Vigil-class Corvette [DO NOT POST]

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Vigil-class Corvette [DO NOT POST]

Postby Pharthan » Sun Jul 31, 2016 6:32 pm


Unit Cost:$550 Million
DPR Cost: $5.5 Billion
Class: K, (Corvette)
Hull Style: Monohull
Length: 250 feet
Width: 48 feet
Height: 131 feet (from waterline) 144 feet (with draft)
Draft: 13 feet*
Tonnage: 2,2000†
Speed: 36 knots
Aircraft: 1†
Boats: Inflatables only
Ship's Force: 26†
Air Wing: 6†

40 VLS Tubes
2 Triple-Torpedo Tubes
57mm Advanced Gun System

2 30mm Shield CIWS
2 25mm Mk3 Rapier Defense Autocannons
4 .50-cal Dagger ROADS
1 NRAM-32 Longsword (12 Missiles each)
20 Active Anti-Torpedo Decoy-Explosives
2 Active SONAR Decoys, towed
8 .50-cal Machine gun posts
Full Command Electronic Warfare & Deterrence Suite

Power & Propulsion
Power Source: 2 GTK3H Gas Turbines
Back up Source: 1Mw Diesel Generators
Battery Back up: 4 Hour life, 1 for propulsion
Propulsion: 4 Asimov Engineering K6 Motor-Propulsors
Secondary Propulsion: 2 Extending Maneuvering Azipods

1 Helipad

*Pending speed and load
†: Denotes ideal specification


    Warfare Roles of the Vigil-class
  • Strike (Surface-to-Ground)
  • Naval (Surface-to-Surface)
  • Anti-Submarine
  • Anti-Air
  • Anti-Ballistic Missile
  • Electronic Warfare

Crew amenities, for the most part, are as standard with any Pharthan Navy ship. Each individual sailor is allotted their own "Coffin-Rack," which storage underneath the rack, which sits in a tray that can be lifted to expose personal storage space, as well as a personal locker. Each rack space comes with a personal reading light, towel-hangar, emergency egress breathing device stowage, personal six-outlet power strip, and a state-of-the-art Smart Reveille Suite, or SRS.
The SRS monitors the sleep pattern of the sailor, and can be programmed in with the applicable Watchstation Schedule, Morning Routine & Muster, et cetera. For those requiring certain amounts of sleep such as pilots, it can also advise the sailor on when they should be falling sleep. The SRS is a built in computer roughly the size of a smart-phone, built into the rack itself and is tamper resistant. It also includes vibration sensors which are, as a standard, built into the walls and base of the rack, as well as separate remote sensors to be able to differentiate natural ship motion from the motions of the sailor.
To promote healthy sleep, the SRS will begin playing soft music of the sailor's choice to ease them awake within the optimal period prior to their next appointment, as well as emitting "peaceful" light.
In the event the sailor is late for watch or muster, a louder alarm and brighter lights will be emitted.
The speakers for the sounds are directed inward, and additional sound-proofing is provided to prevent disturbing other sailors.

While differing on each ship and in each compartment slightly, each berthing location houses between eight and 12 enlisted sailors. Officer berthings may be singular, double, or a quartet, depending on rank and station. Each berthing space comes with one computer, which, when available, is linked to the ship's internet and unclassified network; internet browsing on this network is often limited for security reasons, though general social media is allowed. A separate web-browser notebook is also provided to allow sailors to download movies, games, videos, et cetera, and more extensive chat with family. While still monitored for security reasons, this is not connected to the ship's unclassified data network and is more free to use.
Each berthing space has an ample amount of electrical outlets and storage space, both communal and personal, to allow for personal gaming systems, and each berthing space has one large flatscreen TV, with space for an extra. Additionally, every berthing space has their own minifridge and microwave oven.
For every forty sailors there is an additional community space, allowing for more activities to include the watching of movies, TV, gaming, et cetera, without disturbing those sleeping at the time.

For every sixteen sailors there is at least one head, to include two showers, two toilet stalls, and three sinks, though some areas may include more based on availability. These are often of stainless steel construction for sanitary reasons, and the shower-stalls are curtained off, though some may include a hard vanity door.

Gym services include rowing machines, various styles of treadmills, weight machines and racks, yoga mats and equipment, sports equipment for any open areas, and more at the request of the ship's recreational officers.


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