing skillset to do wonders.

Right EDGE: #90 Levi Espinosa, 31 years old
Espinosa is the best pass rusher on the team. He also will sometimes (rarely) drop back into coverage, although he is not the best at doing that. Espinosa is a power rusher with great technique and a variety of power and finesse moves in his arsenal that he uses to get around offensive lineman. Espinosa is by far the best player on the defense and he anchors the pass rush, and run defense. He is 31 and is nearing the end of his prime.

(C) Left EDGE: #95 Rayyan Spears, 36 years old
On the opposite side of Espinosa sits Spears. Spears is lucky because all of the attention is on Espinosa so she can really thrive on the left side rushing the passer. She also drops off into coverage more frequently than Espinosa and is better at it although not by much. Spears is a good second edge rusher to have, but I doubt she could step up into that premier rusher role if Espinosa goes down. Spears' job could be in doubt especially if Travis is moved to the Edge position as may have thought he should be moved there. Spears has dealth with injuries in recent years but he says he's healthy and ready.

(C) MLB: #53 Phillip Haney, 25 years old
Haney is the young signal caller for the defense. He has very high potential and is already quite good. He is good at tackling and is very good in coverage although his speed at 4.6 is slower than what you want for the position. Haney is expected to step up as a leader in future years, and already is one. Although he is not one of two defensive captains, he get's the captain's patch because he's the captain on special teams with regular contributions on coverage.

MLB #58 Lyla Barrera, 28 years old
Barrera is the second interior line backer on the team, and is also still young at just 28 years of age. Barrera is known to be a better tackler than Haney, is faster, yet she lacks the great coverage skills that make Haney such a good player. Barrera is still a very good player and will only get better with time as young as she is. Barrera does need to watch her spot with the young Marcus Sandoval quickly giving her competition for her spot.

CB #24 Percy Whitehead, 34 years old
Whitehead is a big play machine and is the number one corner on the team. Whitehead is very aggressive as a corner back and will often get beat on simple double moves because of his ball hawk tendencies, but on the bright side he often comes up with key interceptions when you need it most. I would rather have a better number one corner but Whitehead is the guy you can count on to come up with a key interception if he's not getting roasted 10 yards behind his person because of a double move. Whitehead is also a good tackler which is important in stopping short passes from turning into big gains. Whitehead will shadow opposing teams best receivers all over the field because the defense plays man defense most of the time.

CB #30 Anne Boyer, 24 years old
Anne Boyer was given the number two corner spot and even though she had a down final season for Kohnhead City and many thought this spot should have gone to Zion Irving. Boyer however won this spot out in camp and should bring needed stability to the other side of the field. Boyer is a bit oversized for the position and thus lacks something in the speed department but has good reactions and instincts and is good in the mental department.

FS #23 Shane Holman, 30 years old
Holman is the deep center field safety who tries to limit the opposing team's big plays, and he's pretty good at it too. This allows Whitehead to play more aggressive as he knows Holman will usually be able to back him up if he gets roasted. Holman is a top three player on the defense and he knows it as he plays with poise and confidence.

(C) SS #27 Chris Molina, 38 years old
Molina is the guy you want on your team no matter what. Molina will play ever defensive snap of every game, and can play anywhere on the field. He can line up at linebacker, slot corner, outside corner, safety, or wherever you need him to be. Molina is a great leader on and off the field and someone teammates look up to. Despite being 38 and with skills diminishing he's still an invaluable member of the team. I cannot say enough good things about him and neither can his teammates. The question continues to be after every World Bowl is this Molina's last and early indications say the 38 year old is planning retirement after this 44th World Bowl which is exactly what we thought last year and yet here he is again.

QB: #11 Jackson Watford, 29 years old
QB #7 Diego Rodriguez, 22 years old (Dietrich Dynamos - Ranoria)
Watford the former starter has been relegated to the bench in a move he apparently had lots and lots of problems with, it's quite possible Rodriguez serves as the top backup after showing his worth in three seasons with Swisston. Rodriguez was a 4th round draft pick in the RFL and still has high upside.

RB: #27 Elliot Roach, 21 years old (Senior Richardson University)
RB #26 Kaitlan Deacon, 24 years old
RB: #25 Georgette Butler, 33 years old
Georgette Butler will serve as the third down back given her abilities as a pass catcher outside of the backfield and she has that experience in big games if Deacon struggles considering she was the starter at the first two World Bowls. Deacon and Roach will be more power backs off the bench and Roach is expected to receive a large dosage alongside Herman Whitworth to relieve him of some of his extensive workload. Roach absolutely dominated the last three years for Richardson and looks to be an early pick in the RFL draft.

WR: #10 Kenneth Bradson, 37 years old
WR: #18 Albie Terry, 24 years old
WR: #13 Maggie Brown, 32 years old
Bradson is a deep threat who started the first two World Bowls but cannot stay healthy and is nothing like what he used to be, Terry is a perimeter receiver with decent upside and Brown started the first three World Bowls but is now just a decent backup for the slot.

TE #88 Tom Crouch, 33 years old
TE #83 Benny Devlin, 22 years old (Senior Kohnhead City University)
TE #81 Evelyn Lang, 36 years old
While Crouch and Lang mainly serve as blocking tight ends who don't provide too much in the passing game (Crouch provides more), Devlin is more of the modern tight end but has been working on his blocking. The four tight ends on the roster are due to Kohnhead running a lot of 12 or even 13 personnel so they will all see the field. Lang has indicated she plans on retiring after this World Bowl.

OT #77 Nicholas Love, 26 years old
OT #71 Danielle Raynor, 21 years old (Senior Kohnhead City University)
OG #68 Adrienne Gross, 35 years old
G/C #78 Kylo Friedman, 29 years old
Nicholas Love has been sent back to the bench where he will remain as a backup swing tackle, a very valuable piece to any roster. While he definitely has upside the two tackles ahead of him are just plainly better and he will probably stay as a backup for most of his career on the World Bowl team. Gross and Friedman really all don't have any upside with the former being 34 years of age and are mainly here for depth purposes. Danielle Raynor was a four year starter at KCU but probably doesn't have a future as a starter unless she switches inside to guard which she may do.

RE: #96 Brittany Yater, 30 years old
DT #93 Jakub Brush, 24 years old
DT: #91 Ellenor Firth, 35 years old
EDGE #51 Fox Middleton, 24 years old
EDGE #94 Bella Snider, 34 years old
Our pass rushing depth should get a lot of playing time as we love to rotate and we have some former starters on here who will provide some juice off the bench in Yater and Firth. Brush and Middleton are both 24 and still have some upside although they don't possess National Team starter upside.

LB #49 Marcus Sandoval, 21 years old (Senior University of Loyola-Istria)
LB #47 Sid Carlson, 23 years old
LB #50 David Decker, 24 years old
While our starters at the linebacker position with Haney and Barrera are potentially the strength of our defense the depth was to put it mildly complete garbage a few years ago. However we entirely revamped our backups with two star linebackers for Swisston City from NSCF 24 who all graduated becoming our two backups all of whom have tremoundous upside but a difficult path to playing time. However they pale in comparison to the resume of the newest addition to the depth chart in former ULI captain and defensive star Marcus Sandoval the #1 recruit out of Kohnhead a few years back. Sandoval will see playing time as the third linebacker and projects to be a starter in the next 2-3 years, he is also planning on playing professionally in Banija.

CB #21 Zion Irving, 23 years old
CB #29 Rachel Gordon, 22 years old
C/S #48 Katie Sawyer, 21 years old (Senior Felswyr State University)
S #37 Roman Jimenez, 26 years old
S #32 Sophia Molloy, 31 years old
In terms of the corner depth, Irving and Gordon were both #1 starters for their teams over in the NSCF with Irving being the best slot corner in college football two seasons ago. Last season he switched outside despite his size and was decent but showed a lot of potential. One of them is most likely going to supplant Whitehead in a few years. Katie Sawyer was a swiss army knife for the Felswyr State University defense the past few years and they just won the NSCF championship but she never quite reached her upside. Jimenez plays like a third safety when that's required and he's still relatively young while Molloy is a depth piece.

Special Teams
K #4 Wanda Parkinson, 27 years old
P #1 Susan Welsh, 34 years old
LS #45 Mira Ballard, 32 years old

KR: Kenneth Bradson
PR: Kenneth Bradson

As stated earlier Special Teams is a strength of ours especially with Parkinson improving her accuracy in recent years. Bradson is the returner just like he has been and maybe now he can contribute more as he's not a full time starter.

Stadium: Chicken King Stadium (67,000), Kohnhead City

Home: Image
Away: Image
Massive shoutout to Saint Kanye for making these awesome gridiron uniforms

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, please let me know via telegram or on discord first.
Style Modifier: +3.5
Trigramme: KHD
Pop: 25 million
Football: 64th
Gridiron: 24th
Baseball: 15th
Basketball: 2nd
Volleyball: 2nd
Wonder Cup 2 - Champions
Di Bradini Cup 48 / U21WC 69 - 4th place

6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Steinigestrasse Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Britonish Open - Winner (Doubles)

NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)
NSCF 24 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

Volleyball World Expo 11 - 3rd place
Volleyball World Expo 12 - 4th place

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Postby Lisander » Mon May 09, 2022 5:12 pm

Lisander Gridiron Football National Team
Os Linces (The Lynxes)





Marian Slaviero selected a roster among the players in the semi-professional National American Football League. Some of they can already dedicate themselves to football 24/7, but most of them are dentists, lawyers, teachers, engineers, et cetera. The following are the featured players:

Pos. # Name
QB 1 Mattias Rozan
RB 30 Mariano DeLaune
RB 24 Dino Norman
WR 16 Julio Galese
WR 32 Luke Heyns
WR 84 Guille Frantzen
TE 80 Bruno Arminsen
K/P 12 Jesse Hagenauer

QB 4 Rafael Molineux
RB 28 Lucas Dornan
WR 14 Theodore Amati
TE 96 Filipe Brazier
K 50 Mariano Aiamonte
Coach Marian Slaviero


No killing, no crippling, no godmodding, everything else is fair game.
OOC: I'm not providing a full roster, because most of these players would never be remembered or cited in posts. In order to provide people with enough information for their posts, I usually go with the common "Fantasy Football" Roster, with a focus on the scoring players. I'm okay with a lowered bonus if you don't deem this enough, Ran. More info come later. If you really want to write about an unnamed player, just follow the "simple guide on a Lisanderian name": Match a Portuguese name with a French surname, or vice-versa.
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Postby South Newlandia » Mon May 09, 2022 5:38 pm

South Newlandian roster for World Bowl 44

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, but please do message me beforehand.
Suspend my players: Probably, but please do message me beforehand.
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes, but please do message me beforehand.
Style mod: -2


Credit goes to the excellent kit maker Saint Kanye


Elephant Field (15.400)
Loacated a bit outside Elephant Valley, this small stadium is the biggest South Newlandia has to offer. Without a roof, it is open to the elements of both wind and rain. It’s twice as big as it used to be, so that’s something?

Coaching staff:

Head coach: Robert Victorino (Drawkland, 58)
Victorino formerly played in the Gridiron League of Drawkland, most notably as the linebacker for the Waxton Pilots. He decided to move to coaching early in his career after an injury, including jobs as linebackers coach or defensive coordinator at various positions with colleges and pro teams in Drawkland. This will be his first head coaching gig, and he'll call the defense and make the game situation calls. He's a conservative as a coach, doesn't want to take a lot of risks, fitting the Elephants’ scheme. Also, being 54 as a Drawkian is like being in your late thirties normally. He led the Elephants to a 2-6 record the first time, and then to an 3-6 record (including making the playoffs!), and the cycle after, the Elephants made the Quarterfinals, I guess.

Offensive coordinator: Corbin Hunt (44)
Hunt will be responsible for the offensive play calling. He emphasizes a strong run game and usually avoids trick-plays. He’s also extremely conservative on fourth down. Due to his play calling, all running backs will see some carries, and most likely the fullbacks as well. When it comes to passing, he usually plays short routes; but that’s partially because of the passer he works with. He introduced the two-TE base set for this World Bowl, but will also play downs with a fullback, or three wideouts.

Defensive coordinator: Jonny Ferry (41)
Ferry will work together with Victorino for the defense. Together, they will be running a 3-4 defense, utilizing a nickel back more often than most teams, and bringing blitz less often than most teams. Most defensive playcalls will be zone defense. The idea is a bend-but-don’t-break defense solid against the pass.

Special teams coordinator: Ian Careful (47)
Careful will take responsibility for the Special teams, and like the other parts of the coaching team, he is rather conservative. Don’t expect any trick plays; but he and the entire coaching team emphasize good tackling. All in all, the Special Teams are a solid unit for the Elephants, probably the best of the three units they have.

OFFENSE: (main starters in bold)


QB1: #7 Robert Stein (30)
QB2: #18 Cyril Kirby (31)
QB3: #11 Taylor Lovell (34)
Stein is a pocket-passing quarterback without much mobility, a strong arm, or much general talent at all. Because of that, the Elephants will be running a rather traditional offense, with a strong run game and short passes. Don’t even think about the alternatives, they aren’t any better.

Running Backs:
RB1: #33 Giovanni Read (34)
RB2: #26 Diego Holland (31)
RB3: #47 Mark Power (29)
These are the guys that will do most of the lifting for the Elephants. Read will be the main back, being one of the better players on this offense, with a general talent to read defenses and see lanes and blocks easily. Holland is the main alternative, with a similar set-up, although he is a bit quicker, but less strong. Power will be the power back for short yardage situations, often utilized as a third down back.

FB1: #25 Mark Downs (27)
Downs is a pretty solid fullback that will get quite a few carries. Similar to Power, he is pretty decent at getting first downs in short yardage.

Tight Ends:
TE1: #44 Dhruv Valentine (29)
TE2: #82 Dominic Heath (27)
TE3: #41 Fabio Adam (29)
TE4: #87 Lonnie Hurst (24)
Valentine may well be the best offensive player on the roster. He’s pretty good at blocking, pretty good at catching, and pretty good at running routes, and reasonably fast. Heath and Eastwood are both okay options for blocking, but not really viable options as receivers. Hurst is the young talent on the roster, who can be a pretty significant receiving threat.

Wide Receivers:
WR1: #12 Olaf Ramsey (31)
WR2: #14 Rachelle Klein (25, EVU graduate)
WR3: #13 Diego McGuire (25)
WR4: #89 Christian Perry (28)
WR5: #85 Kiefer Miller (32)
Ramsey has been the main receiver in the last years, but the real news is Rachelle Klein, who played her senior season of college in NSCF24 as a depth chart receiver for Elephant Valley, becoming the answer to the trivia question “Who was the first South Newlandian to record a touchdown in NSCF?”, thanks to a thirteen-yard TD reception in week 10 of NSCF24. She finished her season with 97 yards and a touchdown. Anyhow, Perry is a pretty decent deep threat, Miller has good hands for short throws, and McGuire has speed.

C1: #66 Shawn Doss (23, first WB, RUoN graduate)
C2: #55 Lincoln Workman (31)
Doss used to be a backup center for the Egrets, collecting eight NSCF snaps in his career. To be fair, Workman has zero career NSCF snaps.

LG1: #76 Nathaniel Stevens (31)
LG2: #62 Jimi Potts (33)
RG2: #69 Lewis Whitfield (23, first WB, RUoN graduate)
RG1: #70 Matthew Bradford (26)
Stevens is a decent enough guard, while Whitfield is a big, decent enough Egrets graduate. He actually started for them, and was a useful piece on the O-Line.

LT1: #54 Charley McArthur (28)
LT2: #59 Peter McNeill (31)
RT1: #77 Silas Robles (23, first WB, EVU graduate)
RT2: #50 Marius Hawe (32)
McArthur is a relatively weak tackle who shouldn’t really be responsible for a blind-side, while Robles is probably better, a former starter for the Red Elephants in his senior season.

DEFENSE: (main starters in bold)

Defensive Ends:
LE1: #56 Conrad Pitt (34)
LE2: #91 Nathanael Rowe (27)
RE1: #96 German Newton (25, EVU graduate)
RE2: #67 Antony Archer (29)
The defense is definitely better than the offense. Not necessarily at Defensive End; with Pitt not having the speed anymore, while Newton was a depth chart rusher for EVU in his senior season. He didn’t do much.

Nose Tackles:
NT1: #95 Kyle Dorn (23, first WB, RUoN graduate)
NT2: #65 Wesley Wright (25, EVU graduate)
NT3: #98 Robby Waller (25, EVU graduate)
Dorn actually started for the Egrets in his senior year, and is serviceable nose tackle, while Wright and Waller were both backup nose tackles for EVU in their senior seasons, which neither seeing much of the field. Wright was credited with half a sack in week 13.

LOLB1: #45 Alan Stubbs (32)
LOLB2: #42 Matthew Winn (24)
ROLB1: #34 Cameron Gutierrez (23, first WB, RUoN graduate)
ROLB2: #40 Josh Rush (28)
Gutierrez is a pretty solid player, able to generate pressure as a former depth chart Egret, while Stubbs is a better run defender.
ILB1: #48 Russ Edison-Downs (23, first WB, RUoN graduate)
ILB2: #49 Pascal Melendez (30
ILB3: #52 Izaan Roy (29)
ILB4: #36 Jordyn Bean (26)
Edison-Downs and Melendez are a very solid duo that isn’t easy to pass. Russ was a great Linebacker for the Egrets, really anchoring a good defense in his senior season. Maybe one of them will even get a pick on a bad pass thrown their way.

CB1: #43 Carolyn Bray (25, EVU graduate)
CB2: #39 Valentin Pruitt (23, first WB, EVU graduate)
CB3: #23 Benning Grayson (23, first WB, RUoN graduate)
CB4: #27 Verita Ortega (23, first WB, EVU graduate)
CB5: #30 Sebastian Jacobson (26)
The Elephants have a young, talented group at corner. Most of them played for either of the South Newlandian colleges somewhere down the depth chart, but they are physically talented and can probably do some good work with good coaching.

SS1: #17 Grayson Murray (23, first WB, RUoN graduate)
SS2: #35 Doug Schmidt (25)
FS1: #28 Taylor Suarez (30)
FS2: #22 Gene Shannon (26)
Murray was a decent safety for the Egrets as a rotational piece, while Suarez is slowly declining, but still fast and able to make plays all over the field.


K: #3 Abdul Corbett (31)
Corbett is very solid from within 40, including extra points, but everything beyond that gets difficult for him, he just lacks the strength. That’s why the Elephants will occasionally punt from way up field.
P: #4 Cristian Ballard (28)
Ballard is a very underrated player, able to punt balls far and relatively precise. Don’t ask him to throw a pass though, it will not go well.
Reserve Kicker/Punter:
K/P: #9 Jamal Garza (32)
Better than no backup at all.
Long snapper:
TE3: Fabio Adam (29)
Wow, that actually worked somewhat well last time.
P: #4 Cristian Ballard (28)
And so did this.
WR3: #13 Diego McGuire (25)
McGuire go fast.

If you have any questions or something, please let me know either via TG or on discord.

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Postby South Newlandia » Mon May 09, 2022 5:48 pm


Elephant is sleepy

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Postby Kavanis » Mon May 09, 2022 5:57 pm

The Federal Republic of Kavanis (demonym: Kavanese) will be represented by the Kavanis Kumquats.

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Josh Davidson
Assistant Head Coach: Luke Phillips
Assistant to the Head Coach: Aarav Zimmerman
Offensive Coordinator: Mason Bradley
Defensive Coordinator: Ethan Hart


#13 Joe Buchanan (22, 6’6”, 236 lbs)
#18 Adam Powell (24, 6’1”, 210 lbs)
#2 Kymani Lucas (28, 6’2”, 224 lbs)

Running Backs

#33 Andres Horton (28, 6’3”, 238 lbs)
#39 Tyndall Peterson (23, 6’0”, 215 lbs)
#32 Kevin Buckner (30, 6’0”, 238 lbs) [FB]
#36 Allvince Carson (24, 6’0”, 216 lbs)

Wide Receivers

#83 Réquan Stephens (29, 5’10”, 178 lbs)
#89 Uterius Barnett (21, 5’10”, 200 lbs) [KR]
#88 Jamaad Baker (22, 6’0”, 195 lbs)
#85 Truman Snyder (30, 6’3”, 214 lbs)
#81 Jakobe Caldwell (25, 5’11”, 192 lbs) [KR]

Tight Ends

#84 Amanté Booker (23, 6’3”, 238 lbs)
#80 Corey Baker (23, 6’4”, 240 lbs)
#51 Austin Pasquinelli (28, 6’4”, 240 lbs)

Offensive Line

#72 George Bradley (25, 6’4”, 310 lbs) [G]
#68 Labron Dorsey (23, 6’5”, 310 lbs) [T]
#75 Cévon Wiley (24, 6’4”, 306 lbs) [T]
#64 Kieran Bates (32, 6’5”, 325 lbs) [G]
#70 Richard Castro (26, 6’5”, 300 lbs) [T]
#15 Finn McConnell (24, 6’5”, 298 lbs) [T]
#58 Riley Houghton (32, 6’4”, 285 lbs) [G]
#65 Jamie Grant (23, 6’6”, 310 lbs) [C]
#60 Corey Walsh (23, 6’2”, 300 lbs) [C]

Defensive Line

#78 Farrell Caldwell (26, 6’7”, 265 lbs) [DE]
#92 Itrez Evans (26, 6’5”, 290 lbs) [DE]
#76 Anders Scott (29, 6’3”, 257 lbs) [DE]
#77 Ka’ron Coleman (24, 6’2”, 315 lbs) [DT]
#91 Zareen Murray (27, 6’4”, 290 lbs) [DT]
#71 Yaheem Wade (22, 6’1”, 294 lbs) [DT]
#90 Corey Cox (23, 6’3”, 240 lbs) [DE]
#96 Harper Morrow (24, 6’5”, 260 lbs) [DE]


#50 Josh Howard (28, 6’1”, 235 lbs) [ILB]
#54 Threston Stevens (27, 6’1”, 255 lbs) [ILB]
#52 Finnegan Spence (27, 6’3”, 246 lbs) [OLB]
#93 Corey Cox (23, 6’3”, 240 lbs) [ILB]
#57 Cody Wallace (24, 6’4”, 260 lbs) [OLB]
#48 Reilly Franklin (22, 6’4”, 260 lbs) [OLB]
#99 Chidike Obasee (23, 6’1”, 236 lbs) [OLB]
#98 Delmetrice Ware (24, 6’6”, 284 lbs) [OLB]

Defensive Backs

#26 Kaydron Elliott (24, 6’1”, 222 lbs) [SS]
#29 Kincade Spencer (22, 6’2”, 198 lbs) [SS]
#23 Jaivon Epps (24, 6’3”, 185 lbs) [CB]
#27 Haroon Ali (27, 5’10”, 180 lbs) [CB]
#25 Tonell Morris (23, 5’11”, 188 lbs) [CB] [PR]
#21 Jack Poole (22, 6’2”, 195 lbs) [FS]
#47 Jamarico Parks (25, 5’10”, 182 lbs) [CB]
#38 Dmitry Baker (29, 6’4”, 215 lbs) [CB/S]
#22 LeMaun Scott (21, 6’0”, 194 lbs) [CB]
#30 Kaprice Roberts (23, 6’2”, 190 lbs) [FS] [PR] [KR]

Special Teams

#12 Dominic Hughes (23, 5’11”, 201 lbs) [PK]
#11 Duncan Golden (23, 6’2”, 220 lbs) [P]
#73 Giovanni Graves (27, 6’4”, 320 lbs) [LS]

Home stadium: Marco Mueller Memorial Stadium, East Hamburgh, Nearly New Amsterdam

RP permissions: Yes to all except using photographs as my players.

Style modifier: 0
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Postby Bendicion » Mon May 09, 2022 6:24 pm

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Bernard Indigo
Assistant Head Coach: Jameson Tiny
Offensive Coordinator: Peter Manson
Defensive Coordinator: Edgar Heinicke


15 Alexander Kurozov (24, 6'5)
32 Andrew Garett (26, 6'1)
5 Jonas Velezier (35, 6'2)

Running Backs

35 Viktok Remonzhev (30, 5'11)
3 Bernard Simme (25, 5'11)
17 Kilver Quilgo (22, 5'10)
93 Eddy Numbrock (29, 5'11)

Wide Receivers

26 Jason Storke (26, 6'3)
18 Timothy Breggins (34, 5'11)
10 Liam Zunicki (27, 6'2)
11 Pedro Sinason (29, 6'1)
00 Jeremy Likosa (21, 5'11)

Tight Ends

44 Dante Rubock (24, 6'7)
77 Lin Vincent (32,6'6)
88 Clarkson Benette (30, 6'6)

Offensive Line

45 Mira Vennix (25, 6'8)
24 Dale Erloni (35, 6'9)
13 Eiger Benz (27, 6'10)
21 Christian Bredon (28, 6'7)
91 Jake Zerilu (22, 6'8)
34 Tony Zarragoza (24, 6'5)
39 Peter Sann (32, 6'6)
67 Jay Lenpen (30, 6'7)
4 Orlando Misa (26)

Defensive Line

74 John Marlowe (25, 6'6)
85 Huey Hooper (25, 6'7)
64 Clive Carson (28, 6'6)
49 Max Crisp (30, 6'8)
48 Darrell Stacey (28, 6'5)
57 Biscuit Gilbert (22, 6'10)
72 Sig Justice (24, 6'5)
65 Bobby Belcher (28, 6'8)
38 Gary Bronson (26, 6'7)
19 David Marlin (27, 6'8)
81 Gord Sheppard (34, 6'10)


74 John Marlowe (25, 6'6)
85 Huey Hooper (25, 6'7)
64 Clive Carson (28, 6'6)
49 Max Crisp (30, 6'8)
48 Darrell Stacey (28, 6'5)
57 Biscuit Gilbert (22, 6'10)
72 Sig Justice (24, 6'5)
65 Bobby Belcher (28, 6'8)
38 Gary Bronson (26, 6'7)
19 David Marlin (27, 6'8)
81 Gord Sheppard (34, 6'10)

Defensive Backs

Peter Huggs (24, 6’1)
Fero Tines (22, 6’2)
Galvcen Utticara (24, 6’3)
Oliver Peons (27, 5’10)
Howard James (23, 5’11)
Dwight Clark (22, 6’2)
Paris Riav (25, 5’10)
Gideon Sparks (29, 6’4)
Bayard Green (21, 6’0)

Special Teams

7 Hawn Lyes (23, 5'10) Kicker
71 Eric Bolder (23, 6'1) Punter
51 Elijah Snakes (27, 6'1)

Home stadium: Laxtavita City Stadium, SS Depot Stadium

RP permissions: All are good.

Style modifier: +1
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New Gesem 7  7  17  9  40
Bendicion 0 0 0 0 0

A resounding win to start Travis Kearney's tenure as head coach of the New Gesem Pilgrims. It's likely the Pilgrims could have run the score up further against woefully unprepared opposition, but Kearney made the sensible decision to pull his starters after the prolific first half, resulting in a slower second half that more closely resembled a scrimmage than a live game in the World Bowl.

Noah Roth, quarterback and alumnus of the Busiris Junior College football program headed by PIlgrims OC Jordan McKinney, threw a perfect 15 for 15 in the first half, connecting once each with Royce Lloyd and former Busiris teammate Mo Parks for two touchdowns. The PIlgrims' other points in the first half would come from a rushing touchdown by Jed Medina and two field goals by freshman-to-be Jose Zamora.

In the second half, Kearney subbed in eighteen year-old Reynold McMahon at quarterback and played his bench at every other position. McMahon threw 8 for 11, including one touchdown over the top to fellow teenager Chester Sweet. Though the offense under McMahon lacked the momentum of McKinney and the starters, they drove to the red zone with surprising alacrity, setting up Zamora for two more field goals, making the eighteen year-old 4 for 4 on field goals.

Time’s A-Changin’, pt 1
“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come; the old has gone, the new is here!”
-2 Corinthians 5:17

It was a warm, muggy spring day in Alexandroupolis as the Reverend Lee Gibbs parked his decrepit Covenant pickup in the lot outside the Beacon Inn. The little hotel was visible from the River Road, the winding four-lane highway which connects New Gesem from Alexandria in the west to Damascus in the east. It wouldn’t have been the Reverend Gibbs’s first choice, but it was cheap, easy to find, and centrally located. For all the ripple effects that their actions had had, the New Gesem Pilgrims organization was still a humble affair, practicing with borrowed space and equipment and recruiting overlooked players and staff.

Yet even so, the project had already grown beyond the Reverend Gibbs’s wildest imaginings. Just this summer, the Thebes Stars had impressed by punching above their weight in international soccer competition. The Reverend disliked soccer greatly, but even he could appreciate the significance of a professional Gesemite team playing on an international stage. The Gesemite people’s appetite for international competition, once whetted by the Pilgrims in their World Bowl debut, had proved to be nigh insatiable and, for once, it appeared the establishment in New Gesem had taken note.

The hotel lobby’s crisp air conditioning was a welcome respite from the steam treatment outside, as was the pleasant smile of the teenaged receptionist when Lee stepped inside.

“And how may I help you, sir?” she asked. Her voice was high and clear, with an accent that sounded more like Busiris than Alexandroupolis.

“I’m here for the New Gesem Pilgrims Board of Trustees meeting,” Lee answered her, pointing at the marquee sign outside the conference room.

“Alright, sir,” she said, opening a drawer behind the counter. “And your name?” He gave it, noting the flick of her eyes when he said “Reverend.” She produced a laminated folder with the Pilgrims’ embossed on the front and a stack of printed pages inside. “You’ll find your room key inside, Reverend, as well as all the meeting information that was sent ahead. I hope you enjoy your stay.”

“May I ask you a question, Miss?” Lee inquired after a second, when it registered that he hadn’t left the desk.

“You certainly may, Reverend.”

“Where are you from, Miss? Your accent doesn’t sound at all like Alexandroupolis to me.”

“I’m surprised you noticed,” the receptionist said unblinklingly. “My family moved from near Busiris when I was in junior high.”’
“And why’s that?” Lee asked evenly. Now she blinked, uncomprehending. “Why did your family leave?” he asked again, his slow speech emphasizing his own Busiris drawl.

“One of my father’s friends offered to sponsor him in the Mastodons,” the woman explained, her shaped eyebrows knitting together. “It was too good an offer to refuse, but there’s not a Mastodon lodge in Busiris, so we had to move so Daddy could do his rites.”

It wasn’t the first time Lee had heard of a family moving for a fraternity, although to uproot one’s entire life for a rinky-dink lodge like the Mastodons seemed foolhardy at best. Despite the name, they were a small fraternity by Gesemite standards, with fewer than ten thousand members in fewer than a hundred lodges. The main draw of the fraternities was access to financial institutions and networks, resources that were necessary, if not sufficient, to join New Gesem’s burgeoning middle class. Leaving home for the Knights of Constantine or the Wapitis would be one thing, but Lee wondered at the avarice of this young woman’s father that he would uproot his family for the slim chance that the Mastodons would be able to help him.

“If you’re ever back home,” Lee said, watching the woman’s eyes narrow. He slid a business card across the desk to her. “I’m the head pastor at Island Full Gospel Tabernacle. We’d love to have you.”

Before she could refuse, he turned and left, taking his packet into the little conference room. Inside smelled of coffee and sweat from the participants, most of whom were already gathered around the table behind placards bearing their name and title. The Pilgrims’ Board of Directors was small, but diverse, reflecting the broad array of stakeholders in the organization. The voting members of the board included an athletic director, a GFL executive, a senior VP at Five Thirds Bank, a representative of the Knights of Constantine, and several businesspeople, mostly from the greater Alexandroupolis area. Also in the room were the head coach, head scout, comptroller, and of course Lee himself, whose official title was something like “special advisor”, but who was mainly there to speak on spiritual matters.
Population: ~10 million
Capital: Alexandria
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Gesemite Constitution

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Postby Quebec and Shingoryeo » Mon May 09, 2022 8:34 pm


Nickname: Grim Reapers
Head Coach: Kim Jeong-Hyeon, 52 - Attawapiskat Broncos
Coordinators: Kweon Joon-Ho (Offensive) - Clemence Boileau (Defensive) - Yunesky Munoz (Special Teams)
Home Stadium: Stade St. Croix (International capacity: 92,850), Joongyeong
Rank: 25th
Style Modifier: +5

Jerseys (many thanks to Saint Kanye): Home - Away


Offensive Coordinator: Kweon Joon-Ho, 51 - Univ. St. Croix
Scheme: Pro-style


Ian Lautner's World Bowl return happened to have come at right time, as the future hall-of-famer's FA move from Joongyeong Voyageurs, the team he's won three Imperial Bowls with, to Attawapiskat Broncos coincided with the World Bowl. Whether he's going to have a last hurrah or two remains to be seen, but even if he fails to do so, the cupboard looks full and bright with Donovan O'Mara, an all-arounded pro passer like Lautner, and a very promising Octavien Seo-Brousseau in line. Not to mention that Benoit Youngblood, while not on roster, isn't far away from it either.

No. Name                    Age   Height College  Assoc. Current Team         League Note
07 Octavien SEO-BROUSSEAU 21 5'10" Raynor NSCF Raynor University NSCF
10 Ian LAUTNER 34 6'2" Saguenay QIS* Attawapiskat Broncos QFL
18 Donovan O'MARA 25 6'1" Saguenay QIS* Jeongju Eagles QFL


Has enough power and numbers, but all five backs lack traits to push them past major opponents at this point in time. It is expected that they will be rotated at all times to keep the bodies fresh, and also to make up for that lack of explosiveness, something that they will need even more.

No. Pos. Name                     Age  Height College   Assoc. Current Team         League Note
23 HB Jean-Michel LUCERNAY 30 6'1" LNU QIS Halifax Commodores QFL
26 FB BAEK Yeong-Woo 24 7'5" Keewatinook QIS Iqaluit Thanatos QFL
32 HB Manon ELLIS 22 6'2" Abitibi QIS Reneegrad 35ers QFL
31 HB BAEK Doo-Gwan 28 6'2" St. Croix QIS* Joongyeong Voyageurs QFL
34 FB/HB Gennaro GIANELLI 24 6'3" Ratzupalfu NSCF Saint John Steelers QFL

Wide Receivers

Philippe-Noel Gallant's an explosive, highlight-generating wideout who has made no shortage of news for all the controversies he's generated in recent years, while Eunice Kramer's a tight end converted into wide receiver position after a three-time all-Quebecois career with Northwestern. Those two will be the key options for the quarterbacks to rely upon, though Krief-Mencel, Osei and Kweon are capable options too.

No. Name                     Age  Height College         Assoc. Current Team         League Note
08 Eunice KRAMER 27 6'2" Northwestern QIS Goose Bay Mustangs QFL
13 KWEON Yeong-Woo 25 6'0" Goose Bay QIS Kingston Argonauts QFL
16 Philippe-Noel GALLANT 24 6'1" Southern Manitoba QIS Attawapiskat Broncos QFL
81 Caroline KRIEF-MENCEL 19 6'2" Abitibi QIS Jeongju Eagles QFL
86 Amy CORDEIRA 21 5'10" Goose Bay QIS Univ. of Goose Bay QFL
88 Antonine OSEI 23 5'11" Sarnia Tech QIS Winnipeg Raiders QFL
89 BYEON Jeong-Soo 31 6'3" Queen's College QIS Labrador Roughriders QFL

Tight Ends

A position of strength for this team. Dion-Maranda and Bentick are all-arounded, powerful tight ends who do not fear contact and it is expected all four tight ends will be used across the board to make up for the team's question marks on wide receiver depth.

No. Name                     Age  Height College       Assoc. Current Team         League Note
11 HONG YE-RAHM 22 6'4" Abitibi QIS Reneegrad 35ers QFL Draft-Eligible
83 Raphael BENTICK 25 6'7" St. Croix QIS* Goose Bay Mustangs QFL
84 Charles DION-MARANDA 27 6'5" Saguenay QIS* Joongyeong Voyageurs QFL
87 Amelie PINSON 28 6'1" California QIS Labrador Roughriders QFL

Offensive Line

A Quebecois OL. Least of our worries.

No. Pos. Name                     Age  Height College      Assoc.  Current Team            League Note
53 C Yvon O'NEILL 31 6'5" LNU QIS Kingston Argonauts QFL
60 OG Jean-Pierre TALBOT-CAMEUS 24 6'7" Brat-Tech NSCF Joongyeong Voyageurs QFL
62 OG Marianne EBERT-JUZANG 22 6'7" Saguenay QIS* Univ. du Saguenay QIS Draft Eligible
66 OG Jocelyn MAKOKTOK 27 6'4" St. Croix QIS* Labrador Roughriders QFL
69 C HWANG Ji-Woo 20 6'1" USM QIS Univ. of Southern Manitoba QIS
71 OT SEO Seung-Baek 25 6'8" Mtl-Met-Univ. QIS Moncton Siberias QFL
73 OT Donovan NIMISCHUUCH 28 6'2" Saguenay NSCF* Goose Bay Mustangs QFL
78 OT Charles PRONOVOST 32 6'4" Yongma College QIS Winnipeg Raiders QFL


Defensive Coordinator: Clemence 'Phlegm Clem' Boileau, 52 - Reneegrad 35ers
Scheme: 3-4 with Tempa Two secondary.

Defensive Line

Vontaze Ahn's a walking record in history at this point, and the fact he's still a starter for this Grim Reapers' team at age 44 speaks just as much about the relative lack of depth the Quebecois team has on defensive end position. On a more positive note, the nose tackle position appears to be more set than ever with Eden Park and Urk McCauley, two behemoths in their own right, settling well into their behemothic presence.

No. Pos. Name                                Age  Height College     Assoc. Current Team            League  Note
52 DE VONTAZE AHN 44 6'2" Saguenay QIS* Pittsburgh Ironmen RFL
75 DT/DE Pierre-Aciel KIM 31 6'6" Montreal Met QIS Songak Giants QFL
91 DE YANG Sang-Yeon 22 6'1" Gyeongbuk A&M QIS Gyeongbuk A&M University QIS Draft Eligible
94 NT EDEN PARK 20 6'5" Cold Hill NSCF Cold Hill University NSCF
98 NT URK McCauley 24 7'1" NMU NSCF [Team TBD] GFLB
99 DE Theshendan ARAVOSSITAS-TAMAUSKAS III 25 6'6" St. Croix QIS* Saint John Steelers QFL


A position of decent depth and even more average coverage range for this team. If this were a decade ago, this would have been a position of strength, but the aging of those stars from the bygone days, combined with growing competition to net potential talents, could mean that development issues may be what's bothering this Team Quebec corps right now. But the coaching staff's an experienced one at handling those and considering the talent they have up front...will find a scheme fitting enough for them to make up for it.

No. Pos. Name                     Age  Height College   Assoc.   Current Team            League Note
12 ILB Regis-Marc ALLEN 22 6'6" Chicoutimi QIS Univ. de Chicoutimi QIS Draft Eligible
51 ILB Hamza NAM-HAJI 27 6'1" Saguenay QIS* Reneegrad 35ers QFL
54 ILB Cassidy LEMAIRE 30 6'2" Northwestern QIS Joongyeong Voyageurs QFL

56 OLB Jar Jar MUNCEY 21 6'3" St-GR QIS Univ. St-Gabriel-Richard QIS
58 ILB OH Cheol-Min 24 6'4" USM QIS Prince Eric Thunderhawks QFL
92 OLB Leon CHANKOOWASHTAY 20 6'1" St. Croix QIS* Univ. St. Croix QIS
94 OLB Guillaume KYEMEREH 34 6'4" Saguenay QIS* Attawapiskat Broncos QFL


One of the most underrated facts in this universe is the eternal Achilles' heel of cornerback position, and this appears to be the same as potentials, not actual ability, is the keyword to describe the cornerbacks on this World Bowl team. Leopold Langlois-Zuluka is the best corner this team has by far, but Thor Elliott's ballhawking ways, combined with Cyprien Thibault-Noh's promise, could suggest that improvements be underway.

No. Name                     Age  Height College      Assoc. Current Team            League Note
21 Thor ELLIOTT 22 6'1" USM QIS Univ. of Southern Manitoba QIS Draft Eligible
23 Clarence ADEBAYOR JR 28 5'11" Hanbat National QIS Iqaluit Thanatos QFL
26 Cyprien THIBAULT-NOH 24 6'2" Halifax QIS Goose Bay Mustangs QFL
29 Leopold LANGLOIS-ZULUKA 35 5'10" Saguenay QIS* Kingston Argonauts QFL
37 Amelie LOURIA 21 6'0" NSU QIS Nunavut State University QIS


See the OL section.

No. Pos. Name                     Age  Height College               Assoc. Current Team            League Note
25 S Kaylor FORINGER-KIMPEMBE 24 5'11" Montreal Metropolitan QIS Halifax Commodores QFL
26 SS Hannah YIM 29 6'2" Goose Bay QIS Prince Eric Thunderhawks QFL
36 FS Martina RAYBOULD-ARAKI 21 6'1" Mount Ester QIS Mount Ester University QIS
41 FS Oswald TAK 26 6'0" Saguenay QIS* Reneegrad 35ers QFL
43 SS Bruno FORGACS 23 5'10" St. Croix QIS* Saint John Steelers QFL

Special Teams

Special Teams Coordinator: Yunesky Munoz, 49 - Univ. du Saguenay

An unnoticed, indistinguishable special teams squad on positions which aren't really in need to be noticed. Kweon Dong-Seon's a kicker whose feet isn't as powerful to go for 50+ yarders, but his accuracy, not the legs, is what the team wants from him, while Kim Audette's left foot, combined with impressive spin rate, has made her a formidable punter. Michel Brousseau's a capable placekicker or punter who can do both, but he's slightly more comfortable as a punter.

No. Pos. Name                     Age  College               Assoc. Current Team            League Note
01 P Kim AUDETTE 20 Queen's College QIS Kingston Argonauts QFL
03 K KWEON Dong-Seon 41 Yongma College QIS St. John's Maroons QFL

07 K/P Michel BROUSSEAU 28 Univ. of St-GR QIS Labrador Roughriders QFL
27 LS Gino Graham 31 Joongyeong Voyageurs QIS Joongyeong Voyageurs QFL
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Postby Ranoria » Mon May 09, 2022 8:39 pm

Group E
Kavanis 54–35 Abanhfleft
Bongo Johnson 38–33 Banija

P Group E                     Pld   W  L   PF  PA  PD    Win % 
1 Kavanis 1 1 0 54 35 +19 1.000
2 Bongo Johnson 1 1 0 38 33 +5 1.000
3 Banija 1 0 1 33 38 −5 0.000
4 Abanhfleft 1 0 1 35 54 −19 0.000

Group F
Kyhun 3–33 Venmere
Delaclava 24–7 Sarzonia

P Group F                     Pld   W  L   PF  PA  PD    Win % 
1 Venmere 1 1 0 33 3 +30 1.000
2 Delaclava 1 1 0 24 7 +17 1.000
3 Sarzonia 1 0 1 7 24 −17 0.000
4 Kyhun 1 0 1 3 33 −30 0.000

Group G
Mon Sold 16–10 United Adaikes
Chromatika 21–28 Kohnhead

P Group G                     Pld   W  L   PF  PA  PD    Win % 
1 Kohnhead 1 1 0 28 21 +7 1.000
2 Mon Sold 1 1 0 16 10 +6 1.000
3 United Adaikes 1 0 1 10 16 −6 0.000
4 Chromatika 1 0 1 21 28 −7 0.000

Group H
Saint Kanye 25–0 State of Imperial Russia
Quebec and Shingoryeo 37–23 South Newlandia

P Group H                     Pld   W  L   PF  PA  PD    Win % 
1 Saint Kanye 1 1 0 25 0 +25 1.000
2 Quebec and Shingoryeo 1 1 0 37 23 +14 1.000
3 South Newlandia 1 0 1 23 37 −14 0.000
4 State of Imperial Russia 1 0 1 0 25 −25 0.000
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Postby Chromatika » Mon May 09, 2022 10:02 pm

Part 1
High Schools in Chromatik High School Gridiron - Origins Behind the Unique Mascots, Part 2

Myana Island
Myana Conference
Myana Northwestern High School Blue and White - Now iconic, the Blue and White get their name from the Fleur-de-lis that signified the Rainbow Revolution's navy during that crucial time period. A white fleur-de-lis in a field of blue, the symbol was used most famously by Commodore Stephen Errington in the biggest naval skirmish of the Revolution at the Battle of the Islands where the Revolutionary Navy sunk four Chromatik Party Navy vessels and effectively wrestled control of Myana Island and Urrhed Island away for good. The Blue-and-White bear this moniker with pride, and it's considered as important as those high schools with the names like Tears of the Revolution High School and Franscesca Larriet-Cortes High School.
Pier High School Anglers - It's what it sounds. Pier High School has a number of champion fishermen to count amongst its alumni, and those anglers - the most notable of which are Miles Green and George Pandolt - had a lot to say when it came to picking their mascot. It's a catchy one, too, with so many of the community being so involved in fishing to begin with and the island's economy being so beholden to the industry anyway.
Myana Central High School Armored Mice - A sad, tragic, yet heartwarming story. Myana Central High School Freshman Billie Jones died due to leukemia before she could make it to her Sophomore year. She was a prolific artist, drawing for the local newspaper and even having comic strips be featured in national columns like in the Chromia Central Courier. After her death, the student body wanted to do something to honor her, and the Board of Directors of the school came up with a unique way to remember Ms. Jones - by renaming the school's mascot to Armored Mice, after the main characters of her favorite cartoon strip to work on, the Mice of Fenderhai. They have stuck with Armored Mice since then.
Myana Southeastern High School Fathoms - A fathom is a unit of length that is equal to six feet, usually used in reference to depth of water. So, what's it doing being used as a high school mascot? Myana Southeastern High School can pride itself in being the nation's only high school program to have a nautical navigation program. The program has a 95% success percentage in having its graduates go to the Chromatik Navy to become navigators for the Chromatik Armed Forces. The moniker "Fathom" honors that. On the field, they're represented by a figure dressed in a cartographer uniform, not the actual unit of measurement, so don't worry about being embarrassed.
Anchors Academy Victors - Why Victors? How would you handle it if you lost? All good questions, but the Anchors Academy Victors are named such because the school's founder, Dr. Kieran Smart, is a man who likes to impart dreams into becoming reality. He built Anchors Academy to offer some of the brightest that can come out of Chromatika, so he named the school's mascot "Victors" to impart a part of that vision. The Victor here isn't necessarily just in sports, but in overcoming life's challenges, in focusing on things that often get undone, in making sure that nothing gets unturned. In that aspect, it's a pretty cool mascot, but when the team sucks, it's a burn to the team itself.

Island Conference
Inon School for the Arts Reef - There are some very pretty coral reefs off the coast of Myana Island that have been protected by Chromatik environmental law, and the Inon School for the Arts plays homage to this fact by naming their mascots after the Reef. The mascot is a person dressed in up-to-date scuba gear, which is pretty cool but also cumbersome. Every year, 84% of high school seniors on Myana Island get to go on scuba diving trips to visit the reefs and learn about conservationism - it's pretty cool.
Limonte High School Wheels - At Limonte High School, everything about going back to the basics, or so the saying goes. All of modern engineering, it can be argued, started with the simple wheel that made transporting things a hundred times easier, so a school dedicated to simplifying learning and going back to the building blocks of what makes everything work decided on the name "Wheels" to signify that. It works in that aspect - though being in a Wheel costume understandably sucks.
Bouveil Historical School Barracudas - There are schools of barracudas that live off of Myana Island, and some of them can grow to be of a massive size. Bouveil Historical School wanted to step away from the bookish stereotype when it came time to pick their mascot, and one of the students suggested the barracuda because it's a fearsome fish that is also not commonplace. Knowing that historically, the barracuda has also been a symbol of fierceness and protectiveness as well as courage, the school agreed with the student's choice. That student? Current Felswyr State University Defensive Coordinator Isidora Noles. No wonder this program has turned it around as of late.
Egren Academy Inquisitors - The name "Inquisitor" often raises eyebrows. What does Egren Academy Inquire about? Ideally, it's the pursuit of knowledge and higher education. Egren Academy is the foremost research oriented high school in Chromatika, having better lab equipment than some universities of the country. This Inquisition is more about academic merit than of a religious nature, and the mascot is someone dressed in a more comfortable, less geeky version of a lab coat. Sounds a bit less menacing when you learn all the details, doesn't it?
Eyrods Central High School Mean Green - Everyone knows that Eyrods is the green city of Chromatika. However, it's important as we learn more and more about nature to make sure that we pay deference to it and respect it, and that is why Eyrods Central has chosen the mascot of the "Mean Green". Nature can destroy, nature can show tremendous power, and nature can often humble humanity in ways that few other things can. If this nickname makes people ponder their mortality and reconsider some of the choices that they are making, then the mascot has done its job.
World Bowl 44 - Matchday 1
Team        1Q  2Q  3Q  4Q  |  Tot
Chromatika 7 14 0 0 | 21
Kohnhead 7 7 7 7 | 28
10:44 KHD TD - Herman Whitworth 33 yard run (Wanda Parkinson Kick)
05:29 CMT TD - Lana Rhodees 21 yard run (Dwyane Markseon Kick)

13:31 CMT TD - Alessandra Mio 62 yard pass from Sarai Gwenderyn (Dwayne Markseon Kick)
06:11 CMT TD - Alessandra Mio 38 yard pass from Sarai Gwenderyn (Dwayen Markseon Kick)
02:43 KHD TD - Herman Whitworth 8 yard run (Wanda Parkinson Kick)

10:44 KHD TD - William Carey 2 yard pass from Byron Joseph (Wanda Parkinson Kick)

03:48 KHD TD - Byron Joseph 3 yard run (Wanda Parkinson Kick)

Venue: Henza Center, D'rea, Capital District, Chromatika
Kohnhead's defense recovered in the second half, Sarai Gwenderyn was harried, and Byron Joseph finally got one. This won't be an easy group stage, and though Alessandra Mio did hook up twice with Sarai Gwenderyn (nobody can really stop that duo for an entire game), the Brains made their adjustments and socked the Iron Legion in the face in this first of three matchups.

If Kohnhead keeps this up, they can wipe away all the bad memories throughout this group stage. Chromatika needs to wake up from this.
Lightning Doesn't Strike Twice
Part 2: The Surprise Visit

Five months before the World Bowl
Ranoria City, Ranoria

When she had landed a week ago, Sara McAllister had been struck by just how simple yet beautiful Ranoria was. Sure, there were cities, some with lots of people, and all the hubbub that followed that, but in a way, the nation in Winterfell had a gleam and a shine to it that wasn't in Chromatika. Maybe it was because the #1 sport in the country was not football, she had to admit. No, in Ranoria, football had nothing on gridiron, and the RFL was perhaps the #1 talking point in the entire nation, and the Krauts were the lifeblood of every single Ranorian.

Fiercely proud of a team that had just defended their World title, Sara had been surprised by just how many people had recognized her while taking in the sights. There was a group of boys in Memphis that had asked for her autograph. Another in Dietrich asked her to take a picture with him. Some people had even asked her once at a restaurant if she was going to go to Cold Hill to see Victoria, or if she was here to watch the Falcons, apologizing that this was the offseason of the RFL.

What had brought her to Ranoria instead was to get the opinion of two of her best friends. Why she had been here for a week was because she hadn't worked up the courage to get it done. She knew that both Sarai and Alessandra lived in Ranoria City, and that they'd be overjoyed to see her. No, she had to admit that she was actually afraid of what their answer would be - specifically that they would actually agree with her, and that that would commit her on a path that she would never be able to return from.

"If you can get others to agree that it wouldn't be too stressful, you can go for it," her husband had relented, "Go to Ranoria. Meet your friends. Take some time off to think about it. If you still want it then, then I'll get on board. Okay?"

What he hadn't considered back then - neither had she, at that point - was just how hard it'd be for her to actually do that very thing of asking her friends.

Now, walking up to the apartment that they shared, she took a deep breath before ringing the doorbell.

It rang once, before the door opened, revealing a very shocked Sarai Gwenderyn.

"Sara!" she exclaimed, overjoyed but surprised, "What are you doing here?"

A beat later, "Are you okay? Is something wrong?"

Sara McAllister laughed before hugging her friend, and replied, "No, not really. I just wanted to see you. And Liss, of course."

"She went to get some groceries," explained Sarai, "She's going to be overjoyed when she gets back. Come in!"

As Sara walked in, she saw that the apartment was spacious and neatly organized - just like Sarai liked it. They had two rooms, a kitchen, a nice bathroom, and a decent sized living space.

"Is this team provided?" asked Sara.

"No, we got this place ourselves after a year," answered Sarai, "It is very nice to have your own spot, you know?"

Then, the two-time NSCF MOP looked at her longtime friend pointedly.

"Now, spill," started Sarai, "Why are you really here?"

"Never could get anything by you, could I?" teased Sara, rolling her eyes, "I'm going to wait till Liss comes back, then I'll tell you."

Sarai Gwenderyn pointed to her phone before responding, "I already texted her to hurry up without saying why. She's going to be so happy to see you."

Five minutes later, the door opened and a windswept Alessandra Mio stepped in, almost shrieking with joy as she saw Sara.

Two minutes after that, with two of her best friends clustered around her, Sara McAllister told them about the purpose of her visit, leaving them dumbfounded:

"Do you think that I should return to the Iron Legion?"
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Postby Ko-oren » Tue May 10, 2022 3:41 am

Gridiron - Season 50 - Previews

PK Paul Delannoy (38) - ImageAminey Caspians
CE Sau Thalkurinden (37) - ImageMayara Wolves
CE Fellaws ySegrwm (36) - ImageMawryshire Centaurs
SB Monrisun Gunmothinden (36) - ImageMayara Destroyers
PK Rasenal Balautersingun (36) - ImageMayara Destroyers
LE Y Vérany (36) - ImageAminey Caspians
RB Ffeommhaen yGwmrwll (36) - ImageMawryshire Centaurs
SB Lou Fétique (36) - ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers
LS Base Grinda (35) - ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies
LT Alex Rozenkwist (35) - ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies
SS Ecener Alparel (35) - ImageAerellen Explosions
FB Jurre Slag (35) - ImageNoordrug Astronauts
SR Amos Harrington (35) - ImageWillowbourne Saints
LS Nochwl yNeglhawr (33) - ImageAerellen Explosions
LE Eivind Lorentsen (32) - ImageNoordrug Astronauts
RB Cagi Wanorra (31) -
RG Marcel Temmink (31) -
LS Mar Ardouin (31) -
RT Kijuro Haruta (31) -
PR Geldhibin Kenausthen (30) - ImageMawryshire Centaurs

Best Overall Personnel Groups

1. ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies Secondary - once again, not as a surprise, it's the Sterrenwolde DBs. No team has focused so much on these positions, and has employed such knowledge and experience among their coaches as them. Jennings, probably the best cornerback in the league, spearheads this unit, ahead of fellow CB Ecaliris. Elite free safety Aurisea complements the duo. It also helps that their middle linebacker Fokke is also not bad in coverage.

2. ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers Offensive Skill Positions - they extended all their playmakers, and this is an aging unit... so much so, that I don't think the 65ers can retain all these stars for another two or three seasons. For this year, it's now or never, with brilliant all-round fullback Umebajashi, one of the best two runners in the league in Galway (both are over 32 by the way!) and a receiving duo of Lindeberg and Porden - now these are names that haven't been around that long, certainly not in this team, but their finds are paying off. Lastly, it's star TE Van Luttert.

3. ImageSchemerdrecht Admirals Linebackers - helping a decent defensive line and supporting a sub-par secondary (but also one that features Turaundhinthen, the new national teamer at strong safety) are three fantastic linebackers. The Admirals have been building an overall good to great defence, and Cause, Ramsbottom, and Hunniford are great there. They have to watch their longevity, though.

4. ImageMayara Destroyers Offensive Skill Positions - the Destroyers' parade continues, and they have another year of skill positions with national team experience all over the place. Soserindhen and Jurethen are a great backfield duo, Nekker and Whitlock are very solid receivers, and TE Tharadhen knows the offence very well.

5. ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers Linebackers - the 65ers show up twice here, and for good reason. Hagendoorn, Keijser, and Hirate - two out of three have yet to turn 24 - are a new group that should be around for a while.

6. ImageEaglebury Emperors Linebackers - Ko-oren remains a hotbed for good defensive and linebacker play, but the Emperors show up mostly due to Darknoll at weak side linebacker. The elite pass rusher is backed up by MB Ezekiel and newbie SB Bruinink.

Best Projected Offences
1 ImageAerellen Explosions - Veteran QB Arerira, with FB Joshie, both in potentially their last years, a good receiving corps, as well as excellent offensive line play (particularly the tackles).
2 ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies - Never a team to excel offensively, the Dragonflies have built a surprisingly good unit. A huge part of that was securing the services of young QB Masman, who has to deal with little run support but an above-average group of receivers. He has to get the ball out quickly, because that O-line is more than suspect.
3 ImageWillowbourne Saints - No downsides among the starting XI. They should have another decade of QB Bodkin, and definitely a few more years with that receiver room. The offensive line is among the best in the league, and that alone should get them some wins.
4 ImageEaglebury Emperors - An up-and-down group featuring stars and unproven commodities - and arguably a player unfit for this level at left tackle as the main question mark - complements their great defence. Wodethal and Hinken are a refreshing duo in the backfield, while the interior offensive line is incredibly talented.
5 ImageMawryshire Centaurs - A team we expect to see in the top 50% of offences every year. Things haven't been going great in the southwest. Ingdon, just 24, has a long career ahead of him as the signalcaller, but has no options to throw to (Ranindhen, ySarrwdd). Sure, the protection is fine, the run support is among the better of the league, but the Centaurs have always been a deep passing team, and we're not seeing that right now.
6 ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers - Mostly as advertised above: the offensive skill positions are fantastic, their QB (just 23 years old!) can give them all the opportunities they need, though the line is not as tough through and through as could be.

Best Projected Defences
1 ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies - A mediocre defensive line (held up by Gomoltinden) but excellent linebackers (Fokke, Altefeer) and stellar secondary (as always) puts them in first once again.
2 ImageEaglebury Emperors - Who else didn't see this one coming? This has never been their forte, but with yTaddwadd, Darknoll, Minjarrah, they have a star at every level with above average players at other positions. One or two weaknesses can be forgiven.
3 ImageSchemerdrecht Admirals - Playing Sterrenwolde twice a year apparently rubs off. They have focused on their LB and DBs and the former especially are a sight to behold. With Turaundhinthen and Dieleman there's a surprising duo at safety that can pop up in any role, whenever needed. And that means that the trenches, always a proven commodity in this part of Schemerdrecht, look a little worse.
4 ImageNoordrug Astronauts - It's waiting for better times in Noordrug. A few stars make this unit look a lot better than it is. The pass rush is fantastic, but any QB who can get the ball out early will have some options. Hanalaunden, Holmgroen, Ehrenkorn will be fantastic as always, but there are gaps at every level.
5 ImageMayara Wolves - It looks like the offences have closed the gap. The Wolves are 5th in defence but they're not spectacular. Guillan, Dauntaringun, Tasraunten can cover most of the backfield, and Hoddle and Sjouwman can do a lot up front, but there's limits.
6 ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers - An awful secondary is covered by a great pass rush. Again, as advertised above, the linebackers will be tested every play, and they have to bring their quality to other parts of the field. With Braakjans and Duterre, there's at least something at every level.
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A Start All The Same

Postby TJUN-ia » Tue May 10, 2022 6:08 am

After GCU did a TSU and made it all the way to the title game, it was finally time for the Jaguars of TJUN-ia to return to the gridiron as a whole. The GFA had seen its team go undefeated in the group stage last time out and despite losing the first playoff game to Drawkland, they were now overseeing the #3 ranked team in the entire World Bowl - a fact that certainly adds to the high ranks many of TJUN-ia's teams now hold. But as this team reaches the end of its first era on the horizon, Gus McKerrin has reached the train of thought that many TJUN-ian coaches have reached before him - how far can we go? What is TJUN-ia's limit in the WB right now? Can we make it to the Final 4 for the first time? These questions get repeated over and over and over again and now...let's see if we can do anything this time around.

The journey would begin over in Rocky Canada against a side head coached by Eugene Farrell and certainly up for trying to cause an opening-day shock. Many did say that unranked teams should not be underestimated at all, especially on the road, and Rocky Canada was certainly going to try no matter what. To score 16 points on the #3 team in the world cannot be understated and they should certainly be commended for that effort. They got two 8-point plays in this contest, both revolving around QB Sydney Garrett and his explosive offence. He found both Barry Greene and Theo LaVoie twice here, both getting a TD pass and a Conversion to their names.

As for us, well it certainly was hard at the start but once Jake Griffin got back into the groove it felt like an inevitability which was the scoreline was going to go. Griffin made 4 TDs on the night and all of those showcased his strengths - a long bomb to Hubert Valois, a quick play to Chris Davidson, a tactical move to give Vinny Mac the ball at the goal line and letting himself do the honours as well. Chi On-Ma made 3 from 4, not perfect but good enough for today. It wasn't a dominant performance, but a win was still a win and we will certainly take that.

Up next is the first home game of the season against Theofficaljapan, who lost 38-14 away at HUElavia on the opening day. Let's just hope for a win and call it at that. GO JAGS!

MD1: @Rocky Canada (UR) W 27-16 (2nd/1-0)
MD2: vs Theofficaljapan (UR) - Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD3: @HUElavia (17)
MD4: vs Rocky Canada (UR) - Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD5: @Theofficaljapan (UR)
MD6: vs HUElavia (17) - Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD7: vs Rocky Canada (UR) - Ranoria
MD8: vs Theofficaljapan (UR) - Ranoria
MD9: vs HUElavia (17) - Ranoria
1st: ECC4
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4th: WBC50, IBC31, WBC52, IBC33, RLWC20
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (6W)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (1W)/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/1W-T1/3W-T2)
T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (3W [2 @JR])/#96 Alice Jepkosgei (2W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (2W)

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (1W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 3 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (2 RU)

UN - U1
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Ranoria » Tue May 10, 2022 9:07 am

Dietrich, Ranoria
Dietrich Dynamos Training Facilities

"I understand you're eccentric and that football alone is never going to hold all of your attention," Dean Matthis's fingers were steepled in front of his face as he leaned over his desk, his superstar quarterback looking overall disinterested in the conversation, "But I need you to right the ship. Taking a professional fight? Renown Combat International doesn't care about your safety, concussions, all that - and you got knocked the hell out."

"Thought I could take him," Rhine shrugged off the accusation, "Lesson learned." He left out that "him" referred to Vontaze Ahn, a Quebecois defensive end playing in the RFL who was widely considered the meanest player in the league.

"And the video of you in Quebec City..." Matthis didn't elaborate, he didn't need to. While it wasn't in Ranoria and the RFL itself generally didn't involve itself unless harm was done to another individual, there was still the court of public opinion. Rhine's drug use had always been assumed, but to be this blatant, it was a bad look. "You didn't know the damn playbook until last season, and you have time to be snorti-"

"Coach," Rhine leaned back in his chair, "Look, I've had talks like this before. We're not getting anywhere. Coach Dale tried at Cold Hill too. Let's be honest - I'm the best quarterback in franchise history. Six years in and I've broken every passing record ya'll have. Two championships, two MVPs, five playoff trips. You can't afford to lose me, and I'm never gonna change. I'm gonna leave now, I'll see you once we get to the mandatory part of training camp."

He stood up and spun on his heel, but felt a strong hand on his shoulder. Not enough to stop as large a man as he was, but he turned his head.

"You're talented. But you're driving away some of the best players we've ever had. Alessandra Mio should have been with us for a decade at least, but she couldn't stand being around you. Johnny Farmer declined his fifth year option because of your antics. We built a juggernaut around you, for you, and you tore it down. Right the ship or there will be consequences."

"Whatever dude," Rhine didn't bat an eye, and shrugged off the head coach of the Dietrich Dynamos. He'd done this dance before. And just like at Cold Hill, it wasn't anything a couple championships couldn't fix.

Mathis didn't bother correcting his calling him "coach," knuckles going white as he pressed his fingers together. Talented or not, Rhine had crossed a line. Every man has pride, and every man has his breaking point.


Krauts Outduel Lynx In Opener - What's Next After A Shootout In Soria?

Vice Jackson III tallied 21 carries for 90 yards and a score, while Apollo Esther spelled him for 6 totes and 27 yards

After the Krauts fielded one of the best defenses in the tournament of World Bowl 43, it was a surprise to see a Matthias Rozan-led offense attack down the field from the opening gun and score on that same drive with a 23 yard strike to Luke Heyns over Jabyess Hawkins. But we don't think any viewers were complaining about how this thing started. Ranoria responded in turn, with John Garrett's first pass of the season going to Johnny Farmer down the seam to set the tone, with the big tight end running over the defensive back who tackled him on that play. Even at 33, Farmer still has plenty of pop in his pads, and he'd seal the edge from the three yard line later in the drive when Vice Jackson III hammered home our first score of the tournament.

"They came out ready to play," said Chris Dale after the game, "I'd say we have one of the tougher defensive units in the tournament, and they burnt us deep on multiple occasions. Glad it happened this early, it gives us more time to adjust."

Indeed, with a ballhawk-laden secondary, there are going to be deep balls given up. Cornerback Jabyess Hawkins, free safety Alexander Ackermann, and strong safety Judas Wolfson all put an emphasis on taking the ball away at the expense of a few big plays. Generally, Ranoria makes up for that with a stifling pass rush, but that vaunted front four only recorded two sacks on the day - one at the hands of defensive tackle Gudbrand Taurus and another from Angelo Gordon coming off the bench in the fourth quarter. Gordon's in particular came in the fourth quarter to force a punt after a John Garrett touchdown pass gave the Krauts a 31-28 lead.

Gideon Kearse and Abram Fairbanks - both true rookies just months removed from their NSCF playoff games - recorded just one quarterback hit between them. With a first-ballot hall of famer in Angelo Gordon sacking Rozan and recording a second hit despite playing just 19 snaps, it's fair to question whether or not the team would be better slotting him back in until the youngsters have some time to develop at the pro level. Raul Nieler, however, was insistent that the team would continue to roll with the young guns.

"Part of this decision was to keep Gordon and Skinner effective," he'd explain, "Playing limited snaps, they're not going to be subject to the rigors of a full game and they won't be as exhausted come the fourth quarter. Offensive linemen will have two fresh, savvy rushers to handle, and that's not even throwing in Albie [Vergol]. Angelo getting a sack just means our plan on that front, at least, is working."

Angelo Gordon - who is just 2.5 sacks away from the RFL record - is a name that has stricken fear into the hearts of quarterbacks for years. If he can continue to impress while Kearse and Fairbanks stumble, he may leave this team with no choice put to throw him back into the lineup.

But it was, of course, the offense that ruled the skies today. John Garrett did what John Garrett does, matching Matthias Rozan's crew blow-for-blow by going 30/43 on the day with 411 yards and 4 touchdown passes as his offense absolutely thrilled in Soria. Throw in Vice Jackson III and Apollo Esther combining for 27 carries and well over a hundred yards, and it was just enough to secure a 13 point rally in the fourth quarter to win this thing handily after a competitive first three periods.

While many anticipated a blowout, the Lynx came ready to play and put on an admirable showing against the Krauts, who quelled and worries that started after a 24-0 loss against Banija in a preseason contest. Ranoria's next game will be a second consecutive away game against 27th-ranked Anthor, who took a tough 34-20 loss in South Americanastan in week 1. The Voodoo are a tough team with a strong cast of talent and elite facilities to maximize that talent - they won't roll over for the defending two-time champs.

QB John Garrett: 30/43, 411 yards, 4 TD, 1 carry, 3 yards

HB Vice Jackson III: 20 carries, 90 yards, 1 TD, 3 receptions, 18 yards
HB Apollo Esther: 6 carries, 27 yards
HB Eric van Geel: 2 receptions, 15 yards

TE Johnny Farmer: 7 receptions, 93 yards, 1 TD
TE Vasily Schmidt: 2 receptions, 25 yards, 1 TD
WR Khalil Hauptmann: 8 receptions, 121 yards, 1 TD
WR Jeremiah Flether: 5 receptions, 78 yards, 1 TD
WR Isaak Rodriguez 3 receptions, 61 yards

ILB Ross Monarch: 6 tackles
OLB Sean Morgan-Horne: 5 tackles, 1 PBU
OLB Django Reeves: 7 tackles, 1 TFL

DE Gideon Kearse: 4 tackles, 1 TFL
DE Abram Fairbanks: 4 tackles, 1 PBU
DE Albus Vergol: 1 tackle
DE Angelo Gordon: 2 tackles, 1 sack
DT Gudbrand Taurus: 2 tackles, 1 sack
DT Spencer Crutchfield: 1 tackle

CB Darnell Sleight: 4 tackles, 1 PBU
CB Jabyess Hawkins: 6 tackles
FS Alexander Ackermann: 5 tackles
SS Judas Wolfson: 6 tackles
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Postby United Adaikes » Tue May 10, 2022 10:22 am

Teams		  1  2  3  4 OT	Final
United Adaikes 3 7 0 0 0 10
Mon Sold 0 0 0 10 6 16

Q# Time Team                                                     UAD-MON
Q1 03:50 UAD I. Rigby (PK) 45-yard field goal 3-0
Q2 07:18 UAD K. Blanco (CB) 61-yard fumble return (I. Rigby kick) 10-0
Q4 12:39 MON J. Gouveia (PK) 18-yard field goal 10-3
00:30 MON S. Alo (WR) 30-yard pass from J. Freid (QB) 10-10
OT MON A. Coste (RB) 18-yard run 10-16

Team Stats
Stat              |      UAD      |      MON
First Downs | 10 | 16
Rush-Yds-TDs | 35-57-0 | 32-109-1
Cmp-Att-Yd-TD-Int | 12-28-108-0-2 | 20-36-255-1-1
Total Yards | 165 | 364
Fumbles-Lost | 2-2 | 2-2
Turnovers | 4 | 3
Penalties-Yards | 6-45 | 4-41
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Postby South Americanastan » Tue May 10, 2022 11:48 am

1st Quarter, 15:00 Left

"And here you go, folks! We are 1 minute away from kickoff here in the Halifax Uniplex, the first game for the South Americanastan Bears is about to get underway! The atmosphere is electric, the teams are electric, and boy, are the fans electric. The Bears have won the toss and the kickoff crews are coming out, South Americanastan electing to differ and give Anthor the ball first. Malone runs up and AWAY WE GO!"

The ball sails out of the back of the endzone for a touchback, placing Anthor at their own 25-yard line.

"Now, the Bear's defense coming out."

"Anthor better watch out for Wisniewski coming off the line."

"And if they do make it past Wisniewski they'll have to survive Sommelson!"

"Indeed they will. Gotta be careful about overhyping this squad, though. It is only their first World Bowl game, of course."

The Anthorian offense assembles at the line, and so does the defense of the Bears. Harriot tries to draw the Bears' defensive line offsides but they don't bite.

"Harriot drops back, here comes the 4-man rush and Wisniewski around the outside as the rest of the defense moves to cover..."

Bill Wisniewski darts around the outside of Jim Clark, forcing the tackle to shuffle towards the outside, before making a hard cut inside, leaving Clark sliding down on his rear end in the mud and with Wisniewski a free path to the quarterback. Within the blink of an eye, Wisniewski has plowed his shoulder into Harriot's back and taken him down.



1st Quarter, 9:53 Left

"And with the Anthorian punt out comes Echavaria and the rest of the South Americanastanian offense."

"Lots of pressure on him, I'm sure he can pull through though."

Jimmy Echavaria leads his offense up to the line, setting up in a shotgun formation, with Sean Forrester at his right side. He scans the left and right sides of the field, and begins going through the cadence.


The offensive line moves into their blocks as Echavaria looks for an open receiver.

"Echavaria, drops back, looking for a receiver. McKinney now, breaking through into the pocket..."

Echavaria ducks down as McKinney bears onto him, sending the defensive end over the top and onto the mud. He sprints out of the pocket, lowering his head under Malcolm Jenkins' outstretched arms.

"Now puts McKinney down and moves out to his left. Looking for a receiver, White’s wide open down the field and that’ll be a 15-yard pass for the first!”

"What a play by Echavaria to keep it alive through the collapsing pocket there. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of that down the road."

1st Quarter, 6:15 Left

“And that long run by Forrester will bring the Bears down the Anthor 3 yard line.”

“We could be about to see the first touchdown in Bears history here. It’s given that Okonkwo gets the ball here.”

The Bears line up in a Goal Line formation, and Echavaria prepares to take the snap.


The Anthorian players are not drawn offsides, and the ball is snapped. The crash of pads coming together and yelling drowns out the crowd noise. He turns around, and throws his hands out to fake a toss around the outside to Okonkwo. The linebackers bite and Echavaria slams the ball into Jumbo Warrick’s chest as the fullback storms through a hole in the line.


3rd Quarter, 11:39 Left
17-20 Anthor

“After a great start to this game it seems the Bears have really slowed down and let it slip away from them. With that last field goal Anthor will seize a 20-17 lead over the Bears.”

“Now we’ll have to see if the Bears can pull through under pressure and retake the lead.”

Echavaria listens to his in-helmet radio for the play before reciting it to the rest of the huddle.

“You can see Jack Wall there. Bit of a grin behind that playbook, I wonder what he’s cooked up”

The offense differs from its usual Shotgun formation and lines up in the Gun. Echavaria snaps the ball the second the offense is set, and hands it off to Sean Forrester, who runs towards the left side, drawing the Voodoo defense towards that side. He turns around and throws a lateral to Echavaria on the other side of the field.

Hands it Forrester, who runs down the left side. Now, tosses it back to Echavaria on the other side of the field, with Holt steaming down the sideline right in front of him…”

Echavaria sets his feet and heaves the ball 27 yards down the field into the hands of Holt, who takes the ball and sprints down the sideline.


4th Quarter, 5:21 Left
34-20 South Americanastan

“Anthor has the ball now. 5 minutes left and they’re driving down the field, this’ll probably be their last chance to make it a one-score game.”

“3rd and 5, too. It’s crunch time for them.”

The Anthorian offense lines up at the South Americanastanian 44-yard line, and a “Make Some Noise” graphic appears on the stadium’s titantron, causing the crowd to break out in yelling and screaming, drowning out the communication in the Anthorian offense.


Thom Sommelson sprints down around the outside, while the Anthorian quarterback turns to his left to toss the ball to the running back. The ball sails through the air, and time seems to slow as it approaches the running back. Suddenly, Sommelson sprints past the tackle and nails the running back just as the ball hits his hands.


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Postby South Newlandia » Tue May 10, 2022 12:18 pm

Day two cutoff for Groups A-D; Music

Group A
Anthor 22–45 Ranoria
South Americanastan 16–13 Lisander

P Group A              Pld   W  L   PF  PA  PD    Win % 
1 Ranoria 2 2 0 86 50 +36 1.000
2 South Americanastan 2 2 0 50 33 +17 1.000
3 Lisander 2 0 2 41 57 −16 0.000
4 Anthor 2 0 2 42 79 −37 0.000

Group B
TJUN-ia 29–19 Theofficialjapan
Rocky Canada 12–40 HUElavia

P Group B              Pld   W  L   PF  PA  PD    Win % 
1 HUElavia 2 2 0 78 26 +52 1.000
2 TJUN-ia 2 2 0 56 35 +21 1.000
3 Theofficialjapan 2 0 2 33 67 −34 0.000
4 Rocky Canada 2 0 2 28 67 −39 0.000

Group C
Kriegiersien 30–19 StrayaRoos
Drawkland 31–10 Gyatso-kai

P Group C              Pld   W  L   PF  PA  PD    Win % 
1 Drawkland 2 2 0 80 27 +53 1.000
2 Gyatso-kai 2 1 1 50 58 −8 0.500
3 Kriegiersien 2 1 1 47 68 −21 0.500
4 StrayaRoos 2 0 2 46 70 −24 0.000

Group D
Ko-oren 14–3 Bendicon
Greater Cebu 10–34 New Gesem

P Group D              Pld   W  L   PF  PA  PD    Win % 
1 New Gesem 2 2 0 74 10 +64 1.000
2 Ko-oren 2 2 0 37 9 +28 1.000
3 Greater Cebu 2 0 2 16 57 −41 0.000
4 Bendicon 2 0 2 3 54 −51 0.000
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