Facility 298 RELAUNCH

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Facility 298 RELAUNCH

Postby Conciliary Socialist Republics » Sat Nov 21, 2020 9:34 pm

TO: MAJ-GEN I.K. ███████ GRU


ACADEM. ███████



Date: ██/██/1953
Operation Mercury
Report №████

At exactly 15:14 Operational Group ███████ arrived at the preliminary location of entry for Facility 278. No losses reported, new equipment was handling well, with exception to the BT-50BR, crew reported problems with the drive train on three separate occasions. At 16:00, signal “TEREM” was received on the designated frequency, and I gave the order to move out. At 16:02, the 3rd platoon developed a communication problem while entering the compound, no subsequent contact was recorded. A search by the 2nd Platoon and the 1st Tank Platoon did not find any trace of the men. They reported finding: two destroyed BMP-2M armored personnel carriers, thirty-four 30mm shell casings (matching the 30mm autocannon installed on the BMPs), fifty-two 5.56mm round casings (matching the AVSh-44) and twelve 12.7mm round casings (matching the PVK-6), This equipment was salvaged and loaded on the BTR-45 “Zubr” APCs of the engineering platoon. Due to their size, all the notable equipment was stripped off the BMPs, they were left there, and marked for aerial evacuation.

The various elements of the group then converged on the central courtyard of the installation to conduct a ‘council of war’ when they were fired upon, by unidentified hostiles (possibly security staff of the installation) using unknown energy weapons from the central building of the compound. Three of the ShT-56 tanks were knocked out (crew KIA). Owing to his skill, stoicism and exceptional command abilities; Lieutenant Igor ███████████, took command of both his light tanks, as well as the remaining MBT and managed to supress the enemy. I then proceeded to call in an artillery strike on the central building, presumably destroying the assailants. I then made the decision to converge the remainders of the 1st Tank Platoon (Tank number 104) with the 2nd Tank Platoon. We proceeded as planed to secure laboratory №3 and acquire any research information made by the scientists. At 16:33 the tanks lead the attack. As soon as we crossed the 15m line from the laboratory, the scientists inside opened fire using the same energy weapons, knocking the remaining MBT out. The light tanks managed to evade most of the fire, however tank 203 was hit, and lost a drive wheel, crew evacuated, continuing to fight as infantry. By 16:47 we managed to enter the main lobby of the research centre with the 4th Platoon utilizing their BMPs to ram at the wall. However, one of the scientists in the building activated a bomb of unidentified type destroying the entire 4th Platoon along with their vehicles.

The remains of the 2nd and 1st platoons, already having taken heavy casualties were starting to buckle. At 16:52 I gave the order to retreat to the outer perimeter of the installation, rendezvous with the BTRs and transfer the wounded. At 16:56, light tank number 203 broke down under fire while retreating. It was subsequently hit in the motor area causing a fire. Tank number 204 managed to suppress the enemy long enough for the crew to make it to safety. I personally oversaw the evacuation while commanding the 1st Platoon. At 17:27 the column cleared the outer perimeter, I ordered the artillery to bombard the installation, and informed command of the failed operation.

I accept full responsibility for the failure of the operation. I understand that I am to be discharged from the army. I swear to protect the secrets of the Federation of Slavacia. I understand that the penalty for divulging state secrets is death. I vow to protect these secrets with my life and if I am ever captured by an organization not related to the Federation of Greater Slavacia.


In the early days of May, 1953 your government detects strange activity in the south of Slavacia. Strange radio anomalies plague the southern hemisphere of the planet, with disturbing signals interfering with the operation of medium-wave radio while virtually all long range radio becomes inoperable due to interference. Triangulation puts these anomalies in the vicinity of a mysterious Slavaican facility which is shrouded by a glow, reminiscent of aurora borealis magnified hundred fold.

The Slavacian government denies all accusations and explains the radio blackouts and interference as background radiation caused by the sun. Within a week, all activity ceases. Then, on the 15th of May, satellite reconnaissance detects the destruction of the facility, with detailed imagery showing only ruins. Rumors spread despite the best efforts of the MGB and GRU. Many claim secret research on advanced nuclear, plasma and even alien technology. The government denies everything. Several prominent figures in the Army's 5th Research Department - Special Research disappear. Some die in automotive accidents, others vanish while hiking in the mountains. An entire Special Operational Group is killed when a fuel train derails at their barracks. The fire burns for a week. All remains are so disfigured, that some independent researchers claim they are not human remains and instead are animal corpses. These researchers are sentenced to 25 years hard labor for anti-government activity. None survive the first year.

Today is the 7th of June 1953 and the signals have resumed. This time, from a different facility. Your government selects you for a black-ops operation within Slavacia, a nearly impossible task. Your goals are to infiltrate this facility, avoiding surveillance; obtain information and research data and extract. The code for this Facility is 298.


1. The Fifth Sovereign Charter only.
2. One character only.
3. Applications before posting please. (Discord preferred, can also T.G.)
4. We will be using the DP System
6. No limitation in means, but actions will result in reactions: you can massacre a village to remove witnesses but that will eventually alert everyone to your presence.
7. Try and keep to stealth where possible, the military are very effective at carpet bombing.
8. As a continuation of the previous - direct confrontations with the army will end in total annihilation of the party with a 80-90% certainty (You theoretically can run away and hide.)
9. This RP is set roughly 70 years before Harren. (RL 1980s tech. Synths, neon and cold war paranoia!)
10. Questions? TM Conciliary Socialist Republics

Preliminary Application Form
Code: Select all
Gender: (Please note, 1950s Slavacia [1980RL] uses binary gender.)
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Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur.

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