Pacifying the Provinces [MT-Cornellia-TG for entry-Mature]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]


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Postby Republica De Gran Chaco » Tue Sep 03, 2019 5:35 pm

Ministry of Defense
Yanque, Chaco

The intelligence analysts were getting strange reports from Wolfsbruck about large numbers of reserve forces rushing to their units. People apparently were getting flash notices somehow and told to report with all due haste. The reports that were coming in to Yanque were confused. None of the memos had reason to believe that reserves would be called up this quickly and the Wolfsbrucker government had not announced any reason for them to be called up. Some of the analysts were busy digging through old memos and news articles that might explain this but nothing had been found as of yet. It seems some big movements were just starting for the Wolfsbruckers, yet the Chacano embassy had no idea what was happening. The situation was being monitored and reported.

To: Lieutenant-General Bradley Anzai
From: Lieutenant General Sebastián Elvira
Subject: Reserve Movements in WolfsBruck
Security: Highest


Our military attache in Wolfsbruck has reported the early stages of large mobilizations of reserve units. Reservists have been rushed off to their units with no apparent reason behind it.

We request assistance in confirming the situation in Wolfsbruck, as well as finding some kind of motive behind it.

Lieutenant General Elvira,

Military Intelligence

To: Anastasio Samoza Garcia
From: Lieutenant General Elvira, Military Intelligence
Security: Highest


Our military attache in Wolfsbruck has reported the early stages of large mobilizations of reserve units. Reservists have been rushed off to their units with no apparent reason behind it.

We are monitoring the situation and have contacted Noviteran Military Intelligence for confirmation.

Lieutenant General Elvira,
Military Intelligence

Embassy of Gran Chaco
Fineberg, New Edom

Sofia’s mouth dropped, as did her fork when she watched a repeated video of the speech that King James of Vionna-Frankenlisch had just given. This was not going to make her job any easier. There had already been a vote of approval in Wolfbruck for an alliance between them and Vionna-Frankenlisch. An alliance agreement that had been suspiciously quiet, and without comment from either of the two governments. It had just been approved and signed into law from what she had heard earlier that day, and now this? There had to be something going on.

Sofia got up and called a meeting with department heads in the embassy. She wanted to know what they had all heard, and ordered them to get into contact with the Chacano embassy in Wolfsbruck. She had heard that there had been some concerns regarding both of those nations in regards to their dealings with the McNernians. The strange McNernian statements had also come out recently which Sofia was convinced were nonsense. Something stank, and she wondered if it was some kind of ploy to come against New Edom in some strange way. After meeting with everyone she put together a memo that she had sent directly to the Prime Minister.

Yanque, Republica de Gran Chaco

“Why is all this happening at the same time?” Prime Minister Luis Fernando Trujillo Suyco asked as he felt around his jacket for some cigarettes. He began a coughing fit and the cabinet waited until he calmed himself down and lit up.

“We aren’t sure sir.” The defense minister said, “It’s all happening at once, which gives us concern, though we see not motivations for it. Perhaps they really do think that the Edomites were trying to use the McNernians to conquer their colony.”

“Don’t play silly hypotheticals with me minister.” Luis said coldly, “Does anyone know what the hell they could even want?”

“Well sir, the Wolfsbruckers could be after Peregrino, we know they resent the Edomites maritime boundary claim.” Simon Alvarado said.

“That damn island is nothing but trouble. But what about with San Carlo. Wolfsbruck has been snooping around there recently.” Luis said.

Garcia, the defense minister added, “And they were allowed to just walk into a secure meeting with my representative that I sent to write a fitness report for them. It was most insulting, and now with all of these other events could explain why they thought it alright. They may have been in bed with these people far longer than we know. Who knows if they had some hand in that Tech fiasco, when the Carlanos threw out that CEO.”

“Do you think that they are a threat to San Carlo?” the Prime Minister asked.

“Not a direct one at the moment, and every day brings the Carlanos closer to full strength. We have kept a couple of RCTs plus some support units there for exercises, but perhaps we can go through with out initial plans and put them out to support the border.” Garcia said.

“Alright. Keep me informed of any further events.” Luis said. He turned to Alvarado, “You, have you heard anything from the Edomites yet?”

“No sir, the council is on some kind of recess, I am having the ambassador make contact with them, I will report once I get the information.” Simon answered.

“Ok, nothing has happened yet, but I am sure that Elijah will not like it. Let us monitor the situation, but stay out for now. Let’s just be prepared for any eventuality.” The prime minister said before adjourning the meeting.

To: Hosidious Geta
From: Ambassador of the Republic of Gran Chaco
Subject: Events of the day
Security: Highest


Our embassy in Wolfsbruck has detected the beginning of a mobilization of reserves. While this would normally not be of much concern, it comes at a strange time between the signing of an alliance between Wolfsbruck and Vionna-Frankenlisch and the inflamitory remarks of King James. We would like to know what the official stance is of the New Edomite government at this time.

Sofia Muñoca,
Ambassador, Republic of Gran Chaco
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Postby Novitera » Tue Sep 03, 2019 9:43 pm

Avantine, State of Soletrek, Novitera
Defense Command Bureau

This meeting was being held in the Military Intelligence Office. Director Clarence Tadashi, Director of Intelligence, was making his way up followed by an aide. Quite a buzz was happening and he was getting calls from various intelligence bodies on what to do. Their new satellite pictures and signals intelligence raised many questions. Right now, Air Force Intelligence and UFIS were trying to piece together what they had. But they were not the only ones worried. To Tadashi, this was both comforting and a concern.

At moment he was feeling in the zone. Everything was going right for him. The pornographic production company he invested in was doing well and was netting a healthy bit of side income. On top of that, Tadashi was able to negotiate a bit more budget for the Intelligence Service with the rest of the Directorate now that the economy had recovered. The CTO was winning leaving many Directors in a good mood and easier to negotiate with. His corporate clients were well pleased with his work for them in the Directorate.

Upon entering the conference room everyone stood. General Anzai and General Wynn were already there along with several other senior officers of the MIO. A few hands were shaken before Tadashi was politely invited to sit down. "I read through the memorandum on the way here. Brass tacks please. I got a meeting with the CPO of Civic Bank after this."

"Signals intelligence is picking up a lot of chatter down south in Wolfsbruck. Opening analysis has this office concerned. Then there's these satellite photos." Anzai replied then started flipping through the big plasma screen on the wall with a remote. There were satellite photos of Wolfsbrucker bases. "As you can see, we're seeing large movements within their motor pools. I think we're looking at massive mobilization. High Command, Executor Kuribayashi and Director Clayton have been notified."

Tadashi nodded then rubbed his chin. "What is being done to find out more?"

"We've got Air Force Intelligence and the Outfit rescheduling their satellites to get more zooms on their bases. Navy Fleet Command has dispatched two submarines to get closer to their coastline to pick up more signals. Peregrino is going to dispatch AWACs as well. But it is a lot of chatter for our analysis software to piece together." Anzai explained. He shuffled some papers then held out a printing of Elvira's message from Chaco. "The main thing we want to discuss is this communication. Chacano Ministry of Defense seems to be on the same trail we are and are asking for our two cents." Anzai held it out for Tadashi to take.

The Director quickly glanced over it then handed it back. "We do not have any intelligence sharing policies in place with the Chacanos for Wolfsbruck so authorization has to come directly from the Directorate. I think it would be a good idea. We would be able to trade it for what the Chacanos have and perhaps what Fineberg has given them. They do collaborate more with the Edomites on military matters."

"Has High Command approved?" Asked Tadashi.

Anzai nodded. "General Akkilien and Executor Kuribayashi have approved."

He held up two missives that had their signatures. Tadashi nodded. "You've prepared well. I know you know what you're doing General Anzai. I'm on board. But I need Director Takeshi to approve as well. This is a foreign affairs matter where we have no set policy yet. Is there a private place where I can make a phone call?" Tadashi asked.

Anzai gave a simple nod to one the officers. A petite woman and Navy Lieutenant Colonel stood up and gestured. "Right this way Director." She said with deference.

After about twenty minutes Tadashi returned with her. "Anzai, do it. But do not include your conclusions. Apparently there's a liability issue. Let the Chacano's work out what we have for themselves."

Upon agreement with the Chacanos to share their own information, this message and accompanying information will be sent.

TO: Lieutenant General Sebastián Elvira
FROM: Lieutenant-General Bradley Anzai
SUBJECT: Intelligence Concerning Wolfsbruck


I have been authorized by the National Directorate to provide you with the following intelligence. Shortly, satellite imagery of Wolfsbrucker bases and analyzed signals intelligence will be sent via secure satellite on the Defense Command Bureau's proprietary communications network. These have been gathered from a number of sources including our national Intelligence Service along Air Force and Naval Intelligence. As you can see, we have highlighted significant activity within the motor pools of several bases and a small amount of SIGINT we have managed to collect that may be of interest to your government. Your Ministry must make of this what you will. I hope this proves useful.

Lieutenant-General Bradley Anzai
Director, Military Intelligence Office, UF Defense Command Bureau
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Postby New Edom » Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:05 pm

Lake Meron
Bara Province
Holy Empire of New Edom


As Countess Camilla Sharra lay on the deck of the family yacht as it drifted upon the hot surface of the lake, the sun warming her skin. The water lapped against the hull of the yacht, which was anchored 300 meters offshore. The shore was ringed with sycamores and cedars, and also by sandy bluffs above a pleasant pale beach. Beyond the bluffs, she caught the occasional glint of something flashing in the sun, but it was also beyond her to worry about it.

They were, family and a few friends, taking a break from scuba diving. The lake was an old crater and it had some interesting wildlife in it, including beautiful cichlids and gouramis, long hairlike strands of reeds, and was relatively clear. It was a good place to practice scuba diving as well, away from strong tides, sharks and changes in weather.

On one of the decks, there was a pleasant smell of grilling sausage and vegetable kebabs for lunch. She lowered her sunglasses for a look at her two favourite men: her father, Count Emil Sharra, and Lieutenant-Colonel Jaime Salinas, both each bathing shorts and short sleeved shirts, each talking with a drink in the hand while eyeing the food production. Both so handsome in different ways. A man would have to measure up to Papa, even to his rich dark hair (distinguished greying, a bit untidy but in a fine way) his body mellowing in a way that perhaps Jaime’s would one day…she darted a glance at Mama. Wondered if they had discussed the possibilities.

Mama was talking to Mrs. Kiron, a widow and lady-in-waiting who was a long time friend. Her son, Jedediah, along with her younger brother Uzziah and a few other young people, was horsing around in the water still.

Camilla turned over onto her front. She idled her slim legs in the air, and noticed something odd. A rowboat was making its way towards them, with a naked man in the stern, brown as a nut, rowing steadily, while another man, wearing a linen suit, sat nervously in the bow balancing a briefcase on his lap.

“Boat ahoy!” called one of the crewmen.

Camilla glanced over her shoulder. Papa? I thought we were on vacation, what’s all this?”

Her father frowned, turning, a barbecue fork in his hand. “I have no idea, honey. Excuse me, Colonel Salinas.”

He approached the stern of the yacht and the rowboat bumped against it. The man in the suit cringed. And it was clear: it was Mr. Fostus, her father’s secretary. He looked very uneasy, and was certainly not prepared for being on the water.

“Er…” said Mr. Fostus. “I do beg your pardon for the interruption, Your Excellency,” he said, beginning to stand up.

“Easy, Your Honour, don’t want to fall over,” said the fisherman cheerfully.

Fostus swayed forward and awkwardly fell against the edge of the yacht, and two of the crew hauled him up like a drowning cat.

“Mr. Fosuts, why did you not radio or call?” asked Count Sharra.

“I think you must have turned it off, Excellency. I’m afraid there is a very important message. One which you need to read, immediately. The King-Emperor and the rest of the Council are returning to Fineberg as we speak. The King of Vionna=Frankenlisch has made a proclamation. I have…” he fumbled in his briefcase. “A transcript here.”

Count Sharra took it and said, “Colonel Salinas, I think the kebabs need turning. Yes…” he read the transcript carefully. Camilla saw her father’s face change. It became dour and lines of anger tightened around his eyes.

Once he was done, he said in a loud voice, “Everyone! Your attention, please! I’m very sorry to say so, but I’m afraid we have to return to Fineberg immediately. Pack up everything. Get that radio turned on, and let’s arrange transport home. The King of Vionna-Frankenlisch has sent a most troubling message directed at the King-Emperor. One which is insulting and may not be disregarded.”

“Oh darn it all to heck,” Camilla said.

Jaime was concerned The count was a very pleasant man, and he had personally never seen Sharra look distressed. He turned over the kebabs and sausages and turned back to some servants, “Keep this steady as the boat gets underway, we wouldn't want a spill or a fire.”

Jaime walked over to where Camilla was laying and looked down at her and then over to her father, “What’s wrong sir? Anything I can do to help?” Camilla was sitting up and pulling a sundress over her bathing suit.

Count Sharra glanced at him and handed him the transcript. “The King of Vionna-Frankenlisch has made a very insulting public address to the King-Emperor. Read it for yourself! It is astonishing. There has been no word through regular diplomatic channels, nothing! It is a most extraordinary speech.” he gestured at it. “Take a look.”

Jaime took the paper and read the transcript of the speech. He placed his hand on his hip, then moved it up and rubbed the back of his head. He handed the paper back and thought for a moment. He opened his mouth and made a strange face and blurted out, “Why? I don’t understand, why respond with such personal insults?”

He sat down next to Camilla and looked at her for a moment then back up to Count Sharra, “What has transpired to cause this?”

“Do you remember that business with the McNernians and the mixup with San Carlo and NEw Columbia, Colonel?” said Mr. Fostus. “Apparently the Vionna-Frankenlischans blame our government...and our Monarch...for that.” As the yacht began to move he violently grabbed for a rail as though they were in the middle of a hurricane.

Meanwhile, up beyond the bluffs, the Militia roadblocks were being adjusted again. A great crowd and lineup of people who had been shuttled from trains to the beach were waiting, some f them very frustrated.

“What’s going on now? We’ve been waiting for hours, and we came here to swim!” shouted a lean man with sunglasses, waving at a Militia sergeant.

“I don’t care if you’ve been waiting since yesterday! No one else goes on the lake while the Count’s yacht is out there.” the sergeant snapped.

“Good news, though, folks,” said another Militaman, approaching. “You’ll be able to move down in a bit! Just be calm and patient a little longer…”

To: Sofia Muñoca, Ambassador, Republic of Gran Chaco
From: Hosidius Geta, Foreign Minister of the Holy Empire
Subject: Maneuvers, Public Addresses, and Such
Encryption: Most Secret

Dear Madame Ambassador,

I hope that this letter finds you well, and prosperity and harmony reign in your great nation. Alas, I fear that while I and my colleagues were deliberating on the message you had sent me before, the King of Vionna-Frankenlisch and the King of Wolfbruck have begun to act. What the meaning of their actions is, however, is difficult to know at this stage.

Suffice it to say, however, that, at the behest of the King-Emperor, the summer vacation has been ended abruptly and the Council convened for an emergency session. I will advise, however, that the King-Emperor is likely to be very displeased and very concerned at the same time. I thank you for your message, your friendship, and your information, and will keep you informed in turn.

I have the honour to be,
Hosidius Geta
Foreign Minister

Directorate of Military Intelligence
Fineberg, New Edom

There was a running joke in the Holy Empire that to be anyone in military intelligence, you had to be missing body parts. As the late King Mark had once joked, “Clearly, there is no offense in hand or eye in many of the senior officers at intel.”

General Thomas Josephus, the Director, was sitting eating a fine meal of chopped quail’s eggs with mint, parsley, bulgar wheat and tomatoes when Major-General Pinguis had requested a meeting. The “Director, himself, lacked an eye and a couple of fingers from his left hand from a grenade attack, while Pinguis lacked a leg, a hand, an eye and an ear, and, more machine than man, stumped into the office.

“Sit down, my dear fellow,” said Josephus. “Salad? It’s got quail eggs in it.”

“Oh, thank you,” said Pinguis, who had not eaten lunch that day. He folded some of the salad into a pita loaf and munched. “Praise the Lord. So what is going on?”

“Well...I was forwarded an odd message from the lovely Chaco ambassador, forwarded by Geta. And it coincides with this message from the King of Vionna-Frannkenlisch, and comes on the heels of confirmation of their alliance.” said Joseph. “Have a look.”

Pinguis wiped his hands and squinted at a flimsy he was handed. His jaw drapped. “Unbelievable.”

“Yes. Would you, perhaps, make sure that some recon flights go out around, say, Peregrino?” asked Josephus. “Nothing big. Just make sure routine is carried out.”

Teman Province
The Holy Empire of New Edom

The Imperial Train had halted, and all around it were fields rich with millet, bowing on the stems, golden-brown clusters that moved in the wind like the waves on a sea. At a village with its mills and shops and farmhouses, a number of people in uniforms and gowns were strolling around. Soldiers of the Royal Cavalry Guards stood on sentry duty.

“Gracious King, bless us, protect us, God save us all... “ chanted naked peasants, kneeling in the dirt.

Elijah IV’s hands itched for a cigarette. He walked, reading the transcript of the Vionna-Frankenlischan speech. His eyes bored into the page. The nearby courtiers and officials watched his back.

“There is also a message from Geta. He has had a message from the Chacano Ambassador,” reported Count Falk to Prince Enoch Tubal-Cain.

“Is there any message at all from Vionna-Frankenlisch or Wolfbruck?” asked Prince Enoch.

“None, I’m afraid,” replied Falk, who was watching the King-Emperor, who walked near a large, rich garden full of climbing ripe peas and beans. As he did, a black and yellow dog, bristling, rushed up and barking loudly, charged at the King-Emperor. Several people exclaimed, as the cur snatched at the Monarch’s trouser leg.

As guards rushed up, the King-Emperor glared around as the dog was tearing at his trousers, trying to grip flesh. The Monarch saw Count Domris, his ADC, and snapped, “Sidearm!”

The guards officer stepped forward, offering his .44 revolver, and Elijah received it, at the same time grabbing the dog by the scruff of the neck. The dog yelped, and then Elijah fired his pistol into the beast’s head. Blood flecked his face and uniform. He stood up and let the limp body fall.

“Are you alright, sir?” asked Count Domris, pale.

Elijah handed him back his pistol without a word.

The village senior elder rushed forward and flung himself at Elijah’s feet, exclaiming, “I beg forgiveness, Majesty, for this dog of mine which attacked you! He has never done this before!”

“Indeed,” said Elijah in his sonorous tone. “For the dog, unexpected, bares his fangs, and tries to bite, and yet is shot and left in the dust for his effrontery. A dog that knows his place is good, and faithful and loyal. A dog that bites his betters should know that a man will always master a dog. Such is the will of God, is it not?”

“The will of God, amen,” said the headman, confused.

“Yes.” Elijah strode back towards the train.

Domris fumbled in his belt pouch and took out a few coppers wihc he gave to the headman. “For your trouble…”

“Come on, let’s go!” shouted Falk, seeing the King-Emperor was reboarding the train.

“Falk!” the King boomed in his naval quarterdeck voice. “Turn this train around! We are going to Fineberg! Have my council assembled!”

Aboard the train, Queen-Empress Mara clutched at her husband’s arm. “Was that necessary?”

“Yes,” said the King-Emperor. “And it will be.”
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Postby Novitera » Wed Sep 04, 2019 2:48 pm

Avantine, State of Soletrek, Novitera
Directorate Center

Lucas North: National Directorate - Chairman
Mary Takeshi: National Director - Director of Foreign Affairs
Clarence Tadashi: National Director - Director of Intelligence
Liam Kuribayashi: Executor of Defense
Eric Douglas: Executor of State
Parker Gladwin: Trask Administration - Senior Political Adviser
Mason Dalach: National Intelligence Service - Prime Director
Daniel Folais: Ambassador to New Edom

In the backdrop was for once a sunny Avantine. The high level government buildings were kept well away from downtown so those gathered in the conference room could see the skyline. Directorate Center was not too far unlike other "headquarters" type buildings. Things like the Defense Command Bureau Campus and National Intelligence Service HQ were practically in different cities but still part of the overall Avantine metro area. Such arrangement helped mitigate traffic in the city and the planners of the national government had done so accordingly. Present were Lucas North, Mary Takeshi, Liam Kuribayashi and Parker Gladwin. Eric Douglas was teleconferencing as he was spending time at his cabin down south.

"Why isn't Clarence here?" North asked to begin the meeting.

Takeshi cleared her throat. "Director Tadashi has fallen ill and sends his regrets that he could not make it. He...sent me a text." She said.

That made North groan. "Where is he right now?" He asked.

"Home I suspect. Shall I call him?" Asked Takeshi.

North nodded. "He can at least conference in."

Silver Hill District

"Shit." Tadashi glanced at his phone that was ringing. He put it away then rifled through his desk to pull out another. One of many he had on hand and started to make a call. "Yo, Mason! This is Clarence."

"Hello sir." A male voice replied.

While speaking Tadashi put it on speaker phone then left his office to go to the mirror in his bedroom. He was in his dress pants and dress shirt. Flipping up the collar, Tadashi began to fix on his tie. "There's a high level meeting with some Directors and cabinet Executors going on right now. They're going to conference you in. First of all, I'm sick and you haven't heard from me. Second, I need you to stall."

"Stall sir?"

"Yes. They're going to ask you about this statement from Vionna and the truth of it. Do not tell them." Said Tadashi.

The line went silent for a moment as Dalach paused. "There's not much to tell sir. We've been monitoring the situation in New Columbia but this notion of the Edomites orchestrating the whole thing is news to us."

"Exactly. Do not say that. Stall as long as you can." Tadashi replied.

"Sir, they could give me an official Directive." Dalach said.

"Not without a vote. It'll take at least 30 hours for the Directorate to have quorum by my estimates. Longer if Bryson isn't in detox right now and Setsuko isn't holed up in some drug den with a dozen Han hookers. Just stall. And get me some fucking information. I need to know if this is for real. Were the Edomites behind that whole clusterfuck. I need to know and I need to know immediately." Tadashi said then hung up the phone.

Avantine, State of Soletrek, Novitera
Directorate Center

"He's not picking up. Must be really sick." Said Takeshi setting her phone face down on the table.

At that moment Gladwin spoke up. "He's out of contact because he doesn't know and it's his job to know. The party isn't entirely pleased with him." He said blandly.

"Or he could just be sick. People do get sick." Kuribayashi replied to that. Not because it was true but because he liked to undermine Gladwin.

"I'm on the phone woman!" Yelled Douglas on the speakerphone.

A soft female voice could be heard following. "Ok, but our son wants to know if you'll be attending your granddaughter's recital..."

"Kendall, it's the fucking Chairman!" Douglas screamed.

"Oh! Oh goodness. I'm sorry hun..."

"Eric, could you please mute yourself." Said North loudly with irritation.

"Sorry Luke." Douglas replied.

North sighed. "Now, let's see what the NIS has for us before the State Department. Bear with us Eric." North said while dialing a number on the conference phone.

"Mason Dalach." A voice said after a few rings.

"Mr. Dalach. It's Lucas North and a few others. I'd like you to fill us in on the truth of these statements made by the King of Vionna about New Edom. Their involvement in New Columbia and playing the McNernians. Can you tell us what the Outfit has on that?" North spoke into the speakerphone.

"Is Director Tadashi there?" Asked Dalach.

"Director Tadashi I'm afraid is unavailable. You'll have to report to us." North replied.

"I'm afraid that is classified at this time sir. I cannot divulge such intelligence without authorization from Director Tadashi." Dalach replied politely.

That made North clench his fist. A few others around the table groaned. "Mr. Dalach. I am the Chairman of the National Directorate. You will report."

"Sir, without an official Directive, I am not at liberty to reveal classified information without authorization from the Director of Intelligence. That is Mr. Tadashi." Dalach's voice replied.

Kuribayashi held up a hand to North. "Mr. Dalach, Liam Kuribayashi here. This is a national defense matter. Would you be willing to talk about it with me?"

"Unfortunately not Mr. Kuribayashi. The intelligence we have is still classified as political intelligence. As such, this matter does not fall under the purview of the Department of Defense nor does my agency. We answer only to the National Directorate through Mr. Tadashi." Replied Dalach.

"Mr. Dalach, the Directorate will be in session the day after tomorrow and I will rally a vote to compel your cooperation." North said threateningly. "I will also launch an inquiry into your refusal to cooperate with the Department of Defense on a national security matter."

"I understand Mr. Chairman. Until then, policy is policy. I must await the express authorization of Director Tadashi in order to...

North hung up the line. "Damn him!"

"Weaselly little shit isn't he?" Douglas said on the line.

In the car, Tadashi was making another phone call. "Daniel, what the hell is going on over there?"

"I don't know. I haven't been instructed to make an official inquiry yet. Aren't you all suppose to be meeting about the Vionnan statement now?" Said Daniel Folais on the line.

"Yes but Douglas has you putting out feelers isn't he?" Asked Tadashi.

"Of course."

Tadashi paused for a moment then took a deep breath. "If you find out, can you let me know before you tell Douglas? I'll owe you one."

There was an audible wince from the other end. "OOooooo. No. I'm sorry Clarence. It doesn't work like that. You're a good friend to me but that's too big of an ask."

"Oh come on man! The Outfit office at the embassy practically spoon feeds you everything it gets." Tadashi said trying to coax him.

"Yeah...can't do this one buddy. No can do. I got a good thing going here. My daughter Giselle just started school at U of Fineberg. Douglas has a short temper. This would get me pulled from the posting. Look, something more reasonable, I'm your man. I gotta go now. You have a good day my friend." Folais replied.

"Wait! Daniel!" Tadashi tried to stop him but then the line suddenly went dead. "Fuck!" He threw the phone down at the floor in the back seat of the luxury sedan.

Thinking quickly he picked it up again and dialed Sif Finnhald's number to leave a voicemail. "Sif! Sif my dear! It's Clarence Tadashi. Look, I need a favor. Can we meet off the record? I'm headed to the Tengoku Club now. Will be there for a few hours. You should come by. Discretely that is. Hope to see you soon."
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Postby Republica de San Carlo » Wed Sep 04, 2019 3:12 pm

Seville, San Carlo

Hector was very amused at the answer and smiled, “I think that is fine for now.”

He wrote some notes down in his little black book and then put it in his shirt pocket. Hector looked back up at Hotspur, “If you will excuse me sir, I will go and get some of the arrangements made. Please enjoy yourself, I will get back to you as soon as everything is ready.”

Santa Juanita, San Carlo

The phone rang and Kevin Madrid groaned. He rolled over and picked it up and placed the devise to his ear. He quickly pulled it away and groaned again as a stream of obscenities were shouted at him. He gingerly moved the phone closer and tried to get in a few words, “Sorry…be there in 30 minutes… on my way.”

Kevin hung up the phone and rolled over onto his back. He grabbed the digital clock by his bed and through his blurry eyes struggled to check the time. He closed one eye then the other and through sheer will tried to drive the face of the clock into focus. When he saw that it was 9:30 he groaned again and began shaking the naked young woman next to him.

“Lucia.” He said in a dry voice, “Lucia get your ass up, it’s 9:30 you’re late for school. Get up!”

The girl took a moment to absorb what was being said then cried out, “Oh no, the sisters will rap my knuckles!”

Lucia ran around the room picking up her undergarments and stray pieces of her high school uniform. Kevin shifted and sat on the edge of the bed. He looked around for his boxers and pulled them on. Lucia was struggling to brush her hair as she was buttoning her skirt and mumbling to herself.

Kevin pulled on some jeans and his boots and then threw a t shirt on, “Come on, I’ll drive you to school.”

The two got into Kevin’s old Dodge pickup and headed out the dirt road towards the town. They passed fields and fields of crops. Lucia attempted to put on make up in the vanity mirror while the truck bounced. Kevin popped open a beer can and began sipping it slowly, “You going to be able to come by tonight?”

“No, Papa will be furious that I didn’t come home last night.” Lucia said trying to apply mascara with all caution.

“Oh, come on, that old fool hardly comes home himself.” Kevin said.

“I know, but I’ll have to see. I think we should wait a few nights before I come back.” Lucia said.

Kevin reached over and gave her thigh a squeeze, “I’m not sure I can wait that long.”

“Ay, not now. Stop here, I can’t be seen getting out of your truck.” Lucia said.

Kevin pulled over and Lucia got out, “See you later Kevin.”

“Bye, have a good day at school.” Kevin waived then pulled back onto the road.

Kevin turned down a side road and drove for a few miles before reaching a small dirt airstrip. Waiting for him was one of the owners of a local farm who had called him this morning.

“Kevin what the fuck, you were supposed to spray my fields two hours ago, you are setting me back and losing me money!” the man demanded.

“I’m here now and heading over, it will all be fine.” Kevin said walking over to his small plane and beginning the prep work to spray the crops.

“Fine my ass Kevin! I ought to have your lazy ass run our of this town.” The man said.

Kevin looked up from the pesticide he was handling and smiled, “Yeah, but then where would you be on the weekends?”

“Don’t fuck with me Kevin. Our personal friendship has nothing to do with this!” the farmer said.

“Alright, it won’t happen again, now please, I have a headache, let me get the plane ready.” Kevin said.

Kevin did a pre flight check and saw that everything looked in order. Finally, he was able to climb into the cockpit and start up the engine. He put on his headset and taxied out to the runway. No one was manning the tower that morning so he just took off and flew over to the fields he was scheduled to dust that day. He flew down low, just over the tops of the field and would spray, then he pulled his little maneuverable plane up and did a tight little turn and would dive down on another set of rows and spray those.

This was one of Kevin’s few joys in life still. He was an old has been. He flew A-1 Skyraiders in the Chacano Air Force for twelve years before wandering around Ayaca, doing odd jobs for governments and finally settling in San Carlo as a crop duster. He still kept contacts, but hadn’t been offered a job smuggling, or attacking drug runners in some time. He had just had his fortieth birthday, and tried to feel young by drinking heavily and by shacking up with local school girls. He was the life of a party as long as he bought the alcohol.

Kevin tried not to get involved with family members of his clients, but a few slipped in here or there. Now he focused on flying and on finishing these fields. When he was done, Kevin landed and pushed his baby into a hangar. He knew the only reason that he was still tolerated was that there weren’t many people who could fly or who had their own plane here.

Kevin had just sat back into his truck and was finishing the now warm and flat half a beef from this morning when his phone rang.

He answered and a voice on the other end spoke out, “Kevin Madrid? This is Hector Ramos. How would you like a job?”

Kevin was interested, “What’s the work?”

“Some government business in the south. Come to Flores on Tuesday to find out, we will reimburse your travel expenses.” The man said, “Meet at the Rio Bueno Hotel lobby at 2pm.”

“Alright, I’ll be there, but this better be worth my time.” Kevin said.

“It will be.” Hector answered and then hung up.

To: Gebesut Armory
CC: Ashabi Ministry of State
From: Guardia Civil, San Carlo
Subject: Purchase order of AKM rifles

Dear Sir,

We would like to place an order for 2,000 AKM rifles and 1,000,000 rounds of 7.62x39. Please leave the receivers unstamped.

Leonardo Juarez,
Acquisition Director, Guardia Civil

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Avantine, State of Soletrek, Novitera

The car halted in front of the high rise that contained the Tengoku Club. He was here because he could not stay at home. Surely Chairman North would send some people to snoop around. He had to hide. Tadashi threw on a pair of large reflector sunglasses then started looking around before he got out of the car. "Caleb! Take a walk around. Make sure there's no one watching the entrance to the club." He ordered.

Caleb was neither his bodyguard nor fixer. He was simply an aide-de-camp and a young one too. Bright and eager just the way Tadashi liked them. The young man seemed excited by the idea of all this cloak-and-dagger business so he got out of the car to take a look around while the car did a loop. When Caleb texted that it was clear the driver pulled them around again to the entrance of the building. Tadashi was cursing this turn of events. Things were going so well for him just yesterday. The deals he had made were salvaging his standing with the Party until all this happened. It would be enough for the Party to get rid of him unless he could turn it around again.

Quickly he got out of the car and made towards the entrance. Caleb was waiting for him in the lobby. Together they went to the elevator to make their way up. "Hold the door please!" Someone yelled.

"Sorry, it's full. Fuck off." Tadashi replied while smashing the button to close the doors.

The man curses were cut off by the doors closing and he felt the elevator start to go up. They reached the floor that was the Tengoku Club. It was a high class restaurant and bar with a few gambling entertainments. A lot of prominent individuals liked to come here to make deals or just enjoy themselves away from prying eyes. Like many of its kind, the Tengoku Club was discrete. There were no cameras and the clientele had an unspoken rule about keeping their mouths shut. Not that that always worked. Best of all, it was a club. One had to be a club member or invited. The hostess at the front already knew Tadashi and waived him through. Two bouncers in suits gave Tadashi a nod.

Everything about the place was fancy. There were saltwater tanks with tropical fish, banzai trees, kanji calligraphy banners and artificial fountains. As soon as Tadashi and Caleb walked in Tadashi had to duck behind a pillar. "Oh shit!" He hissed then pulled Caleb to him.

"What is it sir?" Asked Caleb.

"That guy over there works for Douglas. He knows me. Fuck!" Tadashi replied then subtly pointed to a couple sitting a ways away. They had not seen him but surely would as Tadashi had to get to the private room he had rented out for the day. "Go distract him for me."

"Sir? Why would Douglas tell North you're here?" Caleb whispered.

"Because Douglas is an asshole. Just go interrupt them. Mistake him for someone else. Think of something clever!" Tadashi told his aide.

Caleb shrugged then walked forward. He swaggered over to the table then stood there for a few moments until the couple noticed him. "Can I help you?" The man said.

"Yeah, you're the asshole that fucked my girl aren't you? I got some words for you..." Caleb replied.

Tadashi put a palm to his face then started sneaking forward. "Excuse me?" The man replied. Seeing his full attention was on Caleb, Tadashi sprinted to the private room he had rented out then opened the latticed sliding door to scramble inside.

"You. Fucked. My girl. And I want to take this outside right now." Caleb said belligerently.

The woman he was with looked shocked. Peeking out the door, Tadashi saw Douglas's man stand up to get into Caleb's face.

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about but you better back off right now." The man replied.

Caleb looked unswayed. "Paul right?" He asked.

"No. Garret."

"Oh! My mistake. Apologies. Wrong guy. Could've sworn it was you. Let me buy you a drink." Caleb said then seemed to lighten up.

There were more apologies. The man was angry but Caleb did a good job at calming him down. Eventually the three of them laughed it off. Tadashi breathed a sigh of relief.
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Te'vol'Hake, Castermaine Province
Gates to the town

That had clearly not been the response that the young man expected. Zel thought that his reaction seemed to place this King in a religious or godlike position, but he couldn't be sure. Almost nothing was known about these people, not even from Vionna-Frankenlisch sources, so in a big way he was flying blind. He just had to do his best with the information provided by Strategic Intelligence, which wasn't much outside of a few names and cultural aspects like the slapping. But tribals across southern Cornellia were alike in many ways, and he was trusting that likeness to see him through this mission.

"I thank you Yasun of the Juno family, for your hospitality." His eyes dipped briefly. He was a specimen. "Forgive my error, I hope that soon all will be made clear. I am Zella'at of the family Varethiya, my tribe are the Vangar. We are one of the seven nations united as Children of the Mother Goddess, Shrailleeni in our own tongue. Our Empress has heard of your struggle against the south, and has sent me to offer your tribe assistance."

Government Quarter, New Adeleux
Ministry of Energy

There was a brief exchange between the two women in Railti. So, the Edomites had made an offer to New Columbia! There had been a rumor in FODE circles that they might be exploring the opportunity, but it had been so vague that alone it would never have prompted this visit. But shrewd business minds apparently thought alike.

After a moment Seritha spoke to Morgannon again, her tone careful. "Hypothetically, our commitment to FODE would prevent us from offering a lower price per barrel than the NPC. Our rates are well-established within the organization. In this regard our geographical proximity is the most important boon of our offer. The costs that you would save in shipping compared to any other FODE nation are considerable, and our fleet is quite capable of delivering very large orders in a single vessel. Of petrol and diesel, you might name any figure that you wish. Of jet fuel we are confident that your needs can be met, but we would admit that there is an upper limit on quantity of purchase in that area."
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New Edom wrote:Elizabeth Salt remarked, "It's amazing, isn't it, you rarely see modern troops that wear their 19th century uniforms and gear so well--they must drill all the time. Is this a guards outfit?"

Sif said to her, "This is a modern Shrailleeni Empire military parade. Like as in this is what they wear, this is what they use. This is it."

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Imperial Palace, Imperial City
The Enlightened Matriarchy of the Shrailleeni Empire

Until today, the mystery that surrounded New Columbia, San Carlo, McNernia, and Vionna-Frankenlisch had been a headache for Foreign Minister Zattem Resbruck to handle. The requests by Wolfsbrück and the latter empire to send special envoys had been very strange indeed, and had thus required the Mother Empress's personal involvement. But her directive had been for Zattem and SISI to divine the meanings behind these odd occurrences, Her Enlightened Majesty had a great deal to attend to as the most active monarch in modern Shrailleeni history.

Not so any longer.

The speech of King James had caught Chella's full attention. It was rash, illogical, and insulting bordered upon crude incivility. Not only insulting toward its intended recipient, King-Emperor Elijah, but also to the Enlightened Matriarchy and the throne upon which she sat.

A gathering of the highest-ranking Shrailleeni now met in the Imperial Throne Room. It was a formal gathering, light streaming in from a high window behind the throne to help illuminate the white marble pillars of the high-vaulted chamber. Feather tapestries adorned the walls, and a lush carpet led to the main doors. The fragrance of tea wafted through the room, as attendants prepared the leverage for those assembled.

Her Enlightened Majesty the Mother Empress Chella Resyanna fe Shrailleen sat upon the throne, looking tranquil with her hands folded in her lap, but gaze missing nothing. To her right sat the Crown Princess Aryni, to her left sat Foreign Minister Zattem Resbruck. Before her, seated upon special chairs brought in for the occasion, were Director of SISI Callerra Fennatil fe Shrailleen, Matriarch of War Tress Vilnis fe Fromathra, and Matriarch of State Tesseya Ressefren.

"Let this audience of the Imperial Throne commence," Chella spoke. "Our purpose is to commit to wise but immediate action regarding the speech given by King James of Vionna-Frankenlisch this morning. Foreign Minister, please summarize for us the nature of this speech."

"At once Your Enlightened Majesty. The speech was an accusation aimed against the Empire of New Edom, and specifically at its King-Emperor Elijah I. The King accused New Edom of attempting to disrupt Ayaca and usurp his rule in New Columbia through the use of McNernia. He also accused New Edomite colonial rule of being oppressive, of New Edom seeing Vionna-Frankenlisch as an enemy, and offered several personal insults toward the King-Emperor of slanderous quality."

Chella nodded. They had all seen the entire speech, of course, but she found that such summaries aided discussion.

"And the evidence of these charges?"

"Public statements made by high-ranking McNernian ministers, including the Foreign Minister and the Prime Minister. McNernia recently attempted to engage itself in New Columbia, but was thwarted by the San Carloan military. The resulting diplomatic incident has been well publicized. McNernia admitted to spying on New Columbia, and to attempting to turn the commonwealth state into a McNernian colony. They also stated that they had done so under the impression that this would please the Holy Empire of New Edom, which they believed saw Vionna-Frankenlisch as a threat."

"What is our own evidence of this situation? Foreign Minister, if you would begin, please yield then to the Director."

"Yes Your Enlightened Majesty. We know that New Columbia has been quietly engaged for some time in a military operation against tribes to the north. We know that McNernia has for a considerable time sought to gain land and influence in Cornellia, and has all but admitted spying upon New Edom to this end. Indeed, it was admitted to me that many in McNernia see New Edom as an enemy. When the statements quoted in the king's speech were first aired, my Matriarchy noted them but considered them to be more McNernian trickery. We did not seriously believe that Vionna-Frankenlisch, a dedicated ally of New Edom, would not only take these words as truth but also act without first verifying their veracity. Director, I yield the floor to you."

"Thank you Foreign Minister," Callerra said, her expression grim. "We have sent an agent to meet with the tribes in the north of New Columia, to ascertain their composition, intent, and disposition. This may shed more light on why the McNernians sought to be involved. We can also confirm a few details. San Carlo forced a McNernian military plane to land while en route to New Columbia, and captured it. The incident increased San Carloan military presence on their shared border. We have data that proves that McNernia has spied upon New Edom maliciously in the past. Furthermore our sources believe that no attempt has been made by Vionna-Frankenlisch to discuss this matter with New Edom."

"Thank you Director, Foreign Minister," Chella said quietly. "Now, we must discuss why the king saw fit to make this speech. Only days beforehand, he asked me to welcome two special envoys. These were to be from the king himself, not representatives of the democratic government. This cannot be coincidence. What does he hope to gain here?"

The question was addressed to the room. Eyes expectantly turned to Zattem, who motioned to be allowed to speak. "Foreign Minister," Chella acknowledged with a motion of her hand.

"Your Enlightened Majesty, I believe that King James desires war with New Edom, that his speech is an attempt to instigate this, and that he hopes to keep our Enlightened Matriarchy neutral in this matter."

Chella inclined her head. "This thought had occurred to me as well. When I drafted my message to the mad king Lucian, it was expected that he would react in such as way as to lead to war against him. But the King-Emperor is not mad, nor a man prone to rash and emotional action. His is one of the most stable patriarchs that I know of in our region. And although bold and insulting, the speech of King James did ask for peace and discussion. Is there any other evidence that he seeks out war deliberately?"

"I believe that the Director has something to say in this regard, Your Enlightened Majesty."

Green eyes turned to the Director, who bowed her head briefly and then spoke.

"There is the matter of the new alliance between Wolfsbrück and Vionna-Frankenlisch. Our sources in Wolfsbrück report a massive and rapid mobilization in that country, which occurred just before the king's speech was made. We also believe that the king has made overtures similar to that offered Your Enlightened Majesty to other nations, although which and how many we are unsure. Among them for certain is the Empire of Ghant, to which their Crown Prince Albert is expected to arrive shortly. Ghant and Shrailleen are among New Edom's allies. This may be an attempt to pacify us in the event of war."

"We enter the realm of speculation now," Chella said, a hint of dismissiveness in her tone. "We must act on certainties, upon facts. What is certain is that the king of Vionna-Frankenlish is acting strangely, irrationally, and has offered deep insults to our New Edomite allies. Also certain is that their own new ally is readying for war. Their intentions toward the Enlightened Matriarchy do not seem hostile, but no doubt New Edom believed the same until this morning. How does this council advise us to proceed?"

"Your Enlightened Majesty, My Mother," Aryni now spoke, her expression stoney save for a certain fierceness in her tone. "I must add the truth that we have thus far neglected. King James has deeply insulted your throne by failing to discuss these accusations with you beforehand. In light of this event his envoys seem to be little more than a poorly-executed bribe. In my opinion, they should be permitted only one week's stay and then sent home without audience."

"If I may Your Enlightened Majesty," spoke Tesseya timidly, "but do we know, absolutely and without doubt, that the king's words are untrue? If we wish to avoid the realm of speculation, can we say with certainty that New Edom has not used McNernia as a puppet to achieve the destabilization of Ayaca and the overthrow of the king's rule in New Columbia?"

Aryni shot her an unreadable look. "Perhaps they are not above such action," she said slowly, "but if that is so, why did they reprimand McNernia so fiercely? The king writes this off as an attempt by the New Edomites to hide their actions, but if we accept the New Edomites as honorable then this cannot be so."

Zattem watched this exchange with curiosity. Now he spoke in turn. "The New Edomites are allies of the Enlightened Matriarchy. We do not ally ourselves with dishonorable governments. To question the honor of New Edom is to question the honor of the Enlightened Matriarchy."

Chella held up a hand, bringing silence with her.

"There is much truth in this room, but also much uncertainty. These are matters of honor, which require both the mind and the heart. It is true that King James has insulted us with this speech. It is true that New Edom is our honorable ally. It is also true that they have not always been the most willing of allies, especially of late. And that honor can be lost, often more quickly than it is built. It is our duty to act in the best interests of our people, and in accordance with the will of the Mother of All. This demands caution. It is a time for words, and to gird ourselves for all outcomes."

"I propose the following. I shall hear what King James's envoys have to say, however, I shall also offer a rebuttal to his rash accusations. I shall reach out to the New Edomites to gain their insight into this matter, as well as to our distant ally in the north. Are there any objections to this course of action?"

No one spoke, though Zattem met Aryni's eyes for a mere second.

"Matriarch Tress Vilnis fe Fromathra, would it be possible for us to mobilize eight battlegroups across the islands, one armored and one mechanized for each of our largest islands, for the purposes of ready defense?"

"Yes Your Enlightened Majesty," the tough woman said curtly but politely. "If Your Enlightened Majesty intends to be prepared for possible conflict in the near future, I recommend scheduled mobilization by Command. This way we can have some combat-ready units prepared and mobilized in a mere three weeks, and all battlegroups mobilized before the beginning of the rains."

"Then I order you to do so Matriarch," Chella said. "And place all active forces stationed abroad on alert for potential hostilities. Matriarch of State," she now directed her gaze at Tesseya.

"Yes Your Enlightened Majesty?"

"Is the NISA likely to approve of any of the courses of action that I have stated?"

"Well," she said hesitantly, "it is well within your right to conduct matters of diplomacy and defensive war. For such information gathering you will have full support. For war, so long as it is defensive, you will have the same."

Chella nodded. "That will due for now. I thank all of you for your council in this matter. Now, let us attend to our tasks. Please ask the king's envoys to prepare for an audience with me, following dinner."
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New Edom wrote:Elizabeth Salt remarked, "It's amazing, isn't it, you rarely see modern troops that wear their 19th century uniforms and gear so well--they must drill all the time. Is this a guards outfit?"

Sif said to her, "This is a modern Shrailleeni Empire military parade. Like as in this is what they wear, this is what they use. This is it."

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Frankenlisch, Kingdom of Frankenlisch
11 Parliament Square

A few hours following the King's speech, Dochlov Zimmermann was still shaken. He sat in the Prime Minister's Study with his junior partner, Arthur Astron. Astron too, despite his party's alignment to the King, was surprised by James' insulting words and even more so by the crowd's rapturous response.

"They were cheering..." Astron mused, "Actually damn cheering... I'm glad they support the King but-" Astron did not continue, there was nothing he could think so say in his surprise.

"They fancy a scrap," Zimmermann concluded. "The people haven't had anything to rally around since the Prodavan War, and even that was viewed with mixed opinions. You remember the war riots in Brumley?"

"How can I forget?" Arthur Astron recalled the events vividly, violent clashes in Brumley, widely considered the most left-wing settlement in the Kingdom of Frankenlisch, between anti-war protesters and police were almost as well-reported as the war itself. "You will have to address the House on this later. What are you going to say?"

"Well, I can't very well betray the King now. I shall have to speak out in support of him." Zimmermann didn't seem convinced. "I suppose it'd be best to take a slightly more reasonable stance than His Imperial Majesty did today. Are we sure about this whole McNernia business? Perhaps the King is just acting rash, as ever."

Astron sank into an armchair and considered the thought for a moment, shaking his head as if in disbelief. "I can't make heads nor tails of the whole situation," he admitted, "It seems very strange that New Edom would turn on us like that, even if they do have Ayacan ambitions. But surely McNernia couldn't have been acting alone: they have no outpost in Cornellia, let alone Ayaca, to base themselves from to achieve this."

"Laurenstowe seemed swayed by McNernia, perhaps they thought they could achieve their goals diplomatically." Zimmermann considered. "In fairness to the Governor-General, he had to make the best of the bad situation he's been handed over there. I don't blame him for accepting McNernia's offer, but he should have realised the implications. Perhaps the King is wrong... Perhaps New Edom is innocent in all this."

"The McNernians certainly seemed to implicate them. Perhaps they were covering their tracks? I suppose we're not going to find out any time soon."

Zimmermann snatched an envelope from his waistcoat pocket. "I forgot to mention, Percival gave me this earlier. It was written to me by the New Columbian Defence Minister but reached him instead. I suppose we'd ought to take a look." He took up a letter opener from his bureau and fell into a similar armchair to Astron's, situated opposite the Imperial Party leader. In a swift motion, he opened the envelope and read it through. "Ah..." He muttered, taken aback slightly. "The fellow has a little bit of information for us. He has received a note from an army officer over there- a General Morrison. And he had lunch with that old bugger, Morgannon, you remember the fellow?"

"Yes, never met him but I've read his books. Really rather good." Astron smiled, remembering Sir Alec Morgannon's two publications: 'Triumphant Return, a Junior Officer's perspective on the War of Restoration' and 'Halls of Government, the work and play of the Civil Service', both well received.

"Halls of Government was very good. I heard enough war stories from my old man, though. Anyway, Morgannon was talking about a meeting he had with an Edomite called Baruch, sent by the NPC to negotiate oil prospecting for them."

"That's interesting, although just business, surely?"

"Well, Morgannon said that he seemed to know a good bit on the Dominion's oil reserves. Normal enough for a man in that line of work, but interesting for a freelance mercenary- working on commission, so Morgannon stated. Apparently, he also seemed very interested in the potential to expand infrastructure in New Columbia, in regards to railways, roads and that." Zimmermann explained the contents of the letter from New Columbia. "This Morrison has also told this Minister about Baruch. Supposedly one of his men, a young Captain, ran into this Baruch at a bar and they got talking. The man is an ex-army officer, according to this letter, and the General says that he was posted to New Columbia to examine security, supposedly for investment purposes. He stated a wish to investigate the country's interior, despite its dangers. Unfortunately, the young officer and this Baruch had quite the night of it so we haven't got anything more than that."

"That does sound rather fishy..." Astron stroked his stubbled chin for a moment, considering his options. "Hold on," he moved over to the corner of the room where a telephone awaited, sat on a gilded little table with a tiny drawer. Arthur Astron tapped in a few numbers and took up the handset. Zimmermann sat in curious silence. "Hello Walter, it's Arthur here. I'd like you to check up on a certain Edomite. A fellow called Baruch- was in New Columbia not long ago."

"Is that Fox?" Zimmermann asked, referring to the Secretary for State Security. Astron nodded. The pair waited for a few minutes while the Secretary worked his magic, consulting archives and calling subordinates. Whoever Walter Fox's PA was, Zimmermann did not envy them in the slightest.

"Okay, Walter, thanks for all your help. I'll ask you to gather what you can about Edomite activity in the Empire, thanks." Astron placed the phone down and walked back to his chair, clearly mulling things over in his head. "The man was in New Columbia on a short business visa," he relayed, "His name is Cyril Baruch, Major, late of the 18th Mounted Light Infantry Regiment. Fought in a variety of conflicts and gained the nickname 'Iceman'. Fox tells me he's been involved in several rather dangerous business ventures since then. I don't have a picture of him to hand but Walter said he looked rather plain actually, not really the look of a dangerous mercenary officer."

Zimmermann had been scribbling all this down in a leather-bound notebook. "Anything else?" He asked.

"Not really, the last we've heard he was travelling to San Carlo on an Imperial Airways flight from New Adeleux."

"I don't want to sound too paranoid, but do you reckon he might be a spy?" Zimmermann considered.

"Potentially. An ex-major must surely be a patriotic man. He's got the experience of multiple wars and mercenary actions under his belt but, if I've understood Walter's description correctly, doesn't look a dangerous man. Suddenly he's signed a contract with a major Edomite oil firm and he's interested in infrastructural developments in New Columbia, projects like railways that'd take years. I think it's possible that he was scoping out the place for Edomite governorship, but it could also just be a coincidence."

"I think we'd best leave this for now. By no means should the King be privy to this information until it becomes relevant. I trust you will keep this discussion private." Zimmermann decided.

"Of course, Prime Minister. I would urge that you do the same." He bowed his head as they both stood. "I trust the Cabinet but the House as a whole is a lot more... Malleable. And I dread to think what those greedy bastards in the Guild of Commerce or the Guild of Merchants would do if they got a whiff of what's going on. That Vincent Pine would sell us out to the Edomites for a farthing, make no mistake."

"Absolutely. We're blessed with a benevolent aristocracy, a hardy class of commoners and a patriotic monarchy. But what do we have for businessmen and bankers but the most scumsucking, money-grubbing bunch of parasites in Cornellia."

"There's always Noviterra," Astron commented with a smile and bid the Prime Minister good day.

Imperial City, Shrailleeni Empire
Imperial Palace

Lord Spears seemed giddy with excitement as he was shown through the beautiful and bustling centre of the Shrailleeni world. Though it bore the same name, the Shrai's Imperial Palace was far different from the one occupied by the Kings and Queens of Vionna-Frankenlisch. This was not just a grand residence, it seemed to Spears that the whole of the Empire must revolve around the extensive complex which benefitted from a huge range of facilities, including its own four-platform train station.

The Duchess of Cathena was no less impressed but looked far more on guard. As the more experienced of the two diplomats and, though neither Lord Spears or their hosts were aware, not unacquainted with the Shrailleeni tongue, Theresa Murat felt that this posting was something of a dream come true. She only wished that the circumstances that required her posting were different. She wore a light, flowery dress of yellow Agrean silk which came down to her knees and was embroidered masterfully with silver thread. She enjoyed the semi-tropical climate, it reminded her of her Espicutan home, which she had not seen in two years.

The pair were led through the Imperial Palace most graciously and Murat could not suppress a smile every time she looked at Lord Spears, who was damn near bouncing at the sight of Shrailleeni religious and historical decorations. Though it took some time to reach their quarters, they were both humbled and astounded by the spacious living spaces they had been allocated. Though the Duke of Darlington was too occupied with inspecting the decor with a great deal of interest, Murat mused on how warmly they had been received. The Shrailleeni were a tolerant and generous people, that much she knew already, but this was almost like flattery.

"I think we shall be supremely comfortable. I am most grateful to your kindness and generosity, Your Majesty." Murat replied to Arianne in the Common Language, showing her bright smile. "Darlington," she called to Lord Spears, "Stop being so rude and thank Her Majesty."

Spears, who had been examining a tapestry, rushed over and bowed his head deeply. "Yes, of course. I am indeed grateful, Your Majesty. A fine, fine country. I wonder if I might borrow some literature on the Enlightened Matriarchy?" Murat wondered whether Spears was overdoing the flattery or if it was just nervous excitement talking, nonetheless, she would be glad to have him out of the way so she could get some work done. She smiled at Spears and nodded casually, approving of the idea, if only to have the new Duke out of her hair for a while.
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Betharan Palace
Fineberg, New Edom

The King-Emperor, Queen Empress, senior officials of the Court and Ministers of the Council were all gathered together in the great banquet hall that was built by David the Lawgiver, when he was first made King, in the southeast corner of the palace; and it far exceeded in greatness and magnificence the new halls built in the early 20th Century at the Palace of Shiloam. Seven equal walls it had, of dark green jasper, speckled with bloody spots. In the midst of one wall was the lofty doorway, and in the walls right and left of this and in those that inclosed the angle opposite the door were great windows placed high, giving light to the banquet hall. In each of the seven angles of the wall a caryatid, cut in the likeness of a three-headed giant from ponderous blocks of black serpentine, bowed beneath the great wings of a monstrous griffon hewn out of the same stone. The mighty claws of those seven griffons spreading upwards bare up the dome of the roof, that was smooth and covered all over with paintings of battles and hunting scenes and wrestling bouts in dark and smoky colours answerable to the gloomy grandeur of that chamber. On the walls beneath the windows gleamed weapons of war and of the chase, and on the two blind walls were nailed up all orderly the banners of captured Cornellian Legion standards, Deadoran battle flags, Dengali headresses, Damoclean standards, Hostillian banners, Arvo war clubs, Jedorian unit flags, Gavinian standards and others besides. And above all this, written in fiery letters of gold as though they were burned with the flaming breath of Heaven, read these words For I do not trust in my bow, nor does my sword save me. But You give us victory over our enemies; You put those who hate us to shame. 8In God we have boasted all day long, and Your name we will praise forever.

Across the innermost angle facing the door was a long table and a carven bench behind it, and from the two ends of that table, set square with it, two other tables, longer and benches by them on the sides next the wall stretched to within a short space of the door. Midmost of the table to the right of the door was a high seat of old cypress wood, great and fair, with cushions of black silk embrroidered with gold, and facing it at the opposite table another high seat, smaller, and the cushions of it sewn with silver. In the space between the tables five iron braziers, massive and footed with claws like an eagle's, stood in a row, and behind the benches on either side were nine great stands for lamps to light the hail by night, and seven behind the cross bench, set at equal distances and even with the walls. The floor was paved with steatite, white and creamy, with veins of rich brown and black and purples and splashes of scarlet. The tables resting on great trestles were big slabs of a dusky polished stone, powdered with sparks of gold as small as atoms.

The women, foremost among them the Queen Dowager, slim, tall, still young in appearance though crow’s feet were around her eyes and mouth, sat (for Princess Jocasta was away ruling Gavinium on behalf of the gentle Regent, her cousin by marriage the Princess Desiree) and along with her the elder Countess Sharra, Countess Beroth, as well as handmaidens of the court.

When the Monarchs had entered, Elijah was like one of the great eagles that ruled the mountains, and it seemed that a mist of wrath hung over him, yet like an eagle this was told by the fierceness of his gaze and by the deliberate stride he took as he entered. Beside him, Mara I was all in sunshine in her pink and amber gown, yet her expression was sad and thoughtful. As they came in, an anthem of Thanksgiving was struck up, and all gathered sang as musicians accompanied them.

We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing;
He chastens and hastens His will to make known;
The wicked oppressing now cease from distressing;
Sing praises to His Name; He forgets not His own.
Beside us to guide us, our God with us joining,
Ordaining, maintaining His kingdom divine;
So from the beginning the fight we were winning;
Thou, Lord, were at our side, all glory be Thine!
We all do extol Thee, Thou Leader triumphant,
And pray that Thou still our Defender will be;
Let Thy congregation escape tribulation;
Thy Name be ever praised! O Lord, make us free!

The King-Emperor and Queen-Empress sat at their high seats, and one one side of them, to Elijah’s left sat Count Sharra, while to Mara’s right sat the Patriarch of the Council of Five Churches. Naked youths and maidens, painted like scenes of harvest with millet sheaves, rich fruit, fishes and loaves made haste to fill cups with red or white wine according to the preference of the drinkers, and made haste to set forth dishes of grilled scallops, shrimps and oysters in the shell, and limpets, snails, and cockles fried in olive oil and swimming in red and white wine. And the feasters ate of these dainties, while the servants carried round a huge bowl of beaten gold filled with sparkling wine the hue of the yellow sapphire, and furnished with six golden ladles resting their handles in six half- moon shaped nicks in the rim of that great bowl. Each guest when the bowl was brought to him must brim his goblet with the ladle, and drink unto the glory of the Holy Empire and the rulers thereof.

And when the company had refreshed themselves, and eaten and drunk the Monarchs’ hospitality, Elijah had the Grand Chamberlain, Count Evol Merodach, call for silence. Then, gazing solemnly around the room, he said, “Faithful kin, courtiers, ministers, and highest commanders in the land, I and my wife have asked you all here because of no mere matter of policy but that what is said here may reach many ears, even to shake the corners of the Region.As you are all aware, I have been grievously insulted by King James of Vionna-Frankenlisch. To be insulted so is like a knife, that cuts and suggests that the wounded may be struck with impunity. To be called out like some debtor by a tax collector outside my very window is a vile thing, to have said to one who is not merely of high rank but who, one would have thought, had his reputation go before him like his shadow. But even worse: that this one is one thought of as a friend: this is a betrayal. Is there any here, however, among those who counsel us in our rule, who would disagree?”

Count Thomas Lalery finished drinking a great draught of his wine, and picked up his cigar which sat on the edge of his plate, and drew in smoke and blew it out the side of his mouth. “Sir, I believe you can anticipate my thoughts. We are entered into a rare time of peace and growing plenty. We have so often marched to war, and now we are engaged in building rail roads that will span the length of Ahceron. We are engaged in trade with many nations, and have come to a fine and peaceful arrangement with both Ayacan and Cetian nations to reap the rich fruits of our efforts in Arcologia. I may flatter myself, sir, that i have done my duty in guiding my junior ministers and the industrialists and bankers of our country to our great benefit in joining the CTO with no loss to our culture or laws. Many of our soldiers and sailors were able to go home, and struggled for a while, each to keep the millet bowls of themselves and their children full every night. Yet though we face struggles, we prevail in peace as we did in war. I will not, my King, say that you should suffer any insult to your honour, for your honour is our honour. But I hope that we may have a peaceful outcome and that our efforts will move towards that peace and prosperity which I hope our country, and this government, have more than earned.”

Count Sharra sighed, closing his eyes and nodding to demonstrate his admiration of this speech. “I mean no disrespect, Count Lalery, but I did not expect to hear such fair sounding words from you! You have spoken wisely. Let me add to them, then. Our King is the father of our nation. Can any man suffer an insult to his father and remain a man? It is unthinkable. And yet war is a dreadful thing to contemplate. Right now, our citizens will begin to grow wealthier, abler to purchase goods for their betterment under the economic plans we have put together. If we risk war by any means, our surpluses will feed the mighty jaws of war. We must consider this very carefully”

“And yet there was no build up to this speech of King James.” Hosidius Geta said rather sharply, leaning forward to look down the table towards each of the other two men of the council in turn. “There was no hint to our ambassador, there was no letter to me, no expression of concern, but this impetuous and contemptuous speech. And it falls hard upon the heels of the alliance between Wolfbruck, and Wolfbruck’s declaration of an intention of preparing three divisions of soldiers not far from the Damoclean border. I find all of this suspicious, Majesties.”

Mara looked up from where she had, with loss of appetite, left several shellfish bobbing in sad death in their wine sauce, and asked, “General Unwerth, how many are in a division of Wolfbrucker troops?”

Unwerth considered a moment, putting down a limpet shell he had been sucking the last pink flesh from, and dabbed at his broad mouth set in his craggy, bronzed-olive face. “Two regiments of line troops, one air defense, one artillery, Majesty. It is difficult to know with absolute certainty how many that is, but let us say that is between 8 and 15 thousand troops per division.”

“That could pose a threat though, if these insults were meant to be a prelude to war. The exercises could end up being, say, a feint towards Damoclea, in order to distract us while they try to seize Peregrino.” said General Ashdod.

“Have there been any fleet movements, air movements, reported?” Prince Enoch Tubal-Cain, the Royal Master of Offices, asked rather languidly. “From either Vionna-Frankenlisch or from Wolfbruck?”

“None,” said Unwerth. “The information about the exercises was reported to me by Mr. Geta through the Chaco ambassador. And apparently just declared, meaning that there are many preparations they would have to make.”

Count Sharra asked, “General, what threat is posed as we understand it at the moment? Could it be possible that they have secret preparations and intend to seize territory, threaten our shipping, attack one of our weaker dependencies?”

Unwerth seemed to hesitate a moment, frowning, and then slowly nodded. “That is possible, however unlikely, Count.”

“In that case,” Lalery leaned forward on his elbows, smoke wreathing his sleek head, “”What prevention can we use to deal with it?”

“As I am sure you are aware,” Unwerth replied, “We have an in depth defense of the Empire. Each of our mainland territories is divided into military districts, chief air bases and coastal defense zones. AWACS and fixed radar arrays provide information as to what aircraft or other air incursions may take place, and those are supported in turn by air patrols and sea patrols. Should any attack get past fighter or sea patrols, then they would contend with mobile short batteries capable of defending against cruise missiles, air attacks, and a close in weapon system…” he glanced at some uncomprhending face, “I beg your pardons, gatling guns that are automated and linked to radar systems that can shoot down missiles and aircraft at relatively close ranges. Of course, by that time, the chief airbases and their satellite bases would be on full alert, and the regional commanders would have begun to coordinate defense.

:”From the sea, coast guard patrols would act to prevent inbound smaller craft and identify other craft through use of radar and sonar. There is a danger that a large enough force would overwhelm these in addition to our naval task forces. We have one light carrier task force which is undergoing drydock refit and repairs, and Carrier Python is about to undergo the same.”

“Could that be delayed?” Geta asked. “We might need it.”

Old Admiral Galt, white of hair and broad of face, shook his head ponderously. “No, Excellency, the vessels have been in service for years, they have undergone several repairs at sea already, and further delay would possibly cause crippling error, very dangerous. If we want them available for a war, we have to begin now.”

“Then what forces at sea would we have in the event of war?” asked Count Sharra.

“We would have Carrier Task Force Teman, Serpentis , and Anaconda,” replied Admiral Galt. “Teman, however, could leave Gavinium and Delvian States to a certain extent to Hydrenian and Delvian naval forces. Much of the pirate activity in those waters has dwindled. That would leave Tmean and its escorts to cover New Edom and Western Damoclea, with our Imperium allies covering Eastern Damoclea. Anaconda will cover Southern Edom--Bara and Haran. Serpentis will be replacing Boa in the Ura Sea. This may appear as though we are stretched thin, but that is only so if you were to desire us to invade a country. It will do, for our defense.”

“Let me be absolutely clear,” said the King-Emperor. All heads turned to look at him. “It is my intention to demand an apology of King James of Vionna-Frankenlisch. But this cannot be merely some useless chastisement. What if further insult comes from him?”

General Augrim, Chief of the Imperial General Staff, who had been quiet this whole time, looked up. He was a dark haired, sallow skinned man with a very hooked nose, high cheeks, hollow eyes, and somewhat flushed from his wine. “O my King, there are two things that go very well. Yea, three things that go exceedingly well. A fisherman whose nets are full after he goes out, a hunter whose sheds are tacked full of hides, a maiden against whom there is no foul gossip, and a king whose word is known to be law. We have for reserve forces -2 Marine Infantry Regiments, 4 Motorized Infantry Regiments, 1 Special Forces Battalion, 4 combat engineer regiments and 6 Light Infantry Regiments. We can spare, if need be, a carrier task force. If we border an area we must attack--Wolfbruck, for instance--we can bring three tactical fighter squadrons, a bomber squadron, and ample support of the Air Force to bear upon an enemy. There are two vulnerable noses our potential foe sticks out: New Columbia and Wolfbruck iself.”

General Unwerth glanced at the dour Haranese man who was his son in law, and said, “If this is your will, sir, we can prepare a plan. I believe our defense is flexible enough.”

“Do so, and call it Operation Harvest. For if those who offend me shall not repent, and reflect with care upon their vanity and arrogance, then I shall give them such a harvest as will choke their teeth with sand and dust. If he will not apologize, then he will have sown the whirlwind, let him reap such a storm as weill shake him to his very roots.” growled the King-Emperor. He looked at Sharra and Lalery. “I too, love peace, my friends. But I will not cower and scuttle for it. Mr. Geta: you will warn our allies and trading partners of the seriousness of this, and I will deal with this King myself.”


To His Imperial Majesty King James I Turrell of Vionna-Frankenlisch

Your recent words in a public proclamation have been presumptuous, insulting, and breathtaking in their foolishness. I will not so much as deign to discuss the accusations. For one monarch to accuse another in such a way is entirely unacceptable. I demand an apology immediately. If one is not forthcoming within four hours’ time, I will have no choice but to withdraw my ambassador and all diplomatic staff from your country.

I am
Elijah IV
King-Emperor of the Holy Empire of New Edom

“Timing is everything,” said Prince Enoch Tubal-Cain, reading the messages that were being compiled. His lanky frame strode the office, smoke puffing from his cigarette. “We should make sure that the letters from Geta go out first…”

“Thank you,” said Geta, in a tone which said that he didn’t need Prince Enoch to tell him how to do his job. “Don’t we want to...well, offer a bit of carrot along with the stick, sir?”

The King-Emperor, who happened to be feeding a carrot to his favourite capybara, who had an injured paw from some animal that might have been the Beast of Bara, shook his head. “No carrot. If someone slurps his wine too loudly in the wardroom, do you reprimand him or simply tell him to drink like a gentleman?”

Geta appeared nonplussed by this, and glanced at Prince Enoch, who shrugged.

Another message was prepared for other persons of importance in the Region, including the Shrailleeni, Ghantish, Roman, Imperium, Chacano, Noviteran, Kehrahni, Delvian, Hydrenian, San Carloan, Ashabi, Quiemadan,Wolfbruck, and Adiran foreign ministers, to the following effect:


From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

(Ministerial title and name as appropriate)

As I am sure you are aware, King James of Vionna-Frankenlisch has sent a very insulting message to our Monarch, Elijah IV, in a manner that is impossible to overlook and which crosses the line of expectation for the minimum efforts of diplomacy. There was no effort whatsoever to express his discontentment at any Edomite policy. What makes the speech all the more startling is that it flies in the face of the Edomite effort to remove McNernian influence, which had perniciously spied on both New Columbia and San Carlo, from our Region, up to expelling all McNerbuab military units from our country.

I think that your should be aware that the King-Emperor intends to demand an apology for the insulting speech. Since it appears that Vionna-Frankenlisch is, by recent alliance with Wolfbruck and by seizing on what can at best be described as a flimsy excuse to insult one of our Monarchs, contemptuous of the possibility of peaceful address of any concerns, it may be that New Edom will be in a state of war with Vionna-Frankenlisch. In which case, we will continue to keep your government informed of the situation. Please inform me of any concerns that you may have.

I have the honour to be,
Hosidius Geta,
Foreign Minister

Geta, advised by his officials and by Prince Enoch’s officials, also added such personal touches as would be appropriate in some cases. In the case of the Shrailleeni, Romans and Imperium, he added words of respect, reminding them of their mutually shed blood, their long faithfulness to one another and fervent desire that these allies should not be dragged into a war of this kind. He did put in a mild mention of Gavinium Magnus, of course, in the case of the Shrailleeni, avoiding any overt and crude reminder that the Edomites had been first to rush to the banners to avenge the insult and outrage upon the Shrailleeni priestesses under the Mad King. In the case of the Ghantar, the exception was that Prince Amenmar, the ambassador, bore the letter to Nathan personally. This was also done by Dr. Scroll to Simon Alvarado. In the case of Alvarado, Scroll would express, personally, his shock at the interpretations the Vionna-Frankenlischans had placed upon the McNernian affair, and would receive reassurance that New Edom remained committed to The Agreement. The Roman Emperor was advised in the letter that Elijah would seek his counsel personally through a phone call. The Noviterans were advised of the concerns expressed by Counts Sharra and Lalery in their recommendations to the King-Emperor, and were assured of the hope that the Vionna-Frankenlischans would come to their senses, but that, regardless, Edom was committed to peaceful trade throughout the Region.
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Minister of State Adam Marius was working with Economics Minister Tanja Deutel, and they were scrambling. Of course, they had their chance during the meeting to oppose this patently absurd plan, but it didn't matter either way, the King’s mind was set, and that was that. They were trying to reassure businesses that it was business as usual while three divisions of troops mobilized in the course of a mere two weeks.

Marius, having served a decorated career in the Heer, scoffed at the Minister Wahlmann’s hasty two week mobilization, but the order was sent, and that was that.


General Hochmann sat at a small table at an officers’ bar in Kronstadt. He conversed with the two other reserve generals that had gathered tonight. He had requested them join him here tonight to discuss the new missive that had come from the crown, that they had already started to execute. This would be the last time they would be able to gather before the exercises began.

“They must be losing their minds!” von Käufer exclaimed. “We can't mobilize three divisions in two weeks, not even for an exercise! I've already got men refusing to show up for muster!”

von Unger said, “What do you expect. The government is paranoid, nothing new. All we can do is ride out the storm.”

von Hochmann said, “Last year we were given 6 weeks to mobilize one-thirds of what is being mobilized now, now we are given only two. His Majesty's word is final and I respect it, don't get me wrong, but this is rather obscenely fast.”

von Käufer said, “What will the rest of the region think? Three divisions mobilizing out of nowhere?! It's practically inviting the Edomites to stack forces on the border with Damoclea. I'd be all for kicking those imperialists’ asses, but this is inviting a counter-response.”

von Unger said, “That's above our paygrade though. We carry out orders like good soldiers do, for God, King and Country.”

“If there's a king and country left by the end of this.” von Käufer ominously intoned.


Reserve Sgt. Mark Eisbergen was at his 9-5 at an insurance firm when his summons came. A few buddies and him were talking by the water cooler, and they were laughing while making plans for the evening. Then, his boss practically dashed out of his office with a piece of paper in his hands. “Mark, you have to see this,” he said, practically shoving the paper into his hands. It bore the coat of arms of the Federal Army, and said “As a member of the 1st Panzergrenadier Division, you are hereby ordered to report to St. Andreas barracks immediately.” His jaw dropped. There was no premonition, no sign at all that this was happening, and yet now it was upon him. There was speculation that the annual reserve exercises might include a regiment from his division, but this was plain crazy. Practically the entire office gathered round as he read it out loud for them, and then there was just stunned silence. Similar scenes would be common for tens of thousands of reservists across the country.


Johann Wunnmann sat at the train station, waiting for his 6:00 back home to Rhen, when the strangest thing started happening. All of the scheduled passenger-train rides on the board flipped to cancelled, and then he saw the train screech into the station. Contained in it was not people, but he could see through the window stacks of military equipment and logistics troops escorting them to their destination. When the door opened, an important looking soldier carrying a clipboard marched out, and from the entrance to the station emerged an officer. Johann decided to try his luck and ask what was going on. “Excuse me, sirs, what is going on here?” The two soldiers looked at him and the more senior one said, “I'm sorry about your train ride getting cancelled, but we're here on official military business. I am afraid that is as specific as I'm allowed to be. Are you a member of the reserves, perchance?” Wunnmann replied, “No sir. After my two years on active duty I entered finance.” The officer nodded understandingly, and then said “Do you have any way to get home tonight, sir?” Wunmann shook his head no. The officer took two twenty thaler notes from his wallet and handed them to Johann. “For your troubles.” Wunnmann nodded appreciatively, then sat back down on the bench. This would be a long night.
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Tempesta Ocean
UFS Dodixie

This was the second time in his career as the Captain of the UFS Dodixie that Commander Joel Kiyotoshi had received an abrupt order that deviated from the mission they had left port with. First was during the Gavinian Conflict where she had been ordered to fire his tomahawks. SUBCOM had never said what for or where they were going. Simply that he was to prime his missiles to link up with FLEETCOM and they would take it from there. It was only when he back in port and debriefed that Kiyotoshi was told that his missiles had hit Gavinian air bases on the south coast of their country.

Now, Kiyotoshi was reading over the message that had just come in when during a routine floating of the recon and communications buoy.


UFS Dodixie,

New mission orders to be executed immediately. Proceed to area of operation as outlined. Remain hidden and conduct signals intelligence for the next month or until further orders.

Leaving the comm room, Kiyotoshi returned to the bridge. "Captain on the bridge!" An officer said.

Those not working at their stations snapped to attention. Kiyotoshi gave them an "as you were" then started making taps on the tactical table. His submarine was of the newest line in the Noviteran Navy that were being rolled out. Extremely quiet and with state of the art sensor equipment. They were designed for specifically a mission such as this. Using their capabilities the submarine could hover close to the bottom of the ocean to sneak up upon a country's coastline. From there, they could float their reconnaissance buoy collecting signals intelligence. The Navy had also been rolling out these new tactical tables that were touch screen computers. Here he could bring up charts and make markings with a digital pen. The computer would also measure the distance between two points for him and bring up the change in ocean floor depth in meters. Further, Kiyotoshi could add overlays of ocean currents and water temperature. It made navigation all the more easy. No more need for the paper charts the Navy usually used. Not that they did not keep them just in case.

"What's going on sir?" His XO asked.

"New orders. I'll fill you in in a moment." Kiyotoshi answered then began to punch in some coordinates.

The screen on the table changed to a contoured map of the ocean floor where their new area of operation was. He put two fingers to the glass then slowly began to spread them apart. Responding to his touch commands, the map began to zoom in.

"Wolfsbrucker coast. In the Gulf of the Sabri Sea." His XO remarked.

"It'll take us two days to get there." Kiyotoshi said after examining the map for a moment. Using the digital pen, he tapped on a spot twice. In the corner of the glass the grid coordinates of that location came up.

"Sir, that area is inside the Wolfsbruck EEZ. Awfully close to their coastline."

Kiyotoshi nodded. "Indeed it is. Now help me plot a new course..." Kiyotoshi ordered. He touched the screen again bringing two fingers making the map zoom out then reached for the ruler.
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Yanque, Chaco
Plaza de Armas

"¿Quieres cupones? Seniorita! Cupones por Sleek-seis. Barato desu! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu. Dozo dozo!" Colton called out to the passerbys in the Plaza.

The group of Noviteran submariners had set up an awning and table. All were in either UF Navy service uniforms or poopie suits. They were the crew of the UFS Cathan that was currently docked in the Port of Yanque. One of two Noviteran submarines that were currently there. Their captain, Commander Sasaki, had got the licensing to set up a booth long ago before they even left port in Novitera. All this effort was part of the ship's contract with Lai Dai to raise extra-funds. Colton was a Lieutenant and Sonar Officer for the submarine. Soliciting would be customers for Lai Dai in Chaco was not exactly part of the job description but he would do his duty to the ship and the Navy. With him were several enlisted men.

"Damn sir, it's hot." Said one of the enlisted men.

Colton looked at him annoyingly. "Stop your bellyaching and get to handing out these coupons Seaman!" He ordered.

At that point Colton received a phone call. "Yes sir. Yes sir. Right away sir." Then he hung up.

"Alright boys, pack it all up! Leave is cancelled. We're back out to sea in eight hours." He ordered.

The others looked at him shocked. "Sir?" A petty officer asked.

"You heard me. We're back out to sea. Let's go. Get those coupons packed." He ordered then began to dial a number for the local taxi service. They would need a van.
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Traffic was a nightmare. It was worse than usual rush hour traffic as Pedro tried to make his way back to the Chacano embassy. People were all over the streets crowding around bus stops or trying to hail cabs. Pedro honked at a cab that cut him off to try and pick up a fare. A small group of people all tried to get in at once and began arguing. Pedro rolled down his window to try and hear what was being said but could not make out what people were saying. He shouted over to someone at a bus stop and asked, “Hey, what’s going on? This is a mad house!”

The stranger replied, “Army has taken over all of the trains. A bunch of reserves are being mobilized and rushed off.”

“What? To where?” Pedro asked.

“I have no clue.” The stranger said.

Pedro rolled up his window and pulled out his cell phone. He texted his office back at the embassy ‘Army seized trains. Rapid deployment. Massive scale.’

Fineberg, New Edom

Armando Espiga ate a bowl of cereal as he manned the monitoring gear that was housed in the embassy to try and catch signals intelligence from Edomite government buildings. Not many people knew the embassy did this, and that was the point. Most governments constantly tried to get information from each other, even from allies, but you would never admit that. Armando was officially an economics officer with the embassy.

The machine started detecting something and Armando put down his cereal. To his surprise it was unencrypted and from the palace. When the message came through, he was shocked. It appeared as some kind of ultimatum from King- Emperor Elijah to King James of Vionna-Frankenlisch.

Armando took the message and went to go report straight to his boss.

Written with New Edom

“Jaime lay on his back on the couch with his head on Camilla’s lap. One hand mindlessly fiddled with her yellow hair as he asked her about her day. He was curious as to what the implications would have for the nation, that he was now living in, “How bad was it Cami? Are they really furious?”

Camilla idly stroked his hand, tracing the muscles and veins. “I’ve rarely seen the King so angry. I heard,” her voice dropped a little, “That he shot a dog.”

“He shot a dog?” Jaime said, “What do you mean he shot a dog? Like just found one off of the street or something?”

“No, no, Alex Domris told me that they had stopped by this farm, and the King got a message, and it was a transcript of the speech,” said Camilla, looking up at him with her big hazel eyes. “And while the King was reading this dog came out of nowhere and attacked him before the Guards could do anything. So the King told Alex to give him his pistol while he was holding this dog off, and it’s a HUGE pistol…” she sketched her hands apart as though it was two feet long, “And blew its head off. And then he said he was gonna do the same to the King of Vionna-Frankenlisch unless he did what he was told.” she turned and leaned on her elbow and said, “Anyway, then we were at the banquet and the King is sending them a message saying that King James has to apologize. No or else, no nothing, just he’d better apologize. But…” she hesitated.

Jaime was a bit surprised and sucked his teeth at the description of the king blowing a dog’s head off with some kind of hand cannon. He muttered to himself in a bit of surprise, “Amazing.”

He held her ear as she leaned over onto her elbow and asked when she hesitated, “But what? Can you not say?”

“Well, Papa and Count Lalery said it would be a darn shame if we had to go to war, because if it was a big war it would mean we’d have to change a bunch of economic stuff,” explained Camilla. “And I don’t remember all that. Something about banks and money and stuff. But then Mr. Geta said that the Vionna-Frankenlischans didn’t try to talk discreetly to anyone, not to him, not our ambassador, no one. And he said the Wolfbruckers are calling up an army near the Damoclean border, their reserves, thousands of them. So then the Ministers started asking General Unwerth and his men about whether or not we could defend ourselves. They said that we could and then some, because we have…” she rolled her eyes up, trying to remember. “Um...fighter planes and gatling guns and radar and sonar and stuff like that. Then General Augrim said a proverb about how loyalty and steadfastness as being good, but it meant that the King has to back up his words with force if they are to mean anything, and that we have force to send out if we must.So...that’s what happened. Oh wait, one last thing: the King said that if King James sows the wind, he’ll reap the whirlwind.”

It was quite a bit to take in for the moment so Jaime laid there quietly for a bit staring up at Camilla’s face, taking in her youthful beauty and contemplating what she had to say on the subject. Finally he smiled a slight grin and said, “Wow Cami, sounds like you had quite the day, and to think I wanted to go fishing, when you were busy planning a war.”

“Oh stop that! I wasn’t planning it! Goodness, I had my hands full just making sure the Queen had clean shoes!” Camilla exclaimed. “Oh, we had grilled shell fishes for supper, by the way, which was very nice, except I don’t like whelks. You would have liked them though. It was too bad you could not be there, but there were no foreigners except a few spouses. Alex Domris’ wife Alzne was there, you must have seen her, very pale, blue eyes and black hair. Some of the other girls call her cheese face but that’s not really very nice, it’s more like cream than cheese. She’s very quiet, have you met her?”

Jaime laughed softly at what she said, “No, I have not met her, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the woman being followed by scores of cats.”

Yanque, Chaco

Alvarado was distressed. He had gotten the message sent from Geta with the mention that New Edom may be at war soon with Vionna-Frankenlish, and he had also received the intercepted message send directly to King James himself saying he had four hours in which to apologize. Alvarado fretted. He had no idea what this war would look like, and had been perfectly happy building his legacy in relative peace.

An aide knocked on his door and Alvarado told him to enter. The man dropped a paper on his desk, “A report from Wolfsbruck sir. Thought you should see it immediately”

Alvarado picked the memo up and read it quickly, “God Damnit! What the fuck is wrong with these people!”

He walked over to the phone and picked it up and dialed the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, “Hey, this is Alvarado. Tell my uncle that the Wolfsbruckers are mass mobilizing as fast as they can.”
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Postby Cossack Khanate » Fri Sep 06, 2019 12:15 pm

Senate Chamber, Selvik, Cossack Khanate

Imperator Khan, his face lined with worry contemplating the gravity of the speech he was about to make, stepped up to the speaker podium in front of the hundred members of the Senate and cameras of the media. He took a deep breath before speaking into the microphone in front of him.

“Dear Cossacks and our friends, today, I come to you with news of the utmost seriousness. Something has shattered the peaceful cooperation between our regional allies and will eventually plunge our neighbors into what I fear may be a great war”

“Recently, His Imperial Majesty King James of our dear ally Vionna-Frankenlisch made clear certain infringements upon their national interests and moreover their national sovereignty. A nation who we once trusted, has been bitterly exposed by their puppets to be a selfish puppetmaster. And this nation is none other than New Edom”

The members of the Senate murmured amongst themselves, clearly shocked at the news. Imperator Khan nodded solemnly.

“Yes, New Edom. The nation who we supported in their time of need. A nation who our neighbors and allies trusted to be an all-weather friend who would fight with us against the larger and more motivated communist and degenerate foes. The nation for which scores of Frankenlischian sailors and brave fighters lost their lives defending against the Thouthenian hordes! Yet when New Edom used the nation of Mcneria as a front to try to usurp King James from the throne of New Colombia --”

The King of the Khanate paused, letting the words sink in to his audience. The Senate members visibly shifted in their seats and spoke between themselves.

“ -- they seemed not to have any gratitude for the sacrifice Vionna-Frankenlisch made. Frankenlisch is a loyal ally of the Khanate, and we seem to share a similar goal, one of maintaining peace and stability. This goal contrasts with the Edomite goal of gaining power and wealth.”

“And it is for this reason that I announce today that carries great seriousness, although the wording of this may not seem so. We will take action against the selfish Edomite interests that are threatening our ally and regional stability. I wish you all a good evening, and may God bless our country. Signatu Areinvi!
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Postby Queimada » Fri Sep 06, 2019 1:34 pm

Organization of American States Headquarters
Porto Real, Queimada

Tristão Resende sat back in his chair at the head of the room fiddling with his gavel. The older bespectacled man with gray hair only remaining on the sides and back of his head watched quietly as the Ambassador from San Carlo came to make a speech and put a resolution to a vote on the floor.

Carlano ambassador Jairo Fernán waited for silence then spoke out, “Brought before this distinguished body is OAS Resolution 13: The Condemnation of King James of Vionna-Frankenlisch for his inaccurate speech with regards to New Edom and the Organization of Ayacan States. Throughout the speech between insults hurled at New Edom and King Elijah, King James is constantly referring to his desire of peace among his Imperialist possession of New Columbia on Ayaca. King James has also described himself as a man who is in the process of allowing New Columbia to join the OAS! That is quite generous from a nation who has never shown any inclination to even make any kind of official inquiry into membership for its dependency. Not to mention the questionable status of New Columbia itself. It is hard to say if that place even fits the requirements for membership as it is not clear whether they are even sovereign. Still, I would be most interested and welcoming to hear their inquiries if they are actually serious. The next is with peace on Ayaca and their King’s apparent desire to keep it. I tell you, that even with our current border crisis, which all of you are well aware of, the New Columbians have only reached out in a very minimal way, and the Vionna-Frankenlisch government has never reached out to us. In fact I have been allowed to reveal to you, that we sent an offer to the New Columbian government some weeks ago about pursuing a peaceful negotiation in regards to their conflict, and in doing so ending the final campaign in Ayaca, and we have still received no word, not even an acknowledgement that they received it. It is for these reasons that we are declaring the rhetoric in King Jame’s speech unacceptable and condemning him in using it as a crutch to hurl insults at another nation. We are sovereign and can choose for ourselves who has shown peaceful intent to our nations.”

There was some debate among the ambassadors when he had finished. The Ashabis seemed to dislike the motion and said that, “The individual nations of the OAS should issue condemnations, not the OAS. If they so wish to do so.”

The Chacano ambassador believed that, “Since this body has been addressed in King James’ speech directly, then that was grounds for a direct response.”

There was disagreement on the issue for some time, but at the end the vote was taken and it came out 3 in favor and 1 abstention from the Ashabis. The OAS issued a condemnation of King James and his speech.

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Postby Vionna-Frankenlisch » Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:00 pm

Frankenlisch, Kingdom of Frankenlisch
Council Chamber, Imperial Palace

"Bastard!" King James' curse echoed in the candlelit chamber of the Royal Upper Parliament. He tossed Elijah's letter aside and leaned on the table, around which was seated four of the sitting government's Cabinet ministers. This was the first time he had even consulted his elected government since McNernia outed New Edom. "You know," he laughed nervously, "I'm not even sure why I'm angry. I expected a similar reply, but there's something about that man which gets my blood up. That speech of mine was inflammatory, that was the point, to show that we will respond to attacks on our Empire with hostility and not meekness. But the fact that he will not even discuss his crimes... Despicable."

Arthur Astron and Dochlov Zimmermann shared an uncomfortable glance. Larry Tristram sat in semi-interested silence. Percival Mercer spoke up. "Your Imperial Majesty, though we have rather dropped the ball on preparations for the Royal Muster, we can set the date for next month, with your approval."

"There's another thing." The King took his seat at the head of the table. "That was a blunder, especially considering our current position. But perhaps a lucky one. It would only make us look even more like aggressors if we were to mobilise like that with all this going on." He stroked his beard in consideration. "Mister Mercer, if you could hold off on the Royal Muster until we are sure of our position, that would be appreciated."

"As you command, sire." Mercer bowed his head. Larry Tristram was suddenly looking very uncomfortable.

"Our position, Your Imperial Majesty?" Zimmermann asked, confused. "This government's position is to support Your Imperial Majesty, and I thought your own position was very clear."

"Ah... Well... Yes, I suppose so." The King seemed a little uncomfortable himself, perhaps unsure.

Larry Tristram cleared his throat. Heads turned his way and the Foreign Minister spoke. "We've received certain intelligence from our ambassador in Wolfsbruck, they're mobilising thousands of reserves. The telltale signs as always, trains, trucks, disruptions, that sort of thing."

"What's more," Mercer continued, "is that these units appear to be congregating near the Damoclean border."

The King breathed a great sigh. "And we were not informed of these movements?" He asked, confused.

"No, Your Imperial Majesty," Tristram replied. "There are two other things. The Marchioness of Drayglossop and the Prince von Babenberg have left for Wolfsbruck and should arrive in a few hours. You must also draft a response to King Elijah, sire."

James laughed, "No, I think you had ought to send the reply, Larry. I'd just tire my arm and make things worse."

Tristram replied cautiously, "They may take that as an insult, sire."

"Hmm..." Doubts beset the King more every moment, was this what he truly wanted? "Perhaps I will answer after I've written to the Adirans."

"We don't have that long, sire. Elijah gave us four hours." Tristram reminded the King. "We've already lost half that."

"Fine!" James snapped, "You send the reply then. I'll be damned if I make a fool of myself by bowing personally to his 'allowances'." He dictated the message's basic contents to the Foreign Minister and bade him write up a reply. Tristram bowed and left the room, allowing the King and the other three ministers to conclude the meeting. "Gentlemen, what is the mood amongst the Cabinet. Hopeful?"

"Hopeful for peace, sire," Mercer replied, pessimistically.

"Hopeful for peace, aye," Zimmermann retorted, "But loyal to Your Imperial Majesty. That loyalty and their patriotism as your subjects will see their worries banished. If things should come to blows, that is."

The King nodded. "You may address the House as you please, Prime Minister. Mister Astron, I trust that you will lend me and the Prime Minister your party's full support. Percival, I hope that you can prepare us without overt mobilisation. I would not like to provoke things. Not just yet, at least." He smiled and bowed his head to his government, "Thank you, gentlemen. Good day."

Mariner's Avenue

The Seaman's Spirit on Mariner's Avenue was just as bustling as ever, more so thanks to the rain that had just begun pouring outside. A sailor's pub of the old style, Horace 'Peggy' Slater's establishment served good beer, strong spirits, fine food and clean women. He even had rooms rented out to naval officers based at Frankenlisch's naval base. One had arrived this afternoon, fresh from New Columbia where her ship had docked that very morning. Slater had served the raven-haired young Captain a steak and kidney pie and two mugs of stone ale and sat her in a secluded booth in the corner of the pub.

Captain Hannah Idris had come far in the world. The daughter of a mid-level civil servant, she had joined the navy as a Midshipman when she was fifteen and since then had worked her way to becoming the youngest Commander in the Imperial Navy. She had led her ship into action against the Thouthenians, successfully destroying an enemy submarine and landing missiles among the enemy fleet. For her actions during the battle, in which the outmanoeuvred and outnumbered New Edom Squadron, she was promoted to Captain by her commander, Rear Admiral Barret, who (due to his rank and position) was permitted only one promotion to Post Captain. She was delighted, of course, in her promotion. However, this whole affair with New Edom had turned her mood sour.

"Oh it's terrible... Just terrible..." She heard one old sailor conversing with his companions. "For them to do sommit like that to us."

"Aye, Reg, I know." Another replied, "In my day, we'd be lobbing shells at those backwards bastards by now. You don't think this new King is soft?"

A third man laughed, this one younger. "He's been King for seven years, Bill, you must have had a pint too many. He aint his uncle, though, that much's for sure." They all nodded at that and the same man commented, "Old Edward would've had this sorted out by now, peace or war."

The first man spoke again, "I think James knows what he's doing. He wants them to come to us, nice and easy. Like at the Battle of Glaenarm."

"Nah, more like Bexketh." The second argued.

"No, no, no. It'd be like Williamsburg." The third man contended.

"That's the one!" His two companions agreed in unison.

Idris shook her head and swallowed the remnants of her pint. Black Crystal, her ship, had been badly damaged in the battle against the Thouthenians and a dozen of her sailors had been casualties in that engagement. To think that, if not for their support of New Edom, Vionna-Frankenlisch would not be mourning the deaths of two hundred prime sailors and the loss of two ships. She was certain that the Imperial Navy was just as incensed by the recent revelations. Her pie was gone and so was her beer and Hannah Idris was feeling no better for the indulgence. Drinking and gluttony had failed, there was one vice left in the 'traditional' sailor's establishment left and Idris bade a barmaid come upstairs with her. It was mindless pity sex, the Captain was far too distracted by the disgraceful state of affairs to really enjoy the encounter but, as she lay with the buxom lass in her arms, she couldn't help but feel warm. So long as a woman had the right to mess about with man, woman or both, a right the Edomites no doubt did not respect, the sun would never set on the Frankenlischian Empire.
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Postby Republica de San Carlo » Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:23 pm

Seville, San Carlo

The cabinet had gathered to discuss the letter from New Edom. They all filtered into the large room with oversized stuffed chairs and gave the servants their drink orders. The president munched on a bag of pop corn that he had someone run out and get him from a vendor that sold off of the street. Other men lit up cigars while others chatted and joked about a particularly hilarious episode of the popular TV game show ‘¡Boomba Boomba!’ That was on the night before.

After a while when everyone had been brought their drinks and had settled in, President Manuel Santos opened the meeting up, “Gentlemen, I have been passed on a letter by Minister Gutierrez, from Foreign Minister Hosidius Geta of New Edom. They have demanded an apology from the King of Vionna-Frankenlisch for his insults. It also clearly mentions that war may be the end result of this. As the tensions continue on our southern border with no apparent interest from Vionna-Frankenlisch for them to soften, we may be indirectly involved in a conflict.”

The president put down his popcorn and wiped his hands on a napkin, “I have never dealt with people so strange as the Vionnese. They have shown not only us disrespect, but also the Chacanos. There is no doubt in my mind that they would do the same for Ashab or Queimada. They are a cancerous tumor on this island. Even in this, they choose their allies in a deliberate way to disrupt the peaceful world order. The Wolfsbruckers who have been meddling for some time. What surprises me is how quickly the nation of Cossack has joined them in this crusade for fools. General Galvez, how are our defenses?”

The general smiled, “Mr. President, our reserves are almost completely mobilized. We were guided by divine providence for our mobilization. The border is manned, and the Mechanized units are stacked up to respond to threats. The Chacanos have also decided to leave their two regimental combat teams on the border in case things get out of hand. Should the unfortunate happen, and war is thrust upon us, we are in the best position we could be in.”

“Minister Gutierrez, I would like you to send a message to the Adirans. Something soft, but letting them know that we are concerned for our safety. Do not ask them for military aid as of yet, but ask for their support on the international stage. They have been a long-time friend to us, and it would do well for them to know that Costa Mesa may be under a state of alarm.”

“Of course, Mr. President I shall do it at once.” The foreign minister said.

The president also thought for a moment, “Write something to King Elijah in my name, letting him know that we do not approve of his honor being brought into question.”

To: Secretary Baily
From: Minister Jesus Gutierrez
Subject: Threats on our border
Security: Highest

Secretary Bailey,

First let me start by congratulating you in your recent political victories. Only a woman with the utmost dedication and conviction would fight so hard for what she believed in, and come out on top. We salute you and wish you all the best in your endeavors.

Sadly, however, I am not writing this letter purely for congratulations. It appears as though the Kingdom of Vionna-Frankenlisch has began down a path of potential belligerence, and it is our fear, that with our current crisis on the southern border, that we may be drawn into it. Adiran has been a longtime friend to San Carlo, and you in particular have roots among our people with your previous posting here. I want you to know that should this horrible strife come to our people that we count you as our utmost supporter, and a bulwark we can rest soundly besides.

Secretary Bailey, it is comforting to know that my people have such a friend as yourself.

Jesus Gutierrez,
Minister of Foreign Affairs, San Carlo

To: King-Emperor Elijah IV and Queen-Empress Mara
From: Manuel Santos, President San Carlo
Subject: King James’ Letter
Security: None

Your Majesties,

It is with heavy heart that I write this letter, as it is on a topic so absurd that I would have never dreamt it to be an issue, and yet here we are. No man as honorable as yourself should ever have his character raked over the coals in such a disgraceful manner as this man King James has done to you. It was a cowardly act, and one that is not befitting of the title he carries. You and your government have shown my people nothing but fairness in our dealings, and have always been as strait forward and clear as any man could ever wish.

Though it may do nothing in this setting, I want it to be known that I hold you and your wife as shining examples of what boys and girls should aspire to be as they grow into men and women.


Manuel Santos,
President of the Republic of San Carlo

Seville, San Carlo

Sebastian went through the drinks behind the bar with a clipboard and compared it to what stock they had in the back. He then made notes about what would need to be ordered to restock. He sighed. He really did need to find a better bar tender who wouldn’t just lie on these forms. Sebastian decided that the man would be booted after the weekend rush when he felt someone come up behind him. Those damn girls had left the door open. He turned and half looking said, “We don’t open for another 3 hours, you’ll have to wait outside or go elsewhere friend”

Sebastian looked up and struck his foreheat with his palm, “Of course Cyril, I forgot you were arriving today! My God, how long has it been? I haven’t seen you since Dengali, oh and what a jam we escaped from there! Come sit, let me fix you something!”

Flores, San Carlo

Kevin sat at the bar in a button up shirt with clean jeans, over which he wore his leather G1 flying jacket. He had even shaved and combed his hair for the meeting today. He ignored his phone as it was full of angry texts and calls from farmers that he had given short notice to about his trip. He had only truly told his girlfriend Lucia after a rough thrash in the cab of his pickup after she had gotten out of school.

He waited sipping on a whiskey. Hector sat next to him and smacked his shoulder to get his attention. Kevin cursed, “Damn it man, you’ll make me spill my drink.”

“From what I hear, that would only be a good thing.” Hector said, “How have you been?”

“I’m alive.” Kevin answered.

“Well let’s try to change that.” Hector said amused, “The job, recruit 5 attack pilots and crew for some work in New Columbia. I’ll give you a budget and you have to get 5 light attack aircraft and arm them. You’ll be flying for some rebels, so you don’t know us.”

“Yeah, I can do that, I think I can get some air tractors, your people will have to supply the armaments, though. How long do I have?” Kevin asked.

“Not long, it’s all in here. You have my number if you need anything.” Hector confirmed as he handed a folder to Kevin.

“I do.” Kevin responded.

Hector nodded, “Then I leave you to it. Happy hunting and don’t be a stranger.”

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Postby Novitera » Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:47 pm

Avantine, State of Soletrek, Novitera

Lucas North: National Directorate - Chairman
Mary Takeshi: National Director - Director of Foreign Affairs
Clarence Tadashi: National Director - Director of Intelligence
Liam Kuribayashi: Executor of Defense
Eric Douglas: Executor of State
Parker Gladwin: Trask Administration - Senior Political Adviser
Mason Dalach: National Intelligence Service - Prime Director
Daniel Folais: Ambassador to New Edom

Shortly after Tadashi arrived at the Tengoku Club, the meeting at the Directorate Center had been adjourned for a few hours. It gave each of the members present time to make some phone calls and get everything in order. North had sent out men to look for Tadashi whose home appeared to be vacant. Private investigators, no government assets. In this time, the Edomites had issued their proclamations. The State Department disseminated the message to the rest of the Directorate who were on their way to Avantine right now.

The group reassembled. Some had been to busy to eat so were taking their lunches now in the conference room bringing in boxed sushi or sandwiches. There were also cups of coffee around the table. Gladwin of course, had nothing in front of him save for a half smoked pack of cigarettes.

"Let us begin." North said then took a drink from his coffee. "First order of business is national security. The mobilization in Wolfsbruck cannot be ignored. Executor Kuribayashi has consulted with his people. We are looking at massive mobilization in the country's reserves. Trains have stopped. Reservists are being pulled right out of work. Section 17 has confirmed it." He said then looked to Kuribayashi who nodded. Section 17 referring to all intelligence apparatus and initiatives of their entire nation. Also the number of Director Tadashi's seat on the National Directorate. "Kuribayashi, what do you recommend for our answer?"

"I've talked to General Akkilien at the Defense Command Bureau. We are to recommend mobilization of Jedorian ground forces immediately. Two divisions. Plus a division of our own mechanized infantry and have them moved to our southern border. They also recommend a statement from the Navy. We have 5 subs in port ready to go. Have them go storming out the gate then go quiet. Everyone will pick up on sonar that our underwater navy has made a sally. It...would spook the region." Kuribayashi explained.

Takeshi spoke up. "The submarines I think would be too heavy handed at this time. If the Wolfsbruckers indeed have their crosshairs on New Edom for their new Vionnan allies, we should keep it that way and not alarm them too much. But I agree we should match force with equal force."

Douglas coughed over the phone. "A stronger position would be better if you want them not looking our way. Scare them." He said.

"I think it is quite clear they are not afraid. The mobilization is alarming but the evidence so far leads us to believe the threat is directed at New Edom, not us." Takeshi replied.

"A threat to New Edom is a threat to us, in some manner. Our shipping. Shipping between our countries has become something of a revolving door. I'm not just talking profits from finished durable goods but also the essentials. A not insignificant portion of our oil and rice demand is supplied by New Edom. We must be in a position to protect our cargo shipping should the situation take a violent turn." Gladwin interjected.

North shrugged. "He's got a point there. Mary, I think we should at least have them on standby."

"Fine." Takeshi replied.

At this Kuribayashi continued. "The DCB and Fleet Command has accounted for such thing. In addition to our underwater fleet, the First Fleet is being put on stand-by for escort duties." He said.

"Which carrier is at sea at the moment?" Asked North.

"The Liberation, Vice-Admiral Kip Nakano, Third Fleet. In range to support Peregrino. General McDowell is also requesting another squadron of interceptors." He answered.

"Dramatics." Takeshi commented.

North frowned at that. "Two Jedorian divisions. One of ours. Five submarines and the First Fleet ready to sail. Not to mention what we already have at sea. I think that is good enough for now. We will reevaluate and adapt as the situation changes. Now moving on..." He said then pulled out a copy of Geta's message. "What to do about this?"

"The Court at Betharan Palace must have never heard the maxim about sticks and stones." Takeshi mused.

"Were this simply just words, I would agree with your derisiveness. But combined with the alliance and the military buildup in Wolfsbruck, I think Fineberg wants a strong sign that the situation will be diffused before they implement their countermeasure." Douglas said on the speakerphone.

"We should inform Fineberg of our own increased military posture so they do not become alarmed at us." Takeshi remarked.

Everyone nodded at that. "Alright, Douglas. Make sure they are informed in your response."

TO: Hosidius Geta
FROM: Eric Douglas
SUBJECT: King James Statement, Vionna and Wolfsbruck

Mr. Geta,

I am glad to hear from you. The statements in conjunction with the Vionnan-Wolfsbrucker Alliance and the mobilization in Wolfsbruck has us raising many questions here in Avantine. Rest assured, our government does not share the same position as King James regarding the allegations leveled against King-Emperor Elijah Obed. We also understand the position King Elijah is taking in response to King James's statement. Naturally, our government would like to avoid an ensuing conflict. We encourage the most honorable government of King Elijah to exhaust all diplomatic options before resorting to more violent means in achieving its political objectives.

What also concerns the United Federation is this mass mobilization occurring in Wolfsbruck. I am sure your government is already aware. The Department of Defense has deemed it necessary to mirror their actions for the sake of our own national security. Be advised, two Jedorian divisions and one of our own are being mobilized as I write this letter. Our military assets in Peregrino have also been placed on high alert. Further, a significant portion of our Navy is being put on stand-by. Rest assured, I promise a return to normal military operations on our end once a diffusion of Wolfsbrucker military posture is confirmed.

Finally, I have been instructed to inform you that should a conflict ensue, the United Federation has resolved that commercial shipping between our two nations shall go unimpeded by third parties. Through force of arms if necessary.

Eric Douglas
Executor of State, United Federation of Novitera
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Postby The Shrailleeni Empire » Fri Sep 06, 2019 5:54 pm

Imperial Palace, Imperial City,
The Enlightened Matriarchy of the Shrailleeni Empire

Queen Arianna was a gentle soul, with less of the fierceness that drove her older sister or the unwavering determination of their mother. But a woman could not grow up in these deceptively beautiful halls without gaining some experience in the machinations of politics, and a certain savvy regarding people. She observed her mother's guests with an eye more careful than she let on. The Duke appeared genuinely enthusiastic in a way that was endearing, like a child taken in by bright colors and warm treatment. The Duchess, on the other hand, seemed to understand that there were unspoken conditions that accompanied the compliments of the Imperial House. Conditions, promises, and threats. Arianna despised such games, but she did know how necessary they were.

As they walked to the living quarters that had been set aside for them, Arianna considered the Duchess. She hailed from Espicuta did she not? A land that was matriarchal or very nearly. She certainly seemed to have a greater idea of what was going on. How interesting.

She did not speak the Common Language used in Vionna-Frankenlisch, though she had studied some of it in her teenage years. An attendant translated most of the words into Railti for her, to which she responded with a bow of her head.

"We are honored to provide for you, and that you find the hospitality of our House acceptable." Shrailleeni nobility did not smile easily or often, but the younger generations were beginning to loosen that tradition. She did smile at the Duke's request, and responded with a genuine enthusiasm.

"Of course, we are happy to share all of our history and culture. There has been a most recent attempt to summarize our history by the historian Veritha Tesseyar, that has become very popular. I shall have a copy brought to you from the palace library. Or perhaps you would like to visit the library yourself? We enjoy a large collection of Shrailleeni and regional works of both fiction and nonfiction."

As they spoke, an attendant wearing state robes approached from down the hallway. She bowed her head, and held the bow for at least a minute. Only when Arianna had finished speaking did the Queen turn to the attendant, who straightened.

"Yes?" she asked in high Railti.

"Your Majesty," the attendant responded in the same language, "Her Enlightened Majesty has requested an audience with the notables from Vionna-Frankenlisch. This is to follow dinner, to which they have also been invited."

"Was this not already the plan? An official welcome is traditional. What is different?"

"It is to be different in that Her Enlightened Majesty demands an explanation of King James's speech," the woman replied with serious stance.

"I see. Thank you for your service," Arianna said thoughtfully. The woman bowed again, and then headed away.

Turning to her guests, Arianna spoke once again through her translator.

"Her Enlightened Majesty is eager to welcome the Lady and Lord to our home personally. You have been invited to a dinner in the main dining hall, which will be attended by most of my family. Following this, Her Enlightened Majesty has requested an official audience regarding matters of state. Dinner will be in a few hours," here Arianna listed the precise time, "so there is time for you to make yourselves comfortable and perhaps explore the palace. Simply ask for anything that you require, and it shall be provided to the best of our abilities."
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New Edom wrote:Elizabeth Salt remarked, "It's amazing, isn't it, you rarely see modern troops that wear their 19th century uniforms and gear so well--they must drill all the time. Is this a guards outfit?"

Sif said to her, "This is a modern Shrailleeni Empire military parade. Like as in this is what they wear, this is what they use. This is it."

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Postby The Shrailleeni Empire » Fri Sep 06, 2019 6:19 pm

Official Message of the Enlightened Matriarchy of the Shrailleeni Empire


Highest Security Message: Eyes Only

To His Imperial Majesty King James I Turrell of Vionna-Frankenlisch,

Greetings to Your Imperial Majesty, on behalf of Her Enlightened Majesty the Mother Empress Chella Resyanna fe Shrailleen.

Her Enlightened Majesty has viewed the speech performed by Your Imperial Majesty this morning with no small amount of astonishment and concern, all the more because we had only recently spoken of our mutual commitment to our honorable New Edomite allies. It is this great concern that motivates our present letter, which Her Enlightened Majesty hopes will convince Your Imperial Majesty to see the danger and error of this rhetoric. Allow the great respect and friendship shown recently by Your Imperial Majesty to both Her Enlightened Majesty and the Enlightened Matriarchy to convince you of the earnestness of this warning.

There is no doubt that Your Imperial Majesty's motivation has been sincere. The accusations against King-Emperor Elijah, if true, would be of a treacherous nature demanding explanation and satisfaction of sovereignty. However, has Your Imperial Majesty forgotten the friendship of New Edom displayed time and again to its allies? Its commitment to regional sovereignty and stability? Your own sailors have lost their lives in its defense, and not for nothing. Surely this history has earned at least a respectful inquiry of suspected misdeeds, and not bold words designed to insult and dishonor.

Her Enlightened Majesty wishes that you might have consulted with her, as a friend, before responding in this way. The Enlightened Matriarchy has been watching McNernia carefully for some time. It is not the opinion of the Enlightened Matriarchy or of Her Enlightened Majesty that McNernia has ever acted upon direct command from New Edom. In truth, it has been the observation of our government that the relationship between our New Edomite allies and the McNernians has deteriorated rapidly in recent years. Her Enlightened Majesty is therefore not convinced of the veracity of Your Imperial Majesty's accusations.

Now the King-Emperor has responded in a measured and reasonable fashion, and asked only for a formal apology. Her Enlightened Majesty believes that this can still be offered honorably, if Your Imperial Majesty were to, perhaps, admit rashness of action motivated by deep concern for the sovereignty of your citizens. Afterward, it is her belief that the Enlightened Matriarchy may be able to intercede on Your Imperial Majesty's behalf to facilitate a constructive dialogue with the Empire of New Edom, to resolve this situation peacefully and to the satisfaction of all.

The Mother of All, our Creator, abhors above all else those who choose the path of war without first choosing all other paths. Those who seek out war recklessly stain their hands with the blood of all of its victims, and find only misery in this life. It is the duty of all of the Mother's faithful to prevent war where we can, and to end it where it is already occurring.

May the Light of the Mother guide Your Imperial Majesty, and smile upon all the people of the United Kingdom of Vionna-Frankenlisch,

Foreign Minister Zattem Resbruck,
On behalf of Her Enlightened Majesty the Mother Empress Chella Resyanna fe Shrailleen
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New Edom wrote:Elizabeth Salt remarked, "It's amazing, isn't it, you rarely see modern troops that wear their 19th century uniforms and gear so well--they must drill all the time. Is this a guards outfit?"

Sif said to her, "This is a modern Shrailleeni Empire military parade. Like as in this is what they wear, this is what they use. This is it."

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Postby New Edom » Fri Sep 06, 2019 10:01 pm


Shortly after the messages went out to the foreign nations concerning the proclamation of King James of Vionna-Frankenlisch, General Ovid Hamilar, the Governor-General of Edomite Damoclea, received instructions that border units were to be placed on alert. The 15th Hussars was to place its squadrons on full active alert. It might be merely a diplomatic incident, but apparently thousands of Wolfbruck reserves had been called up, and Hamilcar could picture in his mind the black wings of the heretics sweeping across the border to avenge the past wrongs, forgetting that this was now Edomite soil.

He removed his clothing, in his private office, and knelt without artifice before the Lord, with nothing to hide his sins. Asking that God create in him a good and faithful servant, that he might with clean conscience go to war if need be, knowing that if it was true that his troops might face a terrible battle, he begged forgiveness of himself, a miserable sinner, and then with pure heart dressed and issued the orders to the commander of the 15th Hussars, to the 10th Fusiliers and 11th Mounted Infantry which held the border along with some artillery and engineers. He also issued orders for an air patrol to be at the ready and that Coastal Patrol units should run a readiness exercise.

King James Air Force Base Near Lycaeum, Damoclea

”Attention!” the CIC of the base came to attention as Major-General Ezra Henoch came into the room. The man, short haired, wearing a blue “barracks dress” uniform, looked around and scowled. “Sergeant-Major, never do that again during an Op. I don’t care what my predecessor said.”

“Yes, sir!”

“What’s the situation?” he asked Colonel Ichabod Perel, the Officer of the Watch.

“Your Excellency—“

“And never mind the Excellencies—a simple sir will do for me. Report, Colonel.” Shinhusar agreed with the late General Pahath-Moab—it was time to fully modernize the etiquette, get rid of the ponderous ‘excellencies’ ‘your honours’ ‘I humbly beg leave to reports’, it wasted time. He was willing to bet that the Noviterans, with their fancy tech and modern equipment, didn’t waste their time with such things.

”We are receiving intel reports of major buildup activity across the border, General. A huge Hostillian fire drill of trains and such, they’ve called up 60,000 reserves according to this report from General Josephus,” said Perel, offering him a flimsy containing a summary of the report.

Henoch nodded and sat down. “Very well. According to my orders, we are to send up an E-15. Which one has a rested crew and recent refit?”

Perel snapped his fingers and a junior officer handed him a roster, which his eyes scanned. “Royal Crest, General.”

“Get Royal Crest up there, keep them on our side but monitor their radio activity. And get me some tea.” he looked around at the CIC. “Get everyone some tea. Let us be refreshed and hydrated. ”

Perel nodded to the steward on duty. More democratic nonsense from his commander. Privately, he hated his commander deeply. Henoch was too modern, too technocratic. He had spent part of his service in Novitera studying modern techniques in flight control, use of tech and logistics, and thought he was smarter than everyone else. He was a blasphemer, and Perel hoped he died.

A flight of 4 GM-24 Caballero Air Superiority fighters called Khopesh Flight, attached to the 1st Squadron, 3rd Tactical Fighter Group, was out on patrol anyway. They had been advised to be cautious about Wolfbrucker activities. They were advised that no Wolfbruckers seemed to have crossed the border at this time.


Major Ashur Gedor and his wife, Captain Tamar Jondanab, had been separated for 7 months. Army marriages had a short shelf life in New Edom. There were all kinds of reasons for this, though the most common was that traditional roles broke down and people got angry on both sides. He blamed the Damoclean lifestyle; she was living with a boyfriend right now and the Army was reluctant to prosecute for adultery. What they preferred was to call it ‘estrangement’ and deal with it legalistically.

Some men in response to such things had turned to violence or insistence upon divorce, and the latter certainly was acceptable; the former was problematic. Maybe people could still get away with it in rural areas in Bara, Haran, Etruria (Lookinghaven and Teman had the lowest divorce rates in the country, dominated as they were by the ETC), but not in the Army—that would get prosecuted as assault or murder.

Anyway Gedor wasn’t that kind; his problem was that he felt a bit guilty because he had a Damoclean mistress—and was also sleeping with his wife still occasionally. The country. The damned country.

But sitting up in his bed, his Damoclean mistress snoring softly beside him, he felt, sinner or not, that at least someone loved him.

His pager. He called HQ and was advised by the Regimental Commander that he was to take his squadron (2nd of the 15th Hussar Regiment) to support border patrols in case the Wolfbruckers were up to something. “Understood, Colonel.”

“You’ll be briefed when you get here on rules of engagement. We’re to stay on our side of the border, but orders from Division are to be ready for anything.”

He rubbed his face, yawned, got up and went to the bathroom, quick shower and then get his BDUs on and head to the Battalion. He called the Sergeant-Major and his Adjutant to advise them of the orders, and noticed his mistress had gotten up. She was yawning and heading in for a piss; he liked her slim girlish body, different from his wife’s well padded hips. He liked the contrast. “I’m moving out.”

“Where you going?” she asked sleepily.

He shrugged. He didn’t tell Damoclean civilians anything—they were undisciplined savages, you couldn’t trust them, however friendly they were. “Orders. Sorry, you’ve gotta get your ass out of here.”

“What? Why can’t I stay, do you know what time it is?” her face got this pinched look that annoyed the hell out of him.

“Hey, don’t argue, alright? I’ll give you some money.”

“Oh, okay…” that was another weird thing about Damocleans—no shame. A New Edomite woman would have wanted the money and flipped her wig to salvage her pride; a Lyscanian woman would have wanted the money and wanted more and flipped her wig about how much he thought she was worth; a Damoclean just took the money as a bonus.

He had a force to be reckoned with. With his unit of medium battle tanks backed up by infantry fighting vehicles, if the border units he was supporting had to fall back, any Wolfbruckers would be in for a nasty surprise. They were to act as a reserve force for the infantrymen patrolling the border, a strike force to hit an enemy hard if they ventured too near. They would be shutting down the roads, and fortifying them, patrolling the countryside between them. Artillery was to be moved within range to defend the border if need be. And at the major road junctions, moving to off road positions, covering themselves with camouflage, digging in with bulldozers and pulling netting and foliage over, using minimal radio contact, were three battalions of armour, ready to rush down the roads and fields to plug up gaps and punch back at the enemy. His unit among them.
"The three articles of Civil Service faith: it takes longer to do things quickly, it's far more expensive to do things cheaply, and it's more democratic to do things in secret." - Jim Hacker "Yes Minister"

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Postby Neue Regensburg » Sat Sep 07, 2019 8:31 am

King Peter slammed the letter down on his desk, and then looked around the table. His country might just get caught in the middle of the greatest conflict the region had ever seen, and it was all because King James couldn’t keep his damned foolish, drunken mouth shut. There was no intelligence-gathering, no attempt to clarify, no nothing. King James had just dropped the hardest-hitting diss track in Cornellian history, and they all would pay the price. “Gentlemen, the situation here is critical, I am not going to lie. Our new allies have put us in a precarious situation, and we need to prepare for the worst. King James’s speech was unprofessional, insulting, and honestly, probably unfounded. This being said, we cannot be seen to go against him in this hour. I hold in my hands a letter from Hosidius Geta of New Edom, and we must be very careful in how we respond. It was obviously sent to multiple nations, because it mentions Vionna-Frankenlisch’s alliance with us as a potential threat to New Edom, and condemns the damned foolish thing King James has done, going as far as to mention war. How do you recommend we proceed?”

Minister Marius said, “The mass mobilization of roughly 25,000 troops doesn’t help our case here.” He stared daggers at Minister Wahlmann.

“Well, what happens when Edom declares war on Vionna-Frankenlisch? We have to honor the alliance, so by mobilizing early we gain the upper hand.”

Minister Deutel said, “I agree with Minister Marius. I’ve been fielding calls from nervous businessmen all day asking if we are going to war. I said no, but that feels more and more like a lie.”

Marius spoke next, saying “We need to warn the Vionnans, first and foremost. They seem to be begging for a fight, but showing them that the Edomites mean business might get King James to come to his senses and apologize. We also need to assure the region that this mobilization is routine, and we can blame the larger numbers on the McNernians. We do NOT mention New Edom. As well, I recommend sending a message to the Edomites resenting the implication that our alliances are a prelude to war, and assuring them of our peaceful intentions.”

King Peter nodded. “I like where this is going, Ministers. Draft the statements.”

Wolfsbrück Ministry of Defense Press Release re. Military Exercises

The yearly reserve readiness exercises are once again upon us. Many will note that this year, there are multiple divisions taking part with a short period in which to get ready. This is an exercise designed to test our emergency readiness, mobilizing large numbers of troops in a panic situation, such as a pre-emptive strike against Wolfsbruck or one of our allies.

May the Light of Christ shine upon the world,
Minister Erwin Wahlmann

From: State Minister Adam Marius
To: Foreign Minister Hosidius Geta
Subject: Reply to Official Communique

Minister Geta,
May I be the first to offer warm greetings to you and to wish prosperity and happiness for your nation. Regarding King James’s speech, though we agree that it was inflammatory, we resent the implication that our alliance with the Vionnans is any kind of prelude to war against our separated brethren in Christ, nor any children of our Lord. We also commend you on removing the nefarious McNernian influences from Cornellia, and see this as proof of New Edom’s dedication to peace. We are open to working to help repair relations between Vionna-Frankenlisch and New Edom, should both governments desire such a thing.

In Christ,
Minister Adam Marius

From: State Minister Adam Marius
To: Foreign Minister Larry Tristram
Subject: New Edom
Encryption: Eyes Only

Minister Tristram,

I am elated that our nations find each other aligned in peace and fellowship. Unfortunately, I write to you today with bad news. The Edomite empire has seen it fit to send us (and most likely other nations as well, based on its wording) a most provocative and disturbing letter in response to King James’s speech. It, in short, accuses His Imperial Majesty of heading down the path of war, despite the fact that no mention of war was made in the speech. We thought it would be prudent to loop you in, so that peace may be preserved and catastrophe averted.

In Christ,
Minister Adam Marius
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Postby Neue Regensburg » Sat Sep 07, 2019 8:39 am

To: Foreign Minister Zattem Resbruck
From: God's humbled Servant, King Peter IX

I am most grateful for the kind words, Minister Resbruck. I am glad that your family is well, and that your mother does the work of God in practicing medicine for your village. I share your happiness that the Matriarchy is doing well, and that the recession has ended.

I agree that friendship between the Shraileeni and the Federal Kingdom is a priority. I am elated that my daughter is known to the Shraileeni as a cultured young woman, it reflects well on my own parentage as well as her own individuality.

I find it intriguing that the Vionna-Frankenlischians have come to the Enlightened Matriarchy with a similar proposal, but I believe that our delegates should get along just fine. I extend humble thanks for the promise of hospitality and honor of your nation and her Enlightened Majesty to my daughter and the Grand Princess von Westbrück.

The threat to which I was alluding is the attempted McNernian intervention against our Vionnan allies in New Columbia. It is most troubling to the defense and state apparati in Wolfsbrück that they have attempted to usurp the honor of King James I by attempting to seize his throne in New Columbia.

King Peter IX
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This nation has been taken up by Vionna-Frankenlisch, updates to follow. For the old owner see Nachtmark.

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Postby New Edom » Sat Sep 07, 2019 5:35 pm

Reme Container Port,
Etruria Majora Province
New Edom

Rear-Admiral Jacopus Eglesias had till recently been captain of the Queen Adah, a Queen class Cruiser, which were the largest strike ships in the Navy. He had spent most of his career in destroyers and frigates. He had killed other men, and come near death enough to make his peace with God and yet love life deeply. During the 3rd Civil War, he had commanded the right flank for Admiral David Hanneghan. Generally, people had loved serving under Captain Eglesias. He was a hero of several wars, including the war to restore order to the former Chyeknovostan Republic. He was daring, he was handsome, he was bold, he took risks all the time. He was even known for having quelled a minor mutiny on a corvette he had commanded--single handedly, armed only with a barbecue fork. Legend had it that he was blessed: those who served with him were lucky, for he had few casualties in any action, had even saved most of his division when his frigate had collided with another crippled vessel in the First Civil War.

He had rich brown hair salted with grey, and deep crow’s feet around his eyes and lines around his mouth and a square jaw. His skin was a deep olive-brown, and he fought a natural tendency of his body to grow soft with middle years by exercising. Naturally, he was a gentleman and kept things proper according to his station and others in theirs. Yet he had, as an aristocrat, a down to earth manner, and was respected for combining this with a strong sense of authority as though it had been handed to him by a Prophet. Perhaps it was because he was an old fashioned believer in predestination and absolute surety of his salvation. Perhaps it was that he came from a long line of loyal naval officers, that the sea was in his blood. He was a born navigator, a bold voyager of the sea, had a keen sense of time, studied constantly to keep up to date with new technologies.

Now he was given command of NENS Serpentis, a Gamele Class light carrier. It would, with air crew and the 4th Marine Infantry complement, consisting of 2 of its battalions and supporting units, 3400.

The ship had, like most Edomite ships, unisex berthing for all crew members, with all enlisted personnel requiring to share bunks with other enlisted crew while they are on-duty. Officers were given small cabins they share with three other officers, for a total of four officers per cabin. Full toilet and shower accommodations were available throughout the entire ship, with showers being located centrally within the living quarters area while toilets were located throughout the entire vessel. The ship was also equipped with a wardroom room with seating for one hundred and forty people, equipped with satellite television, a combination blu-ray & betamax tape player, and limited wi-fi capabilities for laptops and similar portable devices.

The expeditionary force consisted of 1 Chieftain Class destroyer,, 2 Hatchet Class Frigates,,a Pijil class Arsenal ship, the Hope of Heaven, and 1 Divinus Class SSK.It had begun laying in ninety days' stores aboard as well. In the present duty case this was good--they were often steaming far from any port. All this supply activity had been arranged for Reme, Harbourtown, and Port Autovia in order to avoid bottlenecking the supply ports too much. Several oil tankers and fishing trawlers were scheduled for unloading at Sterry, and the fleet elements would outfit at these ports before heading for Arcologia.

Eglesias was aware that he had not been a preferred choice by some on high for promotion and being granted command of the expedition. The King-Emperor, for one, did not like him, considering him to be vulgar, impetuous and prideful. Admiral Hanneghan had felt that he had made too broad an interpretation of his orders, moving his squadron forward and potentially being out of range with his escorts and possibly exposing Hanneghan’s carrier to enemy attacks. Old Admiral Emmor, however, was still a patron and mentor, and had pointed out that Eglesias had correctly interpreted tactical instructions from Hanneghan, and hinted that Hanneghan’s fear for his own life might have flavoured his account of the battle. As to the issue of Eglesias’ private character, Emmor, along with such persons as Dr. Campion and Bishop Gamaliel had also spoken up on his behalf as well as a good and godly man.

Standing on Serpentis’s flight deck as a cloud stained the sun into searching beams of golden light like columns streaming down from the heavens. Rows of enlisted sailors with striped shirts under their blue jackets stood in neat rows, headgear under their arms, the chief petty officers before each division, Marine Infantry in their greens with their kepis under their arms, and the officers, also bareheaded, standing behind the admiral.

I will extol the Lord at all times;
his praise will always be on my lips.
I will glory in the Lord;
let the afflicted hear and rejoice.
Glorify the Lord with me;
let us exalt his name together.

I sought the Lord, and he answered me;
he delivered me from all my fears.
Those who look to him are radiant;
their faces are never covered with shame.
This poor man called, and the Lord heard him;
he saved him out of all his troubles.
The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him,
and he delivers them.
Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.
Fear the Lord, you his holy people,
for those who fear him lack nothing.
The lions may grow weak and hungry,
but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.

Come, my children, listen to me;
I will teach you the fear of the Lord.
Whoever of you loves life
and desires to see many good days,
keep your tongue from evil
and your lips from telling lies.
Turn from evil and do good;
seek peace and pursue it.
The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous,
and his ears are attentive to their cry;
but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil,
to blot out their name from the earth.
The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them;
he delivers them from all their troubles.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
The righteous person may have many troubles,
but the Lord delivers him from them all;
he protects all his bones,
not one of them will be broken.
Evil will slay the wicked;
the foes of the righteous will be condemned.
The Lord will rescue his servants;
no one who takes refuge in him will be condemned.

“Sailors, my officers and I have received instructions to move this vessel, and others as escorts, to Arcologia. We are expected to find ourselves engaged in conflict for the sake of our country’s honour. As I am sure you are all aware, King James of Vionna-Frankenlisch has made a very insulting speech directed at our King-Emperor.He may not apologize for these insults. And it may come to war. Then we shall not hesitate to do our duty.

“And so when it comes to duty, everyone is expected to do theirs. We have two days to fully resupply, and then shall get underway for Arcologia. Every division has their tasks set for them. May God grant that everyone dispose their duty well.” He nodded to the Captain of the Fleet, who stood beside him, and said into the 1MC, “Hats on! Dismissed!”
"The three articles of Civil Service faith: it takes longer to do things quickly, it's far more expensive to do things cheaply, and it's more democratic to do things in secret." - Jim Hacker "Yes Minister"



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