Young Bloods(REBOOT OOC, Superhero RP, Open)

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Young Bloods(REBOOT OOC, Superhero RP, Open)

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The Young Bloods!
A Catnip Plantation Production!
In-Character Thread

In a world with superheroes, aliens, magicians, and maniacal Mexican-French chefs, some say people have lost sight of the simple things. Life, loss, tragedy, redemption, seem less important in world with immortals and superhumans. However, sometimes the most basic human emotions tell the best stories. In 1993, a private corporation named Excelsior kidnapped nearly a dozen kids from across the world, seeking to discover and harness what brought superhumans into the world. Gruesome experiments and tests were performed on these unwilling subjects, seeking to and succeeding in activating superhuman abilities in some, and augmenting others through technology and chemicals to make them living weapons.

One day, these children were finally rescued from the underground facility in Arizona by the super team the Los Angeles Stars, and while some of these young victims chose to return to their normal lives and forget the horrors they suffered, others sought to ensure nothing like Excelsior ever hurt people again. These six superhumans formed a team that professional heroes scoffed at and mockingly called the “Wonder Warriors”, but instead of getting discouraged, the team embraced the name, taking on some missions that other “real” heroes wouldn’t touch and eventually building a base on an island off the coast of San Diego. They became an instant symbol of youthful enthusiasm and hope, becoming one of the most popular teams in the world. However, fame started to get to their heads and they lost the edge that had made them so powerful. They became more celebrities than heroes, and focused less on training and more on parties and autograph signings.

Thus, tragedy struck at the most opportune time: a group of villains, annoyed with how famous these young heroes were getting and how reliant people became on the idea a hero flying over to protect them, teamed up to destroy them once and for all. On the night of the team’s fifth anniversary, this shadowy group of villains attacked Wonder Island, the team’s base of operations, and caused chaos and destruction among the unsuspecting party guests. The team was caught off-guard and relatively out of shape, and was no match for these powerful villains. By the time the night was over the attackers slipped back into the shadow of night, and much of the team was dead or severely wounded. The ones that survived got the wounded civilians to safety but knew right then that the team was over. Some of the remaining heroes retired, and others went off to continue to fight crime on their own. What became known as the Young Blood Massacre was a dark day for humanity, and brought fear and desperation back to a society that had trusted heroes to protect them.

Young heroes are now a thing of the past, seen as dangerous and untrustworthy by the public and established heroes alike. The villains responsible for the attack 19 years ago, however, have begun to stir and plot once again. Something big is about to happen that will change society forever, and just maybe bring about new heroes to fight the forces of darkness that threaten it.

Welcome to Young Bloods! In this RP you will enter the world we have built and be able to interact with it in a number of ways. The plot will center around a group of new young heroes forming up a team named (you guessed it) the Young Bloods. These team members will range from 14 to 18 years in age so keep that in mind as you write your apps. Characters slated to become members of the Young Bloods should be located in or around Thomsen High in San Diego, a school that aspires to promote peaceful co-existence between humans, superhumans and non-humans alike. Keep in mind that the future members of the YB go to school together and should be familiar with each other for the most part. This doesn't mean they should all be best friends, but do your best to make it realistic.

There will be plenty of other opportunities to join the plot as well. NPC teams and individual characters have been created to ensure plentiful opportunities for storytelling. This RP will center around large arcs controlled by Myself and my team of Co-OPs(Zark, and Atria) but will also leave room for smaller arcs among individual players. Now please read the OP, enjoy this world we’ve built, and add some more to it!

Also we now have a Discord! Send Zark or myself a TG if you're interested and we'll add you to it. Discord

The World

In this section you will find tons of information about past and current events in the world, as well as the influence that superhumans, aliens and magic have had on it.

The universe is a vast and almost limitless source of life and creation. It offers more wonders and horrors that could possibly be grasped by mere mortal life. Earth, is by no means an exception to this. Slowly and slowly the human race is exposed to new realities that radically change their understanding of the world they live in. Extraterrestrial life, technological advancements, and mystic forces all force humans to realize the universe is bigger than just themselves, and widely out of their control. However, nothing seemed to change culture and way of thinking quite like the Superhero.

“Superhumans” as they are known, or people who display abilities beyond that of an average human, get their powers from alien crystals referred to as Dragon Crystals. These crystals serve as a powerful energy source that at random times can change humans’ chemical and biological powers, giving them extraordinary abilities. These crystals are currently undiscovered by humanity, and their specific properties and ways of granting abilities is yet to be known.

The emergence of superheroes, and people who wield extraordinary abilities, happened gradually throughout history. They lived in the ancient world, through medieval times, and the industrial revolution. However they were often few and far between and their abilities were attributed to mysticism or divine will. Examples like King Arthur the superhuman swordsman, Da Vinci the precognitive, and the shape-shifter Billy the Kid, are remembered throughout history but their legacies and true abilities distorted and forgotten.

Human perception of superhumans began to change, however, in the 20th century: with the move towards scientific discover and technological advancements, human societies began to crave something more than the simple and limited human experience. Those with powers often preferred to stay in the shadows, fearing human ignorance and persecution, but when the entire world broke out into war in 1939, the curtain was pulled back and everything humans had thought was myth was pulled out into the open. The Nazis, obsessed with perfecting their twisted version of the human race, hunted and experimented on superhumans, aliens, and all others with unique abilities and characteristics.

The terror and injustice of the war pushed some superhumans to the brink: tired of being trampled on and forced into hiding, they decided they wanted to make a difference in the world. The first of these brave outsiders was a man named Karl Malthen, a Nazi conscript turned traitor. Malthen had the ability to absorb kinetic energy around him and convert it for his own use. Throwing down his rifle, he marched into a Nazi labor camp, absorbing the massive amount of energy from the factories and workers around him. Malthen killed dozens of guards, melted through tanks as if they were kindling, and saved hundreds of prisoners. Despite his bravery, however, this act of heroism did not come without cost. Malthen did not truly understand his powers, nor was he adept at controlling them and eventually they consumed him. He died in massive explosion, leaving only a crater where the camp had once been.

This event provoked fear in many, but hope and inspiration in others. superhumans, magic users, and even a few aliens in disguise started rising up across the world to fight off this global threat. They took on names to protect their identities, and hopefully inspire fear in their enemies. In Britain, a metal-bender who went by the name Captain Steel helped stave off the invasion of the British Isles. In the Soviet Union there was the Crystal Comrade that froze Nazi tanks in their tracks as they approached Moscow.

Most famous of all the outcasts turned soldiers was perhaps the American born hero, who went simply by the name Liberty. Liberty’s powers seemed nearly limitless, he could fly, crush buildings with a simple swing of his fist, and his body was even able to adapt to the threats posed by the environment around him. Liberty stormed the beaches of Normandy, and single handedly cleared whole towns from Nazi rules. Pictures and stories of these heroes spread across the world, and the superhero was finally born.

The Nazi’s defeat, though, was only a short term victory for these heroes, as soon after human governments began to turn on them. They were viciously rounded up and killed if they resisted. Government agencies spread false stories about crimes heroes like the Crystal Comrade and Liberty had committed, claiming they were fakes and menaces to society. With the Cold War in full swing, neither side wanted their rule disrupted, and both sides wanted these newly discovered powers for their own. Liberty, rather than fight when the United States came for him, surrendered willing. He believed strongly that fighting fear with more fear could never be the answer. He and many others were taken into custody by the government and it was as if they had never existed.

Despite this betrayal, people like Liberty had created a change that wouldn’t be reversed through oppression. Humans had seen what extraordinary abilities combined with decency and compassion could accomplish. They had seen first-hand that individuals were not helpless in the face of injustice. This began a period of time known as the Vigilante Crusade. Human vigilantes, people with no powers other than a desire to make the world a better place began to pop up in cities across the world. Often they would simply deal with petty thefts, muggers, and graffiti artists, but some of them proved to be real crime fighters: for example, former boxer turned vigilante Owen Jefferies, who went by the name Knock Out. The 1960’s and 70’s were filled with changing attitudes and realities, and new opportunities.

Superhumans began to come into the light once more, believing they deserved the right to live amongst humans openly and without fear. Facing an overwhelming threat of violence from those with powers and their human supporters, the United Nations passed the Superhuman Rights Act, that granted superhumans full rights and considerations regardless of abilities or biological makeup. This spurred on a new age of human civilization, an age of superheroes. Technology thrived and expanded as superhumans with incredible intelligence began to live up their full potential, and heroes began to wear suits, cloaks, and capes, to inspire hope and deter those who would harm the innocent.

After the passage of the Super Human Rights Act in 1979, superhumans were finally allowed to come into the light of society, and new opportunities and possibilities arose across the world. Earth for once became a more open and accepting planet. However, these new freedoms also brought about dangers. As heroes continued to pop up so did villains wishing to challenge them, and even enemies from foreign planets appeared, learning of Earth because of the presence of those with powers. There became an increasing need for those willing to protect civilization, and individual heroes were too scattered and disorganized to help effectively.

Once again the UN took interest in this issue and, the year after the SHRA, they established Superhero Defense Council, which was responsible for overseeing and monitoring superhuman activity. Many would argue that the council is more symbolic than it is effective, but it did accomplish one very important act. In the year 1981 it established the first team of Superheroes. This team was named the United Champions, and made up of what the Council claimed were Earth’s greatest heroes. However, the first generation of team members was actually noticeably tame, as an attempt to not alarm the general public and to ease them into this new world. There were no aliens on the team, nor anyone that looked excessively different than an average human, which limited the council’s options significantly.

Despite these restrictions, the council, along with UN and NATO military intelligence, was able to put together a competent team of heroes, one representing each of the Security Council nations. The team was immediately popular with the public and they became especially notable when they stopped a member of Elysium who targeted Europe’s nuclear reactors.

However, this team was not universally popular. Many resented the lack of diversity it had, and others didn’t like the idea of the UN having a superhuman task force in it’s hands. Others realized the team would never actually be able to cover all crime that took place across the world, and so the Age of Heroes was born. Teams began to pop across all the six continents. Some heroes sought fame, others wanted to protect their homes, and other still just did it for the thrill of it. This lead to different teams forming in very different ways based on their location and local culture.
For much of human history, the existence of aliens was brushed off as superstition and myth. Modern governments maximized their efforts to conceal and bury the few encounters they had with alien kind, and any others that inhabited the planet did so in disguise or in hiding. However, as supers became more and more accepted toward the end of 20th century, society’s attitudes towards extraterrestrials began to shift as well. While there had yet to be direct open contact with any aliens, people began to wonder and sometimes hope that aliens were in fact real. These speculations and daydreams were suddenly confirmed to be reality in the year 2000, when a large alien spaceship landed in an open field in Montana. This created alarm and panic across the world, and the ship was surrounded by the US military and super-heroes alike.

However, despite appearances, the alien ship had not arrived with hostile intentions. Quite the opposite actually, the creatures inside had not even known humans existed. They were Hadrians, beastlike humanoids from the planet Adai, who were an adventurous and inquisitive race. They often travelled across galaxies, seeking out new species and cultures to interact with and learn from. However, a different interest drove this particular mission. The Hadrians sensed a particular form of energy emanating from the earth. They recognized this energy as being emitted from Hadraedes , or dragon crystals in English. These crystals had significant religious and scientific value to the Hadrians and so they often searched for them; however this was a special case because the source had appeared to be corrupted.

Not only were the Hadrians not hostile, they were quite shocked to see an advanced race like the humans at all. They hadn’t realized the planet was inhabited until after they had arrived, which complicated their mission significantly. Despite this the Hadrians were still well prepared for the encounter, thanks to assimilate unknown languages through exposure. Because of this the Hadrian ambassador was able to speak English, much to the surprise of the army generals sent out to meet them.

The Hadrians explained that they meant no harm to humanity, and simply came because a dangerous threat was stirring within the planet. Unfortunately for them, however, humanity was not very understanding at first. Most people saw this as an invasion and wanted their governments to destroy the ship immediately. Even the UN and the President of the United States were highly skeptical about the aliens’ intentions. Despite the Hadrians’ insistence that they were in grave danger, the US government kept them under quarantine, as their ship was inspected.

While the human governments sought to protect themselves from the Hadrians, an evil force was indeed stirring. Not in an alien ship but instead at the bottom of ocean floor. A mystical rift had opened up, releasing a horde of hellish monsters from another dimension onto Earth. As these monsters began to attack cities and towns across the world, many blamed the Hadrians, claiming this was their plan all along. However the United Champions saw through this fearful theory, and recognized that if the Hadrians could predict this would happen, their help would be needed to stop it. They confronted the United States President, who though resistant, eventually saw reason and allowed them to speak to the Hadrian leader. Vortex, the leader of the UC at the time, apologized on behalf of humanity for not listening to the aliens when they had the chance and asked them for help in stopping the extra-dimensional beings.

In exchange for their immediate freedom, the group of explorers agreed to help and informed the native heroes that they believed they had a way to stop the invasion. Hadrian scientists had been experimenting with dimensional portals for a long time, and were confident that they could create a machine capable of destroying the portal. The machine would disrupt the energy flow of the crystal that was causing the rift long enough for the rift to become destabilized and collapse. With the help of an army of Earth’s heroes, the Hadrian scientists made their way to the crystal, using their machine to close the rift once and for all. With the world saved from disaster, Earth’s heroes and Adai’s alike were celebrated by humanity. Having proven their sincerity and goodwill towards Earth, the Hadrians earned the trust of its people and governments.

Soon after the conflict was over, more Hadrian ships arrived with their leaders in order to negotiate an official alliance with the United Nations. The treaty of New Horizons, as it was named, established Hadrians as friends of Earth, welcoming them for the foreseeable future. It also established other important measures such as a Hadrian colony on the planet that was to be established in Australia due to the similarities it shared with Adai itself. The Hadrians were also allowed to open a dimensional portal that allowed instant travel between the colony of New Adai and its namesake in exchange for the United Champions being given access to this technology to increase their ability to respond to crisis.

Arguably the most important term, however, was that the crystal that caused the rift was to be given to the Hadrians for proper study and ceremonial rituals. The UN thought little of this at the time, figuring that the crystal’s presence on the Earth was an anomaly, and they were glad to be rid of the thing that caused so much damage. The Hadrians, however, realized that something greater was occurring on Earth and that not only was this crystal not an anomaly, the earthlings were unaware of it’s true potential. This discovery they kept to themselves, for even though they were now allies they did not fully trust this information in the hands of humanity and feared that it could only lead to violence and exploitation.

In the end, the Treaty of New Horizons not only affected Hadrians, but all extraterrestrials on Earth. Open agreement with a foreign species quelled many xenophobic fears of aliens and began a process for the few who lived on Earth to step out of the shadows and reveal themselves. It also encouraged Earth to seek out others across the galaxy and for others to seek them out. While Earth has remained fairly isolated even 17 years later, it has now been brought to the attention of a few alien species and is more open to the possibility of interaction.

However humans would do well to remember that not all aliens are friendly scientists looking to lend a hand. Alien life is almost infinitely diverse and different species have unique appearances, abilities and agendas. And while there is less hostility and discrimination towards aliens on Earth, that doesn’t mean it is gone entirely. There are still many that see aliens as a threat to human life, and refuse to adjust to their presence. Hate crimes against aliens are not uncommon, and it can be difficult for aliens who are visibly not human to adjust and fit into life on Earth.

Aliens ultimately have a similar history to metahumans and magic users alike, but their existence and interaction with Earth is unique in that it has drastically changed mankind’s understanding of the universe and has rapidly improved human technology and scientific knowledge in just under two decades. While humans are just starting to explore the wonders that Earth itself holds, not only do they have a whole universe to explore, but plenty of others are now interested in Earth as well.
Throughout history, magic has always been present, hidden away from the eyes of the common folk, and yet shaping human society from the shadows. From the ritual sacrifices carried out in the Americas to the divination practices of the Far East, passing through the alchemical and mystical disciplines of Europe, magic has held an important role in human civilization since ancient times, when it was first discovered by wise and inquisitive men all around the world, especially those desperate to protect humanity against the supernatural.

Since then, magic has been an integral tool for the human race, even though most were, and still are, unaware of its existence. While science and technology protected mankind from nature and allowed them to tame it, magic was its shield against the darkness and the supernatural, though in time those who were ignorant of this began turning against users of magic, executing them, burning them and blaming them for all of the world’s ills. Thus, the presence of magic dwindled during the middle ages, and even more so as modernity began setting in, bringing along its ideals of progress through science and the manipulation of nature; however it never truly faded away.

In fact, all things magical experienced a renaissance of sorts on Earth during the 20th century; as superhumans were revealed to the world and took the spotlight, those most involved in the world of magic saw that there was no need to uphold the masquerade any longer, and thus, learned sages and magical creatures began showing themselves along with superhumans. Though there is still some apprehension and resentment between those born of magic and those who were mundane, the magical community has experienced far more integration in the last century than they had in the previous fifteen hundred years.

But a question remains: What exactly is magic? The answer to this question is tied to the existence of magical realms. Since before Earth existed, there have been many realms parallel to the mainstream dimension where Earth and the many other planets, solar systems and galaxies reside. These realms behave quite unlike Earth, with a myriad of mystical beings and wonders present within them; however, they have intersected with the mainstream dimension many times, with some of them having even interacted with Earth in the past, giving rise to all sorts of myths and legends that configured the course of history; though most people are unaware of this fact, the majority of gods and legendary beings of ancient myths are in fact creatures from one of many magical realms.

Within those realms beyond Earth, there is power capable of performing what would commonly be called “miracles”: impossible acts achieved not through superhuman power, but through something else. Magic, then, is the art of drawing power from these realms into the mainstream dimension to achieve that which would not normally be possible, be it to protect, to heal or to destroy; it is important to mention that, unless there is a specific trait restricting it, anyone can use magic, though they require learning first. Either way, magic is as infinite and varied as the number of parallel realms in existence, and each realm has its own rules in place, which regulate the ways in which their power may be used. However, there is one general restriction: since magic essentially introduces alien energies into our world, it ought to be used with moderation, for an excess of magical energy in the mainstream dimension can lead to catastrophic consequences for everyone involved.

It is for this, and for many other reasons, that a large part of the magical community that exists in Earth seeks to control and mitigate any damage caused by an irresponsible use of magic; not just magic users, but magical creatures who have made Earth their home, as well. It is for this reason that the masquerade was upheld until the 20th century, and why many have continued to look after the world until today. However, just as there are many evil superhumans in the world who seek to only cause harm, so too there are many dark magical creatures and wicked magic users who don’t care for Earth’s safety.

Now, it is important to note that worlds beyond Earth have access to magic as well; however, there are several differences to be pointed out. Perhaps the most obvious is that the realms that have intersected with Earth and those that have intersected with other worlds are almost certainly different, explaining why various alien species seem to worship entities quite unlike the gods of ancient humans. However, the most noticeable difference is that most alien cultures have far less religious diversity than that of mankind, that is to say, the gods they worship are far fewer in number.

The reason for this is due to the so-called ‘dragon crystals’ which are known for granting humans superpowers. Present underneath the ground since the dawn of Earth, these enigmatic rocks have not only empowered humans throughout the ages, they have also served as a beacon of sorts for the supernatural, attracting all sorts of beings from other realms to Earth, causing several factions of gods to pop up throughout the globe, enlisting the aid of humans and earning their worship in order to have them do their bidding, their agendas as varied as their origins. Thus, it is no wonder that Earth, a world of limitless variety, displays this trait in regards to things of a magical nature as well.
In the EU the Confederation of Heroes functioned in a similar fashion as the Union itself. It is a highly organized institution built on ideas of trust and respect between members. Each nation within the Union is obligated to send a member and the leader of the team is voted upon every year. While there are local chapters and teams within the EU, they all are under the authority of their EU representative. The EU has strict laws against unregistered heroes, though enforcement of these laws can sometimes be lacking when an unregistered hero seems to be serving the forces of good and not doing civilian populations any harm. According to EU records 700 Heroes currently operate within its borders, but because only registered heroes are counted, the number is likely higher.

Outside of the EU things were different and took on a more nationalistic and much less cooperative tone. Smaller Eastern European nations had few heroes within their borders. The ones that were there were proclaimed national heroes and often used as a deterrent against their greedy expansionist neighbor in Russia. Russia’s heroes mostly operated on a solo basis, but there was a great deal of corruption and politics involved in their service. While some sought to be above it, others became nothing more than glorified enforcers for politicians and mafias.

North America
Heroes in America were as unique as American culture itself: in a society that loves celebrities, sensationalism and competition, the idea of superheroes fit right in. When they started popping up, the American government embraced free market principles in dealing with them. They legalized vigilantism with the condition that killing would be outlawed unless in true cases of self defense, or a forced choice between civilians and a criminal. With this act, the superhero industry was set up to thrive.

Private teams popped up across the country, fueled and funded by merchandise sales, sponsorships, movie deals and every other revenue avenue available to them. Teams carved out their own territories of jurisdiction usually in major cities or population centers. Team such as the Los Angeles Stars, the New York Freedom Fighters, and the DC Guardians became overnight sensations. However, the lack of regulation started to cause problems, as people began fighting over territory and unhealthy rivalries were forming that threatened to turn into violence. Rather than let the government step in, the teams came together to create a self regulating league known as the North American Super League or NASL for short. NASL setup guidelines for forming teams, and created a revenue sharing system that incentivized them to cooperate.

The League soon realized that friendly competition could be healthy and useful to the team so they created a bi-annual Super Tournament, where each team in the League would send their best fighters to an arena to prove their prowess over the other teams. While the League is incredibly popular across North America they were by no means the only heroes. Many others refused to join the League, seeing it as corrupt and more interested in money than helping people. These heroes either fought for justice solo or formed their own teams outside of the League’s jurisdiction.

Canada and Mexico treated heroes in a similar fashion to the United States, but with different results. Professional heroes proved less popular in Canada and while they had a League team in Toronto and Montreal, Canada had many more anonymous and non-profit heroes. Canada’s most famous non-league team was named the Northern Lights, a team whose mission statement was to inspire hope and good faith in Canada’s citizens.

Mexico on the other hand saw much more drastic, but still positive results. As heroes began to appear many of them aggressively attacked the organized crime and corruption that clouded their country. The criminal element stood little chance against this organized attack and was shattered quickly. It still remained prevalent, especially with the influx of superpowered enforcers; however, it had lost it’s death grip on society. This gave Mexicans a chance to rebuild, and they flourished with this opportunity. The Mexican economy soared and heroes were at the face of this new cultural image.

South America
While supers had allowed Mexico to prosper, their arrival only threw the already troubled and divided South America into even greater chaos. Most “heroes” in this region were mercenaries working for various factions that began to carve up territory across the country. South America became an unregulated haven for superhuman-related crime, and state governments are often mere figureheads. However, there are still supers that operate within this region, though they are greatly outnumbered at fight at great risk to themselves. South America is seen as disaster scene in need of rebuilding by some, and a ticking time bomb by others, though some groups such as Crimson Host Security have made the most out of the situation.

Africa was affected by the rise of heroes in many ways. Some countries such as South Africa recruited heroes for national defense and to retain their political and economic independence, while others attempted to use heroes as a starting point for African unity. The African Union for example, created a hero group called the African Hero Force, arguing that Africans needed to unite in order to face the new threats their ever changing world would bring. However, the team struggles with many of the same issues as the Union itself: conflicting histories and cultures often makes team chemistry difficult to establish and it is not uncommon for heroes to fight amongst each other or quit the team all together. Despite this the team has managed some notable victories, specifically ending the long running conflict in the Congo and helping to a establish a (weak but) united government. Overall, many African heroes have focused on helping their own countries and continents and often have not ventured into more global affairs.

Middle East
Similarly to Africa, the effects of heroes in the Middle East was a mixed bag. Many nations such as Iran reacted negatively to heroes at first, struggling to reconcile what it meant to their fundamentalist religious views. However it also spurred on a great deal of social and political change. Women with powers in the Middle East became leaders of women’s rights movements and heroes in general took on social and political significance. Probably the largest impact that superhumans had on Middle Eastern societies has been regarding their relationship with the West. Superhumans here effectively helped resist against Western imperialism and because of that Western influence in the region was substantially weakened. Throughout the 90’s and early 2000s there were numerous battles between Iraqi, Afghani, and other local countries’ heroes against Americans and Europeans. This created an animosity between the two groups, but lead to more stability in the region overall.

While many countries in Asia had few heroes, and made little concentrated efforts to gain influence, others stood out as hubs of super activity. China and India naturally saw the greatest spike in sheer numbers of superhumans; however, they responded in very different ways. China sought to control all superhuman activities, and created the non-voluntary “People’s Army” that would serve as a primarily defensive organization of heroes across the country. India on the other hand was ill prepared to deal with this large cultural shift, and so mostly allowed events to play out unregulated. Supers in India became cultural icons, but corruption was naturally still a large factor. A few guild-like organizations began to appear that would help the government and private citizens against evil… but only for the right price. Others resisted this trend however, offering their services for free and seeking to protect people rather than exploit them. Most notable of the latter groups is the New Delhi Nagas, whose membership and reputation is thriving to this day.

While Japan and Korea have only a small amount of known superhumans because of their population sizes, the technological boom that resulted from the age of heroes left them with no shortage of superheroes. Whole industries prospered under the idea that everyday people could be heroes too with the help of science. Heroes using mechs, gadgets, and sophisticated weapons became the new normal; however, there was also a dark side. This technological golden age gave birth to a devious and thriving black market. If you seek stolen or taboo technological advancements, the Tokyo underground is the place to go.

Beyond just technological shifts, the Age of Heroes brought North and South Korean relations to a whole different level. While many would think that rise of superhumans would create all out war between the two countries, in many ways it did the opposite. The two nations decided their heroes would represent each other and prove their superiority. The neutral zone established between them became a fighting ground for heroes and even villains from each side to fight on behalf of their country. Many see this as a temporary and dangerous solution at best, but other more pragmatic souls are just glad they aren’t firing missiles at each other.
  • September 1, 1939- World War II Begins
  • December 8, 1939- Karl Malthen attacks Nazi concentration camp
  • October 31, 1941- Captain Steel repels the invasion of London
  • June 6, 1944- Liberty leads the invasion of Normandy
  • September 2, 1945- WWII ends with total allied victory
  • January 8, 1946- Liberty is taken into government custody and accused of treason. Despite promises of a trial he is never seen by the public again.
  • October 28, 1962- Cuban missile crisis averted after almost being caused by a rogue superhuman seeking revenge against humanity.
  • October 31, 1963- First sighting of the vigilante Knock Out, the Vigilante Crusade officially begins
  • July 4, 1969- Time Square riot erupts, pro-superhuman protesters clash with police, heavy casualties are registered and the city of New York is shut down for several days.
  • April 9, 1972- Super Human Volunteer Act passes the US Congress. Seeking to desperately change the course of the Vietnam War, the US government offered amnesty to supers that enlist in the army. This causes massive public backlash and the law is soon repealed with little resistance.
  • April 30, 1975- Vietnam War ends with US and South Vietnamese defeat.
  • July 4, 1979- The Super Human Rights Act is ratified by the United Nations, securing basic human rights for all supers and allowing them to enter society unmolested.
  • July 4, 1981- The United Champions is established by the United Nations.
  • September 1, 1986- The National American Super League is formed.
  • May 7, 1987- The NASL creates the League News.
  • November 9, 1989- The Berlin Wall falls thanks to superhuman-led protest against the Soviet Union that continued it’s anti superhero policies well into the 1980’s. The Soviet Union collapses as it cannot fight off the numerous rebellions across its territories.
  • March 18, 1993- The Wonder Warriors conduct their first mission against a mercenary organization in Latin America.
  • November 1, 1994- The European Union establishes their official superhero team, the Confederation of Heroes.
  • March 11, 1997- Sheut-Ka-Aten awakens, destroying the area surrounding Abydos, in Egypt.
  • March 18, 1999- The “Young Bloods” massacre occurs and Wonder Island is attacked by the Reckoning, multiple heroes and civilians dead with numerous more casualties.
  • October 6 , 2000- Hadrian scout ship arrives in Earth orbit and is met by United States military forces in the state of Montana.
  • August 19, 2001- The Treaty of New Horizons is signed between Hadrian leaders and the United Nations, establishing Earth’s first official relationship with an alien race.
  • May 4, 2004- The Justice Queens are founded in New York City after a battle with the infamous villain Hunter.
  • December 1, 2005- The terrorist organization Elysium wipes out Zabol and reveals itself to the world.
  • March 7, 2010- Iron Chef and Necromancer destroy much of Bergen before being stopped by Valka Silfrhand, marking the first intervention of Valrey in global affairs.
  • July 27, 2013- King Adri Aeolus of Diluvia dies. Crown Princess Etla Aeolus ascends to the throne.
  • August 10, 2014- After nearly a year of internal disputes and questions about the team’s future, the Justice Queens officially disband, and their tower becomes a museum to commemorate their history
  • April 1, 2015- Quick Shot is hit in the head with a frying pan from Iron Chef, the video goes viral and breaks the Youtube record with over 5 billion views.
  • June 21, 2017- The adventure begins!
  • July 4th, 2017- The Young Bloods fought assorted villains who attacked the San Diego Zoo and make their public debut.
  • July 4th, 2017- Gaul Kills Solar in San Diego

Rules & Applications

  1. Respect the OP and his Co-OPs, we’re here to make the game run smoothly and be the best it can for everyone.
  2. Please read the whole OP, I know it’s asking a bit of work, but we worked seriously hard on it and it will really make the best of the RP if you use it to your advantage.
  3. Follow all of the site’s rules, keep things PG-13 and be as kind to others as possible.
  4. Follow standard RP etiquette (no godmodding, metagaming, etc).
  5. Make sure to keep your grammar, writing quality, and effort up to par, if you need help with ideas or writing tips ask any of the Co-ops and they will be more than happy to help.
  6. Five line minimum (from a desktop view); this can be bended in situations where there is little to respond to but try your best to adhere to it.
  7. You can have multiple characters, but you have to have at least one character
  8. Stay as active as you can and try not to leave anyone hanging. If you’re going to be gone for a period of time and we can accommodate/work around the issue, as long as we’re informed beforehand.
  9. Obligatory “have fun” rule.
  10. Do your best to make your char’s weaknesses and limitations proportional to your powers, balanced characters make stories more fun and suspenseful.
  11. Remove ALL parentheses from your apps, please.
  12. Obligatory Doctor Who reference Never be cruel or cowardly. Never give up, never give in.
Character Application:
Code: Select all
[b][u]Appearance (pics if possible):[/u][/b]
[b][u]Young Blood?:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Bio(Please treat this as a replacement for a writing sample. No more than a few paragraphs is necessary but it should be well written):[/u][/b]
[box][list][*][b][Insert Power Name Here]:[/b] (Insert description of power here)
[*][b][Insert Power Name Here]:[/b] (Insert description of power here)
(Note, you do not have a maximum or minimum of 2 powers. If you don’t need all those, delete them. If you need more, copy and paste.)
[b][u]Limitations (Reasons why your char can’t end the universe):[/u][/b]
[box][list][*] (Insert Limitation)
[*] (Insert Limitation)
(Note, you do not have a maximum or minimum of 2 limitations. If you don’t need all those, delete them. If you need more, copy and paste.)
[b][u]Weaknesses (Reasons why someone could kick their ass):[/u][/b]
[box][list][*][b][Insert Weakness Name Here]:[/b] (Insert description of weakness here, if needed)
[*][b][Insert Weakness Name Here]:[/b] (Insert description of weakness here, if needed)
(Note, you do not have a maximum or minimum of 2 weaknesses. If you don’t need all those, delete them. If you need more, copy and paste.)

[size=150]Additional Information (Optional; remove if unused)-[/size]
[b][u]Theme song:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Favorite food:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Greatest fear:[/u][/b]

Faction Application:
Code: Select all
[b][u]Faction Name:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Faction Location/Territory:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Tech Level:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Population Size:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Army Size (If any):[/u][/b]
[b][u]Races that are part of the faction:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Additional Info:[/u][/b]

Race Application
Code: Select all
[b][u]Race Name:[/u][/b]
[b][u]World of Origin:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Race Appearance:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Race Powers:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Race Limitations:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Race Weaknesses:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Additional info:[/u][/b]

Fictional City/Country Application
Code: Select all
[b][u]Type (City/Country):[/u][/b]
[b][u]Location(If city what country, if country what continent):[/u][/b]
[b][u]Notable features:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Year founded:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Active heroes/villains of note:[/u][/b]

Mission Application
Code: Select all
[b][u]Mission Title:[/u][/b]
[b][u]What heroes would be involved, if any?:[/u][/b]
[b][u]What Villains are involved, if any?:[/u][/b]
[b][u]What is the heroes’ objective, if any?:[/u][/b]
[b][u]What is the villains’ objective, if any?:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Quick Summary(paragraph please):[/u][/b]
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The Major Players

Famous Heroes

Listed here are superhero NPCs from various parts of the world (and beyond!) who are here to provide depth to the world and a starting point for players wishing to worldbuild and/or weave their characters into the lore of this world.

Etla Aeolus: Brave and adventurous, yet wisened by her experiences, Etla, once known as the famous superheroine and Confederation member Cyclone, is the current queen of Diluvia, a small island nation on the Mediterranean, known for its unique mineral deposits and its advanced technology. The daughter of King Adri, she inherited her family’s aerokinetic powers, training with them since she was very young. Surviving several assassination attempts, including one that maimed her and caused the country's best scientist to develop a prosthetic arm made of Olympium, she dedicated most of her youth to fighting crime both in Diluvia and in the world at large, meeting the then representative of America to the United Champions, Craig Thomsen, whom she later married. With her father’s death in 2013, she ascended to the throne, ruling with a fair hand and seeking to further integrate Diluvia into the global community.

Gwyneth Griffith: Better known by her superhero name Lady Pendragon, Gwyneth is a superhuman with the power of photokinesis, specializing in applications geared more towards defense and damage control, rather than purely offensive applications. An alleged descendant of King Arthur himself, Gwyneth’s life was, however, rather mundane for the first two decades. Growing up in Wales, she studied to become a lawyer. Her powers manifested when a man attempted to mug her and her girlfriend, resulting in her blinding the criminal. During the next few years, she juggled training and finishing her studies, slowly but surely gaining notoriety. Eventually, she became the United Kingdom’s representative in the Confederation of Heroes, in addition to their go-to legal consultant. She is the current elected leader of the Confederation, enjoys quite a bit of fame in her homeland and the rest of Europe, and has done wonders for LGBT rights movements across the world.

Igor Casitov: Having one of the most appropriate super names in the business, “Mammoth” as he is known to the public, and those with decent vision, was the result of a lab accident during a test on an experimental drug meant to increase the rate of cellular regeneration. Igor, who was an injured body builder at the time, took on a massive human physic. Standing at 7’2 and weighing well over 300 pounds, Mammoth has stretched the human body well past it’s limits. His incredible size and strength brought him to the attention of a powerful Russian Mob, starting his career as a savage enforcer. However, since then he has aged, started a family, and no longer enjoys the brutality of crime. He is now a reformed hero and represents Russia on the United Champions. Despite his superhero status, Igor’s massive size makes it difficult for him to fit into society. He is often seen as dangerous and abnormal, and because of this he often only spends time with family and close friends in his off time.

Johann Eisenwald: While the scholar from German folklore who sold his soul to the devil is not the first person that comes to mind when one thinks of the word “hero”, the man who bears the name Faust has certainly done a good job in improving the name’s reputation. The oldest member of the team, Johann is also the only one who lacks superhuman powers. However, he makes up for it through his expertise in magic, being a scholar on par with the one from legend. Using the arcane arts to subdue his enemies, he is what one would call the ‘heavy hitter’ of the Confederation of Heroes, though his abilities are far more versatile than that. An accountant on his off time, he generally supervises the team’s spendings, and also offers an easy way to contact the Phantom Brotherhood should it ever be necessary.

John Morgan: The hero that goes by the name “Reactor” is currently the English representative on the United Champions. A former fire fighter, John’s life was changed forever when a forest fire almost killed him but instead unleashed his ability to absorb and convert energy. After saving himself from the flames, Morgan sought to use his new abilities and joined the British Army’s special Super-human task force. Proving his abilities as a fierce warrior he was selected to join the United Champions three years ago, at 24 he was the youngest hero ever to represent Britain on the team. The only blemish on his reputation is a scandalous rumor about his supposed on and off again relationship with the notorious bank robber Sarah Grimm.

Katherine Bernard: Once a French army nurse extremely dedicated to the work of preserving life, eventually the stress of the never ending battle got to Katherine and she was honorably discharged and diagnosed with PTSD. Desperate to find a way to continue to help people, she stumbled upon an ancient form of magic that would allow her to bend reality to her will to help the sick and injured. Katherine trained at this art for years, nearly becoming a hermit in the process, until she mastered restoration magic and set out to heal the world. Restoration magic specifically allows her to return things to a previous state they once inhabited, though the more drastic the shift the more energy that is taken up and some fixes are simply impossible. Her abilities became quite popular with the public and she earned her way onto the UC as the French representative. While her offensive capabilities are sometimes questioned, Hope provides much needed damage control and offers a softer, gentler public face for the team.

Miranda Angeletti: Known as an angelical being both on and off the battlefield, the woman known as Archangel was already famous before becoming a heroine. Unlike most other superheroes, she had her powers from birth, and also unlike them, the fact that she had powers did not drive her to seek a career in heroics. Instead, she did her best to hide her wings, physical condition and regenerative powers, living a relatively normal life and eventually becoming a successful opera singer, the measures she took to hide her wings being chalked up to her extravagant tastes. When that was nearly cut short during an attack by the Silver Queen, she revealed herself to the world, unleashing her wings and fighting back. Not long afterwards, she began her superhero career with the name Archangel, her fame as a singer bolstering her fanbase as a heroine and vice-versa. She has recently joined the ranks of the Confederation of Heroes, quickly becoming the unofficial face of the team.

Tristan Blanc: If one went to Paris on a good day and took a stroll through the streets of the city, it would not be long until one found a poster or some other image of the nation’s favorite hero, Arc Knight. Styling himself after the legendary Maid of Orleans, with a few obvious differences due to differing physical traits, Tristan is a hero who carries a banner into battle and rarely takes direct action against his enemies, instead relying on his allies from the Confederation of Heroes and empowering them in various ways through his powers, which allow him to modify the physical capabilities of those around him. Despite this, however, he can hold his own in a fight, his abilities allowing him to augment himself as well. Originally a simple college student, he left everything to fight crime when his powers manifested, and is perhaps one of the more experienced fighters in the Confederation despite also being the youngest member. Though generally on good terms with his teammates, he has a rather notorious rivalry with the UK heroine, Lady Pendragon.

Valka Silfrhand: Originally a magical being residing in Asgard and a faithful servant of Odin, Valka was a captain of his army, the Valkyries, a force of warrior women whose legends are told to this day. When the Aesir decided that they would distance themselves from humans, some valkyries opted to stay behind, Valka among them. She quickly took up a role of leadership and organized her peers to defend their territory, an island off the coast of Norway, christened as Valrey. For her role in establishing her community she was named Queen of Valrey and of the Valkyries, a position she holds to this day. Though her involvement in the outside world is limited, she had ventured out of the limits of Valrey on occasion, with the most notorious instance being when she stopped a “disagreement” between Necromancer and Iron Chef which had leveled about half of Bergen, in Norway.
Adán Hernández: Undoubtedly the most famous among the superheroes who fight organized crime and drug cartels in Mexico, Adán, or Guerrero Águila as he is known to the world, is a man whose physical attributes allow him to compete with the best of the best. Often compared with the Italian heroine Archangel, Adán possesses a pair of eagle wings in addition to his physical condition, and wields a weapon modelled after a macuahuitl in battle, his superhero persona filled to the brim with pre-hispanic imagery. Being a former football player, strong advocate of legalization and a detective who fights corruption in addition to a superhero, he is massively popular with the Mexican people, though various groups of football fans frown upon him, due to his association with Club América.

Craig Thomsen: The technopathic former U.S Representative to United Champions, Craig grew disillusioned with superheroism as a whole and left the team, starting up a non-profit and attempted to ‘save the world’ another way. It’s not going great, however, so Craig finds himself drawn back more into heroism. Married to Etla Aeolus.

Cole Carter: When you ask someone who their favorite hero is and they answer Quick Shot, you’re right to look at them strangely. Cole “Quick Shot” Carter is a young upstart hero from New York City. Carter has no super abilities, but is a world class archer and martial artist. His determination to become the world’s greatest hero is a modern underdog story that warms the hearts of some, mostly those from his home city. Quick has succeeded in becoming a recognizable hero, often fighting organized crime throughout the bureaus; however his quest for fame has been hindered by some unfortunate errors that have gone viral on social media. One such example is the video of Quick Shot being hit in the face by Iron Chef’s notorious frying pan of doom. This video has been turned into a popular GIF spread across the internet. Carter is currently the Captain of the New York Freedom Fighters, an NASL team that many consider to be the worst in the league.

Dwayne Maxin: The charismatic and notorious play boy hero, Captain Quake is a superhuman with the ability to create seismic vibrations. He is a hometown hero to the city of Los Angeles and the captain of the popular and talented Los Angeles Stars. Quake is a good hero, but is often criticized for not taking his job seriously; he enjoys his celebrity life and is just as likely to be in a newspaper for saving the city as he is for throwing a mattress off a hotel balcony. Maxin is usually an example used by those who criticize modern heroes for being nothing more than 1%ers with super powers.

Elena Galadera: An intrepid explorer, Elena Galadera once had the eyes of the world on her. Gaining popularity from her quick with sense of humor and seemingly boundless amount of knowledge, Elena filmed herself surviving all around the world, refusing TV deal after TV deal, leading her to eventually to be placed on a blacklist by the major networks, although her journeys were still available online. When she received the power to create force-fields and portals that she called Stargates, she set out to explore the universe and show humanity the other species and planets that existed beyond their little world. Then, as it always does, it went horribly wrong. In some mysterious incident or attack, the explorer lost an eye and saw something that made her return to Earth immediately and swear never to return to the stars. On Earth, Elena has now created a combat form based around her powers and and so trains superheroes, [The following events take place after the start of the RP] recently gaining a commission to train the Young Bloods.

Eva Morrow: The superhuman known as Nightwave was not initially aware of her powers at all. Aspiring to become a heroine when she was older, an ambition shared with her elder sister Sandra, Eva trained hard since her youth, often competing with her sister to see who could get the best results. As she grew older, she became disgusted with the rampant corruption that her family of politicians had built its fortune upon, and struck out with some money to begin building her career, hoping to one day bring her family down. Initially relying on her tactics, her speed and her stealth, Eva discovered at some point that she had the power to manipulate electricity; unfortunately, it was a tad too late to change her alias. Regardless, she continues to fight crime, leading a fairly successful career but not yet having completed her true goal.

Ezra Farthing: The recently orphaned daughter of the famous heroine Solitaire, Ezra began her career by tracking down the superhumans who murdered her retired mother and fighting them. Though she was initially outmatched, her abilities to manipulate darkness manifested in the nick of time, giving her the edge she needed to win the fight. Since then, she decided to train hard and pursue a career as a heroine, her thirst for justice not yet satisfied. Upon becoming an adult, she inherited her mother’s armor, a dimensional suit dubbed the “Raven”, which enable her to teleport. From then on, she continued fighting crime as the new Solitaire, and has a lot of fans among the newer generations, though her young age makes many frown at her stubborn decision to become a heroine.

Fiona Dawset: A woman with a troubled past who is now known as Incognito, she spent much of her childhood in a psychiatric hospital. Her sense manipulation abilities developed at a young age and this did not mix well with her abusive family life. After sending her violent stepfather into a psychic coma, she was institutionalized and kept under heavy guard. That was until she was 16 and was visited by tech mogul and famous hero Craig Thomsen, who sought to help her control her powers and find meaning in her life. With Thomsen’s guidance, Fiona became a renowned illusionist, able to distort people’s senses, make herself invisible, and even warp reality in small ways. That was six years ago and since then Fiona was chosen as Craig Thomsen’s replacement on the United Champions. While some were skeptical of her readiness, Thomsen’s recommendation was all she really needed to obtain the position.

Gordon White: Former football star turned super hero, Gordon White stands 6’6 and is made of solid muscle. He gets the name Goliath from his ability to transform into a humanoid lion at will. Formerly, he was a human whose spinal cord injury ended his football career, but the traumatic event activated abilities that healed him and gave him extraordinary strength and the ability to shapeshift. Now the 28 year old is a famous member of the San Francisco Rising Suns, a hero team in NASL.

Katie Prince: Katie is a mutant from New York City with the power of electrokinesis. In her early life Katie lived as a mostly normal student, never really doing much with her powers beyond the occasional prank or training session. Starting in college she became a hero known as Voltra, who patrolled the city during weekends and her free time. At some point Katie met Cora, an alien android who had been sent to earth to study and eventually subjugate human life. However the two bonded and Cora betrayed her original programming, becoming a hero instead. The two became romantically involved, and formed a team with other female heroes which they dubbed the “Justice Queens”. The Justice Queens operated for almost a decade, becoming famous heroines and saving the world many times over. Eventually the team went their separate ways, and now Katie and Cora are a hero duo, Voltra and Recharge. The two are quite famous of heroes and are an incredibly formidable team when fighting together.

Kylie Perceval: The former Justice Queen known as Hardlight, Kylie is a charismatic and strong-willed superhuman from North Carolina whose zero-to-hero story is an inspiration for new generation heroes and heroines. Originally a simple girl heading to New York to college with a hard-earned sports scholarship awarded to her for her skill at softball, Kylie’s world was turned upside down when her ability to create hardlight constructs manifested. Seeing a golden opportunity to help people, she trained with these powers and worked as a solo heroine for a while, earning her moniker and eventual superhero name, Hardlight. Not long after her career began, she met and joined the Justice Queens, facing countless challenges with them until they disbanded. Now aged 30, Kylie continues to fight for justice and is the leader of the Carolina Bluejays, a popular NASL team.

Liberty: When the famous war hero Liberty was arrested, he was brought to a secret military facility along with over a dozen other heroes to be studied and examined. The military division was determined to create their own heroes that could be used in the event of a superhuman rebellion. Liberty’s DNA was then inserted into an android who was designed to have all of his abilities and more. The new body took the form of a young woman who would lead an army against rebellious heroes if necessary. However not everything went according to the government’s plan and their secret facility’s network was hacked by a pro super hacktivist group. This group managed to remotely access Liberty’s mainframe, and activated her while also changing her programming to align with her namesake's values. Liberty broke free from the government, and has now taken on the role of a hero, seeking to promote freedom for all sentient life.

Nicole Reyna: A reptilian woman as powerful as she is kind, Naja is a former member of the Justice Queens who, after their retirement, kept on as a solo hero. Her agent George ensured that her image as a kind and all-loving hero despite her appearance would remain untarnished. [The following events take place after the start of the RP] At the request of her agent, she now acts as the den mother to the new Young Bloods team, George’s hopes for her being that she could make sure that they didn’t wind up like the previous team.

Sandra Morrow: An egotistical and refined high-society lady and the CEO of North Star Industries, Sandra sought to become a heroine just as much as her younger sister, with the difference that she was far more accepting of her family’s corrupt ways. Using their wealth, she bought North Star, a tech company based in Seattle, and set about creating a fortune of her own, which she used to develop a suit dubbed Advanced Combat Sentinel. Taking it out for a test ride, she was highly successful in stopping several crimes, and officially became the heroine Noblesse Oblige shortly after that. Despite the fact that both of them have been heroines for several years, Sandra and Eva have maintained their sibling rivalry alive and well-kindled, to the benefit of many a reporter. A particular point of contention is that, despite being from the same family, Sandra does not possess any superhuman abilities like Eva.

Valancy Stirling: A xylokinetic and healer, Valancy Stirling is a retired member of the Justice Queens team. Known for her warm smile and brilliant cookies, Valancy now owns a small but popular bookstore/coffee shop and trains young superheroes. She has also adopted the troubled Roy Damon and attempts to soften the young lad up with cookie and hug therapy. It appears to be working.

Voice: Little is known about Voice: in fact, there are only a handful that know her real name. Voice suffers from mutism but communicates through her powerful psionic abilities. For this reason she can sometimes make others uncomfortable and so she prefers to work alone. However she used to be on a team that she gotten along with quite well, the Wonder Warriors. When they were attacked, Voice managed to save dozens of civilians from the attack, though multiple of her teammates died despite her best efforts. Voice still fights to honor their memory, and one day serve justice against those who perpetrated the attack.
Akihiko Yamamoto: A young man with a mysterious origin surrounded by rumors, Akihiko is one of the few lone wolf heroes of Japan. Equipped with highly advanced gear and deadly swordsmanship, along with a mind for machines and the uncanny ability to induce fear into his enemies, he does not, at first, seem like a very heroic individual, but he has established time and time again his willingness to fight to the end for justice. He is known as the One-Eyed Dragon, or One-Eye for short, styling himself after the legendary Date Masamune, and leads a solitary crusade against the Tokyo criminal underground. Many of the rumors that surround him claim that he is not entirely human, with some source pointing towards a possible relation with oni; however, no one has been able to confirm or deny this.

Chatur Padhya: A bombastic man who plays off mythology and has flashy powers, Chatur is as much of a Bollywood superstar as you can be without really being a Bollywood superstar. Born and raised in the slums of Mumbai, he was the sort of person who didn’t play around, ready to fight at the drop of a hat, and took a lot of bad decisions in his life despite his noble intentions. He soon grew sick of the crime and corruption all around him and, having practiced martial arts all throughout his youth, he decided to put his skills to good use and became a vigilante. Despite having a hard time at first, he soon discovered that he could use the friction from by his martial arts moves to generate massive amounts of energy which were released alongside his attacks. Exploiting this to continue his crime-fighting career, he took up the name of Garuda and became increasingly popular, being well-known as the author of the world-famous Garuda Punch. Eventually, he decided to move to New Delhi to join the Nagas, believing that he could make more of a difference with them. He has been with them ever since and has functioned as the leader of the New Delhi Nagas since 2012.

Zou Jiao: Little is known about China’s national hero and representative to the UC, but what is known is that her alias is Solar Flare and she has the power of manipulating solar energy and using it to her advantage. While Jiao’s powers are impressive and she is force to be reckoned on the battlefield, her social image could use some work. The fact that many do not like the government she serves is only compounded by her secretive and closed off personality. While she is supposedly close to her teammates, the rest of the world knows little about her and that makes many suspicious. Despite this, when a villain is threatening the world, everyone feels better when they see a red streak flying through the sky, knowing that Solar Flare is there to protect them.
Aruvia Yar: Aruvia Yar is the last member of the Faction of Four, once a loyal ally and fellow scientist with her sister Aruvia Kell, she finds that the one she once called family has become a monster and has fled from her. She was picked up by Ju’lee and recruited as a heroine on earth. She built up her popularity before coming into contact with the other three members of the Faction of Four.

Cora: An alien android originally sent to Earth to destroy humanity, Cora was never designed to be a hero. Cora’s alien alloy was fused with organic material to make her almost indistinguishable from humans. She possessed super strength, speed, and durability as well as a unique ability to produce nearly infinite energy due to the small singularity reactor at the center of her chest. With these abilities Cora could have been a true menace to human society, but instead became one of it’s greatest protectors when she met Katie Prince, who showed her the value of human life and convinced Cora to violate her programming and live with humanity rather than destroy it. The two became romantically involved, and have fought together for over a decade both on the Justice Queens and as an independent duo. Because of her ability to produce energy, Cora goes by the name Recharge and is quite the popular heroine.

Ju’lee Ma’alen: Ju’lee Ma’alen is a member of the green psionic, shapeshifting species known as the Ma’gar, native to a galaxy incredibly far away from earth. The Ma’gar were destroyed by the starfaring race known as the Grey, for their role in the Colour Wars and their harboring, training and protection of Rainbow Spirits. When the Spirits were etherized, Ma’gar was the first implanted with a Rainbow Crystal. This power, however, would lay dormant for some years as Ju’lee was enslaved by the race known as the K’dan, whose starfaring empire bordered that of the Ma’gar and the Grey. She was captured in a raid by the infamous Kull the Pirate Lord, but she managed to escape and ended up on Aura, the new home base of the Rainbow Wardens. There she met other Rainbow Wardens and was trained, and when her learning was finished she was tasked with protecting the inhabitants of Earth. She took to earth culture well, and has become a popular celebrity heroine, with Earth being an adopted home for her.

Famous Villains

Much like in the above section, NPCs from various places are listed here, this time supervillains.

Faith Morris: Faith Morris was a woman with no ambition, no dreams and no aspirations. Working a monotonous office job for a living, she had few friends, and many considered her a husk of a person. All of that changed when she was drawn to an ancient artifact buried beneath her hometown. Following a psychic suggestion, she unearthed the artifact, and from that moment onwards, everything changed. Leaving her previous life behind, she took up the name of Scarlet Sword, after her artifact, which allowed her to control blood. She became one of the most dangerous assassins in the United Kingdom, living a life full of thrills that she would have never tasted otherwise.

Prometheus the Enlightened: The man now known as Prometheus hailed from the slums of a polluted and overpopulated city, learning firsthand how mankind only brought suffering to the Earth and to each other. Discovering his nuclear powers early on and using them to threaten and steal from others to survive, he was found out by the Soviet Union as a preteen, kidnapped, and held in Moscow as a safeguard of sorts in the case of nuclear war breaking out. After years of captivity, he was set free shortly before the fall of the Soviet Union. Since then, he has sought to mitigate the plague that is humanity, often through less than agreeable means, though he generally keeps his powers as a last resort and takes care of the fallout generated by their use. Since his release, he was joined by three other superhumans with whom he founded the terrorist group, Elysium. He is also a part of the Reckoning, believing that his involvement can further his goals.

The Grimm Sisters: The three sisters Sarah, Samantha and Hannah make up an infamous group known for performing many successful bank robberies across the country and avoiding capture afterwards. Sarah, the eldest, uses her unnatural beauty and charm to seduce men and women alike and get what she wants, though her most dangerous asset is her haemokinesis. Samantha, the middle sister, uses her power over shadows to conceal and protect the other two, and is a witch of talent as well. Meanwhile, the youngest of the three, Hannah, is perhaps the most threatening in a direct combat, her beast-like physical attributes making her a formidable enemy, not to mention her ability to morph into a massive wolf temporarily. Together, they make a living off the rich, but only very rarely help the poor.

The Silver Queen: Despite being one of the most infamous superhumans in Europe, very little is known about the woman who calls herself the Silver Queen. A metal manipulator whose exact abilities as well as their extent remain unknown, she had butted heads with the Confederation of Heroes many times over the years, being one of their fiercest rivals. Despite being fairly powerful and having the charisma to gather together large amounts of thugs and criminals, she does not usually stay in one place long enough to control the area or establish a chain of command, instead allowing her subordinates to descend into anarchy and chaos. Her tendency to play with her prey instead of finishing them off and her lack of planning tend to allow the Confederation or local heroes to stop them before things escalate too much. Recently, she has joined the Reckoning to sow chaos in the world.
Clement Winters: Ignition’s brother, better known as Inferno, is a criminal and occasional mercenary who leads the Hellfire Gang alongside his sister. Having largely the same superhuman abilities as his sister, he nonetheless often prefers a less immediately violent approach, opting for negotiation and favors rather than burglary and intimidation, the velvet glove to Ignition’s iron fist, so to speak.

Francis Doogle: Hydrokinetic member of the Phoenix Gang, Hydro is somewhat of an enforcer for the gang. A large, formerly fat man, Hydro has a reputation for being more brawn than brains and uses two large cannons to attack his enemies with high pressure water that can do some serious damage. Despite his strength, however, he remains a lackey for Ignition, the leader of the gang, having a crush on her despite the abusive nature of their relationship.

Floyd Martin: Notorious assassin and criminal mastermind, there isn’t an aspect of the criminal underworld that Martin doesn’t have a hand in. He was once a soldier who underwent an experimental procedure after losing both of his arms in combat. His new arms were made of the rare metal Olympium, giving him incredible strength, and they were also infused with advanced energy cannons that made him a living weapon. Soon Martin realized the opportunity presented to him and left the army to lead a life of crime. Since then Martin has become a feared mercenary that few dare cross. Going by the name Ares, he has been responsible for coups in South America, drug trafficking in the United States, and assassinations across the globe. Martin is also a founding member of the Reckoning and was a participant in the attack on the Wonder Warriors. Since then he has only grown his criminal enterprise, though has been constantly thwarted by the Justice Queens, who have a personal grudge against him.

Fredrick Owens: Animaster holds the disturbing ability to absorb the life force of dying beings and bring inanimate objects to life. This deranged and disgraced former scientist was once the most formidable villain of the Justice Queens, having once tried to bring their tower itself to life. As a member of the Reckoning he often enjoys creating chaos across the world, fueling his obsession with mastering control over life and death.

Haelion Masters: A Diluvian orphan who through an unlikely string of coincidences found himself on American lands, Haelion was regularly abused in the orphanage where he lived. The boy eventually escaped and made his way to the streets, where he struggle to survive until he manifested the ability to increase the efficacy of thing through direct contact, his own body included. Not long afterwards, he joined the Hellfire Gang, finding himself in agreement with their ideals, and has been with them since, under the alias Scourge.

Lorenzo Bouchard: A heavyset French-Mexican man with an extreme love for cuisine, Lorenzo, better known as the infamous Iron Chef, is a mad genius willing to go to any lengths to secure exotic ingredients in order to cook the ultimate dish. Widely considered to be among the most dangerous superhumans on the planet, Iron Chef has successfully bested the United Champions several times in the past, due to his intellect and his unorthodox methods. Fortunately for Earth, however, he seems largely uninterested in anything but his quest for the greatest dish ever.

Serenity Winters: An attractive young woman better known as Ignition, who, alongside her brother Inferno, leads one of the most dangerous criminal gangs in America, despite their relatively small size. With her advanced pyrokinesis and her superb physical condition and fighting ability, she is more than a match for most heroes, and leads the Hellfire Gang with an iron fist on a crusade to create a world where the strong live and the weak bow or die. Purportedly in a relationship with Hydro, albeit an asymmetrical one.

Dante: Created by the same military division as Liberty, Dante was, however, designed with different abilities in mind. Rather than brute strength and speed, Dante’s skills involved biological and chemical warfare. After Liberty’s escape Dante was decommissioned and sent to a storage facility; however, that facility was attacked and Dante was activated in the process. Rather than serve her liberators, Dante killed them and escaped on her own. Her intentions and motivations aren’t clear, but what is well known is that bad things tend to happen to places that she visits.

Solomon Menes: The CEO of Delta Pharmaceuticals and head of the MA’AT Project, Solomon Menes is one of the poster children for billionaire philanthropist playboys, just minus the playboy. Outwardly he seems calm, cool, and collected, using his fortune from medicine to flaunt his status and help those less fortunate as well. But Solomon has a darker side, one laced in paranoia and mystic influences. He believes himself to be a reincarnation of the pharaohs of old Egypt, and will do whatever it takes to re-establish his lineage’s divine reign over the known world.

Walter Hodges: Walter was small town electrician from Kansas, who was severely injured when he was sent out to work during a thunderstorm; his company denied liability and fired him because he could no longer work. Stacked with medical bills, Walter’s life seemed hopeless, until he realized his body suddenly started sparking with electricity. Fueled with spite and new abilities, Walter began robbing banks across the state and shed his whole life behind, becoming the infamous villain known as Thunderstruck. Somewhere along the line Thunderstruck used his mass wealth to build a large mech suit that served as a conduit to his abilities, which he uses to continue terrorizing Wall Street investors.

The Weatherman: A man with a taste for the grandiose and the spectacular, the Weatherman made his appearance on the West Coast riding a tidal wave. Possessing the power to control all forms of weather, the Weatherman frequently hijacks news stations and invades beaches to gain an audience for his puns, at which none can match him. Despite his potentially lethal powers, the Weatherman is more of a light-hearted villain, striving to have a good time and make a buck or two at it. Ever since his perennial foes the Justice Queens kicked the bucket, the Weatherman has been looking for a new nemesis, and occupies himself in the meantime by participating in the Hero League bi-annual competition.
Atlas the Sufferer: Being blessed with physical capabilities far beyond that of humans, he nonetheless had the bad fortune of living in a third world country where he was forced to participate in an underground fighting ring. Being only a child, there were many who could best him despite his superiority; however, his true strength lay in his endurance, which was crazy even by superhuman standards, allowing him to survive through everything that was thrown at him. He eventually escaped and worked as a mercenary and hired muscle for a while, before meeting Prometheus, who recruited him into Elysium and name him Atlas. Not long after his joining, Prometheus recruited a woman rechristened as Medea, with whom he started a romantic relationship, though they take care not to let it get in the way of their goals.

Sheut-Ka-Aten: The entity known as Dark Star is the most ancient superhuman known, and an incredibly powerful one, to boot. According to the legends, when Narmer was about to unify Egypt with the help of the gods, the only being who stood in his way was a woman called Sheut-Ka-Aten, a superhuman witch who defied the will of the gods and wielded a power similar to that of the sun, but dark and corrupted. Through unknown means, Sheut-Ka-Aten was imprisoned underneath Abydos, remaining there for centuries. However, due to unknown reasons, she awakened during the nineties and unleashed her power to return to the surface, resulting in the total destruction of the surrounding towns and archaeological sites. Not long after, she was found and received an invitation by the Reckoning. Seeing a prime opportunity for chaos, she took on the name Dark Star and joined their ranks.
Medea the Destroyer As a superpowered woman in the Middle East, life wasn’t very easy for the one who later was called Medea. Her power over vibrations would have been a wonderful gift, had she been able to control it to its fullest; instead, her touch could easily prove fatal if her grip on her emotions loosened. Due to this, she faced persecution and was treated as a witch. Saved from the brink of death by Elysium, she joined them to use her powers for a cause she believed just while she learned to control them. Not long after joining she became close with the only man who could stand her touch, Atlas.
Orpheus the Darkened: The youngest of the member of Elysium, Orpheus was born in the nineties, with the perpetual technological growth spurred on by the digital revolution in full swing. Thus, it was no wonder that a power as peculiar as the ability to shut down, corrupt or induce failure in any kind of technology with but a touch would garner him a great deal of ostracism. Over time, he began to see his power as more of a blessing than a curse, using it to sabotage countless laboratories and research centers when he felt it was right. Before the consequences caught up to him, he was recruited by Prometheus, and has worked with Elysium ever since.
Aruvia Kell: The Goddess Queen of the Rantu, and a dangerous threat to the Galaxy. She has put the Rantu under her thumb and her faithful will gladly die in battle for her. Once a mere peasant, Aruvia gained a small following when she heroically defended her village. Ever since that day, her psychic and technological power gets stronger as she is worshiped and admired.

Black Nova: The youngest of the three Seraphs, leaders of the Theocracy, she commands the Choir of Destruction, bent on the eradication of organic life for the glory of her ancestors, the Artisans. She is by far the most violent out of the three Seraphs, and while not completely unreasonable, she often opts for violent alternatives, embracing the fact that she and her siblings were designed for war by the almighty Artisans. However, on decisions that involve the entirety of the Theocracy, she often defers to her elder sister Black Sun, holding her in very high regard.

Hunter: An android member of the Theocracy, he was sent to Earth shortly after Cora’s betrayal with direct orders to eliminate her. Though Hunter tried his best, the Justice Queens stopped him time and time again. Hunter possesses similar abilities to Cora, though he also has a weapons system integrated into his body that gives him increased versatility and firepower. Currently, he is still on Earth, trying to finally fulfill his mission as well as serve the interests of the Choir of Destruction on Earth.

Kull the Pirate Lord: Kull is an Antaverian, leader of one of the four member groups of the Faction of Four, a group dedicated to destroying the Rantu Empire. Kull is perhaps the most shady of the bunch, and without a doubt a criminal of the highest order. He is surprisingly charming, able to convince people to go where they might dare not. He is a member of the Faction of Four mostly out of selfish necessity (as the Rantu Empire threatens his business expansion) and partly personal (Kull was once “romantically attached” to Aruvia. Neither of them talk about it).

Kuu: A long time ago, Kuu was a guardian of life and order appointed by the World Dragons in a distant part of the universe, with several galaxies under his jurisdiction. Whenever war or catastrophe loomed overhead, it was ready to intervene, but the races under his care, disgruntled, plotted to corrupt the guardian. In the end, they succeeded, but the fallen guardian annihilated them and fled from its former masters, developing a power known as “Dark Breath’, sustained through the life force of other beings. Thus, Kuu left a trail of destruction in its wake, eventually arriving to Earth, where it was defeated in what was known as the Wallachia event. Despite being banished for five hundred years, Kuu has recently returned to Earth, albeit in a diminished capacity, and joined the Reckoning, now knowing better than to wage war against Earth alone.
Necromancer: A being with the appearance of a young child and the power of all the souls of the dead at his command. Though it is suspected that he was involved in several incidents involving undead hordes and restless souls dating back to antiquity, his presence was only confirmed recently, after a rise in activity following the start of the Age of Heroes; most notable is his involvement with the Reckoning. While most see him as a threat that must be eliminated, many others still view him with kinder eyes, owing much to him. On a good day, some say he is willing to let souls in distress speak to their loved ones for the last time. He is close friends with Dark Star, being the first person able to communicate with her.

The Shadow Empress: Not much is known about the Shadow Empress. She does appear to be female, but little else can be determined. She heads the Shadow Empire, a group known to but a few. Her face is hidden constantly by a mask. She herself seems to mix technology and magic.

Other Figures

Listed here are NPCs who are neither heroes nor villains, but still have a role to play in the world.

Garnet Greyson: Originally a normal girl working and trying to save up some money for college, Garnet’s life was completely changed when she stumble into a world of demons, ghosts and mystical artifacts. She spent the next several years adventuring across the globe, exorcising monsters and befriending magical creatures while learning to master her ever-expanding arsenal. After growing tired of life on the road, however, she decided to settle down in her native America, opening up a pawn shop for artifacts and tools of magic. Despite having some ties with the Phantom Brotherhood, she generally does her own thing.

Richard Morrison: One of the many people who find themselves in the category of mundanes who are completely caught up in the world of superhumans, Richard is a professional reporter working for the League News, a NASL backed daily newspaper that has grown massively since its inception in 1987 and is now considered a solid competitor to the New York Times. As one of the few individuals who are truly passionate about their profession and seek to inform only the truth, he is popular with the public, but the superhero community sometimes loves him and sometimes hates him. He often puts himself at risk in order to inform the public about the newest deeds and disgraces of the superhumans, and greatly favors rising stars and nascent teams, believing that it’s his duty to promote them and help them avoid being overshadowed by more famous figures. He also possesses the dubious honor of having provided the footage of Quick Shot and the frying pan of doom, as well as tons of material for Iron Chef memes.

Set: Real name unknown, the genetic experiment known as Set was created by the organization MA’AT for the purpose of enforcing world peace. After training and training, growing stronger due to his mutant constitution and shocking adaptability, Set broke free of the organization's training facility during a routine test. With MA’AT to stop the lone assassin, Set escaped the group and made his own life as a bounty hunter and assassin. He possesses a virtual arsenal stored in a pocket dimension, as well as physical abilities that are easily within the limits of a strong superhuman. Set's final abilities are that of an immensely fast, strategic mind, combat training in firearms and melee combat, and quick teleportation. Further capabilities due to MA’AT’s experimentation may develop over time.
Black Hole: The middle one of the Seraphs, and perhaps the most enigmatic, he commands the last choir, the Choir of Stillness. Quite different from the other two, the Choir of Stillness and its leader do not seek any sort of contact with organic species, whether to upgrade or destroy them; rather, they are content with remaining in isolation, simply attempting to constantly improve themselves in the hope that they may one day be like the Artisans of yore.

Black Sun: The eldest of the three Seraphs, Black Sun commands the Choir of Resurrection, which unlike the Choir of Destruction seeks to spread the ideals of the Artisans by showing “lesser” organic species the glory of technological life, ultimately seeking to “uplift” them by augmenting them and turning them into living creatures devoid of organic components. She vies to further her goals peacefully and make amends on behalf of her younger sister.

Hadrimmelis: Known variously as the Mother of Suns and as the Great Black Dragon by the Hadrian people, the being known as Hadrimmelis belongs to the most ancient race in the universe, tasked with creating stars and planets so that life could exist and evolve. Having taken a special interest in the creatures that would later christen themselves after her, she revealed herself to them, being taken for a goddess, and has stayed in close proximity to their race ever since, averting many nearly uncontrollable catastrophes that would have unfairly put an early end to their tale, though she has otherwise remained hands-off and allowed them to develop at their pace and fight their own battles, content to receive their worship and observe them as they wander out into the universe.

Kierra Proudheart: A Leomar Warchief of the Bloody Tooth, Kierra was forced off her lands by the Rantu and her people were killed. Now she serves as a rallying point for enemies of the Rantu. She is a physically powerful and ferocious warrior, yet tolerant and sensible. A member of the Faction of Four, she is somewhat uneasy about her allies, but sees them as necessary to destroying the Rantu Empire.

Xardan: The ancient AI known as Xardan is a member of the Faction of Four, his own existence brought about by Rantu, and threatened by the Empire of Aruvia who see him as a menace. Xardan has accumulated considerable intel on the Rantu and has reverse engineered some of their technology. He is excitable when it comes to technology and science, yet as an AI his behavior is odd by humanoid standards.

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More Lore!

Crimson Host Security: With their headquarters located on an abandoned radar facility off the coast of the Bahamas, repurposed to fit an entire army and their equipment and assets, Crimson Host Security is a private military company made up entirely of women, as a homage to the Amazons of legend. They eagerly welcome superhuman women willing to sign up, using their strength to bolster the company’s power, and in fact many of the more important officers, including their founder and leader Harper Fletcher, are superhumans. Over the course of just a few years, the company has expanded massively, with their peacekeeping contracts in South America netting them a pretty penny and allowing them to improve their headquarters quite a bit, and wave after wave of recruits flooding in. With the Age of Heroes in full swing, they are currently looking to expand to new horizons.

Delta Pharmaceuticals (The MA’AT Project): Delta Pharmaceuticals is a reputable company that produces medicines for many uses, outwardly doing anything within their power to improve the world. However, Delta hides a dark secret, a division within the company know as the MA’AT Project. MA’AT’s purpose is to engineer the perfect superhuman through genetic research, and has experimented on hundreds of humans in the past to induce and control superpowers, with limited success. Their most recent “batch” of experiments, codenamed OBELISK, is rumored to have been a success, producing at least five superhumans of decidedly high power level. Only time will tell what they will be used for, or even if MA’AT can control them.

Faction of Four: A faction dedicated to Destruction of the Rantu Empire (See Aruvia Yar, Proudheart, Xardan and Kull)

Lycan: A group made up of politicians, CEOs and other wealthy and influential individuals across the world, Lycan advocates for the supremacy of the human race, and by extension, the condemnation of superhumans, magic users, aliens and magical creatures alike. Rather aggressive in its policies, Lycan nonetheless prefers to act from the shadows, maintaining itself hidden. Being the hidden hand that controls Warwolf, Lycan often makes use of this PMC when it needs to carry out overt acts of aggression. It has a large following across the world, with hundreds of bases and safehouses spread throughout the globe, making it extremely difficult to take down. One of the most notorious aspects of Lycan is their involvement in the private prison business, as they have created several prison complexes across the globe with power-suppressing equipment, designed especially to contain superhumans… heroes and villains alike.

Rainbow Wardens: A group dedicated to the elimination of the Grey, a hive mind race which was created by the Ma’gar when the Rainbow Spirits fought one another; originally intended to create peace by combining all the other colours, the Grey saw them as disorderly and incapable of co-existing, and so began a campaign to destroy and absorb everything. The Rainbow Spirits sacrificed their physical forms to contain the Grey to some extent, implanting their powers and minds within willing hosts. Crystals travel the universe looking for suitable candidates. These are called the Rainbow Wardens, and they are dedicated to destroying the Grey that manages to find a way out and eventually eradicating it completely.

Warwolf International: A private military corporation funded by the enigmatic Lycan, Warwolf International is quite unlike its main competitor, Crimson Host Security, with whom they butt heads quite often due to the obvious ideological differences. For one, Warwolf has a strict rule against employing superhumans, magic users or non-humans, with their forces relying on technological superiority instead. Armed with state-of-the-art gear and vehicles that lean on the futuristic, Warwolf’s wealth allows it to concern itself with aesthetics, leading to their quite stylized uniforms and battle gear. Led by a woman whose callsign is Major Phantom, they take contracts primarily in first world countries, as opposed to CHS, though they have been known to conflict over contracts and territory on occasion. Notably, they have access to portable power scramblers manufactured by Lycan front corporations.

The Phantom Brotherhood: An organization that seeks to maintain the balance of magical forces on Earth and wages a shadow war against dark magicians and creatures of the night who seek to upset it. Having its roots on various ancient orders of sages who sought to protect the ancient empires of humanity from the supernatural, the Phantom Brotherhood proper was founded after the Wallachia Event, with the survivors of the battle deciding to band together and protect Earth from any other invaders such as the one fought there. Comprised mainly of human magical users, the Brotherhood nonetheless welcomes people from most trades of life as well as magical creatures of all sorts, provided they have a willingness to learn and to help. Though they maintain a degree of secrecy, they no longer require to uphold a masquerade to avoid backlash from the general population, allowing them more freedom in the pursuit of their goals.

The Reckoning: A group of villains who despised the order and stability that the Age of Heroes attempted to bring to Earth. While they all have their own motivations and ideologies they agree on one central principle, chaos should reign. When heroes became celebrities and the people of earth began to feel safe and protected, the members of the Reckoning knew they needed to act. Together, 9 villians put aside their differences and attacked the base of the teen superhero team known as the Wonder Warriors(filer name will change later). The attack was shift and brutal, killing multiple heroes and leaving their once proud base in ruins. The Reckoning had made every effort to ensure that other heroes would not discover who was involved in the attack, or that it was a collaborative act and so the Reckoning remained hidden from the eyes of the world. The Reckoning did not stop with the attack however. They continued to operate as a shadowy organization, using their collective resources and abilities to create a vast network of agents and contacts that would help them enact their plans for chaos.

The Sentinels: The Sentinels are a mysterious organization of which very little is known. They employ mind controlled sleeper agents, android bodies and disposable drones, rarely getting their hands dirty. They kidnap individuals and guard the secrets of their goals very closely. They occasionally do mysterious things, including capturing others.

The Shadow Empire: The Shadow is everywhere. It is a covert network of crime, corruption, political influence and skullduggery that runs the gambit from mass media to drug dealing to white collar crime, made up of seemingly unconnected criminals working together. The Shadow Empire employs a small army of powered thugs and desperados whom never show their faces and give numbers rather than names. They are defined by mystery and untouchability.

The Wonders Foundation: A corporation which has found a way to mass produce and sell basic superpowers, making dreams across the world come true. Of course, these superpowers are watered down, are extremely expensive and last only temporarily. The Wonders foundation, however, improves the potency and variety of it’s stock constantly. If their founder, Harry Hope, has any say, Superheroes would be a thing of the past and everyone would be able to be super. However the Foundation has a dark secret, one yet to be uncovered.
The Kingdom of Diluvia: A small island kingdom in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Diluvia dates back to antiquity, being settled by merchants. The island was ruled by several empires before earning its independence through a revolt led by an aerokinetic superhuman named Ocra, first of the Aeolus family, who was later proclaimed as king. Afterwards, the kingdom maintained a policy of isolationism until the middle of the 20th century, with the then king Adri seeking to make connections with the outside world. Since then, it has remained active in the global community, and is currently ruled by Etla Aeolus. It is fairly advanced technologically, and contains the only known deposits of Olympium, a very valuable metal that is highly sought after by the rest of the world, giving Diluvia economic and political weight.

The Theocracy: An empire led by three hyper-advanced cyborgs collectively known as the Seraphim, remnants of a far more ancient, technologically advanced race called the Artisans. The territory of the Theocracy is populated by lesser androids created by Artisan technology, as well as by formerly organic races that have been uplifted by the Theocracy and integrated into their society. The Theocracy is divided into three “choirs”, autonomous organizations each led by one of the Seraphim, which only come together to discuss matters that are of importance to the entirety of the Theocracy. The three choirs are the Choir of Destruction led by Black Nova, the Choir of Stillness led by Black Hole, and the Choir of Resurrection led by Black Sun.
Allui: These beings have bodies made of metal and metallic blood. As cold as they are secretive, they serve beings known as the “First Gods” whom no one has seen and lived. Those few who have broken from their gods influence are fearful of reprisal.

Antevarian: A green antennaed race of merchants and mercenaries who lost their homeworld years ago. There is no Antervarian nation for them, so they often go wherever they’re accepted. They believe that family is important, and that the ability to provide a good life for yourself and your family is the greatest treasure.

Archra: Whimsical creatures born from the convergence of magical energies in a dimensional plane that bridges all others, the Archra live wild and carefree lives both within the confines of their realm and beyond, having the ability to travel between planes undisturbed. Naturally gifted with the power of shapeshifting, most Archra choose to adopt visages similar to the appearance of humans, but far more stylized and beautiful, though some Archra decide to adopt the most hideous and bizarre looks that they can conceive instead. With a magical aptitude far above most other races, when they wander outside of their own realm they generally seek out the greedy and the desperate, seeking to make deals with them and grant them what they seek, for a price often too steep to be paid.

Artisans: Now an extinct race, the ancient Artisans of the forge-world of Hephaestus were once one of the mightiest species in the universe, having conquered several galaxies millions of years ago. An empire of bio-technological lifeforms, they sought to perfect themselves and achieve a perfect harmony within their beings, which they believed was possible through technological ascension. However, their glory and their prosperity soon attracted the envy of several other races, which formed a coalition to wage war against them. Though the Artisans were able to fight back, they were not gaining any ground, and so they gave their most brilliant mind access to their greatest temple and most advanced laboratory, so that he would develop weapons to destroy the enemy. In the end, though the coalition was eradicated thanks to the efforts of the Artisans, an unforeseen failure in their experiments ended up spelling their doom, and now, little remains of their once great empire, most notably several ancient weapons and relics highly sought after by the Theocracy, as well as the leaders of the aforementioned faction.

Grey: The Grey is akin to a parasite, taking control of dead bodies and then spreading. They corrupt the genes of other races and then mass producing the corrupted copies with random mutations, they strip planets of natural resources to send to biological factories which churn out nightmarish beings.

K’dan: A twin race of canine and feline aliens (K’drak and K’maer respectively) who have a republican system of government. Slavery for them is legal and common. Warlike and temperamental, their considerably strong infantry, swift vehicles and strategic acumen make them a force to be reckoned with. Famous for gladiatorial battles with slaves of all kinds. The K’dan hated their neighbours the Ma’gar for a slight so terrible neither race will speak of it.

Leonar: The Leonar are humanoid lions, armed with considerably advanced tech. They are organized loosely, however, into tribal confederations. To a Leonar, bravery is everything. A Leonar must not allow fear to cause inaction, otherwise he or she is ridiculed. Leonar are loyal, if temperamental and resistant to instruction, and to them a liar is worse than a murderer. If a Leonar dies, he is cremated to be with the great god of fire at the center of the universe. Leonar are either settled on planets or live nomadic lifestyles on massive fleets of ships. They have magicians and oral storytellers who memorize the stories of their people.

Ma’gar: A peaceful race with few members, but each is individually powerful. More akin to a monastery or order of monks than a nation, the Ma’gar were taught by the Rainbow Spirits the benefits of knowledge of any kind. They were destroyed by the Grey, though some, such as Ju’lee, survived.

Nik'drazil: The Nik’Drazil originated from the planet Drazil, in the Star system humans refer to as Sigma Draconis. The Nik’Drazil are ruled under a strict hierarchy, with the highest rank being the emperor/empress. Perfecting space travel while humans were still colonizing earth, the Nik’Drazil explored and colonized much of their own system and many surrounding ones. With Sigma Draconis’ proximity to Earth and the Sol System, humans were one of the first alien species they discovered. While initial studies were of a passive nature, aiming to not interfere with human advancement, the Nik’Drazil soon discovered that humanity had access to some strange crystals that seemed to give them power. This discovery made them change their policy with dealing with researching Earth and humanity: instead of non-interference, they shifted focus to gathering the crystals for study. They exploited the conflicts on the planet, occasionally utilizing hidden observation posts and discreet expeditions to the planet, even gearing up for an invasion of Earth, but the humans first contact with the Hadrians made them stop that plan. Not long afterwards, the Nik’Drazil had their own first contact with the Hadrians, who discovered one of the hidden posts that the Empire claimed were for purely passive research. The appearance of this new space faring civilization made the Nik’Drazil rush in it’s goal of gaining access to the crystals, making them more active, influencing groups within humanity and giving them tech and information to get more crystals for testing and storing. To some within the Empire, however, The Hadrians gave them a chance to escape the regime, and perhaps live a better life on their own. These Nik’Drazil were referred to as “Exiles”, some of which joined Hadrians in their colonies, other struck out on their own to make their own colonies free from the Empire, who now considers them Rebels.

Rantu: Intergalactic tech scavengers from the planet Ran, the Rantu are a highly advanced race that have spread them across multiple galaxies. Their empire is one prided on technological advancement and worship their living god, Aruvia Kell. The Rantu have a proactive attitude towards alien planets. They often send out feared Bounty Hunters who track down and eliminate those who are seen as a threat to the empire. Rantus will only be seen using ranged weapons, as melee combat is culturally seen as taboo and cowardly.

Vampires: Vampires are an offshoot of the human race, pale men and women who drain the vital energy of others through their blood in order to sustain themselves. The first of these creatures was created during the Wallachia Event, where the voivode was corrupted by a form of arcane energy known as ‘Dark Breath’ after helping an army of magicians banish a creature from another world. Nowadays, vampires generally live in clans and families, isolating themselves from the world in order to keep their existence a secret. Due to their exposure to Dark Breath, their physical condition improves when they consume blood, and they have limited psionic abilities, though they also have several weaknesses such as water, sunlight and (most ironically) impalement.

World Dragons: Rumored in countless solar systems to be the most ancient race in the universe, the World Dragons are variously regarded as deities, as monsters and even as simply forces of nature that cannot be understood. They are the brick layers of the universe, creating planets, living beings to inhabit them, and stars to keep them warm, overseeing the cycles of destruction and renewal that maintain balance in the universe. There are very few of them in existence, and they often slumber for extended periods of time, though even in this state they have been known to communicate with their creations. As they have a love for life hard-coded into their being, they often hang around the civilizations they created, observing their rises and their falls. The materials their bodies are made of are known to be very precious, but there are no tales of someone ever succeeding in fighting a World Dragon and living to tell the tale.
Superhero Teams
United Champions
The superhero team that represents the Security Council of the United Nations, the Champions are an elite group that works all across the world, maintaining peace and order wherever it is needed, whenever local forces are insufficient to contain a threat. Each member state of the Security Council is represented by a Champion.

Location: New York City
Area of Influence: Worldwide
Leader: Reactor
  • John Morgan - Reactor
    Abilities: Energy absorption/conversion
  • Katherine Bernard - Hope
    Abilities: Restoration magic
  • Igor Casitov - Mammoth
    Abilities: Supernatural physical condition
  • Fiona Dawset - Incognito
    Abilities: Sense manipulation
  • Zou Jiao - Solar Flare
    Abilities: Solar manipulation

Confederation of Heroes
The Confederation of Heroes is the team that officially represents the European Union, carrying out missions and fighting evil all across its member states. Each nation has a representative, with a leader being elected among them whenever it is deemed necessary. Note: Only the most notable members are listed here; not all member states are reflected in the list, but all are represented in the Confederation.

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Area of Influence: All European Union member states
Leader: Lady Pendragon
  • Gwyneth Griffith - Lady Pendragon
    Abilities: Photokinesis
  • Johann Eisenwald - Faust
    Abilities: Master sorcery
  • Miranda Angeletti - Archangel
    Abilities: Angelic wings, superhuman condition
  • Tristan Blanc - Arc Knight
    Abilities: Ability and attribute enhancement

African Hero Force
A team created by the African Union to fight crime and corruption and inspire unity and progress in a once grand continent that only recently freed itself from the yoke of colonization, the African Hero Force struggles to cover the entirety of their territory and turnover rates are quite high, though they still make their best effort to be the heroes that their countries need. NOTE: Only the five regional leaders are listed here; not all members of the African Hero Force are reflected in the list.

Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Area of Influence: Africa
Leader: Pula
  • Zonja Malan - Pula
    Abilities: Water physiology, weather manipulation
  • Ibrahim Jaubert - Assad
    Abilities: Lion physiology, animal empathy
  • Gautier Delon - Sable
    Abilities: Sand manipulation
  • Abdelrahman Sarkis - Ankh
    Abilities: Plant manipulation
  • Habib Mann - Sefu
    Abilities: Enhanced agility, metal physiology

Northern Lights/Lumières du Nord
The Northern Lights are a team whose mission statement is to inspire hope and good faith in Canada's citizens. As a whole, the team acts much like a charity, not profiting from the general public, and most of its members remain anonymous, both to accentuate their role as heroes and not celebrities, and to support the idea that anyone can be a hero.

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Area of Influence: Canada
Leader: The Sheriff
  • Henry Nelson - The Sheriff
    Abilities: Telekinesis
  • Lance Bright - Duke Atlantis
    Abilities: Water manipulation, shark physiology
  • Victoria Favre - Aurore
    Abilities: Starlight manipulation
  • Aedestel az Ranmyr - Golden Horn
    Abilities: Hadrian physiology, enhanced roar
  • Mahika - No Alias
    Abilities: Enhanced senses, predator instinct

New Delhi Nagas
Founded shortly after the beginning of the Age of Heroes as a team seeking to protect the public rather than profit off of it, the Nagas enjoy great popularity all across India, though they often find themselves spread thin and are always looking for new members. They have a marked tendency to name themselves after various elements of their mythology and culture.

Location: New Delhi, India
Area of Influence: India
Leader: Garuda
  • Chatur Padhya - Garuda
    Abilities: Friction generation, martial arts
  • Arjuna Divakar - Khanda
    Abilities: Supernatural swordsmanship, soul-bound weapon
  • Kalyani Harish - Astra
    Abilities: Arrow generation, projectile enhancement
  • Ravi Gurnani - Rakshak
    Abilities: Enhanced condition, shield projection
  • Karam Singh - Sura
    Abilities: Spiritual force manipulation, tranquil fury, martial arts
  • Salim Singh - Asura
    Abilities: Inner beast, tranquil fury, regeneration
  • Amandara Dayal - Amrita
    Abilities: Healing
  • Rani Devadhikar - Apsara
    Abilities: Water manipulation, weather manipulation
  • Navin Tavade - Rishi
    Abilities: Sorcery

Los Angeles Stars
The Stars operate in the city of Los Angeles and have dominated the league the last few years, winning 3 of the 5 last tournaments. This team is focused heavily on individual talent and fire power, and has multiple heavy hitters on it.

Location: Los Angeles, United States
Area of Influence: California, United States
Leader: Captain Quake
  • Dwayne Maxin - Captain Quake
    Abilities: Earthquake Generation
  • Rebecca Quinn - Star Queen
    Abilities: Stellar Manipulation
  • Donovan Stone - Armorer
    Abilities: Weapon Summoning
  • James and Jennifer Holland - Red and Blue
    Abilities: Super speed and flight/super strength and durability, power switching
  • Cory Geathers - Mudslide
    Abilities: Earth mineral fusion/absorption

New York Freedom Fighters
A team that existed since the founding of the NASL, the Freedom Fighters have been down on their luck recently. Quick Shot took control of a depleted roster and has done his best to recruit young and underrated talent to protect the Big Apple.

Location: New York City, United States
Area of Influence: New York, United States
Leader: Quick Shot
  • Cole Carter - Quick Shot
    Abilities: Master archery, martial arts
  • Mark Fuller - Skydiver
    Abilities: Supersonic jetpack, power armor
  • Kristina Garzo - Trojan Horse
    Abilities: Self-cloning, mirror image projection
  • Tyler Parket - Wiz
    Abilities: Sorcery, transfiguraion magic
  • Ashley Dunn - Marker
    Abilities: Psychological tracking
  • Darwin - Twilight
    Abilities: Vampire physiology, temporary invisibility

Carolina Bluejays
Lead by the former Justice Queen member, Hardlight, who used her reputation to recruit the best heroes she could find, even managing to swipe Tiger from San Francisco. This is a very young team but one that is seen as having a bright future.

Location: Charlotte, United States
Area of Influence: North Carolina, United States
Leader: Hardlight
  • Kylie Perceval - Hardlight
    Abilities: Hardlight manipulation
  • Chester Morris - Tiger
    Abilities: Were-tiger physiology
  • Jordan Forris - Accelerator
    Abilities: Projectile speed manipulation
  • Alana Corbin - Zookeeper
    Abilities: Animal mecha squad
  • Rich Drake - Twinblade
    Abilities: Master sworsmanship, magical swords
  • Ortela Du'nara - Foreigner
    Abilities: Antevarian physiology, temporary power negation

San Francisco Rising Suns
The Rising Suns is a team marketed as one for people who don't usually fit into society. It has multiple NASL tournament championships under its belt and emphasizes tactics and teamwork over raw fire power and individual talent.

Location: San Francisco, United States
Area of Influence: California, United States
Leader: Goliath
  • Gordon White - Goliath
    Abilities: Super strength, Were-lion physiology
  • Haley Johnson - Cardinal
    Abilities: Bird physiology, air manipulation
  • Quieten James - Radar
    Abilities: Enhanced senses, echolcation
  • Albin Ross - Fragment
    Abilities: Inorganic matter splitting
  • Melissa Marone - Eden
    Abilities: Vegetation manipulation
  • Catherine De'wit- Seismic
    Abilities: Gravity manipulation

Supervillain Teams

The Reckoning
See Factions section for details.

Location: Unknown
Area of Influence: Worldwide
Leader: Prometheus (Contested)
  • Real Name Unknown - Prometheus the Enlightened
    Abilities: Nuclear Manipulation
  • Floyd Martin - Ares
    Abilities: Olympium arms, master combatant, jack-of-all-trades
  • Real Name Unknown - Necromancer
    Abilities: Necromancy, what did you expect?
  • Fredrick Owens - Animaster
    Abilities: Life-force absorption/bestowal
  • Sheut-Ka-Aten - Dark Star
    Abilities: Dark energy/dark solar manipulation
  • Kuu - No Alias
    Abilities: Life-force/energy manipulation/absorption, elemental manipulation, power bestowal
  • Real Name Unknown - Silver Queen
    Abilities: Metal manipulation
  • Real Name Unknown - Shadow Empress
    Abilities: Unknown
  • Ishla - Dreadscale
    Abilities: Nik'drazil physiology, sorcery, master combatant

The Hellfire Gang
Despite their relatively small size, the Hellfire Gang is one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the United States, composed solely of powerful metahumans with a grudge against society and a desire to create a world ruled by the law of the jungle.

Location: Washington D.C., United States
Area of Influence: Maryland and Virginia, United States
Leader: Ignition and Inferno
  • Serenity Winters - Ignition
    Abilities: Fire manipulation, master combatant, supernatural condition, object reinforcement
  • Clement Winters - Inferno
    Abilities: Fire manipulation, master combatant, supernatural condition, object reinforcement
  • Francis Doogle - Hydro
    Abilities: Water manipulation
  • Haelion Masters - Scourge
    Abilities: Efficacy manipulation

Elysium is a terrorist organization formed by four unknown superpowered individuals hidden behind aliases based on Greek mythology, whose ultimate goal is to take care of the world’s overpopulation, thus nipping several other issues in the bud.

Location: Unknown
Area of Influence: The Old World
Leader: Prometheus
  • Real Name Unknown - Prometheus the Enlightened
    Abilities: Nuclear manipulation
  • Real Name Unknown - Atlas the Sufferer
    Abilities: Supernatural physical condition (emphasis on endurance)
  • Real Name Unknown - Medea the Destroyer
    Abilities: Vibration manipulation
  • Real Name Unknown - Orpheus the Darkened
    Abilities: Technological failure inducement

The Grimm Sisters
An infamous all-female group of siblings who are known for performing many successful bank robberies across England and all of Europe and avoiding capture afterwards. Together, they make a living off the rich, but only very rarely help the poor. Despite having aliases, they very rarely make a genuine attempt at masking their identities through them. Blood Wolf, Moon Witch

Location: Variable
Area of Influence: Europe
Leader: Scarlet Iris
[list][*]Sarah Grimm - Scarlet Iris
Abilities: Supernatural beauty, blood manipulation
[*]Samantha Grimm - Moon Witch
Abilities: Sorcery, alchemy, shadow manipulation
[*]Hannah Grimm - Blood Wolf
Abilities: Master swordsmanship, werewolf physiology[/list
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The Young Bloods Official Archive Post

Postby Zarkenis Ultima » Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:06 pm

Main Archive:
The Young Bloods
Alexis Callaghan
15FTheocracy AndroidZarkenis Ultima
Andrew Donovan
Angelica Dalin
Angelica Simmons
Ashen Moth
Aurelia Camerillo-Tuoro
17FHumanCybernetic Socialist Republics
Austin Flanagan
19MHumanNew Finnish Republic
Ava Waldstein
17FHumanNew Neros
Casimir Herman
Ginger Constantine16NHumanThousand Branches
Jason Reynolds
18MHumanThe republic of Atria
Joakim Ferro
17MHumanEuropa Undivided
Kirisvala az Ranwynn
Crystal Heart
16FHadrianZarkenis Ultima
Mark Nemo
17MHumanNew Neros
Marvin Asarin
Michael Clancy
18MHumanThai Sweet Billy
Mizuma Ishiwara
16FHumanFinland SSR
Molly Shanahan
Morgan Beck
17MHumanZarkenis Ultima
Nandras Varaget
Twin Bite
18MEzohirEuropa Undivided
Renata Martinez
18FHumanFinland SSR
Roy Damon
Shihong Smith
Red Princess
17FHumanNorth America Inc
Viviana Couture
Wendy Felix
17FHumanUnited Kingdom of Poland
Whitney Alvord
Wyatt Sutherlund
18MDra'QunniThe republic of Atria
Yoshiro Nakama

Other Characters
Adrian Eisenwald19MHumanZarkenis Ultima
Aislinn McHarris21FHumanGalnius
Amadeo Obregón17MHadrianFinland SSR
Astrid Tremblay17FHumanZarkenis Ultima
Brianna Erickson18FValkyrieNew Finnish Republic
Carter Graystone16MHumanSegral
Daniel Greer65MHumanNorth America Inc
Daniel McHarris27MHumanGalnius
Douglas Caldwell28MHumanZarkenis Ultima
Evgeni Pavlovsky18MHumanNew Finnish Republic
Floyd Tolson29MHumanFinland SSR
Hannah Jefferies25FHumanTomia
Icarus Sarantos18MHumanZarkenis Ultima
Jan Sorok19MVirgilFinland SSR
Jordan Scott34MHumanBentus
Kaban Bo'ol54MDra'QunniThe republic of Atria
Katie Cotter21FHumanTomia
Lisette Aveline17FHumanBentus
Lucas Card20MDragul VampireZarkenis Ultima
Lucilla Giannini17FHumanNorth America Inc
Marcella Salazar18FHumanFinland SSR
Maria Martinez19FHumanNew Neros
Marina Collazo25FHuman-Bakaneko HybridFinland SSR
Megan Salem19FHumanZarkenis Ultima
Mikaela Mynd17FHumanGalnius
Mustafa Gaul20MHumanNew Neros
Natalia Cohen40FHumanSegral
Nile Canaan19MHumanNew Neros
Regismora az Korolok27FHadrianNew Neros
Riley Page24FHumanZarkenis Ultima
Sina As'tari19FDra'QunniFinland SSR
Steven Baker39MHumanFinland SSR
Vincent Brown22MHumanThe republic of Atria
Virgil Armani23MHumanNorth America Inc
Walt Bismarck36MHumanNew Neros
Place NamePlace TypeLocationPopulationFounding DatePlayer
EcuadorCountrySouth America16,385,0681809/1997Finland SSR
N'ToakCitySahara Desert350,000IndeterminateThe republic of Atria
Faction NameLocationTech LevelSize (Total)Size (Army)Member RacesPlayer
Department of Metahuman InvestigationLos Angeles, CaliforniaModern75,0001,000HumansSolisian Union
Justice and Mercy HospitalsUS Southwest/West CoastPost-Modern??????Humans and othersNorthwestern Slobovia
Los SicariosBorder Towns, San DiegoModernN/A3,000HumansNorth America Inc
LycanWorldwidePost-Modern10,000+1,000+HumansNew Finnish Republic
The GuildWorldwidePost-Modern???12,000HumansNorth America Inc
San Diego MilitiaSouthern CaliforniaModern2,5002,500HumansNorth America Inc
Race NameOriginTerritoriesPlayer
BakanekoEarthPrimarily East AsiaSegral
Dra'QunniEarthSpread throughout North America, South America, Asia and EuropeThe Republic of Atria
ElaiansUtharZraa system; various nearby star systemsTheyra
EzohirSardonRefuge space station; Rocky Mountains colonyEuropa Undivided
HadriansAdaiAdai; various nearby star systemsZarkenis Ultima
MarindagaEarthThe PhilippinesSolisian Union


San Diego Map and City Distribution, by North America Inc

The Last Laugh, by Zarkenis Ultima

Arc Submissions:



Additional Young Bloods Content:

Young Bloods Meta Archive (Google Doc), courtesy of Absolon-7

Young Bloods Official Gallery Post 2.0, courtesy of Absolon-7
Official NASL Roster Post, courtesy of Tomia
Villain Repository, courtesy of Absolon-7
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Postby Anxiety Cafe » Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:06 pm

tag (will add app here later next week)

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Postby The Republic of Atria » Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:07 pm

Tagged. Will have App(s) up tomorrow.

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Postby United Kingdom of Poland » Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:39 pm

Are we allowed to re-use characters from the last rp?

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Postby Charmera » Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:43 pm

Zarkenis Ultima wrote:And here, we see a wild Shittonicus Charactericus, coloquially known as Charmera, in its natural habitat. It seems to be displaying behavior expected from one of its kind, producing numerous characters and juggling them with its front paws.

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Postby Tomia » Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:49 pm

United Kingdom of Poland wrote:Are we allowed to re-use characters from the last rp?

Ya, that won't be a problem

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Postby United Kingdom of Poland » Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:24 pm

Name:Wendy Felix/Wifi
Age: 17
Appearance (pics if possible): [spoiler]ImageYoung Blood?: Yes
Bio:Many girls have lovely childhoods filled with princesses, ponies and a loving family. Wendy’s wasn’t one of them. Both of her parents were professional thieves, and with an IQ of 150 on the Stanford–Binet Intelligence Scale and the ability to access and shut down any alarm system in the world just be looking at the control panel, it wasn’t long before she was ‘apprenticing’ in the family business under her parents. For several years they had a string of successful bank heists, gaining millions of dollars of dollars in the process. Wendy hated doing so, but felt she had no choice.

Unfortunately this wouldn't last. In May of 2015 the trio were caught red handed in the middle of a heist in New York. Not knowing of her powers and convinced her parents had coerced her into accompanying them, authorities decided to send Wendy to a foster home in San Diego. Had any one asked Wendy about the choice, she would have said she proffered prison. For a complete introvert, already grappling with the misdeeds of her past and suddenly thrust into a social setting, the experience was pure hell. For the past two years she's hidden her past as well as she can, refusing to let even those she calls family know anything about who she was and what she could do.
  • :Cyberlingualism : Ability to hack into electronic systems by looking at them.

  • Must have line of sight on the system in question.
  • Can only control one system at a time.

  • [/box]Weaknesses:
    • Paralysis: Is rendered completely immobile while using her powers, rendering her vulnerable.
    • Jamming: Anything that messes with technology or signals messes wither head. Results range from headaches to seizures and possibly death.
    • Self Esteem:See's herself as an imposter and as a villain, with almost not self esteem to speak off.

    Likes: Computers, Technology, Quiet places.
    Dislikes: Crowds, Being called a hero.

    Additional Information-
    Birthday: May 19th, 2000
    Theme song: Demons-Imagine Dragons
    Favorite food: Doesn't have one.
    Greatest fear: Her past being discovered by others.
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    Tag, Hopefully I'll get an App up this time :P

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    Non-WIP G-man killing Machine

    Postby Parcia » Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:19 pm

    Name: Julian C. Mythius
    Age: Appears 45, is actually 30.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Appearance (pics if possible):

    Young Blood?: Yes, as he sees them as potential allies and a source of good leads.

    Julian had many prospects in life. A promising carrier in the military, backed by years of Cadet training and ROTC led to what could be described as an outstanding member of society. With such a life, one would wonder as to such a good man would come to the life of a barely Human super Soldier. Well, here is how.

    Assigned to the CIA upon the completion of his 8 years in the Army as a Delta Force Operator, his carrier with the Agency was starting to show promise. He was even offered a role in a new "Next Gen GI" program, which he refused. The Agency disliked this, and decided his willingness was not needed. An accident would come with a faulty rotor housing of a CIA UH-58, sending him in to the ground at speeds normally un-survivable by human standards. He was declared dead, his budding family (wife and daughter) took his benefits with stride.

    He was not dead, how ever, just really, really fucked up. He was awoken long enough to confirm his mental and to ask him to make the choice: Become a part of the program, and let his family live in wealth, or refuse, die, and leave his family for the rather lack luster state with his normal benefits. He chose the former, and the world went black.

    He would awake during the first operations, finding him self on life support as the doctors literally replaced most of his skeleton, muscles, a and nervous system with synthetic versions. He was fully awake, and was not given pain killers. What would be described as painful beyond the current understanding of modern medical science would occur for 16 long hours. In the end, only after the last calibrations would be complete, would he be allowed to recover. He ended up sleeping for nearly 2 days, he would awake to a fully furnished apartment in The upper East end of New York.

    Thus would begin nearly 4 years of training beyond brutal, beyond his Delta Force years, and beyond what is legal in the western world. It would become quickly clear to him that this training was meant to counter not terrorists, not Russian or ISIL spies, but "Meta-Humans" those like the Young Bloods, those like the now common Alien life forms forming colonies in Earth. Upon completion of his training, he is told four things:

    1. The current Age of man is rapidly changing, and the US needed a man like him, one perfectly loyal, to be the first of a new breed of Soldiers to combat these threats.
    2. That as a new Agent of the CIA's "Ghost Project", he is given access to the full might of the US military to be used in at his discretion.
    3. In the event that he encounters a threat that threatens the existence of the Human Race, he is given access to the full US nuclear Arsenal.
    4. In the event of hostile take over of the US government, Overtly or Covertly, he is given full Authority to reinstate the US government to its former self, and if needed, use otherwise illegal means to do so.

    With this, he is given a list of names, and a single mission: Hunt down the listed people, eliminate them, and report back once they are gone.
    His abilities stem not from "Powers", yet a heavily modified Body.
    • [Series 7, Mk 6 Skeleton reinforcement]: A set of specially tailored implants in to the Subjects Skeleton, replacing much of them with light weight, heavy duty Titanium nano-carbon replicas, only increasing weight by 235 lbs, but vastly increasing the durability and damage resistance of the Subjects Skeleton.
    • [Synaptic Overlay, Mod. 5]: In Similar fusion to the S.7 MK 6 implants, the whole of the Subjects synaptic neural pathways and (AE: His nervous system save his brain and spinal chord) have been replaced with a close copy of his original system made of high strength, high frequency synthetic nano fiber in order to fully interface with the S.7 Mk 6 implants, as well as vastly increasing his reaction time by nearly 236%.
    • Muscular enhancement, Set 4, mod 5. Born of the above implants, This is a latter upgrade that is in its prototype stage, and has only been implanted in to The subject at his own will. The implant completely removes and replaces the Subject muscular structure with a close copy made of the same synthetic nano Carbon material, vastly increasing his caring capability and over all strength by 198%.
    • Mk2 Mod 1 Cerebral Control and command chip The bolt that holds it all together, the control chip is a microchip the size of a dime implanted at the base of the Subjects spine. The chip acts as a translation point between his body and his implants.

    Limitations (Reasons why your char can’t end the universe):
    • Aging Due to the stress induced by the multiple operations, and the fact the subject must be alive and awake to properly calibrate, the massive amount of stress and pain from the experiments has caused his body to actually age by roughly twice his original age. His hair grayed, eyes grew crows feet, and his normally icy blue eyes have grayed to a slate grey color.
    • Impacted sanity Due to the stress of his experiments, and the many, many missions he has completed, he has retreated in to him self in a way, becoming near silent and distant, simply nodding in most conversations. Some theorize that this is the sign of a man close to cracking, others, simply owe it up to his kill count that reaches up tot he thousands. This has led to many communication mishaps when he has collaborated with other agents.
    • DepressionHe has long since come to the conclusion that he is not what one would call "Human", seeing him self as a monster, made of wires and bolts. AS a result, and compounded by his recent bout of Isolation, he has sunk in to a depression, one nearly impossible to detect.
    • Loyalty No matter how much he hates the world, him self, and others who claim to be "Purely Good", he would never betray his country,
      nor him own race. In a since he has no reason to destroy the world.

    Weaknesses (Reasons why someone could kick their ass):
    [*] Head trauma While the chip is EMP shielded, and due to his Implants being nearly fully immune to digital hacking attempts, he mostly does not have to worry about the chip being damaged, how ever, a large enough impact to the base of the skull could disable him, as it would trip the damage fail safe in the chip, rendering him paralyzed.
    [*] Still Human (despite what he says) He is still human, still needs food to eat (though far more then normal), still needs air, and still needs his sleep...every other week or so.
    • [Insert Weakness Name Here]: (Insert description of weakness here, if needed)
    • [Insert Weakness Name Here]: (Insert description of weakness here, if needed)
      (Note, you do not have a maximum or minimum of 2 weaknesses. If you don’t need all those, delete them. If you need more, copy and paste.)

    Likes: Peace, red heads, toffee, hot Choco.
    Dislikes: Alpha males, abuse of authority, those with pure Black and white morality.

    Additional Information (Optional; remove if unused)-
    Birthday: July 18th.
    Theme song: idk.
    Favorite food: Toffee
    Greatest fear: Failing in his Duty
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    Postby Zarkenis Ultima » Fri Nov 24, 2017 12:39 am

    Race Name: Hadrians
    World of Origin: Adai
    Territories: The Hadrians hold several planetary systems surrounding the Thalaskir system, where Adai is located.
    Race Appearance: Hadrians are largely humanoids; however, being an alien species, they also possess many physical differences with humans. On their head they have symmetrical horns; the exact number varies from Hadrian to Hadrian, but they always come in pairs. They have very sharp teeth which can be used for all sorts of things. Their arms are human-like from the elbow up, but from the elbow down, they become covered in very sturdy scales and culminate in large bone claws, though it is in structure similar to a human hand, having an "opposable" claw; overall, their arms are longer than a human's, reaching slightly below their knees on average. On their lower back, they have a prehensile bone tail, about 1 meter long on average. Finally, they have small crystal-like formations of different colors in various parts around their body. Beyond that, they look much like humans, though with greater variety in the pigmentation of their hair and eyes.
    Description/Lore: The history of the Hadrians dates back a very long time, as is befitting of such an ancient race. They were originally created by the World Dragon Hadrimmelis "from fire, thunder and stone" according to the legend, in order to populate Adai. Hardy as they were, they quickly spread all across the arid world and adapted to exploit its resources. Eventually, Hadrimmelis took an interest in them and revealed herself, resulting in the emergence of the worship of the Great Black Dragon, which remains the main Hadrian religion to this day. However, despite this important development, the majority of the Hadrians' early history amounts to small tribes constantly fighting each other for resources and territory, with larger groups of Hadrians not being seen except rarely, as they tended to consist of tribes that banded together to destroy a common enemy, only to fall to infighting after achieving victory.

    The end of this age of strife was marked by the rise of one Hadrian, known only as Morvathal. This man saw an enormous potential in his kin that was wasted, and so, gathering those loyal to him, he set out on a path of conquest, crushing enemy after enemy, either convincing other tribes to join him or subjugating them, with extermination not being out of the question in the case of particularly troublesome ones. The string of victory that resulted from his well-organized forces assaulting unprepared tribes led him to amass a large army, wealth and a sizable territory, which he ruled from his city of crystal spires in the mountains whenever he was not out in the battlefield. This city, Annriven, the "Pillar of the Watcher", soon became the capital of a vast empire, and its ruler became known as Morvathal az Wynn, "Morvathal of the Mountains".

    However, those who opposed him had learned from the defeats suffered by their allies, and so, they too organized into large, yet loose coalitions, hoping that by banding together they would be able to slow the tide that was Morvathal's conquest. As it turned out, this is exactly what he wanted. With the tribes of the world now united under various banners, he summoned them to a meeting and proposed a treaty of peace, holding a promise of destruction if they refused. The coalitions of the world did not believe that they could overcome the mountain sage's empire without significant losses, and so, they accepted the treaty. From then on, unwilling to disband in fear of being conquered by Morvathal, the various tribes that formed each coalition learned to work together and co-exist, leading to the formation of several large nations spread across the world, beginning an age of relative prosperity and development. Towards the end of it, Hadrians had even managed to establish a few small colonies around the Thalaskir system.

    Eventually, a great menace loome over Hadrian civilization, threatening to erase it completely. The Theocracy's Choir of Destruction, determined to destroy all organic lifeforms for the glory of the Artisans, descended upon Adai, striking hard and fast and destroying several major population centers. Even though they scrambled to face the threat and worked as an united front, the Hadrians' numbers were not as high and their technology not as advanced as the Theocracy's, leaving them outgunned and outmanned. Even so, what precious few victories they managed to secure soon proved to be crucial: thanks to their assimilation of languages, Hadrians quickly understood the alien technology of the Theocracy and reverse-engineered it to use it against them. Exploiting the element of surprise and superior tactics, Adai drove the enemy from its soil, took the battle to space and inflicted massive losses upon the Theocracy in what is perhaps one of the most famous underdog stories in the galaxy.

    Yet, while they fought the Choir of Destruction to a stalemate, they could not seem to be able to win the war. This was taken care of when the Seraph of the Choir of Resurrection intervened, offering to negotiate a truce between the Theocracy and Adai. While still very suspicious of their enemies, the battered Hadrians accepted the opportunity to lick their wounds. Believing that a lack of unity would only make them more vulnerable in the future, they created a council made up of the sages from the ruling clans of each Hadrian nation, a council that would handle matters relevant to Adai and to the entirety of the Hadrian race. It was called the Watcher Council, in allusion to the legendary Morvathal, and has been in operation ever since the war, which ended a couple of centuries ago.

    After that, the Hadrians entered a new age of prosperity. Their technological level advanced in leaps and bounds thanks to what they had learned of scavenged Theocracy technology, and they were now able to freely explore space. Always in seek of new thrills and new things to learn, the Hadrians traveled far and wide, and one of the races they encountered was humanity, leading to the Treaty of New Horizons, and the establishment of the colony of New Adai on Earth.
    Race Powers:
    • [Alien Physiology]: Beyond their exterior appearance, Hadrians have other differences with humans. They have very powerful lungs, which allow them to let out mighty roars, blow air very strongly and hold their breath for longer than humans. Their bones are stronger than those of a human, making them more durable, though their skin and their other organs are just as soft as a human's. They have an enhanced bite thanks to their sharp teeth and jaw strength. Their claws are exceptionally durable and give them outstanding strength. Finally, their tail gives them greater balance, as well as versatility, since it can be used to grasp objects.
    • [Language Assimilation]: Hadrians are able to assimilate unknown languages merely by being exposed to them, be it visually or aurally, acquiring minimal fluency in a language upon first exposure. As a result of this ability, they have a very high learning capacity and an uncanny ability to adopt and assimilate foreign technology.
    • [Supernatural Voice]: As a result of various factors, Hadrians have special abilities related to their voices. Most obvious is their ability to roar, which, if fully exploited, can cause a myriad of effects, ranging from sonic blasts to fear inducement. Their other voice-related ability, often less exploited than the first, is their singing. Hadrians naturally have very gifted singing voices, and most use them to some degree, with hymns being one of the preferred ways to worship the Goddess; however, if properly trained, Hadrians can use their singing to bring about various supernatural effects, one example being elemental manipulation.
    • [Tracking]: In addition to the above, Hadrians have the uncanny, if minor, ability to track people they've touched in the past 24 hours.
    • [Elemental Resistance]: In legend, Hadrians are said to have been made from fire, thunder and stone by their Goddess. The lack of proof regarding this belief notwithstanding, Hadrian bodies are far better suited to handling fire, heat and electricity than human bodies.

    Race Limitations:
    • Though they have adapted to this, and in fact many pride themselves on being able to handle delicate tasks, Hadrians are still far less versatile with their hands than humans are.
    • They cannot assimilate new languages through means other than sound or sight.
    • Spellsongs can only evoke a single distinct effect at a time.
    • Roar abilities are often difficult, though not impossible, to aim at a specific point or direction.
    • Beyond their voice powers (spellsongs and roar abilities), Hadrians have no ranged abilities to speak of, leaving them unable to fight from afar without the aid of technology.

    Race Weaknesses:
    • [Unadapted to Cold]: While they are very resistant towards heat, Hadrians cannot handle its absence very well. In colder environments they begin to slow down both mentally and physically unless they have sources of heat available.
    • [Vacuum]: Hadrians require breathable air and a medium for sound in order to use some of their abilities; depriving them of this will thus greatly weaken them (not to mention that, y'now, they require breathable air in general).
    • [Fleshy Spots]: Though their claws are very sturdy, their fleshy body parts are as vulnerable as a human's on average, so hitting them there is a good idea if they have to be taken down.

    Additional info: N/A

    Name: Kirisvala az Ranwynn
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Race: Hadrian
    Appearance: Looks like this. She has two pairs of horns on her head, one closer together and one further apart, with the second pair being half as long as the first, which is about three inches long. She has other physiological traits that mark her as a Hadrian, as well, namely scaled arms, bone claws for hands and a tail on her lower back. She has small red diamond-shaped crystals on her shoulders and knees, one on her forehead (usually covered by her hair) and several on her back. Between her neck and her chest, she sports six white diamond-shaped crystals surrounding a circular red one. Alternate pic
    Young Blood?: Yes
    Bio: Kirisvala was born to the Ranwynn, the clan of the mountain sages, the single most important family in the nation that was ruled from Annriven, and one of the most important for the Hadrian race as a whole as well, due to their status as rulers of one of the strongest nations in Adai and as descendants of the legendary Morvathal. Kiris was the second of the two daughters of Teltesser, who was himself the son of the sage who ruled Annriven and represented it in the Watcher Council at the time; due to all of this, it seemed as if she was destined to become an important member of the Hadrian ruling class as well. Since she was very young, Teltesser spent every effort in giving her a good education, making sure that she knew of the Hadrians' history, their customs, their worship of the Goddess and other such matters. Alongside this, she learned the art that the Ranwynn were best known for, the art of using their voice to sing spellsongs of great power. As her instruction progressed, it became evident that she was a prodigy, able to learn several spellsongs in a relatively short time. She was praised and loved for this, and all was well for Kiris and her family.

    But one day when she was ten years old, her grandfather died. Naturally, there was much deliberation to be had regarding who would succeed him in ruling Annriven and working with the Watcher Council, and eventually, Kirisvala's uncle was chosen. However, her uncle, despite having put up a facade of kindness up until then, was in fact a wicked man, conspiring to take down the other members of the council and seizing their territory, in order to make the Ranwynn the rulers of all of Adai. As he was the head of the family, his power was considerable, and he forced the other members of the family to cooperate with him. This had various consequences on Kiris' family: first of all, her sister, who had grown estranged with the rest of the family due to her refusal to learn spellsinging and her decision to practice melee combat instead, finally decided to abandon the mountains and head to the neighboring nation to train with the warlike Taratel. In addition, while she did not want to have any part in her uncle's schemes, she had quite an interest in her due to her prowess, and her father seemed to be one of her uncle's supporters, meaning that she was alone.

    Her estrangement with her family grew throughout the next five years until one day she, too, decided to simply run away. Fortunately for her, she knew exactly where to go in order to avoid being found by her family: through the portal that led to New Adai. There, she was granted asylum by her fellow Hadrians after learning of her plight, and lived with them for a year, learning much about humans and their culture despite being in a Hadrian colony thanks to the media and the many humans that decided to live there with the Hadrians. Recently, her caretakers gave her a trip to San Diego, and there is where she currently is, exploring the humans' own habitat for the first time.
    • [Hadrian Physiology]: Kirisvala has all the abilities detailed in the Hadrian race application.
    • [Song of Sanctuary]: With this spellsong, Kirisvala can create a defensive barrier around herself or another being. The aura can deflect any sort of attack, thus protecting those inside, but it is very costly for the caster to keep it up, in terms of energy. The larger the aura is, the more difficult it is to create and maintain.
    • [Rhapsody of Ruin]: This spellsong allows Kirisvala to generate and control powerful white flames.
    • [Chorus of Crystal]: Through the Chorus of Crystal, Kirisvala is able to create and control crystals and crystal formations.
    • [Waltz of Wandering]: A minor yet versatile spellsong, the Waltz can be used to quickly transport a number of people over a distance, or to either gain access to an area or bar access from it.
    • [Sonic Roar]: The most basic application of the Hadrian roar, and the only one Kirisvala can use. By exploiting the power of her voice, she can let out a roar which can disorient enemies and cause the earth to tremble.

    • Standard Hadrian limitations.
    • All of her spellsongs require a brief period of singing before activating, and will cease as soon as the singing stops.
    • She does not have an amazing stamina pool yet, and all her spellsongs depend on this; her Sanctuary in particular is difficult to maintain for long periods of time.
    • Her white fire, while stronger than a normal flame, is largely subject to the same limits: it cannot exist in a vacuum, water will eventually extinguish it, fire-resistant materials will slow its spread and beings with immunity to fire will remain unaffected.
    • Her Waltz of Wandering requires pre-existing structures adequate to her purpose (a door she can open or close, for instance).

    • [Hadrian Physiology]: As a Hadrian, Kirisvala possesses all of their weaknesses.
    • [Silence]: Kirisvala in particular can be practically crippled if she is silenced somehow, as the majority of her abilities require her to use her voice. Even a hand over her mouth will do.
    • [Stillness]: Kirisvala needs to concentrate as well as control her breathing and other such matters in order to perform spellsongs properly. As such, she cannot move much or fight while singing, meaning she is particularly vulnerable during these moments.

    Likes: Meat, spicy food, sweets, small animals, music, meeting new people, humans, climbing, Telpata (a sport superficially similar to volleyball).
    Dislikes: Vegetables, mean people, insects, robots, being quiet, hurting others (with the sole exception of Telpata).

    Additional Information-
    Birthday: November 14th
    Theme song: Here, though maybe it's more of a ship theme than a character/battle theme.
    Favorite food: Pasta and meatballs.
    Greatest fear: Being left all alone or hated by those around her.
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    Postby The Republic of Atria » Fri Nov 24, 2017 4:42 pm

    Race Name:Dra'Qunni
    World of Origin: Earth
    Territories: Predominantly spread throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia
    Race Appearance: Point of Reference, Male: Males have shorter, broader tales, are slightly taller, and horns are usually straight. Scale colors are brighter and more defined.
    Point of Reference, Female: Females have notably much longer, thinner tails. Horns are usually curved. Scale colors are more muted than the males.

    Both genders have a pair of wings across their back. Scale colors are red, green, brown, black, and blue, with shades varying per person.

    Description/Lore: The Dra'Qunni are nothing short of ancient. Presumably some evolutionary offshoot of the dinosaurs. As they multiplied, forming tribes that more often than not, fought over trivial things if there was any reason to the fighting at all. Eventually came the very first Elder Dra'Qun. Taurac. Twice as large, boasting strength and power beyond what anyone had ever seen. He ended the petty squabbles between the tribes and united them under himself. None dared question his power, and his wisdom was more often than not, correct. The Dar'qunni flourished, eventually creating tools, learning about and harnessing their magic, and advancing as a species. For awhile, things were perfect. Food was plentiful, the people were happy, all united and protected by their Elder.

    Decades turned into centuries and with each passing year, the Dra'Qunni became more and more advanced, more populated and more powerful. However, one young female, Naligura stumbled upon something. Glowing rocks, that once she touched, changed her forever. Granting her incredible power and strength like that of the immortal Elder that watched who their kind. Of course she believed that he was hoarding this power for himself rather than sharing it with everyone. Once she revealed herself and insisted that Elder Taurac could have made them all as mighty gods as him, but chose not to out of ego. Elder Taurac immediately denied any selfishness, claiming that he had only the best interests of the Dra'Qunni at heart, but it was too late, the damage had been done. Some opted to stay with the first Elder, choosing to believe that he truly did have their best interests at heart and that he kept the power hidden for a reason.

    However, more than a few opted to join Naligura in her quest to elevate the Dra'Qunni from people to gods. However, the people's hopes of god-like power were dashed when it was discovered that the crystals only granted their power to those who were lucky. In order to save face, she blamed it on Taurac sabotaging the crystals so that only he could have all of the power. He denied this of course, having done nothing to the crystals. This didn't stop Naligura from taking nearly half the Dra'Qunni population with her, boasting that she would create an empire that dwarfed his, and figure out what he had done to the crystals. Taurac refused to roll over and let her destroy everything he had built so far. Rather than go to war with her, he encouraged learning, understanding the universe and how it worked. Pushing science and magic development to the forefront of his goals.

    Naligura had much the same idea and insisted that her people do the same: Focus on increasing their magic and technology to unlock both the secrets of the universe. And over the decades, both were successful, though no one could agree on who was more successful. It didn't take long for the aggressive contest to reach a boiling point. No one remembered who started the conflict, but everyone remembers the outcome. A vicious and bloody war. Millions on both sides met grisly ends, with the war stalemating with each side simply throwing more and more people at eachother until eventually deciding to deal with the other themselves. Someone possessing just a little bit of common sense realized that the war was just going to get them all killed and that they should just let Taurac and Naligura kill eachother so that the species as a whole can survive.

    Both sides being tired and exhausted from a pointless war agreed. A massive superweapon was constructed under the noses of their Elders, a weapon to freeze the planet solid in an attempt to kill both of the Elders while the rest of the people were safely protected in massive stasis chambers hidden deep inside of the earth. Taurac and Naligura met for what would be their final battle, as the weapon detonated and froze the planet, presumably killing both of the Elders and safely ensuring the survival of the species. However, there was a miscalculation in the stasis pods, and some were opened much earlier and some much later than they were intended. This caused the population to spread out all over the world, only to discover that a new species was now already controlling the Earth: Humans. There was little that could be done. Humans controlled by far the vast majority of the planet and no one knew how to operate the support systems to the stasis pods.

    To make matters even worse, the planet's land had shifted, and was no longer a solid piece of land, furthering the separation of the species. The Dra'Qunni were outnumbered by the humans, and were unsure of how to progress. Most opted to simply take a human guise and live among them in secret, hoping that one day they could reveal the existence of their species without drawing the ire of humanity.
    Race Powers:
    • Dragon Physiology: Being bi-pedal dragons has granted them with sharp claws, a pair of wings that allow for short term flight, strong lungs that allow for breathing fire and minor sorcery. They also possess a fair amount of physical superiority to their scaleless neighbors.
    • Sorcery: While most of their magical knowledge is sealed away in their Vaults, a few utility spells are still common among the remaining Dra'Qunni. The language translation spell and Glamour spell are used by almost every remaining Dra'Qunni to keep hidden.
    • Fire Breath: An ability that was magically created in the old days. Their stomaches produces a highly flammable, and breathable gas that's stored in the lungs. Their uvula possesses a secondary function, with it producing a tiny electric charge that ignites the flame.

    Race Limitations:
    • Flight: Flight is extremely strenuous to most modern Dra'Qunni due to not being able to fly as freely as they used to.
    • Sorcery Sorcery must be learned, and most families have limited access to learning materials.
    • Universal Language: The spell has to be cast on a person who knows the language in question.
    • Stubborn: A good portion of the Dra'Qunni population does not like change.
    • Toughness: While the average Dra'Qun is tougher than an average human, they are most certainly not bulletproof.
    Race Weaknesses:
    • Reptilian: Shockingly, being reptilian in nature leaves them susceptible to cold temperatures.
    • Sorcery: Magic is channeled through the movement of the hands. Binding or breaking them will remove the ability to use magic
    • Wings: Damaging the membrane of the wings will make it very difficult if not impossible to fly.

    Additional info: Touching or grabbing another's tail without consent is considered a big no-no.

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    Postby Turmenista » Fri Nov 24, 2017 5:41 pm

    Tagging, *just* in case I have the time to pursue this. Hi guys!

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    Postby Tomia » Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:14 pm

    Turmenista wrote:Tagging, *just* in case I have the time to pursue this. Hi guys!

    Hey Turm! Thanks for stopping by!

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    Postby Dragos Bee » Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:00 pm

    Name: Daniel Okabe

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Appearance (pics if possible):

    Young Blood?: Y

    Bio: A long time ago, there was a Japanese scientist, Rise Okabe, a woman of great beauty who had no husband because she had been rendered infertile due to her scientific experiments. For a long time, she didn't care much, but as she aged, further taking her off the marriage market, she felt the expectations of her family and society pressing upon her. So, she remedied the situation in a convoluted way; she created a machine that would go to the Realm of the Gods, intending to ask one of them to be her husband and also cure her infertility. Why did she choose such a complicated solution? Well, let's just say that family and society had to be spited and their expectations likewise; they had to be taught that if they wished for something of her, they should be prepared to pay the price for pressuring and borderline harassing her.

    But her machine made a minor miscalculation; instead of reaching the domain of the Japanese Pantheon, it made a gate to the Christian Heaven, or a dimension closely resembling it. Thankfully, the Angels guarding the dimension were willing to give Rise the time of day, and one of them, a fairly powerful one, looked at the female scientist and made a bargain with her: He will be her husband and her infertility will be magically cured. In exchange, well, she will help him spread Hope and Happiness throughout the world. It was a fair bargain, so she agreed.

    And with that, Daniel was born into a household that, while strange, was loving. Rise eventually learned to make time for her child, while the Angel was loving and doting, yet at the same time, instilled in Daniel a respect for reason and independent-mindedness that was surprising for an Angel (from others' point of view). Of course, the story of how Rise and her husband met caused Daniel to think that 'True Angel' or not, Heaven was merely another dimension that intersected with Earth; deserving of respect, but not actual worship.

    Nevertheless, Daniel shared with his father a desire to spread Hope throughout the world, and when a message came from America that a student exchange program between his school and another was about to start, he agreed to be an exchange student quickly...

    • Light of Dawn:

      Daniel can cause light to shine down from above, even in enclosed spaces like caves or dungeons. This power does not just provide a source of light, it dispels illusions, invisibility fields/tech, and renders all sapient beings unable to lie.

    • Divine Wrath:

      Daniel can emit white and blue fire from his hand that burns even metal.

    • Divine Healing:

      Daniel can channel the energy of the divine to heal almost all injuries and diseases to himself and others; this requires a moment of concentration, though.

    • Flight:

      Daniel can sprout wings that phase through his clothes, not destroying them. These wings, supernatural in nature, allow him to fly as fast as an attack helicopter while preventing G-forces, air resistance, and pesky natural forces from hindering him.

    Limitations (Reasons why your char can’t end the universe):
    [[list][*] Mortal Body - Daniel, despite his powers, does not have supernatural resilience and endurance beyond what his Flight power grants him in the air. That means that he is just as vulnerable to bullets, melee weapons, and mundane handcuffs as a normal boy of his age. This can be corrected by armor, but someone else will have to provide that.
    [*] Energy Limit - Daniel's divine energy, if used in excess, can destroy himself, the people he strives to protect, and the surrounding area. So Daniel's father, Ramiel, used a spell to limit how much his son can draw from Heaven; this was with Daniel's consent. Thus, Daniel's powers cannot affect an area larger than a suburban house (yards included). Nor can they be kept 'on' longer than 7 seconds (Divine Wrath), 70 minutes (Light of Dawn), or in the case of Flight, 7 Days.[/list]

    Weaknesses (Reasons why someone could kick their ass):
    • Hormonal: Daniel likes girls and boys, and asking him out on a date makes him react nervously, erratically, or impulsively. Get him in a relationship, and he makes irrational decisions for the benefit of his partner. Get him in a relationship with someone on the enemy get the picture.

    Likes: Men, Women, Sweets, Reading.

    Dislikes: Bullies, Gross Stuff.

    Additional Information (Optional; remove if unused)-
    Birthday: January 1
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    Postby Asterdan » Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:11 pm

    Oh the ideas...

    The Twins: Sol and Frost, who fuse to become the hero Elemental?
    The Mystic: Sage, who uses a dragon crystal handed down through the generations to wield a form of magic.
    The Vampire: A vampire.
    You can call me Aster. Yes, I did revive this nation... Again...

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    Postby Tomia » Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:20 pm

    Dragos Bee wrote:Name: Daniel Okabe
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Young Blood, Warhound or Other?: Young Blood
    If YB, Founding Member?: Y/N Y

    Bio: A long time ago, there was a Japanese scientist, Rise Okabe, a woman of great beauty who had no husband because she had been rendered infertile due to her scientific experiments. For a long time, she didn't care much, but as she aged, further taking her off the marriage market, she felt the expectations of her family and society pressing upon her. So, she remedied the situation in a convoluted way; she created a machine that would go to the Realm of the Gods, intending to ask one of them to be her husband and also cure her infertility. Why did she choose such a complicated solution? Well, let's just say that family and society had to be spited and their expectations likewise; they had to be taught that if they wished for something of her, they should be prepared to pay the price for pressuring and borderline harassing her.

    But her machine made a minor miscalculation; instead of reaching the domain of the Japanese Pantheon, it made a gate to the Christian Heaven, or a dimension closely resembling it. Thankfully, the Angels guarding the dimension were willing to give Rise the time of day, and one of them, a fairly powerful one, looked at the female scientist and made a bargain with her: He will be her husband and her infertility will be magically cured. In exchange, well, she will help him spread Hope and Happiness throughout the world. It was a fair bargain, so she agreed.

    And with that, Daniel was born into a household that, while strange, was loving. Rise eventually learned to make time for her child, while the Angel was loving and doting, yet at the same time, instilled in Daniel a respect for reason and independent-mindedness that was surprising for an Angel (from others' point of view). Of course, the story of how Rise and her husband met caused Daniel to think that 'True Angel' or not, Heaven was merely another dimension that intersected with Earth; deserving of respect, but not actual worship.

    Nevertheless, Daniel shared with his father a desire to spread Hope throughout the world, and when a message came from America that a student exchange program between his school and another was about to start, he agreed to be an exchange student quickly...


    • Light of Dawn:

      Daniel can cause light to shine down from above, even in enclosed spaces like caves or dungeons. This power does not just provide a source of light, it dispels illusions, invisibility fields/tech, and renders all sapient beings unable to lie.

    • Divine Wrath:

      Daniel can emit white and blue fire from his hand that burns even metal.

    • Divine Healing:

      Daniel can channel the energy of the divine to heal almost all injuries and diseases to himself and others; this requires a moment of concentration, though.

    • Flight:

      Daniel can sprout wings that phase through his clothes, not destroying them. These wings, supernatural in nature, allow him to fly as fast as an attack helicopter while preventing G-forces, air resistance, and pesky natural forces from hindering him.

    Limitations (Reasons why your char can’t end the universe):
    • Mortal Body - Daniel, despite his powers, does not have supernatural resilience and endurance beyond what his Flight power grants him in the air. That means that he is just as vulnerable to bullets, melee weapons, and mundane handcuffs as a normal boy of his age. This can be corrected by armor, but someone else will have to provide that.
    • Energy Limit - Daniel's divine energy, if used in excess, can destroy himself, the people he strives to protect, and the surrounding area. So Daniel's father, Ramiel, used a spell to limit how much his son can draw from Heaven; this was with Daniel's consent. Thus, Daniel's powers cannot affect an area larger than a suburban house (yards included). Nor can they be kept 'on' longer than 7 seconds (Divine Wrath), 70 minutes (Light of Dawn), or in the case of Flight, 7 Days.

    • Hormonal: Daniel likes girls and boys, and asking him out on a date makes him react nervously, erratically, or impulsively. Get him in a relationship, and he makes irrational decisions for the benefit of his partner. Get him in a relationship with someone on the enemy get the picture.

    Likes: Men, Women, Sweets, Reading.
    Dislikes: Bullies, Gross Stuff.

    Additional Information
    Birthday: January 1
    Theme song:
    Favorite food: Vanilla Caramel Cake
    Greatest fear: Being imprisoned and experimented on.

    Hey Dragos, appreciate the app, but would you mind changing the format so it fits the app in the OP?

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    Postby Tomia » Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:21 pm

    Asterdan wrote:Oh the ideas...

    The Twins: Sol and Frost, who fuse to become the hero Elemental?
    The Mystic: Sage, who uses a dragon crystal handed down through the generations to wield a form of magic.
    The Vampire: A vampire.

    I personally like the twins the best

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    Postby Asterdan » Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:28 pm

    Tomia wrote:
    Asterdan wrote:Oh the ideas...

    The Twins: Sol and Frost, who fuse to become the hero Elemental?
    The Mystic: Sage, who uses a dragon crystal handed down through the generations to wield a form of magic.
    The Vampire: A vampire.

    I personally like the twins the best

    Awesome, 'cuz that's the one I was leaning towards!
    You can call me Aster. Yes, I did revive this nation... Again...

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    Postby Dragos Bee » Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:57 pm

    Tomia wrote:Hey Dragos, appreciate the app, but would you mind changing the format so it fits the app in the OP?

    I didn't notice that you changed the format; will see what I can do.
    Goodbye, PT2M. Sorry for my behavior.

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    Postby Dragos Bee » Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:04 pm

    Tomia, I edited the bio!
    Goodbye, PT2M. Sorry for my behavior.

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    Postby Zarkenis Ultima » Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:08 pm

    Dragos Bee wrote:Tomia, I edited the bio!

    Just noticed you wrote him down as not being a Young Blood. Are you sure about that? I recall that before the reboot you intended him to be a member.
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    Postby Absolon-7 » Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:21 pm

    Name: Casimir Herman/ Kabuto
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human

    Young Blood?: Yes
    Bio: Casimir was a timid child with two loving parents and his dotting big sister, Jadwiga, who all lived happily a coastal town in Northern California. This changed forever when he was six years old as both parents died in a fatal car crash so he and his sister were transferred over to a local orphanage. As he grew up, his time in the orphanage began to strain the relationship between the two but he did his best to endure. He always had a fascination for bugs so he often went to go catch bugs in the meadows and fields in and around town to cope. Eventually at around the age of ten, Casimir moved out of the orphanage once his grown up sister took custody of him but unfortunately their relationship had long been strained but on the bright side he had his longtime friendship with a cheerful girl by the name of Viviana.

    Once he entered middle school, the town's peace was forever tainted as a powerful gang, the KP Soneras, decided to take over the town as a new headquarters. The town's obscurity meant no superhero really bothered to show up to help. He felt too weak to do anything and it didn’t help that always getting picked on in the orphanage and seeing others be treated badly by other kids made him resentful and greedy for power. To vent his frustrations he turned to a life of delinquency that had him ditching school, getting into fights, and slipping in grades. He gained a reputation of ferocity, despite never really winning, and so his peers knew to avoid him. Soon after he met a young man who took a liking to him and began teaching him to fight. His image followed him in high school and generally he tended to have few friends and those he did have were certainly fair weather ones save for his fight mentor and Viviana.

    It was at the very beginning of his sophomore year when he discovered that his older friend was the leader of the KP Soneras and had set him up to get in trouble with the authorities in a fight gone wrong. His anger at the betrayal manifested in a ferocious outburst of getting into a series of fights that often proved too much for him. However, the greatest break in his life would come the day he gained his powers when he was overwhelmed by KP Soneras members. As he was being held down and beaten, he lost consciousness but awoke and saw through the eyes of a hornet. The alien experience at first overwhelmed him, but as his instincts took over he naturally found himself commanding the hive and all nearby insects to the location of his body and attacked the gangsters.

    He then took the custom motorcycle from one of the hospitalized gangsters that was lying around nearby since a "law abiding citizen" like him would be far more deserving of such a sweet ride, which he then dubbed the Winged Hussar. Later that night, he found a discarded set of biker clothes and a helmet which he took home to adjust them to his liking. By the end of the semester, the KP Soneras were broken up completely after a brutal one-man-war against the gang in an effort to drive them from the town. The town now had its very own superhero in the form of the loudmouthed and destructive Kabuto! Eventually it would be around the beginning of 11th grade where he realized his feelings for Viviana and confessed to her which would be reciprocated.

    This peace changed in the last week of junior year, when a hideous mutant attacked the school searching for him, but it was killed without anyone seeing Casimir. Every week during the summer a different mutant would attack a random part of town hoping to lure him into a fight. Naturally, he managed to kill each one as they came but not without great difficulty and injury. The last week of July he found out the leader of the gang had the power to mutate people and was mutating kidnapped children and teens to send them for Casimir's severed head. He tracked his old friend down and violently confronted him but he mutated himself into a giant monster that was killed after a dreadful showdown with Casimir, leaving him nearly crippled afterwards.

    After a few weeks, he and his sister moved to San Diego and he was enrolled in Thomsen High as a normal human to keep his identity a secret. He was resentful that he had to spend his senior year in high school away but getting away from their hometown was a necessity to reforge their familial bond. It wasn’t all bad as he made sure to keep in touch with Viviana plus he had created a strong friendship in the form of a boy named Icarus. To his displeasure the year passed by without any heroic events big enough to get his name throughout the country and as the time for graduation passed he wondered if there was anything that could jump-start his fame in the chaotic town of San Diego.

    • [Chassis of the Swarm]: He possesses superhuman condition that gives him an immense boost to all physical characteristics (such a strength to throw cars, withstand bullets, and slight superspeed) and a mild regeneration.
    • [Master of the Swarm]: He has perfect awareness of where insects are in relation to himself and each other, and he can sense and control them all independently and simultaneously with perfect coordination. He can give general instructions, in which case he is only vaguely aware of their movements, or guide individual insects (or small groups) through complex tasks. Through the eyes and antenna of insects under his control he can mentally picture what they can see and smell. Sporadically he can hear as well but it is difficult to interpret and he must concentrate to clearly hear words. He can also sense the biology and location of every bug he can control.
    • [Tribute of the Swarm]: As his body and mind continue to develop, they have begun the process of adopting the technique's of the insects he dominates over.
      -House of Muscidae: Using the power from house flies, his brain gains a reaction speed of milliseconds that has his body move exactly in path needed to avoid a current danger.
      -House of Bombycidae: Using the power of silk moths, he can shoot out strands of silk from his wrists that are flexible, absorbent, and adhesive. However, this silk is only half as strong as the silk from spiders. The silk shoots out at speeds up to 54 mph and up to a length of 12 meters in a single shot.
      -House of Carabidae: Using the power of bombardier beetles, his fists create a noxious and near-boiling chemical explosions. The blasts have a radius of one meter from the origin, that being his fists.
      -House of Arctiinae: Using the power of tiger moths, a series of sonic waves are created from Casimir's mouth that result in an illusionary afterimage that replicates the exact position that he was in when it started. The afterimage is stationary and only exists momentarily.

    Limitations :
    • His regeneration can heal cuts and punctures in a few minutes but broken bones take days.
    • The range of controlling insects is limited to a circle around him with an area of 30 km² and he can only summon local insects so no Army Ants or Japanese Giant Hornets for him unless he visits their native land. And insects in the outer fringes of his range take longer to summon. He can specifically only control insects; he holds no sway over arachnids, crustaceans, and myriapods.
    • Chemicals harmful to insects can disrupt his connection to his swarm and thus leaving him totally in the blind if the insects are exposed to such chemicals.
    • The tributary powers he receives cannot be used simultaneously or in combinations of each other and each has drawbacks. Housefly uses his entire body's potential in the movement thus preventing him from focusing on or even dishing out attacks; this power also only takes him out of danger in threats within his eyesight and can only be used once a day. His Silk Moth power only provides a limited amount of webbing that runs out after seven uses if he shoots full length strands; it takes a full twenty-four hours to regenerate any amount used.

    • [Shared Senses]: When his senses are linked to his swarm it is possible to create a strong feedback shock that can stun him for a moment if enough are killed in a short amount of time and more so if the action is repeated.
    • [Chemical Sensitivity]: His bond with insects has made him stronger but also quite adverse to pesticides and insect repellent which can drastically disorient him immediately and plummet his powers to minimal levels.

    Likes: Barbecue sauce, video games, arthropods, his motorcycle, training, fighting, pissing people off
    Dislikes: Cowardice, math, injustice, losing, authority figures, being weak, harming people for selfish reasons

    Additional Information-
    Birthday: November 11th
    Theme song: Champion (New Theme)
    Favorite food: Sour Cream Pierogi
    Greatest fear: That no one cares about him and that he is replaceable to his loved ones.
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