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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Sun Apr 10, 2022 3:45 pm

Qualifying at the Jungle Circuit went really well for the Sherpa teams -- like really well. If it wasn't for Michael Stefan turning in a great lap, probably stoked by the outpouring of support from the hometown fans, the Sherpas might have started 1, 2, 3 at the top of the field. Kai Qiang and Tsering Chu celebrated with hugs and kisses, and Rinzi had a huge grin on his face when he took his helmet off.

With their work done for the day, Qiang went to see Mendok and the girls. And that was when he got a bit of a shock. Mendok had somehow acquired a pin-up poster with a very sexualized image of Qiang. It was not anatomically accurate, especially down there, but it was definitely a drawing of Qiang. Mendok was admiring the poster enthusiastically, practically drooling over it -- but Qiang was grossed out.

"Argh, Mendok, what the fuck is that?"

"Isn't it hot?" she said with a lustful glint in her eye.

"It's gross," said Qiang. "You've seen me naked; you know I don't look like that!"

"Yeah, but it's still hot!"

"Who even draws this shit???"

"It was a gift from Ilya Tsunopin," said Mendok. "He had it commissioned. But isn't it hot?"

Qiang didn't think it was hot. In fact he was seriously creeped out. "Ewwwwww!!!" he said. "What is wrong with that guy?????"

"I think it's hot," said Mendok. "Ohhh, I can't wait to get you in bed tonight! We're going to have so much fun!"

The look on Tsering's face was similar to Qiang's. She didn't need any words, or even hand signs, to convey what she thought of it. The look on her face said it all: What the actual FUCK????
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Postby Hapilopper » Sun Apr 10, 2022 4:23 pm

The Team Blue Center, Jungle Circuit, Peninsula, JagBase TJUN-ia, TJUN-ia
The night after qualifying for the TJUN 600
“Good lord, Bronson, what the hell is that?”

Drake Stevenson was half impressed and half appalled as he looked at Frank Bronson’s bowling ball, which he placed on the dining room table in the Team Blue Center. At 14 pounds, it felt every bit of it, and featured some of the most ornate and over-the-top designs you could imagine.

“You didn’t know I bowl, right?” Frank said. “Since I got divorced, I took up bowling as a way to not think about the pain. I’ve gotten to be pretty good at it, too. Rolled a 280 a week ago so I’m looking forward to it. You going to join us tomorrow night?”

“No,” Drake said. “One, I’m dogshit at bowling and two, Taylor and I had planned to go do something ourselves after the race. I don’t think we get enough time where it’s just the two of us. Nothing against the TJUN-ians but Taylor and I need some time to ourselves.”

“Drake, think about it for a second. You’re holding a Big-Ass party in three weeks at your house, inviting everyone over,” Frank started. “You realize how selfish it would be if you snubbed the Jungle Fever and held your party instead? Just, you don’t have to bowl. You and Taylor can do your own thing away from the bowling lanes, mingle and schmooze, but show up.”

“Yeah, but I mean, Taylor and I need that time,” Drake started.

“So take a day after we get home,” Frank interrupted. “Go to Lake Eclipse and get on that boat. Go to a park and chill. Go to a baseball game or something. But you need to go to that party in TJUN-ia. And then maybe humor the Valentians and go to that Water Festival or whatever they’ve got planned.”

“Water festival?”

“Yeah, just got this, something about inviting us to a Water Festival in Valentine Z right after the dirt race,” Frank started. “Like, we could go at any point the week after the dirt race. I feel like their timing’s a little off, because we’re going to be busy the whole week, but it at least sounds fun.”

“I’ve got things planned all week,” Drake said. “Like, actually, for the entire three weeks I’ve got stuff planned in Hapilopper City. I’ve got the party, I’ve got three races to compete in, I’ve got television interviews set up, the three of us are doing a couple of all-day events at a Mel’s store, there’s Media Day at the Kimmel Bank Arena, I just can not make it there. Jesus. This whole Hapilopper National Exhibition stuff has gotten out of hand.”


“Yeah, we’re going to be there for three consecutive weekends,” Drake started. “Weekend one is the NSSCRA dirt race. Weekend two is the Berman Bros and Weekend three is the Super Skychief, and I’ve got something on the calendar for every single day. I can not, plain and simple, leave Hapilopper City, take some portal and go to Valentine Z even for a day. I’m sorry. I just can’t.”

“Well, they’re nice folks, I’m sure they’ll understand.”

“And that’s on top of… I got a call from a Hapiloppian lawmaker, they’re wanting me to fuckin’ testify before parliament for that whole gender reveal deal,” Drake explained. “They said they’re trying to get everyone to testify for that. Taylor, meanwhile, is pissed at me because we don’t spend enough time together as a couple, that we’re drifting apart, she’s pissed that she can’t do anything on the god damn race track, and she’s taking that out on me. And on top of that, I read that shit that… whoever the fuck that god damn Ilya Tsunopin wrote, it’s like, what the fuck, man? And, on top of that, I’ve got to prepare for this Big-Ass party, and that includes sourcing all kinds of goods. Everything’s happening at once. Come with me, I need to do something.”

The two left the Team Blue Center and stepped outside, where Drake got out a pack of cigarettes. He had quit a year ago in an attempt to get together with Taylor, but the stress of everything was starting to get to him. As Drake lit up a cigarette, he noticed that Frank was looking at him funny.

“Don’t say it, Bronson, just don’t say it,” Drake started.

“No, no, I mean, she’ll find out,” Frank said. “She won’t be happy, but she’ll find out.”

“At this point, I don’t care,” Drake said. “Taylor is great, I love her, but I can’t do this with her. Every day she’s angry about something. I want to spend some time with her by ourselves but we’re so damn busy all the time, and to be perfectly honest I’m at my wit’s end. I guess we’ll be fine after the Hapilopper City race, but I think the two of us need to talk our problems over with a professional.”

“Well, probably wasn’t a good idea to date a fellow race driver,” Frank said.

“Maybe. I mean, she’s pissed off all the time,” Drake said. “She’s angry at the world, she’s angry at me, maybe you are right. I wonder how the others do it. I’m sorry for venting, I really am, it’s just that… everything is happening at once, and I just feel like I can’t do it right now. I need to just get away from it for right now. I just need to take a breath. We’ll go to the Jungle Fever party but I’m going to be as low-key as I can and I hope Taylor will too. Is Holmes going?”

“He is, he and I went to the pro shop at the local bowling alley near my house and I bought him a 12-pound ball,” Frank said. “He’s been trying it out and he’s been enjoying himself. Maybe he can do a Jungle Fever and behave hisself, you know?”

“Yeah, here’s hoping.”
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Postby The French Army » Sun Apr 10, 2022 5:13 pm

Andre Massena thought he was recovered enough to race in TJUN-ia, but after qualifying, he had some second thoughts. He still wasn't entirely clear on what "the flu" was, but it had been no fun, and he was still feeling a little draggy and tired. His tiredness was evident on the track as he turned in one of the slowest qualifying laps and got himself a spot in the last row of the starting grid. He would have his work cut out for him tomorrow, and he really needed a good night's rest.

While Lannes and Murat went out for a night on the town to take advantage of TJUN-ia's free alcohol, Massena spent a quiet evening with Leujouje -- who wanted to show him the pictures from her first professional modeling gig and talk about her career plans. The modeling job was for a clothing brand called "The New Black," which made sharply tailored business attire with subtle African touches. Leujouje showed Massena where she appeared in their latest catalog, modeling sleek business suits, printed silk blouses, and African-inspired jewelry. He had never seen her look so civilized. He had always enjoyed Leujouje's company, but he had always thought of her as an exotic savage beauty, not a civilized woman. Now for the first time, he saw something more in her besides just her obvious sex appeal. "These pictures are gorgeous...," he said. He spent a long time looking at the catalog, admiring the glossy finish of the paper and the detail of the photos as well as Leujouje's classy looks.

"Do you really like them?" Leujouje asked.

"Yes. You look amazing. They made you look so professional..."

Meanwhile, Murat and Lannes had gone to a bowling alley to get some practice so they would not embarrass themselves at the Jungle Fever party. It wasn't going well. They had both rolled several gutter balls and Murat had tripped over the laces on his bowling shoes and fell flat on his face right in front of a big TJUN-ian family who were using the next lane over. Murat picked himself up and straightened his flamboyant gold-embroidered clothes. He clasped his hands over his nose and whimpered, "Oh, noooo, I hope it doesn't bruise! I can't go on camera with bruises on my face!"

Lannes propped his foot up on a nearby seat and took a bite of a candy bar, making only a half-hearted effort to finish chewing it before he opened his mouth to speak. "Who the fuck cares what you look like?"

(OOC: I am not sure what nationality "The New Black" is. If anyone wants to claim it for your nation, go for it.)
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Postby Saint Kanye » Sun Apr 10, 2022 5:59 pm

The main talking points of the Tropicorp 500 race weekend were its companion Pit Crew Challenge competition, the Hapiloppian cargo plane incident (which Mayhem™ denied any involvement in), the buzz generated among the drivers by several fan fiction pieces involving or inspired by them, and Andre Massena's absence due to injury. And of course, the race itself, which unfortunately for the Gale Force Racing trio, was not particularly a remarkable one for them.

Stacie Houston led the way for the Yeezie team, starting seventh and ending up eleventh, losing a late battle with Jolyn Caulfield for the last top ten spot. Usually such a performance meant that Stacie spent the entire race hovering in the front pack, but not this time. It was a race filled with ups and downs for her - a rollercoaster, a seesaw, a yo-yo, however you want to call it.


Jeremiah Brooke and Thea Alvarez only barely cracked the top twenty, finishing 17th and 18th respectively. It especially stung for the former, who grabbed the pole at the last possible moment and still needed to formalize his entry into the Chase. He spoke to his crew after the race, saying that just as he keeps on trying to improve himself week after week, they must all strive to do the same; as the crew all liked him and his attitude, he got his point fairly across. (The #18 team finished eighth in the Pit Crew Challenge, which while respectable enough, still lagged behind Stacie's crew in second and Thea's in third.) The latter recorded her second straight 18th place finish after back to back sevenths, but had no tears in her eyes during the presser. "Just wasn't our day," Thea said, almost emotionlessly. "Hopefully the next race will be better."


Only Thea and R&D driver Ilya Tsunopin made the flight to TJUN-ia the day after the 500, as Jeremiah and Stacie would be staying in St. Kanye for two extra days for their son Jericho's first birthday. Stacie gave the tot an assortment of onesies designed to look like the firesuits of the GFR members and beanies that resembled their helmets; Big J's gift to Little J was a set of diecasts of all current primary schemes he could find, an UWU Red Pandas plush, and of course the packet of raisins from Lam Chow-Cheung.

The Houston-Brooke family went on a stroll around Bompton city, ending it with a visit to the park, where the Valentians' tree was already in full bloom. The next day, they hit the mall, where a lot, if not all the shoppers they met immediately recognized who they were. "Aww.... I can't believe the Season 30 champ would look this cute!" joked a mother who had two young Stacemiah fans in tow.

"Cute now, but as handsome as his father once he beats out Sima Qiang and that Holmes kid in the Championship Four and adds another to Gale Force's trophy case," Jeremiah joked.

"If that's what he wants to do in life, of course," Stacie added. "We'll support him no matter what."

"Yeah, he might want to sign with UrGa instead, who knows?"

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Postby Newmanistan » Sun Apr 10, 2022 6:09 pm


Race: TJUN 600, Jungle Circuit, Peninsula, JagBase TJUN-ia, TJUN-ia (Road Course)
Lap Record: 68.014 sec.
Minimum To Avoid DNF: 73.500 sec.

Segment 1:
NSSCRA Multiversal Series
1 #07- Michael Stefan (TJUN-ia) 1:08.606
2 #43- Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) 1:08.679
3 #31- Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton (Valentine Z) 1:08.715
4 #18- Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 1:08.744
5 #81- Drake Stevenson (Hapilopper) 1:08.753
6 #39- Rustam Ilyich Yudin (Abanhfleft) 1:08.809
7 #03- Maddison Riley-Jones (TJUN-ia) 1:08.852
8 #98- Wilma von Cärinthen (Abanhfleft) 1:08.857
9 #27- Stacie Houston (Saint Kanye) 1:08.904
10 #4- Islago Tizilna (Vilita & Turori) 1:09.023
11 #3- Jenna Logan (Tropicorp) 1:09.046
12 #55- Holly Aurora Lapia Starlight (G6MR) 1:09.103
13 #64- Alfonso Mercado (TJUN-ia) 1:09.133
14 #8- Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 1:09.148
15 #10- Anna Star Joy Thanda Pwint Thinzar Nwe (G6MR) *Q* 1:09.214
16 #7- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha (Valentine Z) 1:09.298
17 #46- Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 1:09.330
18 #41- Yraaga Gilli’i (Vilita & Turori) 1:09.332
19 #06- Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 1:09.342
20 #45- Ilya Tsunopin (Saint Kanye) 1:09.481
21 #61- Joachim Murat (The French Army) 1:09.552
22 #15- Anastasia Freya Yadana Aye (Valentine Z) 1:09.661
23 #99- Ricky Lee (New Northwesteros) *Q* 1:09.674
24 #0- Ezekiel Rodger (Esmerel) 1:09.703
25 #1- Maddie Alexander (Tropicorp) 1:09.943
26 #38- Lam Chow-Cheung (Kimi-Suomi) 1:09.996
27 #71- Aurélia Karvonen (Kimi-Suomi) 1:10.089
28 #58- Koshiro Kawai (Abanhfleft) 1:10.130
29 #2- Centur Tiones (Tropicorp) 1:10.159
30 #96- Alice Jepkosgei (TJUN-ia) 1:10.228
31 #24- Chelsea Taylor (Newmanistan) 1:10.302
32 #63- Jean Lannes (The French Army) *Q* 1:10.377
33 #73- Taylor Henderson (Hapilopper) 1:10.387
34 #90- Lexie Shelby (Sword Island) *Q* 1:10.622
35 #76- Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Ceeta (G6MR) 1:10.689
36 #5- Liangmei Li (Newmanistan) 1:10.993
37 #13- Sage Caldwell (New Northwesteros) 1:11.057
38 #62- Andre Massena (The French Army) 1:11.588
39 #35- Kassie Collins (Sword Island) *Q* 1:11.713
40 #14- River ‘Shark’ Suzgar (Vilita & Turori) 1:11.750
41 #37- Yageny Qabaliq (Qzvarkian Qaz) 1:12.485
42 #05- Chris Gordon (Sword Island) 1:12.575
43 #56- Kelly Monroe (Xanneria) 1:12.608
44 #48- Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan) 1:12.869
45 #16- Laura McKenzie (Sajnur) 1:13.270
46 #44- Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 1:13.480

Segment 2:
NSSCRA Multiversal Series
1 #14- River ‘Shark’ Suzgar (Vilita & Turori) 1:08.560
2 #18- Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 1:08.572
3 #4- Islago Tizilna (Vilita & Turori) 1:08.656
4 #31- Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton (Valentine Z) 1:08.718
5 #8- Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 1:08.793
6 #38- Lam Chow-Cheung (Kimi-Suomi) 1:08.825
7 #73- Taylor Henderson (Hapilopper) 1:09.000
8 #06- Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 1:09.065
9 #76- Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Ceeta (G6MR) 1:09.192
10 #61- Joachim Murat (The French Army) 1:09.247
11 #7- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha (Valentine Z) 1:09.263
12 #10- Anna Star Joy Thanda Pwint Thinzar Nwe (G6MR) *Q* 1:09.265
13 #41- Yraaga Gilli’i (Vilita & Turori) 1:09.447
14 #07- Michael Stefan (TJUN-ia) 1:09.460
15 #15- Anastasia Freya Yadana Aye (Valentine Z) 1:09.501
16 #71- Aurélia Karvonen (Kimi-Suomi) 1:09.557
17 #45- Ilya Tsunopin (Saint Kanye) 1:09.624
18 #1- Maddie Alexander (Tropicorp) 1:09.625
19 #3- Jenna Logan (Tropicorp) 1:09.654
20 #5- Liangmei Li (Newmanistan) 1:09.687
21 #58- Koshiro Kawai (Abanhfleft) 1:09.817
22 #55- Holly Aurora Lapia Starlight (G6MR) 1:09.871
23 #64- Alfonso Mercado (TJUN-ia) 1:09.871
24 #03- Maddison Riley-Jones (TJUN-ia) 1:09.901
25 #39- Rustam Ilyich Yudin (Abanhfleft) 1:09.989
26 #48- Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan) 1:10.269
27 #63- Jean Lannes (The French Army) *Q* 1:10.291
28 #99- Ricky Lee (New Northwesteros) *Q* 1:10.391
29 #96- Alice Jepkosgei (TJUN-ia) 1:10.415
30 #81- Drake Stevenson (Hapilopper) 1:10.545
31 #24- Chelsea Taylor (Newmanistan) 1:10.767
32 #62- Andre Massena (The French Army) 1:11.012
33 #46- Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 1:11.052
34 #0- Ezekiel Rodger (Esmerel) 1:11.360
35 #98- Wilma von Cärinthen (Abanhfleft) 1:11.386
36 #16- Laura McKenzie (Sajnur) 1:11.417
37 #13- Sage Caldwell (New Northwesteros) 1:11.436
38 #43- Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) 1:11.630
39 #05- Chris Gordon (Sword Island) 1:11.930
40 #90- Lexie Shelby (Sword Island) *Q* 1:12.375
41 #56- Kelly Monroe (Xanneria) 1:12.788
42 #44- Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 1:12.949
43 #27- Stacie Houston (Saint Kanye) 1:12.986
44 #35- Kassie Collins (Sword Island) *Q* 1:13.717 DNF
45 #37- Yageny Qabaliq (Qzvarkian Qaz) 1:13.756 DNF
46 #2- Centur Tiones (Tropicorp) 1:14.588 DNF

Segment 3:
NSSCRA Multiversal Series
1 #15- Anastasia Freya Yadana Aye (Valentine Z) 1:08.620
2 #03- Maddison Riley-Jones (TJUN-ia) 1:08.651
3 #18- Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 1:08.729
4 #43- Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) 1:08.747
5 #4- Islago Tizilna (Vilita & Turori) 1:08.758
6 #64- Alfonso Mercado (TJUN-ia) 1:08.790
7 #06- Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 1:08.855
8 #46- Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 1:08.868
9 #31- Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton (Valentine Z) 1:08.907
10 #38- Lam Chow-Cheung (Kimi-Suomi) 1:08.910
11 #07- Michael Stefan (TJUN-ia) 1:09.056
12 #3- Jenna Logan (Tropicorp) 1:09.149
13 #76- Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Ceeta (G6MR) 1:09.203
14 #81- Drake Stevenson (Hapilopper) 1:09.266
15 #27- Stacie Houston (Saint Kanye) 1:09.384
16 #98- Wilma von Cärinthen (Abanhfleft) 1:09.548
17 #14- River ‘Shark’ Suzgar (Vilita & Turori) 1:09.575
18 #8- Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 1:09.671
19 #7- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha (Valentine Z) 1:09.704
20 #45- Ilya Tsunopin (Saint Kanye) 1:09.723
21 #44- Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 1:09.731
22 #55- Holly Aurora Lapia Starlight (G6MR) 1:09.771
23 #1- Maddie Alexander (Tropicorp) 1:09.946
24 #41- Yraaga Gilli’i (Vilita & Turori) 1:09.957
25 #62- Andre Massena (The French Army) 1:09.977
26 #96- Alice Jepkosgei (TJUN-ia) 1:10.087
27 #0- Ezekiel Rodger (Esmerel) 1:10.105
28 #24- Chelsea Taylor (Newmanistan) 1:10.227
29 #58- Koshiro Kawai (Abanhfleft) 1:10.346
30 #13- Sage Caldwell (New Northwesteros) 1:10.456
31 #73- Taylor Henderson (Hapilopper) 1:10.594
32 #71- Aurélia Karvonen (Kimi-Suomi) 1:11.030
33 #16- Laura McKenzie (Sajnur) 1:11.082
34 #99- Ricky Lee (New Northwesteros) *Q* 1:11.278
35 #63- Jean Lannes (The French Army) *Q* 1:11.638
36 #61- Joachim Murat (The French Army) 1:11.799
37 #39- Rustam Ilyich Yudin (Abanhfleft) 1:12.158
38 #90- Lexie Shelby (Sword Island) *Q* 1:12.356
39 #05- Chris Gordon (Sword Island) 1:12.454
40 #56- Kelly Monroe (Xanneria) 1:12.618
41 #5- Liangmei Li (Newmanistan) 1:13.191
42 #10- Anna Star Joy Thanda Pwint Thinzar Nwe (G6MR) *Q* 1:13.851 DNF
43 #48- Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan) 1:13.854 DNF

Segment 4:
NSSCRA Multiversal Series
1 #43- Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) 1:08.653
2 #18- Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 1:08.686
3 #41- Yraaga Gilli’i (Vilita & Turori) 1:08.696
4 #73- Taylor Henderson (Hapilopper) 1:08.759
5 #1- Maddie Alexander (Tropicorp) 1:08.761
6 #64- Alfonso Mercado (TJUN-ia) 1:08.785
7 #39- Rustam Ilyich Yudin (Abanhfleft) 1:08.829
8 #58- Koshiro Kawai (Abanhfleft) 1:08.943
9 #38- Lam Chow-Cheung (Kimi-Suomi) 1:08.963
10 #07- Michael Stefan (TJUN-ia) 1:08.971
11 #4- Islago Tizilna (Vilita & Turori) 1:08.972
12 #13- Sage Caldwell (New Northwesteros) 1:08.982
13 #55- Holly Aurora Lapia Starlight (G6MR) 1:09.040
14 #76- Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Ceeta (G6MR) 1:09.058
15 #31- Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton (Valentine Z) 1:09.060
16 #03- Maddison Riley-Jones (TJUN-ia) 1:09.254
17 #14- River ‘Shark’ Suzgar (Vilita & Turori) 1:09.262
18 #45- Ilya Tsunopin (Saint Kanye) 1:09.390
19 #3- Jenna Logan (Tropicorp) 1:09.502
20 #71- Aurélia Karvonen (Kimi-Suomi) 1:09.533
21 #7- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha (Valentine Z) 1:09.763
22 #5- Liangmei Li (Newmanistan) 1:09.898
23 #61- Joachim Murat (The French Army) 1:10.212
24 #8- Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 1:10.336
25 #46- Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 1:10.510
26 #63- Jean Lannes (The French Army) *Q* 1:10.765
27 #0- Ezekiel Rodger (Esmerel) 1:10.778
28 #15- Anastasia Freya Yadana Aye (Valentine Z) 1:10.956
29 #24- Chelsea Taylor (Newmanistan) 1:10.969
30 #06- Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 1:10.975
31 #16- Laura McKenzie (Sajnur) 1:11.270
32 #99- Ricky Lee (New Northwesteros) *Q* 1:11.299
33 #05- Chris Gordon (Sword Island) 1:12.223
34 #27- Stacie Houston (Saint Kanye) 1:12.523
35 #96- Alice Jepkosgei (TJUN-ia) 1:12.626
36 #98- Wilma von Cärinthen (Abanhfleft) 1:12.632
37 #90- Lexie Shelby (Sword Island) *Q* 1:12.913
38 #62- Andre Massena (The French Army) 1:13.164
39 #56- Kelly Monroe (Xanneria) 1:13.477
40 #44- Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 1:13.534 DNF
41 #81- Drake Stevenson (Hapilopper) 1:13.699 DNF

Segment 5:
NSSCRA Multiversal Series
1 #18- Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 1:08.644
2 #31- Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton (Valentine Z) 1:08.713
3 #98- Wilma von Cärinthen (Abanhfleft) 1:08.732
4 #73- Taylor Henderson (Hapilopper) 1:08.816
5 #27- Stacie Houston (Saint Kanye) 1:08.828
6 #07- Michael Stefan (TJUN-ia) 1:08.852
7 #7- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha (Valentine Z) 1:08.879
8 #8- Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 1:09.027
9 #58- Koshiro Kawai (Abanhfleft) 1:09.030
10 #38- Lam Chow-Cheung (Kimi-Suomi) 1:09.087
11 #55- Holly Aurora Lapia Starlight (G6MR) 1:09.114
12 #62- Andre Massena (The French Army) 1:09.175
13 #45- Ilya Tsunopin (Saint Kanye) 1:09.263
14 #46- Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 1:09.370
15 #15- Anastasia Freya Yadana Aye (Valentine Z) 1:09.437
16 #41- Yraaga Gilli’i (Vilita & Turori) 1:09.588
17 #61- Joachim Murat (The French Army) 1:09.691
18 #71- Aurélia Karvonen (Kimi-Suomi) 1:09.748
19 #43- Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) 1:09.751
20 #1- Maddie Alexander (Tropicorp) 1:09.772
21 #5- Liangmei Li (Newmanistan) 1:09.923
22 #99- Ricky Lee (New Northwesteros) *Q* 1:09.963
23 #03- Maddison Riley-Jones (TJUN-ia) 1:09.966
24 #64- Alfonso Mercado (TJUN-ia) 1:09.972
25 #0- Ezekiel Rodger (Esmerel) 1:10.107
26 #3- Jenna Logan (Tropicorp) 1:10.157
27 #14- River ‘Shark’ Suzgar (Vilita & Turori) 1:10.259
28 #96- Alice Jepkosgei (TJUN-ia) 1:10.320
29 #06- Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 1:10.589
30 #4- Islago Tizilna (Vilita & Turori) 1:10.665
31 #63- Jean Lannes (The French Army) *Q* 1:10.761
32 #13- Sage Caldwell (New Northwesteros) 1:10.823
33 #90- Lexie Shelby (Sword Island) *Q* 1:11.080
34 #24- Chelsea Taylor (Newmanistan) 1:11.145
35 #76- Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Ceeta (G6MR) 1:11.642
36 #16- Laura McKenzie (Sajnur) 1:11.672
37 #39- Rustam Ilyich Yudin (Abanhfleft) 1:11.871
38 #05- Chris Gordon (Sword Island) 1:12.087
39 #56- Kelly Monroe (Xanneria) 1:12.830

I made sure to double check that Kai Qiang's input values in xkoranate were correct, as this was one of the oddest data sets for a top driver that I have seen. It was indeed, correct. I guess Margaret was upset with him over something.

Race Results:
| Pos | Driver | Avg. |
| 1 | #18- Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) | 68.675 | WINNER
| 2 | #31- Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton (Valentine Z) | 68.823 |
| 3 | #07- Michael Stefan (TJUN-ia) | 68.989 |
| 4 | #38- Lam Chow-Cheung (Kimi-Suomi) | 69.156 |
| 5 | #4- Islago Tizilna (Vilita & Turori) | 69.215 |
| 6 | #64- Alfonso Mercado (TJUN-ia) | 69.310 |
| 7 | #03- Maddison Riley-Jones (TJUN-ia) | 69.325 |
| 8 | #55- Holly Aurora Lapia Starlight (G6MR) | 69.380 |
| 9 | #7- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha (Valentine Z) | 69.381 |
| 10 | #8- Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) | 69.395 |
| 11 | #41- Yraaga Gilli’i (Vilita & Turori) | 69.404 |
| 12 | #43- Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) | 69.492 |
| 13 | #45- Ilya Tsunopin (Saint Kanye) | 69.496 |
| 14 | #3- Jenna Logan (Tropicorp) | 69.502 |
| 15 | #73- Taylor Henderson (Hapilopper) | 69.511 |
| 16 | #1- Maddie Alexander (Tropicorp) | 69.609 |
| 17 | #15- Anastasia Freya Yadana Aye (Valentine Z) | 69.635 |
| 18 | #58- Koshiro Kawai (Abanhfleft) | 69.653 |
| 19 | #06- Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) | 69.765 |
| 20 | #46- Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) | 69.826 |
| 21 | #14- River ‘Shark’ Suzgar (Vilita & Turori) | 69.881 |
| 22 | #76- Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Ceeta (G6MR) | 69.957 |
| 23 | #71- Aurélia Karvonen (Kimi-Suomi) | 69.991 |
| 24 | #61- Joachim Murat (The French Army) | 70.100 |
| 25 | #98- Wilma von Cärinthen (Abanhfleft) | 70.231 |
| 26 | #39- Rustam Ilyich Yudin (Abanhfleft) | 70.331 |
| 27 | #0- Ezekiel Rodger (Esmerel) | 70.411 |
| 28 | #99- Ricky Lee (New Northwesteros) *Q* | 70.521 |
| 29 | #27- Stacie Houston (Saint Kanye) | 70.525 |
| 30 | #13- Sage Caldwell (New Northwesteros) | 70.533 |
| 31 | #24- Chelsea Taylor (Newmanistan) | 70.682 |
| 32 | #96- Alice Jepkosgei (TJUN-ia) | 70.735 |
| 33 | #5- Liangmei Li (Newmanistan) | 70.738 |
| 34 | #63- Jean Lannes (The French Army) *Q* | 70.766 |
| 35 | #62- Andre Massena (The French Army) | 70.983 |
| 36 | #16- Laura McKenzie (Sajnur) | 71.742 |
| 37 | #90- Lexie Shelby (Sword Island) *Q* | 71.869 |
| 38 | #05- Chris Gordon (Sword Island) | 72.254 |
| 39 | #56- Kelly Monroe (Xanneria) | 72.864 |
| 40 | #44- Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) | DNF |
| 41 | #81- Drake Stevenson (Hapilopper) | DNF |
| 42 | #10- Anna Star Joy Thanda Pwint Thinzar Nwe (G6MR) *Q* | DNF |
| 43 | #48- Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan) | DNF |
| 44 | #35- Kassie Collins (Sword Island) *Q* | DNF |
| 45 | #37- Yageny Qabaliq (Qzvarkian Qaz) | DNF |
| 46 | #2- Centur Tiones (Tropicorp) | DNF |

Point Standings (After 13 Races):
| Pos | Driver | Points |
| 1 | #18- Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye)* | 481 |
| 2 | #43- Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) | 475 |
| 3 | #31- Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton (Valentine Z) | 473 |
| 4 | #27- Stacie Houston (Saint Kanye)* | 450 |
| 5 | #14- River ‘Shark’ Suzgar (Vilita & Turori)* | 445 |
| 6 | #06- Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire)* | 439 |
| 7 | #64- Alfonso Mercado (TJUN-ia)* | 436 |
| 8 | #03- Maddison Riley-Jones (TJUN-ia) | 436 |
| 9 | #44- Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire)* | 435 |
| 10 | #15- Anastasia Freya Yadana Aye (Valentine Z) | 432 |
| 11 | #07- Michael Stefan (TJUN-ia) | 415 |
| 12 | #73- Taylor Henderson (Hapilopper) | 414 |
| 13 | #41- Yraaga Gilli’i (Vilita & Turori)* | 411 |
| 14 | #1- Maddie Alexander (Tropicorp) | 410 |
| 15 | #98- Wilma von Cärinthen (Abanhfleft)* | 409 |
| 16 | #81- Drake Stevenson (Hapilopper)** | 398 |
| 17 | #46- Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye)* | 398 |
| 18 | #3- Jenna Logan (Tropicorp)* | 395 |
| 19 | #13- Sage Caldwell (New Northwesteros) | 391 |
| 20 | #4- Islago Tizilna (Vilita & Turori) | 374 |
| 21 | #7- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha (Valentine Z) | 364 |
| 22 | #8- Chris Holmes (Hapilopper)* | 358 |
| 23 | #39- Rustam Ilyich Yudin (Abanhfleft) | 355 |
| 24 | #2- Centur Tiones (Tropicorp) | 336 |
| 25 | #55- Holly Aurora Lapia Starlight (G6MR) | 315 |
| 26 | #58- Koshiro Kawai (Abanhfleft) | 309 |
| 27 | #76- Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Ceeta (G6MR) | 306 |
| 28 | #5- Liangmei Li (Newmanistan) | 290 |
| 29 | #38- Lam Chow-Cheung (Kimi-Suomi) | 263 |
| 30 | #99- Ricky Lee (New Northwesteros) *Q* | 260 |
| 31 | #48- Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan) | 238 |
| 32 | #71- Aurélia Karvonen (Kimi-Suomi) *Q* | 230 |
| 33 | #61- Joachim Murat (The French Army) | 222 |
| 34 | #24- Chelsea Taylor (Newmanistan) | 201 |
| 35 | #10- Anna Star Joy Thanda Pwint Thinzar Nwe (G6MR) *Q* | 168 |
| 36 | #0- Ezekiel Rodger (Esmerel) | 168 |
| 37 | #62- Andre Massena (The French Army) *Q* | 161 |
| 38 | #63- Jean Lannes (The French Army) *Q* | 161 |
| 39 | #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) | 139 |
| 40 | #16- Laura McKenzie (Sajnur) | 97 |
| 41 | #37- Yageny Qabaliq (Qzvarkian Qaz) | 94 |
| 42 | #45- Ilya Tsunopin (Saint Kanye) | 84 |
| 43 | #56- Kelly Monroe (Xanneria) | 82 |
| 44 | #05- Chris Gordon (Sword Island) | 67 |
| 45 | #90- Lexie Shelby (Sword Island) *Q* | 59 |
| 46 | #17- Timo Szaba (Qzvarkian Qaz) *Q* | 43 |
| 47 | #12- Daniel Wynfor (Kannapian Sports Federation) | 36 |
| 48 | #88- Al Jak (StrayaRoos) | 31 |
| 49 | #35- Kassie Collins (Sword Island) *Q* | 31 |
| 50 | #50- Bismillah Untas (Sultanate of Oontaz) | 26 |
| 51 | #59- Derek Harwood (Newmanistan) | 26 |
| 52 | #40- Ongmu Yeti (The Sherpa Empire) | 20 |
| 53 | #84- Jamie Izabella Astrid Eirian (Valentine Z) | 17 |
| 54 | #96- Alice Jepkosgei (TJUN-ia) | 15 |
| 55 | #49- Lotara Novorali (Vilita & Turori) | 12 |
| 56 | #60- Rockii Ezis (Vilita & Turori) | 6 |
| 57 | #74- Yuro Kiuba (StrayaRoos) *Q* | 1 |

EverLong Points (Revised):
| Pos | EverLong Contenders Series | Points |
| 1 | #22- Pyotr Lavrentiev (Saint Kanye)* | 390 |
| 2 | #98- Jixaka Motorai (Tropicorp)* | 389 |
| 3 | #10- Valkyrie Valentijn Samantha Constantine (Valentine Z)** | 380 |
| 4 | #96- Alice Jepkosgei (TJUN-ia)* | 369 |
| 5 | #30- Lexi Patterson (Saint Kanye)* | 369 |
| 6 | #47- Edmund Flanders (Hapilopper) | 368 |
| 7 | #40- Agata Kosaryova (Abanhfleft)** | 359 |
| 8 | #20- Daryl Calhoun (Saint Kanye)** | 350 |
| 9 | #97- Robin Dragonovic (TJUN-ia) | 348 |
| 10 | #42- Ganglie Zhe (Abanhfleft)* | 347 |
| 11 | #70- Gongming Gao (TJUN-ia)* | 340 |
| 12 | #7- Ilmari Pëkannen (Kimi-Suomi) | 332 |
| 13 | #5- Bryan Harrison (Tropicorp)* | 329 |
| 14 | #60- Rockii Ezis (Vilita & Turori) | 327 |
| 15 | #37- Cocoabo #37 (Tropicorp) | 322 |
| 16 | #49- Lotara Novorali (Vilita & Turori) | 321 |
| 17 | #41- Turakki Mayelli (Vilita & Turori) | 309 |
| 18 | #07- Kaarina Salo (Kimi-Suomi) | 300 |
| 19 | #77- Marcus Alan Ariel Reynolds (Valentine Z) | 292 |
| 20 | #24- Dwight Webster (Newmanistan) | 267 |
| 21 | #48- Ryan Carroll (Newmanistan) | 262 |
| 22 | #73- Yuri Piotr (Qzvarkian Qaz) | 215 |
| 23 | #50- Tawfiq Chouchane (Oontaz Dert Li Ng) | 215 |
| 24 | #72- Zacarias Policarpio (Oontaz Dert Li Ng) | 207 |
| 25 | #59- Brookes Benson (Xanneria) | 164 |
| 26 | #04- Tyler Davidson (Sword Island) | 158 |
| 27 | #05- Carson Zanby (Sword Island) | 150 |
| 28 | #15- Allison Maddox (Sword Island) | 147 |
| 29 | #44- Alina Carbalo (Dod Rava) | 118 |
| 30 | #33- Joshua Pelayo (Kannapian Sports Federation) | 111 |
| 31 | #34- Mariusz Psikuta (Dod Rava) | 111 |
| 32 | #13- Amr Tarif (Krbustan) | 101 |
| 33 | #11- Luist Mata (Kharao) | 97 |
| 34 | #14- Gerges Shenouda (Krbustan) | 94 |
| 35 | #91- Aidan Rowan (Kannapian Sports Federation) | 79 |
| 36 | #87- Agdta Ndugane (Kharao) | 73 |
| 37 | #43- Cynthia Verdenne (Kharao) | 65 |

Next Races:
Multiversal- (Apr. 12/13)- Sharpe's Battleship 250, The HNE Half Mile, Hapilopper City, Hapilopper (Short Track- DIRT TRACK)
EverLong- (Apr 12)- Preston Tough Trucks 200, The HNE Half Mile, Hapilopper City, Hapilopper (Short Track- DIRT TRACK)
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TJUN 600, Jungle Circuit, Peninsula, JagBase TJUN-ia, TJUN-ia :: Coming off back-to-back victories for drivers Yraaga Gilli'i and River 'Shark' Suzgar II at the Lonngeylin Ring and Tropicoast Beach Course respectively, confidence was understandably brimming within Vilita and Turori Motorsports as the team arrived for the TJUN 600 at the Jungle Circuit.

Naturally the party hadn't really ever stopped from the prestigious Tropicorp 500 victory for Suzgar and the #14 Vilaye Energy Drink Hybrid Dart team and it was only fitting that the next race was the TJUN 600 with all the associated pomp and partying that went with it. The Vilita and Turori Motorsports team still had their trophies from the previous two races and would be looking forward to bringing them to Big 10 pins, the Bowling Alley set to host the huge Jungle Fever Party. With Coconut Bowling being one of the national sports of the Island Emirate of Turori, there was sure to be plenty of interest in not just partying but perhaps showing off some skills on the lanes as well from some of the Vilita and Turori Motorsports personnel in attendance.

Of course, with the team having won back-to-back races for the first time in their history - the conversations quickly began to wonder if it were plausible for a single team to win three consecutive races with three different drivers. In order for Vilita and Turori Motorsports to accomplish this they would need a victory from rookie driver Islago Tizilna. Tizilna got off to a good start putting the #4 Inura Extracts / Vilaye BOOM! Hybrid Dart in the Top 10 during the Vilaye Energy Drink Pole Award qualifying session, the only Vilita and Turori Motorsports driver to do so with teammates Suzgar and Gilli'i struggling mightily on the Jungle Road course with speeds good enough only for 34th and 37th respectively in the starting grid. The hill would be steep for Tizilna to climb, however, as no Vilita and Turorian driver had ever won at the Jaguar Circuit, the Coronation Tally completely devoid of Vilitan Cove Influence.

Tizilna would put in a great effort on race day leading laps and contending inside the Top 10 all race long in search of extending Vilita and Turori Motorsports winning streak for one more round. Ultimately, Tizilna would come just short but still manage to post their second consecutive Top 5 finish as they would re-take the lead in the Coleman and Thorne rookie of the season standings and continue their late-season charge in an attempt to sneak into the NSSCRA Playoffs.

It was also so close but so far for Vilita and Turori Motorsports Novorali Enterprises Everlong Contenders Series driver #60 Rockii Ezis in the NGADM 500 event for the Everlong Contenders Series. After a consistent but largely muted debut campaign in the NSSCRA's Second Tier Series, Ezis was finally able to provide a bit of the spark and excitement that had been promised when they first announced they would be bringing the sponsorship of the CoCoCo Logistics and Holdings company back to the NSSCRA in an alliance with the team that had given them their first ever opportunity in the NSSCRA, Vilita and Turori Motorsports.

Things hadn't started out so spectacularly for Ezis and the CoCoCo Hybrid Dart Team after posting the slowest qualifying run of the three Novorali Enterprises machines and being forced to start the race from 20th position. From there, however, it was a steady improvement for Ezis who benefitted greatly from the race distance which was more akin to that of a Multiversal Cup Series race for which the majority of the competitors Ezis was racing against had minimal experience racing. As one of just a handful of Everlong Contenders Series drivers who had competed multiple seasons in the Multiversal Cup Series, Ezis really excelled in the final third of the race as other drivers lost concentration or began to fatigue. Ezis had moved into the Top 5 with 40 laps to go and continued to pick off the opposition including some of the Everlong Contenders Series' biggest names: Team Blue's Edmund Flanders of Hapilopper and the ever-popular Pyotr Lavrentiev representing Saint Kanye and the Ceroat. With 8 laps to go, Ezis was now in second place with nothing standing between themselves and the race leader, local driver Alice Jepkosgei of TJUN-ia. Unfortunately, Ezis simply ran out of time to catch the Jaguar Driver.

With a guaranteed spot in the Multiversal Cup Series TJUN 600 on the line, Ezis would fall just short. In their post race interview, the Vilita and Turorian indicated they felt they needed another four to five laps to be able to catch and pass Jepkosgei who will now start the TJUN 600 from the last spot on the starting grid in the #96 for Jaguar Racing. While Ezis will not get the opportunity to compete in the TJUN 600 there was still plenty to take away from the strong runner-up performance - including strengthening Ezis' position in the playoff battle as Ezis leapt past teammate Lotara Novorali who struggled at the Jungle Circuit as well as Team Tropicorp's Cocoabo #37 to move into 14th in the Everlong Contenders Series Regular Season standings, 18 points clear of teammate Turakki Mayelli who is currently the first driver who would miss out on a playoff spot if the standings were to remain the same through the Regular Season finale at the Jalton Superspeedway. Just 32 cars appeared in the Everlong Contenders Series Race at the Jalton Superspeedway, the smallest field of the season after the teams from Kharao and the Kannapian Sports Federation, mired at the bottom of the standings, decided not to make the trip out to TJUN-ia for the longest race of the season while they re-evaluate their teams finances and participation in the NSSCRA this season.


The Lightspeed Relay, Golden Lightening Complex, Sunset City, Sunset Shimmer :: The AOCAR Stock Car Series rounded off its most hectic stretch of racing of the season with the first ever Lightspeed Challenge at the Golden Lightnening Complex before packing up and heading off to the Hapilopper Expo for a double-quadruple header with the NSSCRA Multiversal Cup Series, Everlong Contenders Series and HASCAR Circuits.

Coming off three consecutive Short Track races, the Lightspeed Challenge was a distinct change of pace for the AOCAR Stock Car Series with high speeds and high flying action in a gotta-see-it-to-believe-it style of racing. While names like Dyrrhonian Isles Short Track Challenge winner Scott Hawking of Wreckeria, Todd Underhill of New Northerwesteros who picked up two pole positions and a victory over the three-race short track stint and Team Tropicorp rookie Jeszi Hotoniia who posted Top 10 finishes in all three short track events - were the prominent ones throughout the Short Track swing, it was wide open competition at the Golden Lightening Complex as no one came into the race weekend with any notes to look back upon.

Qualifying at the Lightspeed Relay was led by New Northwesterosi Lance Barron who was the only driver to best the 44-second mark on their fast lap. One team that struggled right off the truck in Sunset City was Banijan based RTC Motorsports. Just one race removed from their first ever AOCAR Stock Car Series victory by Baturu Ngoba at the Yutzie River Raceway, the three RTC Motorsports entries found themselves last, second to last and third to last in qualifying at the Golden Lightening Complex with Ngoba, a locked-in twii.tur shootout driver placing dead last on the field. The layout of the course with its sweeping bankings and long straightaways made the sling-shot a powerful weapon in the quiver of the drivers and very few positions were held for many laps in a row. By the end of the race there were still 35 cars running depite a handful of early incidents which had taken out four drivers and damaged a further four beyond that. When it came down to the final laps it appeared that Oontaz driver Yasir Nasri would be the driver to beat - having fought off a challenge from Team Tropicorp drivers Anavella Ariiki and Sampson Milwork. However, there was one more challenge coming fromthe trio of Glen Reid, Annabelle Grace Melanie Ioannes Corinna and Umbalu Trisirala. The line surged past Nasri as the field took the white flag and stayed in formation to put distance between themselves and the rest of the field jockeying for position behind them. Finally they broke in the final turn is Annabelle and Glen Reid battled for the led, opening the door for Trisirala to use the final slingshot to get a run and bypass them both, clearing them just before the start finish line to take the checkered flag as Reid and Annabelle finished side by side behind them in a battle for second place. It would be Trisirala's first win of the season in a thrilling finish to the first ever Lightspeed Relay.

Despite failing to claim the victory, Oontaz driver Yasir Nasri extended their lead in the overall AOCAR Stock Car Series standings to 11 points over Gavin Ogden and Glen Reid, both of Saint Kanye. The top performing Vilita and Turori driver in the standings is 4th place Kizara Mo'aaki - 44 points behind Nasri and just 1 point clear of the three way tie between Trisirala, Tropicorp's Anavella Ariiki and Keith Griffiths of New Northwesteros who has been very quietly putting together a solid AOCAR campaign. Despite having no top five finishes in the season, Griffiths has just one finish outside the Top 20 - a 23rd place run in the VilBev 200 at the Yutzie River Raceway and has otherwise kept the #15 Chadwick clean all season long as they look to point their way into the twii.tur Shootout.


Vilita & Turori Racer

[size=160]So Close for @RockiiEzis as the @VTM driver posted theri best career #NSSCRA finish, 2nd place in the #NGADM 500

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Postby Tropicorp » Mon Apr 11, 2022 5:27 am

Tropicorp 500, Tropicoast Beach Course, Tropicorp :: The smoke from the tires billowed up as Maddie Alexander slid the #1 Tropicorp #1 in Tires Hybrid Dart to a halt inside the designated pit box. She had the A-crew on her team - the longest serving crew on Team Tropicorp. While some of the names had come and gone, this crew could trace back to the original #42 team of Euroli Islander during NSSCRA Season 7. They would then crew for Anavella Ariiki and now for Maddie Alexander. Maddie's crew was all Tropicorpers. It was an interesting mix on pit road for Team Tropicorp with each of their four drivers pit crews having traced their legacy back to four different teams. Maddie's crew back to the old #42 and #88 teams of Team Tropicorp. Centur Tiones #2 team came over from Vilita and Turori Motorsports during the offseason while Islago Tizilna retained much their crew from the Everlong Contenders Series for the Vilita & Turori Motorsports #4 team. Jenna Logan's #3 Dagan Airways / Tropicorp Pit Crew consisted of what still remained from the Team Cassadaigua #27 and #11 teams that were absorbed as part of the merger with Team Tropicorp. Very rarely are the pit crews in the spotlight on the NSSCRA Circuit - that is, except for during the Tropicorp Pit Crew Competition at the Tropicoast Beach Course.

As the nose of Maddie's #1 Dart crossed the edge of the pitbox, the timing clock began. Her crew was already over the wall with all the action taking place on a purposed-built section of pit lane just in front of the Tropicorp visitors center just across from one of the main grandstands at the circuit. Around one side, then the other. The wheels spun - though only slightly, and expertly executed delivery of Torque as the wheels seemed to begin their rotation even as the jack was still being removed. Over the line and out back onto the track, nothing held back. The time flashed on the scoreboard just next to the pit box. 19.23*. The Asterisk meant the time was still under review. The crew looked around nervously at the officials. Thumbs up from the front. Thumbs up from the rear. There was still the video review. Seconds felt like minutes. Then, the asterisk was gone from the board. No Penalties.

The Team Tropicorp crew jumped in celebration. !!NEW RECORD!! flashed on the scoreboard below their time. The #1 team had jumped to the top of the pilon. It was still just past the mid-point of the competition and there were still plenty of teams left to go - but one by one they all had their shot, and none could best the time of Team Tropicorp. It was not without its nervous moments, however. Among the final four teams came some of the toughest challenges of the day. The #31 Valkyrie Racing Team entry put in a very fast put stop for Gwen Tracer Allison but 3 separate penalties - the most applied to a single team in the competition, knocked the #31 team out of contention. Back-to-Back Gale Force Racing attempts very nearly ended Team Tropicorp's hopes with the #18 team ending up inside the Top 10 - but it was Stacie Houston and the #27 Five Star Mobile Chadwick team that really had the best opportunity with an outstanding pitstop - just not quite fast enough as the #27 clocked in second on the board. Finally, the last slot reserved for the defending champion of the event - the Yulha Sherpa College team for Tsering Chu. It was another fine stop for the #43 team but not quite as fast as the prior season, flashing on the board in 10th position with no penalties. That was it. The poster-producing moment that would undoubtedly be used in Tropicorp Racing Supply and tire advertisements for years to come. The #1 Team Tropicorp crew of Maddie Alexander had won the Tropicorp Pit Crew Challenge.

Of course, winning was sweet for the entire Team Tropicorp crew - particularly to have done so with many of their family and friends present to cheer them on during their rare moment in the sun. For Maddie Alexander, there was a special sweetness to it as well. While it wasn't an NSSCRA Multiversal Cup Series race victory, she still played a role in the teams success and it felt good to see her new #1 at the Top of the Podium... one spot ahead of the #27 that she had used her whole career prior to this season until the return of Stacie Houston to the Multiversal Cup Series with Gale Force Racing.

While neither Maddie nor any of her Team Tropicorp teammates could leverage the momentum on race day, it was still a fulfilling weekend particularly as it meant so much to the crew who rarely get recognition for what they do on a weekly basis. It also helped greatly to ease the burden of Team Tropicorp's dismal performance in the Tropicorp 500 - an event they had swept the previous season with Maddie Alexander on Pole Position and Jenna Logan winning the race in the #26 Tropicorp Dart. The performance of Team Tropicorp in the 500 was disappointing but even on the track it wasn't all bad all weekend for Team Tropicorp. Jixaka Motorai retained her lead in the Everlong Contenders Series standings with a 6th place finish in the Tropicorp Racing Supply 250 - just behind teammate Bryan Harrison in the #5. In the Tropicorp Sifaka 300K for the AOCAR Stock Car Series it would be a clean sweep for Team Tropicorp - including the entire front row with another great photo-opportunity for the Tropicorp marketing team with Cocoabo #78 and Anavella Ariiki - two former NSSCRA Multiversal Cup Series teammates starting on the front row for the event with Ariiki leading much of the event and holding on for the victory, her first of the season in AOCAR.

With the big race weekend in Tropicorp behind them, the team would move on to TJUN-ia and the Jungle Circuit where just 48 cars were on hand to compete for 45 spots in the starting lineup. With the Kannapian Motorsports Fedeation and driver #12 Daniel Wynfor not attending, Team Tropicorp had hoped to work out a deal to take over the teams entry and get Cocoabo #28 on the entry list even as a must-qualify-on-time driver but no deal was able to be finalized as there were no Kannapian Sports Federation representatives at the track. The team will continue to pursue all Multiversal Cup Series opportunties for Cocoabo #28, hoping to enter the Cocoabo driver in Hapilopper City to maintain the proper enrichment and experience schedule as part of their continued evaluation and improvement as part of the CEEP.

Team Tropicorp were hit with a major blow in the TJUN 600 when star driver Centur Tiones was caught up in an incident not of their doing after Kassie Collins of Sword Island was spun by Yageny Qabalig of the Qzvarkian Qaz. Thew two drivers were battling just in front of Tiones who attempted to avoid the spinning car of Collins only to get slammed by Qabalig who made a late evasive maneuver of their own before being hit back into the car of Collins. All three drivers would be unable to continue after the event.

Team Tropicorp pressed forth and it was not a bad day all things considered with Jenna Logan coming home in 14th position and Maddie Alexander 16th. Maddie's consistent performances all season long have kept her within striking distance of a playoff spot despite not having a race victory to her name. Currently 14th in the Multiversal Cup Series point standings, Maddie would not be in the playoffs due to drivers - including teammate Jenna Logan - with race victories behind them. In order to assure a place on points in the NSSCRA Playoffs, Maddie would likely need to jump up into the Top 10 of the regular season standings - a gap that is currently 22 points to Anastaia Freya Yadana aye of Valentine Z. For teammate Centur Tiones, a season of great promise after the switch from the #3 driver at Vilita and Turori Motorsports to the presumed #1 driver at Team Tropicorp has thus far been filled with many highlight-worthy unfortunate occurances similar to the bizzarre incident between two slower cars that ended Tiones' day at the TJUN 600. Now 100 points out of the Top 10 in the Regular Season standings, there is no more path for the #2 Tiones Lumber Hybrid Dart team to make the playoffs on points alone and it will instead require a race victory to get them there. With that in mind, Tiones will enter the #2T in the Berman Brothers Classic at the HNE Half-Mile to get that extra track time ahead of the Sharpe's Battleship 250 Dirt Race in Hapilopper City. Tiones made the feature at the Berman Brothers Classic one season ago after a win in the Last-Chance Consolation Race and will be looking to make it all the way through to the feature once more this season before hopefully leveraging that experience to challenge for that all important Multiversal Cup Series race victory.
- Tropicorp -

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Postby Hapilopper » Mon Apr 11, 2022 4:28 pm


For the next three weeks, Hapilopper City will become the center of international motorsport as it hosts a number of major racing series - the international NSSCRA Multiversal Cup Series and Everlong Contenders Series, as well as the AOCAR Stock Car series and the local HASCAR Challenge Cup and the Dominion Outlaw Series' winged sprint cars and super late models. All will compete as part of the annual Hapilopper National Exhibition, known this year as the Hapilopper/Wreckeria Exhibition, an event that this year is celebrating the merger of the nations of Hapilopper and Wreckeria. But more on that in a bit.
Hamilton Square in downtown Hapilopper City
is the sentimental center of town.

While auto racing has long been king in Hapilopper, and while the Hapilopper/Wreckeria Exhibition will be underway for the next several weeks, there’s plenty of other things to do in the Dominion beside watching auto racing. Hapilopper City, for example, the largest city and capital of the Dominion, is one of the cultural centers in the region. The National Museum of Natural and Unnatural History, for instance, is a popular place for out-of-town residents, and features exhibits such as the dinosaurs that once roamed the lands of Hapilopper, the drum kit used by the famous rock band “The Kingslayers,” the car driven by Team Blue driver Chet Byrd to win the 1980 HASCAR Challenge Cup, and the car driven by Drake Stevenson to win the third annual Super Skychief 500.

Not interested in historic artifacts? How about checking out a concert? Hapilopper City has more than their fair share of concert halls, and on a given night in downtown Hapilopper City, you’ll find your favorite genre of music, regardless of what it is. There’s the Stockyards, one of the leading country music venues in the country, that features a headliner almost every night. There’s Palmwoods Hall, one of the top venues for up-and-coming rock stars, that has a show every night during the HWE. There’s Riverside Park, which features some of the top rap and hip-hop stars in the country, and Kenwood’s, one of the top dance music venues in the country.

If loud music isn't your thing, there's plenty of other things to enjoy. Some of the finest culinary selections in all of Atlantian Oceania reside in Hapilopper City, including Craven's Steakhouse, rated by "Chunk o'Meat Monthly", Hapilopper's guide to restaurants, as the best steakhouse in all of the Dominion. Like beer? Check out Andrew's Pub, located on the north side of Hapilopper City! Andrew McPherson, the proprietor, and a former HASCAR driver, carries no less than three dozen beers on tap and carries all the major sporting events on four big-screen televisions in the bar. You might even see one of Team Blue's famous drivers, all of whom frequent the watering hole!

The city, with a population of 36,820,000, is the largest city in Hapilopper, and is moving every single minute of the day and night. The sentimental center of town, of course, is Hamilton Square. 245 years ago, Hapilopper City, then known as Hamilton City, grew out of that square, and in 1879, to celebrate the city’s and the nation’s centennial, a giant fountain was erected in the middle of Hamilton Square. Since then, the area has become the site of major concerts and watch parties for some of the biggest moments in Hapiloppian Sport, most notably several years ago when the Hapilopper National Football Team stunned the world and won the Baptism of Fire, and of course last year when Team Hapilopper shockingly qualified for the 90th World Cup. Thousands of fans are expected to congregate on Hamilton Square this weekend to watch each of the major races at HapEx.


In 1879, a group of individuals, looking to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Dominion of Hapilopper, held the “Hapilopper Centennial Exhibition,” featuring the latest in technology, a history lesson of what had existed in the past, and a chance for Hapiloppians to party. Since then, the Hapilopper National Exhibition has become the largest event in the country, and features exhibits from all walks of Hapiloppian life. This year, the event centers around the recent merger of Hapilopper and Wreckeria, and the name of this year's exhibition reflects that. Events at this year's Hapilopper/Wreckeria Exhibition will focus on how the merger has impacted everyday life, both for Hapiloppians as well as Wreckerians. Government leaders are expected to speak during this year's HWE, including Hapiloppian President William Mathis and former Wreckerian President Arnold Martin, making his first public appearance since finalizing the merger he and Wreckerian government leaders asked for.

There’s the annual Hapilopper chili cook-off, which, with the exception of four years ago after an unfortunate incident involving hot sauce, has brought some of the best chili recipes to Hapilopper City. There’s the agricultural fair, which features some of the top equipment in the agricultural business in Hapilopper, not to mention some of the finest livestock and produce in the entire country. The AgFair promises to feature the newest in farm tractors, perhaps Hapilopper's fastest-growing industry sector, especially in the past year. There’s the technology fair, which shows off the leading edge of technology in this country that’s available for you to buy right now, not to mention some of the technology you should expect to see in the coming years. This includes the newest in computer graphics cards, which are experiencing a sharp drop in price and a sharp increase in power as Hapilopper's biggest three video card manufacturers, SeeTech, VideoPlus and 500FPS conduct an arms race over who has the best, the sharpest and the best-looking.

There's also the automotive fair, where Hapilopper's Big Five automakers - Preston Autos, Major Motors, Stevens, Primetime and Hamilton - look to one-up each other with their new offerings for the coming year. It has been the setting of the start of an arms race amongst Hapilopper's big five, and that arms race only looks to be intensifying as each of the big five are rumored to be introducing sleek new bullets both for the road and for the track. Preston Autos is likely going to be finally releasing its Super Skychief Mk.II, while Hamilton Motorcar looks to be introducing something new, their first new offering designed for the HASCAR/NSSCRA market in nine years.


Do you sponsor a car in the NSSCRA? Would you be interested in sponsoring an NSSCRA car? Have you sponsored an NSSCRA car and never knew it? You will be granted free vendor space at the Hapilopper/Wreckeria Exhibition for the duration of the event!

What’s that you say? You’ve never visited the Dominion? You’ve never had a footprint in Hapilopper? Well, hell, that’s not going to stop you! The Dominion of Hapilopper, and the officials of the Hapilopper/Wreckeria Exhibition is more than happy to welcome you to introduce yourself and your services to the people of the Dominion. Vendor space, of course, is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and is located between the Hapilopper City Raceway and the HNE Half-Mile Dirt Oval. A wide variety of organizations from across the multiverse have exhibited their wares and "Vendor Alley," as it has become known, has become one of the most popular features of the Hapilopper National Exhibition! Thousands of Hapiloppians visit Vendor Alley during each day of the Hapilopper National Exhibition, and this year promises to be no exception.


Hapilopper City Airport is the largest airport in all of Hapilopper, and is nine miles away and across the West River from the fairgrounds, in the suburban city of Conyers. Don’t let that get you down. For a small fee, the Hapilopper City Airport is offering shuttle services to the Hapilopper National Exhibition grounds, as well as nearby services.

Residents and tourists are strongly encouraged to consider using the CART (City Area Regional Transit) systems, which includes train and bus service all over Hapilopper City and its surrounding locale. CART trains and buses will operate on a 24/7 basis throughout the Hapilopper National Exhibition.
HAPILOPPER. Home of TEAM BLUE, Winner of NSSCRA 11 and Baptism of Fire 70.
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Made with pride in the best sporting region of them all, Atlantian Oceania.
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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Mon Apr 11, 2022 10:40 pm

Kai Qiang's weekend had started well, but it went south pretty quick. He had a brush with another car that didn't look like a big deal, but the damage was worse than it looked. Qiang's car was wrecky loose and it seemed to be getting worse. He continued the race, but he was fighting with the car now, and he could not keep up with the lead group. He complained over the radio about how the car was handling, and Chang told him to pit. Despite their best efforts, the #44 crew could not get the car back to the way it had handled in qualifying, and Qiang continued losing ground.

When things started going wrong, Qiang cussed up a blue streak; but by midway through the race, he had written it off as a lost cause and quieted down. There was nothing to say. It was just going to be a bad race, and that was that. He thought about just parking the car to save it some wear and tear, since he wasn't going to accomplish much of anything by staying in.

He was still thinking it over when he lost control of the car and went skidding into Drake Stevenson's path. He wasn't trying to block Drake. It just sort of happened. The collision did enough damage to settle the question of whether Qiang should finish the race or park the car. He had to park it now because it was an undrivable wreck. It would still move in a slow wobbly way, but there was no way that thing was getting up to the minimum speed to continue racing.

Qiang muddled through the interviews after the race, giving one-line answers and staring off into space with a zombie-like expression.

Tsering Chu's weekend also took a sudden turn for the worse, but for a completely different reason: The president of Yulha Sherpa College had resigned in disgrace and was facing criminal charges for embezzlement. The story had just broke, and already people were speculating about whether the school might sell their NSSCRA charter to make up for the money that had been embezzled.

She tried not to think about it while she was behind the wheel at the TJUN 600 or bowling at Jungle Fever, but it was still there at the back of her mind.

Qiang noticed that she seemed out of sorts. While she waited for her turn to bowl, she just sat there lost in thought, not paying attention to how he, Mendok, and Chang were doing. He asked her what was wrong, and Tsering explained that she was thinking about the financial scandal at her alma mater. "Do you think we could offer them a donation to keep the NSSCRA charter?"

"We can ask."

Rinzi's 19th place finish was not everything he had hoped for, but his weekend didn't really go to hell until he got to the bowling alley. He was too proud to ask for bumpers on his lane, but he really needed them. He bowled gutter ball after gutter ball, getting increasingly embarrassed while Tashi and the #06 crew had a good laugh at his expense. When Leujouje -- who had never bowled before -- joined them for a game, even she was better than Rinzi.

Only Kami Qiang was worse, and that was because she was too small to even hold the ball properly. She had to use the lightest ball at the bowling alley, and her parents would walk her up to the start of the lane before putting the ball in her hands for her to bowl. She rolled the ball with both hands and squealed excitedly as she watched it roll. It was cute, but the ball still ended up in the gutter more often than not.
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Homecoming II: Ending With A Bang! + Strike!

Postby TJUN-ia » Tue Apr 12, 2022 7:47 am


This blog was written by Derrick Carlisle, Jaguar Racing's Social Media Manager

The time had finally arrived for the TJUN 600 and everyone knew that today was going to be a good day of action no matter what. Everyone had their predictions on who would claim the crown and who would get onto that podium but we would only know for sure when that chequered flag came out at the end of these 600 miles. The stands would be packed, the armbands of many colours and the infinite flags bringing a kaleidoscope of colour to the watching viewers at home. The flag parade went as scheduled, other than a few notes - the Ukrainian flags up at the front to reflect this weekend's theme of Peace, the flags of Kharao and Kannap at the back as their teams pulled out just before this weekend, you certainly had a big cheer for the flags of Kimi-Suomi and Sixty-ninE X. It's always interesting to see what little details you can pick up at a weekend like this, as it always is. Yesterday saw a great reception for Lane Carter and Batu Tüvshinbayar on starter duty, so they would accompany MRO Head Jason McCurry to deliver today's starting orders. The roar of those 46 engines is always a feeling you have to experience for yourself and from there, the 4th running of this race would soon be underway,

Let's start with Alice Jepkosgei (@AJ96), the newly-crowned Princess Alice V who was the start of the NGADM 500 yesterday. She managed to fun a trouble-free race and crossed that line in 32nd, certainly a respectable performance in a race such as this one. In the end, 7 drivers would not make it to the end including both Drake Stevenson and Kai Qiang in an incident that would put everyone at DEFCON 1 when it came to potential drama. Ricky Lee ended up as the best non-charter in 28th while the other open-charter, Ilya Tsunopin, had a remarkable day and ended up 13th in that #45 - well done to the 69Xer! Aurélia Karvonen also had a good day by coming from 39th on the grid to finish in 23rd.

Then came our guys and oh boy, was that interesting one. All three of our drivers ended up in the Top 7 and if that isn't a statement of how far Jaguar Racing has come in this series, then I don't know what is. Maddison Riley-Jones (@MaddyRJ03) ended up 7th in a race that solidified her chances at heading into the Chase, Alfonso Mercado (@AM64) had a fun first home race as a Chaser and getting 6th today certainly showed that he could do something in the final 10...but if there was one driver who needed this race more than anyone, it would be Michael Stefan (@Stefan07). Everyone knew that Stefan was in a bit of trouble and was certainly at risk of missing out on the Chase, so any good points here would certainly help - and he certainly tried to get that ticket of his own accord. He was up towards the front for most of the event and for a while, even formed a great and popular partnership with Lam Chow-Cheung, HM's TJUN-ian who was currently in the middle of the race of their life. It actually worked better than a lot of people were expecting and it certainly contributed to the final 4 standings. Jeremiah Brooke in 1st, Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton in 2nd, Michael Stefan in 3rd and Lam Chow-Cheung in 4th.

You could certainly say that the podium was a popular one, the Top 4 more so - Brooke was decreed Jeremiah V, King of the Jungle to rapturous applause, Gwen was at least happy enough up there to share a sweet smile, Stefan clearly enjoyed being the centre of the crowd's attention and after that, attention turned to the pitlane where both JR and HM came together for one time only to celebrate what the hell Lam did out there. Harpa and Marx, the two bosses I've ever known, shared a handshake and celebrated the project they put together - to give LCC a homecoming to remember. I heard the chanting of "LCC" from the crowd during the weekend and those who witnessed this did the same...telling Lam that no matter what, we mattered to us matter the yellow, white, purple and black they wore or the mask they held dear being on their face.

This weekend was certainly magical and I was certainly happy to be a part of it once more. TJUN Speed Week is always a magical time for us all and it was certainly nice to be here once more, with the people I love, and experience a home weekend. Three Races left now, the pressure is certainly ramping up for everyone without a win to their name now and we will be off to Hapilopper for a Double-Header - starting with the Dirt Week at The HNE Half Mile, with both the Preston Tough Trucks 200 and the main event Sharpe's Battleship 250 expected to be dirty affairs - but luckily, the Water Festival afterwards should help with that. See you next year, TJUN-ia! And to most of our readership...see you next week!

The Official Coronation Tally And Schedule
Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha (#7, Valentine Z) as Clarissa I, Queen of the Jungle (TJUN 600, NSSCRA 9)
Fiona Sunarya (#00/#99, Filindostan) as Fiona II, Queen of the Jungle (TJUN 600, NSSCRA X)
Michael Stefan (#07, TJUN-ia) as Micheal III, King of the Jungle (TJUN 600, NSSCRA 11)
Drake Stevenson (#81, Hapilopper) as Drake IV, King of the Jungle (Race of Oceania, NSSCRA 12)
Jeremiah Brooke (#18, Saint Kanye) as Jeremiah V, King of the Jungle (TJUN 600, NSSCRA 12)

Edmund Flanders (#47, Hapilopper) as Prince Edmund I of the Jungle (NGADM 500, NSSCRA X)
Robin Dragonovic (#97, South Newlandia/TJUN-ia) as Prince Robin II of the Jungle (NGADM 500, NSSCRA 11)
Al Shelton (#77, Hapilopper) as Prince Al III of the Jungle (Race of Oceania, NSSCRA 11)
Agata Kosaryova (#40, Pridnestrovia/Abanhfleft) as Princess Agata IV of the Jungle (Mgogoro wa Jiji la Ngao, NSSCRA 12)
Alice Jepkosgei (#96, TJUN-ia) as Princess Alice V of the Jungle (NGADM 500, NSSCRA 12)

Current MCS Standings: #07 - 11th (415pts)/#64 - 7th (436pts/1 Win)/#03 - 8th (436pts)/#96 - 54th (15pts)
Current ECS Standings: #97 - 10th (325pts+PS)/#96 - 8th (329pts)/#70 - 5th (334pts/1 Win)
Next MCS Race: Sharpe's Battleship 250, The HNE Half Mile, Hapilopper City, Hapilopper
Next ECS Race: Preston Tough Trucks 200, The HNE Half Mile, Hapilopper City, Hapilopper
Music of the Round II: Stargate - Waterfall ft. P!nk, Sia (FIJ/UKR/VEN)
MemeWatch II
1) "You're BOTH In The Wrong!" Lloyd Clarence (HTN) and Taylor Henderson (#73) - Casual Sexism And Weaponised Basketballs
2) Chaos In The Bay The Race of Oceania (Cup Series Round 3) - For Being Chaotic And Then Some...14 Retirements And All.
3) Abuse Of Your Power Drake Stevenson (#81) - Taylor's Not Queen Regnant Just Yet In This Realm...
4) "Ah Shit, Here We Go Again" Derrick Carlisle (Yep, That's Me) - Team Blue Shut Me Up. That Is All.
5) Time To Bring The Mayhem! Mayhem (STK) - Ilya And Murat, Eh? Two Men Of The Mayhem Indeed.
6) #WeStanKaiQiang Ilya Tsunopin (#45) - We Like This Guy, But He Certainly Belongs Here.
7) It Had To Be Done The Tunnel Truck Fiasco (#73) - Chaos. Pure Unfiltered Chaos.
8 ) Angry, But Still... Taylor Henderson (#73) - Thou Shall Not Kick Thine Significant Other's Crown Jewels.
9) I Don't Need To Explain This Kai Qiang (#44) - For Crossing The Hongxai Line.
10) I'm So Sorry Chris Holmes (#8) - For Allowing Us To FEEL THE MAYHEM At 7AM!

The 4th Jungle Fever Party would actually turn out to be quite fun. The BIg 10 Pins on Southside, an area of the city of Peninsula more urban than the area of the Jungle Circuit, but certainly not as urban as downtown was certainly a peculiar choice for a venue, not too far from the Bay of Peace, but it had all the stiff needed for a party of this scale: lots of space, good parking (and lots of electric carports) and, of course, those bowling alleys for anyone to use and just have a good time with. Some came, some did not and that was certainly fine...but what did the Jags do?

Well, it's simple...the drivers went bowling. 3v3, T1 vs T2, The Boys and Maddy vs RDAJGG in a true battle for TJUN-ian supremacy. All of the drivers each had differing abilities when it came to the sport and 1 driver from each team could be split into a different category:
- Relatively Good (MRJ and RD) - Yeah, the lovebirds from S10 actually liked to do some bowling back in Wollongmatta Bay and as such, a lot of the points from this content came from their arms - and they certainly felt good about that too.
- Looked Like They Practiced (AJ and MS) - Not bad at all. That was about it, they were at least respectable here and got a strike or two.
- The Less You Know The Better (AM and GG) - Yeah...more gutterballs from these two than a pool table. They had a good time at least.

In the end, it was a strike from Gao that won the battle for the T2s which meant that the T1 drivers would be on drinks duty for the rest of the night. It was all good fun and certainly hilarious to watch from afar.

Speaking of watching from afar, Harpa and DCar were chilling at the back while watching all of this happen while trying to hold hands as secretively as they could...that is until Daniel Marx came over for what turned out to be a nice chat. The two bosses that JR has known were talking about the season thus far, how well HM has managed life in the NSSCRA and just how well Lam Chow-Cheung was developed as a driver after only 13 races. The CEA certainly knew what talent they had on their hands and while it hasn't all been good, they've certainly blossomed over the past two weeks in particular. Heck, DCar even notified Marx of the relationship, the first outsider they had told about recent developments. Marx would swear not to tell a soul and hopefully, he keeps his word.
1st: ECC4
2nd: NSCF24, ARWC4, WC:TOTS, IBC34, NSCF26, IBS17
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32, ECC3
4th: WBC50, IBC31, WBC52, IBC33, RLWC20
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (6W)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (1W)/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/1W-T1/3W-T2)
T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (3W [2 @JR])/#96 Alice Jepkosgei (2W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (2W)

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (1W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 3 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (2 RU)

UN - U1
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Hapilopper » Tue Apr 12, 2022 8:06 am

Jungle Circuit, Peninsula, JagBase TJUN-ia, TJUN-ia
The TJUN 600
Drake Stevenson was chasing down Maddie Alexander and Taylor Henderson for position past halfway in the TJUN 600. It had been a decently frustrating day for Drake, but it was slowly getting better. The handling of his car was improving as he talked over the issues with his crew. It seemed like all was going well for Drake and getting better. But as he came out of Village Corner for another lap, he didn’t realize that Kai Qiang was heading right into his path.

Qiang had endured an uncharacteristically miserable day, and he had run off course, out of control. When he got back on track, trying to regain control of his car, he did so at a most inopportune moment. His car swung back on track, right in front of Drake’s car. There was nothing either of the two could have done. Drake couldn’t react in time.


It was hard to say who was to blame. Some suggested Drake had “asspacked” Qiang and could have avoided him. Others suggested that Qiang should have parked an obviously-evil handling car. Either way, Drake smashed into the rear of Qiang’s 44 car, lifting the rear of the 44 off the ground ever-so-slightly, and crunching up the front of the 81. After gathering it back up, Drake started to drive his smoking junk heap of a Preston Super Skychief back to the pits. As he went through Canal Curve, out of the groove, he saw bright orange flames start to spit out. The car was on fire. He brought it to a halt on the outside of the track, jumped out of the car and walked away, pointing to track marshals who were on their way with fire extinguishers to put the flames out.

Drake sat down on the outside wall and lifted up the goggles above the bill on his open-face helmet before looking over to the flaming junk heap that was his race car. He thought about it for a minute and realized that there was no malice intended on Qiang’s part. He reached for a pack of cigarettes in his pocket, grabbed one and lit it before crossing the race track, thinking of what to say when the world’s media got to him. He didn’t want to say something that would incriminate Qiang, when it seemed to him that it wasn’t Kai Qiang being an asshole. Drake had already lapped him at least once and realized that something was amiss with the 44 car.

When the world’s media found him on pit road, led by HTN’s Doug Goodman, Drake said what was on his mind.

“We were in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Drake said. “I guess Qiang was having problems, you’d have to ask him what was going on because I couldn’t tell you. But he came back on and I had nowhere to go. But I’m OK, car’s wrecked, but we’ll get ‘em at HapEx.”

HapEx, Drake thought. Oh thank heavens for HapEx. Where your every move is under a microscope. Where you can’t go nowhere without a police escort because everyone mobs you. Where everything is louder, everything is a little wilder, where everything is a little more important.

Even frustrated over the incident, Drake made a brief appearance at Jungle Fever, where he stood off to the side and watched everything. Not even coaxing from Frank Bronson could get him to play a round of bowling. He just wanted to go home and get ready for a very stressful few weeks in Hapilopper City.
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Postby Saint Kanye » Tue Apr 12, 2022 10:46 am

"All hail King Jeremiah!"


"All hail King Jeremiah!"


To say that the scene unfolding at the Gale Force Racing garage at the end of the TJUN 600 was a happy one would be an understatement. Lively music playing, thirty or so drivers and crew members standing around, some holding pizza slices, Blood Moon beer cans, or red solo cups of soda, others throwing fistfuls of confetti, chanting and bowing at a man in a crown and a red, white and blue firesuit. Their reason for throwing this party is just as good as any: with the conclusion of the longest race in the Cup Series schedule in terms of both time and distance, came the emergence of the newest monarch of the Jungle Circuit in Peninsula. His name? Jeremiah Brooke. But how exactly did he end up in this position?

Jeremiah started the 600 in the middle of the pack at 25th, but rapidly rose through the ranks, cracking the top ten by lap 20 and staying there for the rest of the day. With three laps remaining, he was in second place, ahead of hometown bets Michael Stefan and Lam Chow-Cheung, and trailing only Gwen Oxton of Valentine Z. "Micky" rounded the Club Corner faster than "Big J" did, but the latter was able to leave the former behind at the Railway Straight. Lam also threatened to overtake Jeremiah a few times, only to get denied by the more experienced Yeezie. Two laps to go. Lam once again crept at Jeremiah on the inside, but he blocked them, after which he gave Micky, who was coming up on the outside, a tap to knock him loose. He then found some speed on Valentine's Way (not named after Gwen's country of origin), leaving the two TJUN-ians to fight for third by themselves. Gwen still led, but that lead dwindled as Jeremiah closed in.

White flag. Gwen navigated through Club Corner, with Jeremiah following suit. The two passed Railway Straight, the rest of the field nipping at their heels. At Canal Curve, Jeremiah closed the gap between Gwen and himself from a couple of car lengths to just one, and on Valentine's Way (rather ironically), he would finally catch up with her and go side by side. "Oxton and Brooke fighting for the lead, two drivers high up in points but still looking for their first win of the season," said Yeezie commentator Carl Tanner on SKYNET Sports' official broadcast of the race. "Now rounding the Village Corner. Oxton tries to inch ahead, but Brooke makes contact!" exclaimed his partner Shaun Pitt.

"Still anyone's race as they approach the Country Corner. Stefan and Lam battling behind the two leaders," said Carl.

"Who's gonna get there first, it's gonna be.... oh! More contact from Brooke, and he gets the jump on Oxton!" shouted Shaun.

"There's the start/finish line, Oxton tries to make her move...."

"Will it be enough?"

"Brooke tries to block.... and Brooke crosses the line! That's career win #15 for driver #18, Jeremiah Brooke is your new King of the Jungle!"

"What a display of Yeezie magic from our ninth season champion. Oxton takes second place. Stefan third, Lam fourth, breaking their previous career best, and Islago Tizilna the rookie rounding out our top five."


"Yeah! We're back in business!" Jeremiah shouted on his radio as he pulled into the pits at the end of the race. As far as points-paying races are concerned, this was the fifteenth W of his career, as well as his first since becoming a father. Truly a special one. "Hey, Little J! Daddy won again!" he spoke. Hard work and a good car and crew put Jeremiah in a position to win the TJUN 600, but he believed that the joy of seeing Jericho a few days ago also played a part. He even had him on video chat during the victory celebration at the GFR garage, and the one-year-old kept calling out to his old man. "DADDEE!"


Ilya Tsunopin was a very busy man that week, updating several of the NSSCRA fan ficton stories he wrote and brushing up on his bowling for the Jungle Fever post-race party. This must mean he's neglecting his duties as GFR's R&D driver, right? Wrong. Even in his open wheel days, the young 69Xer was renowned for his excellent work ethic,which proved true when he devoted a lot of his time hitting the simulators. (He also got two birds stoned at once, fielding questions from his loyal readers while livestreaming one of his practice sessions). Ilya showed flashes of brilliance in the 600 as he rose from a start of 19th up to the low teens, eventually finishing a career-high 13th, and while he did share in Jeremiah's joy, he also found himself a little worried since among the seven who failed to finish the race was Kai Qiang, his hauler neighbor, not to mention his idol and the very reason he decided to enter the series and agree to sign with GFR.


Unfortunately the GFR girls, Thea Alvarez and Stacie Houston, would not put up as big of a performance as their male counterparts. Thea turned a 17th place start into a 20th place finish, battling with the likes of Koshiro Kawai and Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal in the last few laps, while Stacie Houston started fifth but dropped like a stone, struggling all race long and settling for 29th place amidst a group of fellow Chadwick drivers.



Later that night came the fourth edition of Jungle Fever, held at the Big 10 Pins bowling alley in southern Peninsula. Thea and Stacie were more than eager to blow off steam after what had been subpar performances on the track for both of them; Jeremiah politely refused Stacie's request to wear the crown for the duration of the party, stating that he didn't want to be seen as rubbing his victory in the faces of the other drivers. They actually had fun bowling against all the other drivers and crew members, mainly because they were complete amateurs with little practice and even less expectations of winning.

- Thea's ball was painted to look like a coconut, and was lighter than that of the other GFR members. Her highest score in several attempts was just 69 (with 300 being perfect), which was not at all nice. "At least I'm not the worst at this," she said, looking around and seeing Rinzi, Gongming Gao and Alice Jepkosgei all have a hard time. (There was also little Kami Qiang, but she isn't included among the official participants or scoring. She bowled a 2.)
- Jeremiah, whose ball changed color depending on the angle, fared only slightly better. "Maybe I should just stick to racing," he chuckled after recording a highest score of 77.
- Stacie's ball was Cassadagan pink with lots of glitters. She had the best score of the full-time trio, which isn't saying much since she only got a maximum of 86.
- Ilya, the only GFR member with actual bowling experience, gave the likes of Centur Tiones and Robin Dragonovic a run for their money as he tallied a highest score of 170.

The team left Big 10 Pins at half past midnight, tired but happy. They stayed an extra day in TJUN-ia, then flew to Hapilopper, the site of not only the next two races in the series schedule, but also the Berman Brothers Classic side event that they were all a part of. "Gonna be an eventful next two weeks for us," Stacie pointed out. "Hopefully it will be a fruitful one as well."
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Postby Abanhfleft » Tue Apr 12, 2022 12:03 pm

“Yo, Koshiro! Over here!” Leonidas Baxter called out when he saw Koshiro Kawai enter the bowling alley. Leo and Rustam Yudin had already been waiting at the alley for a few minutes when Koshiro arrived, but surprisingly enough, apart from a few locals, they were the only ones at this alley. In any case, it was easy to tell them apart from the rest: Rustam was wearing a bowling shirt in a shade of green that was similar to the paintjob of his Signbridge car, while Leo was wearing a blue and orange dashiki. Koshiro, for his part, was wearing a red and white bowling shirt to fit the theme.

“Leo, bro, welcome back!” Koshiro said as the two of them shook hands and bumped chests. “I didn’t know you bowled, man.”

“I didn’t know you bowled, Koshiro-san,” Leo said in reply. “And not just that, I’m surprised your bosses from Duisdorf allowed you to join what’s essentially an all-UrGa team. I thought you Duisdorf peeps were really into that rivalry thing.”

“Well, maybe they are, but I’m not,” Koshiro shrugged. “In any case, Gil Archer had to ask me to come play for him because he’s run out of people on your side to ask if they bowl, and Wilma Cärinthen was also there to say that she can’t bowl for shit.”

“Really?” Leo asked with a raised eyebrow. “Yeah, speaking of Gil and Wilma, where are they? Rustam and I dropped by on them a few hours ago and they said they were gonna catch up to us later.”

“Why are you asking me? I’m not UrGa, remember?” Koshiro shrugged. “Anyway, enough about them for the moment. What about you guys? How good is your bowling game?” Koshiro sat down across from Leo and Rustam and drank from the cup of free alcohol that he had got. “This is decent, but I think I still prefer Black Knight,” he said, referring to a brand of “extra strong” beer popular in Abanhfleft.

“Really? I always thought that you were more of a Blood Moon guy like me,” Leo said. “Hey, at least it’s not Nanchang, right? I mean, no offense to Dinggu Wang or the guys making Nanchang Beer, but it’s just not my type of beer, you know what I mean? Kinda like how Black Knight is also not my type of beer, but apparently it’s yours. Not judging you, man. Just saying.”

“Don’t worry, Leo, man, I get it,” Koshiro shrugged. “Black Knight is not for everybody. Anyway, back to what we were talking about before we started talking about beer. Rustam! I’m surprised to see you here as well. How good is your bowling game?”

“Well, I don’t want to look like I’m bragging about this,” Rustam Yudin said with some hesitation. He felt like a fish out of water seeing these two accomplished sportsmen talking to him like an equal. Rustam was still getting used to the fact that he was equal to both Kawai and Baxter, at least as far as stock car racing was concerned. Quite a leap forward for the young Ceroatian who once lost his ride and almost lost his entire country as well. “But I’m actually a pretty good bowler, at least I think I am. I usually score somewhere in the 250s and 260s, and I think I might have scored a 270 once. In fact, if I hadn’t become a racing driver, I might have ended up becoming a bowler, but if that had happened, I don’t think I would be here talking to you guys.”

“Of course,” Leo nodded solemnly. “Speaking of which, how’s your country doing now? Have you heard from your friend from the Army?”

“Taras says that the reconstruction efforts in Novy Nish and Ragusapolis are going along well, although Novy Nish is moving along much quicker than the capital because it’s been in our hands longer,” Rustam shrugged. “Taras” in this case was his friend and former fellow NSSCRA driver Taras Lakrov.

“Well, good for you guys,” Koshiro nodded. “I gotta admit, I haven’t even heard of Ceroat until Pridnestrovia initiated that ‘special military operation’ of theirs to help your friends in that United Movement or however you call it, but as long as you guys are rebuilding your country and moving forward, I’m all for it. Anyway, how about you, Leo? How good is your game?”

“I’d say it’s decent enough,” Leo said. “200 is usually a good game for me, but I can get all the way up to 220 if the stars align, that kind of stuff. How about you, Koshiro? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you bowling before this. How good are you at this?”

“Eh, about so and so,” Koshiro replied. “I once scored 300, but I think I got pretty lucky there.”

“300? Really?” Rustam asked, wide-eyed. “That’s, like, the perfect game, isn’t it? How did you do that?”

“I mean, like I said, I got lucky,” Koshiro shrugged. “I don’t think I’d be able to do it all over again, even if I played the same lane and did everything the same with my controller.”

“Hold up, wait a minute,” Leo said. “Did you just say controller? You mean to tell me that you scored 300… in a video game?”

“What, did you really expect me to say that I scored 300 in real life?” Koshiro said back. “I mean, of course I wish I could, but I just can’t! Even in a video game, I can barely score 250 on the easiest setting! Sure, there are some things that I can apply to real life bowling, but I’m telling you, I’ll feel really lucky if I don’t end up embarrassing the team, let alone the whole country!”

“And you still agreed to do this?” Leo asked. "Even though most of your bowling experience is only in a damn video game?!"

"What do you want me to say, man?" Koshiro asked. "Nobody else apart from the two of you were willing or able to go along with Gil's crazy plan to form a bowling team for this Jungle Fever thing!"

"Oh, wait until Guillermo gets a load of this!" Leo said. "His wild card scored a 300… in a video game!"

"Hey, if you're thinking of telling on me then don't even bother!" Koshiro snorted. "I already explained the situation to Gil and Wilma. And you know what? The guy doesn't even care at this point! He's that desperate to put a team together!"

"Oh, great! Fantastic!" Leo lifted his hands into the air in apparent surrender. "How are we going to be able to compete against the others now?"

"Don't be so dramatic, Baxter," Koshiro muttered. "If we're going to fail, at least we'll fail in style! Now, how about we all get some practice before the others get here?"

The three of them had downed both some pins and some beers (courtesy of TJUN-ia's free alcohol policies) when Gil Archer arrived at the alley along with a surprise guest: none other than Wilma von Cärinthen herself. "What's she doing here?" Koshiro asked. "What are you doing here?" he asked Wilma. "I thought you said you weren't going to set foot in a bowling alley anymore for as long as you live?"

"Yeah, I thought so too," Wilma sighed. "But this guy here-—" she pointed at Gil "—wouldn't stop pestering me until I finally had no choice but to give in and come with him."

"And I'm telling you, you won't regret this," Gil said once again.

"Yeah, I'm not so sure about that, Rodolfo," Wilma muttered. "I'm not even wearing proper bowling clothes, for God's sake!" Indeed, Wilma was wearing an almost all-leather outfit: leather jacket, leather jeggings, and leather boots. Only her blood red T-shirt underneath her jacket was not made of leather.

"Oh, don't you worry about that!" Gil insisted. He in turn was wearing a blue and pink bowling shirt reminiscent of his primary paint scheme back when he was still racing in both ARTS and NSSCRA. "Can you move around freely in that biker girl get-up of yours? If yes, then it means that you can bowl!"

"No, I can't!" Wilma almost shouted. "Remember what I told you about putting the ball into the ceiling the last time I tried to bowl?"

"Oh, don't worry about that! You'll be fine!" Gil assured her. "Hell, I'll teach you how to bowl properly! First, I'll show you the proper technique, and then we'll talk about how to pick the perfect bowling ball for you. Hey, where's everyone else? This place looks empty."

"We probably got here early," Leo shrugged. "Don't worry too much about it."

"Well, that's enough practice for now," Koshiro muttered as his ball went right in the middle of a 7-10 split without hitting anything. He sat back down across from Leo and Rustam while Gil and Wilma took over their lane. "Hey guys, there's another thing that I wanted to talk to you about," he said. "NSSCRA's been getting real popular with the fanfic writers lately, hasn't it? First we got Tsunopin, the Qiang fanboy incarnate, and now we got this Ren Mazenoda guy. So this Mazenoda guy is apparently one of us, and he's apparently fallen in love with one of the girl drivers on the grid. All right, now here comes the million-penenk question: who do you guys think is Mazenoda? I don't want to know who the fans think Mazenoda is; I want to know who you think Mazenoda is."

"Honestly, man? I think he's you," Leo replied. "Yeah, yeah, I know a lot of other people seem to think it's you, and could you blame them? He picked an Ajian name for his pen name! I mean, either he isn't really imaginative with his naming process, or it's an attempt to hide in plain sight."

"What? Me and Mazenoda are one and the same? Come on now," Koshiro shook his head. "I've seen how good this guy writes. I wish I could write half as good as he does! My English grades were average all the way from elementary to college."

"Yeah, I wouldn't really say that," Leo shrugged. "I remember having written stuff for high school English, and it's about the same level as Mazenoda's stuff. Doesn't mean that I'm Mazenoda though. But if you're not Mazenoda, then who do you think he is?"

"Personally? I think it's Rustam," Koshiro said, pointing at the Ceroatian. "You are quite the impressive speaker considering that English isn't probably your first language."

"I've learned English since I was young," Rustam said immediately. "It was the secondary language that I picked, and so far it's been serving me well. But why would you think that I'm Mazenoda, Koshiro-san?"

"Really though, my guess is as good as yours," Koshiro shrugged. "But I'll tell you this: I heard rumors from the garage, as you always do, that you had eyes for your old Everlong teammate Gasha back when you were still in the second tier with her. If it is true, you clearly hadn't said anything to her about it, and so you've decided to go to A4TF and pour out your feelings for Gasha there. And using an Ajian name for your pen name is a genius move too. It'll get enough people off of your scent and onto mine. If you are indeed Mazenoda, that is."

"But I am not Mazenoda," Rustam shook his head. "I think we are all ignoring that this 'Princess' story is only the latest that Mazenoda has posted on this fanfiction website. He—if Mazenoda even is a he—has already posted stories about Gil and Wilma, and not-Alice Jepkosgei and not-Gongming Gao way before he posted 'Princess.' Maybe you can make the point that I also wrote 'My Chinese Love,' but what about 'Crossing the Divide'? Gil and Wilma came into NSSCRA the same season as we Ceroatians did, and back then I couldn't give two shits about the two of them! So, if I am indeed Ren Mazenoda, how could I find the emotional investment to write a series about them that continues to this day?"

"Well, if there's one thing that we've figured out about this whole thing, it's that we're no closer to solving the mystery of the identity of Ren Mazenoda than at the start of this conversation," Leo said. "And you all know what else is bugging me? It's the fact that I haven't seen a single familiar face here that's not affiliated with either UrGa or Duisdorf!"

"Jeez, you're right!" Koshiro said as he looked at the clock hanging on the wall. "The Jungle Fever party should be starting now! Gil!" he called out. "How sure are you that this is the right place?"

"It has to be, man!" Gil shouted back. "It's the biggest ten-pin alley closest to the track!"

"Then where the hell are everyone else?!"

The answer to that question would come in the form of an exhausted and wheezing UrGa crewman who barged into the bowling alley but couldn't catch his breath to tell them what he was supposed to say. At least he had now changed into the UrGa uniform of red-green-red shirt and black shorts instead of his pit crew firesuit. "Izz… nah… hee…" he wheezed.

"Whoa, man, take it easy! We're not going anywhere here," Gil said as he left Wilma behind at the lane to practice her release. "Take a deep breath, and then take another one, and then another one. Now what was it you wanted to say?"

The crewman took a few deep breaths just as instructed, and then he swallowed and said, "It's not here!"

"What? What's not here?" Leo asked.

"Jungle Fever," the crewman wheezed. "It's not here, it's at… Big 10 Lanes! Down south!" he added in response to the inevitable question about where that other alley was.

"What?!" Koshiro shouted. He then turned to Gil and demanded to know, "What the hell are we doing here then?!"

"In my defense, the guy I asked said that this was the closest bowling alley to the Peninsula track where you could hold a big party," Gil said meekly.

"Well, clearly he was wrong!"

"Guys, what's going on back there? Why are you all shouting?" Wilma asked as she prepared to send a bowling bowl down the lane in so many years.

"Nothing!" Gil immediately replied. "It's nothing! Keep working on your release! You're doing absolutely good!"

"Bullshit!" Wilma cried out. "If it was nothing then you all wouldn't be shouting about it! So again, what the fuck is going on over there?"

"Yeah, about that," Gil said. "I think I brought us all to the wrong place."

"YOU WHAT?!" Wilma tried to send the ball down the lane at the exact moment that she yelled out those words, and in her fury she forgot to let go of the ball at the proper time. By the time that Wilma actually released the bowling ball, her right arm was already swinging upwards towards the ceiling, and the laws of physics stated that the ball itself had to follow the same trajectory. She knew what was about to happen, but once again Wilma was powerless to stop it. The 12-pound bowling ball smashed through the ceiling of the bowling alley, leaving behind a substantial hole. Everyone looked up at the sound of the bowling ball tearing through the plywood, and the Fleftics all stared dumbfounded at the aftermath. In fact, they all stared at the hole in the roof for the better part of a few minutes before Gil Archer finally found his voice.

"I think it's time to go," Gil said.

"Damn straight," Leo Baxter nodded, and the four men bolted for the door of the bowling alley, followed by Wilma Cärinthen.

"Where the heck is this Big 10 place?" Rustam Yudin asked as they rushed out of the alley.

"I don't know! Just put it in your map app and we'll follow the directions!" Koshiro Kawai said.

"Look, I don't care how much it'll cost to repair that roof. They can take it out of my winnings!" Wilma von Cärinthen shouted as she fled the scene, leaving the still panting UrGa crewmember to deal with the wrath of the locals.
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返校节 (Homecoming/Kotiinpaluu)

Postby Kimi-Suomi » Tue Apr 12, 2022 2:24 pm

The time had finally come...for a race they didn't know what to expect from at all. For Lam Chow-Cheung, a TJUN-ian driver in a Kimi-Suomen car, they already knew that they would have some sort of expectation to perform here at the Jungle Circuit. But even across this season, the perception of LCC in TJUN-ia has certainly changed - from "JR #7 in Finnish Clothes" to "TJUN-ia's Next-Gen Star" to "The Masked Wonder" and all those in between. Now, after managing to pull off a P6 in qualifying yesterday, many saw them as simply "The Star of Tomorrow" - a title they knew would be difficult to back up, but they would certainly try and make the home fans proud this time around. The last time they were on TJUN-ian soil, Lam ended up out of the race and in the medical centre after only two laps - now starting 6th, they knew things would be tough - but they would try their best.

Their first ever TJUN 600 would be a race they'd never forget, a culmination of all the pain and all the emotion they had gone through over the course of this season and a chance to finally tell the world that Lam wasn't here to try and make up the numbers. Sure, things did get off to a slow start in the race, but Marx and Lam's engineer pushed them to "find that pace you had yesterday" and that certainly helped refocus the mind and get back to fighting towards the Top 10 - a position they wouldn't have dreamt of being in back in Wollongmatta Bay back in Round 3. It was midway through the race that they found themself next to Michael Stefan, the Big Dog of TJUN-ian Motorsports himself, and HM came up with a wacky idea: shadow #07 until the end.

That plan ended up working to perfection. As HM predicted, Stefan would be gunning for the win on home soil and as such, would make his way towards the front - with the genderfluid #38 car in tow. For the majority of the 2nd half of the race, Lam followed Stefan as best they could and that certainly worked for a while...until Stefan clawed his way a few cars head heading into the final 100 miles. It was there that Lam decided that enough was enough and the consistent driving they would put up was some of the best they'd ever done in the NSSCRA by far. It certainly was a performance to remember and while they couldn't beat Stefan to that podium spot, 4th certainly was nothing to shut down at all. Lam Chow-Cheung had pulled off the race of their life...and it could certainly be felt on the radio:
HM: P4, P4, P4! OH MY GOD!
HM: I don't know what else to say...YOU ARE SOMETHING SPECIAL!
LCC: Thanks.....I don't either...非常感谢大家。 我们可以战斗!

That feeling when they got out of the car was a moment they wouldn't forget, as would the collective celebration that saw both JR and HM come together to give congratulations to the one the fans now chanted. LCC, LCC, LCC...that moment of pure bliss was something that stayed with them long into the night.

Jungle Fever IV was a blast as well, even if their bowling skills weren't as good as their driving. They could only managed 100 on the board, which was in the category of "not great, but a good start" in bowling terms - and that was certainly fine by them. They had other matters going on inside the mind and while they contemplated everything they had done, one thing was for certain: LCC was feeling a bit...confident under that mask. So much so, they were going to do two things.
First, they had read up on the next event at the HNE Half Mile - a chance to return to the dirt track in which they performed...alright at the Burnam Bros Classic. The race itself had all the drivers introduced one-by-one like boxers heading into a fight and so if that were to happen again, Lam was going to make it special by wearing a genderfluid-coloured Beizi during their entrance. It would signify how proud they were to be both Chinese and enby - and self-belief is always going to be supported no matter what.
The other concerned Kai Qiang...someone they hadn't talked to since...Brisbane. They knew they couldn't just leave things like that with the driver that kept them sane back home and while they did say it would be a case of wait and see on talking to #44 again...the newfound confidence meant that may be pushing the boat was a good way of...making themselves seem human. They ended up giving Qiang a note at that which they hoped would start things afresh...after all, how incognito can you be if no one knows your face?

Their name was Lam Chow-Cheung and after this weekend...they would be ready for anything, smiling behind that mask like never before...

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By: BeardedPoleDancer
Description: Ricky Lee is a man-beast. Really, he is. The man long grizzled from the intensity of the Kanyean heat, experienced to the mindgame required to succeed in the grind, he's always out to be the ultimate ladies man and also play as the symbol of his heartfelt Direwolf Auto Team of Northwesterosi fame. Of course, it's not always going to be an easy pursuit, not only because he's a good driver, but also because he's a bad boy who can't keep hands off whoever he wishes them to go towards. Long experienced from his street racer days, he always has his chains, knuckles and whips ready for some fun in the nighttime, and maybe with some fellow drivers on it as well...

This is a Ricky Lee story and a harem story. I know he's not someone I've covered a lot in PMD or Shark Tale, so please be patient with me here. As always, let me know what I could add more into the stories! Thanks.

Rated: Fiction R - English - Comedy - Romance - Ricky Lee - Harem - Chapters: 227 - Words: 202,070 - Reviews: 1093 - Favs: 420 - Follows: 897 - Updated: May XX - Published: January 13, 20XX (2 Years Ago) - id: 1833467772

'YAHOOOOOOOO!'. He shouted, as he took off his helmet to reveal his face to the world. 'PLAYTOY! MAYHEM! GALE FORCE! SIX-NINE EXXXXX!' he shouted, before raising his right leg high in a sack celebration similar to how a gridiron edge rusher would do so after sacking a quarterback. With Ilya being topless and only wearing pink hot pants and fluorescent yellow sports glasses, he looked like a festivalgoer in middle of Madi Gras or a Carnival, though everybody had become used to Ilya Tsunopin's endless row of antics by this point.

Still, it was a phenomenal feeling to be present at the end of the race - this was his first race back in some time after an unfortunate crash in Esmerel, and the feeling to be back on the grind was surreal. His qualifying race, where Ilya felt comfortable and quite relaxed with it all along, gave him the early dose of confidence that he had really needed to get back to it, but that wasn't just the only reason to do so.

The previous night's chat with his Gale Force teammates really helped. Not only they didn't just laugh at his fanfictions after he was caught livestreaming his simulation drives to hundreds of thousands of viewers across Multiverse, they were genuinely amused to hear him talk about it. Thea, in particularly, seemed to find the Vampwolf series interesting, so they spent a solid ten minutes talking about future chapters, though they still had trouble figuring out what existed on the dungeons of Cavsar University's convocation hall.

'Maybe a mysterious treasure box that hides the original secrets of the city?' asked Thea, as they tried to figure out the best explanation for what Edouard and Cliff, two rivals battling for Isabelle's heart, had tried to find for past 80 years. 'You know, like the blueprint.'

'Maybe,' Ilya said, before realising that he had mixed up the age matrix of the Vampwolves. Were they meant to be set with a Drawkian, a Drawk, a Vampwolf or a human age setup? How would their DNA handle this? Those were the questions that he didn't necessarily have the answer rightaway, partly because even with all the plans he had made for years, he forgot to set them straight. 'I was thinking something along the lines of a statue...or a sword.'

'You sure? Maybe a bit cliche,' answered Thea, before they went back to talking about it for some time later in the night.

Still it really paid off as the good night's relief, followed by waking up super late in the morning, helped him feel ready for the race, which went surprisingly well in his favour with a thirteenth-place finish, better than his qualifying finish. Thank fucking god, was what he said, as he waved at the enthusiastic crowd of the TJUN-600, gave two kisses in the air and then did back somersaults. Can you believe it? he thought to himself as he looked back at them twice. Then he headed to the Gale Force Racing's garage to celebrate Jeremiah's victory before spending rest of the night having fun at the Jungle Fever.
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There are times when people get mad because they see their likenesses used in stories by other people. For Ricky Lee, this is not the case. He thoroughly enjoyed following the adventures of his alter ego, which fan fiction author and fellow driver Ilya Tsunopin called "Slick Rick". He even ended up adopting the nickname himself, given how catchy it is, and Ricky also thought that it would inspire him to actually win races and score chicks as was written into the story.'

Unfortunately for Ricky, he wouldn't be able to do much in the TJUN 600, only finishing 28th. He did have a bit of a battle with Stacie Houston at the end, and was pretty satisfied that he was at least able to beat out one of the series' standouts who was having an off day. Then it was off to the Big 10 Pins bowling alley - being even worse at the sport than the GFR full-timers are, he didn't want to come, and needed Sage Caldwell telling him "not to be a killjoy" and "it's a good place to meet some hotties" before finally agreeing to do so.

Sage himself didn't have a good race either, as he finished 30th and thus put Stacie in the middle of a Direwolf sandwich. This hurt his Chase campaign, especially given a bunch of drivers lower than him in the standings had the wins necessary to advance. Raging won't solve anything, so he instead decided to clear his mind with a walk to the bowling alley (yes, it would make him sweaty, but he would shower and change to proper bowling clothes while there).

The duo stunk up the lanes like they did the track, Sage only getting a high score of 76 and Ricky even worse with 51, and that was including three gutter balls in a row. "Screw bowling, man," spoke the latter. "I'm sure to get attention for this, but only for making a fool of myself," he continued. Just then a couple of Cassadagan ladies, members of Jenna Logan's crew, walked over. "Hey, uh, you guys look like you're new to this," spoke the taller of the two. "Do you need some help?"

Sage nodded and said "Thanks"; Ricky said "I'd love y... I mean, I'd love to. Please teach us!" He then turned to Sage. "On second thought, maybe I'll take up this game, but not enough to actually be good at it."

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Qualifying: Sharpe's Battleship 250, The HNE Half Mile, Hapilopper City, Hapilopper (Short Track- DIRT TRACK)
Lap Record: 19.315 sec.

Qualifying Results:
NSSCRA Multiversal Series
1 #81- Drake Stevenson (Hapilopper) 19.577
2 #15- Anastasia Freya Yadana Aye (Valentine Z) 19.616
3 #14- River ‘Shark’ Suzgar (Vilita & Turori) 19.623
4 #2- Centur Tiones (Tropicorp) 19.687
5 #3- Jenna Logan (Tropicorp) 19.690
6 #31- Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton (Valentine Z) 19.704
7 #46- Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 19.744
8 #4- Islago Tizilna (Vilita & Turori) 19.840
9 #41- Yraaga Gilli’i (Vilita & Turori) 19.842
10 #71- Aurélia Karvonen (Kimi-Suomi) 19.850
11 #1- Maddie Alexander (Tropicorp) 19.862
12 #13- Sage Caldwell (New Northwesteros) 19.902
13 #43- Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) 19.908
14 #10- Anna Star Joy Thanda Pwint Thinzar Nwe (G6MR) *Q* 19.912
15 #38- Lam Chow-Cheung (Kimi-Suomi) 19.985
16 #55- Holly Aurora Lapia Starlight (G6MR) 20.010
17 #07- Michael Stefan (TJUN-ia) 20.032
18 #5- Liangmei Li (Newmanistan) 20.036
19 #63- Jean Lannes (The French Army) *Q* 20.186
20 #61- Joachim Murat (The French Army) 20.197
21 #48- Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan) 20.254
22 #8- Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 20.278
23 #39- Rustam Ilyich Yudin (Abanhfleft) 20.304
24 #73- Taylor Henderson (Hapilopper) 20.328
25 #18- Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 20.339
26 #59- Derek Harwood (Newmanistan) 20.347
27 #58- Koshiro Kawai (Abanhfleft) 20.394
28 #7- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha (Valentine Z) 20.467
29 #99- Ricky Lee (New Northwesteros) *Q* 20.479
30 #24- Chelsea Taylor (Newmanistan) 20.497
31 #62- Andre Massena (The French Army) 20.503
32 #44- Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 20.527
33 #98- Wilma von Cärinthen (Abanhfleft) 20.583
34 #03- Maddison Riley-Jones (TJUN-ia) 20.649
35 #06- Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 20.805
36 #76- Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Ceeta (G6MR) 20.863
37 #0- Ezekiel Rodger (Esmerel) 20.910
38 #45- Ilya Tsunopin (Saint Kanye) 21.128
39 #27- Stacie Houston (Saint Kanye) 21.488
40 #05- Chris Gordon (Sword Island) 21.643
41 #56- Kelly Monroe (Xanneria) 21.669
42 #74- Yuro Kiuba (StrayaRoos) *Q* 21.703
43 #17- Timo Szaba (Qzvarkian Qaz) *Q* 21.790

44 #37- Yageny Qabaliq (Qzvarkian Qaz) 22.070
45 #35- Kassie Collins (Sword Island) *Q* 22.133
46 #64- Alfonso Mercado (TJUN-ia) 22.161
47 #88- Al Jak (StrayaRoos) *Q* 22.245
48 #16- Laura McKenzie (Sajnur) 22.359
49 #90- Lexie Shelby (Sword Island) *Q* 22.507


Race: Preston Tough Trucks 200, The HNE Half Mile, Hapilopper City, Hapilopper (Short Track- DIRT TRACK)
Lap Record: 19.315 sec.

Qualifying Results:
NSSCRA EverLong Series
1 #20- Daryl Calhoun (Saint Kanye) 19.716
2 #47- Edmund Flanders (Hapilopper) 19.797
3 #7- Ilmari Pëkannen (Kimi-Suomi) 19.839
4 #5- Bryan Harrison (Tropicorp) 19.855
5 #41- Turakki Mayelli (Vilita & Turori) 19.910
6 #22- Pyotr Lavrentiev (Saint Kanye) 19.913
7 #96- Alice Jepkosgei (TJUN-ia) 19.920
8 #97- Robin Dragonovic (TJUN-ia) 19.947
9 #42- Ganglie Zhe (Abanhfleft) 19.948
10 #70- Gongming Gao (TJUN-ia) 19.961
11 #40- Agata Kosaryova (Abanhfleft) 19.989
12 #07- Kaarina Salo (Kimi-Suomi) 20.003
13 #77- Marcus Alan Ariel Reynolds (Valentine Z) 20.003
14 #60- Rockii Ezis (Vilita & Turori) 20.015
15 #30- Lexi Patterson (Saint Kanye) 20.040
16 #49- Lotara Novorali (Vilita & Turori) 20.256
17 #37- Cocoabo #37 (Tropicorp) 20.289
18 #48- Ryan Carroll (Newmanistan) 20.368
19 #10- Valkyrie Valentijn Samantha Constantine (Valentine Z) 20.574
20 #50- Tawfiq Chouchane (Oontaz Dert Li Ng) 20.761
21 #73- Yuri Piotr (Qzvarkian Qaz) 20.957
22 #72- Zacarias Policarpio (Oontaz Dert Li Ng) 20.962
23 #05- Carson Zanby (Sword Island) 21.062
24 #04- Tyler Davidson (Sword Island) 21.107
25 #15- Allison Maddox (Sword Island) 21.337
26 #98- Jixaka Motorai (Tropicorp) 21.382
27 #14- Gerges Shenouda (Krbustan) 21.748
28 #13- Amr Tarif (Krbustan) 21.754
29 #34- Mariusz Psikuta (Dod Rava) 21.822
30 #44- Alina Carbalo (Dod Rava) 21.893
31 #24- Dwight Webster (Newmanistan) 21.939
32 #59- Brookes Benson (Xanneria) 22.012

(Minimum To Avoid DNF: 21.400 sec)

Race Results:
NSSCRA EverLong Series
1 #30- Lexi Patterson (Saint Kanye) 19.554 WINNER
2 #70- Gongming Gao (TJUN-ia) 19.721
3 #22- Pyotr Lavrentiev (Saint Kanye) 19.766
4 #10- Valkyrie Valentijn Samantha Constantine (Valentine Z) 19.861
5 #42- Ganglie Zhe (Abanhfleft) 19.863
6 #40- Agata Kosaryova (Abanhfleft) 19.891
7 #41- Turakki Mayelli (Vilita & Turori) 19.916
8 #98- Jixaka Motorai (Tropicorp) 20.020
9 #7- Ilmari Pëkannen (Kimi-Suomi) 20.098
10 #49- Lotara Novorali (Vilita & Turori) 20.117
11 #97- Robin Dragonovic (TJUN-ia) 20.136
12 #60- Rockii Ezis (Vilita & Turori) 20.174
13 #37- Cocoabo #37 (Tropicorp) 20.175
14 #5- Bryan Harrison (Tropicorp) 20.432
15 #48- Ryan Carroll (Newmanistan) 20.484
16 #20- Daryl Calhoun (Saint Kanye) 20.496
17 #96- Alice Jepkosgei (TJUN-ia) 20.496
18 #24- Dwight Webster (Newmanistan) 20.515
19 #77- Marcus Alan Ariel Reynolds (Valentine Z) 20.571
20 #73- Yuri Piotr (Qzvarkian Qaz) 20.723
21 #47- Edmund Flanders (Hapilopper) 20.996
22 #05- Carson Zanby (Sword Island) 21.056
23 #50- Tawfiq Chouchane (Oontaz Dert Li Ng) 21.084
24 #04- Tyler Davidson (Sword Island) 21.239
25 #15- Allison Maddox (Sword Island) 21.254
26 #07- Kaarina Salo (Kimi-Suomi) 21.424 DNF
27 #44- Alina Carbalo (Dod Rava) 21.437 DNF
28 #59- Brookes Benson (Xanneria) 21.444 DNF
29 #72- Zacarias Policarpio (Oontaz Dert Li Ng) 21.606 DNF
30 #13- Amr Tarif (Krbustan) 21.651 DNF
31 #14- Gerges Shenouda (Krbustan) 21.656 DNF
32 #34- Mariusz Psikuta (Dod Rava) 21.715 DNF

Point Standings (After 14 Races):
| Pos | EverLong Contenders Series | Points |
| 1 | #22- Pyotr Lavrentiev (Saint Kanye)* | 425 |
| 2 | #98- Jixaka Motorai (Tropicorp)* | 419 |
| 3 | #10- Valkyrie Valentijn Samantha Constantine (Valentine Z)** | 414 |
| 4 | #30- Lexi Patterson (Saint Kanye)** | 409 |
| 5 | #40- Agata Kosaryova (Abanhfleft)** | 391 |
| 6 | #96- Alice Jepkosgei (TJUN-ia)* | 390 |
| 7 | #47- Edmund Flanders (Hapilopper) | 385 |
| 8 | #42- Ganglie Zhe (Abanhfleft)* | 380 |
| 9 | #70- Gongming Gao (TJUN-ia)* | 376 |
| 10 | #97- Robin Dragonovic (TJUN-ia) | 375 |
| 11 | #20- Daryl Calhoun (Saint Kanye)** | 373 |
| 12 | #7- Ilmari Pëkannen (Kimi-Suomi) | 361 |
| 13 | #5- Bryan Harrison (Tropicorp)* | 353 |
| 14 | #60- Rockii Ezis (Vilita & Turori) | 353 |
| 15 | #49- Lotara Novorali (Vilita & Turori) | 349 |
| 16 | #37- Cocoabo #37 (Tropicorp) | 347 |
| 17 | #41- Turakki Mayelli (Vilita & Turori) | 340 |
| 18 | #07- Kaarina Salo (Kimi-Suomi) | 312 |
| 19 | #77- Marcus Alan Ariel Reynolds (Valentine Z) | 311 |
| 20 | #24- Dwight Webster (Newmanistan) | 287 |
| 21 | #48- Ryan Carroll (Newmanistan) | 285 |
| 22 | #73- Yuri Piotr (Qzvarkian Qaz) | 233 |
| 23 | #50- Tawfiq Chouchane (Oontaz Dert Li Ng) | 230 |
| 24 | #72- Zacarias Policarpio (Oontaz Dert Li Ng) | 216 |
| 25 | #59- Brookes Benson (Xanneria) | 174 |
| 26 | #04- Tyler Davidson (Sword Island) | 172 |
| 27 | #05- Carson Zanby (Sword Island) | 166 |
| 28 | #15- Allison Maddox (Sword Island) | 160 |
| 29 | #44- Alina Carbalo (Dod Rava) | 129 |
| 30 | #34- Mariusz Psikuta (Dod Rava) | 117 |
| 31 | #33- Joshua Pelayo (Kannapian Sports Federation) | 111 |
| 32 | #13- Amr Tarif (Krbustan) | 109 |
| 33 | #14- Gerges Shenouda (Krbustan) | 101 |
| 34 | #11- Luist Mata (Kharao) | 97 |
| 35 | #91- Aidan Rowan (Kannapian Sports Federation) | 79 |
| 36 | #87- Agdta Ndugane (Kharao) | 73 |
| 37 | #43- Cynthia Verdenne (Kharao) | 65 |
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Qiang meant to stop Lam before they left and insist that they talk instead of leaving notes, but Mendok was distracting him, talking and eating and handing things across the table for him to take. Her ability to do three or four things at once was kind of impressive if you overlooked her terrible table manners. She was loud and messy and she talked with her mouth full.

"Dammit, Mendok, I wanted to talk to that guy, but you distracted me and now he's gone!"

"Well, excuuuuuuuuse me!" Mendok retorted through a mouthful of half-eaten empanada.

Tsering gestured for Qiang to open the note and read it. Qiang read the note and for a moment he had no idea what the hell Lam was talking about because so much had happened since he wrote that twii inviting Lam to dinner. There'd been races, press appearances, meetings, flights to catch, and so on -- not to mention his wives and kids demanding his attention because Mendok was horny or the kids wanted to play or they got in a fight over whose toys were whose. But after a moment Qiang's brain kicked into gear and he remembered the twii.

"What's it say?" Mendok asked, as she started in on her next empanada.

Qiang handed her the note.

Mendok looked at it cross-eyed. "What's that about?"

Qiang explained and Tsering and Chang took their turns reading the note.

"So why's he sending you notes?" said Mendok. "Like why doesn't he just talk or DM you or something?"

"I don't know," Qiang said in an exasperated tone. He'd had a rough day, and he was not in the mood for anything unexpected or confusing.

"At least it's not 8 pages long," said Chang.

Qiang laughed. "Yeah, I guess that's progress."

Qiang got out his phone and started typing up a private message to Lam: You can choose where you want to meet, can be in Jalton or Guilin, whatever one you like. You can wear sunglasses if it is sunny e.g. eat at a sidewalk cafe.
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The HNE Half-Mile, the Grounds of the Hapilopper National Exhibition
The day of the Sharpe’s Battleship 250
“God damn it, Drake, I wanted to sleep in.”

Just add that one to the pile. Taylor Henderson was visibly frustrated as Drake Stevenson got her out of bed at 6:30 in the morning on Saturday, the day of the Sharpe’s Battleship 250. But Drake had an interesting idea, something he had thought of dating back to his days when he ran dirt tracks for a living. He would watch the surface as it evolved throughout the day, how track crews treated it and how other racing series would handle it. But first, figuring he had pissed Taylor off by waking her up so early, Drake decided to cook her breakfast.

When the two got to the grounds of the Hapilopper National Exhibition, it was almost 8 a.m. There were still a good number of stragglers from the debauchery of the night before on the grounds. More of them were either feeling the effects of their last beer of the night, or perhaps their first beer of the day. Drake chuckled as he tried to not run over a few drunk fans stumbling around the gates of the HNE Half-Mile, fans who were trying to cross the street but stumbling all over the place. There was one man, bare-ass naked, sound asleep on the grass hill near the entrance as two Hapilopper City cops stood by. Drake rolled down the window of his car and called out to the cops.

“Hey guys, go easy on him, that might be Ilya Tsunopin!” Drake shouted to the cops, chuckling along the way. “He’s new here, he ain’t used to Hapilopper City!”

The cops laughed as Drake drove off. The cops were NSSCRA fans and they understood the reference. It most likely wasn’t Tsunopin but Drake couldn’t resist the urge to crack a joke.

As Drake and Taylor got into the track, it was relatively empty. The NSSCRA haulers were in the infield, while many of the local teams running in their own races that night were still on their way. Drake, having had a parking spot near turn three since about 2008 or so, pulled in. The spot was against the inside wall going into turn three at the track, and it allowed Drake to see how the track looked. He got up onto a stand near the wall and spotted an old friend driving an old shitbox water truck, watering the track down. Drake waved at him, and the water truck driver waved back.

Drake knew everyone at the HNE Half-Mile. He hadn’t raced full-time here since 2009, but he still knew everyone. Todd drove the water truck every weekend at the track, while he worked in the service department at Jones Preston on the weekdays. Jim, Cody, Larry and Tommy drove the packer cars every weekend – those old heavy beat-up land yachts meant to pack the dirt down to get the track ready for racing, and Mike drove the tiller that helped get the dirt moved around the way they wanted it. They understood why Drake watched the track surface preparation as much as anything, and half the time, they didn’t mind.

Taylor, meanwhile, couldn’t give two shits. She went back to sleep, passing out in the back seat of the car as Drake watched track prep go on. You see, Taylor and Drake came from different backgrounds. Taylor was a paved-track wizard, coming up from the rough and tumble world of the Hampton Cities, and until last year’s race on the Half-Mile, she hadn’t run a single race on dirt in her life. Drake, meanwhile, grew up on the dirt. He understood how a car worked on the dirt – how to make the right-rear bite on the cushion, how to set up the car depending on what shape the surface was in and where the proper – and improper – lines were on the track. You couldn’t just take the low line all day. It might get blown out. You could start the race against the rim and move up as the race went on.

As the time went on, as the lower teams got to the track, and as the fans arrived, Drake watched the surface like a hawk. He watched the hobby stocks, crate late models and modifieds as they ran in their heat races and their features. He watched the Everlong Series compete in their feature, and how the line seemed to evolve over time. What looked like a bottom-dominant track turned into a cushion-pushing track as the Everlong race progressed.

Track crews hit the track to treat it somewhat before qualifying, to try to make the bottom work again, and then it was time to qualify.

Drake was not convinced the bottom was working yet, and even reported as such when talking to his crew before going out to qualify. So while some tried the bottom, to no avail, Drake cranked his car up to the top of the track, running on the cushion, walking a very, very fine line between the cushion and the wall. And he found it, turning a 19.577 lap to win the pole.

Later that night
It was about time for driver introductions. The HNE Half-Mile was jam-packed, with every grandstand seat filled and every space on the grass hills around the track taken by fans, who, even by Hapilopper’s standards, were just a little bit rowdier than normal. They had enjoyed some fantastic racing, including a hobby stock race that some considered “one of the best races we’ve ever seen here,” where five drivers kept pulling sliders on each other in every turn, in every lap. Drake, meanwhile, was in nirvana. To him, this sort of racing was racing in its purest form. Here, it was all about just beating the other driver, pulling off that last slider, and taking victory. Racing, the way it was meant to be.

And best of all, he got to renew acquaintances with guys he used to race with years before. Guys that, at times, he wished he was still running with. Guys like Scott Grabold, a pipefitter by trade but a super late model driver on the weekends. Guys like Milton Benton, who worked in construction in the day and worked on his race car at night. But now, here he stood with 45 of the best stock car drivers in the multiverse, getting ready to go racing.

“Good evening, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!” the PA announcer declared. “The Hapilopper/Wreckeria Exhibition welcomes the multiverse’s greatest fans to the HNE Half-Mile, for tonight’s Sharpe’s Battleship 250! Let’s meet YOUR starting drivers!”

That might not have been an exaggeration about the multiverse’s greatest fans. They were here in numbers both here, at different places across the HNE grounds and in large numbers on Hamilton Square downtown, the sentimental center of town. They were loud, rowdy and ready to see some dirt racing.

“First, starting 46th, from the South Pacific nation of Sajnur, here’s Laura McKenzie!”

Slight polite applause.

“In 45th, from TJUN-ia, driving car 64, here’s Alfonso Mercado!”

Mercado, as you’d expect from a TJUN-ian in Hapilopper, received a warm reception. Hapiloppians liked the TJUN-ians.

“From 44th, from the nation of… hang on a sec, I got this,” the PA announcer said as an awkward silence broke out. “Quaz-varkian, Quaz? Either way, driving car 37, it’s Yageny Quabelik!”

There was some laughter. The fans weren’t laughing at Yageny Qabaliq, they were laughing at the PA announcer butchering a name that HTN announcers Michael Bowers and David Daly got wrong on a regular basis.

“Starting 43rd, also from that country, driving the 17, here’s Timo Szaba!”

Some slight applause. At least Timo Szaba was easier to pronounce.

“Starting 42nd, from the Anaian nation…”

Boos. Almost immediately, an intense chorus of boos rang around the HNE Half-Mile. Not for poor Yuro Kiuba or for StrayaRoos, but for Anaia. The PA announcer had to stop as 65,000 fans at the HNE Half-Mile booed mercilessly at the mere mention of Anaia. Meanwhile, standing behind the stage, Drake, Taylor and Chris Holmes, standing near each other, couldn’t help but laugh. It had been some time since the unfortunate region split, but Hapiloppians were still viciously opposed to it.

“Either way, 42nd, driving car 74, from StrayaRoos, here’s Yuro Kuiba!”

There was polite applause for Kuiba, and nowhere near the level of venom heard earlier. It was actually kind of hilarious, but the fans knew it wouldn’t have been fair to lump poor Kuiba in with the unfortunate Foxchester tragedy from some time before.

Other drivers received some applause as the driver introductions continued. Kelly Monroe and Chris Gordon received some polite applause. Stacie Houston received a rousing ovation from the fans, and Ilya Tsunopin’s reaction, appropriately, could be best described as “weird.”

First off, he was greeted with total silence and a lot of strange looks. Then, some fan chimed in and broke the ice.

“Hey, isn’t that the weird guy that was dancing naked on cable access last night around three in the morning? I think he poured Thousand Island all over hisself!”

In response, the fans either laughed heartily or gasped in shock. It probably wasn’t Ilya Tsunopin. But we can’t say for sure.

The introductions continued. Ezekiel Rodger received mild applause. Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Ceeta, being a Valentian, received a roaring applause. As did Rinzi Zakhilwal, whose popularity amongst Hapiloppians had done nothing but rise in the last year.

Same with Maddison Riley-Jones, being TJUN-ian. Wilma von Carinthen also received a nice ovation. But then it came time for Kai Qiang to come out. Just one week before, Qiang and Drake Stevenson had collided in TJUN-ia, and while Drake went out of his way to tell people that it was merely a racing incident and it was obvious that Qiang was having serious issues, some fans weren’t buying it.

“From Guilin, Guangxi Territory in the Sherpa Empire, driving the number 44 TMW Phoenix, starting 32nd, here’s one of your favorites, KAI QIANG!”

The response was a mix of loud cheers – after all, Qiang was still among the most popular international drivers in Hapilopper – and loud boos from fans who were fuming over the incident the week before in TJUN-ia. It wasn’t a quiet reception by any means. Drake looked around the track and whistled.

The introductions went on. Andre Massena, Chelsea Taylor, Ricky Lee, all receiving polite applause – even though some dingbat tried, but failed, to get a “MASSHOLE!” chant started when Massena came out.

“Starting 28th, from the wonderful world of Valentine ZEE, here’s CLARISSA ALANIS STAR!”

Now you want to talk a loud reaction, the fans in Hapilopper loved the Valentians and Clarissa Alanis Star was certainly one of their favorites. Outside, the Hapilopper City Police reported a counterfeit stand selling Valentian merchandise that afternoon, and more than a few fans were wearing Valentian shirts that day.

More polite reactions followed, for Koshiro Kawai and for Derek Harwood. But Jeremiah Brooke received a loud cheer from the crowd after. But nothing quite like what was next.


The rest of his announcement was drowned out. It was Taylor Henderson, who appeared to be in less than a positive mood. Maybe it was starting midpack. Maybe it was the fact she got rudely awakened that morning. Maybe it was the fact she was reconsidering her relationship with Drake Stevenson. But the fans didn’t care, they loved her, and that was exhibited, more than anything else, with a gigantic “TFH” sign out of turn two. T and H for Taylor and Henderson, of course, and the F, for, well… Drake Stevenson’s favorite word to use over the radio.

Rustam Ilych Yudin received a nice ovation too, but poor guy was sandwiched between Taylor and Chris Holmes.


A huge smile came out over Chris’s face as he heard the cheers for him. It had been two years since his stock car racing dream was revived, since he had revitalized himself, but it still hadn’t gotten old. He loved every little bit of this and he was so glad to compete in his home land.

Ashley Matthews, Joachim Murat, Jean Lannes, Liangmei Li, they all received polite applause from the fans who didn’t have one opinion or another on any of the four, even if Liangmei had a Super Skychief 500 win to her credit.


Another deafening reaction. A year before, Michael Stefan had become a household name in Hapilopper for his heroic efforts in the Berman Bros. Classic, the super late model race that had been set to be held a few days before but was postponed due to heavy rains. The fans in Hapilopper loved great driving, and Stefan’s drive was one of their all-time favorites. But let’s continue up the field. Holly Starlight, not surprising, a loud ovation. And then it was time for Lam Chow-Cheung, who had made a name for themself in the last few weeks.


Loud cheers. Sustained cheers. Hapiloppians didn’t mind a non-binary driver. They didn’t mind a driver that, until a few weeks ago, wore a mask to cover their identity. They cared more about a great racing driver who was on the verge of becoming one of NSSCRA’s top stars. And they wanted to see them succeed.

More drivers were introduced. Anna Star Joy received a large ovation. Tsering Chu also received a nice ovation, many fans seeming to forget the CD incident from a year before.


Hapiloppian fans hadn’t forgotten Sage’s soup run from a year ago. “Sage Soup,” as it had become known among Hapiloppian fans, was seen as one of the most legendary performances in the history of Hapiloppian motorsport, when a year ago in the Berman Bros., Caldwell went from the absolute first heat all the way to the main event, finishing 2nd in the main event. So what if he didn’t win? The Hapiloppian fans became fans of Sage that night, and they made sure he knew it. A deafening roar from the fans.

Maddie Alexander and Aurelia Karvonen both received nice ovations from the crowd. Yraaga Gilli’i got a huge ovation, the fans more familiar with him. Islago Tizilna received a nice one as well, but the reaction for Thea Alvarez was a little bit different.

Specifically, the reaction wasn’t your normal cheers from the fans on hand, but rather loud piercing squeals from the little girls on hand – and there were a lot of them at the track. Drivers like Alvarez and Hendo had encouraged a lot of ladies and girls to take up racing in some form or fashion.

Gwen Tracer Allison, too, received a nice cheer from the crowd, as did Jenna Logan, Centur Tiones, River Suzgar and Anastasia Freya Aye. But there was one driver left. The driver that everyone at the track came to see. The cheers intensified. The roar from the crowd became such that it actually hurt the ears. It was for Hapilopper’s favorite son, the former track champion here, the former HASCAR Champion.


And that was it. Drake came out and nothing else could be heard. It was the second year in a row that he had won the pole and the second time he could actually hear ringing in his ears when he came out for driver introductions. But it got him in a great mood, a great frame of mind to go racing. The fans in Hapilopper City were at a fever pitch, and it was bound to be an incredible night of racing for the NSSCRA Multiversal Cup Series.
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Postby The French Army » Tue Apr 12, 2022 8:38 pm

Joachim Murat had just put in what he considered a pretty good qualifying lap. He didn't know yet what position he would be starting because there were still some other drivers left to qualify, but he was in good spirits as he parked the car and climbed out.

He changed out of his firesuit and into his tights, frilly shirt, and fancy gold trimmed jacket. There was something missing though... He could not find his hat. It was a hat he really liked, with big fluffy ostrich plumes. He asked his crew where it had gone, but they did not know. Murat looked around the track, and he caught a glimpse of a Hapiloppian man casually walking along in a plumed hat with big fluffy plumes that bounced gaily with every step he took. "That man stole my hat!" Murat exclaimed, and he stormed off planning to retrieve the hat and possibly challenge the man to a duel. Some other Frenchmen came along and soon there was a bit of a crowd.

"That is my hat! You must return it at once!" Murat said in French.

"I don't speak French," the man replied in English.

Murat tried to grab the hat off the man's head, but he snatched it away.

Murat drew his sword and the Hapiloppian man stumbled backward, his eyes wide with shock. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! I don't want to fight! Here... take your hat!" He looked like he was about ready to shit himself as he gingerly handed the hat back to Murat.

Murat plopped the hat on his head and slid his sword back into its sheath. It was just a little aside in the grand scheme of things, but it still left a bad taste in Murat's mouth and kind of ruined his opinion of Hapiloppians.

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The Dirt Welcomes Us All With Chaos

Postby TJUN-ia » Wed Apr 13, 2022 5:37 am


This blog was written by Derrick Carlisle, Jaguar Racing's Social Media Manager

Well...last week was fun, wasn't it? Last week in TJUN-ia was one of the best TJUN Speed Weeks that I've ever seen and in the end, two more drivers managed to book their spots in the Chase once the dust had settled. Now, there are only 3 spots left in both series and suddenly, shit has certainly gotten real across the entire NSSCRA grid. So, with that in mind, the double-header here in Hapilopper and Hap City, in particular, will certainly be very important to the course of both the Chase and Season as a whole. The Burnam Bros. Classic would be delayed till after the NSSCRA action due to inclement weather, so let's get through all of the earlier action before tonight's main event.

Let's start with the Preston Tough Trucks 200, which would have all its stuff happen first in order to save the big guns for the main event of the evening. So consider this the undercard of the day and it certainly was an interesting qualifying session, with the order would certainly being noted down. Daryl Calhoun took pole over Edmund Flanders and...Ilmari Pëkannen? Wow, that's actually pretty cool! Alice Jepkosgei (@AJ96) and Robin Dragonovic (@RD97SNL) would start in 7th and 8th respectively, Gongming Gao (@GG70) would start 10th and Kaarina Salo would be 12th. The race itself would be a very entertaining affair and certainly a sign of what could be to come, as 7 drivers failed to make the end of proceedings - including Salo, HM's first T2 DNF of the season. Lexi Patterson would claim her 2nd win of the season over GaoGao and Pyotr Lavrentiev with Ilmari in 8th, Robin in 11th and AJ in 17th. Things are certainly getting tight in the Everlong now...the next 2 weeks shall decide everything.

Now then, what about the main event itself here on the dirt...the Sharpe's Battleship 250? Well, this session would be interesting too and can certainly be seen as a historic moment in the history of our sport. Drake Stevenson getting pole over Anastasia Freya Yadana Aye and the Shark of River Suzgar could be seen as no surprise at all...but everything else was just pure chaos. Both HMs beat all 3 JRs in this session...that first time that has ever happened. Aurélia Karvonen will start this race from a career-high of 10th after a stunning lap while Lam Chow-Cheung, the story of the TJUN 600, will start down in 15th. Michael Stefan (@Stefan07) is still trying to get into the Chase but he is getting a lot of support around here as a former Classic winner and will start 17th, Maddison Riley-Jones (@MaddyRJ03) will be looking to boost her position from down in 34th and poor Alfonso Mercado (@AM64), our only Chaser so far, will start from 45th alongside Laura McKenzie on the back row. Anna Star Joy is the best non-charter in 13th, Derek Harwood is the best open-charter in 26th and Ilya Tsunopin, buoyed from 13th last week, will hope to move up the field from 38th.

All in all, tonight at the new Hapilopper/Wreckeria Exhibition (coined due to the recent expansion and integration) should be a blast. I will see you later in the week to recap both the 250 and the Classic here on hallowed see y'all then!

Current MCS Standings: #07 - 11th (415pts)/#64 - 7th (436pts/1 Win)/#03 - 8th (436pts)/#96 - 54th (15pts)
Current ECS Standings: #97 - 10th (325pts+PS)/#96 - 8th (329pts)/#70 - 5th (334pts/1 Win)
Next MCS Race: Sharpe's Battleship 250, The HNE Half Mile, Hapilopper City, Hapilopper
Next ECS Race: Preston Tough Trucks 200, The HNE Half Mile, Hapilopper City, Hapilopper
Music of the Round II: Stargate - Waterfall ft. P!nk, Sia (FIJ/UKR/VEN)
MemeWatch II
1) "You're BOTH In The Wrong!" Lloyd Clarence (HTN) and Taylor Henderson (#73) - Casual Sexism And Weaponised Basketballs
2) Chaos In The Bay The Race of Oceania (Cup Series Round 3) - For Being Chaotic And Then Some...14 Retirements And All.
3) Abuse Of Your Power Drake Stevenson (#81) - Taylor's Not Queen Regnant Just Yet In This Realm...
4) "Ah Shit, Here We Go Again" Derrick Carlisle (Yep, That's Me) - Team Blue Shut Me Up. That Is All.
5) Time To Bring The Mayhem! Mayhem (STK) - Ilya And Murat, Eh? Two Men Of The Mayhem Indeed.
6) #WeStanKaiQiang Ilya Tsunopin (#45) - We Like This Guy, But He Certainly Belongs Here.
7) It Had To Be Done The Tunnel Truck Fiasco (#73) - Chaos. Pure Unfiltered Chaos.
8 ) Angry, But Still... Taylor Henderson (#73) - Thou Shall Not Kick Thine Significant Other's Crown Jewels.
9) I Don't Need To Explain This Kai Qiang (#44) - For Crossing The Hongxai Line.
10) I'm So Sorry Chris Holmes (#8) - For Allowing Us To FEEL THE MAYHEM At 7AM!
1st: ECC4
2nd: NSCF24, ARWC4, WC:TOTS, IBC34, NSCF26, IBS17
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32, ECC3
4th: WBC50, IBC31, WBC52, IBC33, RLWC20
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (6W)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (1W)/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/1W-T1/3W-T2)
T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (3W [2 @JR])/#96 Alice Jepkosgei (2W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (2W)

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (1W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 3 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (2 RU)

UN - U1
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Abanhfleft » Wed Apr 13, 2022 8:10 am

Once again, an UrGa crewman was making his way down the garages towards the ones occupied (in the sense that they were using it rather than claiming it for the glory of the French nation) by the French Army, but this time Yakov Yurievsky had dispensed with the costume play and allowed the crewman to go to the French wearing his standard red-green-red uniform. Once again, this crewman was carrying a written message, but this time it was on paper and not parchment. Yurievsky would have reached out to the French via email this time but he was still unsure if the French had learned how to operate a computer, let alone open and read an email, so Yurievsky went back to the tried and tested method of physically running messengers between their garages until then.

The message that the UrGa crewman delivered to the French was in a sealed envelope with instructions at the back telling them that the contents were only for the eyes of Napoleon Bonaparte himself, but once Bonaparte had opened the message, what he did with it was out of Yurievsky’s hands. He could show it to his marshals or read the contents to his army, or he could just throw the whole thing into the fire and forget about it. Of course, Yurievsky was hoping that Bonaparte wouldn’t just throw the message into the fire, as this message could hold the key for the French to escape their precarious situation in the Pearl Kingdom.

To the most esteemed Marshal Bonaparte,

If possible, bring yourself and 100 of your most trusted men to the airport in Chieujeau. I hope that you are all used to flying by now.

Yurievsky Yakov Leonidovich
The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

I also write stories. Would you like to read my works?

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Lika Aika/污垢时间 (Dirt Time)

Postby Kimi-Suomi » Wed Apr 13, 2022 10:07 am

So say she didn't expect that performance would be a bit of an understatement. For Aurélia Karvonen, the Vuohi of Kimi-Suomi, her debut season here in the NSSCRA has been...mielenkiintoista, to say the least. Sometimes, she's the shining light of the team and an example of consistent development. At other times, she's just trying to get good points while other drivers at HM steal the headlines. Last week was a good example of this, with Karvonen managing to climb up from 39th on the grid to finish the TJUN 600 in 23rd...only for all the discussion to be on Lam Chow-Cheung and their P4.

It was during that week that she came to senses with just how much things were eating up at her on the inside. Of course, she was happy for Lam - what they've managed to do and how they've managed to improve in that #38 machine, both as a driver and as a person, has been commendable, the way they've become more and more open with everyone at HM certainly noticeable by the week. But that didn't mean that she wasn't a bit...mustasukkainen. Lam had the world cheering them on, the grid mostly on their side and the team backing them no matter what...and while she did have some of those things, she didn't have that overarching support. She was mostly in the shadows, doing her thing and just trying to get as many points as she could - maybe that was something starting as a non-charter caused, but that's not the issue. No one outside of KS knew much about Karvonen...and that was a tosiasia.

But today would be the day things changed for her...and she could feel it. The HNE Half Mile in Hapilopper City was known for one thing and one thing only, a constant that Karvonen hoped to exploit to her full advantage...dirt. Her experience in many racing forms means that she has had a race or two on dirt and while it is a rarity in the NSSCRA age to go onto that surface, today would be the day that changed...and she took it by the reigns. She managed a lap of 19.850 to start in 10th for tonight, the best starting spot in her NSSCRA leg thus far. Lam did well too in 15th, meaning that both HMs would start in the Top 20 AND ahead of all 3 JRs - something that has never happened before. She was certainly happy with that, as was Daniel Marx...who's certainly gotten (slowly) closer to Karvonen as the races have gone by. All in all, she could feel herself getting better and better right now...and maybe this race could be her TJUN 600.

A DM from LCC to Kai Qiang, in response to an earlier DM.
Sorry about the note, it's a TJUN-ian institution. :)
Jalton sounds cool if that's alright? Don't mind if it's just us two or more of a group thing.
I'll take a pair of sunglasses just in case I need them.

See you then.
A Tribute To The Iceman

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Postby Hapilopper » Wed Apr 13, 2022 12:34 pm


While you're at the Hapilopper/Wreckeria Exhibition, check out the Bad Racing Shirts tent in Vendor Row on the Exhibition Grounds! We've got some of the hottest t-shirts in Hapiloppian racing, and not just for some of the local favorites! We also make shirts for things going on in the world of NSSCRA Racing, too, so check us out when you get a chance on the HNE grounds! Here's some of the many shirts we're selling at Bad Racing Shirts, both at the exhibition grounds, and on!

One of the most popular features of an NSSCRA race weekend is Derrick Carlisle's always-entertaining MemeWatch! Derrick Carlisle, the always-hilarious social media manager for Jaguar Racing, finds something out of the ordinary that happens during an NSSCRA race weekend and highlights it for all the world to see! We hear the Hapilopper Television Network is interested in a MemeWatch sitcom, and this shirt is selling out FAST. In fact, by the time you read this, we may have already sold out! But not to worry, we screen-print all our shirts daily, so if we run out at the track, order online and you can get your own!
SIZES: XS, S, M, L - $14.95 - XL, XXL, XXXL - $16.95

The rallying cry for all Hendo fans these days is "TFH". What's TFH, you ask? Well, if you have to ask, you probably won't get it, but Hendo fans will gladly tell you. It's Taylor F'n Henderson, the meanest of the mean from the bad streets of the Hampton Cities. Her no-nonsense attitude to racing has already netted her one NSSCRA championship, and we expect there'll be more. So get this shirt on the Exhibition grounds, or follow her advice: Stay the F out of her way! We screen-print all our shirts daily, so if we run out at the track, order online and you can get your own!
SIZES: XS, S, M, L - $14.95 - XL, XXL, XXXL - $16.95

This shirt's so sexy, we can't even show you the real version on this web ad, and we can't even sell it on our website. You'll have to go to our vendor booth on the Exhibition grounds to pick up this shirt too hot for the internet, twii.tur or anywhere else! Now 100% guaranteed to get you kicked out of your local high school, bank, First Baptist Church and old folks' home, show your support for the lewdest driver in the NSSCRA in the way that only Ilya Tsunopin's legions of fans would want it! We screen-print all our shirts daily, so if we run out at the track, order online and you can get your own!
SIZES: XS, S, M, L - $14.95 - XL, XXL, XXXL - $16.95 *WARNING: Not for sale for those under 18. We ID at our store.*

Want a more family-friendly Ilya Tsunopin shirt? How about this shirt that shows off Ilya's love for Kai Qiang in the way that Ilya Tsunopin knows how! We don't know why Ilya Tsunopin loves Kai Qiang. Frankly, we don't know why anyone would. But you've got to love somebody, and Ilya sure loves Kai Qiang. This one will be most likely popular amongst the many Qiang fans here in Hapilopper as well, so we imagine these shirts will sell fast! But if we run out, fear not! We screen-print all our shirts daily, so if we run out at the track, order online and you can get your own!
SIZES: XS, S, M, L - $14.95 - XL, XXL, XXXL - $16.95

A popular rallying cry amongst the Drake Stevenson fans after Qiang's little stunt in TJUN-ia, you can let all the world know what you really think of that homicidal maniac that tried to pick a fight in the Team Blue Center over a CD that didn't even involve him, and that same homicidal maniac that stormed into a garage and pulled poor Lamb Chow's mask off. Don't worry about the fact that this shirt bears no small resemblance to a certain shirt disparaging a big Hapiloppian Dream from about 45 years ago, the point is, Qiang Sucks Eggs and you'll want your shirt to prove it! We screen-print all our shirts daily, so if we run out at the track, order online and you can get your own!
SIZES: XS, S, M, L - $14.95 - XL, XXL, XXXL - $16.95

First off, we love the Valentians. Any sane person in Hapilopper would. But we worry if the Valentians have really thought this plan through. You see, they're holding a Water Festival in Valentine Z around the same time as the Hapilopper/Wreckeria Exhibition, and we fear the worst - more specifically, more than a few drunk Hapiloppians stumbling their way into the portal. Did you accidentally step through the portal and find yourself in a wonderful world so unlike ours? Does everyone think you drank too much and you were hallucinating? Did you get sick on the Valkyrie General's shoes? Then consider yourself a Valentian Portal Victim and get yourself this shirt! We screen-print all our shirts daily, so if we run out at the track, order online and you can get your own!
SIZES: XS, S, M, L - $14.95 - XL, XXL, XXXL - $16.95

"F---!" Everyone knows Drake Stevenson's favorite word starts with the letter "F", and he says it oh so often on the radio. His radio rants have become the stuff of legend and is required viewing for any NSSCRA fan two days after each NSSCRA race. This is the shirt you need to wear for those occasions! This shirt probably won't win you many favors in the office, and that always-angry assistant principal will probably demand you turn this shirt inside out if they see it, but race fans will know who you support and who you love to hear lose their cool at the track every week! We screen-print all our shirts daily, so if we run out at the track, order online and you can get your own!
SIZES: XS, S, M, L - $14.95 - XL, XXL, XXXL - $16.95
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Postby Newmanistan » Wed Apr 13, 2022 6:01 pm


Race: Sharpe's Battleship 250, The HNE Half Mile, Hapilopper City, Hapilopper (Short Track- DIRT TRACK)
Lap Record: 19.315 sec.
Minimum Time To Avoid DNF: 21.900 sec.

Segment 1:
NSSCRA Multiversal Series
1 #73- Taylor Henderson (Hapilopper) 19.616
2 #03- Maddison Riley-Jones (TJUN-ia) 19.639
3 #1- Maddie Alexander (Tropicorp) 19.662
4 #8- Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 19.679
5 #18- Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 19.702
6 #98- Wilma von Cärinthen (Abanhfleft) 19.704
7 #7- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha (Valentine Z) 19.710
8 #06- Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 19.720
9 #4- Islago Tizilna (Vilita & Turori) 19.762
10 #3- Jenna Logan (Tropicorp) 19.770
11 #15- Anastasia Freya Yadana Aye (Valentine Z) 19.795
12 #13- Sage Caldwell (New Northwesteros) 19.810
13 #39- Rustam Ilyich Yudin (Abanhfleft) 19.844
14 #43- Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) 19.850
15 #99- Ricky Lee (New Northwesteros) *Q* 19.943
16 #38- Lam Chow-Cheung (Kimi-Suomi) 19.954
17 #44- Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 19.966
18 #31- Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton (Valentine Z) 19.992
19 #64- Alfonso Mercado (TJUN-ia) 20.022
20 #46- Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 20.093
21 #81- Drake Stevenson (Hapilopper) 20.120
22 #62- Andre Massena (The French Army) 20.153
23 #45- Ilya Tsunopin (Saint Kanye) 20.205
24 #41- Yraaga Gilli’i (Vilita & Turori) 20.215
25 #10- Anna Star Joy Thanda Pwint Thinzar Nwe (G6MR) *Q* 20.220
26 #63- Jean Lannes (The French Army) *Q* 20.249
27 #71- Aurélia Karvonen (Kimi-Suomi) 20.291
28 #59- Derek Harwood (Newmanistan) 20.306
29 #24- Chelsea Taylor (Newmanistan) 20.319
30 #58- Koshiro Kawai (Abanhfleft) 20.324
31 #2- Centur Tiones (Tropicorp) 20.389
32 #76- Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Ceeta (G6MR) 20.429
33 #27- Stacie Houston (Saint Kanye) 20.503
34 #61- Joachim Murat (The French Army) 20.529
35 #16- Laura McKenzie (Sajnur) 20.807
36 #07- Michael Stefan (TJUN-ia) 20.849
37 #14- River ‘Shark’ Suzgar (Vilita & Turori) 21.172
38 #0- Ezekiel Rodger (Esmerel) 21.306
39 #48- Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan) 21.394
40 #37- Yageny Qabaliq (Qzvarkian Qaz) 21.475
41 #56- Kelly Monroe (Xanneria) 21.530
42 #17- Timo Szaba (Qzvarkian Qaz) *Q* 21.545
43 #5- Liangmei Li (Newmanistan) 21.697
44 #74- Yuro Kiuba (StrayaRoos) *Q* 21.716
45 #05- Chris Gordon (Sword Island) 22.118 DNF
46 #55- Holly Aurora Lapia Starlight (G6MR) 22.736 DNF

Segment 2:
NSSCRA Multiversal Series
1 #41- Yraaga Gilli’i (Vilita & Turori) 19.587
2 #07- Michael Stefan (TJUN-ia) 19.627
3 #14- River ‘Shark’ Suzgar (Vilita & Turori) 19.643
4 #43- Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) 19.662
5 #03- Maddison Riley-Jones (TJUN-ia) 19.692
6 #73- Taylor Henderson (Hapilopper) 19.703
7 #7- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha (Valentine Z) 19.718
8 #8- Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 19.741
9 #2- Centur Tiones (Tropicorp) 19.746
10 #98- Wilma von Cärinthen (Abanhfleft) 19.757
11 #44- Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 19.844
12 #81- Drake Stevenson (Hapilopper) 19.897
13 #46- Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 19.906
14 #15- Anastasia Freya Yadana Aye (Valentine Z) 19.964
15 #27- Stacie Houston (Saint Kanye) 20.055
16 #63- Jean Lannes (The French Army) *Q* 20.065
17 #61- Joachim Murat (The French Army) 20.122
18 #39- Rustam Ilyich Yudin (Abanhfleft) 20.135
19 #76- Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Ceeta (G6MR) 20.138
20 #38- Lam Chow-Cheung (Kimi-Suomi) 20.167
21 #71- Aurélia Karvonen (Kimi-Suomi) 20.206
22 #31- Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton (Valentine Z) 20.363
23 #62- Andre Massena (The French Army) 20.398
24 #0- Ezekiel Rodger (Esmerel) 20.477
25 #58- Koshiro Kawai (Abanhfleft) 20.502
26 #10- Anna Star Joy Thanda Pwint Thinzar Nwe (G6MR) *Q* 20.537
27 #45- Ilya Tsunopin (Saint Kanye) 20.552
28 #4- Islago Tizilna (Vilita & Turori) 20.701
29 #1- Maddie Alexander (Tropicorp) 20.742
30 #64- Alfonso Mercado (TJUN-ia) 20.933
31 #24- Chelsea Taylor (Newmanistan) 20.975
32 #99- Ricky Lee (New Northwesteros) *Q* 21.013
33 #3- Jenna Logan (Tropicorp) 21.115
34 #06- Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 21.148
35 #18- Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 21.201
36 #13- Sage Caldwell (New Northwesteros) 21.214
37 #16- Laura McKenzie (Sajnur) 21.306
38 #5- Liangmei Li (Newmanistan) 21.326
39 #56- Kelly Monroe (Xanneria) 21.519
40 #74- Yuro Kiuba (StrayaRoos) *Q* 21.646
41 #37- Yageny Qabaliq (Qzvarkian Qaz) 21.666
42 #17- Timo Szaba (Qzvarkian Qaz) *Q* 21.709
43 #59- Derek Harwood (Newmanistan) 22.344 DNF
44 #48- Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan) 22.618 DNF

Segment 3:
NSSCRA Multiversal Series
1 #15- Anastasia Freya Yadana Aye (Valentine Z) 19.639
2 #1- Maddie Alexander (Tropicorp) 19.675
3 #14- River ‘Shark’ Suzgar (Vilita & Turori) 19.681
4 #38- Lam Chow-Cheung (Kimi-Suomi) 19.706
5 #58- Koshiro Kawai (Abanhfleft) 19.756
6 #73- Taylor Henderson (Hapilopper) 19.772
7 #13- Sage Caldwell (New Northwesteros) 19.775
8 #8- Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 19.780
9 #7- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha (Valentine Z) 19.791
10 #39- Rustam Ilyich Yudin (Abanhfleft) 19.853
11 #41- Yraaga Gilli’i (Vilita & Turori) 19.923
12 #64- Alfonso Mercado (TJUN-ia) 19.932
13 #76- Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Ceeta (G6MR) 20.009
14 #71- Aurélia Karvonen (Kimi-Suomi) 20.017
15 #03- Maddison Riley-Jones (TJUN-ia) 20.064
16 #3- Jenna Logan (Tropicorp) 20.068
17 #99- Ricky Lee (New Northwesteros) *Q* 20.072
18 #81- Drake Stevenson (Hapilopper) 20.110
19 #06- Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 20.407
20 #46- Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 20.429
21 #24- Chelsea Taylor (Newmanistan) 20.450
22 #18- Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 20.516
23 #27- Stacie Houston (Saint Kanye) 20.584
24 #0- Ezekiel Rodger (Esmerel) 20.586
25 #63- Jean Lannes (The French Army) *Q* 20.682
26 #61- Joachim Murat (The French Army) 20.715
27 #2- Centur Tiones (Tropicorp) 20.866
28 #16- Laura McKenzie (Sajnur) 20.958
29 #4- Islago Tizilna (Vilita & Turori) 21.045
30 #10- Anna Star Joy Thanda Pwint Thinzar Nwe (G6MR) *Q* 21.161
31 #31- Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton (Valentine Z) 21.246
32 #45- Ilya Tsunopin (Saint Kanye) 21.366
33 #5- Liangmei Li (Newmanistan) 21.664
34 #74- Yuro Kiuba (StrayaRoos) *Q* 21.680
35 #44- Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 21.702
36 #98- Wilma von Cärinthen (Abanhfleft) 21.793
37 #62- Andre Massena (The French Army) 21.819
38 #07- Michael Stefan (TJUN-ia) 21.840
39 #17- Timo Szaba (Qzvarkian Qaz) *Q* 21.896
40 #43- Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) 21.913 DNF
41 #37- Yageny Qabaliq (Qzvarkian Qaz) 21.927 DNF
42 #56- Kelly Monroe (Xanneria) 22.320 DNF

Segment 4:
NSSCRA Multiversal Series
1 #81- Drake Stevenson (Hapilopper) 19.583
2 #41- Yraaga Gilli’i (Vilita & Turori) 19.592
3 #18- Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 19.621
4 #73- Taylor Henderson (Hapilopper) 19.680
5 #2- Centur Tiones (Tropicorp) 19.681
6 #3- Jenna Logan (Tropicorp) 19.683
7 #31- Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton (Valentine Z) 19.686
8 #03- Maddison Riley-Jones (TJUN-ia) 19.713
9 #8- Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 19.757
10 #46- Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 19.759
11 #10- Anna Star Joy Thanda Pwint Thinzar Nwe (G6MR) *Q* 19.798
12 #7- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha (Valentine Z) 19.814
13 #4- Islago Tizilna (Vilita & Turori) 19.832
14 #1- Maddie Alexander (Tropicorp) 19.911
15 #99- Ricky Lee (New Northwesteros) *Q* 19.958
16 #5- Liangmei Li (Newmanistan) 19.977
17 #76- Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Ceeta (G6MR) 20.096
18 #38- Lam Chow-Cheung (Kimi-Suomi) 20.144
19 #71- Aurélia Karvonen (Kimi-Suomi) 20.186
20 #44- Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 20.247
21 #24- Chelsea Taylor (Newmanistan) 20.270
22 #45- Ilya Tsunopin (Saint Kanye) 20.284
23 #27- Stacie Houston (Saint Kanye) 20.289
24 #06- Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 20.310
25 #15- Anastasia Freya Yadana Aye (Valentine Z) 20.334
26 #63- Jean Lannes (The French Army) *Q* 20.386
27 #64- Alfonso Mercado (TJUN-ia) 20.428
28 #58- Koshiro Kawai (Abanhfleft) 20.531
29 #61- Joachim Murat (The French Army) 20.623
30 #0- Ezekiel Rodger (Esmerel) 20.725
31 #39- Rustam Ilyich Yudin (Abanhfleft) 20.785
32 #07- Michael Stefan (TJUN-ia) 20.817
33 #13- Sage Caldwell (New Northwesteros) 20.842
34 #16- Laura McKenzie (Sajnur) 20.881
35 #14- River ‘Shark’ Suzgar (Vilita & Turori) 21.081
36 #17- Timo Szaba (Qzvarkian Qaz) *Q* 21.548
37 #74- Yuro Kiuba (StrayaRoos) *Q* 21.915 DNF
38 #62- Andre Massena (The French Army) 22.074 DNF
39 #98- Wilma von Cärinthen (Abanhfleft) 23.858 DNF

Segment 5:
NSSCRA Multiversal Series
1 #41- Yraaga Gilli’i (Vilita & Turori) 19.609
2 #1- Maddie Alexander (Tropicorp) 19.668
3 #4- Islago Tizilna (Vilita & Turori) 19.693
4 #38- Lam Chow-Cheung (Kimi-Suomi) 19.697
5 #2- Centur Tiones (Tropicorp) 19.699
6 #64- Alfonso Mercado (TJUN-ia) 19.722
7 #73- Taylor Henderson (Hapilopper) 19.740
8 #7- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha (Valentine Z) 19.759
9 #14- River ‘Shark’ Suzgar (Vilita & Turori) 19.787
10 #39- Rustam Ilyich Yudin (Abanhfleft) 19.795
11 #07- Michael Stefan (TJUN-ia) 19.814
12 #03- Maddison Riley-Jones (TJUN-ia) 19.853
13 #44- Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 19.880
14 #18- Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 19.881
15 #81- Drake Stevenson (Hapilopper) 19.920
16 #15- Anastasia Freya Yadana Aye (Valentine Z) 19.939
17 #76- Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Ceeta (G6MR) 19.947
18 #8- Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) 19.960
19 #58- Koshiro Kawai (Abanhfleft) 19.996
20 #27- Stacie Houston (Saint Kanye) 20.024
21 #61- Joachim Murat (The French Army) 20.031
22 #31- Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton (Valentine Z) 20.167
23 #99- Ricky Lee (New Northwesteros) *Q* 20.226
24 #71- Aurélia Karvonen (Kimi-Suomi) 20.438
25 #3- Jenna Logan (Tropicorp) 20.487
26 #63- Jean Lannes (The French Army) *Q* 20.545
27 #46- Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 20.563
28 #10- Anna Star Joy Thanda Pwint Thinzar Nwe (G6MR) *Q* 20.634
29 #13- Sage Caldwell (New Northwesteros) 20.772
30 #24- Chelsea Taylor (Newmanistan) 20.846
31 #5- Liangmei Li (Newmanistan) 20.905
32 #06- Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) 20.940
33 #16- Laura McKenzie (Sajnur) 21.543
34 #17- Timo Szaba (Qzvarkian Qaz) *Q* 21.860
35 #0- Ezekiel Rodger (Esmerel) 21.983 DNF
36 #45- Ilya Tsunopin (Saint Kanye) 22.356 DNF

Race Results:
| Pos | Driver | Avg. |
| 1 | #73- Taylor Henderson (Hapilopper) | 19.702 | WINNER
| 2 | #7- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha (Valentine Z) | 19.758 |
| 3 | #8- Chris Holmes (Hapilopper) | 19.783 |
| 4 | #41- Yraaga Gilli’i (Vilita & Turori) | 19.785 |
| 5 | #03- Maddison Riley-Jones (TJUN-ia) | 19.792 |
| 6 | #81- Drake Stevenson (Hapilopper) | 19.926 |
| 7 | #1- Maddie Alexander (Tropicorp) | 19.932 |
| 8 | #38- Lam Chow-Cheung (Kimi-Suomi) | 19.934 |
| 9 | #15- Anastasia Freya Yadana Aye (Valentine Z) | 19.934 |
| 10 | #2- Centur Tiones (Tropicorp) | 20.076 |
| 11 | #39- Rustam Ilyich Yudin (Abanhfleft) | 20.082 |
| 12 | #76- Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Ceeta (G6MR) | 20.124 |
| 13 | #46- Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) | 20.150 |
| 14 | #18- Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) | 20.184 |
| 15 | #4- Islago Tizilna (Vilita & Turori) | 20.207 |
| 16 | #64- Alfonso Mercado (TJUN-ia) | 20.207 |
| 17 | #58- Koshiro Kawai (Abanhfleft) | 20.222 |
| 18 | #3- Jenna Logan (Tropicorp) | 20.225 |
| 19 | #71- Aurélia Karvonen (Kimi-Suomi) | 20.228 |
| 20 | #99- Ricky Lee (New Northwesteros) *Q* | 20.242 |
| 21 | #14- River ‘Shark’ Suzgar (Vilita & Turori) | 20.273 |
| 22 | #31- Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton (Valentine Z) | 20.291 |
| 23 | #27- Stacie Houston (Saint Kanye) | 20.291 |
| 24 | #44- Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) | 20.328 |
| 25 | #63- Jean Lannes (The French Army) *Q* | 20.385 |
| 26 | #61- Joachim Murat (The French Army) | 20.404 |
| 27 | #10- Anna Star Joy Thanda Pwint Thinzar Nwe (G6MR) *Q* | 20.470 |
| 28 | #13- Sage Caldwell (New Northwesteros) | 20.483 |
| 29 | #06- Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire) | 20.505 |
| 30 | #24- Chelsea Taylor (Newmanistan) | 20.572 |
| 31 | #07- Michael Stefan (TJUN-ia) | 20.589 |
| 32 | #16- Laura McKenzie (Sajnur) | 21.099 |
| 33 | #5- Liangmei Li (Newmanistan) | 21.114 |
| 34 | #17- Timo Szaba (Qzvarkian Qaz) *Q* | 21.712 |
| 35 | #0- Ezekiel Rodger (Esmerel) | DNF |
| 36 | #45- Ilya Tsunopin (Saint Kanye) | DNF |
| 37 | #74- Yuro Kiuba (StrayaRoos) *Q* | DNF |
| 38 | #62- Andre Massena (The French Army) | DNF |
| 39 | #98- Wilma von Cärinthen (Abanhfleft) | DNF |
| 40 | #43- Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) | DNF |
| 41 | #37- Yageny Qabaliq (Qzvarkian Qaz) | DNF |
| 42 | #56- Kelly Monroe (Xanneria) | DNF |
| 43 | #59- Derek Harwood (Newmanistan) | DNF |
| 44 | #48- Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan) | DNF |
| 45 | #05- Chris Gordon (Sword Island) | DNF |
| 46 | #55- Holly Aurora Lapia Starlight (G6MR) | DNF |

Point Standings (After 14 Races):
| Pos | Driver | Points |
| 1 | #18- Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye)* | 514 |
| 2 | #31- Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton (Valentine Z) | 498 |
| 3 | #43- Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) | 482 |
| 4 | #03- Maddison Riley-Jones (TJUN-ia) | 478 |
| 5 | #27- Stacie Houston (Saint Kanye)* | 474 |
| 6 | #14- River ‘Shark’ Suzgar (Vilita & Turori)* | 471 |
| 7 | #15- Anastasia Freya Yadana Aye (Valentine Z) | 470 |
| 8 | #64- Alfonso Mercado (TJUN-ia)* | 467 |
| 9 | #73- Taylor Henderson (Hapilopper)* | 464 |
| 10 | #44- Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire)* | 458 |
| 11 | #06- Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal (The Sherpa Empire)* | 457 |
| 12 | #41- Yraaga Gilli’i (Vilita & Turori)* | 454 |
| 13 | #1- Maddie Alexander (Tropicorp) | 450 |
| 14 | #81- Drake Stevenson (Hapilopper)** | 440 |
| 15 | #46- Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye)* | 432 |
| 16 | #07- Michael Stefan (TJUN-ia) | 431 |
| 17 | #3- Jenna Logan (Tropicorp)* | 424 |
| 18 | #98- Wilma von Cärinthen (Abanhfleft)* | 417 |
| 19 | #13- Sage Caldwell (New Northwesteros) | 410 |
| 20 | #7- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha (Valentine Z) | 409 |
| 21 | #4- Islago Tizilna (Vilita & Turori) | 406 |
| 22 | #8- Chris Holmes (Hapilopper)* | 402 |
| 23 | #39- Rustam Ilyich Yudin (Abanhfleft) | 391 |
| 24 | #2- Centur Tiones (Tropicorp) | 373 |
| 25 | #76- Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Ceeta (G6MR) | 341 |
| 26 | #58- Koshiro Kawai (Abanhfleft) | 339 |
| 27 | #55- Holly Aurora Lapia Starlight (G6MR) | 316 |
| 28 | #5- Liangmei Li (Newmanistan) | 304 |
| 29 | #38- Lam Chow-Cheung (Kimi-Suomi) | 302 |
| 30 | #99- Ricky Lee (New Northwesteros) *Q* | 287 |
| 31 | #71- Aurélia Karvonen (Kimi-Suomi) *Q* | 258 |
| 32 | #61- Joachim Murat (The French Army) | 243 |
| 33 | #48- Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan) | 241 |
| 34 | #24- Chelsea Taylor (Newmanistan) | 218 |
| 35 | #10- Anna Star Joy Thanda Pwint Thinzar Nwe (G6MR) *Q* | 188 |
| 36 | #63- Jean Lannes (The French Army) *Q* | 183 |
| 37 | #0- Ezekiel Rodger (Esmerel) | 180 |
| 38 | #62- Andre Massena (The French Army) *Q* | 170 |
| 39 | #28- Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) | 139 |
| 40 | #16- Laura McKenzie (Sajnur) | 112 |
| 41 | #37- Yageny Qabaliq (Qzvarkian Qaz) | 100 |
| 42 | #45- Ilya Tsunopin (Saint Kanye) | 95 |
| 43 | #56- Kelly Monroe (Xanneria) | 87 |
| 44 | #05- Chris Gordon (Sword Island) | 69 |
| 45 | #90- Lexie Shelby (Sword Island) *Q* | 59 |
| 46 | #17- Timo Szaba (Qzvarkian Qaz) *Q* | 56 |
| 47 | #12- Daniel Wynfor (Kannapian Sports Federation) | 36 |
| 48 | #88- Al Jak (StrayaRoos) | 31 |
| 49 | #35- Kassie Collins (Sword Island) *Q* | 31 |
| 50 | #59- Derek Harwood (Newmanistan) | 30 |
| 51 | #50- Bismillah Untas (Sultanate of Oontaz) | 26 |
| 52 | #40- Ongmu Yeti (The Sherpa Empire) | 20 |
| 53 | #84- Jamie Izabella Astrid Eirian (Valentine Z) | 17 |
| 54 | #96- Alice Jepkosgei (TJUN-ia) | 15 |
| 55 | #49- Lotara Novorali (Vilita & Turori) | 12 |
| 56 | #74- Yuro Kiuba (StrayaRoos) *Q* | 11 |
| 57 | #60- Rockii Ezis (Vilita & Turori) | 6 |

Next Races:
Multiversal- (Apr. 19/20)- Super Skychief 500, Hapilopper City Raceway, Hapilopper (Speedway)
EverLong- (Apr 19)- Everlong 300, Hapilopper City Raceway, Hapilopper (Speedway)
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World Cups qualified for: 46, 48 (R of 16), 49, 50, 54
Hosted: WORLD CUP 49, WB 1, 2, 5, & 35; WBC 8, 11, 14, 19, 38, 44, & 46; CoH 33, 35, & 39; CE 25, WLC 2, 4 & 5; WCoH 10, IBC 24, NSSCRA, Multiple NSCAA Basketball Tournaments, and a horse racing series



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