Cup of Harmony 79: Everything Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Busoga Islands
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Postby Busoga Islands » Tue Feb 02, 2021 10:56 pm

Busoga Islands National Team

Country code: BUS
Denonym: Busogans/Busoga Islanders/Islanders(Busoga Islanders is the formal term; many Banijans call them Busogans, while locals refer to themselves simply as Islanders, which will be the terminology used by the journalists of this country)
Association: Busoga Islander Soccer Association(BISA)
Manager: Bethany Donnell, 66, female, native of Brenecia. A very down-to-earth manager who drills humility and discipline into her players, making sure they do the hard yards and don't get carried away with their status. That lead to turning Pikemouth into one of the larger second-tier sides into a consistent UICA challenger. Unfortunately, she lost her way somewhat at Northern Union. With the SRS, she consistently lived up to expectations for four years, but rarely exceeded them. She was let go in her fifth year after a poor start to WC84 qualifying, but a third place finish at IAC8 the year before remains a feather in her cap. She began in AOCAF LX with this squad- and while they regressed in World Cup 85 Qualifying, and utterly tanked to an 8th place finish in World Cup 86 Qualifying, she has been asked to steady the ship. A first ever quarterfinal appearance at AOCAF LXII has given her some breathing room, as she looks to start their long climb back up the rankings here in World Cup 87 Qualifying.
Senior Assistant Manager: Xavier Mosobo. 44 years old, male, native of Banija.
Captain: Kamu Jacobs
Alternate Captain: Jay Khano

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: Yes(please state what injury they have suffered and how many games they will miss).
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes(please state what injury they have suffered and how many games they will miss).
Godmod other events: Yes(However, all Busogan nationals, players or fans or whoever, are banned from catching a pandemic).
Style modifier: -2

Do whatever you want besides godmodding the actual goals, or give my players a pandemic(I prefer the actual goals to be real). If anybody dies, please TG me who so I can replace them.

Jerseys designed by uni·q of Qusmo

Roster for Cup of Harmony 79

Starters: 4-3-3.
The six professional clubs on the Busoga Islands are all part of the Banijan soccer pyramid.
Players who received their first call-up during AOCAF LXII are italicized.
Players who do not play within the Banijan soccer pyramid are bolded.
BSL = Banijan Soccer League, the second from top-flight for Banija & the Busoga Islands.
S-FPL is the Shango-Fogoa Premier League, the joint top flight for Banija, Busoga Islands, and Farfadillis.
GK #1 Mustafa Taal. 25 years old. Banija/Busoga Islands dual-national who is now cap-tied to Busoga. Plays for the Herzegovina Phoenix in the S-FPL.
RB #16 Abdullah Guennoun. 29 years old. Plays for the Hawabark Boulders in the BSL. Male.
CB #5 Govind Nigam. 28 years old. Plays for Lakiska SC in the S-FPL. Male.
CB #3 Hassan Thiaw. 27 years old. Just signed for Lakiska SC in the S-FPL. Male.
LB #4 Mohammed Gassama. 27 years old. Banija/Busoga Islands dual national, chose to play for the Busoga Islands. Plays for Workers Union in Eura. Male.
CDM #6 Delbin Kasekende Jr. 19 years old. Just signed for 1912 Stelburg in Siovanija. Son of former NT captain and the present President of the country, Delbin Kasekende. Male.
RCM #10 Jay Khano. 31 years old. Plays for Dukuma SC in the BSL. Male. More of an attacking midfielder by trade.
LCM #8 #23 Cicek Aga. 21 years old. Plays for Ausharmuj Marusi in Farfadillis. Female. First tourney as starter.
LW #11 Kamu Jacobs. 31 years old. Plays for Anomalies in Chromatika. Male. Captain.
ST #12 Artem Kohut. 22 years old. Plays for Unamaꞌkik Inverness 1877 in the Royal Kingdom of Quebec. Busogan/Delaclav dual-national- switched his allegiance to the Busoga Islands following World Cup 87 Qualifying.
RW #17 Habib Fadika. 22 years old. Graduate from Northern Moravica University, Just signed as a backup for Herzegovina City in the S-FPL.
GK #35 Kylian Jawara. 29 years old. Plays for the Tripoli Foresters in the Northwestern League. Male.
GK #23 Juba Kaba. 24 years old. Backup for Jinja City FC in the S-FPL. Female.
RB #2 Yashpal Gopaal. 30 years old. Plays for The Herzegovina Phoenix in the S-FPL. Male.
CB #18 Ami Biri. 29 years old. Plays for Bwubanza City SC in the Southern League. Female.
CB #19 Azzoz Tahir. 21 years old. Backup for Lakiska SC in the S-FPL. Male.
LB #14 Ibrahim Karakaya. 24 years old. Plays for Lakiska SC in the S-FPL. Male.
CM #6 Ilke Akgun. 20 years old. Plays for Lakiska SC in the S-FPL. Female.
CM #14 Osman Baykal. 23 years old. Plays for the Nezrouch Rovers in the Northwestern League. Male.
CM/CAM #23 Kara Yesilnil. 24 years old. Plays for the Busukuma Force in the BSL. Female.
RW #7 Yengi Uzer. 20 years old. Comes off the bench for Dukuma SC in the BSL. Male
LW #20 Barkha Visariya. 25 years old. Starts for Lakiska SC in the S-FPL. FEmale.
ST #9 Sarika Birla. 24 years old. Plays for Suwawa FC formerly in the Northwestern League, now in the BSL. Female.

- Our free kicks are taken by Kamu Jacobs. Penalties are taken by Artem Kohut.
- In terms of substitutions, anybody is OK to substitute off the pitch besides Kamu Jacobs. He has ascended to his status as the team's best player since his move to Chromatika, and attacks do seem to generate through him.

Lakiska City Field

The stadium is located in the nation's capitol, and the largest city on the South Island of Lakiska. It has a capacity of 31,000, and is host to Lakiska Sporting Club, the only team from the Busoga Islands in the Banijan Soccer League.

Orange Field

The stadium is located in the country's largest city, Dukuma, and is on the North Island. it has a capacity of 17,000, and it is host to Dukuma Sporting Club, who competes in the Banijan Northwestern League, one of four regional leagues in the second tier of the Banijan/Busogan pyramid, and who are the reigning champions of the RBSA Cup.

Dukuma Oval
Capacity of 63,000, located in Dukuma, North Island

This is primarily a cricket stadium. It is also located in Dukuma, on the North Island. It is most famous for being the host of the World Twenty20 X Final. However, it will be converted for use for football during World Cup Qualifying, to host exactly one game, due to its significantly superior capacity in comparison to any other stadium on the North Island. It will host the Squornshelous Remnant States match due to both their status as a serious competitor for one of the group's two qualifying spots, and the intrigue of hosting their manager's previous squad.

Lakiska City Cricket Park
Capacity of 54,000, located in Lakiska, South Island

This park is also primarily a cricket ground. This is in the nation's capitol, Lakiska, on the South Island. The stadium has hosted exactly two World Cup Qualifiers, hosting a game against Vilita in World Cup 83 Qualifying, and a game against Chromatika in World Cup 84 Qualifying. Thanks to its superior capacity, it will be used for a pair of designated 'big games' in the second half of Qualifying, as BISA look to increase their home field advantage during the stretch run.

Cup of Harmony Group Schedule
Matchday 1- Busoga Islands v. Twicetagria(69) @ Winchester City Lottery Stadium(cap. 59,000) in Winchester, Cassadaigua
Matchday 2- Busoga Islands v. Mapletish(146)@ Peak’n’Break Stadium(cap. 66,000) in Grande Mountain, Cassadaigua
Matchday 3- Sargossa(38) v. Busoga Islands @ Cassgo Stadium(cap. 74,000) in Victoriaville, Cassadaigua
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Postby Mavinet » Wed Feb 03, 2021 12:07 am


Head Coach (caretaker): Phan Vinh Hiển
Assistant Coach: Lê Phước Thành
Trigram: MVN
Nickname: The Water Buffaloes
Demonym: Mavinese
Style: +3


Phan Vinh Hien - 42 years old

The former Assistant Coach is assuming the caretaker role for the national team after the premature departure of former Head Coach Nguyen Minh Quan. A close student of Minh Quan, Phan Vinh Hien is likely to continue to employ the formation and tactics that was favored by his predecessor: 4-2-3-1 formation with a flexible midfield revolving around a pair of creative attacking midfielder and a keen defensive midfielder. Style of play will be based on high pressing and fast-paced attacks that utilize speedy wingers and the lone striker’s intelligent movement. Phan Vinh Hien will hope to secure a permanent seat with the performances in the Cup of Harmony, but the MFA is rumored to be looking for a different direction in terms of coaching style and tactics.


#1 Nguyen Hoang Trung
Position: GK | Age: 34 | Height: 186cm | Club: LoKa Trung Son Image
The current captain of the national team after Nguyen Quang Khai retired from international football. Nguyen Hoang Trung has seen all the ups and downs of the team, appearing for his country since its first international appearance in the Baptism of Fire 72. After many years playing for both club and country, Hoang Trung has refined his balanced goalkeeping style with experience and continue to prove himself to be a great leader both on and off the pitch. For a towering figure in front of goal, Hoang Trung is still fairly quick on his feet, despite recent decline in athleticism. He announced that he will retire from international football after the Cup of Harmony, and is looking into a coaching career in the near future.

#13 Do Manh Cuong
Position: GK | Age: 25 | Height: 181cm | Club: Vinh An Dai Hoa Image
The next in line for the national team’s goalkeeper spot, Do Manh Cuong has been groomed to replace Nguyen Hoang Trung when the veteran retires. Vinh An Dai Hoa’s new number 1 impresses with his reflexes, agility and ability to command the area, which he utilizes cleverly to make up for his short stature as a goalkeeper. An adept passer both long and short, Manh Cuong is the ideal goalkeeper for building from the back, although his slow pace and erratic decision making undermine his performance in one-on-one situations. He is expected to take a bigger role in the Cup of Harmony since the number 1 is retiring after the tournament.

#21 Le Van Thinh
Position: GK | Age: 22 | Height: 184cm | Club: TelcomMavi FC Image
Le Van Thinh is the latest addition to the group of national team’s goalkeepers. An up-and-rising star from TelcomMavi FC, Van Thinh still has a lot to learn and improve. He has good traits to become a good goalkeeper: physicality, reflexes and speed. He is likely not playing a lot of games yet for the national team, but with more playing experience and personal improvement, Van Thinh will be the one to watch in the near future.


#2 Trinh Van Hau
Position: RB | Age: 28 | Height: 177cm | Club: Phuc Chau Port Image
A pacey right back with a good eye for crosses, Trinh Van Hau is usually instructed to overload the right flank with overlaps and provide extra width in attacks. His tendency to get forward also means the right flank’s defense is more exposed at times, but Van Hau is just as good at tackling as he is at crossing, provided he can track back in time.

#22 Pham Nhat Quang
Position: RB | Age: 23 | Height: 179cm | Club: LoKa Trung Son Image
Pham Nhat Quang might be young but his positional sense rivals that of a much more experienced player. Usually employed in a right defender position, Pham Nhat Quang offers more defensive values than he does with the team’s attacks as he prefers to stay back and mark the opponent’s wide players. He does possess good speed for situations requiring an overlap, but his ability to pick out a good cross still leaves much to be desired, at least compared to Trinh Van Hau.

#6 Ha Van Thao
Position: CB | Age: 29 | Height: 180cm | Club: Port Rhovanyon AFC Image
One of the first players in Mavinet to move abroad, Ha Van Thao provides the pace for the defense. An agile and quick defender, Van Thao likes to close down opponents quickly and get stuck in. This does backfire at times, especially with fast and technical attacking players, and create problems for the defense but most of the times, his composure and good tackling help the team switch back to attacking quickly.

#5 Ho Hung Dung
Position: CB | Age: 32 | Height: 182cm | Club: Vinh An Dai Hoa Image
The second most senior player in the defense, Ho Hung Dung proves that age has not get to him. Ho Hung Dung is a reliable option at the back for Head Coach Nguyen Minh Quan. Tall, strong and composed, Hung Dung can compete with most opponents in the air and win. Hung Dung is also a superb man marker. His relatively slow pace makes him more suitable for a cover role in a pairing, but he will not hesitate to rush up to press when the situation calls.

#4 Tran Quang Dang
Position: CB | Age: 24 | Height: 184cm | Club: ALT Vinh Thuy Image
A younger and more audacious version of Ho Hung Dung, Tran Quang Dang can compete fair and square with any physical forwards in the box. His heading and tackling ability are reliable in one-on-one situations, but his aggressive and risk-taking can create troubles for a team. On the other hand, he is good with passing, both long and short, which helps tremendously with transitioning and building from the back.

#18 Hoang Duy Hung
Position: CB | Age: 28 | Height: 178cm | Club: Nam Quan Steelers Image
Hoang Duy Hung impresses with his keen positional sense and the ability to initiate fast counter attacks with his accurate long pass forward. His defending is fairly average, and his short stature plays to his disadvantage in aerial situations.

#3 Do Phuoc Long
Position: LB | Age: 29 | Height: 174cm | Club: Vinh An Dai Hoa Image
Do Phuoc Long is almost the twin of Trinh Van Hau on the other flank without the obsession with getting forward. Phuoc Long is balanced in his style and provides both good attack and defense, but focuses more on his defend duties. Unless a clear chance to cut deep to the byline is present, most crosses from Phuoc Long are early crosses and don’t quite have the same devastating effects as those from Van Hau.

#23 Tran Khang Anh
Position: LB | Age: 26 | Height: 173cm | Club: TelcomMavi FC Image
A tank on the left flank, Tran Khang Anh uses his sheer strength to overpower his opponents both in offense and defense. He may not be the fastest or most technically gifted, but his strength and high work rate means he can ferociously fight for the ball up and down the flank the whole match.


#34 Bui The Hien
Position: DM | Age: 27 | Height: 179cm | Club: Phuc Chau Port Image
Bui The Hien quick rise through the ranks of Phuc Chau Port’s talented players gained him a call up to the national team. It is well-deserved: The Hien shows great athleticism and an impressive nose for dangers. His anticipation and clever off the ball movement help cover up weak spots before they are exploited. His weakness lies in the playmaking department, where he lacks the vision and passing skills to create chances from deep.

#8 Lam Tri Thong
Position: DM | Age: 30 | Height: 177cm | Club: Vinh An Dai Hoa Image
Recent came back to Vinh An Dai Hoa after 2 seasons on loan at Banija, Lam Tri Thong continues to be trusted in the defensive midfielder spot at the national team. Now entering his third cycle with the Water Buffaloes, Tri Thong will continue to provide solid defending in front of the center backs, shutting down opponents’ plays with his pace and tackling. He contributes more toward playmaking than The Hien, providing passes from deep to wingers and strikers, as well as an option for long shots.

#10 Tran Hoang Minh
Position: CAM/CM | Age: 30 | Height: 175cm | Club: Baraldhur AFC Image
Currently playing abroad at the high-profile Tikariot club Baraldhur AFC, Tran Hoang Minh is one of the most creative and technically gifted players on the ball for Mavinet. Considered an artist on the front line, Hoang Minh can craft a dangerous chance out of nowhere, especially when employed alongside ex-teammates Vo Thanh Hai and Ho Vu Thanh Hoang. He is also the default free kick taker and has scored many goals from such set pieces. Where he does not so well is in the physical aspect and his tendency to avoid tackles.

#7 Trinh Hoai Linh
Position: CM | Age: 28 | Height: 177cm | Club: Thuong Giang FC Image
Considered the immediately replacement for the retired skipper Nguyen Quang Khai, Hoai Linh shares many qualities with his senior: tireless, good passer and a team player. Hoai Linh does better in the defending aspect, but is also more prone to mistakes when pressed. He also tends to get forward more often, leaving a gap in midfield that can be easily exploited by a good counter attacking team.

#11 Mai Trung Hai
Position: CM | Age: 24 | Height: 175cm | Club: Olympia Borograd Image
The latest player to move abroad to Siovanija & Teusland, Mai Trung Hai’s style puts him in the category of a roaming playmaker behind the attacking midfielder. His athleticism allows him to roam around constantly during a match, and his creative skills add to the attacking power of the team. A somewhat rebellious personality in the team, Trung Hai can be a double-edged sword: he is unlikely to fully adhere to tactical instructions, but is also an unpredictable threat for the opponents.

#12 Vu Tien Linh
Position: LW | Age: 28 | Height: 177cm | Club: MCB Dai Nam Image
A trusty option in the left winger position, Vu Tien Linh combine speed and technique to make a powerful spear on the flank. A strongly left-footed player, Vu Tien Linh seldom cut inside, instead opts for crosses and horizontal link-ups with the central column. Initially a rival with Ho Vu Thanh Hoang in the national team, the duo has grown to be great partners on two flanks.

#17 Le Chi Tho
Position: LW | Age: 27 | Height: 176cm | Club: ALT Vinh Thuy Image
Considered more of a wide midfielder than a winger, Le Chi Tho tends to drop deeper and doesn’t make many speedy sprint down the flank, instead provides a wide passing option and then relay the ball to more creative players. He provides a backup for the left flank in cases where a cautious approach or deep defense is needed.

#14 Ho Vu Thanh Hoang
Position: RW | Age: 25 | Height: 174cm | Club: La Nueva Avenida Image
One of the best players on the national team since the Baptism of Fire 72, Ho Vu Thanh Hoang has grown from a talented prospect to be an accomplished winger. Considered to be a very technical player, Thanh Hoang can wreak havoc on the flanks with his speed, off-the-ball movement, technique and passing skills. Although mostly deployed on the right flank, Thanh Hoang can also play on the left and has seen occasional successes in this role at both his club and national team. While he excels at breaking through the opponents' defense and creating chances for his teammates, his relative short stature and tendency to avoid getting stuck in in defensive situations means that his flank is usually more exposed to opponent's attacks.

#16 Phung Thieu Van
Position: RW | Age: 27 | Height: 178cm | Club: MCB Dai Nam Image
Phung Thieu Van is an average winger compared to his teammate at MCB Dai Nam, Vu Tien Linh, or Ho Vu Thanh Hoang. He has the speed and dribbling skills to make penetration down the flank, but lacks the creative skills to pick out good passing options. His playing style mostly revolves around getting close to the byline and cross.


#9 Vo Thanh Hai
Position: ST | Age: 31 | Height: 180cm | Club: Vinh An Dai Hoa Image
The most prolific striker currently playing for the national team, Vo Thanh Hai is the name all young strikers strive to be. He is lethal with both his right foot and his head, and his composure in front of goal has only increased with age. Thanh Hai often finds himself closely marked by the opponent’s defenders, in which case he provides an effective one-two partner to the wingers and attacking midfielders. While not a fast striker, Thanh Hai’s positional sense is what makes him dangerous in the final third.

#19 Nguyen Hoang Bach
Position: ST | Age: 23 | Height: 179cm | Club: MCB Dai Nam Image
A deep-lying forward whose skills allow him to switch between a striker and an attacking midfielder, Nguyen Hoang Bach offers an extra creative outlet up front for his teammates. Unlike Vo Thanh Hai who primarily function as an advanced forward, Hoang Bach will purposefully drop deeper into pockets between the opponent’s midfield and defense to provide get the ball and relay it to quicker teammates on the flanks or in midfield. Because of this tendency, he will likely not be used often in the 4-2-3-1 system with an attacking midfielder, but has the potential to make a lethal duo with Vo Thanh Hai in a 2-forward formation.

#20 Pham Thai Gia
Position: ST | Age: 26 | Height: 185cm | Club: Phuc Chau Port Image
Pham Thai Gia’s most striking characteristic is his towering height, which makes him a formidable force in aerial situations. Make no mistakes: He is just as capable to score with his feet. The big stature makes him a bit unwieldy and easy to mark, but with a good position and a good cross, even a good marker will find it difficult to stop Thai Gia from heading the ball on target. Thai Gia is also known for his bitter rivalry with Vo Thanh Hai due to multiple confrontations between the two at club level, where Vinh An Dai Hoa share a long-standing rivalry with Phuc Chau Port.

Default lineup - Specific lineup for each MD will be posted between cut-offs

Under the caretaker head coach Phan Vinh Hiển, Mavinet generally continue to approach matches with an attacking mindset, pressing and attacking in fast tempo from the start. As a match proceeds, the team will continue to press high out of possession, but may fall back when faced with stronger and better attacking opponents. Mavinese attacking players are used to a fluid play style and will roam from their assigned positions during the match to look for space and opportunities. While not physically weak, Mavineses are relatively smaller in stature than other countries' people, so physicality is not their strong suit. Instead, they favor teamwork, speed, technique and movement off the ball to break down opponents' defense and create chances. The fluid style makes Mavinet's defense quite vulnerable to the exploitation of gaps. The defense relies on the ability of the defensive midfielder to cover the pockets of space in front of the defenders, but will usually struggle with quick counter attacks. In addition, Mavinet's defense is known for frequent lapses of concentration and poor decisions, especially toward the end of a match.


Penalty takers (in order): Vo Thanh Hai, Vu Tien Linh, Tran Hoang Minh, Ho Vu Thanh Hoang, Trinh Hoai Linh
Freekick takers (in order): Tran Hoang Minh, Ho Vu Thanh Hoang, Trinh Hoai Linh
Corners: Ho Vu Thanh Hoang (both), Tran Hoang Minh (right), Vu Tien Linh (left)
Most likely to get booked: Tran Quang Dang, Bui The Hien, Mai Trung Hai


Vinh An Inc., Mavinet's largest sportswear and sport equipment manufacturer, present the third-generation kits for the national team, incorporating several traditional patterns and symbols of the country. The kits also feature famous Pho Tranh traditional paintings, reimagined in digital form by artist Lam Xuan.

Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y (I decide severity)
Godmod Injury Events: Y (discuss with me first)
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y (up to 3 players)
Godmod Other Events: Y (anything major should be discussed first)
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Postby Barunia » Wed Feb 03, 2021 2:10 am

Barunia Suns
CoH Squad

The Suns return to the Cup of Harmony, having failed to acheive their goal of 4th in the group, only making to 6th out of ten teams. Coach Barrios was diplomatic, noting that the team reached the position that might be expected for a team ranked just inside the top 100, and to get to 4th they would have needed a few upsets, which didn’t happen. A draw against Kelssek would have lifted their spirits though, and now the Suns return to the Cup of Harmony, a tournament with which Barunia has an uneasy history. Twice they have made it two the final, and twice falling short of lifting the trophy.

#1 John Taylor
#23 Bradley Warren
#24 Mercedes Collins

#2 Travis Adlington
#3 Ronald Moreno
#4 Nick Bentley
#5 Fiona Brayshaw
#12 Debbie Elliot
#16 Tyler Stevenson
#13 Simon Thompson
#20 Bailey McAndrew

#8 Louise Cartwright
#14 Melissa Hunt
#9 Neville Swan (c)
#15 Antonio Mendoza
#7 Rebecca Thomas
#6 Stefani Obando
#18 Adam Starc
#19 Juliette Whistler

#11 Emmanuel Carter
#10 Sara Moorhouse
#16 Pablo Saurez
#17 Rachael Cross

Rafael Barrios (Sargossa)

Formation: 4-3-1-2
Note there is a mistake on the picture. The number 11 is Carter, not Cortez


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes (no own goals please)
Godmod scoring events:No
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, 1 per match at most
Godmod other events: No

Style: +2
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Postby Xanneria » Wed Feb 03, 2021 6:21 am

FAX - Xannerian Maroons

Nation: Xanneria
Short Name:: XAN
Head Coach: Myrone Rhule (Galaxy SC)
Style Mod:: +5
Format (F-M-D): 3-2-2-3 or 3-4-3+GK


Attack Forwards

#13 Andrew Gasey (Pearlham SC)
#23 Carlton Brower (Austin City)
#24 Kyle Falcon (Wirr Tsi)Chromatika
#44 Bray Feltzer (Lohr)Chromatika

#88 Luc Laliberté-Gauthier* (SC Nortonshaw)
#99 Jim Hallet GCCFC Northwest Kalactin
#5 Kevin Bryse (Newport United)South Newlandia OM
#21 Nick Faulkner (TBD) OM
#37 Kaylee Hayes (TBD) DM
#43 Franchesca Bonchek (Llewellyn Turnpike Ladies FC)Commonwealth of Baker Park DM
#50 Alex Bronson (Coquitlam United)Kelssek OM
#52 Lane Stegall (Castleford FC)Commonwealth of Baker Park DM

#67 Shane McCormik FC United of Mancodas Potato Farmers DM
#90 Josh Sutton (Pearlham SC) OM

#6 Nikolai Brown (Perce Town)Royal Kingdom of Quebec
#8 Trevor Hubble (Rome Beach)
#16 Bernardo Fransisco-De La Tomosa (St Warren City FC) Commonwealth of Baker Park
#35 Ian Turner (FC St Jakob)Siovanija and Teusland
#45 Liv Brownstreet (Dursten Easterners)
#99 Ghislain Poulin-Coutu* (Rome Beach)

#0 Markus Portsman (TBD)
#10 Leonetta Walters (Brentford FC Ladies)Commonwealth of Baker Park
#00 Mookie Danube (Dynamo Sjoedrhavn) Savojarna

*Player is a naturalized Donnaconna citizen (Permission by the user behind the nation was previously granted)



Clash Uniform

XANAir National Stadium II:
XANAir II is a new state of the art Stadium in downtown Dominica City. Built after the original Stadium was demolished due to cracks forming int he foundation, this stadium is home to both Capital FC and GTHe National Team. It will be a sight to behold as it will also be hosting playoff games.


Xannerian Football is played differently than most countries. For one it is hyper offensive with most teams using either 4 or 5 forwards who run directly at the goal with balls being passed only when necessary. Defense is even more alarmingly different as Xanneria RARELY calls penelties on diving (unless injuries occur) and its actually common for players to attempt to bump other players out of the way, granted this is also heavily moderated (Shoving a player with your hands is a penalty and shoving a player perpendicular to you is also a penalty). International players are trying to surpress excessive brutality, but sometimes in the heat of the game they forget. So feel free to have some of my players get Yellow carded for aggressive play.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y (Within reason)
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: n
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
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Non Association Football Stats
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Postby Tumbra » Wed Feb 03, 2021 7:23 am

The Black Eagles

OOC: For all intents and purposes, Tumbra is an entirely new nation. They have no recollection of their earlier exploits from WC70-80, because that simply didn't exist for this Tumbra. Any and all similarities to the nation of the similar name can and should be construed as glitches in the Multiverse. You may, however, make muted references to "having done this before" or something.

Following a promising yet ultimately fruitless World Cup Qualifiers campaign, the Black Eagles return to the international stage to take part in the Cup of Harmony, in the hopes that a strong run will improve their world ranking, and gain some experience for the team. Manager Marco Hemmings trimmed the squad to 23 members for the tournament, and is expected to play with a 4-2-3-1 formation, which saw them the greatest success during the qualifiers.

Marco HEMMINGS (47) - Previously the manager of Fraser Valley, Hemmings was picked for the job after he won the Manager of the Season award, with some describing that Hemmings had dragged the team to a 6th placed finish, when they had previously been tipped for a relegation battle. The former Lakewood United defensive midfielder prefers passing play and a fast buildup, with a heavy emphasis on fluidity, possession and creating space. The unexpectedly good qualification campaign saw Hemmings secure the job for the considerable future, and all eyes are on how he evolves the squad as he goes on.

Style Modifier - +3

Unless stated, 1-11 are the starting eleven, 12-23 are the backups.
In the case of multiple positions being bolded, the first one is the position they primarily play in. Only positions that players are naturals or at least accomplished in are included.


1 - Louis ADDISON (29) - Lakewood United (Positions - GK)
13 - David GOUGH (34) - Serrapince FC (Positions - GK)
23 - Nick BARKER (23) - FC Inter Nantwich (Positions - GK)


2 - Russell WHITE (27) - Clyde Park (Positions: RB, RWB, CB)
3 - Simon HART (31) - Kingsbury United (Positions - LB, CB)
4 - Harry HENDERSON (25) - Kingsbury United (Positions - CB, CDM)
5 - Johnny BROWN (32) - Lakewood United (Positions - CB) - CAPTAIN
12 - Nigel HARRIS (24) - Lakewood United (Positions - RWB, RB, CM, CDM)
15 - Jim BUCHANAN (27) - Straton FC (Positions - CB, LB)
17 - Ian ASHBURN (21) - Lakewood City (Positions - CB)
22 - Joel TYLER (23) - Couno Rangers (Positions - LB, LWB)


6 - Robert POWELL (31) - Lakewood City (Positions - CDM, CM, CB) - VICE CAPTAIN
8 - Vincent HICKS (21) - Hesham FC (Positions - CM, CAM, LM)
10 - Adam HERLINGER (30) - Lakewood United (Positions - CAM, LM, RM)
18 - Alan MORGAN (23) - Readale Wanderers (Positions - CDM, CM, LM))
19 - Craig McGRATH (24) - Serrapince FC (Positions - CM, CAM, LM, RM)
21 - Keenan POLLARD (31) - Columbia City (Positions - CM)


7 - Robin VAUGHN (26) - Lakewood City (Positions - RW, LW, RM, ST) - 2ND VICE CAPTAIN
9 - Neil FRASER (22) - Clyde Park (Positions - LW, LM, CAM)
16 - Dylan VAN HEIROLF (21) - Kingsbury United (Positions - LW)
20 - Mike COONAN (23) - Lakewood City (Positions - LW, RW)


11 - Philip COHEN (25) - Lakewood United (Positions - ST, LW)
14 - Marcus SHELDON (29) - Couno Rangers (Positions - ST)

Home Kit


Away Kit


Third Kit

Starting XI and formation

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Godmod other events: Yes

As a general rule, just let me know before doing something egregious.
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CoH-79 Roster

Postby Tequilo » Wed Feb 03, 2021 10:40 am

Cup of Harmony 79
Tequilo National Team
Tournament Squad

Attacking Modifier: +3.3

Team kits by Natty kit.
Home - agave blue shirts with charcoal & white trim; agave blue shorts; white socks
Away - 'kirola vintage' style white shirts with agave blue fractal; white shorts; charcoal socks

Often referred to by the nicknames Agave-Blues on account of their kit or Los Pitxileros [Transl. The Footballers], the Tequilo national team set-up approaches it's third cycle of the World Cup with some moderately impressive showings at all age groups but no real honours on the board as yet. Third-placed finishes in Baptism of Fire 72 and runners-up at the last under-18 World Cup are the pinnacle of achievements so far, with a fourth-placed finish in their debut IAC also signalling some promise. The feeling is it may be time to start delivering on that promise for fear of settling in the bracket of good-ish, but not great or even simply never quite good enough - something most Tequiloa, a very relaxed kind of people, would be perfectly happy with but the Tequiloan FA, the Unión, having made such a fuss over the last few years and publishing so much about their great plans for world dominance, could not settle for, politically speaking.

A Brief History of Los Pitxileros

It has been a time of huge upheaval for the national team - a reckless visit to the Land of Gibberish to play badly-organised pitxi under toxic conditions led to the death of a promising young player, Esâ Neá, infected with a viral brain-eating disease and drowned in a pool whilst imitating a crack-addled hairy river dolphin; other players and coaches forced to retire with ongoing effects of the auto-imitation disease Kepolalia; a national scandal right to the very top of government; the firing of the national team director, resignation of the Unión de Pitxi (that's FA to you and me) President Señor Lepe, and the jump-before-he-was-pushed quitting of national team head coach Isaac Martí... not to mention revelations of the ongoing disaster at the eight-year-old building site that is meant to be the City of Football - it has been an eventful year in Tequiloan football. But don't worry, Audioslav legend Ooóoos Skeuri, ably assisted by Juvencan Cup of Harmony-winning manager August Toset, will steady the ship... eventually. Coaching pair Ramiro Paredo and Genaro Rodis, fresh from winning Liga-TQ with SC Pedregal, took over as head & assistant coaches in a rapidly reshaped national team set-up in time for World Cup qualifying, but coach Ramiro was unable to gel with his team - who could not find their rhythm in his high press and rapid turnover game. Finishing fourth in the group and posting their worst return in three cycles, Ramiro Paredo left by mutual consent. Wanting time to prepare the next succession as part of the Skeuri-Toset Masterplan, and with a very experienced man on hand who has taken a team to two Cup of Harmony finals, winning one of them, the Unión have asked Señor August to take charge for this one tournament. Ramiro Paredo's assistant, Genaro Rodis, remains in place as assistant alongside Juan Manuel Botín, favourite to move to the top job after this tournament is completed.


Team Director: Ooóoos Skeuri (AUD), 58;
Former star defender at Tenth Star Hasiera, KT Moreazerua and Raynor City United and 3-cap Audioslavia international, Ooóoos had a successful post-football career in mask-making whilst unknowingly rising to god-like status in Tequilo without even visiting the country. Many still don't believe the real Ooóoos Skeuri is even still alive, rather preferring that he is a wight in the Shambolic Pantheon, and the Man In The Mask at the Unión is an imposter.

Assistant Director & Head Coach: August Toset (JUV), age unknown;
Won a Cup of Harmony as the first manager of the Juvencus national team and took the nation to a second final as runner-up. Employed to further develop the Unión's plan to create multiversally-dominating pitxi tactics, and given temporary charge as head coach for the Cup of Harmony to see if he can emulate his success with his home nation.

Joint Assistant Head Coach: Juan Manuel Botín, 40;
Former player for Motozintla, learned his coaching trade with former national team coaches Isaac Martí (resigned) and Luka Entenza (retired through ill-health), apparently destined for moderately good things. Coached the under-18 national team to 3rd and 2nd place finishes in the youth world cup, and replaces Luka as the under-23 head coach. He appears to be first in line for the top job as national team head coach after the Cup of Harmony.

Joint Assistant Head Coach: Genaro Rodis, 51;
Assistant to Ramiro Paredo at The Whistlers, a quiet man who was instrumental in developing and bringing through so many young talents at the club. Whilst Paredo's time as national team coach was not deemed a success, in fact something of a failure, Genaro is well liked by senior players, and has been instrumental in securing a place in this squad for some of the younger talents.

Coach: Haize Apeiztegui, 36;
A professor of the game and brilliant defender coming to the last of his playing days at Unuiĝinta, recently retired from playing for the national team as a supporter’s favourite, and one of Tequilo’s most-capped players (60 caps, 4th on the all time list). Also assistant to Juan Manuel with the under-23s.

Coach: Terenzio Ramon, 46,
Much-admired coach at national champions Pitxi-Pitxi 77, enjoyed a secondment to the national set-up in the last World Cup cycle and now joins full time; he is also head coach of the under-21 national team.

Coach:Callañuapa, 38;
Quiet and confident defensive midfielder at Equipo Caimán, recently retired from the national team as a supporter’s favourite and returning in a tracksuit as part of his coaching development - he has also recently been appointed under-18 national team head coach replacing the promoted Juan Manuel Botín.

Team Captain: Vilca Hualla, AML, 25;
Former Índigo Huayna winger, he moved to KT Itzalovalle in Audioslavia for a national record transfer fee of ₸8m (₸=chèlinpesos). Despite some injury problems early in his career, he has been very highly rated since the Baptism of Fire days and was appointed captain of the national team in quick succession to his vice captaincy in the last World Cup, his leadership qualities shining through as he replaces the legendary (in Tequilo) Mateo Tafalla. His star continues to rise with another move, to FC Mar Sara in Valanora, for the joint largest fee in the last transfer window.

Vice Captain: Oscar Bienvenida, GK, 22;
Recently completed a record-breaking run of consecutive caps for his country, starting 30 games in a row for Los Pitxileros - the young goalkeeper has years ahead of him but is already a mature and experienced figure around the national camp. Also captains his club team, Motozintla, where he signed for a then record domestic transfer fee of ₸3.75m from Tumuloa Xico.


Pragmatic coach August Toset picks his first squad for the national team and despite the perceived failure of Ramiro Paredo in qualifying, the Juvencan has acknowledged a strong and stable squad does not need the changes ringing, with only some adjustments around the edges and some exciting young talents brought along for extra experience. The very promising debuts in qualifying of fullbacks Blêxu and Eolo Sorazar is rewarded with places in the First XI, with Huachalla still retained in the squad but Patrick Zambo, 34, finally stepping back from international duty after winning 54 caps since Los Pitxileros debuted in Baptism of Fire 72. Coach Toset recalls Llösë Lea to the squad after being ignored by Ramiro Paredo through the whole of qualifying, and rewards three young players who contributed promising cameos in the campaign - striker Pedro Rôa, winger Urbano Noboa and defensive midfielder Lorenzo Pero all get the call up to join the squad in Cassadaigua and Northwest Kalactin. The coach has publicly acknowledged to spots where selection is extremely difficult - the advanced midfielder role likely split by two wonderful young talents in Niño Pinto and Çenturion, while on the left wing captain Vilca Hualla has competition from the rapidly rising star of Xaime Medal, who has learned so much at 1830 Cathair and now features as their starting winger. A third wide left player, Isidoro Artechevarria, hardly gets a mention in the same breath and yet he is a formidable talent himself - coach Toset suggesting he is considering a different role for Isidoro in a more central position. Certainly his bulldozer approach would work as a defensive midfielder and that is an experiment we'd all love to watch.

First XI

# Name Pos. Age Cps/Gls Av.R Club Paeips

1. Oscar Bienvenida (VC) GK 22 72/22* 7.11 Motozintla Leader
2. Blêxu DL 27 12/- 7.37 Motozintla Flamboyant
3. Antton Machinena (+c) DC 28 19/- 6.94 Florentino Stylish
4. Huracan DC 27 61/10 7.36 Jaguar Itxacomitán Dynamo
5. Eolo Sorazar DR 29 7/1 7.14 SC Pedregal Extrovert
6. Ixtub Tün DMC 21 55/2 7.05 Olympia Borograd (SLT) Beast
7. Vilca Hualla (C) AML 25 48/9 7.14 Mar Sara FC (VAL) Leader
8. Niño Pinto AMC 21 43/15 7.12 Indigo Huayna Predatory
9. Tlacolotl ST 23 76/50 7.46 Pitxi-Pitxi 77 Warhorse
10. Ecuador ST 26 31/15 7.22 Real Gardaresso Orthodox
11. Ricardo Bailén AMR 25 35/10 7.49 Fábrica Tapalupé Eccentric

Team sheets are usually published between cut-offs; otherwise default to this line-up


12. Llösë Lea DL 28 13/- 7.26 Atlás Ciuredor Trickster
13. Noxochinoch DC 31 44/2 7.09 Pitxi-Pitxi 77 Grafter
14. Tol Chicote (+c) DC 22 23/1 7.04 Fábrica Tapalupé Leader
15. Huachalla DR 28 38/3 7.39 Acacoyagua Flamboyant
16. Lorenzo Pero DMC 22 2/- 9.00 CF Frantxizko-A Athletic
17. Xaime Medal (+c) AML 26 17/4 6.78 1830 Cathair (AUD) Outspoken
18. Çenturion (+c) AMC 20 25/8 7.31 Pitxi-Pitxi 77 Stylish
19. Pedro Rôa ST 21 1/- 9.20 Altendalur (GRF) Laid Back
20. Alexandro Calvoecheaga ST 22 26/8 7.50 CF Frantxizko-A Professor
21. Kai Sidiki GK 32 2/1* 5.20 SC Pedregal Trickster
22. Urbano Noboa AMR 19 1/- 7.10 SC Pedregal Stylish
23. Retired
24. Tutayan AMR 32 40/8 7.13 Cazadores Cathair (AUD) Cavalier
25. Isidoro Artechevarria AML 24 40/11 6.75 Motozintla Bulldozer
31. Tepin Mecatl-Rubió GK 25 6/- 8.32 Resplendiente Determined

(C) Captain / (VC) Vice Captain / (+c) additional captains / (*) clean sheets



1. Oscar Bienvenida
GK | Motozintla | Age 22 | 72 caps, 22 clean sheets
The rise and rise of baby goalkeeper Oscar Bienvenida, who had barely been heard of outside of his nursery club Tumuloa Xico but today stands on the brink of international stardom thanks to his cat-like exploits for the national team in the last two world cup cycles. Getting a dream move from Tumuloa to domestic big-shots Motozintla, who are good at spotting a great young talent, he is maturing well, has strengthened up considerably since his early days as a skinny beanpole and more than holds his own in the box. Not only can he stand up to overbearing forwards, he also marshalls his box confidently, can actually kick a ball and has all the ingredients to become a natural captain for club and country.

STAT ATTACK: Holds the record for most consecutive appearances for his country (30)

2. Blêxu
DL | Motozintla | Age 27 | 12 caps
Receiving his first call up to the national team during World Cup 87 qualifying as backup to long-time leftback Patrick Zambo, ahead of usual stand-in Llösë Lea, Motozintla's star defender Blêxu was soon called to action and did not disappoint. The Uiaiey indigene of Antivador, full name Rhaxôeucca Blêxussi Laô, has spent his entire career at Moto and has risen to the top despite the chairman's crazed hunt for the most glamorous and iconic marquee signings, putting his shift in to Make Moto Great Again, as the saying goes. Willing to put a shift in is not the half of it with Blêxu, who has a range of twists, turns and tricks up his sleeve to wow - and sometimes alarm - his supporters, and he's never afraid to put style over substance, though he has plenty of both.

STAT ATTACK: Smashing-the-ball-against-the-woodwork to games ratio is the highest on record for Tequilo (8 times in 12 games)

3. Antton Machinena
DC | Florentino | Age 28 | 19 caps
The cornerstone of defence at one of the most successful clubs of the era in Tequiloan domestic football, Antton Machinena found himself outside of selection in the early days of the national team, and with a solid back four of Patrick, Haize, Huracan and Chicchan developing such an excellent understanding together it was very difficult for anyone to break into that line-up. But as the older ones retire from the national team, spaces have opened up and finally Antton has got his chance to shine in the centrehalf role where he stars for his club. Outstanding in an otherwise disappointing WC-87 qualifying campaign, the new management of the national team have kept faith with this stylish ball-playing defender, who reads the game so well and commands the back line with both steel and elegance. He could easily move up into the midfield with his vision and reading of the game, and is comfortable high up the pitch when his teams press forward.

STAT ATTACK: Currently holds the record for the most games for the national team without scoring (19)

4. Huracan
DC | Jaguar Ixtacomitán | Age 27 | 61 caps, 10 goals
Another of Tequilo's classy defenders, who really impressed in the Baptism of Fire tournament as Tequilo’s best player. The young centre back Huracan, of the Ixta people, is a surprisingly slight fellow for a player tasked with holding up the last line of defence. But don't be deceived; to the pitxi fans of Tequilo, this talented defender seems to have already been around for an age, having made his league debut for Jaguar Itxacomitán at only 15 years old. Full name Patzin Cihuacoh Xihuidira-Nogue, his needle-point tackling and boundless energy made him a fans favourite early on, and at Jaguares he is well on the way to being a club legend. He established himself as a fixture in the first days of the national team alongside Haize Apeiztegui, Chicchan and Patrick Zambo; while the rest of the 'Fortress Four' have now quit the national team, Huracan knows he could be leading the defensive line for years to come.

STAT ATTACK: Holds the record for the most goals scored by a defender in the national team (10)

5. Eolo Sorazar
DR | SC Pedregal | Age 29 | 7 caps, 1 goal
Emerging out of the famous (in Tequilo) Nómada youth system, which is the country's biggest and arguably best football academy and a long-time production line of top talent, Eolo Sorazar signed for Puezani giants Unuiĝinta where he was a bright light in a fading team. Liga-TQ winning manager Ramiro Paredo signed him for SC Pedregal just before he left to take up the national team coaching role, and liked him so much he called him up for World Cup 87 qualifying. Though injury limited him to four starts and three games from the bench, his brief appearances were sensational - it's like he'd been there the whole time. Despite Señor Paredo's short tenure, the extrovert Eolo has done enough to get a First XI selection for the Cup of Harmony, and a regular place in the team is highly anticipated based on his performances so far.

STAT ATTACK: The best start ever? Won three player of the match awards in his first four starts for his country.

6. Ixtub Tün
DMC | Olympia Borograd (SLT) | Age 21 | 55 caps, 2 goals
One of Tequilo’s undisputed great prospects of our time, the young man they call El Tren - The Train: Ixtub Tün. Second youngest national debutant after Niño Pinto, at sixteen the Pitxi-Pitxi 77 defensive midfielder was still a baby when he made the national team and is still a toddler in age terms now, but you wouldn’t call him that if he was stood in front of you - at 201cm and weighing in at 113 kilos he really is a beast already. On the field of play he is no slouch despite the weight he has to pull, and it takes two men to knock him down. He is a giant. But it is not all about his physique and throwing his considerable weight around - Ixtub is an impressive reader of the game already, calm on the ball, he does the simple things well and his presence is reassuring both to the defence behind him and to the attackers in front. The success and recognition brought a club move to foreign fields, with the near-unlimited funds and regular Champions League football of Olympia Borograd proving a draw for the ambitious young man.

STAT ATTACK: Both his national team goals have been headers; one, at 28 metres, is the longest headed goal in NT history

7. Vilca Hualla
AML | FC Mar Sara (VIL) | Age 25 | 48 caps, 9 goals | Team Captain
Tzoma Cactzina Vilca Hualla, familiarly known as Vilca Hualla, has twice had to fight back into contention for the national team first XI, competing with Isidoro Artechevarria and Xaime Medal. But the boy from Huayna has shown his mettle to come through both challenges, whilst enjoying not one but two glamour moves from his hometown club Indigo to KT Itzalovalle in Audioslavia and now on to Valanora. A marauding left winger, he has demonstrated his inate leadership abilities to win the captain's armband. An intelligent footballer with a good eye for a killer pass and the ability to take players on, though he doesn't score many from his wide positions he is nothing if not generous with his forwards - he has the highest assists per game ratio for the national team. With boundless energy he will also track back all day long and makes a perfect partner for a raiding fullback, happy to assume a defensive position with the back pushing on, or providing the overlap if needed.

STAT ATTACK: Has twice broken the Tequilo national transfer fee record (₸8.5m, ₸10m)

8. Niño Pinto
AMC | Indigo Huayna | Age 21 | 43 caps, 15 goals
The impish midfielder is quite the heartthrob of young Tequiloan society. Declining the approaches of more successful Huayna-Comitán cross-town rivals Acacoyagua, the lad signed for traditional Huayna people’s favourite Indigo before his tenth birthday, and has been watched intently ever since by envious rival clubs. A hit at every level of youth football, he broke into his club’s first team at 15 and has not looked back. A stylish midfielder with an eye for goal and a great reader of the game, he is the natural candidate to replace legend and former national team captain Mateo Tafalla in the attacking pinnacle of the midfield. Niño Pinto impressed throughout the last two cycles as back up and gets his reward for patience as the youngest of this cycle's First XI. With the veteran Mateo stepping down, he will join his young midfield colleague and good friend Ixtub Tün as the beating heart of the national team for years to come.

STAT ATTACK: Holds the records for youngest debut, youngest starter and youngest goalscorer for the national team.

20. Tlacolotl
ST | Pitxi-Pitxi 77 | Age 23 | 76 caps, 50 goals
One of 77os prodigios, striker Tlacolotl has become Tequilo's leading striker through three World Cup campaigns, and has already accumulated some impressive stats at the spearhead of the national team. Full name Hunaphu Ah-Kuhmix-Unicob Tlaco Xumucane, Tlacolotl is a striker in the old-fashioned hooligan mould, a fearsome competitor, never afraid to mix it up, physically and mentally able to intimidate much bigger defenders through sheer force of will, and also technically competent. No-one will match him in the air and if you put him down on the ground - no mean feat, well done - be warned he will never stay down for long and when he gets back up, he will be coming for you. At domestic giants Pitxi-Pitxi 77 he has made the number 9 shirt his own, and looks set for a glittering career scoring goals and busting noses.

STAT ATTACK: The nation's most capped player, highest scorer and winner of the most player of the match awards (14)[/b]

10. Ecuador
ST | Real Gardaresso | Age 27 | 31 caps, 15 goals
Füçê Phiá Eqato, a tribal Uiaiey native of the Antivadoro islands, had been quietly impressing at his second-tier home club Gallandaires for a number of seasons as a young orthodox number 10 before mighty Real Gardaresso took a punt on him. Winning a call-up to IAC-10 he stepped up once more to win Tequilo’s player of the tournament as top-joint goalscorer and highest rated player, showing a natural calm and quiet leadership whilst at the same time proving a deadly finishing touch. His quiet character is reflected in the way he plays, often drifting unnoticed into dangerous positions with his sublime movement and reading of the game, providing space for others too. A serious injury midway through World Cup 86 qualifying cut short his international progress but he came back to his best during this last qualifying cycle. Potentially one of the most naturally gifted number 10s in Tequilo.

STAT ATTACK: Holds the record for the highest player rating for Tequilo as a regular selection in a single tournament (9.3, IAC-10)

11. Ricardo Bailén
AMR | Fábrica Tapalupé | Age 25 | 35 caps, 10 goals
The young winger from Fábrica has been on the fringes of the national team since it's inception, and is perhaps the most underrated of all the most regular players - spectacularly good in the domestic leagues since his debut a few years ago, he has been impossible to ignore completely, and yet it is clear that previous national team managers Mauricio Nores and Isaac Martí were never wholly convinced by him, and he has about half the caps that some of his contemporaries have. Despite that, he has always performed well when he's had the chance and remains one of the highest rated players per game. With a new head coach under Ramiro Paredo he was the key beneficiary, immediately being marked for the First XI and enjoying an extended run in the team to win the automatic first choice for the position. An enigmatic gentleman off the pitch, he has an eccentric turn of style on it, a precision passer and crosser who uses guile rather than speed to get past fullbacks. Has performed consistently at domestic and national level his whole career, never overawed by the occasion; but consistency does not mean predictability in Ricardo's case - defenders have a hard time reading what he is going to do next.

STAT ATTACK: Has the joint-highest average rating of all current national team players (7.49, with Alexandro Calvoecheaga)


18. Xaime Medal
AMR | 1830 Cathair | Age 26 | 17 caps, 4 goals
A natural leader and self-publicist, Xaime has been bleating on about his own rising star since he emerged out of the minor second tier Florenio club, Llaro Marín, and at the age of 17 allegedly told his manager he was too big for the club before joining Marín’s glamorous neighbours Florentino. Things did not develop there as quickly as he probably expected, as he was forced to work his way through the ranks to earn his place in La Violeta’s fabled first team. Missing out on any recognition for the early national teams, he finally hit form in his last contracted season with Florentina, and a star was finally born. Too late, his club offered new terms, but he walked away on a free in search of greener pastures - and he certainly found them, in Audioslavia. Signing for one of the multiverse’s bonafide giants in 1830 Cathair, first as understudy to the legendary Rickson Marañón, and that tutelage has paid dividends: as he always predicted, Xaime is a rising star for the national team.

STAT ATTACK: The first Tequiloan to play in Audioslavia, and so far, the most successful

5. Huachalla
DR | Acacoyagua | Age 27 | 38 caps, 3 goals
Since the formation of the national team, flamboyant young right back Huachalla had been the understudy to Chicchan and in getting playing time in about a third of the national team games proved one of the understated heroes of Tequilo’s rise from obscurity to comfortable mediocrity, and now boasts one of the best average ratings of the whole national team database. That impressive stat alone was enough to win Huachalla Nuccu-Huaxtenautl, to use his full name, a place in the first XI for the current cycle. A player comfortable with playing out from the back, happiest on the front foot and always ready to overlap with the midfield, he will also run all day long and can drop back faster than antarctic quicksilver. There is nothing understated about Huachalla, who will often frighten the bejesu out of his coaches with elaborate turns, dummies and backheels in his own box when defending a corner; and he will be guaranteed to infuriate opposition supporters with his less than magnanimous approach to team successes. All of which makes him a most-loved player with his own fans at Acacoyagua, where he came through the youth ranks and has been a first team regular since the age of 18.

STAT ATTACK: Holds the record for most stepovers in a single dribble for the national team (18 in 33 metres)


Have fun. Maybe don't kill everyone. At least not all at once.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Do Absolutely Anything: YES*
*RRR: the Right to Reciprocity Reserved

The ‘Paeips’ (‘peeps’) system - as noted in the squad listing - is there to assist your RP, if you need it. Full description ‘Personality As Expressed In Playing Style’, it uses a single word to sum up how the person plays, and/or how they are off the ball, off the field, off the clock and off piste… feel free to interpret that one word how you wish, or ignore it.

Most likely to get…

Poacher's tap in: Niño Pinto
20-metre screamer: Tlacolotl
Applauded for fancy panenka: Blêxu
Laughed at for bungled panenka: Blêxu
Jeered for over-exuberant celebrations: Eolo Sorazar
First minute booking: Xaime Medal
Last minute winner: Ecuador
Early bath for handbags: Isidoro Artechevarria
Stretcher to the tunnel: Vilca Hualla
Blood-covered rag around head: Ixtub Tün
Tackle of the season: Huracan
Book of tactics for extra-curricular homework: Alexandro Calvoecheaga
A packet of sweets, a pat on the head, and excused from doing his homework for the night: Çenturion
Working on nomination for legend status: Noxochinoch

The average Tequiloan has an exceedingly high SQ (shambolic quotient) meaning they are really very good at creating and thriving in chaos… they generally get things done in a very roundabout and often nonsensical way, usually with an unbelievably high portion of luck (either good or bad). They are happy to lose, and prefer it in chaotic fashion - it's all about the journey, not the result. 0-7 is much more interesting than 0-1. Apparently.

For the purpose of media marketing, the PR company attached to the UPT has decided the national team will take the nickname Los Pitxileros - the imaginative epithet translates as ’The Footballers’ - although the press and fans mostly prefer to use ’the agave-blues’ on account of their shirt colour.

OOC: Always happy to collaborate - drop me a TG or call me out in RP (but maybe still drop me a TG in case I miss it…)
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Postby Sargossa » Wed Feb 03, 2021 2:47 pm

Cup of Harmony 79

Sargossa - 'The Corsairs'

Head Coach

Brian McAllister (Tikariot)
Brian McAllister is the new face in the dugout and is calling the shots. A key part of the backroom team that masterminded Tikariot’s highly impressive arrival onto the world stage, McAllister is bound to bring new ideas and impetus. Which is exactly what the FFS wanted. Led Sargossa to fourth place at the Cup of Harmony and the Copa Rushmori quarter final.

Backroom Staff

Assistant Head Coach: Gregory Wallen (Tikariot)
Assistant Head Coach: Miguel Marí
Defensive Coach: Iker Conde
Attacking Coach: Jordi Suárez
Goalkeeping Coach: Dario Almirón
Fitness Coach: Luis Miguel Sacristán
Team Doctor: Dr Carla Segura


GK: 1. Alejandro Martínez (25) – Sportivo Soluca
GK: 13. Sergio Arrabal (25) – Alianza Jucaro
GK: 25. Tomás Gaos (35) – Sportivo Cordova

As a teenager Martínez was touted as a future star by no less a luminary as former Corsairs’ keeper and coach Martín Tejera. He’s know showing exactly why he earned that praise. Sergio Arrabal spent his formative years as a hugely talented understudy to Penedo at Ciudad. He had to move to Alianza to finally prove he had what it takes to be a number one. Gaos provides a more experienced back-up option.

DR: 2. Tobías Figueroa (20) – El Nacional
DC: 5. Juan Esnáider (30) – Oriannor Mountaineers (Tikariot)
DC: 6. Raúl Dengra (25) – Alianza Jucaro
DL: 3. Saúl Escribano (33) – Sportivo Soluca
DLC: 12. Víctor Miralles (27) – El Nacional
DRC: 14. Máximo Moya (23) – Sporting San Marquez
DL: 19. Juan Manuel Martí (26) – Sportivo Soluca
DC: 21: Hugo Galán (27) – Yaton FC (Taeshan)

It’s entirely possible that Iker Conde, the national side’s defensive coach, has been entirely made up for tax purposes. At times during the last World Cup campaign the Corsairs were woeful at the back, conceded forty times in eighteen fixtures. Coach Brian McAllister likes what Juan Esnáider offers but is likely to shake up the rest of the backline. Young fallback Tobías Figueroa is earning rave reviews in Goza and the Jucaro based Dengra is an interesting addition.

DMC: 4. Esteban Pomar (28) – El Nacional
AMR: 7. Édgar Elvira (23) – Dínamo Maturín
MC: 8. César Goyoso (33) – Sporting San Marquez
AML: 11. Esteban Leguizamo (28) – Blacklake Blues (Taeshan)
AMRC: 15. Agustín Soria (21) – Sportivo Soluca
MC: 16. Adrián Fonseca (31) – Ciudad Soluca
DMC: 18. Marcos Águila (22) – El Nacional
MC: 22. Juan Sebastián Varela (25) – Alianza Jucaro
AMLC: 24. Mauro Pereira (29) – Sportivo Cordova

There was no one happier at the new appointment than Édgar Elvira and Esteban Leguizamo. Finally they had a national coach for whom wingers weren’t just something used in Plan C or D. Midfield battler Esteban Pomar’s lack of creative nous may count against his chances of a start. Which could see veteran César Goyoso drop deeper or the introduction of the talented Marcos Águila. Elvira will battle Agustín Soria, fresh from some impressive cameos off the bench, on the right. While Esteban Leguizamo will surely get the run in the side he’s been so craving.

FLC: 9. Mauricio Sainz (26) – Ciudad Soluca
FRLC: 10. Diego Alejandro Costa (28) – Ciudad Soluca
FC: 17. Mateo Manzanares (20) – Dínamo Maturín
FRC: 20. Diego Cazalla (25) – Miruan City (Tikariot)
FL: 23. Alonzo Bienvenida (28) – Sportivo Cordova
FC: 26. Tomas Murillo (31) – Sportivo Soluca

No team in Group scored more than Sargossa in the last World Cup campaign so personnel in the offensive third are likely to remain largely unchanged. Mateo Manzanares has made the central striking role his own but Diego Alejandro Costa’s dip in form in the second half of qualifiers may count against him, with Alonzo Bienvenida and Esteban Leguizamo both impressing when coming on from the bench.


Brian McAllister, alongside Stuart Ekstrom, implemented an attractive, fluid, attacking style on their Tikariot side. Expect more of the same here. With a formation that is 4-3-3 in possession and 4-5-1 without it and plenty of movement, both on and off the ball. Swift, short passing and forwards switching positions to confuddle the opposition are also hallmarks of the Tikariot approach. If it comes off it should be very exciting indeed. But it remains to be seen whether the new coach has had enough time to fully integrate his ideas.

The SuperLiga is quite a physical league so challenges can often be described as 'uncompromising' and cards are pretty common. Gamesmanship, while never encouraged, is also not entirely uncommon. But diving is considered particularly stigmatic so Sargossan players are unlikely to be found doing it.

Style Modifier = (+4)


Courtesy of ediraf

Image ImageImage

If my opponent RP's first they can:
Choose my goalscorers: Please do
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (within reason)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes. Just no killing anyone.
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Postby Valladares » Wed Feb 03, 2021 3:19 pm




Coaching Staff:

Head coach: Jessica Curran (Cassadaigua)
Assistant coach: Sergio Acevedo
Adviser: Claudio Londero
Goalkeeping coach: Martin Legendre
Fitness coach: Ramón Estiaguirre
Team doctor: Jacques Pelletier
Physiotherapist: Dante Palazzi
Video analyst: Lorenzo Coombs


1. Paulo Gaviria - GK - 37 - Image Nacional (Captain)
12. Lucien Chamoun - GK - 26 - Image Fontvielle Impact
23. Danilo Araúz - GK - 28 - Image AD Cerro

3. Jair Marrugo - RB - 33 - Image CSKA Quebec
4. Martín Delgado - CB - 33 - Image Herzegovina City FC
5. Jason Fletcher - LB - 32 - Image AS Bezieres
13. Daniel Brown - RB - 30 - Image Bohemians Metropolis
14. Nicholas Hossiner - CB - 31 - Image Rolalas FC
15. Jorge Vargas - LB - 32 - Image Tannenberg FC

5. Bryan Castillo - DMR - 32 - Image Hondo FC
6. Christian O'Brien - DML - 28 - Image Tanrısal
7. Ronald Mickel - AMR - 32 - Image Kitara Athletic Association
8. Arley Barrios - AML - 31 - Image Myana
10. Cristian Benítez - AMC - 21 - Image Cazadores Cathair
16. Leandro Martelli - DMR - 28 - Image Avenida Principal
17. Nick Mariner - DML - 31 - Image Tihon
18. Fabio Betancourt - AMR - 27 - Image Hondo FC
19. Alexis Durmisi - AML - 27 - Image Urbizania Wanderers
21. Marcelo Zamudio - AMC - 25 - Image Metropolis Alligators

9. Wilfried Baume - FW - 31 - Image AC Izotz Zubia
11. Thibault Benezet - FW - 27 - Image Sabrefell Athletic
20. Aymeric Fortin - FW - 27 - Image 1830 Cathair
22. Valentin Germain - FW - 29 - Image Crisisbless

Starting Lineup, Formation, and Tactics:


12. L. Chamoun
13. D. Brown
14. N. Hossiner
15. J. Vargas
16. L. Martelli
17. N. Mariner
18. D. Lachlant
19. A. Durmisi
20. M. Zambrano
21. A. Fortin
22. V. Germain
23. D. Araúz

The Valladar national football team is known for having its traditional 3-2-2-3 (or 3-4-3 for general reference) formation, which for this WC campaign will mutate into a 3-5-2 by pushing back one of the three forwards to act as a playmaker, and can turn into either a very aggressive yet non-conventional 3-2-5 for attacking or a 5-4-1 (a 3-6-1, even) when the team feel the need to enter into a defensive mode. La Nacional will always be looking to attack and retain ball possession for as long as possible, trying to score many goals in the shortest possible time and mounting an insurmountable lead for the second half of the match when players from both teams start showing signs of fatigue. This squad mostly relies on the speed of its wingers both in attack and in defense modes, with another couple of players (usually Bryan Castillo and Christian O'Brien) playing the role of defensive midfielders that was well covered by Jonathan Bosetti and Pedro Pedretti in the past: both should be able to retreat to the defensive line with ease whenever the team lose ball possession in order to form a line of 5 defenders, thus giving rival forwards a very hard time when trying to break through the Valladar defense. Regardless of who the trio (now duo) playing up front is made of, those strikers are well prepared under the premises of the typical Valladar forward: very speedy and talented, with the ability to seemingly harmless crosses into goals, create chances and score goals out of nothing, and kill defenses with speed and lethal counterattacks.

Style Modifier: +2.5

Kits (Brought to you by Meski Sports):


RP Permissions:

In the event my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my goalscorers: YES
Godmod scoring events: YES
RP injuries to my players: NO unless granted permission. I'll reserve the right to determine severity if granted permission.
Godmod injuries to my players: NO unless granted permission.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: YES
Hand out red cards to my players: NO - I'll reserve the right to decide whether my players are sent off or not.
Godmod other events: YES only if they involve weather conditions. If you wish to organize something else, do not hesitate to contact me though.

Special requests:
1) Please no killings, and definitely no pandemic-related RPing.
2) Try to be as realistic as possible, and last but no least...
3) Have fun.
Map of Valladares | Valladares on NSwiki | Valladares Embassy Program
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Third Place: Copa Rushmori 18, Volleyball World Expo 9
Fourth Place: World Cup 67, Copa Rushmori 32, IBC 8, IBC 9, IBC 12
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Postby Krytenia » Wed Feb 03, 2021 4:43 pm

Please assume YES for all answers in the Permission Box – just TG me first if it's particularly insane and/or egregious. Also, anything COVID related can do one.

Modifier: +2.5


Manager – Paul DAVIS, Age 46
The JJP era may be over, but that simply means it's time for the apprentice to become the master. The former Ousevale boss has been groomed for the NT role for the past few years; first on the agenda is balancing Krytenia's natural attacking style with something a tad less defensively suicidal. This met with mixed results during the recent Eagles Cup, though this may be down to the team learning the new tactics.

Assistant Manager – Gary BARTON, Age 43
An ex-Ousevale manager with an ex-Mercia assistant. The national team makes for strange bedfellows sometimes. Davis and the KFA have given Barton a chance to redeem himself after an awful season at the Cygnus got him fired.

Goalkeeping Coach – Marcus WASHINGTON, Age 49
Defensive Coach – Robert FIELDS, Age 50
Offensive Coach – Selaphiel KENNEDY, Age 40
Physiotherapist – Stephen WILLIS, Age 41



Age: 34
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Mercia Bromham

Steely blue eyes and a blonde ponytail swishing in the wind – Carpenter is the poster boy for the Goalkeeper's Union in more ways than one. Hero of Krytenia's shoot-out victory in the Cup of Harmony final. Tends to punch crosses rather than go for the clean catch, which has made him unpopular in some circles.

Age: 29
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Bromham City

Agile custodian who was pretty much the only reason Westleigh spent two seasons in the Prem. Now working more miracles in the Mercian capital.

Age: 24
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Hondo FC (VAL)

Impressed in the Under-18 World Cup, which earned him a place as Rangers' number one. Now playing in Valanora and hoping to steal the gloves from Carpenter.


Age: 24
Position: Left-back
Club: Ashton Olympic

Sturdy defender of the wide channels. Joe Bielsa will feel free to unleash his attacking instincts with this reliable man behind him.

Age: 31
Position: Right-back
Club: Avidia United

Speedy and smart in the tackle; can be hesitant to go forward when the Dragons have the ball. With Marcus Bellamy built in a similar vein, this could see Foyle and Bielsa freed up ahead.

Age: 25
Position: Centre-back
Club: 1830 Cathair (AUD)

Young all-rounder helped guide Oustia to their first season in the big leagues...and keep them there. Now hoping to win some silverware with the side Krytenians "affectionately" call Half Six Furball.

Age: 25
Position: Centre-back
Club: Sabrefell Moths (NPH)

Excellent reader of the game; has built a strong rapport with Ross Green, and will be happy to no longer have to worry about the wide channels.

Age: 22
Position: Centre-back
Club: Dereapolis City

Excellent in the air, though his ball distribution needs a little work.

Age: 21
Position: Right-back
Club: Casuals Osteria

Exciting young talent and tenacious ball-winner. Timing needs work on his tackles sometimes, though.

Eddie BULL
Age: 25
Position: Centre-back
Club: Stanton Town

Prodigious talent who shone in the DBC before being called up to the senior squad. The defensive equivalent of an impact sub.

Age: 22
Position: Left-back
Club: CFF Monthuez

Seemingly carved (with elegance) from the very Monteste mountains themselves. Distributes the ball with Gallic flair.


Age: 26
Position: Right midfield
Club: Mercia Bromham

Speedy winger, accurate in the cross. Loves to whip in a set-piece.

Age: 28
Position: Left midfield
Club: Royal Emberton

Carves his way down the channels, loves a cross from the by-line.

Cormac O'NEILL
Age: 30
Position: Central midfield
Club: Stanton Town

Silky ball player and workhorse midfield general all in one. Tends to be the fulcrum of the team's attacks.

Age: 26
Position: Left/central midfield
Club: Sandwell Rangers

Can play in the middle or out wide. His innate ability to find space is one of the reasons Sandwell are still in the top flight.

Jésus CRUZ
Age: 23
Position: Right midfield
Club: Avidia United

First name Jesus, last name translates to cross. We'd make a joke here but we'd be crucified if we did. Lives up to his surname, at least, by being an excellent crosser of the ball.

Age: 26
Position: Central midfield
Club: Ousevale Borough

Intelligent ball-player formed in the mould of Ousevale CMs gone by. Cormac O'Neill might need to watch his back.


Age: 27
Position: Forward
Club: Bromham City

Banging them in for Bromham's other team. Nicknamed "Weekend Warrior" for obvious reasons.

Age: 22
Position: Forward
Club: Mercia Bromham

English may not be his first language - in fact, it's his third, behind Welsh and goals. Prodigious young talent, oddly spelt but familiar name. Swapped his black stripes for navy after New Cefn's relegation, with Mercia paying ₳40m for the privelege.

Age: 28
Position: Forward
Club: Stanton Town

This young lad is built like the proverbial outhouse,but is surprisingly quick on his toes. Right foot could open a jar of pickle.

Age: 24
Position: Forward
Club: Beckton Supermarine

Promising striker with a keen eye for goal.

Age: 25
Position: Forward
Club: Avidia United

The Eagles often produce prodigious strikers, and Peters is no exception. Speedy and clinical. Now looking to get his firts team place back from Curtis Sunday after a dry spell in AOCAF Cup 62.

Age: 29
Position: Forward
Club: FC Capri (VAL)

Pace makes him difficult to track; has a lethal left peg. Only 5'7” though, so unlikely to win too many headers.

LIKELY STARTERS – Formation: 4-3-3 “System Ousevale”

THE KITS – courtesy of JMC

ImageImage ImageImage
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Postby South Covello » Wed Feb 03, 2021 6:29 pm

South Covello National Team Roster

Nickname: Rebels
Style modifier: -5

Head Coach: Elmo von Keekee
Assistant Head Coach: Dorian Jones, Frank Hornberger

After World Cup 79 and the South Covellan Revolution, the feisty Rebels elected to turn things over to the next generation. Richard Hawkins, previously the star goalkeeper, was named head coach, but the entire team was new. Vinnie LaGuche returned as well, as an assistant coach, and was joined by Joey Egermeister, a proud supporter of the Revolution and lifelong soccer fan who previously served as Acting President of the South Covello Soccer Federation after the Gregists were overthrown.

Hawkins and his staff hand-picked the new stars, and to his pleasant surprise he was able to find a young goalie who was almost athletic as he was, in Matthew Tyler. Tyler was just 19 years old and already almost as good as Hawkins was. In time, he would probably even surpass him. The rest of the team filled in nicely as well, defensively minded as always, and, as many of them had grown up idolizing the strong defensive wall, first for the Foot Slaves and then the Rebels, this led many of them to become defenders as well. So the good old Rebel Wall was still there, great and strong as ever. The team wouldn’t be letting in many goals this cycle, it sure seemed.

The Rebels would be playing a defensive 4-5-1 this cycle, with the sole striker being the young, awesomely named star Coconut Charles. The Coconut name, of course, was a direct insult to the Gregists, Lord Almighty Gregory and the others who forbid the mere mention of the work. It was sure to be a spectacular future.

However, the future wasn't all it was cracked up to be. South Covello fell way too early, in the Round of 16 of World Cup 80. However, they rebounded in World Cup 81, making the final before losing to Eura, and will look to finally hoist that elusive trophy this tournament. World Cup 82 and World Cup 83 saw them not advance far either. World Cup 84 saw the debut of Lonzo Gordon-McHayward-Greensward-Squidward as South Covello again fell early in the knockout stages, and World Cup 85 featured several more new young players. Notably, it ffeatured 16 year old phenom Dodo McAllister, who can double as a striker and offensive midfielder, though he mostly cam off the bench and to provide some fresh legs and maybe lead a comeback. He is widely considered a successor to Pillory Cantwell once the latter retires. However, winger Nick Night is also highly regarded.

World Cup 85 was a deep disappointment, with the Rebels failing to qualify for the first time in ages, and the SCCF made it quite clear that Richard Hawkins will be out as head coach unless he can bring home the Cup of Harmony trophy. He did not, so former youth coach Gideon "Giddy" Luggnut was hired in his place. Following the Campeonato Esportiva, OMC Pillory Cantwell retired from international play, so youth phenom Dodo McAllister will become a full-time starter.

Following a disastrous World Cup 86, the Rebels again fired their coach, hired Elmo von Keekee, and drastically overhauled the team. Over half the roster for World Cup 87 is brand new so the Rebels will look to turn things around from their horrible performance a cycle ago when they didn't even make the Cup of Harmony. Alas, the Rebels failed to make the World Cup yet again, crashing out in the playoffs after leading their group almost wire to wire until a draw against Baggieland on the final matchday ruined things. This time, however, they did receive an invite to the Cup of Harmony and will travel to Cassadaigua or Northwest Kalactin.


GK: Matthew Tyler (Age 26) CAPTAIN
LB: Karl Klementine (Age 22)
CB: Cal Yachtwood (Age 26)
CB: Lawry Ukelele (Age 223)
RB: Bobo Gonzo (Age 20)
DMC: Kumquat Rivers (Age 23)
LMC: Nick Night (Age 21)
MC: Lonzo Gordon-McHayward-Greensward-Squidward (Age 20)
RMC: Colo McNiel (Age 23)
OMC: Dodo McAllister (Age 18)
ST: Coconut Charles (Age 27) VICE CAPTAIN


GK: Lupo Bernard (Age 20)
GK: Uganda Reed (Age 32)
DB: Cornelius Haroldson-von Crayon (Age 20)
DB: Artemis Elmoknowski (Age 22)
DB: Exander Robineshi (Age 20)
DB: Lorry Trucks (Age 20)
MF: Ike Bork (Age 20)
MF: Pony Lewis (Age 20)
MF: Norbert Delly (Age 18)
OMC/ST: Chomp Gomez (Age 23)
ST: Charlie "Chew Chew" Brown (Age 20)





Revolution Stadium, Riverview

Revolution Stadium opened to start World Cup 80 and usher in a new generation of South Covellan soccer. The stadium is located on the banks of the Goldenrod River, and fans will be able to arrive at the stadium by boat should they wish. As the river is navigable in the portions that run through San Jose Guayabal as well, this opens up the possibility that some visitng fans from that nation could visit if the two nations face each other. However, as San Jose Guayabal appears to have withdrawn from international competition for the time being, that seems unlikely for now.

As mentioned above, the stadium is far more intimate than the old one, seating a relatively small 42,000 fans, with ample space for supporters as well as a small number of visiting fans. The views from the stadium are immaculate, looking out over the Goldenrod Valley with the river in view as well. For games played in the fall, it will just be an amazing sight to behold, even ignoring what is going on with the game.

RP Permissions:

If my opponent RPs first, I give him permission to:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I choose severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, subject to same restrictions
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, have fun, but don’t do anything you wouldn’t be OK with me reciprocating. If it's anything super severe like killing established characters, please TG me first or PM me on Discord.
Other Notes: All IC communications to or from any South Covellan government agency or official are public information under South Covello's government transparency laws. Keep this in mind in RPs, as this also applies to unsolicited messages you may send to our government. Obviously, purely OOC communications such as TGs are not included in this.

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Postby Jeruselem » Wed Feb 03, 2021 6:52 pm

Jeruselem's roster

"The Princesses"

Formation: 4-4-2

Style Modifier: +2

* Pekora Dancer, erratic but talented coach which is hard to predict

Official JGN reporters
* Akai Hanto working for Naked News Jeruselem

GK (M,22) - Keiran Biden - Likes sniffing fellow female team members
GK (F,25) - Holle Kitty - She's a Hello Kitty fan
GK (F,23) - Watame Saki - The white sheep of the team

DEF (M,29) - Simon Carro - Rabid Vegan activist
DEF (M,27) - Inni Dogstein - Others call him creeper from Minecraft
DEF (F,27) - Queenie Maclaren - Part time race car driver
DEF (F,24) - Gladys Goop - Budding politician
DEF (F,22) - Miko Kensei - Redhead with a short fuse
DEF (M,24) - Christos Rave - Party animal

MID (F,27) - Shirakami Fubuki - Not actually her real name, big fan of Hololive member Shirakami Fubuki
MID (M,23) - Rishi Smuggs - Shifty with other peoples monies
MID (F,22) - Okayu Kitsumi - Friend of Korone
MID (M,24) - Stan Epstein - Has rich parents
MID (M,23) - Danny Dee - Loves the ladies
MID (F,25) - Ivana Dump - Not brighest spark in the team
MID (F,25) - Dolly Dozer - Cosplay queen

STR (M,24) - Kate Dallas - Not to be confused with Princess Kate, they don't look the same.
STR (F,33) - Aaliyah Dallas - Not the brighest blonde in the team
STR (F,26) - Inugami Korone - The resident doggo
STR (M,22) - Robert Miller - Has no personality at all, prototype zombie
STR (F,27) - Melania Zanic - Former illegal immigrant

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events N

Dallas count = 2
Sallad count = 0
Jeruselem's sports achievements ... hievements

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Postby Huayramarca » Wed Feb 03, 2021 8:59 pm

WIP: Information is going to be updated as soon as possible, just confirming Huayramarca's participation into CoH.

Football Federation of Huayramarca


Official Roster for the 87th World Cup

About Huayramarca: The Plurinational State of Huayramarca, also known as ”Huayramarca Mamallaqta” in Quechua and ”Huayramarca Suyu” in Aymara (literally: Windy Country), is an extraordinarily diverse nation in terms of geography that’s located up north Atlantian Oceania. Crossing three time zones, from the coasts to the jungle, passing massive cordilleras such as the Andes and Sierra, a nation with 36 million inhabitants that belong to 9 different ethnical groups.

Huayramarca as such is a relatively new nation for the traditional standards of it, since it was constituted on 1822 (currently, we sit on 1981 according to the Inca Calendar), the main focus of building this nation was to help different ethnic groups to gather force into the region, in order to be recognized multiversally as a nation, hence, may gather some international protection in case their rights would be abused all of a sudden by an external force.

Being completely ignorant on what was happening on the neighborhood, the Aymara, Quechua, Shuar, Guarani, Montubio, Tsáchila, Huaorani, Andoa and Candoshi ethnics decided to form the Republic with the support of neighboring nations such as the Royal Kingdom of Québec. Migration from Québec happened in the late XIX century, mostly peoples known as ”Guayabalenses” decided to move in order to seek a stable place for their families, considering that their home soil was apparently brushed off the map by a dictator called “Gregory”. That last point forced the Huayramarcans into a stronger union in order to survive.

Until the middle XX century, Huayramarca managed to survive economically from llama, alpaca and vicuña herding, since its skins are highly valuable in neighboring Québec due to their strong winters; also, coffee production helped Huayramarca to build some solid institutions that promoted national expansion near the neighboring Cocoabo Forest, that place is “La Selva”, a lush but quite dangerous forest with hundreds of rivers that come from the Andes. After some years of exploration, the authorities met the first indigenous peoples of the zone, which were exploited in order to produce rubber for tires and some mysterious chickens that were provided in order to even more mysterious sacrifices to a deity, which the local people and even the rest of Huayramarca wasn’t able to understand how she works, granted, it’s not even a part of the Incan Mythology which includes Inti (the Sun god) and others.

Said abuses committed against the jungle inhabitants caused a heavy political turmoil around 1950, which formed a divide in the nation that still remains until today: Serranos (highlanders), Costeños (coastals) against selváticos(jungle inhabitants); Those divides weren’t noticeable in economic terms but politically, with constant attempts of coup ‘d etat against the government. That situation caused some issues with the neighboring Québec, who neglected to support financially any of those groups if they don’t manage to cooperate between themselves in order to provide prosperity to a heavily hunger-suffering nation back in the time.

Aymara and Quechua peoples took the power during the remaining part of the 50’s until 1969. On that period, Huayramarca suffered a lot of “huaycos” (mudslides) caused by heavy rain storms near the Andes and Sierra, those events killed at least 300,000 people and urged for an attempt to reincorporate Huayramarca back into normality, but, how? The main bet of the government was to aim for the tourism industry, spamming the developed nations of Atlantian Oceania in order to make some tourists visit sacred places such as Illimani (a mountain that’s devoted as god for the Aymara folk), Huayna Picchu (the royal Incan palace for Quechua) and the sun drenched coast ranging from Guayaquil to Lima (specially Montañita, the best beach par excellence in northern Atlantian Oceania).

The formula was working decently, since the economy was reporting high growth numbers, but seemed to cause some lack of satisfaction on certain zones of the country, specially on the Jungle. Their inhabitants decided to support the Costeño elite in order to beat the Serrano government. 1969 election would be marked for the Huayramarcan history by the magnitude of the sabotage made against the current government, to the point of bribery or killings for their supporters, those incidents made the Costeño elite take control of government and focus even more on the Coast and Jungle, leaving aside the Sierra.

Currently, Huayramarca has a huge wealth gap between zones, the coast boasts the fact of being the economical engine of the nation despite the fact that the capital city is in the Sierra Region, while the Jungle is slowly developing with some cities such as Ormeño, Madre Santa, Virú and several others boosted by oil findings and rubber production. Sierra may be in disadvantage, but recent developments in neighboring nations may make them turn relevant once again in the nation, since lithium batteries demand is growing up and Huayramarca’s Sierra possesses one of the biggest lithium reserves of the entire multiverse.

Basically, Huayramarca is a nation of contrasts and never—ending conflicts that’s well into the deep borehole named “the natural resource course” a hard situation to overcome due to the lack of proper education, critical thinking and result-focused mindset on the population, that constantly seeks for shelter in entertainment industries such as soap operas, music, and now football. Right now, power struggles between the Costeño government led by Hugo Mina and leftist pro-Serrano social movement “Ñucanchi Ñan”made people more fond into football, since they really needed an oxygen supply inbetween a lot of crisis and turmoil that could lead to the radicalization of this conflict, to the point of seeing Ñucanchi Ñan turning into a guerrilla and killing Hugo Mina in 1981 after he wanted to exploit minerals in the Aymara holy land of Mount Illimani, located at the outskirts of Huayramarca Metropolitan District.

Since that, Huayramarca has breathed some fresh air, since Ñucanchi Ñan took power with Marta Mamani as the first woman president of the Plurinational Republic, and Augusto Buendía as VP, Huayramarca is enjoying some social transformations that may cause some shakings on what Huayramarcans were knowing as their daily life laws. Focus in sustainable economic growth, taking care of the environment and visibilization of minorities are the main topics on the political agenda, something that is being well received by many people in the nation. This environment has led to an increase in nationalism, since the national unity is being fostered as a State Policy, sports, specially football, is being the main vehicle to promote that sense, as now, the Huayramarcan Football Federation budget has been increased tenfold in order to aim for success in short-term, also aiming to send players overseas and developing techniques to enhance the player's physical and technical shape.

Facts about the nation

Official Name: Estado Plurinacional de Huayramarca - Huayramarcan Plurinational State.
Motto: Unión y Libertad - Union and Freedom.
National Anthem: Noble Huayramarca, tu hermosa bandera.
Capital City: Huayramarca D.M. (Distrito Metropolitano) - Huayramarcan Metropolitan District.
Highest Point: Nevado Inti (7,920 masl)
Currency: Inti (I$ 1 = N$ 0.33)
Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara (main); Six other indigenous languages.

Football-wise Information: As a society, Huayramarcans enjoy sports a lot, specially when politics may turn the nation into a chaos every second, they just want to run away from that horrible and desperate situation and may try luck on football.

Considering the levels of poverty on Huayramarca, many young people may give a shot for football in the chaotic Liga 1 or lower tiers, with the hopes of achieving a decent salary that may help their families to get away from poverty and huayco-prone neighborhoods. Liga 1 has fourteen teams from different parts of the country, mostly focused on the Sierra and Costa regions since those are the most heavily populated ones.

In the last year, the president of the Plurinational State, Hugo Mina (Costeño), thought it would be a great idea to form a fringe squad for the AOCAF and then try to make it into Baptism of Fire or World Cup Qualifiers, hence he asked for Eliezer González (head of the Huayramarcan Football Federation) to try and apply for said tournaments. He sent notes in order to sign-up for those events, but he sent them incorrectly, at AOCAF, he sent it to a grandmother living up near the Andean Organization for Coffee, Agriculture and Forests (located at Cumbayá) instead of sending it to the proper AOCAF tournament organizing committee, which turned González into laughing stock for several weeks in Huayramarca. Despite that, González managed to sign-up properly for the WC, despite he was rejected for BoF because he applied to the “Burger of Fire” and not the Baptism of Fire.

After all, the HFF managed to convince 25 players from the amateur-ish Liga 1 sides to build the National Team, whose nickname is resumed to “Kuntur” (The Condors), all those players range from being high school students, to chemists, bus drivers, and even people from the local tavern, whose preference is revealed on how they named their team “Real Ebriedad”, which was later supported by Cristalina, the main brewery firm from Huayramarca. Those 25 players decided to investigate some football techniques and decided to apply them at the different games they played on the inaugural Liga 1 season that was won by Real Ebriedad (in a game where corruption was noticeable as how the referee was given beer instead of an energetic beverage).

Nothing that would be possible without the support of Omar Caicedo, a Costeño who migrated to Québec and decided to learn some football techniques while managing Beyreuth University, where he won three national titles out of eight seasons on his span with them. Caicedo is a fan of high-pressure football, known as “gegenpressing” or “El Huayco” as Huayramarcans may call if (specially Serranos, since they might be quite shy or sometimes plain dumb that doesn’t like to attack) Anyways, Caicedo’s strategy proved right on some matches played by Huayramarca against their northern neighbor, the Royal Kingdom of Québec, beating them 5-1 at Huayramarca’s Estadio Nacional (located at 4,012 masl only?!…) and tying 2-2 at Iqaluit’s Ice Hockey Rink (that’s what the players thought at playing in a frozen city… ¡Achachay!) If you wonder what’s ¡Achachay! Well, figure out you’re on top of the mountain receiving wind and gelid weather right into you, if you did it, welcome to Huayramarcan’s sense of cold shivering!

Well, coming back to football, Caicedo’s devotion for 4-2-3-1 is unquestionable, he always loves to boast of having a neat defense, two defending mid fielders that may aim to recover possession when needed, or even having one of them switching to creative duties in support of the team’s brain, Ian Mamani, then, two wingers feeding the sole striker up in the middle of the box. That striker may often go back and try to recover balls and make a power play from himself with support of a winger and then seek for a goal. He did demonstrated a lot during the first part of the World Cup Qualifiers, earning some mixed results during it, but it failed for a part of the second half, where the team accumulated an 11 winless game streak added that they weren't capable to snatch a win during their first eight local games, in fact, their first home win came at the 9th home game, after that, they won three out of their four last home games, earning a 8 games unbeaten streak to finish off the Qualifiers, which was a quite impressive recovery after having their morale smashed on the floor and some players even considered suicide, since they were considered to be a mediocre living fail walking through their home cities streets.

Said streak wasn’t a mere happening, it was somehow a confirmation on how the Huayramarcan National Team had turned into a squad that tried to consolidate themselves as a hardworking team, with limited chances to put some squads in troubles but capable enough to defend well and to avoid harm being done against them. The Cup of Harmony 77 was an interesting test for the team, to see if they are capable to handle out the nerves of what it implies to be struggling for a knockout spot until the last second of the last match, which is what happened to the Condors, since they tied their first three games, they had a chance to get into the last rounds but they had to face Port Ember, the top seed of their group. Huayramarca succumbed to the nerves and wasted a 2-0 lead to see how Port Ember scored five goals in quick succession, nothing more to do for a Huayramarcan squad that seemed capable to pull off a decent feat.

The AOCAF 60 saw how a somewhat forged squad perform against the top dogs into their region, a path that won’t show immediate results and may fuel some anger amongst the Huayramarcan populace and media, but, the patience of Omar Caicedo and his pupils is being determinant in order to see if this generation profiles themselves to be somehow relevant. A 1-7 against Equestrian States, followed by draws and a win, helped the team to gather some confidence, despite the terrible beginning on said championship.

A spectacular beginning on World Cup 86 Qualifiers helped the Condors to finish 4th in the first half of qualifiers, being two points below the second placed squad, but defeats against top dogs such as Ko-oren and Tequilo killed the desires of this national team to qualify, also, instigated by poor performances against low and other mid-ranked nations boosted that debacle. The Cup of Harmony wasn't different to the end of the World Cup Qualifiers, it was in the same shape, defeats, defeats and pressure on the squad due to the fact that they were worried on what was happening on Huayramarca, due to the death of Hugo Mina, uncertainty arosed and caused the players to have a subpar performance in the tournament, despite a late win that turned to be the first ever one for Huayramarca in the Cup of Harmony.

With the latest investments made by the Huayramarcan Government to the Huayramarcan Football Federation, by multiplying tenfold their budget, the HFF has now sent the managerial staff of the Condors to other nations, in order to gather new ideas and apply those in order to build a competent side in tactical terms, with the main purpose to achieve World Cup qualification for the first time as soon as possible and provide that joy to the Huayramarcan folk.

Something that makes Huayramarcan football so distinguishable is that they are prone to do long range shots, due that they are used to play at significant heights, the lack of oxygen may make the ball travel further without applying a lot of strength during the mechanics of kicking the football, that is known as the “Andean Effect” and may cause serious troubles for visiting sides on Huayramarca, adding the main fact that breathing might be harder for those used to low altitudes.

Without further ado, the starting XI and substitutes are presented in the following tables:

Starting Eleven





Nota bene: Only official matches are taken into consideration for current record, caps and goals – Updated after AOCAF 61.

Nickname: The Condors.
Current Record: 18-17-22 (W-D-L)
Most Caps: 10 players tied at 57.
Most Goals: Bryan Tello (28)
Biggest Win: 4-1 (vs. Welzat, Iles Rougieres / WC 85, MD 3; WC 86, MD 6)
Most Important Game: 3-1 (vs. Greater Lausitz / WC 85, MD 18 - First home win) / 2-2 (vs. Nephara / WC 85, MD 4 - Tying a top-10 ranked nation while being UR).
Biggest Defeat: 1-7 (vs. Equestria / AOCAF 61, MD 1)

Captain: Ian Mamani.
Second Captain:Kevin Quispe.
Third Captain: Nicolás Allauca.
Most likely to score: Bryan Tello
Most likely to get red carded: Kevin Quispe.
Prone to get injuries: Gabriel Sayritupac.
The genius: Ian Mamani.
The motivating soul: Santiago Chumacero.

Manager: Omar Caicedo. (40)
Assistant: Rubén Condori. (54)
Physio: Lautaro Huamán. (61)
GK Trainer: Martín Zubeldía (43)
Doctor: Luciano Zambrano. (53)

Team mentality: Huayramarcans, per se, are bold and quite diverse between the team due to the regional contrasts among them: You might note some surnames such as: Condori, Mamani, Quispe, Sayritupac, etc. Those are Serrano surnames. Serranos as such are quite shy people with non-serranos, between them, great footballing societies may be made due to their complete understanding of each other, they are quite homogenous on how they act and may be predictable for each other. But, for the non-expert eye, Serranos are one on their kind and could result unpredictable for them, since they love to do things at fast pace between them, without doubt one could send a 60 meters cross with complete confidence that they might find their teammate, with this, you can notice that Serranos are overconfident on themselves and somewhat dubious with Costeños and Selváticos. Other characteristic of Serranos is that they are quite easy to intimidate, being shy and short-sized doesn’t helps, but in that situation, they might opt to act even better than they do for the sake of shutting your mouth.

Costeños and Selváticos (jungle) in the other hand are confident with everybody, even if they might not receive the same treatment by their Serrano fellows. Those two groups conform the rest of the team and might do good societies on field, declining the quality of their chemistry when trying to connect with Serranos, due to the latter shy mood. Physically speaking, Costeño and Selváticos are people who boast being the tallest overall in the team, also, their mania for body preparation at gyms make them suitable to defensive duties and running on the wings since they love running crazily (they usually do that, since they are used to run away from police or a mob of angry Serranos after robbing).

Overall, the team has some issues while trying to build chemistry, since there are two well-marked groups with some issues, but may try to join forces when needed or when they are being heavily massacred (football-wise) such as it happened on World Cup Qualifiers, when they were 3-2-6 on the first half of Qualifiers, they managed to comeback decently with a 5-6-2 sheet for the second leg, turning it into an overall 8-8-8, which is nothing bad for the usual accountability of unranked nations. Leaving aside those issues, the team boasts some decent characteristics for running on the wings, the team itself is fast paced but may have problems while struggling physically (especially if a Serrano is trying to mark) since they aren’t so strong to do that, albeit, the consequences of it may be noticeable only with high-ranked teams.

Cup of Harmony and AOCAF weren't precisely the best participation that Huayramarca could've done, at least they put some decent opposition on the CoH with three tied games and losing the final one, despite they had the chance to get into the knockouts had they won the game against the top seeded side of Port Ember, but two goals were the nail into the coffin for the Condors. Equestrian States, the hosts of AOCAF were the ones ready to face Huayramarca for its debut, a shameful and one that Huayramarca will be likely to skip the page since the hosts drove over the Condors with an astounding 7-1, then, some defeats were complicating Huayramarca and left the side without chance to reach the playoffs, one tied game and the first victory ever of this side against Yesopalitha were the games that somehow let Huayramarca with some dignity and not being able to be the worst team of the tournament.

For the second cycle in World Cup Qualifiers, things will not change and the same squad with the same managing team will try to do a somewhat decent participation in a group that looks as complicated as the last WCQ one did seemed. There's some experience for this side right now, also, their skills might be improving since they are getting the real professional experience rather than the one they could find this year in the inaugural season of the Huayramarcan Liga-1|2|3 system. Caicedo had some hard time during the AOCAF, his head would be on risk in another nation, but being the only one able in Huayramarca to manage a team like this one is a point on his favor, still, he does know that patience won't be eternal, hence, the need to recover the path will be fundamental, specially on home where there could be a lot of advantage, even more in the capital city, perhaps one of the most difficult venues in the multiverse. Risks have been taken, Caicedo decided to take the team into a series of high-performance camps all across Huayramarca instead of taking friendlies, since he considers that chemistry and tactics need a new breeze, specially an adaptation to a new physical stamina level that he does want to apply to the players, hence, a lot of physically-demanding activities have been done by the team during the New Year holidays.

To finish with this part, Huayramarca is that kind of team that may be overconfident sometimes, but if you press them to their limits, they might react in unsuspected ways, be those positive or negative for their interests, you don’t know what would happen in the Serrano, Costeño or Selvático mindset. As they do on the local league, they might try to do some antics to their rivals, be it: providing beer instead of water to their rivals, or the classiest one, giving distillated “ayahuasca” (vodka-like alcohol) and pass it like water and make their rivals be drunk, taking advantage of their influence to beat the rival team. Of course, they might not abuse of this resource, Serranos might ask Inti for it.

Game Scheme: Caicedo aims to use always a 4-2-3-1 scheme that he dubs it as “El huayco” (the mudslide) due to an analogy he made of his team with such a devastating natural phenomena: “We aim to build a fast team, aiming to be unpredictable for the others while using our regional paradigms in our favor. The less known we are, the more lethal we could be and that’s why I love not having a specific plan.” That’s what Caicedo wants to use, but in reality, there are some hints to analyze what he loves to do with his teams, especially on Beyreuth University of Québec.

El Huayco is a style of play in which you look to win back the ball as soon as you lose it, and you try to win it back as high up the pitch as possible; that means you’re closing down a lot to put pressure on the player that's just won the ball back.

The idea is that the player who just won the ball will be vulnerable and won't have time to think about his first pass. You just close him down to win the ball back quickly as high up the pitch as possible, and then you initiate a counter attack. You're likely already half way there and ready to go past into space and score a goal.

You can also use this tactic to target specific weak players, if you have noticed a weakness in a certain team. Maybe central defenders or full backs aren't comfortable on the ball, and you can look to press and close down certain individuals to try and make the most out of this game pressing style.

For the last purpose mentioned, Serranos are heavily important, they might be the analogue of a dog felling your fear and then attacking, they as collective love to use their different point of views and implement them as one while attacking, then fast passes and maybe a long range shot may happen, especially if the team is playing on the highlands. If the team is playing on the coast or jungle, they might seek to control the ball and make the rival team run behind the ball for some time, in order to cause climatic exhaust on them, since coast and jungle are hot and terribly humid in this part of Atlantian Oceania, so it may pose a real challenge for teams not used to play in such conditions.

To achieve Caicedo’s main goal, there are several prerequisites for successful counterpressing. The decisive factor is the overall positioning of the team and their playing style right before attempting to counterpress. The players must play as close to one another as possible so that they can press together as a unit right after the ball is lost – which is a given in short passing football. At the same time, they should not stick so close to one another that they neglect to cover enough space. Usually, a good layout in possession and a good shape behind the lost ball go hand in hand.

Some trainers use the basic rule of thumb to “occupy the fewest possible zones with individual players, but the greatest possible distance between the players within those zones so that they don’t occupy the same space” to make the positioning simple to understand; although, with a rule of thumb like this, some aspects are lost in terms of complexity.

Many teams also have problems deciding when to stop pressing, for example, when we stop pressing if we can’t win the ball back? When should we retreat? How long should you press and with how many players? This is particularly problematic because the position of the ball is always changing. Therefore, there is a theory created by Caicedo – the five second rule. Immediately after losing the ball the team should press at top speed and with maximum intensity for five seconds.

If the team hasn’t recovered the ball within five seconds and there is no chance of immediately winning it, they should fall back into their defensive formation. Depending on the team, the number of seconds may vary. It is recommended that the strategic basics of “El Huayco” be coached in order to develop a flexible, situation-specific length of time for counterpressing.

For scorination purposes, set the style modifer of Huayramarca at +1.


The Kits: Huayramarca’s social mindset is to aim for local consumption in the long term, hence the HFF decided to hire “eva Sportswear” to manufacture the kits for the national team. “eva” decided to take the ball out of the park with some unique designs for Huayramarca, reflecting the national identity and adding up some motivational phrases on them for mere sake of marketing. Those kits are based on the geography of this nation, from the coast, to the highlands and jungle in order to promote a sense of national unity, especially on a stage that the national team might try to do something decent in their first World Cup Qualifiers venture.

As backgrounds, you might notice some decent spots that Huayramarca has to offer, such as Huayna Picchu, the mythical castle built in the Andes and thought to be built for the Incaic Emperors some centuries ago. On the second kit, the sacred Illimani, a mountain located just outskirts Huayramarca’s Metropolitan District, this 6540 masl mountain is believed to be an angel sent my Inti to protect the city against any disaster. On the third kit, the gigantic Guayas River is displayed, with some Guayaquil neighborhoods in it (Guayaquil is the third biggest city in Huayramarca), also possible home for some World Cup Qualifier games.

As for the goalkeeper kits, in their main kit, the second largest city of Huayramarca, and the main coastal city, Lima is featured, this city is known for their gorges near the coast, something like a potential protection against disasters as the so frightening tsunamis. To finish with, the magnificent Chimborazo mountain is featured in the background for the away goalkeeper shirt, with some important animals for the Huayramarcan folk such as the wild vicuñas, known for their weird habit of flesh-eating (Beware if you go there and see one of those, they might not be friendly if meat isn’t given to them).






Players description - Starting XI.

Nota bene: Caps considered before World Cup 87 Qualifiers - For national purposes, friendlies are never taken into consideration for official registries.

N°1 - Juan Mamani - GK - 24 yrs - Team: Ate FC - Height: 1.88 mts - Caps: 57 - Goals: 1

Mamani is an individual that believes he always is right, he tends to be creative when saving balls of creating some innovative ideas to take the ball forward, based so much in the fact that he is protective, spontaneous and loves to be independent in his actions. Currently, he is sad because he broke up with his girlfriend. Despite his relationship failure, he might seek some attention as the goalkeeper of the national team, forming decent bonds with his teammates in order to leave the baby steps soon in terms of footballing level. Also, he's brother with the creative mid of this team, Ian Mamani. He also has the curious record of scoring a free kick goal against Greater Lausitz, that goal helped Huayramarca to get their first ever victory at home soil on World Cup 85th, matchday 18th.

N°2 - Kevin Quispe - RCB - 20 yrs - Team: Fadrön Flight (Taeshan) - Height: 1.75 mts - Caps: 56 - Goals: 3

A pretty average guy in terms of intelligence that has no life plan, hence he left studies in order to make a living with football. He is very secretive, doesn't likes even to tell his teammates what will be his next movement because he knows we will be wrong, Quispe has serious issues with anger management and may be rebellious, he is cold and ignores what the others might feel or think about him, he doesn't gives a fu*k of anything. Anyways, he's flabbergasted by the fact of being called to the national team, even more by the fact of being part of the starting XI. Quispe is now an historical player by the fact of being the first Huayramarcan player to move to another country to play football, being at Taeshan will help this useful defender to innovate his tactics and improving the odds for the Huayramarcan National Team to get better at defense.

N°4 - Carlos Vilca - LFB - 25 yrs - Team: Valnohar Rovers FC (Tikariot) - Height: 1.78 mts - Caps: 57 - Goals: 7

Vilca exemplifies the stereotype of a Serrano, he is overly analytical and optimistic, with some patience when a player might approach to him, he might take some minutes to make a mental profile of who he will face and how to block him in its right side. Despite being coordinated and loving to be the center of attention, he loves to be quiet and solitary with his own personal code of conduct, he might be extremely fair while robbing balls and could try to be the surprise factor, since he tends to react when needed, his two goals to equalize the match against Darmen (both first and second leg) helped Huayramarca to snatch vital points against a superior rival. Right now, he's is hyped by the fact of being called, with Gabriel Sayritupac, to Valnohar Rovers FC of Tikariot, in what it seems to be an incredible experience for both players, who might support themselves during their adaptation time on said club.

N°6 - Felipe Fernández - RFB - 20 yrs - Team: Club Atlético Lima - Height: 1.85 mts - Caps: 57 - Goals: 3

Pipe, as known by his teammates is an extremely intelligent right fool back that adapts quite quickly to any situation he might face, he loves being orderly and hates mess. When playing, he is straight-forward and might argument with rivals, referee and even his teammates, he rarely praises others and values learning from experience, hence why he has a promissory future in football. Right now, he's kind by the chance given by the HFF to play for the national team.

N°14 - Santiago Chumacero - LCB - 24 yrs - Team: FC Atahualpa - Height: 1.81 mts - Caps: 57 - Goals: 8

Chumacero's perception of things might be out of this world, his mind might be some steps forward the others and might help to anticipate to some movements that may be done by the rival. For that purpose, he's always flexible, active and plays like he would be killed if he does a mistake, he's loyal with his team, faithful and gentle, hence he might be the motivator of the squad. Chumacero's right now really sorry with his mom, because he robbed her I$ 100 Intis to get a room and go with his girlfriend to a hotel and experience some intimacy. Also, he feels inspired by the fact of scoring 6 goals during the whole World Cup Qualifier process, four of those goals came on two consecutive matches, basically, a polyvalent when needed.

N°17 - Orlando Mina - CM - 21 yrs - Team: Sporting Club El Alto - Height: 1.95 mts - Caps: 57 - Goals: 4

One of the two defensive mid of the team, being the classical Costeño out there, Mina is the tallest and strongest player of the squad. Mina's attitude is being original and stubborn, giving you some classical Costeño vibes, consistent in his performance and devoted to God, he cares a lot about what he does, since he tries always to correct his mistakes and not suffering on them, instead, he uses them as feedback to improve his game and abilities. Mina's sad right now because his mother was fired from the job, although, he might provide some food for his family while playing with The Condors.

N°11 - Ian Mamani - CF - 21 yrs - Team: Illimani FC - Height: 1.65 mts - Caps: 57 - Goals: 10

The second of the Mamani brothers in this team, along with Juan, Ian has what Juan might lack sometimes, creativity and brightness, although they play in totally different positions and roles in the team. This creative mid and captain of the team is one of the big things among this team, a fast-paced and fussy person with lots of potential, euphoria that drives him to perform as what he can do, being the best of the entire nation in his role. Large crosses are his specialty, including long-range shots when playing on the highlands. Right now, his euphoria level has increased a lot, considering he got called to the national team, the fact of being called captain and being on the international TV screen for WCQ.

N°8 - Nicolás Allauca - CF - 26 yrs - Team: Huayramarca FC - Height: 1.80 mts - Caps: 57 - Goals: 8

Nico was a bus driver until the last three weeks prior to WC 85 Qualifiers, when he decided to enter to the amateur football world of Huayramarca, he was in luck that Caicedo watched him plat and fell in love on how he performed. Allauca is spontaneous and may not like to do training, he is a fast-moving and extremely practical (hates theories) defensive mid, that may mutate to a second creative mid with Ian Mamani and has also a decent capability to score goals while going to attack. Allauca is blunt, might hurt you with his eyes and ignores rules, he might be dramatical when somebody tackles or fouls him, in order to make that player get sent off of at least yellow carded. Nico is pleased with Caicedo for being called up to the team once again.

N°7 - Abraham Mendoza - LF - 22 yrs - Team: Huayramarca FC - Height: 1.63 mts - Caps: 57 - Goals: 5

The smallest of the entire team, Mendoza is a mentally strong individual who loves to work hard, play hard and also be a strong leader inside the team in terms of order. A competent but realistic player who may not be spectacular while playing on the wings, but pragmatical and effective when achieving his purposes. Perhaps, on his personal life he is the best positioned of all the group, since he's currently studying Industrial Engineering at the Huayramarcan Technical University and he's scoring some of the best grades ever in that institution. You might notice how Abraham's personal discipline is, and this is translated even to football, where he tries to compliment some weaknesses that he may have as his height, but he tries to compensate with some decent body-building routines. He might not be a prolific scorer for the standards of a winger, but he has at least a 35% of assists for the total of Huayramarcan goals scored during the Qualifiers, hence, somebody to take care of.

N°21 - Gabriel Sayritupac - RF - 22 yrs - Team: Valnohar Rovers FC (Tikariot) - Height: 1.75 mts - Caps: 57 - Goals: 17

Sayri as he's known by many people in his native Tulcán (near the Québécois-Huayramarcan border) is an artistic person in all senses of his life. Usually he makes a living by painting portraits of people visiting the Chimborazo National Forest Reserve, sometimes working on a local brewery or doing some football for fun. He doesn't stands being alone and might be that easy-going Serrano (which is weird, if we come to think it). He has some genetic problems that makes him quite prone to injuries, and when those occur, Sayri decides to get inebriated to let frustration go away. A dirty antic he has is that he's well known for giving alcoholic beverages to the rivals instead of water, he has developed modified ayahuasca in order to make it feel and look like water, which has fooled some teams. Keep an eye on him!

Despite that, Sayritupac is a well skilled winger, an antithesis of Mendoza, since he loves to be artistical while dribbling and doing a cross, he might try to do rabonas while shooting or passing and will keep attacking, even more than the usual for a winger like him, he always loves to risk it all. Right now, his mood is high and confident, his departure to the Tikariot Premier League has made him achieve his dream to play abroad and help his family.

N°21 - Bryan Tello - ST - 27 yrs - Team: Club Sport Cumbayá - Height: 1.86 mts - Caps: 57 - Goals: 28

A decently heighted Costeño as forward is always a neat solution for your goal needs, with good pace, stride and also physic abilities Tello is what every team may need for up front. He's factual since he studied Philosophy at the University of Cumbayá, a committed and self-confident man who might be extremely traditional to his striker role, he might seek for some space in order to go front, use his strength and move towards the goal. Tello is a somewhat strong leader among the shadows of the Huayramarcan national team, an outgoing and straight-forward person that could sometimes aggressive since he's prone to be insensitive. He's right now interested in evolving as a legend for Huayramarcan football, something that he is slowly building up, and those key goals against Nephara and Jeruselem prove it.


Nota bene: In order to have a deeper understanding of Huayramarcan players, take in consideration the following list of personalities for the substitutes. For a better understanding of said list, take time to watch the substitute players list posted again down here and follow the order of said list. The first player on this list, has his mindset reflected in the left of the first row, the second in the right of the first row and then, so on until the last one:



Useful Information and Stadia: Before introducing the stadia, there’s some handy information for away fans who might visit Huayramarca. As said before, this nation has a quite complex geography and some long distances to travel for away fans, since there are only two airports: Huayramarca International Airport, located near Huayramarca Metropolitan District at the highlands, and the Jorge Guerra International Airport in Lima, on the coast. You might need to go up mountains or driving through them which is a complete odyssey due to the risks caused by the Andean geography itself.

People in Huayramarca might be passional about football pretty much everywhere, but more hostile when you go down the mountains, driving to the coast. Down there, if people don’t attack you, weather might do due to the offensive humidity, mosquitoes and heat that may occur there. In Lima, despite being in the coast, the weather is mild and great to play football, but there might be some sandstorms due to the deserts located south of said city. Coastal teams usually play at afternoon, when humidity may suffocate those not used to deal with it.

Same happens at the jungle, but the mosquito issue multiplies thousand-fold, also as humidity caused by constant rains that pass there in their transit to the highlands. Water absorption made by trees cause severe issues with an extremely humid weather, hence jungle teams decide to play often at noon, in order to torture rival teams.

On the Sierra things get worse, since the main problem up there is respiration. For a physical activity like football, people might need some weeks to acclimatize altitude and get an efficient breathing pattern that might supply their physical effort needs. Several cities are above the 2500 masl, even the capital city, which is located at 4000 masl, it doesn’t matters at which time they decide to play, if a team isn’t acclimatized, they will even faint during the game if they don’t have with them oxygen tanks to breathe before the game or if they don’t get some treatment into an hyperbaric chamber.

Stadia are distributed in order to have an equal distribution for regions, considering that there will be twelve local games at Huayramarca, Sierra, Costa and Jungla will receive three matches each one. Each region will receive a high tier rival and then a randomized sort of two other teams in other matchdays. You might contact the Huayramarcan Football Federation (OOC: TG me or shout me at Discord!) in case of more information or solving some needs for your team and fans.


Estadio Nacional de Huayramarca - Capacity: 45,500 - Huayramarca Metropolitan District.

Tenants: Ministry of Culture and Sports of Huayramarca.
Built in: 1968.
Altitude: 4012 meters above sea level.
Local teams: Illimani FC, Real Ebriedad, Huayramarcan National Team.
Data: Built in 1968, the Estadio Nacional is the jewel in the not so well-shaped crown of the Huayramarcan sport venues, an olympic stadium that might be a nightmare for visiting teams due to the altitude and weather of the city, which tends to be somewhat hostile everyday, even more if it's played at noon due to the sun's radiation at that altitude. Despite being an olympic stadium, people tends to set a lot of pressure in it, especially from the neighboring appartment blocks which tends to be crowded for the matches being held there (they might aim lasers from there, take care!).

Also, the walls near the dressing room have some curious messages as such: "Welcome to Huayramarca D.M. At 4,000 meters above sea level "is one of the first things the visiting teams will read upon entering the dressing room, perhaps to make clear the conditions to which they will be subjected throughout the game. It is still somewhat intimidating the following warning that is issued when they leave the visiting dressing room "Caution, if you have the following symptoms: Headache, vertigo, fatigue, tachycardia, nausea or vomiting, wheezing, dyspnea or inappetence, go to the medical staff, we are at your disposal."
Will host:
  • Huayramarca vs Ibixa. Matchday 5 - 19:30 - Weather conditions: Cold and dry, 0% humidity, 9°C.
  • Huayramarca vs Audiosavia. Matchday 7 - 21:30 - Weather conditions: Cold and foggy, 55% humidity, 0°C.
  • Huayramarca vs Mytanija. Matchday 13 - 19:30 - Weather conditions: Dry, 0% humidity, 5°C.



Estadio Olímpico del Oriente - Capacity: 26,000 - Sechura.

Tenants: MuniSechura - Municipality of Sechura.
Built in: 1945.
Altitude: 560 meters above sea level.
Local teams: Sociedad Petrolera, Huayramarcan National Team.
Data: One of the biggest stadia in Huayramarca, the main hub of sports in the Jungle region is located at Sechura, a city of about 300,000 inhabitants which serves as logistical hub for operations of rubber production and for explorations into the dense jungle nearby. Sociedad Petrolera is a modest Liga 1 side, but one that tends to attract almost ticket sell outs every game, since people in that region tends to be quite passionated of football in order to forget their not so good daily life. At that city, one should take care of humidity, which tends to be quite strong at times, hence teams usually play there on afternoon or night, since heat might be something difficult to stand even for locals.
Will host:
  • Huayramarca vs Critical Operations. Matchday 3 - 20:00 - Weather conditions: Heavy rain, 100% humidity, 25°C.
  • Huayramarca vs Emastalia. Matchday 9 - 20:00 - Weather conditions: Clear skies, 45% humidity, 24°C.
  • Huayramarca vs Northwest Kalactin. Matchday 17 - 15:00 - Weather conditions: Heavy rain, 100% humidity, 30°C.



Estadio Metropolitano del Guayas - Capacity: 62,000 - Guayaquil.

Tenants: Autoridad Guayaquileña de Deportes - Guayaquilean Sports Authority.
Built in: 1980.
Altitude: 15 meters above sea level.
Local teams: Guayaquil Wanderers, Barcelona Sporting Club, Huayramarcan National Team.
Data: A kettle pot, that's the definition for the biggest stadium in all of Huayramarca. "El Metropolitano" is the most recently built stadium in the nation and will make the debut for international football in Huayramarca. Hosts two teams and the fan athmosphere in Guayaquil is perhaps one of the most intimidatory ones in the multiverse, fans throwing you stones while receiving, throwing flares, extremely noisy people all around and the incredibly hot and humid weather that dominates the city may be lethal for some teams when trying to visit. Rescuing a tie from here may be considered something great, since you survived the "Guayaco" hell. Hence that, teams often love to play at the afternoon, specially at 3:00 P.M. in order to squeeze out the rivals in exhaust.
Will host:
  • Huayramarca vs Cirrus Azale. Matchday 1 - 20:30 - Weather conditions: Clear skies, 65% humidity, 26°C.
  • Huayramarca vs Damukuni. Matchday 11 - 15:00 - Weather conditions: Cloudly, mildly hot, 55% humidity, 33°C.
  • Huayramarca vs Sargossa. Matchday 15 - 12:00 - Weather conditions: Sunny and oppressively hot, 80% humidity, 38°C .

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Godmod scoring events: No.
RP injuries to my players: Yes. (Contact me first, so we can agree)
Godmod injuries to my players: Y (Contact me as well)
Give red cards to my players: Y (Maximum of 3).
Godmod other events: Y (Contact me first.)

Nota Bene: Do not RP a pandemic on Huayramarcan soil, if done, it will be ignored and a complaint will be raised to the hosts due to invalid godmodding.

Population: 36 million, demonym: Huayramarcan, capital city: Huayramarca D.M. Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara.

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Reçueçn Roster & National Information

Sporting History

Reçueçn has just barely been in the World Cup long enough for people not to ask 'who?' when they hear the name. The nation has had few opportunities to make forays into the world of international football, but those it has had have been mostly successful. Reçueçn debuted in the 59th Baptism of fire, before the 72nd World Cup, but accomplished very little before disappearing from international football for 10 cycles.

During this period, domestic sport in Reçueçn fell into disarray as well. Only recently did things change, when a young legislative staffer named Jean-Luc Lassalle began an initiative to resurrect organized sport in the country with the government's assistance. The result of this push was the creation of the brand new Reçuecian Ministry of Sport, which promptly reorganized domestic association football leagues throughout the country and got things moving once more. Lassalle himself became the new Minister of Sport, despite his young age.

For the national team, this meant involvement once more in international competition. Reçueçn's first chance to declare its return came at the 7th Independent Associations' Championship. To the surprise of everyone, including its own fans, the unranked Reçuecian national team managed to win 3rd place, taking home its first silverware of any kind. The team itself largely consisted of the same squad that had partaken in the Baptism of Fire and World Cup qualifiers all of 10 World Cup cycles ago.

The team had struggled back then, due to the rivalries within Reçuecian domestic football, and those old wounds came back with the reestablishment of the national team. During the Baptism of Fire and Reçueçn's first international competitions, the players hadn't really had enough experience playing with each other to develop the necessary camaraderie or team spirit. Hopes were high that the creation of the Ministry of Sport would herald in a new era. Since the team was largely the same, some of the rivalries came back at first, but the team's performance at IAC 7 smoothed over its troubles and the team gelled.

Riding high on their third place finish in the IAC, the Reçuecians launched into their first qualification attempt since World Cup 73. This time, things were different: still officially unranked, Reçueçn miraculously managed to qualify for the world cup in its first attempt, even making it as far as the Round of 16. Reçueçn's first-time qualification and its consistent qualification since then is most likely the sporting accomplishment for which the nation is most known. The nation returned to the IAC even stronger and more confident; this time it knew what it was capable of, and it was hosting to boot. In its second IAC, Reçueçn got everything it could want: victory at home.

After that, the Reçuecians held steady but failed to make any meaningful advances. The nation didn't advanced past the round of sixteen in either the IAC or the World Cup in either of the next two cycles. However, at the last IAC, things fell apart. With only a single victory in the first round, Les Licornes finished second-last in their group, a result that was dubbed a 'national embarassment' by Reçuecian news outlets. It was only the beginning of a downhill tumble: after coming second in its WC 87 group and losing its playoff to Pasarga, Reçueçn failed to make it to the World Cup for the first time since its return to soccer. National Coach Jacques Tremblay has just announced his retirement at the end of the cycle, and it is time to see if he can stop the team's slide before he goes.

All time record: 102-44-46

National Team Information

L'Équipe Nationale de Reçueçn de Football is still in the process of making a name for itself, but if it's known for anything, it would be for its defensive style. This is partly due to the large influence of Reçueçn FC on the team—the most popular domestic club in Reçueçn plays about as defensive a game as you can imagine. This is balanced out to some extent by the players from other teams with more attacking philosophies, but the league as a whole tends towards defense, and it shows in the national team. Furthermore, Gerauld Firaut, the team's #1 goalie, is the best player on the team by a solid margin—without a doubt, Reçueçn's first world-class player. He and his defense form the foundation for the team as a whole.

National Team Logo
The team plays in a 4-3-3 formation, but sometimes the wings drop back, almost making it a 4-5-1. In general, the team's strategy and tactics are solid—Jacques Tremblay, the coach, knows his stuff despite his age. A couple cycles ago, amid rising concerns over Tremblay's health, the team signed an official assistant manager for the first time in Bonheur Relié, whose fiery personality contrasts Tremblay's gentler wisdom. The team's weakness would be a possible lack of talent—Reçueçn has not yet had the opportunity to develop or train true world-class quality players.

The Reçueçian National Team's mascot is the unicorn; thus another name for the team is "les licornes". The fantastical creature has been a symbol of Reçueçn for almost two millennia and is also the national animal, appearing as the supporters in the national coat of arms.

The team's kit represents the colors of the flag in a quite literal fashion. The jersey was recently redesigned, replacing the first one the Unicorns ever wore, dating back to the 59th Baptism of Fire. Fans who thought the old outfit ugly are excited to see the team play wearing its new uniforms, and feel that they are now represented much more professionally.

Reçueçn has only one stadium in which its national team plays, located in the capital city (also named Reçueçn). Never having been given an official title, the national stadium is usually simply referred to just that: The National Stadium, or in French, the local language, the Stade Nationale. Capacity: 30,000.

Name               	#	Pos.	Age	Club                 	TGM
Coaching Staff
Jacques Tremblay M Manager 74 National Team
Bonheur Relié AM As.Man. 48 National Team
Gerauld Firaut 1 GK 28 Reçueçn FC RCN
Emanuele Cutrona 2 CB 24 Mierton Manatees TAE
Paulin Bourguignon 3 LB 25 Dhun Lagarr FC TKT
Lukas Kayserling 4 CB 24 Herzegovina City FC BNJ
Oliver Spencer 5 RB 28 Brinemouth NPH
Raoul Lavigne 6 LM 25 Monmouth Park FC CBP
Harold Saunders 7 AM 31 Association Genève RCN
Maynard Hebron 8 RM 29 Assalto Alpino RCN
Per Tegeler 9 LW 27 Oakstone EUR
Frank "Franky" Adams 10 CF 23 Association Genève RCN
Freeman Lebo 11 RW 30 Pelethas United COS
Estienne de Chefderue 12 GK 24 FC Harrim RCN
Hagen Groos 13 SW 27 Reçueçn FC RCN
Jayson Compton 14 LB 25 Col-de-Môse RCN
Quirino Lucian 15 CB 25 Ville-sur-Rivière RCN
Barnabus Mercer 16 RB 29 Heldingen 1919 RCN
Robert Chéreau 17 LM 24 FC Zimmerich RCN
Grégoire Leclair 18 DM 32 Dynamo Sjoedrhavn SVJ
Quentin Gouin 19 RM 22 Inland Peaks VIL
Marc Schöner 20 LW 26 Stomford 1904 RCN
Ly Nasser 21 CF 26 FC Zimmerich RCN
Jean-Baptiste Brochard 22 RW 30 Lampadaires Associés RCN
Calanico Di Martino 23 GK 27 Renwyll RCN

Coaching Staff
Jacques Tremblay: Old and wise, Jacques Tremblay is often seen as the father of modern Reçuecian football, known for his eternal ability to innovate and surprise. He had retired, but when asked to coach the national team, did not refuse. He, along with Gerauld Firaut, holds together the national team. Reçuecians tend to forget how ridiculously old he is, and anyway, he's all they've got.

Bonheur Relié: Passionate and motivated, Relié has all the youthful energy you'd hope for in the assistant coach of a side whose manager is pushing three quarters of a century. Sometimes his energy can be a bit much and he's had some friction with the players in the past.

Gerauld Firaut: The face of Reçuecian football. Mature, talented, humble. Firaut, team captain, provides the leadership on the pitch that les licornes need, and the fact that he's such a nice guy when he's not playing soccer helps cement him as the nation's favored son. As some of his Reçueçn FC have retired or not been called up for this tournament, his exceptional goal-tending skills combined with Tremblay's strategy has preserved the team's defensive nature.

Emanuele Cutrona: Cutrona was in the first batch of call-ups for the National Team after the original Baptism of Fire squad, and he's still one of the younger players on the team. Until Di Martino's call-up, he was the only Italian-speaking player on the team (although others are from Italian-speaking clubs). He's developed a strong friendship with Franky Adams, which often leads to the pair of them getting in trouble.

Paulin Bourguignon: Bourguignon is the kind of defensive player who is always trying to clear the ball with long shots and score goals at corner kicks. Big on counter-attacks, he sometimes outpaces the mid-fielders, usually to his coach's dismay.

Lukas Kayserling: Very tall. Calm and controlled. Sometimes has difficulty communicating as he doesn't speak English or French as well as most of the other team members.

Oliver Spencer: Annother star defensive player, now playing for Brinemouth, Spencer is often outshone by Firaut, and for a long time Spencer couldn't decide whether the rivalry he thought they had was more important than team spirit or not. By now he has found his groove as part of the all-important back line.

Raoul Lavigne: No relation of the slightly more well-known Hippolyte Lavigne, Raoul is the second sophomore of the team: not one of the original squad but not a brand-new call-up either. He caught the NT's scouts' eyes after helping Bonneville Sportif to a couple good seasons. (He now plays in Baker Park.) Playing outside the nation has given him new things to worry about, namely, if his teammates leave him out of things since he's not a 'local' anymore. He doesn't realize how ridiculous his fears are, but fortunately they push him to prove himself every time he steps onto the field.

Harold Saunders: Saunders is synonymous with an aggressive style of play, especially in the midfield. He seems to always be able to find a way to give the ball to Franky. On and off the field he is emotionally well-balanced, usually rather stoic and unmoved.

Maynard Hebron: The unsung hero of the Assalto Alpino, Hebron is a great proponent of football development across Recuecn, especially on behalf of the smaller amateur teams that have recently joined the FNRF. Hebron often gets lucky with long shots from the edge of the box when the strikers are unable to really get open right in front of goal.

Per Tegeler: Good at receiving the ball from the defense or mid-field, trapping it in general, and taking it into the 18-yard box and shooting. Possible weakness is passing: either he doesn't, or it's long air balls. Per is the big change to the line-up since the world cup—the aging Hippolyte Lavigne was not called up again, and so now Tegeler is starting.

Frank "Franky" Adams: Young, extremely talented, and rather cocky, Franky, who plays for Association Genève in the LNRF, really makes their team. When he has a bad shooting streak, his team has a losing streak, and vice versa, and he knows it. At Association Genève, the team and the fans love him. At the national team, they tolerate him—his rivalries with Reçueçn FC's players cause tension which Coach Tremblay must try to defuse. Tremblay, incidentally, thinks Franky is a bit conceited, although he is still one of the most aware of his talent. Franky is definitely the second most famous player on the team, at least to Reçueians. His role up front helps with that, obviously.

Freeman Lebo: Lebo can score goals, is highly motivated, and persevering. He's comfortable in the striker role. However, he is high-strung and not too difficult to offend, traits which, when combined with his overestimation of his own skill, can make him difficult to get along with. Has lots of potential when a manager can get him to swallow his pride, and Tremblay usually can. Lebo and Franky got off to a rocky start but since then they've really meshed well, and they give each other great service often leading to one of them scoring.

Estienne de Chefderue: Both of les licornes' reserve goalies were recently replaced, and de Chefderue got the number one number two spot. Last season at FC Harrim he did well, and he got some practice in the Eagles Cup when Tremblay subbed him into a lot of matches. It remains to be seen how he'll fare in a tournament that means a bit more.

Hagen Groos: A Reçueçn FC representative, yet again: Groos is sweeper for the club, which is supposedly the best in the country. It's probably confusing for him then why the starting sweeper position is handed to the younger Cutrona rather than him.

Jayson Compton: Not a ton to say about Jayson Compton. He's a mysterious fellow and we don't quite know what he's up to ourselves.

Quirino Lucian: Lucian has the look of a rugby player, and he'll take all the intimidation he can get from that: he needs people to know he's not afraid to muscle them down as they approach his goal—because he's not. He'll mess you up.

Barnabus Mercer: Called up for the first time at twenty-seven years old after doing very well in le championnat, some people questioned this decision of Tremblay's. Certainly it was the strongest on paper, so we'll see how it pans out. If you can believe it, Mercer played for a San Lleran club team more than ten world cups ago.

Robert Chéreau: Chéreau's biggest issue is that he tends to drift toward the center when he shouldn't, yet he ironically seems to have a very good idea of space and where to be in it, which is good for a player in his position.

Grégoire Leclair: Leclair almost never plays at the same time as Saunders. Usually, one is subbed for the other depending on whether more defensive or offensive tactics are called for at the moment. Leclair's specialty is going back and clearing the ball in difficult situations. There were thoughts Leclair wouldn't be called up this year, which would've been major news, but I guess he's been doing well enough in Savojarna for Tremblay.

Quentin Gouin: The team's new youngest player, he has breath and speed and agility. The stamina is sometimes lacking.

Marc Schöner: Schöner is the latest call-up, replacing Tegeler on the bench now that Tegeler is starting. He's fresh from winning le championnat with his club (Stomford 1904), so he's got all the energy and drive you could ask for, along with all the pride and self-assuredness.

Ly Nasser: Loves to shoot from far out, and often shoots high. Despite this, he makes up for it with his sheer number of shots. Incredibly aggressive, and loved by Zimmerich fans. Thinks he is one of the best strikers in the world, and he certainly is a good player. Weirdly he gets put on the Reçuecian reserves, you'd expect him to be playing with Lebo and Franky.

Jean-Baptiste Brochard: Immensely fast, especially with the ball, Brochard is weaker in set pieces and organized attacks. His strength is the counter-attack and the breakaway.

Calanico Di Martino: Unfortunately Di Martino's given name doesn't quite just mean 'soccer,' although it is close. His parents must have known there was something special about him. He has a toe that moves with wings—useful for delivering powerful goal kicks but perhaps wasted on a player who never gets to shoot.

Reçuecian History and Culture

The nation of Reçueçn was created in the first half of the XIVth century, when Carl Blancpic, Duke of the Duchy of Reçueçn, launched a breakneck military campaign invading and annexing many of his neighbors to the east. Before this time, Reçueçn had been only a city, built on the heights overlooking the junction of the Rhône and Saône rivers. These heights had been settled by Carl Blancpic's distant ancestor, Ifheda Rcuecn, near the end of the IInd century a.d., and had born his name ever since. The area at that time belonged to the Roman Empire, who had established their regional administrative center, Lugdunum, on the other side of the river.

In 197 a.d., a decisive battle was fought near Lugdunum in one of the civil wars for the throne of the empire. The victor, Septimius Severus, razed the city of Lugdunum and destroyed it, stripping from it all imperial privileges in punishment for supporting his rival. This was the end for Lugdunum, but it was the beginning for Reçueçn. Refugees flocked across the river to join the settlement, and the city of Reçueçn grew to become a smallish regional center. Rcuecn's descendants (who changed the spelling to Reçueçn) maintained control over what became the Duchy of Reçueçn for 700 years, until it was inherited by their cousins the Blancpics who reigned for another 300 years.

At the beginning of the XIVth century, power passed into the hands of Carl Blancpic, who was partially insane and a megalomaniac. Thus he declared his duchy to be a kingdom and singled out weak neighbors who he invaded with audacity. Over an incredibly short period of time beginning in the spring of 1337, he had carved out for himself a sizable dominion.

Carl, who styled himself "Carl III of Reçueçn", was violent, unstable, and petty. He was also wildly unpopular with the populations of the various states he had conquered. Although the central power structure helped the economy of the new Kingdom of Reçueçn to some extent, it did not bring with it all the stability that might have been expected. This was mostly due to the decrees of Carl III, who, among other things, began a campaign to persecute and kill all "heretics" within his new realm. Most historians agree that this was in fact a thinly veiled purge of his political rivals. This and other policies he enacted on his whims finally drove the people into open revolt sometime around 1352.

Carl managed to hold on to power for a couple years by hiring mercenaries, but in 1254 lost two key battles and was captured by the rebels. By this time, the rebellion was led by feudal lords throughout the country who had sided with the people against their tyrant king. Carl III was executed, and the kingdom dissolved into a mess of tiny, independent feudal holdings.

No sooner had the various states that had been in the Kingdom of Reçueçn won their independence, than infighting broke out among them. The feudal lords squabbled over power and influence, trying vainly to imitate Carl's meteoric rise to power. This new violence, combined with the economic downturn associated with the rebellion and the breakup of the nation, clearly displayed how poorly things were turning out. More sensible minds came to the decision that the solution was to once more unify Reçueçn.

On November 19, 1356, therefore, The Allied States of Reçueçn came into being. The leaders of all the petty states, duchies, bishoprics, free cities, etc., came together and signed what are known as "The Treaties of the Alliance," a document just powerful enough to classify Reçueçn as a single nation by most people's definition, rather than a group of independent entities. The treaties also established a rough form of democracy, with each state represented (although typically by its aristocracy). Thus Reçueçn lays claim to being one of the oldest democracies in the world.

The treaties defined much of Reçuecian history to come. Provisions were made to establish freedom of religion, in order to avoid another scenario similar to Carl III's persecution of his opponents. The treaties also gave Reçueçn an isolationist bent. The nation had been burned before, and wouldn't soon try to meddle in external affairs, especially when its composite nature made creating a foreign policy so difficult.

Reçueçn, then, has managed to avoid many of the crises of European history. It's darkest moment came when Napoleon invaded, proclaiming himself emperor (although he allowed Reçueçn's government to continue to function under his reign). The allied states have drawn closer together, although cultural differences remain among them; they don't even all speak the same language.

Reçueçian culture has also been shaped by its location, nestled in the center of the Alps. The difficulty of travel among mountain valleys ensured the cultural diversity of the nation and preserved local customs. Although rural communities did center around agriculture—especially dairy production—many Reçuecian were forced by the lack of arable land to find other work. This led to a culture of innovation that continues today: Reçueçn is now known for its luxury products and technological exports. This has additionally led to a focus on science and education. The relatively diverse nature of Reçueçn's culture means that some areas are culturally more time-oriented while others are more task-oriented, but this fusion has given the country a uniqueness, especially in art. Reçueçn, perhaps thanks to its inland, mountainous location, or the fact that it was never a colonial power, has seen little immigration or emigration. Recently, however, the diversity of language spoken in the country has made it attractive to refugees from other areas where those languages are spoken.

Essential Information
RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Please (subs too)
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, nothing career-ending
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, but never
Firaut, Saunders, or Kayserling
Godmod other events: Yes
Style Modifier: -π | Trigram: RCN
Quick Facts
Capital: Reçueçn
Official Languages: French, German, Italian
Non-official Languages: Arpitan
Demonym: Reçuecian
Population: 5,252,000 (regional censuses 1999-2011)
Area: 43,116 sq km
GDP: $340,000,000,000 (2019 Estimate)
Currency: Guilder
All photos taken by me in locations that would be in IC Reçueçn.
All logos and graphics created by me.
Starting XI
1 - GK - Gerauld Firaut
2 - SW - Emanuele Cutrona
3 - LB - Paulin Bourguignon
4 - CB - Lukas Kayserling
5 - RB - Oliver Spencer
6 - LM - Raoul Lavigne
18 - DM - Harold Saunders
8 - RM - Maynard Hebron
9 - LW - Per Tegeler
10 - CF - Franky Adams
11 - RW - Freeman Lebo

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Postby Electrum » Wed Feb 03, 2021 9:54 pm

RE: Electrum Roster [SEC=NOT-SO-SENSITIVE]

Dear Whom It May Concern,

Please find attached this roster of Electrum's national football team.

All errors made in this roster are completely intentional.

We make no apologies for the blatant copy-and-paste job for this roster.

We make no apologies for the repetitious list of names in this roster.

We make no apologies for making you read additional text that is not relevant to the information that you need.

This is a copy of the roster that has been previously circulated and approved by The Computator, Electrum's five-dimensional saviour.


Electrum National Football Team
presented by Electrum Football

General Information
The sentient creatures from the country of Electrum take part in a competitive endeavour called football, where the objective is to use feet (the bottom two limbs) to move the ball into the opposing team's netted zone, scoring one goal. The most goals wins the match. Electrum's performance in this tournament, can be objectively described as being "okay" with a win in the "World Cup 78" competition. The state of football, has recently fallen by the wayside in recent years, due to the catastrophe that required your (The Computator) intervention. As you may recall, you saved Electrum from a time freeze, which had frozen the country in time while time moved inexorably forward in the fourth dimension across the rest of the multiverse. Because Electrum's players were stuck in a time freeze, their muscles have atrophied to the point of no return, so we've had to throw out the old team and start fresh with new players who didn't have a large base to lose to begin with. We've really only kept the captain on board.

Of course you recall, with your fifth dimensional neural network, we embedded some of your inter-dimensional friends from other worlds, to assist the team. Unfortunately, this arrangement has not worked out for certain creatures, so we have replaced some of them with the native sentient creatures. You will be happy to note that we have continued to keep Einarsson, King of the Armoured Bears as well as Seb on the team. The Electrumite National Team got very close to progressing to the next stage of the competition during the qualifiers, but they have apparently fallen through the trap hole and have now found themselves in the Cup of Harmony, a consolation tournament, akin to the human tradition of giving away participation prizes.

Style: 0

Statistical Information

Best World Cup record: Champion (WC78)
Worst World Cup record: We don't talk about that

Coaching Staff
Manager: Tyler Fernando
Assistant Manager: Jemima Bryant
Development Manage: Risa Shigaraki

We have terminated the contract with sentient creature Lboaisa Akarelm at the conclusion of the previous World Cup qualification. A new contract is now in effect with the procurement of services from Tyler Fernando, sentient creature. Fernando has previously captained the Electrumite National Team to the victory in World Cup 78. Jemima Bryant is noted for her use of technology in decision making and could prove useful in other capacities for The Computator.

Starting XI
#1 Ralph Mills - 24 - GK - Image Hamilton Sandstorm
#4 Elenora Sapper - 20 - DF - Image Taeshan City Miners
#5 Bayden Forest - 25 - DF - Image Hamilton Sandstorm
#7 Roland McCourtney - 28 - FW - Image Grenville Sailors
#9 Sentient Energy Ball (Seb) - ?? - FW
#12 William Stewart - 22 - DF - Image University
#13 Julius van Buren - 27 - MF - Image Grenville Sailors
#18 Alan Moore - 31 (c) - DF - Image Directus
#20 Nindethana Nindethana (vc) - 26 - MF - Image Eastal Lunar
#22 Einarsson, King of the Armoured Bears - ?? - MF
#24 Android X3-TU in the shape of a flightless bird - ?? - MF

#11 David Patterson - 23 - FW - Image NextGen
#14 Deborah Garcia - 21 - MF - Image NextGen
#15 Marcus Renshaw - 26 - FW - Image FC Fairleigh-Warburton
#16 Alex Xiao - 24 - FW - Image Somer City and Surrounds
#19 Pete Westtcott - 26 - MF - Image Ventura Bay
#21 Christine Bayer - 22 - DF - Image Agri Foodbowl
#26 Cindy Torvald - 22 - MF - Image Pinkerton FC
#27 Crystal Le - 29 - DF - Image Kale Island Dwarfs
#28 Ian Kravitz - 25 - DF - Image Burnton 1963
#30 Peyton Nix - 27 - GK - Image Prescott Wolves
#32 Sarah Archer - 25 - GK - Image Centralis Heart

Style: 0

-                First Eleven Formation                -

McCourtney Seb

Android Einarsson van Buren Nindethana

Stewart Forest Moore Sapper


Kit Information

Kits have been provided by infinite, a Donnacona company

Stadium Information

All Electrum home matches will be in Centralis Arena (capacity: 40,000). But they're not going to be used in the Cup of Harmony. We're just leaving this information here though to make copy and pasting easier.

RP Permissions
Everything/anything is acceptable can occur to the non-human players. Humans cannot be killed or suffer career ending injuries.
Just a regular G.I. Joe - list of issue ideas

NationStates Tennis Tour President - rankings and season seven schedule

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Postby Abanhfleft » Thu Feb 04, 2021 12:07 am

(OOC: The WC 87 qualifiers takes place during the 2031-32 season in Abanhfleft time, so all references made here are current as of the 2030-31 season in Abanhfleft.)


The Samahang Futbol ng Abanhfleft (Football Federation of Abanhfleft) handed their ultimatum to Ranulph Bustamante, and he failed to deliver. So it's the sack for Bustamante and the return of Heinrich Wurzmann to international management, for the time being at least. He's expected to at least get this team out of the group stage of the Cup of Harmony, but everyone knows that his appointment is just a stopgap until a replacement can be found. Unless...

Name of nation: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Team colors: Blue, orange, and green
Style modifier: +3
Formation: 4-3-3
Head coach: Heinrich Wurzmnn (67 y/o, Abanhfleft/Pridnestrovia)

GK: Guildenstern CARDEW 26 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Image, co-captain
Under Vaughn Palladino, Guildenstern Cardew has turned into the clear number one choice between the sticks for Sporting Ceneisis. He may not be the player who shipped the least goals in the Premier League this season but he stopped enough shots to help the Blues to their fourth FPL title. Now it's time for Guildy to do the same for the national team.

RB: Melisizwe AFOLAYAN 34 y/o, Locomotive Imgortur Image
Let's be honest, Afolayan was never going to be flashy or the player a team builds itself around. He's solid and dependable down on the right side, a far cry from when he used to be a marauding wingback wannabe and a walking card magnet. But that's what experience and maturity does to a person. He already has a Fleftic Premier League title under his belt, but now he dreams of one more crack at the World Cup itself before he hangs up his boots from international football.

RCB: APOLLOSCLEIYALI 29 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Image
Though he was brought into the Rosenpfelblatz City setup at the relatively young age of 16, Apolloscleiyali Rarlingson Crausileine still plays with that curious mix of Daineri and Sunrisian street football. The Citizens may not have been consistent challengers for the title ever since Abanhfleft integrated into UICA and now IFCF, Apolloscleiyali remains one of the constants of this team, almost never putting a foot wrong. Because of this he was given Fleftic citizenship via the Alternative Football Program as a candidate for the Fleftic national team, but this is only the first time Apollo will actually represent the Revolutionaries, strangely enough.

LCB: Paco MATUNDAN 26 y/o, Xemlice Rovers Image
Paco Matundan must have thought his footballing career was over when he was released by Malabon SC following the Ravens' shock relegation from the FPL at the end of the 2025-26 season. Luckily a club from Greythrone called Air Force Superstar decided to take a chance on him, but sadly the club did little of note other than gaining promotion once before Greythrone itself collapsed into anarchy. Paco was only saved from falling into obscurity by a timely move to Xemlice Rovers where he has now settled down and made a name for himself, even if it is choking on title races.

LB: Caleb WAYNE 29 y/o, Wanda Island Wanderers Image
Another one of the generation of Fleftic defenders who also liked bombing up and down the wings who discovered that sticking to defending was actually what he does best. It was as a full-on left back that Caleb Wayne became instrumental in the Wanda Island Wanderers side that won the Fleftic Premier League in 2027-28, and is now one of the first names written down on Artemio Peres' starting eleven. Caleb also became the starting left back for Abanhfleft after Daisuke Ogigayatsu started putting in more time down the right side for Ludogorets Markovsky.

RM: Andor GAÁL 29 y/o, Malabon SC Image
Andor was one of those who stuck with Malabon after they were relegated and helped them get back up into the FPL after only one season in Unang Liga, but so far his only reward has been getting to play in the Challengers' Cup. Formation changes and new managers have turned him from a defensive midfielder to a right-sided one. He's still very much a box-to-box midfielder, but this does tend to leave his team a little short-changed in the middle of the park. He also became a dead-ball specialist during his time in the Fleftic second tier.

CM: DeAngelo LEVIN 33 y/o, Ludogorets Markovsky Image
Football tactics and formations in Abanhfleft don't use out-and-out central midfielders a lot at the moment, meaning Levin is often classified as a right midfielder for Ludogorets Markovsky, but in his heart of hearts he is still very much the spider sitting in the center of the web, er, pitch. After being in and out of the national team setup for a few years he appears to have finally nailed down a starting spot in quite possibly his final World Cup campaign as well.

LM: James CARMICHAEL 26 y/o, Xemlice Rovers Image
James Carmichael is a Xemlice Rovers youth product who rose to significance after he stood in for Fabrosu Nyema during the 2028-29 season after the latter was injured. James does a little bit of everything here and there such as breaking up attacks in the middle of the pitch and pinging in those diagonal passes. He's usually well disciplined, but when he goes in for a tackle, boy does he go in for a tackle.

RW: Marcus TABAREZ 26 y/o, Arsenal de Releinthi Image
Without a doubt the most expensive Fleftic player of all time. Marcus Tabarez cost Arsenal de Releinthi a whopping 120 million new penenks (80 million NSD) just to get him from Xemlice Rovers. The start of Marcus' Gunners career was not the best, coinciding with one of the worst seasons in the club's history, but slowly Tabarez is starting to justify his hefty price tag. Last season may not have been the best for Arsenal as a club, but it was a good one for Tabarez, chipping in 20 goals and 13 assists. Ranulph Bustamante now hopes that Marcus can do the same for the national team.

CF: Kareem DAGEN 31 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Image, captain
Kareem Dagen is still a goalscoring machine. Of that there is no doubt. But what is in doubt is how much of his goalscoring form he will be able to keep going now that his main provider in Max Fetfatzidis has hung up his boots permanently. No doubt that Kareem's supporting cast this time around is still as impressive as before, but whether they'll be able to live up to Max's insane consistency is another thing altogether.

LW: Arthur MacALISTAIR 29 y/o, Wanda Island Wanderers Image
Arthur finally completed the transition from midfielder to winger under Artemio Peres, and people are already saying it's the best move Arthur's ever done in his whole football career. Of course it helps that his first full season as a winger was also the season that Wanda Island Wanderers finally won the Fleftic Premier League. But MacAlistair's starting spot in the national team may no longer be as secure as before now that there's a new contender for the spot in the form of Riuwiee United's Elmo Bevan.

GK: Orestes KATSOURANIS III 32 y/o, Riuwiee United Image
Orestes the Third finally returns to the Fleftic national team after an 11-year absence. In the between his last appearance for the Revolutionaries and today, Orestes has gone to Riuwiee United from Marinos Thimpodopoulos, but only now has he managed to stake his claim for the number 1 shirt in the capital ciub, which is also probably the reason why he was only called up now as well.

GK: Carlos COHEN 37 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Image
Not only has Guildy Cardew managed to displace Carlos Cohen from between the sticks in Sporting Ceneisis, the absolute madman has done it in the national team as well! But there's a reason for it. Clearly Cardew is the future of Fleftic goalkeeping, while Cohen is sadly in the past. Carlos may still be in his prime as a goalkeeper but Cardew has the higher ceiling, and clearly that is what Ranulph Bustamante is basing his selection on.

RB: Masakazu CHIBA 23 y/o, Riuwiee United Image
Masakazu Chiba is one of an ever-growing number of football players in the Democratic Republic who trace their lineage back to the Japanese nations such as Flardania and, in Masakazu's case, Aji No Moto. Although he was never capped for any of Abanhfleft's youth teams, Ranulph Bustamante is apparently convinced that Masakazu will be able to handle being a bench option for the senior national team for the current World Cup qualifiers.

RCB: Ram WALIA 29 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Image
Who would have thought that little Ram Walia from Hithamandhoo in the Trendstart Colony would become the first man from his island to win the Fleftic Premier League? Certainly not Ram himself. From humble beginnings at AFC Hithamandhoo, Ram made his way into the youth academy of Sporting Ceneisis, where it looked like he was going to go the way of the rest of the Blues' infamous "loan army" until he showed what he was capable of as first a substitute for Naftali Singerstein, and then later on as the Fhulghamousian international's replacement. There's a reason why Ceneisis finally won their fourth title this season, and one of those reasons is Ram Walia.

LCB: Kenneth OWOBOWALE 32 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Image
Another former national player brought back into the fold after a decade or so in the wilderness. Left-sided center backs seem to be a particular weakness of the Revolutionaries at the moment, and while there's a decent crop of those rising up the ranks of Fleftic clubs, at the moment Ranulph Bustamante apparently believes that Kenneth is the best out of this bunch.

LB: Vipin NAGARKAR 29 y/o, Admiral Porcusces Image
Vipin Nagarkar wasn't that well-known outside of Admiral fans when they were relegated at the end of the 2028-29 season. He could have gone to any other team that he so chose, but he decided to stick it out with the Foxes in their campaign to get back into the top flight. He did just that, and he cemented his place in the side after solid and impressive performances at left back, and then VIpin sealed his place in the history of Admiral Porcusces by scoring the 78th minute goal that won the Foxes the 2031 SFA Cup Final. Safe to say that this is a call-up two years in the making.

RM: Max PIERCE 31 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz North End Image
Another area of the pitch where Abanhfleft are currently a bit thin is at right midfielder, and after much deliberation Ranulph Bustamante decided to put Max Pierce in as Andor Gaal's backup. There's nothing to separate the two aside from the fact that Pierce is slower and has the defensive subtlety of a nuclear bomb. But apparently Max is the best of the rest of Abanhfleft's right midfielders. This is going to end so well for the country.

CM: Toumain VINCELOT 34 y/o, Sarvusdalamoive Image
Whoever said that Toumain Vincelot was apolitical must not have a twii.tur account or any access to social media at all. The combative Sarvus midfielder has become one of the loudest critics of Fleftic President Matthias Green, claiming on an almost daily basis that Green would turn Abanhfleft into a "fascist superstate" even worse than the isolationist Empire of Greater Anglatia. Any other manager would have steered clear of Vincelot, but Ranulph Bustamante knows that Toumain can separate his politics from his football and remain rock-solid in the middle of Abanhfleft's midfield.

LM: Trevor IÑIGUEZ 29 y/o, Ludogorets Markovsky Image
The backup left midfielder was actually a tough choice to make for Ranulph Bustamante because there were two players who could very well have fitted into that spot on the national team: Travis Sevilla and Trevor Iñiguez. Both of them were gifted technical players with bags of skills with an eye for finding teammates in the final third. In the end, Bustamante opted to go with Iñiguez because the Fleftic Air Force didn't want Sevilla outside of the country in the event of an attack on the Democratic Republic.

RW: Palmer HICKS 21 y/o, Electric Yugal Image on loan from Locomotive Imgortur Image
In a team where the system doesn't have much use for a winger, how is one such right winger in one such team supposed to get game time? On loan to another club, of course! Palmer is entering the second year of a two-year loan deal to newly promoted Electric Yugal with an option to buy for the Bolts. He did well for Electric during their promotion campaign in Unang Liga, but can he do the same in the Premier League? Ranulph Bustamante believes Palmer can do it with the national team, so there's that.

ST: Mustafa BENSOUSSAN 24 y/o, Bananas FC Image
Bananas may have been relegated from the Premier League, but if that's not making Mustafa turn his head then nothing probably will. The young man is dedicated to the cause of bringing Bananas right back up, but unlike some of the other sides to have been relegated from the league in previous seasons, Bananas don't look like they would be able to do it as quickly. Nevertheless, Mustafa is still scoring goals for fun, and he will be more than a capable backup for Kareem Dagen in these qualifiers.

LW: Elmo BEVAN 28 y/o, Riuwiee United Image
Like many a youth before him, Elmo Bevan didn't really know where he wanted to go, what he wanted to do. He played in the middle of the park. He played as a forward. He played in the wings. And it was there on the left that Elmo finally found his calling, the place where he could put all of his talents on display. After helping Airbus Fhulghamous Besanza to another Fhulghamousian Premier League title, Riuwiee United activated his buyback clause, and the son of Owen Bevan has been doing a great job in the capital. Not good enough to break into the starting eleven of the national team, but a great job nonetheless.

First Team

KITS (by Adidulas)

Win-loss record:
First international match: VS Pays den haut (W 2-1)
First win: VS Pays den haut (W 2-1)
First loss: VS Isula ge Ru (L 1-0)
Biggest win: VS Ramosverg (W 5-0), VS The Icemark (W 7-2), VS The Icemark (W 5-0), VS Banija (W 5-0)
Biggest loss: VS Turori (L 5-0, 8-3)

MD1: Abanhfleft vs. Chartistan @ Monsanto Stadium, Releinthi (cap. est. 62,000) W 2-0
MD2: Koniglich Wasserstein vs. Abanhfleft @ Schöneberg Arena, Schöneberg, Koniglich Wasserstein (cap. est. 82,500) D 2-2
MD3: Abanhfleft vs. Hafamarimet @ Oubie Park, Lotharstadt, Xemlice (cap. est. 40,000) W 3-0
MD4: Sharktail vs. Abanhfleft @ Stadium Biru, Kota Lama, Sharktail (cap. unknown) L 0-1
MD5: Abanhfleft vs. Ancherion @ IKEA Arena, Wanda City, Wanda Island (cap. est. 68,000) L 2-4
MD6: Zwangzug vs. Abanhfleft @ Stelladome, Fulpog, Stoal, Zwangzug (cap. unknown) D 0-0
MD7: Abanhfleft vs. Savojarna @ May 26 Revolution Memorial Stadium, Riuwiee (cap. est. 80,000) W 3-2
MD8: Saint-Domingue vs. Abanhfleft @ Saint Dominic's Park, Le Cap, Saint-Domingue (cap. est. 51,000) D 3-3
MD9: Abanhfleft vs. Netop @ Filibusters' Street, Porcusces, Ceneisis (cap. est. 33,000) W 3-2
MD10: Chartistan vs. Abanhfleft @ Old Town Park, Billboard, Chartistan (cap. est. 68,000) W 2-1
MD11: Abanhfleft vs. Koniglich Wasserstein @ Throckmorton Bridge, Mereilles, Ceneisis (cap. est. 45,750) D 2-2
MD12: Hafamarimet vs. Abanhfleft @ Unknown stadium, Hafamarimet (cap. unknown) W 6-2
MD13: Abanhfleft vs. Sharktail @ San Roque Park, Malabon (cap. est. 50,000) W 3-2
MD14: Ancherion vs. Abanhfleft @ Unknown stadium, Ancherion (cap. unknown) D 1-1
MD15: Abanhfleft vs. Zwangzug @ Aeroflot Stadium, Rosenpfelblatz, Mezaladbyi (cap. est. 54,500) L 3-6
MD16: Savojarna vs. Abanhfleft @ Nationalstadion Carl Gustaf Bjurman (cap. est. 76,800) L 1-4
MD17: Abanhfleft vs. Saint-Domingue @ Stadium of the Old Forester, Markovsky, Mezaladbyi (cap. est. 38,000) L 0-1
MD18: Netop vs. Abanhfleft @ Foster Park, Netop (cap. est. 7,500) W 3-1

All football stadiums in Abanhfleft now have seats following a mandatory upgrade in 2000, but despite this ruling, many, if not all, stadiums still allow standing spectators during matches. However, in anticipation for World Cup qualifying matches, more security forces had been hired by the authorities to make sure that there are no standing spectators in such games.


Official name: May 26 Revolution Memorial Stadium
Capacity: est. 80,000
Record attendance: 82,399 (Riuwiee United vs. Arsenal de Releinthi; 17 November 2030)
Operator: Riuwiee United FC
Short history: The May 26 Stadium, originally known as Raschner Lane, and later on as Riuwiee National Stadium, was built in 1886 as a cricket ground, and it served as home for two semi-pro cricket teams before it was bought by the Riuwiee Capitals football team, which will later on become Riuwiee United. After the conclusion of the Catholic Revolution of 2008, the national government bought the controlling share of Riuwiee National Stadium and renamed it the May 26 Revolution Memorial Stadium, in commemoration of the May 26 Revolution that eventually established the nation of Abanhfleft. Riuwiee United still play in the May 26 Stadium, but now it is also the chosen stadium for home games by the Fleftic national football team.

Official name: State of Wanda Island Arena
Capacity: est. 68,000
Record attendance: 69,076 (Wanda Island Wanderers vs. Riuwiee United; 31 March 2030)
Operator: Wanda Island Wanderers FC
Short history: The State of Wanda Island demolished the old Wanda Island Arena in 1998 to make way for a new and improved football stadium that follows international standards. Construction began in 1999, and finished just in time for the beginning of the 2001 Premier League season. The Wanderers played in a nearby high school athletic field for the duration of the arena's construction. In 2010, when IKEA entered into a sponsorship agreement with the Wanderers, the arena was consequently called IKEA Arena for sponsorship reasons. This agreement is expected to continue until 2020, after both sides came to a six-year contract extension.


Official name: Monsanto Stadium
Capacity: est. 62,000
Record attendance: 64,822 (Arsenal de Releinthi vs. Wanda Island Wanderers; 27 April 2030)
Operator: FC Arsenal de Releinthi
Short history: Arsenal de Releinthi mooted moving to a new stadium ever since 1993, but it was only in 2002 that the club managed to get permission to begin construction on the site of a former landfill after disputes with the city council and land planning office. Even then, it was only after Monsanto agreed to shoulder the cost of the new stadium that it was even built, and because of this, the stadium was named Monsanto Stadium. Arsenal de Releinthi and Monsanto entered into a seven-year contract extension this year, potentially extending Monsanto's sponsorship of the club up to 2021.


Official name: DaPanzer Oubie Park
Capacity: est. 40,000
Record attendance: 46,709 (Xemlice Rovers vs. Ludogorets Markovsky; October 31, 2011)
Operator: Xemlice Rovers FC

Anything except killing is allowed, and I reserve the right to stage riots when I lose in home games. The chances of a riot happening increase exponentially if I draw and I win, in that particular order.
The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

I also write stories. Would you like to read my works?

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Postby Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom » Thu Feb 04, 2021 1:33 am

Zeta Reka & Hügeltaldom Federativna Republika Zeta Reka i Hügeltaldom
Cup of Harmony 79 Preview
Zeta Reka & Hügeltaldom placed fifth in a group with five qualification contenders, scoring one less goal than their total scored. The paltry effort was the stiffest blow ever faced by Zeta Reka in the world of sports. With that, Head Coach and team architect Marko Dusan was canned before qualifying finished. After a time, former Rekan league runner-up Jowan Stanimirić was hired to devise a Cup of Harmony plan. While he wasn't given total reign over the tactics, the roster he chose was all in his words, "handpicked."

With a need to do well now, some massive stars are on this team. With them come newcomers and interesting options. Captain Bartolomej Wladmirowić gave up his captaincy after the last qualification match, a defeat n home soil against Balqia. Should Stanimirić exceed Dusan's prior cup performances, a long term managerial post is his. However, if the team continues to regress, more changes may be necessary. Rumor has it a player from Zeta Reka's Baptism of Fire campaign could take over, other point to foreign management. All the sharks will have to wait for blood to flood the water. All confidence at this hour is high for Zeta Reka's new era.

General Info

Federation: Football Federation of Zeta Reka & Hügeltaldom
Colors: Red, yellow, and white
Home Stadium: Zeta Reka National Sports Complex
Association: Football Federation of Zeta Reka & Hügeltaldom
Country Code: ZRH
Most Caps: Bartolomej Wladmirowić (84)
Top scorer: Bogdan Rawić (43)
Most Assists: Želmir Kolarowić (21)

First International: Zeta Reka & Hugeltaldom 1-2 Northwest Kalactin
Zeta Reka National Sports Complex, Aleiusia ImageZeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
Biggest Victory: Sabalonia 0–4 Zeta Reka and Hugeltadom
Knox Global Stadium, Knoxville, ImageAppalachian Nation
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom 4–0 South Charlia
Coastal Waters Stadium, Erie, ImageAppalachian Nation
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom 4-0 Jerauuk
Zeta Reka National Sports Complex, Aleiusia ImageZeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
Biggest Defeat: Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom 0-4 95X
Zeta Reka National Sports Complex, Aleiusia ImageZeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom 3-7 TJUN-ia
The Bay Reserve, Betham ImageSylestone
Highest Scoring: Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom 6-6 Starblaydia
Zeta Reka National Sports Complex, Aleiusia ImageZeta Reka and Hugeltaldom

World Cup
Ranking: 74th (peak of 67th)
First Appearance: N/A (85 for qualifying)
Best Performance: Third in Qualifying Group (85)
Cup of Harmony
Appearances: 3
First Appearance: 77
Best Performance: Round of 32 (78)
Campionato Esportiva
Ranking: 6th
First Appearance: CE XXVI
Best Performance: Fourth (CE XXVIII)
Baptism of Fire, Second Place (72)
Rekan Sportsperson Of The Year (2x)

The Good Stuff (players, positions, and pmore)
01: Zlatko Wukowić
Age: 25
Height: 185 ¼
Caps: 50
Goals/Assists: 0/0
Club: Lonngeylin City (Vilita)
The “Golden boy in Gloves” (as he’s known in Zeta Reka), is now the most capped keeper for Zeta Reka. A robust sweeping option, Wukowić is coming into the tournament with high hopes for a breakout performance. He’s been hanging around in Lonngeylin for a few years, and rumors have it he’ll be looking for a change of pace in the Vilitan hierarchy soon.

12: Dejan Wasić
Age: 28
Height: 193
Caps: 10
Goals/Assists: 0/0
Club: Montreal Koreana (Royal Kingdom of Quebec)
Wasić is still competing for the starting job, but rumor has it a Wasić is too old to be the long term keeper, at least that could be the case if the new management regime stays in power. Wasić is the tallest keeper on the roster, but not the tallest player.

25: Branislaw Mucić
Age: 20
Height: 184 ½
Caps: 1
Goals/Assists: 0/0
Club: VZRH Matov-Uri
The Under 18 World Cup squad was a real glimpse of the future, and Mucić performance there was solid given his opposition and partners. At just twenty, Mucić will have plenty of time to work his way up to the number one slot in the roster. “I think he’s just happy to be on the roster” Mucić father said online to one of Mucić adoring fans. Oh, we did not mention Mucić has been featured as a model for Zeta Reka’s top fashion house, did we?

02: Wlad Wlad (Central)
Age: 25
Height: 192 ½
Caps: 50
Goals/Assists: 1/1
Club: Resplendiente (Tequilo)
Wlad Wlad and his funny name are still kicking around the top of the ladder. He’s a shot stopper in full. The twenty five year old is jumping, tackling, charging, clawing, and doing anything else that’s needed to keep the score low. Zeta Reka had the fourth best defense in their qualifying group, and would have done better in others. As Wlad Wlad entered his prime, expect him to stick around as he’s stuck in. If only he could avoid being carded.

27: Jan Thimig (Central)
Age: 30
Height: 203
Caps: 30
Goals/Assists: 0/0
Club: Ogroven Vanguardi FK
Stanimirić appeared to get the band back togeather. Vanguardi, and the National Teams’s old shot stopping duo is back together. So much for change? Or is this a case of taking what worked and mixing it with new ideas? Only time will tell. As for Thimig himself, he’s tall, big, and very opinionated to the refs when they penalize Jan’s buddy Wlad Wlad.

14: Tito Jankoslawić (Central)
Age: 24
Height: 180
Caps: 12
Goals/Assists: 0/0
Club: Ming (Chromatika)
Jankoslawić has been described as “titoing” along in Chromatika by one Rekan correspondent, and that’s perhaps the best way to describe the quiet performances this center back will give. However, there are no major flaws in the man’s play, and his spirit is always high. When he enters with fresh legs, the opposition forwards are in trouble.

05: Zaur-Luka Igorić (Left)
Age: 21
Height: 177
Caps: 26
Goals/Assists: 2/6
Club: Ogroven Vanguardi FK
Another Vanguardi selection on the backline, and again that’s a callback to the now passed Dusan era of the team. Igorić’s spot with the team was never in doubt though, and the world will be seeing him for a long time. In this lineup, Igorić won’t be making as many cavaliering attacks, and perhaps his lack of experience in a 4-4-2 will prove to be a weakness for the team.

30: Steffanow Kostessen (Left/Right)
Age: 27
Height: 181
Caps: 23
Goals/Assists: 0/1
Club: Aleiusia Capital
A lot minute inclusion to cove an injury, Kostessen is a versatile option, but not one to play idly in the middle. With a high amount of energy, Kostessen will look to push and push and push again until the position favors his side.

18: Yuri Kewić (Right)
Age: 25
Height: 172 ⅓
Caps: 19
Goals/Assists: 0/3
Club: DD Porto Nowi
Kewić has been trustworthy enough to start in a trouble spot for the national team. A lot of the best options for full back are young and raw. Kewić has experience, and will be looking to use it now that the iron is hot.

15: Damjan Protić (Right)
Age: 20
Height: 190
Caps: 22
Goals/Assists: 1/1
Club: Avanaroch White Wings FC (Tikariot)
Starting in the qualifiers seems to have damage Protić’s confidence a bit. Even so, he’ll be on the bench as he was in Zeta Reka’s strong Campeonato Esportiva performance from a year ago. Protić’s size and athletic ability are mixed with pace to create a specimen almost unmatched across the entire country. Should the ball handling continue to improve, Protić will become the gold standard of Rekan players.

03: Bartolomej Wladmirowić (Central/Left/Right)
Age: 31
Height: 171 ⅓
Caps: 84
Goals/Assists: 3/2
Club: KT Morezeura (Audioslavia)
The former captain has been demoted, and had to be drug onto the squad after the qualifying failure the beset his nation. In the end, Wladmriowić acquiesced to come back to the side. Like always, the old veteran can play across the entire back line. The versatility Wladmirowić possesses will be an asset more than in qualifying since the wingback role is no longer present.

10: Želmir Kolarowić (Central/Attacking)
Age: 30
Height: 190
Caps: 81
Goals/Assists: 21/21
Club: Kven FK
The new captain of the national team certainly has a lot on his plate, juggling a new late of partners with trusted faces. His own body is also letting Kolarowić down, his qualifying form being inconsistent, and he had to drop out of a game or two in the past. Some say he’s not really fit to play at the starting role anymore, but he’s here to disprove the whisperers/shouters. Ultimately, if the flair is there, Kolarowić might earn himself another campaign in the World Cup.

06: Stani Gröss (Central/Defensive)
Age: 26
Height: 174
Caps: 57
Goals/Assists: 0/7
Club: 1830 Cathair (Audioslavia)
Gröss is the class of Zeta Reka, and perhaps the player most known to the general public due to his time in Cathair. Gröss is a combination of Rekan football stereotypes, speed and defensive skill. While he is a destroyer of other’s play, supporting the attack is something Gröss can do, and he’s been getting better at it.

21: Stanimir Rekawić (Central)
Age: 22
Height: 174
Caps: 31
Goals/Assists: 4/5
Club: AK Stanimir
Rekawić is a real solid player, and could replace either starter in a pinch. He sat out a few games in qualifying due to a foot injury, but had come back well since the furlough. Best case scenario, Rekawić will eventually replace Kolarowić as the attacking option for Zeta Reka’s center. Another long term question is where Rekawić’s career will take him, his Audioslavian excursion ended in relegation, but he’d love to renter the top leagues sooner rather than later.

45: Edmund Anderbrügge (Central)
Age: 23
Height: 178
Caps: 0
Club: Ogroven Vanguardi FK
A selection from the head coach’s old club, Anderbrügge will have a lot to prove around an experienced and well knit locker room. “He’s got full support from my vantage point” an unnamed staff member of the team told the Aleiusia Star forty eight hours before the Cup’s opening day.

07: Jad (Left)
Age: 28
Height: 184
Caps: 79
Goals/Assists: 5/20
Club: Aleiusia Capital
A major player for the side, the public can’t get enough of his slick crosses and corners. The ball moved through the air like a fish hunting for a meal, finding the right man twenty times so far. Jad can also attack himself, scoring five times, mainly when he was playing an inverted role. His speed was down this year from before. However, Jad’s play was solid enough to add the 2nd generation Rekan’s name onto the stat sheet quite often.

46: Konstantina Popowić (Left)
Age: 18
Height: 148 ⅔
Caps: 1
Goals/Assists: 0/0
Club: Newmarket Ladies FC (Commonwealth of Baker Park)
The little girl got booked. Popowić, a strong player in the U-18 world cup, will look to deliver at a higher stage. Commentary on the young girl’s selection was mixed, “Popowić’s inclusion perfectly captures the adventurous spirit of Stanimirić. The natural talent from our women’s league was plucked for three quarters of a million in the club game, maybe they got a steal.” was the opinion of sportswriter Djoko Weljkowić. National Assembly member Iwan Weljowić publically critisized the move as a, “Feminist stunt” and, “that the good men of the team will enact justice.” Weljowić comment received condemnation from the Football Association of Zeta Reka & Hügeltaldom, and members of the squad.

20: Miloš Simeoniwić (Right)
Age: 26
Height: 178 ½
Caps: 62
Goals/Assists: 5/4
Club: Northern Stallions (Brenecia)
He’s been a solid player, and was solid for a pretty penny. but has had trouble adding to the scorecard for his country. This is another shot to keep his place in an ever changing team solid. Like normal, expect him to make some sharp attacks if he gets inverted. Now if only the scoresheet would include his name more often.

44: Tomislaw Radowić (Right)
Age: 22
Height: 180
Caps: 3
Goals/Assists: 0/1
Club: Inkopolis FC (Squidroidia)
Moving from Græntfjall to Squidroidia has been good for Radowić, who in the top division trophy hunt for the first time in a somewhat meteoric rise. He’s been marked as a player to watch, and he’ll be under the microscope as he shadows up a living legend of the Rekan game.

09: Bogdan Rawić (Striker)
Age: 23
Height: 166 ¼
Caps: 66
Goals/Assists: 43/1
Club: Lokomotive Jarnstard (Savojarna)
He’s Zeta Reka’s top attacker, and Rawić is adjusting nicely to his new home in Savojarna. “I’m homesick yeah,” he said in an interview with Zeta Reka’s networks, “but I am playing well, and I’ll always know what village I’m from.” On he national team, Rawić more than doubles any other scorer. That reliance could become an issue, but with years ahead of him, the pint sized terror is going to be around for a long time.

52: Max-Otto Bergmann (Second Striker)
Age: 27
Height: 190 ½
Caps: 0
Club: Proud Tigers (on loan from FK Finansijskigrade)
An areal powerhouse, Bergmann has bloomed late in the Rekan club game, scoring goal after goal. Some compare him to Zeta Reka’s first starting forward, Stajkwon Hokwok. While shorter, Bergmann’s height was enough to ender the squad, thus filling coach Stanimirwić desired to give Rawić tall partners.

18: Stojan Heiden (Striker)
Age: 26
Height: 162 ¾
Caps: 48
Goals/Assists: 11/3
Club: AK Stanimir
Heiden has begun to slide from the wings to the central spot. He scored three goals in qualifying for the team, in eight appearances mostly coming as a sub. Like Rawić, speed, and finishing abilities dominate Heiden’s tactical portfolio, though Heiden is more willing to get wild on the pitch.

49: Milan Leitz (Second Striker)
Age: 22
Height: 189 ¾
Caps: 0
Club: Harkdown (Eura)
A large man, Leitz turns head with his bulk. Leitz got himself a great boost in the career when he was converted to an attacker while playing in the small city of Sakow. The transition lead to a free move to Eura’s silver side side Harkdown. The name Eura carries a lot of prestige. A few extra Eura League players could be the tournament this time, and Leitz will be in that stack.


Jowan Stanimirić (Head Coach)
Age: 40
Record: 0-0-0 (0-0) (+/-0)
Coming into the team raw, the portly and hairy Stanimirić was given limited time to prepare for the tournament. Worse yet, he wasn’t allowed to adopt a 4-3-3 formation, for the association desired a greater change from the past cycles.

Iwan Zdrawkowić (Assistant coach)
Age: 61
Record: Yes
Zdrawkowić was assistant manager for Stanimirić’s boyhood club when the man had to retire from the game young. The pair have talked a lot, but this is their first official partnership. An experienced man, the assistant coach was poached from their youth system. Zdrawkowić is known for player management skills and could act as a good liaison for the gruff Stanimirić.

Willi Kandt (Goalkeeping coach)
Age: 58
Record: Most sodas drunk in two hours with puking (National Record)
The old goalkeeping coach was sent to manage the under eighteen team, and in comes a Stanimirić loyalist during the man’s time at Ogroven Vanguardi FK. Willi Kandt was a goalkeeper who won trophies across three levels of the Rekan game, but never won the league.

Formation & Tactics

Running a 4-4-1-1, Zeta Reka will benefit from width in a lot of matchups, before aiming to attack down the middle with a battering ram. The second striker collecting, and either scoring, or waiting for runs from Rawić or Heiden. The midfielders will be asked to support and attack, with Gröss or Anderbrügge playing lower to help with recovering from counter attacks, and to aid in buildup. A dangerous quartet will back up the team, providing solidity to the team's shape. While no defenders are pure attackers, Stanimirić has reportedly told his fullbacks to expect to play deep when needed, almost like the 4-3-3 the new coach is used to playing. As the team ventures forward in a mid block, the keeper will be expected to act as a last line outside and inside of the box. All three goalies are sweeper keepers by nature.



A new slate of kits were commissioned for the 87th World cup from Čast, Zeta Reka's premier sportswear company. Čast has done it again by designing fabulous red and yellow wears for the Rekan Eleven. Well, the Rekan ten will be red and yellow. The keepers this time have a very shiny (not displayed) digital camo attire.
OOC goodness
Style: +1(!)
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes? (We should talk a bit, but yeah, I'll always ask you too)
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes?
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, we're all decent RPers for crying out loud. Why would I make your life harder? I'll probably DM you ideas anyhow, so we can talk then.
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San Ortelio
"The Swordfishes / I Spada"

Pos  Nr  Full Name              Club                    Age  Cap  G   A
GK 1 Enrico Lanzafame Falkner United (BRE) 25 22 0 0
GK 12 Serafino Evacuo Virtus Redoccio 29 2 0 0
GK 23 Pasquale Pino Sportiva Montelcampo 35 -
LD 2 Luca Curiale Virtus Redoccio 24 22 2 0
LD 21 Daniele Gagliano Soldarian FC (VAL) 20 8 0 0
CD 4 Pietro Mazziero FC Pesari 28 21 1 0
CD 5 Salvatore Moscati Esca Unione 33 23 1 0
CD 17 Gaetano Lucarelli Catrallo Calcio 31 14 0 0
CD 7 Orlando Castorani Sportiva Montelcampo 23 15 0 0
RD 3 Alessio Rota FC Pesari 27 23 1 1
RD 19 Lorenzo Moreschini Catrallo Calcio 21 5 0 1
DM 6 Fabrizio Confalonieri Virtus Redoccio 30 21 0 0
DM 8 Alessio Di Masi Catrallo Calcio 24 17 1 1
DM 18 Domenico Cappa Pro Stampano 22 8 0 1
CM 16 Roberto Agostinone Catrallo Calcio 32 7 1 0
CM 13 Diego Buglia Estdal (GRF) 28 12 1 1
AM 10 Gianmarco Del Prete Valnohar Rovers (TKT) 30 23 5 8
AM 11 Giacomo Favaro FC Pesari 23 15 2 3
AM 14 Emilio Salvatori Catrallo Calcio 28 14 1 2
AM 22 Alberto Sgarbi Virtus Redoccio 22 1 0 0
ST 20 Orazio Canova Rozelle United (BRE) 23 10 5 1
ST 9 Carmine Garofalo Catrallo Calcio 30 21 11 2
ST 15 Romeo Gozzi Robur Astello 26 9 3 0


Those carrying jersey numbers one to eleven are currently expected to start, but manager Renato Di Tane might change his mind along the road. After some years at the helm of Virtus Redoccio, with a title and a Coppa delle Stella on his scroll of honor, he got released over the off-season as the cycle of the squad seemed completed. Di Tane is known to remain in the background, potentially a bit too often to really impact at first sight.Yet, most who worked with him praise his man management, a crucial part in a national team. Tactically, he stands by a fairly cautious approach, even more considering the limited prowess of his squad at the international scene.

Despite its short, and some with even say non-existing, history, the San Ortelian team do can tell an adventure or two already. The main team warmed up through a series of three friendlies against Tikariot and Juvencus respectively, the latter being their foe in the Coppa Odiol. This tournament, sponsored by the ever-expanding shipping manufacturer with the same name, offered an opportunity for Di Tane to test the waters and explore the depth of his squad. The World Cup qualifiers confirmed that there are some options – although a few positions are less well guarded. For the international audience, the unexpected success in the Di Bradini Cup, edging out Græntfjall in a close final, might be the most notable result achieved. At least, the San Ortelio Confederatione Calcio Extra-Regionale hopes that the San Ortelian title run will be remembered and not that the U21 manager assaulted three of his players in an attempted murder. Let's try and forget that, shall we? Nonetheless, it is no surprise that four players of that line-up have been added to the squad for the qualifiers although only one (Cappa) seems close to a starting spot.

Di Tane fields a 5-4-1 that is less defensive than it sounds in the first place - but only marginally. The spot between the stakes is for Enrico Lanzafame, a quiet force and a man with excellent reflexes who will be crucial in the destiny of this team. His position is undisputed, even if he can be caught out on a cross and is not exactly the most vocal one. With Evacuo, there is a proper back-up available when required whilst Pino probably made the squad for his capacity for joke-telling rather than his footballing skills. His inclusion in the longlist over youngsters such as Burrai did not go down too well with everyone, one of the very few cases where the selection from Di Tane got questioned, we must add.

The defensive compartment relies on a fairly limited list of options, but those included should be sufficient for a proper partnership. Salvatore Moscati, a widely respected veteran, should be the central man of this with Mazziero and Lucarelli by his side. All three do represent the same type: physically astute, tactically shrewd and with enough experience to outwit more talented opponents. Of them, Mazziero might be the best allrounder, whilst Moscati owns a better crosspass than he gets credited for and Lucarelli adds a bit of speed - but that is missing a bit in that static trio. At the moment, they keep upcoming talent Castorani on the bench but it will be a matter of time before this more modern but not flawless youngster nicks one of their spots. Wing defender, whilst important in the tactical ploy, is a bottleneck occupation but the two starters make the bar. Rota is short enough to have the 'the grass must tickle you in your armpits' jokes but he's got character and speeds back and forth without tiring. Luca Curiale will appear a bit less in attack but possesses a better tackle and positioning. The reserves for them are the energetic Moreschini and the fast Gagliano, two driving forces from the DBC squad.

Di Tane currently hopes that a midfield square, rather than a diamond, will work out. For some, this feels like an itchy compromise whilst others praise the balance. Confalonieri is reputed for taking no prisoners and can police a midfield whilst Di Masi possesses a better infiltration, ensuring some remarkably strong stats for a player in his position. Once more, the understudies here has been derived from the DBC squad in Domenico Cappa, putting quite some pressure on Di Masi for the starting spot. The attack duo of the midfield is quite a pairing. Gianmarco Del Prete, often going by La Leggenda in the domestic press, is the posterboy of the selection with his free kicks and exceptional vision guiding ditto passes, but will have to share the limelight with a second attacking midfield. That could be Salvatori, a less flamboyant but more infiltrating version of the classical number ten, or the industrious and elegant Giacomo Favaro who comes of a strong domestic season. The bench contains a wild variety of players that allow to diversify tactically: young Sgarbi is, in a way, the sole winger although Agostinone can play any attacking midfield role. Buglia, on the other hand, is a genuine box-to-box who adds stamina to the line-up but also some assists.

In theory, this leaves one sole spot for a striker, so many players needed to be disappointed: Pambianco (the Sportiva allrounder), Spadoni (a quality poacher) and Saligari (the architype of the targetman) among others. Still, no one will dispute that Carmine Garofalo can be the sole starter. Coming off a forty-goal season, this bulky forward scores from every angle and can really weigh in on a defense - although he's not used to flying sole, his connection with Del Prete should allow San Ortelio to score. The alternative, Canova, ain't halfbad either. Whilst not as powerful as his teammate, he is notorious for turning half a metre of space into a shot on goal. Last but not least, there is Romeo Gozzi, an ace up the sleeve. Talented, a cannon in legs that are disguised by the moves of a dancer, but equally notorious for his goals as for falling out with any authority figure.



MD1 - San Ortelio vs Jeruselem
MD 2 - San Ortelio vs Netop
MD 3 - Xanneria vs San Ortelio

All home games are held in 'Il Olimpico' (9000 seats). Not that that matters for a Cup of Harmony


All Time Stats

Official Confrontations     23 (10 W – 7 D – 6 L)
Goalscoring Record +9 (34 vs 25)

Home Record GD 0 (5 W – 2 D – 5 L)
Road Record GD 9 (5 W – 5 D – 1 L)

Most games played 23 (Moscati & Del Prete)
Most goals scored 11 (Carmine Garofalo)

Biggest Win Sannyamathland 0-3 San Ortelio
Strongest Win Mercedini 1-2 San Ortelio
Biggest Loss San Ortelio 2-4 Baker Park

Rivalries Juvencus & Tikariot

RP Permissions

Thou shall praise the organizing FAs as if they were thee
Especially as they value our modifier as minus three
Thou shall choose our goalscorer as thou chooseth thine
And to godmod their scores will be considered fine
Thou can describe a players injury and pain
But from ending their careers, please refrain
Thou can prefer the referee to show the yellow card
Accepting a red, up until two, I will not discard
Thou shall describe as light blue our shorts and our socks
But remember to never covet thy neighbour's ox
And if thou want to godmod, please be our guest
Don't hesitate to TG if we can assist thou quest
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Name: TJUN-ia
Trigram: TJU
Football Association: FA-TJUN-ia
Nickname: Jaguars (official)/Jags (short form)/Blue and Orange (commonly-used informal)/Draw Masters (satirical)/Team Nothing (the truth)
WCC Ranking: 43rd (18.09 KPB)

Manager: David Seems (JB TJUN-ia, 37)
Assistant Manager: Li Xiu Ying (CEA, 29)
Formation: 4-3-3
Style Modifier: +1.5
Free KIcks: Pedro Vasquez
Corners: David Johnson (R)/ Pedro Vasquez (L)
Position: Name (Number, Age, Current Region of Residence, Club Side [if applicable])

GK: Harold Gylfisson (#1, 27, NAU, Port James Athletic, Schottia) (VC)
LB: Aron McKenna (#2, 26, UO, Shamrock Cathair, Audioslavia)
CB: Mohammad Kallah (#3, 27, ArU, Dursten Easterners, Xannaria)
CB: Nicolas Umkala (#13, 28, AU, Ratzupalfu Rhinos, South Newlandia)
RB: Jeff Donaldson (#4, 29, JB TJUN-ia, King's Park, Schottia) (C)
LM: Pedro Vasquez (#7, 28, UAC, Kohnhead City FC, Kohnhead)
CAM: Peliniho (#8, 27, UAS, Royal Arupura, Eraman)
RM: David Johnson (#9, 25, CU, Jecken Newport, South Newlandia)
ST: Vladimir Podolov (#10, 26, CSTO, Inland Peaks, Vilita and Turori)
ST: Joe Green (#11, 26, NAU, Ausharmuj Marusi, Farfadillis)
ST: Kepo Ulawaya (#18, 26, AU, Straudum VV, Ko-oren)

SUBSTITUTES (Blue indicates a former Galarian, Bold indicates players with U21 experience)

Tier 1
GK: David N'kude (#12, 24, AU, Turoki Tide, Vilita and Turori)
GK: Maximilian Robertson (#19, 23, JB TJUN-ia, Ratzupalfu Rhinos, South Newlandia)
LB: Leighton Labe (#23, 25, JB TJUN-ia, Luton City United, Murphtannia)
CB: Axel Pearson (#21, 25, JB TJUN-ia, Walstreim Lions, South Newlandia)
CB: Mohammad Malsharma (#30, 23, ArU, Mancodas City, Poafmersia)
RB: Orion Reynolds (#20, 24, NAU, Leicester Village, Murphtannia)
LM: Preston Chapman (#26, 25, NAU, Tikariot City FC, Tikariot)
LM: Nick James (#16, 28, JB TJUN-ia, Oriannor Mountaineers FC, Tikariot)
RM: Ruben Gibson (#25, 25, UO, Ruditown Guards, South Newlandia)
CAM: Prince Carter (#28, 24, JB TJUN-ia, Branvon CD, Ko-oren)
ST: Carlos Pique (#17, 25, NAU, Luton City United, Murphtannia)
ST: Archer Andrews (#29, 24, JB TJUN-ia, Shamrock Cathair, Audioslavia)

Tier 2
LB: Peter von Krjker (#32, 22, NAU, Real Gardaresso, Tequilo)
CB: Nico Aquinio (#14, 27, UAC, Bikarish, Poafmersia)
CB: Percy Pearson (#22, 25, JB TJUN-ia, AFC Brentford United, Murphtannia)
LM: Marshall Barry (#24, 25, AU, Bikarish, Poafmersia)
LM: Manu Kepelewako (#31, 23, UO, Hanai Breakers, Chromatika)
RM: Mason Watts (#27, 26, NAU, Veriasod Lakers FC, Tikariot)
RM: Vijay Palalele (#5, 27, UO, Dalaris City, Poafmersia)
CM: Pedro dos Santos (#15, 27, UAS, Kistina Galaxy, Poafmersia)
CM: Kim Won-an (#6, 26, CEA, Luton City United, Murphtannia)


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
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4th: WBC50, IBC31
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Ro16: BoF71, CoH77, WBC49, IACX, IAC11, DBC49, WCoH42, DBC50
Ro32: CoH78, CoH79
Other: Bowl Winners (AVBF6)
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing: #07 Michael Stefan (2 Wins)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/3 T2 Wins)
WGPC: #11 Lane Carter/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar
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UN - You all know what this is (U1)
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Postby Graintfjall » Thu Feb 04, 2021 9:19 am

Different RP angle for this cup. You are free to ignore this plotline entirely, in which case basic football roster details can be found at the bottom of this post.

Jason Þórhallursson was leaning against the vintage car, parked outside the Knattspyrnusamband Græntfjalls. He was a recognizable figure, and every few minutes someone would approach and ask for an autograph or selfie. He obliged each request while never letting up his steady gaze, focussed on the doors opposite. Not that such concentration was strictly needed: when Kalle Bjørnsson appeared, he loomed with such presence as to partially blot out the sun. A flock of pigeons pecking at some KG officio’s discarded lunch took to flight as the ground rumbled beneath them. Kalle ripped off his tie – in order to fit around his neck, it was long enough that it could have been used to rope in cattle – with such ferocity that Jason knew before he even spoke that it was going to be bad news. Kalle’s face was thunderous. Not especially pleasant to look at even when he was in a good mood, when twisted up his rage his features took on something resembling the proportions of the gargoyles adoring the Basilika Sankt Jakob, except slightly more monstrous and rock-hewn. Jason quailed slightly.

“Suspended! Whole Cup!”

“I’m sorry, man.” The two had become good friends since shipping out to Banija to play in the S-FPL. Jason risked reaching out to pat Kalle’s shoulder; it felt like stroking a boulder of particularly tough granite.

“Grrr stonks!”

‘Stonks’ weren’t really the source of Kalle’s trouble; he’d been suspended for accessing his phone in the changing room in violation of anti-corruption rules. The GræntMop frenzy was merely the window-dressing context that had added the sensationalism, the prospect of a man who struggled to count to 1 being the mastermind of a citizen-led financial uprising. Jason had glanced at the papers this morning; as anyone capable of counting past 1 had predicted, the retail investors were now losing their shirts en masse. He’d guessed that KG wouldn’t want to be seen being lenient on a millionaire footballer while day traders were losing their life savings, and so it had proved. Still, he felt sorry for Kalle, who truly hadn’t done anything terribly wrong (and the terribly wrong things he did to people’s legs/faces/organs on the football field were already priced in as part of his job).

“Yeah buddy, grrr stonks. Wanna go get a beer?”

“Kalle like beer.” He smiled. And Jason was reminded that that was an even more horrifying sight than him frowning.

“…I really don’t know, I stopped counting after the third keg. One.”

Tom Ernestisson dealt Jason the card, then turned to Eiríka Jonathansdóttir, who, after squinting sideways at her hand in the hope a flush might appear if she made the diamonds and hearts really blurry, relented, and folded. Jade Miansdóttir and Justiina Dannysdóttir had folded already. It just left Álfar Ásvaldursson in. He studied his cards for a moment, then raised the stake, sliding a chip into the pile.

“Poor Kalle.” Amanda Guttisdóttir had folded early, but she liked sitting in and sharing in the stories. “He really wanted to be here.”

“The only one who did.”

Christian Einvarðursson’s grumpy interjection had the ring of truth to it. The Cup of Harmony wasn’t exactly a tournament anyone wanted to be in. The Snow Wolves themselves had bitter memories of the last time, the injuries, the off-field drama, the humiliating dumping out in the first playoff stage. And even more bitter memories of the more recent string of games that had seen them end up here, listless 0 – 0 draws against Sett Forest and Pluvia to saddle them with a third place finish. While the rest of the world had treated the qualifying spot as Nephara’s divine right, for a brief, happy few moments hope had flourished in the Græntfjall camp. Only to be extinguished.

“We should get the Cup of Harmony for him. That’d cheer him up.”

The others exchanged side glances. Jason had always had ideas above his station.

“That’s a … nice idea. But I think winning the Cup of Harmony might be a bit beyond us, with how stacked the entry field is.”

“Last time we made it as far as the Round of 32. Kind of a jump to winning the whole thing, no?”

Jason casually glanced at his cards once more, then pushed a handful of chips into the pile. Álfar wrinkled his brow as the others awaited his response. He had those three queens, but they were all different suits, so that probably wasn’t very good. And the two aces were no help, aces were only worth 1 point. What a terrible hand! He shook his head and threw down his cards in disgust.

As Jason hauled the mass of chips towards him, Amanda leaned in and cheekily flipped over his hand. 4 of clubs, 7 of diamonds, high card was a single 8 of hearts. She groaned, as Jason grinned.

“Who said anything about winning it?”

Exciting intro music plays

Voiceover: “This summer…”

During the voiceover, there’s a kaleidoscopic slideshow of images and clips, including: blueprints of the Cassadagan/Kalactinian stadiums…

“… inspired by true events …”

…the Snow Wolves XI in business suits and evening gowns, with dark glasses…

“… the motion picture event of the year …”

…Sara performing insane ball-control tricks and then Sara abseiling down a skyscraper…

“… the story of the plot to steal the Cup of Harmony …”

…Amanda striking a scorching free-kick, smash cut to Amanda cuing up a sniper rifle on a blustery building top…

“… from the team that brought you a dozen other half-baked RP ideas …”

…Jason scoring a thumping header from a corner, the shot dissolving into him winning a game of craps in a casino while Emeli glides past in an elegant dress and slips a vial of liquid into the glass of a nearby high-roller…

“… in what critics are calling “a sensation”, “a tour de force”, and “an inexplicable rip-off of a movie that is already twenty years old, itself a remake with two increasingly inane sequels and another failed soft reboot” …”

…paparazzi swarming around the players as they exit limos, fade out to crash main title:

Bjørnsson’s Eleven

Extra detail in my WC roster

RP permissions:
Y to goals, cards, sporting events, minor injuries
N to major injuries, violence, saying unedited photographs represent my characters
If unsure just ask
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Gyatso-kai National Team ROSTER

Postby Gyatso-kai » Thu Feb 04, 2021 9:54 am

Gyatso-kai Men's National Football Team,
Kaihaiyáng Guójia Zúqiú Duì
Gyats'kai Tsad droten Taab’rugam

Official Name: Gyatso-kai Men’s National Football Team
凯海洋国家足球队 (Kaihaiyáng Guójia Guójia Zúqiú Duì)
Gyats'kai Tsad droten Taab’rugam
Official Nation Name: The Avatarian Republics of Gyatso-kai
凯海洋降世神通共和国 (Kaihaiyáng Jiàngshì Shéntong Gònghéguó)
Tsad Gyats'kai Jettise
Country Code: GKI
Officiating League: The Republic Premier Football League (RPFL)
Founded: 1876 (228 AKy)
Regional Officiating Body: The Atlantian Oceania Confederation of Association Football (AOCAF)
Year of Membership: 2019.2 (63 AAg)
Record (Post Silence):
World Cup: 29-16-35 (WDL)
AOCAF Cup: 8-6-15 (WDL)
Titles: 0 (Twelve World Cup Appearance)
Rank: 109th (After WC 85)
Nickname: Bisons

After what has arguably been the most successful football campaign since the return from The Silence, the Bisons of Gyatso-kai managed to put up an 11-2-5 record, finishing in Third Place in Group 7 with 35 points. However, being four points shy of Poafmersia – who we had been defeated by in both legs of the tournament 4-3 and 4-2 – means the Bisons do not qualify for the World Cup Proper.


The Seventy-Ninth Edition of the Cup of Harmony has graciously sent our nation an invitation, and with the host nations being one of sport’s most legendary nations and a regional neighbor, the National Sports Council could not pass up the opportunity to keep the “Tay’haai Experiment” going on for a bit longer.

With the momentum of a four-game winning streak, the Bisons look to redeem themselves from their last Cup of Harmony appearance; going 1-1-3 and bottoming out their group. It’s a hard life for the Bisons, however, with so much improvement this cycle, one has to wonder if perhapsd we have turned a new leaf, and if Head Coach Kad’e Tay’haai has truly reached his form when it comes to what he can do with this team.

The Roster
When RP'ing, the name of my players in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS AND BOLD are the player's family names. These are the names on their jersey and the name professional commentators would call out when making observations. Also, do not write the names in all capital letters, as this is somewhat annoying when reading; I just imagine someone reading calmly along then suddenly SHOUTING the player's name. For example, if writing about FENG Shaoli making a long shot, one would write "Feng made a long shot..." as opposed to "FENG made a long shot..." If you have any further questions regarding names, please feel free to telegram me.
Players age ONE YEAR in-between cups.

Starting players will have their names in GREEN type
Alternate players will have their names in BLUE type
Reserve Players will have their names in STANDARD type.
Travelling Players will be in tables.

1- ZHAO Baoli
Height: 187cm - Weight: 84kg – Age: 28 years old - Team: Enceri FC

Withhis first starting tournament having been the somewhat-lackluster AOCAF LXI, Zhao Baoli[/i] has returned as the starting keeper for the Bisons. Fast and agile, as most keepers are, Zhao has a tendency to play medium-range passes incredibly accurately, as opposed to the short-range clears that were made common by Kio’los; this change in style is set to give the Bisons a bit more room to make plays on the offense, breaking up the opponent’s momentum, as well as preventing short-range clears from becoming odd-man rushes on the net. All of this is seen as a welcomed change by Head Coach Tay’haai, as the Bisons move to make their game more offense-driven and rely less and less on good defence to outlast an opponent.

Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: B - Form: A
CAPS: 43 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-62,WC 84-87, CoH 76

[b]22- ARMOK Hikari

Height: 177cm - Weight: 80kg – Age: 27 years old - Team: Southern AFC

Coming off a successful fourth season with Southern AFC, Armok Hikari has continued to develop rather nicely when compared to his style back at his alma mater, University of Omashu. After two rough tournaments, many are hoping to find Armok having moved solidly into his role as backup and shaken off the nerves of his first few caps.

Unlike Zhao and his sniping mid-range clears, Armok tends to favor the long-range kicks out to midpitch so as to clear as much action from the back end as possible. Also, Armok is a much more traditional goalkeeper when compared to the very ball-heavy play styles of the first two men in the corps; he firmly believes that his primary goal is to stop balls from getting to the net, and by clearing out the attacking zone quickly, it gives him a chance to set the team up more defensively as he does tend to hand over possession often, but that allows him to focus on the main job of stopping balls and not worrying about diving out of the box and going for more ‘flashy’ plays.

At just a year younger than Zhao, Armok is comparable in experience on a professional level, and after last World Cup garnishing eight caps for the Bisons, is set to become a fixture on the national team roster for some time so long as he proves to be successful.

Rating: B - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: B
CAPS: 27 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 61-62,[ WC 85-87

44- HAMADA Roshi
Height: 181cm - Weight: 88kg – Age: 21 years old - Team: Royal Fire Nation University

The newest blood to be added to the Goalkeeping Corps, Hamada Roshi is one of the first players to be promoted from the Travelling Corps to the main roster. A young player in his final semester at one of the most prestigious universities in Gyato-kai, it is unlikely that Hamada will ever step foot between the pipes this tournament. However, one can never be certain of what lays beyond tomorrow, and as such, Hamada is preparing for this spot as if he were the starter.

A player who developed an odd style in the Fire Nation, Hamada is known for stepping way in front of the net and attempting to use his physique to stop an offensive player before getting to the ball. Many attribute this odd quirk to Hamada and his twin brother Yoshi having grown up playing ice hockey; whereas Roshi would go on to find his love in football, his brother Yoshi continues to attract scouts on the ice at the University of Kyoko in the Fire Nation. Equally adept at his position as a younger Kio’los, many see Hamada as an eventual stopgate between Zhao/Armok and the next generational keeper for the Bisons.

In World Cup 87, Hamada gained his first start, on Matchday 8 against Socialist New Britain, in which he was able to stop seventeen out of eighteen shots. During the match, Hamada looked comfortable, and seemed to have a grasp of his own skills on the World Cup stage, so expect to see him start at least one game during the Cup of Harmony.
Rating: B- - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: C

Travelling With the Team

Name		Age		Team					Nation              .
PAO Lishin 23 Mando FC Earth
LEE Fendao 19 Academy of South Kibago Mandalore
TSUTSAMA Yen 20 University of Adirolf Fire

As had been done under Vhett, Head Coach Tay’haai has instituted a Travelling Corps so as to bring young and upcoming players along with the Bisons to show them what Multiverse Play is all about. Pao, having been passed up for the promotion to Alternate, has found himself distant from the other keepers on the Travelling Corps; maybe a bit bitter, maybe a bit more driven to one day take Hamada’s spot. Lee is a much younger player, brought in from a developmental academy in KIbago Province, who is somewhat of a star in the Avatarian Soccer circle; having not let in a single goal in three seasons and representing his Academy at the national level. The newest addition, Tsutsama Yen, is a relative newcomer to the multiverse; having a somewhat average season at UA, he came to the National Team tryouts and put up some impressive physical numbers through the Combine, and thus found his way into the third spot.

Left Defenders:
16- TERCAR Shuajo
Height: 180cm - Weight: 84kg – Age: 23 years old - Team: Mando FC

Auranaq Itawaku, “The Beast of the North” has decided to hang up his jersey for the last time, and with his departure, there are no players on The Bisons from before The Silence. In his place, a somewhat smaller Mandalorian finds himself on the left side of the pitch.

Tercar Shuajo, who signed a four-year contract with Mando FC after graduating from Northern University, has added 8kg to his frame in muscle, yet still retains his speed. A very quick and agile defender, Tercar uses his feet and agility to outmaneuver most other players instead of relying on sheer mass to take away a ball, a tactic he learned from pairing with Itawaku during exhibition games prior to World Cup 86.

Unfortunately for Tercar, a high ankle strain ended his World Cup 87 campaign against Southwest Eastnorth in the second leg of the tournament, however it is expected to see Tercar starting when the Cup of Harmony commences.
Rating: B- - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: C
CAPS: 40 :: GOALS: 1 :: TOURN. PLAYED: WC 86-87, AOCAF 62

12- PAM Kai
Height: 183cm - Weight: 86kg – Age: 24 years old - Team: Senlin Timbers

Formerly the backup to the Beast of the North, Pam Kai spent five tournaments in the shadow of Itawaku, hoping to one day earn the starting spot from him or to replace him. However, at the tryout camp, it was Tercar Shuajo who shined, and received the Starting Spike from Tay’haai. Following another lackluster season in Senlin, Pam has shown himself to be a perennial backup defender; though this time, he has been kicked out of the limelight by a former classmate and teammate of his from Northern University… One has to wonder how that will play out during the tournament.

Luckily for Pam Kai, the high ankle strain of Tercar Shuajo meant more games than usual for the perennial back-up, which only strengthen his own push for a spot on the Starting Eleven. Of course, the two goals he scored while serving as a replacement for Tercar might just add a bit more shine to his allure... only time will tell.

Rating: B+ - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: A
CAPS: 34 :: GOALS: 5 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59, 62,WC 84-87

26 – Khánh KA’LOMI
Height: 190cm - Weight: 94kg – Age: 20 years old - Team: Island FC

A young Southern Watertribesman who signed a professional contract with Island FC at just 20-years-of-age, Khánh Ka’lomi is already making waves in the Avatarian sports community. With an impressive size for such a young player, many see him as the next Itawaku, and some have already started calling him “The Beast of the South”. In his first season at Island FC, Ka’lomi put up impressive numbers for a defencemen; ending his season with the highest involvement in goals by a defender with 2 goal and 7 assists to go with 6 clean sheets. Given the way the Bisons have been playing in tournaments prior, don’t expect Ka’lomi to find himself sitting in the press box too much, with a late series call-up likely should Pam or Tercar start to tire or fail to produce.

Having yet to play a game since AOCAF 62, Ka’lomi has continued to develop both while travelling and in his league play. During World Cup 87, Ka’lomi spent most of practices with Tercar, with the more agile elder imparting what he learned from the “Beast of the North” to the younger Ka’lomi. Given the age difference in the left defenders, it is likely should Ka’lomi gain any caps in the Cup of Harmony, it will likely be in the center or even on the right.
Rating: B- - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: C

Central Defenders
5- HASHIMOTO Isamiru
Height: 178cm - Weight: 75kg – Age: 31 years old - Team: Ba Sing Se UNITED

One of the most highly-rated player for the Bison defence, Hashimoto Isamiru, or “Hashi” as he is loving called by fans, has shown himself to be a very valuable asset to the team. A strong defensive player who often falls in to a full-back position, Hashimoto has made great strides in improving his passing and marking skills since he was traded to Ba Sing Se UNITED from Keldabe FC after a very disappointing season which saw Kelabe not advance to the playoffs for the first time in five years.

Only getting seven starts during World Cup 87 due to a nagging left hamstring strain, Hashimoto is set to start in the Cup of Harmony, while many feel it may be best for him to rest and potentially sit the tournament out. Uthan A’den has already shown his ability to lead the defense, and with younger Ganham Ri’om chomping at the bit to gain some starts, it may be best for ol’Hashi to take a mentoring role this tournament.
Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: A
CAPS: 84 :: GOALS: 13 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-62,WC 84-87, CoH 76

15- UTHAN A’den
Height: 185cm - Weight: 83kg – Age: 24 years old - Team: FC She Pass

A large and physically imposing player, Uthan A’den does not play a very physical game like Auranaq or Hashimoto, but instead proves himself to be one of the fastest players on the team; one who uses that speed to outpace and overtake many of his opponents. Less prove to tackle and trip, and more likely to simply run up from behind and steal the ball mid-dribble, expect to see Uthan engaging opponents closer to the net than you will be comfortable with from previous Bisons campaigns.
Rating: A- - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A - Form: A
CAPS: 84 :: GOALS: 16 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59- 62,WC 84-87, CoH 76

15- Ganham Ri’om
Height: 175cm - Weight: 70kg – Age: 25 years old - Team: Concord Dusk AFC

Though not as fast as Uthan, Ganham Ri’om is a full-back more focused on the offence, who uses his skill with the ball to often drive the offence from the backfield. Though Ganham can have some minor difficulties when tasked with defence (given that he played his entire career at Hatsu State as a offensive midfielder before switching to defence when drafted), he is a very dedicated player and works hard to improve where he knows there are weakness.
Rating: B+ - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A - Form: B
CAPS: 29 :: GOALS: 6 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-60, 62,WC 84-87

Right Defenders:

3- SOMCHAI Kikwan
Height: 187cm - Weight: 83kg – Age: 31 years old - Team: Itakawai City

While certainly not the oldest player in the defence, Somchai Kikwan does serve as the counterpoint to Uthan’s youthful excitement. Having graduated from Kyoshi State, Somchai is very familiar to the style of play Uthan is used to, and the two of them communicate very well on the side of the field. Very adept at playing the middle of the field, when pushed to the right side, Somchai is quick to adapt and has the endurance and stamina to keep up with the demands.

Having made his multiverse debut in World Cup 85, Somchai has continued to play through a nagging lower body injury. While he has shown signs of improvement – as well as the additional reports of him seeing a Northern Healer for therapy, he continues to play a On-Off schedule; starting one game, resting the next. Many felt he should be taken out of the starting line-up, however, after being the only player to score in four of the Bisons’ five World Cup 86 victories he seems to have garnished a bit of faith from the ASPN team of commentators.

In World Cup 87, Somchai continued to improve over previous campaigns; securing three game-winning goals in the tournament, as well as taking an assistant leadership role to support Uthan in the absence of Hashimoto. Unfortunately, in the early games of the tournament, back spasms had plagued Somchain of some great starting games against lower-ranked opponents; however, it is reported that he will be back to 100% by the start of the Cup of Harmony.

Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: A
CAPS: 38 :: GOALS: 14 :: TOURN. PLAYED: WC 85-86, AOCAF 62

23- HUANG Aodhán
Height: 183cm - Weight: 84kg – Age: 25 years old - Team: Makapu ERUPT

With Mi’rez Yiman retiring, Huang Aodhán would find himself moving up on the list of right defenders. Signed onto a Taap-A team right out of college, Huang was quick to mature and found his way onto the Makapu ERUPT just two season ago. A quick study, he adapted well to his new team and soon made it to their starting eleven. Huang is a natural athlete, with impressive speed and stamina to match, and we can expect to see that natural athleticism on display as the tournament wears on and fatigue sets into the Starting Eleven.

Gaining a few starts thanks to Hashimoto’s injury, Huang is likely to return to his perennial role as reserve going into the Cup of Harmony… A shame considering his talent. However, should Hashimoto or Somchai be in need of rest or replacement, expect to see Huang sliding up to fill in the void.
Rating: C – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: C
CAPS: 21:: GOALS: 1 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 60-62, WC 84-87

15 – Tarou ADEEN
Height: 189cm - Weight: 90kg – Age: 21 years old - Team: Royal Flames

With the retirement of a couple of the Bisons’ core defenders, the Travelling Corps has produced another potential feature player in the form of Tarou Adeen. A product of both the Royal Fire Developmental Programs as well as serving under the tutelage of Fujimoto Zhong at Omashu State, Adeen is sure to see his number called in future tournaments. Much like his counterpart on the left, Tay’haai seems to be wanting to bring size into the game; Adeen stands at just under 190cm and weighs a little under 90kg. Combine that size with his speed and vision on the pitch, and you have a defender who can knock an opponent off course and redirect a ball to a forward without even lifting his head from his target. As with others in the lower levels of the team, expect to see Adeen as the tournament progresses.
Rating: C – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: C
CAPS: 0:: GOALS: N/A :: TOURN. PLAYED: **None**

Travelling With the Team

Position	Name		Age		School				Nation                |
RD KATO Zhao Ling 21 Enceri State University Mandalorian
RD YAMADA Goro 20 Republic City State University Fire
CD ZHOU Hiroto 20 Kibago University Earth

The Travelling Corps for Defense is a mixed group of under-21s who are all potential future Bisons. Kato, from Enceri, is coming off a All-Star season in the Southern Islands Conference, having been credited with the most goals by any defenseman in season. Yamada stays on the travelling squad, while his future linemate Ka’lomi was called up; though you can expect to see Yamada in the future should he continue to show promise in his last semester at RCSU. Zhou, still riding the high of his previous season at Kibago, looks to repeat his selection to the Coaches Poll All-Star team with another resounding performance.

Defensive Midfielders:

Height: 178cm - Weight: 76kg – Age: 34 years old - Team: Northern AFC

A strong defensive midfielder. Takahashi Hikaru’s strength lies in his kicks; easily able to send a ball soaring across the pitch with surprising accuracy, Takahashi is known for feeding the ball to the strikers and catching many opposing defences off-guard. He often has great vision, and he is easily able to read the play and can adapt accordingly.

Now, Takahashi has to step into a new role, as the oldest player on the team. With the retirement of so many of his fellow over-30 players, some feel the pressure is on Takahashi to produce more in this lengthened tournament, or find himself warming the bench while the young ones sharpen their teeth.

Just two caps shy of his century, Takahashi has said in media interviews that he is looking forward to starting in the Cup of Harmony and becoming the first player in the Post-Silence Era to reach 100 caps. Close on his heels is Dag’da Skirata, though thanks to an ankle strain the meant missing the final game of World Cup 87, Takahashi will likely reach the milestone first.

Rating: S – Team Relationship: S – Morale: A – Form: A
CAPS: 98 :: GOALS: 29 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-62,WC 84-87, CoH 76

6- MA Haijiang
Height: 187cm - Weight: 85kg – Age: 31 years old - Team: Northern AFC

Head Coach Tay’haai made the unusual selection of having both of his defensive midfielders come from the same team, for reasons most can ascertain. A proven veteran on the pitch, Ma Haijiang complements Takahashi’s strong kicks and accuracy with the speed to overcome most opponents; if he can not strike a ball deep, Takahashi will often send a volley up to Ma who will then run it into the offensive zone before lasering the ball to an open forward. Expect to see either Ma or Takahashi in the assist column for plenty of goals.

Though, now with both players into their 30s, and many calling for younger blood to take the reigns, one has to wonder how much longer the ‘Northern Duo’ will continue to play together… or worse, who will be the first to retire…
Rating: A- – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 94 :: GOALS: 20 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-61,WC 84-87, CoH 76

17- YOSHIDA Arata
Height: 177cm - Weight: 80kg – Age: 28 years old - Team: Royal Flames

Yoshida Arata is a dedicated player who has worked incredibly hard to make his way to the national team; having spent several months training with one of the greatest Avatarian midfielders to ever play the game, Bralor Kotyc’e. Time spent with Bralor has proven to greatly improve his game, seeing Yoshida climb up the ranks during the Trials for the national team.

Though, Yoshida is not a player you will often notice. He is not one for showboating, and very rarely makes a goal or garnishes an assist. Instead, he focuses his time on the pitch by setting up the offense for a great pass, a decisive tackle that often swings the game’s momentum, or just being able to intercept the ball at the most opportune time. One of the best midfielders in the Southern Conference of the RPFL, Yoshida is sure to see time on the pitch by relieving Takahashi or Ma in the later games of the competition.

Rating: B+ – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: B
CAPS: 42 :: GOALS: 4 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59, 60, 62,WC 84-87

Neutral Midfielders:

Height: 183cm - Weight: 84kg – Age: 31 years old - Team: Senlin Timbers

An extremely technical midfielder, Hisakawa Si Woo is not one to shy away from trying for goals. More adept at reading the play and setting up his forwards, Hisakawa is a bit more impatient than one would like, and he possesses the speed and agility to run through a good defence and find the back of the net on occasion. He is also the only player on the Bisons who is currently unsigned; his contract with the Taap-A team Omashu Athletic ended after AOCAF LX, and with nothing really to showcase his worth, Omashu Athletic chose to not sign Hisakawa; a fact that has certainly hurt his morale going into the last World Cup. However, an impressive showing, including four goals at WC 85, saw Hisakawa sign a two-year contract with the Senlin Timbers just days after the completion of the group stage.
Rating: B+ – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 67 :: GOALS: 15 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-62,WC 84, 86-87, CoH 76

Attacking Midfielders:

8- YU Shichiro
Height: 183cm - Weight: 85kg – Age: 26 years old - Team: Keldabe FC

With a very offensive-minded footballing style, Yu Shichiro works as the last link between the midfield and the offence. Much like Hisakawa, Yu has been known to even advance from the midfield to score quite a few key goals in pivotal games, including the 2019.2 Ve’vut Cup winning goal against Concord Dusk AFC. He has a powerful long shot and is exceptional at heading, both of which are aided by his height. However, as skilled as he is in offense, Yu still prefers to pass the ball up to forwards for an assist in a goal as opposed to being the star player.
Rating: A- – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 65 :: GOALS: 6 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-62,WC 84-87

11- GUANYU Jun
Height: 185cm - Weight: 81kg – Age: 24 years old - Team: Omashu Athletic (Taap-A)
A very creative midfielder, Guanyu Jun is very capable of making plays on the fly; with great vision and quick feet, he often can set up his forwards for a great goal or keep the ball moving through the middle. Though having graduated from Heibai University right after AOCAF 59, Guanyu, who managed to only appear in a single game during that AOCAF, started in the next two World Cups as well as AOCAF 60, before being knocked off his starting position by Yu Shichiro going into AOCAF 61. Now, with World Cup 87 on the horizon, who knows how that will play out for the only player on the team who does not play for the premier league in Gyatso-kai. Many would like to see Guanyu gain more time on the pitch, seeing as how he is more of a playmaker than Yu and a bit more skilled despite being three years his junior…

Rating: B+ – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 30 :: GOALS: 5 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59, 60,WC 84-85

14 – Fei’kao SONG
Height: 185cm - Weight: 81kg – Age: 23 years old - Team: FC Mando

Relatively young when compared to his teammates, Fei’kao Song chose to forgo his collegiate career, getting drafted by FC Mando the day before his twentieth birthday. Despite all the fanfare of his first season behind him, Song has not had a promising start to his sophomore season. Given his still-developing skills in midfield, his is seen as a comparatively weak player and often spends more time with the coaching staff than other more-seasoned players. Song, much like Hisakawa, is a technical player by nature whose greatest asset is not in his aim or power, but in the art of dribbling which he uses at every opportunity. While more prone to provide assists on plays as opposed to goals, Song has proven himself through Trials to Tay’haai and earned a spot on the National Team, albeit in a reserve position.

Making his first cap World Cup appearance in the final two games of the campaign, Fei’kao was able to show off his technical ability, and has been deemed a worthy successor should either of the ‘Old Guards’ in the midfield decide to hang up their kit.

Rating: B- – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: C
CAPS: 4 :: GOALS: N/A :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 60, CoH 76, WC 87

Travelling With the Team

Position	Name			Age		School					Nation
DM INOUE Anernerk 23 Uni. of the Northern Tribes Water
DM Kal ITOWA 23 Uni. of the Southern Tribes Water
NM Penlu SAITO 20 Chomain State Academy Fire
OM SHAO Mi’ka 22 Univeristy of Kibago Water
OM DIK Up’lis 21 Omashu State University Earth

Mostly comprised of Water Tribesmen, the Midfield Travelling Corps is a grabbag of talent. From the University of the Northern Tribes come home-grown Inoue Anernerk, who at just like his father, the famed Inoue Kuruk, completed back-to-back double-digit scoring seasons in his last two seasons of college; impressive for a man who is supposed to be on the defensive midfield. From UST, Kal Itowa mirrors the success of Inoue, though a career less filled with goals and more with assists. Penlu Saito, a young player from the developmental Chomain State Academy, hopes to see a professional contract within the year, and with such a great season in the ADFL, you can be sure he will at least entertain some good offers. Out of the University of Kibago, Shao Mi’ka is a relatively quiet player who has had offers from both Gaoling Union and Senlin Timbers. Dik Up’lis rounds out the Travelling Corps, bringing from Omashu State a drive for excellence many teams would love to have, even if it comes with a bit more maturing to be fostered.

9 - Dag’da SKIRATA
Height: 185cm - Weight: 85kg – Age: 23 years old - Team: University of Adirolf

From the fabled and illustrious Skirata family, Dag’da Skirata continues to show why the Skirata’s are the most famous Avatarian family in sports; from his grandfather Kad coaching the Men’s National Ice Hockey Team to his father A’den’s 59 goals in 190 caps for the Bisons, Dag’da has some massive shoes to fill. Though his youthful energy often times shows itself in classic mistakes, Skirata is able to power his way through many the defender and be it by foot or by head, he finds the net more often than not. In his first season with the Adirolf Gators, A’den went for 19 goals in 10 caps, including the last game before AOCAF where he received his first hattrick in a stellar 4-0 victory of their rivals from Adirolf State.

Rating: S – Team Relationship: S – Morale: S – Form: A
CAPS: 97 :: GOALS: 43 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-62,WC 84-87, CoH 76

10 - SONG Kaoru
Height: 178cm - Weight: 74kg – Age: 26 years old - Team: FC Mando

Much like Skirata, Song Kaoru comes from a sports-centric family; with his father a coach in the RPFL, his mother a third-line winger for the Ice Bisons and his younger brother the star goalkeeper for Itakawai City, fans and critics have come to expect nothing but greatness from Song. They have certainly not been disappointed in domestic play, with Song showing a near-effortless game on the pitch. Dodging defenders as if they were standing still, sniping balls past nets which might as well have been empty, Song has quickly become the media’s favorite player... especially with how he loves to be interviewed.

Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: A
CAPS: 96 :: GOALS: 28 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-62,WC 84-87, CoH 76

21- LI Yuuta
Height: 185cm - Weight: 85kg – Age: 27 years old - Team: Island FC

Older than both of the starting forwards, Li Yuuta also fins himself the oldest member of the Forward Corps. Playing the last five seasons in Island FC, Li has continued to develop as a well-rounded secondary striker; able to shield the ball from the other team and hold them off long enough for either of the Bisons’ primary stikers to get into position for a great shot. Li is very adept at striking himself, having led Island FC in Goals Scored last season.

Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 18 :: GOALS: 1 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59, 60, 62,WC 84-87, CoH 76

19 - KIM Vinh Lành
Height: 185cm - Weight: 80kg – Age: 25 years old - Team: Island FC

A seasoned pivot man through five seasons at Island FC, Kim Vinh Lành is known for his ability to read the pitch and place himself ahead of a ball to bring in an attempt --- even if the pass is terrible --- through his excellent ball-handling skills. Albeit not the most conditioned player, with stamina that often finds him at the back of the pack during running exercises, Kim makes up for his endurance with incredibly fast bursts to the goal.

Rating: B – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: A

Captain: TAKAHASI Hikaru
Vice-Captain: HASHIMOTO Isamiru
Third Captain: MA Haijiang

Kick Takers (in order of ability)
Free kicks: SONG Kaoru
Right corners: GANHAN Ri’om, UTHAN A’den
Left corners: TAKAHASHI Hikaru, UTHAN A’den
Penalties: Dag’da SKIRATA, TAKAHASHI Hikaru, MA Haijiang, GUANYU Jun, HASHIMOTO Isamiru, YU Shichiro, SOMCHAI Kikwan

Head Coach: Kad’e TAY’HAAI
Height: 182cm – Weight: 76kg – Age 59 years old – Team: University of Adirolf, Head Coach

With 253 caps in Multiverse Play, and originally having been dubbed “The Next One” as a player, it only seemed right when Vhett Boba, the esteemed Head Coach of the Natonal Team since World Cup 57, stepped down that Kad’e Tay’haai would step into his boots. After such an illustrious career in football, Tay’haai found himself retiring from the sport in 2016.2 and moving on to become an assistant coach for the University of Adirolf for three cycles, before stepping into the role of Head Coach in 2018.3. While Adirolf has not quite enjoyed great success through the ACSA, it has begun to turn itself around; after boasting their first losing record in 32 years, the Adirolf Gators came out of 2019.2 with a 17-7-0 record and a second place finish in the National Championships.

However, with all of this domestic success, Tay’haai has struggled to convert it to the multiverse. After what was seen by many as a successful run in AOCAF 62, the pressure put on Tay'haai did seem to play off, with the Bisons finishing third overall in their group -- the team's highest finish since The Silence. Not to mention, receiving his second Cup of Harmony invitation as only seemed to prove that the "Tay'haai Experiment" is finally starting to pay off.

Rating: B- - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A - Confidence: C
Tourn. Coached: AOCAF 59-63,WC 84-87, CoH 76

Assistant Coach: WONG Haru
Height: 185cm – Weight: 88kg – Age 48 years old – Team: FC Itakawai, Assistant General Manager

Once a star defender for the Bisons, following his retirement from national and multiverse play, Wong Haru made a name for himself with a brief stint in coaching professionally; first as a Defensive Coach for Solus FC for two years and then FC She Pass for another four. However, when Wakahisa Hikaru – whose infamous knee injury in the championship game for the Republic Chalice brought the nation to tears and ended his professional career – called Wong to bring onboard FC Itakawai when they shifted ownership, it was a call he could not pass up. Being the head coach of one of the RPFL’s best teams for nearly 8 years truly honed his knowledge of the game as well as his abilities to analyze and coach players to greatness. Of course, it was an easy decision for Tay’haai to bring an old teammate on-board to be his assistant coach, who then filled out his coaching staff wth even more veterans of the Bisons...

Rating: B - Team Relationship: A - Morale: B - Confidence: B
Tourn. Coached: AOCAF 59-62,WC 84-87, CoH 76

Coaching Assistants: KUSONAGI Batou, PHAM Vinh Lành, KRYSE Pre (Forwards), NAKAMURA Batou and MAKI LI (Defence), KITA Bai’a, NISHIMURA Kenshin (Goalkeeper)

Head Medical Officer: Doctor FONG Jintao
Height: 190cm – Weight: 82kg – Age 33 years old
Following the retirement of Wen Wuchin after the 85th World Cup, the much-younger Doctor Fong Jintao replaced the “Ol’Doc” as he was so lovingly referred to as by the team. Having served through the Grand Army of the Republic, Doctor Fong is a veritable successor to the Ol’Doc’s history as the last member of the Old Guard – all staff appointed by former-Head Coach and now Director Boba Vhett. When not travelling with the team, Fong carries the rank of Captain, First Class and serves in the 501st Legion in the First Territorial Army, stationed in Republic City; specifically, he is a resident Surgeon within the Third Avatarian Guard, and is seen as a competitor for the soon-to-be-vacated position of Head Assistant Surgeon in the Capital Medical Facility, thanks to another former member of the Old Guard retiring from that post.
Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Confidence: A
Medical Assistants: HU Haicheng, HONG Sujin, LEE Jiabao

Security Chief: Captain AKAAN (RC-4868)
Height: 183cm – Weight: 81kg – Age: 45 years old CHRONOLOGICAL (48 years old BIOLOGICAL)
A clone officer within the Grand Army of the Republic, RC-4868 was appointed Chief of Security for the National Team in 2011.1. Each time the team travels abroad --- so long as he is not engaged in a mission --- RC-4868 is pulled from service and placed into the spotlight of security. He is battle-hardened, having been raised since birth for war and combat, and as such often views these assignments with true boredom. The seven men he brings with him on assignment share the same sentiments of the ‘mission’, however, their ‘unwaivering loyalty’ to the Republic prevents any negative speak during the assignment. Each is a member of the Avatarian Guard, whose sole responsibility is to defend the Avatar at both home and abroad; this protection then extends to all sports teams travelling beyond the borders of the Five Nations.
Rating: A – Strength: A – Tactics: A – Skill: A
Security Assistants: CT-2234, CT-45-9934, CC-8341, CT-2401, CC-75-3341, RC-1346, RC-4321, RC-4555

Age: 73 – Time in the job: 8 Years (31 )

Once the longest serving Head Coach in Avatarian History – with a record spanning 261 games, ten World Cups and multiple other multiverse competitions – it was only right for Vhett to step into the role of President of the Avatarian Leagues of Association Football. Having brought a team from nothing to the quarterfinals in 8 World Cups is not something to look away from, and although his career was tarnished slightly by the final performances of the Bisons – going 5-7-1 in his last World Cup – Vhett is confident that soon glory will be returned to the Avatarian Republics, although initial performances in all seven tournaments to date have been far from promising.
Rating: S - Influence: A - Morale: A - Confidence: A – History: S


For the Seventy-Ninth Edition of the Cup of Harmony, the Bisons will be wearing the same kits as worn in the Eighty-Seventh World Cup.. The THIRD Kit shall be worn whenever the Bisons face off against an Atlantian Oceania regional neighbor, be it home or away.






.:: GROUP O ::.

Matchday 1 (10 February in Brattleboro, CDG) vs ImageBalqia125
Matchday 2 (12 February in Winchester, CDG) at ImageReçueçn17
Matchday 3 (14 February in Grande Mountain, CDG) vs ImageElectrum55

Style: +4.0 out of 5.0
Choose my goal scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events:[\/b] Yes
[b]Injure to my players:
Yes for minor, one-game-out injuries. I will decide and RP any further inactivity for a player caused by your injury.
Godmod injuries: Yes for minor, one-game-out injuries
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes, within reason
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes (1 MAX PER GAME)
Godmod Other Events: Yes, within reason. Please telegram me if you’re in doubt.

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The Avatarian Republic of Gyatso-kai
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Champions: World Cup of Hockey XXIII
Runner-Up: World Junior Hockey Championship III, World Cup of Hockey XXI
Third Place: World Cup of Hockey XV, XVII, XVIII
Qualified: Baptism of Fire 44 (Mangolana Quaterfinals), Cup of Harmony 50 (4th Place), World Cup 59-63, World Cup of Hockey XV-XXVI
Participant: World Women's Hockey Championship I (9th Place), World Cup of Hockey XVI, World Cups 57-63 Qualifying, Republic Cup I, Cup of Harmony 49
Rankings: 5th in Ice Hockey (Before WCoH 21), 22nd in Association Football (after WC 64)

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Postby Kandorith » Thu Feb 04, 2021 10:36 am

Kanyori Football Association:
National Football Team Roster for the 87th World Cup

Nation Name: The Empire of Kandorith/Kanyori
Demonym: Kandorese
Team Nickname: Bushi Narehiko (Lotus Warriors)
First Qualifiers: World Cup 55
First Appearance: World Cup 67
Best Result: Winners CoH 77

(No current new kit)

Style Modifier +3
Formation: adaptive 4-2-3-1

Manager: Akira Watanabe - Age 51
Assistant: Toshi Fujiwara - Age 36

#28. Michinori Tamatsuki - GK - Age 23 - Higashu Frontale
#1. Hideyo Kiyotada - GK - Age 32 - Hayazawa Vissel
#12. Koide Hikomasa - GK - Age 34 - Imakazawa Ravens

#29. Mori Takayama - LB - Age 21 - Imakazawa Ravens
#20. Hideyoshi Takahashi - CB - Age 27 - Hayazawa Vissel
#4. Munemori Miyake - CB - Age 26 - Imakazawa Ravens
#13. Tetsui Hisagushi - RB - Age 26 - Imakazawa Ravens
#6. Fuji Kagetame - CB - Age 27 - Ginza Victory
#5. Ando Masatake - LB - Age 26 - Higaku Antlers

#27. Hiroyuki Kaba - LM - Age 19 - Takamoto
#7. Hiro Tanaka - CM - Age 28 - FC Tenkyo
#21. Kanetoki Hirano - CM - Age 24 - Imakazawa Ravens
#22. Yukitaka Yamaguchi - RM - Age 23 - Ginza Victory
#8. Akio Honda- AM - Age 22 - Hayazawa Vissel
#9. Arihiro Hoshi - AM - Age 29 - Imakazawa Ravens
#10. Takamoto Ishibashi - LM - Age 20 - Higaku Antlers
#17. Yori Hisegawa - RM - Age 23- FC Tenkyo
#18. Hideto Muri - LM - Age 28 - Higashu Frontale
#16. More Tamura - DM - Age 27 - Higaku Antlers

#11. Masada Katano - SC - Age 23 - Higashu Frontale
#23. Akihiko Mikami - SC - Age 22 - Higashu Frontale
#15. Toki Matsuda - SC - Age 27 - Hayazawa Vissel
#19. Hirohiko Nakajima - SC - Age 26 - Hayazawa Vissel

Captain: Hiro Tanaka
Penalty taker: Masada Katano
Corner kick taker: Hiroyuki Kaba
Free kick taker: Akio Honda
Best players: Hideyoshi Takahashi, Akihiko Mikami, Hiro Tanaka and Hiroyuki Kaba


Empress Masumi Stadium at night

The Kandorese team is looking to play a more aggressive football and rely a lot on quick, successive passes and counters. But, when in doubt the team will hold back to eventually mount a mass assault from the midfield positions. The midfield is the most important terrain for this team; this is where the most important and strongest players control the entire play. The strikers for Kandorith are something different, the team has no traditional style strikers but rather extremely fast and pacey runners; who will take their opportunity to run at the goal at any chance they get; while the midfield will close down the area behind them to ensure the team's dominance on the opponent's half.

The midfield is not only the engine behind the team, but also very capable at scoring goals. The strikers are mostly wingers and runners who are supported by a capable and pacey midfielders who all have a talent for finishing. In defense the Kandorese team is cautious and pressure absorbing. The entire team will do their very best to tire out opponents and strike when they are off-balanced with quick and long passes the Kandorese defense can switch to a full-out offense and get the ball in the opponent's half within two passes. Unlike many teams, this team does not have a set formation but more a guideline in what their responsibilities are. According to the philosophy of Kandorese football winning is the responsibility of the entire team, therefore the entire team should be able to play in complete synergy with the rest.

The home stadium for the Kandorese National Team is the Empress Masumi National Stadium, named after the current Empress in honour of her coronation. The rather new stadium is designed as a multi-purpose sports complex with the possibility of completely changing the venue's layout for almost any sport. When the stadium is not used for sports the large complex is used to host concerts, large events and even traditional markets. The Stadium is the home of the Kandorese first division team FC Tenkyo who are one of the "big four" teams of the nation. With a total capacity during football matches of 90,000 attendants the stadium is a symbol for a new era of the Kandorese nation and its people.

==RP Permissions==
Choose Scorers: [Y]
Godmod Goalscoring Events: [Y]
Injure Players: [Y]
Godmod Injury Events: [Y]
Godmod Cards: [Y] (If not outrageous naturally)
Godmod Other Events: [Y] (but make sure to send a TG first)

Great Empire of Kanyori | 大宮来国 | Dai Kanyori Teikoku

| Overview | Constitution | Anthem | Imperial Anthem | Armed Forces | Foreign Affairs | Emperor

Shinonome Kyoai Headlines:
BREAKING NEWS: Incident with unidentified vessel in East Kandorese Sea. ● Restoration of ancient Jisho castle complete.

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KSFB Offisjal Pressesmeudig — KSFB Official Press Release

Postby Saltstead » Thu Feb 04, 2021 10:57 am

The Royal Saltsteadish Football Association proudly presents
Såutsteides näsjonal Footballsplug

Country code: SAL
Nickname: The Stallions (De Hegsten)
National anthem: Risen from Ruins

Notable matches
First international:
Saltstead 0–2 Loynn (Bellator, DRK; BoF 65 matchday 1)
First win: Finland 0–1 Saltstead (Bellator, DRK; BoF 65 matchday 2)
First loss: Saltstead 0–2 Loynn (Bellator, DRK; BoF 65 matchday 1)
First draw: Saltstead 4–4 Acapais (Bellator, DRK; BoF 65 semifinal)
Biggest wins: Makhnovia 0–6 Saltstead (Unknown City, MAK; WCQ 80 matchday 17); Belac 0–6 Saltstead (Unknown City, TBS; WCQ 87 matchday 18)
Biggest loss: Saltstead 0–6 Banija (Ashwell, SAL; WCQ 87 matchday 13)

For all the faults in his first two years at De Näsjonalpark and in spite of his “nations league” squad being blown out by the reigning world champions, World Cup 87 qualification has been the long-awaited rehabilitation of John Nicholas Rosencrants and of Saltsteadish football more generally. But despite unexpectedly finishing just one point behind group runners-up New Lusitania and ahead of third and fourth seeds Jeruselem and Oberour Ar Moro, the failure of several top-tier national teams to qualify for the World Cup finals have muted expectations for the Cup of Harmony. As long as the Stallions advance to the knockout stage, the tournament will be considered a success.

Head coach:
Heir John Nicholas Rosencrants [OME]
Assistant coaches: Heir Thomas de Vricht [OME] and Heir Aleksänder van den Bergen
Fitness coach: Heir Clement Kolen | Medical lead: Frue Annelise Prinsen | Physio: Frue Johanne Angelshus
The grandson of Saltsteadish republican dissidents, Rosencrants played as a forward for the Omerica national team before retiring to coach his hometown club Saint Anne Athletic. Achieving stability at the club and guiding them through an unexpected relegation battle, the Saltsteadish-Omerican’s appointment is seen as providing a safe pair of hands to transition Saltstead back into international football after its unexpected interruption. Rosencrants brings along another Saltsteadish-Omerican in former Omerica midfielder and longtime confidant Thomas de Vricht, while employing native Saltsteader Aleksänder van den Bergen to act as a cultural liaison between the Omerican duo and the rest of the Saltsteadish team structure.

The final twenty-three player squad for the Cup of Harmony consists of fourteen players from the Rabastor Unity Trophy squad and nine from the “nations league” AOCAF, committing to the vastly more successful four-defender-five-midfielder arrangement used by the RUT team.

№1 Heir Robert-Jan van Daal (age 28; Königlik Veelheim)
№12 Frue Christijn Sänt-Andreas (age 22; Cherrygrove City)
№13 Frue Kathrinita Äsħes (age 27; SIS FC)

№2 Heir Micħäl Aurelius (age 22; Sant-Claudie)
№3 Heir Johannes-Peter “Jan-Pijr” Åudenberg (age 21; Ōtachi Åudfort)
№4 Heir Dijter Ackerdiħ (age 22; Königlik Veelheim)
№5 Heir Yorg Handel (age 26; Ōtachi Audfort)
№14 Heir Johan van Tilborg (age 23; Cherrygrove City)
№15 Heir Constantijn Kåler (age 23; Cherrygrove City)
№16 Frue Serena van Middelkamp (age 21; Union Orange)
№17 Frue Catharine de Vriħt (age 27; Cherrygrove City)

№6 Frue Aleksändra “Aleksa” Pascal (age 24; Royal Michaeltown)
№7 Frue Wilheumina “Mina” Ratmaker (age 26; FC Vengelo)
№8 Frue Violeta Igesleven (age 24; Saint George University)
№9 Frue Natasħa Aħterop (age 26; Sħip-in-Straxe FC)
№10 Heir Zacharias van den Slåp (age 24; Cherrygrove City)
№18 Heir Thomas Lions (age 26; Saint George University)
№19 Frue Margaretha Wilheumssen (age 26; Ōtachi Audfort)
№20 Heir Benjamin “Benni” Sħåul (age 24; Grandstrasse)
№21 Heir Nico Joxepħssen (age 24; Cherrygrove City)

№11 Heir Haråud Haråudssen (age 25; Sħip-in-Straxe FC)
№22 Heir Edvard Rothås (age 22; SIS FC)
№23 Heir Reinhard Åubreħtssen (age 24; Ōtachi Åudfort)

Most likely to …:
Jan-Pijr Åudenberg
Be fouled: Zacharias van den Slåp
Be subbed out: Zacharias van den Slåp
Be subbed in: Johan van Tilborg
Shoot: Reinhard Åubreħtssen
Score from close range: Reinhard Åubreħtssen
Score from long range: Zacharias van den Slåp
Attempt the spectacular: Natasħa Aħterop
Player roles:
Catharine de Vriħt
Vice-captain: Robert-Jan van Daal
Second vice-captain: Mina Ratmaker
Left corners: Thomas Lions
Right corners: Natasħa Aħterop
Direct free kicks: Zacharias van den Slåp
Indirect free kicks: Zacharias van den Slåp
Penalty taker: Benni Sħåul

Formation and tactics: (4-5-1)
Lions/Joxepħssen/Pascal . Ratmaker/Wilheumssen . Van den Slåp . Sħåul/Igesleven . Aħterop
De Vriħt/Handel/Kåler . Van Middelkamp/Van Tilborg . Åudenberg/Ackerdiħ . Aurelius
Van Daal/Äsħes/Sänt-Andreas
The default Saltsteadish strategy can be summed up in one phrase: “the best offence is a good defence”. The Stallions play a highly opportunistic attack, lying in wait for an opportunity rather than charging head-on, with possession mostly confined to the midfield. Saltstead prefer to play a passing game in possession, while attempting to pry the ball away from the opposition when not, either by intercepting a pass or tackling players. The Stallions will attempt to frustrate and infuriate the opposition and are unashamed of playing for draws and advancing via penalty shoot-outs.

Kits (Distinctly uni·q)
Primary (De Königsvarwe): Red-and-black hooped shirts with white trim, black shorts, black-and-red hooped socks
Secondary (De Vånesvarwe): White shirts with black trim, blue shorts, white socks with black hoops
Goalkeeper: Gold shirts and shorts with red trim, gold socks with red hoops

We are and shall be
Nothing more, nothing less
Style modifier: anti-pi (-3.14)
RP permissions: Your RP permissions are mine, short of death, disease or career-ending injuries. In case of reciprocal “no u” permissions, you may do anything short of death, disease or career-ending injuries.
Note on surnames: Saltsteadish surnames follow RL Netherlands Dutch conventions on surname prefixes: they are not capitalised when used in combination with first names or initials, but are capitalised in all other situations. For example: “Carle de Marħt” (not “Carle De Marħt”), but “De Marħt” (not “de Marħt”).
Pandemic disclaimer: I do not recognise the existence of any international pandemics, which will be construed as a series of unrelated outbreaks and will not under any circumstances extend to or from the Saltsteadish Commonwealth. Any attempt to introduce new disease outbreaks to Saltstead will be immediately nullified by the Ministry of Defence’s “Instantaneous Godmode Neutralisation by Optimised Revision of Events” (I.G.N.O.R.E.) system.
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Adjectival: Saltsteadish
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Discontinue use if rash develops
Don’t ⬋ play ⬋ with ⬋ fire
Qusmo - 06/08/2019

Maybe the real World Cup title was the friends we made along the way.
This space intentionally left
We are and shall be
Nothing more, nothing less

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snipping glue

Postby Omerica » Thu Feb 04, 2021 10:58 am

United Republican Soccer Federation
6 Jacques la Rouge Road
Port Alexandre, MS 18-A40

About Omerica
National anthem: “Hymn of the Avonian Martyrs” (Anglian versionGallic version)
Association code: OME
KPB ranking: 41st (18.15)
All-time record: 167–86–136 (42.9% win rate; 1.51 points per game)
Cup of Harmony record: 21–7–20 (43.8% win rate; 1.46 points per game)
Record under Alexis Stephanidis: 26–12–9 (55.3% win rate; 1.91 points per game)
Manager: Alexis Stephanidis (age 54; b. Brétolles-de-l’Ouest, Westavon)
Former manager of Malavan Club de Romainbourg, Alexis Stephanidis is a tactician in the traditional vein of Omerican football, searching for redemption in light of her ignominious exit from the former Omerican champions. Stephanidis is a managerial idealist who believes in the time-honoured tradition of “the best defence is a good offence” and whose sides are known for their flair and (outside trips to Cobrio) for coming in “clutch”. Rebuilding Malavan from their failed campaign to qualify for the OPSL Premier Division—winning an OPSL Second Division title, a Federation Cup and a OPSL Challenge Cup in the process—and winning Andreaskruis promotion in the Second Division playoffs cements her place as the manager to rebuild confidence in the national team.

Assistant Manager: Christina Tedesco (age 48; b. Kingsmouth, Mespalia)
A close associate of previous Omerica manager George Kostas, Christina Tedesco survived the mass staff cull that ensued after Omerica’s home soil collapse at IAC X. Tedesco took over from Kostas during the second half of World Cup 85 qualifying, managing the Incorrigibles to a better-than-expected 4–4–4 record, giving Stephanidis and the Federation the confidence to keep her around. Rumours that she might be the second coming of Ryan Pritchard are considered more dubious.

Fitness coach: Jean-Pierre Marchetti
Goalkeeping coach: Stéphane Rousseau
Medical lead: Tahira Bousaid
Physical therapists: Alexandria Stavros and Christiane Michaud

Per Omerican custom, the number 12 is reserved to supporters and will be not worn by any player.
№12—Incorrigibles Supporters (X, age ∞; b. Everytown, Everyrepublic)

GK Valentine Augustin (F, age 33; b. Carthagène, North Provence); Saint Anne Athletic — Captain
GK Antoine Vicario (M, age 30; b. Montzieu, Braganza); Malavan Romainbourg
GK Alexandra McGuire (F, age 31; b. Londontown, Coleraine); Londonderry FC

RD Alphonse Notley (M, age 29; b. Bunnes, Coleraine); Ever Grande
CD Anna Charles (F, age 28; b. Saint Anne, Seafoam Islands); Saint Anne Athletic
CD Frédérique Marquetti (F, age 26; b. Montebras, Altomare); AS Républicains
CD Jacques Laurent (M, age 24; b. Ville-de-la-République, East Calaverde); Corona Christiana
CD Justin Thyme (M, age 28; b. Alston, Free State); Nassau FC — Second vice-captain
CD Raphaël Martin (M, age 29; b. Auffrac-les-Congères, Alleos); Ever Grande
LD Sacha Sepulveda (F, age 29; b. Lacédémone, South Provence); AS Républicains — Vice-captain
LD Felix Zanetti (M, age 26; b. Saint-Jacques, New Vaucluse); Londonderry FC

CM Maxime Fournier (M, age 31; b. Unionpolis, Alleos); Londonderry FC
CM Alphonse Fontaine (M, age 28; b. Romainbourg [Champs-Floréals]); AS Républicains
DM Fearchar Mac Cléirich (M, age 26; b. Londontown, Coleraine); Londonderry FC
DM Paige Boyce (F, age 28; b. Williamstown, Free State); Corona Christiana
CM Nadiya al-Hashim (F, age 30; b. Romainbourg [Port-Saint-Denis]); Malavan Romainbourg
CM Christian Marts (M, age 25; b. Borg-an-de Gränse, Saltstead); AS Républicains

RW Jessie Beckett (F, age 30; b. Falconbarrow, Strathavon); Falcon United
ST Alexis Chrysanthos (X, age 30; b. Saint-Christophe, East Calaverde); AS Saint-Christophe
ST Jean-François Fernand (M, age 30; b. Altmance, East Calaverde); Club du 28 Mars
ST Malcolm Beauchesne (M, age 24; b. Queenstown, Northavon); Forestia Cricket
LW Jamal Ahmad (M, age 32; b. Romainbourg [Rue-Ventôse]); Malavan Romainbourg
LW Adélaïde Argyris (F, age 26; b. Romainbourg [Port-Louis]); Corona Christiana
Note: Labels reflect most likely position in the lineup.
From striker to goalkeeper:
Ahmad/Argyris . Beckett
al-Hashim/Marts . Fournier/Fontaine
Mac Cléirich/Boyce
Sepulveda/Zanetti . Thyme/Martin . Charles/Marquetti/Laurent . Notley

Kits (expertly crafted by ediraf)
The Incorrgibles will display one bronze star on the back collar to symbolise their triumph at IAC 7 in Drawkland; any theoretical future World Cup or Cup of Harmony titles would likewise be worn on the collar instead of the usual position above the crest.

Who we are
The United Republican Soccer Federation is the national football association of the United Republics of Omerica. The URSF is organised as a federation of twenty-six republican and seven regional football associations, with special membership status for the Omerican Professional Soccer League, Omerican Amateur Football Association and Omerican University Sports Association. The URSF responsible for overseeing association football in Omerica, organising Omerican representative teams and—with the cooperation of the Federal Anti-Doping Authority and Omerican Council for Sporting Integrity—ensuring the integrity of Omerican football.
Conformément au droit fédéral omericain, ce document est disponible en gaulois sur demande. — In accordance with Omerican federal law, this document is available in Gallic upon request.

Style modifier: +π (or +3.14 if you can’t fit all the digits)
RP permissions: Your RP permissions are mine, short of death, disease or career-ending injuries. In case of reciprocal “no u” permissions, you may do anything short of death, disease or career-ending injuries.
Pandemic exception: I do not recognise the existence of any international pandemics, which will be construed as a series of unrelated outbreaks and will not under any circumstances extend to or from the United Republics of Omerica. Any attempt to introduce new disease outbreaks to Omerica will be immediately nullified by the Federal Secretariat for Defence’s “Instantaneous Godmode Neutralisation by Optimised Revision of Events” (I.G.N.O.R.E.) system.
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iTLD: .or
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Every Omerica football match
This nation does not necessarily reflect my actual political views
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Don’t ⬋ play ⬋ with ⬋ fire
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Frestovenia Cup of Harmony 79 Roster

Postby Frestovenia » Thu Feb 04, 2021 11:08 am

Frestovenia National Football Team

★ Cup of Harmony 79 Roster ★


Style mod: +3
KPB Ranking: 132 (6.00)

Head coach: Alrik Valatanen
Assistent coach: Jonat Rasve
Captain: Olaf Artvikker
Stadium: Asvard Stadium (58.200)
Formation: 4-3-2-1

Nation name: Republic of Frestovenia (Republikken Frestovenia)
Capital and largest city: Asvard
Population: 8.1 million
Language: Frestovenian
Currency: Frestovenian krone (FRK)
Trigramme: FRE



#10 Olaf Artvikker (C) (#19 Robert Kotvanur)


#9 Sven Ogson (#20 Carl Ersson)
#11Tonas Gajetser (#21 Tuur Molur)


#6 Runnert Jartute (#16 Erart Vulku)
#7 Gunter Palrikken (#17 Artur Sagort)
#8 Rot Norvatse (#18 Martius Haalgut)


#2 Klaus Vage (#12 Sigmot Uthusen)
#3 Arent Karlsson (#13 Harrald Hutemarken)
#4 Peter Bedere (#14 Kars Uldorg)
#5 Joran Tannunen (#15 Rup Halard)


#1 Vantur Ormut (#22 Jort Rarogsson) (#23 Ernat Alst)


Home Away Alternative

Sponsored by:

RP Permissions

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

No covid-19 related things please
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World Cup
No appearances
Best result: 5th in qualifying (87)
Cup of Harmony
Best result: Group stage (79)
KPB Ranking
#125 | KPB: 6.94

Copa d'Aeia 2018 as Salborga (puppet)

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Postby Flavovespia » Thu Feb 04, 2021 3:13 pm



Flavovespia is an island nation of Atlantian Oceania. A relatively densely populated island, home to a little more than 20’000’000. The national team are nicknamed The Hornets after the animal native to the island, and football is the most popular sport of the nation. Flavovespia failed to make it to the World Cup at the 5th attempt. However they’ll make another entry into the Cup of Harmony. Last time out, they reached the quarter finals, can they go any further this time?

Same kits as WCQ87 IC, just on a template update

Flavovespia’s new kits may not have made the best of starts in their new tenure, but they’ve been genuinely well received, combining elements of the national flag. As ever it's a yellow home shirt with black shorts and socks. The “double V” is less prominent compared to some of the previous kits, but can still be seen on the sleeves, on the sides of the shirt, and on the shorts and socks. The away kit is black with yellow shorts and socks, and the goalkeeper/3rd kit is all green.


(Note, all caps and goals are taken as of the start of CoH 79)


1 Aarif Muhammad Age: 23 Positon: GK Club: Rockridge Phoenix (BRE) Caps: 40 Goals: 0
12 David Meehan Age: 33 Positon: GK Club: Bavingtor FC Caps: 79 Goals: 0
24 Lucky Diamond Age: 25 Positon: GK Club: Loxthorpe Rovers FC Caps: 0 Goals: 0

Aarif Muhammad and David Meehan were both starters for stints in the qualifiers, but in the end it seemed Aarif Muhammad won the battle to be the starter. At his best he is undoubtedly the best Flavovespian goalkeeper, with great reflexes but lacks consistency. David Meehan is still a valuable back-up, and can come in if needed and give a solid performance in almost any game. Robert Jones’ struggles against Nacaltora, his blushes spared by a rampant attacking display sees him dropped. Lucky Diamond has never been capped, but has been in an international squad. Whilst sometimes criticised for being egotistical and eccentric, at Loxthorpe Rovers he’s shown his worth in goal, although a debut cap is unlikely.


2 Scott Vaughan Age: 31 Positon: LB Club: Kings Lunsel FC Caps: 59 Goals: 1
3 David Blythe Age: 25 Positon: RWB Club: Kytheas Rivermen (TKT) Caps: 69 Goals: 0
4 Alexander May Age: 30 Positon: CB Club: Langmere Green Rovers FC Caps: 86 Goals: 2
5 Tony Gardner Age: 28 Positon: CB Club: Kings Lunsel FC Caps: 132 Goals: 5
13 David Lyons Age: 22 Positon: LB Club: Langmere Green Rovers FC Caps: 23 Goals: 1
14 Daniel Lansdell Age: 24 Positon: CB Club: St Astons City FC Caps: 4 Goals: 1
15 Ian Cohen Age: 30 Positon: CB Club: Loxthorpe Rovers FC Caps: 13 Goals: 0
16 Ian Johnson Age: 31 Positon: RB Club: Kings Lunsel FC Caps: 36 Goals: 0

Flavovespia keep the same 8 defenders from the qualifiers to the Cup of Harmony. Tony Gardner missed a couple of games in the qualifiers, and his absence was sorely felt. He provides invaluable international experience for the side. Alexander May was ill-disciplined and petulant at times, but is seen as the best option to partner Gardner at centre back. Ian Cohen and Daniel Lansdell however showed they deserved an international call-up, and won’t be a glaring weakness if brought on. David Lyons has great potential, but just needs to work on being more defensively sound instead of playing hero ball. David Blythe proved very solid in qualifying, even in a full-back and not right-back position. Scott Vaughan and Ian Johnson will likely see some minutes, both dependable if not spectacular defenders.


6 David Clark Age: 26 Positon: CDM Club: Langmere Green Rovers FC Caps: 33 Goals: 1
7 James King Age: 33 Positon: CM Club: Stanmorn FC Caps: 137 Goals: 16
8 Jonathan Feld Age: 29 Positon: LM Club: Kings Lunsel FC Caps: 112 Goals: 15
11 Steven Hall Age: 30 Positon: RAM Club: Kings Lunsel FC Caps: 144 Goals: 57
17 Kieron Player Age: 21 Positon: CDM Club: Sleepy Hollow (TAE) Caps: 17 Goals: 0
18 Robert Totten Age: 25 Positon: CAM Club: Loxthorpe Rovers FC Caps: 7 Goals: 1
22 Christopher Ace Age: 27 Positon: RM Club: St Astons City FC Caps: 48 Goals: 5
25 Murad Ahmed Age: 27 Positon: CM Club: Langmere Green Rovers FC Caps: 43 Goals: 3

Steven Hall was out of form in the early part of the qualifiers, but by the end seemed to be firing on all cylinders and was a real handful for most opposition players. The captain will hope to bring great performances to the Cup of Harmony, to take Flavovespia further than before. Jonathan Feld proved his versatility with decent performances as a left midfielder and a central midfielder. James King was once a cornerstone of the Flavovespia midfield. Age is catching up to him, but there’s still a role for him it seems, and his passing game certainly hasn’t got worse. Kieron Player showed a lot of potential, but did show signs of inexperience at times. David Clark was a combative central defensive midfielder, however he could do well to give away a few less fouls. Christopher Ace is one of the speediest wingers Flavovespia has, and is a fairly decent finisher. Unlucky that the narrow diamond formation keeps him out of many games, he can play central attacking midfield though, especially as a late sub against tiring legs. Robert Totten may not be as spectacular as some of his fellow midfielders, but played well when on the pitch, providing a good link between midfield and attack. Murad Ahmed comes in to replace William Somers. A jack of all trades who can play just about anywhere in midfield. No major strengths, but also not someone with too many flaws to his game, a good all-round player.


9 Ramon Martin Age: 34 Positon: CF Club: Langmere Green Rovers FC Caps: 66 Goals: 23
10 Scott Coleman Age: 27 Positon: CF Club: Aries Chariots (NPH) Caps: 126 Goals: 80
20 Mark Paul Age: 25 Positon: CF Club: Bavingtor FC Caps: 20 Goals: 3
26 Michael Cole Age: 21 Positon: CF Club: Waldster FC Caps: 0 Goals: 0

Whilst the cynics will say he padded his stats against weaker sides, 16 goals in the 18 qualifying matches shows Scott Coleman knows how to finish. Playing for Aries Chariots, an IFCF Champions League side, means he’s arguably the most well known Flavovespian footballer out there. Alongside him in most games was Ramon Martin. His pace, agility and acceleration may now leave a little to be desired, but his accuracy with feet or head hasn’t faded, he’s still a useful asset to Flavovespia. Mark Paul struggled in parts of qualifying, but did come through in the end with better performances. A few are surprised he’s still in the squad though. Good pace and agility, but needs a bit of work on the mental game in international level. Matthew Cope was dropped, and in comes Michael Cole. The surname may be familiar, he is the son of the first Flavovespia manager, Nick Cole. He’s seen as one of Flavovespia’s top young players, and has already been a starter for Waldster for multiple seasons now. He seems very flexible in what role he can play as a striker, and there is much excitement about his call-up, even if a few think it may be too early and he needs to show a little more at club level compared to others who weren’t called up.


Alan Young Age: 38

Alan Young is the youngest Flavovespia national team manager, and he joined after 3 consecutive Super League titles with Langmere Green Rovers. Usually a cheery, optimistic figure with a good sense of humour, the qualifiers were testing for him, as he struggled against many of the sides in the Top 100 or so in the rankings. The Cup of Harmony will be a big test of his resolve, as he aims to try to end that poor streak Flavovespia have had in recent times. A 4-1-2-1-2 wide diamond was his chosen formation at club level, but at international level, a narrow diamond is preferred. The full backs push up to provide width, and the central defensive midfielder drops back ahead of the centre backs.

MD1: Blouman Empire 2-[background=FF0000]0[/background]
MD2: Juvencus [background=FF0000]0[/background]-0
MD3: Murphtannia

Predicted Starting XI:
MD1: Aarif Muhammad, Lyons-May-Gardner-Blythe, Clark, Feld-King, Hall(c), Coleman-Martin (4-1-2-1-2 narrow)
MD2: Aarif Muhammad, Lyons-May-Gardner-Blythe, Clark, Feld-King, Hall(c), Coleman-Paul (4-1-2-1-2 narrow)
MD3: Aarif Muhammad, Lyons-May-Gardner-Blythe, Clark, Totten-King, Hall(c), Coleman-Cole (4-1-2-1-2 narrow)

Style Mod: 0

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: TG me or Discord me first
RP injuries to my players: Y, I choose length of injury
Godmod injuries to my players: TG me or Discord me first, I choose length of injury
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y (although if you want multiple Red Cards, TG me or Discord me first)
Godmod other events: TG me or Discord me first

COVID-19 specific issues: Flavovespians are assumed to be vaccinated/immune against this. However if your nation is in a pandemic, assume the Flavovespia NT take specific precautions to avoid infection (i.e. isolating at all times before and after the match, daily tests. If you have any particular questions or RP lines that may involve my permission, TG me or Discord me.

I'll try and post the next MD line-up here before each match. If not, assume the same as previous in the event of a win, or some rotation otherwise. Feel free to use any player as a sub (within reason), unless they're listed as injured or suspended

Code: Select all
OOC Info: The year in Flavovespia is 32AU. Player ages are taken from the start of the year, player teams are at the end of TW30. TG me or Discord me if you need some IC or OOC info for RP purposes.
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