[DRAFT] Movie Magic from a Foreign Land

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[DRAFT] Movie Magic from a Foreign Land

Postby Mierria » Mon Apr 06, 2020 7:55 am

(Sorry, this is my first time really using the forum, so I apologize in advance if I'm not good at it or if I have made a mistake in formatting.)

Description: After a slow work week, you decided to see the newest feature film out of Bigtopia, "The War", with the more senior members of your family. Following the private screening, your brother has begun ranting about the film's use of subtitles to translate the lines delivered by Bigtopian actors.

OPTION 1: "It was so confusing!" Raves your brother, who followed you into your office, despite your upcoming cabinet meeting. "I don't know how you were even able to concentrate on the visuals or the acting or the story when your eyes had to be glued to the subtitles. I just want to be able to enjoy a good movie- I shouldn't need a translator to watch a film!" After explaining that you need to be attending a meeting, he finishes, saying; "Look, bro, just make it so foreign films have to be dubbed and I won't complain anymore."

Foreign films are forced to dub their films in @@DENONYM@@ before showing them to @@DENONYM@@ audiences.

OPTION 2: As your brother ends his rant, you notice your Minister of Finance, @@RANDOMNAME@@, poking @@HIS@@ head through your office's door. "Your brother has the right idea!" @@HE@@ says, walking in and inviting himself into the debate. "But we need to think bigger. Put a tax on foreign film companies so that only the big studios who can afford dubbing can screen their films. The extra revenue also wouldn't hurt our budget..."

Only large foreign film studios can afford to operate in @@NAME@@.

OPTION 3: Your Minister of Arts, @@RANDOMNAMEFEMALE@@, who herself is followed by a gaggle of cabinet ministers, wanders into your office. "Come on @@LEADER@@, you can't be serious!" She says, horrified by the debate. "It's important that we include other cultures within our own, and foreign films are essential in that. And it doesn't hurt for us all to be exposed to other languages, either. If anything, we should be encouraging foreign films for the good of our culture and economy!"

Most films in @@DENONYM@@ theaters are dubbed in other languages.

OPTION 4: "I get where you're all coming from." Says @@RANDOMNAME@@, your Minister of Creative Compromises, who also has managed to find @@HIMSELF@@ in your office. "But I think there's a solution that will make everyone happy; just screen Bigtopian films in Bigtopian communities, and Blackacrean films in Blackacrean communities, and etcetera! That way, @@DENONYM@@s have no reason to complain."

@@DENONYM@@s in Bigtopian communities have to leave town to catch a film in their language.

Validity: Immigration is allowed.

OPTION 5: Among the crowd of cabinet ministers now crowding your office, the Minister of Education, and a big fan of Bigtopian films, @@RANDOMNAME@@ raises @@HIS@@ hand, before saying "@@LEADER@@, you saw the film, right? Because I did. The War may seem like a simple action film, but its actually about a very important series of events in Bigtopian history." @@HE@@ reaches inside @@HIS@@ coat and pulls out a high school history textbook, before setting the thing down on your desk and flipping to the chapter on Bigtopia. "I think these movies have real education potential. Let us show these movies in our history and language classes, and you won't regret it!"

History class has been replaced by foreign movie class.

OPTION 6: Hearing the commotion, nationalist opposition leader @@RANDOMNAMEMALE@@ wheels a podium into your office, before saying; "@@LEADER@@, I know we've had our differences, but I think we can all come together and say that @@DENONYM@@ culture is superior. So why waste our time with this foreign dribble? Ban foreign films!"

Foreign film studios are not allowed to screen in @@DENONYM@@ theaters.

Validity: Invalid for nations that don't have opposition parties.

Please leave suggestions, advice and edits below. Thank you!
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Postby Trotterdam » Mon Apr 06, 2020 8:34 am

This seems like something unlikely for a national government to concern itself with.

Except for those "all use of non-official languages banned" tyrannies, which exist in real life, but are generally considered to be crazy by the rest of the world.

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Postby Australian rePublic » Mon Apr 06, 2020 9:36 am

Trotterdam wrote:This seems like something unlikely for a national government to concern itself with.

Except for those "all use of non-official languages banned" tyrannies, which exist in real life, but are generally considered to be crazy by the rest of the world.

I sgree with Trott about leader not caring. Foreign languages are dealt with by multiple other issues
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Postby Candlewhisper Archive » Tue Apr 07, 2020 1:19 am

I agree.

I'd also note that in future it may be worth trying to find the best three options, rather than coming up with every approach you can think of. Also effect lines should aim to have some wit, rather than just stating the decision made.

However there's some competent writing here, and you should definitely try again.
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