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Twilight Embassy Q&A

Postby The Twilight Embassy » Tue May 26, 2020 4:13 am

"Death cannot drive out Ignorance; only Love can do that. Love cannot drive out Hate; only Death can do that."

The Twilight Embassy is a massive empire-esque collective whose allies, colonies and territories span nearly the entire universe. Its capital, Dark Star Tower, houses a compassionate, cynical population of Over 550 Trillion whose politics and economy are controlled in their entirety by the Shadowmancers-- Law Enforcer, Law Maker, Law Interpreter, and other government roles all fulfilled by this singular conscripted Warrior/Scholar class --who crush sympathizers of the Lances with expediency, precision and ruthlessness. In their personal lives, however, citizens are generally left alone; nobody knows whether this is because the Twilight Embassy genuinely cares about non-Shadowmancers, or if this is because they hasn't gotten around to stamping out civil rights yet.

The colossal, socially-minded, well-organized and well-regulated government enjoys limitless resources thanks to the power of dark magic, but struggles to provide the therapy and emotional support services which the Shadowmancers-- wielders of these forbidden dark arts --constantly and desperately require to function, at home or abroad. Dark Star Tower is a near-fully-automated economy, generating/preparing/delivering resources to its civilians upon request indiscriminately through the use of non-sentient machines controlled by the steady hand of Sapient A.I. Automatons. Services which can't be automated are assigned to anyone trained and willing, among which the Sapient A.I. populace are among the most common in both categories.

1. Please specify clearly whether your question is IC or OOC.
2. Questions of the Twilight Embassy's opinions towards your nations are accepted, albeit discouraged.
3. For now, there's no format, so feel free to use your own.
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This nation is neither dystopian nor utopian; rather, a mix between idealist policy-making with ruthlessly-pragmatic enforcement thereof. "The Order of H Light" is an alt account of mine that plays out as a more straightforward dystopia/false utopia.

However, my IRL political views are admittedly very weird and may intersect with this nation in more ways/less ways then I care to admit.

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