Nation Roleplay - 1936 [TDR l IC l Closed]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Nation Roleplay - 1936 [TDR l IC l Closed]

Postby Ancapistan V » Tue Mar 03, 2020 12:53 pm

For TDRs new RP, as run by me. More to be added :)

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A new beginning

Postby Ancapistan V » Thu Mar 05, 2020 11:48 am

President Howard sighed, his clicking pen finally set down and staff scurrying about in their usual manner. 10 years. Just ten years since the biggest war ever had ended, and his nation had been devastated. Of course, it had only become "his" nation as of 6 months ago. There had been a series of 48 presidents before, and even then, it was immensely unstable. Local warlords still ruled over large swaths of the coast, easily able to raid into the centre of the nation. His military in shambles, decimated by other nations in the destruction of his nation. their bodies still sat on battlefields, testaments to the devastation dealt in Ancapistan IV, and the absolute inability for a functioning government to exist in Ancapistan V. A scream and a shout resounded down the hall, and Howard looked up. Staff scrambled past, and he went for his desk, grabbing out an aged revolver. Gunshots rang through the hall, and a group of military men from the last regime invaded his office. His friend, John, rapidly tapped out a message to other nations, hoping desperately to stop the assault. He fell, bullets peppering his side.

One of the men spoke to Howard.
"You're alone. you're surrounded. Our friends stand outside this office. Come with us and live. Try to run, well, you'll not make it out alive."

Howard's revolver shook, and he slowly lowered it to the desk. His hands went up in surrender, and a dark mask was slipped over his head. Lead like a cow, he was taken out of the building and into the back of an tank.

The telegram, however, got through. It blasted its way through intercontinental wires, blaring its message to the rest of the continent. All over, foreign leaders were informed that President Howard had fallen, and Ancapistan V was close to another collapse. The rest of the message was not transmitted, adding a chilling feel to the readers.

In a dark building, Howard was tied to a chair, spit on, and punched. The soldier of a bygone era wished for it back. They were sick of democracy. Sick of being a passive nation. Sick of losing every single fight they had taken since the war ended. Now, they had succeeded. Another figurehead democratic president gone, and another revolution to come. If they could only win the next election, it would forever change the course of their nation. General emeritus Paul smiled, his blond hair dirty with mud and other grime from his camp, shaking hands and preparing his campaign for the newly vacated office of the presidency.

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A new nation is formed

Postby America JB » Sat Mar 07, 2020 3:11 pm

The Forefathers of America JB have gathered in the Capital city of Lexington to go over the preparation of the newly formed nation. They set out to pass a Constitution and an economy. All the things a new nation needs to survive and make it's way in the world. An army has left Lexington, which is settled on the shores of the western portion of the nation. The army has made it's way to the western most part of the nation and established a new city named Dalton which will be a giant trading post in the eastern sea.
Three days later, a Presidential election was held and John Tyler has won with over 70% of the vote. Now President Tyler might have a celebration but this is far from over. He must now construct the new government and make sure that it is steady and lasts for a long time. There is a lot of unknowns in a new nation and this is nothing different. Tyler was surprised to find out that the opposition party has won the legislature, called the General Assembly. This opposition party wants to make sure that Tyler is accountable to the people and things are about to get rocky.
President Tyler is set to give a State of the Union address to a join session of the General Assembly. In his speech, he outlines the future of the new nation and what could be a bright one. "We must not be quiet, we must stand for our interests in our region and around the world. We are in a perfect position, a place on the map that makes us an important aspect to the world structure and we must act like it."

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A Rescue Mission

Postby Marzef » Mon Mar 09, 2020 10:21 am

President Marzef furiously signed the order, giving away 3,000 more soldier to Ancapistan V. Every since the great war had ended just a decade ago, his battles there had never stopped. His post-war popularity bump had already worn out, and if he had continued letting Ancapistan V sink into actual anarchy, there would be no possible way for another re-election. This telegram was concerning, and he was not about to let it spread to his empire. Of course, issues plaguing Ancapistan would continue, and thus a second order must be signed.

The Kill on Sight order was drafted quickly, allowing for soldiers to use lethal force on President Howard of Ancapistan V once he was captured. Any sitting members of government who would not submit to Merzef's new rule would be publicly executed, or imprisoned and shipped back. The elections were officially cancelled, and instead the people of ancapistan would be able to select one Parliamentarian to be sent into Marzef. Of course, those elections would be overseen by forces sympathetic to him, and one Parliamentarian would be completely unable to make a difference.

One hour Later: Docks
the transports shoved off the docks, their rudders dipping into the ocean as they headed towards Ancapistan V. They knew their mission.They knew their commander. they knew their target. Marzef was ready.

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