YN'S name in your language

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YN'S name in your language

Postby Henna-Kassel » Fri Jul 02, 2021 5:01 am

For example: ķìñđòñm ò Henna-Kassel
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Postby Sherechia » Fri Jul 02, 2021 5:03 am

Highly democratic and freedom-loving population, what if Mongolia and Japan had a child who also has an Indian driving instructor, increasing tensions between Market Socialists and Maoists, eats the aeugh fish, pets the aeugh fish, Aruday metro train doors have a tendency to amputate riders
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Postby Serzchepha » Fri Jul 02, 2021 5:04 am

Long form: Jemësë Republikä uj Serjixegha
Short form: Serjixegha
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Jemësë Republikä uj Serjixegha
Federal Republic of Serzchepha


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Postby Herrebrugh » Fri Jul 02, 2021 5:08 am

Koninghrijk der Herrebrugheylanden or simply de Herrebrugheylanden; sometimes Herrebrugh.

In the second official language: Königreich der Herrenbrückinseln, die Herrenbrückinseln, Herrenbrück.
Geteekendt, Jozef III, bij de gratie Godts, Koningh der Herrebrugheylanden ende Prins van Rheda
Unterzeichnet, Joſeph III., von Gottes Gnaden König der Herrenbrückinſeln und Prinz von Rheda

The Factbook of the Kingdom of the Herrebrugh Islands
Where the Website-Style Factbook Originated!

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Postby Kabardina » Fri Jul 02, 2021 5:08 am

Bulgarian cyrillic: Кабардинско-Балкарска Pепублика
Bulgarian latin: Kabardinsko-Balkarska Republika
Short form: Кабардина(Kabardina)
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Windows 98 OS
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Postby Windows 98 OS » Fri Jul 02, 2021 5:10 am

Windows 98 Operatif Sistemi
(Windows 98 Operative System)

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Postby Keira » Fri Jul 02, 2021 5:22 am

Hayartic: Keiran Vetternavalta
Lathonian: Keiras Federatia
Littic: Keiros Federacija
Oshir: Ⰽⰵⰻⱃⱑⱅⰻⱅ Ⱇⰵⱓⰵⱃⱔⱓⱉⱅ (Keirin Federëdon)

Otherwise, the short version is the same in all languages.
⠀⠀⠀⠀Federation⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ of ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Keira⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Postby Gondwandwa » Fri Jul 02, 2021 5:27 am

Gondwandwa is actually Dwandwe (a fictional african language)
It's Goedewetbogo in Twetsu (Second largest Language)
in english it's Free Dwandwe
Gondwandwa is a Country in Southern Africa That was Created by Colonialism. It is a particularly horrid case of Colonialism, as the land it owns Follows no Ethnic Boundaries at all, so there are many rebels, separatists, and Plenty of Political Strife.
Twetsu Rebellion: TPDF's Leader Killed, though Twetsu Rebellion continues to capture more Territory | 450 Twetsu Rebels Killed | Up to 830 Government Soldiers dead
Other News: Gondwandwans are getting buried with their national flag, to show god "They've already been to Hell once, they cant go there again"

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The Imagination Animals
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Postby The Imagination Animals » Fri Jul 02, 2021 5:43 am

NS Stats is NOT canon!
Supreme Leader: Waldemar Rochester | President: Hamad bin Ahmad Al Meskin
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Postby The Oda Teikoku » Fri Jul 02, 2021 9:04 am

Dai Nihon Teikoku/大日本帝國(Empire Of Japan)

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Postby Bakalcalyu » Fri Jul 02, 2021 9:24 am

Syakasakawai Syahilhimaha Bakalcalyun

IPA: [ˌsʲɑ.kɑˈsɑ.kɑ.waɪ ˌsʲɑ.hiˈɮi.mɑ.hɑ bɑˈkɑl.t͡sɑ.ʎun]

Accommodation AGR-Economic Bakalcalyu-of

"Economic Condominium of Bakalcalyu"

Language: Chiloshian (Coastal Accent pronunciation)

Despite being brought into Chiloshian, all 3 words are loanwords from the Piseetu language, from the ancient culture that had part of their empire where Chiloshia and Bakalcalyu now stand. In Piseetu, these words are:
Kasakava [βa] (to grant special accommodating status)
Iithimaa [iː.θi.maː] (economic)
Ka'utsaliyu [ka.ʔu.t͡] (Name of the Island where Bakalcalyu stands)
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Chiloshian Bakalcalyan WA Representatives:
Delegate: Lady Mrs. Ibelyeń Ərańa
Senior Aide: Uge Həcyewi
Overworked Intern Junior Aide: Əkoru Vapośæťoš

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Alaska Hawaii and the Aleutes
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Postby Alaska Hawaii and the Aleutes » Fri Jul 02, 2021 9:35 am

Eng: Federal Technocracy of Alaska Hawaii and the Aleutes
Rus: Федеральная Технократия Аляски Гаваев и Алеутов
Alaskan creole: (unofficial language, but commonly used amongst the citizens)
Fedyaralna 'Eknakratiya Awai'i ыt Unangax tanaxi
OOC: Please note that all following factbooks are not fitted for dark mode or mobile!

The Federal Technocracy of
Alaska Hawaii and the Aleutes
Homepage | Overview | ASEA

AFC News : |International| The Japano-Taiwanese Confederation's president and the Alaskan chancellor will meet in Saipan to discuss the disputed territory of the Iwo Islands | Britannican-Alaskan dispute over the Indian Ocean Territory purchase |National| New Law preventing political monopolies in the provinces | Remembrance of the Untriti massacre a year ago | Man in banana costume tried to rob bank in Aleneva

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Postby Cokoland » Fri Jul 02, 2021 9:43 am

Vijini dialect/Cokonesse: Cokotäch
Saleni dialect: Kokotak
Tzieni dialect: Kökötach
English: Cokoland
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Islamic Holy Sites
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Postby Islamic Holy Sites » Fri Jul 02, 2021 11:45 am

Jumhuriyya Mediniyatu Muqaddasia
Call me Muqaddasia.
Proud member of the GCN. Host nation of SETZA. Founder/Co-founder of the (now defunct) IDSF Founder/Co-founder and first in command of the (now defunct) UCA. Founder of the (now defunct) ICRD.
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Your nation’s name in your language

Postby Deacarsia » Fri Jul 02, 2021 11:50 am

English: Deacarsia
Latin: Deacarsia
Deacarsic: Deacarsia
Sic enim Deus dílexit mundum, ut Fílium suum unigénitum daret: ut omnis qui credit in eum, non péreat, sed hábeat vitam ætérnam.

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Postby Kaiserholt » Fri Jul 02, 2021 12:40 pm

Serenissimae Reipublicae non Indignanda Saligno Agri (Latin)

pio galínia dimokratía ton pedíon itión (Greek)

Most Serene Republic of the Willow Fields (English)
"Hello, Masaki home. Oh, that sounds like if I were married to the family. How embarrassing. What do you think? Do you think it sounds that way?"

"I have been many things in my life, Mollari. I have been silly. I have been quiet when I should have spoken. I have been foolish. And I have wasted far too much time. But I am still Centauri. And I am not afraid."

"You are elevating futility to a high art. There is nothing you can do to prevent the catharsis of spurious morality."

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Estado Novo Portugues
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Postby Estado Novo Portugues » Fri Jul 02, 2021 8:31 pm

Sacro Estado Católico de Portugal
I RP as the Holy Catholic State of Portugal.
This nation is an original work of fiction, as are all names, characters and events depicted therein. The views expressed by my characters do not represent my actual views. Any similarity with real persons, living or deceased, is entirely coincidental.

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Postby Sherechia » Fri Jul 02, 2021 8:39 pm

Sherechia wrote:Sherechida

Democratic Republic of Sherechia
Chogon Khanbaigo Sherechida
Highly democratic and freedom-loving population, what if Mongolia and Japan had a child who also has an Indian driving instructor, increasing tensions between Market Socialists and Maoists, eats the aeugh fish, pets the aeugh fish, Aruday metro train doors have a tendency to amputate riders
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Postby Radiatia » Fri Jul 02, 2021 10:08 pm

Ŧac Ra‡ijazija Ve‡erazija
(The Radiatian Federation)
Pronounced: "Das Ra-di-ya-tsi-ya Feh-der-a-tsi-ya"

On its own "Radiatia" is "Ra‡ijatija" and pronounced the same way as English.
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Postby Wormfodder Delivery » Sat Jul 03, 2021 1:38 pm

凵̸̌͒ͣ̽̍͋҉̨̫̦͖͕̞̝̮͎̦̝̟͚̩̞̪ ̴̡̩̻̬̼̱̠̳̹̮̮̭̺̫̫͍́ͧ̊́͜乍̎ͥ͊ͪ͒̿ͮ̽ͨͬͩ̊҉̨̨̟̻̤̘͎̯̫͎̗̮̩̠̟̳̬̕͡ͅ ̳͖̗̜̭͙̦͖͐̓̒͂̒̀̓̈́͗ͮ̏ͨ̿̇́͡亡̵̹͎̗̭͚̟̻̖̮̪͇̹̳̂ͧ̿́ͬ̈́̑ͫͣ͒͐ͨ̓̚̕͡ ̴̷̎̎͌ͬ̀̓͆̐̑͢͝҉̘͖̘͍̰̭̬͓̯̣ͅ卞̴̫̗̜̬̤͍̟ͣ́̋̃ͭ̑̿͑ͥ͞͡ ̊̓̒̾ͧ̇̌̄̏̈́ͩ̎́͝҉̷̠̥̝̤̱͇͈̳͓̰̬̞͔̦̜͞太ͬ̏̑ͨ̉ͯ̾͆́ͧ̑̀҉̳̭̮̠̠̙ ̛̞͕̯͈̭̫̼̼ͤ̊͋ͨ́̈́͊͒̄́̉̽̊ͪ̏͘尸̷̢̎ͪ̅ͤͣ̓ͨ͆͑̑́͜͡͏̦̜̣̲̺̘̦͍͇̟̭͕̗ ̴̷̵̯̺̬̳͉̱͉͎͚̞͕̝̝̫̰̗͙̃̌̋̔ͨͯ͐̓͋̊͋̃͛ͦ̕ͅ尸̮͔̞͇͍̼̳̫̗̭͈̗̤̼̤̳̳͍̾͒ͣͥ̅̄͆̈́̀͟͜͝ ̴̸̺̮̰̟͚͔͇̳̞͚͈͉̝̤̃ͫ̑ͨ̇͒̌ͦ̊̿ͪͫ̀̚͡ͅら̷̤̭̺͇̺͓̩̜̪̳̺̝̗̮ͬ̈ͣ̐̈́͌̈ͥ̓ͣ͐̀̕͞͠ͅ ̂̐̃̒ͤ̂͆̽͋̈́̌ͯ̚͡҉̶̡̣̖͓̣̣尺̇̔̃ͮ̃́̽͏̵̩͉̮̪͓̦͙͉̪̬͝͡ ̡̣̙̦̲̲̞̤̪̟͉͓̣͈̅̌ͪ̈́͗̏͗̑̉ͣ̄̈́̑̕ヨ̷̣̞̯͖̣ͫͮ̈ͧ͗ͭ̈́͒͋͗͘͞͡ ̡̩͎̯̜̘̱̭̙͈̱̲̼̟̈́̃̏͒͒ͩ̎ͪ̎ͣͯ̏̃̚̚̚戸̴̸̰͕̤͉̠̼̟͈̇̉͛̑̇́͞ͅ ̧̟̮̣̬͔̲͓̗̒ͭ͗̔ͩ͑̋̒̂͡而̷͇͕̱̜̲͖͖͕̪̻̮͕̺̻̙͎̫͙̬ͩ͂̌̌̊ͣ̊ͦͯ̇ͮ̒ͫ̚͞ ̶̛̩͔̼̼͖̹̼͍̦̦̼͔̙͈̬̟͚̻̱ͩ̔̓͗ͤ͂ͦͬ̈́̍ͫͣ͊̂̓̅レ̖͖̖̰̼͓̫̣̫͖̫͎̙̞̙̀͂͐ͦ͒͋̉̽̃͑̚͟͝ͅ
͕̟̞̺̯̣̥̮̖͍̾ͮͧ̿̚̚̕͝͝͡日̛̛̫̝̰̬̘͙̲͍̥̣̮͖̫̻͉̜̿̌̀ͥͯ̕͞ ̴͑̐͑͑ͥ͊ͦ͌̍̅ͯͮ̃̒ͭ͏̬̬̯͚̫̩͈͍̳̰̠凵̷̡̮̼̝͓̙̦͕͋̄̆ͫ͗̊̂͘ ͛̊̔̌͂̂ͩ̽̄͒ͯ̓͛ͧ̍ͭ̋͏̢̳͍̪̣̩̩͉͞͝口̵̼̝̬̘̙͉̪̖̻̣̙͉͉̄ͨ̓͒̅̐ͮ̿ͭ̇̅͑ͥ͢ͅͅ ̵̩̲̞̬͍̱͕̪̩̍͆́̋͒ͣ̈̊͋͆̍̀̚̕立̵̮͔͈̳̬̩͆ͤ̈̿͗̋ͯͤͩͣ̽̑̈̇̂̿̚̚͞ ̢̨̤͇̪̭͉͔͓͙̯̻̤̪͎̦̥̳͕̐̑̐̈̓̊ͮ̾͒͊͞ͅͅ卩̸̋̑ͫ̊ͬ̂ͦ̚͘͘͞҉̝̝̦̖̱̗͇̗͚ ̨̲̟̝̭̞̱͓͚̮̳̪̜̞̪̳̱͈̾͛̈̄͛̃̔ͬ̿͗̉͋ͭͧ̑͆̀尺̴̵͎̥̜̝̗̻̞͎͎͖ͬ̽ͫ͆ͧ̉ͤ̒ ̛ͭ̓̐͊͏̸͍͙̥̜廴ͦ͑̄ͤ̈҉̶̛͓̫̖͓̫̳̲̕͞ ̋̇ͩ̔ͧ̈́͏̣̝̭̥̣̕十̛̱͚͙͚̲̭̤̬̠̟͚͇͑ͬ̽̏̌̽̔͊̏̌͋͑́̈́̐̀ ̸̶̝̣̭͎̯͖̥͎̦̙̩̝̯͙͕̝̍͐ͥ̑ͧ͂̃̊̓͑̕͝巳͋ͫͯͩͬͧ͑́̔̂ͧ͋̋́͗͘҉̴͇̱̟̺̳̼̬̼̪̤̺ͅͅ ̢̋͊̾̑́̂̀̅ͨ̓͆̒ͭ̈́̈̓҉͔̤͇͉͎͚̩̲̻̟̰͉͇̺̹兀̸̖̝͎͉͕̼̰͇͉͇͕͎̗̺̘͚͚̯̱̄̾͗ͧ͐̓̓̑ͩ͛̓̈́ͤ̀̕͢ ̴͚̞̝̣̟̱̳̗̜̌͊̽͌̓͒ͬͧ̃̄ͯ̾͐́͟し̸ͯ͐͑̒́̑ͩ͌̃̽͂͋̇͟҉͓͉̪̘͇̜̝ ̷̢̧̳͈̦͍̳͖̦̞͇̹̯͍̮͓͖̮̂̔̍́̍̎͐ͧͥ͑ͥ́͌̊̈́̇̑̓̓̕͡亜̶̤̮͓͙̞̼̹̏̍ͣͨͩ͢ͅ ̔̒̒̈́̏̈̋̈̔͠͏̧͓̥͇̖̳̝̬̝̰̹͇̖̖͟ͅヨ̍̏̏̄̈́̈́̄ͭ͑̑͗̆͒͋̇̚͜͏͙̤̗͇͓̺͇̠̹̝́
̵̱̖̟͈̞͓͍͆͑̌͛̐̏̿̋ͤ̿͊͛͗ͫ̏͜͞͝ͅͅ王̎̽ͨ̔̍̒̾ͥ́ͪ͋ͪ̄ͤ̓ͥ͏͏̢̳̩͕͉̤͍̙ ̵̡̤̻̭̲̙ͩͯͫͣͭ̂͗͋̕͢巨̵̵̄ͯ̽̅̅̎ͪ̆̇ͥ̍ͧ̃ͥ̈ͤ͊̐҉̨̘̩̖̳̲̝͇̹͖ ̵̢̻͎̝͓̏̑͗̎͛͒ͤ̿͆ͯͤ̆́͢͠尺̴̳̺̟͉̞̩̪̜̱̹ͫ͑ͪͧ̆̈ͮ̀̎͢͞͝ ̶́̋ͪ̈́ͪͭ̓҉҉͚͚̫̻̳̟̪̩̩̬͍̞ͅ尺̸̨̛̱̞̫̭̗̫̺͕̘̑̌͗̓͑ͤ̔͑ͮ̍͠ ̡̛̿̄̍͐͛̃͛̎͛ͬ̔̓̆͌ͧ̈́ͬ͘҉͍̪̠̥̞̖͉͉̣͈̭͈̘卞͐̔͛ͭ͌̽̃ͬͣ̚͏̷͉̰͙̹̘ ̏̍̃ͮͦ͋͐͌̽͛̄͏̯̹̜̗̬͓̮̦͕̯͙̮̳͝Æ̨̨͍͍̲̝ͯ͂͗ͨ̿ͤ ̉̅͆ͨ́҉̢̳̺̮̜̜͙̲͓͉̮̙̭̩̭̣̙臣̵̮͖̠̦͍̪̜͍̼̝̦̞͇ͦ̂ͥͧ̒̾̿ͬ͆̌̎́̈͗̊͑̿́͟ͅͅ ̝̗͙̪̬̞̱͇̼̔ͤ̽̂̀ͦ͂̓̾ͪ̈͒ͧͬ̅̑̚͜巳̶̬̟̱͔̩̱̩̿ͤͥ̎̔͑̄͂ͮ̄ͭ͒̊̀̇̊̚ ͐ͬ͒̒͒̅ͣ̎͂҉̢̰̭̥̙̦̭̞̯̘̥̜͇͝廴̶͍͚̙̞͉͖͍̬̟̯̊̀ͦ̈̑́́͞ ̸̧̱̮͈̑͌ͦ͑ͥͧͯͮ̀ ̢̨̛͇͈͇̲̦̲̀̐͊̓̆̈̀͠ ͈̪̫͚̲͑̃̃̍̒͑͊͗̄͑̆̅ͧ̚͜͡͞͡巳͑ͯͮ̌ͥ͒ͬ҉̨̫̙̭̜̰̫̜͓̥͖͈͟ ̳̠̗͈̭̙̹̠͖̩̱̭͕̻̈́̈ͥͬ̏́͊̚͘尺̸̥͙̠͔͔͇̝̪͖̗̘̠͙̩̃ͤ̔ͤͫ͆ͪ̈́̒̃͜͝͞ ̶̜̮̞̫̖͚͉̩̮̩̺̻̯̭̩͉̗̔̊ͩ͑͊ͪ̔̌́̕尺̡͕̮̺̠͕̲̖̼̈́ͩ̽̑͂̉ͯ̾̔̎̊̔ͩ̑̚͘͟
̶̢̧̘̣͈̻̜͉͈̟̟̾̎ͫͧ̅̋ͣ̂̿́͐̉ͯ͊̏ͧ̚̚̚̕͠匚ͤͪ͌͜͝͏̬̻̣̘̺͜ ̢̡̰̝͈̱̘̘̭̥̱̳̯̟̲̗̳͙͈̣̓̇ͧ̃̾͒̾ͧ͞͡尺̷͈͍̭̤̘̳͙̗̩̲̣̫̪̺͈ͥͬ̋̋͑̅̇ͤ̈̿̉͆̾̑̚̚̚͟ͅ ̷̓͌̏̓̇͋̆̎͏̧̖͕̺̤͉̗͓̻̺̗̠̮̱̰̠̭̝̤̻͢尸̴̢̧̗̮͎̼̦̩̱̖͎̗͖̫̤̊̎̎̃̅̎̃ͭ͟͝ͅ ̧̧͐ͣͮ̓͆̂͛͐̽̿̍͑́͑͒͡͏̘̳̬̭͙̮戸̶̻̫̪̼̜͎̽ͮͦ͌̉̒̎ͫ̀̉̒̀̈́̂ͨͨ ̡͎̼̬̗͚̭̻͔͍͖̮̳̘ͮ̅̿ͨ͑̆̂̾̂̈́̔͋̽̍́̉̃̀巨̛͛ͫ̋̽͛ͥ̇ͤ̌ͫ̀̉҉̴̧̖͕̟̯̟̞̯̜̘̜̥̟̲͕͠ͅ ͊̌̄̊ͣ̆̑͊̍̋ͬͨ̋ͬ̔͑̅̋͋̀͟͢҉̰͚̻̮̭̩̟̳̤ら̛̻̱̱͈̣͇̼̗̟̖̼͎͙̿ͧ̃̃̽̆̒̽͋͟͟͞͝ ̷̲͙̦͓̩̫̒̊̃̌͠ん̶̛̗̯̘͉͛ͥ̉ͧͦ̇̑̈́ͦ͑͟ ͐̆̃ͦ̂ͮ͆ͦ͛̇͛̏̊̓ͯͧ̾͟͏̙̝͓̩͕͓̘͈̭͔͎̝͔̝̝͕ͅͅ兀̒ͩ́̃ͮ̄̃͒̂̑̐̂̇̅̐̋҉̵͙͉̝̞͍ ̗͕̞͕̱̻̪̤̺̟̹̖̗̊͒ͨ̎͌͆̈ͦ̉̅̿̓ͪ̋̉̽ͦͬ̚̕͠ͅͅ工̡̧̧̫̰̠̺͓̟͙̭̙̝̙͉͇͚̂ͫ̚͠ ̨̛̺̣̭͖̗̞͎̦̻̻̗͕̲̫̹̺̭̏̊̋͌̓̓ͣ̿̌ ̴̪̗̯͚̦̪̙̩̱̦̯̙̜͚̥̙̣̑̒̑ͪ̓̾̍ͤ̾ͤ̔̑̎̿ͮ͜ ̴̵̨̙̼̞̼̱̜̥̖̰̲̲̰͉̇ͪ͌ͧ̈ͦ͗尺̲͈͍̰ͮ̓͒̅͗ͤ̎ͦ͒̔̄̿́̆̀͘͘ ̵̢̫̻̫̹͓̮̤͇͓̟̦̲̥̻̯̂̊͌̔ͥ̏͒́̉͌̒͝͝ͅͅͅ凡̢̡̛͌̄̎ͫ̌ͬ̅͗̇͌̍̊̆͡͏͈̗̭̹̱̪͕̮͖ ̵͈̳̬̦̪̘̙̝̙͈̣̗̮̳̖̣̜̂̈̓ͥ̈͐ͯ͊̃̏ͨͣͥ͐́́͟͞而̸̢̮͔̭̹̹̟͎̭̫͆ͣ̑̏̆ͭ̈́ͯ̉ͧ͂͡
̰͓̖͈ͤ̐͊ͨ͗̀͟͝͠立̷̺̝̻͕̫̞͈͉̤͚̟̫̘̻͚̙̹̒ͧͫ͛̈́̽̒͘ͅ ̵̡͉̥̦͓̏̍͊͊͝ͅ亜͛͌́̔ͯͬͦͬͩ̈ͬ͒͛͆͋ͣ͐̚҉҉̜̟͉̳̠̜͚̣̞̫̝̖̬̘̣̭̮̥ ̸̨͔̝̞̭̬͓̗͇̳͍̯̣͉͇̠̹̺ͦͭ̿̏̿̂ͧͯͬ̀̉̅ͬͫͨ̀̚凵̴̵̢̪̬̻̰̜̳͕̈̈̓ͨ̓̐̆ͧ̽́͘ ̨̢̭̠̦͓͉̖̰̮̗͓͍͇̬̰̈́ͮ̓̆́̉̃̉ͬͦ̄ͣ̍ͨͧ̉̀̿王̇͛ͪͯ́̂̍͂ͤ́͏̸͇̭̝͕̘̝̰̟̱̹̰̖̟̖ ̧ͩͫ̃͐͘͘͞͏̝̰̹̭͇̺ ̢̨͉̱͙͉͎̳̿̊̒͐̔͛̔̾̽͊̂ͅ ̜̜͎̮̜͓̎ͧ͌͟͝巳̸̄̆ͫͦ̈́ͤ͜͟҉̶̗̟̪͓͈̗͍̯͕̱̟̖͕̗̰̪ ̪͎͍̉͐ͪͭ̒̈́̈ͨ̇ͥ͛ͯ͂̅̇͑̀ͅ凵͍̦̬͖͖͇ͫ͊̈ͤͨ͗̊̅̎̀͘͡͡͞ͅ ̴̴̢̮̟̹͙͈̹̾ͧ̌̌̐ͯ̊̽ͪ̓ͥ̓̀ͫ̏̒̀モ̡̛̻̱̦̻̭̘͖̪̤̗̘̖̙̘̖̪̾̐͛ͨ̉̅ͯ̑͋̿͛͒͗̀͝ ̛ͮ̈̒ͫ̎͌̇҉̡̻̥͙͇̹̟̰̪͕̼͕̦͖͕̤̀͘ム̶́ͯͣ̏͢҉̡̝̜͚͕͎̦̦̹͝ ̷̶̻̺̰͙̪͔̜̣̤̫̜͖ͩ̂ͬͬ̈́͆̎̓̑͌͗ͫͩ̄̒̍ͨͦ̑͟͟͞ͅ ̢͈̰̘̺̭̮ͤͥ̓ͣͬ͊ͯ̈̏̌̃͂ͭ͌̋ͯ͘͝ ̴̨̤͚͚̱͕̳̳̱̱̳͎̘̪ͤ̈̍͊̋͒̐͐ͩ͗͜͡ͅͅ太̴̡̬̹̺͖̈́ͧ̓ͦ͗̂͑̊̂̂̔̉ͧͩ̈́ͩ̉͘͡ ͩͯ͒̉̄ͪ̎ͩ̇̇͆̉ͦ̈̏ͪ͌̚̕͡͏̪̟̻͔͇͍̪͔̹̼ͅͅ日̒̇͌ͣ̈̑͑̅͘͝҉̝̮̣̭̠̖̮̙͍͇̭̗͜͡ͅ ̸̸̦̼͓͎̻̙̺̯̯̺͎̪͚͕̏̀͆͌ͭ̌͐̒̃̈̉ͥ͌ͩ̀͘̕ͅͅ亜̨̳͕̮͉̮̗̹̬̯ͪ́ͮ̉̀̉ͩͤ̅̆̐͟͠ͅ
̉ͨ͑̈̌̈́ͧ̊̊̓̍̃͑̒̿ͩ҉̱͉̺͎̞̕͢͜͝而̅ͬ̐̒̈ͯ͑̏͗͛҉̶̨̮̣͈͝ ̸̊̂̿͋͊̿͊̾͒̽ͬ͏̱̙͍̯̦̘兀̜̪͇̼̳̯̠̠̞̩̙̱ͥ̔̏̓̑̐̋̌͆ͣͨ̉̄̕͟͟͝͡ ̸̷̬̣͕̖̺͎̣͎͕̌ͨͥ͟己̤̻̪̱̥̣̝̩͕ͮ̎̔́̀̒ͬͦ͑͋̈̂̊̉̃͆ͫ̊̚͟͠ͅͅ ̸̛̺͍̬̜̙̞̬̖̩̃ͨ͛̒͐ͫͅͅら͆̔̋̋ͨ̓ͥͣ̍ͬͮ҉̶̡̣͈̖ ̶̸̶̧̹̤̝͈̦̣̰̠̻͎͕͚̩̖̂ͩ̐ͭͫ̌͂͟ ̆̔ͬ̉̓͗̔́͋͏̶̶̢̢̲͉̝ ̧͕̝̻̠̻͔̍̀̉͒͌ͫ͌ͫ͋̄̄̉ͪ͊ͦ͑́͟戸̡̛ͥ̋̂ͦͨ҉̡̟̙͚ ̨̻̥͓̞̃ͪ̂͛̓ͨͣͮ̿͐͐͘而̶̭̪̩̠͍͕̗͓̘͙̯͙̰̥̫͇̙̍̑ͣͥ͞ ̱̝̥͍̱̣̹͈͙̗͇̞ͭͮ̑ͮ̀͘尺̨̩̻̥̦̩͕͕͕̼̯̤͉̋͊̍̇ͩͬͮͧ̀͟ ̢̛̫͓̦̣̼̖̭͉͕̱̉̓̈̑̿̌工̡̥̳̭̣̟͎̥̥ͤ̏ͧ͂̄͋ͣ͢ ̧̧̧͔̹͈͉͎͙̬̳̣̙̳̳̐̅̾ͫ̽̾ͫ͐̊̍̉̓̓̎͊̑ͧͤ͌͞ ̽̋͒̈̑ͯ̇̄̇̏ͩͩ̾ͨ̆̇̑҉̴̧͏͔͚̦̻͈͙͎ ͖̜̯͓̲͐̂̓̑̈̂ͥͣ̓̂ͬ̑̓ͣ̉͐͜͞甲̨͉̦̝͕̖̟̺͈̮̻̘̱̼͇̣͉̏̆̓͐ͥ͛̒͗̓͒̄ͥ̊ͬ ̧̰͍̗͓͖̪̣͙̝̼̬̺͚̮̿ͫ̑̈͌ͤ̓ͦͦ̚̚͟͞王̪̣̯̖͖̻̝̦̂͂ͤ̐̓̑̈̽̄ͧ̃̌́̚̚͢͢ ̷̢̨̻̣̙͈̞͙̘͖̥̫̰͙͎̏͆̆̽̃̊͊̄̏ͦ̓͛ͯ̉͋ͦ͘͝匚̸̢͍̲̦̳̜̮͎͕͎̖͙͙͚̦̆ͪ͒͆͂̕ͅ
̶̡̡̘̰̝̙̼̼͙̪̩̲̖̦͚͓̤͈̳̊̎̽͐̅̾͊̈́̅̍̂̀̃͑̎ͤ̈́̚͝瓦̷̡͋͂ͬ̐ͪ͋̂̄̑͊҉̢͖̞̙̟͓ ̵̨̟͍̦̝͇̗̤̻̜͖͖̼ͥ̈͌ͩͪ͑̊ͬͫ ͈͉̥̪̪̞̳̤̪͉͉̦͇̺͓̠͍̯͂̊̈́̿͛͒̐ͪ͒̎̑̚̕͝͠ ̷̷ͩ̆͆ͪͤ̀̎̓ͭͦ̊͋͌͑͗͑ͮ̔̊͏͉̤̲̼̘̻͔͖̮̗̝̦̞̦͕̟ ͮ̔ͩ͂̀̏҉̰͍̹̫͎̖͞ ̦͉̟̳͎̦̖̱͖̹̹̗̫͉̃ͫ̎͂͊ͪ̎ͨ̀̆̈́ͯ́ͥ̚͞͡ ͙͚̦͚͕̯͇͓̲͎̙͚͙͗̀͊̒̉́́͟͢ ̨̜̩͉̤̯̈́ͫ͌͑ͧͧ̐͑ͪ͂̚͡ ̴̛̪̫͓̗͔̹͉͙͙͓̍ͫ̉ͦ̎ͅ ̸̢̡̻͙̯̘̻̬̝̰̗̟̤̮̣̤͕̮̺̝͋̑͌ͮ̈ͨ̎臣̋ͦ͂̍̍ͣ̌ͨͭ̐ͭ͏̶̵̖̲̘̜̹͇͇̲̯̟͜ͅ ̷̢̡̗̻̱̞͙̗̺̞̯̥̬̹̣ͥ̊ͦͤͥ̉̕͜ ̷̛̛̪͚̤̮͎͍̠̝͈͚͓̫̖̈̆͛͑̉ͤ̇ ̷̶̨̢̪͎̭̠̦͎̬̖̲͇̟̲̆ͭ̐̂̾̅̔̿͡ͅͅ王̻̤͓̻ͪͫ̃́̾ͬ̍̄̓ͬ͐͌̋ͮͧͨ̚̕͟͢͠ ̶̨̡̯̬̣͉̦͔͎͖̌̐͆̉̉̿͊͒͂̕͜口͂̊͂͗̔ͤ͆̀̇̆ͤ͏̠͕͈͉̺̥̼͓̩̣̫̫ ̶̧̥̩͖͍͍͙̳̃ͪ͑͗ͯ͟͞ ̢͔͎̰̰̄͗ͧ̓ͪ͋͂ͧ̃̒ͬͣ̅ ̨̹͙͕̯̰̙̈̉̓ͯ͗ͭ̎͟廿̘̪͔͛̑̒ͧͯͮ͐̾̀̕̕ ̸̧̫͖̗͇̞̬̦͇̦̥̩̺͍ͣ͊̾̍ͦ̾ͮ̈́̑̉ͮ̊̾̈́̓̅̀ユͮ̈́͂̄ͥ̔͆͊ͧ̑ͣ̾҉̫̲̖̫̦̪ ͋ͦ̊̈́ͣͫ̏͛͊̊ͣ̈҉̶͎͔̜͔̠͎̮̹̠͙̰̬̀̕ͅ凵̶̵̷͓̪̤̣̮̜͓͍̫̮̘͖̫͚̱͚̣́̍̐̄̋͒͊̆́͝ͅͅ
̵ͤ̾̍̑̚̚͏̴͏̡̠̲̰͇̟̝̖͕͈̮̺̩̬̯͕͎͈͚̜立̡̲̭̬̭͔̱̣̜ͩ̽̓͛̋̆̓ ̧̧̛̼̻͍̘ͦ͑̌̾̕̕ ̸̥̤͚͚̻͔͕͍̻̜͓͈͓̰͈͈̱̠̠͑̎̐ͮͪ͛̈̌̐̅̐̏ͣ̿̇̔͐̀͘ ̴̳̲̭͙̪̱̀ͩͬͮ̓ͮ̈́̊̀͆͂̅ͬ͂͊̎͋́̿ ̴̷̧̢̗̗̥̙̭̳̰ͤ̉ͬ̐̇̏͋̊̋ͭ̄ͨ̒̏̓͗ͫͮ̐́ͅ ̶̛̰͖̝̝͎̬̘̎̉͌̓̽͆ͤ͋͊ͦ̍ͪ̚͢͡ ̸̨̟͖̫̘̗̥͉̇ͥ͒͌ͬ̊̈̎͋͂͊̂̓̃͡ ̡̭̦̣̫̠̟͈͉̤̙̝̬̝̫ͮ̇̓ͭ̒ͭ͑͋̉̒͗̓ͨͪ̈́͌̓͗̚ͅͅ ̴̡͚̦̬̝̘̩̞͕͚̖̩̼̺̬͓͂ͥ̊͋̍͂ͮ̈́ͭ̇̾͆̇̓͑͗̐ ͑ͫ̏ͧ̃ͪ́҉̷͈̱̼͕͔͈͉̻̺̹̳̝̬̻͢ ̵̡̟̦̰̲̙͆͂̓̑͒ͩ́́ ̷̡̨̘͖̹̌̉̿̎͆̓̎͌̀̌͐͂̎͋̿̍̊ͤ́ͅ ̡̲͈̞̜̇ͥ̿ͨ̓͂̓̀̑͑͑̃̓ͥ͞ ̶̢̓͋̏̿̆ͪ҉̶̼̥̠͉̣̤̖̣ͅ兀̴̶̷̛̜͕̮̟̙͎̟͈͔̈́̑́ͭ̿͝ ̶̵̨͕̮͈͍̱̪̦͇̙̱͇͖̹̗͙̮̙̋ͬ̓ͤͮͩ́ͅ ̢̏̿̈͊ͯ̌́ͤ̅ͥ̌̔̃ͩ͊͂ͪ̊̓͏̨͖̙̹̦̺ ̡ͥͭ͐̾̋̌̀҉̸͖̩̦̭͔̣̘̜͈̯̩̩̺ ̡̧̾͒ͦ͌ͣ̏̓̌҉̠̲̳̟̮̜̻̰͚͔͔̳͈͙̼͙̣̦͎ ̶ͤ̿̄ͥ̌̌̓͌͒͒̒́͟͠҉͉̖͓̬̬͚͚̥͚̭̗̲̬̫̟ヨ̷̨̡͓͖̭͕͈̝̤͎̠̪̞̭͓̹͑͗ͣ͌̈͐͐͞ ̒̍͗̀҉͢҉͉̖̰̖̖̪̬͉̫̲̪̫̘̝͖王ͬ̅̅͋ͦ͗̀͐̅̈́̈ͪ̋̋ͮ̀͏̳̺̘̖͔͎̠̠͇̳̘̤̟̀̀ ̶̸̢͇͎͈̥̺̬͕͋ͦͤ͐ͣͯ̐̀̕ユ̴͕̪͉͍̣̩ͥͧ̄ͥ̀͜
̶̊ͦͭ͂ͯ͏̭̬̖͍̫̪̬巨̸̛̻͇͙̭̼̱͈̹̣̭͕̝̟ͬ̅̈̑̉ͫ̀̏͌ͩ̿̆ͤ͗̀͞ͅ ̸̶̳̳̯̺͕̪̫̮̠͖͛ͨ̀ͪ̏̀̑ͫ̂̾̒ͯ̃̉̚̕͠ͅ ̶̴̰̗̰͙̤̭ͬ̆̄̆ͧ͋̈ͣ͌̎ͬ͊̃̌̆̋̎͡ ̸̣͇̪̲̱̦̯̯̳̦͓̻̯̬ͥ̐ͤ͛͌̌̈́ͩ͗̆͋̿̅ͭͥͭͭ̽͜ ̸̴̨͂̀ͨ͊͗̎̆̃ͭ̎̈́͢҉̺̥͚̹̗̩̥̱͚̠͚̙̼ͅ ̷̸̨̡̪̥̤͇̻̘͈̰̤̜̟̞̈ͯ̒̋̉̀ͮ̒̿ͭ̄ͦͫ̚ ̵̪͓̟̮̠̘͓͚̞̺̜̝̬͇̅͒ͥ͐̾̋ͨ̽͆̽͐̍̕͜͜ ̆ͪ̆͌̋̏̉͟҉͎̬̣͎͚͇̼̻͇̥͓͙̘̣̻̜͘ ͇̖͔̖̗̺͉̣͓͉͌̆̒̇́͠ ̶̝̝̞̰̯̙̞̺̙̣͕̊̒́̆́̚͞ͅ ̽̉͑̅̂̊̏̅͛͛ͥ̏͠͏̷͕̱̮̫̩͞ ̛̲͈͎̺̻̝̪̘̜̜̬̗̝͉̈̇͋ͬ̈̽̍̀ͫ͢ ̛͇̫͍̜̜͍̮̩̹̫̖̞͙̩̝̗̭̄̿̔̒͆͊ͬ̏̄̊ͫ̏ͫ́̑͗̚͡ͅ ̸̛̬̟̤͇͕̣̺̘͍̹͙̗̗̋͐ͩ̿̄̃ͧ ͔̮̦̘̝̱̣͕̬͕̒̈̓̃͋́̓͋̅̀͘͠͝ͅ ̵̴̧̧͖̫̗̹̟͎̻͈̙̗̩̟̠͎͖̫͉̾̾̔ͭ̍̈́̑͂̑̌̍ͭͤͨ̏̈ͬ̀ͅ ̶̴͍̞͖̺̳͉̝̳͚͇͉̹̱̫͍̹͎̑̋̿̐̊̓͊͒̕͡ ̴̶̨̤͉͖̲̬̤̞̖͙͖̮ͩ͑͑̐ͩͧͦͫ͗̊ͪͨ̍͆̚ ̡̨̛͇̦̝̝̲̝̲̳̘͍͇̩̖͕̯͙ͬ͂̊̈̋̀̀̚ ̷͈͖̩͉̱͍̹ͦ͌̔́͋̔̑ͦ̄̀̀͒̑ͥ̓̀ ͩ͆͂̊ͭ̊͛̎̿̏͋̃ͯͥͪͬ͆ͫ̚҉̛͎̩̦͍̟͔͚̯̤̱̣ ͖̜͎̤̫͍͚͔̼͙͚̲͛͊̉̿̔̊̊ͣͥͫ͐ͩ̔͌̍̋͗̑̓́͜͠太̋̌̽͌̌ͯ̓̾̀҉̸̢̞͈͎͓̞̠̩̩̥̯͙̺̲͔̟͔ ̨̡̛̖͖͇̝̖̹̠͓̪͖̺̓̋ͩͯ̇ͯͥ̅̈́̈̅̌ͣ̀͘丹̶̵̡̧̩̜͈̼͕̫̱͔̙̣̤̫̩͍ͫͦ̍̄͘ͅ
̴̸̷̡̭̥͔̗̮̰̪̟͈͇̻̜̲ͭ͆̍̊͗̈ͭ̀ͅ ̢̡̧̬̪͍̹̻̪͙̤̮̘̝ͫͧ̅͂͛̄ͩ̉͂̌̊ ̒͛ͧ̓͌҉̛҉̗̱̯̼͎͍̼͍̗͖̹̼ ̵͚̙̟̲͕͍̭̻̆ͨͣ̅͐̀ͨ̈́ͪ̔͗ͫ ̥̖͙̼͚̣͎̻̌͗ͣ́̋͊̆̍̈́̽̓ͮ̏ͩ̿̎̊̕͜ ̷̗͇͙͚ͤ̃̏ͧͦ̿̌̽͑ͬ̎̎̀̋ ̢̊͆ͮ̂̊̈̽ͨ̍̇͊̓ͪ̉̄͂͏̴̨̞͓͕̺̭̲̘̮̱͇ ͚̖̝̙̲̾̂͋̏ͭ̆ͤ͌̋͟͝ͅ ͖͇͚͇̖͔̬̖̹̝̘̞̼̩̦͍̖̳ͫͣͬ̈́̓͒̂̎̍͛̚͟ ̛̪̙̗̜͎͖̬́͒͑ͩ̿̓̽̐ͥ̓̏͠͞ͅ ̸̡̛̜͓̟̞̭͉͖͙͍̼͍͙͎͚͚̲̟̮̈́̋̇͒̿͐ͥ̈́͠͝ ͯ̿̀̆͛̈͌͌͂̑̈́ͬ̄̌ͪ͒ͥ҉̡̨͙̗̦͖͈̭̗̭͓̻̼̞̤̹̹̗̞̰ͅ ̵̢̫͓̙͚̦̃͋̅̌͢͡ͅ ̷̸̶͙̘̯͎̗̺͇̠̞̎͐ͥ̃̽ͮ͆̋ͧ̆ͬ͂̋̕͢ͅ ̛̤͎̤̟̫͙͍̜̖̗̖̖̟̦ͫ͌̌̈́ͫ͊͊̿̅́̍̏͟ͅ ̧̡̱̟͖̪͕͉̲̱̪̯̞͑̄̍͆̔ͥͤ̄͑ͯ͐̒͌̐ͩ̏͗͊͡ ̷̋̿͊̐҉̶̲̙̙̪̜̯͙̺̻͚̮̰̲̘͘ ̉ͣͨͤ͗̔́̕̕͏͈̼̟͉͜͝ ̫̖̝̞͇̪̞ͨ̈̈́̃̐ͪ͂ͨ̒ͫ̉ͪ͌ͮ̕͞͞͞͞ ̗̦̦̫͖̤̯̪͎̓ͤͭ͐̽ͤ̄͑͆͐̎̃͒͟ ̰͉̩̜̠̪̹̹͚̒̆ͯͯ̾ͩ̔ͯ̚̕͜͡ͅ ̵̛ͬ͑ͥ͌̓ͯ͗̇̔͏̨̡͙͎͔ ̴̙̙̖̘̘͙̗̯͇̥̥̝̀̏̽̇̀͜͝͡ ̸̴̢͓̭̠͍̩̦̟͉̣̭̀ͪͧͧ͠ ̱͉͈͙͎̔̐̀ͣ̇͗ͩ̓̂͊͛͒ͮ̈̅̏̕͡尺̨̨̗̦̱̜͎̗̣͎̰̬̩̫̗̞̺͖͐ͥͨ̽̆̀͟͝
̵̠͚̪̜͙̗̃̍͗̇̍ͥͥ͛͆ͤ̓ͤ͂̀͐̑̄̂͂̕ ̨̢̲̬̺̮̻̙ͨ͒͛ͣ̇͐͂ͥ̌͡ͅ ̢͚̝̹̼̳̟̦̯̭͈̯̲̯͐̾ͭͧ͂ͬͤ̒́́͡͞ͅ ̧̯̥̬̣̋̍̌̂ͯ̒͋͠ ̶̧̦̤̠̉̀ͨ̇̈́̇̅̂ͣͣͩ͑͆̽̄̓̔́ ̷̶̺͙̣̩͖̣͔̪̻̯̞̻͔̪̙͈̌̐͛͗̋ͥ̊̐ ̴̖̘̣͊̉͆͊͒̈ͧ͒ͮ͐ͨ̓͋͐͒̚̕ͅ ̴̞̺̯̜͉̠͈͚͔̖̠͇̮̪̟͕ͫͫ͌͋ͮ̈̎̈́ͬ̓ͪ͆̊͘͞͠ͅ ͦ͊̑̈́ͭ̄̒͗͋̇̓́̚̚͏͢͡͏͙̺͉͓̹̙ ̴̸̈͌ͩͬͧ̋͂̐҉̷̧̪̫̤̥̗͚̣̺̤̟ ̏̽ͬͮ͆ͣ͏̻̥̬̜̙̰̞̯͈̙́ͅͅ ̧̘̹̝̑ͪ̅̂̑̐͌ͯͮ̕̕ ̸̶̧̼̠͖̜̮͖̣͕̝̔͛̈ͮ̕ ͩ̑̍̃ͭ̔̉͆ͤ̕͏̠̣͖͈̘͉̖̣͚̱̼͕͉̹̭͎̳ ̴̼̻̥̻͕̘̹͑͌̊ͩ̅ͮ̃͊̑ͥ̅ͥ̏͜ ̢̠̼͖̳͔͓͓̖̝͈͉͉͚͕̝͓͚̒̊ͯ̒ͦ̒ͮ̋̉̀ͬͯ͋̓̀ͅ ̢̢͇̳̪̩̠͓̣͖̝̣̩͕̫̘̯͇͈̬̾̆̒̂̑̽̓́͝ͅ ̻͍̳̬̱̠̹͔͕͙ͦͦ͊ͩ͊̿ͥ̿ͣ̃̋̽̔̽͘͝͠ ̨̠͎̱̮̬͓͍̳̝̫͖̫̙͓̣̝̹̯̠̔ͬ͛̍ͮͫͯͣ̐͒ͣ̉̐ͩͮͤ͊ͥ͘͢ ̶̻͇̺̣͖̂ͦ͂͑̉̊͒̐ͯ̉̍ͨͩ̉̉́͞ ̵̶̶̦̲̘̜̪̣̬̥̲̮̮̩ͥ̈́͋̂̋̎ͩ̓͋ͣͣ̾ͩ̐͟͞ ̧̬͈͉̤̪̯͈̲͖̬̥̱̰̹̎̽ͫ̐̒͛ͣ̿̾̐̇̈́́͡ͅ ̂̌ͪ̇ͧ̈ͨ̊̿͌̆ͦͬ̅͋ͫ̔҉҉̺̱̖̥͇̦̻͖͚̪͇̪̰͎͚̭̩ ̷̢̞̬̦͍͚͔̳̠̫̼̠͆̇ͮ̆̄̒̐̇̚͟͟͠ͅ ͂̿̊̒͒͌̽͊̊̋̂̚͠҉̭͇̪͕̹̘͉̳̭̪̝̝̤̪̹̣͓͟ͅ亜̌̓ͪ̃ͥ̂ͯ̌͌̅͆͏̷̷̧̙̱̣̳͓̤̺̭͝
̶̶̢̡͔̘͚̥͌ͤͦ͑͐̿ͣ̔̄̆̈͂ͦ̚ ̸̗̯͖̜͓̗͇͚̙̣͂̑̿̎̓͛̌ͦͨ̉̊̈̆͆ͦ̽ ̷̛̺̗̱̲̺̽ͨͩͦͪ͂̍̒̾ͨ̄ͫ̀ͅ ̨͇̙̘̟̖̗̙͈̟̲͉̘͉̫̠̌̍̒̈́̃̔ͯ͂͐̓̌̃̃̌͑̓͜ͅ ̶̡̻͉͎͔̘͚̠̆ͫ̐̍ͩͯ̾͊͟͞ ̴̹̠͍͙̣̬̻̱̜̗̠͕͚͙̬̖̏̀̓̈́ͯͯ̐͒͂ͧ̒̃ͨ̅̀̀̚͢͝͠ͅ ̵̡̢̜͕̝̰̜̠̻̘̩̤̪̼̞͇͚̤̯̖̊̃͋͊̓̅͗̇͠͝ ̫͎̠͍͓͍̈ͯ̽͂̇̓ͩ̓͑ͬ͜ ͬ̎̏ͧ̋ͫ͏̷̬̠̩̝͚͟͝ ̶̷̛͚̖͈̹̟͚̬̤̱̗̰͙̼̗̰͇ͨ͋̾͋ͪ̆ͬ͋͒́ͧ͐̃̂͛̕͠ ̸̨̢͉̙͇̹̜̞͕̗̞̗̥͕̈ͯ̄̏ͣ̿͘̕ ̷̳̳̩̖͖͛͌̏͗̓̇ͪ̂͆͂̉̎͂͢ ̏͐ͧͪ̀̀̽̆̍̀͘҉̲̳̯̖̙̩̹̗̗̟͕̦͎̱̥͍͜ ̨͎̹̗̟̗̖̜̬͍̖̻̺̥̬͌̾̿̒̍ͯ̋ͧ̿̒̾̂ͭ̚̕͢͝ͅ ̙̤̺̞̟̠͍͐̍̉ͨ̉̔͐̉ͩ͒͗̒ͮͦ́̀́ ̶̧͓͉̩͔̺͚͎̩͊ͭ̽̂̄͒̑̌̇ͪͦ͂͆̚̕͜͞ ̀̏͆ͬ̏̂̀͌͢͏͔̺̜͝ ͔̫̭͚̎̇̉̽̔̓͐ͮͪ͒͛̀͠ ̦̯̣̏ͥ̈́̏ͧ͋ͦ͒͂͒̎͒͐ͣͩͥ̆̒̕͘ ̴̴̨̭̜̲͕̠̥̲̻̫͉͔̻̮̖͍̪͉́͐̓͋̌̇̌ͦͥ̔͗͊ͪͥ͒̽̈́̚ͅ ̷̧̱̼̤̫͉͇̭̙̣̔͋ͨ̓ͬ ̴̷̢̝̩̤̝̎͛ͦ̏̃ͩͯͤͤ͛͒ͩ̈͆̾͛̄̚ ̡͆ͬͯ̑ͣͥͪ̂̓́҉̨̻͚̠̩͉̱̤̝͎̬̠̝̘̼͓̣̘̹ ̵͈̮̙̪̱̯̘͓̰̠̺̤̣͇͚̖͈͉͖͌͆͛̓̌͑̔͋̽ͬ̀͜ ̵̴̴͍̙̟͍̱̲̜̝̻̟̩̼̩̖͍̯͈̆̈̄ͤ͛̒̇̍̐͝͝ら̢̫̲̙̩̻̩͛͊̾ͣ̒̊͑̾ͭ̿̂ͪ̎͗̂̿̉̐͜

Translates to: The Glorious and most Wonderful Wormfodder Delivery service
Good luck trying to pronounce it with human vocal cords.
NS Stats do not count, unless it is funny.
The Transcripts canonically do not exist and merely serve to make the garbled Wormsspeak readable.
Canon Policies.
Open to RP, send me Telegrams, Pretty much compatible with everything.
Powerlevel of 4,5 according to this classification
Industrial Age Schizotech and Proud
Zero tolerance for godmodders and no effortposters are nearing that too.
The Wormfodder Delivery Service, bringing Wormfodder to you, whereever you are.
I also am currently making a pocket guide on how to have a good time on F7.
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Postby Diarcesia » Sat Jul 03, 2021 2:04 pm

Diarcesian Latin: Monarchia Diarcesium
Diarcesian English: The Monarchy Diarcesian or The Monarchy Diarcesish

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Postby Thermodolia » Sat Jul 03, 2021 4:46 pm

English: The National Republic of Thermodolia
Thermodolian: Grœthasæ Ræńth Thômthdólasć
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Postby Menschlicher Sternenstaat » Sat Jul 03, 2021 7:44 pm

In Galactic Standard, it is the Human Star State. In Stadtverisch, it is the Menschlicher Sternenstaat.

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Postby Auzkhia » Sat Jul 03, 2021 8:03 pm

The German Realm of Auzkhia
Das Deutsche Reich Öskerreich
Német Birodalom Oszkria
Německá říše Rakousko
Nemecká ríša Rakúsko
Rzesza Niemiecka Auzkrii
Nemško cesarstvo Avskrija
Njemačko Carstvo/Njemački Rajh Auskrija
Немачко царство/Њемачки рајх Аускрија
Німецька Держава А́вскрія
Imperiul German Auscria
L'impero Tedesco d'Auscria
Reich Allemand d'Aucriche
Vokietijos imperija Auskrijos
Det Tyske Rige Øskrig
Duitse Ryk van Ozkerryk
Dola la Ujerumani Auzkria
Malo Siamani Austria

Γερμανικό Ράιχ Αυσκρίας
Imperium Germanicum Auscrium

We have many languages, and the Greek and Latin are religious languages
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The Cult of Xil
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Postby The Cult of Xil » Sat Jul 03, 2021 9:06 pm

Human American English: The Naturist Theological State of the Cult of Xïl
Cosmic Syntax: E'Naturist Theological State of e'Kilt of Xïl
Vulpish: che'Kikeitkal Aflarsagi-Chiite akche'Kilt ak'Xïl
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We are an intergalactic FFT+ democratic theocracy that worships an exceedingly powerful Lovecraft entity. We are pacifists who want to minimize death and suffering and secure immortality by being eaten alive by said entity to become one with her, and convincing others to allow themselves to befall the same fate.
[Does not use NS Stats.] [Our leader, Lymarce IV] [Military]
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