The New Guard(AEIA ONLY)(IC)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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The New Guard(AEIA ONLY)(IC)

Postby Bejarstan » Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:01 am

Bescon, Bejarstan, 2006: A man looked out on the streets of Bescon out of his tiny apartment. He looked out on the dark gloomy streets. On these gloomy streets people were begging and eating food from the trash piled on the streets, as they couldn't come up with the money to buy anything to eat . Their skins were wrinkled and stiff due to the Bejari cold and their clothes were worn and torn. They were slim and scrawny due to their lack of food, many having their bones showing. Many were looking at the dark howling Bejari sky, asking what punishment will god give them in the future as they had lost all hope. The buildings were falling apart as well which only contributed to the gloomy downcast attitude of the city. Everyone was extremely despairing and pessimistic in this city. He knew something had to happen, SOMETHING. He told himself, he would fix this. He would do that something. "The New Guard would come, the New Guard would come . Bejarstan would be saved" he thought. Now the question was would he.
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Postby Bejarstan » Tue Aug 09, 2016 6:23 am

From that day he knew, he knew what to do. He would save Bejarstan, save it from the mess and restore it to glory. He would have to rise though a messy complex political game but are the end he knew it would be worth it. He decided to start with local office in a tiny town, that way no voter rigging would occur unlike the big cities. He helped rebuild the small town and the town became modestly prosperous. He gave hope to them, and his story spread though the people of Bejarstan making him very popular. After that he needed to gain the trust of the Bejari Oilgrachy, as elections further from here were rigged by the oilgrachy to ensure a pro oilgrachy candidate won. He made many contacts and acted as though he wanted to help them, reality was much more different. He soon became mayor of Besk Colma a large city, while he didn't do much due good to the oilgrachy he did as much as he could. This was something new for the Bejari people, never before had there been a politician that wanted to help them, this further boosted his popularity. Soon enough he would become elected president, and now he knew all his hard work would pay off. The true game would soon start.

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Postby Pengerby » Tue Aug 09, 2016 3:06 pm

"Well, sir, what do you think?"

Grand Duke Erik Torl stared glumly at the portfolio on his desk. On the other side of it stood Adrian Ernir, CEO of one of Pengerby's largest corporations and also Duke Erik's staunchest supporter. Any candidate for Grand Duke had to have an Adrian Ernir, otherwise they'd never get far.

The portfolio held the details on a very odd man: a politician who wanted the good for the people. And in Bejarstan, of all places! Why, it was practically the most corrupt nation in all of Aeia! And this one man, this one puny populist, thought he could undo the harm and bring some sort of golden age. Erik didn't know what to think.

"It's certainly unexpected. I never once thought what the Bejari thought of it. Now, I guess, I know."

"Yes, yes, but do you know what might happen if this man actually becomes president? Stocks would plummet! Economies would crash! Honorable nations would be needlessly blemished! And you and I, Erik, would be out of a job."

"That's what some say. Other ideas were presented at Zalejk."

"Those were dreamers, Erik! These are the facts: we've got to do something about him, or Pengerby'll lose a lot of money. Pengerby isn't the only one, either. Plenty of other nations thrive off of Bejarstan's current affairs."

Erik looked at the influential man's photograph. "It's a brilliant idea, though," he said, quietly. "One man against the world, for the sake of justice for the common man..."

Adrian's wrath only grew. "Don't tell me you're falling under his spell as well!"

"I'm not telling you that," Erik said, "But I am telling you that this interview is over. You are dismissed."

Adrian stood, opening and closing his mouth, and finally left, slamming the door behind him. The Duke picked up the photograph again, than looked out his window, overlooking the snowy city of Kalngat. "One man against the world... One man for justice..."

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Postby Bejarstan » Sun Sep 18, 2016 5:30 am

"BEJARSTAN, YOU HAVE BEEN OPPRESSED TO LONG, BY THE COMPANIES, BY FORIGEN GOVERNMENTS. LOOK AT ALL OF YOU, POOR WEAK, HOPELESS. This isn't the Bejarstan I want AND I WILL FIX IT. I WILL MAKE THIS NATION PROSPEROUS, STRONG, AND HOPEFUL FOR WHAT THE FUTURE CAN BRING. We will either perish trying OR PREVAIL. FOR BEJARSTAN!!!" screamed the president at the end of his inauguration speech. He was elated beyond reason. At the end of the speech he cried tears of happiness and joy, it felt like a lucid dream. The crowd was cheering, cheering that something new would come. That Bejarstan would be restored. Finally they had something, hope, hope in the future. Something they never had, for the last 30 years. But would they perish or rise, as the easy part was over. It wouldn't be clean cut. Many large powerful interests entered see Bejarstan being weak and exploitable, si they could further rob the nation until there is nothing left. A businessman watched the TV screen and said,"Bejarstan shall perish!", then he got a gun and shot the TV screen. What would the future bring to Bejarstan, well that was still a question to be answered. Many oilgrachs were worried, as such the Bejari Oilgrachs arranged a meeting at a 5 star hotel to discuss this new presidents implication and start plotting how to deal with him.

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Postby Midrasia » Wed Sep 21, 2016 6:31 am

"Come in."
The door opened and in stepped a woman, and a man of rather large stature.
"Oh lucatiel, please, have a seat."
"Cut the crap Tim, you know exactly why i'm here."
"Well... no, I don't know why your here..." Tim remained startled. The conservative party leader, Lucatiel Lorett had just arrived in his office, acting like the Chief Whip on a bad day. "Look Lucatiel, i've been one of the most loyal members of the party...even that reform bill you told me to vote against... you knew my constituency needs it... but I always put the party first..."
"Bullshit Mike, you know why we're here" butted in the large man. "Checked your emails recently?" He knew exactly what it meant...
"Oh now, well this is a misunderstanding surely?
"So is your name being leaked in the Bejarstan papers a misunderstanding? Am I getting that correct?" butted in Lucatiel. "So when the press gets hold of these papers you want me to go out there and explain how this is all a quote: misunderstanding? Oh, the press will have a field day with that one."
"Your just lucky an associate of ours managed to leak them early. This fortunately gives us time to prepare. So, is there anybody else in the party you would like to tell us about?"
"You think i'm a rat? What, that i'm just going to give you the names of the others?"
"So there are others." butted in the large man.
"Oh, Aetius bless me." The man collapsed into his chair, a look of despair seeped across his face.
"I tell you what Tim, i'll cut you a deal," said Lucatiel. "You give us the name of the others involved, and i'll ensure you get a good payout on your retirement tomorrow."
The large man's phone rang, he stepped out of the room to answer it.
"You always said you were loyal to your party, don't bring the ship down now Tim, and ill make it worth your while."
"mmmuble...mublle....grp...." mumbled Tim.
"The Conservative friends of Bejarstan... they act like its a connection group, really its a front for investors in the old and mineral industry."
"The entire group?!"
"Not all of them, Aeitus no. Some of them, Mike, Harrod, Luix Vestrin and Marie. They're all in on it."
"Well I thank you for your co-operation Tim." Lucatiel pulled a piece of paper from a nearby file, placing it on Tim's desk. "I'll expect your resignation letter tomorrow. Family circumstances always flies well, just so you know."
With that Lucatiel exited the room, the large man finished his phone conversation as she approached.
"Well, I have good news and bad news..." he said.
"The bad news first."
"This goes right to the top..."
"Yeah, I got that, and the good news?"
"This goes right to the top."
"How is that good new..." The man pointed to a portrait on the far side of the room. She knew exactly what he meant. It would only be a matter of time now...
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Postby Vrnallia » Thu Sep 22, 2016 4:18 am

The Vrnallian Council was gathered together in their usual meeting place, the Mdazia Room of the Federal Parliament. Unusually, however, they were without their aides, in an unscheduled meeting - Councillor Renaku had requested their presence. As Second Minister he was expected to be as up-to-date on global developments as the Foreign Secretary, so he might take his place in absence. Hozu was away in Aquidneck for the peace talks, so one could only assume this meeting was related to the other major global event of late - in Bejarstan, the election of President Stanislav.

Before the final Councillor to arrive had even taken his seat Renaku had begun speaking.

"I'm sure you've figured out why we're here. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Stanislav once you know - my cousin married a Bejari girl and at the reception in Bescon he was there. I think they're distant cousins or something. A very charismatic fellow, really seemed to care about people... anyway," he began, "we have more pressing matters. On the desk before you is a document which was leaked to certain individuals today, and which we expect will be released to the world in general soon. Read."

The others leafed through the document for a few minutes. Councillor Khodan broke the silence.

"Four of our countrymen are in here. Three of them still live here... and two are in this building. Karléj? Is this true?"

The other Conservative Councillor stared at the words before him without speaking. First Minister Brachvieca turned to Renaku.

"Veku, speak to our beloved Security Secretary. I want him to write out a resignation letter tonight and come clean about this on VRT tomorrow as soon as this gets out. We will offer our informal support to the new President and disavow Mr. Hladu" He turned to Khodan, "...and as for you, do what you must with this one. We must not allow this to undermine Vrnallia."

With that he rose and left the room. The others followed.
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