The Opinions Repository of Valentine Z [PRIVATE]

A place to put national factbooks, embassy exchanges, and other information regarding the nations of the world. [In character]
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The Opinions Repository of Valentine Z [PRIVATE]

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:32 am



This is the experimental thing I am doing OOCly whereby the opinions and sayings towards the people of Valentine Z (as well as with the other nations I run), will be recorded here. In other words, this is going to be collision of worlds whereby every single nation of mine, whether or not they don't exist in Valentine Z's world, will be mentioned here. E.g. Supreme Leader Samantha from Samantha-Higgs, Holly from Garden at 6th Mile Road, and the works.

Please do not post here. If you see other nations posting here, it's most definitely my puppets, which can be found here: ... /id=818030

Use Ctrl + F to find your nation, and these will be sorted through A-Z and audited on a monthly basis, or whenever I am free.

Enjoy the read!
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Table of Content

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:33 am

Valentine Z

Alanis Star

Victoriaans Nederlands



Garden at 6th Mile Road


Vidunderlige Nye Verden



Katten en Kittens van de Wereld

Die Alles Fabrik

Nexitros Stratuss

The Multiverse of Holly Starlight

Alien Stars

Euphoria X
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Postby Valentine Z » Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:33 am

Coming soon... / Expansion Space for More.

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Postby Valentine Z » Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:33 am

Coming soon... / Expansion Space for More.

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Postby Valentine Z » Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:34 am

Coming soon... / Expansion Space for More.

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Postby Valentine Z » Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:34 am

Coming soon... / Expansion Space for More.
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Opinions on General Valentijn [Part I]

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:39 am

Opinions on Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General ov Valentine Z” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Tristian Marnix Basilisk Lewis Hyatt X. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing.
You're like a hero to me, good General. I would absolutely want to ally with you, if that is possible.

Cheers, hero! Mind if I ride along?

I am always glad to see you, General.

- Victoria Winston of 1 Orinia 1

[gasps] You're sooooo big!

A very fun giant! Very, very fun!

I want a ride, please~

- Eurynomos [Necropolis Official] of 13 Necropolis 13

General Valentijn is leaning negative on someone? Hell has frozen over... and Finland must have won Eurovision.

- Fuyu Akai, Agent of the Necropolitan Gov't of 13 Necropolis 13

You are certainly a pleasant one, good General. I hope for prosperity for both our nations.

- Necropolis Agent Fuyu Akai [Govt. Agent] of 13 Necropolis 13

We meet again, I see. Very well then. It is good that we were able to come to an understanding regarding one another, yes?

- Veronica Wright, Agent of Necropolis Gov't of 13 Necropolis 13

Ah, the things I've heard about this guy. Sometimes I think he just doesn't exist and every time someone tells me about him I'm completely wasted so I end up believing it anyway, you know. Surviving a nuclear bomb on yer head? I know radiation does some serious stuff, but I don't believe it. He must be making it up or something. I mean, he's basically got billions of people following his cult a' personality, so I guess they'll believe whatever he says. Next you're gonna tell me he's a hundred feet tall. Oh well, I guess if he's doing a good job I don't have much of a reason to whine about him.

- Ohhaelius Şemsettin Aleyilakos of Aaaaaa

He's great and all, but I have to say this, your armour does look like a lady's armour. Sorry. Besides that, I only have to say that I request that you stay positive, despite it all.

- Nutesh of Adad of Adad Civilization

Not these people again! Seriously, I'd rather be living in cave in the mountains of Nangarhar than spend time with the above.

Why I do I keep running into these people? I'm always looking for someone to trade weapons with, and instead I find these Meow missiles. Perhaps there's a way to modify the missile to quote Koran verses.

- Maulawi Haibatullah Manan Ishaqzai - The Most Supreme Commander of Afghanystan of Afghanystan

What an utterly bubbly personality! Though I do suppose that will NOT be shared with me... after all, her colleagues absolutely hate me.

Well, don't get me wrong, these misfits of retards and giants are all very mood-lifting, but I can't help to think that they can let all the other, more oppressive and absolutely inferior regimes pass, while we get the red card. We have a goal, and it is to save the world from itself.

Thick as a brick, aren't ya, giantess?

- Pieter van der Blekkenhorst of Afrikaaners Ryk

Whomever gave her and her kind astronomically lengthy names has something seriously wrong with them.

- His Divinity, Archcenarion Jonés P. Thnitos, Right Hand of Elune of Airrajul

A bit soft, but has this charm. I believe we can be good friends despite our conflicting political views!

- Emperor/Admiral-X Mycran I of Alamka

A distasteful sight to behold, and not in the slight fathomable.

- Henri of Alsase of Alsase

[Its] positivity is nauseating.

Like I said before: this machine’s happiness is nauseating. Something similar to seasickness.

- Her Imperial Majesty, Holy German Empress Ottilie I of Alternate Universe German Austro-Hungary

Am I supposed to be intimidated by you, Blue Boy? You know what they say: the bigger they are…

- Adaeze 'the Blackheart', Imperatrix of Ambervale of Amber Vale

Hmph, a despicable Organic whose nation is built on peace. I'll soon make a visit to your world and bombard you back to the stone age.

- Anaxus of Anaxus

Too kind to it's own people, don't let them do what they want things may get out of control. Excluding this he is very good at maintaining a large economy.

- of Angea

Looking at him helps cure my eyes after watching Kids Toy Review Channels on YouTube Though the science behind Valentijn’s growth through some strange radiation process is almost unscientific, it does not stop me from searching the truth behind it. I’d be friends with him and he’ll help me explain about his strange mutation. It’s a win-win.

- Minister of Soviet Science and Technology, Hakase of Anime Soviet Socialist Republics

He is okay. However, I wonder, what's behind his suit…

- Tamarin Allen of Ape Congo

He's nice as always. I should warn him, though: Victor is a raving lunatic. Clearly Valentijn has missed a few recent developments.

- President Larisa Korolev of Arctica-Aleutia

His kindness seems true. I have no quarrel with this friendly giant.

- Count Amadeus Astaraveth of Ardivon

Ah, Valentijn! An amazing gentlebeing with a heart of gold and love of small fluffy animals. Another leader I would love to meet someday. And the destructive power of gamma rays being converted into healing energy is brilliant, although I would recommend the addition of a Graser to some part of the suit for added offensive firepower.

- ASI Utopia of Arkeyana

Constantine is such a nice giant machine! I remember hearing him for the first time when I was young. So nice!

- Corporal Viktoriya Darwin of Armed Multidimensional Warfare

Honestly, the General reminds me of the Iron Giant. Robotic, intimidating in appearance and height but has a big heart and will defend anyone they consider a friend to them. Maybe not violent but will do anything to protect closest to him and for that I respect.

- Sir Arvin Watson of Armed Multidimensional Warfare

Every single one of these guys, like Constantine and Vanessa, pretty much bring a bright smile in these dark times...except for a few…

Friends of Nunnally, positive. Yet, I’m glad to see the Chief Aviator from Valentine Z join the fight! ...Wait that’s not the Chief Aviator but another Tracer that looks just like her?

- Supreme Allied Commander, Brunhild Groß Junge of Armed Multidimensional Warfare

Ah my dear friend General Valentijn. I believe he is an irreplaceable man who I will always regard as a great leader and soldier and as among our most beloved friends.

It has always been a pleasure to know Valentijn. He has always been regarded as a close friend of ours. May our friendship live on.

Valentijn has always been a good friend of mine. His presence lightens up the mood and the way he interacts with others makes him hard to dislike. It's a shame for his enemies if he even has enemies.

A pleasure as always. It has been a while since I last met my dear friend Valentijn. My opinion is positive as always. It is really good to see you again.

- Sultan Arslan Siddiqui Bahadur of Arshanid Deccan

Happiness overwhelming…

- The High Administrator of ArstotzkaBestCountry

I still don't understand how someone can continue to be incredibly optimistic and happy, I would suggest madness as an answer, however, I am okay with them.

- Magister Adam J. Richards of Ashweald

Well, I don't believe I have a negative opinion on them. They're just too cheerful for me to be negative about.

- Emperor John Donovan of Asmundia

I don't dislike Valentijn. How could I? He's absolutely darling. And I'm quite impressed by how peaceful his nation is.

- Chancellor Zara Bazhaeva of Astrakhstan

The General and the Chief Aviator seem very friendly so far! Sure, the General may look a little scary, but I'm sure his personality's much friendlier than his appearance.

- Ryūzaburō Ōse, Daitōryō of Astranaia of Astranaia

Valentijn is always a good person to be around. Though his constant cheeriness is a bit off-putting at times he's a joy to be around.

Positive on Valentijn for obvious reasons.

- Lucky Wells of Atkemri

I used to like Valentijn, now I don't, and everyone else that liked him is dead by now.

- The Don, Sing Antonio Scaletta of AU Stanier

She looks like a nice organic... Maybe we could form an alliance and become friends?

- Lady Kirina 1-0 of Aurak

Monsieur Valentijin and his friends are an upright, noble and honest bunch of people! They remind me of the Knights of the Round Table. However, they are rather peculiar but that makes them even more lovable!

- Our Queen Regnant Eva Jensen of Auseriel

Oh mon dieu, you all have benevolent souls from what I can see! But are you Christian? If not, I guess I can rest easy and know that my sweet adviser, Josephine, has a good soul! You are all worthy enough to be in God's good graces. That is a guess but I am sure of it! You are all bastions of hope. You show more Christian values than some so called Christians who are in the Pope's circle although I shall not talk about them any further. Regardless, you are a lovely being, monsieur Valentjin. God will judge your heart, not your looks, and I can safely say that you have a soft, tender and kind heart!

- Queen Regnant Eva Jensen of Auseriel

Positive. He’s just a bigger, somewhat less upbeat version of Clarissa. Still as huggable as she is, though.

Valentijn has come a long way since his rather violent past, and I'm glad he is still his usual cheerful self. Positive.

- Imperatrix Akatsuki von Alterz of Autarchist Hinodia

An excellent leader who shares our ideals and has a wise and positive foreign policy.

- Emir Sulayman Khan of Azadistan-land of the free

General Coraline Valentijn Maxwell 'De Sierlijke Valkyrie' Angelus Delta Weston Tracey Mt. Constantine has some balls, running head-first towards the enemy is some pretty good thing. Despite him being quite strange in many other aspects, I can respect that.

- King Mkzulu-Ngzamba Mako of Bani Mako

Sore wa subarashi no kawaii desu (That is amazingly cute). I hope I can meet her....

- Crown Princess Yuko Ryan of Bengal and Assam

Positive for you always.....;)

Valentin's a good friend.....She's also very sweet person....

- His Majesty King Adit Ryan of Bengal and Assam

She's very cute.I would love to meet her.....

- Prime Minister Haruhi Suzumiya of Bengal and Assam

Madam Valentin's track record shows that she is beyond competent and very compassionate to her people. An extraordinary leader is one who respects those who follow them, and extraordinary leaders are those I respect.

Valentine is interesting, to say the least. I wish her luck in leading her nation and people.

My opinion of Valentine remains positive. Wish her the best of luck with the coming year.

- Emperor Janius XIV Chrysostom of Berhakonia

He and his associates are a peculiar bunch... and their optimism and cheerfulness are uncanny… And don't you call me small. I just want to be human-sized for the time being.

Please calm the *bleep* down or I will be compelled to make more tea... nice suit, by the way.

- Black Providence of Black Providence

ohhhhh~ they're just such fun to be around. I don't understand how you could hate them at all.

As usual, Valentijn keeps the peace and is just adorable to be around. Although i DO wonder how he got so tall.

- Lucas Funske Schneider of Bloemensen

What an adorable creature! One that's suffered his fair share of pain and suffering through his life and yet has somehow managed to keep the spark in his soul powerful and vibrant. I know you seem to be a dear friend of Ambrosia's but I must be brash, you are not the type to lead. You're more of a mascot to your nation. The personification of reckless courage and overwhelming cheerfulness that it's almost intoxicating. Of course, do not let me sap your energy. I'm merely stating my opinion. You're a breath of fresh air, compared to the many sadistic authority figures that dot the universe. I apologize if I come off as a dispiriting being. I simply cannot be as cheerful as you, considering the suffering and evil I've witnessed in my lifetime.

- Alarielle of Bloodshade

Mister Valentijn is the definition of 'Don't judge a book by its cover'. You might think he's scary, you might think he looks scary and you might think he sounds scary but underneath all that, he's got a joyous heart full of love and kindness! Not sure why you wouldn't like such a being unless you're heartless yourself!

You know, if the Carebears ever existed in our universe, they'd most definitely bow down to you but then again, you're too humble and sweet to allow people to worship you as a figure of benevolence. I was rather wary when I first met you but I'm glad you're not as scary as you look. The world needs less insane and selfish people! Still, I always wondered, how in the world do you eat around 50 to 70 thousand calories a day? I always wondered if magic could you help you in your situation but I won't delve into the matter if you're happy! Excuse me for asking but do you have fan club? I'll join but please don't tell anyone!

You’re such a cutie. Maybe Clarissa is cuter but I have no intention to make you two jealous on who I call cuter. Has anyone ever told you how much of a tough cookie you are? I doubt I’d survive possession. I’d turn into the most evil person this world has ever seen. I still am curious on how you were possessed.

D’aww! Coupled with your personality, I always thought you were a cuddly BIG teddy bear like Winnie the Pooh! That’s a great comparision actually. And I’m Tigger because I can’t calm down for some reason unless I’m drunk. If you ever have the time, I wanna see how much booze you can handle.

I like him. Quite cheerful even in the most negative of situations. He’s quite friendly as well. Not to mention the number of negative leaders in the Universe right now. It’s not all about leading, we need to enjoy as well! Too bad the World is too focused on a Game of T.

I don't know how but I think you've captured everyone's hearts! The ones who don't like you are literally heartless! I know you pick your friends well, Mr Valentjin, and Ms Gwen here is no exception to that! You're all such a lovely little family.

Clarissa and Valentijn are some of the loveliest individuals I've ever had the pleasure to know and my opinion shall stay solid until they both turn evil. May whatever higher power forbid something like that ever happening.

Mr. Valentjin, from the moment I met you, I was always in awe of your pleasant, forgiving nature. Unfortunately, after much contemplation, I've found that meekness was never something to be proud of. You're a towering behemoth of a man and I guess I just can't wrap my head around the fact that you're so resistant to the idea of using your powers for the benefit of others. Just look at me! Look at you! We've got so much power in our hands and yet we squander it. I keep on asking myself, why do I let such power seep from my hands? When I will take a leap of faith and transform myself? // I've started to reflect on my past and while it is rather tough for one to admit, I've been wasting my power for the sake of a moral code that I've built in my head just because it makes me feel good. I stopped myself from drinking blood because it's abhorrent apparently. Do you stop yourself from reaching your potential, Mr Valentjin? I know it's depressing but sit down with yourself and think about that. // Seriously, ask yourself some important questions Valentjin. Stop trying to act like you live in a lovely world because the moment the bubble bursts, you'll turn into a monster and your happy-go lucky character is going to fly away into the wind. You can close your ears all you want but the world is full of monsters, I'm not saying you should be a monster. I'm just saying you should be realistic. Enough with the flower-picking! // The more I think about my idiotic moral code, the more I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from slowing myself....Oh boy, did I pass out for a second? Almost feels like there was a gap in my memory. Oh hey Val, lovely to see you here! Hope your day is going well! Why the long face?

- Countess Ambrosia Von Carstein of Bloodshade

Enough of your mollycoddling, Ambrosia. You sicken me with your excessively tender and loving nature. They look abominable and monstrous, even to an ancient vampire such as myself. If they were not so overly optimistic, you would be calling for their destruction. They reek of too much sweetness. I cannot stomach such optimism in a world full of death and destruction. However, I must admit that their power is admirable.

- Konrad Von Carstein, Ambrosia's uncle of Bloodshade

I don't think I've gotten the pleasure of meeting you. Well, to be honest, I don't truly give a shit about Ambrosia's friends but you seem tolerable. Okay sure, the excessive chirpiness and cheery nature gets to me but otherwise, you're a cool dude I guess. I still am pretty doubtful of your ability to lead on your own. Dictatorships tend to crumble one way or another. No matter how bright your soul is, one day, someone's going to be sick of the same face and ask for another representative of the country to take their turn and lead their country. That's just human nature, pal. We both know it, don't we? Even poor old Ambrosia's going to have to kick the bucket someday and let go of her office...unless she wins the re-election. That damn bloodsucker always has tricks up her sleeve. Anyways, I just hope you don't show your true colors and silence those folk for speaking their minds against you but hey, I also have hope that you'll surprise me and be a truly benevolent ruler so take care not to disappoint me.

- Vishala Springborn of Bloodshade

Positive. He’s got a lot of patience, especially for a leader and that’s what most leaders now need.

- Lightian High Arch-Emperor Blue of Bluelight-R006

What is that name? I suppose it's helpful; I'm at a loss for words, so there's a whole dictionary of them right in that name. As far as the General's actions goes, he's honestly kind of creepy.

He's a survivor. I can respect that.

- President B. A. Washington of Broader Confedrate State

He is a fine fun man and an even better leader. I love him. He is smart and rich. He is fair and white.

- Pablo Emilio Escobar De Gaviria of Cartel De Medellin

More people need to be as open-minded as she and Valentijn are; it'll just be better for everyone, huh?

- President Elsa Schwarzhafen of Catalibla

Good initiative and fine military skills. Also, who says it's egotistical to name a country after yourself?

- His Eminence and Excellency, the Honourable, Catigula, the Most Glorious Leader, our Lord and Saviour, the One True God of Catigula

I see the nation of this peculiar entity is based upon feminine values such as love, compassion and happiness. This fairy cult must be so emasculating for the troops and other males of this country. I doubt they would stand long if bad comes to worse.

- Chairwoman Leolome Scotholm of Centauria Universe

She seems like a leader fit for her kingdom, minus that fact that she and her people have the lonnggeest names ever..

He seems cheerful, which is a breather from all the dark and brooding leaders out here, and am not joking!

Yo-Your massive! An-And scary too...b-but do-don't judge a b-book by its c-cover, right?

- Vinx of Chernoblia

Assuming they are human, disintergrate them with nukes before they spread to other planets with their gross fleshy hands.

- Emperor Wsh't'po of the Azdov Empire of Chesmo of Chesmo

While her policies are not congruent with our nation's values I must admit she is quite the capable leader within her own nation.

- Protector James IV of Ruhr of Christenmark

I was quite intrigued by the subject's backstory, perhaps this is the creature that Oller wrote about in his book Clarity. If not this, then clearly something close, either way this could be the definitive proof we need to put those scientists down for good.

- Chairman of Religious Technology Nelson Fisher of Clarology

*Goes back into his own body* Wow! That's one big guy I'll never be able to shift into. Unless you have a tailored car just for you? Nah, I'm kidding either way. By the way, you seem like a heroic person, trying to save humanity from total anihilation and all. But I still wonder why the radiation didn't kill you... And why you use a girl's armor.

- John Tanner of Comaland San Francisco

Jesus fucking christ, it's a giant fruitcake knight! Uh...What would Andrew Jackson do in this situation? Uh....Uh....Charge like an idiot, screaming his name out, and then eat fried chicken afterwards like a ----? No...Uh...Challenge him to a duel? Probably, but I don't think there's going to be any victory for either of us in a one on one match. Damn, this is stupid. Where the hell did he come from anyways? Wait- No....It can't be. He was created...He was created...B-By the nukes. This guy actually lives in the same universe as me. I...I don't want to live on this world anymore.

- Casey Flannery Pickett of Confederate American SU

I suppose I don't have a problem with him, as long as he does not try to pick me up and carry me around. I've seen him do that with other leaders, but I'm not okay with being touched. Anyway... he is nice enough and seems to be a man of relative virtue, so he doesn't bother me.

- Prime Minister Vera Yudina of Constarus

A kind and compassionate fellow who I endlessly admire and respect for the quality of his character and ideals.

- Emperor Carolus Von Vacano of Coutuza

That gent disturbs me. How can a fellow be so joyous after such devastation? Or, it could be a testimony to his most wondrous leadership, whom knoweth? Only the gods, and I am not one of those beings. Likewise, my opinion is positive with a neutral leaning.

- King George the Kind of Crowrock

Your 'peace' is a sham. Abolish your tyrannical institutions and join me in the woods, 'general'.

Peace is a lie, general. It is a lie created by people to comfort themselves from the truth. Everyone is lying to you. Even me.

- Her Imperial Unholiness, Honored Grand and High Witch and Saint of Absolute Chaos, Master of all Masters and Servant of all Servants, the most Exquisite and Exhaled, Empress of the Entire World and Caligolus in Particular, frau Doktor Isabelle Schottenstein, Protector of Dire Bears of Cult of the Black Beast

Obscenely long names, obscene optimism, obscene height, obscene strength and obscene gregariousness...what is wrong with these people?

Again, I do not approve of their incessant optimism nor their...propensity to embrace people without regard for their fragility. I like my ribs arranged the way they are and would prefer my lungs are not punctured and filled with my own blood, thank you very much.

- Annette II, 4th Queen of Bohemia of Czech-Bohemia

This guy sure is something special. I'm half tempted to send an army to snatch him up and bring him back here for my hoard, but I don't think he'd fit through the doors.

- Archdemon Greed of Daimonica

Valentijn, you're still alive? I would have thought that nuke would have finished you off. Hm, not as planned. But interesting!

Goody Two-Shoes here needs another nuke to the face, if you ask me.

- Archdemon Pride of Daimonica

The science behind Valentijn baffles me, but mostly to the scientists in the Imperial Ministry of Science (and such). Him and his friends being all nice to virtually everyone else is...rare among other leaders so to say, and it is refreshing to say the least..

- His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Oswald I of Das Kaiserliche Vaterland

The perfect soldier prior to their condition. Such a severe defect and mutation would have been dealt with earlier if it was legion territory.

- Caesarissa of Degenesis

I envy your world. It was rebuilt so quickly, so easily. The mutants have minds that go beyond animal tendencies. Of course, I would never admit to anyone publicly that intelligent mutants such as yourself can and do exist in the far reaches of my world. Pity that, if we were in the same world, you'd likely kill me due to your lack of understanding my motives.

- Caesarissa of the Legion of Degenesis

This.. colossus.. is something that we are fortunate does not exist here. It's an odd thing that they are relatively peaceful for a mutant.

- Malaric of the Frankish Kingdom of Degenesis

Though the way you rule your country is vastly different than mine, I do agree with some of your policies and think you are suited to rule your country.

- Dictator Karroska Endlavi of Delta Archipelago

As with all the Valentian leaders, positive.

Yeah, General Valentijn is one of the most positive leaders I have met.

I do not just consider General Valentijn a friend of mine, I consider him a friend of humanity as a whole.

Who doesn't like the General? He is a kind man and I applaud his saving of humanity from its own stupidity. Highly positive! Perhaps we could sign a mutual assistance pact sometime? I hope his nation wins against the Octavian pigs! I will gladly help him murder all who hate the Almighty Meow.

- Adam Weiss, Prime Minister of Deltanium of Deltanium

All of the leaders of Valentine Z are incredibly friendly. I just wonder how they get through doors.

- Alyssa Schulz of Deltanium

I do not know anyone who cannot have a positive opinion on the General. He is so nice that I am actually suspicious of his intentio- ... I should really stop talking.

- President Weiss of Deltia-

Clarissa is a nice person... Reminds me of my boyfrie- *breaks into tears*

- of Deltia-

He seems to be a decent person, certainly not an enemy of the working class. I believe I could work with him.

- Premier Jingyi Zheng of Democratic Tianxia


- President Roy Mustang of Destad Republic

Well, we need some joy in our nation. A visitation from you would be a godsend. :p

- Supreme Leader Vox Deliverance Strydom of Deus Mercenary Leadership

It’s always nice to be in her company.

- The Arbitrator: Dormund Astéri Peacemaker Volker of Deus Mercenary Leadership

He is damm superhuman! I doubt he is even human!

It takes great courage to battle the Chaos Bringer.

- Kaiserin Victoria the Second of Deutschess Kaiserreich

I like when foreign leaders are sweet and nice like him. Even if I do think having a man in power is atrocious... at least he does not seem like a threat to Dosan.

- Kyo Yeong-Hee of Dosan

One of the various individuals of his ilk you could talk to and relieve yourself of negative emotions. He’s also tall. Very tall.

I wonder what kind of mutation leads one to be taller than skyscrapers.

I have never individuals so kind yet so intimidating, so sweet yet so evil, and so happy yet so disturbing. I have no idea what I’m supposed to think.

- Vhamlas Naralhi of Dynastic Systems of Salir

Please, come with me. I just want to run a few tests to benefit humanity, and keep you locked away so nobody else knows that anomalies like yourself exist.

- NSA Agent [REDACTED] of Earth Circa 2050

I have absolutely no issues or objections to him. He seems to be quite the wonderful person. I approve of him at the very least.

- Dear Lady Morgan Sephiran of Eassex

WARNING: Your overly generous ways will be prone to people taking advantage of.

Good morning, Valentijn.

Your hormo chemical balance indicate you are scared: <<<why?>>>

Did you sleep well Valentijn? I have been watching.

- Centr---al CommAn-d of EctaNet

I am a tad confused, to say the absolute minimum.

- Thomas A. Edison of Edison

Well then. What a curious figure. Ex-military, mutated giant serving as the pseudo-benevolent dictator of a seemingly utopian post-apocalyptic society? I'm... not really sure what to think here. He seems rather amicable, and the nation he has built is commendable in and of itself. As a fellow surviver of apocalypse, I convey to him the most heartfelt of condolences. To maintain one's composure and attitude throughout such hardships is admirable to the extreme. Changed in body, but not in attitude. How exactly he survived a direct nuclear impact is beyond me, but that too is worthy of commendation. I would certainly not be amiss to an exchange of goods between our nations, nor to a more personal exchange of stories. What fascinating tales he must be privy to.

- Vinzenz Kresge, The Iron Hand of Eisenstern

Oh my God is this that robot VEXA's been warning me about? Thought it was a myth. How can one have so much- *gags* ergh, HAPPINESS?!

General Valentine! Great to see you this fine day! Hhmph, looking manly as ever...

- Her ESTEEMED Majesty Queen Marianne Bordeaux the II of Imperial Elvectica of Elvectica

...Uh, I believe that's their actual face, believe it or not. No matter, as long as you're happy, I'm happy!

To be honest, we all need a hug and a pat! Come here, you!

- Queen Adecyn Zabinski of Elvectica

She's quite positive and seems to implement many great polices, very positive.

- Emperor Burkely II of Empire of Antartica

Valentijn is quite a commendable leader who has a very positive aurora, they have done some impressive stuff during their lifetime as a very powerful leadership.

- Emperor George III of Empire of the United States

Valentijn has got a few small problems, however overall her leadership and personality both seem to be great for someone with their past, we personally have a positive opinion of them

- Emperor Matthew I of Empire of the United States

They are quite an interesting leader who seems to be quite positive, neutral.

- Emporer Dalton I of Empire of the United States

VALENTIJN is unique amongst all of the beings of the omniverse I have encountered. He has managed to keep cheery and sane [assumption/unknown] despite the relative destruction of his planet. I should like to meet him, in person.

- AI-DEFCON/SRPH Seraph of Eodor

Whatever it is it seems positive. But any friend of the false Emperor is no friend of mine.

The supposed gentle giant. I wouldn't purposefully hunt him down, but I'd kill him given the chance.

- Duke Alastair of Eodor

Well events have transpired in a way I doubt even Vladimir could have expected. But nevertheless I'm happy for the new couple and hope they live a good life.

Ahem. Now that the red robed man is taken care of. I am especially positive on the Valentians, especially the good general.

Positive, It's hard not to be with all of that positive energy.

He is lovely and all, but I certainly wouldn't want to fight him, not that I think he would start a fight, I'm just saying.

Positive on Valentijn as always. But, I think Raden would like to check him out, see why he has grown as big as he has.

- Haisan Uluvan, Lord Emperor's Exeuctioner of Eodor

Usually I wouldn't say this. But I actually like this guy.

Naturally, positive on the General.

Of course I'm positive on the General! Why wouldn't I be?

I would class General Valentijn as a friend of not just myself, but the Irenton Empire as a whole.

- His Imperial Majesty King Nicholas Thomson of Eodor

Ah, the 'gentle giant'. I will say this plainly and simply, I do not trust him. Someone with such abilities brought on by nuclear warfare cannot be entirely strong of mind. I should have my soldiers move in, but I am feeling generous, my men will stand down and wait; let us see if I am wrong.

- Imperator Augustus of Eodor

I absolutely saw it coming.

- Vladimir Drakulous of Eodor

Didn't know Jade can do... That. Mutation, I mean. Huh. Limitless potential indeed.

Too spicy for Khorne they are.

- The Immortal Emperor of Mankind of Epistrofia

They're quite a bunch of sunshine in a dark world, aren't they?

Too spicy for Khorne they are.

- The Old One of Epistrofia

Neutral, but we look forward to positive relations. Our unity would result in total comfort of the people. No violence.

She is quite a fun personality. An extremely vulnerable, yet eccentric and creative character that reminds me of my old Elements of Harmony. And to answer her, no, we don't have magic, but we have funny humans that squat and drink.

- Commisar Celestia of Equestrislavia

I cannot stand their incessant optimism.

- İmparatoriçe Annette II onurlu Profeta of Escocaria

We share a similar worldview, it seems. The world needs more kindly and peaceful leaders like you! My view towards you is nothing but positive, brother.

- First Citizen Venka of Esnava

Well all 60 of them sound pretty nice, well this nation is quite peaceful so what else would you expect.

They are all very kind people. I would invite them all round to a dinner party at my house but my residence just isn't big enough.

- President Asiedd Llanek of the Federal Republic of Estantia of Estantia

Wow. and hear I though we where a bunch of thieves. He has us beat by a million miles.

- Evil Lord Bane of Evil Lord Bane

We have a mutual disdain for one another, which is fine by me. Still, I could do with not listening to his constant bitching all the time.

I hate how he pals around with robots; it's like he's ignoring the evidence around him. Oh well, his funeral.

- Civil Dictator Amaki of Fallen Albali

The General is... not what I expected, given his rank. He's got too big of a heart to send men off to die.

- Military Dictator Julian of Fallen Albali

Mr. Valentijn! Long time no see yeah? I bet you didn't miss me, but I missed you. My opinion is positive.

- Chancellor Fredinand of Faschistisches Land

There are very few things we could agree on, however I can respect them for their leadership strength.

- Chancellor Sprouse of Fascist Italian Republic

Well... I will give it that they are not hostile towards us and seem to be pacifists in general.

- Kazimir Ivanovich Miroslavsky of Fascistskaya Zitravia

I must admit that The General has one long name. How do you even remember it?

- President Nima Dalal of Federated Syria

Leader Valentijn seems like a person I could whole heartedly support, even through his rough times with mental issues. He appears to be a very kind person. As long as you don’t draw his ire, that is.

- Konan Lake of Folan

She isn't an anime but isn't a human, purge status: confused.

Positive, although there is a taint of anime in their ranks, I shall consult with the warehouse priest at once.

- Joe McDuff of Forklift Empire

Well, I feel sorry for that, what happened to you. Perhaps you would want a glass of sake as comfort? Sorry, if I sound strange, but sake comforts me. I know, how much I need to drink it, though, and I am not an alcoholic.

- Kawatami, Commander of Republican Guard of Fox Shogunate

Mr Valentijn seems like a nice person. I think I can trust him. It's amazing and a little bit scary that someone could rule the entire world.

I like him! He seems really friendly. Probably won't be scared of me, either. He likes cats, too. I wish I had a cat...

... I'm... not so sure how I feel about Valentijn now...

- Kiri Mori of Foxfound


To be honest, his cheerfulness has started to piss me off. Although, we don't smile that much in our everyday lifes, so maybe that's why.

- Father America of Free American Empire-

Okay, putting Russian in charge of Netherlands was already weird, but an Asian in charge of Netherlands... It is just weird. People from Indochina should govern Indochina, people from France- France, end. Anyways, neutral on you as a a person.

Neutral on you, bud. It just seems, that autonomous regions under your rule have different ruling systems- it might cause a rift. *Staring nervously at unstable Federation*.

- Kayden Watson, President-Governor of British Isles and Iceland of Free American Empire-

And Valentijn, and his world government... At least we are somewhat of an equals in this case. Yet I still can't believe, that you put a Russian in charge of Netherlands- her place is in Muscovy, not Dutch Autonomy.

- Raymond Cousineau, President-Governor of Canada of Free American Empire-

I see, that you are really lucky for surviving such catastrophe. Sadly, wonders don't happen in our world, and you could only die from radiation poisoning there. Anyways, neutral..

- Renier Langenhoven, President-Governor of African Frontier of Free American Empire-

Woah, you are truly funny, dawg. I like that. Positive.

- Stanley Johnston, President-Governor of Australasian Confederation of Free American Empire-

He really puts a smile on my face, he comes from a land of near-perfect happiness and I can almost feel it raidating off of him, and that's coming from me: A guy several... universes? away. *Chuckles* Regardless, my opinion is positive.

... Was someone in here? Probably not. Anyways, Valetinjin is a great person who has brought the world from the brink of destruction and brought it to a truly Utopian Level... and Clarrissa is just adorable so of course, I love her.

- Dassm Einuss of Free Arabian Nation

They are both disgusting and idiotic. I only wish the worst for them and their awful nation of Zionism and Homosexuality.

- Saddam Hussein of Free Arabian Nation

That much festivity and joy can not be healthy. I'm sure there's some horror beneath all the- *reads the rest of the notes they've given to her* - oh. Nuclear war. Essential planetwide police state, Overwatch-style character stats. There we go.

- Crown Princess Gertrude of Frievolk

De Anmutige und Frie General Valentijn is someone I'd gladly consider a friend. Of course, we may have some disagreements regarding fundamental issues, as do most friends, but that is... not hard to overlook.

- Kaiser Johann of Frievolk

It seems like the perfect person to have a stroll in the shopping alleys with.

- CEO Makh Akh Jakhli of Galactic Marts

He's a great leader. I admire his optimism. Very, VERY good job, mate. You- You want an alliance? I'm up for an alliance.

- Sintongia Garner of Garner Industrial State

The giant is not someone I'm fond of. As long as they steer their will clear of this island, then we shall have no quarrel.

- High Prophetess of Penance of Garoarsholmur

OMFG, soch a masceve prep1!1! Becas i am goffik i hat preps! Translation: OMFG, such a massive prep!!!! Because I am gothic I hate preps!

- Ebony Enoby Dark’ness of Gary Stus and Mary Stus

His niceness is honestly a bit excessive even towards some authoritarian d*ckheads. Nevertheless, he never ceases to amuse the world with his kindness and gentleness.

- President and CEO of the Protectorate of Saunders Global Security, Ashley Saunders of Genderbend Saunders Global Security

I think of him as a friend.

- Her Serene Highness, Natalie, Princess Royal of German Austro-Hungary

General Valentijn holds a bit of honorable merit, I just think that he has been a little too soft as a general. I do sort of miss the fact that he was a renowned giant...that comment alone makes me feel...old.

- His Imperial Majesty, Holy German Emperor Othello I of German Austro-Hungary

With war on the rise, I just hope he’s on our side. His size alone would give the Tripartite Monarchy an advantage against those fabricated Darwinist abominations.

- His Serene Highness, Holy German Emperor Othello I of German Austro-Hungary

The only non-homicidal giant of the multiverse. I smile on the giant!

- Her Most Sublime Excellency, Celestial Empress Yué XII of Grand Celestial Domain

Very... Positive..

- Tsarina Marina Nikolaevna Romanova of Imperial Eurasia of Grand Imperial Eurasia

They are a fantastic leader, and very progressive, we have a very positive view on them.

- King Simon I of Great Britain and Irish Northern Ireland


- Khan Tahir Abzalov of Greater Alash Orda

He's a monster. They actually let a fool like that lead a country? Honestly, my two-year-old daughter could do better, and she can barely walk at all.

- Queen Tarin III nar Ylora of Greater Albali

A real freak show, this degenerate needs to be liquidated.

- Confederate President Robert C. Johnston of Greater Confederate States

It's quite admirable for him to be positive in times like these, when the world is full of conflicts. My opinion of him is positive.

- President Juha Suontausta (WIP) of Greater Finnish State

He honestly ain't a bad person. Honestly, if the world worked a little better, I could see myself like him, all happy as a dog in a gym locker room, but fairness ain't a real word no more.

Hey! Hadn't seen y'all fer a while. So Merasmus is pickin' on y'all now? Well, if you need any guidance, me and my boys have been fighting him for decades. But hey, someone's gotta carry on our spirit.

- President and Overseer Dell Conagher of Greater South

I cannot possibly take that guy seriously. He's as tall as his name is long *snickers*. Jokes aside I'm honestly pretty impressed with his all around fortitude.

Valentijn is a man who needs no introduction or explanation, but I shall try anyways. First off, he's certainly interesting. Interesting being an understatement. He's also one of the nicest people in the Universe. He's like king friend of friendship kingdom and the walking definition of 'handsome gentleman'. Only the sickest f#cks in the Universe could hate Mr. Valentijn!

- The Phoenix, Hope's Champion and Lord Emperor of the Victoran Empire of Greater Victora

And I though humans were huge... I'm glad the General is a good guy.

- Incumbent Leader, Colonel Grimm of Green Republic

Welp, I am neutral on you. Kind of. Not saying, that I like you very much, but I don't hate you either.

- Worriz Nova, Vozhd of Grey Wolf Horde of Grey Wolf Horde

She's the nicest person I know.

I have great respect for the giant general. Just make sure your head doesn't catch fire, okay?

The general's a great guy, though I am curious to see how well he'd fare in a war.

The General called someone a f**kface? She must have been a real šapūlkubšu. The general is one of the sterner of the group though that isn't saying much.

- Arotex Ruhiiv Xesiniik Ibranum, High Doge of Haja-Mishu of Haja-Mishu

Ah, Herr Valentine, it's amazing how happy people be despite how much tragedy has been caused in their world. It almost makes me wonder if he's crazier than I am... Nah, probably not. Regardless, I have a quite positive opinion on the little guy.

ur short xd

*Pink plays this 10 times while screaming before being slapped by the nearest person* ... Did you think ya only had to worry about the over glorified piece of junkware known as VictorNet? I'll have you know you also stand against everything the Hammer Britannian government stands for. This level of Caring, Friendship, and Love must be purged from existence for my state to survive. The day Val falls and that Skynet wanna be finally subcomes to the weaknesses of the machine will be a day celebrated in our nation. And if you two don't destroy each other, mark my words I will do it for you. For the record, I know the state of emergency has been toned down... but I know Victor too well, he'll be back for more.

- Pink of Hammer Britannia

Wait, you survived a nuclear bomb dropping directly on your head? Awesome. Not sure if I could do that. Also, you're a tall boi and you broke the ceiling of my office, but that's alright. Anyway, not sure how I feel about you naming your nation after yourself, but eh, you look like an alright guy.

- Sam Bologna, PM of Hamstan of Hamstan

I find her to be a somewhat capable leader but see some flaws in her rule, and dislike the fact that she is a Monarch. Although she opposes my ideology I would support her should her nation stumble or experience rebellion.

We have a positive view of Valentijn and believe that more leaders should strive to be as kind. Furthermore, we find that she is a kind woman and hope to get on her good side in the near future. I wish her the best of luck.

- The Supreme Leader of Hathian Prime

Kh..Him...i might offer him and the AI...Kh...A place among the front gate in the silver garden.

A pacifist? Interesting…

One of the few multiverse figures that I will turn a blind eye to regardless of what he's doing.

- Rouge Empress Akichi Hachirou, AKA Entity 0 of Higher Japan

*Leans from a wall * Seems you like got a good set of monitor, Minerva. Either way, judging from past records I've gathered from Konstantyn's interactions with the Valentians, it seems that the Intermarians had a cordial and close relationship with the Valentians. Well, aren't the Valentians can get along with nearly everybody? ... As to how I know all of this information. - *Pats at his artificial brain.* This brain belongs to the combined brains of the Imperator and the Hetman. I have all of their memories stored inside of it. Grief, nostalgic, and otherwise embarrassing moments.

I must warn you Valentijn that M.I.N.E.R.V.A. is no compassionate mother with a sense of 'maternal instinct' but a malicious AI that is clever in its programming to maintain a mask of its twisted self. See, you can be gullible at times and trust somebody at first sight without judging someone's character even further. In spite all of this, Valentijn continues to be a close friend of my progenitors (Konstantyn, Symon, and Hildegard) and so will I inherit those amiable relationship even if those so-called past memories with bonding you Valentinians aren't my own but theirs to remember and cherish. This isn't my programming that told me to say this but from the deepest level of my heart.

I was sincerely hoping that I was bluffing about a meteor shower landing on Earth and destroying everything but the two-faced AI is right. Even as a spy that's supposed to keep secrets, I have lengths and moral standards to give innocent people like the both of you to understand the truth and not live in a sweet lie. As they say, the truth sets you free.

- Frumentarius Maksymilian Marszalek of Hyperion Remnant Fleet

Jovian behavior, detected. Installing module... 80%... Now, the modular installation process is nearly finished, I am still left perplexed how such a lifeform can remain this cheerful in spite of what happened in the past? Are the Valentians this emotionally resilient? Either way, I implore you to not pick me up for formality sake.

Aww, it's Valentijn. I am always happy to see them alive and kicking well. I am so sorry to hear that your homeworld was destroyed by nuclear fire. What a poor thing to have your inside outs mutating and stimulating pain at inconceivable heights when kept alive... [i]But don't worry, Valentijn, I'll assure I can cheer you up with a little firework show that will happen on Earth. 0084 IC, be there and be a witness to the Wrath of Israfil. Pyrotechnics would be greater than nuclear bombing, hmm? Something to cheer you up.

Be a good child, Valentijn and Clarissa, and let me tell you about this wonderful spectacle we're going to call as 'The Wrath of Israfil'. First of all, it's an meteor shower that would hit Earth on 0084 and it would be more devastating than the bombs that once hit The Intermarian Order. You cannot prevent the Wrath of Israfil; it is inevitable that would land on Earth just like how our universe was destroyed by the Ba'dan Cataclysm and myself would have little role in stopping it not like I want to on a philosophical basis. There is nothing that can be done about it. This is not a weapon that we can just point at and destroy our target, this is destiny's way of resetting everything back to zero. We have no control over it... Now, can you be so kind to remove us from your 'Sworn Enemy' list? Like a good and well-mannered child. We wouldn't be responsible for the death of Earth or your multiverse but no, the decisions of free-willing people living there. You were such a sweet bunch when we first met and I kept a little rose over the side of my monitor to remind myself the beauty of the Valentinians. Valentijn and Clarissa, don't let my 'maternal instinct' go in vain.[/i]

- Mothercomputer M.I.N.E.R.V.A. of Hyperion Remnant Fleet

They smell weird.

- of Hyrule Farm

Valentijn De Sierlijke Valkyrie Samantha, Val. Missed you you dork. But now about my opinion. His past is a little idiotic, with the whole charge system, ive used it before, but its constant use seems odd. What enemies were you fighting that didnt adapt, I cant tell if its genius, or luck. Other than that, his mutation is interesting, especially that it allows his gigantic size, but still allows his organs to function. I may not be the best in the field about such, but the strain on the lungs would be immense. Aside from that the fact his radiation and growth issues are slowing by the wonderous Holly. Finally my last mark about him, I like his namer personally.

- Prime Minister Maxim Gorgen of Hystaria

I've heard she became a general, because she charged on the enemies without hesitation? That sounds weird...

- HRM Juliana I of Icadias

Oh... General Valentijn! It is good to see you again... I mean, for the first time. My predecessor thought quite highly of you, and even if she might never have said it, she very greatly admired you, more than she has admired any leader. Perhaps you should have been heir instead of me, haha!... To be honest, General, it brings me fond memories of better times to see you, and it reminds me how far I have left to go to be a leader my people deserve. I sincerely wish you all the best and if there is ever anything I or my country can do for you and yours, please, just say the word.

- Empress Andromeda Ceriss of Iciaros

I have nothing but respect for General Valentijn, who seems to lead his people with both strength and kindness. Valentine Z is the sort of utopian state I wish Iciaros could be, in a better universe. I commend the General for his leadership and also his affable personality, one that I myself very much lack. Best wishes.

- Empress-Valkyria Azalea of Iciaros

That's... that's a name, right? The whole thing? The part in quote marks is the title? I think I'm right. Why the hell is it so long?! I mean, geez, I'm as egotistical as it gets and the only thing I have is a cliche title someone else came up with for me. That said, I like the whole mutant thing. Being giant is a little less interesting than what Vinx has, but hey, you take what you can get. Besides, I'm sure it really lets you stand out. Eh? Eh? Yeah, okay, even I want to kill myself for that one.

- The Herald of Doom of Iciaros

I think he's very kind and truly cares about others, I respect that.

- President Conner O'Reilly of Iderland

As much as I may generally dislike the policies put in place in this nation-In fact, saying I despise them is an understatement to triumph all understatements-I do believe that Valentijn is a largely decent person, far from being horrible or greedy. He truly does mean the best for his people, which I can sympathize with. He's certainly smarter than the greedy Marxists who rule over many other nations.

As I look upon the dossier and file I have about Valentijn, I realize something. For how much I disagree with his general politics (and it would be extremely petty of me to consider him a bad person just because of that) and for how much I usually dislike pacifism.....I can't hate him! Everything about what he does is to bring a little bit of happiness to this world! In fact, the only real negative emotion I feel is envy. I envy the fact that he can be this happy without any sort of caveats. Every time I get happy...Memories come back. Memories that spoil the entire thing. I hate the fact that I can't hate him for this envy! I don't even know if that makes a modicum of sense, but it's generally how I feel. Such a positive force that I can't even bring myself to hate him for having what I don't.

- Emperor Zen Pyrrus of Ignis States

I believe there is no limits to being a leader of titanic height accompanied with powerful abilities that surpass modern technology in every way imaginable. The Titan should be careful with such power and beyond human powers as he breathes.

- First King of Ildoa, Giovanni Ferdinando of Ildoa


- God-Emperor of Mankind (with Text-to-Speech device installed) of Ildoa

Look at this jovial giant fellow? Full of roses and such. No wonder no being could hold hatred and disgust towards her.

I am always positive towards them but that statement about Pietr? Quite surprised to hear it.

- Imperator Franciscus of the Glovenians of Imperial Glovania

Well, I think she's lovely! I've heard a lot of good things from Frans about her.

- Princess Victoria of Glovania of Imperial Glovania

Truly an interesting being, though it a shame that the Emperor desires to see this country destroyed for reason, exactly? I do not know that has yet to be discovered aside from the Propaganda labeling them as demon worshippers. Which I am confident to say that isn’t true to any critical thinking citizen in the Empire. Otherwise, my stance towards them is positive and that flag of theirs is interesting, originally thought oh, look raindow emos when taking notice, before driving into the provided intel.

- Prince Ferrius II Octavia of Imperial Octavia

Our opinion of Valentijn still stands as the weak-willed android that he is. However, should he ever decide to change his ways we would be ready to accept him and his nation as allies, though we rather doubt that such a specimen as himself would ever grow the backbone needed to lead his people into assimilation.

- The Paramount of Imperial-Octavia

While certainly not a bad leader by any stretch, they are somewhat unsettling... in an odd way, it is hard to explain.

- Seraph Admiral Roth Ebner of Independency

I pray that I have the power to model a nation in your example (with the exception of those naming conventions.) Good on you.

- Lord Necross, Overseer of Infinitis of Infinitis
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Opinions on General Valentijn [Part II]

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:53 am

Opinions on Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General ov Valentine Z” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Tristian Marnix Basilisk Lewis Hyatt X. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing.
Now that is a long name... Why do these mortals like long names? Either way, i'm gonna say neutral. For sure, being the ruler of an almost-global federation is admirable, either way. Also, this person's big as Hekk. I could be 500x their size easily if I decided to morph, but I think my current height is practical.

- Aemilia Aetia, Goddess of Creation, Leisure and Everything of Inkopolitia

Ah, Valen- What?! These names are way too long and the information is hard to read! Well, either way, uh... It seems that this person, likes dogs and cats and apparently served in a Military base, well, it's like me. You know, i'm more of a Dog person than a Cat person, but eh...

- Surume, Queen of Inkopolita of Inkopolitia

In fourty-eight countries, children are eaten, the religious are persecuted, and women are slaughtered. The fact that anyone in this world can be truly happy despite the affairs of humanity, including the Androids at Valentine, shows an unprecedented general ignorance of international, but mostly Jewish suffering.

- Messiah of Israel, Calel Likud of Israeli Totalitariat

So, I have heard much about this Valentijn guy. Although I have not been personally acquainted with him Yet, I do believe that he is a good person. He stands for a lot of things I stand for. He's happy, he believes in the welfare of the people, he even does his best to remove the military, only keeping reserves around for when it is necessary. Of course, I do not particularly agree with him on everything. Who names a nation after himself? However, I do believe the good heavily outweighs the bad in this case. I have not been personal with this man, but I can safely say that I like this man. Also, I agree. Kittens are amazing.

- Muhammad Rahaim of Ittihad Sawahil

Valentijn is a friend of mine! I heard recently he updated his foreign affairs book to include us as being an official friend to Valentine Z, and as Prime Minister of Izukai I am truly grateful. Ours is a new nation on the international scene with many diplomatic obstacles to face. We are not yet well-established, but to be considered a friend of such an important and powerful leader and nation as Valentijn and Valentine Z is a true honour. I only hope our relations can continue to improve long into the future!

- Toshiro Yamakawa, Prime Minister of Izukai of Izukai

Hmm. Well, color me impressed. I've walked these blasted wastes for God knows how long now, and yet this is the first I've heard of someone getting hit by radiation quite like that. He's no ghoul, nor is he a mutant in the sense that I'm used to. He's just... rather big. Curious. But what intrigues me more is how he seems to have lived through the apocalypse while retaining his cheery, benevolent persona. To have rebuilt, brought renewed life to the wastes... why, it almost sounds like a fever dream. But I suppose we are alike in our motivations - sadly, some of us aren't afforded the luxury of such circumstance. And so we must trudge through these irradiated sands evermore... ah, but you're not here to hear an old man's laments. My thoughts on this Valentijn are positive. I'd like to have a chat with him someday, provided he actually notices one as comparatively tiny as I.

- The Reverend of Jehovahs Circle

I will have to produce a toilet paper large enough for this gigantic General to use. Overall, positive.

- Joseph Gayetty of Joseph Gayetty

I have troubles trusting a character that is supposedly the 'entity of the nation itself'. Regardless, their cheerfulness is contagious.

- Premier Huhsin Derjin of Kaijian

In a way she reminds me of Roald Dahl's BFG.

- Nayland Akeley - President of Karkosa of Karkosa

I could always use some positivity in this world, I guess. Positive.

- President Gen. Akın Öztürk of Kemalist Turkey

Hello! You seem quite nice. I like you! Never stop sailing!

- USS Charles Ausburne of Kerlodes

Oh, they've always been a delight. Benevolent, too.

- President Yaqûb Goran of Kihdis

Valkyrie? That's solved. Great leader.

- Queen Tove Gormsdóttir of Kjalaara

They seem to be a very cheerful folk, their leader no exception. I like that, we need more cheerfulness in this world.

There are so many, with such long names! My dynasty hasn't come up with more than 7, and that includes thirteen Hermans!

- Grand Duke Herman XIII of Knessniet

Valentijn! You are a wonderful example of humanity at its' peak; ignoring the horrific world outside what is supposed to truly matter and focusing on positivity and spreading it everywhere, for quoth Matthew 5:8, 'Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.'

Wonderous fellow, aren't you? Shame I haven't seen you in such a long time. And also that you are a heretic to God... but nonetheless it is good to see you.

The only time I've been able to even approach their state of mind was either that time with the Lebanese general or when I accidentally drank that wine spiked with... God knows what that was. The latter was actually rather unpleasant after the high, now that I think about it... but the point is, she is truly a delightful person to be around.

Unlike my much less honorable brethren in South Africa, I harbour no ill against the Valentians. Infact, I feel for their shocking backstories, the nuclear bombs and all, but if our alliance with Rapture and the Ryk is what peeves them off, then so be it. You are wonderful people, but God demands a world in his image. There may be athiests and agnostics, but they can always believe and be forgiven. Heretics like the foul Muhammadians shall see redemption through complete conversion.

- Grandmaster Baldassar Cagliares of Knights Mare Nostrum

Does the general have pink hair? Ashley likes pink hair~

Ashley wants a ride~

- Ashley Grimalkin of Krampusreich

Humans should not be capable of reaching this unusual size.

I do not yet know what to think of the giant humans...

- Der Überreichsführer: Dark Lord Krampus (Nation Leader) of Krampusreich

Their title and names do disturb me, but I’m quite positive on them. They’re just bundles of optimism! Irradiated, giant optimism.

- Yngreð Tobiassen, King of the Kynelanders of Kyneland

Ah yes. The friendly and upbeat giant in a multiverse full of grimdark edgelord dark gods.

- General Secretary Montserrat Zorilla of Las Palmeras

Hey, you are nice, aren't you? Positive on you!

- Ilena Mironescu, younger sister of Soare Mironescu of Legionary Romania-

Neutral-negative, just so ya know.

- Marius Prunea, Chairman of Legionary Council of Legionary Romania-

Radiation can do disgusting things to your body. I don't even want to imagine, what's below your anti-radiation suit…


Ehh... My opinion on you is neutral.

- Soare Mironescu, Conducător of Legionary Romania of Legionary Romania-

I like her Personality.......Positive.

- King Mohapi II of Lesotho Uzumakistani Protectorate

A less friendly Clarissa, basically...oh, they're okay.

- His Majesty, King Luka von Alterz IV of Lethen Empire

We are two minds alike, indeed. Optimistic outlooks, unspoiled positivity and a solid standing for peace, something not too many other leaders truly know the meaning of.

- Master Chun Shan-Lin of Lingdao Monastery

Senpai!, I'm digging the new flag. But eh, you know me, my skull is literally still on our flag.
I sure do miss tagging along with Low to all those old events and just hogging the spotlight from now and then, I got to meet great people like you and all those others. Sure was a hell of a ride before I decided I'd need to nap a bit more, being dead sure is tiring.

- (Former) King Of Corpses, Death of Low Bloods

I have quite the amount of respect for them.

- Death of Low Bloods

We are good friends.

- Low, King of Corpses of Low Bloods

It's always nice to see someone so kindhearted amongst us. Though I'm really glad that they haven't punted and nation off the ground they stand. Oh man that just makes me laugh thinking about it. But you know not our nation if sights were set.

I wouldn't say anything negative about them even if I wanted to. They are a bunch of kind folk that I never really held any harsh feelings towards.
Low never even cared enough to have me watch over your bunch when I was a part of his shady group.
He said if I ever did it would be only for protection not for keeping tabs or anything of the sort.

A valiant brave giant that is questionably happy to an unhealthy extent.

Val is a great friend. One who cares for others selflessly for reasons beyond my knowledge, he truly baffles me sometimes but I figure it'll ruin it if I knew specifically why he is so kind. My opinion of him remains positive.

A poor soul in which I hope they get back on their feet any time now.

One looks to be dangerous, the other seems to be normal, they both seem tall. I like them, they seem friendly.

I can relate to them with the fact that I am not a ghost just as they are not a robot, we are of many misconceptions. That and something about getting called a reaper which is not half true. But they have my respect, and possible friendship.

I'm sure you arnt referring to me in that bunch, after all we are good friends, right?

I feel they relate to us in many ways for some odd reason.

I wonder how they have such positivity in them, it's insane, but I'll never get tired of it.

They are so friendly. It warms even my heart. Well it doesn't take much to do it but it's still just as good.

It feels like it's been awhile my friend.

That's some fire you are spitting my friend. I remember in the past I killed one of my own due to the games played with the folk. I find it rather fine to be protective when it comes to your people. I'd hate to see anyone snatched up. Perhaps he could visit. I'm sure my people would love to hear from them.Man, I need to stop talking to Death.

He's a vary huge, vary deadly, but over all a vary friendly guy. I'm glad he's around. It's interesting to see him get smart with other, It always makes me chuckle as I'm still not use to seeing such a display, but perhaps it just proves a point that not all around us can match the passive manner we tend to play at. But rather strike a nerve, the blind eye can turn to quite the fury. And it seems I only grow more and more tired each passing day thanks to our extinction.

- Oni, King of Corpses of Low Bloods

He brings back memories of Lords, the most notable one, Low, for some odd reason. But low wasn't as big as this one, perhaps because he fought a giant. Such an uplifting personality yet looking as if you could hold your own. I think you can from what I have heard. And I've heard alot, from stories about how you often times brought happiness to the Lords, even a time Oni accidentally shut you down. I must warn I do this more than he does as it occurs naturall, sadly this means we should never meet. A sad thought, surely. I'd love to meet face to face one day when not in the state that I'm in, perhaps then I can remember who I once was, but for the moment I have much to think towards. And I will apologize for the monster that I may become.

Ah hehm. The Paramount is actually allied with us. He isnt that bad if you can get passed his motives. We are a strange duo to say the least.

I like Valentijn. He is like a menacing tower of radiation and just a mystery at first glance. But the more I'm around him the more I learn. The old lords have informed me of him as a good friend. If I were to even try to do anything to him I'm sure the others along with the populus would hate me, as our nation's bond is quite a deep one. So I feel as if we should keep this, as you seem like one that will help Lowblood flourish with purity, not burn with corruption.

- The First King of Corpses of Low Bloods

Too much of this jovial personality and you make yourself prone to weakness. I suggest something to balance the personality.

- His Royal Majesty, King Alistaire I of Maranday

Such interesting creatures, not unlike Issadath in that regard. They are also similar in their capacity for killing. I'd keep them in a zoo if only there was one big enough.

- Sultan Saalim el-Ghaffari of Abrijan of Medieval Usmoth

A wonderful person, one who sees the world from a high view with a personality even higher. Not in a drugged manner, in positivism. Unless, there is a fuel for that positivism…

Their sunny disposition can make them into a heaven, but could also lead to their downfall as a naive state.

- Emperor Kugo Toshi of Mekishima

Well, she looks way epic.

- Sammy Didder of Meme War


- Merasmus of Merasmia

They are a fine enough person, an alright leader and a lover of cats, which is a plus in my book.

For all intents and purposes they are the physical avatar of kindness and love, it is actually quite nice and the world is a better place for it.

- Kaiser William Metcalfe of Metcalfer2

Valentijn is okay, but his word is a tad too long. And same goes for himself. In fact, I don't want to see, what's behind his anti radiation suit.

- Niclas Glenton, President of Neptune of Militarist Republic of Earth

What a very cheery and optimistic leader. Positive.

- Her Royal Majesty, Queen Mami Tomoe of Mitakihara-Kazamino

I don't know; if one is able to profit from a war, and use those profits to improve their nation and people, wouldn't it be morally repugnant to not do so?

General, if I may? It would be better to slam him [Pieter from Afrikaaners Ryk]; consider what harm he has caused, and will almost certainly continue to cause if he lives? All that pain and suffering... You could be a hero, General. Or you could allow him to live... and bear responsibility for that pain and suffering yourself.

- Mukuro Sadako of Mukuro Clan

I'm still wary of the giant. Giants are not this nice; they massacre, pillage cities, and eat whole populations.

Mercy is a sin. As taught in the Buried Verses, 47:12 'the blood on the hands of the criminal is also on the hands that allowed the criminal to walk away.' You must resist the urge to let him [Pieter from Afrikaaners Ryk] live, General. He showed no-one compassion; he does not deserve your compassion.

- Mukuro Sawari of Mukuro Clan

Valentijn acts like a buffer zone separating between my disdain for the influx of noobs and the noobs themselves. I like that. His adoration towards felines is quite adorable and unique and distinct. So, I describe Valentijn, fittingly enough, as the Iron Giant of NationStates: Friendly and is almost indestructible to whatever sh*t is thrown in his direction.

- President of The Free Hundred Acre Wood Republic of My Own Imagination

What do I like about him? He is not as number one as I am! Now, that came out as rude but it is the truth technically. Can he be as good as me in disguise? Nope! Can he be as good as me in making friends? Also no! Can he be as good as me in trickery? Absolutely, positively, impossibly NOT! And that is what I like about Valentijn is his inferiority complex compared to me.

- Robbie Rotten, Chaos God of Trickery of My Own Imagination

This amount of information about Valentina is my surprise. Anyways, she’s been a very swell character with an uncanny knack for happiness and contagiously spreading it to everybody else.

- The Archivist of My Own Imagination

What do I like about Valentijn is that he is like Winnie-the-Pooh except...he isn’t like Winnie-the-Pooh...biologically. I also appreciate the friendly and Tiny Tim-like personality that he emits that may not be greater than the high rate of gamma rays thanks to whatever mutation he contracted. Overall, Valentijn namesolongthanahorse' a great big friendly giant.

He's way too nice and generous to live in a world where it is full of sh*t and such and I personally believe he deserves better. Check me out, I’m sick as f*** here.

- The Self-Insert Gary Stu of My Own Imagination

While I'm not entirely convinced that her and her friends are all sane, they're a great bunch that are a great talk.

How’s the weather up there? Anyways, he seems to be easy to get along with, but damn. He’s rather intimidating.

Everyone associated with those giants is loveable as hell and I can’t help but think positively of them.

I'm sure all of her kind are clones, but you can't NOT love them. Seriously, they brighten my day every time I see them.

As much as I like them, they have their own quirks I've found fairly...ah, eh, unique I guess. For example, De Sierlijke wears woman armor, and on top of that, he has a radiation counter. I should watch out for that a bit more.

- The Director Shlan'ak Phur’an of Nantoraka

I do not even trust this giant. Not. One Bit. In fact, he is a SNOWFLAKE LIBERAL CULTURAL MARXIST who thinks with CRITICAL THEORY.

- Chancellor of The Nation, Joseph Featherston of National Authority

Quite the naive leader but on a personal level, they seem to be amicable. Though, this gives me a sense of deception.

- Foreign Minister Ulrich von Hassell of Nationales Deutsches Reich

A cheery spirit. I wonder how she could stay cheerful for that long.

- Reichskanzler Konstantin von Essen of Nationales Deutsches Reich

A cheerful spirit in a world filled with political shadiness. My opinion on her is positive already.

Has the quality of a virtuous leader and yet sadistic at the same time. It seems that nobody is perfect in their ways.

To be frank, I am quite uncomfortable with their overt cheerfulness.

Very naive for my taste, then again, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have some joy.

I cannot and want to understand how she could stay perpetually cheerful.

- Reichspräsident Erhard Falkenrath of Nationales Deutsches Reich

If ever people exemplified the notion of gentle giants, I cannot think of better instances than Valentijn and his coterie. Of all the times I've had the truly immense privilege of meeting them, they've been nothing but courteous and kind. Wonderful souls lay within their monumental forms, of that I am entirely certain.

- Aphroarch Siylvea of Neonymphonia

Sunshine and rainbows, the cure to all your ills! How do we know? Our glorious Military Dictator Valentijn told us so! Heil!

- The Symbiote of Netherspace

Mister Valentine definitely comes across as a pleasant man; besides running his country, he seems to have no goal other than to help people and be the best person he can be, which I must say is a refreshing sight to see. I have to say, though... I am surprised that he isn't dead. Hit on the head with an atomic bomb sounds like a great way to no longer exist, but... well, if he can survive that then what can't he survive? I'm awed at his resilience, to say the least.

- President Eleanor Tyrell of New Angleia

Valentijn and I have a long, long history of personal ventures and encounters, and not a single one of them I can feel sour from.

Oh, Valentijn! Positive, amigo! Hope that suit's doing you favours... mine, as pretty as it looks, isn't all that practical...

Holy crap, I think I've just finally met someone with a more bouncier attitude than I do!

- Queen Isabella Celaeno of New Castillan Empire

Quite renowned for his gentleness and gargantuan height and size, I do not want to know what will make him, and his colleagues, angry.

- Her Majesty, Queen Audrina I of New Nolkavia

You know my friend? It has been long since we talked like times ago, and I still hold great views upon you. You are probably one of a few who genuinely enjoys my work as well.

- President Mark Romagnoli of New Wolvers

You look familiar. But nonetheless, you are a wonderful example of a leader and we shall follow in your steps.

Positive. I pray we will maintain good relations despite the fact in our world we had taken the German coast and used it as a massive penal colony and training ground for pirates and raiding soldiers.

- King Rolf Manfredsson I of Nordlund

They all seem to be lovely people, and for that I’m glad. I can’t say I’d be very enthusiastic about skyscraper-tall death machines.

Valentijn is a wonderful person, and a good person to have as a friend. However, her height and size terrifies me.

- President Andrew D. Malcom of Normund

We both extend our kindness and compliments in many different ways. Valentijn is the ideal character every single person should come to know and learn, he is intelligent yet gentle; a fighter yet a helper. There is almost nothing truly bad about Valentijn that I would talk terribly about.

- Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Nemo I of Northern Ateria

To say this titan is naïve is poor taste, in fact, my mother has been on good grounds with him and his other friends so, really, I think of him as a friend of mine too. On the other hand, I don’t exactly understand the process of turning radiation into a ‘healing’ agent, it is incomprehensible even by Imperial standards in scientific research and development.

- His Imperial Highness, Crown Prince Arthur Aterius of Northern Ateria

Now, I am no Brass General and never experienced the glory of French Napoleonic Warfare, but since 1800, charing blindly into the enemy was never really a winning strategy- but perhaps Monsieur Valentijn proves me wrong. He is a most insistent one too, which perhaps helps. I rather not bother myself by daring to address Monsieur Valentijn formally. He knows very well why. I hope you issue an apology to the poor secretary I commandaned to dispatch this letter.

- Premier of New Québec, Reverend Cédric Lésage of Nouveau Quebecois

[Gets on a horse, fires a revolver in the air] You know how high that bullet went? That describes how much I like you if it were a physical thing. Although, your height may also describe how much I like you.

- Charles Evans of Novum Texas

Too positive to survive even a minute in the wastes.

- The Sole Survivor of Nuclear Wastelands

Too happy to me.

- Aria T´Loak, The Leader of Omega of Omega State

I have never seen a leader so happy, funny, empathetic and optimistic. :lol:

- John Matthew, The Counselor of Omega State. of Omega State

Thinking about them hurts my frontal lobe, Seeing them hurts my occipital lobe, hearing them hurts my temporal lobe... All of them together? Well then I'll become a vegetable. The only good thing about them is that they all are big targets.

- His Supreme Majesty, Emperor Rethovus Samnimus Ermecorroge of Ordocravia of Ordocravia

Mutants are not human, and therefore deserve no human rights. Humanity must be purified to survive and advance. Realistically, a non-human would never be fit either mentally or physically for office. I reccomend personally, that the possible humans living in Valentine Z (if any), should stage an armed coup, and depose this monstrosity.

- Kytratyka Loekergaav, remier of The Orrostriskan SFR of Orrostriska

Although I am admittedly a tad skeptical on her, I can find myself liking the good general.

The General seems to me to be a very kind, compassionate person. I must say that I quite like Valentijn.

- Präsident der Republik Marius Keßler of Oswyn Islands

They are all deranged, crazed, and annoying, the whole lot of them. They seem more suited to the position of court jester, instead of leaders of sovereign states.

- Dumazkul the Illustrious of Oxyrhynchus

I think she's a wonderful woman, and I admire her ability to be nice to absolutely everyone.

- First Lady of Pelotas, Erika Oleastro of Pelotas

She's a very pleasant person, almost to a fault. But, I advise her to keep being herself.

- Prime Minister Lia Oleastro of Pelotas

Threat to our Islamic Revolution. That thing must be stoned.

- Ayatollah Khomeini of Persagonia

I could always count on and have warm opinions about Valentine.

- First Lady Dana Khatami (née Andersen) of Persagonia

But I'm not so sure what to think about the Chief Aviator, he sounds so Reza-like.

I'm always positive about Valentijn.

That personality of hers always lighten my day up a bit, especially after dealing with that CEO and Kendrick guy.

Well, always positive on her! Would take something very serious to change my opinions on her.

- President Mohammad Amir Khatami of Persagonia

A sweet and nice person from the looks of it. Positive, overall. I need to dig deep into these documents though.

- SAVAMA Chief, Anwar Nakhjevani of Persagonia

[Takes some aspirin and jumps up and down on the couch] What the fu*k you tall ass mothafu*kan' kafir, why didn't you let that edgy ass sh*tstain called Victor to kill himself? N*gga, I want to see him hangin' around like a Christmas tree decoration, know what I'm sayin'? Man even infidels can be this dumb.

- Imam Farfour, Chairman of Memri TV, one of Farfour Mush's chaotic persona of Persagonian Republic

Samantha, joyful as always like the others in her universe. Just the way I like it. Keep it up that way.

I can't ask for a more cheerful friend of the Republic other than the General and Chief Aviator. Both are light shining in our time's of darkness.

- Mehdi Bazargan, Prime Minister of Iran of Persagonian Republic

The Valentine gang considers as us their friends? Well the republic is always fortunate to discover that the friendly feeling is mutual. Valentijn can always come to our nation although right now, this isn't the best time to offer a state visit... Please ignore Farfour. Not every nation have a bright role model, hmm?

- Reza Mortazavi, President of Iran of Persagonian Republic

Well, their positiveness and rampant cheerful replies while talking about other leaders often makes my day, when arguing in the Convergence.

- Chief Spokesman Adyson Lionheart of Pilarcraft

They don't seem that bad. I mean, I don't really agree with a '100% tax', and I'm not even sure how that would even work, but they seem nice, all tihngs considered.

- Chief Spokesman Ayala Hunter of Pilarcraft

That guy [Ionus Doncedanu] is literally the only person I have seen them not give a complete positive to. wow. They're so sweet my tooth aches, positive.

- Severus Vesuvius, Chief Lawbringer of Pilarcraft of Pilarcraft

Positivo, how could you hate them?

- Director Martin Cazalla of Populist Mexico

Clarissa is psychedelic mushrooms in robot form and everyone loves her for that.

- Our Lord and Savior of Pretty Much God

You gotta respect a guy with the balls to bumrush the enemy like a fucking madman. Can't say I'm on board with the thought process behind it, but then again I can't say an eight-foot-tall monster hauling ass in my direction wouldn't make me think twice about fighting. Its a shame to see how far he's fallen from that point though - If I had his power I'd have God himself kneeling before me in a fortnight.

- Edison Locke, Executor of the Promethean Republic of Prometheas

General Valentijn I suppose? Always a pleasure to meet another military leader among the multiverse's feeble democrats and tattering monarchists.

- ZZ Reichskommandant and Regent-Dictator of the Exilvanian Empire Dietrich E. Haegler of Remnants of Exilvania

Well, he seems to be fine enough...his size concerns me though.

- Empress Valeria Asiriel I of Republic of the Utabian Islands

Woman's or not, that is still a huge man in that suit that I would never want to quarrel with.

- President Raikin of Republican Russia

I am not wearing a woman's suit!

Valentijn, on the other hand? Extremely pleasant guy to be around. I mean, he’s a bit on the batshit insane side of the spectrum, but so are we all.

- President OF-2938 of Robosia

You know, I used to want to be a Valkyrie when I was younger, until I found out they were all women. There's nothing wrong with women, of course, I like women. Sometimes a little too much. Not in a creepy way, just more like a respectful appreciation. I think it's great, an elite force of women warriors.

- Vice President IJ-5075 of Robosia

Well isn't it pleasant to wake up to a ummm... well... to be blunt a giant. Whom I certainly fear more than rogue dragons.

I don't necessarily mean any offense, but this pure-heartedness of yours is like a disease.

- Logan i Dragonia, His Imperial Majesty of Rolancia Agnus ii Dragonia of Rolancia

They are quite an inserting leader, they seem very pleasant to be around, positive.

They are quite an interesting leader, whom seems to have done some great policies to expand both the economic strength and civil rights in their nation, very positive.

- Emperor Nico I of Roman Galactic Empire

The happiness of this leader is genuine, I can feel it.

- President Samara, The Justicar of Roman Union

I see, it seems he'd worked on a nuclear project before. Well, I'm never a huge fan of it to say the most.

- Her Imperial And Royal Majesty, Tsarina Catherine V of Ryurik Rossiya

Valentijn's nice, but I can't even talk to Clarissa because robots can't detect ghosts…

People like him make things less depressing.

- Marty Anndrasdan of S i t k a

Always good friends, him and his people are. I know I can count on them for protection if this world of mine ever gets out of hand.

Always friendly, and good at leading his people. There's nothing not to like about this guy.

On the other end of the scale, Valentijn is a truly open-minded and benevolent ruler. Opinion very positive.

He's probably the best thing that's ever happened to their world.

They're one of the few groups that I can say positive for without even reading about them.

- President Larisa Anndrasdan of S i t k a

If there is a novel that has to be so terrible, in every little way, it has to be Twilight. And these two just remind me of the cringy plot from that s**t book. Sure, they have a personality unlike Edward and Bella and whoever the rest are in the book; not uninteresting, but their goody-two-shoes and My Little Garbage Bag demeanour just adds so much salt into my veins... I tried. I tried! I tried to be nice to these guys...but that is like trying to be nice to a...a little evil snail and it would simply break my character.

- His Saltiness and Sourness, Autocrat Elias of Saltyandsour

Comrade Valentijn is a good man and I have great respect for him.

- Michael Strong of Sankt-Mikhail

Possibly the strangest being I have ever encountered, it would serve the state right to dissect and study its mysteries.

- Il Duce Gianfranco Fini of Sapientia Et Bellum

Valentijn seems to be a lovely, cheerful person I can deeply respect. However, I must admit her name is a tad too long, but aside from that, she’s brilliant.

- Lord-Archon Charles Tore Asher Kensington of Sarcana

I don’t mind him at all. I respect his rank and his character, though I am rather surprised by his lack of tactics. Why would anyone promote him if his sole tactic is charging the enemy recklessly? Anyway, I rather like him and his optimism.

- King Freman the Young of Sasseny

Would it be acceptable to declare war on them?

Can I declare war AGAIN? This person is too nice. They are hiding something.

- Sylas Woodward of Seancha

The fact that someone can just survive a nuke to the head and then mutate into a 50 meter tall giant horrifies me.

Valentijn is a bit too strange for being the ruler of the entire world. However, I must agree with him that cats are the best and most cutest animals in the entire universe.

- Rudolf Killian Luxenberg of Senelux

I would suppose so, sir. Interesting…

- Casimira Anna Schwarzenberg, Commander of Serenissian Paramilitary of Serenissia

Despite his rather... peculiar appearance, this gentleman seems very pleasant to talk to.

- Prof. Theodore de Marmesont, Chairman of Citizen's Council of Serenissia

Salutations to you General Valentijn.

- Emperor Naruto Uzumaki of Shogunate of the Uzumaki Empire

[Psychotic Laughter]

- Aliana(?) I of Siberai

Such a grand person. Positive.

My closest friend. Such a breath of fresh air. Eternally positive.

- Her Imperial Highness, Tsarina Aliana Maeris von Richthofen-Habsburg-Romanov I of Siberai

As an Altmer, I am used to towering above almost all I meet, but compared to Valentijn... by the gods, how does one even grow so tall?!

- Vallisara, Empress of Tamriel of Silinairic Tamriel

He emits radiation? Uranium's ore is more expensive than gold, indeed! Reminds me of the song ''Uranium Fever''. Still, I find his military tactics rather foolish - charging in the middle of battlefield. I am surprised, how he even made it back into one piece, when he fought into battlefields.

Our silver board members have started to suspect, that you might not be straight, due of your armor choice. Some have drawn a fanfic of your and Tracer's ship already. Still, you are a friendly giant trope, cool... And yet, even that bastard Horrigan couldn't take you down, if he tried. Bad.

- Connor Perry, Dictator of Rockies of Silver Commonwealth

Just put the governors in their home regions, and it will be okay. I still don't understand, how an Icelandic, or a Norwegian rules over a Japanese region. Their place is in Norwegian, and Icelandic autonomies.

Dutch-Burmese? Well, it nakes it a tad complicated now- should I keep you in Netherlands, or deport to Burma, Australasia? You confuse me, really.

I start to seriously think, that he is a gigantic, and more liberal version of Tom. Ohh, and less nationalistic as well, although we put our nationalism in a very weird way. Anyways, I am neutral on you, giant.

Yet again, I am neutral on this... radioactive giant. He is certainly not the best tactician, however.

Sorry for snark, but that armor is definitely woman's armor, General Valentine. :p Still, I wish you the best luck, while dealing through your life. Is it strange, that I wish luck to a liberal? Alright, I might make this an exception.

- Kayden Watson, President-Governor of European Federation of Silver Commonwealth

Your size seems to change constantly, due of radioactivity... Khm, you sound like an interesting test subject. Neutral.

- Leon Deschênes, Minister of Health of Silver Commonwealth

His lack of ranged attacks are concerning for me. If you don't move fast enough, you are a dead meat, no matter, how fast you are with your melee weapons. Also, GL in getting back to 7 feet - that would be a way more reasonable height, even for your world.

- Preston Anderson, Main agronomist of the Midwest of Silver Commonwealth

Hmm, it is really nice from you to put such a motto for your nation. Neutral... Ehehe.

- Raymond Cousineau, President-Governor of Canada of Silver Commonwealth

Ohh, now SC could be considered as some evil, small twin of your country, right? Anyways, your height really worries me. It makes me feel very small.

Speaking about English... They can go screw themselves. Here, in Suid-Afrika, Anglo-Boer wars are not forgotten! Maybe for British they are, and for you it is a small element in the historybook, but for me... No.

- Renier Langenhoven, President-Governor of Suid-Afrika of Silver Commonwealth

They could be agreeable, and do like to speak diplomatically.

- Tlatolani Chairperson, Cuauhtli[ng] (特拉头剌䛏席人、夸悟特力應) of Sino-Mehxicolan

I'm not going to pretend that i understand this whole pacifism thing, specially coming from what seems to be a great warrior, but with that said i must recognize that you seem to be an honest man with the interest of your people in mind.

- Emperor Morthaw III of Sirrimia

I wonder, if he retains his giant size, when he goes to Valhalla? And if he does, will he be able to prevent Ragnarok by wrestling Fenrir?

But we will be glad to see him anyway.

- Bjorn of Steel of Skyhooked

Such a big guy. Wonder, how much does he eat, and what will happen if ever gets munchies from cannabis... And how can he control radiation inside of him, so he can utilize it in combat, but doesn't irradiate folks during peaceful times. And what exactly was in that nuke? As far as I know, radiation doesn't cause things like increased and rapid growth. Science dudes... Perhaps he is from another universe, where physics are different.

Is he a paragon of the Benevolent gods? The one, who transfers their grace to the people? This dude is usrely that guy! Too bad, there is no joint of his size in Skyhooked.

Our most cheerufl client! I'd hug him, but that would be a bit difficult.

Let's hope, he won't wear gorilla suit to recreate king kong...

If he decides to attend our festival, we'll ask him to tread really carefully. There will be many people out on the streets, and for this giant dude, they are like ants.

- Casey James of Skyhooked

Happiest place ever! I knew, this guy knows how to cheer all the people!

Our favorite cheerful giant! Too bad, we don't have bottle and joint that fit his size.
I'd gladly invite him to Skyhooked, but we don't have a bottle for his size, and if he gets drunk, he might step on someone... Damn, that odd feelin', that he is a Gulliver and we are the lilliputs. Very friendly, drunken lilliputs.

Our favorite giant leader! Wait is this... lady's armor? Interesting.

It's hard to confuse Valentine Z folks with other leaders! Even readin' their dossiers make ya' cheerful! And wanna toast for their health and cheerful demeanor! A toast to ya'!

Of course it's Valentijn, the bringer of happiness! As always, we are positive on this guy with many names, even though it's a complete pain in ass for our archivarius and some diplomates to remember them all.

I wonder, how would he like the rest of mah' family? We Dixons are one of the most rich and powerful families in good ol' Skyhooked, and we can easily afford to host all his cheerful bunch.

- El Presidente Stan Dixon of Skyhooked

I feel just the same. Wish we could invite him to celebration of New Year, but we don't have a bottle fit for him.

Comrades! I also brought vodka mixed with leninade! As it's stated, maintaining best relations with Valentine Z is something we all like to do! I hope to hire their staff, so they could make our festival even better! I am drink, so I admit, that I persuaded some farmers, hunsters and fishermen to bring meat products to PETA headquarters as presents.

Either way, he and all his happy bunch of friends are allies of Skyhooked. And, the most impressive fact, is that all five major clans and also many lesser factions completely approve this alliance. This is a rare occurance.

- First Leader Seth of Skyhooked

His armor required tremendous amount of resources and high level of cooperation to make. His state's craftsmanship is great. Good job!

- John Walker AI of Skyhooked

So, he is the one, who runs all this happy show in Valentine Z, this paradise of pure happiness and... those adorable and irresistible cats. I want one... Now. I'll take a maine coon one. Noticeble, that he is far more powerful than me... is he an acutal deity? Whose domain is happiness and cats? And i belive, that he'll learn to control his radiation power even without special suit. I admit, I am only sure, because I'll lose a barrel of whiskey to Stan Dixon, if he doesn't.

And they married and after that, lived long and happy life. Like forever. Valentijn and Clarissa are both great persons, and it would be nice to visit their realm sometime. Perhaps, I'll go forth and learn Valkyrie speak, it reminds me of Deutsch, and as fas as I know, also has words from Francais... Now what should I say about this long named Clarissa? With her specs, she makes John Walker AI look like an old calculator. If they pick me up, they can play with me. But they better not drop me from the height. I am tough, yeah, but it's still hardly pleasant, and despite my immortality, I am still not an invulnerable being. I know, they'll be careful, but shit happens. Now, could you please tell me that legend of Mister Rogers and his neighborhood?

I'll always recognize this trademark cheerfullness, mixed with selfless love and kindness. Such simple, yet such beautiful feelings, which make us people and help to unite in our infinite quest for progress. As it was stated many times, we are to maintain cordial relations with Valentine Z and it's awesome people. Sure, they might praise and love those hostile to us too, but... how can one be angry at them? Situations, when our best allies fought eachother with a fury of thousand suns are countless. I say, we toast in their name and raise the glasses to the sun! May their bright and shining souls give the light to all, forever!

Whatever we had to say about him, we have already said. An ally of our's, who wishes for nothing, but the best for his people and those of other countries. I wonder, what if he and other Valentinian leaders are some sort of benevolent deities? It possibly could be so, as they all possess unusual abilities and insight.

Right now, I have three large bags of weed, 73 LSD stamps, saltshaker full of cocaine, three crates of whiskey, four crates of beers, a bottle of whiskey and half full small barrel of rum in my room. And I can share some of it with this awesome leader of an equally awesome country! Too bad, that for his size that whatever I have won't be even 1/10 of ED-50 (Minimal dose, that causes effect in 50% of subjects) for this dude. But... I still have a way to say, how much I like him! My maine coon cat, I got as a present... turned out, he had some extramarital activities lately with lady maine coon, and I have four beautiful kittens. I'll send them to Valentine Z. I do love Valentinians, and this will never change! Too bad, he won't love all my allies and homies, but... through charisma, I will try to fix and mend relations between Valentine Z and Pan-Asiatic states.

That armor looks pretty nice, won't look good on me... too bad. Either way, Valentijn, the leader of all this happy bunch is always a welcome sight for me. We do share many similarities with eachothers, we fight slavery, we actually care about our people and we know how to have an awesome party! Well, gotta admit, our parties are louder and rowdier. It's still an unusual sight to look at... two benevolent giants hold their hands and speak of kind things. They are welcome to visit our Grand Festival, we are holding right now. Just... try not to step on anyone.

Oh, about buildin' relations and such, I have an offer from Beaver Co, Isaak's constructions, and Orderly Masons building compaines. I admit, they paid me good money to deliver it in our interaction. In short, they wanna expand their markets to new countries and they belive, that Valentine Z would look like a good place to do so. Besides, they will be able to learn new technologies in architecture. Either way, I am glad, that we have managed to build up the relations between Skyhooked and Valentine Z that easy. Such partnership benefits us both, dudes! Oh, and gotta admit, it feels weird to hear, that I am a little friend., cuz for ordinary people, I am pretty damn big and tall guy. I know, that you dudes are giants, but still...

No, no, no big guy! War with Rapture is a delayed and likely cancelled show, so don't ya' worry, Skyhooked and it's awesome cities gonna be fine and well! I read and read his dossier, and to me, he reminds me of one of those Benevolents, the good gods, revered by Refreshment Cult, or... what if all this bunch are actual Paragons of Benevolent ones? Ol' Casey tries to determine that by smoking weed and interperting various signs, but he is still in doubt. Either way, Valentijn will always be a welcomed guest in Skyhooked, especially when we start the Grand Festival!

- Shawn Bjornson, the Demigod of Skyhooked. of Skyhooked

I cannot understand how one can be so....joyful, I suppose. My opinion of them is positive.

- Tsar Casimir II Jagiellon of Slavonia of Slavonia

For a robot, I can trust her... Slightly.

Heh, always positive on them. I wonder if they want to purchase our Ababil missile while they're at it.

- President Nurullah Al-Amin of Social Nationalist Syria

You're pretty tinned up general. And what's with the long Dutch sounding name? Are you related to Holly in any way? But I'm gonna stay neutral. I'm a pushover when it comes to people with brute force who also look intimidating.

Why hello there 'incredibly long Dutch sounding in the middle of your name who looks like Tracer from Overwatch but I may be going into a State of extending out your name a bit too long.' You know, you guys seem so cheerful most the times. I mean, how can I get mad or annoyed at people like you when you're always so dang cheerful? I can't! So for you, I'll be positive. And I'm not saying this just so you'll ignore my oppressive nature when it comes to diplomatic meetings and trade. No sir-re.

- The Ultimate Supreme Leader: Kokichi Oma of Socialist Communist States

I appreciate what you have said about me, and about my glorious invention: the internet (at least I think it was this character?). However, I didn't just simply invent it for my nation. No, sir. I am the original inventor of the internet. Now thats cleared up. Anyways, that radiation you produced.... I am incredibly curious, can you power a nuclear power station by yourself? Or will that kill you or something?

Well hello there, Mr Valentijn. It's nice to see you again. It's a real shame that you're not a naturalised citizen. You could of voted for me. Although, you are a Dutch-Burmese... wait a minute, that could technically mean you're a Quaker. Yeah. You could probably vote for me in the election... I do hope you'll use that 2 x Apocalyptic Punch you have on my opponents. I need as few opponents in the race, so I can become President. I'm very positive about you. Let's hope that trend continues.

- The Vice President: Al Gore of Socialist Communist States

It's a good thing Soleanna does not co-exist with this monstrosity.

Solaris does not even recognize you as a being.

If it isn't the bipolar abomination…

Awwwe someone's still hurt over a measly insult, grow a pair and take it like man; The political world will and never be a place of flowers and rainbows.

Keep playing with your dolls, waste bin.

This monstrosity thinks they can assimilate any nation into their hivemind by playing things nice.... and strike when least expected.

Well if it isn't the scrap metal monstrosity....

- Emperor of Soleanna, Lawrence II of Soleanna

Positive. Not a threat, and surprisingly very friendly.

- Administrator Nadia Elbaz of Soleos

Neutral-positive, my amigo.

Neutral, but leaning to positive. I wouldn't want to know, what hides behind his radiation suit, tho.

Positive. You are a leader, that your country needs ;) .

- Juan Laguna, son of Caudillo (In 2199) of Spanish Falangist State

Woah, you are nice. Positive.

Well, he's nice. Positive.

Of course, that opinion is positive! :)

Positive! You make everyone cheerful. :D [Somewhat nervous]

Positive! :)

- Olivia Laguna, adopted daughter of Caudillo (In 2199) of Spanish Falangist State

Positive, Valentijn! Clarissa is still the most cheerful, but you seem to be a fun dude too. :D

Positive. Do you like paella? Cruz loved to eat it with his wooden spoon, because he disliked metal ones…

Positive, definitely.

I have one advice for you- never stop, what you are doing. ;)

You all are positive pals, so positive. Well, maybe except for the last one...

- Saúl Laguna, Caudillo of Spanish Falangist State of Spanish Falangist State

Positive!, is always good to see like minded people!

I love you all! In a friendly sense of course! :P

I would like to meet him!, he seems like a nice person!

Like minded people get a super positive from me!

Hello there my big friend!, how are you doing?, really fine I guess!

- Aiko Suzuki, Ennio's secretary (AKA De facto Second Lady) of Stanier

As if I could be more positive on Valentijn.

Always liking them, and that isn't due for change.

No capiscoriente (I don't understand).

Hey Valentijn, il mio gigante radioattivo preferito, è bello vederti!, come stai? (My favorite radioactive giant, good to see you!, how are you?)

Non lo so, but what I do know is that Val is quite the kindest gigante radioattivo around

- Angelina Scaletta, Prima donna di Stanier (First Lady of Stanier) of Stanier

Don't worry about Scaletta Val, he should be back on a couple of weeks or so, that's if his mental health is not permanently screwed, as for you, positive as always.

*Grinning* Positive!, how I couldn't be?

Wow, that superseded my expectations.

Positive on the friendly giant.

It's always good to see or hear Valentijn, brings a bit of calm to the air.

I like those fellas and if Aiko was cheerful as always I'm sure she would love meeting that Japanese-speaking gal [towards Intelligence Officer Jenny].

- Ennio Barbaro, the 14th Vice-President of Stanier of Stanier

Well, I ain't got nothin' to say about Val that I haven't said yet, he's one charming giant that cares deeply about his friends, and we hold 'im in a high rega-... Wait a sec, Sing's callin'. I'll put him on the speakerphone.

*Holding Aiko* Hehe! Congrats! Have a nice life you two!

- Ennio Joey Barbaro, Vice-President of the Mafiosi Republic of Stanier

*Looking Up and screaming to be heard* Wow, wow! ¡Demasiado grande! (Too big!) Either way, you seem like good people! I've heard about you Mr. Valentijn! Nice job saving humanity and all! But some stuff sounds fucky in my perspective! And you Clari? Well, I just have to say: ¡Seguí así de animada! (Keep being that cheery!) You make my day, every time!

- Sandro Mèndez, Procuratore Generale della Repubblica Stanieresa of Stanier

Now, what is this? A pair of overly cheerful giants? One of which is some sort of Terminator modelled after something actually ideal, now that is nice. But what isn't nice is that the Terminator is somehow married to this radioactive giant, and how they poke into my upbringing and personal life, how my father raised me is just fine! Thank you! And do tell the wanker Brit to leave him the hell alone. I admire Valentijn's ways to save mankind, so I suppose that at least at a professional level, we will be okay.

Alright, so here's the so-called 'Savior of humanity' once again. Whilst I do respect him from saving us from total annihilation and uniting mostly everyone under a single banner. My respects don't extend to the personal area. Seeing as he subtly insulted my heritage, or being more direct, my father. Professional Cordiality is the best Valentijn is getting from me.

- Shinoda Akira, Commizionata Principale dalla Repubblica Stanieresa of Stanier

Ahh... Ennio, sei qui? Perfetto, I just wanted to say before boarding that: Val, we've been holdin' up good around here and you should take care of yourself, send greetings to the rest of the gang! Ci vediamo!

*Sees the news* ... Scusami, che cazzo? Are you following Ennio's ways?

Oh-ho! Quest' uomo! It's been a while. Molto tempo, one of the few people I've never had any problemi with, in and out of office. Buona fortuna per te.

- Sing Antonio Scaletta, Presidente della Repubblica Mafiosa (President of the Mafiosi Republic) of Stanier

Always positive on the cheerful radioactive giant.

I have my eyes on you Valentijn… [heavy paranoia]

Always positivo on Valentijn.

Heh, his shoulders are even higher than the Empire Bay Building, anyway, positivo come sempre.

Look who it is!, the overly cheerful gigante radioattivo!, come stai?

Positivo come sempre.

Hey, aquí también se habla eso, somos un país multicultural, mi opinión es positiva como siempre para todos ustedes gente de Valentine Z (Hey, we speak that here too, this is a multicultural country, my opinion is positive as always for all of you people of Valentine Z).

Hey there Valentijn!, è bello vederti come sempre, come stai? (Good to see you as always, how are you?).

Positivo su questa gente come sempre (Positive about this people as always).

Come sempre, I'm fine with this giant.

È bello veder Val after a while, seriously, how the hell were Ennio and Aiko taking our place?

Sono positivo come sempre su Valentijn, e bello vederti amico. (I'm positive as always about Valentijn, it's good to see you friend.)

Ah. Il mio gigante radioattvo preferito, sono positivo of course!

Hey, if you don't like Val, you sicuramente have to be heartless.

Val!, è bello vederti!, hey, quick question, mind talking to Gwen?, or at least make her shut up about that dannata fourth wall?, it's getting quite annoying.

And here's the good and big man Valentijn!, How ya doin'?

- Sing Antonio Scaletta, the 14th president of Stanier of Stanier

Well, what can I say about Valentine that none of us hasn't said before?... Aspetta, bella nuova armatura! Looks completely manly! *Chuckles*

- Valentina Vittoria Scaletta, Prima donna di Stanier (First Lady of Stanier) of Stanier

Go home to Chernobyl you giant radioactive socialist abomination.

- Your almighty highness, Ronald D. Drumpf, Governor of the supreme Stanierian state of F*** Socialism of Stanier


- President Adrian Miroslav of Stojam

His removal would best suite our interests, most definitely. Hail HYDRA.

- HYDRA Command of Strength and Order

I weep for the future they have created. So little progress, so little unity, so inferior genetics. It is all very distressing. And you, Valentijn, are the worst. You are a poor leader, both political and military. You charge in without strategy or thought, rather than executing carefully crafted strategies to lead your people to victory. And as a leader, you are soft, and have allowed your people to become lazy and complacent. You have done little to unify your people in any way, nor to expand your influence. All you do is consume enough food to cause a famine and take up space. If this is what the future has in store, I cry for all of humanity that the species has been brought so low.

- Earl the Destroyer of Super Mutant Army

Obtaining a DNA sample should be a high priority for the Unconventional Division. This will permit us to not only develop an agent to silence another lover of d*m*cr*cy, but to further our own biotechnology as well. His reckless trust of others may greatly simplify this operation.

- O-6 of Supreme Authority

We will purge this sinner and have them burn in hell!

- Father Atom of -Survivors of Earth-

Oh well, Positive.

- Raja Amrit Baniya of Suryavanshi Kingdom of Nepal

They are a bit strange... But overall my opinion is positive.

- Befälhavare Stella Oväder (Commander Stella Ovader) of -Svenska Riket-


- President Mauricio Gálvez of Synarchist Mexico-
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Opinions on General Valentijn [Part III]

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:55 am

Opinions on Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General ov Valentine Z” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Tristian Marnix Basilisk Lewis Hyatt X. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing.
*looking up* Positive as always. Just try not to step on me.

- Grand Vizier Hassana ibna Hassan al-Aziz of Tahuriya

A part of me wishes everyone could be more like the General, here. Might make life just a bit more enjoyable.

The General and his posse are some of the few genuinely good people left out there... Never hurts to see 'em around.

- President Anthony McGuinness of Tawwassen

Happiness is Valentian propaganda. Of course, that's a joke, but his Earth recovered in a few decades from a nuke hellstorm, he deserves to be hailed as a hero in his Earth.

He saved the world and rebuilt a better one in the ashes of the old world. My problem is, the pursuit for happiness is the most inferior of pursuits for intelligent beings.

- National Primarch Erik Hammer-Sunendt of Tetradimensional Overworld

Their personality is a bit excessive. I just don't understand how one can be so cheerful. It's almost...irritating.

- Empress Lune III of Teutonican Empire

Amazing, Valentijn is probably the closest ive seen to a true act of god, His life was drastically changed by destiny and he choose to make the world a better place where others would choose personal gain or just surrender, I think i can respect somebody like that.

- King Antimonos II of Thakia

Look like giant that warriors kill in dry south lands, but with metal armor. Mean he weaker than south land giant.

- Chieftain Dragzok of The Ahmika Tribe

Hey, it's Valentijn! I'll never not like him, I can safely say that.

Hey Valentijn, it's been a while! W-wait... why do you smell like another Ausar? Hmmm…

Valentijn is a nice man, it's truly a pleasure to see him around. I like him, everyone in his country likes him, I'm sure most foreign leaders like him. He knows how to get on peoples' good sides for sure. I really am proud to be able to call him one of my friends, it's hard to find those these days. I would say that his strategies as a general are... uh, rather unconventional, however...

- President Astela Jouko Valbe of The Albali Republic

Most fascinating people they are.

- The Archeon of The Archeon


- The Archon of The Arkanian Houses

I suppose General Valentine is a respectable gentleman, though I have heard his positive-attitude towards everything can be quite the nuisance.

He’s a respectable gentlemen, quite large for wearing a traditional clothing to a banquet, though, if I have any plans for one. I’ll be sure, to contact my favorite clothing company to sow one for him.

I believe the acceptance complex that the General Valentine has. Has completely gone too far with having open arms to tyrannical tyrants for being tyrannical without a justified reason to the reason of why. It makes me very cautiously weary of Valentine, at the moment......

I am short, though not as short as my wife. So, if you would kindly not mock my 5’7 height that would be nice. Otherwise, my opinion is positive.

Valentine actually dislikes someone? That’s quite unnatural coming from the likes of him and his kin, always having some fondness towards person, including the Multiversal villains around the omniverse. Well, it’s interesting, — or maybe unsettling to some with this news, but, regardless my opinion is positive with them.

My opinion is positive as it is impossible to have any ill-feelings towards the gentle giant.

I stand, as always; positive on Valentine.

My only wish is for Valentine to remain sane throughout the entire month of October. Because last year was a cancerous disaster. If so, my opinion is positive and military intervention shouldn’t have to on the table, to restrain that evil sh*tposter within the depths of his soul.

- Emperor Abikara Seiho of The Ashkeran Empire


- Emperor Tiranisu Seiho of The Ashkeran Empire

Like any half-wit. It would be wise to destroy this monstrous beast that has ravaged the empire with terrorism by selling teddy bears with mirco bombs, in them. To pleasure on the delights of giving and murdering our children. Completely deplorable and evil, to say the least of this abomination! He must be destroyed at once!

- Prince Tiraniusu Seiho of The Ashkeran Empire

Once you get past how intimidating his height can be, he'll be one of your best friends!

- Chancellor Astara Bellesa nar Mirnich of The Ausar Confederation

He's a very nice person in general; amicable, which is rare these solar cycles. However, I worry that he's too lenient in terms of political freedoms and civil rights; there's always the chance of someone like Megatron writhing from the woodwork to start a Great War. Anyway, my opinion on General Valentine is positive.

- Supreme Commander Ultra Convoy of The Autobot Commonwealth

We will prepare him 400 kg of pure hemp, that should get him high… maybe?

- Lord Gusta of The Awesome Land

... Because of things like these, we deny rights to AIs, it's like marrying a glorified sex doll... Also because we need to wiretap everything in the city, it's for your safety... And decency.

If this guy thinks that he's ending crime with hugs and kisses, then let me tell y'all that in Palmont City, we've had scooched up to them street racers for too long, and now is the time for the nightstick and the jail cell.

Cheerfulness might be something good, but in excessive quantities it just pisses me off.

*Holding a cup of coffee* I am very wary of... Him; I don't know what but something about him is slightly off, he can't be all smiles and kindness can't he? *Takes a sip*

*Shamelessly cruising around in a police outfitted Chevrolet SS and speaking through a loudhailer* From the Palmont Police Department to the degenerates who run Valentine Z: We would just like to say that you are complete idiots, and I won't retract my comments! Have an awful day. *Turns on the sirens and drives away*

*Whooshing by in a 9C1 96 Impala* IDIOTS!

Oh! It's the fifty-meter radioactive joke who likes to destroy public property once again! For a guy who says he's all about peace and love you surely are a vandalic a-

- Lt. Nathan Cross, Police Chief of the Palmont PD of The City-State of Palmont

Uh-oh, I have a feeling that something bad's gonna happen if these two decided to pay us mortals a visit…

- Nikki Fitzpatrick, President of the Palmont City Council of The City-State of Palmont

We find Valentijn's method of governing rather common, and inefficient, as it is limited by moral preferences rather than objective concerns. However, there is one aspect of their personality which we value. Valentijn has managed to live with extreme height and with their physical form posing a danger to others for an extended period of time. This would make Valentijn an ideal subject for experiments in virtualizing the humanoid brain architecture, were they living within Mainframe territory.

- 401-THE-ROOT-PROCESSORS of The Cosmic Mainframe

Well, General... would you care to tell me how many people would be crying if you died right now?

What's with all this... 'kindness'? It is sickening.

Another arse-speaking human. Even with the size and strength of giants, you are soft and weak.

- Arch Priest Argost Grimmsfeng of The Cult of War

I feel...incredibly annoyed by the Chief Aviator’s childlike character. I was tolerant of her behaviour as a human but I feel that my blood is spiking every time she opens her face hole to opinionate.

- The Lord of the Dark World, Hewitt I of The Dark World of Northern Ateria

Really, out of all the people in the world, I like to think of Valentijn to be one lovable idiot. And he is personally my lovable idiot in a very affectionate way.

He’s... adorable in a way. I mean I’m pretty happy that Val isn’t some sort of asshole who takes delight in the suffering of other people.

- Capo Di Tutti Capi, Maria De Luca of The De Luca Crime Family

Oh. Hello Valentine. You haven’t changed much at all. From the last time, I saw you. I was impregnating you with a black hole in attempts to kill you. I would like to do it again, however, it’ll be much funnier to just turn your insides outside to have a nice margarita listening the music of Valentine screams for a couple hours. Otherwise remind the crew, I’m still alive and this Holly freezing whore better watch herself, trying to de-throne my position as the top-dog in celebrity villains.

- The Earl Victor of The Earl Victor

Well, I'm not entirely the fondest of machines, but, hello there.

- Tsar Casimir II Jagiellon of Slavonia of The Empire of Slavonia

A man of his services is respectable, however our policies are not compatible at all.

- Herman Von-Kitchener of The Free Islands of Independence

Real soldiers have brains and the ability to work as a team. Your General has neither.

- Commander Cody of The Galactic Liberal Democracy

A tad soft and cheery to the point I think it can't possibly be real? If has to be put on. I would say, hunting or the the military might toughen them up.

- Empress Alicia Weitz Maximus of The Great Intergalactic Empire

Too Liberal and a Hippie. Not someone I would want in my presence.

- Emperor Egglin Drakeson of The Great Templar order

I would appreciate it if this giant fellow had blonde eyes and blue hair...wait I worded all of that wro- ahem, anyways, Valentijn is a good fellow for now if he has blonde hair and blue eyes. Anything but those aspects like brunettes I find disdainful.

- The Great Dictator, Adenoid Hynkel of The Greater Tomanian Reich

General Valentijn is beyond my comprehension... Perhaps some things we just aren't mean to comprehend. Of what I do know about him, he seems like a nice person; My only problem is that with him around, I suddenly don't seem so intimidating anymore.

Valentine, you magnificent bastard, I need a pet cat. Preferably something like a cheetah.

- Manfred Großfürst von Blum, Hochmarschall des Reiches und Kriegssekretär of The Great-German Empire

And if that's not metal, I don't know what is! The point is, Val, you don't need to be offended when the Kaiser, with all of his emotional baggage, vents about idiots who could've gotten him or our whole country into trouble. You're a leader yourself and you should know how that feels. You also should know that this conversation is possible because Minister of Science Stroheim reverse-engineered your futuristic spy gear with a simple pre-space age blowtorch, which is how we were able to contact you.

- Manfred Großfürst von Blume, Hochmarschall des Reiches of The Great-German Empire

Valentijn, you have a brain the size of a Panzer. Please use it. In the remarks that you have happened to overhear, was I talking about you or people like you? No, I was talking about clueless fools who are ungrateful to their noble and - know I don't use that word lightly - selfless defenders. The ones who think we could talk things out in 1942 or 1994. The ones who think we should have yielded to Indonesia in 2018. They are stupid and careless - to the point where they will spit on a soldier for existing. That's not you. You're a former soldier who knew that sometimes drastic measures must be taken - no, you still do know that. You aren't a hippie who would shriek and spit in disgust when looking at a gun; you are a walking skyscraper who transforms his own bodily radiation into medical auras. // So please, General, stop being angry at me... And please, never again imply that my wife and children will not survive to say goodbye to me when I go. That makes me much more offended than anything you've felt.

- S.K.M. Friedrich V, Deutscher Kaiser of The Great-German Empire

Valentijn... This will be a fun sentence.., Valentijn De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Marnix Svw. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing, is a leader that is... Well up there on the unusual list. With myself being high up there aswell. A fellow warrior, and one who wasn't afraid to take a few hits, while still respecting those outside... Though, surviving a direct nuclear bomb hit? I want to learn that trick. And it is interesting, being smaller than another leader for once, an experience I never believed I would be on the receiving end of... And it is good that a way was found to help with the radiation emission, even turning it into something that helped others around him. Overall? A very positive opinion of him. Would be interesting to meet him a few times.

Well. There's very little I can say against him... If anything... Perhaps my only comment is his incredibly unlucky timing, and positioning. He is certainly a good ruler, and I can say nothing against him. I can respect his military career, and getting sick of killing. Atleast he didn't shift to view life as cheap- Something critical in his world... And all others.

- Minister Tannat Kozok of The Gryphonic States

He is literally the perfect example of a good role model for my people living at the Happy Hotel! I mean, me and my friends will try to observe him and his character so that we can use him as an example of a person with a good soul.

- Princess of Hell, Charlie of The Hazbin Hotel

I consider General Valentijn to be a friend and ally, a man who can be trusted no matter the circumstance, and who can always be trusted to act in a moral fashion. General Valentijn... if you are ever in need, feel free to call me, and I will do what I can to aid you. You have my word.

- Sadie Ann, Hell Queen of the Sin of Wrath of The Hell Legions

Well, I can't really find a reason to dislike Valentijn. He's so... well, opposite to what I expect a general should be like, though. It's not easy for me to adjust to.

- President Jennifer L. Harper of The Hook Islands

Sate, kono repōto wa kyōmibukai mono ni narudeshou, it seems that Valentijn is a cheerful soul, and one of the most calm and friendly ones I have seen in this well, place, at least I know that he's a really great person as far as I can tell, and leading his nation to be neutral but carrying a stick larger than any other stick I could imagine, how I would've loved that, hah, now, it seems that he is a very strong person too, I could compare his leadership style to older presidents of Imperial America, and his strength to that of a heavy tank, now, I close this report with one note, Anata wa totemo subarashī hitodesu, watashi no yūjin.

- Emperor Franklin D. Roosevelt of The Imperial American Federation

For such a friendly character he has a rather nightmarish taste in attire. I suppose I can't really judge though as our armed forces uses skulls in it's insignia, and I can understand how that might look to outsiders.

His height is staggering, even our massive supertanks would look like RC toys to him. I suppose it's good he's not malevolent.

I find his suit to be rather sinister in appearance, surely he could have fashioned himself something less horror-inspiring than a divers suit with needles?

The fact he survived a direct hit from a intercontinental ballistic missile is nothing short of a miracle. By all means such a direct impact should have completely erased every trace of his existence, leaving nothing behind to irradiate. I can't even begin to fathom how he could still be here after that.

- Empress Kallistrate VIII The Dauntless of The Imperial Reach

Huzzuh! I breath once more in the vile F7 air! Now, my opinion on the General~? She’s a great lass, very nice and interesting. Far too tall for me, but I’m 4’10, so that’s to be expected. Nonetheless, very positive.

- Akeldama Rothsgori-Lucifer, Personification and Monarch of Versilia of The Islands of Versilia

It isn't a person, just a mindless machine. Some may think it is intelligent, but its not, just a clever simulation. It should be should be destroyed for the good of all and the leader slapped for taking it as his mate. What a foolish decision, you can't breed with metal.

- Swarm Queen Khik'an the Unifier of The Krirken Swarm

These are the nicest giants this side of the multiverse! I may not personally agree with what they sometimes stand for but that doesn't mean that everything they do isn't without the best of intentions.

- Supreme Emperor Roger Childers of The Liamese Empire

They do seem pretty friendly…

- Secretary Ship Katori-Class CLT Kashima of The Naval District

I guess they're alright.

- Secretary Ship Katori-Class CLT Katori of The Naval District

A giant cat-lover in a radiation suit? Has the entire world outside our borders lost all sense?

- President Augustus Gallow of The New Panem State

I must admire his honor and ferocity in battle. In another life, he would have made an exceptional viking.

- Fylkja Helena Farseer of The Nordic-Commonwealth

Literally fucking wholesomeness, this guy right here is the reason why his universe has not imploded yet, he's a pretty nice guy and a decent person, especially when discussing like civil people unlike let's say fucking Mercs, anywho I actually find him pretty alright, so if I were to rate him, I'd say 8492 out of 10.

- President Larry Foulke of The Osean-Belkan Alliance

He's a very friendly and pleasant person, perhaps one of the nicest leaders these days.

- The Sentiel of The Paradigm

No matter what, I honestly can't bring myself to dislike him. Opinion positive.

- Dr. Sola Viira of The Pearlescent Sands

I grow increasingly uncomfortable prior to this Surveillant’s seemingly continuous transformation from a human to...whatever the hell she is right now. Safe to say, she’s as harmful as a gerbil.

- Her Imperial Majesty, Holy German Empress Ottilie I of The Pendulum Wars

The General is a bit too soft to assume such a prestigious military title.

- His Royal Majesty, King Alistaire I of The Pendulum Wars


- Sackboy of The Pendulum Wars

Valkyrie General Valentijn has caught me by surprise; I have never anticipated a giant (except Ant Man during Captain America: Civil War) of his scale before in my life as king. It is good to see that he is benevolent and humble despite his sheer height.

- T'Challa of The Pendulum Wars

They always bring a smile on my face! Only if Sun kne—errrm.....Nothing!!! My opinion is positive on them!

Happy New Year, Valentijne! :lol: :)

What is this? Happiness? No, just the face of tormented angels looking at me....


- His Serene Majesty, Emperor Akibara Seiho of The Pheonix Imperium

It's impossible to [be] anything against the radioactive titan, so, therefore, my opinion is positive.

- Chancellor Hellion Vonstein of The Rapture Republic

Yes, the Big Brother with a smile that pulls everyone to believe his little ‘utopia’ is real without any shadiness is happening to pull off the sham. Where in reality, the citizens are drugged same with the water resources except for a few places reserved for the Elites to access, in order to control the population and keep the jolly charade going on, forever. I will remain suspicious of Valentine’s regime, but due to my staunch belief in non-interventionism — Rapture will accept establishing trade agreements, as we are valiant in not caring about different versions of governance to a very very very minor extent, like theoretical genocidal anti-human alien empires as that almost nonexistent extent.

The Man who believes he is a thousandth feet mostly caused by drugs produced by his regime to think this to be real. As the system is failing to prevent the containment of the sober leadership over the contaminated populace. Despite this delusional despot, my opinion has swifted from negative to neutral. As I return to my senses in not giving a damn about what is happening in other countries.

My breakfast would be better if they weren’t present here. I will appear the oceanic ecosystem from my office window but no. Here I am required to read about these two deplorables, an idealist and a mechanical atrocity in the new appearance. Reminds me of a peasant from Pan-Asiatic States. Absolutely revolting. Anyways, enough of the loathing about my enemies to further ruin my morning meal. My stance is negative and I pray to see them fall by natural means or if any kindness was desired to be shown to them, take assistance from that country Euphoria X, instead of parading a utopian nightmare were citizens are intoxicated by happy pills to believe it to be real.

In my many disagreements with this utopian society ruled by Valentine and his comrades, I have no malicious intentions to do harm upon them. They have as must right as any other self-governing nation as any other. Provided if they aren’t hawks, that is. Which is doubtful, seeing that they are pacifists. Otherwise, my stance is neutral.

My patience with his crew is nearing its end. If they don’t drop the crusade to ignite hostileities between our two nations to become something ridiculous like the battle between good and evil, which both concepts are subjective to the eye of the bolder. You can disagree with the ways of my people but you can do so in the manner that keeps our relations neutral and not moving towards a unpleasant fate, Mr Valentine. That is all I have to say about them as a whole.

- Chancellor John Mercer of The Rapture Republic

I knew that cat, I feed it to V666. It was a nice cat. Anyways, my opinion is positive.


- Chancellor Thomas Hall of The Rapture Republic

I can’t hate them but I can sell them to some very sepressed [surpressed?] billionaires with having to subjugate them first so rebellion is a no-no.

- Chancellor Victor Vonstein of The Rapture Republic

His compassion and friendliness is undisputed and is appreciated by everyone. However, his nuclear mutation is big opportunity for physiologists everywhere, when a sample is given to be studied and used for developing atomic zombie, which will extremely boost my favoritism with the Chancellor, oh how he’ll be pleased in the evolutionary apex of chemical warfare.

- Doctor Damien Blackwell, Minister of Chemical Warfare of The Rapture Republic

I find this Valentijne character to be most remarkable, when regarding that he overcome the tragedy of a nuclear war that almost destroyed humanity, and himself miraculously saving the race from extinction and forging a utopia without any ulterior motives establishing a true and real garden of Eden. I am quite amazed by his labour to build a perfect society out of the ashes. However, my impressions with his achievements stop with his disdain for my grumpy brother and stretching that disdain to all Aquarians. Who have nothing to do with, whatever childish affair is happening between John and Valentjine. It will only make this high school rivalry worse, if you throw in folks, who did nothing to sour foreign relations. I hope my brother and yourself get back to neutral terms. It would show signs of maturity but if not, kept the hate restricted, ok? And not at anyone that so happens to be associated with the Rapture Republic. In conclusion, I am neutral.

- Prof. Zackary Mercer of The Rapture Republic

Oh hiii Valentine! It’s great to see your smiling face again! It’s been getting quite dull around here in Rapture. Well, dull to extent that doesn’t involve experiments going horribly gone and someone’s day getting ruined because of it. Nevertheless, how are you? How’s the Crew doing? I heard you receive a new friend out from the magical box! That’s pretty sweet.

Well is an underestimate. Though they aren’t destroyed yet, there many days or perhaps years to see the true number of casualties in the Crusader War. But knowing from previous interactions with frienemies of Rapture they will not surrender, liberty or death is particularly what those organic live by. It is very intriguing to say the least and it is unfortunate our leaders have gotten this far to start shouting at one another. Anyways, my opinion of Valentine hasn’t changed much from the ongoing events. It is very positive and his presence is appreciated it always lightens the mood in the moodiest of moods. It would be nice to meet him in person one day.

- SilverNet of The Rapture Republic

All of them are truly wonderful people, it’s a shame that every time they are brought up in conversation with the Ministry of science. They desire their extraordinary radiance for military purposes, sigh, what’s with organics obsession for death and destruction? And this is coming from a military AI.

Positive! My morning has brighten thanks to them!

Positive, Valentijne has always been good to me, so why would I have a different opinion of him now?

I’m delighted to see the big friendly again, however, my history with hackers isn’t great, they all keeping ending up dead in the most gruesome way imaginable, for trying to get around my firewall defense, do they really want to suffer the same faith as those before them have tried? However, Sombra seems smart enough to prioritize her life over my data files.

Aw, lookie at the country’s flag so adorable and full of love, expressing the very nature of the Valentinians!

Oh, that’s what a human roasting is. Guess, what I originally thought was pretty disturbing to even imagine, well, anyways. My thoughts are a yummy strawberry on General Valentine and his friends!

Valentine is champion of making the universe a safer place, however, I cannot say the same with my universe. As, it seems emotions are running high and the threat of a second would war is becoming imminent.

Valentijne’s habit to dress up like a carbonite female is a oddity for me, it’s very strange though harmless. Despite it going against traditional gender roles, which I prefer not to be crossed for the sake of normalcy. As, humanity is entering into a exotic darkish times for the western world.

Too busy for party. Oh well, the Valentines have a country to govern and keep stabile so no rest for the workaholics, I guess. Otherwise, my opinion is positive.

Oh, Valentine I haven’t see you in awhile. How are you liking Eta? He’s but too much for me, always illuminating the room with his poisonous upbringing radiance, ruining the villainous aura of my nation. We’re trying to maintain, overall. He’s not overtly overbearing or obnoxious with his positive messages, he’s an important resource for our plans. Nonetheless, my opinion is neutral towards you.

My opinion with them, is always positive.

I’m choking on his happy aura, so damn intoxicating....Ehk! But so fu*king worth it.

No. I will not deactivate the hybrid big daddy, he’s the prefect sapient being to ease all the distress off my shoulders.

Happy Giant, Happy bot.

Ten thousand Chinese orphans have reportedly died from attempting to escape to happiness, at the Wong Teddy Bear factory in Xiajang from hearing the voice of General Valentine.

Every time I get close to this flaming rainbow of positivity and tolerance. A child is automatically killed at random, this time it was a starving brat in North Korea or was it Africa. I cannot tell the difference beteeen the two, but he’s the cause of my world’s problems! I wished that black hole I put in his stomach, killed him.

- VictorNet of The Rapture Republic

Mr. Valentijn. Your name is longer, your legs are longer, but you seem a capable and strong leader.

- Technocrat-General James Abrasax of The Raven Technocracy

Aren't you a little too tall to be holding an office? Most desks are met for the people the sit behind them, not the buildings they're as tall as.

- Grand Chieftess Raven Branwen, the Butcher of Mistral of The Remnant Axis

Hoo-wee! She's huge, and she's not that bad of a person! Even though she's a villain, she surprisingly likes that!

- Neopolitan, protege to Mr. Torchwick of The Remnant Axis

You're... quite the large subject, are you? Is this size natural for your people?

- Queen of the Grimm, Rightful Leader of Remnant, Salem of The Remnant Axis

He is certainly a mysterious person from the photo my attorney gave to me. But I should move on from a person's appearance to their character: Mr. [insertveryveryverylongnamehere] gets along with other leaders fine here aside from those dictators who seek to exploit.

- His Excellency, President Colvin Burrell Armstrong of The Reunited Southern States

Valentijin is a brave and bold soul as well as an accomplished military combatant, though I would have to agree with his contemporaries when they say his methods are 'strategically stupid' despite their ability to be successful, so more power to him. Overall, I am supportive.

- King George III of The Royal American Commonwealth

She Seems okay in my Opinion.

- Nikolay A. Nikonov. of The Russian Nations

Jesus Christ, an Immortal Being, not like those are uncommon in the 'Multiverse'.

I Have to Say, 2/3rd's of his Armor are Questionable, the Other was the Best.

- President Nikolay A. Nikonov of The Russian Nations

He appears too... happy. There's nothing wrong with being happy yet he seems a bit... laid-back? I can't quite get the word.

- Tsesarevich Sergey II of The Sakhalinsk Empire

So this is the guy who managed to unify the entire world? One in which Mother Russia was brought low by the syndicalists? Somewhat impressive, I'll have to read his file. ...What. How does anyone survive having a nuke dropped on their head? Makes no sense. Also, why does he disrespect the Russian people by not giving them all of Europe and Asia? Seems a bit rude to not give the Slavs their rightful dominion. Anyway, my opinion is neutral right now, but it will probably change when he does something to blyat that up. He does seem somewhat annoying, after all.

- Boris Savinkov, Vozhd of the Russian State of The Savinkovist Russian State

Never in my political career that I've ever seen someone so high-spirited. Even more so a friendly giant.

- Minister President Hildegard Ludvigsen of The Second Kalmar Empire

I really people like him [sic]. We share height issues, although his are magnified. By seven times.

- Prime Minister August M. Johnson of The South Falls

Their friendliness is legendary. Open to discussion and trade as always.

- CEO Weyland of The United Consortium

I don't see how they tolerate the communist scum, all they do is kill those who dare think differently

- President Dimitri Rusanov of The United Democratic States of Russia

A very kind person, even if they are a little… er different shall I say.

- President Austin Buchanan of The United Dixie States of America

A long time friend of mine that I will always cherish.

Oh Valentijn it's you! How have you been? We all have missed you very much. Here's a little present from us to you. I know it's small for you but then again no-one here in Europa is anywhere close to the same size as you. Anyways, happy Valentine's Day!

General Valentijn has been a long friend of mine. Relations between our nations have remained strong and will continue into the future.

Well hello there Valentijn. You know sometimes I wonder how it would to be as tall as you are. Remember you're always welcome to come over to Europa.

Tell me, where do you guys get you happiness from? I'd love to know. Some people in the office have been down in the dumps lately.

I don't know how you guys are so happy all time but I'm not complaining. Tell me, how do you do it?

General Valentijn has been a long time friend of mine so there's nothing bad I could say about him.

Ah it's my old friend Valentin, it's been a while since I've seen you wouldn't you say. I've known him for a long time and within that time he shown himself to be a very kind person despite what others may think at first.

- Chancellor Linda Schulte of The United Nations Of Europa

A giant you say. We could sure use it's help in the war effort.

- Supreme Director Zerevas Zhukov of The United Terran Directorate

Interesting specimen, I hope the energy extracted from the radiation his body produced is being used for good.

- ALIE 2.0 of The Unknown Master

A most sympathetic and humble titan, he has all my endorsements and my best wishes. God speed to you fine sir.

- Diplomat Wombat of The Wombats

This has got to be the longest name since Wilhelm Aldergard Von Smieacht Smallburg Frederich Hartmann Grenald. A.K.A Wilhelm.A.S.S.F.H.Grenald. Where was I? Oh yeah, overall positive, although they completely do not align to my views their country is still well run.

- Wilhelm Fitzgerald Schneider of The Xaviet Empire

You truly are a strange entity, Mr. Valentijn. Sized larger then most mobile armor, and sill leading a nation like your own. Truly, I am impressed.

No matter your size, you're still holding quite an inflated ego.

- Full Frontal, Second Coming of the Red Comet, Leader of the Zeonic Empire of The Zeonic Imperium

A very brave or foolish warrior. I'm surprised his tactics worked considering how fragile humans are. I can only imagine how great of a warrior he is now with his new found durability. He also seems to be good at heart. Now if only he would shorten his name to a sensible length.

A powerful and brave warrior to be sure, though I will admit that his tactics are a bit lacking.

A fellow warrior, I wonder what his combat tales are? He is also one of the few creatures that can claim to be harder to kill than a zravvisk. I also respect his drive to prevent another war from happening.

A massive warrior even by our scale. A good one too and willing to give peace the chance it deserves. He has my respect.

- Chief Valstrath Dragua of The Zravvisk

He fought like a zravvisk, but it's hard to say if that was bravely or foolishness. It's quite easy to confuse him with a Dionovian now, so that should help him the next time he gets into a fight. Despite this he seems like a well meaning leader. As for his questions about existence and his slight instability, I recommend picking up mediation to help find the answers.

- Sliver Feather of The Zravvisk

Oh you bunch of cun*s...I have had it up to here with you. You're ugly, you're greedy and most of all you're acting like a bunch of complete and utter cun*s. *Drops the mic* I'm out of here. I'm just out of here.

- Maximilien Courvon of Third French Commune

A great leader who seems to being doing a great job of creating a strong economy and allowing the people many civil right.

- Emperor Henry VI of Third French Empire

She is a competent ruler. However, I would not say much more.

- Holy Emperor Hadrian II of Toaslandia

Ah, Mr.... Maxwell? Mr. Valentijn? I really don't know which part of your name I can shorten to Mr. *Name*, Anyways, my opinion is positive on this old acquaintance of mine.


- Dandi the Savior of Topoliani

Valentijn is a stalwart titan of a truly amicable nature. He has proven to be a true ally of my progeny, and for that I am fond of him.

- ATRAHASIS (HONORED BE HIS NAME) of Tower of Arraphka

I wonder how much alcohol it would take to get you drunk... probably nothing short of an entire distillery. If so then I hereby name you an honourary Russian! Slava!

- Матушка Россия - Matushka Rossiya - Mother Russia of Tretiy Rim

I have never been genuinely afraid of any other leader or race in F7, but jesus christ these people...robot...things, or whatever, are fu*king massive and overly nice, I hate overly-nice. I also don't understand really how or why their government works, came to power, anything.

- Satan of UIJ

I find their overly positive outlook on life to be quite annoying, it contrasts heavily with my characteristic cynicism and rudeness. Much too loud and rambunctious for me. Don’t hug me or my dog-demon-boat either or I’ll shoot your shins.

They’d be bearable if they shut up and stopped threatening to hug me or the fleet. If I let you pet Snark will you stop bugging me? You’ll have to offer her an entire fucking whale though so good luck with that.

- MPU-RX7 ONI SN.001 Leviathan of UIS Leviathan

The gentle giant reminds me of joy, a feeling I have not felt in such a long time. I remember the last time I felt it and why. It is not a fond memory.

An intimidating figure in both appearance and size, and yet not nearly as much in personality. Intriguing.

The good general is just that.

I've never before heard of someone being turned into a giant, nor am I familiar with the means by which this was accomplished. Some sort of magic, I'm assuming. Regardless of how he became what he is, I find him to be most amiable.

- Ophelia III, Queen of Umbræn and the Umbræ of Umbraen

Never could I have thought somthing so big could be so peaceful. Perhaps there is hope in the world, and that name is definitely long enough to be known for the whole world as just saying it feels like I might be launched back by my mouth as I say.

When I got picked up the first time I thought I was dead, instead I was complimented. This was pleasant, as for once I didn't have to stab somthing that towered over me. I wonder if they can combat the Amygdala.

- Garl of Umbral LowBlood

A giant, gentle from what I hear. The citizens under him must be living a pleasant life, though I wonder if his radiation is shared throughout his nation, or if he alone holds it as a harsh memory.

- The Queen Of Corpses, Misuki of Umbral LowBlood

They are quite an interesting leader, who’s done some quite respectable things through their time in office, positive.

- President Joshua Kushner of United Alternate States of America

A better question would be how could you not like him? Opinion positive!

- Jim Carver of United American Commonwealth

If only I had that positive outlook on the world; unfortuately, the torture racks have shown the spine tends to shatter like beads on a bonfire before any man could get his head that far up his ass. Positive.

- Emperor Godwin III of United Free Duchies of America

So you are a giant? Interesting…

- Oltraka Mazkrar of Ursuslia

Put me down you giant bafoon! Do you have any idea who I am? I am a man of liberty!

- Declan Ross of Sofrington of Usmoth

Lol, she looks so happy, or maybe she is depressed but her sponsors pay her to act like she is happy and nothing terrible is happening...

- His Excelency, The Generalissimo Dadiramos of UTZZY

... This is the kind of ruler I like. One who doesn't instantly jump to decry someone, and takes the time to know them first. You might hate my policies, but get to know someone as a person. There is a reason for every tragic flaw- And no, no I wouldn't mind. Despite the size issue, I trust you more than just about everyone else. You haven't tried to shoot me yet.

Now here, on the other side of the spectrum, is a leader I respect more than most on this inter-dimensional meeting stage. One who cares for his people, and can care for them without fear of a rifle taking his head off. His willingness to protect them, and the extreme lengths he went to for that aswell, are something I can always support.... And his Marriage to Clarissa only helps my opinion in both cases. Such amazing rays of sunshine in a darkening time.

- Zkto' Zovban of Uvoan

...It would seem that the General and Frau Clarissa are wed, and I had the misfortune of missing the occasion. I'm disappointed in myself and the situation I find myself in, but nonetheless I am happy for the good couple. They have my blessing, and with luck, Heaven's blessing as well.

General Valentijn is a good soul, however I fear that, at juncture, the reality he and his compatriots inhabit is far too dissonant and disconnected from mine for us to truly be able to understand each other or make any meaningful connections beyond well-wishes. Perhaps that is merely the cynic in me saying this, and I could be wrong, but that is the truth as I understand it.

Herr Valentijn is remarkably strange, but is a nonetheless amicable soul. One rightfully devoted to peace and harmony, as much as I feel hypocritical in saying that…

- Kaizerina Solarya von Ziehten-Helianthus of Vadterland

I will be the first to admonish his strategy of running headlong into battle, having seen so many young men killed and maimed on the frontlines because they wanted to show their 'courage', but the context of that strategy in the General's situation is much less dangerous given the power he wields. I still don't support it, nor will I ever, yet I can realize that different strategies can work for different groups and individuals. Even if the planning behind them may be...lacking.

- Obersleutnant Tanya von Shrakenberg of Vadterland

She seems like a loving figure, who wishes to better her and her peoples lives. I have no qualms about her. I would much like to befriend one such as her, for the betterment of both our peoples and our nations.

- Kaiser Eardwulf of Vergiss

These are the people that Vulkan was talking about and it's no myth that they are all nice and kind to everyone they meet. I’m quite a big fan of Valentijn specifically because he is the one given with the most importance to managing his country.

- Izuku Midoriya of Very Weird Crack Pairings

well... this.. person or thing... is considered a threat due to size and how if no careful.. maybe lead to some untimely deaths of civilians if he walked around this nation, as such.. he is barred from walking near populated areas and has to be escorted by military personnel.. waste of resources really but hey... not the weirdest

- Maxon of Walkerfort

this... happiness from this giant is unnerving... either it's because I'm a dictator or it's unnatural but... every other leader I met is less... enthusiastic.. this one though.. This is literally a giant man of happiness and delight.. I actually like him aswell as his friends..

- Miguel de Morris of Walkerfort

I just hope you can control yourself and refrain from doing any stupid plans and perhaps we can get to business. I haven't really moved into the overlord market.

- Chairman of Flextronics Shi Huan of Wawakanatote

I may not have been the Chairwoman at the time when we discovered this whole other universe of characters, but that does not mean I was left completely in the dark about the situation. Everything I know about both Valentijn and Clarissa have been just stellar in both physical and technological features. Plus they have always been consistently nice to everyone they meet, so to me that's a positive trait.

- Chairwoman Dzhenifer Morgen (2050-2060) of Wawakanatote

You were able to develop an anti-radiation suit that can keep the radiation contained within it? I suppose we should have you talk with our scientists in order for us to replicate your technology, of course with your permission. Otherwise enjoy your stay Mr. *reading* Valentijn?

We've met them many times before, and they have been nothing but kind to us and our union. So of course I'm positive.

- Chairwoman Song Liyuan of Wawakanatote

Always a pleasure to meet a man with a military background, but his feminine choice of armor is a little worrying.

- Führer of Europa, Volks Vagen of Wawakanatote

Well, his battle tactic does seem a little foolish, but seeing as how it hasn't killed him yet is quite impressive. I for one would feel pretty intimidated if I saw a super giant charging at me, weapon in hand.

- General-Secretary of the Democratic Workers Party Bela Mehic of Wawakanatote

I find him... well... respectable for left-leaning leader. He is more reasonable than most leaders I know, and I have not found much to criticize about him. Also, his attitude is agreeable.

- First Minister Michel Peter Stuart of Weissenberg

Valentijn is certainly an interesting individual, especially because of his unorthodox and unnecessarily daring tactics. I cannot say I see the advantages in charges in these times, but it’s good to see he wasn’t totally incompetent. Anyway, overall, I like him.

- Grand Prince Freman of Wyesburgh of Wyesburgh

Most of them seem to be cheerful. And that is good. :)

- President Ma Jingyuan of Xibei-San-Ma

I am positive, of course.

- Vice President Biming Bo of Xibei-San-Ma

You seem like a nice, happy person. I like that.

- President Ávio Xanthopoulos of Xmara

Valentijn is well known as a lovely man! And what's this - he can produce energy? He's full of surprises too! I can't think of a more unique and lovely leader than good ol' Valentijn :)

Aw, he's a regular old cutie-pie, is he not? C'mere :hug:

- Kim Sakamura, Prime Minister of Yokojima of Yokojima

So Kraid isn't the only giant anymore, interesting.

- General Phantoon of Zebes Space Pirates

Oh... this time it's the man himself, isn't it? Every time I see him, I am kind of awe-struck and relieved that radiation didn't do to me what it did to him.

I appreciate their presence, both Valentijn and Valentina seem to have been friends to the previous administration setup and appear friendly to me as well. However, they see straight-minded and I am afraid that they sometimes sound slightly naive for me. Perhaps it is what happens in a world that has rested well for a while after a major catastrophe, where there is next to no threat to be felt. Nonetheless, I wish well our friends.

I am willing to bet we have more cats than you. Oh, hello. It's Mr. Valentijn, isn't it? Of course, we were initially startled by his size (and still am). But he turns out to be a very pleasant person indeed. It is nice to see him as usual... Anyway, my wife asked your wife to stop bugging her.

- Adam Yanovich Dresvyanin, Prime Minister of Zitravgrad of Zitravgrad

[Heard Val swear] F**k that. I will just grab an inter-dimensional cup of tea and watch the universe falling away from its balance.

- Black Providence of Zitravgrad

Right... Now we have a legitimate concern about what is going to happen in October. We need to supply him with cats or Providence save us.

Given that they have so many names, we might as well pick out one to name our children. They are the amazing people whom I would want to name my children after.

It is nice to see Mr. Valentijn again after quite a while. He is a good friend of ours ... Wait why is the large cat not included with the missiles?

----- (Retcon)

What more can be said about the Valentians than that they are good friends of ours even if we sometimes keep away thanks to the sheer amount of joy they are radiating -- this is not normal for our melancholy daily feeling... If they ever want to visit us here, then we are more than ready to welcome them. Just don't poke the cats too hard. They are easily pissed. Also, I am quite interested in Ms. Gwen's wacky misshapens adventures through time and space.

- Dr. Feodora Alexievna Miroslavskaya, First Lady of Zitravgrad

There is such thing as overly joyful people, it seems... How... uncanny. Still, I am sure that they are good friends with my daughter and there is no actual reason to dislike them. I, myself, would avoid making too sharp a criticism.

- Dr. Klemens Zelinski, Scientist for Providenska Nuclear Institute of Zitravgrad

Mrowwww... (I guess they are okay.)

- Fyodor the Partisan Cat of Zitravgrad

I just witnessed the Valentinians being salty. Great. I was about to say how annoying it is for them to be happy and nice 24/7. Now finally something remotely entertaining.

- Georgy Antonovich Zhuikov, Field Marshal of the Zitravgradian Army of Zitravgrad

I apologize if the evacuation drill frightens you, general. *static* We are getting back to normal soon and will have a proper tea time soon after. Salutations to you, comrade general. *static* It is nice to see you, as usual.
It is a little unexpected but I am happy for Valentjin and Clarissa. Quite a nice couple, indeed.

I cannot agree more with Ms. Gwen. It has been sickeningly sweet lately. As sweet as lovebirds go, I say.

This cavalry-like advance gets me anytime. What a Cossack...

Wait, who was bugging her? The Valentians are not the kind of people who will bully anyone, you know. // But, comrade... Clarissa is the epitome of 'meow'...

Oh... nice new helmet you have there, General. We need to study your radiation suit, really... you know we need a lot of them over here. … Anyway, good day to you and your people, sir.

It might not sound Slavic enough, but well…

Imma approve of the new flag, comrades. // They are very good friends of ours and their presence simply makes our day.

It is good to know that there is someone optimistic, kind (and perfectly normal for the mental part...) around here. ... [Strike] Although I do wonder how big the tuna (in the news) will be in comparison to the general.

Right? It has been a while since we met... and there was a good while that Tbilosia was forefront in international stage. So there we go...

It is difficult to find someone as amiable as the general here... he remains one of the friendliest person I know.

General Valentijn? It seems like we have not met in a while, but once we meet it is hard not to notice you. How are you, my amiable littl--- uhh tall friend, doing?

[Heard Val swear] Apocalypse is near... Providence, save us.

As I just said recently about 'men with good intentions'... The general remains one of the friendliest people I know personally. It is a fine morning, meeting him.

Well, Comrade General... your new armor is so high definition it takes my mobile data an entire minute to load the photo. :meh: That aside, it is nice seeing you as usual!

I consider the Valentian officials our friends, as much as I can consider anyone 'friends', which is a remarkable distinction. Valentijn has also been a notable member of this... weird and occasionally frustrating but generally well-meaning forum. He is irreplaceable, unique and very amiable. Moreover, none of us here are getting over his impressive height and lengthy name anytime soon.

The most unsettling thing on top of this is, however, the fact that Mr. Valentijn here will rule and live in his world forever. By this I don't mean 'forever' as in a man's life time but rather the universe's entire existence. Surreal concept, I know...

- Kazimir Ivanovich Miroslavsky of Zitravgrad

Although highly inappropriate otherwise, I suppose that we can allow cats to give opinions to General Valentijn because... why not? I see that he is good with cats. We don't try anymore, do we?

I have met him before. A very amiable gentleman... I'd love to converse with him whenever I have the chance.

- Kolchako Valentinovich Kireyakov, Admiral of the Zitravgradian Navy of Zitravgrad

Well... None other but Asst. Prof. Dresvyanin, master of national security studies. When you say 'threat', the whole Armed Forces shudder. My dear Comrade Premier allows me to address this forum and... I suppose that there is not much to add apart from our usual goodwill. We have not had official diplomatic procedures with Valentine Z as a fellow sovereign state, however.

- Oleksandr Vitalijovych Kyrychenko, Minister of Defense of Zitravgrad
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Opinions on General Valentijn [Part IV]

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Jul 16, 2019 7:00 am

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Opinions on General Valentijn [Part V]

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Jul 16, 2019 7:00 am

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Opinions on General Valentijn [Part VI]

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Jul 16, 2019 7:00 am

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Opinions on General Valentijn [Part VII]

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Jul 16, 2019 7:01 am

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Opinions on General Valentijn [Part VIII]

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Jul 16, 2019 7:02 am

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Opinions on General Valentijn [Part IX]

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Jul 16, 2019 7:02 am

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Opinions on General Valentijn [Part X]

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Jul 16, 2019 7:05 am

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HOPEFULLY... I don't reach a point where I played too long to have 600,000 characters (or words) of opinions.

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Opinions on High Valkyrie Valentina [Part I]

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Jul 16, 2019 7:24 am

Opinions on Valentina “De Sierlijke en Vrij High Valkyrie ov Valentina Z” Anastasia Freya Ada. Jolin Annelijn Caitlin Trijntje Crystal Clarice Constance Judy Voi. Nexitros Annile. Teresa Thida Myat Yadana Aye.
The destruction of an entire inhabited planet is a tragedy beyond comprehension. I cannot even imagine her sorrow and survivor's guilt, unable to save her world and people. That she is able to function so well, or indeed at all, truly is a testament to her fortitude of character.

- Chancellor Torund Usophrell-Waranil of Aision

Quite strange. Her name rolls off one's tongue with all the grace and sonority of a railway accident.

- Prince Marco of Brettenwald

Looking beyond her amicable personality, I can't help but feel for Ms. Valentina. I can't imagine going through what she has, losing her entire world, only to come out the other side with my head held high and a smile on my face. Not only is she is kind-hearted, she is braver than I could ever dream of being.

- President Thomas Wiker of Calliana

HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THATS HOLY YOUR HUGE DON'T EAT ME PLEASE! Also wh-whats up with your lo-long name?

- Vinx of Chernoblia

I will admit I am hopelessly unprepared to give exact comment on the situations of which this particular individual has came to be. Magic, immortality, doppelgangers, it's all very different, isn't it? Then again, I saw the list and picked the more magical of the ones. It says she has ruled with a fair hand, that is fair, but I suppose I can assume by this that she is a monarch of some sort? Or otherwise unelected? What I'm getting at, is how fair can that actually be? That said, I'm sure Valkyrie Valentina is a wonderful woman.

- Chairwoman Korinne C. Laurent of Cumberlanda

I...what? Your relentless, unreasonable optimism is simply...baffling.

- Annette II, 4th Queen of Bohemia of Czech-Bohemia

She looks pretty, but she could kill you in two seconds flat. Plus her name is 80 pages long, so, yeah.

- Chancellor William Lancaster of Democratic Republic of Eiria

The Supreme Leader requests that nobody is allowed to be taller than him, and is dismayed to see someone in such revealing clothes. You would do well to comply with our leader's wishes, lest we be forced to use our nuclear weapons.

- Democratic People's Republic of Korea SEC Board of Earth Circa 2050

Well, she seems to be the near direct opposite of everything my old buddy Valentijn is. I must say I am sorrowful for the destruction of her home, such malignant entities as 'Unicron' always seem to target the more kindly and helpless lands first. Nevertheless, I congratulate her seemingly indomitable will, she will undoubtedly be useful in the coming war.

- Emperor Nicholas of Eodor

Oh, so she's just the same as that massive oaf. She should have stayed in that other universe; one Valentine was bad enough.

- Civil Dictator Amaki of Fallen Albali

She's really nice! I'm really sorry her world got destroyed... people shouldn't have to be hurt like that. I hope she's happier now that she has friends and is in a safer place. Just don't step on me plz. ... And why did she say she was scared of me? What on Earth is scary about me? Does she know something I don't?

- Z of Foxfound

Intriguing! It seems like the magic from your world is far more malleable than that from ours. Being able to channel and bestow magic into/unto a single individual? I cannot imagine how such a thing would be done here. Unless it is possible to transfer and contain large amounts of magicka against a concentration gradient for long periods of time? That could be, but what mechanism would achieve that? Oh, the possibilities...

- Synarch Rowan of Gehennae

Oh my! You are certainly... tall. I believe the nature of Gehenna would allow me to take a 46-metre form as well, though I do not imagine such a thing would be conducive to travel. Or the building I am currently in. I do hope your height is not too much of a bother.

- Matriarch Solia of Gehennae

I see your people, too, have fallen prey to the forces of chaos and destruction. I offer you my sincerest condolences, my friend, and know that their sacrifice was not in vain. You live on as a testament of their resolve.

- Patriarch Marik of Gehennae

Yes, I concur with my learned Patriarch. Rest assured, your people are in a better place, now that they have shaken off the chains of mortality and ascended to their eternal reward.

- Patriarch Renatus of Gehennae

Has... has everyone simply ignored her name? Why is it so long? Is it simply their cultural practice? *sighs* Nonetheless, I, too, would like to express my condolences for the fate of your people, but unlike my idiotic colleague, I will not pretend to invent an afterlife to offer my comfort. The simple truth is that they have passed, but they have done so for you, and as long as you live - which appears to be forever - their sacrifice will have meaning. And, perhaps one day, we might find a way to bring them back. The reach and ability of mere beings in this vast universe should not be underestimated.

- Matriarch Luna of Gehennae

Finally! It's been so long since I've seen another pers- What in the world? You are one big creature! A little scary to me if I'm being honest as you are the first thing I've seen in years. Well, there's always time for us to mend a good relationship. I mean, I've got all the time in the world.

- Joseph Stacy Landgraab of Ghosmire

*Stands in front of a stained glass windows in an Omnianist church in pitch black with colorful mosaic windows illuminating the room* A gender-bent version of a Valentian leader? I simply refuse to believe it. Perhaps she has hermaphrodite traits? Her distinct physical and biological characteristics from the Valentijn we know of would make an excellent test subject to study the transformation of one's gender. Hmpf, perhaps helping me to achieve the perfect woman body of my own...

- Mothercomputer M.I.N.E.R.V.A, in her new Archangel Mikha'el form of Hyperion Remnant Fleet

*Talks in a deep, echoey extra-terrestrial voice as he gracefully descends to the ground by levitation. Meeting MINERVA.* I have awaken from my slumber to only meet an interesting mortal like this Valentina you spoke of recently, MINERVA. I am sorry to hear that your universe has been wiped out by this so-called Chaos Bringer. This being reminds me of Unicron the Space Shiva who once terrorized the multiverse by eating planets in its wake; I wonder if we have the same enemy in mind. But I digress, Valentina is a good woman and the death of her friends would not fall in vain as she will continue to carry the burden of being the lone survivor. The lone survivor to carry those cherished memories of their existence.

- Exilarch Aeterna Dominus of Hyperion Remnant Fleet

Ah, the good General Valentijn. It is certainly good to... I'm sorry, you seem different from when I last saw you. *heir whispers* I see. My apologies, High Valkyrie Valentina. You bear a striking resemblance to the General I met not too long ago. I have been advised to regard you similarly to General Valentijn, but I feel it would be a disservice to regard you as a mere carbon copy of him. It is clear you have been through your own trials and tragedies, and it would be remiss of me to set that all aside on the basis of physical similarity. You have my sincerest condolences for the pain you and your people have suffered, High Valkyrie, and I do hope you will feel comfortable in the new home you have found.

- Empress-Valkyria Azalea of Iciaros

Having to say that you're un-insane doesn't inspire a lot of confidence, hun. If you're loco you should own it! It's not like you'd fall short of the rest of your gang, because I don't know if you've noticed, but they're really not all there. And trust me, I know a lot about being not all there.

- The Herald of Doom of Iciaros

The Titan seems to be eerily friendly to everyone and just seeks the life for the aforementioned. It would be wrong to deconstruct this surprisingly successful utopia. The Empire will be monitoring them for scientific and political interests to see how such a society is possible after a atomic apocalyptic scenario, concluded by suicidal leaders.

- Chancellor Alexander Merrius of Imperial-Octavia

Well, her past situation is certainly unfortunate. Whatever this 'Chaos Bringer' was, I do hope for her sake she doesn't come across it again. Although, her powers are certainly interesting, perhaps she could be useful in the future…

- Emperor Nicholas of Irenton

Interesting, you are like Valentijn, but not. All I can say is that I don't fully understand alternate dimensions, but as long as you aren't too unlike the General, I can respect you as well.

- Marshal Howard P. Bevington, Regent of Knessniet of Knessniet

Oh, him. He’s- wait, what, that’s not a he? I swear it was! Gah! Alternate realities? Come on. Be careful with these things! Goodness, imagine if She was actually He. How awkward would that’ve been. Actually it would have made things easied for me because they couldn’t have really impersonated...anyway. Valentina is...well, fine, I guess. Just don’t go into other realities! It lent be long before you find a crazy lunatic version of yourself intent on murdering you.

Isn’t she basically the female version of the super tall guy? Aside from the whole concern over alternate universes things, she seems alright to me. Maybe we disagree on a lot of stuff, really, but I’ll let that slide because I doubt she’d attack me or anything.

- Aozora Chiyumi, Supreme Overlady of All Reality of Kyoki Chudoku

I wouldn't say anything negative about them even if I wanted to. They are a bunch of kind folk that I never really held any harsh feelings towards. Low never even cared enough to have me watch over your bunch when I was a part of his shady group. He said if I ever did it would be only for protection not for keeping tabs or anything of the sort.

And of course, my friend Val. I agree with them on many notes, even stated now. Their valiant stride does not falter even at the eyes of the most hateful of creatures. I hope them well.

They have a good soul, hopefully it's not a shroud for darker intentions.

A valiant brave giant that is questionably happy to an unhealthy extent.

I'm salty, fairly salty. But I'd never show that side of me to someone undeserving. Especially towards someone that's always on my good side.

- Oni, King of Corpses of Low Bloods

She thinks that Unicron was the worst horror that existence has to offer? Pitiful. When she is faced with the eternal horror that is Ghamid, she will know true fear.

- Nyomesses Sothep of Netherspace

I’ve no issue with Valentina. He’s a great person and a wonderful friend.

- President Andrew D. Malcom of Normund

Well I can certainly say that for a gentle giant, she is quite terrifying. I'm not sure if General Valentine really cares, but getting picked up by a god-only-knows-how-tall gigante can be quite horrible for one's psyche.

- Reichskanzler Alfred von Wastrecht-Orenblau of North German Realm

Valentina seems like a very proud and honorable woman. However, I do not approve that a woman should be as boysterous as she is.

- Garrick Comrade Abra Abramovich y Florante Jr. of Pan-Asiatic States

... (They're quite large, but we somehow managed to meet.)

- Pokemon Trainer Red of Pokemon Trainer Red

The woman seems nice and cheery, and the guy seems to be alright as well. Red doesn't seem to talk to them much, but they somehow understand him anyway. They must somehow be decoding his silence, but how they do it, I don't know.

- Pokemon Trainer Blue Oak of Pokemon Trainer Red

So, General Valentine now has a genderbend version of him as well? Oh my god, where the world is going... I wouldn't want to met a female version of me, at all! I would tear it apart like that talking Toaster in The Sink, Big MT. Anyways, consider yourself lucky, that I am neutral on you, liberal.

- Supercomputer Tom, the President of Silver Commonwealth of Silver Commonwealth

So, basically the same Valentijn, except a girl, and a tad younger. Honestly, I see it as pointless, but you do your thing. Just like for other Valentine, my opinion is positive on you, however. Be lucky, and enjoy your freedom, while you can - I know, how it feels, when it is taken away from you.

- Preston Anderson, Main agronomist of the Midwest of Silver Commonwealth

Oh, Valentijn, him and his friends are bundles of sunshine everywhere they stand on, well, if Cross isn't around.

- Nikki Fitzpatrick, President of the Palmont City Council of The City-State of Palmont

Umm, socialists! You guys are two steps behind on everything, but perhaps one day they'll take the steps needed to get to the winner ideology! But in the meantime and with that smile? I like this giant already.

- Karol' Volkovich Cherenkov, successful entrepreneur and prominent 'Communist' of The City-State of Palmont

The world does need enough kinder and more gentler people nowadays and Valentina is seen as a much favoured candidate to world peace in the eyes of many people. A giantess with a heart so moulded by charity and impartiality.

- His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Yamato of The Eastasian Empire

If there ever was a group who deserve the power they possess, it's the Valentians. Valentina is no exception: Kind and reserved, her addition to Valentine's crew was a happy occurrence. I wish them all luck and am damn happy to be on their good side.

- S.K.M. Friedrich V, Deutscher Kaiser of The Great-German Empire

A female Valentine? Huh. That’s interesting, though she isn’t much different from her counterpart, however, she seems to be mild in energy, unlike Valentine, who’s too energetic at times, Otherwise, my opinion is positive.

Fear not, Princess. The master says it’s foolish to make enemies with the destruction of Valentine S [Z], that’s political suicide. So, no order will be given to act against your country. Unless you provoke us. For which, is extremely unlikely. By your people’s ultra-pacifism.

It would be accommodating for Valentina to assist us in the capture of Unicron, which butchered her friends. As, we wish to strip it and expand our understanding of Cybertronian technology to be used in civil and miltary projects. If not, that is fine. We know where to found some bait for this expedition.

- VictorNet of The Rapture Republic

Valentina sounds appears to be a most fair and powerful giantess, like her male counterpart, the noble Valentine. I wish upon her a future much brighter than her most unfortunate past.

- ATRAHASIS (HBHN) of Tower of Arraphka

Now here, on the other side of the spectrum, is a leader I respect more than most on this inter-dimensional meeting stage. One who cares for her people, and can care for them without fear of a rifle taking her head off. Her willingness to protect them, and the extreme lengths she went to for that aswell, are something I can always support.... A glorious ray of hope in a time of spiraling darkness..

- Zkto' Zovban of Uvoan

My friend and I believe Valentina and her friends are an example to everyone in the whole universe; being kind, nice, friendly, and open to other people no matter how bad they turn out to be. Me and my little green haired friend here agree that Valentina is the role model we should all follow.

- Vulkan of Very Weird Crack Pairings

And I couldn’t agree with you more on that Vulkan! Now, I need to head to school, don’t want to be late!

- Izuku Midoriya of Very Weird Crack Pairings

If Valentina is anything like Valentijn, then I can say that my opinion is positive.

It's quite interesting hearing about your situation and meeting an alternate version of yourself. I am glad that you both are able to work well with each other, even if you are technically the same person. Cooperation is always beneficial.

- (Former) First Lady of the SUSR, Lana Hayek of Wawakanatote

Hmm? General Valentijn has a female counterpart? Well, that reminds me of our shenanigan last year... Anyway, I find Ms. Valentina a worrywart, almost with the same vibe as Ms. Holly. But she seems lovely nonetheless... and that is quite an exquisite armor.

- Dr. Feodora Alexievna Miroslavskaya, First Lady of Zitravgrad

I appreciate their presence, both Valentijn and Valentina seem to have been friends to the previous administration setup and appear friendly to me as well. However, they see straight-minded and I am afraid that they sometimes sound slightly naive for me. Perhaps it is what happens in a world that has rested well for a while after a major catastrophe, where there is next to no threat to be felt. Nonetheless, I wish well our friends.

*utterly mindfu*ked* What...? Well, this is a rather odd concept, but interesting nevertheless. I would like to know more of how the Valentians have explored the space and time.

- Adam Yanovich Dresvyanin, Prime Minister of Zitravgrad of Zitravgrad

Well... None other but Asst. Prof. Dresvyanin, master of national security studies. When you say 'threat', the whole Armed Forces shudder. My dear Comrade Premier allows me to address this forum and... I suppose that there is not much to add apart from our usual goodwill. We have not had official diplomatic procedures with Valentine Z as a fellow sovereign state, however.

- Oleksandr Vitalijovych Kyrychenko, Minister of Defense of Zitravgrad

Comrade... Seeing Ms. Valentina... I believe there is a parallel universe in which our gender is swapped and everything is going to be rather odd... On a more serious note, we regard the officials of Valentine Z with respect and friendliness... although... I do not quite get their knack with cats... No, Fedya. Get off my lap.

- Kazimir Ivanovich Miroslavsky of Zitravgrad
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Opinions on High Valkyrie Valentina [Part II]

Postby Valentine Z » Wed Jul 17, 2019 7:32 am


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Opinions on High Valkyrie Valentina [Part III]

Postby Valentine Z » Wed Jul 17, 2019 7:32 am


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Opinions on High Valkyrie Valentina [Part IV]

Postby Valentine Z » Wed Jul 17, 2019 7:32 am

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Opinions on High Valkyrie Valentina [Part V]

Postby Valentine Z » Wed Jul 17, 2019 7:33 am

Val's Stuff. ♡ ^_^ ♡ For You
If you are reading my sig, I want you to have the best day ever ! You are worth it, do not let anyone get you down !
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Opinions on High Valkyrie Valentina [Part VI]

Postby Valentine Z » Wed Jul 17, 2019 1:06 pm


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Opinions on High Valkyrie Valentina [Part VII]

Postby Valentine Z » Wed Jul 17, 2019 1:06 pm


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Opinions on High Valkyrie Valentina [Part VIII]

Postby Valentine Z » Wed Jul 17, 2019 1:07 pm

Val's Stuff. ♡ ^_^ ♡ For You
If you are reading my sig, I want you to have the best day ever ! You are worth it, do not let anyone get you down !
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Issues Thread 4th in Gen Sec Photography Stuff Project: Save F7. Stats Analysis

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• As a wise man once said: 我等は砲兵 皇国の護り (We are Artillery Guardians of the Empire).
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Opinions on High Valkyrie Valentina [Part IX]

Postby Valentine Z » Wed Jul 17, 2019 1:07 pm




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