Second Massabi Civil War (MT|IC)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Second Massabi Civil War (MT|IC)

Postby Massab » Sat Oct 16, 2021 11:04 pm

OOC thread

A tense meeting, different from the usual ones between the military leadership and the leader Artre Werki is taking place in the presidential palace in Basar.

General Isaias Awolyta explains the situation to the president :

Dear leader, rebels have easily taken control of the Bakri Mountains taking us by surprise and that’s strategically very dangerous for us.
The Bakri mountains geographic peculiarities makes it impossible for us to use military vehicles on most of the terrain, and the area is located just 45 kilometres from this palace sir.
Our superiority in military hardware is obsolete in this scenario although we still have a chance to defeat them in weeks.

As of now dear leader I’ve blockaded all the Bakri area with no vehicle or supply able to get in or out. The food will surely start to run low unless they’re able to get it supplied by air.
If they started an offensive we could consume them because of this and it’s also true that their decentralized leadership makes it harder for them to coordinate and launch powerful offensives, on the other side the existence of many small military camps is a further strain on us.

Tanks and infrantry vehicles are around the area to prevent a siege on Basar, and the parachute regiment and the air force is on stand-by ready for orders.

Artre pays close attention to the slightly nervous general, and adds just a few words.

The rebels seem to not be in a rush strangely enough, we must take our time to organize better and be efficient on all fronts, at the same time though we can’t let those thugs around our nations without responding to their provocation.

All the generals and colonels agreed and many ideas were being shared on what approach to take.
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Postby Gonswanza » Sun Oct 17, 2021 7:35 pm

We must purge this fowl disease once and for all. To arms! For Gonswanza! For Massabi! For democracy!

So were the opening words of the operation, as the Hurricanes spun up their engines, loaded and ready to carry out their strikes. Overhead, well beyond the reach of any known air defenses, a trio of Colossi are present, with one acting as a flying missile base, while the other two are simply carrying out the task of AWACs and recon duty. With targets spotted from the air, the coordinates are relayed to the Hurricanes which are just now taking off, set to blitz hardpoints deep in rebel territory. Supporting the first strike, several J-102s outfitted for SEAD operations fly out ahead of the bombers, intent on knocking out hostile air defenses, with the first strike being key in cutting down enemy numbers and operations. Paired to that, strategic strikes against camps would also offer to shake up enemy morale, offering a strong start to the war.

Elsewhere, off the shores, the infantry are slow to arrive, being dropped off through landing craft or ferried by helis, in an attempt to let the air force strike first without any risk for friendly fire. Hopefully, the strike goes over well... With as few losses on the Gonswanzan side as possible... In spite of the absurd aggression.
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Postby Calamastan » Mon Oct 18, 2021 5:20 am

Calamastan immediately sends troops to help the Massabi government and sends 15,000 troops to help the massabi government and has had aircraft take to the sky to help the massabi government to gain air superiority.
in a statement by the supreme leader today was the time to attack the rebels.
These rebels are nothing but scums, they need to be destroyed by a furious wrath. we will do the best we can to aid the government of Massab, we will attack rebel ports and factories, we will fund the cause of the government,
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Postby Janpia » Mon Oct 18, 2021 10:31 am

A Janpian Kalinka-Class Cruiser escorted by 2 Kalingrad destroyers has anchored at the port of Nawdi with the flags of neutrality. The Janpian Union has made no announcements of its participation into the war, neither declaring hostilities or neutrality. However, the ship carries 400 revolutionaries. They are wearing Janpian military uniforms and equipped with Janpian stork assault rifles. But not a single one of them are equipped with Janpian IDs and flags. They started unloading equipment, and soon, they will march on to the nearby Nawdi airport.

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