[Tennis/NSTT] Outdoor hard court season 7 [RP/Results]

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[Tennis/NSTT] Outdoor hard court season 7 [RP/Results]

Postby Electrum » Sat Dec 26, 2020 1:37 am

NationStates Tennis Tour Outdoor Hard Court season 7 RP thread


This thread will be the thread where roleplays and results will be posted for the four outdoor hard court tournaments of the season. In order, these tournaments are:
  • Cenian Open (Grand Slam) hosted in Cenial, Ceni
  • Mendez Bay Open (Tier 2) hosted in Mendez Bay, Northwest Kalactin
  • Steinigestrasse Open (Tier 1) hosted in Steinigestrasse, Gergary
  • Electrum Slam (Grand Slam) hosted in Centralis, Electrum
This post will contain general information about the timeline for the four tournaments, whereas the next four posts will contain specific information for each of the tournaments, including information about the host city and draws/schedules.

Scorination Details
All NSTT tournaments will be scorinated on xkoranate with advantage sets. Grand slam singles tournaments will be best of five sets, all other tournaments, including grand slam doubles tournaments will be best of three sets. The logarithm points will be used, so that the vast inequalities in total points don't mean predictable matches. To determine the seeding and points of doubles pairings, the average of the sum of the doubles players logarithmic rankings will be used. Draws for both the singles and doubles competition will follow the normal procedures undertaken by the ITF.

All roleplays are scored, with quality over quantity emphasized. Multiple roleplays submitted on the same day will be counted as one larger whole. All players without a ranking will have a skill level equal to the lowest main draw player's logarithmic points.

Where there are more entrants than available places, a knock-out qualification round is played.

At the conclusion of each tournament, rankings are updated to reflect the new points earned by players. These points last one year/season.

NSTT Outdoor hard court season 7 sign-up thread
NSTT Season 7 tournament timeline and rankings
NSTT Discussion/OOC thread
NSTT Discord server

Timeline (all times in UTC)
24 Dec - Sign-ups open for Cenian Open and Mendez Bay Open
0200 3 Jan - Sign-ups close for Cenian Open
5 Jan - 14 Jan - Cenian Open (cutoffs 0200 - 0400 UTC)
0430 14 Jan - Sign-ups close for Mendez Bay Open
17 Jan - 23 Jan - Mendez Bay Open (cutoffs 0400 UTC)
Mid-season break
6 Feb - Sign-ups open for Steinigestrasse Open and Electrum Slam
1400 20 Feb - Sign-ups close for Steinigestrasse Open
22 Feb - 1 Mar - Steinigestrasse Open (cutoffs 1400 - 1600 UTC)
0800 3 Mar - SIgn-ups close for Electrum Slam
5 Mar - 15 Mar - Electrum Slam (cutoffs 0800 UTC)
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Postby Ceni » Sat Dec 26, 2020 10:05 am


About the Complex
The National Racquet Centre is the premier tennis and racquet sports complex within Ceni, located in the capital Cenial, although there are many others (two of which, the Lake Cenial Tennis Centre and the Volatus Millenium Tennis Grounds, held tennis tournaments within Ceni, the Cenial Masters and Volatus Open respectively), as tennis is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, sport in Ceni. The NRC, in addition to tennis, also has facilities for recreational and professional play for squash, racquetball, table tennis, and badminton. There are twenty tennis courts at the facility: two stadium courts, Judi Valemartin Stadium and Adio Zevael Stadium, which seat 25,000 and 20,000 respectively, both fitted with retractable roofs; two Grandstand Courts, Grandstand 1 and Grandstand 2, with capacity of 6,000 each; and 16 other courts, with capacities ranging from 500 to 2,000. When the Cenian Open or other tournaments are not in session, the courts are open to the general public. Practice courts for the event will be available at the Lake Cenial Tennis Centre if contestants so desire. In addition to the tennis facilities, the NRC has ten squash courts, ten racquetball courts, four stadium squash courts, four stadium racquetball courts, ten table-tennis facilities, the Summit Arena with capacity of 10,000 for table tennis matches, and the Palladium Arena with a capacity of 12,500 for badminton matches.

Ceni has a good transportation network and it is very easy to get to and from the NRC. The NRC has its own subway station, which is connected to one of the most efficient subway networks in the world, serving most of City Centre and Cenial. Ceni's subway system has links to most major attractions and hotels within City Centre and Cenial. Ferries are also available to cross Lake Cenial. The downtown areas of both Cenial and City Centre are very walkable and there are multiple areas to rent bicycles for a bit easier transportation. To visit other cities within Ceni, a light rail service is available, with links north, south, and west to Santiago de Ceni, Nova Ascea, New Oxford, Whitehaven, and other points beyond Cenial. Overall, it is easy to get around in Ceni.

Most options for getting to Ceni revolve around flight; Air Terranea has a large route network out of Cenial International Airport (CEX), including to the sporting regions. CEX is located north of the NRC and has its own subway and light rail stations for ease of access. Most international flights operate out of CEX, as well as most general aviation, although there are some budget flights out of New Oxford Airport, and Santiago de Ceni Airport in the north has general aviation facilities. Since Ceni is so small, flight is not practical to get around the country. However, besides some ferry services to nearby nations in Rushmore, flight is the only option for actually getting to Ceni, mainly due to its island status.


Cenial is Ceni’s capital city; as such, the Cenian executive, legislative, and judicial branches are all located in Cenial. The President has his home and offices here; office buildings for executive departments are also located in Cenial. The capitol building of Ceni, the meeting place for the Cenian Assembly, was recently redesigned and sits at the head of a park stretching to the President’s home. Judicially, the highest court in Ceni, the Supreme Court, meets here, as well as one of Ceni’s eight appellate courts. In elections, Cenial’s citizens are very active, with more than 85% turnout in national elections and 75% turnout in local elections.

Cenial attracts people from all over the region and the world with its world-class universities—the University of Ceni and the University of Cenial its two most prominent. The University of Ceni is renowned for its instruction in architecture, business, the humanities and history, politics, and law, while the University of Cenial focuses its academic investments in the science section. In fact, the University of Cenial is a leading research university in the fields of biotechnology and engineering.

A large part of Cenial consists of parks and greenery. One of the largest parks in the nation, Lake Cenial Park, stretches along the coast of Lake Cenial and provides opportunities for hiking, biking, canoeing and kayaking, Frisbee golf, and just plain old fun with friends and family. In the spring, when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, Lake Cenial Park is a very pretty sight, and its beautiful fountains are available year-round for all to enjoy. Another major park in Cenial is the Capitol Mall, a park stretching from the Capitol to the President’s House, with its memorial reflecting pool. Other green attractions in Cenial include the Japanese garden, in that section of the city, with its beautiful ponds, pagoda, and rock garden section for peaceful meditation, and the National Botanical Garden, with specimens from all over the world and exhibits of most major climates in the region. Not only is Cenial renowned for its green spaces, it is also renowned for its green attitude. Cenial is among the world’s leading cities in the proliferation of green technology, with a large number of buildings with energy saving measures. Many homes have solar panels, and the government has invested money into increasing the amount of renewable energy in the city; around 35% of the city’s electricity comes from renewable sources.

Cenial has a tolerant attitude and welcomes people from all over the world. As a result, Cenial has an incredibly diverse population. People from all over the world—from Asia, Africa, the Social Liberal Union, and all other regions of the world—have chosen to make Cenial their home. Because Cenial is very welcoming to all people, including refugees, Cenial supports a large population from Ciqi and Coconutstan, two countries ravaged by war. Because of its ethnic diversity, Cenial also has religious and language diversity. Hundreds of languages are spoken in different parts of Cenial, although English is mainly used in day-to-day communication. Religiously, no single religion makes up a majority of the population of Cenial. Atheism is the major religion in Cenial, with around 30% of people, although Christianity (almost equally split between Catholics and Protestants) (25%) and Islam (15%) both make up significant fractions of the population. Cenial has one of the world’s largest and most significant Chinatowns, while Little Saigon and Little Lyndainium are also significant ethnic enclaves. Ethnically, Cenians, Avaerilonians, Eurans, Electrumites, and Spanish make up a total of 75% of Cenial’s population, and there is a large diversity in the remaining 25%.

Cenial, as the cultural center of Ceni, is Ceni’s hub for performing arts. Cenial has the largest number of theatres, concert halls, and exhibition centers in all of Ceni. Cenial’s Royal Shakespearian Theatre Company is well renowned for its performances of Shakespeare’s plays, as well as other plays of Victorian English authors. Because of its diversity, Cenial has a large variety of ethnic restaurants of all kinds—from Westerheimian and Avaerilonian to Persian and Vietnamese, which are found mostly in ethnic sections of the city. Homemade Chinese noodles can be found in Chinatown, while Vietnamese culture is prevalent in Little Saigon. There are a number of excellent Avaerilonian restaurants in Little Lyndainium. Popular street foods in Cenial include Middle Eastern and Indian dishes. In the city centre, there are a large number of upscale restaurants catering to legislators, lobbyists, and richer tourists, while small cafes serving Cenian cuisine dot corner sides. Because of Ceni’s proximity to, and reliance on, the sea, Cenian cuisine places a large emphasis on fish and seafood. Popular Cenian dishes include Cenial Clam Chowder, widely regarded as one of the world’s best, various fish stews, and fish & chips. Other significant Cenian dishes contain crab, lobster, sea scallop, and cod. Alcoholic beverages are fairly common in Ceni, and there are a fair number of pubs, including some chain and local pubs. Cavalier Brewpubs and Machu Picchu Pubs, two famous chains, both originated out of Cenial. At night, a fair number of nightclubs serve alcoholic drinks and provide the citizen or tourist with the opportunity to party.

Food and Lodging
The Orion, a 5-star luxury hotel owned by the Orion International Group, is the official hotel of the Cenian Open. All players from foreign nations have been given rooms free of charge at the hotel. For coaches and fans, The Orion is available, as are several other three and four star hotels in the downtown business district, which cater mostly to businessmen, as well as some tourists. There are some more affordable hotels closer to Lake Cenial as well as in other cities in Ceni. For food, the 5-star, modern restaurant Momentum located at the Orion is available. The hotel's breakfast lounge, Eos, has generously offered free breakfast to players. Also located within the Orion is the nightclub Eleuthium. For perhaps less expensive fare, the city is full of dining options, from classic Cenian food to Indian, Chinese, Avaerilonian, Arabic, and other types of cuisine located throughout the city. Each ethnicity has its own section of the city, and most ethnic restaurants are located in their own section. Since Ceni is located in the ocean, seafood is also available, and is generally quite good. Cenial is renowned for its many types and varieties of soup, including its specialty, Cenial Clam Chowder.

Other Attractions
There are multitudes of attractions in Cenial besides tennis, including the National Cenian Museum, which contains artifacts from Cenian and world history (Museum of History), paintings from all time periods (Museum of Classical Art, Museum of Modern Art, and the Lerrisor Sculpture Garden), and paper money, coins, and stamps (Museum of Numismatics, Currency, and Philately). Those interested in animals can visit the Cenial City Zoo; other museums focus on the diversity of Ceni and further collections of art and sculpture. The National Library contains an enormous volume of literature, poetry, and books. Those more culturally minded can visit the numerous opera houses, orchestra and choir buildings, and theatres, where there are performances almost every day. The Capital building and home of the President also attract numerous visitors every year. Break days in the schedule are good days for spectators (and players, if they feel up to it) to go sightseeing.
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Postby Ceni » Sat Dec 26, 2020 10:05 am


January 5: Qualifying
January 6: Round 1 (singles, top half)
January 7: Round 1 (singles, bottom half)
January 8: Round 2 (singles, top half) / Round 1 (doubles, top half)
January 9: Round 2 (singles, bottom half) / Round 1 (doubles, bottom half)
January 10: Round 3 (singles) / Round 2 (doubles)
January 11: Round 4 (singles) / Round 3 (doubles)
January 12: Quarterfinals
January 13: Semifinals
January 14: Finals

Singles – Main Draw

Singles - Qualifying
(1) Mikhail Korotkevich (WSN) vs BYE
Rivera Bassett (BUC) vs Tymon Barnard (FLX)

(2) Dusan Ventaromovich (BPE) vs BYE
Adil Roberts (FLX) vs Emilio Robles (BUC)

(3) Grace Covalt (KHD) vs BYE
Myah Cuevas (BUC) vs Graziano Giunti (SOR)

(4) Ada Nunez (GRU) vs BYE
Zenfed Suilo (UPD) vs Andrew Colling (SIL)

(5) Atlas Dominguez (GRU) vs BYE
Cartos Bomes (UPD) vs Franciszek Sloan (FLX)

(6) Eva Brandt (GRU) vs BYE
Noem Kirr (UPD) vs Kora Sunder (QAD)

Beau Sacks (SIL) vs BYE
Shayna Lucero (BUC) vs Kaelan Day (FLX)

Deret Vertes (UPD) vs BYE
Odelia Ayers (SSI) vs Violet Wilson (SIL)

Zunaira Hardy (BUC) vs Moren Suilo (UPD)

Abdallah Rees (FLX) vs Simon Oxford (QAD)

Massimo Recinella (SOR) vs Eloise Mclean (SIL)

Michael Juno (QAD) vs Sephora Calabrese (SQR)

Aria Cooper (SIL) vs Long Blee (UPD)

Frank Dalby (BUC) vs Frederic Mccallum (FLX)

Andrea Vergnani (SOR) vs Phoenix Ward (SIL)

Ven van der Vin (QAD) vs IllusiveTramp (SSI)

Doubles - Main Draw

Doubles - Qualifying
Milicent Broon/Alexander Dumor (KHD) vs BYE
Simon Oxford/Will Washer (QAD) vs Franciszek Sloan/Frederic Mccallum (FLX)

Eva Brandt/Grayson Norris (GRU) vs BYE
Kora Sunder/Ven van der Vin (QAD) vs Shayna Lucero/Frank Dalby (BUC)

Spencer Riig/Leo Clark (SIL) vs Jana Arkinn/Myria Primarch (CEN)

Emilio Robles/Arlo Daniels (BUC) vs Kaelan Day/Tymon Barnard (FLX)

Massimo Recinella/Oscar Recinella (SOR) vs Antha Yeller/Laura Desmond (QAD)

Andrew Colling/Eileen Hyrt (SIL) vs Iván Flanagon/Ailbhe O'Hannagain (SQR)

Ben Musjox/Volke Unzes (UPD) vs Adil Roberts/Kobie Laing (FLX)

Milo Ealdræd/ProudSmith (SSI) vs Cartos Bomes/Deret Vertes (UPD)
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Sat Dec 26, 2020 10:52 am

The Beaches of Mendez Bay are a wonderful place to play a match of tennis. The Outdoor courts, which have recently been changed from Grass to Hardcourt, are among the best in Northwest Kalactin, and could be put up as possibly one of the best hard courts in Atlantian Oceania.

As Many people may know, Northwest Kalactin has very hot temperatures. Accompanied with relatively humid weather, this can be a recipe for disaster if you are planning to go outdoors for a nice day. Mendez Bay however, is much more nicer, and controlled with the weather. Temperatures will usually usually hover from 70 to 80 degrees, rather than the 110 you can experience inland. Humidity is still high, although the temperature is still far more regulated.

In 1865, almost 140 years ago, The People of the Kalactanian Nation made a crusade down south. While exploring an area south of the Coffs Harbour township, they found a small nation of natives, which would then later be named as the Mendez First Nation. Mendez Bay would later be named after them. In the recent years, Mendez Bay has seen prosperity, since the days of Agriculture and Fishing that the town used to experience.

The City
Mendez Bay is a prosperous city in the nation of Northwest Kalactin. Economic Growth has been brought on in the recent years, and the Anarchy has not touched the city too much. A thriving population of 17,000 Kalactanian People live in the city, and the people have one of the highest average incomes in the entire nation. The largest employer is Frejunoi Cooperation, which is headquartered in the city, and is one of the largest Software companies in the nation.

As some may be concerned about, the security of your players in the Anarchy will be of our highest priority. Along with having the players be able to provide their own security, people will be provided with protection from Gold Coast Security Inc., which is one of the largest and best in the nation.

The Nation
Northwest Kalactin is a nation of 23 million people. The nation is an Anarchy, although foreign efforts to restore order in the nation have been increasing as of late. The tempature is among the hottest in the multiverse, so players can expect to be required to intake many fluids during the matches. In the nation, there are 2 major airports to fly into: Gold Coast and Coffs. Gold Coast is the largest city in the nation, with 4 million people in all, and Gold Coast is not far behind at 2.9 million.

The Courts
The courts at the Mendez Bay Tennis Club are great places to play. You get a great overview of the Harbour and a unobstructed view of the ocean from you’re seats. The courts are the only Hardcourt ones in Northwest Kalactin, as most courts and clay in Northwest Kalactin. Recently, the courts have undergone a massive renovation that has expanded the main court seating by 3,000 people, which has increased it to 17,000 people in total. The secondary courts, which all hold 9,000 people each, will be hosting most of the matches up until the Semifinals. There are 12 of these courts in total, and they are all right on the ocean, with a view that it beautiful.

OOC Schedule (All scorinations at 4:00 UTC)
Qualifiers Round 1 - January 17th
Qualifiers Round 2 - January 18th
Day 1 (Singles R64) - January 19th
Day 2 (Singles & Doubles R32) - January 20th
Day 3 (R16) - January 21st
Day 4 (QFs) - January 22nd
Day 5 (SFs) - January 23rd
Day 6 (Finals) - January 24th

Singles Qualifiers

Singles Main

Doubles Qualifiers

Doubles Main
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Postby Gergary » Sat Dec 26, 2020 10:13 pm


The 3rd Steinigestrasse Open


Welcome to Stenigestrasse, Gergary for the third Steinigestrasse Open! Northwest Esportiva's hardcourt event is promoted to NSTT Tier 1 stats and will see the tour's best players take center stage for the first Tier 1 tournament of the new season.

OOC Schedule

Cutoffs and scoring will occur between 2200 and 0000 Philippine Standard Time, which is 8 hours ahead of UTC. Below is the schedule for the tournament:

Feb 21 - Draw Announcement
Feb 22 - Singles Qualifying Matches (Results)
Feb 23 - Singles First Round / Doubles Qualifying Matches (Results)
Feb 24 - Singles Second Round / Doubles First Round
Feb 25 - Singles Third Round / Doubles Second Round
Feb 26 - Singles Fourth Round / Doubles Third Round
Feb 27 - Quarterfinals
Feb 28 - Semifinals
Mar 01 - Finals

The Federal Republic of Gergary


Gergary (alternate name: Deutschmagyarland) is an island-nation located in northern Esportiva. It is located south of Brenecia, west of Buyan, and east of Soltsteed. The capital city of Ingbert-Borbely is landlocked, and is the seat of government in the country. The nation is not known to be strong economically, however, they can be proud that they can produce their own goods and services, and rarely imports products from other countries. People living in Gergary are called Deutsch-magyar locally, or Gergarian abroad.


The nation is divided into three main regions. The western to south-western part of the region is called Strasseregion, mostly inhabited by Deutsch people. The most famous city in this region is Steinigestrasse, known for its tennis clubs, one for hardcourt and one for grass. This is also where the national football stadium is located. The second region, which encompasses the north to north-east of the nation, is the Nagy region, mostly inhabited by Magyar people. The famous city here is Pas, known by its strong indoor sports teams of ice hockey, volleyball, and basketball. Here you can locate the national arena used for all three indoor sports - the Gergary nemzeti arena. The last region is the Gemischtvegyes region, which consists of 55 percent Deutsch and 45 percent Magyar. This includes Ingbert-Borbely and the mostly known cities of Balogs, Szekely, and Wiesenblume. This region occupies the eastern to south-eastern part of the nation.

The national sport of Gergary is ice hockey, but the government, led by Chancellor Domonkos Virag, allots equal budgets to all their sports via the Deutschmagyarland Sportkomisssion (DMLSK). Ever time the Virag government increases their budget, other branches of sports can also benefit from the increase. The result? A nation which is probably jack of all trades, but mediocre in all of them.

The Steinigestrasse Tennis Club

The largest tennis club in Gergary, the Steinigestrasse Tennis Club, is home to the tennis division of Verein fuer Rasensport (VfR) Steinigestrasse. The club is proud of both its main divisions, the grasscourt team, and the hardcourt team. The club has eight grass courts, eight hard courts, and four enclosed courts, which can be setup both as a hard court or a grass court, depending on the needs of the organizers. For the Steinigestrasse Open, the hard court setup will be used, as this was already designated by the NSTT as a hard court tournament.

During its stint as a Tier 2 event, the qualifiers made use of its four enclosed courts and four of its eight other courts, which the latter will have bleachers for the viewing needs of the spectators. The tournament proper, including the doubles, made use only the four enclosed courts simultaneously. The largest of which, with capacity of 3,500 seated spectators, hosted the semifinals and finals of the tournament.

Upon the confirmation of the status upgrade of the tournament to a Tier 1 event, renovations were made such that there were sixteen courts in total, eight of which are enclosed due to the anticipation of having maximum of 48 matches in a single day. For the third edition onwards, all sixteen courts can be simultaneously used, eight of which can be used even during rain.

There are also function rooms and transient houses near the courts that the participants can use, which all of those are air-conditioned and well-furnished for the comfort and convenience of the participants.

Transportation and Lodging

From the Ingbert-Borbely International Airport, buses will fetch the participants per delegation, and will be brought straight to the Club, where they may opt to stay in the transient houses. Other delegations may choose to rent a house or hotel rooms just near the facility. Each delegation will be provided with a shuttle van that can carry 10 to 14 passengers, for the duration of the tournament.

People and Laws

People in Gergary are normally warm towards tourists, and usually help them with directions or places to visit. Law enforcement is strictly imposed, and everyone is regulated to follow the rules. The government is strict with smoking, with only certain areas of the facility allow smoking. Use of recreational drugs is strictly prohibited, and may result to deportation if caught.


Main Tournament
Singles Draw in Challonge
Doubles Draw in Challonge

Qualifying Matches

Qualifier 1: Ruth Geoffrion-Conacher (QUE) vs Lïnumeda Kondu (HAF)
Qualifier 2: Tena Špiričić (SRE) vs Benedicto Napoletani (YVK)
Qualifier 3: Gjörëg Čëtan (HAF) vs Louis Yeo-Jongilanga (QUE)
Qualifier 4: John Ivanisevic (BGG) vs Ivan Štimac (SRE)
Qualifier 5: Constantino Benedetto (YVK) vs Lucija Bagarić (SRE)

Qualifier 1: Shima Kuyo/Tanya Kumari (HTK) vs Oleg Ivanov/Artyom Petrenko (WSN)
Qualifier 2: Karl Ballard/Gabe Casey (NOV) vs Mirco Tonti/Leandro Baliani (SOR)
Qualifier 3: Constantino Benedetto/Benedicto Napoletani (YVK) vs Emilio Robles/Arlo Daniels (BUC)
Qualifier 4: Tena Špiričić/Bojana Španović (SRE) vs Samantha Budjedtson/Peter Feachell (INS)
Qualifier 5: Ruth Geoffrion-Conacher/Oh Seung-Yin (QUE) vs Lïnumeda Kondu/Nina Dolvanova (HAF)

Section 1
Andrea Vergnani (SOR) vs Orsolya Szabo (GGY)
(Q4) Ivan Štimac (SRE) vs Goran McEnroe (BGG)
Augusta Björnstjärna (PUG) vs Rhonda Robbins (NOV)
Davi Malakkar (ACS) vs Joel Coleman (NOV)

Section 2
Haikal Jansen (SHT) vs Batera Siwara (ERM)
Bianka Arendt (GGY) vs Azam Bestari (KNC)
Sephora Calabrese (SQR) vs Amina Wira (KNC)
Ayu Ratih Kemalasari (PCU) vs Arthur Leloup (RCN)

Section 3
Fredrik Stagnelius (PUG) vs Arlo Daniels (BUC)
ProudSmith (SSI) vs IllusiveTramp (SSI)
(Q3) Louis Yeo-Jongilanga (QUE) vs Nina Dolvanova (HAF)
Iris Bergadhga (ACS) vs Alain Moreau (NOV)

Section 4
Sunil Kali (HTK) vs Ralph Newkärn (BRI)
Zunaira Hardy (BUC) vs (Q2) Tena Špiričić (SRE)
Sekar Laut (ERM) vs Rivera Bassett (BUC)
Lucas Parvash (ACS) vs Arabella McCarthy (QUE)

Section 5
Hemat Darwisa (ERM) vs Laura Sparks (NOV)
Graziano Giunti (SOR) vs Armin Miksa (GGY)
Milo Ealdræd (SSI) vs Mirco Tonti (SOR)
Mekar Laut (ERM) vs Niels Alberink (SQR)

Section 6
Margie Brown (GRU) vs Napoleon Asturias (YVK)
(Q1) Ruth Geoffrion-Conacher (QUE) vs Amara Charles (BUC)
Botack Andiam (CEN) vs Mathew Giovanni (INS)
Johmer Vales (CEN) vs Marcel Bilodeau (QUE)

Section 7
Teegan Sosa (GRU) vs Lucy Muneer (SHT)
(Q5) Lucija Bagarić (SRE) vs Stephen Saltswoon (INS)
Tangeus Falk (PUG) vs Thaddeus Copi (YVK)
Diệp Van der Hout (SQR) vs Aoi Kanto (HTK)

Section 8
Ljubomir Ivanković (SRE) vs Gregory Huemenn (INS)
Rof Leshner (HTK) vs Jester Roy (HTK)
Badan Knačpïh (HAF) vs George Mellintus (INS)
Eva Sarvan (ACS) vs Odelia Ayers (SSI)

Doubles - First Round
Section 1
Jordina Silva/Fonzie Sartin (INS) vs (Q1) Oleg Ivanov/Artyom Petrenko (WSN)
Alexandra Barna/Ralph Henschel (GGY) vs Batera Siwara/Hemat Darwisa (ERM)
Amara Charles/Rivera Bassett (BUC) vs Ana Radkkar/Eva Radkkar (ACS)
Milo Ealdræd/ProudSmith (SSI) vs Fiorenzo Tartoni/Andrea Vergnani (SOR)

Section 2
Toma Karga/Dan Cowden (SQR) vs (Q4) Samantha Budjedtson/Peter Feachell (INS)
(Q5) Ruth Geoffrion-Conacher/Oh Seung-Yin (QUE) vs Lance Mance/Ricardo Toli (BRI)
Sekar Laut/Mekar Laut (ERM) vs Vanessza Pataki/Marvin Weinwurm (GGY)
(Q3) Emilio Robles/Arlo Daniels (BUC) vs (WC) Louis Yeo-Jongilanga/Pierre Dobbelstyn (QUE)

Section 3
Leo Shenron/Erika Kamamoto (HTK) vs Bradley Kohnface/Erin Maldry (KHD)
(WC) Gjörëg Čëtan/Badan Knačpïh (HAF) vs Izzat Manson/George Fakhrul (SHT)
Jeremy Glass/Teegan Sosa (GRU) vs Odelia Ayers/IllusiveTramp (SSI)
Azam Bestari/Amina Wira (KNC) vs (WC) Laura Sparks/Rhonda Robbins (NOV)

Section 4
(Q2) Karl Ballard/Gabe Casey (NOV) vs (WC) Leonid Farkaš/Goran Ibrahimović (SRE)
(WC) John Ivanisevic/Goran McEnroe (BGG) vs Miguel Taberon/Pedro Arrachar (ACS)
Jan Turovets/Vitaly Rakov (WSN) vs Elizabeth Quehall/Leo Garry (BRI)
(WC) Thaddeus Copi/Napoleon Asturias (YVK) vs Diana Jansen/Haikal Jansen (SHT)

Singles - Second Round
Section 1
(1) Dewa Putu Adrian Putra (PCU) vs Orsolya Szabo (GGY)
(27) Martha McNeil (GRU) vs (Q4) Ivan Štimac (SRE)
(14) Jeff Rogers (GRU) vs Augusta Björnstjärna (PUG)
(17) Ricardo Toli (BRI) vs Davi Malakkar (ACS)

Section 2
(7) Fiorenzo Tartoni (SOR) vs Haikal Jansen (SHT)
(28) Leo Garry (BRI) vs Bianka Arendt (GGY)
(11) Jean van de Kloor (TJU) vs Sephora Calabrese (SQR)
(21) Vladimir Mikhailov (WSN) vs Ayu Ratih Kemalasari (PCU)

Section 3
(3) Ngurah Putra Muliawan (PCU) vs Fredrik Stagnelius (PUG)
(30) Joe Katsi (TJU) vs ProudSmith (SSI)
(13) Abelie Fontana (RCN) vs Nina Dolvanova (HAF)
(18) Donat Kis (GGY) vs Iris Bergadhga (ACS)

Section 4
(8) Bartholomew Pole (KHD) vs Ralph Newkärn (BRI)
(31) Rodrick Uppatin (KHD) vs (Q2) Tena Špiričić (SRE)
(12) Ardil Navsal (CEN) vs Sekar Laut (ERM)
(24) Houston Sawyer (SQR) vs Lucas Parvash (ACS)

Section 5
(2) Pelissa Giannapolous (ETM) vs Hemat Darwisa (ERM)
(25) Jason Gordon (BRI) vs Armin Miksa (GGY)
(16) Naim Alex (SHT) vs Milo Ealdræd (SSI)
(22) Theresa Waterford (KHD) vs Mekar Laut (ERM)

Section 6
(6) Lonus Varalin (CEN) vs Margie Brown (GRU)
(32) Dorotea Granit (PUG) vs Amara Charles (BUC)
(9) Valentina Spetsova (TJU) vs Mathew Giovanni (INS)
(20) Lucien Le Floch (RCN) vs Johmer Vales (CEN)

Section 7
(4) Andrew Simmons (ETM) vs Teegan Sosa (GRU)
(26) Janet Riley (ETM) vs Stephen Saltswoon (INS)
(15) Syamim Kevin (SHT) vs Tangeus Falk (PUG)
(23) Carmichael Brown (ETM) vs Aoi Kanto (HTK)

Section 8
(5) Mindy Waterford (KHD) vs Ljubomir Ivanković (SRE)
(29) Maria Sophia Lubis (PCU) vs Jester Roy (HTK)
(10) Gaëlle Sellier (RCN) vs Badan Knačpïh (HAF)
(19) Philippe Baloui (TJU) vs Eva Sarvan (ACS)
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Postby Electrum » Sun Dec 27, 2020 1:33 am

Many thanks to the Anditia for this logo

The Electrum Lawn Tennis Association formally invites singles players and doubles pairs from all around the multiverse to play on the hard courts of Centralis. The Centralis Tennis Park will once again host the Electrum Slam, with its many outdoor hard courts and three roofed arenas providing the best experience for fans and players.

About Electrum and Centralis
Electrum is a sports-mad country. It loves its Olympics and its football, but the most important sport in Electrum is the tennis. Tennis in Electrum is administered by the all-powerful Electrum Lawn Tennis Association. Due to the stature of the ELTA, it exerts a high amount of influence in international tennis, especially in the NationStates Tennis Tour, where it captured the presidency after Ceni's withdrawal.

There are a few quirks when coming to Electrum. One of them is its digital currency, the Synergy, which is known for its ubiquity. Upon arrival, all people can gain access to the card based digital currency, but tourists often complain that these cards which are very easily stolen but also incredibly convenient to use. Electrum is also a relaxed country -- it has very socially libertarian laws such as the decriminalisation of all drugs. It's a place to let off some steam and to have some fun.

Centralis is Electrum's largest city and its capital. It is a cosmopolitan centre with people of all ethnicities and nations residing here. All players can expect to receive some home-grown support while they are in Centralis. While players are in Electrum, they can choose to enjoy some of Electrum's famous cultural sites from the Centralis Botannic Gardens to the Modern Arts Museum. Centralis is also known for its foodie and coffee culture, especially in its sprawling alley ways -- it's very common to meet a friend for brunch to eat smashed avocado on toast and a flat white coffee.

Playing Conditions
The three roofed arenas are, in decreasing size, Phillip Maxwell Arena (centre court), Janine Gredello Arena (show court 1) and the Peter Oaker Arena (show court 2). The atmosphere in Phillip Maxwell and Janine Gredello is more reserved, with crowds tending to cheer on seeded players that they recognise. Peter Oaker Arena, which is open to all with a ground pass, has a rowdier atmosphere, where underdogs and Electrumites receive their best support. The sixteen outer courts are well attended, with fans of all countries coming to Electrum to watch their favourite players play and train. All courts are fully televised with players given the right to challenge decisions made by umpires. Shot clocks are also present on all courts.

Phillip Maxwell Arena

Janine Gredello Arena

Peter Oaker Arena

The Centralis Tennis Park is also known for its quick light blue hard courts which are suited to nearly all styles of play. The Electrum Slam has historically the most amount of upsets -- there is speculation as to why this might be the case -- experts tend to put it down to the compressed nature of the tournament which tires players playing in both singles and doubles, as well as the quick hard courts which favours risk-taking and aggression over defensive baseline play.

Accommodation and transportation to Electrum is provided free of charge with players staying at Centralis Orion Hotel, a five star hotel-casino complex with spas, massage parlours, swimming pools, spas, etc. All players will receive an additional thousand synergies to spend at the hotel or, at the casino for those in the mood for gambling. Room service operates 24 hours a day. Teams will be transported by a chauffeur daily in a private car to the Centralis Tennis Park, which is ten minutes away. Once the tournament is over, chauffeurs will bring players back to Centralis Airport, with winners having special limousines.

History of Tennis in Electrum
The Electrum Lawn Tennis Association has hosted many tournaments for the NSTT ever since the first season all those years ago. These have included the Hamilton International, the International Team Trophy, the Terranean Slam in Somer and of course, the Electrum Slam. In recent years, there have been changes to the tournaments that the ELTA hosts. The Hamilton International tournament was voluntarily downgraded from the Grand Slam to the Tier 1 level, while Somer, after losing the Terranean Slam event, has been given the rights to host the International Team Trophy.

The Centralis Tennis Park was established in 1910 under the direction of Phillip Maxwell, the first president of the ELTA. The park originally consisted of grass courts. However, with the high cost of maintenance, the CTP switched to the hard courts in 1931. The three named show courts are named after significant tennis pioneers in Electrum. This includes Phillip Maxwell, Janine Gredello (mother of Sonya and former patron of the ELTA) and Peter Oaker (secured government funding for the transition to hard court). The Centralis Tennis Park was formerly named the National Tennis Centre, but it was renamed to avoid confusion with the Cenian counterpart.

Other important tennis figures in Electrum include Harvey Regent and Alia Craft. Harvey Regent was, as some might say, the finest tennis player in Electrum's old domestic circuit. After passing away due to old age, the ELTA honoured his legacy by naming the perpetual singles trophy after him. Alia Craft, who is the namesake of the doubles trophy, is a founding board member of the ELTA as well as distinguished former doubles player. She was an excellent player who increased the awareness and exposure of doubles tennis. Runners-up receive a miniature version of the trophies, whereas champions receive a full-sized replica.

The Electrum Slam also awards the Best Underdog Trophy. This trophy is given to the qualifier or wildcard which makes it the furthest into the competition. The trophies represent the improvements players make to their game in the pursuit of tennis excellence.

Harvey Regent Trophy (singles trophy, left) and the Alia Craft Memorial Trophy (doubles trophy, right)

Underdog Trophies

Previous Champions
2014 - Elaine Foyner (CEN)
2015 - Johmer Vales (CEN)
2016 - Ciache Nagya (CEN)
2017 - Andy Amada (CEN)
2020 - Dominika Lisicki (MTJ)

2014 - Sonya Gredello/Rosa Levinsky (ETM)
2015 - Sonya Gredello/Rosa Levinsky (ETM)
2016 - Leo Garry/Elizabeth Quehall (BRI)
2017 - Leo Garry/Elizabeth Quehall (BRI)
2020 - Camille Fournier/Inès Fournier (RCN)

Best Underdog
2014 - Kika Dovan (CEN) and James Lindsey/Pedro Mendoza (MLW)
2015 - Not awarded
2016 - Not awarded
2017 - Not awarded
2020 - Jean van de Kloor (TJU)

Draw and Schedule
Qualifier 1
(1) Stephen Saltswoon (INS) vs Shayna Lucero (BUC)
(27) Zahra Tusita (ERM) vs Lïnumeda Kondu (HAF)

Qualifier 2
(2) Vanessza Pataki (GGY) vs Domenico Lunghi (SOR)
(19) Ada Nunez (GRU) vs Igor Matković (SRE)

Qualifier 3
(3) Ralph Henschel (GGY) vs Leo Shenron (HTK)
(20) Emilio Robles (BUC) vs Alanna Choo (QUE) OR Erika Kamamoto (HTK)

Qualifier 4
(4) IllusiveTramp (SSI) vs Jordina Silva (INS)
(26) Zeta Juanis (ERM) vs Esterina Picarelli (RCN)

Qualifier 5
(5) Aoi Kanto (HTK) vs Shima Kuyo (HTK) OR Isis Dimpal (ACS)
(18) Arne Oxwald (PUG) vs Mikhail Telo (YVK)

Qualifier 6
(6) Zunaira Hardy (BUC) vs Samantha Budjedtson (INS)
(32) Arabella McCarthy (QUE) vs Giusto Gomes (YVK) OR Dora Klemenčić (SRE)

Qualifier 7
(7) Mikhail Korotkevich (WSN) vs Atlas Dominguez (GRU)
(24) Rosemarie Strobl (GGY) vs Sibylla Naess (PUG)

Qualifier 8
(8) Massimo Recinella (SOR) vs Ines Fernandinha (YVK)
(25) Lenta Rasmi (ERM) vs Peter Feachell (INS)

Qualifier 9
(9) Ljubomir Ivanković (SRE) vs Fonzie Sartin (INS) OR Tanya Kumari (HTK)
(21) Grace Covalt (KHD) vs Gjörëg Čëtan (HAF)

Qualifier 10
(10) Eva Brandt (GRU) vs Alexia Goncalves (YVK)
(28) Lucija Bagarić (SRE) vs Frank Dalby (BUC)

Qualifier 11
(11) Jimi Rusman (ERM) vs Ïmal Hundrahdan (HAF)
(23) Nazri Robert (SHT) vs Ingrid Dal (PUG)

Qualifier 12
(12) Georg Heraklit (PUG) vs Žurhïd Seman (HAF) OR Josip Ratković (SRE)
(29) Laura Sparks (NOV) vs Oh Hyeon-Wook (QUE)

Qualifier 13
(13) Sunil Kali (HTK) vs Emeline Wright (QUE)
(30) Rhonda Robbins (NOV) vs Myah Cuevas (BUC)

Qualifier 14
(14) Rivera Bassett (BUC) vs Rama Čïbtënïku (HAF)
(31) Marcel Bilodeau (QUE) vs Carla Eusebio (YVK)

Qualifier 15
(15) Thibaut Berthelot (RCN) vs Alina Koreleva (SRE)
(22) Alain Moreau (NOV) vs Jean-Luc Pocnic (QUE) OR André Bapako (ACS)

Qualifier 16
(16) Tristan Delisle (RCN) vs Giovanni Castretto (YVK) OR Knïla Kondu (HAF)
(17) Azam Bestari (KNC) vs John Ivanisevic (BGG)

Section 1
(1) Pelissa Giannapolous (ETM) vs Mekar Laut (ERM)
Chad Cilsertin (KHD) vs Rof Leshner (HTK)
Shinji Makauchi (TJU) vs Komang Agus Artawan (PCU)
(30) Lucien Le Floch (RCN) vs Margie Brown (GRU)
(21) Philippe Baloui (TJU) vs Botack Andiam (CEN)
Armin Miksa (GGY) vs Haikal Jansen (SHT)
Dorotea Granit (PUG) vs Marcus Hathwar (ETM)
(13) Kika Dovan (CEN) vs Orsolya Szabo (GGY)

Section 2
(6) Mindy Waterford (KHD) vs Ralph Newkärn (BRI)
Iris Bergadhga (ACS) vs (Q) Sunil Kali (HTK)
Austin McDanielson (TJU) vs Harold Crawley (TJU)
(28) Houston Sawyer (SQR) vs Davi Malakkar (ACS)
(17) Syamim Kevin (SHT) vs Fredrik Stagnelius (PUG)
Milo Ealdræd (SSI) vs (Q) Georg Heraklit (PUG)
Diệp Van der Hout (SQR) vs Augusta Björnstjärna (PUG)
(10) Marisa Maradona (CEN) vs (WC) Ivan Štimac (SRE)

Section 3
(7) Jean van de Kloor (TJU) vs Alexey Pustozerov (WSN)
George Mellintus (INS) vs (Q) Tristan Delisle (RCN)
Tangeus Falk (PUG) vs Anthony Powers (KHD)
(32) Joe Katsi (TJU) vs Leo Garry (BRI)
(23) Jason Gordon (BRI) vs Johmer Vales (CEN)
(WC) Amina Wira (KNC) vs (WC) Goran McEnroe (BGG)
Grayson Norris (GRU) vs (Q) Ljubomir Ivanković (SRE)
(9) Ardil Navsal (CEN) vs Teegan Sosa (GRU)

Section 4
(3) Dewa Putu Adrian Putra (PCU) vs Maddison Scott (ETM)
(WC) Nina Dolvanova (HAF) vs Peter P Larry (BRI)
Eva Sarvan (ACS) vs Mathew Giovanni (INS)
(25) Theresa Waterford (KHD) vs Sephora Calabrese (SQR)
(19) Naim Alex (SHT) vs Bianka Arendt (GGY)
(WC) Badan Knačpïh (HAF) vs (Q) Massimo Recinella (SOR)
Odelia Ayers (SSI) vs Jester Roy (HTK)
(15) Liam Penderyn (CEN) vs Maria Sophia Lubis (PCU)

Section 5
(2) Ngurah Putra Muliawan (PCU) vs Lucy Muneer (SHT)
(Q) Zeta Juanis (ERM) vs Valery Ushakov (WSN)
Amara Charles (BUC) vs Livinia Moore (ETM)
(29) Carmichael Brown (ETM) vs Hildebrant Weisgerber (RCN)
(18) Valentina Spetsova (TJU) vs Luciano Crepaldi (SOR)
Ikram Fawz (SHT) vs (WC) Rosa Soares (YVK)
(WC) Tena Špiričić (SRE) vs (Q) Ralph Henschel (GGY)
(16) Jeff Rogers (GRU) vs Diana Jansen (SHT)

Section 6
(5) Andrew Simmons (ETM) vs Gregory Huemenn (INS)
ProudSmith (SSI) vs Lucas Parvash (ACS)
Dewa Ayu Cintya Dewi (PCU) vs Ayu Ratih Kemalasari (PCU)
(27) Martha McNeil (GRU) vs (Q) Domenico Lunghi (SOR)
(20) Ricardo Toli (BRI) vs Indah Susanti (PCU)
(Q) Mikhail Korotkevich (WSN) vs (Q) Zahra Tusita (ERM)
Rodrick Uppatin (KHD) vs Graziano Giunti (SOR)
(12) Gaëlle Sellier (RCN) vs Niels Alberink (SQR)

Section 7
(8) Fiorenzo Tartoni (SOR) vs (Q) Marcel Bilodeau (QUE)
(Q) Zunaira Hardy (BUC) vs Sekar Laut (ERM)
Eckehard Blumenberg (GGY) vs Grady Maccay (KHD)
(26) Vladimir Mikhailov (WSN) vs Elizabeth Quehall (BRI)
(24) Neia Dovan (CEN) vs Batera Siwara (ERM)
(WC) Louis Yeo-Jongilanga (QUE) vs Hemat Darwisa (ERM)
Felipe de la Rosa (TJU) vs Derek Dubrovnik (BRI)
(11) Bartholomew Pole (KHD) vs Alya Elyas (SHT)

Section 8
(4) Lonus Varalin (CEN) vs (WC) Joel Coleman (NOV)
(Q) Jimi Rusman (ERM) vs (Q) Lucija Bagarić (SRE)
Arthur Leloup (RCN) vs Leone Na (BRI)
(31) Janet Riley (ETM) vs Arlo Daniels (BUC)
(22) Donat Kis (GGY) vs (Q) Arne Oxwald (PUG)
Andrea Vergnani (SOR) vs Jack Ho (ETM)
(WC) Ruth Geoffrion-Conacher (QUE) vs (Q) Alain Moreau (NOV)
(14) Abelie Fontana (RCN) vs (WC) Christina De Sanctis (YVK)

Qualifier 1
(1) Jan Turovets/Vitaly Rakov (WSN) vs Bye
(14) Laura Sparks/Rhonda Robbins (NOV) vs Lïnumeda Kondu/Knïla Kondu (HAF)

Qualifier 2
(2) Amara Charles/Rivera Bassett (BUC) vs Mathew Giovanni/Stephen Saltswoon (INS)
(10) Zeta Juanis/Zahra Tusita (ERM) vs Tena Špiričić/Bojana Španović (SRE)

Qualifier 3
(3) Tamara Takacs/Albert Taussig (GGY) vs Badan Knačpïh/Ïmal Hundrahdan (HAF)
(9) Margie Brown/Grayson Norris (GRU) vs André Bapako/Isis Dimpal (ACS)

Qualifier 4
(4) Ada Nunez/Nelly Cooke (GRU) vs Shayna Lucero/Frank Dalby (BUC)
(16) Louis Yeo-Jongilanga/Pierre Dobbelstyn (QUE) vs Alexia Goncalves/Mikhail Telo (YVK)

Qualifier 5
(5) Samantha Budjedtson/Peter Feachell (INS) vs Giovanni Castretto/Giusto Gomes (YVK)
(13) Shima Kuyo/Tanya Kumari (HTK) vs Igor Matković/Josip Ratković (SRE)

Qualifier 6
(6) Odelia Ayers/IllusiveTramp (SSI) vs Alanna Choo/Jean-Luc Pocnic (QUE)
(11) Bianka Arendt/Armin Miksa (GGY) vs Rama Čïbtënïku/Nina Dolvanova (HAF)

Qualifier 7
(7) Jana Arkinn/Myria Primarch (CEN) vs Gregory Huemenn/George Mellintus (INS)
(12) Milicent Broon/Alexander Dumor (KHD) vs Carla Eusebio/Ines Fernandinha (YVK)

Qualifier 8
(8) Iván Flanagon/Ailbhe O'Hannagain (SQR) vs Ivan Štimac/Lucija Bagarić (SRE)
(15) Zunaira Hardy/Myah Cuevas (BUC) vs Stepan Fuchs/Emeline Wright (QUE)

Section 1
(1) Sonya Gredello/Rosa Levinsky (ETM) vs (WC) Karl Ballard/Gabe Casey (NOV)
Ana Radkkar/Eva Radkkar (ACS) vs (Q) Tamara Takacs/Albert Taussig (GGY)
Vanessza Pataki/Marvin Weinwurm (GGY) vs (Q) Shayna Lucero/Frank Dalby (BUC)
(15) Arthur Leloup/Hildebrant Weisgerber (RCN) vs Oka Sulastra/Luh Putu Yundari (PCU)
(9) Elia Xal/Fia Xal (CEN) vs Esterina Picarelli/Tristan Delisle (RCN)
Haikal Jansen/Diana Jansen (SHT) vs (Q) Samantha Budjedtson/Peter Feachell (INS)
Eka Putrawan/Dwi Ratmadi (PCU) vs Leone Na/Abi Forrest (BRI)
(7) Shinji Makauchi/Felipe de la Rosa (TJU) vs (Q) Tena Špiričić/Bojana Španović (SRE)

Section 2
(4) Camille Fournier/Inès Fournier (RCN) vs Milo Ealdræd/ProudSmith (SSI)
Fiorenzo Tartoni/Andrea Vergnani (SOR) vs Emilio Robles/Arlo Daniels (BUC)
Ilham Nugraha/Jayadi Ahmad (PCU) vs Bradley Kohnface/Erin Maldry (KHD)
(13) Deanne Smith/Leanne Stewart (ETM) vs Anna Humpford/Carter Kanasaw (KHD)
(12) Coosal Darlcheri/Perger Rianor (CEN) vs (Q) Jan Turovets/Vitaly Rakov (WSN)
(WC) Ruth Geoffrion-Conacher/Oh Seung-Yin (QUE) vs Jordina Silva/Fonzie Sartin (INS)
Massimo Recinella/Oscar Recinella (SOR) vs Lance Mance/Ricardo Toli (BRI)
(5) Sara Zhuo/Gyrachor Rentos (ETM/CEN) vs (WC) Žurhïd Seman/Gjörëg Čëtan (HAF)

Section 3
(2) Spencer Kohnhead/Marcus Hathwar (KHD/ETM) vs Jeremy Glass/Teegan Sosa (GRU)
Kim Li Bo/Mei Li Bo (TJU) vs Vuyani Rabada/Kaui Kamakawiwoʻole (TJU)
Leo Shenron/Erika Kamamoto (HTK) vs (WC) John Ivanisevic/Goran McEnroe (BGG)
(16) Alexandra Barna/Ralph Henschel (GGY) vs (WC) Christina De Sanctis/Rosa Soares (YVK)
(10) Riley Dovatin/Melissa Turnface (KHD) vs (Q) Jana Arkinn/Myria Primarch (CEN)
Toma Karga/Dan Cowden (SQR) vs Batera Siwara/Hemat Darwisa (ERM)
Evgeny Kondratenko/Oleg Vlasov (WSN) vs (Q) Bianka Arendt/Armin Miksa (GGY)
(8) Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati (PCU) vs Val Korekal/Luciano Crepaldi (CEN/SOR)

Section 4
(3) Valentina Spetsova/Austin McDanielson (TJU) vs Anthony Kawasaki/Jack Ho (ETM)
Miguel Taberon/Pedro Arrachar (ACS) vs Carrol Water/Cherrie Kane (SHT)
Azam Bestari/Amina Wira (KNC) vs Jimi Rusman/Lenta Rasmi (ERM)
(14) Jóna Cabrera/Veronika McPhee (SQR) vs (Q) Ivan Štimac/Lucija Bagarić (SRE)
(11) Jac Iegis/Liam Penderyn (CEN) vs Bahari Zack/Isaac Daud (SHT)
(WC) Leonid Farkaš/Goran Ibrahimović (SRE) vs Lucas Magnier/Adelinde Günther (RCN)
Elizabeth Quehall/Leo Garry (BRI) vs Izzat Manson/George Fakhrul (SHT)
(6) Martha McNeil/Jeff Rogers (GRU) vs Sekar Laut/Mekar Laut (ERM)

Schedule - All deadlines are 0800 GMT
5 March - Qualification round 1 and 2 singles, Qualification round 1 doubles
6 March - Break day (this does not happen IC)
7 March - Qualification round 3 singles, Qualification round 2 doubles
8 March - Round 1 (section 1-4) singles
9 March - Round 1 (section 5-8) singles
10 March - Round 2 singles, Round 1 doubles
11 March - Break day (this does not happen IC)
12 March - Round 3 singles, Round 2 doubles
13 March - Round 4 singles, Round 3 doubles
14 March - Quarterfinals
15 March - Semifinals
16 March - Finals

Order of play
Order of play - Day X
Phillip Maxwell Arena (Center Court) - Ticket required
Night session (starts at 7pm)
Janine Gredello Arena (Show Court 1) - Ticket required
Night session (starts at 7pm)
Peter Oaker Arena (Show Court 2)
Court 4
Court 5
Court 6
Court 7
Court 8
Court 9
Court 10
Court 11
Court 12
Court 13
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Postby San Ortelio » Sun Jan 03, 2021 9:30 am

“Good luck, gramps!”

Massimo Recinella sounded cheerful, a bit too cheerful for Graziano’s liking. The chuckling laughter of his younger brother added an uncomfortable layer, causing the reply from Graziano Giunti to be limited to some growling and a scowl.

“We get it, mate, we’ll get off your lawn – there’s work to do for us as well! Let’s see… Qasden? We’ll see what’s the case, then, amiright,” one of the Recinella’s continued, their giggling audible from the Judi Valemartin Stadium till the furthest of the out courts.

As they were out of sight, Graziano sighed. Although he had grown used to being called ‘experienced’ and ‘a veteran’ in the newspapers, it still got to him. In a way, it was a bit daft that he – debuting at 34 – was here in the first place but he tried to keep that thought in the background as he prepared himself before facing off Myah Cuevas. An unwritten page, just like himself, but the player across the dressing room looked… Vibrant. Young. Ambitious. All adjectives which had not been attached to Graziano in ages. Nervously, he went through his hair, slightly annoyed by the growth of his front.

There had been some frowns when Graziano requested an ‘International License’. Whilst most respected him as a competitive player at the national level, albeit probably a bit past his prime, few considered him a viable option to represent San Ortelio at the biggest scene. The fact was that all but the best had been shied away by the 1500 lire to be put on the table (or rather, the SOTA bank account) straight away. Quite a sum for those who were not sure if they could scrape enough price money on the road or would see themselves stuck in the qualifying rounds. Rounds, yes, that’s a plural, Graziano had discovered the hard way. He had not even dared to complain about the pace required.

Still, he had emptied the bank account and travelled to Ceni for this. Annabella, his wife, had looked him in the eye and said that she believed in him and loved him. But you didn’t need to share the bed for over a decade to know that the undertone was ‘but if you drop out, just quit before our savings run out’. The kids saw him as a hero, an international star, already. Friends, family and the neighborhood thought he had lost his marbles. He had tried to approach a few to ‘sponsor’ him, but even those closest to him had been very hesitant. So Graziano scraped dimes for… For what? An abstract dream? A delusion? Tartoni, the overnight national hero, had his pick of income sources and Crepaldi had made his name as well, but for Giunti, the bill was far in the minus right now.

Graziano hadn’t slept well. Cenial was a marvelous city, spacious, green and a genuine melting pot. Sleeping in the Orion free of charge had given his financial worries a day off – he had been worrying about the plane costs all trip long – but somehow, he had managed to dine in the one spot in town that couldn’t make a proper clam chowder. Potentially because it was the cheapest place to offer clam chowder, on second thought. But it wasn’t the rattling in his stomach that worried Graziano, it was the realization that if he failed to set aside Cuevas and Covalt, it could be over before it begun. And not just for this tournament.
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Postby Flexanewmega » Sun Jan 03, 2021 2:36 pm


Flexanewmega is relatively new to the Tennis scene and the Cenian Open will be the first time in the nations history the nations best tennis stars and newcomers will get to show off their skills against the worlds best. Let’s meet the Flexanewmegans who will be competing to call themselves champions of then Cenian Open.

Kobie Laing Age:24 Height 6’2 Weight 165LBS
Kobie is relatively knew to the world of tennis starting less then 6 months ago,however with tennis being a reltvley unknown sport in the nation Laing was able to walk on the Flexanewmega team and is hoping his walk on luck will translate to some shock underdog wins at the open.

Sameer Cook Age:32 Height 5’11 Weight 235
A former rugby star in the nation Sameer Cook found his true passion of tennis while rehabilitating a concussion suffered from the sport of Rugby. Arguably the face of Flexanewmegan Rugby Cook retired and will be competing in his first tennis tournament at the Cenian Open hoping to be the face of Tennis to the nation too.

Tymon Barnard Age;21 Height 6’0 Weight 180
Flexanewmega’s billionaire playboy Barnard is the son of one of Flexanewmega’s biggest tech start up. Barnard stated that weekly tennis lessons at his parents vacation estate is what made him the player he is today. Money can buy lots of things but can it buy Barnard the Cenain Open Championship?

Adil Roberts Age:28 Height 5’9 Weight 175
Born to immigrant parents Roberts turned to tennis in order to pursue a better life for his family. Roberts hopes to win the Cenian open to make his parents who sacrificed so hard proud and to show the world with hard work anything is possible.

Kaelan Day Age:30 Height 5’11 Weight 182
Kaelan is probably the most generic person in Flexanewmega try picking Kalean out in a crowd and you might find it Mission Impossible. Try to pick Kalean out on the tennis court however and the self proclaimed Master of the Serve sticks out like a sore thumb with his amazing ability to both rally and serve the ball. Day looks to continue to show the world he’s not just some Average Joe with a strong showing at then Cenian open.

Franciszek Sloan Age:24 Height 6’0 Weight 190
Franciszek is as crazy good at tennis as he is crazy in real life. A former circus performer Franciszek retired from life under the big tent to focus on life on the tennis court. His reasoning, The circus life was full of too many normal people. Is it crazy to think Franciszek has a shot at the Cenian Open? Maybe but Franciszek doen’t care.

Abdallah Rees Age 17 Height 6’2 Weight 220
The child prodigy of Flexanewmega tennis Abdallah knows he’s good and his cockiness has even rubbed his fellow country men the wrong way. The youngest tennis player in Flexanewmega Tennis Association history Abdallah hopes to continue adding his name to the record books by being the first winner of the Cennian open from his homeland.

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Postby Beepee » Sun Jan 03, 2021 10:59 pm

Dusan Ventaromovich

Country: Beepee
Residence: Golden Wattle Bay
Born: 17 June 1996 (age 24)
Height: 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)
Turned Pro: November 2018
Plays: Right-handed (two-handed backhand)
Coach: None 

Local Singles Career Record 1-2

International Singles Career record 0-1
Career titles 0

International Doubles Career record 2–1
Career titles 0 

Dutzee, as he is known to his friends, isn't much a a serve volleyer, although he does do well at the net.  He instead prefers to play from the back of the court.

At 1m85, with a beard and moustaxh and a tightly tied ponytail of sundrenched hair, he's quite a spectacle. Particularly as he tends to wear sunglasses on court.  Not the fastest of movers, he is a consistent if unspectacular player. And is certainly stronger as a doubles than a singles player.

Dutzee is however highly amenable and friendly towards most players on court, although he does have a sarcastic sense of humour, which can occasionally get him in trouble.

Noted for his fair play and honesty on the court. Dutzee is often found practicing with Ivo Dhjukharevic and is close friends with the Beepeean player.

In his spare time, Dutzee enjoys surfing and is a beach lover.

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Postby Pemecutan » Mon Jan 04, 2021 1:48 am


Monday, 4 January 2021 (Soma Kliwon Wuku Wayang, Pawukon 1780)

Road to Ceni Open

Cenial, Ceni - The 7th season of NSTT Tour is begin. And the opening season is he Outdoor Hardcourt Season. The season is started with a Grand Slam which is held in Cenial, Ceni, a veteran country in tennis tournament. It has been a good news when Ceni decided to join in the tour again. The comeback of Ceni is also bring old rivalries. During the first time of Pemecutan involvement in Tennis competition, it is known that Cenian players are to be watch over. And several times Pemecutanian players were defeated by them. But in this new era and new season, hopefully Pemecutanian players have set their foot in the competition so they won't feel distracted and intimidated by Cenian players.

In the first competition and first Grand Slam this season, Ceni Open is a competition that is look upon. Pemecutanian players have not in their good performance during every Grand Slam. They're best result was Maria Sophia Lubis with Quarterfinalist in Electrum Slam for Single. While in Double, Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati is manage to finished as Semifinalist in AO Open. These result shows that not many Pemecutanian players reached higher during Grand Slam competitions. With the current entry, the burden will be give to Dewa Putu Adrian Putra and Ngurah Putra Muliawan as both are in the top 5 ranking. While in Double, Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati is still become Pemecutan main double followed with Oka Sulastra/Luh Putu Yundari.

The decision of Oka Sulastra and Luh Putu Yundari to resigned from Single competition and focus on their Double also give way to other Pemecutanian players to replace their position in Single entry. But the condition also makes Pemecutan is only entering 7 singles to the competition. While in Double, Pemecutan enter in full squad. Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati is accompanied by Oka Sulastra/Luh Putu Yundari, Olympiad winner Eka Putrawan/Dwi Ratmadi and Ilham Nugraha/Jayadi Ahmad.

"We are hoping the best for our players. They have to always focus on their matches. Don't think about anything else and give their best performance each time they are playing," says Komang Subrata, one of Pemecutan coach.

Luckily, all of Pemecutanian players will be playing directly at First Round both in Single and Double. This drawing result makes them able to adapt more with the weather and the surrounding. They can also practice more to familiarize themselves with the field. In Single, 3 players are being seeded. They are Dewa Putu Adrian Putra (2), Ngurah Putra Muliawan (4) and Maria Sophia Lubis (26). While in Double, there are only 2 doubles that got seeded. Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati (8) and Oka Sulastra/Luh Putu Yundari (10). They first match will be in 2 days with Single players playing first.

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Postby Kohnhead » Mon Jan 04, 2021 1:03 pm

Kohnhead Singles Preview for the Cenian Slam

1. Mindy Waterford
Age: 20
NSTT Ranking: 12

Mindy Waterford is ready to prove that she belongs in the top tier conversation of the NSTT in season 7. Many would claim that she peaked early and her high was during the clay season with that Semifinal run in Mattijana. While this may be accurate Waterford is ready to show she can be a dominate player on any surface and is one of the elite, while being invited to the Diamond Trophy is cool, Mindy feels it is now below her. She has come into this season more focused than all of last year and has spent the offseason getting into peak physical condition and she will be competing with a chip on her shoulder this season.

"I'm ready to show everyone that I belong in the conversation for the best player, I fell off at the end of last season, that will not happen again. I am ready to win some trophies and I'm ready to have my best season ever."

2. Bartholomew Pole
Age: 26
NSTT Ranking: 15

The backhanded Pole is ready for his second season in the NSTT. After a slow start in his first couple of tournaments nothing seemed to be clicking for the backhand player but then came Hamilton where he made a run to the semifinals regaining his confidence. While he has yet to regain the title of Kohnhead's #1 that he had prior to our joining of the NSTT, he has passed Theresa Waterford for the second spot and is ready to continue his climb into the upper ranks after a decent Diamond Trophy performance.

"Last year especially at the start was quite difficult for me, my confidence at one point was at an all time low. Fortunately support from the fans, my fellow competitors, and my coaches really helped me regain form that I hope to carry into this season; season 7 is going to be a fun one."

3. Theresa Waterford
Age: 20
NSTT Ranking: 33

While Theresa just like her twin sister Mindy has fallen off a bit since her best days last season that doesn't concern her. Theresa did not make any postseason tournaments and wasn't present at the ITT which was given to Bartholomew Pole and her sister Mindy. Many close to her believe that Theresa is being undervalued by everyone and can make some noice this season especially considering just like Mindy she is only 20.

4. Rodrick Uppatin
Age: 26
NSTT Ranking: 42

Uppatin is actually not far behind Theresa in the NSTT rankings which should rightfully come as a surprise to anyone. Uppatin was really trending in the right direction at the end of the season unlike Theresa and while he has yet to show he can really compete at the tier 1 and Major tournaments he will have ample opportunities to do this.

5. Chad Cilsertin
Age: 35
NSTT Ranking: 60

Season 7 will be the second and final NSTT season that Chad Cilsertin participates in as the 35 year old has already confirmed. The Kohnheadian tennis legend has already said he will be retiring at the end of the season but has enjoyed his time on the NSTT stage. While he was expected to be our number 4 heading into last season, he was prevented from playing in as many tournaments as he would have liked due to injury and wanting to stay fit so Uppatin took that role. Cilsertin has no problems with this and would like to do well although me probably will only be competing in the major tournaments this year.

6. Anthony Powers
Age: 22
NSTT Ranking: 102

Powers emerged with a nice run at Hamilton last season and will be the top ranked Kohnhead athlete sent to the Mendez Bay Open where he is not favored per say but has the potential to go far. Powers is quite young at 22 and there was thought last season that he could surpass Uppatin for that 4 spot in the lineup but he obviously failed to do that. With Cilsertin's upcoming retirement Powers will take over as the 5th player and there's hope he can be more in the future.

7. Grady Maccay
Age: 29
NSTT Ranking: 221

Maccay will be competing almost exclusively at the tier 2 tournaments and majors given the extra members at majors and the rank rules for tier 2 tournaments. The 29 year old didn't show too much last season but he will be given more opportunities to prove himself this year and will be given a chance to compete in hard court competitions outdoors.

8. Grace Kovalt
Age: 32
NSTT Ranking: 427

Kovalt competed in three tournaments last season, two of which were grand slams at Hamilton and the AO Open as well as the tier 2 River Cities Open in Damukuni. Her ranking basically says all you need to know about her and at age 32 she doesn't have much longer left especially with some younger members rising up the ranks.
Trigramme: KHD
Pop: 25 million
Football 61st
Gridiron: 24th
Baseball: 15th
Hockey: 29th
Basketball: 27th
Lacrosse: 13th
Wonder Cup 2 - Champions
Di Bradini Cup 48 / U21WC 69 - 4th place

6 Steinigestrasse Open - Runner Up (Singles)
6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Cenian Open - Runner up (Singles)
7 Mendez Bay Open - Runner up (Singles)
7 Steinigestrasse Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Electrum Slam - Runner up (Doubles)

NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

Volleyball World Expo 11 - 3rd place

World Lacrosse Championships XXXVII - 4th place

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Postby Ferret Civilization » Mon Jan 04, 2021 2:18 pm

The state of tennis

International tennis has been around for way longer than the state of Ferret Civilization, only a few states could probably boast that feat. Another feat that the Ferrets did not boast was being a continuous part of the international tennis scene in its current state known as NSTT when it decided to try and jump out into as many international scenes as possible. The first attempt at that saw modest success in the realm of sports with just as mixed results elsewhere, it would not be until the second attempt a long time later that Ferrets would find great success in the area of tennis alone with every other project coming to a dead end. One year of success however was all that was needed for a small group of Ferrets on an international stage, earning their place in the record books as being the best in both the singles and doubles for a brief moment in history against the more established and experienced nations that took pride in the world of tennis. However with a cycling state of affairs at home and indecisiveness in whether to keep pushing or withdraw saw inaction making the decision to withdraw and that original team moving on to live their lives abroad in Ceni. Later on the international tennis scene would take a long break as well with all major contributing states to tennis having hiccups of their own. That would see Ferret Civilization put in a half hearted attempt at their own local tennis tournament that was privately run in order to just do something, but even that was not a long term serious project. After the international hiccup in the state of tennis the major players came back to restart things over and with great success, however for Ferrets and their new national ally internal problems saw them miss out on the party.

It was not known if the new combined nation and states that made up what was now being called Salmagundi were going to participate in an international scene again. Local politics had been there and done that without success across all boards but one so looking to restart that project was never brought up again. Though the success in international tennis was not just confined to governmental talk on how to proceed, with the Ferret nation taking the success of their contributed group to spread the new sport to them of tennis throughout the state. Even without the state's support locally or abroad the popular fad allowed individuals to pool their resources to see that the sport stuck around nationally. Later when a new nation joined their fold the sport managed to spread to them as well which provided quite a boost to the scene locally despite the fad starting to wear off after time had passed. In the end without the state’s support the new combined nation had missed out on the return to an international tennis scene. However, talk in the local tennis community had discussed how and if it would be possible for them to go in and try alone on an individual level. Word got around and issues of how to pick the best players and how to fund them were thrown around the loosely connected Salmagundi tennis world. Without a centralized place to play there would never be a set court to determine who would be the best and if it was worth funding them in an international tournament. The counter to that was that the original Ferret state also had gone in blind and managed to produce a quality team, even though since it only happened once they could not say if it would happen again and it would not be hard to find volunteers to go abroad this time around either, they would have a long waiting list to do it that way again.

Eventually a random group of players from the loosely connected local tennis groups and clubs. Two of whom were at least going to be from the Ferret nation with the other two being from what they were now calling the Dogtaur nation. They would be entered into the new season of international tennis as individuals not connected with the nation state, only being from there. With that process out of the way the local tennis collective was ready to once again be late to a party and see what the results would be, the first tournament of the year being heading to Ceni for the Cenian Open, a place a certain group of now old Ferrets knew rather well.

Upon arriving in Ceni the four new tennis players to the international scene got themselves situated with their situation, for the tournament all of them would have to be playing in a round of qualifiers since the sport of tennis was getting a lot of other nations wishing to take part. The lads would be playing together in the doubles qualifiers with the ladies playing in the singles qualifiers, they were granted wild cards for the opposite side of the tournament that they would be playing in so it was impossible for them all to lose in the qualifying rounds at the very least. The state of Ceni was also very nice and accommodating to their tennis playing guests by providing a free place to lodge while they were playing in the tournament which eased their pooled together financial stress. Other than that it was getting used to seeing the more dominant species of the international scene which was humans, while Cenians and older tennis fans were probably uninterested in the sight of the short anthropomorphic Ferrets. However this time around they would have another unusually uninteresting sight with them, that being the Dogtaurs, anthropomorphic dogs with the lower half of an enlarged dog instead of a horse like a centaur. Together these two species would make a rather odd couple but for now it seemed to be working out internally at home. Other than that all that there was to do was to do the what the original Ferret team did when out taking part in a tournament and that was to enjoy the local entertainment and locations.
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Postby Ceni » Mon Jan 04, 2021 5:43 pm

2021 Cenian Open: Draw breakdown (part 1)
1/4/2021 - Vyri Arcaina, chief correspondent

Section 1
The big question mark here is world #1 Bartolo Sabanero of Aqual, who won the Hamilton International on clay and the AOpen on grass last year. But his form in the final tournaments of the season left much to be desired, especially as he went 1-2 at the season-ending NSTT finals against the world's top opposition. Fortunately, the first couple of rounds look fairly manageable for him: He faces a qualifier in Round 1 and a Wild Card from a debuting nation in Round 2. If seeding holds to pattern, he will face the lowest-ranked seeded player, world #37 Janet Riley of Electrum.

On the other side of the section, two returning Cenians — Andy Amada, a former Electrum Slam champion, and Dioro Hansil, a notorious serve-and-volleyer — are the two highest seeds. But it is entirely possible that Fiorenzo Tartoni, the player from San Ortelio who reached the semifinals of the Diamond Trophy before crashing out to Lonus Varalin, pulls off an upset or two against these players, who have not played in a while.

Round of 16: Sabanero d. Tartoni

Section 2
Botack Andiam, a former Cenian Open champion, headlines this section — but he faces a tough first round match in Luciano Crepaldi, Tartoni's compatriot who seems to have a penchant for causing upsets as well. Again, an upset may be in the cards, as Andiam's rustiness showed when he crashed out in the second round of the Ubung Open. The other seed in Andiam's part of the draw is Maria Sophia Lubis, who is defending quarterfinal points from the Electrum Slam (held as the hard court Grand Slam last year). Outside of that tournament, though, she performed consistently but not entirely stellarly.

Jean van der Kloor of TJUN-ia is probably the favorite in this section, then. He is on a run of solid form, having won the Diamond Trophy with a stellar defeat of Lonus Varalin, who has performed the best out of all the Cenian players in their return to the NationStates Tennis Tour. If all goes to form, he will face 17th seed Kika Dovan in the third round — but that is also not guaranteed, as the rusty Cenian will face Houston Sawyer of Squidroidia, the highest-ranked unseeded player in the draw. That will certainly be a solid match to watch, but Dovan can't expect to waltz into the second round.

Round of 16: van der Kloor d. Crepaldi

Section 3
Fourth seed Ngurah Putra Muliawan is definitely one of the heavy favorites to win the singles tournament — he recently won the NSTT Finals without dropping a single match, which says a lot given how competitive the top 8 is nowadays. He also has a relatively easy path to the third round; he faces world number 292 Rosemarie Strobl in the first round and either world no. 105 Ana Navarro or world no. 143 Jack Ho in the second round. If the tournament proceeds according to seeding, he would face 25th seed of TJUN-ia in the third round, a player who has definitely accomplished more in the singles than in the doubles.

On the other side of the section, Bartholomew Pole — who upset Bartolo Sabanero at Ubung — is the fourteenth seed and the favorite to reach the round of 16, with Donat Kis, the champion at the River Cities Open in Damukuni, the other seeded player in that section.

Round of 16: Muliawan d. Pole

Section 4
In this section, the top seed is once again the favorite to get to the quarterfinals. Andrew Simmons is seeded fifth in this section of the draw, and like many of the other top seeds in this tournament, he has a relatively easy path to the third round and beyond; he faces world no. 110 Alexey Pustozerov in the first round, and likely world no. 62 Indah Susanti in the second round. In the third round, he is slated to face no. 30 seed Carmichael Brown, a fellow Electrumite; within-nation clashes can be sometimes unpredictable, although Simmons definitely has the advantage on paper.

Marisa Maradona, the 22-year-old Cenian with a quick game centered around the baseline, is definitely the favorite from the other side of the section. She has two Grand Slam titles notched on her record, and she should ease past world no. 102 Anthony Powers of Kohnhead in the first round. The second round could be a bit more of a challenge, though, as she could face Halaeo DiGaldi of Qasden, a former Grand Slam quarterfinalist in his own right. Naim Alex of Sharktail is the other seeded player in this half of the section, with the best result of a final in Istria last season. But Alex did poorly at the Grand Slams overall, so he is not the favorite to make it to the second week of festivities in Cenial.

It appears, then, that Simmons and Maradona should face off for that quarterfinal spot — but in my opinion, the consistency that Simmons has had all of last season trumps the patches of brilliance that Maradona has had in the past.

Round of 16: Simmons d. Maradona
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Postby Ceni » Mon Jan 04, 2021 9:07 pm

This is your qualifying cutoff!

Singles — Play-in Round
Rivera Bassett (BUC)        6   6   3
Tymon Barnard (FLX) 1 7 6

Adil Roberts (FLX) 6 5 6
Emilio Robles (BUC) 3 7 3

Myah Cuevas (BUC) 5 4
Graziano Giunti (SOR) 7 6

Zenfed Suilo (UPD) 6 6
Andrew Colling (SIL) 4 2

Cartos Bomes (UPD) 5 4
Franciszek Sloan (FLX) 7 6

Noem Kirr (UPD) 6 5 6
Kora Sunder (QAD) 1 7 2

Shayna Lucero (BUC) 3 3
Kaelan Day (FLX) 6 6

Odelia Ayers (SSI) 6 6
Violet Wilson (SIL) 0 4

Singles — Qualifying Round
Mikhail Korotkevich (WSN)     6   6
Tymon Barnard (FLX) 3 3

Dusan Ventaromovich (BPE) 6 1 6
Adil Roberts (FLX) 0 6 3

Grace Covalt (KHD) 2 6 3
Graziano Giunti (SOR) 6 4 6

Ada Nunez (GRU) 3 4
Zenfed Suilo (UPD) 6 6

Atlas Dominguez (GRU) 6 6 3
Franciszek Sloan (FLX) 7 2 6

Eva Brandt (GRU) 6 7
Noem Kirr (UPD) 3 6

Beau Sacks (SIL) 2 5
Kaelan Day (FLX) 6 7

Deret Vertes (UPD) 4 6
Odelia Ayers (SSI) 6 7

Zunaira Hardy (BUC) 3 6 7
Moren Suilo (UPD) 6 3 5

Abdallah Rees (FLX) 6 6
Simon Oxford (QAD) 3 4

Massimo Recinella (SOR) 6 6
Eloise Mclean (SIL) 4 2

Michael Juno (QAD) 4 6
Sephora Calabrese (SQR) 6 7

Aria Cooper (SIL) 6 6
Long Blee (UPD) 3 3

Frank Dalby (BUC) 6 6 2
Frederic Mccallum (FLX) 4 7 6

Andrea Vergnani (SOR) 6 6
Phoenix Ward (SIL) 4 0

Ven van der Vin (QAD) 4 3
IllusiveTramp (SSI) 6 6

Doubles — Play-In Round
Simon Oxford/Will Washer (QAD)               2   1
Franciszek Sloan/Frederic Mccallum (FLX) 6 6

Kora Sunder/Ven van der Vin (QAD) 6 6 7
Shayna Lucero/Frank Dalby (BUC) 4 7 5

Doubles — Qualifying Round
Milicent Broon/Alexander Dumor (KHD)         4   1
Franciszek Sloan/Frederic Mccallum (FLX) 6 6

Eva Brandt/Grayson Norris (GRU) 6 6
Kora Sunder/Ven van der Vin (QAD) 3 3

Spencer Riig/Leo Clark (SIL) 5 6
Jana Arkinn/Myria Primarch (CEN) 7 7

Emilio Robles/Arlo Daniels (BUC) 1 2
Kaelan Day/Tymon Barnard (FLX) 6 6

Massimo Recinella/Oscar Recinella (SOR) 6 6
Antha Yeller/Laura Desmond (QAD) 4 2

Andrew Colling/Eileen Hyrt (SIL) 6 6 4
Iván Flanagon/Ailbhe O'Hannagain (SQR) 3 7 6

Ben Musjox/Volke Unzes (UPD) 2 5
Adil Roberts/Kobie Laing (FLX) 6 7

Milo Ealdræd/ProudSmith (SSI) 4 6 6
Cartos Bomes/Deret Vertes (UPD) 6 1 2

Main draws have been updated with qualifying results.
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Postby Qasden » Mon Jan 04, 2021 9:50 pm

An Uncanny Return
By Romathan Bammerland

CENIAL- To say it's been a minute since Qasden last sent players to compete in the NSTT would be, by the only logical explanation left in the bin, an understatement among other understatements.

At least one full tour has gone by without reeking of the Vans, at least in the only sense that matters, of course. Like most other sporting associations in the principality, Qasden's national tennis program had been gradually dropping in viewership over the past several moons, particularly after hopes of holding the AOpen in T.V. City fell through, courtesy of the organization's awful time management skills. You'd say I'm exaggerating, but lets be honest, when's the last time anyone looked at the tennis standings and saw our trigram next to some bloke in the top 20? See what I mean?

Since we were last around (During the Age of Dagmar, I think), new faces began popping up all over this tour, people from countries we haven't come into contact with much, like Aqual and Pemecutan. I think we played the latter in volleyball once, but how out of the loop do we have to be to completely ignore this sport in our absence? Seriously, these two nations hold some of, if not, the most skilled players in the modern era of the multiversal tennis tour! Take a look at Aqual's bread and butter: Bartolo Sabanero, an absolute madman when it comes to hitting a ball over a net. This dude has reached a tournament's final on 5 separate occasions, winning the singles event of two grand slams in one cycle, two! You know how many titles we have all-time in this sport? One. You know how long it's been since we won that? Qasden hadn't even won their second Cup of Harmony yet! Come on, man, you can't tell me these are the people we're gonna have to deal with getting back in to this thing. Fortunately, however, our little mention of football may serve as an unconventional transition to explain our unconventional return, all thanks to the AOCAF.

During the 62nd edition of the region's premier football tournament, an astonishingly deep run (nabbing silver medals in the outing for the first time ever) regained a massive chunk of locals' enthusiasm for sports again. Around the same time, there just so happened to be an election going on to find a successor to the outgoing Prime Minister, Rees Hather. The big winner? The former president of QAFA: Zachary Sedsten. Despite not being a politician in any way besides having a job with the title of "president" once, Sedsten rode on a wave of renewed athletic interest over his main opponent: the anti-sports Sandy Blanderson, who focused her campaign more on "the progressively endangered social and economic welfare of the nation"; what a nerd. Imagine what would've happened if we had a leader that liked helping people more than sports. Terrifying, right? So yeah, Sedsten's election saw a surge of Qasden's athletic programs receive some glam ups, with one being obviously being tennis.

As one of only 3 major sports that the country has ever won any form of title in (joining Football and Lacrosse) the Qasden-Tennis International Program (Q-TIP) held qualifiers and tryouts to bring homegrown players from out of the woodworks to the multiversal stage, at least an outdoor hard court stage. Among these fresh faces stand the battle scarred faces of our past outings: Jaxton Monty, Halaeo DiGaldi, and the only man to ever actually win something here, Ty Kanelious. These 3 have been here since the beginning, way back at that one Electrum Slam the nation entered prior to their World Cup debut. Heck knows if these guys actually learned to age or not, but they're good enough to stay relevant somehow. You know who isn't, though? Paisley Brazzos and Feyrord Pontiac, the former crashing hard against newcomers in tryouts while the latter straight up renounced his career after losing the first set against a high schooler 6-4. Still, Brazzos was kept by Q-TIP to serve as a sort of mentor to some of the fledglings joining us for the first time, which we're excited to reveal.

Each of our newcomers were paired with our veterans in order to train them for the international circuit, starting with the prodigy trained by Ty Kanelious, Michael Juno. While a bit lanky, the young blood is a tiger on the court and aims to reach heights even his mentor couldn't obtain. Sure, he was mostly trained to be a dynamo on clay, but that's nothing to be worried about now, right?
To counter Ty's Juno, Halaeo's own apprentice takes the form of Kora Sunder, a college-aged wallflower who found matches on the grass court to be a comfortable step outside her typical haptics in life. Sunder will have big cleats to fill, of course, as she is being trained by, quite literally, the first semi-successful female athlete from Qasden. I'm sure she'll do fine, as long as she doesn't get camera shy from all the newfound attention.
The next guy on our list is one who goes by only one, ridiculous name, Ven van der Vin. The guy, while only sometimes being an accidental dick to other people, has his mind on becoming the next hypergiant on all courts, attributing most of that to being the only newcomer to be mentored by all three veterans. Yeah that's cool, but having a third of the time with each vet compared to others may not bode well for him in the long run, but at least we'll give him this moment...alright, moment's over.
Capping off our singles entrants is the unfortunate bloke trained by Jaxton Monty, Simon Oxford. Oxford initially tried out for one of Qasden's doubles spots alongside his childhood best friend, Will Washer, which actually went really well. So well, in fact, that the program asked if one of them wanted to compete solo in both Cenial and Mendez Bay, with Oxford taking that offer as soon as it left the executive's lips. While decent on the hard court, Oxford has a hard time with the heat, so indoors seems to be a better time for him to shine.
As aforementioned, Oxford's best friend, Will Washer, will also be attending to compete in the doubles event, scoring a partial mentorship from Jaxton Monty. However, we still have two other doubles teams to discuss, one strange and one new entirely.
While training, Kanelious and DiGaldi discovered the surprisingly well cooperation between Kora Sunder and Ven van der Vin, on the court, at least. While initially due to play together themselves, the veterans instead released their own entry in favor of the two newbies, providing some interesting reactions from the program's interior. Regardless, it's the beginning of the season, so might as well see what works.
Lastly, but certainly not least(ly) would be two that were ultimately left in the dark in all this. Not being trained by any of the competing vets, but rather, the likes of Paisley Brazzos, is female duo Samantha "Antha" Yeller and Laura Desmond. The two had met after being personal assistants for another pair of ex-players: Franklin Polymar and Yves Whitz. Quickly they became tennis buddies, competing in open tournaments across southeastern Qasden before entering the tryouts, where they excelled tremendously. Despite their sudden donning as the team's outcasts, it'd be cruel to underestimate these girls.

So there we have it, I'm not gonna bother making previews for each of their matches since they're on the courts already as I type. But whatever, I'll make reports for them afterwards, corporate will have my ass if I don't. Anyways, all the newbies named above are competing in the Cenian Slam Qualifiers as we speak, having to win against 1-2 opponents in order to make the beef of the tourney itself. Can Qasden revive it's glory in tennis like it was back in the hay day? Or will Sedsten's appointment as the actual figure of power for our country turn out to backfire as bad as this tournament can? Stay tuned, stay updated, and stay alert for future reports freshly juiced from the whatever idiom I was gonna use in Cenial, Ceni!
Sporting Achievements
World Cup Ranking: 67th; KPB: 13.55; Style: -4
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Postby Flexanewmega » Mon Jan 04, 2021 11:30 pm


A successful day for Flexanewmega tennis sees four players pass the qualifying round while Flexanewmega’s doubles team stay perfect on the day advancing to the next round. The day couldn’t of started better for 21 year old Tymon Barnard whose 6-3 win in set three over Rivera Bassett saw him as the first Flexanewmega to win tennis bout in the nations history. When asked about it by FSPN reporters Tymon was ecstatic offering to buy everyone in the audience tickets to see him win in the finals. However, Tymond may want to hold off on pulling out the chequebook as he was defeated in the Qualifying round by Mikhail Korotkevich who seemed to outplay the young billionaire star in every way,shape and form.

AdIl Roberts also saw his singles tournament cut short as while he put up a valiant effort he was defeated by Dusan Ventaromovich in 3 sets. Both Roberts and Tymond bounced back in doubles play however as they beat their qualifying round opponents to advance to the next stage of the tournament

However, Flexanewmegan’s did not have to get used to the taste of losing fot too long as Franciszek Sloan,Kaelan Day,Abdallah Rees and Frederic Mccallum all picked up wins in the qualifying rounds to advance in the tournament.

‘It’s amazing” said Abdallah smiling ear to ear, “I knew me and the lads could do it and we did, I think we put Flexanewmega on the tennis map today.” Abdallah will have his work cut out for him in the next round however as he will face the 29th ranked Matéu Virxiliu. Abdallah though, welcomes the challenge, “I’m not scared if anything it’s an opportunity and at the end of the day I have nothing to lose.”

Your other Round one matches for your Flexamega tennis athletes include:
Kobie Laing vs Mikhail Korotkevich (Can Kobie avenge Tymond in this Round of 128 Matchup?)*Marquee Match
Sameer Cook vs Odeila Ayers
Frederic Mccallum vs Elizabeth Quehall
Kaelan Day vs Zenfred Suilo
Franciszek Sloan vs (8) Lonus Varalin

Doubles Action
Adil Roberts/Kobie Laing vs (14) Anthony Kawasaki/Jack Ho
Kaelan Day/Tymon Barnard Joe Fernández/Alan Sanchez
Franciszek Sloan/Frederic Mccallum vs Toma Karga/Dan Cowden
Sameer Cook/Abdallah Rees Vs (5) Sara Zhuo/Gyrachor Rento (Flexanewmega’s highest ranked opponent to date, tune in to see if Cook and Rees can play the spoiler)*Marquee Match

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DEUCE: Season 7 Brings A Blast From The Past!

Postby TJUN-ia » Tue Jan 05, 2021 10:44 am

Just as quickly as NSTT Season 6 ended in Electrum, NSTT Season 7 arrived in Ceni and its capital Cenial. For the first time in a long while, tennis has returned to this former powerhouse of the NSTT and it will be from its National Racquet Centre that NSTT's 2nd season since the return kicks off - and the 2nd season of TJUN-ia's involvement. To say the representatives of the TFT performed well in their debut campaigns was an understatement and it shows here in Ceni - 3 players are in the hall of fame, 2 players are seeded in the singles and 3/4 in the doubles, no one is outside of Top 100 in either ranking (except for 2, who were only used to fill space in the doubles in River Cities). In S6, TJUN-ia not only entered the world of tennis but thrived within it. Now, the time for change may be upon us. With new players heading to the T2 tournament in Mendez Bay and a large gap before the T1 Steinigestrasse Open, the TFT may use the opening Grand Slam in order to decide how everyone fits in the picture of TJUN-ian tennis. But before the new players arrive, let's get a look at the old gang once again.

Hall of Famer Duo (a.k.a #Austina)
Valentina Spetsova
Age: 18
Nickname: Scarlet
Hometown: Szensky, CSTO Zone

Austin McDanielson
Age: 19
Nickname: The Cowboy
Hometown: New Washington, NAU Zone

The King and Queen of the Hamilton International in Season 6, everyone knows the story of these two by now. Scarlet is a sly and reserved player from the CSTO with a thundering shot and the ability to play in either discipline with the same effort she always has. The Cowboy is an improved jackass (but still a jackass) from the NAU, the arch-rival of the CSTO in just about anything, who clearly works better with Spetsova that on his own in the singles. You do get that, players who perform better in one draw over the other, but the gulf between Doubles Cowboy (2nd seed) and Singles Cowboy (unranked, last of the TJUN-ians) is pretty large. Ever since they were paired up by the TFT, many people have wondered whether or not they are a couple and with no obvious answer in sight, that debate looks set to continue into S7.

Scarlet's first-round opponent is Volke Unzes, a wildcard from the debuting nation of Uponda.
The Cowboy's singles opponent will be Janet Riley, the 32nd and final seed from Electrum.
The first doubles match for the 2nd seeds will be against Carrol Water and Cherrie Kane of Sharktail.

The Singles King (Also a Hall of Famer)
Jean van de Kloor
Age: 22
Nickname: De Kloor of Toropo
Hometown: Toropo/Almadinat, AU Zone

De Kloor of Toropo seems to have a thing about making the best out of the beginning and the end. The Electrum Slam was his and TJUN-ia's start to tennising life and he ended up facing the then No.1 in the quarters and earning Best Underdog in process, his long reach proving up to the task in this baptism of fire. The end of the season meant a chance at the Diamond Trophy and he would seize that chance over Cenian Lonus Varalin in the final to take TJUN-ia's first Singles crown. The Singles King of TJUN-ia had been coronated and now he must defend that crown. When will De Kloor of Toropo, Monokuma tattoo and all, strike once again? We don't know for sure...

De Kloor kicks off the new season against Luke Subdonez of Northwest Kalactin.

The Other Double-Ranked Pair
Shinji Makauchi
Age: 22
Nickname: Samurai Shinji
Hometown: Kyosaka, CEA Zone

Felipe de la Rosa
Age: 24
Nickname: El Matador (The Matador)
Hometown: Rio Pacífico, UAS Zone

With the successes of Austina last season, it was easy to forget that it was Samurai Shinji and El Matador that got TJUN-ia into its first Doubles Final but I guess that's what happens when 3 of your 4 doubles teams are seeded in the same tournament. 13th seeds this time around and both pretty good in the singles as well, the main obstacle this time around maybe fans wanting to ship as many players with each other as possible and deciding that these two are the best fit for each other. The gamer in Makauchi who always finds the ball and smooth boy in de la Rosa who can throw out a surprise fastball when required. I don't know if they do fit but I hope that they just ignore these stans and move on to greater things.

Samurai Shinji will play in Round 1 Singles against Goran Bogdanovic of Beepee.
El Matador will look to do the same against Ty Kanelious, the returning 24th seed from Qasden.
These guys will also enter the doubles against Eloise Mclean and Phoenix Ward, wildcards from debuting Silvedania.

Headline Makers (a.k.a #Jolippe)
Joe Katsi
Age: 23
Nickname: The Kat of Horizon
Hometown: Port Horizon, UO Zone

Philippe Baloui
Age: 20
Nickname: L'artiste (The Artist)
Hometown: Roi Ville, NAU Zone

You all know why these two singles players are in the same section. The Kat of Horizon, who loves to play in any situation and is a joy to watch no matter the score, and L'artiste, who treats tennis as an artform and the ball as delicate as a butterfly, were the shock pairing to come out of the Diamond Trophy after they kinda made things official after Katsi's final Diamond Trophy group game. Now together in a twist no one saw coming, they will both look to take their good form from the end of last season into this one. I mean c'mon, how could you not like these guys? The photos of them together up on the web are so damn cute!!

The Kat will look for good karma when he takes on Orsola Szabo, the 31st seed from Gergary.
L'artiste will hope for better as well, as he takes on the returning Jaxton Monty of Qasden.

The Forgotten Player?
Harold Crawley
Age: 20
Nickname: The Crawler
Hometown: Riverside, JB TJUN-ia

If anyone needs love or...anything that matter right now, it would be The Crawler. Crawley, from the same city the TFT is based in, struggled through most of last season and only found form in River Cities, falling to Baloui in an all-TJUN-ian semifinal. As the player drawn as TJUN-ia's #1 way back at the start, many people were angry that he wasn't doing enough to earn a spot in the NSTT, but after toiling for all this time, anger gave way to sympathy. Now, Crawley is the Katsi of S7 - a player most at home will want to succeed in some form or another. God speed, Harold, and good luck.

The Crawler begins the long road against Ayu Raith Kemalasari from the tennis powerhouse of Pemecutan.

The Twins
Kim Li Bo/Mei Li Bo
Ages: 18/18
Nicknames: Zuǒ Bì (Left Arm)/Yòu Bì (Right Arm)
Hometown: Hongxai, CEA Zone

Born to tennis parents, the Li Bo Twins were always destined to follow in their footsteps but after a pact they made to their dying mother, they formed a dynamite partnership that has helped them be 3rd best in this stacked TJUN-ian Doubles team. Everyone knows both Kim and Mei are brilliant players, their 16th seeding shows that, but can they find a way to make the impact that both teams above them have so far. If they are playing catch up, they certainly aren't that far behind. Right?

The Li Bo Twins will return against a mixed pairing, made up of Val Korekal from hosts Ceni and Luciano Crepaldi of high-rising San Ortelio.

The Hopeful Team
Vuyani Rabada/Kaui Kamakawiwo'ole
Ages: 19/18
Nicknames: VuRa/Kaui Kama
Hometowns: Solwesi, AU Zone/Kepu Manu, UO Zone

Speaking of catching up, I'm sure no one will actually mind how far back VuRa and Kaui Kama are - just as long as the TFT doesn't drop them. These two met over Overwatch and after discovering they both played tennis, they decided to join forces in order to rise to stardom in some way. In terms of support, everyone wants them to succeed - I mean EVERYONE! It's like these players from two completely different zones are everyone's 2nd team. The question is, how far can they go together as friends and as teammates. Can they bring joy to all one day?

Everyone's favourite players will take to the court once more against Vanessza Pataki and Armin Miksa of Gergary.

Scheduled Matches

Section 1: [32] Janet Riley (ETM) vs Austin McDanielson (TJU) (06/01)
Section 1: Goran Bogdanovic (BPE) vs Shinji Makauchi (TJU) (06/01)
Section 2: Harold Crawley (TJU) vs Ayu Raith Kemalasari (PCU) (06/01)
Section 2: [11] Jean van de Kloor (TJU) vs Luke Subdonez (NWK) (06/01)
Section 3: [25] Valentina Spetsova (TJU) vs [WC] Volke Unzes (UPD) (06/01)
Section 4: Philippe Baloui (TJU) vs Jaxton Monty (QAD) (06/01)
Section 6: [24] Ty Kanelious (QAD) vs Felipe de la Rosa (TJU) (07/01)
Section 8: [31] Orsola Szabo (GGY) vs Joe Katsi (TJU) (07/01)

DOUBLES (Played alongside Singles Round 2)
Section 2: [13] Shinji Makauchi/Felipe de la Rosa (TJU) vs [WC] Eloise Mclean/Phoenix Ward (SIL) (08/01)
Section 3: [2] Valentina Spetsova/Austin McDanielson (TJU) vs Carrol Water/Cherrie Kane (SHT) (09/01)
Section 3: Vanessza Pataki/Armin Miksa (GGY) vs Vuyani Rabada/Kaui Kamakawiwo'ole (TJU) (09/01)
Section 4: [16] Kim Li Bo/Mei Li Bo (TJU) vs Val Korekal/Luciano Crepaldi (CEN/SOR) (09/01)
4th: WBC50, IBC31
Quarterfinals: IAC9, ARWC1, RLWC19, IBC30, ARWC2, WB41, IAC12, 7WC6
Ro16: BoF71, CoH77, WBC49, IACX, IAC11, DBC49, WCoH42, DBC50
b]Other[/b]: Bowl Winners (AVBF6)
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing: #07 Michael Stefan (2 Wins)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/3 T2 Wins)
WGPC: #11 Lane Carter/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar
NSTT: 3 Singles Titles (2 Runners-up)/1 Doubles Title (1 Runner-up)

UN - You all know what this is (U1)
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Ferret Civilization » Tue Jan 05, 2021 2:19 pm

With the first day of settling into a new place came some other things to be done after checking into the Orion, foremost figuring out the sleeping arrangements. While luxury rooms were doubly luxurious to the two on the team of short stature everything was a lot more cramped for the two larger members. Figuring out how to get to sleep would probably end up causing some minor troubles for ProudSmith and IllusiveTramp. However that would be pushed off for later tonight when they actually had to go to sleep, for they still had an entire day before the qualifiers to spend. The four of them spent it the best way they knew how to take into consideration that they should probably at least try to win and not be blowing money around before even getting into the main part of the tournament. So the Lake Cenial Tennis Centre was where they ended up spending their time, being a good way to get used to how the Ceni hard courts were different from their own courts of the same type that they were used to. It was time well spent for the group given that at least they could show that they tried to put in some effort towards being a part of an international tennis scene. It proved to be a good night of sleep for Milo and Odelia who in relative terms got to sleep on giant comfortable beds that really put the luxury into luxury while the other two were lucky enough to get any sleep at all, though they managed. Keeping with being frugal they did not have to travel far to get some free breakfast out of the Eos, a deal that flipped the sides on who got to benefit the most out of taking advantage of benefits which helped ease any sleepy crankiness the two Dogtaurs might have been feeling after experiencing trying to sleep in a foriegn place.

Then it was time to see if the little ragtag team that they had made would be any good against other new and newish players in the realm of this tennis tournament. While half of them did not have to play in this round of games it was quite possible that those that were playing would all lose thus showing them they had no chance against the more experienced players already set in the first round. Odelia got it the absolute worst, being singled out to have to play in the play-in round before even getting to the qualifier which only really increased the chances of failure for the Ferret and the team over all instead of optimistically being that they could show how good they were by winning. Though once it came time for the game Odelia faced off with a good strong showing against a player from Silvedania Violet. The Ferret showed off some level of potential skill by completely taking the first set without having to concede a single point either through her opponent or through messing up her own serves and returns. Such a feat was only for the opening set however, with the second set being a lot more of a challenge with Violet managing to muster a rally to give Odelia a run for her money before they could even get to the qualifying games. Given how things were going it must have been some Ferret luck that saw her claw her way to staying on top of the score to keep things from having to go into a third round, which would have made playing in the actual qualifiers that much more difficult. With that win next up it was Odelia again facing off against a player from Uponda Deret. Deret did not have to play in the play-in round and it showed dramatically from the very start of their game against each other. However the Ferret still kept up her fight just to make it into the main tournament itself by keeping herself in the lead and making sure not to give Deret any free points through faults or out of bound serves. With that tactic in play she was able to win her third set of the day, moving trudgingly into a fourth set where her being weared down showed the most. What ended up being her last set of the day thankfully proved to be the most hard to win for either side, with a score that kept at six to six points each until it was time for a tiebreaker to be had. Also thankfully for the Ferret and the Salmagundi team was that Odelia was able to walk away with that point being hers winning four out of four sets, the bare minimum she needed in order to win in a best case scenario which was now reality.

To finish off the singles qualifiers that their group was taking part in was the other female player IllusiveTramp facing off against a Qasden player Ven van der Vin whom they would later learn was actually a new player to the scene just like them instead of an older established player that their predecessors would know of rather fondly. Neither Ven van der Vin or IllusiveTramp had to play in the very first round of games so the two players came at each other as fresh as either one could be, which retroactively was probably not that fresh on the Salmagundi side. But a bad night of sleep aside the Dogtaur was out to prove that they could be just as skillful or just plain luckily as the original Ferret team before Salmagundi was even a thing to be thought of. The training that the Qasden player had received showed brightly compared to the patchwork of unprofessional courts that had taught IllusiveTramp. Though through fumbling around on the hard court just as her Ferret counterpart had done when wearing out she was able to pull ahead in later matches to take the first set for herself, keeping the Salmagundi team on a perfect day. The second set had shown more flaws throughout the matches though the Dogtaur was able to be slightly more competitive against the man she was playing against. In the end coming out just one match better to take the second set and end the game for them, seeing that the best case scenario had continued to be made true.

With a perfect day to the singles side of the tournament out of the way it was up to the male side of the team to see if they could continue it, facing off against Deret again though this time with another Uponda player Cartos. This would also be the game to show if a Ferret / Dogtaur pair could have a chance in the international scene before the first actual round of the tournament began. For this game however Milo and ProudSmith would not be having a perfect day game wise, getting thoroughly hammered in the first set and losing before the two could claim enough matches to be competitive at the end of that set. With things now looking firmly in the hands of the Uponda doubles team before them the two Salmagundi players put all of their energy into the second set to throw the game out longer and generally just be as stubborn as possible. This change of tactic seemed to play off with dividends given that they were able to walk away while not perfect in the set, having lost just one match, but that was good enough as they were able to return some favorable hope that they could win. During the third set it seemed that the pair were able to break the Uponda spirit and come away with a win that was just one match worse than their second set but still made for a solid win on their part to take victory for the game and get access to the main tournament itself. With that out of the way the group was excited to realize that they had all made it into the first round of the main tennis tournament and that no one had lost like they had feared might happen. Granted it was against other newer players but they were going to take what they could get.

Later that night with a discussion of tomorrow there was more doubt, as IllusiveTramp would be facing off against the best player currently in the international tennis scene, a Bartolo player of Aqual. While the Ferret team of old had managed to pull quite a bit of upsets in their time and a Ferret had also managed to become the very best in those yesteryears as well it was of course, very much doubted if the fate would stay in their grasp. For now it seemed as if with their halfhearted attempt at being part of the international scene Dogtaurs would never see a major victory and that the time for the Ferrets had and will always stay in the past. Milo and ProudSmith, while not hit with the fact that they were thrown up against the best right out of the gate, they still had to face off against formidable opponents that would most likely send them packing without a second thought. Leaving only Odelia to seem to have any shot at making it to the second round of the tournament on the singles side of things. Even on the doubles side it seemed like they were set up to be leaving early, with this in mind the attitude was notably damped after such a successful day.
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Postby San Ortelio » Tue Jan 05, 2021 2:44 pm

As if drawn together by a patriotic yet melancholic force, all San Ortelian players found one another in the hotel bar of The Orion at around nine. All, with the notable exception of Fiorenzo Tartoni who had not even been spotted yet by his doubles partner Vergnani – despite being required for the opening round tomorrow. The atmosphere had been positive all round and they had given themselves the luxury of a round of shots of the local liquor, except for the strict Crepaldi who had opted for some herbal tea. Nipping their drink, they had proclaimed that it wasn’t the same as a shot of their good, old Monteverdi – yet when Giunti suggested a second round on his tab, all ordered another glass of the Cenian specialty, so it had to do something right.

Only Andrea Vergnani looked a bit bummed after the two shots. He had hoped to make a deep run on his debut at the international scene, but facing Pelissa Giannapolous for his opener had knocked the bottom out of that aspiration. Admittedly, the Electrumite had fallen to a San Ortelian months prior when Tartoni surprised the tennis world on his first appearance, yet lightning did not tend to strike twice – so he seemed to have taken one step to the exit already.

“You’re not the only one with a tough draw,” Crepaldi tried to cheer him up, “I’m also up against a top player and one with home advantage on top of that.”
“Yeah, but even his own papers call him ‘rusty’ whilst buttering you up – you’ve got a decent chance,” Andrea moped.
“Heck, we all could’ve gotten easier draws,” Massimo Recinella concluded, “except for Grazi of course.”

Graziano Giunti, the veteran of the group was beaming after pulling off a perfect qualifiers.

“Hey, hey,” he grinned, “I deserve an easy game after surviving two rounds of qualifiers.”
An easy game – infamous last words,” Massimo grinned.

His brother Oscar had been sitting by idly. The other guys knew one another well from the domestic top tier where they encountered one another in the closing stages of every other tournament. After a few years, they had almost grown into a pack of friends. Almost, as they knew the smaller sides of each other and would not miss a chance to underline those. Oscar rarely made those latter stages - after all, he was a mediocre singles player - and felt a bit out of touch just to be here. Yet, the defeat of a Qasdeni duo gave him some extra confidence.

“And what about that doubles draw?” he tried, “A qualifier for you and Fiorenzo, Andrea, and Luciano hitting the lowest ranked-“

He didn’t get much further.

“The only time I care about doubles…” Giunti raised his voice.
“…is when they ask me for a scotch!” the others – bar Oscar – chanted, earning them a few dirty looks from across the lobby.

As Oscar looked like a kicked puppy, his brother tried to console him, “just a little in-joke, mate. Something Giulio always says… You know, Giulio? No? Oh, well, never mind.”

He hadn’t felt as a stranger in Ceni yet, but amidst his own compatriots, loneliness hit Oscar Recinella. He didn’t mind that Giunti proclaimed it a night soon after with a cheerful there’s foreigners to slay, so let’s hit the hay and kept on rolling back and forth in bed.

“For god’s sake, Osc, lie still,” Massimo sighed.
“I can’t sleep,” Oscar quietly replied.
“It’s a big one tomorrow against Brown, just give me some shuteye.”
“Just… Toy around a bit on your phone or something. But do it quietly.”
“Yeah… My battery died and I’m not sure where the charger is but-“
“Here’s mine and now shut up.”

Oscar nodded, despite the room being pitch black. You’re only here because you’re the brother of. How often had he not heard that sentence? But he had been flawless in the qualifiers, really did his utmost – if only they knew how important he was for the team! Suddenly, he tried to change his mind set.

Let’s prove them! Let’s prove them all! Indeed, Massimo now needed to take his rest for his game and he, Oscar, would be, for once, preparing for the opponents. After a bit less than an hour, he had found everything there was to know about Ralph Henschel and Tamara Takacs. Especially the former had shown prodigy, competing in the quarters of the Diamond Trophy, but competing in a new partnership could throw him off his mark. Knowing this, Oscar hoped that his years of playing together with his brother and their indisputable bond could give them the upper ha-

You’ve opened too many browser windows, do you want to remove the oldest one?

Gogli Search – available doubles players

Delete --- Return

Oscar paused a second, but clicked delete. He would have to prove them all, he realized.
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We're no international threat, so have our domestic thread.

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Postby Kohnhead » Tue Jan 05, 2021 2:47 pm

Not a good start in Ceni

The play-in and qualifying rounds are not normally must see television in Kohnhead even at Grand Slams and these are not the World Class players that we will see Tomorrow for the first round. However some have been able to play spoiler in tournaments past and these are still professional tennis players. Kohnheadians competed in two of these matches include one singles player in Grace Covalt who was a heavy favorite to advance to the main tournament as the third highest ranked player competing in these playin rounds. Let's see how she did:

Grace Covalt (KHD)            2   6   3
Graziano Giunti (SOR) 6 4 6

Grace Covalt was taking on Graziano Giunti from San Ortelio and was competing in their first NSTT match. Now Covalt is by no means a seasoned veteran on the NSTT courts, and Giunti clearly has some skill as demostrated earlier today and in a win against Myah Cuevas from our overseas puppet in Bucklin. Covalt came out flat in the first set and while she took home a closely contested second set, she fell in the third 6-3 to eliminate her from the Cenian Slam. Covalt will be back for Mendez Bay and I hope she can do better there.

Now our doubles team of Milicent Broon and Alexander Dumor was also favored to make it into the main draw being the top ranked doubles pair needing to qualify in. However things did not go as planned for them against a duo from Flexanewmega in their NSTT debut.

Milicent Broon/Alexander Dumor (KHD)         4   1
Franciszek Sloan/Frederic Mccallum (FLX) 6 6

Yeah, a two set loss especially losing the second set 6-1 definitely hurts against Sloan and Mccallum from the afore mentioned Flexanewmega. The first set actually went a lot better for us but a late set collapse up 4-3 led our opposition to go on a 9-1 game win that carried over into the next set to eliminate Broon and Dumor.
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6 Steinigestrasse Open - Runner Up (Singles)
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NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)

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Postby Ceni » Tue Jan 05, 2021 4:22 pm

2021 Cenian Open: Draw breakdown (part 2)
1/5/2021 - Vyri Arcaina, chief correspondent

Section 5
Headlining Section 5 is Dewa Putu Adrian Putra of Pemecutan, who played solidly last year with victories in Kannap and Ethane. Like his compatriot Muliawan, it looks like Putra will have a fairly easy path out of the first round; his opponent is Diana Jansen of Sharktail, ranked number 233. However, Martha McNeil of Grearia, half of the duo that won the International Tennis Trophy, could be a spoiler in the second round. In the third round, Putra is slated to face Ivo Dhjukarevic of Beepee, who made a name for himself on the NSTT after Cenian players left (so, alas, we don't know a whole lot about him).

On the other side of the section, Syamim Kevin of Sharktail is the top seed; Kevin's best results came at the Mattijana Open, on clay, so it's unlikely that he'll do all too well on the quick hard courts here. Jeff Rogers of Grearia looks like a more likely bet to make it to the Round of 16; he partnered up with McNeil to win the ITT, and made it to the semifinals of the Diamond Trophy, so he is definitely on a run.

Round of 16: Putra d. Rogers

Section 6
For Cenians at least, this section is the least exciting. For Britonisea, though, this is the section to watch, as four out of their eight players are here. Sixth seed Ricardo Toli, a veteran NSTT player, is the top seed in this section. However, he looked rusty in his NSTT Finals appearance, where he did not win a single match. Indeed, the vast majority of his points came from the Electrum Slam, one of the first tournaments of Season 6, and he is defending finalist points at this tournament. In the third round, Theresa Waterford of Kohnhead will certainly pose a challenge, but her sister, Mindy, on the other side of the section is likely more ominous from Toli's perspective. Also here is Ty Kanelious of Qasden, who is definitely not a stranger to the world of the NSTT; look to him to go far in the draw.

Round of 16: M. Waterford d. Toli

Section 7
Pelissa Giannopolous, the third seed at the Cenian Open, is the top seed in this section (and this quarter of the draw, for that matter). Coming off a final appearance at the NSTT Finals and a maiden title at the Salvador Hills Open last season, Giannopolous would normally be the odds-on favorite to win the section and make it to the quarterfinals — but she'll have to contend with Ardil Navsal to do so. Navsal, the former world no. 1 and Cenian Open champion, will definitely have the crowd's support, and he is coming off a flawless performance in the International Tennis Trophy which saw him swat past Giannopolous' compatriot Andrew Simmons.

Of course, that matchup would only come in the Round of 16, and both players have a somewhat tough draw to get there. Giannopolous will face Andrea Vernagni of San Ortelio in the first round; things could get dicey for Giannopolous really quickly if Vernagni has the same penchant for upsets that his San Ortelian counterparts displayed at the tail end of last season. Giannopolous is slated to face Matéu Virxiliu of Aqual in the third round of things go to plan. For Navsal, he will likely have to upset 15th seed Juan Subdula of Northwest Kalactin in the third (although Cenian partisans will surely argue that Navsal should be favored in that context).

Round of 16: Navsal d. Giannopolous

Section 8
Cenian fans will be disappointed about the draw for this section — the top two seeds are Lonus Varalin, seeded eighth, and Johmer Vales, seeded 10. Of course, these two need no introduction for Cenian fans; both are Grand Slam champions intimately familiar with the courts here at the National Racquet Center. Of the two of them, Varalin has undoubtedly performed better in the last couple of months, with his victory in Ubung on his first tournament after Ceni returned to the NSTT. Vales, meanwhile, crashed out in the first round of that tournament, playing nowhere else for the remainder of Season 6.

Of the two of them, Varalin likely has the easier draw — he is scheduled to face 31st seed Orsolya Szabo of Gergary, who is defending the vast majority of her points from a quarterfinal appearance at last year's Electrum Slam, in the third round. Of course, that may not come to fruition: Szabo faces a spirited challenge in the first round from Joe Katsi of TJUN-ia, one of the higher-ranked unseeded players. For his part, Vales is slated to face nineteenth seed Leo Garry of Britonisea, who is also defending significant points. Readers of Grand Slam will undoubtedly be familiar with Garry, a Grand Slam champion in the doubles.

Round of 16: Varalin d. Garry

Knockout Rounds
van der Kloor d. Sabanero
Muliawan d. Simmons
Putra d. M. Waterford
Varalin d. Navsal

Muliawan d. van der Kloor
Varalin d. Putra

Varalin d. Muliawan

We at Grand Slam are perhaps a little biased in picking Lonus Varalin to win the title — after all, we are Cenian — but we think that he has the playing ability, and the recent run of form, to do well at this iteration of the Cenian Open.
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Postby Beepee » Tue Jan 05, 2021 4:39 pm

After Dutzee won his qualifying round match in three tough sets over Adil Roberts, he beamed with pride.  Even if he got no further in the competition he was delighted to be in the first round proper.

He decided to go and celebrate and headed to the world famous Chinese noodles in Chinatown, before heading back to the Orion to have an early night.

After his delightful meal, he meandered through the streets, his mind was filled with the sights and sounds of this kind and generous city. Taking in all that he could.

At reaching the hotel he found a the posting for the next round where he saw he would be facing wildcard Arlo Daniels.  Delighted and satiate after his meal he headed back to him room in the hotel and got early to bed.

He endeavoured he would practice, practice and practice some more ein the morning to ensure that he would do his best at the tournament.

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Postby Acastanha » Tue Jan 05, 2021 6:13 pm


The Start of The Season

Acastanhada players were in a so so performance during the last season 6 of NSTT Tour. They never reached further than Round 2 of the tournaments that they were playing in. But they were quite honored by being invited to compete in end of the year competition, Diamond Trophy. Although in the tournament, they were not really shine as all of Acastanha players failed to qualify from the Group Stage.

Beginning Season 7, they will face a Grand Slam tournament first. Luckily, all of the players are placed in Round 1. But the drawing gives them an upset. In Double drawing both of Acastanha double have to face each other in the First Round. This situation will only ensure 1 double to advance further. While in Single Competition, 2 Acastanha players will be playing today, they are Lucas Parvash and Davi Malakkar as they are drawn in the top half of the bracket. Lucas Parvash have a very hard match as he have to face host player and also 18th seed, Dioro Hansil. Although it is Hansil's first tournament in his comeback but he is still a good Cenian players with a lot of accomplishment in the previous era. On the other hand, Davi Malakkar will be playing against 159th ranked, Niels Alberink from Squidroidia. Malakkar have a slightest chance to advance further if he can defeated Alberink. While in bottom half, Iris Bergadhga will be playing against veteran Britonish player, Peter P Larry. It will be a hard match for her. It is Larry first tournament for his comeback into NSTT. Lastly, Eva Sarvan is facing Alan Sanchez from Northwest Kalactin.

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Postby Ceni » Tue Jan 05, 2021 9:12 pm

This is your first-round cutoff!

Singles — First Round
Section 1
Bartolo Sabanero (AQL) 7 7 6
IllusiveTramp (SSI) 6 5 3

Charles Young (SIL) 5 6 4 1
Amara Charles (BUC) 7 2 6 6

Janet Riley (ETM) 2 6 6 6 6
Austin McDanielson (TJU) 6 4 7 2 3

Mikhail Korotkevich (WSN) 1 6 2 3
Kobie Laing (FLX) 6 4 6 6

Andy Amada (CEN) 6 6 6
Aria Cooper (SIL) 3 2 1

Goran Bogdanovich (BPE) 0 6 6
Shinji Makauchi (TJU) 6 7 7

Dioro Hansil (CEN) 6 6 3 6
Lucas Parvash (ACS) 4 4 6 2

Fiorenzo Tartoni (SOR) 6 7 6
Daniel Cervantes (AQL) 4 5 1

Section 2
Botack Andiam (CEN) 6 3 6 6
Luciano Crepaldi (SOR) 2 6 2 4

Franciszek Sloan (FLX) 4 7 6 5 6
Elizabeth Quehall (BRI) 6 5 4 7 8

Maria Sophia Lubis (PCU) 6 5 1
Martin Khalizniakov (BPE) 7 7 6

Harold Crawley (TJU) 5 6 6 4 5
Ayu Ratih Kemalasari (PCU) 7 4 4 6 7

Jean van de Kloor (TJU) 6 6 4 4 6
Luke Subdonez (NWK) 2 3 6 6 3

Ikram Fawz (SHT) 6 6 4 1 3
Julia Devoningstan (NWK) 4 3 6 6 6

Kika Dovan (CEN) 6 5 3 6 6
Houston Sawyer (SQR) 4 7 6 2 3

Teegan Sosa (GRU) 1 6 6 2
Rodrick Uppatin (KHD) 6 3 7 6

Section 3
Ngurah Putra Muliawan (PCU) 6 6 7 3 6
Rosemarie Strobl (GGY) 7 2 6 6 3

Lara Navarro (AQL) 6 1 6 7 5
Jack Ho (ETM) 7 6 2 6 7

Valentina Spetsova (TJU) 3 7 7 6
Volke Unzes (UPD) 6 6 6 3

Margie Brown (GRU) 7 4 6 7
Sílvia García (AQL) 6 6 3 5

Bartholomew Pole (KHD) 6 6 7
Armin Miksa (GGY) 3 1 5

Niels Alberink (SQR) 1 6 6 4
Davi Malakkar (ACS) 6 7 4 6

Donat Kis (GGY) 6 3 6 6 3
Jason Gordon (BRI) 7 6 4 0 6

Joe Fernández (NWK) 7 6 6 5 5
Paula Suárez (AQL) 6 3 7 7 7

Section 4
Andrew Simmons (ETM) 6 5 6 7
Alexey Pustozerov (WSN) 3 7 3 6

Indah Susanti (PCU) 4 6 6 7
Anton Koshelev (WSN) 6 2 4 6

Carmichael Brown (ETM) 7 6 6
Massimo Recinella (SOR) 5 2 0

Philippe Baloui (TJU) 6 5 6 6
Jaxton Monty (QAD) 4 7 4 4

Marisa Maradona (CEN) 3 6 6 6
Anthony Powers (KHD) 6 3 2 4

Bianka Arendt (GGY) 7 6 4 3 6
Halaeo DiGaldi (QAD) 5 2 6 6 2

Naim Alex (SHT) 5 6 2 1
Sephora Calabrese (SQR) 7 2 6 6

Komang Agus Artawan (PCU) 6 7 6
Eckehard Blumenberg (GGY) 4 6 4
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Postby Waisnor » Wed Jan 06, 2021 1:16 am

That's a rough start...

First Waisnorian players to start playing in season 7 tennis tournaments were Mikhail Korotkevich and Anton Koshelev. However, the start wasn't entirely successful.

Mikhail Korotkevich (WSN)        1   6   2   3
Kobie Laing (FLX) 6 4 6 6

First match of Waisnorian player in season 7, which was Mikhail Korotkevich, was victorious - Adil Roberts from Flexanewmega was beaten with a score of 6-3, 6-3. Mikhail's next opponent was his compatriot, Kobie Lang, and he was clearly determined to avenge the defeat of his countryman. This could be seen in the first set, where Kobie defeated Korotkevich convincingly with a score of 6-1. Mikhail revived after this defeat and again joined the fight for victory, as a result of which he won the second set with a score of 6-4. However, apparently he only had enough fuse for one set, since Kobie again took the initiative in the fight and won the next two sets with a score of 6-2 and 6-3, respectively.

Indah Susanti (PCU)              4   6   6   7
Anton Koshelev (WSN) 6 2 4 6

Anton Koshelev, unlike Mikhail, was just starting his performance in Cenian Open. His first rival was Indah Susanti from Pemecutan. Anton decided to act decisively and immediately take the bull by the horns, winning the first set with a score of 6-4. However, then Indah was able to seize the initiative in the match and win the next two sets with a score of 6-2 and 6-4, respectively. In the fourth set, Indah and Anton fought almost to the death - Susanti wanted to end the match by winning it, Anton wanted to continue the match so as not to lose. At the end of the set, Indah was still able to snatch a victory with a score of 7-6 and go further.
81 = 18th/34
82 = 22nd/31
83 = 27th/41
84 = 15th/27
85 = 20th/28
86 = 14th/32
87 = 14th/36
88 = 24th/32
89 = 16th/37

51 = 10th/20
52 = 19th/24
53 = 11th in the semifinal/33



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