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Vox Populi [Kylaris|Canon|IC]

Postby Kylaris » Mon Sep 16, 2019 3:49 pm


Vox Populi

Vox Populi showcases the stories of the people behind the events throughout Kylaris. Whether they be an auto-worker, a farmer, an accountant, or a government minister - their stories and the stories of the people who are around them may be told here. Featured throughout are a mix of one-off stories or a brief series of events that tell a greater story.

- The Kingdom of Glitter - To Fall from Grace: Part I, Part II
- The Kingdom of Glitter - The Emperor has no Clothes: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV


1. This thread is reserved for stories being told from the perspective of a character. This is not a thread for news posts or government missives.
2. Remember: this is an in-character, canon thread.
3. Backdated posts are allowed, and dates are ideally featured and displayed as a part of the post.
4. Keep posts site-appropriate and abide by all NationStates rules.
5. Only post here if you are from the region of Kylaris.
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Postby Luziyca » Mon Sep 16, 2019 3:52 pm

Port Fitzhubert
August 3, 2019

For about forty years, I've been working at a newsstand near the Chishanu Musika, selling copies of Kwazisa for a living. Never thought that this would be my career, but alas, what can you do? I have met many interesting people over the years: from Marathis wanting to find out how the economy is faring, to salarymen from Senria wanting to know how their projects were going, to merchants who wanted to know how well the harvest has been.

And then there's that guy.

As long as I could remember working at this stand, he has come to my stand day in, and day out: he purchases the paper, looks at the front page and then threw away the paper. I believe the only time he did not throw away the paper was when Izibongo Ngonidzashe passed away in 1979. And now that I saw the news that Kupakwashe is abdicating the throne in favor of his son, Munashe, part of me hoped that maybe he wouldn't throw away that paper.

As I see him making his way to my stand, slowly but surely, I felt a bit of dread. Why does he seem to keep buying my paper, only to throw it away? Does he have some morbid fascination with the death of the Mambo? But most importantly of all, will he actually be delighted that the Mambo has abdicated?

All of these thoughts running through my head were suddenly interrupted when I heard him ask "May I have today's news?"

"Absolutely," I responded. "That'll be thirty-five thousand manhovodiki, please. And keep the change."

The old man handed me two twenty-thousand manhovodiki bills, and he had this look of expectation: expecting that he will get his copy of the paper, to see whether the front page is worth anything or not.

With much effort, I retrieve a copy of today's newspaper, and give it to him. "I hope that'll be the news you were looking for," I say.

He glanced at the headline on the front page, and I could see a faint smile emerge from his face. He sat down on the bench and started reading the front page, as opposed to his usual habit of throwing the paper away. I can tell right away that this was the news he wanted to see. I decided to look at him, for the day was still young.

After a while, he was finished reading the article. He returned to my stand.

"It wasn't exactly what I had in mind," he remarked, "but I reckon this is probably the best that I will get nowadays."

"You are right," I replied. "It is not often that the Mambo leaves his post. All I can hope for is that Munashe will be a better ruler than Kupakwashe."

He laughed uproariously at what I just said. "Son, you said that you hoped Kupakwashe would be a better ruler than Izibongo forty years ago," he said after stopping laughing. "I have outlived Samhuri, Izibongo, and now Kupakwashe's regime, and each of them was worse than the last. They steal from those that try and help us and enrich themselves. I am certain Munashe will be worse than Kupakwashe, and I hope that I won't be around to see the damage he has caused."

I sighed, for I knew that he'll probably be right. I only known two rulers: Izibongo Ngonidzashe and Kupakwashe Ngonidzashe, and in a way, Kupakwashe seemed to have perfected his father's regime. But deep down, I want to be optimistic. I want to believe that maybe Munashe will be a better leader than his father: that this new constitution will be actually free and fair.

"Maybe you are right," I say to him. "But I seriously hope that you are wrong about Munashe."

The old man seemed to ponder for a moment, until he finally uttered the response "I hope so too." He started to make his way back from where he came from, taking his copy of the paper with him.

For a few moments, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the gravity of this situation: how he seemed to have this single-minded interest in whether the Mambo will leave office, and in a way, I cannot blame him. But before I got too lost in thought, I was broken out of it by a Marathi woman's voice.

"I'd like today's newspaper," she said.

Well, at least it is now back to the same old routine. For now.
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Civil Rights Lovefest

Postby The Kingdom of Glitter » Tue Sep 17, 2019 9:20 am


Part I | Part II

13 June 2017
One Liberty
Spálgleann, Caldia

"We, we've done it" an almost shell-shocked Darren McGovern said as some of the most recognizable faces in Caldish television announced sources within the top ranks of the Social Democratic Party said that the leader of the SDs, Darragh Ballíck would be conceding to O'Reilly in the morning.

"The exit polls were right, and thank fuck for that" McGovern finished.

On the sofa across the room sat Jimmy O'Reilly, who breathed a sigh of relief. "We've not won this yet, Darren" he said. "Yes the SDs are out of the running, but we still don't have a majority. On top of that, we are projected to lose seats. Even if Centre picks up seats as the projections suggest, I won't have a majority".

"That isn't true" his Chief of Staff replied. He rubbed his eyes before standing up. It had been a long, sleepless night and it was finally catching up with him. He stretched his arms as he continued speaking.

"Yes, Liberty stands to lose seats. But there are two important things you are not considering. While I am not one of the electoral strategists we've got in the conference room down the hall, I know the legislature. The Caldish Dems are projected to double their seat count, meaning we've got the votes. Securing the supply agreement was brilliant, Walker saved our assess with that. She was always a few votes short, but as a pragmatist she intentionally stuck things in bills to get the more centrist of the SDs' backbenchers to back it. And PNG abstains from all votes unrelated to the EC, meaning that she always needed one less vote. This means a lot when you have to pragmatically poach opposition backbenchers. We benefit in two ways, based on these projections. Both the party we have a supply agreement with and the party that abstains on virtually all issues stand to gain significantly tonight. Even if the PNG backtracks on their abstention policy, we have a majority".

"Thank God for that" O'Reilly said in response. He absorbed the information for a moment before it finally hit him: he had won.

"I should call Alastríona and tell her the good news. While I do that, reach out to the Caldish Dems and float the idea of getting them into government with us. If the coalition can get a majority, I'm willing to toss them a few cabinet posts".

Suddenly, Darren was paralyzed by fear. Fuck he thought to himself. "Fuck" he said aloud.

"What is it?" the Taoiseach questioned, with a touch of concern in his voice.

"Fucking Frank. Remember, the deal? We'll need his approv-" McGovern said before he was interrupted.

"No, fuck Frank. He's out. I won this. I won this. He did nothing but try and sabotage me. Come Thursday he's out of a job. So are all his little toadies. Fuck them, fuck him. I'm the Taoiseach. He doesn't deserve the post he has, so he won't have it anymore. He won't have anything anymore" Jimmy shouted in whispers. He didn't want the whole of the Liberty Party to know of the secret deal he had made with the Foreign Minister to secure the party leadership. Jimmy knew Frank would have allies around and didn't want word getting out.

"Are you sure you should do that?" Darren replied

"I'm not selling him my soul. I'm my own man, he's done" the O'Reilly answered.
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Civil Rights Lovefest

Postby The Kingdom of Glitter » Tue Sep 17, 2019 9:22 am


Part I | Part II

15 June 2017
Bán Thaisceadh
Spálgleann, Caldia

It was a good day to be Frank Casarnach, the Foreign Minister thought to himself. He carefully watched the buildings as they would appear and vanish before him. Frank was on his way to meet with the recently victorious Taoiseach. It was an odd victory, most certainly. Despite his best efforts, O'Reilly came out on top.

"The SDs fucked it up too much" his wife Claire told him Tuesday morning. "They couldn't help themselves, there was little you could do to help them".

Frank, of course, did not really want Liberty to win. A defeat for O'Reilly would be a personal victory for the Foreign Minister, who was waiting in the wings. He would be the one to take over the party should they have suffered a defeat. But as Claire said, the SDs couldn't help themselves. As a result, Liberty was in a stronger position. It would have to make more concessions to its coalition partners, who would flex their new strength to get what they wanted, but O'Reilly had a majority government.

Alas, it did not matter. Frank was prepared for either outcome, win or lose he'd come out on top. He made a deal with O'Reilly back in March that ensured Frank would call many of the shots. His man at Finance, his man at Interior, his man at Defence. With that, he would influence much of the government's agenda, regardless of what O'Reilly wanted to do.

Yes indeed, it was a good day to be Frank Casarnach.

He checked his watch. Almost there he thought to himself impatiently. He already knew what O'Reilly was going to say, and more importantly do. A list of his handpicked ministers was in his jacket pocket. Goldman would stay at Finance, Bóruma would get Defence, and Kiley would get Interior. All three were close Casarnach allies and were due for promotion. Frank also hoped to cull Walker loyalists from the Cabinet. O'Reilly was an empty suit and would be heavily influenced by those around him. With Walker herself running for Continental Office, she was out of the picture. Royce and Pingins, especially Pingins, were prime targets. Yanking their powerful posts from them would neuter them at worst. At best, they'd be out the door.

The black SUV carrying the Foreign Minister began to slow down.

"Turning in now, Sir" his driver said.

"Thanks, Eadbhárd" Frank replied as he straighten his tie. He looked out the window once more as they approached the main entrance of the Taoiseach's residence.

"You may want to park the car, I'll be a while" he told the driver smugly.

Smile, Frank. All eyes are on you he thought to himself as he opened the door. He waved to the press corps across the drive and smiled. He drowned out their shouts, frantic questions of no interest to him at the moment. Frank would do a victory lap with them after.

He was greeted by one of Bán Thaisceadh's staff and shown into the residence. It was a familiar site to him, he had met here often with Walker. Emergency Cabinet meetings in the early hours of the morning and late hours of the night were common during his tenure. Frank would often joke he had only seen the building in the dark and had no real idea what it looked like from the outside.

"I know the way" he told the staffer, a new face he did not yet recognize. Black. Must be an O'Reilly hire Frank thought silently.

He took long strikes as he made his way down the ornate hallway. At the end was the door to the Taoiseach's working office. One day, that'll be mine. Claire insisted that patience was necessary. O'Reilly would not be easy to remove, his charisma, youth, and gushing modernity made him popular. Frank had none of those things, but he had his mind and perhaps more importantly a long list of political allies.

As he arrived outside the office, he knocked forcefully on the polished wooden door.

"Ah yes. Come in, Frank" a muffled voice on the other-side answered.

Frank turned the knob and opened the door. He instantly made eye contact with O'Reilly, but scanned the room. There was O'Reilly Chief of Staff, Darren McGovern, and to his surprise, the party chair, Maude O'Kane was in the room. O'Kane was a staunch Walker ally and would be going no where, at least not without intervention on Frank's behalf. Her presence threw him off, but his arrogance still blinded him.

"Jimmy, congratulations on the win" the Foreign Minister said as he shook the Taoiseach's hand.

"Thank you, Frank" O'Reilly replied. The two men broke their handshake and the younger returned to his seat behind his desk.

A bit short he thought after the handshake ended.

Casarnach then turned his attention to the other attendees. He hugged O'Kane, the facade of intimacy was important. She was, after all, the party chair.

"Happy as always to see you, Maude. Congratulations to you as well. You fended off and held well. Everyone knows the incumbents have a hard time holding, but you made history. Four wins in a row" he gushed. It was all without sincerity, as he considered the party chair to be a rival of his going forward, vying for O'Reilly's ear. However, the victory was impressive nonetheless and it was something Frank could respect.

"We have excellent TCs and TCs-to-be. I can't take credit for their work, but I can take credit for picking them" she said jokingly.

Frank offered up a forced laugh before shaking McGovern's hand.

"Please, Frank. Take a seat. Darren, if you could get the door" O'Reilly said once pleasantries had come to a close.

The door shut as the Foreign Minister took his seat. Only he and the Taoiseach were seated, with O'Kane and McGovern standing to the sides of O'Reilly.

Frank found it interesting, but not cause for concern.

He decided he should break the awkward silence. Both O'Reilly and McGovern knew what was going to happen, he might as well kick it into motion and allow them to save face in front of the party chair.

"I am pleased to offer my services to you as you form a cabinet. It would truly be an honor to serve in an administration as historic as yours" Frank began. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his list. "I have a few suggestions for cabinet posts, I hope you don't mind. I feel thi-".

He was cut off by O'Reilly. "Well, thank you Frank. I mean it. However".

What the fuck Frank thought to himself. However, the fuck is this?

"I believe, and both Maude and Darren agree with me on this, that the party needs to seek a, a different approach to international affairs. This was a victory yes, but we did lose seats. We simply cannot risk upsetting our coalition partners. I'm sorry to say this Frank but, I do not plan on asking you to serve as Foreign Minister" O'Reilly finished calmly.

"Where the fuck do you get off" Frank growled in reply.

O'Kane was visibly surprised by the hostility as McGovern silently gulped.

"We had a god-damned deal, we had a fucking deal Jimmy. I am the reason you are sitting there. That was MY doing" Casarnach shouted.

"I got you the delegates you needed, you promised me my job. And now you, you fucking spineless twat, you're going to fucki-".

"That's enough, Frank" the Taoiseach interrupted.

"I cannot have someone as blundering as you, as careless as you, as Foreign Minister. You're fired because of your own actions. Your latest episode confirmed that my reservations about keeping you on were valid".

Frank began to laugh despite the fact that he was seething with rage. O'Kane's presence did little to pacify him, and Frank's claims about a deal worried the party chair.

"I always knew you were an empty fucking suit. You're nothing without Walker, remember that" Frank said as he stood up.

"I'll show myself out but just you know, Jimmy. This isn't over. You've fucked up, you've fucked up big time".

The door slammed behind him as he stormed down the hallway.

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Civil Rights Lovefest

Postby Luziyca » Mon Oct 07, 2019 5:37 pm

October 7, 2019
University of Rwizikuru
Port Fitzhubert

In under a week, it seemed like the new constitution was starting to take shape: a preamble had already been agreed upon, a basic outline for the executive, legislative, and judicial branches had been agreed upon by all twenty-six members of the constitutional assembly.

But now came the article concerning administrative divisions.

The Mambo knew that this was going to be a difficult article to work with, because to this day, the Kingdom of Rwizikuru maintains a claim on Yekumavirira: the territory lost to Nasana in the Nasani-Rwizikuran War. For decades, Rwizikurans seemed to be itching for revanchism, especially along the more radical end of the political spectrum.

Yet, he knew that many Rwizikurans have been born after the end of the Nasani-Rwizikuran War; the implementation of the purple line that to this day is maintained by peacekeepers, and the mass deportation of virtually the entire Irfanic population to Nasana. It seemed very unlikely that Rwizikuru would ever take back Yekumavirira.

With all that in mind, he began the relevant session.

"Now, we reach the issue of administrative divisions," the Mambo said. "I know that this will arouse strong emotions among all sides, since while some believe that there are twelve matunhu, others say there are thirteen matunhu. But it is important that we come to a decision on what the matunhu are, and what powers they should be given in the constitution."

After the Mambo's brief speech, the Mukuru of Yekumavirira, Muchengeti Mwayenga, began to speak.

"In my eyes, the only acceptable way we can move forward is to have thirteen matunhu. Since our independence, Rwizikuru has comprised of the matunhu of Chekumabvazuva, Dzakakwirira, Hunidzakafa, Mumbengegwi, Ndarira, Nyikaitsva, Parunoguma, Sangoguru kuchamhembe, Sangoguru kumaodzanyemba, Tsungirirai, Yekumavirira and Zvakawanda," he said. "Gutaguru is a recent addition, created in 1978, but when Izibongo Ngonidzashe created that, he at no point took away Yekumavirira's status as a dunhu. Not then, and certainly not at the end of the Nasani-Rwizikuran War."

"To suggest that we should remove Yekumavirira from the list of matunhu in Rwizikuru is an insult to the 620,000 Rwizikurans who have suffered and lost their lives in the Nasani-Rwizikuran War: it is an insult to those raped and murdered at Saint-Germain, it is an insult to those who were forced to leave their district at the end of the war just because of their Sotirian faith, and yes, it is an insult to the efforts of our soldiers in the Great War who took the area from Gaullica."

"We cannot accept the possibility that Yekumavirira can be removed, that we accept the illegal Nasani occupation of Yekumavirira, and that we give up on all those who suffered as a result of this war," Mwayenga declared.

Following Mwayenga's speech, Reginald Fraser took the floor.

"In response to the point made by the mukuru of Yekumavirira, the fact of the matter is that we do not have the means to take back Yekumavirira," Fraser began. "While Nasana has fifty-five million people, we only have twenty million people. And of those twenty million, I reckon just over half do not remember a time that Yekumavirira was ever part of this country."

"While we should still continue to press for reparations, for compensation for the atrocities committed by the Nasani forces as a result of the Nasani-Rwizikuran War, the fact of the matter is that we no longer have the capability to defeat the Nasanis in a second war, and I reckon that many Rwizikurans, especially younger Rwizikurans, no longer are willing to fight for Yekumavirira, or other ideological concerns. They are more worried about rising up from poverty, than on such ideological concerns."

Itai Croome responded, saying "to respond to the point made by the representative from Dzakakwirira, the fact of the matter is that if we want to truly balance traditional and modernity, we have to accept the fact that Yekumavirira is an integral part of Rwizikuru. It has, since the time of the veRwizi Empire, been home to veRwizi people, while the Wopoto who are illegally occupying Yekumavirira have only arrived in the past two hundred years when Mukuru Nyashadzashe Olonga converted to Irfan and invited Wopoto preachers and missionaries."

Karikoga Gumbo then took to the floor, saying that "what the Chief of Tsungirirai does not understand is that the very borders of Rwizikuru are a Euclean creation: they were created by Euclean settlers and colonists, and it just so happened that after the Great War, Estmere took control of Yekumavirira and attached it to Rwizikuru."

"While I do know that there have been veRwizi people in Yekumavirira long before Rwizikuran rule, and that there continues to be a sizable veRwizi population, albeit all Irfanic, the truth is not simply all black and white: the Wopoto and veRwizi have lived side by side in that area for centuries, and it was a battleground between the veRwizi and Wopoto Empires," Gumbo declared. "While we can say all day that Yekumavirira belongs to Rwizikuru, the fact is today's realities mean we can no longer retake Yekumavirira."

Mwayenga was now fuming: how come many of these representatives were demeaning his own dunhu. Do they not know what it really was!?

He took the floor again, trying his damnedest to conceal his rage. "I believe that my honorable friend from Chekumabvazuva has not been adequately informed on the realities of Yekumavirira. As the Mukuru of Tsungirirai has said, the Wopoto only settled in Yekumavirira when Nyashadzashe Olonga invited Wopoto preachers to spread Irfan among his subjects: before that point, Yekumavirira was completely veRwizi: it followed veRwizi customs, it spoke the veRwizi language, and it followed the traditional veRwizi religion."

"Do you seriously think that you can get away with denying the facts?" Mwayenga asked. "Because quite frankly, you cannot. You try and justify the atrocities that the Nasanis did, that the Wopoto have a right to kick us veRwizi out of Yekumavirira, and then proceed to say that we can no longer take back our land from the savage Irfanics!"

Karikoga Gumbo replied "the Nasani government had no right to commit the atrocities that had happened in the Nasani-Rwizikuran War: as a matter of fact, I feel the Nasani government of the day and the forces led by Alai Tsalar Aboydu have crossed the moral event horizon at Saint-Germain."

"Yet, the fact of the matter is that we cannot take back Yekumavirira," Gumbo declared. "And even if we could, we would have to integrate the population back into the--"

Mwayenga cut Gumbo off, saying "No, you don't have to! Just like how the Nasanis kicked us Sotirians out of our own homeland, we should kick every last Irfanic out of Yekumavirira! Hell, we should even the score: treat all the Irfanic scum in Yekumavirira the same way they treated us!"

Tichaona Zvinavashe, who had been sitting quietly until this point, finally spoke up.

"We should not stoop down to their level," Zvinavashe said. "We should instead take the moral high ground, if we were to integrate the population of Yekumavirira back into the Rwizikuran fold. However, I agree with my colleagues who have spoken so far, when they mention that we can no longer take back Yekumavirira. While there are many of us who want to take it back, the fact of the matter is that we simply can no longer do so."

"Due to decades of corruption and mismanagement, by both the absolute monarchy, and by the preceding republican government, Rwizikuru is poor. We have a smaller economy than Nasana, we have a lower HDI, a lower population, we simply cannot sustain the capacity for another war. And even if we were to get Yekumavirira back by peace treaty, we still have to factor in the issue of integration."

"Is that clear?" he asked, staring at Muchengeti Mwayenga.

Mwayenga had enough of these attacks against Yekumavirira's status as a dunhu in Rwizikuru. However, just as he was about to speak, he was preempted by Pikirayi Weninger.

"I will have to agree with the points made by the vakuru of Yekumavirira and of Tsungirirai," he declared. "While I do concede that the Wopoto and veRwizi lived side by side, as per the comments made by the delegate from Chekumabvazuva, the fact of the matter is that this invasion was plainly and simply illegal under international law, as it violated the principle of uti possidetis juris. As we were given Yekumavirira after the Great War when we split it with Nasana, it is clear that the actions made by Nasana are plainly illegal, as it violated the borders we received when we gained our independence from Estmere."

"To recognize this annexation would be a grave insult to those who believe in the rule of international law, those who lost their lands, properties, and lives back in Yekumavirira, and to those who have been persecuted in Nasana since they occupied our territory," Weninger concluded.

Mwayenga smiled when Weninger was done speaking: he seemed to be one of the few representatives willing to defend Rwizikuru's claim over Yekumavirira.

"While I must to disagree on a few specific points with the delegate from Ndarira, I feel that this is the core of the argument," Mwayenga declared. "The fact that the option to ignore international law and recognize this unjust annexation of Yekumavirira is even on the table in the first place is in and of itself a grave insult and a spit on the face of those who suffered because of Nasani occupation."

"If we have any sense of respect for our ancestors, and for international law, we should agree to list Yekumavirira as a dunhu in the administrative divisions article of this constitution. Any less would be a grave insult to what Rwizikuru stands for, a grave insult to those who have lost their lives because of Nasani brutality," Mwayenga said. "To refuse to recognize Yekumavirira as a rightful part of Rwizikuru would certainly make Izibongo Ngonidzashe spin in his grave.."

Jagdish Bhosale quipped, "if only he knew that his son would welcome us back from exile in '82."

Everyone seemed to burst out in laughter: while it was not at all related to the discussion, that alone would certainly make Izibongo Ngonidzashe's spinning in his grave.

After the laughter had subsided, Lou Beaumanoir spoke up.

"In my honest opinion, to maintain a claim on Yekumavirira would certainly be an impediment to trade: as one of the largest nations in Bahia, it would be of the best interests of Rwizikuru to drop the claim over Yekumavirira, as it would not only recognize the reality that Rwizikuru can no longer take back the territory, but also because it would allow for easier trade with Nasana," Beaumanoir said. "To end this claim and restart diplomatic relations would almost certainly help boost our economic potential, which would enable Rwizikuru to exit the trap of poverty."

Jean-Luc Kumbula responded to Lou Beaumanoir's statements, saying "it cannot be allowed to happen until Nasana apologizes for their actions at Saint-Germain and during the war, it cannot happen until they pay reparations to the survivors of the Rape of Saint-Germain, and it cannot happen until they allow Sotirians to return home to Yekumavirira. Only when this happens can we not only restore relations with Nasana, but also renounce our claim over Yekumavirira."

This garnered applause from most of the chiefs: the only one not to applaud was the Mukuru of Gutaguru, and crown prince, Tavonga Ngonidzashe.

Stunned by his refusal, Mwayenga asked why Tavonga did not applaud for Kumbula's speech.

In response, Tavonga Ngonidzashe said that "frankly, we have to give up this charade. Many Rwizikurans do not remember a time when we even had Yekumavirira, and most of those that do are in their mid-50s at least. And with all the pressing concerns and problems that Rwizikuru has to face, we must accept that Rwizikuru can no longer take back Yekumavirira. If anything, we ought to learn to cooperate with Nasana, if only for the trade opportunities that Mr. Beaumanoir has said might happen."

Mwayenga felt annoyed by this: it felt like Tavonga Ngonidzashe was just an extension of his father, much like how Izibongo Ngonidzashe was just an extension of his father, Samhuri Ngonidzashe, back in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

"You say that you are descendants of the veRwizi Empire," Mwayenga bellowed. "Yet, in your speech, you seem to suggest that we give up the fight against the Wopoto: you want us to lie down, to surrender, and do what the Wopoto do. This is not the behaviour of any true veRwizi leader."

"And if I can guess where you got that attitude from, I reckon it is your father," Mwayenga declared.

The Mambo was starting to get irritated by the comments by Muchengeti Mwayenga. He felt the need to intervene at this point.

"My opinions are not those of my sons, and his opinions are not mine," the Mambo said back. "And I can safely say that I do not agree with his rationale."

Mwayenga said under his breath, "yeah right." However, he did not dare say anything else, fearing that the Mambo could eject him from his position as mukuru if he continued on that path.

The Mambo glanced at his watch. It was almost time to adjourn for tomorrow, and he knew that emotions have been running high.

"Shall we adjourn for today, and come back tomorrow?" the Mambo asked.

"Aye!" all twenty-six members responded.

"In my opinion, the ayes have it," the Mambo declared.
|||The Kingdom of Rwizikuru|||
Your feeble attempts to change the very nature of how time itself has been organized by mankind shall fall on barren ground and bear no fruit
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Civil Rights Lovefest

Postby Luziyca » Mon Dec 23, 2019 11:38 am

25 December, 2019
Imba yo Rudzi
Guta raMambo

I was finally ready for his first ever Christmas speech as the Mambo of Rwizikuru. After doing some final checks to ensure that all the microphones were in working order, and that the cameras were working, I sat down on his throne to give the speech live on national radio and television.

"My loyal subjects," I say. "On this beautiful Christmas day, I am delighted to have this opportunity to speak to you about our country's hard work."

"Firstly, with regard to the constitutional convention at Port Fitzhubert, we are, I believe, on the cusp of adopting a constitution that will be an acceptable balance between the traditions of the veRwizi people, and the interests of my loyal subjects, who want a greater say in how the Kingdom of Rwizikuru is run. At our current rate, this constitution will likely be promulgated either in January or in February, and the first national elections under the new system will take place in June, assuming that there are no delays or problems arising in the new year."

I had a quick sip of water, before continuing my speech.

"Secondly, I have an announcement which concerns my family the most. Since the establishment of the monarchy by my grandfather, all royals have had the right to receive money from the royal treasury to ensure that they would be able to have a stable income, in exchange for performing public duties for my loyal subjects."

"I have decided that in order to reduce corruption in my country, and to ensure that those in the more distant branches of my family are not fenced in by their status, I declare that only my father, myself, my children, and grandchildren, and their descendants, shall continue to receive money from the royal treasury, and to perform public duties."

"To my brothers, cousins, nieces, and nephews, it is now time for you to find careers of your own. It is now time for you to be released from the pressures of being part of this family. While you shall still remain in the line of succession, you will not need to perform any royal duties. However, because you are freed from that obligation, you will no longer be paid by the royal treasury."

I have another sip of water.

"My hope is that by implementing this policy, in conjunction with this new constitution, the Kingdom of Rwizikuru shall be able to free itself from the scourge of corruption, and ensure a better life for all of my loyal subjects," I say. "As we exit this decade, I sincerely hope that this Christmas will be the best one you will have yet, and that we will begin the long road ahead to develop a just Rwizikuru for all people."

"Thank you, and I wish you a merry Christmas, and a happy new year."
|||The Kingdom of Rwizikuru|||
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Postby Imagua and the Assimas » Tue Dec 24, 2019 2:53 pm

December 24, 2019
Cuanstad, Imagua and the Assimas

President Edmondo Privitera returned from a break after finishing recording the Etrurian Christmas speech. While he knew that it was a bit of an annoyance, he knew it was tradition: just like driving or sailing back to your hometown for the hometown, having the Christmas speeches be pre-recorded ahead of time so it can be broadcast at the same time on national TV was an Imaguan tradition.

After sitting back down on his chair, and having another sip of water, Privitera was ready to record the Estmerish Christmas speech.

"Siete pronti?" asked a cameraman.

"Si, sono pronto," Privitera replied.

"Quindi ... azione!" the cameraman said.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the Republic of Imagua and the Assimas, I am delighted to be once again speaking to you on this Christmas evening," Privitera began. "As we exit this decade and enter the 2020s, I am proud of all the hard work that you have achieved over the past year. From the factory workers to farmers, to the valets, and cashiers of these fair islands, no matter how insignificant you felt this year, know that you have made a tremendous impact on our nation, and I hope that you may continue."

"While our nation does continue to face challenges, nevertheless, we are able to persevere over all odds in the past year. We were able to open our nation's first rail line in nearly four decades, we were able to deliver a decent quality of life for all Imaguans, and we were able to ensure that our labour force will not be exploited by the elites in Cuanstad," he continued.

"Nonetheless, there are issues that still face us: the ravages of the Mariranan Civil War have continued to affect us, and we had to once again send those who were determined to be genuine refugees outside of our borders, and otherwise return the rest back home, because we are still a small nation," Privitera said. "People are getting tired of feeling like they have to be on guard all the time, and this, I believe, has contributed to the resurgence of Houghtonite ideology on the islands."

"Therefore, I urge you that this Christmas, that we all get together, that we all prepare to face the coming year, as well as the decade, with cooperation between all, so we may resolve our nation's problems," Privitera declared. "If we neglect these problems, all of our positive achievements will easily be thrown out like a baby with the bathwater."

"May 2020 be a better year," he concluded.
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Postby The Kingdom of Glitter » Mon Dec 30, 2019 10:07 pm



Regarding the recent terrorist attacks in Yeruham in the Transtsabaran Federation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has grave concerns in regards to the recent acts of terrorism committed against the population of Yeruham, the largest city in the Transtsabaran Federation. These attacks, which have been confirmed to have claimed the lives of 197 people and left over 300 wounded, are a cause of grave concern for the international community. They represent the complexity of the political crisis that has gripped the Transtsabaran Federation and the fatal nature that divisive sectarian rhetoric and political infighting can have on a fragile society left polarized.

These attacks will have significant ramifications, not just within the Transtsabaran Federation but for governments throughout the region. Worsening violence in the wake of the suspension of the constitution, the imposition of martial law, and the usurping of power by forces loyal to the country's interim president, Nazim al-Qutayni presents an urgent threat to the well-being of the country's civilian population. The degradation of the democratic institutions Transtsabaran Federation and the nation's model for co-habitational governance threaten to unleash a period of sectarian violence. Such fighting would pose a significant threat to the status of civil and human rights in the Transtsabaran Federation. The Caldish government remains firmly committed to upholding human rights not just in the Transtsabaran Federation but globally.

The Caldish government calls on both the Transtsabaran Federation and the international community to come together to defend human rights and to avoid further violent sectarian. Inaction by regional and international governments has allowed the situation in the Transtsabaran Federation to worsen. The nation's democratic institutions must be restored by international governments. The Caldish government hereby calls on the international community to act in the interest of upholding human rights in the Transtsabaran Federation. Further inaction could lead to one of the worse humanitarian disasters in recent history. Such an event must be avoided and the international community must come together to avoid this.

The Caldish Delegation to the Community of Nations will be working with international delegations to ensure the Community of Nations acts in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Yeruham. The Caldish government calls on the Community of Nations Security Committee to adopt a resolution that would prevent further sectarian violence in the Transtsabaran Federation and allow for the restoration of the nation's democratic institutions. The Caldish government also calls on international governments to avoid interference in the ongoing political crisis in the Transtsabaran Federation. Such involvement would exasperate the already fragile situation and push the nation further towards violence.

Independently of the Community of Nations, the Caldish government will work with its partners in the Euclean Community and the International Council for Democracy to avoid sectarian strife in the Transtsabaran Federation. In response to the terrorist attacks in Yeruham, the Caldish government will work with its international partners to ensure those responsible face international sanctions and are brought to justice.

The Caldish government will continue to monitor the situation in Yeruham. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has raised the travel warning for Caldish and Euclean citizens traveling to the Transtsabaran Federation from Level 3 - Reconsider Travel - to Level 4 - Do Not Travel. Caldish and Euclean citizens within the Transtsabaran Federation are urged to make arrangements to leave the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to support the government of the Transtsabaran Federation in identifying victims of the attacks. Any victims of Caldish origin will be identified and their next of kin notified. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Caldish government will not be publishing the identities of any victims of Caldish origin.

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Postby Estmere » Wed Jan 01, 2020 5:26 pm


New Years Address of the Prime Minister
Broadcast from Porte Noire - The Prime Minister's Residence
1st of January 2020 - 10:30 A.M., E.S.T.

As we gather to celebrate the arrival of a new decade, the civilized world faces unprecedented dangers. At a time when rogue governments and illiberal forces threaten our free and democratic way of life, we are now faced with a serious threat to our freedom for the first time since the peace of the Great War.

Yet, our resolve has never been stronger. As the world looks on in shock and horror at the events that unfolded in Yeruham, we see the free people of this world standing together in solidarity. The barbaric attacks that have left over two hundred dead and hundreds more injured will not be forgotten. Those responsible for the heinous assault on the lives of innocent civilians will be brought to justice by the free world. They will stand trial not just before man, but before God. The Tsabaran government has our unwavering support in its quest to ensure the monsters behind these acts of barbarism are brought to that justice.

Perhaps, that is what worries me the most. Recent discoveries by our own intelligence and by our partners in the free world are deeply troubling. We see now that these attacks were not an isolated incident. They are not a coincidence. These acts of sheer and utter barbarity were carried out with the full backing of Zorasan. Their support for radical, hardline Irfanic extremists has thrown Tsabara and the region into chaos. With full confidence, we can now place the blame for the atrocities committed in Yeruham squarely at the feet of State President Vahid Isfandiar and First Minister Farzad Akbari. Emboldened by their complete and total takeover of their nation’s legislature, these men have now fully emerged as rogue actors and sponsors of extremism, violence, and terrorism. Support for radical Irfanic extremists in Tsabara must come to an end. The architect of such violence within Tsabara, Sheik Faizan Salah, must now face justice for his crimes against humanity. The civilized world must work together to ensure that the pressing threat presented by Salah and his extremism must come to an end by any means necessary. He will be shielded by Zahedan in its mission to spread its control to Tsabara, and we must confront them in order to prevent this from happening.

Such developments, as deeply alarming as they are, unfortunately do not come as a surprise. We have seen the Zorasani regime becoming more and more brazzen in their attacks on the free world. The assassination of Assad Erekat within our very own borders is just one such example. Throughout the past year alone, the Zorasani military regime has unleashed unprecedented violence upon its civilian population, starved its population for access to a clean and safe water supply, upended the constitution to take full control of the legislature, arrested hundreds of dissident lawmakers and political opponents, and has launched a functionalist-style purge against those who are not ultra-loyalists. Most condemning of all, Zahedan has initiated the process of arming itself with missiles and weapons of mass destruction. This would provide a regime so openly hostile to the civilized world the unthinkable means to unleash hell upon our planet. The threat this rogue state presents to our freedoms, to our liberty, and to our very way of life are cause for grave concern among the free governments of our world. Together we must work to defend our freedom, for Zorasan is not alone.

Throughout the past decade, the Xiaodongese government has systematically ensured the freedoms of their own people have come to an end. Following mass pro-democracy demonstrations in 2016 the regime of Chairman Yuan Xiannian brutally suppressed the millions who had assembled to defend their fragile democracy, in order to maintain its desperate hold to power. Their violence suppression shocked those throughout the civilized world. The end of democracy in Xiaodong marked its rise as the leading force of illiberalism. The threats posed by the Xiaodongese regime must not be underestimated. Their support for the rabid regime in Zorasan shows they are willing to use threaten the stability of the world. The axis that has formed between Rongzhuo and Zahedan is bound by their hatred of democracy, their rejection of fundamental human rights, and their desire to establish their supremacy not just over the whole of Coius, but the world. The Xiaodongese regime’s total disregard for the sovereignty of Tinza will be replicated once against in Tsabara and beyond. These rogue states and their terrorist proxies constitute an axis of evil with the aim of upending the peace of our world and bringing an end to our freedoms.

Yet, the illiberal forces that threaten us go beyond this axis of evil. They are enabled by the regime in Ajahadya, whose desire to unite all of Hyndana under its rule has routinely brought conflict and strife. Operating alongside this axis, the Narozalic government seeks to take advantage of the chaos sown as it continues to threaten the stability of our own continent. Across the Vehemens, radicals in Chervolesia present a fundamental threat to free commerce and trade between nations as they have worked to negate international laws. Their support for far-left terrorists and cartels has unleashed a wave of violence in the Asterias not since for close to a century, as Marirana has descended into civil war. And we must never forget that the old evil remains, watching quietly and waiting to strike once again.

As we enter this new decade, the civilized world must come together in order to defend itself from these rogue and illiberal actors. The Enlightenment model of liberal democracy, as embodied by Estmere’s long tradition of democratic and parliamentary governance, faces a global threat unseens since the functionalists ravaged and raped the world. The radical idea that we as human beings - the People - could rule themselves must be defended at all costs. The rights of life, liberty, and self-determination must not be left unguarded. As the flag-bearers of liberal democracy, we must ensure that this decade is not its last.

May God bless the Federative Republics of Estmere. May God bless us all.

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Postby Slirnija » Fri Aug 21, 2020 3:53 pm



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