The Royal Commonwealth Q&A Thread 3.0 [MT]

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The Royal Commonwealth Q&A Thread 3.0 [MT]

Postby Palmyrion » Fri Aug 14, 2020 8:06 am


Welcome everyone, to the third iteration of Palmyrion's Q&A thread! The previous two didn't really work out well, having been hammered to obscurity once again, but third time is probably a charm.

For starters, a few facts about Palmyrion:
  • Yes, we do acknowledge The Shift. By virtue of our variation of the Shift, and the fact that 40.5% of our population heralds the Marshite faith, indeed about 28% of the Palmyrian population have sexual and romantic orientations in the asexual and aromantic spectra, on top of being feminised physiologically from the effects of the Shift.
  • Palmyrion is a socially libertarian state, though its paradigms on such topics such as sexual minorities, hate speech, and hate crimes differ from that of the Western world. For the Palmyrians, transgenders are defined as "those who have transitioned from their sex at birth to the sex and gender that they are now" in place of the more ubiquitous "persons whose gender identity, gender expression or behavior does not conform to that typically associated with the sex to which they were assigned at birth" []. Hate crimes are defined as "violent crimes fueled by prejudices", and hate speech is "incitement to commit violent crime based on prejudice". Oh, and same-sex marital and civil unions are legally recognised and protected, same-sex couples can adopt children, and the only thing that prevents gays and lesbians from donating blood is the same blood screening procedure that everyone else has to go through, regardless of personal background.
  • Weapons hold a dear place in Palmyrion's socio-cultural psyche, having had endured Lardite invasions followed by Spanish and British colonial rule. Going out in public unarmed is socially frowned upon, as you cannot defend yourself and your loved ones and thus are a liability; open carry is legal, with a hard roof on what is considered acceptable - both socially and legally - to be carried openly (or secretly).
  • On the subject of culture wars, such a culture war is predominated by three religious blocs: the Christian-Muslim allied bloc, the Marshite bloc, and the atheist/irreligious bloc. The Marshite and atheist blocs seem to agree on Palmyrion's socially libertine policies, while the Christian-Muslim allied bloc wish for Palmyrion to be shaped more like a traditionalist conservative state comprised mainly of the Abrahammic religions.
  • Economically, Palmyrion places high on the list of newly-industrialised nations, with a GDP per capita of almost $18k. Its biggest industries are the shipbuilding, aerospace, automobile, consumer electronics, and IT industries. The biggest economic issues Palmyrion is facing now include the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (100,000 cases in Palmyrion, and the loss of trade volume to and from the rest of the world due to productivity losses brought about by lockdowns), the still-raging low-intensity conflict in the northern highland provinces and the islands of Sultan Osmalik and Mindano (a result of the Turbulent Tens Conflict), and the destruction of vital infrastructure brought about by the bygone Turbulent Tens Conflict to the said affected areas (limiting access to fertile farmland and ore deposits).

Thus, I declare this Q&A thread...OPEN.

OOC: if you have any OOC questions to me, please do make an OOC disclaimer. Thank you.
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