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My Best Flag

Postby Mierria » Sun Dec 24, 2017 10:00 am

I've had 5 flags at this point, and I'm running a poll to determine which is best. Below is the poll, and after that a little background with the nation these flags represented.

(Apologies for the disproportionate flag sizes)


The Crowned Republic of Mierria (CRM):

This government was my first, and longest lasting. It was a dual government between a king/queen and a president, it saw 4 monarchs (King Fairwater, Queen Matilda, King Jonathan IV, and Nathan II) and 3 presidents (Star Guy, Mary Roberts, and Clayton Manao), it was eventually destroyed by a coup lead by Nathan's infamous niece.

The Second Empire of Mierria (SEM):

The Second Empire began with the overthrow of the government, where, on live television, Anne, the niece of Nathan II, publicly executed her uncle and the president, declaring herself empress. She became famous for her ruthless acts, including murdering thousands of non-Mierrians, and trying to form multiple colonies to extend her reach. In the end, she suicided after the capital was taken by rebel forces, lead by former president Mary Roberts. Despite this victory, sanctions had left the economy ruined, leading to the Post-Imperial Depression.

(This flag was not made by me, credit goes to Grantziska)
The United Commonwealth of Mierria (UCM):

Lead by Mary Roberts (Who was unanimously elected) and new king Jebediah I, the United Commonwealth had trouble starting off, the Post Imperial Depression leaving more than half the country unemployed. It was only thanks to the discovery of a source of oil in the colonies that allowed the Mierrian economy to get back on its feet. Eventually, the Commonwealth would fall thanks to a possibly apocalyptic event.

The Protectorate State of Mierria (PSM):

Following a series of signs that were predicted to proceed an invasion from the underworld, the Mierrian Church of God, lead by High Protector Kye Sinclair, took over the state through a coup, locking up Mary Roberts and banishing King Jebediah to a nearby country.

The Voyagers of Mierria (VoM): (At this point we had gone through a sci-fi switch)

The Voyagers had been promised a perfect world by the Founders, so they, taking their city with them, left Earth in order to find such a place, after 73 years, there is nothing, and they are desperately low on supplies. (Just started this one, thus the lack of info ;))
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