The reestablishment of the old order (MT open)

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The reestablishment of the old order (MT open)

Postby Wilconson » Tue Oct 26, 2010 10:39 pm

Unknown location with in Wilconson city, 8:10 P.M. October, 8th 2010

In a well lit large room where a fancy chandler lay above them and members of the Imperial Guard were guarding the exit and several dusty tables and the large meeting table were the old Junta that brought Colonel Robert Zesich, the Dictator of Wilconson from 1987-2009 were sitting and sipping and brandy. It consisted of six aging Generals of the National Army that were board of advisor's for the Generalissimo that were pressured into retirement and replaced with a Parliament approved Ministers in 2009. Then Commander-in-chief Joshua Arrington of the Imperial Guard entered the meeting room and stood at the end of the table podium he announced.

"Good evening, Generals Yılmazm, Ribot, Niemann, Visdomini, Morris, and Jacquelin. As we all know the the wedding of Grand Duke Matthew J. White II of Gyflada and Rebecca Redfield of Socialist of Obama. Also we plan on "liberating" the former nation of Bervania to free up our military resources and make it a puppet by rigging the elections. Any extremely loyal Imperial Guards will be sent home that day and if they resist they will face four-year imprisonment. We have already gone over the plan that once we seize control with the Junta-loyal Imperial Guards the Army will have no choice but to support us. Any questions, my superiors?"

General Morris spoke.

"What about Parliament and the Ministers they will surely rally a large group of the population against us if we take over. Also the world will surely try to interfere to end the sudden change of power?"

General Arrington responded.

"Well once we take power. The Liberal-Democratic wing Senators will be immediately be arrested, the Monarchists will support us once we return former King Martin Fellzway II to the throne as a puppet and the Right-wing will support us once we reverse our leaders liberal policies. As for the international community they will not dare try to invade us since we will of replaced a "evil" Dictator with a group of Officers and the old King. I think they will begin a temporary embargo on our goods"

The Dictator's Palace, Wilconson City, 1:30 PM---- October 24, 2010

Generalissimo Cravents's limo entered the Palace's parking lot after the electronic gate closed behind them. Just before entering the garage Cravents exited the vehicle he was showing the signs of stressful leadership and had a brief period of rest during the wedding between Grand Duke of Gyfladia, Matthew J. White II and Annette Redfield of Socialist Obama. As soon as he entered the palace was quickly escorted by two Imperial Guards they remained strangely silent Thomas became somewhat uncomfortable but put it off. He entered the office and saw his newly appointed General-in-chief of the Imperial Guard, General Joshua Arrington looking rather pleased with his medals showed off on hid clearly cleaned uniform. He said in a calm voice.

"Your Excellency, we have located a conspiracy by the Supreme Parliament and various Communist under ground organizations to remove you from power, I ask for you to suspend their powers indefinitely and give power back to the old Military Junta that brought your uncle to power as leader and now you. To establish total control again."

Cravents stood up to Joshua and completely enraged said to him.

"I refuse to act upon your measly thoughts. Guards remove this man from my sight!"

The Guards didn't do anything instead they blocked the door and with out saying a word raised their K-M1987 pistols at pointed them directly at their Generalissimo. General Arrington did the same with his K-M1987 pistol. Joshua said with a smirk,

"The Palace is under my control and with the old Junta supporting me, the National Army will surely support my actions to remove you from power. Send this man to the next plane to Aabarville and the next boat to Devil's Fortress in the Fountain Islands."

Thomas held his head in shame as the guards led at gunpoint and removed his Luger from his holster and led him off to an armored car. He had tried his best to keep the country united and failed. He entered the back of the entered car and stared at the floor with a sigh as the car drove off to the airport.

Balcony of the Imperial Palace- October 26, 2010 5:20 P.M.

General Arrington had announced that at this time a important balcony speech that day. Dead on time hundreds of people gathered in Imperial Square. Appearing like a ghost along with Generals Ribot and Morris, General Joshua Arrington walked to a microphone strait in front of it that was in front of him.

"My fellow citizens of the great nation of Wilconson! I have along with the rightful heirs to hold the power of Generalissimo have rid ourselves of usurper and man of impure blood known as Thomas Cravents. I have today reestablished the old order that brought down the corrupted and failed republic and restored order and patriotism to a nation of anarchy and secessionists. I have agreed to restore a certain figure from the past who were brought down by Socialists the former King Martin II will be brought back as the head of the nation. So as of this historic day of October 26 , 2010 we have restored the old Junta and the Monarchy!"

While Arrington was delivering this speech to the crowds a dispatchment of the Imperial Guards was sent to the Parliament Building and headquarters of the Liberal-Democrats.

Apartment 2, North Side Apartment Complex, Wilconson City --- October 26, 2010 5:27 P.M.

Ivi Walker unlocked the door to her cheap apartment with the mail including a newsletter labeled The L.D.W. Official Party News Letter on one hand. She had just got home from her day shift at Kraus Arms factory. At only twenty eight years old her husband had abandoned her no less than a month ago for being "unloyal to the country" because she had spoke out against the government during a pro-democracy protest that was soon squashed by Riot Squads leaving a large bruise on her forehead from a baton striking her in the face. She plopped the newsletter on a table beside her and began to rest on a comfy chair facing a television that was opposite to the front door. She would rest before changing to eat a decent restaurant with her friends before heading off to bed. Then suddenly a loud bang shattered the silence in her room, it was the sound of the door being smashed down by sheer brute force of three Imperial Guards, in full gray uniform armed with K-M97 submachine guns aiming directly at her.

"Put your hands up. You are under arrest for conspiring against the Government."

She was in shock for being under arrest and she knew that she couldn't fight them off since her 38 snub nose in the bedroom. She raised her hands and stood there. The apparent Officer, with thinning hair and slightly worn face told a younger Guard."

"Jefferies, cuff her."

The recruit obeyed responded.

"Yes sir."

The younger Guard semi-marching behind and placed her under arrest and pushed her forward to the entrance to a Prison Bus that was filled to the brim with normal looking and people either screaming or people completely in shock and confused. They tossed her onto the bus. She took the first empty seat she could find but there was only one. Soon the bus drove off with five other buses in convoy guarded by three L-M68 IFV's two the side and once behind and one B-M74 Main Battle Tank leading the convoy to the highway before it would leave the convoy to lead another convoy coming from the south. Before the bus got on the highway Ivi looked out the window to the Parliament Building, the last hope for democracy was being broken into by Imperial Guards who looked like they were going to arrest the Parliament members too she was more depressed than ever hoping that someone would come save them and free them from sudden tyranny. Apparently the new government wasn't letting anything go wrong with the transfer of nearly a thousand of prisoners from the capital to brand new forced labor camps, but this wasn't just going on in just the capital this was occurring from every major City in Wilconson. From Saravichi, to Port Hoover, to Torrencio and to Aabarville similar arrests were occurring. Except for the recently conquered region of Bervania, which the new government was ready to prepare for the "liberation' of it.

On March 25, 1973 at age thirteen Prince Martin II became King of Wilconson. A position that was in dire need of reform. His Father, King Martin I had been killed by an insane man who was passionate about democracy, the nation was recovering from one of the worst recessions in thirty-five years and there was no Parliament for the people to vote. So in 1975 Pro-Democratic leaders launched a attack with backing by the military who were tired of being the King's "playthings" to bring down the Monarchy and establish a Republic, with few loyal supporters of the Monarchy resistance collapsed and a Republic was declared in the Royal Palace at Aabarville on February 5, 1975. The first President Daniela Madison managed to make deals with the military to keep them from launching a coup by improving conditions for the soldiers by raising the military budget, but in 1985 the Socialist candidate Zaki Mahfouz refused to abide by the militaries demand and paid the price. He was ousted in 1987 by a group of military officers led by Colonel Robert Zesich. By than WIlconson was a nation in near collapse from close elections and thugs from various parties attempting to take power the Military capitalized on this problem and use it as a excuse to increase the size of the military. Once Colonel Zesich was elected as Generalissimo in the Junta to represent their interests and they were his group of advisors. They advised him during the Second Wilconson-Bervania War of 1998 where they invaded Wilconson's neighbor, which was considered backwards by many. They didn't realize that the people of Bervania who were quickly persecuted and most were forced onto slave labor camps would revolt. The revolt continued but died down when foreign matters distracted the government like the Communist take over of Hobit. Communists assassinated Generalissimo Zeisch in November 2009 during his trip to Hobit, his nephew Michael Torrencio was elected by Junta to lead. He was rash and did not trust anybody especially the Bervanian people and Socialists who he hated with a passion. During his brief four-month reign he never trusted the Junta so he created a cabinet of yes-men and women and created a Parliament to make his actions seem legal. He chose his cousin Thomas Cravents who the Junta agreed because they thought he would be a great puppet because he was a tired former Brigadier-General during the Second Bervania-Wilconson War and Governor-General of the Bervanian Province. Torrencio was murdered by a Parliament member who claimed it was for her right as part Bervanian to free her people from this "monstrous madman". Cravents became Generalissimo and surprised the Junta by abolishing them as a legal group, allowing people to form their own parties, basic freedom of speech was finally made legal and the cabinet of yes-men and women were forced to resign and a new cabinet was chosen by Parliament. Now the Junta was tired of Cravent’s liberal policy and has now seized power with an actual puppet instead of self-centered Colonel, or the racist rich nephew of said Colonel or man of contradictions.
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Postby Zaheran » Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:10 am

The Imperial Palace
Reichsburg, Zaheran

Outside the first snow fell over the Zaheranian capital, but inside the study a crackling fire created a comfortable warmth. Three men were sitting in front of the fireplace, silently sipping cognac from crystal glasses while they watched the flames dance and sparkle. One of them was leaning over a small table, carefully studying the map that had been draped over it. The light of the fire was reflected in the dozens of ribbons and orders on the breast of his black dress uniform. A silver half mask covered most of the left half of his face, hiding the hideous scars that disfigured him. In his youth, Dieter von Rosenheim-Holstëin, Emperor of Zaheran, had been a victim of a napalm attack against a military convoy. He had survived, but his face had been irreparably ruined.

The map he was studying was of a country called Wilconsin. A name few had heard, until the reports of a military coup had started to flood in just a few hours earlier. The news had not attracted much attention from the general populace, but in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs it had raised some interests. Disturbances and revolutions in other countries were always followed closely. There was always a chance, however small, that they might inspire some wannabe-revolutionary at home, or that the new regime would take a hostile stance towards the Holy Empire. In this case, it was quickly decided that the junta would not be an ideological enemy. With the promises of restoring monarchy, the coup was actually not very different from the one that had brought the current Zaheranian government into power.

The Emperor took another sip of cognac, without taking his eyes from the map. The question was whether he should contact the new Wilconsian government and congratulate them on their victory, or abstain. Both options had their advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, the more democratic nations of the world would surely condemn the coup, and perhaps institute some type of diplomatic or economic sanctions. The new regime would be grateful for any support they got, and it was not unlikely that the diplomats would be able to secure a favourable trade agreement. More trade meant more jobs, which meant a content populace. On the other hand, the aforementioned democratic countries would not look kindly on such involvement. A delicate balance.

'I still say we go for it', the Foreign Minister said from his chair, as if he had read his thoughts. After thirty years of friendship, the three men knew each other as well as they knew themselves. 'General Arrington shows all signs of being a man we can cooperate with. And it wouldn't hurt to have a friendly rapport with the new government. You never know what turns the future can take. Besides, we haven't got much to lose. Worst case scenario, we deny everything and pretend like its raining.'

'You think it will go that far?', the Emperor replied. His old friend shrugged.

'I considered it unlikely, but there's always a chance. The gods know that some of the commies and democrats have been acting aggressively lately. But in any case, I think Arrington and his bunch will manage. If the figures Erich's boys managed to dig up are correct, they have nearly thirty million men under arms in the army alone.'

'They are correct, Marius' the Defence Minister replied with a slight smile. 'In any case, I agree. We have everything to win, and almost nothing to lose.'

The Emperor nodded.

'Since we all appear to be in favour, perhaps we should get this started. Marius, contact General Arrington and give him our congratulations. See if you can arrange a meeting with one of our diplomats.'

The Foreign Minister nodded, downed the last of his cognac and left the room. The Emperor settled back in his chair and poured himself another drink. It would be interesting to see how this played out.

The Holy Empire of Zaheran
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Official Communication

To: Generalissimo Joshua Arrington

Dear Sir,

We congratulate you on your rightful victory over Thomas Cravents' and his corrupt regime. It is gratifying to see that power has been returned to its rightful owners, and that monarchy will be restored. Undoubtedly, future generations of Wilconsians will praise you for your heroic actions in ridding them of Thomas Cravents' dictatorship.

It is therefore with honour and pride the Holy Empire extends it hand in friendship. As a first gesture of our goodwill, we hereby declare our full diplomatic recognition of your government as the rightful government of Wilconsin, and of King Martin Fellzway II as its rightful monarch and head of state.

If possible, we would like to arrange a meeting between officials of your government and diplomats of the Holy Empire, to discuss matters such as an exchange of embassies and economic relations.

Yours sincerely,

Minister of Foreign Affairs
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Postby Ishema » Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:50 am

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Postby Wilconson » Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:52 pm

The Dictator's Palace, Wilconson City, Wilconson---- October 27th

In the former Dictator's Palace even the hall way astounded him with its marble floors, collections of art work from across the world and polished wood doors leading to either plain offices or guests room which had either a simple, General Arrington wearing a more casual light blue dress shirt and dark gray dress pants instead of the uniform his superiors were wearing which were making either various trips to important barracks and forts to boost the morale of the Military or leading from the field or commanding from the field their knew positions in Government. He now walked into the office where the coup occurred since he had not been in there since the coup. He sat down in a polished hickory chair with a cushion, he sat on it a pulled a cigar from the cigar box that was to right of him along with various sorts such as unimportant reports which were now outdated, fountain pens, and two letters which were left by the secretary along with a memo that the King would arrive with in two days from his exile. He read the letters thoroughly several times over and since he did not have to inform the Junta of friendly alliances and embassy exchange he picked up a fountain pen and wrote


Official Wilconsonian Communications

To: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Holy Empire of Zaheran

Dear sirs,

We thank you of your kindness to recognize our new government. We will with out a doubt in our minds help arrange a meeting between our great nations.


General Joshua Arrington

Devil's Fortress, Far Eastern Tihi island, the Fountain islands, Wilconson, October 28th

A large converted sailing boat armed with twin K-M65 general machine guns in the front, it moved slowly to the old partially damaged wooden dock. The Fortress was the main site, made of dark stone and falling apart. It dominated the landscape made up of tiny islands in the west. The Fountain Islanders with aid of Wilconsonian construction materials first built it after establishing contact with the nation of Wilconson in 1901. They signed a deal with King Noah of Wilconson to help build a naval base here, but after a failed military expedition to colonize the Island chain they cut off all contact when the Fortress was 70% completed. Eventually when Wilconson invaded and occupied the Islands in 1930 they completed the Fortress and later abandoned it after deeming it "unsuitable" for even a rest stop. Later the Torrencio regime reconstructed but wasn't completed until after his death. Now it was finally in use. They tossed their cargo, a now dirty man in a slightly stained blue-pin striped suit and hadn't shaved since he was a man of power. This man was the former leader of the soil he was standing own his name was Thomas Cravents. With out saying a word, two soldiers wearing tropical uniforms and armed with K-M87 pistols. They picked him up and pushed forward as he looked toward the blindingly setting in the distance and then he looked at the fortress. A man with L-M88 heavy machine gun aimed right at him at the top of the guard tower stationed in the center of the fortress. They pushed him to the big double doors and they slowly opened with a loud creaking sound. They now led him to a cell to the far right and tossed Thomas in there and walked away. He looked at his cell, a dry hard floor, a urine-stained mattress, a large pot that was supposed to be a toilet and some remnants of seeds from some kind of fruit. He looked around and laid on the mattress knowing that this would be his home until he would be called by some as the destructor of the country and completely forgotten by most. As the sky darkened and the guard blew out the candle he laid wide-awake staring at the ceiling wondering what was occurring back at home.
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Postby Michiganalia » Wed Dec 01, 2010 3:18 pm

The newly elected President of Michiganalia, Christopher, sat in his room with is most trusted Generals John and Andrew.

"Have you heard? Wilconsin is reestablishing the monarchy!" Says Andrew

"yes i have looked at the map all night" Said Christopher watching the fire burn in a orange glow. "Its funny you remember our ally Gallolia, correct?"

"We fought against them during their revolution, but afterward be gave them land and formed a alliance." Answered John

"These people are a lot like Gallolia, they are fighting not for a democracy, but to restore a monarchy...and for Conservative reasons." Said Christopher

"I remember their leader Alexander wanted to end the dictatorship and start a democracy, but his cousin, CJ, refused and fought to take power. The dictatorship started in the first place because of socialist people being elected in the government and so the first dictator took power," said Andrew.

"They are much like the Gallolians....and the Gallolians are our allies.....we must support the revolution!" Christopher said and stood up not keeping his eyes of the fire. "We may get so money out of this..."

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Postby Michiganalia » Wed Dec 01, 2010 3:19 pm

OOC: the stuff above is true

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