Independents Cup 1 [Everything Thread]

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Independents Cup 1 [Everything Thread]

Postby Bonesea » Sat Dec 10, 2016 5:29 pm




Welcome to the Boreal Islands and the inaugural Independent Associations Cup. This is your IC thread for rosters and role-playing, and the thread where results will be posted. The OOC discussion thread is here. Details on the host nations and venues will be in the following post, here.

The… Boreal Islands?

Bonesea is the official scorinating host of the first IAC, but we are a small nation and most of the stadia are wholly inadeqaute for a tournament of 24 visiting nations. Therefore, we have called on our friends and neighbours across the Allied States of The Boreal Islands, and several small island nations (OOC: puppets) will take their share of matches, ensuring each match is played in a stadium of reasonable proportion and quality. Further details are provided in the following post, but essentially, the burden of hosting will be shared between Bonesea, Sceálta Ginn, Skoppa, Portsea, Suumna, Vættr, and Taxhavn. Island hopping will be kept to a minimum during the competition with teams mostly being based in a single country for the knockout stages.

Format & Schedule

18 DEC}
20 DEC} Group Matches
22 DEC}

27 DECRound of Sixteen
29 DECQuarter-finals
31 DECSemi-finals*

2 JANFinal & Third Place Play-Off

Cut-off time is likely to be 21:00-22:00 UTC; *except on NYE 31 December when it will be around six hours earlier to allow for the hosts' outrageous social commitments.

RP Bonus & Rankings

The tournament will be scorinated by way of xkoranate 0.3.3 SQIS formula us XK additive style modifiers. WCC ranks will be used to provide a general continuity within NS football, but RP bonus amounts will be sizeable to potentially allow new and consistently high quality RPers a good shot at the title.

Group tie-breakers will be as follows;

1. Points
2. Overall GD
3. H2H Points
4. H2H GD
5. RP Bonus (IC: Fair play measure of rule infractions, free kicks & cards shown)
6. Coin toss via

Rankings draw from the WCC rankings using KPB although of course this tournament is neither a WCC-endorsed competition nor does it affect future KPB. It is important to note that KPB points will not come into effect until a roster is posted, to encourage RP and support others who are keen to RP. Bonuses are heavily weighted to quality RP so that unranked WCC nations who contribute well at every stage of the tournament have a genuine shot at the title.

The current teams are signed up for the tournament, in rank order;

Pot 1

Pot 2
15.13United States of Devonta
10.04Revolutionary Nordskania

Pot 3 provides two entrants per group
2.67Prusy Krolewskie
0.00Equatorial Zeldaen
0.00Greater Vakolicci Haven
0.00Averyickan City

The Draw

Venue details are provided in the next post. The seeded draw was conducted using list randomiser.

GROUP A - Bonesea

1. Veldgouwen
2. Bonesea
3. United States of Devonta
4. Averyickan City

GROUP B - Vættr

1. Savalen
2. Cossakastal
3. Garifunya
4. Equatorial Zeldaen

GROUP C - Scéalta Grinn

1. Prusy Krolewskie
2. Abanhfleft
3. Kaboomlandia
4. Nordernious

GROUP D - Skoppa

1. Amazonesta
2. Flardania
3. Space
4. Juvencus

GROUP E - Portsea & Suumna

1. Drawkland
2. Greater Vakolicci Haven
3. Revolutionary Nordskania
4. Schottia

GROUP F - Taxhavn

1. Kalumba
2. Barunia
3. Hicaña
4. Mercedini

Knock-Out Stages

Six group winners, six group runners-up and the four best third placed teams will proceed into the knock-out rounds. The draw will be arranged after the group stage.
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Tournament Venues

Postby Bonesea » Sat Dec 10, 2016 5:30 pm

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Postby Kaboomlandia » Sat Dec 10, 2016 7:41 pm

Kaboomlandia Phoenix National Association Football Team


The Phoenix finally let go of their infuriating 1-8-1 defensive system after the 76th World Cup and Ryan White stepped down. The new coach, Mike Phillips, brings to the table a new, more offensive 4-5-1 system trialled at the Cup of Harmony.

Nickname: Phoenix
Rank: 45th (15.11 KPB points)
Head Coach: Mike Phillips
Assistant Coach: Tom Burns
Stadium: King Wulfric II Royal Stadium (75,600)
Formation: 4-5-1
Style Modifier: -2.0

GK: #1 Duncan McEachern, Age 25, 6'2", 200 lbs
The only superstar on the team, McEachern plays for one of the world's best youth clubs, International FC of Armeia.

#8 Marco Ciliano, Age 28, 5'8", 175 lbs
Ciliano is a solid if unspectacular defender for Galturin FC. He's the '1' in the 4-5-1 formation.
#4 Bill Young, Age 19, 6'6", 214
The big man on the back end can play defense, but will slot into the 4-5-1 quite well with his size.
#3 Darren Cracknell, Age 22, 6'3", 214 lbs
Cracknell is a giant defender for Kolra Royale. He's very difficult to get past.

#72 Casey Harris. Age 25, 5'9", 191 lbs
A newcomer to the team, plays for White in Kolra.
#5 Ben Bradbury, Age 25, 5'10", 193 lbs
Bradbury is a decent offensive midfielder and can get a chance to shine under Phillips' 4-5-1 system.
#18 Gillian Lapointe, Age 22, 5'6", 154 lbs
One of only two women with a starting position on this team, and the only one to play in a foreign league (Abanhfleft), Lapointe is quick, but is dwarfed by her teammates.
#2 Jared Kessler, Age 25, 5'8", 182 lbs
Kessler is the second-smallest man on the team, at only 5'8", 182 lbs. He plays well in White's defensive system, but it will be interesting to see how he adjusts to Phillips' more offensive style.

#17 Rene Allard, Age 22, 6'2", 197 lbs
The tall forward is the Phoenix' only good scorer, but will get more help from the other forwards under Phillips' formation.
#20 Tanner Libin, Age 26, 6'1", 185 lbs
Tanner Libin is a very defensive forward. Coaches like him because of his staunch defensive skills.
#23 Diana Libin, Age 21, 5'6", 143 lbs
The sister of Tanner, Diana is the smallest player on the team, as well as the youngest. She is also a defensive forward.

#16 Aaron Ryerson, Age 28, 6'1", 178 lbs
Ryerson had a decent season, but don't expect him to play at all unless McEachern lets in ten goals in a game or gets hurt.

#30 Sarah Jenson, Age 26, 5'7", 160 lbs
Jenson is the third woman on the team, and the oldest of the three.

#43 Jim Wright, Age 29, 5'11", 180 lbs
Wright was named to this team for his character and ability to come in and work hard.

#19 Carter Johnson, Age 24, 6'1", 200 lbs
Johnson replaces the retired Cody Dillinger.

Playing Style:

After Ryan White stepped down after the Cup of Harmony, the team trialled a new 4-5-1 system that got them to the quarterfinals of the CoH, and it will continue throughout the World Cup and Independents Cup.



King Wulfric II Royal Stadium was constructed after the October 2015 rise to power of King Wulfric II. This massive 75,600-seat stadium hosted Phoenix home games during World Cup 75.



RP Permissions:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
RP Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
Yellow Card my Players: Yes
Red Card my players: Limit 1 per game, though you may TG me to request permission to RP more.
Godmod Yellow/Red Cards: No
Injure my Players: TG first if it's going to be anything beyond the next game.
Godmod Injury Events: No
Godmod Other Events: No
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Kick Corps Extended Roster

Postby Drawkland » Sat Dec 10, 2016 10:31 pm


Region: Sonnel
Trigramme: DRK
Leader: Iarocav
Currency: Lolad
Capital City: Metropolon
Largest City: Drawk City

Manager: Michael Starre (Metropolon Lights)
Formation: 3-3-4
Style Mod: +4

Starting Lineup
## Pos Name Age Club [NAT]
00 GK Savannah Everett 23 Jaffro Storm [DRK]
01 SW Sarah Arrowsword 24 Whitehaven Triumph [CEN]
02 LB Cynthia Pack 26 Kilnelm Crusaders [DRK]
03 RB Nicole Warren 25 Eastern Stars [AVN]
04 LM Rebecca Talla 32 Cove Port Cruisers [DRK]
07 CM Ellzidan 5366 Elstrund Roots [DRK]
05 RM Mandy Thompson 23 Strat City [AVN]
08 LF Jackie Crawford 21 Eastern Stars [AVN]
10 WF Corrie Archer 23 Drawk Corps [DRK]
09 RF Stella Moore 24 Drawk City Troopers [DRK]
11 CF Katie Madison 22 Drawk Corps [DRK]
Reserve Lineup
## Pos Name Age Club [NAT]
12 GK Jessie Peterson 20 Drawk Corps [DRK]
13 LB Sonia Kirsten 31 Owabrok Speed [DRK]
14 CB Seon-Yann Slater 20 Bethelm Warriors [DRK]
15 RB Melitta Yanks 34 Bolabore Anvils [DRK]
16 LM Ella Cornelius 27 Dalumar Waves [NDR]
17 CM Kaitlyn Axelson 24 Kayo Queens [DRK]
18 RM Siv Foss 24 Elstrund Roots [DRK]
19 LF Aurora Jewel 22 Owabrok Speed [NDR]
20 WF Leea May 21 Dammenport Lightning [DRK]
06 WF Mickey Watson 24 Raikennax Charge [DRK]
21 RF Iana Synder 27 Ifferdam Station Blades [DRK]
22 CF Cam Cross 20 Jaffro Storm [DRK]

  1. Katie Madison (or CF)
  2. Corrie Archer (or WF)
  3. Ellzidan (or LF)
  4. Sarah Arrowsword (or RF)
  5. Stella Moore (or CM)
If a shootout unlikely goes on beyond 5, it will progress from unused players, Striker to Keeper.
Parenthesis refers to what player will take the shot if the listed player is absent.


This is the second soccer/football tournament of any kind that Drawkland has officially competed in in the multiversal stage. This Independents Cup is being considered as a "pregame pregame," a way to get warmed up to international competition so that when the Baptism of Fire comes this upcoming cycle, the Drawkian National Team is fully prepared to take on the other teams and excel. Also, it's cool to win the first edition of something, right?
This is the first form of the roster to feature a Reserve Roster in addition to the Main Roster. The Main Roster has featured a few minimal changes. This is the lineup personally selected by the Drawkian International Sporting Council (DISC) to represent Drawkland: those chosen are undeniably the best at what they do and excel under the team chemistry and dynamic.
Drawkian soccer, and indeed, sporting in general, is mostly offensive-minded. This is reflected in the style indicator and in the formation. Drawkian soccer has not really been exposed to outside influences, and thus may look or feel strange to those used to "normal" football. Nevertheless, the players are still good at what they do, and prize in an enduring game, moving the ball around nearly constantly and keeping energy going, aiming to tire out the opposing team. Of course, Drawkians aren't humans, but you can read about that elsewhere.
Most of the team, including the manager, are made up from home-grown talent, coming from the highest-quality teams. However, a few have branched out to foreign leagues, mainly those of Eastern Rushmore, that of Ceni and the Isles of Avon. More information on the players is to come later.

First Match: Drawkland 3-3 Averyickan City
First Win: Capital District, Ward 1 4-6 Drawkland
First Loss: Great Caledonia and North Hybernia 2-2 Drawkland (2-2 AET) [3-1 PKs]
Highest Score: Capital District, Ward 1 4-6 Drawkland
Lowest Score: Drawkland 0-0 Kosovakia (1-0 AET)
Best Win: Capital District, Ward 1 4-6 Drawkland
Worst Loss: Drawkland 0-2 Free Republics
Most Important: Drawkland 0-2 Free Republics
Best End Result: 4th Place
All of these from the Global Cup of Soccer 1.
Global Cup of Soccer 1: The first tournament where Drawkland competed on the international soccer stage. It featured no reserve roster, the Starting XI were the only players sent to the Cup. Started with an exciting Group Stage, having a 3-3 draw with Averyickan City and a 1-1 draw against Lisander, a win against the Gregoryisgodistan Capital District, Ward 1 was needed to make it to the knockout rounds. And such a win was needed, in a high-octane 4-6 win. Wins on Paradisiam and Kosovakia slid the Kick Corps into the semifinals, where they unexpectedly flopped to Great Caledonia and North Hybernia on Penalty Kicks and proceeded to get mowed over 0-2 in the 3rd Place match by Free Republics, ending their initial campaign with a disappointing 4th place which they hope to never repeat in any tournament again. Despite the sour ending, though, the Corps got some much-needed chemistry and solidification, as well as confidence on the international stage, which hopefully proves to be invaluable in future tournaments.

Beautifully Crafted by Meski Sports.
From Left to Right: Home, Away, Goalkeeper.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes
Yellow Card my Players: Yes
Red Card my Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
As far as these go, I'm fair game for anything. You should know what is and isn't drastic RP, and if you think your RP is on the drastic side, TG me first. But I'm still basically up for anything.
I'd like to request that injuries or cards don't do anything outside of the scope of a single game or maybe 2. Don't want anything tournament or cycle-ending.

Disclaimers of various sorts:
I don't know very much about soccer. If I RP something weird, it's because I have little to no experience with this sport. But whatever.
Player information will come later. I'll probably do little snippet bios for RPs.
If you have any questions about anything involving me, this team, my nation, this competition, life, etc., feel free to telegram me.
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Postby Flardania » Sun Dec 11, 2016 1:22 pm

霧島サッカー協会/기리시마 축구 협회
Kirishima Football Association Presents: The Flardania National Roster for The 1st Independents Cup
"The Kitsunes"
Style Modifier: +2.21
Formation (Formation, 形成): 4-3-3
Trigramme: FDA
In Character Flag:

Introduction/Story So Far
Flardania/Kirishima National Football Team also known as the Kitsunes are Flardania's best soccer players. Football is the national sport of Kirishima (Flardania) and the Kitsunes help showcase the KONAMI Premier League . After years of playing domestic play and tragically missing BOF 56 and BOF 57. Kirishima would later enter Baptism of Fire 58 and after just barely exiting the Group stage, Kirishima as the bottom #16 Seed upset #1 Seed San Llera and defeated Maretta to reach the semi-finals. The Kitsunes unfortunately finished fourth and bitter fans refer to the top 3 teams as the "Puppet Show".

Kirishinan expectations were much smaller going into the WC 71 and look to at least qualify for the main cup. The Kitsunes looked like they were contenders early on but struggled as they were in a really difficult Group mixed with Kirishima playing too balanced a game against the high-powered offense while lacking enough offense to dismantle defensive disciplined teams. Kirishima would have a mediocre showing in the Cup of Harmony with the only notable news being the historic upset against Cosumar.

The Kitsunes then went into World Cup 72 with a miserable first half that had Kyosuke on the hot seat until they turned things around and finished 4th in the group, thus giving Hikaru the rank boost he sought. Kirishima then entered into WC 73 with the main objective being finishing at least mid table and entering COH with stronger momentum. The Kitsunes failed to finish midtable (4th) and enter the COH because they shockingly finished 2nd, a feat only predicted by the media in Saintland and won their playoff game to advance to the world cup proper for the first time. The Kitsunes Rank increased by 45, thus leapfrogging the team from 86 to 41 a reflection of the fast rise of the young Kitsune team.

World Cup 74 saw the addition of a new player, Konami Premier League Rookie of the Year Akiho Ubukata. The Kitsune sought to qualify to their second ever World Cup in back to back editions were a tight group and a heartbreaking loss on MD 1 and MD 13 made it seem that the Kitsunes may have to test their luck in the playoffs. The thought impossible unranked Union of American Democrats draw with 14th ranked Turori sent the Kitsunes a heart attack preventing instant qualification where as usual like previous WC and COH the Kitsune upset the strongest team in the group while getting dismantled by everyone else.

With a Historic World Cup 75 , Kirishima sought to 1) Qualify a third time and not miss out on a memorable cup 2) Try and finally Reach round of 16. With the Kitsunes ranked in the 20's and a group draw going according to plan it seemed like that history would be made, and made it was. The Kitsunes had multiple chances they lost due to draws against lowly teams. Emerging from the ashes of the Kitsunes failed campaign is a new rival. One unlike never before seen gone are the days of friendly rivalries with Devonta and in comes a rivalry with Nordeana and of bad blood and hatred for reserved for Anglatia. Not only did they rob the Kitsunes of a playoff berth, they did it in an insulting manner. Gone is the era of Kyosuke as manager, the inexperience fairy tale story of a civilian interim manager with zero experience who brought the Kitsunes to lightning success in qualifying. His failure in being unable to reach a Round of 16 outside of BOF 58 lead to his voluntary and unwanted departure. A World Cup 75 qualifiers that saw once star mid-fielder Seong Mi Soo retire at the end of qualifiers become the new manager leading up to COH 67. With the nation seeking the major tournament Round Of 16 spot the nation so desperately wanted she proved the Kitsunes were not cursed, as she brought the team to the quarterfinals.

With her WCQ debut in World Cup 76 the Kitsunes found themselves at the top of the Group with two upsets against Quebec but round up in a Group of death, not only failing to exit to group stages for the first time but also failing to pick up a point. With the 1st Independents Cup on the horizon the question and continuing narrative is whether the Kitsunes will ever win a piece of silverware?

Overview of Flardania/Kirishima
Trigramme: FDA
National Anthem: 時代を超越治世[Un Règne Intemporelle] (A Timeless Reign)
Capital: Heiwa
Largest City: Kairaku
Official Languages: French & Japanese
Recognized Languages: English, Kirishinan, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese
Population: 121,283,217
Drives on the: left

Kirishima, as it is called in the East and as Flardania in the West, is an archipelago in the Asia Pacific. Kirishima means literally Mist and Island in Japanese and is known locally as the Islands of the Mist. Kirishima is an archipelago comprising of 1,721 islands. They can be divided into seven large and major islands - Hontō, Zipangu, Yamatai, Reijima, Kiyomisu, Iroshima, and Yajiriguni. Kirishima is an interesting place that is historically made up of Kirishinans which sociologist determined to be remnants of the Gaya Confederacy and some refugees Baekje Kingdom during the rise of the Silla kingdom in Korea in 660 A.D. These people mixed with Japanese who already shipwrecked or settled in the region prior, along as local Asiatic peoples. Each had their own kingdoms that would eventually be united under four Kingdoms which would eventually be divided among Europeans. Namely the French and British. When the french won one of their few theater conflicts in the seven years war they named the land Flardania in honor of the Swedish explorer who discovered the land in the name of France.

Kirishima despite having an Asian majority population, has a decent sized European, African, Arabic minority. The nation is proud of it's very welcoming and tolerant attitude despite how it looks. It is a moderate nation that can be very liberal on some issues and conservative on others. A very important piece of information is the prohibition of smoking tobacco. Kirishinan people believe in a clean body and clean environment even before the world found out about those issues. One may be caught off guard by how clean of litter the cities and metro systems tend to be.

Dreamscape Arena

Location: Kairaku
Capacity: 84,827
Tenants: Kairaku Nymphs
Year Built: 2015
Transportation Features:
- Kairaku Metro: S Line, H Line, A Line, 7 Line
- Kairaku Bus Transit: K23, K05, K37, K82, K109
-Nia Tepplin Memorial International Airport
- Great Zipangu Line on the National Lightning Rail Service (NLRS)

Kairaku is known in English as Pleasure City and as the largest city in the nation. It is located in Koyanagi Prefecture on the island of Zipangu. It is the home to the Dreamscape Arena and the Kairaku Nymphs FC, a successful football team that would have more local derbies if it wasn’t for the KFA trying to spread teams out. Kairaku is a major cultural, fashion, financial center and is known for its renowned blue light district, shopping districts, nightlife, temples, festivals, concerts, etc. It serves as the headquarters for the KBC (Kirishima Broadcasting Corporation), the Chao Bao Zhi Conglomerate, Seongwoo Motors and the International Freedom Coalition. Notable attractions include but not limited to Kitsune Bay Harbour, Tetsuya G. Saeki Convention Center, Evergreene Forest, Kairaku Metropolitan Art Museum, Ransugawa Castle, Polaris Planetarium/Observatory, Kitsune Bay ferry. Kairaku is serviced by Nia Tepplin Memorial International Airport.

Ostianae Magnaem Centre

Location: Heiwa
Capacity: 80,493
Tenants: Heiwa Wizards FC
Year Built: 2011
Transportation Features:
- Heiwa Metro: B Line, T Line, 3 Line,
- Heiwa Bus Transit: M5, M85, M106
-Marquis de Lafayette International Airport
-NR 1 Exit:16 on National Freeway
- All Lines on the National Lightning Rail Service (NLRS)

The capital of Kirishima is known for being the brain of the nation as both the Dirigeant(President) and Emperor take up residence. Many embassies are situated there and many successful universities such as Mahora and Honnouji. Also located in the capital is the suburban well-off neighborhood Bundang. The city is serviced by Marquis De Lafayette International Airport. During the day one can take in the history and culture of Kirishima, while at night you can lose yourself in its nightlife. Heiwa is the home of the Ostianae Magnaem Centre where Heiwa Wizards FC make their home. Being located in the capital, the Magnaem Centre is the de jure national stadium for the national team.

Dayangseong Stadium

Location: Imgeum
Capacity: 66,800
Tenants: Olympique Imgeum-si
Year Built: 2005
Transportation Features:
- Imgeum Metro: 7 Line, C Line,
- Imgeum Bus Transit: I3, I105, I95
- Pyeonghwa International Airport
- Southern Sunset Line on the National Lightning Rail Service (NLRS)

Imgeum is an emerging city that has been growing in terms of population, wealth, and overall significance. It is serviced by Pyeonghwa International Airport and is located in Habaedo Prefecture on the main island of Honto. Imgeum has a growing financial and commercial center that is directly contributing to its relevance. Imgeum is also the home of Dayangseong Stadium, which is where the successful yet unlucky Olympique Imgeum-Si plays. The Pandas have for the past 7 seasons fielded teams with great players earning them many Globe Cup spots but always tragically miss out on a Champion Cup spot. Imgeum is also known as the place where people can start over and make it. Perhaps it’s a matter of time till the Pandas follow suit.

Aincrad Stadium

Location: Akihabara
Capacity: 73,835
Tenants: Akihabara Electronics OFC
Year Built: 2008
Transportation Features:
- Akihabara Metro: 8 Line, H Line,
- Akihabara Bus Transit: A3, A21, A42, A57 A88, A107
- Empress Tsubaki Kasugano International Airport
- Great Zipangu Line on the National Lightning Rail Service (NLRS)

Akihabara is located in Minazuki Prefecture on the island of Zipangu and is considered to be the Anime, Tech, and Electronics capital of the country and It is serviced by Empress Tsubaki Kasugano International Airport. Akihabara is the home of the current most successful KPL team Akihabara Electronics OFC which has an incredible 5 NT players (Yabuta, Nguyen, Fujisaka -Kirishima |Nishidake- Unified Sunrise Islands |Takagawa- Armeia/Kirishima). Akihabara is home to the Aincrad Stadium, one of the largest open-air stadiums in Kirishima and has advanced modern facilities. It is a spectacular and inspiring venue deserving of a visit, even for those with no particular interest in sports. It also houses restaurants and bars which are also open during the day when there isn't a match. Akihabara is filled with options. A city with excellent food, festivals, picturesque skyline, piers, massive anime district, fashion district, distinctive blue light district and nightlife. It is also the HQ of many games and Anime studios.

Uniforms Provided by Meski Sports

Management Team (Équipe De Gestion, マネジメントチーム)
Seong Mi-Soo

Head Coach (Entraîneur, コーチ): Seong Mi Soo
Assistant Coach (Entraîneur Adjoint, アシスタントコーチ): Makoto Kikuchi
Doctor (Médecin, 医者): Myeong Hyeon Yi

Starters (Entrées/スターター)

#1 Miyoko Hōjō(F) (Goalkeeper) – Olympique Imgeum-si
#4 Eizan Iwamoto (Defender) – Kairaku Nymphs FC
#8 Claire Nguyen(F) (Defender) – Akihabara Electric OFC
#21 Ayame Fujisaka (Defender) – Akihabara Electric OFC (CAPTIAN)
#7 Koharu Miyamoto(F) (Defender) – Nabaek Sylph F.C
#11 Rin Mizoguchi (Mid-Field) - Hyuga Valkyries FC
#13 Pandazi Papadopoulos (Mid-Field) – Llara Llera - Image San Llera
#5 Ako Izumi(F) (Mid-Field) – Jaunepont Hérault - Image Northern Sunrise Islands
#14 Renée Guidice(F) (Striker) – Nabaek Sylph F.C
#25 Josuke Ichikawa (Striker) – Tel'Adre Phoenix
#82 Joseph Yabuta (Striker) – Akihabara Electric OFC

Back-Up (Sauvegarde/バックアップ)
#2 Ai Takagawa(F) (Goalkeeper) – Akihabara Electric OFC
#3 Atasuke Horiuchi (Goalkeeper) – Heiwa Wizards
#15 Jin Seon Ho (Defender) - Brieux Les Lions FC
#18 Kazuo Nakamura (Defender) – Heiwa Wizards
#10 Hideo Fukuda (Defender) – Tel'Adre Phoenix
#12 Akiho Ubukata(F) (Mid-Field) – Hyūga Valkyrie FC
#17 Hiro Sakuma (Mid-Field) – Habaedo University
#6 Son Dae Han (Mid-Field) – Olympique Imgeum-si
#9 Ryoushirou Nayasaki (Striker) – Kairaku Nymphs FC
#23 Sayo Matsuoka (F) (Striker) – Matthew Mets - Image Northern Sunrise Islands
#24 Aoi Fujioka (Striker) – Brieux Les Lions FC

Staff Bio

Seong Mi-Soo Age · 29

This is Seong Mi-Soo's first time coaching. She has played on the national team from World Fair III and BOF 58 until World Cup 75 qualifiers. She is a midfield with high sports IQ and spent a majority of her time observing former manager Hikaru Kyosuke . She like Kyosuke believes that Kirishima should remain an offensive minded team as that what Kirishinans love about the game but the question has always been how offensive should they be. Mi-Soo believes Kyosuke was on the right track but decided to be a twinge more defensive that Kyosuke as to limit the counter attack capabilities of very defensive minded teams.

Makoto Kikuchi Age · 26

Makoto is known as many things a boy? a girl? a miracle worker? Multi-Talented? Nevertheless she has grown up around sports and has always loved it. While attending school she participated in football, Track and Field, swimming, basketball, and cycling. She also was discovered for her musical talents she eventually had to choose what she wanted to do with her life and she chose sports and music. During the offseason, Makoto can be seen in dresses performing on stage or seen in swimwear photo shoots but during football seasons she dons a suit and takes to the field as Manager of the Akihabara Electronic OFC. The two different Makoto Kikuchi. In only her first three seasons she managed to build a solid roster and lead the Electric to their first and second ever title in her first two seasons while finishing second this past season.

Myeong Hyeon Yi Age · 23

Yes the KFA has provided information on the trainer/team doctor. Why do you ask? Because she is the team doctor and since she is part of the team, plays a role in the outcome of matches. With that said there is not much about her to say besides noting she is the team doctor of Akihabara Electronic OFC which is important as the doctor helps prevent injuries and make sure those injured return to field asap. Something needed in such a competitive domestic league.

Starting XI Bio

Miyoko Hōjō Age · 23

If you live in Kirishima you know her, if you watch Kirishinan games you know her, if you have ever faced against Kirishima you know her. Miyoko Hojo is a former culinary student specializing in Chinese Cuisine. As an athletic individual, she was noticed by both basketball and shockingly football scouts for her potential, height and vertical. She decided to give football a try as it had a more flexible scheduled and less chance for injury. The rest was history as she has helped led the Kitsunes to World Cup Qualifications in each of her first three World Cup experiences as well as keeping Olympique Imgeum-Si as a serious contender domestically. The scary thing for the opposition is her natural ability makes her a top goalkeeper. How much more of a threat will she be when she truly understands the game.

Eizan Iwamoto Age · 21

Young like the rest of the team but unlike them has the position with the least job security. Iwamoto is a fmr rookie of the year with some pretty big shoes to fill in the historic weak position. Eizan is opportunistic and calculating. Facing off against him can leave opposition dazed and confused. Eizan who sat on the bench last cup cycle will be put through a trial by fire and it remains to be seen if he can heal the Kirishinan Achilles heel.

Claire Nguyen Age · 24

Young, beautiful and relatively unknown until quite recently. Claire used to be just another defender on the Akihabara Electronic OFC when in one off season she gained a new manager in Makoto Kikuchi and two new players/eventual best friends Joseph Yabuta and Ayame Fujisaka. Nevertheless, the talented that surrounded her raised her game and she took the league by storm. She is quick, precise, and currently known as the slide tackle queen of Kirishima. The one question that is wondered is will she still be as motivated if she played for someone other than Kikuchi or her two BFF? Nevertheless thankfully for her as well as the fans, do not need to find out as her two best friends are also national team material.

Ayame Fujisaka Age · 23

Speaking of Claire's best friends, Ayame Fujisaka at just the age of 21 became the brains of the national team. Despite his age, he now had enough experience to be the captain of the squad, a fact that many Kirishinans have known for a long while. Yes, I said he no he is not a she as he is not transgender. (What a tongue twister) Ayame is well known for his cross-dressing nature but don't let your guard down around him as on the pitch he is known for his high football IQ. He is so friendly and knows how to motivate and cheer up anyone. The men and women on the team have always look to him even without the armband. You need someone to talk to he is there, your sore and in need of a massage, he is there. He will do literally anything for you to ensure you will play your maximum potential. He is a reason why Claire has gotten so good. If Seong and Kikuchi are the coaches on the sideline then Fujisaka is the coach on the field. A reputation he has proved and established since his debut with Yabuta on the Kairaku Nymphs before they both went to Akihabara. He is a cornerstone of the generation of miracles.

Koharu Miyamoto Age · 22

Koharu is a free spirit both on and off the field whose player type resembles Miyoko Hojo. She is the type that had no prior football experience and was recruited solely based on various intangibles such as speed and stamina in her specific case. A long distance track star in school her father recruited her to play for his Nabaek Sylph a move that had fans stark mad. Sure just a season prior Hojo found success, left back was different from Goalkeeper and many saw it as a parental preference. Koharu worked hard to salvage her father's name and proved herself to consistently be the first name on any teamsheet. If that was not enough, she added goal scoring to her arsenal so any team unprepared may find themselves shocked by the defender who is the most likely to score in a corner or even more shock to see her sneak past a lagging defender, receive an onside through ball and drill in a goal....once again I remind you she is a defender.

Rin Mizoguchi Age · 19

A year younger and teammate of former rookie of the year, as well as current Primer League champion and first time NT starter, Akiho Ubukata. Cup of Harmony 67 saw the teammate replace the other as the starter. He has helped put Hyuga back on the map and like Akiho is a local from Yamatai prefecture. Seong Mi-Soo is looking to re-add some male strength to the midfield position and it's also hard to deny one of the team's goal scorers a spot.

Pandazi Papadopoulos Age · 30

How to summarize Pandazi Papadopoulos? Well, he is one of the only players on the national team to play on the pre-BOF team, he is the oldest player on the team, and currently the only player on the national team to play abroad. Pandazi is an experienced veteran that the team can count on when the rest of the young team is cold. Papadopoulos is a former captain and is good nay talented at getting the ball to the proper areas of the field.

Ako Izumi Age · 23

Ako is an intelligent, opportunistic, and team oriented girl who is the best passer on the team. Her sole purpose in her opinion was to make others look good though her passing. She loves dribbling the ball and feel immense satisfaction after an assist. Ako has become more of a scorer since she left AC Kawajiri Tanuki, while she did not appreciate how Bianka Schraeder from Armeia treated her team, Ako seemed to realize that while the assist was great she had to once in awhile score herself should the opportunity arise. She is a cornerstone of the generation of miracles and a key part of the Ballista with her specialty being goal scoring from free kicks.

Renée Guidice Age · 20

This maybe a bit surprising to some but Renée Guidice has earned a place in the starting rotation over Sayo Matsuoka. Renée is a goal scorer who was eventually eclipsed by Sylvain Gainsborough and Nita Jagr. With her dissatisfaction in the club's direction, Renée joined LB Koharu Miyamoto and Midfielder from Cosumar Li H'sen Lang. Having found a resurgent in her game Guidice was a high impact scorer while Matsuoka's Matthew Mets struggled. Renée will be looking to take advantage of this opportunity. On and off the field Renée is a friendly soul who serves as a role model.

Josuke Ichikawa Age · 22

Josuke is a phenomenal scorer who is often seen as the main rival to Yabuta. Last World Cup qualifiers his Childhood friend since elementary school Sayo Matsuoka took his spot. However, his impact was missed and rather than replace Matsuoka who played well, Ichikawa replaces Nayasaki, thus putting the two Enrika natives at the wings. Josuke has good ball control and has a dangerous cross that can change the flow of any game suddenly. Penalty kicks are his greatest strength and no one is more calm, cool, and collected as he is.

Joseph Yabuta Age · 23

Despite what this humble young man would say, Yabuta is the undisputed star and goal scorer for the Kirishinan national team. Yabuta loves to score and scores he can whether it be left foot, right foot, head, knee, etc. Yabuta plays to have fun and his speed is borderline unfair. In his four-year career, Yabuta has won three championships (1 with Kairaku, 2 with Akihabara). It is safe to assume that if Kirishima scores in a game that Yabuta was behind it. This means he either scored or at least assisted on a goal. That type of consistency is very valuable. Yabuta joins his best friends Ayame and Claire in this year's national team as he remains a crucial cornerstone to the generation of miracles.

Tactic: "The Supported Ballista" 4-3-3 +2.21
Manager Seong is still using Kyosuke tactic at least until the end of Cup of Harmony. She is a bit more focused on counter attacking with her notable defenders Ayame Fujisaka who has a great mind for the game and the tomboy former university track star Koharu Miyamoto whose speed, passing and footwork enables her to get up the field quickly and in the position to opt a pass to a midfielder. However, in this version, Miyamoto does not join in the attack and after making a pass retreats back down the field. Claire Nguyen had a great season with Akihabara and is on the starting line up with teammates Yabuta and fellow center back Fujisaka. With Izumi and Papadopoulos on the field, they can place the ball in great positioning of any of the Kitsunes capable strikers like Yabuta to drill the ball into the net. Also with Yabuta's almost unnatural ability to score of volley's it will become obvious how Yabuta made the Baptism of Fire 58 squad. Guidice and Ichikawa will provide offensive support. Seong Mi-Soo hopes that this will put less pressure on Hojo who can only handle so many counterattacks.

Captain:Fujisaka ,If Subbed out: Papadopoulos/Izumi/Yabuta
Penalty Taker: Ichikawa/Izumi/Fujisaka/Yabuta/Guidice
Free Kick Taker: Izumi/Mizoguchi/Papadopoulos
Corner Taker: Izumi/Papadopoulos/ Mizoguchi

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes within reason however I can edit severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Maybe (TG First)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (Must Tg me)
Godmod other events: TG me I'm willing to discuss

I am a MT Japanese/Korean nation inhabited by Human, Anime(They're also Human), and Secret FanT beings (Northern Wilderness)that perform acts based on MT/PMT Reality

Internationally known as Flardania in English, known domestically as Kirishima in Japanese & French, and domestically as Angaeseom in Korean

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GK: The Keeper of the Milky Way
D: The Defender of Orion's Belt
D: The Defender of Outpost Beta
D: The Defender of Mars
D: The Defender of Alpha Centauri

M: The Protector of Polaris
M: The Guardian of Ursa Minor
M: The Transporter of Pluto
M: The Big Bang of Boötes

F: The Explosion of the Pinwheel Galaxy
F: Saturnia

The Academy of Space is home to a fully enclosed, gravity containing event facility known as the "Extraterrestrial Dome of Sport". The dome is constructed of clear plasticized glass allowing a clear view of the stars and planets above. The dome rotates with respect to its surroundings during matches for enhanced viewing, though any nearby stars (Stars within 2 or fewer Astronomical Units) will remain on the backside of the playing field to prevent glaring and temperature control. The Dome of Sport also serves as the official training facility for Team Space in preparation for international competition and away games.

Uniform: Image

Space are llooking for a new uniform for the special independants cup. If you are able to make it,p lease tell

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y

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National Football Team of Schottia

Independents Cup
Boreal Islands

Manager: Lionel Mah 51 Image
Assistant: Colin Donaldson 40 Image
First Team Coach: David Chettwell 69 Image
First Team Coach: Judy Scott 63 Image
First Team Coach: Conner Watts 52 Image
Gk Coach: Peter Acheson 51 Image
Physio: Claire Hanson-Conavacio 33 Image

After Schottia's qualification campaign imploded at the halfway stage of World Cup 75, there was really no other option for Jane Gullie than to stand down. After a lengthy period of deliberation the SFA finally put in place the team that they believed would give them a chance of returning to the world stage. Quebecois manager Lionel Mah is one of his nation's most promising coaching prospects, and received critical acclaim for the way he transformed the fortunes of CSKA Quebec, as well as his tactical knowledge. With John Murray leaving alongside Gullie, former Schottia skipper Colin Donaldson comes in as assistant, the 39-year-old's only coaching experience being a brief stint at interim manager at Handon United. Donaldson brings with him a good awareness of the Schottic game, and should be an excellent foil for Lionel Mah. Veteran coach David Chettwell has been with the Schottia team for the best part of ten years, and is well known to the current crop of players - he is one of the few coaches to keep his place after the post WC75 purge. Joining him for the first time are coaches Judy Scott and Conner Watts. Scott, currently at New Island, as previously been a manager at U15 and has already worked with many of the current squad. Watts, who recently left the manager's position at Port Sebastian, also brings a lot of managerial experience to the set-up. Goal keeping coach Peter Acheson remains in place; and Physio Claire Hanson-Conavacio who is brought back in following the birth of her first child, had previously been worked under Barry Gorman eight years ago.

Style Modifier: +1

Team history
Barry Gorman era
Not so much a tale of ups and downs, Schottia's history in the World Cup competitions has been one of very slow progress. Since Barry Gorman took over a side ranked outside the world's top 300, which had just finished WC68 with a grand total of 0-points, the Auks have seen their fortunes steadily improve. The small nation of six-and-a-half-million gave a very good account of themselves under his stewardship and it was in this era that we saw them first adopt their now familiar 4-2-3-1 formation. Schottia finished sixth of eight in their group as they tried to reach the finals of WC69 in his first year in charge, qualifying for the Cup of Harmony, where they recorded a surprise win over Mizuyuki. The subsequent rise up the world rankings saw them finish third, fourth, third in WC70, 71, and 72 respectively, as they established themselves as one of the world's mid-ranked sides. Schottia put in some plucky performance over the years, and there was little doubt that it was Gorman who had made the difference, seemingly able to dig deep and get something extra out of the country's small pool of players. It was also during this period (immediately prior to WC70) that Schottia won the Di Bradini Cup, and that golden generation of youngsters has slowly began to make their mark on the senior squad.

Despite being the one to galvanise the team, Barry Gorman's position as manager became more and more difficult. After a series of wild promises and statements of overconfidence, he constantly succeeded in building up the fans' expectations, and creating a rod for his own back. In the end it was no doubt this bravado, coupled with a lacklustre qualification campaign in WC72, which saw the SFA decline to offer him a new contract. He did go on to lead the side to the knockout stages of the Cup of Harmony for the first time, however it wasn't enough, and as the side limped out after a heavy defeat to Nova Anglicana, it was to be the 47-year-old's last act in charge.

Jane Gullie era
After their Cup of Harmony exit, Schottia was standing at a bit of a crossroads. Managerless, and despite reaching the knockout stages of a major tournament for the first time, it was abundantly clear that they were a million miles off the pace. From a shortlist of five candidates, Jane Gullie emerged as the most suitable option, and was handed the job over the likes of caretaker Grant Nean, and Schottic DBC hero Jock Sonny. Gullie had made a name for herself after lifting the SPL title with New Belfast Warriors, and was commended for her style of man-management and balanced tactics, which the board thought conducive to the Schottic style of play. It is easy to forget when looking back with rosé tinted glasses, but Gullie's reign was not an overnight success and indeed, she came very close to being sacked only five matches into the World Cup 73 Qualifiers. Results picked up however, the turning point being a win at home to Krytenia - a massive achievement for a nation who traditionally struggle against the top sides. The result seemed to give Schottia a new found confidence, and with the cracks glossed over with a little self belief, they eventually went on to top their group. Further wins over Mertagne, and the completion of the double over Krytenia in the final group game meant that Schottia were able to avoid the play-off lottery and move straight into the World Cup final draw.

In spite of all the excitement surrounding the nation's qualification, there was no hiding the enormity of the task they faced. Drawn in a difficult group consisting of San Jose San Jose Guayabal, Farfadillis, and the Polar Islandstates, Schottia finished in fourth place picking up a single point against Farfadillis.

Schottia then entered the World Cup 74 qualification as second seeds in their group, and while this made for a potentially easier draw - being placed alongside The Holy Empire, Bears Armed, and New Gelderland saw pay to that. After a huge struggle, Schottia eventually came out on top for a second cycle running. In reflection the home and away wins over New Gelderland, were probably pivotal in a group where all the sides dropped points. By this point Gullie was starting to get the players she wanted around her, and this was marked by the emergence of individuals such as Johannas Ünterhausen, Bella Thompson, and Herron Crew, who all made valuable contributions.

The finals themselves were once again a bridge too far for Schottia, and where they seem to have gotten qualification down to a T, the finals are another story all together. This time Schottia were draw alongside Nova Anglicana, Vilita, and the familiar faces of Farfadillis. It was to be the same story as last time however, and with zero wins, Schottia limped out once again at the group stage.

After topping their qualification group the two previous campaigns there was a lot of pressure on Jane Gullie to do the same going into WC75. However, despite a strong start, the Schottians fell by the wayside, with a seemingly inconceivable collapse at the halfway stage, finishing third behind Eura and Devonta.

Lionel Mah Era
Schottia's first World Cup qualifying campaign under the very highly rated Quebecois Lionel Mah can simply be summed up by the word - frustration. In many ways, they did so much right, but during the critical games against Eshan and Turori, they couldn't come up with the goods. The Schottic support seemed to be divided right down the middle, as to whether or not the manager should be given a second chance. However, and perhaps most crucially, the players had been generally in favour of the then 50-year-old. In the end, the Schottic FA decided not to make a final decision on Mah's fate until after the Cup of Harmony, which would prove to be astute move.

Optimism was desperately low as Schottia headed into their first ever Cup of Harmony on home soil, with overseas territory Port Christopher qualifying for the World Cup making it all the more painful. However, Schottia managed to dig deep, and pull out the results they needed, as they made their way to the final. They suffered a heartbreaking defeat in the final, losing in the dying minutes to a very impressive Bonesea side. Despite the obvious disappointment, there were several positives to take away, and in particular a 4-0 win over higher ranked Super-Llamaland, will mean that they go into the Independents Cup in much better shape.

Squad information
There are some inclusions on this team sheet that will raise a few eyebrows, with no less than four uncapped players. However, as Lionel Mah was keen to state, Schottia are only ever going to get to the footballing top table if they change something drastically. His search for talent has taken him to the far-flung corners of the Multiverse, all the way to the Christopheran Super-League, and the Fleftic Women's League. The newcomers will be eased into the side slowly, with the starting eleven from the Cup of Harmony final all included in the final 23 on the flight out to The Boreal Islands.

At the back, Cornellians keeper McNott retains the number one jersey, sitting behind a back four of Watt, Doig, Souter, and Paul. All of them are the right side of thirty, and all playing for good clubs, so there is much optimism that this back five could finally be the answer to Schottia's defensive woes, which have dogged them throughout their WCC era. The defence all have a bit of pace about them, and they should make it tricky the opposition strikers. Lionel Mah's tenure seems to have brought about an end to the constant tinkering under Jane Gullie, who was often criticised for not knowing her best eleven. Mah on the other hand, seems to be very settled on a midfield of Ünterhausen and McDonald, with Killanen Rudden, and Coultan all playing just in front. McDonald, who recently joined up with Coret Hawks in Nephara, was also awarded the captains armband, her just reward for some inspirational performances when the chips were down. With the attacking midfield three that Schottia have, you know you're always going to get goals, and after a poor last cycle by his own standards, Killanen will have a point to prove. Rudden should be well up for it too; a shinny new move to Sabrefell Athletic will no doubt give her some fresh impetus. And Kim Coultan was widely regarded as Schottia's best player during the Cup of Harmony, so it will be interesting to see how she handles the additional pressure. In the loan striker role, rumour has it that Mah is set to go with Corinne Martel-Burns, the controversial St Johns striker, who simply cannot stop scoring in the Q-League. With McCormack and Melanie Ünterhausen as backup, there are more reliable options available though, and both will be keen to seize any opportunity they get with both hands.




For the first time in four seasons Schottia have gone with a foreign kit designer, with Meski of Red Blackiland getting the nod. We would like to thank the team for the work they put into these new designs, which see Schottia playing in horizontal stripes for the first time.


Full Squad

1. GK Jeremy McNott, 29 | Image Cornellians | Height:191cm Weight:79kg
Jeremy McNott came out on top in a fierce three-way battle for the number one jersey in the build up to WC76, and despite some hairy moments, seems to have held on to it. The big Cornellians keeper has been a key figure for his club over the last six or seven years, and the experience gained there, both domestically and in UICA competition, have maybe just given him the edge. McNott is particularly strong coming out for crosses, and has a good command of his area. With keepers such as Jim Black and Chris Gonzaö snapping at his heels, however, he will be under pressure to deliver.

2. RB Larry Watt, 29 | Image 1860 Azoth, | Height: 180cm. Weight: 75kg
Now firmly established as Schottia's first choice right back, Watt has earned great reviews while playing for his country. The former Di Bradini Cup winner started his career at Marionville, where the first team experience he gained helped him win a move to Buyanese side Blau-Weiss Pallstadt. After fighting his way into the first team there, Watt was snapped up by Cenian side 1860 Azoth when the league folded, for a sum of $9 million. Larry Watt is a tall powerful runner, who has a strong emphasis on defence. His reluctance to get forward and support the attack has been criticised on occasion, however he is a solid player, who rarely makes mistakes.

3. LB Paul Doig, 27 | Image Port Sebastian | Height:180cm Weight:71kg
It has been widely accepted that Paul Doig had a good campaign. While Schottia's performances at the World Cup were far from perfect, the Port Sebastian left-back looked calm and collected at the back. He then took this form with him into the Cup of Harmony, where he was a big player for Schottia en route to the final. Doig is a former Di Bradini Cup winner, and has won two SPL titles with Port Sebastian. For years Schottia have struggled to fill the left back role, with some interesting inclusions finding themselves stuck in there. With his pace, composure, and the bonus of his long throw ins, the idea of playing Doig might well turn out to be one of Lionel Mah's better moves.

4. CB Stephen Paul, 25 | Image Falourr | Height:182cm Weight:81kg
Being branded Mr Reliable, is a good place to start out when you are a young centreback, but few of us would have predicted the national academy graduate would rise to such dizzying heights. Now playing with Falourr in Eura, Paul has both Globe Cup and top domestic football experience under his belt at a relatively young age. Schottia have been waiting for a while for a solid central defender to come along and claim that position alongside Gareth Souter, and it seems as if Paul can be that individual. Furthermore, twenty-five isn't old for a central defender, so there is every chance he could still improve.

5. CB. Gareth Souter, 26 | Image Sporting Cenial | Height: 189cm. Weight: 79kg
Since making his debut for Handon United aged 18, there has been a feeling that Souter could be a special player. After leaving the club to join up with Cenian side Sporting Cenial, he impressed the Schottic management team with a string of good performances. He helped his club to some impressive league results working hard to keep them near the top of a very competitive league. Souter is a strong player, who takes the game very seriously. He has a good footballing ability and is comfortable on the ball, meaning he can play in midfield if called upon.

6. CM Jenny McDonald, 28 | Image Coret Hawks Height: 173cm. Weight: 64kg (c)
For the woman who has captained both Handon Ladies and the Willox Street Pirates, Mah handing her the armband seemed like the logical choice. McDonald could never be accused of faintheartedness, and after playing for eight years in a hot-blooded league like Port Christopher, she is never one to shy away from a challenge. The 28-year-old is far more than just a hatchet-girl however, and through both her performances in last year's Cup of Harmony, and her $6,000,000 transfer to Nepharim side Coret Hawks, she has proven that she is one of Schottia's brightest star at the moment.

8. D/ACM Johannas Ünterhausen, 23 | Image Real Chinchinhua | Height: 186cm. Weight: 77kg
The jury are still out as to whether or not Johannas is the star that was promised, when he first burst onto the scene as a 15-year-old playing with FC Döllar. It could easily be argued that he has never reached the level we all expected playing in Taeshan, but either way, he seems to have to emerged as a nation team regular under Lionel Mah. Johannas has represented his nation at all levels, and is equally comfortable anchoring the midfield as he is in attack, having been employed in several different positions in his international career. In terms of physical and technical attributes, he has the potential to become a world class player, he perhaps just needs to show more of a level head. Should his twin sister Melanie receive a cap here in Bonesea, they will be the first twins to be capped for Schottia.

11. A/CM FC Kim Coultan, 27 | Image Crawford City | Height:160cm Weight:53kg
From the fringes of a side in the second tier of Schottic football to one of the stars of a team, which finished third in the Buyanese Top League. Coultan's journey from scrawny 17-year-old to full-internationalist has been a rags to riches story. The 27-year-old DBC winner became the first woman to play for the senior team when she was capped in the Cup of Harmony five cycles back, and has since gone on to establish herself in the first team. The girl from South Schottia has now been playing in Cosumar with top-flight side Crawford City for six seasons, a period of stability which has certainly benefited her game in general. The quick passing, sharp shooting attacking midfielder was Schottia's player of the tournament at the Cup of Harmony.

7. LM/F Chloe Rudden, 26 | Image Sabrefell Athletic | Height:172cm Weight:60kg
Rudden is second to no one in this squad in terms of pace when she drives forward down the left wing. A very successful player at youth level, Rudden won her first Schottia cap aged eighteen, after an impressive debut season with North Laithland in the Nepharim Premiership. The 26-year-old helped the Spiders to some strong league finishes in what is one of the Multiverse's top divisions, and recently earned a move to rivals Sabrefell Athletic. With Rudden's directness, and attacking threat she is also one of the main sources if goals in the current side.

10. AMRLC Eoin Killanen, 30 | Image Mâ Âlâmëómë | Height:176cm Weight:71kg
With seven goals in six World Cup finals appearances, it's easy to see why Killanen is widely regarded as the nation's only real world class player. Starting his career Lammerton, he then moved to FC Zürich in Vyrser, before being picked up by A-League side Kingsgrove. It was with the Brenecian club that he made a name for himself, becoming player of the year award in his one and only season there. Killanen then joined up with Mâ Âlâmëómë in Farfadillis where he has been for the last five seasons. He has had attitude problems at various points in his career, but then he is on song, he had the ability to be a game changer for his side. Schottia's Di Bradini Cup winning captain can play anywhere in the attacking line, right, left, or centre.

ƐƖ. FC Corinne Martel-Burns, 19 | Image St Johns Arsenal | Height:173cm Weight:65kg
Since she was kicked out of the Handon United youth academy at the age of fifteen, Martel-Burns has constantly been in the headlines for both the right and the wrong reasons. She was Schottia's top goal scorer en route towards lifting the U15 World Cup, despite missing three matches, while suspended for wrestling with the referee. That statement more or less sums her up, as for all the good she has done in her career, there has been moments of lunacy in equal measures. Now playing with Q-League title challengers St Johns Arsenal, the teenager seems to have found her place, where she was the club's top goal scorer last season. In the national team, the appointment of Lionel Mah seems to have been a positive influence on Martel-Burns, who may have turned a corner in going the whole Cup of Harmony without a single dismissal. In terms of playing style, she is a strong and aggressive centre-forward, who throws all she has into every match.


12. GK Chris Gonzaö, 32 | Image Port Sebastian | Height:202cm Weight:85kg
For a player who has been in the squad as long as Chris Gonzaö, it must be frustrating for him that he has not featured more. While he may have to settle for a place on the bench a while longer, that shouldn't be considered an indicator of his general ability. The double SPL title winner with Port Sebastian has been a mainstay of that team for a number of seasons, and he is a very consistent performer. Gonzaö is a very good all-rounder, and he will be an extremely able back up if called upon.

23. GK Jim Black, 27 | Image Lammerton | Height:184cm Weight:75kg
Might have considered himself a little unlucky not to have been pushed forward for the No.1 spot, Black has been one of the outstanding keepers in the SPL for many years now. He moved from New Belfast Blues to Lammerton a couple of seasons back, for the purpose of increasing his NT prospects, and to some extent that has worked. However it seems likely that Lionel Mah will go with more experienced McNott, who has played in the Champions' Cup.

14. RB Juniper McCallum, 23 Image AC Holmenkollen| Height: 178cm. Weight: 63kg
JMcCallum has gone from the South Island regional development academy to the first team of Harlighet Ligan club Holmenkollen, helping them qualify for the Globe Cup. She has never been capped for Schottia at any level previously, so this will be a chance for her to show the management team what she can do. The 23-year-old's inclusion in this squad is always going to lead to comparisons between her and Bella Thompson, whom she replaces. While both women of them play in Cosumar, they are very different players, and this inclusion says a lot about Mah's determination to widen the national pool.

17. CB Mark Ünterhausen, 21 | Image FC Jansberg | Height:186cm Weight:75kg
Following his elder brother Johannas into the squad, the FC Jansberg centre-back previously captained his nation at under-21 level. Seen as the most consistent and level headed of the Ünterhausens, there is little doubt that Mark will force his way into the first team at some point, even if it isn't right now. Schottia have been through a lot of central-defensive-pairings over the last ten years, so Mah might be reluctant to break up the current partnership. However Mark has been very impressive over the last twelve months, and this will represent a good opportunity to see how he interacts with rest of the squad.

15. LB. Molly Killanen, 23 | Image IFK Aldenskoett | Height:173cm Weight:64kg
The younger sibling of star number ten Eoin, Molly Killanen has been working hard to forge a career for herself in her own right. After some decent performances with IFK Aldenskoett, she received a call up just before the Cup of Harmony as cover in the problematic left back role. The young player performed well in two substitute appearances, and thus has retained her place in the squad for the trip to The Boreal Islands. After years of trying to stave of relegation, her side finally went down last season, fuelling rumours that she could be on her travels once again.

20. LM Steven Rexmont, 22 | Image Port Sebastian | Height:180cm Weight: 69kg
Rexmont made a huge splash in the SPL since he burst onto the scene as an 18-year-old with Dundee, subsequently winning a move to top four side Port Sebastian. His incredible domestic form didn't quit carry over to his fledgling international career however, and despite being included in the WC-Qualifying squad, he missed out on the Cup of Harmony. His place on the plane here shows that the manager no doubt wants to have another look at him, and he will need to grab any opportunity with both hands. Rexmont is a fast, strong runner, who has many SPL defenders running scared. Unfortunately for him right now, he is behind Rudden in the pecking order.

18. AMR Jonathan Bia, 25 | Image Port Sebastian | Height:170cm Weight:72kg
Bia has been an ever-present part of the Schottia squad, since he became the country's youngest ever full international just a few day after his sixteenth birthday. While having been capped over fifty times, incredibly, only four have been from the start of the match. With Coultan and Killanen normally occupying that role for Schottia, it has meant that for all his talent, Bia's chances have been limited. The Dahamy born left-footed, right-sided winger is a firm fans' favourite with his club Port Sebastian, and has a habit of cracking in strikes from impossible angles.

16. R/L/CM Evelyn Conjure, 21 | Image Blue Coast 1981 | Height: 169cm. Weight: 67kg
This versatile youngster most likely owes her inclusion to the incredible form of her club Blue Coast 1981, who defied the odds to lift the Christopheran S-L title, the defied them again by qualifying for the Champions' Cup. Being one of the few Schottians to have played at international domestic football's highest level, it has obviously prompted Mah to have a look at her, as he continues his recruitment drive. Conjure normally plays in the holding role for her club, but we know she has played out wide for Schottia at U21 level, so we'll have to wait and see where Mah decides to throw her into the mix. Conjure has definitely been on a good run of late, so expect to see her capped at some point here in The Boreal Islands.

19. CM Thio Crillin, 30 | Image Olympic Nassau Bay | Height: 188cm. Weight: 88kg
Although Crillin has generally been employed in the holding role for the national team, the big midfielder is a versatile player who is capable of contributing to the attack. A key part of the golden generation who lifted the DBC, Crillin has gone on to have great success for both club and country. Starting his career at Hollin, he made a name for himself at the small Belker club before getting his big chance with Myrmidon in Ceni. After many successful seasons there, he moved on to Olympic Nassau Bay in New Gelderland where he was a big part of their Globe Cup push. Crillin is a large, powerful player, who brings some steel to the midfield and the fact that he wasn't one of the players making way for the newcomers, shows that Mah still wants to see what he's got.

22. CM Vera Cummings, 25 | Image Port Sebastian | Height:177cm Weight: 63kg
Cummings made a big impact on this Schottia squad, with her no nonsense attitude and work ethic impressing her new boss. Like Rexmont, she followed manager Jock Sonny from Dundee to Port Sebastian, and adjusted extremely well. The 25-year-old became one of the more frequently used substitutes during the last set of WC-qualifiers and was seen as an effective understudy to Ünterhausen. Cummings has been touted as the next Gary Corsie by the media; let's hope that only refers to his on-field attributes.

9. FR/C John McCormack, 26 | Image Centralis Heart | Height:186cm Weight:79kg
This no nonsense attacker has been putting in some strong performances in the Terranean-League, particularly in helping Electrumite club Centralis Heart to Champions' Cup semi finals a few years back. The former Lammerton striker came to prominence after Schottia's run to the semi-finals of DBC-35, where his goals scoring ability started to catch the eye of few foreign clubs. Generally speaking he shares striking duties with St Johns forward Martel-Burns, with Lionel Mah operating something of a rotation system in attack. Of all the strikers in the national pool, McCormack offers the most in terms of raw pace.

21. FC/ACM Melanie Ünterhausen, 23 | Image Arsenal de Releinthi Ladies | Height:180cm Weight: 71kg
Eldest of the Ünterhausen siblings by a mere fifteen minutes, the highly competitive attacker would probably have never lived it down, had her brothers been called up while she stayed at home. Already a journeyman at the age of 23, the former Döllar, Kelsy, and Soessch girl now plies her trade in the Fleftic Women's League, with champions Arsenal de Releinthi Ladies. Some have criticised her lack of ambition in joining a non-co-ed association without prospect of UICA football; however, this call-up clearly shows it hasn't held her back. After three seasons on loan in Schottia and Port Christopher, Melanie helped her charges to the domestic League and Cup double. With bags of pace, drive, and trickery, the 23-year-old has already made a big impact up junior level.

Formation and tactics


Most likely too...
The following categories operate a depth chart system, taking into account the probability that the player will be on the pitch.
- Corrine Martel-Burns
-Eion Killanen
-John McCormack
- Chloe Rudden
- Kim Coultan
- Melanie Ünterhausen
-Johannas Ünterhausen
-Jenny McDonald
- Steven Rexmont
- Joey Bia
- Vera Cummings
-Eoin Killanen
-Kim Coultan
-Johannas Ünterhausen
-Jenny McDonald
-Chloe Rudden
-Vera Cummings
-Thio Crillin
-Steven Rexmont
-Joey Bia
-Evelyn Conjure
-Corinne Martel-Burns
- Jenny McDonald
-Paul Doig
-Gareth Souter
-Johannas Ünterhausen
-Vera Cummings
-Eoin Killanen
-Thio Crillin
-Mark Ünterhausen

Captian: Jenny McDonald
Vice-Captain: Larry Watt
Penalty kicks: Eoin Killanen
Free kick (left-foot): Paul Doig.
Free kick (right-foot): Kim Coultan. Or Corinne Martel-Burns
Corner kicks R|L: Larry Watt | Paul Doig

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y*
Roleplay injuries to my players Y (I will decide how long.)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N (Y with TG)
Godmod other events Y*
*I'm very open to any interesting ideas on or of the pitch, so feel free to send me a TG.
However, I've always RPed Schottia in a more or less realistic way, so please keep that in mind.
The main thing is don't kill anyone or end their career.
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Revolutionary Nordskania is a medium sized country that only recently succeeded from an oppressive communist dictatorship to the south. The region is largely influenced by Anglatia, which funded and trained the revolution, and the closest thing it has to a government is the Northern Syndicate that manages foreign policy and has the largest militia. The ongoing revolution is also the reason why many players were born in foreign lands that are safer. The land is ruled by many clans, corporations, and other organizations who own property, and there are no laws beyond property rights. Sport has long been popular in the north, where the revolutionary zone is located, and so a national league was quickly established when the north broke away from the rest of the country. The largest footballing city is the de facto capital, Turbayov, which is home to both Alliance and Central. Alliance is the most supported side historically, while Central won the first summer and winter seasons of the RFL. By the coast and in the industrial centers, football is a religion to the populace, and most Nordskanians consider themselves very knowledgable about the game. They're also extremely passionate when supporting their clubs, and loyalty is a big deal to fans. Once you choose a club in the north, you're a fan for life. The players are also expected to put the interests of their club above their own. The sporting atmosphere in the country is also largely inspired by the unstable political atmosphere, and the ongoing battle to protect the southern border. The creation of the national team reflects this struggle, a struggle for recognition by the rest of the world, and is a major step in the fight for northern freedom. To the south of the country in the Nordskania DPR, a separate revolution is going on, one between the popular uprising of the Rose movements and the communist government's generals. After the dictator Vas Zharkov fled the country, the NDPR is in chaos, and it's unknown if this chaos back home will have a negative affect on team morale.


Colors: Black and gold
Stadium: Port of Turbayov Stadium(75,000 capacity)
Style: +4
Formation: 3-4-3
Produced by Monarch Sports, the leading kit producer in Anglatia and the Revolutionary zone.


Manager - Karl Karpenko - 66 - Kurovo Stars
Assistant - Julius Shvets - 43 - Italio SC
Head Fitness Coach - Petrus Szabo - 40 - Alliance Turbayov
Head Physio - Justina Carpenter - 41 - Ross United - Anglatia - Female
Goalkeeping Coach - Saso Grekov - 62 - Energie Masloka
Head Statistician - Eros Ivanovic - 26 - Kurovo Stars
Psychologist - Lara Krupin - 35 - Alliance Turbayov - Female
Assistant Trainer - Natalia Kotov - 22 - FK National - Female

GK - Natasha Grekov - 25 - Rosenpfelblatz City Ladies(Abanhfleft)
LB - Vlad Bilous - 27 - Alliance Turbayov
CB - Christian Nadarevic - 29 - Central Turbayov
RB - Fabijan Hadzic - 22 - Central Turbayov - Apox born
LM - Ante Sindler - 21 - Central Turbayov
CM - Leandro Besic - 26 - Nyaca Motor
CM - Arkadi Zima - 22 - FK National - Abanhfleft born
RM - Pyotor Afanasyev - 21 - Energie Masloka
LS - Damir Dragovic-Courtial - 24 - Central Turbayov - Quebec born
RS - Piotr Vlasenko - 23 - Alliance Turbayov
CF - Ces Yoshida - 19 - Heiwa Wizards(Flardania) - Flardania born - Female

GK - Alek Brzic - 26 - Traktor Masloka
GK - Josef Grekov - 30 - Energie Masloka

CB - Stefan Jaksic - 24 - FK National
CB - Filip Ceran - 29 - Traktor Masloka
LB - Derek Anishin - 25 - Nyaca Motor
RB - Andrei Kosanovic - 40 - FK National
LM - Milos Dragicevic - 19 - Pivo Maslev - Tumbra born
CM - Mateo Belakov - 33 - Energie Masloka
CM - Grace Aguilar - 24 - Alliance Ladies - San Jose Guayabal born - Female
CM - Jakub Danshov - 19 - Energie Masloka
RM - Leo Bjelica - 20 - Pivo Maslev
CF - Anto Lazaric - 29 - FK National
ST - Pavel Adrianic - 26 - Alliance Turbayov
ST - Theodora Bojovic - 19 - Janford Roses(Redvale) - Female

Captain: Josef Grekov
Alternate Captains: Piotr Vlasenko, Arkadi Zima
Free Kick Takers: Piotr Vlasenko, Ces Yoshida, Arkadi Zima, Leandro Besic
Corner Kicks: Ante Sindler, Arkadi Zima
Penalty Takers: Ces Yoshida, Damir Dragovic-Courtial
An AnCap community in the north of Nordskania. Proxy state of Anglatia, and there's no rules here outside of contract.
Population: 14 million. Capital: Turbayov

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Barunia's National Football Team

Everything you ever wanted to know about Barunian Football History
The Suns team that faces up for the first Independents Cup is the same team that played in the most recent World Cup. In fact, the only change is in the staff, with legendary coach Joric Ruskin finally calling it a day. No replacement has been found yet, so West Bay coach Adam Johnson has been named as an interim coach, and will manage the team throughout the tournament.

(Female Players listed in italics)
#1 Paul Bainbridge GK Southern Bluebirds - CAPTAIN
#35 Lucy Hutton GK Dropshort Diamonds
#25 Patrick Smith GK Mountaineers

#4 Joe Mortimer LB Marion Hawks
#8 Felix Benitez CB Edwardton Eagles
#22 Akio Sweet CB Firewood City [OSR]
#5 Adam Donaldson LB Marion Hawks
#13 Taylor Blakefield RB Western Orcas
#39 Liesel McClelland RB Southern Bluebirds
#18 Edward Newton CB Southern Bluebirds
#36 Monica Andretti CB Trinity Saints

#23 Caroline Cole CDM Coral Cougars
#7 Daniel Kyrow CDM Edwardton Eagles
#6 Jason Cartwright LM Babbage Town
#14 Kassandra Berry RM Cloudsdale Flyers [EQS]
#16 David Savage RM Northern Tridents
#19 Matt Vine LM Woodvale Wolves
#29 Daniel Holland CM West Bay Mariners

Attacking Midfielders
#33 Thomas Marsh AM West Bay Mariners
#11 Hannah Miller AM Newland FC

#34 Lisa Collins-Holzknecht RF Coral Cougars
#40 Martin Bailey LF Woodvale Wolves
#21 Mason O'Donnell CF Newland FC

Team Line-up
OOC: If I RP before you, please check my RP for the start list, as I will be changing it regularly. If you RP first, or I haven't posted a start list, have a look at the formation images for the starting lists. If you wish, feel free to make changes, as long as you swap defender for defender, midfielder for midfielder, etc, and keep the formation.

Interim Coach: Adam Johnson
After the retirement of Joric Ruskin following the 76th World Cup, the Barunian Football Association have struggled to find a replacement. With none yet found, and the Independents Cup looming, they put out a call to Adam Johnson, coach of the West Bay Mariners in Barunia's X-League. Johnson has an excellent domestic record, and years of experience, making him a strong choice for an emergency interim coach. He's only filling in at the moment, but if he wants the job, a good performance here would go a long way to improving his chances.
NB: As is typical of football teams in Barunia, the Suns do not have a manager. The Coach is responsible for managing the team.

Kits by Kirola Sportwear, Audioslavia
Goalkeeper colours: yellow (home); blue (away); green (alt)

Style: +2.5
Choose Scorers: Y, no own goals
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y, but I will decide the severity
Godmod Injury Events N
Godmod Player Discipline: N
- Allow Players to Be Yellow Carded: Y (Including double yellow)
-- Number of Yellow Cards Permitted: 4 (Including double yellow)
- Allow Players to Be Red Carded: Y
-- Number of Red Cards Permitted: 1
Godmod Other Events: N
Head of Dipomacy for the Union of Red Nations
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Officially jolly good sporting chaps! Winners of the 2nd Chap Olympiad! (As MCSA)

Baptism of Fire 51: Quarter-finalists
Cup of Harmony 62 & 64: Runner-ups
Qualified for World Cup 67,68,73,74,75

Rugby Union World Cup 25 - Third Place

Hosts of the 4th T20 Cricket World Cup
Third Place in the 4th T20 Cricket World Cup

Hosts of the Celebration of Field Hockey

Board Member of the World Calvinball Federation

Rugby World Cup 26 Champions
Author of Issue #604

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Choose my goalscorers Y, but try to keep them in the chosen 16
Godmod scoring events Y, but not too ridiculous
RP injuries to my players Y, but not to serious
Godmod injuries to my players Y, but please don't cripple them
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y, but not excessively
Hand out red cards to my players Y, but not too often
Godmod other events Y, make it funny. As you may have notice Kalumba has a wee bit of a hooligan problem so feel free to mention that

And the team:

Manager: Terence Ottbourne - Kalumban hero, was hugely influential in the Baptism of Fire 43 victory where his goalkeeping kept us in many a game and went so far as to win us others. His retirement left a hole which has still to be filled. He has proved to be a solid choice for manager after the untimely death of George Davies and produced a decent qualifying campaign last time out, and the usual group stage failing in the Cup of Harmony.

First Team Coach: Magnus Malan- Led the team throughout the last World Cup without much success but he did record a notable victory against highly rated Newmanistan, and suffered only narrow defeats to teams in the top 25 in the world. Very defensive minded and his approach led the team to be nicknamed 'The Tortoises'.

Ulusu Mtanda-No.1 23 year old novice, looking to make his debut this time out. Part of the Kahali Spears team which is taking the Kalumban League by storm, and holds a new clean sheet record after going 14 games unbeaten this season.
Frank Burnden-No.67 42 year old veteran keeper, useful back up option. Will not expect to start but will most probably be on the bench to cover for the young keeper in case of injury.
Peter Franks-No.41 23 year old rookie, first selection for the team. Missed out on going to the Di Bradini cup by 2 months, so will be hoping to play a few games to secure his position as long term successor to Ottbourne and to unseat Mtanda. May play in less crucial group games or when Kalumba are knocked out. Still strugging to fulfill his early potential.

LB-Derek Ward, 29 year old truck driver, stupid but effective No. 12 Recently banned from driving for Drink-Driving, will be hoping to secure a place at a foreign club team to provide him with an income.
LCB-Vincent Mkure, 19 year old, member of the Kahali Spears No. 14 Built like the proverbial ox this young man has a long career ahead of him at the heart of Kalumba's defence. And such is his maturity he is already being spoken of as a future captain.
LCB-Duncan Edward, 28 year old, pretty boy, but solid at the back No. 4 A true rock and Kalumba's second most capped player since his debut in BoF 43 will be hoping to return Kalumba to the heights she once achieve.
RCB-Kaneu Daima, 22 year old, 6 foot 9, deadly in the air No. 6 Last minute inclusion ahead of the injured Von Harniggen, but his displays for Kahali this season warrant an inclusion anyway.
RCB-Norman Baker, 28 year old bank manager, great slide tackler No. 5 Castigated in the news for losing his bank a large amount of money speculating on the stock market, will try to rebuild his reputation.
RB-James Downs, 39 year old ex-rugpy prop forward, solid but no agility whatsoever No. 3 Recently dropped from his Rugby team so is looking to football for his wage.
RB-Frank Ruyten, 23 year old civil servant, very fast but poor crossing ability No. 19 Has worked on his crossing but still struggles to fulfill his promise as an attacking fullback.

LM-Peter Kurtz, 25 year old full time proffesional footballer No. 21 Still struggling for form but has improved at the World Cup scoring twice and creating another couple for Kalumba.
LM-James Fish, 19 year old protege No. 9 Still a protege, retained for the first team instead of the U21s so Davies clearly intends to play him.
CM-Ollie Roberts, 27 year old model and dancing champion No. 18 First high profile homosexual in Kalumba. Has moved to Southern Cynocephali to play professionally and be open with his sexuality.
CM-Gabriel Danukwe, 20 year old Kahali Spears strong man No. 16 An old fashioned enforcer, Danukwe will have to watch his discipline.
CM -Laurence Kabila, 20 year old Kahali Spears creative midfielder No. 15 Picked up 23 assists this season and is seen as a major part of the future of Kalumban football.
CAM -Ben Cheeter, 23 built like an arab donkey but with the shot of an angry mule No. 27 Didn't impress at either the BoF or the last WC but still integral to the team as he links the midfield to the strikers.
CDM- Godwin Kuli, 19 year old sweeper for Kahali Spears No. 17 Despite the unfashionability of the position this young man has played it with aplomb and will hope to reproduce such form for the national side.
RM-Jameson Slutei, 23 year old and rapid No. 33 Lucky to get in the team, but an injury to Abouto left the position open and Slutei will look to make it his own.
RW-Jermaine Filks, 33 year old great crosser of the ball No. 11 Due to Abouto's excellence has yet to feature but has worked on his left sided play in hope of getting a starting position.

RS- Roland Grezlak, 28 year old, 6 foot strong as an ox No. 8 Came on to score many a crucial goal, will be looking for me involvment this time round.
RS- Anthony Peters, 23 year old, youngster but top scorer last season No. 99 Barely featured but did score our second goal in the BoF final. Will be looking to break into the team on a regular basis.
LS-Piet Von Kruger, 21 year old, second striker for Kahali spears No. 21 An excellent partner for Watusi, if they can recreate their club form they will be a feature for years to come in the Kalumban national team.
CF- Peterson Watusi, 17 year old, 20 goal hero for Kahali Spears No. 10 His goals have won him the place of veteran Kevin Davis, it is hoped the pressure won't overwhelm the young man.
CF- Craig Garden, 28 year old, reliable but not much skill No. 93 Another non-starter and like Malone will struggle to record a further cap to his collection of seven.

Starting line-up:

4-4-2 (Style Modifier: +3)

GK Ulusu Mtanda

LB Derek Ward
LCB Duncan Edward (c)
RCB Kaneu Daima
RB Vincent Mkure

LM Peter Kurtz
CM Ollie Roberts
CM Laurence Kabila
RM Jameson Slutei

CF Peterson Watusi
CF Piet Von Kruger

GK Frank Burnden
LCB Ronan Beardly
RB James Downs
CM Gabriel Danukwe
CM Godwin Kuli
ST Roland Grezlak

By Barrengeka, becuase there's the rest, then the best.
Unilateral Declaration of Indifference viewtopic.php?f=23&t=111178 - Honestly Kalumba has no interest in you or your problems.
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The Colonial Crisis viewtopic.php?f=5&t=138755
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OOC: Please note this series may or may not get finished. I'm going away until Monday and writing the entire thing on the way, so it might not be all ready by the end of the group stages.
Indigo Wave

Chapter One: Ignition

The Northern Syndicate was the closest thing Nordskania’s revolutionary zone had to a government. It was the most powerful of the land owning clans, one with large membership and the one that owned the majority of the guns in the country, and it was also the one that owned the Northern Militia that had fought and defeated the Nordskanian People’s Army during the revolution. It was an organization that enforced freedom through totalitarianism, maintaining the borders and keeping the country anarchist through the brutal suppression of anyone else who tried to set up a state, especially one that they don’t deem capitalist enough.

They used axes as their symbol and they were willing to fight alongside fascists to protect their dream, and in a way, they were the worst anarchists ever. But they were the only ones in the Northern Isles to gain their own nation. The Northern Syndicate weren't liked by everyone, but they were the ones who used their political capital to keep the utilities running for everyone and they were the ones who ensured that the roads were paved. They were the lifeblood of this young nation, and now, they were faced with a choice. To go to war to expand into the south and take land from the communists to defend it from Pridnestrovia, or to stay back and rely on their allies and their army to defend their territory.

Just south of Masloka, they had a potential ally in the State of Nordskania. After taking the Red Strip fortification, Darya Zharkov and her Blue Roses had declared the suburbs around the fortification to be the city of Orelgrad, with the fort serving as the center of the new city. She'd also declared the nearby city of Sopova to be part of her territory, and the two cities had been declared to be the State of Nordskania by her. They had their own military made up of People's Army defectors, and they were supported both by criminal groups and by the Empire of Anglatia, who was arming them with modern equipment and the latest weapons.

They were outright fascists, ruled by a junta with Zharkov and her companions at the head, and yet they were still valuable allies because they had no intention of warring with the North. They had an obsession with self sufficiency, and they were fine with co existing and focusing on their own borders and their war with the south as long as the North didn't threaten their interests. Right now, the North needed all the help they could get, and they had long been friends of the far right despite their anarchist ideologies. They were natural friends, because they were the only faction in the region that could help with countering the extreme left.

But despite having an ally, there was also a sea of enemies to the south. The fascists would protect their border by Masloka, and they had a population of five hundred thousand, which would be enough to hold out under attack, but they would still have to worry about threats from Ryakova and from further south, in Puloko. Puloko was serving as the capital of the so called Soviet Republic of Nordskania, which had been founded to replace the NDPR by Army Marshall Pavel Andriychuk and his allies, who had taken power after Vas Zharkov left the country on a self imposed exile to hide and come back at a better time. The SRN wasn't their only threat; there was also the threat of Pridnestrovia, whose missiles would do nothing against the well defended airspace of the North, but were still a threat to invade on the ground.

With all that in mind, the Northern Syndicate was holding an emergency meeting with all of its members, in the city of Kurovo. That city had long been known as the heart of the nation’s military, and now it was the heart of their decision making process. They were not the only clan in the country, but they were the strongest by far, and so what they decided would have far reaching consequences for everyone and not just their members. The current head of the Syndicate, who had been elected for the first time in the yearly elections, was someone who had been picked specifically because a situation like this might happen: Anya Belashova, former intelligence director of the clan. She was young for a leader, at thirty six years old, but she wasn't inexperienced in politics. Her careful work was part of what had secured them the support they needed for their revolution to work. She was also the one who'd set up some of their largest smuggling networks to destabilize their southern enemies.

Anya’s work had also won her the support of the clan, meaning that she won the last election to become Executive by sixty percent of the vote. Now, she had her first huge crisis to deal with. She was the one at the front of the large hall, addressing the members of the Syndicate as they prepared to vote on an invasion of Pridnestrovian held territory in the south. Behind her, there were two massive banners with the logo of the Syndicate emblazoned on a black background. In front of her, the crowd was assembled, and at the back of the room, there were many members of the Army that were awaiting a decision and watching anxiously.

“We, the people of Northern Nordskania, are once again being threatened by communism,” Anya started, looking up from her notes and scanning the crowd with her eyes. “Not from the Zharkov regime, but from a foreign power. Pridnestrovia has long been an ally of the old regime, and now they look to threaten everything we worked to build by invading our island. Not just the south, but all of it, including us. They have already made their declaration of war, and their men are already on the ground. Some have said that we should allow them to fight our enemies for us, but the truth is, they are and always have been one of our enemies. Today, we gather here to decide whether we should sit back and wait for them, or if we should take the offensive and make a push south to prevent them from completing their goal of creating a puppet regime on our island.”

At that moment, a secretary stepped into the room with a microphone and interrupted the speech. “Um, I'm sorry to interrupt, but we have a message from the Empire of Anglatia… They want to help us. They've already armed Darya’s men and they want to enter war with Pridnestrovia and enforce a no fly zone over the island, with exceptions for our planes. They have a colony in Patierre, which is too close for comfort for them. They said that they spent a lot of money removing communism from the region to protect their colony, and they don't want to allow a foreign power to bring it back. We have forty eight hours to accept or reject their support as part of Operation Indigo Wave, and if we reject, they'll direct the entirety of their support towards Darya Zharkov. Their representative also informed me that their Third Fleet is on its way from Syhaux, and that their plan is to dock outside the Port of Turbayov. There's also a division of soldiers that will arrive in Sopova by air, to assist their allies.”

“What are the terms of their help? What do they want from us in return?” asked Anya. “This is a big cost for them. I do not expect their help to come cheaply. Do they want territory to the south? Or more sway over our internal politics?”

The secretary shook her head. “As far as I know, they just want to protect the borders of the State of Nordskania. Apparently Emperor Colden is quite enamored with Darya Zharkov. She's fighting his enemies for him and he's doing everything he can to maintain her borders. If I heard the representative correctly, they call themselves the Mountain Pact. Colden believes that the fascists are a good investment, and he thinks they can win in the south and become a valuable ally. That's the reason why they want our help, so we can protect their interests in the area as we fight for our own. They really don't want us as a rival after they spent tens of millions of their own dollars to help our secession.”

Anya paused, and looked over the crowd once more. “Right. We have a decision to make. Shall we accept the help from the Imperials and join in Operation Indigo Wave, or will we adopt an isolationist policy and only focus on the integrity of our own border with the south? This decision may seem rushed, but we have forty eight hours to respond and it's best to get it out of the way now. All in favor of joining Indigo Wave, raise your hands.”

Everyone in the room raised their hand. Nobody was about to turn down free help from a powerful military, at least not at this time of need. Anya surveyed the room, a resolute look on her face as the Syndicate made their decision to send the nation to war. “It is settled, then. The armies of the north shall be raised once again, and our equipment and ships in storage will once again be activated. If it's a war that the Pridnestrovians want… It’s a war they'll get. We will not just be content to sit back and wait, but we will invade the enemy and make the first strike to protect our way of life. It has been decided unanimously… May God bless our decision.”
An AnCap community in the north of Nordskania. Proxy state of Anglatia, and there's no rules here outside of contract.
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Postby Mercedini » Wed Dec 14, 2016 5:33 am

Mercedinian National Football Team: The Golden Eagles


Manager: David Bjanasson
Formation: 4-4-2
GOALKEEPERS   Name                    	   Age	          Club	
GK Daniel Hosset 20 Image Zoloroni City
GK Martin Hovek 22 Image Langtree United
GK Callum Polasic 27 Image Sporting Cenial

LB Callum Aznelik 25 Image Langtree Utd
LB Uche Pollson 21 Image Coral Island FC
CB Harry Ossun 20 Image Hoventon & Corlington Town
CB Liam Dosic 26 Image Elspachia
CB Peter Patenkov 26 Image Orga City
CB Craig Tranev 30 Image AC Bornice Italia
RB Issac Catessic 24 Image Matekkipper Royals
RB Noah Park 27 Image Zoloroni Metropolitan

LM Miles Taezhong 18 Image Acoflosa Utd
LM Crp. Tim Crasic 20 Image Mercedini Armed Forces FC
CM Adam Kraljic 21 Image 1860 Azoth
CM Johannes Nymark 21 Image Zoloroni City
CM Harry Webster 28 Image Zoloroni Metropolitan
CM Patrick Jackic 19 Image Zholvi Athletic
RM Ross Presic 22 Image Somer City and Surrounds
RM Carlton Pujanic 24 Image Hoventon & Corlington Town

ST Charlie Alotic 23 Image West Gundar FC
ST Daniel Dostalok 19 Image Handon United
ST Ben Chillotov 18 Image Hoventon & Corlington Town
ST Sgt. Sam Billic 29 Image Myrmidon

Group F:

Group F Fixtures:
MD1: Kalumba vs. Mercedini (@ Den Brygge - St. Bernadine, Taxhavn)
MD2: Mercedini vs. Hicana (@ Den Brygge - St. Bernadine, Taxhavn)
MD3: Barunia vs. Mercedini (@ Stadion Taxhavn - St. Bernadine, Taxhavn)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes
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WJHCBest: Champion ('13)
Best Placing: 1st (Lipa '72)Most Points: 108 pts (Lipa '72)

World Hit Festival
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Postby Hicanans in Exile » Wed Dec 14, 2016 4:50 pm

”The Phoenixes”
Style Modifier: +3


After a lengthy civil war, they were bombed into oblivion. After escaping, they were bombed again. Then a space shuttle somehow crashed into their island. They escaped again before being taken over by a far-right dictatorship and plunging back into political infighting. Just a handful of years after they’d risen back up from the ashes, Hicaña ceased to exist again.

But this was not enough for the Hicañan diaspora, spread across the multiverse. They wanted their nation back. This isn’t it. But an official football governing federation and a national team for the ex-nation’s favorite sport is a start. Maybe one day, Hicañans across the world will reorganize into a nation. From every corner of the multiverse, their people will return to the island they once called home. And this team of twenty-three could be the start of it all.

MANAGER: Albert Castro (39)

Once Hicaña’s captain and star attacking-midfielder, Castro became the manager of a second-tier Arondic team after a strong career overseas in Quebec. However, with the national team that was his life for ten years reforming, he dropped everything in order to manage the fledgling team.

Assistant Manager: Luís Carrasco (45)

With Castro’s longtime sidekick Matthieu Rhoderick busy running for office in Super-Llamaland, Castro has selected his former club teammate Carrasco to serve as assistant manager. Carrasco spent eight years in the Hicañan leagues as one of its top talents, but injury forced the former center-back into a premature retirement and kept him out of the first iteration of Hicaña’s national team. He’s excited to play a role in the second iteration.


Declan COSTA - #01 - 28 - Dresburden Athletic

Before Hicaña ceased to exist, Costa was a teenaged goalkeeping prodigy and the national team’s third-choice keeper at age sixteen. The second-cousin of Llamanean star goalkeeper James Costa has not disappointed, excelling abroad and maturing into a strong shot-stopper and distributor. One of the team’s few real stars, Costa will be one of the keys to this team’s performance.

Morgan SAJONIKA - #12 - 23 - Atlas GIF
Aurelio GONÇALVES - #13 - 25 - free agent

The backup options available to Castro don’t impress: Morgan Sajonika was the third-string keeper on a second-division Arondic team, while Gonçalves had been unemployed for a year after being cut by third-division Llamaneans Southfeld Wanderers. Hicaña will just have to hope Costa isn’t injured this tournament, although Sajonika is as talented as she is unpolished and could be a decent option next time: if there is a next time.


Ramiro HECHAVARRIA - #02 - 18 - Kyrinson
Kris SUAREZ - #03 - 27 - Los-Juantos Coastal
Elena DE AVILA - #05 - 25 - AC Bartolomé
Octavius TORRES - #06 - 29 - free agent

In true Hicañan spirit, none of the team’s starting defenders are particularly good at defending. Ramiro Hechavarria is undoubtedly talented, known for his athletic ability and strong crosses, but he lacks composure on defense and could rack up a lot of cards this tournament. Kris Suarez, known for his tenure with Llamanean champions Emerald City, is also known for making a number of key defensive blunders in matches - however, he’s an excellent distributor from the back and has moments of excellence, and can be utilized as a man-marker. Elena De Avila and Octavius Torres are both considerably more composed, but both are more known for their attacking talents than their defending.

Yannick IGLESÍAS - #14 - 32 - free agent
Salvatore NUÑEZ - #15 - 27 - FF Axel
Annalise TEIXEIRA - #16 - 23 - free agent

Of the three backup options, though, only tall, imposing center-back/defensive-midfielder Nuñez represents a change of pace, while Iglesías and Teixeira represent attack-minded options on the wings and in the center, respectively. Iglesías is the more well-known of the two for his exploits in the Hicañan and Miklandian leagues, but Teixeira’s ambidexterity, speed and crossing make her someone to be watched for future Cups.


Morgan LEDESMA - #18 - 23 - Dresburden Athletic
Santiago CORREIA [C] - #07 - 31 - Oslerholm Capitals
Alexandre ROJO - #08 - 30 - Bronte Athletic

Any discussion of Hicaña’s abilities has to start with Santiago Correia, the captain and undoubted centerpiece of this squad. “El Pulpo”, or “The Octopus”, is a midfield maestro with an excellent passing touch, a strong goal-scoring record off free kicks and long-range shots, and seemingly limitless stamina. Ledesma is younger, pacier, and more prone to flashes of brilliance than Correia, but she’s also one-footed and inconsistent: it’ll be interesting to see how she matures with both the national team and Dresburden. On Correia’s other side, Alexandre Rojo is a defensive-minded midfielder without the passing touch of Ledesma or Correia. However, he’s excellent on both sides of the pitch, although his questionably-clean tackles are a point of contention between Bronte Athletic and their rivals.

Guadalupe REYES - #30 - 16 - AC Bartolomé
Leon FERNANDEZ - #17 - 29 - Sheffield Post
Felix ORLANDO - #19 - 27 - free agent
Ximena FLORES - #20 - 28 - free agent

Guadalupe Reyes, who’s alternatively been touted as “The Next Eva Velasquez” and “The Next Georgia Rodrigues” (both players of Miklandian descent on the Llamanean national team), is a versatile and talented midfielder known for her dribbling skills and athleticism, but is neither good enough at finishing to start as a winger nor composed enough to play defensive-midfield, although she could be the team’s X-factor off the bench. Leon Fernandez is a quality player whose team, Sheffield Post, qualified for the Series B Champion’s Cup with him directing the midfield - he could see time if Correia’s form declines. Orlando and Flores aren’t particularly good, but both offer a decent enough passing touch and commitment to the team.


Nicholas SANTANA - #21 - 26 - Inter Velheim
Emma DA SILVA - #09 - 23 - Wheathampton Warriors
Johan ESCOBAR - #11 - 27 - Ansillía ELM

Emma Da Silva, the niece of former national-team striker Emily, could mature into one of the team’s stars. She’s more wasteful than one would want from a striker, but makes up for it with athleticism and intelligence that combine to seemingly always get her open. She’ll be flanked by Nicholas Santana and Johan Escobar - both are older wingers who excel at going up the line and whipping a cross in quickly, but Da Silva’s playmaking skills and their versatility mean that Da Silva could drop back and Santana and Escobar pinch in, making this a highly flexible front line.

Miguel ANSIERRA - #10 - 38 - AC Bartolomé
Emily MIRANDA - #32 - 17 - Emerald City Harmony U18
Florent FERREIRA - #20 - 33 - free agent

Miguel Ansierra, once the captain and star striker of the national team, has lost much of his pace - but he hasn’t lost his eye for the goal, and could come on if Da Silva struggles. Miranda is a promising prospect on either wing, but is even more raw than Da Silva and is unlikely to play a major role this tournament, while Ferreira provides a veteran presence and depth on the wings.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: TG for Permission
RP Injuries to my Players: Y, I determine severity
Godmod Injuries to my Players: TG for Permission
Yellow Card my Players: Y (2 max.), TG for Permission for more
Red Card my Players: TG for Permission
Godmod Other Events: TG for Permission
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Postby Prusy Krolewskie » Wed Dec 14, 2016 6:19 pm

Reprezentacja Pruski w Pilka Nozna
Preußischen Fußball Nationalgemischtschaft

Nation: Prusy Krolewskie
Demonym: Pruski
Trigramme: PKR
Nickname: Reprezentacja Pruski, Zielony i bialy
Team colors: Green and White
Formation: 4-4-2 (diamond)
Style modifier: +2,22

About Prusy Krolewskie

The Principality of Prusy Krolewskie (Royal Prussia) is an absolute monarchy ruled by Prince Zygmunt VIII. We got our independence in 1466 from Prussia. Prusy Krolewskie has a majority of Polish speaking inhabitants with German, Prussian, French, Lithuanian, Russian and Filipino minorities. English is also spoken as a 3rd language by ¼ of the population, mostly in our largest towns. The Prussian people is the original people of Prusy Krolewskie with Baltic origins who were invaded by the Teutonic Order. Today the original Prussian people is kinda extinct but no they aren't extinct because they continue to live in Prusy Krolewskie! And yes I said Filipino minorities because Prusy Krolewskie has claimed a small island in the pacific with Tagalog speaking people.

Prusy Krolewskie is a modern, advanced socialist nation. Football is the national sport, followed by hockey, rugby union, american football and weightlifting. We have two international airports: Prince Zygmunt VIII Lotnisko Miedzynarodowy, located 5 km west of Wyszkow, the capital city of Wojewodztwo Warminskie. Wyszkow is located kinda midway between Ozorkow and the Puck-Malbork metropolitan area, along the Wisla (Vistula) river. The other airport is Miedzyzdroje Lotnisko Miedzynarodowy, located 10 km south of Miedzyzdroje, the capital city of Wojewodztwo Miedzyzdrojskie. Ueckermünde is located on the other side of the Odra (Oder) river about 30 km away from the airport. Travel in Prusy Krolewskie is easy with a modern highway and freeway system. Trains connects the largest cities and nearby airports and you can rent modern cars, most of them are made in our german-speaking Wojewodztwa (Voivodships). Travel whitin the cities is also easy. Ozorkow, the Puck-Malbork metropolitan area and Ueckermünde all have a modern public transport system. You can also find an hotel close to the stadium.


Football is played in Prusy Krolewskie since the beginning of the 20th century. Prusy Krolewskie's first international games were in the baptism of fire 59, the Reprezentacja Pruski finished 2nd in group F and lost to Santaclausisgodistan in round of 16. Prusy Krolewskie also were in the World Cup 72 qualifications and finished fifth in group 5 with a 5-3-6 record. Prusy Krolewskie was then missing in action until we come back for the XI olympiads earlier this summer, but the Zielony i bialy failed to qualify.

All time record: 9-5-19

First game: 3-0 win vs Kaboomlandia @ baptism of fire 59
First win: 3-0 win vs Kaboomlandia @ baptism of fire 59
First draw: 1-1 draw vs Nova Anglicana @ world cup qualif. 72
First loss: 5-0 loss vs Panem @ baptism of fire 59
Biggest win: 4-1 win vs Arcantova @ world cup qualif. 72
Biggest lost: 5-0 loss vs Panem @ baptism of fire 59
Greatest/Most memorable game: 2-2 draw vs West Saintland @ world cup qualif. 76



Head Coach: Wlodzimierz Jastrzebowski
Ass Coach: Horst Engelbrecht
Ass Coach: Kazimierz Kowalczyk


Captain: Krzysztof Januszkiewicz
Penalty Taker: Zbigniew Zajaczkowski
Corners (left): Pawel Wawrzynkiewicz
Corner (right): Sarah Schroffenegger
Free Kicks: Sascha Welzmüller



Team Roster (starters in bold):

#       Pos     Name                    Age     Team                      Birthplace
1 GK Zofia Kwietniewska 25 Korona Malbork Puck
12 GK Krzysztof Brzozowski 29 Puszcza Puszczykowo
21 GK Julian Schmitz 28 Borussia Ueckermünde Großwoltersdorf

2 SD Wlodzimierz Szukielowicz 25 Widzew Pruszcz Ozorkowski Wloszczowa
4 SD Bartosz Strzyzowski 30 Widzew Pruszcz Ozorkowski
9 SD Przemyslaw Zawistowski 26 Gornik Ozorkow Brzeszcze

19 SD Weronika Kaczorowska 28 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Kostrzyn nad Odra
28 SD Justyna Sznyrowska 32 Zawisza Ozorkow
3 CD Krzysztof Januszkiewicz 30 Legia Puck Puszczykowo
13 CD Grzegorz Radziszewski 28 Gornik Ozorkow
33 CD Sabrina Hartmann 26 VfL Schloßböckelheim Schloßböckelheim
44 CD Arkadiusz Skrzeszewski 28 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Ostrow Warminski

6 SM Sarah Schroffenegger 27 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Sankt Katharinen
7 SM Pawel Wawrzynkiewicz 26 Legia Puck Zlotow

20 SM Jedrzej Kosciukiewicz 24 Wisla Szczawnica Szczawnica
22 SM Krystyna Wisniewska 27 Lechia Krapkowice Szczawno-Zdroj
8 CM Sascha Welzmüller 29 Borussia Ueckermünde Buttstädt
10 CM Amelia Zalwowska 25 Gornik Ozorkow Wloszczowa

14 CM Slawomir Waszkiewicz 31 Widzew Pruszcz Ozorkowski
16 CM Maciej Grzeszczyk 28 Gornik Mszczonow Przasnysz
17 CM Bartlomiej Szczepankiewicz 26 Olimpia Szczebrzeszyn Przeclaw
27 CM Slawomir Zoledziowski 24 Baltyk Wyszkow Szonowo Krolewskie
77 CM Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz 22 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Ueckermünde

11 S Zbigniew Zajaczkowski 27 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Miedzyzdroje
15 S Jean-François Kleineheismann 25 Borussia Ueckermünde Tournedos-Bois-Hubert

18 S Katarzyna Grzywinska 27 Korona Malbork Wladyslawowo
23 S Maksymilian Kasperkiewicz 28 Zawisza Ozorkow Gluszyca

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Yes
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes
Yellow Card Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes

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Postby Garifunya » Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:39 pm


G #1 Arjan Maatman, 32, FC Frederykvil
G #22 Bastijn Kluiters, 34, SV Oranje
G #23 Jaap van Vlijt, 32, Hadarage FC

D #2 Sulaymun Falana, 36, Estreya Zwart FC
D #5 Eduoaard Castelaõ, 33, Onvervaard FC
D #4 Omar van Kalvenhaar, 34, Eendracht Garifunya
D #3 Youssef van Hartskamp, 30, Onvervaard FC
D #12 Farouk Vosjan, 28, Estreya Zwart FC
D #13 Gabriel van der Heiden, 33, FC Frederykvil
D #14 Saamuel Koertsen, 32, FC Frederykvil
D #15 Joshua Hannessen, 31, VK Voortrekkers

M #6 Piotr Kenkhuis, 35, VK Voortrekkers
M #7 Mamadou van der Linden, 33, FC Frederykvil
M #8 Kristiaan Amadi, 34, Eendracht Garifunya
M #16 Isaak van Voorst, 35, Zeerovers Vrijoport
M #17 Mart-jan Spijkkers, 30, SV Oranje
M #18 Joachem van Ness, 31, Onvervaard FC

F #9 Caarlo Boumers, 32, Eendracht Garifunya
F #10 Endrik Boeker, 32, Estreya Zwart FC
F #11 Nils Ledeboer, 34, VVV Mytelbeerg
F #19 Ali Wijkstra, 30, Estreya Zwart FC
F #20 Raffiyel Preuter, 33, Hadarage FC
F #21 Florentijn Takman, 31, Zeerovers Vrijport

Manager: Michel Bouwers, 46, Garifunya
Formation: 4-3-3
Style Mod: +2


Stadium: Staad Fyet nan Garifunya (20,500, Frederykvil)


I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: No
Injure Players: Small things, every two of my players you injure, one of yours must be injured
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes, one for one on each team
Yellow Card Players: Yes, two on my team for one on your team
Godmod Other Events: No
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Postby Veldgouwen » Fri Dec 16, 2016 5:56 am

Those without a proper nickname


Eliminated from the Baptism of Fire 63 in the Quarterfinals on penalty kicks after five consecutive victories. Made it to fourth in Group 3 of the Qualifiers, taking 17 points (5-2-5) before being slayed in the first knock-out round of the Cup of Harmony.


Style: -1

Unless noted differently in RP - starts with number 1 to 11

Head Coach

Johan Valkeniers

Of all the decisions of the VNVB (Veldgouwen FA), picking Johan Valkeniers as manager of this novice team certainly was one of the most contested ones. Such does not refer to his slate of honour as a player, which includes a longlist of trophies during the amateur days and playing a major part in the two titles of Westerzandse VV, where Valkeniers had a prolific Indian summer. Rather it is his complete lack of experience in the cockpit of a team which makes him more than a surprise choice. Once he hung up his boots, the 48-year old made himself an even more well-known face as a pundit for major television channels and newspapers, a role in which he seldom forgets to use the vinegar and dares to kick against many shins. With that in mind, it’s strange that the VNVB even considered someone with that amount of enemies. But, credit where credit is due, his tactical capacity is uncontested and his vocal guidance gives a good vibe to a still unaccustomed team.

Assistant Coach

Ronny Allaerts

Those guys that sit in the plush during games decided they needed to counterbalance the boisterous and outspoken Valkeniers and offered a half-time contract to a man who has earned quite some respect in the inner circle for his work with Piershaven Club, even if Allaerts is less known for the public. Those who do might rather recall him as a mediocre defender who plied his trade with perennial elevator clubs such as Zwarte Leeuwen Brust and Rapid Almskerk. However, his current reputation as a valuable assistant is built on his relentless number crunching. Whatever Ronny Allaerts lacks in national authority, he makes up in vision to turn free-kicks and corners into dangerous weapons, as he demonstrated in his time at Club who rein in title after title.

23 – Goalkeeper – 34 years old – Piershaven Club

Steven Vandermarliere

Picking the number one on the teamsheet was a relative no-brainer, considering the vast experience and trophy cabinet from Vandermarliere. Born and raised in the urban core of Piershaven, near the docks, this fan-favourite has been defending the green-and-white colours of The Eternal for over two decades now, breaking his way into the starting line-up already at a young age. As such, he hasn’t missed any season of the professional era and his 539 games for Club are not only a local record but also a national best. In these years, he guided them to ten domestic trophies including last year’s title. Some will call him confident, others arrogant, but it goes with a dominant style in the box and great capacity to get the best out of his defenders. Critics might point to his modest feet and his tendency to tease the opposing fans might backfire – he did well so far, but seems surpassed by Oberink.

12 – Goalkeeper – 29 years old – Spierendam FC

Hubert Van Boxelaere

Every good goalkeeper is a bit crazy, it is said and there is no one who made such a personal badge of honour of eccentricity across the nation as Van Boxelaere, a tall and powerful goalie who loves making that spectacular dive when you can just catch the ball. Nonetheless, he is correctly considered to be one of the most reliable ones around due to this remarkable capacity to make the most impossible saves. Always outspoken and not afraid to put a manager in his place, he has been seen as a liability in previous clubs but his excellent relationship with gaffer Karsten Hoeksma makes him a cornerstone of Spierendam. Many worry whether he and Vandermarliere will not clash but he seems to have cooled down a little with the years, as evidenced by the lack of press conflicts last season. That’s a good enough thing, right? Valkeniers will have his hands full with him, but so does any opposing striker.

1 – Goalkeeper – 24 years old – Excelsior Plek

Simon Oberink

Grief concerns were raised ahead of the Baptism of Fire for including a junior who could bank on little more than two years between the sticks for a relegation battler. Nonetheless, that dodgy move did certainly pay off. Valkeniers has confidence in the unmistakable talent from Oberink, who is quick to the ground and gives catlike reflexes a new ring. Also importantly, he has the right character to deal with a permanent role as second-string solution, having always been considered a bit too short to make it at Belden Sport before making the step back to Plek and breaking his supposed limits there. One major question remains, if something would happen to Vandermarliere, is he capable of stepping in and saving the day? During the Baptism of Fire, that answer was ‘not yet’ and even after a fairly excellent season, the question remains open. However, his positive attitude makes him a sure pick and he has grown - will get his first real chance.

2 – Right Defender – 28 years old – Racing Vlierdrecht

Derk Breydels

Valkeniers never made a secret of his ambition to play with attentive and active wingbacks and such a role fits Derk Breydels like a glove. The right attacker turned defender won’t hesitate to go back and forth near his side line a baker’s dozen times each half and this set of lungs earned him the nickname Roadrunner. Breydels’ natural guts is shown by the transfer he made at twenty, leaving his youth team Vlierdrecht Sport for cross-city rivals Racing but hasn't regretted so as Sport lingers in the second tier these days, whilst Racing has gone on to win two titles with Breydels as an essential element of the line-up. His crosses will hurt many opponents at this level and he allows the team to move up the pitch incredibly fast, but he needs a reliable man by his side to cover for the risks he takes. Breydels was one of those that most caught the eye during his previous appearances.

3 – Central Defender – 32 years old – Union Fiersem

Carlos Deferme

With just a single Liga Beker won, the trophy cupboard of Deferme does not represent the status he has built up across the last decade in Veldgouwen. Initially a journeyman with stints in Pellegem, Corinthians, Racing Grawarden and Plek, his transfer to Union allowed the club to transform from a straggler into a reliable side, being the sole to challenge Piershaven Club lately. Carlos Deferme is a no-nonsense old-school defender who will take no prisoners but is clever enough to avoid abundant yellow cards. His fine heading results in a goal or four yearly, certainly an extra weapon on corner kicks. Off the pitch, he is notorious for being completely devoid of any star attitude, which makes him a bit of a hero for any Fiersem fan. It also allows them to turn a blind eye on his mediocre passing and incapacity to open up the game with a proper cross.

4 – Central Defender – 26 years old – Piershaven Club

Sven Wittouck

Making up for the lack of technical skills for Deferme and Vandermarliere at the core of the team, we may assume that Sven Wittouck will be a regular starter for this formation. Having made his way up the ladder originating from Third Divisionist Go Ahead Pachtem, he has joined Piershaven Club from Vitesse Ravenstad three seasons ago for over six million, still a record figure for a defender. But Club hasn’t regretted the move, two titles and cup final victory later, trophies in which Wittouck played his part with bravado. One can be assured of tight defending and the capacity to deal with Gegenpressure when putting him in the middle of your defence. He still lacks some presence and can be conned in the air, but for what goes a modern defender, Sven Wittouck is the full package with still room for further growth in his already fine skillset.

5 – Left Defender – 29 years old – Spierendam FC

Kieran Maes

The second selected player from the Canaries is considered a sure bet for a starter. After a stint with Belden Sport, he made the switch to Spierendam three seasons ago. An excellent choice, as the 3-4-3 employed by the always optimistic side from the historical capital from the nation might never lift them to the absolute summit of the table but fits someone with the skillset of Maes like a glove. There is speed but what catches the eye is his marvellous positioning and capacity to nip an attack in the bud cleanly without resorting himself to bringing in the chainsaw or kicking the leather over the stands. Reliable on and off the field, Kieran Maes has been chosen in the team of the year six seasons on end now, a testimony to his consistency. Or maybe to our lack of other proper left backs.

13 – Central Defender – 24 years old – Vitesse Ravenstad

Mike Mortelmans

Currently, Mortelmans still plies his trade for one of the smallest clubs in the top tier but the question remains how long that is going to last – Mike Mortelmans might be the hottest prospect on the market. As a youngster, his lack of discipline ensured that he never really broke through at Koninklijke Pellegem but since he left the Royals behind and moved to small-town Ravenstad, Mortelmans has blossomed. Get ready for a good ninety kilograms of raw power that tear up many an opponent and make him excellent when dealing with sturdier strikers. He is faster than you would presume but his technical limitations probably will put him on the bench for the national team. This man is still prone to picking up unnecessary cards but his off-field antics have calmed ever since marrying one of Veldgouwens most notorious models last year. Often called Iron Mike.

14 – Left Defender – 20 years old – Vitesse Ravenstad

Matthias Hermans

A surprising face in a selection where Valkeniers attempts to keep everyone together. Making the cut was considered a relative surprise to the press but the lack of depth for left-backs made him pop up quicker than expected. Hermans offers a tactical alternative to Maes, being much less of a clever ballwinner and runner along the wing, but more of a no-nonsense person. His amazing long throw has been used as a weapon by his team and it is no secret that Valkeniers wouldn't mind resorting to that tactic when the situation asks for it. Off the pitch, this young face has gathered a bit of a reputation for his involvement in free fighting - officially only supporting crews of his friends and not in an active role. His long-term potential and a tad of maturity should allow him to evolve into a more decisive position.

19 – Right Defender – 22 years old – Piershaven Club

Lasse Vandertoren

The newest addition to the national team is the latest diamond from the crown of perennial powerhouse Piershaven Club. Having plied his trade at Corinthians Haven during his youth years, Vandertoren was picked up at 16 by Club and has broken into the team only a season and a bit later. In a side that is used to having the upper hand, he is excellent in balancing his defensive obligations with his attacking opportunities, not seldom finding an unmarked man in the box. However, he lacks the pure speed for a wing defender and can be caught by a very technical opponent, making him an option not to use every time at the national side. Vandertoren is one of the players Valkeniers hopes to prepare for the longer term, seeing in him a future stronghold of the national side. The maturity he displays at Piershaven should give all confidence on what is about to come for him.

15 – Defensive Midfielder – 30 years old – Piershaven Club

Wim Vreysen

One of the seven Piershaven Club players in this selection, Wim Vreysen is respected as the silent architect behind the incredible success of the last years, having won seven domestic trophies across six seasons. With passing rates usually in the top half of ninety procent, Vreysen is the metronome who ensures that people can pick out their moment to find a hole in the opposing backline. The lack of risk in his game might be the main criticism given but those who play with him on a daily basis know the value of this prototype of a professional, in the best sense of the word. A dream for coaches and referees, Vreysen will speak up seldom but when times get rough, he is not afraid to lead the way. For the national side, Vreysen has that same role and this makes him the first name of the starters. Has gained some notoriety amongst the non-sports fans when he became the face of an anti-racism campaign.

8 – Box-to-box Midfielder – 23 years old – Racing Grawarden

Jim Decubber

Despite being a regular squad player at Piershaven Club at only seventeen, he left the stadium of the domestic powerhouse with revolving doors after a financial dispute. Many were surprised that he joined the modest Grawarden but that turned out to be the correct decision. Despite his age, he already has a team revolving around him which goes along in his dynamic, energy-absorbing style. Go hard or go home, something like that, something that gets confirmed by his clubbing records at night. Still, Racing knows that they have to hold on to their little diamond as Decubber singlehandedly might make them champion one day. Always top marks when it comes to ground covered and passing, matched to a more than average tackle and vision, which makes him an interesting teammate: does more than his dirty work and can pop up to score on your pass, but a bit of a hothead when things don’t go his way.

10 – Attacking Midfielder – 27 years old – Eendracht Rankelsven

Gert Stalhof

A special figure with a similar story attached to his name. At only sixteen, Gert Stalhof popped up in the first team of Spierendam FC. It did not take too much time for him to become a fan favourite with his short dribbles, long passes and unseen stamina for a player of his stature. Hiding in an enigma, his silence only pierced by a rare tantrum, made him even more of a figure for the ages. Before being 20, Stalhof had already won two titles with his team but it seemed as if the fame was too much to hold for him. He became less and less seen on the training pitch and started to go down along with his side. Aiming for new glory, he made a surprise transfer to Pellegem but a horror injury kept him off the field for two years. Restarted this season for Rankelsven and immediately his displays of raw talent made him resurface. For Valkeniers, it was enough to make him his number ten but Stalhof still seems fragile, both physically and mentally.

17 – Right Midfielder – 26 years old – Neerskouter Sportief

Boudewijn Snoeks

Exactly reaching one metre and sixty-two centimetres above the grass, Snoeks will seldom make the difference on corner kicks. But he has the meanest dribble in the nation and is the kind of player for whom people come to the stadium. His capacity to go both inside and outside makes him unpredictable for wing defenders and he is excellent in exploiting a moment of hesitation from his direct opponent. His goal average, around seven a year, does not warrant the amount of shots on goals he tends to take, even from a sharp angle. If he would add some more eye to a teammate to his game, Boudewijn Snoeks could be the most difficult to stop weapon Veldgouwen has. A Neerskouter club player, having risen through the youth divisions, but eager for a step higher. Hopes to demonstrate during these qualifications that his mediocre Baptism of Fire was below what he is really capable off.

11 – Left Midfielder – 30 years old – Union Fiersem

Marnix Van Baekel

Van Baekel is not too tall either but otherwise, all comparison stops. The lanky player usually sticks to his wing except on free kicks and corners where he brings his magnificent cross in action from a different position. A left foot that can telepathically guide the ball anywhere in the box, Marnix learned his trade in the lower divisions for Sparta Leusden and VC Lovingem but since Fiersem gave him a chance, things have gone quick. Apart from regularly leading all assisting pass statistics, Van Baekel does not feel too good to neglect his defensive duties, a style which matches Union. A lightweight, he will be of little use when it comes to duelling but he perfected cutting off the space of opponents and stops several counters in their tracks so. Could be a little bit quicker and the dynamic with his back is crucial, but it clicked surprisingly well with Kieran Maes to make him the Man of our Baptism of Fire.

6 – Defensive Defender – 20 years old – Rapid Almskerk

Dan Troch

The youngest one to make the cut and the only one to play in the second tier last season. But his role in the title of Rapid did catch the attention of anyone near Veldgouwer football. Already a starting player for Almskerk as soon as he passed the legal limit of sixteen, Dan is surprisingly strong physically and has the stamina of someone ten years older. Along with that goes a mature head, but his quick rise might even for him be difficult to grasp. Went down with Rapid two years ago but decided to stick with them despite several lucrative offers because then “I’ll have to show that I can guide a team that’s favourite every week”. Yep, that mature. But he does lack experience against the real quality teams and that makes him quite a long shot from Valkeniers. Lived up to the expectation of being a future starter in the Cup of Harmony, being crucial in the round of 16 qualification.

16 – Attacking Midfielder – 26 years old – Piershaven Club

Kris Liesmonts

The lack of depth with attacking midfielders in mind, Kris Liesmonts is not really considered to be the star of the champions, Piershaven Club although it is a bit unfair to hold that against him. Often seeming a bit clumsy, Liesmonts has his image against him, something which isn’t helped by his capacity to be the only Club player to make a gaffe every once and a while. But once you look through that, you might see a hard-working attacking midfielder who will dive into space whenever half a metre opens up, who has a more than fine offensive pass and who scores his fair share of the goals. His tattoos with slogans in favour of far-going autonomy for the Oosthoek made him a controversial figure to call up and a dubious goal celebration created quite a row at the BoF. But Valkeniers stands by him and his prowess does get valued, more than by the press, by his fellow players.

20 – Attacking Midfielder – 36 years old – Belden Sport

Guido Becu

Poor Guido Becu had been endowed with the mythical number ten shirt, quite much of an honour for a player who has been consistent yet never spectacular for Racing Vlierdrecht, Piershaven FC and since a season or three Belden Sport. After a difficult Baptism of Fire, he has been demoted to the second string and many wonder whether he’ll often grace the grass. But the raw facts are that Viergouwen is lacking a brilliant number ten who can bring the full package to the pitch, especially since Gert Stalhof remains a liability in terms of health. So it will be Guido Becu, lacking any star factor with his moustache and receding hairline, who will have to carry the team sometimes. Becu prefers to keep the ball near the ground and has a very astute through pass, combined with more than neat running lines. Although his play is more creative than some credit him for, he tends to go down with the team if the opponent dominates physically.

7 – Right Midfielder – 24 years old – Racing Vlierdrecht

Roel Meganck

Valkeniers likes players who have the tactical capacity to appear at several positions and such is certainly the case with Meganck, a clever player who does not shy away from the physical work either. A chest like a home mover and a few scars make him feared amongst opponents but beneath that cover goes a gentle young man who loves jazz music and modern art – quite rare in a dressing room. Roel Meganck can be staged as a box-to-box player, less prone to make it into the box as Decubber, but with a better tackle and pass. That latter part makes him an option on the wing as well, making his way to an assisting pass not with the characteristic dribble, but with sheer power and positioning. Plays the game at full pace and that might lead to errors but he strengthens the team evidently. Many see him as the future captain of the national team due to his natural presence, but that’s still a few steps away.

9 – Striker – 27 years old – Piershaven Club

Piet Masschelin

A pure targetman with a rocket in his right foot, Piet Masschelin brings home the bacon for Piershaven Club. Across the last four seasons, he accumulated a very respectable 89 goals in 154 games, a figure that has gotten him two Golden Boots and the utmost respect from the home crowd. Masschelin is not an uncontested figure, admitting himself that he turns on a switch when going on the pitch: horrible tackles, clashes with fans, fights with opponents and swearing to refs, he has been there. In daily life, he is a fine guy without that short temper who is as hard on his teammates as he is on himself – doing an extra series after training is regular for him. His ambitiousness is not always loved, but it did result in the man who’s at his age already cited to be one of the best strikers every produced in the nation. Should be capable to fight with the strong defences he’s handling at this stage.

21 – Forward – 31 years old – Piershaven Club

Koert Schepers

Of those not wearing a jersey between one and eleven, Schepers is potentially closest to getting a spot at the kick-off some time or another. Rather on the short side himself, he is used to acting around a tall guy at Piershaven Club with Masschelin as big man. His stats are certainly fine: the last eight years he never went below a production of twelve goals per season. If you would have to categorize him, it would be easy to call him a pocket striker but he is more than raw speed and quick feet. His shot is seldom hard but always with a certain elegance and there is a guy with an eye for a teammate in times of need. As beloved and calm as he is on the field, it is hard to believe that he seemed lost for professional football at eighteen when struggling with drug addictions. Nonetheless, adding him as second striker seems to be the ace up the sleeve of Valkeniers when goals need to be made.

18 – Forward – 23 years old – Union Fiersem

Sjoerd Waegemakers

It was inevitable that one day, good old Jaco "He’s a poacher and that’s ok, he hardly works but he scores all day" Poortvliet would lose his spot on the squad and be replaced with someone who makes the same stats but based on a better combination of talent and industriousness. Coming into the ranks of Fiersem at 18, he's been a major part of the rise of Union to the top of the competition. Ideally employed in a system with two attackers, he makes the difference by chasing down his markers in defense whilst appearing in the box at the exactly right moment when a good setup is assured. It is unclear, especially with the dedication of the gaffer to the 4-2-3-1, what role Waegemakers could have but seeing how useful Schepers is at times, we see a role for him as well.

23 – Forward – 26 years old – Marinos Thimpodopoulos (FHP)

Hannes Schaepdryver

Another remarkable figure, whose good looks and sponsor deals often make him the centre of the attention, even if he’s not scoring. But admittedly, that is not too often as Schaepdryver is an attacker who understands very well that production is what makes or breaks him. Stronger than you would expect from a player who stands at 1m81, he picks his duels carefully and wins them more often than opponents like. That timing allows him to score a series of goals but he is one who chooses his moments – critics tend to say he’s a bit picky with his chances. However, “it’s someone else’s job to supply them”, Schaepdryver once famously quoted and if he’s offered a proper shot at goal, it usually ends up against the net. Despite being a crucial player for a few years now already, previously at Pellegem and later at Grawarden, he is still missing a Golden Boot in his price cabinet. Nonetheless, he became the first Veldgouwian to win an international transfer and knocks on the door of an international breakthrough.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but not career-threatening
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, limit to 2 unless TGed
Godmod other events: Yes, but send me a message please
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Goalie: Avery Mombamosada (15)
- Avery Darienus (6)
- Avery Kink (4)
- Avery Leonus (8)
- Avery Telford (23)
- Avery Tesla (13)
- Avery Lanoba (Captain) (10)
- Avery Schmankis (3)
- Avery McSchulz (30)
- Avery Namalucky (7)
- Richard Peters (11)


- Avery Shelslak (40)
- Avery Burat (18)
- Avery Nthal (2)
- Avery Taguganalia (17)
- Avery Sicsnoube (5)

RP Permissions:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
RP Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
Yellow Card my Players: No
Red Card my players: No
Godmod Yellow/Red Cards: No
Injure my Players: No
Godmod Injury Events: No
Godmod Other Events: No

Our Football Experience
-Semi-Finals (UKN Confederations Cup)
-Co-Hosted with Eastern Balkan Republic the UKN Confederations Cup.

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Capitalist Paradise

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The Independents Cup is an independent tournament organized by some kind of independent footballing organization, hence the independent national football team assembled by independent footballing coach Heinrich Wurzmann. Most of the players called up to represent Abanhfleft in the Independents Cup could have or did represent other sides throughout the multiverse but other players will be representing the Democratic Republic for the first time. Wurzmann also hopes that good performances in this cup will convince the Samahang Futbol ng Abanhfleft to give some of these guys a chance with the actual national team.

Name of nation: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Team colors: Blue, orange, and green
Style modifier: +3.5
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Manager: Heinrich Wurzmann (55 y/o, Pridnestrovia-Abanhfleft)

GK: Chestnut DURANT 26 y/o, Marinos Thimpodopoulos Image
Chestnut Durant is a goalkeeper originally from the State of Panem, winners of the 59th Baptism of Fire, before that mysterious thing which the Bonesfolk of Bonesea call "Catastrophic Termination Events" or CTEs happened in Panem, which resulted in the whole place being wiped off of the map with only the memories of those who played against them and some records in the vast archives of the sporting universe the only evidence that they actually existed before. Chestnut was one of the lucky few who made it away from the CTE which claimed the rest of Panem and his countrymen, and he's signed up with Marinos Thimpodopoulos in the Fhulghamous Peninsula to keep up his match fitness. Now he's also decided to give his services to the national team, even though this is not the official national team, but this guy still looks like he's keeping some secrets of his own...

RB: Daisuke OGIGAYATSU 23 y/o, Ludogorets Markovsky Image
Daisuke Ogigayatsu is the younger brother of Flardanian striker Eriko Ogigayatsu, who is one of the star strikers of Ludogorets Markovsky Ladies (alongside Zsofia Dolan and Tess Byquist). Daisuke is the only member of the Ogigayatsu family who was born in Abanhfleft, which made him eligible to represent the country by nature of the law which automatically grants Fleftic citizenship to everyone born within Fleftic borders. Daisuke is a speedy fullback whose bags of pace allow him to keep up with the offense of the team while at the same time not shirking from his defensive responsibilities. So far, he's been overlooked by the SFA, but Heinrich Wurzmann hopes that Daisuke will shine enough in the Independents Cup to warrant a real call-up for the real national team.

RCB: Matty YUSUFF 20 y/o, Samalense Image (Oontaz), on loan from Rosenpfelblatz City Image

LCB: Will JENKS 23 y/o, Sporting Mykorrigan Image

LB: Roscoe "Rocko" STUBBS 30 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Image

RM: Toumain VINCELOT 24 y/o, Sarvusdalamoive Image
Toumain Vincelot is originally from the Anglatian colony of Patierre. His family fled to Abanhfleft after the Anglatians removed the Communist presence in the colony because the Vincelots had been known socialist sympathizers, although Toumain himself is apolitical. Vincelot is a tough, no-nonsense defensive-minded midfielder and will think nothing of going in for the sliding tackle if it meant breaking up the opposition's attack.

LM: Abednego SANTAMARIA 26 y/o, Wanda Island Wanderers Image

RW: Kareem DAGEN 21 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Image
Dagen can be described as the breakout player of the first Sporting World Cup, scoring 10 goals and leading Abanhfleft to second place in the aforementioned tournament. His amazing performance as a striker led to his signing by Eikborg Club, a Semarlandish club competing in the Globe Cup, making him the first ever Fleftic player to sign for a foreign league other than Pridnestrovia, Oontaz Dert Li Ng and Copper Cuprum. Dagen's quality performance in the Sporting World Cup also earned him a starting spot in the Fleftic under-21s, over the likes of Garrett Krantz and Irina Babarushchik. Now he's starting because those other players are now ineligible as well. After a few years with Eikborg, Dagen has gone back to Rosenpfelblatz on the promise of first team minutes.

CAM: ABIMELECH Ollanta 23 y/o, Samalense Image (Oontaz)

LW: Ji MOON 22 y/o, Kimmirut Panhandle Image

ST: Vitaly ZIMA 22 y/o, Imperial Markovsky Image
Vitaly Zima is the twin brother of Arkadi Zima of Revolutionary Nordskania, and they've had quite a contentious relationship outside of football. Vitaly is a one-dimensional striker who is good at getting into spaces and poaching the ball in dangerous areas, but other than that, he's not a remarkable player. No one's really sure why Vitaly has been included to the Independents Cup squad, except maybe to provide a contrast to his more prominent brother Arkadi, who's made a lot of waves recently.

To be expanded when I have the time...
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The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

I also write stories. Would you like to read my works?

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My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes(please specify the injury and the amount of time that they will miss)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
Style Modifier: +5

Amazonesta National Team

As made by Meski Sports
Home Jerseys

Away Jerseys

3rd Kit

Manager: Orlando Juarez
Assistant Manager: Antonio Paz

Formation: 4-2-3-1
Players who are underlined did not play for Amazonesta at any point during the World Cup 74 cycle.
GK #1 Damian Gallegos. Age 30. Plays for Thereisnogodistan in Abanhfleft. Returning starter.
RB #2 Enzo Capistran. Age 28. Plays for Kitara AA in Banija. Returning starter.
CB #5 Marcelo Braga. Age 25. Plays for Aissa United FC in Banija. Came off the bench for the entire of the WC 74 cycle.
CB #15 Cássio Cardoso. Age 26. Plays for Lakiska SC in Banija. Returning starter.
LB #3 Luciano Leitão. Age 26. Plays for Thereisnogodistan in Abanhfleft.
LCM #6 Bernardo Nuno. Age 28. Plays for the Isipongo Flash in Banija. Returning starter.
RCM #12 Julio Leal. Age 27. Plays for the Busembe Timberwolves in Banija. Came off the bench for the entirety of the WC 74 cycle.
RW #7 Federico Paiz. Age 31. Bwubanza City SC in Banija. Returning starter. Team Captain.
CAM #14 Luciano Rodrigues. Age 23. Plays for AC Fukuoka Yukionna in Flardania. Came off the bench for the entirety of the WC 74 cycle.
LW #11 Nicolas Boaventura. Age 21. Plays for AC Kawajiri Tanuki in Flardania. Captain of the U21 team at the Di Bradini Cup; came off the bench for the entirety of the WC 74 cycle.
ST #9 Omar Falcone. Age 27. Plays for Eagles FC in Oisinistan. Returning starter.

GK #25 Leandro Garcia. Age 30. Plays for the Lwanga Lions in Banija.
GK #31 Raul Cruz. Age 23. Plays for Belmont in Oisinistan.
LB/RB #19 Caio Batista. Age 26. Plays for Dukuma SC in Banija. Came off the bench for the entirety of the WC 74 cycle.
CB #4 Estevão Vasconcelos. Age 21. Starter on the U21 Di Bradini Cup team.
CB #21 Leonardo Paz. Age 19. Starter on the U21 Di Bradini Cup team.
RB/LB #16 Miguel Rosário. Age 25. Plays for Superchaps United in Oisinistan. Came off the bench for the entirety of the WC 74 cycle.
CM #13 Otávio Canto. Age 22. Starter on the U21 Di Bradini Cup team.
CM #8 Videl Posada. Age 34. Plays for Chell SC in San Llera. Starter & captain for the entirety of the WC 74 cycle.
CAM #10 Leonardo Rosalez. Age 31. Plays for Santos FC in Oontaz Dert Li Ng. Starter for the entirety of the WC 74 cycle.
LW/RW #18 Diego Furtado. Age 27. Plays for Askatasuna FC in Banija.
LW/RW #17 Fábio Justo Age 22. Starter on the U21 Di Bradini Cup team.
ST #22 Bruno Rodrigues. Age 28, Plays for Bunyoro RSC in Banija.

- This is an attacking oriented team that plays through its striker. Consequently, Omar Falcone will score the majority of goals, and Boaventura will be creating many of the chances.
- All penalties will be taken by Omar Falcone. All free kicks will be taken by Nicolas Boaventura.
- This is a team known for its emotion, as this sport is easily the #1 activity in Amazonesta. Therefore, all goal celebrations will be a little bit drawn out, especially at home.
Sporting Achievements: Champions of the 61st Baptism of Fire
10 Downing Street RP: Owen Hamilton- MP for Edinburgh East; MSP for Edinburgh Eastern; Leader of the SNP; First Minister of Scotland

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Part One


OOC: The prologue is a post, which I wrote last year during WC73. I always intended to write something in more depth, concentrating on the lives of the characters mentioned, and finallly... here it is. The linked post is probably not essential to the enjoyment of the story, but I thought I would add it here, just in case anyone is interested.

Karen Sillars was considering buying another coffee, but she knew that after a second one her heart would be starting to flutter. She liked the notion of herself being a coffee drinker, more than she actually liked the drink itself. She always associated the smell with hard graft, extra fuel for people who didn't have time to stop for rest. She lifted her phone from the table and lit up the screen briefly to reveal the time - nearly twenty minutes late and still no sign. She knew there was little chance Paul Arrdly would have been here early, times were just a rough parameter to him, rather than something to arrange your day around. However much it pained her to sit around and wait, she knew she couldn't chance being later herself. As much as she often resented the fact, Arrdly was still her employer, and the only thing standing between her being forced to move back in with her parents at the age of thirty-three.

The man behind the counter was far too efficient for her liking. Spotting her cup, drained to the powdery residue, he was round from the counter to clear it up in an instant. He just seemed too into his job, too happy to be real. She was the one who was meant to be the actor - meant to - being the critical part. However, right now, this ponytailed, hemp trouser wearing barista, had more of an audience in this sparsely populated cafe, than she had during her last play.

'Thank you kindly.' He said lifting the cup and saucer in a quick movement, as if it might have been followed by a pirouette and a flick of his heels.

Who was he trying to impress? A right twat he was... He had to be six, seven years younger than her? Karen should have probably taken it as a complement but she didn't, there was something deeply disingenuous about the guy. He was good looking enough, if you didn't mind the vegan, yoga-mat wielding type, but his sense of fashion seemed like an attempt at irony, and lacked any real identity. This was something that Karen could firmly identify with, although in her, it manifested itself in a very different way. Other people who found out that they were adopted moved heaven and earth to discover where they came from, to find out who they really were. For some reason she couldn't care less. Perhaps it was because her parents were so open about the whole thing; maybe that's why it had had the opposite reaction in her. Her form of rebellion as a teenager had been in rejecting their help with tracking her family down - well, that... and studying acting at university. She knew she was unlikely to get a job at the end of it, but part of her didn't mind. Even now struggling in a job to make ends meet, staring in low budget plays for free, she wouldn't have changed a thing.

'Can I get you anything else?' The Barista leaned with both elbows on the counter, trying to seem like the most relaxed person in Handon. 'Another flat white? A glass of water? The morning paper? A shoulder rub?'

'I'll pass, but thanks.' Karen said firmly, sweeping her hair away form her face as she tried not to scowl too hard. Did she look so single and desperate? She had never wanted the whole marriage and family thing, but hitting thirty a couple of years back had seemed to signal a change, at least on a hormonal level. She was probably giving out al sorts of subconscious signals, indicating her desire to procreate even if her brain had firmly made up its mind. This was probably the only reason wise guys like him seemed hell-bent on chancing their luck. Fuck him, and fuck the lot of them!

'No problem, I'm here if you need me.' The Barista wasn't going to give up so easily. 'I've got coffee in the grinder, water in the bottle by the window, a copy of the Daily Worker in the rack, just shout and I'll come running.'

'I'm just waiting for someone, but thanks again.' How about your hands in the grinder? Karen felt like adding, but there was no need, her saviour - of sorts - was here.

'Sorry I'm late, sorry I'm late.' Paul Arrdly sung as he glided into the room, removing his top hat and placing it on the table beside her. Karen stood up to welcome the aging thespian and businessman. 'Mwah... mwah.' He said as he planted a kiss on either cheek. 'And how is the most beautiful plague victim in Handon?'

Arrdly was living the Schottic dream, or so he clearly felt. He was the owner of a small museum come show ground ride, which provided a handful of jobs for Schottia's failed actors, dram students, and history graduates. The place served as a kind of refuge for those who hadn't worked out what they wanted to do with their lives yet. Ghastly Tours was a place where Arrdly's take on the more gruesome aspects of Schottia's history came to life; with witchcraft, hangings, and conversations with the devil, all played out by actors in painstakingly constructed costumes, while the paying public walked amongst the various section. Karen, as Arrdly had alluded to, played a 1600s plague victim, complete with white face paint, peeling skin, and blood dripping from open sores. She'd had the job for four years now, and could repeat her lines in her sleep.

"My name is Elspeth Calder... The world I grew up -or should have grown up in - was very different from yours... The year is 1612, and we are standing in Warren Street Handíon, the easternmost point of the Ossorian Empire..."

It went on like that really, with a little bit added about how her family were all dead. Then, she closed by curling up in the foetal position next to the supposed corpse of her dead brother, as the hopefully terrified visitors were lead to the next room. Five tours a shift, six sifts a week - to say that it had become repetitive was the understatement of a lifetime.

'I was just round at my mother's,' Arrdly added in his quick, dramatic tone. And you know what she is like - oh my god, since she stated to loose her marbles she is terrible.' He leant in close to create the pretence of discretion, but did nothing to lower his voice. 'But I said to her, I can't stay a moment longer mother, I have a gorgeous and talented young woman waiting for me in some bustling cafe, filled with wonderful people, in the heart of our nation's capital.'

Karen guessed he hadn't taken time to look around the cafe at the empty tables.

'Two cappuccinos, the house roast will suffice for us.' He changed the level and tone of his voice, making it clear he was talking to the barista, who stood just behind him. 'But make sure you don't scold the milk.' He added, before focusing on Karen. 'That young lad in the coffee bar round from my flat still thinks that it's acceptable to serve coffee so hot that it would take the skin from your lips.'

A young student, who had a pile of book lain out on front of him, began to pack up, and was now swallowing the dregs of his coffee. He was obviously a regular, and had anticipated the place being quiet at this time of day. Karen actually felt a little bad for him, but given Arrdly's propensity to talk to the entire room as if it were his audience, it was perhaps best that he got out now.

'Was your mother well?' Karen asked, as the eccentric man in his early fifties removed his tailed coat, and placed his walking cane by the side of his chair. She had never met Mrs Arddly, but give the amount her son talked about her, Karen sometimes thought of her as family. Paul Arrdly was hopelessly devoted to his mother, and her whims seemed to be able to influence his mood like nothing on this planet.

'Oh yes,' he replied, making himself comfortable on the hard wooden chair. In the background the sounds of barista at work were clearly audible. 'The old girl was on fine form. Had the sweet sherry out already, and it's not even midday. She claims it helps with her blood pressure, but I know it's just an excuse to get sozzled. Hell - the old girl hasn't got much else to do these days since my step father kicked the bucket.'

'Go on then.' Karen asked with a knowing smile. 'Why are we here?' She knew fine well her employer was planning to feign friendship, pretend that he just wanted to catch up with one old his longest serving staff members, before slipping in the real reason with an: On by the way!

'How long have you worked for me for Karen?' Arrdly said, tilting his head as he spoke, almost as if he were sizing her up.

'On and off, four and a bit years,' she replied. The "off" part was still a sore issue, and one that she didn't want to dwell on for long. There was no feeling in life worse than going back grovelling to an employer a matter of months after your farewell party. That was ancient history, however, as was the prospect of achieving more in life than perpetually portraying a corpse of a teenager.

'Four and a bit year, exactly.' Arrdly swung his arm triumphantly. 'So I firmly believe that you, madam, are in line for a promotion.' He sat back as the barista placed their coffees down in front of them. The young man had had the wind taken out of his sails somewhat by the fact that he was no longer the star of the show, but Karen still noted the fact that his eyes lingered on her a moment longer than was necessary.

'What... wait... You said promotion?' Karen shook thoughts of the barista from her mind for the time being. 'Promotion in what sense?' She had no idea what he could mean - Management, office work? - Arrdly ran everything himself.

'Karen,' he replied with a look that said he wanted be deadly serious for a minute. 'You are good at what you do. You're the right amount of scary, creepy, and with just enough seriousness about you to preserve the tour's historical integrity.' Karen very much doubted that a tour, which had a scene where a man swung through the air pretending to be a vampire could say it had historical integrity, but she allowed him to continue nonetheless. 'That's why with Susie leaving at the end of the month; I've decided to give you her job.

'Susie get paid more than the rest of us?' Karen asked sharply, utterly perplexed by the notion. Susie Gray had been there a good while longer than she had, that was fair enough, but Karen had always considered the performers on a par.

'Oh no no, you're all paid the same.' Arrdly waved frantically, desperate to get the conversation off of pay. 'However... she plays Margaret Davis, one of our flagship storylines. It's the one everyone has heard about, it's on all the posters, and it's the climax to the tour - Karen, you're going to be a star!'

She doubted there was any truth in this assertion, but she gave a smile all the same. It probably was a step up; and even if it was the most backhanded promotion she had ever received, it also happened to be the only promotion she had ever received. The chances of her getting plucked from acting obscurity on account of her role as Margaret Davis was slim to nonexistent - but all the same - the chances were better than they were playing a teenage plague victim.

'Besides.' Arrdly added, before she could open her mouth. 'You're probably the wrong side of thirty to play Elspeth, that whole thing is probably becoming less believable.' He took a sip from his coffee, concentrating hard on it, savouring it the way a wine taster would. 'Davis was in her fifties at the time the story is set, I shouldn't imagine you'll need too much in the way of make-up. Perhaps paint in a couple of grey hairs, maybe accentuate some of your crow's feet with a little eyeliner.'

'Well I must say, you certainly know how to compliment a woman Paul.' Karen replied angrily taking a drink from her own coffee, knowing straight away that the caffeine was going to be too much. She helped coach the Handon Amazons under 18's side on a Tuesday night, and her hope of getting home and relaxing before work was now disintegrating fast. At this rate she would have been pacing the room like a caged tiger.

'No not really.' Arrdly answered with a mischievous smile. 'I'm actually terrible at it. That is largely why I avoid it.' Deciding that the milk must have been to his liking, he drained the rest of his coffee down in one elongated sip, his head tilted slightly backwards. 'Anyway that was all I had to say. If you're up for the part - and you'd be crazy to turn in down in my opinion - then we'll get you in for a trial run on Saturday. In the meantime start reading up about her, Davis that is, you can find plenty on the Schottic Ghosts & Gouls website; very informative actually.'

'I think I'm going to sit here for a bit longer.' Was Karen's answer. While she hadn't said she would accept the job in so many words, both of them knew that she would. She made a show of checking the time on her phone. 'It's an hour before I have to be at work, I'll finish this coffee then join you down there. I've got football tonight strait after my shift so I wanted to have a bit of a lazy morning.' While none of this was a lie, the reality of it was that she really just wanted to walk alone.

'Oh yes! I forget you volunteered as a youth coach.' Arddly tried to seem interested. 'Well enjoy the rest of your coffee.' He pointed at her phone. 'And look up Margaret Davis, google her and see what you think.'

Karen held the phone up and smiled, indicating that she would indeed do that. As she watched her employer exit the cafe with a swish of his jacket, she immediately pulled her own jacket on, and headed for the exit, giving him just enough time to round the corner.

Out in the street it was a bitterly cold day. There was a wind howling up the Seaforth Road, bringing with it the bitter bite of all that December had to offer. With a four hours down at Ghastly Tours to look forward to, a rushed dinner on the bus, and then an hour on a badly lit football pitch, her bed had never seemed like a more distant dream. Karen turned up her jacket collar, bent her head forward, and marched into the wind and drizzle.

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The return of Lex Talionis. There's some background to what Audra did when Anglatia posts the relevant part of the story. As always, enjoy at your own risk.
Lex Talionis, Part Twenty

Somewhere in Pridnestrovian-occupied territory
Nordskanian Democratic People’s Republic

Getting away from the Blue Roses had been the easy part of this journey, Audra Jaakola realized as she drove her truck away from Roseanne, away from the Red Strip, away from the Crows, away from everything she had known and ever believed in. She had had enough of soldiering with the Crows for the Blue Roses, who were treating them like expendable foot soldiers. She had had enough of this war, this revolution. She was going to make her own fate now. She was going to go after Britt and try to make a new life with her.

The Pridnestrovian invaders had enforced a no-fly zone over Nordskanian airspace, a declaration which the Anglatians who were supporting the anarchists to the north were going to challenge as soon as they can, so there was no flying out of Nordskania for Audra. The Pridnestrovian Navy was also patrolling the waters around the island of Nordskania, meaning that she couldn’t take any ships or boats out of the place either. The only place left for her to go was to Revolutionary Nordskania, the anarchist north, where she could hope to catch a flight to Anglatia and back to civilization. The only problem with that was that every side fighting in the Nordskanian Revolution were setting up check points all throughout the country to extort money from the refugees displaced by the fighting. Audra had little if any money left on her now, so she knew that her life would be forfeit as soon as she encountered a checkpoint established by any of the Roses.

Audra suddenly slammed on the brakes of her truck as she crested the top of the hill on which she was traveling. There was a checkpoint on the road ahead! No one had any business setting up checkpoints on this road; this road was so less traveled that it was barely even marked on the maps as a road. It was the very reason why Audra had gone down this road, because no one used it. There was no reason for a checkpoint to be there, and yet Audra could feel the luck that had been carrying her ever since she left Roseanne at gunpoint for killing Anne, the waitress from Kirazi, was running out.

But there was no way that she could back away now. The sentries manning the checkpoint would surely have seen her and her truck come to a halt on top of the hill, and that would make them suspicious. Any move to back away would confirm whatever suspicions they had about her and they would surely open fire on her. Audra had no choice but to forge ahead into the unknown and hope to hell that the guards weren’t too corrupt.

As she got closer to the checkpoint, Audra could see the red-and-green flag of Pridnestrovia flying above the biggest of the three crudely constructed shacks surrounding the checkpoint. At that moment, Audra realized that she was up against an entirely different problem. The Pridnestrovians who had landed in Nordskania to ostensibly restore order to the country ruled the territories that they occupied with an iron fist. Travel through and in and out of their occupied territories was heavily regulated, and they gave travel papers only to those whom they deemed trustworthy enough not to make their lives harder. Audra was definitely not one of those people. At least it wasn’t any of the various Rose movements she had encountered, hoping to squeeze a little bit more cash out of hapless refugees to fund their own campaigns. Still, she inched the truck closer to the checkpoint even as she saw the two armored fighting vehicles flanking the road, their guns ready and waiting to shred her at the slightest provocation.

A sentry raised her hand to stop Audra and the truck, to which she immediately complied. The sentry then ran her hand over her throat in a swift cutting motion, ordering Audra to kill the engine. Once she had done that, the sentry motioned for Audra to get out of the truck. Audra hesitated, for she was still carrying the pistol which she had used against Roseanne and her top officers. She eventually decided on sliding the pistol underneath the driver’s seat, and then she stepped out of the truck, not knowing what to expect. But she knew that she wasn’t expecting this when she laid her eyes on the sentry’s face properly for the first time.

Britt Hanokssen was standing right in front of Audra, wearing the uniform of the Pridnestrovian Naval Infantry and pointing an AK at her chest. “Show me your papers, Nordskanian,” “Britt” demanded.

“Britt?” Audra asked, not believing what she was seeing.

“I do not know this Britt which you are talking about,” the Britt-doppelganger said. “Now show me your papers before I shoot you.”

Right then and there, Audra knew that she was doomed. She didn’t have any papers or documents authorizing her travel through Pridnestrovia’s occupied territories. So this was how she was going to die, Audra thought, shot and killed by a socialist soldier who looked very much like the only real best friend she’d ever had, and all because she didn’t have the right paperwork.

“Aselmis!” a female voice shouted. “What’s the hold-up?”

“This Nordskanian looks like she’s up to something, Comrade Praporshchik,” the Britt-doppelganger said. “She doesn’t look like she has any travel papers with her, and she’s trying to stall by distracting me and calling me by someone else’s name.”

When the other soldier turned to face Audra, she couldn’t help but let out another gasp. This time it was Erin Jensdottir who was standing in front of her in uniform and wielding a rifle. “Erin?” Audra asked once again.

“What is she talking about, Sergeant?” the Erin-doppelganger asked the Britt-doppelganger.

“I don’t know, Praporshchik,” the Britt-doppelganger replied. “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. She’s trying to distract us by calling us names and probably claiming that I look like someone called Britt. Now it looks like she thinks you’re someone called Erin.”

The Erin-doppelganger, the praporshchik, turned to face Audra. “Look at me, Nordskanian!” she shouted. “Look me in the eyes!” Audra met her eyes, which were a shade of brown so dark as to almost be black. The Pridnestrovian gave her a calculating one-over. “She doesn’t appear to be on drugs,” the praporshchik muttered. “Still, you’re right, Sergeant. I don’t like the look of this girl. Search the truck.”

“Aselmis! Zherbina! What the hell is going on here?”

Now Audra was sure that her stressed-out mind was playing tricks on her, and cruel tricks at that, because she was now seeing people who were definitely not supposed to be here in a war zone, in Nordskania. It had started with Britt, escalated with Erin, and now Audra was seeing the doppelgangers of Irina Pavlyuchenko and Tanya Poroshenko as they walked up to the sentries. Audra knew that they couldn’t possibly be the real Pavlyuchenko and Poroshenko because they, despite representing Pridnestrovia in international football, had been born in Abanhfleft and had served in that country’s armed forces, which disqualified them from serving in Pridnestrovia’s own armed forces.

Upon closer inspection, Audra realized that her mind had indeed been playing tricks on her. The nametag on Pavlyuchenko’s doppelganger announced her as GELBALONSKAYA M.K. The nametag on Poroshenko’s doppelganger identified her as SLAVINA E.F. The moment’s reprieve brought by the arrival of the Pavlyuchenko and Poroshenko doppelgangers allowed Audra to look at “Britt” and “Erin’s” tags, which identified them as ASELMIS P.D. and ZHERBINA A.S. respectively.

“What’s going on here, Sergeant, Praporshchik?” Gelbalonskaya asked as she approached them.

“We have a Nordskanian without a travel pass, Comrade Lieutenant,” Praporshchik Zherbina replied. “I had just ordered Sergeant Aselmis to search the truck when you arrived.”

“Well, what are you waiting for, Aselmis?” Gelbalonskaya asked. “Search the truck!”

Da, tovarishch leytenant,” Aselmis said, saluting smartly and then slinging her rifle on her back as she walked to the back of the truck to check its contents.

“And while she’s doing that, Praporshchik, inspect our friend over here,” Slavina ordered.

“Yes, Comrade Lieutenant,” Zherbina replied with a salute. She then turned to Audra and said, “You know the drill.”

Audra didn’t know the drill, so Zherbina taught her even though she was in no mood to do so. Zherbina kicked Audra’s legs so that they were spread nice and wide. Zherbina then ran her hands over every inch of Audra’s body, checking for any illegal or contraband objects on her person. Audra just wished that she wasn’t lucky enough to warrant a cavity check; the Pridnestrovians already had a reputation for performing random cavity checks on “lucky” people passing through their checkpoints.

Zherbina reached into Audra’s pants and took out her wallet and passport, which she handed over to Gelbalonskaya and Slavina. “Well, look at what we have here,” Gelbalonskaya said. “It looks as if our Nordskanian friend is actually not a Nordskanian.”

“What in the world are you doing so far from home, Anglatskiy?” Slavina asked, using the Pridnestrovian term for Anglatian to refer to Audra.

“What are you doing here in Nordskania, imperialist Anglatian scum?” Gelbalonskaya asked. “Why are you here? Are you helping out the Blue Roses? Are you helping out the northern anarchists? Are you with Imperial Intelligence? Or are you with those criminals the Crows?”

“Hey! The lieutenant asked you a question, Anglatian!” Zherbina shouted when Audra had remained silent during her on-the-spot interrogation. When that didn’t get Audra talking, Zherbina kicked the back of Audra’s knees, sending her kneeling on the ground. Audra then felt the butt of an AK slam into the back of her head, and she fought hard to keep conscious even as stars and darkness swam around in her vision.

As Audra struggled and writhed on the ground, one of the lieutenants—Gelbalonskaya or Slavina, she couldn’t care anymore—asked someone, “What have you found, Sergeant?”

“Nothing in the truck itself, Comrade Lieutenants,” Aselmis replied. “However, I did find this under the driver’s seat.” She then held up Audra’s pistol for all to see.

“Well, well, well,” Slavina muttered. “Looks like we have a situation in our hands! Get her up, Sergeant, Praporshchik. We’re taking her to the captain.”

“Get up!” Aselmis shouted at Audra, and she and Zherbina manhandled the former Hunsen Loggers player to her feet and hauled her over to the largest of the shacks around the checkpoint, where their lieutenants were already reporting the situation to their commanding officer.

“Here is the prisoner, Comrade Captain,” Senior Lieutenant Gelbalonskaya said as Audra was brought into the shack. Audra, already very much in pain from all the abuses she had sustained from the Pridnestrovians, was very close to fainting now, for once again her mind was playing tricks on her.

There were two women inside the shack, both wearing the uniform of the Naval Infantry. One of them was Bisera Haralampieva, and the other one was none other than Audra Jaakola.
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Who is Adam Johnson? That is the question all Suns fans want answered. Barunia's new football coach sat down for a chat with Tom Chadwick.

TC: Adam, you have very big shoes to fill. How do you think the fans will react to your appointment as head coach?

AJ: I'm only the interim coach at the moment, Tom.

TC: Interim coach, sorry, yes.

AJ: I think the fans will get used to it. I'm expecting them to be a little hostile at first, I mean, everyone likes Joric, but he can't coach forever. It was time to move on, and the BFA have to find a successor, and I'm sure the fans will accept that in time.

TC: Do you feel like the BFA are considering you as Joric's successor?

AJ: Look, it's definitely on the cards, but I really wouldn't want to speculate on what might happen in the future. The Association will make their own decision on who they want for head coach, and I'm not going to say what their decision might be.

TC: Could you tell us a little about your background? What got you in to football?

AJ: Oh, I was always a fan of the sport. I played in school, dreamed of playing for (Porthaven) United. That was back when there were only six clubs. Then I joined my local club, and in the league expansion some of our players were selected to play in the new teams. I was lucky enough to be chosen, and I went to Secret Valley as I'm from that area, a small town called Corkvale. I played two season with them, then I was injured.

TC: What injury was it?

AJ: A torn ACL - kept me out of the game for 12 months, but I never went back.

TC: What stopped you from going back?

AJ: My wife was pregnant with our 2nd child, and gave birth that year. I was trying to raise two kids, and I realised that the time with my family was more important than football.

TC: What position did you play with Secret Valley?

AJ: I was a centre back, although I'd started in school as a goalie, and was the back-up keeper for my club team prior to Valley picking me up.

TC: What got you into coaching?

AJ: Once the kids were in school, I started to think about a return, but by that time I was in my mid-thirties, and I was a bit slow and too rusty to make a comeback. So I decided to switch to coaching instead. I started out with Babbage Town as a defensive coach, then after a couple of seasons as an assistant with various teams I joined West Bay as head coach.

TC: You've done very well with West Bay. What's the secret to the success?

AJ: They've got a great set-up, and a lot of that was in place when I arrived. I hope any changes I've made are for the better, but we've got good players, and just a really strong team dynamic. The players want to win, and there's a lot of good ideas that come from the support staff, so I can't take all the credit.

TC: In regards to the national team, what changes do you think we can expect to see?

AJ: Well, I've had no time to work with the team, so I won't be making any changes. These guys have had a lot of time learning to do football the way Joric does. It's familiar and it works, and the week before a tournament is not the time to barge in and change everything.

TC: If you are selected as head coach, might we see some changes then?

AJ: Well, you'd have to see. But let's say that, hypothetically, I'm asked to stay on, say into the next World Cup. I'd probably look to change up the formation a bit. It would have to depend on players what we'd go for. I'm not convinced we need four defenders and a holding midfielder - that's overkill - so I'd probably look to lose one and free up a space for a forward or another midfielder.

TC: We talked earlier about fan reactions. How have the players reacted to you as coach?

AJ: I think they've taking it fairly well. I think they were mostly worried they were going to enter the Independents' Cup with no coach at all, so the presence of someone is good. Wether they'll listen to me come game day, we'll have to wait and see.

TC: What kind of things will you be telling them?

AJ: I think the biggest message will be not to take our rank for granted. We're the top seeds, but we mustn't let that get in the way. I feel we teams that are the strong favourites can get over-confident and underestimate their opponents. When that happens you make mistakes.

TC: What are your expectations for this tournament?

AJ: Well, we can win it, absolutely. What I expect from the players is their absolute best, and I'll be making that clear to them. Do I expect to win? I never expect results, although I have a good feeling about this one.

TC: Is there anything else you'd like to say to all the Barunian football fans out there?

AJ: Let's see, how about, thankyou for entrusting your national team to me? I promise I won't let you down.

TC: Adam Johnson, Barunia's new interim coach, thankyou for your time.

AJ: Pleasure.
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Postby Veldgouwen » Sun Dec 18, 2016 11:53 am

Ronny immediately regretted he had been so outspoken... Of course he did, as he should have felt that the mood of his boss was far below zero, rivalling the wind chill factor on the ferry between Taxhavn and Spittalsea. In less than two days, the squad would take on their novice opponents in the opening fixture of the inaugural IAC but instead of getting accustomed to the pitch of the Boldpark, our selection tried to keep the contents of their stomachs in the right place. A fine gift from the logistics department over at the VNVB – doing its bit of incompetence for the football community on the daily.

“It’s not a sodding recreation trip where we can stage two amateurs and a half-blind dog and still take away the points. There’s no reason to get snobby in this competition.”

Featuring Lassie with an eye issue was not at all what assistant Ronny Allaerts had suggested but he was very aware that it wasn’t just the high sea that ignited the stern reaction from Johan. This would demand tact, calmth and…

“I think it’s a bit unfair to call Mike, Lasse or Wim a mutilated canine, especially considering their current form.”

Yeah, or using neither of it at all. After all, Ronny was as effected by the waves that kept on banging on the sides of the ferry as the next guy.

“Listen Ronny, I believe in neighboring countries they would call this ‘a group of death’ – facing much-fancied outsider Devonta and home favorite Bonesea. Whatever these guys are going to do against those opponents,” Johan fulminated as he gasped for a second, allowing the background choir of nauseated defenders and spewing strikers to take the floor, “I don’t know. But that we’ll need three points to make the round of 16 is a fact. And the sooner we’ve got them, the better.”

There wasn’t much to bring in here, at first. Scoring a victory should indeed land you into the knock-out phase, a fair target for a side that had been grouped along with the minnows when the balls went into the drawing pots. But, then again…

“And you’re afraid we’ll score nothing at all otherwise.”

By now, having been on the road together for a year or two, Ronny had grown accustomed to the silences from Johan. Some indicated he considered the argument won, others were just the build-up for his punchline. Few and far between, and therefore even more enjoyable were the ones where he figuratively threw his hands in the air, like a bank robber in the westerns.

“It’s going to be very difficult, that’s a fact,” Johan admitted by saying the opposite.
“And that’s exactly why we’ll need the very best to take on the home side and Devonta, whilst our yellow-card collector Carlos Deferme, a young kid like Dan or Derk Breydels, who looks fifty shades of green right now, could use a day off against the Avery family and their distant relatives. Especially cause the dogs left to stage aren’t that blind after all.”

Ronny savored the rare moment where he got two long silences in a row from Johan – a joyful sentiment that couldn’t even be wasted by the smell produced by that poor Derk Breydels, who seemed to prefer jumping off board above everything else right now. Luckily for him, he wouldn’t have to play in a day or two.

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Postby Amazonesta » Sun Dec 18, 2016 1:17 pm

The Amazononian Observer
Amazonia City's Largest Newspaper

Carlos Rodriguez, the Executive President of the AFA Players Union

Amazonestan Football Association & AFA Players Union reach Memorandum of Understanding for the Independents Cup

AMAZONIA CITY- Contract negotiations between the Amazonestan Football Association and the AFA Players Union led to a tentative agreement between the two sides, that would allow Amazonesta to field a national team at the Independents Cup, a tournament for teams in regions that do not a have a major regional championship tournament, or are not in the 'big 3' sporting regions, which are Atlantian Oceania, Rushmore, and Esportiva.

Carlos Rodriguez, when the Association signed up for the tournament, had threatened a strike. "We have not reached a labor deal yet, and there are no guarantees that our members will fly to Bonesea for this tournament" said the Union President. The Collective Bargaining Agreement between the two groups expired after the last Cup of Harmony, and since then, they have entered long negotiations, trying to hammer out some type of agreement before the next World Cup Cycle could begin.

One of the sticking points for the Union, of course, has been player pay. The AFA has refused to take on costs for salaries and injuries for time served on the national team, instead sticking that cost to the clubs. This, in turn, makes clubs unhappy releasing players to play for the AFA, and undoubtedly, this has led to a fight. Of course, the other part is increased pay, especially prize money. They want to be paid a separate wage for national team time, and want a guaranteed percentage of all national team related revenue, to which the AFA has said no way.

The AFA, on the other hand, is trying to keep the setup currently close to the way it is. They have made billions, and the AFA is led by some hard-nosed negotiators. They were barely able to get an agreement for this tournament, but Rodriguez warned that 'no such temporary agreement can last the entirety of a World Cup cycle', sending warning shots to the AFA. We'll see, of course, how potential labor unrest effects this team's performance in the Independents Cup.

Speaking of the Independents Cup, the Amazonestan National Team will not exactly have an easy ride in this tournament. They will open the tournament as heavy favorites to defeat Juvencus, and then they will have a tough matchup against top-seeded Flardania, which will be followed by a game against another unranked opponent. The bare minimum is reaching the knockout stages, and the expectation is at least 2nd place for an automatic spot. With 16 places for 24 teams, the bar isn't too high, but even this team should be able to overcome the odds and get to the knockout stages with at least 6 points.
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Postby Mercedini » Sun Dec 18, 2016 1:33 pm

News Round-Up

The Mercedinian national team is back in action in the Independants' Cup where the Golden Eagles head to Bonesea Taxhavn for their opening group games, they have been drawn in Group H along with another batch of hopefuls looking to be the first name on the IC Trophy. We will give a round-up of all of the opponents that Mercedini will face if they look to get through to the knockout stages of this inaugural tournament, but before that, let's have a look at the team which will hope to claim victory in Bonesea et al, with all of the changes and transfers that have happened since Mercedini's Cup of Harmony a little while back.

The Team

The team remains pretty much unchanged since the last tournament that the Golden Eagles participated in: the Cup of Harmony. Bjarnasson has stuck with what he knows but the real test will be how the team reacts to a number of players now travelling abroad. Big names on the Mercedinian roster have now left Mercedini to play with bigger teams with better infrastructure for them to play in. Although such a drastic change does come with it's cons. People have been asking whether or not the Mercedinian style of play will be skewed due to some players moving elsewhere, but we will see.

Going through the roster and starting with the goalkeepers. Hosset will return to his spot between the sticks for the opening matches in the group and possibly for the rest of the tournament. Hovek and Polasic will join him on the plane to Bonesea with latter being out first player to move overseas, he was snapped up early in the transfer window by Ceni's Sporting Cenial which proved to be a big move in the world of Mercedinian sport.

Moving forward into the defensive line of Mercedini, Bjarnasson will go with four at the back (like usual) with Aznelik remaining in the left-back spot a while after he featured in the World XI of the Cup of Harmony held in Red Blackiland and Super-Llamaland. He will be joined by Ossun, Park and Tranev, with the last one moving to Qasden and AC Bornice Italia to possibly end his career there. Catessic is the second and final defenceman who moved abroad was Issac Catessic who moved to World Cup Champions Unified Sunrise Islands to play for Matekkipper Royals. Apart from that, everything else remained the same for a group whose performances were poor in the last Cup of Harmony.

We now move onto the midfield and a group of lucrative players for Mercedini, as many regard them as the engine of the Golden Eagles' rise to the heights they have achieved. Jackic and Nymark have been ever present in the national team and they their place once again in their central roles with Crasic and Pujanic taking the wings. There has been considerable pressure of Bjarnasson for Ross Presic to play in the right-wing spot after his big money transfer to Champion's Cup participants Somer City and Surrounds from Electrum. Kraljic was also the other midfielders to move abroad, he went to Ceni's 1860 Azoth.

Finally, the group of players that went anywhere and everywhere, the strikers. Four players now based in four different nations now combining to form what could be the best four-man group since Take That. The Gary Barlow of the group would definitely be Sgt. Sam Billic who shocked fans across Mercedini and possibly the world by announcing a shock transfer to Ceni's Myrmidon in a Y15 Million transfer. Billic has recently been included in the long list for the Bonesean magazine Boldsport's Player of the Year; the first Mercedinian recipient to be included in the honour roll. It could be said that a transfer of that size and scale will undoubtedly change the chemistry of the team, whether that be for good of for bad. Ben Chillotov is the only player to stay local throughout the transfer window and he will join Billic in their main attacking role, they scored plenty of goals in World Cup Qualification so let's see if they can repeat their feet this time around.
Young-guns Charlie Alotic and Daniel Dostalok are the final two players to be included in the roster with both of them moving away from home. Alotic moved to West Gundar FC of Cosumar while Dostalok departed for Handon United, a place which might seem recognisable to you tennis fans out there!

So, there you have it. The Mercedinian team which will face Barunia, Hicana and Kalumba for a place in the Independents' Cup knockout rounds. We hope you can join us for the opening match which will be against Kalumba, but for now... good night!
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