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1950: Führerreich IC [Open | COBALT NETWORK SPONSORED]

Postby Chewion » Mon Mar 19, 2018 6:48 pm



OP - Chewion
CO-OPs -
IE - The Industrial States of Columbia

"I fear that liberty in Europe has been dealt a death blow."
- President Roosevelt 1944

Imagine a world in which the Nazis won. Fascism lives and in fact thrives around the world. The United States is one of the few remaining democracies and leads the Allies forward. Europe is covered in the darkness of fascism along with most of Africa, Asia, and South America. Hitler's dream has come true.


1939: In late 1939 German U-boats along with several He 111 bombers launch a surprise attack on the British Navy in Scapa Flow. The British Navy is devastated with huge loss of life and loss of ships. The Germans get away mostly unscathed.

1940: Operation Dynamo fails miserably due to no German halt order being given as well as failure of British ships to reach the beaches. The BEF, Belgian Army, and French 1st, 7th, and 9th armies are all but destroyed or captured. Winston Churchill, facing large opposition, is forced to resign in disgrace and Lord Halifax takes his place as Prime Minister. Now with a war ongoing he tries to rally the UK to fight but any will to do so is shattered after the Luftwaffe, acting on orders to focus on weakening the RAF instead of bombing London, nearly eliminate all of the RAF paving the way for a successful Operation Sea Lion with the British Navy still weak from the surprise strike on Scapa Flow.

1941: In February London falls to German soldiers and the German flag waves above Buckingham and Westminster. The royal family flees to Canada along with Lord Halifax and members of the British Government. Within months the whole of the UK capitulates and Oswald Mosley is made the new provisional Prime Minister. With the loss of the UK, the US signs a peace deal with the Germans and focuses on the Japanese in the East. The new British government headed by Mosley sign the Treaty of Dover officially ending hostilities on the Western front. Edward VIII regains the throne. The USA immediately annexed Greenland Iceland.

1942: Operation Barbarossa is initiated at the start of Spring time. The German army focuses on taking out Leningrad and Moscow. Within two month Leningrad falls swifty followed by the fall of Moscow. The Soviet government retreats to Stalingrad hoping to make a last stand. In late 1941 the siege of Stalingrad starts. The severely weakened and demoralised Soviets throw men at the German slaughtering machine and millions of the few remaining best Soviet troops are killed or captured. Eventually on October 29th Stalingrad falls and Joseph Stalin is captured and killed. The remaining Soviet government, led by Viachislav Molotov and the tattered remains of their military along with only a few million civilians flee across the Urals and set up a capital on Vladivostok. The Germans now control up to the Urals and the Central Asian Steppes. In December the Soviet government signs the Treaty of Novosibirsk official ceding the Central Asian Steppes and all Russian land West of the Urals to Germany among other things.

1943: With the US able to focus on Japan they reach Okinawa in mid ‘43 and the battle of Okinawa rages for 3 months. With Okinawa captured the military prepares for Operation Downfall. The Manhattan project is still years from a nuke having been hurt by the loss of British contribution. In Europe and Africa the Axis powers, fueled by their new colonies taken from the defeated French and British, capture the whole of the Balkans. In Asia, German troops arrive in nationalist China to help defend against the Japanese, who Germany had severed ties with in favor or China and peace with America, and Communist Chinese. However with the US posing to invade, the Japanese withdraw most of their surviving troops out of mainland Asia and back to Japan for the defense of the home islands. This allowed German and Nationalist Chinese forces to defeat most Communist forces in China leading to a few million Chinese Communists fleeing to the weak but still alive Soviet Union in Siberia. With the Communists dealt with and the Japanese focusing on defending the home islands, the German and Nationalist Chinese forces focused on reclaiming Manchuria as well as capturing Tibet.

1944: By Spring of ‘44 the German and Chinese forces had captured most of Manchuria and large portions of Tibet officially annexing both into The Republic of China. In June of ‘44 the US, Australia, and Canada launch Operation Olympic, the invasion of Kyushu and the first stage of Operation Downfall, after several weeks they have a beachhead established however they have already suffered heavy losses and face still strong resistance of Imperial Japanese military forces and fanatical citizens devoted to defending Japan. India is given independence undera popular fascist government. They immediately join the Axis.

1945: The Allied invasion of Kyushu is nearly complete by Spring of 1945. McArthur prepares the forces for Operation Coronet, the invasion of Honshu which is the main island of Japan. In German the Uranprojekt makes a breakthrough with the help of British physicists deemed pure enough. They are able to stabilize a nuclear reactor. Work immediately begins on weaponizing the nuclear reaction. In the USA, Project Manhattan receives a boost in funding in an attempt to make up for the loss of British help. The project is close to producing a useable Atom Bomb. In late fall of 1945 the Allied forces initiate Coronet. After weeks of heavy fighting and heavy losses on both sides, they establish three beachheads on Honshu. The Emperor issues an order to all citizens to defend Japan with their lives. Japanese citizens of all ages fight the allied troops. Using guns, knives, stones, hands, whatever they have. Children even participate in the defense. Allies forces barely move past the beaches and immediate surrounding areas. Already Operation Downfall has cost an estimated 500 thousand casualties with 145 thousand of those being deaths. Pressure is growing on the weakening Roosevelt. On November 24th he dies while in office. Truman assumes the Presidency and immediately gives Manhattan more attention and resources. By late December they test the first Atom Bomb.

1946: In February of 1946 the US drops the first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Sapporo on the 9th then two days later they drop another on Akita. The next day, February 12th, Japan surrenders. World War Two officially ends. In Spring of 1945 Nationalist Spain, with German support, invades Portugal. The Portuguese capitulate within a month and sign the Treaty of Barcelona. Later that year Germany and Italy invade Switzerland under Operation Tannenbaum. In Asia the Korean Peninsula is split between the Fascist North, backed by Germany and the Axis powers, and the Democratic South, backed by the US and their allies, along the 38th parallel, actually it’s split along the IRL current borders but 38th parallel is close enough.

1947: In Spring of 1947 Germany tested their first atomic bomb. There were now two nuclear powers. In Asia the Empire of Siam was given French Indochina in exchange for joining the Axis. In Europe the war in Switzerland was coming to a close and by Fall the country was split into German and Italian sections. In South America several coups place fascist leaders in power in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, and Peru. THe four quickly join the Axis powers and expand. The US threatens war but backs down when Germany threatens to defend their allies. Relations between the two powers sour.

1948: Seeking better relations, Hitler invites Truman to Berlin. Meeting in the Spring of that year the two agree to lower tensions and have warmer relations. However there is still some degree of bad relations between the two nuclear powers. In Fall Australia and New Zealand announce a union creating Australasia. Iceland is given independence and joins the Allies.

1949: Germany creates the first true ICBM in the A-10 rocket. Later that year they launch a rocket into space for the first time carrying a disk with the Swastika on it. America, without Von Braun and other German rocket scientists and information, fall behind but, using stolen V-2 blueprints, are able to build their first ICBM the SM-65 Atlas. In December of that year the US annexed Cuba. Fearing invasion from the Axis, Ireland joins the Allies.

1950: RP Starts.



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Postby Greater Redosia » Tue Mar 20, 2018 4:59 pm

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Ayrshire Dockyards

The docks were hard at work, cranes lifting large crates of cargo of god knows what into the air and onto ships that would be transported to Germany. The Foreman walking past the crates and shipment containers with a clipboard on his paper and his arms lashed with two arm bands, on his left arm was the armband of being an official member of the Union of Fascists, the largest political party in the United Kingdom. On his right arm was a Nazi armband to show that he was part of the German Government, making sure that all the resources were sent to where they needed, many workers kept their eyes away from the Foreman but some took quick glances and quickly turned away if the looked back at. The Foreman ordered two workers to stand in front of him.

"So do tell me how have things gone so far, what has been transported, and where shall it all be heading." asked the Foreman, the two workers looked at each other and then turned back to the Foreman. "Well, these 'er crates and containers are bein' sent to Germany and to England. Crates and containers full of steel and coal, for the local factories and abroad. The colonies and Germany do not wish to be forgotten." replied the worker, the Foreman writing everything they said down "Well do hurry it along, the bloody men in Berlin aren't going to come and get their coal and steel themselves. Once the treaty of Dover is finished we might actually get full production of ships once more!" the Foreman walked off leaving the workers to themselves.

"Can you believe this, we were once the greatest country on the planet. Now 'er we are moving shite for the bloody Jerries, I hope that Mosley or Edward, hell even Churchill, Halifax, or George would be better than the damn Jerries." The other worker nodded, "Especially those Nips who could almost took Hong Kong, but luckily the Chinese manage to beat them back." The two continued to talk to each other until they decided to get back to work, though many of the other workers chimed in and agreed with what they had said. They wanted revenge against the Jerries for what they did.


London, England, United Kingdom

The House of Parliament was in session, Nine years since the end of the Second World War the country was in a stage of small recession. The nation was split into several parties, the British Union of Fascists who control the majority in the Parliament, with the Reformers and Royalists controlling what was left in a loosely held Coalition. "Now, I do believe that to solve this current downturn, we must safeguard our current industries and begin to make talks with India and China in hopes they realize that they need British goods in order for them to properly develop. We should continue negotiations in hopes they decrease tariffs on our goods and that it will bring much wealth to the country." Several here here's went around the room, but it went silent when Mosley began to speak. "Well my friend, I say that you are correct in that if we negotiate with our former subjects and China we will be able to profit more from this. But this will not solve the currently growing problem, after the war we are now suffering massive unemployment problems mostly due to the need of reconstruction and the damage caused by the German Invasion of the Home Isles. But I believe the way we can solve this we shall focus on our home markets and commit to modernizing Britain's industry, focusing on a large scale public works program that can employ almost eight-hundred thousand British citizens a year for each year we commit to this program of expanding our industry, roads, rails, and naval dockyards." Mosley smiled and sat down.

The Other members mumbled to themselves and maybe began to applaud Mosley, one of Parliament members stood. "Sir Arnold Walter." spoke the speaker, Walter a member of the Royalists began to spoke. "Well Mosley well I do agree that we must modernize Britain, but I also wish to accept that we must keep negotiating with fellow nations around the world. Even those who dare set up against us, the United States, Canada, and other members of the Allies can be valuable trading partners." Several members mumbled in a mix of agreement and disagreement, "I know that we are not in great standing with their nations but we must think of the future, we must open our markets to new areas so that competition may continue to grow and bring wealth to the nation." Mosley stood up once more, "Sir Oswald Mosley." Mosley brushed his clothes and stood up to the podium, "Well Walter I will say that we do not wish to be seen negotiating with traitors of the British people, we will continue to make our nation great and we will do it without the help of traitors to the United Kingdom!" Several members boo'd and cheered, the divide showing to the eyes of all the members of Parliament.


Buckingham Palace, London, England, United Kingdom

King Edward paced the royal chambers going back and forth, looking at a map of the world. The dark red splotches of the vast and overextended German Reich, the Green of the Lazy and Greedy Italians, the Yellow of the Chinese, Blue of America, the lighter red of Britain and the Dark Green of Canada. He walked up to the map and put a pin into where Ottawa would be. "Well Brother, it seems we are once again at odds. I wonder who will succeed in the end, your loyalists or mine. Mosley will do a fine job in restoring the power of the nation, but can you do the same? What will you do? You best do it quickly, because who knows when the Germans and their Reich will implode, if it ever does. A Third World War huh, you'd think we would of finally stop fighting after all the death the Germans brought, but it seems we are far, if not even farther from the truth of peace. But, now, I must commit to being the King of my nation."

To: Prime Minister Mosley
From: King Edward VIII, King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions

I declare that we are to once again expand out naval power with our resources that we may continue to properly control our oversee continents. I demand a further 10 destroyers be built, 25 submarines, 10 minesweepers, 8 light cruisers, 6 heavy cruisers, and 4 regular cruisers be constructed. Now I do realize we do have not all of our dockyards in our use to construct these ships, but we must make due with what we do have so that we may expand our power to that of what we once had. To finish all these ships will take time, hopefully once our dockyards can be returned to our use we will be able to possibly prepare to fight against the traitors in Canada with ease. Possibly prepare for larger plans in the future that will bring us back from our ashes to once again be the Empire where the sun may never set.

God Speed,
King Edward VIII, King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions.
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Postby United Massachusetts » Thu Mar 22, 2018 1:29 pm

Official Message
The State of Spain | Addressed to: Duce della Repubblica Sociale Italiana, Benito Mussolini
My Dear Duce:

You see, Spain and Italy are both under assault from all sides, including the side of our so-called allies. And, seeing as the wars which have plagued both our people have come to victorious ends, I believe it fitting to discuss together the future of our alliance, and of the world at-large. Let me be the first to say that the peoples of Spain and Italy are natural allies--both have sought bravely to eliminate communism from their backyards, both share simillar cultures, rooted in the story of Rome, and both are Catholic peoples, whose faith guides their nation. In fact, Duce, it could be said that the Spanish revolt was fundamentally rooted in the ideology you so nobly brought before the Italian people. And this alliance, built on our shared vision, culture, and principles, I am confident will continue.

I do, however, come to you in search of the direction our peoples shoud take in the future, stepping in tandem towards the liberation of all Mediterranean peoples. It is my firm belief that our present alliance with Germany is unsustainable and has been attacked by the latter to such a point where it could hardly be called an "alliance" at all. Hitler and his regime have arrested priests, denounced the Church, sought to establish a personality cult around the self-styled "Fuhrer", and have gone so far as to preach the inferiority of our peoples.

It is my opinion that we should seek to forge our own alliance across the world based on the principles of our faith and the propogation of our culture across the world. Let Germany wither and die as the Church rises like a Phoenix over Europe! Let American hegemony over the New World rot away as the Catholic peoples of Latin America rise up! Let us call a worldwide crusade for the faith! Viva Italia! Viva Espana!

Yours in Christ,

Francisco Franco
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Postby Alaroma » Fri Mar 23, 2018 10:16 am

The Kingdom of Italy


Mussolini was on cloud 9 if you could use a way to describe how things were going for Italy. Revenues were coming in from Italy’s new colonies, which had been well taken care of by their former British masters. The transition has allowed for continued development of Italian East Africa, and extra money from Suez made things even better. The Italian Army was getting more toys to play with too, and given the time, Italian Engineers were beginning to make increasingly quality weapons, such as the first Italian Jet Fighter to be put into service. That being said, it was the eve of Italy's next adventure. Thus preparations were to be made in regards to this, and this was all centering around Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, and the UAE. Italian oil Company, or the Eni S.p.A. This all being said, Italian Engineers, the company, and other companies were making a good time exploiting the oil in the area. To accompany that, came electrical companies, and other utilities.

This all being said, step were going to be taken to further, and protect Italian interests in the region. "We need to ensure that our fleet is bolstered in the Arabian sea, how's our latest Naval Projects going?" Mussolini said, looking at his minister of war. "Good, our next two Aircraft carriers are coming along nicely. This all being said, Destroyers, Submarines, Cruisers, all coming along nicely. I'll give you the exact number later in my report. Now, our colonial forces in particular are getting more and more arms. In Egypt, our local forces there have been armed with increasingly modern equipment. That all being said, our rearmament program has been going well. As well as the retraing of staff. We learned our lessons from the last war, so we'll make sure that it doesn't repeat. We will make sure of this in our future endeavors, especially when it comes to the Turkish."

Nodding, taking a sip of coffee, Mussolini continued "This all is good and all, what about how Italian colonial efforts are going? I'm sure they're doing fine, yes?" The Minister of Colonial affairs nods saying "They're going as swimmingly as ever. If we're being honest, our polices are going great in the colonies we had before the war. The ones we gained afterwards are calming down, if that's the right way to phrase it. Regardless, Italians are moving there in droves, so it's all going well. I-"

Italian Diplomacy

There was a movement within the party to have a sort of sphere, a sphere inside the Latin world. This being said, the Spanish had come to the Italian in a letter to form a stronger relationship with the two powers. However in the letter, there was strong anti-German sentiment within it. Something Mussolini could not afford at the moment. He agreed Hitler's views on his people were distressing to say the least, but he didn't want to alienate the Germans. He didn't want the chance of a stronger Latin people to go away either, so the solution was simple. Mussolini was going to form a sub-group in the Axis. There was multiple in his opinion, and they tended to do as they please. There was the Italian dominated part, and the Italian lead part. Any other nation just followed the other two. One could possibly make the argument China and India were their own subgroups as well, but that wasn't likely in Mussolini's opinion.


Official Message

The Kingdom of Italy- Addressed to: The Dignified Leaders of Spain, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and Venezuela

Dear Allies of the Latin World:

The world will be a better place when the Latin peoples of the world bring their best to it. Fascism has spread more and more, and truly it is going to change the face of this world for the better. That's why with you, I plan to make a sub-section within the Axis, different in our own right. La cooprativa di difesa di Soverign pact, which we will exchange military, economic, political, and cultural aid. Our culture came from the Mediterranean, and stretched to the lands of Latin America. God, Culture, and Ideology will be our pact.

I invite you all to Rome to discuss this, and work out these agreements. We're not done, and I can sense trouble brewing in the air. It's a foul smell, which is why I implore you to come to Rome, and we can set up treaties for all our betterment. I hope to hear a response from each of you soon. The world is a changing stage, and those who fail to adapt die. I can assure you friends, Italy will not fail to adapt. I hope the same for your nations.

With Sincerity,

Benito Mussolini

P.S(Only to Spain): Careful friend, ridding ourselves of the Germans outright is dangerous. I'm working with the Germans, our best course is to advocate for him to take more moderate stances for now. Plus he's too busy handling his new Empire to truly give us too much thought, however a more personal Union with Spain and Italy would surely go a long way to ensuring the Mediterranean remains free under our watch. For now however, I suggest letting the Germans moderate themselves. "If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head." as suggested in Romans, and patience. God bless friend, we will be in contact soon.

Royal Corps of Colonial Troops


Hakeem Haddad was at Present Arms with his Beretta AR45/90(Italian Variant of the StG 44). He was a member of the Italian Royal Colonial Corps, troops from in colonies to be more specific. He was from Alexandria, age 19. He was what, 12? That's when the Italians overtook the city, and things changed of course. He was taught different things in his schools, Italian becoming more important than English of course. Fortunately for him, he was fluent in both by this point. He was a Tenente, or better known as a Lieutenant in the English language. Commander of a 42 man Platoon, he was under his Captain, but had his own subordinates as well. Today was inspection day, but there was something differnt too. Inspections became sporadic, Italian Officers would come and go. It was strange to Hakeem, but as the Italian officer walked by inspecting his troops, he pushed those thoughts aside.

The Italian officer stopped, looking at the men, saying "Ordina le armi!" Order arms, or put your weapons to their side. They complied of course, leading to the Italian officer walking in front of the Platoon. "Fai del bene oggi, Soldati?!" The officer demanded, to which the men of Hakeem's platoon responded "Eccezionale, signore!" The man nodded, smiling. "Good, we're going to be moving soon! Isn't that outstanding!?" he demanded once more from the Colonial troops. 'Moving where, why, what are we doing?' Those questions naturally ran through Hakeem's head, but he simply responded with the rest of the "Eccezionale, signore!" Nodding once more, the man said "Dannazione, lo è! Now, you might be wondering where we're sending you, yes? That's fair enough. We will be sending you to Port Said, where you will be boarding ships. That's all the information you will be getting at this very moment. Understood?" He said, once more waiting for their response. "Inteso!" was the proud response.

Soon, they were left to go about their business. Other officers were beginning to get bits of information, but when he talked to the Company's captain, the Italian man shrugged saying "I have no idea for right now. Don't ask too many questions, we'll be enlightened soon enough." He had to trust that, but perhaps what shocked him more was the amount of men being needed for what's happening. 50,000 Men were in motion from what he heard, but that's only so far. It was going to be an interesting next couple of months.......

Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Italy


The Kingdom of Italy- "We are held together by pact and by religion"


Military Orders-
Naval Orders:
The Purchase of:
-2 Aircraft Carriers
-13 Destroyers
-4 Light Cruisers
-8 Heavy Cruisers
-30 Submarines

Naval transports are also to be taken to the city of Port Said in preparations for the transportation of troops through the Suez Canal. This is in line with the larger operation at hand, "Operazione Rinascita." When this is all taken into accout, we're expecting these transports to be able to carry to the appropriate amount of Soldiers, their Equipment, and soldiers from the mainland will be accompanying them.

Orders of the Royal Colonial Corps-

250,000 Colonial Soldiers will be accompanying 50,000 Italian soldiers. 500 Tanks have also been authoraized, along with 2,500 pieces of Towed-Artillery, and 300 SPA units. Depending on location, these soldiers will be depart from the ports of: Port Said, Suez, Athens, and Port Sudan. Railroads, trucks, and other means of transport will be used to have these soldiers reach their destination. In correspondance from the coming operation, the escourts and other Naval vessels to be assisting will be: 1 Aircraft Carrier, 3 Battleships, 12 Destroyers, 7 Light Cruisers, 8 Heavy Cruisers, 32 Sumbarines. The reason for such a large Naval task force, the situation being considered, will be elaborated on later.

The deployment of Division Folgore, a Division of 5,000 Parachutes, will also be provided in this mission buildup. They, along with 1st San Marco Regiment(Italian Marines) will be deployed. See to it that the mobilization process goes off without a hitch. We've given you the instructions for mobilization, the politics will be handled in Rome. Be ready by your set date.
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Postby Labstoska » Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:19 pm

Andery Vasalov looked out cross the great Russian ice wastes, the continuous monotonous sound of artillery ringed out in the background, for 2 weeks now had Vasalov and the anti-Bolshivik army been stuck out here trying to kill these dammed red bandits. When the push against the bandits had first started it all went rather well, they had sucseeded in pushing them away from the major railways and in forcing them back to this frozen abyss, Vasalov had though to himself how good it had been to finally gain a bit of glory once more but then the bandits just had to retreat to some fortress they have out on the fringes of the arctic sea and the anti bolshevik army was now stuck out here bombarding the reds for days with no end in sight. The bombardment had evidently not been working for everytime a platton of men approached the Reds stronghold believing them all to be dead, the platoon was wiped out.The ramshackle camp that the anti bolshivik army had set up hadn't been without punishment as well for the reds would quite often sneak out of their stronghold and perform a raid on the camp.

Andery had been looking out across ice wastes for a few minutes now before a private clad in layers coats and warm clothing came up to him, the man in question was Russian as most were in the anti Bolshevik army, it was one of the only ways to guarantee food and warmth in RK Moskowien as the SS would never accept a Russian into their ranks and the other more honest means of work never seemed to bring enough food to the table. The man was shaking, which could be down the dammed cold however from the layers of clothing this person was wearing Andery assumed that it was not the cold that had caused this man to shiver, the only other possible source of this man's fervent shivering must be from fear of what Andery would do to him if he told him the bad news, there were rumours that Andery would shoot massagers who gave him bad news, these rumours were mostly false, he would never shoot one of his Russian troops. The man finally managed to stutter out the words "Sir, Riechskommisar Johannes Heinrich Brandenburger has arrived, he wishes to speak to you in the camp." Two main thoughts were running through Andery's mind when he heard this, one of which was wondering what on Earth the Riechskommisar was doing here, the other of which was fiery rage at the fact that the Riechskommisar , the man who had taken what was rightfully promised to him, had the gaol to simply come up here and poke his nose in Andery's private affairs. "Fine go tell the Riechskommisar that I shall be with him shortly."

After a few minutes general Vasalov began to set off for the camp. The camp itself was small and squat with a great absence of decent housing, the camp was littered with various Russian militiamen all milling about ate having a drink, or perhaps even training although that was a rare occurrence, however among the usual Russian militiamen General Vasalov spotted some men who appeared to have a far different uniform from the Russian militiamen, upon closer inspection General Vasalov saw that these were SS men and almost immediately a white hot raged filled him, he now knew exactly why the Riechskommisar had decided to come and visit, it was to rub in his face the fact that the SS were going to be taking over the campaign. Now general Vasalov never did particularly enjoy being out here in the icy wasteland of northern Russia however at least it was a campaign that he had control over and one in which he didn't have to bow down to the SS dogs!

Upon entering the main command centre for the Anti Bolshevik army's operations against the red bandits, the thing that general Vasalov's eyes first happened to fall upon was the smug face of Riechskommisar Brandenburger, that however was not the worst of it for the Riechskommisar also held out his hand to general Vasalov as if they were both good friends with one another, all the Riechskommisar would receive from general Vasalov is a cold stare. In response to general Vasalov's clear animosity towards himself the Riechskommisar said "Why so cold Andery, wait no I know it's because you think those SS men outside are going to take charge of your little operation out here, well don't worry about them, they're just going to provide you with.. a little bit of help." A little bit of help, the exact same phrase they used when they told him that his beloved country of Russia was going to be converted into a collection of German colonies. The Riechskommisar continued on speaking "Anyways I'm just here to check up on your campaign against the Red bandits and a few of my masters in Berlin are rather suspicious about this whole Russian anti Bolshevik army and I just wanted to make sure that their concerns were addressed." This was what general Vasalov hated most about the Riechskommisar, he would always act so nice and calm right up until the moment the moment he gives a letter to you saying that if you didn't shut your mouth then the SS would have you shot.

For the next few days the Riechskommisar 'inspected' Vasalov's campaign. He took a particular joy in exposing the 'traitors' within the anti Bolshevik army and having them shot, then having a rant against Vasalov for allowing communists into his campaign. Vasalov also noticed that the SS were doing a lot more then just lending a hand in the campaign against the Communists, in fact they seemed to be sapping control away from him. Thankfully after a week the Riechskommisar decided that he ought to get back to Moscow however he did leave a note behind for Vasalov to read, it read 'Soon you'll be gone like the rest of them ..

The city of Moscow had been completely demolished during the world war, all that was left after the battle of Moscow were a few hardy houses and the Kremlin itself, which the new administration for most of European Russia was now based out of. As a result of this devastation most of the city needed to be rebuilt however this provided the opportunity for the new administration to completely rebuild the city with German architecture and in the style of a traditional German city, it also allowed the new administration to resettle all of the Russians in Moscow to miserable industrial and mining settlements. However the severe lack of any German settlers meant that Moscow had become a dead city with it's clean, brand new streets being almost completely abandoned except for a few German families who had decided to move into Moskowien.

It was this city that Riechskommisar Johannes Heinrich Brandenburger looked out upon and he was not impressed in the slightest, it had been his dream that Moscow would be transformed into a beacon of the Reich in the east however due to an uncooperative media, not many people in Germany fancied moving here. Behind the Riechskommisar were a council of high ranking officials within the RK, today they were here to discuss the beginning of the first five year plan for RK Moskowien. The Riechskommisar turned to address the council and stated "Gentlemen as you can see form here, our plan for the Germanisation of Moscow has failed miserably, it appears that many people are still as of yet unaware that Moscow has been transformed into a new Germanized city capable of sustaining a good German population, so in order to restart the Germanisation of Moscow we must request that an advertisement campaign is started up in Germany in order to encourage the migration of German peoples to the RK, all those in favour of this raise your hand", all but one man in the room raised their hand, said man went by the name of Albert Muller and was the Wehrmacht's representative at this meeting, Mr Muller also seemed to believe that his own idea of what the five year plan should be needed to expressed for almost immediately he said "Shouldn't we be developing the transport capacity and the infrastructure of the RK Riechskommisar? Would that be far more beneficial for the Reich then shipping in a few German colonists?". Mr Muller had always been quite a troublesome figure for the Riechskommisar, in fact the entire Wehrmacht had been rather troublesome, they even supported that Russian idiot Vasalov. Luckily the Riechskommisar had a retort for Muller's response "Which brings me on to section two of the five year plan, which involves the repair and construction of multiple new railways between the new industrial towns and the German Reich in order to ensure that resources are safely transported to Germany, once again all those in favour please raise your hand." Now everyone in the room decided to agree even Mr Muller albeit begrudgingly.

With the various sections and sub-sections of the five year plan agreed upon the officials in Berlin got to work writing up messages and ordering around subordinates who in turned ordered about their subordinates, all the while the Russian people bled in the name of an empire that would soon have them all wiped out.

To: whomever it may concern within the German Reich
From: Riechskommisar Johannes Heinrich Brandenburger
subject: German settlers
Greetings our masters within the German Reich, we here within the RK Moskowien would like to request that an advertising campaign is started up across Germany in order to encourage the migration to RK Moskowien, we believe that this campaign will strengthen the Aryan people in the East and will help to further our beloved Fuhrer's dream, the RK will obviously pay for this campaign as part of our five year plan all that we request in return is that we are permitted to advertise settling in RK Moskowien in Germany.

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Eastern Salisbury district, Southern Rhodesia


BSAP superintendent Walther Fairbridge searched his pockets for a cigarette. The cries and chants of two thousand men and women filled the skies of Salisbury, reaching his ears and echoing throughout the capital city. For a few months, the African Fascist Union had been rallying its supporters in the capital to march along the city, and had gathered about 1,200 men from throughout the country. Hearing of this, the Zimbabwe African National Front had also come to stop the march, and their organised chants and songs clashed against the yelling and singing of a few AFU early arrivals. Anticipating violence, Walther had placed a few riot policemen hidden in nearby alleys, and had come to the front with a few officers to observe the clashes. Things were starting to warm up, when a familiar voice rang from behind.

"Hello Walther! I’m surprised to see you here." questioned the man, whose voice Fairbridge easily recognised as that of Ken Flower, Chief Inspector. Although he had only entered the BSAP in 1948, a few years after fleeing to the country, he had risen through the ranks very rapidly.

“Well, this is a rather pleasant surprise!” replied the superintendent, ”So Ken, enjoying Rhodesia?”

At this, Flower gestured towards the crowd of yelling protesters, and his voice took on a tone of disappointment: “The country's lovely, but you've let these hooligans lose. In fact, a few Blackshirts are marching down the street now. Shouldn't we arrest them and the pinkos too?”

“I wish we could, but everybody is afraid that the Krauts will knock on our door. Paranoid ramblings really, but parliament believes it, so the commies took it upon their hands to regulate them.” Fairbridge sighed as he lit his cigarette: “It’s a shame really. The traditional conservatives are not seen as a strong option anymore, and so people flock to these fringe groups.”

A brick flew by, nearly hitting the officers, even though it was aimed at the mass of AFU supporters that now marched down the streets to beat the ZANU. “You see, Flower, we need to show our strength, show that we are not only stronger, but wiser than them. And take this the way you like, but don't spread it around: there are folks working to prove that. Now, let's get the heck out of here and let the Mounties clear this mess.”

Rhodesian Diplomacy

Official Message
Rhodesia | Addressed to Field Marshal Jan Smuts, of the Union of South Africa

My Afrikaan colleague,

After the disastrous defeats in the 1940s, our nations found themselves at the front lines of a new conflict between the free world and the National Socialists. It is evident that the Rhodesian industries, in their infancy, will not be able to supply our armies for the upcoming conflicts with Mittleafrika, much less against the Wehrmacht. I thus ask you, on the part of several Rhodesian businesses, for the free passage of certain shipments of industrial materials and machinery from your ports through your land to Rhodesia, so that we may further develop our industrial base. I also ask you to consider a possible economic, perhaps even military, pact between our countries to facilitate further collaboration and trade between South Africa and the Rhodesian Federation, and pave a way into the uncertain marshes of the future for our children to walk on.


Godfrey Huggins

P.S. Rumours of… intrigue within our government may have reached you. I must reassure you that all is of our design.
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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia- The Italian Embassy

It was late at night, Luigi Cardilli sat at his desk comfortably. Over the past few years, the Italians had made a real presence in Arabia. He was there to make sure that transition was going good. Italian oil companies, among other things, had come to Saudi Arabia. All things considered, his role wasn’t as prestigious as he would have liked. Here he was talking to a country whose only worth was it’s oil. It was an important job, or at least that’s what his bosses in Rome told him repeatedly. No matter what they told him though, he was not convinced. He couldn’t even see the women with those insufferable coverings. “Good times in Arabia, eh?” he asked himself sarcastically.

He went over to the table where he had a little coffee set, and began preparing himself a cup. That’s when he began hearing shouting from outside. “Hmm, what’s that?” The yelling only increased before he looked outside, seeing a crowd of men in black shouting at his embassy guards. “That doesn’t look good……..” he said, he hearing the distinct shout “Remove the Italians! Remove the colonizers!” A deep frown followed, causing him to say “This is really not good.” He began heading down stairs, before the chant “Shoot the Italian!” began to take place. “Begone with the moraless heathens!” others shouted. Then the unmistakable shot of gunfire broke out, someone screamed, then it began.

There were four guards, armed with Assault Rifles. It was like that, the men opened fire into the crowd. When he got to a window showing him the scene, one guard was dead. The three others were firing indiscriminately into the crowd. Then someone threw a bomb, instantly killing another guard and knocking the others off balance. A young secretary, probably no older than 24, came up from behind him saying “Sir, we need to leave from behind to embassy!” Nodding in agreement, he followed the young woman as the conflict and screams roared from outside. Going out the back entrance and one guard, they began to make their way away out. Alas, others from the mob spotted them, and shouted “Over here!” pointing at them. The guard looked at the ambassador, and yelled “Run!” he said, as he began firing at the oncoming mob. The two began to run, looking back it was unmistakable the embassy had been set ablaze. The question was where do they go? Fear struck into the hearts of the two, footsteps could be heard in the background. A shot. Screams. “They’re running this way!” someone called.

Then, another “crack!” was heard, and before the ambassador knew it, he was falling to the ground. Shot. Not mortally, but that didn’t matter. Soon they were swarmed, the secretary screaming as he heard fabric ripping. He couldn’t see her, but he could guess what was about to happen to the poor woman. Hands were all over him, but he only saw a man with a machete. The machete rising. It falling onto him. Into him. Were those his screams, or hers? He couldn’t tell the difference between his pain, his growingly quiet screams, her sobs, the darkness that soon engulfed him. “Sto tornando a casa, mamma.” he said silently before he left the world for good.

Rome, Italy

“How many people died in the attack?” Mussolini asked, looking to his Minister of Foreign Affairs. “32 people. 5 Guards who were overwhelmed. 25 died in the burning of the embassy, or it’s initial raid. The Ambassador and his secretary were killed in the area behind the the Embassy. He was “fortunate” enough to just be shot, and beheaded. His secretary was reportedly raped, mutilated, then shot. She was very young too, unfortunate. How do we respond to this?” Mussolini slammed his fist on the table, proclaiming “They shed Italian blood on what is Internationally recognized as Italian soil. The Saudis are responsible for allowing such a thing to happen, and by God they will know what happens when you cross Italy! We have been nothing but generous to those heathens! So help me God, this will be their undoing! Go! Prepare a declaration of war!”

The man immediatly made his leave, Italian contact with Saudi Arabia to soon come to a halt. However soon a man came in, a close friend of Mussolini came in. "Did it work?" he asked, looking at Mussolini with a raised eyebrow. "Like a charm, the media is up in arms about the attack. Justice is being demanded, and belive me, we will give Justice. Your Saudis-" he said making air quotations " did killed them off, right?" The man nodded, saying "Their bodies burned, anything showing they existed, let alone related to us, are gone. This all being said, we're in the clear." Nodding, Mussolini said "Good, withdraw all our resources from Riydah. Take as much information with you as you can, we're to be coming back soon anyways."


The troops had been already in motion, this leading to different deployments in that regard. A 150,000 Men went through Suez as they were transported from the Red Sea. Their goals were to make a landing Damman. Meanwhile the other 150,000 men were to make their ways to Jeddah. The men heading towards Jeddah were going to be deploying from different ports, most notably Port Sudan. While this was going on, Germany was notified of it’s intentions. When the preparations were done, a declaration of war was delivered. The very next day, the assault began.



The night before the Invasion began, Paratroopers were deployed into the outskirts of Jeddah. Dropping into the areas leading to the city, the 5,000 Paratroopers began seizing vital transportation along with other communications into the city forcing checkpoints. The night was filled with attack on local Arabian forces, and the securing of the vital areas needed to ensure a smooth invasion. The night eventually gave way to day, and the local area was shaken by Italian Military Action.

The next day, the Italian amphibious forces made landfall. 10,000 troops came in the initial wave. Landing at the local beaches, the Italian proceeded to set up their local beacheads. The first day, 32,000 troops would make landfall. They then began their push into the city, backed up by Naval Artillery when needed and Air Support. Going on to take the city, they began full scale unloading of their equipment into the port and deployments. Going back to the story of Hakeem Haddad, he finds himself in a column of Italian troops marching through the city. The differences became apparent to him from even the state of his home city of Alexandria. Where were the paved roads, the train stations, the cinemas? There were some cars, women could be seen driving their families about on the roads of the city. However, many just eyed up the soldiers marching through their streets.

The troops there looked the same as them, but were obviously under a different banner than the people of the city. It could have been rowdier, but the force required didn’t disrupt the life of the city too much. Well, besides the sounds of Mechanized warfare. Some Children squealed with awe and delight as they saw German based Italian tanks rolling through the streets. Their mothers would try getting them to stay away, but they couldn’t be blamed. Who here has seen tanks before? “Something tells me this place is going to change a lot when this is all over.” Hakeem noted, to which one of his soldiers laughed. An Eritrean Ascari, commented “That can’t be helped Lieutenant! I was a boy when Mussolini came to power, living in Asmara. All of a sudden factories popped up where there were none before. All of a sudden more jobs were available for people like me. I opted to join the military however, not enough fun back home.” Hakeem shook his head at the man’s comments, saying “So you say getting shot at is better than working in a factory?” he questioned his subordinate. Shaking his head, he said “If the Italians give us praise for it, then I reckon it is. If my family lives better, then I reckon it is.”

Italian troops began taking over coastal cities, meanwhile the Italian pointedly went to Mecca and told the city “Due to the City’s religious importance, you will be spared from occupation. The Declaration of the Islamic City of Mecca is imminent, and that city will operate as an independent nation. It’s protection will be handled by a local militia, and the Kingdom of Italy.” The same message was given to the inhabitants of Medina. Being so close to Mecca and Medina made Hakeem slightly anxious, causing him to wonder ‘Will I be able to visit under these circumstance. It’s very understanding for the Italians to let the two cities remain independent from foreign entanglements, but still………’ As he would later find out, the Italians were in negotiations with the two cities. No Italian Soldier, Colonial or otherwise, was to enter the cites. A waste in his opinion, but he could understand the need to be careful in this circumstance.

Beside those two cities, which were made city states. In the eyes of the Italians that is, the rest of the coastal areas in the region were occupied by Italian troops. Due to the inferiority of Arabian forces, and the surprise, the initial victories in the region were relatively easy. The Italians also targeted the most heavily populated areas in the Nation, making it harder for the opposing government to raise any outstanding army.



Following the same procedure as the first invasion, Italian airborne troops began falling into enemy territory and capturing strategic locations. Meanwhile, the Italians landed their other force. A Aircraft Carrier to support, 15,000 troops landed to capture the city. Meanwhile the Italians began pushing to expand their beachhead and capture the city. After the city was captured, they also began to expand their influence into surrounding communities. Especially in the effort to firmly cement the local oil fields under Italian control. Soon, the mechanized forces were on their way to the capital, Riyadh. Aerial campaigns against the Arab Military, Artillery, and in general military might were deployed against the Arabians.

This all being said, it was going relatively well. The expectation was for the enemy government to capitulate in under 6 months. The enemy government, or in other words the royal family, was needed to be captured. To that degree, the eastern part of the country was especially flat. This of course only benifited the mechanized forces of the Italian army, who were on their way to capture the capital, and extract “Just revenge” upon the barbarians who did this to the Italian Embassy.

The Kingdom of Italy- "We are held together by pact and by religion"


Summary of Arabian Campaign Status:
-City of Jeddah under Italian Occupation
-City of Damman under Italian Occupation
-The Islamic City of Mecca Established
-The Islamic City of Medina Established
-300,000 Troops Currently Deployed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
-Mekkah Province under Italian Adminstration, coastal Areas Secured
-Madinah Province under Italian Administration, Coastal Areas Secured
-Eastern Province under Italian Administration, Coastal Areas Secured
-Italian Mechanized Division making progress to Riydah Region.
-The Capital next Major Goal for Italian Armed Forces
-Oil interests in the Region secured
-Airfields have begun construction for the Italian Air Force

Italian Administration:
-The Italian Military Goverment of the provinces of: Makkah, Madinah, and Eastern Province have been Established
-The Italian Preparations for Post-War Development have Began
-Port Cities are being prepared for the continued support of supplies from Italy
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Second Korean Empire
천황 타이 종 카이는 이순신 황제의 은혜와 함께 제국의 영원한 지도자입니다!
January 1st,1950

Cheonhwang Thai Jong Kai stumbled out of bed,wiping away the crust from his eyes and letting out a morning yawn with a touch of saliva. As his hands reached out unsteadily for the railing as he marched downstairs to the kitchen, several aides bowed.
"Good Morning Cheonhwang. I trust you slept well?"
Kai shook his head with a tired face, the eyes of a bloodshot man clear in the path ahead. With a sigh, Kai plopped down on a kitchen stool as a plate of cold noodles was put in front of the leader's face.
"What I would do for five more minutes... I'd institute democratic elections just for five more minutes of sleep." Kai mumbled incoherently to most aides, but the cook merely shot him a shit eating grin.
"I hope you're hungry this morning, I made you some Mul Naengmyun,with some ground beef."
"G..ground beef? my favorite."
As Kai weakly picked up a pair of chopsticks, his adviser sat down next to him to plan out his day.
"So you have a speech at 10 am to the Pyongyang Parliament, at 11 am we can-Cheonhwang? Cheonhwang? have you had your daily medications?"
Kai shook his head no as he collapsed into a plate of the Korean noodles before being pried off the seat and shipped off to the bathroom for a few lines of cocaine, and a puff of opium from a pipe that was soaked in onion water that managed to invigorate the young man into a person of political importance.
"Yes, can you go through the schedule."
the aide nodded and took a deep breath, but before he muttered something, Kai interrupted him again as he was getting dressed in his finest three piece suit in his closet.
"And Start from the political meeting."
"Yes, Cheonhwang. You have a speech to the parliament at 10 am, you get to give the order for an execution of three suspected communists that we missed, and you can meet with Admiral Yao Moon Jae, who is requesting more funding be diverted for the construction of a class of four Korean destroyers named the Joeseon class."
"Don't let me in the same room as that jackass. He's unbearable to work with."
"Sir, you have a duty to your people."
"My duties are to fuck cheese and declare war on oompa loompa prison camps, so fuck off!"
"sir, did you take that lsd this morning?"
"Yes, I fucking took my lsd this fucking morning, why else would I marry a rhino so that vacuum cleaner could swig beer while being scare of pans with faces on them?!"
"I..I.. er... what? Do you want to have a sitting contest? I'll give you a goddamn sitting contest!"
With an enraged fervor, Kai grabbed a butter knife and sniffed vehemently on it, forcing the aides to back off until he accidentally got the knife up his nose.
"Now then, let's go to the meeting." He sneezed, blowing the booger covered knife out of his nose and skipping along to the parliament building.

Parliament of Pyongyang
After an hour of back trafficking and Kai's inconsiderate insistence on robbing a hobo named Robertson from all three wheels of baked beans he had on him, the exhausted guards arrived at Parleamint.
As Kai Jong Thai left the elongated limousine, he noticed the spelling error and called out the narrator with a bitchy accent of Jamaican and funk, junk.
"Oi mon, you jus gonna lev this pellin shoo? Ya na g'an fix da smellin isshue? Whatde fucks roong witchu?! Yu is illiterate?!"
The Narrator then made Kai Jong Thai run into a pole.
"Oh nah mon, you just ficked with da wrong brotha in dis neighborhood, I is a ice you witha da lady goo goo!"
With that, Kai Jong Thai shot at the sky, hitting the narrator in the arm, who is now telling this story with only one good arm and in a British accent apparently. I say, wot wot.
With a deep breath, Kai Jong Thai looked at the surrounding members of Parliament before clearing his throat with a cough and blank stares of horror as he started talking.
"Whazz up mah politikin peoples?! Hey there Dai Hmong, how's the bakery side buisness, I'm sure you're rolling in the dough?! Get it? You dont? well then you get shot then."
Three gunshots rang out as three politicians got their senses of humor in the afterlife.
"Now then, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say our economy is in the shitter right? Yes, no? no? well fuck you then, Jake from state farm! What I propose as a solution is a massive investment in mobster industries, and I am proud to partner with the mafia to officially make the company Mobsters and Korea incorporated. They shall bribe government officials and set up a tourist board to promote Italian corruption and terrorism in, sorry, misread that, tourism in the Korean Empire. I am proud to officially give them a small loan of three million won, tax free, but wait, there's more, call in the next five minutes, and we'll double your offer for FREE, just pay separate shipping and handling. In order to economically develop the nation, we shall invest more money in state owned mines and corporations, such as Pyongyang Pasta, Fascist Fettuccine for food, and begin the development of my prized project, an Italian mobster themed amusement park, known as Vitoland. I demand that 600 million won be diverted to such a monumental project at hand. It shall be 170 acres total and be based right here in Pyongyang. We want our people to have fucking fun here, dammit! Oh, and we're going to raise taxes a shit ton!I also love the sweet, sweet, smell of marijuana, and I want that to not only have a tax on it, but I want it legal yo! It's already legal? then put a tax on it dammit! Oh, Oh, Oh! Mah friend Moon Jae In is wanting the construction of four bitchin naval ships, and from what I've read from a newspaper that smells like hobo piss and was given to a fancy ass glass cow, these bitchin naval ships is a new class of destroyer. I'd say a ballpark estimate would be 20 million won, a healthy five million won for each new vessel. Now, Parliament, just from what I've been saying, you are to make bills out from under your ass in five minutes for you to then vote on and for me to sign into law!"


I.The establishment of the company Mobsters and Korea inc. It is to be a government run company, with 90% of all stocks beloning to the government, with the remaining 10% being owned by Italian shareholders with ties to mobsters and the mafia. It's mission shall be to organize and begin groundwork for several construction sites for the Vitoland amusement park and work with architects and mobsters alike in order to get correct designs for the korean people to enjoy the mobster's culture, language and techniques in interrogation.
II.No jeans or any western style German dresses or outfits for women or men are to be sold unless they smell like rotten fish or marijuana smoke. Cannabis is to have a 10% tax for the sale of each item of cannabis and distributed to every family in upcoming political elections.
III.Parliament shall allocate 20 million won for the construction of five Joeson class destroyers for the Imperial Korean Navy. The plans have been pre-approved by Admiral Yao Moon Jae, the Supreme Naval Admiral. Construction is to commence immediately following the passage of this bill.
IV. Elections for a new Parliament are to occur within one week of the passage of this bill by Parliament. All 300 seats shall be up for reelection. All candidates must fill out the needed paperwork of party affiliation, membership card, and political positions, with a mandatory one insane position to be allowed to run for elected office.
(Gugmin): "This bill shall lead to more money flowing into the nation with the large investment in amusement parks and it shall provide thousands of jobs for the nation, along with proving more national defense in the form of even bigger ships. We also need to be reelected to prove we're not fucking useless, so we're for this bill."
Independent: "I am against cannabis, I don't like to smoke weed, nor should we be spending more money on the armed forces, I vow to win a second two year term of office, so help me-
Politician Zhang Yaoweng Li's seat is to be filled in a special election for Region #296 within twenty four hours.
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Soviet Union
Molotov's Office, Vladivostok, c.1950

Vyacheslav Molotov was, to say the least, quite a concerned man.

The Soviet Union had still not recovered from the Great Patriotic War that they had fought just seven short years ago. Thankfully, for the moment, the citizenry was content with the reconstruction efforts, and popular support could be counted on by the government. Reliability from within, however, was not. With Vasily Stalin's faction of National Bolsheviks and Frol Kozlov's Reformists attempting to weaken each other at the expense of the effectiveness of SOVNARKOM's grip on the reins of the state. The situation was becoming grim fast; infighting between the NKVD and the Red Army was escalating to the point of outright warfare on the streets of Vladivostok. To make matters even worse, some of the more powerful Soviet ministers (such as Ivan Serov) had established themselves as warlords across western Siberia, draining vital resources away from Molotov's central government.

Naturally, given these conditions, the reign of Vyacheslav "Old Bread-Basket" Molotov was simply not meant to be.

Just after he had taken a seat at his desk, the General Secretary was surprised to hear the sound of several motors approaching the Hall of the Soviets...along with gunfire out in the streets of Vladivostok. For a moment, there was silence as the signature sound of the SKS rifle stopped and the engines of the armored personnel carriers slept once more.

In about five seconds after that particular moment, all hell broke loose.

NKVD troops stormed the Hall of the Soviets, using flamethrowers to take out the General Secretary's personal guards. Screams of terror and the hailing of bullets filled the Hall as the soldiers filled the members of the Politburo with lead at a great velocity. Before he had but a moment to recognize the ongoing coup, NKVD shock troops tackled Molotov and handcuffed him. From the smoke of the Hall of the Soviets emerged a face of steel.

"Comrade," pleaded the General Secretary as more troops entered the office, "this will be the end of the Union! You must not-"

Molotov's cry fell on deaf ears; the NKVD hurried him outside into a van, presumably to never be seen again by the Soviet public. As the leader of the coup slithered into Molotov's former seat, Radio Vladivostok played the anthem from 1944, and an announcement was made from the station.

Fellow workers of the Soviet Union, announced the radio, we have received horrible news from our friends in the NKVD. It seems that, according to new evidence found in Novosibirsk, Comrade Molotov was involved in a Medical Conspiracy against officials within the Soviet Union. Due to the unfortunate death of Comrade Khrushchev, presumably due to Molotov's personal guards attacking the Politburo, it seems that Comrade Vasily Stalin shall assume the office of General Secretary until the Central Committee can confirm him as a candidate.

Following the announcement, a prerecorded cheer was played, letting the Soviet workers know that their new leader would be beloved, perhaps even more than his father was. Vasily himself was in his office already, looking out on Vladivostok from the massive hole in his office left by the NKVD.

The conspirators, these traitors, these rootless cosmopolitans; they shall be brought to justice! Workers of the world, unite!

After a small party in the ruins of the Hall of the Soviets, one of the soldiers approached the new General Secretary with a question.

"Comrade Stalin," asked the soldier, intrigued, "do we plan on the end of the Soviet Union, as Molotov warned?"

Vasily laughed. "My friend, 'Old Bread-Basket' had it wrong. The Soviet Union is only beginning."


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Berlin, Germany
Reich Chancellery

Outside the Chancellery the SS guards stood their ground guarding the Fuhrer. On the streets strong and beautiful Aryan men and women passed by sometimes with their several kids in tow. The city and country was prosperous and everyone adored the leader, Adolf Hitler. The Nazi flag flew high in every direction and the red armband complete with a swastika was present on several civilians arms. Life was good.

Outside Hitler's Office
Inside the Reich Chancellery sat a door with AH emblazoned above it. Two sharply dressed SS men stood absolutely still as a man dressed in a black SS uniform saluted and made his way inside the door. With him he carried a single folder that contained two documents both coming from the SS and its various offspring agencies.

Inside Hitler's Office

Inside the SS man was greeted by Adolf Hitler who looked up from his desk and put down the papers he was reading saying "Hans, what do you bring me today?" The SS man nervously stepped forward before giving a Fuehrer salute and saying "My Fuehrer, I have a report on the situation in Arabia and a letter from Riechskommisar Johannes Heinrich Brandenburger regarding a propaganda campaign to get more pure Aryans to settle in the Moscow region. Goebbels says he already has a few drawn up but he wants your approval first." Adolf sat back before saying I will approve the propaganda and send a personal letter to Brandenburger. As for the Arabia situation. Contact the Italians and tell them we stand behind them. Prepare our troops in Iraq and move the third carrier group closer to the peninsula. That is all." With a sharp salute the SS man turned and left as Hitler sat down to type the letter.

To: Riechskommisar Johannes Heinrich Brandenburger
From: The Fuehrer Adolf Hitler

My Riechskommisar,

I write you today in order to inform you that I have personally approved the production of propaganda promoting Aryan immigration to your region. I expect that they will find adequate housing with the money and supplies that have already been sent to you. In addition I would like a full report on our extermination of the subhumans in your region. I will receive it in Person in Moscow one week from today.

Your Fuehrer,

Adolf Hitler

To: Benito Mosolini
From: Adolf Hitler

My friend,

The terrible attack on you embassy must not go unpunished. As such I offer you my full support.

Long live the Axis,

Adolf Hitler
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Second Korean Empire
천황 타이 종 카이는 이순신 황제의 은혜와 함께 제국의 영원한 지도자입니다!
January 1st,1950

Cheonhwang Thai Jong Kai clip clopped on a toy pony stick thingy with a yee haw there and a yee haw there as he barged his way into the Military meeting room to discuss several key matters of state importance. Arranged in the room were his most trusted advisors and military generals, including Military Division Generals Kaito Jong Saigon, Segikayashi Torotaka, Heriachigo Ichida and Ishida Matsuhide.
"Cheonhwang, may we begin this military meeting without the pie?"
Kai attached a mousetrap to his nose and did not scream until it was removed. Proper Kai social norms dictate that when a man asks you a question, you wait for him to attach the nearest mousetrap to his nose and then proceed to pet the nearest dog with belly rubs while from the back of Opera viking houses that invade pickle jars, but we'll just have to make an exception because of the lack of dogs. and opera houses. but not pickle jars!
"I guess it's a no then, we'll prepare immediately, Cheonhwang."
With a slight nod, whipped cream filled pies were chucked at each of the military commanders faces and a race was on to see who would finish first. Torotaka managed long, sweeping motions with his tongue to lick up the entire whip cream filling from his face.
Saigon used a fork and knife to convince the prince of egypt to invite a leprechaun named patrick and the entire blue man group to fart on the whipped cream.
Ichida threatened legal action and actually began to type up a lawsuit case against the whipped cream for touching his face in a most disgraceful display of diabetus that willford brimley would bring shame to.
Matsuhide merely flew out to hollywood and got to be on Dr. Phil in order to discuss the marital issues that whipped cream and a human person have. After a tearful family reunion with the long lost bottle of cheese spray, both decided to get a divorce, with the whipped cream getting 80% of everything Matsuhide owned, which included the intellectual rights to a future book series named "My life as a cheesecake, how to avoid getting eaten and 50 steps to self fulfillment in the art of backwards yodeling."

"Now then, once that's all sorted out, I would like for you guts to be invested in the possible Military Liberation of South Korea. I've already drawn up some military maneuvers and plots to be thought over. My First plan is the sending of three infantry divisions directly to Seoul, while the fourth infantry division is to hold the nation at all costs. In this first plan, the armored groups are to be divided, with only the Panzer IVs being in reserve at Pyongyang while the rest charge forth. Casualties for such an assault are to be high, as in 40% to 55% casualties for the front line units within the first week of fighting. The armored flanks will not only secure the right and left sides of the Center force, but allow us to pincer attack Seoul from three different sides."
"What if the armored forces are outflanked and caught by surprise, in fact, what if the fake Koreans manage to figure out our plan and launch an attack before we're all ready?"
"Then we're fucked, but dont let them know this. Final plan, now let's leave!"


TO: Führer Adolf Hitler of the Greater German Reich
FROM:Cheonhwang Thai Jong Kai of the Second Korean Empire
SUBJECT: Military Armaments and Operation RICE
Mien Führer, The Republic of Korea must be swept aside from the national stage, I am wanting a pure, and united Korean peninsula under the guide of National Socialist thought. This is why I have begun military planning for Operation RICE. It's a work in progress with the title. However, I am not entirely confident in my military's hardware in order to win such a large scale war against the South. That is why I am asking you, faithful ally, for additional military machinery. I would like enough surplus German equipment in order to better prepare myself for such a large scale krieg, as you Germans call it. If you happen to have any of the 6,000 Panzerkamfvagen V "Panther" tanks available for the Imperial Korean Army to utilize in battle, then that would be preferred, unless you also have some self propelled guns as well or better yet, some Flak 8.8 cm anti air cannons for use.


To: Duce Benito Mussolini of the Italian Empire
FROM: Cheonhwang Thai Jong Kai of the Second Korean Empire
SUBJECT: Military Armaments and Operation RICE
Duce, I have recently decided on a full scale military invasion of the South of Korea, I demand military machines, equipment, ammunition needed for such a monumental endeavor. The current military forces at my disposal seem to be somewhat inadequate for a military invasion. This is why I am at your request, and humbly beg, for military armaments, particularly tanks and needed artillery pieces.

Somewhere in the Onjin Mountains
Military Divison General Ishida Matsuhide could muster only a second or two of calmness before tears began to stream past his face in a saddened hectic panic. He had been born in the orignal Korean dynasty before it's seizure by Japan,working as a minor civil servant in the 1900s. He had joined Gugmin in 1903 when it was a small following of radical korean nationalists, conservatives and imperialists wanting a korean empire. He had crawled his way through diplomatic ass kissing to the top army ranks in the new nation.
He was at the top of his military food chain, and was one of the closest military advisors to Thai Jong Kai. What he did in his private life, he felt, shouldnt matter what he did. Apparently the state didn't give a shit, and soon he was taken away and locked in a small cell for nearly a week, with little contact with the human world aside from interrogational beatings mixed in with interperative salsa dancing, the worst kind of interrogation known to clowns. While he did have loose ties to the Worker's Party of Korea, he had renounced them years ago in favor of the nationalist Gugmin party and had been a faithful member ever since. However, his entire world flipped upside down because of the conviction given during his interrogation. He now had a firing squad as his only way out.
As tears streamed down Matsuhide's face, a stiff looking general got up on a box of cookies, farted and watched the five man firing squad salute before standing ready to arms as his sentence was read out.

"Military Division General Ishida Matsuhide has been found guilty on two counts of communist espionage, one count of insulting the Cheonhwang, and one count of National treason, to which the sentence is death by firing squad. May Allah have mercy on your soul, proceed."
As Matsuhide's body was impacted with bullets and slumped to the ground from the tied poll, never to wake up from an eternal nap, his replacement for the job, former Regiment Commander Fuso Motochida, looked on as the body was left rotting in the sun with an uneasy glance. As he did that,Cheonhwang Thai Jong Kai approached the replacement and shook his hand with a vinegar vigor. (don't ask me what the hell that is, even I don't know)
"Congratulations on your promotion, Military Division General, I trust you will not fail us like your predecessor."
Motochida shifted uncomfortably as both men took a seat on chairs that were actually old ladies.
"Th...Thank you, Cheonhwang... I... I... cannot muster up the words to convey my gratitude and somewhat doomed feeling inside me."
"Doomed feeling?" questioned Kai as he got out two shot glasses and a bottle of whiskey.
"Hmph, in my day, we'd kill an admiral, now you know where that saying comes from, do you,Admiral Jae?"
Admiral Jae nodded triumphantly and took a swig of the liquored substance before slurring up a speech.
"Voltaire, with the execution of British admiral Byng in 1757 after his failure at the battle of Minorca. And the official saying is 'In this country, it is wise to kill an admiral from time to time to encourage the others.'"
"Ah, I loved his Pinocchio impression on Broadway. If you think of a historic Japanese admiral, there was Admiral Tojo, who was essentially the Japanese version of Admiral Horatio Nelson."

Kimhwa,Kangwon reigon
The funeral for politican Zhang Yaoweng Li was a somber one, with Gungmin and independent politicans gathering around to say a solem prayer for the live of the two term politican. As both political successors nearly came to blows over burying the casket with the definitive, last pat of dirt on the ground, the High Pope of the Kaist Church had to bitchslap both men and after a race down a buttered hill, with both men tying, it was decided to have the Pope put the final nail in the coffin. With a thwack of the hammer, the casket was lowered into the grave and both politicans decided to put their hands together on the shovel and put the last section in. Once the formalities of political burial were out of the way, two stands were set up as a debate began at the funeral pit.
The moderator, with flowing locks of grayed hairs from his temple merely shot a toothless grin of solace at both candidates before a messenger sprang to upstate New York and delivered a telegraph to the funeral.
"We've just been informed that 'Starving is Radical' Papa Stalin's new hit single in an alternate dimension has hit the shelves, I repeat, 'Starving is Radical' has hit the shelves, the debate is a go!"
With a gunshot, eight little children began to munch on watermelons before being chased out of the corn patch by a furious Somalian prince named Walt Disney the First of the House of Hot Sauceistan.
As the insanity rolled among the grasses, the debate began between both candidates.

Moderator: "Oh Herro, you lika my fake italiana accenta? no, well thena fucka youa, mama mia!, Now I am pleased to announce that this shall be the only debate we will hold on four questions that both men need to have a response to. I shall first introduce both candidates before taking a hot bath with grandma sycamore bread while cheating on my poptart taxes with King Hakkon VII of Whatthefuckistan, formerly known as Norway until they got slaves and were kicked out of the EU and invaded Sweden, good times if you remember that one! In this corner, weighing in at, 500 pounds, you shittin me? I don't know the metric system! Oh, It's 345 pounds and with nine chins of bacon under his hat, it's the one, the only, the fucking idiot Bob Noodle. In this corner with three spine removals and a massage chair that went on a visit to a pscychatrist to inform him that he was, infact, always a failure in knitting sweaters for turtles only on the third week of May when the Sun farts, It's, oh, it's just this asshole named Kao Ming Zhao."Now, the First question shall be asked on a reigonal level, what the flying fuck do either of you expect to get done with the fact that we're drinking shit water and shitting out of shit which makes us shit more?"

Bob Noodle:"May I ask you a question, did you take classes from Finebecker?"
The Moderator blushes.
"Oh,'d you know?"

Bob Noodle:"I could tell that sailor attitude from a mile away, I was formerely the Kangaroochancellor of the Democratic People's Republic of Oceania. A communist-er I mean, commune of facist thought. Now to answer your question, I have thought up several proposals. My first one is the mandatory practice of rain dances to bring water back to the nation, and to make sure no one drinks out of the posioned water with our own shit, I have thought to divert the water via good vibes and homemade baking pies, the smell of the pies shall be placed in the next town over, drawing the water from our town and taking it to them, someone elses problem then!"

Ming Zhao:"I propose a simple solution, that is to put a condemnation on drinking the water along with the shipping in of bottled water from other parts of the nation in order to make sure our people dont starve. Oh, and we'll need hand sanitizer and soap as soon as possible to prevent the spread of germs."

Moderator:"But I love to eat my own shit, it's soo damn tasty! Now then, Second question, We've also been experincing a lack of saftey in our community, with gangs roaming the streets at night and preying on poor old ladies, I need to know what both of you will either propose or put into effect to protect the elderly from these night attacks?"

Bob Noodle:"Can you give me a hard one, the solution is so easy, in fact, I invite my comerade to say the answer on three, one.. two.. three!"

Bob Noodle and Ming Zhao:"Pancakes! A police force!"

Bob Noodle then looked perplexed at the answer his opponent gave.

Bob Noodle:"Wh-why would we need a police force? That's why we have the army to defend the nation, we need one of the biggest pancakes ever, that way we can get on the news, world news, with front-line pages and everything, Korean shithole has largest pancake, communist leaders want some, Cheonhwang says 'go fuck yourself' to Hitler, war at eleven!"

Ming Zhao:"I-I'm sorry, n-narrator, you're supposed to make me confused. His answer is ludicrous, so why the hell am I the insane one?"

The Narrator appeared as a fart from an old woman, smiling sweetly at her crime.
The Narrator:"Because, sweetie, it's fucking off balance, now get your ass to lose the electio- oh shit spoilers. Well fuck me didgeridoo and call me straya."
An angry australian then beat the shit out of the Narrator with an emu.
Narrator: "Ow."

Special election for Region #296 RESULTS:
Bob Noodle (Gugmin)-10,013 (98.8%)
Ming Zhao (Independent)-195 (1.2%)
10,208 total votes cast
Bob Noodle is to take his seat as an MP of the Pyongyang Parliament on the 3rd of January, 1950.
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Hong Kong, United Kingdom

Mosley was riding in a state owned car as it drove towards the Hong Kong Military HQ, it came to an abrupt stop and before Mosley could grab the door handle the door opened on its own. Standing there smiling was General Lawrence, he helped Mosley out of the car and gave him a salute. "Prime Minister" Mosley nodded, "General Lawrence, I have much of matters to discus with you. So please let us head inside so that we may have further privacy." Lawrence gave a smile in return, "Of course Prime Minister, right this way." He led the Prime Minister into the main building, several officers were talking to each other and several staff were running about the place with papers and clipboards in their hands.

After some time they were lead to the war room which showed several maps on the wall, but one main map on the table representing South East Asia as far south to Southern Australia. Mosley walked over and looked down at the map. On the map were several pieces that were to represent armies, at Hong Kong the British had 2 infantry divisions and an artillery regiment as a colonial guard. The Royal Navy stationed at Hong Kong was minuscule due to the World War five years ago and due to the need of Home Island defense and to protect possessions in the Americas, it consisted of a single aircraft carrier, 2 Light cruisers, 4 Cruisers, 4 submarines and 12 destroyers. Mosley pointed at the map, his finger landing on Indonesia, "We must secure this land in the name of the British Empire, we must secure it so that we may put its resources of rubber to good use. We must also do this so that other nations do not have the chance to so either, the so called "Austalasians" cannot be allowed to take such a strategic resource rich nation such as this. So I am ordering another 8 destroyers, 3 frigates, and 2 heavy cruisers be transferred to the Hong Kong Fleet in preparations to begin naval warfare."

Lawrence sighed and walked up to Mosley, "Yes I agree the navy is important. But we must also make naval invasions, we must land in northern Malaysia and Eastern Sumatra. I also wish the transfer of a further four infantry divisions along with 2 armored divisions, as well as 10 RAF Squadrons to provide air support once proper infrastructure is taken. But under proper military guidance we should be able to quickly take control over Indonesia." Mosley smiled and patted Lawrence on the back, "Yes, I am putting you in charge of this operation. Don't fail me now, Lawrence of Arabia".

To:People's Leader Cheonhwang Thai Jong Kai
From:Prime Minister Oswald Mosley of the United Kingdom
We wish to possibly negotiate trade agreements between our nations to extend each other's markets, as well as complete use of any and all Korean ports for British ships both civilian and military. In return we will also begin a joint weapons development program, to cooperate in the production of weaponry for both our infantry and further armored vehicles. We also wish to negotiate of the moving of British businesses to your nation, to support the spread of wealth and prosperity. We wish to have lower taxes as well as benefits, but I am getting ahead of myself, we may continue to negotiate in the future in hopes that we may come to a mutual agreement.

Signed, Prime Minister Sir Oswald Mosley

To:Führer Adolf Hitler
From:Prime Minister Oswald Mosley of the United Kingdom
We wish to negotiate the ending of the Treaty of Dover, the German Nation has now been quite developed with the support of the British Naval and Industrial support and we believe that we have fulfilled our portion of the treaty. It has been several years since the signing of the Treaty of Dover, we believe that our naval and industrial might be given back to the people of Britain for their own use. We must prepare for any operations the Allies might have planned and if we do not have the proper preparations for such attacks then we will easily fall, so we simply ask that the Treaty of Dover finally be null'd so that we may be gin preparations to defend our homes against the assault from the Allies. For now, we shall await your response.

Signed, Prime Minister Sir Oswald Mosley
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Italian Occupied Jeddah- New Administration


In the city of Jeddah, lots of construction by the Italian Engineer Corps was going on. The man to be placed in charge after the war, Silvio Berlusconi, walked through the streets with an escort. He was admittedly disappointed with the city, but grateful for the start it was getting from the Military. “Not Rome, or Asmara for that matter, but I can make it work I suppose. We’ll make this place a trade hub, lots of trade goes through the Red Sea you know? Plus, the city is right next to Mecca. Lots of Rich Muslims will come through this way to get their way to their holy site.” He said as he examined a work group of Italians and Eritreans working on the City’s roads. “Sir, you seem to be getting ahead of yourself if you ask me, the Arabian Campaign hasn’t even finished.” the Military Officer tasked with keeping Berlusconi out of trouble said. “Nonsense, it’s never too early to start planning. Fuck me, the railroads in this place are god awful. I hear Italian oil companies tried building some, but not around this city. We need to get the city paved, then get it connected to other parts of Arabia with rails. This place is apparently one of the bigger Saudi Cities. You wouldn’t get the impression from the look of it, but it’s true. I also hear rumors of some planned city further up North, but that’s just speculation. Please, get as much pavement, rails, telephone wires, plumbing, all of that before this war ends. We need to start somewhere, an airport would be nice too.”

The Military man rolled his eyes, saying “We’ll do what we can. But remember, this is all for the sake of making transporting supplies into the area easier. As far as airports, we do have some under construction. But they’re air bases, not for civilian use if we’re being blunt. Now that I think about it, what does this place have besides Oil and Islamic holy sites?” Continuing to monitor the ongoing construction, he said “This is the largest port in the Red Sea, you know? It’s going to be worth something, I’ll tell you that. It’ll be interesting to see how the territory gets reorganized, especially with Mecca and Medina being determined to be independent city states. Now that I think about it, Italy will be responsible for the protection of three of the holiest sites from Human religion. The Vatican, Mecca, and Medina. If only we could have forced the British to cough up Palestine, we’d have Jerusalem too.”

The officer chuckled, “A Religious monopoly?” He asked. Nodding his head, he continued “Yup, all Abrahamic Religions. There’s not a lot of Jews this side of the Atlantic anymore unfortunately, we were forced the send them to the Americas for their own safety. That being said, it’s a shame to miss out on that kinda culture monopoly.” The officer shrugged, saying “I’m a good Catholic and all, but I want Italy known for more than all the artifacts we Guard. We know the Germans give us enough shit as is.” He pointed to his Assault Rifle, then raised an eyebrow. “When we’re done here, we’re going to be in a very good position if you ask me. We’re going to prove ourselves, we have proven ourselves. Don’t forget we were there when Germany invaded the USSR. 400,000 Italians in arms, serving valiantly might I add. I would know, I was there. Don’t listen to the naysayers from Germany, or the British. They lost the damn war for Pete’s sake, their Empire should have been destroyed absolutely.” He said, Berlusconi simmering with pride. “I agree, the French too. North Africa should be a Italian playground, to hell with the old powers…………..shame about Japan, but they were destined to run into a wall eventually. That wall being the US. It’s unnerving the time it took them to expand their Military war time production wise. I also worry about the Germans taking more than they can chew. If there’s Rebellions in Say Africa, we know how the Germans will react. If they do, their people will flood into our colonies.”

Berlusconi shrugged, saying “Have confidence in our German allies. Albeit we treat our peoples better regardless, I’ve heard stories about people from Russia coming to Italy, the stories about the German Occupation. Women who hitched an Italian man. The men taking them to save them from the occupation. People making long journeys just to get to the Balkans, then to Italy.” The two men stood silently, both having heard rumors. “I’m sure they’re just stories.” But what if they weren’t? That question rings in both the men’s names, but no one really talked about it. “I’m sure they are.”
A group of children ran past them, running towards a column of tanks rolling by. They looked at the tanks as the rolled along, a spectacle for them as its turned out to be.

Taking a ride in an army vehicle to the harbor, there was a lot of construction going on in the coastal district as it was now being called. The new roads were the most developed here, and new structures were going up to make the unloading of equipment came. Ammunition, trucks, tanks, etc. Food and other goods as well. It was also the district closest the the area soldiers spend their R&R time. It’s also become this place where the people of the city come to see, and communicate with the local soldiers the most. Interestingly enough, the young women and young soldiers seemed to be very fond of each other, so there’s that aspect of the “interaction.” That being said, there’s other things going on near the city. Near the city, an airstrip was also being constructed. Officials were being flown in, along with negotiators with the new City States of Medina and Mecca. Military aircraft were also being flown in as to keep up with the war. Afterwards it would be transformed into a regular civilian airport, with military airports and bases being stationed in other areas.

Looking at the entire thing, all the work being done, Berlusconi asked “Say, why do men go to war? Nations go to war for all sorts of reasons, but why do men as individuals go to war?” Shaking his head, the officer said “Men kill, men die, because they’d die of embarrassment if they didn’t. Young men die in battle as they’d rather die of embarrassment.” Berlusconi threw that response around his head a little, responding “Interesting analysis. So it’s like a rite of passage, which makes sense in it’s own right.”

Testing Site, Undisclosed Location, Libya.

In the middle of nowhere in the Italian Colony, scientists looked from afar at a site that was deemed unoccupied, and good enough to limit the secondary effects of the testing. Shelters 10,000 years North, South, And west from the site were set up. A man named Abass Alavi looked on(with eye protection and sunscreen), being one of the few to actually be able to watch the test with his eyes. That being said, he had waited a long time for this to come. "Is everything good? Is Zulu ready for detonation?" he asked, waiting for some chatter on the radio. "Zulu is prepared sir, we're making our final checks." Alavi nodded, responding "We await your go gentlemen."

After some idle chatter, it was time. It was prepared as it ever was going to be. That being said, Alavi announced "Detonate Zulu." With that, 10 seconds went by. It then went off in a blinding light, Alavi forever thankful for his special googles. It was amazing, the colors going from bright white, to orange, then red, to a beuatiful purple. "How pretty for something so deadly." Nodding at his side, another observer noted "So that's what 20 kilotons of TNT looks like when it goes up." Everyone stood in awe, then people began clapping. "Congratulations gentlemen, as of today, another nuclear power has been born." Alavi announced to his staff. With that, they began monitoring the effects of the explosion. It was a nuclear weapon after all, and they began the cleanup process.

Outskirts of Riydah- The Italian Campaign

The Italian Army had pushed it's way through the Deserts, and other obstacles towards the Arabian Capital. The Italians made good time on their way to the Capital, using their Aerial and Armored Superiority, whilst the enemy had little to none. That being taken into account, the Italian armies smashed through Arabian forces again, and again, and again. From the roads when there were there, to paths, to the skies, the Italian Military had never looked so good. Well, unless we're looking back to the days of Rome, but that was a hella long time ago. That being said, it was all going good during the Italian Campaign.

As soldiers began making their way into the city, surrounding it, and making their way in, the fighting got dirty. From traps, door to door warfare, and scared civilians, it was admitadly the most admirable defense the Arabians gave during the entire campaign. That however did not stop the eventual taking of the capital, capturing of the forces defending the city, and the Saudi Arabian Government. That meaning the House of Saud was now at the mercy of the Kingdom of Italy, or L'impero as many Italians began to refer to it fondly now. This practically signaled the end of most official resistance, however this was to be followed by the need to enforce Italian rule. While Italian Rule was cemented in major population centers, it had to be reinforced in the less populated areas.

Italian Affairs

Benito Mussolini and his Secretary of Foriegn Affairs were having a conversation over the happenings of the campaign, and somethings that should be brought up. "Well Benito, or friend in Berlin has sent his, uh..............condolences I suppose. He's offering assistance." Mussolini raised an eyebrow, replying "Assistance? Why would we need assistance against the Saudi Arabians? The army we sent numbers 10% of their population, so we beat them numerically alone. Then there's about every other factor you can think of that would make us the clear superior force. We've captured the bastards in the House of Saud anyway, there's nothing much left for them to do. I suppose if they want to take the effort in helping supress some of the northern Regions, they can. However-" he said waving the letter from Cheonhwang "- he might want to focus on this."

Laying it down, the Secretary read the letter before commenting "He's a mad man, you know that right?" Mussolini laughed, saying "Of course I know that! However, he's easily manipulated, and he's got this strange obsession with the Italian Mafia. I say we use that, and give him the supplies he needs. We'll go from there, God help us all depending on what that man does. This should be sufficiently enough reason for increase Italian participation in the Asianic regions of the world. For now, we're limited to Arabia. Regardless, it shall be as it is."


Official Message

The Kingdom of Italy- Addressed to: Adolf Hitler of the German Reich

Operations in Saudi Arabia are being swept up as of now, and our current affairs are making sure the entire country is under Italian Control. The Royal Family is practically in our hands, and will answer for the crimes they've committed against us. I wouldn't worry about it, I would worry about the war our friends in the Korean Empire seem determined to start. Conflict with the Allies is upon us, I suggest we prepare not just ourselves, but the Koreans as well. The sooner the mainland of Asia is absolutly expunged of the horrid Communist and Capitalist Systems, the better.

Official Message

The Kingdom of Italy- Addressed to: The Most Dignified leader of the Korean Empire

Fear not, our Korean allies. The Italian Empire will happily provide the Material you need for your coming conflict. Expect Supplies to be arriving in Korean ports soon, we're anxious to see Korea under one banner. God is with us, Good day.
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Lusaka National Munitions Factory
15/01/1950 - 15h00


"In 1824, Johann Nikolaus Von Dreyse produced the world's first bolt action rifle. It was a great improvement over the breech-loading weapons used by other nations at the time, and allowed for a higher fire rate. Naturally, other nations followed with their own rifles, most notably the British Magazine Lee-Enfield, introduced in 1895. With its ten round magazine and smooth bolt, it was the fastest rifle in the world, with a trained shooter being able to pump out thirty rounds per minute.

However, this was not enough. In 1941, Russell Turner came forward to the USA and Canada with a proposal for a semi-automatic conversion for the Lee-Enfield. Despite its good performance in range, it was a mess of complex parts and assemblies, and was rejected. The Rhodesian government, desperate for their own semi-automatic battle rifles hired Turner to refine his model and simplify it. The successful fruit of his toil is employed by the Rhodesian Defence Forces, and is produced at this very plant.

Finally, during the Second Weltkrieg, the Sturmgewehr 44 was developed by Germany. While not necessary to winning wars or battles, the sheer volume of fire it placed in the hands of a single infantryman was and still is desired and respected by forces throughout the world, including the RDF, who asks us for such automatic rifles Unfortunately, our weapons designers don't possess the plans for an Stg44, and neither do they have the expertise to produce a weapon of its type. There is, however, this man in Belgium, who had worked at FN Herstal. A disciple of the great John Moses Browning, he could help."

The man sat down after his proposal was finished. To his colleagues in the meeting room, it seemed fine. Now, they just needed to think up of a nice job offer.

BSAP General Headquarters - Salisbury, Montague Street
24/05/1950 - 11h35


"... and officers had to shoot him. He was incapacitated and is now at the hospital awaiting trial. In conclusion, there have been six riots, fifteen manifestations and two murders related to the conflicts between the African Fascist Union and Zimbabwe African Union. In other news, the ZANU has united with other Socialist parties to form the Southern African National Congress, or the SANC, to better face the AFU."

An abnormal numbers of police cars and armed officers patrolled Montague Street that morning: an extraordinary meeting had been called by the British South Africa Police, and almost every important policeman from Southern Rhodesia to Nyasaland was present in the meeting room.

"What actions are being taken to prevent and combat these organisations?" asked a Chief Superintendent from Bulawayo.

"This," replied the Commissioner of Police, "Is why I have called this meeting. The BSAP, and most importantly it's paramilitary Support Branch, will participate in an operation lasting at least one year, in conjunction with other forces, to eliminate the malevolent presence of the AFU and SANC, and prevent the subversion of the native population. If any of you gentlemen disagree with drastic measures, please leave the room, and make sure that the door is properly closed."

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Second Korean Empire
천황 타이 종 카이는 이순신 황제의 은혜와 함께 제국의 영원한 지도자입니다!
January 14th,1950

Cheonhwang Thai Jong Kai tenderly loaded the mashed potatoes into his shotgun,hearing a satisfied click, he took aim and blasted the easter bunny in the ass with the dead remains of poor spuds.
"Got you son of a bitch!"
"Yes, Cheonhwang I am a son of a bitch, and you did get me, can I go home now?"
"No! I want you to dress up as chef boyardee and throw these bricks at my couch's sister named robertsonia."
"Yes, Cheonhwang, at once."
With that, the aide took off the Easter bunny costume and began to rummage through the macaroni and cheese forest for a piping hot roman candle wax to bathe in as Thai Jong Kai got up on his chocolate covered elephant and kicked it, whining heavily like an overweight comic book guy from a yellow family of the Simpsons on a network that was named after an animal. After insulting a milkshake named Larry, one the saddest piece of dynamite wolf you'd have the misfortune of meeting on Tuesdays, he went inside a large onion and was taken away to his summer residence in the Onjin Mountains.

Once there, he kicked off his shoes and sat back on the porch, admiring the beautiful mountains, seemingly endless wispy clouds that felt near to cotton candy in texture than actual clouds as they rolled through the range in nature. With a gallon of lemon juice firmly in his left hand and a thick Cuban cigar in his right, he dosed off until a drop of rain woke him up and forced him to stay the night in the cabin.
As he was going up the stairs, a messenger, dripping in hot fudge, disappointment to his grandmother, and a sweaty leprechaun covered patch of vacuum cleaner souffles imported from the Indian subcontinent where Apu was, body slammed his way through the front door and tackled Kai with a pin that would make Hulk Hogan cry.
"Cheonhwang, letter from Prime Minister Oswald Mosley."
"Who the hell is that, is he, is he Charlie Chaplin?"
"Shirley Temple?"
"Who the hell is that?"
"That's my line, dammit!" With a furious shake of his ass, Kai tossed the messenger in between two large slices of white bread and slathered on a coating of mustard before kicking the sandwich out to FDR's grave. With that, he got out his tutu and placed it on his body, firmly dancing around the room before leaping to the wall and hissing at nonexistent clowns as he wrote out a reply while on the ceiling. (those bitches be scary.)

"By the way, Cheonhwang, who are you going to leave in charge while you're gone?"
"Oh, shit, um, Invite a random Hobo to take charge."
After a quick jog around Pyongyang, the poorly contrived plot of this power grab saw a drugged up hobo have rats and pieces of moldy fruit stick to his bath averted self before being sworn in as joseon inmingun, or people's bitch Uesugi Fuso. Before the aging cargo plane prepared to take off, both the Cheonhwang and the joseon inmingun had a nice chat outside the airfield's cow cactus extravaganza beauty contest between bears that liked to nibble on nice nephews of Nagasaki and raccoons that rummaged through raindrops to ravage rightful rocket ships for ringing a riot.
"So, you know how to run a country while I'm gone right?"
"Yes, I am fully drunk 100% of the time. And I have this.. obsession for Ronald Reagan merchandise, so if you could get me some, that'd be great..."
"Actually, I'll have Billy Mays run the nation, fuck you, he'll be a hobo that'll sell soap, just make sure the place don't burn down."
"Can I be vice People's bitch?"
"Sure, you can be Mays' bitch. you alright with that billy mays?"
Billy Mays' head popped from around the corner and gave a thumbs up.
"Fucking fantastic, I expect you to overthrow me momentarily, now fuck off."
With the beginnings of an oxi clean sales pitch, Billy Mays began to scream at trees, thinking he was on tv and filming an infomercial as the Douglas C-47 plane took off from the skies of Korea, traveling due east west because the narrator flunked directions on a compass.

To: The British Hitler with a fancier mustache (Mosesly,however the fuck you spell that name)
From: Cheonhwang Thai Jong Kai

Mah Nazi boi with a polite accent and tea dripping stache that looks terrifyin when ya look into your own eyes, how the feckin hell w the mirror not shit yer selfs? Are you blind? Any way, I hear you wanna get a hold on our sweet sweet, what the hell do you mean we have fuck all to export? that's fake news. *gunshot* there we go, I got rid of the downer on mah fat stack of Kai bucks, and now we can path the streets with our own toothpaste made from gold. That's healthy right? My Minister of fuckery has just informed me I now have lead poisoning, but now I've informed him that he has a bullet lodged in his brain. *another gunshot* People be droppin hard matey, anyways, I'd love to agree to you, but I'll meet you in person at London after a quick argument with me Ma, she's a lovely old ma. Ok she just decided to turn into a butterfly, I may have to question several jars of honey. So, yeah, as long as you got enough of me nose candy that my pet kangaroo's dead by then, I'm game for a visit to jolly old London, with it's rain, rain, and fookin rain.

Excuse me, are you mad? you got shit in yer ears, Moozey/Monkey? why the hell would you want the Korean industry of not fucking up three snail shell repair shops and the classical movie Paul the Plumber,can we shit it in the UK, or Oswald Mosley's Polite Nazi Regime as I'll just name it? I'm baffled by your proposal mate, but hell, I'll take it if it means we get delicious cookie butter. I'm gonna get my blood swapped out for lemon juice and cookie butter within a month, the doctors just on vacation down in Tahiti. Fuckin lazy bastard dr. Richard. Anyway,s I'll shoot ya either a telly or ship ya the dead messenger boy's corpse over via me uber, uber good cockroach express that is! Yeah... I'll be over after a pitshit in Arabia.

Fuck off in Hell ya Limy fuck, Cheonhwang Thai Jong Kai
P.S XOXO I'll bring a batch of me grandmother's cocaine, she's a good drug dealer.

Minesweeper Pab
Captain Kim Ming Song tapped his fingers impatiently as he waited for the late sailor to step onto the board of the minesweeper,crowding around the 75mm main gun in the bow of the ship.
"Signal the GT-56 to prepare to join our port side as an escort. Maintain speed of 14 knots and leave the harbor due south. We are to sail somewhere."
Officer Chiang Fu Ling looked perplexed at the last minute response.
"Do you think the narrator's a fucking lazy bastard, or just damn uncreative?"
With a sigh, the narrator popped his head through the clouds and began to talk to the captain and the officer on the little boat.
"Look, I've been going through some shit right now, so creativity aint mah strong suit."
"B-but this is just lazy, merely a sentence long answers, whatever happened to the mad man Kensin style."
"Honey, I've had this site burn me out, so I needed a short holiday, perhaps to some country with a flower on the flag or one of those cross thingies."
"A union Jack."
The narrator then gets tears in his eyes before jumping overboard, never to seen unless the author wants to shittily write him in to break the fourth wall again. farewell narrator-
The narrator then burst through the fourth wall to begin to choke the other, more handsome and sexier narrato- *gack* let go of my throat!
As both narrators struggled to death on the ground, the pair of ships began to set off for an adventure in the open seas, perhaps to meet pirates or to finally discover why the hell there arent any pictures in this post.
"Hey, what's that?' Captain Song commanded, taking a gander at the post which was being written by the narrator. As their eyes squinted, they realized it was finally a picture, of... a C-47? and it was coming in directly above this post?
Captain Song felt infuriated. The narrator clearly was an idiot, and this narrator had to be the handsome-
The fourth wall was blown up as a pissed off Uesugi Kensin barged in here and patted the narrator on the head with a bunny cat.
"You know how write?"
"er... yes.. I do.." the handsome narrator replied to the ugly-
"NO CALL ME UGLY!" the repulsing and not handsome Kensin screamed at the top of his diaper.
Kensin turned around and smiled happily before breaking down the next wall and chocking a sports movie villain that wanted to clear out all the pictures of bearded fish without pissing off the communist toaster ovens next dimension over.

Imperial Korean-Democratic Korean Boarder
Gunner and Squad Commander Matsuhide Tojo peered through the slit of darkness as the grouping of five 18 ton Shinto Chi-Ha tanks came to a halt inches from the boarder crossing. The boarder guards had been readily prepared according to the observations discovered by staring at the south Korean neighbors from their position. He gingerly picked up the 47mm round and fitted it snugly into the breech of the tank.
"Elevation, 6 down, two wide, one up." He barked out as the elevation descended, then elevated, then raised back up again.
With a click of the trigger, Tojo's head was thrown back by the recoil of the gun as the projectile and the barrel parted ways with an explosive divorce. The round sailed downrange with a bright orange explosion realizing something had been hit.
"All tanks, charge! Banzai!"
As the commanders cheered out, all five tanks started out at a sluggish and out of formation attack, with the first tank blasting away with it's cannon. A round screamed in to the far left of the formation, with left formation's tank once chugging along hard before shuddering to an abrupt halt as it dived into a sunken ditch.
"T-2, are you hit?"
A flare was fired off, giving a green appearance.
"T-2, you are to charge out with swords and handguns, die for your Cheonhwang!"
"Long Live his Majesty Emperor Yi Un, Long Live the Cheonhwang! Long Live the Empire for ten thousand years!" he could hear the crew scream in Korean, German, Italian and Japanese. As the five man crew was cut down by bursts of enemy fire, another round was fed into the breech, with the simultaneous sounds of the two right formation tanks and Tojo's armored beast roaring with shells spitting out with fire and fury.
As he began to turn the tank to the left in an attempt to flank around an appearing anti tank gun the fake Koreans had set up, his world was flipped upside down as a hot explosion ripped through the bottom of the tank, forcing him out of the open hatch and plummeting to his death a few dozen feet back down to earth, landing in a patch of bushes.
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