Pulse Airlines (move in progress from Aurora Confederacy)

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Pulse Airlines (move in progress from Aurora Confederacy)

Postby Greater Orcadia » Tue Sep 10, 2019 3:45 pm

More than just an airline

Headquarters Address
Pulse Air
Teminal 1
Manchester International
Greater Orcadia

Pulse Airlines, part of the Polar group is a relative newcomer to the airline industry, dating back to the fall of 2003, starting out with just a single Boeing 747-300. Since then, Pulse has expanded its operations into the more unique sectors of the aviation insustry, providing not just a high class airline for business travellers and those who want a little bit more than just a seat to somewhere as Pulse is not catering to the coach class sectors of the airline industry, just first class and business class with seats that turn into beds throughout the aircraft and in our latest A350 aircraft, a bar below deck in an area that would normally be used for baggage, a feature that featured on the original luxury airliner, the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser.

In addition to the airline, Pulse operates a commercial satellite launch service with the ability launch a satellite with a mass of upto 65,000kg into orbit for items going to low earth orbit such as space station modules, however deep space probes for missions such as Voyager that was launched in the 1970s, they will be somewhat lighter, this however is not for reasons of limitations of the launch vehicle, but more to do with the requirements of the space craft to be able to use gravity boosting where the gravity of a large planet is used to sling shot to the next planet, its easier to do with smaller space probes.

Currently, Pulse Airlines operates out of all key airports in Greater Orcadia and has a high tech launch complex in South America.

Our fleet
Airbus A340-600

The Airbus A340 is the workhorse of the Pulse fleet, laid out in a 1st class configuration throughout the entire aircraft where as with other airlines have gone for a 3 class layout as Pulse is aiming at the upper end of the airline sector given that the economy and commuter sectors are already saturated with airlines. Each seat has within the aircraft has the ability to recline to an almost flat position for maximum comfort of long haul flights that can typically last for upto 16 hours with device charging, free wifi use and live streamed and on-demand tv for every passenger.


New to the scene is the Airbus A350-1000, this large twin engined aircraft is made of a composite structure so lighter and more fuel efficient than older designs, and with its destinctive curved winglets that resemble a samurai's katana rather than being a simple bolt on accessory to the wing give the A350 an elegant appearance whilst being at the cutting edge of wing design technology.

Seating in the A350s operated by Pulse is again is offering first class only seats aboard the A350s which can lie fully flat and have free wifi and device charging with live streaming and on demand movies. First class seats also have soft masage seats, there is no better place to relax whilst on a 16 hour flight.

C5 Galaxy transport

Although passenger transport is an important part of Pulse Air's business, equally important is the company's satellite launch and heavy lift operations, and so to support this operation, Pulse has a small fleet of C5 Galaxy aircraft, these on the outside closely resemble the classic C5 A and B variants however inside they are much more modern and are easily identified by their slightly larger engines. These aircraft can carry a 270,000kg payload over a distance of 5,000km compared to 4,400km of the previous models.

Falcon Launch Vehicle

With a maximum capacity of over 60 tonnes to low earth orbit, the Falcon LV is a serious launch vehicle and also semi reusable as the side mounted boosters and the central core of the main vehicle are fully reusable. Operated in 2 forms, the Falcon Launch Vehicle is also man-rated for getting scientific crews to the Sirius Orbital Science Station, to which PULSE has a contract to carry out crew transfer and resupply operations.

Choose Pulse
First class:
Lower deck bar area in A350 Luxury airliners

As we cater towards the premium end of the market, Pulse air has done away with coach class services, this allows us to focus on the first class and business class clients, to which we operate a high class service, with fist class passengers getting luxury limosine pickup from either their home or a hotel they are staying at prior to their flight, Our fleet of A340-600 and A350-1000 aircraft feature full wifi throughout the aircraft, with streamed and on-demand media in a number of different languages, all of which is provided free of charge.

First class
Featuring seats that transform into lie-flat beds which in our latest A350 aircraft have massage pads built in to give a soothing massage as you cruise are the best in the business and of course the seats are power adjusted. The luxury doesn't end there as our seats have air chambers inside them, this enables you to tune the comfort of your seat, so you can sleep in absolute comfort, even in mild turbulence that would awaken some passengers in lesser seats, here you will not even notice.

Want privacy, that too has been catered for with curtains that are located at the front of the small passenger compartments, here you don't draw them as that is lacking the dignity deserved of a first class passenger, instead they close effortlessly at the press of a button, the same goes for the screens of the windows for passengers who have a window seat, and with free international satellite phone calls which are a premium charge service on other airlines and HIGH SPEED 50mb/s plug-in internet, you are never out of touch with loved ones or the office.

Above the seats are deep, spacious lockers in which you can store your cabin luggage and a second locker where clean is stored when it is not in use, below these lockers, soft adjustable LED lights are provided to give soft lighting anytime you desire for reading the inflight magazine that every passenger gets a complementary copy of, these can be found in a small locker not more than an arms length away. When in the upright position, the seats in first class have a tray located within easy reach, yet to pull this tray out would be something expected in coach class, here a simple press of a button allows the tray to silently glide out of its stowed position and to retract it, simply press the same button again and the tray will glide silently away.

Shortly after boarding, passengers will be provided with headphones for the media system and a list of the alcoholic drinks for the flight from which they can choose from a number of fine wines, as well as a list of soft and non alcoholic drinks including tea, coffee and fruit juices.

Bar Atlantique
Bar Atlantique is a new feature which has been installed in the lower fuselage area of our A350 aircraft just ahead of the air conditioning plant in what would normally be the cargo hold and reminiscent of the original luxury airliner, the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser. Pulse has introduced a new standard of luxury to the aircraft. Moving forward from this area is the steps that lead up to the main passenger deck.

Enjoy your meal
With flights taking upto 14 to 15 hours, a comfortable seat is only going to go part way on a long haul flight, for passenger on a long flight will also need to dine, and as a Pulse passenger, you dine well, with upto 3 three course meals on offer during the flight and snacks able to be brought to your seat by our cabin crew at any time during the flight once the aircraft has levelled off after take off and before the final approach is being made.

A typical meal on offer is usually lamb or fish, although vegatarian and vegan food is also on offer, with food on flights to the middle east being certified Halal whilst Asian routes also feature rice, and it is all prepared by our certified suppliers in Greater Orcadia who are fine cuisine specialists, many of whom used to work in the luxury restaurant industry so they know how to cook for discerning clients.

Wines offered on board our aircraft come France, including our very own Chateau Noir, which has a soft, gentle taste making it ideal for those who like a more dignified wine, and comes in still and sparkling varieties. For those passengers who want to have a non alcoholic drink, among the soft beverages, Pulse Air also offers Chateau Blanc, this non alcoholic wine offers all the smooth, delicate taste as Chateau Noir but is for markets where alcoholic drinks are not permitted.
Chateau Noir white whine

There are 2 ways pf purchasing tickets, this can be either online or over the phone, with credit card payment, once paid for, tickets can be provided by email or through th
e postal system. Online tickets can be purchased either directly by the customer or through an authorized travel agency and can be purchased upto 7 days prior to the date of the outgoing departure. At the airport, passengers MUST CHECK IN at least 3 hours prior to departure.

Pets policy
Pets such as cats and dogs are to be checked into the hold at the animal reception desk, and must have proof that their vaccinations are up to date, only guide dogs are permitted inside the passenger cabin.

Relax before you fly
Manchester International Airport Diamond Suite

Waiting for a flight can be a stressful time at the best of times, however Pulse aims to take that stress away by providing a luxury lounge for passengers of its first and business class passengers, here you can check in to your flight without having to queue up at the arrivals hall of the airport. We will pick you up and check you in at the VIP reception of the airport, once passport is cleared you are able to relax as you wait for your aircraft and upon its arrival, a conceirge attendant will inform you IN PERSON that your flight has arrived and is awaiting boarding.

Whilst waiting for your flight, you can enjoy fine cuisine from around the world, Thai, European, Indian, African, its all available and will be cooked to perfection by our catering staff at the airport, although if all you fancy is a simple coffee then thats okay, we have that covered too with a full range of blends and varieties to make the perfect drink and it will be brought to your table as you wait, and if you're flying first class the pre-flight meals are complementary.


Earn Diamond points as you spend

Thanks to our the Bank of the Atlantic, Pulse air offers passengers the chance to gain air miles and diamond points with our branded credit card, use it to buy food, fuel, household goods or what ever else takes your fancy, and every purchase over $100 you will gain points that you can redeem with Pulse airlines, save up for that flight you have always wanted, or use them to buy drinks in our lounges without it coming off your credit limit.

Pulse Heavy Lift
One of our C5 Galaxy aircraft just after acquisition, loading a scientific submersible

Pulse Heavy Lift is the air cargo operation, Specialising in larger end of the aircargo market with our fleet of ex military C5Galaxy, these aircraft are capable of lifting just over 270 tonnes to just about anywhere on the planet, and we will fly to anywhere that is not engaged in a war zone. From disaster relief to polar resupply, Pulse can be called on to get the cargo in as our aircraft are capable of landing on unpaved runways, need an entire Formula 1 race set up, Rally raid series moved from one race venue to another, no problem. All we require is the height of the cargo to fit inside the dimensions of the cargo bay
Height: 4,11m (13ft 5.8in), Width: 5,79m (19ft), Length: 43,8m (143ft 8.4in).

For Polar resupply flights, upto 65 passengers can also be accommodated in the aircraft upper deck in the moderately equipped passenger area. Passengers flying in these aircraft still get free wifi and a series of streamed on demand media. Due to the nature of such work, as it is often a one-off cargo, please apply in writing upto 10 weeks prior to the planned requirement of our equipment as these aircraft are in high demand.

Pulse Space is the satellite and orbital payload division of Pulse Air, Based in French Guiana, Pulse Space provides a reliable payload to orbit capability that specialises in getting communications satellites into orbit. For this service, satellites will be shipped by air to the North Point launch complex where our technicians will go about the job of fueling the satellite and preparing it for the flight to orbit.

So far, Pulse has launched over 100 communications and scientific payloads into orbit and has provided a highly reliable service to the Sirius Orbital Station, with crew flights every 3 months as the station operates a staggered manning of the station.

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[color=#0000BF][b][i][size=150]More than just an airline[/size][/i][/b][/color][/align]
[floatright]Headquarters Address
Pulse Air
Teminal 1
Manchester International
Greater Orcadia[/floatright]
[align=center]IATA Code: PX
Callsign: PULSAR[/align]
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Postby Aurora Confederacy » Tue Sep 10, 2019 4:46 pm

To apply for a route or vendor position, of if you wish Pulse Airlines to go into partnership, please apply in writing giving details specific to your request or application.
Code: Select all
[b]Country full name:[/b]

[b]Destination (link optional but preffered):[/b]

[b]Security measures:[/b]
[b]How many gates and terminals[/b] [_]
[b]Are visas needed:[/b]
[b]Anything major we should know?[/b]

[b]Please give reasons as to why you think your nation would
provide a suitable destination for Pulse Air, please
give one paragraph or more[/b]

Pulse Air also operates a launch-vehicle operation for the launching of commercial satellites for communications, weather forecasting and scientific research. A launch to Geostationary Transfer Orbit costs $90M and requires a 6 month lead time. To researve a launch booking, please apply in writing and fill in the form below.
Code: Select all
[b]Full nation name:[/b]
[b]Company name:[/b]
[b]Name of satellite:[/b]
[b]Purpose of satellite:[/b]

[b]Proposed launch date[/b]

All storefronts can be found here In my factbook
Factbook: new factbook under construction
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Postby Greater Orcadia » Thu Sep 19, 2019 2:37 pm


If you travel with Pulse, when you get an airport transfer from your hotel you don't just get any old car with a taxi sign on the roof, no, you get a ROLLS ROYCE and a chauffeur, rather than a regular taxi driver.
Greater Orcadia is based on the R/L nation of Great Britain and Ireland set in the modern time and played by the same person behind the Aurora Confederacy!

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Postby Peoples Republic of Joyea » Fri Sep 20, 2019 5:06 pm

Country full name: Peoples Republic of joyea

Destination (link optional but preferred): viewtopic.php?f=6&t=471451

Security measures: We have a system for international travelers where we ask them a number of questions and they are rated 1 to 3 1 Not a hazard to safety, 2 possible hazard to flight safety, 3 high risk and on flights air marshals are put near people with a 3 or in some rare cases a 2 also all international travelers are subject to and X ray of them and there belongings and a medical test.
How many gates and terminals 100gates terminal 1
Are visas needed: yes
Anything major we should know?

Please give reasons as to why you think your nation would
provide a suitable destination for Pulse Air, please
give one paragraph or more

One reason on I think you should fly here is because it is a huge tourist destination With many resorts and casino's. Another reason it has a thriving nightlife with many clubs and bars. In addition Joyea has some of the finest food in the entire NS world. These are the reasons why I think people Should come to Joyea.
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