TEXKENTUCK SPACE WEAPON Pulse Satellite Success!!

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TEXKENTUCK SPACE WEAPON Pulse Satellite Success!!

Postby Texkentuck » Tue Jul 06, 2021 3:35 am

Texkentucks' Space Command of Space Division test the new space weapon that was launched into space and the test worked. The space weapon doesn't cause harm directly to anyone but to anything of technology. Over Asia Bay, Texkentuck there were near by cities that expearianced the event. Many in fear witnessing the bright light shoot down over the bay. There were lighting strikes over the bay from the intense energy created. Many ran for cover in panic who saw but most slept through the event. The Texkentuck government a few hours later explained the event. The weapon was a new test of our space weapon on our aircraft carrier. The space weapon caused for all systems to fail successfully. The only risk to the weapon pointed directly over a population which it wasn't is that over an area for 10 min can cause people to expeariance radiation poisoning. President Schirkophf congratulated Space Command and Space Divison and gave a live emergency night time conference assuring the population that all is safe and Texkentuck will soon have weapons and craft in space....Space Division was surprised at the amount of energy generated over a week instead of 5 days. We didn't expect to see a bright light that would rays down and cause some heat/lightning. Their is concern the weapon is damaged from the intensity. Soon Their will be astronauts who will go and investigate the weapon and make repairs as needs be.[/color]Image

More information on the space weapon and Space Command:

Space Divison
Space Divison Flag

TEXKENTUCK Space division Headquarters bunker in secure installation in the Texkentuck Snow Land Plains. The bunker has access to computer systems of other government installations and computers. This bunker is the most secure. The bunkers computers have access to all government computers. The bunkers systems can access with a code can launch nuclear missiles. For two missiles to launch the base commander must be there. For all the missiles to go off the President of Texkentuck must log into the system and put in the code and thumb print. From the Presidents System which is the main computer is carried with him on all travels. It can override most systems. Vice Versa from the bunker but it's a difficult process. The daily operations are national security operations in watching computer systems of border security. Also they are responsible for the security of the economic markets and banks. They also do counter operations in the system constantly under attack from foreign government attacks and individuals. The government has a super weapon that doesn't harm people but creates a wide power surge in an area of 10 miles. The power surge can make computers, televisions and radios go under static interruption. If the weapon is armed on an area for 10 min it will permanently make electronics of any such not work. Radiation in the area becomes a danger for a time.
Bunker door with face recognition and key code for card.
Second security door apparatus for Bunker at Texkentuck Federation's Space Division. It's a voice activated system with security key card.
The Main Underground Space Command Bunker in the Texkentuck Snow land Plains.
Main Space Command Dish in the Texkentuck Snow Plains....

This is a picture of the Launch of the new space wepon that is controlled from Space Command. This wepon will not do bodily harm but only electrical harm. The only harm it can do is that the high pulse can cause mutations to human cells if weapon is directly shooting down the pulse on an area. The pulse circumfrance is 10 miles by 10 miles. The purpose of this weapon is to disrupt all communication or electrical data. This weapon can disrupt any kind of electrical system unless the system is protected by a material that reflects the disruption.
What happends when this weapon is armed.
Blue Prints for the Pulse Satellite Space Weapon
weapon makes this sound in space around the reactor when armed...,squ,v1
1.Space Command arms the weapon. 2. A high pulse reflects down on the targeted area. 3. Everyone in that areas lights bulbs flicker. T.V. signals and electronics in a t.v. disrupt. Also disrupts anything electric. No harm done to people. 4. After 10 min of this weapon armed on an area electronics cease to work and their is the possibility for everyone with in target to start to expeariance radiation sickness. It's a very dangerous weapon and can cause the meltdown of a society by electrical and telecommunications failure.

Space Command also is in charge of all government computer systems and their security. The bunker is always in direct contact with the Presidents and Royal Family security and systems on Owl Force One. The Bunker with another bigger bunker in an undisclosed location are always in direct contact with Owl Force One and government security for the President. Also they have access to all missile systems.
Space Command Center underground beneath Capital Bloc In Dominion Square in Texkentuck
101 Nuclear missile silos are across Texkentuck Federation hidden and always ready to be armed by Space Command.

Texkentuck has been advancing in artificial inteligence. The new AI spy stealth/fighter jet by Texkentuck Space Division.
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