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Postby Veise » Tue Dec 25, 2018 8:59 pm

What sorrow I feel when I look upon my twin sister. A formerly most elegant maiden, now a harried, disheveled mess! I could see the royal pride drip from her eyes as she transitioned from determined gazes and ball gowns to bagged eyes and rags. Those scoundrels had broken her.

But I was not. I was determined to show them my strength and to crush them like they did to my sister. Aboard my carriage of vengeance, an air battleship turned the embodiment of justice: the Soleil Royale, I shall dish out justice.

I am Prince Astre the Second, the Luminary Prince of the Argent Kingdom, and I will restore not only my pride, but the pride of my family and of my nation by sword. The scoundrels, the pompous aristocrats who tore this vibrant nation apart will pay.

Welcome to March to the Fire! This is a private RP between me, Greater South, and Polish-Prussian Commonwealth. Feel free to read this, as we have formatted it to prioritize readability in a manner similar to literature or fanfiction; though these characters are purely original. This RP is not canon to any of the players. We ask that you refrain from posting on this thread and instead refer to the talk thread for it if you must.

Upon the Julian year of 1820, or 780 in this story’s world, the wealthy and prosperous Argent Kingdom of Veise suffers an aristocratic rebellion despite the seemingly high centralization of the nation. The monarchs, who were swiftly scattered and deposed, were left bewildered as they fled for their lives.

Prince Astre, alongside a trusty crew of 351 men and women, set off on the flying battleship HMS Soleil Royale to partake in radical counterrevolutionary warfare. Septette, his twin sister, is a VIP that cannot come in harm’s way.

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