Thousands attend 'anti-homo' rally in Carloso (MT/IC/OPEN)

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Thousands attend 'anti-homo' rally in Carloso (MT/IC/OPEN)

Postby Greater Carloso » Sun Jun 30, 2019 4:39 am

Madrigal, Federal Republic of Carloso
Carloso was not a country where 'pride month' was exactly recognised in the way it was intended to be. Elsewhere, people would be celebrating their supposed alternative sexual orientation, putting on displays of depravity on public streets as they marched though cities like victorious, occupying army, their rainbow flag fluttering in the breeze in place of the respective nation's flag. In Carloso however, it would the complete opposite. the fiercely conservative and nationalistic character of the country dictated and overwhelming hostility to the normalisation of homosexuality or indeed the embracing of pseudoscientifc modern gender theory. On the fifieth anniverary of the now infamous Stonewall riots in the distant United States of America, which marked the beginnings of the so-called 'LGBTQ+' movement, many cities around the world would be holding their pride parades. Rather then celebrating 'pride month' itself, the National Salvation-led administration of Carloso felt it fitting to celebrate its end instead by holding a massive Anti-Homopropaganda Rally. This year's event would be the eigheth that one was held in the Carlosian capital city of Madrigal, a sprawling metropolis home to over thirty million people.

In many ways, the country could be compared to a hornet's nest, which got more aggressive and resistant the more it was attacked from the outside. Since President Tobón had come to power in 2011, he had rode a wave of fierce hostility towards globalisation, and his rhetoric would often capitalise on this, linking it with the dissemination of 'progressive' ideals and social liberalism. A series of high-profile corruption cases, allegations of foreign interference and the debacle of the Blue Revolution in 2010 hadn't helped the liberal cause in Carloso either. To say it would be a mountain to climb to change the perceptions of the public when it came to such issues was a severe understatement.

Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children were gathered at Saint Joseph's Road in the city centre. The march set off from there, progressing through streets that would normally be full of traffic on a Friday evening. Many carried Carlosian flags, while some Catholic priests, nuns and monks scattered throughout the crowd bore the flag of the Vatican City. Thousands more had lined the street to see the huge mass of people mass through. They were joined by television crews and international press who had arrived to cover the event. At the front was a collection of notable figures, namely the designated government representative for the event, Minister for Finance Robert Casey-Harel MP, flanked by several other Members of Parliament, Archbishop Ezequiel Semprún and the imposing, always austere Reverend Adam Sharp of the ultraconservative Presbyterian Church of Carloso. Beside Reverend Sharp was Pastor Masayuki, a middle-aged Nifonese man and devout Kogyokist, representing the Nifonese community in Carloso. Security was tight, a mixture of personnel from the Army and the Madrigal Metropolitian Police Service keeping a close eye on any potential troublemakers or suspicious-looking individuals.

As the march progressed past an intersection, a group of about three hundred LGBTQ+ protesters bearing rainbow flags and a banner that read 'LOVE IS LOVE' started shouting insults and abuse at people as they passed by; "Nazi bigots!", "Racists!", "Catholic scum!". Almost as soon as they started, a marching band of bagpipers and drummers began to play, drowning them out entirely.

Casey-Harel laughed it off. In his own mind, he thought it was very sad that they had decided to say something like that with so many children present. They weaved through the city's financial district, its many skyscrapers looming overhead. Many people who had been busy at work came out during their lunch break to cheer everyone on and take photographs. After about half an hour, they emerged onto a long, wide road that ran along the Bay of Madrigal. From here, one could see much of central Madrigal, offering some truly stunning views of the skyline. On the other side of the road was the extradosed Moran–Sartega Bridge, which linked the oldest sector of the city to the newer parts, where the Anti-Homopropaganda Rally had started. The other side was officially known as the Government District, located on a peninsula that stuck out into Madrigal Harbour. Here is where the march would conclude, at the famed Victory Square, not too far from the Parliament of Carloso. Many ships and boats were in the harbour today, passing beneath the impressive bridge.

As they passed over the bridge, a massive Emergency-class guided missile battlecruiser of the Carlosian Navy blew its horn, setting off a chorus from many other vessels. Cheers erupted from the people in response. Adding the glorious sunshine and clear blue sky into the mix, anyone there couldn't help but be in high spirits. Eventually the long line of people snaked their way into the Government District. Security was particularly high around here, not just due to the importance of the area but because of a bomb scare the night before the march was to start. A stage had been set up for the speakers at the rally proper in Victory Square. When they got there, the crowd spread out into the Square, filling it from corner to corner. The speakers on the stage recieved a thunderous applause when then they appeared, the flag of Carloso and SACTO flying high above them. First up was Casey-Harel, who would give a short speech on behalf of the Government of Carloso.

"Men and women of Carloso, it is an absolute honour to be able to speak to you today." Casey-Harel opened to cheers and applause, "The last time I spoke in this square was nine years ago when the Carlosian people rose up and said 'no' to the destruction of their country, to the bastardisation of their republic, when the coward we had then for President ran away with his tail between his legs, hand-in-hand with international socialism! Nine years on I think it's safe to say we are in a much better position now, certainly better off then many other countries that were in similiar situations around the world." There was more clapping. "Unfortunately, that victory wasn't enough and again and again we have witnessed attempts by our enemies to infilitrate our institutions in an attempt to try and destroy our country from the inside, backed by international finance and non-governmental organisations that hate everything Carlosian. This is why we march every year; to remind ourselves who our enemy is and what their many, many grotesque manifestations are."

"They call themselves the LGBTQIA+++ movement, or as I like to call them, the alphabet parade." Some chuckles were heard from the crowd, "But the fact of the matter is that nobody would pay an ounce of attention to them were they not serving a higher purpose. At the end of the day, they are slaves to a far more powerful and sinister master. This has nothing to do with 'human rights', it never did, but rather the implementation of a hellish, Marxist dystopia, an 'end of history' to paraphrase from Shogun Kojiro in Parliament two years ago. Ultimately, the thought process and conclusions of liberals in the West and communists are eerily similiar. By eliminating their political opponents, they believe they can establish a universal system of government; whether it is international socialist or a global democracy does not really matter. To do this requires stripping all countries of their identity, of their culture, of their traditions, why they are in favour of mass-controlled immigration. This is why they attack Catholics, Protestants, Kogyokists, Jews. It requires a blank slate, where only one's most carnal desires remain; the liberal 'New Man'. Rest assured, so long as National Salvation exists, Carloso will never surrender itself to globalism and degeneracy! We will stand alongside our valiant allies in SACTO in actively opposing it, wherever it raises its ugly head! Glory to Carloso and eternal victory! God bless!"

Immediately afterwards, Pastor Masayuki gave his own defiant speech, railing against "the degenerate Sodomites" on behalf of Nifon. His fist came down on the podium again and again as if he was giving a sermon at a Kogyokist church, booming throughout Carloso and beyond. His fiery rhetoric induced a trance-like state in some of the onlookers, who couldn't help but admire this brave man for speaking so candidly.

Shortly after the conclusion of the rally, a no holds barred 'Madrigal Championship Special' fight between imprisoned members of Homofront and Nifonese special forces personnel was scheduled to be held nearby. Approximately twenty thousand had gathered to witness the spectable unfold, being broadcast live all across Musgorocia and the Southern Furukuran Sea area. Local retailers were capitalising on the event, setting up stalls that were selling all sorts of food and goods. Many Nifonese tourists had flown into Madrigal especially for this event. Providing commentary would be RTC's star announcer Michael Fonseca. At a glance, the crowd were overwhelmingly supporting the Nifonese side and there wasn't a single rainbow flag in sight.

"Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Madrigal Championship Special!" Fonseca began, "We've a night of untold action ahead of us! One team of ten special operations personnel from Nifon will take on ten captured Homofront terrorists in a no holds barred fight to the death!. First side to achieve six victories, wins! Should both sides end up tied, each team will nominate a champion is break it! And what is the prize? Well, for our Nifonese friends, it is nothing but to the opportunity to represent their homeland! Should the Homofront degenerates win, they will earn their freedom and be sent to New Sodom in the Southern Furukuran Sea to live out their lives in decadence! Who will win? Nifon or Homofront? Bushido honour or the spawn of the hellish yokai? Lets find out!"

And so it began. One after another an elite Nifonese warrior and a captured Homofront member stepped up, and everytime the latter was utterly destroyed, bones broken, ribs fractured, blood gushing from ugly wounds, reduced to whimpering tapeworms that cried out for their mothers to come and rescue them. The crowd loved every second of it. The most the Nifonese suffered were some minor scratches and a single dislocated finger. It looked like they were going to win this easily, with the scoreline 5-0 in their favour. It was now time for the penultimate entertainment before what was propably going to be the final fight commenced. An old Nifonese man emerged from the shadows.

"And now for our special event!" Fonseca announced, "On my left, Sensei Oyama Yasutora, a master of numerous martial arts! He is a seventh degree blue belt in hachite-do, third degree blue belt in sotora-kyu! Here are three fast facts about him;

First, he is unbeatable!
Second, age does not matter to him!
Third, he embodies the honour and glory of Nifon!

And on my right, five Homofront terrorists! All you need to know is that they are degenerates, murderers and thieves! Will they be able to win their freedom and defeat the honourable Sensei!?"




By Isidoro García from, Madrigal, Carloso, RTC NEWS
Published just now


Thousands gather for Madrigal 'Anti-Homopropaganda' rally

Hundreds of thousands of people have gathered in the centre of Madrigal today in what was the eighth annual 'Anti-Homopropaganda' rally. The event was organised by a coalition of various conservative, traditionalist and religious organisations, including National Salvation, the Synarchist Union, the Catholic Church in Carloso, the Presbyterian Church of Carloso and representatives from the Nifonese, Inyurstan and Riysan communities. The Madrigal Metropolitian Police Service estimated that over 550,000 people were in attendence, with the main event seeing crowds stretch all the the way from Saint Joseph's Road to Victory Square. The rally was held on the fiftieth anniversary of the infamous Stonewall riots which occurred in the United States in the summer of 1969, seen as a landmark moment for the normalisation of homosexuality in some countries. Several small groups of rainbow flag-waving pro-LGBTQ+ demonstrators were seen protesting as the crowds of people progressed through the city, but they were dwarfed by the much larger show of support for the 'Anti-Homopropaganda' event.

After marching through Madrigal, crowds heard from numerous speakers at Victory Square,including Archbishop Ezequiel Semprún, The Reverend Adam Sharp and Minister for Finance Robert Casey-Harel MP. They were also joined by Kogyokist pastor Fuma Masayuki, who spoke on behalf of the Nifonese community in Carloso. Casey-Harel praised the high turnout, declaring that "Carloso will never surrender itself to globalism and degeneracy". Elsewhere, event organisers held a no holds barred championship between captured Homofront terrorists and members of the Nifonese special forces. The penultimate fight saw famed martial arts instructor Oyama Yasutora take down five men one after another. Various other family-friendly events also took place, celebrating Carlosian culture and religion.

Internationally, many countries now observe the entire month of June as 'pride month', culminating in parades that usually take place on the 28th or 29th of June to mark the Stonewall riots. While it isn't observed by the vast majority of Carlosians, since last Saturday, police in Madrigal, Toro, Ebon and other cities have broken up at least twenty such unauthorised 'pride' parades which interrupted traffic and reportedly disgusted members of the public due to the conduct of the individuals participating in the illegal events.

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Postby Zhouran » Sun Jun 30, 2019 7:35 am

Pride Month was a foreign concept to the Zhouranese. In fact they see it as the usual western white people thing. The Zhouranese are in themselves not homophobic, rather they simply hold different views towards LGBT compared to the West. In Zhouran, sexuality is a personal matter and not a social matter as it is treated in the West. Zhouranese people are tolerant towards LGBT people but only at an individual level. In the eyes of the average Zhouranese, showing off your sexuality in public is the equivalent of taking off your clothes and being proud of your genitals. Pride parades are non-existent in Zhouran, the Zhouranese are tolerant and even liberal towards sexuality but that's about it. For westerners who are of the bleeding-heart variety, the Zhouranese are "homophobic bigots", a bold claim every Zhouranese person will reject. While the Zhouranese in general don't care much about the internal affairs of other nations, the large anti-homo rally in Madrigal, Carloso did make it into the international-news section of ZCNA and various private news outlets in Zhouran. The Carlosian anti-LGBT rally gained sympathy from the political-savvy Zhouranese individuals who bother to read the international-news, not because of homophobia but rather because the anti-heterosexual agenda is seen as a corporate internationalist western tool of subversion in Zhouran. As a result, numerous towns and cities across Zhouran was filled with massive nationalist rallies with number of attendees ranging from the hundreds of thousands all the way up to the millions. While the streets and skylines of every Zhouranese towns and cities lit up the night sky, the burning torches of the various rallies added more light to the night.

Across Ouyang, the national capital, as well as other cities and towns across the nation, numerous moderate-aligned and hardline-aligned political groups held massive nationalist rallies throughout the night, condemning the International LGBT Subversion for vilifying traditional sexuality and disrespecting people's individual choices. The fiercely ethno-cultural nationalist Zhouranese took to the streets as they loudly voice their strong opposition to any and all forms of subversion. In the national capital, an estimate of around 800,000+ people attend a massive torch-burning rally at National Square, the world's largest city-square. The tightly-packed central-square of the capital has hundreds of thousands of political-hardliners and political-moderates showing their solidarity to the anti-homo rally in Carloso, burning a massive rainbow arch that has Western Tool of Subversion written on it while the crowd cheered with immense roar.

In the bustling metropolitan area of Hexie, home to thirty-six million people, a whopping million rally-attendees began walking across the busy streets, holding burning torches and singing various patriotic songs including Hymn of Our Beloved Motherland and Our Brilliant & Beloved Soldiers, their proud voices resounding throughout the Hexie Metropolitan Area. In Hexie's central-square, a formation of ZPAAF Jian-30-1-0 stealth fighters and ZPAN Type 114-900 carrier-borne fighter jets executed a high-speed low-altitude flyby above a tightly-packed nationalist rally, the thundering roars of the powerful afterburners resonating across the central-square, shaking the ground in the process while hundreds of thousands of rally attendees continued to chant with passionate fervor.

In Yanjing, hundreds of thousands flock to the beaches as nationalist rallies in the bay area light up the beaches of the city. In one beach by Yanjing's western coast, a Type 2008 Qinlue-class CGN, Type 2001 Hayuegun-class DDGN and Type 2004 Shishizhe-class sail under a busy several kilometers-long highway viaduct that was swarming with thousands of people marching while calling for the "total annihilation of the international big-bank nation-destroyers and subversive corporate sheep", the crew personnel of the three warships showed there support by shining lights towards the viaduct.

For many nations, massive political rallies with torch-burning and patriotic zeal might not be common, but in Zhouran they're just as common as usual protests. In fact, political rallies in Zhouran, whether it's held by political-moderates or political-hardliners, will most likely devolve into bloody protests as the two opposing sides fight on the streets before gendarmes from the Public Security Corps have to use force to forcibly end any violence. Across numerous towns and cities in the country, the PSC already has gendarmes on high alert in case violence might erupt. Luckily however, it was one of those times where both the moderates and hardliners agreed on something and that therefore both sides would torch-burn together rather than against each other during other issues. Other than that, everything was peaceful as moderates and hardliners show their solidarity to the anti-LGBT rally in Carloso.

Online, Senior Marshal Kang Yingyong posted on his social media stating "people who claim to be tolerant but demonize people who don't agree with them are spineless hypocrites who call critics certain terms in order to dehumanize their opponents". He also stated "the event happening in Carloso is simply an ordinary event held by ordinary people who have every right to be concerned with the looming threat of internationalist subversion".
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Postby Greater Carloso » Sun Jun 30, 2019 4:49 pm

A Message from the President of the Executive Council
of the Federal Republic of Carloso, Cárlos Tobón MP


After the huge showing at yesterday's Anti-Homopropaganda Rally in Madrigal, it is my pleasure to say that it was a great success, displaying to all the resilence of the Carlosian nation to the internationalist agenda and foreign interference. Over half a million people attended, with many more looking on from the pathways of our great city. I assure everyone both at home and abroad that, so long as I am breathing, our country will never embrace the perverse way of thinking which is now causing so much chaos and unhappiness in Western countries, that is stripping countries of their centuries or even milennia-long identities for a grey, universal, pointless existence that has no meaning beyond animals impulses. As the inheritors of the legacy of the vencedores, as the sons of General de Oso, we lead lives of meaning; faith in Carloso above everything, faith in God above everyone. Our Christian culture and unique identity unites us as a people, and will forever remain to do so. Similiar elements binded countries all over the world historically, and now the casting aside of these for tolerance, multiculturialism, political correctness and secularity; the echoes of the cursed French Revolution, and of course the works of Karl Marx.

Our battle is not only a physical one, but a metaphysical one. While out citizens enjoy uniterrupted access to the internet and the abiltiy to speak as they please, those who dare rail against the status quo in many other countries are being actively censored and harassed. Quiet smply, they are not allowed to call out what everyone should know already by now; the 'end of history' will never happen, liberalism is dying and their democracies have been broken by money politics, nanny statism and the interests of international finance and non-governmental organisations. People are tired of being lectured by obnoxious so-called 'experts' and intellectuals about so-called 'LGBTQ rights', feminism and social justice, as if they should care about such daft things at all. This gap between the many and the few will only continue to widen in the future; on a scale, I assure you, is hard to comprehend for those not in the know, if people are not willing to take the responsbility for their destinies back into their own hands. We are getting to the point now, in many Western countries, that even the democratic option will not be enough to take back control, the rot is so deep.

I issue this challenge to everyone. Get out onto the streets, actively oppose the destruction of your country, regardless of race or religion. We must be prepared to make every necessary sacrifice to secure a better, fairer future for our children and grandchildren! This is the only way! Occupy government buildings, seize the bases of operations of international finance and big tech companies. They will stop at nothing to silence you, to destroy your way of life, to destroy the future of your family, to rape and pillage your earnings, all while paying not a penny pound on tax. Do it now, because if you don't fight back or speak out while everyone else around you is being silenced, one day, you'll be the one who is targetted.

Eternal victory to civilization! Eternal victory to Carloso!


Ourselves Alone — Nosotros Solos
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Postby Guadalupador » Wed Jul 03, 2019 7:01 pm

1300 Hours: Nosamo, New Yama

Cigarette smoke filled a sparsely decorated office home to the most powerful man in New Yama. Ghazan Quardya rapped his fingers on the dark mahogany desk mimicking the sound of raindrops that were falling onto the nearby window. Before Quardya was his most trusted officer and confidante, General Phariso Manya of the Ministry of State Security and his subordinate, Colonel Jules Andredes. The three men sat in silence for a few seconds before Quardya gestured Manya to start his report. Manya nodded, Colonel Andredes looked around awkwardly in reaction to all the silence, he wasn’t used to Quardya and Manya’s way of digesting the day’s news before a private briefing. Manya started to speak and the Colonel snapped his sight back to the General.

“Today, President Carlos Tobón of Carloso has given friendly non-governmental-organizations around the world a legitimate endorsement in disrupting the liberal international order. This is undoubtedly a call to arms, we can clearly see such language in his speech. This call gives our assets within Guadalupador justification to begin our long-awaited campaign of political and social disruption.” Manya took out a list of New Yaman assets within Guadalupador and presented it to the room. Admiral Quardya took the list and skimmed over it, nodded and put it back down.
“I take that as an approval to activate them.” Manya said.

“Yes. Though with this I’ve also been considering utilizing a special asset.” Quardya said before taking a drag from his cigarette. “Colonel Andredes. I understand that you’ve made inroads with our special asset?”

Colonel Andredes snapped to attention. “Yes sir. They’re a foreign asset, but they share many of our ideas. They’re ruthless but quite effective in their actions. When should I contact them, Sir?”

“Not at this moment. We’ll save them for later, for now, indirect action will be our plan going forward. Once everything reaches its peak, then they’ll be utilized.” Quardya replied, a stone faced demeanor hiding any sort of emotion.

“And what of our own problems with the homosexuals?” Manya asked eagerly.

“What about them? Crack down on them. Throw them in jail, terrorize them... the usual.” Quardya muttered.

“I meant about taking direct action in correcting their behavior, Sir.”

“Ah, send your men after them if you please.” The Admiral said nonchalantly, clearly showing a current disinterest in the terror campaign inflicted on the lgbt community remaining in New Yama.

“It’d be my pleasure, Admiral Quardya.” General Manya said before getting up to leave. As Manya left, Colonel Andredes went to follow his superior out of Quardya’s office.

“Stop.” Quardya said. “You stay here Colonel, and you’ll continue to brief me on that asset you’ve been in contact with...”

Divouga, Guadalupador

A small group of people gathered in a seedy basement office, the home of the “activist organization” known as ‘Dorians for a Just Society,’ one of many NGOs on New Yama’s payroll. The orders had just come in from on high: Flood the airwaves and streets with propaganda, stage demonstrations and recruitment drives.
The time was now to gain influence and disrupt Dorian society, all thanks to Carlos Tobón. The group got to work immediately creating Internet memes, hashtags, and sock puppet accounts to serve as the frontline on social media. These “Dorians for a Just Society” started to throw around plans to demonstrate in front of the National Assembly and the Grand Premier’s residence to gain mass media attention to spread their beliefs even further. Co-opting nationalist fervor would also be a must as the group attempted to change the narrative away from the Cuscatlani and New Yaman menace to homosexual infiltration and conspiracy theory of cultural Marxism as being the most potent enemies of the Dorians. It would be difficult if they were actually attempting to do so, but disruption didn’t necessarily mean success in societal change.
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