News of East Kekistan (3160-3173)

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News of East Kekistan (3160-3173)

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Strait Times

May 12th, 3160

Researchers at Nanyang Technological University developed teleporting

Singapore, Earth, East Kekistan- Professor Jiajie Zhao and his team in the Level 14 District 763,514 campus of Nanyang Technological University discovered teleporting.

"After experimenting for 4 years I managed to teleport a proton from Level 16 District 472,365 to Level 16 District 907,423 using an improved version of the Liu-Sato-Ziegler Machine." said Professor Zhao.

The research was done in collaboration with 27 other researchers from 8 different civilizations. His collaborators are humans East Kekistanis Taro Ishida, Yiting Wang and Kim Ha-na, Kekistani John Schmidt, Jacob Bauer and Jennifer Owens, Israelis Sarah Bernstein and Ari Cohen, LMN citizens Lina bint Ahmed and Fatimah bint Muhammad , DU citizens Apratim Singh, Kanak Jadhav and Anand Acharekar, Utavians Yuma Buman and Puman Bini Uahhim, Timmanians Ubab Vin and Zximi Hghim, Btinians Pych Gbyj and Poni Yvgu, Ptganis Pubu Ubu and Pmimi Ini, Ughians Hghg Dfdf and Uhuh Ijim, Jajmians Mim Jaj and Popo Nina, Kuanis Jajp Uny and Plpl Aaan.
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