World Bowl XLIII (43) ~ Everything Thread

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World Bowl XLIII (43) ~ Everything Thread

Postby Delaclava » Sat Dec 18, 2021 5:08 pm

The United Republic of Delaclava presents...
World Bowl XLIII

Welcome to the 43rd edition of the World Bowl! It has been a few editions since many of you were last here, and we’re excited for your return; if this is your first time, welcome! Here, in the fourth World Bowl hosted by the land of the Phoenixes, twenty-four teams will fight it out for twelve spots to come to southeastern Atlantian Oceania, for a chance to lift the trophy!

Pot 1
Ranoria (1)
Ko-oren (2)
Drawkland (3)
Banija (4)

Pot 2
Saint Kanye (5)
Abanhfleft (6)
Delaclava (10)
Allamunnic States (11)

Pot 3
Chromatika (12)
TJUN-ia (13)
Sarzonia (14)
Kohnhead (15)

Pot 4
Buffalostan (19)
HUElavia (20)
South Newlandia (21)
New Gesem (31)

Pot 5
Lisander (35)
Caliland (UR)
The Cordian Isles (UR)
Caleonia (UR)

Pot 6
United Adaikes (UR)
United States of Great America (UR)
Pius Desurongcrandis (UR)
StrayaRoos (UR)

Group A
Delaclava (10)
Pius Desurongcrandis (UR)
Buffalostan (19)
Kohnhead (15)
Drawkland (3)
Caliland (UR)

Group B
Sarzonia (14)
Abanhfleft (6)
Ranoria (1)
United Adaikes (UR)
HUElavia (20)
The Cordian Isles (UR)

Group C
United States of Great America (UR)
Caleonia (UR)
Saint Kanye (5)
New Gesem (31)
Banija (4)
TJUN-ia (13)

Group D
Allamunnic States (11)
StrayaRoos (UR)
South Newlandia (21)
Ko-oren (2)
Chromatika (12)
Lisander (35)

The teams entered into this tournament and included in the list above may now begin to post their rosters and roleplay posts. I will also post results in this thread as well as keep this original post updated with tournament details. If you have any questions or OOC notes, please either TG me or post in the Discussion thread linked above.

Keep reading for further details on this edition of the tournament!


Group Stage: Four groups of six, where every team will play each groupmate twice (once home, once away) for a total of ten games. Group standings will be sorted by Wins, H2H, H2H differential, overall differential, then:
- If teams are tied after that, the above procedure will be repeated considering regulation results only, i.e. a 24-21 OT win that was 21-21 at the end of regulation will be treated as a 21-21 draw. - If two teams are still tied and breaking the tie is necessary to determine a playoff spot, the two teams will rematch for a spot.
- If three or more teams are tied and breaking the tie is necessary to determine a playoff spot, a IC coin flip will determine the advancing teams (OOC: a scorinated single round-robin).
- If any number of teams are tied and breaking the tie is necessary only for seeding, an IC coin flip will be conducted in the same manner.
The top three teams will advance to the knockout stage, with the group winners advancing to the quarterfinals.

Knockout Stage: All matches in this stage take place in Delaclava. The knockout stage is single elimination. The group stage winners are seeded 1-4 and advance to the quarterfinals. The group stage runners-up are seeded 5-8, the third-placed teams 9-12, and those teams advance to the play-ins. The bracket will be-reseeded for the quarterfinals only, and both the Round of 12 and quarterfinals will be re-arranged so that no team will have a rematch in their first game. There will be no third-place playoff, with the semifinal losers jointly declared third place.

Tournament Schedule

Group Draw: Thursday, December 23

Tuesday 12/28 — Gameday 1: 1v6, 2v5, 3v4
Wednesday 12/29 — Gameday 2: 6v4, 5v3, 1v2
Thursday 12/30 — Gameday 3: 2v6, 3v1, 4v5
Friday 12/31 — Gameday 4: 6v5, 1v4, 2v3

Saturday 1/1/22 — OFF

Sunday 1/2 — Gameday 5: 3v6, 4v2, 5v1
Monday 1/3 — Gameday 6: 6v1, 5v2, 4v3
Tuesday 1/4 — Gameday 7: 4v6, 3v5, 2v1

Wednesday 1/5 — OFF

Thursday 1/6 — Gameday 8: 6v2, 1v3, 5v4
Friday 1/7 — Gameday 9: 5v6, 4v1, 3v2
Saturday 1/8 — Gameday 10: 6v3, 2v4, 1v5

Sunday 1/9 — OFF

Knockout scorinations will take place every 48 hours:
Monday 1/10 — Round of 12
Wednesday 1/12 — Quarterfinals
Friday 1/14 — Semifinals
Sunday 1/16 — World Bowl XLIII Championship


xkoranate 0.3.3, post-WB31 formula, IFAF overtime, xkoranate-style (additive) style modifiers. Home advantage will be applied for the group stage, but not the knockout stage.

RP cutoff will be at 8pm US Eastern time (0100 UTC). (Note: This means that any given match will take place in the morning of the day after in UTC time. Gameday 1 will be June 29 in North America, but June 30 in UTC time.)
Addendum: Gamedays 7, 8, 9, and 10 will cutoff at 12am-1am US Eastern time (0500-0600), 4-5 hours later. In other words, they will technically be the next calendar day, but it will be the same day for those of you still awake at that time.

Roster/Roleplay Notes

NO ROSTER PENALTY: Teams will not be given their ranking points in scorination until they have posted a roster. Teams will be given ample time to post their roster before the tournament starts, and will be TGed when the IC thread opens and again 24 hours before the first scorination.

There is no “minimum” standard of what satisfies the above condition; however, the intent of the roster is to allow your opponents to more effectively RP their games against you, so your roster should be a genuine effort to facilitate that – likely, at least a list of key players and their positions.

Your roster may include a style modifier between and including -5 (most defensive) to +5 (most offensive). You may change this one time by telegram only.

It is recommended that you post the following list of RP permissions in your roster, along with a choice of "Yes" or "No" (or a more specific explanation if you'd like) for each item. This will allow you to cooperate with your opponents and fellow competitors when either you or your opponent RPs is the first to RP about your given match. Please respect the listed permissions of your competitors, as well as their roleplay itself if they have completed their RP before you. If you have any concerns regarding this, please contact me via TG or the Discussion thread.

Code: Select all
[u]RP Permissions[/u]
[b]Choose my scorers:[/b]
[b]Godmod scoring events:[/b]
[b]RP injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod Injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Suspend my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod suspension events[/b]:
[b]Godmod other events[/b]:

Additionally, please do not reserve a post for a roster/roleplay and edit it later. This will make it harder to track when an RP has been completed so it can be graded. Any necessary adjustments throughout the tournament, i.e. for injuries, substitutions, roster changes, etc.

You may begin rostering and roleplaying – best of luck to you all!
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Champions of World Team Tennis Championship 2 and 3, World Cup of Masters III, Atlantian Oceania Bowl 5
2nd: World Bowl 11, International Basketball Championship 31, World Junior Hockey Championships 16 and 17, AO Hockey Championship 7, AO Basketball Championship 5, World Lacrosse Championship 16, AO Baseball Series 3
3rd: World Bowl 41, 42, 43, and 44; International Basketball Championship 35, World Cup of Hockey 16, AO Basketball Championship 6 and 7, Di Bradini Cup 15
4th: Baptism of Fire 34

Hosts of World Cup 55, Cup of Harmony 44 and 46, Baptism of Fire 72; World Bowl 11, 15, 39, and 43; IBC 7 and 31; AOCAF 31; WJHC 16; etc.
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Postby Delaclava » Sat Dec 18, 2021 5:08 pm

World Bowl 43 Guide to Delaclava


Welcome to the United Republic of Delaclava! We are a large, diverse nation located in southeast Atlantian Oceania, and we pride ourselves on education and scientific development, culture and music, a well-developed public transportation system, and active lifestyles with an emphasis on recreation and sport. Internationally, we are particularly notable for our book publishing and basket weaving industries; advanced education and research; high quality of living due to low tax rates, greater than average disposable income, and strong community and family structures; and vibrant music and nightlife from the larger cities to the smaller niches. In the sports world, one of Delaclava's greatest claims to fame is the National Athletic Complex, situated in Catherina, the former national capital and to this day an entertainment hotspot. The Complex has hosted a portion of every major championship that Delaclava has organized, across multiple sports.

The playoffs will showcase a diverse group of locales around the vast geography - old cities to the south now distinguished as artistic and historical hubs; sparkling new metropoleis on the west coast noted for industry and commerce; and a variety of islands off the mainland, each with a different culture on offer. With the advanced public transportation systems available - monorails on the mainland and mass-transit speed boats to the islands - you should have plenty of time to explore not only the cities described below, but any other cities you see on the map (or aren't on the map yet!). Feel free to ask your tour guide (TG Delaclava) if you have any questions!

Map of Delaclava
Does not show region of Valhalla, certain minor islands, and other overseas/exclave islands.



This large, sparkling, opulent, real-life “city on a hill” could not be a more perfect national capital, both in physical geography and design. It is located in the center of the large Atlantian Oceanian mainland, on a massive and sprawling plateau adjacent to the Alexandria Mountains and surrounded by the “Three Rivers” - Alexandria, Ulysses, and Odysseus. In pre-isolation Delaclava, the city continued to grow and develop its infrastructure and culture, shaped by global exchange, and in its own right was representative of Delaclav culture and society to the rest of the world. During social and government reforms that took place in the isolation era, the people sought to perhaps find a new location as the Delaclav capital - but a better-suited locale simply did not exist. Thus, Catherina proudly remains the capital, outfitted with new ideals but retaining its usual splendor.

The Catherina games will be played at 110,000-seat Royster Field - named after Max Royster, the winning Delaclav coach of World Bowls XIII and XV. It was formerly named Golden Grass Field, which hosted the finals of World Bowls XI, XV - the Phoenixes’ second victory - and Baptism of Iron 4. As Royster Field, the venue hosted the World Bowl XXXIX final. It is located in the National Athletic Complex, unquestionably one of the most distinctive characteristics of the Delaclav capital. The Complex has been home to virtually ever single international competition that Delaclava has hosted. The United Republic has countless regions, cities, and venues to showcase to the rest of the world, but ultimately all roads lead to the DNAC. Enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of this metropolis, but don't lose sight of your quest for glory.


Manchester is to the modern United Republic what Catherina was to pre-isolation Delaclava: the largest and most populous city, the center of economic growth and technology, the heartbeat of mainstream culture, the flocking point for immigration, new beginnings, fresh ideas and innovations. Unlike the centrally located Catherina, Manchester is located on the east coast, occupying a sharply tapered peninsula penetrating the sea, pointing out towards Paripana and to the rest of the world. Fittingly for this competition, it also maintains an impressive sporting legacy - to name a few points, it is home to the St. James University Eagles, the most decorated athletic program of the past century; the new Pride of Manchester, the 110,000-seat stadium that recently opened and has hosted numerous World Cup qualification matches; and the Manchester Grass Court Championships, the most prestigious competition in the Delaclav national sport of tennis.

The Manchester games will be played at Eagles Stadium, a 75,000-seat gridiron-only stadium that is home to the St. James Eagles football team. The largest city in Delaclava is also a football-crazy city, and Eagles Stadium will be bursting at the seams on gameday, not to mention every nearby bar, restaurant, and house party. Soak it all in and give the fans a show.


This old and historic west coast city seems to defy many conventions of large cities, particularly those of Delaclava. It is unassuming, quaint, lush and green. It is a metropolitan area of 3 million people where everyone knows their neighbors; it is a productive yet workers-first economy; the people never put on airs yet regularly demonstrate the best of Delaclava. Yet the more recent west-coast explosion in Delaclava, including even larger cities such as Santa Lourdes, Valeina, Crystal Lake, and Salem, are a natural outgrowth of the Quinniville foundation - bigger, faster-paced, younger and more modern, yet still humble and smiling. Quinniville is also a significant gateway to the rest of Atlantian Oceania, and it is a city that gladly evolves as it takes in migrants and cultural imports, while remaining fixed in its core identity.

The Quinniville quarterfinal will be played at Sullivan Stadium, a 70,000-seat gridiron-only stadium that is home to the Quinniville Aces as well as the Quinniville Institute of Technology football team. The “town” of Quinniville is friendly and charming, but don't be lulled into a false sense of security by the time you take the field. Win or lose, you’ll enjoy your stay here - but whether you leave with regrets is up to you.


Athens is one of the hallmarks of what could be considered Old Delaclava, a seaside architectural marvel known for stone and marble houses and castles, well-preserved historical and government buildings, mountains and foothills, beaches and caves. The city of Athens has often enjoyed the privilege of hosting international sporting competitions due to its distinctive features, even as the population and economy sometimes dwindled. In recent times, it has enjoyed a certain revival thanks to the new influx of tourists, as well as an increase in concerts, golf courses, and tennis courts; Athens also serves as a gateway to Delaclava's major non-contiguous territories, Verceola and Firinsymnia. Competitors in Delaclava's three main sports - tennis, athletics, and cagefighting - as well as cycling have re-discovered Athens an an optimal headquarters for training, and in the basketball world, the emergence of BC Athens - the team of Djordje Zubić, Pekko Ranta, and Zachary Bates - has drawn renewed interest in the city.

The Athens quarterfinal will be played at Pediomachis, which seats 60,000. It not-famously hosted Delaclava's Round of 16 match in World Bowl XXXIX. (Delaclava lost.)

Orton City

Orton City has evolved as an industrial and manufacturing focal point, centrally located between the capital of Catherina, western port cities such as Santa Lourdes and Quinnville, and the rest of Atlantian Oceania to the north and west. Orton City civil and transportation engineers were also the driving force behind a separate, underground industrial transportation matrix. A largely working-class, no-frills city, the Orton City council and tourism board has made great strides to enhance the culture of the area, with a more robust downtown area, gaming and gambling outlets, and bringing to the city sports teams such as the gridiron Orton City Oilers. Orton City is relatively new to bringing in such an international presence, but it is one of the most financially stable and thriving cities in the nation, and has now the opportunity and willingness to take part in this international event.

The Orton City quarterfinal will be played at Lake Boston Field, which temporarily seats 70,000.

Santa Lourdes

The entertainment capital of Delaclava - and quite possibly, Atlantian Oceania - that, along with Manchester, is a true marker of modern Delaclava. It is one of the cities part of the western explosion in Delaclava, in closer proximity to the rest of Atlantian Oceania, and in its own right is the third-largest city in the nation. For major film and music events, Santa Lourdes arguably contains more people at that moment than any other city. Apart from Baptism of Fire 72, Santa Lourdes has strugled to make any headway in hosting the international sporting competitions, but gets a chance to take part here. If the Surge and Stars can contain themselves in one of the clubbing and partying hotspots of the region and put on a show, the city will very likely be seeing more and more tourists flocking for the athletics.

The Santa Lourdes play-in will be played at MountainEsc Stadium, which temporarily seats 55,000.


Valhalla is the largest city in the province of the same name, one of four provinces on the mega-island also of the same name. As such, it is perhaps a more conventional metropolis, yet defined by the same cultural morals of compassion, loyalty, self-reliance and accountability, and wisdom. Additionally, it is widely regarded as the greenest major city in Delaclava, as is necessary to support a robust economy - centered around mining, fishing, hydropower and solar power, engineering, and technology - in the tundra region. Valhalla also serves as a economic and transportation hub between the Delaclava mainland and many parts of the world, including northern Atlantian Oceania.

The Valhalla play-in will be held at White Wilderness, which seats 65,000. It opened two years ago and the Abanhfleft-Drawkland game will be the first international contest hosted in the venue.


Corcorran was the first city of Delaclava - in fact, it still carries the "First City" moniker - as well as the country's first capital, and as Delaclava first grew its international presence, Corcorran was one of the most frequented Delaclav cities by tourists. Although still for many decades the second-most populous city after the founding and development of Catherina, Corcorran became somewhat of a big "ghost town" as citizens realised there were many other places in the nation to live. The isolation era of Delaclava facilitated somewhat of a revival for the First City, which first found its footing as a historical city notable for its distinctive stucco and brick architecture, to a once-again booming research city and tourist attraction. In recent times, it has also formed somewhat of a "supermetropolitan area" with the Olde Trapezoid that also includes Christiana, Cleopatrana, and Beliri, each a former major city that has come back as a cultural and economic centerpiece of south Delaclava.

In all the ebbs and flows, Corcorran has remained a centerpiece of Delaclav sports history, routinely hosting key home matches as well as international events, including part of the Final Group Stage of IBC 7 and IBC 31. The Corcorran play-in game will be played at New Catalon Bowl, which seats 50,000.


A unique city of a woodsy, huntin-and-fishin, plaid-wearing small-town culture, at a big population multiple squeezed into a more traditional urban downtown, surrounding by sprawling and gorgeous parks, rivers, farms, and nature reserves. It has grown in population due to an improvement in technology, transportation, and infrastructure, with a youth explosion that has eschewed the biggest cities in Delaclava yet still found plenty to see and do in this inland metropolis.

The Bosmond play-in will be held at the Bears' Den, which seats 65,000. The Bears' Den notably saw Ko-oren beat Main Nation Ministry in the Round of 16 in World Bowl XXXIX. Ko-oren would go on to win their third World Bowl title.
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Champions of World Team Tennis Championship 2 and 3, World Cup of Masters III, Atlantian Oceania Bowl 5
2nd: World Bowl 11, International Basketball Championship 31, World Junior Hockey Championships 16 and 17, AO Hockey Championship 7, AO Basketball Championship 5, World Lacrosse Championship 16, AO Baseball Series 3
3rd: World Bowl 41, 42, 43, and 44; International Basketball Championship 35, World Cup of Hockey 16, AO Basketball Championship 6 and 7, Di Bradini Cup 15
4th: Baptism of Fire 34

Hosts of World Cup 55, Cup of Harmony 44 and 46, Baptism of Fire 72; World Bowl 11, 15, 39, and 43; IBC 7 and 31; AOCAF 31; WJHC 16; etc.
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Postby Ranoria » Sat Dec 18, 2021 6:35 pm

Choose my scorers:
Style Mod: +5

Choose My Scorers: Yes
RP Suspension Events: Contact me first, but a lot of these guys like to fight, so don't be shy!
RP Injuries To My Players: Contact me first if it's anything more severe than ending the game
Godmod Scoring Events: Contact me first, here or via discord
Godmod Other events: Contact me first, here or via discord
Special Note: Nothing regarding COVID, a pandemic, or anything of the sort will be acknowledged. There is no COVID in Ranoria, just like there is no war in Ba Sing Se!

Seriously though, don't be afraid to shoot me a ping if you've got an idea for anything in here!

The Ranorian National Gridiron Team; aka The Krauts
International Representatives of the Ranorian Football League

Ranorian Krauts Quick Facts
Head Coach Raul Nieler

Overall World Bowl Record: 72-25-1
Group Stage: 63-20-1
Knockout Stage: 9-5
Worst Finish: World Bowl XXXII: 3-5
Best Finish: World Bowl XLII: 7-1 (Champions)
Championships: World Bowl XLII

Stadium: Karmin-Falce Superdome
Capacity: 121,450
Location: Ranoria City

Head Coach: Raul Nieler, World Bowl XXXII - present

Offense: John Garrett, Johnny Farmer
Defense: Angelo Gordon, Ross Monarch

The Ranorian Krauts are Ranoria's prestigious national team, funded by the Ranorian Football League and filled with players participating in professional domestic play both at home and abroad. After a few years of scraping together funding, the Krauts have made enough of a splash on the world stage to merit a solid payday for most of their participating players and can fill out the roster nicely as a result.

Coming off a championship campaign tarnished only by a blowout loss against Tumbra's Misfits in the group stage, the expectation is the same as always: Win a championship. After ascending to the throne in the last World Bowl, Raul Nieler has certainly established himself as the long-term head coach of this organization. Between his contribution and a roster including several players who can claim to be among the best in the world at their position, the Krauts are certainly the favorites to win it all - again.

Stadium Info
The Karmin-Falce Superdome
Ranoria City, Ranoria


Capacity: 121,450

The Karmin-Falce Superdome is, unofficially, Ranoria's national stadium. With a whopping 121,450 person capacity of relatively luxurious seating at climate control, it is the crown jewel of the nation's sporting venues. A retractable dome allows for ideal conditions, be that for the fans or the home team, if visitors aren't used to a harsh winter.

The surrounding city is thriving with Quebecois-influenced nightlife, restaurants claiming to serve "Banijan" food, as well as other attractions in Ranoria's largest city. Visitors should keep in mind that while marijuana and alcohol are legal, tobacco and other recreational drugs are not. Not to worry, most offenses regarding such substances will result in nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

Overall - it's worth planning a weekend getaway rather than just a trip to the big game, but either way you'll leave satisfied!


Quarterback: John "Farmboy" Garrett
Number: 10
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 232
Age: 31

John Garrett, Indianapolis Hogs Quarterback

Two years removed from a World Bowl title and sporting three straight semifinal or better finishes domestically, John Garrett is arguably the best quarterback in the world. Garrett is a true playmaker at the quarterback position, capable of making every throw in the book from seemingly every angle available. He has a very strong - ifnot absolute top notch - arm as well, but his calling card is his knowledge of the defense and accuracy to take advantage of it. Garrett is an absolute film nut and has been known to know the opposing defense better than his coaching staff. Expect the two time MVP to be aggressive and rarely turn the ball over while being more than able to take advantage of a defense that shows him the same look twice. Complete knowledge of the play book, more than willing to check into any play that personnel allows or change any route he deems necessary.

If Garrett has any weakness, it's his injury history. Between back problems in college, three shoulder injuries between the two joints as a pro, and other problems, he has a hard time staying upright, and it can result in significantly higher turnover numbers from him, as seen in World Bowl 41 and domestically from 2024 to 2026. One could also point out that he has absolute faith in his tight end, Johnny Farmer, which could perhaps be taken advantage of. Though between the talent of and the chemistry between these two...we doubt it.

Halfback: Vice Jackson III
Number: 31
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 238
Age: 27
Jackson III was a beast for the Richardson University Governors, and he hasn't slowed down since. He's been the World Bowl starter since before he was drafted and has led the RFL in rushing thrice in his five year pro career, coming off an OPOY campaign most recently. His calling card - of course - is his size, but don't be deceived. He's quick enough to make cuts running routes and has soft hands, making him a true threat in the passing game who can be lethal in space.

Tends to wade through traffic when possible at the line of scrimmage and favors a nasty stiff arm once he gets into open space. High top speed but takes a minute to get there

Tight End: Johnny Farmer
Number: 82
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 255
Age: 31
Dietrich Dynamos Tight End Johnny Farmer practicing in the offseason

It's not a stretch to say that the Krauts are fielding the best tight end in the world. NSCF 17's Most Outstanding Player can do it all from the tight end position. Some of you may remember that in college, he was tasked with blocking Angelo Gordon, the consensus best defensive player in the RFL now, and he's continued that effort and savvy since. He may not stonewall a stud pass rusher, but he'll make their life miserable and give them hell. On a double team? He may as well be a sixth lineman, size aside.

Of course, that's not why he gets paid. Farmer is a weapon in the passing game. Farmer is an excellent route runner who by now has made most of his route tree appear identical through a few steps and can quickly create separation out of the break with his speed. If he can't do that, no problem, between standing at 6'5" and being able to jump out of the gym, he's got the jump ball covered and has strong hands to make sure to bring it down. Hell, if he's got the stamina he may just line up at edge rusher a few times on defense.

Overall, there is no true weakness to the 8 time first team all-pro's game. One player can't do it all, and there will always be teams that can slow down or even eliminate one guy, but don't expect John Garrett's teammate from middle school until present - who's now coming off back-to-back domestic championships - to be an easy one to bring down.

Wide Receiver 1: Khalil Hauptmann
Number: 10
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 220 lb
Age: 24
The prodigal son returns! Hauptmann played at Loyola-Istria in college and elected to stay in Banija to pursue a professional career there. Fortunately, he's lending his services to the World Bowl team, and on paper is the best wideout the team has ever fielded. The 6'5" freakshow should provide more than enough matchup issues on his own, and if teams leave him one-on-one to eliminate the aforementioned tight end. . . well, in his first year with the team, Ranoria won it all, if that tells you anything, so good luck there.

Wide Receiver 2: Jeremiah Fletcher
Number: 11
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 215
Age: 21
The #5 WR prospect in Ranoria came out of high school with an injury history, but led a successful career after signing with Ranoria State University, serving as a three year starter there as a prolific member of one of the nation's premier air raid squads. Luckily for him, he's currently employed by John Garrett's Indianapolis Hogs after being taken with the 2nd to last pick of the first round.

Wide Receiver 3: Calvin Hale
Number: 13
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215
Age: 27
Hale served as Richardson's #1 reciever for one season and has been a solid #2 in the pros. He moonlit as the Krauts #1 wideout in World Bowl 41, but knows as well as anyone that isn't his role. Hale is solid in most aspects of the game while having no truly standout traits. If other weapons are taken away he can take advantage of 1-on-1s but isn't capable of putting an offense on his back.

Left Tackle: Tyler Williams
Number: 65
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 320 lb
Age: 33
The old vet still has a good few seasons in him. Williams knows he's likely in the last of his prime years, and is hoping to help secure Ranoria's second World Bowl championship while his body is still cooperating. Nagging injuries limited him somewhat in domestic play, but the stalwart appears to be healthy coming into the World Bowl.

Left Guard: Dudley Igneous
Number: 78
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 320
Age: 31
Igneous has developed nicely throughout his World Bowl career. With a few domestic All-Star nods under his belt now, he's still a mauler in the run game before anything else, but his pass blocking has come a long way. Like Williams, he is getting older, and wants that ring while the getting is good.

Center: Philippe Maxine
Number: 72
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 330
Age: 30
Maxine's 4th World Bowl appearance. Maxine was, along with Morris Bron, one of a few big signings once the National Team started raking in dollars to pay more quality players across the board. Solid center who can call protections if necessary, though John Garrett, of course, handles those duties. Despite his size, footwork in the run game is perhaps a bit sub par. Relies on getting his hands on his man.

Right Guard: Morris Bron
Number: 63
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 330
Age: 30
Bron's much the same build as his counterpart, Igneous. A mauler in the run game with the size to fill that role, but his pass blocking leaves something to be desired. Significantly more athletic though than Igneous and more likely to be used as a pulling lineman.

Right Tackle: Vince Vermillion
Number: 70
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 330
Age: 26
Some may recognize him from his days at Cold Hill, Rhine's blindside protector for four seasons has transitioned nicely into the pros. Much more effective at taking on big power rushers than a speedster, although he's still adept enough to give the latter a hard time.


Left Defensive End: Angelo Gordon
Number: 43
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 255
Age: 30
Pittsburgh Ironmen Captain and Defensive End Angelo Gordon

One of the most dominant edge rushers in the world has certainly lost a step. Ranoria's playoff hero, who dominated in the postseason to help a struggling defense contribute to three blowouts in that span, broke his neck on a freak tackle in 2027 while trying to bring down Deondre Rhine. He's only recorded 7.5 sacks last season - 2028 - and while still vicious and high-motored, isn't the same player he was.

Right Defensive End: Zach Skinner
Number: 94
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 270
Age: 31
Gordon's running mate doesn't have quite the same resume - he's really come into his own late in his career, but he's got one domestic championship ring and a defensive player of the year award of his own. Full power rusher. He's capable of racking up sacks, but Skinner's almost inhuman strength makes him a brick wall in the run game. Expect a straight bull rush more often than not.

Nose Tackle: Spencer Crutchfield
Number: 91
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 325
Age: 26
A big time playmaker at Richardson University, Spencer Crutchfield has adopted more of a "plug the run" role in the pros, but he is still more than capable of flashing his old big play ability even at this level.

Defensive Tackle: Gudbrand Taurus
Number: 90
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 300
Age: 24
Gudbrand Taurus is freakishly strong, more so than his size would leave one to believe. A 2x All Star as a pro and 1x All-Ranorian in college, he's a big man who can generate pressure and cause losses in the run game.

Right Outside Linebacker: Sean Morgan-Horne
Number: 45
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225
Age: 25
After gracing Banijan fans with an illustrious college career, Sean Morgan-Horne is coming back home. He's become the centerpiece on defense for the Dietrich Dynamos, helping the team to back-to-back championship victories. His time with Northern Moravica's Cougars more than shored up any issues he had with tackling or discipline, and he's developed into one hell of a linebacker. Best coverage backer of this trio, but of course the the grizzled veteran leader of ths defense isn't moving off his spot quite yet.

Inside Linebacker: Ross Monarch
Number: 55
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 253
Age: 33

Dreadnaughts Linebacker Ross Monarch in a game during World Bowl 41

Longtime star at linebacker for the North Ashialand Dreadnaughts, Monarch is closing in on the RFL's all-time tackles record. He's a generational run defender who can read gaps and meet runners in the whole with as much of a punch as they can ask for, and an above average cover man with the awareness, experience, and film study to make changes before the snap to give his team an advantage.

Left Outside Linebacker: Johnson Ellis
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220
Age: 28
As always, Ellis will slot in at outside linebacker. A true coverage specialist, Ellis is a weak point in tackling. Not horribly so, but if he misses a few, no one will be surprised. Notably, he's not so great in man coverage as he is in zone, and after a hot start early in his career, he's not quite been as flashy in coverage.

Cornerback 1: Darnell Sleight
Number: 29
Height: 6'
Weight: 210
Age: 29
Coming off a torn ACL prior to World Bowl 41, Sleight is back. After coming into his own in World Bowl 39 as a true top dog at corner for the Krauts, he's struggled in the last two domestic seasons after a dominant run not so long ago in World Bowl 40 that saw him hold his assigned receivers to no catches for 6 straight games. If he looks like he did in the 2028 season, our secondary will be burnt as badly as it was last go-round. If he can look like his old self, we'll take a step forward on the back end.

Cornerback 2: Cameron Barborosa
Number: 23
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 210
Age: 30
[spoiler]Barborosa led the RFL in interceptions in 2024, but hasn't done much since, or prior. He has a total of 23 career picks and is often injured. Slow for a corner and a total ballhawk, but gets burnt more than anyone would care to admit. After a rough World Bowl 42, Barborosa will now mainly be covering WR2s, which could allow him more advantageous situations in which to go for interceptions. The floor for this corner room is low, yes, with an injured Sleight and gambling Barborosa, but if the former regains his old form and Barborosa consistently gets targetted on second progressions, we could see a duo that ranks among the best in the tournament.

Free Safety: Kenny Leinden
Number: 22
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 202
Age: 32
Leinden is an average safety who's participated in more than a few World Bowls now. Does his job and sticks to his zone, makes most of the tackles he should but rarely makes a spectacular play and that discipline to his assignment means he rarely takes chances. Moved to free safety to accomodate the signing of Judas Wolfson

Strong Safety: Judas Wolfson

Number: 40
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 215
Age: 28
With all the injuries to stars, bringing in Judas Wolfson was a huge move for this defense. 1x RFL and 1x NSCF defensive player of the year, Wolfson is a playmaker in every way possible. Play him in the box all season and he'll give you a hundred tackles. On the back end? Seven interceptions isn't out of the question. Absolutely adept blitzer. But god, give him room to lay the hammer down, and he'll level the biggest running backs and tight ends you'll ever find. Judas is an absolute enforcer and one of the best players in the RFL today, with 24 forced fumbles and 32 interceptions in his career.

Depth Chart Quick View

#       Name       Ht.     Wt.     Age
10 John Garrett 6-4 232 31
12 Jeremiah Quill 6-1 208 29
3 Baker Owens 5-11 225 35

#       Name         Ht.   Wt.   Age
29 Vice Jackson III 6-2 238 27
27 Emilio Annaise 6 215 28
26 Melvin Strong 6 225 30

#       Name          Ht.   Wt.   Age
17 Khalil Hauptmann 6-6 220 24
15 Jeremiah Fletcher 6-1 215 21
13 Calvin Hale 6-2 215 27
19 Javier Gilmore 5-9 170 29
12 Spencer Wilson 5-7 185 31

#       Name        Ht.   Wt.   Age
82 Johnny Farmer 6-5 255 31
87 Vasily Schmidt 6-7 270 24
88 Joey Giordano 6-5 255 31

#       Name        Ht.   Wt.   Age
65 Tyler Williams 6-6 320 33

#       Name         Ht.   Wt.  Age
78 Dudley Igneous 6-5 320 28
66 Zane Wilhelm 6-2 315 34

#       Name            Ht.   Wt.   Age
72 Philippe Maxine 6-3 335 28
68 Braxton Morrow 6-2 320 28

#       Name         Ht.   Wt.   Age
63 Morris Bron 6-6 330 27
71 Stone Silver 6-3 295 31

#       Name           Ht.   Wt.   Age
#70 Vince Vermillion 6-6 330 26

#       Name           Ht.   Wt.   Age
94 Zach Skinner 6-4 270 31
93 Douglas Starling 6-3 255 31

#       Name           Ht.   Wt.   Age
90 Gudbrand Taurus 6-4 300 22
91 Spencer Crutchfield 6-7 325 26
98 Kevin Gerhart 6-5 315 31
91 Kyle Smith 6-5 335 28

#       Name           Ht.   Wt.   Age
44 Angelo Gordon 6-4 255 30
96 William Teller 6-3 280 32

#       Name           Ht.   Wt.   Age
45 Sean Morgan-Horne 6-2 225 25
57 Johnson Ellis 6-2 220 28
51 Antonio Mormon 6-3 245 32

#       Name           Ht.   Wt.   Age
55 Ross Monarch 6-3 251 33
57 Terry Clement 6-2 245 31

#       Name           Ht.    Wt.   Age
21 Darnell Sleight 6 210 29
23 Cameron Barborosa 6-3 210 30
24 Takki Philipps 6 195 29
20 Pierre Strobe 5-9 185 31

#       Name           Ht.   Wt.   Age
40 Judas Wolfson 6-1 215 28
22 Kenny Leinden 5-11 205 32
43 Harry Bean 6-2 215 28

#       Name           Ht.   Wt.   Age
5 Barry Chlorid 6-1. 190. 29

#       Name        Ht.   Wt.   Age
6 Ozzie Tanman 6-1 180 31

#       Name          Ht.   Wt.   Age
19 Javier Gilmore 5-9 170 29
43 Harry Bean 6-2 215 28
15 Jeremiah Fletcher 6-1 215 21

#       Name          Ht.   Wt.   Age
19 Javier Gilmore 5-9 170 29
15 Jeremiah Fletcher 6-1 215 21
43 Harry Bean 6-2 215 28
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Postby Saint Kanye » Sat Dec 18, 2021 8:25 pm

The KGB (Kanyean Gridiron Board) proudly presents St. Kanye's roster for World Bowl XLIII. The Surge, now ranked fifth in the world. continue their quest to reach the heights of gridiron glory, getting their furthest so far in the previous World Bowl as they finished runner-up to the powerhouse Ranoria Krauts.


Full nation name: The Glorious Free Republic of Saint Kanye
Short nation name: St. Kanye
Trigramme: STK
Demonym: Kanyean (formal), Yeezie (informal)
Nickname: Surge
Colors: Purple, lime, black
World Rank: #5
Rivals: Ko-oren Dragonflies (all-time record: 2-2; 2-3 incl. playoffs)


Home (primary = purple pants, alternate = black pants)

Away (primary = purple pants, alternate = white pants)


All players and staff are male, starters in bold, standout players with asterisk (*).

HC: Jeff Delphine
OC: Dan Shelby
DC: Kevin Macintyre
ST: Ken Kirby

Delphine, head coach and master motivator, runs the show, together with his trio of genius strategists in Shelby, Macintyre, and Kirby (offense, defense and special teams, respectively). The Surge is a pass-heavy, blitz-happy team, meaning that they want to get things done on the air and force their opponents to do so as well. However, they still work hard to make sure that they don't do badly on the things they focus less on.


QB: #8 R.J. Linetti* / #7 Harry Santos / #9 Malcolm Payne

Linetti remains as the Surge's starting QB and offensive captain. He's a dual threat, being both an accurate thrower as well as a speedy scrambler. With backup Landon Klein hanging it up after four World Bowls, one Arena Bowl and one AO Bowl, Santos, who has just as much of a cannon arm as him, moves up to second in the rotation, while new addition Payne takes his spot as the third stringer.

RB: #34 Noah Sherman* / #20 Gregory Silk

Aside from Linetti, St. Kanye's ground attack lies mostly in the hands (or rather, legs) of Sherman, a World Bowl XLI Team of the Tournament member and a powerful back who doesn't think twice before bulldozing his opponents on the way to the endzone. Silk is the new third down and speed back, replacing the retired Randall Cole.

FB: #32 Marco Jackson / #33 Nico Jackson

The pass-catching Jackson brothers remain on fullback duty. Marco, the younger, is the starter while Nico recovers from a shoulder injury.

WR: #12 Bruce Dobler* / #18 Patrick Moore / #13 Taylor Johns / #16 Hunter Lane / #14 Chip Wong / #15 Isaak Clearwater*

The receiving corps is where the Surge truly shine. Primary WR Dobler has the best hands on the team, while in the slot, we have the fast and flashy Moore. Johns is used in three WR sets and as the kick return man. Then we have Lane and Wong, but though they're backups, they're still some of St. Kanye's best, otherwise they wouldn't be on the team. Clearwater, while listed as a wide receiver, doesn't catch any passes. He instead makes his name known as a gunner, hunting down the returner during kickoffs or punts.

TE: #80 Hussein Jeffers / #88 Greg Malloy / #81 Brayden Galazkiewicz

The starting tight end is the agile Jeffers. Malloy, his backup, is perhaps more known as the punt returner.

LT: #63 Burton Baxter / #62 Anthony Walsh
LG: #66 Derek Horton / #61 Robert Shannon
C: #69 Gordon Ferguson / #68 Michael Hicks
RG: #64 Clay Conrad / #65 Jahar Gray
RT: #60 Mitch Grant / #67 Theo Parker

No changes for the offensive line, who have been a big help in creating scoring opportunities for Linetti and company.


LE: #77 Simon Carver / #72 Liam Steele
RE: #78 Matt Dawson* / #71 Jason Sparks
NT: #99 Robby Edison / #75 Jon Patel / #74 Kevin Montrose / #76 Ken Miles

The three starting defensive linemen have been playing together since Arena Bowl VI, and they have gelled into a fearsome run-stopping unit. Left end Carver is fast and energetic for a big guy, nose tackle Edison is both an unstoppable force and an immovable object, and Dawson is a total sack master.

LOLB: #52 Jasper Heath / #51 Zach Price
MLB: #56 Justin Varley* / #58 Alvin Faris / #93 Thad Vinter
ROLB: #53 Hansel Jones / #55 Shawn Solomon

Gotten past the Surge's front three? Well, your troubles are not yet over - Heath, Jones and newcomer Vinter (filling in for the injured Alvin Faris) are all fast, smart and hard-hitting. But the true standout of this group is Varley, the newly appointed defensive captain - he can tackle, sack, force fumbles and incompletions, and intercept, among others.

CB: #22 Aidan O'Connor / #21 Mason Schwartz / #28 Bernard Van Pelt / #27 Phil Wade

O'Connor, another Team of the Tournament member, starts at cornerback opposite Schwartz, with Van Pelt being used in the nickel package. The three of them are good at covering opposing receivers, but even more so at getting picks.

FS: #40 Gary Bradman* / #42 Raheem Kerrigan
SS: #45 Oliver Law / #39 Axel Bartlett

Free safety Bradman was the defensive specialist in the Arena Bowl team; he has a great knack for reading and disrupting the other team's offensive strategies. Opposite him in the strong safety position is Law, the best tackler among the secondary.


K: #1 James Rasputin*
P: #10 Chris Florence
LS: #50 Ruben Elroy

Rasputin is a deadly combination of distance and accuracy and is almost always guaranteed three (or one) points whenever he steps onto the field. Rasputin's performance in the previous tournaments has gotten many people mentioning his name in discussions about who the best active kicker in the World Bowl would be. The Yeezies rely on punting less than other teams do. but that doesn't mean Florence has lost his importance. He does the kickoffs, and he does it well. Elroy is an excellent long snapper who has been with the team for several cycles now.


3DRB: #20 Gregory Silk
KR: #13 Taylor Johns
PR: #88 Greg Malloy
KOS: #10 Chris Florence
Holder: #7 Harry Santos
Gunner1: #39 Axel Bartlett
Gunner2: #15 Isaak Clearwater
Off. Captain: #8 R.J. Linetti
Def. Captain: #56 Justin Varley
ST Captain: #15 Isaak Clearwater


Offense: I Form, ~70% Pass, ~30% Run
Defense: 3-4, Blitz Happy
Special Teams: Always go for it on 4th and less than 5 and on opponent's side of field.


Pencurve Electronics Field, Kardashia, St. Kanye (seating capacity 69,420)



Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yeah
RP injuries to my players: Nah
Godmod Injuries to my players: Nope
Suspend my players: No way
Godmod suspension events: Nein
Godmod other events: It depends. Coronavirus or pandemic-related RPs are NOT ALLOWED. THERE IS NO VIRUS OR PANDEMIC, OR ANY WAY OF HAVING ONE, IN OUR COUNTRY. TG otherwise, or if you are on the NS Motorsports or Atlantian Oceania Discord server, contact me there.
Use real images for my players: Sure, as long as you don't use the Vikings. I HATE THE VIKINGS.
Style Mod: +π/2 (or simply +1.57)
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StrayaRoos World Bowl Squad

Postby StrayaRoos » Sun Dec 19, 2021 12:14 am



01:Peter Wear
12:Aaron Brady(QB)
03:Matthew Rali
04:Adam Fuy
05:Kai Pout
06:Yao Cinj
08:Nakom Jiua
09:Hamish Jut
10:Peral Poiu
11:Adam Jiku
14:Trey Koil

20:Raymond Kink-Poui
21:Yugi Poui
23:Lincoln Kuty
24:Ty Tye
25:Kye Fay
26:Ian Kim
28:Rajiv Kohli
30:Kai Uyl

Jay Pui
Jaden Yut
Kai Hako:Menai Arrows
Evan Mia:Menai Arrows

Venues:Estadio La Menai/Jol Stadium @ Menai,Menai (90,187) hosts home games 1,2,4,5 (Surface: Synthetic Grass)
The Home Of The Menai Arrows Gridiron in the SGL and The New Home Of Real Menai CF in The SPL in Soccer,built on the Site of The Furnace (Officially LOAL Stadium @ Menai Sportspark) which was Destroyed in an 2007 Fire and Was only Rebuilt 5 years ago after the SGL Expanded into Menai with The Arrows who won 2 out of 3 Previous STR Bowls
Nelson Road,Richmond (23,125) Hosts Home Game 3 (Surface:Natural Grass)
the Primary Stadium in Richmond And the only oneHosts:Baseball,Football,Gridiron,Cricket,Rugby,Aussie Rules,Lacrosse and More :is famous for having an New Pitch installed every Day and Has had at Least 35 Tenants in 10 Years since the Renovation and will see StrayaRoos Make Their Football World Cup Home Debut Next Year and is the only Roosian Stadium to Have more than 10 Active Tenants (National Baseball,Cricket,Soccer,Gridiron Teams and the Richmond Greyhounds Several teams with the Roosters Gridiron Team in The SAGL)

RP Permissions
I don't care what you do but: No injuring them Worse then Concussion
Call us the Koalas (Fan nickname because of our Soft play)or The Taipans (Official Nickname)
Note:Most players play for the Panem University Phoenix in the NSCF Except 2 Menai Arrows Gridiron Players
Note 2;My 200th Post!!!
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Postby Sarzonia » Sun Dec 19, 2021 12:33 pm

Sarzonia Stars

If my opponent RP's our game first, they may:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes. I'll determine severity.
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod "other" events: No*
*Send me a TG or find me on Discord.

Head Coach: Gavin Davis, 39
Yes, THAT Gavin Davis. Becomes the coach with the sudden firing of Les Steckhall and Khrys Taylor's decision to not become the head coach. Davis will call offensive plays.
Quarterbacks Coach: Noah Hendry, 38
Steps in as quarterbacks coach with the sudden promotion of Gavin Davis to the head coaching position.
Running Backs Coach: Mike Pendry, 56
His Portland Pirates team led the Incorporated Gridball League in rushing, helping make up for an inexperienced quarterback.
Wide Receivers Coach: Mel Brady, 51
He serves in the same position on Woodstock's coaching staff, so he is used to the more wide open offence Gates wants in the nation's capital.
Tight Ends Coach: Marc Johnson, 40
He played on the last Stars team to suit up in a World Bowl. Currently in his first coaching role.
Offensive Line Coach: George Cowley, 40
Also played for the Stars in their previous World Bowl appearance, he has been the offensive line coach for a semipro team for three seasons.
Defensive Coordinator: Tyler Paige, 49
The younger brother of former Stars coach Arthur Paige, Tyler worked extensively with the line and with edge linebackers until his promotion to interim defensive coordinator.
Defensive Line Coach: Joyce Latimer, 37
Latimer was a coaching intern, then later assistant defensive line coach. She was elevated to interim defensive line coach upon Paige's promotion.
Linebackers Coach: Jerome London, 45
He was a coach on the field for the Stars as a player and will formally coach the linebacker corps now.
Secondary Coach: Kevin Leonard, 45
Another veteran of the last Stars team who takes on a coaching role.
Special Teams Coordinator: Dylan Massey, 52
Massey has tutored kickers and seems to specialise in turning them into walk off kick experts.

Offence: Balanced (-1.5 modifier)
Defensive style: Base 4-3
Two-point conversion modifier: LOGICAL
Home surface: Grass (Joe Gibbs Stadium, Woodstock - capacity 75,900)

QB: Cameron Stallworth (6-foot-3, 215 pounds), Woodstock
Stallworth is mobile and can make some plays with his legs. He also has a stronger arm than former starter Sam Rosen.
RB: Ty'Relle Clinton (Portland), 6-foot-2, 215 pounds, 24
He employs a bruising running style, but he can surprise defenders with speed and quickness when he gets out in space.
FB: Les Creighton (New Jeruselem Monks), 6-foot-1, 245 pounds
Creighton's a blocker who will occasionally get the ball in short yardage situations.
WR: Steve Swain (Corcorran Cruisers), 6-foot-3, 205 pounds
He's the guy you want to get the ball in crucial third down conversions.
WR: Matt Largent (Wilmington Roughnecks), 5-foot-11, 185 pounds
He's the speedster in the lineup and he's the deep threat.
TE: Al Langston, 6-foot-5, 265 pounds (Woodstock)
He started as a blocker until Week 7 last season when he caught eight passes for 76 yards and two touchdowns. Now he handles both roles.
LT: Matt Frost, 6-foot-4, 325 pounds (Woodstock), 29 years old
Frost protects Locklear's blind side in Woodstock and is expected to here.
LG: Nate Felton (Corcorran), 6-foot-2, 319 pounds, 31 years old
He was on the last Stars team and will be counted on for veteran presence as much as his blocking.
C: Rodney Tucker (Portland), 6-foot-2, 293 pounds, 33 years old
Tucker makes up for lack of size by technique and experience. He's the de facto captain of the line.
RG: Marty Vance (Nicksia Knights), 6-foot-5, 335 pounds
He was always nicknamed House when he was growing up, even after he was no longer THE biggest player on either team.
RT: Ike Dennehy (Truxtun Commodores), 6-foot-5, 355 pounds
Dennehy is used to protecting the blind side of a lefty quarterback, and he can throw terrifying blocks in the run game.

DE: Arlen Cunningham (Wilmington), 6-foot-3, 280 pounds
He's a pass rusher through and through. Paige is expected to sub him out for short yardage run situations.
DT: Al Cohen (Truxtun), 6-foot-3, 350 pounds
Steps in as a run-stopper with Colin Grassley being cut from the team.
DT: Pete Downey (Somerset Snakes), 6-foot-4, 360 pounds
He's another run-stopper who will be subbed for in pass rush situations.
DE: Clancy Wilson (Woodstock), 6-foot-3, 295 pounds
Another guy who can rush the passer. He can stay in on short yardage situations.
WLB: Artem Roshovski (Portland), 6-foot-2, 265 pounds
Pass rusher. Lives in the weight room. Often plays pass rushing defensive end on third and long.
MLB: Howard Dent (Woodstock), 6-foot-1, 255 pounds
He calls the signals for the defence. He knows how Paige thinks and what he wants.
SLB: Calvin Jacks (Wilmington), 6-foot-3, 270 pounds
Known more as a run-stuffer who can play end in a pinch, he logged a career-high five sacks last season.
CB: Will Donnelly (Portland), 6-foot, 200 pounds
He typically plays the opposing team's best receiver and is known as a shutdown corner.
CB: Quinn Bowles (Woodstock), 5-foot-11, 190 pounds
He's more of a speed guy than even Donnelly is, but isn't a sure tackler.
FS: Cliff Longoria (Corcorran), 6-foot-4, 240 pounds
Think the late Sean Taylor. That's how he plays.
Strong Safety: Zane Yates (Portland), 6-foot-2, 235 pounds
He's another terrifying hitter on a team full of terrifying hitters.

QB: Mike Barnett (Wilmington), 6-foot-3, 210 pounds.
Not the best arm, but he can execute a West Coast offence if necessary.
QB: Wendy Bartlett (no affiliation), 5-foot-11, 170 pounds
Has some mobility and a decent arm. Her lack of experience and size will keep her third string for now.
RB: Paul Edgerton (Woodstock), 5-foot-9, 195 pounds
He's a scatback who can catch passes out of the backfield when called upon.
FB: Wilson Marquez (Truxtun), 6-foot-3, 250 pounds
WR: Hayden Gregory (Portland Power, women's gridball team) 5-foot-7, 175 pounds, 23 years old
WR: Marquise Harris (Truxtun), 6-foot-4, 215 pounds
TE: Edison Burkett (Wilmington), 6-foot-1, 245 pounds
RB: Tom Bennett (Woodstock), 6-foot-3, 220 pounds
TE: Austin Vesey (Nicksia), 6-foot-4, 260 pounds
OT: Zeke Bradley (New Jeruselem), 6-foot-5, 340 pounds
OG: Yael Jeffries (Rypien) 6-foot-2, 317 pounds
OT/OG Spencer Henderson (Townshend Tornados), 6-foot-5, 330 pounds
C: Aaron Branson (Portland), 6-foot-4, 315 pounds
DT: Al Cohen (Truxtun), 6-foot-3, 350 pounds
DT/DE: Harvey Quace (New Jeruselem), 6-foot-3, 295 pounds
DE: Ryan Nichols (Portland), 6-foot-3, 290 pounds
DE/LB: Steve Fischer (Townshend), 6-foot-2, 280 pounds
LB: Troy Walton (Corcorran), 6-foot-1, 260 pounds
CB: Clancy Rollingford (Saugerties), 5-foot-11, 195 pounds
CB: Tyrriel Langston (Nicksia), 5-foot-9, 175 pounds
S: Chris Snell (Portland), 6-foot, 205 pounds

P: Evelyn Sutter (holds for extra points and field goal attempts. If there were a need for a fourth-string quarterback, she'd get the call.)
K: Matt Vargas
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Postby Sarzonia » Sun Dec 19, 2021 1:29 pm

Now that Gavin Davis has had an AO Bowl and a World Bowl under his belt as the Sarzonian national gridball team manager, he's beginning to put his stamp on the team. And boy, has he ever done that.

The starting quarterback for Sarzonia in the previous four World Bowls, Sam Rosen, is no longer with the team after the Stars went 2-3 during the Atlantian Oceania Bowl competition and failed to qualify for the knockout rounds. He's bein replaced by Woodstock signal caller Cameron Stallworth, who might be a bigger, stronger, faster version of Rosen, but also doesn't carry the same baggage Rosen did, according to Davis.

"I just felt we had a few issues from the previous World Bowl that needed to be addressed by our moving on from Sam," Davis said. "We appreciate the hard work and dedication he's shown this team during his tenure as starting quarterback, but we needed to turn the page." Rosen was not available for comment. Also gone are both former offensive coordinators Khrys Taylor and Clay Blankenship, both of whom Davis opted not to retain. He said he was still searching for a new offensive coordinator and play caller, but in the meantime, he would call the offensive plays after Blankenship did during AO Bowl.

"I was disappointed with how we played," Davis said of the team's performance, in particular a 33-30 defeat to a young Delaclava side that was not their typical World Bowl team. Blankenship opted for more of a pass-oriented offence whereas Davis preferred to lean heavily on running back Ty'Relle Clinton. That disagreement, and Sarzonia's failure to advance to the knockout rounds, led to Davis firing Blankenship.

With Davis now calling the offence, that means fans will likely see more of Clinton and reserve running back Paul Edgerton, who brings more speed and is more of a pass receiving threat coming out of the backfield. Clinton can also catch passes out of the backfield, but Davis said he wanted to use Edgerton's speed more, in particular on third down.

"Clinton's a weapon in the run game and he's a guy you can't sleep on in the passing game; plus, he's a good blocker," Davis said. "Edgerton's a guy who can be split wide if needed and he's a weapon in the passing game." As for third and short, Clinton will likely get a majority of carries, but both he and fullback Les Creighton could see the ball. Stallworth also is a threat to employ a quarterback sneak, and Davis said he would use more design rollouts with Stallworth.

"Both Stallworth and Rosen are mobile quarterbacks, and both have strong arms, but we can use more of the downfield passing game with Stallworth," Davis said. "He's significantly taller than Sam, so that will keep us from having as many balls knocked down at the line of scrimmage."

The Stars defensively will keep intact their same defence that played in Sarzonia's 3-0 loss to Ko-oren in the Round of Sixteen with one notable exception: Rosen will not be around to play defensive back, and cornerback Clancy Rollingford will stay away from the bottle.

"I learned my lesson, dawg," Rollingford said of his suspension for the Ko-oren match. "No way am I doing that shit again."
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SBC Sports 20/12/21 9:09pm Broadcast

Postby StrayaRoos » Sun Dec 19, 2021 11:38 pm

an look into StrayaRoos' Chances at the 43rd World Bowl

The Koalas, Ahem Taipans have an decent chance if They're not Heckled By their own fans with The F**k the Koalas and He throws to the Left,He throws to the Right, Those Damn Koalas throw a lot of Sh*te chants at Estadio De Menai and Nelson Road then we might win but in Delaclava anything could Happen here from an 100-0 Victory to an Drug DQ
СтраяРус ❤️ Україна
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Aussie Rules:6th
Test Cricket:28th
4th Place at ARWC5

94:26/29 23pts
95:26/27 26pts
96:26/34 56pts
98:27/31 24pts
99:28/38 71pts
100:45/51 42pts

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Postby Ko-oren » Mon Dec 20, 2021 4:11 am

World Bowl 43 - Ko-orenite National Team

Are we still a dynasty? Three titles in the last three odd tournaments suggests so, but at the same time, the results in the even tournaments suggest otherwise. That said, the Dragonflies are motivated to keep the odd streak going and bring home another World Bowl trophy. No offence intended. No seriously, no offence intended.

Coaching Staff
Stij Batterink (head coach)
Offence: Val Hardman (offensive coordinator), Simon Palmsterk (QB), Yv Garnier (RB), Teonnach yLawdmell (WR), Olivier Olander (OLine)
Defence: Luc Jauffret (defensive coordinator), Stewart Cropp (DLine), Tednawf yGastaff (LB), Listenau Jenurdherinden (DBacks)
Special Teams: Duncan Huckstep (ST coordinator)


On the whole, there's a slight uptick in passing over running, with a new QB situation and more WR talent. Expect fewer 'heavy' personnel (with two or even three backs, or two tight ends) and more standard passing personnel (3 receivers), but the threat of a trick play is always there. As always, the idea is to stretch out drives, avoid turnovers, run out the clock.

QB Zoruthau Kosmauthaunden (24) - Mayara Wolves, a exuberant, tiny pocket passer.
QB Aolif Arerira (34) - Aerellen Explosions, a surprising, compact dual threat.
QB Stanley Parkes (35) - Eaglebury Emperors, a ignorant, buff game planner.

The trio of quarterbacks represent three different ways of playing the game. While Kosmauthaunden will get the most starts across the group stage as a fairly static, risk-avoiding, accurate passer, there should be plenty of Arerira and his dual, if not triple threat plays. Arerira's style requires some athleticism which is harder to come by at his ripe age of 34, but it should still be good.

RB Garathen Jurethen (29) - Mayara Destroyers, a mischievous, nimble all-rounder.
RB Jurre Hinken (25) - Eaglebury Emperors, a communicative, plump trickster.
RB Sidney Paterson (27) - Noordrug Astronauts, a determined, towering speed back.
RB Alastair Thorebourne (27) - Greencaster Godspeed, a polite, athletic trickster.

No shortage of good running backs in Ko-oren. All four names are stars in the league (and if we had space for more RBs, there would be many more). Jurethen can (and will) block, come off the block, run a short route, and make the catch. Hinken is a little more unpredictable power back and can see action in trick plays. Paterson and Thorebourne are more regular speed and power backs, respectively.

FB Orukun Kurandinthen (28) - Aminey Caspians, a grumpy, stocky all-rounder.

The fullback is on its way out, but Kurandinthen respects the tradition. Fullbacks are often asked to do it all, including running and receiving. Imagine a tight end, but smaller.

TE Paul Antonsen (30) - Noordrug Astronauts, a callous, thin dynamo.
TE Kas Voorhorst (28) - Aerellen Explosions, a breezy, skinny all-rounder.
TE Chamchawdd yMaellceoff (24) - Willowbourne Saints, a stingy, ripped yac artist.

We might not see many X2 personnel like in the old days, but we have some talent. Antonsen can block all day, but more spectacular plays will come from Voorhorst (no blocking there) and yMaellceoff (makes any slant dangerous). Unfortunately, no real redzone threats here.

WR Chillarie Yowarie (22) - Aminey Caspians, a cunning, pacy deep threat.
WR Roe Fineman (27) - Greencaster Godspeed, a bossy, plump deep threat.

WR Egge Gasbeek (24) - Schemerdrecht Admirals, a extroverted, fast all-rounder.

Finally, some receiving talent in Ko-oren. It's still few and far between, but we have some true X-receivers. Yowarie is a dynamic and fast deep threat. Fineman takes a little longer to get there but runs routes and tracks passes like nobody else.

SR Giles Costigan (22) - Aminey Caspians, a exuberant, powerful dynamo.
SR Tim Porden (28) - Schemerdrecht 65ers, a courteous, pudgy rusher.

As for slot receivers, with Kosmauthaunden as a QB who throws much deeper than most Dragonfly QBs in the past, there will be less to do for them. Still, with Costigan we have someone who can catch in traffic and make the most out of deep routes. Porden occasionally rushes.

LT Ravel Brahe (24) - Aerellen Explosions, a independent, strong workhorse.
LT Llwgypen yNargwrwdd (27) - Mawryshire Centaurs, a defensive, instinctive run blocker.
LT Sibren Schooten (32) - Schemerdrecht Admirals, a humorless, lanky workhorse.
LG Auhonen Haustedhaungen (25) - Eaglebury Emperors, a nice, hard-hitting strongman.
LG Nakazo Mura (31) - Schemerdrecht Admirals, a pretentious, athletic gladiator.
CE Adé Gavreau (30) - Willowbourne Saints, a sarcastic, powerful dynamo.
CE Kiserba Likathinden (33) - Mayara Destroyers, a extroverted, stocky strongman.
RG Otho Tilcott (25) - Eaglebury Emperors, a relaxed, toned teammate.
RG Larel Norali (31) - Aerellen Explosions, a argumentative, bulky all-rounder.
RT Max Diekman (29) - Aminey Caspians, a moralistic, stringy run blocker.
RT Olinosuke Vuluja (28) - Mayara Destroyers, a imaginative, towering run blocker.

The line is asked to do a lot of pass blocking this time around, as opposed to the more run-oriented (and short pass-oriented) schemes of the last few Bowls. With Brahe, the team has a standout left tackle, and Gavreau's experience and ability to read the game will come in great. The guard positions are maybe a tad light, but with the added help of the fullbacks and occasionally running backs, as well as (blocking) tight ends depending on the personnel on the field, we should have little trouble.


It's one of the multiverse's most feared units, and for good reason. Good at the basics, with a solid gameplan that every player knows and can carry out, and looking for turnovers: good luck getting through them. They are multifaceted, confusing, and pressure can come from anywhere. They will show one coverage pre-snap and do something completely different post-snap.

RE Iwane Sugimoto (26) - Mawryshire Centaurs, a lucky, hard-hitting pass rusher.
RE Tausurlun Hanalaunden (25) - Noordrug Astronauts, a helpful, portly sack artist.
RD Marc Gérald (29) - Aminey Caspians, a adventurous, fit showman.
RD Boaz Avink (30) - Sterrenwolde Dragonflies, a humorless, athletic stunter.
LD Abe Bootsma (23) - Schemerdrecht Admirals, a untidy, compact sack artist.
LD Mablw yTaddwadd (22) - Eaglebury Emperors, a reliable, slim pass rusher.
LE Y Vérany (35) - Aminey Caspians, a breezy, pudgy workhorse.
LE Leon Ahern (25) - Aerellen Explosions, a modest, petite stunter.

Able to play both 4-3 and 3-4, there's a little of everything on the line. Sugimoto will be the primary edge rusher, with Gérald or Avink involved in stunts, Bootsma (of NSCF fame) able to occupy gaps and if the QB gets too close, disengage and earn the sack. Vérany is more of an enforcer: runs will not get wide beyond him, and he will happily take on two linemen.

SB Bwnhewg yBanmhewm (30) - Willowbourne Saints, a fearless, powerful blocker.
SB Gabe Henry (33) - Greencaster Godspeed, a forgetful, athletic workhorse.
MB Toon Fokke (34) - Sterrenwolde Dragonflies, a dynamic, compact all-rounder.
MB Arté Guilloux (23) - Mayara Destroyers, a cruel, powerful spy.
MB Evert Noorddal (25) - Noordrug Astronauts, a surprising, slim tactician.
WB Edward Darknoll (27) - Eaglebury Emperors, a silly, stringy all-rounder.
WB Baluin Dauntaringun (30) - Mayara Wolves, a humorous, hard-hitting blanket.
WB Arvid Holmgroen (30) - Noordrug Astronauts, a introverted, agile tactician.

In a 3-4, one of the linemen acts as a pass rushing linebacker. Generally, the LBs are asked to occupy blocks, make sure no runs make it out of the backfield, and provide coverage. This unit is why the Dragonflies have been so dominant defensively. Fokke is the quarterback of the defence, calling out plays and making last-minute changes, while yBanmhewm looks for contact and Darknoll drops into coverage more often. If you make it into this unit, you're smart enough to know when to blitz or not.

SS Dhauthenu Turaundhinthen (29) - Schemerdrecht Admirals, a smooth, agile blanket.
SS Chilra Minjarrah (33) - Eaglebury Emperors, a lazy, stringy ballhawk.
FS Lilgaunin Mesjathaunden (32) - Mayara Destroyers, a tenacious, slender tactician.
FS Ddewlaws yGawchoch (32) - Mawryshire Centaurs, a mature, plump all-rounder.

The strong safety has to provide intermediate coverage and be good in contact, while the free safety is the turnover magician. Mesjathaunden is an insane ballhawk and gets incredible amounts of interceptions.

RC Evert Monaghan (25) - Noordrug Astronauts, a calm, fit blanket.
RC Jalu Vigouroux (28) - Mawryshire Centaurs, a busy, powerful opportunist.
RC Arvid Knight (27) - Greencaster Godspeed, a intelligent, pudgy opportunist.
LC Max Devilliers (27) - Greencaster Godspeed, a romantic, nimble communicator.
LC Elwood Guillan (28) - Mayara Wolves, a smooth, athletic lane clogger.

The cornerbacks have to be good on an island, even if the front 7 can't get pressure on the quarterback. They can assume that the safeties will help them out, but generally the cornerbacks must be great one-on-one.

Special Teams
LS Sergaskun Mithulinden (29) - Noordrug Astronauts, a neat, fast all-rounder.
PK Abner Bennett (33) - Greencaster Godspeed, a unassuming, portly all-rounder.
PK Boaventura Camba (27) - Sterrenwolde Dragonflies, a adaptable, bulky all-rounder.
PR Clé Moreau (25) - Sterrenwolde Dragonflies, a cruel, burly specialist.
PR Go Bronsvoord (25) - Greencaster Godspeed, a greedy, tall all-rounder.
PU Ginaurstu Baurerningun (25) - Mayara Wolves, a questioning, fast all-rounder.
PU Dhaungekun Tadhinthen (29) - Mawryshire Centaurs, a silly, short specialist.

Bronsvoord can play as a running back, while Moreau is strictly a returner. Bennett is confident and consistent. Baurerningun has tricks up his sleeve.

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes

Style mod: -5
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Postby Delaclava » Mon Dec 20, 2021 5:18 pm


Delaclava national football team

  • Hosting team
  • Two-time World Bowl champion (13 and 15); two-time third place (41 and 42)
  • Three-time previous host (11, 15, 39)
  • Undefeated champions of WB15
  • Former World #1 ranking, current #10
  • #3 in all-time Golden Bowl standings
  • Champion of demonstration event at IV Olympiad in Aeropag
  • Champion of Atlantian Oceania Bowl 5


The 10th-ranked Phoenixes are flying high after a second consecutive third-place finish in Buffalostan, with a journey including group stage wins over Banija and Sarzonia and a quarterfinal upset of #1 Ko-oren. Better still, a younger version of this team just finished off a regional championship in the AO Bowl, again downing the Stars and the Serpent Eagles before surviving a tough Gyatso-kai team to take the trophy in the third overtime. Their path to a title at home will again be led by dual-threat QB Taurus Wright, with Michael Willis waiting in the wings after leading that AO Bowl team. While Andre Michel and Charlie Coffin return to the squad, fleet running back Noah Simmons and downfield threat Justin Vandaele make their international debuts after emerging as DGL All-Stars. Kevin Alés provides veteran leadership in the receiver corps, and hopes to make his last World Bowl his best.

The quick, blitz-heavy defense has been revamped with younger talent after many years of reliable service from the old guard, including Seth Ruzicka and Ben Dorman. Prince Rose and Kamari Harrison return as threats to the opponent’s run. Jesse Rhine, Brian Bullard, and Luke Kennedy have all been granted promotions to the first team, and their speed will be unlike anything else the top offenses have faced. Tate Parker will lead the secondary while youth captain Luke Mussett aims to prove himself with the full team. Kieran Conley remains as a highly accurate place kicker from inside 45, although the demons of his extra point miss in the semifinal against Ranoria may remain.

The coaching staff remains unchanged, because why fix what isn’t broken? Frank Newman of the Mannheim Rockets returns as head coach alongside the Corcorran Hammers' Nate Hines as defensive coordinator, and former All-Tournament offensive coordinator Kim McClain in the same role. Newman takes a more conservative approach, trusting his defense to make stops instead of going for unfavorable fourth-down conversions, but Newman will also let his playmakers loose when the offense nears paydirt.

The Phoenixes tend to start strong, but can have trouble both in coming back from deficits and from "game management" with a small lead. But following deep runs in Chromatika and Buffalostan, victories over the world’s best, and a comeback overtime victory to win a regional title, this team may have finally plugged its biggest mental leak.

Defensive Formation: 4-3-3 (with some 4-4-2 and 3-4-4)
Style Modifier: +3 - pass-oriented, with a lot of option plays and play action, high-risk high-reward mentality
Team Name: Phoenixes | Trigram: DEL | Demonym: Delaclav

Home Stadia
GD1 vs. Caliland: MountainEsc Stadium (40,000), Santa Lourdes
GD2 vs. Pius Desurongcrandis: The Skyliner (60,000), Novick
GD4 vs. Kohnhead: Lake Boston Field (45,000), Orton City
GD8 vs. Buffalostan: The Standard (25,000), Coleport
GD10 vs. Drawkland: Royster Field (110,000), Catherina

RP Permissions: Yes, but please be respectful and TG/DM if you want to run something by me first.

Full Roster
Head Coach: Frank Newman - Mannheim Rockets
Assistant Coach/OC: Kim McClain - Catherina Crushers | Assistant Coach/DC: Nate Hines - Corcorran Hammers

QB: Danny Newman - Mannheim Rockets | RB: Henry Rollins - Coleport Jazz | WR: Jeff Beasley - Laurelum Tigers | TE: Tweety Bird - Catherina Crushers | OL: Fang Buckley - Kalinin Wolves
DL: Danny Dennis - Corcorran Hammers | LB: Tom Tallis - Corcorran Hammers |Secondary: Juuse Kapanen - Kalinin Wolves | Special Teams: James Daniel - Corcorran Hammers
Technical/Program Director: Michel Čilić - Mannheim Rockets
Athletic Trainer/Conditioning: Kim Savage - Mannheim Rockets
Assistants: Beth Newman, Sarah Newman-Dawson, Will Dawson, Sam Newman

1FSTate Parker (C)296-1165Coleport JazzSosuk
2RBNoah Simmons275-11175Beliri BladesStraka State
3WRCharlie Coffin246-2165Quinniville AcesSt. James
4WRAndre Michel266-3180Laurelum TigersArana State
5KKieran Conley325-10160Corcorran HammersVan der Veil
6MLBBrian Bullard286-4260Bosmond BearsSt. James
7PSeamus Shore366-1210Quinniville AcesSt. Ivor - Notre Dame
8QBTaurus Wright296-1175Catherina CrushersLansing State
9QBStafford Thomas256-1170Mannheim RocketsDewitt
10WRJustin Vandaele286-2180Farland JackalsSt. James
11TEChristian Gooden246-4225Kalinin WolvesBaxter
12QBMichael Willis266-3190Manchester PiratesDewitt
18CBThomas Newton265-11165Cacalecher MuddersOssiana Tech
21RBDavid Conley296-1190Mannheim RocketsSt. James
22FSPatrick Catteau255-8150Manchester PiratesNUR Beliri
27CBOdon Ramanantsoa235-10170Novick CardinalsVelodri
29SSDan Wheeler285-10165Bosmond BearsOssiana Tech
33FBRyan Finney336-2210Novick CardinalsStenrick State
35CBLuke Mussett236-1170Beliri BladesNovick State
39OLBSam Shelley266-4220Manchester PiratesNovick State
43OLBJesse Rhine266-5220Quinniville AcesFort Tannenberg
45MLBBrad Roufus276-2205Quinniville AcesFanuk College
50LTRobin Stadtler266-2250Quinniville AcesKitsuartat
51LTDavid Carlos276-4230Beliri BladesStraka State
52MLBTyson Mencken256-0190Coleport JazzSosuk
53MLBBrent Miller306-2260Bosmond BearsKitsuartat
56DTJake Allen306-4240Mannheim RocketsCUR Corcorran
58OLBLuke Kennedy326-3230Manchester PiratesArana State
62RGDennis Schilling296-4260Valhalla IcemenNUR Beliri
63RGTim Keane316-4255Mannheim RocketsFanuk College
64DETyler Penn266-2210Catherina CrushersCUR Corcorran
66CColton Murray286-2265Wellingtonvilleton WanderersFanuk College
68DEJohn Ogdon336-3270Catherina CrushersArana State
69RTAleks Osmanaj256-3245Quinniville AcesCUR Corcorran
72CAlex McFadden (C)316-6265Catherina CrushersColumbia
73RTJimmy Demeyer266-4255Farland JackalsVan der Veil
75LGEric Vesey276-3240Farland JackalsLansing State
80WRKevin Alés (C)346-2170Cacalecher MuddersVelodri
88TERobbie Hahn266-5240Catherina CrushersSt. James
92DEKamari Harrison (C)316-2240Corcorran HammersArana State
94DEAllan Tolliver326-4250Quinniville AcesValhalla
95DTJoe Mendelsohn256-6275Catherina CrushersSouth Catherina
99DTPrince Rose256-5280Orton City MinersSt. James

Depth Chart

QB8Taurus Wright12Michael Willis9Stafford Thomas
RB2Noah Simmons21David Conley
FB33Ryan Finney
WR (1-3-5)4Andre Michel3Charlie Coffin
WR (2-4)10Justin Vandaele80Kevin Ales
TE88Robbie Hahn11Christian Gooden
LT50Robin Stadtler51David Carlos
LG75Eric Vesey62Dennis Schilling
C72Alex McFadden66Colton Murray
RG63Tim Keane62Dennis Schilling
RT69Aleks Osmanaj73Jimmy Demeyer
LE92Kamari Harrison94Allan Tolliver
LDT/NT99Prince Rose95Joe Mendelsohn
RDT56Jake Allen95Joe Mendelsohn
RE68John Ogdon64Tyler Penn
LOLB43Jesse Rhine39Sam Shelley
MLB 1-3 / LMLB6Brian Bullard52Tyson Mencken
MLB 2-4 / RMLB53Brent Miller45Brad Roufus
ROLB58Luke Kennedy39Sam Shelley
LCB18Thomas Newton27Odon Ramanatsoa
SS29Dan Wheeler22Patrick Catteau
FS1Tate Parker22Patrick Catteau
RCB35Luke Mussett27Odon Ramanatsoa
K5Kieran Conley7Seamus Shore
P7Seamus Shore5Kieran Conley
KR/PR4Andre Michel27Odon Ramanatsoa22Patrick Catteau
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3rd: World Bowl 41, 42, 43, and 44; International Basketball Championship 35, World Cup of Hockey 16, AO Basketball Championship 6 and 7, Di Bradini Cup 15
4th: Baptism of Fire 34

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Pius Desurongcrandis Football

Postby Pius Desurongcrandis » Thu Dec 23, 2021 7:55 am


Team Information
Nickname: Pius Phoenixes
Colors: Black, Red, and Gold
Home Stadium: Fennex Coliseum, Fennex PD

The Pius Phoenixes are the team that represents the best football players in all of the Piesian Territories and pull its players from the Piesian Football League (PFL). This is the first World Bowl for the Phoenixes but has competed in tournaments in their home region of Region Name.

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Sean Reid
Offensive Coordinator: Ryan Farnwell
Defensive Coordinator: Leon McDermel
Special Teams Coordinator: Steve Tasket

1. Sam "Finnewin" Finnegan #17
2. Justin Gates #10
3. Connor Millar #2

Running Backs
1. Isaac Bruce #22
2. AJ Samson #28
3. TJ Jenkins #26

1. Shay Johns #41

Tight Ends
1. Tom Cornelius #87
2. James Peters #88

Wide Receivers
1. Anthony Black #14
2. Mason Jamoa #16
3. Brad Johns #13
4. Greg Pike #18
5. Tyler Yule #19

Offensive Tackles
1. Victor Smith # 68
2. Dion Oliver #76
3. Beau Howard #66
4. Dave Broadhurst #61

Offensive Guards
1. Bob Johns #62
2. Ed Dawkins #63
3. Zachary Beck #67
4. Camron Coffey #78

1. Verity McLoughlin #69
2. Will Williams #64

Defensive End
1. Trey Brown #53
2. Star Murphy #92
3. Ayrton Lambert #93
4. Marek Bernard #60

Defensive Tackles
1. Kyle Williams #91
2. Diogo Walker #86
3. Cody Philips #99
4. Sulayman Petersen #95

Outside Linebackers
Outside Linebackers:
1. Edmund Trays #79
2. Julian Milano #58
3. Ramone Olson #85
4. Tom Whitehouse #64

Middle Linebackers
1. Matt Stanford #33
2. Dean Sykes #55
3. Umayr Simpson #34

1. Luka Torres #44
2. Pete Johnson #35
3. Max Jones #23
4. Lennox Rivers #57
5. Ahsan Potter #89
6. Bhavik Charles #29

1. Celio Canizales #39
2. Reese Sweet #48
3. Sanjay Rivers #52
4. Neil Gibson #59

1. Jack Porwhich #11

1. Harold Prince #16

Long Snapper
1. Kyal Benjamin #77

Punt/kick returner
1. Tyler Yule #19


Colored Uniform

White Uniform

Alternate Jersey and Pants

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Sarzonia » Thu Dec 23, 2021 11:23 am

The meeting between the former longtime Sarzonian national gridball team quarterback and Sam Rosen did not go well.

Gavin Davis, who likely would earn a spot in an international gridball hall of fame if one existed, was now in his first full World Bowl cycle as Sarzonia manager. He'd guided the Stars to two World Bowl titles and four World Bowl finals appearances in six cycles as a player. Now he was trying to return the Stars to the rarified air of championship glory as manager. To do that, however, he had to have buy in from each and every player on the roster.

He'd made his points during the previous World Bowl cycle when he took over for Les Steckhall on an interim basis after the former coach was fired. He released defensive tackle Colin Grassley for even talking about putting a bounty on Delaclav quarterback Taurus Wright for his intemperate remarks about the team firing Steckhall. He benched Rosen for insubordination, then played Rosen at defensive back in addition to his signal-calling duties during a knockout round match. He started the third choice quarterback during a group stage in a match that could have kept the Stars from having to face hosts Buffalostan in a play-in match.

Now, he was preaching discipline and focus. He was also preaching the return of a strong running game and leaning more heavily on Ty'Relle Clinton. And that did not make Rosen happy. Rosen wanted to throw the ball more and take his chances downfield. He wanted to use the shorter passing game including possession receiver Steve Swain and tight end Al Langston more often. Hell, he wanted two tight ends or a three-receiver look more often. He wanted the ball in his hands more, even on third and two, which Rosen felt Davis treated as an obvious running down far too often for his tastes.

"Look, Sam, we need to do a better job with time-of-possession and ball control," he said. "We need to establish Ty'Relle and the ground game. We need to do a better job of keeping our defence off the pitch for long stretches."

"The offence you're proposing is too conservative," Rosen said. "This isn't the early days of the World Bowl like when you played. We need to be able to pass the ball and make big plays downfield. We need to use the pass to set up the run."

"Maybe if you become an offensive coordinator one day, you'll get the chance to implement that," Davis said. "Right now, since we don't have an offensive coordinator, I'm making the decision to run the ball and establish that as our identity. You'll get plenty of chances to throw the ball in this offence. Don't worry."

"Gav," Rosen retorted, "we'll face a lot more eight-man fronts and run blitzes. You think we're going to be able to move the pile against teams like Ko-oren, Banija or Delaclava?"

"Sam," Davis said, "I haven't taken away the freedom to audible out of a play if you see the defence lined up to stop it. If you see an eight-man front and you think a quick slant or a screen play or something else will work better, you can still call it."

"That's not good enough," Rosen said. "I've got the arm. I've got the mobility. I can be a great weapon for you."

"Sam, this isn't about you," Davis said. Davis then looked at Rosen and saw the disapproving look in his eyes. He then realised something.

"Wait, this is about you, isn't it?" He took another look at Rosen and realised it was.

Within an hour, Davis was at the podium at Joe Gibbs Stadium in Woodstock with a stunning announcement.

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I'm announcing today that we have released quarterback Sam Rosen from the national team. We thank him for his contributions to this team starting with World Bowl XXXIX, but in our judgment, we felt we needed to turn the page. We wish Sam well in the rest of his gridball career.

He and I had philosophical differences and I felt that in order for us to continue to grow as a gridball team, we needed to go in a different direction.

I'm not taking questions. Thank you.

Rosen issued his own statement after he saw and heard Davis's.

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I'm disappointed in the decision by Coach Davis to release me from the Stars. Let me make it clear it was his decision and his decision alone to release me.

I still feel I have a lot of gridball left in me. I wish Coach Davis and my now-former teammates the best and I hope they can bring another World Bowl title back to Sarzonia where it belongs.

That meant the starting quarterback position was now an open competition, and it was won by first time World Bowl signal caller Cameron Stallworth, who was also somewhat mobile with a strong arm, but was best known for being able to audible out of bad plays and call plays whilst operating a no-huddle offence. Davis said he wasn't committing to running a no-huddle offence, but said, "all options are on the table" with Stallworth.
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Postby Delaclava » Thu Dec 23, 2021 6:42 pm

The United Republic of Delaclava presents...
World Bowl XXXXIII

Live from the Grand Ballroom at the Swinton Three Rivers Resort, for those representatives in attendance and all who are watching from around the world. This is... the World Bowl 43 group draw!

Conducting the group draw: DGA president Terrell Frost, Miss Delaclava Larisa Jimenez, and Phoenixes quarterback Taurus Wright.

Group A
Delaclava (10)
Pius Desurongcrandis (UR)
Buffalostan (19)
Kohnhead (15)
Drawkland (3)
Caliland (UR)

Group B
Sarzonia (14)
Abanhfleft (6)
Ranoria (1)
United Adaikes (UR)
HUElavia (20)
The Cordian Isles (UR)

Group C
United States of Great America (UR)
Caleonia (UR)
Saint Kanye (5)
New Gesem (31)
Banija (4)
TJUN-ia (13)

Group D
Allamunnic States (11)
StrayaRoos (UR)
South Newlandia (21)
Ko-oren (2)
Chromatika (12)
Lisander (35)

As previously published, the group stage schedule is as follows:

Tuesday 12/28 — Gameday 1: 1v6, 2v5, 3v4
Wednesday 12/29 — Gameday 2: 6v4, 5v3, 1v2
Thursday 12/30 — Gameday 3: 2v6, 3v1, 4v5
Friday 12/31 — Gameday 4: 6v5, 1v4, 2v3
Saturday 1/1/22 — OFF
Sunday 1/2 — Gameday 5: 3v6, 4v2, 5v1
Monday 1/3 — Gameday 6: 6v1, 5v2, 4v3
Tuesday 1/4 — Gameday 7: 4v6, 3v5, 2v1
Wednesday 1/5 — OFF
Thursday 1/6 — Gameday 8: 6v2, 1v3, 5v4
Friday 1/7 — Gameday 9: 5v6, 4v1, 3v2
Saturday 1/8 — Gameday 10: 6v3, 2v4, 1v5

The numbers correspond to the order in which each team is listed in their group. For example, on Gameday 1 in Group A, Delaclava will host Caliland, Pius Desurongcrandis will host Drawkland, and Buffalostan will host Kohnhead.

Group standings will be sorted by Wins, H2H, H2H differential, overall differential, then RP bonus. The top three teams will advance to the knockout stage, with the group winners advancing to the quarterfinals.

You have a little more than 120 hours to provide your roster and make your first RP post, to give yourself the best chance at starting the tournament strong. Best of luck to all the competitors, and Merry Christmas!
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SGL Playoffs WB43 Season + Our Draw

Postby StrayaRoos » Thu Dec 23, 2021 7:53 pm

StrayaRoos Gridiron League-Playoffs
3-Panem Tigers 0-7 6-Circunses Rebels,Panem Intl' Athletics Stadium ,Crowd: 21,091
4-Pale Jets 17-6 5-Sysbanes Bullets,Pale Oval , Crowd:2910
1-Pale Fire 6-3 6-Circunses Rebels,Pale Stadium (OT) ,Crowd:14091
2-Menai Arrows 17-3 4-Pale Jets,Menai Metro Park, Crowd:31,298
1-Pale Fire 20-10 2-Menai Arrows,Estadio De Menai,Crowd:50,981

Pale Fire Win their First STR Bowl Title!

Our Draw
MD1:VS Chromatika,Estadio De Menai
MD2:@ Allamunnic States
MD3:VS Lisander,Estadio De Menai
MD4:VS South Newlandia,Nelson Road
MD5:@ Ko-oren
MD6:@ Chromatika,Henza Center
MD7:VS Allamunnic States,Estadio De Menai
MD8 @Lisander
MD9:@South Newlandia,Elephant Field
MD10:VS Ko-oren,Estadio De Menai
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Postby Pius Desurongcrandis » Thu Dec 23, 2021 9:39 pm

Pius Desurongrandis in the World Bowl
by Caleb Donohue, sports writer of the Fennex Chronicle

It's finally happened, the thing that every Piesian Sports fan has been waiting for, a national Piesian Football team competing on the world stage, a chance to showcase the talent that can be found in the Piesian Football League. This is a chance to showcase to the world the athletes we have here in Pius Desurongcrandis but this may be another heartbreak for Piesian Sports fans on an international scale. Time can only tell with the Piesian team coming in unranked in World Bowl XLIII. For now, let's evaluate the team before the tournament begins.

The starting QB of this Piesian team is the Quarterback that captured all of our hearts in the PFL in the past couple of years, none other than Sam Finnegan. Finnegan, nicknamed "Finnewin" by his fans, is the perfect example of an underdog story, coming from a small college he was overshadowed by the QBs from the larger, flashier schools, he was drafted in the late round of the 2018 PFL Draft by the Fennex Capitals. Being the backup to veteran journeyman QB, Ryan Taylor, he eventually got to show off his potent dual-threat playing style when Taylor suffered a season-ending injury in Week 3 of the 2018 PFL Season. Finnegan eventually got the Capitals their first playoff appearance in a decade and took them all the way to the Conference Championship and the next year taking the Fennex Capitals to its first Ultrabowl in 25 years and winning it for the first time in Franchise History. Sam has always done well in the underdog position and I think he will lead this underdog Piesian team to new heights with his cannon of an arm and his potent running abilities.
The backup signal-caller is none other than Justin Gates, another dual-threat QB. You may remember Justin's earlier day being selected 1st overall in 2017 by the Fairfan Retrievers and being cut by the team only after 2 seasons with the Retrievers and was regarded as a massive draft bust and only one team gave him a chance as the backup to the aging Alan Kelly with the Aleut Northstars, they obviously believed in Gates when Kelly retired after that season. Gates took advantage of the opportunity and took the Northstars all the way to the Ultrabowl only to fall short to Sam Finnegan and the Fennex Capitals. Gates has a similar playing style to Finnegan and will be a good backup in the unfortunate case that QB1 goes down.
The QB3 selection was one of the most controversial selections of the whole roster, many thought it should go to young and upcoming star Sebastian Cohortez of the Boston Minutemen but the selection went to veteran Connor Millar of the Atlanta Kestrels. I personally think this is the wiser choice, bringing in a more experienced player that has gone through 4 Ultrabowls and 3 MVP selections, he is there to be a calming and guiding force to the 2 relatively young signal-callers. Although Millar's production has dropped significantly in the past 2 seasons he is by no means a terrible QB, especially for his age, just remember he was drafted a full decade before QB1. Millar does have a different style of play than both Finnegan and Gates, Millar is best in the pocket which is not the most ideal for this team but will make do with his ability to get the ball out quickly.

The running game is one of my biggest concerns for the Pius Phoenixes with Head Coach Sean Reid has come out saying that they want to pass the ball down the field and also to showcase the athletic abilities of Sam Finnegan. With the Coaching Staff barely addressing the running game I still don't think this Runningback core is doomed and could be potentially very problematic for opposing defenses, especially with Isaac Bruce in the lineup. Remember that this man was one of the biggest reasons the Nolansville Jazz won the Ultrabowl in 2017 and is a very dominant runner and can do great things while given the chance despite his numbers not being the same from his 2017 campaign. The other 2 backs on the team do have the potential to do well but just remember Isaac Bruce will get most of the chances and Sam Finnegan can also run the ball very well and don't forget the Fullback Shay Johns too.

Now we start to get into the passing game, teething that Sean Reid believes so much with this team, and how could he not believe in them so much, with that arm that Finnegan has and the amazing pass catchers he has. On the Tight End side, there is Tom Cornelius who is a consistent large target for the QB. On the Wide Receiver side of things, there are amazing wideouts in Anthony Black and Mason Jamoa as well as you can't discount Brad Johns as a Slot Receiver. This Patch-Catching crew can be a huge headache for the opposing defenses.

I am confident that this Offensive line is great for the team that Sean Reaid and General Manager Thomas Marks have put together for the most part. There is one big concern for me and that is if on the off chance we see Connor Millar under center, will the O line give enough time for Millar to get the ball out in time, he doesn't have the same speed as Finnegan or Gates. Besides the one flaw, I think that this line led by Center Verity McLoughlin and Offensive Tackles Victor Smith and Dion Oliver will do well.

I feel that the defensive line is going to be intimidating for opposing offenses. And with the d line, you really got to look at two players, DE Star Murphy and DT Kyle Williams. Both of these guys are Sack machines and hopefully getting to the Quarterback fast. Now I think there is one player that has the potential to do really well on the D Line, and that is Trey Brown who has is still younger but has been fairly dominant on the Boston Minutemen this past PFL Season.

I think our Outside Linebacker tandem of Edmund Trays and Julian Milano will be great, both of them are great in their position and already have shown great Chemistry together in practice. For me the jury is still out on Middle Linebacker Matt Stanford, there is a lot of hype around him and he has been dominant in the PFL this past year but I don't know if he can handle the pressure of the World Bowl, especially with that mental breakdown we saw during the Wild Card Round of the Playoffs.

There are three studs with the Cornerback position for this team, Luka Torres and Pete Johnson are great corners that have 5 int each last PFL season. There is also Max Jones in the Nickel Cornerback position and he will do great there.

This team has reunited the dangerous duo of College Football at safety, Celio Canizales and Reese Sweet who have enjoyed great careers in the PFL on different teams but they never had the same chemistry they had with each other. This will be a great Saftie Duuo and we will see what happens in the World Bowl.

Special Teams
I think that what the Pius Phoenixes are bringing to the table in terms of Special Teams is nothing special. Now I do think Jack Porwhich will do an outstanding at Kicker.

The Pieisan team is an unknown force in the World Bowl but there is still a lot of competition with Pius Desurongcrandis being in a very competitive Group A. The first game will be a test for the Piesians as they host the 3rd ranked team, Drawkland at Fennex Coliseum.

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Postby Saint Kanye » Fri Dec 24, 2021 4:50 am


World Bowl XLIII has one of the fewest participation numbers in the recent history of the competition. When the St. Kanye Surge debuted back in World Bowl XXXVIII, they were one of 48 teams hoping for a shot at the title. That number remained for the next two Bowls. Then came World Bowl XLI, which saw that number drop to 40, and then WB XLII, to only 30. Now there are only 24 squads registered, half that from five Bowls ago. Playoff teams like the Squidroidia Flyers, Newmanistan Rockets and Karditan Ironworkers are nowhere to be found, not to mention the Cassadaigua Fillies, taking a leave of absence for the second straight edition. Does this mean an easier road for the Yeezies to take their very first title?

Actually, no. The boys in purple and lime weren't the only ones who leveled up during the gap between the previous and current Bowls. What's more, though the Surge are now considered the fifth best national gridiron team in the world, that still isn't enough to give them the top seed, since there are only four groups, and the top four are all participating. Let's look at the Yeezies' five opponents in Group C, including one of those aforementioned top four sides, a familiar foe from their own region.

Sitting just above the Kanyeans in the world rankings at #4 are the Serpent Eagles (yes, those are a thing and not a mythical snake/bird hybrid) of fellow Atlantian Oceania country Banija. The two sides have never met in the World Bowl stage, but they have in the recently concluded AO Bowl - the boys in green escaping with a two-point win despite blowing a 20-nil lead at halftime. Expect the home and away series between the Surge and the Serpent Eagles to be exciting affairs, what with all the gridiron-crazy citizens of both countries cheering on their equally matched teams.

The Jags, ranked a lucky 13th in the world, are a team on the rise. Like the Surge, they didn't advance to the playoff stage right from the start, but they worked hard to eventually get there. Two editions ago, they reached their furthest ever in the tournament - the quarterfinals - where the Surge thrashed them 41-7. But this was two editions ago, and the TJUN-ians have likely learned their lesson and toughened up by then.

The 31st-ranked Pilgrims made their debut last season, failing to reach the postseason with a 2-6 slate. This may not look like much, but they also did so while not bringing any collegiate or professional stars. Anything can happen, so look for them to be just as dangerous as the Serpent Eagles or the Jags. The Surge cannot afford to slack.

As tournament debutants, it's hard to say what to expect from these guys. They're familiar with Kanyean NSSCRA fans, though (and there are many of those) - having sent several drivers to compete during the eighth season.

The other unranked squad in the group, and even more of an enigma since they have not competed in any international competition alongside St. Kanye. Although it is entirely possible that a country called "Great" America also has great players to showcase during the World Bowl.

Here is the Surge's schedule for the group stages, including uniforms to be worn (subject to change at any time, however).

| MD | Opponent | Rank | Uniform | Score | Record | Place |
| 1 | New Gesem | 31 | Purple/Purple | | | |
| 2 | @Banija | 4 | White/Purple | | | |
| 3 | USGA | UR | Purple/Black | | | |
| 4 | @Caleonia | UR | White/White | | | |
| | BREAK | | | | | |
| 5 | TJUN-ia | 13 | White/Purple | | | |
| 6 | @New Gesem | 31 | White/White | | | |
| 7 | Banija | 4 | Purple/Purple | | | |
| | BREAK | | | | | |
| 8 | @USGA | UR | White/Purple | | | |
| 9 | Caleonia | UR | Purple/Black | | | |
| 10 | @TJUN-ia | 13 | Purple/Purple | | | |

Now, a quick look at the other three groups.

- Group A has: two teams called the Phoenixes (from current hosts Delaclava and newcomers Pius Desurongcrandis); previous hosts Buffalostan; former Surge groupmates the Kohnhead Brains; world #3 the Drawkland Grid Corps; and newcomers Caliland.

- Group B narrowly takes the cake over Group C as the "Group of Death". There's the defending champs and world #1 the Ranoria Krauts; perennial contenders the Sarzonia Stars; Arena Bowl standouts the Abanhfleft Armored Revolutionaries; HUElavia; and newcomers United Adaikes and the Cordian Isles.

- Group D has five teams that have faced the Surge at least once in previous Bowls: their rivals (and world #2) the Ko-oren Dragonflies; the Allamunnic States; the Chromatika Iron Legion; the South Newlandia Elephants; and the Lisanderian national team. The sixth squad, and the only newcomers in the group, are the StrayaRoos Taipans.
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Skip Stiller Speedworks (NSSCRA Second Tier)
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IBC 20, 22, 23, 24 (Basketball)
NSCAA 11 (College Basketball)
IC7 II (7ball)
Arena Bowl VI (Arena Gridiron)
NSSCRA 9 (Stock Car Racing)

World Bowl 42 (Gridiron)
NSSCRA 10, 12

IBC 19

A to the O, baby

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Postby New Gesem » Fri Dec 24, 2021 7:35 am

New Gesem Pilgrims Football Team-Spring 2013/WB XLIII

The biggest suprise of spring 2012/World Bowl XLII is back. The Reverend Lee Gibbs has once again assembled a team of college drop-outs, GFL free agents, and other comeback kids to compete with the best in the multiverse. This year has been a bit different, as the unexpected success (read: not losing every game) of the first World Bowl team, coupled with the attention given to the Alexandroupolis Redbirds as they competed in NSCF 25, has paved the way for a higher caliber of player to swell the ranks of the Pilgrims. Not that high caliber, mind you; no one on a GFL 53-man roster would darken the Pilgrims' locker room door, but a few people suiting up this spring might find their way back to the professional ranks.

QB-#1-Joshua Gonzales-18 y/o
A blue-chip recruit coming out of his senior year of high school, Gonzales has elected to forego "greenshirting" the spring prior to his freshman year of football in order to play with the Pilgrims. A mobile, highly alert quarterback, he nevertheless has some maturing to do if he's going to stay off his back vs. elite defensive lines and linebackers.

RB-#5-Rayford Baker-26 y/o
Former GFL rookie of the year, tore his ACL in his sophomore season and hasn't been heard from since. Attempting to use the Pilgrims as a springboard to mount a comeback. A canny, instinctive rusher.

FB-#8-Mack Douglas-34 y/o
Another GFL alumnus, retired after being benched by the Haysville Jets and not allowed to move teams. No longer under contract, seeking to extend his career by showing he still has it with the Pilgrims.

WR-#81-Willard Fox-29 y/o
GFL journeyman, has been unable to find a steady spot on a team, possibly owing to overvaluing his own talents. A strong playmaker and a massive vertical threat, though tends to fall off late in games.

WR-#89-Nathaniel Pittman-31 y/o
Former college player for University of Thebes who hasn't played since going undrafted out of school. In good shape, though still some rust to shake off.

TE-#88-Dameon Stephens-32 y/o
Former college track star whose interest in playing football came later in life. Has been working out with specialized coaches for years, hoping to get an opportunity to prove he can play on the gridiron.

G-#55-Kenneth Jacobs-30 y/o
G-#57-Zachary Hines-21 y/o
C-#53-Garrett Tyrell-30 y/o
OT-#51-Lewis Rogers-21 y/o
OT-#59-Maynard Wilkins-30 y/o
QB	Ronnie Davis		30
QB Brad Berry 24
RB Dewey Duffy 31
RB Keenan Holt 20
RB Spencer Morrow 22
RB Toby Williamson 30
WR Boris Stephens 29
WR Rocky Puckett 27
WR Duane Pratt 18
WR Leland Randall 21
TE Randell Cervantes 20
OL Lyndon Burch 27
OL Hans Cash 23
OL Raul Cardenas 26
OL Nicky Bolton 34
OL Dalton Bond 33

NT-#54-Lee Ryan-22 y/o
Injured in his freshman season at Excalibur University, now post-rehab and trying to make his way back into the game

DT-#58-Kerry Hunter-33 y/o
A journeyman lineman who "retired" from the GFL a few years ago to settle a contract dispute, then was unable to find another contract

DT-#52-Demetrius Holcomb-23 y/o
An undrafted free agent out of Alexandria City University.

LOLB-#62-Leo Bonner-28 y/o
Cut from the camp roster of the Alexandroupolis Lions, looking for a GFL contract for next season.

MLB-#70-Kenan Melendez-18 y/o
A high school standout from the Constantinople public schools committed to the Binturongs, playing for the Pilgrims in lieu of a greenshirt season

MLB-#68-Virgil Guy-19 y/o
Another high school standout, disqualified from playing college football after a cheating scandal in high school. Trying to build his resume to play professionally.

ROLB-#66-Walter Decker-20 y/o
High school teammate of Guy, in much the same situation.

CB-#83-Doug Stokes-21 y/o
Has entered the transfer portal, a rarity in Gesemite collegiate sports, and seeks to use his sit-out season productively.

CB-#87-DeWitt Byrd-19 y/o
A high school player who attempted to skip college, only to find his amateur status revoked and his options limited.

FS-#91-Jeffrey Stark-26 y/o
GFL journeyman, currently out of contract

SS-#97-Travis Robbins-20 y/o
Another victim of a cheating scandal, albeit in Busiris, not Alexandria
DB	Johnnie Maynard	32
DB Alvin Waller 31
DB Booker York 22
DB Aubrey Ayers 36
DL Scotty Dunn 24
DL Teodoro Valdez 26
DL Sammy Banks 20
DL Ramiro Noel 24
MLB Bryce Roy 26
MLB Cortez Randolph 18
OLB Boyce Cantrell 35
OLB Gil Mosley 33

Special Teams
K-#16-Emmanuel Padilla-30 y/o

P-#17-Chris Leblanc-27 y/o

Gameday 1: Saint Kanye 53–26 New Gesem
Gameday 2: TJUN-ia 27-9 New Gesem
Gameday 3: New Gesem 9–16 Banija
Gameday 4: United States of Great America 21–3 New Gesem
Gameday 5: New Gesem 56–23 Caleonia
Gameday 6: New Gesem 14–48 Saint Kanye
Gameday 7: New Gesem v. TJUN-ia
Gameday 8: Banija v. New Gesem
Gameday 9: New Gesem v. United States of Great America
Gameday 10: Caleonia v. New Gesem

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Suspend my players: N
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: N
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NSFB: #13 - Unlucky for Some, Lucky For Us?

Postby TJUN-ia » Fri Dec 24, 2021 10:18 am


Name: TJUN-ia
Trigram: TJU
Organisation: Gridiron Football Association of TJUN-ia (GFA-TJUN-ia)
Nickname: Jaguars or Jags
World Bowl Rank: 13th

Ah yes, this again. Because of the exploits of both NSCF schools in the NAU and AU, we kinda forgot about the World Bowl - which is certainly an interesting situation to find yourself in. Gus McKerrin's side made a 2nd Playoffs in a row last time out, only for Drawkland to knock them out and give us a #13 ranking heading into this WB, hosted by Delaclava. McKerrin wants to see a bit of a rebound, of course, and with his starters in their prime and the TSU guys from the Gareth Baldwin era arriving in droves, it will be more important than ever to make to 3 on the bounce this time. The format is kinda like the NSCF in fact, where 6 teams play 10 games and the Top 12 (Top 3 from each group) advances to a Playoff where the group winners get a bye into the Quarters. In a group containing names like Banija, Saint Kanye and New Gesem, getting that bye may be a pipedream but getting into the Top 3 will certainly be possible if we can fight for it. TJUN-ia can fight when it wants to, and that will be very important here...

Head Coach: Gus McKerrin (44)
Offensive Coordinator: P.J. Swarts (40)
Defensive Coordinator: Mohammad Al-Khalifa (35)
Special Teams Coach: David Stroman (39)

Formation: Shotgun
QB: #10 Jake Griffin (28)
HB: #40 Vinny Mac (29)
WR/KR: #80 Hubert Valois (29)
WR: #81 Jack Davidson (29)
WR: #82 Chris Davidson (29)
LT: #50 Jason Jeeves (29)
LG: #51 La'shaun Mackey (28)
C: #52 David Marquez (29)
RG: #53 Opa Maleleo (28)
RT: #54 Tim Green (29)
TE: #41 Wilson Hibbert (28)

Formation: 3-4
NT: #90 Prince Brown (29)
DE: #91 Jester Carter (30)
DE: #92 Andrew Dallapaz (28)
LB: #45 Giannis Minshew (29)
LB: #46 Chris Thorndyke (30)
LB: #47 Callum Peterson (28)
LB: #48 Tom De Souza (27)
CB: #20 Alfie Johnson (30)
CB: #21 Graham Polison (28)
FS: #22 Drew McAllister (29)
SS/PR: #23 Pedro Marquinios (30)

These can use starting players from both offence (block) and defence (tackle) and backup players during ST plays.
K: #5 Chi On-Ma (28)
H/QB (backup): #2 Allister Ghoulson (27)
P: #6 Martin Grevers (28)
LS: #99 Alf Gunnarsson (27)

These players can be used in any position, a preferred position for TSU alumni in brackets.
Fulton McNair (26)
Pedro Alcoron (25)
Yoshi Nakamura (25)
Graham Halliday (27)
Sven Gudjonsson (26)
Joseph Samuel (24)
La'Travius "Royale" Brown (24)
Peter von Gothenburg (25)
Yu Suzuki (27)
David Fulmer (26)
Callum McGreen (25)
Kristina Matherson (22)
Victor Stroman (21)
Alice "Acerola" Latifa (22)
Tom Hyphen (23)
Klaveon Tyrell (23/TSU/HB)
Jakob Håland (23/TSU/RT)
Nia Jaxon-Fuller (23/TSU/TE)
Valentina Maserati (23/TSU/DT)
Joseph Bulwell (23/TSU/LB)
Frederico Neopoli (23/TSU/P)
Gareth Baldwin (21/TSU/QB)
Karl Bjanasson (21/TSU/LT)
Heldon Culter (21/TSU/DT)
Derrick Barrow (21/TSU/DT)
Karl von Liechten (21/TSU/DE)
Fernando Jorge (21/TSU/LB)
Graham Tees (21/TSU/CB)
Clayton McGee (21/TSU/K)
Jason Waterford (21/TSU/H)

Name: Field of Dreams in The Gardens
Location: New Washington, NAU Zone
Capacity: 87,000

Part of "The Gardens", New Washington's sporting complex, the Field of Dreams marked the debut of the NAU Zone in hosting U3 international competition. The main purpose of the Field of Dreams was to create an atmosphere where chaos lived and upsets can be made, a fact that was backed up in Game 1 with the "Block 6" over Cassadiagua and the "Kick 6" in the rematch a year later. Those plays were further ingrained into the minds of TJUN-ians due to fact that seats had direct access to the field, allowing the fans to storm it and celebrate with their heroes. With TJUN-ia only losing thrice within the bushes and the walls, who knows what great moments this place may produce next...



Entering our 4th World Bowl, we gained some new threads to show off for the many games we will play in this tournament and beyond. While we have always worn uniforms in our signature colours, a design team from Saint Kanye gave us a fresh new set to take to glory one day. The Home is in the standard TJUN-ian colours while the Road features black, which give us a certain vibe of importance and of a team that knows what it means to be good. Hopefully, we will have great moments in these unis at this WB and future ones as well.

MD1: @United States of Great America (UR)
MD2: vs New Gesem (31) - The Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD3: @Caleonia (UR)
MD4: vs Banija (4) - The Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD5: @Saint Kanye (5) - Pencurve Electronics Field, Kardashia
MD6: vs United States of Great America (UR) - The Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD7: @New Gesem (31)
MD8: vs Caleonia (UR) - The Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD9: @Banija (4)
MD10: vs Saint Kanye (5) - The Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Suspend my players: Y
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: Y
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T1: #07 Michael Stefan (6W)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (1W)/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/1W-T1/3W-T2)
T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (3W [2 @JR])/#96 Alice Jepkosgei (2W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (2W)

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (1W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 3 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (2 RU)

UN - U1
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Chromatika » Fri Dec 24, 2021 12:30 pm

Note: This roster will be updated, likely between MD1 and MD2. Please grade as you see fit.

Chromatika Gridiron Football Team

Nickname: The Iron Legion
Head Coach: Eustace Hampton Jr., 61
Offensive Coordinator: Milo Jones-Smith, 49
Defensive Coordinator: Urga Jones, 40
Special Teams Coordinator: Niles Crescent, 45
Style Modifier: -3
Home Stadium: Henza Center, D'rea, Capital District, Chromatika (Cap. 66,530)

Offensive Coordinator: Milo Jones-Smith, Chromia Cyan
Assistant Coordinator: Naia Curentino, Felswyr State University Firehawk
Offensive Philosophy: The Chromatik Iron Legion employs a possession-based philosophy, utilizing two backs, two receivers, and a tight end in an attempt to string together long drives that eat up a lot of the clock. With Sarai Gwenderyn now at the helm, they're becoming more of a finesse squad, but the defense-first philosophy holds true.
Players: - Starters in Italics

#03 - Sarai Gwenderyn - 22 years old. Feslwyr State University Firehawk. Quick, accurate thrower, with good field vision and a tendency of creating big plays. Offensive Captain.
#18 - Jill Kieran - 27 years old. Chromia Cyan. A more traditional pocket passer with decent speed, prefers to throw deep or be on the edge looking to cause trouble.
#08 - Sheila Pantoja - 22 years old. Staramara Tech University Lava. A Quarterback suited to the triple-option who can run the ball, hand it off, or make clutch throws. A great find.

#24 - Kimberly Fowler - 31 years old. Brisara Juggernaut. A bit faster and nimble, can produce if line sets the edge.
#22 - Amber Feeley - 29 years old. Qet Lynx. Only fullback on the squad - good blocker and decent route-runner. Always looking forward to get to the first would-be-tackler.
#35 - Victoria Kaiser-Williams - 26 years old. Chromaia Cyan. A speedster who can juke around people, but rarely take people on.
#38 - Kaytlyne Sellers - 20 years old. Swisston City University Army Knives. An aggressive back that initiates contact, Sellers can catch would-be-tacklers off guard with a second level of speed, and is the future at running back.

#11 - Alessandra Mio - 24 years old. Dietrich Dynamos (Ranoria). 6 ft 5 inches tall, has massive reach. A Quarterback needs to only get the ball near her, she'll do the rest. (Former FSU)
#18 - Kern Sayan - 30 years old. Chromia Cyan. 5 ft 11 inches, precise route-runner. Not very physically imposing.
#81 - Pouncey Jones - 32 years old. Qet Lynx. 6 ft 3 inches, short-yardage receiver with decent yards after the catch.
#83 - Vance Limeau - 31 years old. Lanar Turtle. 6 ft 2 inches. The speedy one of the group, has the agility to make sharp cuts. Also returns kicks.
#84 - Cameron Pills-Otts - 28 years old. Knetyohai Icebreaker. 5 ft 4 inches. Mostly used for end-arounds and screen passes, has great vision. Also returns punts.

Tight Ends
#88 - Niles Gwivern - 23 years old. Qet Lynx. 6 ft 5 inches tall, 260+ pounds. Can block, catch, do it all. An absolute unit. (Former FSU)
#97 - Kathryn Nance - 31 years old. Qet Lynx. 6 ft 2 inches tall, more of a pure blocker of a tight end.

Offensive Tackles
#72 - Jack Mance - 34 years old. Qet Lynx. Burly, muscular, and can generate lots of push in the run game.
#74 - Bernard Perry - 27 years old. Staramara Angel. Has surprising agility and is often called to pull out to block up front on screen plays. (Former FSU)
#62 - Giles Candy - 31 years old. Alnio Pirate. Has soft hands, can be used as a sixth offensive lineman in situations and catch sneak passes.
#59 - Lars Kendrick - 31 years old. Brisara Juggernaut. The biggest player on the team, is surprisingly athletic.

Offensive Guards
#66 - Pomeroy Lockhart - 25 years old. Staramara Angel. Leader of the offensive line, generates tremendous push and possesses solid vision. (Former FSU)
#53 - Cierra Oscar - 29 years old. Chromatik City Cyan. Blindside blocker for the Iron Legion, decent find.
#60 - Mea Loom - 28 years old - Alnio Pirate. Solid all-around player.
#73 - Amos Lard - 32 years old - Knetyohai Icebreaker. Decent veteran.

#71 - Mikel Kingston - 22 years old - Felswyr State University Firehawk. Possesses solid fundamentals and good vision.
#52 - Kaia James - 23 years old - Chromia City Cyan. Also long snapper for field goals. (Former FSU)
#56 - Anderson Keel - 32 years old - Alnio Pirate. Emergency backup, more of a streetball player.

Defensive Coordinator: Urga Jones, Staramara Angels
Assistant Coordinator: Kasen Harrowitz, Richardson University
Defensive Philosophy: The Iron Legion uses a Base 3-4, with pressing safeties that rely on cornerbacks to play on an island. It is those cornerbacks that will determine if the team succeeds. Chromatika is strong against the run and the long pass, but can be bested by intermediate or short passes. The majority of the players come from the NSCF ranks.
Players: Starters in Italics

Defensive Ends
#60 - Jill Lia - 23 years old - Staramara Angel. A pure speedy edge rusher who has an endless motor. (Former FSU)
#65 - Kitty Kio - 22 years old - Brisara Juggernaut. A speedy edge rusher who uses agility to get around offensive linemen. (Former FSU)
#55 - Candace Ferrett. 21 years old - Cold Hill University Buffalo. An edge rusher with an endless motor who may be small in size but plays big.
#58 - Vilaya Pince - 31 years old - Qet Lynx. Decent in coverage for a lineman.

Defensive Tackles
#74 - Bernard Perry - 27 years old - Chromia Cyan. Agile, mobile, quick.
#79 - Parry Mioto - 29 years old - Alnio Pirate. Runs well, Has a bit of a problem getting past people. (Former FSU)
#62 - Ronald Mimisimi - 31 years old. Sanar Battalion. Thrives on contact.

Outside Linebackers
#44 - Cara Setri - 27 years old - Staramara Angel. Loves to rush from the edge or drop into coverage, as is needed. (Former FSU)
#42 - Randy Mett - 31 years old - Brisara Juggernaut. More of a cover linebacker.
#41 - Diton Mien - 33 years old - Lanar Turtle. A run stopper.
#49 - Odwin Freman - 26 years old - Alnio Pirate. Someone who has all the intangibles - but can get lost in the course of play.

Middle Linebackers
#59 - Mi-Hyeon Park - 22 years old - Felswyr State University Firehawk. Dictates the defense. Tackling machine. Decent coverage linebacker. Defensive Captain.
#51 - Jere Rinaldi - 22 years old - Staramara Tech University Lava. The hammer who can make any player that gets within range pay, physical specimen.
#40 - Nolan Marr - 32 years old - Qet Lynx. Veteran presence in the locker room, solid all-around.
#52 - Lauren Scott - 19 years old - Knetyohai Icebreaker. Skipped out on the NSCF experience altogether to go pro early, a raw talent.

Strong Safeties
#37 - Candice Jones - 27 years old - Qet Lynx. Hugs the line of scrimmage on almost every play, coming across on run support most of the time. Decent in coverage but not special.
#39 - Mike Jeremy - 31 years old - Chromia Cyan. A cover safety.
#20 - Kera Small - 26 years old - Alnio Pirate. A player with solid fundamentals, Small overcommits at times.

Free Safeties
#25 - Niles Mikaela-Jones - 34 years old - Alnio Pirate. A cover safety who sometimes comes across on blitzes.
#24 - Vi Nia-Kaid - 25 years old - Staramara Angel. Has long reach and specializes in coverage.
#28 - Jarome Kindler - 28 years old - Chromia City Cyan. An extra safety who can play in multiple DB packages, Kindler is a cerebral player.

#21 - Nikolai Dimitrov - 27 years old - Staramara Angel. 6 ft 5 inches. Sticks to his man like glue, uses long arms to break up completions. Perfectionist.
#29 - Paul Mattieu - 23 years old - Felswyr State University Firehawk. 6 ft 3 inches. Plays a bit more aggressively for the ball.
#27 - Victoria Mio - 21 years old - Cold Hill University Buffalo. 6 ft 8 inches. Lanky, aggressive, ballhawk. Instinctive player who studies to make up for fundamental weaknesses.
#48 - Larry Oyama - 31 years old - Staramara Angel. Nickel back, plays soft coverage while looking at the eyes of the Quarterback at all times.
#33 - Rowena Pillar - 30 years old - Brisara Juggernaut. An understudy who has solid fundamentals.

Special Teams Coordinator: Niles Crescent, Brisara Juggernaut
Assistant Coordinator: Vera James, Felswyr State University
Special Teams Philosophy: A kicker should never miss. Play for field position. Solid fundamentals. The Iron Legion doesn't do much trickery - but is very good at coverage and at kicking.
Players: - Starters in Italics

#05 - James Dior - 19 years old - Staramara Tech University Lava. Serviceable under 40, not much beyond that.
#03 - Michelle Breille - 20 years old - Felswyr State University Firehawk. Has long range, but lacks consistency.

#12 - Nellie Katt - 22 years old - Felswyr State University Firehawk. Directional punter specializing in coffin corners. Not very good at long punts, but can drop them in.
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes, but please look at my roster.
Godmod scoring events: No.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but if severe, please contact me.
Godmod Injuries to my players: No.
Suspend my players: Yes, but if for more than one match, please contact me.
Godmod suspension events: No.
Godmod other events: No.
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Postby South Newlandia » Fri Dec 24, 2021 6:09 pm

South Newlandian roster for World Bowl 42

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, but please do message me beforehand.
Suspend my players: Probably, but please do message me beforehand.
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes, but please do message me beforehand.
Style mod: -1.093

Also, as a general thing: This team is not that good. When I claim that a player is good, at something or in general, that means they are good for being on this team; mostly made up of amateur players and a bunch of guys from try-outs, and a couple of guys who were backups on college teams. They aren’t a terrible team, but don’t expect any star players here.


Credit goes to the excellent kit maker Saint Kanye


Elephant Field (7.700)
Loacated a bit outside Elephant Valley, this small stadium is the biggest South Newlandia has to offer. Without a roof, it is open to the elements of both wind and rain.

Coaching staff:

Head coach: Robert Victorino (Drawkland, 56)
Victorino formerly played in the Gridiron League of Drawkland, most notably as the linebacker for the Waxton Pilots. He decided to move to coaching early in his career after an injury, including jobs as linebackers coach or defensive coordinator at various positions with colleges and pro teams in Drawkland. This will be his first head coaching gig, and he'll call the defense and make the game situation calls. He's a conservative as a coach, doesn't want to take a lot of risks, fitting the Elephants’ scheme. Also, being 54 as a Drawkian is like being in your late thirties normally. He led the Elephants to a 2-6 record the first time, and then to an 3-6 record (including making the playoffs!).

Offensive coordinator: Corbin Hunt (42)
Hunt will be responsible for the offensive play calling. He emphasizes a strong run game and usually avoids trick-plays. He’s also extremely conservative on fourth down. Due to his play calling, all running backs will see some carries, and most likely the fullbacks as well. When it comes to passing, he usually plays short routes; but that’s partially because of the passer he works with. He introduced the two-TE base set for this World Bowl, but will also play downs with a fullback, or three wideouts.

Defensive coordinator: Jonny Ferry (39)
Ferry will work together with Victorino for the defense. Together, they will be running a 3-4 defense, utilizing a nickel back more often than most teams, and bringing blitz less often than most teams. Most defensive playcalls will be zone defense. The idea is a bend-but-don’t-break defense solid against the pass.

Special teams coordinator: Ian Careful (45)
Careful will take responsibility for the Special teams, and like the other parts of the coaching team, he is rather conservative. Don’t expect any trick plays; but he and the entire coaching team emphasize good tackling. All in all, the Special Teams are a solid unit for the Elephants, probably the best of the three units they have.

OFFENSE: (main starters in bold)

QB1: #7 Robert Stein (28)
QB2: #11 Taylor Lovell (32)
QB3: #18 Cyril Kirby (29, first WB)
Stein is a pocket-passing quarterback without much mobility, a strong arm, or much general talent at all. Because of that, the Elephants will be running a rather traditional offense, with a strong run game and short passes. Don’t even think about the alternatives, they aren’t any better.

Running Backs:
RB1: #33 Giovanni Read (32)
RB2: #26 Diego Holland (29)
RB3: #47 Mark Power (27)
These are the guys that will do most of the lifting for the Elephants. Read will be the main back, being one of the better players on this offense, with a general talent to read defenses and see lanes and blocks easily. Holland is the main alternative, with a similar set-up, although he is a bit quicker, but less strong. Power will be the power back for short yardage situations, often utilized as a third down back.

FB1: #25 Mark Downs (25)
Downs is a pretty solid fullback that will get quite a few carries. Similar to Power, he is pretty decent at getting first downs in short yardage.

Tight Ends:
TE1: #44 Dhruv Valentine (27)
TE2: #82 Dominic Heath (25)
TE3: #41 Fabio Adam (27)
TE4: #87 Lonnie Hurst (22)
Valentine may well be the best offensive player on the roster. He’s pretty good at blocking, pretty good at catching, and pretty good at running routes, and reasonably fast. Heath and Eastwood are both okay options for blocking, but not really viable options as receivers. Hurst is the young talent on the roster, who can be a pretty significant receiving threat.

Wide Receivers:
WR1: #12 Olaf Ramsey (29)
WR2: #14 Rachelle Klein (23, first WB, EVU graduate)
WR3: #89 Christian Perry (26)
WR4: #85 Kiefer Miller (30)
WR5: #13 Diego McGuire (23)
Ramsey has been the main receiver in the last years, but the real news is Rachelle Klein, who played her senior season of college in NSCF24 as a depth chart receiver for Elephant Valley, becoming the answer to the trivia question “Who was the first South Newlandian to record a touchdown in NSCF?”, thanks to a thirteen-yard TD reception in week 10 of NSCF24. She finished her season with 97 yards and 1 touchdown. Anyhow, Perry is a pretty decent deep threat, Miller has good hands for short throws, and McGuire has speed.

C1: #55 Lincoln Workman (29)
C2: #71 Murray Church (22, first WB)
The offensive line is mostly solid, although nothing breath-taking either. Of course, that’s a requirement with a Quarterback like Stein.

LG1: #77 Nathaniel Stevens (29)
LG2: #62 Jimi Potts (31)
RG2: #70 Matthew Bradford (24)
RG1: #69 Dick Lawson (28, first WB)
Stevens is a decent enough guard, while Bradford has been brought into the starting rotation following the retirement of the guy who played here before him, you wouldn’t know him. Whether Bradford is game-ready is questionable at best.

LT1: #54 Charley McArthur (26)
LT2: #59 Peter McNeill (29)
RT1: #50 Marius Hawe (30)
RT2: #66 Husnain O’Moore (24)
The Tackles are the O-Lines biggest weakness. If a defender can break through easily, McArthur is probably the one that got overrun.

DEFENSE: (main starters in bold)

Defensive Ends:
LE1: #56 Conrad Pitt (32)
LE2: #91 Nathanael Rowe (25)
RE1: #67 Antony Archer (27)
RE2: #96 German Newton (23, first WB, EVU graduate)
The defense is definitely better than the offense. Archer is almost certainly the better Defensive End here; with Pitt not having the speed anymore; while Newton was a depth chart rusher for EVU in his senior season. He didn’t do much.

Nose Tackles:
NT1: #93 Matthias Petersen (28)
NT2: #65 Wesley Wright (23, first WB, EVU graduate)
NT3: #98 Robby Waller (23, first WB, EVU graduate)
Petersen is a pretty decent Defensive Tackle that is solid against the run, but won’t generate much pressure either. Wright and Waller were both backup nose tackles for EVU in their senior seasons, which neither seeing much of the field. Wright was credited with half a sack in week 13.

LOLB1: #45 Alan Stubbs (30)
LOLB2: #99 Jaydon Conner (30)
ROLB1: #40 Josh Rush (28)
ROLB2: #42 Matthew Winn (22)
Rush is a pretty solid player, able to generate pressure, while Stubbs is a much better run defender.
ILB1: #49 Pascal Melendez (28)
ILB2: #52 Izaan Roy (27)
ILB3: #97 Edgar White (29)
ILB4: #48 Jordyn Bean (24)
Roy and Melendez are a very solid duo that isn’t easy to pass. Maybe one of them will even get a pick on a bad pass thrown their way.

CB1: #20 Jayden-James Norton (27)
CB3: #43 Carolyn Bray (23, first EB, EVU graduate)
CB2: #29 Coday Fritz(31)
CB4: #30 Sebastian Jacobson (24)
CB5: #46 Victoir Huber (30)
Norton has been a relatively reliable corner for these Elephants, while Bray is another player that spent her senior year of college in NSCF24. She showed some signs of not being completely terrible, being credited with five defended passes in her limited opportunities as the third corner for EVU.

SS1: #39 Corban Farmer (29)
SS2: #35 Doug Schmidt (23)
FS1: #28 Taylor Suarez (28)
FS2: #22 Gene Shannon (24)
Farmer is a good safety, able to pick balls off and break up passes if the opportunity presents itself. Otherwise, the Elephants will have some trouble defending very deep passes.


K: #3 Abdul Corbett (29)
Corbett is very solid from within 40, including extra points, but everything beyond that gets difficult for him, he just lacks the strength. That’s why the Elephants will occasionally punt from way up field.
P: #4 Cristian Ballard (26)
Ballard is a very underrated player, able to punt balls far and relatively precise. Don’t ask him to throw a pass though, it will not go well.
Reserve Kicker/Punter:
K/P: #9 Jamal Garza (30, first WB)
Better than no backup at all.
Long snapper:
TE3: Fabio Adam (27)
This guy hasn’t actually snapped a ball in a real game before. That surely can’t go wrong.
P: #4 Cristian Ballard (26)
Would you look at that, the old holder is gone as well! This is in no way an omen of disaster.
WR5: #13 Diego McGuire (23)
Well, at least that doesn’t sound too stupid. He doesn’t have the hands for it, but at least he has the speed.

If you have any questions or something, please let me know either via TG or on discord.

MD1: v. Ko-oren (2)
MD2: @Chromatika (12)
MD3: v. Allamunnic States (11)
MD4: @StrayaRoos (UR)
MD5: v. Lisander (35)
MD6: @Ko-oren (2)
MD7: v. Chromatika (12)
MD8: @Allamunnic States (11)
MD9: v. StrayaRoos (UR)
MD10: @Lisander (35)

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Postby Ranoria » Sat Dec 25, 2021 8:43 am

RFL 2027 season, week 4: Dietrich Dynamos @ Pittsburgh Ironmen

Dynamos at Ironmen Final Score: Dietrich Wins 48-38 As Diamond Rhine Formally Establishes Himself as The MVP Frontrunner


In the 2026 season's Game of the Year (so far), the Dietrich Dynamos took on the Pittsburgh Ironmen. Over 700 passing yards were earned between quarterbacks Ryan Applehort (297) and Diamond Rhine (464). The teams were neck and neck, 41-38 with 5:14 to play in the game.


But what happened? This Ironmen defense has been one of the best teams in football, twice reaching the pinnacle of the sport on the back of that unit - the stuff dynasties are made of. How the hell did they allow 48 points in one game?

A gut punch surprise move in the offseason was the starting point - edge rusher Jarett Hauptmann departed in the offseason to play up with the Highport Hawks to give that a Byron Joseph-led team some teeth on defense. Hauptmann had formed part of an edge rusher room with four all-star caliber guys that rotated frequently, staying fresh, often coming out in formations with at least three of them on the field, normally with Malik Sherman lined up on the interior. With that much talent on the front four, one can imagine opposing quarterbacks struggle to stay upright.

Even with Sherman banged up and missing time with an old knee injury and veteran Vontaze Ahn out for a few games, this team still had its three time defensive player of the year: National team her Angelo Gordon. In the first quarter, he showed exactly who he was, sacking Rhine twice to hold his dynamic offense to just thirty yards while the Ironmen took a 10-0 lead.

In the second quarter, with Gordon seething on the other side, Rhine changed things up. The quarterback audibled - without the help of Alessandra Mio if you can believe that - and slid the pass protection away from Gordon.

Now those of you reading should realize that Deondre Rhine is every bit of a 6'6", chiseled two hundred sixty pound man. The quarterback is built like a tight end. Gordon, freakish as he is, just isn't as large. Isn't as much of a physical specimen. So when the most feared man in the RFL came off the ball like a bull in a china shop, Rhine simply took the snap and tensed. He took one short, quick step forward, and met Gordon like a pair of competing rams.

Gordon's facemask got caught on Rhine's shoulder and he fell back, driven into the dirt by a quarterback. A roaring audience suddenly went silent when the play was replayed on the jumbotron - because their star, their dog, the spirit of their team, was laying motionless on the grass. To his credit, it did result in a third sack, but the stadium went nearly silent until inevitably, the stretcher came out. All play stopped for nearly six minutes as nearly every player on the field took a knee to watch as Gordon's pads were cut off and he was carted away.

The energy in a sound, championship-caliber team was sapped in that time, but Rhine wasn't going to wait for them to get off their back foot. No, he took his undefeated Dynamos and led them to tie things up by late in the fourth quarter, 38-38.

Then Sean Morgan-Horne intercepted Ryan Applehort with less than five minutes left in regulation. Already up by a field goal, a somewhat depleted Ironmen defense loaded up the box, expecting the run.

Alternatively, with Deondre Rhine on the field one should never put too much money on the run game. From his own 49 yard line, Rhine dropped back in a clean pocket, looked off a safety, then put a ball on the rope with precision many would kill for.

Who else was there to snag the ball out of the air than Alessandra Mio? The Dynamos top weapon made the catch in stride, shrugged off an ornery defensive back who tried to make a play on the ball, and couldn't do much but laugh as her team celebrated around her after her third touchdown catch of the day - Rhine's sixth passing. The elder of the Mio sisters offered a small bow to the camera crew in attendance before pitching the ball to the officials. Mio and Rhine had led their team into the jaws of the premier defense in Ranoria and dropped 48 points on them. The quarterback couldn't help but scream into the air following the breakthrough play, continuing to flash the charisma that kept the fanbase's adoration despite the controversy he seemed espoused to.

Consequently, for tens of thousands of voices declaring that Deondre "Diamond" Rhine would never be a top tier quarterback, they would be silent for the moment.
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Postby Delaclava » Sat Dec 25, 2021 4:02 pm

Forward Lateral

Group draw yields Round 6 with Corps, and not much else

For anyone expecting fireworks for the Phoenixes in the qualification stage of the World Bowl, I'm sorry to report that the group draw has yielded, with one exception, only poppers and snakes.

Perhaps the only truly alluring opponent is #3 Drawkland: otherwise, the foes hoping to keep Delaclava out of the top three are #15 Kohnhead, #19 Buffalostan, and debutants Caliland and Pius Desurongcrandis.

Even with pots of four teams, the talent pool for this tournament is unexpectedly small. The unexpected absences of #6 Squidroidia, #6 Newmanistan, and #9 Karditan ensured that the Phoenixes would be the second seed in its group, while the lack of #16 Tumbra - surprise playoff team in Buffalostan who earned their stripes with an upset of eventual champion Ranoria, before falling meekly to the Phoenixes - and #17 Cassadaigua, the World Bowl XL champions who also declined to qualify for Buffalostan, the competition lacks a certain depth that would typically make it difficult to reach the playoffs. Certainly not the same challenge as the last competition, where Delaclava needed to split series with Banija and Sarzonia to make it to the Round of 16.

Still, Pot 3 still could have yielded another two games with the Sarzonia Stars - always a fresh and competitive matchup - or new challenges in Chromatika, hosts of XLI and the other losing semifinalists in XLII, or TJUN-ia, always a game opponent in any sport thanks to their well-developed programs. Instead, it's the Kohnhead Brains. The country is home to Kohnhead City University, two-time semifinalists in NSCF, which is neat if you think the NSCF is a high-level competition (it's not). Internationally, they're a perennially .500 team. They made it to Buffalostan with a typically pedestrian 4-4 record before eliminating 3-5 South Newlandia and an accomplished but overrated Squidroidia to reach the quarterfinals.

In theory, it's an interesting matchup, as Kohnhead is still a chalk pick to make it to the Round of 12. But it seems likely that Taurus Wright and company will remove any possibility of an upset within about two drives.

There wasn't a whole lot for goods out of Pot 4 - perhaps South Newlandia, who's come at the other end of a sort of talent pipeline, mainly at Elephant Valley University and Ratzupalfu University of Nature. Instead, it's the host emeritus Buffalostan. The country put on a good event, for sure, but the players limped to a 4-4 record before bowing out of the play-in. Buffalostan's last appearance was at XL, where they compiled a record of, not a typo, 0-10. That shows, shall we say, improvement? But if this team presents anything resembling a close contest, God help us.

Out of the unranked teams, there is Pius Desurongcrandis, who are most notable for also being nicknamed the Phoenixes. I assure you the real Phoenixes in town will not abide by that shit. And there is Caliland, who are perhaps most notable for existing. And by the description we can find, they simply do not consume enough animal protein to be viable sporting competitors. Thanks for coming!

The good news is, the Phoenixes have already built an interesting history against the top four teams - Ranoria, Ko-oren, Drawkland, and Banija - and it was the Grid Corps they drew. Delaclava and Drawkland enjoy a healthy level of diplomacy - as demonstrated by their unsuccessful bid to host soccer tournament the 77th Cup of Harmony - are each two-time World Bowl champions, sit in the top four longest combined reigns as Golden Bowl lineal champions, and will face off for the sixth and seventh times.

In World Bowl XXXIX, the Phoenixes visited Drawkland in the group stage and suffered a 27-16 defeat, but took revenge in Catherina with a 36-30 overtime thriller. Just a year later, in the buildup to Karditan, the Phoenixes took the series lead with a 13-10 win In Quinniville, and came to that last day in pole position to qualify. Instead, the Corps stomped out Delaclava 31-16 at home to snag the spot themselves.

The "rubber match" came soon in Chromatika, the World Bowl XLI semifinal. What was expected to be a shootout became a defensive slugfest, one that came down to the last play - an incomplete pass from Wright at the 7-yard line - before Drawkland won 10-3. The two teams did not meet in Buffalostan, with Drawkland suffering an uninspired defeat to Saint Kanye, 26-3, and the Phoenixes pushing forward to defeat the top-ranked Ko-oren Dragonflies, before losing in the semifinal to Ranoria.

But now the Phoenixes and Corps are guaranteed to square off for the fourth time in five editions - and remarkably, the group stage will conclude for the third time with a showdown between the two powers. Both teams, at their best, possess well=balanced and high-octane offenses, aggressive and speedy defenses, and experience and championship mettle in spades. The Phoenixes, coming off the AO Bowl title, are in more proven form, and questions start to arise about Drawkland's long-term place in international football. But in terms of the game's history and the rivalry itself, there isn't a more tantalizing matchup on hand for the ten rounds of group play.

And so I implore the fans, please remain patient, and hope for a modicum of consistency against the other opponents. It'd be nice if those Corps games weren't too crucial...
Last edited by Delaclava on Sat Dec 25, 2021 8:13 pm, edited 1 time in total.
2x WORLD BOWL CHAMPIONS (13 & 15) ~~ Current World #1 in American Football
Champions of World Team Tennis Championship 2 and 3, World Cup of Masters III, Atlantian Oceania Bowl 5
2nd: World Bowl 11, International Basketball Championship 31, World Junior Hockey Championships 16 and 17, AO Hockey Championship 7, AO Basketball Championship 5, World Lacrosse Championship 16, AO Baseball Series 3
3rd: World Bowl 41, 42, 43, and 44; International Basketball Championship 35, World Cup of Hockey 16, AO Basketball Championship 6 and 7, Di Bradini Cup 15
4th: Baptism of Fire 34

Hosts of World Cup 55, Cup of Harmony 44 and 46, Baptism of Fire 72; World Bowl 11, 15, 39, and 43; IBC 7 and 31; AOCAF 31; WJHC 16; etc.
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StrayaRoos Broadcasting Corporation:World Bowl XLIII Preview

Postby StrayaRoos » Sat Dec 25, 2021 4:41 pm

So our first World Bowl is going to Begin with an Match against Chromatika at Estadio La Menai and we think Maggie has a lot of Humor First,stuffing up our WBC53 Campaign then the Group of Death in Lacrosse and Gridiron

Pre-World Bowl Matche
StrayaRoos VS East StrayaRoos Islands
ESI 7 7 14 3 31
STR 3 0 0 0 3
СтраяРус ❤️ Україна
Technoblade Never Dies
Aussie Rules:6th
Test Cricket:28th
4th Place at ARWC5

94:26/29 23pts
95:26/27 26pts
96:26/34 56pts
98:27/31 24pts
99:28/38 71pts
100:45/51 42pts

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Pius Desurongcrandis
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Postby Pius Desurongcrandis » Sat Dec 25, 2021 7:42 pm

Pius Phoenixes Schedule
12/28- Drawkland vs Pius Desurongcrandis
12/29- Pius Desurongcrandis @ Delaclava
12/30- Caliland vs Pius Desurongcrandis
12/31- Buffalostan vs Pius Desurongcrandis
1/2- Pius Desurongcrandis @ Kohnhead
1/3- Pius Desurongcrandis @ Drawkland
1/4- Delaclava vs Pius Desurongcrandis
1/6- Pius Desurongcrandis @ Caliland
1/7- Pius Desurongcrandis @ Buffalostan
1/8- Kohnhead vs Pius Desurongcrandis

Highlights of the Schedule
The Phoenixes were drawn into Group A with 3rd ranked Drawkland, 10th ranked Delaclava, 15th ranked Kohnhead, 19th ranked Buffalostan, and Caliland, the other unranked team in Group A. Some games to point out are the first game where Drawkland comes Fennex and duals the Piesian team in the Coliseum as well as the last game where Kohnhead faces the Phoenixes also at the Fennex Coliseum.
The games that most Piesian fans are excited about are the games against Delaclava with the Piesian Team traveling to Delaclava on 12/28 and the Piesians hosting the Delaclava team at the Coliseum on 1/4. The reason that the fans are excited is that both teams use the nickname Phoenixes and these games are for the Piesians to prove that they are the REAL PHOENIXES. As one fan put it, "They might have experience, but we have Finnewin"

Piesian Fans still think that they can go Big
The Piesian faithful believe it's the Phoenixes QB Core that will lead them to greatness. The three Quarterbacks have captured the hearts of the Piesians people and are the reason this team will be competitive despite it being the first World Bowl for the Pius Phoenixes.

Sam Finnegan with the Fennex Capitals against Quebec Fleur De Lis 2021
Photo Cedit: J. Skersee, Fennex Chronicle

Justin Gates with the Aleut Northstars against Fairfan Retreivers 2021
Photo Credit: R. Mosly, Aleut Harold

Connor Millar with the Atlanta Kestrels against Nolansville Jazz 2021
Photo Credit: A. Reebly, Altanta Buguler

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Postby Abanhfleft » Sun Dec 26, 2021 12:02 am

National American football team

This time, Abanhfleft are seriously going to make a serious attempt for a second World Bowl championship. That is all.

Name of nation
: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Official history: This will be Abanhfleft's 15th time playing the World Bowl after the disaster that was the crash of Air Abanhfleft Flight 5116 in Electrum. This is Abanhfleft's 18th time participating in the World Bowl overall.
Team colors: Blue, orange, and green
Style modifier: +2. Abanhfleft has adopted a new, more conservative attacking style of play under new coach Marius Magnussen.

The Amado Isauro-Imponte Garden in Kammala, Garufaloe Province, home of the Garufaloe Cobras of the FNLAF, will be playing host to the Fleftic national gridiron team's home matches. It has an official capacity of 51,000 people, but attendance regularly exceeds that figure thanks to a rabid fanbase, and people preferring to stand up or sit on the stairs whenever capacity is filled.

Key: (Shirt number, height, weight in pounds, age, starter or not)

Quarterback - Wes Soderlund (#8, 5'8, 225, 28, starter)
Quarterback - Glenn Poore (#17, 6'1, 219, 31)
Fullback - Hayden Bruso (#49, 6'3, 273, 33, starter)
Fullback - Zackary Hempel (#29, 6'2, 280, 29)
Tailback - Ronnie Turgeon (#38, 5'11, 255, 32, starter)
Tailback - Eldon Warne (#33, 6'4, 290, 29)
Wide Receiver - Toby Archambeault (#82, 5'9, 210, 28, starter)
Wide Receiver - Palmer Morel (#12, 5'8, 213, 27, starter)
Wide Receiver - Eldon Warne (#83, 5'9, 217, 31)
Wide Receiver - Robby Caplan (#87, 5'6, 222, 28)
Tight End - Luther Dunleavy (#41, 5'8, 249, 28, starter)
Tight End - Alonzo Stilwell (#43, 5'7, 255, 32)
Tight End - Ivan Hoehn (#88, 5'6, 248, 29)

Center - Merlin Tomblin (#55, 6'2, 312, 29, starter)
Center - Elisha Franklin (#52, 6'3, 294, 26)
Offensive Guard - Jerrod Fender (#72, 6'0, 330, 33, starter)
Offensive Guard - Rich Valenti (#64, 5'10, 283, 28, starter)
Offensive Guard - Erasmo Lohman (#67, 5'11, 30, 29)
Offensive Guard - Rhett Petzold (#75, 6'2, 280, 32)
Offensive Tackle - Abram Paradise (#78, 6'3, 314, 33, starter)
Offensive Tackle - Jesus Hurd (#61, 6'2, 312, 29, starter)
Offensive Tackle - Jordan Baker (#70, 6'0, 279, 25)
Offensive Tackle - Kevin Halladay (#60, 6'2, 250, 27)

Middle Linebacker - Del Kendall (#48, 5'9, 328, 32, starter)
Middle Linebacker - Anderson Laurel (#90, 5'11, 271, 28)
Outside Linebacker - Wilfredo Geiger (#92, 5'8, 256, 30, starter)
Outside Linebacker - Deven Manahan (#56, 5'10, 283, 30, starter)
Outside Linebacker - Roderick Mariano (#57, 6'0, 274, 29)
Outside Linebacker - Reginald Newton (#94, 6'1, 288, 26)
Cornerback - Freddy Droz (#31, 6'1, 229, 33, starter)
Cornerback - Louie Stigall (#37, 5'10, 210, 30, starter)
Cornerback - Alex Clemente (#22, 6'2, 245, 31)
Cornerback - Brandon York (#21, 6'2, 226, 26)
Safety - Ward Elgin (#23, 5'8, 210, 30, starter)
Safety - Leon Vrieze (#30, 5'9, 227, 28, starter)
Safety - Earl Pangilinan (#45, 5'7, 212, 29)
Safety - Ralph Reeves (#25, 5'11, 240, 27)

Defensive Tackle - Bryce Abella (#42, 6'3, 302, 31, starter)
Defensive Tackle - Colton Fazon (#51, 6'1, 321, 30, starter)
Defensive Tackle - Leonida Di Giulio (#65, 5'10, 324, 28)
Defensive Tackle - Michel Doisneau (#69, 5'11, 330, 34)
Defensive End - Justyn Dagohoy (#76, 5'10, 299, 34, starter)
Defensive End - Verecondo Bonino (#66, 5'9, 298, 29, starter)
Defensive End - Talal Hadj (#79, 5'8, 282, 28)
Defensive End - Qasim Hannachi (#40, 5'9, 310, 30)

Kicker - Roland Bass (#19, 5'9, 214, 34, field goal specialist)
Kicker - Adeodato Schiavo (#1, 5'8, 203, 26, kickoff specialist)
Punter - Adriano Maiocco (#5, 5'8, 220, 33)
Holder - Glenn Poore
Returner - Toby Archambeault

Anything except killing my players or staff is fair game.
The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

I also write stories. Would you like to read my works?



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