The Iran War (IC)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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The Iran War (IC)

Postby Al Becakad » Mon Nov 15, 2021 11:39 am

Today Iran has done it again. The mad nation has oppressed people for long enough, it was time for action, Al Becakad condemned Iran for murdering people like political prisoners. Today Officially A note was sent saying that Iran was going to run their country how they please, Today the execution of an Al Becakadi Citizen in Iran was the final straw, Al Becakad Officially Declared war on Iran. Al Becakadi naval ships began to sail towards Iran. A rebellion
For democracy has broken out in Iran which is supported by Al Becakad. Today several rebels armed with assault rifles took to the streets.
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Postby Travencore » Mon Nov 15, 2021 11:47 pm

09:30 AM, Imperial Palace Media Room, Trivandrum City
The news room in the palace grounds was buzzing with its usual activity with reporters from the country and abroad settle down themselves awaiting the Emperor's daily press briefing. There was expectations that the Emperor would comment on the recent reports from Iran is now facing rebellion and there is uncertainty regarding Travencore's business interests in the region.

An assistant of the Emperor arrived and announced "Ladies and Gentlemen, The Emperor Of Travencore, Benjamin J. Abraham"!

The whole room rose up and in came the emperor dressed in a formal attire. He began talking about domestic affairs that ranged from putting a check on food grain prices and ease of doing business. He then went on to say..

"...I have come across disturbing news reports from Iran where a large group of people have taken up arms and are up against the legitimate government. Such a situation poses a risk to the stability of the region. And as we all know, Travencore has helped Iran economically and it would be unfortunate if the money of Travencore went into the wrong hands. I appeal to all Travencore citizens in Iran to stay safe and to leave the country as soon as possible as our military intelligence suggest that the rebellion will not die down any soon. To help combat the rebellion, and to protect the infrastructure that Travencore had built in the Iranian capital, I have authorized 500 soldiers to be flown into Iran. 4 of our X-25s will also join the Iranian air force to quell rebel operations"

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Pan-Asiatic States
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Postby Pan-Asiatic States » Wed Nov 17, 2021 3:38 am

The People's Federation of Pan-Asiatic States is closely monitoring the situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Pan-Asiatic States calls upon all parties in the region currently participating in the conflict to implement the utmost restraint, prevent any further aggression against civilian personnel, and ensure respect for human rights.

Additionally, the Pan-Asiatic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (PAMFA) has raised Alert Level for the whole of Iran to 4. Mandatory repatriation efforts have been greenlighted. All Asians who are still in Iran, particularly those who are in the country for non-essential reasons, are encouraged to consider leaving by commercial means at the earliest possible time. Non-combatant government-sanctioned commercial convoys will also be provided for those lacking in finances to retreat via conventional transportation. Asians who are planning to visit Iran are advised to defer their travel until the situation is more stable.
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Peoples Republic of Joyea
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Postby Peoples Republic of Joyea » Thu Nov 25, 2021 11:33 am

The first Joyean Special Actions Group (SAG) operatives of the State Security Service arrived today at about 3 am. Il-76 and An-12 aircraft began dropping them in followed by Joyean military Foreign Advisors arriving at about 5-6 am. The Joyean deployment is completely secret. The Joyean government does not want to get fly involved in the conflict but they will if necessary. At around 11:00 Am the Joyeans began meeting up with the rebels. They had begun supplying the rebels with budget battle rifles and are teaching them how to use there weapons, how to carry out guerrilla warfare, and how to carry out first aid. We would like to turn these rebels into a capable fighting force able to take the Iranian military.
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Postby Dispertag » Thu Nov 25, 2021 4:29 pm

Personal office of His Majesty the King Augusto Santamaría Úzqueda in the Royal Palace of Cizúrquil, capital of the State and headquarter of the General Headquarters of the Armies of Dispertag

Given the news of the recently declared war between the rebels supported by Al Becakad and Iran, the Captain General of the Armies (His Majesty) has called an emergency meeting with the Commanders of the Armies of Land, Sea and Air: Adrián Belmonte García, Eduardo Regueiro Jaramillo and Alfonso Guillén de la Serna respectively.

The three Commanders enter firm but worried about what may be the reason for their summons there. It is not common for a peaceful nation such as [nation]Dispertag[nation] to have a meeting of this caliber, in which the highest representatives of the three Armies of the Kingdom participate due to an international emergency call.

"Gentlemen" begins your Majesty "you are welcome, I hope that the short trip from your respective offices has been uneventful. I have been obliged to summon you here today for a compelling reason that cannot transcend the press, much less, to the knowledge of the people. As you may know, the nation of Iran, which has previously been involved in numerous wars, has been declared at war by Al Becakad, who intends to fight the regime supporting a a sort of rebel guerrilla deployed there, on the ground. We, as defenders of people's freedom and democracy, must help the Government of Al Becakad to fight Iran. "

"But Your Majesty, Dispertag is now experiencing a moment of economic euphoria thanks to the stability of so many years of peace, are we willing to alter this reality?" says Commander Regueiro Jaramillo.

"Don't be a coward," Commander Belmonte García snaps at him, "we live to fight, we are military men and I want to finally put my position to good use, Dispertag was in need of a little action"

"Commander Regueiro is right Commander Belmonte" His Majesty intervenes "We have to take into account the current situation in our country as a key element when making a decision that can change the course of our history. We are in moral duty to give help, but Dispertag will not allow the security of its citizens to be compromised or for anything in the world will it let any civilian lose their lives for a cause whose reason for adherence is nothing more than our political good work, our principles as a functional democracy and successful, but whose relationship with our people is null and, therefore, probably provokes rejection among the people "

"Forgive the interference, Your Majesty, but if what you were saying were so relevant, or if there was so much to risk, you would not have summoned us here", says Commander Guillén de la Serna

"What you say is true Commander Guillén"

"For what reason then has Your Majesty summoned us? Have you already devised a plan of attack? Have you planned which troops to send and when? Would Your Majesty prefer that we dispatch spies in advance to obtain more information? I immediately am at your disposal to start this war "comments Commander Belmonte García emboldened

"We are also ready to serve Your Majesty, give us orders" Commanders Regueiro Jaramillo and Guillén de la Serna sing in unison

"I appreciate your diligence, gentlemen, but the dilemma does not lie in what to do, but in how to do it, and if it is suitable to carry it out" answers his Majesty "in Dispertag we do not like dictatorships, and a theocracy is nothing more than a dictatorship behind a religious mask; religion is the opium of the people, right? Iran's fundamentalism will not last long while we intervene. Although another point to be considered is the possible support of other authoritarian nations for Iran. Beyond the latter, the problem that concerns us lies in the rebels who oppose the Government of Iran and say they want to establish a democracy. Who tells us that it cannot happen to us like the United States with the Taliban? Financing and supporting terrorist groups, for a lot of democracy that promises in the long term, is unfeasible. " says his Majesty

"We can always make war on our own, fight against the State of Iran with the support of other countries and the logistics of Al Becakad, but without the rebels" proposes Commander Belmonte García

"That does not seem possible Belmonte," adds Commander Regueiro Jaramillo "the democratic nations have decided to support the guerrillas, we should not deviate from the general strategy. Napoleon already said it: divide and conquer. We must maintain the cohesion of the alliance defending Al Becakad. "

"I propose, if I am allowed, not to rush into action immediately. It can start simply with a bombing of a city or a military base.We would not be part of the rebels but we would be showing our support for the Al Becakad side" says Commander Guillén de la Serna

"As you can see that your thing is the air Guillén, you take the action to your branch, rogue" Commander Belmonte García says sarcastically

There is slight laughter in the room

"Whether he did it on purpose or not, Commander Guillén's idea is quite equitable and suitable for our interests. I consider that for the moment three bombings, even if they are not very strategic, are enough to intimidate the enemy. Of course, no cities, we do not want civilian deaths" affirms his Majesty "it would be hypocritical on our part and would suppose a probable scandal for the Nation. I want and, therefore, I order that you, Commander Guillén, bomb two areas of reduced interest, such as some alleged weapons warehouse or a bridge, and a strategic point, if possible a military base" his Majesty entrusts

"Repourting for duty, Captain!" Commander Guillén de la Serna responds vigorously

The three Commanders leave the office after giving an official greeting to His Majesty Augusto Santamaría Úzqueda and depart for their respective bases. The support of the Dispertag nation for Al Becakad is thus established.
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