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Lauzanexport CDT Naval Catalog [Do not post]

Postby Lauzanne » Thu Nov 25, 2021 3:48 am

Federatsiy-class Battlecruiser



From the beginning of the 20th century, the old Kingdom of Lauzannia ruled the waves of the Black Sea with the Svoboda-class battleships as well as the impressive Lauzannia. However, the ravages of World War 2 and the Western powers leaving Lauzannia to the Warsaw Pact and COMECON lead to the Lauzanne People's Navy becoming one of the premier naval powers of the Pact, second to the USSR. Post-Refusal War, the now-Federal Republic's LMDF was in a confusing situation where it had initially taken as many ships destined for Russian scrapyards as possible, leaving the reborn LMDF as the primary Black Sea power once more, but this time they had few, if any indigenously designed ships.

The Federatsiy-class was launched in the late 2010's, it's construction suspended by the Spring War diverting funds towards the Army and Air Force. Commissioned in 2020, the ship is as much a statement towards the other Black Sea nations as it is a rebirth of Lauzannean shipbuilding capabilities. At 16,000 tons at full load, it is the heaviest surface combatant within the Black Sea, and is only matched by the Russian Kuznetsov-class and [url]Kirov-class [/url] ships, however both are with the Northern Fleet.

In terms of sensors, firepower and speed, the Federatsiy is unmatched from it's older Soviet and Russian contemporaries, packing an immense 180 VLS cells from which to carry long range SAMs, anti ship and land attack cruise missiles, or ASW missiles in equal measure. With powerful X and S-band radars for target acquisition and detection, supported by a powerful bow and flank sonar arrays allows the Federatsiy-class to provide long range air defence, ASW and AShW weapons to bear against almost any kind of target.

Good sensors, a high flank speed and extremely powerful armaments make the Federatsiy-class a stand-out ship for any fleet it is attached to.


Name: Federatsiy-class Battlecruiser
Type: Guided Missile Cruiser
Displacement: 16,000 tons Full Load
Length: 180 Meters
Beam: 22.3 Meters
Draft: 7.62 Meters
L:B Ratio: 8.07:1
Propulsion: COGAD System
2x ND-30 Diesel Engines
2x AE-NTX Turbine Engine
95,000 SHP total
Speed: 20kn cruising speed
32kn combined speed
Range: 17,000 nautical miles cruising at 20 knots
7,500 nautical miles at combined 32 knots
Complement: 350

Radar: Sapfir S-band 3d Search Radar
Emerald X-band Fire Control Radar
Navigation Radar
Electronic Warfare Suite

Sonar: Pearl-L Bow-Mounted Sonar

1x Twin AK-130A 130mm/L70 Dual Purpose Gun,

180x Universal VLS Cells for Kalibr-L cruise missile, SN-300L SAM, Trishula ASW rockets

2x Kashtan-L SAM/Gun systems (Fore/Aft)

Armor: Splinter protection on critical areas

Aircraft carried: 2x Ka-27 utility helicopters

Cost Per Unit: $1.4 Billion NSD

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