[DRAFT] The WA Peace Act

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[DRAFT] The WA Peace Act

Postby Insulamortem » Thu Dec 05, 2019 6:26 pm

NOTING that the World Assembly is the governing body for the world,
WORRYING that some WA member states are being "raided" by other WA member states,
UNDERSTANDING that the WA was founded on the belief that peace is good.
FURTHER NOTING that the Security Council has, on many occasions, had to "liberate" a region because said region was being "raided"
RESOLVING to stop injustice by WA member nations

Section I: This resolution shall be known as the "World Assembly Peace Act"
Section II: Definitions,
Subsection I: Raiding is the joining of a peaceful region with malicious intent to gain control over that region,
Subsection II: Peaceful is a region or nation that has no intent to "raid" or harm other nations,
Subsection III: Liberating is the removal of raiders from a region, be it forcefully or peacefully,
Subsection IV: Tagging is the changing of a regions flag or World Factbook Entry to show that raiding has occurred.
Section III: Regarding "Raiding",
Subsection I: "Raiding" shall not be permitted by ANY WA member nation unless the nation or region they are raiding has given EXPLICIT permission.
Subsection II: If a region is being "raided" the (former) members of said region may "Liberate" themselves or, failing all else, may submit a Liberation resolution to the Security Council for consideration.
Section IV: Regarding Enforcement
Subsection I: A World Assembly committee shall be created called the "Peace Committee"
Subsection II: The Peace Committee shall enforce the WA Peace Act
Subsection III: The Peace Committee shall enact forcefull "Liberations" of regions if any country is in a breach of these rules.

Hereby instates the World Assembly Peace Act

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Postby Grays Harbor » Thu Dec 05, 2019 6:28 pm

From start to finish this is nothing but metagaming and game mechanics violations. Honestly, there is nothing about this that could be made legal.
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Postby Terttia » Thu Dec 05, 2019 6:32 pm

Grays Harbor wrote:From start to finish this is nothing but metagaming and game mechanics violations. Honestly, there is nothing about this that could be made legal.


Read this for proposal rules before you start writing unfixable pieces of text.
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Postby Kenmoria » Fri Dec 06, 2019 12:37 am

(OOC: As GH and Terttia have said, this is unfortunately illegal. The General Assembly focuses on legislation that has nothing to do with anything gameplay-related, aside from the issue effects of legislative categories. Raiding and defending are topics for the Security Council to cover through commendations, condemnations and liberations. This simply isn’t appropriate for the GA.)
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For more information, read the factbooks here.

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