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Postby FCN RPing » Tue Nov 26, 2019 3:14 pm

The world's a large place, at nearly 25,000 miles in circumference. The world is increasingly becoming a populated place as millions are brought into the world each year - And millions are brought out of the world each year. And yet, one can practically venture anywhere on this world in less than a day. The Information Age has forged new connections, with information being able to get from Point A to Point B in a matter of milliseconds rather than days. What previously was the cause of millions of deaths is now nothing more than a minor inconvenience in the lives of many as the constant progression of technology continues - Wireless technology, mobile phones, modern manufacturing. And yet, humanity has been unable to achieve world peace and solve many basic problems that still plague billions - Hunger and famine, war, drought. The world may be a better place than it was a hundred years ago, it is still a plagued world.

Welcome to the FCN's modern-day roleplay! You will assume the position as leader and guardian of your country - Guide it to success in this new world. Forge new alliances, bring salvation or damnation to those who stand in your way, look towards new horizons as you expand your influence and your control. Do you have what it takes to become the strongest of them all?

The premise of this roleplay is simple. You apply for a spot on the map, and if accepted, your country exists as something you can now roleplay as. What happens in your country is your choice - You decide what country you will assume control of, and its future. There are some rules that I will lay in stone, though -

1. No godmodding - No overpowered technology, no roleplaying other people or the casualties of others, etc.
2. The day / month / year will always be the same as it is in real life. No skipping ahead of time - Though you are allowed to reference the past in your posts to establish things.
3. As such, stick to real-world technology unless otherwise noted.
4. You may not possess nuclear weapons or other certain WMDs unless you contact myself (Gagium).
5. Have fun and be friendly towards other roleplayers. If you have a dispute that neither of you can solve, please contact me :)
6. On celestial bodies, everything is the same as in real life, with the exception of our RL home, Earth. This has been replaced by our much-better conservative world.
7. Wars must be approved by whoever is running the roleplay (The Secretary of Internal Affairs), and to prevent numberwanking each side must present basic military information and numbers to myself before a war is approved. This isn't supposed to be a game of Hearts of Iron - Please keep wars and the reasoning behind wars as realistic as possible. Additionally, both sides of a war must be reasonably comfortable with the war. Additionally all peace terms at the conclusion of a war must be agreed upon by all combatants.
8. Additionally, the outcome of a war or battle should be mutually agreed upon by both sides OOC. If this isn't possible, please contact myself and the matter shall be settled.

Rules for the Federation of Conservative Nation, our world's IC global peacekeeping and lawmaking body, will be placed here.
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Capitalist Paradise

Postby Gagium » Tue Nov 26, 2019 4:57 pm



The United Commonwealths of Gagium - A hallmark of modern day feudalism, if only partially. A land where the unfortunate in society often resort to giving themselves up to become serf to a wealthier man while the wealthy and successful buy their way into nobility. Though a democracy, most of the 14 Commonwealths are ruled not by elected officials but by nobility, whether through blood or through money. The 'United' Commonwealths indeed sometimes hardly seem united, as family feuds escalate into the occasional war...Decades ago, at least. While these feuds and disputes still are often and bitter, the Commonwealths, Marches, and Free Cities of Gagium have since come together to end internal military disputes once and for all - And with that, the nation grew into a stable capitalistic global power.

The conservative society of Gagium, however, still has its fair share of hardships. Large protests against the monarchy and nobility - Though mostly entirely peaceful - occur on a regular basis, and LGBTQ+ groups within the nation have marched on the capital of Laurillac yearly for almost a decade now to protest the national prohibition of gay marriages and transgender surgeries. Environmental advocates protest the nations oil and natural gas industries in a bid to prevent what they believe is the inevitable demise of the world. It is without a doubt that public opinion has forced the nation to silently liberalize over the years, as those who the right has proclaimed 'Social Justice Warriors' became more vocal with each passing year. Recently, many commonwealths have been embroiled in public outrage as the public finally moved to oppose the rather feudalistic serf system that remains in place across the nation - Indeed, serf after serf has been reported missing to reluctant authorities by the wealthy every day, leading to many of these wealthy to form their own manor polices.

And fresh in the minds of many is the November 5 Protests, which occurred around three weeks ago. What was supposed to be a peaceful protest in the Free City of New Anfree turned into chaos as protesters began burning vehicles and looting stores, all in view of the international community at the Federation of Conservative Nations Headquarters. What was also in their view was the crackdown on these protesters - The Free City Police Department tear gassed thousands near areas that were looted as military-grade armored vehicles breached the protestors' crowds, with hundreds of protesters being arrested and three killed. The following day, the notably-corrupt of the Free City, led by an oligarchy headed by Executive Jordan Ward, declared the properties of many downtown businesses to be under military protection - Those who attempted to destroy their property would be shot on sight. Marshal law was declared, and the Gagiumish Army deployed a brigade of 3,000 soldiers to the central of the city.

However, the situation cooled down within weeks, and the brigade moved out on the 22nd in November - They would be back at base by Thanksgiving. Martial law was lifted, and any orders for the killing of looters were suspended as a sense of normality returned - Ignoring the millions of dollars in damages and the dozens of court cases suing various protester organizations, of course. The news stations of Gagium returned to their endless droning on the scandals of one nobleman or another and how this related to how their political opposition was bad. Indeed, Gagium was a relatively partisan country these days, albeit a more "stable" one at that - The last major war was fought over half a century ago. And yet, little did the populace of Gagium expect the upcoming storm.

November 26, 2019
March of Blackgold

Black gold - Oil, yes. The key export of many of the northern territories of Gagium, the land's oil has been claimed by the several mining and oil drilling corporations of the nation, most owned by millionaires and billionaires who bought extravagant titles of landed nobility from less fortunate nobles seeking wealth. Oil fields stretched for miles alongside the northern coasts and expanses of the nation, with no other hallmarks of civilization for dozens of miles. Of course, these corporate enterprises were especially guarded, with uniformed security guards wielding various pistols and rifles patrolling the perimeters and buildings of these industrial complexes. But what were they trying to keep out?

Nothing - The guards were there to keep practically-enslaved serfs in. One oil field, Jeffernon Corporation's Base of Hugen, housed 300 unpaid serfs, who sold their lives into slavery in exchange for a job, food, and lodgings. Sure, the food certainly wasn't the best and the lodgings were *kind of* cramped, but the majority of the serfs were fine-ish - Mostly because of the fact that they knew there was no escape. Before signing the serf contract, sure, they have all heard of the stories and seen plenty of serfs - Oh, how miserable they seemed. And yet, these poor souls thought nothing could match their own misery on the streets - Oh, how wrong they were, these poor legal slaves. There was nothing they could do, in many of their minds.

That was until gunshots rang out in 1AM, waking up Hugen's Operating Manager and sleeping security personnel. Screams echoed across the night sky as several more series of gunshots were fired - Before the half-asleep guards could fully react, however, silence echoed. As the serfs were forcibly awaken and lined up outside their sleeping quarters, it was soon discovered that thirty of them were missing, along with five company vehicle. The corpses of five guards were discovered near the gate of the oil field, with their weapons all missing. A manhunt was about to begin - One which would eventually span across the entirety of Blackgold's expanse and pit the March's ruling class and legislature against each other. Not now, though - As the sun rose, little was known about the whereabouts of the escaped serfs. A manhunt led by Jeffernon Corporation would begin as pickup trucks staffed by armed guards left the base in a convoy, before splitting up and going in their separate paths. A small airliner, used to ferry serfs from their home cities to the oil fields, took to the skies from Hugen base, searching for the escaped serfs from the air. The story soon broke national television, and the nation sat attached to their screens, yearning for more information. One thing was clear, however - The majority of the public cheered on the serfs, whether vocally or in the silence of their homes.

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Postby Greater Bastion » Tue Nov 26, 2019 5:39 pm

Greater Bastion

The Stratocratic Republic, owning a domination over the seas near its coasts and a secured homeland, is set for trouble on the horizon.

The somewhat new Republican government model brings more problems than what it solved. Supporters of the Autocratic Era still number in large percentages of the elections, although the Conservatives, Liberal Republicans, Classical Libertarians, and Scientific Progressives outnumber them by a small majority.

This, in effect, brought together a large coalition, expanding broadly across the political spectrum, from standard Conservatives all the way to Technocrats. Without the great Premier Eckard, this coalition would have collapsed many years ago.

Social Instability runs amok, as the Democrat Coalition is fractured on LGBTQ+ rights, minority rights, government spending, and the role of government itself. Political Instability is being slowly eroded but still upheld by Eckard because of the split between the Democrats and and the Autocrats.

The Republic would have fractured apart into civil war if not for the tremendous economic stability that has pushed Bastonia into the modern age. With great earnings and jobs, and low government debt, the people live their lives to the fullest, often going on vacations to nations across the world, making up a large portion of tourism industries in those countries. However, tensions with the HRI, and tumultuous relations with foreign countries are threatening the economic stability.

On Foreign Reception of Bastonia:
Many Bastonians visit Gagium, as it is a wealthy nation that is a fair distance away. However, this means that Gagium citizens and plebs alike witness rich, stuck-up, and ignorant Bastonians, who largely believe their nation is vastly superior to all others and that their military and intelligence proves it. However, these tourists are mostly either employed or own and run Defense Contractors, Automobile Industries, or both at once, with a select few operating Private Military Companies for foreign and domestic powers.
The HRI, being a semi-hostile nation, has very low levels of tourists coming from Bastonia. The ones that do come are often the average income earners, and so are not so stuck-up or ignorant but are still slightly aggressive to the native population.
New Inglaterra, located across the ocean, became a natural ally of Bastonia, and so our people are largely friendly toward each other. Tourism to the nation is large, and many Bastonians have residencies in the nation when times are stable.
Any other nation's are largely neutral to Bastonia and Bastonia is neutral to them. This could change in the future.

As a new day dawns for Bastonia, for Greater Bastion, and for the Stratocratic Republic, we shall see what events arise. With enemies on the horizon, and even worse crises in the future, will Bastonia rise atop the ashes, or will it crumble back into a primitive state of authority and primal oppression?
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Postby New Inglaterra » Tue Nov 26, 2019 7:26 pm

The Confederated States of New Inglaterra

A republic on the verge of collapse.

New Inglaterra began small. When the mother country of New Inglaterra declared for the Protestant groups, the Catholic colonies rebelled. These first five states united under a common banner and declared themselves to be independent of the mother country. The five states create a new soceity, a better society. Religious freedom, freedom of speech, elected government. Ideas long shunned in the mother country now fluorished among the newly created Confederated States. Just twenty years after gaining their freedom, the CSNI embarked on a bloody crusade, seizing the colonial holdings of another colonial power in the south of what is now called Inglaterran Island.

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Postby Holy Rhinish Islands » Tue Nov 26, 2019 7:43 pm

kngab pmagin la pam
Holy [Rhinish] Islands
kngab pmagin la pam, Rhinish for the Holy Islands, is an archipelago in the [OCEAN] Ocean, consisting of 17 major islands, and over 1000 small islets. It is a small, developing country, with an average GDP per capita around 20,000 USD, and a population around 7.8 million. The nation has a small military, consisted of about 40,000 members. The military is broken down into 3 branches; the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The Army has around 20,000 members, and the other two branches have around 10,000 members. kngab pmagin la pam was colonized by the [NATION] first, before being switched over to the Commonwealth of Gagium after the [NATION]-Gagium war. kngab pmagin la pam has a border dispute with Greater Bastion, over the Bastion's easternmost 4 islands. The dispute is semi-hostile, with Rhinish Air Force making unscheduled go-rounds of the islands, and the Navy often times encircling the islands. This has caused kngab pmagin la pam several issues with the FCN, which has told the Military to stop maneuvers. The December 2019 election will decide the fate of the nation, as the hostile anti-Bastion President faces major opposition from Pro-Bastion and Neutral candidates.

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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby New Inglaterra » Tue Nov 26, 2019 8:22 pm

The Confederated States of New Inglaterra

A republic on the verge of collapse.

The Confederate government is one of interlocking webs of powers, made to ensure no one man can become the dictator. The executive, called a Consul, was chosen by the Censoral Tribune, a council of representatives known as "Censors". The legislative powers were invested in an elected Popular Assembly and appointed for life (but less powerful) Senate, and a judicial branch consisting of the High Court of the Confederacy, appointed by the other two branches, ensured everyone played fair.

New Inglaterra began small. When the mother country of New Inglaterra declared for the Protestant groups, the Catholic colonies rebelled. These first five states united under a common banner and declared themselves to be independent of the mother country. The five states create a new soceity, a better society. Religious freedom, freedom of speech, elected government. These ideas, long shunned in the mother country, now fluorished among the newly created Confederated States. Just twenty years after gaining their freedom, the CSNI embarked on a bloody crusade, seizing the colonial holdings of another colonial power in the south of what is now called Inglaterran Island. These four colonies joined the Confederation, and nearly doubled the young nation's territory overnight.

The Confederated States grew rapidly over the next two centuries. The two main ethnic groups in the country slowly came to peace with one another, and embraced a common identity as Confederates. The population grew rapidly, as did the economy and industrial base. The Confederated States had two centuries of peace, prosperity, liberty, and order. A golden age. Nothing seemed able to stop the young republic. The government was stable, the people were happy, and the economy was prosperous. Of coure, all good things must come to end.

The Confederated States invaded a small country across a narrow gulf from them. The country was another former colony, but mostly consisted of slaves, rather than settlers like the Confederated States. Conquered in the final throes of imperialism, the Confederated States restored the former colonial names to the area: Nuevo Madrid and Providencia. This would prove to be a mistake.

The natives did not enjoy a second colonial power. And so the Confederated States began a perpetual civil war in the northern territories, a conflict called "the Northern Rebellion". Economic growth has begun to stagnate and the insurgency has grown larger and larger, military power has become de facto superior to civil power, and some suggest that the freedoms of the Confederacy must be curtailed to win the war.

It is now 2019. Elections for the 2020-2025 term are scheduled for the seventh of December, and these elections are expected to be contentious. A new far right party, the Centralist Party, has been rising in the Confederacy. Consul William Jennings of the Democratic National Party desperately tries to hold onto a failing democracy and his nation is slowly sliding into disarray.

Will the Republic survive?

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Postby West Phoenicia » Wed Nov 27, 2019 4:37 am


The Empire of West Phoenicia: A land of God's & Kings

The Empire of West Phoenicia has a rich vibrant history. From there initial struggles to becoming a nation. West Phoenicians pride themselves on their fine tapestry of history and culture.

It is a history filled with wars and civil wars, of throne disputes, as siblings often married to each other, fought for the privilege to wear the crown of West Phoenicia.
It is a history of love and honour, weaved together with betrayal, deceit and envy.

West Phoenicia has now celebrated a decade of peace and prosperity after the 6th West Phoenician Civil War ended.
Emperor Glenton Gryphon-Bush II Philopator Philometar, youngest son of Queen Juno Gryphon-Bush now reigns, after the civil war between his second eldest sister Princess Jezebel Bush-Tasman and her supporters. Against his father and her stepfather, Emperor Thaddeus Gryphon-Bush and his supporters.

While not the next sibling in line for the throne, the civil war victory allowed Glenton Gryphon-Bush II to leapfrog ahead of the other siblings to assume the throne when his father abdicated in favour of his son.

The benevolent polygamous Emperor Glenton Gryphon-Bush II rules from Melbourne-Haven, the shining capital of the Empire residing in the Capital Palace, alongside his three wives Empress Angelique, Empress Alotta and Empress Cleopatra-Olympias .



The Coalition consisting of the The Antebellum Conservative Party, The Segregation Party, The Aristocracy Party and The Christian People's Party control the multi party tri-cameral government.

They hold a combined total of 845/1590 seats in the House of Representatives and 53/106 seats in the Senate.

Within the Senate they have brokered a deal with The Nationalist Party and The Prohibition Party to assume majority In the house.

The Coalition are at odds with the Centrist and Left parties in the House of Representatives and the Senate.
The main opposition is the West Phoenicia First Party who control the Centrist Alliance with otuer moderate parties.
And the Diversity, Love & Rainbow Party, who control the Far left bloc. The Centrists and Left wing parties have started to make more noise of late, but due to their disdain of eachother will not work together on a loose alliance.

Recent elections had the Coalition returned to power, increasing the number of seats in the process.

The Coalition rose to power and helped boost West Phoenicia into a rich nation under the leadership of Prime Minister Jimmy Bain.

After serving two terms, he has been replaced by the unscrupulous Tia High, Countess of Jackson as the new Prime Minister.



West Phoenicia is a God fearing superstitious nation.

It recognizes The True Path as the state religion.

The 2019 census has between 75-80% of the citizens identified as followers of the True Path faith.

Catholicism, Protestantism, Eastern Orthodox and Mormonism which unified into a syncretism blend to create the True Path Faith and the Mega Worship Centres.

However there are a number of Catholic and Protestant churches operating under their own banner not affiliated with the True Path.

Citizens are free to practice any faith in this devout nation as long as it's not deemed banned by the Ministry of Religion. Citizens who follow banned religions or who proselytize a banned doctrine face exile, imprisonment or the Inquisition Tribunal.

The Supreme Head of the True Path State Church in West Phoenicia is Pontifex Angelika I Deo Deuotus. Whose palatial residence is in West Phoenician city-state of Agape.


Angelika I assumed the role after the assassination of Most High Reverend Darius Mckay, the former Supreme Head.

Paganism is the second major faith in West Phoenicia where a number of city-states in the nation boast high numbers of pagan adherents.

Asherah Grove, the capital city of Baal Territory holds the residence of High Priestess Margie Brixton; the head of the pagan faiths which united to form a United Pagan Council representing all recognised pagan and wiccan faiths.

These city-states are lined with temples dedicated to a pantheon of gods, goddesses and animal deities deemed for suitable worship by the United Pagan council.
There are countless shops and markets dedicated to witchcraft, charms, potions, mediums, temple prostitutes and fortune tellers which help boost the West Phoenician economy.

West Phoenicians are a rich fun loving people, they love religion, sports, festivals and parties and are often seen as, greedy, opulent and decadent by neighboring nations.
They value diplomacy over war, but won't hesitate to act against other nations or rivals within own nation if they feel threatened. To this reason, the nation keeps a strong standing military.

West Phoenicia is considered a polygamous nation with a structured class system.

West Phoenicia consists of 53 City-states each having their own unique and vibrant culture and unicamaral governments overseen by governor's to administer state laws . But the real power lies in the capitol.
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Postby Furbish Islands » Wed Nov 27, 2019 4:17 pm

Furby City Metropolitan Area
Morning, 27 November, 2019

A man stepped out of a suburban home into the street. He wore a black suit, tailored to fit him perfectly, and a red tie. The man held a breifcase in his left hand. He crossed the street as he exited his house and began walking down the sidewalk. The street, while being considered thin in some countries was at a normal width by Furbish standards, being able to carry have traffic on both sides and cars parked on one side, although only small sized Furbish cars fit in the road. Directly beside the road were concrete sidewalks, and beside them were fences, which surrounded the houses and their yards. Cars stood parked on one side of the street. The man walked past all of them, and at the next intersection, he crossed the street and continued walking forward. The streets and houses of the suburb were arranged in a block pattern, a characteristic of the newer towns, unlike older towns, with less organized roads originating from the first settlements on the island. The man continued walking down the street until the next intersection, where he took a left, and walked halfway down the block.

The street just in front of where the man stopped at was wider than most streets in this suburb. It has paved roads, but in the middle were metal tracks, and above them were several overhead wires, all used by a tram line. Near them in the middle of the block were several benches, with roofs, and a fare machine to fill cards with money. The man crossed the street and tracks, and stood near one of the benches. A nearby sign said the next tram will arrive in two minutes. The man patiently waited, and so did several other commuters sitting on the bench. After two minutes the familiar sound of wheels rolling along the metal tracks was head, and a tram appeared from the distance, slowing down and stopping at the station. The door opened and all people at the station slowly boarding, scanning cards or inserting money into an on board fare collection machine. The man with the briefcase took out his card from his pocket and tapped it on the scanner before walking inside. The tram had many people inside, as usual in the morning rush hour, and most seats were folded up, but the man found a place to stand.

A light on top of the tram doors flashed and the familiar beep played, and the doors closed. The tram took off along the tracks, past the suburban homes, stopping several times to pick up more passengers. The man with the briefcase took out a newspaper and began reading it. Around him, some were also reading newspapers. Some held nothing, and only looked out the windows or around the tram. But the majority of people held smartphones in their hands, looking focusing all attention on them, besides occasionally looking up to see how far away they are from their stops. Smartphones are now ubiquitous in the country, because they allow people to do nearly anything, while being very easy carry around. On the tram, people were tapping away, doing anything from texting friends, reading news, posting images or messages on social media platforms hoping to get points which are given by others, or writing roleplay posts in a nation simulation game.

As the tram continued along its route, more people got on, and the tram got increasingly crowded. A few would try to get off at certain stops, and pushed through the crowds as they tried to step out of the way. The tram was still in the suburbs, but the road got wider, with two lanes on each side, and cars driving along them. The road was extremely congested further along the tram’s route, but the tram, being in its own right of way, drove past the congested streets at a speed several times faster than the cars to the right of it. The man with the briefcase looked up from his newspaper, and saw that the tram was close to his stop. Suburban housing continued lining the streets along the tracks, but almost suddenly the setting jumped to an urban area. Single story homes with front and backyards turned into multiple story apartments with balconies. Stores and other businesses were on the lower floors of buildings, with residential space on top. The only plant life seen was the trees along the sidewalk and some flowerpots on the balcony, a stark contrast with the grassy yards of the suburbs.

The next stop looked similar to the suburban stops, with its benches and card machines, but it was larger. More people sat on the benches, and continued filling up the tram. But a large amount of people also exited the tram at that stop. After another stop, a recorded message announced through the speaker that the next stop will be the last one. The man with the briefcase put down his newspaper and made sure he had all his belongings. The tram slowed down and stopped at another group of benches. This area was closed in. Multiple sets of tram tracks went through. The entire area had a large roof over it. The passengers walked out of the tram and into a building. It is the head house to a large station, with multiple tram tracks, busways, and a metro station below. The turnstiles are just past the building’s main entrance, but connecting bus and tram passengers do not have to go through them. The man with the briefcase walked through the crowd, into the head house and stepped on the down escalator. He then followed the sign to the inbound train, taking a left, then another escalator on the platform.

While the tram was crowded during rush hour, the metro is even more crowded during that time. The metro has two minute headways during rush hour, but in those two minutes the platforms fill up quickly. The sound of wheels rolling along the metal tracks was heard from a distance, followed by the lights of the train seen in the tunnel, then the train popped out of the tunnel and began slowed down. After coming to a complete stop, the doors opened, and people exited onto the platform. The man with the briefcase entered the car closest to him and found a place to stand near a folded seat next to a window. With his right hand he got his newspaper again and continued reading. The metro car filled up quickly, then a light near the door flashed and beeped, then the door closed. The train took off along the tracks, into the dark tunnel. Just like with the tram, many people were reading newspapers or tapping and reading on their phones. But unlike the tram, there was nothing to see from the window but the dark tunnels.

The wheels began screeching as the train slowed down at the next stop. Television screens said the name of the station, where the train was along its route, and any other public transportation connections on the station. As the train stopped, people exited onto the platform, and more people entered. The train closed its doors and continued along its route. After several more stops, the man with the briefcase put down his newspaper, grabbed his briefcase, and prepared to get off. The train opened the doors, and the man pushed his way out into the doors. He stepped into the platform and turned to the escalator going up to ground level. The station the man is in is not as large as some of the others, especially the one he got on the train at. Its entrances are only staircases on the street, not large head houses. Any bus connections had to be reached by exiting the station then waiting at a bench at ground level. This is frequent in many inner city stations, which do not have land for busways unlike suburban and outer city stations.

The man walked outside and sat at a large bench. Next to him was a screen showing a all the bus routes that connect at this station, and when the next bus will arrive. He looked for his bus in the screen, then after looking at when it will arrive he continued reading his newspaper. Several buses came through the area. They were all articulated. Articulated buses were used in the city and close suburbs, while lower capacity rigid buses only served outlying suburbs and rural areas. The man was now within the city’s urban core, surrounded by large high rises, in a mixed residential and commercial area. This street has four lanes for cars on the inside, and two bus lanes on the outside. Outside the bus lanes was an even thinner parking lane. A bus soon arrived and the man with the briefcase got on, tapping his card along the reader before grabbing a bar on top and continuing reading his newspaper. Traffic was extremely congested along the four inner lanes, and even with the bus’ frequent stops it traveled significantly faster than the cars to its left.

The bus, unlike the metro, stopped only if the driver saw people on the stop or if a passenger requested a stop by pressing a button, but in practice the bus stopped at most of not all of the inner city stops, especially on inbound routes during morning and outbound during evening rush hour. The bus continued along its route, stopping to drop off and pick up commuters and tourists. After several minutes of reading the newspaper and looking up a few times, the man with the briefcase requested a stop. The bus speaker said “Ministry of Transportation”. On the bus; screen, it has the name of the station, a map of the bus route, a marker showing where the bus is, and any public transportation connections in the area, of which there were a few other bus routes. The man put away his newspaper for the last time, picked up his briefcase, and stood near the door. The speaker said “Arriving at Ministry of Infrastructure”. The bus came to a complete stop, and opened the door, where the man stepped out. He shouted “Thank you!” to the bus driver before making the last leg of his commute.

The Ministry of Infrastructure building is a relatively small high rise, taking up a small section of a city block. The man walked across the parking lane and towards the building. He recognized a few other employees who stepped off the bus with him, and a few who were walking to the building from cars parked on the side of the road. It amazed the man how many people still commute regularly by car, despite the traffic jams he saw all around him. The man entered the building. He walked down several corridors to the elevators, which took and several colleagues to his floor. He stepped out and walked down another corridor, then opened the door to his office. On the front door was his name, and his job, “Minister of Roads and Highways”.
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Capitalist Paradise

Postby Gagium » Wed Nov 27, 2019 5:18 pm

November 27, 2019
March of Blackgold

Little news came of the escaped serfs since they escaped early on the 26th, though the nation's social media and news were addicted. Years of silent anti-feudalist feelings were unleashed as millions took to their phones and computers to share the story and their often strong opinions on the 30 escapees from Hugen, who were now somewhere in the subarctic expanse of Blackgold. As the search efforts from Jeffernon Corporation continued into the 27th of November, their stock began the day 15% down - It would not increase by more than 5% before the day's trading session ended. On live television, the Margrave of Blackgold (Who had strong ties to numerous oil corporations in the March) announced that the Blackgold Army Guard would assist in efforts to find and arrest the serfs for breaking the contracts they had all signed with Jeffernon Corporation - Within an hour, several people had uploaded videos and screenshots of army vehicles taking to the highways on social media.

At around 4:34 PM, an image of a group of apparent homeless people had begun circulating across the internet - A closer look at the image would show that several of these people had rifles on them, the same model used by security guards working for Jeffernon. The image was apparently taken in the abode of Norsor, several miles south of Hugen's oil fields. In response to these developments, Jeffernon Corporation scrambled a convoy of twenty security guards spread across five vehicles and began speeding southbound to Norsor, while the Blackgold Army Guard sent three humvees to the location. Several more images had appeared on the web of this group, the chances of them being the escaped serfs becoming more prospective. At 5:03 PM, the first Jeffernon guards entered the town and were able to locate the location of the screenshots - And yet, nothing was found. The group prepared to search the town, but were halted by a small band of townsfolk who reminded the guards of their property rights. And yet, convinced by the fact that the escaped serfs were indeed taking refuge in the town of 100, the guards set up a small camp outside the town and sent for more reinforcements, while units of the Blackgold Army Guard began arriving.

And yet, this was all a false flag - Those in the image were residents of Norsor who sought to aid in the escape of the serfs, despite never having met a single one of them. The real escapees, several having gone without sleep since their escape, were twenty miles away, making their way southeast, towards the March of Marisea. They had since ditched the majority of the company vehicles they had stolen, and trekked quietly across the forested subarctic expanse via an old industrial trail. However, it made sense that Jeffernon would search the trail sooner or later - The serfs soon heard the rumble of a vehicle, and scattered from the middle of the road. They quietly watched as an unarmed humvee painted in the colors of the Corporation sped towards them - It seemed as if the serfs were safe. However, many were dismayed as the humvee pulled to a stop, with the doors opening and armed guards jumping out to fire into the trees nearly instantaneously. The escapees, however, were ready - The three guards were soon incapacitated, with none of them dying. Their weapons stolen, the serfs dragged the injured guards onto the trail, before one of the serfs took a photo of the guards and uploaded it to their social media account, with the following caption - Cease your pursuit or they die.

This rapidly spread across national news and social media, as the nation's citizens were eager to pick sides - And yet, the serfs were certainly not wise to make this death threat, even when the uploader added that they had open fired on them. No more news would come of the escaped serfs today, though they continued their way on the trail, Jeffernon and the Blackgold Army Guard being unable to pinpoint the location of the disappeared search vehicle and crew. A press conference was called for the 28th, to occur at Jeffernon Corporation's Headquarters at Fort Crowsea - The CEO of the Corporation himself would be there, along with a representative from the Blackgold Army Guard.

Chatrois Free City

Opposite to the frigid, northernly March of Blackgold was the ever-warm, southern Free City of Chatrois, home to the nation's (supposedly) finest beaches and shopping districts. Millions from across the nation and even hundreds of thousands of foreigners traveled to the Free City, population 4 million, each year to experience the wonderful sights and attractions the city had to offer. Beaches, shopping malls, skyscrapers, theme parks and more - Chatrois had all to offer - That is, except trains (Not including the city's subway). Due to the government's refusal to fund trains at the turn of the 1970's, the two train lines going into Chatrois were shut down by the end of that decade, never to be reopened as Chatrois Central Station was torn down and replaced by a 4-stack freeway interchange.

The Chatrois City Center was defined by massive corporate skyscrapers, hotels, restaurants and shops, and freeways - Oh, and tourists. The dreadful, despicable tourists who plagued the nation - How dare they visit Gagium! Such were the thoughts of many of the residents of Chatrois, who had grown to despise the foreign tourists from across the world . Especially those from Greater Bastion. Sure, they provided several million dollars a year to the economy, but their behavior and attitude was seen by many as inappropriate. A breaking news story from Chatrois today would reinforce many of these thoughts, with the headline, "GREATER BASTION MAN ARRESTED AFTER HIDING METH IN BELLY BUTTON, WRESTLING ALLIGATOR".

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Postby Greater Bastion » Wed Nov 27, 2019 7:49 pm

Gagium wrote:The Chatrois City Center was defined by massive corporate skyscrapers, hotels, restaurants and shops, and freeways - Oh, and tourists. The dreadful, despicable tourists who plagued the nation - How dare they visit Gagium! Such were the thoughts of many of the residents of Chatrois, who had grown to despise the foreign tourists from across the world . Especially those from Greater Bastion. Sure, they provided several million dollars a year to the economy, but their behavior and attitude was seen by many as inappropriate. A breaking news story from Chatrois today would reinforce many of these thoughts, with the headline, "GREATER BASTION MAN ARRESTED AFTER HIDING METH IN BELLY BUTTON, WRESTLING ALLIGATOR".

The official news network of the Bastonian government flickers to life on every television in G.B.

An attractive, 20-something year old, with brown-blonde long curly hair is shown on a podium, in a deep purple suit dress.

"This is the Official News Network of Greater Bastion, Joy presenting.

Today, we have news from the far away nation of Gagium. Apparently, a Bastonian man, or a 'Greater Bastion man' as stated in the Gagium news in Chatrois today, was wrongfully detained and imprisoned based on false accusations.

The story from Chatrois is as follows: A Bastonian man was found wrestling an alligator, and after being apprehended, was found with several grams of meth in their navel cavity.

While this could most certainly be plausible, we have evidence of fraudulent behavior on the part of the nation of Gagium. Upon this evidence, we have knowledge that many residents in Chatrois are anti-tourist in nature, and with this xenophobia, it is clear that these accusations are just that - false accusations meant to limit the tourism business in Chatrois and greater Gagium.

Upon these accusations, Premier Eckard has made an announcement that he will make an official statement about this later on, although many speculate that he will not punish the offenders against the Bastonian man and instead opt for greater economic profits in the situation.

No matter what happens, rest assured that the public of Greater Bastion will always be informed, with great accuracy and reliability, because we, as the Official News Network of Greater Bastion, serve the people - and the Premier. Joy signing out."

Other than this broadcast, the Bastonian people have no knowledge of outside events in Gagium. However, the Premier had sent requests to speak to the leader of Gagium to resolve potential political disputes between nations.

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Postby Annixe Christos » Thu Nov 28, 2019 1:06 am

The President's Residence, Silber Manor, Thaddaeus City, Annixe Christos

President Sylvia Love smiled at the camera as she wrapped up her daily speech and catch up session that she always did for the citizens of Annixe Christos on FaceTube. She felt it was the right platform to use as it was the most popular media vehicle where constituents could interact with comments and she could reply directly to them. It brought her closer to the people without her having to travel all over speaking in person, saving her valuable time where she could work on other pursuits.

"So my fellow citizens, People of Light and wonderful constituents, that showcases what we've accomplished for the week, as you can see we are always transparent and honest for you to see where your hard earned tax dollars are going and that your trust in us is honoured and respected. I'll sign off for now and see you tomorrow. Til then be loving, be respectful and stay joyous."

Her assistant Rose Buckley clicked off the camera and took the USB stick to the editing bay, she turned to the President and asked "The publishing company has asked if your current novel is nearly finished, they want to get it into print ASAP, so it hits shelves before the election season kicks into full swing. We want books signings from fans to be a huge part of your initial campaign platform", she smiled and continued, "and as I'm sure you've heard loud and clear, your youngest constituents are very eager to find out what's happening next in the continued tales of Sydney the Swan. What is is he up to in this volume?" She asked.

The President responded, "This one is is about the evils of the pro-vaxers and how they and their lies must be stamped out."

Rose chortled with enthusiasm, "Ooooooooh that sounds good, I think it will be as popular as the one where Sydney the Swan and his friend Harry Beaver broke up an underground abortion ring. I think it will be wildly popular, it's my sons favourite and he asks for it to be read to him nearly every night."

"Oh that's wonderful dear, I'm so glad he loves it. Alright I'll get that finished before I leave tonight, it's basically just a few wrap up lines needed."
She brought up the file as her assistant ran a last minute errand out the room. She typed a few key strokes, then got lost in thought as she gazed out the window over the rooftops of the capital city, the fading sunlight turning golden as it peeked through the tall buildings highlighting the ornate architecture visible on the buildings closer to Silber Manor.

She thought about her upcoming new run for reelection, and how much she loved this nation and what she was able to do for its citizens. She knew it would be a good race as her competitor for the position was a fair man, but she also knew her constituents loved her, she had made some great choices while she was in office and she felt sure she would be a cinch for a second term. Though she was well prepared for how much she'd still need to promote herself, she knew with the circle of people she had around her that were in her corner, that it would be accomplished very well.
She relaxed back in her seat and finished up the last of the lines of the book, Sydney the Swan triumphantly turning the key in the lock of the doors to Judas Field, locking away the criminals who dared to hurt their own children with vicious chemical injections, that would ofcourse ultimately make them very sick and probably kill them. The populace cheering and merrily dancing around with joy that Sydney had yet again saved the day.

She smiled.

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Postby Bloing » Thu Nov 28, 2019 11:05 am

OOC: I'll post when I have time this afternoon.
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The Coming Storm

Postby New Inglaterra » Thu Nov 28, 2019 5:50 pm

The Coming Storm: November 28th, 2019

Consul WIlliam Jennings walked into the Advisory Council's meeting room. It was an elaborate and decorative room located deep in the bowels of the old Viceroy's Palace. After the Confederated States had won their independence the Viceroy's Palace, the old symbol of an oppressive colonial monarch, had been converted into the official residence of the Consul, known as the Domis Consulari. The Advisory Council was the Consul's cabinet, with seventeen Counselors helping execute the laws and advise the Consul.

Today however, only four Counselors were present: Domestic and Political Affairs, Justice, Internal Security, and Intelligence. This meeting was not professional, but panicked.

“Where’s the Counselor of Defense?” asked the Consul.

“Sir, Counselor McClean was not able to attend. Didn’t give a reason.” replied his Director of Intelligence.

"Where do the polls put us?"

"Sir, we are expecting to pick up 3 Censors, and the Federalists are going to get 2 more. The Federalists would rather see us in charge, so we know that the Consulship won't fall to the Centralists." replied his Counselor of Domestic and Political Affairs, a thin man who drawled in an accent typical to the northern state of Cranmer.

"And the Popular Assembly?"

"Same thing. Likely 45% of the seats will go to either us or the Federalists, and about 10% will go to the Populists. We should keep a majority coalition."

“Can we trust the Populists?” asked Jennings. The Populists had split off from the National Democrats prior to the 2009 elections.

"If we were in Hell and asked for a drink of water, they'd drink it. That being said, they would rather give the drink to us than give it to the Centralists. Their deputy chairman might as well be a Centralist himself, but he has no actual power. Their chairman on the other hand, he hates the Centralists and has said he would gladly side with us.

"Oh thank God. How’s the investigation going?”

His Chief of Internal Security and Attorney General looked uncomfortable. His Attorney General, Francois Luc, spoke in heavily accented English, “Sir, we have evidence that Gagium is indeed supporting the Centralists, but sadly the manner in which we obtained the information was… illegal to say the least.”

“Under domestic or international law?”

“Both. Police obtained evidence without warrants and we wiretapped the Gagiumish embassy. If we weren’t a part of the WA…”

“Too late now. You’re all dismissed.”

When his term began, Jennings had been called the "Darling of the National Democrats". He was 42 years old, being elected as a Censor in 2009 and again in 2014. In 2014, he was chosen as the Consul by his colleagues in a 7-2 vote. The Centralists had been a small far right party with only about 10% of all seats in the Popular Assembly and two Censors. They were seen as a counter to the increasingly left wing Federalists for a time. The 2015-2020 term began with hope.

That had not happened. The Centralists fought every single thing that Jennings tried to push through the Popular Assembly (and Senate once the state of Hanover appointed four Centralists to the Senate) and the increasingly bloody war in the Occupied North meant that the National Democrats, the majority party for decades, might drop into the minority in 2019.

And so Jennings had an approval rating in the low forties on a good day.

“Sir, Mr. Consul? I have a concern for you and you only.” said his Director of Intelligence, a dark skinned man named Luther Blisk, once everyone else had left.

“What is it?”

“Sir, we have reason to believe that Counselor McClean may be on the Gagiumish payroll.”

Jessica Lyons walked through the streets of Mar, capital of the state of West Charlotte. West Charlotte was a large state with most of the population concentrated on the coast, with very few living in the forested interior of the state. Up here, on the northern coast of New Inglaterran Island, it was a hot 86 degrees with humidity to match. Like most Confederates, Lyons was pale skinned and blonde. In this weather she wasn’t far from being lobster-colored.

Up ahead a van pulled up and a swarthy dark man got out, a member of one of the rebellious Northern ethnic groups. Lyons took that in stride, they had been coming over in large numbers for about five years now, despite Consul Jenning’s harsh immigration stance.

But the swarthy man was dressed in a thick trench coat, in this weather? Lyons didn’t even notice when he pulled out the metal cylinder, and brought his thumb on the red button.

She did notice the explosion, but not much more after that.
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Postby Greater Bastion » Thu Nov 28, 2019 8:40 pm

Shift in the Times:

On November 28th, the national holiday of Giving Thanks, a time of peace and charity, was interrupted by... terror and chaos.

The CCTV cameras caught it all perfectly.

Halloway Isle: Near the coast of the island which has been claimed by the HRI for ages now, celebrations are had. A Giving Thanks parade marched through the streets, with the thousands of onlookers cheering onwards.

A parade float eventually makes it's way, carrying a large, orange Lynx cat, a symbol of national pride and the holiday celebrations in one.

But the majesty held a dark secret within. As the float carried on, it reached a large intersection of the major port city. Large crowds hovered near the float, cheering on their inevitable demise.

As soon as it reached the midway point of the said intersection, a faint beeping could be heard. The onlookers ignored it, thinking it could be a watch or a timer of some sort. Their grave error would not be forgotten.

On the 28th of November, Giving Thanks Day, at 4:27 pm, 27 people were killed, hundreds severely injured, and perhaps a thousand somewhat injured, by a bomb placed within the parade float.

Chaos ensued. The crowds panicked, spreading and running in all directions. Screams were heard, hundreds of people started calling emergency services, mysteriously overloading and overbearing the EMS.

Inside the chaos, masked groups of men came out of buildings and started firing into the crowds. Bastonian civilians, trained in combat, easily repelled the cowardly terrorists with their own government-issued handguns, but the damage was already done. Several more people were killed, and even more were injured.

The government has not responded to this massacre yet, but the isolated B-Net (Bastonia-Network) allows news to spread far and wide, quickly and easily. The entirety of Bastonia started clambering for a response, with a large portion of citizens blaming the HRI on said attacks.

Whether this is true, or whether another group committed such atrocity, will be seen. However, what can be known is that recent world events have not put the Premier into good light in the citizens' eyes. A resurgence of the Autocratic Regime may be happening, but we shall see if Eckard can keep it all together or if he fails in his dream of a society, free of autocracy and full of liberty and happiness.

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Postby West Phoenicia » Fri Nov 29, 2019 5:42 am


Baroness Margarita Too-Rak, Ambassador to the World Assembly had the opportunity to speak at a joint sitting of government consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate in Melbourne-Haven. After addressing the government, the Baroness would be jet setting off on a short holiday to the Unicorn Isles which boasted healing springs. Healing springs that were popular and relaxing. After her time of relaxation she would head back to her post at the World Assembly.

The Baroness was not shy about hiding her disdain for the World Assembly in her speech. She alluded to corruption, vote rigging and the erosion of conservative and moral values in favour of leftist policies that was transforming the World Assembly into a viper's nest of immortality where the left had a form grip on what policies passed and failed.

Baroness Margarita Too-Rak called on the nation of West Phoenicia to consider pulling out of the World Assembly. The motion was cheered on by a number of right leaning politicians, who stood nodding in agreement. While a chorus of boos and replace the ambassador was catcalled through out the chamber by politicians of the Communist Party, Socialist Party and Diversity, Love and Rainbow Party who were in favour of the direction the World Assembly was taking.

Baroness Margarita Too-Rak often wondered if the $180,000 salary plus perks was worth the stress the role was putting her through. With Countess Tia High elected as the new Prime Minister and the right wing Coalition retaining power, her appointment was to continue until her dismissal.
The leftists in the government may disapprove of her speeches both at home and at the World Assembly, and how she voted but she took direction from the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. If the left ever got into power than they could recall her and replace her with someone more to their political thinking.

She humbly nodded as members of both chambers rose to applaud her efforts. She still had a lunch at the Prime Minister's residence to attend before she departed for her holiday. It would be a special luncheon of important cabinet members and their wives. The baroness was hoping for an opportunity to speak with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs directly, if the government still wanted her in this position they would never to increase her pay by an extra $20,000, a staff increase from 10 to 20, to include additional maids, aids and private secretaries. A budget to redecorate her residence and a new limousine and chauffeur for work and personal use. She was sure the government would meet her demands. Her track record was spot on and she was one of the best World Assembly ambassadors West Phoenicia has had.
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Postby Gagium » Fri Nov 29, 2019 3:35 pm

November 28, 2019

What should've been a very happy Thanksgiving indeed in Gagium was interrupted with terrifying news from the nation of Greater Bastion - That is, news of a deadly terrorist attack that killed several dozen and wounded hundreds more. Gagiumish news teams in Greater Bastion would flock to the scene once everything was cleaned up to get as much coverage on the incident as possible, while the Gagiumish people once again took to their phones to post about the tragic attack in Greater Bastion. Hundreds of thousands of people called for a response to these attacks within two hours of it happening, and before long the King of the United Commonwealths, Arsène Rodier, interrupted regular programming with a speech authorizing aid and trained medical professionals to be sent to Greater Bastion in order to help out with the situation. The government of the United Commonwealths of Gagium has also accepted a request from the Premier of Greater Bastion to meet, and expresses willingness to travel to their nation for this meeting.

In subtler news, the Office of International Compliance (OOC: Our CIA equivalent) has quietly sent another million dollars through offshore banking accounts to a select few beneficiaries in the nation of New Inglaterra. While vague intelligence suggested that the Inglaterran government may be moving to respond to this, the higher ups in the OIC doubted this - Certainly the Inglaterrans were busy dealing with their internal conflicts? Speaking of, the OIC and other government officials in Gagium had noticed a build-up in world tensions nearly unprecedented to any seen before - Tensions between Bastion and the Holy Rhinish Islands were steadily increasing, the Inglaterran conflict was getting worse, and it seemed highly likely that the masses of Gagium would force the hand of change soon enough - Nobody knew what this would mean for foreign relations.

November 29, 2019
Chatrois Free City

In Chatrois, the arrested New Bastion man who had been accused of illegally carrying methamphetamine and later illegally wresting an alligator on the streets had his deportation ordered by a local court within the Free City. Security guards escorted him to Chatrois International Airport at noon, and before long he was on a flight back to Greater Bastion - With proper notification beforehand, of course. The city quietly celebrated the deportation of this so-called 'degenerate', and the residents of the city lived on. A clean-up operation began in Chatrois' City Center, where a large celebration and parade had been held the day before.

March of Blackgold

To the disappointment of many, 18 out of 20 of the escaped serfs from Hugen's oil fields were captured quietly over Thanksgiving, with news of the capture being shoved into the spotlight as coverage over the Greater Bastion attack began dying down. Their guns and other stolen equipment had been sent back to Hugen's armory and security guards, and a search was still ongoing for the other 2 serfs and 3 of the vehicles had the group had stolen. Under the stipulations of their feudal contracts, all serfs were to be sent to one of Blackgold's work camps, where serfs who broke their contracts and the law were sent to work for the rest of their lives with reduced rations and third-world living conditions. The particular work camp they would be sent to was renowned for its brutal (yet legal) treatment of prisoners.

The two serfs who were still undiscovered met with sympathetic civilians over Thanksgiving, and were to be transported with them to the Commonwealth of Cantone, one of three Gagiumish Commonwealths to have banned serfdom and heavily taxed corporations who practiced serfdom in other parts of the nation. Cantone Commonwealth in particular was notable for its protection of escaped serfs - In 2014, the Commonwealth had taken officials from the March of Blackgold to court for arresting a group of serfs two miles into Cantone. It was yet to be seen whether the two would survive the journey to Cantone, though if they did, they were essentially freed from the slavery-esque labor that they had to suffer doing for the past several years.

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Postby Greater Bastion » Fri Nov 29, 2019 3:46 pm

Gagium wrote:The government of the United Commonwealths of Gagium has also accepted a request from the Premier of Greater Bastion to meet, and expresses willingness to travel to their nation for this meeting.

Upon learning of their eagerness to discuss matters of international importance, the Premier had started plans to organize and hold a summit between the two leaders and whichever advisors were deemed necessary. Initially, the summit would be only to discuss the matters of the arrest of the Bastonian citizen and ways to mitigate any impacts it may have caused, but now, with terrorism on the rise, an even more pressing topic would be seen discussed - the state of politics in Greater Bastion itself. The unstable and rocky Coalition is seemingly ready to fall apart any minute now, and Eckard needs all the aid he can receive in order to build a stronger future.

In the meanwhile, Bastonian citizens are mourning the dead, and an increase in patriotism, which was already very high to begin with, can already be seen, with nearly every single house, car, train, bus, or personal possession carrying a Bastonian flag with it.
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Postby Polish Prussian Commonwealth » Fri Nov 29, 2019 4:36 pm

But for thou, o blest Prussia-Poland, conquer! For the throne that Jupiter delivers unto others, Mars gives to thee!

Warsaw, Prussia-Poland
Ah, Warsaw! The noble queen among cities, the capital of Prussia-Poland, the gay and happy maiden to the stout and grim shieldmaiden of Konigsberg. An infectious cheer seemed to be present in each and every man, woman, and child, from the baker selling her wares, to the traffic cop sipping at his morning coffee as he manned his armored vehicles' machine-gun.
Well, almost every.

Sejm-House of Lords
A single man stood at the center of the richly-decorated House of Lords, surrounded by about 50 of his fellow legislators.
"...And thus concludes the House of Lords' Foreign Affairs Committee report on the practice of serfdom in the United Commonwealths of Gagium."
"Thank you, Lord Radizwill."
The speaker of the Upper House coughed. "We shall now proceed to a vote on Bill 2019AD-86, also known as the Serfdom act. All those in favor, raise your hands."

The entire room was a sea of hands.
"Hmph. Those against, raise your hands."
2 hands.
The speaker sighed. "Very well, the bill passes 46 to 2. Moving on..."

'Bill 2019AD-86'. Such an innocuous name for a law with such far-reaching consequences.
The Bill effectively liquidated the assets of all and any companies that practiced serfdom or any other form of coerced labor, and in addition banned their employees entering Prussia-Poland on pain of death. It also authorized the Border Guards and the Reichswehr to halt and stop any attempt at returning a serf or slave to their 'owner' with lethal force, if needed.
Such stringent measures were aimed especially at their otherwise-friendly neighbor to the east-The United Commonwealths of Gagium.
Now all that remained from it passing was one signature from the King, and the bill would become law.

Time would tell what would happen.

Luftwaffe Bomber Command-Konigsberg
Prussia-Poland's opposition to the usage of serfdom, of course, wasn't limited to bills and speeches.
The Commonwealth had a contingency plan for everything. Aliens? Check. Zombies? Yep. A series of covert airstrikes on the facilities of companies that used serfs? ...Maybe.

Whatever they were cooking up, though, would be to the detriment of Prussia-Poland's enemies.
As long as none of the plans saw the light of day.

Sheepshead Bay-Republic of Bayerland
Sheepshead Bay.
Why do they call it Sheepshead Bay? Ask that question to a Bayerlander and the response would be a shrug. Noone knew. It had always been Sheepshead Bay.
Such a ridiculous name didn't really fit one of the most powerful nations on the planet-they were Bayerland, for God's sake! The valiant liberators of those who groaned under the shackles of tyranny! The land where all men were equal! Never mind that their bombing campaign of the old Kingdom of Alenberg left the nation in shambles, with a 'democratic' government that failed to have the respect of it's citizens, and lost which had lost half of it's army to a bunch of nationalist terrorists after spending decades trying to halt the growth of seperatists groups without any success. No, no! Bayerland was a democracy, the democracy, and it had history on it's side. Clearly democracy was the future, and the old monarchies were doomed! ...Right?

Victory Square
A single man looked around.

It was almost time.
The clock struck 12, and history changed forever.
The man pulled a rifle out of his coat, and cocked it.
"LONG LIVE ALENBERG AND HER SONS!" he roared, before opening fire.

Across Sheepshead Bay, numerous car bombs went off. This was followed by numerous men armed with rifles and shotguns opening fire on civilians.
The police were overwhelmed. There were simply too many men, all across the city, for them to make an adequate response. So they tried to hold the line as well as they could, while sending frenzied requests for help from the military.
Sheepshead Bay, so quiet and tranquil just a few minutes earlier, was now a warzone.
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Artsahk is Armenian.

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Aggressive Investigation

Postby New Inglaterra » Fri Nov 29, 2019 7:54 pm

Aggressive Investigation: November 29th, 2019
November 29th, 1:15 AM (local time)
Most of Inglaterran Island is tropical grasslands and rainforest. During the rainy season (October-April), the island receives near constant torrential downpours. It interferes with flights, transport, and regularly floods cropland and homes.

It also proves the perfect opportunity for arms runners. The rain interferes with visibility and naval radar, allowing for small boats to infiltrate Confederate waters.

Under the cover of one such rainstorm, a special ops team from the Confederated States Army’s elite Battalion II of the 212th Regiment moved silently through the jungle, dressed in dark green, they blended nearly perfectly into the leaves. The team of 40 moved into position, overlooking the mouth of tributary to the Sequana River.The troops slowly surrounded a small camp, where numerous men were unloading boxes from rubber boats that had landed on the beach. Their commander, Lieutenant Alceste Sardou, radioed in:

“Warlord this is Baker-1 actual, we’re in position along with Baker-2 and Baker-3. We do have contacts here, please advise.”

“Baker-1 this is Warlord, we have your helmet feed. Do you have a positive ID?”

“No, but they’re definitely speaking Gagiumish.”

“You’re sure? Okay. Standby for further orders.”

A few minutes later the radio crackled to life; “These orders come down from the Consul himself: you are cleared to take the camp. Lethal force authorized at your discretion, but take some alive. Good hunting, Warlord out.”

“Roger that Warlord. All teams, cleared to engage with lethal force, but take some alive.”

Baker-1 and Baker-2 quickly opened up with machine gun fire and precision sniping while Baker-3 moved into the camp. WIthin a few minutes most of the camp’s inhabitants were dead. The rest surrendered, and were taken into custody. Most of them were Gagiumish serfs, but while the Confederates suffered no casualties, a quick investigation of the crates being unloaded from the boats revealed a horrifying discovery:

The crates were filled with weapons. Gagiumish weapons.

Meanwhile, across the country, the Consul’s office was in chaos. Three Senators had been killed in the terrorist attack in Mar and evidence was now pointing towards Gagiumish weaponry and the Centralists funding the attack.

Of course the Consul didn’t announce that publicly. He had more urgent matters to attend to.

First was the longtime neighbor of Prussia-Poland's passage of 2019AD-86. The Confederated States had long looked for an Anti-Gagium neighbor and it looking like Prussia-Poland was heading in that direction.

On the other note, the election in the Holy Rhinish Islands was becoming a great concern to the Consul and his Counselor of Foreign Affairs. Pro-Bastion candidates were likely to be Pro-Gagium and therefore Anti-CS, but the election of an Anti-Bastion candidate would likely support the CS.

And if that meant the CSNI supported the Rhinish Islands in their dispute with Bastion… well that was international politics.

Oh yes. The Rhinish Islands and Prussia-Poland. Two perfectly good neighbors and potential allies…

I’ll have to get Foreign Affairs on that right away…” he thought.


With the USA, you can call it the US, the USA, America, the United States, etc.

Similarly with my nation you can call it the CS, the CSNI, New Inglaterra, the Confederated States, etc. Personally I will be calling it the CS or Confederated States.

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Postby West Phoenicia » Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:58 am

Oceanus Bluffs, Oceania District; West Phoenicia

The waves crashed against the sandy shore, the water residue bubbling into seafoam that created patterns over the sand, seashells and seaweed. Leaving an almost abstract impression.
Hundreds of citizens from the West Phoenician city-state of Oceania District braved the early morning chill of 5 am to take part in the season change, similar ceremonies would be held across the nation.
Autumn was fading; Winter was lingering in the wings for its time to assume control of the land.
Many held offerings of floral wreaths, shells and pebbles that would be tossed into the Achrinian Ocean after a priestess of Cailleach, a weather goddess representing winter and a priest of Boreas, representing the cold north wind and the bringer of winter blessed the early morning, calling upon the deities to assume control of the season for the next three months. The citizens would toss in their offerings while the priest and priestess would walk to the Sacred Shrine of Winter, lighting a sacred flame to keep the citizens of Oceania District warm and blessed for the winter season, once there both religious clergy would stay in the sacred shrine for the next three months keeping the flame lit, to have the flame snuffed out before the due time could instill harsh penalties for the gods who could see it as disrespect and curse the people of the land with an extended harsh, cold winter, freezing the land and the people.

Among the important citizens present at the ceremony were Governor Major Trey Winterbourne along with his wife and children. Oceanus Bluffs mayor Ms Desiree Redwood.
The two were not on the best of terms. The rest governor election had swept the Diversity, Love and Rainbow Party leader from the governor's mansion, the city-state as a whole, disappointed in the parties primarily focus on climate change and the environment at the sack of people and the economy had been bad for business. Voters swung sharply away from far left to the far right in their choice of a new strong governor who would improve their way of life
The retired major with his ideology of a strong economy-strong environment had won over both groups. Both issues didn't have to be polar opposites, they could work side by side and he would be the candidate to prove it. Ms Desiree Redwood was a remnant of the leftist group, she vowed she would not work with the governor and would oppose him every step of the way, believing a far right governor was not suitable for an environmentally green city-state. However budget time would be in a matter of months and she needed his purse strings to assist in keeping her election promises to the Oceanus Bluffs constituents.

The third governmental official present was Jack Portland, Minister of Foreign Affairs. As a card carrying member of the True Path, paganism was not his thing but he came out to support many in the population who embraced the polytheism lifestyle.. He happened to enjoy traditions and he loved how West Phoenicia still embraced the past and blended those ancient traditions into their modern day.

However he still wished he was in bed. He had a busy day planned. He was planning to fly back to the capitol today to attend a meeting with the Prime Minister and the Emperor. He would partake in the refreshments that would be offered after the ceremony, from his vantage point he could smell the hot chocolate.
The Emperor was set on creating a Goodwill non aggression pact with Annixe Christos, Elrado, Bayerland and Tesyky of the Galia continent. If it was a success the royal family planned to commence a Goodwill tour to promote friendship between the nation's.
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Postby Tesyky » Sat Nov 30, 2019 3:41 pm

Puzin, west Tesyky, Tesyky, 30th of November

“Well one things for sure, terrorism has seen quite the spike over the last couple of days” Director Leonid thought to himself, he was in the sat in his rather too large chair that seemed to of been made for another man, reading the paper early in the morning, it was always good to catch up on the news before getting to work, and it seemed he had his work cut out for him, a pile of notes, letters and messages has amassed on his desk. Bayerland, New Inglaterra and Greater Bastion had both suffered terrorist massacres in the middle of the streets, new Inglaterra was particularly worrying, it looked like it was in a state of disarray. “New inglaterra will be nothing but a warzone but the end of the year is half the reports are true” As distressing as world affairs were, Tesyky came first, and he had a country to run.

He had a form to sign, not an everyday death warrant or purge list, but a real game changer. The land bridge between Galia and Frigo Presented a great opportunity for Tesyky, the construction of a canal would benefit all the world, “And Tesyky particularly” he noted to himself. It would cost millions if not billions and would tie up the budget for the rest of the year, if not next years as well, but it could make the government and the people more importantly a fortune, it might even shift global opinion of Tesyky, seeing how most nation in the world didn’t exactly look fondly at the state of Tesyky ever since the glorious revolution In ’52. He signed it and handed it to his assistant, and then moved on to the next issue of the day.

The Director had received an invitation for a “Goodwill non aggression pact” from the emperor of west Phoenicia, and this was a perfect opportunity, Tesyky was always the black sheep on the continent, and this was exactly what Leonid needed. He began to write a response as soon as he read it in full, “The State of Tesyky is willing to sign a Non-aggression pact” It the carried on, “ We must however express our growing concerns over matters in global affairs, and would like to organise a summit, to discuss and organise a response to the growing threats terrorism and civil tension around the world.” The west Phoenician’s might be a bunch of god fearing priests, but you have to make the best of what you’ve got!
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Postby Gagium » Sat Nov 30, 2019 8:22 pm

November 30, 2019

After Thanksgiving, it seemed as if the Prussian-Poles were very quick to renounce any faith in dozens of companies that had invested billions into their economy as a bill passed by their Sejm prohibited employees of these companies from staying in their nation. This in itself would mean millions of dollars lost in tourism profits, and yet that’s not all - The Prussians also liquidated assets of these companies, worth billions alone in some retail companies. Media outlets were quick to cover this on the day after the bill passed in the Sejm, despite their King not approving the bill yet. This last fact alone though caused an emergency request from the Dreggler & Carris Investment Group for a meeting with a contact of their King Crassus von Hohenzollern-Jagiellon, in which they stated that they would attempt to lobby against the signing of this bill.

Despite the fact that this bill wasn’t legally binding yet, several local governments had already begun planning retribution - The noble-ran commonwealths of Arseniana, New Brismel, Chapais, and the March of Blackgold had announced that they would be levying or increasing tariffs on Prussian imports by up to 40%, while the Free City of Chatrois had announced that their City Council had come to the decision that Prussian-Polish companies operating within its borders would have their assets liquidated should this bill be approved. Regardless of whether it would be implemented or not, though, it was clear that tensions between Gagium and its sole land neighbor had escalated significantly.

Of course, this wasn’t the only thing that had gone on recently - No, of course not. Asides from the affair with the Prussian-Poles, a terrorist attacking Bayerland had killed hundreds of people in a single day as a peaceful territory became an almost-anarchic Warzone. It was no secret by the 30th that the terrorists who had killed hundreds and injured hundreds more in Bayerland were Alenberg nationalists, and an official response from the Gagiumish government vehemently condemned these terrorists and promised retribution should they not cease and turn themselves in immediately. Whether this threat would be carried out or not was yet to be seen, though, as the government of Gagium soon - privately - turned their attention towards a perhaps greater matter.

This greater matter, of course, originated in the tropical nation of New Inglaterra. While it was no secret to President Vincent Barbet or the King that a string of arms manufacturing companies and government operatives had been supporting factions of the Inglaterran government who were disgruntled with the current situation in the nation, this was a secret the civilian population and low-ranking goverment officials, as well as most higher ranking government officials. The matter had been forced into the attention of the President himself though when a prominent arms manufacturing company retrieved text messages sent from various people within a secret site of covert operations. The texts revealed frantic messages of goodbyes and calls for aid before the senders stopped responding. Gagiumish citizens were dead.

So, it was the President’s opinion that the Centralists better damned seize power in the upcoming Confederated States elections. Furthermore, the President approved a proposal from the Office of the Special Forces to send in the 2nd Special Recon Platoon, a secretive and highly trained unit of 60 veteran soldiers, under the cover of night to link up with Centralist organizers and forces. A highly encrypted message would be sent from a dummy corporation supposedly operating in Mietkael (Though in actuality having no presence in the said nation); The purpose of this message, of course, was to inform the Centralists of this deployment and request that they send units to rendezvous with them.

Regardless though, with all going on in the world, it was time that the Gagiumish levy their influence in the Federation of Conservative Nations to make an appeal to deploy the Army of Freedom.. (OOC: I will be making a pots with the FCN RPing nation as soon as possible to introduce the FCN and hopefully initiate a vote and debate).

Greater Bastion wrote:Snip

King Arsène Rodier prepared to travel to the nation of Greater Bastion to meet with their Premier and representatives. At 10:00 PM on the 30th, he departed in his private jet along with two security guards and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Additionally, the Ambassador to Greater Bastion already within the country would be attending the meeting as well.

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Postby Greater Bastion » Sat Nov 30, 2019 9:29 pm

Greater Bastion's "Inglaterra Proclamation"

On November 30th, the Premier, Moritz Eckard, issued a proclamation regarding the strife in New Inglaterra.

"Regarding the civil unrest in the nation and ally of New Inglaterra, on the day of the 30th of November, my advisors and I have decided to issue an official statement.

Citing civil unrest in the nation of which I hail, Greater Bastion, we have decided to remain neutral in the affairs of our ally. Seeing as intervening would disrupt the political atmosphere in the Bastonian Congress, and could tip the scale in the direction of chaos, neutrality was seen as the best fit in this occasion.

My advisors and I, although wishing to remain allies with New Inglaterra and to continue friendly relations with the current government, we cannot aid the proper government nor any organizations which may cause unrest, for this would be improper etiquette as well as cause what I had mentioned prior.

If situations change, the decision made here shall change as well. However, for the time being, our decision is final. I wish our friends in N.E. well."

Covertly, the Bastonian government is sending slight economic aid to the Centrist faction, however this is only temporary and will need to be resigned secretly.

The Inglaterra Proclamation angered many Autocrats, as they see this as a sign of weakness. Protests have sparked up in many large cities as a result. Most are calling for a repeal of the Proclamation, but a surprisingly large amount of those people also were supporting a return of the paternal autocracy.

Following the Proclamation, several prominent Autocrats, including the leader of the movement, denounced the current government and began pushing for their organization to take greater stands against the weakened Republic.

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Issues, Issues Everywhere

Postby New Inglaterra » Sat Nov 30, 2019 11:31 pm

Issues, Issues Everywhere, December 1st, 2019

“WHO THE… WHY THOSE…” an additional string of curses came from the normally calm Consul Jennings’ mouth.

“Sir, they've been sliding towards Gagium for a while no-” replied his Counselor of Foreign Affairs, a skinny man named Jean Savoy.

“I DO NOT CARE SAVOY!” screamed Jennings.

The Consul sat there angry. Bastion had been sliding into the Gagiumish sphere of influence. That being said… it didn’t hurt any less.

“My apologies Jean, I am not angry with you.” said the Consul in a more moderate tone, “Rather I am angry with these damn foreigners. I have a few ideas for allied help.” Turning to his Chief of Internal Security, who had other news.

“Sir, yesterday about six boats were spotted on naval radar off the coast of Hanover. Ten members of the Hanover State Militia were sent to investigate by the Governor, and they were found dead. Now I’ve taken the liberty of outlining the current situation…”

Salvador, State Military District of Nuevo Madrid
The crowd roared. Angered over the recent death of a young boy at the hands of a Confederate soldier, they surrounded Nuevo Madrid’s Occupation Headquarters (NMOH). The guards of the NMOH ordered the crowd to disperse. The crowd refused.

The NMOH guards called for backup. The machine gun towers surrounding the compound quickly became manned, and additional guards in riot control gear exited and formed ranks in front of the entrance. Tear gas canisters fired into the crowd.

But the crowd refused to disperse.

The crowd threw insults at the guards. Soon it became garbage. Garbage becomes rocks. Eventually rock sailed and hit a young conscript from Sainte Vierge, smashing his visor and instantly concussed him. He crumpled immediately. The other guards on duty opened fire, as did the machine gun towers surrounding the compound.

Civilians screamed as they ran away from the hail of lead streaming into the crowd freely. The Sergeant-On-Duty attempted to restrain his men, but to no avail.

By the time the shooting ended 153 civilians were killed and at least 500 wounded.

The government of the Confederacy was still reeling from the last few days.

The CS openly approached the Prussians and the Rhinish Islands about a possible alliance. Consul Jennings formally invited the leaders of both nations for a formal state dinner if they accepted. Talks with Bastion were slated to begin, as the CS was seeking out further assistance against the increasingly unstable north.

As for Gagium… the CS knew that some sort of response could be expected from the Gagiumish. The military forces of the CS were put on high alert, the militias of three states were mobilized and ordered to search, and the CS Navy was ordered to secure the coast.

The CS covertly approached the Furbish Islands to hear their views on the Gagium-New Inglaterra Cold War, and possibly approach them with an alliance. The Consul made sure to mention the high funding transportation, such as trains, received in the Confederated States.

The Republic may be weak, it may be dying, but it would not go quietly.
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Postby West Phoenicia » Sun Dec 01, 2019 3:47 am

Jack Portland, Minister of Foreign Affairs sat in his brown leather office chair, behind his solid oak desk in his office. His schedule had been busy, he was now enjoying a moment to himself with a snifter glass of brandy and a menthol cigarette from his art deco cigarette box. A gift from his wife when he was promoted to Minister of Foreign Affairs. He traced his finger along the cigarette box, loving the deep red and purples and the mosaic cat on the top of the box.

A light tap sounded from the door, Cate de'Carlo popped her head in. His personal assistant was checking if he needed anything before she left for the day.

Jack Portland waved her off, wishing her a good evening. The office was going to he very busy over the next few days or weeks, so he liked employees to leave once they had finished their work. He valued a healthy work-life balance.

He reflected on an email he tapped out as he took a small sip of his brandy. With the full agreement of the Emperor and the Prime Minister, travel warnings were to be issued across West Phoenicia, cautioning citizens to avoid travelling to the nation's of Greater Bastion and New Inglaterra due to a recent rise in terrorist related attacks that have left many citizens in those nations dead or injured. Extreme caution will be implemented, visas only being granted for work or government purposes. The travel restrictions would be implemented immediately.

The other important business was responding to Director Leonid of Tesyky personal correspondence of a summit that would include talks of a non-aggression pact,the rise of terrorism and other global affairs affecting the world. The summit was a fantastic idea, and he hoped the other nations on the continent of Galia would step up and participate.
Peace and prosperity should be the name of the game for the nations on Galia, they had vast opportunities for all to become very rich, or richer than they already were.
Terrorism would put a damper in that outlook.

The response to Tesyky was positive and uplifting that West Phoenicia would support any measures that would bring peace and wealth to the world.
Of course security measures were now going to be a pain in the ass, with nation leaders and other vip's attending a summit, it was sure to draw the attention of unsavoury types who may use the exposure to push their own agendas.



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