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Postby Novitera » Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:53 pm


Candidates for Directorate Chairman Announced

Mass Military Buildup in Wolfsbruck
King-Emperor Elijah and King James Feud
Tower of Babel Construction Continues Against Engineer's Warnings

WADE SETSUKO - Noviteran National Party (Nationals)
ERIC DOUGLAS - Civic Alliance (Patriots)
THOMAS GLASS - United Federation Commons Party (Commoners)

Chairman Lucas North has stated that he is ready to, "...let my legacy stand for itself." in preparation for retirement. Indeed, Chairman North oversaw the recovery of the Noviteran economy after the devastating crash with a high approval rating of his recovery policies from Fortune 500 CEOs. In a few months he will be hanging up his hat and we Novitera thanking him for his service to our great nation. To step into his shoes are two insiders and one outsider. First is current Director of International Trade Wade Setsuko who is highly praised for his work in the CTO and acquiring various trade deals regarding Arcologia. Among both his former private sector and current government circles, Mr. Setsuko is known for his thoughtfulness and vigor in advancing Noviteran economic interests abroad.

"Oh I remember Wade. Doesn't surprise me that he's up for Chairman. That is one of the most responsible men I have ever worked with and we all knew that if Wade Setsuko can't close the deal, no one can." Said a former co-worker from FCU.

Next up is Eric Douglas, current Executor of State. Despite detractors citing his age and poor health, Mr. Douglas certainly has a long list of merits. He was an excellent COO for the Ishukoni Corporation whose efficiency models save the company millions a year to this day and is regarded as one of the finest government administrators Novitera has ever had. Combined with his expert skills in diplomacy and negotiation, he was appointed by the Trask Administration to be Novitera's face to the world.

"Eric Douglas always found a way to brightened up the mood at executive meetings. Industrious, intelligent and kind. We were heartbroken to see him go and had a tough time figuring out how to run the company as smoothly without him." Stated the CEO of Ishukoni.

Finally, the outsider. We all know him. Thomas Glass, current CEO of the Lai Dai Corporation. Under Mr. Glass, Lai Dai has achieved new heights. Lai Dai is now a regional icon for consumer electronics and has seized the top spot in the world for Noviteran smartphones. The Sleek Series has had the reigning top market share of all Noviteran smartphones across Cornellia for a few years now. Savvy Novi has also named Mr. Glass "Top Fortune 500 CEO" for two years in a row. Although new to the ways of government, Thomas Glass benefits from mass popularity across the nation.
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The Shrailleeni Empire
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Postby The Shrailleeni Empire » Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:14 pm

The Eagle's Cry

Shrailleeni News Unbiased
Serving the Children of the Mother Goddess and the Region

Statement of Purpose: Founded on the principles of liberty, morality, and matriatism, the staff of the Eagle's Cry are dedicated to the principles of free speech and accessibility of information, except where this information could endanger the well-being of the Shrailleeni people. This news source will report to the Shrailleeni people and the region the true goings-on within the Shrailleeni Empire through foreign electronic and domestic printed mediums.

National News
September, 1295 (2019)

Imperial Army Approves New Contracts
Dresselli Weaponmasters and Murakami Arms To Provide New Vehicles

Imperial City - A spokeswoman for the Imperial Military announced today that budget approval had been made for a new generation of fighting vehicles to be produced for the Imperial Army. The decision is part of a ten-year plan to further modernize the Shrailleeni military and adapt it to better suit the Enlightened Matriarchy's defensive needs.

The upgrades both center on arms manufacturing titan Dresselli Weaponmasters, which has made back millions on the domestic productions rights to the Lyras Arms Ironheart line of fighting vehicles. Earlier this month, Dresselli unveiled its prototype for an amphibious light tank to provide both reconnaissance and island defense capabilities. The Dresselli WRC (Wheeled Reconnaissance Cannon) won the Imperial Army contract and will soon enter full production. Two of the most important selling selling features were the 90mm cannon, capable of firing armor piercing rounds, and the ability to raise or lower the central pair of wheels to accommodate mountainous, sandy, or muddy terrain.

Possibly related to this success, Dresselli also secured the rights to the primary domestic manufacture of the Nifonese Murakami Arms CAV - 8 Armored Vehicle Series, for $360 million. The sale was secured by the Matriarchy of War in a series of negotiations that ended yesterday with the acquisition. The CAV-8 is intended to provide amphibious IFV variants to supplement the WRC in the defense of the archipelago and operations in undeveloped tropical terrain. Both models will begin to enter production soon, with the first units expected to roll off of the line by the end of October.

The deal with Murakami Arms comes ahead of an increase in political relations with the Empire of Greater Nifon, a longtime New Edomite ally. It is expected that future arms sales will be a major topic of discussion during the upcoming official state visit by Shogun Kojiro, which is scheduled to be held later this week.

- CTO Debates Proceed in Imperial Matriarchate

- Six Battlegroups Given Mobilization Orders, Regional Tensions Cited

International News

Tensions Increase Between Vionna-Frankenlisch, New Edom
Enlightened Matriarchy Urges Peace

Imperial City - Tensions between allies-turned-antagonists escalated quickly yesterday with a speech given by King James of Vionna-Frankenlisch leveling accusatory remarks against King-Emperor Elijah I of the Empire of New Edom. The speech has sent shockwaves across the region, with nations coming forward to either defend the remarks or condemn them as inflammatory.

At the center of these tensions appears to be the nation of McNernia, which earlier in the month was caught attempting to send troops into the Vionna-Frankenlisch commonwealth of New Columbia. Despite harsh New Edomite condemnation of these actions which included demands for the removal of all McNernian forces from the region, King James of Vionna-Frankenlisch alleges that comments made by high ranking members of the McNernian government prove New Edomite involvement in the affair. Furthermore he accused King-Emperor Elijah I of conspiracy and treachery, using inflammatory and insulting language. It is unclear at this time if the elected government had any knowledge of these accusations before the speech was made.

In response, King-Emperor Elijah demanded an apology from King James, failing which all diplomatic contact between the two countries would be withdrawn. This apology was later denied on the grounds that New Edom should answer the charges leveled against it before any further diplomatic action could proceed.

In the meantime, several regional nations have surprisingly come out in support of King James's accusations. These included the Empire of Solisia, which further has offered to send military forces to New Columbia, and the Cossack Khanate. Both nations have mirrored the condemnation of King-Emperor Elijah and vowed to support Vionna-Frankenlisch. Meanwhile, the Enlightened Matriarchy announced publicly today that it finds no truth in the alleged accusations, and has urged a peaceful and diplomatic solution to the surprising confrontation. Her Enlightened Majesty the Mother Empress stated before the international press today that she is alarmed by these developments, which she sees as a possible escalation toward war.

"What has occurred is a tragic failure in meaningful communication. This communication must be restored. I urge King James to issue an apology to King-Emperor Elijah and proceed down the path of peace and reconciliation."
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New Edom wrote:Elizabeth Salt remarked, "It's amazing, isn't it, you rarely see modern troops that wear their 19th century uniforms and gear so well--they must drill all the time. Is this a guards outfit?"

Sif said to her, "This is a modern Shrailleeni Empire military parade. Like as in this is what they wear, this is what they use. This is it."

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Postby Hittanryan » Tue Sep 17, 2019 9:31 pm

BREAKING: Future of Rowan Government Uncertain

(An animated graphic of the ANBC logo comes into view for about a second before cutting to a middle-aged news anchor in a suit is seen sitting with his arms folded on the table. The above headline is in big red and white letters on the bottom of the screen. Townsend begins his introduction.)

"Confusing testimony given by members of the Rowan government at the final hearings on Arroyo earlier today have cast serious doubts on the President’s leadership. When asked about the origins of the controversial policy of Arvo evacuation, members of the President’s staff first testified that Secretary of State Amy Bailey did in fact pursue a policy of removal and resettlement against the Arvo people, tantamount to ethnic cleansing. Treasury Secretary Pendergast, however, dramatically contradicted this account."

(Cut to a shot of Pendergast looking unusually earnest, even tapping the table with his palm to punctuate his sentence)

“I can say with certainty that the Arvo people have no greater advocate than Amy Bailey.”

(Townsend narrates)

Mr. Pendergast also stated that while the Secretary of State did make remarks about evacuation and allocated certain funds as contended by Deputy Chief of Staff Alan Cruise, she never advocated resettling their lands to the best of his knowledge, nor can he confirm the existence of supposedly hidden accounts.

Following today’s testimony the President has come under fierce criticism from nearly all sides. In a press conference Opposition Leader Fisher called the government a shambles and indicated his preference to hold a general election.

(Fisher is standing behind a podium with a couple of mikes in an obviously well-prepared press conference)

“We do not have a government right now. This Arroyo policy may not have even been a policy, which—by the way—to me is even more terrifying than it happening out of ill intent. And yet Arroyo is just a symptom of a much greater illness in this government. When you have an entire Cabinet in chaos there’s really only one person you can blame. Adiron cannot afford to keep George Rowan as President. Adiron cannot afford the ideological bankruptcy of the modern Social Democratic Party as it lurches into a minority government. It’s time we let the Adiran people choose real leadership who will sincerely look out for honest hardworking Adirans and advance Adiran interests consistently and unashamedly. ”

(Townsend narrates over some stock footage of Green Party Leader Merrill Eddings)

Fisher’s criticisms were joined, if not exactly echoed, by Green Party Leader Eddings who threw his support behind a potential challenger of Rowan’s.

(Cut to the younger and hipper Eddings, who isn’t wearing a tie with his suit, speaks more like a preacher, and has a $3-400 haircut. He appears to be standing outside speaking to a crowd of standing reporters)

“This is what’s wrong with government today, this cold, calculating, cynicism grounded by seemingly no morals or principles whatsoever. We told President Rowan that this reckless advance into Arcologia was the wrong way forward. We appealed to President Rowan’s sense of decency and common humanity. We presented our vision for a fairer, sustainable future for our children. It all fell on deaf ears—“ He pauses for effect and points upwards “—with the sole exception of Secretary Bailey. Although the Secretary might have been betrayed by her own party leadership, I can say right now that the Greens would be happy to have her, and we’d take her over George Rowan any day!”

(The audio cuts just as applause breaks out, and Townsend’s narration continues)

If Mr. Eddings’ remarks confirm the final collapse of President Rowan’s governing majority, then comments from within the President’s own party suggest a change of leadership is imminent. Only minutes ago Assemblyman Blount spoke to one of our reporters:

(Cut to an MA in an immaculate suit, with a simple close-cut haircut and an obvious limp in his step. There are clearly several camera crews walking alongside him. Blount is stepping into an elevator)

“Assemblyman is the leadership of your party sound?”

Blount looks at the camera and says “At a time like this, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t harbor doubts.”

(Blount enters the elevator and the scene shifts to another MA walking on a New Laconia sidewalk. The man is remarkably tall and broad-shouldered for a man in his fifties. The reporters seem to have trouble keeping up at times.)

“Mr. Hopkins, Is a no-confidence vote planned?”

“You’d be better off saving your questions until after our senior members get to talk to the President.”

(Reporters all shout questions at once)

“A meeting with who? Assemblyman?”

“Will they ask the President to step down?”

A brief flash of annoyance crosses Hopkins' face, and he raises a hand. “Look, everybody, there's nothing to tell for right now, you hear?”

(Cut back to Townsend in a news room, two middle aged commentators are with him. He starts off speaking to the camera and then turns to them)

“This is a developing story which we will continue to update as new information comes in. Joining me tonight are regular political contributors Glenn Osborne and Neil Zimmerman. Gentlemen, what are we looking at and how did we get here?”

“In fairness to the President, he had an uphill battle,” replies the salt-and-pepper haired Osborne. “He was a compromise candidate. He was not a party elder, in fact there are committee chairs who are senior to him. There are ways he might've managed that, but he didn't. In 2016 I think the party was still in a state of shock over the loss of President DeGroot. Pendergast and Bluford seemed too polarizing in the caucuses, Rowan became the middle ground.”

“Being awfully generous there,” replies the white-haired and white bearded Zimmerman. “If he didn’t split the party back then, he certainly has now. I don't buy him as a compromise candidate, either, he made his bargain with Al Bluford that put Amy Bailey in as Secretary of State. Now she's going to hoist him by his own petard."

"Just to play devil's advocate here, suppose this wasn't some grand conspiracy?" Osborne interjects. "Secretary Bailey's views are well known, suppose her motives are entirely motivated by humanitarian concerns and a commitment to the truth?"

"That's even worse!" Zimmerman exclaims, clearly suppressing a laugh. "This has really exposed a complete lack of leadership. Not only is there Cabinet infighting but the President himself has joined in the finger pointing when he’s ultimately responsible for everything. It’s time for him to go. If the SDP can't avoid a general election in this thing's wake they at least need to get an adult at the head of the table here...”

(Commentary continues, mostly speculation and argument with similar sentiments)
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In-character name of the nation is "Adiron," because I like the name better.

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Rome stands with Edomites, Emperor announces summit!

Postby Late Roman Empire » Wed Sep 18, 2019 11:53 am

Chalcedon Gazette,
Eusebius Gaudentius

The Roman Emperor Titus Augustus formally declared his "firm support for our worthy allies, King-Emperor Elijah IV and Queen-Empress Mara of New Edom. We do not foresee any reason to doubt them regarding this affair. They are loyal and respectable confederates and we remain staunch in our adherence to this partnership with them. We are also pleased to stand with the Shrailleeni in support of New Edom as our mutual ally. We worked together to put down a tyrant, not that long ago, in Gavinium Magnus. We can and should work together to stand in defense of our ally, New Edom."

His Eternity warned that, "so-called friends and allies have proven very fair weather of late, pulling back when things become difficult or strained. We have had some occasional differences with our allies, including New Edom, Garza, and Ghant, but we share a common purpose and strength, as well as a regional responsibility to lead the way toward a more beneficial future of peace and prosperity. If some countries cannot take a little dissent or disagreement and remain allies, we must question the sincerity of their alliance from the outset."

There were also rumors that the Emperor intends to host a summit in Constantinople, a rumor that he has since confirmed, "We believe that such an event would be a worthwhile effort of goodwill on our part, though this conference would largely be among either allies, friends, or friendly neutrals. We are especially keen to invite New Edom, Ghant, Garza, Shrailleen, Adiron, Novitera, Delvian States, Gavinium, Gran Chaco, New Hydrenia, The Vorindun, Vorindeum, Hostillia, and the Imperium to attend it, though we understand if the last two decline to attend due to the other's appearance."

A formal list of invited heads of state is reportedly being prepared for what is expected to be a "state dinner and gala for those nations presently on good terms with the Empire. No word yet on the probability of any particular nation being represented at said event.
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"I swear by Almighty God that I will faithfully serve and obey the Divine Augustus, as our Lord and Master, and hold him alone as my true, dread sovereign and prince. I swear that I will serve him loyally until the hour of my death, on pain of damnation to my eternal soul." - the Imperial Oath of Allegiance (administered to the civil service and armed forces)

Woe to they who demand things of the Lord of the World, for he is neither so obliged nor amused.

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Constitutional Amendments package bill passes Senate!

Postby United Valik » Wed Sep 25, 2019 11:21 am

The Glauconeum Register,
Ladislas Klopek

A bill introduced in the Federal Senate to include a number of reforms through amendments to parts of the 2013 Federal Constitution has passed its first major obstacle: enactment in the upper house. By a "free vote," the Senate assented to the bill 68-32, a more than two-to-one ratio. This means that the bill must now be presented to the Federal Assembly, where its passage is likely to be even easier, due to greater party discipline in the lower chamber. Prime Minister Talia Tsaros has indicated her support for the legislation, despite its origins in the center-left Progressive League and leftist People's Party caucuses.

The proposed Constitutional Amendments, which if approved by the Federal Parliament must then receive a two-thirds majority from a fifty-percent turnout in a plebiscite, are as follows:

1. Repeal of Section 14 in its entirety. This will have the effect of permitting higher graduated income, estate, and capital-gains taxes, thus permitting more public revenues to cover the cost of any possible expanded social safety net. It's an acknowledge that the "smaller government" philosophy that has steered much of Valikan governance for the past decade, an ideology of minimalism and austerity, has failed to properly cushion them through the "shock therapy" phase of privatization and transition to a free market capitalist economy from a centrally planned command economy under Communism. It will also permit the creation of a possible central bank and to that end, the "metallic standard" clause in the Constitution would also be repealed, permitting "fiat currency." This will enable more exports and reduce United Valik's currently alarming trade deficit with other nations.
2. Repeal of Section 10 in its entirety. This will permit public sector trade unions, which have been outlawed under the 2013 Constitution, as well as public sector worker strikes.
3. A proviso in the Constitution which will guarantee adequate unemployment insurance, disability and old-age pensions, single-payer health care, a living wage, and tuition-free trade schools, community colleges, public universities, and graduate schools. Private institutions, however, shall be free to continue charging tuition.

In essence, while the bulk of the economy shall remain private, if every last one of these amendments are enacted, the country will begin to transition toward a regulated social-market economy with an expanded welfare state. It would amount to a rejection of the more "laissez-faire" libertarian economic model that has prevailed in United Valik since the 2009 Revolution. However, it should be stressed that this legislation simply permits a plebiscite on these matters, and that the center-right coalition government has indicated that it will oppose ratification of the third amendment, favoring more modest laws to improve the social safety net for the poor and middle class. Prime Minister Tsaros is believed to agree with some of the omnibus "Social Welfare Amendment," but not all provisions of it, though many in her caucus are firmly against all of it.

If approved, the bill will require the Prime Minister to set a date for the plebiscite to be held in the very near future.
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"The public officer is the servant of the People, and it is useful to keep the whip trained on him constantly."

"Never permit even the first possible step toward tyranny. Resist at every stage. Oppose it at every point. Become suspicious of even the smallest power grabs."

Quotes from Basil Pappas, DDS, Prime Minister of United Valik

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Postby Novitera » Thu Oct 03, 2019 12:33 am

Noviteran News Network

The camera switches through a number of scenes displaying different scenes all over the world, stock price numbers, various Noviteran city skylines, sports teams at play and finally the Noviteran flag. A energetic instrumental tune plays throughout until the camera focuses on a man and woman in their 40s dressed impeccably.

"Good afternoon. I am Lance Natsu."

"I am Merril Dawson and this is the Noviteran News Network."

Dawson spoke first. "Breaking news. We are now going to the National Directorate Center where an emergency vote on war is on the table."

The feed switches to a camera in the National Directorate Auditorium. National Directors are taking turns moving towards the Adjutant to cast their votes. Various reporters, aides and other government officials line the walls. Prime Director Lucas North sits at the front of it all watching intently. The camera pans to Director Wade Setsuko moves forward to cast his ballot.

Merril Dawson's voice narrates. "The national government recently received word that the Solisian Union has declared war on Chaco. A shocking development. This war declaration triggers the Mutual Defense Pact between Novitera and Chaco which the Directorate is voting on now."

"There goes Mary Takeshi, Director of Foreign Affairs." Said Natsu.

The feed shows Director Takeshi, a short and slim woman, moving down the aisle with a paper and handing it to the Adjutant After the last ballots were cast, North cast his. He and the Adjutant, a gray haired man that looked to be in his 60s, began reviewing them and began making tallies on official documents. At last after several minutes and with some conferring, North moved to stand before the podium.

"Citizens of Novitera, we find ourselves at a crossroads. On one hand, we may seek to secure Noviteran interests and stay out of fights that are not ours to prevent needless endangerment to the welfare of our great nation. On the other, we have an obligation to uphold our commitments to friends overseas. The Republic of Gran Chaco has been a longtime ally to our country. They supported us in Gavinium and have been a cornerstone of the CTO for some time now. Even in the face of terrible war, the only conscientious decision we can make is to stand by our allies and our friends, the Chacanos. The vote is 23-0 in favor of war."

Cameras flashed and those in the audience called out. North slammed the gavel down a few times to call the room to order.

"What can I say to give courage to our men and women in uniform and to you, the public? Shall I cite our nation's unmatched economic and technological might? No, I shall simply speak of one thing and I address this specifically to Empress Meriall Sataranan." North paused. "Be mindful of who we are. We who are descended of slaves, peasants, refugees, commoners, outcasts and undesirables. Our aristocracy is that of the meritorious, not the blood of nobility. We are not subjects ruled over by unelected monarchs. We are Noviteran citizens! We are a nation of free men!"

Applause and cheers followed. North waited until it died down.

"To the Republic of Gran Chaco hear this, no hostilities against your nation will go unanswered by the United Federation. Novitera...." North paused again. "Novitera will stand by you through strife and adversity to defend your sovereign soil, your citizens and your democracy. I now hereby declare by legal Act and unanimous vote of the National Directorate, that a state of war exists between the Solisian Union and this United Federation. Shintochi Banzai!"

"Banzai!" The crowd sounded back in unison.
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The Shrailleeni Empire
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Postby The Shrailleeni Empire » Tue Oct 08, 2019 4:03 am

The Eagle's Cry

Shrailleeni News Unbiased
Serving the Children of the Mother Goddess and the Region

Statement of Purpose: Founded on the principles of liberty, morality, and matriatism, the staff of the Eagle's Cry are dedicated to the principles of free speech and accessibility of information, except where this information could endanger the well-being of the Shrailleeni people. This news source will report to the Shrailleeni people and the region the true goings-on within the Shrailleeni Empire through foreign electronic and domestic printed mediums.

International News
October, 1295 (2019)

Empire of Deadora Assaults Aedora!
Civilian Casualties in the Thousands, Mother Empress Declares War

Fallows, Aedora - Early this morning, newly crowned Matriarch Empress Jacqueline Thrall made good on her threats to reclaim Aedora in the most horrifying way. Waves of air strikes overwhelmed Aedoran defenses and struck both military and civilian targets across the nascent nation, including the hearts of major cities. Casualties are estimated to be in the thousands, with numerous Shrailleeni citizens predicted to be among them.

Speaking from the throne room of the Imperial Palace, Her Enlightened Majesty the Mother Empress Chella Resyanna fe Shrailleen issued a declaration of war against the Feminist Empire this morning. In accordance with the Constitution, the Mother Empress may declare war without approval from the NISA should treaties of mutual defense be evoked as the cause. A highlight of the speech follows:

"The reign of Jacqueline Thrall has been since its inception one of the most abhorrent violence and paranoid reaction. First she accused me, without evidence and with great disrespect, of sedition against the Deadoran state including against her sister and my dear ally Jennifer Thrall. She broke our alliance and ended the bond of sisterhood which lay between our nations. She evicted our ambassador and reinstated persecution of Mother Goddess Worship within her lands. She moved her military forces to the borders of Kurungarra and Kehrahn, and refused to recognize the Goddess-given rights of the Kehrahnii and Aedoran people to govern themselves.

Now, she has without warning or provocation made war against the Aedoran people with a violence unheard of among civilized peoples. She has deliberately targeted civilians in order to cause the highest number of casualties, she has destroyed offices of government, schools, and hospitals. The Enlightened Matriarchy must declare war upon the Feminist Empire of Deadora, not only because of our obligation by treaty, but because as a peace-loving and civilized people we cannot in good conscious abide such monstrous action while it is within our power to halt it."

The Enlightened Matriarchy will also be reacting defense of the Mother Goddess Worshippers of Aedora, who are expected to be specifically targeted by the Deadoran regime in a campaign of terror similar to that carried out by the mad king Lucian of Gavinium Magnus. Numerous Shrailleeni citizens, mostly contractors, journalists, and businesswomen are in immediate danger as well from indiscriminate Deadoran bombing. At the time of this writing the Cry can confirm that schools, hospitals, and residential areas were among the Deadoran targets, as well as the Council Chambers in the capital. The Aedoran authorities do not yet have an exact body count, but have released estimates according to the extent of the bombing.

Fortunately for the Aedoran, the rapid increase in regional tensions began by King James I's inflammatory speech against New Edom resulted in precautionary mobilization on the part of the Imperial Military. Across the Enlightened Matriarchy all military units are being called up for active duty, including the total of the empire's Battlegroups. The Matriarchy of War would not share the details of this mobilization or of any possible deployments, but did state that action against the Feminist Empire was "the highest priority" of the military at this time.

There is speculation about the timing of this attack with the spark of war elsewhere in the region. It was not long ago that an air strike by New Edom against the port at Frankenlisch escalated the tensions between the two empires into a full-scale war, which resulted in the declaration of war against New Edom by Vionna-Frankenlish ally Regensburg. Shortly afterward, the Empire of Solisia declared war against New Edom and against the Republic of Gran Chaco, drawing all of Ayaca into the conflict along with Novitera. Whether the Deadorans sought to attack while New Edom was embroiled in conflict or whether a greater conspiracy between nations is at work is unknown at this time.

What is known is that the Shrailleeni Empire is at war once again, and this time against a powerful foe and former Sister. This reporter certainly hopes that the swift wrath of the Mother Goddess will descend upon the Deadorans, and that honor, justice, and righteousness shall be established in this long-suffering land.

UPDATE: We have received reports that fighting has broken out along the Deadoran-Kehrahnii border as well. The Matriarchy of Foreign Affairs has stated that the Enlightened Matriarchy will come to the defense of our Kehrahnii sisters with all haste as part of the war with Deadora.
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Ask Me Anything IC
Come to the Mother's Embrace
New Edom wrote:Elizabeth Salt remarked, "It's amazing, isn't it, you rarely see modern troops that wear their 19th century uniforms and gear so well--they must drill all the time. Is this a guards outfit?"

Sif said to her, "This is a modern Shrailleeni Empire military parade. Like as in this is what they wear, this is what they use. This is it."



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