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A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Gholgoth Regional News Association

Postby Pax Gothica » Sun Jul 08, 2018 5:45 am

"Live from Broadcasting Tower in Pax Gothica, this is the Gholgoth Regional News Association, with a summary of all the region's news this evening..."

The Gholgoth Regional News Association is an easily accessible news feed and archive of all the important news coming from or concerning the nations of Gholgoth. Based in the newly formed regional capital of Pax Gothica where all the major business of the newly reformed Gothic Regional Alliance is to be conducted, the GRNA has been tasked with catching every second of the action and making it universally available to all, so that nobody is caught out of the loop. The GRNA has recently relocated from ULE City in Automagfreek, where some older archives still remain, which can be accessed here.

News stories shall be arranged by nation of origin (in alphabetical order) as soon as they come in on this page. While the GRNA is primarily focused on collating the news of Gothic nations, if you are from outside the region but believe your news story to be relevant to Gholgoth, you can submit your story for review to our offices here by sending a telegram to Pax Gothica. We will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.

News Stories
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The Ancient Empire of Kylarnatia

The Federation of Mount Shavano

The Stratocracy of Remus (Auman)
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BREAKING NEWS: Emperor Nathan of Ghant elected Executor

Postby Kylarnatia » Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:14 am


BREAKING NEWS: Emperor Nathan of Ghant elected Executor of the Gothic Regional Alliance
By Josie Whitehall (@josiewhitehall)
Emperor Nathan of the Empire of Ghant (Artist's portrait)

Citadel City, Havensky - It has just been announced that Emperor Nathan of the Empire of Ghant has been elected as the new Executor of the Gothic Regional Alliance, in the Alliance's first act since adopting reforms aiming to help bring much needed stability to the region. During the vote count, it was announced by Skyan Secretary of State Lance Atticus that the Emperor had received seven votes from the Lords in attendance. His closest contender, Praetor Augustus Drake of the Grand Dominion of the Drakonian Imperium received four votes, while Emperor Fenric of the Empire of The Scandinvans and Emperor Lerian XII of the Enrialist Imperium of The Naacal received one vote respectively. We're told by a spokesperson from the Imperium Antiquum's delegation that when the vote was confirmed, there was jubilant celebration amongst the Lords in attendance along with plenty of congratulations given to the Emperor of Ghant, first and foremost by the Caesar herself who toasted him and Gholgoth.

Under the new reforms, Emperor Nathan's role as Executor - which will last up to one year, or when a majority of the Lords deem it no longer necessary - is primarily to act as a neutral mediator in the current crisis, which sees the Scandinvans beset on all sides as the region condemns their attack on Citadel City, and calls for their immediate withdrawal from the islands of Shen Almaru, still considered by many to be the rightful territories of the Pantokratic Dominate of Emperor Pudu, who claim that the Scandinvan's presence is an illegal occupation and a violation of the Alliance. Furthermore, The Golden Throne of Greater Dienstad - an ally of both Havensky and Ghant - has dispatched a large naval force to the region in response to what it sees as Scandinvan aggression in Greater Dienstad, which means the Gothic Lords are likely deliberating what their response - if anything - should be. Emperor Feodor of the Golden Throne is known to be present in Citadel City with the Ironwings, and is expected to meet with the Lords in the next session of the Council tomorrow morning.

The Executor also acts as the head of the newly formed Praetor Programme, also adopted by the reforms. Few details have been released so far, but from the briefing given by the Department for Imperial and Foreign Affairs prior to this summit, we know that these 'Praetors' act as agents of the Council and are meant to help implement the Council's will on the ground. They will be supported from a variety of locations across the region, but these details have been classified in the interests of security. We're likely to learn more at the upcoming swearing-in ceremony and the press briefing following that, at which we'll hear more about the Ghantish Emperor's hopes and goals going forward. A feast has been arranged to celebrate the occasion, and we can expect to hear from the Caesar and the other Gothic Lords throughout the night.

The adopted reforms also mandate the creation of a new 'Gothic capital' to act as the centre of the Council's future meetings and the Alliance's coordination. This new capital - given the name Pax Gothica by Skyan architects - has apparently been in the planning stages for months and construction is expected to begin almost as soon as the Summit is concluded. It's likely that it will be constructed just as Citadel City was when the Skyan's were first brought into the Alliance ten years ago. The Department for Foreign and Imperial Affairs has confirmed that the Imperium Antiquum will be committing resources towards its construction.

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Postby Mount Shavano » Sun Jul 08, 2018 5:38 pm

Clear Sky News Network

BREAKING NEWS: Major Reshuffle of Federation Government; Cloud Resigns Presidency

San Angelo

SAN ANGELO, Mount Shavano - The closed session of the President, the Cabinet, and the entire Laurasian Senate, called in response to the recent reforms by the Gothic Council, has ended. While the closed session was expected to deal with the selection of the new Gothic Praetor, the government has elected to handle a number of issues related to the recent Gothic ascension.

The President was invited to join the Council of Gothic Lords following the Ralkovian War of 2011, when a member of the Ralkovian royal house, Onya Mondale was arrested by the Federation Navy during the seizure of a slaver ship on which she was a passenger. The war ended inconclusively following a coup attempt in Ralkovia. The incident did, however, bring Mount Shavano to the attention of the other powers of Gholgoth.

There has been much debate in Mount Shavano as to how her democratic society should handle one of her members holding a hereditary and authoritarian office of such great power, and we now have our answer as to how the government intends to handle that question. On the steps of the Senate Dome in Four Corners Park, against a stormy sky, President Cloud gave a speech to the gathered crowd in which he announced his resignation and a series of other major changes to the holders of the Federation’s highest offices. Here is the transcript:

“Good afternoon,

As you all know, for the last seven years our nation has grappled with the question of how to fit the role of Gothic Lord into our political framework. The Senate, in the name of the people they represent, in consultation with myself and the other parties concerned, has arrived at a solution intended to allow our country to maintain the office of the Gothic Lordship without compromising our freedom at home.

As the first part of that solution, I resign the office of President of the Federation of Mount Shavano, effective as soon as the Senate formally passes the bill containing the rest of these measures. It has been my very great honor to serve you in this role, and I hope to serve even better in my new one in the future. Vice President Dawson will assume the Presidency, and I want to assure you all once again of her competence and excellent moral character.

For myself, I will be retained in the office of Gothic Lord. I will also be appointed as Federation Proconsul with a mandate from the Senate to represent our people and our interests on the Gothic Council, and a term to last unless and until revoked by the Senate. I will be stationed in Pax Gothica on a permanent basis.

For the future of the Gothic Lordship, the Senate will designate a successor for that title and the Proconsulship, who I will then legally adopt, ensuring we meet Gothic hereditary succession laws. We have selected Galahad Barstow as that successor. Should either of us die or become otherwise unable to serve in some other way, a new successor will be selected by the Senate.

We have also selected a candidate for Gothic Praetor from the Federation. Since it is clear that the office of Praetor can be resigned, the Praetor will be required to do so at two year intervals. The Senate shall select a new Praetor at that time, and the outgoing Federation Praetor can still be a candidate for that office. We are not announcing the Praetor at this time, in accordance with the council’s request that they be revealed at the meeting of the Gothic Council.

Once my resignation is accepted, President Dawson will nominate Senator Woodring to succeed her to the Vice Presidency.

I must leave for the White Citadel immediately to make it for the announcement of Praetors, so I cannot take questions at this time but the cabinet and the Senate will remain available to do so.

Thank you all, and may God bless Mount Shavano.”

President Cloud’s resignation comes with less than two years remaining in his final term in office, and some on the White side have already questioned whether the timing is designed to give Mrs Dawson some time to build an incumbency advantage before the 2020 elections. However, with the Gothic summit ongoing, no one can question that the timing seems appropriate, nor can anyone question the qualifications of Mrs Dawson or of the candidates appointed to the other offices.

Like Mr Cloud, Mrs Dawson has a military background, having served with distinction as an intelligence officer in several conflicts. After retirement, she was elected to the Senate in 1996, and was attached as Proconsul to the successful Third of August expedition. Tragically, her husband Phillip was killed in an air accident in 2007. She has been Vice President for the entire Cloud administration, and was widely expected to receive the Blue Party nomination in 2020.

Galahad Barstow served as President of the Federation from 1990 to 1996. While he was not re-elected, he remains hale and is well respected as an elder statesman. His selection as Lordspawn can only be interpreted to be as a safe backup should something happen to Proconsul Cloud, since he is twenty-five years Mr Cloud's senior. He may also represent a compromise choice in some fashion, since he is a member of the White Party.

Davar Woodring is the Senior Senator from North Laurasia. Like Barstow, he is an experienced and respected statesman, representing a safe choice. He does have a reputation as a man of action, and in recent years has pushed for greater Federation participation in international forums and organizations.

The changes will not take effect until there is a formal vote of the Senate, since freedom of information laws prevent a bill of this nature from passing in closed session. However, it appears to command broad support and there is little chance it will fail.

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Postby Auman » Tue Feb 19, 2019 4:13 pm

In Defense!

Crystal Spire breaks ground and expectation.

Lester C. Montgomery, February 19, 2024.

I had the opportunity to be present at the ground breaking ceremony for the Crystal Spire, a project of unfathomable scale and scope that would have been considered impossible only a few short years ago. What is it? Well, if you can answer that, I would certainly like to know that myself, but the best I could manage to get out of the developers was slick marketing, slogans and a whole lot of fluff. The Spire will be a very, very, large mixed use building blending residential, commercial, manufacturing and even agriculture spaces... So, my first impulse is to call it an arcology, which would be exciting. However, when I mentioned it, I was quickly disabused. They, and by they I mean McDonald, Dettweiler and Associates, were keen to point out that the spire is not meant to be a completely self sustaining structure. This baffles me, because they have all the pieces there and the only thing standing in their way is, from what I can gather, liability. Afterall, if they went around bragging about it, and it failed the sustainability test, they'd look foolish. Remus has never had an arcology, our nation has been bereft of anything even resembling a prestige project, as befitting our way of life... We don't do exceptional, we do practical, which is one of the reasons why the Crystal Spire has captured the imaginations of so many, even reporters for the defense industry, like me.

And why not? When the average Reman thinks about architecture, it's never about Remus. It's always the underground drum cities out East. Or that disgusting arcological slum that managed to cram as many billions of people into an equal number of square kilometers. While these things are impressive and have a certain amount of sex appeal, they've rarely been a factor of Reman want or need. What we want, traditionally, is a front yard. What we need is the space to get it. The end result has been massive sprawls of land encrusted with low rise condominiums, townhouses and single family homes that stretch as far as the eye can see... And while comfortable neighborhoods are the dream of every bright eyed Reman with red blood coursing through their veins, it's also extremely inefficient and driving the explosion in real estate values.

Enter the Crystal Spire, a structure that sure as hell looks like an arcology, though the developers refuse to call it one, and despite cultural attitudes, it has managed to be a commercial success. Every single unit has been sold. All commercial space rented. The farms are already cultivating the food that, by all rights, should be more than adequate to feed the masses that will soon call it home.

That's all nice and good, but this isn't Home and Garden magazine. This is In Defense! The finest periodical for security related topics in the Aumanii Sphere since 1958. We talk about war and warfare accessories. So what makes the Crystal Spire development, all five, glorious, vertical kilometers of it relevant to us? The ten additional kilometers of foundations and sub-basement. The thousands of air defense weapons that are tastefully obscured up and down the length of this building are nothing compared to the mystery hidden in its basement, which go far beyond federal regulations to provide adequate room for emergency shelters in every new structure. The military, so it turns out, is a major backer of this project and this goes a long way towards explaining a number of other details... Like why this thing is pre-built to accept the addition of a space elevator or why it is being built, quite literally, in the middle of nowhere.

This Crystal Spire is not just a nouveau branded real estate opportunity for upwardly mobile young urban professionals, but also the resurrection of our Aumanii history. The Spire is a contemporary Foundational Tower... And a rival to Zhamssassar Fortress. A way for the people of Remus, and our military government, to drive home a point to anyone preaching reunification that we can stand on our own two feet. That we are strong and we are capable of great acts...

Though no one is openly saying this. Except me and a few other people that are probably reading too much into it. But, if you are willing to take an honest look, it's pretty obvious. The Sphere is expanding, Remus doesn't want to be a subsidiary state and the Crystal Spire is our declaration of intent to remain a power unto ourselves.
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The Ascension of Atticus

Postby Havensky » Thu Mar 21, 2019 7:07 pm

In the few weeks after the Gothic Summit, the capital city had been engulfed with the strife and drama of a political election. After a month had passed, the strife had ended with Secretary of State Lance Atticus named as the next Prime Minister.

Of course, this was a peaceful battle for power and this would be a peaceful transition of power that was rare in this part of the world. At high noon, Prime Minister Elizabeth Artemis would be an ordinary citizen and Atticus would be promoted to the head of government.

The cameras had gathered to witness the transition of power from all across the country and the globe. Their shutters clicked as Queen Heart administered the Oath of Office to Atticus in the Citadel Courtyard. Long sky blue banners with golden winged lions draped from the top of the building down to it’s lower levels. The flags of all the Skyan City-States fluttered in the wind as a fleet airships flew through the open sky. Crowds filled the streets to witness this history.

The oath was given and Prime Minister Atticus stepped to the podium to speak a few words to his people and the world.

”We gather here today in this place not to commemorate the victory of one party over another, but as a celebration of freedom. In this place, we choose our leaders and I have sworn the same solemn oath our forebears made upon the founding of the nation.”

The world remains a dangerous place. This is a young nation, but we remember the time in which our founders fled from the Kingdom of Fourhearts amidst the rising sea. Humanity holds in our mortal hands the power to end life on this planet. The days in which we trembled at the splitting of the atom are the days of our grandparents. Now, we see the destruction of our planet not just through the power of our weapons - but through our own inaction and misunderstanding of the technologies we ourselves have wrought. And yet, having now understood that we hold the power to change the world means that we can change the world for the better!

We have inherited a great nation and a great responsibility. This generation has been tempered by the blood tides of war. There are those who mistake our kindness for weakness and have learned that we are unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed, and to which we are committed today at home and around the world.

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

This much we pledge--and more.

To our allies in the Gothic Alliance, we pledge the loyalty of faithful friends and a promise to maintain our efforts to bring peace to the region and uphold this great alliance. Together, we are a great and powerful people. We are capable of both great acts of benevolence and wonder - to bring new life to these united continents. Divided we are equally capable of acts of mass destruction, terrible violence, and needless death. We pledge to keep the peace.

To those who suffer from the affliction of war and disaster, we pledge to you our aid and our hospitality. We have never forgotten the kindness given to us in our hour of need. We will pay back the kindness tenfold and send our White Fleets to provide humanitarian aid whenever called.

Finally, to those nations who would make themselves our adversary, we offer not a pledge but a promise. Kindness is not weakness. Kindness requires strength. We, the Skyan people, will show strength without malice.

We are a peaceful people, a powerful people, a people who believe in the rights and dignity of all humankind. We are a generous people, a kind people, a people who will do the hard work to forge peace and prosperity. We are a patient people, a wise people, and a people who fight not for the glory of conquest but for the liberty and prosperity for us and our children to come.

To those who threaten us, we offer the sharp sword, but let it be known that we offer the world the open hand of peace.

Thank you.”
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Postby Jagada » Thu Apr 04, 2019 9:18 pm

A Decade of Liberation
Was the cost of the Milograd War worth it?

By Korina Teresi (@korinateresi)

FANBEI, Milograd - Earlier today High Lord Volgus Montauk and Dh'arco Sarulin Piar reaffirmed the Fanbei Treaty, renewing the mutual defense pact between the Union of Gharsash and State of Milograd. The treaty, originally signed in the aftermath of the Milograd War, is the cornerstone of a complex and unusual relationship. The signing was much ado in the Milogradian capital where a military parade was held to thousands of cheering people who had come out in support of the government. Lord Montauk and Dh'arco Piar both gave speeches on behalf of their respective countries. Piar cited that the treaty as "...paramount to our success and freedoms"; this sentiment is not only shared by Fostoria but much of the region. It was a coalition of Gharsash, Havensky, and Dephire that reacted to the Kravenic Reich's predatory invasion of Milograd after the central government had collapsed. A subsequent mediation by Caesar Silvier of Kylarnatia prevented further bloodshed as the conflict began to bog down and agreed upon a partitioning of Milograd for the good of regional peace. With the land divided the other signatories rapidly incorporated their pieces of the subcontinent into colonial acquisitions or outright death camps. Only Fostoria opted to grant the Milogradians their independence back; installing a transitional government that ultimately was elected to power by popular elections. Given the aggression of the Reich to the north the State of Milograd requested that Union forces be stationed, at least until a military could be cobbled together.

Few can argue that the Fanbei Treaty is likely all that has prevented the current government in Fanbei from collapsing; the food riots in the years afterwards and insurrection that blossomed in the western mountains were likely issues that the tettering administration couldn't have adequately dealt with. This is to say nothing of the situtaiton on the other side of the northern border and the likely fact that any weakness seen in the south would've been used as justification for invasion.
Though there is a growing debate in Gharsash as to whether the treaty is beneficial to the Union. There is no illusion that the Union foots most of the cost for the treaty by stationing military forces virtually permanently in Milograd to watch the northern and eastern borders, with several military bases to accommodate said forces. Infrastructure, or a lack thereof, to move these units was also necessary and had to be constructed (and paid for) by Union engineer corps during the early years before Fanbei has sufficiently organized. Then there is the naval bases in Suilan and Sakkao that currently facilitate the Red Fleet that patrols the infamous Cydonia-Line; a corridor between Gharsash and Milograd that loops south around the old homeland of the Jagites and must be kept open in the event of a war for logistical reasons and reinforcement. These are just the big budget items that don't include things like cost of training and arming, the trillions and trillions in aid given, or administrative aid rendered. The cost is staggering and it is little wonder that some ask if its worth it.

Professor Pannikos Metros with the South Myriandian University recently published an article called "Milograd: Its a Pit", where he fiercely decried the High Lords waste of taxpayer icons on the sustaining "what is, in all reality, a failed civilization". He shared these sentiments at the recent Southern Gothic Investment Council, a think-tank based in Euphanton that provides consulting services to corporations doing business in southern Gholgoth, and discouraged businesses from making risky investments in a country that is bound to go to war sooner rather than later. His opinion is shared by many in the nobility who have noticeably distanced their money from anything linked to Milograd; but the business class does not seem to follow this trend. It is no secret that investment in Milograd has always been seen, and even classified, as risky since the threat of either a Kravenic invasion of the south or a Jagite liberation of the north is virtually guaranteed. Some, such as Rea Galini, have called the subcontinent "a evaporating gold mine" as the government in Fanbei has slashed much of the former regulations to draw in investors, and this initiative is supported by Fostoria who provided generous tax-cuts to businesses who do so, but is likely to dry up rapidly once conflict begins again -- with the added risk that if the Reich is successful then all investments are lost.

These claims are not disputed by the High Lords who have issued warnings before that while investment is highly encourages that businesses should hedge their bets by cooperating fully with the Union military and Milogradian Defense Forces in the pursuit of "continued technological advancement and security" so that the eventual future conflict will be swift and descisive.

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KINI - 15th Year of Ascension

Postby Kylarnatia » Sun Jul 14, 2019 1:20 pm


15th Year of Ascension Celebrations: A Time for Celebration and Reflection
The Imperium Antiquum makes final preparations to celebrate Caesar's 15th Ascension and 40th Birthday
By Marcius Aquila (@marcaquil)
Profile of the Caesar (L. Flach, Fangthane Palace)
[Click to Enlarge]

Krytopia, Kylarnatia - The capital is full of energy and excitement as Kylarnatians and visitors from all over the world gather to come and take part in the upcoming celebrations for the marking of Caesar's 15th Year of Ascension. Traditionally taking place three months prior on the day that Caesar officially ascended to the Throne of the Golden Mother, the Fangthane announced a year ago that this year's celebrations would be coincide with her 40th birthday celebrations, due to the significance of both events. Early estimates predict that the event has brought in millions more tourists to the capital, as they all seek to capture the spectacle and revel in the street parties, concerts, performances and even rituals that are scheduled to happen over the next week. As always, the first three days - the day before, the day of the official celebrations, and the day after - have been decreed a public holiday.

Though not everyone is getting time off. The Caesar's Vigilum are on maximum readiness as they prepare to deal with the exceptionally high influx of both national and international citizens, as well as the security of the large number of both domestic and foreign VIPs expected to attend. The Caesar's Imperial Armed Forces are also in the last stage of rehearsals here in the capital, with all three major branches and their ancillaries expected to take part in a brilliant spectacle of might and reverence for the sovereign. As they rehearsed for the main parade that's set to culminate in the Imperial Forum, one young Centurion confided in me her feelings about the next couple of days: "I'm immensely proud to be representing my Caesar and my countrymen and women to such a large audience both at home and internationally. It's set to be a really colourful display, as well as a true demonstration of how our Caesar inspires us to greatness. I hope I get to see her, though if I do I hope I don't cry!" She grinned at me wildly before standing to attention and saluting, "Gloriam Caesar! Vivat!"

I found the sentiment to be shared not just amongst her fellow servicemen and women, but also amongst the business owners and citizens both local and from across the country who are conscious and excited by the international interest in the event. "It's an opportunity to show the world the beauty and majesty of our motherland, and to share with them the fruits and richness which our Caesar guarantees for us," An independent vendor tells me as he sells wares to tourists from places near and far, "Caesar is very popular abroad, and rightly so. She is Astra Puella. We've been truly blessed by the Mother!"

Among the many foreign dignitaries attending the event will be a number of the Gothic Lords, including Emperor Tristan Skragg of Dephire, Prime Minister Lance Atticus of the Skyan Republic as well as King Ironwing and Queen Heart, and Emperor Nathan of Ghant, his wife the Empress Sophia and their children. Some political commentators in Gholgoth have referred to the close partnership of the Caesar, the Skyan Prime Minister and Ghantish Emperor as a triumvirate following the events that occurred in ULE City two months ago, identifying them as the key proponents of the newly enshrined reforms following the Lords Summit in Citadel City back in May. Prime Minister Atticus has been announced by the Fangthane Palace as Caesar's Guest of Honour at her Ascension Address at the end of the week as the Imperial Senate comes back from it's summer recess. At the same time, it was confirmed that the Ghantish Empress and her children would remain in Kylarnatia for the week and the one following as guests of Caesar on what has been referred to as a "social visit" by official sources.

Birthday Wishes for Caesar

"I want to congratulate my friend and peer the Caesar of the Imperium Antiquum on reaching her 15th Ascension Year anniversary, and I'd like to wish her a very happy birthday. Our family looks forward to participating in the celebration festivities and sharing in the revelry with the Caesar and we hope that everyone who is travelling to Krytopia has an outstanding time and remains safe."
- Empress Sophia of Ghant

"On behalf of the Skyan People, we wish the Caesar a happy birthday and a warm congratulations on 15 prosperous years on the throne."
- Queen Heart of Havensky

"Congratulations to Silvier on the 15th anniversary of her accession, which also happens to be her birthday. So I say happy birthday, and let them eat cake."
- Emperor Nathan of Ghant

In her fifteen years since ascending to the Throne of the Golden Mother, the Caesar has been responsible for revitalising the Imperium's economy - sustaining growth even during the global recession caused by the attempted blockade of Gholgoth some years ago - with unemployment being at it's lowest point in over thirty years, being ranked highly as one of the most efficient economies in the world by the World Assembly. Crime has also been at it's lowest since records began, and the Caesar has been a vocal proponent of social welfare and the need to tackle inequalities and prejudice in society, decreeing them to be a risk to "...the health of the very fabric of our being".

Internationally she has also found notable success, from taking an active role in reviving the Gothic Alliance as Warden of the North to helping establish the Imperium's diplomatic presence further than ever before, as well as committing her Imperial Armed Forces to noble and just causes, most recently amongst them the coalition formed to aid in the liberation of Shen Almaru. The Caesar's Imperial Navy on it's own has expanded tenfold since the start of her reign, being fully committed to the Caesar's doctrine of Mare Nostrum, which not only seeks to ensure security and stability for the Imperium and her allies, but in tackling the ever-present chaotic forces born from piracy and the international slave trade. The Silvier Sacerdotium has also seen something of an international resurgence during her reign, now ranking as one of the largest religious identities in Gholgoth; her successful efforts to bring the divergent sects, such as the Telrosians, into open partnership and communion with the Collegia Ecclesiastica has only bolstered the Sacerdotium's religious authority.

If there's one thing that's certain, it's that Caesar's claim to the Mandate of Avaris is as healthy as ever, and long may it continue. Gloriam Caesar! Vivat!

Marcius Aquila is Kylarnatian Imperial News International's senior Fangthane Palace correspondent, reporting from Krytopia.

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