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Postby Brytene » Tue Oct 27, 2015 12:33 am

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Brytene

Name of Group: R-DARK

Name of Outfit: TOGFOR Echo

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

Appearance/Description of Operator:

Biography of Outfit:
Information about TOGFOR, the primary combat force of the R-DARK intelligence agency, is not widely available, but TOGFOR Echo is believed to be one of the most experienced field units available to R-DARK command. Unlike other R-DARK units, TOGFOR's existence is openly acknowledged by the Brytisc government.

Alleged engagements in recent years include the Da'klawedian warhead crisis (Operation SOLO ENDEAVOUR) and assaults on Germanian concentration camps (Operation UPSETTI). They are also alleged to have been involved in the recent violence on Pepper Atoll and in the 2015 South Zevgorian Conflict.

Operators of the Outfit:
  • Centurion James 'Truck' Salary -
    From Nortymba, the squad leader of TOGFOR Echo has more than a decade's worth of combat experience. He is medium build, bearded, and gregarious. He dislikes politics and believes in a small state, which is why he serves as a career soldier - to avoid the squabbling of civilian life.
  • Lieutenant Anya Lutyanka -
    The child of Stasnovan immigrant parents, Lutyanka is the squad sharpshooter. She is tall and taciturn, but is a capable light infantrywoman and sniper.
  • Lieutenant Athalwulf Beamflot -
    Beamflot is the team's 'engineer'. Raised in Nortymba, he is good with demolitions, signals, and communications. He shaves his head due to premature baldness, but has a thick walrus moustache.
  • Staff Sergeant Karl Sanders -
    Sanders is a heavyset man from Contwaraburg. He specialises in CQB and infiltration.
  • Corporal Shona Dunbroch -
    The newest member of the team, Dunbroch is a Dyfliner with a pronounced accent. She is a capable driver and mechanic.

RP Experience:

Techlevel: MT

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Postby Creatle » Tue Nov 03, 2015 4:17 pm

Name of Nation:

Name of Group: Guardian Angels

Name of Outfit:
Guardians, 2nd Mechanised Battalion, 1st Special Operators squad

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

ALL: 2x Frag Grenades, 1x Smoke, M1911 hand gun acting as secondary, 2x Field Dressings, Mk.4 Combat Knife, Lightweight Combat Armour, NV equipment, 5 days survival rations, 2 days clean water, Backpack, Camouflaged blanket. Mk9 Lightweight Coms system.

John: SCAR-H, High Powered Bino's, Red Flare.
Micheal: Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle, IR Contacts
Harrison: M24 Sniper Rifle, IR Contacts
Samantha: Medical Kit, Morphine, Advanced Medical Equipment, 5x extra Thick Bandages. M4 Carbine.

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
The snipers have different outfits from the medic and squad leader so no image will be placed here.

Biography of Outfit:
The Guardian Angels was formed off the 2nd mechanised battalion as a special operation squad for long range, stealth operations. This was during the initial days of the expansion in the military and have had more experience than almost any soldier in the National Army.

The Guardian Angels were first put into action during the invasion of the Solverd Islands, their mission was to eliminate the invasive general, Alan Si Donnaman, responsible for the slaughter for hundreds of thousands of people during his reign in his homeland. The mission was an outstanding success and the Guardian Angel program was acknowledged for the short victory in the war.

Operators of the Outfit:
John Vendols
Ex-Navy Intelligence officer, he enlisted himself into the Guardian squad after a 2 year leave from service. He is serious about his work, and he won't deal with trouble makers.

Micheal Del Viro
Micheal is a quiet man, he doesn’t talk unless he's on a mission, he's a strong build and a serious operator, he doesn’t find many things funny. One of the operators with an unknown history.

Harrison Bermont
Harrison is a cheerful guy, he serviced in the National Army for 2 years before being relocated into the Guardian Team. He's the strongest operator in the Guardian Team, and he is often joking around.

Samantha Corfield
Samantha is a fast, agile and strong member of the Guardian Angels, she severed as a combat medic in Afghanistan for 1 year before being sent home after being wounded by a IED that killed 2 members of her squad. After a full recovery she made her way back to peak fitness and was enlisted into the Guardian Program. It is rumoured that she almost killed another soldier after he called her a 'pretty lady'.
RP Experience:




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Postby Democratic Peoples republic of Kelvinsi » Tue Nov 10, 2015 11:15 am

Name of Nation: Democratic Peoples Republic of Kelvinsi

Name of Group: Kelvish International External Intervention Unit

Name of Outfit:3rd International Special Operations Unit

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
All: K732 Kevlar body armor, K92 General Purpose Helmet, K-98 Combat/Survival knife, TP-82 sidearm, K22 flashbangs, K74 smoke grenades, K92 portable radio and communication device, K987 claymores, K453 Basic survival kit(Includes survival necessities such as water purification pills, medicine, ETC, and maps), Satchel charges, K1 canteen, Binoculars, K984 laser rangefinder
Jessica(Squad leader) K654 Special Operations Optics, AK-12 rifle with attached GP-25 grenade launcher, K32 Special Purpose radio,
Daniel(Infiltrator) K654 Special Operations Optics, AK-12 rifle, extra rations
Barry(Heavy) K983 Heavy weapons optics, Ak-12 SAW format
Amy(Sniper) K874 Special operations long range sights, Dragunov sniper rifle(SVU), K1923 Long range Laser Rangefinder
Samuel(Engineer) K654 Special Operations Optics, AK-12 rifle, RPG-29

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

Biography of Outfit:
The secretive nation of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Kelvinsi, or Kelvinsi for short is known for its brutal training regimes. All citizens by law are conscripted by the government once they react the age of 18, however minors can volunteer early without the permission of their parents. However, to create the elite special forces the government trains the operatives starting at birth. The candidates are almost always children who are orphaned at a young age. These children are taken in by the government, and from that moment forward they become official government trainees.

The government trainees are always heavily indoctrinated, and will do anything for the country of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Kelvinsi. These children are trained vigorously both academically, and physically. The government trainees are required to be 3 years ahead of the normal curriculum, and maintain a level of fitness that is considered to be the top 10 percentile. That type of training ceases at the age of 8 when the government trainees are divided into two groups, the administrative, and the direct action operatives.

The direct action operatives continue to learn academics, although at this point their curriculum is slowed down enough so that they are only one year ahead of the standard curriculum. They are trained with both firearms, and unarmed combat at that point. Recreational time is limited at two hours a day. This type of training continues until the age of 12 when the children are divided for a second time.

The top performing students are assigned to the Special Operations, while the others are assigned to police duties within the country. The Special Forces students learn only the required subjects for their job which is combat tactics, and weapons usage. The curriculum becomes heavily modified, and the students are taught the necessities at a rigorous rate, while leaving out all the others. This phase continues until the age of 16.

At the age of 16, the top performing students are selected once again, and put into the elite External Intervention unit, while the rest are put in the Internal intervention unit. This is when the training starts becoming exponentially harder. The academics at this point are virtually stopped, apart from war related materiel. The students are required to endure a 3 year long course affectionately nickname "Hell" .

"Hell" consists of numerous physically, and mentally demanding areas of training. The mortality rate is a whopping 40.99%, while the dropout rate was 92.83% on top of the mortality rate who requested a transfer to either the police forces, or the Internal intervention force. The programs include marches across deserts with no rations issued. Climbs of various mountains which are known to be unstable, and prone to avalanches. Wrestling with wild animals. A march across the arctic with only a rifle. And, finally to conclude the whole course, the surviving recruits were dropped into the high arctic with whatever they can carry on their persons, with limited aerial resupply flights. and told to survive for three months. The survivors then take an indoctrination course again, and a debrief operation which ironically ends with a bouncy castle. The members are sworn into the unit immediately after training.

Operators of the Outfit:
Operative-32 Jessica- The most friendly, and educated of the squad. She is the squad leader, and has a strong attachment to her squad mates, especially Amy. She sometimes doubts whether or not that Kelvinsi is doing the right thing by authorizing some of the operations, but due to heavy government censorship she mostly keeps silent about those opinions, especially after what happened to someone who dared question the Kelvish government during the high arctic training mission.

Operative-54 Daniel- The most fanatic, and indoctrinated of the squad. He is the infiltrator responsible for going into areas to disable enemy weapons. He is completely certain that everything that Kelvinsi does is right, and the Eternal President of the country can do no wrong. He goes so far as to worship the Eternal President as a God figure. Any attempt to convince him otherwise will lead to a long lecture about the glory of the Kelvinsi

Operative-74 Barry- The least educated of the squad. Despite, being a government trainee Barry has a surprisingly low level of intellect that leads some to wonder how he passed the initial stage at all. In reality he did not pass, however his termination papers were lost during a rare office fire, so he got in. However, he is built like a truck, and about as tough. During the high arctic mission he was the only one who gained weight. In close combat he is stellar, and was the only one who killed the lion during the animal wrestling session unscathed. In fact, he killed so many animals bare handed that the trainers took him out early, so he did not kill any more of the other animals.

Operative-347 Amy- The youngest, and least battle tested of all the operators. Amy has a knack for shooting things, and is a highly proficient sniper. However, unlike the rest of the members of the squad she struggles in close combat, almost dying in the animal wrestling session only to be save by Barry. However, her aim is highly accurate, and she excels at shooting things from a normally impossible range.

Operative-1/34 Samuel- Samuel is a unique case as he was assigned to the squad from the less elite internal intervention(The DPRK's domestic special forces unit) unit after graduating without enduring the painful external intervention unit's training. He is also not so familiar with the tough conditions associated with the unit, he often relies on his other squad members to take care of him when he is in trouble. However, he is a brilliant engineer able to make traps out of nothing.

RP Experience:
Techlevel: MT

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Postby Sarejo » Sun Nov 15, 2015 6:21 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Republic of Iceland

Name of Group: Icelandic Crisis Response Unit, Special Operations Unit

Name of Outfit: Þór Elding (Thor's Lightning)

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

Diemaco C8 assault rifle (Eldri, Eldur, Vindur)
Rheinmetall MG3 (Hamar)
Steyr SGG 69 (Draugur)
Glock 17 pistol(Everyone)

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:


Biography of Outfit: The unit was formed in 2007 following an increase in military spending by the Icelandic government, establishing the Icelandic Crisis Response Unit as an actual military unit, giving Iceland its first army in 138 years. The unit has been trained by Norwegian and Swedish special forces, and in 2009 undertook its first deployment in Afghanistan, and conducted several successful missions, ranging from hostage rescue, to assassinations. In 2013 Iceland was attacked by terrorists, with a bomb going off in a café in Reykjavik, killing several dozen people. The Icelandic Military Intelligence tracked down the man responsible, and on June 13th, 2014, Hallmar Martinsson, an Icelandic man sympathetic to Islamic extremists and vengeful for actions undertaken by Icelandic military forces in Afghanistan, was killed by Þór Elding, ending the threat in Icelandic as documents found in his compound led the police to arrest his accomplices. This was heralded as a major success in Iceland, and any qualms had by the populace over whether the nation should maintain a true military or not was discarded. The Icelandic Military, and it's units such as Þór Elding, were now an established, permanent edition to Iceland.

Operators of the Outfit:

Flokksstjóri 1. Manúel Adsersson (Eldri): Team Leader
Flokksstjóri 1. Manúel Adsersson, codenamed Eldri, is the quiet, yet intimidating, no-nonsense leader of Þór Elding. A veteran of conflicts in Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan, he is the oldest and most experienced of the unit. He is a heavy drinker, owing to the experiences he'd had on previous deployments.

Flokksstjóri 2. Freyr Hróaldursson (Eldur): Second in Command
Flokksstjóri 2. Freyr Hróaldursson, codenamed Eldur, is the second in command of Þór Elding. Like the rest of the unit, he is a veteran, and served with his unit commander in Iraq before being they were organized into the unit they are part of today. He is usually credited as being the "Soul of the Unit", as when not on duty he is a very jovial and cheerful man, earning the affectionate nickname "Loki" by the other members of the unit. However when on duty he is serious, calculated, and professional.

Korporáll Gígjar Nílsson (Vindur): Medic
Korporáll Gígjar Nílsson, codenamed Vindur is the medic of Þór Elding. He has earned the nickname "Prófessor" as he reads many books and is very knowledgeable about history. He also has the nickname "Læknir", owing to his position in the unit. He spends most of his free time reading books or surfing Wikipedia when near a computer.

Òbreyttur Þormar Særsson (Hamar): Support Specialist
Òbreyttur Þormar Særsson, codenamed Hamar, is the support specialist of Þór Elding. Not much is known about his past, as he keeps stories of his childhood to himself. However he is usually a nice person, unless he's either in battle or you've proven yourself not worthy of his kindness. He is also a heavy drinker, owing to both his dark past and a particularly bad experience in Kabul where he saw an Al Qaeda terrorist murder a family who had been seen helping Allied forces. He proceeded to beat the extremist to death with his bare hands, which also led to his nickname "Boxarinn", which he proudly goes by.

Òbreyttur Falgeir Þorbergsson (Draugur): Sniper
Òbreyttur Falgeir Þorbergsson, codenamed Draugur, is the sniper of Þór Elding. He grew up in a rich family, learning the sport of hunting at a young age. He never really felt like he fit in amongst the wealthy and posh, however, and chose most of his friends amongst children from middle-class families. He did, however, enjoy shooting very much, and quickly became known as the best marksman in his town by the age of 15. He volunteered for the ICRU after college, and served in Iraq and Afghanistan with Þormar, and the two quickly became inseparable best friends. Falgeir was also Þormar's only confidant after the incident in Kabul, further strengthening their friendship. Falgeir does not deny his origins, and despite the fact that he shed the mantle of wealth, he still has embraced the nickname "Ríkur Drengur".

RP Experience: Plenty of stuff as you can see.

Techlevel: MT

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Postby The Enclave Government » Sun Nov 15, 2015 6:25 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation:The Foregan Federation

Name of Group: The Federation Military

Name of Outfit: 2nd Special Operations Group, 4th squad. ''Blackwatch''

Detailed Outfit Loadout: 61Delta Personal Armor Set, S4 Carbine Rifle, S9 10mm Pistol, S1 Frag Grenade, S1A Flashbang, S1B tear gas grenade, and the S1C chlorine gas grenade. S-COM communication kit, S-tool, 1 week's food and water, NV goggles.

Ryan: S6 Rifle (Usually carries this, rarely uses the Carbine.)

Terence: 50. Cal ''DeathWatch'' Sniper Rifle. (Usually only carries the Carbine unless operating at range.

Rector: S340 LMG, extra padding on his armor suit. (Usually only carries the S4 in urban missions.)

Revornian: Medical Supply Kit, bandages, blood bags and morphine. (Carries the Carbine exclusively.)

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
61Delta Personal Armor Set

Biography of Outfit: Officially, BlackWatch does not exist - it is a black operations outfit that is given free reign when it comes to containing domestic and foreign attacks throughout the Federation in many member-states. The organization has access to vast stockpiles of military arsenal and experimental technologies, and maintains a very low level of publicity, working as an off the books unit. However, following the initial Gren terrorist attack, they became publicly known, though the extent of their unethical operations remains a well-kept secret. BlackWatch operates throughout the Federation to tame and contain any enemies of the Federation.

Operators of the Outfit:

Ryan: The Commander. Says little, does much. He earned the respect of his squad-mates when saving them on their first mission, back during the Gren terrorist uprising during an ambush. Since then, he's refrained from bonding with the squad, usually only talking with them to plan operations.

Terence: The Ghost. Terence is jovial with the other guys and is a general jokester, but has the highest kill count of all of them. Terence serves as the group sniper, and relishes the role.

Rector: The Big Guy. Rector loves nothing more then to load up his LMG and get to shooting bad guys. Generally, like Terence, jovial, though he keeps his jovial mood into the field - to the detriment, occasionally, of their stealth.

Revornian: The Wuss. To the endless teasing of the rest of the group, Revornian is the group medic and as such doesen't see much combat, however excels at treating wounds. He secretly hopes Rector gets shot in the mouth one day so he can yank out his teeth personally.

RP Experience: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=359957, viewtopic.php?f=31&t=357415 and viewtopic.php?f=31&t=333393


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Postby Zovorossia » Mon Nov 16, 2015 6:54 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Republics of Zovorossia

Name of Group: Zovorossian Special Forces

Name of Outfit: First Team, Division One, Section Four; "The Angels"

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

Everyone: AK-12 rifle, Scorpion Evo 3 SMG, Swiss army knife, army issue combat knife, tactical backpack with rations for three days and a few days worth of water, and smoke grenades.

Sabine: Laptop, HE grenades, Remington 870 instead of the Scorpion

Dmitri: SV-98 sniper rifle instead of AK-12, ghille suit

Dom: Either the typical loadout or the FGM Javelin or RPG-7

Lucy: Always has either RPK-74 or Kord MG instead of the standard weapons, usually the RPK-74. Sometimes uses the AK-74 over the more modern AK-12 because of her militia background.

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
The Angels(various classes)

Biography of Outfit: The modern day version of the Zovorossian Special Forces was created by the Vlasovo government(the capitalist side in the revolution against socialism) to help them win the war by gaining an advantage that the socialist side didn't have, competent special forces. The ZSF units did many ops behind enemy lines, and one of the units that stood out was the First Team, Division One, Section Four. They gained notability and earned their nickname 'The Angels' when they went behind enemy lines near the end of the war in 2010, to rescue a group of high profile Vlasovan politicians who had been captured by the Saburovo government(the socialist side in the civil war).

The unit was originally made up of mostly green soldiers, fresh out of high school because the experienced soldiers were already in the field and the government couldn't afford to pull them back and retrain them as special forces. Their baptism of fire so to speak came in 2010 when in addition to the rescue mission, they fought in Slawa, the biggest battlefield, and wreaked havoc against enemy supply lines, helping the Whites defeat the Reds in the civil war. Most of these soldiers received additional training after the war, before taking part in a small quelling of a rebellion in Jonasstad, a colony of Zovorossia, and have been on standby since then.
Operators of the Outfit:

Captain Nathan Rayovic: The leader of the Angels since their first campaigns, Nathan is someone who keeps a cool head under pressure and has a good mind for strategy, which is why he was selected. From Vlasovo, he experienced the Red-White war first hand even before joining the military, and his experiences with it have influenced the way he handles things. While he generally will follow orders to the best of his ability, at heart he cares more about his squad than his superiors.

Lieutenant Sabine Mara: Sabine has it hard. She lost family, friends, and eventually squad mates to the last civil war, leaving her kind of... Bitter. Formerly of the Zovorossian Marines, she's lost more than anyone else in the outfit but still maintains good decision making ability and she's good at commanding soldiers under her. The translator of the squad, she speaks many languages, fitting for someone like her who has multiethnic lineage.

Sergeant Dmitri Perrera: A skilled ex Army sniper, Dmitri prefers to stay silent, but that doesn't mean he's not observant, always watching what's going on and waiting for a chance to help the squad.

Private Dom Mendez: Dom is a newer recruit who didn't experience the war firsthand, being from one of the northernmost provinces that wasn't hit much. He's learning from Nathan and the others and despite his skill as a heavy weapons specialist, he still needs to get into actual combat to see if the training has stuck with him.

Private Lucy Adriane: The other new operator after some military reforms caused others to be transferred, Lucy is the unit's outsider because of her Georgian background. She fought with a fascist militia against the socialists in Saburovo, during the civil war, and was one of the members that was recruited into the actual military. Skilled with light machine guns and sometimes heavy machine guns.

RP Experience: I've been RPing for years, haven't done many of these style RPs that have been active though.

Techlevel: MT

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Postby Anowa » Tue Nov 17, 2015 5:13 pm

Anowa wrote:- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation:The Allied States of Anowa

Name of Group:Special Tactics, Reconnoitering and Assault (SPECTRA)

Name of Outfit:Operations Group A, 1st Squad

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

  • Cz-75 SP-01 (40. S&W [three mags])
  • 2x M84 Stun grenade
  • 1x M67 Fragmentation grenade
  • 1x M34 WP smoke grenade
  • Combat Knife
  • Titanium plated, frosted ALON visored helmet
  • Radio
  • Plate carrier [titanium plate]
  • Canteen
  • 2x MREs
  • Signal flare
  • NV goggles
  • IFAK
  • Gun Cam

Lieutenant Colonel Casey "The Iron Maiden" Rivera:
  • Laser Designator
  • SCAR-H CQC [4 mags]
  • Breaching Charges x3

Captain Jeremy "Baby Face" Black:
  • AA-12 [2x 8 round mag of HE rounds, 3x 32 drums of #00 Buck]
  • Hatchet
  • 1 box MG3 ammo

Warrant Officer Moses "Holy Man" Lawson:
  • Rheinmetall MG3 [3 ammo boxes]
  • 2 extra MG3 barrels

Warrant Officer Guillermo "G" Cortez :
  • SCAR-H CQC [4 mags]
  • 3 ammo boxes for Moses' MG3
  • Machete

Warrant Officer Urban "Godfather" Chakwas:
  • Medical Bag
  • UMP-40 [3 mags]

Warrant Officer Robert 'Bob' "Lucky" Shmuckatelli:
  • XM-25 CDTE [1 airburst mag, 1 mag AP, 1 mag flechette]
  • SCAR-H CQC [3 mags]

Appearance/Description of Operator:

Biography of Outfit: Created after the second Anowan Civil War of 1962 to quell 'insurrectionist' ideals before they had a chance to mothball into a credible threat. After the eventual overthrowing of King Decius II, his tools of tyranny were shelved for almost two decades, becoming less of an elite force and more of a dumping grounds for soldiers who wouldn't fit anywhere else. It wasn't until the 2006 Sarin Gas Attacks on the nation's capital of Terrenus that the unit re-distinguished itself by repelling an attack on the capital district.

Afterwards the unit no longer had the reputation of a bunch of well supervised prisoners and horrendous soldiers, instead they became an elite fighting force yet again. In recent times they have helped in accelerated hostage negotiations and embassy rescues the world over and have finally shed the dark past of dictatorial tools. The outfit recruits from all four branches of the Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Royal Guard)

Due to MILCOM requests for modularity in the unit, general weapons and equipment will vary between squads. As well as general demeanor and tactics. Though the latter are usually shared across all teams on their downtime, teams will usually stick with what they do best.

Due to the aftermath of TF:A's Operation: Rebellious Citadel, the more experienced team A1 has rotated in to replace B6 until further notice. This decision has only been reinforced by the recent incursion into global TF:A assets, and the apparent need for truly combat tested teams.

Operators of the Outfit:
Lieutenant Colonel Casey "The Iron Maiden" Rivera: Casey Rivera is technically eighteenth in line of succession. A collection of parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and siblings are all that stand in her way. Despite being one of six members of the Royal Family to have actual military training, she doesn't feel like overthrowing anything. Seemingly content to protect her nation from where she's at.

She signed on to the Anowan Navy's Marine forces, commissioned as a Lieutenant. However, due to her leadership abilities and her family's political pull she rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel within six years. Eventually she was plopped smack dab into SPECTRA, her first words to her subordinate dubbed him 'Baby Face'. The man actually smiled instead of pulling a gun. The two would be the only rock steady members of the squad, everyone else either transferred, died or was medically discharged.

Like most other members of the Royal family, she has a mild myostatin hormone inhibition, so despite her size she weighs a sizeable amount more than one would expect. At 30 her size is clinically average at 5'9 and 187 pounds. She seemingly has no fear of death, and her confidence under fire translates over into the unit she's leading. Her nickname comes from her attitude, it's one of a person who shows no real attachment to her fellow team mates, this is understandable due to the amount of losses she's experienced under her command, both by death or otherwise. It's further compounded by several incidents in her childhood in which 'friends' only used her for her status as a Royal. A patch of Iron Maiden coffin is stitched onto her BDU's left shoulder.

Captain Jeremy "Baby Face" Black: If there was ever a man you could confidently say was made of iron, it would be Jeremy Black. At the time of his arrest it was unknown that Jeremy was a Headhunter, one of the dozen or so Black Ops assassins Anowa had during the '90s, and that he was ordered to kill the Minster of Health under suspicion of corruption. His career in SPECTRA began back when it was technically a penal battalion in the armed forces. He was permanently transferred under Royal decree for shooting the previous Minister of Public Health in the center of a crowd. After that event he was nearly executed, however a sudden intervention from the Minister of Defense proved to be a Deus ex Machina to Mr. Black.

He was assigned to SPECTRA Squad A, and sent on an operation to destroy a shoddy napalm plant run by Radical Fascist revolutionaries. Not only did he drag himself to the extraction point, but he did so with second and third degree burns, and a sub-caliber bullet wound to the head. He passed out, and he woke from a three month coma to the revelation that SPECTRA was no longer a breeding ground for criminals. Though he was still stuck in his position via an irreversible decree.

Jeremy is remarkably average in size, and at 36 being 6'11/2 and 206 pounds, he's still healthy. He shows signs of emotional detachment, though not quite with his team. He remains silent in their presence, only really speaking during combat or when necessary. His uniform is distinct via the cosmetic pattern upon his helmet's visor, giving the appearance of shattered glass... coincidentally it originates over his forehead's bullet scar.

Warrant Officer Moses "Holy Man" Lawson: One word to describe Moses is big. at 6'9 and a little over 400 pounds he just barely scraped within enlistment restrictions. His Military career started with the Anowan Air Force's D-17, and despite the unit's reputation as merciless killers, Moses is a kind worded, heavily religious, gentle giant. Given his size this can be seen as a -sometimes literal- God send by his superiors.

During a rather nasty engagement in a jungle environment, the Blackhawk his squad was in crashed due to a MANPAD. Moses and two others were the only ones out of nine person crew still capable of walking. Their radios couldn't transmit the distance between their crash site and a friendly firebase, and hostiles were obviously closing in. Moses took a mighty risk, he got his team to leave a bulk of their ammo behind to use in aiding their escape north, and Moses remained behind.

After three days the eight crewmen made it back. Moses' MIA form never got off the base, because he wandered out of the foliage a day after, out of ammo, bullets pocking his armor, his exoskeleton's battery failing, and mildly dehydrated. For his actions he received the Star of Athena, Anowa's third highest military decoration.

MILCOM brass decided that Moses was too good of a soldier to be stuck in a dead end unit such as D-17, and he was subsequently transferred to SPECTRA's A1 squad.

Warrant Officer Urban "Godfather" Chakwas: Urban has done more amputations and applied more tourniquets than he cares to admit. He's not a large man at 5'7 and 172 pounds, and at 41 he's far from peak condition. But his ability to stay rock solid in the most dire of situations, and still get those under his care to pull through has gotten him a fair number of decorations, and an even higher number of children named after him. So many so that he received his nickname as a wordplay on his protective nature, and the fact he probably has legal rights to receive a portion of said children's taxes.

Urban isn't one to shy away from social interaction, though once in the field the father like figure at base is replaced with an emotionless mask, focused solely on getting his people out alive whether they be under their own power or not. Back home he's managed to get a medical degree, three kids of his own and a wife, and is thinking of becoming a general surgeon once he retires from SPECTRA. He's a family man, and when his unit is on leave they basically become an extended part of his family. He can be denoted in combat by the crisp red cross on his backpack, carrying his medical supplies.

Warrant Officer Guillermo "G" Cortez:G is a the stereotypically silent, mustachioed, Latino usually found in blockbuster movies. The fact that he looks like an old school action star doesn't help either. G is a first generation immigrant, having grown up in Baja. Seeking to gain new opportunities and help people he traveled to Anowa, and finished it's foreign citizenship program with flying colors. While G had never been a military man prior to his move, he became enamored with tales of espirit de corps of the locally stationed soldiers. So he signed up in Anowa's 2nd Foreign Legion. He was enlisted with a group of massive Nords, his 6'0, 200 pound frame nowhere near close to that of the vikings he was fighting alongside. Having a small verbal understanding of English he didn't speak all that much, though he could listen with better attention than a native speaker.

His mettle was tested on evening as Fascist radicals assaulted the barracks he and his platoon were stationed at, the armory was seized in the first few minutes of the attack, and all they had was the machete they were using for five finger fillet... To make a short story shorter, the attack was repelled for the most part, with only six casualties. Soon after Guillermo transferred to SPECTRA, simply because he figured there was nothing better to do.

Warrant Officer Robert 'Bob' "Lucky" Shmuckatelli:Robert's life is a collection of dumb luck, blind leaps, and retarded fucking chances. For instance: He was only transferred to SPECTRA because of a typo, the only reason he's still here is because that luck seems to keep him and his team alive. His last platoon was annihilated via mortar barrage, him being the only survivor and surrounded by dud ordinance. He was picked up by a whirly bird and shipped home. The fact that he somehow managed to avoid contracting PTSD from the event is a miracle. He's not the biggest, but he is average military size at 5'11 and 181 pounds, being only 19 he's not the most experienced though.

Robert was initially going to be transferred to the 11th Shock Battalion, but due to a typo he was sent to SPECTRA's A1 instead. And due to protocol he was promoted from Private to Warrant Officer. Once the Ministry of Defense caught the mistake, the team was already deployed. After a brief firefight with jihadist forces in the Levant region they were recalled; and after a brief report by LtCol. Rivera and Cpt. Black depicting Robert's skill with the XM-25 as 'unparalleled', he got to stay after a brief skill assessment and reports from the rest of the team...

...Also a few favors that Rivera had in stock.

In truth, Robert only toppled that skyscraper accidentally, though he kept that secret to himself. Robert began his tenure as Tier 1 with hesitation, but over the two years he's been in the squad, he's grown to be actually competent. With the aid of his team he might actually make the cut legitimately should he ever get the chance to. Despite being absolute trash at poker he carries a deck of cards around, and he carved a shamrock on the bottom of his boots, leaving his luck wherever he wanders.

RP Experience:Stop, you're gonna make me cry.


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- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The People's Republic of Altito Asmoro

Name of Group: Garuda Corps

Name of Outfit: Garuda Corps, 1st Battalion, Omega Tactical Corps

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
Each operators have access to Lugas Omega armor vest, designed locally and produced locally with the aid of Russian and Chinese as well as national technologies, it is a light and strong armor vest. However, the fact that the armors the operators used also armed with cloaking mode rendering it weak to EMP.

Nonetheless, each operators have access to :
-Combat Knife.
-Military rations for a week
-Hand-thrown explosives
-Browning Hi-Power
Alpha: Pindad SS2
Beta: Pindad SS2-V4 DMR version
Gamma: Accuracy International Arctic Warfare, scope
Delta: Pindad SS2-V5 compact version, combat engineers equipment, stealth drone
Epsilon: HK MP5, first aid kit and medical supplies

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
Appearance of the Operator The Lugas III Exoskeleton is the pinnacle of technology of military and science within the military of Asmoro. It is equipped with NBCR protection, as well as cloaking ability but not for long, only about 10 minutes at most and that part is still in development. It has great armor and an EMP-resistant system and at the same time provides a slight boost on strength but provides no boost on speed. It also has an external capacity for gadgets. The rest are as detailed as the picture explained.

Biography of Outfit: Garuda Corps was established on 1980 as part of the military reformation to overcame various threats from foreign and from domestic. The fact that the military itself has been focused to maximize the use of technology in warfare proved important as Garuda Corps began to be expanded following the turn of the century. Its members are composed of soldiers and paramilitary-trained law enforcement officers, in which the training has been provided by national officers, Soviet Union military experts, and following the end of Cold War, been supported by Russia and China in terms of expertise.

One of their major operation was “Operation Black Hawk” in which Garuda Corps were deployed to eliminated two American agents on Asmoro’s soil, but in turn was ambushed by a group of Delta Force and suffered heavy losses on both side. From that moment, the military recognized the need for the corps to be supported with better weaponry and equipment. Developments on military suits proved to be substantial in the history of the corps and the military as it were used as the primary military uniform of the corps. Equipped with high-tech suit and state-of-the art weaponry, Garuda Corps became one of the most advanced in terms of technology regionally.

Omega Tactical Corps is one of the latest battalion that was formed to expand the corps. Omega is specialized in black ops operation and technological warfare using the enormous resources the military have. It’s not without its own weaknesses though, as the corps is new and so does the members. Teamwork has been established but it’s still a long way before it become a real team but it’s working right now and the fact that they rely on technology rather than traditional technologies will be difficult to use if they went to somewhere far and without signal.

Operators of the Outfit:
Captain Budi SantosoFireteam Leader/Alpha

1st Lieutenant Nikolas Luna Designated Marksman/Beta

Sergeant Alexander Zuma Sniper/Gamma

Corporal Hana Setiawan Engineer/Delta

Corporal Elisa Gunawan Medic/Epsilon

RP Experience: Infinite Justice, Sempiternal.

Techlevel: MT - PMT

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- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Winter Concordant of New Celisia

Name of Group: The Royal Auslesewehr

Name of Outfit: Alpha Squadron, 2nd Auslesewehr Special Forces Group, 1st Royal Ausleswehr Regiment

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
2nd Auslesewehr Special Forces Group, Alpha Squad

Biography of Outfit: The Royal Auslesewehr owes it's creation to a previously long standing Special Forces group in the Himmelreich Heimwehr that was recently restructured. In November of 2006 when the New Celisian High King gave up sovereignty of his lands to The Empire of Common Territories, all military units were effectively restructured to Commoner standards. This included the scrapping of the Reichesjäger, the previous New Celisian Special Forces Organization.

The Royal Ausleswehr has seen several combat operations since it's inception in 2006. August 5th, 2009 saw the deployment of the 2nd and 3rd Ausleswehr Special Forces Groups in the Celisian District of Straussen against heavily armed militant forces acting under the leadership of a known New Celisian arms smuggler and terrorist, Dominick Heidenbeg. Within two hours the Groups had deployed their forces, and removed the threat. Sustaining only light and superficial casualties. The Operation was a success, and Alpha Squad of the 2nd Auseleswehr was responsible for the death of the terrorist leader.

Their next deployment in 2011 saw the loss of half of the 4th Ausleswehr Special Forces Group, when members of the TECT Ultra-Royalist terrorist group detonated a high grade explosives device in the sub basement of an officer building. The ensuing inferno and collapse of the building saw many deaths, and was the most stinging defeat the Royal Ausleswehr had ever seen.
The 2nd Ausleswehr Special Operations Group also saw light action in the Calmore civil war.

Operators of the Outfit:
  • Lieutenant Colonel Kaspar 'Prowler' Riedmueller: LTC Reidmueller is an honest and straight forward man. He doesn't mind telling the world what he thinks, even if it's not a popular opinion. Once a Lone Wolf in the Reichesjäger the man's career sky rocketed after the execution of Dominick Heidenbeg. Over fifteen years in the Special Forces field has given the man a large portfolio of operations and experience. He was given his nickname due to the stealthy nature and execution of his first operation.

  • Major Christian 'Grit' Kessler: MJR Kessler spent most of his time serving New Celisia in the Kriegsmarine as an NCO. His attitude and camaraderie with his fellow Special Forces Operatives shows it. The he doesn't like make small talk, the man sure knows how to tell one of his men if they're doing something wrong, and correct it. He was given his nickname after surviving a rather disastrous Kriegsmarine operation in the 00's.

  • Major Viktor 'Moose' Hahm: MJR Hahm can be described as a potato fed brute of a man. Though intelligent as all Operatives are required to be, his large size, and angry demeanor often give people the idea that he's big and dumb. A factor that he has used to his benefit many times. He was given his nickname after managing to carry three Heimwehr injured Heimwehr personnel into cover after being shot in the ass.

  • Captain Herrmann 'Primal' Kaes: CPT Kaes is often described as the most rambunctious of the unit. Taking his time to pull extravagant pranks on his fellow Operatives during rec time, his demeanor can be described as nonchalant and haughty. Slightly arrogant, but one of the best snipers in the Himmelreich Heimwehr, he has gained the grudging respect of his fellow Operatives. The man was given his nickname after his spotter witnessed him kill a man who had changed upon his position with a large rock after being disarmed.

  • 1st Lieutenant Winrich 'Sheep Dog' Stuehmer: 1LT Stuehmer is the only Special Forces Operative in the 2nd Ausleswehr to sport a full length head of hair. Naturally hairy, and clumsy looking, he immediately earned the nickname of Sheep Dog after being transferred from the Royal Heimwehr. He's the only Operative in the squad that doesn't believe in the teachings of the Teuton Church, and although this initially earned him the ire of his fellow Operatives, after he had saved several of their lives their demeanor's changed.

RP Experience:
I've been roleplaying on and off NS for quite a few years. I believe we're taking part in a roleplay together at this time as well, so you should have a rough example of my work already.

TechLevel: MT

NS Activity: High

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- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: United Federation of Palmyrion

Name of Group: Palmyrian Naval Special Operations Group (NAVSOG) (colloquially Hukbong PALAKA)

Name of Outfit: NAVSOG Echelon 1

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
*all small arms here can be found in my factbooks*
Standard:-primary weapon depends on role
-secondary weapon: 1 M119 pistol
-STARS armor set (helmet, vest)
-2 Flashbangs
-2 smoke grenades
-3 frag grenades
-1 Lycos Combatant Machete
-Full battle dress (complete Palmyrian military outfit set w/ gloves, boots, and complete LDPCU uniform)

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
Palmyrian NAVSOG logo

Biography of Outfit:
Formed during 1979 as an asymmetric warfare unit against the reigning communist regime, the Palmyrian Navy's Naval Special Operations Group, or more commonly known as the Hukbong PALAKA (Pandagat, Langit, Katihan), was founded as the asymmetric warfare unit of the then Palmyrian Revolutionary Marines, of the Palmyrian Centrist Movement, a centrist rebel group that started revolting during 1976. It was initially an asymmetric warfare unit to augment Marine units, but was soon integrated into the Revolutionary Special Operations and Forces Command (SOFCOM), which is now the Palmyrian SOFCOM. NAVSOG is also called SEAL.

Even if their task of hit-and-run attacks against vital communist positions has been finished almost three decades later, their task of hit and run attacks against what they are told to attack have not yet finished. The military of Palmyrion has fallen upon itself, and equipped itself with only "interim weapons" that were considered "cheap"-that is, the weapons were cheaply made. New weapons like the M116 and the subsequent M116A1 were only issued to select units that were assigned to suppress what remained of the past regime, and the SEALs were one of these-but the unwise decision of having SEALs fight with regular warfare tactics cut a swath of casualties through the ranks of the SEALs as even their numbers were useless in the face of mechanized and armored communist rebels. If there is anything that SEALs do in regular warfare today then it's them assisting in regular warfare units in the frontline, running amok behind enemy lines and destroying enemy support assets as they see fit. They still enjoy doing what they were made for: hit-and-run tactics, and asymmetrical warfare.

Operators of the Outfit:
Capt. Maxinne Denise C. Co
Role: Squad Leader
Callsign: Striker 1-Actual/Blackrose
Date of Birth: 30 May 1980

All that she knows of her parents was when her parents left her somewhere in a cold forest, left for dead for either the savage wolves that prowled the forest or the constant fighting between the rebels; Maxinne was grown adopted. How her name was known was through a bracelet bearing her complete name-in Morse Code. She's seen some action in Gholgoth, particularly The Glorious Empire, having escaped barely alive after rescuing a baby born to slavery in that place. She's been thinking of being in the Kraven Reich, but never will she want to join the Missing 13, those who very much dared to go to the Kraven Reich even fi the governemnt disallowed everyone. Having seen action in Halfblakistan was also something serious for her; she got into a coma once. Now she serves under the 1st NAVSOG Echelon.

SGM Jehiel Lyre L. Malan
Role: Squad Automatic Rifleman
Callsign: Striker 1-2/Mincer
Date of Birth: 7 September 1977

Just like most of his squad members Jehiel was born to a rough world-his parents were always away, his father always going to war and his mother always at the market, selling vegetables. When his family's name got implicated in the anti-communist rebellion his parents were killed promptly-but Jehiel survived, running away to...where. There his resolve was strengthened. After the war, he joined at a sufficiently old age.

His skills were instantly discovered; Jehiel, however, was a brutal killer, a "faceless demon" for both his comrades and his enemies; however, his commanders saw him as a man of potential. He became known as the "Head Hunter", cutting off his enemies' heads as he sees fit-especially or those he was tasked to kill, and he did it in a literally bloody efficient way. He now serves alongside the 1st NAVSOG Echelon.

Cpl. Serafin F. Farinas V
Role: Squad Grenadier
Callsign: Striker 1-3/Malfoy
Date of Birth: 14 November 1978

Serafin at a young age was born to the roughest world. He had been subject to abject poverty, living only on scraps he sold as a scavenger, and his small harvest of vegetables. Son of an unknown rebel who was never found again and a mother who as a medic was killed when Serafin was just 7, Serafin had to make do on the streets of Palmyrion, that time considered a dreary, dangerous place where even the Devil and Death themselves never dared go to, even if it was Death's job to pick up the dead on the streets.

For 3 more years he was left with nothing. He owes much of what he is today to the SOS Villages Foundation, originally formed in Europe, and having expanded worldwide. SOS Villages also took a hard hit; 80 o their 120 foster children lost their lives in the war. Homes were torn beyond recognition. They did not hesitate to take care of Serafin with what they got.

Pvt. Benjamin V. Arrajo
Role: Squad Grenadier
Callsign: Striker 1-4/Einstein
Date of Birth: 15 January 1985

Many people call him a lucky bastard, a member of the Lucky Generation born 5 years after the end of the Palmyrian Civil War. He had extreme interest in military science, and was fascinated mostly by brilliant generals and their compaigns; he wished he can become one of them. Even if he was already a Sgt. in his former unit before he joined the SF he was then relegated to the rank of private the moment he joined the NAVSOG.

PFC. Michael V. Hardinero
Role: Squad Marksman
Callsign: Striker 1-5/Kali
Date of Birth: 18 April 1985

Hardinero was also one of the Lucky Generation, just like his close friend Arrajo. Even then, he was not as lucky as Arrajo, for he survived the streets of Liganes like it was Fallout 4-yes, there really was a nuclear explosion that now irradiates Liganes, a last straw indeed for the international community to step in and support the centrist rebellion. He had close calls with death many times-radiation poisoning, infected wounds, name it, he faced it. His father died when he was just 13; his mother did when he was just 19. Sooner he signed up for basic military training, and then showed so much skill, enough to make him land where he is now: NAVSOG Echelon 1.

SPC Vanessa H. Barandino
Role: Rifle(wo)man
Callsign: Striker 1-6/Reyna
Date of Birth: 15 January 1990

Some call her lucky to have not lost her parents in the war. The war made her a naturally-born Marshite by the principle of jus soli, as her parents were refugees in Holy Marsh during the Palmyrian Civil War. She was naturalized by a Government Newborn Refugee Naturalization Initiative that lasted for 10 years, and the initiative was intended to naturalize full-blooded Palmyrians born in other countries to refugee parents-these parents were Palmyrian, but the baby was born in other countries and by jus soli was their citizen-example, a baby born to Palmyrian refugees in Romandeos is a Romandean.

Her interest in the military grew when she was heavily exposed to the past war at the early age of 7, and it has strengthened her resolve to join the military, having signed up for the NAVSOG-many called her "special forces material" for her athleticity, intelligence, and beauty. After much excruciating pain in training, enduring almost 12 months of no-napkin periods, the threat of rape by her colleagues (there was a scandal then within the AFP that rape among soldiers was rampant, and women were the most vulnerable targets-34% of the AFP personnel then were females) and afterwards the enemies when in the final course of her training, she was sent to a mission, and got disconnected from her team. For her valiant efforts of trying to make it back to the base before the enemy caught on her, she was awarded the Pendant of Extraordinary Courage.

SPC James C. Reider
Role: Rifleman
Callsign: Striker 1-7/Xenon
Date of Birth: 15 January 1987

People say his looks were wasted because he joined the military. He was set on a path he did not want to take by his parents-acting was not his thing. The military, on the other hand, sparked his interest. By age 16 he was already drawing practical designs of guns, however none of them were even put to real use.

RP Experience:
1) viewtopic.php?f=5&t=351265&p=26755409#p26755409
2) viewtopic.php?f=5&t=355018&p=26508281#p26508281
3) viewtopic.php?f=5&t=358015&p=26462108#p26462108

Techlevel: Modern Tech

NS Activity: Most reliable on weekends


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- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The North American Socialist Commonwealth

Name of Group: SPECFOR Air Land Sea and Space Force (aka ALSS or AL2S)

Name of Outfit: 13th ALSS Operations Team "The Aggressors"

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

Note: All loadouts are for a fairly standard mission profile, and are subject to change, the most common of which will have an additional section below.

[*]Class D Uniform
[*] M1 Modular Armor System
[*] AR4MIW
[*] SA2
[*] MOSES Setup (A modular load bearing equipment system)
[*] M1 Rifle Bayonet
[*] Soldier's Multipurpose Tool
[*] Nine (9) 30 round magazines for 6.8x43mm ACAS Standard cartridges
[*] Four (4) 10 round magazines for 30x45mm Grenades
[*] Four (4) 14 round magazines for 11x23mm cartridges
[*] Two (2) Fragmentation Grenades
[*] Two (2) Flashbang or alternative Stun grenades
[*] One (1) Colored Smoke Grenade
[*] Two (2) Days of Rations for extended duration operations
[*] One (1) liter water supply in hydration bladder, Four (4) liter bladder for extended duration operations

*Note that most operators eschew many of the bulky attachments (mounted weapons and the like) for added mobility. Additionally, it has not been entirely unheard of for operators to eschew the heavy M2 suit for a lighter M1 setup instead.

[*] Class C Uniform, Pilot's Jumpsuit
[*] M1 Modular Armor System (Just the Pilot's Helmet and occasionally a vest)
[*] OV-3 Falcon Recon VTOL (Setup for Mission)
[*] AR3PDW (In VTOL)
[*] SA2
[*] Emergency Surival Kit (In VTOL)
[*] Four (4) 30 round magazines of 6.8x43mm ACAS Standard cartridges (In VTOL)
[*] Five (5) 14 round magazines of 11x23mm cartridges
[*] Three (3) Colored Smoke Grenades (In VTOL)

As Standard Infantry loadout, EXCEPT; Replace AR4 (and its associated ammunition magazines) with:
[*] AR3SAW
[*] Four (4) 30 round magazines of 6.8x43mm ACAS standard cartridges
[*] Three (3) 50 round magazines of 6.8x43mm ACAS standard cartridges


[*] MG3R1
[*] Three (3) 120 round boxes for 7.7x54mm ASA cartridge links

As Standard Infantry loadout EXCEPT; Replace AR4 (and its associated ammunition magazines) with:

[*] AR3DMR
[*] Seven (7) 30 round magazines of 6.8x43mm ACAS Standard cartridges


[*] SR2SW
[*] Five (5) 20 round magazines of 7.92x59mm gyrojet ammunition

As Standard Infantry loadout EXCEPT; Replace all grenades with:

[*] M3 LATW (Light Antitank Weapon)
[*] Six (6) 84x249mm rockets
[*] Four (4) 1 kg C4 Satchel Charges

AND OPTIONALLY; replace AR4 (and all of its associated ammunition magazines) with:

[*] AR3IW
[*] Nine (9) 30 round magazines of 6.8x43mm ACAS Standard catridges


[*] AR5PDW
[*] Nine (9) 30 round magazines of 11x23mm cartridges

- In Missions where space is at an absolute premium replace AR4 with AR5PDW and 9 magazines of 11x23mm ammunition
- In Missions where Operators are expected to deal with Airborne Threats one operator may eschew grenades and instead carry Mk7 LAAD (Light Anti-Air Defense System) in which case one other operator will eschew grenades and instead carry 8 70.1mm missiles for the LAAD.
- In Missions where OPFOR is expected to be making extensive use of field fortifications or light armored vehicles, any operator may eschew grenades and instead carry a Mk3 LATW and 6 84x248mm rockets.
-In Missions where OPFOR is expected to make use of heavy armored assets one operator may eschew grenades and instead carry a Mk5 SATGM (Shoulder Mounted Anti-Tank Guided Missile) in which case one other operator will eschew grenades and carry 8 127mm missiles for the SATGM

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

Biography of Outfit: SPECFOR Air, Land, Sea, and Space Force (ALSS) is the pinnacle of Commonwealther Special Forces. Formed shortly after the Northern War, alongside most of the Commonwealth Defense Force's Special Forces program. From the get go, ALSS was intended as a black operations force, meant for highly sensitive missions, often operating well independently of Commonwealther regular units. ALSS Operators are as often on missions for The Ministry of State Security (StateSec), providing muscle for StateSec's Intelligence Operations, as they are for the War Ministry. The highest profile operation that ALSS partook of (which is also its greatest shame), was an op on behest of the War Minister to manufacture a cassus belli to start up the Phonencian Conflict. ALSS also partook of highly secret operations during Commonwealther involvement in the Arthuristan Civil War to disrupt rebel relations with their hired mercenaries in the closing phases of the war.

As the name indicates, ALSS is expected to operate on Land, as well as from the Air and Sea, and in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). It is a generally a light infantry force, though it can and does operate as an Air Assault unit (as indicated by organic VTOL support). In terrestrial operations, which are still definitely the meat and potatoes of ALSS Operations, Operators generally prefer to use stealth and speed to accomplish their goals, however it is far from unknown for Operators to use high speed shock attacks instead, especially when operating in conjunction with their organic VTOL support. In LEO, Operators are expected to perform satellite and space station sabotage, and raid hostile space stations. Teamwork is extremely important for ALSS Operators, and as such individual operators are vetted before being placed into individual Teams for compatibility with existing Team members, and are conditioned to be fanatically loyal to one another.

In order to become a member of an ALSS Team one must first be a member of the Proletarian Guard for a period of at least four years to even qualify for any special forces program. The prospective member must then go through initial special forces training, to train in additional skills most Guardsmen are not trained (HALO jumps, Torpedo Tube based infiltration techniques, stealth technique, advanced martial arts, and similarly uncommon skills) which is extremely rigorous, even for a member of the Guard. If they pass that program they are assigned to another special forces formation. After at least two years of service in one of those formations, including at least one OP, one can apply to be a member of ALSS, at which point they will undergo training in low gravity operations, and anti-brainwashing techniques, if they pass this additional training, and there are open slots in the roster the best prospective candidates are placed in Teams, with others placed on a reserve list. Those who are placed in teams are then rigorously trained with their own team to build rapport with, and loyalty to their team mates.

There are currently 13 Teams of ALSS Operators. Two are assigned to the Nemesis Class Vessels in the Commonwealth Navy, Eight of which are "free-floating" units that can be assigned at will, and Three of which are semi-permanently seconded to Foreign Organizations to assist them in whatever capacity their seconds deem fit. The 13th Team is one of the latter teams.

Operators of the Outfit:

Note: Please ignore any discrepancy in uniforms and equipment it is proving ridiculously difficult to properly find a dozen pics that fit what I need.

Fire Team

Name: Marcus Cole
Age: 32
Rank: Major
Callsign: Cap
Specialization: Commander
Bio: Marcus Cole has served as the Team's Leader for nearly four years. Initially a Platoon Commander in an Air Assault Regiment, he served with distinction during the Arthuristan Civil War (which just so happened to be near the beginning of his tenure as an officer). When he did make the change to Special Forces he was assigned the Para Scouts Battalion where he further honed his skills at commanding during Airborne Operations. He participated in a major raid on Verde separatists in which his initial attack managed to neutralize several of the separatists in a few moments. Cole is currently in his smallest command, but he doesn't see a problem with this, believing his troops as the best that the Commonwealth, and perhaps even ALSS has to offer. He is an ambitious man and would like to see himself as the man in charge of ALSS or perhaps even SOCOM.

Name: Joseph Li Pierce
Age: 29
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Callsign: Deacon
Specialization: Second in Command
Bio: Joseph Pierce is a Chinese American immigrant who was adopted by Commonwealther parents in infancy. Those parents raised him as a Commonwealther, and indeed he took to assimilation quite well. When he went to university initially it was for a dual major in Theology and Psychology, intending to join the Proletarian Guard as a Unit Morale Officer. However, when he did conclude training he found that he had a knack for infantry command. Unfortunately chances for promotion were quite limited in his Reservist position so he applied to join the Special Forces, where he was assigned to the 2nd Light Infantry Regiment. Finally his lucky break came when the 2nd Light Infantry was deployed to Isla Plata to deal with Seperatist rebels there. It was a tough job burning through the jungle, but in a few quick operations he earned his promotion and a one way ticket to ALSS. He currently serves as the 13th's XO, where he is jokingly referred to as "Deacon" Pierce in light of his education.

Name: Elena Alvarez Moreno
Age: 29
Rank: Sergeant Major
Callsign: Frost
Specialization Designated Marksman
Bio: Elena Alvarez is the designated marksman for the 13th Team, she was initially assigned to a reconnaissance battalion within the 1st Corps, an already prestigious unit of regulars before even becoming a member of the special forces. Something of a sniping prodigy she proved a very valuable asset to the SPECFOR Extreme Lattitude (Arctic) Company, playing a key role in a hostage rescue mission off of Prudue Bay in Norland. Her very well practiced shot neutralized several hostiles, one of whom was using a hostage as a human, in two seconds. The neutralization of the latter enabled the rest of her team to move in and eliminate the hostiles before any more hostages could be threatened, which earned a medal and a strong reputation going into ALSS Training. She is a very dedicated woman, and is one of the very few women who have made it in the ALSS. Her dedication does tend to manifest however, as a very cold personality, and a very slow rate of acclamation of strangers, which earned her the callsign of "Frost" before she opened up to her team mates. She is currently the seniormost Enlisted member of the 13th.

Name: Vincent "Vince" Streeter
Age: 30
Rank: Technical Sergeant
Callsign: Sphinx
Specialization: Demolitions and Anti-material Specialist
Bio: Vincent Streeter is the dedicated Demoman for the 13th. Initially he was a member of the Engineering Corps (ENCOR) as a Combat Engineer. As a Combat Engineer he served attached to the 1st Corps. His trial by fire came during the Phonencian Conflict, where he was assigned to blow mountain passes in the high Phonencian Highlands to stall the much larger Phonencian Army group and to allow for the retreat of the Commonwealther elements. After that incident he applied and was accepted into the 3rd Light Infantry Regiment, this time as the dedicated demolitions person. He was one of the people that assisted with the proper application of high explosive part of Colvin's plans to stall the attackers. Due to his specialty he was quicker than Colvin to be promoted to ALSS. As the dedicated Demolitions or "Sphinx" of the 13th, his callsign became Sphinx.

Name: Treyvon Quinn
Age: 28
Rank: Senior Sergeant
Callsign: Big Guy
Specialization: Automatic Rifleman
Bio: Treyvon Quinn is a big man, a very big man. He stands damn near a head taller than anybody else in the group. He also happens to be a crack shot with the Proletarian Guard's squad automatic weaponry. It was this bigness, and this aptitude for equally big guns, that landed him a very secure job as an Automatic Rifleman in one of the Guard's Air Assault Regiments. It was his dedication and self discipline that landed him a job first in the Para Scouts Battalion and then in ALSS. It was his bigness again that earned him the call sign "The Big Guy" or Big Guy for short.

Name: Antonio Borrero Galvez
Age: 32
Rank: Senior Sergeant
Callsign: Faceman
Specialization: Rifeman
Bio: Borrero was originally an interpreter for the Proletarian Guard, a skill which proved useful to the Special Forces, particularly the Mountaineer Company of SPECFOR. He was assigned to be a trainer for the Phonencian highland's rebels. Of course when the Conflict actually became a shooting war between the Phonencians and the Commonwealth he found himself pressed to the front lines where he had a tragic encounter with a mortar round. He proved lucky, surviving the blast, but wound up with a rather nasty scar on his face. The drive not to have such a close call again gave him resolve to train himself harder than ever before he joined the ALSS. He still bears the scar from the incident, and hides his face whenever he can, out of shame. For this reason he was given the callsign Faceman by some rather snarky Jims. He happens to be the oldest Enlisted member of the 13th, having lost quite a bit of time to cross training, and recovery from his wound.

Name: Francis "Frank" Louis Colvin
Age: 28
Rank: Senior Sergeant
Callsign: Wailer
Specialization: Rifleman
Bio: Francis Colvin initially served as a member of the prestigious 42nd Armored Infantry Regiment during the climax of the Phonencian Conflict, and managed to survive C Company's fighting retreat from the town. During his time in the 42nd, he picked up quite a few ambushing skills, as a result of the 42nd's actions during the conflict. These skills would prove well throughout his tenure in Special Forces. He was assigned to the 3rd Light Infantry during its deployment to some godforsaken pisshole as a sideshow to the Arthuristan Civil War, a pisshole that was actually attacked, which he along with some others managed to stall using some very clever applications of high explosive and field of fire overlap. When he was assigned to ALSS he was somewhat overconfident, and tended to take impromptu command in spite of an actual chain of command. His tendency to shout orders during tense firefights gave him the nickname "Wailer".

(The Chap in the foreground)
Name: Marcello Jimenez Ruiz
Age: 26
Rank: Squad Sergeant
Callsign: Beige Jim
Specialization: Rifleman
Bio: Marcello Jimenez is actually a second from an Armored Regiment, where he served as a member of an attached infantry unit. His record was pretty solid, up until he joined special forces, where he severed with the 2nd Light Infantry Regiment. He was one of the operators who participated in the Isla Plata Operation. He did pick up a case of malaria for his trouble, fighting it off just before he applied to ALSS. In spite of his sickness he managed to get in, alongside James "Jim" Laudas a longtime buddy that he had served with since Basic Training. The two are inseparable, perhaps more so than any others in the group. Because of the inseparability of the "Jims" they are often the ones placed on point, because the leaders of the team have no doubt that they will cover each other.

(The Chap standing behind the chap in the forground)
Name: James "Jim" Laudas
Age: 26
Callsign: White Jim
Specialization: Rifleman
Bio: Like Marcello, Jim Laudas served with an Armored Regiment, like him he switched over to the 2nd Light Infantry. In fact it was almost uncanny, for two persons to serve together consistently despite so many transfers. Jim Laudas also served in the Isla Plata Operation, but unlike Sergeant Jimenez managed to avoid contracting Malaria, and in fact coached Sergeant Jimenez through the recovery process and encouraged him to sign on with the ALSS. They were assigned simultaneously to the 13th. Of the two Laudas is definitely the enabler of the two, and the active partner in the relationship. He was after all, the one who made the push to join ALSS.

Name: Issac Olsen
Age: 24
Rank: Lance Sergeant
Callsign: Kid
Specialization: Rifleman
Bio: The youngest and most inexperienced of the 13th's operators, Lance Sergeant Olsen got his start after the major conflicts in which the Proletarian Guard participated. Initially assigned to a Mountaineer Regular Regiment, Olsen very quickly adapted to the harsh conditions of the mountains. He was hardened more quickly than one could usually expect of a Guardsman and when he did pass through Special Forces training he found himself in the SPECFOR Mountain Company, which was largely quiet for most of his tenure there, with the single exception of the Donner Pass incident, wherein his platoon was assigned to hunt down a group of Survivalists that had staked out an underpopulated portion of the Rocky Mountains and started harassing traffic along that area's roadways. After that mission's success, he opted to apply for ALSS, and managed to get into the 13th after someone retired from service. He has only been in the 13th for six months, and has not yet participated in any operations, and is often derisively called "Kid" because of it.


Pilots will be serving with their own equipment as part of the wider ATLAS Taskforce

Name: Christina Perez
Age: 26
Rank: Pilot Officer
Callsign: Flacon One
Specialization:: VTOL Pilot
Bio: Christina Perez was quite excited when, after graduating from university in Pulvis Campi, she was assigned the Proletarian Guard's accelerated Pilot program. She was attached to a Recon unit with an Air Assault Regiment where she performed admirably enough to earn the notice of the Special Forces, which actually approached her. Upon her initial assignment to SOCOM, she was placed as a pilot for the Para Scouts Battalion, which made her an attractive ALSS Candidate for Major Cole, who requested that she be Seconded to the 13th for its shock operations. Para Scouts acquiesced, and she found herself amongst the top of the Guard's forces. As the pilot of an OV-3 Falcon, she is often referred to as "Flacon One", a mutation of Falcon One.

Name: Jeraldo Cruz Colon
Age: 25
Rank: Pilot Officer
Callsign: Flacon Two
Specialization: VTOL Pilot
Bio: Initially an attack VTOL Pilot, Jeraldo served with an Air Assault Regiment during the Isla Plata incident. He was something of a hot dog pilot, who frequently engaged in somewhat risky, if incredibly brave actions. He was always careful however, to never well and truly threaten operational security, and draw the ire of command too much. However, it was very clear that he did not belong in a Regular outfit, and he was very quickly transferre to SOCOM and then to ALSS, where his somewhat rash behavior was less of a problem. He is still a bit of a troublemaker and has been placed under Perez's watch to make sure he doesn't screw up too much. His is acclimating to the smaller Scout VTOL very slowly but damn if he can't succeed. As the pilot of an OV-3 Falcon, she is often referred to as "Flacon Two", a mutation of Falcon Two.

RP Experience: Most recently this, and

Techlevel: Post Modern (More specifically with Postcyberpunk/Biopunk Flavor)

NS Activity: Most recently this.

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Postby Astronea » Tue Dec 08, 2015 4:37 pm

Oh hi again, it's been a while. Reposting my application after I went dark like forever ago.

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Astronean Republic

Name of Group: Asymmetric Warfare Detachment

Name of Outfit: 5th AWD "Spekter", 9th Republican Commando Regiment

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
The primary and favored weapon of the AWD is the TPS TSK OSW, usually equipped with an ECLAN sight or a CCO, LLM01 combined laser-light IR module (or AN/PEQ 15) and fitted with an AAC 762-SDN-6 suppressor as standard. For fire support, a Light Support Weapon variant with longer match heavy barrel, integrated bipod and telescopic stock is fielded, with up to 65 round mags. A carbine variant is also avaliable. Team leaders and grenadiers mount an underslung M203 as standard.

Designatd marksmen often carry the TPS TSK DMR, which features a longer barrel, a cheek rest, marksmam's pistol grip, Harris bipod and the Nightstalker IR/NV scope, an advanced marksman sight with up to 12x magnification, night vision and thermal imaging, a rangefinder display as well as an IFF system with the additional facial recognition software.

The primary GPMG of the AWD is the KN-4 SOV, with full RIS, specially designed suppressor and bipod and polymer parts reducing the overall weight of the weapon by 1 kg, allowing it to be used in a CQB environment.

Two sniper rifles are used in AWD circles, the TPS R30, frequently chambered in .338 Lapua, and the LMK-10 anti material rifle with internal suppressor, firing the heaver 12.7mm round capable of defeating personal armour and penetrating most materials.

The AP-84 "shadow" is the sidearm of choice for most operators, chambered in either 9mm Luger, 9x19 parabellum or .40 S&W, featuring polymer parts, lightened trigger pull, threaded barrel and low profile tritium night sights, with an underbarrel mount for illumination sights.

For close encounters and dynamic entry, the Haulis 12K Tactical is preferred, with folding tubular stock, shortened barrel, breacher choke and full RIS for mounting optics and illumination devices.

Grenades used include fragmentation, incendiary, flash, smoke and IR. All grenadiers carry a single 64mm D-PAT rocket launcher as standard. For heavy anti armour, the MP-ATW is available, a single use launcher with fire and forget guidance and a range of up to 600m. The warhead uses a top-down attack system, allowing it to defeat most modern armour threats, and due to soft launch technology, can safely be fired from enclosed spaces. Their is also a variety of mines at the AWD's disposal, including the experimental X-DIR directional anti personnel munition.

In CQB environments, the AG-57 three round thermobaric grenade launcher provides direct fire, able to be fired in confined areas without risk to the operator due to its relatively small blast radius.

Another high tech launcher is the RBJ-CS, an unguided rocket that comes in three variations, MP-multi purpose for defeating armour and fortifications, AS for anti structure and WB for wall breaching, a unique warhead which is specifically designed to punch a large man sized hole in walls, allowing it to be breached from the other side. Additional breaching equipment and demolitions are provided by the use of plastic explosives and shaped charges frequently carried in the field.

In terms of individual equipment, each operator is issued a unique experimental system known as the Squad Level Command Interface, or SQLCI. This system allows team leaders to issue orders to their units seamlessly, transmit and receive information to command elements and friendly forces in the theatre. It consists of a three modules. The first is a wrist mounted display that has an intergrated GPS Satnav and tracker, IFF module, and the ability to sync with other systems to download and upload data.
The second is the AN/PRC 152s which are standard for comms, featuring advanced datalink, full encryption and multiband transmission of extended ranges, wired up via a Tactical vest Antenna System with SATCOM/VSAT communication.
The third is a helmet mounted HD camera, which records and broadcasts in realtime the views of all operators to one another as well as command elements and friendly forces authorised to view the feeds. The camera features full IR/NV modes, is water and shock proof and the same IFF facial recognition system used in Nightstalker sights.

Using this system, AWD teams are able to communicate effortlessly over distances, provide realtime battlefield analysis and updated positions of both friendly and hostile forces, drastically reducing chances of friendly fire, while Increasing the ability to collect intel, coordinate movements and intercept enemy data.


The standard issue uniform of the AWD is DPM fatigues, or DDPM for arid environment. Black overalls may also be used under certain circumstances, most notably hostage rescue operations. The primary chest rig issued is the Warrior Assault Systems DCS carrier, with MOLLE pouches to fit the need of each operator and at least one IFAK pouch, plus mag pouch for spent mags. Carriers are fitted with Level IV ballistic plates at the front and back as standard, operators may choose to fit additional side plates. The MICH 2000 with NVG and strobe mount is the standard helmet used, though operators frequently don other headwear such as boonies, baseball caps and watch caps. For eyewear, tactical ESS goggles or low profile ballistics goggles are common. The Pelter ComTac XP headset is used for radio comms. Boots vary, though Zephyrs are popular for their light weight. Knee protection is standard, as are Oakley tactical gloves.

Backpacks used vary on the mission. For 24 hour deployments the TAG combat sustainment pack is used, whole the larger Camelback Motherlode is issued for missions lasting up to 4 days, and traditional carryalls for anything longer. Operators use SLS holsters for sidearms, frequently on drop legs via QLS on a separate Universal Belt Loop. All operators wear wrist mouted SQLCI tablets.

Biography of Outfit: Republican Commandos began life as an elite infantry division of the Astronean Republic. However, as the nation upped its standard of training, and after a violent coup d'etat saw in sweeping reforms, main infantry units were being trained to shocktrooper level, and with Astronean Paratroopers taking the role of elite light infantry, the Commandos were in danger of becoming obsolete. To prevent this, senior commanders appealed to Central Operations Command for the status of Commandos to be elevated to Special Forces level, which would place them under the jurisdiction of Special Operations Command. After extensive talks, it was decided that this motion would only pass if Commando doctrine was adapted to include unconventional warfare, deep penetration reconnaissance, combat control, infiltration, Joint tactical attack terminal training, counter insurgency, guerilla warfare, sabotage, force projection and nuclear/chemical warfare. This was an incredibly tall order, but with an absence of a diverse special forces unit, it was deemed necessary. Standardization, screening, selection and training programmes were introduced, and harsh standards were implemented. The total time taken to churn out a top level Commando moved from 52 weeks to 18 months. An additional unit was established to be attached to each Commando regiment, which was to fulfill the insane standards demanded by Special Operations Command. They would handle specific tasking deemed too risky for regiments, operating independantly from SOC, with their own MOS and loose ROE, team leaders given operational freedom in how they conducted individual missions. Their primary source of authorty was to answer directly to the Main Intelligence Directorate. The AWD operates with little support outside of surveillance in the form of SIGINT, IMINT, ELINT and HUMINT. External fire support available depends on the task at hand, wheras Commando regiments have a dedicated air wing and artillery support.

Special Operations Command are generally reluctant to call for the deployment of Asymmetric Warfare Detachments, as they generally inflict a lot of chaos on the battlefield once missions are completed, even if done under the cover of complete stealth. However, their results are undeniable, they are efficient, effective and highly durable, with independent deployments having lasted over a week in the past without support. Once deployed, they are under the jurisdiction of the Main Intelligence Directorate, and often have little contact with friendly forces operating in the area, often infiltrating deep into enemy lines. They are responsible for the sabotage of essential domestic and military infrastructure, strategic weapons systems (including nuclear installations), and the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons (suitcase nukes), chemical and biological weapons if so called upon. 

In recent years, the AWD has repatriated numerous units and opened up its ranks to other branches of the Armed Forces, no longer recruiting solely from the Republican Commandos. This has led to a few "specialist" units proficient in specific areas, such as hostage rescue and urban warfare. Although the main principle of the AWD remains the same for all units, because of the ability to draw from a larger pool of operational experience, specific detachments may be considered depending on the mission. "Spekter" is one of the most distinguished detachments currently in the field, maintaining the philosophies of adaptability, speed, precision and overwhelming force.

Training/Qualifications: JTAC, Forward Observer, Forward Air Controller, diving, reconnaissance, sabotage, infiltration, deep cover, counter terrorism, MOUT, HALO, airborne, paratrooper, Shocktrooper, navigation, pathfinding, unconventional warfare, counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, operation of infantry-level artillery (mortars), operation of UAVs and UGVs, clandenstine operations, pyschological warfare, interrogation.

Operators of the Outfit:
Team Leader: "Theowulf".
Experience: 13 years AWD, 8 years Saighead Scouts
2IC, Grenadier: "Valk".
Experience: 10 years AWD, 6 years 1st Cav regiment

RTO, Designated Marksman: "Rybak".
Experience: 8 years AWD, 4 years Special Purpose Reconnaissance Group.

Combat Life Saver, AR: "Corwyn".
Experience: 5 years AWD, 5 years Saighead Regiment, 2 years Astronean Rifles.
Machine gunner: "Pavlov".
Experience: 2 years AWD, 5 years Astronean Light Infantry, 3 years Republican Commandos.
Demolitions, Combat Engineer: "Eoghan".
Experience: 4 years AWD, 5 years Republican Commandos.

RP Experience: 5+ years of roleplaying on various forums. Example post:
"Drekavac 1-1 checking in, flight two Su-25s, armament KH-29s, KAB-500s, rockets and 250 rounds 30 mike mike, play time 30 mikes, standing by for tasking, over."

The low rumble of the Frogfoots could be heard over the horizon as the sun slowly rose over the horizon, lighting the dry, dusty savannah in a red hue. The silhouettes formed against the treeline of a small patch of flora. They maintained a low profile, rifles shouldered and at the ready. The hum of mosquitos filled the air, but was otherwise silent. Their team leader keyed into the comms, clad in desert DPM fatigues, sporting a baseball cap and headset, low profile goggles shielding his eyes. Two more men stood near him, one carrying a large radio pack, the other peering through the lens of a laser designator.

"Drekavac 1-1, Sierra 2-1, copy. Standby for AO update." The team leader spoke over the radio, nudging the operator wielding the laser designator as he whispered to him. The man nodded and began feeding back information.

"Drekavac 1-1, Sierra 2-1, AO update. I am a qualified JTAC with the 3rd AWD, 4th Commando, 450 metres east of Sudentor. Type two control, we're observing an artillery position, 3 self propelled howitzers and auxillery supports, theatre level AA threats. Say when ready nine line." A brief silence. Then a response.

"Sierra 2-1, Drekavac 1-1, ready nine line."

"Drekavac 1-1, Sierra 2-1, as fragged, 230, offset north, 8.6, 2-0-0 feet, artillery position, grid 0-9-3-2 keypad 4, target marked by laser, code 2344, friendlies 400 metres east in the treeline, egress at pilot discretion." 

"Sierra 2-1, Drekavac 1-1, read back, 2-0-0 feet, grid 0-9-3-2 keypad 4, friendlies 400 metres east, treeline. Ready remarks."

"Good read back."

There was another silence as the planes began their ingress. Tensions were high as the team observed logistic trucks offloading more ammunition. Another fire mission was bound to begin shortly, they needed this battery taken out now.

"Sierra 2-1, Drekavac 1-1, requesting walk on, I see a stream running north to south, a farm."

"Drekavac 1-1, Sierra 2-1, call contact on the northern most barn adjacent to the stream."


"Your target is the artillery pieces and logistics trucks 600 metres south west of the barn."


"Sierra 2-1, Drekavac 1-1, target is artillery battery 0-9-3-2, keypad 4. 4 KBL-500s, 80 metres spacing."

"Good read back, call in with direction."

"In from south, 30 seconds."


"15 seconds."

"Cleared hot."

"Off hot, fall time 10 seconds." The jets screamed past at high altitude, followed by a large blast, sounding like a missile launch.

"Drekavac 1-1, SAM launch detected, advise egress now, say again, abort!"

"Drekavac tallies, dumping countermeasures, we are charlie mike." 

Moments later, a succession of huge explosions rang out, decimating the vehicles on the ground. Ammo cook off provided further explosions as smoke and dust filled the air.

"Drekavac 1-1, Siera 2-1, good hits, targets destroyed."

Techlevel: MT, some experimental such as man portable UCAVs and the SQLCI system.

NS Activity: Was inactive for around a year, though now active and able to post most days, frequently browsing forums and writing lore.

"Atlas shrugged."
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Postby Greater Argonian Protectorate » Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:50 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Greater Argonian Protectorate

Name of Group: Greater Argonian Protectorate Special Weapons Tactics Operations Group

Name of Outfit: Wolf Pack

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

Standard Equipment:

Members of Wolf Pack will be wearing one of three armor types of the latest development of PROJECT DRAGOON. This Armor is designed with hard outer plating to absorb most of the damage from weapon fire. The underlay suit like the rest of project dragoon is designed for smaller caliber weapons and is meant more to cushion and assist the operator by monitoring vitals. The undersuit also has a passive system being a special synthetic weave in places to make it optimized to assist the wearer in feats of speed, strength, and motor control by 10%. The helmet has a heads up display that gives the operator tactical information including ammo count, and a location of friendlies configured into the IFF system. Other attachments include a head mounted flashlight/NVG system that has both standard and IR lighting modes for flashlight. This system is also heavily modifiable allowing for operators to tune their armor for their specialties. These mods include the following.

Concealed blades/CQC weapons, Comm Suite pack upgrade (Experimental), External Ammo carrier for pack (highly recommended for heavy weapons and grenadiers), Electronic Warfare Pack and armor interface (Experimental), Underwater Warfare conversion kit (Experimental), Hostile environment conversion kit (Experimental), Non-Lethal weapon conversion kit (lol as much as the frigging taser hurts, just kill me), Rangefinder attachment, Integrated Optics kit (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR SNIPERS).

Standard Armor Config:

(sorry about large image will resize soon)

Standard Rifle: Code named PROJECT HARM (Heavy Assault Rifle Modifiable), this rifle fires a standard 7.62mm x 54 mm cartridge HOWEVER it can be chambered for a variety of rounds allowing soldiers to operate on almost any battlefield stealthily and without the biggest problem to any long term operation, ammo. This rifle also has a myriad of attachments, optics, barrels, and even magazine sizes allowing any operator to make a standard HARM into their perfect battlefield weapon, from Sniper Rifle variants to Light Machine Guns. This adaptability allows operators to take their rifle into almost any situation, including submerged operations. Conversion kits are as follows:

Sniper conversion kit, LMG conversion kit, CQC conversion kit, DMR conversion kit, Door Breach conversion kit (shotgun underbarrel attachment), Grenade Launcher attachment kit, Forward Observer conversion kit (DMR kit with designating laser and smoke grenade launcher)

Also each operator will always carry with them their personal combat ax which they earned during their basic training in their respective Armies, in addition to whichever gear they choose to carry.

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:


Operators in Wolf Pack are unlike standard Dragoons. They average about 6' in height (though for some ****ing reason every heavy gunner seems to be a jolly ****ing green giant), and are in peak physical condition, ranging from moderate muscle mass, to wiry frame muscle mass. In armor they are meant to be imposing and scary looking if you see them, as soldiers have taken to painting armor black for night operations.

Biography of Outfit: Created after 10 years into Project Dragoon, Wolf Pack was a unit that had standard Infantry trained up to Dragoon standards in field combat, but rather than give them armor that was bulky and meant for field use in war, the GAP decided that these soldiers instead needed something sleeker, less bulky, and more dexterous in the field. From its inception these soldiers and their equipment were designed with special operations, counter terrorism, and black operations at their core. Trained personally by the very same men and women that trained the first batch of Dragoons, the officers that oversaw their training adopted an even harsher, and more brutal training than with previous soldiers. They had to be able to adapt to any situation, even if cut off from supplies or friendlies with no hope of reinforcement. What emerged was what many considered the Second Generation Dragoon Soldier, dubbed "Wolf Pack". Still relatively new to the Special Operations and Warfare Community, Wolf Pack is more than ready to earn its chops and prove it is more than capable to handle any situation.

Operators of the Outfit:


Red Leader: John Sarton (Callsign: Boss) MOS: Rifleman Secondary MOS: CQC/Urban Warfare

Red 1: Micheal Dunnitz (Callsign: Duntz) MOS: Demolition Secondary MOS: CQC/Urban Warfare

Red 2: Ichi Ganamede (Callsign: Beta) MOS: Sniper Secondary MOS: Electronic/Cyber Warfare

Red 3: Travis Walter (Callsign: Tex) MOS: Gunner Secondary MOS: Engineer

Red 4: Jennifer Eren (Callsign: Butch) MOS: Grenadier Secondary MOS: Intel


Blue Leader: David Wagoner (Callsign: Shadow) MOS: CQC/Urban Warfare Secondary MOS: Rifleman

Blue 1: Tony Chavez (Callsign: Molotov) MOS: Demolition Secondary MOS: Rifleman

Blue 2: Kevin Christian (Callsign: Yuri) MOS: Sniper Secondary MOS: Intel

Blue 3: Jamal Dane (Callsign: Fixer) MOS: Engineer Secondary MOS: Grenadier

Blue 4: Sarah Connoly (Callsign: Daisy) MOS: Gunner Secondary MOS: Forward Observer/Artillery Spotter

RP Experience:
"Wolf Pack this is Wolf Den, report status over,"

"This is Red Leader, Wolf Pack is setting up position on the target, over,"

"Copy that Wolf Pack, Rules of Engagement are as follows, all armed suspects on premises are hostile, exterminate with extreme prejudice,"

"Roger that Wolf Den, engage and eliminate all hostiles, Wolf Pack out,"

John then turned and looked at his fellow commander, David Wagoner Callsign Shadow. He motioned for him to meet where the rest of the team members, save the two snipers, were gathered to break the plan. They had taken off their packs and gathered up the necessary gear for what was to come, including several coils of rope, a mixture of flash bangs, frag grenades, and incendiary grenades, a couple cans of liquid nitrogen and a few spare magazines. This was their first official operation, and they had to get this right. The target, was a three story building surrounded by a chain link fence with approximately 40 bad guys, in the middle of nowhere. Wind was constantly blowing, whistling as it went through the grass and large bushes in the surrounding prairie. Command had considered an air strike, but members of Wolf Pack volunteered for the op due to the sensitive nature of documents in the basement of the building. And they didn't even know if the enemy knew what they were sitting on. But it didn't matter, they had a job to do. John squatted in front of the remaining members of Red and Blue Team, and began speaking, making sure his comms was on so the snipers would hear as well.

"Alright ladies and gents, our target, is the bad guys in the building ahead. Plan is as follows; Butch, Shadow, and Fixer, you are to get to the top of that building by any means necessary, and kill long range comms and power which are located here," he pointed to a laid out diagram on the top left corner "From there you will assault down, as quietly as possible, which means knives and axes only. The rest of Red and Blue teams will be forming up at the bottom, and proceeding to do the same only we're working our way up. Daisy, when we get to the stairwell that leads to basement, you and I will head below and secure our intel and make sure these bad guys weren't able to compromise any of it. Once that is secure we're going to rejoin the group and continue our way up. Should anyone get discovered, and the shooting starts, go loud. Our orders are to secure those documents, and eliminate the enemy by any means possible. That's all Wolf Pack, dismissed,"

"Don't tell me you forgot about us Boss," chirped his radio

"Didn't think I needed to explain anything to you Yuri, you and Ichi kill any targets of opportunity as they present themselves,"

"Hehe, roger," Yuri acknowledged.

The members of Wolf Pack immediately stood, and filed out, the night sky would give them good cover, as their armor was a dull black that helped blend in. Going prone at the edges of fence around the building. David pulled out a can of nitrogen and sprayed a large circle on the fence. Satisfied with its size, he yanked sharply on the center of it and the metal snapped free, creating a hole large enough for them to crouch through. Then he, Jamal and Jennifer crawled through. Giving them about a minute to get started climbing up when he motioned the rest of the teams through the hole to stack up on the outside of the building. Then he heard his headset chirp.

"Rooftop is clear for our infiltrators, also three tangos down," Spoke Ichi

"Roger," John acknowledged. Showoff

He lead Daisy to one side, and the rest stacked up on the opposite side of the building. Leading the other group was Duntz, and he motioned for the group to stop as he spotted a guard. Taking out his combat ax he checked for other hostiles and then rounded the corner as fast as he could without making too much noise. He raised his ax over his head as he quietly rushed forward, and seeing the guard starting to look in his direction, he threw it through the air, reaching for his knife once the ax was airborne, and not breaking stride. The ax collided with the unlucky sob's face, dropping him quickly, thudding to the ground. John, faced with a similar situation, simply waited for the proper moment, sneaked up on the unsuspecting guard. Before the man could cry out in alarm caught him in a head lock and broke his neck. Laying the dead man down gently, John clicked his radio to check the other team's readiness. He got a double click response twice. Everyone was in position. John looked at Daisy and she nodded, signalling her readiness as well. John then double clicked his radio to initiate the op.

David, otherwise known as Shadow had just stepped onto the roof, utilizing an escape ladder while Butch and Fixer utilized other routes. Seeing Fixer's hands on the ledge, he quickly rushed over and helped him up. The crazy bastard had free climbed his way up, using different hand holds he had found on the side of the building. And then he turned to find Butch standing there proudly. David motioned to the roof access door and she quickly moved to it, Fixer moving to the radio antennae setup which was the building's comms. Quickly pulling out his knife, he lifted the access hatch for maintenance and began digging through the wires, looking for the one that carried data, not power to the machine. Finally finding it, he cut the cable, and then nodded at Shadow, signalling their comms were cut. He then looked around and found the access panel for the building's power generators. Smiling wickedly under his helmet, he pulled the cable free of the generator, thereby cutting power to the entire building. He heard what must have been some muttered cursing as a man was walking up the roof access steps. Those curses were cut short as he'd no sooner cleared the door than when Butch grabbed him with her powerful limbs and broke his neck with a sickening crack. Shadow motioned for them to move on the offensive, all of them hearing the go signal from Boss. Butch went first, followed by Shadow and Fixer covering the rear. The top was a big open office area, and they quickly took cover behind several desks. Shadow whispered quickly through his comms.

"Yuri, Beta, top floor is open office, you are cleared to engage. At least ten hostiles, Butch, Fixer, stay quiet, ax and knife only,"


Butch, Shadow, and Fixer then began to move closer to the remaining enemies while the snipers took aim and were preparing to fire.


Duntz lead the team through the door way, quickly clearing the hallway and motioned the other two forward in offensive formation. He moved fast down the hall, leaving closed doors for the other two to clear, and then stopping at the first that was open. A quick glance inside showed that there was two tangos in an office. They were talking in a foreign language that Duntz at the moment didn't care to understand. Putting his rifle away he drew his combat ax and knife, and then rushed through the door. He threw his ax into the far man, and as the other turned in surprise to see where it had come from, he jammed his knife through the man's jugular artery and windpipe, slamming him onto the floor with a dull thud on tile. In a few seconds he felt the man pass and pulled his knife free, standing up and retrieving his ax from the dead man sprawled on the floor. Noticing the plans on the desk, he looked them over, and noticed they were building plans.... that didn't include the basement. He radioed to Boss quickly.

"Hey boss, looks like our tangos didn't even know this building had a basement,"

He got a double click for acknowledgement, and stepped back into the hall. Seeing the other two hold out first a one and two signs, and then a thumbs up. It looked like there was five hostiles here, and now they were dead without the enemy knowing. Good, this op was going well so far.


Boss and Daisy immediately rounded the corner, moving down the tile hallway as quietly as possible as they checked rooms together, clearing each piece by piece. They finally got first contact when Boss heard speaking in a room up ahead and several men walking about digging through filing cabinets. They were looking for something.

Not for long

Boss took a quick peak inside and found three men inside all going through filing cabinets. He turned back to Daisy and held up three fingers, and then brought his thumb across his neck. Putting his rifle away, he drew out his ax and knife, and steadied for a moment while Daisy took a position to cover. He rounded the corner like the angel of death, throwing first his ax into the enemy furthest away, landing a solid hit into the man's dome. Then he stabbed closest man in the neck through his windpipe and spine, leaving the blade in as he rushed the last man who had just spotted his friend who had sprouted an ax from his head. He was turning towards the door when Boss tackled him then clamped his mouth shut with his palm, choking the man out. Once unconscious, Boss unceremoniously broke his neck, and retrieved his blades. He walked back outside to find that Daisy wasn't in her former position, he looked down the hall to find her quietly strangling another hostile who'd been moving to investigate the scuffle in the room. Once that was done the two kept moving forward finally coming up to the hallway that lead to the basement. He spotted two men, one standing guard, another trying to hot wire the door panel so the door would open. He motioned to Daisy and held up two fingers, signalling two bad guys. Then he heard footsteps coming down from the hallway. He was getting closer. He motioned for Daisy to kill the man at the end of the hall and the two waited. When the man got close, Boss grabbed him and dragged him around the corner to break his neck quietly. Daisy rushed around him the moment he grabbed the guard, and drew out her ax as she got closer. The man had just turned around when Daisy swiped with her ax, cutting through his windpipe and jugular vein, spraying blood everywhere. The man fell with a thud and Boss had just caught back up when they heard the man's radio chirp. Someone on the other end was asking for them to check in. And then a guard rounded the corner and caught them in his flashlight with a terrified yelp. He shouted something and raised his rifle as Daisy and Boss took cover. Things were about to heat up.

Techlevel: Modern

NS Activity: Active

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Postby The Lowlands and Saxony » Tue Dec 15, 2015 4:43 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation:
The Stratocratic Duchy of the Lowlands and Saxony
Name of Group:
7th Special forces brigade. Nicknamed as the Dukes of Hazard and Containment, DHC or "the Dukes"
Name of Outfit:
Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM), SF kit.

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
Standard kit:
  • MICH 2000 helmet
  • OD green balaclava
  • Army boots
  • Tactical vest with armour plating and MOLLE attachment system
  • Combat uniform
  • HK USP 9mm parabellum pistol
  • Fragmentation and flash grenades
Additional equipment, which use can vary by assigned role and mission
  • FN Herstal SCAR L or H assault (5.56 NATO) and battle rifle (7.62 NATO)
  • FN Herstal P90 5.6 mm PDW
  • HK 69A1 40 mm grenade launcher (possibly mounted)
  • SAAB-Bofors AT4 anti-tank weapon
  • Semtex charge
  • AN/AVS-6 night vision goggles

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:[/b

[b]Biography of Outfit:

The camouflage pattern is a variation from the British uniform and is comprised by the natural colours that are found in the BeNeLux. The standard kit (except for the balaclava) is found on any soldier found in the Saxonian armed forces. The small arms are produced by the arms factories Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal and Heckler & Koch, who reside in the Lowlands and Saxony. The FN SCAR and the P90 are only in use by the special forces.

The P90 is mostly used for covert VIP transportation, hostage rescue and urban raids. Both the SCAR H and L are used in unison with the H functioning as a squad support weapon or as DMR.
Operators of the Outfit:
Only the 7th special forces brigade due to the use of special equipment.
RP Experience:
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
NS Activity:
Mostly in the evening and night of GMT +2 / Amsterdam time.
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Postby Cerrania » Sun Dec 20, 2015 11:28 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Republic of Cerrania

Name of Group: 13th Ranger Regiment, "Big Unlucky"

Name of Outfit: 1st Section, "Justicar Squad"

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
Universal Loadout
  • Light, Water-proof Tunic and Pants
  • Scorpion Skin Combat Armor Rig
  • One{1} Breaching Charge
  • CK-7 Combat Knife
  • One{1} C1 Smoke Grenade
  • Two{2} CF Fragmentation Grenades
  • One{1} C2 Flashbang Grenade
  • Com-1 In-Helment Communcation System
  • Enhanced Reality Identification and Tracking System(ERITS)
  • Two{2} Flares, One{1} Green and One{1} Red
  • Camel Pack
  • 5 days worth rations
  • Assorted Medical Gear
  • Water Resistant Watch
1st Lieutenant Joseph Murray. Justicar-1, Squad Leader
Staff Sergeant Krovo Pistus, Justicar-2, Fireteam A Leader
    Primary Armament: C-16 Assault Rifle
    Secondary Armament: "Ronin" K-6 Handgun
    Special Equipment: CAG-1 Underbarrel Grenade Launcher
Staff Sergeant Sebastian Devon, Justicar-3, Fireteam B Leader
    Primary Armament: C-16 Assault Rifle
    Secondary Armament: "Ronin" K-6 Handgun
    Special Equipment: Remote Breaching Charge Detonator, Scorpion Skin "Pointman" Variant Rig, Two{2} Additional Flashbangs
Specialist Aaron Estor, Justicar-4, Squad Medic, Fireteam A
    Primary Armament: C-16 Assault Rifle
    Secondary Armament: "Ronin" K-6 Handgun
    Special Equipment: Six{6} extra tourniquets, morphine, Twelve{12} Field Bandages, Defibrillator Unit
Gunnery Sergeant Jason Basil, Justicar-5, Squad Automatic Weapon Gunner, Fireteam A
    Primary Armament: CX-51 Squad Automatic Weapon. 5.56x45mm, 50rd Magazine, 950 rpm, 4.2 kg loaded.
    Secondary Armament: "Ronin" K-6 Handgun
    Special Equipment: Electronic Frequency Jammer, Two{2} EMP Grenades
Operative Galen McCarver, Justicar-6, Rocketeer, Fireteam A
Specialist Benjamin Moore, Justicar-7, Squad Designated Marksman, Fireteam B
    Primary Armament: CB-36 Marksman Rifle. 5.56x45mm, 20 rd magazine, 4.3kg loaded
    Secondary Armament: "Buddy" CX-19 PDW
    Special Equipment: TrackShot Ballistics System, Thermal Covering System
Operative Avis Malfas, Justicar-8, Rifleman, Fireteam B
    Primary Armament: C-16 Assault Rifle
    Secondary Armament: "Ronin" K-6 Handgun
    Special Equipment: CUG-1 Underbarrel Grenade Launcher
Operative Yusef Patorjik, Justicar-9. Rifleman/Combat Engineer, Fireteam B
    Primary Armament: C-16 Assault Rifle
    Secondary Armament: "Ronin" K-6 Handgun
    Special Equipment: Cerranian Automated Combat Drone(CACD), One{1} Kilogram of C4, One{1} Kilogram of Thermite

    Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

    Biography of Outfit: The 13th Ranger Regiment originated as one of the premier special activities divisions in the Cerranian Armed Forces during the Feroxi Conflicts of the 1980s. They were notable for undertaking extremely dangerous missions - such as assassinations and demolition jobs - and succeeding with a high survival rate. However, the 13th Ranger Regiment was not an official unit until after the war, when it was honorable detached from its division and given its own name. Since then, the Regiment has been used for classified operations and asymmetric warfare.
    The Justicar Squadron, as a part of the 13th Ranger Regiment, was the first squadron to receive high honors. It is, and was, used when Cerrania does not want to be directly associated with the operation. Thus, Justicar Squadron rarely carries any Cerranian insignia or article that could link them back to their motherland. They also carry a cyanide pill, to be used if captured by the enemy.

    Operators of the Outfit:
    As seen above.
    • 1st Lieutenant Joseph Murray. Justicar-1, Squad Leader
    • Staff Sergeant Krovo Pistus, Justicar-2, Fireteam A Leader
    • Staff Sergeant Sebastian Devon, Justicar-3, Fireteam B Leader
    • Specialist Aaron Estor, Justicar-4, Squad Medic, Fireteam A
    • Gunnery Sergeant Jason Basil, Justicar-5, Squad Automatic Support, Fireteam A
    • Operative Galen McCarver, Justicar-6, Rocketeer, Fireteam A
    • Specialist Benjamin Moore, Justicar-7, Squad Designated Marksman Fireteam B
    • Operative Avis Malfas, Justicar-8, Rifleman, Fireteam B
    • Operative Yusef Patorjik, Justicar-9. Rifleman/Combat Engineer, Fireteam B

RP Experience: Several roleplays, including The ATHENA Program and Broken Ambition.

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Postby Rynagria » Tue Dec 22, 2015 4:51 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Republic of Rynagria

Name of Group: Warfare and Intelligence Group (WIG for short)

Name of Outfit: Beta Company, 4th Special Platoon, Recon Squad Three (Nicknamed "Mary" or "MaRa" Squad)

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
    Standard: Woodland Camo BDU, LC Medium Weight Ballistic Vest, Juggernaut SF Combat Boots, Juggernaut OD Tipless Ballistic Gloves, 1st Division Com Set, Iridium Satellite Phone, FA Two Piece Gas Mask, RyMiEq Operator Goggles, Browning High Power Mark III Pistol, RyMiEq PA-9 Quick Detachable Pistol Suppressor, Ka-Bar Combat Knife, 2x M67 Fragmentation Grenades, 3x M34 Willy Pete, 4x Flares, IR Strobes, Lightweight Medkit, Zip Ties, RME Quick Detachable Rifle Suppressor Model Beta, Two or Five days worth of Water, One or Three days worth of Rations, Heated Blanket, Extra batteries, Backpack
  • Captain Muholland: MICH, OD Shemagh, R555A2 Carbine with 4x ACOG, PLMD-1 Laser Designator, 3-10x Eagle Laser Rangerfinder
  • 2nd Lieutenant Rooker: MICH, Black Balaclava, RBO R555A2 with 4x ACOG, underbarrel M320 GLM, 8x M112 Explosive Blocks, 6x 40mm Grenades
  • Master Sergeant Smith: Black Watch Cap or MICH, OD Shemagh, R304 Infantry Automatic Rifle or FN Minimi Para with 4x ACOG and Vertical Foregrip
  • Sergeant West: Woodland Camo Boonie Hat or MICH, OD Shemagh, RBO R555 Subcompact Carbine with AN/PEQ-15, Medium weight Medkit
  • Sergeant Hovinga: Woodland Camo Boonie Hat or MICH, Black Balaclava, R22 Semi-Automatic Sniper System or R556A1 Enhanced DMR (Mission Dependent), RME SASS Standard Suppressor, AN/PVS-10 Night Scope
  • Sergeant Redfield: MICH, Black Balaclava, RBO R555A2 Carbine with Harris Bipod, 4x ACOG, Ithaca Stakeout (Mission Dependent), 3-10x Eagle Laser Rangerfinder
  • Sergeant Wei: MICH, OD Shemagh, R727 "Scout Ranger" Carbine with AN/PEQ-15, M72 LAW [E8/E9/E10 Variants] (Mission Dependent)
  • Sergeant McAvoy: MICH, OD Shemagh, R727 "Scout Ranger" Carbine with AN/PEQ-15, Extra Ammunition (Mission Dependent), LonTra-X Radio, M72 LAW [E8/E9/E10 Variants] (Mission Dependent)

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
Master Sergeant "Oso" in WIG standard gear.

Biography of Outfit: Recently formed in the year 2014, WIG was created by Army High Command for a more Jack-of-All trades approach for a Tier One unit. The result was the Asymmetrical Warfare and Intelligence unit, but was later changed to simple Warfare and Intelligencd Group, a unit capable of any mission given to them, from Direct Action Missions to Unconventional Warfare. WIG consists of 300 personnel, with two companies of field-capable operatives, which are named Alpha and Beta respectively. Each company is composed of four platoons with the fourth always being a "special" platoon, which are allowed to change the standard equipment given to most units within WIG.

With Beta Comapanie's 4th Platoon composed solely of Recon Squads, they're main duty is Special Reconnaissance. However, despite this, Recon Squad Three is qualified to do more with Direct Action Missions, Hostage Retrieval, Unconventional Warfare, and other things. However, due to a recent mission gone wrong, the majority of the original members were killed in action. Although, they were quickly replaced by other operators and soldiers from other units. Recon Sauad Three has even garnered the nickname "Mary" and "MaRa" Squad for the abundance of former Marines in the outfit and the two Rangers that make it up.

Operators of the Outfit:
Main Team
  • Captain Hunter "AckAck" Muholland: Age 33. Male. Commander. A Front Recon Marine and Marine Raider, was transferred with Rooker, Hovinga, and Redfield, to bolster and replace recently killed members. Commander of Recon Squad Three, is a trained Forward Air Controlled and Qualified officer.
  • 2nd Lieutenant Jonathan "Scarecrow" Rooker: Age 29. Male. Demolition/Driver. Coming Front Recon, was transferred to WIG after two months after its creation. Was placed Second-in-Command to Captain Muholland, and is the first line explosives expert and driver in the squad, also can fill in as Marksman if needed to be.
  • Master Sergeant Lucas "Oso" Smith: Age 41. Male. Automatic Riflemen. One of the two original members of the squad, is the oldest of them and most experienced, being a Marine, an Old Guard, and Old Guard Spec Ops. Known for not talking much, unless he needs to share some insight.
  • Sergeant Joanna "Doc" West: Age 26. Female. Medic. A former Private Military Contractor, Professional Doctor, and Navy Corpsman, is the other original member of the squad. Known in the squad for her nice demeanor, she extends it to captured or wounded enemies, and will treat any wounded, whether they want it or not.
Mission Dependent Members
  • Sergeant Sharinda "Screens" Hovinga: Age 27. Female. Markswoman. One of the replacements, Hovinga, the one with most accurate and precise with rifle fire. From the platoon lead by Rooker in Front Recon, she has recently gotten into watching shows and playing video games in her free-time.
  • Sergeant Kameron "Gold" Redfield: Age 27. Male. Point-man/Spotter. Designated Spotter for Hovinga, came from the same unit as Rooker and Hovinga to WIG, excels at room clearing and better eyesight than designated Marksman Hovinga.
  • Sergeant Linda "Lin" Wei: Age 32. Female. Anti-Armor. Second most recent addition into Recon Squad Three, is the one charge of carrying an M3 MAAWS and Army Ranger before being placed into WIG. Readily talks with people, and is one of the more sociable members of the Squad.
  • Sergeant Renee "Ren" McAvoy: Age 31. Female. Assistant Gunner. Most recent member of the Squad, is the designated partner for Wei, carrying the M3's shells with her. When in a mission that does not require the Gustav, usually carries extra ammunition, or LonTra-X Radio.

RP Experience:
I've only been here two and a half years, and here's some examples of my RP's I've been in:

Techlevel: MT

NS Activity: I'm on everyday, although I haven't been posting that much recently.

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Nihonese application

Postby New Aeyariss » Thu Dec 31, 2015 12:43 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Empire of Greater Nihon

Name of Group
: Gunpei Tenshindan / Army Security Raiding Group, Common name: White Tigers.

To explain some issues with the name: name Tenshinhei (Raiding Troops) is used in Nihon as general word for "special operations forces", while in the west Tenshinhei refers to Nihonese special forces (a generic name). Gunpei stands for Gunpeitai, or Army Security Corps, else named Section II of the General Staff, an intelligence service to which this force is subordinate to.

"White Tigers" refers specifically to Tenshinhei under command of Gunpeitai.

Name of Outfit:

- 1st Army Security Raiding Brigade / 1st Battalion / 2nd Company / 1st Team

- CODENAME: Tiger Claw.

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

The gear employed by "White Tigers" will vary depending on the mission they are assigned to and is not static; it will depend on what task will be placed in front of them, but has a lot in common with way "White Tigers" are used - as forces conducting deep reconnaissance, out of front diversion, assassinations of key enemy commanders, forceful gathering of information, "psychological strikes", training militiamen and other asymmetric warfare roles.

In general, most common wear is a masking suit (inspired by Russian Maskalat) in a camouflage inspired by RealTree pattern or Nihonse digital tiger stripe camo, with the suit designed to break operator's body shape, thus making him less visible, which, combined with very good results of mentioned camouflages the operators with very good stealth capability. Often, in tropical environments, White Tigers were recorded using black uniforms during their night raids on terrorist camps. Usually the camouflage suit is worn over an uniform, and can be easily dropped in case of need. To further argument the conceal ability, standard equipment includes some model of camouflaged poncho depending on local terrain in which White Tigers would be tasked to operate operate. Both poncho and camouflage suit usually are equipped with a camouflage reducing IR signature. Usually one can notice that those units wear boots with front side pointed backwards to confuse any enemy attempting to track them by having the tracks go in direction opposite to direction of the movement.

In terms of weaponry, those forces usually operate standard, but efficient, Nihonese gear: Type 300T SMG shooting 7.7x25mm Arakawa round (jokingly mentioned as serving to "fill with lead a room full of colonels)", Type 7 or Type 8 assault rifles, Type 2 Nanban pistols or other Nihonese firearms. Very popular among them are also Type 25 or 26 single shot RPGs used as light weight force multiplier or Type 5 Rakurai MANPADS - the last one often used also as sort of "Airfield mine" by being placed and camouflaged near the airstrip with a time fuse, which activates the MANPADS once the team is away and makes it shoot first target in it's sight - which is usually and aircraft taking off from the airfield. It is not unusual for them to use a commando mortar also.

Additional equipment can include an AXISAT (SACTO GPS) global positioning system, personal voice - data headset (VVDH), night vision googles, low light televisions (LLMT) used for monitoring and various kinds of drones. The teams are trained in parachute insertion, though often other means of employment such as by a trimaran ferry are used. Their mobility may be backed up by military bikes or by a pickup truck with hybrid engine.

Example gear for a patrol mission:

Watanabe: Type 6 rifle + 10 magazines + 300 rounds of ammunition (loose), 3 smoke grenades and one WP grenade (with adapters to be used as rifle grenades), signalisation pannels, 1x Type 26 Single shot RPG.

Taira: Type 6 rifle + 10 magazines, patrol ammunition reserve ( 500 rounds loose), additional radio batteries, long range communications antena, 1x Type 26 Single shot RPG.

Nakamura: Type 6 Rifle + 10 magazines, 300 ammunition rounds loose, 1 smoke grenade, 2 fragmentation greandes, 2 WP grenades, medical bag, 1x Type 26.

Hisakawa: Type 6V LMG + 2000 ammunition rounds. 2 fragmentation grenades, 2 tear gas grenades, 1 smoke grenade, directional mine.

Matsumoto: Type 6S PDW + 7 magazines and 200 rounds, RADIO (Usually VHF/UHF), 2 smoke grenades, 2 WP Grenades used to destroy the radio to prevent the enemy from accessing the codes.

Appearance/Description of Operator:


RIGHT: Counter insurgency operations in An`nam, 2008.

LEFT: Manjuguo Campaign, 2015.

For viewing purposes vegetation in which Tenshinhei usually cover themselves to increase camouflage was not included.

Biography of Outfit: "Gunpei Tenshindan" was former under the man who was Gunpeitai CO before Maki Kojiro was nominated on this post - Lt. Gen. Date Akira, who commanded creation of a "Specified forceful intelligence unit for out of frontline diversionary purposes" in 1967. It is believed that even the current Shogun, Maki Kojiro, was involved in the unit's creation and possibly trained by the unit's specialists. Until Nihonese invasion of An`Nam in 1979, the existence of the "White Tigers" was kept in total secrecy. First time when the unit appeared publicly was disclosure of several photos of "unknown Nihonese soldiers" by western journalists observing the war. Nihonese General Staff for first time informed of existence of "Army Security Raiding Group" in 1983, though no information has been released about them since then.

The unit reappeared during May Crisis, when it sided with Gunpeitai Commander in Chief, Gen. Maki Kojiro after government ordered his arrest when he disclosed "classified" data about scale of corruption in Nihonese politics to the public. It was captured on photos following dissolution of government by emperor Go - Shunyan and massive arrests of "anti - Nihonese conspirators" carried out on order of the National Court. During that time, several of their members were captured publicly on photos as they entered the homes of several famous politicians.

In the following times White Tigers gained much attention due to tactics they employed against Furukuran Sea Anti - Nihonese front - namely assassinations of high ranked terrorists, including incident that when due to corruption in one NGO victims of terrorist attack were unable to get help, Tenshinhei kidnapped families of several influential terrorists in order to gain money for the aid. Apart from the incident causing much international outcry, attacks of FSANF on Jakarnapuran citizens decreased shortly after.

Tenshinhei were everywhere where Shogun pointed them - his silent blade, always ready to strike on his demand. Comparisons with Ninja of old aren't mistaken, because those skills are frequently incorporated into the training of White Tigers. The recruits are selected from "top quality" Nihonese units by trained recruiters, who then bring them to various training centers. Few who pass the training emerge as changed killers, ready to kill for the Empire of Greater Nihon.

Known for their ruthlessness and effectiveness, White Tigers are the Nihonese elite - moder versions of ninjas, just waiting to be unleashed.

Operators of the Outfit:

- First Lieutenant Watanabe Isamu: an old and experienced veteran with a very good character, First Lieutenant Watanabe Isamu, after over twelve years of service, is slowly having enough of war and starting to doubt in it's sense, as well as in the ideas of Bushido. Still however, a fairly good and merciful person, though not afraid to kill for what he considers is right. Adrent believer in Kogyokist Christianity. Currently team leader in command of the "Tiger Claw".

- Second lieutenant Taira Jiro: son of high ranked Army officer and descendant of well known samurai clan, Second Lieutenant Taira Jiro is above all willing to prove himself to be a warrior matching his father. His fellow soldiers know him as strong, silent type, that can show an unspoken brutality and ruthlessness to his enemies. Still, however, Taira has great sense of justice - which ironically often fuels the ruthlessness he displays. Second in command.

- Master Sergeant Nakamura Kenshin: champion swimmer and former soldier of Kaigun Rikusentai Recon, Master Sergeant Kenshin was recruited into Gunpei Tenshindan after Manjuguo campaign. Personally a Bushido idealist, living closely by the honor code. Also a Kogyokist Christian, though not as devout as First Lieutenant Watanabe. Also a 2nd Degree teal belt (teal belt means mastery like black belt in Karate) in Nihonese Kenjutsu (swordsmanship). Team's medic.

- Leading Private Hisakawa Saburo: socially shunned after being dishonored by cheating on his wife which resulted in end of his marriage and his career of kyujustsu fighter, per the laws of Nihonese honor code Saburo joined the Imperial Nihonese Army to cleanse his name. Recruited to Army Security Raiding Group after serving three years in Airborne Brigade and displaying enormous courage during invasion of Manjuguo, Leading Private Hisakawa is willing to regain his honor by combat. Mans team's MG.

- Leading Private Matsumoto Kenshin: a man realizing his dream of being soldier in Tenshinhei. Works at team's radio operator.

RP Experience: I do consider myself a considerable RPer - and URA I think could deliver judgment here.

Sample #1

Sample #2

Techlevel: Hard MT.

NS Activity: Currently restricted in time due to health issues. Can promise more later on ;). I am mostly making an app just to join at this moment.

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Postby The Yuktobanian Republic » Thu Dec 31, 2015 5:03 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Union of Yuktobanian Republics

Name of Group: 666th Special Logistical Assault Marines (SLAM)

Name of Outfit: SLAM Team 4

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
XM8 - The XM8 series is the most common of the assault rifles. It comes in the XM8A6, XM8A5, XM8A4, XM8S3 DMR, XM8A3 LMG, and XM8C2 CQCW. The only round change is that the XM8C2 uses 9mm Parabellum and the XM8S3 uses 7.62.
KORD - The universal HMG used by Yuktobanian forces, it's large 12.7x108mm can be used against a variety of targets.
HVM-IV Starstreak - An anti-air and anti-tank rocket launcher, it fires five 20mm rockets in different angles at the target.
AGS-17 - A 40mm automatic grenade launcher that can fire HE, AP, or air burst ammunition.

All operators are subject to carry in their backpack 4 RGO grenades, food, water, a radio for communication, and rope.

Appearance/Description of Operator:

Biography of Outfit: The 666th SLAM was created by the Naval Special Operations Division to participate in special missions the Navy needs to be done. The 666th SLAM, in conjunction with the Air Force's 170th SOAD, assassinated Milleniuma's president during the 2010 Milleniuman war. They also saved hostages in the 2009 Cinigrad Theatre Siege and in the 1997 Apartment Situations. New situations arising around the globe due to terrorism has made the SLAM Yuktobania's counter-terrorism unit.

The main SLAM team is divided into 8 individual teams. Each team supports one another in missions and can either go alone or all teams at once

Operators of the Outfit:
Merkava Elsa Namer - The first woman team leader for the SLAM, she rules with an iron fist over the rest of the team. She knows her guns well, and uses an XM8A6. She doesn't seem to talk to anybody when off duty, and usually her entire face but her eyes are covered. She is the team leader and loves assault rifles.
Dmitri "Leze" Lezavdrov - Formerly part of team 6, he was transferred to team 4 after the death of team 4's sniper. He loves vodka and sniper rifles. He uses the OSV-96 12.7 Anti-Material Rifle or the XM8S3 7.62 DMR. If he is very lucky, he can get the XM8A7 Experimental Railgun, although with 3 rounds. He always seems to have a bottle of vodka with him whenever he goes.
Artyom "Ruzainav" Fedoryv - A large man with a rumbling laugh, Artyom is the heavy gunner of the squad. He is sometimes called "Santa Claus" due to his shape and his white mustachio. He carries with him an XM8A3 LMG and an AGS-17 deplorable grenade launcher. If the mission demands it, he also brings in a KORD 12.7mm HMG, although he has to use a XM8C2 instead of an XM8A3 LMG.
Mark "Beachmaster" Smith - Getting his nickname from his mishap in the landings in Glo-Ria, he is also the only non-Yuktobanian operator in the SLAM. He is the demolition expert, and carries numerous tools to destroy fortifications. This includes the RPO-Rys Napalm launcher or the LPM-42 Flamethrower, Landmines, and other explosives.
Mikhael "Epsilon" Grevisz - The last time he touched a steering wheel, the Tigr he was in flipped over into a lake. A self-proclaimed expert in driving and treating wounds, he loves using his skills to save his comrades. He prefers driving a Tigr OV with a KORD on top. Along with this he has medical supplies and an XM8C2.
Tatiana Grishva - One of the new recruits to the SLAM, she has yet to learn the ways to complete missions. Her brother is also in team 4. She uses the normal frontline soldier load out with XM8A6 and MP443.
Petrov Petrivko - One of the supporting riflemen, he uses an XM8A4 with a Kobra sight and PBV-6 Suppresser.
Vasily "Kosmos" Grishva - Tatiana's brother is a towering 6'9" man that loves his rockets. He is the guy that uses rockets, wether anti-air or anti-tank. He carries with him the powerful HVM-IV Starstreak rocket launcher and a small XM8C2 for close combat.
RP Experience: None, teach me pls

Techlevel: MT with a tiny bit of FT

NS Activity: everyday

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Info about Yuktobania
Military Equipment and Numbers
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Postby Riysa » Thu Dec 31, 2015 6:30 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Riysa (Riysian Arab Republic)

Name of Group: Maghawer al-Jamhuri (Republican Commandos)

Name of Outfit: Wahdat Khususiyah "Maysaloun" (Specialist Detachment "Maysaloun")

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

Their loadout can not be properly defined on paper, as it is never fixed. Oftentimes, a Commando team will dress in civilian clothes or the clothes of the enemy security forces. This can either be partial, such as wearing a certain camouflage pattern or equipping enemy weapons, or a (as much as possible) full replicate of what the enemy equips their own soldiers with.

Normally, for weapons, light automatics and/or the enemy's service rifle - or a visually similar gun - are carried. Moreover, most also carry an ITA FRMA pistol with two magazines as a backup, as do the members of this unit.

One common feature found among Commando teams, however, is the abundance of hand grenades. Some may carry up to twelve in various places on their body, as Commandos favor the use of explosives during their missions. A mix of different types are usually issued, but the two major grenade types used are high-explosive and concussive grenades, supplemented by smoke and CS gas (or occasionally CR gas) grenades. Light, disposable anti-tank weapons are issued too when expecting to face reinforced structures or vehicles, sometimes at up to one per person.

A key mark of the Commandos are their use of the standard-issue Riysian khanjar-style bayonet; while all Riysian soldiers are trained in its use, the Commandos are devout users of them. During any mission, they will certainly carry a bayonet with themselves, and use it sometimes more than their firearms depending on the mission.

Electronics-wise, not much is carried - after all, they operate under cover most of the time - but a short-range (<500 m) persona; radio transceiver is often included in mission gear. Sometimes, man-packed radio equipment is also carried.

Body armor, helmets, and assault vests, other than what may be part of an enemy force's standard issue, are generally not carried - the Commandos are first and foremost an infiltration force, not heavy infantry. Soft body armor protecting against shrapnel and pistol rounds, in particular the Riysian "Aman" vest, may be worn if they are not too encumbering or visible.

Appearance/Description of Operator:

Their appearance changes from mission to mission, but a couple of outfit examples (when not in disguise) would be something like the following:

Warzone, in "sanitized" Riysian uniforms.
Back home.

Biography of Outfit:

The Maghawer are the direct descendants of the old Riysian Volunteer Legion, a force set up during the post-Great War colonial crisis designed to give energetic and idealistic men - and former soldiers - more combat experience, by fighting in conflicts worldwide on the side of factions friendly to Riysa. Much of the tactics learned by these volunteers, such as using enemy uniforms and equipment during operations, were later adapted for use by the first Maghawer recruits, and indeed, some of the founding Commandos were former Volunteers. Those returning home from wars abroad also brought back knowledge of foreign cultures and languages, and of course, a multitude of weapons. These men were later organized into small, elite units, formed to operate in the harshest theatres of war, and thus the Maghawer were born.

Specialist Unit "Maysaloun" was formed back in 2012, as one of several Specialist Units tasked to operate alongside comparable friendly organizations. Maysaloun as a unit has not seen action yet, but their members are all veterans of several years' experience.

Operators of the Outfit:

Team Tabanja
Maj. Muhammad Nashwan al-Khair - The commander of the unit, Nashwan is a fairly balanced man of forty-three. A career officer, the Commandos have been his life for about half of his life. He's seen more service rifles, so to speak, than he'd care to relate, but he hasn't regretted this rare honor bestowed upon him. He knows exactly what the role of the [i]Maghawer
is in Riysian strategy, and expects the best out of everyone. Perhaps he is a bit of a driller, but he is never mean for its sake, so the unit will unquestionably follow his orders.
Cpt. Ahmad Muallaq - The unit's executive officer, Ahmad handles the logistics and planning while Nashwan handles the training and tactical side of the mission. Originally a radio specialist in the regular Army, he brought his expertise with him when he was invited to join the Commandos.
1Lt. Subhi Fakhri
1Lt. Riyad al-Tayiba
Lt. Ammar al-Azraq

Team Barudeh
Cpt. Mustafa Maghout - Leader of team "Barudeh", Mustafa is a freshly-minted career officer looking to make a name for himself. Fiercely competitive, he tends to be more aggressive than the conservative Major or the scheming Captain Rasmi, but is reigned in by his compatriots and the fact that any action too brash would likely get him dishonorably discharged at best. He's close to Captain Rasmi, who is also his paternal cousin, and Barudeh overall shares a friendly rivalry with team Rashash over which is the better.
1Lt. Nidal Saaed
1Lt. Yasser Sultan
Lt. Hani al-Ajami
Lt. Fawwaz al-Jundi

Team Rashash
Cpt. Rasmi Nahlawi - Leader of team Rashash, Rasmi is a keen thinker with a perchance for working out complicated plans. Unlike Mustafa, Rasmi is a more deliberate commander, preferring to take his time before acting. Rasmi, at 33, is also slightly older than the 30 year old Mustafa.
1Lt. Imad Shalabi
Lt. Tawfiq Ghandour
Lt. Manaf Jadid
Lt. Khalid Shirwan

RP Experience: Please. :p

Techlevel: Hard MT, you know me.

NS Activity: Regularly active, but I'm busy IRL with a full-time job and grad school, so I won't be spamming out posts.

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Postby Palathrim » Fri Jan 08, 2016 5:37 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Palathrim Federation

Name of Group: Coraniaid (CORAN-ee-eyed) Special Warfare Division

Name of Outfit: CSWD, "Corieltavi" Squad

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
  • All:
    • Standard Combat Uniform (urban digital variant)
    • Mk. XII Combat helmet (rated for shrapnel/indirect small arms fire)
    • Gen. 2 Helmet-mounted OLED display/comms subsystem
    • X3 Tactical processing subsystem (180° emissive visor display, microelectronic 360°awareness sensor suite)
    • Medical sensor chassis (provides wearer health/fitness status to command)
    • Gen. 8 20W battery pack w/ liquid hydrocarbon fuel cell
    • Padarn Beisrudd bullet resistant vest
    • Modular combat utility vest
    • Advanced P11 microarchitecture CPU (damage-resistant pack)
    • Rappel kit
    • M67 fragmentation grenade
    • M18 smoke grenade
    • M84 flashbang grenade
    • Standard issue westernized-tanto 172mm combat knife
    • SIG Sauer P229R DAK
  • Major Morwyn Davies, squad commander (callsign: Wraeth):
    • SCAR-L Mk 16
    • Helmet-mounted CAS target designator
  • Specialist Arthur Sears, sniper (callsign: Goblin):
    • SCAR Mk 20 SSR
    • Internal OLED visual spotting system (infrared/UV compatible)
  • Specialist Trystan Maddocks, intelligence liaison/sensitive-site exploitation (callsign: Wizard):
    • SCAR-H Mk 17
    • Localized ECM/signals intercept suite
    • MC-45 HD miniature camera
  • Specialist Sara Reese, heavy weapons operator (callsign: Saint):
    • H&K MG4
    • Handheld medium-distance mine detector
    • C4 breaching charges
    • EOD field kit (screwdriver, microtorch, pliers, reamer, marker, mirror, precision knife, notebook, Sharpie, ceramic scissors, ceramic knife, fast-dry epoxy mixer, insulated forceps, insulated spudger)
  • Specialist Luke Rosser, CQC support (callsign: Mordred):
    • Mossberg 590A1
    • H&K MP7
    • C4 breaching charges
    • X5 electroshock grenades
  • Corporal Arthur Price, engineering (callsign: Ddraig)
    • SCAR-L Mk 16
    • Localized radar detection suite
    • Microtumbler autonomous surveillance bots
    • T-3 FSD surveillance UAV

Appearance/Description of Operator:
Operatives wear urban-patterned digital camouflage uniforms, with standard black body armor and utility vests. All weaponry is black, with scopes/accessories custom painted with black matte finishes. Lenses have reflection-hindrance filters. Operatives' faces are completely obscured, with an OLED display/optics system covering their upper face and a dark red scarf covering their lower face and neck. Situationally, an air-purifying respirator, gas mask or oxygen mask may be worn, all of which exist in variants compatible with the optics system and headgear.

Biography of Outfit:
CSWD is the go-to Palathrim force for all clandestine or precision military operations. Members of CSWD are selected from among the Palathrim Federation armed forces. All branches are considered, although most selected individuals originate in the Palathrim Army or the Palathrim Naval Infantry.

CSWD was founded in 2014 as a counter-terrorism force, but had the secondary (and secret) task of carrying out military operations for Palathrim Intelligence Command. Such operations included abductions of foreign nationals, eliminations of terrorist threats and acquisition of enemy documents and intel. Generally, PIC operations are off-the-books, and so the CSWD often operates without direct government support or acknowledgement. CSWD retains tier-1 funding, however, due to their publicly acknowledged counter-terrorism role.

Operators of the Outfit:
Corieltavi Squad has six members. The squad commander and ranking officer is Major Morwyn Davies. Her callsign is "Wraeth" and she originates from the Palathrim Naval Infantry.

Specialist Arthur Sears, the squad's sniper, has the callsign "Goblin", and previously served as a corporal in the Palathrim Army.

Trystan Maddocks is the only member of the team whose origins lie outside of the military, having previously worked directly for PIC in clandestine operations. His callsign is "Wizard", and he serves as the middleman between PIC and Palathrim Special Forces Command.

Sara Reese, callsign "Saint", is the heavy weapons operator for Corieltavi squad. She previously served aboard the FCV-Mylon as naval infantry.

Luke Rosser is a decorated martial artist and CQC specialist who served with the Palathrim Army for three years before being transferred to CSWD. His callsign is "Mordred".

Corporal Arthur Price is the engineer, although he is also a capable soldier having served with distinction in the naval infantry prior to Corieltavi squad. His callsign is "Ddraig".

RP Experience: My factbook contains the beginning of Palathrim's mythological origin story, which I feel acts as a solid (if brief) testament to my writing abilities.

Techlevel: Modern/PMT

NS Activity: Variable, it depends on coursework and other factors

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Postby Shyluz » Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:32 am

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Unified Imperial Republic of Shyluz

Name of Group: 82nd Unconventional Operations Regiment (UNOPS)

Name of Outfit: Unconventional Operations Team 13 (UNOPS-13)

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

Appearance/Description of Operator:
UNOPS-13 Luftmarine

Biography of Outfit: The Imperial Luftmarine Corps, Shyluz’ premier infantry and mechanized force can trace it’s origins all the way back to the Foundation Era, when Nazi Party airships made a fatal mistake-- they flew near the Shyluzi Plateau. The Shyluz Luftnavy dispatched several Luftships to intercept the Nazi fleet. Cannon fire was exchanged, and the resulting battle has passed down in legend. The I.L.S.S. Iskra, the last remaining Shyluzi craft, came alongside the German airships, and on the top of the deck, the Iskra’s crew fired harpoons, connecting the two craft via cables. The Shyluzi crew prepared themselves, and in the famous moment, they slid down the cables and boarded the Nazi craft. The battle was brief but bloody, and Shyluz emerged victorious from the engagement.

The Marines now serve several purposes. Every ship in the fleet contains at least a company of the well trained infantrymen for boarding (which has become increasingly rare) and securing landing zones. Eventually, the Imperial Admiralty Board recognized the need for a specialized elite unit of operators for use on, in and around foreign territory. Be this covertly operating as insurgents in a “friendly” city, sabotaging an enemy anti-air battery to allow safe passage, hunting down moles inside their own territory, or “pacifying” rowdy activists who dare attempt to throw Shyluz into yet another civil war. The passage of this act was the birth of the Unconventional Operations Regiment of the Luftmarine Corps. UNOPS, was, initially a closely hidden state secret, until a recent close-call.

This previous winter, a rogue unit of luftmarines secured a nuclear launch facility containing nearly thirty low yield warheads. The platoon planted these devices around the military stronghold of Glazhia, and were preparing to detonate them when an unknown regiment of luftmarines fell upon the military city. Each warhead was quickly neutralized by teams of soldiers wearing an unknown regimental insignia. In the end, fifty three of the deserters were killed, the remaining seven having been either wounded or incapacitated during the raids. Fourteen of the unknown luftmarines had become casualties, with only three later dying of their sustained wounds.

In a national press release, the Grand Admiral Irena Vost revealed that the unknown luftmarines were in fact, a covert regiment. Said regiment was the 82nd Unconventional Operations Regiment, and this was the first time the public had seen their silent sentinels. As the covert became overt, the public began seeing familiar faces amongst the ranks-- namely, the commanding officer of the 82nd: Rear Admiral Zwei Pynn, a hero who lost his left leg to an IED during the Siege of Kartoffel, but managed to hold out despite overwhelming odds until he and his team were evacuated from the city block.

Since becoming overt, UNOPS teams have been deployed worldwide, safeguarding Shyluzi interests in the Old Siberia region. They’ve quelled multiple insurgencies, started more, and stolen dozens of national secrets. Truly, they are a force to be feared and recognized. UNOPS-13, to be more precise, is the team designated for foreign operations, be they overt, covert, or joint. They have a great deal of familiarity with being without friendly support, in undercover operations, and have been rumored to be out of the standard gear more than when they wear their uniforms. They are the subtlest soldiers you will ever get out of Shyluz.

Operators of the Outfit:

Warrant Officer Constantin Filipek

Master Sergeant Zeljka Auttenberg
Zeljka Auttenberg, Master Sergeant in the 82nd is a peculiar choice, considering her somewhat... questionable mental state. With a sharp wit and sharper tongue, the eccentric and inquisitive Sarge is the premier field technician in the 82nd, having been assigned to thirteen despite her background in armored warfare.

Corporal Natalya Svoboda
Natalya Svoboda, Corporal in the 82nd is a green recruit, fresh out of medical school. She's so green that she has yet to see any blood aside from that on an operating table. Lively, bold, and overbearing, UNOPS-13's mascot is a lovable and thoroughly entertaining soldier. Despite her self-doubt, she is prepared to break the oath and take a life that's not hers to take.

Corporal Lina Jaskulski
Lina Jaskulski, Corporal in the 82nd is a veteran luftmarine, having served aboard several ships in her meager time with the Corps. Before joining up with the Corps, she was a member of the Civil Defense Corps, the paramilitary force in charge of domestic policing and conscription. Despite her coarse nature, Jaskulski is a well-loved and street-smart addition to UNOPS-13.

Corporal Velimir Cipris
Velimir Cipris, Corporal in the 82nd is a veteran marksman, who served in the final mop-up of the Western Insurgency. Despite his experience in the field, the marksman tends to stay alone in social situations, believing himself to merely be a burden on the other operatives if he were to open himself up to them. Despite this, his exterior demeanor remains carefree and polite.

Lance Corporal Eugen Babic
Eugen Babic, Lance Corporal in the 82nd is a fresh recruit, one who showed great aptitude in stealth operations. Despite being green compared to the rest of UNOPS-13, he shows great promise in counter-insurgency and insurgency operations. He tends to be naive, and judges others harshly. Because of these traits, he tends to have difficulty forming and maintaining a circle of friends.

RP Experience: … I know you.

Techlevel: MT / Early PMT

NS Activity: Regular. At least a few hours every day.

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Postby Avrellon » Thu Feb 11, 2016 8:22 am

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Federal Republic of Avrellon

Name of Group: Jaeger Corps

Name of Outfit: 4th Jaeger Special Action Group, Squad C

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
No single standard loadout - loadouts are determined by individual Jaeger units on a mission-by-mission basis, with the approval of their CO. However, several typical loadouts, as well as a list of some of the equipment available, are included below:
  • General-Purpose
    • Olympus Arms MA-17 Assault Carbine
    • Atloc Defense S3A5 Personal Defense Sidearm
    • C45 Fragmentation Grenade (x2)
    • IC41 "Flashbang" Stun Grenade
    • Bowie Knife
  • Marksman
    • Voss K37G Designated Marksman Rifle
    • Atloc Defense S3A5 Personal Defense Sidearm
    • C45 Fragmentation Grenade (x2)
    • IC43 Concussion Grenade
    • Bowie Knife
  • Overwatch
    • TOLEC Group C5 Sniper Rifle System
    • Atloc Defense S3A5 Personal Defense Sidearm
    • Optus Technologies ARGUS-III Long-Range Thermal Tracking and Threat Analysis System (LRTTTAS)
    • Felton Tactical Camouflage Net
    • Bowie Knife
  • Grenadier
    • Olympus Arms M397 Dragon Squad Support Weapon
    • Some sort of grenade launcher and/or RPG
    • T14 Impact Triggered Grenade (x3)
    • Bowie Knife
  • Tactical Intervention
    • Kressler & Vollens MP14r Sub-Machine Gun
    • Atloc Defense S3A5 Personal Defense Sidearm
    • IC41 "Flashbang" Stun Grenade (x3)
    • IC38 Smoke Grenade
    • Optus Technologies Oculus Micro Miniaturized Under-Door Camera
    • Bowie Knife

Appearance/Description of Operator:
3rd SAG Jaeger on patrol during a training exercise. Appearance can vary somewhat based on the mission, however: here, we see a vastly different-looking Jaeger rifleman deployed on an undercover operation in an urban environment.
Other pics:
[*]Jaeger units engaged in maritime operations.
[*]Deployment in forested areas.

Biography of Outfit: The original Jaegers were Wesengian colonists who, in the martial tradition of their homeland, formed groups of volunteer frontier police in an effort to bring law and order to Avrellon's backwater regions in the mid-1800s. These were eventually incorporated into the Avrellian Continental Army Gendarmerie, which they remained a part of until the Wesengian invasion of Avrellon during the First Continental War. Cut off from friendly territory, the Jaegers used their wilderness experience to make the occupiers' lives, for lack of a better term, a living hell, causing widespread chaos. At the conclusion of the war, the Jaegers were repurposed, and became, in effect, Avrellon's first special forces unit. Over the years, they have expanded their role, taking on counter-terrorist operations as well as surgical-strike, special operations missions.
Due to their long history, the Jaegers have a number of important traditions. One of the most famous is the 'no surrender' doctrine - in the event that the Avrellian government were to be defeated in a war and forced to surrender, the Jaegers are forbidden from following suit, even if ordered to do so. In such a scenario, their mission, unless ordered otherwise by remnant military forces, would be similar to what they did in the First Continental War - melt into the civilian population and use their combat skills to cause terror and havoc within occupied territory via any means necessary.
All Jaeger operators also carry a distinctive weapon - a large Bowie knife, a symbol of the unit's roots as a frontier marshal organization.

Operators of the Outfit:

SSgt. Daniel "Trace" Barringer (Mid-Range specialist, team leader)

Specialist Sarah "Shrub" Parsons (Overwatch/Sniper)

Specialist Corter "Cort" Lindsay (Engineer, CQC)

Specialist Xilonen "X-Ray" Cohelac (Demolition, Heavy Weapons)

RP Experience:

Techlevel: MT with touches of PMT (think Ghost Recon)

NS Activity: Pretty regular

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The Federal Republic of Avrellon:

DEFCON Level: DEFCON 5: No major foreign military threats.
THREATCON Level: THREATCON DELTA: Substantial risk of terrorist attacks.

Proper classification of the country is "Inoffensive Centrist Democracy." Check the Factbook for actual stats.
Unironic center-right neocon/neoliberal globalist shill.

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The Technocratic Syndicalists
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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby The Technocratic Syndicalists » Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:10 am

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Technocratic Syndicalists

Name of Group: Reconnaissance Support Force (RSF), nicknamed "Vanguard"

Name of Outfit: RSF field operations group, "Black Fox" detachment, Forward Air Controller unit

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
  • 1x AAR rifle with suppressor or 1x DSR-338
  • 1x P-21 Pistol w/ suppressor
  • Lightweight Ballistic Assault Helmet with panoramic sensor fused NVGs
  • Liquid Nanofiber Jacket
    • 7x AAR magazines, 168 rounds total or 7x DSR-338 magazines, 35 rounds total
    • 3x P-21 magazines, 54 rounds total
    • 2x thermobaric hand grenades
    • 2x flashbang grenades
    • 2x smoke grenades
    • 1x Med kit with X-stat syringes
    • 1x SHA-512 encrypted radio
    • 1x 4.0 liter water bladder
  • micro UAV
  • Joint Effects Targeting System
  • Assault pack with rations, water filtration kit, poncho, climbing gear, extra ammo, other useful stuff
  • Multicam combat shirt (warm) or hooded vest (cold), multicam combat pants with integrated knee pads
  • Moisture wicking hybrid nomex based underlayer w/ hinged balaclava
  • oxygen mask, altimeter, parachute (HALO insertion)
  • scuba suit, rebreather (submarine insertion)
  • Hand held GPS
  • Mapping compass, local contour maps
  • satellite phone, VHF and UHF antennas
  • Combat knife(s)
  • Multitool
  • lock picking kit
  • wirecutters
  • USB sticks
  • handheld wideband cell-phone/radio jammers
  • photo binoculars or high resolution digital camera
  • Oakley pilot gloves
  • IR illuminator, flares, chemlights
  • Vaccum fitted combat boots with CFRP toe protection
  • Heptanitrocubane demolition charges/mines (if needed)
  • Light Antitank Weapon (LAW), if needed
  • various other stuff

Appearance/Description of Operator:
Something like this:


Biography of Outfit:
The Reconnaissance Support Force (RSF), nicknamed "Vanguard", is an elite special forces group whose primary mission is to gather intelligence in advance of missions by other special operations forces. Vanguard operatives are sent into the field, either armed or undercover, to covertly gather actionable intelligence, conduct pathfinding missions, and other various support activities. Vanguard forces are often the first operatives to enter any field of operations. RSF activities are highly classified and the RSF is not recognized by the syndicate government. RSF operatives operate without any kind of unit or national insignia and the syndicate government aims to maintain plausible deniability for all RSF operations

Vanguard has no selection process, rather members are recruited from various other syndicate special force agencies (see syndicate special forces recruitment process) . Recruitment requirements include a bachelors degree in any field, rank of at least staff sergeant, and four years of special operations experience. Desirable sills include mastery of several foreign languages, extensive navigation skills, and the ability to interact and blend in with local populations.

The Field Operations Group (FOG) of the SRF specializes in gaining intelligence through direct action operations, rather than more passive infiltration or undercover methods. FOG operatives are tasked with operating deep inside enemy territory to gain information on enemy troop and military activity.Forward Air Controller (FAC) units are tasked with infiltrating hostile territory and coordinating airstrikes, supply drops, and other airborne operations.

Operators of the Outfit:
  • 1st lieutenant Kurt Parsons, callsign JESTER
  • Master Sergeant Jared Mccormick, callsign REAVER
  • Sergeant 1st class Christopher Vega. callsign FOXHOUND
  • Sergeant 1st class Felix Schneider. callsign VANDAL

RP Experience: to be added

Techlevel: Mostly MT, some PMT elements occasionally

NS Activity: mostly I design planes and post on NS mil realism threads.

"Atlas Shrugged"(Do Not Delete)

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New Gazi
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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby New Gazi » Tue Apr 12, 2016 4:30 pm

Name of Nation: New Gazi

Name of Group: Guguwa-8

Name of Outfit: Team 211

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
Primary: SCAR-L, SCAR-H, M249
Secondary: Glock 17 w/3 point night sight
Grenades: 1 frag, 1 flash or 1 smoke
IFAK Self-Medical Kit
Combat Knife
Camelback Hydration System

2 MBITR tactical handheld radios per team
1 handheld laser rangefinder per team
1 small pair binoculars per team

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

Biography of Outfit:
Guguwa-8 or Hurricane-8 is the Gazilian tier-one special forces unit. The selection process is grueling and the training is even tougher. The nation's hot and humid climate gives the unit extra obstacles to overcome. Exposure to the elements is a part of the training. Living off the land is another skill these soldiers pick up in the bush, becoming masters of survival.

New Gazi has a diverse landscape with jungle, savanna, and desert. There are rivers, hills and a coastline. The Guguwa must be ready to tackle any battlefield by land, air or sea. Helicopters or 6x6 Land Rovers help these soldiers conquer the terrain. They are also HALO and Airborne certified, utilizing the Air Force's A400M for international transportation.

The team focuses on counter-terrorism, including hostage rescue and urban operations. Guguwa-8 is known for being Africa's quick response force. They call marksmanship their "key", something they value above all else. It is all about the basics.

Marksmanship, Valor, Fitness, Survival.

They are also armed with the latest in infantry protection and armament. Their weapon of choice is the SCAR-L 5.56 rifle. Some team members carry the 7.62 version for added punch. Automatic Riflemen carry the M249 SAW. The m203 grenade launcher also makes its way to the teams.

There are three six-man teams that make up Guguwa-8. They rotate out from slots as domestic, international, and loan. The team on loan status usually is the most active. It differs from the team on international status because it is not on standby, but actively working with another nation. It is possible for a team on international status to be deployed to combat while the team on loan is training globally.

The unit is a force multiplier, trained in artillery and close air support. Snipers rotate between the teams and are assigned with a spotter on a per mission basis.

Guguwa means hurricane in the African Hausa language.

Team 211

Officer-In-Charge: CPT Jacob Okeke, SCAR-H
Rifleman: SSG Julian Buhari, SCAR-L
Automatic Rifleman: SSG Liori Tinibu, M249 SAW

Grenadier: SSG Paavo Jang SCAR-L, XM25 CDTE
Automatic Rifleman: SSG Gulliver Diya, M249 SAW

CPT Jacob Okeke
This 30 year old officer is one of his nation's brightest. He studied abroad in Vangaziland, graduating from Emperor State University. He lived overseas as a businessman for 4 years before returning to New Gazi. The military was something he always wanted to do so he took the chance and joined. He made a name for himself by going to as many training schools as possible. He passed the most rigorous selections and ended up as an officer in the most elite corner of the Gazilian military.

SSG Julian Buhari
SSG Buhari is the son of a rancher and farmer. He grew up on Africa's grasslands, hunting, protecting wildlife from predators. He is most comfortable in the wild, away from civilization. His marksmanship skills have been honed since he was 6 or 7 years old. SSG Buhari also monitors the weather both with handheld tools and with his sixth sense like ability to read the clouds. He is an expert at living off the land in certain climates.

SSG Liori Tinibu
He is the largest member of the team and probably the most aggressive. He is known for being an angry or dramatic person. The other team members deal with him and mostly try to stay on his good side. They respect what he can do with an automatic weapon. SSG Tinibu is all about using his weapon for area denial and force projection. He gets quite creative with his M249.

SFC Thao Sefu
At 33, the sergeant first class is the oldest member of the team. The others look to him for guidance. He sets the example, always placing others ahead of his own wishes or even safety. The team knows that SFC Sefu will bring them home. He works with CPT Okeke constantly, molding the team into their vision. SFC Sefu and the Captain both carry the 7.62 version of the SCAR into the fight bringing variety to the team's firepower.

SSG Paavo Jang
He's the team's shortest and loudest member. He doubles as the grenadier and carries two weapons. His SCAR-L is attached to a sling clip on the front. Jang carries a XM25 CDTE slung over his back. He is pinpoint accurate with the 25mm airburst rounds as well as with the 5.56. He is very quick with his reflexes and excels at CQB. He often takes the point in squad movements. SSG Jang is known for being bold, for taking risks.

SSG Gulliver Diya
He is good friends with SSG Tinibu. His friend's aggressive nature seems to have worn off on him. They are both competitive, even when it comes to performance in combat. The sounds of the two M249s going off is always timed. It was as if the two gunners could communicate through the sounds of their 6-8 round bursts. Tinibu is a big time sports fan. He tries to play when he can and always seems to be following one team or another.
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Postby Armellenia » Tue May 03, 2016 4:09 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The United Socialist States of Armellenia

Name of Group: Armellenian Special Forces Expeditionary Command (ASFEC)

Name of Outfit: 5th Special Operations Combat Detachment, First Team "Arctic Wolves"

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

[Standard-Issue Gear]
K12 Standard-Issue Combat Knife
K23 Multitool
Armellenian Special Forces Beret (White, with a red and black stripe going across the top)
Black Balaclava
PMG Gas Mask
4 PMG Filters
Flecktarn-D BDU (Warm Climates)
MPL-50 Entrenching Tool
Flectarn-D Gorka Suit (Cold Climates)
Short-range "Kobra" Optic
UMBTS Backpack
Combat Medical Kit
6B23 Combat Vest
4.0L Water Bladder
Map and Basic Navigation Kit
x4 NSP-D Smoke Grenade
x4 RGD-5 Frag Grenade
FADAK Personal Radio

[Specialization Loadouts*]

[Commanding Officer]
AK-105 Carbine w/ "Kobra" Short Range Sight
12 30 rnd. Magazines (5.45×39mm)
TT-33 Tokarev
5 8 rnd. Box Magazines (7.62x25mm)
Vector 21 Rangefinder
Squad Leader PDA

[Designated Marksman]**
SVDS w/ PSO-1 Optic
7 10 rnd. Magazines (7.62x54mmR)
5 20 rnd. Boxes (9x39mm)
Vector 21 Rangefinder
Woodland Ghillie Jacket

AK-105 Carbine
12 30 rnd. Magazines (5.45×39mm)
MP-443 "Grach"
5 17 rnd. Magazines (9x39mm)
RPG-18 Disposable Rocket Launcher
12 M112 Demolition Blocks
M57 Detonator

15 30rnds. Magazines (7.62x39mm)
MP-443 "Grach"
5 17 rnd. Magazines (9x39mm)
RPG-18 Disposable Rocket Launcher

SARAC M53***
5 100 rnd. Belts (7.92×57mm)
5 20 rnd. Boxes (9x39mm)

[Ass't Machinegunner]
AK-103 w/ PSO-1 Optic
10 30rnds. Magazines (7.62x39mm)
MP-443 "Grach"
5 17 rnd. Magazines (9x39mm)
2 100 rnd. Belts (7.92×57mm)

*These items are in addition to the standard-issue gear that is issued to each operator.
**Alternate: VSS Vintorez w/ PSO-1 and 7 20 rnd. Magazines (9x39mm)
***MG-3 Derivative

Appearance/Description of Operator:
(Image) or (Image)
Biography of Outfit: The 5th SOCD was formed in the late eighties first as a small, specially trained group of pathfinders, trackers and pioneers to aid in the rooting-out of domestic terrorists and the like in the frigid Armellenian tundras, mountains and forests. The success of the group became widely known after the 5th SOCD was involved in several high-profile raids against anti-government militias in the north of the country, preventing a would-be assassination plot against the President and his appointees. However, as the threat of paramilitaries and terrorists soon disappeared, the highly trained group was then regulated to the Armellenian Expeditionary Command for foreign deployments, due to the Armellenian Ground Forces lacking heavily in the special forces sector. Since, they have in many ways developed into the modern war-fighting force they are today; however, they retain many of their original traditions, such as a standard that holds all of their members to be accomplished mountaineers, survivalists and pioneers, as well as their tendency to only wear upon their heads their signature beret during battle. The unit lacks dedicated medics, choosing instead to have the operators receive individual training so that any member of the unit at any given time can administer help to his possibly wounded comrade.

Operators of the Outfit:

Arkady "Ace" Volkov, CO
The commander of the outfit, Volkov is a thickly brown haired and bearded man, hardened by his bringing-up in the remote tundras of Armellenia and his extensive military career. He stands roughly six feet two inches, has a somewhat heavy build and possesses a somewhat neutral view towards his service and life, along with a dry sense of humor, giving him the hindrance of not really taking things seriously enough. He learned the basics of his trade from his father and other citizens who lived in his frozen township during Armellenia's short insurgency, where he first aspired to join the Arctic Wolves after meeting several of them during the conflict.

Vladislav "King" Kanatsev, Designated Marksman
The designated marksman of the outfit, Kanatsev is a thin, quiet and business-like man, who views his work as absolutely professional and of the upmost importance to his personal life. He is a highly skilled marksman and a dedicated soldier. He is a light build, is blonde and does not have any facial hair and stands six feet tall.

Nikita "Jack" Ivchenko, Machinegunner
Often nicknamed "The Tower" by his comrades, Ivchenko is the outfit's machinegunner, who is a man of his work and loves every second of it, taking each conflict on with a stride. Hauling around a hefty SARAC M53 and all the gear to make it work, he possesses a very heavy build, stands six feet three inches and has a thick beard along with a bald head of what used to be black hair.

Pavel "Spades" Yudashkin, Ass't Machinegunner
Ivchenko's right-hand man, Yudashkin is very much Ivchenko's counterpart and shares his love for war and general attitude. He possesses a thin head of brown hair, a medium beard, stands six feet tall and has a medium build.

Igor "Joker" Shabalin, Demolitions
Shabalin is a very light-hearted man, willing to make a wisecrack in all but the most serious of situations, and is the outfit's demolitions expert. He loves explosions and his work, and possesses a no beard, an average amount of straight brown hair, a medium build, and stands six feet tall.

Leonid "Hearts" Sadovsky, Rifleman
The newest member of the unit, Sadovsky is still a veteran and as much of an operator as the rest, but gets a bad rap as the baby of the squad. He is a rifleman with a rather indifferent view towards life and combat, and possesses a thin black beard, a shaved head, a medium build and stands six feet one inch.

Yuri "Clubs" Obolensky, Rifleman
Last but not least is Oblensky, the "original" rifleman of the unit and mostly used as the unit's "Swiss army knife" due to his lack of specialization. He is a rather cool, lightly humored man who can stand a joke at his own expense. He possesses a thick brown beard, a thin amount of hair, a medium build and stands six feet two inches.

RP Experience:
Quite a bit in mostly Ace Combat and air combat-related business, so this is mostly my first delve into this kind of thing but I've learned as much as possible in the time that I allowed myself. You'll probably recognize me from AC: Broken Line, or Hounds of Heaven.

NS Activity:
I'm generally pretty active on NS, but that may fluctuate due to events such as vacations or comings-up in my personal life. I also like Ace Combat bidness and I recognize a few guys from Aces Of Strangereal on this thread.
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