YN's Bloodiest Battle?

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Great Terra and its Dominions
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Postby Great Terra and its Dominions » Mon Oct 28, 2019 8:16 am

The Battle for Terra (2331 TF; Tempus Futurum or 'Future Time')

The Battle for Terra was a bloody and costly battle against the mechanical legions of The Viraclex Empire. It was the first major battle in the Terran-Viraclan Wars. Viraclan war fleets appeared from a hidden gateway and attacked the heart of mankind itself with much devastation in mind. Terra's defenses including the home fleet were nearly obliterated in mere hours and the Viraclex managed to land forces on the planet, thus beginning the Battle for Terra. Millions of died due to the battle, however hope had not faded when reinforcements came to aid Terra including a massive Imperial war fleet lead by a member of the Viscaran royal family; Magos Viscaran. this war fleet also carried an entire legion worth of Dorian Elitemen, regarded as the most professional and elite forces mankind could muster as infantry. Together along with what remains of Terra's defenses and people, pushed back the Viraclan forces and obliterated them near Mars. The Imperial Military reported that aproximately 3.3 Billion have died in battle, including the Emperor at the time; Eleanor Viscaran.
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Postby Monsone » Mon Oct 28, 2019 8:22 am

Battle of Hainan

Similar the Battle of Britain, this was several battles between 1940-1944, when Hainan was under siege by the Japanese. Nearly one million soldiers died and two million civilians from the fighting alone. At least 1.5 million more died from starvation. The Battle of Hainan ended with the Battle of the Hainan Sea, were the Imperial Japanese Navy was crushed by the Monsonian Navy. To this day, all of Monsone's former colonies along with Monsone hold mourning days for the Battle of Hainan, and many memorials depict those who died.

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Synne Industries
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Postby Synne Industries » Mon Oct 28, 2019 8:25 am

The Battle of Kristol

On 1984 there was a failed American attempt to retake the Synnian isles, during this attempt a total of 14 amphibious armored vehicles were deployed by American landing ships around the Kristol beach area. At this time the Synnian military was still very small and unable to easily dispatch the threat. Cobbled-together anti-tank rifles were able to cripple 2 vehicles before they could reach shore. The ensuing battle resulted in the destruction of all 12 remaining armored vehicles at the cost of 207 Synnian lives, 58 of which are attributed to a failed charge of Synnian civilians in makeshift bomb suits and bricks of C4 on metal rods. Eventually a stolen long-range anti-air missile truck was repurposed as a rocket truck and the armored vehicles were destroyed via. long-range missile strike. No prisoners were taken that day.

Economically speaking the battle worked in favor of the Synnians.
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First American Empire
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Postby First American Empire » Mon Oct 28, 2019 10:27 am

Siege of Chicago

Taking place between August 1940 and November 1941, the Siege of Chicago was the bloodiest battle in American history. 1.1 million American soldiers and 1.8 million Nazi soldiers died throughout the siege, along with 810,000 civilian casualties. The battle proved to be a turning point in the war, as the Americans halted the Axis advancement on the North American front and began pushing the Nazis back. The American victory also proved to the United Kingdom that the war was winnable, and the newly-arrived British navy blocked the Nazis from sending reinforcements from Europe, leading to a total defeat of Axis forces in North America by October 1943.
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Outer Sparta
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Postby Outer Sparta » Mon Oct 28, 2019 4:03 pm

The Liberation of Antioch in January 1998 in the Sparta-Thebes War. 500,000 were killed, over a million civilians died overall starting from the 1st Siege of Antioch, the 2nd Siege of Antioch, all the way to the Liberation of Antioch.
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Union of Sovereign States and Republics
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Postby Union of Sovereign States and Republics » Mon Oct 28, 2019 4:18 pm

The infamous Battle of Stalingrad, or as the Germans called it, the Rattenkrieg; the War of the Rats.
Current IC Year: 2031
The Union of Sovereign States and Republics; USSR
In 1991, a plane carrying would-be conspirators of an armed coup crashed in the Crimean Peninsula. Without the coup, the Union of Sovereign States treaty was signed; and the USSR survived... Lore currently undergoing a rework.
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The Ovakian Technarchy
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Postby The Ovakian Technarchy » Mon Oct 28, 2019 4:30 pm

The Battle of the Tchaikovsky. During the Ovakian Civil War, the insurrectionists tried taking the Tchaikovsky mass communications array. After 2 weeks of fighting in volcanic mud and deep snow, the Ovakian Army won against the rebels, saving the Tchaikovsky array from major damage. over 1 million died on both sides, and Ovakia lost a major portion of its population
Mountainous, snowy country. Advanced military with railguns, idk what else to put here lol

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Indonesian Peoples
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Postby Indonesian Peoples » Mon Oct 28, 2019 5:49 pm

after the US Failure of the Korean War and the Vietnamese War in the Asian front, America Departed out of Indochina (with dismay, low morale, and internal dissent), leaving the Country of Thailand surrounded with communism and vulnerability. On the East, The newly formed Indochinese Communes. On the West, the Tyranical Dictatorship of Burma. The North, The Raging hungry Tiger of China, Slowly Successfully Spreading her influence. and the south, A Socialist Federation of Nusantara.

Being surrounded by Leftist Countries, The Thai government, Paranoid and fragile, Enforced their contol over their Government. This has affect many Thai's within the country. Taken away their liberty, many Factions sprung up. The Government blaims their neighbors for intervention, and did a crack down and "rehabilitation" this has led to a civil war. Splitting the country in 5. One of the faction was the Patani Liberation Front (Palifro), who was Pro-Federation with Nusantara. Civil right atrocities by The Thailand's Authoritarian government has gotten worse, when a Nusantaran Woman Was brutally Hanged in Public. This was the last straw, and so Nusantara Intervenes. This was also followed by Burma invading thailand in the process.

The Battle for Patani
On June 3, 1979, nusantara had a great push to retake. Thanks to the Burmese encirclement and a Nusantaran Embargo and Blockade, Thailand's supplylines were cut off, making a Nusantaran Steamroll.

But with the last drops of water left, the Thai Millitary pushed on, hard. The battle lasted Months on end. Many Nusantarans Pushed their Ground but inflict heavy Casualties. BM-27 Uragan's reign from afar decimating the city beyond recognizable.

3 months passed Thailand's military presence became an insurgency. Nusantaran troops on the western side of the front lines captured the province of santun and a bit more, planing an encirclement of Patani, knowing either to move their troops or not, its a check mate. When they did choose to direct their some of troops to Santun Province, Nusantaran Bombers Decimated their movements, killing much of their personel.

1 and a half months later. The great hook was completed. They were even met with generosity and joy as they touch burmese controlled Territories. 1 months later Nusantaran Intelligence discovered guerilla shipping Transport lines, helping out Thailand's presence in Patani, this was traced back to the CIA heloing and arranging the suply lines. Nusantara and others condemn the secrecy.

2 months later, Raining Season came, flodding the city and lowering stock, with flooding in addition of craters with low land made the city as if it was reclaimed by the sea, with this Patani Surrendered and was liberated by Nusantara. 2 years later Bangkok was heavily decimated, The king's Palace was breached, and found the king, killed by cyanide. 3 days later Thailand Surrendered.

This battle killed more than 1.2 million Nusantarans and more than 1.7 million Thai's. The city reclaimed to the sea. But thankfully only 0 civilian casualties.
The Marhænist Republic of Nusantara
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Postby Creslonia » Mon Oct 28, 2019 6:02 pm

The Battle of the H1 Bridges

In the Spring and Summer of 1939, the Creslonian Fascist Party (CFP) attempted to cross into East Island from West Island. However, soldiers of the Creslonian National Army stopped them during the battle of the H1 bridges, during which the bridges were almost destroyed.

There was also a seven month-long siege of Creslon City, although this only cosisted of long range bombardment and CFP infaltrations.
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Postby Mercatus » Mon Oct 28, 2019 8:41 pm

The Fall of Threshold

On record for one of the bloodiest battles in the history of the galaxy, the Fall of Threshold took place during the second Xaav invasion of our galaxy. Threshold held a large civilian populace of about 17.62 Billion people at the time, and nowadays is a corrupted, irradiated world only hospitable to the corrupted flora and fauna that reside there now. It had the largest supply of a core material of Mercatusian technology simply known as "Element", and the valuable resource was mined there to be shipped to core worlds. The battle lasted for two months and had 14.36 billion civilian casualties, and 13.43 million military casualties. In the beginning, the Xaav vessels numbering 2000 gigantic warships, jumped in via wormhole. They quickly eliminated the outer defenses, and the remaining war vessels in the system all flocked to Threshold to assist the defenders. While the vessels in orbit were kept busy with each other, a massive ground campaign ensued. Xaav AA batteries and outposts were put into place and cities fortified. The Mercatusian marines, heavy mechanized infantry, and tanks were deployed against the outposts, attempting to get rid of the Xaav's footing on the planet. They received support from orbit with frigates patrolling the skies and saturating any outposts with antimatter bombs, and then they focused on the Xaav's now budding center of command on the ground, which had been fortified while the marines were busy clearing the smaller ones. By then, the vessels in orbit had all but destroyed each other, with only a few vessels left on each side. For the next month and a half, ground forces marched to their deaths on both sides, and places where cities had been were crumbling and bodies, human and Xaav, littered the streets and buildings. As the Mercatusian forces grew weaker and thinned, the Xaav went in full-force, capturing the Element mines and detonating explosives, spreading the hazardous material all over the planet. This element had strange properties, corrupting and mutating biological tissue through contact and respiration. The dead began to reanimate, causing problems for both sides. The infection spread rapidly, killing most survivors. Civilians huddles in deep, underground bunkers when the antimatter bombs fell. The Xaav emptied the last of their bomb racks, decimating the planet below. In an act of vengeance, the remaining military vessels rammed into the Xaav ships, sending irradiated hulls and ship parts down to the planet below. The dust settled, and the survivors emerged from bunkers, awaiting the relief vessels landing. More people died in the days following due to wounds and radiation poisoning.


The reclamation effort is in full swing, and the re-terraforming of Threshold has begun. Colonists flock there for new opportunities and a new life on reclaimed soil. The abandoned cities held rotted, frozen corpses, a reminder of the horrors experienced. A cemetery honoring the fallen has been built, with marine's helmets sitting atop white crosses. A plaque in the town square of the new capital city reads "Remember the Fallen".
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Postby Transmaura » Tue Oct 29, 2019 9:00 am

Sieges of el Baston. Part of the Gónava war. As part of the Great Offensive the 150000 strong supported by artillery, over 150 Tanks and 90 aircrafts, helicopters Aviation The 1st Army Arrived the el Baston the Gonava's disputed capital. It was the Naxeran defense strong point. Naxeran elements of the 4th division and 10th division were strenghed in the city. As it had a regional airport a river port and 5 major roads. General Juan Contreras offensive assaulted the Town from every available point during 3 weeks. Launching many reinforcements to the task the 9th division, 2nd Armored and 16th armored took El Baston. The Battle costed Naxeran defense 4300 casualties for 15000 casualties Transmaurans.

General Contreras then encountered then the operation storm whipped the 1st army the General Contreras had to abandon el Baston. 3 regiments were trapped in the city and elements of other 4 surrendered in the 2nd siege of el Baston. 14th "armored Alcantara", 18th "Trujillo" and 23rd "Plasencia" adding 1000 naxeran casualties and 7000 more transmauran.

Contreras was court martialled by cowardice.

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Grotesque Spore Creatures
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Postby Grotesque Spore Creatures » Sat Nov 02, 2019 5:57 am

The Battle of the Triangular Plains

1,000,000 BCE (While GSC was still conquering Plutonia)

21,000 Spore Creatures were killed and over 75,000 Rock natives. Since then, the rock natives and Spore Creatures agreed not to battle, and the Triangular Plains ended the war.

Verdict: Inconclusive battle
The Battle of the Yuri Forest
5,000,000 BCE (GSC's early stages, still on Earthonia)
55,000 Spore Creature deaths, over 200,000 natives. Was a decisive victory for the Spore Creatures

Verdict: Spore victory
The Battle of Green Island
140,000 BCE
205,000 Spore Creature deaths, 90,000 Pruman Empire deaths. Despite immense casualties, the Pruman force was forced to the sea and later destroyed. Victory for Spore forces.

Verdict: Spore victory
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All Spain
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Postby All Spain » Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:28 am

Battle of the Red Mississippi

Main battle between the United States of America and the Spanish Commonwealth during the War of the Spanish Roses of 1908, in which the US tried to claim Louisiana. This resulted in a long conflict, which escalated on the bloodiest battle in the Mississippi river. The Spanish side initially was 15,000 and the US of 12,500, but further reinforcements and sieging from both sides made the casualties be 1,672,458 from the Spanish side and approx. 1,890,000 from the American side. This decimated the population of the United States and of the Spanish North America. Although Spain won, it was labelled as a Pyrrhic Victory since this culminated on the rise of the Isolationist Policy of Spain, and brought the US more into Europe; that was already increasingly anti-Spanish.
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Batea del Nord
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Postby Batea del Nord » Sat Nov 02, 2019 11:21 am

Battle of the Hills 481E, 482 and 484E. Also Battle of the burst grain or The Valley of tears.

The 3rd Batean-Ucenan war started with an Ucenan Offensive that Broke Batean lines in many places with a 5 to 1 numeric advantage. Batean High command needed time and send the Armored Brigade to close the gap and give time to the arrival of allied reinforcements. The ucenan offensive consisted of 4 brigades that closed to Gandesa and it's important comunication link and fuel depot. The combined brigades consisted of 10,000 men, 200 tanks, 72 artillery pieces, 60 MRLS and 72 anti-aircraft guns latter reinforcements added 200 more tanks and 2000 soldiers.
National guard forces more element of the newly arrived Brigade Alma and the 7th (armored) Brigade fortified the hills overlooking East Gandesa. 31st Squadron F16As and Batean aircraft and helicopters were very active over the area as their Ucenan counterparts. Batean forces arrived there first and fortified the hills. Combined Batean regulars and the 18th National Guard Brigade added 4500 infantry in prepared positions, 100 tanks, 210 APCs and IFVs, 42 Artillery pieces and 30 Heavy mortars, 22 MRLS and 36 AAA guns.

The battle lasted from dec20th to dec23rd The different Ucenan Brigades attacked the Hills trying to capture them to proceed to the town. After a fierce defense general Gagnan frustrated by the defense launched several frontal assaults. on december 23rd The arrival of Allied reinforcements of the scout elements of the catalan 3rd Armored and 4th Mechanized Brigades. Forcing Ucenan troops to Withdraw to defensive positions. The Battle cost to Batea 280 dead, 705 wounded 493 captured of missing. 63 tanks, 107 APCs and 12 aircrafts and helicopters. more 252 allied casualties (all kinds) and 14 vehicles and 2 helicopters and several UAVs expelling Ucenan forces to it's inicial front. Ucenan casualties include 800 in the battle 1850 in total from 1800-3500 injured total and 878 POWs, 500+ vehicles of all kinds, including 160 tanks 34-41 aircrafts and helicopters more 34 SAM sites.

The Battle caused the armored brigade to be almost whipped and suffered heavy losses it was reduced to a depleted armored battalion size and a mechanized battalion. The Alma brigade also received heavy losses as the National guard. They took part in the rest of the operations in the Central TO. All units received the Highest Batean condecoration "Creu de guerra" and where allowed to add the battle Honors Gandesa. Also 12 individual Creus de Guerra were awarded.

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Post Czar
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Postby Purpelia » Sat Nov 02, 2019 12:09 pm

That's going to be the battle of Lower Shrub in 1950 the deciding tank battle which effectively won us the 10 year war (my local version of WW2 1940-1950). The battle happened in early summer of that year near the town of Lower Shrub just south of Twin Mounds on The Lady (also known as Twin Mounds on the White River) and featured thousands of tanks and mechanized units in the largest clash of armored forces in world history. It also saw the first operational strike use of helicopters, a be it to very limited effect. In what amounted to 13 days of bitter fighting with conventional and chemical weapons our enemies assault was first halted and than reversed forcing them into the defensive stance that would eventually end with the encirclement and destruction of our enemies best forces. The battle would leave lower shrub and its surroundings permanently contaminated and unlivable to this day. And although the war would continue for some months after that the battle effectively broke our enemies back and ensured an eventual rapid victory later that year.
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Generalitat Catalunya
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Postby Generalitat Catalunya » Sat Nov 02, 2019 1:31 pm

The bloodiest battle in the history of the Kingdom of Catalunya was the Battle of Cerdanyola del Vallès. The Battle of Cerdanyola del Vallès occurred during the Catalonian Revolutionary War. Even though the battle was a Catalonian victory, the combined amount of causalities from the Catalonian Army and the Spanish Army is 145,875. The Catalonians lost around 56,839. The battle was a part of the Girona Offensive, a military movement by the Catalonians to capture the major city of Girona.

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Postby Diarcesia » Sat Nov 02, 2019 2:02 pm

It was the Battle of Michael's Bay (1769), in which Diarcesian troops and their allies lost at least 15,000 men.

The battle began when an allied Diarcesian expedition under Jake Robin, commander of the 1760-70 Losphortoenan War, sailed to the port of Ravenyard and the base of Captain Barnabas.

The Diarcesian force, numbering in the region of 30,000, were to form part of a broader operation to end piracy and at the same time take control of Losphortoene. It culminated in the final duel between Robin and Captain Barnabas at the latter's flagship. While both were killed by the other, the Diarcesians were able to rout the Losphortoeneans and proceeded to apprehend or put down the survivors.

The navy arrived at Ravenyard on the 13th of December 1769, accepting its surrender and completing the territorial conquest of Losphortoene.

The Diarcesian navy under Jake Robin had been sent to Losphortoene against pirates and privateers in the 18th Century
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South Acren
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Postby South Acren » Sat Nov 02, 2019 2:21 pm

Battle of Lexington:
The worst battle in The Great War of the Countries, The Battle of Lexington was by far the worst battle for South Acren, casualty wise. Almost a million troops were dead, wounded, and missing at the end of the battle. The battle was a last stand set by Fascist South Acren to slaughter the advancing Allied Forces. To an extent the plan was working. Almost half a million combined allied troops were casualties for only 300,000 SA troops. However the plan failed when the government collapsed. Leadership abandoned the troops and the resulting chaos left many more dead and dying. Eventually the city fell, the last pocket of resistance to do so.

SA: 1 million (estimated)
Allied: 500,000 (estimated)
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Battle for Ciudad de Roma

Postby Romextly » Sun Nov 03, 2019 3:02 pm

This battle had 50 million troops involved during a Violetist coup. The end result was our victory of 5 million casualties and them 9.6 million casualties

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Postby Maizan » Tue Dec 03, 2019 11:12 am

The battle of New Voldrunum, The Age of the Planet at War, Imperial Year 1882-1884 (1945-1947 technologically).

The Age of the Planet at War was a bloody time around our world. The Empire of Maizan faced its fiercest opponent in the United Provinces of Hawthornia, a Western-cultured Federal Republic on the other end of the Pantropic Ocean, born of a colony and becoming a world power. Things came to blows over the resources of the Islands in this ocean, and what followed was 8 years of bloody back-and forth island-hopping campaigns and naval warfare. The waning monts of the 6th year would see the beginning of the longest, bloodiest, and most miserable battles of the war. on the critically important UPH territorial island of New Voldrunum.

The island was the Base of the UPH pantropic fleet operations, and also a mountainous, jungled, and fortified nightmare of a naval invasion destination. Nevertheless, to end the war with a victory, Maizan would have to capture it.

2 out of every 5 men to hit the beach on the first day of the assault were killed with in 30 minutes of landfall, and 3 out of 5 of them were made casualties of some form that day, but these first men were able to secure a beachhead and make the landing safer for further troops. A total of 3,206 Maizanese soldiers, 800 sailors, and 140 pilots were dead by the end of the day, as well as 2,424 United Province Soldiers and Marines, 3,000 Enemy Sailors, and 223 enemy planes downed.

The fight for the island would last a bitter 14 months, costing 104,000 Maizanese and 122,000 UP lives on shore alone, with many naval battles to support the operation taking many more. The battle was costing each side so many lives, resources, and money each day, that it was clear that neither side had the resources to continue the war for long, and peace talks began. Armistice was declared while both sides still were present on the island.
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I France
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Postby I France » Tue Dec 03, 2019 11:11 pm

Battle of Malplaquet
11 September 1709
Grand Alliance
Casualties: 95,000 total
The French Empire
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Republica Federal de Catalunya
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Postby Republica Federal de Catalunya » Mon Dec 09, 2019 11:50 am

-the Battle of Verdun 1916 was the bloodiest Battle fought by the Catalan Army. Our forces contributed to the carnage with 5 divisions of the 75-85 used By Entente the suffering considerable losses (12000).

But the bloodiest battle for our losses was next year in The Chemin des Dames were we suffered in total 18000 casualties.

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Postby Prozitia » Mon Dec 09, 2019 12:11 pm

The Enlightenment War, also known as the second phase of the Greater War or Prozitian Independence War.

After the end of the first phase of the Greater War, several rebellious movement groups confederated into one single front called "The Enlightenment Front".
As the Neoleran Alliance had been growing strong and the opposing nations becoming weaker and nearing dissolution(partly due to them already in a cold war with each other), the leaders of each of those states decided to create a pact called IREP(International Rebirth and Enlightenment Pact) aimed to support the rebellious front in Neolera and end Neolera's dominion over the continent(or at least contain it). Then the war broke out.

IREP was victorious, and the confederated front formed Prozitia. The casualties are in millions.
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Postby Bykhia » Mon Dec 09, 2019 5:38 pm

Definitely the Battle of Qw’ša.

It was an extremely tense, bloody battle instigated by numerous atrocities by the Georgian army countered by Russian and paramilitary violence, all confined to within a small forest village. Within about a week, the entire village was displaced and the area surrounding it flattened. The Bykh paramilitaries, alongside the Russian army, managed to eke out a victory after just over a month of brutal violence. Casualties are numbered in the upper 200s.
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Postby Hanvaria » Tue Dec 10, 2019 3:44 am

The Civilian Battle of the Halvshon.

In 2005, a riot on a revolution took place. After months of unrest, the military was called in. Unknown to them, the riot was millions strong, so they has to go full Tiananmen Square on them. The riot destoryed parks, buildings, landmarks, and even killed the Chief Officer of State. After the riot was over in 2007, a total of 5 million civilians were dead and 600,000 troops were killed.



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