NSCF XX - Everything Thread

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NSCF XX - Everything Thread

Postby NSCF » Sun May 05, 2019 8:47 pm

NationStates College Football - Season 20


Breathe deep and take it all in as the tubas' rumbles reverberate through all the iconic campus stadia again. Each one, packed with generations of alumni returning to partake in the traditions of their beloved alma mater, is ready for that combustion of kinky action. The poppin' aromas of molly-popcorn and beer sift out through the bleachers. The bright lights shine down on armoured teams battling under the night sky, school bragging rights and a gruelling summer of work on the line. Ah, yes. It's college football season. Glory, Drama, Pride.

The twentiteth edition of NationStates College Football is upon us. In this thread, you will post your team's roster and all in-character roleplays. These can be game reports, character dialogues, or really anything you like. Any out-of-character questions should be directed towards the discussion thread or telegram.

With numbers decreasing from 42 teams to 36, there will be six conferences and each will have six teams.
12 teams will make the Playoffs: the six conference champions, the next best four by OSPI and, finally, two wildcards selected by the NSCF Committee. These 12 teams will then be seeded in the bracket purely by OSPI. Higher seeds will have home advantage until the final, which will take place at a neutral venue. Any nation can put together a bid to host the NSCF Championship (IC only) before the start of Non-Conference week, when it will then be voted on by the NSCF Committee.

New and returning players alike are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the NSCF procedure here. The regular season will be double round-robin, for a total of 10 games. Games will be scorinated three times a week: on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Scores will be posted in this thread at a time determined by each conference's designated scorer. After the ten-game conference schedule, there will be a "Non-Conference Week", with each team playing up to three games against opposition from other conferences. These games will not count toward conference championships, but WILL affect playoff seedings. All Non-Conference games must be arranged by the teams playing them (you can use the discussion thread for this). Once confirmed by BOTH parties, match-ups should be telegrammed to NSCF to be added to the schedule.


When checking times, this link might come in handy for converting to your local time.

BIG EIGHT Conference (Scorinated by Drawkland) (Cutoff Time: 22:00 Eastern)
Reigning Champion: Richardson University [RAN]

Richardson University Governors                  [RAN]  Ranoria
Cold Hill University Buffalo [RAN] Ranoria
Tecumseh University Raiders [ROJ] One Jamaica
Mar Sara Tech Raiders [VAL] Valanora
Raynor University Rockets [VAL] Valanora
Kandonica National Military Institute Officers [KDN] Kandonica

WOODLANDS Conference (Scorinated by Banija) (Cutoff Time: 22:00 Eastern)
Reigning Champions: Xannarian Polytechnic University [XAN]
Université du Saguenay Fighting Irish            [QUE]  Royal Kingdom of Quebec
Xannerian Polytechnical Institute Big Blue [XAN] Xanneria
Faith College Fighters [XAN] Xanneria
N-N Palæontological-Centred Research University [NTN] Natanians and Nosts
Portvestir University Polar Bears [MEL] Malbergia
University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa Crimson Tide [APU] American Pere Housh

HORIZON Conference (Scorinated by The Royal Kingdom of Quebec) (Cutoff Time: Midnight 23:00-0:00+ Central)
Reigning Champions: Stoneshore University [COS]
Sadeg State University Skyhawks                  [DRK]  Drawkland
Ramusok Capital University Dragons [COS] Cosumar
Stoneshore College Bruins [COS] Cosumar
Veerakerala College Royals [INS] Indusse
University of North Tunheim Orcas [BJØ] Bjørnøya Republic
University of St. Vincia Black-Eyes [USV] East Ares

MINERAL Conference (Scorinated by Drawkland) (Cutoff Time: Midnight 23:00-0:00+ Central)
Reigning Champions: University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park [CBP]
University of the Commonwealth Warriors           [CBP]  Commonwealth of Baker Park
Clawtown University Wolverines [ABG] Alenburg
Loirgrunzodd University Tigers [ABG] Alenburg
The Academy of Space Astronauts [SPA] Space
The Terrestrial Acclimation Academy Terrans [SPA] Space
Iokiaq International Institute Freeze [IQK] Iquikukut

CELESTIA Conference (Scorinated by The Royal Kingdom of Quebec) (Cutoff Time: 22:00 Eastern)
Reigning Champions: Northern Moravica University[BNJ]
Northern Moravica University Cougars              [BNJ]  Banija
Loyola University Blue Thunder [BNJ] Banija
Salamantic Universities Professors [KOR] Ko-oren
University of Fisher City Mariners [BGS] Bernegastad
University of Rasisikenev Bull Tigers [RKV] Rasisikenev
New Pathshala for Military Training Priests [NHS] New Hastinapur

ZEPHYR Conference (Scorinated by Banija) (Cutoff Time: 22:00 Eastern)
Reigning Champions: Imperial Military Academy [VNG]
Ceneisis Naval Academy Ensigns                    [AFT]  Abanhfleft
Thereisnogodistan Community College Atheists [NGD] Thereisnogodistan
Bowerstone University Bolts [ATH] Anthor
Kanjin University Pirates [NQU] North Quadana
Silver Valley School of Fine Arts Rattlers [APH] Alphagasia
University of Javoser Crocodiles [SAJ] Sajnur

Schedule (Home Teams listed first)

MD1 - 1v6, 2v5, 3v4
MD2 - 6v4, 5v3, 1v2
MD3 - 2v6, 3v1, 4v5
MD4 - 6v5, 1v4, 2v3
MD5 - 3v6, 4v2, 5v1
MD6 - 6v1, 5v2, 4v3
MD7 - 4v6, 3v5, 2v1
MD8 - 6v2, 1v3, 5v4
MD9 - 5v6, 4v1, 3v2
MD10 - 6v3, 2v4, 1v5

In addition to the playoffs, there also a few consolation bowl games for teams that do not reach the postseason. If your nation proposes a bowl game to host, you are responsible for inviting the teams yourself if it does not have automatic parameters for selection. The Pioneer Bowl is a traditional game for the two best newcomer teams not in the playoffs. After that, NSCF will not recognize any bowl game involving a team with an OSPI below 0.450.

Trojana Condoms Co. PIONEER BOWL
to be played at Marijuana Island Gaol in Marijuana Island, Nunavut, Royal Kingdom of Quebec
Contested by: Top two newcomer teams not in the playoffs.

(RP bonus degrades by 50% of total after blue days, resets fully after green days)
Matchday one - May 9
Matchday two - May 12
Matchday three - May 14
Matchday four - May 16
Matchday five - May 19
Matchday six - May 21
Matchday seven - May 23
Matchday eight - May 26
Matchday nine - May 28
Matchday ten - May 30
Championship venue proposal deadline - May 30
Non-Conference week - June 2, June 4, June 6
Playoff berth and Championship venue voting deadline - June 9
Bowl games - June 9
Playoffs First Round - June 11
Playoffs Quarterfinals - June 13
Playoffs Semifinals - June 16
Championship Game - June 18

Non-Conference Games

Games are only listed when confirmed by both parties. Only games listed here will be scorinated.
If both you and your opponent have confirmed a game, but it is not listed here, send a TG to NSCF.

matchups denote a potential scheduling clash, and those games will need to be re-confirmed or rescheduled before the deadline, or they will not be included in scorination. Red matchups are those I have taken note of from the discussion thread, and require confirmation, but would otherwise be fine.

Non-Conference Week One:
Sadeg State University Skyhawks @ Northern Moravica University Cougars
Ramusok Capital University Dragons @ University of Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder
Richardson University Governors @ University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park Warriors
Salamantic Universities Professors @ Université du Saguenay Fighting Irish
Faith College Fighters @ Tecumseh University Raiders
Kandonica National Military Institute Officers @ Stoneshore College Bruins
Cold Hill University Buffalo @ Xannerian Polytechnical Institute Big Blue

Non-Conference Week Two:
University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park Warriors @ Northern Moravica University Cougars
University of Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder @ Faith College Fighters
Richardson University Governors @ Ramusok Capital University Dragons
Salamantic Universities Professors @ Sadeg State University Skyhawks
Université du Saguenay Fighting Irish @ Cold Hill University Buffalo
Stoneshore College Bruins @ Bowerstone University Bolts
Tecumseh University Raiders @ University of Javoser Crocodiles

Non-Conference Week Three:
Northern Moravica University Cougars @ Université du Saguenay Fighting Irish
Richardson University Governors @ University of Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder
Mar Sara Tech Raiders @ Sadeg State University Skyhawks
University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park Warriors @ Tecumseh University Raiders
Kandonica National Military Institute Officers @ Salamantic Universities Professors
Xannerian Polytechnical Institute Big Blue @ Ramusok Capital University Dragons

At the end of the season, nominations are accepted for each of the NSCF Awards: Most Outstanding Player, Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Special Teams Player of the Year, and Coach of the Year. These awards will then be voted on by the NSCF Committee. Participants are encouraged to keep track of top performers throughout the season for these awards.
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Postby American Pere Housh » Sun May 05, 2019 9:41 pm

Michael Hsing, Independent, NS Parliament II

If you support the abolishment or defunding of our men and women in blue, shame on you.
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Postby Ranoria » Mon May 06, 2019 4:20 am

Country Name: Confederate Republic of Ranoria
Country Trigramme: RAN
College Name: Richardson University
Team Nickname: Governors
Home Stadium (Capacity): 94,750
Style of play: -2

Country Name: Ranoria
Country Trigramme: RAN
College Name: Cold Hill University
Team Nickname: Buffalo
Home Stadium (Capacity): "The Tundra' (85,000)
Style of play: +5

Richardson University Governors
Team Roster and Information

Richard Steinheil, Head Coach
Eric Dietrich, Defensive Coordinator
Eins Turner, Offensive Coordinator
Jakob Stark, Special Teams Coach
Ulrich Ray, QBs Coach
Markus Hillis, WRs Coach
John Corringer, OL Coach
Alton Kearse, DL Coach
Kai Hillis, LBs coach
Tim Shaw, DBs coach

Titles: Big 8 Champions (x3), NSCF 19 Runners-Up

Key: #number, firstname 'nickname' lastname, year, weight lb
Underlined Players are considered above average starters, bold players are the stars of the team, while italicized players are considered to be weak points

#7 Ifeatu Chineze, soph, 6'5", 232 lb
# 12 Beacon Murray, frsh, 6’2”, 225 lb

#1 Vice Jackson III, soph, 6'1", 237 lb
#22 Kuenda Sello, frsh, 6’1”, 245 lb(Banijan)

# 17 Kieran Kweo Atkison, jun, 6'1", 205 lb
-1st team all-Ranoria
#85 Calvin Hale, soph, 6'1", 200 lb
# 80 Tucker Hunt, jun, 5'11, 165 lb
# 84 Adelar Seyler, jun, 6'1", 210 lb
# 19 Owen Thistler, jun, 5'11", 192 lb
# 89 Illiad Cullen, soph, 6'3", 210 lb

# 87 Gunther Krause, jun, 6'7", 248 lb
# 82 Jackson Austin, soph, 6'6", 247 lb
# 88 Alexander Ethridge-Poe, sen, 6'6", 295 lb
# 86 Clayton Davis, soph, 6'6", 265 lb
#81 Blake Hawthorne, frsh, 6’4”, 248 lb

#77 Howitzer ‘Howie’ Peters, frsh, 6,6”, 300 lb
#68 Bernard Holt, jun, 6'5", 290 lb

#74 James Summers, sen, 6’3”, 330 lb[converted C]
# 61 Raymond Charter, jun, 6'4", 315 lb
#79 Tucker Abraham, frsh, 6’2”, 305 lb

# 60 Carter Billing, sen, 6' 2", 300 lb
# 66 Chance Horst, jun, 6'1", 295 lb

#71 Richard Silva, jun, 6'3", 312 lb
# 70 Friederich Klemens, frsh 6'4", 292 lb, soph[/box]

#75 Thrane Valentine, frsh, 6’4”, 290 lb
#69 Oscar Wyrd, soph, 6'4", 291 lb

#94 Malik Sherman, frsh, 6'6", 275 lb
#91 Grant Zimmerman, sen, 6'5", 275 lb
#92 Tyler Northman, sen, 6'6", 280 lb
# 95 Dylan Kipping, jun, 6'7", 270 lb

# 98 Julius Volt, jun, 6'6", 300 lb
# 96 Roman Seraphine, jun, 6'5", 315 lb
#97 Spencer Crutchfield, frsh, 6’7”, 315 lb
# 55 Theodore Sybille, sen, 6'6", 290 lb

#49 Alexander Carthage, sen, 6'1", 234 lb
#59 Solomon Castle, 6'1", jun, 230 lb
#57 Francis DiCarlo, 6'4", sen, 239 lb
# 44 Jerome Shell, jun, 6'3", 220 lb
#40 Carl Roman, frsh, 6'3", 225 lb

# 50 Isaiah Bryce, jun, 6'3", 250 lb
-1st Team All Ranoria, RCF leader tackles
# 47 Denton Pillar, sen, 6'3", 240 lb
#41 Isaac Spire, frsh, 6'2", 230 lb

# 42 Spencer Houston, soph, 6'1", 200 lb
-1st team all conference
# 2 Daquan Quarter, soph, 5'10", 200 lb
# 9 Martin Summers, soph, 5'11", 205 lb
# 21 Korn Benjamin, soph, 6'0", 215 lb
#5 Kade Witt, frsh, 6'0", 175 lb

#40 Carter Coleman, soph, 5’11”, 200 lb (FS)
Jordan Holt, frsh, 6’0”, 215 lb (SS)

Nillman Johnson, soph, 6'1", 187 lb

Bart Strong, frsh, 6'2", 215 lb

#73 Bert Wallace

#42 Spencer Houston

Key Losses:
Judas Wolfson: Wolfson was a surprise departure for the Governors. Only a sophomore and with only two seasons under his belt, Wolfson knew he would be the best player in the draft this season, with the possible exception of Thorn Davis out of Cold Hill.

Emmanuel Miller: At 6’9”, many either would have slotted Miller into the DT spot and tried to bulk him up, but he was a freak as a strong side DE, and while he could have had another successful season for the Governors, he elected to depart for the RFL.

Douglas Starling: Richardson’s second starting end was their pass rusher. Where Miller swallowed rushers whole, Starling surged upfield and brought down passers. His loss will make a big impact on this defense.

Millard Johnson and Xavier-Yannick Lotz: Both seniors, Johnson and Lotz helped fill out a deep and stingy cornerback room with three guys capable of playing the CB1 role. They participated in the regular, domestic season, combining for 21 pass deflections and 9 interceptions. Even with that, they allowed just 41 catches and five scores between the two of them. Unfortunately, they elected to sit out of the NSCF season, not wanting to ruin their hopes for a professional career in a freak injury, leaving sophomore Spencer Houston, who was the team's top corner, to take the reigns there.

Player bios:
Kieran Kweo-Atkison: Atkison is the second ever international prospect taken in by this program, the first being MLB Isaiah Bryce. Atkison has made it very clear that this will be his last year in a Governors uniform, one last hurrah against NSCF competition.

Isaiah Bryce: Bryce is the first ever international prospect taken in by the Governors program, and he quickly secured the starting job as an inside backer for the Governors in his freshman season. Bryce was the centerpiece for a lockdown Governors defense, the best in school history, a season ago, but it is a different looking team now. Starting ends Emanuel Miller and Douglas Startling each departed for the RFL, along with star safety, and sophomore, Judas Wolfson. Meanwhile, with two other corners sitting out of NSCF competition, he is now the centerpiece of a unit that, frankly, is left without a lot of star power.

Ifeatu Chineze, QB: Chineze was a recruit out of Banija, and the talented athlete earned his job after a grueling battle for the position last season that dragged on from the domestic season and into the NSCF. He had a solid domestic season this year, tossing up 3,670 yards, 29 touchdowns, and just nine picks while the team leaned heavily on the run game to open up the pass, letting it rip just 310 times in the 12 game regular season.

Calvin Hale, WR: Hale was a looked-over prospect at wideout, but found a niche as a slot receiver as a freshman. He has now solidified his role as the WR2 on this squad.

Vice Jackson III, RB: Grandson of RFL and RCF great Vice Jackson, this runner beat our senior Elijah Sampson and sophomore Benjamin Morgan, who tore his ACL and quit football this last season, for the starting role. He is a bruising runner who relies on stiff arms, hurdles, and other moves to break tackles. Jackson is the starter, and rightfully so after garnering 271 carries for 1,290 yards and 12 touchdowns this season, reeling in 50 passes as well, but any time he’s asked about his success, he’s pointed to their newest back...

Kuenda Sello, RB: Out of Banija, Sello is a bruising, downhill runner who will punish anyone who dares to step in his path. Sello sees most of his action in the first and fourth quarters, beating down opposing defenses with his massive frame before Jackson comes in to gash them. And then, in the fourth quarter, he makes sure no one gets an idea of coming back. Sello took 162 carries in the domestic season and piled on 680 yards and five touchdowns.

Spencer Crutchfield, DT: Crutchfield is an absolute freak. Coming in at 6’7”, 315 pounds, he’s a monster in the run game, and has a bull rush that he’s built an entire pass rush arsenal off of. He started 5 games, even with incumbents Julius Volt and Roman Seraphine, both solid players, being juniors.

Howie Peters, T: Peters was a top 20 recruit at left tackle, and quickly made a name for himself by earning a starting role as the anchor of the offensive line, protecting Ifeatu Chineze's blindside. He tends to have lapses that see him slow on his feet, but generally Howitzer Peters is a more than capable protector who fits Richard Steinheil's mold of a powerful, massive offensive lineman perfectly.

Thrane Valentine, T: Valentine, was the #309 overall recruit in the nation to Howie's #17, and quickly took up a spot manning the right tackle position. At 6'4", 290, he's a big kid with a lot of raw power, perfect for a run blocker. He was a walk on, but quickly earned a scholarship and while he is still trying to fill out his frame, these two freshman tackles have really helped turn around a much-maligned offensive line.

Malik Sherman, DE: A top 25 recruit, Sherman fills out the last of Richardson's big signings at the edge. He's more of a power rusher, but he has a versatile game and his overall athleticism is what makes him so intriguing. Sherman managed six sacks as a true freshman.

I don't mind minor injuries to my players, they can pick scoring events, etc. Just don't have anyone go down for the season or ending, and keep it realistic. (ex: If you don't have the best defense, don't have my QB throwing 4 INTs or something absurd. You know, nothing extreme.

Week 2:
Week 3:
Week 4:
Week 5:
Week 6:
Week 7:
Week 8:
Week 9:
Week 10:

Non-conference games:

Week 11:
Week 12:
Week 13: vs Loyola Istria (Rebel Cannon Bowl);

Final Regular Season Stats:
QB Ifeatu Chineze: 156/232 2,274 yards, 67.2%, 14 TD, 10 INT
HB Vice Jackson: 297 rush, 1,348 yards, 4.53 yp/c, 6 TD, 32 receptions, 504 yards, 2 TD
HB Kuenda Sello: 149 rush, 576 yards, 3.86 yp/c, 3 TD, 15 receptions, 125 yards
WR Kieran Kweo-Atkison: 89 receptions, 1,265 yards, 9 TD, 1 rush, 12 yards
WR Calvin Hale: 30 receptions, 445 yards, 3 TD
WR Tucker Hunt: 4 receptions, 30 yards
TE Gunther Krause: 6 receptions, 91 yards
TE Jackson Austin: 10 receptions, 259 yards

MLB Isaiah Bryce: 110 tackles, 8 TFL, 3 sacks, 1 INT, 9 PDef
DE Malik Sherman: 49 tackles, 6 TFL, 6 sacks, 1 FF, 2 PDef
DT Spencer Crutchfield: 30 tackles, 7 TFL, 3.5 sacks
DE/DT Julius Volt: 61 tackles, 10 TFL, 10 sacks, 5 PDef
DT Roman Seraphine: 24 tackles, 4 TFL, 2 sack
CB Spencer Houston: 51 tackles, 1 TFL, 4 INT, 8 PDef
CB Jabyess Hawkins: 40 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 sack, 4 INT, 7 PDef
OLB Alexander Carthage: 69 tackles, 3 TFL, 1 sack
OLB Solomon Castle: 48 tackles, 2 TFL, 3 PDef
MLB Denton Pillar: 41 tackles

Cold Hill Buffalo
Team Roster and Information

Head Coach- Chris Dale
Offensive Coordinator- Daniel Booker
Defensive Coordinator- Connor Hellsing
QBs Coach- Elliot Schmitt
RBs Coach- Orton Smith
WRs Coach- Randy Pryor
TEs Coach- Gary Dennier
OL Coach- Joe Sapp
DL Coach- Reggie Gregory
LBs Coach- Harrison Thomas
DBs Coach- Charlie Steel

Post NSCF 17 Ranking: 12

Key: #number, firstname 'nickname' lastname, year, weight lb
Underlined Players are considered above average starters, bold players are the stars of the team, while italicized players are considered to be weak points

Deondre “Diamond” Rhine, frsh, 6’6”, 265 lb
# 9 Flint Carter, sen, 6'1", jun, 220 lb, [transfer from University of Ranoria City]
#1 Jackson Carol, jun, 5'11"", 218 lb

#34 Jordan Jose, 5'9", sen, 244 lb(FB)
#29 Hue Ross, jun, 6'0", 224 lb
-2nd team all Ranoria
#26 John Judge, frsh, 5’10”, 220 lb

#89 Karl Kraus, 6'3, sen, 205 lb
#10 Dexter Slaughter, frsh,6'1", 175 lb
#13 Rodney Blades, frsh, 5'10", 190 lb
#17 Tim Griebel, sen, 6’1”, 215 lb
#12 Terrance Miller, jun, 5'11, 205 lb
# 82 Adam Raedler, jun, 5'11", 205 lb

#86 Manuel Tarr, sen, 6'6", 265 lb

#78 Kevin Eakin, sen, 6’7”, 335 lb
# 69 Augustin Vetter, jun, 6'5", 295 lb
#57 Vince Vermillion, frsh, 6'4", 288 lb

#73 Chris Khrel, sen, 6' 2, 315 lb(converted C)
#70 Roran Stone, frsh, 6'3", 290 lb

#75 Nico Stentz, sen, 6’5”, 335 lb
#71 Tanner Highroad, frsh, 6'3", 300 lb

#77 Baron Bell, frsh, 6'6", 320 lb
# 65 Lutz Reichenbach, jun, 6'5", 308 lb

# 63, Rainer Siemens, jun, 6'4", 294 lb
#52 Hillis Smith, 6'5", 295 lb

#91 Carter Morrison, jun, 6'4", 302 lb
#90 Anton Merkel, jun, 6'3", 301 lb
#92 Haze Herbert, frsh, 6'5", 295 lb

# 97 Bill Heinz, 6'5", 300 lb, jun
#94 Cole Thrice, 6'6", 305 lb, sen

#50 Earnest Longhorn, sen, 6'3", 255 lb
# 96 Charles Foreman, jun 6'6", 250 lb
#51 Tommy Vatterson, sen, 6'2", 245 lb
#93 Klemens Grossman, jun, 6'4", 250 lb

# 54 Horace Crowns, jun, 5'11", 227 lb
# 59 Damian Philips, jun, 6'0", 222 lb

# 33 Clarence von Arris, jun, 5'11", 205 lb
-1st Team All-STC
#22 Klara North, sen, 6'0", 187 lb
#41 Otto Folke, sen, 6'2", 215 lb(converted SS, nickelback)
#21 Gabriel Haberkorn, jun, 5'11, 205 lb

#49 Marcell Salley, sen, 6'0", 210 lb(FS)
# 42 Zacharias Rosin, jun, 5'9", 212 lb(SS)

#1 Barry Chlorid, sen, 6'2", 198 lb

#1 Barry Clorid, sen, 6'2", 198 lb

#75 Nico Stentz, jun, 6’5”, 335 lb

#22 Clarence von Arris

Regular Season Statistics:
QB Deondre Rhine: 262/425, 61.6%, 3,703 yards, 31 TD, 12 INT
1 34
HB Hue Ross: 322 rush, 1,607 yards, 4.99 yp/c, 12 TD, 37 receptions, 314 yards, 3 TD
HB John Judge: 54 rush, 279 yards, 5.16 yp/c, 2 reception, 19 yards
WR Karl Krause: 76 receptions, 876 yards, 7 TD
WR Dexter Slaughter: 68 receptions, 989 yards, 8 TD
WR Rodney Blades: 62 receptions, 961 yards, 11 TD, 1 rush, 2 PT Conversion
9, 137, 2
WR Tim Griebel: 22 receptions, 369 yards, 1 TD
TE Manuel Tarr: 12 receptions, 175 yards, 1 TD

MLB Horace Crowns: 90 tackles, 1 TFL
MLB Damian Philips: 66 tackles, 4 TFL
OLB Earnest Longhorn: 60 tackles, 13.5!sacks, 8 TFL, 4 FF, 1 FR
OLB Charles Foreman: 40 tackles, 5.5 sacks, 5 TFL
DE Carter Morrison: 35 tackles, 1 sack, 4 TFL
CB Clarence von Arris: 50 tackles, 5 TFL, 2 sacks, 5 INT, 18 PDef
CB Clara North: 29 tackles, 3 INT, 5 PDef
FS Marcell Salley: 69 tackles, 1 sack, 1 TFL, 5 INT, 10 PDef

Key Losses:
Thorn Davis:
Thorn Davis was one of the most highly touted prospects in the history of Ranorian college football, with a cannon for an arm, speed like a linebacker, and the size to match. He led the Buffalo to a pair of domestic championships, taking the entire football world by storm. But not only that, with his signing, Cold Hill managed to tout themselves as an up-and-coming program, allowing them to snag fellow top recruits such as linebacker Jakeem Butler, safety Marcell Salley, tackle Kevin Eakin, pass rusher Earnest Longhorn, and massive, speedy wideout Jarrett Hauptmann. Along with a few other key players, Cold Hill instantly went from a mediocre program to a perennial contender.

Jakeem Butler: Butler was a fast, hard hitting, playmaker of a linebacker for the Buffalo during his tenure, who slowly evolved from a big play weapon to the dangerous centerpiece of this defense. He left a hole in his wake, however, with little else to fill it.

Jarrett Hauptmann: Hauptmann, coming in at 6’5”, is an absolute freak of nature. Perhaps the perfect receiver for Thorn Davis and his big-play style, Hauptmann could stretch the field and dominate with his sheer size.

DeAngelo Gordon: Gordon was an interior disruptor with an obscene gift of physical power. The Buffalo have had trouble replacing his presence on the interior.

Player bios:
Klara North: Klara North is one of the best coverage corners in Ranoria, but she has tackling issues, likely due to the sheer strength of, well, men. She had a good season, and is the team's #1 corner now, but she was exposed repeatedly during the domestic season against jump balls and larger, more physical receivers, but she improved her ability to position her body to make a play on the ball, and her vertical leap has vastly improved.

Carlson von Arris: Younger brother of the best corner, and possibly defensive player, in the RFL, Alexander von Arris, Carlson has extraordinary talent and work ethic, and is a hammer in the run game. Von Arris is the best corner in the nation, and is very likely to enter the draft after this NSCF season. On a spotty Cold Hill defense, he is an anchor.

Deondre Rhine: At quarterback, Rhine was a troubled prospect. After tossing for over 300 yards a game in three starts as a freshman, leading his team to a 5-5 record after a 2-5 start, he only had one full season at the helm, engineering a 7-3 campaign in which his squad barely missed the playoffs. Even better, he was getting tons of scouting attention with his 3,401 yards and 27 touchdown passes, even if he turned the ball over 14 times as well. His junior year was supposed to be the best season in the school's history, with a lot of quality, senior athletes and a top notch Q at the helm, what could go wrong? For 8 weeks, the team was unstoppanle, Rhine putting up an obscene 3,622 yards and 25 touchdowns against just ten picks. But then, in a routine drug test, he came up for positive for methamphetamine. The team lost three straight by a score of 58-20, including their first playoff win in a decade, and when Rhine took PEDs to try and earn back the recruiting buzz he'd drawn, he was suspended indefinitely from the program, with his team going 2-8 and failing to score a hundred points all season. However, at a bit of a senior bowl for underrecruited prospects, he put up a dazzling performance, with three first half touchdown passes before being sat for other players, and Cold Hill decided to bring him on. He played well, but when he was arrested for public intoxication, HC Chris Dale placed him on suspension for the rest of the season, and Rhine watched the Buffalo fall in the quarterfinals of the playoff.

Team Colors: White and Gold
Home Stadium: [url=[/url] 'The Tundra'(85,000)

Style of Play: +3
Defensive formation: 3-4 (<-Base Defense)
Uniforms: White with gold accents. I'm too lazy to do those.

I don't mind minor injuries to my players, they can pick scoring events, etc. Just don't have anyone go down for the season or ending, and keep it realistic. (ex: If you don't have the best defense, don't have my QB throwing 4 INTs or something absurd. You know, nothing extreme.

Week 2:
Week 3:
Week 4:
Week 5:
Week 6:
Week 7:
Week 9:
Week 10:

Non-conference games:

Week 11:
Week 12:
Week 13:
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Tecumseh University Raiders

Postby One Jamaica » Mon May 06, 2019 4:41 am


Team Name: Tecumseh University Raiders
Colors: Black, Green, & Blue
Stadium: Rick Tecumseh Stadium
Capacity: 90,000
Seasons: 2
Style of Play: -4
Director of Player Personnel: Wesley G. Blankstaff

Head Coach: Philip McCreary (2nd year)
Offensive Coordinator: David Spears (2nd year)
Quarterbacks Coach: Ron Webster (2nd year)
Running Backs Coach: Rain Barber (2nd year)
Wide Receivers Coach: Sean Tolbert (2nd year)
Tight Ends Coach: Vince Olgeltree (2nd year)
Offensive Line Coach: Harry Munch (2nd year)
Defensive Coordinator: Raymond Hasselhoff (2nd year)
Defensive Line Coach: Saraph McCreary (younger brother of head coach) (2nd year)
Linebackers Coach: Omar Rowe (2nd year)
Defensive Backs Coach: Henry Philips (2nd year)
Special Teams Coach: Johnny Mayfield (2nd year)


QB1- #3 Ray ‘Quan Smith 6’2 198 lbs. (Sophomore)
QB2- #5 Adam Fellop 6’5 205 lbs. (RS Junior)
QB3- #17 Tommy Maddox 6’6 220 lbs. (RS Senior)

RB1- #20 Felix Hawthorn 6’2 215 lbs. (Senior)
RB2- #27 Wendell Croft 6’1 190 lbs. (RS Senior)
RB3- #24 Joshua Jolly 5’11 204 lbs. (RS Senior)
RB4- #7 Charles VanDam 5'10 lbs.

WR1- #88 DJ Williams 6’5 220 lbs. (RS Junior)
WR2- #89 Victor Dubbs 5’11 180 lbs. (Sophomore)
WR3- #11 Shaun Vector 5’10 196 lbs. (RS Senior)
WR4- #18 Nick Ross 6’1 187 lbs. (RS Junior)
WR5- #80 Will Darron 5’9 184 lbs. (RS Junior)
WR6- #14 Ricardo Bold 6’2 180 lbs. (RS Junior)

TE1- #82 Trey Boyd 6’4 235 lbs. (RS Senior)
TE2- #85 Spencer Gates 6’4 220 lbs. (Sophomore)
TE3- #86 David Alaimo 6’6 230 lbs. (Sophomore)

LT1- #70 Larry Brown 6’4 322 lbs. (RS Junior)
LT2- #79 Austin Shepherd 6’3 290 lbs. (RS Senior)
LT3- #63 Richard Banks 6'4 277 lbs.

LG1- #60 Ju’Waun James 6’4 280 lbs. (Sophomore)
LG2- #71 Corey Bolt 6’2 290 lbs. (RS Sophomore)

C1- #78 Damien Holden 6’4 310 lbs. (RS Junior)
C2- #61 Chris Spruts 6’3 290 lbs. (RS Sophomore)

RG1- #72 Timmothy Mack 6’4 270 lbs. (Sophomore)
RG2- #74 Ralph Eden 6’2 295 lbs. (Sophomore)

RT1- #65 Derrick Smith 6’4 300 lbs. (Senior)
RT2- #62 Sam Mayfield 6'2 289 lbs.
RT3- #73 Vance Langford 6'3 301 lbs.


DE1- #92 Antonio Wellton 6’5 250 lbs. (Sophomore)
DE2- #98 Leroy Jergens 6’4 290 lbs. (Sophomore)
DE3- #94 Brandon Dickerson 6’3 265 lbs. (Sophomore)
DE4- #90 Drew Spangold 6'3 299 lbs.

DT1- #99 Khalil Townsend 6’8 255 lbs. (Senior)
DT2- #93 Mike Conley 6’2 380 lbs. (Sophomore)
DT3- #97 Melvin Rice 6’8 255 lbs. (Senior)
DT4- #75 Justin Alowaho 6'5 302 lbs.

LOLB1- #51 Harvey Woki 6’3 247 lbs. (FRESHMAN)
LOLB2- #59 Jon Washington 6’4 235 lbs. (RS Senior)

MLB1- #52 Julian Cole 6’4 230 lbs. (Junior)
MLB2- #54 Troy Stallion 6’1 235 lbs. (Senior)
MLB3- #2 Jacob Frost 6'1 220 lbs.

ROLB1- #55 Dillion Windbrush 6’5 245 lbs. (Junior)
ROLB2- #57 Gaius Cochran 6’0 225 lbs. (RS Junior)
ROLB3- #53 John Hanford 6'2 240 lbs.

CB1- #22 Michael Moss 5’10 198 lbs. (Junior)
CB2- #29 Rashid Gooding 6’2 183 lbs. (Sophomore)
CB3- #25 Jerry Hanson 5’10 180 lbs. (Sophomore)
CB4- #30 Danny Colefield 6'0 179 lbs.

SS1- #21 Brian Crews 6’1 187 lbs. (Junior)
SS2- #23 David Murphy 5’10 180 lbs. (RS Sophomore)

FS1- #34 Denman Terry 6’2 205 lbs. (RS Senior)
FS2- #42 Ethan Jackson 6’0 170 lbs. (Sophomore)

Special Teams

K1- #4 Peter Zolteck 6’0 180 lbs. (RS Senior)
K2- #1 Johnny Mays 6’1 185 lbs. (Senior)

P1- #9 Ron Stonestreet 6’1 180 lbs. (Sophomore)

KR1- #24 (RB) Joshua Jolly 5’11 204 lbs. (RS Senior)
KR2- #11 (WR) Shaun Vector 5’10 185 lbs. (RS Senior)

PR1- #11 (WR) Shaun Vector 5’10 185 lbs. (RS Senior)

LS- #78 (C) Damien Holden 6’4 310 lbs. (RS Junior)

RP Permissions
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes (non career ending)
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: No
Keep it realistic please.

Team Overview

Team Overall Record
Wins: 7
Loses: 6

Non Conference Record
Wins: 0
Loses: 3

Bowl Games
Wins: 0
Loses: 1

Philip McCreary - Coach of the Year - NSCF 19

Director of player personnel Wesley Blankstaff handles the everyday tasks of scouting and player recruitments. This leaves the head coach to fully prioritize the operation of the team on the field. Both men, Wesley and McCreary meet regularly to discuss player development and other topics.
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Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Mon May 06, 2019 12:32 pm

Note : WIP. I will complete it by tomorrow night.

Université du Saguenay Fighting Irish


Location: South Bend, Saguenay, Royal Kingdom of Québec
Home Stadium: Saguenay Stadium @ South Bend (Capacity : 95,000)
Mascot: The Leprechaun

Head Coach: Baek Sang-Joon (9 years at Saguenay, 2 years as Head Coach)
Offensive Co-Ordinator: Kweon Joon-Ho (3 years at Saguenay, 2nd year of his 2nd run as as OC)
Defensive Co-Ordinator: Hugh O'Neill (2 years at Saguenay, all as DC)
Style of Play: Spread / 3-4 Defence

Name               Role                                Place of Birth       Age Experience at Saguenay  Alma Mater       
Baek Sang-Joon Head Coach Attawapiskat, NW 43 9 years Northwestern (2018)
Mikael Nill-Aubin Offensive Lines Coach / Associate HC Chicoutimi, Saguenay 44 2 years Gyeongbuk A&M (2016)
Seo Dong-Rim Special Teams & Recruiting Coordinator Montreal, Montreal 48 3 years Iggulden (2022)
Sebastien Gosselin Special Teams Coordinator Moncton, Acadie 50 8 years Mount Allison (2021)
Kweon Joon-Ho Offensive Coordinator / QB Coach Edmundston, Acadie 35 3 years St. Francis Xavier (2026)
Hugh O'Neill Defensive Coordinator / LB Coach Oshawa, Frontenac 36 2 years Queen's (BA, 2025; MA, 2027)
Patrick Boies Defensive Line Coach Jonquiere, Saguenay 30 2 years Saguenay (2032)
Hunter McTavish Tight Ends Coach Longeuil, Montreal 46 1 year Meghanville State (2014)
Noel Brouillette Running Backs Coach South Bend, Saguenay 31 2 years Saguenay (2029)
Yunesky Munoz Defensive Backs Coach Caracas, Nuevo Caracas 34 1 year Southern Manitoba (2028)
Roger Smyth-Shin Wide Receivers Coach Labrador City, Labrador 54 4 years Labrador State (2006)
Mario Chun-Kim Offensive Lines Coach McAdam, Acadie 29 2 years Masan College (BComm, 2031; MBA, 2033)
Arianne Goh Safeties Coach Chicoutimi, Saguenay 40 1 year Saguenay Tech (MSc, 2020), Saguenay (BSc, 2018)
Henri Baek-Jolin Offensive Graduate Assistant Gerretsen, Nord-Est 25 1 year Pyeongnam College (2035)
C.J. Langlois-Zuluka Defensive Graduate Assistant Flint, South Detroit 24 2 years St-Gabriel-Richard (2037)

Allie Shim-McGrath Strength & Training Assistant Labrador City, Labrador 4 years Gyeongbuk A&M (2026)
Louis Parker-Beckforth Graduate Assistant Roberval, Saguenay 1 year Sangju College (2031)
Sammy Uhl Graduate Assistant Iqaluit, Nunavut 3 years Iqaluit (2027)
Jean-Pierre Bernard Head Athletic Trainer Roberval, Saguenay 12 years Southern Manitoba (2005)

No  Name        Surname        Ht.     Wt.  Position            Experience    Hometown                          High School                     Program                  
01 Alton McNair 6'2" 225 Quarterback RS Sophomore Richardson, Ranoria Richardson HS Preprofessional Studies
02 Ringo Starr Hardy 6'1" 242 Fullback Junior Chicoutimi, Saguenay Gyeongbuk CI Economics
03 Michel Trintignant 6'2" 224 Wide Receiver Junior Rimouski, Saguenay ETS Rimouski-Steel-Company Business
04 Michael Kiser 6'2" 215 Linebacker (RV) Sophomore Vale-Radisson, Saguenay ES Vale-Radisson Economics
05 Myles Park 6'0" 200 Kicker Sophomore Chicoutimi, Saguenay Sangwon CVI Business
06 Charles Wang-Lanctôt 5'11" 196 Quarterback Graduate Roberval, Saguenay ES Charlotte-Lemay Education (BEd)
07 Hatabu Kodo 6'6" 280 Defensive End Sophomore Jinja City, Banija St. George's HS Business
08 Noel-Luc Faribault 6'2" 210 Quarterback Senior Charlottetown, Acadie Charlottetown Comm. HS Business
09 Myeong-Shin Heo 6'1" 225 Linebacker (MLB) Freshman Kingston, Frontenac Erskine CI Russian
10 Lester Allin 6'0" 205 Quarterback Freshman Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale Ecole-Monsieur-Pleyel Architecture
11 Michael Welch 6'5" 206 Wide Receiver Freshman Chicoutimi, Saguenay Sangwon CVI
Film, Television, and Theatre
12 Dionta Navarro Alvarez 6'3" 208 Safety Sophomore California City, Manitoba California City HS Film, Television, and Theatre
13 Benedict O'Malley 6'0" 211 Safety RS Sophomore Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Montreal Nolan-Power HS Economics (Transfer : Hanyang College)
14 Gabriel Sarfeld-Bergeron 6'7" 274 Defensive End Graduate Prince Eric, Manitoba ES Claire-Boucher-Task MBA
16 Xavier Beauregard 6'2" 210 Kicker/Punter Senior Thetford, Estrie Thetford Collegiate Chemistry
17 Seong-Ryul Park 5'11" 208 Wide Receiver Graduate Quebec City, C-N Seminaire Avenue-des-Patriotes Law (L.L.M in Human Rights Law)
18 Ike Taylor 6'0" 211 Safety Senior Chicoutimi, Saguenay Gyeongbuk CI
19 Elzear-Ross Wright 6'2" 219 Wide Receiver RS Junior Attawapiskat, Northwest Groening-Nyholm Gymnasium Medicine
20 Henri Beauregard 6'0" 204 Safety Junior Thetford, Estrie Thetford Collegiate Liberal Studies
21 Alex Lavertu-Dumas 6'1" 196 Cornerback Freshman Montreal, Montreal Lancaster College Business
23 D.J. Wasserman 6'1" 256 Linebacker Freshman Halifax, Acadie Halifax Grammar School Business
24 Fernando Maturén Diaz 6'1" 210 Cornerback ^Junior Winnipeg, Manitoba St. Monica's CHS Theology
25 William Bae 6'1" 235 Linebacker (SLB) RS Junior Longeuil, Montreal Greenfield Park HS Business
26 Francois Kim 6'2" 209 Cornerback Graduate Alma, Saguenay Yeongmoo CI Film Studies (MA)
27 Leopold Langlois-Zuluka 5'9" 194 Cornerback RS Freshman Flint, South Detroit St. Mugisha's CHS Business
28 Benoit Lapointe 5'11" 190 Running Back Junior Alabama-Nord, Saguenay Alabama-Nord HS Statistics
29 Seung-Hak Seo 6'2" 255 Cornerback Junior Saint John, Acadie Saint John HS Chemical Engineering
30 Walter Fromanton-Jo 5'11" 248 Fullback RS Freshman Moncton, Acadie École d'Hyspérides Preprofessional Studies
31 Patrick O'Grady 5'11" 205 Punter Junior Perce, Gaspesie Perce CI Sociology
33 Sam Mzwakali 6'1" 225 Running Back Senior Flint, Flint Flint South HS Global Affairs
35 Raymond Palmateer 6'0" 198 Cornerback Sophomore Goose Bay, Labrador St. Francis Xavier HS Business
36 Raymond Yoon 5'11" 241 Running Back Sophomore Chicoutimi, Saguenay Gyeongbuk CI Mechanical Engineering
38 Charles Waabshkii’ogi 5'10" 201 Running Back Freshman Sioux Lookout, Ontario The Sault Collegiate Political Science
41 Charles Bbumba 6'5" 326 Nose Tackle Freshman Wakyaato, Banija Wakyaato HS Biology
43 Jong-Hyeok Starhunter-Nam 5'11" 198 Safety Freshman Chibougamou, Jamesie Chibougamou Anglican HS History
45 Felix-Antoine Lafreniere 6'4" 245 Linebacker (MLB) Junior Chicoutimi, Saguenay Saguenay Grammar School Business
46 Steve O'Rourke 6'2" 240 Long Snapper Senior Goose Bay, Labrador St. Luke's Catholic HS Art History
47 Pierre Després 6'0" 212 Safety *Freshman Montreal, Montreal Loyola CHS Economics
48 Lawrence Jeong 6'2" 231 Punter Freshman Bonghwa, Saguenay ES Choonyang Korean Language and Literature
51 Logan Anderson 6'0" 217 Linebacker (SLB) RS Freshman Aspen, Northwest Aspen Ridge HS Business
52 Jean-Simon Tetrault 6'6" 240 Defensive End Sophomore Laval, Montreal Lord Baranski HS Political Science
53 Yoon-Ho Seo 6'8" 309 Guard RS Junior California City, Manitoba Cheongha Mountview Hall Business
54 Leonardo Caceres 6'4" 223 Linebacker (RV) Junior San Danielle de Mierda, Portuguesa Whimoon College (Q.C) Business
55 Rodney McNamaran 6'3" 238 Linebacker (MLB) RS Sophomore Cornwall, Frontenac ESC Xenia-Champagne Global Affairs
56 Bo Levi Finlayson 6'5" 330 Offensive Tackle Graduate Hamilton, Ontario Sir. Edmund Corcoran SS Law (J.D)
57 Vincent Michaud 6'2" 240 Linebacker (MLB) Freshman Jonquiere, Saguenay Gimcheonhyanggyo SS Physics
59 Michael Biakabutuka 6'4" 270 Defensive End *Sophomore Jonquiere, Saguenay ESC Daniel-Woo Business
60 Frederick Kang 6'6" 298 Centre Freshman Natashquan, Nord-Est Uauitshitun CHS Business
61 Marcel Arneaux 6'3" 310 Centre Junior Charlottesborg, Kaldukosic Geeheeb Gardens HS Computer Sciences
62 Austin Fromanton-Jo 6'2" 298 Guard *Freshman Moncton, Acadie École d'Hyspérides Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics
63 Dmitri Shrayer-Genkin 6'2" 239 Long Snapper Freshman Prince Eric, Manitoba Prince Eric College Economics
64 Evan Latimer 6'6" 301 Guard Freshman Santa Marina, Manitoba Pater Dei HS Business
65 Trevor Verrett-Dubuisson 6'5" 295 Offensive Tackle Junior Gatineau, Outaouais ES Shintanjin Political Science
66 Seung-Hyeon Jang 6'3" 306 Guard RS Freshman Val d'Or, Abitibi-Temiscamingue Songdo College (Montreal) Civil Engineering
68 Brady Latimer 6'2" 318 Guard Senior Sackville, Acadie Tintamarre HS Classics
69 Jonah Jaurès-Shapiro 6'1" 290 Tackle / Guard Sophomore Montreal, Montreal Loyola CHS Mechanical Engineering
70 Vincent-Luc Alarie 6'3" 312 Offensive Tackle RS Sophomore Chicoutimi, Saguenay ES Daeryun French Language and Literature
72 Edmund O'Connor 6'1" 225 Offensive Tackle Senior Moongyeong, Saguenay Geochang College History
73 Marcel Ethier 6'3" 310 Offensive Tackle Freshman Vezina-Ouest, Saguenay Gyeongbuk CI Philosophy
75 Thierry Bars 6'3" 302 Offensive Tackle Sophomore Sept-Iles, Nord-Est Saguenay Grammar School Economics
78 Jong-Yoon Yi 6'5" 313 Nose Tackle Senior Laval, Montreal Lord Baranski HS Film, Television, and Theatre
80 Byeong-Don Park 6'5" 260 Tight End ^Junior Levis, Capitale-Nationale ES Dongsan Preprofessional Studies
81 Roméo Vézina-Boholyubov 6'3" 224 Wide Receiver Sophomore Iqaluit, Nunavut Hoeryeong College (Goose Bay) History
82 Yun-Dong Beckett-Kim 6'3" 252 Tight End Freshman Nill, Manitoba Nill HS Film, Television, and Theatre
83 Thomas Song 6'0" 194 Wide Receiver Freshman South Bend, Saguenay South Bend Agricultural HS Biology
84 Roméo Maturén 5'11" 196 Wide Receiver Sophomore Winnipeg, Manitoba Belanna-Prefontaine HS Film, Television, and Theatre
85 Laurence Dubois 6'1" 210 Wide Receiver Junior Shawinigan, Mauricie Ecole Deux-Dragons Business
86 Logan Obandinma 6'8" 261 Tight End Sophomore Cornwall, Frontenac Cornwall CVI Computer Science
87 Romeo Vezina-Boholyubov 6'3" 224 Wide Receiver Sophomore Iqaluit, Nunavut Hoeryeong College (Goose Bay) Russian
88 Rejean-Simon Vaillancourt 6'4" 248 Tight End RS Senior Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale College Caroline-du-Pre Theology (MRel)
91 Austin Noh 6'4" 241 Linebacker Junior Sangju, Saguenay Sangju Technical HS Computer Engineering
92 Jong-Woon Hong 6'4" 231 Defensive End Freshman Guelph, Ontario Tricentennial SS Business
94 Francois-Michel Savoie 6'3" 256 Defensive End RS Sophomore South Bend, Saguenay South Bend Technical HS Mechanical Engineering
95 Konstantin Averbuch 6'5" 270 Linebacker *Freshman Montreal, Montreal Michel Wang-Dubreuil HS Philosophy
96 Yeong-Jin Woo 6'0" 298 Nose Tackle *Freshman Shawinigan, Mauricie Bugil Academy Environmental Engineering
97 Jordan Cinq-Mars 6'2" 260 Linebacker (RV) Graduate Beolgyo, Ontario Nault CVI Law
98 Louis-Armand Houston 6'1" 254 Defensive End Senior Chicoutimi, Saguenay Sangwon CVI Music Performance (BMus)

Offensive Depth Chart
Quarterback McNair (RS 2) Faribault (4) Allin (1) Wang-Lanctôt (Gr)
Running Back Mzwakli (4) Lapointe (3) Waabshkii’ogi (1) Yoon (2)
Fullback Hardy (3) Fromanton-Jo (RS 1)
Wide Receiver X Trintignant (3) Maturén (2) Dubois (3)
Wide Receiver Z Park (Gr) Wright (RS 3) Vezina-Boholyubov (2)
Wide Receiver Y Welch (1) Song (1)
Left Tackle Finlayson (G) Ethier (1) Alarie (RS 2)
Left Guard Seo (RS 3) Jaurès-Shapiro (2)
Centre Arneaux (3) Kang (1) Jaurès-Shapiro (2)
Right Guard Latimer (4) Verrett-Dubuisson (3) Jang (RS 1)
Right Tackle Bars (2) O'Connor (4) Verrett-Dubuisson (3)
Tight End Obandinma (2) Vaillancourt (RS 4) Beckett-Kim (1)

Defensive Depth Chart            
Left Defensive End Bergeron-Sarfeld (Gr) Savoie (RS 2) Hong (1)
Nose Tackle Bbumba (1) Yi (4)
Right Defensive End Kodo (2) Houston (4) Tetrault (2)
Strong Side LB (Sam) Cinq-Mars (Gr) Bae (RS 3) Anderson (RS 1)
Middle Linebacker Heo (1) Lafreniere (3)
Middle Linebacker McNamaran (RS 2) Michaud (1) Noh (3)
Weak Side LB (Rover) Kiser (2) Caceres (4) Wasserman (1)
Right Cornerback Langlois-Zuluka (RS 1) Palmateer (2)
Left Cornerback Seo (3) Kim (Gr) Lavertu-Dumas (1)
Strong Safety Navarro Alvarez (2) Beauregard (3)
Free Safety Taylor (4) Starhunter-Nam (1) O'Malley (RS 2)

Special Teams Depth Chart
Kicker Park (2) Beauregard (4)
Punter O'Grady (3) Jeong (1) Beauregard (4)
Long Snapper O'Rourke (4) Shrayer-Genkin (1)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes (TG me in advance)
Choose Scoring Events: Yes (TG me in advance)
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes (TG me in advance)
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes (TG me in advance, some are aye, others are nay)
Godmod Other Events: Depends. TG me first before I give you aye or nay.It is also expected that in many non-big/traditional matches (so in Woodlands, that'd be against Utica or other Quebecois chools, while in nonconference games it would vary depending on opponent record), those in 2nd and 3rd string would be given most of the playing time, as NSCF ICly has been falling in Quebecois late winter-mid springtime.
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wait, i didn't post a roster last time? wtf

Postby Drawkland » Mon May 06, 2019 8:08 pm


Name: Sadeg State University
Nickname: Skyhawks
Colors: Gold and Navy
Denonym: Drawkian
FOURTH Season, Ranked 10th
Stadium: Skyhawks' Gridiron Park
Capacity: 95,500
Head Coach: Brand Manlio
Assistant Coaches & Coordinators:
[O] Art Beckham
[D] Jarrett Schwartz
[ST] Joshua Redding




PS ## Name Year
QB 5 William Queen +Senior
QB 8 Toby McKinley Senior
QB 1 Nick Parks Freshman

HB 20 Nico Rigi +Senior
HB 29 Cainen Ivers Junior
HB 27 Raymond Morgan Freshman
FB 48 Rigby Germain Senior
FB 44 Tom Adams Freshman

WR 15 Raynard Karp +Senior
WR 12 Grady Ibbot Senior
WR 10 Jesse Ladley Senior
WR 88 Gil Perez Junior
WR 11 Abram Navis Sophomore
WR 17 Brandon Brown Freshman
WR 85 Tyrelle Patternson Freshman
TE 81 Clarence Nelson Senior
TE 86 Barry Clifton +Senior
TE 87 Jay Gibson Freshman
TE 89 Gregory Seymour Junior

C 50 Blake Tyson Junior
C 51 Alphonso Lloyd Sophomore
C 55 Brennan Palumbo Freshman
G 60 Tod Wescott +Senior
G 69 Virgil Viteri Senior
G 66 Ernst Duff Junior
G 64 Rafa Vince Freshman
T 71 Nick Lovell +Senior
T 72 Lester Pennor +Senior
T 77 Emmett Oswin Junior
T 70 Sammy Glover Sophomore


PS ## Name Year
DT 92 Denis Lope Senior
DT 99 Blake Allan Junior
DT 95 Spike Hathaway Sophomore
DT 75 Windsor Hathaway Freshman
DE 65 Benjamin Reynolds +Senior
DE 78 Collin Pascal +Senior
DE 90 Bruce Barr Sophomore
DE 91 Mike Mikari Freshman

OLB 54 Arthur Graves Senior
OLB 43 Eli Steward Junior
OLB 40 Godfrey Bonner Freshman
OLB 41 Chris Boyd Freshman
ILB 42 Chris Crusan Senior
ILB 45 Eric Coiro Senior
ILB 59 Achilles McCormick Junior
ILB 52 Nico Michaels Freshman

CB 30 Eli Dyer +Senior
CB 35 Ridley Hamm Senior
CB 39 Ralph Goddard Senior
CB 24 Nolan Hall Junior
CB 36 Paul Gore Sophomore
CB 21 Connor Ryan Junior
CB 33 Samson Abel Freshman

S 22 Jake Lauren +Senior
S 34 Ingram Salamansa Senior
S 31 Jamison Pound Junior
S 32 Johnny McCray Sophomore
S 23 Clifton Monroe Freshman


PS ## Name Year
C 50 Blake Tyson *
C 51 Alphonso Lloyd *

PR 20 Nico Rigi *
PR 11 Abram Navis *
KR 0 Ross Titus +Senior
KR 23 Clifton Monroe *

K 1 Carson Rose +Senior
K 2 Logan Hull Junior
P 3 Abe McCleary +Senior
P 4 Fion Palmer Freshman

H 8 Toby McKinley *

* Denotes player is listed elsewhere in the roster
+ Drawkian culture requires that most students study for 5 years for an average bachelor's degree.
Thus, players have up to 5 years of eligibility. 5th year players are denoted as "+Senior".

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes.
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Non-career ending, TG is appreciated.
Godmod Other Events: Yes.
Honestly, just don't destroy my organization. Have fun making a funny or quirky game occur. I will certainly enjoy anything you throw my way.
Style Modifier: +4

Like all Drawkians, especially international caliber ones, Sadeg State's players are a top notch group with much to offer skill-wise. The offense primarily operates out of the shotgun with a back lining up alongside the QB, but the most common under-center formation has to be the I. The pistol make a common appearance, and don't be surprised to see a Wildcat every once in awhile. The run/pass split is around a 55/45, but with Brand Manlio's preferred QB recruits, don't be surprised to see many designed passes ending up in scrambles for big chunks of yards. Drag routes, slants, mid-distance crosses, posts, and corner routes are the most common in SSU's playbook. Runs are often a generic pitch, runs up the gut, or - Coach Manlio's favorite - option plays. SSU is known for having massive talent on the offensive side of the ball, especially in the backfield, but also lining up wide. Watch for tight end passes for huge gains, they're a common target in this scheme.

And while the team is renowned for its offense, you can't discount the defense. Talented shutdown corners and DBs are the hallmark and the pass rush is fantastic, but pass defense in the middle of the field leaves a lot to be desired from the Linebackers. The biggest issue about the Skyhawk's secondary is that they go for the ball too much - while this results in lots of turnovers, a missed pick obviously results in an opposing receiver in the open field. Blitzes sit on top of the playbook at SSU, just like many Drawkian books. Don't expect to run a similar running play twice, the front 7 is likely to come up with a counter blitz on the fly and smack the back for a loss of yards. Man coverage is called about 70/30 versus Zone coverage, another reason why missed interceptions are dangerous. Cover 2 Man coverage with a 4-3 front is the most common play the defense will run.

Special teams is known for its trick plays, but they don't run them as often as, say, the Grid Corps would. The SSU offense would be much more likely to stay out in 4th and under 2 than bring out the special teams for a fake or a regular punt/kick. Speaking of punts/kicks, the return game for the Skyhawks is also fearsome, with massively fast and shifty players returning most balls, not to mention the regularity of laterals during returns (not that they do much of that outside of special teams though). As far as kicking, the punters and kickers kick about as good as, say, college kickers or punters. Nothing special there, although they do err on the side of power over accuracy (good luck praying for a kick 6).

Also, see this dispatch about Drawkian physiology. If you don't want to deal with that though feel free to just handwave or ignore it, it's fine by me.

Home, Away, Home Alt, Away Alt


Conference Games
MD1 v University of St. Vincia
MD2 v Ramusok Capital University
MD3 @ Stoneshore College
MD4 v Veerakerala College
MD5 @ University of North Tunheim
MD6 @ University of St. Vincia
MD7 @ Ramusok Capital University
MD8 v Stoneshore College
MD9 @ Veerakerala College
MD10 v University of North Tunheim

Non-Conference Games
MD11 @ Northern Moravica University
MD12 v Salamantic Universities
MD13 v Mar Sara Tech

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Postby Cosumar » Tue May 07, 2019 9:10 pm

Ramusok Capital University (RCU) Dragons


Location: Ramusok, Ramusok Fief, Cosumar

School Size: 56,500 undergraduates

NSCF Championships: 3 (NSCF 10, 15, 16) | Conference Titles: 5 (NSCF 2, 3, 11, 15, 17)

Team History and Outlook: RCU was one of the original NSCF 1 schools and is the only school to participate in all eighteen editions of the event, making it arguably the most storied program in NSCF history. Ramusok Capital finally won its first NSCF Championship in NSCF 10 against fellow bluebloods Utica, the culmination of a long painful rebuilding process that began in NSCF 6. After following up the breakthrough title with a Horizon Conference championship in NSCF 11, RCU were dethroned for a couple seasons by domestic rivals Stoneshore College and noisy foreigners Harbor College. Head Coach Snorri Andersen was then fired after failing to make the playoffs in NSCF 14. A challenge then fell to new head coach Cliff Scuttlesmith to get RCU's mojo back. And boy did he ever. NSCF 15, Scuttlesmith's first at the helm, was the best season in RCU history. For the first time, the Dragons won both the Horizon Conference and the NSCF Championship. In NSCF 16, RCU successfully defended their title and became the first back-to-back champions in NSCF history. They fell in the second round last season after an underwhelming 7-3 conference record, but there is plenty to build on moving into NSCF 20 as Scuttlesmith's team looks to reclaim Horizon supremacy. Until their first championship in NSCF 10, RCU's best finishes were runs to the semifinals in NSCF 1 and 2.

Head Coach: Cliff Scuttlesmith
Offensive Coordinator: Lawrence Northcutt
Defensive Coordinator: Jarpen Spoonemore
Special Teams Coordinator: Andrew Bockman

Colors: Navy and Silver

Stadium: Capital Coliseum (Capacity 82,000)

Style of Play: +4 (Pro-style spread offense, 4-3 defense)

Starters are bolded
RS = Redshirt
* = All-Cosumar player
! = 5-star freshman recruit

Teo Gillean (Senior) *
Galip Na'Sugawara (Sophomore)

Maverick Kvownowik (RS Junior) - inside power back
Tareq Cuisance (Freshman) ! - elusive outside back
Deklan Klotze (Sophomore)

Arqo Va'Lakor (Sophomore)
Tomad Scimitar (Freshman)

Tight End
Wilson McKissick (Freshman)
Jahad Prasado (Junior)

Wideout Receiver
Alan Sukumu (Junior, Banija) *
Van Finneran (Senior)

Abed Samarthron (Sophomore)
Garzett Robinsen (Feshman)

Slot Receiver
Xelejan Na'Ahnen (Junior)
Tre Modgelin (Freshman) !

Left Tackle
Matt Kidd (Senior) *
Kristijan Trnen (Junior)

Left Guard
Rivers Ravendark (Junior)
Samu Takitawa (Sophomore)

John Jake (RS Senior)
German Ilminjaan (RS Sophomore)

Right Guard
Yesper Hilversum (Senior)
Brynild Thorsson (Junior)

Right Tackle
Kirdan Belvedere (Senior)
Marcqui Aldred-Ainley (Freshman)

Defensive Tackle
Felix Von Essen (Senior, Valorem)
Carlos Stewart (Sophomore)

Nanto De La Torre (RS Freshman)

Left Defensive End
Riis Colvard (Senior)
Merlin Abelon (Junior)

Right Defensive End
Win Na'Nen (Junior)
Biju Livtak (RS Freshman) !

Left Outside Linebacker
Cosudel Ganguli (Senior)
Morvan Kurzalev (Sophomore)

Middle Linebacker
Sindr Saarinen (Junior) *
Dusko Sjöroos (Sophomore)

Right Outside Linebacker
Emil-Botolph Petrie (Sophomore)
Prisnel McCoy (Freshman) !

Acke Myhr (Junior)
Haris McGuinness (Senior)

Caligula Primavera (RS Junior)
Giannone DiSciullo (Freshman)

Free Safety
Cygnus Scribe (Senior) *
Adelrikk Erlinsson (Junior)

Strong Safety
Neven Kversky (Sophomore)
Heidu Mekkelenberg (Freshman) !

Kirum Clover (RS Junior)
Osip Allain (Sophomore)

Xenophon Kalverit (Junior)
Andan Sedgbers (Freshman)

Kick Return
RB Tre Cuisance (Freshman)

Punt Return
WR2 Alan Sukumu (Junior)

Stoneshore College Bruins


Location: Cape Dutch, Stoneshore, Cosumar

School Size: 30,932 undergraduates

Championships: 1 (NSCF 11), Conference Titles: 4 (NSCF 10, 12, 13, 19)

Team History and Outlook: Stoneshore shed the role of "RCU's punching bag" after a decade of being just that, stepping out from their early-NSCF duldrums and becoming a perennial contender. The year RCU won Cosumar's first NSCF title (NSCF 10), Stoneshore actually had the better regular season at 9-1. A year later in NSCF 11, the perpetual "little brother" finally had revenge for years of misery at the Dragons' hands - knocking their rivals out of the Playoffs and winning a NSCF championship of their own. With their NSCF 13 conference title, Stoneshore matched RCU's total at the time with three - and went all the way to the Championship Game again, where they lost by 3 to Utica. The last few seasons, however, have been a bit of a regression to the mean. The Bruins broke a two-year playoff drought in NSCF 17, but were eliminated in the first round while RCU went to the semifinals. NSCF 19 was a success in that it brought the Horizon title back to Cape Dutch, but losing the first playoff game after the bye was a huge disappointment. This year, they might be willing to sacrifice the dominant regular season for a lengthier postseason run. The Bruins had a poor debut in NSCF 2, and had never even reached the postseason until NSCF 10. The turnaround can be directly attributed to the arrival of legendary CFL coach Walter Hufnagel and his ambitious recruiting. He's a Stoneshore legend now, but getting older. Each season could be his last.

Head Coach: Walter Hufnagel
Offensive Coordinator: Pierre Harnois
Defensive Coordinator: Kligar Zadorozny
Special Teams Coordinator: John Barlow III

Colors: Maroon and Brown

Stadium: Finglass Field (Capacity 49,000)

Style of play: -4 (smashmouth offense, 3-4 defense)

Starters in bold
RS = Red Shirt
* = All-Cosumar player
! = 5 star freshman recruit

Quirinius Korbold (RS Sophomore)
Lucifer Windhand (Freshman)

Mirko Petrovic (Junior)
Errol Babylon (Sophomore)

Kapellar Kvalganek (Junior) *

Tight End
Andrew Stillwagon (Senior) *
Brekken Javeliner (Sophomore)

Wide Receiver
Irk Chaymith-Hamalainen (Sophomore)
Sanford Leggitt (Senior)

Santonio Vikkrooy (Sophomore)
Judok Kraft (Sophomore)
Stephen Cottrell (Freshman)

Left Tackle
Jeremy Neechi-Neechi (Junior, Quebec)
Marco Char (Freshman) !

Left Guard
Ty Kettler (Senior)
Romain DuCasse (Sophomore)

Neil Para (Senior)
Kirum Katay (Freshman)

Right Guard
Boga Tornaghi (RS Senior)
Lemony Axenthaler (Freshman) !

Right Tackle
Nathaniel Noteboom (Senior) *
Darko Novaselic (Junior)

Defensive Nose Tackle
Maximillian Murillo (Junior)
Jagu Korcut (Sophomore)
Tad Warholik (Freshman) !

Left Defensive End
William Anselwyk (RS Junior)
Emmett Gauntlett (Sophomore) !

Right Defensive End
Cameron Illuyanka (Junior)
Ronek Chamkura (Sophomore)

Left Outside Linebacker
Johan Veltm (RS Junior)
Pepi Iupati (Freshman) !

Middle Linebacker
Negeen Na'Zya (Senior)
Dallas Bohannon (Junior)

Julian Frolow (Junior)
Yoon Soo Hoo (Freshman)

Right Outside Linebacker
Luka Heiskanen (Freshman) !
Harris Gillead (RS Junior)

Lamar Aigner (Junior)
Jari Balathor (Senior)

Yama Yankubah (Sohpmore, Banija)
David Hussler (Sophomore)

Free Safety
Graham Klell (Sophomore)
Teuvo Sarivaari (Freshman)

Strong Safety
Kirdan Smétom (Senior) *
Joe Scamperou (RS Sophomore)

Stig-Axel Tvalquist (Junior)
Typ Na'Kumaru (Freshman)

Roberto Paolini (Senior) *
Typ Na'Kumaru (Freshman)

Kick Return
WR Santonio Vikkrooy (Junior)

Punt Return
WR Santonio Vikkrooy (Junior)
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Champions: DBC 35/44/45, AOCAF 54, Eagle Cup VII, WCoH 33, CoH 64, IBC 18, NSCF 10/11/15/16, WLC 20/21/26, Arena Bowl I & III
2nd Place: AOCAF 57, NSCF 13, WBC 34, WLC 12/19/23, AOHC VI, Arena Bowl V
3rd Place: AOCAF 55, CoH 45 & 62, WLC 18 & 24, BoI VI

Host: WC 78 & 82, CoH 69 & 74, BoF 62, World Bowl 27, WLC 20, Beach Cup II & V
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Postby Ranoria » Wed May 08, 2019 5:59 am

[b][i]Richardson University, Richardson, Ranoria
Football Practice Field[/i][/b]

Ifeatu Chineze, the team’s sophomore stud of a passer, faked a handoff to the team’s lead back in Vice Jackson III. The motion was nothing short of seamless, fooling even some of the linebackers and defensive backs whom had been handed the script before the scrimmage. And it should have. The two roommates ran this kind of thing all the time, perfecting the art of a play action fake.

The team’s two top guys on the back end, corner Spencer Houston and All-Ranorian linebacker Isaiah Bryce, weren’t fooled. Bryce didn’t just drop into his zone, he followed Vice Jackson for a couple steps before going back to his zone to cover up he slant. Houston, meanwhile, locked down wide receiver Calvin Hale, but they weren’t the only players on the field.

Chineze wasn’t as fast going through his progressions yet as his coach would’ve liked, but his accuracy was nothing short of lethal. And even he could see a wide open Illiad Cullen streaking down the field while freshman corner Jabyess Hawkins struggled to get his bearings.

Even with an initial ten yards of separation, Hawkins almost managed to make the tackle. Despite the show of freakish speed and athleticism though, he couldn’t make the play. Once he’d shed the arm tackle, Cullen ran another five yards into the end zone on a 38 yard score.

That touchdown throw capped off their final day of practice in pads before the season opener, and even if head coach Richard Steinheil and defensive coordinator Eric Dietrich would be chewing he hell out of Hawkins, the rest of the team felt like they were ready after a solid week of practice.

“Nice throw, Ice,” Vice Jackson walked over with a grin, already out of his pads and helmet, showing off a powerful and athletic build, “next time though, maybe give me the ball.”

“Ha, not my call, Vice, but I’ll put a good word in for ya.” He rolled his eyes, but the comment still stung a bit. He very rarely had the go-ahead to call audibles, and then only either a quick check down on a run when he saw that the defense had a deep shot play covered. Not that he normally noticed. No matter how much film he studied, he couldn’t quite get down the reading the field part of the offense.

“You’ll get there bro,” the runner jammed a finger over his shoulder to the now-downtrodden Jabyess Hawkins, “At least you know your damn job. That dude has all the physical ability in the world but he can’t figure out run or pass to save his life. And he’s horrible covering a break.”

Jackson shook his head, long, back-length dreads waving in the wind, “I feel for Houston. He’s gotta coach that guy up. Me?” He laughed, “Kuenda Sello don’t need any coaching! That dude’s a freak!”

It was true, from any perspective. Vice Jackson III, much like his grandfather, was already a physically dominant runner. He was big, he ran angry, and he put people in the dirt with his stiff arm and his shoulder. But his athleticism is what put him over the top, with hurdles and spins for days.

Sello was a different player. He didn’t have the breakneck speed of Jackson, or the freakish athleticism to add into his style. No, he was an up-the-gut, brutal power back who punished anyone who got in his way. Occasionally the offense would scheme a defensive tackle to be unblocked up the middle just to let Sello crouch down and explode into him, bowling over the 300+ pounders. Bringing him down would involve a shoulder to the sternum, a slam of an impact when you try to drag him down, or at least being run through before you could get his ankles.

“Yeah, I can tell,” the quarterback answered, “trust me, handing the ball off twenty times in one quarter will put that on display really well.”

“But hey, at least you had that one big shot in the fourth, just to keep ‘em on their toes.”

Frankly, it was perfect. While Chineze had a solid season as a passer, he wasn’t yet ready to carry the offense on his arm, so the team made use of its two stud backs to open up the passing game with a play action based attack.

Chineze, in the 12 game regular season, put up 29 touchdowns and 3,670 yards on just 265 attempts, good for a whopping 13.8 yards per attempt and an absurd 10.3% touchdown percentage. In a scheme that featured a lot of deep shots, it was a solid season.

“Thats about how it goes. Hand the ball off until they’re hurting, and then launch it down field. But you were the engine, no doubt.”

It was true. While Chineze was solid and explosive, Jackson was dominant. The All-Ranorian back managed 220 carries for 1,290 yards and a dozen scores, good for one per game in the regular season. Besides that, he nabbed fifty catches, good for a 270 total touches. He made good on those as well, with 498 receiving yards and a score through the air while operating as a safety blanket in the a deep-shot passing attack.

“You’re making it hard to be humble,” Vice laughed, “And Kuenda played his part. No one wanted any piece of him but he time the fourth quarter came around.”

But perhaps just as important was the team’s closer, and the man who ate up so many touches in the first quarter of games to wear down opposing defenses earlier. Kuenda Sello, a freshman runner, did well for himself with 162 carries for 680 yards, good for 4.19 yards a pop. That along with 5 touchdowns made him an excellent complementary back, the 245 pounder was a cornerstone of the team’s offense despite the smaller rushing totals.

As the Vice Jackson and Chineze left the field, perhaps the two best recruits in a star-studded freshman class could be seen stripping off their shoulder pads.

Those freshmen had come in the form of Howie Peters (#19 overall recruit) and Thrane Valentine, a sleeper. These two are 6’6”, 300 lb and 6’4”, 290 lb respectively and slot in at left and right tackle. With a run-first approach, it was important for the team to bring in a couple of pro-worthy tackles to solidify a line that was sub par, an well below Richardson’s standard, last season.

But offense isn’t the bread and butter of this squad.

Defensively, despite both starting edge rushers leaving for the NFL along with reigning NSCF defensive player of the year Judas Wolfson, this team is strong. That comes down to five players, really. First and foremost of Isaiah Bryce, the program’s first ever international prospect, who has led the team in tackles three years in a row. Bryce on his own has anchored the unit, but he does have a supporting cast.

First off, Spencer Houston, at corner, is an absolute stud. He’s a freak athlete who’s really come into his own, and his recognition and awareness is good enough to get it done, even if he struggles in that regard. The newest freak athlete at corner though, Jabyess Hawkins, seems to have secured a starting spot. He struggles with his field awareness big time, but the kid can flat out play, jump, and run. Hawkins secured a half dozen interceptions as a true freshman. That said, the only accolade he received was leading the NEC in picks. After all, he allowed an abysmal nine passing touchdowns.

And on the defensive front, this team is still loaded. Defensive tackles Roman Seraphine and Julius Volt were established starters, but recently they’ve gotten some competition from freshman Spencer Crutchfield. Seraphine lost a few starts to the freshman, and the team has thrown out Volt on the edge a few times to get all three on the field, but another freshman defender has made a huge impact this season. Off the edge, Malik Sherman (#25 overall recruit) was a revelation, coming in at 6’6”, 275 and notching himself 6 sacks and earning NEC defensive player of the year in the process.

The team looks strong coming off a solid run in the domestic season and a championship game loss last NSCF season, and will be hoping to build off of that campaign in a push to secure their fourth Big 8 Title...and their first NSCF championship ring. And there is no doubt that while established starters, and captains, in MLB Isaiah Bryce, DT Julius Volt, RB Vice Jackson, and wideout Kieran Kweo-Atkison will lead this team, an inexperienced and young group will have to step up in order to push them over the top.
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Meet the Coaches Part. 1

Postby One Jamaica » Wed May 08, 2019 3:34 pm

The Tecumseh Raiders kick off their 2nd season in NSCF this Thursday. Main attraction, Ray'Quan Smith is returning for his sophomore year at QB and look to dominate after a sour end to the season after signs of possibly winning their Big 8 Conference. An array of skill sets from running a 4.43 40 yard dash in spring drills, to throwing 70+ yards, there doesn't seem like there's anything Ray'Quan can't do. Star DE Derrick McFadden graduates and will be missed on the defensive side as there are players on the line ready to take the lead.

The Raiders' coaching staff is a very unique one at that. All coaches from head coach, D coordinate, O coordinate and position coaches were all rookie coaches last season in Tecumseh's inagural season. Head coach Philip McCreary (37) won Coach of the Year last year taking the Raiders to a 7-6 record and nearly winning their division. He was previously head coach for 10 years of the Pierre High School Piranhas in Chisholm Heights, Tecumseh. Coach McCreary during an interview earlier today, "We're all excited to be back. I'm excited for this group of guys for the amount of work they put in during the off-season. A lot of us, mainly the seniors from last year were heartbroken with the way we ended the season. The guys this year are dedicating this season to the seniors of last year, theirs a brotherhood being established right under my nose."

McCreary's younger brother by 2 years, Saraph McCreary is the defensive line coach and was part of his brothers staff in the high school ranks.
Quarterbacks coach Ron Webster (39), running backs coach Rain Barber (43), defensive backs coach Henry Philips (40) and special teams coach Johnny Mayfield (45) all held the same position at Pierre High School and was all asked by head coach McCreary if they would join him at Tecumseh University.
Offensive coordinator David Spears (38) was hired out of Minora High School in Wahkahla and wide receivers coach Sean Tolbert (42) was drawn away from Minora's rival, a 15 minute drive from each school, Jergens Sprite High School.
From the Zone of Andromeda City, tight ends coach Vince Olgeltree (39) has been part of his high schools staff since his graduation at the age of 17. Speaks a lot about his love for the game and wanting to see those young men succeed. Recruited away from his high school as well is offensive line coach Harry Munch (49). The oldest of the group but also the most wise.
Defensive coordinator Raymond Hasselhoff (38) and linebackers coach Omar Rowe (37) both played high school ball with the McCreary brothers thus the 4 men have deep history together. It'll be interesting to see what kind of team is built with this group of talented second year college coaches.
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Postby -Anthor- » Thu May 09, 2019 6:17 am

Bowerstone University 'Bolts'

Background Info: The Bolts are coming into their third NSCF season, and are looking to continue to build upon their relative success they've found. Their freshman season they managed to go 6-4 and qualify for the Pioneer Bowl, which they won thanks to some second half rejuvenation. Their sophomore season, they fell short of head coach Georgie Nevin's goal of qualifying for the playoffs but they managed to keep their Bowl streak alive as they qualified for the Karmin-Falce Auto Bowl, and what's more is the team improved statistically; their defense and offense grew markedly, the latter due to the massive growth of redshirt-freshman Dirk Wallace's strong arm capabilities, they grew so great that he was named the starter in the fourth week last season and has been committed to as the starting quarterback for the foreseeable future. Alot of the defense will feature new faces this year, as notable senior's such as Monroe Brown (tackle), Taylor Garnett (linebacker) and Domenic Adelson (cornerback) have all left for their professional careers, but the new starters have been working hard to maintain and set higher standards for the Bolt's defense, particularly as the team looks to improve in games against the big-weights in their conference, such as Cenesis Naval Academy or the Thereisnogodistan College, both of which the Bolts have had mixed success with in the past. Last year's record of 5-5 has been singled as a unacceptable by head coach Georgie Nevin and the Bolts have been sure to have been training all throughout the offseason to ensure they perform much higher; a goal that will be slightly easier as reigning Zephyr Conference champions, the Vannish Imperial Military Academy, has not entered this year's tournament.

Stadium: Hookfield Stadium, capable of holding 46,000 fans and spectators is located just south of University property in the rolling hills of Antyne Province, inside the town of Darstown, home to about 100,000 residents. Built fifteen years ago, it is well maintained and offers modern amenities, such as free wifi and spacious concession stands.


Coaching Staff:
  • Head Coach: Georgie Nevin
  • Offensive Coordinator: Aldric Meyrick
  • Defensive Coordinator: Kelley Brassington
  • Special Teams Coordinator: Virgil York

Style Modifier:+2
Typical Offensive Scheme: Mash-up between emphasis on the run or utilizing Dirk Wallace's strong arm to help loosen the opposition's defense.

Depth Chart:

MD1 - v. Kanjin University Pirates
MD2 - @ Silver Valley School of Fine Arts Rattlers
MD3 - v. Ceneisis Naval Academy Ensigns
MD4 - @ Thereisnogodistan Community College Atheists
MD5 - v. University of Javoser Crocodiles
MD6 - @ Kanjin University Pirates
MD7 - v. Silver Valley School of Fine Arts Rattlers
MD8 - @ Ceneisis Naval Academy Ensigns
MD9 - v. Thereisnogodistan Community College Atheists
MD10 - @ University of Javoser Crocodiles

Non-Conference Games
MD 11 - Unscheduled
MD 12 - Unscheduled
MD 13 - Unscheduled
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Postby Ko-oren » Thu May 09, 2019 8:05 am

Salamantic Universities Professors

A team made up of recently graduated players who don't want to say the sport goodbye, but also aren't done with their academic careers. As they turn from undergrads to postgrads, they aren't allowed on the D-league (Development League) teams anymore - and that is where the Professors come in. The universities that host a D-league team have joined forces to allow their players to keep playing while pursuing their postgrads. Younger players are almost always given priority on this team, so most will be 21-22 years old. This is both because they are most likely to turn pro, and because the older players are more likely to concentrate fully on their studies.

1 v Fisher City Mariners (BGS)
2 @ Rasisikenev Bull Tigers (RKV)
3 v Northern Moravica Cougars (BNJ)
4 @ Loyola Blue Thunder (BNJ)
5 v New Pathshala for Mil. Training Priests (NHS)
6 @ Fisher City Mariners (BGS)
7 v Rasisikenev Bull Tigers (RKV)
8 @ Northern Moravica Cougars (BNJ)
9 v Loyola Blue Thunder (BNJ)
10 @ New Pathshala for Mil. Training Priests (NHS)
11 @ Université du Saguenay Fighting Irish (QUE)
12 @ Sadeg State University Skyhawks (DRK)
13 ??

Pos Nr Name - Degree @ University


QB 11 Kjell Enkwist - History @ Aerellenuniversitet
RB 21 Jurre Hinken - Sociology @ Schemerdrechtuniversiteit
TE 41 Bruce Suthmeer - Comp sci @ Hazeluniversitet
WR 31 Onne Lindeberg - Business @ Greencaster Business University
WR 32 Twan Nekker - Administration @ Schemerdrechtuniversiteit
* One more skill position player (FB/TE/WR/RB)
LT 51 Ravel Brahe - Anthropology @ Universiteit van Rozenvoorde
LG 52 Finley Scenay - Geology @ Greencaster Technical University
C 53 Adé Gavreau - Math @ West Strand Riding University
RG 54 Otho Tilcott - Linguistics @ Linguistic Institute of Senoren
RT 55 Max Diekman - Music @ Furune Geijutsu Daigaku

DE 61 Tage Naastland - Finance @ Economical University of Maynard
DT 62 Abe Bootsma - Law @ Prifysgol Llandy
DT 63 Pa Cochet - Poli sci @ Institute of the Eleanor
DE 64 Miech Wittenberg - Psychology @ Universiteit van Rozenvoorde
OB 71 Theodore King - Biology @ Willowbourne Technological Academy
MB 72 Siunparend Nislondhaunthen - Nursing @ Medical Institute of the Capitals
OB 73 Arvid Holmgroen - Education @ Social Science Institute of Amandine
SS 91 Salemaun Mauzalterinden - Law @ Academie de Droit d'Aminey
FS 92 Ron Fortuin - Nursing @ Medical Institute of the Capitals
CB 81 Evert Monaghan - Chemistry @ West Strand Riding University
CB 82 Timo Lacan - Linguistics @ Alara Daigaku

Special Teams
LS 59 Elothe Aecherin - Accounting @ Katashi Keizai Daigaku
K 1 Tobe Cunningham - Engineering @ Greencaster Technical University
P 2 Dhaungekun - Nursing @ Surbourneshire Medical University
R 9 Bé Budde - Psychology @ Maethoru National University


QB 12 Aoritun Aesinare - Language @ Alara Daigaku
RB 22 Walton Hooligan - Economics @ Greencaster Business University
TE 42 Larkin McDermot - Architecture @ Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde
WR 33 Alulura Aidivan - Business @ Université d'Économie Côtienne
FB 23 Gunnar Zuidergroen - Philosophy @ Gehrenna National University
OT 56 Noro Sardou - Business @ Université d'Économie Côtienne
OG 57 Nolan Morrissy - Physics @ Sudaefjolluniversitet
C 58 Enieris Akailis - Nutrition @ Prifysgol Mawrystwyth

DE 65 Dan de Boer - Finance @ Maethoru School of Economics
DT 66 Melton Hoddle - IT @ Information Technology Institute of Mawrystwyth
OB 74 Gus Veldsink - Law @ Leeshire Academy
MB 75 Ludwig Barnett - Physiotherapy @ Teragaseki Daigaku
S 93 Dhauthenu Turaundhinthen - Creative Writing @ Academia de Belas-Artes
CB 83 Willard Snape - Law @ Legal Institute of Greencaster
CB 84 Aeneatai Aothemirila - Theology @ Aerellenuniversitet

Special Teams
R 8 Clé Moreau - Engineering @ Universiteit van Intermare

Home venues
The Planetarium (46.000), Sterrenwolde
Wolves' Lair Stadium (37.000), Mayara
Hertfield (33.000), Mawrystwyth

OOC information
If you want to include images in your RP, the Professors' jerseys look a lot like Northwestern (college football).
Anything else is allowed, but let me know/ask before you do anything too drastic (that might change a player's life/career).
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North Quadana
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Postby North Quadana » Thu May 09, 2019 9:46 am

Kanjin University (KU) Pirates

Kanjin University Pirates are the football team of Kanjin University located in Kanjin. The team is considered as one of the best college sides in Quadana and the most recent winners of the QCSA Division I Football Tournament . It has produced 14 Izakaro Award winners in the last 30 years. They are most notably known by their nickname "The Pirates".

Stadium: Faberian Bowl (93,000)

Constructed in 1960, the Faberian Bowl (commonly called "The Bowl") is one of the most known sports stadiums in North Quadana. The national Championships are held in this venue at the end of each year's February. It is home to the Kanjin University Pirates Football and Soccer teams. It currently has a capacity of 93,900 people.


(Shirt number, starters in bold)

Quarterback - Hamaka Okara (#1)
Quarterback - Ito Kuzaka (#90)
Fullback - Yakawo Zinachi (#30)
Fullback - Ogato Riganaho (#22)
Halfback - Kyoto Nihura (#54)
Halfback - Julian Hauffingen (#3)
Wide Receiver - Shinji Shigawa (#88)
Wide Receiver - Ryoko Nabunaga (#50)
Wide Receiver - Fumiaki Ozu (#27)
Wide Receiver - Anizkazo Kuija (#30) (Only in case the team starts with a Singleback fromation)
Wide Receiver - Shijo Naito (#61)
Tight End - Naiya Taronoka (#66)
Tight End - Ryoto Wasabe (#31)
Center - Hinora Makayo (#98)
Center - Takeru Oishi (#73)
Offensive Guard - Tahoto Suzakami (#8)
Offensive Guard - Shiruki Hamaga (#95)
Offensive Guard - Tsubaki Ayoza (#58)
Offensive Guard - Niharo Kizama (#40)
Offensive Tackle - Shinobu Shibue (#10)
Offensive Tackle - Sugita Arayanoto (#13)
Offensive Tackle - Kiribasu Yihozi (#9)
Offensive Tackle - Geno Mitoja (#36)

Middle Linebacker - Eija Konasaki (#12)
Middle Linebacker - Edo Wazatuva (#35)
Outside Linebacker - Mishi Kinodisha (#14)
Outside Linebacker - Hinoje Chihasu (#51)
Outside Linebacker - Genoko Tishibuka (#38)
Outside Linebacker - Naori Shigao (#39)
Cornerback - Kinako Shisuaki (#15)
Cornerback - Rikuzo Hanaga (#96)
Cornerback - Tishi Kinakowa (#40)
Cornerback - Zhizu Kanaraki (#41)
Safety - Dishi Kinzanoko (#17)
Safety - Yotonoka Nagari (#28)
Safety - Tiruko Hawakami (#42)
Safety - Xinano Yarami (#59)
Defensive Tackle - Rinako Gishiguo (#19)
Defensive Tackle - Taroki Hakuna (#20)
Defensive Tackle - Ryan Berrets (#2)
Defensive Tackle - Hamato Nizuya (#85)
Defensive End - Igor Preshnekov (#21)
Defensive End - Niyata Oshikana (#37)
Defensive End - Oichi Niwa (#46)

Kicker - Hizano Matata (#47)
Kicker - Ikura Yanaha (#47)
Holder - Iga Norikame (#70)
Punter - Nagayo Yonoka (#24)
Punter - Mathhis Feld (#48)

What to expect:Following a coaching staff replacement last season, the team has transitioned from a heavy Smashmouth offense to more spread attack forcing the opposing team to spread their defense.

RP Permissions:Don't do anything crazy. You can rp injuries, but only minor. You can decide the scorers, but make sure the scorers are usually the fullbacks and tailbacks as the team plays a running offense. TG me if you want to do something extreme.

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Commonwealth of Baker Park
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Thu May 09, 2019 7:27 pm


University of the Commonwealth Fact File

Location  College Hill--Belle Haven, State of Baker Park
Founded 1899
2019 enrollment 37,634 undergraduate/4,289 post graduate
Nickname Warriors
School Colors Black and Gold
Chancellor Dr Robert L Delgado, PhD.
Athletic Director Melissa Sweeney-Allen
Affiliation Baker Park Universities Athletic Coalition
Metropolitan College Athletic Conference
Stadium Jacob F Gleason Field
capacity/surface 47,306/Fuzzy Field Turf

Head Coach Scott Newell 26th season
(211-86-6, plus 22-6 in NSCF)
Assistant Coaches Frank Logan
Rob Timmons
Andrew Driesen
Alex Driesen
David McManus
Athletic Trainer Mary Volt

The University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park returns for their third season of NSCF, having been champions of the Mineral Conference and advancing to the playoffs in their first two attempts. This time, the Warriors will come into the multiverse's premier college football competition with a much younger squad, one who rallied from a poor start to their domestic season to post a 7-5 mark. They hope to build upon their development to hold off returning schools Clawtown and Lorigruzodd Universities from Alenburg and Mineral newcomers, but longtime participants the University of Space (whom they defeated in the playoffs in NSCF 18) and Terrestrial Acclimation Academy, as well rookie newcomers Iokiaq International Institute from Iquikukut.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: Yes

Style Modifier: +2.1

No. Name Pos Ht. Wt. Yr.
1 Lamin Kah WR 6-4 225 FR (BNJ)
2 Jacob Cornwell RB 6-1 175 FR
3 CJ Pickrom RB 6-1 205 SO
4 Brandon Harris DB 6-3 224 SR
5 Zach Miller WR 5-10 160 JR
6 Clint Okoli RB 5-10 200 FR
7 Armani Posey DB 6-2 200 JR
8 Xavier Omagodbo RB 6-0 180 SO
9 Desoto McKenzie WR 6-1 170 FR
10 Aaron Hazel DB 6-1 180 FR
11 Lucas McGuire K 6-1 175 FR
12 James Morgan QB 6-4 213 JR
13 Grant Loy QB 6-4 207 JR
15 Isaiah Smith WR 6-0 175 FR
16 Willie Jordan LB 6-0 205 FR
17 Christopher Fox QB 6-2 200 FR
22 Robert Jackson Jr. DB 5-11 174 SR
24 Charles Lamar RB 6-1 215 JR
25 Edward Lee DB 5-11 168 FR
26 Carlos Wright DB 6-0 212 SO
27 Jordan Bailey DB 6-0 170 FR
28 Matt Domer RB 5-11 200 JR
30 Jordan Roop LB 5-11 218 JR
31 Daniel Burton DB 5-11 176 SO
33 Brett Luchesne LB 6-3 224 SO
34 Ryan Wilson DB 5-10 190 FR
35 Seth Friel LB 5-10 200 FR
37 Timothy Smith RB 5-8 185 FR
38 Cristian Alvarez K 5-9 175 FR
39 Malon Samuel DB 6-0 217 SR
40 Brian Jennings II RB 5-10 194 SR
41 Anthony Frazier P 6-1 185 FR
42 Xavier Johnson DB 5-11 160 FR
45 Keyshawn Hailey DB 6-2 200 FR
46 Troy Hollis LB 6-0 220 FR
47 Dorian Hendrix LB 6-0 247 SR
49 Trey Henry TE 6-3 220 FR
50 Noah Wetzel LB 6-1 215 FR
51 Mark Woods, Jr DL 6-4 260 FR
52 Darrick Green LB 6-0 226 SO
54 Nico Lautanen DL 6-3 286 JR
59 Demond Hutchinson DL 6-2 265 SO
61 Nicolson Francois OL 6-2 280 FR
62 Charles Hinton OL 6-1 287 SO
63 Austin Main DL 6-2 275 FR
67 Jack Kramer OL 6-3 302 SO
68 James Allison OL 6-1 295 FR
70 De’Angelo Ware OL 6-5 310 SR
71 Tim McAuliffe OL 6-1 298 SR
72 Bryan Kiley OL 6-2 290 SO
76 Andrew Lucke OL 6-3 330 SR
77 John McNamara OL 6-4 288 SO
78 Noah Buttiglieri OL 6-2 305 FR
79 Zack Sharp OL 6-8 319 JR
80 Hunter Coleman WR 6-2 187 JR
81 Tristan Davis WR 5-10 162 JR
83 Jerry McBride TE 6-3 225 JR
84 Tim Thornton WR 6-1 186 JR
85 Jack Walz TE 6-1 247 SR
86 Javon Hayes WR 5-10 180 FR
87 Marquis Zimmerman WR 5-10 196 JR
88 Bryson Gilbert WR 6-1 205 FR
89 Deric Phouthavong P 6-4 207 SR
90 Saquan Gaylord DL 6-5 263 JR
91 Juan Felix-Ramirez DL 6-4 250 FR
93 Davon Hill DL 6-0 285 FR
95 Kyle Julich DL 6-3 280 SO

QB 13 Grant Loy 6-4 207 JR
12 James Morgan 6-4 213 JR

RB 40 Brian Jennings 5-10 194 SR
8 Xavier Omagodbo 6-0 185 SO
37 Timothy Smith 5-8 185 FR

RB 24 Charles Lemar 6-1 210 JR
28 Matt Domer 5-11 200 JR
3 CJ Pickrom 6-1 210 SO

SE 80 Hunter Coleman 6-2 187 JR
1 Lamin Kah 6-4 225 FR
81 Tristan Davis 5-10 162 JR

FL 87 Marquis Zimmerman 5-10 196 JR
84 Tim Thornton 6-1 186 JR
5 Zack Miller 5-10 170 JR

TE 83 Jerry McBride 6-3 225 JR
85 Jack Walz 6-1 247 SR
49 Trey Henry 6-3 220 FR

LT 79 Zack Sharp 6-8 319 JR
77 Noah Buttiglieri 6-2 305 FR

LG 67 Jack Kramer 6-3 302 SO
71 Tim McAuliffe 6-1 298 SR

C 62 Charles Hinton OL 6-1 287 SO
72 Bryan Kiley 6-2 290 SO

RG 76 Andrew Lucke 6-3 330 SR
61 Nicolson Francois 6-2 280 FR
68 James Allison 6-1 295 FR

RT 70 De’Angelo Ware 6-5 310 SR
77 John McNamara 6-4 288 SO

K 38 Cristian Alvarez 5-9 175 FR
11 Lucas McGuire 6-1 175 FR

LE 63 Austin Main 6-2 275 FR
91 Juan Felix-Ramirez 6-4 250 FR

LT 54 Nico Lautanen 6-3 276 JR
59 Demond Hutchinson 6-2 265 SO

RT 95 Kyle Julich 6-3 280 SO
93 Davon Hill 6-0 285 FR

RE 90 Saquan Gaylord 6-5 263 JR
51 Mark Woods, Jr 6-4 260 FR

OLB 52 Darrick Green 6-0 226 SO
46 Troy Hollis 6-0 220 FR

OLB 33 Brett Luchesne LB 6-3 224 SO
50 Noah Wetzel 6-1 215 FR

ILB 30 Jordan Roop 5-11 218 JR
16 Willie Jordan 6-0 205 FR

ILB 47 Dorian Hendrix 6-0 247 SR
35 Seth Friel 5-10 200 FR

CB 22 Robert Jackson,Jr. 5-11 174 SR
10 Aaron Hazel 6-1 180 FR

CB 39 Malon Samuel 6-0 217 SR
27 Jordan Bailey 6-0 170 FR

FS 7 Armani Posey 6-2 200 JR
31 Daniel Burton 5-11 176 SO

SS 4 Brandon Harris 6-3 224 SR
45 Keyshawn Hailey 6-2 200 FR

NB/ ROV 26 Carlos Wright 6-0 212 SO
25 Edward Lee 5-11 168 FR

P 89 Deric Phouthavong 6-4 207 SR
41 Anthony Frazier 6-1 185 FR

KR 8 Xavier Omagodbo 6-0 180 SO
5 Zach Miller 5-10 170 JR

PR 26 Carlos Wright 6-0 212 SO
9 DeSoto McZenzie WR 6-1 170 FR

uniforms to come...
Soccer--2x Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5&9) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF Third Place LVIII (co-hosts), LX
World Cup 85 Fourth Place
World Cup 84 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
AOBC 5 Champions
NSCF 21 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff semi-finalists
NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

WLC 34 Fourth Place
WLC 30/31(host)/32/33 Quarterfinal
WLC 29 Playoff Round

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Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Thu May 09, 2019 8:56 pm


Celestia and Horizon Conferences Results - MD1

Let's kick this thing off, baby.

Horizon Conference
Sadeg State University Skyhawks (DRK) 42–20 University of St. Vincia Black-Eyes (USV)
Ramusok Capital University Dragons (COS) 59–10 University of North Tunheim Orcas (BJØ)
Stoneshore College Bruins (COS) 36–7 Veerakerala College Royals (INS)

Celestia Conference
Northern Moravica University Cougars (BNJ) 48–3 New Pathshala for Military Training Priests (NHS)
Loyola University Blue Thunder (BNJ) 52–14 University of Rasisikenev Bull Tigers (RKV)
Salamantic Universities Professors (KOR) 10–0 University of Fisher City Mariners (BGS)
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Postby Banija » Thu May 09, 2019 10:36 pm

Cutting off for the Woodlands and Zephyr Conferences. Please enjoy a classic by the greatest rapper to come out of the Midwest.

Woodlands Conference
Université du Saguenay (QUE) 22–14 University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa (APU)
Xannerian Polytechnical Institute (XAN) 33–10 Portvestir University (MEL)
Faith College (XAN) 7–19 N-N Palæontological-Centred Research University (NTN)

Woodlands Conference                                      Pld   W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Xannerian Polytechnical Institute 1 1 0 33 10 +23
2 N-N Palæontological-Centred Research University 1 1 0 19 7 +12
3 Université du Saguenay 1 1 0 22 14 +8
4 University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa 1 0 1 14 22 −8
5 Faith College 1 0 1 7 19 −12
6 Portvestir University 1 0 1 10 33 −23

Zephyr Conference
Cenesis Naval Academy (AFT) 37–3 University of Javoser (SAJ)
Thereisnogidstan Community College (NGD) 66–17 Silver Valley School (APH)
Bowerstone University (ATH) 22–28 Kanjin University (NQU)

Zephyr Conference                                         Pld   W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Thereisnogidstan Community College 1 1 0 66 17 +49
2 Cenesis Naval Academy 1 1 0 37 3 +34
3 Kanjin University 1 1 0 28 22 +6
4 Bowerstone University 1 0 1 22 28 −6
5 University of Javoser 1 0 1 3 37 −34
6 Silver Valley School 1 0 1 17 66 −49
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Big Eight & Mineral, MD1

Postby Drawkland » Fri May 10, 2019 11:39 am


Big Eight Conference and Mineral Conference
Results - MD1

In case you score 2 points this matchday ;)

Richardson University (RAN) 10–0 Kandonica National Military Institute (KDN)
Cold Hill University (RAN) 37–10 Raynor University (VAL)
Tecumseh University (ROJ) 36–18 Mar Sara Tech (VAL)

University of the Commonwealth (CBP) 32–13 Iokiaq International Institute (IQK)
Clawtown University (ABG) 30–39 The Terrestrial Acclimation Academy (SPA)
Loirgrunzodd University (ABG) 23–36 The Academy of Space (SPA)
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Postby Alenburg » Fri May 10, 2019 6:08 pm

Alenburgian teams rosters

Clawtown University Wolverines

Country Name: Alenburg
Country Trigramme: ABG
College Name: University of Clawtown
Team Nickname: Wolverines
Home Stadium (Capacity): "Makai Stadium" (70,000)
Style of play: +4
Clawtown University Wolverines
Team Roster and Information

Ronald McMichael, Head Coach
Tyrone Lee, Defensive Coordinator
Caleb Smith, Offensive Coordinator
Robert Mccaffrey, Special Teams Coach
Rick Harries, QBs Coach
Dan Porter, WRs Coach
John Schneider, OL Coach
Mitchel Ivanov, DL Coach
MarcMccaffrey, LBs coach
Edward Hernandez, DBs coach

#15 Bryan Mckay
# 14 Sean Markson

#21 German "The Wolf" Zoros
#29 Marcus Peterson

#11 Adam Petersen
# 17 John Andersen
#81 Rob Christopherson
# 80 Hunter Smith
# 13 DeSean Peppers
# 84 Julius Rice
# 19 Ron Thomas

# 84 Leon Alexander
# 87 Jonathan Poulsen
# 82 Mike Rostov

#78 Torrey Sherman
#68 Marcus Pierce

#74 Andrew Summers
# 61 Mike Sheppard

#75 Ron Matthews
# 60 Logan Hoyt
# 66 Dean Wood

#73Karl Von Straufenberg
#71 Manuel Da Silva
# 70 Alexander Von Miller

#65 Corey Fletcher
#69 Omar Jackson

#99 Enmanuel Ravenhorne
#93 Doug Hawk
#91 Blake Hawk
#92 Tyrrone North
# 95 Dylan Smith

# 98Julius Nesser
# 96 Ron Nesser
# 99 Theodore Johnson

#58 Carter Braun
#57 Francis Van Der Saar
#59 Michael Bat
# 44 Lesean Blake

# 50 Bob Benson
# 49 Tyrek Lockwood
# 47 Desmond Mckellen

# 5 Ben Mccaffrey
# 23 Xander Pierce
# 2 Damian Mckellar
# 9 John Rooney
# 21 Carl Cook

#10 Mark Thatcher
#10 Jason Smith
#31 DeSean Payton
#40 Ron Coleman

Stephen Summers
Ray Rhodes

#73 Ben Thompson

#33 Luke Ford

Team Colors:Blue and Yellow
Home Stadium:Makai Stadium(70.000)

Northern Alenburg University Tigers

Country Name: Alenburg
Country Trigramme: ABG
College Name: Northern Alenburg University
Team Nickname: Tigers
Home Stadium (Capacity): "The Cave"(74.000)
Style of play: -2

N.A.U Tigers
Team Roster and Information

Ray Fisherman, Head Coach
Max Locket, Defensive Coordinator
Matt Smith, Offensive Coordiinator
Tyler Payton,Special Teams Coach
Mike Garrison, QBs Coach
Clay Turner, WRs Coach
Jhonathan Lee Jr, OL Coach
Anatoly Zyryanov, DL Coach
Blake McCaffrey, LBs coach
John Hernandez, DBs coach

#16 Johnny Lawrence
# 15 Felix Coleson

#31 Sean Peterson
#25 Marc Tannehill

#11 Adam Baldwin
# 13 John Baldwin
#81 Robert Reid
# 82 Hunter Hart
# 73 Ray Smith
# 74 Julius Thompson
# 59 Ron Reid

# 83 Chris Zealand
# 87 Blake Kennedy
# 54 Michael McNamara

#79Tyrell Lockwood
#69 Marc Lockwood

#75 Andrew Peters
# 61 Desean Sheppard

#90Ronald Gonzalez
# 60 Logan Hood
# 66 Dean Smith


#55 Karl Von Einstein
#91 Marc McCaffrey
# 10 Alex Silva

#65 Corey Fletcher
#69 Omar Jackson

#98 Enmanuel Jefferson
#93 Damien Matthews
#91 Blake Matthews
#92 Ty Lee
# 95 Dale Van Der Vart

# 94Julio Jimenez
# 01Ronald Reid
# 03Reginald Roosevelt

#58 Bruno Garner
#57 Finn Van Der Kerkoff
#07 John Botha
# 44 Mike Nielsen

# 50 Chris Finn
# 49 Torrey Stevenson
# 47 Mike McDonald

# 5 Ben McCartney
# 23 Xander Pierce
# 2 Damian McElroy
# 9 John Rivers
# 21 Carl Fisher

#12 Mark Waltz
#10 Jason Siemien
#31 Sean Jackson
#40 Ron McManus

Stephen Rhodes
Ray Rivers

#73 Ben Green

#33 Luke Wood

Team Colors: Orange and white
Home Stadium:The Cave (74.000)

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Postby Alenburg » Fri May 10, 2019 7:30 pm

Wolves are back and Tigers sharpening the claws for next match


NSCF is here again now with it's 20th edition and the teams are excited than ever let's star with our first team our Wolverines from Clawtown University this guys are in their second NSCF championship last year this guys where on the mineral conference a conference who was integrated by rookie teams mostly excepting for our fellows Loirgrunzodd Hawkers and the veteran UCBP or University of Commonwealth of Baker Park. Wolverines started slowly but as the season was advancing this team putted in lot trouble the rest of the conference with matches scoring over 20+ points and winning even to the previously experienced teams named before in the end of the season Wolverines were a true surprise Coach McMichael was nominated as coach of the year, Wolverines made it to the Pioneer Bowl and scored a good ranking on NSCF standings,they didn't made it for the playoffs last year but this motivated them to playing better and working even harder the result? Winners of ACFL tittle and securing their ticket to the NSCF 20 now even when they started NSCF again losing their first game Coach McMichael said a few words: "We are preparing for something bigger this match was about testing the rivals to not underestimate them now the bog stuff is for our second match against UCBP a veteran and experienced that is always improving as well as us even when they have the home advantage that won't stop us if we have to bring our Makai Knight statue we will do it” this words say everything our Wolverines are back stronger and motivated than ever

Now let's write about the N.A.U Tigers this team for those outside Alenburg was founded on 1966 by NAU director AlexandCoach stav when the American Football was gaining popularity in Alenburg but this team has something particular their defensive style of playing this team is always scoring the first places on the ACFL standings since it's foundation that style let them winning 9 national tittles and 6 Hawk Bowls this year their outperformed Loirgrunzodd University giving the second place on standings and their ticket as the Alenburgian rookie team for the NSCF 20 they started this season losing their first match but for Head Coach Fisher this was a "testing match" for the boys to get along with the flow of this new venture we will see what surprises he has for us

Archibald Coetzee(Loirgrunzodd Herald Sports Section Writer)

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Postby Banija » Sat May 11, 2019 5:10 am

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, but please specify the injury and the amount of time that my player will miss if you do so.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes, but please specify the injury and the amount of time that my player will miss if you do so.
Godmod Other Events: Yes

Northern Moravica University Cougars
Three-time defending champions of the Celestia Conference; Defending champions of the NSCF


School Info
Full Name: Northern Moravica University
Nickname: Cougars
Location: Herzegovina City, Moravica
Enrollment: 37,598
School President: Aleksandar Tapavica(11th year on the job). 75 years old.
Athletic Director: Horace Browning(Cosumar). 2nd year on the job.
Style Modifier: +3

Mugisha II Memorial Stadium
Maximum capacity of 87,000, expandable to 93,500 on special occasions(will be announced by me beforehand).

Official Depth Chart for NSCF Season 20

Starters are underlined. Listed in the order of the depth chart.
Players currently redshirting are italicized.


Chae Heung Kim. #3, Junior. 6'5, 245 pounds. From the Royal Kingdom of Quebec. Former #1 overall high school propsoect in the Royal Kingdom of Quebec.
Mokti Dikot. #5, Freshman. 6'2, 215 pounds. 5 star recruit out of Banija in NSCF 19.
Baslios Danichew. #16, Freshman. 6'4, 225 pounds. 3 star recruit of Banija in NSCF 19.

Beluchi Okparro. #24, Senior.
Amanuel Tegene. #21, Freshman.
Israel Salem. #28, Freshman.

Marcios Venetta. #34, Sophomore.

Wide Receivers.
Kutubo Colley. #11, Senior.
Kalen Rhodes. #13. Sophomore. Recruited from Ranoria.
Yankubah Taal. #15, Junior.
Bassirou Secka. #88, Junior.
Karamo Kinteh. #80, Sophomore.

Tight Ends.
Belonwu Akuchi. #87, Sophomore.
Rada Menasse. #85, Freshman.
Gabra Bullo. #89, Freshman.

Left Tackle.
Chioma Obyke. #62, Redshirt Freshman.
Lema Brehane. #65, True Freshman.

Left Guard.
Olefile Dithapelo. #60, Sophomore.
Oluchi Diji. #64, Sophomore.

Ethan Wilkins. #50, Redshirt Freshman. Recruited from the Royal Kingdom of Quebec.
Amanuel Debebe. #57, True Freshman.

Right Guard.
Lamin Jobateh. #68, Senior.
Jordan Karamba. #61, True Freshman.

Right Tackle..
Muña Turay. #71, Junior.
Ifeatu Okeli. #73, Sophomore.

Defense 4-3.

Left Defensive End.
Chidea Dike. #91, Sophomore.
Goliad Yitbarek. #93, Redshirt Senior(JUCO transfer from Istria City College; one year of eligibility remaining).

Right Defensive End.
Thomamo Bontsi. #7, Senior.
Hatabu Jassey. #92, Junior..

Defensive Tackle.
Molaodi Rotlhe. #98, Senior.
Edmund Harris. #90, 6'4, 287 pounds. Freshman. Recruited out of Ranoria.
Buruma Uster, #99. Junior.
Chydea Ndulu. #98, Sophomore.

Left Outside Linebacker.
Sean Morgan-Horne. #45, Freshman. 6'2, 219 pounds. Recruited out of Ranoria.
Raphael Tewodros. #55, Redshirt Sophomore(JUCO transfer from Busukuma City College).

Middle Linebacker.
Hector Sosa-Onyeaju. #56, Junior. 6'4, 261 pounds. From the Royal Kingdom of Quebec.
Tamru Tadesse. #54, Freshman.
Abdul Ayoub. #51, Freshman. Recruited from the Busoga Islands.

Right Outside Linebacker.
Cyrano Kalivas #41, Redshirt Senior.
Kawsu Hairte. #49, Senior.

Denes Bakas. #39, Redshirt Senior.
Saihou Fadika. #2, Junior.
Gordon Kennedy. #27, Freshman. Recruited from Eshan. Primary nickel back.
Baturu Sanneh. #22, Junior.
Ensa Faye. #31, Sophomore.
Zere Chirkos. #20, Freshman.

Strong Safety.
Fara Touré. #29, Junior.
Eyasu Mekdem. #26, True Freshman.

Free Safety.
Charalampos Comis. #36, Senior.
Assan Kabbah. #19, Sophomore.

Special Teams.

Yes, my backup center is the long snapper for both punts and field goals. My backup quarterback is the holder for field goals, just to be clear. My punter does kickoffs. Lastly, my kicker is my backup punter and my punter is my backup kicker, just in case you RP an injury to one.

Kick/Punt Returner.
Kutubo Colley. #11, Senior.
Saihou Fadika. #2, Junior.

Idirissa Corr. #3, Junior.

Dula Benyam. #2. Freshman.

Head Coach: Lance Kabuye. 56 years old. The Head Coach is in his second season at Northern Moravica. Being hired in what many would describe as an 'awkward situation'- Horace Browning, the longtime Cosumarite head coach and one time national team head coach, who had been fired, whose firing caused the Athletic Director's firing and his own hiring as the school's Athletic Director, hired away Lance Kabuye from Wild Valley University to get the team's offense finally out into the modern ages. The move was an unprecedented success, as in Kabuye's first season, they finally broke out of their playoff slump, and beat Loyola-Istria at their home field in the NSCF 19 semifinals to boot, to finally bring home their first NSCF championship.

Kabuye was the head coach of Wild Valley University, a smaller school in the eastern part of the Moravica region, for 6 years. He had a solid record, making the national playoffs his last four years at the school. A former receiver at Northern Moravica, he runs an air raid system. While he does not look for mobility in quarterback, he'll spread em out and start slinging the ball all over the field, throwing 40 to 50 passes a game. He was brought to develop the young star quarterback, and Chae Heung-Kim is poised to step up as the country's superstar quarterback, with Jawara out of the picture. It was certainly a controversial hire, for a school that historically has a pro-style offense and a stout defense, those doubts have been put to rest by his NSCF 19 championship.

Offensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: Kawsu Banuma. 51 years old. This second year offensive coordinator at Northern Moravica i a former professional quarterback, and he played football at the Islamic University of Busoga. He had been hired on by Kabuye in order to 'improve the offense', a unit that needs work. The key for him will be his relationship with the young star quarterback, Chae Heung-Kim. The quarterback, now a junior, has a cannon for an arm and plenty of potential, and reached great heights last season. If coached right, he could be a true superstar, as even though he is not the pure athlete that Isaka Jawara is for the Blue Thunder, he is a pure quarterback. It remains to be seen who will be calling the plays, but with him and the head coach both familiar in spreading the ball out and slinging it, we'll see what how the offense responds to this culture change. Banuma is widely believed to be looking for a head coaching position after this season, and almost all observers agree this will be his last season as a mere coordinator.

Defensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: Longcan Gassama. 54 years old. The former Northern Linebackers coach has been promoted to defensive coordinator before the start of NSCF 19. IT was an interesting hire, as the head coach was expected to bring along his defensive coordinator from Wild Valley, but that man ended up staying to become the head coach out east. That said, Gassama is a capable coach, and had a solid first season at defensive coordinator.

Special Teams Coordinator: Edrissa Niang. 65 years old. 2nd year as Special Teams Coordinator.

Weeks 1-10 Celestia Conference; Weeks 11-13 nonconference
Conference Play
Week 1: vs. New Pathshala for Military Training Priests(New Hastinapur)
Week 2: vs. Loyola-Istria(North v. South Showdown)
Week 3: @ Salamantic Universities(Ko-oren)
Week 4: vs. University of Fisher City(Bernegastad)
Week 5: @ University of Rasisikenev(Rasisikenev)
Week 6: @ New Pathshala for Military Training Priests(New Hastinapur)
Week 7: @ Loyola-Istria(North v. South Showdown)
Week 8: vs. Salamantic Universities(Ko-oren)
Week 9: @ University of Fisher City(Bernegastad)
Week 10: vs. University of Rasisikenev(Rasisikenev)
Non-Conference Play
Week 11: vs. Sadeg State(Drawkland)
Week 12: vs. University of the Commonwealth(Baker Park)
Week 13: @ Université du Saguenay(Royal Kingdom of Quebec)

Retired numbers: #4 Pelias Patras. Set the national collegiate record for passing touchdowns in a career(95), and school record for passing yards in a career(9,977). Is the only quarterback in school history to start every single game for 4 years. Only quarterback in school history to beat archrivals Loyola University-Istria 3 times in a row(coinciding NSCF 1, 2,3). Went to three straight national championship games(coinciding NSCF 1, 2, and 3) and won two national championships(coinciding NSCF 1 & 3).

Rivals: Currently the biggest rival of Northern Moravica University is the University of Loyola-Istria, who the Cougars have played at least once a season the last 55 seasons. All-time, they have played 81 times, with Northern holding a 42-37-2 edge in the series over their archrivals. These two teams have long been seen as the top two college football teams in Banija, and indeed, their stranglehold over Banijan college sports has continued, as they dominate not only in football, the biggest collegiate sport, but most other sports as well. When it was discussed for which team should debut Banija on the world stage for college football, it ultimately came down to these two, and after heating exchanges of words between both Athletic Directors and School Presidents in public, and the Mayors of Istria & Herzegovina City, the Banijan College Sports Group(BCSG) decided on a 11-8 vote to send Northern. The two schools played a thriller in the NSCF 18 quarterfinals, a matchup won by the Blue Thunder. With Loyola's incredible postseason runs in the NSCF, they finally regained the upper hand in this rivalry when they downed Loyola-Istria at the Istria Lightning Yard in the NSCF 19 semifinals, en route to their first ever NSCF title.

Their other big NSCF rival is Vietussia Academy. They have played a number of games against Vietussia Academy when both schools were members of the Celestia Conference. They play each other for the Golden Axe, and they will be renewing their rivalry in NSCF 18, as they took a hiatus after the Banijan schools left the NSCF after NSCF 14 and Vietussia Academy was not playing upon their return in NSCF 17.

Entrance: There is a unique stadium entrance at home games for the Cougars football team. A starting senior on each side of the football stands outside the tunnel, each one holding the school flag. They stand opposite each other with the flags lowered, and then raise the flags and let the entire team run through. After the team and staff runs through, those two starters run to the middle of the field and each plant their flag on the logo, signifying that this is their home field, and that they will fight to defend home field.

Championships: Northern Moravica has five Celestia Conference championships, winning the conference title in NSCF 12, NSCF 13, NSCRF 17, NSCF 18, and NSCF 19. The only year they participated and didn't win the Celestia Conference title was NSCF 14. They won their first ever NSCF championship in NSCF 19.

Loyola University Blue Thunder
Preseason #1 overall


School Info
Full Name: Loyola University @ Istria
Nickname: Blue Thunder
Location: Istria, Moravica
Type: Private, Mormon
Enrollment: 41,566
School President: Fr. Thomas Young(16th year on the job). 79 years old.
Athletic Director: Patrick Zervos(11th year on the job). 52 years old.
Style Modifier: +5

Alastair Jobs Field @ The Istria Lightning Yard
Maximum capacity of 98,000 expandable to 100,233 on special occasions(will be announced by me beforehand).

Official Depth Chart for NSCF Season 20

Omar Jassey. #8, Redshirt Senior. Graduate transfer from Wild Valley University.
Amazu Chibuzo. #5, Redshirt Freshman.
Amadi Ikenna. #4, Redshirt Freshman.
Kassa Einku. Currently redshirting at Loyola-Istria. First year on Campus.

Chinou Obea. #21, Senior.
Nathaniel Islan. #23, Junior. Primary 3rd down back
Orjea Orjee. #20, Junior.

Tight End
Rayan Willsonton. #9, Junior. Recruited out of Northwest Kalactin.
Junkung Ceesay. #87, Senior.
Ikem Jelanea. #88, Sophomore.

Wide Receiver.
Artemesio Take. #80, Senior.
Khalil Hauptmann #3, Freshman. 6'6, 219 pounds. Recruited out of Ranoria.
Chidi Chinweike. #83. Junior.
Okparra Chimaijem. #89, Junior.
Beluchi Okorie. #82, Junior..
Okonkwo Besrat. 82, Redshirt Freshman.

Left Tackle.
Thatayotlhe Marumo. #76, Senior.
Guillaume Vadnais-Triquet. #70, Sophomore. Recruited from the Royal Kingdom of Quebec.

Left Guard.
Alansana Janneh. #64, Junior.
Abdoulaye Ngom. #65, Junior.

Moseki Tau. #61, Senior.
Diji Obi. #50, Sophomore.

Right Guard.
Sarjo Coote. #63, Senior.
Bayou Awash. #60, Freshman.

Right Tackle.
Ilman Kabbah. #68, Junior.
Amir Dessalegne. #77, Freshman.

Play a 3-4 defense

Left Defensive End
Ediresa Kinteh. #72, Junior.
Yared Getachew. #91, Freshman. Recruited from the Busoga Islands.

Nose Tackle/Defensive Tackle..
Musa Ogoo. #95, Junior.
Obie Akachi. #99, Sophomore.
Yisake Araya. #90, Freshman.

Right Defensive End.
Okorie Uzochi. #97, Sophomore.
Hassan Obi. #98, Freshman. Recruited from the Busoga Islands.

Left Outside Linebacker.
Daron Dempsey. #59, Sophomore. Recruited from Ranoria. EDGE player- would play defensive end in a 4-3.
Yessuf Bona. #34, Freshman.
Bsrat Belayneh. #45, Freshman.

Middle Linebacker
Freiderick Hans. #35, Sophomore. Recruited from Ranoria.
Justice Kinslow. #49, Senior.
Banta Jobe. #43, Junior.
Atatafi Atikem. #51, Freshman.

Right Outside Linebacker
Stephane Cournoyer-Deschner. #54, Sophomore. Recruited from the Royal Kingdom of Quebec. Can play middle linebacker if necessary.
Isa Condé. #46, Junior.

Corrin Fairless #27, Junior. Recruited from Ranoria.
Gelasius Demos. #31, Senior.
Theodrekr Zervos. #26, Senior. Primary nickel back.
Birom Danso. #24, Junior.
Madue Uzoma. #5, Sophomore.
Azmera Zanta. #28, Freshman.

Strong Safety
Kostas Costas #12, Senior.
Markos Mesay. #22, Freshman.

Free Safety
Ulysses Patras. #14, Senior.
Lepolesa Ogaile. #16, Freshman.

Yes, my starting center is the long snapper and my backup quarterback is the holder for field goals, just to be clear. My Kicker does field goals and kick offs. Lastly, my kicker is my backup punter and my punter is my backup kicker, just in case you RP an injury to one.

Ensa Gassama #3, Junior.

Teshale Roni. #19, Freshman.

Corrin Fairless #27, Junior. Recruited from Ranoria.
Kostas Costas #12, Senior.
Azmera Zanta. #28, Freshman.

Head Coach: Alanso Isa is the 61 year old alumnus from this school, now in his third season at Loyola-Istria. He was tasked to fill the shoes of legend Alastair Jobs, who won the NSCF 14 and NSCF 17 championships, alongside a NSCF 14 Celestia Conference title, who had an 8-0 all-time postseason record in the NSCF. Isa has had a pair of successful seasons at the school, though there is fear that they may have finally been overtaken by their archrivals to the north- Northern Moravica. A run to the NSCF 18 title game and a NSCF 19 semifinal appearance under his belt, though of course the latter ending with a loss to their hated rivals Northern Moravica, he is looking to get out of the shadow of Alastair Jobs and get a title of his own.

Offensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: Dennis Zervos is beginning his fourth season as offensive coordinator. The OC led the school to a NSCF 14 Title when he was the NSCF's Most Outstanding Player, and led the team to national championship (coinciding with NSCF 15). When he went pro early, he suffered a pair of ACL injuries in his rookie year, and injured both ACLs against to start his second season, effectively ending his professional career. In his first season as the offensive coordinator, he led Loyola-Istria to having the #1 ranked offense in all of the NSCF last season, and is known as a rising star as an assistant coach. With his living legend status at the school, considering he has a ring, a MOP trophy, and his father is the AD, he has some particular job security. He is 31 years old.

Defensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: Joseph Lukwago is in his 10th season as the defensive coordinator, running a 3-4 defense.

Special Teams Coordinator: Isaac Lutaboke is in his 8th season as the special teams coordinator.

Weeks 1-10 Celestia Conference; Weeks 11-13 nonconference
Conference Play
Week 1: vs. University of Rasisikenev(Rasisikenev)
Week 2: @ Northern Moravica(North v. South Showdown)
Week 3: vs. New Pathshala for Military Training Priests(New Hastinapur)
Week 4: vs. Salamantic Universities(Ko-oren)
Week 5: @ University of Fisher City(Bernegastad)
Week 6: @ University of Rasisikenev(Rasisikenev)
Week 7: vs. Northern Moravica(North v. South Showdown)
Week 8: @ New Pathshala for Military Training Priests(New Hastinapur)
Week 9: @ Salamantic Universities(Ko-oren)
Week 10: vs. University of Fisher City(Bernegastad)
Non-Conference Play
Week 11: vs. Ramusok Capital University(Cosumar)
Week 12: @ Faith College(Xanneria)
Week 13: vs. Richardson University(Ranoria- Rebel's Cannon Bowl)

Championships: The Loyola-Istria Blue Thunder have an incredible NSCF postseason record, being 12-2 all-time in the postseason in this competition. In NSCF 13, they won the Pioneer Bowl, and in NSCF 14 and NSCF 17, they won the NSCF championship, posting a 3-0 and 4-0 record in those two postseasons, respectively. In NSCF 18, they made a run to the NSCF title game, only to fall to Mar Sara Tech. In NSCF 19 they went back to the postseason, getting a bye in the first round and winning their 2nd round matchup, before falling at home to their archrivals, Northern Moravica, in the semifinals.

Individual Accolades: They have racked up individual accolades during their time as a member of the NSCF. Dennis Zervos, their offensive coordinator, was the NSCF's most outstanding player in NSCF 14, and their current quarterback, Isaka Jawara, was the NSCF 17 Offensive Player of the Year en route to their championship run, and the NSCF 18 Most Outstanding Player, and he won the NSCF 19 Offensive Player of the Year award in his senior season. Corrin Fairless, a starting cornerback and their special teams star, won the NSCF 18 Special Teams Player of the Year Award.

Rivalries: North v. South Showdown against Northern Moravica. See Cougar HIstory and Traditions for more.

Their big foreign rival is Richardson University of Ranoria. The young rivalry has developed quickly, as the teams compete for recruits off the field and championships on it. In NSCF 17, Loyola-Istria travelled to Richardson University for the first game of this rivalry, and lost a very close battle. But in the return in NSCF 18, Richardson University came to Busukuma, and defeated the Blue Thunder at the Stadium of the Restoration. The return was another close battle between the two schools, losing an instant classic in overtime in Ranoria. This rivalry is called the Rebel's Cannon Bowl, and is traditionally contested on the final weekend of the regular season. This season's edition will occur on Loyola's campus for the first time, at the Istria Lightning Yard.
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Week 1 - Mar Sara Tech Raiders @ Tecumseh University Raiders

Postby One Jamaica » Sat May 11, 2019 6:42 am

Tecumseh University Raiders kicked off their second season in NSCF 20 at home versus the Mara Sara Tech Raiders. With the 90,000 fans in attendance, this week marks the 7th consecutive sell out in just as many games. School spirit and team pride is soaring and with that, sophomore CB Jerry Hanson intercepts the first play from the opposing Raiders' quarterback at the opponents 45 yard line. That set the tone defensively for the rest of the game as the defense held Mar Sara to 18 points and 281 total yards and 6 turnovers. This Tecumseh Raiders defense is loaded with talent that's all jostling for playing time to showcase it. With each man pushing each other day in and day out, they're all determined to avenge their disappointing 4 game losing streak to end last season as they started out strong. Junior three year starter at MLB Julian Cole, had an outstanding performance with 4 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and 3 fumble recoveries. The unit finished with 6 sacks, 4 forced fumbles and 4 recoveries and 2 INTs.

Sophomore star quarterback Ray'Quan Smith continue to show why he labels himself the best player in One Jamaica. Hooking up with his 6 foot 5 favorite target wide receiver DJ Williams for 12 completions on 15 attempts for 238 yards and 2 scores, the two look to be the best QB-WR duo this season. Smith stat line read 30-43 489 yards 3 TD with 6 rushes for 52 yards. His elusiveness, vision and the simple ability to avoid tackles makes us wonder what he would be like if he played the tailback position. Senior back Felix Hawthorne was a key success in the passing game by running anywhere he wanted on the defense. The opponents was unable to contain him as he goes for 19 carries 152 yards and a score.

With so much talent on this team, it's difficult to include everyone each week. Stay focused on the Tecumseh Raiders this season once again as they look to be nothing short but at top of the conference come playoffs. Expectations are high early for this young University due because these players want to be great. With no professional football league currently in One Jamaica, they all hope foreign scouts and teams get a glimpse of any of their tapes.

Offensive Stats

QB Ray'Quan Smith - 30-43 489 yrds 3TD
RB Felix Hawthorne - 19 carr. 152 yrds 1TD 1 2pt conv.
RB Wendell Croft - 8 car. 48 yrds
WR DJ Williams - 12 rec 238 yrds 2TD
WR Victor Dubbs - 7 rec 89 yrds
TE Trey Boys 5 rec 50 yrds
WR Nick Ross 4 rec 73 yrds
WR Shaun Vector 2 rec 39 yrds

Defensive Stats
ROLB Harvey Woki 9 tckls
DE Antonio Wellton 7 tckls 2 sacks
DE Brandon Dickerson 4 tckls
DT Khalil Townsend 5 tckls 1 sack
DT Mike Conley 4 tckls
LOLB Jon Washington 3 tckls 1 PD
MLB Julian Cole 4 tckls 2 sacks 2FF 3FR
MLB Troy Stallion 1 tckl
ROLB Dillion Windbrush 1 sack
CB Michael Moss 3 tckls 1PD
CB Rashid Gooding 5 tckls 3PD
CB3 Jerry Hanson 3 tckls 1INT
SS Brian Crews 6 tckls 1INT
FS Denman Terry 1 tckl

Special Teams

K Peter Zolteck 4/4XP
P Ron Stonestreet 3 punts 120 yrds 2in20
KR Joshua Jolly 3 ret. 68 yrds
PR Shaun Vector 6 PR 39 yrds
King Lance Tecumseh Moacir
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Humming Parrot Palace, Moacir Castle Parkway,
Tecumseh, Kushtonia, The People's Republic of One Jamaica

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Tecumseh Royal International Airport

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Postby Ranoria » Sat May 11, 2019 5:16 pm

Cold Hill University
Dorm Rooms

“Deondre, get the hell out of bed man! You’re gonna be late to practice, again!”

Deondre Rhine, Cold Hill’s uber-talented but controversial quarterback, groaned under the berating of outside linebacker Earnest Longhorn, whom had roomed with defensive tackle DeAngelo Gordon up until last season.

Their coaches had pulled some strings, thinking that the team captain’s presence might help turn the kid around. But while it may have improved his attendance and film study, it was all due to Longhorn’s urging. There had been no moral victory there, no maturing.

“Jesus, shut the hell up, will you?” Rhine groaned, fighting a slight hangover. He had been out long after Longhorn had gone to sleep, and was suffering the consequences now.

“Look Rhine, I’m leaving. I’ve been late dragging your sorry ass out of bed before, and it’s not happening again. Just get to the damn locker room, will ya?”

The quarterback flashed him a thumbs up, and then a different finger once the door had closed behind him.

“Mother of God...” he knew he was right. They had Raynor this week, a team that had given them, and Richardson, fits in the past, but the urge to roll back under the covers was calling.

He almost dozed off again before getting a text message from a number that wasn’t in his phone. He didn’t bother reading it, instead rolling out of bed and throwing on a t-shirt and sweats. His long and unruly hair didn’t take long to make presentable, and he popped some gum rather than brushing his teeth.

Overall, it was a look that many had come to expect from him the day before a game. Loose, bags under his eyes, and just generally not looking ready to play.

“On time by fifteen seconds, Deondre.” Their head coach, Chris Dale, shook his head. “Are you ever going to take some initiative? You’re consistently the last man to show up to practice.”

Rhine shrugged. His head coach wasn’t a rough and tough, punishment oriented guy, and he was the best quarterback on the roster. As long as he performed, he’d see the field.

“Well, I’m ready to go for tomorrow, coach.” The quarterback nicknamed ‘Diamond’ shrugged, “So why lose the sleep?”

The conversation ended there as he headed to the quarterback room. It had happened before, it would happen again. And no one was surprised.
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Skyhawk Screech: NSCF 20 Off to Good Start

Postby Drawkland » Sun May 12, 2019 7:09 pm



Sadeg State Knocks Cupcake Opponent to Start the Year

Written by Jacob Harding

We may no longer have Dustin Beck ... but we're still a force to be reckoned with. We're two seasons removed from the masterful taking of the Horizon Conference and the Dustin-Beck led Skyhawks taking Sadeg State where no Drawkian school have gone before. That is, past the first round of the NSCF playoffs. Really, Drawk Corps U was never bowl eligible, much less able to penetrate the playoffs. No, Corps fans, I will never let it go.

Here's the thing. We finally, finally managed to break that insufferable glass ceiling and capture the NSCAA title. Now all we have to do is capture the NSCF title. After all, no school in history has ever won both of these competitions. This is helped by the fact that Cassadaigua, who owns almost a third of all NSCAA titles, doesn't participate in the NSCF, but I digress. Capturing both major collegiate titles would be a huge honor, and now we're officially in the running for it.

What would you even call that? In the World Cup they call winning all 3 major tournaments a Triple Crown, and winning all the major sport titles, like what Cassadaigua has done, is a Grand Slam. But this would only be two titles really, so what would you call that? A Double Crown? The Collegiate Exacta? I dunno, that's not my decision. But if we end up doing well this season, y'all will have to start scrambling for ideas.

In any case, last season was rather lackluster. We went a pedestrian 7-5, and despite being eligible, we didn't fit any Bowl criteria, meaning we missed out on the postseason. After that experience, I can finally understand what Drawk Corps U fans felt every single time they played in the NSCF, LOL. To be fair, we had leaned a lot on the immense talent of Dustin Beck our previous seasons, and once he graduated and went pro, we were left scrabbling for answers. We were at least above .500 so we weren't a total embarassment, but we have to be better this season. By the way, congrats on Beck for sorta-carrying the Grid Corps to their second World Bowl title in his rookie season with them. What an absolute legend.

For this season, expectations are much higher. We now know what we can and can't do without Beck, what our now-starter William Queen can and can't do, and what our defense can and can't stop effectively. That, and everybody's gotten just a little bit better (just like every season, but y'know). This season won't be like the last. That Horizon Conference title we won in NSCF 18? We want it back. And nobody's gonna stand in our way. It may be a little early to be talking about winning the whole NSCF this quick (it did take us 4 cycles to win the NSCAA after all), but we gotta start somewhere.

Week 1 vs University of St. Vincia: W, 42-20

Fortunately for us, we got to start this year off on the right foot with a cupcake matchup at home to get the gears rolling. We don't know much about the University of St. Vincia, besides they come from a nation called East Ares. As is the norm after Harbor College left the NSCF, the Horizon Conference has become Ramusok v Stoneshore v Sadeg v three random schools on a revolving door. Credit to North Tunheim for at least sticking around for a few seasons, even though they don't do anything of note besides lose to the more major schools. Who can complain about an away game in a stadium you're a little more familiar with?

After some of the season-starting festivities finished, the Skyhawk captains (Nico Rigi, Eli Dyer, and Carson Rose) took the field along with the captains for St. Vincia. The Black-Eyes, as they're called, are from a coastal city on the western side of their nation in East Ares. Besides that, we were going in dark. No tape, no roster, no ideas. Generally though, those are the games we manage to wrap up easily, and wrap up easily we did.

After winning the toss, we elected to defer as usual. The Black-Eyes came out swinging, managing to drive to our 25 yard line before a pair of sacks from super senior defensive ends Benjamin Reynolds and Collin Pascal back-to-back forced them back to the 38 yard line. From there, the kicker trotted out to try a 53-yard field goal. The ball barely passed through the inside corner of the goalpost, but St. Vincia came out to a 0-3 lead to start the match.

The Skyhawk offense left no doubt in our minds that they were ready for this season with their first drive. Starting with an 11-yard run from Nico Rigi, the offense glided down the field with little resistance. The touchdown came with a 5-yard run from Rigi, a simple dive play up the gut to score. The ensuing St. Vincia drive ended with a punt which pinned us around the 15 yard line. The running game, mainly done by Nico Rigi and Cainen Ivers, was simply eating away at the inexperienced St. Vincia defense. This drive took up a majority of the first quarter, before a well-designed play-action pass by William Queen went to Jesse Ladley for six in the red zone. By the time St. Vincia had gotten a first down on their drive, it was already the second quarter.

Once again, the Black-Eyes simply couldn't manage to get anything going, petering out and falling to fourth down around midfield. The punt was returned by super senior Ross Titus, the dedicated returnman for the Skyhawks. He managed to get a solid 20-yard return, getting the ensuing drive to start in good field position. With St. Vincia expected to start overcommitting to the run, Sadeg State opt to start opening it up with the passing game. It worked like a charm, a few runs thrown in to keep the defense on its heels. Once the Skyhawks made it to the red zone, Queen once again got a passing touchdown, this time a beautifully-thrown touch pass to Raynard Karp on a go route to the end zone, caught towards the back sideline. The score was now 21-3, and everyone in the stadium knew at this point that Sadeg State was going to win the game.

St. Vincia's next drive once again ended in failure. They managed to drive, slowly and methodically, to the red zone. In their first trip to the red zone that game, they looked legitimately close to scoring. They had the ball, second-and-goal, running an outside zone play. Their running back had a lane to the end zone, and looked to try and extend the ball to the pylon. Unfortunately for him, Ridley Hamm came and delivered a hit right as he started loosening his grip on the ball, forcing it out. Arthur Graves, who was in pursuit of the back, found the ball bouncing up to his hands. He grabbed it, and recovered the fumble. He only returned it a few yards before the QB managed to track him down and force him out of bounds. This gave Sadeg State a little time left before the half, though.

Sadeg State's offense is renowned for its ability to squeeze points out of even under a minute of time left in a half. With a few ticks over 2 left, the Skyhawks were absolutely looking to increase their large lead before the half. It was going well, too, with William Queen managing to deliver dimes all around the field. The offense made it to first and goal with 30 seconds left, and a single timeout. With any luck, they would score a touchdown, or at least be able to stop the clock with a few seconds and get a field goal. Queen threw an ill-advised out route, however, which was undercut by the corner. With only a few seconds left on the clock, the defender scored on the pick six to basically end the half. 21-10 was not the scoreline the Skyhawks were hoping for going into the locker room, but it was still a respectable margin for now.

After halftime, it was clear Sadeg State wouldn't be messing around for much longer. On the drive coming out of the half, they went back to the run game to calm Queen's nerves and to keep the game rolling smoothly. This was a good call, and a Fullback dive to Rigby Germain called on the goalline was a better call that resulted in six. At 28-10, it was pretty clear Sadeg State would not be allowing a comeback. This was amplified the next drive, where the defense made quick work snuffing out St. Vincia. The resulting State drive actually stalled out thanks to a bad read by Queen, throwing to a blanketed Karp rather than a wide-open Ibbot. Fortunately, the Black-Eyes still couldn't manage to get anything going, and their next punt ended the third quarter.

The next drive by the Skyhawks started the fourth quarter off right, scoring another touchdown thanks to Rigi's hard running in the red zone. The defense did not respond in kind, however. The aggressive playcalling had been working all day, but on a particular run in this next drive, St. Vincia's running back got a few lucky blocks which sprung him free running down the numbers. No Sadeg State defender could catch him, and St. Vincia had their first offensive touchdown of their NSCF tenure. At this point, leading by 35-17, Coach Manlio decided to bring in the backups, as it was clear St. Vincia wasn't going to be catching up anytime soon.

While this resulted in State not having as high an offensive production, the game still went smoothly. Stalling State drives were met with frantic and mistake-filled St. Vincia drives, until late in the fourth quarter where Sadeg's Ivers managed to bust out a 35-yard touchdown on a screen pass to make the game a solid 42-17 with around 2 minutes left. St. Vincia, though, credit to them, still fought back to drive to the 25-yard line with little time left. Taking their last time out, their kicker booted a 40-yarder to close out their first game, and Sadeg's first game of the season.

St. Vincia       3  7  0  10   20
Sadeg State 14 7 7 14 42

42-20 was a great scoreline to see as a Sadeg State fan, and hopefully only a harbinger of what is to come along down the road. While there's no guarantees, especially having to face the vaunted Cosumarite sides back-to-back these next two weeks, I think we can manage to pull out some wins. Imagine, if we can come to the halfway mark in conference play 5-0, the Horizon Conference title, and greater things beyond that, will basically come down to us holding serve.

Let's get to it. For Skyhawk Screech, this is Jacob Harding, signing off.
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Sun May 12, 2019 7:17 pm

UC going solo for NSCF XX
by Aaron Hardison
UC Correspondent for The Times

The University of the Commonwealth football team will return for a third season of competition in NSCF, now in its 20th edition. But they will once again carry the banner of the UAC alone.

The governing body offered University of St Leon a chance to return, but after discussions among the administration and faculty could not find any common ground, USL declined to participate. Then University of Endover were approached about filling the place and in fact had reached a preliminary understanding that the Wildcats would join the Warriors; subsequent discussion was then followed by a reversal of the previous agreement. So UC will contest the Mineral Conference campaign as the lone representative of the nation.

"I was not involved in those discussions, so what the actual factors that played into the decisions made isn't really something I can speak to", UC Head Coach Scott Newell explained on pre-season media day. "I have not gotten the impression that it was ill-will or contentious negotiations that were the problem. I've not spoken to Kevin (USL coach Meredith) but I have talked to Dennis (UE coach Samuels) and he said he was disappointed they wouldn't be in it this time, but it wasn't his call."

As for the season, Newell spoke of the challenges that lie ahead. "Going into the fall season, we had a lot of areas of concern. When you lose 27 seniors you definitely have to revise your expectations. But after we started slow (winning only 2 of the first 6), we pulled together a better second half (5-1) so hopefully the momentum from that will carry over."

Offensively, the Warriors had to rebuild their entire offense at the skill positions, with only QB Grant Loy returning from the backfield. The line returned nearly intact, and that provided a base for a shift in emphasis for the UC attack.
On the defensive side, a complete overhaul was needed as that unit lost 8 starters, including the entire front line and 3 important linebackers.

"I don't recall ever having as young a team as this, not even 3 years ago (prior to their first NSCF appearance). As mentioned, the season saw guys really step and make big improvement from beginning to end, and I think we'll be fine when we get going in this season."

UC returns to compete in the 6 team Mineral Conference, which they have won on both occasions, but will face only 1 familiar foe, Clawtown University of Alenburg, who will make a visit to Gleason Field on matchday 2. They are joined by a newcomer, Northern Alenburg University, replacing Loirgruzadd U; also coming over are the University of Space, and the Terrestrial Acclimation Academy, and Iokiaq International Institute from Iquikukut.

There will also be a return to the schedule of non-conference foes Richardson University and Northern Moravica, the defending champions. There will also a trip to face Tecumseh University, a team St Leon faced in a non-conference matchup.
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Postby Ranoria » Sun May 12, 2019 8:00 pm

Richardson Secures Shutout Victory in NSCF Opener, Cold Hill Looks Strong Ahead of First Meeting Between Rivals

It wasn’t always pretty in what was an overall dull outing for the Governors. The offense sputtered and, despite the defense’s dominating performance between the lines, this game wasn’t one that was likely to keep anyone tuned in.

The team’s offense, which looked promising after an impressive season against Ranorian competition, sputtered and stalled in their first NSCF outing. Quarterback Ifeatu Chineze struggled greatly, completing just nine of his nineteen pass attempts and throwing an interception in the second quarter. On those throws, he managed only one hundred and twelve yards, a disappointing number after averaging over thirteen yards per attempt back home.

Drops were an issue for this squad though. Kieran-Kweo Atkinson, the team’s top wideout, secured five catches for seventy one yards, but the rest of their supporting cast left much to be desired. Calvin Hale, the team’s established number two, managed only two catches on six targets, and produced just nineteen yards on those touches. Two of his targets resulted in wide open drops, something that hadn’t been seen often from him to this point.

And with the explosive passing game failing to do its part, the Kandonica National Military Institute was able to key in on the running game, holding star back Vice Jackson III to sixty nine yards on twenty carries. His backfield partner in crime, however, found some success. Kuenda Sello forged ahead for thirty one yards and a score on just seven totes.

As we said earlier though, this defense was dominant. Linebacker Isaiah Bryce, who is arguably the best player on the squad, was the engine of the unit, securing 12 solo tackles and 17 total, including one sack and two tackles for a loss. Defensive linemen Spencer Crutchfield, Julius Volt, and Malik Sherman also accounted for a total of three sacks and five tackles for a loss, while cornerback Spencer Houston nabbed an interception to go along with a solid day that included only two catches allowed, two pass deflections, and three tackles.

In the shutout win, the defense can take pride in their performance. That being said, however, the offense is going to have to up its game to compete in a loaded Big 8 Conference this season. With Raynor, Tecumsuh, Cold Hill, and Mar Sara Tech to compete with, this is going to be anything but a cakewalk, even if the squad is coming off an NSCF championship game appearance.

And of course, as Richard Steinheil prefers, the team will face an absolutely brutal out of conference schedule in the last three weeks. Three perennial championship contenders in The University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park, Cosumar’s very own Ramusok Capital, and Banija’s Loyola-Istria. These three opponents have become rivals of sorts, especially the latter two, what with Richardson’s playoff woes when facing down Ramusok and the annual Rebel Cannon Bowl against Loyola-Istria.

According to Steinheil, facing teams like this in the final three weeks before the postseason is a chance not only to prime the squad for a deep playoff run, but an opportunity to make up for a sub-par regular season if it were to occur. But if this team can’t figure out it’s offensive deficiencies in a hurry, this kind of a gauntlet to finish the year could end in disaster, especially with a quality squad like Cold Hill breathing down Richardson’s neck after a loss in the NSCF semifinal.

Speaking of that squad, they also won their first contest of the season, albeit in more exciting fashion. Going against a formidable opponent in Raynor University, Cold Hill defended their home turf, the Tundra, well. The Buffalo routed their opponent in a 37-10 victory that saw plenty from both sides of the ball.

Most impressive, though, was the first quarter, which saw Cold Hill’s oft-troubled but uber-talented QB, Deondre ‘Diamond’ Rhine, drop back nine times and connect on seven passes that went for a total of 117 yards and two touchdowns, a field goal wedged in there as well. He was aided by the defense’s forcing of two three and outs, with Earnest Longhorn notching a sack and a tackle for a loss on consecutive drives to force a punt.

The next quarter saw Cold Hill slow down somewhat, scoring only a field goal, as Raynor’s blitz packages managed to bring down Rhine twice, and the offense continued to sputter into the fourth quarter, only notching another three points while Raynor found some life with a touchdown and a field goal of their own bringing the game to 23-10. It was a two score game, but at least it was within striking distance.

That all changed, though, when Rhine dropped back again. While he’d been picked off in the third quarter, he wasn’t shy about letting it rip once again, letting the ball rip or towards speedy Freshman Rodney Blades, who caught it in stride to put the game out of reach at 30-10, with a long touchdown run by powerful runner Hue Ross putting a nail in the coffin late.

Fans of the Buffalo couldn’t have asked for much more out of the contest, with both sides of the ball playing to their championship expectation.

Deondre Rhine finished the game going 22-36 for 337 yards and a trio of passing touchdowns against one interception, with runner Hue Ross chipping in for 22 totes, 94 yards, and a touchdown run of his own.

Receiving wise, senior Karl Kraus led the group with 7 catches and 117 yards. Freshman Dexter Slaughter hauled in four of his own for another fifty, and Rodney Blades secures three catches for seventy yards. Each of the three scored a touchdown.

Defensively, Earnest Longhorn, who had been living in the shadow of the Gordon brothers, has taken his place as the leader of the defense. He had a productive day with a sack, tackle for a loss, and six tackles. Cornerback Clarence von Arris and safety Marvell Salley each tallied an interception, both coming in the fourth quarter on deep, prayer-type passes down the field.

This squad looks the part of a team itching to take back their pride after a championship opportunity, and player in Thorn Davis, was taken from them, but they looked he part last season as well. That is, until Richardson dragged them down in the semifinal. Expectations change everything, and if this team can’t live up to them, it is very possible that Chris Dale’s job could be in the line. While the program rose up through the collegiate ranks at an unprecedented rate after a couple very strong recruiting classes, locker room issues have persisted throughout his tenure, as evidenced by that class’s clashes with established, veteran players.

But winning solves everything, and if that continues, Dale will have nothing to worry about.

Ranoria’s two NSCF competitors will meet next week, when they are scheduled for their first conference matchup. At this point, Cold Hill looks like the stronger squad, but as I pointed or earlier, we were saying that last season as well, and Cold Hill no longer has phenom Thorn Davis under center. The dual-threat quarterback had a cannon for an arm, and the speed and size of a linebacker. Rhine may he talented, but he can’t produce the way Davis could, and Richardson’s previously young core is only growing stronger, with safety Judas Wolfson, reigning NSCF Defensive Player of the Year, being their only significant loss outside of QB Alton McNair.
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Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Sun May 12, 2019 9:39 pm

OOC : Sorry for meh quality of this. I'll get more up by tuesday.


“Welcome to the 97th Phoenix Cup National High School Baseball Championship, brought to you by The Gazette: Built on Your Voices since 1728. Bugil Academy of Shawinigan, Mauricie currently leads the championship final, 3-1, against Erskine Collegiate of Kingston, Frontenac, at the bottom of the ninth inning. We’re back after a brief pitcher change for the Bugil Academy, whose brilliant pitching by J.P. Hickman has kept held Erskine scoreless for 8 innings and a third. It’s impressive, but he’s left the plate. It’s now full base. One out, but two more to go and with full base, what is going to happen?”

The crowd watched in anticipation as Heo Myeong-Shin, coming off a grand slam on the bottom of 9th inning. For a school known for its academics, Erskine has seen its share of legendary student-athletes before, a tradition that is most recently marked by 7-time Commonwealth Games gold medal epeeist Felix Ahn, the 2026 Tiger-Bowl championship QB Tyler Kweon, the legendary basketball centre “Most Dominant Ever” Riley Jeon-Keane. But he was the only one of the four to have gone three-sport athlete in all 4 years of high school, winning states in all of them.

But he was not doing well today. After an excellent tournament where he had hit 3 home runs, 7 hits and and 11 RPIs in 4 games, he was struck out thrice in the most important game of the season. Perhaps having him at-base, with two outs to go when trailing 0-3, might not have been the best idea, but it’s Erskine we’re talking about. They have always had pro or college level talent in their teams, but they weren’t really known for having excellent depth on its teams most years. So they had no option but to keep the third baseman on the field. Was it going to pay off? We didn’t know,

“.....Two-one-and miss, a solid strike. And it's no ball and one strike on him. Heo has had his moments. No ball and one strike on him."

"The swing's there- he knows how to hit both the bad balls and the ones right in the centre. It's the matter of what his choice will be."

"Absolutely. The second pitch, a fastball and….And left! Left! Left field!!!! Gone, NO RETURN, GAME OVER! Erskine wins! Erskine wins the first Phoenix Cup banner since 1983, and it’s on Heo Myeong-Shin on a walk-off homer on the bottom of 9th!! Heo Myeong-Shin, this is most memorable week of your high school career - he’s hit 3 home runs and 11 RBIs over the past week, and has sealed Erskine’s season with two national titles!“

You could see the 3,000-strong contingent from the alumni, students and staff storming the field as Erskine completed arguably their best season since 2002 with two national championships out of 4 possible. Heo, whose bat flip alone was going to land him a spot in his hometown Kingston Blue Jays, hugged Mr. Rogers, his coach and grade 11 advanced maths teacher.
Then he quickly went to pat his nearest opponent, Bugil College catcher Noel D’Aoust, then saluted his teammates, who were in total frenzy. Even when competitive and under that fire, he knew whom to praise and thank; D’Aoust made all the right signal-calls to strike him out- all right on the upper-right corner of the strike zone.

“Nice ball combination eh?” Myeong-Shin smiled, as he exchanged gloves with his upcoming rival after a brief hug. “Give two balls away, then have your pitcher throw on top and then bottom centre of the strike zone, before right on right corner.”

“Too predictable. Gotta fix that or else I’m sure even your mama would be able to strike you out with upper corner, inside ball. I'll see you next year, you little piece of shit.“ Noel chuckled, then hugged the man. They shook hands again and then bid goodbye.

Then, Myeong-Shin went back to his team, where the lads were ready to hoist him into the air. There he felt the world shake twice, thrice and then lord knows how many times, he went down and hugged all his teammates and looked into the sky. Team captain Jeremy Lott (SS), who was on his last high school match, cried with joy. Aaron Noh (LF) gave his chest a right-handed punch before raising his hands to the sky. Everybody, knowing what this had meant, immediately circled around him and did the same.

Yet Myeong-Shin, even as they celebrated the win, knew he had to keep his head leveled and focused. While he’s won plenty hardware as a junior, he was still a junior. If all the glories got into his head and psyche, he would disappoint those around him. He couldn’t do that; he made 2 promises to his father not to disappoint, when his father had asked if his eldest child wanted to play baseball at 10 and tackle football at age 13. With promise came responsibility, he couldn’t disappoint those he loved. Most importantly, he knew it depended on fall, when pigskin would be thrown, the offers would be given and decisions had to be made.


One year later….

”We all knew Heo Myeong-Shin was bound to be the hero at Robertson Stadium this season. Had his parents’ recommendation been taken with significant weight, Myeong-Shin would have been playing right away with the Golden Gaels when they host the Saguenay Fighting Irish, their historical rival, what could be the most important regular season finale in ages.

Instead, Heo chose to carve his own career, committing to the Fighting Irish, on the Mississaugua product who had a phenomenal career at Erskine Collegiate as the top-ranked recruit in the nation. By doing so, he became the first top-ranked Quebecois recruit since Dexter Ahn 12 years ago.

On thursday, Saguenay kicked off their fall camp with a practice...

“They’re not going to let go of this huh?” Myeong-Shin sighed to Michael Kiser, one of two defensive captains for the Irish, as they slowly took off their helmet in their lockers. It was early August in South Bend, but to have those articles of ‘What ifs’ coming out of newspaper, that had made him feel as if it’s already November. “Six months have passed since the national signing day, yet they still claim that I’m a traitor to Queen’s.”

“Stop reading too much into this,” Michael gave him a pat, before looking around for a new pair of cleats. “You know, you came right where the help is needed. Not your fault they already had Sabourin, Bhang and fuckin’ Madan brothers. Just get the fuck over and deliver and we’ll be good.”

“I know, I don’t regret it one bit,” Myeong-Shin quietly stared at the ceiling, before slowly walking outside. “It was my choice, with all the risk I have to take.”

“Well then you gotta stop thinking about that, and just focus on being your best,” Michael grinned, then gave him a nice poke, to which the rookie responded with a slight twitch. He nodded then went back to his locker.

It was only the first day of training camp in South Bend, but most players had their lockers set and ready under the customisation mode. It’s quite impressive how colourful and filled they look after a rough and rowdy day of practice. Heo, however, decided to keep his clean, with put a small calendar of August to January, with the goal making it to the last game of the season on the 8th of January. Upon entering his locker, he smiled. Then he punched his heart with his left knuckle, before touching the calendar. It only had one date circled, and that was the 20th of November. He knew this season was going to be exciting, and that Fighting Irish was going to be having yet another chance at winning the Tiger Bowl. Heck, the entire fanbase was looking forward to their first national championship since 2033! But to Heo Myeong-Shin it wasn’t worth it without beating Queen’s, the school everybody expected him to come, and he knew it.
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