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A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]


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Postby Songjiang » Sat Nov 03, 2018 9:28 am


      2 April 1984
      · Communism Banned · Rioting regions placed under martial law and curfews · 500 million allocated to building up electrical grid ·



      The Imperial Senate has passed several new laws and amendments to laws that change the taxes rents and tariffs in Imperial China.

      The rents are to be changed from 10 yuan a month per acre to 25 yuan a month per acre. sales taxes are to be completely eliminated, as well as income tax. Business taxes will remain as they are.
      Families who do not send there children to school will pay a 10 yuan fine for each child no attending a certified school per month. exemptions can be made towns that lack proper access to educational facilities.

      The voting age is to be set at 21 years of age for town elections, all imperial subjects are required to register to vote in a town within 6 months of living there.

      Tariffs on luxury item imports originating outside Panjal, Latvichka, Standavia, Palauraya, the Cantonese Republic, and Besgaria are to be increased 15%.

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Postby Latvichka » Sat Nov 03, 2018 11:21 am


Örtege News Service

Latvichkan Forces Hold Ground, Wait For Retailiaton.

The Latvichkan forces in Tibet have caught attention from neighboring nations, largely Panjal. Songjiang has yet to make an official statement on the manner, so long as Tibetan Buddhists and Buddhist sites are not destroyed. Latvichka stands its ground on their position. An ultimatum has been written up, and sent to Panjal, and the Tibetan government, devised by the Khan himself.
People of Tibet and Panjal, hear my voice. Tibet is ancestral Latvichkan lands, and we still desire to once more welcome the Tibetan people into the folds of our society. However, Panjali leaders and the Coward who calls himself leader of Tibet aim to stop us in this endeavor. So I offer you three options. First, Allow us to peacefully integrate Tibet as an Autonomous region of Latvichka under our rule. The Leader of Tibet may remain as the regional governor, given the title of Tibet Khan, and allowed to govern the region as he sees fit so long as he approves his actions through myself. The second option is we all meet, and discuss a possible outcome that we all can accept, without the need for violence. The final option, and one that I doubt either of you would approve of, is you foolishly take military action against my forces in Tibet or otherwise and I ensure the Tibetan Plateau is reduced to a scorched pile of rubble. My forces shall remain within Tibet's border, but shall take no action, aggressive or otherwise, until a decision is made. I hope this letter finds you well, and look forward to your response.
Signed, Mönkhiin Khan, Great Eternal Khan of the Latvichkan Steppe.

As promised, Latvichkan Forces have not moved rom their positions in the Tibetan lands, but rumors of more troops being redirected sound have been floating around amidst the Military command.

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Postby Meiji » Sun Nov 04, 2018 4:52 pm



      Z Tech Industries expanding steel production - Z Tech Industries now hiring

      I dare you to do it

      Meiji is guaranteeing independence of Tibet. The Japanese Federation now known as(Meiji) is standing behind the independent country of Tibet and is calling all other neighboring countries in support of the independence.
      The president is outraged at the ultimatum and is demanding the immediate removal of Latvichkan Forces from Tibet.

      Well there are only two outcomes.

      article author: Z Tech employee 237.
      Z Tech Industries steel production
      Z Tech Industries is planning to increase steel production in the near future

      Z Tech Industries now hiring
      You don't know it but you work for us

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Postby Worris » Sun Nov 11, 2018 12:58 am

Puppebu Notice Board

big fish caught

a size big fish was caught today.
dinner time big good today big fish enough food for lot people.
Tribe big man say that skyman sent fish. thanks skyman

I lost my pan

hey um if any of you see my cast iron pan anywhere tell me.
it has vegetable oil on it imported from india. if you see pan give it to me
- Mmkakm

whoever spilled cow juice needs to clean up
stop spilling cow juice. its messy.
it takes long while to clean up
if make mess, its time to clean it.
- cleanman

someone kill the bird thats been pouring white on my roof.
its mad messy and annoying.
i'll give old circle movie.


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