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Hub for all information on sports related to Havynwilde with other contributing information

I want to thank you for opening the latest edition of The Assoicated, for years we've found pride in providing you, the viewer with the most in-depth analysis of sports in Havynwilde, ranging from Lygahaven play and also into other amateur sports that shine bright in our small nation. The time has come to bring The Assocciated to the world, of course that means Havynsmen and women and the Havyish sporting culture are brought to the world, its our pleasure to unveil to our viewers our new website, www.theassociated.hyn, featuring articles, visuals and videos on the latest and greatest of sports here in Havynwilde. Thank you for giving us the chance to serve you,
Kitchie Simmons



YV::755DOMESTIC SEASON 755 | Preview | Stadtlyga | Termalyga | Review
YV::756DOMESTIC SEASON 756 | Preview | Stadtlyga | Termalyga | Review

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Over the past 27 years, football in Havynwilde has been directed under the guidance of the LygaHaven, the oldest and official league of the Havyish nation, formed after the dissolution of various amateur leagues around the capital of Bellymn, LygaHaven came about after an agreement between the eight most prestigious teams at the time within the nation, four of which hailed from the capital. LygaHaven was designed to bring football to the entire nation, however a few teams nicknamed the Thrice Firm have come to dominate domestic football in Havynwilde, with 24 of the league’s contested 27 season championships lying with them, these teams are Avante Leipreachán, Union Forge and 1964 Briarcliff. Avante Leipreachán is the most successful of the three with 11 league titles and perhaps the most famous manager in Havyish history, the glory days of Briarcliff seem far gone however as they haven’t lifted a league trophy since 742. Many argue that Advernians and Baywall Athletic both are good clubs, and while its true they remain the only other clubs to have won titles, neither is dominant, however both seem able to compete generally year in and year out for a shot at the title.

LygaHaven has always found it easier than most to play its football games given it has a smaller top division, Havynwilde being a small nation is not hindered by the effective burecracy of multiple divisions of football as many believe this is economically not viable for a nation of Havynwilde’s size, with less than 7.5 million people. The league which started and ran up to its 16th season with 8 teams now operates a league of 7 teams, the former eighth team; Bellymn United was removed from the league and has since roamed as an amateur team which competes in the lower Tri-Cities Amateur League which draws 7 more teams which actively compete in the KopaHaven of Havynwilde. In order to assure proper preparing and to increase Havyish teams abilities to compete, there is no pro/rel as LygaHaven serves as the only league in the nation, however teams finishing lower than 5th at the end of the season are mathematically eliminated from participating in IFCF and FFI play during the postseason. In relation to the governing of foreign players, a maximum of 4 foreign players are allowed on a Havyish roster in LygaHaven in order to promote domestic growth in football, however this rule is expected to receive more lenience, especially given that Havyish teams will venture into international play.


Year	Season	CHAMPION		RUNNER-UP		3rd	

729 1 Union Forge F.C. Foretham Coven Avante Leipreachán
730 2 1964 Briarcliff Foretham Coven Avante Leipreachán
731 3 1964 Briarcliff Avante Leipreachán Foretham Coven
732 4 1964 Briarcliff Union Forge F.C. Avante Leipreachán
733 5 Union Forge F.C. 1964 Briarcliff Avante Leipreachán
734 6 Avante Leipreachán Advernians Union Forge F.C.
735 7 Avante Leipreachán Union Forge F.C. 1964 Briarcliff
736 8 1964 Briarcliff Avante Leipreachán Union Forge F.C.
737 9 Avante Leipreachán 1964 Briarcliff Wildeport Wanderers
738 10 Union Forge F.C. Avante Leipreachán Baywall Athletic
739 11 Avante Leipreachán Union Forge F.C. Advernians
740 12 Avante Leipreachán Union Forge F.C. Wildeport Wanderers
741 13 Union Forge F.C. Baywall Athletic 1964 Briarcliff
742 14 1964 Briarcliff Advernians Avante Leipreachán
743 15 Advernians Avante Leipreachán Widleport Wanderers
744 16 Avante Leipreachán Advernians Baywall Athletic
745 17 Avante Leipreachán Advernians 1964 Briarcliff
746 18 Advernians Avante Leipreachán Union Forge F.C.
747 19 Avante Leipreachán Baywall Athletic Union Forge F.C.
748 20 Avante Leipreachán Baywall Athletic Union Forge F.C.
749 21 Avante Leipreachán Union Forge F.C. Wildeport Wanderers
750 22 Baywall Athletic Advernians Avante Leipreachán
751 23 Avante Leipreachán 1964 Briarcliff Union Forge F.C.
752 24 Union Forge F.C. Advernians Baywall Athletic
753 25 Union Forge F.C. Advernians Avante Leipreachán
754 26 Union Forge F.C. Baywall Athletic Avante Leipreachán
755 27 Avante Leipreachán Advernians Baywall Athletic


12 Avante Leipreachán
8 Union Forge F.C.
5 1964 Briarcliff
2 Advernians
1 Baywall Athletic
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Devised prior to the beginning of the ‘open era’ and LygaHaven the Kopahaven, known officially as the HFF All-Havyn Invitational is the national knockout football tournament of Havynwilde. From its creation, its primarily been a place for lesser teams to ply their trades, as shown by the number of non-league sides which have come its way and walked away as title winners. Designed to be competed with amongst both amateur teams and the professional teams, it commonly uses a two-sided bracket in order to maintain fairness, but in recent years to encourage competition has alternated between the two.

The tournament which as a maximum is designed to hold up to 32 registered teams in Havynwilde has various opening rounds until the title race has been wrangled down to 7 teams; 7 from the LygaHaven which already has an automatic assurance of being in the official first round of the tournament and 7 amateur sides which also compete. Alternating between an ‘open’ and ‘closed’ bracket each year, the two brackets are meant to encourage parity for the former and fairness for the latter, the open bracket which favors LygaHaven teams allows for non-LygaHaven teams to be paired with LygaHaven teams in the early rounds of the tournament while the latter bracket is designed to prevent this, sometimes producing a non-league v. league match in the Kopahaven finals.

Of course, LygaHaven hasn’t been a dominant force in all regards, while Avante Leipreachán has the most amount of titles with 8 and other LygaHaven teams are also high up there in terms of number of titles, non-league teams have also been very successful in both the amateur and open era, 14 of the 43 tournaments have been won by a non-league side, including most-recently six years ago in 748 when two non-league sides both made it to the final.


Year	Kop	Winner			Score	Runner-Up		Notes

712 1 Bellymn United 6-1 Ilvermorny F.C.
713 2 1964 Briarcliff 4-2 Baywall Athletic
714 3 Wildeport Dons F.C. 3-1 Baywall Athletic
715 4 Baywall Athletic 1-0 Shriverswood Knought
716 5 Baywall Athletic 4-2 Steamboat Willy A.C.
717 6 Shermansboro 5-2 Donaldson United
718 7 Advernians 4-3 Coven Isle F.C.
719 8 Advernians 1-0 Bellymn United First 2-in-a-row
720 9 Bellymn Workers Fund p3-3 1964 Briarcliff 3-1 PKs
721 10 Bellymn United 2-0 Pride
722 11 Northfair Christian 1-0 Boldsport Spittalvea B.K.
723 12 Boldsport Spttalvea B.K. 3-1 Bellymn United
724 13 Bellymn United 4-1 Advernians
725 14 Foretham Coven 3-0 Advernians
726 15 Bellymn United 3-2 Advernians
727 16 Advernians 5-0 Foretham Coven
728 17 Avante Leipreachán 1-0 Northfair Christian End of 'amateur era' in Havyish football
729 18 Limestone Greenwich 4-1 Avante Leipreachán First year of organized football
730 19 1964 Briarcliff 2-0 Advernians 2-in-a-row, First league & cup double
731 20 Foretham Coven 7-1 Bellymn United
732 21 Union Forge F.C. 1-0 Avante Leipreachán
733 22 Union Forge F.C. 3-1 Baywall Athletic 2-in-a-row, second double for Forge
734 23 Advernians 9-0 Bottlingsburough
735 24 Manteltown Quick x2-1 Vitel B.K. 1-1 FT
736 25 Bolskulb Sevelhm p1-1 Advernians 1-1FT, 6-5 PKs
737 26 Avante Leipreachán 4-2 Baywall Athletic League & cup double
738 27 Avante Leipreachán 1-0 Union Forge F.C. 2-in-a-row
739 28 Avante Leipreachán 4-1 Union Forge F.C. 3-in-a-row, league & cup double
740 29 Avante Leipreachán 4-2 Baywall Athletic 3-in-a-row, league & cup double
741 30 Avante Leipreachán 6-0 Bellymn United 5-in-a-row
742 31 Avante Leipreachán 1-0 Advernians 6-in-a-row
743 32 Advernians 5-1 Foretham Coven League & cup double
744 33 B.K. Vode p1-1 Avante Leipreachán 1-1 FT; 4-2 PKs
745 34 Wildeport Wanderers 3-1 Baywall Athletic
746 35 Baywall Athletic x3-2 Advernians 1-1 FT
747 36 Union Forge F.C. 4-0 Bellymn United
748 37 Grontleytown p2-2 Lockenhoven Dover 1-1 FT; 2-1 PKs
749 38 Union Forge F.C. x4-2 Advernians 1-1 FT
750 39 Avante Leipreachán 3-1 Advernians
751 40 1964 Briarcliff 5-1 Wildeport Wanderers
752 41 Union Forge F.C. 8-1 B.K. Vode League & cup double
753 42 Advernians p3-3 Union Forge F.C. 2-2 FT; 4-2 PKs
754 43 Baywall Athletic 2-0 Avante Leipreachán End of 'open era' in Havyish football
755 44 Advernians 2-1 Avante Leipreachán

Titles (finals)

8 Avante Leipreachán (13)
7 Advernians (16), Union Forge (8)
4 Baywall Athletic (10), Bellymn United (9)
3 1964 Briarclif (4)
2 Foretham Coven (3)
1 Bellymn Workers Fund (1), B.K. Vode (2), Boldsport Spittalvea B.K. (2), Bolsklub Svelhm (1), Grontleytown (1),
Manteltown Quick (1), Northfair Christian (2), Shermansboro (1), Wildeport Dons F.C. (1), Wildeport Wanderers (2)

Non-winning finalists

1 Bottlingsburough, Coven Isle F.C., Donladson United, Ilvermorny F.C., Lockenhoven Dover, Pride, Shriverswood Knought,
Steamboat Willy A.C., Vitel B.K.
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Composed of the mainland, stretching from the dense forests of Southern Gallo way to the he island archipelago of Kinnland, Havynwilde is a Nordic-styled nation of nearly five million people situated mainly in the northern parts of the nation. A nation with a strong, crazed obsession over football -called fooligbol domestically - Havynwilde is noted for its short-running sports seasons which run from late December through March. Havynwilde makes it debut on an international stage as it looks to conquer the regional CMFA Melayu Archipelago Cup as it looks on towards preparation for the Baptism of Fire. The Havyish national team is looking to set the precedent for future generations of Havyish footballers by paving a way through this first tournament, setting the tone for the international scene.

The Nordslaget has brought together players of both arenas - both domestic and international - for this tournament; wit a focus on expanding the youth structure and of course, the formalizing the starters and key players on the national team ahead of the Baptism of Fire. The national team draws players from many parts of the world, oc course, the LygaHaven has a heavy presence on this roster; however, there are other national leagues with a presence: the Audioslav league, Kelssekian top flight and others all establish a presence here. Domestically, the front runners were of course expected: Avante Leipreachán will represent, as will Advernians, Bawall Athletic and the other favorites.

Quick Facts
  • Nation Name: Dominion of Havynwilde
  • Trigamme: HVY
  • Population: 4,629,301 million
  • Language: Havyish
  • GDP: ҡr89,201 per capita (N$64,027 per capita)
  • Nickname: Nordslaget (The Northerners)

Team Info
Basic info:
  • Preferred formation: 4-3-1-2
  • Style mod: +2.9630
  • Home stadium: Nordstadion - cap. 41,402 (30,000 all-seater) - Formerly called Bellymn Stadium, Nordstadion is one of the oldest stadiums in Havynwilde, built in the capital to host the Kopahaven’s precursor, the Kogenkopa.
  • Manager: Shane Newman (CBP)
  • Coaches: -
Players to watch:
  • Ashton Houston :: The star striker has established herself in the Kelssekian league as being amongst the best in the league, her 22 goals were noted and Shane Newman called her up almost immediately
  • Francis Sutherland :: The oft-overlooked product was shipped to Audioslavia where he took off, growing into being one of the best youth products in the world whislt suiting up for Cazadores Cathair. The 21 year-old certainly is one of the better players out there.
  • Joel Nolans :: Called “The Gatekeeper” at home, he just left Advernians after seven seasons in which he blossomed into one of the best keepers in the domestic scene. He’s proven himself time and time again and was well-rewarded with a move to Baker Park.
  • Gavin Cook :: A well-established set piece specialist, he just completed a championship-winning campaign with Baywall Athletic and will be on the move soon, as for now, he’s proven why he belongs with the national team.
Team Record:
WC:                   	0-0-0 		
Non-WC: 0-0-1
Overall Record: 0-0-1


    1 :: JOEL NOLANS :: 28 y.o., Middlebourne City AFC (CBP) :: 1 cap
    The person we’ve been talking about for so long finally takes the throne, anointed as the national team keeper last year during a match against Reçueçn, he’s since then used the domestic circuit to prove why he’s the natural choice for selection. The figure of Nolans in goal provides an imposing figure to the opposing teams - in his past two seasons with Advernians, he gave up a total of 36 goals (for comparison, league winners, Baywall Athletic gave up 33 goals this entire season). Yes, he’s had help with a stifling defense, but the fact Middlebourne City of Baker Park is taking a chance on the raw talent and bringing him in serves as proof of how good he is; he doesn’t need to do much more to establish himself as the first choice netminder, he just needs to prove he should remain.

    2 :: ROSARIO COURTWOOD :: 25 y.o., ADVERNIANS :: Int’l. Debut
    Rosario Courtwood is who the Shane Newman and the national team hopes can be their answer at leftback. Leftback has never been the best product produced by football in Havynwilde, have a look around the league and you’ll see how new seasons commonly bring new left back and back line pairings all the time. But, Courtwood with Advernians shined - she really did a lot to establish herself this season, setting herself apart from the rest of the leftbacks - aside from maybe Franziska Jaspen. But Jaspen’s Nepharim so that doesn’t count. The point is, Courtwood is the answer that the national team has perhaps been looking for a long time, and, hopefully she’ll have done enough by the end of the tournament to be entrenched into the role.

    3 :: CRAIG HARRIS :: 22 y.o., BOMBARRALENSE (AUD) :: Int’l. Debut
    Moving from Wildeport to one of the best leagues in the world has caused Craig Harris’s career to careen straight up, moving to Bombarralense and the Audioslav National League. This has to be one of the smarter moves in Shane Newman’s construction of a new national team, Harris brought in valuable knowledge spending a season with Bombarralense; and studying a league as complex and difficult as the Audioslav alongside playing at that level of competition has to be incredibly important. Bringing that back and translating that defense and emulating what he learned there to the Melayu Archipelago Cup will be vitally important to constructing the nerve of this defense; Harris more than anyone else on the back line will be the one who can mold this defense into shape for years to come.

    4 :: ZENON-GERAL KAL :: 28 y.o., ADVERNIANS :: 105 caps for Qusmo NT
    Becoming the first Qusmi’y dual national to declare for Havynwilde, the Havish Fooligbol Federation is rumored to spent hundreds of thousands courting Kal and convincing them to transfer allegiances to the Havyish national team. However, the arrival of Kal to the picture strongly solidifies the backline and what they’re aiming to do: Kal bring vast amounts of experience to the national team, from their two World Cup appearances (82 and 83) to a third place finish at Cup of Harmony 73. Domestically, for Advernians, they’ve been the person controlling the back line, and working with Joel Nolans once more should be an easy fit. Kal at 28 is looking for his first regional title, and Havynwilde is looking to explode onto the scene with a bang: here’s both of their opportunities to do it in the CMFA Melayu Archipelago Cup.

    5 :: CASE RUDERBY :: 20 y.o., MANDON UNITED (APX) :: 1 cap
    If you look at the starters for the backline, three of them are products of Advernians: Courtwood’s a youth product, Kal’s played for them the past two years and the latest, Case Ruderby is a former youth product. Ruderby now plays in Apox for Mandon United, the twenty year old had a smooth season, showing that he was worth the move; he wasn’t a flashy star who had exploding tackles, but he’s a safe pick on the back line. Ruderby, who mostly played off the bench, has shown why he’s a step above: his technical skill is something that puts him on a clear pedestal above the other challengers domestically. He’ll be looking to use this as an avenue to improve on his skill, and impress upon his manager in Apox, probably.

    6 :: CANN BAIRD :: 24 y.o., MEGABRANTID SC (SRS) :: 1 cap
    He’s far and away the best left midfielder in the selection pool and the clear-cut starter for a few reasons: a) he was a part of Megabrantid SC’s surprising league-winning season in Squorshelan Remnant States; b) the pool was weakened considerably this year, his best challenger, Milo Simmons-Bradley had a poor campaign; c) the pool of left midfielders is small for some reason in Havywnwilde, as the top flight has a large number of foreign left midfielders. All of these reasons serve to set him as by far being the best LM in the field for the nation team; and winning the league title overseas doesn’t hurt his chances too much. He should set up nicely, pairing with Sutherland and Hayden Welsh. The only thing that differs is that he plays a natural, more defensive role compared to his two counterparts who are considerably more offensively-incline; how they will pair up will be something to watch.

    7 :: FRANCIS SUTHERLAND :: 21 y.o., CAZADORES CATHAIR (AUD) :: Int’l. Debut
    Sutherland is finally here! After a two season wait since he broke on the scene, the long-awaited Havyish star will finally make his debut for the national team; and he’s going to cause quite a stir during the tournament. The N$4 million man went to the Shamrocks and proceeded to take the league by storm: he broke out onto the first team of one of the most historic clubs in IFCF/UICA history. Of course, his season didn’t finish how he wanted it to - the league was shocked to see Cazadores fail in the final hurdle - and taking the international break, he’ll look for a change of scenery; flying back to Melayu Archipelago for the CMFA Cup. What makes him great? His control, his poise, the way he fly onto the ball; the grace he has is something Havyish fooligbol as a whole doesn’t possess. If he can bring his trademark flare and transcend it to the national team, it can change fooligbol domestically.

    8 :: HAYDEN WELSH :: 25 y.o., AVANTE LEIPREACHÁN :: 1 cap
    He’s the best right midfielder in LygaHaven, and two seasons ago, he was cheated out of wining the Fooligboler of the Season award; but that’s neither here nor there, Hayden Welsh is getting ready to transfer abroad and he’ll definitely use this to show off his performance to the suitors who are chasing after him. Welsh is a step above most midfielders, he thinks differently and plays differently compared to most in LygaHaven, it’s crazy to think a few seasons ago he was destined to play in Serien-Three. How times have changed: he’s now considered to be one of the best Havyish players and a top five player in LygaHaven, can he go out with a bang and bring a title to Havynwilde? If he does, he’ll be a legend not only with club, but also wit the nation.

    9 :: ASHTON HOUSTON :: 29 y.o., HAMILTONIAN CAMBRIA (KSK) :: 1 cap
    Domestically, he was awe-inspiring, in LygaHaven-755 he would slot away twenty goals and warranted a N$4 million move abroad. Kelssek’s KFL Championship side, Hamiltonian Cambria was quick to bring in the striker, to the tune of a multi-season contract that saw Houston establish himself as being amongst the best in the league: he made the Team of the Year selection and nabbed 22 goals in the process. Now, Shane Newman who wishes to add Houston and Leon Davis to the roster, has put Ashton Houston as the false 9, and how this will fare is interesting. He’s never played the false 9 role, and this experiment could fail and see major changes before the Baptism of Fire. This changing to the formation, however, might pay off, putting in two talents who have a knack for the net near each other.

    10 :: GAVIN COOK :: 24 y.o., BAYWALL ATHLETIC :: Int'l. Debut
    His club won it all domestically: LygaHaven winners for the first time in six seasons, IFCF Champions League, FFI Liga dos Vencedores and CMFA Champions League berths, and N$10 million in winners’ purse money. As for Cook, he had personal bests for himself, his thirteen goals was a record for a wing player at Baywall Athletic; he also lead the league for wing players in goals and assists this season, notching a solid number of 16 assists. Cook will be set up to feed the ball down the stretch: he’s not going to be the one to score goals, rather he wants to set them up; that’s the role he played (expertly) while with Baywall. He’ll also want to have an amazing run: his contract ran out at the end of the season and he’ll be looking for a new team in a few months.

    11 :: LEON DAVIS :: 26 y.o., BOMBARRALENSE (AUD) :: Int’l. Debut
    Leon Davis has transformed himself from a nobody at Wildeport Wanderers to a national team starter who plays in one of the best leagues in the world: Bombarralense took a best on him, taking him from Wildeport; and they’re largely responsible for his transformation into one of the best strikers in the Havyish pool. But once again, Shane Newman seems to be using this competition to experiment: Leon Davis will display as a left wing as Newman has said that it will be a decision that will be determined before the Baptism of Fire. Leon Davis, on the other hand, has to be looking at this no doubt as a chance to further consolidate himself: if the 4-3-1-2 doesn’t work, the formation reverts to a 4-3-3 and that puts Davis at odds with Ashton Houston at the striker position.

Starting XI
Name Pos. Age Club Nation

Joel Nolans GK 28 Middleboune City AFC CBP
Rosario Courtwood LB 25 Advernians HVY
Craid Harris CB 22 Bombarralense AUD
Zenon-Gerol Kal (c) CB 28 Advernians HVY
Case Ruderby RB 20 Mandon United APX
Cann Baird LM 24 Megabrantid SC SRS
Francis Sutherland CM 21 Cazadores Cathair AUD
Hayden Welsh RM 25 Avante Leipreachán HVY
Ashton Houston SS 29 Hamiltonian Cambria KSK
Gavin Cook LW 24 Baywall Athletic HVY
Leon Davis RW 26 Bombarralesne AUD

Name Pos. Age Club Nation

Myles Connelly GK 29 Latrobe AFC KSK
Blair Young GK 27 Perce Town QUE
Erika Cook LB 25 194 Briarcliff HVY
Zach Park CB 29 Union Kada MKB
Kayden Duffy RB 28 Union Lagauda XAN
Milo Simmons-Bradley LM 27 Union Forge HVY
Mason Thomaston CM 28 1964 Briarcliff HVY
Mai Coraline RM 22 Montreal Impact QUE
Olly Gibson SS 27 Forest Park SC CBP
Rockova Bellymn LW 21 Bellymn United HVY
Iksef Grondt RW 24 Vitel BK HVY

Name Pos. Age Nation Record

Shane Newman Manager 50 CBP 0-0-1

MAC 4 Schedule

RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing career-ending
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, within reason
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Postby Havynwilde » Wed Dec 25, 2019 1:32 am


Union Forge
Ravenclyff, Havynwilde :: Morrow Road (16,555)

Manager: Logan Collins
Captain: Alex Turner
One to Watch: Kaleb Law

In: none
Out: none
Starting XI (3-4-3): McIntyre; Robb, Smith, Strewart; Turner, Coiwe, Smith, Cook; Knox, Gibson, Wright
Substitutes Watt, Law, Barclay
    Its back to business for the Hammers as they look to set up a title defense for the fourth straight season, looking to win their fourth straight league title which would be the first in LygaHaven history. For the Hammers, things are looking up, Logan Collins is back in his managerial position after some turmoil over whether or not he’d go to the Shamrocks in Bellymn or elsewhere, however he made his feelings known at the annual Union Forge F.C. supporters meeting, “I am back and behind this club 100%,” he told supporters, signing a three year renewal with the club. However he has a steeper challenge this year, with the end of the Open Era in Havyish football, this season will be the first in which LygaHaven clubs wille eligible for both IFCF and the FFI meaning an increasing workload for any of the top three sides. However Collins and the team feel like they have a core to build around, Billy McIntyre, the reliable goalie is once more back on duties and looking to keep a strong defensive line which only conceded 26 goals last season. McIntyre also looks like a probable in the potential field for national team keepers too, he’s one to look out for especially to see if he can improve his game. On the other end of the field, Olly Gibson who mopped up 14 goals last season looks set for more work, being the only striker on the roster, the team has placed a heavy degree of reliability on his shoulders, they added a release clause onto his contract valued at N$2 million. Something tells me they’re looking to keep him Ravenclyff for years to come.

    They’ll be looking to have a quick start out of the gate, the first ten games are notoriously known for being treacherous given the weather conditions in Havynwilde, but rain, sleet and snow should be no stopper for this quality team. Of course, opponents who visit Morrow Road will have trouble adjusting to the strong gale winds blowing in from the high-reaching cliffs of Ravenclyff.

    The Inside Scoop: Unless Avante Leiprecháun awakes from their sleep *or* the Hammers can’t handle the early schedule they face, Union Forge looks bound for their ninth trophy, of course a lot of things stand in their way.

Easterbridge, Havynwilde :: Albion Bridge (7,505)

Manager: Thomas Green
Captain: Brandon Shields
One to Watch: Kaleb Stewart

In: Tom Findley from B.K. Vode, Case Ruderby from developmental
Out: John Cox-Wane - released
Starting XI (5-4-1): Nolans; Fisher, Bennet, Vemble, Shields, Ruderby; Cains, Bain, Fox, McGregor; Stewart
Substitutes Findley, Stuart, Williams
    Its back to business for the Hammers as they look to set up a title defense for the fourth straight season, looking to win their fourth straight league title which would be the first in LygaHaven history. For the Hammers, things are looking up, Logan Collins is back in his managerial position after some turmoil over whether or not he’d go to the Shamrocks in Bellymn or elsewhere, however he made his feelings known at the annual Union Forge F.C. supporters meeting, “I am back and behind this club 100%,” he told supporters, signing a three year renewal with the club. However he has a steeper challenge this year, with the end of the Open Era in Havyish football, this season will be the first in which LygaHaven clubs wille eligible for both IFCF and the FFI meaning an increasing workload for any of the top three sides. However Collins and the team feel like they have a core to build around, Billy McIntyre, the reliable goalie is once more back on duties and looking to keep a strong defensive line which only conceded 26 goals last season. McIntyre also looks like a probable in the potential field for national team keepers too, he’s one to look out for especially to see if he can improve his game. On the other end of the field, Olly Gibson who mopped up 14 goals last season looks set for more work, being the only striker on the roster, the team has placed a heavy degree of reliability on his shoulders, they added a release clause onto his contract valued at N$2 million. Something tells me they’re looking to keep him Ravenclyff for years to come.
    Under normal business hours, Avante Leiprecháun or 1964 Briarcliff would dictate this spot or in some fashion the three winningest teams in some order, however, the Shamrocks have been down on their luck as of late and Briarcliff is or has been floundering as of late. Advernians on the other hand have been one of those pesky teams in LygaHaven, looking to break the firm grip that the Thrice Firm have maintained on the league for so long, and Advernians two years previous have done it. This isn’t shaping to be that type of year, Union Forge is too far ahead for anyone to catch up, let alone beat that’s why Advernians can be seen as a runners-up. The Ivys or Addys as they’re sometimes called have put together a superb record in recent years under long-time manager, Thomas Green. Green who has a knack for developing talent has taken a risk with Case Ruderby, a seventeen year old who is expected to be immediately put on the field, competing for a spot in the Starting 11. On the other hand, Joel Nolans has been told he’ll have some competition in the form of Tom Findley, brought in from B.K. Vode, the young prospect lead the amateur side to a runners-up finish in the Kopahaven, never mind the score. The backline looks strong and stout once more, the team will have trouble scoring as it has had regularly due to Green’s tough defensive positioning, they’re hard to crack, that’s for sure.

    Thomas Green is a viable candidate for national team head coach, and if he leaves to coach the bhoys, who’ll replace him at Advernians? He’s largely responsible for steering the Ivys to relevance, and yes they haven’t won a title in eight years but they did interrupt an Avante Leiprecháun and 1964 Briarcliff dynasty, so he’s no doubt a club legend for what’s he done there.

    The Inside Scoop: They just don’t have enough depth to unseat Union Forge at the top, but what they lack in depth they make up in heart, definitely could see this team challenging for a Kopahaven or maybe if things don’t go according to plan in Ravenclyff, they sweep in and steal the title.

Avante Leiprecháun
Bellymn, Havynwilde :: Shamrock Park (34,170)

Manager: Ethan Stevenson
Captain: undetermined
One to Watch: Nicholas Byrne

In: Nicholas Byrne from Bellymn United, Francis Sutherland from developmental
Out: Calum Kirk to Baywall Athletic, Keith Savage - retired
Starting XI (4-2-3-1): Lewis; Maxwell, Simmons, Allan, Duffy; Doyle, McDougall; Cochrane, Sutherland, Welsh; Hamilton
Substitutes Byrne, Mackay, Gibson
    The Shamrocks are truly desperate, and so instead of finding common sense the board turned to Ethan Stevenson, former club hero to lead the club; he retired nine years ago after leading the Shamrocks to their seventh league title and since then has failed to last long at four(!) different managerial spots at four amateur clubs, most notably with B.K. Vode who went to the Kopahaven finals a year after he was sacked. This leads to the greater problem of why he was hired for the club who so clearly have realized that mediocre managers are not the solution to the greater problem with Avante Leiprecháun, it’s the fact that the board is refusing to put out the money to improve the squad that’s holding it back. Stevenson may be able to put a bandaid on the problem temporarily, winning the Kopahaven with this squad should be enough to see his one year contract extended but the problem remains that Union Forge is quickly pulling away from the league and a streak of dominance not unlike what the Shamrocks did in years past could soon be upon the LygaHaven once more. As for the players on the team, there’s some shake-ups that’ll need to be made, Caleb Lewis is so clearly a non-factor on this team, at this point he needs to go, a 36 year old, and while that’s known for a keeper he’s very clearly out of his element and its clear he’s only being kept on this squad because he’s a club hero. This club is a shell of what it once was, it’s taken them long enough for them to realize and they should look to the upcoming transfer window to go in and make important changes to club. Be on the lookout for Francis Sutherland, brought up from the developmental academy, he’s a ripe commodity within LygaHaven and could be looking to have a breakout season and venture elsewhere.

    This season would be an excellent time to focus on winning something because the trophy drought has gone on a little too long, rather much too long, but the board who is still filled with nostalgia seems unwilling to go and make actual changes to the club that are desperately needed. The offseason should be spent focusing on finding a manager who can actually direct this club, because anyone can tell you Ethan Stevenson isn’t the man for the job.

    The Inside Scoop: They were once good…now they’re shitty or at least not good enough. The problem remains the board is filled with nostalgic idiots, at least that’s what the supporters say.

1964 Briarcliff
Briarcliff, Havynwilde :: Villia Stadium (5,866)

Manager: Carter Adam
Captain: Hugo McArthur
One to Watch: Riley Tait

In: Riley Tait from developmental, Teddy McGhee from Baywall Athletic, Thomas Marrion from Eastern FC
Out: none
Starting XI (4-4-2):Connely; Cook, MacLean, Park, Rennie; Noble, Christie, McArthur, Stewart; Tait, Morgan
Substitutes McGhee, Bell, Phillips, Marrion
    Briariarcliff has sort of settled in the role of being good not great, and their years of being the dominant member of the Thrice Firm seem long behind them, maybe it’s because their revolutionary passing game of the 730s no longer work twenty years ago, it’s probably because teams were still trying to figure out how to pay players wages on time while Briarcliff was busy (allegedly) bribing officials on their way to five league titles and a nice haul of Kopahaven title. Of course since their last title, the team has been rather trophyless in recent times, but the supporters largely seem optimistic about what the future holds. A rather young team which looks more like it’s focused on bringing in building for the future seems to be what the All-Purple are going for. Riley Tait, the latest specimen in the project Carter Adam has launched looks like he’ll slot in fine as a left wing and there’s good reason to believe he has the goods to back up his move from the academy, his highlight tapes showed a youth player who played as a giant amongst men, he really looked like a player you should keep on your peripheral with a high upside. Hugo McArthur in the midline is looking like a very capable midfielder, announced as the captain last year his partnership with Carter Adam has paid off in their first season together but he’ll be looking to make bigger strides this year and should be looking to better lead the team compared to last year when there was fire and smoke in the first few weeks. The backline should hold up pretty nicely, a team that has a strong passing attack, they could play a big role in deciding who’s in for the IFCF top 3 and who misses the cut, a good swing team things are really up in the air with this one.

    They’re the odd man out here, what in hell are they going to do? This team has the ability to make the cut for IFCF and FFI and it also has the ability to complete moonshot it and flounder and crash out and finish bottom feeder, all of these problems are commonly associated with a team rebuilding. However, Adam has Tait, Phillips and MacLean, this looks like a team that in some years could come to dictate LygaHaven.

    The Inside Scoop: Not really sure where to put them, if anything they’ll play exciting football and look to provide some heartbreakers, they’ve got a good squad but at this point its too early to tell what this young squad is made of. Come back after round 10 and a better answer will be available.

Baywall Athletic
Hampshire, Havynwilde :: Dove Street (8,031)

Manager: Jack Miller
Captain: Ashton Houston
One to Watch: Ashton Houston

In: Dominic Donald from developmental, Calum Kirk from Vitel B.K.
Out: none
Starting XI (4-3-3):Woods; Robb, Kirk, Brown, McGee; Fisher, Donald, Chapman; Cook, Houston, Hogg
Substitutes Wheeler, Lych, Burchman
    Things are looking down for Baywall Athletic following ascending the heights a few seasons ago and for Jack Miller, the happy days are long gone, since its championship year, Baywall has struggled to match the output of Union Forge despite its paper finishing of second and third place . For the club, things have to be fixed chairman of the club, George Kelly told the media at their press conference, “the club is looking to see what happens this year, we want to see improvements all across the board for us and we’re positive Mr. Miller is in the position to make that happen.” For the rest of the nation who can easily see thought he smokescreen and bullshit, this year is a make or break year for Miller, he has to prove 750 wasn’t a fluke and that he didn’t catch the Thrice Firm clubs on a bad year, get it? He needs to actually win a second title if he wants to stay with the club. And, in his position, he has no reason to prove anything for Baywall, he went out and got them their first title and guided them to their first Kopahaven title in eight years, Miller should leave the club because four other clubs including Avante Leipreachán would probably love to put him in charge of their clubs but he’s remained loyal with the Pirates. Meanwhile the Pirates have done almost nothing to help him out, with relatively little transfers, the club notorious for being cheap despite its increasing ambitions also denied for major transfers which would’ve substantially bulked up the teams’ offensive firepower, Miller was annoyed at this and remarked, “when I don’t have all my pawns in place, I can’t win a chess match,” and, “the ownership needs to take a proactive approach to doing things correctly.” Take it as you will, but trouble is brewing in Baywall and other teams most certainly are salivating over the implications.

    If Miller leaves, Baywall will find itself in an even worse position than the one its dug itself into, Miller has brought a sense of respectability to the club, once it gains a footing and a holding on itself perhaps it can begin looking for a second title. Right now, the team is still struggling to decide its direction and has an ownership unwilling to open the purse, instead betting on hoping that the team has another run left in its tank.

    The Inside Scoop: a) The manager is unhappy. b) The owners don’t want to spend money c) Win NoW!!!11!! All of this makes for a very interesting season in Hampshire, if Miller can’t somehow pull a magic rabbit out of his ass they’ll likely sack him because their too ambitious for their current position right now.

Wildeport Wanderers
Wildeport, Havynwilde :: Port Lane (4,150)

Manager: Murdock O’Donnel
Captain: Max Irvine
One to Watch: Angus Gallagher

In: none
Out: none
Starting XI (4-4-1-1):Chalmers; Barr, Hill, Smith, Cameron; Gallagher, Simmons Bradley, Maine, Irvine; Dawlson; Davis
Substitutes Sunderland, Spencer, McKennie
    Wildeport has been the butt of jokes for fifty years. It’s been in the cellar dwelling quarters of LygaHaven for twenty-seven of them, come to think of it, Foretham Coven was better than this mess at a point in time. The Wanderers are just able to reach a new level of mediocrity each and every time. Murdock O’Donnel cant right this ship, no one can right this ship; really, they should consider becoming an amateur side so a new club that actually has some form of competition can compete because Wildeport is really just a waste of a spot in the league. And sure on a number of times they’ve finished third, but that’s in the past and now we’re in the present and the present has told us on numerous occasions that simply put they’re not good. Angus Gallagher is their lone bright spot and he’s wasting away right now, his talent and skill is just floating away as long as he remains committed to that land fill that is Wildeport. For others such as Clara Chalmers whose entire career has withered away over fourteen years, she’s their club legend and she likely will finish her career there with that. Unfortunately she can’t do anything about the latest edition of that god-awful defense and no matter what she does, she’ll likely just try her best to clean up for an excuse of a leftback in Caiden Barr who really has no right to step on a regulation pitch. O’Donnel who found success managing at B.K. Vode in the amateur league would be fully forgiven if he chose to depart and go back there because at least in that position he can be successful. The Wanderers don’t have the ability to be a good team, their ownership is and has been toxic for years and unwilling to actually focus on building their football team. Their stadium is the definition of abject poverty, Wildeport as a city has been through a rough time for years and this football team reflects that.

    Its hard to to find what rebuilding can possibly be done with this team which has restarted and rebooted too many times now, the Wanderers are clear cut not built for LygaHaven and its scary to see them trot out onto the pitch each game but their supporters are behind them 100%. The stands should be pact and scary for opposing fans, the stadium, surrounded on all three of its sides by the greater ocean will probably be an interesting place to cover for opposing supporters.

    The Inside Scoop: It’s a shit team with a shit owner. Makes for good banter talk and bad football. Also, please get Gallagher out of here before it’s too late.

Foretham Coven
Bellymn, Havynwilde :: Bellymn Stadium (45,360, seating reduced to 7,000 for matches)

Manager: Layton Henderson
Captain: Blake Davies
One to Watch: Cann Baird

In: Cann Baird from developmental, Caiden Baxter from Bolsklub Nordiv, Eric McLean from Bellymn United, Craid Harris from developmental
Out: none
Starting XI (5-4-1): Young; Jart, Giwneth, Dawson, Fendley, Miller; Baird, Baxter, Mclean, Gibson; Davies
Substitutes Stewart, Harris, McKay
    “How are you feeling?”
    “I’m feeling Foretham green.”
    That’s the saying or so that’s what every Foretham supporter will tell you when you walk into Bellymn Stadium to watch a match, with a team that’s largely remained unknown since the early days of LygaHaven where they occasionally challenged or a league title. Not so much winning but rooted in the culture of Bellymn is where this team comes from, Foretham the borough it originates out of has seen a lot, the Great Fire which burned down the former Capitol Buildings, the Lemon Street Riots which lead the the Havyish government revoking segregation laws and other major catalysts have come to shape the region and in great portions the city. Foretham Coven, the team that represents it has come to play second fiddle of course to the Shamrocks from Avante Leipreachán and it’s kind of obvious to see why, it’s hard to argue why you should be more important than a team with 11 league titles whn you have 0. However, ask any Foretham fan and they’ll be quick to tell you that “we still bleed green,” the team has for better or worse found its identity off the pitch rather than on it, the stadium despite being capped is still packed for matchdays. Some even say that the atmosphere and supporters rivals that of Avante Leipreachán, says one fan “we call them [Avante Leipreachán] the Other-Greens. We did it first and they became us.”

    Of course on the pitch, Foretham hasn’t been successful, the Alligators haven’t one or came close to winning the league ever, and things aren’t looking like that’s going to change any time soon. Sure, they’ve got pieces in place that could spell a future down the line for them but at this point, things aren’t looking too good for Foretham.

    The Inside Scoop: They actually are lobbying for their own stadium right now Hopefully they can get one so they can use the gate receipts to buy players, their ownership’s been ride for cash in recent years and the team is at the point where it’s likely to allow supporters to invest in the club given its limited funds. A true community club here, ladies and gents.

Norvkopa Season-Opener
Union Forge 2-0 Baywall Athletic

Goals: Olly Gibson (29'), Kaleb Law (90+3') / none

The Hammers continue to look dominate heading into a new season, hosted at the national stadium at Bellymn Stadium the entire stadium was filled to capacity in the capital as defending champions, Union Forge came looking for another successive Norvkopa victory. And they delivered in reasonable fashion, Olly Gibson looked clinical as he landed a goal in the 29th minute, finding the net from outside the box, to add insult to the injury, starting keeper for Baywall, Grier Woods limped off the field after sustaining an injury before the end of the first. The club hasn’t announced Woods status yet, but has opted for Stephen Wheeler as its first choice keeper heading into the season, and in second 45, Wheeler’s age showed however, his excellent job in front of net shows a she allowed one goal on 8 shots. However it wasn’t enough as Kaleb Law would find the second goal in stoppage time for the Hammers. For Baywall this wasn’t the start to the season they were hoping for.
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Stadtlyga :: 755

The first ten rounds in Havenlyga are notorious for being brutal to the dominant teams in Havenwylde, it’s the idea of the ‘champions curse’ which the best teams in Havenlyga seem to take on in some form from the get-go. Some blame it on the weather (after all, playing in Ravenclyff in the winter is horrendous for the Hammers, and the rain is god-awful in Bellymn for the Shamrocks), others blame it on poor preparation for the early parts of the season. For some clubs, they’re just not yet fully sputtering, and for Union Forge that’s them right now, though they’re only three points off the lead and sitting in 3rd place, the first part of the season has been for lack of better terms, a see-saw. Logan Collins who was expected to have the team firing on all cylinders has instead been forced to deal with a team unsure of what its doing, and this has shown, their first game was a stunning blowout to Baywall Athletic, 4-1 a team that they had just beated a few days ago in the Norvkopa. Then the draws started hitting home for the Hammers, four of them have really hurt their chances in games that why should’ve won. Of course there’s plenty of time for the Hammers to fix things, and the club will probably give Collins & Co. ample time to fix the problems they’re having, however for Union Forge, I think Danny Wright is beginning to show is wear and the Hammers should look to unload him in the transfer window if they’ll be looking to find the net more.

1 Avante Leipreachán 12 6 4 2 31 25 +6 22
2 Baywall Athletic 12 6 3 3 21 18 +3 21
3 Union Forge F.C. 12 5 4 3 23 18 +5 19
4 Advernians 12 4 4 4 14 10 +4 16
5 1964 Briarcliff 12 3 5 4 22 24 −2 14
6 Foretham Coven 12 4 2 6 7 14 −7 14
7 Wildeport Wanderers 12 1 4 7 24 33 −9 7

Another team from the Thrice Firm, the winningest club from Bellymn, Avante Leipreachán look reborn and invigorated, with 11 goals in hand for Toby Hamilton they’re looking dangerous down the early stretch of the season, Ethan Stevenson has looked comfortable on the sidelines but still has a lot of work to do to coach the team if he’s planning on taking them to the FFI or IFCCF. The Shamrocks haven’t been perfect over the Stadtlyga, but they damn near have tried, and more importantly they’ve taken vital points from Union Forge in both of their meetings, holding them to a draw away from Shamrock Park and at home. Caleb Lewis has proven he still has what it takes as a top-flight keeper, even at 36, despite conceding 25 goals on the season, the team has been relatively defensively stout aside from the occasional golazo games they’ve taken to having with lesser sides. Their spectacular rendezvous with the Wildeport Wanderers in round 9 showed they have the power in the front to score the goals, coming back from 3-0 at the half to finding their way to a 7-4 victory which is currently the highest-scoring game of the season. Their challengers in the form of Baywall and Union Forge have been interesting affairs, Baywall managed to take points from then in round 12 with a big victory for the Pirates meanwhile earlier in the season at Shamrock Park, the Shamrocks had scored an early season lead as they overtook Baywall with at the time a 4 point league on the league. Francis Sutherland is showing he’s worth his merit, 7 goals from the youngster has the rest of the league turning their eyes to him, it will be interesting to see what moves the Shamrocks make at the end of the season. Connal McDougall at 32 still has power left in his tank, coming back from his injury, he’s been important in setting up the transition game for Avante and will likely look to play a bigger role towards the end of the season.

Baywall looks to put some pressure on Avante Leipreachán for the league title, only a point off first place, and they certainly can do it: the league lead has changed 7 times over 14 rounds with Baywall during round 2. Since round 6, the Pirates have been no lower than 5th and since round 10 have been keen on climbing up the ladder rather quickly, now with the same level of wins as Avante they’ve just lost one more match (with one coming against the Shamrocks). Baywall looks very capable of finding league success, they split games with the Shamrocks and seem to have no problems dealing with Union Forge and the rest of the league ‘cept for maybe Advernians doesn’t look like it has the power to compete with Baywall and the other two at the top. A team that relies primarily on the counterattack and one that’s fast in transition they’ve got some wrinkles they should look to iron out, the biggest being the slow attack at the front, Elijah Cook and Ashton Houston hasn’t been too much of a good pairing as of late.

Advernians will be wishing things had gone their way in a few games as they sit on the outside looking at the top 3 and are quickly losing ground in the battle for first place, they’ll need to mount a miracle challenge if they want to dig back ground especially with the injuries they’ve sustained. On the other end of the spectrum, is anyone really surprised? Wildeport is awful and always has been and always will be, they took points off four teams surprisingly including win(!) but aside from that really seem to struggle with the concept of playing football. They have scored goals though, credit Gallagher with 9 of those as we’ve said, please get him out of there so he can actually play competitive football. Foretham Coven is perhaps feeling the most comfortable, adjusting to their traditional spot in the cellar, things are going decent there as they’ve found their way to four wins, I don’t see them challenging for a spot but if they do make top 4 it will be a feat of accomplishment that Forteham might be able to build on. For 194 Briarcliff things are going terrible for the All-Purples, low offensive production and an even lower focus on defense has really hurt this side and its showing, their fall from grace has been spectacular and Carter Adam no matter how many bandages he slaps on this heap can’t seem to get it right. Perhaps it’s time to move on, before it’s too late.

Baywall Athletic 2–2 Advernians
Foretham Coven 1–0 Wildeport Wanderers
Avante Leipreachán 2–2 1964 Briarcliff

Wildeport Wanderers 4–5 Avante Leipreachán
Advernians 3–0 Foretham Coven
Union Forge F.C. 1–4 Baywall Athletic

Foretham Coven 0–2 Union Forge F.C.
Avante Leipreachán 2–1 Advernians
1964 Briarcliff 5–5 Wildeport Wanderers

Advernians 0–1 1964 Briarcliff
Union Forge F.C. 1–1 Avante Leipreachán
Baywall Athletic 1–0 Foretham Coven

Avante Leipreachán 4–2 Baywall Athletic
1964 Briarcliff 0–0 Union Forge F.C.
Wildeport Wanderers 0–2 Advernians

Union Forge F.C. 3–2 Wildeport Wanderers
Baywall Athletic 0–3 1964 Briarcliff
Foretham Coven 1–1 Avante Leipreachán

1964 Briarcliff 1–0 Foretham Coven
Wildeport Wanderers 2–2 Baywall Athletic
Advernians 0–1 Union Forge F.C.

Advernians 0–1 Baywall Athletic
Wildeport Wanderers 0–1 Foretham Coven
1964 Briarcliff 3–4 Avante Leipreachán

Avante Leipreachán 7–4 Wildeport Wanderers
Foretham Coven 1–1 Advernians
Baywall Athletic 1–1 Union Forge F.C.

Union Forge F.C. 3–0 Foretham Coven
Advernians 3–1 Avante Leipreachán
Wildeport Wanderers 1–1 1964 Briarcliff

1964 Briarcliff 1–1 Advernians
Avante Leipreachán 1–1 Union Forge F.C.
Foretham Coven 1–0 Baywall Athletic

Baywall Athletic 3–2 Avante Leipreachán
Union Forge F.C. 6–3 1964 Briarcliff
Advernians 0–0 Wildeport Wanderers

Wildeport Wanderers 5–4 Union Forge F.C.
1964 Briarcliff 1–3 Baywall Athletic
Avante Leipreachán 1–0 Foretham Coven

Foretham Coven 2–1 1964 Briarcliff
Baywall Athletic 2–1 Wildeport Wanderers
Union Forge F.C. 0–1 Advernians


Preliminary Round
Northfair Christian 1–0 Bellymn Workers Fund
Reed Canyon 3–4 Boldsport Spittalvea B.K.
Bellymn United 6–0 Manteltown Quick
Limestone Greenwich 3–1 Grontleytown
Motley Crew 1–1 Vitel B.K. (1–4 AET)
Lockenhoven Dover 4–0 Union Workers
B.K. Vode 4–0 Bolsklub Svelhm

The semi-professional and amateur teams from the Univedeveson faced off in the first round of the Kopahaven in what many expected to be a blood bather for the larger, more-established amateur sides, and for some it delivered, for some it was a surprise of sorts. B.K. Vode the perennial dominant side of the amateurs delivered a hard-fought 2-0 victory at home against Bolsklub Svelhm, needed a penalty and a stoppage time goal to see off the challenge in front of 1,774 at Academical Park. Other sides such as the historic Bellymn United found ways to win in extraordinary fashion, a 6-0 victory of Manteltown Quick puts them into the second round. Other clubs were on the other side, Bellymn Workers Fund was downed by Northfair Christian who look to be returning in incredibly fashion while Grontleytown was no match for Limestone Greenwich, bowing out early.

Stadtdeveson :: 755

1 B.K. Vode 13 10 0 3 23 5 +18 30
2 Vitel B.K. 13 7 5 1 16 4 +12 26
3 Boldsport Spittalvea B.K. 13 7 5 1 28 17 +11 26
4 Bellymn United 13 7 4 2 28 14 +14 25
5 Bolsklub Svelhm 13 7 3 3 17 12 +5 24
6 Grontleytown 13 6 3 4 23 17 +6 21
7 Manteltown Quick 13 6 2 5 22 21 +1 20
8 Limestone Greenwich 13 5 4 4 22 21 +1 19
9 Lockenhoven Dover 13 5 2 6 20 14 +6 17
10 Bellymn Workers Fund 13 4 2 7 17 23 −6 14
11 Northfair Christian 13 4 2 7 8 16 −8 14
12 Union Workers 13 3 2 8 18 32 −14 11
13 Reed Canyon 13 1 1 11 4 30 −26 4
14 Motley Crew 13 0 3 10 11 31 −20 3

No surprise here, B.K. Vode is staring to pull away from the other northern amateur clubs as Boldsport and Vitel seem to be floundering behind. Vitel B.K. will be looking to rebound on the second half of the season and challenge for the top spot. As for Bellymn United, they’ve made it clear they’re focused on chasing a Kopahaven and have made the season of lesser importance. Historical side Bellymn Workers Fund strugged in midtable and doesn’t look lik they’ll be able to put up much of a fight. Motley Crew still searching for their first league win.

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LygaHaven Champions

Avante Leipreachán

It was an awkward performance through and through, a team that struggled to find its footing throughout the season but managed to be better than everyone else, but for the Shamrocks it was enough to stave off the competition and with LygaHaven-755, finishing the season five points above its strongest challenger, Baywall Athletic. For a team which hadn’t relinquished its grip on first place since round 8, the team still struggled at times to cement themselves as the definite favorite to win the title, but by round 25 it was clear that unless the team had a serious fuck-up, the title was theirs to lose and they trudged it home for the crown. For Ethan Stevenson, in his first year as manager this is definitely a big coup for him with the board who many pundits had expected to see fire him in what many predicted would be a poor season for the Shamrocks, instead Stevenson will probably look to maneuver the board to work more with his wishes, already telling the media he wants new pieces to work with next season. Across the field the team stepped up in some big ways, Francis Sutherland established himself as a youngster to watch for the future, soon to be 18, he proved to the club why he was brought up from the developmental academy and it should be interesting to see what moves are made in the offseason. Hayden Welsh had the season of his life, finishing 13 goals on the season the right winger played well and soon figured out how to pair with Toby Hamilton although it did take some time. To add to that, the club balanced cup play, eventually falling to Advernians in the Kopahaven final against the Ivys, truly a remarkable display from the Shamrocks as they look to next season.

Trouble in the offseason? The biggest will be centered around wünderkid Francis Sutherland whose dazzling performances all season will have the team and board looking to pick the lesser of two evils: letting him play in a low-strung LygaHaven or shipping him off to a foreign club for cash and reeling from losing him. Still only 18, his ceiling is extremely high, and it showed this season, playing his way into the starting eleven for Stevenson’s side. Another question on the horizon has to be whether or Ethan Stevenson actually stays with the team throughout the offseason, yes he did sign a three year extension to his deal, meaning he’ll be here through YV::758, but foreign clubs could be of interest to him, especially if he wants to develop pedigree in a higher-strung league. Caleb Lewis probably has played his last game as a Shamrock, his age showed towards the end of the season and in a particularly rough stretch during their battle with Baywall to stay I first place, Lewis doesn’t have that same agility he had in the past. Like past, past, he’s washed now and Nicholas Byrne, the keeper in waiting was a breath of fresh air in cup play, he’s finding his footing well and will look to use the offseason to improve even more. One thing that’ll have to be fixed is that disastrous back line, Miller Simmons is not the man for the job at LCB, he’s proving that and the team needs to go on a long, hard search for a capable back who can play there.

.   LYGAHAVEN :: 755         Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Avante Leipreachán 24 13 6 5 54 39 +15 45 Champions League, Liga Dos Vencedores, CMFA
2 Baywall Athletic 24 11 7 6 33 27 +6 40 Challengers Cup, Liga dos Vencedores, CMFA
3 Advernians 24 9 8 7 27 22 +5 35 Challengers Cup, CMFA
4 1964 Briarcliff 24 9 8 7 41 39 +2 35 Challengers Cup, CMFA

5 Union Forge F.C. 24 7 13 4 40 34 +6 34
6 Foretham Coven 24 5 8 11 13 25 −12 23
7 Wildeport Wanderers 24 2 6 16 35 57 −22 12

Baywall Athletic 1–0 Advernians
Foretham Coven 1–0 Wildeport Wanderers
Avante Leipreachán 2–0 1964 Briarcliff

Wildeport Wanderers 1–4 Avante Leipreachán
Advernians 1–1 Foretham Coven
Union Forge F.C. 2–2 Baywall Athletic

Foretham Coven 3–3 Union Forge F.C.
Avante Leipreachán 1–0 Advernians
1964 Briarcliff 3–2 Wildeport Wanderers

Advernians 2–1 1964 Briarcliff
Union Forge F.C. 2–2 Avante Leipreachán
Baywall Athletic 0–0 Foretham Coven

Avante Leipreachán 2–1 Baywall Athletic
1964 Briarcliff 0–0 Union Forge F.C.
Wildeport Wanderers 0–1 Advernians

Union Forge F.C. 3–3 Wildeport Wanderers
Baywall Athletic 2–1 1964 Briarcliff
Foretham Coven 0–1 Avante Leipreachán

1964 Briarcliff 0–0 Foretham Coven
Wildeport Wanderers 0–1 Baywall Athletic
Advernians 1–1 Union Forge F.C.

Advernians 1–0 Baywall Athletic
Wildeport Wanderers 1–0 Foretham Coven
1964 Briarcliff 4–3 Avante Leipreachán

Avante Leipreachán 3–0 Wildeport Wanderers
Foretham Coven 1–1 Advernians
Baywall Athletic 1–1 Union Forge F.C.

Union Forge F.C. 0–0 Foretham Coven
Advernians 3–3 Avante Leipreachán
Wildeport Wanderers 3–5 1964 Briarcliff

1964 Briarcliff 2–0 Advernians
Avante Leipreachán 1–2 Union Forge F.C.
Foretham Coven 0–2 Baywall Athletic

Baywall Athletic 1–0 Avante Leipreachán
Union Forge F.C. 0–0 1964 Briarcliff
Advernians 1–0 Wildeport Wanderers

Wildeport Wanderers 1–2 Union Forge F.C.
1964 Briarcliff 2–1 Baywall Athletic
Avante Leipreachán 1–0 Foretham Coven

Foretham Coven 0–1 1964 Briarcliff
Baywall Athletic 0–0 Wildeport Wanderers
Union Forge F.C. 1–2 Advernians

For the Pirates, Baywall Athletic was unable to overtake Avante despite the fact the Shamrocks gave them many chances to take the league lead away, however the Pirates were able to establish themselves as the second-best team in the league with ease (and also sew up a spot in the Liga dos Vencedores). These problems they encountered however were too much for Jack Miller and his staff, with the club’s overbearing expectations placed on Miller leading to his sacking, Miller will be looking at a multitude of jobs domestically as its rumored Foretham Coven is alreadly lining up to beg for his services. Of course, for Baywall they’ll be looking for something new, is it a rebuild? You can’t really say, true a team is already assembled, but a new manager means things are certain to change around there. Dove Street is about to see a shake-up if it wants a chance on winning LygaHaven again. Although five points separated them, the gulf between the top two teams and Advernians was ever present as the Ivys were unable to overcome a poor start, however the board is reasonably happy with the job Thomas Green did and they won’t lose any sleep over a Challengers Cup and CMFA Champions League berth. Green and the club will probably look to spend the offseason building a stronger defense, they’re not title-ready or ready to challenge for much but they’re a team on the up and will hurt other team’s title chances.

On the other end of the table there was some interesting announcements, with Union Forge, the Hammers sacked Logan Collins after round 21, at the time the team was sitting in distant third place and looked very much out of the race for the LygaHaven title, interim manager, assistant, Abigal Dunlopp took over for Collins till the end of the season, and while they only lost once more for the remainder of the season, the draws continued to pile up for the Hammers, Dunlopp too was let go at the end of the season, she has signed on to take over for Vitel B.K. next season. Meanwhile beneath them, Foretham Coven is clearly looking to rebuild, no one could fault them for a low finish and Layton Henderson was actually praised for the job he’s doing there. Blair Young looks like a capable goalie and the club looks to build on its impressive defensive performance (all the losses they’ve got might be hiding a stout defence). Look for the club to bring in offensive weapons over summer, adding in firepower will be important for them. And last and definitely least, the Wanderers, they were seasonally awful as usual and there’s little hope much can be done for this club. There’s rumours that the Havish Fooligbol Federation and the LygaHaven Organizing Committee will be sitting down to discuss the implementation of a 2 division pyramid as the HFF is pushing for the amateur Univedeveson to be made semi-pro to support the feasibility of pro/rel between two tiers. If this happens, the Wanderers ought to seriously consider what being shit will do for them.

Final Standings - Lower Divisions

Á la Leiprecheán, Bellymn United maintained a lock on Univedeveson and saw out challenged with relative ease as the Coving Mores-lead Greycoats commandeered its way to a Univedeveson title, for Bellymn who was also made it the farthest in the Kopahyven amongst all Univedeveson teams “we want in” has become the mantra of the club, which has publicly came out in its support for pro/rel. Of course that’s not to say challenges weren’t there, Lockenhoven Dover hung around with United for the majority of the season until Bell U began to pull away towards the tail end of the season, but these two teams were so thoroughly dominate over the others; perennial heavyweight amongst the amateurs, B.K. Vode was nowhere to be found in the top three, locked out by a push from Grontleytown (cup run next season anyone) and Bolsklub Svelhm, the latter found itself relevant with its first top 5 finish in seventeen years. On the other end of the table, Boldsport Spittalvea B.K., the once league-defining club sat in 11th, struggling to find its footing and desperately in need of a fixer-upper, they didn’t play in their regular stadium, The Gulch which is currently being rebuilt following the tsunami earlier this year. Motley Crew wasn’t very good either as expected. With some former LygaHaven managers coming down here next season, viewers should look to see what will be done over the offseason, even if it’s some minor moves.

.    UNIVEDEVESON :: 755            Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Bellymn United 26 21 3 2 56 22 +34 66 Liga B Champions Trophy
2 Lockenhoven Dover 26 19 4 3 46 20 +26 61 Liga B Champions Trophy
3 Grontleytown 26 14 4 8 56 33 +23 46 Liga B Champions Trophy

4 Vitel B.K. 26 13 6 7 35 18 +17 45
5 Bolsklub Svelhm 26 13 6 7 26 19 +7 45
6 B.K. Vode 26 13 5 8 27 23 +4 44
7 Manteltown Quick 26 12 3 11 53 34 +19 39
8 Limestone Greenwich 26 10 4 12 27 39 −12 34
9 Reed Canyon 26 10 4 12 18 30 −12 34
10 Bellymn Workers Fund 26 9 6 11 43 42 +1 33
11 Boldsport Spittalvea B.K. 26 7 7 12 33 43 −10 28
12 Northfair Christian 26 5 4 17 14 38 −24 19
13 Motley Crew 26 3 3 20 22 54 −32 12
14 Union Workers 26 2 3 21 22 63 −41 9



Advernians 2–1 Avante Leipreachán
@ Bellymn Stadium, Bellymn. Attendance 31,209

Goals: Stuart (26'), Fox (87') / Duffy (54)'

Player of the match: Stuart (Advernians)
Booked: Bennett, Cains (Advernians);
Lewis, Simmons, Bradley, Welsh (Avante Leipreachán)

Player Ratings
Advernians       			Avante Leipreachán

Joel Nolans [6.8] Caleb Lewis [5.7] Match Statistics
Louis Fisher [6.5] Owen Mackay [4.7]
Malcom Bennet [6.8] Miller Simmons [5.9] Poss (%): 46/54
Nathan Vemble [7.4] Nicholas Allan [6.3] Shots: 07-12
Brandon Shields [5.3] Kayden Duffy [7.1](1) On Target: 4-7
Case Ruderby [5.3] Eli Gibson [6.2] Pass Comp(%): 72-82
Archer Cains [6.2] Connal McDougall [6.1] Corners: 4-5
Zander Williams [6.1] Reuben Cochrane [6.7] Fouls: 10-17
Hugh Fox [8.0](1) Francis Sutherland [7.6] Yellow cards: 1-3
Alex McGregor [5.4] Hayden Welsh [7.0] Reds: 0
Kaleb Stewart [7.5](1) Toby Hamilton [7.7]

Subs Used Subs Used
Keir Stuart [6.7] none

Ivys Stun Bellymn!
Advernians 2-1 Avante Leipreachán

Eventually you learn to get it right. That’s been the idea behind the various assembled Advernians teams who’ve competed in the Kopahaven, and it rings true, in sixteen finals appearances they’ve only won the title 7 times with this latest victory being the 7th title added to their cabinet. Over the game, it was clear Advernians was set up to play the counter and they did that. Twice! The Shamrocks were unable to find a spark and respond properly, setting up the Ivys first Kopahaven title in two years. This one’s got to feel good for Thomas Green who’s Advernians side in 750 lost a hearbreaker to the Shamrocks. The post-game conference didn’t let up much for the Shamrocks whose loss they took on the cheek, their focus was on winning the league which they did with relative ease.

For once, the Shamrocks looked vaneurable, and both times Advernians struck back quick and with haste, using these moment to propel them to a Kopahaven victory, “we just came in and we played for the badge”, that was Brandon Shields speaking on the postgame victory. The game, played at Bellymn Stadium felt like a home game for Avante Leipreachán, though it wasn’t being played at the Shamrocks home ground, a stadium filled to the brim in Shamrock green was probably anxious to see the Ivys fall to Avante. Players came out and played extraordinary well, Kaleb Stewart made a case for Player of the Match with his performance, partnered late with a ate goal from Hugh Fox their dual performance with a stout defense was enough to bring the trophy home for a seventh time. The Ivys supporter, the Green Army packed the visitors stands, for some it was a special moment, “we won in Foretham’s stadium,” one supporter told The Associated reporter.

For Avante, there’ not much to be sad about, it was clearly not their first team playing out there, resting started for the upcoming three games that were still left on the domestic calendar, “we want to rest our players for the big matches,” Stevenson told reporters, “it’s definitely what Madger would’ve done.” And John Madger, evoking the name of the legendary Avante manager who guided the Shamrocks to seven LygaHaven titles would’ve also won the Kopahaven so that’s a moot point to bring up perhaps.

Through winning the Kopahaven, Advernians become Havynwilde's submission to the FFI Copa das Confederações.

Kopahaven :: 755
Latter Rounds

No one would’ve guess it but earlier on Advernians were nearly downed by Boldsport Spittalvea B.K. who had two goals called back for offside in extra time, Advernians as we all know would go on to put together a cup run and lift the kopahaven later in the competition. The bigger story was the collapse of the amateur teams as only Bellymn United and B.K. Vode got drawn as the two amateur teams together, United would need penalties to dispatch Vode. On into the quarterfinals, Bell U kept the dream alive, defeating Baywall Athletic 5-4 on agg., including a stunning 3-1 shell-shackling at home to remove the #1. seed form the competition. Avante also hit Wildeport hard with a 5-0 win at home. In the semis Bellymn’s little run was dispatched by Advernians who would win 5-0 on agg., however the show from Bellymn was a great sight, all their work however was for moot as the Ivys thundered on. Union Forge is downed in quiet fashion by Avante 2-1 on agg. without much heroics, but we know how it would all end in Bellymn Stadium.

First Round

Bellymn United p0–0 B.K. Vode (0–0 AET) (6–5 pen.)
Advernians 1–0 Boldsport Spittalvea B.K.
1964 Briarcliff 4–0 Limestone Greenwich
Wildeport Wanderers 1–1 Lockenhoven Dover (2–1 AET)
Union Forge F.C. x5–3 Northfair Christian
Foretham Coven 2–0 Vitel B.K.


Baywall Athletic 4–5 agg. Bellymn United
1964 Briarcliff 1–2 agg. Advernians
Avante Leipreachán 10–3 agg. Wildeport Wanderers
Foretham Coven 2–7 agg. Union Forge F.C.


Advernians 5–0 agg. Bellymn United
Avante Leipreachán 2–1 agg. Union Forge F.C.


Advernians 2–1 Avante Leipreachán

Havynwilde (HVY) Qualifiers:

IFCF Champions League: Avante Leipreachán
IFCF Challenger's Cup: Baywall Athletic, Advernians, 1964 Briarcliff
IFCF Liga B Champions Trophy: Bellymn United, Lockenhoven Dover, Grontleytown
IFCF Rising Stars League: Foretham Coven
IFCF Cup Winners Cup: Advernians

FFI Liga dos Vencedores: Avante Leipreachán, Baywall Athletic
FFI Copa das Confederações: Advernians

CMFA Champions League: Avante Leipreachán, Baywall Athletic, Advernians, 1964 Briarcliff

VCIAPP: Advernians
    Selection Via: Most-defensive team (GA: 22)
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Foretham Coven’s academy strikes again, the Alligators youth team clinched the Uvenlyga-I title on round 27 following the team win over 1964 Briarcliff’s U18 team, 3-1. For Foretham it’s a continued show that their youth remain dominant, their seventh youth title in twelve seasons, and for the Alligators it means that teams are going to come calling, especially for the prospects of 18 year old shot stopper, Mandy Williams, she allowed 13 goals the entire season, seven less than the second most-defensive team (the Shamrocks). Despite questions over their defense, Foretham quickly overcame thee problems and put together a fearsome attack under the gaze of youth manager, Jones Stacy. Stacy who’s also won four other youth titles with the Alligators said this team was special, calling himself lucky to have managed the next bright prospects out of Havynwilde. Foretham’s final games looked to really be on cruise control, with the team enjoying an ample 30+ goal differential, building on the super pairing up front of Jezebel Dennison and Don Mallox, both of which could be shipped out next season with rumors circulating LygaHaven clubs are lining up bids for their services.

The Pirates as in senior team play settled for runners-up again, trailing by a two game margin against the dominating and far more fearsome side from Foretham, Baywall Athletic looked at times out of their element against the league leaders but held their own against the rest of the league. Beneath them, the Shamrocks from Bellymn didn’t look too exiting nor too shabby, trudging to a third place finish and quietly picking up steam as the season went on.

Uvenlyga showed some exciting futures for some players, Joseph Brantley from Briarcliff had a promising season, leading the league with 18 goals scored, the All-Purples will probably look to lock him to their squad for next season, Union Forge though struggling defensively has a pass-happy attack that seems to yield positives for senior side that will undoubtedly be looking to youth talent next season. Even Advernians, who only managed one win all season will look to build next season with their impressive youth keeper, the 16 year-old Francis Johnson who’s 44 goals against belies incredible ability.

    UVENLYGA-I :: 755        Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Foretham Coven 24 16 5 3 44 13 +31 53 Champions, Rising Stars League
2 Baywall Athletic 24 14 5 5 35 24 +11 47
3 Avante Leipreachán 24 13 6 5 40 20 +20 45
4 Union Forge F.C. 24 10 5 9 39 28 +11 35
5 1964 Briarcliff 24 8 6 10 33 43 −10 30
6 Wildeport Wanderers 24 4 3 17 19 50 −31 15
7 Advernians 24 1 6 17 12 44 −32 9 Pro/rel playoff

     UVENLYGA-II :: 755               Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Grontleytown 26 17 4 5 52 27 +25 55 Champions, Pro/rel playoff
2 Vitel B.K. 26 16 6 4 34 10 +24 54
3 Boldsport Spittalvea B.K. 26 15 8 3 45 23 +22 53
4 Lockenhoven Dover 26 13 9 4 35 20 +15 48
5 Bellymn United 26 13 7 6 38 21 +17 46
6 Bolsklub Svehlm 26 10 8 8 23 17 +6 38
7 Union Workers 26 11 4 11 30 38 -8 37
8 B.K. Vode 26 8 8 10 7 28 -11 32
9 Northfair Christian 26 7 10 9 1 24 -7 31
10 Bellymn Workers Fund 26 7 6 13 22 39 -17 27
11 Motley Crew 26 6 6 14 21 42 -21 24
12 Manteltown Quick 26 6 6 14 29 40 -11 24
13 Limestone Greenwich 26 6 3 17 22 34 -12 21 Relegated
14 Reed Canyon 26 3 3 20 7 29 -22 12 Relegated

     UVENLYGA-III :: 755               Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Pride 26 17 3 6 54 32 +22 54 Champions, Promoted
2 Wildeport Dons F.C. 26 15 6 5 45 19 +26 51 Promoted
3 Shriverswood Knought 26 13 9 4 42 22 +20 48
4 Coven Isle F.C. 26 14 4 8 50 34 +16 46
5 Steamboat Willy 26 12 9 5 34 21 +13 45
6 Ilvermorny 26 11 9 6 25 17 +8 42
7 Shermansboro 26 10 8 8 39 33 +6 38
8 719 Allegro Kylgatoen 26 10 5 11 35 41 -6 35
9 Bottlingsborough 26 8 9 9 30 30 +0 33
10 Boldsklub Nordiv 26 7 5 14 32 54 -22 26
11 Eastern 26 4 11 11 19 40 -21 23
12 Vogueklub Ministry 26 5 7 14 31 50 -19 22
13 Donaldson United 26 6 2 18 21 39 -18 20
14 Steamboat Willy A.C. 26 1 11 14 16 41 -25 14

Uvenlyga Playoffs

755 :: Havyish Uvenlyga playoff finals

Grontleytown 5–3 Advernians

Grontleytown will contests in Uvenlyga-I for the 756 season whislt Advernians has been relegated to the Uvenlyga-II for the 756 season.

UPCOMING for The Associated: Season Review
Shakeups for the Pirates, Avante look to the future, a look ahead to international competition & other shit too…

Havynwilde (HVY) Qualifiers:

IFCF Rising Stars League: Foretham Coven
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Season In Review

LygaHaven-754: Shamrocks A Step Above Competition
By The Associated chief sports writer, Griffin Gavens

Avante Leipreachán were easily above their competition as they waltz their way with relative ease to a twelfth league title, easily above the closest competitor which is where Union Forge sits at, with 8 Kopalyga, as for the Shamrocks, their play throughout the season easily set them above the closest competition as they marched on, hitting their first title in four years, they were unfortunate to not beat the Ivys for a league and cup double. IN second place, the Pirates were unable to salvage a largely great domestic season, cutting ties with Jack Miller (and apparently their entire defense) as Baywall Athletic were forced to take a second place seat, still respectable for a team whose largely came in and broke the dominance of the Thrice Firm in the past ten years. At the Shamrocks, Francis Sutherland easily ran away with Uvenjova-755, easily establishing himself as the youth player to watch for in the league while downwards on the table, Advernians shot-stopper Joel Nolans made his case for the Gold Glove, successfully winning is as Advernians would go on to give up a league low of 22 goals. Around the league, Union Forge suffered a debacle which sees the entire staff cut, 1964 Briarcliff began depleting their roster as soon as the offseason began and Foretham Coven seemed to be loading up on youth talent. Briarcliff manager, Carter Adam received the Trenersjef of the Season, with what many disupted as being an insult to Ethan Stevenson and co. who’s Shamrocks soon assured their dominance on the league by round 22. However, Adam had been praised for guiding the All-Purples into CMFA Champions League contention and, more importantly a spot in the Challengers Cup prelims. The lower leagues saw the emerging of talent around Bellymn United’s Rockova Mellymn, the highly-sought prospect recorded 32 goals for United as the easily ran away with the league title, meanwhile in the various regional leagues, Shriverswood Knought and Dumont Southern established themselves as possible add-ons to the Univedeveson next season.

Awards & Records

Champions:	 Avante Leipreachán (12th title)
Runners-Up: Baywall Athletic
Third Place: Advernians

Kop Winners: Advernians (7th title; 16 finals)
Runners-Up: Avante Leipreachán (13th final)

Termalyga Cups Qualifications

IFCF C.L.: Avante Leipreachán
IFCF C.C.: Advernians
Baywall Athletic
1964 Briarcliff
IFCF Liga B: Bellymn United
Lockenhoven Dover
IFCF CWC: Advernians

FFI L.D.V.: Avante Leipreachán, Baywall Athletic
FFI C.D.C..: Advernians

CMFA C.L.: Avante Leipreachán
Baywall Athletic
1964 Briarcliff

Koptatital-757: Avante Leipreachán v. Advernians
(Super Cup season opener)

Lower League Champions

Univedeveson: Bellymn United
Mestersserien: Shriverswood Knought
Nordsserien: Alvland FK (promoted)
Sorsserien: Ghettlingsburough Knights (promoted)
Fagforeninger A: Millionaires
Fagforeninger B: Oden BK

Uvenlyga U-18 System
Uvenlyga-I: Forethem Coven
Uvenlyga-II: Grontleytown
Uvenlyga-III: Pride

Player Awards

Players' POTY: Olly Gibson (Union Forge)
(Player of The Season)
Runner-Up: Joel Nolans (Advernians)
Third Place: Hayden Welsh (Avante Leipreachán)

Univedeveson: Rockova Mellymn (Bellymn United)
Mestersserien: Giggs Davis (Pride)
Nordsserien: Monte Davis (Gretavanders)
Sorsserien: Thomas Johnston (Porttown)
Fagforeninger A: Michael Keetling (732 Moringtown)
Fagforeninger B: Ava Skoring (Eivel BK)

Golden Boot: Olly Gibson (Union Forge) 31 goals
Runner-Up: Hayden Welsh (Avante Leipreachán) 26

Univedeveson: Rockova Mellymn (Bellymn United) 32
Mestersserien: Rleigh Coleman (Durmont South) 27
Nordsserien: Ryan O'Beeling (Moaley Oake) 24
Sorsserien: Dinah Thomas (Crusaders) 24
Fagforeninger A: Starwell Donalds (Millionaires) 28
Fagforeninger B: Ava Skoring (Eivel BK) 23

Golden Glove: Joel Nolans (Advernians)
Runner-Up: Blair Young (Foretham Coven)

Univedeveson: Peter Shrew (Bolsklub Svehlm)
Mestersserien: Dunthow Carsons (Durmont South)
Nordsserien: Ally Gilberts (Alvand FK)
Sorsserien: Queen Ronmont (Ghettlignsburough Knights)
Fagforeninger A: Leigh Stark (Millionaires)
Fagforeninger B: Rodrick Grently (Dinkerton Coven)

Uven Super: Francis Sutherland (Avante Leipreachán) 19 years
(Young Player of The Season)
Runner-Up: Case Ruderby (Advernians) 18
Third Place: Jenson Spender (Wildeport Wanderers FC) 18

Univedeveson: Rockova Mellymn (Bellymn United) 19
Mestersserien: Miles Obderman (Pride) 18
Nordsserien: Brandon Riggeth (Oddsmarine B.K.) 18
Sorsserien: Abigal Stacy (Southern Stallions) 19
Fagforeninger A: Samson Kellus (Millionaires) 17
Fagforeninger B: Morney Donaldson (Eivel BK) 17

Trenersjef: Carter Adam (1964 Briarcliff)
(Coach of The Season)
Runner-Up: Ethan Stevenson (Avante Leipreachán)

PFA Players' Player of the Year: The Player of The Season
Olly Gibson
Striker, Union Forge

The Players’ Player of the Year is none other than Olly Gibson for a…fourth time in a row, so why is he going overseas? The best striker in Havynwilde will be gone this spring when training resumes for lygahaven-756, having spent six years with his boyhood club, the movement by the road to push him to the transfer lists is one of the more interesting ones, despite scoring a haul of 28 goals, Union Forge look to cash in on his potential as a rugged scorer who had the knack of finding the back of the net anyhow. He’s the first player to win the award four times consecutively, affirming his spot as the greatest striker to grace Havynwilde, perhaps the greatest player – at 28, where he goes next is anyone’s bet and the Hammers will have a helluva task on them to replace him.

Special Feature

Hammer Time (x2)
Collins & Dunlop Out At Morrow Road

Early moves in the season meant Baywall Athletic and Wildeport Wanderers both sacked their managers before the season ended, however the big nest came out of Ravenclyff where the Union Forge Administrator of Football, Bonnie Recenaue announced Logan Collins had been sacked as manager of the Hammers. She promptly informed the reporters his assistant, Abigail Dunlopp has signed a two season contract with the team, however as the season came to an end, a stunning announcement once more told the nation that Dunlopp and the Hammers had reached mutual agreements to move on from the contract, once more leaving Union Forge without a manager. Whilst the sacking of Collins was understandable, the political posturing and “mutual agreement” that sees Dunlopp move on was questionable and controversial and many argued not enough time had been given to argue for her sacking. In fact, some supporters called for her reinstatement prior to Dunlopp taking a job with a Univedeveson side. However, with the Hammers looking forward there are many questions as to what that next step for the Hammers were, the board has gone forward with almost removing all assets of the Collins-and-Dunlopp-era team, many of their players are on the outs as a new chapter begins for the club.

Rumors circulating are that the Hammers are looking in-house at their goalkeeper coach in Brandon Wheeton to take over for the club, the coach has also coached their youth team for three seasons. Also, rumors are interviews with Buskumba Force’s Bren Kerrigan of the Banijan league have been conducted alongside a handful of managers from the Univedeveson.

Fooligbol Functions
Owners Meetings

A conflicted Owners’ Summit hosted by Foretham Coven at team headquarters reflected new changes struck between the HFF and LygaHaven organizersions – with both teams, players and the national football governing body reaching an agreement on the league moving forth – while the HFF has been fighting for an expansion to a 8-team league for the past six years, LygaHaven organizers and teams are strongly against this change. New rules which were reached formalized a plan for a cumulative promotion playoff between the top Univedeveson side and bottom team in the LygaHaven, these rules would follow three seasons of play in which after that time, the team with the highest amount of cumulative points would take on the team with the lowest amount of cumulative points in LygaHaven every three years in a home-away promotion playoff. The meetings also announced plans to formally professionalize the Univedeveson and called for Foretham Coven to begin plans to build a new 7.000 seater stadium south of Bellymn.

Crowded Scheduling?
Top Teams Want Lighter Loads

The offseason is going to be hard on the top four team in LygaHaven who’ll take on the burden of IFCF play through the Champions League, Challengers Cup and lesser extent, the Cup Winners Cup; the impact of the FFI Liga dos Vencendores and CdC and also the region’s CMFA Champions League, which all run close – almost simultaneously, said Ethan Stevenson of the Shamrocks, “it’s ridiculous, the IFCF or UICA or whatever the hell they call it now need to do a better job with organizing competition – on top of that, there’s the FFI competition we’ve got to do-Oh and add in that stupid shit with the CMFA Champions League, by the time we’ll start league play we’ll have played an entire season worth of preliminary rounds and group stages.” For others there was a different view, “For us this is an opportunity on a bigger stage we certainly don’t want to pass up,” Carter Adams spoke to the media, “We’re going to pick up more revenue from all these extra games that’s being fitted into our schedule. And we’ll definitely get to see the youth this time around – look out for all those explosive pieces I was trying to highlight, each one of them [is going to play].”

Early showings projected that the IFCF and FFI competition early rounds will begin on the same day, for some teams, that’s going to be a problem they’ll need to figure out, most likely the biggest team to deal with that – the Shamrocks. Its appealed to the LygaHaven board concerning increasing roster sizes from 14 per team to 18 per team not including reserves, as it’s expected to field to separate teams for the IFCF and FFI play.
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LygaHaven-756: Raised Stakes
By The Associated chief sports writer, Griffin Gavens

Welcome to another season of LygaHaven, for us we’re getting ready to get started with football in the thick of winter, its that time of year again as the season gets ready to kick off in earnest in the winter months.

Around the world we draw near to World Cup qualification, the nation is prepping to watch the national team take to the field for the first time in a competition - the Baptism of Fire awaits them in what could be a sterling evaluation of the team early on. Included, the CMFA Melayu Archipelago Cup draws nye - in which Havynwilde could look to establish itself as a regional heavyweight early on. However domestically, things are changing - or should we say returning to old - Avante Leipreachán stormed to a 12th title in LygaHaven, resetting the league after a few odd years of run from Union Forge. The Ivys came to challenge for second place and Baywall Athletic’s third place leap wasn’t enough to save Jack Miller’s job - shocker there. But on the other end of the spectrum, Union Forge found themselves gouged and broken, after two sackings, a team reborn emerged in the form of Allen Mayes’s new Union Forge side; Foretham Coven similarly took a different route in rebuilding and focusing on youth while keeping Henderson out the wing for another year. Then there’s the Wanderers actually look to form a somewhat competitive team this season, but don’t get your hopes too high up on them, things are still a major work in progress for Widldeport. With the implementation of a promotion/relegation playoff, this means more for all teams with one team going up and one going down in a two-round aggregate competition, this opens the door wide open to Univedeveson heavyweights like B.K. Vode, Bellymn United and Lockenhoven Dover, the traditional challengers from the regions. Speaking of the second divsion, lets take a look there - Bellymn United is head and shoulders above the rest of the league and looks like a shoe-in to walk to the league title, but don’t count out Grontley Town and Bitel V.K., both adding extra weapons as they look to attack the title for a chance at promotion. Its going to be a hell of a year.

What does the year hold for your team? Is it a year of international postseason play or a year of dropping to the lower leagues (for the first time)? Shits about to get serious, lets get started.

Tight Schedule
Front-loaded schedule leaves little room for season

Heavy schedules compound the top four, as they will be competing amongst a scheduled packed with international IFCF competition, regional CMFA play, independent FFI play and, of course seasonal play and national cup play. These issues have forced the start of the footballing year all the way to late September with actually league play not beginning until mid-December, creating a huge disadvantage for Havyish teams which may easily not be in form for these early non-league games. League representatives have rehashed the “we’ve concluded this is the best option moving forward”-statement many times, however its clear that this system clearly isn’t as pro footballers were up in arms as to the new system. With supporter and players alike clamoring for changes to the domestic calender, we’re sure to see the league change its system again to cater to something that actually makes sense. Players schedules are getting too packed - a lighter workload and slate of games is the only way things will work and we’ll likely begin to see changes implemented soon on account of this. Roster restrictions were removed as the league announced pyramid-wide changing structures, LygaHaven is to now allow roster of up to 17 players, not counting reserves for a roster.

Glory Hunting
Baptism of Fire on horizon

Perhaps the focus is not all on the domestic scene - after all, the Baptism of Fire is in February, that’s right around the corner in a few months for Havyish national team and a look at who possible could be making the rosters will become more clear over the next few months. The league has many Havyish players who have a shot at being on the national team and manager, Shane Newman of Baker Park will certainly be at many games this season. Newman spoke with the media at HFF headquarters last week, “I’ll be looking to review the existing talent pool here in the coming months, there is something that is certainly being created and cultivated here and I wish to bring that to light.” Newman has spoke highly of players such as Olly Gibson and Milo Simmons-Bradley, and has also spoke of attempting to nationalize some Qusma players who have spoken of their willingness to become dual-nationals. “I think, Havynwilde would be right to allow these Qusma dual nationals to play for the national team, take a chance to wear the badge and represent Havynwilde.” Newman’s facing a new element heading into the Baptism of Fire, and it’ll be interesting to see what type of team he constructs when the time comes.

Club By Club

Prospecting For Season 28
The Associated football beat writer, Butch Gilzean

A few odd years ago, Union Forge was the talk of town - you remember when they won three straight LygaHaven titles? Of course, last year the Shamrocks reasserted themselves, awakening from dormancy as they swaggered to the league title with relative ease. This year we’re predicting the Shamrocks to easily walk it off to another league title, they’ve got nothing in their way to stop them. The Ivys are the second pick, Advernians look dangerous but there’s just no way they’ll be able to match the out put of what’s been created by the Shamrocks, the Ivys will be happy to just get time in the IFCF again. Rounding out the top three? That’s gotta be a nod to Briarcliff, the All-Purples are in the drivers seat for finishing third and I don’t see them finding a way to ruin it, even with the numerous changes and other shit they did, they’re still dangerous. Then there’s Baywall Athletic to round out top 4, now here’s a team that’s an interesting case: they aren’t really good or bad, but they’re certainly better than the remaining teams on this lit to where I can actually see them playing after the end of the season. The next one was a tough one, but we’ve got to for old time sake go with Foretham on this one, Foretham has the power to get it done, but Henderson is a cheeky manager who gets in his own way too many times to count. Rounding it out, Union Forge and Wildeport are still rebuilding but seem to have found some sort of identity to build on. I can expect that Union Forge will be back to being a good side within a few ears, definitely will challenge some teams this season.

Avante Leipreachán
Bellymn, Havynwilde :: Shamrock Park (34,170)

Manager: Ethan Stevenson
Captain: Macron Abbot
One to Watch: Gudrun Bißmeier

In: M. Abbott (Raynor City United/VAL, 6m), Z. Beredjiklian (Lijû/PAS, 4m), G. Bißmeier (Night Academy/VAL, free), G. Sharpe (Duke of North/PAS, 4m), S. Stuart (Union Forge/HVY, free), A. Tachibana (Basque University/HIN, free),
Out: N. Allan (Real Seaga/AQL, 0.9m), K. Duffy (Union Laguada/XAN, free), F. Sutherland (Cazadores Cathair/AUD, 4m),
Starting XI (4-2-3-1): Abbott (c); Maxwell, Sharpe, Beredjiklian, Stuart; Doyle, McDougall; Tachibana, Kingsley, Welsh; Hamilton
Substitutes: Byrne, Calston; Buerkoff, Atlinson, Bißmeier; Urmine
    Remember last season when the Shamrocks were dead in the water? Entering last season, absolutely no one and their father had written the Shamrocks as being title contenders - so as such the decided to stomp their way to a title and essentially walk past their competition as they drove their way to their 12th Kopalyga title. Of course, now its a new season which means that the team has to flip the script - and boy did they do that. Seventeen million. That’s the number - the amount of dollars the Shamrocks spent on acquiring talent this off season, with rumors being they want to make noise in the IFCF and FFI competitions, it came to us as no surprise that they were willing to drop piles of cash on proven players, easily assembling an all-star cast which puts them once more in the drivers seat for what could easily be another title. The biggest piece has to be in net - Marcon Abbott, the Qasden national at 34 still has what it takes to get it done - hence the N$6 million contract the Shamrocks dropped to bring him in on a - get this - one season contract. Supposedly the team still trusts Charlie Bryne with the future of the team but prefers Abbott for important international competition. Never mind all that, Abbott is listed as the preferred starter on the depth chart meaning the 34 year old journeyman finds his way to Shamrock Park where the ‘Lesser Cathairs’ will look to welcome him. Onto the defensive line, two defenders priced at N$4 million a piece were brought in to shake up things, something about ‘leadership’ or whatever the front office said. Grene’s free style of play paired with Beredjiklian’s control and leadership on the back line could pave a a way for a strong defensive presence for the Shamrocks in open play. The mid line corps look excellent, Ander Tachibana being inserted into the fro right away is an interesting choice on part of Stevenson, I guess he sees the impact of Tachibana being more immediate. Of course, there’s the Valanorian wünderkid, Gudrun Bißmeier - he’s not going to be a starter at 17, but, there’s a reason the Shamrocks picked him up.

    Adjusting is the name of the game for this squad, because even a super team will fail if there isn’t any coordination between the players. And for a moment, it looks like that’s been focused on - HavenLyga has approved requests pushed by the Avante Leiprechán front office to begin practices two months prior to the season and with the schedule adjusted with adding many of the preliminary round of international club football to the front of the schedule, it should be an easier adjustment. Despite this, a lot of off season work need to have been accomplished if the Shamrocks are looking to thunder to a successive league title (or two).

    The Inside Scoop: Their favorites to win the title, and I can honestly say, there’s no reason this should go wrong because this is the team to beat. But, its also a top-heavy team, a lot of these players are over 30 and the team is going to have to figure out how to balance its rotation with youth to build for the future.

Easterbridge, Havynwilde :: Albion Bridge (7,505)

Manager: Thomas Green
Captain: Ville Pakkanen
One to Watch: Yerkebulan Suyumbaev

In: D. Cambo (Eastern Stars/AVN, free), Z. Kal (KF Koflir/QUS, undisclosed), E. Towers (Tanrisal/PAS, 3.7m), V. Pakkanen (Newrook City/NPH, 3.3m), Y. Suyumbaev (Mavikent Gencler/TMR, free)
Out: A. Cains (North York/KSK, free), T. Findley (Zoe Eisetsu/HIN, free), C. Ruderby (Mandon United/APX, 2.5m), B. Shields (Maltesa Rokishima/HIN, free)
Starting XI (5-4-1): Nolans; Courtwood, Dannerson, Towers, Naveli, Pakkanen (c); Cambo, Burris, Smith, Fox; Wingfield
Substitutes: Murdock, Verden, Kal, Cheaton, Suyumbaev
    They didn’t win LygaHaven, that was expected, but they did win their 7th KopaHaven and with that shocked the Shamrocks of Bellymn with an emphatic victory in the KopaHaven finale. Of course, the off season couldn’t come fast enough for some - Tom Findley departed to Zoe Eisetsu, throwing the goalie position into a delicate balance - Joel Nolans who was widely expected to attempt to negotiate for a gargantuan N$10m contract with Foretham Coven was kept caught with Advernians through a loophole fifth season option plan from the Ivys, keeping him another season was considered important with the goalie-in-waiting, Findley now gone. Meanwhile, Case Ruderby was snapped up by Mandon United out of Apox - enter Ville Pakkanen, the N$3 million defender from Newrook City, valued for her expertise in the midfield, Pakkanen made the the longlist for Galacticos 72 and is clearly the superstar on this roster, even as a right-back. That doesn’t discriminate from the other side, where Emely Towers established her presence, coming out of Tanrisal of Parsaga. These two are expected to deliver a heavy shock to the league, counteracting each other. Aside from these massive shifts in the back line, there were some changes that were lesser, Zenon-Gerol Kal came from KF Koflir on an undisclosed three season contract, currently injured, they’re not slated to come back until midseason, however it’s clear Thomas Green has some form of a grand master plan coming together for them. Xavier Wingfield was brought in to shore up some form of an offensive presence on the other end of the field, he’ll be counted on for much of the production for this team, the N$4 million striker from Baskita FC out of Parsaga was a prized possession and wrangling him was no easy task for the Advernians front office. Advernians looks like a legitimate challenge to the Shamrocks, but they won’t have all the pieces in place to get that done - maybe next season.

    Returning Joel Nolans, the Golden Glove winner comes back for another season, the back-line looks efficient *enough* to get things done. The midfield is transitioning, players are getting older - but it looks like things are definitively still in place for dominance to continue in the area. Wingfield at the front looks a little different: we’re not used to this but this is definitely a step in the right direction, even it it’ll be for a couple years.

    The Inside Scoop: put a run for their money while up again the likes of the Shamrocks, and their head and shoulders above 194 Briarcliff and the others. The big question is how they’ll fare with the changes to the season, et cetera.

1964 Briarcliff
Briarcliff, Havynwilde :: Villia Stadium (5,866)

Manager: Carter Adam
Captain: Osman Hasanoglu
One to Watch: Mai Yoshida

In: M. Grady (Academy), O. Hasanoglu (Sariirmakspor/TMR, 1.8m), R. Jarvis (Academy), E. Orston (Northern Union/BRE, free)
Out: M. Connely (Latrobe AFC/KSK, 0.6m), S. MacLean (Nakorusu Red Jewels/HIN, free), Z. Park (Union Kada/MKB, 0.5m)
Starting XI (4-4-2): Orston; Cook, Hasanoglu (c), Yoshida, Rennie; Noble, Christie, Thomaston, Stewart; Tait, Morgan
Substitutes: Townson, Kermen; Orga, Christie; Fanata, Jarvis; Grady
    What did Briarcliff do in the off-season? They went out and spent nearly two million on bolstering a defense, bringing in Timuria’s national team player, Osman Hasanoglu for a solid N$1.8 million three year contract. His impact for the team is going to be an important part of the team moving forward, especially because of the large amounts of time that was spent by Briarcliff’s front office courting this player. Clearly, they see him as the next clear piece moving forward to the anchor the defense. Not to be outdone, the front office also spent some time to acquire the 21 year old Hinodejin, Mai Yoshida - and that’s clearly a move for the future, he’s a multipositional player who’s going to be tested from the get-go at the center-back positions. There’s some concerns over Yoshida’s stature, while he be able to play up to the rough-and-tumble play which is a hallmark of the Havyish league, but Yoshida was given a contract to prove himself over three seasons, Carter Adams clearly thinks he can develop Yoshida into a solid line on the back. The midfield is largely left unchanged from last season, this owing to the strong attacking midfield presence that Carter Adams and he team have built over many years. But more-so than ever, Adams has to realize this year is probably going to be his last chance really to create that strong attack that has been missing from the team for so long. Briarcliff supporters are probably on edge over the fact yet again a pure center-forward wasn’t brought in for Briarcliff, however, Adams says the team is primed for another successful season: “If we stick to what we’ve accomplished in training, well, I don’t see how anything can go wrong, simply put.” With the new roster implementation, he added some now attacking pieces in the form of Reilly Jarvis and Morgan Grady, fresh from the youth academy, these two players will look to prove themselves in the countless competitions available to the team this season.

    This team has a busy schedule ahead of them - FFI play, league play, the new version of UICA thing - I mean IFCF, other domestic competitions - above all, the team needs to focus on protecting its defense for its key games, that’s going to be FFI play and league play, they really can, at their best, give a run for the league title with the best in the league - looking at you Shamrocks. But, the biggest thing they’re going to focus on is developing an identity for Adams to build on.

    The Inside Scoop: This team is built on defense, but Adams wants the team to be built on counterattacking. This team wants to bring in big players but spent less than N$4m this transfer window. This is a team of rebuttals, its a team stuck in the fro and Carter Adams has his hands tied behind his back. Despite this, a top three finish is in reach.

Baywall Athletic
Hampshire, Havynwilde :: Dove Street (8,031)

Manager: Yivix-Belaj Ivo
Captain: Abigail Terris
One to Watch: Carlton Brower

In: M. Alexis (Academy), C. Brower (East Anclare University/XAN, free), I. Catesseic (Soldarian FC/VAL, free), M. Coraline (Academy), K. Maki (Himawari University/HIN, free), A. Roben (Cyper Town/NPH, free), A. Teris (Parhesia United/NPH, free), W. Whetworth (Academy), K. Wyontinton (Fablebrooks Union, free)
Out: A. Champan (Hwoarang Seidoshi/HIN, free), A. Houston (Hamiltonian Cambria/KSK, 4m), N. Lych (Sporting Rigerata United/DAR, .25m)
Starting XI (3-4-3): Wood; Robb, Roben, Catessic; Maki, Donald, Coraline, Wyontinton; Cook, Brower, Teris (c)
Substitutes Cook, Aliex; Houston, Cardinal; Gruman; Whetworth
    A team of firsts - that’s the new mark Yivix-Belaj Ivo has already had on this squad. This a team that is clearly rebuilding, trying to work itself from out the tumultuous reign of Jack Miller, and in a year where the team faces fines for violating transactions for players, the CMFA and the HFF passed hefty fines on the team essentially eliminating it from signing players of more than N$1.5 million for one transfer window. This left Ivo in a complicated place, forcing the team to look inward, it has since then embraced the “play the youth” cry and has brought up as many as five academy players to the senior team ahead of the season. Of course, it didn’t go completely without signing talent - free transfers were the name of the game for Ivo, who on frugal deals brought in a slew of players, titling it is Carlton Brewer. The twenty-something year old is seen as the successor to Ashton Houston Hampshire, giving Dove Lane something to cheer about once more - and there’s definitely hope for Brower who scored 11 goals in fifteen games for Xanneria’s East Anclare University during their college season. Nevertheless, worries about his leg persist - he missed a significant amount of time for his collegiate side due to injury and there are concerns if he’ll be able to play up to the rough-and-tumble nature of HavenLyga - precisely, the bigger question is how he’ll answer pressure, will he be able to steer clear of it or will sink under its weight. But, he has a nice assortment of cast pieces put into place around him, Abigail Teris expected to be his tutor on the right wing, guiding him through ebbs and flows and showing him the ropes more clearly. Of course, Baywall’s defense also looks to be in check, absolute and determined, it will be hard to crack through this back-line.

    All around, things are looking different for this club - a new manager - who brings with them a new formation to adopt to, new players in the lockers, et cetera. The biggest thing we’re looking at is the new captain here, gone is Ashton Houston who took his hefty contract to snowy Kelssek - Abigal Teris, the Schottian is now in that place and will now be put into the role of being the captain, she’s also a new member on this team, how she’ll settle into her role will dictate for many the flow of this team.

    The Inside Scoop: There’s a lot of upside to this new pairing between the Qusma manager and Baywall Athletic - the team is giving them a lot of resources to complete their goal for this team and has allowed Ivo to put their distinctive mark on this team. Given Baywall’s ban is over next season it should be interesting to see how they perform and whether or not they’ll even need to bring in pieces during the next offseason. They’re in the race for Top 4, but barely.

Foretham Coven
Bellymn, Havynwilde :: Avard Senter (6,403)

Manager: Layton Henderson
Captain: Blair Younf
One to Watch: Haluk Tayfur

In: S. Blake (Chafford/BRE, free), F. Jaspen (Cranequin Wanderers/NPH, free), H. Tayfur (Yumruk Gencer/TMR, free)
Out: C. Baird (Megabrantid SC/SRS, 2m), B. Davies (retired), R. Gibson (Reaper Kamandu/HIN, free), C. Harris (Bombarralense/AUD, free)
Starting XI (5-4-1): Young (c); Jaspen, Giwneth, Dawson, Fendley, Miller; Blake, Baxter, McLean, McAllister; McKay
Substitutes: Devernine; Savarel, Jart; Redcrest, Tayfur
    Layton Henderson believes the South Bellymn club is in better shape than the “rest of the worst” - a name which usually refers to the bottom three of LygaHaven in preseason rank. And clearly there’s a lot of reason for why they sit predicted to finish as bottom-feeders once again: just look at last season’s five-win campaign and ask the front office what they did to change it. Yes, some nice pieces were brought in - Haluk Tayfur is at the centerpiece of this young(er) squad, the eighteen year old Timurian signing off a free transfer as the first official transfer for Foretham was a big step in the right direction for them. But the other two signings? What were those? Simply put it was too little too late from Foretham who showed once again they can’t open the purse to obtain pieces they need to fix their team, Stefan Blake is very untested midfielder who has yet to make his professional debut, the other one, Jaspen? She never got a start for the Wanderers, hell, her caps are elsewhere - what does Foretham hope to accomplish with these two as the face of their franchise? The one thing he did do correct: Henderson appointed Blair Young as captain after longtime captain, Blake Davies retired, the club legend taking an adviser role with the club. Similarly, offensive production isn’t a main focus for this club as it plugged in Allan McKay, former youth product into the role, clearly, Foretham is hoping to really rely on the youth to bring this club up somehow. Odds are, Henderson is out after this year - things aren’t going well for them - the issues with Bellymn Stadium enters its fifth year, the board refuses to give money to improve the squad and football clearly isn’t improving in south Bellmyn. Something has to be done with this club to give it some chance of recovering.

    Rumors out of Bellymn is that Foretham is already shopping for a manager, or rather, someone to come in and fix this mess that’s plagued the club - they want to win, said some off the record. There’s clearly a lot of work that’s going on behind the scenes, but right now, the fans are wanting a product on the field that just isn’t there - their star youth product, Cann Baird said as much when he took up on an offer to sign overseas.

    The Inside Scoop: Trusting in the youth is Henderson’s newest bid to remain as the manager but his charade is probably wrapping up for Foretham right now. How many more seasons can they go on with Henderson at the helm when it clearly is on its last legs. His time is over and another bottom place in the standings should reflect its time for a change in south Bellymn.

Union Forge
Ravenclyff, Havynwilde :: Morrow Road (16,555)

Manager: Allen Mayes
Captain: Alex Turner
One to Watch: Milo Simmons-Bradley

In: J. Mal (KF Atlant/QUS, undisclosed), M. L. Sta. Lucia (Anomalies F.C./CMT, free), M. Simmons-Bradley (Wildeport Wanderers/HVY, 1m),
Out: J. Knox (retired), D. Smith (Shaymin Saishu/HIN, free), S. Stuart (Avante Leipreachán/HVY, free)
Starting XI (4-4-1-1): McIntyre; Mal, Emielison, Law Allen; Turner (c), Simmons-Bradley, Smith, Cook; Sta. Lucia; Gibson
Substitutes: Watt; Robb, Wright; Coiwe, Toliver
    For a first time manager, newcomer Allen Mayes looks surprisingly in his element, his offseason moves were stroke of genius and clearly symbolize a team that is looking to quietly enter the rebuilding stage and get through it as quickly as possible. Sure, we have them on the far end of the table, but we think what’s assembled here is a team that can ruin it for others and maybe, just maybe make some noise of their own. From the back to the front, this team has put in work over the offseason: Marish Luzanie "Yish" Sta. Lucia was a centerpiece of the offeseason push, the former Baptism of Fire champion and Filindostani national team player was welcomed during the offseason on a three season contract - the knack for goal is clearly something that new manager, Mayes will be looking to exploit. Then there’s the other big addition to the team - Milo Simmons-Bradley the midfield maestro for Wildeport took the journey to the north, signing with Union Forge for an unprecedented five seasons, they look to lock him up for the foreseeable future with an attached release clause of N$3.7 million. Essentially, if he’s sold, he’d be the second most expensive Havyish product, there’s clearly a premium on talent for the Union Forge and Havyish football right now. On Mayes’s part, this is nothing but a bold power-play for attention and shows a clear demand to be recognized, the first year manager looking like he wants to go all in early on. Then there’s the other small movements, renewing key players like Alex Turner - refusing to over pay and letting Samuel Stuart walk - it’s the little things like that that’ll set him apart from the rest. For Mayes, this is new territory, but for some odd reason, he’s attacking it head- on and that could spell one of two things for Union Forge: reemergence or disaster.

    With rumors that Mayes is prepping for spending spree in the summer, the team is looking to form its image for the meantime rather quickly - while this team isn’t built for the Thrice Firm play of old, it can certainly disrupt the “top four” and quietly slide into a CMFA or - better yet - an IFCF slot for next season. Whether they accomplish that or not depends on if the team can stay bound together in the early winter months where they won’t play much at home.

    The Inside Scoop: Here’s how its looking - this team can be an offensive juggernuat, its main focus will be on transition, as Mayes was an assistant for Thunder Goddard at B.K. Vode and learned from him this style of play. Transitioning for this team will be interesting, as its brught in different pieces and components already and left some of the older pieces, how things will mesh together is anyone’s guess.

Wildeport Wanderers
Wildeport, Havynwilde :: Port Lane (4,150)

Manager: Creek Gardener
Captain: Max Irvine
One to Watch: Angus Gallagher

In: J. Dorace (Camelot Avenida/HVY, free), Q. McEthinly (Parrhesia United/NPH, free), I. Stratton (Southfell United/NPH, free), H. Stubbs (Southfell United/NPH, free), R. Thorton (Guildera Mining/HVY, free)
Out: L. Barr (Retired), L. Davis (Bombarralense/AUD, free), L. Dawlson (Kokohi Skullomania/HIN, free), N. Hill (Hinode Supermova/HIN, free), M. Simmons-Bradley (Union Forge/HVY, 1m), G. Smith (Retired)
Starting XI (4-4-3): Stratton; Thorton, Stubbs, Hill, Cameron; Gallagher, Yerli, Irvine (c); McKennie, McEthinly, Dorace
Substitutes Chalmers; Yermen, Creerwood; Maine; Ham
    So they did spring cleaning here, with the Wanderers - and they’ve actually created some sort of creature that looks almost *possibly* competition ready in a few years. The work still remains, clearing out the horrendous backline was the main point of existence in the offseason for the Wanderers, and they went out and released and wheeled-n-dealed, Reina Thorton and Hasdrubal Stubbs come in to reinforce a nonexistent backline while both Hill and Cameron both remain in their respective roles for now. Clara Chalmers resigned herself to her rightful role as a backup as Incubus Stratton becomes the latest goalkeeper brought in, with high hopes that there is a connection present between both Stratton and Stubbs being from the same club. Stratton’s excellent distribution is a step up from the horrendous distribution that was responsible for 25 goals last season against the Wanderers. The Wanderers took to revamping the lineup and bringing in new manager, Creek Gardener, an assistant at Advernians. Gardener looks to be better than Murdock O’Donnel and that really shouldn’t be a goal for him - O’Donnel’s management as has been with most managers with this team was: in one word, bad. The clean is still in full effect, look at the progress that’s been made, but on a pitch there’s still more to come. The team has done some value shopping, a lot of free transfers, but one notable piece is gone. Arguably their best player, Milo Simmons-Bradley is frankly, no more: he’s gone to Union Forge, another shitty team that’s rebuilding where he was promised significantly more money than whatever the Wanderers were armed with. Regardless, its time to ask ourselves - is Havynwilde ready for pro/rel? Because if it is, then, it’s a perfect time to say goodbye to Wildeport. Or something like that.

    It’s time for Angus Gallagher to step up into his role on this team, but he might not need to: now there’s an actual offense to carry the burden of creating changes as Quinn McEthinly enters, the Shottian pays a visit from Parrhesia United of Nephara. She’s been a mainstay with Parrhesia for a decade now and takes her skill set to Wildeport with the hopes of having the ability to generate more goals for the team.

    The Inside Scoop: It’s a hodgepodge of mess that Gardener’s going to have to shift trough for the next few months and I thoroughly expect him to be the first manager out after some time because, Wildeport is incapable of fixing, no matter what you do to it. Gardener said there’s players he wants to move on from, but their inflated salaries prevent anything, as a result this garbage mess of an assembled squad here.

Nyekopa Season-Opener
Advernians 2–3 Avante Leipreachán

Goals: Arthur Smith ('23), Xavier Wingfield ('66) / Ander Tachibana ('33, '61), Hayden Welsh ('90+7)

The Nyekopa - i.e. The cup no one cares about, but its a good reflection of how the season may go and it got off to a banger start on September 7 - the Shamrocks punch their ticket and win it off a set piece goal from Hayden Welsh, sending them into the season with a bang. The stoppage time goal has to be one of the all time greats for the league, a scream from 34 yards out, curling into the back post as the Shamrocks danced their way into the night. For Advernians, this one was harsh because they’d clawed their way back into the game, doing more than enough to sent the game into extra time and possible even penalties. But instead, its a restless night for them as the season awaits, they won’t really consider this an evaluation because this game is really meaningless but this does sting, in a way of course.
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Preseason :: 756

Nothing much to see here - the Shamrocks, Advernians and 1964 Briarcliff, coming off a domestic season took to the international stage looking to test the waters. While there were some surprises, there really wasn’t much to go off, but some of our teams did come incredibly close. There’s hope for next season, but it wasn’t our time, just yet.

IFCF First Preliminary Rounds

(HVY)         Avante Leipreachán    2–2 p   Sandheights City               (ZIW)   1–1   1–1 (3-4 pen.)

A 1-1 draw at home wasn’t what they were looking for, but Chris Kingsley’s sixty-second minute goal was enough to put the team in a position, despite Sandheights City’s leftback scoring a goal early in the 43rd minute, for the Shamrocks the battle went to Ziwana at Sandheights City’s stadium. There, Hayden Welsh crashed through in the 94th minute to tie the game with seconds left. However, the same Welsh would point the party as he missed the conversion for the Shamrocks in the PK shootout. It seems he dream of the groups is over as soon as it began.

(JUE)               U.S Scudelli    0–4     1964 Briarcliff                (HVY)   0–2   0–2 
(MSM) Soma 1–4 Advernians (HVY) 1–1 0–3
(MSM) Shukra 1–3 Baywall Athletic (HVY) 1–2 0–1

The Ivys, Ponies and Pirates took two opening legs, traveling to Eramen’s little brother in Mitra and Soma - there, awaiting each team was Soma and Shukra for the latter - it was Advernians who struggled early - being forced to a 1-1 draw after Joel Nolans conceded the late penalty to Soma. The return leg at the Ivys Albion Bridge was considerably more favorable - hence the 3-nil drubbing with goals coming from Wingfield, a powerful strike from Emely Yowers and Yerkebulan Suyumbaev’s powerful technique as the youngster added another in the 84th minute. Baywall found if slightly easier, a 2-1 away win gave them two vital away goals against Shukra, you can thank Kiyoko Maki for blasting one past the goalie and Abigail Terris on the other one. The return leg only needed Carlton Brower to drift past the Shukra keeper and head it home for the victory. Finally, the All-Purples drew U.S Scudelli in the return of Juvencus to the world stage - it didn’t go well for the representatives - Briarcliff was off to the races. On the away leg, a convincing 2-nil thrashing was dealt by them as Kristie Tait delivered an emphatic brace. She followed up with a goal and assist back at home, Alan Morgan would put the nail in the coffin moments later.

(PFA)                    Honas FC   1–1 a   Grontleytown                  (HVY)   1–1   0–0

Get it done - that’s the motto that Grontleytown’s adopted in recent years - and it’s what they did. No, it wasn’t pretty, but a hard-fought 1-1 draw away gave them a vital away goal and saw them through into the second round, simply put - it was simply and to the point.

Second Preliminary Rounds

(PCU)               Pesetih Titih   2–2 p   Avante Leipreachán            (HVY)   1–1   1–1 (3-4 pen.) 
(HVY) Baywall Athletic 7–1 Empilot United FC (BRP) 6–1 1–0
(HVY) Advernians 0–6 AC Kasandora (LIS) 0–3 0–3
(HVY) 1964 Briarcliff 2–1 Sczenaspor (WRS) 1–1 1–0

How’d it go for the Shamrocks this time? They played almost to the same tune, clearly nothing’s been learned by the Shamrocks from the Champions’ League, a 1-1 draw away against Pemecutan side, Pesetih Titih was a nasty way to start, and they required rescuing after falling behind early thanks to a defensive relapse. Props to Macron Abbot for getting this team through that first leg. The return leg was again another sloppy affair, despite winning on PKs, they’re lucky to still be in the hunt. Baywall on the other hand was the exact opposite - a thoroughly soul-crushing performance from the Pirates, simply outpacing and outmatching whatever was to show from Empilot United. The first left saw a brace from Gavin Cook followed by a hat trick on behalf of Brower, the return affair (the quiet one) went this way: 1 to nil. And they took that happily. It seems things are really clicking with the Pirates, how the season goes is anyone’s bet. On another good note, the All-Purples had enough in the take to outlast Sczenaspor, a 1-1 draw at home sustained them until the second leg: “Morgan dribbles down wing, doubles Tait, Tait flips it down he wing to Morgan. Thomaston in the box - here’s Christie, qick flip back post-GOAAAAAAAAL.” Then there was the Ivys... What happened to defense or whatever they’d been betting on, because simply put: it didn’t show up. Outclassed and manhandled by AC Kasanadora as the Lisander side moves on with a thorough beat down in both legs.

(CRY)              North Spire HC   5–1   Grontleytown                    (HVY)   1–0   4–1
(HVY) Lockenhoven Dover 0–2 UD Três Rios (LIS) 0–1 0–1

Outplayed and outmatched - how else to describe it? North Spire HC was held to a single goal at home for Grontleytown - the atmosphere at away was a loud and rowdy affair, despite this, the team still excelled in limitng the Crystal Empire side to a single goal. The return leg, however, just showed a team very fall out of its element, to the tune of a 4-1 whopping in front of a home crowd - thoroughly beat, Grontleytown would bow out of this competition while only scoring two goals. So much for the offensive juggernaut it had promised. Meanwhile, Lockenhoven Dover found it no easier to solve the Lisander club riddle as it lost 2-nil on agg., not the best showing but certainly better than the shit that was the Ivys performance against Krasnadora.

Third Preliminary Rounds

(HVY)             1964 Briarcliff   3–2     Langmere Green Rovers FC      (FVA)   1–0   2–2
(ZIW) Al-Wadid Young Boys 1–2 Avante Leipreachán (HVY) 1–2 0–0
(HVY) Baywall Athletic 1–1 a Leighton Albion (ULG) 1–1 0–0

How’d it go for the Shamrocks this time? They played almost to the same tune, clearly nothing’s been learned by the Shamrocks from the Champions’ League, a 1-1 draw away against Pemecutan side, Pesetih Titih was a nasty way to start, and they required rescuing after falling behind early thanks to a defensive relapse. Props to Macron Abbot for getting this team through that first leg. The return leg was again another sloppy affair, despite winning on PKs, they’re lucky to still be in the hunt. Baywall on the other hand was the exact opposite - a thoroughly soul-crushing performance from the Pirates, simply outpacing and outmatching whatever was to show from Empilot United. The first left saw a brace from Gavin Cook followed by a hat trick on behalf of Brower, the return affair (the quiet one) went this way: 1 to nil. And they took that happily. It seems things are really clicking with the Pirates, how the season goes is anyone’s bet. On another good note, the All-Purples had enough in the take to outlast Sczenaspor, a 1-1 draw at home sustained them until the second leg: “Morgan dribbles down wing, doubles Tait, Tait flips it down he wing to Morgan. Thomaston in the box - here’s Christie, qick flip back post-GOAAAAAAAAL.” Then there was the Ivys... What happened to defense or whatever they’d been betting on, because simply put: it didn’t show up. Outclassed and manhandled by AC Kasanadora as the Lisander side moves on with a thorough beat down in both legs.

Playoff Draws

A grueling pace of games means only two Havyish teams are left in IFCF competition, most of the remaining top teams are preparing for FFI and CMFA play while even the rest prepare for a grueling season ahead.

Challenger's Cup: 1964 Briarcliff vs. Maal Dæmons (MRN) :: Avante Leipreachán vs. Cornellians (SCT)

Stadtlyga :: 756

Since the end of the open era, the “top 4” in LygaHaven are swept into the onslaught that is the IFCF preliminary rounds - that’s the big federation that organizes international domestic football play - and there’s more, the regional CMFA Champions’ League and the FFI cycle competition for independent clubs. For some clubs - read, Adverians and Avante Leipreachán, this drain was ever more apparent early one or them. The Shamrocks really struggled to get the season going for them, essentially playing catch-up while chasing the like of Baywall Athletic as the Pirates looked coming strong out of the game. It was a five point gulf between them but it had been a clear difference since round 1; the Shamrocks back-to-back losses to 1964 Briarcliff, followed by the Ivys had set the tone early for how their season was to go. Yes, they did come back and absolute thrash Baywall Athleitc to the tune of a 6-1 thumping at home, but the damage had been done from the get-go, putting them in the role of playing catch-up. Thing were slowly turning in Stevenson’s favor, round 7 saw Ander Tachibana and Hayden Welsh combine for 3, putting the Shamrocks one point shy of being on record with the Pirates. Meanwhile, the gap between third and seventh place had reached its closest - separated by a mere seven points, seven games into the season. However, the Pirates just kept on wining - a 5-nil trashing of Union Forge, thanks to goals from Brower and a brace from Abigal Teris and other contributions put them back int the drivers seat. Round 11 saw the Shamrocks once again lose their chance to catch the Pirates, off a costly 2-nil loss at home to the Ivys again. As if to add insult, Baywall easily walked away with a 3-1 victory against the All-Purples. At the other end of the table, there’s a widening gulf emerging between the top four and bottom three - it looks like Wildeport is mounting some sort of bid to stap above the relegation play-off line early - 12 points on the season for them. Foretham flounders in their bid for youth, however they’ve only gave up eleven goals - Blair Young is really doing works and miracles there with no offense to help him. Union Forge is a mess right now, Sta. Lucia was brought in to help spur the offense and lighten the workload for Olly Gibson, she has 2 goals thus far. Similarly, Allen Mayes was the first manager sacked, Kingsley Dourmont has been brought in as a temporary manager.

1 Baywall Athletic 12 9 1 2 29 18 +11 28
2 Avante Leipreachán 12 7 2 3 28 15 +13 23
3 1964 Briarcliff 12 6 4 2 22 16 +6 22
4 Advernians 12 6 2 4 18 10 +8 20
5 Wildeport Wanderers 12 4 0 8 9 25 −16 12
6 Foretham Coven 12 2 2 8 5 11 −6 8
7 Union Forge 12 1 3 8 8 24 −16 6

They’ve found their stride right now and it looks like their in control of their destiny right now - Baywall has a five point lead in the table right now, leading the expected champions in the Shamrocks and creating a widening deficit between them and Briarcliff/Advernians. Let alone the bottom three, they’re looking to be in the drivers seat over the next twelve games and *hopefully* win the title. Carlton Brower has really brightened into something, the 21 year-old out of Xanneria quietly has twelve goals so far, coupled with four assists, and he’s found help on the wings in the form of Abigal Teris and her added 7 goals and 13 assists she’s set up for the Pirates. Baywall has looked a different team this season - yes, the backline is having problems gelling, i.e. four different nationalities of players attempting to come together and learn each other’s playing styles in under three months, take out that 6-0 thrashing by the Shamrocks, they’d have the third lowest goal diffeential in the league. The team is pretty exciting to watch, That’s what Yivix-Belaj Ivo promised when they came here, “attacking, fast football”, and the team certainly has realized that, with nearly 30 goals scored in the first twelve games. They’ve hit their stride, Gavin Cook however has been peppered by minor injuries throughout the campaign, coming off a broken leg sustained in the CMFA Champions’ League. He battled back to start for them this season, but hasn’t been at his best - for them, I really think the Pirates will need to consider ways forward during the offseason, his contract expires this season so it might be time to move on from Cook. The main point remains, if they can hang on through another twelve games - imagine the pandemonium if the Pirates win another title - they’ll be the underdog team who stunned the star-studded cast in Bellymn.

For the Shamrocks, its really a question of wtf is going on right now - and there’s a simple answer to that: it’s the preparedness, the team is just on in shape for all they have to do, and even then they’ve still held strong (surprisingly), the gulf isn’t insurmountable. Its only five points, that's two games and change, the team has the strength and power to catch Baywall, it’ll just come down to the team coming together to dictate tempo and control games. It should be added, Macron Abbott has been excellent in goal, showing why he was brought on the star contract as a DP. The other side has no shortage of goals, Ander Tachibana has six himself and thirteen goals are in Hayden Welsh’s name. Third-place Briarcliff are in a similar situation, I don’t want to say they can’t do it, but this team wasn’t built for a sustained run for the LygaHaven, they were built for a cup run and for surprises - the team is still too young but Carter Adam has hit a stroke of genius in galvanizing a team of journeymen and veterans together, bringing them together for a team that isn’t flashy, but gets the job done tremendously. This is a team built without a superstar in mind, the direct antithesis to the plans in Union Forge and with the Shamrocks, its just a team that came together rather quickly and has provided excellent play early on.

I can’t really say all is lost with Advernians because they’re easily a top four team, but thinks have looked so...average with the Ivys. Yes they’ve notched some impressive wins against the Shamrocks, but where is the spark? This is a team that thinks defense first is its philosopher so there’s reasons of course, but things have been okay if nothing more for the team. Xavier Wingfield added 8 goals as the loan striker, a lot of long-range strikes from its backs have been the name of the game for this side. On to Wildeport, the Wanderers are doing surprisingly well: 5th place and solidly creating a part between them and the relegation play-off zone, I would say that’s a pretty solid showcase for them thus far. The offense hasn’t clicked for them yet. Wait, neither has the defense...but they seem slightly better, Incubus Stratton for all his reflexes can’t really do much but watch with amazement with how bad this team is and yet, they’re still fighting because there’s two even worse(er) teams out there. On to Foretham, the Aggies haven’t hit the right ideas with the trust the youth notion - yes, they tried Yivix-Belaj Ivo’s plan on focusing on their youth - and how’s that worked for them? Eight losses and two wins. Of course, I think the defense is a strong point even in all that - they’ve given up a league low eleven goals and that’s why I think Layton Henderson is still a manager, for all of his...irregularities, he’s a defensive mastermind. Finally, the fall has been so great to see in Union Forge, and clearly whatever they though they’d done has failed - 1-3-8 with twelve more games to go, can they even survive another half-season of this turmoil? They could be going down after this terrible first half performance, they’ll need to kick things into a higher gear in the next half of the season if they’re looking to stay up.

Mid-Winter Break :: 756

Playoff Round

(HVY)             1964 Briarcliff   3–6     Maal Dæmons                   (MRN)   1–2   2–4
(HVY) Avante Leipreachán 3–3 a Cornellians (SCT) 3–2 0–1

Things were actually looking somewhat decent for the All-Purples after the first leg, they were down a goal on agg. and with that took it to Mriin, looking to find victory against the Maal Dæmons unfortunately, the return leg just wasn’t too forgiving for the Ponies. Washed away, Orston allowed four goals in the second leg and her play was just...sloppy. I think it’s better they went home rather than miraculously made it through, because despite the efforts of the offense in the second leg; the defense just has too many problems that it needs to address. On the other hand, the Shamrocks were in the drivers seat for this one and this one actually hurts because...damn. This game should’ve been won and I really can’t think up a good enough excuse for why they weren’t able to get it done. Up 3-2 after the first leg, all they needed was a draw. But, they couldn’t get that, as Cornellians got a goal back and effectively got all Havyish teams removed from IFCF competition. Except for that other thing, um - the Cup Winners Cup?

FFI Qualifying Rounds

(HVY)            Baywall Athletic   4–1   Real Curumba FC                 (HUE)   3–0   1–1

A mostly B-team cast of players went out and gave Baywall Athletic an easy pass into FFI Liga dos Vencedores group stage - coming off a 3 to nil victory performance at home, Wyola Whetworth scored her first goal in a Pirates uniform. This game was just dominated by Baywall who never really looked back from the opening minute, and Real Curumba just looked thrown out of their circle, unable to match or pace well with the Pirates side, the HUElavian side was looking forward to a return leg back in warm Curumba. Upon the return leg, things were very different as a more defensive approach was taken by Baywall, suddenly realizing this was a chance at trophy-lifting, this side was much more mature in its chances taken, instead opting to really quietly pilot the game through-in-through. There wasn’t much action to pick up on in this game, and from the get go it was clear Baywall was looking to protect their lead. Real Curumba was able to get one back, but Orman Cardinal’s strike in the 56th minute reset the deck and put them back in the drivers seat as Baywall runs away with this one.

(HVY)                  Advernians   4–2   Real Puncakpura                 (ERM)   2–1   2–1

Advernians looks like the better team in this one, a 4-2 to on agg. victory probably sits well for Thomas Green & co - given how this season has went they’ll probably take anything - don’t quote me on that. The back four was solid enough to get the job done, though there were some cracks that were exposed. Not playing the second leg as the IFCF Cup Winners’ Cup opening round and the Vilitan Cove Invitational. Big games lie ahead, so, it’ll be interesting to see how seriously they take the FFI competition.

Vilitan Cove Invitational First Round

Who knew being the best defensive team and the KopaHaven winner can be so difficult? Advernians was beginning to figure this out, between participating in the FFI Copa das Confederações, the domestic season and the IFCF Cup Winners’ Cup, things were just looking very hectic in terms of scheduling. Couple that with playing one of the best teams in the multiverse - they were drawn against Cazadores Cathair, in a game that many expected to be a thrashing. With strained resources, the team had stripped to the bare bones and was essentially calling in academy players for this one.

(AUD)          Cazadores Cathair    6–1   Advernians                      (HVY)   3–1   3–0

For Advernians, it just wasn’t their day on either of the days. By no means, not entirely bad showing against one of the top teams in the multiverse, the first leg was a 3-1 loss, the sole goal credited to Yerkebulan Suyumbaev on the blistering counter. The reverse leg just didn’t...go as planned. 3 to nil was embarrassing, and the defense made up of youngsters and academy players just wasn’t clear-cut to compete with the likes of the Audioslav side. Advernians shook take this in stride, because it’s things like these that define who you are, and although the definition doesn’t look great, there’s no doubt a starting block for them to build from.

Cup Winners' Cup Preliminary Round

(HVY)                  Advernians   0–3   Viltvodle United                (SRS)   0–3   0–0

I'm getting tired of writing about 3 to nil losses. Ok, so Advernians is in a rut right now.

Liga dos Vencedores Group Stage

Group B                              Pld  W  D  L  GF  GA  GD Pts     LOK    BIK    AVA    ZOL
1 Lokomotiv Kuban LSP 6 3 1 2 9 9 0 10 * - 2-2 2-3 2-1
2 Bikarish PFA 6 3 1 2 10 7 3 10 * 0-1 - 2-0 1-2
3 Avante Leipreachán HVY 6 2 2 2 9 10 -1 8 2-0 1-3 - 1-1
4 Zoloroni City MRC 6 1 2 3 8 10 -2 5 1-2 1-2 2-2 -

Group F                              Pld  W  D  L  GF  GA  GD Pts     PES    WAN    BAY    SAN
1 Pescam Campuhan PCU 6 4 1 1 8 5 3 13 - 2-1 1-0 1-1
2 Wanda Island Wanderers AFT 6 2 1 3 6 5 1 7 * 0-1 - 0-1 3-0
3 Baywall Athletic HVY 6 2 1 3 5 7 -2 7 * 1-3 1-2 - 0-0
4 Sandheights City ZIW 6 1 3 2 4 6 -2 6 2-0 0-0 1-2 -

The Shamrocks are still working on finding their identity as a team - and that’s clear as day, they’ll take the third-place finish with them into the Copa das Confederações knockouts. To be fair, I don’t think the whole Macron Abbott experiment has panned out as well as they hoped it would and I think a reevaluation at the end of the season is in store for the Shamrocks. However, things were ok, the defense on this side stood tall enough to secure key a win over Lokomotiv Kuban which became the key to pushing them into the knockouts. This group was an interesting one as the favorites, Zoloroni City finished last in the group while Lokomotiv Kuban shown well. Poafmersia’s side was only two points ahead of the Shamrocks as were Lokomotiv Kuban - this group was anyone’s bet - I think a year from, we’ll look back and realize they should’ve won this with ease. But...they didn’t. On to the next one I guess, how that will fare is anyone’s bet. On the other end of the bracket, Baywall has struggled entering the Mid-Winter Break, sustaining that high-powered offense has really hit them hard - shit, only five goals scored in six games is a bit of a cause for concern, or, but the defense seems to be holding well right now. That offensive juggernaut they had during the season is really beginning to slow down - first order of business for this team needs to be to find that and fix that, there’s no reason why they can’t given they casually put up 29 goals in the first half of the season.

Copa das Confederações Group Stage

Group A                            Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts                      
1 Viltvodle United (SRS) 6 3 1 2 9 8 +1 10 — 0–2 2–2 1–0
2 Advernians (HVY) 6 2 2 2 8 7 +1 8 1–3 — 2–0 1–1

3 Orky Magic (DRG) 6 2 2 2 9 11 −2 8 2–1 1–1 — 4–2
4 CSKA Vodvok (LSP) 6 2 1 3 9 9 0 7 1–2 2–1 3–0 —

It was supposed to be the revenge tour - but it wasn’t - and we’re okay with that. Advernians did enough to get past CSKA Vodvok and Orky Magic (barely), and they were two point short of catching Viltvodle United; I won’t talk about what could’ve been because, for Advernians this is the turnaround they so desperately need as we get ready to resume the season. Clearly, Advernians has taken some sort of time to address the issues they had; they’ve certainly looked better during the last six games, but not all of this over. They still have more games to play in the knockout, how they come out is going to set the tone for the rest of the season.

Kopahaven :: 756

Preliminary Round

Manteltown Quick 3–0 Lockengoven Dover
Grontleytown 0–4 Union Forge
Oldania Bridge 1–1 Bellymn United (1–1 AET) (2–3 pen.)
Avante Leipreachán 2–3 St. Wheelers Union
Ghettlingsburough Knights 0–3 Keeington Avenue
Toph Bridge 1–1 Gallows United (1–1 AET) (5–4 pen.)
Armada Bolds 2–1 Oden BK
B.K. Vode 2–0 Wildeport Wanderers
Aiveha Knolls 0–1 Bolsklub Svelhm
Celts Union 1–2 Tokavalv Splurge
Union Spartan 1–1 East Wooding City (1–2 AET)
Limestone Greenwich 3–2 Millionaires FC
Alliance Boldsklub 1–1 Boldsport Spittalvea B.K. (1–2 AET)
23.FF Redsbridge 0–2 Vitel B.K.
Bellymn Workers Fund 1–2 Alvland FK
Kentrell Oaks 2–4 Foretham Coven
Okalia 1–1 Cranbrown Town (3–1 AET)
Motley Crew 4–1 Cabbage Corp. Union Workers FC
Reed Canyon 0–0 Northfair Christian (0–0 AET) (3–2 pen.)
Browning Brothers 1–1 1964 Briarcliff (1–1 AET) (4–5 pen.)
Union Workers 2–1 Turbine Ridge
9. Union Loverngrove 2–3 Shriverswood Knought
Timbers 0–1 Baywall Athletic

Not to say shocks don’t happen regularly, but Avante Leipreachán just crashed out of the Kopahaven in the preliminary round to a serien-3 side - this is a pure wtf moment - St. Wheelers Union out of the serien-3 Mestersserien have defeated the defending LygaHaven champions. If anything, this has got to spell the end of Abbott’s tenure as goalie here, it just wasn’t what was to be expected here for them. I mean, what the hell happened. In another big one, B.K. Vode has taken down the Wildeport Wanderers, at home - an emphatic 2 to nil victory sees Vode onto the next round - folks, that’s two out of seven down - only five are still alive for LygaHaven now. Could we see the first non-LygaHaven finale? We’re probably getting ahead of ourselves here, but damn!

Play-in Round

Boldsport Spittalvea B.K. 1–0 Armada Bolds
Bellymn Workers Fund 2–1 Keeington Avenue
Toph Bridge 2–2 Reed Canyon (2–2 AET) (3–4 pen.)
Manteltown Quick 2–0 Union Workers
Limestone Greenwich 2–1 9. Union Loverngrove
Tokavalv Splurge 1–0 St. Wheelers Union
East Wooding City 1–0 Motley Crew
Alvland FK 2–0 Okalia

To be fair, no one really pays any attention to the play-in rounds, its mostly for the not-so-good, lesser teams in Univedeveson looking to find a way into the knockouts, but, this one had some...dry matches. Not entertaining at all, it was like another match in Univedeveon, so therefore it wasn’t too enjoyable to see. Tokavalv Splurge shows St. Wheelers Union’s victory was a one-round thing, dispatching them quietly to the tune of 1 to nil. The next round had better be more interesting than this boredom.


Manteltown Quick 0–3 1964 Briarcliff
Alvland FK 0–2 Baywall Athletic
East Wooding City 1–2 Tokavalv Splurge
Limestone Greenwich 1–1 Vitel B.K. (1–1 AET) (4–5 pen.)
Reed Canyon 2–2 Bolsklub Svelhm (3–3 AET) (4–3 pen.)
Foretham Coven 0–1 Bellymn United
Boldsport Spittalvea B.K. 3–0 B.K. Vode
Advernians 2–0 Union Forge

Its finally happening, we’re getting into true kopa season as spring approaches - the All-Purples seem to have shifted back into march, a 3-nil thrashing away from home saw them pass Manteltown Quick in ‘quick’ fashion. Meanwhile, Alvland FK saw their luck run out as Baywall Athletic wasted no time running over them, looking determined in net from back-up netminder, Yared Cook. Down to Wooding City - Tokavalv Splurge, the weirdly-named team needed some late magic to take out East Wooding City - they look like a Cinderella team in the making. On to Greenwich where the Timemasters were downed, Vitel B.K. did it on penalties. Reed Canyon overtook Bolsklub Svehlm, signaling all is good for now with them. In the Spittlesea Rivalry, Boldsport Spittalvea was too much for B.K. Vode, riding to a 3 to nil victory as the continue their march. Defending Kopahaven champions were there to wrap up the night with a convincing 2 to nil victory at home.
To be fair, no one really pays any attention to the play-in rounds, its mostly for the not-so-good, lesser teams in Univedeveson looking to find a way into the knockouts, but, this one had some...dry matches. Not entertaining at all, it was like another match in Univedeveon, so therefore it wasn’t too enjoyable to see. Tokavalv Splurge shows St. Wheelers Union’s victory was a one-round thing, dispatching them quietly to the tune of 1 to nil. The next round had better be more interesting than this boredom.

Lower Leagues :: 756

Serien-Two Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Bellymn United 13 9 3 1 32 13 +19 30
2 Bolsklub Svhelhm 13 8 3 2 23 12 +11 27
3 Vitel B.K. 13 8 2 3 25 16 +9 26
4 Bellymn Workers Fund 13 7 2 4 23 19 +4 23
5 Grontleytown 13 7 2 4 16 14 +2 23
6 Lockenhoven Dover 13 6 2 5 30 23 +7 20
7 Northfair Christian 13 6 1 6 14 18 −4 19
8 B.K. Vode 13 4 6 3 14 11 +3 18
9 Manteltown Quick 13 5 3 5 13 13 0 18
10 Limestone Greenwich 13 4 2 7 16 18 −2 14
11 Reed Canyon 13 4 2 7 14 20 −6 14
12 Boldsport Spittalvea B.K. 13 3 1 9 10 20 −10 10
13 Union Workers 13 2 2 9 17 35 −18 8
14 Motley Crew 13 2 1 10 13 28 −15 7

Bellymn United looks primed to replace Union Forge next season, given they an survive the gauntlet that will be the playoffs - but look how things are right now, it looks like they picked up where they left off - first place through the first half of the season. Also they’ve scored a casual 32 goals if that means anything. Behind them, its a tight top three - top five arguably - looking at the table, Bolsklub Svhelhm is in the best position to catch United, and it could come down to the final matchday. On the ether end of the table, Motley Crew isn't faring well and Union Workers and Spittlevea B.K. Are both on their ways out.
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Stadtylyga :: 756

LygaHaven Champions

      Baywall Athletic

      Baywall Athletic is your new LygaHaven champion! What a season it’s been - the Pirates started the season on a role and for twenty-one continued rounds have held onto the top spot - throwing off a run by Avante Leipreachán and later Advernians to dethrone them at the top spot. Baywall established for itself a championship pedigree under the guide of Yivix-Belaj Ivo, the young Qusma manager who came to Baywall promising to leave his mark. Building the team around youth became his calling card: Baywall was hit hard prior to the season with a hefty trading ban, requiring them to look to the youth at home to build the squad (although they did bring in quite a few players on free transfers). The best example of this is Mike Alexis who played in over thirteen games as either a starter or a sub off the bench for the Pirates. For this team, a turn to the youth was a welcome abandonment of the previous rules of the team which had dictated longevity; many felt as if Jack Miller had gone on long past his prime and that his managerial instincts were no longer the best ways forward. Ivo brought with them a new formation, the team adopted a new style of play and it showed to be better for it. But, at the same time there are some questions with comparing the record from this season to last season to what actually happened: last season Baywall finished on forty points and in second place. This season, the team finished with 14 wins and a seven point improvement over last years - that means something along the lines of two wins and a draw separating their records the previous two years. But for Baywall, as the season draws to a close, they should take this opportunity to enjoy this league title, it’s the team’s second Kopalyga in its history and Dove Street is going to be filled with fireworks for the next few months. “Ivo, the One Who Believed”, is the popular chant now among Pirates fans who will look to make a mark next season during IFCF Champions’ Cup play.

The offseason is going to bring huge changes to Baywall and its structure, the main problem it will deal with replacing Grier Wood in goal, the team actually opted to not bring him back on another contract earlier this month. Probably prompted by the rough few stretches in which Baywall dropped points in matches against sub-par opponents. In fact, it can be argued that Baywall did well in spite of distracting play from Grier Wood - there are rumors Baywall is lining up a jackpot splurge to secure Cole Bruin of Brenecia - that likely will be most of its budget, so it will look at home to fix the remaining errors this team has. Levi Robb has also announced his wish to move on - he’s not a stalwart leftback so honestly, I don’t expect him to sell for anything above N$1 million. Mai Coraline and Keith Wyontinton are both eligible for free transfers, expect them to test the markets. Carlton Brower on the other hand was snapped up for three more years and is expected to make N$650,000k a season for the next three years, once he hits the market they’re going to look to make bank on the Xannerian striker. Abigail Terris is probably staying, she’s 33 now, so her legs are slowing down, but there’s no doubt, the help she provides Brower with is important to running the machine. Teris has another season left on her contract which she’ll then decide what what wants to do. Yared Cook is gone too, the backup will be snapped up by a Series-2 or Series-3 side needing a starting goalkeeper, so Baywall will likely be plugging some holes this offseason. But, for a few weeks, they need to enjoy this long-awaited second title.

.   LYGAHAVEN :: 756         Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Baywall Athletic 24 14 5 5 48 34 +14 47 Champions League, Liga Dos Vencedores, CMFA
2 Advernians 24 13 3 8 26 14 +12 42 Challengers Cup, Liga dos Vencedores, CMFA
3 1964 Briarcliff 24 11 7 6 31 29 +2 40 Challengers Cup, CMFA
4 Avante Leipreachán 24 10 4 10 43 34 +9 34 Challengers Cup, CMFA

5 Union Forge 24 8 6 10 28 36 −8 30
6 Foretham Coven 24 6 4 14 15 23 −8 22
7 Wildeport Wanderers 24 6 3 15 26 47 −21 21 Relegation to LHF Serien-2

Advernians mounted a late push to compete with Baywall towards the end of the season, but it clearly wasn’t enough for them as they finished in second place, five points behind Baywall for the title. But it wasn’t nearly a bad season by any stretch for them - Yerkebulan Suyumbaev, the Timurian newcomer worked his way into the starters spot by Round 17, scoring nine goals from the spot, despite not oringinally being the starter, he lead the team in goals scoring as a team effort in goals was enough to take a 26-goals scored team to the second spot. If it’s not already confirmed, Joel Nolans is by far the best choice for national team keeper and announced unless they were willing to up his pay yo N$3.5m a season, he would be seeking a transfer overseas. Last season, he was given a one-season extension through a loophole, he currently makes N$1.3m/season. Onto the next, the All-Purple performed right to our expectations - it wasn’t a flashy season from them - but they showed they had what it took to hang with the leaders - i.e.Baywall Athletic (and earlier in the season, the Shamrocks). This team wasn’t dazzling but did enough to take it back to preseason international play again. A team that did well in spite of not having a clear-cut “star.” For them, the future will probably be aimed at improving this transition defense, I’m not going to go out on a whim and say it didn’t work, but to be fair, it didn’t really work for them. However, there’s plenty of time to fix it, and they juggled playing a lot of different players between league play, cup play and not to mention CMFA Champions League play and FFI CdC play.

What happened in Bellymn? A terrible performance from the team was was boatloaded with offensive talent before the season has us wondering if the ship is safe right now for Ethan Stevenson and the board. Yes, the board did back him, saying that he was on his five season contract he signed last year, but they were to reevaluate the status of the contract at a later date. Blaming Ethan Stevenson however, isn’t really fair - this team was just on the wrong side of luck too many times - just look at their record. In seven of their matches, the Shamrocks were leading only to concede for a draw or concede for a loss in the final five minutes of the match. Despite all this, some things will clearly be addressed after the season and Stevenson will be expected to be on top of his game.

To the bottom three, we’ll start with Union Forge - on paper this season was worse than last year - but, in the fan’s opinion, this looks like a team coming back from the depths. Sure, they didn’t draw fourteen times (a league record btw), but it looks lie the team is slowly gaining momentum; Allen Mayes was sacked after the Mid-winter Break in which they went 1-3-8. Since that start, interim manager, Kingsley Durmont has guided them to the end of the season in smooth fashion: they finished 7-3-2, reeling off a pretty nice return to form. Durmont seems to understand these players and how they want to play, I’m sure he’ll be named as the official manager in the coming months. Foretham Coven similarly let go of Layton Henderson, sacked after a terrible showing that left the team still without a top-4 showing. I’m sure they had expected to see better this season, after all, the team went out and made a lot of changes - it looked like a different team was going to come out for them this season - alas, it was the same product on the field. Layton Henderson just hasn’t been the manager he was promised as during his tenure here, his defensive philosophy - while defensive - doesn’t translate to actual wins, and that’s a problem the board finally addressed after sacking him. Now, we cam hope the board only looks to make the right decision before next season: a foreigner or a domestic manager, it won’t really matter, but it will need to be somebody who grasps the problems here with the Aggies and can fix it. Arriving at our last team, we’ve got the Wanderers, and Wildeport’s treacherous season sees them finish so bad that they’re relegated. Wildeport becomes the first team ever, in the history of LygaHaven to be relegated to Serien-Two, and I think that’s something to celebrate for them: they need time to really build whatever the envisioned product is there, give them two years and I think Gardeners can build something there.


Back-to-back titles for Bellymn United who are our favorites to be promoted next season, given they can survive the Lyga Play-offs. That looks like it’ll be a fun battle between United, Grontleytown and Lockenhoven Dover. Rest of the league was the subject of normality, B.K. Vode under Logan Collins didn’t fare as well as hoped and sister club Vitel B.K. looked like it needed help. For some, the season was over before it began - Bellymn Workers Fund needed help paying its players wages, and the team was bought for N$9m by Havyish corporation Qreek Electro - expect some sort of change to the team for next season. At the bottom of the table, Boldsport Spittalvea, Union Workers and of course the aptly named Motley Crew lead the way for the relegation spots. It looks like the teams are going to see a change of scenery in Series-Three. Major changes this season leave us wanting more.

.    Serien-Two                     Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Bellymn United 26 18 6 2 59 22 +37 60 Liga B Champions Trophy, Lyga Play-offs
2 Grontleytown 26 14 4 8 41 30 +11 46 Liga B Champions Trophy, Lyga Play-offs

3 Lockenhoven Dover 26 13 5 8 51 35 +16 44 Liga B Champions Trophy
4 Bolsklub Svhelhm 26 11 9 6 40 27 +13 42
5 B.K. Vode 26 11 9 6 34 23 +11 42
6 Manteltown Quick 26 12 6 8 32 26 +6 42
7 Vitel B.K. 26 11 7 8 41 32 +9 40
8 Bellymn Workers Fund 26 11 6 9 36 32 +4 39
9 Limestone Greenwich 26 11 5 10 39 33 +6 38
10 Reed Canyon 26 11 3 12 31 34 −3 36
11 Northfair Christian 26 10 3 13 30 41 −11 33
12 Boldsport Spittalvea B.K. 26 6 5 15 21 37 −16 23 Relegated to LHF Serien-3
13 Union Workers 26 3 5 18 28 68 −40 14 Relegated to LHF Serien-3
14 Motley Crew 26 2 3 21 27 70 −43 9 Relegated to LHF Serien-3

Kopatermen :: 756


Advernians 4–1 1964 Briarcliff
@ Bellymn Stadium, Bellymn. Attendance 43,620

Goals: Wingfield (18'), Kal (34'), Suyumbaev (67', 90+3') / Tait (4')

Player of the match: Yerkebulan Suyumbaev (Advernians)
Booked: Pakkanen, Burris (Advernians);
Orston, Yoshida, Stewart, Morgan (1964 Briarcliff)

Player Ratings
Advernians       			1964 Briarcliff

Joel Nolans [8.7] Gabe Townson [4.7] Match Statistics
Rosario Courtwood [8.0] Daton Orga [4.7]
Avery Dannerson [6.8] Osman Hasanoglu (c) [6.9] Poss (%): 53/47
Emely Towers [7.5] Mai Yoshida [5.3] Shots: 06-03
Rodrick Naveli [6.7] Decatur Christie [6.2] On Target: 5-1
Ville Pakkanen (c) [7.9] Merlin Fanata [5.2] Pass Comp(%): 82-63
Damaris Cambo [6.2] Aquilla Christie [5.5] Corners: 2-4
Underwood Burris [6.1] Mason Thomaston [4.7] Fouls: 8-16
Arthur Smith [5.0] Gerald Stewart [5.3] Yellow cards: 1-2
Julian Fox [5.4] Kristie Tait [6.0] (1) Reds: 1
Xavier Wingfield [6.5](1) Morgon Grady [4.7]

Subs Used Subs Used
Zenon-Geral Kal [6.7] (1) none
Yerkebulan Suyumbaev [8.0] (2)

Ivys Drub Briarcliff!
Advernians 4-1 1964 Briarcliff

Kopahaven Latter Rounds


Vitel B.K. 2–6 Baywall Athletic
Reed Canyon 1–3 Tokavalv Splurge
1964 Briarcliff 1–0 Bellymn United
Boldsport Spittalvea B.K. 0–4 Advernians


Baywall Athletic 2–4 Advernians
Tokavalv Splurge 1–4 1964 Briarcliff


1964 Briarcliff 1–4 Advernians

Int'l Play Knockouts :: 756

FFI Copa das Confederações Round of Sixteen

(HVY)                  Baywall Athletic   4–0   Viltvodle United                 (SRS)   2–0   2–0
(QGP) City of Light 1–2 Advernians (HVY) 1–0 0–2

FFI Copa das Confederações Quarterfinals

(HVY)                  Baywall Athletic p 2–2   Blasting Beach                   (QGP)   1–1   1–1  (4–3 pen.)
(QGP) Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier 3–7 Advernians (HVY) 2–4 0–3

FFI Copa das Confederações Semifinals

(HVY)                        Advernians p 2–2   Keppal Cosmos                    (ZWZ)   1–1   1–1  (4–2 pen.)
(ULG) Royal Standard AFC 3–2 Advernians (HVY) 2–1 1–1

FFI Copa das Confederações Final

(HVY) Advernians 0–2 Royal Standard AFC (ULG)
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Lower leagues :: 756

As one reporter put it, “Absolute scenes from Tokavalv as Tokavalv Splurge is promoted to Serien-Two on the last day” - doing this in spite of suffering a loss on the last day to fellow Serien-Three side, Keeington Avenue - for Splurge, the Cinderella story seems to continue. At the tom of the bored, the Armada Bolds seemed to storm to the Serien-3 title with relative ease, facing a challenge from he favorites in Shriverswood Knought; the Bolds did enough to knock off the Knights for the title, edging them out int the end. The mid top-tier remained largely unchanged: former perennial Serien-Two side, 23.FF Redbridge failed once more to leap the hurdle into the top three, they'll be aiming for a bright showing next year. Continuing down, decent showings from move teams - Gallows United looked pretty sturdy. Towards the bottom of the pyramid, freshly-promoted Alvland FK barely avoids the drop by two point, they’ll be lucky this time as East Wooding, Cranbrown Town and Toph Bridge all get the drop.

    Serien-Three              Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Armada Bolds 28 20 3 5 53 25 +28 63 Promotion to LHF Serien-2
2 Shriverswood Knought 28 19 4 5 58 34 +24 61 Promotion to LHF Serien-2
3 Tokavalv Splurge 28 15 5 8 47 33 +14 50 Promotion to LHF Serien-2

4 23.FF Redbridge 28 14 5 9 55 40 +15 47
5 Alliance Boldsklub 28 13 8 7 46 38 +8 47
6 Turbine Ridge 28 13 7 8 45 32 +13 46
7 Okalia 28 13 5 10 44 35 +9 44
8 Gallows United 28 10 10 8 38 34 +4 40
9 9. Union Lovengrove 28 10 7 11 42 41 +1 37
10 Timbers 28 9 7 12 42 44 −2 34
11 Keeington Aveneue 28 9 7 12 34 46 −12 34
12 St. Wheelers Union 28 9 6 13 34 41 −7 33
13 Celts Union 28 9 5 14 32 50 −18 32
14 Groenland IK 28 7 10 11 41 45 −4 31
15 Alvland FK 28 6 9 13 31 44 −13 27
16 East Wooding City 28 6 7 15 34 49 −15 25 Relegation to LHF Serien-4
17 Cranbrown Town 28 6 6 16 37 57 −20 24 Relegation to LHF Serien-4
18 Toph Bridge 28 4 9 15 27 52 −25 21 Relegation to LHF Serien-4

The Nordic Country region of of Havynwilde really dominates Serien-Four, and for good reason - most teams hail from this region. This edition of the league saw no different: Guobrandsstaoir FF was teh surprise winner this year, taking on a challenge from Kentrell Oaks and Avenida Leon of Ravenclyff; the other northern teams didn’t fare so well. The best-placed side outside the winners were Hrafnagja IG who fell to a fifth-place finish. This offseason, the small club is sure to see changes of some sort; the office was expecting this team to challenge. In the bigger surprise, the Ghettlingsburough Knights stayed up successfully: and they did it in fashion, finishing ni seventh place is a really positive building block to continue on from there. The bottom three were rounded up by Dameerstent Knoll - no surprise there, its team isn’t too good - and Cabbage Corp.’s team, who get no funding. IF Nororolond 37, the community-supported club is floundering, perhaps some time in Serien-Five will do good things for them.

    Serien-Four                         Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Guobrandsstaoir FF 28 16 6 6 46 27 +19 54 Promotion to LHF Serien-3
2 Kentrell Oaks 28 16 5 7 45 34 +11 53 Promotion to LHF Serien-3
3 Avenida Leon 28 13 7 8 49 41 +8 46 Promotion to LHF Serien-3

4 Browning Brothers 28 13 6 9 47 35 +12 45 Kopaalkoppar
5 Hrafnagja IF 28 13 6 9 44 35 +9 45 Kopaalkoppar
6 Hvallatr Bruins 28 13 6 9 40 34 +6 45 Kopaalkoppar

7 Ghettlingsburough Knights 28 12 9 7 36 33 +3 45
8 Deerbourne Lake 28 10 9 9 37 39 −2 39
9 FF.742 Linakradalr 28 10 8 10 43 39 +4 38
10 Aiveha Knolls 28 10 8 10 36 36 0 38
11 Thusselthorne 28 10 5 13 44 43 +1 35
12 Keflavik IF 28 8 9 11 43 49 −6 33
13 Thouandoaks 28 9 5 14 28 37 −9 32
14 Ivylane Torchgreen 28 6 13 9 39 45 −6 31
15 Independence 28 8 7 13 32 45 −13 31
16 Dameerstrent Knoll 28 6 10 12 30 41 −11 28 Relegation to LHF Serien-4
17 Cabbage Corp. Union Workers FC 28 6 8 14 31 44 −13 26 Relegation to LHF Serien-4
18 IF Nororolond 37 28 4 11 13 39 52 −13 23 Relegation to LHF Serien-4

From the beginning, this was Christians Knought’s season to lose - they thoroughly dominated the competition all season - a whopping 59 goals for them saw them comfortably put on cruise control by round 22. Hedwig Fort however did mount a strong challenge from the Scottish Mores, but they too were chased by Oden VK and the combination of Greenbriar United and Coventry United. A fierce rivalry of sorts between the two however allowed for Oden BK to sneak by them into the top three slot: Oden leaped past Greenbriar after round 26 and put themselves in the driver’s seat from that point on. The rest of the league seemed taken aback by the of the top five - arguably top seven if you count the performances of Fbjiska and FF.Tokavav - Queens Landing was the next-closest to the top seven and only managed five less wins compared to them. From then on it was a steady free fall to the bottom three: those three seemingly are just not pitted for professional play. Especially IF Kerseyrr, who managed only one win and scored ten goals. (And gave up 53).

    Serien-Five                       Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Christians Knought 28 19 6 3 59 20 +39 63 Promotion to LHF Serien-4
2 Hedwig Fort 28 17 6 5 44 30 +14 57 Promotion to LHF Serien-4
3 Oden BK 28 16 7 5 56 27 +29 55 Promotion to LHF Serien-4

4 Greenbriar United 28 16 5 7 49 17 +32 53 Kopaalkoppar
5 Coventry United 28 16 5 7 36 28 +8 53 Kopaalkoppar
6 Fbjiska 28 14 9 5 45 17 +28 51 Kopaalkoppar

7 FF.Tokavalv 28 15 6 7 45 32 +13 51
8 Queens Landing 28 10 10 8 31 30 +1 40
9 Eyrr-upon-Mentington Country 28 12 3 13 43 41 +2 39
10 Skalabrekka Woods & Myrar 28 11 6 11 40 42 −2 39
11 Agunda Village 28 10 7 11 39 43 −4 37
12 IF Siglunes 28 11 4 13 37 41 −4 37
13 Oddlestown 28 8 7 13 31 41 −10 31
14 Menington Downings 28 4 13 11 35 55 −20 25
15 Millionaires 28 5 8 15 21 41 −20 23
16 BK Eyjara 28 4 5 19 22 51 −29 17 Relegation to LHF LygaNasjonal
17 Southern Winds 28 3 7 18 18 52 −34 16 Relegation to LHF LygaNasjonal
18 IF Kerseyrr 28 1 6 21 10 53 −43 9 Relegation to LHF LygaNasjonal

The semiprofessional leagues are usually ignored, but we’ve been told to start covering it from now on, so, here we are; Asgeria Town, Rond and Dennerson County are all moving up by the skin of their teeth. What a final matchday it was, the top six teams were separated by 3 points; it could’ve been anyone’s game, but, Asgeria Town is victorious after struggling to find their footing for much of the season. On the flip side, six teams are going down, and for some of them, it could’ve gone the other way if they had stayed in the matches. The reserve teams didn’t win it this time, but, if reserve teams had been given automatic promotion spots too; three of them would’ve been promoted to the LygaNasjonal, instead, Skoblanda FK walks away with a well deserved league title. The next non-reserve team was fourth-place side, FK Stak who’s modest campaign will be rewarded justly next season. Aside from that, there’s some problems with the Union Forge Reserves who’ll be playing in the regional leagues next season after winning two games.

    LygaNasjonal             Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Asgeria Town 28 17 2 9 53 29 +24 53 Kopaalkoppar, Promotion to LHF Serien-5
2 Rond 28 16 4 8 45 31 +14 52 Promotion to LHF Serien-5
3 Dennerson County 28 14 10 4 35 25 +10 52 Promotion to LHF Serien-5

4 Saberfall Crescent 28 15 6 7 51 32 +19 51
5 Eionia 28 15 6 7 39 21 +18 5
6 Savagia Blanda 28 15 5 8 48 27 +21 50
7 Avaingdrivk 28 13 7 8 44 32 +12 46
8 Brunley County 28 14 4 10 52 42 +10 46
9 Crossbridge United 28 10 12 6 40 33 +7 42
10 Brinda City 28 10 11 7 31 29 +2 41
11 Arendall IF 28 11 7 10 36 39 −3 40
12 FF Mogilskoekr 28 12 4 12 32 39 −7 40
13 FF Loomunddarfjoror 28 11 5 12 30 32 −2 38
14 Kselsas 28 9 10 9 38 38 0 37
15 Ingolfsfell FF 28 9 6 13 36 31 +5 33
16 Habelita Artemia 28 9 6 13 35 42 −7 33
17 Vrothborn 28 8 8 12 25 34 −9 32 Relegation to LHF LygaUnderserien
18 Carrantown 28 8 6 14 32 55 −23 30 Relegation to LHF LygaUnderserien
19 City Keeington 28 6 8 14 23 35 −12 26 Relegation to LHF LygaUnderserien
20 Lunansholt IF 28 5 8 15 32 51 −19 23 Relegation to LHF LygaUnderserien
21 Hornshore Devils 28 3 9 16 14 36 −22 18 Relegation to LHF LygaUnderserien
22 Mount Kalmansa 28 3 6 19 10 48 −38 15 Relegation to LHF LygaUnderserien

LygaUnderserien Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Skoblanda FK 28 16 6 6 52 32 +20 54 Kopaalkoppar, Promotion to LHF LygaNasjonal
2 FK Stak 28 13 10 5 50 37 +13 49 Promotion to LHF LygaNasjonal

3 Advernians II 28 14 6 8 51 29 +22 48
4 Foretham Coven 2 28 13 9 6 38 28 +10 48
5 Avante Leipreachán 2 28 13 6 9 43 28 +15 45
6 Moss FK 28 12 7 9 33 29 +4 43 Promotion to LHF LygaNasjonal
7 Mignoavloains 28 12 7 9 40 41 −1 43 Promotion to LHF LygaNasjonal
8 1964 Briarcliff 2 28 10 12 6 40 34 +6 42
9 Baywall Athletic II 28 9 14 5 42 27 +15 41
10 Durmstragt IK 28 10 11 7 34 39 −5 41 Promotion to LHF LygaNasjonal
11 Agueone Union 28 11 6 11 39 36 +3 39 Promotion to LHF LygaNasjonal
12 Lake Akeeg 28 9 11 8 27 28 −1 38
13 Wildeport Wanderers Seconds 28 8 13 7 38 33 +5 37
14 Briarcliff Manor 28 9 10 9 35 32 +3 37
15 Angel Falls 28 9 8 11 35 41 −6 35
16 Killers Wedge FC 28 8 8 12 25 33 −8 32
17 Eiverol TF 28 6 13 9 32 34 −2 31 Relegation to regionals
18 Ascent Cresciea 28 6 11 11 26 40 −14 29 Relegation to regionals
19 Bildsfell-upon-Briar County 28 6 8 14 25 37 −12 26 Relegation to regionals
20 FF.749 Boneswortng 28 6 7 15 29 49 −20 25 Relegation to regionals
21 Avarel 28 5 9 14 34 49 −15 24 Relegation to regionals
22 Union Forge Reserve 28 2 10 16 27 59 −32 16 Relegation to regionals

Youth league :: 756

Foretham’s youth win again in a shortened season, making it two-in-a-row for the U19 sides. There’s reason to have hope for them in the future, meanwhile, Baywall takes the second slot and will head to Northwest Kalactin for the inaugural Kempey Futures Invitational. The Shamrocks have stuff to work on with the youth, although they’re developing they’re not at the level they need to be at to look for professional play. Union Forge still isn’t altogether focused on putting together a youth team. The Wanderers may look to build with youth, Briarcliff is looking to link pieces. As expected, Grontleytown didn’t stay up.

    UVENLYGA :: 756          Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Foretham Coven 18 11 5 2 33 13 +20 38 Champions, Rising Stars League
2 Baywall Athletic 18 10 3 5 27 16 +11 33 Kempsey Futures Invitational

3 Avante Leipreachán 18 9 1 8 25 29 −4 28
4 Union Forge F.C. 18 6 6 6 29 27 +2 24
5 Wildeport Wanderers 18 6 3 9 19 26 −7 21
6 1964 Briarcliff 18 5 5 8 18 23 −5 20
7 Grontleytown 18 3 3 12 16 33 −17 12 Relegation to Uvenlyga-Two

Kopaalkoppar :: 756

In the battle for the two spots available in the Kopahaven, Serien-Four sides, Kentrell Oaks and Browning Brothers both had enough steam to see another season of cup play for next season. Meanwhile, below them, Serien-Five sides, Christians Knought and Hedwig Fort headed towards a tumultuous run at a cup next season.

Opening Round

(3)              Avenida Leon    1–4    Hvallatr Bruins            (6)   0–2   1–2
(4) Browning Brothers 4–2 Hrafnagja IF (5) 2–0 2–2

(3) Oden BK 1–4 Fbjiska (6) 1–0 0–4
(4) Greenbriar United 3–1 Coventry United (5) 2–1 1–0


(2)             Kentrell Oaks    3–2    Hvallatr Bruins            (6)   3–0   0–2
(4) Browning Brothers 3–0 Guobrandsstaoir FF (1) 0–0 3–0

(1) Christians Knought 3–0 Greenbriar United (4) 1–0 2–0
(2) Hedwig Fort 3–2 Fbjiska (6) 2–1 1–2

Lyga Play-off Series :: 756

Bellymn United for the first time earns promotion to LygaHaven for LygaHaven-757!

(1)            Bellymn United    6–2    Grontleytown               (2)   3–0   3–2

Havynwilde (HVY) Qualifiers:

IFCF Champions League: Baywall Athlethic
IFCF Challenger's Cup: Advernians, 1964 Briarcliff, Avante Leipreachán
IFCF Liga B Champions Trophy: Bellymn United, Grontleytown, Lockenhoven Dover
IFCF Rising Stars League: Foretham Coven
IFCF Cup Winners Cup: Advernians

FFI Liga dos Vencedores: Baywall Athletic, Advernians
FFI Copa das Confederações: 1964 Briarcliff

CMFA Champions League: Baywall Athletic, Advernians, 1964 Briarcliff, Avante Leipreachán

VCIAPP: Advernians

KFI: Baywall Athletic
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Hub for all information on sports related to Havynwilde with other contributing information

I want to thank you for opening the latest edition of The Assoicated, for years we've found pride in providing you, the viewer with the most in-depth analysis of sports in Havynwilde, ranging from Lygahaven play and also into other amateur sports that shine bright in our small nation. The time has come to bring The Assocciated to the world, of course that means Havynsmen and women and the Havyish sporting culture are brought to the world, its our pleasure to unveil to our viewers our new website, www.theassociated.hyn, featuring articles, visuals and videos on the latest and greatest of sports here in Havynwilde. Thank you for giving us the chance to serve you,
Kitchie Simmons

PAGE 24 :: Advernians Eyeing Transfer Bid For Avenida Leal Keeper

Advernians have made it clear they’re looking to make huge strides this offseason, looking to retool an aging backline for one last run at the league title, and more importantly, take strides to answer the problem that Joel Nolans has left, a team without a clear, known, first option at the goalkeeper position.

They think they’ve found their answer in Avenida Leal keeper, Noé Perea. The keeper, who’s burst onto the scene as the backup for the Farf national team at World Cup 84; while he found no action, a successful spell with the national team coupled with a brilliant display in the famously-offensive Farf Freitball Ligá meant he was for sure he was a player on the up.

His escapades with the Farf domestic side had earned him some well-deserved evaluations of rank and worth; considering a move to a lesser league would be in his favor as no doubt, he’d be offered a boatload of moeny to come here. Of course, there’s been discourse of Advernians are ready to bring in a player such as Perea; he’d be an immediate enforcer on the backline, and coming from such an offensive league, how would he adjust to playing in a league like Havynwilde’s.

This of course all coming on the heels of Joel Nolans’s divorce from the Ivys at the end of LygaHaven-757, opting to listen to national team manager, Shane Newman’s advice and pivot towards a career abroad; on the other hand, it has lef the position in flux, at least domestically, Ivys side.

On the other hand, the Ivys have seen Perea’s rise and are rumored to be intereted in acquiring the skills and hands of the player, especially with the problems for the side it has faced thus far.

The CMFA Champions League-chasing side has had to deal with the impact of blunder-after-blunder from Flavovespian keeper, Nicholas Dobson; the twenty-six year-old has been frightening in his play this preseason, causing the Ivys front office to completely looks to reevaluate what they were sure was a finished discussion once more.

Advernians has perhaps more infamously attempted to throw cash to tempt stoppers to make the move towards the Ivys, it made bids for Kulap Erer and Laurel Tinker-Wilt, engaged in bidding wars for Cap Nordique’s June Filipovic, and then attempted to bring in journeyman RGS Athletic star, Jason Petratos. Similarly, Brenecia blocked options for Cole Bruin as did Nepharan Jason Petrotas, blocking a club approved move, both players citing their unwillingness to play in an improving Havynwilde.

This lead to Nicholas Dobson - who was the clubs fifth option - being brought in as the starter during the preseason, his time handling the club has been...sloppy - in eight games, Dobson’s given up eleven goals, prompting Advernians to reevaluate their position on the role for the team’s stopper. Formerly in safe hands during Joel Nolans era, the team has broken down - this shown by its shell shackling 4-1 defeat at the hands of AFC Corvistone of Nephara.

Its rumored, simply put, Thomas Green just has no faith early on in Dobson’s ability to guide Advernians through both the CMFA Champions League, but also the FFI competitions and the domestic season and cup which lie ahead; giving up eleven goals including three consecutive beat downs have done little to assure him.

However, Green is trying to juggle multiple positions right now: he’s got the new starlet, James Murdock, who impressed in some preseason friendlies, including two shutouts, he’s expected to resign for an extension at season’s end; so the question becomes, is Perea seen as a stopgap or the clear number one for the following years. Meanwhile, Dobson looks to revive his chances with Advernians, while there are rumors, Wildeport Wanderers are looking to secure his works for a loan, as are Bellymn United.

Perea, who was third-string at World Cup 84 for the Farves, is expected to be a mainstay at Avenida Leal, and prying him away will be no easy task - they’re asking for a large, undisclosed sum to part with him - Advernians is trying to negotiate down on the deal, after bringing in some players of their own.

However, its clear boss Thomas Green is looking to divorce himself from Dobson, and quickly, Dobson was notably left off team rosters for the CMFA Champions League, with Murdock instead expected to be the starter for sometime.

Should Advernians finally find the sweet spot, they’ve found an opportunity to pounce, and given the pure state of the backline, we could expect something to happen soon. Emely Towers and Ville Pakkannen, both players whose words carry immense weight in the locker room have expressed visible frustration with Dobson, however, with the national team competing in the CMFA Melayu Cup, key pieces are gone from the Advernians backline and midfield. This struggle is expected to extend into the first four or five games of the season for the Advernians team who’ll be missing a key players, away with the Nordslaget.

Avenida Leal's Noé Perea is rumored to be the latest goalie on the the Ivys transfer scopes.
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Season In Review

LygaHaven-756: Pirates Run Away
By The Associated chief sports writer, Griffin Gavens

In the most stunning results in recent times, the Pirates of all teams are league champions for the second time in LygaHaven history. This one’s got to feel sweet for Yivix-Belaj Ivo, he came here and was written off from the get-go, many expected Avante Leipreachán to run away with the title for a second consecutive season, this win represents one of the bigger underdog title runs in recent seasons. Sitting just below them are Advernians who we admit, we didn’t exactly title them world-beaters this time around, but something was truly shown to be clear, this season really shows that next season is theirs to lose, out the gate. If they don’t win LygaHaven-758, I’m not sure they’ll be able to come to terms with this golden generation; they’ve realistically got one more year in both Emely Towers and Pakkanen, if they don’t put it all together, it might be time to look towards the drawing board.
Third-place side, 1964 Briarcliff achieved their highest finish since 751, a third place finish, they’ll be rewarded by a visit to the FFI and will play preliminary rounds in a few months against the likes of international competition for the IFCF. For a team with limited funds, its been a pretty successful season for them this year.
Moving on to the rest of the league, the Shamrocks had a mess of the season, Ethan Stevenson however, is being trusted by the board to right the ship.

“What happened is something that I wasn’t proud of,” he said at a meeting to introduce new players to the club, “We want to get right back on top as quickly as we can.”

Stevenson at least will be looking to guide his team into preseason tournaments, coupling the important IFCF play and CMFA Champions League play together. They’ll be without Macron Abbott and others for a few games once the season’s underway. Foretham Coven’s mess continues, there’s really not time in sight for when the ship’s going to be righted there. Inserting a new manager into the fray has been the determining solution by the board; but with no money spent thus far in the transfer window, it might be already too late for Foretham to look at competing next season. Finally rounding at the bunch, Bellymn United is being welcomed to the top tier after shining their way through a season in Serien-Two, there’s certainly a huge review ahead of us.

Awards & Records

Champions:		Baywall Athletic (2nd title)
Runners-Up: Advernians
Third Place 1964 Briarcliff

Kopa Winners: Advernians (8th title; 17th finals)
Runners-Up: 1964 Briarcliff (5th finals)

Termalyga Cups Qualifications

IFCF C.L.: Baywall Athletic
IFCF C.C.: Advernians
1964 Briarcliff
Avante Leipreachán
IFCF Liga B: Bellymn United
Lockenhoven Dover
IFCF CWC: Advernians

FFI L.D.V.: Baywall Athletic, Advernians
FFI C.D.C..: 1964 Briarcliff

CMFA C.L.: Baywall Athletic
Baywall Athletic
1964 Briarcliff
Avante Leipreachán

Koptatital-757: Baywall Athletic v. Advernians
(Super Cup season opener)

Lower League Champions

Serien-Two: Bellymn United (promoted)
Sereien-Three: Armada Bolds (promoted)
Serien-Four: Guobrandsstaoir FF (promoted)
Serien-Five: Christians Knought (promoted)
LygaNasjonal: Asgeria Town (promoted)
LygaUnderserien: Skoblanda FF (promoted)

Uvenlyga U-19 System

Uvenlyga: Forethem Coven


Golden Boot: Carlton Brower (Baywall Athletic) 24 goals XAN
Runner-Up: Hayden Welsh (Avante Leipreachán) 22 HVY

Serien-Two: Rockova Mellymn (Bellymn United) 29 HVY
Serien-Three: Halvor Breivk (23.FF Redbridge) 24 HVY
Serien-Four: Chris Pines (Avenida Leon) 20 HVY
Serien-Five: Jim Skogen (Eyrr-upon-Mentington) 18 HVY
LygaNasjonal: Laila Kolstad (Brunley County) 25 HVY
LygaUnderserien: Keith Dunnith (Advernians II) 23 HVY

Golden Glove: Joel Nolans (Advernians) 11 cln sheets HVY
Runner-Up: Blair Young (Foretham Coven) 08 HVY

Serien-Two: Markus Thalow (Bellymn United) 13 HVY
Serien-Three: Mia Knight (Armada Bolds) 06 HVY
Serien-Four: Ingunn Ersland (Guobrandsstaoir FF) 09 HVY
Serien-Five: Rodrick Kemberly (Fbjiska) 14 HVY
LygaNasjonal: Darling Quintera (Eionia) 10 HVY
LygaUnderserien: Yared Cook (Baywall Athletic II) 10 HVY

Uvenssuper: Carlton Brower (Baywall Athletic) 21 years XAN
(Young Player of The Season)
Runner-Up: Angel Buerkoff (Avante Leipreachán) 21 HVY
Third Place: Rodrick Naveli (Advernians) 20 HVY

Serien-Two: Rockova Mellymn (Bellymn United) 20 HVY
Serien-Three: Gareth Farth (23.FF Redbridge) 19 HVY
Serien-Four: Denise Burthons (Kentrell Oaks) 19 HVY
Serien-Five: Oglethorpe Stronton (Oden BK) 21 HVY
LygaNasjonal: Diggley Nottingfrom (Brunley County) 20 HVY
LygaUnderserien: Mason Gerard (FK Stak) 21 HVY

Trenersjef: Yivix-Belaj Ivo (Baywall Athletic) QUS/HVY
(Coach of The Season)
Runner-Up: Carter Adam (1964 Briarcliff) HVY

Player Awards

Players' FoTS: Carlton Brower (Baywall Athletic) 24 g, 5 ast XAN
(Player of The Season)
Runner-Up: Abigal Teris (Baywall Athletic) 9 g, 20 ast SCT
Third Place: Joel Nolans (Advernians) 11 cln sht HVY
Serien-Two: Rockova Mellymn (Bellymn United) 29 g, 9 a HVY
Serien-Three: Halvor Breivk (23.FF Redbridge) 24 g, 7 a HVY
Serien-Four: Leonard Hawkins (Browning Brothers) 5 g, 23 app HVY
Serien-Five: Gaila (Fbjiska) 2 g, 26 app HVY
LygaNasjonal: Laila Kolstad (Brunley County) 25 g, 3 a HVY
LygaUnderserien: Mathias Fiske (Skoblanda FK) 0 6, 28 app HVY

PFA Players' Fooligboler of the Season: The Player of The Season
Carlton Brower
Striker, Baywall Athletic
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Season Review :: 756

EliteLyga, debuting to the world as the new HAvyish lacrosse league and the marketed as the “coldest league in the world” to an international audience got underway for its inaugural season, guided by teams in big markets, the occasional travel team and the ever-present, continued presence of the familiar multi-=sport club, the Widleport Wanderers. The league, which had begun well behind schedule after meeting lack of funds issue was forced to open with ten teams, with the goal originally being a total of fourteen teams in the top flight; realizing money was an issue, the league was testing the idea of traveling teams with no official stadia as to see if some teams would be economically viable - read Pride and Southbridge Union LC.

For the reason, two teams separated themselves from the rest of the pack - Bellymn Machinx, the first club announced to the world thoroughly dominated; en route to the best record and had the presence of three-point shooting long-stick midfielder expert, Sean Macpherson; the league overall saw a heavy reliance on the presence of LSMs who were key to controlling the midfield. With most teams playing on fooligbol pitches across the nation, and only able to squeeze the league season into the late parts of the Havyish foolgibol season and wrapping it all up before LygaHaven commenced, EliteLyga was forced to play on some sloppy pitches and the quality shown.

In the first year as an top-flight league, it was clear, Havynwilde’s lacrosse league had a lot off ground it would have to cover in the following years. Still it was a start, lacrosse in Havynwilde - who would’ve thought?

As the season ended, the playoffs looked bright for six teams, including one with a lose record - Pride snuck into the playoffs with a game in hand over Southbridge United; meanwhile, down the list, the Wildeport Wanderers, who had the backing of the main company being Wanderers Holdings who owns the cream of Wildeport Wanderers FC, struggled heavily. Meanwhile, on the flipside, Baywall City LC fared well, guided by Guy Birsuon in goal and his fearsome leadership, nicknamed “The Beard'', he was famous enough to where he was given private seating at Baywall Atheletic’s games in LygaHaven.

With the first season wrapping up for playoffs, the quest for a champion was just beginning or some teams, the outsiders, who were hell - or should we say ice - bent on going to the Finals, which will be held as an exposition at Bellymn’s Nordstadion, which during the season has played host to the Bellymn Machinx despite reduced seating.

Following an end to the season, the Machinx were the first team in, already assured a spot in the IDLO Champions Cup by virtue of being the EliteLyga Premiers

ELITELYGA :: 756                  W    L    GB    GF    GA    Win % 
1 Bellymn Machinx 19 5 - 316 212 0.792 Champions Cup
2 Ravenclyff LK 19 5 - 329 198 0.792
3 BCLC 17 7 2 307 253 0.708
4 Ravenclyff Inferno 13 11 6 291 247 0.542
5 Deloviette Renard 12 12 7 272 233 0.500
6 Pride 11 13 8 256 266 0.458

7 Southbridge United 10 14 9 221 276 0.417
8 Wildeport Wanderers Lax 8 16 11 231 285 0.333
9 Keflavik Expos 7 17 12 188 287 0.292
10 Union Hrafnagja 4 20 15 193 347 0.167

(BAC)                      BCLC   17–10   Pride			    (PRD)
(RCI) Ravenclyff Inferno o 18–17 Deloviette Renard (DLV)

Things got started in the Hex, where Baywall City played host to the travelling team, Pride, from the beginning, it was a scoring-fest as three-point shots rained in from way outside the arc, before settling down after the first quarter. Towards the end, however, it was clear Baywall was pulling away as it left the Pride in the dust. As the score line finished, Baywall has emerged the clear winner, having pulled away with a 17-10 victory. Meanwhile, in Ravenclyff, the Inferno need overtime to see off a challenge from Deloivette Renard as the Foxes fought hard till they couldn’t fight no more - Renard could’ve one had a penalty not cost them late in the match - for the, it's back to the drawing board as the (long) offseason hits, IDLO play just missed for the upstart team, so they'll come back next year with vengeance.

(BMX)           Bellymn Machinx   10–04   Ravenclyff Inferno	    (RCI)
(BMX) Ravenclyff LK 08–02 BCLC (BAC)

Looking to lay to rest any comments that they couldn’t compete or handle the playoff, the Machinx came out and laid waste to the Inferno, offering a defensive workshop en route to a 10-4 easy win over the Inferno. For the inferno, they just couldn’t find any way past dpole, Mark Candhler, who’s stifling defense kept the Inferno’s best player, attacker, Gidrun Bussinger busy, for most of the match. On the other end, Ravenclyff LK booked themselves a spot in the finals, setting up a rematch with the Machninx for the league title through a successful defensive wall which kept Baywall shut down and stifled for most of the match. As the match drew to a close, it was clear, at least one Ravenclyff club could represent in the finals.


Welcome to the big leagues - welcome to the Nrodstadion - the big house, under the lights, where it shines brights, who’ll emerge as the best of Havynwilde? A record crowd for lacrosse, 12,304 came out to the Nordstadion to see Havynwilde’s finest in lacrosse debut and play, and from the beginning, it was clear it was going to be a back and forth game. As the game began to mellow out, a strong shift from Kirkely Jennings in goal, dining four attempts for Ravenclyff to keep the Machinx ahead was what came back to bite Ravenclyff; the Machinx managing to hold on ten more minutes to be declared EliteLyga Champions.

(BMX)           Bellymn Machinx   09–06   Ravnclyff LK		    (RLK)
At Nordstadion in Bellymn, Havynwilde

Havynwilde (HVY) Qualifiers:

IDLO Champions Cup: Bellymn Machinx, Ravenclyff LK, Baywall City Lacrosse Club, Ravenclyff Inferno
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LygaHaven Champions

Baywall Athletic

After many delays to the start of the league, a strike and major threats from players in the league over pay and low wages, Havynwilde’s national league got underway with a focus on Advernians who from the beginning were tipped to take the crown home. On the other hand, the Pirates were heavily slept on throughout the entirety of the season, competing with false narratives, persisting mainly with rumours swirling of the incoming departure of Yivix-Belaj Ivo and Carlton Brower at the end of the season. While the club attempted to toe the line that its most-expensive recruits were firmly attached to the club and wouldn’t be moving on, there was a certain weariness pertaining to the club that it attempted to deal with and largely attempted to paint in a better light. In fact, Baywalll didn't clinch the title till the last day of the league. Finally pole-vaulting over the Ivys into a first place with a win in the last game - a 4-nil win over Bellymn United coupled with Ivys dropping points against Foretham Coven gave Baywall their second consecutive title in Havynwilde and LygaHaven its first repeat champion since 753. The arrival of key pieces such as Eetu Pianka from Brasta coupled with the emergency of Hinodejin star, Mukuro Hogo at the back really stood to add miles of depth t the roster. In what many deemed would be a hard transition, the club was able to keep key pieces and essentially quietly restocked and was able to ignore pressures to storm to a second consecutive league victory. For the Pirates, the offseason that lies ahead shines interest on Yivix-Belaj Ivo, a subject of much transfer rumors the manager has ripped off back-to-back titles and his nation clubs in Qusmo are seemingly hot on his tall for bringing him back domestically.

Baywall’s success lies in a strong foundation that its continually built off for the past three seasons, based off the sturdy 3-4-3 Ivo relies on, of course, adding new pieces was no easy job to adjust to for the club - that was centered around the backline which was forced to deal with adding two new players and with Issac Cattessic, the talisman now turning 36, the club was looking to sign some players down for the future. Baywalls looked decisive up front too, lead by Carlton Brower who contributed 18 goals, certainly not his best performance, but considering he missed eleven games due to World Cup qualification cycles, this was a decent haul - on the wings, seven contributed from Eetu Pianka was alright, while it didn’t earns tartling calls of approval. The Schottian, Abigail Teris turned in a comfortable eleven while she looked to continue winding down her career, it will be interesting to see if the Pirates retain her, she has two years remaining on her contract but could possible fetch some money of sorts for the club.

.   LYGAHAVEN :: 757        Pld     W    D    L     GF    GA    GD    Pts 
1 Baywall Athletic 24 12 6 6 49 36 +13 42 Champions League, Liga Dos Vencedores, CMFA
2 Advernians 24 12 6 6 30 18 +12 42 Challengers Cup, Liga dos Vencedores, CMFA
3 Briarcliff Manor 24 12 5 7 37 26 +11 41 Challengers Cup, CMFA
4 Avante Leipreachán 24 11 5 8 56 45 +11 38 Challengers Cup, CMFA

5 Bellymn United 24 10 5 9 44 40 +4 35
6 Foretham Coven 24 8 3 13 22 38 −16 27
7 Union Forge 24 3 2 19 21 56 −35 11 Relegation to LHF Serien-2

Advernians will probably sit there this season thinking how they didn’t come away with the title, letting the ball drop from their court. For most of the season, it looked like it was a forgone conclusion the Ivys were finally going to take the championship to Easterbridge, however, Baywall was able to somehow catch up to them. For the Ivys, this offseason will probably be a hard one, where they’ll need to reevaluate where they move forwards as a club. Some say it hasn’t changed for them, failures internationally and continued second-and-third place finishes are not appeasing the supporters, who all clamor for the Ivys to put it together. Briarcliff Manor’s runoff good luck continues and supporters will be happy the bar was relatively low this season as the All-Purples didn’t particularly dazzle anyone en route to a third palace finish. It was a ”handy man’s finish”, says locals citations, the team was able to get it done and grunt out a third place result without relative help and with no ease with a Shamrocks side hot on their back for much of it. Of course for a few days early season, they were in first place before Advernians occupied till the last day. Turning to the Shamrocks, Ethan Stevenson’s side continued to be plagued by a lack of defense and it showed, Stevenson was in fact nearly sacked twice during the season, however by some measure of luck still remained as the manager for the Shamrocks. Of course for Stevenson, this offseason he’ll have a full evaluation because it’s certain his job isn’t safe,m and at most he’s on a leash for next season.

Foretham Coven will hit the drawing boards as they continually sit and determine the best way to finish fourth place, for them, it's clear that things are tending in the right direction, but how many times can they continually be afforded to right the ship and stay on course. Sixth place was their fishing spot this season, hell, they finished below Bellymn United symbolizing how far they’ve fallen and of course, they’re dealing with some players gone for much of the season, but the falloff in production was noted. Meanwhile, Bellymn United who missed out on multiverse play was really exciting to watch, of course this team will probably be sealing their pieces next season to maintain the money needed to stay in the top division but their ability was noted, grinding out a fifth place finish.At the bottom of the table, former champions, Union Forge say hello to the Havyish second tier.

As determined by the LHF Organizing Committee and he HFF, all lower leagues activities were terminated as was the Kopahaven and other national tournaments under direct orders from the the Sporting Directus, Havynwilde’s major tournaments and other opportunities for sport will be determined and revisited at a later date.
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LygaHaven-756: Raised Stakes
By The Associated chief sports writer, Griffin Gavens

Welcome to another season of LygaHaven, for us we’re getting ready to get started with football in the thick of winter, its that time of year again as the season gets ready to kick off in earnest in the winter months.

What does the year hold for your team? Is it a year of international postseason play or a year of dropping to the lower leagues (for the first time)? Shits about to get serious, lets get started.

Club By Club


    Bellymn, Havynwilde - Shamrocks Park (34,170)
The fabled Shamrock Club entered the offseason with major issues to address - a second consecutive year confined to fourth place saw the axe for Ethan Stevenson, fired after his third season in charge with the club. Avante Leipreachán went right back to the drawing board - going through nearly two months on a search fro a new manager. They had plenty of reason for doing it, a failed campaign yet again for the Shamrock Club is starting to weigh on the club, combined with failures in both IFCF and shockingly CMFA, the club took to a more pragmatic approach to dealing with Stevenson at the end of the season. That’s not to say his time with the club had been a failure - a title in the league’s first open era year - but since then, the club has languished with two consecutive fourth place finishes, missing out on FFI and more importantly being champions two seasons in a row. For the club, a season that saw a lot of milestones for the club couldn’t be fixed with major progress for individual players, collectively, a shoddy campaign shown throughout. However, the likes of a few did shine - the Vanorian teenager, Gudrun Bißmeier shined for the club, 13 goals for the club with an added nine assists. At the front, Michael Hamilton’s fifteen goal campaign was hardly shoddy, but given he played in all twenty-four games, perhaps more was expected out of him. Having reached thirty, there are concerns over him moving forward. Opening the transfer period, the big news most definitely has to be the shock transfer of Lightning Bolt, who arrived from Manecheser City for N$2.7 million. A huge transfer for the Shamrock Club, this is supposed to be a signing that’ll shake the club, Bolt’s arrival is clearly seen as an end to the reign for Michael Hamilton who’ll likely now receive a spot on the bench or an adjustment to the roster to accommodate the arrival of Lightning Bolt. On the same day, to add to the huge moves the club was making, the board engineered a move to quietly bring in Lublova Red beloved manager, Rakvar Pavlyukovets, a Sqornshelan favorite in their domestic circuit, his arrival to Avante was surprising. In fact, many had expected the club to look into internal staff to find a replacement, instead, bringing in a foreign manager, the board seems to have adopted the mindset of so many other clubs that a foreign manager will bring success. While that’s worked for Baywall, it's struggled to be replicated elsewhere. Big news, the Shamrock Club will deal with the impact of Gudrun Bißmeier being out, leaving on a 24.7 million release clause to Crystal Fair HC, the starting eleven post-Gudrun Bißmeier is expected to see some big turnover as she was so important to the cog machine that was Avante. The impact of her leaving the club can be similar to Carlton Brower of Baywall - highly impactful - her single seasons starting saw a team that engineered fifty-six goals scored. More importantly, the arrival of a new manager has sadly not coincided with the arise of a better backline for the Shamrocks, and Pavlyukovets in his arrival press conference told the media, “give me time,” through a translator, “a vision for the squad has been set forth and it up to the board to give me the tools needed.” Notably, the club did reach final negotiation with The Sarian national team keeper, Gerlinde Fabioun who joined on a free transfer from FFI heavyweights, CF Bondstad.

The club likewise look to be going through a turnover, and some may say a drop off will amount - but, that’s risky for a big club like the Shamrock Club - too big to fail might e the right term here - the capital’s biggest club, the Shamrocks can’t afford anything worse than where they are currently. They already went out and spent big on Lightning Bolt, the new heralded player who’s already being painted in to being the league’s new marquee star to promote it to the world, they went and signed a national team keeper...and then they added random signing in Rezal Ghori from Sharktailian side Kota Jembal and yet another long name Hinodejin. The club really seemed to patch things together during the offseason and they’re not saying if it'll be enough to hold over for a transfer window to really give a new manager time to work.

The Inside Scoop: The club is beginning to change, now realizing that it takes more than being the traditional club to win titles, but now it may be too late. The gulf has widened between Baywall and the rest of the pack, and now scrambling to catch up, Avante are competing against time and the rest of the pack to get back to the summit. Add that to competing to three new teams, the league is no longer a sure thing for the Bellymn club. Prediction: 3rd.

Manager: Rakvar Pavlyukovets (SRS)
Gerlinde Fabioun (30/TSA); Brigid Levein (32/BRE), Blas Barraz (18/FFD), Michael Atlinson (24), Samuel Stuart (25); Keith Urmine (24), Dwight Knaverly (19); Ander Tachibana (23/HIN), Davidson Ceylith (18), Prant-Vlont Abe (34/QUS); Lightning Bolt (36/EQS) [c]
Andre Fenton (21::NPH), Clive Norbrits; Angel Buerkoff (22), Gareth Koreman (17), Iraitz Echekopaz (21::ASG); Katara Nanamikawa (21/HIN), Keith Urmine (23); Michael Hamilton (30), Rezal Ghorip (19/SHT)
In: Prant-Vlont Abe (AM, 34/QUS, KFQ Yunyan/QUS, fr, natl.), Lightning Bolt (ST/RW, 36/EQS, Manechester City HC/EQS, 2.7m), Gerlinde Fabioun (GK 30/TSA, CF Bondstad/TSA, fr.), Rezal Ghori (ST/FW, 19/SHT, Kota Jembal/SHT, 4m), Dwight Knaverly (DM, 19/HVY, academy), Katara Nanamikawa (LM/LW, 21/HIN, Hyalia University/HIN, fr.)
Out: Macron Abbott (GK, 41/QAS, Brondby/SEM, fr., natl.), Gudrun Bißmeier (AM, 19/VAL, Crystal Fair HC/CRY, 24.7m), Kerryanne Omeer (CM, 18/HVY, unattached), Davidson Ceylith (CM, 18/HVY, unattached)


    Bellymn, Havynwilde - Shamrocks Park (34,170)
The defending champions welcomed the offseason with another league title in their cabinet, a successful spell between Carlton Brower and his two wingers, Eetu Pianka the newcomer, and old-timer Abigail Teris and delighted the likes of Yivix-Belaj Ivo and co. Seeking to capitalize, Baywall had announced at seasons end Brower would hit the market after two seasons, looking to bring in a large sum while his stock was rising, after all, Brower if he remained would likely put himself into becoming a lifelong LygaHaven player, preventing much rising up the pyramid. Across the team, the team was looking to limit major turnover, Grier Wood looks primed to reprise his role as keeper ahead of next season, and some quiet problems the team has looked to proactively address - Musko Uriel seemed to step up in his first season, really establishing himself on the backline and possibly being looked at as the possible captain for next season in the post-Teris era. Across the squad, looking ahead to next season, changes will need to be addressed, but the team easily looks like its in the driver's season once more for a chance at a three peat. With next season in hand, the biggest two things the club will face is finding a capable striker regardless of whether or not Carlton Brower stays, Brower’s dropoff was noted - six goals less compared to last season - however, having missed eleven games, it was still a great feat he managed. Similarly, Abigail Teris is gone from the club, meaning a new right winger is needed - the twenty year-old, Aksell Klepp who was brought in last season may finally get her chance. Issac Catessic also moves on to new pastures after contract negotiations broke down between the two parties - Belaj-Ivo believed Baywall can be a destination for some players ad will be looking to convince a rightback to come to a championmshipw-nning side with Havynwilde’s two-time defending champions. Similarly, Belaj-Ivo is going to be reevaluating the left wing side, Eetu Pianka was a solution of sorts, but is he really the man to count on for a league title in the long run? Countless times, the other two were able to capitalize from his mistakes,but, if Teris and Brower both depart, how will Pianka react to guiding the team?

The squad spent last offseason adjusting to a new squad and new pieces, and even then, they were favorites to win the league, now, with the team onl;y really looking to replace two pieces and Brower still locked with the team - despite the Pirates offering them to club to shop for prices - they’re still easily the top team in Havynwilde and are probably looking at a charge for another league title. If some key pieces come in, I wouldn’t write them off to storm to the league title again, they have all the pieces and a greater striker alongside that.

The Inside Scoop: Their favorites to win the title, and I can honestly say, there’s no reason this should go wrong because this is the team to beat. Prediction: 1st.

Manager: Yivix-Belaj Ivo (QUS)
Grier Wood (26); Musko Uriel (29/ASG) [c], Mukuro Hogo (21/HIN), Levi Robb (28); Kiyoko Maki (23::HIN), Marcus Smith (18), Loftus Brand (21::BRE), Damjan Sjorov (19/SVJ); Eetu Pianka (30/HVY-SRS), Fabian Haaviko (25/GLZ), Kristian Harper (31/ETH)
Jared Wyatt (28::CBP), Mikazuki Sawano (21:HIN), Oskar Ksitiansen (20); Keith Wyontinton (24); Aimée Mälmstein (21/HIN)
In: Fabian Haaviko (ST, 25/GLZ, Red Star Parkhead/GLZ, 0.5m+player swap), Kristian Harper (RW/ST, 31/ETH, Falourr/EUR, 5m), Aimée Mälmstein (OM/CF, 21/HIN, Royal Music Academy/HIN, fr.)
Out: Carlton Brower (ST, 22/XAN, Austin City/XAN, 9m, natl.), Issac Catessic (RB, 37/MRC, retired), Aksell Klepp (ST, 22/HVY, Red Star Parkhead/GLZ, player swap), Abigail Teris, (RW, 34/SCT, unattached)


    Bellymn, Havynwilde - Nordstadion (reduced to 8,300)
Foretham Coven reaffirmed their place in LygaHaven by doing absolutely nothing this offseason, putting the team back in the same position - and once more betting that Andas Famt can engineer some miracle and guide the team into an international place spot for this season. However, for once, this doesn’t seem like a piped dream - and hold on, we have no good reason. Last year’s team finished eight points outside of Hundredstar Phoenix, in sixth place - if things go their way n seven post shots donut bounce off, Foretham wins four more games, jumping from sixth in the standings to 4th place with 49 points, meaning they would’ve taken the final international slot from the Shamrocks given things might have went their way. This team is not nearly as bad on paper as we’re making it out to be. Andas Famt at times this season showed why he was hired - a defensive specialist who relied on the counterattack for victories, he kept it simply for the Aggies who will be looking to build from last year. A major problem from this year to last was the lack go goal-scoring ability on this team, Allan McKay’s nine goals as the striker on this team is just not enough to justify the hefty price tag he signed for last seasons, of course, with little to do, Andas Famt has to declare for him for another three seasons. Famst has done the best he could with what he has, which is not to say much, but he’s found chances and succeeded despite that, There’s reason to think that Famt can guide the team through a tough spell, and with an expanded league, there’s a bigger chance Foretham can make some noise, quietly. The big thing for the Aggies this season will be can they transition and find the needle quicker - twenty-two goals is simply put, not it - and that’s not going to power them in league competition. And Famt knows that, emphasizing that he wants to see quick counter-attacking football, “we’re not looking to press, we’re looking to change temples, I’ve always said that since I came here,” he told Aggies media during the preseason. Andas Famt’s side offers more for less the same as last season, however, and Famt will look to do more with less - he’s had no money to address any change,and the Aggies were never a delightful club to go to, even inside of Havynwilde. The team up front is young though, so obviously, Famt is looking for growth from these players, and there’s clear upside there, he’s just yet to have found it. The likes of Haluk Tayfur, who impressed in a few games paired with Stefan Blake and others should be keen to watch this season. On the other side of the pitch, the club know they’ll be in reliable hands when Rocco Burns is in net, despite some howlers committed this season and issues with distribution, the team looks better with him, Jasper and Issac Miller running the backfield.

The club looks to face some harsh criticism for not spending this window, but its content knowing it dropped money last window and looks to rehaul and hold the cash - it thinks that Famt needs time, and say all you want about the Aggies, but, they have truth in their head coach, rumored to be upping his title to manager at the end of the season, Famt hasn’t brought glory to the club, but it's crazy to deny progress hasn’t been made with the club. Ultimately, he faces a long road ahead of him, and the club backing him 100 percent is going to be important if they even want to go anywhere.

The Inside Scoop: The club trusts Famt, and is seemingly content with the long process, but they problems arise that it doesn’t want to spend the needed mone yo keep the club up, and I think that means the club can’t challenge, with that said, Famt is an excellent manager and anyone can see that, he was able to run the relegation gauntlet last season. Prediction: 6th.

Manager: Andas Famt
Rocco Burns (33/AUD); Franziska Jaspen (31::NPH), Jepp Rezato (18), Abraham Fendley (27), Issac Miller (31); Issac Miller (31) (c); Stefan Blake (33/BRE), Haluk Tayfuk (22/TMR); Love Merseythorn (18). Grant Conterly (19); Allan McKay (22)
Anthony Carebrook (19), Angel Devernine (21); Kayden Savarel (20), Adam Dwyer (22), Garrett Jart (22); Tyson Baxter (21); Mason Recdrest (23)
In: -
Out: -


    West Bellymn, Havynwilde - Gryffparc (4,336)
What was last season if not a test run for what is to come - a rebranded Hundredstar Phoenix put together a decent campaign run, finishing in fifth place in theri first season in the top-flight, much of this credit is due to manager, Johan Stensland and his easily-adaptable playstyle which has trademarked his tenure with Hundredstar. Last season was by far and away a success for the new sice, competing in LygaHaven’s last season as an open season, a season which was delayed from the start and was a media blacklist to the rest of the world. For Hundredstar, they were mostly-successful, managing a fifth-place finish with a relatively youthful, mostly-second tier group of players, able to stay up above the likes of Foretham Coven and Union Forge, two more-established sides. Notably, Hundredstar has groomed a star in Rockova Mellymn, she’s already picked up some national team caps and it certainly didn’t hurt her to bag seventeen goals this campaign, that was fourth-most for Havyish emerging talent. The third capital club likely overtaking the more-established Foretham Coven in terms of popularity, this offseason has been busy for different reasons - the much-awaited name change and new identity, gone is the Pirate and oval of Bellymn United - replaced with a rocket and the new orange-and-purple of Hundredstar, dedicated to Bellymn’s history in astronomy and space discoveries. Bought by a new ownership group, Hundredstar Phoenix has seen an influx of cash - to be spent on a new stadium - 15,000-seater in the heart of the city - of course its’y unlikely they’ll be able to take from the huge Shamrock fan base, but FOretham Coven’s stadium is close to this new, shiny all-seater. And on top of that, Hundredstar Phoenix is looking to invest, the new ownership group promises, mainly by restructuring the youth teams into being able to better compete, “we wish to rise through our youth,” promises the new board, calling for Hundredstar to divert finances towards youth development and academy signing. One thing is for certain - a new look team can produce many changes, and coming off a successful premier, there’s no saying that this team can’t compete for an IFCF or playoff spot.

The ownership went out and splurged this offseason, $37 million was spent to begin construction on a 15,000 all-seater in the heart of Bellymn - a revitalized move from a 50 year-old Grant Olde Lane which they plan to repurpose into a training facility. Supposedly being seen as part of a grander scheme with funding from the HFF - Hundredstar Phoenix has two former HFF board members on their board, and with rumors swirling that the HFF is perhaps exploring a possible bid for a Cup of Harmony, it wouldn’t be surprising if these stadium are being seen as being set for use in the future. Meanwhile, the club is also looking to reinvigorate its youth academy and has gone the wayside of ignoring transfer - for now - Mellymn is probably seen as their rock, for a season or two more before they unload her for cash.

The Inside Scoop: A fifth-place finish last season, but with three new teams - including a team from Springmont - there’s no saying Hundredstar can’t make the cut, a sixth-place finish might be in store for them, and that’s not too bad. That could lock up a Challenger Cup slot for them in their second season, after all, they narrowly missed out last season. Prediction: 5th.

Manager: Johan Stensland
Markus Thaulow (25); Atticus Hattingh (35/COS), Ove Dalen (27), Kyle Whorton (23), Woods Abraham (26); Ivy Treadnale (30); Leif Freberg (24), Chris Meirs (27); Rockova Mellymn (21) [c], Myles Bentley (28), Macy Cochrane (31)
Lillian Bredahl (20); Adam Brandsane (18); Armani Dlia (19), Federik Thuessen (18::NQU), Craig Ruthstron (24); Moe Godsend (23)
In: -
Out: -


    Hvalltr, Havynwilde - Kinetikstadion (11,392)
We now arrive in Hvalltr for one of the lesser known clubs in Havynwilde. Perhaps one of the oldest remnants of the former second tier, the rebranded KK Spittlemarine were one of the three new teams chosen to compete in the reformed LygaHaven. Rebranded from their former name as Boldsport Spittavea, the Boldsklub as they’re known has a rocky season last year in the second tier, going into a liquidation and finishing near-bottom of the second division. This strikes an interesting tone as this offseason, the club saw a takeover bid financed by Grearish energy drink company, Kinetik, with the value put at N$20.1 million, the club became the first overseas-owned club in Havyish history. Apt, given the state of change the league is going through. The change that has hit the club during the offseason was a positive one for the club - saving it from liquidation and also earning it an invite to the LygaHaven, which has been reformed into a simple ten team closed league. Kinetik’s takeover saw the club rebranded, with a new logo and a change of name to KK Spittlemarine - for CMFA Champions League which allows no sponsorships, the club will be referred to as Boldsklub Spittlemarine. In the offseason, the club got right to business, with N$10 million allocated to the club to address key signings and issues to improve the club immediately. It was apparent that Kinetik looked to see the club compete from the go in LygaHaven, given how many moves they made early on - looking to build a team with a mix of veteran presence and emerging foreign talent - this was seen with the quick announcement of Francis Doyle from the Shamrocks, signifying the bid from the club to make key and rapid additions to the roster. Clearly, the goal this season is about more than just a decent showing, the new club owners want to see the club compete with the best of Havynwilde. Spittlemarine will likely see the return of last season’s Head Coach, Ike Sinclair, however, Kinetik will probably look to bring their stamp of approval to the team and quickly - they might be looking to take advantage of a weak cycle in competition to mount a successful campaign.

A team that now has pockets, money moved hands this window for Spittlemarine, and they brought in some key pieces, but they have also looked to bring in free you transfers, trusting the Hinodejisn to delivers.That seems to be the route they’re looking to go for, hoping to develop prodigies and ship them off to the world - Avante did that earlier this window with Gudrun Bißmeier, replicating it should be some challenge, but Spittlemarine certainly now have the resources to do it. The storyline this season would be will Ike Sincalir keep up to speed with Kinetik’s overhaul? They’ve given him new pieces to work with, and clearly failure isn't too much of an option, what are the goals for this season for him? CMFA Champions League qualification should be enough for him to stay on, and given the expansion teams aren’t star-studded, he could easily make a good case for retaining his job at season’s end.

The Inside Scoop: A team facing new prospects, there’s a manager unsure of his place with a new, hungry ownership, a team that opened the banks a little to snap some key pieces in a bid for international football and of course a new ownership group eager to please the fans, what could go wrong. A sixth place finish is a likely spot for them, which means Challengers Cup football, they seem like a team that can win the split. Prediction: 8th.

Manager: Ike Sinclair
Egotistical Egg (x/SYL); Wooden Table (x/SYL), Natsu Oh (21/HIN, Kyle Walker (29), George Banderthron (25); Elenore Dirks (21/HIN), Lenpi-Zilot Faz (20/QUS), Bradbury Wheath (33) [c], Carl Silkfield (22); Ucyxi-Linot Can (33/QUS), Lady Profressice (32/COS)
Davis Oyster (24); Mill St. Bradley (17), Fodom Cook (23), Ablpe Daphne (20); Skya Walker (32), Yuve Charrington (20); Rituu Bailey (33)
In: -
Out: -


    Briarcliff Manor, Havynwilde - Manor Parc (5,877)
A club still struggling to find its identity, the Knights of Briarcliff undoubtedly had a hard time this season, though they wound up third, it's clear the club has a lot of work to do in the offseason. The biggest issue for the club was clearly defining who it was, with insiders in the locker room saying that Carter Adam didn’t have a goal for the team and neither were clearly-defined roles set aside. On top of that, the offseason saw the departure of Osman Hasanoglu, back to Timuria , sending the captain packing after two years with the club, leaving the team more raw than ever, reeling in that regard and needing to address the defense. Another piece in Erika Cook departed this offseason for Kohnhead, who Havynwilde faced in the Baptism of Fire and effectively ending her future with the national team/ While the club wasn’t expected to make much noise, the fact nothing was address during the offseason should be disheartening for the club and its fans, who seemingly looked to put profit ahead of the team this window. Perhaps, it was more or less a bid for sustainability, as the team looked to supplement income, and will have added revenue for this season - IFCF, FFI and CMFA play certainly wont hurt the club in addressing signings for next cycle. The signing of Ikshu Amitabh last season was met with much fanfare, but he hasn’t really delivered, partnered with Tallow Freiit, his most simple goal to score goals was hard to come by - Amitabh only has seven goals in his debut campaign, and three assists added, but it remains, it wasn’t a good campaign for him. The Busogan international seemed to highlight the campaign for the Knights - good but not good enough, and combined with all the moving parts the team dealt with during last offseason, change was expected, but Carter Adam can’t keep excusing poor performances, eventually, it’ll all come crashing down. Kristie Tait’s departure was a surprise too, a free-ranging libero wing and striker, the team will now look to rely on Morgan Grady for cup matches and see if she can revitalize her career, at twenty-four, her time to do something and really perform is slipping away, but clearly, the more important parts of the team are already going to have to really dig deep and rebuilt in short order for the beginning of the season. With Erika Orston gone, the net is wide open for any to step up, Gabe Townson and Anayha Kermen are both competing for the number 1 shirt, the team is going to see big changes to the back, missing three of their five pieces at the back, I wouldn’t be surprised if the team slips a bit in the rankings.

Havyish clubs around the league spent time retooling, on the other hand, the Knights were ravaged by clubs abroad, looking to pick apart key defensive pieces and a backup winger, on top of all that, little has been done to fix all that and now, issues have amassed for the club. But, that’s not all, the team doesn’t have a number one heading into next season and currently ha son captain. For a team that has worked its way into top four for the past three seasons, is this concerning for the Knights? I say no, but pundits say yes, Carter Adam will have to work some magic if he intends to keep this team up.

The Inside Scoop: The team is reeling without its captain, without a clear number one keeper, and manager who hasn’t decided on his style, for the club, its clear its time of stability might be in shatter right now, but at the same time, Carter Adam has engineered some feats with the club that he should be proud of. Certainly this can’t be too hard for him: tasked with holding on one more season till the money comes. Prediction: 4th.

Manager(s): Carter Adam
Erika Orston (28/BRE); Daton Orga (26), Decatur Christie (22), Mai Yoshida (22/HIN), Eli Rennie (25); N. Cravenby (18); Aguilla Christie (25), Mason Thomaston (28) [c], li’Nygao (17); Ikshu Amitabh (30/BNJ), Taalow Fenit (22/MRN)
Gabe Townson (21), Anayha Kermen (25); Isla Gerrard (19, Miles Corrington (25); Merlin Fanata (20), Reilly Jarvis (21); Morgan Grady (23)
Out: Erika Cook (LB, 26/HVY, New Ballow United/KHN, fr., natl.), Osman Hasanoglu (CB, 27/TMR, Yumruk Idman Yurdu/TMR, fr., natl.), Kristie Tait (LW, 28/HVY, Kota Jembal/SHT, 6m)


    Port Knoxdam, Springmont :: Northwell Arena (6,970)
As you may know, LygaHaven has a huge rebranding over the offseason, with plans to further expand to twelve teams possibly in the books, the biggest announcement was the expansion of the league to ten teams, including a team from neighboring nation, Springmont - enter Port Knoxdam FC - a club from Knoxdam, Springmont, who were chosen from a long list of candidates to represent Springmont in the LygaHaven. Officially the tenth club on the books for Havynwilde, the club was affiliated from the SFA to the Havyish Fooligbol Federation in order to be able to compete in both CMFA and FFI competition, but more importantly IFCF play. And that’s where the good info about the club ends - simply put, the club is shit. The club mostly contains Springmontese third tier players who have immigrated to the top tier of Havynwilde, which perhaps is the pinnacle of the game in the Melayu Archipelago on the mainland. While a move into the LygaHaven gives the little known Sprintmontese club access to unquestioned funds, the new question becomes can the club compete against much more quality opponents- and the answer is known. While it did make one signing over the offseason, its clear the signing won’t really do much in the long run for the club. Port Knoxdam look to compete with a lineup that received relatively little change from last seasons, the team which finished bottom of the Sprintmontese second tier now looks to fare with relatively little changes in Havynwilde’s top tier. Heralded by the arrival of Hu Zemin from the Hinodejin Tentai University, there were two other transfers, but the club didn’t do much to redefine the team. For most, the club doesn’t look to do much besides rake in the much-needed money. A local-supported club, its done surprisingly well in the Sprigmontese pyramid, never dipping below the second tier, but a move to Havynwilde’s league, arguably the best in the Melayu Archipelago will serve as a wake up call for the side. Not much is expected from this club, and they’ll probably look to play spoiler to some of the bigger clubs, for much of the season. And that’s to be expected, the team is largely devoid of the talent needed to compete in LygaHaven.

The team bring no major changes over the offseason, there was a youth prospect brought in, but since adjusting to the Havyish league, the team did little to reinvigorate the side, with the marquee signing of Hu Zemin being probably the biggest, bringing him over from Tentai University who surprisingly have a few other plate sin the Havyish league. For the club, it's clear the goal is just to survive through the season, and likely won’t be looking to do much else. There’s a few prospects on this team who can maybe succeed, but a team that was based on an offensive identity didn’t have enough offensive production for the club. Surprisingly, the club did little to add an attacker, or much else to the squad.

The Inside Scoop: Opposing managers will probably cycle this game to get their teams back on track, the club is not good in any stretch - of course, they'll be happy to have the added Havyish top league money, compared to what it got in the Springmontese second tier, and maybe down the road, it can challenge for ninth place. Besides that, nothing here to look at. Prediction: 10th.

Manager(s): Ian Folrentio (SPM)
Jae Paz (25/SPM); Riley Fitzpatrick (24), Jacques Van Heerdens (20/SPM), Pete Commonbrew (23/SPM), Kidd Bladekeeper (28/SPM) [c]; Leroy Cristobal Bryant (14/SPM), Hu Zemin (21/HIN), Reagan Waterfist (25/SPM); Craven Yeganes (29), Franco Bereznak (23/SPM), Rex Forewound (21/SPM)
Lynn Ironchappel (20/SPM); Danilo Neria (23/SPM), Will Debbins (21/SPM), Isaias Erner(20/SPM); Wyatt Claro(20/SPM); Alfonzo Bilbrew (21/SPM); Daron Danesez (21/SPM)
In: Riley Fitzpatrick (LB, 24/HVY, unattached, fr.), Craven Yeganes (LW/29, unattached, fr.)
Out: Marco Krepanovic (13, LW/SPM, unattached), Ryan Krepanovic (LB, 14/SPM, unattached)


    Ravenclyff, Havynwilde :: Morrow Road (16,555)

The fallen giants - Union Forge - the team had a rough end to last season, and the club is looking to dust off the paint and rebuild this season, and expect a long term project for the Hammers, who spent the offseason offloading bad contracts and notably did add a couple new players to the scene. For the club, the name of the game was a bad midfield,a team which was unable to transfer the ball up front and had to adjust through three different coaches through the end of the season. The club of course saw a 9 goal campaign from Filindostani international, Sta. Lucia, this did little to help the club and exacerbated the major problems the club had for much of the season. Sure, there were some bright spots from the club, the rise of nineteen year old centre back Aziz Sumoj, the nineteen year old got relatively little play time the season before before finding himself into the system for the club. Disgruntled and looking to fix things, first Kingsley Durmont, and later Larry Bryson came in and found Sumoj useful in a back four pairing.The biggest thing heading into next season is maintaining some sort of relevance fro Larry Bryson, the Baker PArk native brought to the Hammers a solid system and seemed to instal a culture toward the latter end of the season, though it didn’t do much to keep the team from finishing dead last. However, in his first offseason, he made major moves, moving on with two seasons left on the contract for Sta. Lucia, In her place, He’s turned to bringing in yet another qusmi’y international, the arrival of Gelan-Yivix Eva, a thirty-plus year-old striker from KFQ Hronork was a surprise move from the club, but given its choice of strikers at the academy level aren’t exactly stellar, this wasn’t too much of a surprise as the club had supposedly been looking at Eva for much of the offseason prior. Kerryanne Watt probably is on a short leash this offseason, and a expected battle for the number one spot will be interesting to see, Bryston has notably broke with Watt numerous times towards the end of the season, and the club will look to adjust and name answers concerning the back position, but nothing is set in stone. The way the club continues to reform is something to see, with they fully supporting Larry Bryson throughout the entire season? That’ll be something to watch.

A new season after cycling through three managers, and five in the past two seasons, its clear the club is looking for stability, its golden era is perhaps goen, but there’s nor reason it can’t begin the long road fo a rebuild to compete in a few seasons. While things aren’t looking so good in the club right now, it clear that there is some kind of master plan in place right now - at minimum - something is developing in Ravenclyff, and Morow Road is going to be looking up in a few seasons.This team might not challenge for the title, or even an international spot, but clearly, it’s a long road ahead for the club, and big changes will be made.

The Inside Scoop: Oppinsg managers have said the Union orge job is an enviable one, a club with history,it’s fallen on hard times, but, there’s a clear need to rebuild, and a path forward has been identified. A new board brought into place to bring stability to the club has fully backed Larry Bryson, largely progress for a club who hadn’t really got behind a manager over the past two seasons. Prediction: 7th.

Manager: Kingsley Durmont
Kerryanne Watt (31); Jralv-Yamaj Mal (29::QUS/HVY), Aziz Sumoj (19), José Fontes (21/HIN-DRP), Offred Jansen (30::BRE); Chris Roberts (20), Dunnert Christially (20), Bertrand Paré (19::KSK); Azrael Toliver (22); Gelan-Yivix Eva (33/QUS)
Amen Robergs (24), Creisyell Karrow (19); Nyles Cantero (19), Amelio Wright (27), Joe Law (28), Gerard Cook (30); Seth Schmidt (33::CBP)
In: Gelan-Yivix Eva (ST, 33/QUS, KFQ Hronork/QUS, fr.), José Fontes (CB, 21/DRP-HIN, Project Olimpo Jutsii/HIN, fr.)
Out: Marish Luzanie Sta. Lucia (33, ST/FID, unattached)


    Easterbridge, Havynwilde :: Albion Bridge (7,505)
In terms of competitiveness, Virtus Advernians has seemed to have found their stride - and that's one way to look at the state of things for the club - the past two years have lead to two consecutive runners-up finishes for the club, leaving fans wondering what’s next for the club, it is really capable of competing for the LygaHaven title or is it resigned to being a perennial Challengers Cup side. Advernians last time out made a lot of changes to their team, mostly non-existent offense. Last season, he was key to churning out a thirty-goal campaign for the team, he has twelve assists, combined with Xavier Winggfield up front, they totalled out at 23 combined goals created. Between the two, they’re clearly being seen as the focal points for the club, and Wingfield as the sole striker has got to realize he’s going to be vital to the club moving forward. At the back, the team was sound once more, James Murdock became the starter for the club and it excelled in his first year, he only gave up eighteen goals with seventeen clean sheets, the twenty-one year-old is already looking like a bright piece to hold on to for the future. Towards the future, Advernians will be looking to retool their midfield and add a new piece to their backline, with the Cosumarite, Ville Pakkaenen moving on from the club, a new right back will have to be thrown into the club. As the captain, Pakkanen’s presence will certainly be lost, he had a way with tht locker room which was second to none amongst the players, however, Zenon-Gerol Kal, the Havyish national team captain - or someone like Xavier Wingfielld, the veteran striker, should look to step up in their roles. In the midfield, Damaris Cambo is gone too, Advenrians can probably look inside to address their problems there, they have capable academy players or Advernians II side players who can be plugged in to address the problems, no doubt. Of course, the more important questions iw how the Ivys will look to find the ney more, something they've struggled with for some time, and these problems will continue to persist until a new philosophy is brought; but it seems the board is content with the state of things, despite clear issues.

Major changes will for sure have to be made, the offense is the biggest one, but the club hasn’t got a lot to give to Vlont-Lucex IVo, Ivo saw his peers at Baywall do something with nothing two seasons ago, and they certainly want to replicate the achievements there. The problems lay in a lack of a strong midfield, and Damaris Cambo now being gone is going to further accentuate that. While Volkan Aayhan can ease the problems, this only worked in contingency with Cambo - Cambo’s departure spells bad things for the club. Situations like this cannot be easily fixed.

The Inside Scoop: A new name and logo can’t hide the fact the supporters are disappointed, major problems are seen for the team, especially as it looks to compete for the league title, its archrivals, Baywall had a good season and a good offseason, Avernians on the other hand still struggle on what they’re trying to accomplish. Prediction: 2nd.

Manager(s): Thomas Green and Vlont-Lucex Ivo
James Murdock (21); Rosario Courtwood (25), Avery Dannerson (27), Zenon-Geral Kal (28::QUS), Rodrick Naveli (21), Andre de Breye (20/OAM); Chen Xinya (21/HIN); Yerkebulan Suyumbaev (23::TMR), Volkan Ayhan (28::TMR); Xavier Wingfield (29)
Nicholas Dobson (26::FVA), Kahnti Verden (24); -, Donnis Cheaton (25), Vernan Quill (30::MRN); Michael Bloodvorn (18), Yuri Sakakzi (21/HIN),; Julian Fox (22), Rodrigo Austin Milhoes (22)
In: Andre de Breye (RB, 20/OAM, Aminey CS/KSK, 2m),Yuri Sakakazi (RB/RM, 21/HIN, Williams Institute of Physical and Mental Development/HIN, fr.), Chen Xinya (CB/DM, 21/HIN, Tentai University/HIN, fr.)


    Wildeport, Havynwilde :: Port Lane (4,150)
It’s been two seasons since the Wanderers were in the top flight, and seemingly, they brought changes while they were gone - there was the move which saw Leon Davis move to the Adioslav league, the striker which hadn’t really established himself with the Wanderers now three seasons down the line finds himself excelling with Audioslav side, Bombarralense. For the Wanderers, that was the tempo they set during the early years of the open era, being devoid of top talent which instead chose mos to foregin sides, or to bigger Havyish sides rather than say and compete with the Wanderers. Thus, the Wanderers dropped into the second division and stayed there for a season until it was decided to reform the LygaHaven into a central, single league with the biggest teams in Havynwilde. Thusw, despite no work of their own, Lyga Heaven's perennial cannon fodder is back in LygaHaven, with albeit major changes to their lineup since their run two seasons ago, the Wanderers return to the top division looking to view this perhaps more as a rebirth more than anything else. And the club is certainly looking to change the precedent of the past, but simply put, the Wanderers run the risk of not being good - yet again - they didn’t spend any money this offseason, which unfortunately for them means they’re receiving limited funds to do much, and surely, they realize that when competing twitch the big names like the Shamrocks and Avernians, you need to throw money to compete. One of the major historical clubs in Havynwilde, it has been sad to watch the fall from grace for a team like the Wanderers who oddly value(/) sentimentality over performance for the club. While the board was fine with finishing last year after year in a seven team LygaHaven, the fans weren’t; and now, let's look at the changed graphics: a revamped ten-team league with a terrible Springmotnese side. For the owners, they’re incompetence is going to be stretched this season, how little will they do for the club before both the players and fans stage riots v- rumors are rife with the possibility of the club being sold - however, deals have fallen through multiple times. For the club, a tenth place finish would be a disaster, but it's also to the point where it's expected.

There wasn’t a lot of major moves, mostly, the club had internal dealing to set aside and work with its academy, once more, the club was too broke to shell out money for any signings, and the club has been in financial freefall for the past three seasons, with N$17 million in debt heading into next season, there’s also problems with their stadium, which the club has been trying to buy for the past six seasons. The club is going to have problems heading into the season, with both performance son the pitch - a broken lineup mixing youth and extremely old players- and dealing with a manager who has nothing to really work with.

The Inside Scoop: One of the worst teams in the top tier, the club is only in here for nostalgic purposes, and I think even the club knows they aren’t good, so what’s going to happen for the club? Not much to look forward to heading into the season, sure there are some major changes that have to be made, but of course, the club still won’t do anything about that, showing an incompetence that it continues to hold onto. Prediction: 9th.

Chlara Chalmers (33); Z’dyal Thomas (23), Clara Faodje (21), Miles Keerington (30, Michal Terrence (23); Ellis Wood (30), Kryly Bordruge (32), Able Feli (22); Keith Weher (23), T Lee (20)
Dahlia Craven (20); Balou Keff (21), Tammy Gredan (24), Bradley Kerry (29); Velouse Killer (21), Felix Davis (32); Sasha Karen (21)
In: -
Out: -


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