Zhouranese People's Army [NSverse, DO NOT POST]

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Zhouranese People's Army [NSverse, DO NOT POST]

Postby Zhouran » Fri Sep 09, 2016 8:13 am

Zhouranese People's Army
(Zhōurán Rénmín Jūn)

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Founded: September 9, 1956

Service branches:
  • ZPA Ground Force
    Land-based military service branch.
  • ZPA Air Force
    Aerial warfare service branch.
  • ZPA Navy
    Naval warfare service branch.
  • Public Security Corps
    Gendarmerie service branch.

Headquarters: National Defense Complex, Ouyang


- Chairman of the People's Defense Council
and Supreme Commander of the Zhouranese People's Army

- Vice Chairman of the People's Defense Council

- Minister of Defense

- Chairman of the Central Defense Commission

- 2 × Vice Chairmen of the Central Defense Commission

Manpower (as of 2020)

Active personnel: 3,518,000

Reserve personnel: 8,300,000

Expenditures (as of 2020)

Budget: NS$732.8 billion
The Zhouranese People's Army (ZPA; Putonghua: 周然人民军; Pinyin: Zhōurán Rénmín Jūn) is the military force of the People's Republic of Zhouran, tasked with defending the nation. It consists of the Ground Force, Air Force, Navy, and the Public Security Corps. With up to 3,518,000 active personnel and 8,300,000 reserve personnel, it is one of the largest in the world. The ZPA is backed by 12,640,200 soldiers from the National Patriotic Guards. Both are under the command of the People's Defense Council, which is regarded as the most powerful government council in the country.

The leadership structure of the Zhouranese People's Army differs completely from other nations. The leadership of the military consists of the Chairman of the People's Defense Council (who is also the Supreme Commander of the Zhouranese People's Army), the Vice Chairman of the People's Defense Council, the Minister of Defense, the Chairman of the Central Defense Commission and two Vice Chairmen of the Central Defense Commission.

The Zhouranese People's Army utilizes a vast array of highly-sophisticated military equipment designed to keep the military successful against competitors in the global arms race. The Scientific Military Research Bureau, an advanced military research agency subordinate to the People's Defense Council, is responsible for the research and development of new technologies for military use, as well as forming and executing research and development projects to expand the frontiers of technology and science and able to reach far beyond immediate military requirements. The People's Republic of Zhouran spends around NS$732.8 billion annually to fund the Zhouranese People's Army. Thanks to its advanced and sophisticated equipment, as well as its massive blue-water navy and significant aviation capability, Zhouran has significant force projection capabilities. This element is very crucial to the nation's power, diplomatic credibility and national interests.

Military service is extremely popular in Zhouran. Technically, military service with the Zhouranese People's Army is obligatory for all Zhouranese citizens. However, in practice, it is entirely voluntary; due to the popularity of military service and the large number of individuals who volunteer to join. Any males and females of 18-22 years of age can register themselves with the government authorities. Conscription has only existed in theory since the establishment of the People's Republic of Zhouran in 1956. Technically, those who have registered themselves enter selective compulsory military service, with a 36-month service obligation. Military service is performed in the regular armed forces. Due to the extreme popularity of military service, it is difficult to join the military. Each year, an average of around 14 - 18 million people would sign up to join the ZPA, but only around a few million would successfully join.
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Table of Rank Insignias

Postby Zhouran » Fri Sep 09, 2016 8:14 am

Table of Rank Insignias

Ranks (Ground Force, Air Force and Public Security Corps/Navy)

Supreme Officers:

20. Senior Marshal/Grand Admiral
19. Chief Marshal/Chief Admiral
18. Field Marshal/Fleet Admiral
17. Senior General/Admiral
16. Lieutenant General/Vice Admiral
15. Major General/Rear Admiral
14. Brigadier General/Junior Admiral

Senior Officers:

13. Brigadier/Commodore
12. Colonel/First Class Captain
11. Major/Second Class Captain

Junior Officers:

10. Captain/Third Class Captain
9. Senior Lieutenant/Captain Lieutenant
8. Lieutenant/Sub-lieutenant
7. Junior Lieutenant/Junior sub-lieutenant

Warrant Officers:

6. Warrant Officer/Midshipman

Sergeants and Petty Officers:

5. Master Sergeant/Senior Chief Petty Officer
4. Senior Sergeant/Chief Petty Officer
3. Sergeant/Petty Officer


2. Corporal/Senior Sailor
1. Private/Sailor

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Equipment Inventory & Manpower

Postby Zhouran » Thu Jan 04, 2018 6:54 am

The estimated number of military equipment used by the Zhouranese People's Army, as well as manpower of each service branches, as of 2020.

ZPA Ground Force

  • Active Personnel: 1,990,300
  • Reserve Personnel: 5,821,500
  • Tanks: 24,750
  • Armored Personnel Carriers: 34,600
  • Infantry Fighting Vehicles: 42,580
  • Towed Artillery: 16,900
  • Self-Propelled Artillery: 18,300
  • Rocket Artillery: 14,170

ZPA Navy

  • Active Personnel: 433,700
  • Reserve Personnel: 372,500
  • Corvettes: 168
  • Frigates: 136
  • Destroyers: 235
  • Cruisers: 52
  • Amphibious Assault Ships: 75
  • Landing Crafts: 224
  • Air-Cushioned Landing Crafts: 182
  • Fast Attack Crafts: 678
  • Other Surface Vessels: 942 (including auxiliaries)
  • Conventional Submarines: 264
  • Nuclear Submarines: 248

ZPA Air Force

  • Active Personnel: 382,000
  • Reserve Personnel: 264,000
  • Bombers: 830
  • Fighters: 8,200
  • Attack Aircraft: 3,600
  • Transport: 7,300
  • Other Fixed-Wing Aircraft: 14,680
  • Helicopters: 16,100

    Aerospace Defense Command of the ZPA Air Force
  • Anti-Aircraft Guns: 11,700
  • Surface-To-Air Missile Systems: 8,500
  • Radar And Warning Installations: ???
  • Satellites: ???

Public Security Corps

  • Active Personnel: 712,000
  • Reserve Personnel: 1,842,000
  • Armored Personnel Carriers: 16,800
  • Infantry Fighting Vehicles: 9,200
  • Helicopters: 1,700

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