Palmyrian Monarch Killed in Pride March Attack (MT/DIPLO)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Palmyrian Monarch Killed in Pride March Attack (MT/DIPLO)

Postby Palmyrion » Mon Jul 01, 2019 7:46 am

Co-written with Greater Carloso.


Definitely not Child’s Play

Ten days ago: 19 June 2019

Military-Civilian Coordination Complex
Diliman, Quezon City, Buendia Province
Royal Palmyrian Commonwealth
20 June 2019 2002 PST

NOTE: PG-16. Read with caution.

A trio of prisms of reinforced concrete, high-grade steel, and bulletproof glass mark the place where the Military-Civilian Cooperation Complex, the military’s primary nerve center stood - it was the administrative headquarters and leading STEM research facility of the Palmyrian Department of National Defence and its key substituent branches: the Army, the Naval (under which was the Amphibious Infantry Bureau), and the Aerospatial Directorates. In the middle of the trio stood a memorial to all Palmyrian men and women who dedicated their lives to a career of military service to the Royal Commonwealth, a nation which, while having a time-hardened society and culture, stood sovereign in its present incarnation for only a mere 34 years. While it towered 10 stories above the ground, it didn’t jut out much to the skyline compared to the rest of the city, a bustling asphalt jungle with lush vegetation of steel, reinforced concrete, and glass.

A busy day like this was no unusual occurence, as the Royal Commonwealth always sought to keep itself posted with matters of national order and security against threats both domestic and foreign - but this day was different, as the ubiquitously-called MC3 had more security than usual; there was at least an entire armored battalion of troops - tanks and heavy IFVs included with SHORAD, mortar, and long-range guided missile assets available on station to guard the place, especially now that Palmyrion declared DEFCON 3, a CBRN alert, and a State of Emergency all in succession in light of this year’s unique series of Pride Month-related attacks, one of which included an assassination using anthrax. Palmyrians were no stranger to June being a month of heightened anti-LGBT terror attacks, but June of 2019 was different from all the others.

A convoy of 5 olive drab MRAPs - 6-wheeled AWD FV.14s made collaboratively by the state-owned Commonwealth Consolidated Defense Industries and private defense manufacturers Andal Martin Defense and Armada Leonardo (both defense-oriented subsidiaries of their respective parent civilian automobile companies) - pulled up into the main entrance of MC3’s Building Alpha. A 9-strong foot infantry squad of heavily-armed Civil Defense Forces troopers - all in olive drab uniform and force protection equipment and AR.30s in matte, non-reflective dark navy blue finish - climbed out of the third and center MRAP, with a heavily-restrained yellow-clothed prisoner in the middle of the squad of burly men. Identified as one of the shooters in the 2019 Commonwealth Square Pride March Massacre and the man who sent the lethal anthrax-laced parcel to the lesbian LGBT activist killed last 16th of June, Bernard Zantua was a man in his mid-30s, with a string of felonies related to relationship abuse and unaggravated assault on members of the LGBT+ community; fate would make him cross paths on 2013 when he joined Bagong Lipunan ng Palmyria, an alt-right militant Dominionist group that had since then managed to catch the attention of the Central Intelligence Directorate for a series of hate crimes and discrimination-related vandalism.

The CDF troopers manhandled Bernard into the building as the other CDF squads hauled out and transported every single piece of evidence they could find when they raided his Aragon City residence earlier this morning. There were carts upon carts of illegally-obtained and modified guns (notably, ones modified to fire full auto), propaganda materials, organizational memoranda and executive orders, and miscellaneous personal objects that would be inspected mano a mano by intelligence analysts from the Central Intelligence Directorate and the rest of the Royal Commonwealth Intelligence Community. The intelligence-related paraphernalia were distributed all over the relevant offices, while Bernard was manhandled into an airtight interrogation cell with red livery and [url]]strange tools arrayed in various racks[/url] - complete with a bulletproof steel door, a bulletproof one-way mirror, a security camera, CS gas dispensers, and, the most unusual of them all, BDSM tools.

After him came in a green-eyed, broad-shouldered man in full CID uniform - a CID agent codenamed “White”. At the age of 39 he had up his sleeves nearly 14 years of experience in the Intelligence Community as one of its most effective, if brutally clinical, field agents - but what he was most (in)famous for were his “enhanced interrogation techniques”, which have gained the ire of many an activist calling for this mystery man to be fired and jailed for his crimes against humanity; key to this was his dual use of BDSM, both to pleasure his partner (a woman whom he considered a “fuckbuddy”), and to exploit in “enhanced interrogation” the stereotypically high libido of men.

”Hubarin ang preso.” (Undress the prisoner), said White as he stripped topless, leaving only his suit pants and footwear on. The CDF troopers knew what to do next after undressing the prisoner, and White didn’t have to say it; they immediately strapped Bernard face-down onto a St. Andrew’s Cross in preparation for the “enhanced interrogation”. White began by arousing Bernard with a feather mounted on a riding crop, all the while reciting some entries from his intelligence file.

”Bernard Zantua. 35 years old, from the capital. Had 7 girlfriends, one of them being a minor. All of them abused. 34 cases of unaggravated assault, coincidentally against members of the LGBT community. What a fucking coincidence, champ. I love it.” Bernard mockingly recited as he tickled Bernard with the feather. ”Ano gusto mo: hirap? O, sarap?” (What do you want? Suffering? Or pleasure?) White asked.

At this point Bernard was beginning to feel uncomfortable, as he began to profusely sweat, palpitate, and rapidly breathe in anxious fear. ”S-sa-sara-ra-rap, sir.” Bernard said in between breaths.

White leaned towards his right ear and whispered, in a mockingly seductive tone: ”Kung gusto mo nang sarap, sumagot ka nang maayos.” (If you want pleasure, answer properly) - to which Bernard responded an anxiously frightened ”S-sige” (O-okay.)

The hard part was only about to begin.

White removed the feather from the riding crop and tickled his neck with it, eventually inching closer and closer to the ears and to Bernard’s face. White leaned closer to his left ear and asked: ”Sino ang mga kasama mo noong June 14?” (Who were you with on June 14?).

Bernard remained anxiously silent, knowing that anything he answers will compromise his comrades - especially now that he was the first, and so far only one, caught among his 4-strong group of shooters. White soon spank him in anger - just at the bottom of his buttocks - with the riding crop, sending Bernard screaming in pain as the loud snap of the riding crop hitting his buttocks echoed through the room. ”Hoy gago, sagutin mo ko! Sino ang mga kasama mo noong June 14?!” (Dumbass, answer me! Who were you with on June 14?) White angrily asked thereafter - and Bernard replied, in screaming anguish: ”Si Carlos Baldovino po! Tsaka si Gerald Macababad and Joseph Fariñas! Nag-split po kami sa dalawang pares para maka-cover ng malaking ground!” (Carlos Baldovino! And Gerald Macababad and Joseph Fariñas! We split into two pairs to cover large ground!)

White was seemingly satisfied about his answer to the question, apparent from a smirk on his face - but he wasn’t done. He had to know how they got the automatic weapons AND the anthrax. But first, he had to do a quick breather for Bernard - by tickling the same spot upon which he spanked Bernard earlier, sending Bernard screaming of gasps in pain as the feather generated a tickling but awfully growing sense of pain. After a few seconds of giving Bernard painful breathing time, White then proceeded with the interrogation.

White then leaned towards Bernard’s right ear, and seductively asked a shaking Bernard: ”Sino ang nagbigay sa inyo ng mga malalakas na armas automatiko?” (Who gave you powerful automatic firearms?). Bernard fell silent for nearly half a minute before White spanked - again - the bottom of his buttocks where his buttocks and thighs met, sending Bernard screaming in excruciating anguish as he cried out in pain, deep inside pleading to be let go.

Meanwhile the observers, a man and a woman accompanied by two armed guards behind them, were already beginning to be disgusted. ”Diba illegal ito?” (Isn’t this illegal?) a CID agent asked his compatriot. The compatriot, already sporting a grimace on her face, said, apparently expressing a growing gut feeling of disgust towards her colleague White: ”Hayaan mo na. He’ll see his day.” (Let it be. He’ll see his day.)

White pulled Bernard’s head backwards and asked again, angrily: ”Sino ang nagbigay sa inyo ng mga malalakas na armas automatiko?! Ng anthrax?!” (Who gave you powerful automatic firearms?! And anthrax?!), to which a wailing White replied, as again in anxious anguish: ”Ewan ko sa treasurer namin! Basta binigay lang sa amin pagkatapos ng isang briefing!” (I don’t know with our treasurer! What I know is that we just got our weapons after a briefing!)

White then flung his head forward, taking care not to daze him or snap his neck, afterwards spanking his thighs and buttocks twice, and tickling it with a feather to “soothe” it. Bernard only continued his crying, as the pain only grew worse and worse, and White asked yet another question to a Bernard who was seemingly beginning to yield to the extreme “enhanced interrogation”: ”Sino ang treasurer niyo?!” (Who’s your treasurer?!). A crying - and seemingly yielding - Bernard answered after taking a long gasp of air: ”Si-si Paulo Abas! Si Paulo Abas po!” (I-it’s Paulo Abas! It’s Paulo Abas!).

”Oh, mabuti naman, sumasagot ka naman ng maayos!” (Good! You do answer properly!) White mockingly and loudly answered, ”Dahil diyan, deserve mo, sarap!” (With that, you deserve pleasure!), afterwards tickling his already sore buttocks and thighs with another feather. Bernard screamed in increasing pain and anguish as the pain shot up his body and only got worse as White continued the tickling.

After a minute of painful “pleasure”, White was sadistically satisfied enough to ask him yet another question. ”Saan naka-imbak ang mga armas niyo?” (Where are your weapons stocked?!), White angrily asked. At this point, Bernard was finally giving up resisting, as almost a few minutes of “enhanced interrogation” was already wearing down on his mental and physical fortitude to continue further - and he yielded the location, albeit a rough one. ”May bahay-bahayan kami sa may gubat sa may Barrio Salvacion, malapit sa Pasig banda. Isang abandonadong gusali. May sign na nagsasabing “Fine Dining”. Yan lang ang masasabi ko.” (We have a “house” in the forest at Barrio Salvacion, near Pasig. It’s an abandoned building. Sign says “Fine Dining”. That’s all I am saying.) Bernard answered, finally giving up on resistance, and wailing as he pleaded to be set free. ”Tama na, pakawalan niyo na po ako! Tutulong na po ako!” (Enough! Please set me free! I’m going to cooperate!!)

White asked the last question before concluding the enhanced interrogation session: ”Sino ngayon ang punong niyo?!” to which Bernard answered ”Paolo Esteban po! Hinalal namin siya noong 2016 pa!” (It’s Paolo Esteban! We elected him back in 2016!). Satisfied, White concluded the interrogation session and had the guards set Bernard free from the St. Andrew’s Cross, with the guards struggling to carry a dismally dissociated and dazed Bernard on top of the gear - full battle armor, personal C4I equipment, and guns with associated ammunition - that they donned.

He quickly put on his top and entered the observation room as the guards, themselves disgusted of what they saw, quickly lifted Bernard out of the room, helping him into the medical bay to be tended to for the injuries and dissociation that he sustained. His disgusted colleagues (which have actually seen more events like this under various Palmyrian CID field operatives) looked at him with a grimace, and one of them asked ”Wasn’t that illegal?” to which White simple responded with a shrug.

Conquistador Security Consulting Ltd. Headquarters,
Ebon, Federal Republic of Carloso, 20 June 2019

A medium-sized tilt-wing aircraft flew in low over the skyline of Ebon, a metropolis illuminated by the many lights shining from the many high-rise buildings and skyscrapers that populated the area. Coming from the south-west, it bore the distinctive eagle logo of Conquistador Security Consulting, Carloso’s largest private military company. Rotating its wings into their vertical configuration, it eventually arrived at a helipad located on the upper floors of the company’s international headquarters, the engines whining as they powered down and stopped altogether. The door leading to the cargo bay of the tilt-wing opened up, revealing a tall, broad man with greying hair and brown eyes. This was none other then Estebán Santander, owner and Managing Director of Conquistador. He was also a Member of Parliament for Haxton and Minister for Internal Affairs. Wearing a pinstripe suit and blue tie, even under his clothes, his muscles were clearly visible. Now at the age of 49, he was still in great physical shape, having attained the physique through hard work during his years in the Carlosian Navy. Santander had just flown straight from Madrigal after a meeting with President Tobón, happy to be back in his home city. However, even now he had no time to rest. Other tasks had to be attended to first. After leaving the aircraft, he looked towards the entrance to the building to see one of his lieutenants, Fulton, waiting. Santander began walking towards him.

“Estebán, you finally made it. How was the trip?” Fulton asked.

“Fucking terrible.” Santander replied, “It’ll be the last time I ride in one of those things.” He immediately lit up a cigar, pausing for a few seconds to retrohale the smoke, “Did anything new happen in Palmyrion?”

“Not yet, but our contacts have been hard at work.” Fulton assured him. The ‘contacts’ he referred to were Bagong Lipunan ng Palmyria (BLP), described as an extreme right-wing organisation based in Palmyrion that were well known for their actions against members of the so-called ‘LGBT community’. This year’s ‘pride month’, i.e the whole month of June, had been an especially bloody one, as they or similarly aligned groups had been implicated in a spate of terrorist atrocities. A suicide bomber killed 24 at a pride march organised by the University of Palmyrion on 7 June, followed by a mass shooting at a pride event in Commonwealth Square on 14 June that left 154 dead. On the 16 June, a prominent lesbian activist was killed when she opened an anthrax-laced letter that had been sent to her home.

Santander moved forward with Fulton into the building. “I know they’re meant to be paleocons, but Jesus. There’s a reason why I don’t associate with people who don’t even lift.” he said, with a hint of disdain.

“You know these organisations tend to attract a few wackadoos. Many even turn out to be worse then the people they claim to be against.” Fulton commented.

“Huh. That's nothing new. I really don’t care so long as these naive bastards are easy to control. If there's one thing wrong with modernity, it's that too many people are struggling to find a purpose in life. Consumerism, capitalism, it's never enough. If they don’t end up killing themselves, they’ll begin subscribing to some sort of strange ideology or movement eventually. An easy step to take for someone with no principles or morals of their own, of course. These bastards and the pathetic climate activists are two grapes from the same vineyard, and they both turn out to be massive fucking hypocrits.” Santander continued.

The door to the helipad closed behind them. After turning a corner, they found themselves in a long hallway with oak panel-covered walls, decorated with various works of art from Santander’s own collection. They progressed through a security gate, then through the lavish garden that served as a reception area and then a series of doors before they eventually came to the entrance of Santander’s own penthouse and private office. Producing a keycard, he swiped the lock and the door clicked open. The space offered magnificent views of the metropolis of Ebon from high above. Santander moved to pour himself a glass of brandy.

“Want some?” he asked Fulton.

“No, I’m good thanks.” the Lieutenant Colonel replied. The two men sat down in chairs on either end of Santander’s desk.

“As I was saying.” Santander continued, “With all these different movements nowadays, society is more fragmented than ever before. Once automation begins to really take hold and millions find themselves without jobs, the situation will only get worse. As it is, never in human history has the average person had so much free time. God only knows what they choose to do with it. I’d doubt we’d see the likes of LGBT or climate activism being so relevant if everyone was working.”

“And what does this have to do with Palmyrion?” Fulton queried.

“These groups can be exploited, and companies like ours are playing an ever growing role in fighting conflicts in the four corners of the world. Peace isn’t very profitable for us, so why don’t we start a war? And what better way to start a war then light a tinderbox of two billion people.” Santander chuckled sadistically “Thats where the BLP come in. I’m not the philosophical type Fulton, but as Spengler predicted, the future men of action will require private armies to uproot and destroy the pathetic fuckers in the political establishment. Playing the democratic game won’t be enough. Palmyion will be a taste of what is to come in the next few years.”

“And this is why Alexander must die?” Fulton questioned.

Santander nodded. “Yes. That is why he must die.”


Will Greece follow?

Commonwealth Square
Capital City of Aragon, Buendia Province
Royal Palmyrian Commonwealth
29 June 2019 1345PST

One would be amazed at just how unfazed the LGBT community was in Palmyrion; the Commonwealth Square was the site of a bloody massacre by the BLP just 15 days prior, and even then the LGBT community just didn’t care about it - but rescheduling was too late, and all the other venues were occupied with their own pride events, all of which were to be coordinated with the one to be held on the Commonwealth Square. Security was tight; one could describe the event’s security as over-the-top, with X-Ray machines at every entrance, strict body frisking by male and female guards, and with an entire armored brigade stationed within 5km of the Square. It was perhaps the most securely-guarded Pride event in Palmyrion to date - but there was no other significant reason to fret, as the event proper was, in no time, filled with flags representing various sexual orientations, various companies showing solidarity with the LGBT+ community by their booths and stands. This was the epicenter of the national pride event that was held in the capital cities of the provinces of the Royal Commonwealth, and the total attendance nationwide was pegged to be nearly 20 million spread across various venues, with nearly a million attending the pride event in Aragon alone.

The event would be kicked off with the Lakán giving a speech about the LGBT community’s role and contribution in nation-building, and condemning the irrationality of hatred against the LGBT community. Harold Canja, however, wouldn’t let the Lakán go from this unharmed, as he positioned himself and his M310SS Cheyenne Tactical on the rooftop of a building overlooking the Commonwealth Square. He was one of the newest entries to the militant Dominionist BLP, one who recently had a dishonorable discharge from the Army after he was involved in the brutal assault and gang-rape of an intersex comrade, who died in comatose after the event. Now on the run, he took the honor of being the sniper who would end the Palmyrian Lakán’s life - for him, a payment by the Lakán as atonement for the grave sin of “promoting the disease that is sexual immorality”.

A tablet PC beside him displayed the event life as seen from a BLP insider during the event, while he looked down the sights of his TrackingPoint XS1 scope. He only had one shot, and he had to make this count - especially now that the Lakan was on the move towards the podium, presenting a great risk of missing despite his impeccable sniping skills paired with a scope that did all the calculations for him on the fly. Emotions were also into play - and God forbid he lets his emotions get in the way of his task. He muttered a prayer of war to God while tracking the Lakán through his scope, as the Lakán slowly went up the podium and started his speech.

”Ladies, gentlemen, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, the entire LGBT community. Comrades, delegates, and world, good afternoon.” the Lakán started, much to the jubilant cries of the crowd. The Lakán was a well-known ally of the LGBT community, himself being a self-identified gray asexual. ”We come today, in spite of inclement weather, to the chosen, hallowed grounds of the Commonwealth Square, where the 1984 Commonwealth Charter was ratified and signed into effect, to march and hold a fabulous event with the aim of calling for the rights of the LGBT community.” he added to his speech.

”Wait for my signal.” said Canja’s task leader through his earpiece as Canja patiently watched the Lakán do his speech. At this point his trigger finger was figuratively itching - but he needed to wait, as his other comrades were setting up to cause chaos when he fired his shot.

”...As your Monarch, Head of State, and the Steward of the Royal Palmyrian Commonwealth, I stand here, speaking to you in patriotic solidarity and camaraderie.” the Lakán continued, accompanied by yet another cheer from the crowd. ”So far the government has done significant steps in making the world less hostile to the LGBT community, and in recognizing, acknowledging, and responsibly and compassionately utilizing their role and strength in the nation-building process of the Royal Commonwealth.” the Lakán continued, as the crowd cheered and applauded once again.

”While I have a lot to say about the LGBT community as one among equals in nation building, I sadly have to keep this short and straightforward to prevent being a killjoy.” the Lakán said, much to the laughter of the crowd due to his casual manner of saying the word “killjoy”, followed by an applause. ”First off, we’ll be dealing with the labor force. Our labor force stands at nearly a million and two hundred thousand strong, nearly 60% of the Commonwealth’s population.”

The Lakán paused for a while to let the statistics, however short and simple they were, sink into the population; it would have them thinking, how much of that labor force was LGBT? How many of the working LGBT community were hidden in closets (figuratively) or have already come out? How many of them were being assaulted and discriminated against due to their sexual orientation?

”Surveys by various private entities state that the percentage of this labor force that identified as LGBT+ are 1-2 percent, with our very own Commonwealth Statistics Bureau stating 1.24% of the labor force identifying as LGBT. Nevertheless, this amounts to nearly 15 million people - an astounding amount indeed, but they are 15 million people who, despite the government’s best efforts to curb discrimination and violence against the LGBT community, have faced discrimination and violence in every aspect of their lives, if perhaps almost at the cost of their lives.”

The Lakán paused for a while to clear his throat and have a sip of water. ”Many cases have gone public during the last month, no doubt, but these perpetrators have been brought to justice to bear the full might of the legal consequences of their crimes, in spite of the nation facing a bloody June this year.”. The Lakán said, followed by a thunderous orchestra of applause and cheers from the crowd.

The Lakán awaited for the applause to subside before continuing. ”While our laborers and workers toil for an inclusively productive and prosperous Royal Commonwealth, our compatriots among the ranks of our policemen and armed forces help defend the nation.” the Lakán said. ”Our military stands at 3.2 million active and 1.6 million soldiers - it’s almost 0.24% of the population, but the military nonetheless is a formidable force. Among these soldiers are warriors who belong to the LGBT community - the last demographic survey of the military under the Armed Forces Review 2018 pegged the percentage of soldiers belonging to the LGBT community at nearly 1.25 percent.” the crowd applauded and cheered.

So as not to suspend the event further, the Lakán decided to conclude his speech. ”I have a lot to say about the LGBT community, but I don’t want to be a killjoy and bore everyone with such a speech. The world is far from perfect, far from flawless - and perhaps will remain so until the end of time. Discrimination, oppression, and bigotry will still exist no matter how much we try to fight against it - but as your monarch, I assure you that the Royal Commonwealth shall steadfastly stand guard against such despicable actions. We shall remain united in progress!” the Lakán resoundingly finished, accompanied by loud jubilant celebration from the crowd, while the Lakán began to depart from the podium.

”Fire! Fire! Fire!” Canja heard his team leader speak through the earpiece as the rest of the team awaited his shot - and, with a crisp, hate-laden pull of the trigger, Canja sent flying down the barrel a highly accurate 419-grain .408 caliber bullet. The bullet, one of near-flawless monolithic construction optimized for sub-minute of angle accuracy at extreme distances, cut through the air as it whizzled towards the Lakán’s head - and it hit the Lakán at his brain stem as he stepped down the podium. This would be followed by a group of shooters emerging from various spots surrounding the event proper, in particular the Commonwealth Square, gunning down attendees like panicking ducks in a live, visceral shooting gallery. In the square, a van burst open in an explosion, as a cloud of phosgene emerged from the van and flooded the area.


Comm Square Pride Attack Kills Thousands; Lakán Assassinated
Evelyn Sabaot | 30 June 2019 11:31AM PST

  • Mass shooting and phosgene attack kills est. 1,000
  • Lakán Alexander II assassinated by sniper
  • Bagong Lipunan ng Palmyria believed to be behind the attack

ARAGON CITY, PALMYRION | In a vicious terrorist attack at the Commonwealth square yesterday, the Palmyrian Lakán and almost 1,000 others have been killed by mass shooters, a sniper, and a chemical gas attack.

”We are deeply saddened to announce that our beloved Lakán Alexander II has been assassinated alongside an estimated 1,000 others in a terror attack at the Commonwealth Square.” Vice-Chancellor for Defense Joaquin Magdalo stated in a press conference regarding the attack earlier this morning.

CCTV and amateur footage recovered from the scene show a large but dispersed group of heavily armed men carrying RPKs and wearing what seemed to be Stalinist Era gas masks opening fire at the pride march attendees, followed by a van exploding to release what had been identified as phosgene gas, an industrial chemical with a known use in chemical warfare. Declassified after-action reports from responding units of the Civil Defense Force and the Armed Forces of Palmyrion show that on-site security managed to call for back-up before being overrun, alongside almost 50-70 terrorists neutralized.

CDF troopers at a section of the Commonwealth Square. A lockdown has been declared covering all blocks within a 5-kilometer radius of the Commonwealth Square’s main entry/exit points.

”This is perhaps the worst terrorist attack witnessed by Palmyrion in recent years; while Pride Month had its spate of terror attacks, never have we seen an attack of this scale happen until now, with the resulting assassination of a head of state.” Vice Chancellor Magdalo said about the incident. ”We have locked down an area within a 5-kilometer radius of the Commonwealth Square’s main entry and exit points. Civilian peacekeeping and military forces are on high alert regarding the situation, but we still expect to stay within DEFCON 3.” he added.

It is also believed that the militant dominionist group "Bagong Lipunan ng Palmyria" is behind the terror attacks, given that much of this year's LGBT-related terror attacks have been perpetrated by BLP, but the government is still going to investigate. "We believe that BLP is behind the attacks, as they have been the confirmed perpetrators of the last three anti-LGBT attacks this June..., the Vice Chancellor Magdalo said, " fact, in pretty much every single Pride Month since the known foundation of BLP, they have been the single most notorious for increased terror attacks during this month, second only to the Islamists." he added.

Rescue workers tend to some of the casualties of the terror attack. Over 1,000 have been killed and tens of thousands more injured, according to CDF and AFP estimates.

In light of the event, it is unclear if the widowed Lakambini, Elizabeth the Commoner, will ascend to the throne as the head-of-state of the Royal Commonwealth following the assassination of her husband; the Lakambini has so far neither answered to an inquiry by the Commonwealth News Service, nor issued an official declaration regarding the situation, although sources close to the Royal Family recount how the Lakambini is in “deep mourning” regarding the death of her consort the Lakán.

More on this story as it develops.
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Bump. I get it that homosexuals bombing ultra-conservatives is more interesting than hardline militant Christians bombing a nation that supports the LGBT+ community. Or it could be my ultra-long opening post, which I have edited accordingly.


Lakambini Elizabeth The Commoner Declared Head of State
Evelyn Sabaot | 2 July 2019 4:31PM PST

  • Consort of assassinated monarch declared head of state
  • Lakambini Elizabeth vows to avenge husband and continue his works
  • Lakambini rumored to be disinterested in courtship

ARAGON CITY, PALMYRION | In a relatively simple yet tense, highly-televised, and high-security affair at the Royal Citadel, Lakambini Elizabeth The Commoner, Royal Consort to the now deceased Lakán, ascended to the Royal Throne as the new head-of-state of the Royal Commonwealth following the assassination of her husband during this year's Pride March.

The Lakambini has refused to give any comments regarding her husband and the attack, but has vowed to avenge her husband and continue his policies, while making some of her own in the future. "The Palmyrian nation marches on no matter what, and with the death of my husband, I shall put to justice whoever was behind this atrocity. Meanwhile, I shall continue his policies, while making some of my own." she said.

The Lakán and the Lakambini have been lovers since 2006, when it was rumored that the then Crown Prince and a commoner student he met at the Palmyrian Science High School - Main Campus had entered a relationship; both the current Lakambini and the then Crown Prince were 14 and were in the 8th Grade. Amidst the loss of her husband, rumors have started to form that the Lakambini, now at the age of 27, is not interested to find a consort at all, leaving her brother-in-law Crown Prince Carlos I next in line to the Royal Throne - but the Article of Monarchy expressly states that the Monarch must retire at the age of 60, and by the time Lakambini Elizabeth steps down on 2052, his reign would be short.

Meanwhile, the Civil Defense Forces, the Palmyrian National Police, and the Armed Forces of Palmyrion have published a joint press release stating that the Bagong Lipunan ng Palmyria, a militant neoreactionary fascist group ascribing to Christian dominion theology, was indeed behind the attacks, with an official death toll of 1,287 and 9,295 injured, with 107 more dying in hospital confinement due to the effects of the attack.
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Postby Tornado Queendom » Tue Jul 02, 2019 11:44 am

Due to this terrible tragedy, we have no choice but to introduce a new Pride Tax.
  • 0.40 American Dollars in Tornado Queendom Credits for every minute a pride parade takes place (to the contingents)
  • 1.50 American Dollars in Tornado Queendom Credits for every purchase of Non-Lesbian LGBT Pornography
  • 1.06 American Dollars in Tornado Queendom Credits for every purchase of Lesbian Pornography
  • 1.84 American Dollars in Tornado Queendom Credits for every spectator of a pride parade (to the showrunner)
  • 1.92 American Dollars in Tornado Queendom Credits for every day a pride flag (Pink Pendant; Rainbow; Trans Pride; Asexual Pride; etc) is flown on private property
  • 2.21 American Dollars in Tornado Queendom Credits for every purchase of a pride flag (to the consumer)
  • 2.89 American Dollars in Tornado Queendom Credits for every sale of a pride flag (to the merchant)
  • 5.88 American Dollars in Tornado Queendom Credits for every contingent of a pride parade (to the contingents)
  • 10.97 American Dollars in Tornado Queendom Credits for every minute a pride parade takes place (to the showrunner)
  • 287.73 American Dollars in Tornado Queendom Credits for every contingent of a pride parade (to the showrunner)
  • 10,633.43 American Dollars in Tornado Queendom Credits for every transgender operation (to the patient)
  • 25,605.44 American Dollars in Tornado Queendom Credits for every transgender operation (to the hospital)
  • Total ban on Pride Flags on Government Property for the rest of 2019, then will be revisited in a referendum.
The money will be used to reduce taxes for everyone not involved in pride
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Postby Allanea » Wed Jul 03, 2019 12:55 pm

Official Message from Cassiopeia Blaken-Kazansky, Empress of Greater Prussia and the Thousand States, Queen of Allanea, Reichskamphen, Leipzig-Island, Tsarina of All Russia, Moscow, Vladimir, Novgorod; Kazan, Astrakhan, , Siberia, Chersonese Taurianl Lord of Pskov and Grand Princess of Smolensk,; Prince, Karelia, Tver, Yugorsky land, Perm, Vyatka, and others; Lord and Grand Prince of Nizhny Nogorod, Ryazan, Polotsk, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Belozersk, Udorsky land, Obdorsk, Kondia, , and all of the northern countries Lady; hereditary Sovereign and ruler of the Circassian and Mountainous Princes and of others; Lord of Turkestan; Archduke of Free Dragkon, Duchess of Leyfield, Blaken-Island, Schleswig-Holstein, Stormarn, Dithmarschen, and Oldenburg, Countess of Centreville, Protector of Snoghosia

We, by the Grace of the Gods and the Will of the People, Empress of Greater Prussia and Queen of Allanea, express our deepest, most heart-felt condolences to the people of Palmyrion at large, and the families of those killed in this gruesome attack, whatever their faith, gender, or orientation. This is a dark page in the history of Palmyrion.

Those criminal thugs who have carried out this attack have perverted and twisted the message of Christ. They have laid down indiscriminate violence in a city center, sparing not even those who, even in their twisted worldview, would be innocent – not even small children and passers-by would be secure from the machinegun bullets and chemical weapons they have unleashed.

They imagined they would intimidate the public away from supporting the rights of its members who have attended this parade, or supported it. Whether they will succeed remains to be seen – but what they certainly have done was present to the entire world the full expression of their disgusting cause. There might have been some who believed that, perhaps, if they did not support the rights of those different from them, then their own rights and safety would remain secure. Yet the murderer's bullet that had ended the life of Palmyrion's lawful monarch has changed all that. We know now that those monsters target anyone who disagrees with them – and even anyone who just happens to be nearby.

It is worth recollecting, in this context, why "Pride" parades are called that. They should, honestly, be called non-shame parades – but there's no good word for that. They are a gesture of defiance by those who, for generations, have been driven to be ashamed of who they are, to fear blackmail, suppression, even violence. The people who have come to Commonwealth Square, who faced the murderers' bullets and poison gas, have come to say, we refuse to be ashamed. We shall rather be proud than ashamed.

Yesterday, one could ask – "what is so brave about going to one of these parades?"

Today one can ask this no longer. Now we know, any person who, in Palmyrion, within the reach of the BLP, says, 'I am gay', 'I am trans', and so forth, is risking their life.

Therefore, anyone who comes out of the closet, in Palmyrion, is carrying out an act of immense bravery. Anyone who comes to a pride event is defying machinegunners and poison gas.

If it was the BLP's idea to humiliate LGBT persons, they have failed. Starting from today, anyone attending a pride event in Palmyrion has more of a spine than any BLP fighter shall ever have, or ever has had.

Now, I wish to offer my support to Lakambini Elizabeth's government. The Free Kingdom, and Greater Prussia, shall extend their support to the counterterrorist effort, as well as send out medical teams to assist those who have been severely injured in these inhuman crimes.

That is all.

May the Gods bless and protect Palmyrion in its dark hour.

May they forever continue to bless Allanea.

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Postby Greater Carloso » Thu Jul 04, 2019 4:25 pm


By Samuel Ryan from, Secano, Carloso, RTC NEWS
Published just now


Tobón condemns Palmyrion terrorist attacks

President Tobón has condemned the terrorist attacks on an 'LGBT' pride march which caused the deaths of 1,287 people, including monarch Alexander II in the Palmyrian city of Aragon. At least 9,295 others were injured. Speaking at the opening of a new military base in Secano, Tobón said that "The Government of Carloso condemns the heinous attacks committed against the innocent people who were attending the event. I pray for the repose of the souls of the late Lakán Alexander II and all those who were killed, and that their family members will be comforted during this time of mourning." The attack began when Alexander II was shot by a sniper as he delivered a speech to the gathered crowds. Shortly afterwards, dozens of gunmen began firing into the crowd and a van containing phosgene exploded, flooding the area with the deadly chemical agent. Responders managed to eliminate most of the assailants.The Department of External Affairs clarified that they did not believe that any Carlosian citizen was present in Palmyrion at the time.

However, Tobón also criticised the security arrangements for the event, saying "It appears to me that, in light of the recent spate of similiar incidents in Palmyrion, the authorities should have taken security much more seriously. I find it hard to believe they could of let such a major terrorist attack occur without prior indication or warning. If this is the case, then their intelligence and law enforcement apparatus must be criminally underresourced or severely incompetent."

According to local media, the organisation known as 'Bagong Lipunan ng Palmyria' was responsible for the attack, which targetted the event in Aragon City. In a joint press conference held by Palmyrian authorities, the 'Bagong Lipunan ng Palmyria' group was described as "neoreactionary" and "fascist", subscribing to "Christian dominion theology". It followed a string of similiar incidents which had occured earlier in this year's 'pride month', a term used internationally for the entire month of June, culminating in parades that usually take place on the 28th or 29th of June to mark the Stonewall riots in 1969, seen by many as the genesis of the 'LGBT' activist movement. On 7 June, a suicide bomber killed 24 at a pride march organised by the University of Palmyrion. A mass shooting at a pride event in Commonwealth Square on 14 June left 154 dead. On the 16 June, a prominent lesbian activist was killed when she opened an anthrax-laced letter that had been sent to her home.

The successor of the late Alexander II, his wife Elizabeth, did not comment on the attack or the death of her husband, but vowed to continue his policies and avenge his death.

Top Stories
  • Tobón condemns Palmyrion terrorist attacks
  • Opinion poll: National Salvation increases lead
  • Construction begins of new SACTO offices in Madrigal



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Postby Democratic Republic of Eiria » Fri Jul 05, 2019 10:26 am

Official Telegram From The Chancellor of
The Democratic Republic of Eiria

We offer our condolences for the loss of Lakán Alexander II, As well as the 1,000 Innocents in Commonwealth Square. We are disgusted to hear of this horrific event, and extend our aid wherever you need it.

In addition, we also extend our military operatives to catch these twisted attackers and their associates. We also have experience with chemical attacks, one killing 362 people with Sarin gas in Ņuceda. If you'd like, we could dispatch members of The Federal Toxic Materials Cleanup Association, or FTMCA, at your discretion.

May you be at peace.
Chancellor William Lancaster
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- Chancellor William Lancaster's Inauguration Speech

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Postby Kahanistan » Fri Jul 05, 2019 2:17 pm

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Free Republic of Kahanistan

The Government of the Free Republic of Kahanistan condemns the actions of the BLP in not only assassinating the Lakan for his role in promoting LGBT rights but murdering roughly 1,000 innocent civilians in their bloody crusade to roll back the tide of freedom sweeping the world. As a fellow freedom loving nation we pledge our support to the Palmyrian government as it brings the perpetrators of this atrocity to justice.

Jacob M. Lucas,
Minister of Foreign Affairs

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Postby Palmyrion » Fri Jul 05, 2019 2:40 pm


Hell hath no fury like one...

Royal Citadel, City of Aragon
Buendia Province, Royal Palmyrian Commonwealth
Region of Greater Dienstad
9 July 2019 | 7:59AM PST

Jilted. Devastated. Heartbroken. Thrust into the world of statecraft, perhaps too soon, Elizabeth found herself trying - and painfully struggling - to compartmentalize, internalize, and rationalize everything that had gone on during the past week, alongside adapting into the position she was suddenly thrust into. Being a head-of-state was no joke for someone of common, albeit accomplished, breeding like her - she had no prior experience in statecraft, though she had extensive knowledge in leadership, for she had been in leadership positions back in high school and college.

Yesterday, she was just a woman, a consort to her man, and the queen to her king. Today, she was a head of state, a woman who ruled a country dealing with the growing pains of a nation-state trying to establish itself as a superpower in global geopolitics - a role traditionally ascribed to men of noble blood. Would her country be the same once she steps up to the throne? Would she be able to be just as wise, fair, and strong a leader as her husband was? Nevertheless, she readied herself with her first speech as the Palmyrian monarch and head-of-state, with her royal in-laws and palace guards in tow as she walked to the stage. It was a high-security affair, with the airspace ten kilometers out from the Citadel's walls being declared a no-fly zone for civilian aircraft; only confirmed Palmyrian military and police aircraft were allowed.

Before emerging into the public, dressed simply in a white dress (it was custom for the Palmyrian royal family to dress simply yet formally in these types of situations), her mother-in-law assured her that everything is going to be okay, that the Royal Commonwealth was at her side and under her command as its head of state - its first female head-of-state.

"Ellie, don't worry. Your people await you, dear." Elizabeth's mother-in-law, former Lakambini Rosalinda, said, cupping a nervous Elizabeth's face in her firm hands. The stark difference in grit was visible to anyone near them; it was a collision of two entirely different worlds: an old woman, worn to the bone from continuous statecraft, and no stranger to national events like these, and a younger woman less than half her age, and with no experience in statecraft whatsoever.

But it was all that Elizabeth needed to gain the much-needed composure she needed to face her people, her most loyal subjects. "Ready when you are, Your Majesty." a guard said, as Elizabeth nodded and, to her cue, the same guard signaled the palace aides to open the door.

Outside, the crowd, a swelling mass of nearly 50,000 baking underneath the early morning sun and stretching all across the Citadel grounds, awaited the Lakambini's speech. Camera clicks resounded throughout the open but chaotic and tense air as the Lakambini slowly, but surely and gracefully, walked up to the podium, one made of parkerized aluminium and covered front and sides by enough ALON (aluminium oxynitride) glass to stop a .50 BMG bullet, to begin her speech, which was prepared by her and her speechwriter (who was also her late husband's speechwriter).

"Ladies, gentlemen, most loyal citizens of the Royal Commonwealth, and everyone watching us here and there. Good morning."the Lakambini said, to the thundering applause from the crowd, as a small but growing bloc of the crowd began to protest, seeking answers, justice, and action regarding the terrorist attack.

"Today, I speak to you as your new monarch and head-of-state, and no longer as a mere consort of our late beloved Lakán." she said, as the protesting crowd began to protest even louder, with some palace guards beginning to drive away the protestors to the perimeter. "As your new head of state, and someone who has lost her consort, I speak in sympathy to those who lost their relatives, friends, and loved ones in the recent pride march terror attack." she continued, as chaos began to sprout with the protestors resisting being driven away by the guards.

"Control, Axel 1-1. Possible BLP apprehended at Maintenance Tunnel 1B. We're taking him to the police checkpoint." a guard radioed to the rest of the security detail. "Roger that. We can't depart the venue; just get the police to fetch the suspect." one of the guards replied. Nevertheless, the Lakambini continued with her speech, as the atmosphere grew more and more tense.

"The situation we have on hand with the BLP does not end here with the recent brutal terrorist attack. It may be far worse than we thought." the Lakambini said, much to the chagrin and chatter of the crowd that followed gasps of worry. "Intelligence sources have notified us that the BLP may be planning further terrorist attacks and may even become a full-blown insurgency." she added, stoking further the atmosphere of worry that the event carried.

The Lakambini paused for a while to let the crowd internalize the gravity of the event. "To make matters worse, the intelligence community has raised the possibility that they may have foreign backing, as evidenced by them having ownership of high-powered firearms, protective combat gear, and chemical weaponry." she said, as the crowd only got more agitated in fear. "We have even received, from anonymous sources, possible insiders within the intelligence community, national defense, and law enforcement agencies which helped make possible to atrocious pride attacks last month." she added, only fueling the anxiety and uncertainty of the crowd.

"Control, we have a situation here! We got more BLP trying to sneak through the maintenance tunnels! I think they're going in waves!" a guard radioed to the rest of the on-site security detail, as they searched around the maintenance tunnels for more BLP. It was as if the BLP, itself having a significant cohort made of former members of the palace's security detail alongside former military and law enforcement personnel, knew how to play the palace security detail at their own game. "Alright. We're relaxing ROE. You're allowed to use lethal force to keep the event secure!" the security HQ team replied, as it was obvious that the event was about to be compromised.

"As I speak, our security forces are conducting decontamination operations in the Commonwealth Square. The police and the military are now working around the clock to strike back at the BLP. From now on, the Bagong Lipunan ng Palmyria is officially a terrorist group, and we are now conducting operations to dismantle this terrorist group." the Lakambini said, as the crowd remained agitated with the news. "The military is now in DEFCON 3, and there are talks of a possible declaration of nationwide martial law if and when the BLP becomes a fully-fledged insurgent group." she said further, much to the increased agitation of the crowd in light of the grim news. "The National Guard has been mobilized for a nationwide crackdown on the BLP - against its personnel, financial assets, everything. In particular we have frozen, seized, and liquidated the financial assets of those with confirmed ties to the BLP, and we shall do the same to the other members that we capture. We will not be gentle." she added.

"In light of the attacks, we have received offers of foreign help from other countries. We would like to thank the Free Kingdom of Allanea, the Democratic Republic of Eiria, and the Free Republic of Kahanistan for their offers of foreign assistance to our country in light of this atrocity, and we are grateful for their assistance." the Lakambini said, much to the assurance of the already agitated crowd. "We assure these countries that their assistance will be wisely utilized to help Palmyrion recover from its recent string of terrorist attacks. We, in the spirit of diplomatic amity, welcome their assistance in this dark page of our history, and are eager to work alongside them wherever and whenever possible." she added.

The Lakambini decided to finish her speech, so she can start entertaining questions from the crowd. "Certainly, this is a dark page in Palmyrion's history. The Royal Commonwealth is not a perfect nation - in fact, it's far from perfect. What I can assure you as your head of state, however, is that Palmyrion will never cease to progress; it will never cease to move forward in spite of efforts to pull it backwards. We stand guard - for unity in progress." she finished her speech as she went down the podium, with the crowd both applauding and, in anxious agitation, protesting the speech.
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Postby Holy Marsh » Fri Jul 19, 2019 1:07 am

The fact that Palmyrion had been hit by not one, but three major terror attacks, targeting similar events during the same month came as successive shocks to the elements within M-SAD that held a positive opinion of the Palmyriion defense and security apparatus. It was obvious to anyone who gave it any serious thought that the situation could not exist without some degree of infiltration, but that only explained how they could launch the attacks. It failed to account for the size and scale of them, as well as the seeming willingness of people to join a group whose violence seemed disproportionate to what they opposed.

Of course it wasn't that difficult to understand. The various ethnicities of Palmyrion seemed perfectly happy killing one another over weak ideals of nationalism and false faiths. The Lair had historically been the best breeding ground for such silliness, but in recent years it seemed like an explosion of unusually...foreign groups had taken place. Not necessarily in membership per se, but in funding or ideology. M-SAD recognized that the driving force behind this was the equal parts receptiveness that the citizens of the Commonwealth had to new ideas and people as well as its often times fractured internal stability.

Still, it was rare for a successive events of this scale to strike so powerfully, and with Alexander being a victim as well it only escalated the scale of the threat. M-SAD activated multiple contingencies and forces moved into position, imperceptibly so, as was the nature of Marshite activity anyway. While prepared to act they were more so used to ensure that when Palmyrion inevitably tore their enemy to shreds, the survivors would find no safe zone in the Theocracy- not that, based on their false ideology, they would flee there in the first place.

Shortly after the attack, the Arch-Bishop issued a short statement:

“Cowards hide behind false ideology and in doing so can do little else other than launch terror attacks, where those with actual conviction commit themselves to an honest and glorious war. The weak and ineffectual cowards behind this impotent massacre, like most others of their ilk, lack the conviction and courage to stand by and die for their convictions against armed enemies. Nothing establishes the weakness of mind and thought behind such ideologies than a terrorist attack. The BLP joins a long list of organizations whose so-called beliefs are nothing more than excuses to commit murder, all in order to satisfy their own impotent homicidal desires.

The Theocracy offers companionship to the Commonwealth in this time of anger and sorrow, and prays that its swift counterattack against such bankrupt foes utterly removes their stain from Palmyrion henceforth. If the Commonwealth finds need to call upon the Theocracy for support in such activities, it can, as always, count on it.

May the Holy Marsh Bless the Palmyrion Commonwealth.

Thought for the Day: Cowardice is Criminal”
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Postby Palmyrion » Wed Jul 24, 2019 11:45 pm


It's the sign of the times...

It was a sad day for the Royal Commonwealth.

While the funerals of the thousands of victims who died from the massacre were underway or were done, the public spent nearly three weeks mourning their deceased monarch, as a three-week public viewing period, a high-security and very formal event, allowed the citizenry, with nearly a million visiting over the past three weeks of the public viewing period to pay their respects for the fallen monarch - all the while protestors outside condemned the monarch for "accelerating the downfall of the Royal Commonwealth". This was the penultimate ending of human life: death - and one taken impolitely at that, by a bullet fired from a barrel of prejudice. One followed by a cacophony of machine gun fire and a ghastly spectacle of phosgene flooding the area as a mortifying stage play of death took 1,287 lives on its first and only screening.

The Lakán explicitly stated that, when he dies, his remains shall be cremated after a public viewing period to be determined by his family - and, by chance, his remains were on public view for three weeks as foreign dignitaries, esteemed citizens, and ordinary citizens paid their last respects. The first part of the funeral was a public mass for the fallen monarch - and, as the Lakán professed the Christian faith, was given a Christian funeral. During the mass, thousands of attendees paid their last respects for the fallen monarch, to include eulogies from significant people such as foreign dignitaries (particularly from the member-states of the Romani-Mar'si Union, WESPAC, and the Northern Mutual Assistance Agreement), government officials, and people who were personally close to the Lakán, to include high school and college friends, classmates, teachers, and professors.

The second part of the funeral was the funeral procession along the Commonwealth Superhighway, with a full military escort consisting of tanks and IFVs escorting the monarch's remains to the funeral pyre awaiting him at the Commonwealth Square, having just opened a week ago, albeit under tight security, after extensive decontamination procedures. An estimated 1 million people were on attendance at the Superhighway alone, with nearly hundreds of millions more watching the procession via television and the internet; a flight of four Su-27PMs flew overhead in a missing man formation as the procession continued. The crowd would shrink at the Commonwealth square, as the final funeral rites were being prepared. Bagpipers playing "Amazing Grace" accompanied the fallen monarch's remains as they were transported to the funeral pyre from the gate of the Commonwealth Square to the funeral pyre, with the crowd huddled around the funeral pyre, and hundreds of thousands more crowding the Commonwealth Square to pay their final respects for the monarch before his remains would be cremated. People gave what they could as mementos of respect - flowers, letters, some even made wooden carvings of the monarch - in these final moments - and when the people were done paying respect and tributes, a team of DSC Body Bearers folded a flag over the monarch's remains, and gave it to the Lakambini, before saluting to the wife and successor to the deceased monarch.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking of those spectacles would be the Lakambini carrying a torch, accompanied by an escort detail of four DSC operators, slowly walking towards the funeral pyre, as she began to pay her last respects for her fallen consort - her A-team, her partner, her best friend, her lover...her everything. For the past three years, she was by Lakán Alexander II's side, only marrying him half a year ago. She thought of saying goodbye to him as she lay on his death bed, having lived a life of public service, and living his days to a ripe old age - but not this. She feared this day. While she knew that, inevitably, she had to bear the torch for her late husband's funeral pyre, she did not think that her husband would die a gruesome death, an assassination. But she slowly walked toward the pyre, stoic but shaking, with her escorts matching pace with her. A 21-gun salute was given to the monarch as Elizabeth trod the walkway towards the pyre, and laid the torch on the funeral pyre, starting the conflagration that would consume her husband's remains.

The world, for the first time, witnessed a queen, impolitely thrust into the world of statecraft from being a mere consort to a fallen king, crying on her knees, as the funeral pyre consumed her husband's remains, wisps floating to the air in a figurative delivery of her husband's soul to the heavens, and into the hands of the Creator.

But she was no crybaby - and on her side was the millions-strong military and police forces, ready to mercilessly strike upon the BLP with pure, unadulterated justice - and they were doing a pretty god job at it for the past three weeks, having captured four of the BLP's most senior consiglieres and executing them right by firing squad at the Commonwealth Square.


Divine intervention can't save you now...

10KM NNE of Aragon City, Buendia Province
Royal Palmyrian Commonwealth
Region of Greater Dienstad
25 July 2019 16:30 PST

While an intolerant sect does not itself have title to complain of intolerance, its freedom should be restricted only when the tolerant sincerely and with reason believe that their own security and that of the institutions of liberty are in danger.
    -John Rawls

The state's relatively brutal crackdown on the BLP and its alleged legal fronts - charities, churches, even activist organizations - had gained it ire from its neighbors, with skepticism and criticism only becoming more intense (albeit hushed) as the government assured them that due process will be followed for the charities, churches, and activist organizations alleged to be legal fronts of the BLP. All these crackdowns and arrests over the last 6 years have culminated to this week-long Mexican standoff as the BLP retreated all of its armed assets to this compound at the outskirts of Aragon - and a cordon was situated along the perimeter of the compound, with the Army, PNP, and CDF cordoning the area. The BLP's last stand had their backs to a shallow river with torrential flow (a river that the tanks could easily cross but the special forces operators can't), with a joint CDF-Army raiding team ready to breach the compound from both the main entrance and from across the river.

Orders of Battle
    BLP last stand
  • 120 militia soldiers

    Royal Commonwealth government forces
  • Entry and raid detachment
    • Tank platoon "Buckshot 1-2", 1st Cavalry Brigade, PA (12 tank crew + 4 FV.1A tanks)[/i]
    • 1 Troop, No. 1 Squadron, Raider Battlegroup, PA (16 special forces operators)
    • 2 Troop, No. 1 Squadron, Raider Battlegroup, PA (16 special forces operators)
    • 1 Troop, No. 2 Squadron, CDF-SAF, CDF (16 special forces operators)
    • 2 Troop, No. 2 Squadron, CDF-SAF, CDF (16 special forces operators)
    • Armored bridgelayer team (1 FV.11 bridgelayer + 3 crew)
  • Cordon detachment
    • Platoon "Aster 1-1", 1st Civil Defense Brigade, CDF (50 CDF troopers)
    • Platoon "Aster 1-2", 1st Civil Defense Brigade, CDF (50 CDF troopers)
    • Platoon "Baker 1-1", 2nd Police Regiment, PNP (50 PNP police officers)
    • Platoon "Baker 1-2", 2nd Police Regiment, PNP (50 PNP police officers)
  • Air assets
  • 4 surveillance drones, PAF (rotating in 6-hour patrol schedules; PAF drone section of 16 personnel)
  • 3 surveillance drones, CDF (rotating in 8-hour patrol schedules; CDF drone section of 15 personnel)
  • 4 Mi-17PM (each w/ pilot & copilot)

"BLP, sumuko na kayo! Napapaligiran na namin kayo!" (BLP, surrender! We surround you!) a CDF trooper said via a loudspeaker as negotiations were breaking down. Negotiations, no matter how futile, were carried out anyway, as the media were reporting about the encirclement, but video and photographic footage were forbidden. Electronic warfare was conducted over the area to prevent the BLP from accessing TV, radio, cellular communications, and broadband internet lines.

Such futility would come to a head inevitably anyway, as shots rang out from the BLP side, with a CDF trooper being shot at the head and the others sent running for cover. "Cover! Take cover at mag-return fire!" (Cover! Take cover and return fire!), a CDF trooper said, as the cordon team laid down suppressing fire on the BLP defenders inside the compound, and the tanks fired rounds at the gates, destroying them. Afterwards the tanks and the raiding special forces operators provided suppressing fire, with one special forces team laying a breaching charge on the relatively thin cinder block walls of the compound. Meanwhile, the riverine breaching team deployed their bridge while suppressing the BLP defenders, the tanks firing at two sections of the wall to create breaching holes through which the tanks and infantry can pass through.

The raid has begun - and so did the BLP's end.
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