Di Bradini Cup 46/U21WC67 Everything Thread

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Di Bradini Cup 46/U21WC67 Everything Thread

Postby Valanora » Fri Oct 18, 2019 10:25 pm

Starblaydia wrote:OOC:For complete newcomers, please see the Guide to Sports Roleplaying. If you need to ask anything of the host or your opponents, arrange RP angles or generally chat about the goings-on, please use the World Cup Discussion Thread. Misspellings of 'Di Bradini' will be met with zero tolerance.

The Valanora Footballing Association presents

In association with the Starblaydia Football Association:

The Forty-Sixth Di Bradini Cup
The 67th Under-21 World Cup

The Valanora Footballing Association proudly presents the forty-sixth edition of the Di Bradini Cup, the fourteenth edition of which to be held in the Valanora. Recognized as direct successor to the original Under-21 World Cup run by Total n Utter Insanity, this is also the 67th Under-21 World Cup.

This tournament is named after Starblaydia's most-famous player, the first person to score for Starblaydia's own Under-21s, currently the fifth-highest goalscorer in Starblaydia's history, World Cup Winner, member of the World Cup Hall of Fame and one-time President of the World Cup Committee: Simeone Di Bradini. We present, for your participation: The 46th Di Bradini Cup, a.k.a. The 67th Under-21 World Cup!

U21WC1. Audioslavia
U21WC2. Kingsford
U21WC3. Jeruselem
U21WC4. Bedistan
U21WC5. Rejistania
U21WC6. Bedistan
U21WC7. Vilita
U21WC8. Total n Utter Insanity
U21WC9. Jeruselem
U21WC10. Rejistania
U21WC11. Rejistania
U21WC12. Druida
U21WC13. Fmjphoenix
U21WC14. Starblaydia
U21WC15. Fmjphoenix
U21WC16. Nedalia
U21WC17. Hockey Canada
U21WC18. Spruitland
U21WC19. Fmjphoenix
U21WC20. Fmjphoenix
U21WC21. Haraki
U21WC22 (DBC1). Valanora
U21WC23 (DBC2). Candelaria And Marquez
U21WC24 (DBC3). Candelaria And Marquez
U21WC25 (DBC4). Newmanistan
U21WC26 (DBC5). Daehanjeiguk
U21WC27 (DBC6). Valanora
U21WC28 (DBC7). Secristan
U21WC29 (DBC8). Sarzonia
U21WC30 (DBC9). Kura-Pelland
U21WC31 (DBC10). Candelaria And Marquez
U21WC32 (DBC11). Sorthern Northland
U21WC33 (DBC12). Sorthern Northland
U21WC34 (DBC13). Sargossa
U21WC35 (DBC14). Starblaydia
U21WC36 (DBC15). Cafundeu
U21WC37 (DBC16). Queer Poco el Mono Ara
U21WC38 (DBC17). Cafundeu
U21WC39 (DBC18). Cafundeu
U21WC40 (DBC19). Taeshan
U21WC41 (DBC20). Polar Islandstates
U21WC42 (DBC21). Bears Armed
U21WC43 (DBC22). Pasarga
U21WC44 (DBC23). High Heels
U21WC45 (DBC24). Kiryu-shi
U21WC46 (DBC25). Wight
U21WC47 (DBC26). Blouman Empire
U21WC48 (DBC27). Equestrian States
U21WC49 (DBC28). Free Republics
U21WC50 (DBC29). Northern Sunrise Islands
U21WC51 (DBC30). Farfadillis
U21WC52 (DBC31). Furellum
U21WC53 (DBC32). Mizuyuki
U21WC54 (DBC33). Schottia
U21WC55 (DBC34). DNF
U21WC56 (DBC35). Cosumar
U21WC57 (DBC36). Dainer
U21WC58 (DBC37). Pasarga
U21WC59 (DBC38). Ceni
U21WC60 (DBC39). Pasarga
U21WC61 (DBC40). Mytanar Region
U21WC62 (DBC41). Kita-Hinode
U21WC63 (DBC42). Pasarga
U21WC64 (DBC 43). Mapletish
U21WC65 (DBC 44). Cosumar
U21WC66 (DBC 45). Cosumar

Main Nation Ministry
Baker Park
Island of the Lost
Bears Armed
Greater Cebu

Group A

Venues: The Battleground and Hellgate

Group B
Main Nation Ministry

Venues: Castle de Mot and Aranfield Bridge

Group C

Venues: Metropolis and The Tar Pit

Group D
Island of the Lost

Venues: Lathal and Miner's Haven

Group E

Venues: Rose Gardens and Hatire Memorial

Group F

Venues: Donna Cathedral and Artani

Group G
Baker Park

Venues: Turmondale Grounds and Angelotic Temple

Group H
Bears Armed
Greater Cebu

Venues: Duran Palace and The White Fortress

MD1: 1v4, 2v3
MD2: 4v3, 1v2
MD3: 2v4, 3v1
Ro16: A1vD2, B1vC2, C1vB2, D1vA2, E1vH2, F1vG2, G1vF2, H1vE2
QFs: R1vR2, R3vR4, R5vR6, R7vR8
SFs: Q1vQ2, Q3vQ4
3PPo: L1vL2
Final: S1vS2

Oct 18th: Group Draw
Oct 19th: Bye
Oct 20th: Bye
Oct 21st: MD1
Oct 22nd: Bye
Oct 23rd: MD2
Oct 24th: Bye
Oct 25th: MD3
Oct 26th: Bye
Oct 27th: Ro16
Oct 28th: Bye
Oct 29th: QFs
Oct 30th: Bye
Oct 31st: SFs
Nov 1st: Bye
Nov 2nd: Final/3PPo
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EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Valanora » Fri Oct 18, 2019 10:26 pm

Map of Valanora

Valanora Information
The most important thing to know about traveling through Valanora is that automobiles are banned except for government officials. A high tech railway system connects the entirety of the nation, with three international airports in Raynor City, Gladerial, and Baysleef. A ferry from Rinaldi travels to and from the island of Capri every hour on the hour. The most distinguishing feature of Valanora is the prevalent amount of forests standing in many of the inner half of the nation, even in cities, with the elven attempts to live in harmony with nature. Vanorians are a polite if not a bit high on themselves, believing elvenkind to be superior to humans, though they show a respect for the potential their humanoid cousins have.


The Battleground
Capacity: 78,000
Location: Raynor City

Capacity: 74,000
Location: Mar Sara

Angelotic Temple
Capacity: 71,000
Location: Longview

The White Fortress
Capacity: 70,000
Location: Gladerial

Donna Cathedral
Capacity: 60,000
Location: Mar Sara

Hatire Memorial
Capacity: 60,000
Location: Capri

Capacity: 54,000
Location: Raynor City

Aranfield Bridge
Capacity: 52,000
Location: Everlin

Duran Palace
Capacity: 51,000
Location: Valanari

Castle de Mot
Capacity: 49,000
Location: Wexax

Rose Gardens
Capacity: 49,000
Location: Kareen

Turmondale Grounds
Capacity: 43,000
Location: Raynor City

The Tar Pit
Capacity: 39,000
Location: Char Sara

Capacity: 39,00
Location: Ibini

Miner's Haven
Capacity: 36,000
Location: Goldsan

Capacity: 29,000
Location: Ianisle
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EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Nephara » Fri Oct 18, 2019 10:48 pm


Preferred Formation:
Style Modifier: 0
Playstyle: The 'new style'. Solid in defence, fluid across the wings, hard-pressing, hard-running, hard-tackling. Always moving forward, ideally but not necessarily with quick passes along the floor but unafraid to make devastating long balls across to the opposite flank to throw defences off-guard.
Kit Supplier: ediraf
Captain: Rashica Horvath
Nickname: The Magpies

After a brief flirtation with flowing football along the ground at youth level, Nepharim doctrine has shifted to enforcing the same focus on physicality and solidity at all levels, going back to the traditional Nepharim strength of... strength. Escher Speare is just the person to turn a traditionally underperforming youth side into a side with medal-winning experience as they transition to the senior team.

First Team

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y*
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y**
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y***
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N
* Horvath takes penalties, Reach takes most free-kicks and corners
** I'll have the final say on severity.
*** One per match.

Manager - Ivy Herrick - Age 38
Assistant Manager - Lorelei Redruth - Age 61

A journeywoman defender in her playing days, Ivy Herrick is convinced she's actually in her fifties in real terms and has significant experience managing in Bonesea. Nobody believes her, but it's hard to argue with her badges, and her ... odd canniness for her age. Redruth's the seasoned head to cool her down.

1 - Konrad Matheny (Cranequin Wanderers) - Age 21
12 - Romola Carolan (Stahlburg Rovers) - Age 20
20 - Alexandra Markgraf (Ritter Town) - Age 21

A rash of goalkeepers are jostling for primacy. Matheny and Carolan both had spells starting for relegated teams last season, while Markgraf's reflexes backed a heroic Cup run for Ritter Town. Matheny, the strongest physically and at sweeping out of his area, is the expected starter.

2 - RB - Rovena Stride (Chenoworth Harriers) - Age 20
3 - LB - Bremusa Strassman (Crisisbless) - Age 20
5 - CB - Bersant Sale (Diamondqueen) - Age 20
6 - CB - Cedella Verlander (Crisisbless United) - Age 21
13 - CB - Dejanira Trifunovic (AFC Corvistone) - Age 19
19 - RB - Catheline Novick (South Laithland) - Age 21
22 - LB - Alfonse Royer (Brinemouth) - Age 21

Nephara's future looks strong at the back, which bodes well given its current weakness. Sale is a brute, Verlander and Trifunovic more pass-minded defenders, while Stride is the shining best of a bright variety of attacking, overlapping fullbacks, though Novick is the reigning 1Div U21 Player of the Year.

4 - CM - Rashica Horvath (Chenoworth Rovers, c) - Age 21
7 - RM - Palina Leopold (Iron City) - Age 20
8 - CM - Swansea Reach (Sabrefell Moths) - Age 21
11 - LM - Rasmus Caracole (Coret Hawks) - Age 20
14 - CM - Varina Roebling (Morningstar) - Age 21
16 - CM - Farina Luhukay (Crisisbless) - Age 21
18 - LM - Sonya Latimore (AFC Corvistone) - Age 19
23 - RM - Silke Gutenberg (Aries Chariots) - Age 20

There's plenty of potential ways to arrange this midfield, and a variety of strong central midfielders have been omitted. The starting XI most likely looks like it'll be built off a base of the thuggish Horvath and Swansea Reach, one of those players who only scores screamers. Roebling has carved out plenty of time for herself in the second tier, as has first-choice right winger Leopold, while hopes are extremely high for the highly polished orthodox winger Caracole, all pace and crosses, who some say is ready to take up regular starts in the top flight for Coret.

9 - ST - Tanith Carter (Crisisbless United) - Age 21
10 - ST - Danica Marinkovic (Crisisbless) - Age 20
15 - ST - Sagittarius Wright (Chenoworth Harriers) - Age 20
17 - ST - Esmond Moore (Gonen's Bridge) - Age 21
21 - ST - Latona Basilisk (Coret Hawks) - Age 18

The interestingly named Latona Basilisk has probably the highest ceiling of any of these players, and the 21 shirt hints at a strong future... but she's still young. The pace and athleticism of Carter and Marinkovic offer concrete goalscoring ability here and now, definitely able to flat-track bully some children. Wright's a more polished finisher, Moore a lower-league-honed brute.
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Postby Pasarga » Fri Oct 18, 2019 11:25 pm

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events Y


Pasarga Roster
Nickname: Young Wanderers

Image Image Image

Home Away Third
Modifier: +1

Manager: Srđan Jakšić, age 47
Assistant: Michael Mueller, age 47

GK: Szescõ Mezei, age 21, Hellinic Rouge
GK: Ozsvát Orosz, age 21, CA Paulinthal
GK: Zsombor Szôlôsi, age 21, Baskita FC
Srđan Jakšić is spoiled for choice at the keeper position, though having had a decent showing here in the Eternal Empire two years ago will give Szescõ Mezei the edge, at least heading into the first match that the Young Wanderers will be having. All around good keepers, with no major differences between them, bar an inch or two in height, this trio of keepers should be a pillar of strength for the squad, a reliable rock as the rest of the team tries to gel together.

LB: Anasztaizia Orsós, age 21, Galatica (F)
LB: Asztrik Puskás, age 20, KT Moreazerua Image
CB: Bars Keresztes, age 21, Baskita FC
CB: Borbála Szôcs, age 21, Tanrısal (F)
CB: Henri Rocheleau, age 21, Lunas FC
CB: Grégoire Grimard, age 21, Lunas FC
RB: Fulco Salas, age 16, Unattached
RB: Barbara Nagy, age 18, Club Stein-los (F)
The right side of the defense will look to be a question mark, which is not good considering the right side of the midfield is also a position of uncertainity, as even an unattached youngster as been called into the national team because of the lack of prospects at that right fullback spot. The same can not be said for the rest of the defense and most of these players are now getting routine playing time with their domestic clubs' first team. Grégoire Grimard and Henri Roucheleau will look to transfer what was a very hard to break down Lunas backline to the national team, with Grimard having been one of the few holdovers from the team that competed four years ago. It is no secret that chemistry plays a big role in national team games, with teams having so little preparation time with their squads, so it is no doubt a strength and advantage that the squad should look to play up consistently, especially given the amount of questions that the team seems to have on the right side of the formation.

RW: Erzebet Lörinc, age 19, Hellinic Rouge (F)
RW: Dávid Berec, age 21, Galatica
D/MC: Vitéz Takácz, age 20, Duke of the North
MC: Domokos Biró, age 20, Hellinic Rouge
A/MC: Márió Szölösi, age 20, Ulsa Image
MC: Hajna Ujváry, age 20, Baskita FC (F)
LW: Mátyás Soltész, age 20, Baskita FC
LW: Zsa-zsa Kuncz, age 20, Duke of the North (F)
Despite their collective average of being twenty, there is a lot of inexperience in the midfield, though do not let that fool you in the least. Márió Szölösi will be the head of the spear, having garnered not just starts with Ulsa but also with the senior national team, having the dynamic playmaking capabilities that make for a sure fire selection. Baskita keeps pumping out solid youth products, being one of the largest supplier of youth candidates for the Young Wanderers and both Ujváry and Soltész should get plenty of playing time in their respective positions after helping lead Baskita to another Youth League title. The right side is where the biggest question will be, as a pair of players that even the most die hard of Pasargan football fanatics will have heard of are on the team, and it will no doubt appear to be the weakest link in this strong if inexperienced midfield.

ST: Najiyah Lubanah Mifsud , age 20, Stein-los Turkish (F)
ST: Mihály Bernát, age 20, Revolutionaries Image
AML/ST: Boriska Nagy, age 20, Spartangrad Image (F)
ST: Olivia Garza Rosales, age 18, Santos Luega (F)
It's a trio of twenty year olds that have all been around the block once before, though only Mifsud was with the Young Wanderers two years ago, for that they will be getting one of the starting spots. The other will be split between Nagy, as the young lass has proved quite clinical in her time with Spartangrad, having gotten a few spot starts for their senior team, on top of tearing up the reserves and youth fixtures due to her clinical finishing, and Bernát, having become an adept finishing himself in Eura. All four have the pace to outwit their marks when they put their mind to it, but still can be a bit error prone from time to time, needing a smidgen more refinement.

Nagy Grimard Rocheleau Orsós
Berec Biró Szölösi Soltész
Mifsud Bernát

Captain: Domokos Biró
Corner Taker: Mátyás Soltész
Set Pieces: Márió Szölösi
Penalties: Najiyah Lubanah Mifsud
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Postby Main Nation Ministry » Sat Oct 19, 2019 12:09 am


The Ministry of Sports Di Bradini Cup 46 Team

Motto: "Is it time that we start attacking people with rulers? No?"
- Mr. Rade

Coach: Math Teacher Mr. Rade.
Assistant Coach: General Emmanuel Jones
Manager: School Facility 18 Principal Ryuu Taichi
Trainer: Drill Sergeant Jez Effie

Goalkeeper: 19, Mstislav Ea

Center-Back: 20, Mathias Ladislav
Sweeper: 18, Patrycja Humbert
Left Full-Back: 15, Persephone Shevaun
Right Full-Back: 19, Eveline Febe
Left Wing-Back: 20, Delia Ioanna
Right Wing-Back: 17, Lucinda Manola

Centre Midfield: 20, Jackie Jamesina
Defensive Midfield: 17, Avraamu Romilius
Attacking Midfield: 17, Marijn Jessika
Left Wide Midfield: 20, Yehochanan Daud
Right Wide Midfield: 19, Sheryll Citlalli

Centre Forward: 20, Shekhar Zakariyya
Second Striker: 20, Annabelle Vulferam
Left Winger: 19, Rigantona Darach
Right Winger: 20, Merrion Maja

GK: 20, Augustyn Leanora
SW: 19, Dove Marcellina
CB: 18, Wilburh Hari
DM: 19, Apollodoros Anastazie
CM: 19, Frea Richard
AM: 19, Åse Hale
SS: 20, Cyryl Lizzy
CF: 20, Andrei Elah
Full-Back: 20, Bertram Madelon
Wing-Back: 20, Mandlenkosi Katri
Mid-Field: 20, Sotiria Alkeides
Winger: 46, Appears 18, Bojan Corinne

(Note: For the case of Bojan Corinne, while they are a demon who are technically 46 years old, they still look the age that they died at, where Bojan had died while they were 18. Since there is no signs of age-progression, Main Nation Ministry will allow him in the reserve, until the rules say otherwise.)

Uniforms: Uniforms will be checkered black and white, where the national red V will be visible on the sleeves. A favorite among the public of Main Nation Ministry and players for Ministry of Sports World Cup players. Since the players will be or under 18, Main Nation Ministry had made sure that some of the outfits easily fit our young players. "Benchers" or demon players who are assigned at bench unless needed will be wearing similar uniforms to match their needs.

Style +2
Formation: 4-2-4

RP Permissions:
Choose my goalscorers - Yes
Godmod scoring events - Yes
Roleplay injuries to my players - Yes (TG me first on how serious they are)
Godmod injuries to my players - No
Hand out yellow cards to my players - Yes
Hand out red cards to my players - Yes (TG me on reason)
Godmod other events - Yes
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Postby Ko-oren » Sat Oct 19, 2019 12:28 am

Ko-oren - Ko-orenite National U-21 Association Football Team
Home - Away - Alternate/GK

Trigramme: KOR
Team style: -5
Formation: 4-4-2
Starting XI: any
Nickname: Dragonflies, Greenblues

Heiko Heijting - 19 - GK - Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde
Tergethun Hanagargun - 21 - GK - Gehrenna National University
Meoffrher yGofwef - 18 - GK - Bruncester

Isabela Basquez (f) - 21 - DEF - RB - Branvón
Thaddeus Rampton - 19 - DEF - CB - Centre for Excellence, Apox
Barnamakun Genperinden - 20 - DEF - CB - Maynard
Don Carbey - 19 - DEF - CB - Cirelbourne
Valle Borggreve - 19 - DEF - LB - Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde
Napoleon Brownhill - 21 - DEF - CB - Willowbourne Technological Academy
Tommy Parlow - 21 - DEF - LB - Willowbourne Technological Academy
Thies Bruijns - 21 - DEF - CB - Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde

Jurorarra Yerowie - 19 - MID - CM - Miradela
Xilgorio Caldeira - 18 - MID - CM - Branvón
Susumu Miyazawa - 20 - MID - RM - Alara
Celia Marrable (f) - 21 - MID - DM - Maethoru
Edwin Odonaghue - 18 - MID - AM - Willowbourne Institute of Humanities
Raskasseu Torsatherinthen - 18 - MID - LM - Maethoru National University
Que Emmanuelli - 20 - MID - CM - Université des Arts d'Aminey
Joeri Bredenoord - 21 - MID - DM - Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde

Linus Throgmorton - 21 - STR - SS - Rakun Biological Institute, Kita-Hinode
Tobias Killand - 18 - STR - S - Sudaefjolluniversitet
Basti Bousquet - 18 - STR - SS - Tanques
Calvin Kennedy - 21 - STR - S - Willowbourne Technological Academy

RP: no killing, no godmodding, but life-altering events are encouraged.
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
Sports Domestic Sports Newswires - RPable People - Info Factbook - Top attractions in Ko-oren - Map - Storefronts Loro Language Schools - Goliæth Sports Café
Champions 1x CoH - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 1x IBC - 1x T20 WC - 3x RUWC - 1x RLWC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 4x IBC - 1x AOHC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 2x RUWC - 1x WLC - 1x WCFH
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Postby Dreamplanet » Sat Oct 19, 2019 1:30 am

Nation Name: Dreamplanet
Short Name: DRP
Manager: José Santos
Style Mod: +2.5


Formations: 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-2-1-3, 4-2-4 all attack

GK - (#1) Rui Sousa - (DRP) Sporting CD
RB - (#2) Fransisco Jorge - (DRP) FC Libon
CB - (#3) Hélder Guimarães - (DRP) Sporting CD
CB - (#4) José Fontes - (DRP) Libon United
LB - (#5) Raúl Costa - (DRP) Adina CF
DM - (#6) José Costa - (DRP) Real Island CD
CM - (#7) Fábio Henriques - (DRP) Coerefente
CM - (#8) Miguel Benedito (C) - (VLZ) Azurea
RW - (#9) Bruno Silva - (DRP) Sporting CD
LW - (#10) Antonio Bento - (DRP) Coerefente
ST - (#11) Rui Mendes - (DRP) FC Libon

GK - (#12) Diogo Carvalho - (DRP) FC Libon
CB - (#13) Duarte Henriques - (DRP) Coerefente
CB - (#14) Cláudio Pinto - (DRP) Libon United
CM - (#15) Diogo Tavares - (DRP) Adina CF
CM - (#16) Tiago Soares - (DRP) Sporting CD
ST - (#17) Rafael Torres - (DRP) Adina CF

KITS-MADE BY MAKE (Dreamplanetian Kitmakers "Make")

ST - Paulo Figueiredo - 9
RW - Bruno Silva (#) - 5
LW - Luis da Costa - 3
CB - Jose Resende - 1

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP/Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing career ending, these are just kids after all
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Lisander » Sat Oct 19, 2019 6:21 am

Mod +3.83

Recent problems and another new start
The last season, the governance of national football was a complete mess, and it reflected in all circles of competition. The team went bad in Independents Cup, the league lost revenue, and chaos was installed. The coup de grace in the failed Alfred Delmas' tenure was the fact Lisander did not sign up to World Cup by the incompetence of FLF bureaucratic roster. Delmas and its board left FLF, and in his place, a new board was appointed by Ministry for Sport. Some people advance that His Highness, Prince Johannes, actively participated in the selection of the new board, since Adrian Stannis, the new President, is a professional administrator, that helped AS Virtus 1904 when the team was sold to Hermine Group. Stannis, aged 51, also played two seasons of professional football, nearly 30 years ago, as a reserve goalkeeper for Racing Club de Soria.

"We'll participate in more tournaments", Stannis said in an interview. "We'll have our men playing, our women playing, our boys playing, our girls playing, our kids playing. If they start a Baby World Cup for Under 3s, I'd probably send a letter to the organization to get more information. We need to make Lisanderian Football great once more. I already contacted coaches Fox, Mormont and Faure, and we had a meeting. National Eleven, National Ladies and Lisander Challenge will be in a joint preparation to World Cup. It's time to grow and reinforce.

The joint preparation gathered around 80 players from the national teams (Later, the Futsal team was invited for the same event). The "Extended National", formed by players of National Eleven and Lisander Challenge, played a series of Friendlies, against adult national teams of Bolgano, Banija and Anjung Batu. Two wins, a draw and a loss ended the event. From the U21s, good results were seen from Julian Dorne and Arjun Étienne (both scored twice against Anjung Batu), Nico Thorn (scored against Bolgano) and Marian Wister that played the second half against Bolgano in Nordland Metropolitano, and finished with a clean sheet.

Neo hasn't produced new uniforms for Lisander. The Nation keeps the WC82 uniform. A new set of uniforms is expected for WC84.


#	Pos	Name		Team		Age
1 GK Gregório Mader SC Grandeville 21
2 RB Silas Heredia Pines Athletic 21
3 DF Daniel Heathrow Pines Athletic 21
4 DF Bruno Belard Club Sparta 21
5 MF Áureo Ingers Club Sparta 19
6 LB Luís Meira AC Kasandora 18
7 FW Leo Artemon Club Sparta 21
8 MF Nico Thorn AC Kasandora 20
9 FW Julian Dorne Dawson FC 20
10 MF Arjun Étienne AS Virtus 1904 19
11 FW Lukas Hiltmann AS Virtus 1904 21

12 GK Marian Wister AC Kasandora 20
13 RB Artur Drouin CF Thiéry 18
14 LB Tiago Gamache Soria Union 19
15 DF Juno Moreira AC Kasandora 18
16 GK John Brooke Shamrocks FC 20
17 DF Miguel Lins Racing Soria 18
18 MF Amadis Sauer Soria Union 19
19 MF Matheus Huet Club Sparta 20
20 MF Nemo Buss Shamrocks FC 20
21 FW Robert Leem CF Thiéry 20
22 FW Armelin Lagurre Pines Athletic 19
23 FW Vinícius Avero Pines Athletic 20
Coach Sebastian Faure FLF

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Drop me a TG before
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

Lisander Challenge in DBC 46
Timuria 0-1 Lisander, Hellgate, Raynor City
Kurovija 1-3 Lisander, The Battleground, Raynor City
Lisander v Starblaydia, The Battleground, Raynor City
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Postby HUElavia » Sat Oct 19, 2019 6:45 am

HUElavia U-21 National Team
Style Modifier: +1.5
Formation: 4-2-3-1

RP Permissions:
Choose my goalscorers - Yes
Godmod scoring events - Yes
Roleplay injuries to my players - Yes (But please be reasonable with it)
Godmod injuries to my players - No
Hand out yellow cards to my players - Yes
Hand out red cards to my players - Yes (Message me the reason, be reasonable with the cards)
Godmod other events - No



#1: ROBERTO Gomez-Garcia (18 Years old) (M)
#13: BARBARA Silva-Alves (18 Years Old) (F)
#23: Hugo ROCHA-Monteiro (20 Years Old) (M)

#2: Miguel Angel DURAN (19 Years Old) (M) (C) (RB-LB)
#3: MARCO Ferreira-Gomes (19 Years Old) (M) (CB)
#4: Veronica VAZQUEZ-Losada (20 Years Old) (F) (CB)
#5: JUAN Baptista-Da Silva (21 Years Old) (M) (LB-RB)
#12: Daniella ARIZA-Rincon (19 Years Old) (F) (LB-RB)
#15: Igor ONOPKO-Karpin (21 Years Old) (M) (CB)
#18: ANGELICA Santos-Reus (18 Years Old) (F) (CB)
#19: Saori KAWASUMI (17 Years Old) (F) (RB-LB)

#6: Aurora CONTI (16 Years Old) (F) (DM-CM)
#8: Maria SAKAGUCHI (16 Years Old) (F) (CM-AM)
#10: Joao FREITAS (17 Years Old) (M) (CM-AM)
#14: JAVIER Rodriguez-Fernandez (21 Years Old) (M) (DM-CM)
#16: Rafael DOMINGUEZ-Suarez (20 Years Old) (M) (DM-CM)
#22: Emilia LEBLANC (17 Years Old) (F) (CM-AM)

#7: Isaac CAMACHO (16 Years Old) (M) (LW-RW)
#9: MELISSA Leite-Reis (19 Years Old) (F) (CF-ST)
#11: Guglielmo ROSSI (17 Years Old) (M) (RW-LW)
#17: Christina RUIZ-Arrizabal (17 Years Old) (F) (LW-RW)
#20: Natalia TORREJON-Valeron (19 Years Old) (F) (RW-LW)
#21: FERNANDO Madeira-Concalves (20 Years Old) (M) (CF-ST)

Starting XI:
Duran (C), Vazquez, Onopko, Ariza
Conti, Javier
Camacho, Freitas, Rossi

Free-Kick Taker: Freitas
Pentalty Kick Taker: Rossi
Left Corner Taker: Javier
Right Corner Taker: Freitas
Official Factbook: ... /id=569839
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Postby Taeshan » Sat Oct 19, 2019 7:17 am


Nation Name:Taeshan
Demonym: Taeshanis, Taeshites, Taes
Team Nickname: Lil ' (Purple) Knights
Modifier: -2
Captain: Liam McKenzie
Vice-Captain: Yoshimi Hirahito

Image Image Image

Manager: Peter Wiggin

Isaac	Leyton	GK	1	19	Nordiques
Kattan Lightly LB 2 20 Atlantea Hurricanes
Kevin Chandler CB 3 21 Sleepy Hollow
Liam McKenzie CB 4 21 Yaton FC
Heinrich Gochenauer RB 5 21 Hannah
Nycolas Jackson RM 6 20 Willow Street Pirates
Yoshimi Hirahito CDM 7 20 Cornellians
Benjamin Moriarty LM 8 21 Yaton FC
Larson Sneijder CAM 9 19 Yenvil Town
Few Kennedy RS 10 20 Moresville FC
Wilhelm Nkitilina LS 11 21 Atlantea Hurricanes
Mallory Price DF 12 21 Hannah
Shannon Lafayette ST 13 19 Ojian Orangemen
Adam Nradley MF 14 21 Nordiques
Karl Quaith ST 15 21 Yenvil Town
Bennet Townsend MF 16 17 Moresville FC
Mariah Hewitt MF 17 21 Ojian Orangemen
Sullivan Garrett DF 18 15 Moresville FC
Giacomo Pantalimon ST 19 21 Hannah
Aime Karlson DF 20 21 Mierton Manatees
Lyle Marchand DF 21 19 1093 Club de Atlantea
Lionel Ninetails MF 22 17 Cedar Township
Everett Shay MF 23 21 Real Atlantea
Jeb Michaels GK 24 19 Moresville FC

Formation 4-4-2 (Diamond)
Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Cup of Harmony 35, World Lacrosse Championship 2, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals), 83

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14

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Postby Kita-Hinode » Sat Oct 19, 2019 9:28 am

"The Speed-o-Sound Sonics"


Black jerseys, black shorts and black socks. The jersey also features the kanji in the nation's flag although the colors are obviously reversed. It doesn't have a proper representation because the federation's head lost a game of poker to the head honcho back at ediraf.

Already a well-established side in the youth part of things (and possibly at the major level as well, considering this nation won the last two relevant titles they played for), the Hinodejin are now looking towards that elusive second DBC win, which would also make them three-time champions if you count the time they won as Northern Sunrise Islands eons ago. The tournament also serves as promotional material for the Hinodejin Intercollegiate Football League, the league where pretty much everyone in the national team came from.

#01 GK Iroha IREI 19 F Hylia University Hylian
#02 RB/RM/DM Charlize WILLEMSEN 19 F Imperial Forces Academy Human
#03 CB/SW Dungan DOZABOTANON 20 M Hylia University Hylian
#04 CB Oceanus KOBAYASHI 20 M KOS-MOS Technological Institute Cyborg [b](CAPTAIN)
#05 LB/RB Shisaru ZEPERIN 20 M Zeppelin University Human
#06 RM/RB Thierry CAILLEUX 19 M Mido-Hinode University Human
#07 CM Soda NAGATOMO 20 M Mido-Hinode University Human
#08 LM Otose MAGNUM 20 F National Robotics Institute Cyborg
#09 SS Phishis THIPISHATIA 20 F Hylia University Hylian
#10 OM Polyhymnia MAKI 20 F KOS-MOS Technological Institute Cyborg
#11 OM/ST Pluto AKIYAMA 20 M KOS-MOS Technological Institute Cyborg

#12 GK Keve ILENIKOS 19 M Zora Institute Zora
#13 RB/RM/RW/ST Kasumi HAYABUSA 19 F Himawari University Human
#14 CB Vishnu ZHU 20 M National Robotics Institute Cyborg
#15 CB Karen ITOMIKO 20 M Zora Institute Zora
#16 LB/LM/LW/CF Ayane HAYABUSA 19 F Himawari University Human
#17 RM Megumi HIMURA 20 F National Battle Institute Human
#18 CM/OM/ST RHEE Dong-Geung 20 F National Battle Institute Human
#19 LM/OM HAN Jung-Sook 20 M National Battle Institute Human
#20 OM Artemis YOKOI 20 F National Robotics Institute Cyborg
#21 ST Hilde HAYATE 20 F National Robotics Institute Cyborg
#22 ST Yugo OGAMI 20 M Zeppelin University Human
#23 GK HWA Hye-Gyo 20 F Kanshiro University Human
-- COACH Koji KAGONAME 38 M Mido-Hinode University Human (SP:+0,5)[/b]

As you might've noticed, some of these players aren't human. Just wanted to point out they're still fairly close to being human, just in case. Please don't kill them. Injuries for large stretches of time have to be informed by telegram, or else they'll get the ignore cannon treatment. Anything else (bar anything that destroys any city of the empire or its' people, just in case anyone gets a bit too creative) is fine by me.
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Postby Darmen » Sat Oct 19, 2019 11:12 am

Darmen National U-21 Football Team
presented by the
Darmeni Football Association

Record (Modern-era only, since Di Bradini Cup 40): 21 matches, 10 wins, 3 draws, 8 losses, 43 GF, 40 GA, .524 Win %
1 Avidan Tobias 16
T2 Halli Vaughn 12
T2 Codie Armbruster 12
4 Cyrus Spalding 11
5 Kelan Lyne 10

1 Halli Vaughn 7
2 Craig Blackwood 6
T3 Buddy Pickle 3
T3 Primitivo Reagan 3
T3 Kristoffer Stevenson 3
T3 Brian Firmin 3
T3 Godfrey Hutson 3
Coaching Staff
Position Name Age
Manager Isaiah Atwater 54
Assistant Manager Lucien Brant 43

21 Man Roster
# Pos Name Age Club Caps Goals Notes
1 GK Sergio Salas 21 Workers Union (Eura) 3 0 (11 U-18 caps)
2 LB Sigimund Firmin 21 OGC Nauti 4 0 (8 U-18 caps)
3 CB Marcial Godfrey 21 Royal PFC 0 0 (2 U-18 caps)
4 RB Demétrio Belrose 19 Centre for Excellence-Darmen 0 0 (1 U-18 cap)
5 LM Britton Lum 19 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0 (1 U-18 cap)
6 LCM Parthalán Wolfe 19 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0 (4 U-18 caps, 1 U-18 goal)
7 RCM Ian Wilkinson 19 Blacklake Blues (Taeshan) 0 0 (8 U-18 caps, 1 U-18 goal)
8 RM Bill St. John 21 MTK Kingsville 5 0 (6 senior caps, 3 U-23 caps, 11 U-18 caps, 1 U-18 goal)
9 LW Billy-Bob Trudeau 19 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0 (6 U-18 caps, 2 U-18 goals)
10 RW Briar Pender 19 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0 (4 U-18 caps, 1 U-18 goal)
11 CF Darnell Halle 21 Atlético Augusta 3 2 (1 senior cap, 15 U-18 caps, 9 U-18 goals)

12 GK Simon Toro 19 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0 (4 U-18 caps)
13 LB Cooper Johnson 19 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0 (8 U-18 caps, 1 U-18 goal)
14 RB Erskine Tittensor 19 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0 (4 U-18 caps)
15 CM Frankie Mould 19 Centre for Excellence-Darmen 0 0 (1 U-18 cap)
16 RCM Neil McCormick 19 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0 (4 U-18 caps)
17 RM Caleb MacGowan 19 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0 (4 U-18 caps)
18 LW Inigo Hernandez 18 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0 (3 U-18 caps)
19 CF Charles Frederickson 19 Springfield United 0 0 (4 U-18 caps, 3 U-18 goals)
20 CF Sa'id Carl 19 Centre for Excellence-Darmen 0 0 (2 U-18 caps)
21 GK Tore Delgado 21 Mynda Electra (Banija) 0 0

Formation: 3-4-2-1
Style Mod: +1
Team Roles
Captain: Bill St. John
Vice-Captain: Darnell Halle
Left Corner: Bill St. John
Right Corner: Bill St. John
Penalties: Darnell Halle
Free-kicks: Billy-Bob Trudeau
If my opponent role-plays first they may:

Choose my goalscorers: YES PLEASE!
Godmod scoring events: YES
RP injuries to my players: YES, minor only.
Godmod injuries to my players: NO
Hand out yellow cards to my players: YES, within reason. Contact me if you have anything major planned.
Hand out red cards to my players: YES, no more than two. Contact me if you have anything major planned.
Godmod other events: YES. Contact me if you have anything major planned.
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Postby Mriin » Sat Oct 19, 2019 11:59 am

Mrii Junior Squad

For competition in the 46th DBC
Right: A visual reference for satyrs, an artist's rendition of Mrii legend Solara Vol.
Style: 5-3-2, 0
Nickname: the Corsairs

Note that most players (and the majority of Mrii) are satyrs, as pictured, though with a variety of skins tones--mostly in various shades of blue, purple, and red. They're on average very tall, along the lines of human professional basketball players, and specialize in aerial play thanks to the elevated header control courtesy of their horns. Their stature also lends itself to a fast and aggressive attacking game, leveraging long strides, high stamina, and imposing presence to pressure and wear down the opposition. While satyrs usually have a stigma about being less-than-stellar on defense, it's a defined goal of the Corsair Project to improve how Mrii backs are developed. Reaver stalwart and former player-manager for the Bruul Skewers, Geraard Tavol, takes the reins in his first pure managerial role.


M - - M - 38 - Geraard Tavol - Image

*s indicate 'hot prospect'--nothing guaranteed, but scouts are excited.
Typical XI
GK - 1 - F - 21 - Hadrii Tiaant - Image Andü Volunteers
LB - 2 - F - 19 - Nikalia Haart - Image University of Architecture
CB - 3 - M - 20 - Hermaan Maaraket - Image Railhawks
CB - 4 - F - 19 - Liana Lemuur - Image Angels Youth
*CB - 5 - F - 19 - Yngriit Kalabaan - Image AFC Apprentices
*RB - 6 - F - 21 - Kiora Moor - Image AFC Hosingr
LM - 7 - M - 20 - Ivaars Korvein - Image 'lil Dæmons
CM - 8 - M - 21 - Niils Yneba - Image University of Archaeology
RM - 9 - M - 20 - Kemnic Vol - Image Farmhands
*ST - 10 - M - 21 - Beiren Reiger - Image Dockhands <Captain>
*ST - 11 - F - 19 - Manahaal Brimorii - Image 'lil Dæmons

GK - 12 - F - 19 - Puura Jiyaard - Image Maal PhiloFC
*LB - 13 - F - 17 - Filia Draaken - Image University of Alchemy
CB - 14 - F - 18 - Ären Tyyndre - Image Farmhands
CB - 15 - M - 19 - Venser Kos - Image Ashfell
RB - 16 - M - 20 - Jeruh Naimor - Image Dockhands
LM - 17 - M - 20 - Tyriik Jaal - Image Angels Youth
CM - 18 - M - 19 - Mraazek Fornier - Image University of Architecture
*RM - 19 - F - 18 - Älita Nomii - Image University of Archery
ST - 20 - M - 19 - Paan Kleveir - Image Railhawks
ST - 9 - M - 17 - Ÿda Vaan - Image Angels Youth

Kits fabulously provided by Aer!
Home / Away / Keeper

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (minor, out-for-the-game max)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Schottia » Sat Oct 19, 2019 12:20 pm

Schottia U21 Squad
The 46th Di Bradini Cup

Manager: Grey Holden, 42 Image
Assistant Manager: Lewis Beardie, 39 Image
First-team Coach: Tommy Rearson 42 Image
GK Coach: Duncan Ross, 51 Image
Physio: Duncan Collison, 29 Image

Style Modifier: -1

Following John Sedder’s exit, Grey Holden has been promoted to manager of the nation’s Under-21 side. Holden previously worked as a coach, but gets his big nod after Sedder stepped down in a bid to return to club football. While he obviously impressed the FA as a member of the coaching staff, it remains to be seen what kind of a manager the 42-year-old will make. Holden brings with him a young team, including former national academy trainers, Lewis Beardie and Rearson. Duncan Ross keeps his place as goalkeeping coach, and Duncan Collison remains in place as physio.



The kits for this tournament cycle are designed by Schottsport of Schottia

Starting XI


The Squad
GK. Donald Bone, Image Marionville, 21. Height: 187cm. Weight: 70kg  (C)
GK. John Prichard, Image Kirk Preston United, 19 Height: 186cm. Weight: 67kg
GK. Ada Robertson, Image Regional Development Side C, 21 Height: 188cm. Weight: 64kg

At 21, Donald Bone is still in the age bracket, and the newly appointed captain will hopefully bring some stability at the back. The young keeper is very highly rated by club and country; so don’t be surprised to see him in the senior squad fairly soon. Kirk Preston’s John Prichard is a player in a very similar boat, but as two years Bone’s junior, he’ll need to settle for a spot on the bench. Academy asset, Ada Robertson, is new to the national set up, and will likely earn some valuable experience travelling with the squad.

RB. Francisca Beckett, Image Lammerton, 20. Height: 176cm. Weight: 61kg 
LB. Katherina Meyer zu Heide, Image Lammerton, 19. Height: 183cm. Weight: 64kg
CB. Harvey Roseroot, Image WEA, 21. Height: 188cm. Weight: 69kg
CB. Matti Urban, Image Soessch 1990, 21. Height: 191cm. Weight: 79kg
CB. Viktor Carmichael, Image FC Soessch, 18. Height: 182cm. Weight: 62kg
CB. Sarah Meerfeld, Image Cornelians, 19. Height: 186cm. Weight: 69kg
RB. Keith Hirry, Image Regional Development Side A 21. Height: 183cm. Weight: 68kg

This current squad looks strong defensively, and it’s probably the area where they have the most experience to draw upon. Harvey Roseroot, a journeyman at 21, makes his first appearance at this level, after catching the eye in the second tier of Euran football. Also able to fill in at left back, the former Youth-CC winner will likely be Holden’s first choice at centre-half. Alongside him, we can expect to see Matti Urban who had a good season with Soessch 1990, making fifteen first team appearances for the club last season. The wingback areas could also be fruitful for Schottia, with Lammerton wide-girls, Katherina Meyer zu Heide and Francisca Beckett, occupying left and right respectively. Meyer zu Heide, in particular, had an outstanding season for the Hornets, and has captained her nation at U18 level. Making up the reserves, Sarah Meerfeld is another Cornellians youth with a good pedigree, but little game time to show for it. As is Viktor Carmichael at Soessch, who happens to be the son of former Kings Park star, Thomas. Last but not least, Keith Hirry, is drafted in from the academy set up.

AMR. Lukas Archic, Image Kirk Preston Athletic 20. Height: 181cm. Weight: 69kg 
LW. Henri Oldenbourg, Image Holin, 20. Height: 183cm. Weight: 65kg
CM. Madeline Donaldson, Image Handon United, 20 Height: 180cm. Weight: 63kg
DM. Roberts Kalniņš, Image Cornallians, 20. Height: 185cm. Weight: 70kg
AM/ST. Rachael Arniston, Image Kirston Union, 19. Height: 184cm. Weight: 62kg
DM/ST. Iain MacClaurin, Image Central for Excellence, 20 Height: 185 cm. Weight: 73kg
CM. Olivia O’Quinn, Image Blue Coast 1981, 21 Height: 178cm. Weight: 64kg
RW. Kaba Hoshie Image Marionville, 21 Height: 176cm. Weight: 59kg
CM. Inga Oòlansa, Image Port James Athletic, 21 Height: 178cm. Weight: 69kg

Most of the key players have stayed in the age bracket for Schottia, meaning a smooth transition for the new manager. Handon United star, Madeline Donaldson is a big name for them, and a player who was pushing hard for a regular starting berth in the SPL last season. Creative yet measured, she’s probably the perfect foil for the more direct and defensive, Roberts Kalniņš. The Cornellians kid spent a season on loan at Lammerton, where he turned a few heads with his maturity and robust performances. Lukas Archic is the son of former Whalers legend, Ivan, and has been tearing the second tier apart with Kirk Preston. He will start on the right wing, with fellow First Divisioner, Henri Oldenbourg, a new addition on the right side of midfield. Waiting in the wings, Rachel Arniston was a real stand out star with Kirston Union last season, and can also help out in attack. Olivia O’Quinn and Inga Oòlansa are both solid, experienced players at this level, who have plenty of first team football to their names. Marionville’s Kaba Hoshie represents another wide option, while CfE student, Iain MacClaurin, can play anywhere up the middle.

ST Freja Simonsen, Image Handon United, 18.  Height: 179cm. Weight: 62kg 
ST. Margareta Fetlar, Image Handon United, 20. Height: 179cm. Weight: 65kg
ST. Simon Palermo, Image Willox Street Pirates, 18. Height: 1175cm. Weight: 64kg
ST. Enrico Hanson-Conavavio, Image Manechester City 17. Height: 187cm. Weight: 66kg

There’s no shortage of talent for Schottia in attack, but with most of them still in their teens, this is probably once cycle to soon for most of them. Freja Simonsen has been on fire for Handon United pre-season, and will be pushing very hard for a decent squad number. The daughter of Semar midfielder, Marko, was born during her father’s time with the club. Deciding who starts alongside Simonsen, is a little more tricky. Simon Palermo made a big splash at the Sporting World Cup last year, however, despite all his goals at youth level, he is yet to set foot on the pitch for the Pirates. His strike partner in the Free Republics, Enrico Hanson-Conavacio, without a doubt a star in the making, but the big striker is volatile, and at 17, may lack the mental composure for this level. Margareta Fetlar would look like the more stable option, and the 20-year-old acquired some much needed first team experience last season – albeit at Central Stars.

Player roles: Captain: Donald Bone | Vice-Captain: Madeline Donaldson | Penalties: Madeline Donaldson | Free Kicks: Lukas Archic (R) – Freja Simonsen (L) | Corners: Lukas Archic (R) – Freya Simonsen (L)


Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y*
Roleplay injuries to my players Y (I will decide how long.)*
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events Y*

*Please don't kill anyone, or end his or her career.

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Postby Dreamplanet » Sun Oct 20, 2019 7:50 am




Manager - José Santos


An interim manager for Sporting CD, José Santos was seen as a surprise pick for the Dreamplanetian U21 managerial position despite showing good abilities during his time at Sporting CD, his experience as a former player should assist him in helping out the squad with relativity, not much is expected of Dreamplanet's youth return but José Santos will be hoping to impress.

GK - Rui Sousa - #1


Rui Sousa was bumped up to the #1 position for Sporting CD following Filipe Vaz's departure to AC 317 Roses, the young gun has impressed the Sporting faithful but has also made some calamitous errors that have costed the game, Sousa is an eccentric goalkeeper and he was deemed a breath of fresh air even if he is somewhat error-prone, being only 17 he is set to go to the very top according to pundits, he will be one to keep an eye out for.

DEF - Raúl Costa #5


Solid at the back for Adina CF and pushing them closer to the promised land, Raúl's inclusion is a given, he also has an eye for goalscoring, getting 3 goals for Adina in the previous season alone with all 3 coming from corners. Raúl might not last long in the team however since he is already 21, with a spot in the Dreamplanetian main team possible, Raúl Costa will need to live up to the hype.

MID - Miguel Benedito #8


Currently Dreamplanet's biggest young star, he was drafted for the U21 squad as per the request of Rodrigo Vaz, the main team manager in an attempt to bolster Dreamplanet's squad for this tournament. Starting his career at Coerefente he was tipped to great things as he became a regular in the back-to-back Liga Dreamplanet winning squads and was promptly called up to the Dreamplanetian main squad where he rapidly impressed, currently playing for Azurea and with 7 goals for Dreamplanet already, he will be the captain of this new, young squad.

ATT - Bruno Silva #9


The only remaining player of the original DBC 36 squad, getting 5 goals for Os Sonhadores, his experience at this level cannot be underestimated, always a confident player, he'll be hoping that his confidence spreads to the other players, most of them playing their first ever international game, him and Benedito will link up to give Dreamplanet the goals.

GK - (#1) Rui Sousa - (DRP) Sporting CD
RB - (#2) Fransisco Jorge - (DRP) FC Libon
CB - (#3) Hélder Guimarães - (DRP) Sporting CD
CB - (#4) José Fontes - (DRP) Libon United
LB - (#5) Raúl Costa - (DRP) Adina CF
DM - (#6) José Costa - (DRP) Real Island CD
CM - (#7) Fábio Henriques - (DRP) Coerefente
CM - (#8) Miguel Benedito (C) - (VLZ) Azurea
RW - (#9) Bruno Silva - (DRP) Sporting CD
LW - (#10) Antonio Bento - (DRP) Coerefente
ST - (#11) Rui Mendes - (DRP) FC Libon

GK - (#12) Diogo Carvalho - (DRP) FC Libon
CB - (#13) Duarte Henriques - (DRP) Coerefente
CB - (#14) Cláudio Pinto - (DRP) Libon United
CM - (#15) Diogo Tavares - (DRP) Adina CF
CM - (#16) Tiago Soares - (DRP) Sporting CD
ST - (#17) Rafael Torres - (DRP) Adina CF

Dreamplanet is in a tough group with Taeshan, Baker Park and Ko-oren who denied the main Dreamplanetian squad from entering the previous World Cup.
Group G
Baker Park

Monday October 21st - MD1: Dreamplanet vs Baker Park
Wednesday October 23rd - MD2: Taeshan vs Dreamplanet
Friday October 25th - MD3: Dreamplanet vs Ko-oren

Dreamplanet: We're 14 years behind!

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Postby BOLGANO » Sun Oct 20, 2019 8:50 am


#1 Francis Thom 17 Years
#12 Gam Lima 20 Years
#13 Samuel Nickson 19 Years

#2 Roger Zack 19 Years
#3 Lionel Domingo 18 Years
#4 John Williams 16 Years
#14 Thomas Ion 21 Years
#15 Kevin Darte 20 Years
#16 Patrick Butts 20 Years
#17 Hans Roger 19 Years
#18 Lewis Botta 18 Years

#5 Thim Hudson 19 Years
#6 Tom Lans 20 Years
#7 Daniels Razor 18 Years
#8 David Víctor 21 Years
#19 Zind Watts 16 Years
#20 Will Morgan 18 Years
#21 Oliver Dans 18 Years
#22 Samuel Okmars 17 Years

#9 Louis Gallimard 20 Years
#10 Morgan Bars 21 Years
#11 Kevin Latts 19 Years
#23 Fernand Rodrig 20 Years
#24 Neil Dars 18 Years

Style: 3.5+
Formation: 3-4-3 and 3-2-2-3
Manager: Erm Sans 56 Years
KPB Ranking: 131 (4.25) Trigram: BGN Titles: Wonder Cup 1, Beconailles (Andres Da Silva)

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Postby Timuria » Sun Oct 20, 2019 3:24 pm

OOC note: due to time dilation these players will be 2 years older than they appear in the upcoming domestic updates.


U-21 Team Established


by Deniz Kurban

Many had anticipated that in order to improve the professionalisation of football in Timuria that we would need to begin to invest in the youth side of the game. With the academy system the TimLig uses it offers a unique pool of talent for an U-21 squad. With the hiring of former Tutunspor assistant manager Tevfik Zeki, the Football Federation signaled its intent to pursue this course of action. He has selected a diverse and talented team utilising players from across the nation for our Di Bradini Cup debut

The kits the team will use will be the same as the senior national team's (Home/Away/Goalkeeper):


Our analysis of the players who may well be the long term future of the Red Wolves and will be hoping to put themselves and our nation on the map:

Coaching Staff:
Manager: Tevfik Zeki
Age: 39
Bio: The manager that has been hired, recommended personally by national team assistant manager Senol Tarimcioglu was an assistant manager himself at Tutunspor, who made an unlikely run to the Vizier's Cup final, the credit for drilling and constructing the team was shared between manager and assistant, but he managed to leverage that into an opportunity to take the Under 21 squad to the Di Bradini Cup. Known for favouring a slightly more defensive posture, it will be interesting to see how the team fares under a manager who prioritises defensive integrity when so much of Timurian football does not.

1. Jaloliddin Abdullaev (Shamkir Gencler)
Age: 19
Position: GK
Bio: A quality young keeper, with sure hands and good reflexes. He's shown that he can be relied on to elevate a poor defence during his time in the Development League and is one of the players expected to be destined for bigger and better things should he develop as expected.

12. Kanan Damirev (Goynuk Gencler)
Age: 19
Position: GK
Bio: Another solid keeper who sits on the bench by virtue of his nasty habit of unforced handling errors that emerged during his time in the Development League, an issue that can be resolved with coaching, but for now it keeps him firmly on the bench.

23. Uygur Ecevit (Altin Akademisi)
Age: 19
Position: GK
Bio: A generation that appears to have relatively weak depth in goal, Uygur Ecevit is a safe pair of hands in case he is forced into action. He's from the youth team with the best talent, but he is very raw.

Izzet Timur (Altin Akademisi)
Age: 20
Position: DL
Bio: Izzet Timur is one of the finest young prospects on this squad, strongly expected to proceed onto to a professional career in the SuperLeague and is an exceptionally capable defender and perfectly serviceable going forward.

Berker Balkan (Uryan Gencler)
Age: 20
Position: DC
Bio: A quality defender who was part of one of the most smothering defences at youth level, expected to make the step up to professional play with ease and will be looking to shine at this tournament to build a decent profile.

Azizbek Timurbekov (Arhavi Gencler)
Age: 19
Position: DC
Bio: A strong and tall defender, who dominated at youth level and will now be looking to see if that translates into domination at the international youth level.

Novruz Allahverdiyev (Havran Gencler)
Age: 19
Position: DR
Bio: A fast full back, who is a much stronger attack than he is a defender, many are banking on him developing better defensive tools as he gains experience, but he may need to consider a transition to right winger in the long run.

Devrim Sen (Uryan Gencler)
Age: 20
Position: DL
Bio: A very talented full back who could be considered unlucky that his lack of versatility has forced him to be an occupant of the bench. If he could play on the right side he would almost certainly be starting over Allahverdiyez.

Kerem Yavuz (Altin Akademisi)
Age: 19
Position: DC
Bio: A lanky and somewhat frail looking centre back, he will likely not see the field if all goes to plan, but he had shown an ability to dominate in the air.

Marat Sevgi (Kilic Gencler)
Age: 19
Position: DC
Bio: Rather short for a centre back, but he makes up for it with his toughness and determination.

Batuhan Zeybek (Demre Gencler)
Age: 18
Position: DR
Bio: A smart right back, with an ability to almost foresee the actions of his opponents, will be waiting for an opportunity to impress.

Yerkebulan Suyumbayev (Mavikent Gencler)
Age: 19
Position: ML, AML
Bio: A surprising player to be placed on the left of midfield, given he's right footed and slightly lethargic in his movement as well as being unusually tall for a winger. Suited to the role of a wide targetman he is also technical enough to make an impact on the ground as well as in the air.

Altan Seyfi (Guclu Akademisi)
Age: 20
Position: MC
Bio: the first in a trio of exceptionally gifted midfielders who will be starting for the U-21 team. An energetic box-to-box midfielder who will serve an important role in both pressing the opposition and transitioning the ball quickly from defence to offence.

Oz Kizilkaya (Tashkent Gencler)
Age: 20
Position: MC
Bio: A tough ball winning midfielder who lacks some of the finesse of a lot of his colleagues. While his long range passing leaves much to be desired he is able to get the ball to players who are better able to distribute the ball.

Mustafa Aydinlar (Demir Gencler)
Age: 20
Position: MC
Bio: Very much a crisp passer of the ball and a capable attacking threat, Mustafa played in one of the more attacking focused youth teams in the Development League so it will be interesting to see his transition to a more defensive system.

Alp Osman (Goynuk Gencler)
Age: 20
Position: MR, AMR
Bio: A fast and smart winger, a much more conventional foil to his partner on the opposite flank an out and out winger who solely bounds down the wing and whips in crosses.

Aktolga Dagtekin (Yetenekli Akademisi)
Age: 19
Position: MC, MR
Bio: A capable midfielder who provides crisp positive passing, will be hoping for an opportunity to showcase what he has to offer, can also provide cover at right midfield.

Timurdogan Yerli (Pozanti Gencler)
Age: 18
Position: MC, AMC
Bio: Arguably the most raw, but most talented midfielder in the group. Will be using this as a learning opportunity.

Haluk Tayfur (Yumruk Gencler)
Age: 18
Position: DM, MC
Bio: A tough defensively minded midfielder who will also be looking to use this as an opportunity to learn and understand the international game.

Ucanok Karaduman (Yavuz Akademisi)
Position: ML, AML
Age: 18
Bio: A fast, technical, two footed left winger, who will keep any defence on its toes however, he is to be kept on the bench due to his lack of stamina.

Timurdogan Ozbey (Demir Gencler)
Age: 20
Position: ST
Bio: A talent so bright that many wondered whether he might be fast tracked into the senior team. However, the team is deep at striker and he will have to spend time proving himself. This tournament will provide the first such opportunity for him to do so at international level.

Tugay Coskun (Emirdag Gencler)
Age: 20
Position: ST
Bio: Another talented striker many are considering a possibility for the national team sooner rather than later, illustrating the depth of this team and the country at large at the position. A prolific goal scorer who has an instinct for finding the back of the net, he will be an able asset.

Murat Karasu (Tashkent Gencler)
Position: ST, AMC
Bio: A largely decent and clinical striker who can also double up as a shadow striker if needed. Sadly for him his services as a shadow striker (his more natural position) are not required and he will instead be the third striker on the team, unlikely to see the field.

Projected Starting XI:


OOC Stuff:
Trigram: TMR
Style Modifier: -1
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (but maximum of 2 players, with only one missing a maximum of one game)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (maximum of 4)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (Maximum of 1)
Godmod other events: No (soft no, please TG me or get a hold of me on Discord)
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Postby Hapilopper » Sun Oct 20, 2019 3:54 pm

The Hapilopper Under-21 National Football Team

Full nation name: The Dominion of Hapilopper
Trigramme: HAP
Nicknames: The Thrashers, The Haps
Team Colors: Blue, Green and White

The under-21 Hapilopper National Football Team is participating in its first Di Bradini Cup this season, and could be the last generation of the Hapiloppians that took up the game of football before it became huge in the Hapiloppian landscape. These were the kids playing soccer on the muddy fields in schools in front of dozens or hundreds of people, not thousands. The under-21s are gritty, feisty, and ready to join the senior team when called up. A lot of these players are not as well known as members of the senior team, but given some time, they very well may surpass players like Ernie Stevenson, Murray Hunnisett and Steve Erickson in fame and fortune as they go for multiversal glory. Contrary to the senior team's use of a 4-2-3-1 formation, the under-21s will utilize a 4-4-2 formation for most of the DBC.

TRAINER: Campbell Witherspoon
PHYSIO: Shannon Plaskett

The Fans:
Typically, Hapiloppian fans, including the members of the "Traveling Thrashers" supporters group are among the wildest fans in sport, and promise to be exactly that for the World Cup. Expect to see fans dancing along to 1970s funk music, slamming drums as loudly as possible, waving their flags, and throwing streamers for every Hapiloppian goal. Hapiloppians like to have fun and they'll find ways to get under the opposing team's skin, within reason, of course. They travel well, they make the most of it, and they'll make your Di Bradini Cup a memorable one, in a good way.

From left: The team's primary kit, the secondary kit and the goalkeeper's kit.

These uniforms, as seen here, are the HNFT's designated regular season kits. Should Hapilopper, make the knockout stage of the Di Bradini Cup, the team will unveil a gaudier, livelier uniform for its team to wear. These uniforms, the "playoff specials," are a Hapiloppian sports tradition, and a tradition held very dear since the early 1970s when the West Hampton Royals introduced the "playoff special" to the Hapiloppian sports culture.

The Players:
(Starting players in green, typical subs in red)
## POS Player Age Team
1 GOL Patrick Milburn 20 Buckridge University
30 GOL Brandon Varnham 18 Hetfield Lane High School (Hap. City)
35 GOL Dorian Taylor 19 City University - Westside

2 DEF Neil Bryant 19 City University - Riverview
3 DEF Kendrick Ayers 20 Capital City United
4 DEF Dillon Randolph 20 United Hampton Cities
5 DEF Dale Trenton 19 Pinkerton State University

40 DEF Leon Morse 19 Buckridge University
41 DEF Hunter Atkins 20 Surrey Technical Institute

42 DEF Trent Skinner 19 North Hampton State University

6 DMD Fernie Fairburn 20 Surrey Perimeter College
7 DMD Dean Anson 18 Hull Grove High School (Surrey)
8 CMD August Burton 19 Soldiers Under-21s
9 OMD Calvin Pettigrew 20 H.C. Highway Patrol

10 OMD Ryan Buckley 19 City University - Northside
21 MID Scott Raines 19 Raceway Football Club
22 MID Derrick Dixon 20 Highway Patrol Academy

23 MID Orson Bonham 18 UHC Under-21s

11 FWD Claire Randall 19 City University - Riverview
12 FWD Tyrone Barrett 18 Washington State College

14 FWD Virgil Mallory 19 Border City State College
15 FWD Peter Robson 17 Shallow Creek High School (Surrey)

Style Mod: +4.5

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but TG me if you want to do something serious
Godmod injuries to my players: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
Godmod other events: Yes, but TG me first
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Postby Chromatika » Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:30 pm

Chromatik U-21 Squad

Manager: Shani Hayashida, 55
Assistant Manager: Mikhail Dushov, 49
Physio: Anna-Maria Myers, 35
Style Modifier: +2.5

As Chromatika returns to the U-21 tournament - a tournament the side hasn't had the greatest amount of success in - it will turn to one of the hottest managers in recent history in the collegiate ranks, Shani Hayashida of Felswyr State. She'll have to juggle the fact that this side is made up of an all-star list of collegiate players who haven't had the most practice in playing with each other, but if she can take Felswyr State University to back-to-back titles while not even finishing in the top four during round-robin play, she must have something figured out. Giving her a hand will be her assistant manager in Mikhail Dushov, an analytical mind who is known for his tendency to do hours upon hours of film study. With Zoe Benne's acceptance into the Senior National Team as the Physio, Anna-Maria Myers' hiring isn't too much of a shock in the U-21 ranks.

The Roster
GK 1. Mireille Marchal, 21, University of the Islands
GK 12. Asher Singh, 20, Deprí Theological Seminary

Mireille Marchal was one of the foremost reasons that the Islanders made it to the Semifinals round last season, and will now be called to serve in goal; Deprí Theological Seminary's system of having one batch of players play all four years is in Asher's favor - he is developing into one of the best already.

RB 2. Lina Watt, 21, Chromatik City College University
CB 3. Laurine Barreau, 21, Urrheddiao State University
LB 4. Ivan Kravchenko, 20, University of the Islands
RB 13. Tania Labigne, 21, Z'ai'ai University of Technology
CB 14. Oceanne Stannard, 21, Deprí Lanar University
LB 15. Chloe Williams, 21, Eyrods Tech

In 30 matchdays of 15 matches each, or 450 games played, the CCFA only had 566 goals scored, or little more than a goal per game. This means that the defenses were solid, and here are some of the best players. Lina Watt was the best player in CCCU's underwhelming roster, while Laurine Barreau anchored the middle of a Urrheddiao State team that needed to win games close due to their abysmal offense. Ivan Kravchenko rounds out the starters, his deep crosses being his best suit. If they fail, Tania Labigne - with her towering height, Oceanne Stannard - with her pace, and Chloe Williams, a tough-as-nails, no-nonsense cog - will not shed a single tear in taking over.

RM 5. Kevin Beaux, 21, Felswyr State University
CM 6. Lucas Boutroux, 21, Deprí Sanar University
CM 7. Théo Girard, 21, Eyrods Tech
LM 8. Maelys Kirk, 20, University of the Islands
RM 16. Maria Carré, 21, Z'ai'ai Institute of Technology
CM 17. Rose-Marie Hector, 21, University of Myana
CM 18. Claudia Gill, 20, Deprí Theological Seminary
LM 19. Danna Robinson, 20, Felswyr State University

Kevin Beaux was one of the greatest playmakers in the Firehawks' back-to-back championships, and gives hope to those who wants a man to take over the right midfield position for Chromatika someday; Deprí Sanar's Lucas Boutroux is the complete package who can play in the opposite third or drop back to goal. Théo Girard is your more traditional attacking midfielder, seeking to create opportunities on a whim. Maleys Kirk remains a project, but flips heads up more than half the time. Maria Carré has lost a step from her form in Season 5, but is still one of the best Junior and younger for the collegiate ranks; Rose-Marie Hector's stock continues to rise. Claudia Gill will only get better through time due to the Deprí Theological system, and young Danna still has another year to play opposite Kevin Beaux - keep an eye on her.

RW 9. Marie-Laule Laframboise, 21, Z'ai'ai University of Technology
ST 10. Prisca Rogers, 20, Eyrods Tech
LW 11. Élie Dembélé, 21, Felswyr State University
RW 20. Tristan Robillard, 21, University of Wirr Tsi
ST 21. Ignace Thibodeaux, 21, Deprí Sanar University
ST 22. Ana Valencia, 20, Urrheddiao State University
LW 23. Angèle Hémery, 21, Deprí Lanar University

Marie-Laule Laframboise - say that ten times fast - is probably the best set piece taker to ever play the sport for Chromatika in the collegiate ranks, scoring five goals off of free kicks in the CCFA season. Prisca Rogers gets the nod over all other strikers only because Kristian Non is too old to compete. Not a traditional Chromatik striker, Rogers is 6 feet 8 inches tall and uses her head for most of her scores. With Non not in the spotlight, it will be time for Élie Dembélé to shine - she of the million assists to Non's goals in the CCFA Season 6 Postseason. Tristan Robillard remains the only hope for Wirr Tsi heading into the future, while Thibodeaux and Valencia are honestly here just for the experience, being a level below Non and Rogers. Angèle Hémery is Lanar's star.

Eyrods Tech - 3
Felswyr State University - 3
Z'ai'ai University of Technology - 3
University of the Islands - 3
Urrheddiao State University - 2
Deprí Lanar University - 2
Deprí Sanar University - 2
Deprí Theological Seminary - 2
Chromatik City College University - 1
University of Myana - 1
University of Wirr Tsi - 1
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Lineup: No. I will be listing the starting lineup for each match at the end of each RP. You can choose my subs, though.
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I choose the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, 3 max.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, 2 max. Please TG me.
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Schottia » Mon Oct 21, 2019 2:50 am

The Brewers

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

Part Five.

Perry's Perry

Big Malcolm – as his name would suggest – was, well… rather big. Not particularly tall, fat, or muscular, but somehow a combination of all three, which had an strange way of making one feel claustrophobic when forced to share a space with him. He had smooth and shinny dome of a head, and bushy, dark eyebrows, which seemed contain more hair than the rest of him put together. Despite his intimidating bulk, the retired Master Brewer was generally of a cheerful deportment – the kind of man who liked to whistle while he worked.

Malcolm’s glass was always half full, and that was just as well, given that the glass of his business partner was always cracked and down to the dregs. He and Gary Brewer were an interesting pair, somehow bearing an uncanny resemblance to Sock and Buskin. Despite their differences, the two of them seemed to get on well, and with the help of Malcolm’s knowhow, Malcolm’s showhow, and… eh.. Gary’s gardens and orchards, they had put together a thriving little brewing business. It wasn’t a big enterprise by any stretch, but they did four to six farmers’ markets a month, and very often sold out of their range of hand crafted beers wines and ciders.

‘Where should I put the bottles, dad?’ Madita asked, panting with exertion, but her face beaming with pride. There was no greater pleasure in life for a child, than to feel useful (even if it only meant carrying one box).

‘Eeerrrm…’ Gary placed his hands on his hips and had a look around as he started to think. ‘Put it down at your feet just now.’ He answered. He was busy sizing up the church car park, trying to work out where they should set up to get the very best vantage point. Farmers’ markets could be fiercely completive, especially amongst those selling similar products.

‘Oh, you managed?’ Malcolm arrived, placing another two boxes on the cobbles, before ruffling Madita’s hair in thanks. ‘I brought the chalk board, and the table, I just need to get the gazebo from the back of the van.’ Like Gary, he was trying to work out how best to angle the stand, so as to optimised footfall. Some venders would have been here since six this morning, and indeed, there were already a few of them who had finished setting up. Last month, they had been stuck at the back, on the wrong side of the flow of people. The smell of wild boar burgers coming from the opposite direction had succeeded in luring potential customers away from their stall, much to the Brewers’ frustration.

Gary picked a few blades of grass from the side of the road, and allowed them to fall to the ground. ‘Well, the winds coming this way, which means the smell from the food stands will be behind us…’ He scratched his beard (and Malcolm his eyebrows) deep in thought. ‘…so we should be okay down here.’

‘Good thinking Gary.’ Malcolm agreed, patting him warming on the shoulder to indicate a job well done. For Gary there was no greater pleasure in life, than to feel useful (even if it only meant chucking some grass in the air and watching it fall).

Meanwhile Madita was sat, cross-legged, on one of the bollards, reading her sticker book. ‘Do you have a favourite football team Malcolm..?’ She asked inquisitively.

‘I support my legs,’ he offered with a hearty chuckle, ‘Cause my legs support me.’

It wasn’t the answer Madita was hoping for, and she frowned, looking down at the page. ‘I’ve been putting some thought into supporting a football team, but it’s not an easy decision…’ She let out a sigh of exertion. ‘I had almost settled on the Sabrefell Moths, because they’re the Champions’ Cup winners, but what if they don’t win it this year..?’

‘Hohoho.’ Malcolm tried to catch Gary’s eye, but he was too busy fussing with the chalkboard. ‘Winning isn’t the most important thing in football Madita…’ he wasn’t sure what to add to this, so rounded it off with another ‘Hohoho’ for good measure.

‘Not the most important thing..?’

‘Noooo...’ Malcolm shook his flabby cheeks back and forth.

‘In a competitive sport..?’

‘Och… ask your dad.’ Malcolm, hadn’t been expecting an interrogation. ‘He’s the football boffin!’

‘No’ Madita answered, defeated, resting her chin on her knuckles. ‘He just used to play, but he doesn’t know anything.’ She turned her sticker album to the Moths page, and stared longingly at the players she was missing. She desperately needed another pack of stickers…

‘Good morning Gary. Good morning Malcolm.’

The three of them were alerted to the familiar voice of Dolph Perry, who was stood not far away, with his wife Dawn.

‘Dolph. Dawn.’ Gary said, quickly getting to his feet, at the ready.

‘You’ve… got a bit of chalk on your face Gary.’ Dawn sneered, pointing at the light-blue smudge on his cheek. ‘Hardly the kind of professionalism you’d expect to see at a high-class farmers’ market such as this.’ The Perry’s had a smallholding just a few kilometres out of town, which mainly focused on fruit production. A major rival for Gary and Malcolm, Perry’s Perry was famous for they way they crushed and fermented their fruit with traditional querns and cloth presses.

Gary was determined not to take the bait. ‘People come here for the friendly atmosphere, and– ’

‘And to see you dressed as a Vloo?’ Dawn interrupted, and both Perrys broke out in laughter.

‘I’m not going to rise to that kind of talk, Dawn.’ Gary answered, resolute. ‘Are we?’ He looked round to Malcolm for reassurance.

‘No!’ Malcolm added firmly, placing a hand his friend’s shoulder for reassurance. ‘We’re above it.’

Dolph wasn’t quite ready to let it go however, and his expression revealed that he’d saved the best for last. ‘Better than behind it, I suppose.’ He was struggling to hold in the laughter. ‘Like you lot, boxed in behind that burger van last month…’

‘YOU KNOW THAT WAS UNFAIR!’ Gary burst forward, with Malcolm and Madita forced to hold him back. ‘You know that affected our footfall. The organisers should have been on top of that! We lost sales!’

Dolph laughed loudly. ‘See you later Gary. Maybe we’ll pop round for a boar burger…’

Gary ground his teeth as the Perry’s sauntered back towards their stand. ‘Arseholes.’ He shook his shoulders, freeing himself of Malcolm’s grip, now that the tension was over. ‘Their pears are too sweet anyway.’

‘Too sweet.’ Malcolm agreed with a nod of the head. ‘They’re using the wrong variety.’

At that moment, something caught Madita’s eye, and she decided to take advantage of the confusion to further her own ends. ‘Dad, can I have some money to pop to the corner shop...?’ She fixed her face with the most innocent smile in her arsenal, while she watched her father root around in his coin purse.

‘Here you go,’ he answered; too busy being angry about pears to enquire as to his daughter’s reason for needing cash.

‘Thanks.’ Madita said, and was off like a flash.

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Postby Island of the Lost » Mon Oct 21, 2019 6:00 am

The Island of the Lost announces its first ever Under-21 Football Roster

By Inès Neville

It is an historic and momentous occasion for the Island of the Lost as our isolated island has finally managed to break through the magic barrier that has separated us from the rest of this world and make an impact on our new world. The Island of the Lost has qualified for its first ever Under-21 World Cup, called the Di Bradini Cup by the denizens of this world for reasons that are so far unclear to us, although we believe that this Di Bradini figure must be very important to the people of this world indeed. The Under-21 World Cup is a football cup, and we are henceforth sending our brightest and best young football players to participate in this contest in Valanora. This should prove to be a great challenge for our young players as they are going up against the best young players of this world. One thing of note though: the people of this world play football with eleven players, while here in the Island of the Lost we play our football with only seven players. Not only is this a challenge for our players but it is also a challenge for our coaches as they try to develop new tactics with dealing with eleven-a-side football teams.

Name: Husna Al-Amin
Age: 40
Husna Al-Amin is one of the fastest rising stars in the Lost football management scene. Her entire playing career was spent with her hometown team the Jafar City Cobras, and once she made the leap to management she also took charge of the Cobras' youth teams. In the previous season Husna was elevated to the position of manager of the senior team, and she led the Cobras to a strong campaign in the League of the Lost, winning the title by a single point over their closest rivals the Ursulopolis Eels. She has now been recruited by the Football Federation of the Lost in the hopes that she can turn the team into a competitive one in the Under-21 World Cup.

#1: Shulem Ott (Cruellaville Hounds)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Quite the skilled goalkeeper for his age group, actually. His slightly chubby appearance belies an athleticism the likes of which had never been seen before in the Island of the Lost. He has a problem with getting things organized at the back though, and will more often than not elect to do things himself rather than let the defense help him out.

#13: Arkadi Sobol (Dinamo Rasputinsk)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
The complete antithesis to Shulem Ott, Arkadi Sobol does not hesitate to yell at his defense to tell them where he wants them to be. It also has the side effect of him blaming his defense whenever something goes wrong.

#21: Kriemhilde Werner (Ursulopolis Eels)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Kriemhilde, or Hilde for short, has impressed so far with the Eels' under-18 team, and she has the makings of being a great sweeper keeper in the future. She is not going to be played much in the Under-21 World Cup though due to her age, but her experience training alongside players of an older age group should do her well.

#2: Mayer Warren (Cruellaville Hounds)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
For a defender Mayer loves to get out in front and join the attack. He has an incredible right foot as well which he uses to produce crosses of the highest order. He is however fiercely strong-willed and independent and has been called "uncoachable" by many. He also has harsh words for any person who fails to get on the end of his crosses.

#3: Jacob Wheeler (Cruellaville Hounds)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Loves to go on the attack as well, just like his teammate Mayer Warren. It's a wonder that the Hounds did so well in the Under-21 League of the Lost to just barely snatch at the title. At least he is more open to being coached, but he has begun to think that the under-21 level is beneath him.

#4: Julio Meza (Playa del Mal Royals)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Julio is already a regular fixture for the Royals at the age of 21, something that does not happen often in the League of the Lost owing to its physical nature and style of play. He knows the job which he has been told to do, which is to defend, and he is intent on carrying out his responsibilities to the best of his abilities. Not a creative bone in his body though.

#5: Kendall Sessions (Port Maleficent Magic)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Kendall will be tasked with the chance creations in this defense, with her job mostly being to lob the ball towards the forwards, but she can also chase down an opposing player barrelling down on goal if need be.

Sjoerd Baaiman (Cape Hook Pirates)
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Maja Larsen (Ursulopolis Eels)
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Fingall McNaughton (Ratcliffe Town A.F.C.)
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Líle MacNeil (Ratcliffe Town A.F.C.)
Age: 18
Gender: Female

#6: Evelyn Manzo (Playa del Mal Royals)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Evelyn is right at home sitting just in front of the defense and cutting out chances into the box before they arrive there. Tactical fouls is her expertise, and this could cause her to get her name on the referee's notebook quite a few times.

#7 Aubin Segal (Mont Gaston Hunters)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
In the League of the Lost, Aubin would be very much a forward player. As things stand in eleven-a-side though, his skillset naturally gravitates him towards the winger position. He also knows how to bamboozle defending players with his fancy footwork before sending in thunder rockets at the goal.

#8 William Esteve (Cruellaville Hounds)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
William is very much a defensive midfielder by training, but on the occasion of his switching over to eleven-a-side football, he has become the midfielder who is used as an outlet by his teammates to get the ball moving forward. But also keep in mind that if Evelyn Manzo knows how and loves to make tackles, William just tackles willy-nilly, doubling or even tripling his chances of seeing yellow and red.

#11 Alexandra Robbins (Cruellaville Hounds)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Not the fastest player out there but she does make up for it with the ability to cover the entire length of the field without so much as breaking a sweat. Alex also has a wicked good cross in her, and her free kick ability is nothing to be snorted at either.

Aurèle Legrand (Mont Gaston Hunters)
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Honorine Mathieu (Côte de Facilier Barons)
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Qamar Nagi (Jafar City Cobras)
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Oleg Popov (Dinamo Rasputinsk)
Age: 21
Gender: Male

#9: Rylee Ross (Cruellaville Hounds)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
The honor of wearing the number 9 shirt goes to Rylee Ross, the primary goalscorer of the Hounds during their winning campaign in the Under-21 League of the Lost. Her secret lies in being always in the right place at the right time, whether it's for a cross into the box for a goal or a foul inside the box that results in a penalty for her team. Despite this though, she is very easy to get off the ball if she doesn't have a lot of support around her.

#10: Devin Randall (Cruellaville Hounds)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Thus the task of holding up the ball goes to Rylee's teammate Devin Randall. If anything, it's about the only thing he knows to do going forward, but do not even think about getting in the way of the goal and a shot that's just come off of his left foot. You will surely regret it.

Elena Arreola (Playa del Mal Royals)
Age: 21
Gender: Female

Ryan Fonseca (Playa del Mal Royals)
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Our Projected Starting XI:

The kits of the Lost players have been decided by committee in an effort to not show any bias to any of the present football teams on the island. In the end, the committee decided to procure kits of alternating amber and black stripes with black shorts and black socks. If in the event that there is a kit clash then the team will hope to be able to procure alternate kits in time.

Style Modifier: +2.75
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (but I will decide for how long they will be injured)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (maximum of 1)
Godmod other events: No

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Postby Sajnur » Mon Oct 21, 2019 6:22 am

Sajnur National Under-21 Football Team


Typical starters in bold

Player Age Positions

Natasha Kirai 19 GK
Samba Karjo 20 GK
Anzoroi 17 GK

Silja Jorse 17 RB/RW/LB/LW
Tendai Sandorov 21 RB
Hatu Raglan 20 RB/CB
Kahala Murje (c) 19 CB/LB
Kabas Verjez 21 CB/CDM
Franko Simunici 20 CB/CDM
Olah Pracia 17 CB
Hela Isarghie 21 LB/LM

Siaka Munjari 20 CDM/CM
Piotr Hojaiev 19 CDM/LB/LM
Mursata 19 RM/RW
Cristiano Karaji 20 LM/LB
Tatiana Pavlov 20 CM/LM/LW
Raika Soranda 20 CM
Taradir 20 CAM/CF
Shahid Mollish 17 CAM/RM

Ella Ciuru 19 CF/LW
Parjazu 21 CF/RW/RM/ST
Vadur Flotrin 20 ST
Lazar Niuca 17 LW/LM

Free Kicks: Kabas Verjez, Ella Ciuru, Silja Jorse
Corners: Ella Ciuru, Parjazu, Silja Jorse
Penalties: Anyone on a hattrick, otherwise anyone else
Manager: Marat Kharalov (37)
Typical Formations: 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-3-3
Style Modifier: +3.5

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y, but TG me for FIFA style bullshit
Injure Players: Y, but TG me for severe injuries
Godmod Injury Events: Y, but TG me if it's stupid
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod other events: TG me
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Postby Savojarna » Mon Oct 21, 2019 6:45 am - inside reports from all Savojarna
Please Welcome: Savojarna's first unified U21 team

Sjoedrhavn - With the SFFB officially accepting the unification of men's and women's football in Savojarna, the Savojars have now also finally got rid of the stumbling block that made the Di Bradini Cup a political debacle the last time, namely what to do with the youth women's team. Pyotr Kolarov, the previous coach, had been sacked following the quagmire surrounding integration as he was previously resisting it, as the SFFB saw it as impossible to keep a coach who was outspoken about only nominating male players now that the female U21 team had been abolished. To help the decision, the new duo of Jotanov and Rensberg has been suggested by the national coach Olaf Jurtanen in an effort to give Savojarna a more coherent playing style. While not relying on the highly sophisticated and sometimes overly complicated tactical intricacies of Jurtanen, Jotanov changed the Savojar playstyle to a more fluid diamond formation rather than the solidity-focused 4-4-2 of his predecessor. He has integrated multiple highly talented female players into the team in an effort to make it more well-rounded, as well as some recent bloomers from the male program.



Coach: Alexey Jotanov
Age: 46 // Coach since: DBC 46
Jotanov, a former midfielder of Akademiker Savojagrad and Libertas Bergheim, used to coach the youth team of his club Akademiker, known for tactically astute play and creative innovations on the board. The Russian is a close friend of Olaf Jurtanen, Savojarna's A-coach, as they went through coaching training together and share a similar vision of football. Jotanov relies on fast passing, fluid position swaps if required, and wingers that quickly go down the side. He shares Jurtanen's belief in a good preparation, which is why he also works together with video coach Dmitri Simunov.

Coach: Ludvig Rensberg
Age: 45 // Coach since: DBC 46
Having served as Jotanov's assistant coach at Akademiker U21, Rensberg is now officially named a co-coach, a role that he already filled at Aka. A close friend and companion of Jotanov, the two have a good and tested working relationship. Rensberg has spent his career as a defender and played together with Jotanov at Libertas for three years. In the end of his career, he also shared a brief stint of half a season with Jurtanen at Transport, before he ended his career at age 34. Following his position as a player, Rensberg focuses on coaching the defence. Rensberg is a father of three together with women's football legend Maria Svensson, and is often regarded as the "team dad" of the side. His wife Maria sometimes accompanies the team as an additional staff member and has a very close relationship to some of the players, who trust her and Ludvig with their worries and secrets.

Coaching Team: Dmitri Simunov, Asgeir Rundberg
Ages: 37, 62 // Special functions: Mental and Video coach, Physical trainer
Simunov has previously worked as video coach for the SFFB and works closely with Jurtanen to assist him in his near-obsessive preparation schemes. For the U21 duo, he serves in a similar role, but less in-depth due to the players' lower level of tactical sophistication. Furthermore, the Russian has a certification to work as a mental trainer and works especially often with the U21 to get them used to the pressure of international football.
Rundberg is the newest addition to the team and got introduced after criticisms that the team had not been sufficiently prepared for the long WCQ campaign. As physical and conditioning trainer, he has a reputation of a tough and demanding man, although he works closely with the medical team to ensure Savojarna's players are well prepared for their games.

Goalkeeper Coach: Valtteri Andersson
Age: 45
Andersson was a long-term goalkeeper for Energie Thorsborg and got directly transferred into the club's youth department when he retired at age 33. Following some good work with the club's youth department, he got trained as a GK coach and worked with the first team and the U21 of Energie for a while before being brought onto the squad of the NT early on. He still works with Energie on the side and is reputed to be very good at developing a goalkeeper's weaknesses.

Doctor: Dr. Christer Ljungberg
Age: 51
Christer is the head of the medical team of the Savojar NT and generally has a reputation of being the Team Dad. Many players have come to him over the years to discuss their insecurities or physical problems, to the point that many consider Ljungberg to essentially be a second mental coach.

* denotes a starting player.

#1 Aleksandra Virulainen
Position: GK // Age: 20 // Height: 181 cm // Club: Savojars Vinge Virkaja U21 (on loan to Union Roopere)
Virulainen uses a great awareness and control of the box to counter-act her comparatively lower height and has shown brilliant oversight. She is among the best goalkeepers in Savojarna, and by far the best of her age, when it comes to ball-on-foot skills, and many see her as Petrova's eventual successor in the national team. The only member of the team to have been a member of the elite team during the Copa Rushmori 32, although she never played during the tournament.

#2 Oleg Barkov*
Position: RB // Age: 21 // Height: 172 cm // Club: Savojars Vinge Virkaja
Barkov is a player with good tackling skills, and nearly unbeatable in a 1v1. However, somewhat untypically for recent Savojar fullbacks he is not particularly fast and rarely joins the attack, and can be a bit awkward on the ball due to only recently having been converted to a fullback from CB. This move has mainly been made because of his lacking height, and he might revert to the centre in a pinch.

#3 Eino Kiivälä*
Position: LB // Age: 20 // Height: 172 cm // Club: Union Roopere
Kiivälä is a fullback with a good defensive conscience, but who is very fast and keen to join the attack when the situation allows. However, when he attacks he is often among the first ones back, and hard to deal with on a counter due to his high speed and workrate. He is likely to take a few yellows for tactical fouls because of the role he plays in defending counters, but is also very composed and unlikely to get himself sent off. Also likely to be substituted (for Halstro) due to his high workrate.

#4 Lauri Anttakari*
Position: CB // Age: 20 // Height: 186 cm // Club: Savojars Vinge Virkaja
A classical centre-back who will be the last man very often. He is physically strong and tall, and likes to advance for corners, but not very fast or agile. Despite his problems with speed and technique in defence, he has a very good basic training from SVV and will know what to do with the ball. An important part of Savojarna's buildup.

#5 Aiden Halstro
Position: LB // Age: 21 // Height: 179 cm // Club: Energie Thorsborg
At least as fast as Kiivälä, but more offensively minded. Halstro is a dazzling player that has a bit of a celebrity status in his native Thorsborg due to his technically exciting play, attractive look and charming personality. However, he is also said to be lacking in work ethic and sometimes considered a defensive risk because he will occasionally slack off defensively. Will likely come from the bench a lot, and may play from the beginning against defensively-minded teams or teams who don't have very strong wingers.

#6 Birkir Evaldsson*
Position: DM // Age: 21 // Height: 189 cm // Club: Admiral Storevik
Evaldsson is a no-nonsense DM who has almost no offensive drive, but is an incredible workhorse in defence. His game sense is very sharp, and he often stands where an opponent tried to go almost instinctively. With 103 kg at 189 cm, he is also physically extremely strong and hard to get past, and will drop off between the CB's if the fullbacks push forward. However, Evaldsson is said to be lacking on the ball and often either plays unimaginative passes to the closest man or knocks it up the field a bit uncontrolledly. His physicality can also earn him the occasional yellow; although he is not an unfair or rough player by any means, Evaldsson sometimes struggles to control his power.

#7 Arvid Persson*
Position: LM // Age: 20 // Height: 171 cm // Club: ESK Storevik
Persson is an interesting type of player. Although he is a hybrid winger who drops in a lot, he is more of a playmaker than a scorer, whose strengths are crosses and through passes. Operating in the left half of the pitch around 20-30 metres ahead of the goal, he often looks for gaps and lurks for a chance. He also has a very precise long shot, although he needs to improve on strength a bit for it to truly be a weapon. His dribbling skills are a bit lacklustre, and as a consequence he shies away from 1v1 situations. Defensively, he is responsible, but not remarkable. Likely to get a few assists.

#8 Lovisa Tedenby
Position: CM // Age: 17 // Height: 173 cm // Club: Landsmarks Industrie Academy
One of the relatively few players to still play for an academy team, and the youngest player on the squad, Tedenby is a closely watched player. She can play on all central midfield positions, and is a pretty smart player with good fitness skills. Tedenby is technically gifted and a hard worker, but lacking in terms of physical strength. If she improves in her resilience as she grows up, she is projected to become a key midfield player in the future of Savojar football.

#9 Erland Stromby*
Position: ST // Age: 21 // Height: 195 cm // Club: Libertas Bergheim
Another one of the Savojar signature strikers: Tall, strong, box strikers. Stromby is not necessarily scoring a lot, but has great post-play and is very good at opening up spaces for his teammates. He has good shot strength and a natural header, however he is lacking in speed and rarely works backwards as much as he could. However, working alongside with another, more defensive striker, he is a great asset in that he can open up spaces for them. Has a notoriously short fuse and may be provoked into mistakes especially when frustrated.

#10 Denis Arkanin*
Position: OM // Age: 21 // Height: 179 cm // Club: RLSK Pawlograd
One of the key players of this team, Arkanin is a classical playmaker, although he has played as a forward before on the U17 stage. He was retrained to be more of a midfielder after having shown to lack the finishing strength to be a central striker, but the Russian makes for an excellent scorer from the second row. He has a great overview and is technically strong enough to hold his own in 1v1 fights, although primarily relying on passes. Arkanin is not the most stable player defensively, which is why he is relying on someone like Evaldsson to back him up.

#11 Simon Jacobsen* -- [C]
Position: ST // Age: 21 // Height: 177 cm // Club: Partisan Sjoedrhavn
Jacobsen has played in the last DBC already, and has a particular connection to the tournament as they are named after the same man, Simeone di Bradini (although Jacobsen bears his name in a Savojarised form). On the pitch, his most remarkable asset is his speed and technique, which he manages to regularly leverage against Savojar professional defenders to beat them despite his rather low physical strength for Savojar standards. He is likely to drop back a bit and come from the area between midfield and defence, and wait for Stromby to open up spaces for him to pounce onto.

#12 Pär Tjova
Position: GK // Age: 20 // Height: 203 cm // Club: Libertas Bergheim (on loan to Motor Johansborg)
Originally expected to be the first goalkeeper this time around, Tjova will play second or even third fiddle yet again. He uses his height to play a reactive game and stays on the line a lot, but his reflexes have recently suffered a bit because of a form drop following an injury in the middle of last season. Tjova has good control over his immediate surroundings and good spacial awareness, but not the best box or ball control.

#13 Niina Kivistö
Position: ST // Age: 21 // Height: 173 cm // Club: Elektron Harkka
Kivistö is a similar player to Jacobsen in that she is also a lurking striker running into open spaces, and trying to aggressively chase balls. However, she is even less physical than Jacobsen and lacks some height to be dangerous in the air, which is why we are unlikely to see her playing without a tall player next to her. Defensively, she is very engaged and chases many balls, often managing to intercept balls due to her speed.

#14 Kristina Midtjaer*
Position: RF // Age: 19 // Height: 177 cm // Club: Dynamo Sjoedrhavn (on loan to FK Sjoedrhavn)
With five goals in thirteen matches, eleven of which she played as a substitute, Midtjaer has brought herself into contention for a starting spot in this team, and managed to snatch it due to her speed. She is a fast winger who runs up and down the sidelines, but cuts in at sharp angles regularly. Midtjaer almost always runs down the right line and shows very late whether she will aim for a cross or a cut towards the goal. Her 1v1 skills are brilliant, as are her free kicking and effet skills. Defensively, she is lacking and will often be replaced when Savojarna lead late in the match.

#15 Otso Ilkkanen
Position: DM // Age: 20 // Height: 183 cm // Club: Transport Hovikkära U21
Pretty much a one-to-one replacement of Evaldsson - a physical, defensive player with little ball-handling skills. However, Ilkkanen is a calmer player and a bit faster, and has the added benefit of a very strong shot, making him a dangerous threat from the back line. Compared to Evaldsson, he is also a bit less physically aggressive and weaker in terms of heading.

#16 Polina Zirkova*
Position: CB // Age: 21 // Height: 182 cm // Club: Dynamo Novaya Russica
Zirkova is a pretty exciting defensive player and considered one of the most exciting young players in Savojarna right now. She is defensively solid, although not impassable. Her excitement comes from the abilities in building up the game. Zirkova often moves up to assist the midfielders, or plays long balls from the back to one of the wingers hanging back or even all the way to the playmaker. She also is confident on the ball herself, occasionally dazzling the audience with a good dribble. However, sometimes her judgement is lacking and she commits mistakes unnecessarily.

#17 Juhamatti Rajala
Position: LF // Age: 20 // Height: 190 cm // Club: FK Odin Kjaershavn
A left winger that is hard to control as Rajala has a great pull towards the goal. He rarely stays outside at the line, but is extremely hard to contain because of his explosivity and the fact that despite his height and weight of 92 kg, he accelerates extremely fast. His top speed is actually not that great, which he compensates by positioning himself smartly to minimise his need to be fast, but it does compromise his ability to defend. He also is somewhat limited in dribbling. However, he is a good player to help if Savojarna need to catch up.

#18 Dmitri Dmitriev
Position: CB // Age: 18 // Height: 201 cm // Club: FK Torpedo Pawlograd U21
Dmitriev is a defender used primarily against aerially strong teams. He is extremely tall, but still working on his physique; at only 83 kg at 201 cm, he is not as strong as his teammates. He can thus be unbalanced quite easily, but is a towering presence in the box. When on the ball, he is limited, often relying on a quick pass to the side or a clearance.

#19 Zibo Olberg
Position: CB // Age: 21 // Height: 183 cm // Club: Energie Thorsborg
Olberg is fast, and technically gifted. He can also be used as a DM, and is very good at building up the game from the back; if playing as a DM, he will likely drop back to offer another point of play in the buildup. Olberg's defensive strength is his positioning and speed, and good timing in tackles. However, he is physically weaker and less tall than many other Savojar CBs.

#20 Anja Loeseth
Position: RB // Age: 20 // Height: 176 cm // Club: Dynamo Sjoedrhavn U21
The sister of DBC 45 Savojarna captain Victor Loeseth, and playing at the same club, she is a fast and offensively minded player. She is sometimes even used as a more defensive RM if required, as she has a good cross and a good ability to take the ball away from an opponent in running. Loeseth's biggest weaknesses are her likelihood to play more aggressively than is appropriate, and a slight lack of dribble and short passing skill.

#21 Tomas Herman
Position: RB // Age: 21 // Height: 175 cm // Club:
Herman plays similar to Barkov, a good tackler, but with some more speed. However, he has his physical limits and not always the best judgement, which is why he is only used as a replacement. As a faster RB than Barkov, he is considered the better choice when facing particularly speedy teams, although Loeseth may be preferred in this situation.

#22 Ola Lapanen
Position: MS // Age: 20 // Height: 171 cm // Club: Rotor Värstjö
Lapanen is a short player that can play either as a playmaker or a striker. In either case, he lurks between the lines and has a brilliant eye for through passes or dribblings. He is an excellent dribbler and has a very precise shot, but lacks a bit in killer instinct as well as in height, making him a weak header. Best used behind the lines or together with a tall striker.

#23 Mans Sandberg
Position: GK // Age: 21 // Height: 182 cm // Club: CASK Thorsborg U21
The surprising best goalkeeper of the U21 league came pretty much out of nowhere this year. Sandberg is one of the shorter keepers of the nation, which is why he primarily plays as a sweeper keeper, although his reflexes are decent. Sandberg often fails to actually catch balls, which is considered his biggest weakness. Very adept at guiding and organising his defence.



STYLE: +0.8

Captain: Jacobsen => Arkanin => Barkov
Free Kicks (direct): Midtjaer
Free Kicks (long): Persson (left), Midtjaer (centre, right)
Corners: Persson (left), Midtjaer (right)
Penalty Kick: Jacobsen => Arkanin => Midtjaer => Stromby => Kivistö => Persson => Lapanen [also progression for shooutouts]

Designed and manufactured by ediraf

Choose Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Scoring: N
Injure Players: Y (no longer than the rest of the tournament, if it is more than on TG me)
Godmod Injuries: N
Yellow Cards: Y
Red Cards: Y - not more than one
Godmod other events: ask for permission

IMPORTANT: If you want to injure Savojar fans, journalists etc., or stage a large scale brawl (also among players) or wage war on us, I am up for that IF you send me a TG first. I will consider my permissions broken if you don't though, and not accept the act (from Savojarna's POV, it never happened - it is up to you whether it actually didn't happen or if the Savojars are lying...)
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Postby Bears Armed » Mon Oct 21, 2019 8:09 am

Bears Armed

‘The Bear-Belles’

National football organisation: ‘Bears Armed Association for Soccer’ (= ‘BAAS’).
BAAS Chairbear: Surranna SunDaughter (clan= Sun; female Ursine; formerly manager of ‘Sun Valley Smashers’, one of the country’s leading teams, after being their chief coach and also playing for them in various roles for several years; age = 46, fur = golden-brown, left-pawed, now wears glasses.)
National anthem (for sports): ‘The Banner Green And Gold’.
Official supporters' organisation: 'Arri's Furry Army'.

Yes, this team is using the nickname generally associated with the nation’s ‘main’ team: They never settled on a definitive one for the U21 squads, and there isn’t a main team at present to object, so…
Yes, it’s an all-female team again. As I’ve explained before, this is because the main ball-game that's traditionally been played in Bears Armed is actually closer to being a form of Rugby, but [for several reasons] that sport’s “proper” teams are all-male and so some females who wanted to make it as players decided that switching to Soccer — and trying to establish a professional league for that sport for themselves instead — might be a viable alternative: They were right, because that professional league was founded shortly after WC44 and so has now been in operation for over an eightSquared of years.

All of the players and support staff are actual Ursines (i.e. anthropomorpic, bipedal Bears)], except for any whom I actually specify as being members of other ‘peoples’ instead. The Harr'aynau people are physically human (more-or-less, anyway, although inclined towards heavy builds & hairiness), but are spiritually & culturally Ursine instead.

As far as Bears Armed is concerned, this tournament is taking place in the Urssish calendar’s year 4214 which is basically equivalent in the Gregorian calendar to April-December 2023
AD & January-March 2024AD. That’s despite the fact that, according to Bears Armed’s previous timeline for sporting events, DBC #29 took place in the year 2100AD and so the “current” date really should be 2168AD instead: This fact will be considered in my RP…

They have kept all of the staff from DBC45, and added two more whom I’m listing here as well. They have also kept all but one out of those players from that tournament’s team who still meet the age limit, which leaves them with 12 out of that previous squad’s 22 members. (There might have been 2 or 3 of its members whose performances mean that they wouldn’t have been favourites for inclusion this time around if they hadn’t passed the age limit, though…) Reaching the quarter-finals then is considered to have been a good enough result, especially after this nation’s teams had spent so much time away from international competition to justify this. Of course, especially during the last few months, they have been practicing hard… which has included putting more effort into both tighter defending and physical conditioning, and integrating the new recruits into their teamwork, as well as all of the stuff that they did before DBC45…



Manager & Chief Coach: Urrsara Northgate _ Clan = Urrset; female Ursine; a former Deputy Manager & Chief Coach at ‘Sun Valley Smashers’ (one of the nation’s top teams);had spent 6 years in such roles, after 5 years as a player (as Forward, Midfielder, and Lynchpin) there and 7 years before that (mostly as a Midfielder) at River City, before she was appointed to this job five years ago. (Age = 39; fur = reddish light-brown, left-pawed; speaks Ursine and English.)

Chief Coach: Karra’harrna Thunder _ Clan = Gunnar; female Ursine; formerly the Attacking Coach at ‘Newton Arsenal’ (another of the nation’s top teams),and had spent 5 years in that role after 8 years as a player (as Forward, Winger, and Midfielder) there before she was appointed to this job five years ago. (Age = 32, fur = dark brown, left-pawed; speaks English, Ursine, and Ruottsan).

Attacking Coach: Marra Urrth’hrra Norr-Vurra _ Clan = Redwood; female Ursine; formerly the Attacking Coach at ‘Merlchester Rovers’ (another of the nation’s top teams), and had spent 5 years in such roles after 9 years as a player (as Forward and Winger) there before she was appointed to this job five years ago.. (Age = 34, fur = medium-brown, left-pawed; speaks English, Ursine, Arttorranick, and German).

Defending Coach: Greenfinch o Barrdenn _ Clan = GreenWoods; female Ursine; formerly the Deputy Coach at ‘Lakeport Lionesses’ (another of the nation’s top teams), and had spent9 years in such roles after 7 years as a player (as Lynchpin, Back, and [less frequently] Midfelder) there before she was appointed to this job five years ago. (Age = 32, fur = dark brown & relatively long; speaks English and Ursine).

Goalkeeping Coach: Freeda Urrlafh’s-dottir _ Clan = Thuleann; female Ursine [of ‘Polar Bear’ stock]; formerly the Defending Coach at ‘Ammfahr Adventuresses’ (who play in the Northlands’ league), and had spent4 years in such roles after 11years as a player (purely as Goalkeeper) there before she was appointed to this job five years ago. (Age = 35, fur =white& trimmed relatively short, right-pawed; speaks Norren, Ursine, English, and some Ruottsan).

Physical Conditioning Coach: Karramarsar Arrnha_ Clan = Ostbora; female Ursine; was appointed to this job shortly after DBC45, and was previously involved in training her clan’s militia (with the rank of ‘Senior Sergeant’) for which she is still a reservist. (Age = [she’s not saying, but probably mid-thirties], fur = light-brown, either-pawed; speaks Ruottsan, Ursine, Herr’-Harr’aynau, English [with an accent, although she might sometimes be exaggerating that a bit], and some French. She is a member of the Greek Orthodox Church.
”Drink more tea: Tea is beink good for you.”

Deputy Manager (Admin): Judith Gold _ Free Sept = The Exodus; “ursomorphic” Human, female, follows a moderate form of Judaism; seconded from BAAS head office five years ago. (Age = difficult for anybody unfamiliar with ‘ursomorphs’ to tell, but obviously an adult, fur = black, right-handed; very good with languages, and already fluent in several Human ones — including English, Yiddish, German, French, and Greek — as well as in both Ursine and Ouesttree; also, since last time around, has started learning Ruttsan).

Routemaster: Helene Bosanquet _ Clan = Calvin; Human, female; on loan [again, as in DBC45] from the Bears Armed Tourism Agency. Her duties involve handling all of the team’s travelling & accommodation arrangements. (Age = early thirties, hair = dark brown, right-handed; speaks French, English, and Ursine).

Doctor: Lierr’hee Redwood-of-Thramms _ Clan = Redwood; female; hired from private practice by BAAS for DBC45 and back again for this tournament. (Age undisclosed, but has been a doctor for over twenty-eight years, fur = ‘grizzled’ black, right-pawed; speaks English, Ursine, and probably one or two other languages as well).

Physiotherapist: Krrystal Bruin _ Clan = WestWoods; female Ursine; previously worked at hospitals in Wiston City, and helped with local amateur football league, but was appointed to this job shortly before DBC45 and has remained with the team since then. (Age = mid/late-thirties, fur = dark brown, left-pawed; speaks English, Ursine, and Ouesttree; mother of one child, a daughter, Steffannee Bruin, who is one of this team’s players.

Chaplain, ‘One Plus Seven’: Marra Moon _ Clan = Silver-of-Night; female Ursine; assigned to this duty by her superiors in the Great Medicine Society shortly before DBC45 and has been posted at Wimbley Stadium in between tournaments. (Age = early-to-mid thirties [apparently], fur = light brown, left-pawed; is not only a Shabear but also a qualified psychiatrist; speaks Ursine, English, some German and Yiddish, and probably one or more other languages as well.)

Chaplain, Ursion: Jharge “No Relation” Potter _ Clan = Artorran; male Ursine; assigned to this duty by his superiors approximately two years after the end of DBC45 and thus 2 years before this tournament. (Age = around thirty, fur = light brown, right-pawed; like many other members of his clan, is slightly more “anthropomorphic” than is typical for Bears from this nation; speaks Ursine, English, French, some German, and some Greek; keen chess-player.)

Security Chief: Major Merrfinh Blonk _ clan = WestWoods; male; on loan [again, as in DBC45, although he has been promoted one rank since then] from [REDACTED] in the Confederal Army. (Age = mid-thirties, fur = medium-brown & relatively long, right-pawed [apparently]; speaks Ouesttree, French, Ursine, and English… at the least.

Caterers: Jordon Blue

Mascot: Perrabohor ‘Bright-Eyes’ (one of the “blessed” [but non-sapient?] Puh-Barra, or ‘Little Bears’)


(#1) Karramarrsar Ulgha _ Clan = Ostobora; female Ursine; home team = Krasny Kremmer Konquerors (upgraded from their reserves a year after DBC45], category & usual position = Goalkeeper; age = 20 years, right-pawed, fur = light brown, above-average eyesight & reflex speed; off the pitch, she is an enthusiastic & skilled dancer. [She was in the DBC45 squad.]

(#14) Serranna Orchards _ Clan = Ozt’sulh [free sept]; female Ursine; home team = LakePort Lionesses, category & usual position = Goalkeeper; age = 16½years, left-pawed, fur = dark-medium brown; the tallest member of this team, at 7’2”, and built in proportion _ Reaching out to block high shots should be relatively easy for her, but she might find getting down into the right place to stop ones aimed into the net’s bottom corners instead a bit harder…

(#15) Marra o TrustyHand _ Clan = Sun; female Ursine; home team = Sun Valley Sunbeams [a ‘Junior League’ team], category & usual position = Goalkeeper; age = 15 years, either-pawed; fur = ‘dark blonde’; good at fixing things, which befits her nameline’s origin as their clan’s smiths.

(#2) Urrsa Irrumerrhabarra _ Clan = Beorningas; female Ursine; home team = Kingly City (transferred from Wiston City 2 years ago), category = Defender, usual position = Left Back; age = 20 years, left-pawed, fur = medium brown; has lived up to her earlier description, at the time of DBC45, as “a very promising youngster”. [She was in the DBC45 squad.]

(#3) Urrth’hrra Mead _ Clan = Greybear; female Ursine; home team = River City [upgraded from their reserves in the season after DBC45], category = Defender, usual position = Right Back; age = 20 years, right-pawed, fur = light brown; noted for keeping calm & carrying on despite any problems. [She was in the DBC45 squad.]

(#16) Urrsarra Shipbear _ Clan = SeaBear; female Ursine; home team = Northport Novices [‘Junior League’], category = Defender, usual position = Left Back (but can also play reasonably well at Right Back, too); age = 16 years, left-pawed, fur = medium-brown; speaks Ursine, English, and some Norren. Considered not brilliant, but reliable, and is unlikely to spend much [if any] time “too far” forwards.

(#4) Errinth’hrra Russett _ Clan = Urrset; female Ursine; home team = Northgate Nomads [upgraded from their reserves straight after DBC45], category = Defender/Midfielder, usual position = Lynchpin or Midfield Left or Midfield Right; age = 19 years, left-pawed, fur = reddish-brown; serious-minded, a good leader and a masterly tactician; her regular Chess matches against the chaplain Jharge Potter draw keen audiences from among the team’s other players & staff. She has just been chosen as the team’s Captain.[She was in the DBC45 squad.]

(#17) Nennu Rangh’harr _ Clan = Rangh’harr Free Sept; female Harr’aynau [humanoid]; home team = Heroes’ Park Heroines [upgraded from reserves two seasons after DBC#45], category = ‘utility outfielder’ proven capable of filling any position except [maybe] goalkeeper well; usual position = Lynchpin, Midfielder, or Winger; age = 20 years, either-footed, dark red hair; speaks Herr’-Harr’aynau, Harr’aynau-Ursine, Ursine, and English; there is speculation that she might eventually become the [adult] Belles first non-[physically]-Ursine Captain. [She was in the DBC45 squad.]

(#20) Gyrrthhra Urrswald’s-Stone _ Clan = Errhabarra ; female Ursine; home team = New Boston Athletic (in Old Ceorana rather than “at home”), category = Midfielder or Defender, usual position = Midfield Left, may also be used as Left Back or [perhaps less successfully] on the ‘Right’ instead; age = 19 years, left-pawed, fur = light-medium brown.

(#5) Harroya o Sarrndale _ Clan = Herrchaum; female Ursine; home team = Merlchester Rovers [transferred from Kingly City Kubs, a ‘Junior League’ team, for the season after DBC45]; category = Midfielder or Winger — or, less frequently, Forward — on either side of the pitch, usual position = Midfield Left; age = 19 years, left-pawed, fur = medium-brown with grey hints; now in the job that she’d hoped for since early childhood, and doing very well for her home team as the latest “Harroya of the Rovers”; probably the least likely of this team’s players to get given a yellow cards, and has never earned a red one (DO NOT assign cards of either colour to her without obtaining my consent…). [She was in the DBC45 squad.]

(#6) Steffannee Bruin _ Clan = WestWoods; female Ursine; home team = Wiston City, category = Midfielder or Winger, usual position = Midfield Right; age = 19 years, right-pawed, fur = very light brown with hints of ‘gold’; slightly small for her age, but very resilient as well as nimble; has good eyesight by Ursine standards (and not bad by Human ones, neither); daughter, & only child, of the Belles’ current physiotherapist; favours ‘lilac’-coloured clothing when not in team kit. [She was in the DBC45 squad.]

(#7) Nerretta Barris _ Clan = BlackBear [Between-the-Rivers]; female Ursine; home team = LakePort Lions[upgraded from their junior team, ‘LakePort Lion-Cubs’, for the season after DBC45], category = Forward, usual position = Left Forward/‘Inside Left’; age = 20 years, left-pawed, fur = very dark brown; of only average height for her age [or slightly less] but physically tough as well as quite fast; particularly good at keeping control of the ball on the ground, and at getting it goals past keepers & other defenders into the net at short ranges, but willing to pass it to team-mates when they look better-placed to score. [She was in the DBC45 squad.]

(#10) Karra Brent _ Clan = Redwood; female Ursine; home team =LakePort Lionesses [signed at the start of the season before this one], category = Winger or Forward, usual position = Forward Right Left Winger; age = 18 years, either-pawed, fur = golden-brown; quite large & very powerful for her age, fast & nimble, with very good eyesight even by human standards; apparently fearless, and has better control over her temper than might have been the case back around the time of DBC45; she is a cousin of the internationally famous journalist/broadcaster Bark Brent; attended Holy Ternian’s School. [She was in the DBC45 squad.]

(#11) Urrma Kuthbearrh _ Clan = Errhabarra; female Ursine; home team = NorthPort Navigators, category = Forward, usual position = Centre Forward (but has also played well as Left Forward); age = 20 years, left-pawed, fur = light-medium brown, relatively stocky but not particularly slow because of this; very determined even by Ursine standards. [She was in the DBC45 squad.]

(#21) Turra Karrayoffra _ Clan = Ostbora; female Harr’aynau [humanoid]; home team = Ostport Dynamo, category = Midfielder or Winger, usual position = Midfield Right or Right Wing [thus playing “off-footed”] or Midfield Left; age = 17 years, left-footed, hair = dark red naturally but dyed brighter; eyesight at normal ‘human’ levels; relatively big for a Harr’aynau, at 6’2” tall and built in proportion; not noted as a tactician, but can & usually will follow others’ plans competently, determined to prove herself (so might ignore “minor” injuries & ailments that she really shouldn’t…)[/i]; speaks Herr’-Harr’aynau, Ruottsan, and Ursine; doesn’t talk much (especially in Ursine) unless it’s important and prefers to avoid religious discussions; making long passes accurately, “sideways” as well as “up the pitch”, is her speciality,

[#22) Leona Wright _ Clan = Greybear; female Ursine; home team = River City, category = Forward or Winger, usual position = Forward Right or Right Winger; age = 19 years, right-pawed, fur = light brown (but, unlike that of many of her clan-mates, without any greyish tints); speaks English and Ursine; her father is a merchant who took her along on some trips into Human nations during school holidays from when she as 9 years old until when she was 18, and she probably understands humans better than any of her team-mates does.

(#23) Marra o Redbank _ Clan = BlackBear [‘Between-the-Rivers’]; female Ursine (‘black bear’ ancestry predominates); home team = Tsikago Aces(This team is currently still “only” in the ‘Third Division (East)’, but has reasonable hopes of promotion.);, category = Winger or Forward, usual position = any Winger or Forward — except ‘Centre Forward’ — but preferably on the left; age = 18 years, left-pawed, fur = black; speaks English and Ursine; nicknamed “Little Storm” because, although relatively short for an Ursine (at only 5’9”), she is determined, fast, and very hard for opponents to predict; very good at manoeuvring through tight defences, more likely to pass the ball to a more experienced Striker than to take a shot at goal herself but has scored some goals — including several from “surprisingly” wide angles — in the squad’s “warm-up” games .

(#12) Lurrsee Fane _ Clan = GreenWoods; female Ursine; home team = LakePort Lionesses, category = Winger or Forward, usual position = Left Winger or ‘Outside Left’; age = 20 years, right-pawed, fur = light brown; maybe a bit flighty at times, but basically a good person, and tries to be a good influence on Karra Brent who is her best friend; she is the younger sister of famous journalist Florise Fane, who is married to Bark Brent; attended Holy Ternian’s School. [She was in the DBC45 squad.]

(#13) Sarranna White _ Clan = WestWoods; female Ursine; home team = Wiston City [upgraded from their reserves 1½ seasons after DBC45], category = Winger or Forward, usual position = Right Winger or Forward (‘Outside’) Right; age = 20 years, right-pawed, fur = ‘cream’; said to be better than most of her team-mates at understanding humans. [She was in the DBC45 squad.]

(#24) Beorranna Norr-Vurra _ Clan = Redwood; female Ursine; home team = Merlchester Rovers, category = Forward, usual position = Centre Forward or Right Forward (also has some experience as Left Forward, and as Right Winger); age = 17 years, left-pawed (so normally plays “cross-pawed”), fur = dark-medium brown with [natural] chestnut highlights; speaks English, Ursine, some Arttorranick; not closely related to this team’s ‘Attacking Coach’; rather a devout follower of ‘One Plus Seven’, but not fanatical about it and tolerates the differing beliefs of others perfectly well; friendly rivalry with Harroya o Sarrndale.

(#25) Marie-Martha d’Autonne _ Clan = WestWoods; female Ursine; home team = WestPort University Wonders , category = Forward, usual position = Centre Forward or Left Forward (also has some experience as Right Forward, and as Left Winger); age = 18 years, left-pawed, fur = dark-medium brown; speaks Ouesttree, Ursine, and some English; a member of the ‘Roman Catholic Church – Nova Asissi’, but not especially devout; tries to dress fashionably when not in team kit;. Her aunt Catherine is a sous-chef with the team’s caterers.

(#26) Hannorra Scarlett _ Clan = VerraVokksur [Free Sept]); female ‘Vokksurr’ [anthropomorphic Fox]; home team = LakePort Lionesses, category = “utility outfielder”, usual position = Forward or Winger; age = 16 years (but her people mature slightly faster than either Bears or Humans, so treat her as more like 20 instead for most purposes), right-pawed, fur = gingery-red (slightly paler on chest & belly, but of courseyou won’t see that during matches unless her shirt gets badly torn); 5’8” tall, with a slender build by usual human standards — let alone by Ursine ones — but with visible muscles and definitely stronger than some people might expect, and has a bushy tail about 3’ long which she normally holds up behind her back (Pulling her tail may draw a retaliatory snap with her long jaws & sharp teeth, although she tries not to bite people in most situations; the likeliest result, if the referees is observant and honest, would be yellow cards for both players involved…); her leg-joints work more like those of a non-anthropomorphic fox than like those of a human, meaning that she looks rather as though she has backward-pointing knees but those are really her ankles instead, which might make her movements a bit harder for other people to predict (but also means that the bones below that joint are more numerous, and therefore thinner, and therefore slightly more fragile, than those between a human’s knee & ankle…); interested in fashion, and may affect a ‘warrior princess’ style for foreign media (to her team-mates’ quite amusement).


Usual starters = #1-7, 10-13.
Style: Offensive, modifier = +3.5 ("A good offence is the best defence"...). This has actually been reduced slightly since DBC#45, when they used +4.0 instead, because team training since then has included a bit more emphasis on tightening up their defence.
They have also modified their planned formation slightly from the “traditional” Ursine one, which included a front row of at least 5 (normally arranged as 3 strikers & 2 wingers), with 2 midfielders, 2 backs, and a ‘Lynchpin’ (whose starting position was approximately be at the midpoint of an imaginary cross drawn between those other four non-forwards’ positions). Two of the strikers now drop back to a bit behind the line formed by the Centre Forward and the two wingers (who might move “in” by a little bit, as well), while the Lynchpin is now stationed noticeable closer to the backs than to the midfielders. “Joining the dots” would, looking at the pitch from above and placing the Bears’ goal-line at the bottom of the picture, give you [approximately] a stretched-sideways ‘W’ in front of a stretched-sideways ‘M’.

Penalties and direct free kicks are most commonly the responsibility of Karra Brent (#10), unless they are “last minute” ones (or within a few minutes of the game’s end, anyhows…) and the Bears really need another goal to turn a draw into a win or or even a loss into a draw: In the latter case this role is more likely to be assigned to Harroya o Sarrndale (#5) instead, because she is more likely to remain completely calm in such situations. Harroya is also the most likely player to take corners.


Opponents who RP first may _
Choose my goal-scorers: Y, except that this will NOT be the goalkeeper.
RP injuries to my players / Godmod injuries to my players / Hand out Yellow cards to my players / Hand out Red cards to my players: Y to all, at least to start with, but remember what I've written here and keep it in limits accordingly... Any really serious offences by my players would probably result in injuries to your players, and causing any serious injuries to my players would probably require such obviously-deliberate attacks that your players would get yellow or even red cards as a result too. Don’t kill anybody, or inflict injuries that would be serious enough to end careers, without checking with me & getting my approval (which is unlikely to be granted…) first. (#5) Harroya o Sarrndale should NOT be reported as being given any cards unless you can get my consent first. (#10) Karra Brent will NOT be injured by anything that ‘mundane’ players do during play, not even by the most open & violent physical attacks.
Godmod Other Events: Y, I suppose, at least as long as you do so in an AMUSING way... but please remember that Ursines are fully sapient beings, as much as Humans are, not instinct-driven animals. Oh, and of course female Ursines are not sexually interested in Humans (of either sex), and it's very unlikely that female Harr'ayanau would be either. Please don't have them run amok or outright revert to animality, without checking by TG first, don't make assumptions about their views on politics or religion, and don't do anything that would make more than one of them incapable of playing in their next game...


Kit: This incarnation of the team will normally wear the usual set of designs (from ‘ediraf’) that the Belles have favoured in the past.

Bears Armed has traditionally used base-8 arithmetic, for several reasons, and the set of ‘shirt numbers’assigned to this team’s players has been determined on that basis.



Ursines may tend to be a bit less agile & slower to accelerate on average than humans of comparable ages, but this team's members were carefully selected so the gap between them & their opponents in this respect should be narrower than some people might expect. They do tend to have [slightly] poorer eyesight than humans, on the whole (although the members of both Clan Gunnar and the Sun Clan are generally an exception to this rule, and the eyesight of the latter group is actually often at [slightly] better-than-human levels instead), so long-distance passes & shots at goal will tend to be rarer behaviour for them than they are for human teams... but their typical size & strength mean that when they're running with the ball it will probably take a very brave human — as well as a very skilled one — to tackle them successfully (or, at least, one who has reasonable experience of playing against Ursines…), which should balance that factor pretty well. They don’t jump very well, but then they’re generally rather taller than most Human players to start with so they shouldn’t need to jump as often in order to intercept [relatively] high shots...
Ursines are physically robust, of course, which means that they're much less likely than humans are to suffer injuries in falls or collisions. The females of this species are more even-tempered than the males, and the team's members will try to stay on their best behaviour not only in order to do well in this contest but also to impress upon the watching humans that Ursines aren't just "dumb beasts". They will not 'dive', or feign injury in other ways, because suggesting that they could be harmed so easily goes strongly against the grain. ‘Northlanders’ are maybe not quite as "civilised" as the 'Mainlanders'… or, at any rate, that’s the traditional stereotype..

Unless our hosts at the match in question object, this team's members (including the designated substitutes for the match in question) will perform a [fairly short] ritual that's called the 'harrdiharr' on the pitch just before play begins... This is a traditional war-dance, meant to over-awe opponents, that has come to be a customary prelude for team games as well (similar to the [RL] New Zealanders' 'haka'...).
As has now been seen during various tournaments, some of our fans like to take drums — and possibly also 'Urrs-horns' [which are similar to Alpenhorns, cow-horns, or other "musical instruments", too — along to the matches…

The team is accompanied by a number of sapient Ravens, who are there both to gather information about the rival sides and to provide air cover in case of hostile waterfowl.
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Postby Mercedini » Mon Oct 21, 2019 11:46 am


Manager: Image SDR Sam Billic • Formation: 4-4-2

After a hiatus from the tournament, the Eaglets of Mercedini return to the Di Bradini Cup, in hope of winning their second international trophy at youth level, the first at this age bracket. It;s all change at the top with recently-retired Special Diplomatic Representative (formerly Sargeant) Sam Billic now at the head of the U21 youth side as head coach, following his successful spell as national team talisman. Since the tournament, domestic Mercedinian football has continued blossomed in the nation, but a delay to UICA proceedings has meant the season has hit a roadblock in terms of scheduling and financing. The Di Bradini Cup sees Mercedini back onto the international stage for the first time since the World Cup, with the MFA snubbing the Independents Association Championship in favour of this tournament.

With no pots in the tournament due to senior ranks not effecting youth level, it was an open draw for the thirty two participating nations. Mercedini were drawn into another eyebrow raising group, with the blue and blacks having to face off against the U21 youth teams of HUElavia, Schottia and Mriin, who all have pedigree in this tournament before. Mercedini's best-ever finish in this tournament was a 3rd placed finish, meaning the team have yet to reach the final at this tournament. With many U18 players now moving up into the U21 side, travelling fans may have hope that the side that finished 1st and 2nd at the Sporting World Cup can return with a good finish at the Di Bradini Cup. Let's view the team:

GOALKEEPERS   Name                    	   Age	          Club	
GK Mario Merlo 20 Image Etruria-Sul-Mare
GK Florian Trachello 20 Image St. Austell Town
GK Riccardo Cataldo 19 Image Zoloroni Park

Three goalkeepers to choose from in this tournament but only one with any previous experience in this type of tournament, with St. Austell's Florian Trachello present at the previous tournament without playing any games. 20-year-old Mario Merlo has earned the #1 shirt for this tournament after earning promotion to National League 2 with Etruria in the league's final season before the league re-branded and expanded to what it is today. They will be at the forefront of the action with U21 action free-flowing and open compared to it's senior counterpart, because of the natural attacking nature and stretched formations. Shots will be flying in from left and right, so goalkeepers must have their wits about them to either keep their team in the match or to maintain a good position by the players up the field. Cataldo makes up the final position in the three-player goalkeeping roster, with the Zoloroni Park second-choice likely to come on late in the game or as the choice during easier or beached games, where Mercedini has nothing to play for.

LB Brando Meucci 18 Image Moorland & Tersham
LB Gianluca Alia 19 Image Dorchester United

CB Ally Dandic 20 Image Sutsik Chernomorets
CB Nico Petrosino 19 Image Zoloroni Park
CB Alistair Slaborodina 20 Image FC Carshalton
CB Giorgi Kespa 19 Image Exton Oilers

RB Gregory Colineri 19 Image Ali Mercedes Carassai
RB Enrino Scordo 19 Image Zoloroni Sports City Youth Academy

Plenty of changes in the defending roster with only three surviving players from the previous tournament, all in the centre-back position as Petrosino comes in as the second Zoloroni Park addition to the roster. Plenty of competition in both the left and right-back positions has left Devidov spoiled for choice at this tournament, with Brando Meucci and Gregory Colineri the two first choice full-backs, both with pace and strength to push forward or fall back at a moments notice. Those positions have been key to Mercedini's success as a footballing nation, providing assistance to the wingers and strikers to secure great results in previous tournaments. The centre back position will have the most experience on the pitch with three out of the four listed players present in the previous tournament they played in the Equestrian States. Dandic and Petrosino will carry the fate of the team on their backs as they attempt to shut-out their opponents and put the result and the tournament on a plate for the strikers. A defence that could get stronger as the tournament goes on, these players could be the ones to watch as Mercedini recovers from their defensive crisis from a couple of cycles ago.

LM Jackson Eureska 20 Image Sanzana Celtic
LM Romeo Gualtieri 18 Image Zoloroni Metropolitan

CM Gonzalo Lorano 19 Image Centre for Excellence
CM Sonny Ognibene 18 Image Velvyn Garden City
CM Raffaele Campanaro 20 Image Lena Brava
CM Kristjan Kadilyik 20 Image Ramsissil

RM Kian Berazzi 19 Image Blue Strike Zoloroni
RM Zia Nesci 19 Image Moorland & Tersham

The midfield roster is where we begin to see the Mercedinian branch of the Centre of Excellence being seen, with one player from the Apox-owned institution included in this tournament's roster. Gonzalo Lorano will be the only player from the CfE included in proceedings, he will likely start from the bench in the team's opening match due to a thigh strain during training, however is set to play the final two games including what could be group defining matches in the group, especially in a group as tight and competitive as this. Kristjan Kadilyik is the only big name in the midfield roster to survive the rotation and remain as the first choice starter for the team, thanks the clout he recieved from joining Vilitan giants Rammsissil last summer, with Sanzana Celtic's Jackson Eureska making up the final position on the left to round out an experimental midfield eight. The midfield roster for more senior national teams is severely competitive, so these players must make themselves heard if they want to push the case for inclusion in further tournaments as they get older

ST Christian Vacek Jr 20 Image Rosenpfelblatz North End
ST Adrian Talisky 19 Image Blue Strike Zoloroni
ST Jean-Luc Estograd 20 Image Acoflosa United
ST Vitale Arrighi 20 Image RFK Ogdenagorv

Mercedini has always been known for it's attacking prowess and producing quality strikers for some of the multiverse's clubs, so it's no surprise that the roster biggest names come from the strikers section. Anglatian-born, Mercedinian-citizen Christian Vacek Jr is added to the roster once again in what could be his final appearance at the Sporting World Cup, with mixed results as a player. Vacek Jr currently plays for Fleftic team Rosenpfelblatz North End where he seems to be making an impression in the league with numerous goals scored for the team, and could make his way to pastures new should his international career kick off in the coming weeks. Estograd and Arrighi return for another crack at a youth level title after missing out in the final of the U18 World Cup to Starblaydia. While Talisky is the debutant at the front line fo the Mercedinians, his tremendous performances earned a debut season for his team, Blue Strike Zoloroni, and has earned him the nod as starting striker for the tournament.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Injuries to my players: Yes*
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes*
Godmod other events: Yes
*just let me know what you've done so I can factor that into the tournament schedule

Novapax Founder • Host Portfolio • Trophy Cabinet
World CupBest: Group Stage ('77, '81, '82, '83)
Cup of HarmonyBest: Champion ('72)
U21 World CupBest: 3rd Place ('43)
U18 World CupBest: Champion ('4)
Independents CupBest: Champion ('5)
WC of HockeyBest: 2nd Place ('37)
WJHCBest: Champion ('13)
Best Placing: 1st (Lipa '72)Most Points: 108 pts (Lipa '72)

World Hit Festival
Best Placing: 1st ('34 & '36)Most Pts: 34 pts (Mousiki '31)
Junior World Hit Festival
Best Placing: 3rd ('3, '4 & '5)Most Pts: 26 pts (Tushlark '5)
Mercedini in WVSC & WHFs



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