Hindi Holdings Tobacco Corporation [WIP]

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Hindi Holdings Tobacco Corporation [WIP]

Postby Khataiy » Tue Sep 17, 2019 6:35 pm




Our proud history of tobacco harvesting and trade goes back to the 1880s when Ahmed ul Haqq Khan, an ambitious man from India traveled across western Asia, crossing the lands of Persia, Iraq, and Syria until arriving in what is today, the Arab State of Khataiy, at the time being an Ottoman territory.

After settling in Khataiy, Ahmed began farming and growing a variety of crops including wheat and fruits but soon discovered the land's potential for growing tobacco, with time he would begin selling his tobacco to traders from Italy and Spain, his tobacco became famous among the region being enjoyed in Europe, Jerusalem, Egypt and Baghdad.

As his fame grew he adopted the name "Al-Hindi" meaning "the Indian" in the Arabic language, and his tobacco quickly became known as the "Hindi tobacco", by 1899 he opened his own store in Antakya and maintained a warehouse in Iskanderun to ship his product across the Mediterranean. By 1905 he was able to expand his business to neighboring Syria by owning tobacco warehouses in Aleppo and Hama. By the 1920s after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the French Occupation took interest in the Hindi Tobacco Company expanding it into France and continued trade routes in the Mediterranean sending Hindi Tobacco to distant French occupied territories in Africa and the mainland, French merchants also began to buy the tobacco itself for their own cigarettes comparing the quality of Hindi tobacco in cigars to that of Cuban cigar quality.

By the 1930s the company was producing its own tobacco and tobacco products at an industrial level with several facilities across Khataiy and Syria under French supervision and investments, Ahmed himself was involved in the company until his death in 1932, with his eldest son Mubarak al-Hindi taking over the company and registering it as French corporation.

The challenges of the Second World War, would late come to affect Hindi Tobacco with the Mediterranean becoming a war zone, and the lack of French trade however, new trade came in from German and Italian business that came in during the war. Mubarak ran the company until 1972 passing it on to his younger brother Abdul Aziz al-Hindi, when business became disrupted due to hardships brought upon by the Khataiyi regime at the time, later causing a civil war.

With the company greatly suffering and recovering from the war in 1979 after the successful revolt against the Khataiyi regime, the new government pledged to revitalize and restore the status of Hindi Tobacco rebuilding the company after buying several shares, investing in the company, and re-expanding trade to Iraq, Egypt, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, tobacco sales also quickly increased to many nations interested in buying tobacco from the Hindi Tobacco Company, including the Soviet Union, Greece, Italy, Yugoslavia, and nations in East Asia.

By 1993 the company was fully restored to its once great status and full ownership was privatized, and began rapidly expanding into the sales of other products, as well as diversifying, changing into Hindi Holdings, and establishing its profound Tobacco production into its own corporation.


Jawad al-Hindi has been President and CEO of Hindi Holdings, and the Tobacco Corporation since July 2016, he is committed to quality assurance and guarantees the best product there is, and keeping Khataiy's place on the Tobacco world map.

"Our product is the finest there is, all of our products are made with care and passion, our tobacco is naturally grown and cared for by generations of the best tobacco harvesters our nation has to offer, we have spent years perfecting our processes to bring you the best tobacco money can buy, and guarantee nothing less. - President & CEO, Jawad al-Hindi
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