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Welcome to the online location of KSC,

Kyzhurkistani Sports Channel

Home of all professional sports broadcasts of the Glorious Nation of Kyzhurkistan.

Apart from serving international sports, it also manages all footage
of the Premjer Lygasi, the domestic football competition,
the Divizjon Uluttuk, the domestic basketball competition
and the Olympic Qualifiers.

Currently live: the 2022 season of the Premjer Lygasi, featuring the following eight clubs.
  • Topbati Kartash
  • Akademiya Kartash
  • Naftchi Dzhyltor
  • Tefoil Cheviakham
  • Rotor Bashketysh
  • Karajildiz Oshat
  • Birikken Ala-Turgan
  • Dinamo Zhachek

Just finished: the 2021-2022 season of the Divizjon Uluttuk, which qualified the following teams for the IUBC Trophy.
  • Kartash Tigers
  • Oshat Wildebeests
  • Fonotik Utagan

Upcoming: the qualifiers for the Winter Olympics, featuring the following sports.
  • Bandy
  • Biathlon
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Shorttrack
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2022 Premjer Ligasy Football

Violet and white. The Sun Kings. Topbati Arena (21K)

Halikov *** Rusaev, Nurimbetov, Moser (NPH), Mambetaliev *** Atabaev, Murataliev, Zhuraev *** Umarov, Biktorika (ASG), Osmanov

Destined for the title, Topbati Kartash aims to bounce back from an abysmal third place which bookended a period with seven titles in nine seasons. Owner Ruslan Alayev does not accept this, so a fresh manager is placed in the dugout with a set of new starters. The richest club from Kartash never sells out the majestic Topbati Arena much to the despair of Aleyev. A few seasons ago, the club cannibalized the popular but bankrupt Start, but rather than growing their fanbase, it made them more hated.

For some reason Alayev, head of the Topbati consortium, believes that another trophy will make them beloved but also aspires to reach it with more spectacular football: three strikers supported by Murataliev and Zhuraev, high wing-backs and a lot of movement around the box. It should regain Topbati dominance in the easier confrontations but whether it will see them through in the harder duels is an open question: the defensive axis has a certain age.

Zoltan Moser (CD; 33; NPH). A diligent leader which this formation missed dearly last year after the retirement of Yulun Dormatov. Experienced and commanding, the former Bishop and Goodfeather defender must give Topbati composure in the back of a fairly attacking line-up.
Mirbek Zhuraev (AM; 24; KYZ). The mastermind, the fan favourite, the slightly obnoxious but vastly talented man with the golden feet. Difficult to stop as he lurks around the sixteen, delivering decisive passes and scoring goals alike. Zhuraev is not really interested in team tactics and plays to shine.
Zarles Biktorika (CF; 26; ASG). The Astograthian could not make his mark for Ysgran Bay Eagles but he should find double figures for the purple-clad record champions. In a league with a lot of immobile defenders, he could find the space to shine and already pushed that other transfer Umarov to the wing.
Chyngyz Halikov (GK; 37; KYZ). The veteran of many wars who has been worshipped by Topbati fans and despised by approximately everyone else. Will waste time, simulate, discuss with referees and somehow escape cards. But he will also grab points for the squad and that matters most.

Scarlet and navy. The Meteors. Koomduk Stadium (8K)

Bakirov *** Satybaldiev, Sadykov, Isakov *** Kubanychbek, Sharipov, Havista (TFS), Yunusov, Dyashev *** Atsushi (HIN), Nurdibek

A new manager, a new line-up, new club colours and even a new name - no effort was spared by Tenguz Karamov to give the side which ended dead last a refreshing vibe. No one officially knows what business or contacts made Karamov wealthy enough to own a professional sports club but his rather one-sided feud with Alayev fuels his ambitions. In an, not even that delusional, bid to oust Topbati from the throne in the capital, the club took over the colours of the foregone Start Kartash, aiming to become the ‘people’s club’.

This gets combined with a very hasty infusion of young players into the line-up, as reflected in the new name. This season could very well be a wild goose chase trying to find new structures, especially as only four men in the line-up played at the domestic top level before. Nonetheless, they did improve in terms of talent available and in a competition without relegation, this long-term strategy could pay off. If one of the midfielders stands up and guides this eleven to a coherent tactic, they could even be decent now already.

Erlan Satybaldiev (CD; 31; KYZ). In the complete overhaul of the selection, the grizzled Satybaldiev remained one of the rare stable elements. A powerful header and a sharp tackler, he manages to pick apart the opposing attack before it properly materialises. Wears the captain's ribbon with pride.
Yoshifumi Atsushi (CF; 27; HIN). This fast striker left the Tikariotian competition with a chip on his shoulder and aims to relounge his career. If he can click with Nurdibek, he could become the sensation of the league with his piercing shot and win himself a ticket to a bigger league.
Asan Dyashev (RM; 21; KYZ). One of the brightest gems in the selection, the agile Dyashev has the wealth to choose between a well-placed cross or a quicksilver dribble. Still, whilst he awes the crowd, he failed to translate that in any stats so far so his status as top talent is quickly waning. Can he change that?
Boran Havista (CM; 20; TFS). Despite a tough career start, Havista leaves Mirage with positive reviews on his offensive capacities. A good connector in the heart of midfield who aims to move the play forward, he should fit in the technical, attacking philosophy aimed for by Karamov.

Blue and gold. The Greasy Bunch. Darak Tilkesi (9K)

Mamazhanov *** Isaev, Toktosunov, A. Nurmatov, Zhumbaev *** Davis (BRE), K. Nurmatov, Huergas (FFD), Musaev, Radzhabov *** Karimov

Few clubs take such pride in being a midtable filler as the Greasy Bunch, named after the petroleum field workers from the plains around Dzhyltor which support the club en masse. Naftchi is a club that made a business model out of being acceptable, but not great, in every domain. From a neat, cosy stadium all the way up to a sane boardroom it looks ok but they never seem capable of translating that into something which consistently exceeds mediocrity. The big emphasis on prudency has come back to bite them earlier, leading to ambitious managers and players parting ways.

Still, this is as good as a traditional club one will find in this league and if you’re not hungry for silverware, they could be an interesting side to follow. Hard-nosed manager Azayev sticks to a 4-2-3-1 system which puts a lot of emphasis on efficient counterattacking, aided by owning one of the bulkiest strikers in the league. Dilmurod Karimov can’t run three miles without dropping dead, but he’s an excellent targetman for this formation. What helps them to avoid the bottom spots is a close-knit dressing room, with numerous players who will play in blue and gold for their whole career.

Dilmurod Karimov (CF; 30; KYZ). Some players are only useful under the right guidance and this bulky striker and his aging coach form such a successful pairing. Karimov isn’t one to score a cartload of goals but he makes the team better and weighs on opposition, with his cannonshot always a danger.
Harlan Davis (DM; 26; BRE). From the IFCF pitches to the oil fields, it is a big step back for Rozelle’s resident brawler. In his chase for on-pitch minutes, Davis could elevate this side to a new level: the preseason games showed that he adds teeth and edge to a side that’s maybe a bit too nice by design. Well, except…
Nurali Isaev (RD; 24; KYZ). If you get nicknamed “quick’n’dirty” by the press, you know you’ve got the works on your hands. Isaev looks like a highstreet hobo, gets his kicks from reaching the backline and knocking out the opposition's teeth in the process. He’s a magnificent weapon, but an unguided one.
Pedro Huergas (CM; 20; FFD). Analysts are still trying to figure out the details on Huergas’ track record but the midfielder could prove to be an important Swiss army knife for the line-up: a decent positioning, two decent feet, decent stamina and a decent bloke. One wonders how on earth he ended up here.

Black and mustard. The Gloves. Kapella Artinda (6K)

Kamalov *** Abduvaliev, Mamirov, Popov, Begmatov *** Tagaev, Yuldashev *** Julian (TKT), Tynaliev, Sarybaev, Stawski (PFA)

Kapella Artinda usually sells out, but that is mainly because every Tefoil employee gets a free season pass as part of his or her wage. The fairly modern stadium is a bit of eyesore in the outskirts of the tiny hamlet of Cheviakham which has fewer souls than the stadium has seats. But it is the birthplace of the wealthy Tefirbek family and family father Emil preferred going to the pitch by foot. Whilst there is a philosophy on the ‘corporate family’ behind it all, it feels at times like a pet project and one that is not always taken care of properly.

Currently, management is in the hands of third son Ilkhom who promptly appointed himself as the new manager. According to insiders, his training mainly consists of long runs through the woods whilst his new 4-2-4 tactical ploy is adventurous to say the least. Then again, they came off the back of a drab sixth spot last year, so anything could be room for improvement. Their limited financial means guide them to poaching older players but it will not stop Cheviakham from challenging Naftchi in the so-called ‘Oil Derby’. Only called like that by people from Cheviakham, that is.

Belek Sarybaev (CF; 23; KYZ). In a line-up which lacks interesting figures, the mobile and decisive Sarybaev is at least something for the fans to look out for. Tends to miss a buttload of chances but mainly because he goes for goal from any corner, bringing fear into the hearts of opposite defenders.
Uiara Stawski (LAM; 35; PFA). Some saw the Poafmersian ready for retirement but the incoming Conchin striker is determined to add a high-quality epilogue to his story. Stawski is not selfish, which could link up nicely with Sarybaev, and his journeyman past should make him fit in quickly.
Scott Julian (RAM; 31; TKT). Wrapping up a stay in Sylestone, the Tikariotian wouldn’t be marked as a professional footballer when walking on the street but makes up for that in footballing intellect. Wants to fight back after a deflating season with Halpenley City and find back joy in his odyssey.
Akmal Yuldashev (CM; 28; KYZ). Hardly makes the bar to be a star but this hardy clubman forms the perfect example of the kind of players that gravitate towards Tefoil. Physical players who lack the technical skills to live up to the name of ‘the beautiful game’ but at least Yuldashev has the heart in the right place.

Forest green and white. The Farmers. Jani Traktor Stadium (11K)

Eshmatov *** Lazic (FFD), Saitov, Nasirdinov, Zhalalov, Kubatbekov *** Sarymsakov, Toroev, Makhmudov, Omorov *** Rose (SNL)

The Farmers ended up in second and, as that goes for a club like them, it cost them their defender Maksutov and forward Umarov who left for the more exciting possibilities with Dinamo and Topbati. It’s a shame for a club that holds a pretty good hand when it comes to improving to a higher level: a strong sponsorship in the Jani Traktor company, a vast (but sparsely populated) area to draw supporters from, a large albeit slightly outdated stadium and one of the best youth academies in the nation. And still, that illustrious first title is still out of their reach.

The lack of a strong leading figure in management or a clear direction where they are going, makes Bashketysh a sleeping giant which should slumber back to their mid table existence. Nonetheless, they're worth a watch if only for their fanbase, known for their ironic chants. They're heartbreak kids who manage to give hope before finding a new way to collapse. From a tactical viewpoint, they seem fairly defensive but their quick crosses and transitions often end up with numbers in the opposing box.

Joshua Rose (CF; 33; SNL). The South Newlandian could not keep Meriador in the Tikariotian Premier League and got the tough task to replace Umarov up front. According to the scouts, his qualities in the box should fit in well with Rotor's style and a preseason hattrick somersaulted him into the hearts of the Farmers' fanbase.
Rustam Makhmudov (AM; 28; KYZ). Once a spanking hot striking talent but a devastating spell at Topbati saw him return to the club of his youth. Here he found a new stride as a wandering midfielder with a nose for fast passing and surprising appearances in the box. Known for his successful penalty streak.
Maksat Omorov (LM; 22; KYZ). A notably modern midfielder who covers a lot of ground whilst relying on an impeccable speed of execution. Always opts for the simple solution but as is said, nothing is harder than making football looks simple. Needs to score more goals to really excel.
Trifun Lazic (RD; 19; FFD). Based upon the reports from those who saw him at work, the young defender is some sort of three-lunged miracle who keeps on sprinting up and down the line. It remains unclear if he can actually do anything with a ball, but Rotor could use that injection of energy.

Black and white. The Foals. Black Star Arena (12K)

Temerov *** Alimov, A. Ibraev, Mamataliev, N. Ibraev *** Satirov, Abdramiev, Strelyi (SRS), Orunbaev *** Suleymanov, Garnett (BOL)

Karayildiz ended in fifth last season and that is under the bar they have set for themselves across the last few seasons. The brewery-sponsored formation is the sole source of pride in the highly polluted factory city of Oshat and can rely on a fanatic, but borderline insane, crowd. We will get around the story when they threw a few dozen live chickens on the pitch on another day. Next to being known as a health hazard, Oshat also built up a reputation as a managers’ graveyard and the off-season was no stranger to that.

Newcomer Kurbanov gets a dressing room in front of him which struggles with aging and has been downright toxic at times last year. On top of that, he is stuck with a heritage of technical players, the result of a failed result to switch to an artificial turf. Karayildiz is back on grass again, but the selection still misses power and physique, despite having a few crafty members in the line-up. He will need to slot in his newcomers fast or you can expect someone else at the helm within weeks.

Vladimir Strelyi (CM; 24; SRS). Left Lublova through the side door but hopes to return to the Remnant States basking in glory one day. Becoming the key player for Karayildiz would be one big step of the way and it seems as if Kurbanov is willing to give the keys of the car to his new playmaker.
Adilet Mamataliev (CD; 28; KYZ). In a physical sense, Mamataliev is not really an exceptional player but he's a loyal fellow which turned him into captain at the age of 24. Vocal and a leader, but card-prone, he will play a crucial role in the direction for this squad as many players and fans look up to him.
Leonard Garnett (CF; 36; BOL). A veteran of quite a good number of wars, Garnett is the slowest player of the XI but he adds ingenuity and a good shot up front - last season Oshat scored way too few goals. In a dream scenario, the Bollonischian from SC Lagos finds a strong partnership with his junior colleague...
Yusup Suleymanov (CF; 21; KYZ). It is just his second season on the line-up but the talent on Suleymanov is unmistakable. He's powerful and fast and can be sent into space whilst shaking off a pair of direct opponents. If he can put his athletic capacities to better use with a bit more overview and cool, he's a Next Big Thing.

Grey and burgundy. The Miners. Borborduk Meniki (4K)

Kozovikov (TJU) *** Roberson (CDG), Ergeshov, Kadirov *** Temirov, Kudayberdiev, Zholdoshev, Shamshiev, Bhegaliev, Khakimov *** Moldobaev

Every league needs its punching bag and Birikken plays that role with, well… we wouldn't call it exactly grace. The side from the copper mining hub of Ala-Turgan lacks the funds to hope for much more than avoiding the wooden spoon but utterly refuses to go down without a fight. The club, backed by a small but dedicated and hardened fanbase, has a long and peculiar history of shooting itself in the foot, from bizarre red card incidents over selling their biggest talent Chyngyz Halikov over a squabble for a few hundred quid.

Their position in the ranks does give them a hall pass to play cynical football, with an infinite number of defensively oriented midfielders and a fair share of hard tackles. After all, it's what the Pickaxes, as their ultras are called, come to see. Birikken is notably shabby on the road but can form a bit of a trap at home where they stick to the same tactical ploy. It got them up to seventh last season and if someone isn't paying attention this year, this poor, meagrely talented but well-spirited bunch will get past them.

Tair Shamshiev (CM; 26; KYZ). In a line-up where the faintest glimmer of talent makes you a rarity, Shamshiev stands out with his passing technique. The short midfielder turned down many fine offers as a true local of the town, born and cradled into a mining family. More than decent free kicks.
Nick Roberson (RCD; 29; CDG). Roberson did not meet the Premier Division standards back home but in this ultimate bottom of the barrel of professional football, he might be pretty useful to add some composure to the defensive trio. Considering the requirements, they're happy with someone who can turn around in less than five seconds.
Nuraly Moldobaev (CF; 31; KYZ). With his arrival at Birikken, Moldobaev is just one stop short of completing all eight top tier clubs. The tattoo aficionado knows how to score and is a key in the toolbox. Unfortunately, he's also a tool off-pitch and his big mouth always gets him in trouble.
Ivan Kozovikov (GK; 17; TJU). The Tjun-ian was shipped in for the role of reserve goalie but the CSTO Academy graduate is thrown for the lions after a brutal knee injury for starting goalie Beratiev. A chance to learn fast and honestly, this kid will have to. His reflexes seem to be more than alright.

Maroon and yellow. The Vengeance. I Sepil (8K)

Richardson (EUR) *** Maksutov, Toychiev, Kalbaev, Kazakov *** Ayetbaev, Sagynbaev, Svoboda (TKT) *** Dzhuraev, Sattarov, Rakhimov

Jubilations in I Sepil last year when Dinamo triumphed in the title game over Rotor. It was the second time that the Vengeance was crowned national champion and the first time in ages. Zhackek and its charismatic manager Nurbek Nurbekov won the highest honor staying true to some of the key principles of the club: a lot of local youth, a tactically apt execution of the 4-3-3 and a decent scouting system so you don't need to buy in bulk. You would almost think that with this being the alternative to corporate behemoth Topbati, they have the whole nation behind them.

You could not be more wrong. Dinamo is a remnant of the encompassing old leftist regime in the days before the independence and whilst they slowly try to shy away from that image, that is still what they are seen as by all non-locals. Within Zhachek, their following is large: the city was after all a prestige project of the regime, built in the middle of nowhere and intended to dominate the region. Nowadays the cracks in that fata morgana start to show and this club is one of the few things that keeps this city with exceptionally high unemployment rates afloat.

Attokur Rakhimov (LF; 25; KYZ). Last season's top scorer, Rakhimov is a tall, eloquent and powerful striker in his prime. The only thing that seems to stand between him and turning this Dinamo title into a dynasty is a poor set of hamstrings who suffer each time he brings out his thundering shot.
Garrett Richardson (GK; 31; EUR). This lanky Euran goalkeeper could choose between a demotion to the Silver League or an international adventure and tried his luck on the latter. Should have the experience to last, but will need to use his feet to make it in Nurbekov's modern football style.
Peter Svoboda (LM; 28; TKT). Might have slowly fallen off the starting line-up over at Ancarea, but might land on his feet over here. The first click with midfield talent Sagynbaev looked promising and with his passing and pressure, he neatly complements the other midfield assets.
Medet Kazakov (LD; 24; KYZ). Despite being right-footed by nature, Kazakov took to this position like a fish to water. Quite often, he turns inside to make an appearance near the box. Has excellent timing in his rushes, assuring it doesn't harm his defensive duties which he executes cleanly.
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2022 Premjer Ligasy Football
Week 1

Dinamo Zhachek        1–0      Karayildiz Oshat
(6’ Dzhuraev)

Clinically successful, the Vengeance opens the season with an uninspiring but efficient performance at home. For Kurbanov, it became ninety highly frustrating minutes, seeing his strikers painstakingly trying to connect but merely wasting the limited possession given. At least he could walk around in front of his dugout, something the hardy but increasingly devastated away fans could not. Dinamo did not yet look like the vibrant side that won the title twelve months ago, but did possess the composure of big teams, with veteran Sanzhar Ayetbaev standing out as the guiding light. The Foals got one proper chance but Garrett Richardson looked unphased by the shot from Yusup Suleymanov, saving it with one hand to ensure his first Premjer Ligasy clean sheet.

Akademija Kartash     2–3     Tefoil Cheviakham
(34’ Atsushi)
(56’ Stawski)
(64’ Sarybaev)
(81’ Yunusov)
(89’ Yuldashev)

Fans who wanted to see more spectacle needed to make their way to Koomduk Stadium and actually a more than decent number of them had done so. Akademija started off their new era in scarlet and navy with a good crowd behind them. Newcomer Yoshifumi Atsushi immediately stood out, tormenting Tefoil, although he could and maybe should have rewarded himself with more than one goal. But after the break, the old habits from last year’s red lantern roared their ugly heads again: Uiara Stawski was announced as one who rarely scores but even he could tap it in after a communication error in the back. Akademija seemed to hit the deck after the 1-2 but a fluke shot from Sarybaev should have rewarded them for the first half. Alas, Kubanychbek launched a moronic tackle on Julian in the box and Tefoil could walk away with more than they deserved as Yuldashev didn't fail from eleven meters.

Naftchi Dzhyltor      3–3       Topbati Kartash
(21’ Karimov)
(26’ Radzhabov)
(66’ Biktorika)
(75’ Huergas)
(78’ Umarov)
(83’ Zhuraev)

For sixty minutes, it looked as if every bookmaker in the country had been nothing less than a foul to consider Topbati as the biggest candidate for the title. Against an organized but in no way defensive Naftchi, the record champion failed to make any dangerous action in the decisive third. Naftchi on the other hand showcased decisive finishing, with the screamer from Radzhabov reaching out to the non-existing goal of the week trophy. The scales tipped when Astograthian newcomer Biktorika pointered in the very first Topbati chance. Fifteen chaotic minutes ensued in which the Greasy Bunch looked on their way to glory after a Huergas strike, but immediately fell to ten after a light second yellow for Toktosunov. The favourites clawed themselves on par with a goal by the otherwise invisible Zhuraev, but could not complete their steal as Mamzhanov made two marvellous saves and safeguarded the deserved point.

Rotor Bashketysh      3–2   Birikken Ala-Turgan
(23’ Rose)
(36’ Rose)
(54’ Toroev)
(77’ Khakimov)
(92’ Bektemirov)

This result seemingly points to a balanced confrontation but don't be fooled. Rotor Bashketysh thrilled the Jani Traktor Stadium with a dominant display, spearheaded by the unstoppable Joshua Rose. Immediately upping his stats both with the left and right foot, the South Newlandian washed away any questions held about his age. Especially the last goal, a fast control and then a dash in the bottom corner, catapulted him to the Man of the Match trophy. In the tailend of the match, Birikken got on the scoreboard but only due to Rotor relaxing its grip. The Miners are up for a very uphill battle. Goalie Kozovikov struggled on his debut but was not helped out by his hapless defenders. The late score by an 18-year old youth product was a silver lining, but also only that.
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2022 Premjer Ligasy Football
Week 2

Karayildiz Oshat      0–0   Birikken Ala-Turgan

Every ninety minutes once comes to an end but in the Black Star Arena, it took an awfully long time. Before the season, much was said about their new striker partnership but the front duo are still on the lookout for their first goal of the year. There seems to be no lack of intentions between Garnett and Suleymanov, but they don’t speak the same language yet on and off the pitch. It should have offered a chance to Birikken to nick three points but Nuraly “The Inked Assassin” Moldobaev had one of those days where his aim was completely off. Two golden opportunities were skied one-on-one with Alyzhon Temerov so the full account of shots on goal tonight was one. Vladimir Strelyi missed the chance to become the matchwinner when he put a free kick just in reach of Kozovikov. But it is notable that the Squornshelian maneuvered himself in that leading role for the Foals, can he lead them out of the current impasse?

Topbati Kartash       3–0      Rotor Bashketysh
(13’ Biktorika)
(76’ Zhuraev)
(88’ Nasirdinov (OG))

After the hesitant start at Darak Tilkesi, the own home stadium inspired Topbati Kartash to a better showing. Initially, there was quite a bit of commentary on the decision of coach Balayev to push domestic star transfer Umarov to the wing whilst putting his confidence in Zarles Biktorika. But the Astograthian rewarded him with another piece of high-quality finishing. Rotor lacked the organisation to truly turn the tables: the surprising departure of young midfield anchor Maksat Omarov left a gaping hole in their line-up and it was only a matter of time before Topbati widened the gap. Star player Mirbek Zhuraev might still be on the lookout for his best form but when it comes to the statistics, he definitely got off to a solid start. Rumours claim that Topbati Kartash is a driving force to plug the hole in the framework which allowed for Omarov to leave for Farfadillis, out of fear that Zhuraev might be the next to attract a foreign suitor.

Dinamo Zhachek        1–1     Akademija Kartash
(9’ Havista)
(42’ Sattarov)

Second game, second lead for the Meteors who got off to a flying start when Boran Havista put his laces through a wayward cross from Asan Dyashev. It was a reality check for the reigning champions, especially as Akademija deserved that lead. After an abysmal season which saw them win only four games all year long, the scarlet and navy radiate a youthful vibration and the Vengeance, missing Ayatbaev due to an injury with the national team, struggled to take over the midfield battle. However, one quality of a top team is that the coin always falls their way and when Sattarov tried his luck from nineteen metres out, it did just that. A blow to the moral from the visiting side, just before the break, and the punch had kind of left their step. Dinamo came closest to a winner, but Rakhimov hit the outside of the post. Zhachek sits at four out of six, but they're not at the level for a title defense.

Tefoil Cheviakham     1–0      Naftchi Dzhyltor
(79’ Sarybaev)

And so, the surprising leader and sole team at the maximum after two games is Tefoil. The clash against Naftchi always brings out the best from the Gloves or maybe it is just the triple bonus at stake offered by the Tefirbeks. Son Ilkhom got a lot of flak for his unconventional, archaic training methods but he did drill his men into form. The game became a battle of attrition with a lot of aerial duels, late tackles and a fine collection of yellows. (Both Isaevs headbutt and Yuldashevs elbow deserved more.) But in the end, it was Cheviakham who had the energy to drag the game their way and triumph in the Oil Derby. The winning goal itself was a pretty one, with Belek Sarybaev catching young Mamazhanov off guard and scoring from outside the box. One no longer wonders if but when Kapella Artinda will become too small for him.
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2022 Premjer Ligasy Football
Week 3

Akademija Kartash     3–3      Karayildiz Oshat
(7’ Garnett)
(10’ Yunusov)
(21’ Atsushi)
(23’ Abdramiev)
(28’ Strelyi)
(79’ Sadykov)

Drama on the third matchday with two sides not really getting anywhere with this result and leaving equally disappointed. The visitors might be the most bitter after one of the most bonkers half hours of football this competition has ever seen. Leopold Garnett, the veteran Bollonischian opened the score with a thunderous shot and celebrated with a walking stick tossed from the crowd, a small reminder of what he thinks about every media outlet using the word veteran in front of his name. The Meteors were unphased and led out by the uncatchable Atsushi, the balance altered… To bounce back when Abdramiev was left all alone on a fairly innocent cross. A perfect moment for Vlad Strelyi to assert his dominance on the game. The Squornshelous midfielder won a free kick and sent it out of reach for a grappling Bakirov. After that, everyone appeared to be damn tired and the second half seemed to drag itself to the finish line: the Foals not willing to alter the score, Akademija incapable to do that. In the tailend, Rezhyl Sadykov put his head against a Havista corner, leaving everyone with the knowledge that they’ll need to do better to climb up the ranks.

Naftchi Dzhyltor      2–1        Dinamo Zhachek
(33’ Rakhimov)
(36’ Karimov)
(55’ Isaev)

Another week and another unconvincing appearance from the Vengeance. The champion got themselves in the lead when Attokur Rakhimov put an end to his goalless streak. With the national team, the towering forward had been finding the net left and right, but it took a miscommunication in the Naftchi defense to wipe the nil off the board in the domestic competition. Dzhyltor knew they were the better side, didn’t relent and within minutes, all could be started over. Dilmorud Karimov with a characteristic one for the Greasy Bunch: picking up a long ball from Mamazhanov, finding a running man in Musaev and then popping up on the second post for a strange knee-thigh contact into the net. As mediocre as that last touch was, as definitive was the dominance from Naftchi. After the match, the number of shots on goal read eleven to two, so it is a bit of a bummer that the decision had to fall from a wayward cross by Nurali Isaev: it had to be a pass to Huergas on the second post, but found some space between the first post and a stunned Richardson. A disappointment for the Euran goalie, who had been Dinamo’s sole reason for a point.

Rotor Bashketysh      0–1     Tefoil Cheviakham
(86’ Julian)

The Farmers are still struggling to find out what to do with the Maksat Omorov-shaped hole in their midfield and the leaders cleverly made use of that. Whilst Tefoil calmly leaned back, Bashketysh wasted a ton of energy in the middle of the pitch to get an opportunity from within the box. Whilst Joshua Rose has been one of the revelations so far, it became clear that he is best played in movement and not forced to await the leather near the goalmouth. Add to that a Makhmudov who was clearly marked down in the gameplan from Tefoil’s Ilkhom Tefirbek and it is like seeing a tractor run into a steel wall in slow-motion. The fans, usually loyal but still fairly miffed that the board took the money for Omorov, turned from disappointed to angered. In the final bits of the game Tefoil set up their best attack of the game, a fast counter via Yuldashev and Sarybaev which found Scott Julian one-on-one with Eshmatov. The Tikariotian showed nerves of steel and brought his team to a historic nine out of nine, making #TefoilTitle trending.

Birikken Ala-Turgan   1–0       Topbati Kartash
(65’ Shamshiev)

And it could go completely viral as the opposition keeps on dropping points. Dinamo has been mentioned above, but the true humiliation was for Topbati as they visited Borborduk Meniki. The notably windy stadium, having only the main stand on one side and the legendary cold visitors stand on the other one, lived up to its reputation. In circumstances which were barely worthy of a pub clash, let alone a professional football game, Topbati got the wind in the back in the opening half. In theory an advantage, but despite the abundance of footballing intelligence up front, the purple side could not get one past Ivan Kozovikov. The young Tjun-ian might not adhere to a conventional style, but his jumps bring in saves. After tea, things got worse for Kartash when Tair Shamshiev spotted Halikov far from his line. Despite still being in his own half, the midfielder tried his luck and, carried by the wind, left the national goalie with red cheeks. After that Kartash tried everything, even sending Moser to the front but it wasn’t to be. Birikken grab a legendary win, Topbati the national laughing stock.

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2021-22 Divizjon Uluttuk Basketball

Lakeside League - Capital Division

Rapid Kartash

The oldest of the basket clubs in Kyzhurkistan, Rapid has been built on decades of tradition and that shows. A game at the Palace is an assurance of a loyal crowd, technical basketball and a string of neat, little traditions. But in the last few years, this has not translated into a lot of silverware. Across the last three years, they invested in a new generation but this is yet to pay off in anything more than a decent mid table finish. Play-ins are an option, but will require an improvement in the paint.
Fairly short and scrawny for a professional baller, Nurgazy Minbaev must be one of the greatest entertainers from the league. Agile and with an excellent handling of the ball, 'Black Lightning' makes a sport out of turning his direct opponents into fools. It is a shame that, if we take the numbers at the end of the season, it brings in so little points. Because even outside of the Rapid fanbase, one can find plenty of admirers for Minbaev and his artistry.
Bookmakers have them over/under at 18.5 wins out of 36.

Kartash Tigers

Strength in depth is and always has been the main strength of the Tigers. Kings of the regular season, they can put on a second string which puts the others to shame. However, this coin tends to have a backside as well. Difficulty to keep the dressing room together have cost them dearly all too often. Last year, they did win it with flair and ease, but there is no way the rumbling volcano which is the Tigers can show that maturity again. This is the team the puritans love to hate, but they do give this league a lot of flavor.
Difficult to choose from Khamrakulov, Talipov and Abykeev but based on his impact in last year's play-offs, one should eventually pick Finals MVP Urmat Abykeev. Blessed with a great reach and a quick mind, Abykeev directs the play forward and possesses the skill to turn a simple play into an effective plan. At 27, he is truly in peak form and the elegance with which he turns the Tigers into winners deserves praise. Seen as a bit cold and distant by press and fans, he is up for an off-court challenge as well as an on-court one this season.
Bookmakers have them over/under at 25.5 wins out of 36.

Torpedo Buluchek

The ugly duckling from the Kartash-based teams, named after the borough Buluchek. It is a deplorable part of town, dominated by the chimneys of the automobile and steel industry. Their game plan is known for being high-risk, high-reward, with the distinction that Torpedo doesn't reward themselves too often. Even more than against the dominant fatcats from the Tigers, there is a high animosity against Rapid and their confrontations do not always make it till the last whistle. Will not make the play-ins but might annoy plenty of people along the way.
A veteran of many wars and the only player to have appeared for all three teams from the capital, Bakhtier Uzakov somehow can't do bad. Every inch a gentleman, there are many inches to go around with this tall forward. Uzakov is a bit of an anomaly in the team, playing slower and safer than his comrades, but his outstanding shot and signature celebratory nod drive the fans to the stadium.
Bookmakers have them over/under at 12.5 wins out of 36.

Lakeside League - Waterfront Division

Dzhyltor Diesel

Part of the same conglomerate as football club Naftchi, the Diesel have not yet managed to make such an impact as their brothers in arms. For years, they brought up the rear. Recently, Dzhyltor slowly moves up the ranks with a carefully planned youth programme and it shows. Eight of the twelve in the squad came from their own academy, a testimony to their good work. They still get outweighed by the top clubs but they are no longer an easy piece and can grab a few surprise wins.
Diesel holds the collective in high regard and big stars rarely last longer than a season. As such, the eye catcher is a promising, towering center Tologon Kuzobekov. Only twenty years old but just a few centimetres shy of seven feet, this freak of nature tops the list in this league. With his imposing body and amazing wingspan, the potential could be endless but Kuzobekov does not always do enough with this physical dominance. A bit more guts and fighting spirit under the ring and he could be a national star player in this Ligasy.
Bookmakers have them over/under at 14.5 wins out of 36.

Argen Lightning

It is only the third year of the Lightning in this competition and it is a continuous search for their own face. Argen is a fairly small town with a small touristic beach and pier. Some local contractors try to surf that wave to a minor speculation boom but it is doubtful that it will materialize. The same vibe hangs around the team. Since their foundation, they specialized in picking up guys that were a surplus in bigger teams in the hope they find a second wind, but usually we get confirmation why it was not enough for the top of the table.
As such, their main star is seated on the bench. Coach Beksultan Matiev counts 63 springs but is still as energetic and foul-mouthed as when he started three decades ago. No one doubts that he has a good sight on the sport and his attack patterns are among the best in the business. But his passion sometimes boils over into ranting against the referee and not every player can work with someone who can break you down for a detail. Still, Matiev is a household name in the league.
Bookmakers have them over/under at 13.5 wins out of 36.

Fonotik Utagan

In a very technical sense, a new name in the line-up as telecom operator Fonotik connects its name to the play-off semi-finalist of last year. Utagan is a satellite city of the capital, centered around the Technical university and built on the otherwise infertile marshes. As a franchise, Utagan made its name with smart acquisitions and a slow but dedicated growth of their starting five. When it comes to data analysis and training methodology, they are ahead of the competition, although not every experiment of theirs results in success.
On court, Utagan revolves around the partnership between Akmal Mamanov and Sherhod Sadyrov. Best of friends off and on the court, they possess the full skillset to ensure that Utagan is a side with a varied and difficult to defend playbook. Mamanov stands out as an exceptional shooter, challenging for the stat records whilst Sadyrov acts as a hard-working center. That the latter came out three years ago as the first high-profile gay sporter caused a shockwave in the conservative nation but in the university city, he feels at home.
Bookmakers have them over/under at 21.5 wins out of 36.

Highlands League - Mountain Division

Koshonchok Mountaineers

Currently leading with the bookies… To end last and that is no surprise. With Anarbek and Omurov, two of their best elements left or retired, and what came in their place is either past their prime or doubtful to ever reach one. Some see it as the faith of the Mountaineers who lack the budget for a consistent dominance but their 2011 Finals show that you can excel on a shoestring if the stars align. It will require, however, a better and more consistent management to do so or else they might end up in or near the bottom spots for years to come.
From the current selection, only Niyaz Temirbaev truly looks capable of an appearance in a top four team. With his wild beard and multicolour sweatband, he comes across slightly alternative and some see him as a stereotypical ayildiki, what roughly translates as hillbilly. But he is a reliable defender with excellent stamina and a good game mentality.
Bookmakers have them over/under at 10.5 wins out of 36.

Dinamo Zhachek

As it goes with every club from the Dinamo organisation, the basketball side is widely shunned by all opponents for their far-left roots and relation to the old regime. But in Zhachek, they can count on a strong allegiance and one of the best youth pyramids to ensure that they are an eternal contender for the top spots. They are known to field a lot of length and power, sometimes leading to a more static flavor of the game. From a spectator point of view, it doesn't add to their popularity but it did bring results so far.
With a nickname as 'The Katyusha of the People', it is easy to position Batyr Ergashev as a player. A powerful guy with a no-nonsense style and a lot of shots from distance, he won the hearts of the fans already on his debut with his outspoken interviews and passionate action. A decade later, Ergashev has not become refined or elegant but he is an assurance on points and someone that will go the extra mile to drag his Dinamo over the line.
Bookmakers have them over/under at 18.5 wins out of 36.

Ak-Ary Kevo

In theory, a town in a miniscule valley which can only be reached through one proper entry road should not have a club in the top tier and yet, here we are. And even better, in fourteen years, Ak-Ary has not yet finished bottom of the league. The club and their eccentric head coach Akim Israelov rarely make transfers, relying on the excellent atmosphere within the close-knit group and the seemingly bottomless vault of talent in the small village. They bring a very own brand of fast, full-motion basketball with a lot of position switches and acrobatic lay-ups but can be bullied physically.
Twenty-five but for already the centerpiece of the club for a small eternity, Makhamad Ibraimov could well be the most talented basketball player in the country. Apart from a very high IQ for the game, it is his versatility that makes him stand out. Few players top the ranks in steals, assists and scores, whilst also having some physical power. Only downside could be his reclusive personality which kept him at Kevo despite continuous offers elsewhere.
Bookmakers have them over/under at 20.5 wins out of 36.

Highlands League - Steppe Division

Bashketysh Axes

The toughest division of the nation starts off with one of the oldest clubs. The Axes hail from the agricultural hearth of the nation and although they have history to boot, it wasn't until five years ago that Bashketysh picked up their long overdue, inaugural title. That peak is a bit in the past, but they still are a strong mid-table formation with a large home following and a positive atmosphere. When it comes to the squad, they have a mercantile nature but the audience wants to see the sweat drip on the parquet from their recruits.
As such, Umid 'The hardest working man in the business' Kurbanov made his way into their hearts and is a constant factor in a quickly changing team. Off the court, his relationship with actress Gulbubu Rusalyeva made a fair bit of headlines but that should not put in the shadow that he is a capable, clever baller who lives up to the duties of a shooting guard. For the big pantheon, Kurbanov misses that bit of flair and brilliance, but he rarely misses a match.
Bookmakers have them over/under at 18.5 wins out of 36.

Oshat Wildebeests

Owner Tariel Kadyrkulov made no secret of the ambitions: the Wildebeests portray themselves as the challengers for the Tigers. And there is something to it. Last season should already have been the season for the takeover but injuries kept their star studded formation from finding a rhythm. With everybody on the court now, there is an abundance of talent and sufficient hunger to fulfill the sky high ambitions of Kadyrkulov. They play a lot of pick and roll, trying to wear the opposition with a lot of movement. A few players near their twilight years, so they’ll want it all and want it now.
Prime example from that is Askar Toktobaev, originally a centre but over the years converted into a power forward. With less physical worries on his mind, Toktobaev became the kind of player a whole team can rely on. He is not egotistic, but hits that good balance between ensuring the personal stats and distribution of the play. Despite flying nearly solo, the 32-year old made quite an impact last season so he should be back for more. Coined the Wildebeest cheer, which shows how good he does with the fans.
Bookmakers have them over/under at 22.5 wins out of 36.

YTU Tonkor

The franchise from the border city starts the season amidst rumors on cash flow problems and staff members on the brink of throwing the towel. Having their third title sponsor in as many seasons, no one truly managed to work out what business YTU is actually in and is doubtful whether the fairly small fanbase can keep Tonkor afloat on their own. But for all the difficulties they have off the court, there stands a starting five which has capable, experienced but not old and healthy players in each position. Due to some long-running contracts, they could not escape after last year but if YTU is about to tip over, they will be motivated to showcase themselves.
The finest acquisition of those could be the 26-year old guard Dhastan Bazarbaev, not just nominally the leader of this squad. Apart from his horrendous transfer selection (his previous two teams no longer play in the Divizjon and the current one seems on the same path), he is a fairly complete player with a very good shot. What makes him stand out is his energy in the game but that has a flipside as well: Bazarbaev rarely completes a game and is not the one to make the difference in money time. Luckily, he often already made it earlier in the game with some three point bombs.
Bookmakers have them over/under at 19.5 wins out of 36.
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2021-22 Divizjon Uluttuk Basketball
Regular Season

Divizjon Uluttuk            Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
1 Kartash Tigers 36 30 5 2937 2570 +367 61 S
2 Oshat Wildebeests 36 25 10 2911 2538 +373 51 S
3 Fonotik Utagan 36 23 12 2832 2617 +215 47 PI
4 Ak-Ary Kevo 36 22 14 2761 2636 +125 44 PI
5 YTU Tonkor 36 21 15 2782 2663 +119 42 PI
6 Dinamo Zhachek 36 20 15 2707 2694 +13 41 PI
7 Bashketysh Axes 36 18 18 2787 2744 +43 36
8 Rapid Kartash 36 17 19 2738 2688 +50 34
9 Dzhyltor Diesel 36 14 22 2645 2807 −162 28
10 Argen Lightning 36 10 26 2570 2837 −267 20
11 Koshonchuk Mountaineers 36 7 29 2513 2896 −383 14
12 Torpedo Buluchek 36 7 29 2481 2974 −495 14

Capital Divizjon

They were predicted to dominate but what the Kartash Tigers brought to the court during the regular season was truly exceptional. Powered on by their all-star duo Abykeev and Khamrakulov, they only slowed down in the last stretch of the regular season, when the pressure was off and the bench was making its minutes. The presence in the paint from Khamrakulov disallowed any opponent, save the Wildebeests in their arena, to win the rebound. This ensured that the Tigers kept up the pace and position themselves as clear favorites for the title. The only woe for the fan could be the status of Arzat Talipov. The powerful guard disappeared to the background, being forced to follow the Abykeev plays and has been vocal about his disagreement with this evolution. So far, he could be kept in check with minutes left and right, but can the Tigers afford this kind of behavior in the play-offs?
They are the only side from the capital and that is due to the difficult year for Rapid Kartash. After an abysmal start with two wins in their opening nine games, Rapid was left for a wild goose chase for the desired 0.500. In the business end, they looked on their way to reach it and as such grab the coveted post-season berth as third club of their league. But at home against Argen Lightning, they cracked under the pressure. It leaves Rapid with the desire to supplement Minbaev and Sepulov with a third star player, a quiet but efficient force who tips the balance of close games in their favor.
Not the year they were hoping for over at Torpedo Buluchek, with only seven victories all together and just two wins across the twelve intercapital games. As beloved as he is, this looked more like a farewell tour for Bakhtier Uzakov and it is time that Torpedo either thanks him for his excellent service and moves on, or turns him into a dangerous sixth man. Some rumors claim they have extended an offer to Arzat Talipov, handing him the keys of the team but it is an open question whether he would be willing to move from the top to the cellar of the table.

Waterfront Divizjon

A satisfactory regular season for Fonotik Utagan, who managed to build upon their development of the last few seasons. The partnership between Mamanov and Sadyrov paid off once more and second-year Mamat Aliev became the discovery of the year with his excellent drives to the basket. The season did get a minor blemish from the ‘shoe incident’ which saw Akmal Mamanov tied to the sin bin for eight games after kicking off his shoe into the face of a visiting fan. Whilst Mamanov claimed it to be an accident, it did harm the public image of Utagan as the league’s geeky nephew and it is an open question whether it will not influence the play-offs. On the court, they will be assured of their best line-up with Mamanov returning just in time and claiming that the rest did him more good than the suspension did him harm. To be seen, as they haven’t beaten the Tigers yet this year.
For Dzhyltor Diesel, this has been at first glance a downright uninteresting season with them performing as per the expectations, which were not very high. Nonetheless, the GM claims it was an instrumental year in their building programme and with the scalps of Oshat, Kevo and Utagan hanging by their belt, it got confirmed that there is potential for next season. The revelation of the season was not the often injured Kuzobekov, but the nimble guard Ibraimov who took it up a notch. Also worthy of note: the season from potential rookie of the year Kuban Sharipov.
Before the season, Argen Lightning mainly hoped to become a bit of a force but nothing could be further from the truth. Ten measly wins, usually against fellow trailers, and a lot of rotation on the court without a clear system or logic. Even Beksultan Matiev looked close to throwing the towel at times and has off the record claimed that without any acquisitions, this might have been his last year with the Lightning. They need power, they need scorers, in short, they need a fresh start next season with half the line-up ready for the exit and no one of note in their youth ranks.

Mountain Divizjon

Another excellent season for Israelov and his Ak-Ary Kevo. The league’s most recognisable club remarkably exceeded the expectations by doing what we have come to expect from them: relying on the speed of execution and the fact that the players find one another with their eyes closed to whirl across the court. Makhamad Ibraimov launched another MVP worthy season, now also making quite a stand with his three point shots. A succession of difficult away games made it look as if they were running out of steam in the second half of the year, but with four consecutive wins to put a bow around the year, they slipped into the desired fourth berth for the play-offs and picked up some confidence on the way. In the play-ins, they should be able to use that home advantage to place themselves among the final four again, but it will require an exceptional away record to advance further.
With twenty wins in the pocket, Dinamo Zhachek did what they could to secure a play-in ticket and the failure from Rapid Kartash allowed them to retrieve their well-deserved prize. What deserves praise is how coach Turdubaev managed to get the focus away from the bomber Ergashev, leading both to much more difficulty for opponents to control Dinamo and to more space and better stats for the ‘Katyusha of the People’ himself. Crucial elements in that evolution of Dinamo’s game were Amanov and Rysaliev, the latter becoming a hot prospect on the transfer market. That these are two guys who rose through the heralded Zhachek youth pyramid will undoubtedly add to the pride of the board who can see their formation take on the post-season without any pressure. On top of that, they won twice in the regular season against their opponent Fonotik, a mental advantage.
As was anticipated, Koshonchuk Mountaineers were the laughing stock of the Highlands League and boy, did they live up to those expectations. It must be said that they avoided last place due to the poor year for Torpedo, but otherwise there was little to celebrate for them. Far too often, Temirbaev had to act on an island. They desperately need someone who can put twenty points through the ring in a game. For that, some hope for Sarbek Nishmatov but the 19-year old still has a lot to learn before he can deploy his weapons every other week in this league.

Steppe Divizjon

It would be unfair to measure the regular season of Oshat Wildebeests against the overperforming Tigers but owner Kadyrkulov does call it over himself by taunting the champions from the capital time and time again. His loud declaration that they, and no one else, can take on Kartash turned a few heads but it is grounded in a certain truth. At times, the Wildebeests looked utterly dominant and they have won more games with twenty plus points than their nemesis. But in both direct confrontations with the Tigers, they lost by a few points. Lack of experience cannot be blamed with the Wildebeests, so the conclusion of some is that Toktobaev, Osmonkulov and Seydaliev simply ain’t got what it takes to win a title. It is a harsh conclusion, but the chip on their shoulder must have grown another size. The Wildebeests are already with their heads in the Final and that might turn out dangerous in the previous round.
In that previous round, they will take on Kevo or the surprising YTU Tonkor. Star player Dhastan Bazarbaev made a very clear statement on their season: “We are only here due to the force and the character of this group of players, nothing else.” As it stands, they are still three months behind in wage payments and the only reason why the Tonkor men haven’t yet thrown the towel is because that would diminish their value for a new employer. The latest rumor is that soft drink producer Elaba might take over the team, but the negotiations with the faceless YTU consortium are not going well. It would be a shame that this side would fall apart over the summer because despite off-court struggles, they played a consistent and reliable season. What makes Tonkor the dark horse for some is their capacity to worry any opposition, disregarding their status.
Compared to them, it has been a poor appearance for the Bashketysh Axes despite an even scoresheet. But a team that marks up eleven wins by the halfway point should be able to battle for the play-in spots until the final game and the Axes failed to do so. It did lead to some dismay among the fans, who missed a sense of teamwork among their players: there wasn’t a lack of individual determination but these Axes could use someone who takes the club by the hand and leads them to greener pastures. And wins, especially that.

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2021-22 Divizjon Uluttuk Basketball
Post Season

Play-in One
Fonotik Utagan 90–60 Dinamo Zhachek
Dinamo Zhachek 67–93 Fonotik Utagan

No surprises in the opener of the play-offs and one could even say, a disappointing lack of surprises. During the regular season, Dinamo had managed to let the danger come from various angles, forcing Utagan out of their regular defense game. But in the uninspiringly named Utagan Stadium powered by Fonotik, the squad from the university city blasted away early on with Akmal Mamanov getting into the double figures after only nine minutes. Once the twenty-point gap was on the board, both sides knew that the story would be written in Zhachek. Until it wasn’t. For the opening bit, Dinamo managed to keep up the pace but at a cost: Rysaliev quickly came at four faults and once they were forced to rotate, the fast-paced attacking we had grown accustomed to with Dinamo came to a standstill. In these circumstances, Sadyrov worked out the space to make it a perfect storm and took over with flair, leading into a second clear result: Fonotik in the league finals.

Play-in Two
Ak-Ary Kevo 87–71 Elaba Tonkor
Elaba Tonkor 67–66 Ak-Ary Kevo
Ak-Ary Kevo 75–83 Elaba Tonkor

You are not betrayed, YTU Tonkor could take on the play-ins with a new name. Just the evening before the opening leg, the soft drink corporation got themselves on board and it seems as if the original owners were happy to get rid of their club. Although, this happened with some bumps on the road, so the newly styled Elaba Tonkor had to play their debut match with the reserve kit from their hosts Ak-Ary. A rough start and Kevo, led out by the impeccable Ibraimov, looked on their way for triumph. But in the second leg, Tonkor got themselves organized. The result was a close, tense game with a lot of faults but eventually a winning score by Kydyraliev with three seconds on the clock did the trick. A third leg in Ak-Ary and one stand-out performer. Dhastan Bazarbaev not only made it a Cinderella story for the newly baptized Elaba Tonkor, but added that he intends to stay in the border town if the new owner whips up a long-term plan.

Lakeside League Final
Kartash Tigers 84–60 Fonotik Utagan
Fonotik Utagan 70–81 Kartash Tigers

If one team in the Lakeside League could make a fist against the Tigers, it would have to be Fonotik. However, it was not to be. Simply the gap in speed of execution became visible in the first game, although we must add that this was one of the, if not the, best performances of the Tigers all year long. The starting five, with Abykeev, Khamrakulov, Orunbaev, Sabirov and Myrzabekov between the lines, acted like one machine, disallowing Fonotik to develop any sort of rhythm: halfway it was 48-24 and that gap just remained on the board. Away from their home arena, the fluency from the Tigers took a minor hit but even a more than good Utagan eventually had to bow their heads for Kartash who qualified for the Finals without much effort. The only dissonant in the room must be Arzat Talipov, who announced at the least comfortable of times that he will look for greener pastures next year. His remark that he wanted to do it with an extra title on his wiki page was less spread in the press.

Highlands League Final
Oshat Wildebeests 68–76 Elaba Tonkor
Elaba Tonkor 66–67 Oshat Wildebeests
Oshat Wildebeests 91–75 Elaba Tonkor

If the Lakeside League lacked suspense, then the Highlands made up for that. Fired on by an impressive Bazarbaev, the visitors stunned the Wildebeests in the opening leg. Three quarters long, it seemed to steer to a tight but anticipated victory for the homeside but in the dying minutes, the outsiders went up and over. Half a game later, Oshat balanced at the edge of the elimination - 36-29. Owner Kadyrkulov walked on court before the final whistle but even without that strange yet somehow unpunished act, all knew that it would have been a hot mid-game speech. It moved into a nervous, close game with the pressure in the final minutes landing on the shoulders of youngster Erzin Karagulov. The guard downed his two free throws and with it, he saved the Wildebeests. In the final leg, a valiant Tonkor ran out of speed and succumbed to the more talented team, but this was not the preparation Oshat wanted for the decisive bouts.

National Final
Kartash Tigers 76–58 Oshat Wildebeests
Oshat Wildebeests 76–65 Kartash Tigers
Kartash Tigers 73–63 Oshat Wildebeests
Oshat Wildebeests 64–59 Kartash Tigers
Kartash Tigers 87–70 Oshat Wildebeests

Last year, the Tigers steamrolled through the post-season without a single loss and from the opening leg, one would have expected a repeat. It was a one-sided affair with a weak shot percentage from the Wildebeests, allowing Kartash to take the lead without digging deep. But who feared for more of the same in the next games was wrong. The Wildebeests came up with a way to neutralize the feared rebounds from Khamrakulov, sacrificing Toktobaev for some very physical duels under the ring. But it paid off, especially as Osmonkulov scored 29 points to draw the score. On to Kartash again, in a game dubbed ‘the one with the smoothie’. The Tigers got in trouble early on when Esenbek Sabirov slipped over a wet spot, presumably caused by a spilled banana smoothie. Despite the growing rift with the player, Arzat Talipov needed to step in and it was the dissident who saved the day, leading his club (at least for now) from a 23-29 lag to a ten-point victory.
The closest of all games must have been game four, with the Tigers stretching out one hand to the victory. Based on the plays then managed to run against a (too) enthusiast Oshat, they should have finished the series there and then but the three point shots were not good enough. It led to a good amount of criticism of Urmat Abykeev who was expected to stand up in those circumstances. And apparently, he took that personally. A few days later, in the final game of the season with all nerves on edge, Abykeev once more showed his value under pressure. The last game did not follow the pattern, in that Kartash Tigers simply outclassed the Wildebeests and grabbed the title. No doubt about their dominance and with all things added up, a record of 35-7 marks them deservedly as the strongest member of the Divizjon Uluttuk.

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2022 Premjer Ligasy Football
Week 4

Karayildiz Oshat      4–3       Topbati Kartash
(7’ Zhuraev)
(26’ Garnett)
(54’ Suleymanov)
(63’ Suleymanov)
(78’ Biktorika)
(81’ N. Ibraev)
(91’ Begaliev)

Spectacle at the Black Star Arena with a cartload of goals and unanticipated victor. Things seemed to go Topbati's way when star man Mirbek Zhuraev buried a free kick out of reach for Temerov and even when 'Big Leo' (as the new chant of the Foals goes) Garnett netted the equalizer against the course of play, there was nothing to worry about. But that possession-based dominance vaporized in the opening of the second half. Yusup Suleymanov found the best of times to open his account with a diving header and a cheeky little chip. Things turned worse for Kartash with Rusaev getting sent off for attacking his own teammate Nurimbetov and some strange decisions from the coach. Any hope from the Biktorika goal was immediately quenched when a corner was headed past an infuriated Halikov. The infuriated goalie inexplicably escaped a red card, but this loss will leave traces in the dressing room.

Tefoil Cheviakham     2–0   Birikken Ala-Turgan
(19’ Sarybaev)
(51’ Popov)

The train is on the rails and it keeps on rolling for Tefoil. It is difficult to define what makes it such smooth sailing for Cheviakham in the opening phase of this season, but they show a sort of tactical opportunism which reaps points. This got confirmed tonight when Sarybaev managed to score the very first opportunity on what seemed to be an offside counter. After that, Birikken seemed a little lost. There were some decent actions but none of it clicked and on the current high of confidence, this poses no issue for Tefoil. In the second half, Popov underlined why he should be more than an expansion player for the national team with a powerful header. His background, as a non-ethnic Kyzhurki, remains one that puts some people on edge. But any neutral observer would note that he is decently fast, strong on his feet yet very tidy in the execution of his tackles. The hairdo remains weird, granted.

Dinamo Zhachek        3–1      Rotor Bashketysh
(9’ Svoboda)
(24’ Rakhimov)
(40’ Dzhuraev)
(80’ Lazic)

A victory for the champions and more importantly, forty-five minutes during which they looked like a confident and composed eleven. It must be added that Rotor wasn't really putting a lot in their way to make them stumble. Still, Dinamo managed a cartload of swift combinations, clever thinking and balls in the box. If we have to pick a preferred goal, it might be Tikariotian Peter Svoboda opening his Kyzhurki account with a dry, but targeted shot in the bottom corner after an aesthetic series of passes. But the fans will probably pick the rocket from Attokur Rakhimov who seems to have awoken from his off-season slumber. The nations most lethal scorer (trademark pending) pierced the net from Eshmatov and leaves Bashketysh behind with three consecutive losses since the departure from Maksat Omorov.

Akademija Kartash     2–3      Naftchi Dzhyltor
(3’ Karimov)
(6’ Dyashev)
(38’ Huergas)
(44’ Isakov (OG))
(65’ Atsushi)

A blistering start to the game with Akademija eager to turn their enthusiasm into points but they did forget that the Greasy Bunch can count on a striker who might look sluggish but who knows when to appear in the right spot. A contentious goal, with a whiff of offside hanging on it, ensured that it felt like nothing more than a bump in the road and Dzhyltor struggled to contain the Meteors. But despite racking up chances left and right, converting remains a sore spot for the home team. Nurdibek, in particular, missed two open chances and as the idiom goes, if you don’t score your chances, the other party will. Huergas scored his second one of the season and a clumsy own goal closed the books on the scarlet and navy. Even if Atsushi pushes on his statistics, their deflation in the latter part of the game starts to become a pattern. Naftchi leaves the capital with more than deserved, but no one will care in a few days.

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Postby Kyzhurkistan » Fri Feb 18, 2022 5:48 am

2022 Premjer Ligasy Football
Week 5

Naftchi Dzhyltor      1–1      Karayildiz Oshat
(61’ Strelyi)
(86’ Musaev)

Every once and a while you witness a goal of which you feel it should be sufficient for three points right away and the bomb delivered by Vladimir Strelyi falls straight in that category. In a cagey confrontation, Dzhyltor nor Oshat had been able to produce quality so the majority of the viewers had probably opted for 'Kyzhurkistan Got Talent' by the time Nayedir Ibraev gave his meagre impression of a cross. Fortunately for the aging wingback, Strelyi stood some twenty-five meters from the goal but took it with a single swing to the back of the net. A thing of beauty and one that should have wrapped up the first away win for the Foals. Should have, could have but did not when everyone forgot Elmud Musaev on a corner. A point won for Naftchi who are alternating strong performances against top clubs against drap appearances as this one, it sounds like a recipe for another anonymous midtable season.

Rotor Bashketysh      3–1     Akademija Kartash
(48’ Rose)
(52’ Dyashev)
(79’ Iminov)
(94’ Rose)

It was not the best of musical performances in the Jani Traktor Stadium, but the “Country Rooooose, Bring Me Hoooome” rendition for the South Newlandian striker was heartfelt. He arrived at age thirty-three but any question on his fitness has been slammed shut right away. It must be said that an opponent such as Akademija, dedicated to scoring rather than preventing, suits the dynamic Joshua Rose who was a continuous menace. Diving into the open spaces, he opened the score. The finest goal, with a little dribble, twirl and whatnot, came from young gem Asan Dyashev but after that, it was all Rotor. Young reserve Semyon Kasimov is no Omorov at all, but he did reinforce the midfield on his starting debut, allowing Rotor to take over dominance in the business end. It got rewarded when Rose kept a cool head and found Iminov unmarked before wrapping up the game himself. Akademija remains one of the most entertaining sides, but they are dead last.

Birikken Ala-Turgan   0–0        Dinamo Zhachek

A position usually associated with Birikken, but the Miners have not only done their homework but keep on using their Borborduk Meniki as a death trap for the more infamous sides of the league. Dinamo, still swinging between the good and the bad, got a quintessential lesson in the Ala-Turgan tactical scheme: crowding out the midfield whilst utterly refusing to do something useful with the ball when in possession. It forced Zhachek to take risks and it is clear that the midfield trio is not yet at the cohesion to pull those off in style. If Temirbolot Sattarov, on top of all that, wastes the two best opportunities, you’re up for a long evening. One shot of his was inexplicably sent wide, another one artistically stopped by Kozovikov. His Euran counterpart was left to freeze most of the match, until he got pelted with lighters. A tactical move from the home fans who saw that at the eightieth minute, their boys needed a bit of rest. Unfortunately, it worked: the late surge from Zhachek didn’t materialize and Ala-Turgan held on to a dear point.

Topbati Kartash       2–0     Tefoil Cheviakham
(56’ Begaliev)
(89’ Umarov)

A clash between the leader, for whom everything seems to be a breeze, and the preseason favorite that looked shambolic lately. The infighting had left its marks on the Topbati line-up who took the field with five new names and with former key figures such as Rusaev, Nurimbetov and Osmanov not even on the bench. It did not immediately bring a lot of improvement, as Tefoil calmly kept the record champions at bay without creating much themselves. It could have been one of those scoreless draws that drive the marketing department mad but Begaliev saved both the game and Topbati with a clean goal out of nowhere. At 24, he's no youngster but could he now finally win his spot in the line-up? After the opener, Cheviakham was morally obliged to try something of their own but only Julian produced a shot on goal. Even after the 2-0, Tefoil manager Ilkhom Tefirbek looked at it from the bright side and for good reason: they’re still top of the league and will be for at least one more week.

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Postby Kyzhurkistan » Mon Feb 21, 2022 5:20 am

Announcement by the Olympic Committee of Kyzhurkistan
Qualification Criteria

In its inaugural Olympic Preparation Conference, the OCoK has decided on the list of sports for which representatives will be delegated to the Olympic qualifiers, as well as the qualification process for interested athletes for the XVI Winter Olympics.

A difference has been made for three separate types of qualification paths.
  • Qualification Berths. In events with this type of qualification path, a tournament or competition series will be installed by the responsible sports federation. Athletes vying to partake in the XVI Winter Olympics will need to compete in this tournament or qualification series. Based upon their performances there, entry tickets will be distributed with the intent to fill out the maximum number of participants allowed by the Olympic Council. The OCoK will confirm this distribution.
  • Selection Berths. In team events, the decision on the individual athletes who will make up this team and represent our nation will be taken by a selection committee. The OCoK will confirm this selection.
  • Assigned Berths. In events with this type of qualification path, no tournament or competition series will be installed by the responsible sports federation. Athletes vying to partake in the XVI Winter Olympics will need to contact their federation, which can but must not select the representatives. Only a single participant per event can be put forward to the OCoK, who will decide on the validity of this selection.

Qualification Berths


Qualification will happen through the National Trophy. This tournament series consists of eleven events: three weekends which combine a sprint and a pursuit race, two mass start events and three individual events. Participation is limited to a selection of forty athletes per gender based on previous performances.

The winner of each individual race will receive an entry ticket to the Olympic qualifiers. Additionally available tickets will be distributed to the highest ranked athletes across multiple events, with the following notes.
  • If there are more than four winners in the sprint and pursuit events, the entry tickets will be distributed to the highest-ranked four in the overall classification of the National Trophy.
  • For the Mass Start and the Individual events, additional tickets apart from event winners will go to athletes in the top-three of the combined results of this specific event. Subsequently, it will go to athletes in the top-four of the National Trophy.
  • Overall, no more than eight different individual athletes per gender can be sent to the Olympics.

Cross Country Skiing

Qualification will happen through the Kyzhurki Cross Country Cup (KC³). This tournament series consists of twelve events: five freestyle events, three classical races and four individual sprint events. Participation is limited to a selection of forty athletes per gender based on previous performances.

For each particular event, a single classification will be set up. The top three of those classifications win an entry ticket to the Olympic qualifiers in their event.

Across all events, an overall classification will be set up as well. The top three of this classification wins an entry ticket for the skiathlon.

Overall, no more than eight different athletes per gender can be sent to the Olympics.


Qualification will happen through the Shorttrack Kyzhurki Qualifiers. This qualification series consists of four events. Participation is limited to a selection of sixteen athletes per gender based on previous performances.

In these events, the athletes will compete across three rounds, for which points are handed out per round. An overall table will be made across all rounds of all events.

For each respective event, the top three of the classification will win an entry ticket.

Selection Berths


The Kyzhurki Bandy Federation (KBF) will compile a list of eighteen athletes per gender who will represent the nation in this demonstration event.


The United Biathlon Federation of Kyzhurkistan (UBFK) will select four athletes for the relay event. These must all be athletes who have qualified for the Olympic qualifiers through an individual event.

Cross Country Skiing

The Kyzhurkistan Skiing Organisation (KSO) will select four athletes for the relay event. These must all be athletes who have qualified for the Olympic qualifiers through an individual event.


The Association of Kyzhurki Skaters (AKS) will select four athletes for the relay event. At least two of those must all be athletes who have qualified for the Olympic qualifiers through an individual event.

Assigned Berths


Curling Kyzhurkistan (CK) has been granted the right to preselect up to three teams, one for each Olympic event.

Figure Skating

The National Federation for Figure Skating (NFFS) has been granted the right to preselect one participant for the men’s, women’s and pairs events. Participation to the team event will not be considered.

Speed Skating

The Association of Kyzhurki Skaters (AKS) has been granted the right to preselect one participant for each of the individual Olympic events, with a maximum of three different athletes per gender.

Alpine Skiing

The Kyzhurkistan Skiing Organisation (KSO) has been granted the right to preselect one participant for each of the individual Olympic events, with a maximum of three different athletes per gender.


The Snowboarding Federation of Kyzhurkistan (SFK) has been granted the right to preselect one participant for each of the individual Olympic events, with a maximum of three different athletes per gender.
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2022 Premjer Ligasy Football
Week 6

Karayildiz Oshat      0-0     Tefoil Cheviakham

Do we have to talk about this game? Can’t we go straight to… Oh. Ok, then. Well, Tefoil Cheviakham is still in the lead and they still play like a side who is scrounging points in order to stay afloat. But the Gloves deserve a bit of praise for the sturdiness of their back row which wins a fourth clean sheet in six games. Valeriy Popov had to battle for it, but he found his way into the heart of the audience, leading the back row both in words and actions. Another one knocking on the door of the national team is Berdibek Abduvaliev, a late bloomer with broad shoulders who combines a nasty tackle with a keen eye for when and who to tackle. Fairly frustrating game for the Foals who saw their main man Strelyi marked out and struggled to find alternative roads to Suleymanov and Garnett.

Dinamo Zhachek        3-6       Topbati Kartash
(14’ Biktorika)
(41’ Sattarov)
(55’ Kalbaev (OG))
(68’ Begaliev)
(73’ Sagynbaev)
(74’ Biktorika)
(84’ Rakhimov)
(90’ Moser)
(98’ Zhuraev)

For the fans sitting in their sofas, there is a major chance that the best ninety minutes of the season has just passed in front of their eyes. A spectacle with everything which you are looking for in entertainment: a series of goals, some of those beauties, cards, passion and a little skirmish which assures ourselves of twelve additional minutes. It started early on when Zarles Biktorika tried his luck from outside the box and painted it in the top corner. Dinamo Zhachek replied with pressure and a well-deserved equalizer but what they deliver after the brake was far less. The grit and heart which got them a title last year was there (not a given this season) but in terms of quality, this revitalized Topbati Kartash simply stood on a higher level. Kartash found opportunities left and right but Garrett Richardson avoided a drama with some solid saves. On top of that, there was Sagynbaev who kept his Zhachek in the race with a goal and an assist. Still, Kartash midfield Atabaev, Murataliev and Zhuraev dictated the law and when the latter painted a free kick on the head of Zoltan Moser, the game was theirs. Some Dinamo reserves decided to win it with fists, fired on by an audience with a deeply rooted hatred against the Topbati capitalists. But it didn’t help and Mirbek Zhuraev, the phlegmatic key man of the Sun Kings put the cherry on top with a goal and a cheeky celebration.

Akademija Kartash     1–1   Birikken Ala-Turgan
(64’ Atsushi)
(73’ Kudayberdiev)

We are a bit out of breath after that one but ok, the game between the bottom two delivered unfortunately what we could expect from this. Faced with an opponent who had little to no interest to play football, Akademija could not find the space to do their thing and that bit of precision which is missing in their line-up cost them. The result was a lot of frustration and only one shot on goal before half-time. It takes someone special to break such a deadlock and Hinodian Yoshifumi Atsushi is the right one for that kind of job. His fourth goal for the Meteors looked to bring Akademija that long overdue first win. Until Sadykov and Isakov started doing stupid things in the back, so Ala-Turgan could snag an undeserved point.

Naftchi Dzhyltor      1-0      Rotor Bashketysh
(9’ Karimov)

Pinpointing in which form the Greasy Bunch will walk out of the tunnel is difficult, but the team from the coastal petroleum city decided to show their best self in Darak Tilkesi in front of an enthused crowd. And when they do so, they look like a side that is ready to win a ticket for international football. Beybar Mamazhanov is a tall talent and has the potential to be the national number one in due time: his save on the shot from Rose was a beauty. It was one of the few attacks from the Farmers that made it this far, with a solid back four who got supported when needed by the tough Harlan Davis. Elmud Musaev and Pedro Huergas are not too tall, but still dominated the field like giants. And Dilmurod Karimov scored a goal which shows what he can do: pick up a long ball, deliver it to Huergas, run into space so Nurmatov gets room and then fumble it over the line.


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