Baptism of Fire 76(IC, Everything)

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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Baptism of Fire 76(IC, Everything)

Postby Banija » Wed Aug 11, 2021 6:54 am


Welcome to the Republic of Bollonich and the Kingdom of Banija for the 76th Baptism of Fire! We are excited to host the first foray into international football(soccer!) for 36 nations. May you enjoy your stay in our football-loving countries.

We have 36 teams! We will have 6 groups of 6, and the group stages will be a single Round Robin where everybody plays each other once. The top two in each group will advance to the knockout stages, alongside the four best teams who are not top two(regardless of place within group). The group winners will be seeded 1-6, the group runner-ups 7-12, and the top four non top-two sides, 13-16. The bracket will be drawn at that point for the knockout stages.

Nyowani Kitara
Saint Eleanor
Democratic Kingdom of South India
Ochre Islands
Cabo Azure
Malta Comino Gozo
Bahia Roja
Aix les Filles
West Guam
India [Ideal India]

Group A
Ochre Islands
Nyowani Kitara
Britland [Galimencia]

Group B

Group C
Cabo Azure
Malta Comino Gozo
Bahia Roja

Group D
India [Ideal India]

Group E
Democratic Kingdom of South India
West Guam

Group F
Aix les Filles
Saint Eleanor

Calendar - Bollonich will scorinated Groups A-C, and Banija will scorinate Groups D-F. Cutoff times for both hosts will be between 8-9:30 AM EDT.
Live Group Draw- Saturday, August 14th. The draw will be hosted live on Discord by Bollonich at 10:30 AM EDT.
Group Stage, Matchday 1- Wednesday, August 18th.
Group Stage, Matchday 2- Thursday, August 19th.
Group Stage, Matchday 3- Saturday, August 21st.
Group Stage, Matchday 4- Sunday, August 22nd.
Group Stage, Matchday 5- Monday, August 23rd.
Round of 16- Wednesday, August 25th.
Quarterfinals- Friday, August 27th.
Semifinals- Monday, August 30th.
Third Place Match/Final- Wednesday, September 1st.

Group Stage Match Schedule - Teams are in the order they are listed on the groups list. The team listed first in the group is team 1, the team listed second is team 2, and so on.
Matchday 1
1 v 6
2 v 5
3 v 4
Matchday 2
6 v 4
5 v 3
1 v 2
Matchday 3
2 v 6
3 v 1
4 v 5
Matchday 4
6 v 5
1 v 4
2 v 3
Matchday 5
3 v 6
4 v 2
5 v 1

RP Permissions
Please post this either with your roster or your first RP with a yes or a no(with any qualifiers) for each question. These are all permissions to help facilitate an acceptable RP to you if somebody else RPs your match first, and vice versa.

Also note the style modifier included in the below post! Style modifier is how your team plays- whether they are more attacking(and therefore are both more likely to score and more likely to concede) or more defensive(and therefore are both less likely to score and less likely to concede). A positive modifier is more attacking, while a negative one is more defensive. It does effect in the scorinator how much your team scores/concede, but the modifier does not effect wins or losses. So choose one that best suits your squad!
Code: Select all
[u]RP Permissions[/u]
[b]Choose my scorers:[/b]
[b]Choose my scoring events:[/b]
[b]Godmod scoring events:[/b]
[b]RP injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod Injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Give Yellow Cards to my players:[/b]
[b]Give Red Cards to my players[/b]:
[b]Godmod other events:[/b]
[b]Style Modifier(-5 to +5):[/b]

Group Stage Tiebreakers
1) H-2-H Wins
2) Overall Goal Difference
3) Wins
4) IC Coin Toss (aka RP bonus)
5) Coin Toss (scorinated tiebreaker match in xkor)

If you have any questions at all about anything, either TG one of your co-hosts (myself or Bollonich), or ask it in the OOC Discussion Thread as linked above, and we will do our best to answer your questions.

As an additional note, only the tournament co-hosts should reserve posts. Everyone else should not reserve a post- posts get graded when they are seen, and if it is seen when reserved, then we are likely to miss your grading. If you cannot finish a RP in one sitting, use the 'save drafts' feature to walk away and come back to your RP later! It'll save the RP to the boards so you can pick back up where you left off.

Best of luck to all!
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Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
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Postby Bollonich » Wed Aug 11, 2021 6:55 am

Welcome to Bollonich


The Republic of Bollonich , is a small nation located on the northern side of Rushmore to the east of Græntfjall and the north of Weatherdon. The Republic of Bollonich is sparsely populated with a large proportion of the nation being covered in coniferous forests and arid regions. Bollonich is a highly advanced nation scientifically and economically. 90% of the Bollonischian population are habited on the coasts on the northern side. Bollonich’s capital city Vreton, is a lavish location known throughout the multiverse as the stop for tourists passing by.

Players and Tourists Guidelines

Drug Policy - Bollonich has a relatively liberal drug policy, with marijuana sold throughout the nation. Any drugs that are found in the presence of players or tourists while arriving into Bollonich shall be returned on inspection if the substance is permitted by law. If it is not, the substance shall be confiscated. The presence of such a substance after arrival shall be subject to national law and dependent on the severity of the substance owned.
Alcohol policy - All people above 18 can consume and own alcohol. The last drink can be served at 2 am in the night after which all pubs must close. Identification of your age is required to purchase alcohol and ID maybe required for consumption. The Blood alcohol content for driving is 0.03%, above which a person is not legally allowed to drive.


The matches that shall be played across two venues in two cities. The players shall be commuting with the means of airplanes, commercial versions of which shall also be available to tourists. If a person wishes not to avail Bollonich’s airlines, they can use Bollonich’s public transport system with the NCHS, being vastly available. Rental cars or motorbikes are also available however to rent one of these a person will need to display his or her driving license.
For within city commute, a person is welcome to use Bollonich’s underground system of subways, which costs a small fee for tourists. Cycles are also widely available for rent across Bollonischian cities.
For inter city transit a separate option also exists, that of national railways. Some passenger railways are free of cost while others require a small fee, as such trains are owned by privatised companies.


If you are travelling to Bollonich, you might want to extend your stay to view some of the beauties here. Fermont is home to the National History Museum where a person new to Bollonich can learn all about our history and have a deeper understanding. Among educational locations such as this, another is the Bollonischian Cultural Centre located in Vreton which has information all about the culture and traditions. Visiting monuments like the Founders Statue located at Marda should be something on your bucket list.
The other major tourist attraction are the beaches and coniferous forests of Bollonich. The northern coast of Bollonich is blessed with a number of beaches and is a tourist hotspot with Kibnoto beach near Vreton being highly famous. The coniferous forests located towards the south eastern side of Bollonich are endowed with a vast variety of flora and fauna. The Great Bollosch Tiger are also found here. The Akusha National Park located near Akusha is the largest national park in Bollonich which receives a large number of tourists every year.

People and Living Facilities

The People of Bollonich are extremely friendly and are willing to help out anyone, however they are also very lawful and don’t like to break the law for anyone or anything. They can converse in English or the Bollonischian native language. The people speak nicely, however if you enter a political discussion with a Bollonischian don’t expect them to be nice to you as Bolloischians are highly passionate about politics and anything remotely related to it.
If you are visiting Bollonich, you will need a place to stay, and you could avail the 5 star Government line of hotels presented by the Bollonischian Department of Hotels. To get a room in any of these hotels you will need to produce your ID, either digitally or physically. The locals shall also be able to point you to the local home stay or such other places. All hotels and home stays are Government approved for safety, and other facilities.

Sporting Culture

The Bollonischian people are highly passionate about sports, and you are bound to find a following for each and every sport. The most popular sport by far is football which is nearly followed by all sports fans, which also includes some of the most passionate fans ever. The rivalry between Vreton United and Vreton City is the most famous and revered among all. It has also led to the phrase, “If you see two people fighting they must be United and City fans.” Not a very elegant phrase but a phrase nonetheless.
The second place is held by two sports, mainly cricket and tennis. Cricket is a sport that is either loved or hated by most Bollonischians, and has a fair number of people from both camps. Tennis a sport mainly enjoyed by casual sports lovers and normal people, generally seen as a sport of the rich people.

Host Cities and Stadiums

Vreton - Vreton is the capital and largest city of Bollonich with lavish living facilities. It’s a tourist and sporting hotspot as it is as rich in derbies as it is in 5 star restaurants. Vreton located on the coast experiences moderate weather
The John Lennon Football Stadium (100,000) in Vreton is the home ground of previous season’s TPL winners Vreton City. It is the largest stadium in Bollonich built in memory of our first ever President.
A - MD2 - 5 v 3
A - MD5 - 5 v 1
A - MD4 - 1 v 4
B - MD4 - 2 v 3
B - MD1 - 3 v 4
B - MD3 - 2 v 6
C - MD1 - 1 v 6
C - MD3 - 4 v 5
C - MD5 - 3 v 6

Lagos - Lagos located in the central part of Bollonich, is very close to other cities like San Pablo and Akusha. Lagos is a developing town city with some beautiful scenery to witness there. The city being located in the centre of Bollonich experiences cool weather with beautiful coniferous forests in its outskirts.
The Allainz Arena (63,000) in Lagos is the home ground of SC Lagos who despite all odds managed to finish fourth in the TPL.
A - MD1 - 1 v 6
A - MD3 - 3 v 1
A - MD4 - 2 v 3
B - MD5 - 4 v 2
B - MD2 - 6 v 4
B - MD3 - 4 v 5
C - MD4 - 2 v 3
C - MD2 - 1 v 2
C - MD5 - 5 v 1

Akusha - Akusha is a south easter city located close to the Weatherdon border with Akusha being much more of a rural town. The weather in Akusha is usually cold with temperature being in the low positives in the Summers with it hitting negatives in the Winter. Akusha also sees the presence of large patches pop coniferous forests which has always attracted tourists to nearby regions.
The Britony SuperDome (64,000) in Akusha is the home ground of East Akusha CF, with the stadium being constructed recently following the huge sponsorship deal of East Akusha CF with the Chocolate giants Britony.
A - MD5 - 4 v 2
A - MD3 - 2 v 6
A - MD2 - 6 v 4
B - MD1 - 3 v 4
B - MD5 - 2 v 5
B - MD2 - 5 v 3
C - MD3 - 3 v 1
C - MD2 - 5 v 3
C - MD1 - 2 v 5

Fermont - Fermont is a north western coastal city which served as the capital in pre-Revolution times. Fermont has the oldest football stadium in Bollonich with it being a luxurious location for tourists.
The National Sports Stadium (55,000) is Bollonich’s oldest stadium being constructed over 100 years ago with it coming through number of renovations. It serves as the home ground of Fermont United who are the second oldest club in Bollonich following city rivals Fermontino.
A - MD1 - 3 v 4
A - MD5 - 3 v 6
A - MD3 - 4 v 5
B - MD4 - 6 v 5
B - MD2 - 1 v 2
B - MD3 - 3 v 1
C - MD4 - 1 v 4
C - MD1 - 3 v 4
C - MD5 - 4 v 2

San Pablo - San Pablo often known as the centre of Bollonich is located almost in the centre very close to Lagos both being integral parts of the Lorfgranian State. San Pablo’s weather is similar to Lagos with it seeing snow in winter however slightly cool weather in the summer. Surrounded by coniferous forests there are quite a few wild animals that roam about.
The San Pablo Stadium (46,700) in San Pablo is the home ground of nearly relegated side San Pablo SC who’ll be attempting to stay up there this season.
A - MD2 - 1 v 2
A - MD1 - 2 v 5
A - MD4 - 6 v 5
B - MD5 - 5 v 1
B - MD1 - 1 v 6
B - MD4 - 1 v 4
C - MD3 - 2 v 6
C - MD4 - 6 v 5
C - MD2 - 6 v 4
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Postby Banija » Wed Aug 11, 2021 6:57 am

Basic Map of Banija and neighboring countries

National Information

The Kingdom of Banija is a country that classifies itself as a semi-constitutional monarchy. A nation that is a member of Atlantian Oceania, it is led by the Kabaka(which translates to King), and the current monarch is Kabaka Mwanga. The Kabaka, alongside with the Waziri(translates to Foreign Minister), whom he picks and dismisses solely at his pleasure, is the Head of State and responsible for the country's foreign affairs. Upon reaching age 25, the Isebantu(Crown Prince), becomes the Waziri by constitutional right. The current Isebantu is Isebantu Mutungi. The full list of members of the Royal Family can be found here.

Kabaka Mwanga ascended into power after the assassination of his father, Kabaka Albert III during World Cup 82 Qualifying. This is, of course, a government with an elected element. The elected unicameral legislature is the Lukiiko(Parliament), and the Lukiiko is responsible for governance of domestic affairs. The Katikkiro(Prime Minister) is elected by the Lukiiko. After over a decade of rule by the left, this traditionally conservative nation has shown its true colors again by electing a coalition led by the center-right People's Protection Movement. The Katikkiro is Kobe Azizi, who is currently serving in his second term as Head of Government. The established church is the Puritan Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, most commonly known as Puritan Mormonism. Well over 90% of Banijans identify as adherents to the state church, though freedom of religion is generally respected by the law and the populace. There is very little patience and open disdain, however, for atheism among the general populace. Courts are sometimes known not to enforce freedom of religion laws when it comes to those preaching atheism, which is considered an 'evil' view by many Banijans.

Due to the massive influence of Puritan Mormonism in this nation, they are relatively socially conservative. Abortion in this country is outlawed unless the mother's life is in danger, and polygamy for males is legal. The church's Universal Call to Motherhood, which teaches that the destiny of each and every woman is to give birth to children and raise faithful Puritan Mormons, has heavily shaped the nation's view on the role of women in society, forming the basis for Banija's prior sports gender segregation laws in the first place. Consumption of alcohol and the recreational use of marijuana in Banija is legal. Due to Mormon tradition, however, the purchase/sale of coffee products is illegal within Banija- however, the consumption is not. Fans and teams are allowed to bring in their own coffee products as long as they are declared at customs, where it is then taxed per pound. Any attempt or effort to sell the product, however, can and will result in arrest.

Most people in the country speak both Olusanke, the local dialect, and English. There is a smattering of Korean spoken within the country, thanks to Banija's Quebecois roots. Banija's currency is the shilling. The exchange rate to the NationStates Dollar is 100 shillings to 1 NSD. Conversion kiosks will be available at all hotels and at airports to exchange your money, as well as any banks. However, using the NSDs directly to purchase items is only guaranteed at stadiums and hotels- vendors outside of stadiums or hotels are not required to accept NationStates Dollars. Fans are also advised that street vendors will only take cash, according to Banijan law- as an issue of security to prevent against credit card theft.

Of course, Banija was for a long time known as a developing country and more of a backwater Economically. However, due to a recent discovery of large oil deposits in Hangaza during World Cup 82, the country has been engaged in an economic miracle since then, with the country almost reaching true developed country status. Public transit within cities is via the boda boda, though each team/delegation will have passenger busses provided by the RTC to transport players, coaches, staff, family, etc... To and from the hotel to the games and practices. The climate of Banija has a lot of natural rainforest and jungle, which means that there is no winter, only wet season and dry season. Temperatures generally range at their coldest around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and at their hottest around 110 degrees Fahrenheit. For the duration of the tournament, average high temperatures will range from 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Banijans have a tendency of being relaxed about time. While, of course, things like flights and matches will run on time, this is something that is observed generally, especially at restaurants. It is considered standard to arrive about 15-20 minutes late for a restaurant reservation, which is something Banijan authorities would like to make note of for travelling fans and visitors to the country for this tournament. This is very true for hangouts with Banijans, dates, weddings, etc... Within the country.

The largest international airports within Banija are South Moravica/Istria International(called SMI International), Jinja City International, and Busukuma International. These serve the country's two largest cities, and the nation's capitol. All teams and dignitaries, upon their arrival to Banija, will fly into Gonzaga International Airport in Busukuma before reaching their final destination. Gonzaga International has long been known as the 'VIP' airport, catering to the royals, high-ranking government officials, and those deemed of special importance by the Government of the day. Most flights will go to one of those three airports before flying to the host city.

In terms of food, Banijans are very heavy meat eaters, and you'll find plenty of chicken, goat meat, beef, pork, and turkey options on your localized menus. In terms of non-meats, popular staple foods are jollof, matoke, Chapati, a rolex, and samosas. Strictly vegan restaurants within the country, outside of Istria and Busukuma, are almost non-existent, though of course you'll find non-meat options everywhere.


Istria, Moravica
Banija's largest port and largest city by population, this is in the Moravica region, in Northwestern Banija. It is a city of 3 million people, and it is known as Banija's economic capitol. It is largely considered Banija's most diverse city. Historically, this city served as the second capitol city of the Kasanke Tribe, the historical predecessors of the modern Banijan nation. It is one of two Banijan cities with a major foreign population- the other being the nation's capitol, Busukuma. It has risen in status since its designation as an Olympic City, having co-hosted the XIV Summer Olympiad with Orean, Liventia. Nearly a third of the city holds citizenship of a country other than Banijan. More of those come from the Royal Kingdom of Quebec or the Busoga Islands, but people come from all over Atlantian Oceania and the rest of the multiverse. It is also known as Banija's wealthiest city and primary economic hub. It is home to Banija's oldest university, the University of Loyola-Istria, and to the country's biggest airport. It is also home to the Regional Transit Corporation, as well as the Istria Stock Exchange.

Two seperate stadia shall be used from this city.

Kabonero III Field

The first stadium in Istria is Kabonero III Field, with a capacity of 48,000. The stadium is named after Kabonero III, the monarch who united the country's modern day territory under his rule, and the first to rule the country with the name Banija. There was controversy when Banija last hosted the Baptism of Fire as this stadium was not selected to host matches in that, due to a failure between the RBSA and Istria City FC, the stadium's operators, to reach an agreement on revenue splitting. This failure happened again at Cup of Harmony 76. However, it has hosted matches at other major tournaments, including both World Cup 81 and World Cup 83, and this time, it will host matches for the Baptism of Fire.

Matches Held Here
Group D- Matchday 1
Group F- Matchday 4

Istria Olympic Stadium

The second stadium being used in Istria is the Istria Olympic Stadium, with a capacity of 80,000. Per implication by the stadium name, this was the designated main stadium on the Istria side for the XIV Summer Olympiad. The stadium played host to the tournament's track and field events, as well as select games in both association and gridiron football. It also serves as the primary home venue for the Istria Black Mambas, one of the city's two professional gridiron teams. It hosted matches at AOCAF LXII.

Matches Held Here
Group F- Matchday 2
Matchday 5, Group E- Saterun v. Democratic Kingdom of South India
One Quarterfinal

Herzegovina City, Moravica
Banija's oldest city, the city by its current name is over 800 years old, when it was first conquered by the Kasanke people. It is a city with a population of 1 million people. It is the heart of the Puritan Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The national religion was started in this city, and the church's world headquarters, the Herzegovina Temple, is the multiverse's largest Puritan Mormon church. The Bishop of this church, formally titled the Patriarch of Herzegovina, is the most senior member of the church, and the joint head of the global church, alongside His Majesty, the Kabaka. It is home to Banija's largest university, Northern Moravica University. It served as the seat of government for the Kasanke Tribe. It is also the capitol city of the Moravica region. As the original home of the predecessors of the Banijan monarchs, all reigning monarchs are buried on the grounds of the Herzegovina Temple.

Herzegovina City had their own airport finally open just prior to World Cup 83. It is not the largest airport, and much traffic is still directed through Istria. Still, it has permanent international status, and is a city looking to continuously place themselves on the map.

Star Field

The stadium in Herzegovina City is Star Field, and it has a seating capacity of 70,000. This stadium was, of course, a shoe-in to host games- when you consider capacity, ease of transportation, and size of the city, it was a no brainer. The stadium is home to Herzegovina City FC, Banija's most successful side since the establishment of the BSL. The stadium has long hosted major events, including two World Cup Quarterfinals and a pair of AOCAF Quarterfinals.

Matches Held Here
Group E- Matchday 4
Matchday 5, Group D- India v. Merulantis
One Round of 16 Match

Mynda, Aksum
Mynda is the country's 6th largest city, with an urban population of about 855,000 people, and it is the largest city in the Aksum region. It has very few, truly metropolitan expansion in terms of suburbs beyond the city limits, and therefore, does not have a top 10 metropolitan area in terms of population. This being the center of what is otherwise a very rural region, it will provide fans with plenty of chances to experience nature- safaris and nature preserves galore throughout the Aksum Region.

Electra Stadium

Electra Stadium has a capacity of 47,000 for the tournament. Electra Stadium is the home to Mynda Electra, and both are owned by Electra, a public utility company from Damukuni. This team was the first ever foreign owned team in the Banijan Soccer League, purchased before Dukuma SC was purchased by an Al Qurijan family, and before Fadron Pizza's purchase of the Busembe Timberwolves.

Matches Held Here
Group D- Matchday 4
Matchday 5, Group E- Yasquia v. Vikanias

Busukuma, National Capitol Region
This is the nation's capitol, located on the country's Southern coastline. Puritan Mormons believe that their God told the-then chief of the Kasanke, Kabonero III, that he should conquer all of the land that is currently Banija, gave the country it's name(therefore killing the name of the Kasanke nation), and put the capitol in the South. He did it, made Busukuma the capitol, and declared himself Banija's first Maharaja, or Emperor. As the nation's capitol for over 400 years, the city has been the spot for many major events in Banijan history, and the seat of plenty of foreign embassies, a large foreign population, and Banija's first airport.

The city, of course, is known for having two airports- the public, international airport, called Busukuma International, and also the non-public airport, named Gonzaga International Airport- reserved for the royal family and their guests, elected national politicians, foreign diplomats, and the point of entry for high-ranking officials to avoid the general public. Heads of State/Government, Foreign Ministers, AOCAF officials, host committee members, and national teams, upon their first arrival into Banija, will fly into Gonzaga International.

Stadium of the Restoration

The national stadium, the Stadium of the Restoration, sits 91,835. It is the country's largest soccer stadium, and, of course, it is the national stadium. On the stadium's site, in 1835, the Banijan monarchy was restored at this site in Banija's first declaration of independence from the Royal Kingdom of Quebec. When the RBSA was formed, it was the obvious site to build the national stadium. The original facility sat 69,000, and was then, as it is now, Banija's largest soccer stadium. It was home to the Banijan national soccer and gridiron teams, and hosted plenty of international tournaments, including the Finals of a UICA Globe Cup, World Bowl and a Baptism of Fire. However, the ageing facility needed to be rebuilt so that one could fit the WCC's 80,000 seater minimum requirement to host a World Cup opening match, as required when the country co-hosted World Cup 81.

The bid from AEP, an architectural firm from Siovanija & Teusland, won the bid to build a new Stadium of the Restoration on the same site in time for World Cup 81. The brand new stadium's capacity, according to the bid, is a nod to Banija's history, of the year that made the site famous in 1835. It has a retractable natural grass surface, used for soccer, and a retractable articifial turf surface, used for gridiron football and during ceremonies like coronations. There are no gaps between the stands, while the South Stand is a single tier, designed to amplify crowd noise. The stadium contains 35 suites, 1 of which is always reserved for RBSA executives, and the second always received for His Majesty, the Kabaka.

Since the rebuild, of course, it hosted both the opening match and one of the semifinals of both World Cup 81 and World Cup 83, The final of both AOCAF LVIII and LXII, the Baptism of Fire 67 Final, as well as both a UICA Globe Cup(now known as the IFCF Challenger's Cup) and a IFCF Champions League Final.

Matches Held Here
Group E- Matchday 1
Matchday 5, Group F- Saint Eleanor v. Usanguk
One Semifinal

Busembe, Kitara
Busembe is the second biggest city of the Kitara Region, with nearly 300,000 people within the city limits. It is, of course, on the country's west coast- but not a port city, like Istria, Herzegovina City, or Busukuma. The city, in fact, isn't what's memorable. The reason it was chosen, of course, was because of the stadium. The Kitara Region is known as Banija's hottest region, however, and so that means expect both the temperatures and the humidity to climb very high in games that are played at The Wolf's Den.

Stadium- Tiones Lumber Field at the Wolf's Den

The stadium's name pays homage to the stadium's operators, the Busembe Timberwolves of the Banijan Soccer League. It has a capacity of 44,000, so it is one of the smaller stadiums awarded BoF matches- however, it is also seen as one of Banija's highest quality stadiums. It is one of Banija's most intimate stadiums, with the fans being extremely close to the field. The intimacy, as well as ease of access from Busukuma International Airport(just a 45 minute train ride to the Northwest) are some of the major reason why this stadium was chosen. The Stadium, as well as the team, is owned by Taeshani pizza company Fadron Pizza, one of three foreign owned sides in Banijan domestic football. The stadium is sponsored by Tiones Lumber, a lumber company from the Vilitan Cove.

Matches Held Here
Group F- Matchday 1
Matchday 5, Group E- West Guam v. Kaldtfjell

Sisonke, Kitara
Sisonke, Kitara, is the other major city in the fast growing Kitara Region of Banija. With a population nearing 500,000 on Kitara's north coast, it is a city that is tryign to make a name for itself. Just about an hour south of Istria, it is considered a 'new age' city- rapid population growth in recent years makes it a great hub for single young professionals in Banija. Its rapid rise to prominence in Banija will mean this is the first time that Sisonke has ever hosted games at a major tournaments, and fans within the city are excited for it.

Keystone Stadium

Keystone Stadium is the home of Kitara Athletic Association, the professional sporting club that has had a rapid rise alongside the city of Sisonke. Always traditionally considered one of the 'best of the rest' clubs, they have shed that label entirely and flown promptly into prominence as one of Banija's biggest clubs. They won the Shango-Fogoa Premier League two years ago, the first season this stadium was opened, and then followed that up by winning the IFCF Champions League. The stadium sponsored by Keystone Bank of Eura, it is the newest stadium built for this tournament.

Matches Held Here
Group E- Matchday 4
Matchday 5, Group F- Lathamford v. Aix les Filles
Third Place Playoff

Jinja City, Hangaza
This city of 2 million people is Banija's largest inland city, and the second largest city in the entire country, in terms of population. This city is the economic center of the Hangaza region, even if its political capitol lies towards the East, in Aissa. Being an inland city, of course, it is not know for its diversity- nearly the entire city are native Banijans, even if many are from rural Hangaza. Historically, the city is known for being the spiritual home of one of Banija's minority ethnic groups- the Akamba. It is also sight of the first battle of the Kasanke conquest, when they moved from the Moravican coast to take over the entirety of what is now Banija.

Stadium- BCEL Stadium

This stadium has a capacity of 52,400. Sponsored by the soft drink company BCEL from Baker Park. It was built to attract matches for the previous Baptism of Fire, and is considered one of Banija's premier stadiums. It is home to Banijan club Jinja City FC, one of Banija's Super 5 clubs. The stadium has consistently been known to host major matches at international tournaments.

Matches Held Here
Group E- Matchday 3
Matchday 5, Group D- Agresos v. Pascafia
One Round of 16 Match

Aissa, Hangaza
The Hangaza region, of course, will provide two stadiums for the Baptism of Fire. The region, dominated economically by its economic core in Jinja City, will provide a second host city, in its regional capitol, Aissa. A city of 477,000, it is nothing remarkable on its own. This is a notoriously difficult city to access, just a few miles from the country's eastern border with Geisenfred. It is a one hour bus ride from Jinja City, although people will certainly be able to fly directly into the city.

Stadium- Hangaza Unified Stadium

This is stadium is not that new, but has a capacity of 55,000. It is the largest stadium for a Banijan team that is not in the top flight. While Aissa United regularly fill the stadium, tehri high attendance and strong fan support doesn't generally translate towards on-field success. Even though it's not that large of a city, the stadium has always been an excellent piece of infrastructure, right on the outskirts of the regional capitol.

Matches Held Here
Group F- Matchday 3
Matchday 5, Group D- Moliza v. Daehae
One Round of 16 Match

Dodoma, Bunyoro
The Bunyoro Region is now primarily seen as a basketball region, as basketball is the region's highest rated sport in terms of attendance, youth participation, and TV ratings. Still, this being a sports mad country, soccer is still very popular here, even if it's been years since the region has had a team in Banija's top flight. That team is Bunyoro RSC- more internationally known for their lacrosse success than soccer, who play in Dodoma, a city with almost 800,000. Locals joke that while in the rest of Banija, there is dry season and wet season, in Bunyoro, there is wet and wetter season- it has some of the highest rates of rainfall in all of Atlantian Oceania.

Eagle's Club

This was built for World Cup 81 under a different name, Paa Nuepe, and is currently used by Bunyoro RSC. However, after the assassination of the Kabaka's father, Albert III, it was renamed after him. IT has featured in numerous tournaments. When Banija won Eagle's Cup VIII, however, this stadium would be renamed again, and designated the country's official Eagle's Club venue. With a stadium capacity of 48,600, and with revolutionary field drainage technology, thoughtful considering the amount of rain that this region gets, this will be some of Banijan engineering technology on full display. Due to the unique structure of the roof, the sound is made to go down onto the ground, and many expect this will be the tournament's loudest venue due to that stadium design.

Since this is the Eagle's Club venue, a number of amenities have been added for luxury suite holders. For those in luxury boxes, there is access to the actual 'Eagles Club', which hosts a fancy exclusive bar, a workout room, and even an indoor pool(that is not open on Matchday). FA executives for teams playing at this stadium will get access to those amenities.

Matches Held Here
Group D- Matchday 3
One Round of 16 Match

Umbazi, Buganda
This southeastern city is being called upon to host matches at this tournament, just as they were at AOCAF LXII, and they have graciously jumped at the opportunity. Once again, the RBSA has waived their normal 35,000 seat requirement to ensure that every single region of the country can host games during this tournament. Umbazi Metropolitan Sporting Club operate several well supported sports teams in the city, including both a gridiron club and a lacrosse team.

Stadium- Buganda Regional Stadium

Matches Held Here
Group E- Matchday 2

Hoima, Ankole
Now, while Hoima wasn't a shoe-in per say, it was never really going to be left off of the host list, was it? One of five cities in Banija with at least a million people, it had to be chosen. It is not a multicultural city, as is true of most of Banija's inland cities, but it is more diverse than Jinja City. Banija Air is headquartered in this city, as the city's economy relies on commercial airliner manufacturing. The weather in this city is known as some of the best in Banija- almost always temperate, and not much humidity. Of course, there is alittude, as the city is located three quarters of a mile above see level.

Stadium- Mavuto Field

This is a stadium that was built before AOCAF LVIII, and it will be the new home of the Hoima Warriors of the S-FPL going forward. With a combined investment from the Ankole Regional Government, the Hoima Warriors, and the City of Hoima, this is a behemoth of a stadium- seating a stunning 75,000, becoming the largest stadium in the BSL. Built to ensure that Hoima would get AOCAF LVIII games and games in future tournaments, it is home to a burgeoning fanbase of soccer fans. It is named after Gerald Mavuto, the city's first ever mayor.

Matches Held Here
Group D- Matchday 2
Matchday 5, Group F- Rizealand v. Ostankin
One Quarterfinal
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Lubuga = Queen Consort
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Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
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Postby Lathamford » Wed Aug 11, 2021 7:33 am

Lathamford Football Association National Team

Management Team

Nickname: The Speedy Cat
Style Modifier: - 2
Formation: 3 - 4 - 3


President: Dr. Oscar von Cassbailey Image
Manager: Pedro Menendez-Sutra d'Ame, 40 Image
A bit of a wildcard that rose quickly through the Management ranks, Pedro Menendez-Sutra d'Ame was a player-manager in one of the regional leagues before he was noticed by the Brisara brass. He took charge of the Hammers on a one-year tryout and promptly led them to the Red League, where they stayed for five seasons. His best season in the Red League was the initial year where they surprised everyone by finishing fourth; afterward, they were a consistent midtable team that didn't dip below thirteenth. In the most recent season, though, they slipped up at the last few matchdays and ended up relegated in fifteenth place. As a Manager, he's more of a player's manager who looks to foster relationships and get everyone to play at their highest level. He prefers having active wingers and a striker who predominantly plays in front of everyone else, and his system also relies on having very active defensive backs (right back and left-back). As he is only forty, he thinks that a stint abroad will help him gain more experience before returning someday down the line. (GPH Rating - 5+.)
Former club: Brisara FC Image

Assistant Manager: Osborne Shrivenham (Rotor Blewbury FC) Image
Coach: Doug Titanwound Image
Fitness Coach: Lidley Freemore Image
Goalkeeper Coach: James Close Image
Physio: Alice Snowbridge Image
Team Doctor: Dr. Nancy von Kafers Image
Opposition Scout: Samuel Beckettfield Image

First Eleven
GK		Glen Greenash (Red Star Holyrock FC)			Image		#1
DC Clayton Decker (Lokomotive Featherwood FC) Image #2
DC Martin Haymoore (Lokomotive Featherwood FC) Image #4
DC Dustin Skelmersdale (Dinamo Thetford FC) C Image #3
ML Joe Wymondham (Goldfinger United FC) Image #5
MR Carter Colfield (Lokomotive Featherwood FC) Image #8
MC Adolf Wyvernchaser (Torpedo Stocksbridge FC) Image #7
MC Jonah Hargreave (Rotor Blewbury FC) Image #6
FC Bruno Caskwoods (Goldfinger United FC) VC Image #11
FC Otto Farrowsteam (Lokomotive Featherwood FC) Image #10
FC Matt Falconderry (Dynamo Buttercourt FC) Image #9

Set Pieces
Penalty Taker - Otto Farrowsteam
Free-kick Taker - Joe Wymondham
Corner Taker - Carter Colfield (R) and Joe Wymondham (L)
Throw-in Taker - Martin Haymoore (R), Dustin Skelmersdale (both), and Clayton Decker (L)

Team Instruction
Philosophy: Fluid
Strategy: Attacking
Passing Style: Short pass
Closing Down: High Pressing
Counter Attack: Yes
Offside Trap: Yes

Team Record
MAC8-1	Greenash, Decker, Izzard-Crew [Ashleigh], Skelmersdale (C), Haymoore, Wymondham, Wyvernchaser, Hargreave [du Graypelt], Colfield, Farrowsteam, Caskwoods [Falconderry]
MAC8-2 Greenash, Decker [Barrington], Ashleigh, Skelmersdale (C), Haymoore, Wymondham, Selfridge, Hargreave [du Graypelt], Colfield, Farrowsteam, Falconderry
MAC8-3 Hydradust, Ashleigh, Darrington, Skelmersdale (C), Haymoore, Wymondham, Selfridge [T. Ashleigh] , du Graypelt, Colfield, Farrowsteam [Grantham], Falconderry
Fr01 Baymartin, Skelmersdale (C), Decker [Wolfsong], Izzard-Crew, Wymondham, Colfield [Selfridges], Colfield, Wyvernchaser, Farrowsteam, Caskwoods, Falconderry [Grantham]

Hydradust Image 1 0
Baymartin Image 1 0
Greenash Image 2 0
Decker Image 2 0
Wolfsong Image 1 0
Izzard-Crew Image 2 0
Ashleigh Image 3 0
Skelmersdale © Image 4 0
Haymoore Image 3 0
Wymondham Image 4 0
Wyvernchaser Image 2 0
Hargreave Image 2 0
du Graypelt Image 3 0
Selfridges Image 3 0
Colfield Image 4 0
Farrowsteam Image 4 3
Caskwoods Image 2 1
Falconderry Image 4 0
Barrington Image 1 0
Darrington Image 1 0
T. Ashleigh Image 1 0
Grantham Image 2 0

Reserve Player
GK	Otto Baymartin (Lokomotive Featherwood FC)			Image		#21
GK Rolf Hydradust (Dinamo Thetford FC) Image #22
DC Joseph Ashleigh (Lokomotive Featherwood FC) Image #23
DC Theodore Darrington (Dynamo Buttercourt FC) Image #24
DC Bradley Barrington (Rotor Blewbury FC) Image #25
DC Xavier Wolfsong (Dinamo Thetford FC) Image #26
ML Simon Faraday (Lokomotive Featherwood FC) Image #27
MR Vorn Selfridges (Rotor Blewbury FC) Image #28
MC Theodore Ashleigh (Rotor Blewbury FC) Image #29
MC Sebastian du Graypelt (Royal Farrowdraft FC) Image #30
FC Frederick Grantham (Spartak Eaglearm FC) Image #31
FC Alan Caskwoods (Dinamo Thetford FC) Image #32
FC Giles Kingsley (Rotor Blewbury FC) Image #33

National Stadium
RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y [one only]
Give Red Cards to my players: N
Godmod other events: N
Style Modifier(-5 to +5): -2
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Postby Milchama » Wed Aug 11, 2021 9:05 am

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Give yellow cards to my players: Y
Give red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y

Anything goes, I'll roll with it. I'll probably create more chaos if you let me because that's how I roll.

The traditional Milchamian 3-3-4. +3 modifier. Nickname: Warriors. Trigram: MIL

Alexandria Times-Tribune-Sun-Moon-Sky-Picayune-Courier-Post-Pre-Forward-Current-Reader

Sports Section

Milchama Line Up for First Baptism of Fire

After countless years, somewhere between 6 and 400, Milchama has finally returned to international sports. After a disappointing AOCAF that despite a close loss to Sarzonia ended in Milchama taking 0 points from three games the real stuff can begin, the World Cup! Milchama comes back as by far the most decorated nation in this BoF and possibly the most decorated nation ever to participate in a BoF during the competition. Since the majority of nations are in the BoF as first time nations and not nations that participated in 50 World Cup qualifying cycles this is unsurprising. Anyway, despite some calls to change the roster we did not and it's the exact same one as the AOCAF roster with the same coach.

Coach: Darryl Lamarein - Lamarein was pro in something other than sports, namely an accountant, when he was asked to take over the finances of Mongol FC, then a third division side. After getting the finances in order he also noticed they tended to make more money and play better if they used different tactics with different players. He eventually convinced the GM to let him try that for one game. They won 6-0. They did it the next game, they won 6-2. Lamarein was then made coach of the Mongols where he led them to straight promotions. Then people got angry at him and had him manage the national team assuming that he would get paid for a do nothing job. Then the Isolation ended and now he's doing things. Who knows what's up?

Starting 11:
GK: Miles Inthracam - Surprisingly the only Alexandrian in the squad. Helped Great Alexandria to the most recent title.
D: Dollard Foster - Big man who is known for vicious tackling. Also a decent header of the ball.
D: Ittai Witson - Captain. While only 23 has clear leadership abilities and the ability to love which is more important than any singular footballing skill. Also, incredible defensive instincts which is why he's on the team.
D: George Trois - The third George. Better than the first two Georges
M: Morris Maris - Fast tricky winger. Plays a touch too far forward for the system but is somehow still a starter anyway.
M: Gal Waver - Box to box central midfielder who is known for winning the ball back and recycling it very efficiently.
M: Eloise Johnson - Defensive midfielder. Has played defense for her club team but is moved up because it made sense for this squad.
F: Mattityahu - Mononymed man. Very weird. Great free kick taker.
F: Marc K. Floren - Not related to Marc J. Floren despite the name. Greatest finisher in the modern Milchamian league.
F: Holden Flomes - Prototypical back to goal center forward.
F: Itamar ben Johansson - Very confusingly named forward. Was not expected until the team was named to be a started. Played as a midfielder for his club.

GK: Ishtvan Martin - Second string
GK: LaDonte Crenter - Third string. He also occasionally plays left back.
D: Dallas Hunter - LB - Shoots to kill. Very aggressive outside back.
D: Kent Kells - CB - Back up centerback sometimes gets a lot of playing time and is often the first name off the bench if there are any defensive frailties.
D: Jay Flimt - RB - Also aggressive but usually in tackles. Led the MFL in cards last year.
M: Leetal Fenet - CM - First midfielder off the bench. Seen as a future starter and really good at picking out a pass to the right player at the right time.
M: Amy Cekarn - CM - Defensive mid. Comes in for defensive solidity.
M: Kelly Filimitov - LM - Lefty dead ball specialist. Also very good at crosses.
M: Colm Interlasskoti - RM - Young kid who is here for the experience.
F: Dee Schneider - RF - Fast, tricky, good handles, scores a lot for his club. People really think Schneider should start.
F: Marvin Gorek - LF - Defensive forward. Does score some goals but known for his work rate and creating transition through good pressing.
F: Elliot Flok - CF/RF - Pure scorer. Comes on for the "need a goal with 15 minutes left" situations.
F: Burt Burner - All forward positions. - Very fast. Poor control skills.
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Milchama Sports achievements:
World Baseball Classic 23 Champion!

3x CoH winner (29, 46, 50) 3x WBC winner (4,5,23), 1x World Cup host (32) Various other minor trophies there's a football club trophy, a kleptochase trophy, Other minor international football trophies.

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Postby Pyazhnaya » Wed Aug 11, 2021 9:17 am


Emerging from a bloody civil war that saw Pyazhnaya shake off the shackles of communism, the country is now opening up from its forced isolation, trying to form ties to the international sporting community. For many Pyazhnayans football was the one pastime that united them, despite the corrution scandals that had shaken the league for a long time, with the communist leaders moving players around to their favourite clubs and quenching opposition. Several clubs were dissolved after the war was over and now the Pyzhnayan Football Federation is picking up the pieces and trying to unite everything and everybody. The Xannerian National was the national team's first venture onto the international stage, but the first edition of CAFA in Legalese was the first official tournament of Pyazhnaya, where they were only knocked out by Saltstead in the quarter finals. Now they are taking the next step with their participation in the Baptism of Fire 76.

Aleksandr Zavrashin - 41
With Rodion Chernomyrdin having to step down from his position after the Xannerian National due to some health-related issues, his assistant coach Zavrashin has stepped up and is ready to show the Anaian stage that the team from the islands is more than just a new kid on the block that will be everybody's whipping person. Compared to the strict and conservative 4-4-2 of Chernomyrdin, Zavrashin puts more emphasis on flexibility and allows the players more freedom to roam depending on the situation in the game.

GK Maksimilian Chupov - 18 - Shakhter Khilvoysk
Despite his young age, Maksimilian Chupov is the probably best netminder in Pyazhnaya with catlike reflexes and good aerial prowess. His main weakness is the command of his defense, which is due to his inexperience, but exacerbated by the fact that three of the four players ahead of him are 21 and younger as well.
LB Vasily Fanin - 18 - Torpedo Krasnograd
Lightning quick on his feet, Fanin is a left back of the modern school, fast to move forward and back, with a knack for nice crosses into the opponents' box. However he still gets caught out of position too often and then has to scramble back.
CB Ulyona Khomkolova - 20 - Emberton Hibernians (KRY)
From champions FK Vselitamak, Khomkolova is as uncompromising in challenges as they come. Her grace has been likened to a disgruntled rhino before morning caffeine, but does she ever get the job done. Don't expect any technical finesse or beautiful ball distribution, if you find yourself within a few feet with her, either be very quick or ready to get closely acquainted with the grass underneath. After a bidding war in the last transfer window, she signed a contract with the Emberton Hibernians in Krytenia
CB Valentin Annenkov - 21 - Mazhny Park Severoyarsk
Where Khomkolova is the brick wall, Annenkov is a hidden playmaker in the back. Pundits have said that when footballing magic was handed out, he stepped in front of Ulyona and got her portion as well. Nimble footed and with a great eye to open up the game from the back he can take on the role of a defensive midfielder, going with Zavrashin's directive of flexibility. He is, however, relatively short for a centre back, which can pose issues for a more kick and rush orientated offense.
RB Maksimilan Trukhin - 25 - Clark City (TMB)
For most parts of the game he is almost unnoticeable, but that does not mean that he is not playing well. Immensely efficient in defensive play, he often shies away from venturing too far into the opposing half, but he knows how to shut down oncoming traffic by suddenly being in the right spot at the right time.
LM Gennady Burtsov - 29 - Advance Alara (KOR)
One of the more experienced players in the squad, Burtsov had been a mainstay for Prizrachnaya Brigada for many years before making the big step into Ko-oren. Equipped with a horse lung he can run up and down for 90 minutes and barely break a sweat, running the opposition ragged. Not a magician on the field, he is one of the players necessary so that others can work their midfield magic.
CM Andrey Guslyakov - 18 - Golubaya Zvezda Ochuromorsk
One of Pyazhnaya's raw diamonds, Guslyakov is the magician that a player like Burtsov allows to shine. Fleet-footed and graceful he has all the tools to become a bonafide playmaker that can dance around an opponent like it's nothing and also has a great shot. He just needs to bulk up a bit and work on his decision making, which at times can be a little, let's call it, surprising. Even for his own team mates.
CM Timur Krasnopyorov - 29 - Dhun Lagarr FC (TKT)
Another veteran and one of two players plying their trade in Tikariot, Krasnyoporov is the safety net for Guslyakov with his ability to shut down oncoming attacks quickly and turn play around. Where Guslyakov's shots are finessed, his are more of the steamhammer kind. He is lacking some precision, but sometimes brute force is just the right tool to get things done.
RM Inna Parshikova - 21 - Wavel AC (SRS)
Another player to have eyes on her from different scouting departments is Inna Parshikova, who has been a shooting star during the last season. Literally nobody has had her on their notepads before the season started and now she is considered the next breakout star. Blessed with tactical acumen way beyond her years, she is equally dangerous for scoring and passing, making her a total footballing package as she also is quite capable of withstanding tackles. She is one of the Pyazhnayans venturing abroad in the last transfer window, moving into the Squornshelan Remnant States.
CF Svetlana Ananyeva - 32 - Admiral Tverinsk
Ananyeva's nickname in the team is "Babushka" (Grandma), not just because she is one of the oldest players in the squad, but also because she will watch over the young ones and offer insight, comfort or stern words when needed. While relatively static in her play upfront, she has a talent to be just at the right place at the right time and use her agility to shoot from almost any position.
FW Larisa Nekrestyanova - 28 - Vilharady Owls FC (TKT)
The second player playing in Tikariot, Nekrestyanova has convinced management in Vilharady so much in her brief stint during the second half of the TPL season to secure her a starting position for the upcoming season. Not so much a born goal scorer, she can weave her way in and out of the penalty box and is great to lay off the ball for oncoming midfielders or put sharp crosses for conversion. She is, however, also adept in scoring, making her an all around offensive threat.

G Fedor Ivashin - 28 - Dinamo Krasnograd
G Nadenka Snegiryova - 33 - Torpedo Krasnograd
LB Fedor Chernykh - 29 - St. John's Arsenal (QUE)
CB Artyom Ostrovsky - 18 - Prizrachnaya Brigada Cherniy Zamok
CB Kirill Lobanov - 27 - FK Yarkuta
RB Timor Terekhov - 33 - Sila Saykonur
LM Katya Klimtsova - 30 - FK Vselitamak
CM Alyosha Meledina - 23 - Felswyr (CMT)
CM Vladimir Baskin - 27 - Molniya Sarokhovo
CM Lyubov Smagina - 22 - Armada Sovran
RM Rodion Pushkin - 20 - FK Yarkuta
FW Vsevolod Bogolyubsky - 19 - Robur Astelo (SOR)
CF Lyudmila Sharova - 29 - FK Armaskoye


Home Jersey:

Away Jersey:


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes-ish (TG me and I can give you the names, but we'll figure this out one way or another)
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (just please be reasonable)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (again please be reasonable)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (same deal)
Godmod other events: Maybe? (Please TG in this case)
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Postby Torisakia » Wed Aug 11, 2021 9:18 am


Torisakia National Association Football Team

Nation Name: The Democracy of Torisakia
Demonym: Torisakians
Nickname: Ice Birds
Sponsors: Æ Insurance, SwiftShave, FundInfusion, QuillStar
Style Modifier: +3



Manager: Andy Sanders (Tokai)
Assistant Manager: Ken Corrigan (Hatton Gardens FC)
Strength & Conditioning: Chuck Judson (Fishmarket North FC)
Pack-mule(Equipment Manager): Temito Fandito Banbito (C.F Kallanirr)

MD1: vs Nyowani Kitara (@ The National Sports Stadium, Fermont, Bollonich)
MD2: vs Raspotochje (@ The John Lennon Football Stadium, Vreton, Bollonich)
MD3: vs Maramaa (@ The Allianz Arena, Lagos, Bollonich)
MD4: vs Ochre Islands (@ The Allianz Arena, Lagos, Bollonich)
MD5: vs Galimencia (@ The National Sports Stadium, Fermont, Bollonich)

C = Captain PE = Penalty taker L = Left corner taker R = Right corner taker LF = Long free-kick taker SF = Short free-kick taker
Position Number Name Age Club
GK #0 Craig Novak 25 Laennalos United
CF #11 Aristide WallaceC 29 Dorrsville
LF #12 Todd RothePE 24 Hatton Gardens FC
RF #19 Sergio MeyersL 23 Berchem
CM #8 Gregory FranklynSF 23 FC Koradai
CM #3 Sam LennoxLF 27 Alderney FC
DM #6 Faron James 25 Schottler
LB #9 Torin Alden 23 Bechport FC
CB #26 Blake DraganR 22 Presidents City FC
CB #15 Ezekial Van Aggelen 25 Nausoins A.C
RB #11 Brent Narciso 25 Tokai City
GK #1 Dani Wortham 27 Fishmarket South FC
LF #15 Troy Burrell 24 Lancet F.C
CM #22 Drew Franke 21 Southwestern Lake State University
DM #7 Oskar Carlson 23 Yasui FC
LB #23 Jamal Landon 22 Kallanirr CF
CB #8 Jason Cash 25 East Hook FC
CB #30 Casey Tyson 19 Alderney Institute of Technology
RB #5 Joey Hanson 26 Port Tudor FC


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (TG me first and I will determine severity)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (TG me first if you plan to give two yellow cards to the same player)
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes (as long as no death befalls any of my players or staff)

NOTE: Since it's still ongoing, I will again not acknowledge the existence of COVID-19/Coronavirus/other pandemics in any RP. If you intend to RP a pandemic affecting
your nation and/or players, you are free to do so. However I personally will fire a large IGNORE Cannon if it involves my nation or any of my players. If you have
any questions about this, feel free to TG me!
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Postby Kaldtfjell » Wed Aug 11, 2021 11:09 am

Kaldtfjeller National Football Team

The nation of Kaldtfjell has existed for many years, hidden from the rest of Esportiva by the mountains and by its previous dictator, Steinar Torgnysson. Upon his death, the nation’s new leader, his son, has decided that the world should know a little more about this growing mountain nation. Their first tournament, the Campionato Esportiva, saw them qualify out of their group in the Licentian Isles, only to be knocked out in the play-off round before the knock-outs proper. They will be hoping for a stronger showing in Banija and Bollonich to truly put the nation on the international map.

Head Coach – Sverre Ericsson

Formation - 3-5-2 (Skill Modifier: +3):



Andor Baggisson – 21 years – SFK Hornungsvagr
Tollak Einarsson – 34 years – FK Brumundal
Geir Erlingsson – 23 years – FK Svolborg

Centre Backs:

Oyvind Baldersson – 26 years – SFK Hornungsvagr
Snorri Erlandsson – 33 years – FK Steinnkjer
Viggo Gudbrandsson – 20 years – SFK Hornungsvagr

Randel Vidarsson – 30 years – Treborg Fotball
Halvard Stigrsson – 30 years – SFK Hornungsvagr
Asbjorn Halsteinsson – 20 years – FK Hvitirseid

Holding Midfielders:

Odin Viggosson – 31 years – FK Brumundal
Amund Freyrsson – 19 years – SFK Hornungsvagr

Centre Midfielders:

Elof Ingvarsson – 24 years – SFK Hornungsvagr
Thorarinn Gandalfsson – 26 years – FK Steinnkjer

Torvald Einarsson – 30 years – FK Hvitirseid
Dagfinn Kerrsson – 31 years – SFK Hornungsvagr


Sindri Beckettsson – 33 years – SFK Hornungsvagr
Jarl Torkelsson – 28 years – SFK Hornungsvagr

Torsten Hallbjornsson – 24 years – FK Steinnkjer
Alvar Torbjornsson – 24 years – FK Brumundal

Centre Forwards:

Havardr Osmondsson – 27 years – FK Brumundal
Bjarne Gustavsson – 21 years – SFK Hornungsvagr

Egil Stigandrsson – 20 years – FK Ulsteinvik
Sigge Torleifsson – 24 years – FK Steinnkjer

Kits: Kaldtfjell’s home kit will be red and blue quarters, with the away kit being white with a red and blue horizontal stripe across the chest.

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Discuss by TG or Discord
RP injuries to my players: Yes, within reason, and I decide severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Discuss by TG or Discord
Suspend my players: Discuss by TG or Discord
Godmod suspension events: Discuss by TG or Discord
Godmod other events: Discuss by TG or Discord

I will not tolerate the introduction of any virus or other world-changing thing to Kaldtfjell without prior permission. If you have another idea that you would like to RP I am happy to collaborate by Discord or TG.

Player ages are correct as of the first matchday.
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Postby Cabo Azure » Wed Aug 11, 2021 11:57 am

Cabo Azure National Football Team "Las Maçaricas"
Las Maçaricas enter their first WCC-sponsored competition hot on the heels of the thirty-eighth Copa Rushmori, where they managed to get a win before crashing out against a superior Cassadaigua squad. While the core of the roster remains the same, national team coach Paulinho has adjusted his formation to a 4-3-3 mainly in the service of getting the best players on the field, regardless of position.


The Goalkeepers
GK: Abilio Carreira-34 y/o-Cidadela
GK: Ambrosio Gomez-18 y/o-Olympic Thessia (MYT)
GK: Rufino Antunes-27 y/o-Lagostim

Carreira remains a reliable enough shot-stopper that he will likely remain between the sticks at least through the end of the Baptism, though if he fails to inspire Paulinho, the Baptism may represent the beginning of his phase-out in favor of one of the two backups. When Carreira finally hangs up his gloves for good, likely after the World Cup qualifying campaign, the choice facing Paulinho is an interesting one: Gomez, the young star, one of the first Azurean players signed abroad; or Antunes, the next man up, who has been patiently waiting his turn behind Carreira all this time.

The Defenders
RB: Julio Fernandez-29 y/o-Sao Vicente
CB: Gabriel Mendes-27 y/o-Sao Vicente
CB: Gustavo Macedo-36 y/o-Villa Silva
LB: Amilcar Branco-20 y/o-Portela
FB: Ademar de Lima-20 y/o-Sao Vicente
FB: Norberto Carneiro-24 y/o-Villa Silva
CB: Deodato Medeiro-20 y/o-Sao Vicente
CB: Ivan Fontes-30 y/o-Villa Arboles

Mendez and Macedo were stout across the back for the Azureans throughout the pre-Copa friendlies and the Copa proper, with Macedo playing the stopper and bodying offensive players off the ball while Mendez swept behind him. Ivan Fontes had a few good showings in the Copa Rushmori, but he remains too slow to be an every-match starter. For lack of better options, Paulinho has called up Deodato Madeiro from the U20 side at the Copa Rushmori Juvenil.

For fullbacks, Amilcar Branco has won the starting job over Carneiro largely on account of his superior offensive play, though Carneiro's ambidexterity means he is still likely to see the field in relief. Fernandez remains a cool character, as comfortable going forward as hanging back depending on what the play calls for. De Lima is a pacey, aggressive wingback, but lacks the finesse that Branco has shown in pressure situations; he will likely be included in the eighteen as an offensive substitute.

The Midfielders
LM: Abilio Serra-31 y/o-Lagostim
CM: Quirino Alves-30 y/o-Villa Arboles
RM: Glaucio Santos-31 y/o-Villa del Sol
CM: Leonel Medeiros-29 y/o-Lagostim
MF: Matheus Ferreira-32 y/o-Pilotos
MF: Marciano Ferreira-25 y/o-Sao Cristobal

Midfield depth is lacking as Paulinho called up a glut of attacking players for the Baptism. Abilio Serra returns to his comfort zone as an inverted winger after playing further forward for the Maçaricas in the Copa Rushmori, while Santos and Alves retain their starting positions on the right and in the middle, respectively, owing to their run of form together in the Copa. Expect either Fereira brother as a defensive substitute in either position. Medeiros is an interesting inclusion in this side, a natural false 9 in Lagostim's unorthodox system, but not a true midfielder; he may play in a shifted formation.

The Forwards
LW: Fúlvio Dantas-26 y/o-Cidade de Prato
CF: Adalberto Montenegro-31 y/o-Villa SIlva
RW: Ademar Carriço-32 y/o-Villa Silva
FW: Cleto Silveira-22 y/o-Vantanoch FC (TKT)
FW: Vasco Gouveia-19 y/o-Tikariot City FC (TKT)
FW: Nelson Botehlo-24 y/o-Villa Arboles

The Silva partnership of Montenegro and Carriço, which was responsible one way or another for every goal scored in the Copa, returns. Despite criticisms of Montenegro's first touch and passing, his nose for goals has served the Maçaricas well, and he is likely to remain a starter going forward. Dantas, the one bright spot in an otherwise bleak matchday 3 performance against Cassadaigua, retains his starting spot up front as well. Silveira is a well-rounded attacker, capable of playing anywhere up front, while Botehlo is a brute-force target man, like Montenegro with even less touch. Gouveia is an intriguing prospect who will look to build his resume before he follows Silveira abroad to Tikariot for the next chapter in his career.

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y
Give Red Cards to my players: N
Godmod other events: N
Style Modifier(-5 to +5): +1
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Population: ~500K
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Demonym: Azurean
Sports played: Football
OOC Reference

Arquivos de Esportes (Domestic Newswire)
Current timeline is September 2016 (as of the end of CoH 82)
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Postby Pascafia » Wed Aug 11, 2021 6:13 pm

Pascafian Roster for the 76th Baptism of Fire

Type: Roster
Time: -

Pascafia is located on what was known as the Marshall Islands, and has around a population of 1,02 million thanks to proper infrastructure plans and the research of living space. Football is a popular sport, however, talents come and go. Pascafia had participated in the Jenna Raven Cup I and reached the quarters, where Sarzonia punched them out of the air with a 5 - 1 loss. But this time, the official mens team are participating, and with that, here is the roster for Pascafia's WC debut starting in the Baptism of Fire.

Country: Pascafia (Federal Social Islands of Pascafia)
Trigramme: PSF (Official) / PSC (Sports-wise)
Style Modifier: +2

No. Name                  Position  Age
89 Matenas Hosokagiri CF 23
23 Andre Katani Henggo LMF 25
17 Erik Lase Batanias CMF 24
62 Welkas Marate Nenid RMF 26
20 Riandre Sertomadi DMF 23
91 Antony Kerta Resmawi DMF 25
10 Davide Pertonalas LB 23
67 Haris Manele Oso CB 24
33 Javon Usuma Olkeni CB 26
9 Tom Edom Itinar RB 24
1 Orlen Asaman Udora GK 21

4 Levan Terema Pesti CF 22
44 Matias Kulunge Eso LMF/RMF 23
99 Kevin Hedaro Isima CMF/DMF 25
3 Damien Jukosa Lamo LB/RB 22
11 Amaro Ketanga Ise CB 24
2 Jonase Hamane Kato GK 23

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose my scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Yes
Give Red Cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

OOC Note: No manager. Pascafia is a community based society, and for the mens team, this will be fulfilled.
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Bahia Roja
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Postby Bahia Roja » Wed Aug 11, 2021 8:15 pm

Asociación Futbolística de Bahía Roja

Mr. Jacobo Casaus wants to repeat the success he has found as manager of Universitario. He's opted for a squad that took some of the best players of Bahia Roja's Liga Nacional and chose a 4-3-1-2 formation. The choice of a narrow formation has worried plenty of experts, considering it a waste of the talented forwards we possess. However, Casaus has gone on record saying that he wanted a predominantly defensive squad and that his main focus this year was possession of the ball.

To achieve this, Casaus has called brothers (and rivals) Axel and Diego Ferrant, Bahiarojense legends Arturo Atenas and "Chano" Pareja, promising defenders Kevinson Guerrido and Eddy Vera, the often feared trio of midfielders Christian Villa, Jonathan Reyes and Luis Miguel Aguayo. And he has given wonderkids Pablo Cruz and Dante Prats-Moya places in the first squad thanks to outstanding performances in the Liga Nacional.

Expect strong defenses, lots of passing, focus on possessing the ball, and a few rapid counter-attacks when facing Bahia Roja this BoF.


Bahia Roja
BOF 76 Squad

Head Manager: Jacobo Casaus López
Management: Juan Rabellini Flores (Assistant Head Coach) | Cesar Torrente, David Valdueza, Yolanda Criado, Izaro Guerrero (Coaches) | Ana Belén Bielsa (Head Medic)

Formation: 4-3-1-2
Main Line-Up:

GK Axel Ferrant (23 y/o; Astronautas)
DF Arturo Atenas (30 y/o; Astronautas), Isaac "Chano" Pareja (32 y/o; Capuchinos), Kevinson Guerrido (22 y/o; Bosqueverde), Eddy Vera (23 y/o; Universitario)
MF Christian Villa (25 y/o; Astronautas), Jonathan Reyes (26 y/o; Capuchinos), Luis Miguel Aguayo (26 y/o, Atletico), Dante Prats-Moya (20 y/o; Universitario)
FW Pablo Cruz (19 y/o; Universitario), Diego Ferrant (24 y/o, Atletico)

Reserves: GK Iker Pomar | DF Juan Mastache, Wilmer Lacasa | MF Franco Valerio, Jeremy Costa, Israel Sacristán | FW Mario Rubio

Roles: Captain: Arturo Atenas | Vice-Captain: Isaac "Chano" Pareja | Penalties: Diego Ferrant | Corners: Dante Prats-Moya | Free Kicks: Jonathan Reyes.

Common Substitutions: Pablo Cruz - Mario Rubio | Dante Prats-Moya - Jeremy Costa | Christian Villa - Franco Valerio

Style Mod: +3


RP Permissions:

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes, preferably name your scorers too.
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, survivable/non career-ending injuries only.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, reasonable fouls only.
Godmod other events: Yes. (If planning to disrupt game, DM me first)

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Postby Pascafia » Thu Aug 12, 2021 5:49 am

Tactical Overload

Type: Tactics
Time: -


The main formation that Pascafia uses is a 4 - 2 - 3 - 1, that mainly focuses on the defense staying solid, and that the offense can roam freely. In a match where the opponent is playing very defensively, Pascafia can opt to send one or both DMFs forward to join the assault with the forward and the wingers. The CMF tends to send in long, through balls for the wingers and striker to pick up. Typically, when the DMFs go forward, they tend to stay in the "in between" area between the center and the wings, as a back up winger for the forward running wingers.

The forward is usually a finisher who can finish and convert chances from left or right side crosses. In more crucial moments, the CMF can go forward as a long range striker. Taking chances outside the box when no one can cut in deep to finish these chances and convert them properly. In other scenarios, the wingers can cut into the box with the ball, and make far post shots or have three major options. To pass to the other winger and fall back to their wing (or stay in the box and attempt to finish chances himself), pass the ball back to the forward who is also in the box for him to finish the ball, or (when the CMF goes forward) pass the ball to the CMF that is outside the box to let him take a long distance kick.

Now with a quite thorough tactical explanation, here is the list of player roles on the pitch.
Player              Role
Matenas Hosokagiri Penalty Taker
Erik Lase Batanias Freekick Taker
Welkas Marate Nenid Right Corner Taker
Andre Katani Henggo Left Corner Taker
Davide Pertonalas Captain

Matenas, even though his main job is a finisher, his penalties are always unpredictable. When a knockout match goes into penalties, expect Matenas to take either the first or the most crucial one. Not only that, he is the one who always takes penalties in a match that just goes full time. Expect him to be unexpectable, and unpredictable. That is his nature, afterall.

Erik has been always known in Pascafia for his very great accuracy in everything. Whether it be grapple fishing, archery, basketball, or anything that involves throwing, shooting, or anything, really. Football was his first ever passion, and that has stuck to him until today. He says one quote has represented the reason he likes being accurate. "The precision of a human is better than the traits of an animal."

Davide has been an experienced leader. He was the captain of his small middle school football team. He was captain for every team he played when he was young. And with tons of experience already under his belts, the government officially says he will be the captain of this team. Everything is funded by the social government. Let's hope he never let's down.

We wait for Matchday 1.
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Ochre Islands
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Postby Ochre Islands » Thu Aug 12, 2021 6:59 am

Initials, Name, Position, Age, Team, Place of Birth


JD – Jody DONTELL - Manager – 49 – Teriff Image
OR - Oliver RUDYARD - Assistant Manager – 48 – Fenton Image
LB - Lucas BLACKBURN - Goalkeeping Coach – 26 – Port Flamerty Image
CW – Cameron WADELL - Fitness Coach – 24 – Ouestplaya - Image
VK - Victor KELLY - Coach – 60 – Fort Boston Image
PM – Phil MULGREW – Coach – 35 – Otterton - Image
SM - Seth MARSHALL - Physio – 32 – Reamontry Image
AB - Austin BARDENE - Physio – 51 – Red Fish Image


Playing in the following formation: GK | DC DC | WBL DMC WBR | MC MC | AMC | SC SC

The first player(s) named in each area of the team start the game. For example, Sullerton, Dubois, Driver and Walker would start out of the defenders.

Number, Name, Position, Age, Place of Birth, Club

Goalkeepers - 3

1 - Zachary HENDERSON - GK – 30 – Mannfield Image – Dracaena Club XI Image
12 – Lloyd ABRAHAM - GK – 33 – Port Flamerty Image – Ambleby City Image
13 - Patrick HORTON - GK – 27 – Jaerring Image – New Ranton F.C. Image

Defenders - 7

3 - Philip LAMBERT - WBL – 26 – Fenton Image – Club Deportivo de la Isla de Fuego Image
6 - Lawrence GORDON - Captain - DC – 31 – Joaling Image – Louisa Hope F.C. Image
2 - Tristan DAVEY - DC – 29 – Riikenberg Image – Hempeak Hill Image
5 - Leonard BURKE - WBR – 24 – Glenrock - Image – Juniper Monnstair Image
15 - Leon MOORE - DC/R – 24 – Pista Image – Valesthorpe Image
23 – Jordan WILLINGHAM – DC – 19 – Bassingdale Image – Nuntsby City Image
16 - Taylor BARRETT - WB/L – 21 – Norteaton Image – Lansdorn Image

Midfielders - 8

14 - Carl WALKER - DMC – 20 – Fort Boston Image – Lower Soffsley Image
11 - Martin THOMAS - MC – 31 – Harringford Image – Fringilla A.F.C. Image
8 - Frederick CUMMINGS - MC – 27 – Roanfield - Image – Stangtons Image
7 - Bradley WATKINS - AMC – 24 – Rivdale Image – West Bellflower Image
4 - Al WALTERS - DMC – 30 – Dorringter Image – New Ranton F.C. Image
17 - Tommy CROSS - MC – 28 – Jackfield Image – Slipsway Town Image
18 - Anthony FIELDS - AMC – 30 – Fjell Image – Juniper Monnstair Image
20 - Pete READ - D/AMC – 22 – Flamerty Image – Cottsworth City Image

Strikers - 5

9 - Mark WILKINSON - SC – 30 – Sennaton Image – Nuntsby Town Image
22 - Blue GIBSON - SC – 19 – Acorn Wood Image – Juniper Monnstair Image
10 - George HOLLAND - SC – 23 – Rinstad Image – Flanminster Abbey Image
19 - Connor SMYTH - SC – 25 – Fort Boston Image – Nuntsby City Image
21 - Jamie SLATER - SC – 32 – Gantain Image – Wilson Technologies F.C. Image

Home & Away
Image Image

Important Information for Hosts & RP'ers

In the event my opponent posts an RP first, they may:

Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — Yes
RP injuries to my players — Yes
Godmod injuries — No
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — Yes
Do whatever you want basically, just don't kill/maim/etc. An RP that makes me laugh would make me eternally grateful.
Style Modifier +4
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Postby Venmere » Fri Aug 13, 2021 5:17 pm




Venmere employs a 4-4-2 strategy.

Goalkeepers: Tobias Nelson (S), Flint Turner (R), Thomas Phillips (R)

Defenders: David Cooper (S), Alexander Clark (S), Jeremiah Harris (S), Hyrum Green (S), Solomon Harris (R), Mason Miller (R), John Ward (R), Hunter Thompson (R), Nicolas Roberts (R), Stephen Barnes (R)

Midfielders: Eli Mitchell (S), Nathaniel Martin (S), Simon Jones (S), Ethan Parker (S), Mark Evans (R), Michael Anderson (R), Zachary Moore (R), Adam Morgan (R), Cornelius Roberts (R), Rufus King (R)

Forwards: Aaron Petersen (S), Lucius Russell (S), Asher Wright (R), Raphael Fisher (R), Joshua Richardson (R), Micah Robinson (R)

My 3-letter shorthand is VNM.

NICKNAME: Peregrine Falcons or just Falcons

In the event my opponent posts an RP first, they may:

Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — No
RP injuries to my players — Yes
Godmod injuries — No
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — Yes

Use your common sense, don't kill my players or get them kicked out of the tournament.
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Aix les filles

Postby Aix les Filles » Sun Aug 15, 2021 4:30 pm

Federation du Foot Aix les Filles
FFALF Foundation: 1987



Manager: Gerard Cottilion 37

GK: Noah Gentile 19 Salon O.
LB: Rogier Baletta 24 Salon O.
CB: Romain Faré 33 Salon O.
CB: Benjamin Samson 24 Salon O.
RB: Kylian Caprice 19 Vergne
MC: Yves Azilda 28 Sun SC (Krbustan) *
MC: Andre Pauti 35 Mirabeau
LM: Raymond Kasony 18 FC Ado
RM: Javier Santos 20 Salon O. *
ST: Lucas Hiver 27 Salon O. *
ST: Ruben Foiré 23 Elsa S.
* = Stars of team


GK: Ali Cabeçadas 26 West Mountain Union FC (Krbustan)
Def: Prince Karim 25 Salon O.
Def: Luca Pairé 23 Elsa S.
Mid: Marc Corry 21 Mirabeau P.
Mid: Herve Leonard 28 Nougein
For: Thierry Papin 21 Salon O.
For: Dean Fonsa 19 Salon O.

GK: Franck Vidal 27 Elsa S.
Def: Stephan Magné 25 Elsa S.
Def: Nathan Carrias 24 Elsa S.
Mid: Damian Sanko 19 AFC Geminy (Vitsiland)
Mid: Etsco Sancy 18 Vergne
For: Davin Fish 19 Fc Notté (Vitsiland)
For: Alain Monsolve 22 FC Ado

Nickname: Bunnies, Rabbits
National Mascot

Rp: Free, no deaths or serious injuries, use common sense.
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Postby Milchama » Mon Aug 16, 2021 12:06 pm

"Wait so what's the deal again?"

"Remember how new teams got to have a cup to improve their rank, learn how to RP, and remember what it's like in international soccer?"

"What's RPing?"

"Don't worry about it, but do you remember the that cup?"

"Yeah aren't nations only allowed to participate in it once in their existence?"


"So Milchama participated in 50 World Cups pre-Isolation. Why are we allowed in at all?"

"Well we never participated"

"We didn't?"

"Nope. We were against it in World Cup 23 for 'socialist principles' which meant that we should have the same rank as all newcomers"

"God that's dumb"

"Well also apparently the guy who RPs was also at camp and couldn't RP and just really wanted to sign up and figured it would all work out later"

"It didn't because we never won a World Cup"

"No, but we are now the most ever decorated side to be in this tournament"

"What's it called again?"

"The Baptism of Fire"

"Ah, so we're the most decorated nation to have been in a Baptism of Fire"


"That's cool!"

"Except now we're unranked, kinda trash, and probably not going to do very well"

"Well that's in the World Cup with nations who have been playing international football since we went into Isolation but that's not true here. Remember it's all newbies"

"Oh yeah, so we should steam roll"

"Can't say for certain but at least we should be good"

"That's fair"

"So who are we playing? Where are we playing? Etc."

"Well here's the who:
Cabo Azure
Malta Comino Gozo
Bahia Roja"

"God they all look awful"

"Yeah definitely. Bahia Roja is clearly trying to steal our red thing so they suck. Malta doesn't actually have people in it, I've looked at a map, so they'll suck, Cabo Azure looks like they might be good. They beat somebody in the Copa Rushmori"

"What's that?"

"It's like AOCAF but for Rushmore"


"Another sporting region. They're like a worse version of Atlantian Oceania"

"Oh ok"

"Anyway, Cabo Azure probably isn't going to suck because they did ok in that Copa Rushmori"

"Better than we did in AOCAF"

"Yeah but remember that AO is better and harder than Rushmore, so you also have to factor in competition here"

"Fair, who are the other guys?"

"Ardelark, they're not aardvarks so they probably suck. If they are aardvarks that probably would make them use handballs all the time"

"That's not what happens with Equestria. Also, doesn't Arthur walk on two legs"

"I don't think Arthur is a representative of most aardvarks. Anyway, they haven't posted a roster yet so they probably suck"


"Martune can't sing so they suck"

"How do we they can't sing?"

"Mar means bad and tune is clearly for the song. So they suck"

"So then overall predictions?"

"Cabo Azure 1
Milchama 2
Irrelevant after that because only the top 2 advance"

"I thought 4 non-top 2 teams advance"

"They do but it's not going to be in our group"


"So we should win pretty easily against the other teams, get to like quarters and then crash out like we always do in soccer"

"Except for that one time"

"And that other time"

"Well we did pretty well in the CoH. Remember that one time where we totally forgot about it but somehow won anyway?"

"Yeah those were good times. Back when we were good at soccer"


"Well we might be hosting baseball soon which is going to take a lot more resources than before"

"Agreed but for now we should end this RP because it's starting to meander and we already got the preview done"


"Come on You Warriors!"

"Let's Go Milchama!"
Milchama Sports achievements:
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Postby Nyowani Kitara » Mon Aug 16, 2021 12:25 pm

Nyowani Kitara National Team

Nyowani Kitara is a nation that is a multi-ethnic and largely bi-racial communist nation, ruled as a one party state. The communist party is called the Kitara Progressive Workers Coalitions, abbreviated as the KPWC, which is the country's only legal political party. While for many years the party has always been the most important institution, over the past 30 years the military has taken a dominant role in the affairs of the party, and by extension, the state.

There are three major ethnic groups in Nyowani Kitara. The first is the Kitara, who account for approximately 57% of the population. These are black skinned people who originate as part of the Kitara tribe, in Banija, mass migrated to modern-day Nyowani Kitara in the 1840s after they were largely exiled by Banijan authorities. Because of that, they have no diplomatic relations with Banija and are largely to be considered 'radically' anti-Banijan. Radical anti-Mormon teachings from the country, alongside Communism and a dispute over who should use the name(Banija consider their own Kitara Region to be the 'true Kitara', while Nyowani Kitara believe Banija lost the rights to the name when the exilied the Kitara people), lead to heavily strained relations.

When they came to north Rushmore, They conquered the land that was dominated by a variety of white native tribes. Osterlanders(approximately 30% of the population) are the biggest native white ethnic group, with Nordlanders(6%) and Zealanders(1%) behind them. The remaining 6% are largely white immigrants and their descendants from neighboring countries (particularly Graentfjall, Tikariot, Yuezhou, and San Ortelio).

Nyowani Kitara is known for its short, yet harsh, winters. This is a small and poorer country, and therefore outdoor sports are rather popular in this corner of Rushmore. Ethnic group for each player is listed. While sports in Nyowani Kitara are integrated on gender, this team is all males.

Country code: NYK
Denonym: New Kitaran
Association: Kitara's Workers Footballing Association(KWFA)
Manager: Liang Wei(Yuezhou). 51 years old. A former assistant manager for Yuezhou during their communist era, he is a good selection for the country to lead the national team. He understands the pressures of international football, and yet, as someone loyal to the Communists in Yuezhou, is palatbly acceptable to Nyowani Kitara(who remain the last nation in Rushmore to still recognize Ren Qiang as the rightful head of state of their western neighbors). While Nyowani Kitara used a player-manager at the last three Copa Rushmoris, the KWFA, in recognition of the challenges of World Cup competition, ensured that they'd hire a full-time manager to properly divide out responsibilities.
Senior Assistant Manager: Raira Ouma. 39 years old.
Captain: Tage Hermansson
Alternate Captain: Amittai Owino

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: Yes(please state what injury they have suffered and how many games they will miss).
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes(please state what injury they have suffered and how many games they will miss). You can kill unnamed characters(groups of fans, etc...) but cannot kill named characters(any named players/coaches, senior politicians, etc...)
Godmod other events: Yes(However, all of my nationals, players, fans, or whomever else you can think of, are banned from catching a pandemic).
Style modifier: +4

Roster for Baptism of Fire LXXVI

Starters: 4-4-2.
GK #1 Oduor Bigombe. 24 years old. Kitara ethnic group. Plays for 1896 Ebor in Mytanija.
RB #16 Trophimus Agutu. 30 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
CB #5 Tage Hermansson. 33 years old. Osterland ethnic group. Captain, also Player-Manager. Plays for Nagoush FC in Tikariot.
CB #3 Ernst Grönberg. 31 years old. Osterland ethnic group.
LB #4 Armoni Okombo. 25 years old. Kitara ethnic group. Plays for 1923 Esca in Mytanija.
RM #17 Vilgot Westermark. 24 years old. Osterland ethnic group.
RCM #6 Ramah Abong'o. 24 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
LCM #8 Amittai Owino. 29 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
LM #20 Leonard Lundquist. 31 years old. Nordland ethnic group.
RS #12 Odede Angonga. 21 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
LS #11 Owino Odede. 21 years old. Kitara ethnic group.

GK #35 Parmenus Apondo. 25 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
GK #23 Fwaya Sialo. 23 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
RB #2 Shemaiah Adida. 32 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
CB #18 Casper Edström. 31 years old. Osterland ethnic group.
CB #19 Ouma Okeyo. 21 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
LB #14 Adriel Obonyo. 30 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
CM #6 Abraham Obong'o. 33 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
CM #10 Salem Lagum. 27 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
CM/CAM #23 Arendt Sundin. 26 years old. Osterland ethnic group.
RW #7 Nicholas Ekdahl. 23 years old. Osterland ethnic group.
LM #39 Johannes von Weber. 24 years old. Zealander ethnic group.
ST #9 Sigmund Mickelson. 36 years old. Osterland ethnic group.

- Our free kicks are taken by Odede Angonga. Penalties are taken by Odede Angonga.
- In terms of substitutions, anybody is OK to substitute off the pitch besides the captain, Tage Hermansson.

Baptism of Fire LXXVI Group Schedule -
Matchday 1: Torisakia v. Nyowani Kitara
Matchday 2: Galimencia v. Nyowani Kitara
Matchday 3: Nyowani Kitara v. Raspotochje
Matchday 4: Maramaa v. Nyowani Kitara
Matchday 5: Nyowani Kitara v. Ochre Islands
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Postby Ochre Islands » Tue Aug 17, 2021 2:53 am

Your eyes open, your head hurts. Your body is sore. Stretching out, your palms feel only the cool floor you'd been lying on for goodness only knows how long. You manage to roll off your side and onto your back, remaining sitting with your knees brought up toward your chest being as close as you'll get to sitting up properly for a few minutes. You look around – the building you're in is circular and clearly gothic, with large candles in alcoves set into the wall. There's a fire pit in the centre of the building, where a fire burns brightly yet serenely, as if controlled by human touch to dance this magnificently in the space provided. Granite benches which face the fire pit radiate away from the flames toward the walls of the building, akin to rows of pews in a church.

Looking up at the roof above, you see that it is a hole in the middle which is letting in the vast volumes of light into the building, having not really noticed the lack of windows prior to this. Aside from acting as a light source, it is also a chimney, being directly above the flames in the centre of the building.

'Hello child' a voice says. This causes you to jump up with surprise; despite the sore head, which you clutch at momentarily. The voice belongs to a Monk, by the looks of things, who had padded toward where you were sat whilst you were getting your bearings.

'Hello' you reply, looking over the Monk. They're holding a lantern, which holds a candle, atop of which sits a flame which burns in the same manner as the fire pit in the centre of the building, though this was more lifelike if anything. 'Lifelike' seemed a strange way to describe a flame but that was the best way to describe its almost dancing movements within the lantern, seemingly grateful for the chance to be useful and searching out the darkness to help bring light to it.

'Pretty, isn't she?' 'She?' You ask the Monk, looking around for a girl. 'The flame. She.'

You look deeper into the flame than you expect. You're not sure how but it seems to greet you? You look at the Monk. 'I've seen that look before' the Monk says 'the doubter turned believer.'

'Believer's a strong word' you say. 'A flick of the flame... however deliberate that seemed to be – doesn't mean it's not a coincidence.'

The flame dims abruptly. It still burns within the lantern but without anywhere near the strength or height it had just a moment ago. The Monk looks at it, then you, and smiles.

Your head clears of the fuzziness and you remember you're usually a probing journalist. 'Is this some “if you say you don't believe in fairies then one dies” sort of thing?' You ask, mockingly, referencing the flame.

The Monk looks disappointed. 'No. But your head's cleared.' He had a point, though it was still a coincidence, ignoring the sudden warmth in your mind. 'Tell me child, what brought you here? Who are you?'

'My name's Jasper. I had been writing a story about the Ochre Islands team being full of Bostopians before I woke up here.' The Monk scoffed. '“Jasper the Journalist” doubts the flame and yet your mind is full of questions like “why is a country that's only had people living there for 10 years not had anyone in the national team who has been born there?” Perhaps, “Jasper the Journalist”, you ought to realise 10 year old children don't normally play football against grown men in international tournaments and you should get out of your closed mind a little more and see the Ochre Islands.'

'Sorry?' You say. The Monk looks at the lantern, the flame in which is now burning a little brighter, which invigorates him 'Yes! Get out more, visit the cities and the towns, the villages and the temples! Write about that! Write about the Ochres, our places, our traditions!'

'That's not a bad idea, really' you say. 'So tell me about this temple. And where exactly are we?'

Jasper's Guide to the Ochre Islands

On my first day, I awoke in a Fire Temple in Rocksminster, which is on Anley Island, the middle of the Chain Islands. Once I had stepped outside, it seemed almost miraculous that I had made my way up here, with the Temple itself being built half-way up a cliffside. As I learnt of all of the Temples, the Fire Temple here is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no entrance fee.

Rocksminster town itself is rather small, having a population of around 4,000, with a few hundred more in smaller settlements within the towns boundaries. There aren't many local sights here other than the Temple, which draws in some worshippers, though only really pulls in a crowd during initiation ceremonies, where new Monks walk barefoot over hot coals to show their respect for the flames. There is a strong belief among adulterants that fire is the most important element on the islands, for its healing properties as well as the fact the islands were born from the fire-like lava floes spewed forth from volcanic eruptions. The fact that it is absolutely needed to cook food is lost on none either, so most ceremonies usually smell as delicious as they look enchanting.

The second day, I took an electric car (being the most common form of transport on the Chain Islands) down the road to Lucyston City, the capital city of Anley. Lucyston is the third-largest population centre in the Chain Islands, though compared to the rest of the cities on Anley is a veritable metropolis. Lucyston has decent public transport, though is a fairly compact city, as is to be expected with population of that size, so you really can get anywhere in around 15 minutes by bus.

Lucyston has most of the major shopping centres on Anley and a bustling, though small, commercial district, which is where most of the hotels are too. Highlights here include Lucy's Lighthouse and the twice-weekly market, open year-round on a Wednesday morning and all day Saturday, with the exception of New Year's Week. Wednesday's market usually features locally-produced goods and food, whilst Saturday is a more lively affair, as goods from across the islands are usually shipped here by now. One or two more tents usually pop up selling alcohol, trying to cater to fans of Lucyston Anley XI, who play in the 5th tier of the Ochre League. The away fans generally make some extra souvenir purchases, though LAXI would need to advance up the leagues for the traders profits to really be bolstered by away fans purchases of fridge magnets with lighthouses on, no matter how many LEDs are put in them for extra pizazz.

Anley does have some beaches as well, though these are largely pebble beaches. Lucyston itself has a sand beach, the sand being brought in from elsewhere, though the lighthouse indicates that the shore is rather rocky so it is mainly used for topping up tans rather than bathing.
Visit the Ochre Islands - "Come see the hair sheep!"
Sporting achievements: Champions, CAFA2

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Postby Ardelark » Tue Aug 17, 2021 12:20 pm

Main Informations
Ardelarkan Team

Nickname: The Sand Cats
International Federation: DSAFF
Established: 3 September 1836
Owner: Ardelarkian Football Association
Captain: Abdellah Moumen
Coach: Hakim Abdelkader
Appearance in Baptism Of Fire: First
Confederation: FUBA (Football Union of Beteltarian Associations) Beteltaria


Main Squad

36. Mohamed Benkssar Mnaouar - GK
2. Samir Benali - RB
5. Makhloufi Yasin - CB
16. Toufik Bensalem - CB
11. Abdellah Moumen - LB ★
3. Omar Tamsaoui - LDM
9. Ahmed Raghidi - CDM
12. Benslimane Amori - RCM
15. Malek Larbi - LW
7. Ghoulam Givaoui - CF
8. Alilou Bentesnim - RW


19. Wahid Tlemcani - GK
18. Rabie Leo Øjk - CB
14. Rustum Bachiri - LB
17. Bachir Bacha - RB
4. Isaak Rami - CM
6. Salim Kbayli - CM
21. Islam Khalil - CM
20. Gaith Melki - RW
13. Rahim Chafi - ST
22. Iyad Khalil - ST
25. Hmed Ilyes - ST

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y
Give Red Cards to my players: N
Godmod other events: Y
Style Modifier(-5 to +5): +2



The Ardelarkian football team is sponsored by 6 companies, 5 of them are national, 1 is foreign in which we mention:

Kwartz: Oldest and leading company in Ardelark that focuses on Art, broadcasting, sportswear designing, cars, jewelry and Architecture.

MexiCola: A beverage and drinks company from United Federal States of Mexico

Airkland: Ardelark's state-owned Airline company.

Visit Arkland: Non-governmental organisation that promotes tourism in Ardelark.

Multimate: Ardelarkian sportswear company, It's originally owned by Kwartz.


The Ardelarkian team was first established in 3 September 1836, following directly the establishment of its parent organisation, the AFA. Ardelark was only participating in the BetelCup, a yearly competition between teams in the region of Beteltaria. The team wasn't involved in any international tournaments until 2021, where they joined the DSAFF and the DSAFF Comrades Cup 2021 in Talamia, the first international event Ardelark have ever competed in. During that time, Ardelark was like an underdog team in the tournament, it fell in Group B with Veyoris, Niasport and WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Ardelark drew in its first group stage match by 2-2, followed by a marvelous 3-2 victory over Veyoris, the best team in the group, finishing with a fantastic 5-2 win against WWF. Ardelark was the first ever team to score 10 goals in the group stage of the comrades cup. in the Knockout, Ardelark had to face Talamia, the runner-up of Group A. The match ended in a 4-2 win for Ardelark after it was losing control in the first half, This gave Ardelark a ticket to move to the next round, the Semi-finals, Where they faced Lannistter, one of the strongest teams in the tournament, and after the 1-1 draw in the 2 halves, Ardelark succeeded at qualifying to finals with a 2-1 win in the extra halves. At the final, Ardelark was set to play again versus Veyoris, the same team that faced Ardelark in the group stage. The match ended in an another 3-2 win, after the extra halves ended. Giving Ardelark the Comrades Cup 2021 title, the first international title in the first edition of the comrades cup competition. Ardelark remains one of the best teams in the international football, with its squad, coach and epic team.


Broadcasting channels for the Baptsim Of Fire 76 Banija and Bollonich:
Reïs 1 (Main Channel)
Reïs 4K (Sports Channel)
ANT 1 (Main Channel)
ANT Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (Sports Channels)
RocalSports/RStv (Racing and Football Sports Channel)
BetelSport (Sport Channel from Beteltaria)

Current Broadcasting Channel: Reïs 1

Reïs 1 Crew:
Correspondents to Bollonich: Yakhtar Naima, Souhail Azzouz
Analysts: Ali Bensalem, Benshikh Kandil
News Announcer: Fadi Nesma

Reïs 1 BoF Studio, Bollonich.

Fadi: "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this special coverage of the 76th Edition of The Baptsim Of Fire in Banija and Bollonich, we're currently in Bollonich, where Ardelark's team settles. We'll be covering our team's matches and updates and we'll be discussing and analyzing the results and formations, but first let's head to our correspondent Yakhtar near the stadium that will host Ardelark v Milchama tomorrow, August 18. So, Yakhtar, Welcome and how can you describe the atmosphere there?"

Yakhtar: "It's all about excitement and enthusiasm, Fans from all around the world are here to cheer for their teams and show support for their players."

Fadi: "Thank you Yakhtar, Now moving to Souhail, he's inside the Media Center where a press conference was held by the coach Hakim to talk about tomorrow's first match. Souhail, greetings. Tell us about the details of the press conference there."

Souhail: "Greetings for all, I was witnessing Hakim's Press Conference, many questions were asked and answered, and Everything he said explains how ready is the team for tomorrow, I have registered some questions that were asked by several journalists and some answers that are very important:
- Talamian ProDioruxTV journalist: "How ready Ardelark is for the BoF after their DSAFF Comrades Cup victory?"
- Coach Hakim:"We're totally ready to top Group C, but we can't promise anyone as i always have stated, Despite that, I'm positively happy with the readiness of the team, we have all our key players ready, the goalkeeper is ready too, everything is great till now, i say to everyone that, Expect positive results."
- Ardelarkian ANT 1 Journalist: "We saw how ready the team was, but can you tell us what are your thoughts about Group C teams that we'll be facing and how do you rate them, also what teams you consider to be a threat for the team's journey?."
- Coach Hakim: "We don't know them all honestly, But we respect them. All we know is how tough Cabo Azure and Bahia Roja are, but the rest, they can be good, terrible or unranked or anything else. Apparently, their rank in the group could explain their skill maybe. And for the teams that we consider as a threat to our success in the group, as i said, they're Cabo Azure and Possibly Bahia Roja, the rest aren't scary and no need to worry about them. But that doesn't mean we'll be taking it easy, we'll Still be ready for every match."

Souhail: "as you see, this was the press conference held by the Coach and those were the questions we highlighted to you tonight, back to you fadi."

Fadi: "Thank you Souhail, and Thank you all for your time and listening, hoping to see you later Inshallah."

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Postby Moliza » Tue Aug 17, 2021 12:56 pm

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose my scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Yes
Give Red Cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: No

Manager: Jarred Kantis
Head Coach: Zane Phallis

Formation: 4-3-3

Wayne Wilson
Zane Charles,
Jack Price

Bob Bradley
Gage Pierce
Kenny Dunn
Cathal Christensen
Cordelia Marin
Zeke Prols
Lyle Plant
Kaleem Fitzgerald
Faris Lucas
Eshan Wallis
Alessio Mcgee
Kishan Simpson
Daniel Kinney
Grayson Walsh
Rikesh Wheatley

Zakary Soto
Benas Horn
Terrell Cisneros

Augustus Gay
Mayson Hinton
Fabian Munoz
Kai Jones
Nathaniel Franks
Raees Lowery
Kieren Hussain
Jakob Povey
Renzo Kenny
Aidan Sanford
Mikail Halliday
Siobhan Crawford

Arnie Schultz
Tayyab Bostock
Carmen Blundell (Captain)
Larry Portillo
Elis Russo
Ayomide Garcia
Prince Best
Hamid Flores
Rajan Head
Whitney Walker
Miley Knowles
Oluwatobiloba Valencia
Oskar Mayer
Mikael Powell
Jim Walton
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Postby Nyowani Kitara » Tue Aug 17, 2021 3:13 pm

OOC Note: At CR38, I set to write a background series to the events I was going to write about here at the BoF. Unfortunately, the series never got finished, since I ended up wanting to write about actual CR events instead. This is part I of that series. Therefore, I'm going to summarize in one part what the rest of that series wouldn't cover, to give better understand on the political situation in Nyowani Kitara, so I can jump into the actual series tomorrow

The Political Situation in Nyowani Kitara- how we got here, what it means
OOC Note #2: consider this report written an unnamed foreign expert on Nyowani Kitara Politics rather than a government, so you don't have to worry about bias or accuracy regarding the report

The Democratic Republic of Nyowani Kitara is in an interesting and challenging political situation at the moment. It's geographic position at the south center of Pavola, sharing a land border with four other nations in the subregion, and the gradual fall of almost all of its important, make it a nation that finds itself almost radically isolated within not only the subregion, but in Rushmore in general.

It is relatively stable- but in a system like theirs, stability is never guaranteed. Especially when it sees itself as a nation that is largely 'completely surrounded' by enemy nations. The fall of communism in both Tikariot and Græntfjall, well over 30 years ago, was something that hit them hard. But even more recently, the fall of Communism in Yuezhou has hit them even harder. A regional neighbor with like minded political preferences, Ren Qiang was always a friend of Nyowani Kitara.

His downfall, however much NYK(used henceforth to refer to Nyowani Kitara), was a shock to the political system. The Kitara Progressive Worker's Coalition continue to champion his cause and his alternative government, remaining one of the last governments to still legally recognize Ren Qiang.

But via their actions, you can tell it was something that shocked their system. You've seen a slight change in foreign policy- on the cultural side. With none of their neighbors ideologically aligned with NYK anymore, Nyowani Kitara has been forced to spread its wings. You see the cultural diplomacy spreading. A historically isolationist nation generally content with the Copa RUshmori, they've suddenly put their football team into the World Cup- on the backs of being one of the worst defenses the Copa Rushmori has ever seen, conceding 12 in just 3 games.

Why did that performance inspire the government to throw them into the World Cup? Here's our guess- fear. Why is there fear? We're not sure. But there are so many nations- it's a good way to conduct cultural diplomacy. NYK's bid to host the previous Copa Rushmori fell flat on its face, with Mytanija's bid blowing NYK's out of the water. It was an embarrassment for Dewayo(the name of the NYK capitol city). At least at the World Cup, there's more of a chance to 'sportswash' their nation- enjoy the football, results don't really matter, get some allies?

From here, we're going to go through Nyowani Kitara's history in a limited fashion- how they got to where they are, and why they are here today.

OOC Note #3: Arrival of the Kitara People to Nyowani Kitara, and reasons why, are covered here. This links to the final part of that series, but the links for Parts 1-5 are in that post.

Establishment of Communism

Nyowani Kitara has been Communist for about 90 years now. Shortly after its neighbors, Græntfjall and Tikariot, became Communist and united as a union, Nyowani Kitara became communist as well. A different and separate revolution from its neighbors- but, of course, timing. The situation of Nyowani Kitara was quite different than its neighbors, and entirely locally sourced.

And for 60 or so years, it was a relatively free and open society for a Communist state. Political debate was allowed- free expression was a key part of society. NYK, of course, is a multiracial society, with 57% of its population being black, and the remainder being white. Power was divided between the races in such a way where everybody went home happy, and the generational violence, on racial lines, that plagued the land for so long, between the majority ethnic Kitarans and the white native population largely died down. Was it still a one party state then? Of course. But such a different society than we see now.

Key to this system- the party was always more important than the men. Those in the key positions of power held strict term limits, with the President, as well as key members of the Politburo, all limited to one six year term. The Courts were relatively independent, keeping checks on the powers of individuals. And with allocation of powerful positions among Nyowani Kitara's ethnic groups, everybody was relatively happy.

The Turning Point

What changed, then? When the governments in Græntfjall and Tikariot began the process of falling, people in Nyowani Kitara started to cry for freedom. There was relative freedom in the country- but no ability to pick their own government, careers decided for them, five years plans, etc... And the people decided to demand that their own country's leadership be more responsive and more accountable to them, it created a crisis at the top.

The President at the time, President Tinavo Kutamba, thought he had seen the writing on the wall. Even then, he had told reporters the following. "You see the revolutions happening in our neighbors, and you see what the people are demanding here. The people are supreme, the people are sovereign- not any one individual." He scheduled free and fair elections for four months from the statement, with preparations to happen almost immediately.

It caused chaos, but there was excitement. Excitement that they'd avoid the bloodshed seen in their neighbors, and that the Kitara Progressive Workers Coalition would simply step aside if they lost. And polls indicated that they would. Of course, the accuracy of polling then was questionable(nobody had ever really polled NYK before), but in the new legislature set up by President Kutamba, opposition figures were expected to win a combined 2/3s of seats, compared to 1/3 of seats for KPWC candidates.

So, with the support of the President, the elections happen, and that's all she wrote? Not even close.

The Military Coup and Crackdown

But the power elite in NYK would not let that happen. They would not- they could not, simply step aside. The official reasoning is that capitalist counter-revolutionaries were coming to strip the country of its resources. Many think they were simply trying to save their own skin. Whatever the reasoning- the military coup was launched exactly one week before the historic elections were supposed to happen, and just two days before ballots were supposed to be shipped to all corners of the country.

That night is known by many as "The Darkness that Changed the Nation." Electricity was shut off entirely to Dewayo(besides things like hospitals), intentionally, as the military declared a one night curfew and that everybody had to go home. And when people woke up to the power on the next morning- everything had changed. NYK had a history of independent media- but every single live media source, and the vast majority of newspaper offices, had been stormed throughout the capitol and the country, and all of a sudden, men in full military uniform were on TV.

President Kutamba was then on Television, reading a statement. But he looked way different than had been seen before. He had one eye swollen shut, and his suit was nearly in shreds. He was even bleeding from his arm as he spoke. "I hereby fire the remaining remembers of the Executive Committee of the Politburo, besides General Zelotes Akongo, in my final action as President. I hereby resign my office as the party's General-Secretary, and as President of the Democratic Republic. In doing so, I confirm my intention to pass power to the 'Provisional Officers Council', led by General Zelotes Akongo'.

Shortly after that, life began to change fast. The military were everywhere on the streets. Martial law was declared for 72 hours. That very night, General Akongo introduced himself to the nation. He talked about how President Kutamba, and opposition leaders, were plotting for 'foreign capitalists, particularly Banijans, to come into this country and take every last one of our resources, and leave NYKers of every race to suffer.' He said 'indisputable evidence' was found of this plot, and that those leaders would face trial. He said that the election would be 'suspended indefinitely', until the candidate rolls could be cleared of everybody expected to be in this foreign conspiracy.

It was a whirlwind of stunning news. And with media access shut down, the people took to the streets. Many did not believe the government. But the government responded in kind. Launching a massive propoganda campaign, they said any of their opponents were trying to 'lead Nyowani Kitara back to the race wars of the 1800 and early 1900s', and that opponents 'were being paid by the Banijan King'. Still, even with that, thousands took to the streets of the NYK capital, Dewayo, to protest the very next day.

But the Government responded in kind. General Akongo ordered that every single protester be arrested. Over the next few days, tens of thousands were arrested, and thousands were shot by soldiers- beaten, bloodied, bruised. It saw over 1,000 deaths of protesters in this nation, as the Government reacted with brute force to international opposition. Martial law stayed enacted for a month, until General Akongo was ready to loosen the grip ever so slightly.

The Era of the Akongos

General Zelotes Akongo eventually was declared President-For-Life by the Politburo, and ruled for 23 more years, until he died of natural causes. General Akongo moved to crush internal political dissent, and prioritize his rule above all else. He purged opposition both outside and within the party, and went to a common tactic of Kitaran governments of the past- to demonize Banija as an evil player.

Zelotes Akongo planned to pass power on to his son, Venizelos Akongo, Venizelos died in a mysterious swimming accident that had never been solved by the NYK Government. So, two years before his own demise, he turned and found his nephew, Boaz Akongo. Akongo was named "President-In-Waiting", and after Zelotes died of natural causes, Boaz Akongo took the Presidency for himself.

Boaz Akongo has been as ruthless as his uncle, if not even more so. He is rumored to be crazy paranoid- frequently changing his schedule, frequently changing out staff, and refusing to name a "President-In-Waiting", as many say he does not want to empower people to benefit from his demise. But he has consolidated lots of personal power. THe rest of the Politburo are considered to be his lackeys, and rumor has it that only "yes men" are allowed to participate in Government.

He, of course, is looking for foreign allies- so Ren Qiang's overthrow in Yuezhou hit him real personally. He only trusts other Communists, however- so while he's a man who'll take what he can get, his preference is to ally with more socialist and communist governments that are in power.

And that, of course, is a summary of Nyowani Kitara's political situation to date. The lense for which to understand this country.

Future Threats?

NYK doesn't really pose a serious threat to any of its neighbors. While it is a government that has invested heavily in its military(at the great expense of its people, we may add), it doesn't have the military strength, or will, to really wage war against any of its neighbors. Could it support Ren Qiang militarily? The guess is probably not- if they could have, they would have while Ren Qiang was still in power.

But while NYK seems stable on the surface, underneath, it really isn't. Boaz Akongo is constantly pushing elites out of the way- a great way to instill fear, but also a great way to make a lot of enemies. And there's no clear line of succession. President Boaz Akongo has two children- a 26 year old son, who is a partier who has never shown interest in politics. And a 17 year old daughter- who remains a clouded mystery for foreign observers, but by all means is considered extremely smart and adept.

Boaz, of course, is in his lower 50s- so he should live for quite a few more years. But if anything happened- well, a mad scramble for power in a country like this could turn violent and chaotic fairly quickly, and Rushmore, and perhaps beyond, would be forced to pay attention.
English pronunciation- "New Chee-tar-ah"

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Postby Torisakia » Tue Aug 17, 2021 6:12 pm

IC Note: The Torisakia Inquisition is a cross between tabloids like the National Enquirer and satirical sites like ClickHole.


Sizing Up The Competition: Professional Soccer Team Joins Under-5 Youth League; Lose Every Match

In a bizarre twist that no one saw coming, a professional soccer team made up of mostly 20-somethings applied to join the Central Postmeridian 5-and-under youth soccer league some years ago. Citing being kicked out of all other soccer leagues around the country due to financial issues and "sheer incompetency in the sport" as their reason. The gaggle of parents that run the league, mostly named Tina, Brad, Lindsay, and Marianne, were hesitant at first to allow grown men into a league with children, but after some mental evaluation of the professional players it was determined that they all collectively had the IQ of a 5 year old, and as such they were admitted into the league, so long as each player paid the mandatory $30 club fee and each player paid the mandatory $80 registration fee and that each player would pitch in to the team snacks for each game. All but one player complete these actions. He was promptly kicked out and grounded for a month.

As unsurprising as it may sound, the professional team proceeded to lose every game of the season. All 12 games were lost by 6 goals or more. The professional team did not even score a single goal until the last game of the season when the opposing team's goalkeeper accidentally kicked the ball into their own net. Even worse, the team did not even cross mid-pitch until the fourth game due to constant turnovers and many of the players spending the majority of the match searching for rollie-pollies in the grass. What's more, 7 of the 11 original players on the roster got hurt during the season and had to be replaced by kids from other teams. None of the injuries came from playing, however. It seemed like accident after accident kept befalling these players. After the final game, the team sat at 0-12 and last in the league, missing out on playoffs. The manager of the team was quoted as saying "Ah no tears guys. We'll get 'em next year" to his players after the final whistle. This statement was bold of him as it implied that they would even return for the next season.

Speaking of, the team was promptly kicked out of the league and banned from ever returning. Not due to their poor play, but due to the fact that one of the players stole another kid's Pokemon cards and tore them up. Such behavior is not allowed within the league. The player was forced to apologize and replace the cards he destroyed with exact copies. Problem was that one of the cards was a super rare misprint and only one of a handful known to have existed. In the end, he could not find a replacement card so the police were called and he ended up getting 10 years in prison for malicious property damage. Interestingly enough, the kid whose Pokemon cards were stolen and destroyed also ended up going to jail for Grand Theft Tricycle just a few weeks later. The professional player ended up serving his full sentence and was released back into society. Afterwards, he became heavily invested in sports management and would go on to be manager for one of the absolute worst association football teams the world has ever seen and became a laughing stock across the galaxy.

That player grew up to be Torisakia national team manager Andy Sanders.

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Eleanorian national team roster for the 76th Baptism of Fire

Postby Saint Eleanor » Tue Aug 17, 2021 8:23 pm

Roleplay Permissions: No deaths (in this squad or elsewhere in Saint Eleanor), no wholesale changes of the Eleanorian squad ("wholesale" being whatever I define as wholesale), no firing the manager or her assistant, no trying to remove Eleanorian government officials, absolutely no destruction of Saint Eleanor or significant areas thereof, no injuries longer than two games unless I telegram or DM you to the contrary, and no more than two red cards or other form of suspension per match (again unless I say otherwise). Otherwise, go wild.

Style Modifier: -1.5

The actual roster - presented as a report from Saint Eleanor State Broadcasting Worldwide - begins below this line. (This roster was amended on 22nd August 2021 to correct Harriet Richards' surname in the main body of the article.)

Saint Eleanor roster: Who could take the field during the 76th Baptism of Fire?
Reporting and analysis on the Eleanorian national team by Saint Eleanor State Broadcasting's Chief Football Correspondent, Jamie Rodgers
Originally published on Wednesday 3rd January 1996

It is officially 1996 and after a couple of hundred square centimetres of paperwork, Saint Eleanor is finally winning representation on the international stage after having opted into competing in the 76th Baptism of Fire and (therefore) the 89th World Cup. The vast majority of Eleanorians - and, this reporter would hope, many from around the multiverse - will be interested in seeing whether our football is really as good as it seems or if it fails to hold water. Where better than Banija (and, if we make the final, possibly Bollonich)?

Full lineup (without context)

1: John Bailey [27yo; born 31/07/1968]
13: Georgia Wood [23yo; born 15/04/1972]
23: Will Francis [34yo; born 17/10/1961]

2: Luke Gregory [32yo; born 05/11/1963]
3: Exandra Davies [21yo; born 18/06/1974]
5: Paul Ferry [28yo; born 11/09/1967]
6: Liam West [28yo; born 01/03/1967] [CAPTAIN]
16: Laura Brown [24yo; born 13/05/1971]
18: Luke Elliott [27yo; born 26/01/1968]
20: Grace Bryant [25yo; born 19/07/1970]
21: Paul Johnson [30yo; born 30/11/1965]

4: James Trott [32yo; born 17/08/1964]
7: Evan Donald [29yo; born 28/06/1966]
8: Harriet Richards [26yo; born 03/08/1969]
11: Jessica Martin [24yo; born 14/03/1971]
12: Sam Carter [30yo; born 19/12/1965]
14: John Parkinson [22yo; born 13/11/1973]
15: Alice Christopher [25yo; born 13/01/1970]
19: Steve Pilchard [18yo; born 08/09/1977]

9: Katie O'Donnell [25yo; born 17/02/1970]
10: Corporal Aidan Harris [29yo; born 09/12/1966]
17: Jack Smith [27yo; born 04/11/1968]
22: Fred Newton [24yo; born 26/03/1971]

Manager: Priscilla Evans [Tinhamptonian national]
Assistant manager: Lieutenant Stephen Mitcham

The White Stars, after the biggest and most important symbol in both the national flag and the FA's logo (pictured right), expect. Will they deliver? Despite some clouds being cast at first over Priscilla Evans, the manager, for both being too inexperienced and selecting too many players from too few clubs, a good first few games will undoubtedly help clear the skies for her and everyone else on this small but hopeful island nation. Some estimate that almost 90% of the population will watch or listen to SESB's coverage of their first game against Rizealand, conveniently scheduled for 6pm this Sunday.

As expected, if not required, twenty-three men and women could take the field throughout this Baptism of Fire. Some of them have their years-old backstories; some of them have their recent histories; a few can call President and General George Mitcham their boss. But who are they - really?

John Bailey (#1), with Independence 1975, only conceded 11 in 18 games as they nudged their way to last season's title. Like his goalkeeping teammates, Bailey is generally reluctant to venture further than the six-yard box unless absolutely necessary, but is more open to pushing forward and acting as a defender of last resort when he ever is forced to do so.

Luke Gregory (#2), who captained Athletic Saint Eleanor until Harriet Richards took over in the summer of 1994 and recently signed for Sword and Shield, is still regarded by many observers of domestic football as a decent, traditional left-back. While not as fast as Davies, he can still be relied on to be as physical as necessary and no more to get the ball, as well as to send it forward to Donald (or Parkinson, as necessary).

Exandra Davies (#3) - pronounced "Sandra" - is one of only three players from Good Hope Club, and of five from beyond the Big Four (Independence, Athletic, Army and Navy, and Sword and Shield). She is arguably the most eccentric player in the squad - insisting on eating half a satsuma before every match (the manager might want the other half for herself) and never pulling her socks beyond the top of her shinpads - but can easily take the ball from anyone, by force if necessary, and give it to any of her teammates on a good day.

James Trott (#4), who normally plays as a standard-issue central midfielder for Independence 1975, is expected to drop a bit deeper for the national team. Trott usually seeks to take the ball, whether through tackles and interceptions, before the defenders can be threatened; unlike Paul Ferry and Liam West, however, he seeks to distribute the ball to his midfield partner or perhaps those playing further upfield.

Paul Ferry (#5), Gregory's teammate from Sword and Shield, is the White Stars' hard man, seeking to trouble opposing strikers for as long as possible and willing to go hard - but fair - to stop them scoring. This has apparently not stopped him from contributing "about one in twenty dollars" of his salary to local church projects operating in and around east coastal Saint Eleanor city.

Liam West (#6) captains Independence 1975, Saint Eleanor's greatest club, as well as the country itself. The solid but largely nondescript centreback, more willing to subtly jostle opposing attackers off the ball, if not outright preventing them from having it in the first place, than Ferry - just - has leadership credentials away from football as well, having worked as a floor manager in a corner shop in north-eastern Saint Eleanor city for the past six years with varying degrees of success.

Evan Donald (#7), Army and Navy's first-choice left-winger, is the White Stars' too; he is usually happy to wait on the ball for Gregory to overlap but can also run forward himself if necessary... or desired. Should it be required, he can happily fill in at left-back: in 1993, Aidan Harris was taken out of action for two months after a fractured ankle caused by a harsh tackle from Donald during training.

Harriet Richards (#8), skipper of Independence's great rivals Athletic Saint Eleanor, is expected to balance out Trott's convervatism with a more positive approach, receiving and spraying around passes for the wide midfielders and strikers in the team from open play. Yet as the omnibus setpiece taker for club and country, many will also expect her to sprout or even singlehandedly create significant opportunities from the dead ball.

Katie O'Donnell (#9), despite topping out at 5 feet 9 inches, arguably has - largely accidental - similarities to her manager, Priscilla Evans, with her incredible athleticism and willingness to take opportunities that few others on either team notice. What cannot be denied is that this helped her to score 13 in 18 for Athletic last season, only two behind...

Aidan Harris (#10), who not only captains Army and Navy but is also its only player to serve in the full military, was reportedly added on the insistence of Stephen Mitcham, Evans' assistant and his classmate at the Eleanorian Military Academy. A more stationary - and physical - striker, Harris is domestically infamous for managing to get into the penalty area with sufficient regularity to at least hammer the ball somewhere in front of him. It appears to have worked for last season's top scorer.

Jessica Martin (#11), starring out wide for Sword and Shield as well as the national team, could pose a threat to opposing left-backs but cannot keep and control the ball as well as Donald. Martin is also one of the most politically involved players in the Eleanorian squad, having fought for the abolition of VAT on sporting equipment and successfully lobbied the President to enact the ICT Order - which amended the curriculum to require all schoolchildren to be proficient in digital skills such as computer usage - last month.

What kit will the players be wearing?

Home: Black shirt, shorts and socks
Away: Blue and yellow vertically-striped shirt*, yellow shorts and blue socks
Goalkeeper: Green shirt, shorts and socks


*the back side and sleeves of the away shirt are all in yellow
Sam Carter (#12) is the most attack-minded of Independence's contingent to the national team. At thirty, he is already starting to decline - observers have noted that many of his crosses and dribbles last season failed to have a positive impact on the Liberators' play, more than before - and it is unsurprising to all but the most hardened to see Martin start ahead of him.

Georgia Wood (#13), Golden Unicorn's consistently inconsistent goalkeeper, shipped one per game last season but is practically out of contention for the starting lineup, with Bailey preferred. Despite voicing concern about the Big Four's aforementioned domination of this roster, she is an otherwise slightly above-average player, the kind the average Eleanorian might want to look up to if they want to have anything less than a significant headache in their playing careers.

John Parkinson (#14), who received the Golden Backpack - awarded for the best footballer in secondary school - in 1991, now starts for Sword and Shield, joining Martin out wide and being similarly energetic. Many, however, have pointed to his relative lack of experience in the Premier League - not making a start until the last game of 1994 and only playing 13 last season - which Evans appears to have accepted for the most part.

Alice Christopher (#15) also earned a strong reputation at school but for different reasons, serving as Richards' deputy head girl at the Eleanorian Academy in the 1987 school year. Now with Independence 1975, the pair remain friendly off the pitch yet have developed a sort of rivalry on it, with some observers arguing that the two do play similarly but with Christopher instead playing in the deeper role Trott occupies in this national team.

Laura Brown (#16), centreback by trade and Davies' good friend from Good Hope Club, has earned something of a reputation for avoiding tackles where possible, instead aiming on intercepting passes and then making her own. The expected fielding of Ferry and West ahead of her, however, alongside Harris starting up front appears to suggest that Saint Eleanor will take a more physical approach to defending.

Jack Smith (#17), Good Hope Club's starting striker, must expect to start on the substitutes' bench for most games. Usually happiest playing in a deeper position than most strikers - including O'Donnell and Harris - it is widely suggested that either tactical differences between him and Evans or the relative prolifigacy of the two starting strikers have led to his being largely sidelined.

Luke Elliott (#18), West's centre-back partner at Independence, is not the only Luke who can play in the national team's back four - but he is the much less likely one. Elliott has regularly shown himself to be capable on pressing relatively high for a defender and then going into a position more typical of midfielders, arguably including Trott and Christopher. In this case, his relative versatility may have justified why he is not expected to play a major role.

Steve Pilchard (#19), at eighteen, is the sole teenager in the squad, and the only player who has never known Saint Eleanor as anything but an independent country. Currently with Occidental Olympic, his appearances have largely been confined to the youth team; given that age-group football largely restricts itself to friendlies with non-league sides of substantially worse caliber than Saint Eleanor's opponents in the Baptism of Fire, some have questioned if his spectacular-looking record - 8 goals and 13 assists in 15 friendlies - is more of a concern than a boon.

Grace Bryant (#20), usually a substitute rightback for Army and Navy, will largely be on the bench for the national team too. Some of the more liberally-minded members of Eleanorian society have pointed to the reservist and Lance-Corporal as one of the first (and youngest) women in the national military, it is much more likely that she will be keeping order on the big city's streets when not playing or training, with the police force having virtually never existed as an independent entity.

Paul Johnson (#21) is the only member of this squad not to have been brought up in the capital, which boasts all ten of the Premier League's teams. He instead made his name playing for a representative squad from his hometown of Bishopgate. It was there that he won the somewhat belated attention of Athletic Saint Eleanor's scouts; although he has replaced Gregory as their main leftback, he cannot claim a similar victory on the international stage and arguably has too similar a playing style.

Fred Newton (#22), who - with O'Donnell - is half of Athletic's usual strike partnership, is faster than her but much less technically gifted. Despite arguments as to whether he should be playing alongside or even supplanting Donald or Martin, his relatively high shirt number (Saint Eleanor still keeps to a fairly traditional shirt-numbering system in most places) appears to suggest that he may be called upon as a backup striker.

Will Francis (#23) is usually between the sticks for Sword and Shield. His fairly average record, shipping 22 goals in 18 games, have led to widespread doubt over whether he really ought to be listed in the national team lineup or whether the Eleanorians are simply strapped for men and women who actually want to represent their country at its first major international tournament.

Priscilla Evans (the national team manager) is something of a cult figure in her home city of Tinhampton, having almost led it to two World Cups while it had a functional FA before scoring the goal that sent the Miners to the semi-finals of the 73rd Cup of Harmony - which they won - and earning a move to Crystal Fair HC of the Crystal Empire afterwards, becoming the only Tinhamptonian ever to play abroad. Her infamous rant towards healthcare worker and teammate Harry Porter a decade ago has aroused suspicion from critics, but not enough to detract her from her employment - or her job.

Stephen Mitcham (Evans' assistant) is not only a Lieutenant in the Eleanorian Army, but also the 29-year-old son of George, the military general who has ruled the country for almost two decades and has managed to keep control through prudent management of the North Star Oil Company and public reputation as a trustworthy family man. Although some have claimed that his employment could never have arisen without his father's interference in the nomination process, the fact that the Saint Eleanor Football Association appointed a Tinhamptonian to the top job appears to defy their allegations.

Residents of Saint Eleanor City can watch every Baptism of Fire match live on TV1 and TV2, both of which are arms of Saint Eleanor State Broadcasting. Anybody living in Saint Eleanor can follow BoF 76 on our website, sesb.ex, and on Radio 3. (Sunbeam FM, a privately-owned station, will broadcast all group stage games that are not available on Radio 3.)
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He has retained power through oil money; free healthcare, schooling and public transport; looking like a good dad; letting citizens freely spend their wages and dissent on apolitical matters; allowing private gun ownership (with plenty of training) so the country may fight future invasions; and football.

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Postby Pyazhnaya » Tue Aug 17, 2021 9:09 pm


-- The Baptism of Fire 76 is covered by Kathleen Negretti --

As part of our coverage of the 76th Baptism of Fire, the Tikariot Sports Gazette has randomly chosen one of the nations participating to keep an eye on in their first foray into a World Cup Committee sanctioned tournament. Pyazhnaya, one of the latest additions to international football, is still widely considered terra incognita to the wider sports multiverse and our multi-part series will try to give you, our readers, at least some insight as to what the archipelago in the very northwest of Anaia is all about.

Despite the Baptism of Fire being Pyazhnaya's first big tournament, their actual debut came in the inaugural CAFA in Legalese earlier this year, where they reached the quarter finals before losing out to Saltstead. But in our first part let's have a look at what Pyazhnaya actually is.

Situated in the far north-northwest of Anaia, the Pyazhnayan archipelago is located just north of Quebec and Shingoryeo, consisting of nine larger and dozens of smaller islands. Originally volcanic in origin, the area has not seen any tectonic activity in several decades with only two active volcanoes remaining, Zhadolsky on the island of the same name in the far east of the Izumrud Province and Alyansko located at the intersection of the Buran, Azhrak and Umatra Provinces on Zelenyy Ostrov (also known as Green Island). Despite their northerly location, good parts of Pyazhnaya remain icefree even during winters due to some warmer water currents coming from the Salamantic Sea, leaving most of the ports to the west and southwest clear, while especially in the Eastern part of the nation, separated from the rest of the country by the Sea of Kamensk, ice breakers are required to create lanes for ships to reach the respective ports.

The capital of Pyazhnaya is Krasnograd, which also is the capital of the Izumrud Province, sharing the Ostrov Izumrud (Izumrud Island) with the Severoyarsk Province, but also has some outlying islands to the east and south. Krasnograd is located at the mouth of the Naramunz River, across from Vostrakhan, and is also Pyazhnaya's largest city with a population of 1.3 million. Other larger cities of the province are Livropol, upstream on the Naramunz, and Sovran further to the west, which is one of the two largest naval ports of the nation. Overall the nation consists of eight provinces, with Buran, Azhrak and the northern part of Umatra located on the Zelenyy Ostrov, Khilya on Ostrov Khilya to the south and finally Tamir and Chernyye Ostrova, which are located on archipelagos of their own on the eastern side of the Sea of Kamensk, with the latter being the smallest and most remote.
Baptism of Fire 76 winner
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Postby Saint Eleanor » Tue Aug 17, 2021 9:55 pm


The future of Eleanorian fixture congestion
In the first of his regular columns for Saint Eleanor State Broadcasting, captain Liam West reflects on the shape that Eleanorian football could take in future
Originally published on Thursday 4th January 1996

The winners of the Baptism of Fire will play nine games. Plain sailing? Not really - especially not for Saint Eleanor's soon to be long-suffering players. Compound onto this a potential eighteen World Cup qualifiers - maybe more - seven World Cup or Cup of Harmony matches, and a guaranteed eighteen league games and Saint Eleanor's best players could have to complete 52 matches in the space of a year.

Pile onto that twenty-one, if not twenty-five, games for the earliest entrants into the IFCF tournaments, as well as ten CAFA Cup games (if the first edition was any indicator) - more than making up for the White Stars being banned from playing in future Baptisms of Fire - as you can clearly see by looking at the calendar for next year I organised for this article, and you will be very quickly looking at the reason why players have been successfully pressing for double-headers in the earliest stages of our domestic league as a condition of our playing in major international tournaments.

****** The Grand Republic of Saint Eleanor - area 2,863mi2, population 448,253, average coffee consumption 50L/person/year - it's 1999 (OOC: obvious puppet of Tinhampton)

George Mitcham, General then and now, cofounded the National Liberation Front in 1971 to agitate for a free Saint Eleanor. He got his wish in '75 after a 15-month war: becoming President, appointing a few notable NLF friends and some charity's executive director as VPs and calling them legislators.

He has retained power through oil money; free healthcare, schooling and public transport; looking like a good dad; letting citizens freely spend their wages and dissent on apolitical matters; allowing private gun ownership (with plenty of training) so the country may fight future invasions; and football.



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