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Postby Kal Kitor » Fri Mar 27, 2020 1:58 pm

Name: Christian “The Fox” Hermendez

Age: 18

Appearance: Eye Color - Blue

Hair Color - Black

Skin Color - Cream

Clothing - Generally a black hoodie, jogging pants & sneakers. Also wears a fox mask.

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Bronx, New York

Godly Parent: Artemis

Abilities: Animal Fury - Capable of taking on the abilities & characteristics of the animals he remembers.

Senses - Being constantly in touch w/ that of animals, Chris has keen eyesight, smell & hearing. His senses of taste & touch are also heightened.

Night Vision

Enhanced sight - For 7 seconds, Chris can see the details of something (weaknesses, energy)

Gravity Manipulation - May choose to weaken or strengthen the gravity of what he touches by 2.

Weaknesses: Constant use of his abilities drains his energy faster. Strong smells (onion powder, mustard gas, etc) make his eyes water & become poofy. Incredibly loud sounds cause his ears to bleed.

Equipment: Espada de luna (Moon Sword) - a katana told to him by his grandmother to be made under the moonlight by his mother.


F.O.X. Mask - Found in his grandmother’s attic, Christian wears this mask as an item that helps him in battle. F.O.X. Is an AI capable of seeing different trajectories, incoming danger & scan for footprints, hostiles, etc.

Cigarettes - He smokes

Personality: Serious, determined, gentle, competitive. Christian must be the best at everything no matter what it is. His determination to be so good will immediately depress him if he does not achieve what he wants; often leading to him finding a place to smoke. Without his cigarettes he’s very open, talkative & vulnerable. He has an affinity for women & gets nervous to the point he will only speak Spanish around them (he will also convert to Spanish if he’s angry). His gentle side comes when he is within contact w/ animals. He also constantly forgets many things.

Biography: His home in the Bronx wasn’t the greatest but it was what Christian knew. He knew the gangs, the streets to keep an eye out for, the people who’d lend him a dollar if he needed it & most of all he knew his grandmother. She was a former hardcore gang member turned conservative mother once she had Christina, Christian’s mother. One day, he heard there was a shooting in his grandmother’s neighborhood & although he knew the area was prominent for violence, he rushed to her. Seeing his grandmother standing as if she were waiting for him he took a sigh of relief. He then looked to what was at her side. A katana. The katana his father supposedly made. “What’re you doing with that Abuela?” His concern reached. She then collapsed trying to speak. Rushing to her side, she looked into his eyes to explain that she had been searching for his mother but found a discovery that took his breath completely from him.

His father was living another life w/ another family. After being gone for his entire life, moving foster home to foster home, Christian was in shock to find out his mother was even still alive. As his grandmother gripped his hand like pliers she told him not to hold contemptment in his heart; to believe that God would help him through. The sirens would only fade his hearing.

“The cause of death was brain hemorrhaging,” told to him by a Dr. Wan. But isn’t that if she received damage to the head? His world of questions would fluster now that he knew something was off. His father was somewhere, his grandmother passed away & his life now in shambles.

“I have nowhere to go.” He thought, beating himself within his own mind as he came to his grandmother’s doorstep to help his uncle retrieve the items from her house. The same uncle who said that Christ would always find a way “...or a way will find you.”

His warm smile met Chris’s happiness as they’d continue to clean & move things out. As he packed her things he found within her attic a closet of a fox mask & shuriken.

“Your grandmother was a very deadly person for a long time.” His uncle said, unknowingly behind him.

Christian stared into the mask as it almost seemed to stare right back.

“Grab it,” Uncle Marlin said “she’d want you to have it.”

He laughed, making a joke of things & trying to relieve himself of grief, he placed the mask onto his face. Suddenly, it was as if it came to life as it configured to his face & the mask… spoke.

“Master Christian R. Hermendez, I am the Fabricated Omnisight Xenodochial also known as F.O.X.” His initial reaction tried to pry the mask from his face but like glue it wouldn’t. His panic was only met by his uncle’s sternness.

“The mask will only release if you answer whether you acknowledge it or that you don’t.” His uncle spoke as if he were stabbing him. This wasn’t anything light as he told Chris the true story of his grandmother. That her gang life was a cover for something much more serious. She was an assassin for the US government. Telling him to follow a better path, his uncle then opened a world to him he hadn’t thought of.

“She was also what you are,” his uncle said hesitantly “A demigod.”

He hadn’t believed it for himself, but his grandmother was serious whenever she spoke about Marlin’s father. He was indeed in a family of demigods & although much isn’t known to him, Chris had to know the truth. He then opened up another can of whoa telling Christian about a school for people like him. The university of Thermopylae. Long ago his uncle was offered a scholarship by being the son of a demigod & thus believed the same could be done for Chris w/ the right calls.

It took one day & Uncle Marlin helped Christian w/ his bags & bought his plane ticket. This was going to be a different life for him now.

After traveling to Thermopylae, Chris wasn’t so sure what he’d do. Be like he did in high school & dabble in multiple things? No. He no longer had the patience for it all. He had a mystery to discover & if a former government agent can get her ass kicked then something was coming & he had to get ready. So he trained & pushed his body continuously. The gym had become his sanctuary so much that he attracted the attention of some students from the gymnastics club. Learning what he could w/ them & making friends, he began to notice the smell of something that was as if it was exuding a smell just for him.

His sense of smell had always been strong, even as a child but now it felt even stronger. He then came across the most gentle of women who introduced herself as the Oracle of Delphi. She revealed to him that he is the son of Artemis, goddess of the hunt, the moon & chastity; in time, she also became associated w/ childbirth and nature. She revealed his nature as a demigod & that he had untapped potential he has yet to discover. His excitement knew no bounds.

He worked harder & harder, doing his best as he trained in the art of Wushu, Ninjutsu, accuracy training, swordsmanship & multiple other arts. Smart, strategic & cunning, Chris would climb to the top in physical sports as he did in schools before. His “battle mind” was as if you placed oil inside of a new machine; nearly perfect.

Honing his body, mind & spirit weren’t all he strived to accomplish. Chris would soon learned to control his powers more gradually; learning how to finely tune his hearing, his smell & even his eyesight. Finding the faults in himself, his power, his body, he would continue pushing himself. Not only that, but he started to notice that if he focused as he touched something he could increase its gravity 2 times its normal weight, although leaving him w/ a massive headache & nosebleed. Tinkering w/ F.O.X.’s complex systems & finding good cigarettes also became a challenge.

This would only be the beginning as he would soon meet more demigods & their journey would make history.

Miscellaneous Details (Optional)

Major: Scientific Engineering

Hobbies: Workout, Smoke, Tinker w/ technology

General Likes: Reggae music, short girls, watching Bruce Lee movies, eating rice or burritos

General Dislikes: People who are better than him, his competition, the rain

Character Theme: Legendary - Skillet

Extra Information: Great at fighting. Can change fighting styles & tactics on the fly.

Signature Moves - Cortar (Cut): Using the speed of a cheetah, Chris slashes a specific body part on his opponent.

De precisión (Pinpoint): Using his enhanced vision & the eyes of a hawk, throws his shuriken into weak points.

Forma: Chris becomes exactly one animal for 20 secs. He will only be the personification of the animal & not actually become the animal (he won’t sprout wings or grow a snout).


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