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Postby Granluras » Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:18 am


PM Antonio Severino

After communicating with @MinLiguria and some very good people at the @MinisteroDellaScienza about the #SkolkovoInnovationCentre and we’ve decided that, in the name of Italian scientific and technological development, Italy will follow in Russia’s footsteps. Due to the abundance of...



3:41 pm - 24 March 25


PM Antonio Severino

Such centers like that in the North and the renowned - take no offense Southerners - primitiveness of the South we will focus on opening these Italian centers in Southern cities such as Naples, Palermo, Catanzaro, etc. We will not be able to begin construction immediately...



3:41 pm - 24 March 25


PM Antonio Severino

Of course, we have to appropriate funds, find a good amount of Southern laborers, etc, but we should be able to begin construction by the end of the year. I can’t wait to see the great future of Italy thanks to this new project. I will also look into investing in the...



3:41 pm - 24 March 25


PM Antonio Severino

#SkolkovoInnovationCenter itself as I am always looking forward to helping other nations develop themselves too. I or the government will release more information over the course of the next few days.



3:41 pm - 24 March 25

Ministry of Economy and Finance
Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze

Under the request of the Prime Minister the Ministry of Economy and Finance hereby requests that the corporations of Italy belonging to the technology industry are request to invest in the Russian Skolkovo Innovation Center. We are hoping to assist in Russian technology development, a warming of relations between our countries, strengthen our economy through foreign investment, and to also invite countries to invest in Italy, especially through Prime Minister Severino’s plans to open Skolkovo-like centers in the South.

Be active in Russia once you have made your investments. We are looking for both nations involved, us and Russia, to be able to benefit off of this, monetarily, diplomatically, and technologically. The Prime Minister also invites you to invest in other corporations, ones already located in Skolkovo and elsewhere in Europe. Of you have any questions regarding this request please contact us.

Support for this request in the Ministry’s administration
No: 4 Yes: 8

Giornalismo da Bolzano a Siracusa

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Top Stories:

General Elections Begin

A ballot box in Naples

By: Maria D’Ambrosia (March 2025)

    (ANSA) - Rome, May 21 - Starting today Italians can head out to their local polling stations and slip their ballot into the ballot box to vote for their favorite political party. That’s right, the 2025 Italian general elections have begun! For the next six to eight weeks people from Predoi to Lampedusa can vote for one of the many political parties in Italy and give them an extra seat or more in the Parliament. Though no official vote counting or polling has begun and we can’t tell whose voting for or favoring who so far we can tell what the images of each major party are and draw conclusions from there to infer whose going to vote for them. The following is an overview of the four most popular parties in Italy:
    Coalizione per Riparare la Nostra Italia!

    The CRNI, Italy’s ruling party since 2020 and dominant since 2023, has been doing well in the last few months. It’s social, economic, and political reforms have made it be held in high regard by many Italians and has been thanked for certain events such as the four-month period in early-2024 when GDP growth was at its highest point (1.9%) since the 2009 Economic Crisis and at its second-highest since the beginning of the millennium (the highest ever was 3,7% in 2000). It’s membership is at 376.424 persons as of January 2025, making it the largest political party by membership in Italy by a large margin (the runner up, Lega Nord, is at 188.654). An opinion poll by ANSA in April of this year and a Pew Research Center poll from November 2024 put the mean favorability of CRNI by the Italian citizenry at 58,7% of all polled individuals (the polled group was 2.500 people in size and from two separate regions). The remaining 41,3% was split amongst Lega Norde, Fratelli d'Italia, Movimento 5 Stelle, and Forza Italia. The CRNI received a major boost in popularity with its support for the Free Turkish Army and due to its response to the tragic Ides of March Attack two months ago. The only recent dip in popularity is due to Prime Minister Severino’s statement on the ongoing Eurogroup conference pertaining to economic reformation which was viewed by some as Eurosceptic.

    Lega Norde

    Lega Norde’s popularity increased drastically due to its victory in Lombardia, an influential region of Italy. After having their candidate win the regional presidency and receive six extra seats in the Council, bringing the CRNI down from 33 seats to 26, Lega Norde saw its membership quickly grow from 171.078 people to 188.654. Its Lombardian President, Leandro Grazioli, is seen as a more direct reformer and populist than PM Severino, who is known for his diplomatic but loaded approaches to change, and a federalist, a concept which has become increasingly popular not just in Northern Italy but Southern as well. Lega Norde, while the main parliamentary and ideological rival to the CRNI, still has quite a way to go. It is ruling dominant in only two regions, Lombardia and Veneto, has a majority in Liguria, and is a opposition party of varying size in all other regions (it is usually minor in the Southern regions). A long-term opinion poll by Lega Norde with 820 participants taken over a course of two years from two Northern regions, one Central, and two Southern showed the following about Lega Norde’s popularity:

    RegionsPoll results in 2023Poll results in 2025
    Lomhardia and Emilia-Romagna59,7% of participants are pro-LN67,6% of participants are pro-LN (+7,9%)
    Umbria50,2% of participants are pro-LN; but 54,2% of the 50,2% said that while they’d be ‘alright’ with voting for LN they’d prefer a federalist CRNI government if possible46,2% of the participants are pro-LN (-4%); the participants which once voted in favor of the LN were asked why they changed their vote, most responded “The CRNI, especially under PM Severino and even while not being entirely federalist, has done things which have captured our support.”
    Sicily and Molise38,4% of participants are pro-LN41,7% of participants are pro-LN (+3,3%)

    Due to its popularity in the North and the fact that the North makes up 45,75% (26.884.825 people) of Italy’s population Lega Norde is expected to receive a large portion of the vote, especially in the North and partially in the slowly (pro-)federalizing South.

    Movimento 5 Stelle

    The M5S is the third most popular party in Italy, at 122.653. Its populist and democratic platform has made it a popular alternative to both the CRNI and Lega Norde, which while being populist aren’t antiestablishmentarianist nor democratic, instead supporting the reformation of or ignoring the ‘Establishment’ and an indirect, republican government. The M5S is very popular in Sardinia, Basilicata, and the province of L’Aquila. It currently holds 154 seats in the Parliament and is likely to win a few more (a large poll carried out for six days in April by ANSA determined that nearly 173.000 people (40% more than the number of registered members of the M5S) planned to vote for M5S).

    Fratelli d’Italia

    The Fratelli d’Italia, or FdI, is the fourh most popular party in Italy. After rising from 70.000 members in 2019 to 107.746 in 2022 after joining the right-wing Reformist Coalition the FdI began grabbing seat after seat in provincial legislatures and the Parliament, becoming the dominant party in Lazio (and ruling in the provinces of Frosinone and Latina). Recently, the FdI grew due to its aggressive response to the Ides of March Attack which had unified the nation under a common need for revenge. The FdI currently claims 10,8% (103) of the seats in the Parliament and might gain a few more in the current elections.

| UPVOTE(S): 13.535 | DOWNVOTE(S): 5.344 | SHARE(S): 8.755 |
Iberian dictatorship which wants to be a true republic desperately.
New Jersey Republican who desperately wants to be in a Red State IRL.

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  • All Quiet on the Front - Royal Republic of Spain
  • Eblanca - Diego Garrido, Ernesto Ruvalcaba
  • Land of Hope and Glory - Home Secretary Morgan Oswald (Tory-Dudley)
  • The Esoterics: Devil’s Whisper - S’Fursei
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Postby Nasaira » Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:13 am


North Korea has been a nation with a turbulent history, starting in World War 2 when the entire nation became occupied by Imperial Japan. After the defeat of the Japanese and the rise of communism more uncertainty hit the country as it was plunged into the Korean war resulting in a cease fire between the North and South. The Korean people have lived in constant fear of war under the guise of a shaky peace. After years of aggression and the threat of war a new tide was about to come to the Korean peninsula, one that offered the hope of peace and prosperity.


From: -Hwang Dong-hyuk, Minister of Foreign Affairs -
To: - South Korea Foreign ministry

-To our brothers and Sisters of the south, greetings. Our glorious Supreme Leader sends his best wishes in the hope this message finds you all well. Our past has been one of war and turbulence, our glorious Supreme Leader feels that we have been separated for too long. He wishes to officiallyend the conflict between us and bring an official and to the Korean war. This is just a step in mending the relations between our nations.-


- Greetings, our Glorious Supreme leader Hope's this message finds all of you in good health and high spirits. First on behalf of all of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea we would like to thank our brothers in Russia for helping to secure our future existence in the face of so much unknown. The military surplus that has been promised will be go a long way in modernizing our military. As well as the 20,000 soldiers promised to help man the DMZ. facilities are under construction for the Russian soldiers that will be sent. -


-North Korean soldiers take an elevated defensive stance until the summit is completed.-

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Postby Unified Pomerania » Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:22 pm



Office of the President of Zimbabwe
Hofisi ye Mutungamiri we Zimbabwe

To: Patricia Scotland, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations
From: His Excellency Rudo Abdikarim, President of Zimbabwe
Subject: Zimbabwe’s Return to the Commonwealth of Nations

Your Excellency,

Years ago an ill-advised decision was made by our first President, Rugo Mugabe. That decision removed Zimbabwe from the Commonwealth of Nations. No matter how much Mugabe said it was a triumph against a surely anti-Zimbabwean, Western scheme us of Abdikarim presidency and Abdikarim Zimbabwe know that is not the truth. After years of separation from our Commonwealth counterparts we wish to rejoin the Commonwealth ranks.

The Commonwealth has been beneficial to those who have remained and haven’t left since its establishment, and we wish to make a properly advised decision and rejoin. I hope you will hear our request and allow us to undergo the rejoining process. We will go through any formality you please in order to do this.

President Rudo Abdikarim.

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Postby Machtergreifung » Wed May 02, 2018 9:36 am

Canberra, Australia

The news cycle, despite running the full 24 hours of the day, was struggling to keep up with the wave of legislation that had been released from "The Lodge", the official residence of the Australian Prime Minister. Even if they did mention the various bills that had been proposed for the upcoming legislative season, the talking heads could scarce take the time to drill down deeper to the potential ramifications, should the bill pass, let alone consider what the proposed legislation suggested that Alexander McGregor wanted for his country.

One thing was for certain, the down-to-earth, charismatic and refined McGregor had managed to match the prediction that his premiership would be energetic from the start, as the paper avalanche of proposed legislation proved. To his supporters, it was a vindication that they had swept the right man in to power, while even his staunchest opponents had to concede that he was tackling Australia's problems head-on. The two items that featured heavily within Australian national news was the proposed immigration bills and the new housing bill, both aimed at addressing the most pressing issues in internal Australian politics.

The immigration bill was not revolutionary by any imagination, and if anything was merely a minor re-adjustment of existing Australian immigration standards, but with the new bill, the crux became proper documentation. Documented migrants were to benefit from relaxed restrictions on the required paperwork, and an process was put in place for work visas to be extended to outright citizenship given employer sponsorship, as well as to facilitate easy visa extensions for those already in work. Undocumented migrants, on the other hand, were still faced with tough treatment. McGregor had committed himself to closing the off-shore processing centres on Manus and Nauru Islands, and while the RAN was still under orders to turn back migrants attempting to enter Australia by ocean, he had promised to enter into talks with the Indonesian government regarding the potential of a Australian-ran program within Indonesia to facilitate legal and safe migration.

The housing bill, on the other hand, was quite radical. McGregor's grandparents had been Scottish, and the stories of the great post-WWII housing construction schemes had filtered down to him. The Australian Homes Act was a enlarged version of the UK's New Towns Act 1946, aiming to construct ten new towns of 50,000 homes in greenfield sites in Australia, with local amenities and good road and rail links with the major Australian cities. The Act was aimed squarely at low-income households and single families, and the private housing market was to be strictly regulated. While there was considerable consternation from several quarters regarding the issues of cost, the problem of housing in Australia was a grassroots issue, and the potential of 500,000 affordable new homes struck a cord with the majority of the population. As government spin-doctors were quick to point out, even if the potential houses weren't needed by current Australian citizens, it opened the potential for housing newly naturalized Australian citizens for the benefit of all.

The third major piece of legislation garnered the least attention, in part due to it's vague nature. The "RAN Development and Excellence Bill" was a carte blanc for the RAN High Command to deliver to Parliament a list of what, in their view, Australia would need to secure its borders in the event of a regional conflict within the South-East Asia or Western Pacific region. Given that the bill, at present, was just approval for a joint government-Navy assessment in to the most effective manner for the RAN to transition into a true "blue-water" navy, it generated little comment. However, given the recent high level developments on the international stage, and the general feeling within Australia that Australians should be doing more on the world stage, it was likely that it would gain serious traction should the Bill develop into a serious proposition for the expansion of the RAN. At any rate, McGregor had made it clear in an interview with a BBC foreign affairs correspondent that he would be reaching out to Australia's traditional military partners to co-operate on issues of defence.

Bill: Australian Immigration Act 2024

- Provision put in place for foreigners currently residing in Australia on work visas to transition to citizenship given employer sponsorship.
- Provision put in place for foreigners currently residing in Australia on expired visas to apply for extension given good behaviour.
- Provision put in place for the closure of off-shore detention camps and relocation of these facilities to the Australian mainland.
- Diplomatic efforts to be made towards the Indonesian government to establish a safe and legal system for migrants to enter Australia.

Yea: 124
Nay: 96

Bill: Australian Homes Act 2024

- Provision should be put in place for the construction of ten towns of 50,000 homes.
- Construction of these homes, should, as far as possible, be on greenfield sites.
- Adequate provision of educational, recreational and government services should be provided.
- Construction of adequate road and rail links to major Australian transport networks should also be provided.
- Upon construction, the government will offer a scheme to sell the homes at reasonable prices to the general public, with preference to first-time buyers and low-income families.

Yea: 130
Nay: 90

Bill: RAN Development and Excellence Bill

- An investigation shall be conducted to assert the requirements of the RAN in order for it to transition into a "blue-water" naval force.
- Co-operation with Australia's partners on the international stage shall be sought in order to better facilitate this process.
- A report shall be prepared and presented to Parliament outlining the potential future requirements of the RAN, which shall then be reviewed before voting.

Yea: 150
Nay: 70

Diplomatic Communications of the Commonwealth of Australia

To: The Government of the United Kingdom

At present, the Australian government has no interest in an area of free movement. Despite the obvious popularity of such a move and the undeniable advantages, it is currently a political impossibility at this time.

However, it is my hope that our governments can co-operate on more pragmatic matters. At present, my government is considering the possibility of an expansion of the RAN. Given that the Royal Navy and the RAN have an almost paternalistic relationship, I feel that it would be most advantageous for British assistance in developing the future of the RAN. The most appropriate form of assistance, at present, would be a delegation of RN officers to add their experience and insights to the RAN Naval Staff designed with drawing up the expansion plans.

If the British government is interested in closer collaboration in this matter, I would be most interesting in hearing your proposals.

Alexander McGregor,
Prime Minister of Australia.

To: The Government of South Africa

Both our nations share similar strategic outlooks given our similar geographic positions and the necessary emphasis on naval power. Given the current plans for my government to engage in a plan of expansion for the Royal Australian Navy, I would like to enquire if the South African Republic would be interesting in a co-operative agreement in regards to naval matters?

Alexander McGregor,
Prime Minister of Australia.

To: The Government of the United States of America,

The close ties between the Commonwealth of Australia and the United States have been firmly forged in the fire of the Second World War. Given this close relationship between our nations since then, I feel comfortable in inquiring as to the interest of the United States government to assist the Royal Australian Navy in it's efforts to expand to meet the growing tensions in the South-East Asian and Pacific Oceans. The value of American assistance would be invaluable to us, and I am sure that a strong regional ally with close ties to the US would be a massive benefit to US policy in the region also.

In terms of specifics, it is my understanding that the RAN Naval Staff will seek to establish at least one carrier task force for the RAN in the coming years, and as a result I would like to enquire as to the possibility of assistance from the USN, both in terms of material and personal. In particular, we would like to send an RAN delegation on an extended liaison tour with the USN to pick up operational experience, while a counterpart American contingent is sent to work with the RAN in Australia. Further requests, concerning material purchases, will be made at a later date if these proposals are amiable to your government.

Alexander McGregor,
Prime Minister of Australia.

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Postby Labstoska » Fri May 04, 2018 2:31 pm

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves

At 5:39 in the historically riotous city of Glasgow the Burns night celebrations were reaching a climax in terms of Scottish nationalism and the potential for violence, the people of Glasgow and indeed the entirety of Scotland were growing ever more frustrated with the British government as their demands for a second election were being ignored time and time again and now on Burn's night the culmination of all that brewing frustration was erupting into a myriad of protests and demonstrations parading through the streets of Glasgow, many in government believed that the situation in Scotland had reached a point where the only way to avoid violence was to give into the Scottish nationalists and grant Scotland their independence. Despite the massive amounts of Scottish nationalists out in the streets on Burn's night there was also a handful of people who still believes that Britain should remain united as one great kingdom, these unionists were heavily outnumbered by the nationalists as they were in most aspects of Scottish politics however they too still took to the streets of Glasgow on Burn's night in order to demonstrate their support for a united British state.

It is safe to say that the nationalists and the unionists despised one another, the more extreme individuals on each side viewed the opposition as everything that was wrong with Scotland and on Burn's night almost everyone had reverted to the most extreme extent of their views. It was at 5:41 PM when a unionist demonstration just so happened to cross paths with a large group of pro independence protesters. It is unknown who started the fight however within a minute bricks were soaring through the air and costs were becoming exceedingly bloodied. Both the unionists and nationalists fought with a frenzy brought on by years of brewing anger, to the nationalists their fight with the unionists seemed as if they were fighting the British government themselves like the great Scottish freedom fighters of old and for the unionists it was if they were fighting against the last shards of British disunity it also helped that most of them were extraordinarily drunk, it is needless to say that the amount of injuries was extremely high. Within 10 minutes of the fighting starting the police were on the scene attempting to break up the fight by taking down the ringleaders of both sides however it is rather hard to break up a fight when everyone participating in it was a ringleader. After 30 minutes the fight was finally broken up, in the end there were over 500 people injured, most of them being unionists. A police man named Aron McMahon was placed in critical condition and was rushed to the nearest hospital only to die 2 hours later. All major parties involved in the Scottish political theatre have expressed their dearest sympathies with the McMahon family and many political figures are expected to make speeches addressing the issue.

The conference room was small and square shaped, light was cast down from thin, tall windows, each one creating an elongated column of light, the walls of the room were dirty and within them were the engravings of years of neglect and shoddy workmanship which was only barely concealed by the fact that the worlds were adorned with a number of paintings of famous moments in Scottish history, in the middle of the room their was a large circular wooden table perhaps the only thing in the room that indicated that anything important had every happened here. The large, heavy wooden door that provided entrance to room now creaked open, removing a fine layer of dust that had once covered it.

The first man who entered wore a black suit with a red tie, he was short and barrel chested with well defined features. The second man was a complete contrast to the first with him being tall and lanky and having features that made him perfect for simply blending in with the crowd, it seemed as if the forces of politics conspired to ensure that opposing political party's representatives were always a stark contrast from one another. both men proceeded to walk to the large wooden table and pull a seat from out under it, they then fixed one another with a steely glare and the negotiations began.

The first man to enter the room let out a small chuckle and said "So it took an entire riot to finally force us together, one last attempt to bring down the nationalists, do you have any idea how bad this will look if it backfires on us."

the second man let out a deep and melancholy sigh and then proceeded to say "So it would seem, however I hope you understand that this riot gives an opportunity to well point at the SNP and shout in their face that they caused."

The first man nodded "I'm not arguing with you there after all it was mostly the unionists who were injured during the riot however where it really matters is that police officer, the one who died, where were his political allegiances."

"I'm afraid that I was already ahead of you on that one and it appears that while he used to be a proud supporter of the Scottish conservatives his allegiances seem to of flipped quite recently to the side of the nationalists, seems he wasn't all that pleased about the result of the vote concerning Lowland Scots not being made into an official language, so no real opportunity there."

The first man shook his head " That's not quite true, you see there is a possibility to say that although this police officer - Mr McMahon i believe his name was - had lost his faith in the current establishment and so in order to establish that faith once more we must..."

The second man suddenly interrupted "Wait a second my party is the current establishment, what you're effectively suggesting is that we throw my party under the bus while you are able to ride a wave of public support!"

The first man looked incredulous and said "That's not at all what i was suggesting however in order to safeguard against the Scottish nationalist party one of us must at least receive a portion of the blame."

To cut a long story short that single statement from the Scottish Labour representative lead to the complete breakdown of a possible Scottish Labour-Conservative effort to gather the Scottish peoples around the British government, the only thing that came out of that night of negotiations was a deep feeling of defeat within both parties and as a result of this the SNP managed to exploit the system far more effectively then the Scottish Labour or Scottish Conservatives ever could have hoped to raising the level of support for Scottish independence within Scotland to a shocking 70%. In parliament many MPs are already questioning weather or not it would be better to quite simply let Scotland leave the after all how much did they really contribute to the UK, however there were those that argued that letting Scotland was only the beginning of a slippery slope, next Northern Ireland would reunite with Ireland and then Wales would gain their own independence leading to the dissolution of the union that had once been the greatest power on the face of the planet, and for now the prime minister holds this view although many members of opposing parties are promising that if they come out on top in the 2027 election then they will grant the Scots their second referendum and so the possibility of another referendum draws ever closer to being reality.

The British Space Agency

The British space agency has recently made the announcement that they will be cooperating with the ESA (European space agency) on the moon village program. The BSA ,which up until recently has been a mere token space program, has announced plans that they will be developing the living quarter modules and greenhouse modules of the Lunar village, Anthony Morrow has released this statement "The aim of the BSA's involvement in the Lunar village program is to develop ways of permanently sustaining Human life. The idea of being able to set up a colony beyond Earth is an extraordinarily exciting prospect for me and I am overjoyed that Britain can have a role in constructing this new Lunar colony."

Many critics of the government have stated that this is a pointless waste of funding when it could be directed at more useful projects, in response to this the prime minister has stated "While not providing much in terms of economic benefit for the nation, the lunar village project allows us to once again enter a state of warm diplomatic relations with the rest of Europe and allows for the possibility for collaboration on even greater projects. This also paves the path for further British involvement in space with new investment into the British space agency." Despite the prime ministers words sceptics remain unconvinced of the benefits of British cooperation in the Lunar village program.

Houses of parliament
Bill: The 2025 tax reformation act
In the case of this bill passing the following changes will be made to British taxation system:
-The abolition of the savings income allowance
- Beginning the process of integrating income tax and national insurance
- raising the higher income tax threshold to £50,000
- abolishing the withdrawal of the personal allowance at the £100,000 income level
- abolishing the additional rate of income tax
- Raising the employment allowance to £6,000

<Conservative> "The British tax system is one that is in need of desperate reform, for too long has the issue torn the UK apart and so the Conservative party devised this tax reform in order to insure that our citizens will no longer suffer under an inefficient tax system."

<Socialist> "This tax reform is evidently just a conservative ploy to shift more of Britain's wealth into the hands of the wealthy, now I'm not saying that Britain does not need tax reform however it must be one that doesn't just aid the wealthy. "

For: 560
Against: 100
conclusion: The tax reform has passed and the changes shall be made to the British tax system.

Bill: The Northern economic revitalisation plan
Contents: In order to revitalise the economies of counties within the North of England, the following plans will be enacted:
- A tax break will be granted to wealthy individuals who substantially invest in Northern industries
- State subsidies will be granted for Northern industries in order to encourage growth
- New technology collages will be opened up across the North of England

<Conservative> "The North of England was hit the hardest by the death of industry in Britain and to this day it is still suffering, in order to reverse this effect the Northern economic revitalisation plan will bring industry back to the North."

<Socialist> "This plan seems like wishful thinking, Britain's main source of income comes from financial services, how would the reintroduction of industry aid us in any way?. "

For: 420
Against: 240
conclusion: the bill passes and the revitalisation plan will be initiated .

To: Whomever it may concern within the Republic of Germany
From: The foreign minister for the United kingdom
Subject: Robotics research agreement
The possibility of a robotics research agreement between our nations is an exciting one and it would be an excellent way of warming up relations between Europe and Britain. Britain accepts your robotics research proposal and are excited to see what it could mean for future relations between Britain and Europe.

To: Whomever it may concern within the United States of America
From: The foreign minister for the United kingdom
Subject: Re-establishing of friendly relations
For far too long has the special relationship between Britain and America been allowed to disintergrate into a mere cordial friendlieness, as a result we are overjoyed to hear that you wish to re-establish relations between our two nations and as so we would formally like to invite president Stewart to visit our nation and speak before the houses of parliment. We eagerly await your response.

To: Whomever it may concern within the Commonwealth of Australia
From: The foreign minister for the United kingdom
Subject: Naval cooperation
While we are saddned to hear that your government does not wish to intiate free movement between our two nations, we are still happy to hear that you wish to strengthen the relationship between our two nations and so Britain accepts your proposal to send a RN delagation of officers to over their advice in your naval affairs.

We would also llike to prospose a joint naval reaserch agreement between our two nations, due to the fact that we are both prominant island nations who rely off our navies for protection, we believe that it would be mutually benificial to aid each other in the field off naval research , we eagerly await your response.

National projects:
project Arthur - 30.00%

2 new frigates- 40.00%

implementation of the new economic policy - 9.00%

British space port - 6.00%

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Psychotic Dictatorship

Postby Vietmihn » Fri May 04, 2018 7:01 pm

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The king sat down and stared. Stared at the skyline of the beautiful city that was falling slowly into decline, stared at the endless oil-rich desert that would, in a few decades, be another desert in a land that had seen better days. It was becoming known to all, no matter how much people tried to keep it subtle, it was seeping out, not only to the world, to those same people from the gulf states whose fathers, as Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum said, "rode a camel." This didn't mean the country would fall quickly, there was still money to be made in oil, but it would never be the same for Saudi Arabia and it's gulf brothers.

Extraction was going up to a new high, and it was being sold to any company that could offer a good price for it. That was a large bonus for the insanely poor foreign workers, who now had the dirty jobs to fill, while the Saudi Arabian people took the higher jobs. This, by no means, was bad for the foreign workers, who migrated to Saudi Arabia to get enough food to eat and a place to sleep. They did not have good food or a good place to sleep, but as I said, they took what they could get.

Popularity of the government was at an all time high after the terrorist freakout and increased military spending, and the new progressive king that had pushed for the right of women to drive years before. He was used to the position of power, as his old father largely depended on him to help with decisions and work on state affairs with him. His government was off to a good start, but they had issues that were soon to arise.

Those issues were obviously going to include the aforementioned oil price drop and calls for reform, but that was all too familiar for a stagnating group of nations.

King Abdullah Economic City

Development was going well, and the worldwide publicity of the near-complete city was massive. Investing was not hard to find for the city, a symbol of prosperity and wealth in a failing oil-based country.
As the second Prime Minister of the UAE said, "My grandfather rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I drive a Mercedes, my son drives a Land Rover, his son will drive a Land Rover, but his son will ride a camel." This inevitable time was coming closer and closer, and most knew that this was going to be another futile attempt to save a dying country. It was however, not going to be in vain, for money that was earned in the oil boom won't disappear, and it will take a long time for the oil-based countries to completely decline.

Back to the topic, the city was almost finished, all that was needed was a few more cables, a few more buildings, and a few more truckloads. That was what everyone was saying, and for the most part, it was true, but things were slowing down, and resources were shifting to the rapid oil extraction ordered by the king about half a year ago. This was not stopping the economic city, which was going to be finished by next year at most.

Saudi Arabia was recruiting a few hundred more workers from the Philippines to work on the city, as jobs were moving to the oil extraction business, which, in many cases, paid more than the construction job, as it was dirtier and farther-flung work and longer work hours, which was everything the Filipino workers needed. A small amount of workers were brought in from war-torn Yemen in return for an oil job and a cheap home to live in.

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Kingdom of Thailand




Yesterday The city of chiang mai halted it’s activity to protest about thailand’s human rights abuse, Lack of free speech, and How it treats the lower classes. Fearing of another attempt of coup d’etat, Prime minister Prayut chan-o-cha begins to think of several solution to benefit all sides, and to make thailand prosper. In bangkok several Police officers were beating up Passive protesters demanding freeedom of speech.

And in Pattaya 200 people were Food poisoned because of poorly cleaned meat in the local market with international media calling thailand a dictatorship this just ruins the image of Thailand. After the PM’s visit with the king discussing on the future of thailand the king actually have some great ideas and advices to advance thailand. And so PM Chan-o-Cha begins to consider his ideas and make some reforms to the country.

Bangkok Royal Palace,Thailand


As the glimmering castle watches over the chao phraya river, King Rasmijoti is watching his people through the windows of the glimmerring Castle. Until suddenly his phone rang because the prime minister was calling.

“Sawadee PM Chan-o-Cha what is the reason you are calling me?” The king asks “well your highness i was thingking about what you say two weeks ago about reforms and such and i was thinking on implementing them to the public” The PM replies.

“Which one? the one about laos or the one about the people?” Replies the king. “the one about the people and the welfare and decreasing corruption of course! The prime minister answered. “Ah i see, It could be nice to reform the thai goverment after all the things that has happened in past decades.”


Bill: Medical and Education Reformations
Content: Make Healthcare easily accesable by Building more clinics And recruiting more doctors in sparcely populated areas thus making healthcare easily accessable. To make medical access much easier we also want to make healthcare universal and free to all people thus preventing dangerous epidemic and the goverment will also subsidise the medical industry with both herbal and chemical medicinal ingredients.

The same goes to education by building more school in rural areas including the northern parts of thailand and recruiting more teachers to teach children and adults alike that has never studied in school before.School will also be free so poor parents won't have to worry about paying tuition fees, and Children that have mental disabillities will have a special class for them where the teachers can teach them and the students can communicate with others that have the kind of condition. As for physical disabblities all schools should have special books and test sheets for these students and the teachers can also help these students

note: Private owned hospitals and schools still can produce thir own money the free healthcare and education is just for state owned property

Bill: Corruption Crackdown bill
Content: So that any politician that have any actions of corruption will be taken to jail and all of his money will be taken by the goverment. Voting booths are also going to have CCTV installed so that there are no cases of Voter fraud and Buying votes is strictly illegal. We'll also educate the children about the dangers of corruption, As for the corruptor's money all of it will be send to welfare programs

Bill: Freedom of Speech And Civil rights Reform
Content: So that the thai monarchy and goverment will loosen the restriction of freedom of speech down to 20% and people can protest peacefully in a designated area set by the goverment. As for the civil rights law is that any thai citizen that's in any sort of background will be given equity of rights and if anyone is displeased of anything they can report it to the regional goverment that will report it to the central goverment

Bill: Equality of Power Reform
Content: So that the thai royal family and the thai PM will have equal powers between each other and in order to pass a new legislation it must go through the thai monarchy or the PM first and if both aproves of the bill then the bill is passed

Bill: Food Safety reforms
Content: To put tighter regulations on food safety so that every market is clean and all of it's food are also clean to prevent food poisoning. If the food stalls in the market are having difficulties they can contact the health and safety workers to educate them on how to do it

Bill: Urbanization and City building bill
Content: To urbanize small towns so that they can contain much more populace and that every towns can have a school, houses, and Clinics. And that every slums in every city in Thailand will be destroyed and all of it's citizens can live in tall apartements where they can live there without having to pay for them, Homeless citizens can also live there but they need to clean themselves first inside the flat's cleaning room. The rooms will have the quality of two satrred hotels



To: Lao PDR, Republic of Myanmar
From: The Kingdom Of Thailand

The thai goverment wishes a proposal for all three of us to act. Exterminating the golden triangle and Vanquish illegal drug dealing in mainland southeast asia. You may join us or you may not it's your choice


To: United States of America
From: The Kingdom Of Thailand

The thai monarch, king vajiralongkron wishes to visit the United states for a state meeting discussing the future of thai- American relations and discuss trade deals of course


To: Republic of Indonesia
From: The Kingdom Of Thailand

As ASEAN’s core member and the current secretary general of ASEAN, The thai goverment is reconsidering on moving the ASEAN headquarters towards bangkok, and have another ASEAN summit discussing The current condition of SE asia
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Canberra, Australia

The meeting in the RAN Naval Headquarters building in Canberra was a meeting of stark contrasts; on the one hand, Prime Minister McGregor and his entourage of advisors and ministers were a uniform body of business-wear, while on the other hand, the RAN officers were all clad in the blinding white RAN summer uniforms.

The purpose of the meeting was straightforward, the assembled RAN officers, under the direction of Vice Admiral John Collins, were presenting the preliminary estimations for Australia's future naval needs. Collins, the ranking officer in the RAN, had previously met privately with McGregor, with the latter outlining in quite clear terms that while the proposed naval expansion program intended to be extensive, the budget was not unlimited and that Collins should consider cost alongside effectiveness when making his proposal.

Evidently, Collins understood what the Prime Minister was driving at. Over the two hour conference, a series of officers made presentations outlining the current state of the RAN. Current naval forces and the operations that they were engaged on, the status of shore facilities, the condition of the Fleet Air Arm.

Finally, Collins took the podium. With a map of the South-East Asia and Pacific projected beside him, he outlined how any potential conflict in the region would affect Australia. Placing an overlay of the major shipping routes over this map, he then went out to highlight the massive dependence of world trade on the Straits of Malacca, and the importance of Australian trading links through the region. In his odd, clipped manner of speaking, Collins then outlined potential hazards to these economic links, and their respective strengths. The closest regional naval powers: Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, as well as the more distant counterparts in Taiwan, the two Korea's and Japan. Finally, paramount was China, and the potential ramifications involved.

Collins set out his proposal for the RAN's naval expansion as clearly as he was able for the politicians. Australia lacked the economic might to sustain and win a naval race with the People's Republic of China. However, given the respective economic comparisons, Australia should aim at being the second-most powerful naval power in the region. Parity with the naval elements of the Japanese Self-Defence Force was to be considered acceptable, depending upon relations between Australia and Japan. The overarching aim of the strategy was a copy of the old "two-power" standard of the 20th Century Royal Navy, abet applied on a regional basis: the RAN was to be more powerful than any two regional navies, with the exception of China , and aim to surpass the naval strength of Japan.

To achieve this Collins and his staff had drawn up an outline of what naval assets that they would be needed to supplement the current fleet in order to attain this goal, with some design considerations thrown in.

Projected RAN Naval Strength Required for Future Protection

3 Light aircraft carriers (ideally an enlarged Invincible-class design of around 30,000 tonnes)
2 Landing Helicopter Dock ships (using the Canberra-class design)
9 Destroyers (Hobart-class design, bringing total number of ships to 12)
10 frigates (Replacement design for the Anzac-class frigates)
10 patrol boats (Additional Armidale-class patrol boats)
3 fleet auxiliary ships (tanker, tender and replenishment)

Collins outlined the problems inherent in such a program. The expansion of the RAN by some 37 ships would represent an expansion of 70%, putting a massive strain on shipbuilding and manpower. This would be mitigated somewhat by the use of already existing designs, but the potential aircraft carriers and replacements for the aging Anzac-class would require design and development. Collins made the suggestion of exploiting the relationship between the UK and Australia, to explore the possibility of acquiring the design of the Invincible-class aircraft carrier and expanding it for Australian needs. Co-operation with other nations was also suggested as a way of reducing the impact such a large naval expansion program would have.

The final issue that Collins considered was cost, to which he said little. The cost of such an expansion would be high, but could potentially be reduced through international co-operation. Collins outlined an ideal world, wherein Australia would develop the designs, and then sell the designs or the ships themselves on to other world powers looking to improve their naval assets, but the burden of cost would fall on Australia.

"Simply put, this is, in my own opinion and in the opinion of my staff, the most cost-effective and efficient plan for making Australia a major naval power in the Pacific and South-East Asian region. Thank you for your time, Prime Minister, gentlemen."

Collins took several questions from various technocrats on McGregor's staff, and the conference broke up fifteen minutes later, with the Australian Prime Minister saying little, but looking very thoughtful.

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Residence of Emmerson Mnangagwa, Harare, Zimbabwe, May 10th, 2025


President Abdikarim had allocated some time on Saturday to meet with President Mnangagwa, his aging predecessor who had left him a Zimbabwe in the process of serious reformation. Ex-President Mnangagwa, now 82, was a slow-moving but wise man. On the porch of his residence in the suburbs of Harare he let the Zimbabwean sun beat down on him, not moving to notice the approaching presidential motorcade which Abdikarim was in.
Translations of Shona words are below in size-80 text.

Kwaziso, old friend!” Rudo exclaimed as he approached Emmerson.

“How are you, Rudo?” Emmerson replied, shaking the President’s hand.

“Well, the recent dissolution of the Kuwombera Zilonda has made I and Zimbabwe happy.” Rudo said, sitting across from Emmerson.

“News like that is what an old man like me urges to awake to,” Emmerson said, “thank you.”

Hapana dambudziko, Emmerson. We ought to thank the ZDF, it was them who promulgated organizational reforms which made them more cohesive and effective, and which made them more capable of carrying out this operation.” Rudo stated, ringing a bell which summoned a servant.
”No problem.”

Chii chandingakuwana iwe?” The servant inquired.
“What can I get you?”

Mvura ichafadza ini.” Rudo answered.
“A glass of water will delight me.”

The servant bowed and ran back inside to fetch the President a glass of water.

“Do you plan to propose any more laws to Parliament?” Emmerson inquired.

“I’m working with the Ministry of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion to draft a law which will promote foreign investment in Zimbabwe, primarily from Western corporations.” Rudo replied.

“I thought we already were doing that?” Emerson said, confused.

“No, no, under your presidency Zimbabwe opened to Eastern corporations, such as those from China and India, and made life slightly more tolerable for Western corporations. There was no noticeable increase in Western investment.” Rudo replied.
“Oh, well at least you’re doing what I should’ve.” Emmerson said.

“Well it might be hard to do it, thought the ZANU-PF has become more tolerant of the Western and Westernization it still has a quality to it which makes me believe I might have considerable difficulty bringing up this law in Parliament.” Rudo told Emmerson.

“Well don’t worry, I buttered up the ZANU-PF during my time as President, you’ve continued to do so, you should get a good percentage of the vote to be in favor. Parliament has elected a few progressivist and reformist parliamentarians, especially to the still-dominant ZANU-PF.” Emmerson reassured Rudo, patting him on the shoulder.

“Well I’ll keep your optimism close to mind. It should also help with my other law.” Rudo said.

“And what is that?” Emmerson inquired.

“I want to establish a zero-tolerance policy towards traffickers.” Rudo said.

“Now that is an idea which might get considerable acceptance, I suggest proposing that first to Parliament.” Emmerson said.

“I planned to.” Rudo chuckled.

“What exactly is your plan for zero-tolerance?” Emmerson asked.

“I want to introduce funding and personnel for a nationwide agency which will run organized, periodic anti-trafficking operations in most Zimbabwean settlements. From the tiny village of Mtowaniwar in Beitbridge to Guruve in Guruve. I’ve been able to estimate, after consulting with the Ministry of Public Works, the rough number settlements in Zimbabwe and, after further consulting with the ZDF, have been able to determine we’ll need seven to nine thousand additional soldiers to defend all of Zimbabwe’s littler communities. Our more urban settlements can be defended by the police forces and garrisons currently in place.” Rudo explained to Emmerson in detail.

“Hmm...well based off of the average cost to supply a soldier in Zimbabwe this should cost you about twenty million USD. That’s a good fifteen percent of the military budget. Point-three percent of the government budget if you take the money from there.” Emmerson said.

“Yes, I know. I’m hoping that is brought up in Parliament and it can give me leverage to propose my other legislation on the grounds of ‘well if we can’t do that then we could if we do this.’” Rudo replied.

“Well I wish you luck. You have a lot of the nation on your side so you should be able to make some change.” Emmerson said.

“It is brutally hot, Emmerson, why are we sitting out here?” Rudo inquired, finally noticing the intense perspiration across his face.

“Because it is Zimbabwe, what more do you expect? We haven’t had a blizzard since the Ndebele Kingdom!” Emmerson laughed.

“Yes, you’re right.” Rudo replied.

The two friends did decide to move inside, and continued their conversation there. Rudo remained for another hour and, after giving his goodbyes, returned to his seat in central Harare and began drafting the two legislations he had mentioned to Emmerson, he expected that by tomorrow he should be ready to assemble Parliament.


Paramende yeZimbabwe
Parliament of Zimbabwe


In order to better combat human trafficking, which has gotten to unacceptably high levels recently, the Presidency of Zimbabwe, supported by some officers in the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, officials in the Ministry of Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, and workers and officials from UNICEF, has decided to make a proposal for a nationwide, anti-trafficking unit in Zimbabwe. The details of this unit are as follows:
  • The unit, currently proposed to be named the Sangano reZimbabwe Kurwisa Kutengesa/SRZKK or the Kurwisa-Kutengesa simba reZimbabwe/KKRZ, is to operate in the sparse and desolate rural regions of Zimbabwe. Urban centers, such as Harare, will be exempt from SRZKK/KKRZ defense because they are already defended through the national police and army garrisons.
  • Based off of the average cost of supplying a ZDF soldier and the calculated maintenance costs of SRZKK/KKRZ garrisons, it has been estimated that the yearly cost of financing the SRZKK/KKRZ will be around 33.05 million USD.
    • The ZDF spends an average USD$2,500 on soldier equipment. Because the SRZKK/KKRZ will be a volunteer or part-time force made up of trained citizens or volunteering soldiers costs will be much lower, perhaps $1500.
    • Based off of the number of rural/sparse settlements in rustic Zimbabwe, numbered by the Ministry of Public Works, the number of SRZKK/KKRZ members will most likely be 8,000.
    • Inferencing off of the per-square-foot of public facilities and military bases, the average size of a garrison needed to hold a unit of SRZKK/KKRZ combatants, and the number of garrisons which will have to be set up, the maintenance cost of the SRZKK/KKRZ should be 21.05 million USD.
    • Simple calculations ((1500 x 8000) + (21,050,000)) show that the overall cost will therefore be 33,050,000 USD.
  • The SRZKK/KKRZ and its ~8,000 members will be responsible for periodic, widespread anti-trafficking operations in and around the locales units of it are assigned to. Operations will be unscheduled, always prepared for (in terms of training), and will be disruptive if necessary to achieve a significant elimination of trafficking in Zimbabwe.
  • The SRZKK/KKRZ will not have a set command center, treasury, training ground(s), etc in order to prevent the possibility of discord or disruption by an attack by criminal forces. ZDF and civil law officers will defend these decentralized facilities.
    • Construction costs for SRZKK/KKRZ facilities might exceed 11.5 million USD, should public and government funding not be able to afford this Parliament is advised to seek an IMF loan.
  • The organization, training, materiel, etc of the SRZKK/KKRZ will be supplied and modeled after the ZDF’s.
  • Foreign supplementation of SRZKK/KKRZ funds, materiel, personnel, and facilities will be allowed and promoted, especially to ease financial burdening.
The Presidency and all associated Zimbabwean entities are open to the negotiation of the terms of this proposed unit.


You cannot be a sane Zimbabwean or human and deny that there is a horrible trafficking problem here. Yes, while the repeatedly stated costs of the proposed SRZKK/KKRZ are evident and contradict Zimbabwe’s fiscally conservative and economically repairing policies, enforced, promoted, and promulgated by international entities, NGOs, and this Parliament, sometimes change and security requires a burden or two. While we’d, the supporting side, like to maintain financial security we believe we should focus on domestic security.


No, no, a thousand times no. While the idea of a organized, efficient, anti-trafficking unit is music to the ears of the opposition, we can only hear the numbers, few of which do not precede the word “million”. Why the Presidency and so many other entities would support such a financially harsh plan, we the opposition have no idea. Until an affordable proposition can be made we will hold strong and oppose this law.
Votes in Parliament:

Votes in the Senate:

Yes: 32 No: 48

Votes in the House of Assembly:

Yes: 78 No: 132


The proposal to create the SRZKK/KKRZ is blocked by a large opposition. Although many Parliamentarians support the prospect of an anti-trafficking unit and only wish to see a more financially sustainable proposition than one which requires a lot of money.


Paramende yeZimbabwe
Parliament of Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe was once a prosperous nation which was open to the West. After President Mugabe came to power with his over-exaggerated nationalism and ethnic pride, he cut our relations with the West. This can be seen as the start of many of our problems, especially our underdeveloped, stagnant economy. In order to bring and end to this the Presidency and Ministry of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion and of Foreign Affairs proposes the following:
  • Corporate tax rate for foreign, Western enterprises shall be lowered from 24% to 20%, and the tax rate for domestic enterprises shall be lowered from 26% to 23%. This is to ensure that there are less financial burdens placed upon enterprises of all sorts to promote growth.
  • The government will cease all economic interventions unless its qualified.
  • Zimbabwe’s economy as a whole will take large steps to turn from a underdeveloped, weak, state-owned, socialistic system to a more libre, mixed, developed, and capitalist system.
  • A trade agreement shall be set up with the European Union to foster trade between one of the more economically prosperous and plentiful regions of the world. Introduction of European enterprises to Zimbabwe should be achieved through this.
  • In regards to the East, Zimbabwe has become reliant on it as heavily as it has become on a foreign currency and its neighbors for too great of a share of its economy. Hopefully by diversifying the shares of our trade and money we can make the East, specifically the Chinese monopoly on our foreign trade, We don’t wish to see a economic-️based stagnation of Zimbabwe-East relations though.
  • The United States, seems that it is the country which gives us our currency, will be - without a doubt - included in this process of economic liberalization and Westernization. The Presidency has already deliberated with major corporations such as Walmart (retail and consumer goods), JP Morgan (finances), and Tesla (automobiles and tech) to find any possible American interest in investing in Zimbabwe.
  • Finally, in order to alleviate debt and promote austerity the government budget shall be cut from 36% to 30% of the GDP.
The terms of this legislation are negotiable.


This is what we need, especially if we hope to promulgate the anti-trafficking legislation which we just struck down. This should lead to the stabilization of the Zimbabwean economy, and in years time we could reintroduce our own currency! One which doesn’t take almost 100 quadrillion to buy just one USD. For this reason we support this law extremely!

This legislation lacks a major opposition.

Votes in Parliament:

Votes in the Senate:

Yes: 80
No: None

Votes in the House of Assembly:

Yes: 202 Abstain: 8 No: 2


This legislation is passed quickly and all changes necessary in order to enforce it are made rapidly. In time, Westernization will sweep across Zimbabwe and the national economy will develop much more than it has in recent years.

Ministry of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion
5 Speke Avenue, Harare
Republic of Zimbabwe

To: European Commissioner of Trade, Ronan O'Sullivan
From: Finance Minister Selassie Bisrat
Encryption: Medium
Subject: Improving EU-Zimbabwe Economic Ties


I hope you are having a good day, Commissioner. I do not want to burden you with this message if you are not having one.

I am contacting you today on behalf of the President and economy of Zimbabwe. Recently the Parliament of this country promulgated a law which will open and liberalize our economy. Investments from corporations, such as the ones which reside in your Europe, are hopefully stem from this.

In order to take further steps towards economic liberalization and Westernization, Zimbabwe would like to propose a trade agreement between our country and region. While it might not seem that our underdeveloped country has a lot of offer, that is because we have not tapped the many resources our nation has, like all African nation have. We have many reserves of iron ore, coal, gold, vanadium, chromium, timber, and more. We wish to share this and any other goods we have with you.

Hopefully you’ll accept a renewed cooperation between Europe and Zimbabwe. Peace be with you.

Selassis Bisrat
Minister of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion

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-DMZ, North Korea

The recent events had helped to ease tension all along the Korean peninsula as it appeared peace was within reach for the first time in over 60 years. The army grew restless in the weeks after the announcement due to how the past negotiations had gone and with the lack of response from the South Korean government it appeared as if they had grown tired of how the past leaders of the North treated the peace talks. Soldiers still manned their posts all along the DMZ, shadowing and watching their South Korean counterparts. Even with the peace talks taking place there was still a strong sense of concern for the future, could an agreement be reached, could peace actually take place and unite the Korean people. Only time could tell if this was a possibility.

-Checkpoint 1 DMZ, North Korea

Geun Sung-il like most of the army was conscripted and forced to serve in the army, coming from a poor farmers family the army at least kept him fed which was better then the rest of country. The Glorious Supreme leader did everything he could to feed Korea, but the evil powers of the west made it hard. He knew that the supreme leader would not let his people suffer.

Tensions on the border have been at an all time in recent months due to the missile testing and the rising tensions with China and South Korea. The army had been placed on an elevated alert status until the end of the peace talks. Standing his post and looking out at the South Korean side Geun Sung-ill couldn't help but feel distrust for the South Koreans. They had sold themselves to the Americans, turned their people into whores for the imperialists to please themselves with. But hopefully the supreme leader could find a peaceful way to expel the Americans and unite the Korean people.

Geun Sung-ill watched his South Korean counterpart with distrust and apprehension. Geun Sung-il lit a cigarette and started to smoke, a small pleasure that was given to army soldiers. He looked as the South Korean soldier standing 50 feet away carried better gear and equipment then himself, ever since China had stopped sending supplies and aid the army had found itself under supplied.

Maybe it was the stress of recent events, maybe it was a lifetime of being told to distrust everyone, there is no clear answer in what happened. But when the South Korean soldier made a sudden movement to which now it is known he was only reaching into his vest pocket for a cigarette of his own. Geun Sung-it didn't know, he couldn't of known, to him all he saw was the enemy, but when he made his movement Geun Sung-it raised his rifle and fired, the entire clip emptied and time stood still. And when the smell of gun powder had been taken away by the breeze the South Korean soldier lay dead and alarms rang all around.

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The Kingdom of Spain


Madrid, Spain
March 1st, 2025

It had nearly been a month since the sudden passing of his dear friend and Prime Minister, but now Mario Vaargis was past his grief period and had finally been able to gather his ducks in a row. Today, he would be addressing the nation for the first time as Prime Minister. Perhaps it was a delayed response, but better late than never he thought. He was, understandably, nervous. Gabriel had been such a pleasant speaker in his time, he wouldn't have gotten to where he was (politically) on the day of his death if he wasn't. Mario, however, wasn't one to speak. He would rather speak through his actions than his words. But the things he was to say to the Spanish people, needed to be voiced by their leader and not some figurehead.

He sat at his desk. A camera pointed at him, and he took a deep breath. Everything that had happened over the last month rushed through his mind all at once. Him and Gabriel on the way to Barcelona, the gunshot, the sight of his friend laying lifeless, the car ride back and him being sworn in during. It was like a bad dream, only he was awake. "We're ready when you are, sir." Spoke a voice behind the camera, bring Mario back to the present. He nodded. The camera started filming, and he started speaking.

"My dear people, it is with great sorrow that I come in front of you on your televisions, radios, or however else you may be viewing this broadcast. As you all know, I speak to you as your Prime Minister, as Gabriel Areizaga was tragically assassinated only weeks ago. He was a beloved friend and a great leader, he will be truly missed. A thorough investigation has been launched to find the assassin. Anyone who may have information involving the shooter is asked to come forward as quickly as possible.

With that said, it is great urgency that I address the situation in the region of Catalonia. Months ago, it was agreed that a peaceful transition would occur to allow Catalonia to become independent. This agreement, made by Minister Areizaga, was in violation of national law. When agreeing to respect the results of the Catalan referendum, Gabriel Areizaga violated the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia, therefore committing treason. Along with him, are the Catalan leaders who worked with him. Today, I announce the dissolution of Catalan Parliament, revocation of Catalonia's autonomous status, and implementation of martial law in the region to combat violence.

I would also like to make public my intent to end the financial crisis that has plagued the country since 2008. With sweeping reforms to the banking system and the economy, programs to get more people employed, and regulations to avoid another crisis like this, I fully expect our great nation to make a return to glory. Thank you, and God bless."
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The French Republic

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

L’École Polytechnique, Paris

Sabrina could feel her heart pounding inside her chest, her nerves standing on edge. Glancing nervously at the steadily ticking hands of the clock on the far side of the room, she felt herself oscillating between feelings of dread and anticipation. Silently, she tried to force herself to calm down. Mentally, she ran through the key points of her presentation one last time, trying to think of any glaring error or misstep that had escaped her notice despite the countless, sleepless nights of preparation. Dressed in a crisp business suit that she’d manage to get dry cleaned the weekend before, and wearing a pair of high heels that had already begun to eat painfully into the balls of her feet, Sabrina stood just to the side of the cavernous lecture theatre.

Come on, you can do this. It’s just like any other group meeting – except you’re whole future depends on it. Sabrina grimaced at the unhelpful thought. No pressure.

A round of applause erupted from the audience, a faceless mass whose identities were shrouded by the dim lecture hall lighting. The previous presenter was making his way off-stage, and Sabrina realised that she hadn’t even been paying enough attention to recall what his Defence had even been about.

“And now we have Mademoiselle Sabrina Joubert, defending her thesis on The Folding of Thin-Film Composite Structures and their Applications for Photovoltaic Power for a doctorate in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. As with the previous presentations, we’ll be opening the floor to question submissions from both the panel present and non-Polytechnique faculty watching on the stream.”

The announcer’s voice echoed throughout the hall, the microphone amplifying each word such that it reverberated within Sabrina’s head. Walking out onto the stage to a welcoming chorus of claps, Sabrina offered a cursory backwards glance to see her pre-prepared slides appearing on the large screen that hung behind her. Looking into the audience, the only faces that she could make out were the line of professors who were sitting attentively in the front row. Her principal investigator – Hugo Poussin – was among them, and offered her a subtle nod of encouragement. Taking a deep breath, and steeling her nerves, Sabrina clicked onto her first slide.

The entire presentation was limited to thirty minutes, the time seeming to fly by as Sabrina effortlessly went over the research that had dominated the last four years of her life. The countless hours spent practicing each slide over and over, until she knew every one of them like the back of her hand, paid off. But it was during the ten additional minutes set aside for questions that the young doctoral student really shone. The panel of professors, each of them an expert in their field, sought to pick at any inconsistency, at any doubt that they may have had with her conclusions and data.

“If I may ask a question, Mademoiselle Joubert – if you were placed on the spot, how would you outline your recommendations for the further development of your work?” The voice came through the lecture hall’s speakers, and held the slightest hint of interference that was distinguishable in all electronic voice communications. Sabrina glanced towards the webcam that was sending the images of her presentation. Still in full swing from the ongoing blitz on her research, she responded immediately.

“At the moment, much of the technology has been demonstrated with terrestrial applications, so the next logical step is to begin preparing for an on-orbit demonstration. I would push for a simple satellite in geostationary orbit to prove that we are capable of operating phased-array microwave transmission with minimal losses.” Sabrina could feel the adrenalin in her veins, her heart still pounding from the nerves of speaking in front of such a large audience. But this was her element, her field of expertise. “Since that would be relatively simple given the work that’s already been done in ground-to-ground power transmission, the success of that mission would lead directly into supporting a medium-scale technology demonstrator – ideally capable of outputting a few megawatts consistently.”

The question seemed to satisfy the anonymous viewer, and the event’s moderator glanced at the clock at his desk before leaning into his own microphone.

“And with that, we are out of time for questions. Thank you Ms. Joubert for the riveting presentation, and thank you to our panel for their questions.”

“No fucking way!” Sabrina exclaimed, feeling the effects of the half-finished cocktail in her hand. “The Marius Choquet?” Perhaps it was as much the alcohol that was already coursing through her system as the revelation, but she couldn’t keep the giddy smirk from her face.

“Ouais, I shit you not. Literally the entire department is writhing in jealousy as we speak.” Nathan was sitting across from Sabrina at the bar, the pair of them having ditched the suits-and-ties in favour of celebrating Sabrina’s thesis defence with a few well-earned Friday night drinks. “Not to mention the fact that everyone’s hating your guts too! You’re the PhD who went on stage and pitched a proposal to the head of CNES.”

Sabrina laughed at that comment, brushing aside the optimism as she did so. “Yeah, right. You know that it was all just a political photo op. He’s the Director of CNES – so he may as well have been a political appointee. Doubt he sees the job as anything other than another rung on the ladder to the top.”

Nathan raised an eyebrow, not quite biting at the popular past time of berating France’s political class. “I don’t know Sabrina. The guy graduated top of his class and pushed out a couple papers of his own – this isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill bureaucrat here. Not to mention that he’s the head of a space program that just saw its budget double. I bet that means he’s got spare change even for your crazy pipe dream.”
Rolling her eyes, Sabrina downed what was left of the contents of her glass. “Fine, how about we agree to disagree, non?” She elbowed her old friend jokingly. “Although maybe you’ll convince me after another couple of rounds.”

To: The Republic of Germany
From: The Foreign Ministry of the French Republic
Subject: Common European cooperation to establish more efficient production

After consulting with the relative departments, France is strongly in favour of this proposal. Improvements in commercial automation has already led to huge strides in both productivity and efficiency, but to stand still in the 21st Century is to fall behind. Working together, we can cut red tape for new research and development opportunities while encouraging European industries to create the future in order to maintain our status as some of the world’s leading economies.
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Wrocław, Poland:

The summer sun blared over Poland, set high in the sky at noon, as the city of Wrocław carried on with business as usual. However, it would not be such a usual day. Many in Poland and Europe were aware of the upcoming elections and the last-minute goals of Kaczyński's administration. Though there is much to cover, the campaigns have been vigorous and the laws and government actions have still been rolling.

Andrzej Duda, protégé of the incumbent president and once former president himself, has been analyzing current issues and techniques on how to optimize the PiS party's already large and satisfactory edge over any other. He has been a spokesperson for Kaczyński's vehement presidential campaign, knowing how to sway and keep possible votes. In a stadium, many supporters have gathered around him and the other speakers, and many passersby are drawn to the grandiose occasion. Finally, the chatter settles down and the sleek politician walks up onto the podium.

The crowd of onlookers and supporters give a loud applause before Duda gets to the microphone and clears his throat, smiling, as the crowd is silenced.

"My fellow Polish citizens, today is not the day to lax back or slump, no, today is the day to focus on the serious matter of our upcoming elections and how the Law and Order party should be the one that wins your vote. Our President has done much for this country and has improved every corner of our nation from infrastructure to relations. It is time we empower ourselves and pick the right men and women for the administration of Poland, the politicians of PiS, and for Jarosław Kaczyński
to be the one that wins your vote as the right person for the job of President. Thank you."

A quick yet powerful speech. Raucuous applause thunders from the makeshift stadium as PiS posters and banners are raised and fluttered. This was going to be an easy election.

Warszawa, Poland:

The beautiful and sumptuous Parliament building stands before Jarosław Kaczyński, as he focuses and concentrates on the stairs to the entrance for a while before entering the building and making his way back to the conference room. He had been busy preparing for other laws and his campaign, so, he hadn't visited the halls and corners of the room in a while, yet, he adjusted himself onto the main chair and settled in, as the room started to fill in around him.

He smiles as more influential politicians arrive and as his trusted economic minister, Piotr Woźniak, starts to sit in around him. Piotr approaches Kaczyński and sifts through files and documents of economic and budget measurements and calculations, quickly reviewing their plan before sitting down in near the President.

Kaczyński finally stands up straight, leans into the desk and clears his throat, staring around the room at each politician as they cease their discussion and nervously take their seats immediately. He begins, "As you know, our economy has seen many changes and renovations over the last couple of months. Our ministries of finance have worked hard on the issue, and I am proud to present our new, revised budget plan. We have currently updated and ramped up infrastructure, industry, and defense expenditures out of many more, and are ready to unveil these new changes now and fully integrate them by the end of my old term, or beginning of my new term, depending on how the polls sway. We have confirmed this with lots of our members of Parliament and are sure this plan is only a review to many of you, yet, we hope that the nitty-gritty and the details of the plan are now cleared up and can be integrated as small gradations and changes have aligned our budget to this state."

He would finish talking and continue as more and more would talk, and politicians went home nervous yet confident about the future of Poland.

Gdańsk, Poland:

The rumble and howl of a jet engine thunder through the surrounding area as the jet whirs to life. Poland had been revamping its military status since last year, and its leases and developments in its air force have been subtle, yet refined and bold. The majority of planes have been replaced with modern equipment via leases and agreements with the U.S. and Sweeden. F16s and other modernized and tweaked models have now replaced clunky and outdated Cold-War, Soviet aircraft and new research are helping to improve their efficiency and their performance.

The squadron whirls through the sky and out onto the Baltic sealine, performing exercises and training drills within Polish airspace along with other aircraft training there and in the east of the country.

Warszawa, Poland:

The light of the sunlight passing through the large, beautiful windows of the office spaces of the Parliament buildings light up dust particles and desks, and, Witold Waszczykowski, the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as he concentrates on his papers.

He rifles through investments and economic news from Poland and the Baltic states and then through telegrams and diplomatic letters from these neighbors. He had these files urgently brought to his desk a month before and had been refining his idea of a Baltic Economic Bloc including all of the Baltic states and Poland. He had many rough drafts of a telegram to send to the other nations, yet, he had only now started to type up the official document, adding information here and there and checking his sources and notes periodically. He had already received the go-ahead from President Kaczyński to send the proposition, now it was up to him to actually write and send the letter.

And so, finally, after a couple of days of typing and editing, he looks over a short yet meaningful telegram from his screen and prints it. Stamping a Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs logo onto it to make it official government correspondence, he mails three identical telegrams to each of the Baltic States, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, respectively.
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Italian Republic
Based in the Palazzo della Farnesina, Rome
Italian Republic

To: Finance, Economic, Trade, and Commerce Ministers of the Mediterranean countries
From: Foreign Minister Adria Albani
Encryption: Medium
Subject: Development, discussion, and improvement of the Mediterranean


The Mediterranean is a very important region in the world. It is one which has seen the rise and fall of countless civilizations and acts as a medium for global trade and freighting in between the many countries which dot its coastlines. Although over the last few years tense geopolitics, environmental troubles, advancement of technology, and more has lead to the Mediterranean starting to slowly lose its might.

In order to keep our Mediterranean safe and at the top, Italy contacts you today to suggest a conference in order to discuss and draft new policies considering the Mediterranean to increase the volume of trade flowing through it, increase the benefits - from probability to navigability - of using the Mediterranean, and make the Mediterranean a major body of water in the world.

Italy proposes holding this conference in the city of Valencia, home to the busiest port in the Mediterranean. If it does not conflict with the schedules of the invited Ministers, the meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 20. The length of the meeting thereafter will depend on how long it takes to finish discussing all things Mediterranean. We’re hoping to allocate three hours of time per day to meet and discuss.

Hopefully the majority of you receiving this will oblige and meet with us in Valencia soon. Have a good day.

Adria Albani
Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Sobrina Joubert’s residence, 5 Rue Paul Escudier, Paris - Evening, May 26th, 2025

Sabrina Joubert’s was a little apartment in a townhouse tucked in the vast, urban expanses of the Parisian metropolis. Only two days prior, at the Polytechnic College, she had spoke to dozens of professionals about her thesis, The Folding of Thin-Film Composite Structures and their Applications for Photovoltaic Power. It was well-received by the professional panel placed in front of her and she was confident that she would receive some sort of commemoration (doctoral or otherwise) from the College. Although before this or anything happened, Sobrina’s house was approached by two white Xs, which four men jumped out of within seconds of both stopping.

Sobrina, not used to such an event and made uneasy by the fact she’d only seen such things occurring in movies with government antagonists, became discordant in trying to find a place to hide, an object for defense, and a phone to call someone on. In her moment of disarray a knock echoed through the house, freezing her.

Mademoiselle Joubert, please open the door. We’d like to talk to you about your thesis.” A voice called out from the door.

Sobrina was intrigued and eased. Maybe she didn’t have much to fear about this convoy. Slowly, Sobrina walked down the stairs and to the door, which she opened to reveal four suit-clad, handgun-bearing men with pips based off of the Italian state emblem in their collars.

Italiens?” Sobrina said to herself.

“May we come on, ma’am?” The man inquired.

“S-sure.” Sobrina replied, leading the men up the stairs and into her apartment.

“My name is Colmazio Mazzoni, and these are my associates: Arcadio Casanova, Camillo Palo, and Amaranto Ferrin. We’re representatives off the MBDA, a prominent Italian and European aerospace company. After the publication of your speech in front of the Polytechnic College, we at MBDA were intrigued by what you proposed in terms of orbital solar power collection. Italy, as a member of the ESA and subject to all of its extraterrestrial endeavors, has become intrigued in the prospect of space exploration. Therefore ACADI, the Italian space agency, or consortium, has began chasing down concepts and ultramodern tech to facilitate the rapid development of current space exploration and aerospace technology. After reviewing your thesis, ACADI believes you could be helpful in achieving that.” Colmazio told Sobrina.

“I see. Interesting.” Sobrina replied.

“Tell me, signora, how many Euros do you make a year with your current occupation?” Colmazio inquired.

“Umm..65,864 Euros.” Sabrina answered.

“How would you like to make 72,861, a nice 12% increase and one which could continue increasing as you become more contributing and worthy of greater remuneration.” Colmazio asked.

“Woah...for what exactly?” Sabrina gasped.

“An a chief aerospace engineer and scientist at MBDA, and because we’re here on behalf of the Italian government, Parliament is negotiating with the Politecnico di Milano to make you an honorary alumna and give you an honorary doctorate in Italy. Probably without the last part.” Colmazio replied.

“Will I have to leave France?” Sabrina inquired.

“No, we have an office in Le-Plessis Robinson, which is under a half-hour from here and the Polytechnic College. Also, you have the option to telecommute. Although you might have to travel to Italy once or thrice a year for periodic conferences.” Colmazio answered.

“I see, it all sounds so very good.” Sabrina said.

“A great description of your role will be assisting MBDA, ACADI, and in return the ESA in the development of a photovoltaic orbital station. We don’t want you to be held back by a doctorate and bureaucratic academy, signora, we want you to blossom now.” Colmazio said.

“Can I contact you later?” Sabrina inquired.

“Yes, here is our La-Plessis Robinson number, call us whenever you please.” Colmazio replied, handing Sabrina a card.

“Thank you, i will.” Sabrina said, looking at the card and looking at all of its sides.

“Have a good day.” Colmazio replied, leaving the apartment.

“Holy crap!” Sobrina exclaimed, rushing over to her phone and quickly dialing a number, “Nathan you won’t believe it!”

Giornalismo da Bolzano a Siracusa

| Home | General News | Politics | Business | Science & Technology | Lifestyle + | Sport | Vatican | World | Photo | Opinion | Go to |

Top Stories:

Second Week of Voting

Electoral propaganda along a street in suburban Naples

By: Elvezio D'Amore (June 2025)

    (ANSA) - Rome, June 5 - The 2025 general electrons are now in their second week. Already tens of thousands of Italians have voted and been polled and are making strides to restructure the Parliament. Based off of poles by the ANSA, ASCA, BBC, etc., it seems that the leading party in the elections, based off of the national average, is the CRNI, which isn’t a very big surprise. Although while it, individually, is leading in the polls its coalition, the right-wing Reformist Coalition, is in second-place, superseded by the centre-right coalition, lead by Lega Norde.

    Currently, and as usual, the centre-right coalition is leading in multiple provinces in the North, or (in only three cases) second-place; near the Center the Reformist and centre-right coalitions have varying dominance and are trailed behind or even superseded by the centre-left coalition (except in Lazio, where the CRNI (as usual) reigns supreme). And in the South, the Reformist Coalition holds a regional lead in the polls, with the CRNI and FdI being the most popular Reformist parties.

    As of May 28, most analysts believe that (as it has been in the last two general elections) the CRNI will win the general elections, keeping its large parliamentary bloc. Although it is also believed that this will entail the loss of a couple seats to the centre-right coalition, with seats primary being funneled into Lega Norde and the Partito Democratico. Althoughmto determine whether anything the “analysts” and “professionals” state will become truth we’ll have to wait for the elections to end in late July or August.

    Below is a link that will map polling centers near you so you can get out and vote if you haven’t already.

    Local polling center map

| UPVOTE(S): 18.864 | DOWNVOTE(S): 7.422 | SHARE(S): 9.847 |

Palazzo Chigi press room, Rome, Italian Republic - June 8th, 2025

In the anteroom of the Palazzo Chigi’s press room, Prime Minister Severino took deep, relaxing breaths. He was about to hold a press conference on Catalan independence, which had consequences in Italy too (seeing that federalization was a major want in Italy and that the Northern regions wanted autonomy). He had less than one minute left before he could no longer postpone his entrance, and so finally he put a foot out of the door in between the anteroom and press room, and the conference began.

Ciao, everyone.” Prime Minister Severino said as he entered.

Ciao.” The journalists and reporters gathered replied.

“I have gathered you here today on your and some statesmen’s requests in order to discuss the intensifying topic of Catalan independence,” Prime Minister Severino spoke softly to the gathered press, “the independence movement is one that is also important in Italy. Federalism and regionalism are major talking points in Italy and have periodically polarized us. With the rapid growth of Lega Norde and affiliated or random federalist and regionalist parties, these ideologies have been amplified. As a result, and with the recent and troubling development of Catalan independence, on behalf of the ideals of the Italian Republic, the Italian peoples, and the CRNI - supported by the party’s chairman, vice chairman, spokesperson, other party officials, plus four dozen and possibly more CRNI parliamentarians - support Catalan independence, or greater Catalan autonomy.”

At that the press room went into uproar. People shouted words of inquiry, opposition, support, confusion, and more, which all eventually coalesced into an unintelligible cacophony of loudness. After a minute, Antonio was able to quite the crowd and get them to listen to him once more.

“While we, I, my cabinet, the pro-independence Parliamentarians, etc., acknowledge that some Catalans have taken irrational moves in the last decade, especially a few weeks ago when the former Spanish Prime Minister was assassinated by a Catalan extremist, we also acknowledge that these actions were mostly caused because of exasperation with the Spanish bureaucracy and its inability to get anything done regarding Catalan autonomy. We therefore believe that, even if independence isn’t reached, the Catalan people should have a greater level of self-determination and self-governance. If Spain truly wants to prevent further strife it must take the right actions and give Catalan what it wants to the best of its ability. I might even take the same steps here in Italy. I might propose a federalization bill to Parliament, propose a constitutional referendum to restructure Italy. Italy can, like Spain, and as can all nations, benefit from federalism.” Prime Minister Severino the crowd.

The press resumed their uproar, but was silenced again.

“I do not have times for questions. I must coordinate with the CRNI for elections; talk to the EU about the Euro reforms, Mediterranean trade conference, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Turkey, etc.; deliberate in queue legislation; and participate in many other executive functions of mine. I will leave you with President Mattarella, who is on my side, to answer your questions. Ciao.” Prime Minister Severino said, waving goodbye and leaving the room.

Over the next few hours this announcement by the PM would circle the world, with dozens of agencies and articles mentioning it, primarily in Italy and Spain, both which were polarized and shocked by the pro-Catalan and federalist words of the Prime Minister. Many talk shows from these nations and beyond discussed this announcement by the Prime Minister and what it’s potential consequences could be on Spanish-Italian and Catalan-Italian bilateral relations and on the upcoming Mediterranean trade conference, which is set to take place in Valencia, a Spanish city.

Media Reactions

Fox & Friends


Brian Kilmeade: Prime Minister Severino took a very dangerous step today by making this pro-Catalan announcement, but he threatens his relations with the EU, which has long been indifferent but mostly opposed in regards to Catalan independence, and especially Spain, the nation at the center of this. But of course Italy and Mister Severino will receive increased support from the Catalans, and possibly from the regionalist Italian Northerners, but that’s most likely it.

Ainsley Earhardt: You are absolutely right, Brian. While this announcement might’ve boosted the Prime Minister and his government’s support amongst a few people here and there, it possibly has angered and troubled more throughout Europe. The only way we’ll see if Italy hasn’t been greatly effected is by waiting to hear the statements other European heads of governments have to say about Catalan and Italy.

Brian Kilmeade: Some have been saying that this is most likely for publicity, seeing that Italy is currently undergoing general elections which will determine the future of its major parties and potentially of the Prime Minister.

Steve Doocy: While I agree that this statement might have repercussions for Italy and its government, I do agree with the Prime Minister. Wasn’t America founded on a nation’s right to independence and self-determination, and wasn’t our first foreign acts as a nation in defense of those rights of other nations too? In the name of those principles, I stand by the Prime Minister.

Ainsley Earhardt: But you can agree that because of the time and place the Prime Minister said what he said he put himself and his administration in a precarious spot, right?

Steve Doocy: Well yeah, I can agree with that.

Brian Kilmeade: Now, in order to analyze and further explain this situation with Italy we are bringing in David Jedwabny, a worker at the US Embassy in Rome.

Che tempo che fa

Fabio Fazzio: Recently our Prime Minister, good ol’ Antonio, announced to the world that he, and apparently quite a few other statesmen are in support of Catalan independence! While I do agree with some of the Prime Minister’s reasoning, I believe he is quite stupid for announcing this at such a time when the future of his party and premiership hangs in the balance. A more preferable time would be in August or September, after the elections, after when ever word he mutters is a liability, and after the press and paparazzi have picked him clean. He states that he will release an official, detailed statement on his and his government’s view on the Catalonian situation later on the government website, the link which we’ll put up on the screen behind me and on our website, and will meet with the European Union to discuss its handling and reaction to the Catalan situation. What will stem from this, I certainly can’t tell you, but from what the professionals and analysts have to say, the future doesn’t look so bright for Italian-Spanish relations due to this announcement. Exactly what will unfold, only God knows.
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Kingdom of Thailand


Thai-Burmese border


A large amount of refugees from myanmar and Bangladesh have crossed the thai burmese border to seek asylum in thailand. As they line up in several groups to wait for thai border gurard to accept them, Some large buses stops and orders all of the refugees to come with them before the traffickers arrive. inside the bus a man explains that they are going to be moved to their new home in chiang mai a high rise cheap apartment where they can live together along with the unemployed and homeless persons in Chiang mai

The man introduces himself as none other as the mayor of chiang mai he then explains that food and clothing will be provided by the thai goverment until they can get jobs of their own, and then they’ll have to pay a low fee rent. The refugee were happy that after years of suffering they finally have a place to call home.



In the coastal region of The kingdom thosands of workers gather far and wide to construct thailand’s next leap towards a green and clean future with thailand’s largest project yet, The southern wind project that involves building several wind farms throughout the southern regions of thailand to distribute it to the rest of the country

It’s completion would be predicted in 2028 With a large amount of manpower from bengali and rohingya refugees and with insurance covered to the poorer workers according to the new worker safety bill The plan will go smoothly


Bill: Southern Wind Farms Project
Content: To built SE asia’s largest wind farms streching across southern thailand to provide thailand with a clean and green energy and also exporting it to neighboring nation

Bill: Increase recycling plants Act
Content: To build New recycling plants where Trashes are going to be sorted between organic and unorganic waste, the organic waste becomes biogas or biodiesel while the unorganic waste will be disinfected and cleaned to be reused to build new things, And the toxic waste will be disposed in a special facility

Bill: Increase Water purification Plants
Content: To built New and Advanced Water purification plants in every contaminated water source and teach rural communities to maintain their clean water

Bill: Prison and law Reformation Act
Content: To change the prison system for a more “humane living condition” and to weaken the strict laws that lead to death penalty (basically our prison system would have a quality of a Highschool dorm instead of soviet gulag)

Bill: Worker safety Law
Content: So that the goverment can pay insurance for the workers who can’t afford insuracne, to have stricter rules to worker safety and increase the wages a bit



To: Lao PDR
From: The Kingdom Of Thailand

The thai goverment Hopes to increase diplomatic relations and to enforce better security in bith of our borders
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Letter to President Stewart:
Dear President Stewart,
Congratulations on your Win in the election, and your beautiful inauguration. I would like to invite you on a 5 day visit to Denmark to discuss expanding US missile defense in europe. We also would like you to see some of the wonders of Copenhagen. We hope that America will rethink their actions in Europe. We hope that you will become the freedom defender that you have fallen from.
-Sincerely, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen

Letter to General Secretary of the Party Hu Chunhua
Dear General Secretary Hu Chunhua,
Greetings form Denmark! I and the Parliament wishes to invite you to copenhagen for 5 days. It will be a tour and to discuss better relations between our nations.We also hope for cheaper trade between our Nations. We will provide food, air fare, a residence of your choosing, and security. We hope to see you soon in Denmark!
-Sincerely, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen
Danish parliament Voting on the Bill
Expanding the Military Vote
The Minister of Defense pushes for a enlargement of the Military to counter terrorism around the globe. The bill includes increasing the armed forces manpower by 50,000 men, and buying more equipment for the navy, air force, and army. The Government wishes to expand the Military so they can help with Peacekeeping operations better. It will also fund money for the navy to buy a Patrol vessel. The debate at first looks hopeful for the bill, lets wait for results.
The Voting Has Begun!
Against: 79
The Bill has passed Parliament, and has gotten the approval of the Prime Minister.

The Absence of a real coast Guard has become apparent, as the navy has the task of patrolling the Waterways and busting drugs or taking refugees ashore. The Chief of Defense has put in a plea for a coast guard to be formed to take away a duty of the Navy that the Navy isn't meant for. A bill has been approved by many, and it sees it's final vote after 2 years of trying to get through. The first year, it failed it's first reading. The second year it failed it's second reading. Now, it stands ready to get in. It also takes the duties of the Home Naval Guard, and the Home naval guard will only be a defense organization. It will have the Danish navy's Division 13 into the coast guard, along with 3 Ships from the Home Naval Guard
The Bill has been defeated.

Bill: Drilling Oil In Greenland
The Bill is to allow the Companies inside Denmark to drill for oil in Greenland. Companies from abroad will have to be screened by the government, and 10% of profit will go towards Denmark.The Bill was passed forward by the Old Government coalition, now the opposition. Many in the Democratic Socialist party support this, so it looks like the bill might pass. The Bill is preparing to be voted on, and the last representatives are reading it.

Voting Has Begun
The Bill has passed
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Republic of Latvia

...New Horizons...


2022 lives on


City planner preparations for feasting and celebrating for Christmas & new year's eve got cut short. Virumaa Crisis came as a conscious Russian breakdown: What was thought as decades of integration was broken, what was thought as peace was shackled, the lingering sense of tension between the Russian minority and Ethnic Latvian broke through with active emotion. Upon the distant night of October 14th 2022, came the rumble of bricks shattering upon shield, glass crackling, fires flaring, booming shouts and slithering whispers of pepper spray. The news chattered and grieved in safe crystal towers of ivory neon. Friend turned against friend and concepts & notions of family were broken. A struggle well known to be between the Police and prevaricators, or either the struggle between Freedom Fighters and pigs. By the end of the night no clear victory came to either man, except for saddening sites of youngsters in pools of blood.

The crack of day came through, the sun glared upon shattered pavements with it's judging yellow tinge. Days came and it was decided, after the sheer pressure of the Russians upon Estonia and the current government, that the closest Russian minority based party should bare the torchlight of power. Julija Stepanenko was sworn in as the second female President, alongside Nils Usakovs as Prime Minister. The spirit of the riots lives within both Russian and Latvian, a bond of distrust, a withering rope that either shall have to be cut or retied.

These scars of the riots still linger within seedy neighbourhoods of cities, minority grime music and certain elements of the 'Harmony' political party; though this sentiment is mostly felt in certain parts of Riga and Daugavpils. The everyday news cycle has been hit by the message of a certain Latvian-Russian rapper, which has not underlined issues surrounding the riots but has instead worsened it, especially with older generations.


The rap song's music video garnered media attention as a Russian artist rapped about his dismay in 'Latvian Racists', the Russian community's economic situation and the governments lack of response towards Russian minority 'issues'. Naturally the video has gathered great heaps of dislikes and comment discussions, even with the apathy some have shown towards his talking points and rapping it has still gathered views. Prominent nationalists and Latvian politicians have gone on news shews and on social media to disprove the rappers points, but already the light upon the controversy has reflected towards the current government which has gone in support of the Russian minority multiple times before, during it's existence.

The Question of the eastern bear, answered ?


With the vague positioning of Russian-EU relations, the thought of just ignoring the existence of Russia has lifted away from Latvian international & diplomatic thought. This has also occurred because of the effective political purge of old pre-2015 heads and workers at the The Ministry of Foreign Affairs to more favourable new faces friendly to the 'Harmony' political party; with most of their interest being open relations with the neighbours to the East. But the current leadership must step with light feet, as a misstep in Russian relations would be a misstep for the entire E.U.

Combined with the 'Harmony' majority within the Saeima, an opening of renewed relations with the historic foe should be a cakewalk; but not a cakewalk to explain to the people that live in your country. The rushed bill issued for debate in the Saeima is just a stepping stone, not a stable stepping stone to win Latvian votes, but still a stepping stone for opening the Russian Federations heart.

Bill:A Cross of Recognition for a non-Citizen of the Republic of Latvia, born within Latvia, Mikhail Baryshnikov


(Pro) A necessary award for a dancer, encourages more cultural activities, rewards and motivates Russians

(Anti) Not a citizen, unnecessary as dancing is not a real achievement

Vote count out of a 100:
Aye: 53
Nay: 47

Result: Passes

And so with it's passing, The President, Jūlija Stepaņenko can begin to write her letter to the leadership within Russia; a task which would be unimaginable only just a few months ago, let alone years or decades. She wrote with a swift yet sturdy hand, each letter in fine print ink. After an unspecific amount of time and an unmentioned amount of scribbles, she was done and sent the letter away for quick delivery.


To President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin

From, Jūlija Stepaņenko, President of the Republic of Latvia

As you may know, the relations between the Republic of Latvia and the Russian Federation have severely deteriorated after decades of neglect by both parties. As the figurehead of this great country I wish to amend this severe issue and begin to forge a mutual path between Russia and Europe, with Latvia being at the understanding forefront of this geopolitical attitude shift. So I respectfully invite you, Vladimir Putin, for sensible discussions & talks in Riga between both of our nations, and a potential treaty of understanding and friendship that could last more then a lifetime. Let us make amends to the past, and lead the world forward.

Sincerely, Jūlija Stepaņenko.

Education refrom


A new economy, a new generations means a new workforce; and the most needed thing for a upcoming work force is an education. But at the current moment most schools and their curriculums are mostly abysmal or not up to standards; shocking teaching staff, lack of important subjects and topics and a severe lack of strict proper unbiased testing. Inspired by western education systems, the current Latvian government and Saeima are finally coming around to fixing these fundamental issues in the education system. Rather then 'Harmony' pushing this agenda it came naturally from mostly independent politicians and parties such as 'Unity'.

Bill:All tests must be recorded on paper apart from the topic of 'Musical theatre', The Latvian Ministry of Education and Science shall introduce new literature topics based on positive themes of Latvian empowerment and historic prominent Latvian authors and intellectuals, schools shall be held accountable for low student grades and shall be swiftly registered under 'quality measures' for further inspection, all schools are required to hold both Latvian language and literature classes. Teachers that are either parents to, relatives to or friends of parents to (students) are not allowed to mark tests of said student. More emphasis in history of Latvia.


(Pro) An urgent reform to a crumbling education system which has taken a toll by the closing of countryside schools, westernising and modernising the schools system away from how it has remained since the 90s, better education for the future of Latvia, quality measures being actually introduced

(Anti) Too much time to implement, who is to report every small detail of a school apart from parents and students, unnecessary requirements that will strangle schools, maintain the status quo as it has been moderately successful, reform to prop up a positive 'harmony' campaign

Vote count out of a 100:
Aye: 87
Nay: 13

Result: Passes

Night life of the President

People walked past the little club a thousand and a hundred times, street lights flashed quickly, crack dealers emptied their pockets, businessmen came with 2023 model Samsungs, the day emptied itself, work ended, the sun came down and night quickly crept over Riga. 'New Order - True Faith' came tumbling from the stereos, glaring lights flashed from darkness to an array of colours, an obnoxious fun nightlife arose from the deep slumber of day with face frontal neon lights in every pocket of space in the room. Spilled cocktails with their shattered umbrellas. More beers. More cocktails. More spills. Cheap BMWs came in and out. The club exploded into more music and then she stepped inside, all in the space of minutes.

The President had landed inside with her velvet dress and black leather Calvin Klein handbag, her friends uptight and blond, their styles near enough identical to the surroundings. Neon again flashed on and off, showing off every tanned woman there in a split of an eye blink.

" some drinks?" one of the Presidents friends spoke, but with her voice strangled by the thunder of beat boxes.

"What?" another one of her friends blurted out with a slightly louder voice.

"I said" their eyes squinted and ears poked trying to hear here over the 'The rhythm of the night', "I said. I SAID, let's get some drinks." her posture went up as she pushed out words from the bottom of her lungs. They limply slithered through the crowd to the bar, as strangers smiled and said hello but all they did in response was roll their eyes.

They gently came to it, a grand monument of 2020s blue, pink, purple exotic liquors all imported from the rising world; Asia. "I'll have ehmmm, eh, the Bahama Mama" one of the simpler ones shouted, another one behind her whispered "So basic". And they spoke on, taking their time while Jūlija faded from daydream to daydream.

"I'll eh, I need the toilet" Jūlija muttered, but without none of them noticing, she walked numbly past decor, past blunt hits on her and past crowds of high attendants. She entered slowly through to the modern stone polished bathroom and came to the nearest cubicle. She hunched towards the toilet, holding the bottom of her stomach while a dribble of brown vomit came upon the toilet in slow exploding bursts. After what seemed an eternity she wiped her mouth upon her bare revealed skin of her arm, and pondered while the swirl of the toilet consumed the psychical manifestations of her agony.

It came to her, if she just vanished, simply disappeared into that tiny bubbling swirl; was just taken down to the atomic level of non existence, would anyone truly care?, would she be remembered or shunned away from as that tiny slice of history which deserves to be forgotten. Maybe some would feel a sense of vague relief, a subconscious relief that comes from the very depths of their thinking and manifests itself into an unexplainable emotion. Maybe some would even celebrate, or maybe some would be just simply disappointed as their tool for gain becomes lost in the box of rusty political tools; either way her only eternal monument would be a short clip of her in a awful interview, doomed to repeat on the internet for an eternity. There is truly nothing to her, no legacy, no children, no husband, just a fading meaningless title that shall pass on into more greater honourable hands. The swirl ended.

She walked to the bar, her mind dazed and eyes itching, "So Miss Jūlija where have you been, huh?"

Economic Blocs or Polish Sphere building

Recently a vague letter appeared to the the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a very unspecific and vague letter in matter of fact. At first it glance it was considered a prank not worth responding or sending to the Government of Latvia (in case of someone getting fired), but then at third glance it was found it carried proper and legitimate documentation and sources from Poland. If it was either an economic bloc in name for political reasons or an actual economic project was uncertain. It was carried on into the hands of the President for an appropriate and diplomatic response, a thing least expected from her in the entire nation.


To President of the Third Polish Republic, Andrzej Duda

From, Jūlija Stepaņenko, President of the Republic of Latvia

Before entrusting a potential treaty or deal between Latvia, both the Republics of Estonia and Lithuania, and Poland; we would like to have a legitimate discussion between both of our delegations about the terms and underlying points of the treaty. We wish to attend a meeting site in Warsaw or any of your locations of choice within the borders of both of our great nations. I hope to see your response soon, and economic progress even sooner.

Sincerely, Jūlija Stepaņenko.

Call for forgien investment


Nils Ušakovs, now considered the father of the 'Daugavpils International Airport' has stated during an visit to the the construction site that he is "Openly calling for investment from abroad for a passionate project that will benefit the entire surrounding region and even possibly revitalise the city of Daugavpils". Though still his wishful thinking is still considered wishful thinking, as the international community has shown a complete lack of interest in the airport project; with Europe and the west concentrating on moon bases & Moroccan solar plans and Russian focusing on business parks. So far the project shall remain on it's initial small scale improvements, not the desired huge scale the Prime Minister wishes it would be.

But still the hope lingers, as long as attention is directed at it with fundraisers, speeches and cheesy photos; the thoughts of a truly large scale airport remain, and shall remain with lingering hope within the spirits of the residents of Daugavpils.

National Projects:

Expansion and renovation of Daugavpils International Airport - 2.58%
Free Navalny, Back Gobzems

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Poznań, Poland:

It would be a very cloudy time for Poland. Dark clouds and dangers were starting to brew around the world once more, yet, Poland, along with the rest of Europe, would shrug these off in the face of other, more pressing matters.

However, a presidential term had gone and went for Jarosław Kaczyński, and thus, the elections had come upon them not long after they had ended five years ago. It had been a troubling time for everyone in Poland; geopolitical, legislative, and economic struggle had hampered Poland's capabilities for a while. Yet, there seemed to be all cleared up and set in order by the PiS party, or so most think. The Civic Platform didn't have much to say about most of the reforms, yet they still held different views than some other interests held by their opposition and still favored their candidate for president over Law and Justice's. They held other reforms and bills and tried to gain the support of other parties. It was now up to the election to decide the political landscape of Poland.

Except, there was one thing: the PO's campaign had been quite weak at times.

They couldn't do much about it; the PiS had gained lots of traction due to their large-scale involvement and reform, and, naturally, that meant the PO didn't have much of a budget yet still a lot of the country to cover.

They had a solid campaign, though, anyways. The PO would rally voters in the east and try to win back votes across other cities, dogfighting the PiS multiple times. Most of their platform's leaders were now fighting in battleground polling areas while other major and minor members were trying to rally and gain voters at the PO's main territory. Today, however, the party's chairman, Grzegorz Schetyna, was rallying his voters in Poznań and preparing for an incoming televised debate session between him and Kaczyński. Today was the day that he and his party would get their affairs in order and start to get ready for the coming elections.

Schetyna finally snaps out of his concentration mode, realizing a fellow party member was shaking him, trying to signal that it was his time to give his speech. He looked up from whatever object he was zoning in on, saw the man's hand on his shoulder, and abruptly stood up, to face the man as he told him it was his time to make his speech. He blinked rapidly before looking back and nodding his head. He walked away, straightening out his suit quickly before appearing before the PO supporters of Poznań.

There was a large crowd gathered outside waiting for him, shaking their posters and making tumultuous applause at the sit of him walking on stage. He grinned weakly, signs of his recent lack of sleep and increase in planning and thinking overnight, and waves to his supporters with a frail hand. He continues to the podium, walking briskly over before clearing his throat grandly and leaning into the microphone, the crowd swiftly silencing themselves as Schetnya prepares to speak.

"People of Poznań," he started, "I welcome you to our convention today and want to talk about what we will do to help Poland. We have seen what the PiS has done, and it's not so pretty. Nationalism and the right have increased in Poland, and hate can be heard to be spread on the streets. We must stand against this and the lazy right-wing agenda of the Law and Justice party. We also want to decrease taxes and flat tax rates. Environmentalist policies would also be included, meanwhile, our liberal-conservative agenda will continue throughout our possible administration. And there's no doubt about it; we easily have the better policy over the opposition."

The crowd gave a great applause, whooping and clapping and chanting his name quietly. Schetyna walked off the stage as his colleague walked on to elaborate on the PO's plan for elections and their campaign.

Warszawa, Poland:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland had been pretty tired after the strain of multiple government happenings across the Parliament building and also a monumental proposition in terms of current diplomatic affairs for Poland, or at least monumental when compared to some of the current, silent news of foreign affair involving Poland nowadays.

No, the ministry has been more involved in silent affairs: booking meetings for the president, negotiating construction and leases with other countries, maintaining relations and involving the country with the EU, and so on and so forth. Thus, the ministry hadn't really been this tired as they are now. But now was different. The elections were coming up very soon. And now the ministry was getting itself involved with the last-minute moves of the incumbent administration.

Witold Waszczykowski, the trusted Minister of Foreign Affairs, relaxes in his chair comfortably for a second, pausing to think pensively a bit as he rubs the temples of his head. He finally straightens his back, sitting up in his chair as he rests his hand on his desk and weakly rifles through his drawers and files, grabbing his reading glasses as he makes cursory glances at and reads over the documents he had within his desk. He finally realizes a new letter is on his desk and looks at it curiously. He hadn't even realized he received it.

He grabs it and sets it down gently, carefully reading the exterior. It was marked by excellent, fancy designs and a seemingly Latvian imagery depicted on it, as well. He cautiously opened the letter, making sure he didn't damage the material. He finally pulled out a telegram and started to read. It was from the Latvian head of state and was about the economic bloc he had written about before.

Ah, good, our first response. Glad to see. Waszczykowski thinks.

The letter was addressed to Andrzej Duda, one of the chairmen of the PiS party and current Prime Minister if he was correct. Though Duda was off campaigning, Jarosław Kaczyński had returned back to Warsaw to take a break from campaigning and to prepare himself for the final stretch of the elections. He went to visit his office quickly, clearing up the situation and taking notes to piece together a response from him. Waszczykowski then returns to his office where he settles down and begins to type.

He promptly prepares to write a quick telegram back and begins to elaborate and detail the typed message before sealing it in a secure, beautiful envelope and mailing it to the Latvian foreign ministry.

To the offices of the government of Latvia, we would be pleased to negotiate the details of such a deal further at the buildings of Warsaw here in Poland or alternatively in Lithuania. Currently, President of Poland, Jarosław Kaczyński, and possibly Prime Minister, Andrzej Duda, would be the delegates ready for any negotiations and would love to work out the deals and conditions of the economic bloc. Preparing for a meeting like this can be tedious, yet, it should be easy to work out and could be done in Warsaw next week or later down the line. Thank you for your correspondence.


Kraków, Poland:

The bustling town of Kraków was filled with life: citizens moving about to work and/or home, trucks and cars navigating their way through the crowded streets, and lights being turned on and off momentarily by the second. However, most of the populace was not focused on their usual work, no, they were involved in the progress of the election and how a televised debate between the two opposing parties was being held right there in the city.

Bright lights shined through a stadium where the debate was being held, and the ruckus from there had projected enough sound to give a rough sleep to any tired citizen or visitor of Kraków.

Inside the stadium, multiple supporters and politicians had gathered, with a solid majority of them naturally being PiS] voters as this was Law and Justice political territory, yet, there had also been a larger than expected PO turnout. Regardless, the two premier politicians had arrived on the scene soon enough, and in a matter of time both Jarosław Kaczyński and Grzegorz Schetyna had walked over to their podiums and begun the debate:

Moderator: "Good evening everyone from Wisła Kraków stadium, and welcome to the third and final debate between President Jarosław Kaczyński and politician Grzegorz Schetyna. Very well, let's get right into it.

Moderator: "This debate is sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates. The commission has designed the format: Six roughly 15-minute segments with two-minute answers to the first question, then open discussion for the rest of each segment. Both campaigns have agreed to those rules."

Moderator: "We have chosen a number of topics from domestic to international issues across the country. Let's begin. First, where do you want the judiciary system to progress and how do you want it to operate? Secondly, should we retain the flexibility of these policies or should we try to deviate from some of the EU's orders to keep it that way? Schetyna, let's start with you, you have two minutes."

Schetyna: "While the judiciary system does seem flawed in Poland currently, we would like to abide by the EU's word and instead revert from our current positions as they provide a growing concern within the EU's commission and affects the law, though, we would like to reach a compromise that still allows us to retain flexibility to fix some of the justice system's flaws."

Moderator: "Well, alright then, let's see what you have to say about that, Mr. Kaczyński."

Kaczyński: "While we would definitely like to reach an eventual compromise with the EU one day, we stand by the reforms to the judicial system, and so does most of other, ordinary Poles. First of all, the system is inefficient, slow, and has never really been 'decommunized' with many collaborators of the regime still presiding over cases/trials. We need deep reform for the judiciary system to still work and to make the process more efficient."

Moderator: "Good to know, good to know. Now, how about tax reforms and tax rates? Mr. Kaczyński, why don't we flip to you first this time?"

Kaczyński: "Very well, we do have plans on eventually decreasing tax and tax values, however, due to the new budget plans, tax rates might be changed or edited, however, if we are allowed to continue our work we will polish up or current designs for the budget and then proceed to a lowering of taxes, possibly."

Moderator: "And your thoughts on this Mr. Schetyna?"

Schetynia: "I think we share the same views on this current issue and though my party would have deviated from the current economic plans, we still think cutting down tax rates would be part of our agenda."

Moderator: "Alright then, now, diplomatic affairs. What do you have to say on the matter of President Stewart and his attempts to reform NATO? What about the economic efforts of the EU or the new economic bloc being proposed between Poland and the Baltic States? Mr. Schetyna, I believe it is your turn to go first this time."

Schetyna: "Our party stands with the United States and its efforts to re-affirm NATO since the disaster of the Virmuaa Crisis. We also plan to circulate military equipment and perform exercises or erect bases with joint partnership handling these affairs. As of the EU, we stand by it as well, maybe even more than the opposition here, and plan to continue playing big roles in it and its dream of unity for Europe. Now, on to the next matter the...waht were we on>"

Moderator: "You are to now answer the question of the Baltic economic bloc."

Schetyna: "Oh, yes, right, we believe the opposition has done a good job proposing an economic bloc between us and the Baltic states now that we have been experiencing joint upturns in our economy and wish to formalize this bloc as soon as possible and continue its growth as a side-project next to our devotion to the EU."

Moderator: "Alright, and what do you have to say about that Mr. Kaczyński?"

Kaczyński: "I share all of the same views as the opposition here except that I will still listen to my people should they show any different opinion or any contempt for any of these agreements."

Moderator:" Alright, for the end of this segment, we wish to discuss any economic policy or any legislation about it?"

Kaczyński: "Well, for now, we plan on continuing our current stances with more free-market capitalist economies and fighting against corruption within the government as we have done and stated many times before. We do still hope on possibly integrating some control on the economy from the government with protectionist policies, however, we plan to leave the economy as it is."

Skatyna: "Meanwhile, our party hopes to take steps liberalizing and implementing other parts of our stances into the economy, however, for now, we'll keep it where we are currently with some changes to the investment and budget plans made by the previous administration."

Moderator: "Very well, this does mean that the debating must now continue, join us after this commercial break where we come to the next segment and more."

The Kingdom of Romanussia
A nation based in the present inhabited by a more latinized Romanian culture ruled by a constitutional monarchy shrouded in a vivid and detailed history and armed with a disciplined and modernized military.
Capital: Traiana | Currency: Koson | Demonym: Romanus/Romanian

RNN: General elections proclaim Dacian Ciolos as new premier of Romanussia's legislature | Romanussia national under-21 soccer team wins its first UEFA Championship over Spain in the final | Romanus navy recieves first shipment of new equipment since its overhaul was approved by the General Staff | The Acordul calls for its next cooperative research operation

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A Populace Uneasy:

Through the economic disparity and crime it seems that the citizens of Brazil have put up with it all. They seek an answer, they seek relief, they seek help. For many moons, the people of Brazil have bought into the words of their politicians. Their political parties promising great change and progress only to be elected and leave the people of Brazil hanging. This was noticed in the public. This lack of political attention to the everyday people has been felt by the public. Since the election of President Barbosa and no significant change, it seems that the public has grown rather uneasy about what is to come. This unrest sparked the birth of a new movement, a new party. This new party has gained a following in the downtime with the hopes that the 2026 election will change Brazil. They are the Brasileiros Novos Integrantes Party. They vow to overtake the government peacefully and lead it by the people. They have gained a following as their cause has spread. They have publically ridiculed and bashed the President as well as the Senate and all the politicians that are currently in Brazil. Now they have gathered their political team. Their members who are running an office. The time is now... and Brasileiros Novos Integrantes is ready to take back Brazil for the people.



The morning breeze rustles through the crowd. The citizens gather around, theirs been whispers of this new political party. Whispers that change is to happen. For years now they have been slaves to the corrupt system, the people have been beaten to their knees and burned. This is no more, for from the ashes of this has risen the Brasileiros Novos Integrantes Party, a party founded by the citizens who are sick of the current tide of how things are going.

The crowd waits, beads of sweat dripping down some of the laborers' faces. A man steps forth from the back areas of the stage. He is 35 and doesn't look a day older. HIs slicked back black hair compliments his goatee and almond eyes. The man wears a green military button up shirt that has its sleeves rolled up to his elbows. The shirt itself is tucked into the pants of the outfit, sealed off by a black belt. His outfit is complete with tan cargo pants that are ruggedly tucked into his boots. He is different in that he does not dress in a suit for this. He is a citizen and he feels no higher. He stands at the microphone and clears his throat, eyeing the massive crowd in front of him.

"Brothers and sisters of Brazil, I am Evandro Esteves Barreto and I am running for president as the candidate for the Brasileiros Novos Integrantes Party. I have come here today because of I, just like many of you am tired of the failure of our modern politicians. I helped found this political party because I want to see a change in Brazil. It seems that every election rotation the politicians promise change only to leave our hopes up and our wallets empty, our streets filled with crime, and our officials corrupt. We are left without a vote every single time... and nothing to show for it. This ends now! No more will our politicians be corrupted, no more will we suffer at the hands of the evil doers that deceive us! I want all of Brazil to know that change is coming!"

He pauses and looks around. A small wave of handclaps goes around and then silences. "Look around brothers and sisters. Don't you see the wrong? Don't you see how badly we are being destroyed by the hands of these politicians? It was so long ago that Brazil was on the fast track to becoming one of the world powers. What happened? Why did we fall so far? I will tell you why. It is years of these failed leaders. Years of these politicians being elected only to be bought out by the cartels, the enemy! We see no change because they don't want change. They want us to struggle, to suffer! NO MORE WILL WE SUFFER! I will lead a purge and large-scale investigation on all members of the government and will rightfully imprison those who have betrayed the people of Brazil. Those who promised great things but only lead this nation to destruction. They will be found out, tried, and punished for their wrongdoing. They have sat on their asses and taken their check while we, the honest and hardworking people of Brazil, work and work to only make a better place for our families and friends."

"The economy is a major concern of mine, for years now it has hindered our growth. This can be fixed. We must nationalize our economy! We must nationalize our resources! Brazil I will tell you this, under my presidency, I will create jobs. I will stimulate the economic growth we need. It's about time that direct action is taken to boost our economy! With a strong economy, our nation will begin to prosper, and with the extra money that we make we can put into social programs! Programs to help the people! Under my presidency, our economy will be jumpstarted and see a new life that it hasn't seen in so long!"

"Our new Brazil is not only going to be an economic success under my presidency, but also a military might! I want to totally reform and build up the Brazilian military. First I am going to wipe away the conscription method that our current nation uses. It costs too much money to train everyone. Our army needs to be built strong, soldiers need to be committed. They need to have the initiative and the patriotism needed for a good soldier. We need an army made of the finest Brazilian men and women. When I get into office it will mean something to be a soldier. It will give new light to the word as Brazil's true heroes and heroines. Right now I understand that this place isn't much worth fighting for. We have a terrible economy, crime running rampant, and corrupt politicians. This will change. I will relight the mighty Brazilian forge and once again it will shine brightly. Our military will defend the new Brazil, the jewel of the world!"

"Now we come to a major issue. An issue that many before I have promised to fix but nothing great happened. Crime, we have a terrible crime problem. The cartels' peck at our borders and the gangs run rampant in our streets. This is no home for the typical family. No mother should have to hold the corpse of her dying child because it overdosed or was shot for going into debt. The cartels are a terrible terrible thing that needs to be removed. They deal poison to our children and enslave our people! They slaughter those who oppose them. The cartels buy out politicians and this must be stopped. If the new Brazil is going to prosper at all then we need to eradicate these terrorists who slaughter us! Over the years they have murdered our people! Poisoned our people! And have corrupt our officials! NO MORE WILL WE BE ABUSED BY THIS SCUM! When I am in office I will endorse and push the biggest war on these terrorists that this world has seen! I will make a South and Central American for all nations to sign that will be a sort of alliance against these terrorists. WE WILL BUILD A BETTER BRAZIL!"

"This idea that I speak of, the better Brazil. It has been promised by many but again and again, they leave us with the same Brazil or even a Brazil that has only been destroyed more than before! I will build a better Brazil! The Integrantes Party will build the Brazil of our dreams! No more will the mighty flag of our nation be stomped and trampled on by these criminals that run our nation! We will fly our flag proudly! We will rise from the ashes that remain of the once great nation! We will redefine what it means to be Brazilian, together! The hardworking men and women of Brazil deserve this place! They deserve a new Brazil, a better Brazil! Let us work together to take back our nation! To achieve what we've been promised all these years! Let me tell you something, every four years we are given a match. We've been out in the cold for so long and every time we are deceived. They tell us to put this match into the pool instead of the pile of dried papers and wood. Join us, and don't be out in the cold! Put fire to the lies and the corruption and the utter crap that these people have been promising and not putting through with! Vote for me, vote for my party for all aspects of the office. We are the Brasileiros Novos Integrantes Party and right now we are the last hope. I am Evandro Esteves Barreto thank you, and good day!"

Speeches like this are given all over the country by Evandro Esteves Barreto and his party affiliates as they campaign for the Presidential office, and every other office, local and federal. Their party uses volunteer work and labor to spread their campaign news and so far this has been the fastest growing party in the nation.


Presidential Doings:

Barbosa sat in his usual spot, today he sipped on his morning coffee and ate some papaya. Along with this Barbosa nibbled at a piece of pão francês. His coffee made perfectly like his mother used to make it. Half milk and half coffee, média, perfection to Barbosa.

As he did this he read over the news. The sun was just rising over the horizon and it seemed almost routine to him to read over the news. Once again the cursed Brasileiros Novos Integrantes Party made headlines. He cursed under his breath. These people were causing such a ruckus and it slightly angered him. They gained their following by leeching off of the Brazilian people's fears, they made enemies of those that were represented by terrible.

If the people wanted action then Barbosa would give it to them. He quickly finished his breakfast, writing up proposals for the government. He also picked up the phone and scheduled a tv crew to meet him in his office later, that way he could address the public.




Bill: Animal Protection and Safeguarding Act

Proposed: Congressman Gustavo Rocha Martins, PSDB

Contents: With the passing of this bill the hunting of any animal will be absolutely prohibited, overruling some state decisions to allow game hunting. If caught there will be a federal penalty of a minimum of 35463.00 Brazilian Reals and a minimum of 6 months prison as well as an additional 6 months community service afterward. This is put in place to not only protect all species of Brazil but also promote a greener Brazil overall.

<Congressman Gustavo Rocha Martins, PSDB> My fellow council-members this needs to be passed. The deforestation of this great nation is already at a disgusting level. We need to safeguard the species and strengthen the laws on this. Plus safeguarding these species will show the world that we are taking the initiative needed to save one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

<Congresswoman Yasmin Correia Costa, PMDB> This proposal sounds good but the federal government already has pushed to make this illegal. In fact, passing this would only anger states as it takes away from the states rights to regulate game hunting. I see that the green initiative is important but we should leave the states be.

For: 378
Against: 199
Abstain: 18

Result: The Federal Government will override the decisions of the state and make all hunting illegal. All current citizens breaking this law will be tried and put before a judge and given at least the minimal sentencing, although for larger offenses it will be extended. This law permits to any Brazilian citizen but does not include the indigenous people and tribes of Brazil.


Bill: Strategic Safety Initiative

Proposed: President Barbosa, PMDB

Contents: Upon passing this local police stations will be encouraged to use models and graphs of some of their roughest and crime-ridden neighborhoods in order to more efficiently determine where to station patrols to decrease crime. This initiative will hopefully strategically place officers in the worst parts of cities and towns to reduce the amount of crime.

<President Barbosa, PMDB> This initiative is one that I have discussed and planned for a while. Crime is terrible in many of our cities across the nation. In order to restore the safe feeling, our officers must be strategically placed throughout these cities in groups to maintain the peace. With this initiative, our annual budget for law enforcement can be outfitted to ensure that the individual police department is using their resources in the most strategic way necessary.

For: 432
Against: 120
Abstain: 43

Result: Police departments will now be prompted and pushed to place their officers in strategic locations around the most crime filled neighborhoods to hopefully suppress and lower the crime rates.


Bill: Civilian Protection Act Of 2025

Proposed: President Barbosa, PMDB

Contents: This legislation will ban and raise the offense for the criminal act of extortion. Any officers, officials, or civilians found guilty of extortion will be imprisoned and their profits confiscated. This offense will no longer be tolerated at all. Punishment will be according to the offense but the minimum for extortion will be 6 months in jail, 6 months community service, and ban from all government jobs. The information that the offender was an extortionist will also have to be known to any future employer and anyone the offender has to sign a contract with. For example when buying or renting a place to stay.

<President Barbosa, PMDB> Great people of the National Congress I ask you this, can we go on any further in this climate of corruption and bribery? I think not. This is a law that must pass. We must protect the citizens from being extorted, and this particular offense harms many Brazilians and even the owners of small businesses all over the nation. We surely cannot allow such a crime to go overlooked? This is a terrible action that I cannot morally allow. We must give the public back faith in their government and allow us to start the cleanup of this corrupted government that we have before us.

For: 366
Against: 229
Abstain: 0

Result: A new minimum standard has been set for offenders of extortion. This will be implemented and put into action as of immediately.


Bill: Reconstructive Gambling Act

Proposed: President Barbosa, PMDB

Contents: Act I of this policy will legalize the building of casinos across the nation. These establishments will be taxed an extra 10% annually plus all winnings earned will be taxed a whopping 40%. This legalizes regulated card tables, slot machines, and other casino-style games. This will null any previous attempts to regulate and ban casinos altogether. Also, an underlying clause is that brothels are allowed to open with the 10% extra annual tax. Brothels will also be forced to be randomly inspected once a year, as well as all of its employees, must be STD free. Failure to meet these standards will result in fines and eventually the shutting down of the operation.

<President Barbosa, PMDB> Our economy is not a joking matter. It has not seen the growth it needs and I really think this administration can use some extra money. Gambling is currently illegal in Brazil. With the casinos being made around the nation I can only suspect that this new revenue source will only be beneficial as the money can be used for law enforcement, infrastructure, education, and other means of improving the nation.

<Anita Fraga Cordeiro, PSC> This may generate a good amount of money for the government but it is introducing full-on gambling to the public. This should not be allowed as it is only going to lower the public standards and lead to a domino effect of legislation that legalizes vices. The underlying causes are also just disgraceful.

For: 499
Against: 36
Abstain: 60

Result: Casinos now are allowed to operate all around the nation, as long as they pay their tax. Brothels are also allowed to open up as long as they meet standards.


Bill: Involvment In Cameroon

Proposed: President Barbosa, PMDB

Contents: This declaration will allow for troops to be sent to the African nation of Cameroon to support their local government. Passing of this legislation would only allow for a maximum of 5,000 troops to be sent to Cameroon at once. No more may be sent until further involvement is passed by Congress.

<President Barbosa, PMDB> The situation in Cameroon is dire. As a rising power in the world, I think it is only fit if Brazil sends military support to the government. These Islamic terrorists that destroy the nation are a terrible threat to society and if left untamed could lead to a new terrorist power that the world has to deal with. I think this is a prime opportunity to help a nation in need.

<Senator Iago Nakamura Ambrósiol, PSDB> Involvement in Cameroon will only cost the taxpayers money and drag the nation into an unwanted conflict. We do not need this on our plate right now. Let's not use this

For: 222
Against: 370
Abstain: 3

Result: No aid will be sent to the Civil War in Cameroon.


A National Address:

The nation gathers around their radios and televisions to hear the news. Quickly rumors spread that the President was making a change, he was doing something. He was pushing change in the government. He also had a national address, what could it mean? Was this finally the time that something would happen? Was their finally going to be change within the government? So many questions had to be answered, but all waited eagerly to listen to the national address.

The program begins and the Brazilian flag is shown with the national anthem playing. Videos of the congresspeople are shown cheering, clips of the raids on the smugglers, clips of the president waving to the audience, and then it cuts to the flag again as the song ends. The camera now shoots the Presidents office. He is sitting and smiles at the camera.

"Good evening Brazil, I am your leader, President Barbosa. I come here to address the nation tonight for many reasons. First and foremost I would like to tell what a grand day its been. Proposals that Congress has made are going through, change is happening. In this day alone we passed an act to protect you, the citizen against the tyranny of corrupt officials. My team and I have also passed an initiative to make our police departments more strategic in how they set up their patrols to ensure that our police departments across the nation are utilizing their resources in the best possible manner. I want the everyday Brazilian to be safe and secure in their homestead and this is one of the first acts to help with that. Today was successful, and my hopes are that many more days like this will come."

"Not only has today been a successful day, but I have other great news. I am officially announcing to the people that I am running again for office in the 2026 elections. I have begun to make a change and I foresee that there are many more changes to come. I foresee a future that is filled with prosperity and patriotism. I plan to further my attacks on smugglers. I also plan on strengthening our economy through developing our home-grown businesses. I am actually in the final stages of a new tax plan to benefits the Brazilian business over the foreign competitors. Together we can build a new Brazil, a strong Brazil."

"It has come to my attention that as of recent there is a newly founded political party and they are actively attacking this administration with verbal ammunition. I want to officially warn the public that this group is known as the 'Brasileiros Novos Integrantes Party' are extremists and will not lead the nation to a great future as they promise. I want to publically state my doubts in this party. As they have some good ideas, their extreme beliefs will be their downfall. To the people of Brazil I say this, don't be deceived by their con arts. Don't be deceived by their fears that they implant into your heads. Thier is a way to reforge Brazil and I hope that I can lead Brazil on that path."

"My first term as president saw change, and I only wish to continue and make more change through a second term. My plans for the second term were finalized in the first term of my presidency. This term I have worked with members of my cabinet as well as senators and congressmen from all over Brazil to design economic, military, and social standards to improve the nation as a whole."

"I have also removed the federal ban on certain style casino games. In the next couple of months, you can expect to see these establishments pop up all over the nation. After careful consideration, I have decided that these establishments will bring in tourists and provide entertainment and relief for the everyday worker of Brazil. The tax money made by these establishments will be used to make Brazil a better nation, and even to reinvest in our nation."

"It is time for this brief message to end, and I wish all a good night. I want everyone to recollect on the progress that has been made, and the progress that is to come. Vote for me Brazil, and let's secure our next term together!"

The TV switches to the presidential seal and then after a couple of minutes it flips to the regularly scheduled programming.

In Other News:

    - The naval patrols are strengthened even more to trap and confiscate all smuggler ships, profits, and imprison those who are carrying out those deeds.
    - A new program is created to give people jobs. The National Infrastructure Initiative is one that President Barbosa is rather proud of. He is paying workers minimum wage, which isn't much but it helps with the unemployment problem a little while building up the countries infrastructure.
    - The first lady has now pushed a massive initiative to get citizens to speak out against corrupt officials. She has visited several small towns and cities around the nation with the Federal Police to conduct investigations and raids on corrupted officials.
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Federal Republic of Germany
Bundesrepublik Deutschland

February 24, 2025 - Brussels, Belgium : Ecofin

A little over a week ago, Poland had made preparations for a conference to discuss affairs with Russia, opting to see some progress being made in regard to new relations that might improve both of their stances strategically. The Polish Sejm had deliberated, and a formal delegation was sent to privately discuss the matter at Brussels.

After thoroughly debating this matter, the members of the EU had decided to move forward with these proposals.

Now, prestigious leaders and delegates crowd the seats and halls of the grandiose building at Brussels. The politicians file in, taking their seats and chatting on with others nearby. As the last stragglers made their way to the scene, the halls had slowly silenced and the meeting began.

Mr. Jarosław Kaczyński, President of Poland, had made his way to this meeting, accompanied by some other emissaries, to formally discuss the matters he had in mind. He cleared his throat and stood up as he began to speak, “Welcome everyone to Brussels. As you know, we have been gathered here to commence negotiations with Russia in light of wanting to begin new relations and affairs. So far, the EU wants to initiate in some small research and technologic sharing programs, and strict trade between its member states and Russia. It also wants to debrief on some foreign and external matters, as well.” Kaczyński paused, waiting for someone else to speak.

The Chancellor of Germany, Martin Schöpfer, quickly elaborates on the Polish President’s remark, representing the interests of the Bundesrepublik, “We’ve agreed to negotiate, but we haven’t agreed what the terms of the negotiation are. Many in the EU remain skeptical of joint research initiatives, but for the sake of peace, this summit is necessary. Now then, I believe the Mr. Putin should take the stage on his proposal for the evident reason this summit was called in the first place: the lifting of sanctions.”

Sitting comfortably in his own chair, the Russian Federation’s President smiled, revealing a row of white teeth. Vladimir Putin went on to say “Of course, and thank you Mr. Schöpfer. Truth be told, closer ties with Europe are something we’re very interested in right now. That being said, that requires cooperation. This of course will start small in nature. Well, small in comparison I suppose. However, we think that as Sanctions are gradually done away with, as threats are put to rest, Moscow and Brussels will find themselves gradually coming together. Now, going into more detail, there’s a couple of things I’d like addressed. One is the forbidding of Western Loans. I would like at least an amount of European money to be able to flow to help Russian companies. That, and a lessening of Sanctions on the Russian Energy industry. That includes technology, which we want to be addressed. This will be accompanied with our own suspension of Sanctions we placed on the EU. This goes into things such as agriculture, and on specific individuals. Any comments on your ideas gentlemen?” Vladimir said raising an eyebrow.

The President of Latvia, Jūlija Stepaņenko seemed pleased with the direction of the meeting, but remembering that she was representing the needs of the government she decided not to show personal judgements. She cleared her throat “Lower or no sanctions will ultimately improve trade and diplomacy in the Baltic and Eastern Europe” she took a pause to make her speech seem light “But my country's somewhat questionable worry is that Russia will further intervene and meddle in Eastern European affairs, not that I believe such conspiracy theories. If these negotiations were to come through, can the Russian federation guarantee it will respect the sovereignty of its bordering states..?” Her stomach twisted and turned, completely repulsed by her last few words, making her physically lean forwards from her chair.

Jarosław Kaczyński put on a stern face as he heard the council speak. He turned to the Russian premier and began, “I think we must still remain watchful of future moves, and I advocate to still keep a healthy amount of sanctions intact. However, lowering them quite well would have effects explained by my Latvian colleague. Economic benefits and new trade systems could really help. However, I must agree that we must curb some of the intervention and diplomatic involvement your administration has made in the Middle East and I know some of my other council members would like to discuss the situation is Ukraine as well.”

Vladimir Putin put on a pleased face, anticipating this discussion would appear. He had multiple ideas that he was willing to propose. “As far as Eastern Europe goes, I came willing to make an agreement to prevent any further interventions in Eastern Europe. The plan is to increase relations through my last term. I understand your concerns Mrs. Stepaņenko, and intend for us to address them.” Putin said looking her straight in the eye, before turning to the Polish President saying. “As far as the middle east, I’d like to point out how we’ve cut our ‘meddling’-” he said making air quotes ”over the past few years. Our main interests have been our bases in Syria, which have been relatively silent since the conflict went cold. Well as cold as the Middle East gets I suppose. As far as Ukraine, we’re willing to buy the Peninsula if we must from Ukraine. This can be done in multiple ways, including debt being forgiven.”

Narrowing his eyes at the Russian President, Fabien Demaret made no effort to hide his contempt for Putin’s apparently relaxed approach to the negotiations. Russia’s interference and meddling in the affairs of European states - be they large or small - had been essentially confirmed by their intelligence agencies. From elections to fanning the flames of hatred and bigotry on social media, their foreign policy had been one of aggression and hostility. The first spark for the deterioration of relations had been the invasion of Crimea and the explosion of Ukraine’s proxy war. In one fell swoop, Russia had spat on the established system of rules and laws which had governed the interactions between nations since the Second World War. Putin had ordered that his soldiers invade and annex a sovereign land, unannounced, without insignia, and without an official declaration of war.

“Mr. President, may I assure you that your meddling is no laughing matter for us. While the situation in the Middle East may be open for debate given the volatile and unstable history of that region, your regime deliberately, and directly sparked conflict and death in Eastern Europe. Your actions spoke of a blatant disregard for international norms and the common desire for peace across our continent.” The French President’s expression remained serious and cold, his gaze unwavering. “Allow me to be frank in this private meeting: we all are aware that your intervention in Ukraine was driven in no small part to prevent that nation’s sovereign decision to move closer to the European Union. Mr. President, the EU was not NATO. We were not a military force seeking to encroach upon your borders, but a community that looked back at a shared history and sought to prevent the repetition of past mistakes. Your actions not only tore apart Ukraine and brought suffering upon its people, but once again brought strife to Europe. We are not here today to lower our guard or to forgive, but rather to determine if there is an avenue towards common ground and whether you have the willingness to regain our trust. As for your proposal to purchase the Crimea, the EU cannot speak on behalf of the sovereign nation of Ukraine, but we can support them in whatever decision they make. However, your meddling has extended beyond just physical incursions. We are aware of your state’s sponsored activities in cyberspace and the media. You must pledge - and we must observe - a reduction in your nation’s propagation of divisive and untruthful content with the goal of influencing our own elections and people.”

Putin’s almost friendly manner melted away into something dead serious, turing his attention as the French President. Sighing, Vladimir said “If you’re going to be frank, so will I. Let me explain the Russian mindset for a second here, the reason we acted like we have is because NATO has gotten closer and closer to our borders after the collapse of the Soviet Union. With that alliance, the United States. So, like the past, Russia had two options. Go west, or be subjugated by the west. The past brought the Swedes, the French, and the Germans. Now it was the United States of America getting closer, and closer to Moscow. The west commonly refers to Russia as a “Cornered Bear.” They are right, and when an animal is cornered, it lashes out. Russia is in a very interesting situation, and the only way, and I mean only way, Russia will come on top of any conflict with the West is if we’re the aggressors. The USA does as it pleases, and if we were in a situation where we were pushed into a corner by an aggressive USA, could we resist them? I believe in the Russian people, but I am not naive to believe we can overcome everything. This all being the case, something notable has changed. The fall of NATO, and the retreat of the USA back across the Atlantic. I’m going to be clear, this is the very best opportunity for a Euro-Russian reconciliation. The “boogeyman” is the USA, not Europe. I came here to make progress, and the first step to offering an olive branch. I’m willing to make guarantees to ensure Russia’s place as a European partner, but I will never allow Russia to depend itself on the USA. This all being the case, Russia is willing to pull back on it’s “aggressive policies.” Believe me, I want a future where Europe and Russia can work together. I also believe there is not a better time to do that than now.”

Chancellor Schöpfer wasn’t surprised by the words of the Russian President. Russia was backed into a corner, everyone knew that. He held a mild sympathy for the people, but was perfectly aware of the nature of Vladimir Putin, and remained wary of Russia. He spoke carefully, “Peace between Russia and the rest of the European continent would be ideal. However, while NATO remains but a memory, the European states are still aligned with the United States. Especially with the election of President-Elect Charles Stewart, who supported reconciliation between the United States and her former allies, the Euro-American divide may not remain steady. Regardless of the divide, I can personally state that Germany remains wary of lifting sanctions. As my colleague President Demaret stated, the Russian support of the Donbass Rebellion is clear interfering in the affairs of European nations. While they are not a member of the European Union or CESDOT, they remain a sovereign state nonetheless. Similarly, as your Spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced in June, Serbia is making steps to join the CSTO, which has admittedly made my Bundesrepublik nervous about Russian interfering in Europe, given their recent history. I’m not quite sure if the current situation warrants dropping sanctions, especially given Russia’s recent actions on the continent.”

Turning to the German Chancellor, Vladimir said “As for Ukraine, this all follows in the policy of keeping your troops as far away from Moscow as humanly possible. Imagine you were a Russian official, and the prospect of Ukraine in NATO, or perhaps now the CESDOT was proposed. You would be terrified, as this would castrate Russia irreconcilably. As long as that threat is a possibility, I had to act to prevent it. The Geopolitical needs of Russia demanded action. If I can get a guarantee from the country that they won’t go completely into the West’s camp, I think we could begin to fix our issues. As far as Serbia goes, they came to us wanting to join the CSTO. In line with that foreign policy, the “Go west or die” mentality, we of course accepted the possibility to join our ranks. Here’s what I can guarantee, if these sanctions are not dropped, that just makes us more liable to lash out. That’s what you want to stop right, Russia interfering in Europe? I’m a reasonable man, and I see what strategy works the best at a given time. “Scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” as the saying goes. Wouldn’t you prefer Russia as a ally in 10 years? That would be something to see, but it has to start somewhere. So I’ll tell you what, let’s make a compromise. In exchange for some, and I say some, sanctions being dropped, we’ll stop our secret meddling. We’ll also begin more talks with Ukraine over how to put this crisis to a rest. You can watch us for 6 months, or a year, then we’ll meet again. If you’re satisfied, you repeal more sanctions. If you’re not, tell us what your displeased with, and add some back. Let’s get a list of goals you want us to look into, and we’ll go from there.”

The Chancellor leans back in his chair, seemingly relaxed that the meeting had taken a turn which he found to be agreeable. He briefly responds,“This seems like surprisingly reasonable terms for European cooperation. I believe this could be beneficial if done correctly. What do you think, my colleagues?” He remained skeptical about reigniting Russo-European relations in the form of lowering some sanctions, but he felt an odd sense of comfort in being surrounded by his allies in the European Union.

Demaret’s features remained impassive, but the tension in his shoulder seemed to have lessened by an imperceptible degree. His posture had shifted ever so slightly, almost noticeably so, but it was a sign that he was direction that the negotiations had taken. “This sounds like a reasonable compromise, and France would be willing to support these initial steps to thaw our relations.” He paused for a moment, glancing around at his fellow European heads of state. While there was some rationale behind Putin’s excuses, the French President knew that the relationship between Europe and America would likely never be the same as it once was. While he would be glad to have their friends from across the Atlantic re-engage with the world, Europe had been forced to stand on its own for too long to give up its newfound strength and independence easily. “But, given time Mr. President, I hope that you will realise that this Union does not seek to divide our Continent between East and West. Hopefully, by working together we can once again return to a time of cooperation and peace.”

Jarosław Kaczyński watched on silently in content as the leaders made belligerent speech and offers. However, the tensions would cool and they would reach better cooperation. Eventually, a promising bid was made, and Jarosław spilled back over into the big talk of the conference as he began to speak once more.

“Very well, I see that we have reached a point of common interest. I will support this offer made by the Russian head of state and I hope to restore some sense of peace and harmony in Europe once more. Regardless, this economic program shall slowly wear down the sanctions yet keep a good few of them until we are satisfied. We’ll call this, Econoperate or some name of the sorts. We’ll move on to defining the details of this later, let us conclude this meeting unless anyone has any other thoughts?”

The room was silent, it appeared no one had anything else to say. The leaders drafted up a basic declaration of sanction removal, shook hands, and went their separate ways.

July 8, 2025 - Berlin, Germany : Bundestag

With German elections on the horizon, both the SPD and CDU were on their toes about pushing any controversial bills that may endanger their electoral position. For over a decade, the Germans have been working on a gradual phasing out of coal from the German energy industry. The SPD was, by far, the largest advocate for environmental regulations in Germany, and they were the primary ones pushing this bill.

The SPD had put forth a proposal detailing an in-depth plan to begin the large-scale phasing out of coal in a ten year period, the enstatement of a carbon tax, and several other environmental regulations. The CDU-CSU coalition protested the bill, specifically the carbon tax, as being anti-business and stating that it would only serve to damage the German energy industry with minimal environmental benefits. In the end, however, the SPD had managed to convince most of the Bundestag that it was a necessary move, and the bill was enstated.

July 10, 2025 - Brussels, Belgium : Ecofin

The Eurogroup began as an informal gathering, back in the fledgling days of the Eurozone and the new international currency which it sought to establish. A collection of the finance ministers of every nation within the economic bloc, the Eurogroup emerged as the political core of the financial confederation, the unofficial grouping swiftly becoming one of the most important bodies in European affairs. The French finance minister, Harmonie Le Tonnelier, looked around the conference room at her counterparts. She tried to gauge their thoughts, hoping that the concerns and sleepless nights worrying about the coming meeting didn’t show. France had been the ones to call this meeting in Brussels, the finance ministers meeting on the sidelines of the European parliament, and Harmonie knew that the outcome was of the utmost importance.

While a number of reforms to strengthen the currency and the Eurozone as a whole had been passed in the wake of the Eurocrisis, prosperity and growth often bred complacency, and some of the more systematic proposals had been continuously kicked down the road. Ultimately, this had left the Euro on shakier ground than its creators had intended and had limited the group’s collective economic growth. Hopefully, she could make her case for this to change.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that it is time that we brought this meeting into session.” Harmonie spoke into the microphone as the gathered ministers took their seats. She knew many of them personally, having worked with them in the past, but this was a matter of politics and she knew better than to bring personal relationships into it. “France would like to open up a discussion on the introduction of Eurobonds and restrictions on the allowed deficits in member governments’ budgets. While we understand that both of these are contentious political footballs for different issues, the introduction of both is a compromise for both sides of the aisle and – as I am sure that you know – both promise to help contribute to the growth of our respective economies while guarding against future shocks.” Harmonie decided that it was best to keep her opening short and sweet. France had laid out its position in the letter calling for the meeting, and had been working on the sidelines to try and garner support for its reforms. The Germans – as usual – were difficult to convince, but she was certain that they were nothing if not pragmatic and could see that these reforms were necessary. The Eurobonds would open up more capital for investment in all of their nations, while strengthening their economic bonds, while the limits on deficit spending – a crime which past governments of her nation were guilty of – would no doubt serve as a nice carrot for her Germanic friends.

The Federal Minister of Finance of Germany, Brigitte Katzen, was a woman much unlike the rest of the Bundesregierung. She had been a rather hardline Minister, believing that the German people were second to none, and that the prosperity of the Bundesrepublik should come before prosperity of their neighbors in the European Union. She was one of the few CDU members in the Bundesregierung, and therefore believed in the prospect of fiscal responsibility. The Federal Ministry of Finance had been researching the prospect of closer ties within the Eurogroup for several years. Despite the push from Chancellor Schöpfer to further push for integration, she remained visibly skeptical.

She took a deep breath after the French Minister's statement and spoke, "I do admit that, quite evidently, the Euro is in need of reform. The current status of connecting economies via common currencies, meanwhile leaving economic policies separate and without proper tax distribution, is less than ideal and is in vital need of reform. However, I remain wary of implementation of said reforms. Eurobonds, while assisting smaller nations with debt, will also cause the more wealthy European nations, specifically Germany and France, to pay higher interest rates. Similarly, nothing is stopping the nations facing economic strife to spend the loaned money wisely. The only way to properly administer this would be guidelines on common economic policies throughout the Eurogroup, without this, similar fiscal irresponsibility would go without consequence. Or, if your remedy for the aforementioned issue would be solved in said 'restrictions on deficits,' then I ask that you elaborate. The distribution of taxes, while highly beneficial for economically troubled European nations, would only support Eurosceptical movements in France, Germany, and perhaps even the Benelux nations."

Minister Liguria heard and processed Minister Katzen’s response and began to formulate his own, ”Italy is in support of reforms which allow for the appropriation of money to developing and destitute nations. The ability to do that would greatly help Italy. Although we do share your concerns, Miss Katzen, we do acknowledge that there could be some flaws which could financially strain the bigger nations. Italy, and hopefully you too, is ready to negotiate day-in and day-out to find a way to implement this truly beneficial policy while adhering to the concerns of the richer nations.”

Harmonie smiled at the Italian Minister, nodding in the man's direction. She frowned slightly at Katzen's response however. It looked as if the German was digging in her heels, which didn't bode well for the direction of the negotiations - although with Liguria's support, perhaps she could still be persuaded.

"Respectfully, it is wrong to think of the Eurobonds as handouts - and it is especially misleading to think of them as an emergency fund for nations with dangerous debts. The Stability Mechanism and Fiscal Compact have gone a long way towards strengthening the Eurozones collective ability to mitigate and weather financial shocks, while providing a permanent relief fund that can be implemented if any member is at risk of defaulting. The Eurobonds are intended to serve as an engine for further growth within our region more than anything else, they are an investment in some of the fastest growing eurozone economies, and those with the largest potential for future growth. While the wealthier countries, such as France and Germany, will in essence incur a slight penalty for helping give the smaller countries access to these lower interest rate loans, the increased growth will pay dividends. Ultimately, it is these new, quickly growing economies which will be the largest markets in the coming years and decades. By investing today and preparing for tomorrow, we all stand to gain in the long run. As for the restrictions on deficits, we propose that we continue to implement the automatic fines and penalties for nations which have a government deficit of 3% of their GDP and gradually seek to implement the limit of government debt to 60% of GDP - with time provided for members to meet these limits, of course."

Dana Reizniece-Ozola, the Latvian minister of Finance, and also the holder of the chess title 'Woman Grandmaster', watched the arguments spring up between the German and French fellow representatives. Though, knowing the interests of her country would be quickly dismissed under the noses of the western global powers in the room she bided quietly. After a heavy gap of thick silence she intervened, her voice ringing throughout the room in minuscule gentle echos felt by each full glass of water; ever so slightly rippling in in tiny waves upon their transparent cliff faced walls, "I agree, in fact it is of my opinion that Latvia believes dearly in investment into it's future; but the question is, do you believe in our ability, dignity and honour to not abuse these Eurobonds, because we will not. You have our solemn oath that if these beneficial reforms are implemented you will see no abuse on our half, and we shall abide ,like we have always done, by these restrictions."

Brigitte Kazten takes a deep breath and begins idly filing through papers lied on her desk. The consequences of Eurobonds were well known to her, higher interest rates was the more tangible consequence, and the one she justified as being her means for disliking Eurobonds. However, she had alterior motives: She was tired of Germany being stepped on, being used by the less responsible nations in the union as a source of unending funds, meanwhile the irresponsible spending continues. She had always been an advocate in private to the Bundesregierung about the possibility of a fiscal policy union throughout the Eurozone, and a thought came to mind concerning the benefits of a Eurobond system in order to achieve a fiscal policy union. The meeting had been quiet for several moments after the Latvian Minister's statement, time which she used to collect her thoughts on Eurobonds.

She set down the papers she was holding and spoke, "I understand the implications of a Eurobond system, Mrs. Tonnelier. The Eurozone collectively guarenteeing debts of the less economically inclined nations is a step which myself, and my predecessors, have been wary of, and rightfully so. However, I am a woman of reason, and I believe that Eurobonds could be beneficial if done properly. The Bundesrepublik Deutschland will only agree to financing a Eurobond system if at least ten percent of the nation in question's budget is allocated purely towards the removal of debts, putting their budget at a 10% surplus. This would hold true until, as stated in the Stability and Growth Pact signed in 1997, the nation fell below a debt-to-GDP ratio of 60%. If any nation falls outside of this bound, Deutschland will absolutely refuse to issue Eurobonds to said nation.

However, despite my distrust towards the concept of Eurobonds, I would like to make a statement: No one in Europe will be left alone, no one in Europe will be left behind. Europe succeeds together, and I'd go as far as to say that Europe can only succeed together. That is why it is so important, not only that we discuss further political integration, but that we do not make the mistake of allowing Eurobonds to become a sort of 'communization of the giants.' We should not create a solution that is absolutely not a solution. The solution is, I believe, more harmony and more competitiveness in the European member states and especially in the Eurozone. I believe these efforts, most notably the installment of certain guidelines on a more united and coherent fiscal policy throughout the Eurozone, is the true way forward to economic prosperity."

Harmonie shook her head in response to the German Minister. "We agree in principle with Germany, tying access to these eurobonds to the GDP Debt ratio risks hiding them away from those who could benefit from them most. It is these higher debt countries who are more likely to struggle with greater interest rates in the first place, and therefore risk being caught in downward economic spirals as loan payments eat into their budgets. More than that, even some economically stronger member states would be unable to take part - France included. This would unduly shift more of the burden onto Germany's shoulders while the rest of us gradually reduce our debt." Pausing for a moment, she contemplated Brigitte's still valid point. "However, I do agree that we must have mechanisms in place to ensure that future governments do not misuse these tools as handouts, rather than the investment stimulus that they are. To that end, may I propose tying access to the eurobond market to members meeting the deficit criteria as laid out in the Fiscal Compact. Namely: a maximum of 3.0% of general deficit and 0.5% of structural deficit. Germany's proposal of a 10% surplus may be too extreme for many of our members, France included, whose economies function with more stimulus. If a member maintains that goal for two years, then they could access the eurbonds on that second year. This would ensure that due diligence and a commitment to maintaining sustainable economic growth is shown prior to the eurobonds being made available."

Kazten briefly responds, "The European Fiscal Compact defines a budget as being balanced as long as it has less than 3% budget deficit, which still allows debt to grow. I absolutely refuse allowing nations with growing debt to have access to the benefits of Eurobonds. In regards to your previous comment about France not benefiting: they won't. Both Germany and France are sacrificing their interest rates for the economic safety of this union," she looks to the Italian and Greek ministers, "I suggest you all keep that in mind."

She pauses for several moments. The representative from Greece appeared that he was about to speak. Before he could, Kazten abruptly continued her speech, "However, forcing nations to stick to the German model may have been too much for smaller nations, so I propose a compromise. A 5% budget surplus, devoted to paying off debt, in order to be permitted to enter into the Eurobond system. Most nations with rampant debt issues are either nearing or at this mark, so this shouldn't be a problem for most indebted nations."

After assuring himself that there’d by no further interjection by Minister Katzen, Minister Liguria took the mic. ”I hear your concerns, Minister Katzen. I’m sure no one here appreciates misuse and manipulation of EU finances by the poorer, but I’m sure many here appreciates helping the poorer and giving them a chance. Therefore I have a proposal which could help both sides. Instead of immediately financing or cutting off poorer countries we could give them economic assistance by promoting certain economic policies which will provide a higher national and government revenue, standard of living, and more to make the poorer nations more stable. Once they become richer and shed their debt, like you want Minister, we could start giving them monetary support in the form of Eurobonds and such. This is a fledgling idea, but an idea nonetheless.” Minister Liguria sat back and waited for the next person to speak.

Harmonie sighed to herself, a slight smiled springing onto her features. Kazten and her had been at this since they were both only junior members of their respective governments, both trying to run verbal rings around each other while arguing for their own respective economic views. They had often clashed on the floors of conferences and negotiations, but a strong and reliable friendship had also grown between them - despite their often being on opposing sides of issues such as this. Perhaps it had been inevitable: they were two ambitious women who had sought to establish their marks

"Respectfully, Minister Kazten - France has shown that a growth-stimulating deficit can still lead to a reduction in debt as a percentage of GDP. Strictly speaking, a surplus is not necessary for an improving of a country's financial position." The French economy minister paused for a moment. "However, that does not mean that your concerns are not valid. May I propose that we consider the 'Blue Bond' proposal from Jakob von Weizsäcker and Jacques Delpla? If we limit Eurobonds to 60% of a nation's debt - in deed requiring member states to have 60% of their debt in Eurobonds to ensure their liquidity - we can allow the mechanism to support the growth of our economies. However, the remaining 40% of the debt would still be based on national interest rates. This would provide an incentive for member states to maintain good fiscal policy and allow for limited defaults to be possible as a disincentive to over spending - while the 60% Eurobonds debt would prevent such a situation from being a catastrophe."

"I would also like to argue against the idea that such a situation would be bad for France and Germany. Indeed, it was Von Robert von Heusinger who claimed that interest rates would actually go down slightly due to the increased flexibility and liquidity of these bonds, and even Germany's finance ministry published a study that indicated only marginal increases in the short term - and that was without considering the increased growth due to exports and trade with the faster growing Eurozone economies."

"The concept of limiting Eurobonds as a proportion of debt is surely one which would stop it from spiraling out of control," Minister Kazten said, "However, without the aforementioned budget surplus requirements, I am reluctant to put the Bundesrepublik Deutschland in this situation. In the purest incarnation, Eurobonds are formed as a sort of full sharing of debt among Eurozone members. In the form proposed, they are a sort of Frankenstein's Monster effort to appease all sides. It implies a Pan-Eurozone treasury and a more full fiscal and political union. A more concrete sort of fiscal union than even that which was proposed my Mr. Liguria. Without these essential ingredients, Eurobonds are the fiscal equivalent of ringing the bell for happy hour so the inebriated can postpone their hangover indefinitely. However, I would be sure that many nations within the Eurozone would be inclined to turn their noses away from greater fiscal control from the economic powerhouses of the European Union. The most that I believe could be achieved currently is some form of ’Eurobond-lite’ in which the only debt that would be assured would be the most risky and that which poses the greatest threat to economic stability."

Minister Liguria smiled at Minister Katzen’s statement, which was the first time he’d ever done so to one of her statements. ”Minister Katzen, I am happy to have heard what you just had to say. It fits very well with my proposal with a, say, ‘earn it first’ sort of stance on Eurobonds and EU financial aid. I suggest, that is to everyone here, that we apply the Minister’s proposal to the Eurozone and Eurobond system.” Minister Liguria gave a thumbs up to the Minister and sat back.

Harmonie remained silent for a few seconds, her mind weighing the different options while considering the impact of the Italian minister's approval. Slowly, she began to nod her head. Some progress was better than nothing, and France would not get anything to pass without the support of the southern countries,
"We can ensure strict spending limits on those who use Eurobonds, as defined within the deficit limits of the Fiscal Compact, and limit them to the most volatile 30% of a nation's debt."

"30% should be the absolute maximum for Eurobond rates as a percentage of debt," Kazten said, "The grounds for what is to be considered 'dangerous debt' should be considered by the European Commission on a case-by-case basis. Ideally, the economies of the European Union shouldn't reach near the 30% mark, but only time will tell. I believe that further fiscal integration and economic competition is the only way for the Euro to succeed in the long-term, and that these Eurobonds are only a band-aid on a wound. However, for now, it will hopefully serve to maintain relative economic stability within the economically weaker nations until the issue can be properly administered. Would anyone else like to speak, or should the vote be held?"

The Eurogroup voted and unanimously agreed on the arrangement put forth. The announcement was made hours later by the plan made by the Eurogroup as the conference transcript went live. Angela Merkel, former Chancellor of Germany, spoke about her disapproval in the decision, but in her hope that it will be handled responsibly.

Martin Schöpfer


No words... A great misfortune to the family of @PMAreizaga and to my great friend @MarioVaargis, stay strong buddy! The Federal Republic of Germany stands with you in these hard times.


9:59 AM - 15 July 2025


Martin Schöpfer


The situation in Catalonia is less than ideal. Both the central Spanish government and the dissolved Catalonian autonomous government should work together with the European Union to ensure everlasting regional peace.


5:32 PM - 23 August 2025



The Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, the space program for the Federal Republic of Germany, has been working with the French CNES and the Italian ACADI in tandem with the European Space Agency for decades. Recently, the ESA has gone full-thrust on their journey to establish a moon colony. Several months ago, CNES had revealed their plans for the creation of an Earth-Moon tug and ACADI with their plans to work with the ESA on multiple technologies required for a long-term Moon colony. Being the third major space powerhouse in the European Union, the DLR was expected to release information on their own research initiatives towards the goal of an ESA moon colony. This came to fruition this morning, with the DLR Director Rudi Weininger announcing their efforts to assist the European Moon Program. The administration had taken it upon themselves to begin designs on a European lunar lander, as well as lunar drones used for the constructions of habitats before human arrival.
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Postby Bentus » Wed May 16, 2018 8:09 pm

The French Republic

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité


EU and US officials announce transatlantic trade deal

Washington – The US and EU say they have reached an “agreement in principle” to tackle their trade imbalance and encourage US exports of LNG to the European continent. This comes as the ongoing crisis in Turkey threatens to reduce available supply as the winter months’ approach. First proposed by French President Demaret, the deal has been lauded by both sides as a sign of renewed economic relations and a sign of close ties across the Atlantic. Harmonie Le Tonnelier, the French finance minister, has explained that advances in technology have coupled with America’s Shale Gas boom to produce a rapid decline in the cost of the transatlantic trade. However, she insists that there is much that both the EU and American governments can do to make things easier for companies on both continents.
“Until recently, the United States was a net importer of energy and its economic legislation is still adjusting with their sudden change in position. With this deal, investment for LNG facilities in America and in Europe will be made easier, while the red tape for Natural Gas shipments will be slashed. This will make it easier for American companies to supply the European market and introduce American LNG as a real competitor to the status quo.”
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France calls for clam in Spain, calls for EU mediated peace talks and more autonomy for Catalonia

Paris – Following a series of official apologies and messages of consolation from France for the recent death of the Spanish Prime Minister – culminating in a minute of silence for the assassinated leader – President Demaret has called for all involved parties to take a step back from the brink of conflict. In particular, he has called for Madrid to respect the wishes of the previous Prime Minister and seek to meet the separatists with a compromise, recognising that a degree of independence may need to be granted to Catalonia in order to defuse the crisis. However, the President has also unequivocally condemned the use of force and deadly violence, with the assassination causing a drop in support for the separatists as many criticise the violent action as inexcusable.
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France announces the opening of more Migration Hotspots in Morocco

Rabat – With the successful operation of France’s first Migration Hotspot in Rabat, Morocco, the French Foreign Ministry has announced that it intends to roll out more such facilities within the country. The facility has served to vet and process potential economic migrants as well as those seeking asylum in France without requiring them to make the dangerous, and at times fatal, journey across the Mediterranean. The French government has expressed its hope that the opening of more hotspots in Morocco will deal a lethal blow to the black market people smuggling operations that have thrived in North Africa. Indeed, many are indicating that the opening of more hotspots in Morocco is being used as a litmus test by France to see if the project could be expanded to more countries which have high numbers of transiting migrants. French President Demaret has lauded the deal, citing the increased regulation and control of incoming immigration into France that has resulted. In particular, he has stressed that the hotspots have connected French companies more easily with potential migrant employees, helping to tackle the labour shortage that has continued to grip the country.
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To whom it may concern,

We wish to officially extend an offer of cooperation between France and Australia with regards to the expansion of the Royal Australian Navy. Australia has always been a stalwart defender of freedom, peace and liberty in the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions and France has always depended viewed the RAN as a firm friend. It is in this context, that we want to open up talks to build upon the already extensive ties between the French and Australian naval industries. As was shown in the Collins submarine deal, our two countries have established a strong and firm working relationship in such matters and a number of French companies have expressed an interest in helping to supply the RAN with their designs. In particular, the Mistral amphibious assault ship and the FREMM frigate have been offered for competitive consideration by your defence ministry. In addition to this, we wish to propose collaboration between the French Navy and the RAN on helping to build Australia’s new carrier force. While further discussion would be needed on the use of a French carrier design, we are very much open to the possibility.

Furthermore, we wish to propose training exercises involving the De Gaulle in order to help prepare the RAN for performing carrier operations.



To whom it may concern,
With Iran’s recent investment in its domestic infrastructure and the normalisation of its relations with the international community, we would like to express the collective interest of our three companies to engage in a lucrative economic partnership with the Islamic Republic. The removal of sanctions between Iran and the European Union has opened the door for trade, growth and mutual benefit and we are excited for the opportunity to work with your government and people. In particular we wish to open up discussions on the following proposals:

Alstrom wishes to discuss investment in Iranian rail infrastructure, leveraging our long history of success both in France and internationally. With sufficient support and expenditure, we would even be interested in establishing a railcar factory within Iran to help meet domestic demand which is only expected to increase with the One Belt One Road initiative.

Orange S.A wants to enter into the Iranian telecommunications market. Already a provider both in France and with deep experience working internationally, Orange S.A can help to upgrade and expand Iran’s civilian telecommunications infrastructure. Doing so will not only help connect the people of Iran together, but also to the world as a valued member of an international community.

Airbus would like to propose a long-term deal with Iran’s national airlines in order to modernise their civil fleet. This would allow for your domestic and international carriers to step up to the plate and challenge the regional status quo, dominated presently by carriers such as Qatar Airways and Emirates. In particular, we wish to offer the A350 XWB and A330neo as cost-effective narrow body aircraft.

We look forward to further discussions.

SINCERELY, THE CEOs OF Alstrom, Orange S.A, AND Airbus



To Minister Adria Albani,
France officially welcomes your proposition for a renewed focus on development and cooperation within the Mediterranean. The Foreign Minister and the Economic Minister of France will be in attendance to discuss matters relating to trade, security and intergovernmental cooperation. In particular, given the ongoing threat of crises in Algeria-Morocco and Egypt-Ethiopia, France wonders if this would be an effective form to potentially resolve such ongoing disputes or to at least apply pressure to the parties involved.



To whom it may concern,
China’s emergence onto the world stage as a firm supporter of international trade and as a key player in our globalised economy has been beneficial to all of humanity. France has worked closely with China on matters ranging from security to climate change, but we must – as a friendly nation – express our displeasure to your directly with regards to certain practices that have been brought to our attention. In particular, we must insist that the People’s Republic of China desist from the illegal demands of foreign countries to give up their IP in return for access to your markets. Such forced technology transfer is blatantly unfair and goes against the mutual benefit which international trade is founded upon. Furthermore, we must insist that the PRC work to open up its domestic markets to allow greater access to foreign companies – particularly those from the EU.

Please, do not mistake this message as the opening salvo in a conflict. France, the EU and our international partners wish to work with China as a friend and an equal, but for too long now have Chinese companies benefited from our open markets and the WTO while unfair practices have occurred at home. We send this telegram in an effort to resolve this crisis between us and to see if common ground can be found. However, changes must be made. We hope that we will not be forced to raise this matter to the WTO but please understand that the situation has reached a tipping point.

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Postby Alaroma » Thu May 17, 2018 10:15 am

North Korea- A New Russian Partner?


"North Korea has handed over it's nuclear assets to the Russian Federation, which by this point have been decommissioned, and has officially become a non-nuclear state." This electrifying announcement had come from Putin after months of secret negotiations with the North Koreans. They had stopped their program, and allowed inspectors. This has also lead to the introduction of Russia into the Peninsula.

With the current revelation with North Korea, and the North Koreans seemingly self moderating, it has come to the great joy of Russia to be put into another place of investment. Troops are one part of the new deal with the North Koreans, yes, but Russian companies were also helping buy helping the the North Korean Energy Grid among other things. This was all in part of the coming denuclerazation of North Korea, and to help ease North Korean fears, Russia promised to station Bases in North Korea. Now obviously Russia doesn't intend to fight South Korea, or the USA. The Kremlin anticipated the South and US felt the same, so this in the long run to help bring North Korea back into the International Community, and boost the Russian Geopolitical situation. The main aid would be coming after the fullness of the promises made by the North Koreans made were secured. However, this does promise something very special for Russia. It's Military implications give Russia another step back into Asia, and more power projection. The Dream of a resurgent Russia is not dead, and every time Russia moves for peace will advancing it's international position, well, all the better.

This has all come after a secret meeting with the North Koreans, who have thus for agreed to hand over all Nuclear Weapons and devices to the Russian Federation for decommissioning. In exchange, the Russian Federation is to act as a deterrent to foreign powers for the safety of North Korea. Meanwhile, Russian Companies came into North Korea to begin works on investment, infrastructure, the North Korean power grid, and roads. In general, Russian Capitalism had 'Invaded' North Korea. This all being accompanied by benefits for the Russians coming to help North Korea. Russian Food products also flooded North Korea to make living conditions better. Meanwhile in Nampo, North Korea, a Russian Naval base began in the works. This being the case, North Korea is beginning it's slow but gradual opening up to the world. With this, Russia has began proceedings to get the self moderating North Korea relief when it comes to the sanctions it's enduring.

Moscow, the Russian Federation- A Rising Star, an Aging Giant, and a Plan for the Future


It was a clear night in the summer time of the Russian Capital. Vladimir, a nighthawk, found himself late up this night working on this fine night. The people of Moscow went about their lives, spent times with their families. It was a bit crowded for his taste, but what could one do. This city was the lifeblood of Russia, it's connecting point. It was his duty to keep it strong, God forbid someone hurt it. That being said, he also had no immediate family to attend to. That allowed him to work as long as he needed. He looked out his office window, before grunting and putting down his pen, and walking over to the table in the middle of his Office. There was Green Tea, pouring himself a cup, before taking a sip. "Времена меняются" he said aloud. 'Times are changing.'

"Times are changing?" Chally Kuznetsov said, giving a small smile, a State Duma Representative from Moscow. Her real first name wasn't 'Chally' but it was popularly assigned to her as a nickname. Don't ask Putin, the Moskvich are crazy, and everyone knew it. He gave her his support when her predecessor retired, and the Communist Party made a move for the seat.

"Yes Ms. Kuznetsov, times are changing. Care for some tea?" He asked, pointing to the pitcher which carried the Green tea. She shook her head, saying "I'm fine. Thank you, however." She said, nodding politly.

"I see, so what is it do I owe the pleasure of your presence?" Putin asked, gesturing towards her. She looked out the window for a moment, before saying "Why the change in our national policy, President? I've noticed, we all have, a new inclination for you to........compromise with the West. Well, with Europe more specifically. And that meeting with the American president is coming up soon."

"I'm a practical man, if nothing else Ms. Kuznetsov, and it is only reasonable to take advantage of the current situation. The collapse of NATO was a godsend, and if we can get the EU to feel more comfortable around us, all the better. Plus, getting rid of those pesky sanctions can only help." he told her. He took a sip of his Green Tea, while he could hear Chally go "Tschh."

"What?" he asked. "Other nations respect us when they fear our Military might." She told him. "They fear us. Our military might has not gone away, however they learn to forget what we're capable of for just long enough. We will only get more powerful. It's better to get stronger in secret than for the west to suspect everything we do. You should learn that my friend, you have ambitions for the future I can only assume?" H asked her.

"Of course." She replied. "Then learn to take advantage of the situation. Let me ask you this, if we repaint Russia as a more benevolent nation to people like Eastern European nations, don't you think they're going to be more willing to deal with us? Let's be honest, if you have to choose between National Security and building up the homefront, build the homefront. You might think 'Why would you say this?' I did base my campaign off of national security. However people got restless with just national security. That's why I focused on Domestic issues my last term, besides the little adventure in Estonia."

"They're not going to forget that for a while if you ask me." Chally said, referring to Estonia. "Perhaps, but I'm smoothing the path for my successor." he told her. "How do you think will take your place as UR Candidate next election?" She asked. "Why you, obviously, Ms. Kuznetsov!" he exclaimed jokingly. "Ha Ha, as if." She replied. "In seriousness, that's still being determined. I do have my eyes on one person in particular, she would probably be a good poster girl for this 'New Russia' in the works."

"That sounds like it could leave you room to do some less than reputable things for the sake of the next president." She pointed out. She wasn't wrong either, leading him to say "Perhaps. That being said, I'm looking forward to see where this term goes. It already seems like Europe is drawing closer to us. Latvia also seems very interested in renewed efforts for warm relations, and our EEU building is going good. Albeit Kazakhstan worries me, it should be fine."

"Yes, yes. Hmmm, is this person Natalia Poklonskaya? The 'Iron Princes' as some in the west like to call her." She asked, questioning him?

"How Perceptive of you Ms. Kuznetsov, you are right on the dot with that one. She does seem to be adept to the position, and knows how to put on a smile. However that's a couple years down the road. Until then, I think it's appropriate for us to focus on the new challenges we face."

Russian Foreign Diplomacy

Official Message- To the Government of the United States of Mexico
Encryption: High


To Whom it May Concern-

We do indeed recognize the long history between our people's, and the relationship between the Modern Russian Federation and the United States of Mexico. That being said, we would gladly welcome you to come to our nation, and to celebrate over a century of our relations. We are always willing to talk with our friends, from Asia to the Americas. We look forward to the day you find yourself in the Russia. Our peoples are cordial, and we can't wait to show your our hospitality, and make new agreements.

To solve the dispute between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Ukraine, the following has been agreed upon by both parties in the pursuit of peace.

1)Ukraine Recognizes the Sovereignty Of The Russian Federation in Crimea.
2) The Russian Federation returns all Military Ships formerly belonging to the Republic of Ukraine in 2024.
3)Ukraine pardons the Rebels That took up Arms in 2014 and afterwards, in exchange for peaceful reintegration into Ukraine
4)Ukraine Pardons those wanted by Kiev who are now working for the Russian Government in Crimea.
5)The Sanctions implaced by the Russian Federation and Republic of Ukraine on each other are to cease.
6)The removal of Russian Volunteers and their Assets from Donbass.

This Agreement has been signed by both parties from the Russian Federation and the Ukrainian Republic. The Ukrainian Crisis is henceforth considered Resolved, and the normalization of peaceful relations is to ensue. May peace and common interest dominate future Russo-Ukraine relations.

Russian Military Development- The Mikoyan LMFS


After years of development, quite literally stretching into the 90's, and being outpaced by Sukhoi, it was a good day for the people at Mikoyan. Russia had started developing a prototype of an advanced lightweight fighter jet to supplement fifth-generation T-50 aircraft, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said 11 December 2013. The new aircraft was expected to be cheaper to produce and easier to maintain, but should also possess combat capabilities and performance characteristics comparable with those of heavy-class aircraft. “The development of a light-class fighter has been included in the current arms procurement program. It will be created," said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, addressing the lower house of parliament. At the current stages, there's live prototypes now openly active. It's made it's first appearances as of late, and the Russian government is making steps to attracting future buyers to the new aircraft. Customers such as India, Egypt, or Iran primarily. However it wouldn't count customers such as Japan out the question.

The aircraft will likely have an empty weight of roughly 33,000lbs and a maximum takeoff weight of 55,000lbs. The aircraft will be equipped with internal weapons bays and advanced avionics. After some revision, the LMFS, or the MiG-37 as some are starting to call it, is now using the Su-57's next-generation izdeliye 30 engines. It's destined to replace the MiG-29 and the MiG-35. This being a new addition to the Russian airforces, and the cheaper alternative to aircraft such as the F-35 or the F-22, this is an intresting prospect that the Russians are seeking to bring to the world of aviation. That being said, development needs to finish in full earnest. However investors are certainly intrested in what this new platform has to offer, and Russia is bringing it's new system to the forefronts of International Weapons development once more.

Subsection: The Su-57

The Su-57 has proved able to catch the interest of different buyers, and with the new izdeliye 30 engines installed, the increased procurement of the aircraft has made it a new asset for the Russian Military. Developed from scratch over the course of almost a decade at the Saturn Tool-Making Plant in Rybinsk, central Russia, Izdeliye 30 features improved thrust characteristics (19,000 kgf vs. 15,000 kgf in the AL-41F1), better fuel efficiency, fewer moving parts, and subsequently improved reliability and lower maintenance costs. That being said, a new order for the fighter craft was to be made by the Kremlin. That being said, 35 Su-57's are to be put into the Russian Air Forces. This would end up costing 106,915,019,055 Rubles, or 1,750,000,000 USD when taken into account for exchange. This would be accounted for over the next year or two of military spending for the air force.

National Projects of the Russian Federation Military Services-
Shtorm-Class Aircraft Carrier- 42% Completed

2 Lider-Class Cruisers- 57.5% Completed

Mikoyan MiG-55(LMFS) 5th Gen Fighter- 92% Completed

Mikoyan MiG-41(5 Gen++/6th Gen)- 69% Completed
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Kingdom of Thailand




Things are starting to seem bright for the local rice farmers near the area because in the past months, the thai goverment has done many things to support it’s ever growing Rice and agricultural industry from building schools and clinics to teaching thai Farmers proper ways to clean themselves to prevent disaeses. And the state also provides Strong housing for the citizens who don’t have Modern home (homes that don’t have electricity and indoor plumbing)

The thai agriculture industry also has risen steadily due to the PM’s “smart Farmer projects” now the northern regions of thailand not only produce rice but also other produces like Maize, Bamboo, and Various friuts. To support the poor northern region of thailand the thai goverment also increased infrastructure in the area, and increased healthcare in the area. The results of the reforms are actually quite impressive seeing how everyone has access to clean water and the cases of neglected tropical disasses has dropped since the past Months

The thai Silk and Rice exports also have risen in the nearby area with the silkworms treated humanely and the rice farmers now use modern equipments like tractors instead of cows and a large irrigation network provided by the goverment. The thai export numbers of both industries have reached an increase of 6% rivaling india in rice produce and Malaysia in silk production



The ever growing province of pattani has also shown signs of development after the “southern winds program” with unemployment low in the nearby regions and many are taking engineering class taught during the southern wind constructions for proper care of the turbines and also with an increase of muslim populace in the Southern regions too.

The Muslim community here in pattani has raised their influence on neearby provinces from Literature, to architecture the Muslim Populace and culture has growned from time to time. From Implementing unbiased muslim education, Building grand mosques, and Building madrasah (muslim schools). The majority of the muslims there came from malaysia and indonesia which also brings some of the muslim traditions from there

The Thai Ulama Association also proposed a petition to the thai goverment on doing the same things in many region in thailand like distributing halal food, building more mosques and teach children unbiased classes about Islam and History of islam.



As thousands of LGBT supporters start to protest in Bangkok City Centre. The thai goverment is overwhelmed by the amount of protests in the last weeks starting in Phuket, Pattaya, and now Bangkok. The thai goverment has decided that this will be the time where same sex marriage will be legalized in the thai law.

And as a reaction of the Pattaya Protests on legalizing Prostitution and Brothels. That the thai goverment has no laws with or against it, The thai goverment finally decides to legalize both but with strict goverment quotas to prevent disaeses such as HIV and AIDS.


Bill: Islamic access acts
Content: To distribute more halal food, building more mosques and teach children unbiased classes about Islam and History of islam.

Bill: LGBT reform act
Content: To legalize same-sex marriage

Bill: Prostituition and brothels act
Content: to legalize prostitution and brothels but under strict goverment control
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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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(Part 1)

April 14th, 2025
Ottawa, Canada

Air Force One touched down at Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier only moments ago and already Stewart was ready to get going. Looking out the window he spotted the Canadian delegation and honor guard standing next to the ceremonial red carpet. Popping a Tums antacid, Stewart waited until the plane came to a stop before standing up and making his way to the front. After a minute or two he exited the plane and gave a wave to the Canadian crowd and Press before making his way down to the Canadian delegation where he exchanged formalities before entering into The Beast and sitting back as the convoy started moving towards Rideau Hall where the two would be meeting.

Finally arriving, Stewart promptly exited the limo and greeted Prime Minister Scheer with a firm and commanding handshake saying “It is Nice to finally meet you in person. We have much to discuss.”

Scheer smiled warmly at the just arriving President and accepted the man’s handshake. He quickly turns as they head through the doors into Rideau Hall.

“Thank you, Mr. President, it is also and honour to meet you and may I also extend my personal congratulations on your recent inauguration in person.” Scheer responds. Just inside stood the Governor-General Julie Payette, who also stepped forward to greet President Stewart as he arrived. It was customary, as the Head of State’s official representative, for the Governor-General to be there to conduct matters of foreign affairs, if only in a merely ceremonial role.

“Mr. President,” Payette began also extending out her hand. “Welcome to Ottawa, I am pleased that these arrangements could be made for your arrival. It is always important that we remain close allies.”

Stewart gave a smile before replying “I too cherish the special relationship our nation’s share. The US-Canadian Alliance is a cornerstone of our security policy. Now shall we begin?”

Following the pair towards an office, Stewart sat down in a chair across from Scheer before saying “Let’s get right into it. I want to end the Toronto Pact.” Letting his words hang for a moment to create confusion and probably unease in the Canadians he continued saying “And replace it with a reformed NATO. A bigger and better NATO. My administration has already held some low level talks with the UK, France, Poland, Italy, and Germany and all seem willing on various degrees but the first four much more so than Germany. I plan on bringing this plan up when I meet with European leaders later this year. We have also held low level talks with Morocco, Egypt, and India who all are willing to join however India is trickier since it might be seen as an overly aggressive move at China but we have at least start US-Indian military cooperation. So, where does Canada stand?”

Scheer merely smiled as the President dropped his initial bomb by saying he wanted to end the Toronto Pact, hiding his rather confused reaction. He listened on, intrigued, albeit rather confused over some of the issues that would obviously be raised. He paused for a moment before answering.

“By end, do you mean dissolve or simply expand the arrangement to other nations. However, i guess that it simple semantics at this point. As I am sure that you are aware, NATO collapsed for very key issues, issues that have not been resolved on the international stage at all leading up to this point. Not to mention, most of the countries you have just named are currently in an alliance of their own. I can imagine their being some ramifications to breaking up that alliance, growing this one, while the SCO and CSTO remain on the other side. However, we have always had close relations with Europe, evident with our CETA agreements, as well as our interest and talks for a CANZUK Free Trade and Movement deal with the UK and Australia and New Zealand. However, as you know, the formation of NATO was brought about years ago as a counter to Russia and the Warsaw Pact. What exactly is the expanded new NATO in opposition to?”

Stewart gave a smile before saying ‘Let me explain. It would include more than the nations I mentioned those are just the ones we have spoken too. Think of it more as a merger of CESDOT and Toronto with a few others being brought into the fold. Now we would be in opposition to terrorism, totalitarianism and anything else that threaten our freedoms and values. Russia is playing nice in the moment but we both know they share no love for our Western values or for the independence of their neighbors. Then there is China. They share no love for democracy, national sovereignty, or freedom. However the main mission would be the defence of our nations and cooperation in the military area against any form of enemy.”

Scheer sat back and listened as the President as he listed off his concepts for his new grand vision and what the President considered to be the vast threats against “Western values”. Scheer wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, but didn’t interrupt. He listened as Steward listed out his grievances against Russia and China. After Steward finished, Scheer leaned forward again and began to speak, “Well. I find it an interesting proposal no doubt. However, as I stated before, NATO fell apart for specific reasons. I was in my first full term of Prime Minister when it did. I would like to know how these issues would be addressed. However, I can say, for official purposes, that Canada is interested in developments such as these and would like to be apart of any further negotiations with Europe or any other nation regarding rebuilding a new cross-atlantic alliance.”

Stewart nodded before saying “I am interested in your thoughts on why NATO fell apart. I have my own but I would like to hear from an outside perspective.”

Scheer smiled and leaned back again. He let out a short laugh before beginning.

“Well. As I am sure that you know, it ended with the Virumaa Crisis, but the issues of NATO go much further than that. It stemmed from lacking leadership and authority, lacking a clear vision, clearly lacking in unity. America took the place as the alliance’s head, and when that head had a different vision, it all fell apart. Internal rot had certainly caused a decay, no doubt, but it’s what happens when the leadership isn’t clear and the goals not clear. It failed in its singular reasoning for existence, a deterrence for Russia. Mostly, from the failure of the President of the United States to show resolve and support to the alliance. The differences between Europe and America became too great, and the collapse began there.” Scheer paused, to judge the American President’s reaction.

Stewart listened carefully before nodding and saying “I agree. My predecessor was a idiot to be frank. He did not understand, or maybe could not understand, the importance of NATO. However I am not him. I am President Stewart.”

“I think that we can agree that yes, you are not your predecessor.” Scheer began. “However, that is not what I am trying to say. Not entirely. After a while, when the threat of Russia had faded in the 90’s, NATO’s focus was left to the United States. The United States decided, and the rest of NATO was willing to let them, take control of the focus and reach of NATO. Over the past decade or more, NATO’s shortcomings and failings became clearer and clearer. Like I said, Virumaa was only the spark the blew NATO up. One man shouldn’t be enough to destroy an alliance that lasted 7 decades. We have no idea over who your successor will be, and if this alliance is not clear in its foundation and clear in its focus, then it will probably not last very long. Also, it should not be, as NATO resulted, being the single lead focus of an American, or any singular nation’s, ‘alliance’, but one with comparable unity, focus and leadership with everyone.”

Stewart smiled as he said “Then we agree. Now how about we move on to other matters. Is there anything you would like to discuss?”

Scheer nodded, he wasn’t sure if the President had entirely understanded his message, but that could wait. Either way, there were always other matters at hand to discuss.

“Well, let’s stay on foreign policy. What is the position of the United States on Turkey?”

Stewart leaned back and calmly replied “We support the rebels along with most of Europe. Erdogan is no friend of the West or even Russia. He is a threat.”

“And what exactly do you plan on doing about it?” Scheer prodded on.

“I want to work with our allies to come up with a joint plan. However if that fails then I will not hesitate to act alone.” Stewart calmly said.

Scheer nodded, still unsure of what the president was doing or why he was choosing not to do anything, but clearly he had little intention of sharing his position with him, for whatever reason.

“Well then, was there anything else that you wanted to discuss today?” Scheer asks.

Stewart leaned backed before saying “I would like to discuss the Arctic. We need to work together to ensure Russia doesn't try and seize the whole damn thing. I am considering a USAF/USN base in the far North of Alaska to ensure we have a presence there. What are your plans?”

“The Arctic? Well, as of now, we are not very worried about any potential moves in that direction by Russia. We have our CFS Alert in the far North as it is, and as such have intelligence streaming in at all times about anything coming in from that area, from Russia, and from anywhere. If it becomes necessary, we could increase the level of intelligence gathering done there, and potentially grow the airbase there to be suitable for fighter aircraft.”

“Well I think that is all I had to discuss. Is there anything else you would like to address before I head back to the airport?” Stewart said as he relaxed his body slightly.

“Not at this time, I don’t think.” Scheer said standing up.

Standing up Stewart buttoned his suit jacket and gave a smile as he shook Scheer’s hand and said “It was good to meet you Mr. Prime Minister. I look forward to working with you more in the future.”


May 7th, 2017
Heathrow Airport
London, England, United Kingdom

Air Force one had just came to a stop and Stewart and his wife were now preparing to depart out of the door. Receiving the cue the two exited and gave a wave to the British people and press. As they descended the President had a visible smile at hearing the honor guard band playing Hail to the Chief.

Reaching the British delegation the First Couple shook their hands and exchanged greetings before entering the Beast and relaxing as it pulled away towards Number 10 Downing Street.

Number 10 Downing Street

The Prime Minister smiled and extended his hand to the President and his wife before ushering them inside where Mrs. Stewart was led off for tea with the PM’s wife and the President followed the PM. Entering an office, the two sat down.

Stewart gave a smile and said “Shall we get right down to business? I only have two things on my list. First, I would like to increase troops at Lakenheath.”

The Prime Minister nodded before saying “I can agree to that.”

Stewart gave a smile saying “Alright next there is just increasing trade between us.”

The Prime Minister nodded saying “We can have our people contact yours to set up a good bilateral deal.”

Stewart smiled and said “Well then let’s head out there.”

Parliament of the United Kingdom

Your Majesty The Queen, my Lord Chancellor, Mr. Speaker,

The journey I have ahead of me is undeniably a lengthy and challenging one. However I take great comfort in starting here in these hallowed halls. The birthplace of modern democracy and on the island from which my nation sprung fourth and where my grandfather, John L. Stewart, immigrated from at the age of 22 when he packed up his few belongings and left London for New York after serving in the RAF during World War Two. His father, my great-grandfather, served in the House of Commons representing Chelsea from the mid thirties up until the mid fifties. I indeed still have cousins living in Chelsea and other areas of London and the UK and I am grateful to have them here today.

I say all of this to emphasis the deep ties between our two nations. Not only economic and military ties but ties that truly run as thick as blood.

I seek to make this commitment before you and before God himself. Never again shall the United States turn its back on the UK, Europe, or any of our allies. We are bound by blood shed on the fields and beaches of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Bound by blood ties of family. You are our mother country.

I will take this message of reconciliation and brotherhood to the rest of Europe in the coming days and weeks.

I believe that together we are stronger. I believe that our connected people want us to preserve this special relationship between mother nation and its offspring.

Now I am well aware of the challenges we free people now face. There is still great evil in this worlds and great oppression. That is why it is paramount that we work together in order to bring about peace and freedom.

In order to ensure we defend freedom I am proposing a NATO 2.0 to be structured so that no single man can tear it down and to include more nations than those just in the North Atlantic. This new alliance will be vital to ensuring freedom around the world and the defense of those now free from tyranny.

I stand here today and repeat the hollowed words of Winston Churchill. “Never, never, never give up!”

That is what I intend to do. I hope you, our mother country, will join us. We must never give up until all people are free.

In order to ensure that we never give up we must secure our economic prosperity. Therefore I, before these hollowed bodies of democracy and before Her Royal Highness the Queen, commit to you that I will seek every way to increase cross Atlantic economic ties.

Charles de Gaulle Airport
Paris, France

Stewart looked out the window of Air Force One as it taxied towards the red carpet and honor guard soldiers and band. Taking a breath a gave his beautiful wife a kiss. Sarah had been born and raised in Lyon until she was 16 when her family moved to America and she fell in love with the country and then Stewart a few years later in college.

Breaking the kiss Stewart prepared to get off. Taking his wife’s hand the two stepped out of the door and waved at the French delegation and press. Making their way down they greeted the French delegation before putting their hand on their heart for the anthem. Finally they entered the Beast and relaxed as they made their way to Élysée Palace.

Finally arriving the pair greeted the French President with the President saying “It is good to meet you Mr. President.”

Grasping his American counterpart’s hand with a firm shake, President Demaret offered a friendly smile towards the pair of visitors. Demaret’s election had continued France’s trend towards younger leaders, and in Stewart he found a kindred member of the new guard of politicians who were quickly taking their place in the West. He had made a reputation as a pragmatic patriot, a passionate Europhile and a stern defender of economic liberties.

“And it is a pleasure to finally meet you face to face as well, President Stewart.” Although the President’s English was confident and fluent, he made no effort to mask the French accent that dripped on each of his words. “Mrs. Stewart, France welcomes you and you husband, and I hope that your trip was uneventful. Now, I am afraid that the current state of the world leaves us with little time for pleasantries. I can only hope that we shall have enough time to discuss all of the issues that lie before us.”

“Thank you President Demaret. Shall we start?” Following the Frenchman down the hall and to a conference room, Stewart kissed his wife goodbye as she went and had tea with the French First Lady. Sitting down, Stewart gave a smile before saying “I think most pressing,at least for me, is strengthening the US-French relationship on all levels especially Militarily. As such I would like to propose a renewed bilateral Mutual Defence Pact.”

The direct approach from the American President elicited a raised eyebrow from his French counterpart. Demaret was usually not one to outwardly show when he was caught off guard or taken by surprise, wearing his calm and controlled outward demeanour with a practiced determination. After recovering from his initial shock, the President’s smile returned as he shook his head.

“I must say President Stewart, I had heard that your State Department had been inquiring about such matters - but I did not realise that this idea had reached such a level of maturity.”
Mon Dieu, he is as much of a change from his predecessor as they say. This new America shall be interesting.

“Unfortunately, I cannot commit France to such an agreement at this current time. You must understand that the Viruma crisis lingers like a still-painful wound in our psyche. It was the first time that we Europeans had called upon the common defence of NATO - after we had come to the aid of America following the dreadful attacks in 2001 - and yet your predecessor refused to honour the agreement. While I may trust you not to do the same, I would have to explain to my people why I would choose to trust your successor, as well as the Presidents who come after him. More than that, this discussion would have to go through the forum of CESDOT rather than through my decision alone.” Demaret sighed, fully aware of the long road ahead as well as the necessity of the efforts to mend the relationship. “It is important that we rebuild the trust between our two nations, to once again develop a friendship that can allow us to stand together shoulder-to-shoulder. Perhaps we can seek to strengthen the economic and defensive ties between our two great nations? Training exercises and civilian cooperation can build the foundation of more integrated cooperation. It is my opinion that the best way to form a stronger bond between our peoples is to allow them to move and do business with one another more freely. The TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a monumental agreement which would serve as a firm bedrock to announce our renewed partnership to the world, opening up the markets of the US and the EU and growing both of our economies by billions of dollars.”

“Well that is certainly a dissapointment. As for T-TIP, it is and has been dead for good reason. As well as holding military drills. I would also like to discuss the building of a USAF-USN base here in France.”

“I must say that I am sorry to hear that, especially given the potential for growth between our two economies - but I understand your concerns.” Demaret thought for a moment, trying to piece what exactly were the intentions of this new President. He seemed eager to reassert his nation’s place in the world, but seemed focused on the military arm of diplomacy. More than that, his efforts to work bilaterally would place his country - far larger than any other - in an advantageous position in any negotiations. “I would be open to the leasing of land to your forces in order to establish a base in France. Although such a process must be open to input from whatever local communities may be affected. Done well, it may be a good way to rebuild links between our armed forces. What would be the nature of this base?”

“It would be an Air Force and navy base. Now let me clarify something, I am not opposed to a T-TIP like agreement but it must be reworked from the ground up.”

“An Air Force and Navy base would be workable - although runway and dock construction will take a few years most likely - regardless, I am sure that these obstacles would not be insurmountable. Of course, we would have to discuss the terms of the lease in terms of financial obligations before planning could begin. As for the T-TIP, I am sure that the time and effort spent in any negotiations would be most worthwhile. What are the elements from the prior agreement which your government found unequitable?”

“T-TIP presented a danger to our agricultural sector so long as EU restrictions on GMO’s and Chlorine existed. Now we could come to a middle ground on this but it would require a staged approach and something to sweeten the deal. Something militarily if you catch my drift.”

Demaret’s expression became more serious as he thought about the President’s words. “Both of these would have to be matters decided by the EU and CESDOT respectively. While I can offer French support in negotiations, I cannot promise that the would go a certain way. More than that, there is still the matter of trust between our people and armed forces. A piece of paper signed by a pair of politicians in our ivory towers will not wipe away the past in an instant. Requiring a military arrangement in return for a mutually beneficial economic agreement may not go over well with some of my constituencies, but I will look into it.”

“Ok. Can I at least propose we start doing a few military drills and form a joint committee or council on looking into a NATO 2.0 involving all former NATO members?” Stewart checked his watch.

“I would certainly be open to military drills between our two forces. It would go a long way to cementing both the long and historical friendship that our nations have shared while also allowing for our soldiers to learn to cooperate together for future operations. As for a joint committee to investigate the possibility of a revival of NATO, I would support such an arrangement. I would be glad to bring up the possibility to the members of CESDOT.”

“Great. Now I think we should discuss Iran. The deal in whole ends this year and the restrictions only go for another five. I believe we need to work on a more comprehensive deal that limits the ballistic missile production of Iran.”

Demaret nodded in response. “I agree. The Iranians have proven themselves willing to compromise, but it is time to look for a longer term solution now that relations have become more normalised. The Security Council made it clear that their development of ballistic missiles should be ceased along with other nuclear activity, however getting them to do so may require some concessions on our part. Have you had had any opportunities to test the waters with their feelings on the matter?”

Following Stewart’s response, Demaret continued on to the next item in their agenda. “There are two more things which I wish to discuss with you: your administration’s position on the UN Paris Accords and the ongoing cooperation between NASA and ESA in our mutual projects. On the matter of the former, I must reiterate France’s long held position that the involvement of the US in the Accord would be beneficial both for the world and your own people. The threat of climate change requires a global response, and the absence of the leader of the free world has allowed other nations to take on role of leadership which America used to fulfill. More than that, the increasing discrepancies between international environmental regulation and your own manufacturers are beginning to have an impact on the trade of certain goods. We’ve already seen a decline in the import of American motor vehicles into Europe as we make the transition away from petrol.”

“I would also love to hear about how NASA is progressing on their Pathway to Mars? I must admit that I have been following their efforts intently, and I’m sure that you are aware of our own renewed focus on space exploration.” After listening to Stewart’s response, Demaret continued. “While we simply do not have the expertise or the capability to make the journey to Mars ourselves, I am interested in continuing and enhancing the long history of collaboration between our agencies. In particular, our joint work on Orion and the LOP-G could prove to be a foundation for more work between us in Cislunar space. With Europe’s focus on the Moon, we can make our facilities and resources available to aid NASA in testing equipment for the much more difficult endeavour that it is undertaking, and in return we hope to leverage NASA’s expertise on manned spaceflight to help us get European astronauts to the Moon.”

Stewart stayed silent for a moment before saying “I am interested in joining Paris under different US commitments. And I would be interested in ESA-NASA cooperation. One big thing I want to discuss is the trade deficit. We need to end it or I will have no choice but to look into tariffs on certain EU goods to remedy the gross imbalance.”

Demaret’s smile widened at the President’s direct comment, the French President making no effort to hide his reaction. “Mr. Stewart, I must say that you are not one to take the indirect negotiating route! Your blunt honesty is appreciated in this day and age, and I am glad to hear that you will be reconsidering the Accords. The world could truly use America’s support in a matter of such importance.” The French President paused for a moment, pondering his counterpart’s words. “Now the matter of the trade imbalance is a serious one, but unfortunately not an easy one to solve without undue government involvement in the markets. I am sure that you can understand that I am wary of imposing top-down bureaucracy on our private industries. History has only shown too often that such efforts lead to a lack of competitiveness and decreases innovation. Although, while that means that it would be difficult to reduce our current exports to America, perhaps there is a way to increase our imports of goods from across the Atlantic, non?”

Moving back towards the conference table, Demaret picked up a small tablet and began flicking through a series of charts. The gears had truly began to turn in his head. Midway through his efforts he turned to explain himself to his guest. “As I am sure that you are aware, Mr. President, our continent has a most insatiable appetite for gas - and we are willing to pay for it. Right now the market is dominated by Russia’s Gazprom, but the shale boom within the United States has opened the door to potential competition.” Finding the chart that he was looking for, Demaret handed the tablet over to Stewart for his own inspection. “At current market prices, gas from Gazprom is on average $5 per unit - although that may increase with the developing situation in Turkey. Meanwhile, shipping LNG from your East Coast costs $6 per unit. If we work together to remove tariffs and barriers to the LNG trade and investment between our two countries, then we can work to encourage your companies to sell more of this resource to Europe. I am certain that this would significantly reduce the trade imbalance. To put it into perspective, Mr. President - we currently import 1 billion euros of energy products per day. If your companies can gain a foothold in that market, they stand to make a lot of money.”

Stewart smiled and said “I think I can agree to that. I assume our trade representatives will handle the details and legalities? I can put pressure on Congress to ensure there is nothing legally keeping barriers up on our end and I will do what I can with Executive Power.”

“Of course, and I believe that it would be in both of our interests to consult with the industry to best determine what we can do from a regulatory standpoint in order to make trade easier between us.” Demaret allowed himself a smirk. “After all, I expect that the last thing they want is for a couple of bureaucratic politicians with little experience in their field trying to pass laws that we think will help them. Is there anything else that you wish to discuss today?”

Sitting back down Stewart smiled before saying “How would you feel about participating in a Freedom of Navigation exercise in a few spots in and around the South China Sea?”

“I would be more than willing to have our navy take part. As a trading and Indo-Pacific nation ourselves, the free movement of traffic through the area is of paramount importance.”

Stewart smiled as he said “Great to hear that. Well is there anything else you would like to discuss?”

Standing, Demaret reached out to shake the hand of the American President. “I believe that is everything on our agenda for today, Mr. President. I hope that this meeting will be the beginning of a new chapter of friendly relations between our two nations, and I would like you to know that my office is always open to any calls that you may want to arrange between us in the future.”

French Parliament

“Mr. President of the Senate, Mr. President of the National Assembly, Mr. President of the Republic,

I stand before you today to declare the following. Les États-Unis se tiennent ensemble avec la France en tant que frère. Nous ne t'abandonnerons plus jamais. Je jure devant Dieu que les États-Unis resteront pour toujours notre grand frère la France.

Now I hope my French is still as good as it once was.

Our nations have been friends for centuries dating back to our Revolutionary War when the French aided us greatly in our fight for freedom and Lafayette served General George Washington as his aide de camp. A work of art stands on Ellis Island in New York City. Lady Liberty was crafted by Gustave Eiffel, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, and Richard Morris Hunt. The first two were of course proud French Architects. Now this piece of French craftsmanship sits in New York Harbor and gives hope of the promise of Freedom and Liberty to millions who view it every year.

Now I must be blunt. We failed you and the rest of Europe during the Viruma Crisis. We turned our back on you in your hour of need. However I know stand before you in these hallowed halls and declare to you with God as my witness, Plus jamais. Never again.

In order to ensure a life long commitment I am proposing a NATO 2.0 to be structured so that no single man can tear it down and to include more nations than those just in the North Atlantic. This new alliance will be vital to ensuring freedom around the world and the defense of those now free from tyranny.

We must always remember this, D'autres choses peuvent nous changer, mais nous commencer et finir comme une famille.

Recently the United States and Russia made history by signing the START IV treaty. This is a huge step in the world wide dream of eliminating nuclear arms. I now stand before you, the government of France, and ask that you, in a show of good faith and willingness to see denuclearization, reduce your nukes by at least fifty but hopefully by one hundred or a reduction of one third like the US and Russia have done. In order to reach a nuclear free world we must be willing to take concrete steps towards eliminating these horrendous weapons from the face of the Earth. I urge you to think of your children. Your children's children. Give them the gift of a world without the threat of nuclear war.

Je vous remercie.

Berlin Tegel International
Berlin, Germany

Air Force One stopped at the red carpet and within minutes the President and First Lady were making their way down the steps towards the German delegation and the German honor guard. The First Couple exchanged greetings with the Germans before the arrival ceremony started.

As soon as it concluded the first couple entered the Beast and relaxed back as they made their way to the Chancellery.

German Chancellery
Berlin, Germany

The limo arrived into the gates of the Chancellery and Stewart and his wife stepped out and greeted Chancellor Martin Schöpfer with a firm handshake saying “Es ist schön, Sie zu treffen, Herr Bundeskanzler.”

The German Chancellor shakes both the hands of President Stewart and his wife, with only a brief greeting of, ’’Good evening, President Stewart. I trust your flight was comfortable?’’ before the arrival ceremony began. As per tradition, German honor guard would welcome the United States President to Berlin. Both Chancellor Schöpfer and President Stewart walked towards a small platform situated on the eastern side of the gated area. In front of them stood three rows of honor guards and an orchestra, with the flags of the European Union, Germany, and the United States situated on the northern side of the gated area. The orchestra played Star-spangled banner, immediately followed by Das Deutschlandlied. After both songs are completed, the two walk off the platform and towards the Chancellery.

Entering the Chancellery the two headed for an office room while Mrs. Stewart was given a tour of the Chancellery. Entering the office, Stewart took his seat after Schopfer. Leaning back Stewart calmly said “Thank you for accepting my request to speak to you and for extending the honor of speaking to the Bundestag and Bundesrat in special session tonight. Now let us not waste any time. I would like to start out with discussing stronger US-German ties on the world stage and militarily. I think you are aware that your ascension to the Security Council involved a lot of lobbying by my ambassador to the UN and even some on my part by calling select leaders and applying some pressure and persuasion. I hope this act shows our commitment to the special US-German relationship and how much we value it. In that spirit I would like to propose to you a council be set up between all former NATO members to look into a possible future alliance forming. A NATO 2.0 if you will. One that is structured in a way that no single man can bring it crashing down. I understand your reservation at this but I think we should at least explore the idea. I know France and Britain are both interested.”

The Chancellor held a brief smile on his face, but it wasn’t clear if it was a smile of joy or one of false warmness. He takes a breath and speaks, “The Bundesrepublik Deutschland does not act on his own in this regard, and we refuse to move alone. We sign a treaty with CESDOT or without, just as you mentioned. However, I cannot support the degree to which discussions would be held. Albania, Norway, and Iceland were all members of NATO which defied the treaty and refused to back Estonia,” he pauses, “Along with the United States. I cannot, with all due respect, support a meeting involving three nations which abandoned Europe in her time of need, and which have not faced a change in government policy.”

He interrupts himself, standing from his chair and walking several paces. He pours two small glasses and sets both on the table between the President and himself.

“Blaue Maus: Grüner Hund Vintage 1991.”

Stewart clenched his jaw as he said “Well all I ask is you consider it. I know France will be bringing it up in a CESDOT meeting. Now let’s talk Russia. What is your position on dropping sanctions?”

He chuckles and leans back, “Russia… Oh Russia. It’s quite amazing what can happen in two years, is it not? Putin has pacified, at least publicly, and has made the European Union fall head-over-heels in their appeasing attitudes. I know Putin, President Stewart, I know he is a cunning, manipulative leader in both foreign and domestic policy. I don’t believe this common understanding with the west is his endgame, it can’t be, because it directly interferes with the maintenance of Russia’s sphere of influence. It makes no sense that he’s gone from the instigator of war to an ally of the west in the span of eighteen months without ulterior motives, and for that I cannot trust him or Russia.’’

Stewart gave a smile and said “I too am weary of Vladimir’s sudden change in demeanor but I will take advantage of it while I can. Plus there is always a chance he now realizes the West is his best bet. I also want to assure you that if he becomes aggressive we will stand by your side regardless of a NATO 2.0 however I would still like one but I will not press you further on the matter.”

“I would like to discuss the trade imbalance between the EU and US. I think we really need to work on making trade reciprocal.”

The Chancellor states, ’’The European Union imports 230 billion USD from the United States annually and exports 380 billion USD to the United States. Making trade reciprocal would mean making the European Union import more from the United States, which I don’t believe is in our best interests to commit to wholeheartedly. Several realms such as gas, however, I would believe to be more beneficial for both sides of the table. Our reliance on Russian gas has forced us to tip-toe around the bear, in a way. If we could switch much of our gas imports to the United States until we wane ourselves from gas reliance, it could be beneficial for both parties.’’

Stewart sat back as he said “While I am all for it that is only a temporary solution however it is one I can support. The issue of of 150 billion USD in deficit still remains for the long term. We can solve this by taking steps to increase European purchasing of American goods, some of which is and has to be done on our end and is being done as I will soon announce the re-entry of the US to the Paris Accords. However if needed I will have no choice but to explore tariffs. It is a last resort but if no steps are made to reduce that trade deficit then I will have no choice.”

“The Paris Climate Accords are non-binding, your entry would be purely symbolic and would not force a transfer to a greener United States. Strangling the largest bilateral trading agreement in the world, making up of around a third of global trade, and one of the largest connections remaining between the European Union and the United States would only make military reconciliation more difficult.”

“Well then let’s start working on ways we can reduce the deficit without any tariffs. Now is there anything you wanted to discuss?”

“I don’t believe so.“

Stewart stood up and extended his hand with a smile saying “Thank you Herr Chancellor. I enjoyed our meeting and look forward to continuing to work closely with you to ensure and even grow the special US-German relationship.”

“Likewise, it’s been a pleasure. Let us hope for a fruitful relationship.” The Chancellor shook the hand of the American President.

Bundestag Speech

“Mr. President of the Bundestag, Mr. President of the Bundesrat, Mr. President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Chancellor,

Today I stand before you to declare on behalf of my Government and my people the following. Wir werden von nun an bei dir sein. Was während der Viruma-Krise passierte, wird nie wieder passieren. Das schwöre ich dir und Gott. Wir sind Bruderstaaten. Für immer verflochten und für immer Freunde und Verbündete. Deutschland und Amerika müssen weiterhin für Freiheit und Demokratie in der Welt zusammenarbeiten.

Now I will switch back to my native tongue. I hope my pronunciation was correct otherwise my grandfather would be rolling in his grave. My grandfather was a proud German who immigrated to America just after the second world war. He told me often of the horrors he saw fighting the Russians on the Eastern Front. The things he saw never left his mind until the day he died.

My friends we must do whatever we can to ensure peace around the world. However, we must not be willing to sacrifice everything for that peace. For sometimes fighting is the only way to ensure peace in the long run.

In order to ensure we can fight, God forbid, when or if it becomes necessary to we must be ready. In order to be the most ready we can be we must be a solid alliance of free loving nations. That is why I am proposing a reformed and reinvented NATO like alliance. One that includes more nations than just the North Atlantic and one that is built so that all have a say and so that no single man can tear it down.

Now I fully understand any reservations you might have about this proposal when we look at the past few years. However I assure you, with God as my witness, this alliance shall not break.

It is the only real way we can ensure a brighter future for our children, their children, and their children’s children. I hope you will see the merits in this.

Another important way to ensure the freedom of Europe and the world is strong trade and economic ties. That is why we must commit ourselves to continuing to improve the German-American economic partnerships and trade network.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Bundestag, of the Bundesrat, and of the Federal Executive branch, I close on this. Zusammen stehen wir stärker.”

Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport
Rome, Italy

Stewart and his wife descended the stairs of Air Force One and greeted the Italian delegation before entering their car and heading for Palazzo Chigi.

Arriving there they exited the limo and headed to the steps where they greeted the Italian Prime Minister with Stewart saying “È bello conoscerti finalmente signor Primo Ministro.”

“Greetings, Mister President. It is good to meet you, too.” Prime Minister Severino replied, having brushed up on his English equally as well as the President.

Heading inside the two leaders entered a private meeting room. Sitting down Stewart smiled and said “Shall we get right into it? I want to talk about the possibility of opening a joint USAF/USN Base in Sicily. It would provide jobs to your people and strengthen US-Italian relations.”

“I like the sound of that idea. As the world becomes more precarious and uncertain all nations, Italy included, can use a boost in their defensive capabilities. What exactly do have in mind for this base?” Prime Minister Severino replied, taking a seat in a cushioned armchair in the meeting room.

“Well it would serve as a main operations center for US Forces in and around the Mediterranean and as a nice refueling point for our submarines, planes, destroyers, etc.” Stewart said.

“Hmm, sounds very promising. The Mediterranean could use a defensive boost especially due to increasing instability and conflict in Africa and the Middle East, namely Morocco, Algeria, Libya, and Turkey.” Prime Minister Severino said.

“Well I’m glad we agree. Now shall we discuss economics? I know for a fact that members of the EU will propose increasing imports of US oil and natural gas to replace Russian imports. I assume you’ll support this?”

“I believe it’d be beneficial to trade with the United States, although I do not support the trade of oil, as I and my government has taken steps to proliferate clean, renewable energy in Italy. While we might accept some oil to fuel our remaining oil-based energy facilities, we will not be very accepting. Germany has the same mindset.” Prime Minister Severino replied.

“That’s fine for you but I know the other members still need it. This just lets us bring more into the EU. Giving mainly Eastern European nations freedom from Russia. Surely you can support that. Germany does as does France.”

“Yes, I can support that. Russia has been acting suspiciously friendly in the last few years and I’m afraid it might have a secret agenda for doing so.” Prime Minister Severino responded.

“Thank you. And I share your concern with Russia which is why I would like to propose a NATO 2.0 of sorts. Built better and more inclusive. I know France and the UK are very interested in it. I’m not asking for any concrete commitments on it yet but I just want you to keep an open mind and to ask your opinion on it.”

“I would like the reintroduction if a stable and efficient collective defense alliance like NATO, although there are concerns within the EU and CESDOT that such an alliance, a NATO 2.0 if you will, would be American-dominated like NATO and revolve around American funding, American technology, American everything and not dominated, funded, and contributed to by the nations of the Atlantic, like the nations that made up NATO. Hopefully you’re aware of this and have a solution to this?” The Prime Minister told the President.

“No I don’t have a solution to those nor would you want me to have one because by nature it would favor America. That’s why if everyone agrees I am proposing a future summit to be held at the White House. There we can all come up with a solution and plan that is fair for everyone. I hope you see the wisdom in this and would be willing to mention to the others?”

“Oh I do see wisdom in this. Don’t get me wrong I’d like to see another NATO-like organization established. I will mention it to the other EU members definitely, without them in on it I don’t think we’d be able to get far.”

“I’m glad to hear it. Now while we are on the topic would you be open to a joint military drill between Italian and American forces?”

“Of cause I would be, we’ve already agreed on a joint military facility, why not a joint military drill?” Prime Minister Severino responded with a smile.

“Glad to hear it. Well I think that is all from me. Is there anything else you’d like to discuss?” Stewart said with a gentle smile.

“The Turkish Civil War is something worth mentioning. It is nearing its first anniversary and both sides have been in a sort of stalemate. One of the first conflicts that any defensive organization would have to deal with is that one, which is on our borderlands.” Severino replied.

“Yes well from what I gather most, including Russia and Myself, favor the rebels. I know France and Germany share that sentiment. Now is there anything else?”

“Well, I’m not sure. All topics which concern our two nations seem to have been covered. Don't you think?” The Prime Minister replied.

Italian Parliament Speech

“Mr. President, Madame President of the Senate, Mr. President of the Chamber of Deputies, Mr. Prime Minister, and other distinguished members of the Parliament and other guests,

Grazie per avermi ospitato qui oggi. Sono davvero onorato di parlare davanti a te.

Today I come before you with a commitment. The United States of America shall forever stand by Italy and our other allies from this moment forwards. The US and Italy share a bond of blood that shall never be broken.

I believe that we must look forward to a new and brighter future together. A future where we are closer and better allies. In this spirit I have been proposing a new alliance, a NATO 2.0 if you will. Built so that it is fair and so that no single man can tear it down.

Outside of this however, I still believe it is important to foster and grow US-Italian military relations. Together we must ensure freedom and security through the region and world. In order to achieve this I am happy to announce the US building of a base near Sicily and the planning of joint US-Italian military drills.

Together we are stronger. Thank you and God bless.

Warsaw Chopin Airport
Warsaw, Poland

Stewart and his wife made their way down the stairs and towards the Polish delegation and honor guard to the time of Hail to the Chief. With a smile the President greeted the Poles before entering the Limo and holding his wife’s hand as they made their way to the Sejm.

Jarosław Kaczyński and another crowd of politicians and legislators all climb down the steps and emerge from motorcades with weak smiles and stiff manner. Staid and honored, they proceeded around the president following them in and heading into the main conferring room. Settling down and greeting the two most welcomed delegations. Kaczyński waved his hand and the chatter had finally died down as he stood up, put on a quick grin and began to speak.

“Mr. President, and Mrs. First Lady, welcome to Poland. I hope you have enjoyed the ride here, and do not worry, for the stay is the best part. Regardless, let us all settle down and get to business. What shall we be discussing here today? Should it be
known, Poland is in full support of any sort of furthering of relations or military procedures, and the entire revitalization of NATO altogether. Well, I’ll sit down, and you may speak if you’d like.”

“Thank you for having us Mr. Prime Minister. I would like to start off by reaffirming American support for Poland and Polish sovereignty. In line with this I would like to propose the building of a joint Naval and Air Base here in Poland.”

Kaczyński smiled once more and spoke again with manner and courtesy, looking warmly at the delegation.

“We would be honored to have the military bases built and to run programs for exercises or more there. The air base could be built in the east where they’ll have more range and the naval base could be built in one of our industrialized ports. We’d be glad to cover a portion of the expenses, too, as long as we’re able to maintain our future budget plans.”

Stewart gave a warm smile and said “I am glad to hear that. Poland is and has been a important US ally and it troubled me and most of my fellow Americans when my predecessor turned his back on Europe in your time need.”

“Now shall we move on to business. I have spoken to several CEOs in America and they have told me they are eager to invest in Poland but find it somewhat hard to do. I would like to propose you making it easier for these businesses to set up shop here in Poland.”

Kaczyński nodded and turned to speak once more, the crowd of politicians watching the conversation intently.

“Yes, well, we have been working on renovating our economic systems and trying to enhance a capitalistic system here within Poland. We would be glad to open the doors for any willing American investors and make it easier for any others down the road.”

“That’s good to hear.” Stewart said with a smile before saying “Now how about we talk military capabilities. Your military is aging especially in regards to your Air Force. I would like to propose you replace your older Soviet aircraft with the most up to date F-16 or even F-15. As you know both are designated to serve well into the 2040’s in my own nations Air Force.”

Kaczyński opened his mouth for a quick reply, “Why, yes, our modernization efforts are bringing our military up to par and quite sleek and modernized, yet, tidying up a lot of our older models and help in that area would be very welcome.”

Stewart smiled and said “I am glad to hear it. Now the last thing I have on my agenda is increasing natural gas shipments to you and the rest of the EU to give you more independence from Russian fuel. I assume you will support this when brought up in the EU?”

“Why, of course, getting away from Moscow would be in our very best interests and especially when our greatest ally in Washington provides us with the option to procure fuel and resources. We would definitely support the idea when brought up and would engage in the deal.”

Kaczyński smiled and squinted once more, giving a cursory glance to each of the politicians gathered around the room.

“I assume that would be the end of the discussion?”

He said, backing his chair up to stand up and dismiss the assembly and bid adieu to the presidential guests.
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